Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 12, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 12, 1844 Page 1
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TH Vol., X. No. 11 ?Whole No. 3591. NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA HA -ROAD LINE DIRECT. FOB NIWABB, NRWRKUNSWICK, PamcBTon, T?*I*TOW, JioKUKNTOWN A.ltf lit'HI.ISiiTON. THKOL'OH IN SIX HOURS. Leaving New \ ork daily from tlx- loot of Courtlandt at. Morning Liue at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line atlM I - M. The Morning Liue proceed* to Bordeutown, from theuce by Steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Liue proceeds direct to C&mdra (opposite to rhiLiU-lphia) without change of cars. Passengers will procure their tickets at the office foot of Courtlandt street, where a commodious steamboat, will be in readiness, with baggage crates on board. I' baggage crates are conveyed from city to city, wiheut being opened by the way Each traiu is provided with a car in which are apartments and dressing rooms es.-resaly for the Indies.' use. Iteturuiug, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Walnut street, by steamboat to Bordentown at 7 o clock, A. M. and by railroad from Camden, at b o'olock, P. M. The liues for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7% A. M., and 4 P. M. beiug a contiuuation of the liuea from New York. jO 1m* in wl?asTn WINTER MAiir LINK' KOlt ALBA ff?-. iJPNY and intermediate places, from the foot of 3EwiHwMUK?Couitlaiidt street The steamer PTdiA, Cart. J. Scott, will leave as above at 5 P. M. on Weduesday, Friday and Sunday. Ttie COLUMBIA, Capt. A. Houghton, will leave as above at 5 P. M. Oil Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Kor passage or freight, apply on board, or U P. C. Sehullz, at the office on the wharf. dl3r wars STATICN ISLAND FERRY, FOOT flm-ewrfOK WHITEHALL ST.?The steamboat SKUSEK-STATKN ISLANDER willleave New York and Stateu Island, on and after October 2d, as follows, nulil further notice j? Leave Staten Island at 8)a, 10, *. M., 2, 4, r. M. Leave New York at 9, 12%, 10 min. past 3. 1%. N. B.?On Sundays the boat will leave at II instead of 12%. All freight shipped is required to be particularly marked and is at the risk of tne owners thereof. stntfr WINTER MA'L LINK FOR ALBANY CL i , TtlhBi.' i -d?and the intermed.f te places?Fare through to 3^MawSE3LAlbmy $).?Th-s| leudiilateamboat UTICA, Capt Joseph Scott, will leave ihe foot of Cortlaudt street, every afteinoou at 5 o'clock. N. B ?Passengers by this liue will arrive in Albany at two o'clock nest day after leaving New York. Kor pas*age or Ireigi.t, spply ou board, or to P. C. Schu'tx, at the office on the wharf. jO NAVIGATION OK I 11 r HUDSON OPEN TO ALVAN V. -,W55> mM WINTER MAIL. LINK. FOR ALBA ok? i^Vnj'NV. ami Intermediate p'hcps The strain. ROBERT L. STEVENS, Curtain II. L. Mabey, wi 1 Ictve the foot ofCourtlandt st. Wednesday. Friday and Snndav afternoons, at 3 o'clock. 1 The Strairer COLUMBIA. A. Stougliton, will leav? as above, Thurday, Saturday and Monday atte.iioooa, at 3 o'clok. For paxsag, or freight, apply to F. C. Schultz at the office, or on hoard. N. 1). All kinds oi" property taken only at the risk of the owners thereof. d28 re WINTER ARRANOEMENT-FOR ALBANY^ Via BRI DOF.rOKT and aaM aMQ jO0t_ Houiatonic Si Wr.trr.nn ?dP 1'a inutomis. laily, SundaysJHB^K S.: hi Jr I Excepted. jHESBSPasse geri for Albafty by this Honte will take the new and elegant a'aamboat F.UREK A, Capt J L. Filth, which IcaTei New York from foot Libert* atreet, Thuraday toomintt at halfVssl 6 o'elurk, for Bridgeport, theuce by the Ilouxxtnmc aud Yeitern Railronls, without elunge el cara or baggage crates, to Albany, arriving sauit eveuiug at 8 o'clock. Fare through S3' For passage or Freight, apply on board, or at the office, foot of Liberty street. G. M. PERRY, Agent. j9ec OLD ESTABLISHED KMIDKANT l'ASs?Ac;L OFFICE. Cl SOUTH STREET, NEW YORK. m ^ itR (Passage cau be engaged IrnmLiverpool by the fo'lowiug splendid purhfet ships comprising the Old Black Ball Line of Packets sailing as under Krotn Liverpool. The thip COLUMBUS. Captain Cole, on the ISth Fi binary. The ship YOUKSHlSI (new) Bailey, on the 1st March. The ship C AMBK1DOK, Capt. Bsrstow, Ifitb March. The ship ENGLAND. Captain Bartlett, 1st April. T lie ship OXFORD, Captain Ralhbone, 16th Apiil. Theihip MONTEZUMA, Captain Lowber, l?t May. The ship EUROPE. Captaiu Furber, 10th May. The ship NEW YORK, Captain Cropper, 1st June. Ill addition to the 'ibovesuperior ships, the subscriber's egants will liava s succession of first class Ann ricau slui* despatched, as customary, from Liverpool, every four or live days throughout the year, fo lire dill', rent ports in the United States, by which pa?snge can he s-cured at redirerd rates. Those sending for their friends residi g in Great Britain and Ireland, may rely that every care will ! taken to make pasarngeis as ccm'oit-.bie as lliey con reasonably expect, anil should .he pas rug rs not come out. the passage money will be promptly refunded. Draits can as Hsual lie furnished payable at the National and Provincial Banks of Ireland and branch's; Eastern Bulk of Pcot'and aud b'anch- s; and oil M. ssrs, J. Bait, Sou tk Co., Bankers. London; M'tsrs. J. Barm-d Ik Co., Bankers, Liverpool, which are payable throughout England and Wales. For further particulars apply (if hi letter post pod) to JOHN llERDMAffi, 61 South siraet, near Wa'l s ieet. N. B rVsige to Liverpool and London can at all tini-s he engsg d by the regular packet ships, sailing for Liver;>ooi every live tfavs, and to London on tha 1st, lOih aud 20:hofrach foonih ou application asahove. jitec "wg- OLD BLACK BALI. LINE OF PACKEXiT^ WRjfjV-Tbe packet ship YORKSHIRE, Capt. Bail-v, will dMBMBbtf despatched lor Liverpnul on the 13th of Jan. her regular day Tliose wishing to engage passage will require to make early application to JOHN HERDMIN. 61 South street. N. B.?Passage from Great Biiuinand Ireland can be seenrrd by ilia first spring ships of the line at the lowest rate, and drafts can as usual be furui,hed for any amount, pivabie in all the principal towns, witnoul any charge, throughout Greal|Britaiu and In-loud, on application as abate. jllrc "xgg- "FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New MHpfVYork Line?lingular Packet < f 2> tr January? hJMMKsfaat sailing packet thip OS WEOO, Captain David Wood will sail as ah ve, her regular day. For frieght or passage, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS 8c CO., 36 South street. Shippers he this line may rely upon having their goods correctly measured. Agents in New Orle.ans, Ha hu St WocdrnfT, who will pri uiptly forward all goods to their address. The packet sh p M ssitsippi, Cap'ain C. Hihbard, will succeed the Oswego, and tail 31st January, her regular day. jll m IAtF FOR SALE. Freight or Charter?The barque JflSfcV ALTOP F, of Boston,burthen 238 tons, coppered and jfiiuHasc pi er fastened?built at Mtdford in 1812, carries about 4riMl turrets Apply to Capt Bogardus, on board, at pier iu uorin river, or to BOYD k HINCKEV Broken. d23 e 9 Tontme Building. a Kit A NO o VI KN'I S FOR '8U OL1) ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, 100 Piuejtrwt, corner of South. I'ilE subscriber heg^enve to cull the attention of liT^nenJii ami the |>ublic in general, to the following arrangement* for Kill, for the purpose of hi limine out cabin, 2d cahin, and steerage pas.?tigers, by the Regular Lin* of Liverpool Packets, sail ing the 1st,lith, llih, Itjtli 21stand 26th of every month. By the London Pack A, to sail rom New York, the 1st, ltlth and 20lh?anil from Lf ndou On the 7tn, 17th and 27th of each month! In connection with the above, and for the |"ir|iose nf afTorditC "till greiter facilities to passengers, the subicriber has established a regular lineot first class New Yrrk built, copp-red and copper lastened ships, to sail punctually every week tlirpngbnnt the year. For the accommodation of persons wishing to remit money to their families or friends, drafts are given, payable at sight, on the following Banks, viz l'roviucial Bank of Ireland, payable at Cork, Limerick, Clonine], Londonderry, Hligo, Wesford, Belfast, Waterford, Oalway, Armagh, Athlone, Colenuu, Ballina, Tralee, Yougha), Knniskillen, Mnnaghan, Itanbridge, Ballymena, Parsouslowu, Downpalrick, Cavan, Lurgan, Oinagh, Dnngannon, Bamlou, F.niiis, Ballyahanno StraVuie, Kkihereen, Mallow, Moneymore, Cootchill, Kilrush, Scotland?The City Bank of Glasgow. England?Messrs. Hpooner, Atwood !k Co. Bankers, London; R. Murphy. Waterloo Road, Liverpool; payable in every town in Great Britain, tor lurthrr information (if by letter, post paid,) apply to JOSEPH McMURllAV, 100 Pine alreet, corner of South, Y. RICHARD MURPHY, 106 Waterloo Road. j9 6in*rc Liverimol PASSAGE FOR LONDON-Packrt ot th- 10th January. The sn|>erior last sailing packet ahtp JJSEit MONTREAL, Captain Tinker, will sail aa above, her regular day. Can aceommodat* cabin, second cabin, and steerage passengers. if imiii-d.ate application is made on bnard or to JOHN HERDMAN, lire 61 Sooth street. NEW LINE OF PACKETS "FOR LIVEIC POOL? Packet of 21st January?Th- rew, tpl'urtnl favorite i*< ker. .bin QUEEN OF THE WEST, GOO Ions burttira, CaJit P Woodhottre, will sail an Monday, 22d Januarv, her regulvr dae. Those wishing to areure berths should not fail to make early (application on board, foot, of Burling alip. or to W. * J. T. TAPSCOTT, ar their G.neral P?ss ge OITire, 47 Peck slip, jj ee corner M South ureet. I XJfJZ. Fflll LlVERPOOI To sail on the Hih ? 'uperior, faat aniling batotie JOSKI'li CUwVi " %an ' 1 I' I' 1 "I' llarriann, mil m'I aa above, ami can roitiPntably accommodate a limited nnmlier <f cabin pata-iiirera. at a moderate rate, if imrnedtdt* application be mide 0u board, at pier 10 E. R., or U JOIIN HERDMAM, jO ic 61 Santli it. UK*- BLACK BALL. OK OLI) LINK OK LIVERkfwlrooi. packetA?kor Liverpool?Regular Afidfarnckct of the! 10 || lauu-rv?'Tlie new and Uin'ifnlltacket nhip YORKSHIRE. bar then MM) ton*, David <?. bailey, Commrntlrr, will poaitiyely aail ou Tueiday, 16th January, her regular day. . . . . It iawrll I nown that til* Yorkahite u fitted np Willi el-, nance and every modern improvement and convenience that can poiaibly add P> the cunil'ort of cabin, a-cond cabin and a,eeracc lnaicnarra, accotnmo fat.oni will on inapeetion bt fonna iinei|ii illed by any ahip afloat. Thnae returning to the old country ahonld call and nee lliia iplendi I a|crimen of raval architecture, bp'ore engaging piaaage in any other packet. Kit rnaavge apply ou board, loot of Beekmao at, or to the anbtenber*. ROCHE, BROTHERS St CO., J5 Kultpn itreet. neit daor to the Kulton Bank P. S.?Tli* Yorkrhire taila from Liverpool on the lit March. Peraon* aeuding lor their relative* ran have them brought out in her, or fit any ol tl e packeta cotnpr.avi this tt aguificrnt ami unequalled line, aailirg from that |iorl punctually on the lat and Itilh of each month, t or paeaage apply a* above. The i acket ahip CAMBRIDGE will tiiccved ihe Yorkahifp and nail for Liverpool on trie |at. February. jO rc ? 7?K7^ Y "POOL-NEW LINE.-Regular Jj>.n?yy ?The splendid packet ahip {Ulb SHERIDAN, r. A. Drpy*trr, of inou ton*. win ail aa above,her regular day r?rrre?uhtor passage, having ac rmnuiodalion* unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply ou tourd it Orleana wharf, loot of Wall afreet, or to E. K. COLLINS 8c CO. Price of passage, $100 56 South street. The packet ahip Uamck, '.apt. "kiddy, of inoo ton*. Will auececd the Siddons and aail the l".th February her regular day Paaaengera may rely upon the ihipa of thit line sailing pane Uially aa advertised. <U7rc E NE p JrI TO LET?The plot of (roam) wi'n the huildin |";?| erected lliereon, iituete on the north aide of Utli it w IbULbetween the 7th avenue and Ki xruv road, uow occupr by Ethau Campbell. Apply at No. 32 Laight (treat, jl Iw'rc JJHJt EOR MALE?A V&lualde Kami called Kpruigfiel PMnitu ill d in the conutv of Isle-of Wight, a mi?e hi J a In i*?i ftoin the mou'li of Naineninnd Run, coutaiuiug abo five hundred acrei, bounded on twoaidea bv creeks (navigil for tmall rea.els) miming into the mouth of NunaeniondKiyi There it on the farm a large ai d well funahed brick dwellii houae, with every other ueeeerury out houe?, ill good lepa Nenly one half of the land ii well timbered with large tall pi '1 he cleared land is of a gooJ quality and well adapted to t cu'livatiou of, com, sweet potatoes suit t*Hter melons It h.iS attached to it a line oyster lauding for planting oyite and is onr of the best stock larins of its size iu lower Virgiui Hersous wishing to pnrchaae, by applying early, will m< with a grwit bargain. If nut sold privately before, it will be offered at public an tion on the Itemises on the,'6th dav of January, IMt. Terms will he made known and furtlier information given I Mr Joa. H. Whitehead of timithlield. Isle of Wight couuty, the subscriber. WILLIAM H1NES. d20 3taw tnjy25 re r? BROWN it CO.'S One Price Hat Store, 178 Chaths Square, corner of Molt street, where f sliion, beaut durability anil economy are combined to adorn the head 1 proprietors have the pleasure t J offer a new style of hat,the iu tation of beaver, which closely resemble those formerly sold I $.'? and SU, at the low fixed price of S3. Those, who from me nation or necessity are induced to study economy in that iudi reusable article of dreis, have now an opportunity of doing s ami srili keep up the appearance of the most fashionable. Bros in presenting this hat to the public, think they ha uearly reached the u(tim<tnm of besuty, clieapurss, neatuei durability and coinfori of the wearer. All sales are for cat therefore no good customer pays lor lossei inrurred .y the ba BROWN ot (JO., 178 Chatham Square, j4 lin?m Corner of Molt street. ~T BOOTS?WATER PROOF Double and Cork Sob [w French and native calf and |iateut screw taps; warrant ju Rood fine calf hoots for men; boy's and children's i! caar .e water boots and shoes of a|l serts and sizes. N. B.?Lidles, Missesand Children's Raiter boots, shoes a buskins, double and single soles, and of every color and sbaii Ladies, dents, Misses and Children's water proof India Uubb overshoes of the latest style, all of which will be. sold chea| than at any other store in this city Napoleon tap boots $3 pair. J. S. WALKER, 419 Broadway, j3 lm*ec Comer of Canal it CORK SOLE WATER I'ROOK ANirURE! / BOOTS.?The subscriber makes to order Boots ol t / above descriptions, of the finest quality of French Ca skin, iu the latest style, aim at very rsasouable prices. Or tlemei who have been in the habitof paying extravagant prit for inferior articles, are requested to call and be convinced their interest iu purchasing at this store Drawings being taken of the feet, and a pair of LaaU kept I each rustomer, there is nu difficulty in getting a handsome a easy lit. Constantly on hand, u large assortment of ready made Brt Boots, latest styles, at $3 and$3 60 per pair; Double Soles,Ira SI to (6 i>-w pair. Over Shoes, Half Boots, Dancing iruuii tippers. Sic. at eaually low prices. JOHN L. WATKINS, 114 Fnlton street, dS tm*ec between Nassauand Dutch streets MOOT AND SHOE STORE. sM^PHd JOHN KEAD\ respectfully iutorms his frien Bint tlm mil.lip flint lis* lim pntmripiii^il Ini4im-?ta in thn aim line, st No. !l!) Nassau street, where he will thankfully recei and faithfully execute, all orders he may he favored with,, the moat reasonable terms for cash. j2Ji TO THIS LADIK8.?If you ham hairy excrescences, ca c.'.iliug a broad and elevated forehead?if you have|lhe u sightly ap|*iidage of a beard ou your upper lips?if you lis superfluous hair disiiuur/utcauy farrt of vour otherwise beau ful faces, the Poudre Subtile, luveuled by Dr. Felii (iourav will quickly and forever eradicate it, without the slightest jury ordiscoloratiou to your skins?this you can be satisfied bv seeing the preparation tested at the Doctor's office; all doul of the artrcle betn* a humbug will quickly vanish. Knr s; only at 07 Walker street, one door Irom the earner of Bror way?$1 per bottle?where may be had the following articl all warrauted?The celebrated Italian Medicated Soap, lor ci ing all blotches, pimples, freckles, tan, murphew, scurvy, iu redness, sallowness, or roughness of the skin; for chnpn hands, face, or musquilo biles, its effects are immediate; iu t washing of children, in allaying all irritation and chiding, properties are really astonishing, so softening and healing tl no mother should be without a cake. Due cake, VI cents, sufficient, and we warrant it. or return the money if not si cessfut. Be on your guard agaiust a bold imitation, and b no where else hut as above. Gouraud's Kau de Beante, or True Water of Beauty, ii well known and approved cosinstic for uleausiug healiug, pu fying and beautifying the complexion, and by its dilating pi perties prerentiug the formation of wrinkles, and banishi them when prevent, ft per bottle. Uourand s Vegetable Li mid Bouge imparts adelicate blui ing tinge to the complexiou, immovable bv rubbing wit! handkerchief or linen cloth. For dyeing ladies' stockiugs gloves, this preparation, diluted with water, is inimitable, cents |>er bottle. Uouraud's Hair Dye will change red or gray hair to a beau ful dark brown or black, wi hout staining the skin. $1 per b tie. Whither and Eye brow Dye 21 cents per bottle. Uouraud's Mane d Espagne, or Spanish White, gives a pr lifelike al ibastrr i whiteness and smoothness to llie skin?li from all injurious ingredients and is entirely annihilating en mou chalk and Bake white. Put up in elegant boxes, i-i cei each This, with other of "r. O.'s preparations, is imitate Buy no where else hut at 67 Walker street, just one door frt tlue corner of Broadway, where will be lound an assortment the most delicate and choice Perfumery, imported from parts. Agents?Jordan. 2 Milk street, Boston; 7S Cheonut stre Philadelphia ; Robinson, Harrisbnrgh ; Heinitch, Laneist Seabrook, Princeton; Trippe. Newark : Tousey, 1 Inchest Carswell, Lockrort; Smith, lalinyra; Urigs, Hamilton, cor ty; Uuthrie, Albany; (tray, Poughkeepsie; Elliott, (vn.i,? Myers, New Haven ; Dyer. Providence : Taylor, Negno Carleton, Lowell ; Ives, Salem ; Hodge, Newburvjiort; l'r ton, I'orumoiith ; Patten, Portland ; Guild, Bangor ; Lutl White, Calais ; Seth S. Haime, Baltimore; Nelby Park Washington Mrs. Fraser, Hichmond; Matliewson, Norwn Conn.; Wells Hi Humphreys, Hartford; E. C. Ferre, Midd town. illl in* BEEF?BEEF?BF EK.?The subscriber wonld respectf ly inform his friends, and thepiblic generally, that he I opened a shop, at the corner of West and Waireu streets, the sale of beef by the quarter, side or carcase. Shop batchers and deilers generally will he furnished np advantageous terms. The subscriber, having entered into arrangement with an experienced and extensive dealer, it < aided to offer fresh beef every morning, at the lowest marl prices. Also, on hand and for sale, a qnautlty of Sheep. N. B ?Terms cash. JOSEPH T. SWEET j 10 Iw*rc rl'?IfTnEW YORK LEGAL OBSKRVER, No. >1. Vol. A contains Practicel Points?Partnership?Gratuitous Bai ?Lodging House? Marriage Settlement. Reports?Chancel Walworth's Court, Cartes et. al. V Hitchcock et. al.?Vein and Purchaser?Lis Pendens; Supreme I ourt. New York ( chart v. French?Exception in Lea*c?Bankruptcy, importi decision of Judge Judson. English Cases?From the Master the Ri.lls' Court, Cou t of Uuern's Bench, and the Court Exchequer. Moot Points Miscellaneous, See. Published at the office. 12 Aun street, New York. Term $3 per aauum, in advance. SAMUEL OWEN, Editoi On the 15th February next No. I, Vol. 3, will be publish Additional leaves will be added, for the purpose of giving analytical digest of all th* Reports published iu the whole the Engliili Courts and in the ' ourt of the Cbaucellor of I land No extra charge will be made. jl03t<i A OVERTIMING AND PUBLISHING-1 he subscrib fs havs jajee . thrir interest in the Publishing and Periodi business, and are prepared to compile and imeit advertiseme in the city and country papers on very favorable terms, j the cheap publications for sale, and forwarded to all pirts the couutiy in advance of the mail. Subscribers received the proof copies of ilariiers' Illuminated and Pictorial tfibh J Id lm?ec MASON Ik TUTTLK, 1211 Nassau si 0AVANA AGENCY.?The subscribers, agents for M 1A West's Boardiug House, will lie hannv to irive inform,t in travellera Sound to the HlTUa (Man lor aegari, VV rat In f(Uiti, (kc.. attended to; account* collected, draft* bought ? old, at their CJeueral Ageucy Olfico, 128 Naaaau alrret N York. N. II?Lettera and parcel* forwardeu by every pack 't. jio 1 in * *c MASON ?t TUTTLK SALT FISH STOKh. ,inn BBLS. HALIFAX Nr.. I SALMON; 11V Not. I Av/U and .1 Mackerel: <;w half do, do do do. 100 Sbl? No. I Me** Shad; 5J half btilj No I Saybrook Shad; 300 bhl* Cod at d Seal" Ki*h; too do No. 1 Uib'd Herring; 1 Jon bote* St aled do 30IHI IS* Smolted Silinon; 300 kit* Hnna-d Salmon; 2'H1 do Hound* and Tongue*; 230 quintal*Codliili, auitablc for hipping; 1800 *ark? Aahou'a Salt; >00 bbl* American Hilt, Itc. &C. All fir aale in lot* to >tiit purchaaera by jll I in rc NELSON. WELLS H CO. II Dey .treet W ATI: 11KS?(: L( >CKS? LA MPS. CIIANUK OF UKSIDF.NCF,. \TICTOK OIKOUO, Watch and < lock Manufacturer, 1 V the honoi of appri*uig hi> friend* and the public that ha* established In* iliow room* and work *hop* at No. 1 Broadway. He wi I have constantly ror *tle a molt silrct aisortment Lepine and patent Lever Waiches, and a most splendid vari. of ( lock* For eg'ellence the qualities of both will be aim |a?*d.1 The modeli will h.tol the mojt rare, rich, aud mode description. Hit at'enlion will, a* hereto!'ire, be directed to the repair a regulation of t/lucka aud Walcliea, and alao of Median it Lamp*. Hecon'innr* to rec ive from Parn the most beautiful and p feet Mechanical Lamps, together with every nece??ary ?cee?i ry. Tl e lieauly and quality of hi* MOtUint of tins ?p!.nc lamp leave* nothing to the inot' la*:i<I|ons taa'e to For the repair of the Mech.inicat Lamp, he haa established, above, leparale and diiluiLt W'ork*li"pi All work confhlrd liirn, in the variou* departin'ut* of hi* hu?iueu, will lie eiec ted in the moat anterior manner, and at th" mud m'olrri pricea, jit lineotMri UNITED STATES OAOI'KRKIAN tiALLf [IV. 1 Brimd way, up stairs.?K. WlllTF. would rra| ect In 11 y ei me itivsto a of citiretia and strangers, viaiting th? city, to i iI'M'iiitiu cmimnn "I iragiierrroiypt "nnraits.singleor II irron from two to fourteen |?"<oin on the rami plate, which f beauty and accuracy of delineation cnnot be snrpasaed r< traits taken in all kind* of west'i-r, cither with or witbo colors. The American Institute at ita 1st" cshibition awarded \ White the liraf premium fur the best Patoerreetype likeriet) | groupingand general rtf-ct, which is b it another proof of t uiieriority of uis portraits. Mr. While is sole agent in New York for the very superi imported (ierman (iainam* , and at no other establishment tins city or Stale can they be obtained. N. B.?Imported iferman Lamarsj; alio, French and Ania ran lustrum ill* of the very belt i|nahty, with Pluie (last I'hemirals, I'olishimr Materials, lie., fcc , always on hand, I I - it the very liiwril price*. n7 Jmriri SliOARH! SBOARS! SEOAR8! THK followiugckoia" Segars arc ronaianlly on hauil for aal wholesale and retail, at 13. M. HKN jflQUKd.No. 51 Wi htm street i'egalisi, of the fioeit and best >iuality. I'onetelos, " " " " La Norma. La (>abana. La Klorinda, a new brand, La Palmt, " " Nonegss. De .Moya. Yngeiiuidad, a new bruid. < tarantisads. Principe*, of the Orus, Hendon and San-/, brands. In addition to the anise, there arc t satiety of other brand all ol which connoiiaeurs and the trade generally would <J well to look at previous to purchasing elsewhere, ai all ."tegai purchased from this establish men t will l?e taken hack at an tune if ihev do uof give satisfaction. N. B ?Orders from the country carefully and promptly a tended to. Jyd ittaw lairo <JTI ART. LAUH'.S' H AI R-LltKrlSKR, No. 3 Murra ^3 street, respectfully that he is prepared t wait on ladies at their rriidencea, ami to dress heads acrordin la the la'ett Parisian fashions. Terms very modersf. dH im* ; W Y ( JEW YORK, FRIDAY MC UNITED STATES HOTEL, NEW YORK. TN RETURNING OUR THANKS u> th- travelling com A muuicr lor the very liberil patronage b 'stowed ou our hone during the l.aat year, ?f ben Iran' to inform thrm lliat the alle ration! and improvement! contemplated *'r now completed,am J we are prepared to our I'ririid* and trivelleri ge ,!( nerally in a atyle not eurumd by any o'her eattbtiahin?"tu[ our fnrnitnrc and bedJing bring new, 'lie building thorough!] ,|e rrnoratrd and nrwly'aiutrd throughout, the Crohn water i ft introduced in every department, and the loi ma one dollar an ?r fifty cents I>er day. ,? d'tli.iT BitAISTKD 4t JOHNSON. Proprietors. ?' 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I will commence it; hut induing (>? so, I mean to hold you strictly to the proposition you have ,.Xj thrown out us a defiance, and to keep yourself and our wt. t readers in mind that mine is an uttitudc of sell-defence the , against an assault, and an unprovoked assault, upon the u,t 1 rliaractcr and rights of the great muss 6f our Christian i ? feilou oiUusa. in } In my last I think it was shown conclusively that this ?ui j was the case. You seem to have a suspicion that the close thu of my letter, which indeed contained the gist of the matter, im was w ell" adapted for my purpose or popular effect." You toj t profess net indeed to see its nl-.vanry, out I think others mu J have not tailed to perceive that my statcniuntofthe oircum- ?j(] j stances convicts you of making a gratuitous attack upon ull (|H who do not think that ['relates only can open the gates ol OM| j the ( hristian church. "My purpose," 1 admit, was "popu- a w lar effect;" and 1 feel uomjilimeuted hy your thinking that jov * my argument has achieved my pur|>ose. The reason of r,.u . its fitness fur "popular effect'' is not to he found in any special skill upon my part in stating the facts, hut in the ,jIK & nature of the tacts themselves. In a simple mutter ot fact, - the heat judgethe common sense of common people. I /j, s perceive that y ou do not yourself coll in question thu force x 1 of my argument, that,as there was confessedly nothing in p, ? ! Mr. < hoate's language, and nothing in the applause ol the s.,i audience, which invaded yum ecclesiastical standing, so /u), you were not called upon, especially upon that occasion, co] n to attack the ecclesiastical standing of the general comf munitv of Christians. You will understand mc, however; I do not think that |,. . the imippropriutoncss of time and place is the worst feu ture in this case of ecelcsiuHtical proscription. It in the ie utter unreasonableness and the unrelieved moral deformi ty of the unchurching dogma, which, in my view, consti- t|1( 'j tute its olt'ensive character. I admire boldness, but not in u Iml cause ; uit' 1 I hold that to he, prima Jarir, a bad ju ,f cause, which, either in the pulpit ol one oi your churhes, or at the dinner table of the Astor House, prompts any M.j it man thus to ussail the ( hutch standing, including the ?jii ' faith, hopes ami rights, of his fellow Christians. When yon set up a claim, not to a superiority, but to a monopnhj \ j, of the privileges belonging to the house of tiod?when you wj p set up this claim in behalf of a mere fraction, a molecule, tu j of the Protestant community?ami when such confessedly a]( - stupendous consei|tu>nri s are necessarily Involved in the (? * claim?it cannot escape the most unobservant reader, that (i,, ^ to make out such a claim, its advocates ought to be pre? pared with proof little short of muthiiuiitical licMoiiitratiim. f0[ ? And yet, as I shall hereafter more fully show, the extra- tc) d vug,nice of the claim is eiptalled only by the contradictory | indefinite, and.l must adtl.tiie absolutely ridiculous cliarac- |,n ter of many of the arguments which are employed to sue- C0] tain it. This aggravates the unproked assault you have t chosen to make, and if, in the course oi my future remarks, t|;H - I shall speak of the high ' liurch dogma as it deserves, I w| t- shall hold myself absolved from blame as an aggressor. tl,, e Before 1 proceed todo lor you, whgt you decline to do jj,, ) for yourself, i e. define the terms of your own proposi- IIS ~ lion so that the reader may understand them, (fori shall uf show yott that I myself understand pretty well the sense tin - you nflix to them,) there are two littliVjuecos of history, mil I given in your lust letter, which call lor criticism. tin y The Jirit is that in which you arc giving an ueeotmt of ?,j r the origin of this discussion, for the purpose of "letting e,j it the public understand n hut are our respective positions." (t It runs thus?"I pon leaving my study one morning, for tin J" the discharge of my parochial duties, I ain informed in ,1,,, v. the street, to my great surprise, that a tetter bus been ad- ter dressed to me in a public print by the Kev. Dr. Potts, it jj,. ie is put into my hand, be Sic." This history wants the title i page, and a few of the first leaves. Will it not be better (j(l " to supply the hiatus and begin at tho beginning f it would wj ( bo more complete if it commenced by recording the po- m, ,'r lite invitation which leil you to tile New Knglana festival; et the speech of the New Kugland orator; tlie applause |?, ~ which ucoompanied him throughout, and which o(tended a|t , you so deeply, when he gave 11 sort of ecclesiastical gene' alogy of his forelatliers: your determination to re- t|u y lmke tho orator and the audience by declaring your on y belief, not that you hail a better genealogy, but that cjt ii- their genealogy was absolutely spurious; your taking occasion, two or three hours after, (when it might be na *j. supposed tliat you lind hail time for deliberation) to avow that if the orator ol' the dov sboiild challenire von. \ on ..i. I, would prove that of "the clergy of New Kugland, uh> p., II had just been toarttcd, there were none justly entitled to (;, <1. the name, except 'the tainted < heverus,' and the 'ineek I'reluteol your own Church,'with their teveral subor- u,, dinates of the Papist and Protestant priesthood ; that this K(. jr attack upon the suli-respert und sensibilities ol Dint !tee"- or twentieths, if not more, ol your fellow-cili/.ou*?1 am almost afraid to say fellow-Christians?was published ,,| throughout the land ; and thru, that after all lltia hail come (? In pass, and you hail perhaps congratulated yourself that |? you had chastised Yankee im|iertineuce,? then?"upon o leaving your study one morning, Sic. Stc. 8cc " Is not the 0| record unfair until these few little items are prefixed to p, it I I will leave to the rimder to say, whethertlio above lie not the twie genesis of the pm.ient discussion. \1 Th ' stroml piece of history, which is o|ien toanimadviusion more severe than I can udmiiiister, i.s that which informs us of the comparative autiipiity and univers lity (o oi the motto which "you hear upon your shield" : "No ,|( Church without a Prelalt." At the very uni|ualitled claim j, you muke in respect to this motto, I would express my tl wond.r, surpritt, astonishment, he. Sic., were 1 not tired 0 with that common practice of disputants, a very efficient H| aI thin; in rhetoric, but useless in logic Whatever my . r(. wonder may lie, 1 will not utter it. Besides which, after [, tc having seen how familiarity with extravagant statements ? often obliterates the intellectual sensibilities, just as n long lomiliarity with an oHensive odor blunts the sense of w jj MIII'II, I have no longer a right to (eel surprise at the g, r* occurrence of such a phenomenon-, no riglit to wonder sj ,u that one, who hud brought his mind to hrave (|, the coosequ nces of tho adoption of the unchurch- f, is ing dogma, sluiuld first of all find it easy to as l( _ sert in a promiscuous company that Prelacy was u of the very essence of the Church of <Jou, and j-, g then subsequently, tlint this doctrine was " born* on the hl v banner of the universal Church, without challenge or dis- ? tj put', t?0i) yean." Now this it a wonderful statement. ( ml I might show that so far is this from being true, lined doctrine of meno]ioly?as I sliall cull it for tin- sake ol brevity, and to distinguish it from true catholicity?is not countenanced tiy the voice of antiquity ; that there b, were writers|who distinctly denied it, and whole thurches, the Wulueusinn for instance, which always refused ? even to admit the element of Prelacy into their coustitulion ; and nil this long before the glorious reformation.? ,( Thisjis uni|uestionahlo ; hut that the n-ader may uot rely I m upon the asseition of one who, he may suppose, "uses w ki wortls nt random," 1 will ipioto, fiom a disinterested wit- \ ness, a single sentence ; 1 will set the authority of the u '* learned Prelato Htillingfleet over against that of Dr. Wain- u wright. These are his words . " I do despair of finding o ? any one single testimony in all antiquity, which doth a in plain terms assert episcopacy as it w as settled hj the a practice of tho primitive Church, in ages follow ing the c. Apostles, to be of unalterable ilirine rich! " So much for s< u the " unchalleugcil, undisputed" antiquity and tiniTersali- 7 u ty of your motto. I But leaving these things for future consideration, I pro- tl ' coed to the most alarming part of your laid communion- ti ,r tion?I mean that in which I am warned, in capital letters, u of a horned dilemma which is goring me. It may be oh- <1 tuseness in me, hut I confess I do not see these tremendous tl horns. II ~~ My "modest" call for your own definition of the terms ll , of a proposition which you rnlunterrtd to maintain, and hi which is the basis ol this discussion, wns dictated by the ji -d wish to put our reailert in possession of our meaning in n > your own words As to iny self I had u shrewd notion ol w " their meaning. The proposition is capable of two senses; Si g hut from the very circumstances in which you announc- ar VI ll, mil III} mil III III) lull a , II) } Dill I l-.ll 1111: II11111 ^. Dill 11) I hav? heretofore imagined (hat 110 discussion rouM In- ai - carried on without a mutual iiitdonttiiiiding a? to the sense |? in which the parties mean the use the principal term* ami w ,, phrases. How long is It since thin apparently indispenaa- w i- hie preliminary hax huen expunged from the laws of do- [! r- hate I If 1 Why you ihould manifest a reluctance "to commence ol the discussion tiy denning your terms," which is all I ask- la ill ed of you, is more than I will undertake to explain. I!nt n< r. as yon declino doing this, and as I must contrive some is way of coming to an|understnnding as to the true tin tut th _ (inifilionit, ana the sense which our readers are to lix to jii ~ it* terms, I propose to waive even this right, and to do w j your work for you, rather than to waste tune in an Idle th ,, war of'words. In doing this, I shall nt the same time state of t- wherein your definition* and mine differ in meaning. te t Kirst : What is the meaning of the word < miairn in an ' your proposition I I am quite willing to take the duAni- In y tion of your own articles, which is as follows The vi- df _ sihle church of Christ Is n congregation of faithful men, in of ,, which the pure won! of Cod is preached, end the sacra- sti n inent* he duly ministered according to Christ * ordinance th i- in mi minx* tnntot necessi'y arc requisite to tin same cli Art. I". '1 Inn, however, does not fully rxpr-ss tin) high. Church claims, inasmuch n* it dm* not declare, (a* it ab ought, If the doctrine of monopoly won- true) that there ha i. cannot hr a congregation of faithful men, arid that the trno it I, word of (tod rammf he preached, nor the sncramenl* rfu/y an mlminhlrrrtl, fcr. exes pt under " the re/inn n of f'irlite* w 1 Thi* tin* framer* of yrmr articles studiously nvoidrd nay- ho _ ing, for It is well known that tho knglixh Reformers frn- an I trrni/.ed with ihc Reformed Churches ol tl"-continent of lh h K.urope. Mlnro tho time of f.and, however, tho " no f'rr go k late, no < hurch dogma ha* neon held liy nn increasing w i t nnmlior of your Communion, with inoro 01 lc*? earnest- tin h nes*. although never without resistance upon tho part of o'c " other* until it must ho admitted that at the present time art ''t there is probably a majority of Anglican hod American set I'm latlnts, who field the extreme view* mid maintain that | d ' Tn lacy i? not simply ?crlpturul and useful, and there- ter fun-the host modi I of ecclesiastical polity?liut 'llrl liat 7ll " lu the rrry bring of ? < h lire li. ge Of thi* number you areono ; and the following i* the on gloss you must put upon your Church article, just quoted thi J The Church is a congregation of faithful men, and the pe y. pure word of (Tel is preached in it, and it nlotr has the )|i i, sacrament* duly a lrninisterod, he mint it lias Pndnte*, pi, i- through whom, tu the delegates of Christ, an l the direct oil successor* of the Apostles, the inferior orders of the min- of istry receive a right to preach ind grnre to administer its Christian ordinances cUicar.iously. In oilier wools, the to ( statement* of the*e extreme ITefiitisti warrant us in "ay lig b Ing that though men may believe, teaeh ami practice all \ iIn contained 111 the word ol (iod, yet, if they reject I'lela- on " ey, they are not in the Church of (rod at all, and if saved ter [ at all (ol which some speak hopefully, but others douht- rol . fully) mu*t he saved "as by fire, upon aome undefinatde 101 principles of mercy upon which nothing that i* tail in to i the (iospel will justify ihem in relying. yiH Do I misrepresent your views of the indispensaldencs* of Prelacy to tin- very existence of a < hurrli f If to, you *,:i eoilld liuv eprev enteil the possibility of misrepresentation, ' had you, according to my reasonable call, defined yonr " terms in your own language. This you ran still do. * "" Secondly: VVhat is the definition of the oflice and func ' * tion* of a ' UuMor." *" IE R A 4. In your theory a Bishop is tin- highest of three grades Clergy 1?Itisiiopf, pnests mi l deacons. lie il set over articular section or diocese, a* it* ecclesiastical head, I i* invested with certain exclusive rights, which hts are thus stated by u Prelate : ?" 1 he light to ordain 1 coiilirni, tliut of gtmrrnl supervision in a diocese, and it of the chief ndiuinh tration of discipline , besides cning all the iiowers of the other grades."?(Dr. II r. deidonk ) In virtue of the last mo of these rights, pressed with an indelinite comprehensiveness which will examine at a subsequent stage in the discussion, I'rrlutr has been known even to claim a control over i proceedings ami mintih s of u convention. "arther, in oriler to the right institution of " a Bishop," ( our sense of the term, he must have received hi* ordiion front other l'i elates, and they again from others, so ,t an unbroken chain may convey the Kriiscopal grace m the Apostles themselves. 'i'lii* is the fur-famed .\|K>sical succession, of which so much has been de of late years. Why this chain is con('red ol such consuquence may he seen liy ! reader if he w ill peruse the follow ing quotations; two I of a multitude which I have ut hand. 'I he lirst is from ell know n champion ol 1're.lacy, Dodw ell, in the l'ol ring made, ah terms. 1 beg the particular notice of the ider. "None but tho Bishops can unite us to the bather 1 the Soil. Whence it wilt follow, that whosoever is united from the visible communion of the t'liurch on tli, and particularly from the visible communion of the iAiiiij, must consequently b? disunited from the whole ible catholic Church upon oarth; and not ouh so, but in the invisible communion of the huh angels and nts in Heaven, and, w hat is mure,/i-??i Christ ami (lad itrlj. It is one of the most dreadful aggravations of the adition of the damiietl, that they are banished Hum the :seuce ol nit* i.urii, aim uie giury m nn |?nci. ne is their condition al?o vt'h" are disunited from < bcingidisunited from his visible nyvituUttive. l'he former Prelate oi this diocese, Dr. Il?bart, in his ompaiiion for the Altar." s|>enks the f'ollow]Pf* lanBge ; it is equally kind us thaloregoing :?" iiul where : Uospel is proclaimed, communion with the t'huroh. the participation of its ordinances, at the hands of the ly authorised priesthood, is the iiulispeiuabU condition salvation" making a soothing exception in favor ot lismuties and dissenters who separate themselves from i regular priesthood through " iitrc/uiitury ignorance d error." [ do not mean to discuss these monstrosities now, hut II only ndil here that the ground upon which such usinptions .ue made is, that Irom the Apostle* the bishop* mo derive Kpiscopul grace, which they communicate the inferior clergy in ordination, and which, through miiiistrutious ot the inferior clergy, is communicated the people in baptism and the holy Kuchanst, by the nier of which a spiritual life fo given, while by the lat' that spiritual life is fed and sustained. t)u the other hand, our definition of a "bishop" make* n nothing more than u pastor or overseer of a particular ugirgutioH, who is, in nil olticial respects, upon an utility with other pastor* ; who, in administering the ciplinc of the house of God, is associated with oHirers 10 ore elected by the people, nnd w ho, in administering )ordinances of the Uospel, pretends to be no more tliuu ; ministrator of emblematic ordinances, whose viitue seals of the covenant depend* altogether upon the faith the [recipient*. Ordination, w hether w ith or without ; imposition of hands, is no more than a puldic and for 11 setting apart of a suitable individual to the woik of i ministry, and is performed by hi* predecessors In the uistry. The case of those churches which have, electone out of the liumberof ministers to exercise certain :iervisory powers over the rest, as is the fact in the Moidist and Lutheran < hurches,*is nut uu exception to the :trinu of the essential purity or equality of their ininiss. These boilies do not claim a divine right for their diops or superintendents. Vmi now, finally, what do you mean by the catiioi.ic irueh ' It i* a phrase found in your former letters, and II probably occur again. 1 shall understand you to an by it that portion of Christendom in which the uve views as to the indispensablcness of Prelacy are to found. Tiiat is, you hold that the I'relntical bodies me constitute the catholic Church. The Komish, the eek, the Armenian and other Kastern Churches, toge or with the Knglish and American l'relatists, are tlie ly component parts ol this r hurcli. Ann their cutneiiy, lot the reader observe, consists not in purity of docneor forms of worship, (lor yoli hold ulf thoso 1 hove mod, except your own, to ho morn or less corrupt) but their being governed by Prelates. This is the essoritiul jinent ol their catholicity, this their redeeming excelnee, this their evidence ol being "in covenunt with jd." On the other hand, in our view of catholicity, you will ill the main stress laid upon the maintenance ol the es ntial doctrines of the scheme of redemption, und not upi the presence or absence of any external form ot polity, e admit that even Prelacy does not vitiate, the chaructei a Church, although we think it has proved itself to be i reign and unwholesome element in the great lirlstiai id v. Thus, the reader will perceive that while our en lolicity proves its comprehensiveness by embracing al revery name whose recognised creeds do not absolutely iject the fundamentals ol i liristian religion, yours re nonces all ? bu -lo not ndmit the single item of I'rolacy yhicli of these views best deserves the name, let the reu ir judge. I close my letter by saving that if I hadibeen privilege i meet you lace to face, I should have exercised " the free jm." at which yoil seem to look with much distuste. u isisting at once it|ioit your obligation to give these ilefln! ous ot your terms, and thus have saved mv self the tasl r trying to reach the |sjiut thus indirectly, and the necei ity of waiting for your auswer. If you refuse to give m our definitions, or to correct those i have given. 1 slial old myself at liberty to consider you as shrinking froi ic contest. All the skirmishing in your last communication, as t ho is, technically speaking, the challenger, is of littl uusequence. i am resolved not to postpone the discu on ol the monstrous proposition you have endorsed, b isputiug as to who shall appropriate this title. 1 do n< <1,1 assure yon,the least inclination to accept "the lihert i recede," which you kindly hint at, hut will ratlit aive all petty questions of chit airy, quite certain th.i om the Is'ginniiig to the en<l of this discussion, it vt ill I -en that mine is the attitude of defence, and yours that < n assailant of the rominon principles of all unti-Prelntict hristendom. This is the important consideration. I am, Rev. and dear sir, Your ohedl serv't, Jaximhv 10. flKOKOK POTTS. V. 8. IHsrshal'i Office. Before S. Ihrt.ut, Ksq., Commissioner of the U. S. tsv III.? The Mail Anlitn.-Lemuel f lowers an harles HI.ike were brought up lor examination, charge itli iiifriuging the provisions of the act ot Congress,* larch 3, IHJ5, sections g-J anil tll.YThe prisoners an' hat , inking characters, and were) attended by Mr. Marhury stheiri ounsel. Mr. A. Jordan attending as the Counsi f the inuu Hull', who is indicted and committed for trii t the next term of the lb H. < ire Hit Court. Mr. Barre ppuHit-u lor ini: prosecution. llrtiry K. Miller, examined.?I reside at the city of Hm >111, and um a contractor for carry irig the mail. About tl th or 8th of December, a hug whs found in the river i ludson, which bag had left Albany on tin; 7th; I saw tli in mail after it wus found; the but; bail n gash in it aboi ,vo feet in length; tin; mails which arrived that alternoo ere deposited in the office in the usual place. [Here iugrnm of the premises was produced uml submitted t in witness ami the ( oun?el for the prisoner* | Williar off was left that night in the charge of the mail baa' oil was arreated for the robbery ; I know < bin lea Illaki a is heie now; 1 have known hint for the la.t fit eari; I know l.emuel Flowers, Imt 1 do m member seeing Flower* until a year ago lin inter. Illake was discharged about four years agi unu time this fall, Illake w as banging about the pivmiso ul w as foibid twice from going into the office*. lie wi I I twice not to go into Smith >V Miller'* stable*, or int ly |uirt of the [.remises. He refused to gooff, mid I *>t| wed be intended to reiist entirely. He tiaully left, an as then told that, if be did not keep away, sortie mean oulil be taken torom|>el birn to keep off. At this tim lake was not in the employ of any one in particular i udion. On the second time when he w as told to kec I, he got out on the pavement, and told inu that was n r as he inteaded to go. It wa? in September, and I di it see iiim again until the mouth of December. CroMM-ejiiminrd \,y Mr. Maiiio h 1 Jvr the iniiontr- \ e time of the loss of the mail bag, illake drove lor Ml atler of I'oilghkeeptie. He was at the lliulion lions here bis stage put up. We have no communication will at house, nor do the drivers w ho go therr have (he ni our stable*. On the (ith of Deccmlier, llutlrr hail tlire am* In\ ing at lluilson, and I ordered two to Kindrthook >1 two to rem a i> at Hudson. I did not speak I > Itbiki it to another man. [Here the w itness referred to th tttrraiii, and [minted outtlie location ol n loll w hin som the missing letters was found after the rohberv, am rtod tbat no person could gi t Info the loit w itlioul goiii| rough the main entrance to hi' premises, w hleh w used lit night. By Mr. The bag when found w as open, nn out four or live feet beneath the straw ; it w as en in .i l g. nnd had no string on it; there were letter* In the bag w as found by the foreman, (Jeorge Mhnbcr; be ssae alon d had searched It la-fore without finding any tinny len I had the straw removed bv him and the bag foinel sent for me and I got fudge Ogden to examine th e bay I he took charge of the letter*; he it a jmst office agent ad *een Illake alioiit the Atll; I think he left Hudson t to Kinderhook. and he returned on the night of the Tt! tli an accommodation stage which arm ed inst alicad i mail: it was about half mist 7 or a o'clock ols, il lock 1 put lloff in charge of th? mail bag*; Holf wn -estcd 011 the nth about 4 P. M; I think Pinko w ,t* pn it when llofl ivm taken before the juatlcr of thn 0 not know if lllake and lloll' lurt Imn on fii'inllj m<i; the river wil closed at the city of 11 liaison on thi I, (Hit the boat* came "town to .New York the pa.sen r ; came from Albany by land, an., then took the I lin the morning of the Hth, Blake bad nothing to do mil ( carry lnjj or the mail* tothe lmat; nor with taking pa ra from otir home to flelden; Rlakc'i team w ..a at tin idton Home auhjoct to it* turn; it wa* not to be ecru 'd in going to the boat; it waa not It Ink < torn to g. t that morning; other team* were ahi ad of him; I know no particular bminu** \yhicli he could have at tin amlioat landing that morning, the driver* w ho are noi go on with the early team* generally toac about day lit, which wan then about ball p.i?t ii V M Hy Mianrar. When I iprak of Blake being "almnt r place," he may bato been looking for wotk. My atition was railed to Illake immediately I heard ol the liliery ; he was coming out of the gangway of the 11 ml a Home; I had my own ideasof him, which I don't wi?l mention , at I loir* liist < samination, thera were abo it ipeiMin* lire cut; it excited great attention and enrio y; John H'cavii wa* the o*tl(!r of the iiudaon Honm ible at that time. ItMte Ai m a*e>, (negro) nnn<m,l I live at Ilu ]*oi, d am in no particular employ just at present, I wa. re on the night of the 7th, when the mail w a* robbed now Blake wa* present. I ?aw him on the morning ol 1 nth; he told me it wia* atai'lt four o'clock in the morn. lL?. ??^.rT^n^r- a Price Two Ceuta* ing ; it had snow i d in the night; he w a* in Mr Baw ton's vard adjoining the open shed where the horses Mend [llero the witness pointed out the location on the diagram]; as I was going into Smith and Miller's yard, Blake cuilsd to me; lie said tie had a horse cast and w anted me to assist him; 1 liclp'd to get the horse up; he did not say the horse'w .is sick ; I then started to go to Miller's stable, as I expected time would tie a fire there; next, Blake canto into Miller's yaid, and said he w as going to get a drink ul water; 1 did not see any thing in his hand at this time; I did not see iilukn again until alter day light, an I then lie was at the Hudson House ; theiu was diliicnlty in iroiutr lrom the Hudson House to Air. Miller's stable; 1 diii not H-t- Blake at the river tbut rooming, but saw him alter 1 Imd been down to the lauding, 1 wan shovelling snou all day, and do not know what became of Blake, 1 saw Holt'that morning, before 1 went to the river; he w as in Kmith and Miller's stable yard; that Was alter 1 bad helped to get up tlie horse; saw lilake in the same yard; shortly alter Holt came into the little oilier, opened the door and looked in, then went to the livery stable; he had a luiithorue w lib u Jiglit in it; it may have been ten minutes from the time 1 saw Holt' until 1 saw lilake, 1 thought HullWent out ul the frunt of the house, alter he had been in the stable, in saute direction that lilake went; 1 next .saw ilotl telling Mr. Smith to goto the boat, suying that it was tune tu go. Smith said I hail better sw eep out the sleigh, blit lioll said I had better go and harness the hot set; I saw Hurt and lilake together afterwards, 1 have know n them both for some time; I wan present in the court at Hudson, when Holt was examined; 1 cannot tell if llluke was there; Mr. Miller keeps a man stationed at the top of the house, to lookout lor the strain bouts, and arouse the men when they are in sight; it is the business of tile agent to keep a look out for the lioats. Joins 8>ii i it, examined,?1 drive a hack lor Mr. Miller, and know both the prisoners. They appear to be w ell acquainted together; I hate seen llotl in their company laughing anil joking with them. He was driver on the NetvVork roud on the great mail routc;he conies intoHui'.son sometimes; should think lie may lie aw ay tor a month sometimes; 1 slept in the oilice of the stable on the Hth ul Hoc.; Holl'awoke me up utul told me wliut o'clock it was, it was about two hours beiore daylight, 1 saw lilake us llolf came out; Ackersort was in the oilice at that time; 1 do not know where Blake went at that time, hut when I drove up) from the river he was standing in front ul the Hudson House; 1 attended the examination of Hull on the Uth, and saw lilake there; 1 do not khotv if he left Hudson that day. Mii.i.kk recalled.?Blake left Hudson on the Stli, and did not return for a whole week. Jsmks S. Bsii i h, the Deputy Marshal, examined.?I arrested Blake und Flowers: llluke was at Kinderhook, as 1 rode up to Hie door of the house, where he was, lie stood on the pia//.a, and went round the back way directly lie saw me; I louiul a key uu bis person?the same now produced. Croia-fxainimd.? I went to Kinderhook in a double waggon with Mr. Miller and .dr. Martin; the lust witness drove the team; when Ulukc moved oil, 1 pursued him, thinking he intended to escape. Mii.i.kk recalled.?'j'ho key now produced resembles tho key that w ould open the mail bags. Crmt^xamined.?There are ttvo kinds of keys to the mail hags. By Uikkli t.?i was present when tho key w as taken from lilake, ami lie sain it w as a key which he ha l lixed to steal oats with. Tl?. I,,? l,?, i.,,, ,.,,^l..,l Mr \t mr>v...l b.t ? .... j....... ....... ..... ? the discharge of How its, us there w us no i vidunce against him, hut asked for time to adduce evidence on the part of 11 hike. Mr. ltii'vi ja said that lie did not see any thing to implicate Flowers, ami should dischaige him out ot custody. With respect to Hlake, he hud no objection to post pone the examination to give the prisoner time to prepare his dc fence. The case was then adjourned until to day at 12 o'clock Jjtrct.mj at Sta. ?Win. K. Wultli wn* then examined on a charge of larceny committed 011 board the ship I niou, und discharged?thu Ih M authorities not having turisdictiou in thu case. Walsh gave uji the stolen property. Common Plras. Before Judge Ulsha-ller. BTJaw. 11.?hi thr Case of Lutllaw 4' Smith, I I. It'il'iaai Jjongu-urth, reported in the lleiaid of yesterday, the defence wm postponed until Tuesday next. r Thr OnmiOu% Nuitaiuc?Pah-irk Srwnan, ft. Jama Mur phy.?Tills was an action on the case, to recover u compensation in damages for injuries sustained by the can less driving of one of the defendant's employees, it ap|a-areil tiiat some few weeks siuce, the defendant was tiding on the rear of an omnibus, us it passed the Bowling (ireen, and Unit one of Murphy's " ouilli" w as coming up behiiul, aud that tlio driver caliad to thu plaiutiH uitlier to get ott' or take care of himself. The plaintiff did neither, and the 1 polo of the defendant's "oinni-' Atrnck him in the hock, una, as mt! |ti uiiiiii ullages, iiiniciuu u mici ? nijui y For the dufenoe, it wn? set up that tin! " omul'' ul Murphy was not going overlive miles an hour; that the plaintill will not so much hull as he ineteiuLisl to be, hut ?hut the wouml was an old one, ami that he did not need u doc toi iiui employ one. The cuso went to the Jury, under the charge of the . Court, uuil after thu Jury hud retired, they came hark, and in answer to the question, hud they agreed upon a verdict! replied that it would depend on the amount of costs w Inch u \crdiet ol fifty dullurs would carry. ills Honor said that although it \s as proper for the ( ourt to charge on that subject before thu Jury retired, yet ho had scruples as to the propriety of doing it, it the Jury . had agreed. The Foreman stated that they had not agreed, and then " his Honor said that fifty dollars would not carry all the coats, and thereupon the Jury immediately said that they 0 had agreed, and the verdict was for the plaintiff? damages ? firr dollars. v The Circuit Court was occupied with the trial of an is It sue from the Court of Chancery, in relation to a iiaitnriy ship, which was not sulhcicntly advanced to enable us to :r report it. 'g Court Calendar. if CinctlT Cot rt.-IO, 32, ft--., SO, 16, 20, 1.1,37, 31, ?7, il 08, 70, 31, 66, 46, 47 , 30, 33, 34, 36, 40,03. < 'oMMON ri.r.n.?is, 62, 66, 66, 67 , 68, 06, 60, 60, 1. Literary Notices. The Parlor Maoazine.?A new cuididute for public favor, in the uha|>c of a neatly got up.quarlo ( periodical, containing engravings, stories, sketches, ,1 and reports of balls, concerts, ?Scc. l'ublisltcd at No. 2 Ann street. ! Campbell's Foreign Semi-Monthly MAGAZINE. rl ?A very valuable miscellany. Philadelphia, !H '{ Chestnut street. Kasv Nat.?A good temperance story. Redding |([ iV Co., I lost on. 1 Tom Birke of "otrrts."?The cheap reprint by Carey 3c Hurt is out. Burgess Ac Stringer are the n publishers 111 tills City. a Catholic Magazine.?A very well got up and ? excellent review nnd magazine. This volume is "i embellished by a beautiful portrait of J>r. Carroll, ,1 first Archbishop of Baltimore. Baltimore, .Murphy, ,i I4? Market street. st M'Citluh ii's Cazettkek?Part VII.?Harper iV J- Brothers, 82 t'lifl'street. The seventh number of " this very valuable work bus pist been issued. It " contains a large mid very handsome map of the " British Provinces hi America, with adjacent parts ,1 of the United States. It u? a very complete anil use. n ful chart. Of the Cuzetteer itself we need :y < nothing, for its eminent merits are universally n known. 1' Tiik Complete Works of Hannah More?In j eight numbers.?HntperAc Brothers, 82 Cliff street. ?The last number of this edition of one of the ? ? , talilished standards among Knglishauthors, liusiust i been published. It is ut once so rlieapandso valua< blc, that we trust it may be very widely circulated, i for we know no wont likely to be at once more i pleasing and profitable than this. Oiwion's T >ei line ant? Fall ok the Roman Ivmi'iiik, wmi Notes itv Rev. II. II. 2, h Harper<V Brothers.?II such works as ibis, of e.-tae bhslied fame and undoubted value, were the only I ones to which had been Riven an almost bounille s < circulation by lite eheap ?y*tem of > one would have occasion to deplore its introdue(l tion. The work of Cibbon will remain ii living momirricnt of I ti"l.,rnl's intellectual elorv when lw r military pxi'loi'- ahall h?vr h?vonn: tinny- o| me. mory. lt?? ?r>>-iit |>owrr, it* wonderful n>mprp|i?-n-iv in-sm, mill tin- learning do-played, Miak<: il "lie l of the iin>-t ri ir irknli''- works ver writtrn. It ?!? I? rive- additional value Imrn 'hp later- of the editor, ' and , ?- offered in number* liy tlm Harper*, riiu>t j1 pro*'- a< crptalilo to th> public. i( As I icmi vi.ii v 'I'iikai i-t: on I1i;vian J'liyuvi i.ii'iv ? Hy T. Mwrendii'.?*lutrd, enlarged ? oml illnMrntiil l?v John Ifcvi-re, At. I', f'rnf. "I Medicine in the N'*\r York' I'niv r-itv I Vol. Wvo.,|n "?;W Harper \* r.mtli. r1 Two edition* nt iIiih valuable mid anentific w nrk, Ilir.-l nl winch o .i" | iil?l'-hriI in 1*22, m rr r.ipidlv ' xh.iiiKtfii .mil ih'" llditnr ha* now prepared , one more complete than itli?-r ??1 tin other*.? 'I.) iln- r*r>-||i'nt treatiae ol 11 if i rl<< d French I'hv.-mlian-t, li?' ha* added di-cu?ion- of In- own ii ?... i "II ? Wild ' I'll IU Ml I I II |l 11 I I M|M HI'* It I If 1 I'll I " * I I il I ' i!lu?-tri*ti??nM. M'li'cted from ihr highrat aimioritii'>, and han ?ito adapt ili?' work pfrlnclly to lh?' want* of tin* pridrawion, a* well a* to th<* urinal " 'ate of mrdiciil M icriri'. Mugrndir i- thy - utltor of tho Sv-t'in of KiiH-riint'iit* in I'hyaitdrgv wliicli haa ao rfti-rfnally and lirnrfirially rhHiigrd till* cltaractiT of tin- Mfii-nrr within a |i w yrar* pa.M; and tin- ci'li'brity of In* naini', a* wi ll .1* tho inlrmmr value of tho woik, niuat givr it enrnnry and ' a Imarty wi-lrnmr with tlv tnrdiml proft ?*ion. BIRDS! HIKDS! HIRDH! IIJAT AHIIIV'RD. tlie luinl ???ortment of Minrirg Uirtl* " ercr i?n|Nirt?l t* tin* cnoatry, fiom Hcrnmny A mm,tot 1 then, tic khi 1 *r*rr Di'It, I'" nocat *ni(>-ri; N willing tin, Wirnrtt Btilliinrlira "to'l Ultrkbinl*. *al * Inrge number of the 1 eery fnml Kuroi* ui Miiikiuk nirtlt??I1 uf winch Will be ?old 1 |0? ?r HRNRY DICK'S, ct3 !*) ? !J! and 131 Cedar gtftrt