Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 3, 1844, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 3, 1844 Page 4
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Items of News, Ac. Iatiom hk Missionaries?On the evening <t l-'rulav, Dec. JB>ih, ihe Itev. Albert N. Arnold un 1 wife, and Miss Emily Wuldo, were publicly dcsigua ttii, by appropriate religious services, us missionaries tc Itreeee, hi the meeting house of the Kirst baptist ( hurcli in this city. The service* were introduced by the Rev J due, N i d anger, pastor ol the rhurch, w ho read a do, stating the name* of the missionaries, the piact el then i i or, and the laci that the) w ere expected tosai, Iiu.ii boston in the baniue i'utupkco on .Monday next, Jun l.t, lall The instructioo* oi the Hoard were lead to tht missionaries by the Rev. Solomou I'erh, the loreign *'v. An adectionale an.l Iinternal parting address a ooinpanied by the presentation ol the right hund, wa? dcliveiud by the J lev. Mr Anderson, who had lioen ? lasamate u'l Mr. Arnold at Newton '11 leological Instilu k tiou, aimclsaalj asaociatod with him m pastoral laixin ft in the same association since the commencement ol then A mini .terial lile, the one us pa,tor ol the Kirst Church id m Salem, the other at Newburypoit. This deeply articling I'urt of the service was followed bj a solemn tare well uj dress to the congregation by the missionary, Rev. .Mr. Aiuoid. The devououal exercises were conducted by < he Rev. Messrs. Dowiing, Way laud and Smith, and the hem diction pronounced hy ihe missionary. The whole ol the services were of a deeply interesting character, ami were witnessed hy ail immense coiigriigutioti, tiie spa inn* liuUse being well Idled in every pari.?i'roriJrmr Journal. Another I^loi eme.nt.?Wuipole in this Slate lias b'.'I'll thrown into a very interesting excitement by an elopement a* unexpected, us uncertain in its conse ;uence< 01 la Uio w hereabouts ol (lie ruuawuy parties.? hi Sunday of last \veck. Asa Whitman, a cotton muuului< i ui thai place, hired a horse and sleigh to go to iVowJeuce. Out! ul the girl* employ ml in l.n mill dtsapj. ared at the nu.uo time; and neither teluriiiug at a proper lime, suspicion began to take wing?the paitits wore nacod tJ : residence, whore it was lound they had put Tip at the Kraukiin House as man audwile. 'i'he horse ... . sleigh were left at Providence, but neither Mr. Whitman or his inamorata win to be found. All attempts to ti.iee 'hem lurthel have as yet proved ahoitiie. The gill i, cj years old, uud is represented as veiy handsome and "bewittlriug The "gay Lothario" i> (hi years of age, iid i the lather ol a lainily of children, lie belongs to < ue of. tire most anstoeratio families in the state, and was o.ire wealthy, though we believe his fortune has been strip) cd 11inn hiin It in not supposed that he carried money with him to any considerable amount, sotlialthis elopement docs not seem to have been engendered by soldi 1 leclings m cithci party. It is only u stronger blending of the tender ties which biud youth to uge?a spark trim the same amorous Unit which once lit up the bosom id .i youth who fell in luvc wnh the picture of his grandmother. "Who raid pickles."'?liusion Muil, Jan. i. Ui.tts ojt the Wklland Canal.?A serious riot ocvutTed on luo line ol tins cunal oil Friday, the '. ult a lew miles above Port ilohinsoii, w here u considerable number ol men, who hud commenced work at hall a dollar a day, with an understanding that their wages should be raised on the lirst January, to livo \ ork shilling , were attacked by a large party of those who hod : truck lor higher wages, and drivcu oil. Several shots v re died by the rioters, uud .Mr. Moore, a contractor, Wis very seriously if not dangerously wounded. Apor uon ol the colored troops at Port Robinson hud promptly repaired to the spot. '1 he Rochester Democrat of Saturduv, ha* the billowing paragraph, which probably relates to the above outbreak ' A rumor is hi town that a row occurred oil the line of the Wetland canal, on Tuesday lii>t, between the Orangemen and < atholim, which resulted in lite death of eleven of tlie rioters. The militia were called out. and order restored with difficulty.?v'i/Amiy .id i -1 tistr, Jan 1. locri von the CoantcrioN or F. nitons?Dec. O'J.?T It. Mercein v s. the People ex. rel. J A. Harry?Judgment ! versed?For reversal I'd, lor affirmances. The March tin. Bank ol New York vs. L. Woodruff?Judgment eiliriue l?For affirmance ill, for reversal 0 Zirah Webb v. L ltice and al.?Judgment reversed?For reversal 15, 1 . affirmance j. The Agent of the Monnt Pleasant State Prison i J. ( hichester?Judgment reversed?Kor rev sr. Sil 11, fur alhmiauee 6. Dec. JO.?11. Butler v>. the City of New York?Judgment ret ersed?For reversal 13, for att'urnance 1. The vuurt adjourned until Monday at Id o'clock at noon. l.'SE 01'" GUNPOWDER in itoBBEUIKS.?lrotl safes in ' how opened by the use of gunpowder. The key is i tuife 1 full aud then tired. One would think that the noise w ould alarm the watchmen, "but no such thing." They sleep too soundly. ?It-it Mexican Minister.?We hear that Gen. Waldy Thompson, the Minister of the United States to Mexico, has forwarded his resignation of that tilist, and in* be expected to arrive in the United Stutes very shortly . ?Xatwnal Intelligencer, An Ot rKAGE.?The Washington Standard states that on Friday night Inst, ttliout 1(1 o'clock, u poor v. Iiite female was assaulted by a bund of eight or ten ruf!i i;ix, calling themselves "Rangers," on Pennsylvania avenue, near 41 street, and her thigh broken, and otherwise maltreated by them. She was taken to the PoorHouse. Late prom Jamaica ?We learn from Capt. Vini-eiit, of the Waecatnaw, front Kingston. (Jam.) u* I'liarlestoii, that many of the planters of tltat island ?i o entirely abandoning their estates, in consequence d'the suicidal course of policy pursued by the British i >ov ernmeut, in reference to the colored population of that and the adjoining islands. tsxI'akk Pieces of Ooi.d.?In Gibson's Branch tine, Lincoln county, N. C., three pieces of gold wen- found, weighing respectively 11*4, K>3, and 107 peni: * eight -. Mood pickings. i .art.?The Donaldsonville Lousianian of the lib nit says Nearly all the planters in the * icinity have .II- bed making sugar. The quantity made this j ear will ? i ibout one third uhort of last year's crop. x \ The I'. S. brig Consort, Lieut. J'urviunoc, sailed on Saturday from this port, with stores for the squadron on the coast of Africa. m'eamehs.?Two iron steamboats ure now in course of construction in Philadelphia, intended for the i o.i d trade between that city and Baltimore. Indians.?A delegation of Fox Indians ru route tor Washington, was at Bit Main on the .Kith lilt. PH11,a or.tit'HiA daguerreotype establishment, FA'1 11 AUK BUILDING, ROOMS AND V. 'I'ltr. -tubscriher has recrived a large supply ol Vuigtlindrrs ' '.rsied Dagnerreocvpe Appartai. .Acre and small sines v. -h lehrinr.atic leni'a want according to Professor PeuvaJ'i >lso a new mpolv of iks' plates sad chemicals, which h? . g - id MM sells reduced ; ro-es " a ioinsim lisve agreed to act as stents, *it? * .Vsite, Ktq . 171 Broadway New York P. Haas, ksq 'Vishiugtor, 1*. '7. Dr. A. Caapari, Hichmond, Va. ? i-i-i.t, ksq, tot the Southern blstea. Wit. West, Esq l'. -unevti, Ohio. Ml communications (postpaid) and orders, accompanied * i n, will Is" promptly attended to, and should br . i-tedto william lauuknlikim. ITSim^r F.if.hdnirr BaiMinir*. PhilmMnhi* ~A~S 1JITABLE HOLIDAY PRESENT. \ * ALF.NTl.NL has removed Ins tograviug and Piintiug Ka* tahlisliment Irora John street to No. t Ueekniju street, t l.evej-iy's Hotel,) opposite the Brick (Jlinrch. NdW York ? Wed ilia a, Vishnu, Invitation and Professional Cards, esecnt -I .11 toe nrst sty le of thu art, as regards tlie superiority of the tiriving,ueatnesa 01 the Printing, and the whiteness am' bril ' y of the cards. Persons Inrmahiug their own ( ard Plates < h.i.ethcm printed on the most approved and fashionable .-!'T inls. at r-xliired prices. 08 !m*r / IP'.lihW HUV1MKR I ' 11 ! - -1 -nsuoier, of 'y c> - 11- tn pi lied with the best quality of Peach rc-hard Re I \ ,1 ( ?a|, at the redur d price ol >5,25 for Broken and Km; S'1 t jr xp>?e, s.,d S3 for Nut?delivered lr-e ot cartage, from the . i ti. Washington stre t. formerly KhisimmuoVyard. Terms eiah oa d livery iu all cases. ,131 im"?n J. DAVKNPOWT. I ?l. - n I M TI Itf.S ol \0oiiit ) Mia, Angela Mnoa eru.-g V to i 1 tip iii ih" Wllderueaa, Voyga ol Life, Past sou .in .xr. <*-. now rnnn'ieg at II.e rimirn ni tne il Veademy, corner n 1,?iih J it M and Hrondwny. Iniilt uce vi ceuit?3?j?on Tickets SI) ceata Cavaloeuet t\ . jl2w*tn i 0"\KTN *.USUII' N0T1CK HPHE Snhtn itm hue th'? d?v MMiediitoooputifihip > f?rti.e itinsxtmu of a general An tiuu and Commuum, 1 mem, un 'er ft r firm of " w Ii.MEUDINoS, PRIEST St MOUNT.-' At No. Si Beaver ttreet. Ne'v York. January l?t, 1814 W vi. K. WILMK.RDINO, VvM. H PHI Ks I', AM)ft -.W VI'iL'NT, GEO. <4. W LMEROINO, t Iw'ec VV ?| E W ILAl r. It l>l x?? .Inn. SEV? NTEEN ru WARD ' < iIIAND AMKKICAN REPUBLICAN BALL, Jit Nihil)'*, of January, 1)444 'I'll nnd-rtian-d rrtpcctliillv kivc uolier that tint eatentive ' a ihi," in-nta ? >r the above hail, are now combined I lie room ? h-cli it one of the l.iractt end e?| ectahle in the i ttv, e ill l> decorated in a tupoiof intntt?r. I.othi tn't f eleb'.ilc I fiunl it rugate I it ih- intern i o of ilie (Jo in11tee to irake this Ball one of t!i. ni"?f t|> endi-i and retpecttb e ih tt hit talon I lane lint ae n. Tli" wli" ii o'er t,-odire- n u file 1 oinmituc, aitiited I . ih" Floor Si a ;iKer, STEPHEN IJ BOGKRr, Etij. j l 7t * re I 1 I.OJ" II, iTEl,?The tiibtcriher ha? the r-ono, to aequ i ,r i,i. Ire l? i ni the i -i lie, that he hit lat"lv aided to hit i.i di*li neiit .i Ta I. Oil tr. at 5 o'cloca. nt which a limned in. "tier ol ie?t i'.ti le gentlemen limy enjoy t e lutnr ea ol a h i or i hie. i i a stvle of uraturia and e'egance not iiirpatted I t iv i ,t ihiithtB'n? inth vrnv; which, with the Urged asr no T oflh* l -?i VVioea of all count net, will he Inrmtlied ..t r. daeed prici ?. i!e hv lately made important chance* and imt-i i n nit ta hit ?*!vhli hitin.t, for the better acaotntnodntion oli ioiili"* and pAttorn d?atrout of more private rendenceand I ard. ,11-1 IV now pu-pare I will n variety of r.>. inv and tttita of ?i iio ,t?, that c niiiot f til to suit the title and convenience oi ,.il |? r as win in iv d >' im th? I?ror to c ill. In- iietuiiMot will he continued a* nan vl for parties who i|, re to dine epnri" ly K BI.ANi.Altl> Winner and topper pifttet .may be accommoda'eil at tie ito jl 2wdylhltwv?m L'llll 8ALh-'l' ieaie and Attorn of th't wei| knoarnnnd I i >.ml s r tio-i - - ' I 11 in i let 11 il I No I 1II It ri? ,H uf r- ?,*>* a.,j oning |h- IMvmrif! i'hartra.uow doing a i trtr and pm/itablr i ,1 nni-?t. Tne location aid nat 'ral i<l? inltgev of thla popular p 11. i > re r -o ' Itnmarn I wrj a mngle remark. ttaaaoiia lor lima and larri' mad" known b/ callinn at the Hall. j 1 2t m CU R.N - III || >OMS WITH BOARD?For two I in -1 md tSnir i*. |v , ami thr-a iui r gentlemen, < an Im had hi No. la Who itr-i-l, nnr tilorl from If road way. IV hiitm i< newly Inrimh- ' throughout in the in ?l rutlv in iiiunr. Toe i i'iIo ii|i|ilu-d with 'br inn thtt th- -nirk"' affnrda, and awry j.oh ib|? i nutii n pud to tna-tra t1 r comfort ol boardara Jt>- i^-nret niching1 1. jl It is * y r f 111- Sii'io ilni 11 no KMC'iMl with tlirm JOIIM OO I Dl'.N WOOD 111 II KDWAHIl K. I OLLIN8 It CO. Ni-w Vnrk, .liaviry I t, IUI dll-ac i >ipo i i i i " Tit CvlCI ki;s wi) Hoi 5E I K ttl'l IIS - Ififr ?ud Property Preaervara? Pat' at St lI ( king I'rvnimig PtaUila, which c in b" discharged n? 11 mm II . many *<>i ullili merely bv | mi 111 oi? the trigger The rhainoer and ' arrrl in one plena, and therefore cannot br blown anarl Ilk" mini repenting piatoia. The nooatrnr tinii m vary mmpte? tin y can ilrewu Iroin lha (nickel and lined witli una hand viihout tlia | i?? of a moment. I or iravallrn, houac and atnrr ki |mr?, caplaim. p'mitera j Im ofi( rr?, and uthera. may nra an liidl<|ien.<*hle articlr, a? is.. - fit protrct thatr liven and property if attacked by main jmrvom. I'll' public ara invited U) mmina tha oinr, n? tliair aunpliri t, . It nig w man led not to gat out of order, and their perfee "i tt will i rrtatiily f command tliern over all nfhera. Whole air ind retail. J. O. IIOLKN, 101 Broadway, d)S7t*m liriwran Wall and Piuaata. LEECHES! LLKCHKS '! LEECHES ' ' ! U 1 (IA(\ I.AKtJK Healthy Swiaduli Laechet, jtiit re OljvJvU cajrail per ahip Sfaphani from Hambttrg. Ko aale at modarvta priraa ly <1 A Ik II. WITTE, dM Im'ac u? Pearl itreet, New Vork, AUCTION SALES. I i'ltLr.viAh ItfcUi, Auctioneer (Stmri No. Sft jinn ilrttl.) ' "wtTDNtSDAV, ' At lOHo clork, ?t llie tales room. Large rale of\alu b e new end record hand Turn lure of all d?tcri| t ? n? ?coinp'ising * general variety ofar'icles in the lice Also, * itlioui reserve, four spleudid piano fortta. and a one t or*A"- .. . Also, tab'e cutlery, fire ?e'?. parlor ?t?M, kitchen u>ntilt, cut glass, plated ware. rugs, lie It*. , i Also, a variety ot exc? ll? nt furuiture, a valuable Newfound* land dog, 2 guns, and a first rat* wdch. tKIDAY. t At 1*W oVlo. k. at the tales room, Large rale of cloiliiug, dry goods, fancy and pledged ar ,iC,"Stt SATURDAY. I At o'clock, at the talc, room, A liraf i.i|r aisir uo-ut of aecnud hand and new furn11ui *, of t all deaciij tiouj. N. B.?Kvrry facility will be afforded for the di?po*al of mrrchandiar ?>l all draertimoua. Buaiunaa will U* carried on in a huoucM like uiwurr. Hale* will be rtgnlar, and return, prompt, iu tiii, csfabluhinriit. uow u idrr the charge , :lclv of THOMAS Br 1,1,. M Aun itrrrt. AUCTION NOt || K?bmriMi m4 rncy Auicl..? Le?y V opooif will ur-ll on 'I liu ?day r, ouiug .17 o'clock, at lil Broad* ay, * line collection if old mid urw liue mii'O itg?, brim the > lictiuu ol a private grallrinau, man, of which cirr from old umtriv, AI,o, a vaiie \ of fancy art elr, to cloae iuvoicea. I'.itnimt. on SaMinl-v ...iiinc. jl 2t**r Mi;^ < AR' "LI. > OLD kitlABLlttMKli i\ikDI?'.ATKU VAPOH BATIH, ?5Courliaiidt atrrrt?\ cert'iu cure for coldr, glandulir a lie lioui; olrrrM'il tore throat, rtirunutiain (k< . 'I h- fe ir of c aching cold drier, in ny from using ihr v. f n > . 11 |,i,i ih rllVc', if prop- lv adiiiliiltlcrrd, i, by rxcniug thr vPal action of ihr ikin, giving'i?e t i a lowr of rrrclioii am! cna' ling it 'o rr? >t cold t ?tt?r ill n before Off!'. fr< in 7o'cl> ck in t?>e morning till 9 .o'clock at night. Sulphur li .Ih, i? >> n I r. ?... (.?..,' I hi. V7 ? ' auv part of the city or Brooklyn. ' J) iwrc | ABKKXhTHY'S BOTANICAL BILLS. ON p. BOX ol ihr?r invaluable Pills are worth all the quack medicines advertised for ertain delicate diseases. L>1 the I unfortunate rr?: assured that there is ro exaggeration in astcrlI iug these PilU to be a spredv and radical cure for gonorrhoea, ' presented by the celebrated Aberuetht , iu all stages ol the above diseases. |u the lirat singe oue box is uaually aulficient to effect a cure in a few daya. lulmigpr trncled chronic stages, obstinate gleets,Ac. they are equally o rtaiu, having cored bun* dreda who hud been taking other mediciuea lor moutha, which tended more to destroy the. constitution than to core the dtantae They never leave the |>arta subject to troublesome weaknesa. wh cli ao frequently occur alter "sing other medicines. They have no unpleasant laate or amell.and inv one taking them might frequent the moat retailed society without having their misfortunes suspre'ed Tliey are composed eutirely ol vegetable ingredients, which invigorate the ay-tern generally.? b or ?a'e only in New V'ork by Wm. Wntaon. Apntliecaries' Hi'l. 31 ' a'bernie srn?f. jj 'in'ec HAVai\a ,viaiN?10i\ tiuuah HOTEL. I'Hb. undersigned takes oecasiou to inform his frieuda and the public, that the Mansion House is uow located in In(Uiaiiior street, No. 67. in the vicinit) of the steamboat lauding ind vegetable market, having commodious family apartments a ranged in the neatest order A person is employed to procure permits to land passengers, laggage, tic. who will board vessels immediately alter the visit al the revenue otficeri. N. B ?Visitors to this Island should pr icnra g passport from the Sjwuish Consul, at tne port of embarkation, to obviate dificui'tes and inconvenience. a2l fimee WILLIAM FULTON. UNITED STATES HOTEL, NEW V011K. r.N KKTt KNIN'O OUR THANKS to th-travelling com* muuitv lor th- very liberal patronage bestowed on our house duriug the last year we beg leave to inform them that 'he alleratious and improvements contein dated are now c?mpl-ted,and we are prepared to accommodate nur fr.eudi and tr vellers ge tertllv in a style not surp ssed b, any other eatabliahme t? ur turiuture and b-ddiug being new 'lie buildiug thoroughly vuov tied and uewly > a ii'ed throughout the Croton wa'tr is iii'rod iced iu every department, and Uie terms oue dollar and 'ifty cents per day. IS list * r BRA 1ST ED it IOHNSON. Proprietors. ENO MSI 1 ADVERTISEMENT. LONDON-ST KATH ARINb.'S HOTEL, opposite the S'. Katharine'" Uor k Gates, and ne-r the Royal Mint. THOMA-t LKNNKV, 1'te Chief Steward of the British tluseu Ste unship, rea|iectrully informs Ins friends iu tne United vices. that he has tlir management of the above iiew and ele(latca > ah I i sh Mt, which is built and furnished d|ll<lMsf ex|ieuse, and is in e*"ry rcs|iect adapted lor tlie recept on of fiinilies mi gentlemen mint Kngland. as thr hotel frntita i*'l of the dot It ill wlich the liners and most of the other Atne ric n teasels hy, anil ia within live minutes v.alk of the Bank lull Iteyal r.nihuige. The hoUM Will be c inducted on liberal snd economical principles The Coffre Boom iasuppliel with the London, American. Kaat Indian and Colouial papers. The Viands, Wines, Ste are of thelir,t (junli y A icood Billiard Kooin and Warm Baths will b- found in the home Oeutlemen mav contract by the week or month for board, 8tc. oil the same terms as in America. T LhKNhV ties a to assore thosewho may honor him with their pst'Onage that nothing sha'l be wanting to render them comfortable, and by attention t the wishes of his guests, hopes to merit that confidence and (mid will so liberally Destowi d on him when steward of the British Queen. dltr 1 BRINCKERHUFF'S * II E A L T II RKSTOlt ATIV E , FOlt the cure of coughs, colds, cousumptioii, liver complaint, pain III the side and chest, laisiug of blood, Sic. 1 lie increased demand for this ineduie stimulates (lie proprietor to greater exertion in diffusing its merits to a'l and while doing 'ins, lie is well convinced that iliose who haw used it are ready ta peak f'Vorably of it at tunes, fur its soothing and heal 11V pro|?erties, which are io essential in pulmonary complaints, and fur its invigorating powers. I's effects ill purify ing the blood are particil-rly uesetving aiteutiou, consequently it is good in all drraugeineuts of the alimeutiry canal, since the blood derives its uourisnineul irom wnat la taseu iui<i the stomach. The propiietor only asks a trial to satisfy me doubting. The prejudice which many have sgiinst Ilia generality of inediciuis, w Inch are said to be elfirieut, arises from a want of knowledge ot their compound, fearing deleterious drugs, &e. This can lie no objection ta the Health Jieslorative, as its enmIId 11,111 is entirel V veL'elahle .and I lie or.o.rier,,. is <*.1.1.-,ee I thorn*.?t positive mid suisfactory attu.auce of it. Try it, ami be ?oll. Tho Health R.slora ive may bo had at No. MO room*, hot lliiuoust. dm lm*rc WM READ At CO. MAsonc Tunt Ri or BRASS FAUCET?, And all tho various articles used in the rLUMBINO BUSINESS, No. 250 IValtr street, NEW YORK, Constantly on hand, an assortment of T. 1. DYKE, Jr., St CO.'S Justly eeiebratvd BLACK LEAD POTS OR CRUCIBLES, Kor salo, wholesale and mail, at Manufacturer's price*. N. B.?A Silvsr Modal was awarded Win Read St t 'o. for their manufacture ol Faucets, by the Aiuericau Institute, at la ir last Elhioitioa, In Id OctoW, IKI3. WANT ED-Three or four Joururymeii, to manufacture Faucets. None but first rate mechanics need apply, da lm*rc NEW AND CHEAT LAMPS FOR THE HOLIDAYS. 'PHE Subscriber is now opening some new and heiutiful T | at t I'm I of S lar and Chemical I >j| Lamps, winch he will sell ?t low siid reduced prices. Persons desirous of purchsaiiiK or econ"m<sui|| lit lis lit, will liud it much to thei* auvautaxe to call and esatniue this stuck. A large reduction has beeu jiade in the prices, and every l?mp is warranted Pure Chemical Oil and Biiminft Kluid for Spiiit Lamps, de livercd t normally whru ordereil d2ll lm*re J. C. II'XIKER, 4M (Imsdwsy. BIRDS! BIRDS! BIRDS! I1HT ARRIVED, the largest assortment of Hinging Birds " ever imported ta this country, fioui ' ermauy. Amongst them are MO Canary Birds, the liuest singers; Nightingales, learned Bullfinches and Blackbirds, and a large nnmbsrof the very liuest European Singing Birds?all of which will be sold low at HENRY BICK'8, tl lm*ec 121 and I3S Cedar street, MUSIC FORTARTIES. VAE88R8. O. WEISS h FR. ORAMB88, Professor, of k'J. Music, respectfully aunouues to their |>atrona, the ladies vud gentlemen nfNew Yoik audits vicinity, that their Cotillion Band is prepaied to play the most admired and fashionable Music for Private Parties, Soiieea, tec. Orders tliaukfully received and |iuneiually attended to at 36 Di'laucey at, also at Mr.Millot's Music Saloon, 323 Broadway, or at Mr. Jolliv's Music Store. 385 Broadway. d 4 Im'r FRENCH CHINA No. 4 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, Up Stairs. ADALE8ME, Importer and Agent for Manufacturers, has nlwayson hand a large assortment for dinner and tea sets in plain while mid (lit French Poreelain, as well as dinner and leaser! plates of all sizes, assorted dishes, soup tureens, covered >li:ih-<, salad bowls, fruit baskets, custards and stands. Also, Tea and Chocolate Ware, Greek, French and American shape. All ths articles are warranted of the beat quality, and to be tld on lihecs* terms snd in Inti to suit purchasers ?TT ftm*ee DANDRUFF. T*v a miih i rl'k' nil i iwa riir uiiu .. -?.a v.. - i?? .a U ir obstructed circulation in the smalt blood vessels wKicti I aupi Iv the snalii.uid hair with nourishment, in consequent e nl which the perspirdion becomes thma and clammy, and dries on the kHrl'ii '-, forming a emit called duudrulf which clogs n(i 'lie |>orps ul'ilie skin, and bv in pressure nvainst the raHs of in#hair, wiwji it Am nmivmbsufficient MRiMMin rruin vitality. The hair then heroine, harah and unpleasant, rhaiik'ea color and falla off. Thia nnlicalthy affection ia very speedily and eff-ctnjly cured by Da. J.srut's Hilt Tame, which revive* the uormant powvr of the surfaae ve aela, temoves the diodruffand pr. duces a new and healthy growth of hair to supnly the old; and baldness i< presented or removed where it already eviata. Th? following certilica'e ta aehcted which sufficiently provea ita eitraordinary v.rtuea Messrs. A II. k I). Saiana : (itrvTi.i mi.i?Aa an act of justice to yon and Dr. Jayne, 1 vend you tlua certificate to inform yon of the inr duthle benefit nil wile hii received from lie nae of Dr. duyne's Hair I onic. She loat not only her emir-head oflisir, hut li#r eyebrowsnh.o, I ml alter trying vermin rernedie, with no benefit, ilie used Dr. Javne'a Hair I onic. Sue ua*n two h tiles bef > ? we could ohcover the hair Ind started, and comnienciiig with the third it v ertrd to grow nu' finely, and in a few week, her head and eye li'iiwa weie covered with a hin growth of fine lilac.k hair, h te ter than she had loat. I think it waa eutirely produced by the use of the Touic, ami would recommend it to all who need a similar remedy. Tmly youra, JOHN N. JACKSON. Pict ured only hy Dr Jayne, 29 South Third street. Price $1. Sold at wholeiale and retail hy A II St I) Hand#, druggists, 79 Fulton a (met, corner of Oold, and inn ! niton street. Also hy Mi inn B. ShihU 8c ( o. No 27:1 Hroniway, corner of Chambers I livid Handi Sc Co. No. 77 Eaat Broadway OK KICK OK JKKhKRSON INSURANCE COMPANY No. 34 Wall Rthkat. New York, Dec. Ir>t.h, 1H13. rl Hi IS Company inanrCat rate* aa low aaany rraponaibleoffice, 1 and will return teii |if cent of the premium in cash to inaunra it the luitt* of effecting the inmiranre iVon nod after this late X. W. THOlt.NE, I'reainent. (JEO. T. HOrE, Heeiktary. dl7r OKh it" e. oFJKbTKUHUN INSURANCE CO'MPAN Y ?Office 3(i W ill mreet. Thia cominny continne their bn? aiuraa of inaiirance agnmat Inaa or damage by fire, on gooda, warra and mrrchandiae, and elan on vrajela and their cargpea' gainal loaa by inland navigation directors. Thomaa W.Thome, Kliaha Riggi, Thotnaa T. Woodruff, Benjamin R. Robaoa, lohn It. Dnvnon, Kraucii I'. Bane, riiotnaon Pnca Joseph Allen, John 11. Dee, John P. Moore, Moaes 'I nckee, Jatnea K. Holinea, I ileti I'. 'I iiina, Jamea It. Whiting, Anton Baker, Wm. K. Thorn, Joaeph Drake, Irad Hartley, John C. Merntt, Thomaa Morrell. JHOMAB W. THORNE. Preatdant. KO. T. HOPE. Heoetarv wnI) jgh DAV I SHEET RUBBER OVER SHOEV-45 MIMM Dene. Experience hiu proven that a leather aole be at I taclied to India Knhlier up|<era, an that it la impoaaible to a?fiarate them in theronrae of weiring Theae Over Show,which lave already thrown into d.anae leather overahnea and inoeaanna, and t? which the water proof boot la faal tending, are formatted by the Kuahtiry India Rubber eatalilialiinent, 25 Vlaiden Cane, of a quality niirpriamglv perfect, and altogether , hetti'i than are being made by any other eatabliahnaenl in the trade. The patent <|uilb-d flipper Over Shoea and Boota are r fnrniahed only at thia eauhliahir.ent. Every article appertaining to the rubber boaineai for vale or made to order. HORACE II. DAY. t Sncceaaor to the Roxbarv I. It C., dl Im^r 21 Maiden I.ane qTUART, LADIES' H AI If-1 >RESSER, No. ? Mipi> O atreet. reapecifnlly ennonncea that he ii prepared to wait on ladiea at their reaidenrea, and to dreat heitfa arcorJint to the I (teat Panaian laahioua, Terma very moderate. nU Umm rrr i " PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. THKSEfar-famed and Celebrated Pilla, from Portugal, arr A we perceive, to be obtained in thia|rnuatrv. *"? ailvertiaa. ment on the lait column, fourth pagu.f ~ AMUSEMENTS CHATHAM I'HKAliillii ' THIS KVENlNO. Januuv be perform** THE JEWESS. , After which THE BARRAC* KOOM. After which, A Daire, by Mi*s Claarner. To conclude wiih (he VIRGINIA SERE NADERS CONCERT. alTCUELL M ULYMPIC TIUtATKE ' THIS EVENING, January 3?The performance* Will commence with IHE PET UK THE PETTICOATS. Zephyr, Mr Mitchell I Endowed hy LAMENTATIONS OK BILLY LACKADAY. To couclude with THE IMP OK THE ELEMENTS. The Imp Mr Paralof ^lOliO'S OAKUKR. _M*u?(tef? Messrs II llockwrtl and O. II. Stone OT^ A iplciidnl Day Performance every Sit unity at 2 o'clock Kntiratriaii ( uuduciur Mr. 11. Ilockwell. tviutrr of the Circle Mr. H. Nredtiarn. Pn'inier Bulfo aud Clown Mr Ales. Rockwell. ( Orotea<|ue rt Pyaa Extravagant Mr. H. William*. Pierrot and Mime ? Mr. B. lluiitiiiitton. ' WEDNKSDAYT IANCAKY 3. 1(14. J A Maicuitueip Treat, entitled PERlT OK THE CLOUDS ! c a a it tiic r PERSIAN HOB SEMEN. Master Steven* will app'ar a* Little Cocslaultne training hi* j H airy Strrili. Feat* l>v the itntzing Pony Catlurine Cover 'he Comic. ( Hiram W Kiauklin ?n hi* barebacked SleeJ 1 The Eraneh He cu'e* will ihibt* i i? f*?t? of ttreu'h a O S. rtei.t will tide his act oi KalHalt,Shvluck and Richard III ll jr ?-lut rtnits ou After which an animated Scene entitled PONY aKACES. Eattoute Vaulting hv the troup of 20 led by McFarland. N B Turner will ride and mauage St* Steeda. n * rtn? u.11 .t. .. a ...a .,IL VVheue* ou )iis War PatTi?l) K fctour (_ orue Volai.te by H.ram W Franklin. Aflfjr which Levi North iu a Principal Act. " Comic Sougt by Fire Ntygt Minstrels. To conclude wun 7 BLACK I OR WHITE? ( OR. THE MYSTERIES OF NEW YORK. ? The <loor? will he opened at 6^??overture at 7?tut/lormajtee will commence at 74 o'clock. TJR. ION'S 1NOKPENOUNT AMERICAN d emeus. ? BOWERY AMPHITHEATRE. ' Roses 25 cents; Til 12.4 cents. THIS EVENINO?The peitbrmances will commence with 'i'AIOAIlLAVALRY. A ((est variety of kquestriau Acls. Feau of SlretiKth. Saugs, D iiices, 5tc. THE CAROLINA mINSTRELB. To crnciude with LUEIN ANL> ANNETTE. I AMERICAN ill US MUM, ti AND PERPETUAL FAIR. .? BEST ATTICA TiONS IN NEW YORK. A IKWMlti MORE ?'F GEN. TOM THUMB! Owing to Ihe detention of ilie shin 14 which he has engaged passag* to London, h- will remain a lew days longer, and ran be seeu at all hours during the day and evrning. He willap- B pear in the Ancieut Marble Statu a, which die a such tlmndeis of applause at (lie Park Theatre. The uaw nud beautiful comic nallet, entitlfd THE TH0EE LOVERS. P-rformed by Tw?ut,iv? Children, under sis years of age This is the most 1 inu iog no vein ever ?eeu, ard has bo n many we lis in preparation, under the direction of Mons and MaUaiue Checkeni. 'I lie Music composed and arranged by R S Hambridge. Great Western, the fc-liopian Orator and luntator of the Lo- si conuliss The new.spleudid, laoghalile, comic pantomime of VOJ.-AU VENT ! Or?A Night's rsdverture. Principal charnciera by Mons and Mediroe Checkeni, T O Booih, .Sir I) 'well. Sic. The piece concludes with the laughs- ? h'e storui aud umbrella scene. Incident to the plays are comic a dan e , as seuls pis de deus, Sic, by Misars La Force, La L Petite E''?e, Ml a Jes. lin. Mo-s and Mail C'hectem, Stc. Boih V plave aie iiuerspeic d with the most amnsiug incidents, tricks, jg uietainorphoses Sic. IHE WHOLE OIPsY FAMILY. IT7" The Family of Wandering Gipsies, sis iu number, the first that ever visited America, can be seen during the whole day aud evening, without istra charge The G1P8V QUEEN Cau be privately consulted regarding c Past, I'reseut and Future. 3 i't tforniance* every evening at 7 o'clock,and Wednesday and Sstmdtv af eruoon at 3 o'clock. 0s* Admission to the whole 25 cents?children under ten yean, half price. I 25 cents extra for private consultations with the Gipsy v Queen. ?' Saturday neit, Benefit of Mr. W. B. Davidson, the Glass w Blower. Extra attractions will he offered. d26 rc p GRA~NJ> CONCEPT. V WM. H. OAKLEY has the honor cl announcing that he v will give a Concert at Sluy vesant Institute, ou '! hursdsy, *1 January 4lh, till I, when he will introduce some of his most popular so gs, among which will he My Boytir.od's Home; w Yea! mcthiuks I see her smiling; William Tell; '1 he Moon's on the Lake; John Auderiuu, mv Jo; aud several other pieces. Concert to commence at quarter before 8 o'clock. ? For particulars see programme. j3 2t*ec T A DIES desirous of being ahle to Sing at sight, or of te e l-i coming well acquainted with the first principles of Music, i| as an iinpoilaut facility 111 the study of any instrument, can en- n j ?y a anterior opportunity tor this purpote iu a small select c vltivsof 12 ladiet, to commence its term m-morrow (Thursday) ei January till, at 4 o'clock P. M., No. 411 ltroadway. Tlie ho iks 1 to he uied and the course of studies to be 1 itrsued, will be of the ti most cl.rsic character. Full explanations will be give.i st the b txercue to-innrrow, /it which nil ladies interested in the subject si art! invited to be present without further n' tite. il J. F. WARNER, ?. j3 2t'?*ec Translator III Weber's Tin .iry. ftc. Sic. ? Oui'iiiii s socii;tv iull.~ " " THE Rest I ir ?*ll nl'this series wi,l rate pi ice on Thursday ( evenii K next, January lib, 1814, at the Tivnli Saloon. SubxtIIi rs insy obtain thei-tick? t* of the members ol the commit " tee, or a' Collin's .Merchants' Exchange, or at tnejSaloon. I1 Jj >t*rc , r I Ml K < OLI'MBIA ? KNOINeYo. nYIiT wdTnTvc their m J- Annual Ball at Tainai/uiy llill, ou W'ednesdly Evening, *1 January 17, 1844. The Committee pledge them'elves that thia Ball shall uot be inferior to those pieriouslv given b" the Cnmpauv. pi COMMITTEE. Henry B Venn. John Lauder, Peter M Ot'ignon, Coukliu Titus, n Allred Bruwer, Augustus Tyler, el Richard I,-gan, Alexander Dimscoinb. ii Tickets can lie obtained of Ihe above e, mini'ter, and at the " fillnwiiig plam ? :?Owen W Brenuan, Mouroe IIall, corner of I I'earl and < en tie streets; Tammany Hall; and at II B. Venn's, 13 Ann streets. jJtol7#rc JJ SUAKK8PKAIHAN REAMNOS AT I TITS TON~IIA1.L. Ii MU. MAUUNlShM the hom.r to leguist this en lisle rued I commuintv, that, on Thursday evening, 4th lust nt, st u half-pasi 7 o'clock, he intends to read and ncite, from Ham et. a from Milton, Pope, kouug and Blair, various selections, ae- a compan ed with appropriate remaiks, indicating thatnylenf a nun union as practised in London by the nspst distinguished ii professors and actors. Mark Anthony's Oration, Collins' aud v L'ryi en's Odes, with ether admired pieces, will be delivered. a 'I ne reader will ple-s* to consult the programme. e Tickets 60 cents each. A liukct admitting a lady and genileman student 23 cents eich. 13 Murray str e;, Januiry 3d, I8M. j3 2t*rc MILITARY BALL. ~ j THE THIRD COM PAN V NATIONAL or ARD BALL ' will Itke place at i'auiinany Hall, on Wednesday Even- ' ing, Feb, 7, 1841, Tickets $2, m?v be obtained of Johu Carnes, 61 John street; ? K. B. Daily, 94 Broad ?t.; W. II Domiuick, 40 (> eeuwich s'; A. M. Phiers, I8t> Fulton ? .: K. Waiuright, 28J Spring St.; f oles, 103 Canal st.; S. K. Fowler, 90^ Bowerv, and J. 11. Lownsbery, 432 I'eail st d30 tF7*ec Jj GUIDE TO SOUND YKKTH. A DESIDERATUM IN DENTISTRY, c' nU A. C. CASTLE, 331 BROADWAY, corner L' of WHITE STREET, lias a Paste far tilling decayed hollow teeth. It can be put into the moat tender teeth without any pain or inconvenience, with which it becomes impacted into ONE bard solid body, thus restoring and preserving (hitherto painful and useless teeth) artificially sound and iierfeet in all the ' respective uses for life?preventing IN ALL CASES, the,,v-cessity of extraction. Ladies the most distinguished in society, oiler their testimonials in the most vivid terms, as to its efficacy. The Editor of the Evruiug Post I says'It is admirably adapted for tender teeth and nervous persons, and Dr.(Castle operates on the teeth with great care and ability. The New York Aurora savs " It nukes the teeth in all respects perfect for life." The Sun says Dr. Castle has obtained much celebrity for his eicelleait mode of tilling th< teeth." 1 ne most eminent gentlemen of thu Medical Faculty liave prrsoually tried and recommend Dr Castle's Paste foi filling the teetn. Tooth-ache pills, one of which pat in the aching tooth will effect a permanent care. (From the Journal of Commerce.) . DELICATE AND SUCCESSFUL OPERATION.?Dr. | A C Castle has replaced by a most ingenious piece of dental mechanism, the lost portions of the upper and lower jaw bones, 1 shot awsv in the case of Lieut. 8 , of the U. 8. N., who ' ?.rh ,1,,. ,?r.,hl? ..vr. wl..l. In r.u i I ,,f " the Indians in KloriJn. We hare seen letters from Lieut. 8. J confirmatory or this extraordinary cure and its entire success, J that the loss of these imi>ortaiit organs so skilfully replaced by , Dr. Cutle is uow no more a source of regret to the Lieutenant f Dr. C. inserts artificial teeth on tha principle of adhesion by atmospheric pressure ' Dr. A. C. Caatle refers to the Spanish, French and " English Ambassadors. Ml Stoughton, the Spanish Consul, 11 Ilaar Admiral Walron, Lord Morpeth, Oeu. McCarty (>a?. Mason, Dr. F. U. Johnson. Pseaideut of the Medical So ' ciety, 8. N. Y.: Mrs (seneral trainee J. B. Beck, M. D ; Dr. \ J. A. Smith, Dr. E Delafield, Dr. Beadle, Dr. Boyd, Dr. Buger, Dr. J. L. t.'heeaman, Dr. A H. Stephens, Dr. J. Tony, * Baylies. Dr. Wn Ururson D Demos, Ike kc. _ OfTice 3?f IrHMIf jl Im'ec DKAKN t.SS. DRS, CASTLE AND EDWARDS, AUR1STS, , OOI BROADWAY.?Extract:? "Of "I cheerfully comply with the request of Lieut. Me Intosh, to testify that lie was invalided home as unfit for duly, in consequence of total dealuess and discharges frein his ear : that while in New York, on his way to England, lie placed himself under -h* professional care of Drs. Casileaud Edwards. Auriste. Under their treatment he rcLovered hie hearing, and has returned to hie military duty. Signed, H. MeNEVEN, M. D. | Surgeon to II M. B. Forces, Jamaica i ACOUSTIC DROf'S. A sure cure for ineinirut deafness, earache, pains, bnzr.ings, or singing sounds in the ears, codec!ions of herd was or vitiated seeretions of the organs. Their acoustic nil has been a pre < pnlar remedy as a curative in all dis?i*r, of the ears for upwards of twenty years. Offices removed to Ml Broadway, cor- < ner White street. jJ lm?ec SOMETHING NEW! TO THE LADIES! ! THE PARLOR MAGAZINE: A LADIES' AND t# E N T I, K M E N ' 8 WEEKLY Q.dZETTE OF Lit?ratnre, Fine Aris and Sciences, with Reports and Notice* of Balls, Concerts, Soirees, Theatrical and Fa.hninnhle intelligence, will lie published on Saturday, Jan, H'h, IIM The Magazine w ill lie published in a matrnih entnogrtn forri. on piper equal to that nam m the finest annuals, and priiited on new typi in the most. ?u|ie ior menre r, enihellishril with a sphndnl steel engraving one we<lr, and a sheetol nn;raven music tha next, alternating In this, th" publisher oesuns to furnish a Mag'rine ofthe most refined charicter; one tha' cveiv gentleman will take pis isore n pts'swtjng to his wile or diwfktor. 'I he Cover will be devoted to a Isrrtisrmeats of amusements, periodica'*, fashionable establishments, Ac., avoiding everything iibjecliou.sble. TERMS. fcr annum, or (l'? cesU sing'*-. Agents, who tiiiv to sell again, f I per hundred. By mail, $ 10 will cause four copies t j te sent to one address, for on - year. Sold hy all tli' Piriodicsl AgenciM in this ritv, and throughout the United States. I niiitry newspaprrs will lie eutit'eu to an etehante by publishing this protpe tna and gi ring editorial notice, on receipt ofacopy of sueh puhlic -tioa. J. L. KI NOSI.K Y, Publisher, Jl 4'is*m II Ann strte', New Yetk. TO THE PUBLIC. CI 00 VHXf?Mr. Francis K Crump, Watch Maker, ^ 2tn Ornnd street begs to hilorm his friends and the public, that independent of the Watch business, he is prepared to make advances in r.nah on gold and silver watches,diamonds, silver ten sets, spoons, forks, and -very description of gold or silver in any *ha|>e intended for immediate Sale. Cash to any ain.innt paid for old gold and ulrtr. Watches of rrery descnption repaired and warranted, til (fraud street. lit lm#r.e "CHEAP-CASH TAILORING MKNT. Ml PEARL-STREET?LATK IN BEEKMAN STREET 'PHK Subscriber, well known for the cheapness and dorabilA itv of his work, desires to inform hi* patrons and the pnb- ' lie, that he ia now, to suit the economical tendency of the tiv*, making gartnruta of iha very beat quality at a reduction , ?f tneuty per cent from former price*,and leaa, it ia believed, by tweuty (w cent than garment* of the aame quality are made by , [he chea|> houae* in thi* city. J In order that gentlemen may understand what ia meant by cheaiaieaa, the following bill of price* is submitted to their con- ' u deration. with n guarantee thai the goods shall be of the first J rate quality, and the fit uneteeptionable. j Superior West of England Cloth Coats to 1< ' Pants, of black or laucy double milled caaa- 5 to T , Vesta, of ailk, satin, .'hLMl ' Making and trimming ia tha best style, at th* followinw irices:? , Coati $SKtol Pants and Vests 1)4 to 1M . Suierior Beaver Overcoat* from til to $20 dt lm*r JOHN MOKKAT. { ASA B. PERKINS, 1 CASH j r A I L O R I N (r ESTABLISHMENT, ! No. 85 Ce;!ar street, NfcW YORK. ' 1 ENTI.EMEN who |?trouis> this cash ritabliiliment will J derive a deeded advantage of from 20 to 30 per cuut over liosr wbo pun hue at ollirr ainrea on lliw eirdit ?)stem, for lere tliey .are uul overcharged equivalent to the delinquencies Those who are preparing fur the holidays would do well to all aim eiamiue the stock of 'a-hioiijvble g-ods at the ahova arahlishineut, als< the prirrs, before i? ey purchase elsewhere. I N. B.?There is an assortment ou hand ol Cloak* and Over- t 'oat?. ready made. d9 lm*r t ^JENTLEMKIVH KUK.MSIIINO S TORK. The .ub- 1 ' ?cliber ha* constantly on luud a general auorimeut of Sac* c ud Over Coat*, Vesta, Pantaloons, Sic. which he will *ell at lie following low price* for ca?h, vi* Over Coats, from $8 to 11 Hack do 1 to ? Pantaloon* and Veara, 3 to ft < Gentlemen furnishing their own material* cau have them lade and tr inioen at the following low price*, viz :? Over Coat*, from $4 to 10 00 Urea* do to 9 00 Pantaloon* and Ve*t?, (I 50 to 1 75 Jnit received, the latest and uiott approved French pattern liirti Shirt* made to order at short notice. dlJ Im'r W.M. COLLINS. 69 Maiden lane^N. Y._ "J.BNTLKMKN'S LEFT OK* WARDROBE?Onwiln. * men or familie* desirous of convertiuit their left off WeariK Apparel into cash, can obtaiu for the saire the highest cash rice i To families and gentlemen quitting the city,or tdvanging resi- > ence having auv sujierlluous -fleet* to dispose of, will find it 1 luch to their advantage to seud for the subscriber, who will tteiid them at their residence by appointment. J. LKVI-NSTYN, 466 Broadway, up stair*. a A line through the Post Office, or otherwise, will receir* o roinpt attention d22 Im'rc liENT- EM EN'a OUTFITTING GOODS \ JOHN M. DAVIES & JONES, 106 William Street, corner op John, J AVE received |ie.r late arrivals, and now have in atere.a fall assortment of goods in their line. They feel confident that veir stock is not equalled in this city, aud their good* will be y }ld low for cash. Gentlemen will find a variety of new style of Scarfs, Cravats, v Winter Gloves, a Dressing Kobe*. 0 Pocket Handkerchiefs, kc. ? Under Garments of every variety, ol Englithjuid America* , lanulacmrv, vie:? r Merino Shirts and Drawers t Lamb* Wool do do Shaker Knit do do Shaker Flannel do do Buckskin do do Plain Si Ribbed Silk do do ? Ladies MeriuotkSilk do do With a great variety of other style*. I Silk Shiits r.nd Drawers, Kibbed and Plain, made to order : the shortest notice. Hosiery, Gloves, , Suspenders, Stocks, ? and every other article of outfitting goods. CAPS, f Our assortment comprise, every style now in nse Tor gentle c IPII, youth and children at greatly reduced prices ,o26 2m*m I JEW GOUuS PER STK t MKR ill BERN IA ?Will he >' ' opened this morning, including news yl's CasMinrrrs ?ud n ratings, witn the most tpleudid assortment of Scarfs, Crarets, 'l ,c., we have ever had to offer. " WM. T JENNINGS It CO., ri. Draper.and Tailor., 231 Broadway, . opposite the FouuUui. 1 OVERCOATS?OVERCOATS, Sic.?Ready made Over- . oats. Cloaks, 8tc., at piices Irom $10t>$33. For sale at 231 iroadwav, American lintel, , tl 17 lm*ec WM. T. JENNINGS !c CO. | MEN'S, BOWS AND CHILDREN'S CLOTHING. h 2J.EOROE T. GREEN, Nos. 110Chatham street and 4 Bow- 3 * cry, will keen constantly on baud a full ami complete as- t artinent of Men's, Boys, and Children's Clothing, of all de- u mptious.made iu the most fashionable style,to which he would 1 spectlully invite the atteution of thoie in want. As he has ude arrangements to receive CLOTHS. CASSIMERES, c NESTINGS. Ike., by eve-y Packet, and has secured the eer- n ice* of eiperieuced Cutters, he pledges himself to give perfect ' atisfactiou to all who may purchase. N. B.?Garments made to order at the shortest notice and nth strict puncttislity. dt lm*m TO TAILORS. i JTINEMETT'S new and complete work on the subject of 5 Cu ting Garments of every description. in a style of ejefince rot to be surpassed, is,with thn utmost confidence,offer r d to the t ade, as being a work wholly snrerior to any'hiug of lie kind heretofoie introduced; by me aid of which a person el louerate nip city mi" obtain a better practical kuo wledge of : ntting in one we?k, than could, by the old in-thod, b? obtain- : A in years; and he w ho wishes to k?ep pace with the rapid . inproveinents of his art, cannot do betu r than avail himself of v alum or the li-at of the profession. and cannot fail to give . uislaciiou to all who u ic it. Ui? above can le obtained of i-aii.lio', No. ?3 Cedar street, New Vork. Alio, complete Is of pattenii, ofalKbe various stylps of farmed'!, aa cow rorn, unbracing alt the different sixes, from 3) iuches breast f at, or upwards. d2l lm*ec j: "t KNTLEMEN'S LKFT OFF WARDROBE Gentle d T meu or fimilies drsirotts of converting tlieir left off Wearig Apparel iuto cash, cau obtain for the aame the highest cash o rice I To families and gentlemen quitting the city, or changing reti nee, having any suiiertluous effects t" dispose of, will find it inch to their advantage to seud lor the subscriber, who will :iend them at their residence bv appointment. H. LEVETT, 6 John street. N. Y. ' it line through the Fsst Office, or otherwise, will receive rompt attention. i Clothing cleaned, altered and repaired. t Notick.?Mr Levrtt wishes to inform the public, tlist he is t ot connected in busiuess with any person purchasing cast off n bulling, therefore those who make such representations are i npusters, d2 lm* a JTc'll UKKSS SCARFS. CRAVATS, GLOVES, Set;.- t A The subscribers oiler to the fashionable coinmnoity, ail ex- ? nsive assortment of new and fashiouable articles, consisting , f Searls. Cravats, Gloves, Stocks, ready made liueu and mu>- ? ii Shirts, linen Collars, Dress Fronts, Suspenders, Dressing lobes and Under Garments of all descriptions. Theirassnrt teat of Sc trfs and Cravats consists of silk, sattin, eashtnere ml mohair, of plain black, figured black, gold and silver sia>t t nil figures, fancy colors, p'aid and stripes in great variety, monj which may 1* found some, of the richest patters ever mported in this City. Gentlemen who will favor them with a istt will find one of the most extensive assortments of articles Pia-riainiug to a gentleman's wardrobe, to he found in any otll. r establishment hi this city, and at prices to suitihe times. PAKSKLL3 k AGATE, oid establish**! Linen Draia rs, Slock Manufacturers, kc., 2,17 Broadway, ills lm*r cor. Park Place. D ETRENCI1 ME N T THK OHDKIt OF THE DA*.rv 1 he undersigned respectfully inform their fri-nda and the ubl>e gruerallT, that they keep constantly on hand a large and plenum assortment ol French and Kuglisn Cloths. Casaune et ml VrtLiims iiiclnriinr a great etv of Orercoat stuffs. rhich tnf) pledue themselves to makeup in a style not surpassil by any establishment in the c ty. All garment* furnished nil lifiei'u per cent leu than auy other home who make and rim in the une manner. Tho*e who with Clothing mad* to leir Perfect iati?fiction will do well to call and give n* a trial N. ll.? A tpl 'udid assortment of Orrreoa'* and Cloaks kept ousUiitly ou hand, and will lie so'd very low tor cash dl lui-r It. WHlTKHORNE It CO. 33 Nassail ?t F A N C V B A L I. D R E 8 8 B B TO LET, JN. PINTEUX, i CAKE DES MILLK COLONNE8, tBI Im?ec 307 BR iaDWAV. 3 ALL DRESSES ?The subscriber hat just received by the most recenf'rrivals? .'<0 ladies' embroidered Robes, from $7 upwards 7} do Oignnrti, embroider d in colors. Imm fl upwards Tule Illusion, in blue, pink, and other colors 10-4 plain white Organui Mmlin, for ball dresses 100 cartons infant's embroidered Robes, very cheap. PETER ROBERTS, 373 Broadway, 111 Imec between White and Fraukliu streets. BLANCHAKD'S ! PATENT STATUE ? OOL> AND COAL STOVES, for ; t lulls, parlors,offices, stor ?, steamboats, lie.?These stoves re a Statue of Washiugt -u, the father of Ills country ,surinoun UK two kinds of pedestals, one for wood a*d the ether for roal [ -'ne h'e rhamt er in the pedestal being so arranged that the | ire. b" mo,lit ofa re?ertal>le plate or partition in the Stoves autfiti.e beat to circulate through the entire height of the italic. (i'i K a large and beautiful radiating surface. 'J'he.e ( llovri have also got a hot airckamber attached,and everv iliuig , a'Uig ronsiructed on the most scientific principles, t' ey give to , ill who have them in use the great-st satisfaction. The subcriber invites the attention of those wanting a beautiful, ecoinmic.d an dn-ah e Stove, to call anil sat'sfy themselves of he abo?e faitj. They can he se\i in operation daily, and rsfeencrsg.ven to iliose who have them in nse The public will le'ii have a fair opportunity of judging that theaboie are plain acta. Kor sale only la this city at 114 (iraud street, one door nst of Broidwiy. ila lm*m JAMES HINDS CHEAPEST OIL STOKIKIN NEW YORK. r) u|>-towu tirorers and Families? Sperm Oil?Winter and Kail Strained, Bleached White and N'aiuial. Sea Elephant Oil? " " " Lard Oil? " " ' Luneed Oil?raw and boiled, Olive Oil?in bottles and bet ties. rviMiaiooii 'ii. Alcohol and Camph?ne. Patent, Spermatid Mrarir Candlci. I'll* above urc warraured to stard the wealher, and to be of finequKtf tor patter and Mtril inapt. Kor sale, barrel, gallon, 'lltaitaud pint, cheap. JOHN C. MORRISON. No. Ill Oiraiiwich street, between Pulton and Ve?ey. Dealer in d "ga, medicines, intuits, il>e-wonds, teas and grocers' articles?dyer* , tr anil laclurers'. pel" r mak-rs', distillers', confectioners', brew rr?', beer makers , bakers', and paper stain rrs arlicles. <170 I in * re DUUHL h. EXTRA ITALIAN HAIR WASH." 'P1IIS CELEBRATED preparation, the only one that haa X ever been discovered, for the successful extirpation of that rnoat olfeus' c of tlie head, DANDRUFF", has, during the late spring and summer saason, been applied and teeted hy thousands of Ladies and Oenllemen, and m ne|one instance, has it failed to effect AN IMMEDIATE AND RADICAL CURE. It is recommended by the moat celebrated and skilful physicians end chemists of the day. Every one slionId avail them selves ol its benefits, and thus secure a clear head and a luxuriant coat of hair. It is for sale by its proprietor? price fl the little, anil cents the simile wash in the shop. *14 lisP I num.-II Ii 11 IT Park Haw. jJoI I oi OH8 AND COLDS, CONSUMPTION s and all diseases aril affections of the Luugs, Ches, and Throat?The VF OETaBLK PULMONAR' ,HAL8 AM stands unrivalled?It has from 15 to III yeas, n?e, and a sale of from 10 to 40,000 bottles a year, become Htmdsrd Family Medicine throng, out New England It is used by a great number ol physicians in their regular practices A distinguished physic-ail says, ' lie regards it as a vale and very convenient medicine." Auoilier, "that it h it justly aeouired a High reputation, and so laras he can learn, hat never nisap"omled the reasonable expectations of ihose who have us- I ed it." None genuine unless signed Cainpsou Reed, or Win. Jon'n Cutler, or both. For sale by a. b. k D. Hands, drug gists, 79 H niton street, ?73 Broadway, 77 East Broadway. Al n ao'd by druggists and apothecaries generally in New York. Price50 cents. dIO llU'ec MADAM B OuSftiAdU 17 KM A UK PERIODICAL FILL8?Ounr anteed ia every " case where the monthly periods have bec*m* irregular from aolda, 8te Their certainty of action haa long beea sc.knowle Iged by the medical profession, and hundreds that have uselessly tried various boasted remedies. Cars is sometimes n?cearary to their use ; though they contain do medicine detrimental to the constitution Advice given gratis to all those who us# the Pills, by Madame Costello. 14 LispeS4'd street, between Walker and Canal, where tha Pills are sold. Price II per box. dd lm*m MEDICAL. M lift MAD CIBATKD MEDICINE OUT OF THE KAHTH, AND HE THAT It WISE WILL NOT ABHOR T HEM'"?JlccI. KKXTlll. PARR'S LIFE PILLS. rPHK Lttlni which are here given arc from persou* of the A highest respectability nnd character. The rropuetora of PARR'S Lll"t TILt 8 respectfully urge those invalids who lire lhe sltvhiett doubt of fheir a< curacy, to visit the pjrtias whose name* are here given, or where this ? impracticable, to aihe the fullaet investigation by letter, aa fhey hare hp d y > omieed to answer all questions to thoae who dee ire furt'rr iubimation No. 7 Washirgtoti etreet Jereey City, ro Meeart. Thomaa Roberta It Co , 304 Broadway. (Justlemen: ? . Your medicine named PARR'S LIKE PILLS hiring at* racted a good deal of a'trntion in our city. 1 purchased fiom dr. /abmkie, a)>othecary here, a 23 cent hoi, and attending: to he direction! printed on the wrapper round the box, I took the tills twice, and hare already felt so much rel tm-d of bile and leartbura, that ?iucere gra'ltude induce me to avldnus you foi he purposed'airing my testimouy to theirefficacy 1 'an only :o'ii|isre my health now to whit it was before taking Parr's I,if' I fin X relieved from a rio'eut attack ul tooth-tclie. Niilh'i mynlt'or fdo ilv will errr be without a supply. I tot, gentlemen, Voura gratefully, JAMES MILLER. Nov. 22d, 1813. Mr. S. Towiey, I'ostroatlrt of Josliu'a Corner, Madison bounty, wiitetes follows : Uent'eme.n I have sold many boxes of PARR'S LIKE PILLS, an^they tar* given uuiversil aatisfaclion, an i it is nu raud/d opiuiou hat they aie tie.tiucd ti au|ie sede all the other Pills now in i.e. 1 he (mild operation, and hue balsamic prole rues, will nake I hem tin versa! favorites. I have used the pills in my lamily, snd find them to lie an cxlellent medicine, and I shall recommend them accordingly. Rochester, Nov, 9th, 1843. ro Messrs. Thomas Roberts It Co., Propiietorg ' Pali's Life Pills," 31)4 Broadway. Jentlemen:? I cannot refrain from expressing my gmtitnde and thanks for he benefit which, under Providence, my funily andselfhave eceived front the use of your invaluable "Parr's Litis Pills." I lave used them constautly, in cases where eve y other medicine iss linled, to remove the most torinrntin* sufferings I exitrienc'd from habitual costiveiiesa and billious attacks aconipacied bv dinuieu ?l sight and nausea, with coiupleie prosration of the digestive function*. I ain now completely re* .. I l,.,li?v. ??UW. I.o I-- n..?r "Parr', I.if'., 1'itl. ? 'hiding them so rffictcious io my own cur. my wifeconcludd to give the t ) our children, instead of the uucertaiu and icuo. ant prescriptions which aie frequently recommended in ilia run stores. 1 am happy to svy, that notwilhs'.-ndiug toe last unimrr waa oneoftln aroat ichl'/and variable known in New r'ork for manv years past, art my child>en did not suffer a higle attack of anmmer complaint which ia ao fatal to young hildrrn. I consider Parr's (Mis the beat medicine ever used, ud fr-e from the objection* of violence of action and prostration f strength, lo which all ethers 1 have used are liable. You are at liberty to use my name, and on reference to me, I hall cheerfully confirm my opinion and experience of your ills. Respectfully. CHA8. A OHIOLIETTI, Formerly of 44 Columbia at cor ol Dtlancy, N Y., now of 201 Broome strict. No. 198 Christie street. detsrs. T. Roberts St Co This is to certiry ilrat I have lieea afflicted for this twelve ears with the liver complaint and dyspeiuiu, and afttr trying il advertised medicines?tben had recourse to a doc.or, who ulv pati hed me up. At last the kiudli nd of Providenre minted out to me the report of Parr's Life Pills, and alier tin,lively and ra'efu. ly taking a lew small boxes. I began o feel like another beiug?a?d i ask my cure may be circulated hinugh the United States, so grateful am I for my recovery rom the grave. M. FLING. 198 Christie street. The above, with hundreds of other testimonials, can he seen it the Pr prietor's Olbce, 391 Broadway This medicine can he purchased of all respectable druggists lirough the United Plates TO THF. PUBLIC. An Injunction iu th- Court oi liaucs y of Massachns; tts, van lately granted against George Roberts,of the Boston Times nd Notion, Boston?(no way related to our Tnomas Ronerts) -for fraudoIrn'.'y attempting to issue a spurious article, as our nr-fameil and excellent Medicire, Parr's Life Pills. The (.'h <n ellor, Judge Story, alter ordering the defendant. Beit , into ourt, ruled "that the injunction be made absolute iu every ointsoucchi for?heisga sere re animadversion on the conduct if llie defendant- Although our Agents are constantly on the lert, and Ithegreat difficulty and eipenae of imita'ing our I ibelt n audi around our b"xes ol hills, are strong sateguarils, we a e ctcrmed, at any cost, to protect ourselves from the cuppl'tv of ixhoiicst persons, ami the public from the danger of a si urious mitatiuuaof our Medicine. THOMAS ROBERTS St CO 3? lmrc. No. 301 Broadw ay cor. of liuane st. Id, fl?or. OFFICE HOURS.DH.H.BOSTWU.K informs the public that in eousequence ofthe great increase of his practice, his office hours will lert inn i" as luuirai;-rrnm a in ine morning until tz; ironi In 4 in ths afternoon which ii principally devoted to the poor. Ind from 6 until iO q'clock in the eveuint. During the anoee ismed hours, he can, without fail, b* comulteiUt tin office.? I'he balance of tne day he will attend to out of door practice Abcmethy's Family Hiyiician; or, Read* I'reacriner in all inses of illueia or accident, when medical attendance is not reluired or cannot be had?revised and enlarged by H. Boatwick, rl. 0 , can be bad at hu office, piiee 25 ceuti. HT?*" Office? No. 75 Chamber atreet H. BOSTWICK, M. D., d28 ilwec Surgeon and Physician. SCIENTIFIC HAIR TONIC RESTORER AND BEAUTIFIER, TRIAL BOTTLES?T HRKE SHlLLIVOS. "PO those whe have used Jones'Cmal Hair K-atorative know L i s excellent qualities-to those who have not, we say that he fact of our selling three shilling bottI s, must prov? the rath of 0"r statement?and that we are not afraid of person's tying a small nnantity lirsv, we warrant it to possess the following qualities It will force the nvir to grow ou any part nil re nature intended lift to grow, stop it falling off, cute eurf or dandruff, and make light, red o'grey Inir grow dark, 'or dressing the hair soft and silky, nothing cau exceed this? . makes it truly beautiful a-d keeps it so. It is. iml-ed, the tost economical, vet superior, article made for the hair, Sold, tice 1, 5 or H shillings a bottle, at tne sign of the American jagle, 82 Chatham strict, New York; 121 Kultou street, Irooklyit; 8 S at* street. Boston; 3 Ledger Buil tings, Philael phis; 2(17 King street, Charleston, S. (I. '1 he vtoorisn Hair Dye, for dvemg red or grey a dark b'own r black. Price Ml cents, or $1 a bottle ; sold at the same daces _ d 21 Im'se THE NEW "YORK MEDICAL, AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No. 75 Chambers street. "PHIS Institution, established to render to the afflicted sound t and tcieutific medical and surgical aid, list already been in uccestful operation tor nearly tmee years. All forms of dissse are treated here. Patients who come to the mat tutiou have heir cases investigated aud prescribed lor. and receive their meliciue directly uudertlie eye of the attending t lnsiiian; and hose who from ludispositiou or other causes ate prevented Irotn kpnlying liersonally, are visited st their residence. Surgical Operations of every description are also per'ormed ly a qualified and experts need surgeon. In nil cases charges ue moderate, and those whose ui'an* a e limited, are required o pay for their medicinea only. The pior will be attf nued to very day between 3 and 4 o'eiock, without chstg". HOMER BOSTWICK. M. D., Ati'nding Surgeon and Physician. This Institution ii under tlir pa'.rouage and commendation oi he follow lug gentlemen:? lie* UT Ml. V IIIU0 Iff.. Re*. Dr OttOROR POTTB, Her. Dr. G SPRING. d2? Imee Rev. Dr. BCH BOEDER. MONTHLY REPORT OP' Tilt NEW YORK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No. 14 Chamber* street. CASES SUCCES81GJLLY TREATED. 4 Pain in the loin*. 3 Secondary Syphilii. 3 Scrofula. I# Chancre. 6 Inflammation of the Eyes* S lap. 4 Coslivenesa. 2 Uleat. 3 Croup. 3 Pleurisy. 6 Srm ual Weaklier*. 4 P |c*. 3 Di?ea*e* of the Heart. 3 Suppression of the Menses. J Cases of Midwifry. 2 Kmodiug. 2 Great Debility. 2 Bleeding from the Lung*. 3 Acute Rheumatism. 4 Unable to luld the urine. 9 Chronic iUieuoialiiin. 2 Dysentery. 4 Onanism. I lnfl.nnrnarion if the L'ver 1 Disease of the Bkin. 4 llieui of the Bladder. 2 Di.ease of the Heine. 3 Coughing SURGICAL OPERATIONS. 2 Operations for Kiatula in Aim 2 Dislocation of tlieShouIder (I Tonsil* removed Joist reduced. 1 Stricture* in the Urethra cared 2 Ulceration* f>T radical cu without cutting or liurniuir. of Hydrocele. 3 Hemorrhoid il minors removed. I Thuma r"roved. 2 Operation* for Souiutiug. 2 Kucystad Tumor* retn'vd. 1 Inflammation o( Trsti ,le*. 3 Buboes cured. H. BOSTWICK. M. D., dI9 2w#rc Surgeon anl Physician. the" INVISIBLE WIG CO closely resemble* the real head of hair that sceptics and connoisseurs have pronounced it the innst |<erlect and extraordinary invention of the day. The ml .advantage of this rovel ana nnique wig is its being midr withonr sewing or weaving, which cause* its appearancna so closely to resemble he natural hair, both in lightlies* aud natural apiwarance, as cu Jefy detection, ita tenure being so beautiful, so porons and so free, that iu all cases of perspinliou evaporation is unnn|>eUeU, ?nd Lne great evils of other wigs entirely avoided, The sceptic ind connoisseur are alike invited to insiiect this novel and beauj tiful Wig, and tlie peculiar method of fitting the head, st the manufacturer's A C. Barry. 146 Broadway, corner of Liberty street, uo MM il?7 lm?rc N() L0NGKK , HUT If you have a cnueh, try s bo* of Cotton's Cough Lnr.f ges.? t h' y are prepared with >kill and accuracy, and tne recipe *i!l be clieer'uflv shown to Physicians at all tunes ? Mr. Michael Cox. of J, fler'on Mr Ins. denied more bem til from them thin any llnug el?r h- had us d. .Mr C. AlforU, corner r f tinrch and Walke* t'reets, was cured of a severe cold and cough hy one bos. If vour children have worms, the emedy is found in Cotton's Woini Lnaengea?Try them !?E j. v ..a. u*r.iM jean HI ill*" uifniiirni, n )' i|? m ui.3i,li| r11is mutt giv* him an *<1 imitate* over th? men-. adventier, who hy some niddeii impulse coitkm all at one* into a preparer ?.f inediciuP4. without anv knowledge of their pro|wniea. The ihore, w ith other vtluih'r r-niedi- ? pironrtil only by K. L. COTTON, Chemist, fcr. <131 lin*ec 265 lllefcker itw. IN. Y. KROM Ls*N no \r. TO TIIE LADIES. VfRS. M1TC1JKLL. late of Loudon, be^a respectfully to "* announce tothose ladlea requiring th" aid of a Midwife, that she ha* completed tier arrangements for a permanent realdeuce in New V ork. Mrs. M. fa. iceriv-il a (borough medical education, and bean a di|>lnma from the City of London Lyirg in llo.pital, to which iu.titntion ahe was attar lied ai Midwilc for aeveral year., and waa stlceea.fally engaged at assistant and sever .1 thouiand rare. .?f childbirth. Mra. >1. it favored with high 'eitimoni.ila and ceititieates of qualification Iroinlh* innat eminent of the London m'dical faculty, and which are at nil timet open for inspect ion. Hraid-nre 2 Mailtaon atreet, one door from I'eirl. dli lm*r LEGS, HANDS, ARMS, &c. 'fHK LOSS of Viet, and la-fa, no hindrance to llie act ol 1 walkinf?JOHN K. THoMAS, ( ork l-cg Maker, he., rraprctfully inform- the public that lie lira returned from Philadelphia to 472 Water atreet, corner of Pike, New If oik City, wkeif ha continue* to manufacture ARTIFICIAL LIMBS, on a plan the moat correct and least compile nrd,having,through necessity, invented, made, ami worn an aitificial Iff lor forty years, and been a manufacturer for llrrty-ire venr , feels conhoent of giving aatiafaclion to all who call on liim for Lefa, Hands, Arms, or the Common Wooden Leg. did lrn'tr OCHKNCK'H PULMONIC 8YKUP.-A great cure at Ber O gen Hill, near Jersey City ?This is to certify that tie no deraignvil, 111 the spring ol till I, was alia, ked with a viol'ni pain in the aide and breast a-d a severe cough, which caused me to laise matter strr.tked with blood. I kepi getting weakei anil the disease progressed notwithstanding all the rnortt ol the doctors, and all other remedira ilmt I tried, nmil my casi became one of uniUnlited consumption. I had the hectic lever night sweat., cough, coativenei., and all the symptoms tha usually attend that disease. My parents abandoned all hopei id' my ever getting well, anil all nllirra acquainted with mi situation supposed I would die soon. It waa at the time whei hope waa nearly gone, that t co nmenced using Hchenck'i Pill inonic Syrup. It aooii lonirned the matter and phlegm, and could raise Irrely, and began or feel better ; and now I fis-l quiK well ; anil I feel gra'rful to a kind I rovidence for directing in' to hi. vsluahle meiliciue, which has been the inean. ol rastor ing in- to heallh, after every thing elae failed. THOMAS WJI.KKH, Bergen, near Jer?ey City, Nov. 17. 1843, Prepared by I II. Bchenck, and lor sale at hi. principal olh caa ?,\o. 37 South at., one door below iherorner of Che. nut, and ai hit Laboratory, No 121 Race street, Philadelphia alio lor sale it 1'l4< t otirtloidt street, one door below cone of (lieenwich, N. V., the only place in this city where tin genuine can be bad ; alao 389 Washington it., Bo.ton ; No. H Broadway, Albany, N. Y. The above offices are eicluairelj for the ante of Pulmonic Syrup. d? lmeod* m DOCTOR MORRISON. KTORTH RIVKK DISPENSARY. M4% Kaltoa a treat, I' near lireeuwich.?Dr. MORRISON, Member of the Ray>1 Collage W burgeons, Loudon, and formerly Surgeon iu the British N??y, continue* 'o be consulted corfideutally Inn o'clock A. M. to It P. M. on all diaenMo of private nature, and ail tho#? cases mai-treatrd by uneducated pereena assuming the daliraof thn qualified surgeon. Ur. M.*? ability to fulfil nia professional rugagtm-cu, and strict honor in oiachareing hu dutv, ii well known to eitixena ; ao lac addreaa slumaalf to strangers, advising them not to place themaelyea under an* advertising doctor, withont reading hi* eolfige diploma, aa the only teat against impotiiioa. Dr. M. is daily coca I tad by paH'nta. where the lending aymptoma hare been only cheenad, * till leaving the poison to lark in the aya'rm, until nltinutely it develop** itaelf in the ileplombla ahape of secondary, ayphili*. In all ca.ea Dr M. wamnla a perfect cure, without mercury or hindrance from buaineaa. In soma* forma of the diaeaae he , cure* in S to 4 dava, and in proportion in malignant eaaea. HU * medicine* are not unpleaaant, and are put up in convenient . forma, and defy crlectiou. bTRICTURES OK URETHRA.?Obatrnetioni in the ? urethra, auch aj atricturm and enlargement of tlae proatate glands, accompaiiied with much irritation and dull pain in those parta, arr aoine of Uie couaequeaces ?f mat treatment. Ur. M. curra atricturea in a scientific manurr, p-omoliug their abaorption without pain. Peraoua who from reading ratcn-petw >' n y hooka or bug-hear adrr'liaemeuta. and may be Irighleaed iu- < t" the belief that they are the subjects of alricture, cau have the opiuiou of Dr M. without any charge. Periooi are frequently told by quacks they have alricture, when in truth they have ^CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY.?Thou*aufferiiigfrom the effect* of a aerret dratructive habit, would do well to call uu Dr M. who will without any charge demouatrate to them the morbid condition of the nervoua ayatem iu audi affeuiouj, which are aggravated by the uae of noatruina, auch as n rdiala. tic. and the basu of all such being tincture of HpanUh lliea.aua stimulate'onlv t? crente greater depression Letter* poat paid and aontaniiug a foe, will ensure medicine and advice to any part of t>>a Union, and a cure warranted. N. B ?Wi'h one esceptiou, Dr. M. it rhe only qualified advertising surgeon in lb.- city. See hU diplomat, suspended in hi* office. 204M Kullou stnet. nifl lm>r THE PRIVATE TREATISE?Thw little book itaeir ig A deeigned for those who require a speedy and private cure ^ for certain infection* eompjaints, and in which the bant juad moat convenient treatment in a plain and faithful manner. The price ia St- The present advertisement, however, U to state that tli* author haa now published the moat interesting chapter ?that on the cause* which render these complaint* to obstinate and lingering?in the form of aatingle leuer, which ha supplies, tree 01 expense, io any one wuiiing it iii> reasons lor aotag tfaii are givro in the letter itself; and ia this, alto, will be seaa . why so inany persons suffer on from month to mouth with a complaint which is so prone to affect the mind as well as functions of the body, and which is so easilr and speedily etued when once its nature is explained. But lest it shun Id lie supposed that the letter here referred to professes more than it really contains, the author ben to state, that beside his long experience, he has testimonial letters on the sutyect of his integrity and skill from the most enrnent physicians in F. a rope to the most eminent in America, as Sir Astley Cooper to Dr. Mott. of New York, Dr. Physack, of Philadelphia aud others; and also tiiat he is permitted to refer to almoel every qhvsitian of eminence in the city. Dr. Ralph would also farther state, that he is consulted on diseases of this nature at his private residence. No. U fireeuw'ch street, at any hour, and those who honor him with their confidence, even in the most complicated state of disease, will be surprised at the erse and quickness with which, in general, thev will obtain a cure dll lm*r -s WONDERFUL REMEDY^ VIRRKY'8 TINCTURE AND LOTION OK INVIOORATION. ASUPrLY of these invaluable and extraordinary remedies has been received direct 'rom Doctor Adiian Virrey, of Lyons, by his exclusive American agents, De Lauuey Ik Or*y. ol New York Nothing equal to them has yet been discovered for removing impotency, rtnor albus, nervous affections^ and ? invigorating the system and reviving the decayed energies of certain parts, a fact that can be proved by any person in tea annates; for while all other medicines recommended for the same diseases are admitted by their inventors to be slow of operation, fheTincture and Lotion of (uviicoralion act at once and make their effect lelt in a few moments after they are made axe of. Indeed their quick aud wonderful action is such, that coldness or imbecility cannot remain in >he constitution that is un- ? tier their dominion lor half an hour; nor is it possible lor any married female to use tlieut and remain without offspring, for they immediately correct the inactivity ofocrtain organs which . in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred is the cause of unfruitful- JP uoss. '1 hey are elso unrivalled remedies in incipient coosunijn tiou, dyspepsia, pilpiUtiou ot the heirt.nervous headache gleet and affections ol the kidneys, and in all diseases produced oy a nameless solitary habi', for which they are a speedy and |iasitire cure The Tincture is taken internally and is ploasaut to the taste; the Lotion ia used externally. They may be used separately with great benefit, but are moat effective when used tote tier. Price $2 a buttle, or both bottles for S3 N. II ?Persons living at a distance can have these medicines sent in the toon of two powders, at only double the postage, will full prin'ed directions for couvertiug 'hem into the Tine turn aud Lotion Price $2 for one powder, or $3 for both. (When both are used their effect is wouderful in removing impotence. ) All remittances must be post paid, and directed to De Lanney & Orey, New York. Information of adelicateand interesting nature, which caul not be inserted ia a public advertisement, accompanies wads >*arf lie and iMiwder. These medicines should never he used heikifgei mot women, for iheir exciting naturu would be liable to urol duce abortion. Mold br si?cial appointment of i |DE LAUNEY fc OREY, d? In''C At 14 Donne at. New 7?A. WHO WOULD BE WITHOUT TEETH, win* * following unprecedented reduction in deutiitry ii MM' f the celebrated Dentist, W. Thorne, D.D.S., 63 East Brand waft Cleaning Teeth (1 Or" Extracting 36 Stopping with his lastly celebrated Mineral, 76 Single Tooth on Pivot 7S " " "Silver 3 CJ t ?s " " Oold ItK A complete set of Teeth, on the most approved prim pit*, at the same price as the above. N. B,?Where entire satisfactioa'is not given, no ehr.T- will he made. S3 fine! Bmsdwvr i s TO MARRIED LADIES MADAME KESTELL'S PREVENTIVE TOV . KB. x A?A?Those invalaable Powders have been UDirvridliy adopted ia Europe bit Vronce in particular, for upwards of thirty years ss well as by thousands in litis country, as being the ouly mild, safe and efficacious remedy for married ladies, (whose health forbids a too rapid increase of family. Madame Restell, as is well known, was for thirty years female Physiciaa in the two principal rimale Hospitals ia E?rope?those ol Vienna and Paris?where favored by her grsM experience and opportunities, she attained tliat celebrity in ^ those *eat discoveries in medical science so specially adapted M to the leinale frame, for which bet uiediciue* now stand nan railed, as well in this country ss in Europe. Her acquaint- S saws with the physiology and anatomy of the female frame. M enables her?by tracing the decline and ill Itealth of married females, scarce in the meridian of life, and the coqanqnent na pid and ?ften appairntly ineiplicable ransi* which consign many a fond mother to a premature grave?1<> their true soprqe, to arrive at a knowledge of the primary canxra of female indiopositions?especially of married feuidlrs?which, in 1803, led te the discovery of her celebrated " Preventive Powders." Their adoption lias been the means of preserving not only the healths but even thalifeof many re aflAtionate wife cad fend mother. Thf advertiser freliajr the imjMirtaace of this subject, and estimating the va-t benefits resulting to inonsands by their adop- t lion, wonld most sespaetfully asouse the attention ef the married, by all tliat they hold near and dear, to their consideration. Is it not wise and virtuous to prevent evils to which we an subject, by simple and haaltliy means within enr control.? Every dispassionate, virtuous and enlightened mind will unhesitatingly answer in the affirmative. Price five dollars a Pack! age, accompanied with (tail and particular directions. They can be forwarded by mail to any part of the United States. AC letters most be post-paid, and addressed to MADAME REtSTELL, Kemsle Physiciaa. Principal Office, 111 Greenwich . street. New York. Office hours from I A.M. to 9 o'clock P.M Boston office No T Kites st oll?3m*r MADAME RK a T E L L , T7EMALE PHY8YCI AN, Office and residence. 14* OreenA wich street, between Conrtlandt and Liberty streets, when she can be consulted with the strictest confidence on complaint* incident to the female frame. Madame Reatell's experience and knowledge in the treatment of obstinate cases of female irregularity, stoppage, suppression, he , is such as to require but a few day* to effyct a perfect curs. Ladies desiring propur median I attendance daring confiueinswt or other indisposition, will he accom mods tad daring such time, with private and respectable board. J w Preventive Powderi," fo? married ladies, whose delicate or | N precarious neaun iwoni a uo rapui -ncreaae 01 unuv, win M tent br mail to any part of t?e United Sutcs. Trie* $i a packaxe All letters (pn?i-t.aid? addreaaed to box, *1, New Vurlu Boston Office, No. T Ease* street." N. B.?Madam* KAATKLL would inform ladiea residing oat of the city, whose health would not admit of irnvelliog, that (he would devote her pcnonal attendance apon them II any part of the Uaited St* tee within reasonable diatance. olO Sm*r PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. mrtarsD ami raaeanED ay M. DE IOUDKLOQUK, M.D., LISBON, TORTUOALI 'T'HE Scicntriic combination of iuaredirole of which theae * Tilla are composed, have made them Ihe wonder and admiration of the world. They are known ali over Earope to be the only preparation ever aiaeovrred that hae proved invariably certain in prodor.ine the monthly tnrue. Thvir certainty, in all eaira, being inch that they moat nor be nand during pregnancy, for though always mild, safe and healthy, they are eertaia M produce miacarruge if ueed during that period. j The directions are translated iuto Kiuliah, and are enveloped roved with (he aeal of the importer, stamped. Each b-tf con taina the aignatnre of M. de Bood-loone, and the English direction* have the aignaturo of Ur. If. MELVKAU, anthorued agent Ihr the continent of America. They can be transmitted by mail to any pan of the United State*. Sold by DrY. MEL VKAU, agent and importer lot the United State*, office 123 Liberty street, near Greenwich at. Price ti?half bam 13. No hall boxes eent by mail. Sou in Bostoai at No. 9 Salem atreet. Letters directed to Dr. ?. Melvenu. bo* 14, New York, will meet with immediate atten| tioa. All letter* mnat be pott paid- olO tm.J?*f rKMILK MnNTIII.Y PII.I.B YAWING to the celebrity, efficacy, and invarinble istcmol " Mailamr Rvitcll'* HVmil? Monthly Pill* in all ca*r* of ill ragnlarity, auppreuicn, or ttoppige or tho?e function* of nature upon which the health of every female d'lauda, line* their intr,.unction into the United 8tite*,novr about foot y-ara, eonnfrieits and imitation* ate cruile.utly attempted to b? palmed oft for the grnuire. Cheap eoiiunun pill* ah' nurrhaaed at twelve cent* a bo*, put up in Jiilereiit bo?e*. and called? " Kemale Monthly Pill*," with the ohject of telling them, ii pouible, at one or two dollar* a bo*, female* are therefor* continued ag'iin't tlicje attrmpt* to impose u|x>n tlieni. It IS tufficient here to itntr that all rem.-1? Monthly Pill* aa* connt.t,"f?ils, eicrpt thoae *o!d at Madame lte?t?U'* Principal Office. 141 Greenwich atreet, iNew York, and 7 K.iaei *treet. BoitoaJ Price It. Madame 'i.e*t?II'a tigaatnts ia written on the eorw of each bo*. N. D.?They can be tijwl hy married or *inc!r, by following the direction* eneloaed iniide of mch bo*. Bold al?o by ap pointtnent at M4 (Iran 1 ttreet. c >rcr.r of Allen, New York 10_Sm*r TO THE LADIES. PR. HUI.L'8 UTKHO ABDOMINAL SUPPORTEH. 'T'HM new intl'ninent for the radical cure of Prolapana Utatl A or falling ni the Womb, br em mil application, anperledinit the me of the ohjrclional lVaaery, it contidciilly t'enn* ciended to the aHlicted ea the tornm of perfect rettorn'.on to j health, H never having lolled of performing a care, even under the moat aggravated rirrumitancr*. The ?un: ortur has attained a vary high character in Europe *a well e* in thia eonntty. It ia adopted to the entire dianae of nenaaric*. and all n'.imr uninful eiix-dienLs. in the I.v tag 'iHlospitals ol London and Talis, and is nniversally commended in Enrore by medical man of the Highest rank.? In this ronntry it is sustained by the leading members of the faculties ef Colleges and Hospitals, and by nli the eminent private practitioners. Rooms have been Punished eietnsiv elr for Ladies at No 4 Vesey sf-et, . separate entrance from the business department, where a lady is in constant -ttendanee, In apply Trusses an Supporters to female pstiente. u? Imr CAUTION TO KEMALKS VfAOAMK WESTELL. KKMALE I'H VSIC1AN, wonld lvl inform Indies who, with a pro|>er delicacy, have a rep asnance to the treatment of their complaints eicept by one o( their own |ea, that in all cases she attends to thein personally, her nperience, practice and knowledge enables her to do so. Shn deems it neeessnry to state this, as she does not wish te bo classed with the pretenders continually appearing and disap peering. advertising as " female Physicitus," who too igno rant sad incompetent them<elres are obliged to get some scarce iy leee .gnerant quack to etperimeat instead. Consulting par lorn and residence. Ml Orencwich street, between I'onrtland and Liberty streets Hoars of attendance from I A. M to* P.M. olOJei'r PUBLISHED DAILY OY JAMES UOItDON BBSNRTT, N. W. CORNER KULTOV AND NASSAU STREETS Thi: New York leper, iune?i ervry morning 01'the week?pric-> two per copy. Country sobsrritier, furnished at the same rate, lor any specific penod, on a remittance jn advnnre No piper sent unit esi-.iid in adranee. Thi Wtrmv lit i<?i n~Issued evgry Saturday morning at ten o'clock?priee sir nil s qi sRiiii < i vm per rop, ?fur r nislied toeonniry snbtcribw* ,tr $i 2'i j>er annnm in idvtnte, r or at the same rare rrr any specified peri ml. 6 CoRRt.n-nvnr.ii rs are re<|iiested to address their letters to t Jsssgs Uoanoir Br.nrtr.TT, Proprietor end Editor?ond all leu ^ itrs 01 businees must be postpaid. ?

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