Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 7, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 7, 1844 Page 1
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T H Vol., X. No. 3 ?Whole No. 3371. To tk? Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper p??> llllied every day of the ) c ir m . 11 S. ? Year ! > Fourth of July. Price 'J cents jut copy?or >7 je per an num?postage* paid?cash in advance THE WEEKLY HERALD published every Mat u Hay morning?price 6j rents per copy, oi M I'd per annum postages paid, cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the HeroU is over TII1KTV THOI SAM), and increasing fast. It has the tar/test circulation of any pap., in this city, or the world, and is, therefore, the test channel J,.? it. > I >.'?? men in the city or country. Prices moderate cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the mom moderate price, and in the moat elegant at) la JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PaoraiEToa or thi II?s*li> Kit sat iihsi at Northwest corner of Fulton and stn.-t# SUMMER AKKANUKMRMT NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA HA .SOAOI.IM DIRECT. "Fok Nawaaa, Ngwaarrrswu i.Fiisr tros, Teamen. Bosdistows Ana Bi'Slivotoh. iffl THROUGH IN SIX HOI Hs Leariug .Mew York daily from the at t ..artist,J' .. Morn.tig Line at 9 A. M ?Mail Pilot Liae at <H P v' The Morning Line proceeds to Bonle?u>wa. from tie-aca l?y steamboat to Philadelphia. Evening Line proceeds direct ui ( amdea (oplxoiU la Philadelphia} wnhout change of cars Passengers will procure then tickets at ofhre Ire >1 Courtlaudt lUM, where a commodious II?at I mat will h# it readiueas, witli b<||>p rrntes oa board Philadelphia baggage cram are conveyed Irem city In city. Wlhout bam* opeued by tha way Each train i> pr.., ,drd ? nl. acariu which are apartmanta and dreaaing rooms a? nasi v for tha Indiea' u?a. Returning, the liuea lenve Philadelphia (ram (ha loot uf W*1 nut street, by steamboat to Bordeutown at 7 o clock. A M nod by railroad from Csmdeo. at J o'olnrk. P M Tlielinea for Baltimore leave Philadelphia ai "HA M , and ; 4 r, M. being a continuation of the linee from New York, oil 2m*m FATERSON RAILROAD. From Pateraou to Jeraay City. On and after Monday, Oct. 2d, 1843, the car* will leave Patehiok OnraT. Lxavn Niw Venn 8 A. M. A. M. 'JVM. f..a ON SUNDAYS. Ltiti PaTKHiotr Divot. Liati Ntw Yon 8 A. M. tX A. M. 3 P. M. ? T. M. Tranaportation can leav* daily ( Handaya net-vied.) rawsgera are adviiwd to be at the fr erry, foot of Courtianut at reef, a few minutes before the stated hour* of departure jy 19 ftm NEW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKKTh. To aail from New York on the 36th and Liverpool on the 11th of each mouth ja JR ? ja TS Nrw ySSkT^ Ship 8IDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 28th December. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain K. Depeyiirr, Vtb January. Ship OARRICK, Capt. Wm. Skiddy, 26t'i Kebiu?ry. Ship ROSCIUS, Captain John Collins, 36th March. From Liverpool. Ship SIDDONS. Captain A. B. Cobb, 11th February. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyatar, llth March. Ship OARRICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy. llth April. Ship ROSCIUS, Captain John Collins, llth May. These ships are all of the first class, upwards of 1000 tons, built in the city of New York, with such improvements as combine great speed with nnnsnal aomfort for passengers. Every care has been takon in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of passage hence is $180, lor which ample stores will be provided These ships are commanded by at|ierieuced masters, who will make every exertion to give general satisfaction. Neith-r the captain* or owners of the ahips will be responsible for any letters, parcels or packages sent by them, an lets regular bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to E. K. COLLINS It rO. 56 South st., New York, or to BROWN, SHIPLEY 8t CO., Liverpool. Lettara by the packets will he elt-trged I2X cunts |wr single heat : 50 nts per ounce, and aswrspn>?r* 1 cent each. da ~RtA 111 BROTHERS <fc CO.'S PASSAGE .^F1CE. UXii v/n O X IV Hi Ca X , r. vy X l_/IVX\. i 1 M ^ passaoTTkom ltvlkFool. In the following Packet Sliipj, viz:? The Nf VOIIK, sailing from LiTerpool on the 1st Keb. The COLUMBUS, do do 16th do The YORKSHIRE, new, do do 1st March. Ti.e CAMBRIDGE. do do 16th do , fir in any of the Packets comnrising the Old Line sailing from that |M>rt on the 1st and 16th of every month. Those sending for their friends will find it to their interests and comfort to Etronise our Line, as no possible retention on embarking can given. Pna?ge Certificates s'nt by the steamship Hibernia. sailing from Boston on the 1st of January, will have plenty of time to prepare to come by the first named packet, or in any o I the above mavnificrnt and une;u\ll-d packets Persons remitting money to the old country can at all times obtain from th- subscribers drafts at stent lor auv amount, drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, and on Messrs Preecott. (Jrote, Ames St Co., Bankers. Loudon, which are paid free of discount in every town throughout England, Ireland, Scntl n<l and Wales For passage, apply to or address (if by letter post paid.) KO^HE BROTHERS <k CO,. d3Src 35 Fnltnn st. next door to the Kulton Bank. r r DRAFTS ON h NOLAND, IRELAND, HV See.?Persons ahont semittiug money to ih-ir friends in the Old Country can be supplied *<^33with drafts in sums o'?1, ?2, ?3, ?5, ?10, ?50, ?100. or sny amount payable on demand, without discount, or any other charge, at the National Bank of Ireland. Provincial Ba tk do, Messrs J?mcs Bait, Hon It Co.. Bankers, London; J. Barurd k Co , Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool; Eastern Bank of Scotland; Greenock Banking Company; Sir Wm. Forbes, Hunter St Co., Scotland; and the branches in every post towu throughout England, ireland, Scotland and Wales, which dralts will be forwarded by the suamer Hibernia, leaving Bos'nn on the 1st Januar". Apply to W. St J. T. TAPkCOTT, At their general iwsssge office, 43 Peck slip, corner of South street. N. B. All letters from the country must come post paid. d24 rc WINTER AKRANOEMENT-FUR. ALBANY. Via BRIDGEPORT and jtMQ sgl Housat omc St Western bnlnS*Riildrords. , ally, Suudays^^^^^H MT. Excepted. Passe gers for Albany by tins Ko"te will take the new and StlMrx.,1 Is' I T II is* U A t I I fls- 1. -L!-L ? __ _ ? ... , - ?..uuun' uww wn|/irf u. nun, WHICH leave* Nr? York from foot Liberty atreet. Thursday morning at lialf put 6 o'clock, for Bridgeport, theuce by tl>- Housatooic ami Western Rail roa la, without clianer e I cara or baggage cratea, m Albany, arriving same evening at o'clock. Fare through For paaaage or Freight, apply on board, or at the office, foot of Liberty atreei. O. M. PERRY, Agent. j3ec NAVIGATION OK THv HUDSON OPEN TO ALBANY. WINTER MAIL LINK FOR ALBA Lx^iaJpN'Y, and Inter mediate 11 acea hcateam3E3BE?boat ROBK.RT L. STEVENS. Cat lain R. L. Mabey, wi I leave the foot olCounlandt St. Wednesday, Fridai and Hiindav afrernoona, at 4 o'clock. the Htean er' COLUMBIA, A Stouahton, will leav- aa above, Thurday, Saturday and Monday a>teinoona, at 5 o'elok. For paaaage or freight, apply to P. C. Kchultz at the office, or on board. N. B Allkiudaoi" property taken only at the riak of the ownera thereof. d28 rc wtMTI jm STATEN ISLANITTEHRY, FOOT ft T|T*'u' WHITEHALL BT.-The at. am boat ESC1STATEN ISLANDER willleave New York and Staten Island, on and after October 2d, u followa, nntil farther notice :? Leave Hlaten Ialand at 8K. 10, a. M., 2, 4, r. M. Leave New York at 9. 12%, 10 min paai 3, N. B ? On Sundays the boat will leave at 11 uialead of 12)?. All freight ahip|>ed it required to be particularly inaraeu and la at the riak of the ownera thereof slfltfr .mjn wiT Winter mail line-for albatLJ'ar Ja N V and ii er mediate placet, from the font of 3^^wBbdLCnnitlandt atreet The ateamer UT OA, I apt. J Scott, will leave aa above atP. M. on Wedueadiy, Friday and Sunday. The COLUMBIA, Cart. A Houghton, will leave aa above at 4 P. M. on Tuesqay, Thursday and Saturday. For peitage or freight, apply on board, or la P. C. Schultx, at the office on the whaif dllr aMQ /ML WINTER M M L LINE FOR AITB ANY CL Jaand the mtermed t tr plicca?Fare through to !K^JCZ.AIh'uy $1 ?Th-t| lendidsteamboat UTICA, Capt J. Scott, will leave theateamboat pier at tli- f ot of ('ortIandt atr'ft, This Afternoon (Kri av, Jan. 4) at 4 o'clock. For pis-age or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. SchuHz, at the office on the wharf jj F"R SALE. Freight or Charier?1 he harqne InljpJW ALTOPF, of Button,burthen 248 Ions, copnered and JHMfac pper fattened?built at Mtdford in 1842. carries about 41 DO barrela. Apply to Capt Bogatdus, on board, at pier 10 north river, or to BOYD 8t HINCKKN Broken ,121 c 2 Tontine Building. ???- FOR LIVERPOOL?With De-patch?ThespiankJJMfWdiil well known fait tailing and favorite packet ship JhKHLEHTA IV, Captain Thompson, will tail lor me above port with qniek despatch. She {ins eacellent accommodations for a few cabin piutsngen. who wII he taken .it modems rataa. Application to be made on board, loot of Peck alip or to d26 rc W. It J. r. TAP8COTT, 43 Peck slip rff ONLY REGULAR LINE FOR NEW OR bflWSWLKANH?l'he following nrst elua par ken will sail ?yBjKeP""Ciuailv u advertised (weather iiermittiug) or |?assage free vir.:?_ ? ... VICKsllL'BO, Capt C. C. Kerry, on the 4th January. OCONEE. Capt D. Jackson, on the lOlli January. The accommodations of tliese ships for cabin second fcabin and hlreraire paatcngera, arc auch aa ennnot tail to ensure every comfort to passengers during the vovatf The ships ol this line have now commenced their regular trips, and will aail punctual every five days throughout the season. Passengers may therelore rely on not being detained. The price of passage Wiutr very low, those wishing to arcuie berths in either of the above packets c in d> so bv applying on j board, or to W k J. T. TAP8C01T. At their Oeneral Passage Office, ire 43 Peek Slip corner Houth atreet hUll LIVKHPOOL-ltegutar l\.ck#t oflha 6t|, hPJSV^*uii"?VtnlJ!,4)rr?''"! "*w aplendid picket chip j^bAfa lSllltl RTON, H. lluttleatim, m.aler, will uil aa above, her r.gular day. Thia (hip la 1000 ipna burthen, bnilt eapreaaly for thia liueof packet*, anil noiahrd mi auperior atyla. '1 I e aecomnvdationa for cabin, aecond cabiu anil ateeraite pnaaengvra, are nuanrpaaard hv any llolt A number of Iwaarnjrera are already engaged r,?on, immdins to embark ah.,old make immedlate amil(cation o* boaid, loot of Maiden lane, or to JOSKPII McMUHRaY, 100 Pine afreet, i, , i * .i : , . corner of South. leraonv wiahin* to tend lor their frienda reaming in the old country, can ha.e them brought out by the abi?e atop or any of ih" regular packet* aailmg on ih?7th, 17 th and 27th of each month, b, applying aa above. I) raft a at aight for luge or amall auma are drawn by the aubacriber on the Prorincial Bank of Ireland, paynble in trery town through out the country; alao on Meaara. Mpoonrr, Atwood aCo., baukera, Loudon, payable tit eecry town in Great fntni* on rc r E NE ' ' - ! - - * NE PA?HIA???' ?'ON l.'?NlM?\-P,thatof th Oth l^^^^faaaan ' >1111 < i-?fk. t JlikbVIUNTNKAl , t afa a *11 Mil M?kM?i I hat rrg ]. I 0a\ I M tir<B?Mlltl f b It. VCiultllll a <1 III ria** |W*I?4* if imiM'l It# ?| | i* ill |I mull' mi ( ?r>t f I I ? JtillS III Hp MIAN, jlr* H * ? h W?ti 1 Nj[* ll.M. M M ' * * 1 v . :.r. ? ! -I > W JlHIl' h** lr*?|.f Ol* Ih ? Minaa I.. ** - hwwha a* >?10 ?r I..I In ?ika railr i||l Itf -1 ?- aa M U lAlti, tlh'l 4 ? ^ I'I'i I** W" * ^4 kJ ? T ".Til ??TT. V llwir Pan a* Oflh #, It in k j| N mill *4 Im4 a'r Ik >(lM LIVLMItTlL Ml k O'liiltk- IVl|itni JWk i ill i i . hat .III,' . MmCb'H.IO ' apt Put'* *. will *?' ?? h ?Mtk uaapatrli (ITi5?*h? p,it 0' r rain* p aaawt ?? aba law .|?i. at it* '"-* ? ami ?**?>' ' Mm ?R' uil.IWi MWI v I I fn M?l'"l A lltlllaJ I a.khn at mi a* ahi i t aa* la at iaai .aWataO I* a tiiai nil a*<a*?r u u^hch 1>*? tuliwi t'?i? a , Iwnh* .I. .*'4 m.ha . li .( , Ir-ll a * Ui *, I , at Wall nmt.NMiih.,111 W ?J T T\r*lOTT, lit tor it hti all rimrrainliiiiwl ia* kill LI VI Ml i >oi.-S >. W LI N i -HtoaLf 4lK ?IU Hill tN k A I -? irf HIM. t?*.. will kail ? ' ?' laaaiat ' ? r *? wwwhl at iwaaa**, Iwttao ac aMwOllMM *? !** I 0 I ' '! I ? IHivM', ayt'lh ?U btaaO at Oik?'? alol. h? ml Wall ?< M la >. k tOkkiNti a I U ^rnaaf tmaaafla. |ta* * a..iiihaii.**. T? paihw ahia Ikaftich. law Htt Mh. ?t tnaa. ill I Ilka ?iMm. **0 tail th- ??k kaLtaaO hat lagalaf "l.?rr? aaar Mi apaa tlaa aa.aa at Haw luwaailtao i-uat laail, at aHaaaiwaO W1" Lomimis I INK P*| *KT?-Twkw la.1 W JWh I h? !'a 0.0 tall ba.'Wa laat awiiaa I at aal ai ir JmK>Ii|N I kl tL I afiau Tiak-a, ai'l aail |nwMi**.r Il?> iu? oid ?aM?.>4M?>i* for rebia m.oed rrb.uuad It" || iwratr , f*t |?w >f f*J*!*.^K." * ^ o?ar oa f.oaru or I* iTl i T TAf? OTT, <1 fnk Alii* N H foi'vW of eradta? I" thaar Irwafo < h??# |Ik? tir?<i|l.l Ml M thr eborr V?utlK-Bt Mffo* *?!>..<* ' M| of thr NfllM 'id. ?M IIMUIlll* !*! IBO ? HllklM to Irani m wry "t l*o dr-ft* fw ?ay pavabfr e? fo Mf, I I thr pnaciyel tawea el (fon Imm A|-pt* * ahurr. ** r?lH N w < 'HI > ANl liaaiaa tad New 'I Lier- Porll irrl \ I M.i fMlrt-Trail HAbinli Ju ? Thr I mi aitiua |>.ch I chip IN I y* I*. Jakm mil IMIIH*I\ wl? ikmr. Ii? main ! ? l or freight or |?aaa?e. ha Mug mull' mm I grata had acceaiagt.folioiti, tp|.l> oa Imif at Ortniii wharf. fool of Will atrret, arte . K. f Ol.l.lN" h * fojalli Unrl. Million by lhaa lie# anr r-a* apee hwriwg tlwar gooda car* r^\?.Jir*i""Nrw Drkua Hallia If Woadre?. who Will p?,h,,*lyfofw^aljdo?lglolhraruddreaa Tl.r iarkrt alup Miaat?i"f>i I apt I . till ard. will rarraf tlar (tenner aif wl thr Mh Ju'i . her ?(ilar .lav jlr*; KOK HAVKk?The hog aIUTI ti lau llrau k r . reirht apply to JUmL A I ROSftlK*. If I O ? Broad el f 'o ulii BO VI) k III Ni KKN. * Tootia# Building MT? LKT-The Mora No tT kama rlter', in Ihr Herald Bialdtwga, ftoat liar tirei of t rtuuary. Apply * thianrtirr _ dltr_ AwL TO LtT?1 tar plol of groand m a thr WMa|i RB rrrrtrd thrraoa, ailualr uu rt,- u< rth aidr of lllh at tel. .i'JUi . I ? >. tie 'ill armor and i tin rn.d now ortupir.l byTuiin Cimi'iall. Apply at No. It Laight atrwrt. Jl IW*rr Yt# NiBLO'iMONUKKVATOHV. OMKKN Mol'Ht H ]0M|a<id, 17fa Broadway, adjuiuiug ilir 3CUirdrn? 'J In* publ c la r?p. ("fully informed tba* at t'-r 'eleb liahrnrul will be now m h adheron*11 moa. ratmaiva, choirr and r iri?d roll, rtione of Orna mil I P aula in Howrr, auitvblr fur Holnliv Pr ar ta, I arlora, Co. gerraloriee. fc consisting o| i ante las, noses nxsii t vim u riuiun t.?i in finest known varieties, Rhodode droit . Or<ngr anil La < n T'ets in bearing. l)al>niie*t, hr. Ik . A superb iiiiinmr.,! nl Dutch Bulbv, viz : Hyacinths, l ull s, lie , in pott *ud glasses, which air nlre.dy in a flowerug t'slr Bouquets can l.e procured at auy lima, nude nl live must elegant and fr meant tluwirs, grown in lha( unserratuti's, audaia arranged i n-ique and rarird styles to suit a'l tastes, by an experienced artist. Choice Flower Seeds wi'l be receivej Ciom F.umpe early iu Janu.i y, manv vstiat ev of w ich will be entirely new on this side of the Atlautic?a'so, a complete assortment of Vege able, HMD. Ora-s anil MM Se ds. All the above 9-eda will b* tested as to their growing ijualities. before offered lor sa'e, to ensure uot the Irast disappo.nlmenl to the patrons of this eatahlitlun' lit Orn.imen'al Flower Stands, Gold Fish and Glass Globes, llyacnith Glassfs, tic. tic , always on hand All the above ailiel-s - ill be disposed of on tb.a most tea. souable terms, for cash only. All orde-s lluukfully received and ciectited with prompt ness. M ? WILLIAM N1BLO, Propri-'or N. B. The entire Stock of Seeds bel ingiug to ll e lale lirin of Niblq ti Dunlap, will be sold at auction. hv Win H. c Moulin, at his Rooms, IJ Broad street, at 11 o'clock, ou Wednesday ne?t. the 27th December, wi li at any reserve, d14 2? tc amg* FOR HALF?A Valuable Farm called Hprtuitlield jKM?sitlialed in the county of Isle-of Wight, a mile and a half wJ^froin the mouth of Nauseinoud River, couUiuiug about live hundred acres, bouudrd on two tides by creeks (usvigsble for small vessels) ruinous into the mouth of Nausemondtlivex There is on the farm a large and well finished Prick dwelling house, with every other necessary out hous*. iu good repair. Meailv one half of the lai d is well timbced with large tall piue and oaks; ti e pine of the lint outlay, for stramb-iat wood '1 he cleared land is of a good quality and well adapted to the cu'tivatiou of wheat, corn.awret potatoes and water melons It has attached to it a flue oyster landing fur plautiug oysters, and it oue of the best stock farms of its sue iu lower Virginia, Pe-sont wishing to purchase, by applying early, will mm with a great bargain. If not sold privately before, it will be offered at public auction ou the premises ou the i 5th day of January, I Be 4. Terms will lie made kuowu and further mint inatiou given by Mr Joa. B. Whitehead of Smithfield, Isle of Wight county, or the subscriber. WILLIAM IUNK8. il2fl Utaw foivJ.y rr \ t BROWN St UO 'H On# Price Hot Store. 171 Chatham d^w> Square, comer of Mott ?lrr?-t, where f shorn. beauty, durability and economy arr combined to adnm the liead 1 he proprietors hare the pleasure t j offer a new >t> le of hat,the imitation ofbcnver, which cl-sely reaotnhl thou formerly sold fur % > and $6. at the low filed price of U '1 liou, who from mcli nation oriieceasity are indued to study economy m that indisla-oiahle article of dreis, hive now an opportunity of duiug ao. and atill keep up the appearauce of the moat fashionable Browu St Co., iu presenting thia hat to trie public, think the hare nearly reiched the ultim 'turn of beauty, eheapuru. neatness, durability aud comfort of the we trtr. All aalea are lor dull, therefore no good cuitomer paya for loser- incurred y the bad. BROVVN St CO. I7i I hat ham Square, jt 1 tn* m Corner of Mo t atraet. ^ , BOOTS?WATKU PROOF Doitble aud Cork Soiw V f tench and uatire calf and listen t icrew tain; warranted Iff Itood floe calf boon for men;bov'a aud children'! do, water boots and alioes of a|l aerta aud aiiea N. B.?Lidlea, Miaieaand Children's gaiter boota. ilio"e and buakiua, double and single aolea, and ol erery color and shade I.adies. Gents, Miasm and Children's water proof India Huliber oversboea of the lateat ahle, all of which will lie sold cheaper thau at any other store in this city Napoleon lap boots $3 a piir. J. S. iVALKKIt, <19 Broadway, j3 lm*ec t-oriirr of Canal at. CORK SOLK WATCH PKOOK AND DRESS BOOTS.?Tha aubacriber makra to order Boots ot the above descriptions, of the finest quality ofkreuch I allskin, in the lateat style, ana at very rsaaonable prices, Geneu who hare been in the habit of payug eitravagaut prices for inferior articles, are requested to call aud be eouviuced of their interest in purchasing at Ibis store Drawings being taken of the l?et, and a pair of Lasts kept for each customer, there it uo difficulty in getting a handsome and easy lit. Constantly on hand, a large assortment of ready made Brest Boots, latest styles, at S3 and $3 90 |*" pair; Donble Holes,limn 81 loSti |>er pair. Over Shoes, Half Boota, Dancing ll'umpa, Slippera, fcc at ? inally low prices. JOHN L. WATKINS, IU Fulton street, d( Im'ee between Naaaan and Duleh streets Jbi i?OOT AND SHOE STORk! READY respectfully informs his friends anoihe public, that he has commenced busiueoa in the above line, at No- 99 Nassau street, where he will thankfully r reive and faithfully eiecute, all ord-rs he may be favored with, on the most reasonable rsrms for cash. j23r ( )Kk tea, OWJUttftMMQH INIUEAMCIC COMPANY y ?Office :ic Wall street. This company coutiaM HMf hp iness of insurance against lots or damage by lire, an goods w.trea and merchandise, and alio on vessels and their cargoes* ttaiust loss by inland navigation. lulviTous Thomna W. Thorn#, Kliaha Kigjra, Thomaa T. Woodruff, Benjamin K. Kobaoa Inhn K Dariton, Fraueia P Sage, I'horaaon Price Joa#|>h Allen, John H. Lee, John P. Moore, Moaea Tucker, Jainea K Holmea, Caleb C. Tjuia, H. Whiting Anaon Baker, Win. K Thorn, Joaeph Drake, Irad Howley, John C. Mcmtl, Thomaa Morrell THOMAS W THOMNK, l eraident. K.O T HOPK. Heeeerare mil ?b WM KKAI) ,V CO H*i?uracTV*? n? or BRASS FAUCETS, And all the rariona articlea naul u the PLUMBING BC'SINKSS, No. 250 Waltr Urttl, NKW YuRK, Constantly on hand, an aeanrtmenl of T. I. DYHE, Jr., It ( O.'A Juatly caiehrated BLACK LEAD POTS OR CRUCIBLES, Knr sale, wholesale and retail, at Mannfai lum'a prices. N. B.?A H^var Medal waa awarded Wm Ilrad It < o for their manufacture of Faucets, by the American luatitnie, at their laat Kahinition, held October, 1113. WAI'TKU?'Three or four Journeymen, to mannfaclnre Fauceu. None hut firat rate meehanica need a|>|dy. da Im'fr MAGNIN'H LUCINA CORDIAL, IS a sovrmgn ?ud ipeedy CU'e for iuri|neiit c lniptmn. Ixr renneaa, iin|M)tency, lucoihie or wnitea, obatmri-d. difficult of painful mrnstiuMion, inconalinence of nrnie or inrolu. taiy discharge thereof, and for the general proatrat on of ihe ?> !. in whether the leault o( inherent cvusta or iroduredbt nregu larily, illnear oraccidenc. It la pleaeant to ill teal# and i> n Lively in re m ita operatlona. It* unrivalled reputat on in both iieiniipherra lallie remit of ita almoat anpern iiural virtura LET NO (INK I IKS'A I If N' tin: g cau he mo e mrpria iiiw than ita invigorating effects on llie huma i frame I'eiaona afflicted with W ?? e., oil I aitnile brfon taking it, at once became robdvt and full ..I e.,?rg v under ita influence. It imuierliately counteract* i h" ner? I, .sues. ?r imnifM or thr It-male frame, which I the only c.iuse of banciincssi anil which priol to Dr. Magiiin's discoVery was be incurable. Language, indeed, cannut ilo justice to the infill of the Lochia Cordial, which is regarded bv tie heads of the faculty in all pirti of the world, as one of the mint impo-taut mnhi al discoveries ill any sge. Sold, wholesale and r??il, in tnu tity, at IJi Km ton street, comer Naatau. I'rice $3 |ier bottl*, til per down, jj lm*ec W II!'.A I'?liM bushela prime Illinois Wh at f r aale by K K. COLLINS It < O, jflic N South itrrit /"NOl'TON Dljr h'-li 0 hales American Pilot Dutch, a very supeii >r artic e, comprising a com I lele aia rirneni from No. I lo3, for aale by K. K. oOLLliSH It CO., j6rc W Hon h street. TALLOW?II barrela Tallow, a prime article, for sale by 1 K. K. COLLINS k' O, jgrc M South at. HAMA?t barrels, molasses cuied, limdsomely' in and trimmed, for .el. by K. K COLLINS It CO. 1 J6rc * South at w v r W W ?' W YORK, SUNDAY MOD DISBROW'S RIDING SCHOOL, 403 BOWERY. KOIl LAD IKS fioin 9 A. M, to 3 P. M. daily. Kor " 3 lo 5 ami 7 tii I'. M. daily. LrcTtinc I.ksioni. [ Lieicisk RitJi.-ri/, (kieiiing Class ) ' il Les. $9 CO 20 Ride.* $10 Urt i Bitiel'd.i 1 0d | Mingle so 75 |' Tic Dr. -i and Drawing Kootm or> w 11 warmed, and | ere y attention devoted to tlie -omfort ol tloie wo luay lionor I us w i.ii their rati mcge. Cfeutlimrn i.. '! n ii a their horses on livery at thi* establish IT ni. will Ikiri the privilege of riding thera in th? School. | n!5 tm'r BROADWAY ~ THA STORE, NOICI IIK AwT corner of Pii.ce and Broadway, adjoining i .Niblo", h lower Repository. Thesutiscrilcr* inform their friend* and tl epui lie, f it they hire opened tic above Store, 1 with a new and extrusive assortment (il liroCerie,-the stock I roii.i Hug priuc pally of Tea* of the flueit <|U*lites, selected j wi.h tnr are nest care from the l ist Cantors. Tk AS. \ . unit li ma from 2a to 8? Ol I llvilM " 5t 10 8* lui|ieritl " 5* to 8s tini'l n wder " to 8s I'om-hunt " 5' to 6s Com on It " Is to e* Ois-i,s Pecro " .in (is A? ie?|* '? ihe above T>a-, we defy coai|>etitioii,in freshuess, iiiality i pun and sl ue lliu t ey are *e ml ion* made by One ol the in it o.ii, in ihe rjty COke tK. Old Java, beriit mid ground, Is -id |er pound. Also, a (.-i.rral asm rtmeti' of Coos, brums fur ilc h-rlulays, .11 kinds ol .ugara ier\ | .? ?and III fact every tin g appertaini s - , gi'-erry. all ol which u Warranted In lie of brst liunlity. Ill ia*M o. it \iskis is. co SALT AND FISH STORE. IIWI UBLH SAL iiHN ; JUO do of llriritig. anil 4u0 bores me bbls of Mackerel, JUO half lo MM bbla of Hhad MM i of Codfish mi iu4i of Athtinn's Hah; 4!r0 Halina do SM bits >f Housed Salmon and Mackerel !M do nf Honnili ?n<l Touguci Wmi bushels of Turks Ulaud Hilt MO quintals dried < od. ds lit * NKLnON. WKLLS U CO. 81 1 bystreet. F>K1 I I H.OK?i< M4|IC?7;rKA8. W1NK8, kc ?GASH NKH k YOUNG, lit ?. hathnin street, offer at wholesale . : Irfclers and limdies? r -*ti k or-igu h'luiu, a geurral nssortmeai. Sugars tud < "ft* of a'l Kinds a d qualities. Tea*. Gieeu and Black, of every description. 8?ii?no old Wines and ii<juo's, of tarioas grades. S.t irrioi IC-spbony and Cherry Brandy r? mi h and A iriericau Cordials, nu dr-lt aud in glajs. Loudon, scotch and Aint-nr.iu Potter, Brown Stout and Pile AW. La Norma lie* tin. Noriaga and other brauds Segars. k.*?t and \V?st ludis and American Prvnervra and Jellies. Hm?s\ in small botes, from Ohio. lajuUr Paste, i?? G'-* aud lb U/sca Hi d . u ?| i?:rs, C aooa and Chocolate. -perin Oil and < nudles H*?.tp, lie. HaraC *a Paviliou w tier, iii ?ju rt and pint hot'Irs. Goods delivered *o of I i'y frm o! >|>ens? (.2 lm*? e OCPKIUOH lO AH. ( OkKtKand HUOAK-Also Wiuw ^ lu every variety. Hard, ( bam > Ku? a id Cognac Brandy; Irish and Hco rh Wliitkev ; old Jaintica Hum, Holland CJio, Ireah Krinfi, for rtab on' J H H< OTT A CO *H Wholesale and HeUil Store, 7?i N Ml ItMfl Wiaea Hid Li jn rs pot np iii|r? or deinijohi s Goods tent to ?u? part ol thecitv lie" -?f espeuse d7 lm*ec N\ NTH WAKl) < llfcAP UROfclU \Nl) PROVI MON HTOIIE ?lauuliea I utbe ueigvboihood of Hutli ate ne and Omnuwich Uue, about laying in <h ir winter stack of Grocer ea and Provisions wrldo better by a Urge |mr cent. ?ge in biiyiiig iu t the rbeso Provision Hior* No !) Greenwich I sue, wheiesl ?mr|es the ? ? . r> aid Provision line can tie purchased at cheap, if n<?t chea)ier thaa i.uv other e?**bluh> nieni iu tint Woods * rrtut ?l to sn t, if not, rl.e in mrv will b* irturned. Go?m1? sent to an v iurt of t >e city, freeoI eijieuse MK'llAKL KIKLLKY. dll lm#ec 9 Greenwi? h lane. ~ GENUINE TEAS, WHOLKSALK AND KKTAIL. 'rHK CANTON TK\ COMPANY. Principal Store 121 * 4 lit'ltsm itiM, New York; Branch Htore Jlu Blacker *t. New Vom; Ageuc* at 1!% KiiIumi street, Brooklyn; aIhi at the comer ol Nwiii and Van rloulxi at recta, I'lliiiou, N J., invita t'e attention of city and country families tml |iu;dh?if i for tin* approaching holidays in g neral, to thsur severa' establishments wlier* the/ thiuk will b< lound by fa the beat ?e? UctMMi m P?f MM lU^aitmtM real m CM l'mt-il State*. '1 bt mm vet il pot ilirit) iad ivaowi ol thaii hoait, with rtf?> mice to high qu >Iitioa lo v pne-s and up ikht dealing, la too well understood to iciiUer further comment nec-*aary. Origin il and only warehouse f.#r 'he sale of I lo aqua's Black T?o Obterre-Sti ngerawitl parties irto retireoiMr tl>a nuin N r'of the orioripil aiore in Chatham street vit: ** 121," l>et ween Pearl and Roosevelt atreeta, aa in seeking for it they are litble t be I d aatray by a little store just alerted at J4))$ Chatham street (neat door to Lorillard's snuli and tobacco store) under tit utu.t of 4 a? ton I > ?n Hi" public vm I tUobe tueased to take uotice, tha* the Canton Tea < mnpauy hive nothing to do * ith that or any < ther stores whateser, rtcept those described at the fop nf this advertisement. dls lm-c ( MMPMKNK, 4??. oir.MiCAL OIL.?- Horn a Pat nt v Solid Bottam Ola . Foiauia Lump.' foi chemical oil aud campliene, m u*ufactur*d and solo whole.ale and retail by J.O. Kay. at No. 136 Kultou street CStiu Bui'dinga.) New York. These lamps are admitted by all who see the in hi use, to lie um*]ii tiled ny auy lump ever offered to the public, lor th*ir aplendii light, th-.r ec iioiny for use, nud ill ir oefect simpli "it v lo in ais^r and Uim. litis Utupwiil give a lignt eojiial to alv sitenn caQilb*s. at an es|*iiee uf I ?? uun I??ir .? ct ut |?er hour ! Thav are iu 1'ict the cheaj>est hi proportion to qna it! iad the beat (amp etti offered t ?the j abttc fa s ? < ? churches, kotels, and dwellings. A'sj, a go?d assortment of S oar huu Oil l^csiisfor lahlea, stores or churches, of superior umlit". Also a (Wi* raid pot for patent medicines?such as Dr. Willi un k.vans' Camomile aud Tonic Pills for nervous * flee' i ons debility, dyspepsia, lie.; and Krani loottiiii 9y rup, lor shiluren tee'hHia; Dr. Cnerry's Astringent Pil's. for gleet, I'?tvr|. Itr ; D'. Poeit'a hrudicut ,r. lor de r ate com ldaiu'a: Dr. litUted's Br.aW Pills; the Persian Pills aud hi" hi aw Plaster, lor r leum ilnon and juius of all kiuds; VVray's Biltnnuc Pills, f. r syphilis, ac.; Wye'li s Cream of Li'im, to beaut it v aud prom ?t" l?e g?o* th ??r the h s?r *419 1m* ere WINTER AR K A Si i EMEsT JOHN HH.M'KN, .1 4 ul itn , winld raapactfaiiy ut* ** 4orm the public generally. that lie is prepared to serve up, at Ins siwcious aud popular S.ilo?u, Creams, Jellie<. Co If* e Oyateis iu sv*Tv style. I oiifectiouariea gene'ally, and in short all ktuds of IfelreshineuU uaually found at similar establish iifuu, ?i uir in*' mil r amine* win in* *u|.|'iieu ill snort police, with luiufrctlonailra generally ; alto < mmi and Jrl* In**, al the uuii ually low pricr of *11 alnlli.igi i nr .junrt. o l a* good and choice material* a* cut be luunil el *, where I iiufi-rimuary at whol**ale. ami all kind* of | yratnid* manufactured In .roer, for private or public parties. A gene al assortment ol Toy*. aui'ahle lur the liuliday*, for?al?, rttreinrly low N B ?All article* * ut nut from In* i-ti blialunrnt are war* r*u led eij ual to anything of loir gn manufacture. II i all Mia bay* not had the honor of wiring foreign laitentate*. bat he idi-due* bin. .' If hu article* ahall be auiuablr for ttie gieutmt mignateiil Itud dill m'in (.(fATCHKH.?Ttie largiai anu moat *i i-n.ln) atoormnuit ul ?" V'/atchr* 111 the cit y, u to l.r tuunJ ?( Llie ?ub#rrit?'r'?.? A< he ia romtautlr recrirntr all dracriptmus of (fold and H.lri r Walehta, ol the new-si stylea, direct from lb* inauafir* tt.rcn, in Ir.ngland, fiance. nd hv. itrer! < id, he ia enabled to offer a larger assortment. nid al much le*a i iioa, at iriail, t taa ty other houa ia the city. (Juld wad lie* aa low aa fko to ftlj aa h Vfitcma and jewellery eichenged or bought All w ail* warraaled to k e|> good nine. 01 thr money returned tv Mchaa, clock* tuJ J'wrllery rri'.irrd ia the beat uiaaaaf, and waraanied lower fliaa at aar other |.Ue. iu it>e utr <i. C. ALLhN, importer ol watches >?d jewdlai, d' I n*r wiobaib aid reiill. H neet upstair* WATC \ 11 > AN I? JKWKI.KY. MOKL.K II \NI) I'At III \HNN, Waiehmahm* and MwiuUcluriiif JrwHIfn, *? < .u*l !(**(. lurr on IiuiiJi I MR* AlKirtinfill f?l U?h?Mul?|r Jfurln' of *11 4ft* fi|4i?Hii, -mi! a? -I* fur itw IIOI*J I) \ y* a I'M* - * J *rlr I ... i ' W ?trN*? J-w rtr/?M<1 ttilvei w?f?-r?im Vurlmiulikr p.jM tlly I" a < >l?l - M- < , .. it .i rPHK * (iBlM HIIKH1 trf now |?n iwwnI i? *?fl Wtirtm J id Jr??4ry ? low. -I n??* |.?wr. ? ih* e?ly, lo ?!:-<M< W?trt?? 1mm $15 to $HW*?rh.?il A r I f I >111 % > r ? $ ?n A' 51 * w?rr*Mi"4 !? lo^i g tlWW or r*'U ?(<H ?. < l?ci?.iflMl in ?l B in ?M(i irtii ?nti l iwrr iK*h ?io At 111 tWci'V IwMti MMM mi 44ipM < WM ||U li'iv.i ui * N I Kl^ll r. II. Iiotorlrra of W? fh*t mo4 Jvwrtrv, tail Mail > O A I I III I? N * ? h |( THOMt HON, ait iit?? BnlAltrHKiT A LI ON?I ?I i?o?|r, n life* Ml n* , , \ I a * wi aia ran los I'M-fi-i.... >>i " a.. n < ? li-m !. ? liar* lost .11 had tK - b?.t a*4 ? ?.< tlir U ' la.hina bob l..n KH'I Aaasri IOI<l4r I I hlls'saSS ?*4 >? k -*'*,** nit.*!! Ill hirli la 4" is a. M af wk prissa ? ??? II t Mil n (It* mill ? Hia !.?( a4 a* il?a<ii III rlidiui js?. lt > a ill Ml* n |I i I?l lir'll ( ai lb- I b II I. irln ?liw M l Ui mw III mm bfi? |i* ' '..lll?MI IIW III* ? .14 ... .? . . ?. .1 (. Ilm !intiil i*In r>?a. f* 4tmmim.4? aad bi,? a. ?> !?? M ia'm r??~T i ti "I .III,, 1 I Mb - a rni'1 * nsuN W ,.i. Ma**'. r l MM i u Ilrnj iiim bnaaja h*a f?n nfc n4 liar fiaim, nii|iaiul U IS? Wattb kainw b a r?wwi Ii?lkri4i?araia ?|i. ?"44 aa .. . .. rim laa arb afaaai MlJM ? ** bar'.yura '4 gal* M I I rat in Ml)* . ?ts?? -4 la ibum U. . aais aab W aft 1 < mill |>ai4 I?I *14 mli a?4 aaiasa WMrb~a ?i ?mi 4 nUlK M|?la?4 f I Uk <;K??ToN HAfchKY NUTKfc. CIX POI M>* MM I III ?"N UM HI 1.1.1 Si I * 'I b? lire -I ba??4 is Ik 'MI M. bs ba4 ? r? f.ana (knt H l<?aa airasi aia i- as4a 4 ?(* < aba) b-.4 la* # !? abilli.a, * Ik"* ISIS lb If ? ***]* Hkw Ia4ua Ky* 4 lilrha 1 kfaai alas ikm k* ll In k-?a4 .4 a IS not kia4 , l?t( mj Psa .4 all k *4a a* mi ss*a aarh. as* a ( naval sort ana1 a' Taa ass. Dob feaa* ' .alar- *a rrlrark ra fissb ??ar? 4** If >aw an4 >'* Vw I lis h f ll * UnMatra Pbnu ? b.laak aais ail lak laaai H aalssr ry 4av N B.-I'm ik n?'i la r?% sad at lbs ksaurhsi Na tbt P-sri bs* ?Vh 'ask'., .jar- *..4 < ' * rw a. 4 Na MWil linn am kraahloft. at <1 *1 IN < hatl< . sal Pi . > 1' 121 lis".,. illtlN H ttUulMi 4i*a?M MI'MC ? ! PAK . Ik* li Wis. k k'H I*n*vnsa r-.kaio 4 ' 1 Maaic. isairn tfsllv anaaaa Ml Wast paln-sr ih* l*Ji-a 'I ? '11 Ism- . ! \. m V . .h aa4 i'im...i| lb* ib?if I . '.111.-a Unid It |.rr|?its4 to i'li| !? ? sal *4 >. ?4 aa4 las', a. a bis VII .r I'fiaalr Partna H ,m kf <?riis?? flmnkfallT rnr.,*..! . 4 ,s.a? . It, ,i:oi<I4 I . * Li. lanrsv at. also al MfMltsfa Is., ha.MS |..H .? n it Mr. Jollisa M?nr Ikon. W Hi siaa. 4? i?*r i IIKAI'lv- I I'll. I ' 'Ml. IN ai W uol oailiaa? I Hl?na Oil? VVn.lar u<l ka*l kuuf. IIwim N itural -Wa Oil? " Lard iTil? LuM*"d Oil?raw and h<> lad, Olif# Oil?' bnitlr* and bartwa N?*telootOil. Mcili'il aid ^Midi'uv Ptlnl, Si?rm hiaarir ('a din I'hr ikon an >a'mH la ft at 4 tin dm, ?4 i? W <4 (Vi-ou ilitv (or parlor and Mir I la?ni*a Km aal? i K- % ' barod, gallon, |ui.lan*l |?at, rkni' (OHN C MoMHUfoN No. 1M lli'ma ni i'mo, In-i t m.? ?l V Dralar in dnua in* intn. oai..i. 4 r ... ,i? . . c-ia' articka?dyar.' " no n 'urai. , i mio i iillo crarmlintn', brram', l"*r I'.li-r. o f , . . , 1 artiawa. <i ia*a I A BKIONETTK IIRANUV -d I NHOLI. N '. .. aV. {9 k (oat alirat, ia ' oiaUii'H iai|><>iio.a ...i',. .... J'caivod direct Irom Hi'diall.-, t rartcn o| th. . . H I i ill*' old io'I frniniiB lirili'1 I . I ri*i> ni^noi -i. 11 , - I.,, . hv <*(Tit? f"t ?il** in half |ii. |iiarl?r r nk? ? i ignt? u.h Lutluui lloiuc lufk, niliilad to dab*alare. iilua la*aa >RK 1 'MNG, JANUARY 7, 184 ENGLI8H ADVERTISEMENT. T ONDON?ST KATHAIiINK'S HOTEL, opposite the St. Katharine'* Dork (Jutes, aail nc.r the Kuval Mint.? THOMAS LKNNEY, lite Chief Steward ol the British Queen Strimship, respect'oily informs Ins friends in the I'nited St nes, that he has the management of the a baits new and establish tut, which is built and furnished rrgaidles* of rxi<rnse, aud is in e??ry respect adapted (or the incept <>u of families au<l aeatlemen visitiuu England. as the hotel fronts that pa t of the dot k jn wh eh the liuers aud most of 'he o'ha' Ant ric <11 vessels lay, and it withiu lire ininuiae r alk <f the Bank at.?1 Royal qticnauge. The house will be conducted ou liberal siul economise! pr.nciples The Coffee Koom is lupplte I with the Loudon. Amerioou. East Indian and Colonial paiara. The Viands, Wen, Itc are of the lir.t quali y A good HilliarC Koom and Warm Baths will b found in the house Gentleuieu mav contract by (he week or mouth for bo ,rd, ko on the saw terms ss in America. T Lh NNF.V beta to assure tliose who may honor him with their p.t oi.age that untiling sliu'l he \>-ntti.g to render them comfortable, and >V attention l - the tris'es of his guest*. hopes to mer t that ('online,icu aud g od \\ ill to liberal!; bestow d ou | him when aleward or the British Qoeeu dm HAVANA MANSION KOU6E~liOTEL I 1'llt undci jigued takes occasion to inform his friends vd the | ublic, lliat the Mansion H. <sc is (tow located iu In pjistdor sti.vt, No. t>7. in the vicinitj of the steamboat lauding and vegetable market, having commodious ''antily aj artmrtta arranged in the ueutrst order A person is employed to pltn urr pcimtit to ;u..d psssrugevs. 1 baggage, kr. who will board teas-is iiuii.edmiely al er the visit i of tlii* icvauue of nee. " N. K.?Visitors to this Island should .u' a . so port it 01. the Spanish Couiul, gttnc pert of embarkation to ol *iat* dif ticullns and ineiRvrni'-nr* sSI Omei Wii.l I V M KC IT ON UNITED STATES HOTEL, NEW YORK. TN KKTl UNIVti OUR TllANKS to th* travelling coin J- inanity lor the very liberal plUont.t b slowed on our bon e during the Inst year we beg lear to inf.tin ilicm that 'he ultirations and iu | trove merits conteuinlated a-,. ,, ,w t .'inpl-ted.aiid we are pr?i>*i* I to accommodate our fr,ends aud tr ivellers ge uerally in a style not surpassed bi any other establiehtne t? r>ur lurinture uud bedding being new. the building thoroughly renovated ami newly < united throughout the Croton water is introduced iu rtcry d. pnitmeut, and the terms one dollar anu fifty cents per day. d9lui*r BRAI8TKI) it IOHNHON. Proprietors. ' p ri E 'H< it" COMPANY wou(d m sir spectfully pteieut A t' eir thanks to tl.e Kite . en ol th crynl >ew York, aud also to their them's who sul-d them in estit.guiahiug the tire ivliicli occ .rred iu their uiauufartory in the rear nf Ncs. 2ri anil 31 Gold street, ou the mglil "'I the second iustniit, auil to whose extraordinary eieitiou* so macti valuable property was saveil from destruction. They won1 J infoiin th- ir cusremer* anil the public in It' iier I, tint althnuith their rpairiuK ?l>hat tern drstro\ed, their principa muiufsc o'y, crner of Br oin and Snerid ? rsets. ia all 11 in full o|?n ion, and all orders received at their nllice ill Gold stree shall, as lieret fore, receive careful atteution and prompt deapa'cli, as a shop forp'pai s will he are rsuited in the frout manufactory wiilioul delay, ji 3tditltwy rc ~~ F A N C Y HALL DKGSSE3 TO LET, J N. P1NTEUX, CAKE DK8 MILLK. COLONNF.8, d2't Im'ec 307 Bit /vDWAV. BILL l)Rk *8 E8 ?'I he subscriber li.u juat leceivcd by the most recent ' rrivals? 'J) cases I A') it**' embroidered Kobe*, from *7 npwardn 25 do Organ'*!, embroider d in colors mm $? upwards Tule Illusion. in blue, pink, and other colors 10-4 plain whue Oitf.u?ui MiihIiij, for ball dr- sses 100 cartoua iuflist'* embroidered Kobe*, very cheap. PETER ROBERTS. :<73 bruadway, d 11 linec between White and Franklin street*. NEW AND CHEAP LAMPS. FOR THE HOLIDAYS. 'PHK Hubsc'rib^r ;h now opening soine new and haiutiful J- pattern* of 8'dar and Chemical Oil Lamp*, which he will veil ai low and seduced price*. Persons desirous of purchasing or eeou 'Di'siug iu light, will liud it much o thei advantage to call and etainme this stock. A 1? reduction has been .nail* in the pri e*. ind every I iii,? is warranted. Pure Chemical Oil and burning Fluid for Spirit L.inpj, de liveved punctually when order-.i <120 1n?*rc I (). (I'lOKK II, 4f?A Proud wit y A SUITABLE HOLIDAY PRESENT. VALF.NTlN K has removed his Engraving and Priming F.stahlishmeut from John street to -No. i Heekmaii street, (Lovejny** Hotel,) opposite tti- Brick Church, Netff York ? Wedding. Visiting, 1 vital ion ami I'rof ssional Cards, executed in the Urst st. le of rho art, as regards the aUi?*riority of the F.ngraving. neatness of the Printing, and the whiteness an< bril Imucy of tne card*. Persons luru.shing their own t -ard Plate* can have tliein printed on 'he most approved and fonhiotiaule style of Cards st reduced prices. d8 lm*r MUSIC. TOSKH! KAMMKRER, Professor of Music, raarectful'y ?' announces to his Pttrons and the puolic in general, that h has removed from 59 Crosby #treet t I IS Liurens street , wher all orders for his Cot'llion Baud, to iwiforrn o i parties, Utc, in or o?t of town. ?v 11 be received aud promptly attended to. Orders for J K. will i?l?o lie received at Mrs. W. Dubois Mltic Sioie. No 2A5 Broadway. ?l2n lm*rc DAG1IEKilEiiryWE-.VaBLISHMKN r. KXrn \OK BUILDING, ItOdMrt 21 A m) V. ''PUB Subscriber fus received a Urge supply of Voigtlanders' QNcbntcd Daguerreotype Appartas, .-?r;re an I bid !I sixes, with achromatic lets** taade accord try to Pro feasor 1 etxval'i Cilrulati'ti Also a urw supply of bea* ptaU* ami chemicals. which be wuiutax od id talla n i i< d pri< . The following geot.emen have agreed to act t* iwnits, vix? K White, Ksq , 175 Broadway New York P. Hani, Mo, W^jjiurUtr. f). U. !-)? A. CMi'iri, Richmond, Va. S. liioadbt'i.t, Kn-j, for the Southern States Win Weil, Ktq. Cincinnati, Ohio. All communication* (pout paid) tu.d ordc.s, ai coiupnniej witn rv in it mures, will be promptly attended to, and should he directed to WILLIAM LAUGKNHKLVI. o!7 Ian * r_ Lxclmngc Buildings. Philadelphia UN IT K I) STAT KS DAGUKRRjAN OALLKRV. OA Proud way, upsUtim.?K. ^ HITK would reaK'tftilly ca1) tl * HKtttiou of cttirana tad strangers, ristHngthe city r<> nis l*-ti<11 <1 ' oih-rf ion . f I -leotyi Portraits single or in gTOlM from two t?? fbmitmn pifou on dM Hue pLtitW] h for mi| nd iceoriei of dahoaatioii cannot bo ianooMd Pot tr. us taken in all kinds of weather. either with or without < lofi The A in* ru.111 Imtitu:- at i's late exhibition awarded Mr Wh?te the first premium for the best Daguerreotype likeness fnr gi'tupiny: tod ti-'ieral effect, which is but another proof of the superiority of nis portraits Mr While is so*e agent in New York for the very suifrii r imported German Catnaras , and at 110 other establishment iu vh's city or State ran they be obumid. N. B ?Import**! Get man Cam&r<v>; also Krench and Amuri can lustrum *i t* of the v-ry best quality, with Plate faxes, ( heniinats, Polishing Materials ike., fltc., always on h*i.d, for ith at *he rerv lowest prices. 117 3 o*in DLUMIP. dagukrhian gillkry ok patent I PRKM1UM cOLOKKD PHOTOGRAPHS. No. 251 Broadway, (over Mr. T? uuey's Jewelrv store, above Murray tte?*t, and if xt door to Peile'n Museum ) New York. The-e I inures hiving been awarded the Kirst Premiums and Highest llottor b| iii Amri 11 isdFnokiis, >m thsmost t ?,1 u 111 u I cidirml Dig errenyi?ea ever exhib fed. and ihee-ti hlishment haviug b en greatly enlarged and improved. |?or tr ms wi'l hereafter be taken here (111 nny weather) at the re* ilueed | rices charged for ordinary work .it f-ther places?const inrrgly 10 one need now sit for an inferior likeness, ou the oe , t ec .uciny. A Photowrspn of a lady, by Professor I lmnbe, i? the fmevt lh.og of the kind we evt r wiines*? IIs.dger. Oct. 1, 1813. 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I fr:,i!rin i '|ailtiuc ibo rity.iir (PiiiuriiiK rwti I -'....|ii iu|arilu..aif(-cliUI itiiiH a- .if. will liuil it rwk 11 . . .. a i. .. I ili- tu urn rr, win) will .- -t.a ik.a ai ibatf f>?i<linr? bjr an, ointmriit. J I.K.vr NHTYN, (A llr ivilway, up antra, t ... ,i iati lit* I' al O.Titf uf ilthrrwiaa. will ri-i-riva Mil i aiiM.liim lUl Im'rr KM KMKN> nUTHTTlMO (H)OD.*1. MH\ V li tVIK V IONKS, !< ? W|| t. * vi Satrr, corn * a op John, | | A ^ rrir.'* t> I t ow Ii4te in ttore.A full " .1 i?. i ??Jv i. i' f?i In, T'.- i.? I confident ?k.. ,u-. 4 ia itis* ?.c>. *iid tlMPir goods will hi* ? J I r * i ???#? will : n<J ? % ?n*tv oT??*w itvlp of m??? M, *V ?i -r IM'?fii, P?K'bii fk' l H tai l*' fl III'4t, ?tl . *' 4** of ftftwr v. I p>4?nh /ind Amentia Mi?ri?ir fit.? M*r?no Hiit* t . I Drt^i Uat'it VV f ?1 41 do Hitfcrr Hull Jo do ' UtauH do do |)ickuii 4o do KihM Milk 4o do VloinoliMiIti <1?. d?i W.t* a ;r*,t v irmti ..f u(Vr $i\ n-ft. H'^S^d md ' n? I t > ' r ,r * ? 'i ' Hon rf Win v<?, deftfwedeve, *foc k%, %+j *m?4 ifmh <d wnA\\">* %. > . .a? m> I ??4 I trt I?v*ry ?(>i* moo . J uj?* tor vearfr ?t -n v.Hi * iH Hil ??. v #?- ! -rliiffil (ffn .ftrtiin'n r||KAP ?II r a 11,< ik lN1 , rAliLLSII M * N T 1 ? A H i "IK K> I.ATK im l>t.r.K AN NTKKKT I- . 11 ? ... , fa. f (t?r ?'|m* 4iid tin r t?ilh* + wm to inform tn? I**rout <n'l Tlx* |>ut ttr. lti?f Itr t% u"w i.i.r if. of fhf d ??. . ?* *? jui'ifv \ rrdncfion . ,?v .* ' tit from tormrt . mil !-? * * ?..o??v^.l bv "i (mm-iiu .f i, i if |iui,iy w? m ulf by t)u < IMI' k'MM in I Km r i?? i. ' i. mn Li nt.lid wli.t iiii iot ? iv I .iln?r| ml 4 | r ? M MiKimtti'.l to tfcnir emi> ?.1 l??i i I* i.if ih? f ...di ?ImII l? i>4 lli<" liul III! I Ml, Mid tkf fit nurll > I 'lin. ililr f.i ? k ?*i 1 m.Ih,! I 1.11 li I . ? . ||| to 't i , - ? i I . . , I .?i. f l|-i| i to 7 t . I iit? ?? n fcr .... % to | *1 . Lt d i'ltHMi?? M I'M I.-.I tlrl*. t|||wMI?*l?* < Mil I.I I rit. imd t to im * |f not BimM lllWMiill (MIDI il* In fW di i ??? iiMM mn* % i ASA H PKKKINS, TAI l.i'K ! S'i h STA HII IIMKNT, .V? <*& ft imr tirrri, N ' W kiMiN [ 't k I H.M N ?,i.i |Kli ?H Km im.i *'?l till liiuMiI M ill 1 > Mm . 4m 4-4 .4<m ?r .4 ..?? ftu c? *? ,*r f? i' o%pr I V(M |MI rlMp 41 MIM ? #*? M IM MM t)IIH*. f I | i*? xH l|nii l?nwi W VIM r I ?lm Mfw MI) I L. - . Id _ ... - . *-f ^rl| I ' ""* ? ??. *i i>?? abo?r? I ?MuW..i .. '? ^ ?Tn* >4 * ?' w kt* I iH 1 t? ti 4*1 I I ?. ? ' C<wt* mUi m* 4tt im'i BEJi A 4. FOLLY IODINE. j Car or on [<JoiTi*t]>oiiileiiCe ul tin llcr.iM.J (Yl ll. Ml I In I ''i I Kit Hints to the Invuliils?t'omfortt of t'orii' mi \l<irinc Intelligence atul Markets. James Goudon Bennett, Esq Dear Sir:? Allow me to trespass upon your valuable ro. Iumas, foru while, for the purpose of communicating to those of our countrymen who arc <ceking, ina milder climate, some relief from their afflictions, the great benefit to'he derived from u visit to this Island. Von must know that this Island lays about ft) miles from the Spanish Main, in the long.of 68 deg. 58. min \V., and its moderate height and short distance from the main land enables us at all times throughout the year to enjoy a line breeze front the eastward, which, singularly enough, brings with it, even nt night, no dew nt all The entire absence of yellow lever, together with the mildness of the climate, (the extreme heat o| these latitudes being here dispelled by the constant fresh breezes) renders it n resort of invalids lor health, from all the windward and northern island, as well as from nil parts of the Spanish Mam; whilst yearly many go to Santa Cruz and other parts of the West Indies, which are visited by periodical and henvv rains, (from which we are here free) iirodueing great humidity in the atmosphere, alto attended with heavy dews at night, anil seldom return benefitted. Wo have here but few visitors from the States, (arising from the imperfect knowledge of the place) who, if they come in tune, never fail lo be benefitted by the climate. While writing of the Island, 1 cannot but allude to the "Estate of Hato," which has been recently, at the request of man v persons, thrown open by its gentlemanly owner, (Michael Homer, Esq ) for the reception ol invalids. It is situated on the north side lit tlu> i?l:? nil Hiafflnf nkmit civ tiitl?*u Irntn fli>* Inun tviui immediately facing the sea?being several miles in extent along the coast. Here "invalids," whilst enjoying the salubrity of the climate, and receiving 'lie kind attentions of the family, can lie as retired as is their wish?or in the event of exercise living desired they have horses, carriages, a ten-pin alley, removed from the house, and bathing rooms, at their disposal?all of which, including hoarding, washing, iVc., can tie had ut the moderate sum ot #'1 50 per day?u desideratum in these hard times, and which will enaltle many to enjoy it who are cut off front the other islands hy the enormous expenses attending a visit to them Those again who prefer having an establishment of their own while here, are informed that houses partly furnished can he had for any time at from $7 to .#12 per month? servants #2?and can reduce their expenses to 50 cents a day, and possess many comforts. Messrs. Joseph Foulke \r. Sons, and Booncn, Graves iSr Co. of your city, have at all tunes, within a few days, vessels for this place ; and i have no doubt will render any information to sncli its may he desirous of visiting the island. We have hut one American vessel in port?the hrig Hansom, of Boston, discharging lumber. She will sail in a few days lor a southern port Salt of n very superiot quality can he had here for 5| n 7c. ner bushel. Five franc pieces arc current at a dollar. No exnort ililtv. and milt rhurires are liclit il being free. There are over 1(10,(MX) bbls. of salt now on hand: and wlule vessels visit oilier ports ol the West Indies for it, and nay higher, we seem to be here quite neglected, and have a superior and stronger salt. Your notice ol this may awaken those who purchase salt, to iheir own interest in coming tins way. Albany. (Correspondence of the Herald ) Movements of the Legislature?Doings nj the He/ rulers?Poetry find Pickpockets. Albany, Jan. 4, 1841 James CIordon Bennett, Bsq.: Dear Mir? We take advantage o! some leisure moments in addressing yon relative to affairs in general, and doings of fun,frolic and excitement incident to this key-stone of the Knickerbocker* With the exception of to-day, seldom have we witnessed such sunshine and lovely wealhei us greeted us on the opening of the new year. Our erudite and philosophical legislative bodies are met; have appointed their different officers, and are now ready and on the tip-toe of anxiety to proceed to business The following is the list of officers of the house : Kliiha Litchfield, of Onondaga. Speaker. Junes It. Rose of Albany, < Ink. James l\ ( urich.ol < hemung, Sergeant nt Ainu I. B Davit, of filter, Doorkeeper. Williams, of do 1st Assonant do. John T. More, tin old rcvolutioner, 2d Assistant do. In legislative assembly, Tuesday, 12 A. .VI., after the usual committees were appointed and reported, the tiovernors Message was received and read, l'art of it contain - geological andjnw-splitting language,which must have been orthographical!)' puzzling, to the brains of the clerks of botli houses; for they hopped, skipped and pimped over it n- -< hoolliovs do over the dictionary. in' m 11'itj * .1 iiiiiii uiiy ii? if in 11?- ??| iiif Catholic Churches. (St. Mary's) originating t'roni, and ol |?r**tty much the same disgraceful character a* that which occurred not long sine* at New Orleans. and indeed is becoming daily more prevajent throughout the Catholic Churches in this country. It has hecn customary, heretofore, on New Year, to hold an election lor trustee-. This hue the Priest, Mi. Sclirullcr, at the solieitation ol the ni iioritv' of Ins congregation, interfered, closed the poll, offered up orisons, made u speech, and in peroration, pronounced his anathema of excommunication against any hlaek sheep ot the flock who should disobey his authority. The result was in the "dirty Irish" <|ucstioning the propriety of their Confessor's acts, and calling him a fhiich "Odmaliaun," and he, in retail ition, barring the church doors against them. It calls loudly tor the interference of Ins Holiness, Bishop Hughe* Both parties think they are right, and the disorderlies suj tficy will not submit to dictation in this p publics country, nor shall the "Olurgy" hold n direct an. iron-handed supervision over them in the tempo ral and spiritual all.iiis of the Holy Motltei ( liurcli. " The one man power" question agitated by the " American," " Plebeian, and other prints ot your city, and " Haily Advertiser" h<*rc, and those journals being widely known as hostile and opposite in political view-, has caused wonderment, and more than usual enquiry into the present and previous conduct and character of the now incumbent, Mr Wnlwot til. Tliey sneak ol linn as having lost (asie, not only " with the high-minded and lending members of the bar," hut also with the moral mid even thinking part of the community. Yesterday the Repealers had a celebration. The procession moved through the different sircrts; when passing down Market, opposite the Bugle tavern, they halted in npiads, and cheered in en thosiastic, ih'iiioni ic and cat-like yell-, the Kepeal Advocate office on one side and Kx-< lovernor >cw iif on the other, who stood shivering like in aspen I.. .I .in., i.l ili,. /in,.ii window - ot the K ilflc 'Icioini: inH li<u>inK, iiiTsoiiifvinn to (hi* life th?* i iHiuiiiilinff character < I -ir An in Th'- New Year'* Addrr-s i-Mtnl |?y the woriliy publtahers of the "Tomahawk and Moral Sal|.. nig Knit* Wii* freely circulated, mid created .1 tnnd <> Hiiniwcinent hmmuii; the lover a o| poetry, wit mid s iri lint met with nunc of loud mid deep inditfti'ition from nil rmik- of lottery nimbler Very re*|wi|iilly, youre, Nimkoh it -" ?-n^?r L, I). PrU-.t Two Onto. Htchmond. (t orrc .pomleuce of th? llonild.) Richmond, (Vrt.) Jan. i, lt*U. .1# It/. Rii/I- - llvfiirtt i\f .V/iMifii Vrt /or f/ic Mail-kou*. T>KAB HsytKTT:? The musical fever lias somewhat abated since v week, when il rose to an enormoiwjhoight.? \Vi, with opposition between fiddlo-strings. and v >tis catgut alone, we came neat a dn?adf" vplo \'m; hut thank* to those sage, grave men, w'i. -i i i,ft hi ill,? old Dominion, everything ti ts n nitvil it-, wonted ijuiti. 1 '1 lil >w v . -.-I t |||S way Miilth, to wuvo hii in.i i <v I- , i it' t. I. nowledged there us lie is everywhere, I'rinee l<. . .d over.ill fiddlers, and the best lit ; , ! t> How it W erliii|is,ltltful'(Uil4t<i thai our tt' i ft* broug'.t out Artot and t'lntt I' in '1 ' '1 ll'.'.l on tin* '.me uvening, on t Hi T 1 i.e other I tic ivxcltange; i w . 11 i. -.i cin ;itil, .1 - both 1' irties ut.ide their .oi.hi -i.i i , l<, ndiii.t ' 1 tb" oilier, and it to it tl . tt. n!i r patty could give way withi. ti .i ' it : ifrl hence tin* excitement it tin. mi t.e j. tie to cb tile which to tee,and many , .it ,i it ., a . 1.tor to. t evening at least, hy the turn ol .i copper. Several yeuftM went to both, ...i.l i , i t! , 1,. tb Inol la tilt nit houM's,although the Imtv c.irrte I tin- day no to toil and fashion, owing probably to n strong prejudice with very inin> here against visiting the Theatre under any circumstances whatever?although Ola Bull ompelled many a saint as well as sinner to lorego it on thta occasion. Is it not stok iiing to lienr these suinted twadlers turn up the whit, of their eyes about going to a theatre to witness a performance like Bull's'? It was uo more a theatre on that occasion than it was a church, and yet sonic of these people will visit v,-u York ?dgo to Niblo's Girao, which in to nil intents and purpose* a regular theatre, and entity it nughttly, night after night; are, members of tin- church, deacon* nnd paiMM to boot, 1 have MTii the in do it, and wnudcied what wa? the dif? trrence between *uch naughty placee, hone or abroad Oir Ihill'e 1 a?t Concert, however, wee a apleadld MM, M well aa itte one ||Ptttnklll| on Friday. Tlut w?a given in a concert room, and the whow totvn literally turned out, making one of the rnn#c brilliant diaplav* ?wr witm eeed in that <^uiet and re*pect ble ? 11> The Wiz.nd of the North has made a deeper impn'eniou in this email town than any other nlacc he line yet vtMtnd?he ( nine tloin Itlchiuood on Sunday and (ltd not leavo Pateraburg until Tueadav atirrnoou, literally backing in th* amilca ot tieauty and munificence: the present* he received here on New Year'* day lu migo, i lulls, WHichta, Arc. tnuat have amounted to aevoral hundred dollar*, which, if report latrue, will he repaid one ot llieee day*, by a Norwegian lien it nearly a* large a* Die bull'* hinmelt', which wan buttoned Up at laat, alter a drsperaie struggle 1>?tween afle.ctioti nud duty, and departed in the ahupu of Ule'a friend and companmn, on hie trip South. Pooajionta.*. City Intelllg nee. Police?Jan b ?The butinn** vueterday w? all of a petty character, scan el) worth) of note Coroner a Ottlee ?Jan a --The piry In the oaie at Or Thome* Pitta, who ?. as shot on I-nduy evening, ie? turned h vmdict of 'aceidanlad death by the oaplutloa of a gun in hi* carriage " Court of Oyer unit Terminer. Before Judge Kent Aldermen Tmmoni and WoodbulL Jam. 6?Thr sunday *1uiurina(um in (JKojttl ntid ? Tin* morning, at nine O'clock, the Jury came into ( oart and the prisoner was placed at the bar. In answer to the usunl qne*tion ol the clerk, the foreman rose and said, " ue Jiml iVUr Williams guilty <>/ mmttlnughltr in the firil degnt." The verdict having liecn recorded, the foreman sel J that tiic juiy had requested him to muke a reinaik to the Court, if ids Honor hud no objection to hear it. - i e r iini.l tliii I i?iir? u*onlii liiur nnv ramftrlr 11 i! diil not interfere with tin- ver?icl The foreman replied, that it did not i ami ho then procured to atate that the jurot* wished to have it known that tliey Inid been <11 vided in o|iiinon, tin to a verdict of w iltul murder or mau lau|thtor in tho ttrat degree, and that thorn juror* who were of opinion that murder had been committed, had y icldt'd than opinun out of merry to the prisoner. Yet tho line wai no cloao between murder tnd manslaughter in the ram, that it w,in dillicult to decide between them. The Jury were then 'Uncharged w ith the tiiank< of the I ourt, and I'uter Williams manacled and takru haak to the l'omba. He did not manifeNt the nLiglitnal emotion at the remit. Superior Court. Before Judge Vanderpoel. Jan. ti.? William .i. t'almrr v? Thr City Pitt Intvnmfi Company.?This w att mi action on a policy of insurance i tl'ected by the plaintiff fur on a atock of iliy gooda, groceries. tic., in his store at Middletown, N J. The store tvai burnt in the month ol September, 1843, whan all the w hole concern wan deNtroyed, the atock tu trade, lorutture, fixture*, and building, leaving not a wreek behind. On the part at the plaintiff, aaveral witnesses were exainiiicd. who proved that they had enjoyed opportunities of observing the nature and quantity of plaintiff** atock. and tiiat it nveiaged Irunt $J,M)0 to ^3,000 1 he defence net up that the proof ol the deatruction of that amount of goods w in iuNumcient to Nuataiu the action, there lining no witness who could testify tu.jiuy stock whatever being in the stoie at the time of the Are No testimony wa* admired for the ile,'once Jllx Honor told the Jury that in the ahaenre of any te*tp mony on the part of tlm defendants they would not b? warranted in inferring that the gooda were not on therms niaOM oi ItiNt it wnN no tndati line The lilaintlffeiaii I thnwn hy ?ev?itl wtlneiin that it we* hit habit to baea about that amount of goodt, and if the defendant* ttijv posed that the ttork had heen removed before the fire, It tvnt lor them to have shown It. With rotpect to tha pre iir amount of lost, km Honor laid he knew from hit en perienr.c at the bar, that it tvat often vary ilifBrult lot ti interH to make out an inventory ol every item. 'Hi* (jiimtloiiH for the Jury were, firat. w at it a fair fire, ami. eroniily, Inn I the umonnt of lota lieen maile out. I he Jury letneil foi a few ininutaa, ami returned a verdict for the full amount claimed For plaintilf. Mr. XV. i . Wetmore, for defendant, Mrt Jothua Hart. Coiianion Plena. A full Bench preaent I*a. 0 - lJki i?n>*t?In it, the ptlifion mj Jgau P Prate fit''/, nitrl at a non-miHtnl itktm , ?n (Ar dl?f of Off, lfiA.1 .n tint case the petitionei had hern proceeded ngelaat ? i the Jlat ol October, and lie had shown that h* cam* to the city on the '?th or Ifth ol that month, lilted a home iii'l i>aill thu rant in advance Oo the 04th he/emored hit furniture and lamily here The Court tbo'yht thia *at antlii lent to constitute him a resident of thia ntato, within tlie meaning of the art, at tiie time the warrant was issued and they, therefore, ordered the bond to be cancelled and the ettveta taken under the attarhment to he reatorrd to him. John J I till (| i Ma hurl I I'm 1141 Thlt w at a ll.oilon to Hi atide an order made at ' humeri, od the (pound tfiia' thi' plaintiff hnd aince aatigned tr.e Judgment to hit effort m v I he i otirt allirmnl the older, and (ranted ooeta jnhn A/iopAy vt I'm Rilry, imuloi, \c - Thit wet an a;i|M'fil from an order made it < hamhera, which the Court ordered to lie modified IViUan C Hunt. " alt DanH Eall^ali ?in thin oeaa the Court cave judgment for defendant.on the demurkar te a plea in abatement / Vrrfiminrf Soi/ifuhi, tt ah h Jncnh jiH.ti -aw-?A?rWf, ft. In thit cite, the defendant had rn tiled for negligence in permitting the etcape of a debtor from bit \? t' e trial, the defendant a counael tet up that aa the action u as not brought tt itliili the t ear the plaintiff ouhl not re cover. The Judge charged to that i ffe< t ami tb' 'try found for the defendant: the rate now comet up for a# I. - ..... ,1... . ....I,, , luklj,!. II... t n mill..,I Court Calendar. I in< i it I,' No?. 3.1, 41, 46, bn, flW, 01, lit 83, |>, JO, 4.1 1. 87, 31, ffJ, flfl, 07, on To. i'omwit fyna, vihuit ii. 49, iii, ii 4e 40. 4? ? 4!>, in. mi. Hi ri now < oi ar f'hr Jury discharged for tha lam, I the Court ait* thin week fur the purpose nf faking Op 'lie argument calendar Coi'ur ok Aitfaia, U' P ?, Jan 8 ? h. mn<J II Howard vh The Wilmington nnd Poiu<1 iiohanna Itailrond < ompany. wn further ,irptn?*-i hy O, Hi ott ami N'rlnoi) Vttorney Oeneial U 8 for the appel 1< r, nml by K toluiaon for thoap|*IInnt", in r<*ply. Srrn mr in ^ i Ixiijin ? A (iernuin named < tcorgo K.nglehoiue, nodding on Market street, hat ween F.ightb anil Ninth, committed suicide till* morning by placing the rmiTrln ?l ? loaded musket under hi? chin, and disrharg i. i; lis content* into Inn In ml separating thr jawri and iMtirflv obliterating the feature*. He smvlvod but a few t, orients. The unlortunnte man ha* lelt n wile and two i iildii'ii Si limit Outfit* Dtc.'fi. Him \r SviMffsr?At it hull in the RnilroatI II itotf, ii Dutch tavern kepi hy Karl Snglr, a young I i in mimed Ulnke, intoxicated, or feigning tntoaication, i itrhed from 1 woman at the bar n txiitlr of brandy, hereupon she slapt>ed hi* lure The landlord, at tba uptime, who wn e!o?e by her. drew a hour pistol frum 1 aeath the counter, and "hot dow n Blake w ho stood ithin 3 or 3 pari w of lilm Hewn* then drapro-' to tli. nor end klfkwl offthe ?te|>? hy tIi4- woman A im?cr|1a. i ntia diwharae of pi?t<<ls then took plare till the rrowd It thft Initial' of whieh the iloora watr barricaded, and t'ii' firittp tlirn continued from thi* window" Three millta were wounded, one in tin-arm "nr in Mir bond, i d one in tin' lep 'i In Hlioiill relied Otlt the t ndeta, ' lin ?tirroniifinf thi- Iioiihi' wllb fnwl btyonidi, and for i I ?drni?*ion, thi' purl in* ri-(u?inir to open Ihrit dooij, nl arrested thi' landlord, and elpht or ton of hi* auto >ite?,who w ere all conducted to jinl ; whereupon a to distinction ol tin furniture -Vr , of the tarnrn, rnaucd. Illikiia lihelytfi n wet the lull having been extracted from the jaw where it lodged Vyrarttir Sentinel Jan. S,

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