Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 29, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 29, 1843 Page 1
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T H ] Vol., IX. No. 347 .Whole No.3569. VVI INT ILK AMKAr?UI,Ivif..i 1 ? r ua Via BRIDGEPORT and -M Hornii onic St Wr?i I.BN ffl,- umJT n '" ? ail y, tiuudays^^^^HH SSL Excepted. 2WCPan e< gen lor Albany by this Konte will take the new and elrfuit s'earoboat EURh'KA, Capt J L. Fitih, which l?*wi Nrw Vork from fool Liberty street, h riday inoruing at nallpiit 6 o'eloek, for Bi idgeport, thence by Ui>-Housatouic and , Western Railroa 1*, without chaiue ?l cars or b??a*e crates, | t? Albany, arriving same ev-ning at o'clock. *aie through For passage or Freight, apply ou board, or at the oflice, foot of L< berty street. (i- M. PtRRx, Ageut. diSec PASSAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND m. m M BV THE BLAOTBALL OR OLD LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. (Pailiug from Liverjwol ou the 7th and 19th of every month.] ferwiua wishing to send to the Old Country for their friends Can m.ik? the necfaaary arrangements with the subscribers, and hare thein come out in thi a superior Line of Packets, Sailing lrom Liverpool punctually on the 7th and 19th of every month. They will also hare a first rate claas of American trading ships, sailing every six days, thereby affording weekly communication from that port. One of tne firm (Mr. James D. Roche) ia there, to see that they shall be forwarded with care and aeapatch. Should the partiea agreed for not come oat, the money will be returned to those who paid it here, without any reduction. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, compris* the following magnificent Ships, vix The OXFORD, "The NEW YORK. CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS^ EUROPE SOUTH AMERICA. . ENGLAND NORTH AM ERICA. With such superior and uneoualled arrangements, (he subscribers confidently look forwarder a continuance of that sup vtiiivii nan inm rju-uueu w Uirui au u?<u?, y <?i?ws w..,*,,. they are grateful. 1 hose proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives^ can at all times obtain Drafts at sight for any amount, drawn direct on the Royal li.vuk of Ireland, Dublin, also on Matin. PRESCCTTT, GROTE, AME8 & CO. Bankers, Loudon, which wilt be Paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their Branches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Iralaud, Scotland and Wale*. Apply, or address, (if by letter,postj>aid.) ROCHET BROTHERS 8C CO. 35 Fulton itreet New York, next door to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from this port for Liverpool on the 1st and 18th of each month. Parties returning to the old country will find it to their comfort and advantage to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, in preference to any other, d29 r SUMMER ARRANGEMENT JVEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA RA jK'JAD LINE DIRECT, I'Fox Newiii, NKwuaomwicK, Prikcitok, Tbkrtoh, Bobikktowk Auk Buklinmtok. wffoga THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leaving ^ew York daily from the foot of Courtlandt st. Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at 4X P- M. The Morning Line proceeds to Borden town, from thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden (opposite to * Philadelphia) without change of care. Passengers will procure tneir ticket* at the office foot of Courtlandt street, where a commodious steamboat, will be in nearness, with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to city, wiriout being opened by the way Each train is provided with a car in which are apartments and dmssimr rooms ? for tlic lailien' use. Returning, the line* leave Philadelphia from'the foot of Walnut street, by steamboat to Bordentown at 7 o clock, A. M. aDd by railroad from Camden, at 5 o'olock, P. M. The line* for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7>? A. M., and 4 P. \1. being a coutkiuation of the line* from New York. ol8 2m* ui PATERSON RAILROAD. Krum Patersou to Jacsay City. On and after Monday, Oct. 2d, 1M3, the can will leave Patekioh Ucr*T. Leave New Yoke. S A. m. 9 A. m. " 12x p. m. j p. m. r " ON SUNDAYS. Leave Paterion OsroT. Leave New York. t A.M. 9KA.M. J P. M. 4 P. M. Transportation cara leave daily (Sunday* eicepted.) Passengers are adviaed to be at the Kerry, foot of Courtlandt street, a few minute* before the stated hours of departure. jyl9 6m* "i^_l-OH HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The RovaJ Mail Steam Ship HIBERNlA. H. K. Jadkins. Esq., Commander, will leave Boston for the above porta on MonJanuary 1, 1844. Passage to Liverpool $120. Passage to Halifax . 20. Apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr., A tent, daiw-c No. S Wall street, New York. L r~r-n r)HA^af"N"''IJ'" A^'n *Nn jyvitkflNHV &c.?Persons about remitting money to th ir friends in the Old Country call be supplied with drafts in sums or XI, ?2, ?3, ?i, ?10, ^*^^^^^ ?20, ?J0, ?100, or any amount payable on demand, without discount, or any other charge, at the National Bank of Ireland, Provincial Bank do, Messrs Jsmes Bait, Hon it Co.. Backers, Loudon; J. Barned it Co , Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool; Eastern Bank of Scotland; Or?ejioCK Baiikiui^'"omp*ny; Sir Wm. Forbes, Hunter (St Co., Scotland; tinii mr uoQciirs iq every |m:il town inrougnout r.ninaiiU, ireland, Scotland and Wales, which drafts will be forwarded by the sltamer Hibernia, leaving Bos'on ou the 1st Januarv. Air ply to W. 8c J. T. TAP-COTT, At their general passage office, 43 Peck slip, corner of South street. N. B. All letters from the country must come post p tiu. di4 rc NAVIGATION OF THf HUDSON OPEN TO ALBANY. k . m WINTKK MAIL LINK FOR ALBA ft. Ctj-i-iJ* N Y, and Intermediate pace* The steam X_^_?BLSBLboat ROBERT L. STEVENS, Cai tain K. L. Mabey, wi I leave the foot olCourtlandt st. Wednesday, Friday and Snndav afternoons, at'? o'clock. "1 lie Siean er COLUMBIA, A. Stoughton, will tear* as above, Tharday, Saturday aad Monday a'l?:uoons, at J o'clok. For passage or freight, apply to P. C. Schnltz at the office, er on hoard. N. B All kinds of property taken only at the risk of tha owners thereof d28 m .MT) /m 'Vl.M'iTli MAIL LINE FOK ALBA L?- jw.', J*NY and u erme<liate places, from the foot of 3baafl&JE_Coaitlan4t street The steamer I'T CA, Capt. J. Scott, will leave as above at 5 P. M. on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Tne COLUMBIA, Capt. A Houghton, will leave as above at 5 P M. on Tuesday. Thursdiy and Saturday. For passage or frrwnt, apply on board, or t* P. C. S'hulti, at the office on the wnaif dlJr . ^Ii:t STATEN ISLAND FEttHY, FOO'l Stev-^SrCS^OF WHITEHALL ST.-The steamboai tTT WF iff. STATF.N ISLANDER willleave New York and St* ten Island, on and afler October 2d, as follows, until ? fuither n.inee ;? Leave Staten 1-1*11(1 at 8W. 10, A. M., 2, 4, P. M. .I"***? New York9- 12><, 10 min. past 3. N. B?On Sail day* the boat ,ll leave at 11 instead of 12HA II Imignt shipped is required to he particularly mar?e<J and ll at the null of the owner* thereof ?!UHfr K"R. HALK Krtiiih' or Charter?The barque WWV ALTO TP. of Bosto i,burih?ii 258 totu, copnered and JMBbc-Pier fastened?built at Mrdford in 842, oirne* about 4 on birreis Apply to Capi Boga-dus, on board, at pit r 10 north river, or to BOVD ft. HINCKEN Brokers. d23 r. 9 Tont'ne Building. KUK NEW OKL.fc.AN8?Louisiana and New **jMpW York Line?Regular Packet of He . 31?The faat ?ailp ck t ship OamTON, Capt. O. Eldridge, will ail an above. Iter regular day For freight, or passage, having handseme tarnished accommo datiuns, apply on board at Orlaans wharf, foot of Wall street or to E. K. COLLINS feCO- 56 South lilt. Shipper* by thi* lino may rely upon having their goods correctly measured. Agents in New Orleans, Hullin h Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The packet ?hip Oc >nee Capt 0 Jac-son, will succeed the Onaron, and sail the lilth Jan'v , her regular day d29rc 1)1,IT BLACK B4LI, UNf OF PACKETS WHWWThe pack-tship < OLUM BUS, Captain Cole will jflMMlCibr de.patched for Liverpool on ih- 1st of .lanuary.her regular dav Those ? lulling to eugage passage will require to make eaily application to JOHN HE RDM \N. 6i Sooth strwt. N. B.?Passage from Urest Biuiin and Ireland can be secured by the first apri g ah pi of the lina at the loweit rate, and dralta c?n a? mual be luini had for any amount, pavahie iu all the priticiptl towns without any charga, throughout Great Britain ami Irrluiil. on application as ab i?e I* M ? i he splendid new packet abin Yorkshire, Capt Bailey, willl e dnpitchej ou the i6th January, her rugularday dISrc FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular Packet of the ?th klWWJtii'nry. I8'4?The tew and splendid picket ship ?MUj?l\SllllURTON, H. lluttleaton, m-ster. will sail as abote, h-r rvgnlar day. This ship 1000 ions hnrthm, bnilt expressly for this line of packets, and finished >n sui?-nor style The a< coinmod it ioua for cabin, second cabin and steerage pasirngrrs, ire unsurpassed by any vessel in poit A number of pissei gcrs are already eagaged Persons iutendiug t ? embark ' fhoulu make immediate nnnlicatiou on l oaid, foot of Maiden lane.orto JOSEPH McMUKRaY, 100 Pin* street, comer of South. ^ Persons wishing to .end for their frien-N resuung in the old rou' try, ran liavt-ihrm brought out liv the abn ve thip. or auy of th" regular packets sailing on I he 7th, 17ih and 27th of each month, by applying >sabove. .... Drafts at sight for l-.ige or small sums are drawn hy the sub[ scribet on the Provincial Bark ef Ireland, pa>able in rvcry ?oo"l 8i( ?* bankers, LondojVpayable 111 every town in "(Sr??t Britain. dH re "s| v KM,I I.AH LINK ?OR NEW OR jijWW LK.ANH?riw following nrst clasa packaja will ?ail jMNMLl'iini-tnallv as advertiaed (weather permitting) or pu"The Ml V MA, Captain Buuknr, on the Uih Dec. Tlie OA8TON, Capt. O Mdrioice, an tne 3l?t Dec. The accommodations of theae ihip? for cabin, second cabin and Meentue passengers, are inch at cannot tail to Aiisnre every c >mP>rt to t<aa?eiiKpra daring the voyage The ahipiof this line have now commenced their regular trip*, and will aiil punctual every live d*y? thrnuijhont the niiou. Passengers mav therefore rely on not being detained. The price of passage hem a very low, those wishing to secure bertha in either of ihe hbove packets, can do ao by applying on board or to YV. Ik. J. "J". TaKSCCTT, a' their Oaueral Passage Office, 13 Peck slip, dm re corner ol Hoa'h air*?t. KOK LONDON?Regular packet ol the <st Janu WrJWVarv ?1 he well known favorite packet ?hi|> ST .MlrtMt 1 V MF,m, Captain Meyera, buitben 1000 tona, will aail aaanove, her r-unl ir day. Her accommodation# for cabin, aecond cabin and ateerage passeng n, are splendidly lilted np for the comfort and convnn.en'-i' of passengers. Persons intending to embark alionld . Make ?arly il l ligation to \ JOSEPH MeMURRAY. * l#0 Pine at. corner of Houth. Person a Wishing to send for their friend* residing in the old country, cau have them brought oat by t^a above ah in, or any | of the tn regular packets sailing on ^he 7th. 17th anil 27ih ol each month, by aiiniymg u above; N' by letter, |N>at paid rP S Drifts il Smil . far laige or small iiinK, arrdiawn by the subscriber on tha Provincial Bank of Ireland; payable in every to v throughout the country ; alto, on Messrs Hp loner, At wood ?? ' o, Bankers, London, payable in erery town in ? - E NE NEA MTO LET?The store No 97 Nuna stree', in the llerslil Biuldiiigs, from the tin' of February. Apply a thia offire dl8r JMt KAKM WANTED?A nentleman wants to purchase i MM firm of lur'y l? I)fly or eighty acre*, situated in .^Lt-xime pleasant. healthy place, within irn or twenty inilea of New V ork. Address A B , to be left at the Herald Office dv'ti 3t* **? NIBLOV CONSERVATORY. OKEEN-HOU8K8 4p^k*nd Seed Establishment, 576 Broadway, adjoining the ii G irdrns. '1 he pabl'C i> rwp'c'fully informed that at t*>e above establishment will b? found no w nn h^ndoue of t1"* moat eitensive, choire and v ried collections of OrnameutM P.ants in Flower, suiuble for llolidty IVse.u, I'arlon, Conservatories!, 4i-., consisting of Cornelias, Roses. Azalias and Geraniums, of thfineat known varieties, Rlu>dode> droins, Orange and Lemon Tiers iu bearing. Daphneas, Hir. Sir. A superb assortment of Dutch Bulbs, Tit: Hyacinths, Tulips, Stc , in pots and glasses, which are already in a tloweriDg a'ate. Bouquets cau t,e procured at any time, in ide of the moat elrgant anil fragrant dowers, grown in the ( niis'rratories, and ale arrang d i a"iqu? and varied styles to suit a* 1 tastes, by an exre lenced artist. Choice Flower Sends wi'l be received fiom F.urope early in Janua y, manv vaiiefes of w ich will be entirely new oil ihia side of the Atlantic?a'jo, a complete assortment of Vegetable, Herb. Gra<s and nth-r 8e ds. All the above S'eds will bi tested as to their growing qualities. befc e offered for sa'e, to ensure not the Uast disappointment to the patrons of this eatablishm ni. Orn men tl Flower Stands. Gold Fish and Glass Globes, Hyacinth Glasses, Slc Stc , always on hand All the above articles 'ill be disposed of on the most rea. .n..Kt. t mr wm u for ^?.h ?.,lu All orde s thankfully received anil executed with promptHM. WLLI4M NIBLO, Proprietor. N. B. The entire S'ock of Seeds belonging to the late firm of Niblo Si Dunlap, will be soldat Win. H. Franklin, at Ilia Roons, 15 Broad -troet, at 11 o'clock, on Wednesday next, the 27th December, wi hi ut any reserve, dt-t 2" ec tut BOUQUETS. FLOWERS. PLANTS AND FANraj|0Y VASES " OH THE HOLIDAYS -Dunl p Si ' nrm*n lake this opportunity of returning their thanka to lli ir Or ends tmi tli public, for the liberal patronage they have pceired since opeuiug their new conservatory. J hey .irenow fullv prepared to execute all orders they may be favored w;t> for boquet* ihey will be comp >se i of the mut cho Oe and delicate fl wers oflhe senon suitable for b id I or other parties; they have alao made a raugetnents to fuin'ah flowers to any extent for n e? year p escntation, which will quite e.jual iu beauty th ai furnished our nuuieroua custon era the past sevens Strangers ??ho may favor us with their orders (which should b< given previous o Saturday) may rely; upou be ng served, in point of style equal to that of ?ny similar establishing it and at prices mo e moderate than b-retofoie. Choice tiu <ers ar ranged iu laucy bajke s, whic1- have been more ail iiiieil than the richest boiiuets vases filled with flowers from two to ten dollars e^ch?' amelia plants of every ahade and lint just expanding their lovely blossoms, amongst which are A lb i Pleua, Fimbricata and Candidissima with their snow w' ite flowers ; Incarna'a, which stands uurivalled for its deli ate flesh colonrd tint ; Imbhcata, unsurpassed in form, with tnauy be utiful mottled and shaded vaiieti's, such as Douckleerii. Sieboldii, fatli, Tri-color Laudrethii, Rosea Punctata, Eclipso Imp? rialis, variegated Americana and \ host of others. A great variety of plants suitable for far!or culture bulbs and bulb glas<es, bi'ds ami bird cages, gold fish and globes Vegetable and flower seedi of every description warraiiied fresh at the new >"eed Jtore and Conservatory. Those iu want will p ease call and judge for thrmselves All orders thankfully received and -xecnteH with promptness. DUNlAP & CARMAN d?6 3t*rc 6(5 Broidway ueai Bleecker. FOR SALE?A Valuable Farm called Springfield JPSJ&iituated in the county of lsle-of Wight, a mi'e and a half SEnOM 'he mouth of Nansemond River, containing about five hundred acres, bounded on two sides by creeks (navigable foi small vessels) running into the mouth of Nansemond River. There is oa the farm a large aid well finished brick dwelling house, with every other ne*es?ary nut hous*. in good rerair. [Neailv one half of the lai d is well timbe-ed with large tall pine and oaks; the pine of the fint duality, for steauib.iat wood '1 he cleared laud is of a good quality and well adapted to the cu'tivation of wheat, corn, sweet potatoes and water mel.ini It has attached to it a fine oyster landing for planting oysters, aud is one of the Best stock firms of its size iu lower Virginia. Persous wishiug to purchase, by applying early, will meet with a great bargain. If net sold privately before, it will be offered at public auction on the premiseson the'.:5th day of January, IV44. Terms will be made known and further information given by Mr Jos. B. Whitehead of Smilhfield. Isle of Wigtv county, or the subscriber WILLIAM HINES. <110 3taw tojy?j rc r* NEW STYLE OF CHILDREN'S VELVET CAPS The subscriber has a large and beautiful assortment of Uen tinmen's an J Beys Cap*, of the latent faihiou, which he will sell as cheap as any other establishmeat in this city? among which may be found gentlemeu's clotlw velvet, a new style of glazed, and fine otter caps. Also on hand a large supply of moleskin, silk and far hats, of a beauiiful finish, for sale low. Fancy Furs?Also, constantly on hand, a large assortment of Muffs and Fur Trimmings for sale at very low prices. N. B.?The Caps of the subscriber took the premium at the late Fair of the American Institute. WM. BROWN, n30 lm*r 128 Chatham st, opposite Roosevelt. CORK SOLE WATEA PROOF AND DRESS BOOTS.?The subscriber makes to order Boots of the above descriptions, of the 'finest quality of French Calf.kin, in the luteal style, anil at ?ery reasonable prirui Uen. ?H li.ive been m die habit of paV'ng extravagant prices for inferior articles, are requested to call and be convinced nf their interest in purchasing at this stiire Drawings being taken of the feet, and a pair of Lasts kept for each customer, there is no difficulty in getting a handsome and easy tit. Constantly on hand, a large assortment of ready made Bress Boots, lAest styles, at $3 and $3 60 per pair; Double Soles,Iroui to $6 i>er pair. Over Shoes, Half Boots, Dancing |Puinps, tippers, #ic. ai eniaily low prices. JOHN L. W ATKINS, 114 Falton street, d8 Im'w between Nas*?u and Dutch street*. .. LOOK AT THIS. |luENTLEMEI>rS CORK SOLE BOOTS, the beat ot quality, $'? 00 >|Do Water Proof Boots do 4 60 Do light French Calfskin Boot* do $3 to 4 00 Do India Ruboer Over shoes, with leather soles 1 60 Do plain Rubbers, 68 Do Dancing PUmpe. 1 00 Do Daneing Ga'ter, 1 75 Do Worked Slippers, 1 00 And all oth? kinds of Boots and Shoes in fashion: ladies' gaiter Boots. Buskins, Slippers, Ties, ouilted Shoes, prunella Shoes, white ami black satin slippers, button Shoes; India rubber strao furred, plain, and all other kinds of Over Shoes' C logs, Moccasins, and the greatest assortment of bo<% Boots and Shoes; misses' and children's, of all kinds to be found 'U the world al! of our own manufietu'e, and the best of French goods, and warranted to be the best, anil as cheap as the cheapeat. at 36' Broadway, corner ol Franklin street. d8t30*ec GREGORY & CAHILL, 367 Broadway. ~ ANTI-HUMBUG STORE!?LIVE AND LET LIVE!?At the old exclusive Boot Store, No. 141 Chatham iircet (where ths odious practice of calling upon persons passing the store is not tolerated), can he obtained Water Proof Boots uiAmifartured in this oty of the best mate ial. and warrant'd V juices ranging from three to five d- llars, being some two dollars liwer in price than u generally obtained \quaniy cuoi'unra j m cny. nmjn-i moot and shoe stork. HN READY respectfully informs his friendanil the puLlic.that he has commenced business in the above I'ue, at No 99 Nassau street, where he will thankfully receive and faithfully IMMII, all ord r? he may be favored with, on the most reasonable t*im> for cash. j23r p081 TIVELY WATER PROOF-W. J. Roome '? So.pi A to or Chinese Water Proof Oiutment?Manshaem St Palimr onncipal wholenle and retail agents f>r this onlyiure nteventive of wet feet. T .e celebrated Eureka BUcWing, which ha* won a itreat reputation for its brilliancy of poliih in quick time, and which it well adapted for using over the Sospito, is for sale by the proprietor at his agency Tor the Sospito, Si Kulton s:reet, corner ol (rold. N. B ?The public are iuviied to call aud teat its merits, dll lm*?c rvAY ? SHEET RUBBER OVER SHOES?25 Maiden Lane. Ex|ierience luu proven that a leather sole can be at'ached to India Rubber uppers, so that it is impossible to separate them in the course of wearing. These Over Shoe*, which nave already tnrown into disuse leather over sines and mocastins, and to which the water proof boot is fast tending, are furnished by the Roxbury India Rubber establishment, 26 Maiden Lane, of a quality surprisingly perfect, and altogether iiettet than are being made by any other establishment in the trade. The patent quilted slipper Over Shoen and Boota are furnished only at tlws establishment. Every article appertaining to the rtibWr business for sale or made to order. HORACE H. DAY Successor to the Roxbury I. R. C., df lm*r 25 Maiden Lane. NOTICE?REMOVAL " " rPHF. subscriber infoinu h's friends and the public that he -L lias removed Irom Uie establishment 9 > Bro dwav to his old (land, 214 Br?adw?y, oppo.ite ot. raul's Church, having bought out the entire interest of Vtr. Van Vranken. A large assortuient of Hits and Caps, constantly on hand. JOHN N. QtiNIN. ( ate OENIN k VAN VRANKEN.) 214 Broadway. dO 1m#m onnotit* St. I'aul'at hurch T?0 I )1K LADtfcS.?II you have hury enoeficciiees, con 1 wiling a broad ami elevated forehead?if *M have|meun uglulv apiieiidage of a beard ill your upi*r lips ?il you have <niierllui)n? hair disfiguring any part of vour othe-wise heautiiIII fares, the Ire Subtile, invented by l)r Keln (Jouraud, will quickly and forever eradicate it, without the slightest injury or discoloratiou to your iikina?thi* you ran be satufied of by steiug the prejwation tested at the Doctor'* office; all doubt* of the ar'rcle bein? a humbug will quick'y vanish Kor sale only at 67 Walkorstreet, one door from tne c rner of Broadway?$1 per bottle?where may he had the folio ing articles, ill warranted?The celebrated Italiui Medicated Soap, for cuting all b'otches, pimple* freckles, tail, morphew, scurvy, it h. redness, sallowness, or roughness of the skin; for cnapoed hands, f?ce. or mus<|u:to bites it* effect* are immediate: in the washing of children, in allaying all irritation uid chafing, it* properties arv really astonishing to softening aud healing that no mother should be without a cake <>ne cake, 50c*uU,is ufficieut.aiid we warrant it or return the mnuey if no' successful Be on your guard against a bold imitation, and buy o where else but a* above. Oouraud's Kau de Brante, or True Water of Beauty, is a well known aud approved cosmatic 'oralaansmg healing, pU'ilying and l>e*uuf\ ing the romplriion, and by its dilating properties preventing the formation ol wrinkle*, and banishing them when |ir?irai. SI per buttle. Oouraari's Vegetable Li mid Kouge i--p?ru * delicate bluahing tinge to ttie complexion, raimovable bv rabbit g with a handkerchief or linen cloth. Kor dyeing ladies' stinking* or gloves, thi> preparation, dilated with water, is inimitable. 20 cents per bottle. (tourautl's Hair Dye will change ?ed or fray hair to a beautifal dark brx*n or black, wi bout a'aimng the'km. $1 per bottle. Whiter and Eva brow Dye. 2">cen sj>er bottle. Gouraud's 'llanc d Espagne, or Spaniah White, givea a pure lifelike alabaster whiteaesa and amoothnesa to the akin?free from all injurioua ingiediaaita. and ia entirely annihilating common chalk and dike white. Put up in elegant biuea, '5 cents each. Thia, with other of "r. O. s prvparatnua, < imitated. Bay no whe c else hut at 67 Walker street, just one door from the cornel of Broadway, where will be tonnd an assortment of the most delicate and choice Perfumery, imported from all parts. Agent*?Jordan. 2 Milk street, Boiton: 76 Cheanut street, Philadelphia ; Kobinson, Harrisbnrgh ; llemitch, Lanc?ater; Heabroolt, Princeton; Trippe, Newark t Pousey, Rochester; Carswell, Lock"ort; Smith, Palmyra; Grigs, IIimiltou, comity; Gotline, Albany; Gray, Poughkeepsie-Elliott, Goshen; Myers, New Hitch ; Dyer. Proeidence ; Taylor. Newp.ut; Carleton, Lowell ; Ires, Baiem ; Hodge, Newhurvpnrt; Preston, Portsmouth ; Patten, Portland ; Guild, Bangor; Lather White, Calais; Seth Haucc, Baltimore; Selby Paiker, Washington, Mrs P'raser, Richmond; Msthnwson, Norwich, Conn.; Wells It Humphreys, Haitfori; E. C. Kerr*, Middletown. dll 'm'r TOYS! TOYS! TOYS! WHOLESALE AN1) RETAIL, cheaper than ever, at the * * wall known Toy Store, 233 < entre atreet, two doors above CJrand street, opposite the Market. Families and strangers wishing Toys for the holidays, will do well to call before pur chaaing elsewhere. Don't forget the number, 213 CENTRE STREET. ."?i * assortment of China, Glass and Earthen Ware, dl JawtJl*je W YO V YORK, FRIDAY MORN FANCY BALL DRESSES TO LET, AT JN. PINTEUX, CAKE DE8 M1LLE COLONNES, .123 1 ni?ee Mil fill IAUVVAV. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. JO^IN BRAUEN, 73 T-iiial siree', would iesi>ectfully lll" I'orm the public generally, that lie la prepared to serve up, al his spacious ami popular Saloou, ( reams, Jelli??. Colfte Oysters in every style. Coufectiouaries gruerally, ana in ?h?rt all ktuds of Refreshments usually found al similar establishmenU, of the lint cla s. Families will be supplied at shore none , with Coufectionaries generally ; also Creams aud Jellies, at the unu ually low price of six shillings ier quart, of as good and chnire materials as can be found el?ewher* Confectionary at wholesale, and all kinds of pyramids manufactured '' to < ruer, for private or public parries. A geoeal assortment ol Toy*, suitable for th? holidays, for sale, extremely low NB?All article* sent out from his est blishuient are warranted equal to anything of fore>ga manufacture. His aituls ha\e not had the honor of serving foreign notentates, but he ? pledxes himself his article* shall be suitable for the great>*st IfMii of the laud dl2 1na*m PEARL GRAIN, ] DEUTS0HES?GRrESMEHL, (in the Qmnan;) OH KAKINK DE OHUAU (ORUAU D'EPAUTRE.) (in the t\enck Language.) AN entire new a"?cle in thi market. t resembles Sago, but is mere nutritious, and one pound of it g?J* in usage as far . as three pounds of ordinary whe it flour Emigiauts from Euro,'1, having looked for it in vain mauv ve^rs, conaner it a very de'leate. wholesome and money saving food 10 use for snupi, puddings, dampliugs, Ike. kc \ small handful is sufficient to be b ?le into two quarts of milk The be<t American physicians piescri-e i t their recovering patients, aud order it to be given to children iu the sha e of p?p, as a 1 it:lit and very healthy diet. , To mannfictureis of Vermicelli and Macaroni, Paatl Orain, u v vtry des'rable requisite, if they can get the right kiud. ( The sale increasesdaily in a wonderful manner, shotting that t whatever fumi'v tries it. Mil hardlv do without it. I Til* only General Depot fur this article ia the United State* j it at 37 Burling slip, root of John street, 11 ar the ?ast Kiver, New York City, where il can be hal 'or the who'esale trade. Packed in keg- of 25 lbs. eaeh, in any quantity, not lean, howevever, tliui a package. Ithan found its way Irom ihe wholesale , stores in the lower pert of this city to the retail grocers and comnining families, so as to facilitate its a ouUitioii to every 1 body. GEO PEU8CHER, Sole Agent. J New York, November 28th. 1841 d61iu*r a SALT AND FISH STOKE. I inn "HLS 8AL viON; 300 do of 11 erring,and 400 boxes I 4UU 400 bbls of Mackerel; 200 half lo ti 100 bbli. of Shad n 30<l do of Codfish i 600 sacks of Ashdon's Sal'; 450 Salina do ( 200 kits of Soused Salmon a'id Mackerel 100 do or Sounds am' Tongues 2000 bushels of Turks Island Suit {00 uuiu aI? dried ' ml. d6 m'f NELSON. WELLS 8c CO. 81 Dey street. WATCHES AND JEWELRY. ? 1 l\jfOELICH AND PACHTMANN, Watchmakers and ' "I- Manufacturing Jewellers, 90 Canal itreet, have on hand a 1 I -rue nssortoieut of fashiouable Jewelry nfall descriptions, suit- i able for the HOLIDAYS, at prices which can,.ot fail to suit. Jewelry of every description made to order, and Watches, Jewelry and Silverware repaired in a workmtnlike manner, equally ( low. Old (iold and Silver taken in exchange. d 18 Im'in c IXTATCHEW.-The largest ana most splendid assortment of 1 ? * Watches in the city v is to be found at the subscriber's.? \ As he is constantly receiving all descriptions of Gold and Silver Watches, of the newest styles, direct from the manufacturers, in England, France, and Switzerland, he is enabled to offer a larger assortment, and at much less prices, at retail, ihaa ' of other house in the city. Gold watches as low as $20 to S3i 1 each Watches and jewellery exclianged or bought. All t waochea warranted to keep good time, or the money returned. Watches, clock* and jewellery repaired in the best manner, ud warranted lower than ar. any other place in the city <1 I" AT I PV ..J dT lm*r Wholesal." *nd recail. 30 Wall street. up itairs. ' I A LYOV?Cheapest Jewelry Store in the ci'y?A L. would call the attention of the public to hi* itore No. 80 Cha'h^mat, where tney will fiud th* b?jt, cheapest, and new?ft style of jewelry, of the latest fashion both foreign and American manufacture, siitible for Ch'ixr.mas and New Year's pres*ms,all of which t-e is de rrminet? :u> stll at such prices as can not fail o give sitisf?c ion Ladia '<nd k? tleinen about purchasing jewelry, will save 25 per ceut bj calli"g at the cheap jewelry store 80 Chatham street. Do not fJraet trie numbe ? 80 Ch itham treat. Old gold or silver bought or tat en in exchange. The utmost value sire., for diainouds and other ..tecious stones. d23 lm*ec 'T'HE 'UB9CRIBKRS are now prepared to sell YVatche-* and Jewelry as low, if not lowr, than any other house in the c'ty, to wit:?Gold Watches from f 15 to $100 each; silver do, from (5 to $50 each All watch's warMU'ed to keep good time or the money returned Watch's, Clicks, and viusical Boxes repaired and warm, ted, lower than any other house in the ci'y. second hand watches and old gold and siver taken in exchange, or bought for cash THO \lrS<?N & FISHh.R, Imrorters of Wa'ches and Jewelry, wholesale and retail. No. 331 Broadway. New York AMOS R. THOMPSON, din lm*er RICHARD K1SHKR. fTNITKL* STATKS DAOl/KHRIAN UALLf'.RV, 175 Bro idway. up stai's.?K. HH'K wouljl respectfully ea'l the attuutiou of citi'?-ns and strangers, Tisi'ing the city to his splei,dnt collection of Daguerreotype Portraits,single or in grouj>s (torn two to fourteen pe sons on the sa;ne pUte, which lor beauty sud accuracy of delineation cannot be surpassed Portraits taken in all kinds of weather, either with or without colors. in., a . * ? i.?. ?.v.?,j,j mr i Whi te the 6r?f premium for the be?t Daguerreotype likeness for | grouping and ft-ieval effect, which i* but .another proof of the superiority ol'iiis portraits Mr. White is we a^ent in New York for the rery auperioi imported German Camaras , and at no other eatablishuient in >h>a city or State tan th*y be obtained. N. B.?Imported German Camaras; alao, French and Aineri ' can Instruments of the T?ry beat quality, with Plate Cases. Chemicais, Poli>hinr Materials, he., Sic., always ou hied, for I sale at 'he verv lowest price*. n7 Sn*m [ PLUMBK DAGUERRIAN (MLLF.HY OK PATENT ' PREMIUM i OLOKED PHOTOGRAPHS, No. 251 Broadway, (over Mr. IVnney'i Jewelry atore, ?bov? Murray 1 atreet, and uvxt door to Peale'a Museum ) New York. Theie 1 pic'urea having been awarded the Firat Premiuma aud Highest Honor, by the Ain?ri au and Franklin Institutes, aa the moat beautiful colored Dtg.erreitypes ever exhib'ted, and the establishment taaviiiic l> en greatly en'arged and improved, por traits will her-alie/ be taken here (in any weather) at the reduced prices chanted for ordinaiy work at other pi ices?consequently uo one need now ait for an inferior likeueaa, on the acore of economy. " A Photograph of a lady, by Proleaaor Plumb*, i? the fineit thing of the kiud w? ever witnessed."? Ledger, Oct. I, 1813. , Plumbe's Premium and German Cameras, Instructions, Plates, Cases, Sic Sic. forwarded te any daaired point, at lower rate* thau by any other manufactory. d 12 lm*in ' PHILADELPHIA l DAGUERREOTYPE ESTABLISHMENT, I EXCHAOE BUILDING, ROOMS 26 AMJ 27. < 'T'HE Snbacriber has received a large anppl / ol Voigtlandera' 1 A celebrated Daguerreotype Appartua, ,\r?e and amall aizea, * with achromatic lenaaa made accordirg to Profeaaor Petxval'a ' calculation. ' Alao a new aapply of Iks- plate* anil chemicaia, which he * warrants good mill sells I reduced prices. . The following gent.emen have agreed to act aj agents, vn? I E White, Esq , 175 Broadway New York P. Haas, Kaq, ' Waahingtor, l). C. Dr. A. Caapari, Richmond, Va. S I BroadbeLt, Eaq, for th? Southern States. Wm. West, Eaq Cincinnati, Ohio. I All commnnicationa (post paid) and orders, accompanied > with remittances, will be promptly attended to. aud should bt > directed to WILLIAM LAUOENHEIM. o!7 3m*r Exchange Buildings. I'h?I-uleiphia GREAT REDUCTION. ~ TROUBLE ENTRY BOOK-KEEPING only Five Dollars, i and Kpiatolary Penmanship only Two Dollars. , I THE FIRST PREMIUM awaided three consecutive years for the beat upecimena of Otf-h"nd Penmanship exhibited al "oft l b smith 'Tern iio o r a pTiTc institute, roi ; he mitrucuou of PENMANSHIP J Mid Rook Keeping, 189 Broad?r?jr. onpoiiH John ?tr?et, ia now open during the day and emiim*. far the recepuou of pupili r.nd lUlm, The Keutlenien acqnin a bold, free and expedition* ityU ot Mercantile Peumiuialiip iu from ten Co tweuty loai*n> of oar honreach. The ladie* arc tAaKht n neat Epiatolnry hand, a bountiful acCO in jl |(.||, ill to the i!>?. HOOK-KEEPING. T>i? ayrtem of ina'ractim iiuru'ed at hi* Academy in thi* { imporum ?tudy U not den^ei! from any printed wor?, Mit i? ! th? r-tult of H (hof?n(h practical knowledge ol the ??bjwt The rr-rc m beniir fo arranged a* to render I uniliir 10 [he (indent e\'ery deuartinrat of mercantile hiiiin^ta, WHICH CKK tainly cannot bk acquired by simply ba- , LAN' INO ONE ?LT OK BOOKS < Ladle*' Writing Class meets daily at 11 o'clock. Getitlemen duriug the day and evening, at such hours is inn\ ' be*t*uit their convenience heparan* parlors for private instruction. 11 Kor sale at the Academy ? A mipenor article of MagiHlf \ Pens. n29 1m*#e g C vMPHENE, On ?,MK.VliC\L OIL.?" Hern's Pat ill u So?id Bottom O'ass Fountain Lamn?" for chemical oil u ind ( unpbflot, mumfaetu and v>lu w hole-ale and retail by J.O. "'JV. ht No. IJG Fu!ton *tr?et I Sun building*,) ? Y??rH. Theie lamps a e admitted l?y a'l who see thein in u-?e, to be unequalled oy any lamp ever offered to the public lor t their spleiidii light, th** r ecnoiay for i-se, and th ir pe feet & simplicity fo manage and tiim Una lamp will givealigM w equal *o sit *i*rm candl**, af an eipenreor 1ms than htlf 3 ?< ?ant per hour . Th?v are in fict the cheapest in ^rojortioa to u qua itv, and tlie best lamp ever offered to the public for sio e* chnrchft. kodli, and d*e linfs. Alsu, a g?< d assortment of JH.uar tud Oil Lamp. f?f lMe* or hu'Oe*. .I ;. <"i<>r ouilitv. Also, a gen r*l d pot for patent me licine??such as & Dr. Willnm Ktaqi' Camomile aud Tonic 1'ills for uervous ,, i M *(* i >11h debility dfspapaia, lie.; usd iCvtus* Boothini 8y ? gleet, fay-l. lie.; D . foett'a Kradicator f?>r delkate com c pl.un'n: Dr. H Jat??l\ Brisk Pilta; thr Peraian I'til* an J f] b?aw fun r, fur r teamui^m tod paioa of al' kinda; Wray'a ft iaiaamic nlte, f riypiiijii, ?c.; W i h1* ( Mm H Lilka to twwurt*> and nr^m te he gruwth o?" the hair dlfc lm"rrc A ^IENTIFiC HAIR TONIC RESTORER AND HEAUTIFIER, TRIAL UOTl LKrt?TUHKH SHILLING*. 1 rPO tho?# wh# have used Jonea' Coml Hair H atoratiye kno\? *- i*? etcelleut qualitiea-to those who hare not, *e aay that the fact uf our aelling ihree ahiiling bottl a, mn?f nrov the '' ' r ' " ! r ?t viru\. i,l ?.m! tM VI MlfflN Of pITVOfl*! in ink- ? tm ill ?nai iifv tinii, *e wariant ft to pnm^is tl??* fol towiaiqvilitM : *lt willform '!>. hmi to |v?nr oa ur part wh ivnatuv IbimMuirto, it blliM off, raw n scurf or dandruff, and make light, red or grey hair grow dark. For dreaaint the nair aoft and illy, nothing can fnvd thin? ' it make* it tralv beantiful a d k*epa it to. It ia. md-ed, the p oatiioioMicil fH Bttoviof iflMlt I'M'1 for tm Mir. Mid, nice t, 4 or 8 shilling* a oottK il IM sign "i iim Imtflf K*nle. 82 Chatham street, New York; 139 Kulton atrew, 11 Brooklyn; ft S at-?frc't, Boatou; 3 I^odger Builuinga, Phila- 11 <i?,!nhi . N7 Kjnc ?>r ' ha leston, J 1 i' 1 he ^ooriao 11 air Dye, for dvetug red or grey a d*rk b'own 0 or hUck. Price 50 cenla, or Si a bottle ; told af the a*me placet i -n**r ? OFFICE HOURS.- (< nH. H. BOSTWICK i^forma the jmblic lhat in conawqnenc* of the great inerenae of hia practice, hia office hour* wil' x her.-affer be aa fol Iowa:?- Km in 8 in the moraing until 12; from 1 11 ? nhaaftrrn which ia principally dev ? ? 1 to thtpooi v And fro-n fi until 10 o'clock in the ev?ui.j*. During rt<e aoove named hours, he can, without fail, be consulted >-t ttvaoffice.? %] The b ilauce of the day he will Attend to out of door practice JJ Family 11 icina n Kimlv Pn< 11 iti in nil eaaea ofillucaa or accidtnt, wh?-i medical attendance i* not re- J. (in i red or Cannot he had-~rrv isad and enlarged by II. Bostwick. M. I) , can be had V hia office, price 23 cauts. ?. ff^Ofttctv? So. 75 Chamber atreet H BOSTWICK M. D., * d28 2wec Suraeon and rhyaician. ^ l/LOUK?150 barrel a landing ei ihip Or.-uee from Maw ei P Orleuia; for aal - by ? K. COLLINS i CO., d27tq M South wtrctr. ?i ?RK ] ING, DECEMBER 29, 15 BROADWAY TEA STORE, V)RTHEA*T comer of Prince and Broadway, adjoining Niblo'i Flower Keponiory. The subscribers inform tlitir riendi ai.d the public, t'?at th?y hivi opened ih* above 8t?>r??, vitli * lie* and eftleiitlve assortment ol Groceries-the stock vith thegreaiest cor** from the last Caigoes TEA Si. Young Hvsou from 2i to 8i Old Hyson " *>s to Us Imperial " -*5s to h? Gunpowder '* to Pouchong * 6? to 6s VoucKoiik *' It to 6s Orange Pecco M At t* ihe above Tfa?, we defy coini>etiiiou?in freshness, uality 01 i?ricf aw?i iut? tli^f uv *e ctious made by o.e if the most competent judges in the city COFFEE Old Java, burut and ground. Is 4d per pound. Also, a general assortment of Coffee, Fruits for the holidays, 11 kii:<ls of sugars very low?and in fact every thi?g appertainug to a grocery, all of which is warranted to be of first quality. o21 Im'rc G HAKK18QN at CO TRurrs. groceries, teas, wines. ke-gass NER fit VOUNO. 132 C hatham street, oner at wholesale ud retail, to dealers and families? Fresh Fornrn Fruits, a general *?sortment. Sugars and Coffee of a11 kinds a d qualitiesTeas, Green aud Black, of every description. Huperjo old Wines aud i'iqu<> s.of ?anous grades. Superior Hespberry and Cherry Br udy French and American Cordials, nndr ft and in ulsss. i.oudou, Scotch and AnriTuran Porter, Browu Stout aud Pile La Norma. Regalia, Nonaga and other brands Segars. h a^t and West luui? and American Preserves and Jellies. Honey. in small boies, from Ohio. Jujube Paste, i* 12 Vi sr.d ?5 ib bus us Ri d <jpice?, ( acoa and Chocolate. '"perm Oil and Candles, Swap, 8cc. Saratoga Pavilion Water, in quirt and pint bottles. Goods ielivered to any part of tha city free ol eipense. u2i lm*ec SUPERIOR TEAS, COFFEE and SUGA R?Also,Wines -J iu everv variety, Otard, Champagne aud Cognac Brandy; rish aud Sco ch Whiskey, old Jamaica Ruin, Holland Giu, rash Fruits, &c for cash only, at J. 8. SCOTT fc CO.'S Wholesale and Retail Stow. 76 N-ssau street. Wines and Liquor* pat up in nottles or demijohis Goods fill to Kg" iwrt 'if the city fre- of expense <17 Im'tc \TINTH WARD LHKAP GROCERv ANU PROVI L* SION STORE ? Vamilies i uthe ucigliboihood of Sintli ve'iueand Greenwich lane, about laying in th ir winter stock if Grocer es and Pro> i^iona. wi'l do betmr by a large per cent ge iu buying in > t the cheap Provision 8.ore No 9 Greenwich me, where all article* in tlie U ocery and Provision line can * purchased a? cheap, if not cheaper, than any other es'.iblmhneut in that viciui'y. Goods warraufd to suit; if uot, the noney will be returned. Goods sfnt to any iiart of tne city, rra of expense. MICHAEL KIEL LEY. dI3 lm*ec 9 Oreenwiih lane. CLARK, B1N1NGER & COZZENS, IMPORTERS AND DEALERS, 66 Vesey street, HAVING completed the en argement of their Store, reipectfully solicit tlientteutmu of their old patrons and the pubic to th?ir increased stoi-k uf SUPERIOR BRANDIES, WINES, 8EGARS, LIQUORS, TEAS, GROCERIES, 8tc. Their goods are particularly suitable for Hotels, b'inu select 'd with if'tut care for that purpose, and embracing every art i:le requisite?Segars and Brandies in particular, of choice irands and vintage; Champagues London Porter Brown Stout, >ld Scotch and Irish Wh,skies, Oils, Cheese, Maccaroni and Vermicelli. FOR THE HOLIDAYS. Choice Liqueun, Preserves, Brandy Fruits Grare*, Raisins. Spiced Chocolate, Currants. Gelatine lor making Jelly iu a few mnutes, Extnct Vanilla Wax Candles, Almonds, and every .hinjf necoesary for the use of families. (T/ Sole n gents in New York for Demuth'i Snuffs. dJ0 2w*rc GENUINE TEAS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. T<HE CANTON TEA COMPANY. Principal Store 121 A Outturn stteet, New York; Branch Store 31* Ble-cker st. New Yora; Agsu'c* at 116 Fulton street, Brooklyn; also, at the :oraer ol Main end Van rioaton streets, l'ateison, N J., inrite the attention of city a> d country families and purchase s or [lie approacning noliuys in tc nerai, to uieir several estate ishments, wlier-* tliev think will b? found by fa the best .eectiou of pu t and undu: tern ted Teat ill the United States. I'he Univerxl popularity and reuown ol thrir house, wiih rele^ce to high qu lines low pric~* and upright dealing, is too wit understood to renue. further comment ufematv. Original and only warehouse fur 'hr tale of Ho aqua's Black JVa Ubierve-Strang?fr?will >-e particular to remember th? nam *r*of the principal store in Chatham street.vit: "121," between Pearl and Roosevelt *treets, as in seeking f->r it tv'ev axe lnble be l-d astray by a little store just started at' tl)4 Cliailiam itreet (ueit door to Lorillard's inuIf and tubacco store) under h? name of Can ion 'Tea" Store. The public w i I also be ileased to tak< notice, tha' th? Canton Tea Company have no;hiug to do with that or any other stores whatever, eicept those lescribed at the top of this advertisement. dl< lmec CROTON BAKERY NOTICE. CJIX POUNDS OF BREAD FOR ONE SHILLING ^ The largaat breid in th; city to be had at the < roton Ba. lery, 92 J^ines street, six pounds of superior wheat bread for kllfl uilliu, OT t'ir.e pounds fat ?ix rwU Whuat, Indian, Kyeand Graham Bread. dl?o, th" K.iui-11 Rye Bread (if a ?u * ior kind , large ixiuoy fies of all k uds at sis cen's each, and a leueral assnrtment of Tea <'a?ea, Ru>ks, Bans, Crullers, buier Crackers, fresh every day. (i-rmau and New Vear Cakes lor the holiday*. Flour wholesale and retail. Fee h i east for jaleevry day. N. B.?The above articles can'he had at the branches No. 3SR hlH be! ween Pllktiii squ ire and Oik s. ree and .No 202 W il liatn ueer Frankfort, sl?o at 22U Cherry t ear PeNam st. <122 ImTrc JOHN H. Wlfco\MD, ?2 Jam<a st. TOMPSON'S CAKE. A 9 the season has arrived for families to supply them*' Ives f*. with Cake for the holiday*, the tulrscriher would respect uuy uii'irin rn**m i r -l tn- ixicr iun siippons u ioru pr rf> utstinii for the best cake?and he assure* th se who may favor lira with a call, that they shall be supplied with the best article .hat can be made lr m U.e materials, aud in the most cleanly naouer. Kout Cake, Plum Cane, Pound Cake, New Y?ar Cake and a ( MM .issortmeul nfsmall <'*ke constantly on hand, and orlers for any quantity siut to any osrt of ihe city. JAMES TOMPSON, <121 Iw*ec 40 Lispenard street, n*ar Chnrch. CRACKEKS! (CRACKERS! CRACKERS! DAKK'S CHACKER ? AK KRy,73 Mott street, near Walk L erstreet. SODA BISCUIT MILK do BOSTON CRACKERS BUTTER do SUUAR do Pilot and Na?y Bread, and every other description "f Crackera. N. B.?Country merchants, hotel keepers and shipping orders supplied at the shortest notice and at the lowest prices, dl! Im*ee fMPOKTANT TO TKAVKLLLRS AND HOUSE ' KEEPERS?Life and Property Preservers? Pateut S'lf'ocking Revolving Pistols, which cin be discharged six times 1 as many seconds, merely bv palling the trigger. The chamier and barrel in one piece, aid therefore cannot be blown aoait ike some repeating pistols. The construction is very simple? hey can > e ilrtwu from the pocket and used with one hand, vitliout the loss of a moment. Kor tr?vellers, house and store keepers, captains, p'anters, ublic officers, and (Ithaca. tney are an indispensable article, a hey call protect their lives and pro|<erty if attacked by manv mon The public are invited to examine ths same, as their simplici* y, being warranted not to get out of order, and their peifect afety, will certainly r?coinmend them over all others Wholeale and retail. J. O. BOLEN. 10) Broadway, d28 7t"m between Wall and I'mests. THE NEW YORK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No. 75 Chambers street. T'HIS Insti'ution, established to render to the afflicted sound J- ami scientific medical and siircicit aid, has already been in luccessful opemtion lor nearly t'uee years. All forms of disease are treated heie P.itents who t"Ue to the 'est tutiou have heir cake* investigated and prescribed tor, and receiv tneir me licine directly uudi-r the l|l of ih? attending nil sirian;a?d hn?e who from indisposition or othercause? are prevented from tpnlying personally, aie visited at their residmce. Surgtcil Operations of every description are also perfoimed ay a qu ilified and experienced surgron. In ell rases charges ne moderate, and those whose ne ans i e limi'eil ar?r?qtured o ray for their medicine* only. The p .or will be attended to ;vrry day between 3 and 4 o'e ock, wtnout chvg*. HOMICR BOSVWICK, M. D , Att-ndiu* Surfeon and Physician. This Institution is under the patruuase and commendation oi :he following gentlemen:? R.t Dr KD. YHIUBVE Rev Dr GICOROE POTTS, Hee Hr. O SPRi Vt>. (128 Imec Kev. Dr. SCHKOKDKH. 5(JHKN C K'hT'I' LMONIC 8VKUP.-A nut cor* *t BerJ qrn Hi I, near Jersey City ?Thu is to certi y that the unerstjtued, in the 9|>rihi: of 1813, wu attacked with a violent niii in the side and breast a n a H^vfrt* cough, which canned ix to lame matter streaked with blood. I kept getting weaker nd the disease progressed notwithstanding all the efforts of lie doctors, and all other remedies ihat I tried, U" il my case ecame ow ol uud ubied consumption. I had ihe hectic fe??u, iglit sweats. cough. costl*e.,e?B, and all tne symp oms that sually attend that disease My iwrrnts abandoned all hoias I'mv evexgettina well, and all other* acquainted with my III i ton supposed I wouid die soon It was at the ti" when n(?e was Benny gone, that I co mnenced using *chenck's Pullonio byrup. It ?oon loosened the matter and pSiegm, and I ml .il raise Ireely, and began o )?-l heller ;and now I leel ijni'e rr-li ; and I Teel gra eful to s kind j.rovideuce for dircctiug me i his valuable medicine which has been .he means ol restorig me to health, after every thing else failH. THOMAS WILKtS. Bergen, near Jersey City No*. 13. 18-13. Prepared by J. 11. Schenck anil for sale at his principal olfir?? >?. J.' Siltn St , onedoocbelow t'?e corner of i he?ut, and tt hi< Laboratory, N > 121 flace ?trr?t, Philadelphia; I so for sale it 40* < ourtlandt street, one door helow corner t Gr-enwieh, N Y , the ont place in this ci'y where the -mime con he had ; slso 38P Washington st.. Boston ; No. 16 Ito-dwa., Alhmj', N. \ l'lie above offices ire eiciuiively ir the sal-of i'ulino lie Syr | d luifod io >KW YOKH ftUHOIfiON*' DANDAOK INSTITUTE, JO. I ANN HTHKKT. 2d door from H.oadway, in the ' Americau .Vlaiemn building*?IJuUer the direction of JAM KB KNIGHT. M. i).K letnber of thr Medical and Chirurgicai Faculty of Mary tnd, Member of the District Medical Societv of Ohio, Iftnber of the Stats Medical Society of the Str.te of New ork, and Principal of the above Institute. For the Information of rho?e who hare not bsen informedai > the drsicu of this establishment, we will briefly state it is a iKPOT oiall the latest improved bandages used in Orto>|V?ic Practice, or when* Bandage* ire kepi for the cure of Club Vet. contracted and distorted Limbs. Wry Nock, Hump feau ud lateral cnrvature of the Spine. The very celebrated wire Spring bandages, for the cure of varicosed or enlarged Veins, fivcsited by JfWoolbred and Wren wick, of London, is *" 11 ere, also, all the latest unproved T rnsses and abdominal Sujorters ; also Bandages are made to smt special casus, aud to rder for fetanpons, Physicians, Sir. Doct. Knight also devotes vprcial attention to the treatment f the sbove named deformities, and has mide ample arrangelent.i to receive patients from abroad for that puri*>se, or will >rwaid bandages to any parts of the country. For further information we respectfully submit the names of few ol the most noted Surgeous sud Ptiysiciaus, who are pa oiis of this Institute, and some of whom have presented most tin tble improvsmenis is 8anda*es Valentine Mott, M * , rrot?*?BOr of Surgery in the llnncrityofNew York; Ah*. W. Steveus, M. I)., fcmentus Pro(?n i in the College ol Phy. and H?ir*' New York city; J. C. heeseman, M. I).; H. K. Hofinm, M. i) , J. K. Rogers, M? Surgeous to the New York City Hospital, W. Parker, Pr?>Muor of Surgery in the College ol Phf and *urg New York itV .VIban Goldsmith, M. I).. Iste( Professor wf Stw^ery in le College ol ftiy. and Surg New York city; T. U. Mower, ,sq. Surgeon IJ. S. Army; Doct. Dnbarry, Surg y S Navy In Philadelphia we respectfully rrftr to Professors McClellena, Inter, Meigs, Jacksou,|Hswsou, Dillingham, H -injer k. Moufr| In Baltimore to Professors Jennings, Jamisoa Handy, Monk r, Miliar. Annan, Hall, Smith and bailey. )? jm eod*ec HERA 343. I Lltrrerv Kotlo?i. Hari-er's Illustrated Bible.?No. I. of thin splendid work has just been published. It fully equals the high expectations we had formed of it. It is printed in large type, on the finest and smoothest paper, with the best quality of 111k ; and the engravings are more ni^merous, more beautifully designed, and of more exquisite finish than in any other edition we have ever seen. Each party concerned?Chapman, Adams and the Harpers?will receive high praise Irom all who see the work, for the superior style in which every department of the workmanship has been executed. The "Bible" with all the usual appendages, including the Apocrypha, a Concordance, icc., will be comprised in fifty parts, at 25 cents each. Mexico as it was and as it is?New York, Winchester.?This is a valuable book and ought to be in the possession of all who are interested in our relations with Mexico. It is the production of Mr. Brantz Mayer, who was Secretary of the United States legation to that country in 1S41 and 1)342, of whose industry, spirit of research, power of observation, and general accoinplishnients it affords unquestionable evidence. 1 he descriptions excel in interest those of any previous publications on the same subject, and the body of the work reveals some curious traits of the Mexican charac ter, whilst the appendix comprises a vast amount of statistical and general facts oi great importance to the inteiests of the United States, we therefore commend this book to the support of the public, observing that if all our other diplomatic servants would be but half as active as Mr. Mayer, this country would have few of its citizens ignorant of the positions, resources, and character of any foreign government. We should state that the work is illustrated by many elegant engravings. IJame Wonder's Transfigurations?NewYork, Edward Dunigan, Fulton street?A series of beautifully colored toy books, which will doubtless intensely excite the acquisitive faculties of our juvenile population. We rccommend all good fathers and mothers to save themselves from the torment of teazins, by indulging their hopeful youngsters with a set of Madam Wonder's Transfigurations. The New World Pictorial Annual for 1844? New York, J. Winchester. ? A pleasing, and with? al a cheap Christinas and New Year's gift, illustrated by numerous splendid engravings The letter press matter is full of variety. The Illuminated Maoazine for December.? New York. Burgess tc Stringer.?An excellent number of Mr. Douglass Jerald's Magazine. This periodical, although in its infancy, has attained a degree of popularity in England proportionate to the reputation of the editor, and we doubt not that its success in this country will be equally worthy of nis merit. it is "got up," as printers say, witn elegant neatness, and the engravings are of a superior order to the common run of woodcuts. Two Months Abroad?By a Railroad Director of Massachusetts?Boston, Redding & Co; New York, Burgess \* Stringer.?Here is a pleasant gossipping account of a two month's trip to England, France, Baden, Prussia, and Belgium, in August and September of this year. In such a limited period, and with such an extensive field, it seems hardly possible to have collected much information of any value relating to those countries: nevertheless our author lost no time; he plunged in median ret at once and he has produced an accurate and a graphic description of what he really saw?a description which, in many passages we recognise to be strikingly true. The reflections which he interposes here and there, though not very new, are very just, and expressed in language which the millions can comprehend. This is therefore a good readable pamphlet. A Lecture on the Mixture of Civil and Ecclesiastical Power in the Governments of the Middle Aof.s?By Bishop Hughes.?New York, J. Winchester.?The day after the publication of our report of this lecture we expressed our honest opinion of it, and on perusing the lecture as here given at length, we see no reason for modifying our previous judgment. The Culivators' Almanac, or Rural Calendar for 1844.?New York, M. H. Newman ?A very useful Almanac?one which the agriculturists of the United States should extensively patronize It is full of valuable information relative to their pursuits. Tom Bukke of Ours?By Charles Lever.?Philadelphia, Carey & Hart; New York, Burgess & Stringer.?A cheap but elegant reprint of this popular production, illustrated by two splendid engravings. Buy immediately. Ireland?By J. G Kohl.?Messrs. Harper & Brothers have just issued, in a pamphlet of one hundred and fifteen octavo pages, a new work on Ireland, by J G. Kohl. It gives an animated description of matters and things in general in that country, and great men and tamous sights in particular. No doubt, in these days of Repeal excitement, the book will be eagerly sought tor, especial ly aa it sells lor one smiling, tnougn wen got u|>. Court for the Correction of Errors.?Dec 25, 1843.?Chester Had en and others, judges of Oneida county, assignees of Lyman Corliss, sheriff, &c vs. Joshua Palmer, impleaded, Sic.?Judgment affirmed with costs, kc.?For affirmance 12, reversal none, llo bert Tillotson vs. John Armstrong, Jr. and others?Motion to dismiss appeal?Mr. J. Lynch waj heard for respondents, and D. Burwell for appellant. Dec. 26 ? Klias Watts and al admini's. &e. vs. A. W. Kinney?Judgment affirmed with costs, &c.?For affirmance '20, lor reversal 2. Smith Cutlei and others vs Edward Doughty?Judgment reversed?For reversal 13, for affirmance 11. H. Miller and al. vs. Deforest MauriceJudgment reversed?For reversal 14, for affirmance 6. Peter Duffy vs. State of New York?Judgment reversed? For reversal 19, affirmance 2. T. Stalker vs. W. McDonald and others?Judgment affirmed?For affirmance 17, reversal 1. 8. Kip vs. P. Van Cortland and others?Judgment reversed?lor reversal 18, affirmance none. Afternoon Session?11. Hutton vs. the American Insurance Company of New York?Judgment affirmed?for affirmance I I, lor reversal 0. H. Hujdam and al. vs. the Patriotic Bank of Washington?Judgment reversed?for reversal 24, affirmance none. N. O. Burgess vs. J. D. Abbott and al.?Judgment affirmed?For affirmance 21, for reversal nome. M. C. P. Macomb vs. B. Waldron and wife The same vs. John L. Wilson, survivor, 8ic.?Judgments reversed?For reversal ib, affirmance 1. Adjourned to 9 o'clock to-morrow morning. Dec. 27.?8. Hall vs. Newcomb?for affirmance 9, and for reversal 9?No decision being made, a re-argument was ordered. A. Van Santvoord and others vs. M. St John?Judgment reversed?for reversal 18. affirmance A John Ward vs. The People?Judgment affirmed?affirmance 14, reversal 6. Naval.?Exiloring Expedition.?The U. S. schooner Phamix, Lieutenant Commandant Sinclair, ha* sailed for Chagres, with despatches for the squadron in the Pacific Ocean; after the performance ol which duty she will cruise in search of the doubtful island of "ilax del Comboy," situated on the south side ol Cuba, near the notorious isle of Tines This island (Com hoy,) was a few years since heavud up man; feet above the level of the sea by one of those miifbty'and violent convulsions of nature which so often ngitate and disrupt that delightful portion of the globe; and. recently, information having been communicated to the Navy Department, expressing an opinion as to its non-existence, the honorable Secretary thought proper to lurnish suitable mathematical instruments and officers for the purpose ol investigating the matter; and if it is yet in existence, to determine accurataly its precise position by astronomical calculation This doubtful island is situated in a channel through which nearly all our West India vessels must cruise ; few of them are provided with chronometers, and even if they were, the currents are so complicated and variable that the most skiltul mariner cannot help feeling the most ominous foreltodmgs when approaching this modern < harybdis; for, its avoiding Pines, he may be w recked on Comboy.?Norfolk Herata. Horrid Case ok Sedvction and Mi'rder,?Tli> Cincinnati Commercial sayrf?A young man, for merly ol 1 ennessee, named Wasson, was murdered in Laporte County, Ind., about ten days ago, by Gen Beardsley .whose daughter he had reduced The General took the young man into a room, referred to the condition of hiii daughter, and demanded ol \V. to marry her, when on hi? relusing, the injured father draw a pistol and shot him through the heart! General B. delivered himself up to the authorities. He was the fir*t settler on Four Mile Prairie, in Michigan, a goodciti/.en and beloved of all ? This is indeed asiul affair,but what parent will lay his hand on hi? heart and say that he really blames General B for the course he took? What jury will convict him of mur der? Until our laws treat seduction as it ought to be treated as a crime and one of the worst of crimes -and punish it accordingly, outraged nature will refolt at law, or rather will take the law into its own hand*. There is no help for it. Steam Frigate Princeton.?Thin Kteimer, wp are informed, will take her departure on Saturday next (or New York. 1 Ircult toill t. Before Judge Kent. Due M ?Benjamin Campb'U, ft ah. v? Hartin Willttif ?This was an action fortlm recovery of a hill of goo.l?old in 1837, for M'i 44, with interunt The defendant ?? up au offset in the storage of a quantity of flour and wheat The jury gave the plaintiff a verdict for t'J cents damage* and 6 cents costs. Court ( al?Hilar?I'hlt !>*>' . Superior Court.?Nos. 36, 29, 30 M, 47, 4H, 17, 3, 90 19,78, 46, 34, (M), 61, 39, 84, HI. S3, 99, 64,68. A8, J6, 7, 11, 13, 12, 67, '28, 86 , 87. Circuit Court.?Noa. 14, 16, *!, 4h, 4 j, 18, 44, 4.'., 46. 47, 48, 49, 90, 81, W, A3, #6, ,M?. M?, IK< Common Pleai.?Noa. 31, 6, 3i 4, , 10, IV, 40. 7, 29, LD. * i*-i?- .XT11.?.?~?i - - rntc m. TTW V. 9. Circuit Court. Betore Judge Betts. Thc*sdat, J)ec.'J8 At the opening of the Court. the i prisoner, Mathews, was placed iu the dock, and the Jury was called over by the Clerk, hut beior* a single juror could besworn, eitner from ciuk, peremptory challenge, or non attendance. the panel was exhausted, i 1 he coun-el lor the prisoner moved to have the trial set down forTuesday next. This w ax objected to by the District Attorney. The Court alao expressed an unwillingness to delay the other business of tue term, but after some consultation the request of the pnsoner's counsel was complied w ith. The Judge directed that a new panel of forty-eight should be summoned for Tuesday. Me alao informed the panel serving at present that they would be discharged on Saturday. The prisoner was then remanded to the jail. Slratinn a Chrunometir.?A colored man, named Henry Jackson, was placed at the bar, charged with having stolen a ship's chronometer from on board the Moslem, while lying at Bristol, Lnglund, in September, 1841. The accused was steward on board, and had u duplicate key, which unlocked the captain's state room. He had charge of the stores. On the morning that the vessel waa hauled out for sea, the mate observed the prisoner leaving the vessel with a kettle, <kr. The Captain missed the chronometer. and on searching the Steward's room, it waa discovered to be empty, every thing belongm" 'o the prisoner having been removed, with the excep r the chest ol the prisoner. He u ent ushore without sion. or without being ordered by the captain or mate. About lour d?v? previous to leaving Kngland, the captuin esquired from the juisoner whether he had sufficient store* on board to last tor the voyage, to which the reply was 10 the affirmative. On the day previous to the loss of the chronometer the captain hau wound it up, and the next morning it wan gone. The prisoner had no defence to otter, and the cawwent to the jury under the charge of |the Judge. The act of 1790 makes it n larceny to steal on the high seas ; tad the act of ltM5 embraces the same ollence committed in foreign portf. In tins case the vessel, though lying in the docks at Bristol, was known to have been afloat on Mlt water. As to the statute of limitations, it is construed that the persen charged with an offence, if he be a fugitive from justice, the statute does not come into operation ia that case, until the person so charged shall hava returned within the jurisdiction of the courts having* authority in such cases There was no diiect evidence that the prisoner at the bar was the person who committed the larceny on board the ship Moslem. But the circumstances detailed arc to he weighed by the jury, and they are to decide how far he could be the culprit, or whetner it wai possible that any other person could have the opportunity of removing the stores without his knowledge. Tke flight of the prisoner from the vessel, on the morning ol' her intended departure, was to be taken into consideration. If he is found guilty of r moving any part feloniously, then the indictment is sustained. The jury returned a verdict of guilty. For the United States, Mr. Barrett. For the prisoner, Mr. Nash. The civil cnlendar was then called over, but noneot the cases being ready, the Court adjourned until 10 o'clock to-morrow. MONTHLY REPORT OF THE MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No. 55 Chambers meet CASKS BUCCif.aaj? ully cheated 4 Pain in the loins. 3 Secondary Hyphilia J Sciofuh. Id Chaner*. 6 Inflammation of the Eyes. t> < lap. 4 Lostivenens. 2 Gleat 3 Croup. 3 Pleurisy. G S.miiiil Wfiknm. 4 Pies. 3 Diseasee oftl'e Hevrt. 3 Suppression of the Mausaa. 1 Case* of iVIrdwifry. 2 loodiug. 2 Ureal Debility. 2 Bleeding from the I utgs. 3 Acute Hheumatisui. 4 Unable to hold the aria*. 9 i luoaic Rheumatism. 2 L)>s. ntery. 4 On num. ] Inflammation cf the Liear 5 Liseaseof the Skin. 4 Dis'aaeof the Bladder. t Di ease of the Brine 3 Coughing SCROICAL OPEhA'l IONS 2 Operations Tor Fistula in Ano 2 Disloc ation of thefthouldai C Tonsils removed Joi t reduced. 'I Strictures in the Urethracnred 2 Operations fat radical en without cutting or burning ol Hydrocrlc. 3 Hemorrhoid .1 tumors removed. 1 Thumb rtuvo'ad. 2 Opt rations for Somtiiinr. 2 Eucssted Tumors ram'fd. 1 lutlammatinn ol Testi lev 3 BuW' es cured. H BOBTWICK, M. D., <(29 2w*rc Xurgei n a'd Physician. N'lTHlNGhAS BKEN LEE r UNDONE by unpnnciple riva's, to destroy the popularity of th?c- lebrated Hunter's Ked Drop But the medicii e that cures 'he venereal diseasa thoroughly and without taking the patient frtm his daily avocation, ?Uo without restrict! >ns in diet, also wilhout any uupleaS4UI raufes iug ctfea. enabling the patient to confine his affairs o nis own i>r**?st, th mediciu^ that w ill periraue tly "cuie"without loading the sist ir> with mercury, or W'thou'. injuring tH? const if utio j of the suffering p. ti* nt! w ill b? sought fo'wh-u all ihe nostrums o.i earth w ill be foigottrn, and such we emphatica ly ?? r?m the lamous Iluuter's Ked Drop to be Prue (1 l*r vial which wilt cure any caso t-fdisease of a private tatu *, or no M) tfkeu Hunierinu dispensary, ,No. 3 Liivisioa street, the oliv place in New Yo.k. d?9 lt*rr WONDEKFUL HEMEDY VIRREYS TINCTUHE AND LOTION OK INVIOORATION. A SUPPLY of these invaluable and evtraordinary Mtnedie* his been received direct 'rom Doctor Adiiau Virrev.ol Lyoua. by his exclusive American agents, De Lauuey k lirey. il New York Nothing equal to 'hem haa \et been discovered for removing impotency, tluor alhns, nervous affections, sua mvigorating the sysiein and reviving the de?ayed euergi't of lertain parrs. a fact that can be proved by any person in tea minute*; for while all other medicines recommended for th* time diseases are admitted by their inventors to be alow of iperation.'heTincture andLotion of Invigor* in aetat once and make their effec felt in a few momenta after they are made um of. Indeed their quick and wonderful action is such, that coldness or imbeeilitv cannot remain in >he constitution that is nnder their dominion for half an hour; nor is it possible lor any married feinile to use them aud remain without offspring for Uiey immediately correct the inactivity of certain organs which in ninety-nine cases oat of a hundred is the cause of nnfrnit'alness 1 hey are also unrivalled lemediea in incipient consumption, dyspepsia, palpitation ot the heart.nervons headache sleet ind affections ol the kidneya, and in all diseases produced by a nameless solitary habi', for which they are a speedy and positive cure The Tincture is taken internally ana is pleasant to the taste; the Lotion is used externally. They may be as*d separately with great benefit, but are most effecrive when used toce.her. Trice (2 a bottle, or both bottles for $3. N. B ?Persons living at a distance can have these medicines seut in the loan of two powders, at only double the postage, w th full priu'ed directions for converting rhem into the Tmc 'ure and Lotion Price $2 for one powder, or $3 for both. (When both are used their effect is wouderlnl iu removing impotence ) All remittances most be post p&id, and directed to Da Launey St Grey, New York. lnforma.ion of adelicateand interesting nature, which canKit be iaMtted i:: a public lllfUMML accoin' anies each bot le and powder. 1 hes? medicines should uever be uwd by prag ant w omen, for their exciting naturx would he liable to pro luce abortion. Sold b? special appointment ct iDK LAUNEY Ik ORE?. d291"* c * " * >??? ?' American republican songst^r?i he second edition of this work is n"w rut, and lor iale at J P . 1 row's and P. pe Le Kee's Star Houre, corner < f Barrow and McD n*all stn-ets. Every member of the party should have lie of these books. Composed and arranged by P. De Le Ree f Till" p.rty. .12* 6l*'i POST Ot PICE, > New York, 1843. J T7NOL1S1I MAIL?Hist Office. New Ycrk December, 26th E* IMJ-I/t'w Bkks ?er Koval Mail 8tenm?r Hibernia, which Ifnvfi Boston on Monday, the 1st January n**t, will be closed *t the Upper and Lower Post Offire, in this citv, on Saturday nest. the 36th instant at 4 .minute* pa?t 3 o'clock, P. VI The lul-nd Doata^e of I3)a c-ut* on each ainfc'e letter must he paid The r. itmaster '<esnes to call the atteiitiou of merchants and #thers foruaidn g letter to Enron* by this msil to the fact of one undied hud silt\-fi e letters n&vinc been seized by the ad iraltv aptLt, rn board the steamer CaTedou a. oil r>er last trip from Boitcn a'd return< d to the ^o*t Office, *n conse<]ueuce of ' ic-n I d postawe on said kIk; >. nr.: b? u.? \ * i<1 i< :? t Post Office The letters refe.rtd to were supposed to tkive h#*en tent from this city. Julf.N LOKIMLR GRAHAM, .?*? Hrl P ?l M MM on aKI, LAD IKS' HAIH-URKHsT'k.No. 3 Murray ^ stiver respectfully announces ?hat he is prepared to wait on la;iies at their residences, and to dr*n* heads according ro the latest Parisian fashions. Term* very moderate. 10 7m rre PIA nO Kt1RT* S t MhAP?The rubsenbei re-peer fully informs his friends "rd rhe public iti <c rural that he ha* w on I d pis ' Htivoi)4 ke t' ' s oppor'ninfy ro 'norm the ruhli* that he does not dopt ihepraitic* < t ?ll th?* other maker* ?n this city, of rm i loj ins prof?^?om ro bring mtomer*. to his uore to rrcommrnd ?i? in*iramenrs ar.d charge |wt cent more lor th? instrument. * h rh in paid to ihe prnl' tnir or Ms r*ouMe. Peraoos *h?> want iiMtriiin-nts hy culliuc on h rn c -.n t!*erefore procure hem with ut bf*i k ofi'i..'<1 m ray $Vi o $7.'j etri* h.r a profrtsor to say the nut nmenf is food. r-w a? d se^ono hand Piaior ortes loaned on hi e Apply it 547 tir?adway. P?tno Ko te Waier>om ? r.t ihe ftCtoiy 30? Vlnibtrry at, I etweeu Houston an i tfleecli^r dgfl 3t*r? M >8K8 OKKLL BOi Ql "is ? i m\ f- v KOITni 5 - uFS M LO'S ( ouaerestoiies aud Peed Store?The atiftfcrihf r % * i ? . aapplY hie ol? pa r? r?a oid others who ma* faro*- him \* th their ? Her? for Bouqu t.%, real ha x Vaaes or D^sk^-ts f blowers. fcr hct. for New \ ?ar prea*ntation would res)>ectfully inform them tnat tha abo\e can I e supplied to any e\t*nt, of a sni?? nor description, whirh Mrnot besuriass^d for fleganre. combined v^lth ueatuett ami tl ii i I I #> r ii <. ' ' 'riHM??eii in ' inrn, * <n rii-:^ *n|*' d winy, <>? ther w i1 h ho m Heliotropa, l)nphue?, and many otber ch>>ic*anH fr.aiani How?m it it d ?i-ible for ori'rn to b* left not later than next Satarlov rvmii k, to i?nra pn caality Prion irore'- thAn toimeily, ?n<) of equal if n it a?n*r'Or irtir e. V\IL.LlA.M .NlhLU J7tl Bumlwuy, dll I'rc adjoining th* Uardmi. D?H m 1 rs FOR NK.\\ YKA'h"?Thoa? genii. me.."ib.. L? nitm- I .voi III.' tin1 t.IIbur 0-1 ? IIh .ir.ler? I,. ll.n ,n foi ew Vear presents'urn, ?il Ve kind enough l? leave their amen *i eaili ? lotnible io pievetit di?appoi> tment, *? ?u b?iMf wiih iom( Hftv gent'men Inst annireraaiy A?plen<lid Buqnetof "hit* ( amelia ?nponica?, Imbroau. F'imbriata, f.clii?r, v obi ? nnv hi: , f> to $10, a medium .leacnptioa, but w h elm ee flmti'n. $J The Rouqueta w ill li?* mid* either on fhe ro'ind Parisian sty le r upl.ivi il oi i lla' turficeof < Cranium and Mvrt'i* and will efiini "imI IV in ili>-I'olbrli" ' ' ? wUirli i? not ?urd r<ritV kimI -m i.i "> 'be c-ounlry, ?nd is 'no w?ll nown to r n ti' my I Ii i-'l ' ' ril"i ' ?*ot'C? cultivat d t> e i If f art- I"|> vane'ics "I H-mm mil neatly M iria- \ of Tin flu w nb numerous r?re smaller Kiowe a. iraay I'wbu li re I m V'* Hullan io cel.brat d for its unique ]f> I 'l. ,\,H I OKO ( THORBURN, IS ?L i 'in >UR'h. LI KH?I' ckei for l?t Jannarr? f ffV ' '* ' OT 1 , 1 *1" M r'r* Apply IO jLUcl * 1 It k v L !k P ' KLPR 101 k rout si., or to BOYD It. HINCn ?.N, A??uia, iter 1 Th H ii iWiinga. .q- JLT MU< i'i NVKT S? ,1 Line -"th* J" f?V hii' I' Hi V, t> He*i t. III I> * , *, ill mi! on the 1st MAL i Mnuary R11\ I> V H'N< KV.N 1 ontinr Building, 4li.. conn M snd W <t?r ?irv.t? IJ >< ?>. I HIP O NK l "mi i w Orleans, is discharge f irg ?l OrliM a wliarf, foot - f Wall ?t ''' t'l.iiMiiievi ? ill p>a-e ailri d ro t'n rec- i t o( thair *o..d? immediately. d*7i*c TO I'K INTKHS. F'Olt S AI.K ? Th f.miiu of T' | ? Vn ion a id Nonparirl. ? h ell li^ve been u?< it "n ihe New Vorli H-'aid. Apply a thia office.

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