Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 3, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 3, 1844 Page 3
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rl ( North Amcrleu Trut and Banking Co. J te recent decision of the Vice Chancellor, . I ich places a large amount of assets in the hands I the Receiver, that had been assigned to .secure a liability of un officer for which the company is not responsible, has caused the present speculation and udvance in this stock. The stockholders ought not . to sell at the present rates?for they are far below the actual value of the stock. The assets of the X. A. Trust huve increased in value very much within -the last few months. Illinois aud Indiana stock, which a short time ago found few purchasers at #18, now sells readily at and #17 per #100. The efforts made by these States to meet their lia? lulities are guarantees of the further improvement mf their bonds, and,with money begging investment kt .i per cent per annum, the stock ut States making uvery effort to pay principal and a high interest, tnust soon approach par. When money a few years ugo was three per cent a month, and the resources of these States not so good, their bonds were much igher than at present. A large amount of Indiana mid Illinois bonds arc held in London ao security lor claims. Mr. Ilorsley Palmer has given the committee appointed by the stockholders of the N. A. Trust Co. assurances that they shall not be sold for two years,?a course which will leave a handsome surplus after paying all the claims against them. The rapid improvement in the value of real estate has favorably affected this company, and, without other causes, would warrant the advance in the value of its stock. The stock of the Farmer's Loan, and also the X. Y. Life and Trust, have advanced, owing to the improvement in value of their bonds and mortgages; and the stock of the N. A. Trust must soon feci the same action. Hold^ rrs ought not to sell at present. The stock at the lowest calculation is worth #36 per share, and a little firmness will enable them to realize it. The writer's interest in the stock at present prices does not exceed #300?but tuking into consideration the manner in which the assets were hypothecated, to secure claims that violated the laws, he feels assured that the Chancellor will decide that many of the claims against the company must be looked upon as individual liabilities of the officers, inn null nit: moon in actually worm ;jj>oo per biiure. LADIES WITH HAIRY MI'S OR FACE.?VM Hunrniid's Uprooting Powder. It takes every particle oi i hair oil' where it in applied, and, instead of injuring, really improves the akin, leaving it smooth, soft and white. Sold at the sign of the American Eagle, H'J Chatham street. We have reduced the price to 50 cents a bottle. j Ct7"BASK AND DETESTABLE IMPOSITION.?The 1 unprecedented popularity and universal demand for Dr. Kelix Ciournud'K^'oudres Subfiles, for uprooting hair with- 1 f out the slightest injury to the skin, has awakened the cu- 1 ' . pidity of a nest of vilo counterleiters, who are palming upon the public a spurious and deleterious article as the genuine preparation. To protect purchasers against these deceivers, the proprietor has had cast a splendid square > bottle, on the four sides of which are blown the following: "Dr. Kelix (iouraud's Poudres Subfiles, for uprooting hair. New York," enveloped in a handsome wrapper, with the Dr.'s fac simile. The public way rest assured that every bottle not answering the above description, is a worthless imitation, and should be rejected, and those who attempt to deceive, and their injurious composition shunned and despised These powders have been long held in high estimation, and are recommended by every one who L, has used them, as uniting entire efficiency with perfect safety, in eradicating every description of superfluous hair, however deep the bulb may he seated To be had no where else in New York but at tt* Walker street, one door from Broadway, $1 per bottle, and where innumerable testimonials can be shown, and the preparation tested, if required by the purchasers. fry- STRANGE, BUT TRUE.?The proofs that we have seen of the etticacyof the IndianVegetable Elixir and Liniment, for the cure of rheumatism, are incontestible. We do not hesitate to say to the afflicted, that we sin Icerely believe it to be a certain cure, and recommend them by all means to try it. To be had at 21 Courtlandt street. (TTJ- THIS EVENING A CONCERT OF ORATORY anil Music, eighteen songs and recitations, by Messrs. Ilronson and Nash, in the Society Library, Broadway, at 71 o'clock. Among the pieces are Twilight Dews, National Olory, Tit for Tat, I'arrhasius and the Captive; Old Sexton; Collins'Ode on the Passions; Newfoundland Dog; Oenevra, the Whiskers, Girls Beware, Maniac, Old Bachelor. Admission 25 cents. N. B.?One new class meets at nine this morning, the other at four P. M.^in ' l oncert Hall, 40# Broadway. (try- THE ONLY SURE REMEDY FOR THE CURE of Consumption and Liver Complaint, coughs, colds, asthj ma, raising of blood, Stc., is Dr Taylor's Balsam of LiverK wort, prepared genuine only at 376 Bowery. Read the , 1 following:? " Liver Complaint and Couoh.?Having taken a violent cold, which settled on my lungs and liver, producing a severe cough, and pain in the side and shoulders, which was so severe at times that I could scarcely turn over in mv bed?I was gradually wasting away, and weary even of my life. My cough was very distressing, and being accompanied with nausea, loss of appetite, debility, and other distressing symptoms, my suffering was extreme Finding no benetit from my physicians, I got a bottle of Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort, at 375 Bowery, which soon made me well and able to attend to my business. \ GEORGE YOUNG, Druggist, |l 4 3til Fulton St., Brooklyn.* 1^# V II. The only genuine now has an engraved label W around each bottle, w ith the signature of Dr. Gurdon J. k Leeds, attached, and is for sale at the original office, 375 Bows rj , tuad down tow n only at ID Maiden Lane. I ) QtJ- A HArPY NEW YEAR TO THE SUBSCR1beis to the * BOYS' ANI) GIRLS' LIBRARY, Edited by Mrs. Colman, No 1, I KM, for January, commencing a ;nrw year and volume, is now ready, and a delightful number it is, comprising an ** Original Drawing, by Billings, ol Susy and Iter Cow, ami a charming design of Friar Puck, making his NEW YEAR'S CALLS, Engraved and printed very beautifully, on super-extra paper. Among the original articles in this number are Susy's Cow, a tale, by Miss C. M. Sedgwick; Captain Parry at the North, by Rev. Jacob Abbott; New Year's Calls, by O. GJ Warren; Fallen Leaves, by Miss A. A. Gray; the Fairy Feather, by C. D. Macleod; Little Willy's Gift, by Mrs. A.J. Graves, k c kc. The contiibutors to this Library comprise many of the BEST WRITERS for the young in America. The high praise uniformly bestowed upan the previous volumes, renders it unnoces. )h'irv to ?p?ak further of iti merita, tliau to nay that it will \be fully sustained. The price ii reduced to only J ONE DOLLAR A YEAR, f Single numbers ten cents. The largest discounts to clubs > iiul agents. Persons desirous of becoming subscribers to y 'jniin work, for a year or shorter time, are requested to Mf send their names, and careful directions, to the publishI tcr*, BUROESti, STRINGER Sc. CO., thH lyoadway, corner Ann st. WHO MARRIED l APT. HOHINLEY This question has frequently been asked, but no satisfactory . answer has as yet met the public enquiry. Wcfear 'twill remain among the thousand secrets which battle all attempts at solution. A marriage came off tip town last week in one of the fashionable neighborhoods, "where every breeze snutfs of royalty," which as usual created a great excitement among the fashionables. The bride oi "sweet sixteen" was wedded to one who had passed at !> i-t foity \ . ars in foreign lands. This uniting ft ripe. | sound judgment to giddy youth, caused some animadver- ' sion* among a certain cliqut, but what most conduced to bis voting and sprightly dulini^ur appearance, was his "lark curly locks, surmounting a lofty forehead beaming _ with intelligence. Many old maid? blamed him, when " bis charming bride revealed the secret, with imprecations not loud but deep ; but smiling sweetly she said, " On bis arrival Irom Europe I insisted on bis immediately applying to Phalon, ill Broadway, opposite St. Paul's, that , inimitable Wig i ostumer : "you know the result?he looks as he did when I first loved him twenty years ago." | {&- BEAUTIFUL CLEAR COMPLEXION?Free ! from eruptions or freckle* may be had by the use of a cake (aye, very often half a cake) of that most surprising t invention called Jones' Itulinn I hemicnl Soap. The more ? this is used the more astonished are people at its wonderful ell'ects. I.ast week it cured no less than three rases of ' old scaly salt rheum, for which medical skill and the most ' powerful lotions had been used in vain ; hundreds have | l>een cured of'freckle*, tan, sunburn and morphew. this summer by it. There are many who do not try it, be- ' cause it is "puffed" in the papers. This we are obliged to i ilo to introduce it; we can, therefore, conscientiously re- . commend it as almost inlallible to any cutaneous erup- ! tions or disfigurement, such as pimples blotches, freckles, tan, scurvy, salt rheum rrysipelni, barber's itch, bites of 1 I,,.,I ?oii.?-- i * <v.. -i.i .... n" is ? " ? ""? ?" ??in youmilll t healthy bloom ami freshnaas. Sold at fit) rent* a cake, by T. Jones, sign of the American Eagle, Chatham street, 1 .N. Y ork Mind tho aliovn in the only place in this city where the 2 genuine is sold?any other is n swindling counterfeit? . don't touch it. Sold in Brooklyn at 04| Atlantic and 130 Hilton street. Q(J~ READ THE FOLLOWING CERTIFICATE 1 from Professor Mattitt New York, Oct. 3A, 1843. * Gentlemen Tho Candy you had the kindness to send <i M me I have used pretty freely, and it is with pleasure I take this occasion to acknowledge its good effects upon . my voice and general health. I w ould most cordially re commend its use to all puhlir ?|>eakcrs; it clears the voice and is the best article of the kind I have ever used to cure c those diseases of the throat with which i|ambers are most Ii"hle to be affile led. Respectfully yours, JOHN NKWLAND MAKEITT. I To Messrs. J. Pease k Hons, 4A Division street. Still anothei. p Gentlemen?I have used your Horehound ( andv for a severe cough and cold; I can recommend it as a valuable medicine- Yours truly, II. W. BAILY, o Editor of the Patriarch. 3?i Park Row. To Messi-s. J. Ponso k Hon, 4.'> Division St. 1 Sold wholesale and retail lit H State St., Boston; .'I Led- c gcr Buildings, Philadelphia, and 110 Baltimore St., Balti- n more. ( THE TRUl'. RICHER OK I-IKE IS HEALTH, r Life is but a slight blessing it it is to tie made miserable by the thousand diseases w hich continually visit it ; if j ' roughs, headaches, fevers, iheumatisni, nausea, and the j ' thousand othci ills which are deemed inevitable, are to embitter its blessings, it can scarcely be deemed a gift | worth keeping. But, happily, this need not be the case, V w hile wejhave thocongb.worm cordial and other lozenges h el Dr Peters None can give up in despair, and say there I is no ho|>e on this side the grave. His pills and plasters ^ tor diseases ol the stomach arid rheumatism, are unrivalled lor elHoacy ; his cough lozenges relieve the most distress- 1 > tag cough In a few hours ; and a little perseverance in 'I their use w ill in every rase i fleet a permanent cure. ? Headache is effectually vanished by his cordial lo/.enges ; I ' and all of Dr. Peters' medicines are expressly fitted to , in,il<e lit".- what it was intended to he- -a blessing and not a curse. Principal ortice, 138 Kulton street. I I . BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. to Washington. jj (Uorroapondsnce of the Herald.) '''' New Year's Day, 3 P. M. C01 Tames Gordon Bennett, Esq.? ^ Dear Sir:? ^ I am totally at a loss to give you any adequate ^ idea of the loveliness and beauty, magnificence t[i, ind fascination, which reign supreme at this pre- co rent moment here at Washington. It is the univer- eri ial remark, that such a day at this season of the Ce: year?such a iYflr Year's?was never known, even hi| t>y tliat veteran chronologist, the "Oldest Inhabi- hij tant." It is warm?the thermometer cannot be much below 05 or liO?comfortable out of doors M either with an overcoat or without?not a cloud lu< obscures the heavens, nor any part thereof?the . sun shines forth in all his effulgence and glory, 1 speaking to the people, in a language which cannot lie mistaken, "I wish you all a happy New Year." rai The air is sweet and balmy, like young June, with a breeze so gentle as scarcely to in< ve the plume (jll upon a lady's hut, and fur too gentle to move the dust. And then every body, together with his wife and ull the children, are so happy. Sure cu Pennsylvania Avenue never before witnessed so Im much joy, so much dress, so much beauty, so much ipdlantry. so much fashion, so much intelligence? nor heard so many sweet and cheerful voices, ull ft wishing you the "compliments of the season," or Jjjj uerchance. so far forgetting father Miller's milieu- m< ilium uk to "wish you may live a thousand years.*' The grand, and 1 may say the only feature of ^ die duv, was the President's levee. And, judging from tne multitudes who culled upon him, I should think it sate to say that all Washington, George- re lown, and Alexandria, with a smart sprinkling be from Baltimore, turned out to pay him thuir respects. w The ladies (Heaven bless them!) were not "at home." They were most emphatically mil. The young ladies werelout, the mammas and madonnas were out, those who nod beaux were out, and those who had not beaux were out, the little girls were out, and the old girls were out, and they were all out, and all went up to the White House, and wished the President a happy New Year; and if he is nt the happiest man in Washington to-day, he's not the man I take him to be. At l'J o'clock the palace doors were thrown open, and the throng of fashion and beauty, legislative, diplomat i- ve ul, naval* military, ami heterogeneous, began to pour in- un The crowd was immense. The like of it has never been a seen since the days of Gen. Jackson, if it was even then ' It is altogether out of the question to tell you who were 1,1 there. I could easily tell you who were not there, provi- tr; iled I knew one, or had heard of any one. It was court ^ lay, and all the foreign ministers and "diplomatics," were ; dressed "in costume," and gaily and beautifully did they look. Higher than all the rest could be seen the waving j>t plume of Men. Scott, rivalled only by the towering |)t height of long John Wentworth, M. C. from Illinois. Dixon H . Lewis ploughed through the mass Like a P? 74 full rigged. Diminutives followed in his wake. All the Secretaries of departments were " at home," cj and were very numerously called ujion. Mrs. Madison also received company. Every one re- " marked that she retains her years wonderfully. She ap- Ci neared iu excellent health and spirits, with a pretty little bouquet in her hand, like a rose in winter. John CLuincy Adams also threw open his doors as usual m to all who chose to call on him. It Thuse are the leading features of the day, which is not i? yet finished. More anon. S. B. ol Sale of Stock at Philadelphia ol First Board, Jan.'j?760 shas Oirard Bank, ; 60 do u Reading Railroad, 275 ; 620 do United States Bank, 6 J ; $4,100 Heading Railroad Bonds, 1846, 6 ds, 86 ; 60 shares Vicksburg Hank, 6A ; lOdo Union Bank of Tennessee, 621; 15 do do do, 63 ; 18 do Wilmington Railroad, cStp, 173 ; -IU do Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank, 41} ; '2/> do Wllmlng- j, ton Hailroad, c&p, IS ; 4 do Pennsylvania Bank, '44:1} ; 43 do do, '444 ; 1 do Camden & Amboy, 104 ; 100 do Reading Railroad, 37} ; 30 do Mechanics' Bank, cash, 46'; 40 do do, 46} ; 41 do Commercial Bank, H4 ; $1000 Heading Railroad, 1H60, 77. ol LATEST SOUTHERN HHIP NEWS J{| PHii.adki.rHiA, Jan 2?Below, Philadelphia, [0 em] Ureve, Bremen; Oak, Ryder, and AnUrei, Hallett, Boston. m Baltimore, Jan 1?Arr Hadaisah. Davis, Portsmouth, Nil; Commerce, Rayuor, New York. Cld Warren, Tilcomb, Bertnuila. st Richmond, Dec 31?Arr J W Smith, New York. Below, i bound up, Smyrna, from Boston Sid Amelia, do. tl (ay-" HOW MV HEAD DOES ACHE '"?This excla- tl mation fell from the lips of many a sufferer yesterday, . who had indulged too freely in the use of the good things cl set before him on New Years' Day. Had they but have st remembered that Dr. Sherman prepares the Camphor Lo- |c /.engu for nil such ailments, and that they afford instantaneous relief, they need not have suffered as they did. They arc a sovereign remedy for sea sickness, nervous, m or sick headache, palpitation, cramps, and all nervous nfli'P.tiimfi nHorrliurr mrtro ? ??i- ?ai _ , ... ?.viy "( cciij mici man hii} medicine or remtily ottered to the public. Dr. Sherman's warehouse is 10b Nassau street. Agents, 337 Hudson "J corner Spring street; 18S Bowery, corner Spring; 77 East Broadway; 189 Kultonstreet, Brooklyn, nnd 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia M ft?- SUCH IS THE DKMAND FOR THE REV. " Mr. Sparry'* new paper, "The American Anti-Papist," J that he has been obliged to republish the first number. It llj has a splendid likeness of the I'uiie riding on his Bull, P' The paper is published weekly at >1 a-year, or two cents a ?' copy, at 118 Nassau street. H ft?- PROFESSOR VELPEAU'8 SPECIFIC PILES? d< For the cure of gonorrhoea, gleet, fluor albus, and all dis- S< eases of the urethra. These pills are warranted to cure Ji Price $ 1 per bttttb C( Office of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 07 d< Nassau street. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent << ft?- CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CURED.?The [? Tonic Mixture prepared by the College of Medicine and J.j Pharmacy of the city of New York is'confidently recom ;lf mended for all cases of debility produced by sscret indul- Jj, gence or excess of any kind. It is an invaluable remedy S( or impotence, sterility, or barrenness (unless depending ,, on mal-formation)?Single bottle* $1 each; casesof had j,, dozen, $5, packed and sent to all parts of the Union. I,. Office of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 97 ... Nassau st. W 8. RICHARDSON. Agent OOP- MEDICAL AID? A CURE GUARANTEED.? P' The memliers of the College of Medicine anil Pharmacy 11 of the city of New York, established for the suppression of quackery, are now successfully treating all diseases of *? I private nature according to the new mode of treatment " adopted by the medical professors of the different hos- ' pitals of Europe Primary or secondary syphilis, gonor- . rhasa, gleet and all diseases of the urethra |>ermannntly cured without mercury or injury to the constitution.? The consulting physician attends daily from 9 o'clock, A. M. to 8 P. M. th Terms?advice and all medicines required, $!>. Important t o Country Invai.iiis.?Patients living at a Js distance by stating their complaints explicitly and enclosing $/>, (post-paid) will receive a chest containing all medicines requisite to perform a cure, will full directions for use, by addressing W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Ja Office and Consulting Rooms of the College, 97 Nassau reef {&?- RICORD'8 PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIX; i<jivr.?iui mn i ure ui |ii uniirjr or seconmry sypnill* ind ail complaints arising from mercurv?guaranteed to I' :ure. Single liottle $1; in cases of half dozen $6?packed and Rent to all parti of the Union. Oltice of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 97 Nassau street. W * R'f HARDSON, Agent. PI HONEY MARKET. Tuesday, Jan. '4?0 P. M. In All the fancy stocks arebip one, two^and four per cent. Die State Stocks are all down. Long liland advanced 4 da lercent; Mohawk I ; Harlem I)} Norwich 1J; Canton 1; farmers Loan J ; Reading Railroad I ; North American rrust |; Kentucky down { , Illinois J ; Indiana 1 , Ohio I's were very firm at previous prices with very moderate >ales. The operations at both^boards, m all descriptions, f vere very limited, anil denote a disposition to hold, if posible, for better prices, if the brokers can retain the feciities from the hanks they at present have, quotations must idvance; on the other hand if they an* deprived of those esources, being unable to keep more than trifling amounts, irices cannot lie sustained. Several of the fancy stocks bat have been so inflated by the management of some rery ingenious operators, have rearhed a point so far >eyond their greatest value, that it requires the strongest icrvc to induce holders to keep it more than a day. The Merchant's Kxcbange Bank lias declared a semi f innunl dividend of three and a half per cent, payable, on ' * he Hth instant. The Bank of Commerce ha* declared adividend of three >er cent, for the pa*t six month*. j,? The New York ln?tirance Company have declared n PX end-annual dividend of five per]cent, and an extra dlvi- jj,, lend of five per cent. The Albany Kxchange Bank ha* declared a dividend of hreo per cent, payable on the 9th in?t. j Spurious twenty dollar notes on the Commercial Bank |.? if Columbia, South i urolina, printed from .in oh! plate of lie he Commercial Bank of Macon, Ueorgia, an institution ^ ong since defunct, are in circulation at the South. The Hank < ommi**ioneri of Illinois have determined to (la ity no further dividend* of specie or certificate*until all ' 0 u.i (,r he note* are in. The railroad* of New England are daily giving evidence ita f their great value and profit. The Lowell road earned ';a bout nine per cent, hut declared oidy eight. The total (' ? ost of thia.road, double track whole length-twenty six A* tiles?i* fl,1*13,0110.'A ahort time since we gave a table of ^ he capital and dividend of the Kantcrn roads. We have eceived additional returns, making the leport more com- l.u lete. Sti Un.*o*ni or New Ks<.i ?*n, roa thi r**i Si* Month*. "r Ron,I,. < npilnl Jlm l. C"r.'n' Kc* **' niv n. rfir. off. -nwf'l, $1 *00 00# < ptrct $72,000 No tain. 'tt \oie?*ter. 2,7on (too 3 ' 81,000 nlfpr '. stern, Ma**. 1,1100,000 JU " ?:itooe J ' in Maine.-- *13 1,00 3H " 15,8.15 3 " " li, 'rotidence 1 83* 100 3 " 55,<'2.3 \)i " ,, lime. 1,200.V00 3 " 38,0*10 3 " " 101 Inline. 380 (list 8 " 10,*00 28 " offM lew Bedford, *rfl,0i,li 3 " 12.OdO No sale* Wl 'auntou Br*nch,"* 210,000 1 " 12 00 f| |,rroff'd Sal hirlntown Brain h 2'itl.UK) 3 " 7.V0 $73 > IB-red i o ortland, Btco and Portsmouth, 818,000 I), " 28,Jit $00 oTeied ! oneord, 7.10,1*111 * " 30 000 ' ei $12,831,700 $*43,929 Iro I ??? toother road isdu contemplation, to run from Boaton Plymouth through Quincy.a distance of about forty lea. The stock for the road>s far ai t|uincy has been ten up. When the Concord and Kitchhurg Road was mmunced, it was considered that all the avenues out of ston were Ailed, that there were Railroads enough to pply the convenience of the inhabitants of any part of ;w England; but it seems all were mistaken, as still anour has actually been subscribed lor. Judging from the de given above, railroads are,next to the manufacturing mpanirs, the most productive investments in the Eastu States, their dividends averaging from six to ten per ut per annum, aud their stocks always command the ;hc*t prices. The prices for these stacks usually range ;her in Boston than in this city. Norwich closed at 3). Worcester was rather on the downward tendency, some misunderstanding had occurred between its distors and those of the Western Road, regarding the arfigments made to transport passengers, freight, Stc. for e latter company, they asking for a return of some 000 paid on through passengers, and a modification of tes for the future The commerce of Boston has for the past year iinprov. The arrivals and departures for I9-IS, exceed those of 12, sixty-six. The improvement in the revenue from stoma is still greater. fortations of CoFFSfr., Hints, Moi.jtllFi, See. into Boston Cofftr. Hiilct Moltt. Spirit!. Sugar. Coal.Eng Lis. Halt t. Hitlrt lids Gint I Jit. Tin. Chit. 10. ? 3,552 201.000 7B.062 413,611 39,6?3,495 9,110 25,753 11, 12.241,390 936 432.481 73.674 323.010 43,242,403 12 734 27.187 12. 18608.640 4.233 340,233 4.3,663 203.641 82.236,912 11,0 4 IS,460 13, 16071,663 ? 310,807 3 V660 129,348 23,021,S3i 5,030 17,800 It will lie seen from this table that the importation of ch one of the articles enumerated has declined. The ling oil' in the receipts of molasses and spirits has been gular and gradual for the past four years; this iact can attributed to the progress of the temperance cause, hich would particularly aliect the New England States, iter unit at Boston fsom Customs, fok Two Ykars. 1812. 1843. Kirst iiuarler, $731,086 40 689,740 12 Second do-... 747,768 40 684.668 80 Third do 733,331 34 1,170,775 44 Fourth do 365,879 82 1,020,329 00* $2,780,186 #4 3,465.603 36 * Eslimavd. Excess this year over last $685,167. The amount of re :nue for the fourth quarter of thi* year ii larger than ly corren|>onding quarter aince 1833. During the latter ,rt of 1843, the imports into Boaton were more direct an usual. The trade of that city with ioreign counies is more direct than heretofore, when the bNlk of eir foreign dry goods were received via New York, he steamships now running between Boston and Liver10I have increased the revenue from customs, as they ing the most valuable manufactures, and generally those lying the most duty. The Kranklin Insurance Company, Boston, have dearcd a dividend of seven jier cent. The Kiremens' In irance Co. a dividend of five, and the United States Hotel ompany a dividend of four percent, all semi-annuaL The trustees of the Bank of the United States have ade their annuul report of the affairs of that institution, appears that the notes in circulation, the deposites, and ink balances, for the security of which the assignment " the 7th of June, 1811, was made, amounted to $4,339,820: ; this sum there have been recoived y the Trustees of the 1st of May, 1841, $384,483 " " 7th of June, " 708,063 " " 4th and 6th Sept. 1,369,030 $3,331,580 eaving outstanding Jan. 1, 1844, 3,018,040 $4,339,630 Of the amount outstanding, about $450,000 arc in notes Tthulate Bank of the United States chartered by Conress, manyfof whichfmust have been destroyed, lost, or ifaced, so that no claim can ever be made for their payent. In regard to the loans remaining due in Kurope and the ..-I,- r?_ ,1??.i .!? At . I vvno juvugcu iui incit ivucuijiiiuii, mi' siBiemeiii given flow exhibits their present situation. Had the credit of rese stocks beun susiained by the punctual payment of le interest, they would have been amply sulticient to disliarge the loaus and leave a considerable surplus. These ocks are still held by the bankers, through whom the ians due in Kuropo were negociated. We extract from the Trustees' report the following re arks, with a statement of the foreign indebtedness of the i3titution " It will be seen by the annexed statement, that a large nount of the securities pledged in Kuro|>e, other thun lose referred to, have been disused of since the date of iu last Report of the Directors. This was done by a ouse in London, to reimburse itself for large advances i cash made to the Dank at a critical period of its affairs was maintained by that House, that the advances made Y it, on bills drawn at short dates, were with theexpress nderstanding and agreement that besides the stocks [edged as collateral security, its advances should be met r the remittance of funds or good negotiable bills, so that should at all times be able to realize its advances out of ty securities in its hands, whenever it thought proper to j so. Accordingly, that House made large sales of the ecu rifles held by it, in the course of the year ISM ; and in ine last, one of the partners of the house, then in this >untry, stated, that he was preparing to return to Lon>n, and that he was extremely anxious to have the acusnt between the Bank and his house finally settled here his departure. Korthe pun>ose of effecting it, lie pro ised, in behalf of his house, to take the remaining secuties held by them, at such prices as would balance the ;count. The prices named by him, though greatly below eir nominal value, were lar above the market price. >me of the stocks were not of an improving character, ui the value of others depended somewhat on contin ncies. Moreover, from the extreme anxiety manifested r the partner referred to. to have some kind of settleent la-lore he left this country, there was reason to aj>ehend, that should the Directors decline to accept the oposal, the securities in question would havu been rown into the market for sale, or sold at public auction, i cither way, they would in all probability have been Id at a ruinous sacrifice; and, of course, would have left large balance due to the house, to be claimed from the ink. Under these circumstances, and upon full consi-ration ol the subject, the Directors came to the conclunn that it would be most for the interest of the Institu>n to accept the proposal. This was accordingly done ; id the House gave an ample releasu of all its claims upon e Bank. Kohkion Inni:eTEDXEis. nuary, 1843? For loans f.1 J.ftOO, 350 73 For accounts, 1711 ,545 IA For bonds, 503,333 33 14,744,118 10 nuary, 1844? For loa^iji, $13,500,350 73 For accounts, 103,839 53 13,004,190 30 Showing a decrease of $3,139,937 84 otal of stocks and securities deposited in Europe, January, 1843 ? Fur loans $14,675,906 10 For accounts 5,357 083 05 $30,033,989 U liladelphia, Wilmington ami Baltimore Kailroad bonds,. .. 503,333 33 terest in 1843, Commercial Bank, Natchez 35,780 00 30,570,997 99 nuary, 1844? For loans $14,075,900 10 For accounts . .. 308,304 70 14,884,110 86 Showing a diminution of $5,080,887 13 Cost. Value I 300,000 renn'afl's, 187,000 do 5'S, $309,387 85 477,777 78 Camden and Amboy Bonds, 341,580 05 10,000 M'shigan 6's, do 3,435 31 1,000,000 Com'l Bank of Natchez bonds, 371,301 9) 503,333 33 1'hila. Wil Bal. K. R.l o. do, 348,487 ?8 3,181,507 13 Uhs Bank Debt 383,000 Michigan B s, i , _ .? 357,000 North American Trust, j-.s.i,.u. oo 330 Coupons, J 85,0?KI Far. It .Vlech. Bit, Memphis, i 68,900 Union Bank, Tennessee, [ 348,468 43 359,000 1'enn'a 6's, > 5,686,887 IS $3,344,987 41 :ss charges of Interest, Commissions, kr., 305.059 57 $3,139,937 84 The course of trade, and the sections from which the creasing wants spring can lie seen by carefully aminiog the movements of merchandise and produce rough tho Western country. [MrosTs and EsroaTS o> Mai-mi r Citt. Imporh. 1843. 1843. our, bids 5,445 5,365 rk H.i-3 679 ef, 115 37 lliskey, 183 55 heat, bushels 53,110 33,743 'e 170 ts 5,983 _ - m ins ? sixx xeftd 229 ' 4-J ix xeed 3,07a not con.lhx 037,00s 137,730 rd, 447.0.V3 60,400 tter 0.H80 20,003 illow 0,100 4,070 hex, caxkx, 37A 104 atherx, Ibx 3,300 1,306 ilex 22,700 ,*>6,064 10,700 10,302 ml>er, feet 144,000 63,666 66,000 33,422 riomx 4,000 Die leading nrticlex cleared for the interior of the ite, by the ( anal, were ax followx :~ Expcrti. 1H43. 1042. xir, bhlx 1,271 1,803 rk 67 126 h 410 ISA liixkey 77 266 It. 6,000 4,476 ftl, bnxheli 363 ied fruit, Ibx 1,010 706 xther, 81,3110 I6,0oo rcbuntlixe 2,079,780 738,604 a and nailx 167,468 63,762 Casting! 1 OS,343 36,278 Lumber, feet | 36,164 4,34>fi Shingle! 177,000 116,000 The amouut of inerchandine cleared for the interior of the State this year compared with last, exhibit! a grea1 increase, being nearly three times the quantity. This merchandise is com|>o?ed of the purchases made in this part of the country by the merchants from that section and is strong evidence of the improvement in the demand on the Kast for the principal articles of trade. The advancement of the West in wealth, is of the utmost imjiortance to all other parts of the Union. On their advance, ment depends the certainty of trade and the prosperity of commerce. Old Stock Exchange. $11000 U ft Vs, '53 103* 50 shss Abb StHoch b60 105* 2000 IN y 5's, IK58 103* 25 Boston St I'rov 107 tloflO Ohio 6's, '60 opg till 25 Canton Co 31* 00 do 100 V 100 do 31 * 1KI0U do lui* 5 City Bk. N ? 73 HMHW Illinois 6's, 70 45* 4 Mohawk HK 53 8000 do 45* 10 do 53* ' 000 do b30 45* 30 do slO 53* I'>000 do 45 50 do stw 54 1000 do 451s 25 L Island Hit 79* 5000 Indians stg 41 100 do 80 7000 Ky 6's, Myeara 103* 50 do 80* 20000 Indiin > S 41 550 do 81 lsharUkofNY 117 50 litrlrm 11R b)5 45 50 Dry Dork Bk 49 50 do iw 44* 175 N Am Trust 11 280 do 41* 100 do tl* 400 do 45 19 Kentucky Bk 75 100 do btw 45* 150 Ksrmers' Loan blO 33 150 do 45* 125 do 33 150 Heading UK 50 50 d> 33* 50 Nor St Wore 31* 2(1 Jackson Ins 85 225 do 35 50 Uties St He hen. KR 125* 25 do Ii30 35 6 Aub It Iloch. Hit 105 Second BoaiU. 35000 Indiana bds b30 43 21 allta Canton Co 31* 4000 Indiana sue 41 10 Mohawk RR 54* 1000 Indiana bonds 42* 50 Nor St Wore b30 35 1000 Illinois 45 * 50 do b30 34* 500 shas Canton Co blO 31* 100 Harlem RR b30 45* New Stock Exchange 32000 A labama i's >30 09 lo.l... N lli..r HI. in i 1000 Indiana $ Ii3 It NAmTruit II 2000 do itw 433, JO Nor 9c Wore J*uG 35 2HI0 do *15 43>; 25 do blO 3.3 1000 do 43U 25 do 34)4 1000 do *10 43W 100 Itarh-m llll 44'? 1000 do stw 43m 200 do 28lh 45*4 50C0 do *tw 12 W 75 do 4tX 4000 do 421; 50 do nwr 45 2000 do *15 42)4 50 do b30 40 1000 do *10 42*. 200 do 4>)4 1000 do haw 43 U0 do *3 45 1000 do 4114 100 do 4514 1000 Ohio ?'*, '60 bt,0 103 125 L lsbtad llll *3 79 101.0 do bJau 101)4 250 do 90 1000 do o|-K 101 250 dl 80)4 2000 do *30 100)4 100 do 80*. 2000 Ky 6'*, 30yr? 103)* 25 do b3 80 2000 do b3 103)4 25 do 79)4 3000 do 103)4 >5 do 7914 2000 do b30 104 50 do 79)4 1IMI0 Illinou?'?. "70 44)4 100 do *3 80 2000 do 41)* 250 do b30 81 2000 do *10 44 28 do 3m 81 5000 do buw 44)4 1C0 ds *60 80 State of Trade. The markets are yet very dull. There i* some little activity among the dry goods jobber* who do a business with customer* from the extreme south. Ashes?Pot.4 are very dull at (4 .50, and pearls at $5 121. The demaiid for either description is very limited. Cottox.?Sale* to-day amount to 1.500 hales, at the full prices of last week. Spinners took 400 bales?all the rest by speculator*. Hay?The receipts have entirely ceased from the river. The stock in this market is large enough for the season. The supply ot country is to a moderate extent. Whukci ?Drudge we continue to quote at 2:ic, and barrel at 24jc. Phoyisioni- -We have no alteration to record, either in price or demand. The market is very inactive for every Irtidl under this head. Real Kit*ic Sai.S, at auction, by Osgood fa Bulling ? A lot on the west side of l?t avenue, between Stanton and Houston streets, 24 feot|4 inches front, III feet 6 inches 011 the rear, and 100 ieet deep, with u brick building heside*, (2,450 Two story brick front house 202 Allen street, 22 ft. 3) inches by 50 Ieet in depth 3,350 Two story frame house 204 Allen street 1,075 Do do 205 do 3,850 1)0 do 20s do 4,600 Four lots on the northwesterly corner of 3d avenue and 84th street 440 Cattle Market. Jan. I.?At market, 800 beef cattle (100 southern); 65 cows and calves, and 70O sheep and lambs Pricks?Beef Cattle?Quick at last week's rates, which we continue, viz :?$4 la a 4 7A to 6 3d a A AO, with sales of extra at $t>. 100 unsold. Cows and 4 alves?All taken, at $1A a 17. Sheep and Lambs?All at market taken, at $1 la a (3, as in quality. I logs?Brisk, at 67\ a 7A cents per cwt for loose. Married, On Monday, 1st inst. by the Rev. Ilenry W. Bellows, Mr. Kdwahu Gaylord, to Miss Saiiaii Louisa, daughter of the late George 8. Fordham, all of this city. Died, On Monday, 1st inst. at 4oVlork, in theAlst year of her age, Mrs. Mary, wife of Frederick Place. The friends of the family, and those of her son-in-law, Smith Harriott, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, from 14A Franklin street, this afternoon, at three o'clock. Weekly He port of Interments la the City and County ot (New York, from the 134 day of L)*c. to the 30tli day of Dec , 1843. 34 Men ; 19 Women ; 42 Boys ; 33 Oirls. Total 111. DISEASES. A|>o|driy, fj Asthma. 1; Hlsi-duiic, 1: Burned or Scalded, ]; Consumption, IG; Convulsions, HI; Croup,3; Dropsy. 3: Drop | ?y hi the head, I; Dropsy in chest. 2 Drowned, I; ry, 1; Krvsiiielas, 4; Kwr, remittent, I; do scarlet, 10; Heart, disease of. 3 ; Hooping Cough, 3; luHaimnatinii, 1; liinainma lion of brain, 6; do of bowels, 4; of chest, 0; do of lungs, 12; do of stomach, I; do of throat. 3; of womb, I; lut-m- ersnce, 2; Lues rnirrra, 1; Malformation, I; Marasmus. 6; Mortification. 2; Old Age, t ; I'alay, 2 ; Scrofula, I ; Ulcers, I ; Unknown, I. auk. Under 1 year, ?1;"1 to 2, 19; 2 to 3, If; 1 to 10. i; 10 to 20. 10; 29 to 30,9; 30 to 40. II; 40 lo .90, 7; 10 to till. 7; 00 to 70, 7; 70 to 80, 1; to to 90, I; Unknown, 2 r Lace a or ivativitt. United States, 91; Ireland, 11; Kuglaud, 2; Scotland, 2; Germany, 3; Uukuowu, 1. Of the above, were from the Hospital, Bellevue, 2; Penitentiary Hospital, Blackwell's I.Ian.I. I; City Hospital, 4. Colored persona 12 WM. A. WALTKKS, City luspector City lns|>ector'a Office, Dec- 30, IklJ PMOongero Arrlwed. Hsvnr?Packet ship 8t Nicolas?Mr Werk and lady, France; Mr Godillon, Paris; Mr Print, J Roberta, Switzerland?12 in the steerage. Orinara? Brig Star?A Mc Abater, lady and 2 children Passengera Sailed. Havre?Packet shin Utica?<i H Dwenger, P K W Heckscher, of New York; Mr Delmonto, lady and two children, of S|>ain List arooi.?Steamship lliliernia from Boston?Lient Johnsnn, H* Navy; W H Boanlinsn and Kuoch Train, of Boston; M'sWilaon of do: John Weaver,of Lowell. Maes: Heater Itrigham, bearer nl despatches to uwCotrt of St jaawi; Kdwm Shnw, John Airow inith, Jag Brush and le-wis Mawson > f N York; Mrs D.iter Br-gham, of do' Atei Rod/ rs of Alhsuy; Krancia Ferret, of New O leins; lion J ih Mass.i. of Montreal; Mi't M.iaia, of i o; W Kdmunson, S Maranlly, T C. ' ee, J Kr-ser, K Mors , Jos McKay, M M Hit don. (} t.amonIhi, J I'rova'ache, Jno Snub. Taeodore 1) II.ill, W Slair, jr, and Andrew Slaw, of do; G M I'sborn- J n Kay; Meiers Whitford andCrow, of (dnebec; J Jama on, II Willie*, II Rnlierts, P H Knawlron, M Andrew Mair, jr. and .Mr Bostwick, of Canada; R W Harris anil D (Jllmore of Tomnlo. Cans a; W F Barr ol Glisgow. Scotland?II. For Halifaa?Mr. Ilohv I idy ?nd serva'H; Mr. D Cronan, Mrs <' s> 111 and seven children^ 12. Total 53. Lateit Advlcca aacKiTRD eT THt new tour Hr.asi.D orrn r. Africa Oct. 21 Malaga Nov. 1* Antigna Nov. 19 Madeira Nov. I Arecibo Nov. I Mauritius Sept. 2 Anaf'ayea Dec. 1 Montevideo Oct 30 Batavia Aug. 24 Maracaiho Sept. 20 Bay of Islands, N. Z-Jane G Mansanilla Nov. 19 Bermuda Dec. 5 M stanzas Dec. 12 Buenos Ayre* Nov. 6 Mayagnez Dec. 9 Belize. Hon. Dec. 3 Matamoras Nov. 9 Barhadoes Nov. 29 Monterey Oct. If. Bonaire Nov. 1 Nasaan, N. P. Dec. ti Bombay Oct. 29 Neuvitas Dec. 10 Cape Town, C. O. II-Sept. 1 Oaliu, S. I. Aug. 9 Calcutta Oct. 17 Paia Dec. I Cadiz Nov. 17 Paris Dec. 3 I hagrei June 20 Port an Prince Nov. 21 Cienfuegot Dec. 4 Pnrlo Rico Dec. 7 Cape Hayt'fn Dec. I Porto Cabcllo Nov. 21 'arthagev Oct. 28 Point I'etre, On ad. Nov. II ampeac' / Nov. 23 rernambuco Nov. 6 I (xpi i in bo >Jnly 19 Payta Aug. 21 CalUo Aug. 29 Kin Janeiro Nov. 2li Deinerara Nov. 21 St. Helena Oct. 20 K.ltiiiore Novs 21 St. Thomas Dec. IG Sayal Nov. 21 St. Jago de Caba> Dec. 2 Gibraltar Nov. IB St. Johns, P. R. Oct. 29 Wtiayama, P. R. Nov. 10 St. Croiz Sept 22 Galveston Dec. 9 St. Domingo Nov. 17 Gonaives Nov. 10 St. t'bes Sept. 29 Havre, Dec. 2 Surinam Nov. 13 Havana Dec. 15 Singapore Aug I Halifaz Dec. 19 Sydney, N. S W. July 27 leremie"^ Nov. 9 Trinidad de Cuba Dec. 2 nmaiiuu, ? i airjntinna Ail*. 21 London Dec. .7 Tainyieo Sept 21 Li?<>rpool Dm. S Tobuco Not. 2'? Lallnayra Dm. 1 Tnrka laland Dec. i] Lutuna Oct. 31 Trirate Not. 23 Luna An*. 21 Vnlparaia< Sept. 27 Macao An*. 28 VeraCruz Not. 21 Manilla July IS Zanzibar Au*. 12 foreign Importntions II?? *k?Ship Hi Nieolaa? II 1'kgi < Uigimui?14 H GailUnmekco?12 C Payen ? 4 B?4r. (Itr'og k ro?2 A II Ward km ?I L De Foreat?2 O Varet?IJ J Dupre?? A Holihir?I F. Brrthond? 1II Ro*aik ro?7.7C Mele-ta?7 J A Voiain k en ?1 Krimer Si Meeke?I A k I. Warhnr*?27 K Uoa?an*r?fi Hrnkard k llntton?30 Bruatlrin, Koop k ro?1} I, 1'illa-vuvt?I K Kahcan?l?F Dudrln?I Fontaine Anir?.7 F, k T l)ro*?31 iiay, I.Uiaac k Nor I?4 A k <t A Kendall?I .J K ll)de k co? 0 II I I orl)i!t k co?3 J Owen?2'J H kj II Kngliali? I () V ilr l.jric?I A I'ronunt?3 F Hheliton k co?21 I, M Ditm? I -Till k Thompson ?12 Spiea, I lirial k co?II) II I her rolif k co ?I Kami Cochran?I H Babad-lJ li St Ktlit-J l.rwiak Fairinan?21 Henaril k co?8 I. k 11 I urtia k co?II Lane. I.auiaon k co?1(10 J Wolfe?91 Brrilhaui-t k < linn?4 II.ocean k Itnach? 7 L lloldrehmidt hen?32 F Colt-net? I .1 O Berteau? 2 I'latt llrothra?8 J B Zimmrrmann- 1 (Jilberf Fietea?I II Deraiamea ?0 K II Meyer?2 Moran k lailin?7 II lleiinenuin?2 Kanfernot ? I F. II Strange?2 A T Stewrt?3 W k S k co?9 S llaakell?<11 Bodmer?I II I) Cot lira I k co? I D M Peyser k co?I S lleraon k Co?3 Joly Frerra?10 I liarraud, Schlumpf k Sir her?I I' Douchet?22 B <1 Wainwrifht?2 F.tlwarda k Kinddird?3 .1 II lingers?2 Teterel k lilain -I Bern k Keeae ?I M 1 afle k C Melber?13 It It II I la ischt k co?3 S K Dorr?(I Warburg k Danne?J T Ortmeuthal k co? II Bourry d'lvernoia?4 H lleaaeiiber* k co? I Wiley k Putnain?I J Magr.m k co? | Mnller k co?ISO llarlian k I it *or?33 Vlorlot k Scheffer? I A S Parrot? I Cook, Anthony k rn-4 C Dorrl?I F Honrd- ipiin? 9 Malezirut, (lourd k co?I Larhait* k Faurhe? I (1 Dmnin.nea?4 Mi I liana?3 H Werkrneiatef? 3 It a II in k Sind-r?It ,| Dnrand k co? I l)nloia, Jacotfcco I Lnt* Frees?3 flarriaon k co?I N Lennkt-S F Thnryiecken k en?| i; llerrdt? 17 l)r llonati?7 Iloonrn (Iravrs?7 kal)rc.|uctte'a fila k \lorra?2 I) Holt?| F. Thayer?I I II D- villera k co-1 V Bi.hop-2 Urnher k Dsmhmann ? I Deraiamea k Btor.ard -I J W llnlherton? I W k S 4 'olea?12 J II Wi'li-ms?It Koaen*artin k Dennis?2 P A Brrt?HO II llnllot fila?7 l.achaiark Fanchr?I T Fay? I Btlleyk Kitchen?I l)elnn'.\ ken?I Henand k co?I Brnard k Mondou?I F Stoo*hton?70 C Rillict 4 4-oIti1I k Fleming ?1 F.rkhardt k Mrrkr?I Martin k Laweon?I F A Struberg?I J Roberts?1521 burr stouts Morris It *"Cu minings?sundries S M Bote)?If case* to or^fr. Borukai'I ?Brig I auonicus?74 hhdg brandy J r&swell?6 bbls 6 qr cks 5 pin do O K Castellan?10 hf do Leutilh<?ii k ?:o ?16 do Victor & Duckwitx? 50 do 20 t.bls 30 ur eks K Stevens k ton?to hf - 0 ur cks V Bsrsalou-10 <jr do A Beigwette? 16 c* 1 C Deitic? 1 hhd 9 Wood?10 hf do C Meletta?I libl castor oil Chastelain k Poo tart?32 hi 30 ur j?;?s llOcs prunes J Duraud k co?26 hhtls '26 cs P A H Re sulci At Co?38 cks D G k Dll.i vilaud?9 cs O Rout & CO?0 B Blanco?2 hf pps A Biniugrr k co?66 hf do 18 qr H cks * me to order Mau.u; i ? Barque Harmony? ( Re|?orted Monday )? I hoi K NSu tell?600 do paste 100 bales paper 8100 bxs 8?6 hf 1866 qr do raisins I bbl wine 10 cs citron 2 bis cheese 61 blocks marble 220 hxs soap 60 ba e* raits 16 cks cream tartar 200 hf chests oil Pet*r Harmony's Nephews k co?2 e< citron 22 bis paste lot) do oil W ; Browu?300 do 12 bis paste 12 do liquorice Jo J Vacari?I b'?i | 22 pkgs straw lists I do paintings U llsdden k son?1 cose do Wilev k Putnam?J do marble J C Hooker?2 trunks indse Waterhu r * k co?60 bis paste 200 do soap I csk acid 2 pkgs 3 cs 1 liedstead to order. Pokt au Pki*c > ? Bug G fl Wrigh ?(Before reported)?90 tons logwood 10 do mahogany 360 bigs coffee 100 hides AC Rossi ere. (jri:> ada?Bug Star?2 casks old copier 1 box old silver 126 hides 9 sheep skills 160 horns A Hubbird. Domeftlc Importations. Charlkiton?Ship Cathaiine?379 bales cotton Renard k co ? I0t L Shaw?29 Sprague, Robiusou k co?3 L N Haves?*7 W R Wads worth?'76 Poirier Krmres?,68 Stni'h, Mills k co?96 trs rice J C Muller?2 cases mdse O W Haltey? 2 do HaviUud. Keese k co?6 pkgs W Rutherford?t hales Post k Main?6 i>k? W Colgate k co?21 do copper J 8 It B Post?10 bbls Miller, Vau Nest k co Savannah?Brig Saratoga?200 bdet cotton G Collins?250 do 13'icks rice to order. Or or<;, 8C ? Brig Juno? 66 bales cotton J C Wads- I worth?**19 Smith. Mills k co?61 Sackett Brothers?207 Henry j Coit?16 R S M ait land?41 Spolford k Tileston. St Marks?Schr Pixarro?212 bales colt* n Holbrook, Nel- j son kco?30 Center fit co?13 NUitland kComrie?12 Mel, Cos Hi \ ...LrLn.. in *..ll. A I. I |UI. I MARITIME HERALD. Hailing Dujra of tn? Steam Mtilpa rioM mtk-arooL. mow amkrica. Britannia. Hewitt** **Jan. 4 FA. 1 Caledonia, Lott Feb. 5 March 1 Acadia, Shannon Mar. 4 April 1 Packets to Arrive. Packets to Sail, ckom i.ivkrpool. for utmimi. (fro. Washington. Nov. 26 AshbitrlOB. Iloldredgr, Jan. 6 I'nited State*, Britton, Dec. 1 S. Whitney,Thompson. Jan. 11 FROM roHTtMnl'TH. FOR PORTSMOUTH. Wellington, Chad wick, Dec. I Montreal, Tinker. Jan. 10 Mediator, ( hadwick, Dec 2 liladiator, Btittnn, Jan. 20 FROM HaVKK. roR HAVHK Sully, Burrow*, Dec. I Alhany, Wation, Jan. 8 Burgundy, Line*, Dec. II 8. Or(>rassr,Thnif>pion, Jan.IS Ship Musters and Agents W* shall fili-cm it a favor, if Captaiaa of Vcruel* will give to Commodore Rorkrt Sii.vkt. of our New* Fleet, * He port of the Shipping left at the Port whnuce tliey tailed, the Vetiel* S|H)ken ou their Passage, a List of their Cargo, and any Foreign New*|vt|>era or New* they may have, lie will board lliein immediately on their arrival. Agent* and Correspondents, at home er abroad, will alio confer a favor by ending to thi* Office all the Marine Intelligence they nan obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfully received. POUT OK IKW YOKK, JANUARY 3. low 7 27 i moor 31 nil 4 43 i hioh with 7 16 Clsure4l. Ship* Utica, Hewitt. Havre. Boyd St Hincken; Kutaw, Thompson, Liverpool, R Irvin; Hector, Sjieneer, Mobile, F'. I) llurlhnt St I 'o; Sutton, Galloway, Charleston, Geo Sutton.? naiipie Rapid. Ward, Havana, Mote* Taylor.?Brigs Aland*. Hnwland, Belize, H oil. B Blanco; Anlartic, Thompson, Baihadeei, W W Pratt.?Sclir Tuscarora. Smack. Richmond. All?n St Paxinn. Also, ship St James, Meyer, Loudon, Orinnell, Miuluru St Co. Arrived, V. 8. steam frigate Princeton, Capt. R. F. Stockton, 2 days from Philadelphia. Packet ship St. Nicola*, Pell, from Havre, Nov. 16, with indsr, to Boyd St Hincken. Has hem off the Highlands, to the southward, since the evening of 2'Jtli ult. Left karuiouth, Lug eve of Nov 29 Ship Catharine, Berry, todays from Charleston, with cotton, to (J. Sutton. Sailed in co. with ship Salialtis, Cox, for New York. Belgian baroue Matia Louisa, Vandersteen, 69 day* from Antwerp,with indse and 126 passengers, to Gerdiug St huiikeltnauii. British brig Aristides. Iliitchius, 30 day* from Pernaiubuco, in ballast, to Stokes St Anthony. Brig Slar. Pilliuan, (before reported) from Grenada, via St Kilt* 19 tlavs, iu ballast, to A. Ilubbard St Co. Left at (i, brig Pantheon, Kales, for NOrleans, sauie day, only American. At St Kilts, 2 American brigs, names not recollected. The Star arrived on the coast 26th ult. received a pilot, and wu blown to tea ill co. with H or 10 square rigged ves*>ls. Brig Cauouicus Co|iel*nd, (befoie reported) 40 day* from Bordeaux, with brandy, tic to t'liastelaiii Ik Convert Has exC-rienced very sevtre weather?lost stils, i|un, xtove bulwark*. c. he. Brig Harriet, Tote, (before reported) 20 day* from Cienfuego*. with I) ton* caliper ore to .V-mnith, Leeds St Co. Sailed in co. with Efln Burgess. of and for Boston. Brig Juno, iSorrn, III diy* from Georgetown, SC.. with cotton. tO A. Averill. Brig Saratoga, Bedell, 10 day* from Savannah, witli cotton, to J. Of den. Brig Henry, Burt, from Washington, NC. with naval store*, to Mitchell St Co. Brig Olive. Jeffrey, U days from Eastport, with lath and fish, to Sturges St Co. Sclir I'izarro, Sherman, from St. Marks, via .New port, 2 days, with cotton, to master. Sclir Wei mouth, Couch, 7 days from Richmond, with mdse, to Allen St I'mon. Sclir Ann Smith, Cole, 4 days from Richmond, with llonr, to mast-r. Sclir I'hebe Eliza, Osboru, 4 diysfrom Alexandria,with Hour, to Sturges St Clearm in Sclir Henry Lemurt, Cratnner, 10 dtys from Sulfslk, with shingles, to W. Benson. Sclir Exit, Albey, ti days from Georgetown DC. with mdse, to mas er. Sclir Kair Play Johnson,6 days from North Carolina, with siting les. to master ScTir \Vm Tell, Joins, 2 days from Delaware, with corn, to mister. Schr Tho* Ireland, Post, 2 dava from Iliclimond,witli coil, tw mailer. Schr Lovely Harrison, North, 2 day* from Kolly Lauding, vritheorn, to 11 I', lhrem. Schr James St Samuel, Soiners, from Richmond, with coal, to master. Schr Margaret Ano, Oodfrey, 2 days from Philadelphia, with indse. to A. B I'miley fit < o. Mchr Victor, Basaett, 4 days from Dot ton, with mdse, to S. W Unit. Schr (nnderrlla. Coleman, 21 hours Irotn New Loudou, hi I>a 11 aat, to matter. Schr Henrietta. Norris, Boston. Schr Dvil Webster. L.iwience, Norfolk, Schr Nassau, Dearborn, llichmond. Schr Wave, Johnson, Mill'ord. Del, Schr Hope, I'M,mil. Mill'ord, Del. Sloop Splcudid, 2 days from Bradford, Man. w1111 mdir, to master Sloop Kiample, 2 days from Virifiiiia, with oysters?hound to New liaven. Sloop n.inler, Cartwright, from Sag Harbor, with oil, to the Mater. Sailed. Ship* St James, Meyer, Loudon ; Utica, Hewitt, Havre; Sarah, Myrick, Pacific Ocean, and other*. Herald Marine Correepondence. Officii. ok thk Khodk Isi.akuer, 1 Nrwniar, Jan I, KM I. ( Arr Dec 29. Mary, (Jardner, Taunton for N York; 30th, Brule, Baltimore lor Boston; a laige for- and aft ?chr said to be from Baltimore lor NBedford; Mount Ho|ie, of Deunii; 31st. Victory, NY'ork for Providence. Shi 30th. Ma**aaoif, If iraua; 3l?t, (food Ilo|>r. Weit Indie*; Bride, Boston; and the *chr for .NUnlford; ran I. Klita Hand, t'andace, Tryall, and Union, Baltimore, and all the wiudbouuil vrssels. Dec 2ti?Arr Mar?,[Br] Duncan, NYorlc for StJohu.NB. Neptu.e, Johnson, I oillaml for NVork; 2Rth. Columbia. Jordan, Kali River for Wilmington. NC; Kh/.i iland, Baker, do for Baltimore; 29th, ( andare, Brightinan, do do; Uuion, How land. Providence for do. Std 28th, Mar*, Tryall, 29th, Llict Iland, Caudace, anil returned with Tryall, the K II hariug loal jihboom. Ueneral Record. The (>acket ahip Columbui, Cole, for Liverpool, will lail to' day. Ban; KaiRrrtXD, Wilaon, Port au Prince for NVork, is snpimissiI to lie lost. She w?a aeen aahore with lighter* alongside, by t apt Culls, of (he (r H Wright, at thi* port, who alao reports a, eakiug the K. on tl e 12th tilt, south of Crooked Island Passage. Loss of the British brio Hrv.nri ?The Huehec, < Inssell, sailed from lonelier Nov 21, with deals, for London. Dei 2, the vessel was lound to lesk considerably. The nest day a gale hlew with great fury, which increased tbe leak. On llie evening of Dec 12. in lat 47, Ion 48 the Sweden, Unman, from >ewcaslle, for Boston, fell in with thein, and learning their situation, she was hove to. anil Ihev wore I .ten ?... hoard The long boat of the brig was stove alongside, and the water 1 unagr i the ninth quantity of provisions, which the wrecked crew attempted to Mart. Tint was unfortunate. as|the Harden wasrathershortof proviakma. Tha craw >f thi Mf saved their cloth?*a and tlw captain his iiiatruinerits. but the lilfr were much d nnag'-d by salt water After the long boat was stove, an at-erupt made to hoard the brig in another boat, hut tie* sea rrni too high, and as it was nearly 10 p m. and quite dark, the brig was abandoned. .She nine feet of water in her bold when last boarded. The Quebec was a brig of 273 tons, was about frur years old, and was owned and partly insured in Que. bee. The crew suffered much?two of them were severely frost bitten. The Sweden arrived below this port yesterday afternoon, f apt f liissell speaks highly of the conduct of Captain Unman towards hirn and his crew ?[Boston Democrat. Jan 1 BaRqt'?. HaRlwe.?Th* vessel reported as the Km (rrtride. locked hi the river above Tobaseo, is supposed to be the Sabiue. Merrill, of Portland. Bark La Plata, of Philadelphia, a* Boeios Avrrs. Wis severely damaged during the gale o I Oct 8 i II. She wat on the p tint cf sailing, and would have to ' isrharge to re| a r Ksrk Active cf Bammor*, wts to take the maru cargo of brig Arc. turns of Bos'on S? HR Ai.ARa.MA.~A letter dated Dennis Creek. Dec. 28th ays: I have just learned 'hat t e Alabvma, from Campeachy or Tampiro b und to New York,londod with dye woods,hides 8tc , was wrecked oil t- e K*at Point of L dlarn s Beach, in the gale of the 26th inst Captain Harris h?s given h'ruptnthe t ommissioner of Wrecks who is discharging he - c irgo for the benefit of the c? ncem. The vessel is not rruch iniored. and if the westher prove* favorable may te got off. [We published an account 'ast w eh of ?he Alabama hiving been ciarcd by wreckers into Key W?'?t ] Shippiro at Bos row.?Arrived list year, 2?'? ships, ;i07 barques. 1172 brigs, CH3 schrt. and If.'i sloops Clearcu, fid ships, 300 barques, tH5 bHgS; 9fM ? hf H si tO|U ..... un iikmi ai inrmr nnrk Shoala Inat I'm, 12,'ill veaaela -lieing an lucreaae of 1,598 in twelve monthi. Notice to fflnrlnera. Til* Light Hlup .lit Stratford ha* I fn taken into ;mrl for re paira, and will reiutne her at*.tun in * lew weak* Whalemen. Kanay, of aiaal from HII for NW I oaal, w*s aeeii Dec 12, l*t :m, Ion '>2. Mpoken. I aaket, Bnaton for Purl an Prinre, Dee H, off ' rooked laland Paatitk'?by the O H Wright ?l till a port Cincinnati, from New York, steering 9W, Dec 20, lat 21 22, Ion 71 15?by the Star, at llna port 'Porter,'of Providence, from Wilmington, NT. fir NYnrk pee 28, int 29. Ion 2.1 lleli oil, N Orlei n for NY'l.rK, D e 22, lit 21! II I in 70 10. Leon il*a, of Wa fen, H I, from Tlioin.ialiui lor NOil ma, Dee 22, lal 21 12, long 21 20. I ieerv ianii.1, or l.aalport, 1 di*a froin fur Phil i e'plna, Dec 20, lot 21 (iH, long 7'l 13 Caroline, Tobaaco lor NYoik, Dec It, lat 21 55, Ion Hi 79. foreign Porta Phut *r Palter, about Dec 10 - In port, A finer Pafton, fr >rn Au? Cavi" for N York, put la in dislreaa, lenty?the raptnn had died on the paaaage. S t thoat a a liec lti?Kio (Irani , ( i naina, fm Newport Wale , lor N(>ileant ilia; Guilford, Sun li firi M illimure I r Ho, ahl Itih Dec. I'e'aeverinca, Learh. Sal. in, anc, Oitg; l.tile c ( ampbell I'm Un nlalniipe, for Savannah netI day ; fin toe, While, fni Bremen, alii IJtti Die for M Domi 'to; (nite-1 Sialea, Ingrt am, fm NY' rk, aid tame day fur \l lii'e, ller.ild, Snnle. fin Baltimore fur New.lrleaoa. unr dug; I' It B' tton, Traverr. fm !> marira for Turka lal ami and Baltimore aid Mil. Dec. II II Colli), do do, Suaan I.ii'lwig, Corbey, fin Sr l.nei* f"f NOrlenra aid I lib Dee I nmrl. Howell, fin (in id t!oii|ie for Turka lalirnl, aid 11th; Pearl, Pearce, from NewYork, arat Si Barta, le'ailliiK Ina eargo, etiweinl down. Knai.a rot, J.i He.- lit-In port i.eho, of aril from Chilid Ionia diar. New ()rl?n>?. ' aed from do do; a liMlwt' , d.i d ,; s- ,.f NY oik. fm Sinl.nettilay. Ultn, aid. il,?f I'htlailelphia, for TriniJad. lath, aid rhoe,it,ol Baltimore, for Mobile. ,. Mnu i r> inr.o, about On 31?Sid Yinrru a, (from Pintail.-! phi?) and Ann/, o. Wedge. Buenna Ayrea. Vai.ra M a lao, S-'i'l 25?In port. N.atchex, Waterman from N j York 83 daya.arr l?th, for Callao and China Arr 8th, O c' llaymrutMuow or lute of Haghgybor) IHwleiW fit Talcahu? ana. and aid 15th, dest mat OH unknown flMI 'qriHL'E,ah? ut Hf( t 20? Li t ort * .mada. Biahop. unc. I f KJr.K liLani a. Ai*r11 %- I 14>i(, ( ytw, King, for Manilla, in July; Gambia, WmIUc , :u- *' *. uu . Hum' i'tf* i* Li Hire, DwW-Arr C esc t, Nelson, NVo?k: 25th, Lucy, Bog?rs, Ht John. NB. Md *4th, !Vru, Parker, NVork. Tho Lucv is Idg for Alriaiidri.i Pobtlsnij. Dec 2t? Arr 'Onion,' Rogers, Oiorfttowa for Ho?tou ( Id Watson. Dockray, < iuad i out*. Nothiug aailad Wind NNK to NNVV. with mow Khokk.hi , Dec 21?Hid F| Pair ck. Oyer. St Croix. Hsiim. Dec 29? Sid < had*; Zcne Parker. I hilad -ly>hia. 31, Ragle. Whct-hr. It o Or?i>df. Boston, Jan?Arr Vlouh ?* !, Colley, Kastp >rt. Below, at anchr in Naut&aket Road* Hwrdeu, H.ojuu, Newcastle, Fug; Titer still below. <ld Hiherui*. (s) Judkins, Liverpool, Calo, liallet, Havana aud NOrletru; .> xU lie/. Snow, Havana Gloi i stem, Dec 2t>?Arr Oceu.a. < r?igh*on, Tliouuatoa, Int in Hgaiu lor a harbor; 27th, Helen Krazier, Davia, Baltimore for Bath; 29th, several coaalrra. The Oceana went ott but put back again. Nkw Bm>eom>, Dec 31?Arr Bern', Start, Baltimore; Rodman, Biason. NVork PaoviDKNCK. Dec 30?Arr< beaipeake. Poat, Baltimore; flat, Thos Keuner, Nickeraon. PmUdelp .n; j L tmpheer, NYork.? Bid Perfect, ltich, Klizsbe.h ( ity Nkw Naven, Dec 29?Arr Atltntic Ar?natroug, Barbadocs. SIcf Geo Loyal, liooda, Martinique; Don Juan, San ford, Bar* badoes Philadelphia. Jan I.? Arr No ria Stanley, Ru?, 8t Themis; Ad.fea, Nickeraou, Providence?(. hl.t har'otte Ann,(Br) Vroom, *t Jnhn. NB; Harret, Diley, West Indies: Atslautt, Bates, NBedford; Iodine, Blew , NVoik. Arr 2d, Abm Brown Dtvia. Kali Hiver. ( Id James liayJey, (new) Bishop. Mataaz\%, Wellington, Lyle, tuba; VictJt.L'ook, Boston; Virginia, Gould, NYork. B u.iiMoid , J,m l?Arr Napier. Haur'ford from Amsterdam; Meuimora, Low- Amaterd i>n; Aloeoa Hyde'.Boston; Juno. Toolhaker, Pe'fa-t; linchamheaii, Griffith Fa I Hi?? and Newpuit Cld M iri.i, Hopkins, Sew \ork. S d Lrwrence, HoUfi, Boston; Ma m 'I tifrii\, Clark, Montevideo; Abo, k'ooks, Mobil-; Maiy Witks, Gait Apalachicola; Selma, Pray, BarbiUoes; Mary < alhaaiue, Si^ights, Cliarlestou; Tho? Hooper. 11*11, Providence. Orohi.ktown. DC. Dec 30? Arr Richmond, Salem; Sarah Wale>, Boilnii: Edinburgh, NYurk. Richmond, Dec 28? Arr Narraitausett, Baker, Porl mouth. Ml Hid Mar*. Wood. NYork. Nnnroi.K, Dec 30?Air Lewia. N Yotk. Wa?Hinuton, NC. Dec 21?C Id Washington Unon, Weat Indies, t'ainplico. Comet, ltelmd, uo. Chahi.citon, Dec 29?Hlil V dsrar.1, r'ulalry, NYork; Caroline, Oilliry, K iixrlnu, Ja., air C octa*. Cl asr, NOrleans; Wa -amaw, Vine-ut, Kingstw, Ja ; Andrew Birroa, Daguy, NYork. Stilt lielow, Oliver St V'.iizv da. 27ti;?arr Peter Haltiic'a, I'oat, do. sHtli ?HI.I V'tile. (S w) Haraoa, I owes and a mark t; (reit inli.ll iitinnnd, VV I dle'; NaJ y'?, (llain.) Peters'n, Hamburg. Ar. Jiltn, Daiil Wrbaler, Parker, Havana for Africx; Kame, (Br) Webb, Barbadges. Below, a Kreucli ship. aupiHiaed tbe Carolina, from Point Petre; and the Will Tell In the offing. Jainra While, (Br) Liverpool. Cld Ouslaf Waaa, (Hw) H.igstrotn, Antwerp; Kaari, llayuea, New York. Savannah, Dec 27?Arr Kicel.and II Lawrence, New Y'ork Sarah, (Br) H leicher, Dublin; Georgians, Bedell NYork. Cld SeliaKo, Coffin. Point Petre. faund; Dalhouaia, (Br) McKellar, Greenock. Hid Alpine, Nirkersoii, Bordeaux. Hi Aioustinv, r la. Dee 18?Arr H Tou.lin, Tomliu, New York. Kr.v WaaT, Dec 19? Sid Rudolph Griming. New Y'ork^with canto of the Piluriui. Arr Expeditious. N York. In iiort.iloae. ready for aea; Lawreuce, for aale, Irright .or charter; Gauia , wtg frt Moiiii.k, Dec 25? Arr Formosa, Crawford; Mary Plnllipa, Pratt, and Croton, Soullanl, NY'ork ^Commerce, Alleu, Boaton; Marian Gatte Keed, Havana. Cld Aiiguata, Pint. do. Ntw Oki.i:ani, December 22?Cld, Strafford, llobaou. New York: Wiac nam, Mickey VeraCruz Arr. Jno Garrow, (llr) Thompson, Liverpool; Ajtnes Gtlmore, (Br) Auder>on, Bristol, ( Eng.); Washington Butletr, h lug-ton, (Ja.); < 1- liiare,Cushion Bordeaua; Northerner. Hatch, Havana; Francis Thomas, Burrows, Ht Thoinaa 2Ulh, Cld, Gennral Marion, Sylvester. Havana. Arr, Ocean, W.ugins.Kot e>dam; Albert, (Bretn.) Klnckvehru, Bremen; Cord A! tidatnte (Br.) Taylor, Loudon; Sherbro k, (Br.) Sterling, Cork; Lnniaa, l.eavilt, New York; Gibraltar, Jor. hi. Havre; Empnsxa. Blye, Bristol, l(. I ; Kverlon, Mayo, Ht Thoinaa; Octavia, Smith, HtThomas; Victoria. (Br.) Young, Nassau, (N. P.); Olivia Brickell,Vincent kulinoutli, (Ja.) Arr I'M, ILiclieslrr, Oweu, Hmterdim; Goliah. Slater, Liverpool; Orlando, Paiker, Kenpebonk; Niagara, Cole, and Sea. Allen, New York; Joaephine, Mitchell, Tnrka Island. Susan Spoll'urd, Spoffnid, Providence; Alexander, Rokiuaon, Tliomaaton; Pilot, Parley, Na?au, NP. Bdow, k.spindnln, Barstow, Liverpool, t Id Saracen, Hiler, Olaayow; Palmyra, Scobie; Deucalion, Allen, and Brighton, Comiugs, Boston; Kepler. [ Bremeu ] Krudop. Cette; Delphiua, Brooks Vera Cruz; A Perkins, Clnrk, St Thoinaa; Hero, Goldi n if llivana; *setv York.(? I Wriclil. Galveston WANTED?A situation t>r a resp-ctslile young woman ? <liunl)?imii(l ur to take care of childreu, who has good city reference from her lut place. Please apply SUti B iwrry. j t lfrc rPI> STAIK-ROl) MAKERS?Wanlrd, a journeyman staira rod maker who is fully competent to make all kiud of rod*. Recommendations requin J. Address immediately to F.dward Jouei. Stair-red maker, coiner of (Jeorgr and Swuwick street, I'lli'aJelpln.i To a competent workman good wagra and steady employment will lie given The "Nawaik Daily Advertiser" will copy three limes and aend hill to this office JJ 3te SITUATION WANTED? By a young and resrwctable wn nan. in a amnll and private family, as cook or chambermaid; and is wiling to act in auy other rapacity. Best of city reference can be procured. Apply at 171 Weat Broadway. j3 lti?*rc WANTED TO KENT?In Broadway, a siore fronting on the street, between the Astnr House a id Wall street. Ad dress, with terms. Boa No. 737 Lower Post Office. d27 tfd COOKS, CHAMUKRM AIDS* NURSES, HE AMPSTRESSES, aod Uirls for houseworl. Also, coachmen, gioams, waiters, porters, mechanics, am! men fur auy employment, with tineicepriounble recommendations for honesty, industry, sobriety, Ike., at HENDERSON'S Original Temperance Office, 77 iNnasau strict, near Joliu street. References?Hon M. Van Daren, lion. B. K. Butler, Kev. K. M lohuoB, Rector. N. B.?Terras?Annual subsrribtrs one dollar, quarterly fifty Mil illfNiNl jOSl'?A s n?|l diamond breastpin, on Saturday last, Dec. J 30th. By leaving it at 320 Bleeckrr street, the tinder will bo lilMir.tlly rewarded and receive the thanks of the owuer. j3 lt#rc KV.IUND?On Thursday evening lait, in one of the Broad way and Kigtrh street stages, a Ladies' He id Ornament, in a tnorocco cise The owner can have it by paying for this advertisement andfproving propeity. Ktiquire at the desk. Herald Oftire. j3 Jtec RKWARD?A Pocket Book, containing papers of do O use hut to the ner, wis lost at the American Museum Inst evening. The finder will receive the abort reward bv leaving hat the t lioton Hotel, ??r hi tkhsfkM iwt*rc 55 AAA REWARD.?Thm TIkmnmm* Dollars w5l it ?JptJ)V/v/V/ paidfer the recovery and delivery of the contents, to the undersigned of a black leather bank truns, about thirty inches long and eight en inches * ide, wit h the edge* sharp, ft was iroil bound, with wood, strap* niuuing along th - top and bottom, also, strapped with irou. It is believed to hivct?*eii marked " Pom roy fit Co. " or " P. fit Co.," on tlie ends The said trunk i* supposed to here (e'en stolen fr rn wn hoard the ste.imh iat Uric i on the nth iusL It cot t .ine l a large amount of checks, bsnk notes, aud d/afts. eucl"srd iu packages in cnf|?e. bags a d directed to diffeieut brokers and bauks in the city oi N; w VorU. 'I he above reward will lie paid in addition to all other rowards offered b/ether |*?r?ons interested. PO vlKKOY k CO , 2 Wall st. N. V. New Vork, Dec. 16, I8t3. The payment of the above reward is guaraiited bv the parties inteiesfd in the recovery id'said Trunk and its con enfs; in addition to whu h tlure is a'so the following reward of $3,COO offered by Pornerwy k Co. of Albany, aud guaranteed bv the und*-rsigued, making the whole am ount of the rewa d offered GOUO DOLLARS. .ilhawy, i/tcrraDe" u. wsj. Wf, the undertijfmd, having a drrp interest in the recovery of the Trunk and Money lecently stolru from the steamboat Ulica, do hereby gu'rant* e the full and prompt Payment of the Reward of Three Thousand Dollars offered by romnroy It Co, of this city, in the ritio of our re?i?retive interesu YVAbHBURN * Co., THEODORE OLCOTT, < aahirr of the ( anal Bank. K. K. KENDKICK. Cashier of the Mechanics' ana Fanner*' Bank. JOHN PAINE, Cashier of the Bank of Troy. WM.J FRY%R. dIR tfins rrc JOSHUA G. ll|X. CAT HA JUNK CJOOL), of the city of Philadelphia, widow , not having heard from her * >ii (Samuel k. Williams, now, or late of the citv ef New York, natter) for some innej?d?t, would be thankful for any informatii n respecting him If this shonld meet his eye, ^ hue addr ssed to lier, No 98 Cherrv st, 1 I < l. lphia Peuna., would find her. dJOjS 7 Stgbft aiyHL TO LET?The plot of ground wi'u the building* fv7T[j| erented thereon, situate on the n rth side of IRth st erf. bet w een the 7th aveune and Kilzrov road now occupied by hllian Campbell. Apply at No. 32 L light stre*?. jI lw*rc ~BOOT*-\V aTmTmToOF Double and Cork Boles, w French and native calf and |>atent. screw taps; warranted j! good I'me cilf boots for men; bov'? and children's do, caarse water boots and shoes of a|l serts and sues N B.?Lidies, Mis*eaand Children's gaiter boots, shoes and bu kins, double and single ?oles, and ol every c 'lor and shade. Ladies. (Jenls, Miss?'? and ( luhlren's water proof India Itnbher ovfr shoes of tin* latest stvle, all of which will he sold cheaper thau at any othsr store in this ritv Napoleon up boots $3 a pair. J. S. WALK EH, 419 Broadway, j j linger Corner of ( ana! st. TEN LULL A R8 REWARD?Bins) ed from home a large Spaniel l)>g, rn Sunday, ths 3 i of December, auswe s to the mme of Jason His innvz'e i? brown an I white spotted; head hrown; with long hanging ears; breast whit** long hair; round the neck white hair; hack brown short hair; leg* brown and white spotted; rail.first half fro ? the back is hrown with short hair, the other half, towards the point, is white, with lor.g hair and hy this particular fe?t< re the d<?g is est recognized. Wbcever will return tUe same to rhe i'r*mout House, comer of Broadway and Pine street, will receive toe above reward with the thanks of the owner. L'it a tootn from the ri*h* sole of rhe lower jaw. jl 3t#r? NEW LINE OK PACK*"IS k OR LIVERFOOL?Packet of 2!st Jmu?ry?The rr w. ?j-h nrt'd, fi|fltfM?wid Isyorim pneke' thin QUEEN OK TIIE WEST, I2'r0 tons hurthe,i. ('ant P Woodhouse, will sail on .Monday, 2M Juiusrv, her regular dav. Those wishing to secure berths should not fail to make early |<[ plication on board, foot of Borlir g Blip, or to W. k J 1 TAPBCOTT. af tbe?r (general Passage Office. 43 Peck sIid. | jl ec corner of South wr?el .MQ jgTlviNTKK MAIL LINK FOR ALBANY Cm J*?nd Ihc nifcnned ate pl.rea?Fare thnaich to 3Ch^HLJi1Iw Alhtny Si.?Thra|dcudidate mlxtar I'Tl' A, Cnpt .1. Srutt, will leave th" ?t??inbo?t mer a' th' foot of Liber ty ?trr?t, Thu Afteinon ( Wednr?dav, Jan 3d) ?t 5 o'clock For pMtiiKr 0' lieight, n|)|>ly on bo?id, or to r. C. Ifchnltl, *1 the office on the * harf A boat of thin lin? will Icarr every aft rnoon at J o'clock. J llC AKKANOKM F.S T- h <' K ALBANY, Via BIllDOKf'OHT a d *a .MM ad Hot utami kWtitKt fi^J^9<IUii .naoana. ally. i und.i', ? JUL Kaeeptod. jSBCL I'.wte ucrt for Albany by thin I'o'ite will lake the new and clear tut a'aamhoat Kt.'flFKA, Capt J L. kit' h, which leaves New York fiom foot Liberty atrret, Thnrtdav at I alf inat ? o'clock, lor Bri'l|(ei>ort, thence by ih- llouaatouic and \Veatern Hailroa It, without Change el c ira or baygnc crati a, to Albany .arrirmg aaiau cvunig at 8 o'clock. Fare through For pataatr* or Freight, apply on board, or at the office, foot of Liberty atrm. <1 M. I'hltllY, Agent. \ SKKJNKTTE BRANDY- - T NICULL.No < and , i \ . f/i !?roi t ilif', n ? >n?tittfly importing \tid h m re< ?M?tlj r? ( i veil ili ??ci from lioehelle, s cargo of the bote Brandy, of !)old a ! irr. nine bruid, aud of?rry nup^fioraDdliif, wni. h he ? II m f r Nile in half qoartrfcasks an i eights, tinder II I<*ck entitled '<? .11'ii'iir* . |ttl w !* n( K'\ Ml)?-A resectable family can lie *cc mmodated with a |de?*ant room ai d bed ro^m, w?th pantrv* adjoining; alio . i w sin ill rooms with convenience for tire, suitable for single w 11?-men, wifli ruin fort able boa id Apply at 7f. Berk man d'R I m*r j i \ | I S \ I l I Old AB I ' r - < Ofllifl ee-s l?y thit vets I are r?<|iivst'd to *e? d tl.eif |?errnif* on hoard at p -r No 1 N |< All kooiIii rot perm lied by the Oth' intlir.t, will be liable to I? setjt lu the public store. jW I n this age of Quackery and Humbug it is moat important to I choose an fipenanced 1'hysician. di;. .r. kvans II s removed Ins Old Oaea's Mead l)ii|'*nsvy to No 2M Pearl ttr *et, corner r f ll'-lonm s'reet, where he continues hit most eirrmrdinary cores of nil delicitc Hi eases no milter how comi? united; he apprises then urns and strangers that there is to H . Kvans in hit old stand, and hat he h s no connection w \tev?r wiih nny other of ct. his charges art moderate, his ?isultitiuns strif tlr private. N.B?Ob*er?f the uurnher; mis'akrs are often damonm? JR I'e^rl street. xte.licniws ?iti due t.ob* scut to any part of th I . ion . bj pirtir nlarl v stating the case, and enclosing five dullais. jl lt*re

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