Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 1, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 1, 1844 Page 1
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r n ^ Tit xx f ' Vol., IX. No. 319? Whole No. 3371. \ _ I WINTER ARRANOEMENT-kOR ALBANY. Via lllDtiKfORT it .J > ? aA HonuomtkWmrwji a.i r j *3rn*'"""""t" 1 au a**?5P^P? . ft.e. gers for AI tuny by/hjV Ho;t?'Willt^Ttjwnew ud f rLgant I'tanibui' bUK^ KA, Caju J L. kitsh. which Iriffi New York Ir m fo it Liberty street. Monday moruing at halfiiut 6 o'clock for Bridgeiwrt. thcur.r by the Ilousstouic and We i-ru Ila'lroals, with. ul change .1 ears or baggage crate, p. Albany, arnviug same cv-ciug at I o clock, hue through * Vor lina ge nr.Freight, apply on board, or at the office, foot ol'L'borty street. ^1' TERRY, Agent. AiOec PASS AUK FUOM UKEAT BRITAIN AND IKK LAND m. A li m aY THE BLACKBALL OH OLD LiNJ^jJy LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Sailing from Liverpool on the 7th and l?th of every mouth.] Feruons wishing to send to the Old Country for their friends jan make tlie necessary arrangements with the tubscribera, and 'lave ttiem come nut in tin s superior Line of rackets, Sailing run Liverpool punctually on (he 7th and 19th of every month, if hey will also have a first rate class ofAmerican trading ships, tailing every sia days, thereby ntlording weekly communicaion from that |Hirt. One of the lirm (Mr. James D. Kocliel is here, to see i.wt they shall lie forwarJed with care and des ateh. , , ghnuhPthe parties agreed for not come out. the money will ,ue returned to those who paid it here, without any reduc1.14 HI. The BUck Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packet!, comprise , lie following nuguificeut Ships, vir >Tll? OXFORD. The NEW YORK, C A M n It lbOE. COLUMBUS, KUKOPE SOUTH AMERICA. ENGLAND NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and unequalled arrangements, the subscribes confidently lonk forward for a continuance of that support which has been extruded to them so mauy years, for which they are grateful. 'I hose proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can at all times obtain Drafts at sight lor any amount, drawn direct jam the Hoy <! Bank of Ireland, Dublin, alto on Messrs. PRE SCOTT, OslOTE, AMES St CO. Bankers, London, rliicb w ill be naid on demand at any of the Banks, or their tranches, pi >11 the principal towns throughout England, Irrand, Scotland and Wales. Apply, oraddreai, (if by letter, postpaid.) ROCHE, BROTHERS & CO. 'J5 Fulton street New York, next door to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from tins ?ort for Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each month. Parties eturiiiuR to the old country w ill find it to their comfort and dvautage to select this favorite Line lor their conveyance, in reference to any other. dto r .( TtOCI 1 ktutofiIKKS Ac CO.'S passage 9 office, __ i:j KULTON STREET, NKW YORK. $f& sf!fb ^ di pass U; KflOM LmTaFOOL. lii thr Inllowir k Packet Ships, viz:? Tli? NKW YORK, silling from Liverpool on the 1st Feb. TheCOLCMJIUS, do no I6;li do fi lm YORKSHIRE, nvw, do do 1st .March. Tie CAM BR I DUE. do do Ifith do >r in auy of tee r.i:k"i? cnrnnrising tor Old Line sailing from MR po*t fin the Id and luh of every monili. Those sending far it'ir friends will find it to their interests and comfort to lirouise our Line, as no poskible mention oa embarking can sgiven. Certificates ? nt by the steamship Hibernia. sailing nm Boston 011 the lit < f (miliary, w ill have plenty of time to repare to coine by the li'st named packet, or in any ol the Hire uiacmfici lit and uue iUill-d parketa 1 Pi rsons reini ting money to the old country- enn at all tim's b ain from Ili s'ibieiibers draft* at sitrnl tor auv amount, rami direct on thr Royal Bank of Ireland, and on M'nti rescott, ' a role, Ames St Co., Bankers. London, which are paid t of di- count in every town ih-ouguout England, Ireland, Ctl ud and Wales ' For passaje, apply to or address (if by letter post paid.) ROwHC BROTHERS (k CO.. l d.'llrc :i.) Kolton st. uext dour to tlie Kultou Bank. f su M M ER AH RANGEMENT L EW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA RA -ROAD LINK DIRECT, I t'oa NltWAXK, NeWBRUHSWIC!. PltirrciTOlf, Thkntoh, R lloKPKNTOWN Asu BuRLINOTON. L THROl.'OH IN SIX HOURS. * Leaving New York daily from the foot of Courtlandt st Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line attJi P. M. I The Morning Line proceeds to Bordentown, from thence by ramboat to Philadelphia. The Kveniug Line proceeds direct to Camden (opposite to hilrdelphla) w ithout change of cars. Passengers will proenre their ticket! at the office foot of llourtlaudt street, where a commodious steamboat, will be in ladiiiess, with baggage crates on board. |Plii'.id'-l|-;iia baggage cratca are conveyed from city to city, liho'il hung opened by li e way Each train is provided with [car in winch ire apartments and dressing rooms euTessly for [ye ladies' use. [R-lurnipg, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of WalE|WMt,ty s'eamboat to Bordentown at 7 o clock, A.M. nil by rul road from Camden, at J o'olock, P. M. p|The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at^Ji A. M., and 2m *m two mail lines daily between III LADE U'lIlA AND BALTIMORE. &sn?ii IMfe aITI ~ ft ?. li;l..-sUl.i.l"rtiA, W:Liii,?(?iOi\ .A.> > JJALTI MOHf. It Ml. |!() vl) K 1 I'llll. ll.KI.I'HI V AM. HALTIMOHf.. B \ir, hi II o'clock A. M R ) (<i<T|.tSuail4y) it 4 o'clock r* M. * | Kroui the l)pp t corner lltli and Mark, t 'treels. I PROM UAl.TIStOIlK TO PHILSOKLrIDA . , at o'clock A. M f (except Sunday) t 7 o'clock P M. " Li conucct with the difTeieut Train's between New -Knnd Philadelphia. f,'l_v p- W. I.. A 11V1KAP. Agent. I~ YORK AND HAltCKAl KAlL HOaDCUAIPANY 1 the weather is line the train cara will run as follows:? On (urdsy.L).I' 3()t?leave City Hall liir lUrlrin Koidham. .1 William's Iindc*. at7,9, lt&, A. M.; and 1.2, 3 anil 1>4 I*. l)n Snn.l'y, Dec 31st, and Monday, the lit of January. leave ty Hall lor H irlom. and William's Bridge, at 7, 9, . lib, A M4 1, 2, 3 and P. M. fteturuiuK?1 eive Willi in'sHrtdite for City Hall,at lOJj K A. M ; I. 21,. H Vi. Ib? Slid 6 I'.M. .130 21 Hi Ik Mis ' rc ~ j7ater?on railroad. [ ' Eroin Pate/sou to Jersey City. . On and after Monday, Oct. 2d, 1843, tlie cars will leaye ParcRsnn Dcfrt. Llsvk Ni:* York. f ? A. M. 9 A. M. 1 M* " 12', P. M. V ' * ' ON SUNDAYS. Iatk ParrRsotv Depot. Leave New York | * A.M. 9XA.M. V 3 P. M. 4 P.M. rvr.inapor'a ion ears leave daily (Sundays eicrnted.) Pas sen Irs ar? advised to be at the Kerry, foot of Courtlandt street, V minutes before tlie stated hours of .leiwrtnre jy!9 6m* V ? J llOYAL MAIL r<?H LIVKRPOOIh "C'eFtittT ' "tpy f. ril e K.)>,il Mail Steamship HKHMA. will close at 8t Co.| iLJ j.filar. No. 3 Wa I street, ou Sstui.ljy 36th, st .(nailer before 4 P. M. H. it Co wo,.I.I rail the attention of nne'chants and ^^K.e s to lb., fat tli I llieir mails have never heen left, as tney B) forwarded under Government iork by ihrir own hsrr?ss. I Ml Mr IIARNUKN ^li.. I VV ,'! 1 v-s H AJLIKAJf AND LiVKKP04)U I fi m Tbe Hoval Mail Steam Ship HIBKHNIA. I L TV'fferi 4 ^' 'I K. Jndkins., Co.ninauder, will mildlcfflpd leave Boston for tbe above ports on Inn Jay Pinnary I, !8I4. I ' Pawn. -1 > Live, pool t pn?". .go t.l HJifaX 20. Apply to D. BBHJHAM, Jr., Ajeot. _ I it, ..*r- No. 2 Wall street, New Yn-k. ' DkATTI ON KNOLAND, IRELAND, I yyKm?Peraoiis alnut remitting money to th ir I 1 '"-'"I< ?' me I Hit t inniirv ran t e *" 1 , I" ' I ""tffflii'ii I w>th drafts in uni ? XI. i-2, i-3, JCi, Till, n ( m.i, or am iir.oiint payable on I gland, w iihour ill <n un'. nr any other rh ii?e. a" the National nk ol lrrlaml. Provincial Ua >k dn.Mraurt J>tn*? Halt. Si n Hanker*. I,, iitlon; J Harnril at I.o , Kichtuge anil I'mnit Rtok. Liverpool; r'aatrm Bank of Scotland; <io-enocli ^^Bjikniy Company: Sir Win. Korbee, Hunter h ( o.. Holland; l lli tinucliri in rory poit t iwp throughout, if" il, Scotland mil Wales, which dratt* will U- forwarded hy H it-jtuicr llibcrui*. leaving Uot'on on the Ut -Lunar*. Ay mw ,, w kj.T tm'm ott. I At their * uvral pass'ce olh. e, 4] P.ek ip, corner ul South strtrl. I >' I' Ml let'er Irmn the country tno?i come |ni?l ptia. I NAVIGATION OK THk in USIIN 4>PEN TO ALBANY. I W1 4m. WINTER MAIL LINE FOR ALBA - "">4i,i_aa N k an>| Inteioinliate |> see* l llr fleam I *?3L' KOBKHT L. bTEVENB, Cm tail L. Mr.bey . wl I leirn he root ofConrtlaadt ?t. Wedaar I Friday end Hmid.i etieruoora, at'> o'cloelt. _ hi St'-au er COLUMBIA. A. Stmiahlon, willleiv<aa Hm ivc, 'I imrdar. Si tnrmty ami Monday a'ternuoui, at J o'ch k 'or [iuup nr height, apply to I'. C Hchultt at the office. ?i board. .... g i U .A II kinda oi ptoperty takeuonly at the ink of tlie Iter** hereof. dtMt* JL ^a' nl'ATi.N ISLAND FERRY, FOU1 U WHIT KHALI. ST.?The itaainhoai -TATKN ISLANDER will lea re New Vork Staum U1 id. mi ami alter October 2d, a* followa, until I c eve Staten I land at ?'<, 10. a. w., 2, 4, r. w. ^Bfl[ Leave New York at 0. I.'U, ID mm. past 3. |J< y.-Ou Sunday* the boat will leave at II inatead of I2)f. HB reiuiit ahiptied la required to be particolarly markeu aad BH^Bi* rtab aaf ike nwnevethevervf aUtfr ,,M '.III. M All I.I.NMpOH ALBA" MBKWw.rd' NY and I i eciiiriliaie plocea, from the foot ol VKZLK2K.4 ouitUiidt street ? The steamer IIT'OA, rtTTScitt, will leara ai abore at 2 P. M. on Weduesday, ^^Hda; and Sumlny. ^ he COLUMBIA, Cart. A Houghton, w ill leave aa above S|. on Tueadiy, Thursday and Saturday. ^^^Borpamsge or freight, apply ou board, or l? P. C. Srhnlti, ^Hie ntli' > on lh- wh of ullr rut By dt ' w-'l known faat and fit one paclft thl(. H^BJBPbKI "I \ i u i no '1 hoinpt.u. w ill soil lor ll.e abate ^Bt ?i;l, k I. hi I , , mfnodalioM for i few eebia PMM ngrrs. I ci in ,it inoAera'e rates. Application to be m*de fia f I'erli slip nr to WU W.St.) r. TAPSCOTT. 43 Teek tlin II.IVKHroOI. \V| h tin] ulili?The Il'lra II known, lilt and UToritft packet uliip ' Bjit Putinan, will n<*t with noick Unpaid) otrre ebe ha* jpacioue ante roomi, and every lion iiotejw)- fur tl.eir Coin furl. A 11 mi led i paenenirera can be accommodated in a in bout* on deck. Tlioie w idling tn eerine icaily appticatloil ?n bnint. Iwi nf Wall to \v * J. r. TArnCdjl <1 Trek 81 ir, corner Scuth itreat. - - * ggHHBBgBggggff? E N'E NI I FOR LlVF.ltrOOL?NEW LINK.?Kegulsr ( SH^Packet of.'ituh January.?The splendid packet ship JakUSC, SHERIDAN, F. A. Depv.ter, oi 1WW lout, will Mil a* shore,her regular day. For freight or passage, having accommodations uuequallrd for snlrnuor or comfort, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO. Price of passage, $100. Si South street The packet ship (Jarrick, ('apt. Skiddy, of 1000 tous, will tucceed tlie SiJdous and tail the 3> th February her regular I I'dttenaert may rely upon the ahipt of this line sailing pane tilttlly an ail vert i ted 5"?.lrc . ~FOK~HAVRE?IV Fr-uch brig ALERTE, wJEf*V(JapUin Heou*. For ireight apply to ?Sl?u? A. C ROSSI IvK k < O. 47 Broad at. or to IIP VP fc H1NCKEN, ? Tontine Building 1AP- F'>R. SALE. Freight or Charier?1 he bvque MWyALTdrK, of Boston,burthen 2 .8 tons, cupoerrd and pper fattened?built et Mrdford in iSI2. carries about 4i.n0 h ine.a Apply to Capt Boganlut, oil board, at pitr 10 north river, or to BOYD it HINCKKN Broken <123 C 0 Tout uc IIitiliiinc. FOR LONDON?Regular packet ol' the at Janu Mn|RrVurv ?'The wel> known favorite packet ship HT. EBMHbJ AME", Captain Mej rrs, bmtheu 1000 tons, will tail at above, her regular day. Her accommodation! for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, are splendidly litted up for the comfort and convenience ofiwtieiigert. Persons intending to embark should make early applicatiou to JOSEPH McMURRAY, IPO Pine it. corner of South, rersnu i wishing to send for theii friends residing in the old country, can have them brought out bv the above shin, or any of the th regular packets tailing on the 7th. 17th anu 27th ol each month, by applying a? above; if by lettrr, post paid. P S. Drafts at Sigh', far lutge or small suins, are dia?"-n by thesubicriber on the Provincial Bank of Irelaud; payable in every to ? throughout the country ; al?o, on Mestr? 8p .oner, Atwood k Co, Bankers, Loudon, payable in every town in ffrea Britain. d25ee MUt PACKET FOR HAVRE?Second Line The kKjRfV>hip UTrCA, F. Hew i t, niastei, will sail on the 1st JEEtta&sof January. BUV I.) k H1NCKKN, 9 Tontine Building, d8ec comer Wall and Water streets ???- FOR M ARSEILI.Ert?Packet for 1st January? kfjjJV ' h? ?hin TRP SCOtT. Cain. Slvrick. Apply to SSSm^ LAUREN C.F Si I'll K.LI'S, 103 Front St., or to BOYD it HlNCKk.N, Ageuis, dtec 9 Tontine Buildings. ?jfSr OLD BLACK BALL LINE OF PACKETS ? KFjuSV'fpacketship COLUMBUS, Captn'n Cole. will JKkMHiibe despatched for Liverpool on ih- 1st of January .her regular day Those w ithing to eugtge passage will r."quire to make early application to JOHN IIEHDM \N, 6< South street. N. B ?Passige from Ureal Britain and Ireland can be secured u.. ii,? ?: ; .. .i, ... ..fiiv. i in M u i i Km I is uw t! ?t rate, aud draft* C'u aa nsual be lU'iii.hed for any amount, pavabae in at| the priucipil towns without any charge, throuitliout ureal Britain and Ireland, oo application aa above., H. S ? I hi* splendid iww P'Ckrt shm Yorkshire, Capt Bailey, will be despatch)*l uu the i6lh January, per rugulir day dtttrc lAf- KOIl LIVERPOOL?Regular Packet of the 6th bMMIVJan' ary, 18*4?The r,ew anil splendid picket ship JBBaSK VtillBVllTON, 11. lluttlealon, miter, will sail aa above, her rvgular day. Tbis ship is 1000 tons bnrthen, built expressly for this line of packets, and fi > is bed >n superior stylo. The aeconimndaiions for c shin. Seconal cabin and steerage passengers, are ucauriwascd by any vessel ill po>t A number of passengers are already engaged rersou intruding to embark ihinldmake immediate application Jr foaul, foot of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH McMUKRaY, 100 Pine street, comer of South. Persons wishing to send lor their friends residing in the old country, can have them brought oat bv the above ship, or any of th* regular packets sailing ou lhs7ih, 17ih and 27lh ofeacn month, by applying es above. Drafts at sight for Urge or small sums are drawn by the subscriber on the Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable in every town th'oughout the country; also on Messrs. rt|>oouer, Atwood Ik Co., bankers, Londou, payable in every town in Or-at Britain. (126 re oaw8^ PHILADELPHIA EXPRESS. Messrs. I1ARNDEN Ik CO. in counexion with their Bos'onand Providenae Lines of Kxprrss and Kuronean Age icies, run two Daily Lines of Express to PnilaOrlphia connecting with Baltitnor- and Wasluugp n and al the important lines to the South and West. Particular arenlion will be raid to the trans|>ortation and delirerv of gmall and valuable parcels with the utmost regularity and despatch. Cases, large parcels, &.c. despatched daily at >? bsfnre J P. M. Small parcels received until X Past 4 o'clock P. M. and delivered early in Philadelphia next morning. n70ec HARNDEN 8t CO. MTO LET?The store No 97 Nassau ?tree', in the Herald Biuldings, from the lust of Kebruary. Apply a this oifiee dl8r NlBLO'S CONSERVATORY, GRKEN-HOUSKS *5<|and Seed Establishment, 376 Broadway, adjoiutug the walNk Oir<l*ns. '1 he public is reiprc'fully informed that at the above establishment will be fou' d now on hmdotieof t*1* most extensive, cboireand v?ri?d collections of Ornaxeiit I P.auls in Klower, suitable for Holidiy Pr-se Is, Parlors, Co-servatories, Ik'., consisting of Cametias, Hoses Azili is and O-nniue.s, c f lhfinest known varieties, Rhotl ode. droits, Orange ami Leant.ii I e s in Hearing, inninneai, as iw|?m . ... Dut-h Uulbv vi7.: Hyacinths, Tuli i, dec , in pot* and kU?f>, winch are alra-.dy in a ltnwericg a'ate Bouquets can .f procuied at any llie, made of the most elegant ami IV i*rant tl iwiri, grown in the Const rra'ories, am) air arranged |- U"ique and varied styles to suit a'l last s, by an experienced artist. , . Choice Klower Heeds wi'l be receive ! f oin Europe early in lanuay, man* vatietira of wlch will be entirely new on ibis side of the Atlantic?a'so, a complete assortment of Vege able, tle.b, Gra<s Slid nt|i-r He dl. All the above 8-e?ls will bMealed at to tliMT grow ing <jualiliea, befc e offrred lor aa'e, to ensure not the least dnappoi.iloient to the petrous of th'S eat iblish'tt'iit Oruemeu'al Klower 8uuds, (fold Kisli and Glass Globes, llyac'iitli Glass's, die. din . always on hand All ihe above articles ?t|l be disposed of oil tKe most rea. sonalde terms, for cash only. All orde s lhaulifully received and executed with promptness. WILLIAM NIBLO, Proprietor. N. B. The entire S'nck of Seeds belonging to li e late firm of Niblo Si Dunlap. will be soldai auction , bv We. H. ? ranalin, at his Rooms, IS Broad 'treet, at It o'clock, ou Wednesday nest, the 27th December, w i It u' any reserve, dM 2 ? 'C BOTTQITBTS. K LO W ERdTPL A A 'IS AND FAN)k55|(:y ^asls uok thL holidays-Duui p dt itw f'rrm-n take this opport jnity of returning their thanks to their fr ends and th public, Tor the liberal patronage they havr received since opening their new conservatory. I hey are now fully prepared to eiecute all orders they may ha farorrd w t for ho<|uett- they will be compose i of the mvst cho c- and delicate tl wers ofthe season, suitable for b id I or other piities; thny hare also made a rangemeiita to futnlsh flowers to any extent for new year p Plantation, which will quite equal iu beauty these furnished our numerous custon ers the past sr issue "strangers who may favor us with their orders (which should b? girrn previous'o Saturday) may rely upon lie ug served. . in point of style, equal to that of *iiy similar establishment and it prices mo e moderate than b-retofoie. Choice tlq a ers ar ringed in fancy baskets, which have been more admired than the richest boquets - rases tilled with flowers from two to ten dol'ars each?t amelia plants of every shade and tint just esamling their lovely Mostoms, among. which arc Alln Plena, Kimbricata and Candidisiima with iheirsnow wk ite tlowcrs : Ircarnata, which stands utuivailed for its deli ate tlesli colored tint ; Imbricate, unsurpassed in form, with many be utiful mottled and shaded vaiieti?s, such us Doncklenrii. Hieboldi eatti, Tri-color Ltudrethii, Rosea I'nnctita, Eclipse lmp?rialis, variegated Americana and a host of others. A great va iety of plants suitable for parlor rulture. bulbs nud bull glasses, bi ds ana bird cages, gold fish and globes. Vegetable and llower saeds of every description warranted fresh at the new feed Jtore and Conaervatory. Those iu want will p'eass call and judge for themaelrea. All ordrra thankfully received and executed with promptneas. DUNLAP Si CARMAN. d?6 it*rc fiil Broadway near Bleecker. KOK HALE?A Valuable harm called Hpriugtield >dp5|<itnaied in Ike county of Isle-of Wight, a mile and a hall *altw.Irom tne inourn 01 raantrmunu imtr, cuuuiuiuk iwii. rive hundred um, bounded ou two sides by crrckt (rsvigaMt fot mail rrstcli) iiiiiiiiiiK into the month of Nnnaemondlliyer Theie it on the rum * I.it2e si d well timshed brick dwelling house, with evary other nrortssry out hoot*, in good repair aeailv oue half of t'.e lai d it well tun lie ed with large tall pint ilid oakt; the pite of the firet uual.ty, for steamboat wood I lie cleared land it of a good quality and well .dipted to lh< cu t'valiou of wheat, corn, tweet potatoes and water iiielulii It hat attached to it a line ovtter landing for planting oysters ?nd it ore of the heit stock farms of itt size in Inwer Virginia Person* withing to purchase, by applying early, will meei with a great bargain. If net told privately liefore, it will be olTrind at public auction on lha premises ou the 2ith dsv of January, lttt. Trrmt will he made known and further information given by Mr Jot. B. Whitehead of Hinilhtield, Itle of Wight county, 01 the tnhtcriber. WILLIAM HlNEd, d20 3 taw tr.jyf5 rc f* NkiW HTVLt'- OK CHILDREN'S VfcXVKT CAl'd" J*vw>?The tnhtcriber liat a large and beautiful naaorttnent ol ieutlamen'i and Boys CtfL of the latest lashiou, which lie will sell at cheap aa any other etiahlnhmenl in ihia city? tinong which may be found gentlemen t cloth, velvet, a new tyle of (lazed, and line otter cap*. Alto ou liand a laffte supply ol mole tkin, tilk and fur halt, of a beautiful liuith, for tali low. Kaney k'nrs? Alao, conatantly on hand, a large assortment ol MnlTt and Knr Trimmings for tale at very low prices. N. B.?The Caps of the tnbtcriber took the premium at the late Kair of the American Institute. WM. BROW*. u30 Im'r 12* Chatham at, opposita Roosevelt. _ CORK BULK WATEB PROOK AN I) DRK88 BOOTS.?The aubacuher makra to order Hoots ol this tbiive deseriptuina, of IIe fin<>t nnality of Kr?mrh Calfakin, in the latest style, ann at tery i*atonah|e prices, (tantieme i w tin ha ye been in the habitof piyng -arravag-nt prirei for inferior articles, are requested to e:ill and be convinced ol their interest in purchuiug at thu tlore DratniKi being taken of tne led, end a P"if of Latta kept foi each cnitotncf, there is ne difficulty in ftting a handsome ami easy lit. Conatantly on hand, a large aetowmenf of ready made Brett Booti, latent styles, at 33 and $1 iwr pair; Pontile Holes.lion t( to ??; |ier pair. Over Shoes, llslf Hurt*, Dancing |l'uinpt ' ' JOHN L. WAI" KINS, 1H Fulton street, d8 Im'f; between Nassau sod Hatch streets. LUOITAT TH18. OENTLEMENPS CORK SOLE DOOT8, the beet o V quality, i'l IX 'o Water l"roof Boot! do 4 .'it Do Imhl Krrnrh Calfskin Boot* do 9) to 4 Ot Do India l< libber Off thoes, with leather soles lit Do Plain Rubbers, H Do Dancing I'nmii?. 10 Do Darning l>a ter, I 1'. Do Worked Slippers, lot Ana all olW kinds of Boots and Shoes in fashion; ladies' gai ter Boots. Buskins, 8lip|>ert, Ties, quilted Hhoes, pinnella Shoes, white a>,(t black sarin Slip|<ers, button Shoes; India rubber strao-furred, plain, and a'I other kinds of Orer Shoes Clous, Moccasins, and the ureatear assortment of bndjk Boots and Shoes; misses' and children's, of all kinds to be found in the world, all of onr own inanufictu'e. and ihe best of French foods, and warranted to be the (rest, and as cheap as the cheap est. at 34' Broadway, corner ol Franklin sneel. dn;J0?ec ORE GORY It CAHILL, 347 Broadway. jgL* ANTI-HIJMBUU STORE!?LIVE AND LET DIVEl?Ai the old eicluuve Boot Store, No. 144 Chatham street (where tlie odious praclice of calling upon persons isusinf Ihe store is not tolerated), can be obi lined Water Proof Boots manufactured in this city of the best m?teial, and warranted at prices ranging from three to lire d -liars, being some two dollars I lwer in price than it geuerally obtinieu (quality considered ) in this i n n26.'jw*r I.OUT AND SHOE STORE. grf0H^p.lOIIN HEADY respectfully inlorms bit friendandtlie public, iliat he has commenced business in the ahove line, at No. M Nassau street, where he will thankfully receive and faithfully executa, all ord'rs he may be farored with, on the most re unliable lei ins for cash. jijr I IT LOU It??00 bbl?. Cm* Monr. lamliug fiom ahip Muu'ivill* * froiti Ntw Orlrana. lor i>y dlJr JU. k. COLLlM k CO. S? South .tmu / IAJ / ^ > / / f W V ( :w YORK. MONDAY MC BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MA'L STEAM SHIPS, Of 1300 tons Altai 440 horn- |n>wrr each. Under contract v* ilit lltt* Lords of ths Admiralty. HIUEKNIA, Commanded by C. H. E- Juilkiua. BRITANNIA, J.Hewitt. CALEDONIA, E. 4J. Lott. ACADIA, Al?vauder Ryriif. Will nil from Liverpool and Uos'ou, th llalifn. iu 'ollows . Kkom Livguraot. Krom Boston. Caledonia, iDec. I. Actdia, Nov. 19. Dec. 16. ilibriMia, Die. 5 Jan I Britannia, Jan. 4. Kefc. 1. Caledonia, r'rb. 5. M-nh 1. Acadia, March 4, April I These vattels carry ei|*rienced surgeons, and are suppli-d witn Frances' Patent Life Boats. Kor freight or passage apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr.. Agent, olTr No. 3 Wall St., New York. ~ NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS To sail from New York on the25th and Liverpool on the llth ol'each mouth M M M Khum New Yohk. Ship SIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 26th December. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain K. De|wyster, 3*111 January. Ship OA It RICK, Capt. Wm. Skiddy, 36th Kebtu ry. Ship ROSC1US, Captain John Colliui, 36th March. Khom Livchfool. Ship SIDDONS, Captain A. B. Cobb, 11th February. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain K. A. Deneyster, llth March. Ship (JAHKICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy. llth April. Ship ROHCIUS, Captain John Collins, llth May. These ships arn all of the lirat class, upwards of 1000 tnos( built iu the city of New York, with such improvements as eombine greet speed with unusual comfort for passengers. Every care has been taken iu the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of passage hence is $110, lor which ainnle stores will be provided Triess ships lie commanded by e?|ierieuccd masters, who will make every exertion to give general satisfaction. Neitle-r the captains or owners of the ships will be responsible for any letters, parcels or packages seut by them, unless regular bills of lading are signed therefor. Kor freight or passage apply to E. K. COLLINS it CO., 56 South St., New York, or to BROWN. SHIPLEY A CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be charged I2K cents per single heet ; 56 cents per onnce, anil new spa | airs I r.eut each. d2 THE NEW LINE OK L1VERF6OL~PACKETH. sraooi month. Prom New York. l.'imol New Ship LIVERPOOL. 1150 tons, i ?! ? J Klilridupa > April 21 JlinA ti J. ?oluriatfr? lAu*- 21 Oct. 6 N. ship QUEEN OK THE WEST,J' V?'- ? {250 ton, P. Woodhouse. ?} JN<!S. ? New ship ROCHESTER, 850 tons, (t'ml7 5! Ann'? Johu Britton fer H &1; I Ship HOTTINOUER, 1050 tons, \ ?J?'ch 2} ?1*}' ? lr.Bur.ely, 6 Those substantial, fast sailing, first cl.tss ships, ail built in the city of New Y'ork, are commanded ,by men of c*|ierieucr and ability, aud will be dispatched punctually on the 21st ot each mouth. Their cabins are elegant and torn mod ions, and are furnished with whatever can conduce to the ease aud comfort of passengers. Price of liass.lire. 8100. Neither the captaina or owner* of theae shipa will be responsible for any parcel* or packages sent by the in, unless regul.J bills of lading are iit;iieil therefor. For freight or pass age apply to WOObHULL St MINTURN8, 87 South street, New York, or to FIELDE.N. BROTHERS k CO.. Liverpool MAJtsklLLP^ LINE OK PACKiSTiT beuce o? the 1st, and from Marseille* on the 3th of each mouth duriug the year aa follows : ? From New York. Marseille* MINERVA.Capt. Brown, Dec. 1 Feb. J TRESCOTT, Capt. Myrick, Jan. 1 March J H'RV THOMPSON,Capt.Sylveater, Feb. 1. April 5 HELLESPONT, Capt. Adains, March 1. May 3 COIUOLANUS, Capt. Haile, Apr.l 1, June 5 They are all coppered and copjwr faateucd, and have excellent accommodations tor passengers. The price of cabiu passage will be $100, exclusive of winex and leiuorx. tioous addressed to the agents, BOYD k HINCKEN, will be forwarded free of other charge* than thoae actually paid. For freurut or oaaaage apply to LAWKENQfc Ik PHELPS Ml li'rnnt or to BOYD Ik HINCKEN, Agents, mlfir No 9 Tontine Buildings. FOR NEW ORLEANS LOUI8IANNA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS m. m. m bo^he better accommodation of shippersTit la iikeuded to deaputch a ship froin this port on tha 1st, 3th. 10th, 13th, 20th, and 23th ol each mouth, commencing the Kith October and con, tiuuing until May, when regular days wyll tie appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delay a and disappointment* will be prevented during the summer mouths The following ships will commence this nrraugement: Ship V A/OO. Captaiu Cornell. Ship Ot'ONEE, < aptain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI.! aptain Milliard. Sliip LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Ship HHAKSl'EARE, Captain Miner. Ship OASTON. Captain Latham. Ship llUNTSViLLE. Capuiu Mninford. Ship OCMULOEH, Captaiu Leavitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Captaiu Dirkiuson, Sliip MEMPI1IS, Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford. These ships were all built in lite city of New York, express ly for pocket*, u? of light drift of water, have recently beet newly copie-red mid pat in splendid order, with aecoinmoda tiou? for paaxeiigers unequalled for comfort. They are com manded by experienced mute", who will make rvery rxerlioi to give general satisfaction. They will stall times be towei up Slid down the Mississippi by stesmboaU. Neither the owners or captains of these ships will be respon sible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or platyd ware or for auy letters, parcel er package, sent by or put on board o them, unless regular bills of ladiug are taken lor tin* same am the value thereon expressed. For freight or passage, apply to E. K. COLLINS h CO.. 56 South st., or HULLIN U WOODRUFF. Agent in Nes Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to their addrea The snips of this line are warranted to sail punctually as ai vertised, and grmt care will be taken to hare the goods corrrc ly measured. m4 M. dm m NKW YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. ! Second Line?The Ships of this line will hereafter leave Nev York on the 1st, and Havre on the 16th of each month, as fol lows, vil From Nr.w Yorr. From IIavbf. New Ship ONEIDA, ( 1st March. < 16th April. Captain < 1st July. 16th August. James Funck. ( 1st November. 16th DeciRnber Ship BALTIMORE, Cist April 16th May. Captain a 1st August. 16th September Edward Funck. ( 1st December. I 16th January. ShipUTICA, Cist May. i. 16th June. Captain a 1st September a 16th October. I" reoerirk Hewitt, f 1st January, t I6tli February. New ship St. NICHOLAS i 1st June. C 16th July. Captain < 1st October, a Ititli November. J- B. Tell, ( 1st February. ( 16th Marsh. "The accommodation of these ships are not surpassed, com billing all that in ly be required for comfort. The price of ca bin passage is $100. Passengers will be supplied Willi every r? |ii is its* with tin' exception of wines and liquors. Goods intended for these vessels will lie forwarded by the sub icribers, froe from any other than the exisnses actually in curred ou them. For freight or passags, apjdy to BOYD Ik IUNCKEN, Agents, ie25 er No. 0. Tontine Building, rnr. Wall ami Water PASSAGE T<) AND FROM LIVERPOOL. AND REMITTANCES TO GREAT BRITAIN ANI IRELAND. lUSPacket#. ??iili<itf on the lit, th. llth, 16th, Kl?tau< 15th of eieh mouth. 1 he subscriber foiilmuf* t?* engige rai?^n?rr? to .in(I Iron OiniBiitAji ?" ' Immi il iki lofM ntHikytbifiiila packet* Mi inf as shore. And thoss willing to remit money ti heir f'n-uds can hare draft* payable on dcintnd wit hoot an" li rg?-. In Kuf Und*M?wv. Rait. Hon It i'o banker*. Loudon Mfuri J. Burned k <'o. Kichangr ind Discount Bank, Liver pool, which are nay shle af all th** principal banks and branch* throughout Kngnnd and Wales. In Bco'land?1The Kastern Dank of Scotland and branches OTveuocK Banking < ? in Glasgow and Oresnock. Ireland?National and Proviuc al Rink of Ireland and branch as?mid tn til the prii cipal towns thfosdieai the kinfdoiR? JGflN UK RDM AN, 61 South street, d7 near Wall street. " K()l( Al.lIA IN V" i,.,"" ?i? rTiirlth- ? \N AI) A > The ?nbacrib-.f? il lb*-r nrmnltementi will the People* Line of Steamboat*, on the North Ilivcr, and tb i I tail It"inl < ommn"' > *"t of Albany fur ''lining their k.*pre* for the arnaon or 1143, tn K.*pn".a will le-v.? th> ir ortire, So. Wall atreet, New Ynrlc. erery evening, at n?ir! r to 7 o'clock for the above named or,il interinrdi itr place*. IMPOUT V NT. For the creator *afrty and *ccurity of -It valuable and mnnei package, entrusted in their care, they have Salamander Iroi Safe, on board of th? ?te.*mh(?t?, in a trfe room oeenptrd e, cluaively by thenv.el"*, and the me?i nfer in ehar,? sleep* n [lie aanv room at it?l tli' ton ?ale?.intO which all aneli iwilkage ire placed. I'OMPKOY It COMPANY. ml ee No 1 Wall atreet puLLEN&corpjewtesi me* 1 W=^SF^No. ?. Wall atrrpt.-^P^-^WP , NKW YOKK, ALBANY. TROY AM) MONTHKAI i KXPIIKHS. Me?ar*. Itarnden fc Co. bavin, iliapoaed of their ronre fron New York to Albany anil Troy, tli? aubacribera, tlie old eon ductora of llarnden JtCo'a Northern K.apreaa, from New Yorl will continue to rim, aa heretofore, Iravinir New Yo'k, Albany tnil Troy Daily, and connect at Troy with Jaeoba' Montrea Kipreaa, anil will forward S|iecir, Dank N'otea, I'aekagf. Bun dlea, Caaei o. (iooda, he. to any place between New York am Montreal, and throughout the ( anada'* Also Fast from Troj and Albany to Ro?ion, and Weat from Albany to Buffalo All bntiiieaa entrnated to their charge will he promptly at tended to. Particular attention will lie pud to the collection o Iintea, draft*, acceptance, he. and prompt return, made for tin inn*. PIJI.LKN A CO PP. Office,?Pullen St Copp, 3 Wall Street. New York. Thru (iiJOKII, IS Kx llailge, Alb.jiiy. A. (?. Filkina, U28 River street, Troy. H. Jacob'* Kichnnne Court, Ht Paul'* ,t. Montreal RKKKHKNCK8. New Yon*. Aliiamt Ten* Primr, \V?nl & Kill*, K J. Humphrey, .Inn. Puytir, Jacob Little k Co.. Thot. Ountfh. I'. Wells; John T. Smith Si Co. H. K. Slow, Pepoon Si lloflm?n. C.S I) Carpenter Si Verrnilye, K'jLpnk*. lloimliton Si Co. Drew, Rohinaon It Co. a l<)r L"l OUH?ISO hurrH, luidinl n ?hip Oroneo Itoin Nr* ^ Or Irani; for tale by E. K. COLONS Si CO.. M7?) JO South it/Ml. v r t A .1 I _ K. 1 tn ? 1 HIKING, JANUARY 1, 18 DISBROW'S UID'NG SCHOOL, 4(18 BOWEUY. t?OK LADIES from 9 A. M. to J V M daily. " Kof Oemlemfu J to 5 and 7 to 9^ P. M. daily. Lictuie Lessors. | Ricrcisk 1Udi-to. t Evening Class.) 12 Lessons ^ $9 00 20 Rides 919 M Siutledo... 1 00 I *inglano 75 'lna Dressing and Drawing Rooms am well wirmM, and eveiy attention <W0ted to ths omfort of those who may honor u? with thnr patronage. Oeu'hmen keeping their horse* on liyery at thio establishment. will liare the privilege of riding theui in liw School, * 5 7oi?? music! JOSEPH KAMMERER, Professor of Music, respectfully ' announce* to h's patrons and the |>uolic io grnaral, that In lias removed from 59 Crosby st'eet t 135 Laorous street, w liar ) all orders Tor hit Cot llion I3sml, to pa. form on partii, Re, in or out ol'town, will be irceirrd and promptly attended to. Orders for J K. will alio be received at .Vlrs. W. Dubois Slore, No 205 Broadway d20 lm*re ______ TEA STORE, NORTHEAST coruer of Prince and Broadway, adjoining Nibtn'a Klower lle|iotiiory. The subscribers nifonn their friends and the pullic, p at tip y hare opened the above Store, with a new and eiieiistve assortment r,| <rroceriei- the slock eoiisi'ting princpally of Teas of the fine >t ual 11 es. selected with the greatest care from the last Cargoes. TEAS. Vonng Hvtou from .. 2s to Rs Old 11 ytoa " ...... s. 9s to 8s Imperial ".. ... ..9, 10 as Guniowder " is to 8? Pouchoug 11 5'to6e Hoiicnong " ta ts? * Orange Pecco " >' A" reap*. ts ihe above Tra?, we defy compel ttlonjo freshness, quality or price and st?U that tl ?y a'e selecttoue made by oie ul'lbe must competent judges in ilir city COFFEE. Old Java, bnrnt and grnuud, Is 4d per nound. Also, a general nssurtmeni of Cnllee. ' 'runs lor the holidays, all kinds of sugars very l<>w?end in fact etrery thi; g appertain* HiK to a grocery, all of which is warranted to lie of first qnal'ty. u21 im*ec If 11ARKI8'>N It i,0 UuTTTri, GR<>CKR1 K.8, TEAS, WINES, lie-O ASS r NER Si YOU NO. 132 L hatham slnet, oiler at wholssale and retail, to dealers ami fatni'ies? Fresh koreigu k'ruita, a general assortment. Sugars aud Coffee of a I kinds a d qualities. Teas, Oieeu aud Slack, of every description. Superio old Wines and i.iquu-s.of various grades. Sinierioi K-spberry and Cherry Brni'ly French ami American Cordials, oudr ft and ifl glass. I.oudou, .-scotch and Ami-iUau Porter, Brown Stout and Pile A'e. La Norma, Regalia, Nonaga and other hrsiids Segars. f aat and VV'sl luois and Amrriran Preserves and Jellies. Honey, i i small Doses, from Ohio. Jujube Paste, in \2ym and ?i !b hoses Hi d ted. Lipiues, (acoa and Chocolate. perm Oil and Candles, Soap. Sic. ( arap'ga Pavilion Water, in qu-rt and pint bottles. (Joods delivered to any part of ill,- city free ol espeuss Ulil lin*ec GUPERtOR TEAS, COFFEE and 8U^A lT-AuiTWi^s C5 in every variety, Otard, Champagne and Cognac Brandy; Irish aud Sco cli whiskev; old Jamaica Hum, Holland (Jin, Ireah Fruits, lie for cash J. 8. SCOTT &. CO.'S Wholesale and Retail 8tore, 78 N saau street. Wines and Liquors put up in bottles or dnnijoh's (roods sent to aa? part of the city frae'of esi-eitse d7 Ist'sc Ninth ward cheap oroceiiv anu provi MON KTORE?Families t nihe ueig'vboihoori of Sisth avenue aud Oreeuwich lane, abont laving in'h ir winter stock uf Orocrr es aud Pro. isuvns wrl do Letter by a large |>e.r centage iu buying in t the chesp Provision Store No 9 Greenwich I me, where nil artirlei in the G oceiy and Provision line can be purchased ai cheap, if n' t cheaioir loan any other es'ablishineut in that vicinity. Goods w.trroul d to suit; if not, the money will be returned. Goods sent loan; part of toe city, frtsrof espouse. M1C11AEL KlKLLEY. dIJ lui*ec. 9 Greeuwiih lane. CLARK, BININGER & COZZENS, LuruivxMia i/riALLivo, 5ti Vctcy street, HAVING completed the eu argument or their Store, reapedfully lolicit tne attention of Uirir old patrons and lha public to rh-ir increased ?to-h uf SUPERIOR BRANDIES, WINES, SEGARB, LIQUORS, TEAS, GROCERIES, Ac. Their foodi are particularly auitable for Hotels, h-ing select ed Willi g eit care for that purpose, and embracing every art e.le requisite??egurt and Brand-ei in |*rticut*r of choici midt and vintage; Champagnes London Porter Brown Stout, old Scotch and Irish Wh.sktes, Oils, Cheese, Maccaroui and Vermicelli. FOR THE HOLIDAYS. Choice Lr> ,eur?, Preierres, Rrandy Fruits. Orares, Raisins Spiced Chi^.olate, Currants Gelatine lor tusking Jelly in a few minutes, I'-trict Vanilla War Candles, Almonds, and ever) thing iiret* for the use of families (T/"Sole agents in New York for Demnth'a Rnnlfi. <120 2w ? re genuine teas, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. rIE CANTON TEA COMPANY. Principal Store 12 Chatham stieet, New York; Branch Store 3In Uleeckerst New Yoru: Ageuc. at lib Fulton st'eet, Brooklyn; also, at tin corner ol Main and Van rlouluu streets, Paterson, N )., in vile t^eattention of city ard country families and pu/uhise i for the approacliinu hol.d ys in g ueral, to their several es'.ab , liahmeuts, wher* the. think will Ik found by fa the best .e lection of pti e and n-iadn tersted Tt js in the United States I'h* universal popularity and renown ol their huusr, with rele .reuce to high qu lilies. lo? price* and up mill dealing, is lor Sep understood to renui-r further coininvni necessary Original and only warehouse for he sale of Ho*>|ua's Blarl Tra Ob.erve--Smnger?will te pirticu arto remember rhs nun nr of th? principal slere in Chatliam street via: "121," berweei I'enl and Roosevelt streets, as in seeking I t it tve, are lirbl t r he l-d astrav by a little store, just surteil at '?)< Chaihau stive'(nest door to Lorillard's ailuIT and tobacco store) unde l|. none of Canton 'Tea" Store. The public wilalsob pleased to take oo'ir e, tha* the Canton Yea Company have no riling 11 do with thai or any i tlier stores wlialeicr, escept thru Jesrribed at the rop of litis ad>erti*eme.'t. dltlrn'C ""ciorroN uakeiiy notice. Ot.Y POUNDS OF BREAD FOR ONE SHILLING ? C' Tire largest breid in th1 city to be bad at the < rotou B< . kery.OJ lauies sirret. sis rounds of anterior wluathreol fc , nne ?hilli* g, or thre? pou id* fir ?t ce.'Li. \\ lent, I ndiau ? t{yr a* (J Gnham Breuu, nl?o, tin* Kim II Rye Bread of * >u *r riur kind ; Uric- lainl , I'n-i urail k nils at ?i? cein* neh, awl i i, general r??orlment ol'Tea' aaee, llu.k*, Bun". Crul'er*. Bui j it Craek'n, fieah every day. Orrnun and New Year Cake o' D e holiday*. Elour wholesale and retail. Krehkeailfo . wleev'fy day , , N. B.? The .hove article* can'!**1 hail at (lie branch*** No. 3t I I'nirl between K'mikln. ?<iu*re and Oak .tree . and No 302 Wi >1 nam neer Krankforl, alio at 220 (Jlurry i ?.?r Pelkam *t. d23 lm*nc JOHN H. WIKOAND. u? lamea >t. CRACKERS!CRACKERS! CRACKERS! ? DARK'S CkA' KEII AKHlY.7JMottotwet.oekr Wall ? r er *trrel. SOD A BISCUIT J MII.K do t BOSTON CRACKERS BUTTER do bUiiAR do Pilot and Nary Bread. and i*rery other deacnrtion of Cracker ' N. B ?Country merchami, hotel keeper* and *hippiug otdai ' lupi li?0 at 'he ahortrat notice and at the lowaat price*. dIJ lrn*ec ^ IU a Kl7l.ADI ?.:V uAI U-UKt.SSr.K, No. ] Murra ' atrret, rvs|iecifully anuouncea that he la prepared I vait on ladies at their reanleiices, and to drnaa heed* accordiu to Die la "at I'armau laahiou*. Term* eary raoderete. nl* 3m*rre DAY * SHEET RUBBER OVER SHOES?K Maid! Lane. Experience has proven that a leather sole caa he a ached to India Hnblier npjpers, ao that it ia impossible to a ,Kir,tie them in the course of wearing These Over Shoes, whic nave alrrady torown into dianae leather overshoes and rooca una. and le wliicn the water proof boot in Git ten.ling, a I'uruiahed by the Roihury India Rubber t.ib'uhment, I linden leine, of a quality surprising! y perfect, and nltogeth, ieitei than art* being inaae by any other eatabliahment tn It rnde. The patent quilted slipper Over Shoes and Boots a urnished only at tha* establishment. Every article appertaii ug to Die rubber bus.neea lor sale or made to order. HORACE H. DAY. Successor to Die Hoiburv I. R. C., dl lm*r ? Maiden loin#. N5T1CE?REMOVAL" " 'PHK auhscrilier h a friends and the publ c that I A lids rnnoved Irom Ihe eitahlnlun ul 9 ' Bro dwav to hit ol il'in'd, 311 Br* adw-y, oppo its nt laul'a Church, haviu f bought outtheentite iiiy-rr?t of Mr. Van Vranken. Alatgea loctunntof Hits and Cap*, cnnit .etly on hand. JOHN N. OliM.N. ( ate O E.N IN lit VAN VRANKEN.) > 214 Broadway, d9 1m*m Appoiitf 8t. Paul'ai hurch. J ' ii-ii. i ' "PO THE LADIEP.?If you hive h*iry f*crwc*ncr?, co ' 4ikI cIv appendage of a beard on your upper lips?if yon liai " iU|s-rtluous hair tlisfigui/naauy pnit f tour o!j.s-wna I eaut ' fill faces, the Poudre Subtile. invented by Dr Kelis (iotinui will quickly and forever sraeieate >t, wthiut the slightest ii iury tir discoloration lo your linns?llni yon 'in he satisfied ( >y sieinglhe preparation rented at the Ooetor'a oilier; alldoab of thr ar'rele Vin? > humbug will ijuirkly vanish K"r m! only at 07 Walker street, our door Irom th" e rurr of Uroii wsy? $1 prr botllr? wbrrr may br had thr folio ingar'iclei si I warranted?Tin- celebrated Italian Medicated Soap, lorcu itilt all b'otrhen, pimplra frrcklen tan, morphew, scurvy, it I redness sillownras, or rouahnras of tor akin, for chap e hands, ft-rr. or mnsouito bpe. itsrtfrets arr nnniadiatr: in th a as' nut of children, ill allaying all irritation mil chafing, it propeitiew arr rrally astonishing so lolti'uiii* and healing thn no motlirrshould lie wnhont a cake. >ne cakr, Mcr.its, i nfii' iriit, and wr warrant it or rrturn thr money if not aut ceaslnl. Fe on your guard against a bold imita'ion, tuid In no where else but as amtyr. Uonraud's Kan de lb-ante, or True Wafer of Beauty, is 1 wall known and approved Coamrtic 'or al-atium? ticiling, |iu ' tying a d Iwnntifi in* th? ?onipltiion, and hy its dilniinif prr iieitiui prrvrnlir* 'li? formation ol wrinkles, and baniabin ' thrm when pnweiit. j I pot bottle. i (Jonrand a Vourtab!" Li mid Hongr i-rpsft* a ilrhcate blush in* tiny to th" romplraion, immovable h. rnbbi * villi isu.ihefcNef or linen elolh. Kor dyrinir ladioa' stockings n 9 dorrs, this prrparation, diluted with water, is inimitable, a ? ems p*r b ttle 'Jour.ud's (lair Dy? will change ?rd or irray liair t" a bennl i till dark brown or black, wi hoot slain nit thr skin. (I per boi s |e. will her and K>? br w L))e. 2 crn a ler bottle Hnnrauo's Mine d Eapagor. or Spanish Wbrte, gites a pnr ife tike a)*baa'>r white eas anil ?mnnthuraa to the akin?fre rom all iojuriona iiiiiirdiasita and la r itirely annihilate ( voir . moil chalk and tlak" while. Pot no in elegant buses, -i cnl 1 'aril 'I Ilia, Willi other of r. O. a preparations, u imitated Buy no wbe e el?e bnt at 1"' Walker atrert. jiswit one door Iror the come, of Broaaway, where will be lound an assortment n ' 'h* moat delicate and rlwice IVrfuinrry, imported Irom al parts. Aitents?Jordan. 2 Milk street, Bortoo; 7? I hesnnt street Philadelphia ; Homuron, Harrisbiirgh ; lleiniteh, Lnnostei ' Seabrnok, Princeton; Tripp*. Newark i I'onaey, IWheatei (Jarswell, Lock-ort; Sinitn, Palmy*; Grigs, Hamilton, conn ty; Outline. 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Every member ol the i arty tbmi'd hav I on* ?.i m**e oooim. ? omp???ra ma arranirn ny i. i/r n* ' for >ho jv/ty. ?H* ?t#i? _ HERA 44- t , , [From the Sunday Herald.] IMPORTANT POSTSCRIPT. Tlie 8Ut?n Island Murders?Discovery of tho Murderess and tier Escape?Arrest of a (Inspected Accessary to the Horrid Deed ?Recovery of the Stolen gold lever Watch ?(treat Heeling of Citizens at Stateu Island Last Evening. One O'clock, Sunday Morning. One of our cori? of indefatigable reporters lias just arrived from the scene of the horrid murders on Stnten Island, in ihc fast sailing clipper Mingo, with the above important intelligence exclusively for the readers of the Herald. The excitement in the vicinity of the murder was most inte'nse last evening, and a mealing of several hundred citizens was held at short notice, the proceedings of which will be found below. During the investigation before the Coroner sus picions were excited implicating PollyBodine, wen., us the |>erson who had committed the murders, which suspicions grew stronger and stronger until Friday evening, hut being the sister of Captain G. E. Houseman, the husband of the murdered wife and father of the child, they were allayed until it was ascertained, that at about dusk on that evening she had left the premises oi her father's house where she had remained since the discovery of the murder, having previously resided with the unfortunate deceased, ller absence immediately confirmed all previous suspicions, and trace being made it was found that she had taken passage in the steumboat from Staten Island for this city that left yesterday morning. In the meantime all was excitement at Granite Village, the scene of the murder, which is about one mile and a half from Port Richmond landing. In (Recourse of the morning GeorgeWaite, an apoth-cary and physician, of 252 Canal street, arrived at Port Richmond in the steamboat, accompanied by a son of Polly Bodine, named Albert, aged about sixteen years, who has heen in his employ. The peculiar connexion that has'existed between Wuite und this woman, prompted those interested in tracing the murderess, to cause him to be placed in custody for examination. A letter from her was found in his possession, und other circumstances afterwards transpired that led to a full belief by the magistrate before whom he was examined, thut he had cither visited the Island to aid in her escape, or knew her whereabouts in this city. He was still under examination when our reporter left at a late hour lust evening. In the course of the duy, yesterday, it was discovered that the valuable gold lever watch that i?.1 i ,o..? un?u ( lirtU UCC11 uum ?I?^ I'lUH.iov a wi uu|nai.> ituuovmail after the murders were committed, had been left at u pawnbroker's sliop in tins city on Monday 1 lust by a woman resembling Polly Bodine in every particular.This watch was taken to the police, and placed in possession of Justice Matsell, who, with ; officer Mc< Irath, repaired to the scene of the mur' der yesterday afternoon. As soon us they arrived at Port Richmond, and learned the arrest of . Waite, they immediately returned to this city and most probably arrested the supposed murderess I during the night, although they had not when out ; paper went to press this morning. John J. Van Pelt, the father of the deceased, on Tuesday last, the day of the funeral, publicly declared his solemn bcFTef that Polly Bodine wut the murderess, but suspicion was not then strong enough to warrant her arrest, although it was ho or n her examination before the coroner's jury. She is rep. J resented as a bold, determined woman, whosr clia racier on certain points has long been >|iiestioned Her husband, Andrew Bodine, is now in Sing Sinf . State prison, where he WU sentenced on |chtlft . of bigamy. Ho was originally a man of consider able properly and character, but Hfler the marring* i. with this woman, (Ironi her conduct as is alleged,; |r became intemperate and debased. She finally lef him and he married another woman, named Sural Simpson, of habits similar to his own?who, on i* readers will renumber, was found dead in her bee ( about two years since. He was then arrested lo I her murder, but there was not sufficient testimony to convict him, and he was tried on the charge u bigamy and sent to the .State prison, i The meeting of citizens of Platen Island washeh last evening, previous to which the following hand bill was circulated:? " aid Aaaov 01 Stats.* Iii asii.?Th i. inhabitant* ol Richmond County are requested to meet? " lh? house of.lohn M. (jay turd, Granite Village, on Hatui day evening, 30th inst, for the purpose of investigate - thecircumstance* attending the murder of Mra. Georg ;> Houseman and child." Long previous to the hour of meeting the lious was filled to overflowing by the anxious and honet citizens of that vicinity. Rumor upon rumor wa b circulated through thcerowd until the time arrived when Judge Litti.e was called to the chair h and Judge Cnorsv appointed secretary. The foi - mcr gentleman called the meeting to order with " few remarks relative to the afflicting circumstance ^ He was followed by Gapt. George W. (>antz am ir Mr. I'hclps, who urged the utmost vigilance on th " part of the whole assemblage, to investigate ill norrid atrocity that had stained the character o the peaceable ami orderly citizens ol that county. mr Duteict Airoutr, Ciwuut, then pmrn* _ the following resolutions, which were adopted:? Resolved, That it is the sense of this meeting ttiut th '* late atrocioui crime perpetrated in our midst cull* for th IJ active vigilance of every citizen and olficer of this count, * to devote his unremitted efforts to the detection of th guilty. Resolved, That no considerations of a private nntnr should have inlluaiice to prevent the police officers ofthi county from discharging their duty most rigidly, and tin the reasonable expenses of the officers of justice in so dc in,, shoiilil he mud bv the county, and no nerson shoul it hesitate to a thorough personal" examination, and rigi '* (parch of j>er*on or premise* if thought necessary !>y (tic j officers. 1'. On motion of George W. Gavtz tin* followinj ' gentlemen were selected l?y the District Attorney 11 uh a committee of citizens to aid in the detertioi i- of the |K-rson or persona concerned in the murdcrt ?. H. B. Crnpsy, R. 1). Little, < leorge W. (i.intz [' John T. Harrison anil Daniel G. t'rocheron. d District Attorney Clark then remarked that th * character of the investigation reuuired that i * should proceed in private, and railed upon all pre , sent as well as ail th" citizens of the county no to take exceptions or object to search of thri v premises or examination before the commissions * and committer, if it was rt nsidcred necessary i i- the detection of the offenders, lie then oflere the following resolution, which was adopted:? Ro(olved, That we, the citizens of the county, will d '* all in our (sjiver, iudmdually and i oll?*tn el) to nldni * information, and follow out the suspicion* and reports,an P commuiiirale the reault to the menitier* of thi( commiltri and will also, by every other means, forward the ohjecl i- ol this investigation. The name of Dr. E. Clark was then added to th ? committee, and the meeting then adjourned t * Monday evening next. s The impression is that Mrs. Houseman, the d* j, ceased, was stupihed with some drug before th jf murder was committed, andj'rotn c^osr rxamina ...... , l,?, l.?, I.I,.., I; been violated before tile murder, is considered I r| be erroneous. The one thousand dollars in specie recovered b |} Capt, Houseman front (be wood house adjoin id, i." hm premises, whs the same that he bad previousl; i buried there before his de|iarture, which secret wa ' unknown to his wife. There is no doubt that tin person who committed the murder* expected to fiiu this money, as the house appeared to Ilie thorough ly searched for flint purpose. We present below t the testimony of J'olly Bodinc, the supposed unit t deress, as taken from the notes of the Coroner, u * order to show the discrepancy in her fir't an< second statements: ? Poi.i.t Bomsr, Hen , iworn. tin* been In the hstiit o itavingat night with Mra. ItoiMeman . the U?t time ahi - itaid wu on Saturday Inn I n irrih ; the Inst time ?he ?sw J \1r? llonaenian *?< on Sunday Drt. 17fA ; heard of tin death of Kmelins llomemnn on the evening of tlie JAII r December, about half part ninr,I /' M ; ?*w the window , rlosed ; Mm. II had ? (fold and alfrer watch . the gok watch had a gold key and chain , law the gold watch ii LD. Price Two Oral*. the house lince Mr. H. left for the South , she kept the watch, jewelry and spoons in the ourcau , saw this bundle of clothes lying on a chair in the entry, by a door that loads in the kitchen , kmeline Houseman was vary timid : seldom or ever staid alone ; uted candltt at a light; used a tlimit to "lace the light in, dote to tht bad, on rrtiring ; should know the four Anger rings belonging to kmeline Houseman, should she see them again ; sow a black tilh handkerchief in the home.; never had occasion to wear a?y thing around her wrists or arms. By the following, it will be perceived that sha llatly contradicted herself on several very important points which we have italicised :? Polly Bodine, Serum. recalled and sworn?Was Intimately acquainted with the deceased, fc. H ; taw her ois Sunday morning, '2 \lh instant, at 8 j o'clock ; tie ft with her un Saturday night, and tell her in hed on Sunday morning, 21th instant, (the deceased complaining of toothache); also the child with her; the child slept with us both that night ; utter leaving on Sunday morning, went home la hatful her't; returned again on Sunday afternoon, U4lh instant, about 4 o'clock ; went to the front kitchen door and found it fast; looked in the window and found it in order, the bed made up ; saw no one in the room ; heard no noiae in the loom ; was in the habit of staying with Mra. Housman ; left oil finding the door shut ; tuyfoted the dectattd to have gone out; did not know the deceased had any money in the house ; saw u gold watch and chain ; saw it since I Mr. Houseman left for the south , saw deceased have earrings, finger rings, and breast pin (cameo); would know the riugs and pin should I see them again; left her father's house on Sunday night; saw the shutters closed on Monduy morning, left for tiro city on Monday morning with the H o'clock boat; the firit she heard of the death was Tueiday morning, 'itith just. Never heard deceased say she w as afraid of any particular person, but was very timid; saw a man go by the house of deceased at twelve o'clock, dicssed in dark clothes anil body coat; thinks be had on a black hat; did not see him have a bundle; know* the white silk hundkerchief belonging to her brother; knows u small pan red hose worn by the child; knowe the lace veil to he the same worn by the deceased, and believes pnit of remainder now produced to belong te the deceased, and not put up us a woman woul-* generally nut up clothing, ike. he. Deceased kept the watch in the bureau drawers; heard O. Houseman say he received money; deceased made no observation to me ou leaving Sun- f day morning; .fair no MacK silk immiKcrcniej in menouir; decttttfetl never uh?h1 any banriugeon thewriftP. Our reporter left Port Richmond, railroad wharf, at u lata hour last evening, in the fust nailing clipper Mingo, and although it blew a |>erfect gale of wind, and the vessel was struck with a wjuall that threw her on her beam ends lor several minutes, he arrived in safety, to present our readers with the ubove important exclusive information. Two o'clock?Since the above waswritten, we learn that the Coroner of R ichmond county arrived here last eveniug after Waite was arrested at Port Richmond, and in company wish officers Baker and Dunshee. proceeded to examine the premises of Waite, the apothecary, in Canal street. They found the basket that Polly Itoriinc brought to this city on Monday last, whent she pawned the V watch. A nightcap and night gown, supposed to \g belong to her, was also found in a bureau in his 1 bedroom adjoining the store, and other appearances indicated that a woman had recently occupied the bed, whose hair was of a similar color and texture of the supposed murderess. His store was closed yesterday owing to his absence to Statcn Island, and she was seen in the vicinity several times during the day. At about six o'clock last evening she applied to a Quaker lady, who keeps a small cake shop round the corner near the apothecary store or Wnite for lodging*, alleging that she hiul been recommended by her son who wu in the employ of Mr. Waite. She itated that she had been shopping, and wan detained so an not . to be able to return in the afternoon boat to Staten Island. On these representations the old lady showed her to a bed. In a short time afterwards , some |? rsons came into the shop and stated that \ officers were searching the apothecary store of 4 Waite, and that he had been arrested at Slaten Island. This was communicated to her by the old t lady as a matter of news, when she immediately made an excuse to leave the premises and departed in great haste. The letter found in the pocket of Waite. from this woman, contained a request for some additional drug, that it is supposed she had given to Mra. ) Houseman before she was murdered. It wastaken from him by Justice Matsell, who searched him aa soon as he arrived ut Port Richmond. There iano < doubt that the murder was commuted for the pur- N ^ pose of obtaining the $1000 in money, that House- ' , mail had received, which it is to be presumed that ( the murderess intended to give to her paramour, , r who has recently been very much involved in his j pecuniary affairs. The unfortunate woman has r no doubt been stupefied with drugs, then tortured f to confess where thu money was placed, j of which, it appears, unc had no Knowledge, and failing to satisfy tins demand, she has I been afterwards murdered and burned with her innorent cluld. i Horrible, most horrible, when it is considered I (i that thin act wan committed by the sister of lh? ? it husband of the murdered wife and mother. f ? r. II I g WANTKD TO KENT?In Broadway, tore frontint os e ?' the street, between Die Aator llnuseand W?ll ilrret. Ad dreaa. wilh is mi. iloi No. 757 Lower Post Office. dt7 tfd e OATH AlilNE GOOD, of the city of Philadelphia, widow, , not baaing heard f'om her ? u (Samuel K. Wiliiama, now, or late of (he citv nl New Yoik, natter) for lome time Mat, * won'd he thankful for any informal'' n respecting him If ihia I should meet hie eye, a line addr ased to her, No M Cherry at, Philad Iphia eerna.. would find her dM jl 7 3tgb? pACKKT hHlP H|| i HID AN, from Liverpool, adiaehatt ' nig uuiler general order, at Oceana ? harf fool of Wall it Cm sigueei will plraie attend to the re re pi of their (oodr. lOOec _ J PAt KET SHIP UTICA for 11??re, w i I aail on Toeadae e I nest, the Id January. at 12 o'clock, M., when paaaengert ,. will pises* he on board, at pier No. i North river. I I he l-ttei h*ai Will loir, at Uie usual place* at half-past It * o'clock on ilie ahnve dav > Blnppera hy Ihia a esiel are re.jMe?ied to clear their gooda at \ | the custom home thii day. Haiurday, 3'Uh mat, and aeud their bills ol lading for signature to the office of DOYD A IlINt KEN, ? djfler No 9 Tontine Bsildiss. 'J NEW YKAR'S NIGHT. C f'lltNO FANCY DICtSS BALD WASHINGTON CT HALL?v r. J Parker wis ei to notice to hia friends aad (lie public, that he intends girmg a Or and Va-ey ' reas Ball ea New kear a night, on which occasion a grentva iety o' faaey * dancej will be brought forward. The msch admired Highland it KImiic, by a Mm ; i * Heul De Village, by Mm Bt. < l*i?; La > Bylpnide. by ayoun* l.ady ; Hornpipe. by* M?W , Pae ' yro,1 \r u. bv S'laa' letoenra ; the nncn admired Mpaoith danca of (j II laleo ilr Xfir*. by the celebrated Mitt Waltar* , Naval . Hornpipe, by Mr Parker D?ncmg to commence at half paat eight and coatiaua until a late boar. Ticket* tl t N U. Penoua rap a? an tint clowra nrgr at. intiiiaa'ad o^aJ ractari, or any improper ilraaa will not ba admi laid. The r atrictast a'rention will be paid at ill* door to prevent each ahaI racier* from entering the mom d? 3t*ec attention ! attention ! ' ?n rleoant holiday present < * banbumad a a. at Barnaii'a (heap Engraving and Printing Eetabiuhmaat, No 49 I > u<tl*ii''ta raat, come, tl.eanwirh Weddtag, V tail | tntf Imitation and I'rofaaai nal Card*,?tenulad |. tha Brat atria I tha art. at ra aula tba aup. notify oflha Engraving, oralaaaa nl ha Printing, ai d iba whiiearaa and bnllianry ol tha carta. ' Paraona Inrniahmg tlwir owut ard M*t?e ran haaa than pnatad r on tha moat approved and faaluonablc all la of Cardaat radacad . priaa* A V lilting Car'1 PUra neatly engraved and fifty tarda pnatad 'j at tria low pi ra o| tl '0 d'itw'rc a "stjitarle holiday present. XTALENTlNE liaa rcmov-d bit Engraving and Printing Ka" * tabliabin'nt irom John atrirt to No. I Reakman atrvat, " (Lotajoy'a Hotel,) oppoaiir tha Mnek Chnreh, NekrYork.? <1 Wedding, Vieitlng, Invitation and rrofaaaioiial t arda, evacul|! aj in tha rtrat ?t\ la of tlin trt, it rvg.ird* tha inpenarity of tha a Engraving neatneaa of tlia Printing, and tha wliitantaa *a? bril lianry of the cardi. I'-raona Inrn ahing lliair own Card Ptataa ran bava thain printed on 'ha moat approvrd and faahionabla , itl'eoft .'.la at r"liirn| i nr., d? la't " tt'J nnn H E w A RD.?Three Thoi'und Dollar* Will ba ipOjl/V/U [Miiiir?r tin* recovery .in-' ila'nary of tha eoatanta. to tha underlined of a bUrk laa.t ar bink (runt, a boat thirty " iiirlo-i loi a and nghtaan inrbrt -id -, with thaadf"# aharp It r w,air n b mnd, with wood, atrapa mulling along tli top and bottom, alao. ilntppeJ wit*' iron It ia believed to bar* hn?n I mirbad ' Pom roy k. Co. " or ' P. h. Co.," on tha mda Tha I and triii k 1 aiippoaad to h'Va lieen at ohm fr..m an board tha ata-unli at Unca on (lie lib mat. It cot t mad a large amount of t> rherka. I. 'ok noiaa, ami d.afta. end ?'d in parkagea in raipat bin a d liner led to different broker* and banki in tha city of N-w York. Y I lie above reward wtP be paid in addition to all othar ! > If wardaoflrrrd b. Oilier per-o> a |n(e>ealad. I powEttOY It CO, t Wall ft. N.T. ' New York, Dee. 16, 1943 * The I>ayment of (hrabore reward ia gnarantad by the partiaa inteieat-d in llie reroveri ofaa.d Trunk and ita con ante; in ad| dilinn to whi< h th'r- ia ?'* >hr following reward of ftl.tiM offered by Pontaroy kl'ii of Albany, and gmranteed bv tha an. daraigued, making ihe wnole a oant ?f (ha rewaid offered ' fffWlfl DOLLARS. Ai.gatvv, Dccemba- II. 1941. I We, tlia underngned, haviug a daap lula.rat in tha racovary j of the Trunk >ud Money recently atolen from the teaaabnat I r ir .1, do hereby gn irautre the 'u II .inc prompt pay maul of th? Ktwa'd of Thn? l lMuund Utility* . ff-mi by r.imoTOT < ?. of tins city, ta ihr miio of our rraw-cti** intertiU WAbHBI RN h ( O.. THKODOKK OLpOrT, , ? t ' whirr of ih? Canal B?ok. V. r.. KKNUKHK. <uhi?r of it* M*ch?rnc? in a Karm'rt Bask. i JOHN PaINK.. V I ml.ior of If* Rank of Tray. J WM. J KRYi.Il. * .HI trim rre JOSHUA O. UIX <J*

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