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January 14, 1844 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH Vol., X. No. 13 ?Whole No. 3583. To the Public. THE NEW YORK IIERAI.D?daily newxpaper?pul lixhed every day of the year except New Year'i day an fourth of July. Price 2 centa per copy?or $7 Jfl per at ?.?*-?* MAoloeroa in ?/lVRnPH. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturda morning?price Gj cents per copy, or l'J l?er annumpostages paid, cask in advance. ... ADVERTISERS aie informed that the circulation! the Herald is over T111RT Y THOUSAND, and increasin lust. It hat the largest circulation of any paper in thi? cih or the world, and it, therefore, the beat channel for hutines An in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in at vance. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the most moderat price, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PnnrniETon or the Hkrai.d, Northwest corner of Knlton and Nassau streets. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAI I STEAM SHIPS, Of 1200 tons and 440 horse powsr etch. Under contract witlstlie Lords of the Admiralty. HI HERNIA, Commanded by C. H. E. Judkim. BRITANNIA, .I.Hewitt. CALEDONIA, E.G. Lott. . ACADIA, Alessinler Ryrie. Will sail from Liverpool and Boston, vis Halifax, as . ,ws Erom Litkbrool. From Boston. Caledonia, . tDec. 1. Acadia, Nov. J9. Dec. 16. i Hiberma, Dec. S. Jan. 1. Britannia, Jsp. 4. Feb. 1. Caledonia, K eb. 6. March 1. Acadia, March 4, April I. These vessels carry eiperieaccd surgeons, and axe suppliei with Francea' Patent Life Boats. For freight or passage apply to D. BRIGHAM, Jr., Agent. o!7r No. J Wall at.. New York. - DRAFTS ON ENGLAND. IKF.t.AND /db^MH 8tc.?Persons almnt ^milting money to thei XZ/KiMvi7td9f^"wnm " ",c ",u can w suppnci with drafts in mini ol ?1, ?2, ?3, ?5, ?Mi < ^^^ ^ ?20, ?50, ?1(10, or any amount payable oi demand, without diiconnt, or any other charge, at the Nationa Bank of Ireland, Provincial Baak do, Messrs James Bait, Sol Ik Co.. Bankers, London: J. Uarurd & Co., Exchange and I)is count Bank, Liverpool; Eastern Bank of Scotland; Oteenoel Banking Company; Sir Win. Forbes, Hunter St Co., Scotland and the branches in every post town throughout England, Ire land, Scotland and Wales, which drafts will he forwarded by the steamer Hiberuia, leaving Boston on the 1st Januarr. Air ply to W. (fcJ.T.TAPPCOTT, At their general passage office. 43 Peck slip, corner of South strict. N. B. All letten from the country must come post paid. d^4 rc HARNDBN *a>r 'm-'W ,v. no.'a ~\nrw~ ENGLlSll.h'RENCH, BELGIAN A>il> ASHTICAN EXPRESS, GENERAL FORWARDING AND COMMISSION HOUSE. HARNDEN St CO. will receive and forward hy their daily Express Cars, Si**cie, Bank Notes, Packages and Parcels, to any |mrt of the United States or Canada*, and ny the steamers ant packets to any part of England, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium oi France. Particular attentinn is paid to the purchase or sale of all descriptions of merchandise, collecting and paying Drafts, Notes and Bills, to the entry of merchandise at the Custom House and to the general transaction of any and all kinds of forwarding and commission business. Hills of Exchange, iu sums tc suit, furnished ou St. John, N. B., Halifax, N. ?., or on any part of Euro(ie. All goods must be marked "Harden k Co." Foreign Post Office Letter Bags are made up for all the Royal Mail Steamers from Boston, and the steamer and sailing packets from New York. Principal offices and agents:? Messrs. Hamdeii lit Co.. 20 Water street. Liverpool. Messrs. Maclean, Maris Ik Co., 3 Abchnrch laue, Loudon. Messrs. Emerson & Co., Paris and Havre. Samuel Haightj ^^Amencsj Con.n},Antwjrp. Belgium. -a. Ji (#. Woodward, New Orlenjy., ? Messrs. J. B. Saxerac A Co.? H?*enajlarudqn & Co. 8 Codrt at., flodtoV. if II goods nfttst bt marked "Harden R Co. r-f w _H.iripl*'u A Co. are alone responsible for the loss or injury of any articles, or property of an v description committed i^hLd'wthe New jar*!/ SmmbSatN at i Jit ion. C emjwi ^ by iffHrtRoiRowl Corporations, iu TeYfxVlN D KN ACO., '"/yll r No. 3 Wall ?t? New York. ^PULLENfcCOPP^fflfe No. ? Wall-street, NKWkORKTALBANY. TROY AND MONTREAL M . ii i BJPRKM. . . t ? ' &? ?i&?am A will coWnne to run. as heretofore, Jacobs' Montreal and Troy connMt^tl roy^ wit^ ?I>afU Buil. Express, and will forward Si*, New York.ant dies, Cases of Goods. *c. to anVJ l~e between ^ro) Montreal, and throughout tne w. ???snv to Buffalo, and Albany to Boston, and West from n..., ?"nptly at All business entrusted to thiir charge will be tended to. Particular alteutiou will be paid to tlie collection u> notes, drafts, acceptances, Ac. und prompt returns made for the same. PULL MM A COrP. Offices?Pullen A Coup, 3 Wall street. New York. Thus Gnugh, 13 Exchange, Albany. A. G. Kilkius, 228 River street, Troy. 8. Jacob's Exchange Court, 8t Paul's St. Montreal. REFERENCES. New Yoa*. Albany. Trot. Fnime, Ward k King, F.. J. Humphrey, Jno. Payne, Jacob Little A Co.. Thus. (Jougli. P.Wells; Jolin T. Smith k Co. 8. K. Stow, Pvpoon k Hoffman. C.B D ugla?s, ( larpenter k Vsrmilye, F. Ltake. Houghton A Co. Drew, Robinson A Co. a 19r EXPRESS FUR BOVPO.N?DAILY LINE?WINTER ARRANGEMENT, a HARNDEN A CO. will ran mm ||,l"|i their package and business Ki fl?JCsL^.?is Jb^Hk press between New York sml ^^99EELoostou duriug the winter, as follows:? v ia latonington, on leeaaays, Thursdays and Atu-dsys. Vis Norwich, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Tmays?making a daily line. N. B.?Phase mark all packages intended for this line, to care of HARNDEN A CO. 8r 3 Wall street. * ? " PHILADELPHIA EXPKKs'a-^?Messrs ^AXLJL HARNDEN k CO. in counetion with their JBgWPBf Uos'ou and Providence Lines of K.sprest and Eu~ a>> * r.'iean, Agencies, run two Daily Lines of Express 11 I'nil ?u I, lua. concreting with Baltimore and Washington nod al' the important lines to the South and West. Particular attention will be paid to the transportation and deliverv of st'iall and valuable parcels with the utmost regularity and despatch. < u.?i, large |iareels, Ac. despatched d?ily at ,l* hafoie 9 P. M. Pintail parcels received until put 4 o'clock P. M. and delivered early iu Philadelphia next inoruicg. nJOrc HARNDF.N A CO. OLL) LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. ~ m- M sUL M. ^^ffi^OLD LlJ^^^^Rckets forl^^^^ol will herealtrr R A deapatclied in the following order, eiceptiiig that when lh( sailing day falls on Sunday, the ships will sail on tin- succeed tug day, vis:? From New York. From Lirrrpnol The CAMBRIDGE, (June 1 July l?j 840 tons, < Oct. 1 Nov. 15 W. C. Burrow,/Feb. I Mar. IS Tliff ENGLAND, l. June IS Aug. I 730 tons, Oct. 19 Dec. I 8. Bartlett, Feb. 19 April 1 The OXFORD, I July 1 Aug. IS 800 tons, Nov. I Dec. Ill J. Rathboue, I .March 1 April J* The MONTEZUMA, (July 19 Sept. i 1003 tons, < Nov. 19 Jan. ] A. Byl.nsbSr IVrtssk 10 M-i* ' TIm EUROPE, J Aug." *i Sept. j; 618 tond, J Dec. 1 Jan- 1! or. (J. Eurber, ( Ai>ril 1 May 1! The NEW YORK, (new) < Aug. 19 Oct! I 950 Tone, < Dec. Id Keb. I 1 1". B. Cropper,f April ]9 June I The SOUTH' AM KMC A, i sipt I 5rt. 1! V>0 ton*, < Jan. 1 Keb. 1' a K. G. Bailey, f May 1 June 1' The COLUMBUS, ? Sept. 19 No*. I 700 torn, < .1111. 19 Mar. 1 I O. A. Cole, ( May 19 July 1 Ttbcse aMj.j are not aurpaaaeil 111 point of elegance or comfon in tlieir 'Von accommodations, or ill their fast sailing qualities by any .els in the trade. The nmaniler* are well known as men of character anil ex|ierien H and the strictest attention w ill always be paid to promote Hp comfort and convenience of icmaentp ri. I'uncti Sity, u reg irda the day of sailing, will be ohierred aa heretofore The pricy 0ft passage outward ii now fixed at Seventy-Kirs Dollars, lUr which ample atorea of every description will lie prnridM, with th" exception of wines and liquors, which will be fnruislRd by the steward*, if required. NrithMfthl captain or ownera of these ihipa will be responsible loriny letters, parcels, or packages sent by th'-in unless regular W||, of lading arc signed therefor. Kor freight or pas arte, eppfv to )IIUK A CO, fit South at. M ARHHALL.38 Burling slip. N. Y. NO. BROTHERS 8c Cf>.. (/poolK u 11 ~N K\Y OKLKAN s7 1-OUlft/ANNA AND NEW YORK LINK OK PACKKT8 M. M. m Kortfie better arciimmoifat ion of ahippera, it if lAended to despatch a ship from this |>ort on tint 1st, 5th. 10th, 15th, 2tlth, ami If'd, 0| each month, commeurinit the inth October and conlinujhit ni.til May, when regular days wull he appointed for the retuCnder of the year, w hereby yp-at oelaya and disappoint"?nta will be presented during the summer monllta The fob '"Vina thins will commence this arrangement: "hip V AZOO, Captain Cornell, lip <)< ON EE, < aptain Jackson, up MIHSISSIPri. Captain lltlliard. lip LOU I HVILLE, Captain Hunt. ip 8HAKSPKAKK, Captain Miner, ip OASTON, Captain Latham. il> IICNTSViLLK. Captain Momford. ip pCMOLOEE. Captain Learitt. ip NASHVILLE, Captain Dickiuaon, ip MEMPHIS, Captain Knight, ip LOUISA, Captain Mulfnrd. 'Bieae ahipa were all built in the city of New York, expressly fcr packets, are of light draft of water, have recently been newly coppered and put in splendid order, with accommodations for iwssengers unequalled for comfort. They are i-euninaml,.d hv experienced masters, who will make every exertion to giVe general satisfaction. They will at all tunes be towed up end down the Mississippi by sftmlMmts. Ney|lrr 1 he owners or captains of these ships will he r aible (or jewelry, bullion, precions stones, silver or pi upon or lor sni letfri., Parcel 01 package, sent by or put .?d ware h"9, unless regular bills of ladiug are takes * on BPa/d o til Value thereon expressed. -or the fame aut I* ar freight or^jwsvqje, ^ipl^to _ ii'ULLIN ta'' ? CO.. 5fi South it., or Orlsaus.wlio will prmr- ,v OCJIIRU KK. Agent in New I lie ships of lh?- ,^tiy forward all goods to their addreai vrttsed, and ? ,,nP warranted to sail punctually as at! Iv rr es- -rest care will be taken to have the goods correct , red ml eirii h.A 1 ? I5'K) bushels prin.e Illinois Wlrit for sals by It >:. k. Collins r co.. jtio R Heath street >*> * v* v E NE N PATERSON RAILROAD. ^ Kroin Pain mm to Jersey City. ~ On and after Mouday, Oct. 2il, 1MJ, the can will leave Patkrson Oktat. Li.avic New Yore. )( 8 A. M. 1 A. M. B 11* " U? P. M. 3 P. M. 4 ' The Soud ?y Trains will be ducontinnrd until further no tica I- transportation can leavedaily (Sunday* escepted.) Passes aers are advised to be at the Kerry, foot of Courllandt street, i t! lew minutes liefore the stated hours of dei.arture jyl9fim* !VEW YORK ANU PHILADELPHIA RA ..ftOADLINl! DIRECT, Fog Ncwabe, Nkwbbuniwice, Princeton, Tbkstoh, flolOtRTOWN Ann BunLlNOTON. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. I Leaving Mow York doily from tlir foot of Courtlandt st. I Morning LiueatB A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at l!< P. M. The Morning Line proceeds to Borden town, from theuce by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Lino proceeds direct to Camden (opposite tc Philadelphia) without changesif cars. Fatseiigrrs will procure their ticket! at the office footo! Courtlandt street, where a commodious steamboat, will be it , renfliness, with baggage crates ou board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to city wihuut bciugopeiied by the way Each train is provided with i car iu w Inch are apartments and dressing rooms ei. resety Ibi the ladies' use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from'the foot of Walnut street, bv steamboat to Bordentown at 7 o clock, A. M, uid by railroad frouj Camden, at S o'olock, P. M. 1 The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7K A. M., and < P. M. being a continuation of the liues from New York. j9 'Jm*tn OLD ESTABLISHED EMU) It ANT J> ASS ACL OFFICE. : 61 SOUTH STREET, NEW YORK. > m m. M. M. I MPassasecau lieeugageinpimLiverpooni^hefollowing spienold packat ships comprising the Old Black Ball Lineol Packets sailing as uuder , From Liverpool. The sh'p COLUMRUS, Captaiu Cole, on the 16th February. ! The ship YORKSHIRE, (nrw) Bailrv, on the 1st March. . The ship C AM 111(1 DUE, Capt. Barslow, 16th March. The ship ENGLAND, Captain Bartlett, 1st April. The ship OXFORD. ( aptaiu ILithhone, 18th April. The ship MONTEZUMA, Captain Lowlier, 1st May. The ship EUROI'e.. Captain Fuiber, 16th May. Thosh {' NEW YORK, CaplsiuCropper, 1st June. In addition to the abovesuperior ships, the subscriber's agents will have a succession of first class Ann rican ships despati bed, as customary, from Liverpool, every four or five days tlirough; out the year, to the dilfirrut ports in the United Stitvs, liy which passage ran be s> cured at reduced lates. Those smiling for llieir friends roiili g iu Great Britain and Ireland, may ref ly tint every care will lie taken to make paisengeis as comloitable us tluy can reasonably espe.t, and should li-i as.eng rs not come out. the passage money will lie promptly refunded. , Drafts cau as usual lie furnished. p'jabie at ih- National and , Proviucial Banks cf Ireland auJ branch's; Kaslern Bank of I "cotlunil and tranches; autl on M ssrs. J. Bilt, Sou St Co., r Bankers, Loudon; Messrs. J. liarurd 5a Co., Bankers, Liverpool, which are payable throughout England and Wales. For further pariicu'ars apply (if by letter mist piid) to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South street, uear Wa'l street. ! N. B Passage to Liverpool and London can at all times he . engaged by ih? regular packet slit|"s, sailing for Liverpool every five days, aud to London on the 1st, 10th and 20thol each mouth ou application as at iive. j ec jsKRANT)EM.ENTS FOR IBit OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, lot) Pine street, corner of South. ?111 T^ffiTd'bsrriber begs leave to call the attention of his Iriends and the public In general, to the fid lowing arrangements lor 1011, for the purpose of bringing out cabin, 2d cabin, and steerage passengers, by tiie Regular Lint of Liverpool I ackets, sail ,,Vo. Il,? I jl alh. lufc ic.lV OKfC nf ...rv nmi.fl. Hv . tin- London PackdA, to soil rom Nfw York, thv 1st, 10th and 20t)i?and from London on the 7th, I7tb and 27th of each mmitk. In connection with the above, and for the purposeof affordicg still greiter facilities to passengers, the subscriber has established a regular line of first class New York built, copp- red and C ipper lasteued sliipi, to sail punctually every week throughout the year. For the scoommodation of iiersons wishing to remitmoney to (heir families or friends, dralu are given, payable at sight, on the following banks, ?iz :? Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at Cortt. Limerick, Clnnmel, Londonderry, Sligo, Wesfnrd, Belfast, YVaterford, Oalway, Armagh, Athlone, Colerain. Ballma, Tralrf, Youghal, Knuiskillen, Monaghan, Jlanbridge,, Farsomlowu, Downnatrick, CaVan, Lurgan, Omagh, Dunganno'U, Bandon, rnnu, ff.llyshannn Btrabane, Bklbereen, Mallow, Moueymore, Cnotchill, Kilrusli. , Scotland?The City Bank of Glasgow. England?Messrs. Spoooer, Alwood ik Co. Bankers, London; R. Murphy Waterloo Koad, Liverpool; payable in errry town ia Great Britain. .... , . ,, , , I For further iufonnatmn (if by letter, post paid,) apply to JOSEPH McMUHllAY, I0U Pine street. corner ol South N. Y. RICHARD MURPHY, l<? Waterloo Koad. j9 6m* re Liverpool r " NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL .PACKETS. " -d from New York on the 2ith and Liverpool on the Ulti i ? _ of sach month Uk fife i_. ?tr^? * aom Nrw Yonk^^ 5}1 ip 8IDDON9, Captain K. D. Cobb, ifctli Orcemo^r, Ship 8HKKIDAN| Captain F. O^oeyiier, toxii January. Jh?P OAKRlCK, Capt. Wta. Skiddy, ictU Febiuny. Ship ROSC1US, Captain John Collins, 2Cth March. ,, _ . KhoM LlVKKrnOL. ?|VP 8JDDON8, Captain A. B. Cobb, IJth February. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain F. A. Deoeyster, AJth .March. Ship OARRICK, Captain \Vm. Sfciddy, JIth April. 8bib KOI9CIU8, Captain John Collins, ifth May. 1 hese ships are all of tlie first class, upwards of 1000 tons, oui It in the city of New York, with such improvements as combine great si*ed with unusual comfort for passeogarg. Krery care has been taken in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of Passage hence is $100, for which ample stores will be provided These ships are commanded by exi?erteiiced masters, who will make every exertion to give general getiifaction. Neither the captains or owners of the ships will be responsiole for any letters, parcels or packages sent by thiem, nulen reI?}?* hills of lading are signed therefor, r or freight or Passage apply to L. K. COLLINH 8c (yO.. 5 South St.. New York, or to , , BROWN, sklPLEY It ko., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be flbar?>d \2% cents per single heot ; 59 cents |?er ounce, And iB*?Mi?>rg 1 cent each. d2 m>. m. m m. new York and Havre packets. Second Line?The Ships of tflie line will hereafter leave New Vorlc on the Ut, and H.ivr* ou the 1'ith of each mouth, a? follows, viz From Nkw York. From Havrk. New Sh^p ONEIDA, C 1st March. ( 16th April. Captain < 1st July. < Ifith August. James Funck. f 1st November. ( 16th Decssnber. Ship BALTIMORE, i 1st April i 16th May. Captain < 1st Auitust. < 16th September Edward Funck. r 1st December, f 16th January. | ShipUTICA, I 1st May. ( 16th Jnn*. , Captain < 1st September < ICi h October. Frederick Hewitt, f 1st January, f I6lh February. New ship St. NICHOLAS C 1st June. I 16th July. Captain < 1st October. < I6tli November. ( J- B. Pell, f 1st Feliruary. f 16th Match. , * The aecoattnodalioni of these ships are not surpassed, com , billing ll that may he required for comfort. The price of ca bin pr j*ge is tlOO. Passengers will ba supplied with every reqnisAe with theesceptiou of winis and liquors. (kinds intended for these vessels will be forwarded by the tnb. si^ibers, IVee from any other than the ezpetists actually incurred ou them. For freiitht <m passage, apply to 110YD Jk HINCKEN, Agents, | je23 ee No. 9. Tontine Building, cor. Wall and Water s 1 ROCHE BROTHERS ic CO.'S PASSAGE ? OFFICE, S3 FULTON STREET, NEW YORK. m m TASSAtre, FROM LIVMIPOOL. Iii thelollowing Packet Shiiis, viz:? 'Blie NEW YORK, sailing from Liverpool on the 1st Feb. ' The COLUMBUS, do do I61I1 do The YORKSHIRE, new, do do 1st March. Toe C Am BKI DUE, do do 16th do Or in any of toe Packets cimnrising tneOld Line sailing from that port on the 1st mid 16th of every month. Those sending lor 1 their friends w ill lind it to iheir interest* and comfort to patronise our Line, as no possible retention ou embarking can be given. Pea-age Certificate* suit by the steamship Hibernia. sailing I ruin Boston 011 the 1st of January, will have plenty of time to prepare to come by the llrst named packet, or ill any ol tlin above miumnc'nt and unequalled packets Person* remitting money to the old country can at all time" obtain from Ins subscribers tlrefis at sight lor auv ain.unit, drawn direct on the Horal Bank of Ireland, and on Mes-ra Prescott. (Jrote, Ames la Co.. Bankers, London, which are paid free of discount in every town throughout England. lr-Rnd, Scotland and Wale*. For passage, apply to or address (ifbv letter post ps"I.) HOiJlR ITHOrilEHS k CO,, dWre. :t'i Fulton st, nevt door to the Fulton Bank. MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS. JS Mf 4UU& WUL M3? The undermentioned ahip* will he " r'ilTTv dnr?<t<Te!nM!e minkiiva (:.ri. Dew,. K""'' "nSV"' 1 RKHCO 1 I . J npt. Myrick, .fin 1 \T.r??k V Hkm fsJnvT r Feb". i. HKIiuKHf n,N 1 , (upt, Adurin i \/i ? COKIULA.NLH:* ^ !!^X,'j I: M.VJ I I? *v ?r* all copi^rrd and copper fijirwti d and Iitvp tt??ll#n? accommodations lor pnu'iiucni Q' aua "ave , "*ll'nt ?nTliuIlS!0fC*bi" *l?0. eachwtve of, D?YD k "INf'KEN. will For freiimt or th*n lho" M*"*"* ?' "<* LAWKKN? hVllM IM Front .,t~t or to mS6r BOYD fc HINfcKEN, Attenta, ? ?? No 9 Tontine Buildinga. aSSBi^ WINTER MAIL LINE Mill Al.ll A ^>NV nnd Lite titled rate lilacea, from the foot ?( ^aLl oiiriUndt afreet ? The ateamer UT'i;A, f\' .j. Scott, will leave aa above at i P. M. on Wedueyday, . iday and Sunday. The COLL'MCI A, Oapt. A Houghton, will leave aa above at 5 P. M. oa Ttieadiy, Thnradty and Saturday. Korpaaaage or freight, apply ou board, or la P. C. Schultr., . M the offlea on the aa naif. d!3r NAVKIATiON OK I'llFHl/DHOIN OPEN TO 1 ALBANY. _|n-l _ WINTER MAIL LINK. FOR ALBA ^ T| Am m/T N Y and Intermrdiate p'aeea 'I'll* a team. SUJULlnMl ROBERT L. STEVENS, < a, tain II. L. Mahvy, wi I leave (he foot.oil ourtlandt at. AA edneaI day, Friday and Sundae afo rnoona, at '< o'clock The Steal! er ( (H.t'MIIIA, A. Htmnhton, willle.av-aa above, Thiirdav, Saturday and Monday a'trruonna, at J n'clok. For paaaage.or freight, apply to P. C. Schnltr. at the office, ei on board. N. B. All kinds of property taVen only at the risk of the ownrra thereof, d?8 rc W YO EW YORK. SUNDAY MOI WINTER ARKANCJEMKNT-KOR ALBANY. r Vn BKIDUK.POHT ajd ??*>! /x3( Hooiiiwic bWcirciiJi \a i i i .< lUii.iinuiiin. (Ally, utid.ivY^j|ysi .1 mr.. Kicrinetl. e iier* (or Alhinv hi' il.w CmM wi'l ir.L.TTT^^^^TT^i u elegant I'Nmbotl EtlKF.k A, C.ipt J L. Kite li, which leaves Ji New York fri-m foot Liberty street, Thursday morning at I all' c pest 6 o'clock, for Bridgeport, tlieiice by ti>- Ilousatouic and o Western K.< Iroa Is, without cliujie earsor bagg :ge crates, o to Albauy, atriviug same ev-unig at B o'clock, bate through w |L a For passage or Freight, apply on b?ai<l, or at the office, foot i' of Liberty street. U. M. Pit.UK Y, Agent. n j'Jec h 1 8TATKM ISLAND FKItUY, KIKI'J WHITEHALL ST.?The sttan,'..?t ? tfct i?.STATKN ISLANDER will leave New York ,, tod Stateii Ithuid, on uid after October 2d, as follows, until c, further notice u Leave Stateu lilanil St 8'J, 10, A. M., 2, 4, P. M. Leave New York at 9, 12>i, 10 tnin. past 3. tj?. w N. 11?On Sundays the boat will leave at ll instead of \2%. t> Alt freight shipped is required to be particularly uiarkeil aud p U gIMMI 'if the owners thereof cMtsr d WINTKR MML LINK KOll ALBANY Cim r*>.e. ^*and the iuterined te places?Fare through to J Fi tlLuaL. AI li ny Si.? i'h stlatidid steamboat I'l'H'A, . LaptJoseph Scott,will leave the foot of (I ortlaudt street, every "J ' afternoon at 5 o'clock. N. B ?Passengers by this line will arrive in Albany at two , ' o'clock next day after lraving New York. For passage or Ireigl t, > pply on board, or to P. C. Schultz, * at the oflic on the wharf j8 j, Mar- KOll LI V b.II POOL -To tail the ?0lh January.? fr fi3^.'l ha Aral class bit ssuisi ship HINDOO, burtbeti m i JmUuHm" >0 tons, w ill sail as alove. r Having vert superior accommodations for cabin, second cv } bin and steerage passengers, (and te ins moderate,) persons in t. tending to embark sliouul emhrate th.s very favoiable opportu " uity by apply nig to the siihscrih >r, T JOSEPH McMURRAY, I00 Pin-, I j 12 re coiner of South street. ^ ONLY llhiiULAK LINE FOR NKvV UK- i; LEANS?1'he following nrst class packets will sail r, (MMaRMI'unclually as advertised (weather permitting) or pas- M age free vi r:? (; OKI, I- \NS, Capt. 8. Sears, on the 15th Jauuary. to The 03W KGO. ( apt. Wood, on the VUth January. t si Tkc accommodations of these ships for cabin s c.nid rahia V\ and sttriage passengers, are such as cannot tail to ensure every C COipforl tO passengers during the voyage to 'f lic shi|>s ol this line have now commenced their regular ? tups, aud will stil punctual every five days throughout the seas' n. IVseugers may therefore rely on not being detained. I Th" I rice of passage being very low, those wishing to secure f oerilis ill either ol Uie ubuve pickets cvu do to he applying on di board, or to W. Ig. J. T. TAPSCOIT, ra At their General Passage Office, w j 12rc 43 Peck Slip corner South street ci ' fcgegv- " I'Al Kl.j' FOR' IIA V UK?Second Line? Tin* b?TdfVs!iip S 1' v |COl,AS, John II Pell, master, will sail (1| JWieifflfia n the 1st of Fehro re. For freight or for nassage ap- A| ply to llOsD li lllNCKKN,9 Ton'me Building, jll rc corner Wall and Water sts. _ MP OLD BLACK HALL I.I N K OF PACKETS - C JMfJ^The picket ship YORKSHIRE, <'.apt. llailey, will jiNHMfaihe d* & patched for Liverpool on the 16th of Jan. her regular day Those wishing to eugage passage wul require to ,j, nuke early application to i, JOHN HKRDVHN. fit South street. N. B.?Prumiirr from Ureal Britain and Ireland can be secured . by the hrst spri, g ships ol th e iinn at the lowest r ite, and ilritts ciu as usual be furnished for any amount, payah.e in II the I'rincipil towns, without any chance. throughout UreatjBrituui , and Ireland, <>n application as abate. Jllrc AsKt J*'!,'," ,SA'',K" Krei.'l.t or ( Inner?The linoim yfMKVWAL'i Ol'K, of Uoaton,burthen 2>8 tons, coppered ami JtMMbc"P|er fastened?built at Medfurd iu 1812. carries . about 41UU birrels Apply to Capl Bogardus, on board, at pier Cl 10 north river, or to , BOYD & HINCKKN Brokers, , ?J <1-3 c 0 Tontine Building. fftg* PASSAliE Foil LONDON?Packet ot th- 10th '] JMflV. January. The superior last sailing packi t ship J JHBdtMONTltKAL, Capi.uu Tiulter. will sail as above, qt har regular day. at Can at commodate cabin, s?toml cabin, and steerage passen- at rers, if imuied.ate application is inade on b .aril or to JOHN HKHDMAN, bi lire 61 Si uili street. ol NEW LINE OK PACKETS KOH L1VEIL th MafSfVPacket of 21st January?The new. splendid, lii jMiiafatud favorite packet ship QUEEN OK THE WKST, I2M tons bnrtheu, t -uPt P W'oodliouse, will sail on Monday, ? 22d January, her regular day. These wishing to secure bertha should not fail to make early T application ou board, font of Burling Mip, nr to L W. * J. T. TAPSOOTT, at their T Ueinral I'ast ge Olhce, 42 Peck slip, Q j 1 ec comer of South street. Si XAv,- KOtl LIVERPOOL?To sail ou the IJth iust.? J' M.^JtV-Tlii! superior, fast sailing banine JOSEPH Cl.'- *" JWr-eJCaa ABU, Capt Harrison, will sa'l as above, and can j" l oinloitibly Acroiiitnodnte a limited mnnlipr of cabin paasciceij, a', a moderate rite, if iinmediata application be made on r" board, at pi r 10 K. K., or to JOHN HtllDMAN, *' jtl iu til Sautli st. ^ BLACK BALL, OH OLD LINK OFLIVEK- V JWPOOL PACKETS?KOH LIVERPOOL?Regular H jtMlinMil'ae.liet nl thellfpli JanU'rv.?The new anil lievuti- m fill packet slop YORKSHIRE, burtbeu lljfitons, David O. ?* bailey, l ounnniiler, will positively sail ou Tuesday, ICtli January, her regular day, m' It is well known that lb* Vorksblre is lilted up Willi ele- Co nance and every modem improvement and conveaience thi> jo can possibly add to the comfort of cabin, second cabin and s.e-rnge, as hrnceomtnodatlons will on ius|>ectioii ^ be found unequalled by any slup atloat. Thoaa rrturuiug to f the old country alomlil call and see tins rplei.dl l specimen of j, naval artluteclnie, bc'ore engaging pissage iu any other packet lt For paa.tge ai ply ou beard, loot of Beekinau sk, or to the subi senders, II lloCHE, BROTHERS It CO., 85 Fulton street, ^ nest dnor to the h niton Bauk Jj] P. S.?Th* Yorkthire tails from Liverpool on the 1st March, tr' ' Persons sending lor tl eir relatives can have lh?m brought out j, a her, or in any of the packets comprising this rr .ignilic-ut and ,, ' e, stiling from that port punctually ou the 111 ? _ eor passage apply as above. Igtamiit* ,. '"'will succeed the Yorkshire t| ami 6fH of "aek mon,,? J'1 fc The. kacjiht sthip C. P and sail for Livernool ou Xbe 1st CChroary. 'tiOt- FOR LiVr;Ki-ii(}c-^K?v , /,M?.v I*?5V I ncket of 26tli J.inua/jr.? I. lie spieil. " Par*,. apip '/ Ohlb SIIKRII) VN, K. A. I)i-jcy.t?r, oflOOU tuns, >. kil mil a? aLiove.her regular day. For frrtjbt <>r passage, having an r. commodaiinus'tneuuallrd for. suleouot or comfort, apply ou { board at Orleans wluirf, loot oiv/ ::l r'"^, ?r to K. K. COLL.1IN8 a CO. ?* Price of passage, $100. 56 South street. The packet ?!iip Oarrifk, Capt. Skidily, of 1000 torn, "" will succ.-ed the Siddous and uil the 2* Ui February her regular l"'( l^ssenger, may rely upon the ships of this line sailing pune fj* tually aa adveniam). dZ7rc J PACK K'f SHIP ROCHKSTKR FROM I.IVKKPOOL, Ss ?I.'i uaignrcs per this ?hip will plea** s-nd the r permits on no board, at e-at sidir Purlin" blip, or to the nlBceef .he under- Tl signs 1, without n?lay. Ail itohJs no* p?rm>t'?'J iu live days pr are liable to be taut to the pubic store. wi WUOUHl'LI. St MINT1TRNS, j|2ec 87 South stri?t. si fl DRuU'N Pri.-" It .frtiore". 178 < h-luani Square, corner of Molt street, * here fshion, beauty durability and economy are combined to adorn the head 1 he proprietors hare the pleasure to offer a new jiy|e of hat,the im itation of heaver, which closely resemhl. those formerly Sold fpf r (5 and $6, at the low tired price of S3. '1 hose, who from inch J nation or necessity are minced to study economy in tint indis- [11 pei table article ordreie, have now au opportuuity of d tins to, ami stili keep up tin- appearance of the most fashionable. Drown ()f kC?., in presenting this hat to the public, think they have nearly reached the ultimatum of beautv. cheapuess, neatness, a| durability and comfort of the weirer. All sates are for cash, ? therefore no good customer pays for low incurred oy the had. DROWN U CO., 178 Chatham Square, H itp""? ConerorM utiuni -? _ llOOK Donhle and Cork Soles, c /w French and native calf and patent screw taps; w- rrint^n ?n JM KOOil tine cvlf hoots for men; boy's and children's do, dc c*.irs?* water boots ami shoes of a|l ??rt? and siz-** dn N. 15.?Liriict, Muvea and Children's waiter boots, slinks and hmkuis, double and lidffle ?oIps, and ol every c^lor and shade, ca Indies, (ttmts, Misseiaud Children's water proof India Rubber overshoes of tin* l itest stv h', all of which will h > sold chea| vr of than at any other store in this city Napoleon tap boots $3 a pair. J. 8. WALKER, 419 Broadway, Jjh j Hrn*ec Comr of Cml it U MOOT AND SHOE STORK. *o RF.ADV resiicctfolly in form hit fricudi to and the public, that he has commmceu business in tlie above an line, at No. 99 \itrcet, where he will thankfully r? reive Tl ud faithfully event", all orders he may he favored with, on by the most rwonsbUUfifis foTtaih M-:tr _j I NTH tTAKD CHEAP GROCERY AMU PROVI 8ION STORK?("ainilicsi Utile nrichhothnnd of Hisih JP avenue and Oreenwich lane, about laying in th ir winter stnrk "iff of (Irucc; es nnd i\.' isons. will do better by a large per cent- p"> ;U?. it, buying in t the cheap Provision Store No. 9 Oreenwich to lane, when all articles .in the Orocery and Provision line can ?'] lie purchased as ch-ap, if -tot chea|ier, than any other establish- ?11 ment in that vicinity. Ooods w irranfd to suit; if not, tlie *<" money will he returned. Ooods sent to any part of the city. ?c i'reeof' ripeoie. MICI1AKL KfKU.KY. < <113 1 m ec lUmowicahM . DKKK?BK1.K?Bh Kb"'.?The anhacriber would r -e ; < r In I' ' ly inform l>ia friend*, and the public generally, tb ! lie li ,* ( I opened a ?hop, at the corner of Writ and VVairru afreu, for *tl the mlr of beef by the ipnrtrr, *id* orcarraac. cat Shop butcher* and d*iler* generilly will he furiu<he<l upon I'l adriviitageon* r-rm?. The *ub*cribrr, hiving entered into ? arrangement Willi an e?|ierirnrrd ami oifiiiiv dealer, it en- ' h ahlnl to offer l'r*?b lieef ee> ry morning, n the Iuwrit market iea ptiaaa. 1 * Alio, on hand and for inle, a ouantity of "he-p. N. B.?Trrmarr.b. '('HKI'll T.SWKI'.T. tW jll Iw'rr _ _ _ HAVANA A'lK.NCV.?Th" anbaeribera, agent* for Mm. ?, Woii U" : cling I'oitae, *> III" Inppv to give information y to traveller! hound to the If irana Or'ler? for *e*tara, Wnl Indu t?r fmita, Sic., attended tot a-conota eollepted ifrafti bought and their f h'liaral Agenry OfTieo, III Naiaau atreet Near I Or*, ,|. N II.?Ie?ttera and T'vree|a foiwardeu h>-eyrry oarhet. lm?( MASON (t I u rri K SALT FISH STOR E. r| /inn BBI.S. IIAMFAXNo. t HAI-.nON; i:n? No- ',2 ,|? I V'Vr and J Mackerel; not) half do, t'o do do. v, KHl bbla No. 1 Men* Shad; e? Ml half bhla No I Sayhrook Hhadj DUO bbla Cod art! Scale Kiahj ID 4<K1 do No. I ffib'd Herring' t,? IJOII hoiea Staled do a; 3ttf"l I hi Sinolti d Silmon; SCO kit* Souaed Salmon; 200 do Sound" and Tongue*; , 200 (juiniala f odtish, nui'abl" for ilnpping' ? ltMjO aackt Athon'a Salt; 200 hbla American Silt, Ike. Ac. All for aale in lota to unit pnrrhater* by ill lm*re N K.I,SON. VVKLl.Sk CO. Ot t)ey atre.f |' I,ISTON'S CkLKBKATKII MIJfTURK of U.HTA"LiSII " I) for the last thirty year* a* a standard medi tl' Ca cine iti the United Kingdom of Ureal Bnlain, for the eaay. w mild and cadi-al cure of gouorrhoa, gleet,aemmal wriknaaa.auil I' all analtKoua diveaaea. It ia, to ape** the troth the only aciec, th tilie remedy extant, and one that ca not only countenance.I !> ha Sir Aatley Com er, Sir Beuj itnin Brodie, Sir Kr<nci? Tyrrell, Dr. v;ecreman.*tc , but ia nlao employed in the Army an.I Nav y to the eiclnaiou of all otlier remedie*. It ia warranted to cure ?,ti in every caae?r-'i-ent or nf'ong atandiiig?in a very f w ilava, ?il and not *nlre r,, nily by a few dine* when the explicit printed K1 direct.oiw .iff ,:rict.y followed le Akem , "i f?r the city of New York at the following drug r alores?Corner ,1 i 'oirlland anil Waahington; cor Pnllon *:,3 vr Wvter; cor Bayerd mil Oraug*; and cor Grand and MulberryPrice $|. to N. 11.?Ohai ive the Kngliah aunip over the cork of each hot- 0,1 tic. Secured ' y letter* patent, ao that counterfeiter* will he I gallv

dealt with. UI9 lin'rc on QTUAHT, LAD It*' HAIH DHKSSKR, No. S Murray atreet. re?|>ecifiilly annoiiucea that he ia prepared to f| wait on tallica at their rraidcucea, and to dreaa hraifa according I t> the laieat I'uiii in fiahiona. Tcrina very moder.-.te. pM Jai? >RR 1 tNING, JANUARY 14. 18 m? ? rO TIIK LAD1KS.?If you have hair)' excrescences, co11 ceiling 6 broad and elevated forehead?if you havefthe uu iglit'y api?et)dace of a beard on your upi*r li|n?:f you have iperlluoa i ly part ?-f i our othc urtM k t inti u fit i. Poudre on tile* invented Dr. Ftlii UoiW)d( rill quickly ami forever rahcateil, w thcut the slightest iniry or discoloration to your skins?this you ran be satisfied of v seeing the nreparati' n tested at the Doctor's office; all doubts f the arrt'h-Viiit a humbug will quickly vanish. Kor sale nly at 67 Walker street, one door from t lie c iruer of Broadray?$1 per bottle?w here may he had the follow lug articles, !| wan-anted?'The celebrated Italian Medicated Soap, for curig a'l blotrbet, pimples frt ckh-s. tan, tnorphew, scurvy, itch, nlness. s llownfss, or rough/ess of the skin; for chapoed amis, f ce, or inusqulto bites iu effects are immediate: in the rjcsl>iii^ of children, in allaying alt irritation and d oling, its roper tie* are really astouishiug so softening and hri'ing that o mother should lie without a cake. One cake, Mceuls, is ilficiei;t. nd we warrant it or return the money if uot sucm<fuI. Be on your guard agaiust a bold imitation, and buy o w here t lie hut as above. Gouraud's Kau Ue Di-ante, or True Water of Beauty, is a 'ell known and approved cosmetic for aleansing healing, puritan -.1! otifviaijdii rom|>l?iion, : :.<! hy tu dilating pro rtie% prevent) rg the formation o! wrinkles, and bauishiug i?tn when present. $ 1 per bottle. Gouraud's Vegetable Liiuid Itouge imparts a delicate blushig tinge to th" completion, immovable by rubbirg with a indkerchicf or liueu cloth, k'or dyeing ladies9 stockings or oves, this preparation, diluted with water, is inimitable. 50 mi's per b ttle Ooursud's Ifa'r Dye will chancered or gray hair to a beaut i il d.irk bt i or black* without staining the akin* Slpsrbot* Win* ker and F.yh brow Dye 2*> cen s per bottle. Gonraud's ''lane d Kspagne, or Bpanish White, gives a pnre fe Hk" al il .liter w lute esa aad smoothness to the skin?iVe oin ; H injurious ingredients and is e itirely annihilating com.on cm lit/.ad flak" while. Put ui? in boxes, 15 c n:s ich This, with other of Dr. G.'s prep*.raticus, is imitated, uy no whe.r "lae hut at 67 Walker street, just one door from ie cornet of Broadway, wl?*re will be found an assortment of le most d? 'icate and choice Perfumery, imported from all irt-. .6 gets?Jordm. 3 Milk street, Boston; 76 Chesnnt street, hiladelohia ; Jtobinson, Hurrishurgti ; lie.uitch, Lancaster; e.throok, Princeton; 'I'rii?|it?, Newark : Tousey, Rochester; arsuell, Lockeort; Smith, Palmyra; Grigs, Hamilton, couu; Guthrie, Alb my; Gray, Poughkeepsie: klliott, Goshen; | lyers, New Haven ; Dyer. Providence : Taylor, Newuott; arieton, Low-ell lives, Haiem ; Undue, Newburvport; rrea- 1 n, PortsmoiUh ; Patten, Portland; Guild, Bangor; Luther /bite Calais ; Beth B. llauc.e, Baltimore; Belhy Parker, \ir- i.',..., it ?di........i. V i. onn ; ^Veil? & Humphreys, Hiutford; K. C. Kerre. Middh>wu. _ dtl 'm*r UNITED ST ATMS HOTEL, NEW YOKK. N HKTIJKNING Oil 11 THANKS to the travelling community lor the very liberal patronage b-stowed on our hou*e tiring the last year, we beg IcaTf to inform them that the alte lions ami improvement* contemplated are now completed,and e are prepared to accommodate our friend* and tr tvellers ge ' ?r\lly in a ityle nut suiysacd br any other estibliahmeut? jr furniture and bedding being new, the building thoroughly uo, itad ind newly raiuti I thionnnont, tha < rotou water is , irroduced in very department, and the terms one dollar and fty cents pen day. d?Hni*r BRAI9TRP It JOHNSON. Proprietor*. ' I. <?I i I* 1IOTKL?Tin ubsiTiluT h is t I ? i a?'-ju'i.:t . * Iiii frittnds aud lb* public, th*'lie li*? lately added to his .tablith i-ci.l a Table d'il te, at5 uMoct, at which a limited 1 umber of respectable gnntlemen may enjoy the luxuries of a lui er t?ble i? a. style ?if iie.iUMs and elegance not surpassed f y any t'stahiishrnenf in this t ity; which, with the laigeat as* j riment of the best Wines of all countries, will be luruislied . , reduced prices. 1 he subscriber has lately made important chances and iin 1 or mi its in bis i ubfi hmeut, i r t battel act ommodat ion ; ["families nd p rxoni desirous of more private residence and 1 :ard, and is now prepare 1 with a variety of roMiis and suits of ( >urtmeuls, that cannot fail to suit the taste and convenience of , I |H>rsons w ho may do 1^ iin the favor to c ill. 'J he lleet-nraut will b? continued as uaml for parties who ' *sira to dine eparately. K HLANCAHD. ' Dinner nil suppex parties j.may be accommodated at the lortestnotif - j I2wdytk4twv*m t HAVANA MANSION UOIJ^K HOTEL. ' r'HK itnderaiRued tabca neciunou to inform hit Irienda find 1 1- thr public, tfnt the Maimou Hou? i, now looted in In- 1 liaidor atreet, No. 67. in tlx' vicinit) nf th? afsrobnnt landiui ni voReUhle market, li.i?inn coinuiodion, family apartment, I ranRed in the centert order. . A p?raon if employed to procure perniu to land puaenRrra, J iKtaue, Dec. who will board ,e??el? immediately after the riait r the revenue otlicer*. N. B.?Visitors to this Island fhould procure a pajiport from 1 r Spanish Comul, at the port of embarkation, to obviate dif | tallies and iaconreaiece* f216mer? WILLIAM FtTLTON. , ~~ ENGLI8H ADVr ISItTlSKMENT. ONDON?ST. KATHARINK'S 1I0TKL. opposite thr j 1 8t. Kathariur'i Dock (.late,, and nesr the Minti ' HOMA3 LKNNKY, late Clii.f Steward of the British uecu Steamship, respi ctfiilly inform, h'jtrieuds in the United tatea, that h. has tile inaiiXRement of the abnve new aud eleint establish.cent, which i, built and furnished rei{.irille,s o( t>eiiie, aud ia in evry re,|iect adapted for the reception of fa- 1 ilieaand uentlein'-n visiting Knglaml. a, the hotel fronts that irt of thedock in which the luiera anu inoat of 'lie other Amp i can vessels lav, and if within five minute, v allt of the Built d Koyal Kuchanye. The home will he conducted on liberal id economical principle.,. The Coffee Room iaasppliel with e Loudon, Auiericau, fciuat ludi.ui aud Colonial papers. The ianda, Wine,, lie.. are of the liret i|uati y. A Rood BilliirJ oom and Warm Oaths will bi found in thehouae. (Jaiitle- 1 eu may contract by ihr ne k or mouth for ooird, tic. on the a" term, as in America. T LKNMlOY heaa to assure those who may honor him with ir,xato*uaRi,,*h'*l nofhijiK .hall he wsntnin to reuler th.-m 1 mlortiible, and hy attention t > tlie wiah.a of hi, irue.u, hope, merit that couliienc. aixl R iod will ao liheraJiy be,lowed on p WwM atewardof the Brnisli ((aim. illlr I hViVmbk itmii kiu.ian i;ai.lkry ok patknt 1 I'RKMIUM COLOUKU PHOTOGRAPHS, No. 261 ' roadway, (over Mr. Tsnney's Jewelry store, above Morrsy ' rett, and u^xt door to I'eale's Museum,) New York. The-? 1 cturea having been awarded the Kirst Premiums mid llfirhest i ouor, by the and Franklin Institums, a* thenoit dutiful colored L).itf rrreiiw.., ever chili-ted, aiidtliec.w 1 isIihhui having been sri-atly enlarged ami improved. pur ' ails will herealtcr be taken here (in any weallS*) ,u llie n- I iced prices ch irycd for ordinary work at other places?corn qneiwly no on ucrd now ait fir an lufrrior like# ess, on the ore ol economy. " A Irl'Vt"!fr'1, of n '^V. I'V Professor llumlie, i? the linen ling nfthe kind vie ever witnessed."? Ledger, Oct. I. |8I3. I. ?. l 'in? vl1n'*!'"fau (J,irmaa ^tmeras, Instructions, . , "l *ffS' *"' forwarded t>? any desired point, at lower * than by any other manufactory. dl2 lm*m *" 1,ROOt1' BOOK SAFES. ~ r(h. ' ? aaortment of (;. J. (}??let'. c ; 1 rT'\ _ ^ During the i?aat t--i? 'HF. Stitiscriij. r 'ia* 'W.'jPYw ? llMr|v WarraiitvJ Pire Proof >?*??. ,t j,.. . ir> several diousrtnds of' 1 e hundred h ivr, ,\t different tim^.s, been hMt , Ann N" r (iNk., has a'.,ury tune, farted to pieserve i'i fan- i 'll r t ' (J U lyler'a Doable Sifa it a com.,11 a-i?a ol two entire Safes. >ctei one the oilier Kacli Sale it in toe rxclu.ivcly of ' in, and the best non conilnrtinit in aerials, no w od being " en] ill Mr construction. 'I'll composition with which e?cn L ife is lire I is | erf'itly' re-proof aud the (-Ventre with l?ll g nlideoce oilers them, as supc ioi *p ??t others vet invented ,, lie inner and outer doors of each Sale are sec;* e,| thcim- f. lived i ntent Jet ctor locka, which cannot be pickid or o|ieiied ilh false Wejs. ..... Also, an essortment of Single Sales and Specie l.hestt, for ' le at prices froln ?*1 to *7'l each. c All kinda ol hook Sales and Splci* Chests made to order. t 5. ' ' V. , | j5 Inrc 71 Kullon street near (told street. t| MUSIC. ? KAMMKRF.R, Professor of Music, n-ipertfully t announces to ft-s J'lfmns and Ida- puoiic in general, that lie t s re-novel from M ' inshy ?{-e>t ! I M i ''aureus street,where , I orden forhris Cot-llion (laud, tnpmfnrm r'u Stc, in , out of [own, will he received and piomplly attended to. Orders lor J. K. will also l?e received at Mrs. IV. Dubois I tisin Store. No. 2ft5 Broadway. 'I?IJ 1rn*rc 1 FRENCH CHINA. ? o. 4 SOUTH V/ILLIAM STREET, Up Stein-. I i DALK i -'K, lib,' T?r and Agent for Manafnr Hirers,!...? k alrv.iys on h.n.-l i large as-o.tment f 'tdiOiter and tea set- I plain whit.- .ml silt Ko-nch Porcelain, a* well us dinner ana r inert plates.of all sir's, .assorted dishes, soup tureens, coiereu ( lies,salad o-iwl*. fruit baskets, custards and stands. Also, Tea and Ll-.ocola'.e Ware,'ireek, French nnd Amenn shape. ' Ail the articl?? era warranted of the bit -jtialUf, and to b? d i! on liberal terms.end in lots to suit purrhssers. ??7 Kin'e, i 1 ( 111 l; K.\v A It IJ ? 1 li- jewelry store No. .11 lluwvri. ilVJV/ was enierej on the uiyht of the I7lh iost, end robbed ' jewrlry, eonsistiug of lf"ld and silver guard and fob chains, a Id seals and keys, and I lilies' and gentlemen's broaches as- ;i rted, K dd ear rimes, lockets, flutter units silver spoons, siwcks , d uuine.ous other articles, which are sold in jewelry shops. | le above reward will be itiveu for the recovery oflhe prmierty JOHN LOCKWOOI), 120 Im'rc 18 Bowery. v TO THK PUBI.1C. ! 1 00 TO $5000.?Mr. P'mncii H Cramp, Watch Maker J-\JV/ 24H <irami street, bcg? to inform hu friends aud thr 11 hlic, th.if iiuj.'fNrudcrit of the Wa'xh busincu, fie i* prepared rn.ike adrancri ia oaah on gold and sil ver w>itchvs,di imonds. c - ii |g, ipooni forks* gad srerr dsseriptioii of tola ot t| ver in nnv fh.ii^. intended for immcaiate tale. Cash to any ior?nt paid for old gold and silver. Watches of ersry de ir-tion repiir^d and ^arrpJited. ?u Grand street. U5 lm*ne 1* i. \ * 1 Iswilft Stop < I i. . h* would rail the " nfi'?n of th?? public to his store No. HO i harnst, where they will find tha best, chewiest, and newest 0 f jeweli of the Ut t fashion both ion ign nd \ merii nr. nu facta re. snitible for i hristm\s and New Year's pre- v its,all ofwhien he is determined to s?ll rt snch prices as ran v. t fail ?? giv ifiil-c-'on. Luli-s and ge/tlemen about pur* t| isiug jewelry, will sav" 25 percent \tj calling at the cheap vlry s?'>n- P'j C- itharn street. Do not furu"t th'* number?{,n I' isthsm st?wf. Old gold or "tleer bought or taken in eachang**. -?sl i.K. a " .noil YflJrv Kivr/i U( uiauivruus wiu ./v.... wet. d*?J lin*ec v WATCHES A 'k: I) JEWELRY. AND rirMTM.ANN( Watehmnkert and ? ' Man''uring !>0 (.hunt *trr?t hare on hand a n rm nfsnrf merit of lushionabl" Jewelry ofall o'*?icripfions, ?int|#? fir the IfOMDA VS, at pri' -i which rwiioi Uil fo !?tnf. I' vi Iry ??( f\?ry d*-' rip'rui made fo on'' r, mid YV urhes, Jew- 11 y nan?4 Item are mp tired ion workm uililtc in urn r, equally n r. Old Uold find Silver taken in exchange. dlHIm'm s NIK "f* now prepared to ?**?! YVatehei j* and Jfwdry as low. ?(' not lower, loan nny other home in n r.ify, to nit:? (told Watch'a from f l'?to f 100 each; til- 1 r dot from l'? to *'H) each. AH Witches warranted to k* od Mme or the mouey retnnrd Watfhw, I lock*, and viu- \ al II repaired and w*rr\i ted, lower than any other honv* t fhecity. Hefind hand watch'** ami old gold .mil nver txit in csoharife, or bought lor rash. THOYlPSON It KI9H- . It. Imi ortera of Wa'rhe* and Jewelry, wholesale and retail, r>. 311 Broad* New York AMUR II THOMPSON, I ill9 im'T RICHARD HHHKK. r ItlADNIVS IAJCINA C0IU)IAL9 ! * a sovereign and ?peedy cure for iucip:**at r >n?omption barrennest, irrpotency, lacorlnr or wnite?, obstructed, difficult ' piiufol menstnntion, inconstinenee of v *iiie or involm.tiiy ' *rharg*thereof, and for the general promt on of the syit-'m, * lierher the result of inherent cansss or produced by irrrgu- \ rily, illwct or accident. It is pleasant to th? table and p ? - , rely sure in it* ?-p*ration* Its unrivalled repatat on in both , un upbore* is the r??snlt of i't almost sapern ittiral virtues. LET NO ONK DESPAIR 1 Nofhitf r.%0 l? mo-e snrpri? iiiv flno it* in*igorating effects < i the huin i i li im? IV:-, ?ns afflicted with we,ikne*H and las- < !ud?* bffor Liking it, at once become robust and full of oner- , under it | teIy counteract* the nani *?i|p|? ?r | o i of t.*r ie it.k** fr* re, winch i the only i ofl ir en nest: mid whl h prio to Dr. dftco* ry was considered to b* incurable. Language, indeed, cmit do jt*tic<* to tht menu ol h< Lu in a Cord iaL which it re | irded by the h* ids of t!ie lacul v mall pirli ol the world, a* n f the most iniiwunf medical disc >veries ol any age. ^ >ld, wholesale and r?eail, in tnin city, at 126 Kulton street, rner Nassau, Prion $.t per bottle, $21 per dor-u. j.9 lm#ec 1IIK RnHserihert 1 11 laaotiitad iilih ;h hi I IHN OO* ^ DEN YvOOURUk K KDWAKT)|'{. f'Of?LINR A ' O. \ oil ' ii. i ' in:, nil "<: ?c SERA 144. Warehoiialng mil. lielow we give a copy of ?i bill presented by the ? Hon. Silas Wright, in I lie U. S. Senate. It was " made out by Isaac Winslow, jr. Hwj., of tins city, V and adopted by tlie Chamber of Commerce of tins c city. Tlie accompanying letter announces tin- tl acceptation. a This system is tnucli wanted in this countrv. ami !' ? , l] Congress cannot advance the iutere.stn oi the coin- t merci&l classes more rapidly than bv the passage of r a law something similar to the one below pro- L posed. i Warehousing' Bill, Presented to Congress hy the ' Chamber oj Coin inert c of the City of Xeu> York- " lie it enacted, Stc., That there ii hereby, uml ahull here- e after be established u warehousing system at the several 1 porta of the United States where custom homes now ex- 1 ist, via :? Sec i ion I. There shall be at such porta as by this act ? are allowed the benohts of this system, two descriptions oi 1 warehouse.', w hich shall be selected and appointed under J: the direction ol the Secretary ol the Treasury, to wit:? ' Theie shall be one or more w mi-houses,to be culled ware- ' houses of special security, which shull hut e attached thereto u wharf or <ptay, the whole to be surrounded with u suitable walls and gates, and tho warehouses themselves n to be lire-prool and ol proper construction and strength.? J An otlicer of the customs, or otlier person ilniy appointed, [ shall have charge ulid he in constant attendance upon one '' or more of these warehouses within the usual hours of business. e Sir,.1. And be it further enacted, he., Tliat upon niak- i ing entry lor special warehousing, the agent, nnprrter, B owner, of consignee ol any goods, wares, or merchandize, " shall give Ins own bond only lor the probable amount ol " duty, or that tile goods shall be duly exported, and that n the goods therein mentioned shull be lanued at the wharf " or quay belonging to the w arehouse ol special suetuity, anil upon being so lundud under the inspection ol the proper onkcer of the customs, they shall lie placed in ware- " house, so as to he easy of access and not liable to damage, j." Site. II. Upon the withdrawal lor consumption ol the whole or any portion of goods so warehoused (in no casu l' less than an entire package; the importer or uwder shull ''' pay the duties 111 cuih, without abatement, (other than is ''' hereinafter mentioned) unless any loss or waste of the said goods shall have urisen hy default of the government s' olliccrs while in their possession. Ul Ssa . I And all goods, w ares, or merchandize, thus ile- c< posited in warehouses ot special security, shall be entitled 01 la remain therein, with the privilege of consumption or exportation for two years fiom the date of entry, at the B' termination of which the duty shull be payable in cash upon the oi iguiul ipiaiitity deposited, deducting the quail- " titles previously delivered, subject to the exception here "I ,n provided. ?J bi.r.o. It shall he lawful (for uny importer or owner ol food* thus deposited in warehouses of special i curtly,to 1 nuke sale ot the same in wurehoii3u, in quantities n r. less M' ban one package, or such other projxjrtiou of the whole irigiutil quantity deposited us may tie prescribed by lliv c' Secretary of the Treasury, and u oonv ol the contract in " Anting "being duly signed and deposited with such olti- !JI ;cr im may bu uppoiuted to superintend the warehousing 1,1 iepartment or lit the custom house. The purchaser shall r' jive his bond in lieu of that of the seller, which lultei ' >hdll he cancelled, and the goods, wares and merchandize j( :nuy remain fur the benelit ol the purchaser,ujkjii the same terms us by this uct the first importer is or shall be enti Kj led to ; provided, that alt bonds so taken shall be to tin: lutisfactiuii of the Collector or other ollicur appointed to " receive the same. See. t>. And be it, &c., That a second purchaser and no 1" more may be entitled to the same privileges ol the Urst 01 purchaser, upon the terms and conditions herein expressml ; provided, that in no case .the goods, wares, or nicr- al rhaiiiii/.e shall remain in tlie warehouse for a li ngur pt- v( nod than two years Irom the date el original entry of nuportutiun ; and? u Sec 7. lie it turther enacted, That such sales bona llde made and duly ^recorded. shall bo valid as regards both w buyer and seller. J* fctim . H. And be it further, Sic., Thut if by uny uuavoida- !" iile accident, either on shipboard or in warehouse, oi in ls landing or shipping goods, wares, or merchandize entered inwards or outwards shall be destroyed, it shull be lawful lor the Secretary ol tho Treasury to abate or renul the 11 duties. J? See. 0. It shall be lawful for any owner of property lost or damaged by the gross negligence of the warehouse keeper or other pioner officer ol Government, to sue lor 1 , ud recover damages of him upon proof of the same. Sue. id Cpou entry for exportation,bond shall la1 gi\ > I . not to relaud tlie same, and to produce u landing ceiliticute us is now provided by the revenue laws in existence, and all goods, wares or merchandize shall lie shipped uu- ' der the inspeetion of the proper otlicer, who shall ucroin- 1 |ian> the same to the vessel, or otherwise see tlu-ni sal !y an hoard. w See. II. And he it further, be., That it shall be lawful ." "or any ship or vessei bound upon a foreign voy uge to re- ! ' :eiva out ol special warehouse such goods for stores uml :J" luppllhs us inuy lie ue essary, not less than one package >1 original imjiortatioii, bonds with surely being giv.-n hat the same shall not he rolanded within the limits of the Jul ted states, and upon tliu arrival ol such vessel in any >ort of the United States, the duties upon such surplus V1 itores subject to duty, or were exported in her, ahull lie aid in cash, or placed in warehouse until her departure ! lot in any case to exceed six months Irom her time ot ur- , ival, and the duty shall then he paid and the stores re- ' noved. tii.e. Id. And bo it, tic., That it shall be lawful iti spe ial warehouses, to examine, sort, pock and repack any 811 {oods, wares or merchandize, and make any law ful alterition* or arrangements thereof,so tar as may be nucesaary or the preservation of such goods, he.; or in order to the ? tale, shipment, or legal.dis|Misul of the same. Provided hat such goods he. repacked in the same packages in p| which they were imported, or in case of need in other linkages at the discretion of flic Secretary of the Treasu- w It shall he lawful alsoto draw off wines and spiiits, ,;l , '* hipiois, into smaller puckuges, for the pur- ,p 11 "-"""'csmr vessels. Anil Wines os.'only in *"v ""*") """' .I In special warehouse,with ? ' nay lie preserved - -?in proportion Ian Tandy in the same place, no ,11 1..1 , . nn lions to ~v*rv of wine, vfl)S * 1 j, 11 any special warelrswim to Ml nj. any oank>' 0> ?>...' * or Wl l>iritat 01 l'rom any othsr casks of the same ively aecurol in the name warehouse, .-iihef trtr exportsion or tl!9 ">! preservation of the tamo iu w arsbouse; nil '" asks or packages *0 emptied shall then he, or .* he custom house murks !-' erased by the proper ware- * louse olticer; and reusonuhle sample *b?)| be allowed to 'I" *! taken without entry or payment of duty (except as the mm.: mdy lie Hveutually payable, us ou the deficiency in r,' he original quantii'*,tn such quantities hiiiI lit mch tiinei '' is may be prescribed by tin Monetary ot the Treasury, "j ni'l under the inspection of u pioper olkceri and the own- ' ' iryir consignee ol all goods, u ares, and merchandise', or a 0 person hy him authorized in writing, may have acres at itch times and in such mode as may lie prescribed, to tin el|icctive jmi . 'S"! e<""ds which tliey represent, to exa " nine the quality ail'l condition thereof, lii presence of the 1 iroper ollicor. Mm 1.1. And be it further, (tc., That it shall n? lewful or the Neerotary of the Treasury to accept the abandon- ". iicnt lor duty ot such goods, win es, and merchandize as " nay prove valueless or not worth the duty, and cam el he liond gfvrti therefor, and may at his discretion cause 01 lie said goods t? he destroyed or *>>|il ?t public snle for the ." luty, paying over to the proprietor the surplus, il any, ol he net proceeds ol such sales, tin) ibity and charges icing paid; and in regard of goods, kr., deposited 10 wareions.;,partially damaged, the sound portion (not breaking 1 package) may remain under the provisions of this act, [V nil tho portion of such goods damaged may lie sold sule ' oct to such allowance of duty as provided lor by exist- K* ng laws. tire. 14. And he it enacted, That all goods entered to he . van-housed, though yet on shi|ehoard, or in the course ol * ' anding, shall he considered as warehouse.), and entitled o all tho privileges of this uct either for exportation or " ionic use. .Si.:. 14, That bond being given, w ith two or more sultiient sureties in double tlie value of the goods, to return "il lie mauulactureil article into warehouse, sugars rriHy lie ikeii out lor retiuing. ami molasses lor distilling, subject > such deficiencies ol weight or guage anting from the |s rorees ol manufacture as may he prescribed Tiy the So ol the Treasury, and the said manufactured urcles so returned shall he entitled to the same privilege loi w xportatlou nily out ol w art-house as other goods Sic, 10. That no parcels of goods so warehoused, which , -? : i? i.mIL skull iu* ili-l 1 vi-ti*.I ascenttin- Ut .holt! ipiantity of each pjrccl, or in n ipinntity not li ss < I > lau one ton weight, unlcia by ijiecial permission ol tin1 ro|wr otllcer ul the cuatoma. ik Si i . 17. That any goods, w ares or merchandize which hall have lin n legally watehouied in n|it c-i.iI security | rarehouici, at tome port of the I niled Stntri, mny be reion it hy lea-water or inland carriage to nny other port in lie aume, in, which the like goods,fcc. mny lie wfirenouicd J Km i rn ] Kirt :<t ion, to he re warehoused nt such other jiort, " tid again as often ait may he ret|uired to any other such ort, subject to the following regulaions, vi/ : 'it hour* lot to I** 1(1 ven nt the t ustnm Mouse, in writing, of the ? ntention to remove audi Rood*, k<\, hy lodging nn entry, IV pocifyirig all the particulars in relation to itnch goods, n , nn I to what port 'and hy what means the "am" tire to l| ' 'Conveyed, liuu a Copy of the said entry being left with ho warehouse otlieer, lie shall take a cnretul account ol ncli good*, Ire., comparing them with the entry of remo- (j al, and ho ihallcauiM inch seal* or matk" of tr?n?portnion to lie phirrd thereon hs may hi-designated hv tin s. f iretary ot the Treasury. The Raid entry ol removal, connergjgncd liy that ollector nnd Naval otfleer,ahall he tin jvariant for the removal of the lame goods, kr.t and "hall ,, >e transmitted hy the proper warehouse olticcr of the port tn if removal to the projier officer of the poitoi destination, ' > hi I ii|miii tlie arrival of Mich goods, bir at the potior '' tlace of destination, dmt entry of the lame shall lie made h,, vitli the Collector of mid port foi re-warehousing, which ntrr ?hnll contain all the particulars in relation tin ieto ind being duly verified hy the' nlloctor and .Naval olth'er i di ill he the warrant to the landing, and warehouie olfo ei I o admit inch good* to he there i ^warehoused nrider rn lamination hi ii made of the like good*, kc. w hen liril warehoused upon the original im|iortatk>ii, and the pnmci jtticeri of the |K?rt ol arrival ihall tran?mit to the |iro| r ??alticeri at tho port of temnval, aceiiilicate ol the -.air i? lelivery ol tin roods, kc., <o arrir I. or a statement ot 1,1 tny error or deli, ien y therein if h i) there he and the ?i'ne aliall he duly ni'orded In the warehouse of renio- ? raL Sc . IH That all persons intending thin to remove good", ke , Ihall at the time id entry lor that purpose give * a bond with one or more sureties, to the satisfaction of the B i ollector, for the duo arrival and re-warehousing such * guods, within a reasonable time, ai cording to the distance and such liond may lie given either at the port of removal or destination, hut il at the latter, a certificate, under the hand of the i ollector and Nuvnl officer, C "hill he givsn tn the ( ollector and Naval officer al the " port ol icmov al - - . . 1 . t . . J5La3 M >'rlie Two ten? 9. 8r,c. 19. That such homl vinill nj' bo <!i- -l'a i.:.l uch goods, lie. have hcrr. fl.,1, re .van-l.<>.: > d at 1; , f destination within tin tun- lllnucl, or ..ihet"..? uuiitid lor to thefall sotb. ">ou ol the Seiict.u; 1 'reasury, nor until the toll d ? illicit; hi t;.y ' i? :iy o( such goods, Vc shall hove b en ;w>! 1. Sn. -id. i'hut the oi igiiutl 1 'f>;r \ i-n rj on tl.e im| oi laoii of such goods, lie.,or by the | tire ha < rs it sue) p. u ' ? herein before provided, si all i imply, ji i t in >rce also ut the Jmit of, new lo:i! r ay I >' oketi by the l ollector ol the s, . 1 port, in which ee.-u he l>oiid given at the port of ten. id u.av be carirelh d. Sue. ft. That goods. lie.,w hen io war oueed.rr sj I a t . <*' in,I vhi| peil ior cxpofatict, or ttelb'tred lor ' one lie, asthe like goods, So m.iy lie when lil't V orehO I'i" ipon iui) ortutlon, but the tir. hii". h goods, ix to reo iin warelious' 1 a ;ch p'u*, hill l.i erliotieJ fium n i ,)i,y of original importation, ind the suht goods shall he ''.?! I'd h or.fn e\ lortutiou er loine um , m -. , rttu' Indf,'.' ^ tl. t ri ii warehouse, a ; l.ei ,-in hole > p:nv u' *|, Si i . gf. '1 i a goods w 91, I,. 1 ,t"i v herein ptov' h'd, u'. ine warehouse, h.-t'ii n .ieut ,u i.rsjnh' u the same port, U'ld-',-11 i ; n. n? , | , ,,;| r. i pf ;t , ustoms, under pciriisLion trw, ,t . rietniytf '.lie rreusury, due lecor. :r i ? n hou*.- o" ,h ivery, and receipt heing duly i. 1 in. , >p, ri.vel) . 8?.e. g.1. That all |,oo. * S.C . L" i i , , ne warehouse to ano'.h i in tl,, tone- >, a ,.nrt?. nd oil proprietors of Me!, ,ooil , i.e., h... le., ] , n ill respects to all conditions to v. hi -h tl.i . 1 iccn held subject if such goods had r.? ..itu <1 i. tan louse wlieie the same had hern originally w ihi1. v Skc. f t. That there shall he allowed .'o \< ' . o stirnatiug the duty or wastage of one gallon ui n ear the same shall remain, i-irii h i iillons of wines or spirits, mid such proper ul.ov, neu poll other goods us may he picucrihed hy the S'fiitnry t the Treasury, and no more unless the leakage , ;, . ge shall happen by default of the warehouse offerr, or navoidable accident beyond the control of the oveni i Skc. fi. That if any goods, &c., warehouse 1 sliiill he indulently concealed in or removed from tl,< vvnteouse hy or with the knowledge or connivance oltho w. IMV Ui VIIrr KUUI vii IIin tJlJBIl uudulently gain access to tin- said goods, ike., evupt in ic presence of an otticer acting in the execution of his Jty, such proprietor or ugent hull lorfeit ami pay for rery such otfence the sum of thousand dollars, brx. 'Jti. That it .my erabeztlument,l\ waste, s|*<il or deruction, shall he made of any goods, kc., warehoused nder authority of this act, by or through any wilful n . mduet or gross negligence of any customs or wan hoc o llicer, such otlicer shall he deemed guilt) of a mi- lenuajr, and il prosecuted to conviction by the proprietor of rods, Sir., so embezzled, wanted, or injured, no duty shall b payable in respect of such goods, and no forfeiture of ich goods, Ice., no warehoused, shall take place in reject of uny deficiency caused by the misconduct cf any licer us aforesaid, and the loss or dnmuire so occ.i?i,,:u mil be made good, and allowed by the Secretary ci the icasury when proved to his satisfaction by conviction i aforesaid. See. 'XJ. And be it, Sic, That all foods, wares and mm laudi/n, which shall be landed in d a ks and lodged in arebnuse, not being forfeited to the United States, shall B liable in the same way as if on board the ship- in u hicli nported in favor of the master or othor party entitled to iccivo the same for for freight 01 any other bgul lien lereupou, and the warehouse keeper, duly notifii I at the moot warehousing by tin; party legally entitled to stu b cn, is hereby authorised and required to detain audi lods, tkc.. until the same is discharged, with uccruing ini ges, or a deposit is made liy the party interested suf ient to cever the same, which deposit shall lie held in ust for the purpose aforesaid, and paid or repaid to Um irty establishing n claim to the same, or his assigns,hi n a r executors. Site.28. And be it, &C., That it shall not be lawful for ly person to export any goods so warehoused in any issel of less than fifty tons burthen. Six. :1ft. That any common can ier, master of a vessel, ho shall embezzle, waste, spoil, or destroy any pood* it rusted to his, her, or their charge, to carry (Tom onu or port to another, or shall erase or alt* r civ nreliousc m?rk oi seal upon such goods, Sic., shall ', i lid to be guiltV ot a misdemeanor un,t !.? tl?> ... - limont accordingly on conviction. Hr< . 30. That puriera of't'io : svjr shall be alluv. e, l i ke certain qunn Itiei of good* out o! waiehoii>c< i ?aril Hhij,v ni bnrnd'o in(? on 'allont, nr. lrr m.oIi gulat'n v? jim) be I'tcaciibcd by ;h Sc.-'ePirj of'In . eas'try. I. lie <*U "I'd, Uc. Till' t'll re ah nil also ' r r?t&hll?k v> a 'houses ot n- linm v security which r?ry ' tin . . Ujn ;d by ; IInor I ' s till II.: l Ken or |.i < )>) le'O! o! a ."i n li .van in. e, d'. of v< hich ah til Lo lo the tatisiavm i f ie I oili t'll ol till I'l/ll. i - li, on I vi 'ry ' . un| ortatinn, the avnrct ni:'o ordhi. ry -iruijly vvuni in tl.e good . tvaiCK an I it e' iani' n II) I n'l-nl II i . I III Iri'rjioii'i I si . In '' t' .' i' i. . i o 1 the It ni'li ill tl.e imfHitier, or 11 e- e ?i' ll.o nrehoti | -Oj let or. ? itli two good and sulli lent su:c ;s to t!iC SI.ti .11 lion of the cob' < I jr shall In li (' amo int ol ii'im uerrtiin ( upon tbe goo Is. fcr , hi i nml for iv. ' , j i-injj j > a' Je one y < ui l.omth'- \ ercof. 3 ?The ani'l g. ,?'?, uc , etisl 1 In placed under the lark the nroprnvol Hi.tie n-iorn bun < rone.--itIv I -That nrn t. i.; a . herein b. for" p. iled, ibnll be ileb ri I lor hoine coni'im]"loti ct oii r entry an I notice I t v. it It Ihi i ollr nor tr L e i n duties upon'hu mi qt rtiiilj ?i niiuiiinl'v ; > M i lit? lirst |iiiii| inc.i h nle?? nnt delir-i-eyy iti 'in laino all hi lie from the w iiltiS iniscondn l of tin j i .ipi r la. the customs -and, ? of my in n . . nt it shall be conijieti tit for i?i srniini it i r 'i i iry to remit or abate the bmi i uj on goods, ki: , tlmt .. oiilably injured or destiny t I b?That upon every deli ry lor home mr, the "mount the duty thereupon shall In . dci r.l uimti II <. t.ul ind, hi I the quantity so ib en ' up n tl.e oi.gii itry. li That the said noods. v. r . be, ro ?" ) n ; 1i" in areliou en of ordinary security, .. 'I l.e ' jttitn 'i < . o ken therefrom lor ex port a'.in f|i?.i tin Jol o.vii riiH vi: -That one ay hei'cie <l? Itvi ry and luj i in, i entry, specifying all the p.ittir in r< . ili.m lo ti e jodfl to be .ported si, ill I, lo 1 the i n- om boiiri , id bo nil hi i i ii? given lor fi > | irSi.iii.t i ' ilie itn.f, id the production Of 1 lib..If n .ilicii' a now ) oiled 1 v Jaw, He' Sail in,. e h"iig iloly men' iled, dghed or ?ilAgeo', anil i . hi Is# id by a niiq i ottieer, exporter shall In c..1-- > ?. htty ?noo m y M< nrt o?!*i on /ii. il <11 a, b j !. ' ol liappi.i.ii dt'(aait of tt pros? ' of t'.t ?if nr ? . r.d ' all also I ay oil f reei.'n ill !> ' 'nil the w hole I ant >? y loos. >,.ol.?sl. 1 "li? in ih i" i'.tlo .f.'' '' irsist ilJKiii tbe o'i<t:i 'I '- ' : shnll 'I 1 died upon the Whol.' ij'i y ' a " . Miii>i i ' 'I 1 r'*' '1 V ' rx|>oitntioTi within ii"* y? r , nt \.. t a * it y upon nil ^ ? ^ t l1'A ' y" ! 4 ordinary si-c.ui ? , * .n , >>v ,,, . . , , ?M . , . oved to a tvnridioiin .1, sm d 1 ecui i. v ii That, upon iipplicto 1 to flu-Si-ci eta ftl.e"nv 1 ry, it sliail * sdlnwed ti transfer uil p <o<>, w an . , otn a warehouse of ordinary to one of s|>ec,.ii b< rnrii< , tder the ine| action of iin'otfirer of til10 >,n,, 11 irtation only, ti|s>n I ho condition* appl,i.l> pii.d areh'iuses? except that till' dutu * tipini surli>" ! , .V' , iall he p.'id in cash within the vein of nri^im-l in.; 01 01,ami tin- fartid given lit tin' time of import; t.0.1 'li ill intiiiuii and tie in inter for that period, when . may tie placed, ((lie duty to-in^ paid,) by a vrarei.i.ti ,?> ind. 7.?That all goods, f?.c , in wurehoim * of or inary acuity ihall lie at tin' risk of the proprietor, <\iipt Iroin 'Unit of a customs officer; Init all Kooda, 4,, in w 11 rein *e? of ?|ie<-ial security ah all he at the riak of the United ate# a* regard* the duty hut ol the proprietoi a* rrir Is the \ aide iinleaa by default of an otficer, a. hereinfore provided M No good*, tar.., in warehouse* of ordinary aeeurity nil he tiansferreil to other *imilar warehouse in other irts, or to warehouse* ol special security therein, unles* *t translerred to a special warehouse of the same port, d in such ease subject to tin: anme marka, seal* and her aafegnard* us are applicahlo to good*. Vc., origilly dejio'iited in warehouse* ot (penal aecuiity. t 'MAMlit:It 'if < 'mini in. f New Yukk, Dec. ;K?, $ aac WiN?r/nv, Ju., Esq:? J if.aii Sin, The eiiiimiuiuriitinn in relation In the "Warehouse telem, addrewteil to me an Si-erelarv of thia tainher on the 23d instant, accompanied liv ihe aft tif n hill fo lie Hihmittcd to Congress, ily laid before the Chamber on that tiav A ineinon il on the subject in tincstinn was looted, ami your lull ? n* referred to the I'resident tin Chamber, with the view to be placed m the itida of Mr. Plto nix, member from thiccity. I wn instructed to return yon nek now led ton en'a >r the interest yuu evince in n subject ol o III tie || nptir'anee fo the eomtner' ml e immunify. I inn. Teen < fully vour.?. Pltliei t il At. W I. I MOKE, Neerelurv, Assml, KKIIM HitKA I FMITAIN A.VM lltEI.A NL> m, M m. mTill ttAt.t. (^^oTT) MN1 ('! _ f,|Vl.llPU<?|' f'A < K f.TS, f imlni* from T" 'i ' . IWvMia wi.tniiK t? ml to tli* "M ' "titfry I t tlirir fn?t I in m?k? th" nrr'-aiwrv ?nmic rii'i.n with tin- Mthorrilv ri d iv>- iiimii i ti m iin . ? i" i l.i- m'* ' , ' r>m |,|VM|KN'I , lirt" < II y ''II til" <t'l lull I'llH 'it , " I tiry wilt ill ' ??' * lir-'t rut* I U?< of AniTi' V I 'im it.i ijmy fry "i? 'I >?. ilwrrbv iflirrtin;' ?" "*kl? i*?i 1 it Irnm fhi' l*n ' Onr nf tl.? fi"n < Mr limn 11. !??? (? ) *rr, to ?rr ifnt lh?r ilwill li? J i? itli icrc ..nJ u. itch. MiiiuM thr fli i*r*'il f"-nit '(inn ort, th- imrr, ?'!! r i ii'-U 10 tli i." v In) |> i<J it I 'ti, w it'<> tit an, . ' in. 'i'li. Ft luck i II I ( lil l.iri? of l.j>rrt<<n-I I'?ck U, cuini lir filll'iWI . n , .11 ' *'i!|i, vit ? h \ ??'; > TP- Ml '.V 1 (int.. (A Mill >OR, (OI.I-Mri'< Y I'iU'l r t?(ll- i ll \ O'.WK'A. V.> i A NOMTII AMKHIt A . W li ucli n .-rior I nn? |n.||-d vmum.1 ti it... >u[.rili?i? i 'iili H) |nnt< i r*n' r , , ei"ttinn?jiL'r lit' iimi hi irt ?1iich I.. o i?l- ii ! I * i f rin in.'uy yrif., fbi ii n? :i i (V i 'J . iiw ,.n or rrnii'tit/tr< ncy to thwir rrU'ivri r?n ..II i"p . H .i "ii "irifli ii iictii l.ii viy in.'iunt, 'lnv u 'litri I tli< i'"v il i h I I f t i mI, llu'ilir. >l?o mi V..<n. It-IUll' lirtttff. \ VKk Jt f.Q IUuk.f?, L' urn u( hich will i ii id 'i drir i''I nn> of tl B >i tl r rinrlii i, in . II i'i" i "Ci; mI tii w ii I ' iijlwict Ktii.] i I,' jiil, SoiiUml nl \? ii i. IKK UK. nUOTIIKHS k ?'<). iy I lilt mi atrivi V \y VV, nrit Innr I . i!.. F?!' Ui.n N. B.?Tll? Old F.i n. I.I Hi' i'i !'li i.-u ' i. . ort fni Li.rri "I "n ' l.t i "I 'Ph of ir'' nv m'I '' ' * tartnn* to tliri'l'l rum try will f .id it -n t*n i r comfort i Ifmtiltr to ?rlrrt ltii? fl . .Ir '>11. |r. r r ' hi''' > , ir rrfrrmre to t'tv othiw , ilil r

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