Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 28, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 28, 1844 Page 1
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T H ] VoU, X. !?, 9T ?Wbot? So. 9897. To the Pobllc. I THV NEW TflhK inmnir-Dttb- I llahed every day of the year except New Year** dey end Fourth of July. Price 9 cent* per copy?er g7 98 per enBum?Doftiftf Dtid?cAih in kItibm. THEWL EiaTHERALD-pubU*h*d every Saturday morning?price 8* oeoU per copy, or $3 19 per annum? pomace* paid, caah in advance. ... ADVERTISERS are inlormed that the circulation of the Herald ie ever THIRTY THOUSAND, end increaaing feet. Ilka* tk* hrf* circulation if ami paper in thit city, er tha world, and therefore, tkt but channel for butinttt man in tk* city or country. Prima* moderate?caah in advance. PRINTING of all kinda executed at the moat moderate Price, and in tha moat elegant atyle. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PaeraisToa er tmc Haaau> EcraaLiiiuKirr, Northweet corner of Fulton and Naavau (treat*. BRITISH AND NORTH AMEfUCAN ROYAL MAIL ; STEAM SHIPS, Of 1M0 too* ana 440 hone power each. Coder contract with ?b? Lerd* of the Admiralty. glBEKN 1A, Commanded ftr C. H. E. Jndkina RITANN1A. J. HewittCALEDONIA, C O. Lott . ACADIA, A.tatuicta' Ryne, Will sail fro in Liverpool tad Boston, vie Halifax, as follows fssm Liriirtoi.. fsoa Bostsn. Caledonia, lDr?. 1. r Aeidia, Not. 19. Dee. Id. Hibrrnia, Bsc. 6. Jan 1. Britannia, Jan. 4. Fen. 1. Caledonia, Feb. 5 I. Acadia, Mareh 4, , . Apnl I Those tssssIs carry experienced surgeons, and are supplied wi"i francos' Patent Lifs Boats. For freight or passage apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr.. Agent, ol7r No. 3 Wall st., New York. ! ARRANGEMENTS FOR '?44 OLD HBTABLISHED PA88AOE OFFICE, 1M Piue street, corner of Booth. akd the public in general, to the fallowing arrangements for 1S44, for the purpose of briuging out cabin, 2d cabin, and steerage passengers, by the Regular Line of Liverpool Packets, sail ing the Ist.bth, llth, 16th gist and 26th of every month. By thsLond-in Packets, to sail rom New York, the 1st, 10th end 20th?and from Loudon on the 7tn, 17th and 27th of each m'nth. In connectiou with the above and for the purpose ?f affordlag till greater facilities to passengers, the subscriber has established a regular lint-of ftrit class New Y"rk built, coppered and c mper lasteued ships, to aail punctually every week throi ghout the year For the accommodation of persons wishing to remit money to their families or friends, drafts are given, payable at tight, on the following Banks, viz Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at <2nrk, Limerick, C'lonmal, Londonderry, iRigo, Wexford, Belfast, Waterford, hi way. Armagh, Athlone, Colerain. tailing, Tralee, Youghal, Ennitkillen, douaghan, Banhridge, Btllymana, Paraonslown, lownpa trick, Cavan, Lurgan, Qmagh, lungannen, fiaudou, Eunis, Ballyshanno km bane, Skibereea, Mallow, Moueymore, -Ootchill. Kilrush. Beouknd?The City Bank of Glasgow. England?Maaara. dpoonar, Atwood A Co. Bankers, London; |SL.Miu-phy Waterloo Road, Liverpool; payable in every town fSXdKigggjg, tt'SKiHJffe'.'.Sl" corner of Soutli N Y. RICHARD MURPHY, 106 Waterloo Road. J9 0m*rc Liverpool TAPSCOTT'S GENERAL EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. m mm.. m AAiuiiiuLinbniD run im. The subscribers hex to cull the ettentiou of their friends aud the public i*uera'ly to tlieir superior arraugemeuts fo bringir g Oat passengers from, nnd reu itting money to nil parte of Englt u, Irelrnd, Hcctl aid end Weiee. THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS, COMPRISING THE QJ'EEN Or THE WEST, 1250 tone THE SHERIDAN. 1000 tone. THE ROCHESTER. 1000 tone. THE OA It KICK, 1000 tone. THE HOTTINOUEK, lOOO tone. THE KOSCIUS, 1000 tone THE LIVERPOOL, <130 tone. THE HIDf'ONH, 1000 t?ni Haling fioui L verpool twice ever* month, end THE UViXEU LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKBT8, oempoieJ ol superior, liret cleee American packete, eeiling from Liverpool Eur times in each month, ere the ships in which those whore passage may b?euga?ed w th theeuheenbere will come ut in, uud it is a well known fact the above named packets are th- most m.guificeet afloat snd the Requeue? ol tailing, ( being every five davs) pr-veut* the possibility of pasteuger. being nuue. e .sanly detuned at Liverpool. Hegir less ' f in oriir to meet the want, of the public sad the wi-hn ofthe.r trie ids, M>. We. Tupmcott one of the nnn !un gone to Liverpool to superintend the departure for thu country of such peesaus whose iwtsege m v he engaged with the suo?enl"r.-, - Ret wh'?h to those ac<iu luted with Mr, W. 1 . T , is s suffice? - .-W^sioe ihvt ihey will receive ererv ettesrtion fe?"i mm ami be quickly aud comVrubly despatched. fcnecld those taut lor decline coming the passage money will b- p o iu tty refund'd without auy deduction?as usual. Reiui.tancet?I hose remitting money cau be supplied with drafts at sxht. for any amount pat able fr. e of discount or auy other chtge, in every principal town in England, Ireland, S 'otland aud Wales Apply (if by letter, post paid.) to W. It J. T. tAPSCOTT. 43 Peck slip, New York?or to J20 WM. 1 APHCOTT, Liverpool. OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. m. m. m. m. n'rlm OLD LINc, of Packets for Liverpool will hexealter be A despatched in tht following order, excepting that when the sailing day (alls on Snnday, the shipa will tail on the succeed utg day, vu Krom New York. From Liverpool The C AMBRIDOE, (Jane 1 July 16 UO tone, < Oct. 1 Nor. 16 _ .. W. C. Binow,(Fet>. 1 Mar. 16 TU ?NOLANl), (June 16 Ao|. 1 760 toua, < Oct. 16 Dec. 1 _ 8. Bartlett, f Feb. 16 April 1 The OXFORD, (July 1 Aug. 16 *oo com, < Nor. l Dec. 16 _ J. Ralhboue, (March 1 April 16 Th*MONTF.ZTIMA, (July 16 Sept. 1 1000 turn, < Nor. 16 Jan. 1 _A. B. Lowber, (March 16 May 1 The EUROPE, (Aug. 1 Sept. 16 6U tons, {Dee. 1 Jan. 16 E. U. Furbar.r April 1 May 16 The NEW YORK, (new) fAig. 16 Oct. 1 960 lone, < Dee. 16 Feb. I T. B. Cropper,f April 16 Jnne I The COLUMBUS. (Sept. | Oct. 16 708 tout. (Jan. 1 Feb. 16 <V A. Cole, (May 1 Jane 16 New thip YORKSH.RE, (Sept. 16 Nov. 1 1*6* tout, < Jan. 16 Mar. 1 E. G. Bailey,(May 16 Jaly 1 Thane tliipt are not tnrpatsed in point of elegance or comfort in their cabin accommodation*, or in their faat tailing qoaliti-i by any rettelt in the trad*. The commander* are well known at mm of character and experience, tud the ilriciett attention will alwayt be paid to promote the comlort and convenience ol puttengert. Punctuality, at rtgardt the day of tailing, will be obtenred at heretofore. The price of peetage outward it now Aiedat Seventy-Fire Dollar*, for which ample ttoree of every detoription will be Ciridrd, with theeiception nfwine* and liquors, which will furmthed by the ttewarilt, if required. Nettnar th captain or owuen of tliete thipt will be retpouabU for any letter*, parctlt, or package* tent by them unlet* Mgalar bill* of lading are tigned therelor. For (might or pateege, apply to OOODHUE It CO. *4 Sooth at. C. H. MARSHALL. M Burliua tlip. N. Y. )19tf and of BAKING. BROTHERS A CO.. Lvpool. THE NEW LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. mBbi jbk ?B9bw sSL ^T^ajl from Nt^vinitt, and (ro^Liverpool tuufuM month. J Vow ffrw York. L'pool ? """ THSSK" '?- $& )| K.! |f iJii I "" "gsyBSSf-" :H ii H! hip HOTTLVOUER. 1*60 tont.fe^l Sft * Ira Burtely, }Nov'r21 Jan y 6 Theoe tobttaiitial. f**t tailing, firtt clatt thi|?, all bmlt in th* city of New Vork, are commanded .by men ol caperienee and ability, and will be diapatehed punctually ou the 21 it ol each month. Their cabin* are elegant and tunimodiout, and are fnrnithed with whatever can conduce to th* eate and comfort of pattengun. Price of pat tag*, $16*. Neither ue captain* ur owner* of thete thipe will be ratpooeibjt for any paroei* *r packer* tent by them, unleea regular bill* of lading are tigned therefor. Fur freight or pae*MtU'Ply to WOODHULL It MINTURNS, IT7 Houth .treat, New York, or U> PIELDEN. BKOTHERH It (V)., jlt'cp Liverpool EOR NEW ORLEANS. LOUIHIAPTNA AND NEW YORK LINE OK PACKETS Ifgt Jit M ml Kor ihe better arcominoOatiou of .hipprra, it I* ntended to oeeiurch i .hip from thu port on the lit, Mh. 10th, l.bth, 30th, and IJeli of woh month, commenting the 10th October and cootinning until May, when r-gular daye null be appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delay* and di?aj> will be prevented during the rummer mnnthr Tne fol* will commence thir arrangement: p Cornell. MM 2t*'P OCONEE. Cepjaia Jaekiou. ?gt!P | f'a Ljmtttn Ililltard. kSLJLH-Y,LLk^ *? ? "dhJp OASTONJ BBt-ShS Ot MUJ hvJPt* ';*|!'*^lUIrrordP5~*iShip Oi Ml LGKE, Captain Learitt. 2t!P NASIIN ILLE, Cainaiti Dickinion, P i milai p Captain Knight. Shir LOUlM, Captain Mulford. Theee .hip* wmnl built in ui ?ily of New York. a*pr??f. ly for ,i if ? jr!lta?' ^Illlrf rwcaotly bt*D ^|y ooptwred ?d pot ta *l>lcadid order, with aceommnde. dona tor leasenger* ann nailed for comfort. They are eommandad by einer.enced inaetera, who will make every eeertun t? fiva general ratiifaction They will at all time, be tow. d p and doen the MtHitiippl by atermbnat. Net*her ihe owner* or captain, of thaw $hip? will he re.nnn. libit for jewelry, bullion, precton. .tone. rilver or plated wm or for ant letter#, Pnrcel tr package, *ent hv or nut on Board . f Utean, unlee. regular bill* of ladiag are taken for the tame and the value thereon exprmced. For freighter iwrsage, apply to K. (TcoLLrNB k CO.. M South or HULLIN k WCKXlfcuFF. Agent in f*,w Orjenna, who will promptly forward all gooda to their addre*. The ahipa of thi* liaa an warranted to mil punctually #. ad .ertiacd, and great can will b* taken to hav* the aooda correct |y iikea. a red. ml E NE NEA ~~ NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS To Mil from Now York on the Mill uid Liverpool on tho 11th of oeh mouth jflfc ifc & From New York. Ship SIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, Mth December. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain F. Depeystei, Vih January. Ship OAKRICK, Capt. Wm. Skiddy, Jtt't Febiu-ry. Ship ROSC1US, Captain Jonu Collim, Mth March. From LivenrooL. Ship 81DDON8. Captain A. B. Cobb, 11th February. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Deneyster, 11th Maroh. Ship GARH1CK, Captain Win. Skiddy, 11th April. Shin KOSCIllB, Capfaiu John Collins, 1 lib May. Toes* ships are all of the lint class, upwards of 1000 tons, built in ths city of New York, with such improvements as , combine great speed with uuusual comfort for passengers. I Every care has beentaken in the arrangement of their accom- I modatioue. The prioe of Passage hence is $100, lor which ! amply stores will be provided The** ships are commanded by experienced mas tan, who will make every exertion to give general satisfaction. Neither the captains or owners of the ships will be responsible for any letters, parcels or packages sent by thein, unless regular bills of ladiug art signed tberefer. For (night or passage apply IS fc. K. COLLTnS t CO., 56South at.. New York, or to BROWN, SHIPUiY It CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be charged UX cents psr single hsct ; to cents per ounce, end uewspeiiers 1 cent csch. dj ROCHE BROTHERS & CO.'S PASSAGE OFFICE, ii FULTON STREET, NEW YORK. Jtt Jit i? hJKT*y PASSAG^ROM LlVEKpflOL. In the following Packet Ship*, via:? The NEW YORK, tailing from Liverpool on the 1st Feb. ThsCOLUMBUS, do uo lCih do The YORKSHIRE, new. do do 1st March. Ti e CAMBRIDGE, do do l*th do Or in any of the Packet* camnriiing trie Old Line saili"g tbat port on the 1st and lath of every month. Those sending for their friends will find it to their interests and comfort to Ktrootse our Line, as no possible retention on embarking can given. Pas-age Certificate* s*nt by the steamship Hibernia. tailing frum Boston on the 1st of January, will have plenty of tune to prepare to come by the first named packet, or in any o I the above mannific- nt and une>ju tiled packet* Persona remitting money to the old country can at all tim'a obtain from lha subscribers drabs at aieht tor auv amount, drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, and on M?tsr* Prrscntt, tirote, Ames A Co., Bank rs, London, which are paid free of discount in every town throughout Eu gland, Ireland, Sc?tl<ud and Wain For passage, apply to or address (if by letter post paid.) BHO 1'HEKS ?c CO.. d30rc 13 Fnltoii at nut door to 'lie Fulton Bank. OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. 81 SOUTH STREET, NEW YORK. m m m. M. ^daTecan be eiigagedwomLiverpool by the following >i> eudid packet ships comprising the Old Black Ball Line ol rackets sailing as under. From Liverpool. The ship COLUMPU 3, Captaiu Cole, on the 16th February. The ship YORK SHI RE. (new) Bailev, ou ilia 1st March. The ship C AMBRIDOE, Capt- Bsrstow, 16th March. Tli:; ship K.NOLAN D, Captaiu Bartleu, ist April. The ship OXFORD, Captain Hatbbone, 16th Apnl. The ship MONTEZUMA. Capta<n Lowber, !>t May. The ship e.UHOPh. Captain barber, 16th May. Thesh'p NEW YORK, Captaiu Cropper, Is'. June. In addition to the a bore superior ships, the subscriber's agouti will hava a succession of first class Am rican ships despat, had. as customary, from Liverpool, e- ery four or fire days throagi out the year, to the diff rent ports in the United btstes, by winch passage cau be s cured at r?du'ed ates. Those sending foriheir friends ra iding in Oraat Britain a?d Irelaud, may lely ih ,t erery eaie will t>- taken to make p..s?>ng>-,s a? cumlortnble .,s they can reaannably egpe. t aud should he l as eng rs not come out, lha passage money wil be promptly refundeg. Drafts eau aa usual be furoithed p yab'e at 'he Nat oual anil Provincial Baubi of Ireland and brunch a: K.isl, ru B uk i f Peoc'auil uiil beach's; and on Mitsn. J. Bill, Hon & Co., Bankers, London: Messrs. J. Barned k Co., Banker*, Liverpool, which urn payable throughout Eoghnd and Walaa. for further particular* apply (if by latter post pud) to JOhIn Hr.RDMAN, 61 South sreet near Wa 1 * reel. N. B Fa; use to Liverpool arid London can at all times be engaged by the regular packet ships, sailing for Li v-rp.-o', rverv live Java, and to Lo..dou an the 1st, 10th and 20.hof each mouth on application as at ove. j 12 ec ifiL JK JK iK JSUBSfa SO?m jmfmti NEW YOIIK AND HAVRE PACKETS. Second Line?The Shii>s of tliia line will hereafter leave New York on the lat, and Havre on the 16th of each mouth, aa follows, viz From New York. Film Havre. New Ship ONEIDA, i lat March. I 16th April. Captain < lat July. < 16th August. Jamea Knnck. ( lat November, f 16th December. Ship BALTI MORE, \ lat April I ICrIt May. Captain t lat Auguat. < JGtli September Edward Funck. t lat December. < 16th January. Ship UT1CA, t lat May. I IKth June. Captain < lat September s 16th October. Frederick Hewitt, f 1st January, f 16th February. NewahipSt. NICHOLAS t 1st June. I 16th July. Captain < lat October. < loth November. J- B. Fell, t 1st February. ( 16th March. ' The accommodatiotu of theae ships are not surpassed, com binuik" ail that may be required for coaifort. The price of ca bin passage ia (100. Passenger* will be supplied with every requisite with the exception ol winea and liquors. Goods intended for theee vessels will tie forwarded by the sub. acribers, free from any other than the expanses actually incurred on them. For freight or paasaga, apply to BOYD k HINCKEN, Agents jeSi ec No. 9, Tontine Bnildiiig, cor. Wall anil Waters *EW YORK AND FHILADF.LPH1A HA .ROAD LINE DIRECT. Fog Newark, Nkwbrurswick. Prikcetois, Tekistor, Bordeistown Ann Bt-ai.irsoTotv. jiyW-Wl ? THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leaving New York daily from the foot of Courtlandt at. Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at <X P. M. The Morning Line proceeds to Borden town, from thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden (opposite to Philadelphia) without change of cars. Passengers will proenra their tickets at the office foot ol courtlandt street, where a commodious steamboat, will be ir madmeas, with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crate* are conveyed from city to city. wihout being opened by the way F.aeh train ia provided with a car iu which are apartments and dressing rooms ex-resil y for die ladies' nse. Returning, the linee leave Philadelphia from the foot of Waljut street, bv steamboat to Bordentown at 7 o clock, A. M. and by railroad from Camden, at 4 o'olock, P. -M. The linen for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7>f A. M., and t P. M. be ing 4 continuation of the lines from New Fork. j9 Jni'm FATERSON RAILROAD. Kmm Pa tern on to Jersey City, On and after Monday, Oct. 2d, IIM'I, the can will leave PATKItON pRftT LKAVK nlw YoRI. A.M. 9 A. M. , 'iVv. L.MThe Sunday Trains will be discontinued until further noice transportation cart leave daily (Nnndavs eicei'ted.) Paatei: fit are advised to lie at the Kerry", foot of Courtlandt" street, I 1-w minute* before the stated hour- of deoartnre Jy19 6m* WIMTKK ARRANGEMENT?FOR ALBANY. Via BRIDGEPORT aid ?***> afl Hot/sai oaic it Was rant* ^L^JHp^ypRaiLDboROi, . aily, Sundays^^^^^H SKT3HGK. Excepted. 29BK2. Passengers for Albany by this >.onte will take the new am elegant a'aamboat EUREKA, Gapt J L. Kit< h. which leaveNew York from foot Liberty st. Saturday morning at half past ( i/rlork, for Bridge|>ort, tlience by the Housalonie ate Western Radroa Is, without rhann* ?1 cars or bavgage crates jw Albany, arriviug samv rv-uiug at I o'clock. Kara throuir For passage or Kreight, apply ou board, or at the office, foot of liberty streec (J. M. PERRY, Agent. jfec HARNDEN aam & co.-s ENGLISH. FRENCH. BELGIAN ANliA.vlEHICAN EXPRESS, GENERAL FORWARDING AND COMMISSION HOUSE. HARNDEN It CO. will receive and forward by their daily Express Can, Specie, Bank Note*, Package*and Parr 'a, loan-, part of the United Slates or Canada*, and by the str",ier? and oackets te any part ol England, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium 01 France. Particular attention is paid to the purchase or sale of sll d? script ions of inercliaudise, collecting and paying Drafts, Notes and Bills, to the entry of merchandise at the Custom Hous* uid to the general transaction of any and all kinds of forward ing and commission business. Bills of Etcliange. in sums r, suit, funushed on St. Joliu, N. B , Halifax, N. 8., or on an' part of Euroi*. All goods must be marked "Harden k Co." Foreign Posi Office Letter Bags are made up for all the Royal Mail Steam era from Bostou, aud the steamer ana sailing packets from Nee York. Principal offices and agents:? Vlessrs. Harrden k Co ,20 Water street. Liverpool. , Messrs. Macleau, Mans k Co., I Atrchnrch lane, London. Messrs. Emerson k Co., Paris and Havre Samuel Haigbt, Esq., American Consul, Antwerp, Belgium. Messrs. J. and J. <?. Woodward, 9t. John, N. f. A. W. (iodfrey, Halifax, N. fl. J, G. Woodward, New Orlsaioi, La. Messrs. J. B. Baaerac fc Co., Havana. Harnden k Co. g Court St., Boston. All goods most b? marked "H rdsn fc Co. N. B.?Harnden k Co. are alone responsible for the loss or injury of any articles, or property ol any description committee o their care; nor it any nek assumed by, nor can any be attxcliesl to the New Jersey Steamboat Navigation Company. W> which their crate* are. or may- be transported;nor the New York, Providence, and Boston Its 11 road, or the Bostnn and Pro ridnice Railroad Corporations, in resject to their contents at toy time. HARNDEN k CO., iyl? r No. I Wall *t.. New York. EXPRESS FOR BOSTON?DAILY LINE?WINTER ARRANGEMENT, aHAKNOEN k CO. will run a%ffihs*h S I t I their packtgeaud hatineit " - jTtiss ji gsMf p en betwrvi Now York and tVaJCWL. .SESEaL Boston during the winter as fellow vu OtoMiigton, on 1 tie da rtiursd y? and Jitii day s. Via Norwich mi Mondays, Aednrsdavt and Fridays?makiik a oaily line. N. B.?Please mark all package* intended for this line, to -are of H \RN DEN fc CO. ngr 1 W?l street. satmi PHILADELPHIA EXPRESS. Messrs HARNDEN k CO. in couuexion with tneir HHB Boston and Providence Line* of Express and K.o "^HBS^ropeau Agencies, run two Dsily Lines of Express to Pmla i-lphia ronnectiug with Bslliinor^aud Washington Particular attention will be '-aid to the tra- aportatien and delivery of mall and valnable parcel* with lha utmojt regnlarity Cum, Urge parrel*,lie. despatched daily At M before* P. M. small unreel* received until H pa*t * o'clock P. M. and delivered early in Philadelphia atit morning. HARNDLN It CO W YO V YORK. SUNDAY MORIS THE MYSTERY OK th< POMEROY'S TRUNK S ml DEVELOPED. ft PHILO N. RUST'S ADDRESS. To the Public. p? The circumstances of my recent arrest for an al- na leged participation in a crime, against which my whole soi:l revolts, are familiar to the public. I qu shall not be charged with affectation, in saying, JjJ, that my feelings, with those of my family and l friends have been deeply injured. The recovery of the property stolen f rom Messrs. Pomeroy dr thi Co., and the detection of the real criminal, relieves Dil me from the necessity of endeavoring to convince i*., the public that I was not the guilty party; but i presume I am not mistaken in the apprehension,that j * in the minds of many, at least of those who do not pl< know me personally, conclusions will be formed ^ unfavorable to my general character tor integrity, tai on the ground that if it had been good, suspicion j||j could not have been attached to me under circum- th< stances amounting to less than positive conviction. rel Deeply as my feelings have been wounded, it arises not so much from the fabricated imputation of the ro rnhherv. as from the reflection thsl the far.i nf nm *? ?~ "" '"J Do arrest earned with it the presumption that I was ini not incapable of crime?thut I was one on whom ^ magistrates and police officers were justified in ex- tin ercising their vigilance, unless I established my own innocence. I think I may refer to my neigh- ha bors and those who know me most intimately, to ha testily to the cruelty and hards.lip of such a posilion. It is no light matter to nave one's repose j,, broken at midn ght by the minister of the law; to m< be ilragged lroiu the side of his wife, whilst his foi premises undergo a search for stolen goods; to be conveyed tluougli an hundred miles of country, wi and pointed at by gaping crowds in every village, fal us a suspected, it not detected rogue; to have my a? name blazoned through the newspapers arid uttered ?c oy every tougue, witli a thousand talse ruinors and J,ii exaggerations, in connection with a detestable Ht crime; hut 1 must confess that all this has left no or impression upon my iiiuid to compare 111 painful- re nose with the constantly recurring dread, that 1 '? shall be judged by the mass of the community as Pe one who might have been guilty, though 1 was not; '. and thut it is impossible that i should have been in' subjected to the ordeal through which 1 have puss- wj ed, if there did not exist some plausible pretext or pa other to render me obnoxious to suspicion. Con- an scious asl am of my own liiuocence, 1 cannot con- ry sent to submit to a judgment so nuiiuhating and Pr relentless; 1 should preiet death. ? Urged by these cousiueiauons, 1 appeal to the public to judge between me and the events ol lue last lew weeks.? " 1 as a only to be restored to that degree ol confidence in 10 the community that 1 enjoyed beloru 1 was lalsely im- w peached. 1 trust there are none ao tusensiDle to the Cumwou claims of good citizenship, as to wish, wrougluiiy, to debar mo how that measure of jusiice To euabiu aii P' wuu huve felt an laterest in the s .tueul to form a correct conclusion, 1 beg their atleuUou to the following siele- fo munis : Upou Diy return from Rochester, on the ruoruing of the w ?ui unit. whither i hud been, by arrangement with officer Slruttou, to submit to, or rather to compel, uu exauimu *' lion, and elicit the lucts or other information upon which " my arrest was bused, 1 wm impressed with the necessity "! ol procuring and giving publicity to *uch pruols eswouitl, ''' in the absence 01 any uuolosures to tin the robbery ol |V Pomeroy St Lu'r trunk upou the real culprit,teud to exouerute me irom suspicion and mistrust, believing that i was 01 indebted for my arrest to some motive loreigu lrom a de- w sire to promote the simple ends ol justice, or even to real e ire a tempting pecuniary reward, 1 was also resolved to . employ every uieausin my power to turret out the ongi ual authors of ray disgrace, and lorce theui to account tu . . ue and the public lor the part they had acted 1 insiantly, jointly with Mr. i nomas t>. banks, alike implicated with " me hi the hx press robbery, employed counsel to carry on ' the investigauou. fue next day alter my return Irom Kochesler, J. G. Forbes, bsq. took the cars lor buffalo and " 1 loliowed my sell the day alter. For nearly two weeks we J nave beenassidiously engaged in unravelling the my steiy in which the whole transaction has been surouded I sun- * mil to the public, reading the exposition which lot- , lows, to dcter.i lue with what success. The recovery ol the missing money, and the general s' conviction that Lacnner was without accomplices, ran * ders it unnecessary to lultii my origiuui purpose ol ac ' counting lor every hour of the Unit 1 passed in New " kork, us well us in going und returning, abou. the time ui the robbery 1 intended to have shown by competent teiunion) . that the circumstances under winch 1 went to tin- ' city, und the engagements which employed my time . whilst there.were ol a character wholly to lorhid the idea , that 1 could have participated in the abstraction ol the ' stolen trunk, or that 1 could have had the slightest knowledge of its existence, the nature of its contents, or the , iact of its exposure by the person having it in charge ? ^ but these prools will not be expected now. 1 therefore . pasa directly to the history of my arrest and the details which ensued. On Wednesday, the 27th day of Decemlier, I visited Buf . lalo, in company with Mr. Banks. Mr. B. had business, but 1 had nuue other than the motives of an ordinary visit " not Innmg been in Buffalo tor several years. We expect . ed.when leaving Syracuse, to extend our trip to St.Catherine's, U. C., to see Mr. L. W. Stevesaon, tavern keeper at mat place, and other friends and acquaintances; but Mr f banks becoming indisposed, and ututble to leave his room t on Thursday and Friday, and only Us ride out on Saturday, ( this part of our plan wus relinquishes!, and we made picparunons to return homeward by the train of the .list. On n the morning ol' that day. I proceeded to the railway depot , leaving Mr. Banks to loliow by a different street, but whilst waiting lor his apjicurance, a friend came up to inlorm me that he was detained by as officer and wished me to return. I immediately went back to the American Hotel, where we hud stopped, and lound Mr. Brown, the Sheriff of brie county, searching his litiggugc upou a charge that he was concerned Id the robba-ry of the Fx press company. Keeling indignant at what' I considered a gross outrage, 1 told tlie Hheiill he might aa well suspect me us Mr. Banks, and advised him to searoh my trunk 1 Ins he declined, observmg that there was no suspicion against me,and that although he hadfelt justified in tliestepe wmch he had taken, yet it win apparent that there was some mistake somewhere, aud thai he regretted that any thing of the kind had been done. The expression ol these regrets did not satisly us ol' the propriety of his course, and we remained two days longer lo ascertain tho grounds upon which the search was made. Mr. Banks uttered the Sheriff Ave hundred dollars, in hand, for the name el hit informant, or instigator, the warrant having been issue-' upon the application of Brown, the officer who executed the search, it is proper to add here, that no person's name was inserted iu the warrant, as being suspected; but it contsined a general direction to search the American Hotel. On making strong and pressing solicitations to the Slierilfto disclose the aource and nature of the informs tion which induced the- proceedings, he at length stated, that the information did not coma lrom New Vork or Albany, but Irom a place sleet of Ulica and Syracuse; but | this was all we could persuade him to say or intimate upon the subject Failing Ln our efforts to obtain the seen t or source of Mr. Brown's ? uspicions, we departed for Syracuse on Tuesday, the fd Mutant, and commit tlirouirh In - the regular train, reached .home about 10 o'clock in th< ? evening. ( On the succeeding KridHiy morning at about the hourol , two, I was awakened by a call at the door ot my room in p the Syracuse House, and ,rising to open the same, a person ,, (who afterwards proved to be a Mr. Mtratton. a constabh A ol Rochester, and a depul uuder Clark Robinson, IT. S , vlarshal of the Northern i listnct of New York), present- r| ml himself and raid that he was an otticer, and that I might n :onsidcr myself under arn at. He also enr|uireii lor Mr. j Banks, but finally proceed* d to search my room, arid then c repairing to Mr B's, aubjec ded his trunks to the like srru n liny, altuuugh he waa arm< si with no proccaa authorising . Iiim to do either. Htratton said I must go to. Rochotiar with him to be ex- , unified, and I proposed to p roc tire an extra locomotive and , overtake the regular train at Auburn, that morning. To (| tnis he at first assented, hut afterward* declined doing it. ? During the day, I proposed to pay one half the expanse ol an extra train through t* Rochester, but he again object v ad. I then told him that to? avoid the expense of keeping j my friends at Auburn over night, I would procure an or ?, Jer for an extra traiu to Autiiurn, at ft o'ciock on Saturday inorning. To this he agreed, hut, to my great surprise, I learnod in the evemngthat he had procured aprivalc cenvcyaaco, ah I had lelt town fos Auburn, in comj>#ny with v a man by the name of Allen, who was with him -request p irur 'Hiiiiirfi Johnson of Nvrflituis before hi> uii-nt off ti. r 4<lrise me nut to go to Itochest ?i at ail, as tic >lid not be- t, linveany thing could be proved< against air. Thin wan advice thai I did. nut think it expedient to 0 .< lopt, hut ilarted lar Auhiirn at the time arrsng d tie- ,, ween Ui with a number of fi* len.U luid legal counsel, to uki-the Itochoster train with Mr. rttra-tin. HtSO,ag?ln, I wns still more surprised to learn that Stmtton had not waitivl for tho arrival of his prisoner, hut falsely repn 0 venting to the railway aupcrirl tmilcuts that he had left im f in custody of the Sheriff o/. Onondaga county, and that I had despatched an express to Rochester hy the Canal ,| route, to appriso my accompl ires of what ha! transpired r Uu ob'ained an extra locomotive and hurried bark with at ti much expedition us the the power of steam would admit. On our arrival at Rochester, a little past noon, |. ( |,, v lirlsunnr, be it remembered) instituted an enquiry for ths (, otlicer in whose keeping i considered myii If lie was tin Joilbtedly concealed, arid a/tor waiting an hour or t* o, Allen was sent tor and given to understand that his acquit- ,, lance from some share ol the responsibility incuired i, might depend upon the production of Hhatton. He a< fir t denied all knowledge ooStratton's whereabouts,but fin ally t, undertook to hunt hinr up, and alter a reasonable delay 0 succeeded. My counsel demanded that the warrant is- c sued for my arrest should be returned, and w# proceeded i| to the ottice of thn Police Justice for an axainiuation, , Stratton following with undisguised reluctance. Htrat- ? tou's return of the wairunt consisted in throwing it down ti oil the magistrate's table, when the District Attorney ol 7 Monroe county areae and stated, that ha had but Just then n been made acquainted with the fact and the circumstances t of ray arreat; that .had ha been orevlonaly consulted, he p could not have ad v| ted any such measure, that he doubtad d RE 1 riNG, JANUARY 28, 18) juriidlctlon of the court, u it did not appear by any I tnnony mat me stolen property uuu ever ueeii in iu= unty ; and he did not see bow au examination could be tared into, for nothing appeared to render any further loeeJinfa necessary or proper. The Police Juatice, Mr. mar, added the remark, that the warrant had been laid by Mr. P. O. Buchan, a Justice of the Peace, and that was entirely ignorant of the facts or grounds upon lich its issue was based ; that as there seemed to be no >secutor, and no evidence forthcoming *he had noaltertire but to dismiss the complaint. My counsel de inded that as dtratton was the person upon whose inloritlon the warrant had beea granted, he should be reired to substantiate his acusalion. if he had any proofs his possession, dtratton remained silent, and the case is accordingly discharged During all this proceeding, nothing was elicited to row any light upon the mysteries which enveloped the insactien. Stratum knew nothing, or would say noing?the Police Magistrate was entirely in the dark?the strict Attorney had only gained sufficient information satisfy him that the whole atfcir was wrong from the ginning ; and even the Justice who had grantad the irrant, alarmed at tha course which things were taking, clined to reveal the nature of the information which had luced him to issue the warrant ol arrest, though he saded by way of extenuation, that he had Instructed ratton not to execute the process, unless he could obtain ins additional information to make its expediency carn. We did, indeed, begin to hear some street rumors, and it there was a " woman in the case," but nothing tangi; or at all calculated to unfold the hidden character of a foul urocaedings against Mr. Bsnka and myself. We turnetl, therefore, without any other satisfaction than at of having our friends know what we knew before, st there weie no just grounds for implicating us in the bhery of the F'.x press Company. I was determined, however, to probe the matter to the ttom. Mr Forbea returned to Rochester and Buffalo to ititnte a thorough and searching investigation?be tving home on Monday, and 1 following him on Tueaday cuing We made Buffalo the first theatre ol our operans, but Mr. K. was informed in passing through Hoester, that a woman of had reputation, an associate and itriu^ent of counterfeiters and thieves, a Mrs. Leggett, d been in that city previous to my arrest, and seemed to vosome knowledge of what wus going on ; that she d been noticed to nave interviews with Clark Hobinson d it was reported that Robinson had paid her fifty dol * by way of a loan. At Buffalo, Sheriff' Brown was no ire will ng than before to disclose the source of the inrmation upon which the American Hotel had been arched. My counsel placed himself in communication ith the woman Leggutt, through a police officer of Buf o. and various persons were applied to for information d for assistance in developing tne facts In the course a day Hud a half, u large amount ol information was cumulated, which led to my firm belief that'dark Koison was cognizant of the whole transaction, and had, least, borne a nart in it from the beginning, if he did not iginatc the suspicions; and that he could, if he pleased, veal the entire mystery. Mr Robinson Is the brotherlaw of Pomeroy, and we found several of the most resctable and intelligent citizens of Buffalo possessed of e conviction that the search of the American Hotel, and e subsequent arrest of Mr Bonks ami myself bad been stigutod to produce a diversion, and to amuse the public ith expectations of discoveries at a new and distant lnt from the scene upon which the scrutinising and ixious eyes of the public were first concentrated. Eveadditional fact which the investigation disclosed in its ogress, went so strongly to implicate Mr. Robinson as e primo mover in this scheme, that In the afternoon of bursday, it was determined to summon him into our pre nee, and confront him with the revelations that pointer) strongly to his agency in the business He complied ith our request, and an interview accordingly was held our rooms In the American. Before stating in detail the conversation which took ace at this interview, it may be proper to go back and date some other information upon which this belief was unded When Mr. Forbes was on his passage up to Buffalo, he as inlorme I try Mr. Carter, the mail agent between Anarn and Buffalo, that on the preceding Thursday, (the h inst) he had seen Mr. Roninson at Rochester, and tat he (Robinson.) had requested him to detain and open iy letters which might come into his hands directed to ther myself or Mr. Banks; and as a reason for so doing ? thai cr.1. laKuiM, .r.inl.1 .11,>1... ..I ie Express robbery. Tho further information waa ieeived afterwards at Rochester, that a similar application its made to tho Postmaster there Mr. Andrews, and urgd with great earnestness. The next morning after the arrival of my counsel at nffiilo, he sent for Mr Haveni, the District Attorney of irie county, and communicated the object of his visit to iBtcity; that he was paiticulnrly desirous of ascertainlg fro.n Sheriff llrown the grounds upon which he protired the warrant to search Banks, as a knowledge of that ict might probably devulope the whole mystery?and he rquested Mr. Havens if ho thought he could do so with ropriety, to ask Brown to communicate this information. Ir. Havens refilled that he would send fur Brown audad ise him to make such disclosure if it could be dona with due regard to public Justice He farther said that he ad already conversed with Brown on the subject; that ame of ht< statements were of a confidential chai acter, nd such as he could not reveal, but that he fait at liberty j state that Brown liud told liim that the first suspicion lie ind received with regard to Bank's connection with the ohhery, was fro is Clark Robinson. Shortly after Robinson's coming into our room ns heore mentioned, Mr. Forbes told him the purpose of oui isit to Buffalo, and that we were particularly desirous o mowing the source of Sheriff Brown's information, lto unton replied, in substance, that it would not be worti vliiie to press that inquiry?that Brown would not dis lose it-and strongly advised that we should make m urther efforts in that quarter Mr. F orbes then made ai to Robinson, as my fiiend. to assist in discovering lie cause which led to my arrest, and in vindicating my haracter from suspicion Robinson declared his willing less to do so, and uttered denunciations against those wh< iad been instrumental in getting up the story. Wethet iskod him if at any time he had entertained suspicion! igainit me in reference to this robbery; he replied, no he slightest?that I was oneof the last men in the Stab s horn no should suspect of any such crime, and if his cer ificate to that effect would be of any value, it would ai ord him very great pleasure to make one in writing Ve then asked him if he had any objection to tell us ai is knew ofthe matter: he expressed Ins readiness to do so ind want on to say, that about noon on Sunday, the .llsi if December last, he accidentally met me in the rear of thr tmerican Hotel at Buffalo, and that I told him that She iff Brown had that morning searched Banks'baggage hat 1 seemed to find fault with the Sheriff, and that he (lto linson) told me that Sheriff Brown, as a public officer, had irobahly been compelled to do what he had done, and hat he ought not to be blamed. (This conversation, I i ell recollect, occurred as it is here repeated), Mr. Ho. linsou declared, in express terms, that tins was the firsi inowledge or intimation he ever had of such a proceed ng as the i??ue of tho warrant, or the search, or the exls ence of any suspicions against Banks In answer to particular enquiries, he further stated, tha ie had not been to Rochester during the last week on any limine** connected with the F)xpresi robbery ; that hi vent down on his official engagements ; that he had n? icquaintance with the woman, Leggett, other than thai ie had seen Iter; that he never conversed with her in re rard to this matter ; that he had neither said or done any hing at Rochester upon this aubject, and did not boots hatliis Deputy Stratton. had gone to Syracuse to aires ne, and, in short, wholly and unqualifiedly disclaimed al igency in or knowledge of the circumstances undei which the suspicions had originated. At this time we informed Mr Robinson, that we had eason to believe that he was the author of the accusation ind had not only eriginated the suapiciona against Bank* int had got up the arrests which had since been made H< eemed surprised at this, but upon being pressed for ex ilanatiora of the facts previously obtained by us. am vhich he was before ignorant had come to our knnwledgi -being met with refutations of his assertions, by referenci o conversations, acts and incidents which be suppose, is to be ignorant of, though he knew them to lie true, hii ssurance fell, as one astounding disclosure follow ed an ither, until he seemed everwhelmed with confusion Hi dmitted, for example, that he had made the request to f hi ravelling Post Master to intercept my letters, although hi nd just vehemently protested that he had never suspect d m?, and hail no knowledge of the means by which th? rrests had been effected. This ho was willing to certify nd did indeed give me a certificate absolving me wholly rom suspicion In his own mind at any time, and all times nit withstanding the facta I have stated in regard to tht ? / .nuuiuo <-<,nn..; ........ ........ oinoidence occurred at the same time Our agent to com nun icalo with the woman, (whoof rour-e had no intelli ence of our connexion with him) wa* instructed to cn |tiire whether she had received and could produce anv ettera from me. as we had heard through other rhanncli hat she pretended to he in correspondence with me. nnr ad ahown one ortwo letter* purporting to he in mv hand the repl ed at oner, with an emphasis?"Don't you know hat Runt never write* any letters?" In the first interview trith Mr. Robinson, at atunn* when I was |not present, al tuion was madnhy my counsel to eertain Infers said tr i<> in existence, written by me, when Mr Robinson re nined in almost preciarly the language of the woman ? Do you not know that Itu?t never writes nny letters?' I am aware of that " sstd my counsel, Mr Forbes, "and cntureto assert, Mr Koliinson, that no other citizen n lufl'alo, tiesidea yourself and Mrs l.eggatt, knows thai act?and yon told her of It Mr R seemed coufoundr. y this remark, and uttered not a syllable in reply. During th!a conversation, after repeated a# <evera'lon' f his belief in my innocence, and that no suspicion oughi r could proiierly attach to me, my counsel remarking hat Mr. Itohinson did not exculpate Mr. Hanks in th? sms manner, said to him, " Mr Robinson, however tin asr may turn out as respects Rust, you have a very serins account to settle with Ml Ranks, for you had noJti?* rounds of suspicion against him " He replied iminedi. f?ily?" T hwd no ground* of suspicion, I admit. p.vcrp' hat ho win in Now York, ind left on the morning of tho ohhory." This remark ho repented riming the conversa on. I wish to a'sto another fact which has loft a strong con iction upon my minri that tho design ?f Rohtnson wa. i keep alive tho suspicion which had boon createdlin ' ie, and to prevent such a log*) reposition of tho circumI unco* un lor which tho accusation arose, as to ennhle 10 to vindicate my Innocence In lontr proper iwd tengi le form. Tho riay before wo loft RtitTslo Mr Havens, the Din net Attorney, stated to my rooniel, that Mr Woila. on' f the partner* of the Express enrrpany, residing In tha' ity. had heard so much said in regard to thia business hat he thought it due to all parties that there should he legal examination ; that aa I was in the city, and the romsn F.egirott, also, from whom the pretended iriformalon wa* derived. he was in fovor of an investigation 'nia waa gratifs ing intelligence to me. aa I had been earratly aeeking lor aome mode by which 1 could arrive at knowledge of the cauae of this extraordinary and mys srlotia persecution. The District Attorney stated in edition, that than waa to be a meeting at hi* office at two HERA 44. o'clock for the purpose of determining upon the propriety I of lUCb an inveiUgetion, and that he would induce the partiee, It poaaihlu, to content that my counsel ahouhl be udmitted to the discussion, and would send lor him ut that time if it should be agreeable to them. The meeting took fdace, and Mr Wells, as he has informed me since, strong, y urged the propriety and necessity of this examination, but it was successfully resisted by Kobinauu. on the 5round that it would be productive of no benefit, and uuer the pretence that it might defeat the exertions which were to be continued under the direction of Mrs. gett During the last day anJ a half of our stay at Butlalo, Hob neon was much in our room, and continued to piofess his sympathy for me. and hia anxiety to do any thing in his pow er to re-estahliih iny reputation. He denounced in no measured terms the conduct of his deputy, titration, and declared that when he went to Rochester, he would remove hint from ottice. On Saturday morning, 14th instant, we led Buffalo, and ceme back to Rochester, accompanied by Robinson Immediately after our arrival,Robinson received a letter from titration resigning his office of Deputy Marshal, and re. turning his acknowledgments for the confidence lie had reposed in him. tn the course of the afternoon. Robinsou informed me that Stratton was about to publish a statement showing the circumstance* under which my arrest was made, and expressing his conviction of my innocence, and he (Robinson) tequested, it he did putdish such u statement, that I would consent to his restoration to office Having finally became fully convinced of RobinI sun's ihinlintT t ils?r*Ilns>tl nnv InrtKup pnmmnniratiAn with him. 80011 after our arrival we received, for the first time, from Justice Buchan, a copy of the affidavit, written out in due form, made by Stratton as a foundation for the i*-,u tug of the warrant. By a note n|rpcndod to tin- Mime, it appeared that no affidavit was subscribed and sworn to in the uttiai manner. at the time the warrant was granted, but it was issued upon an orHl stiitemeut ol tarts under outh, and this paper contained the substance ?t what was sworn to I now had obtained,after the delays and labors ol a week, and for thu first time, a substantial clue to the web 1 was trying to unfold, and it formed a basis upon which I could, with some degree of intelligence and coitainty,proceed to institute further inquiries. This affidavit states that on the 3d day of January, Btrat ton appeared before Justice Buchan, and made oath that for some time past he had employ od one Gilbert H Moore, of thu city of Rochester, as a spy lor the purpose of detecting counterfeiters ; that this man Moore had called upon Stratton very late on Monday night, (1st Jan ) and informed bim that a woman by the name of Leggett, who was notoriously engaged in counterfeiting, Bnd well known tothe police, nad arrived in Rochester, and he had obtained her ooufidcnce ; that this womuu had disclosed to Moore, on Ills making a solemn oath of secrecy, that she knew the persons who hail s olen the money ol I'omeroy 8t Co. ; that these persons were myself. Banks and < opp ; that we were all ou board the staumhout on the North River at the time the money was taken ; that I got the trunk and carried it or its contents to the Astor House in New York, where 1 remained some days ; that after* wards I came west, and remaining only a short time at Syracuse, I had gone to Butlalo, with Banks, and took with mu the money and the Union Bank bills ; that when I arrived at Buffalo, I had railed on this woman, UwBt and had engaged her to All up the notes of the Union Hank, and had furnished her with the sheets?and that the object was to send off thu notes when so tilled up to tho Western States, to ba put In circulation , that she. being EI raid to fill up the sheets at Buffalo, had come on to Rochester for that purpose, by agreement w ith me; that the woman showed tho sheets to Moore, and that Moore took one of them, and exhibited the same to Stratton ; arid Stratton swore before the justice that the sheet so exhibited to him was a sheet of the Union Bank ol New York Stratton swore further, that he could not retain the sheet Knnuttiii) Maapii Karl tn rsitnrn flies names fn tin* tL'nmnti tn prevent her suspicions , that Moore had toM him that th woman hail communicated to him, (Moore) that Banks and myself would come from Buffalo to Rochester, the next day, and would bring the money with u?, and that it wan our intention to deposite the name withfone Stevens in Rochester. Stratton further testified, that on the next day I came in the cars from Buffalo, hut hr was unable to discover Banks ; that he was informed and believed that Banks had come off' the cars at Churchville, about twelve miles west of Rochester, and that he would come into the citv in the evening in a buggy ; and that he Stratton, believed the money was in >ne possession ol Banks. He further swore, that on my arrival at Roches ter, I put up at the Eagle Tavern, and that a deputy She riff had come from Buffalo on the track of the woman and was then closely watching her by reason ol some suspicious circumstances that hud occurred at Buffalo. He swore, moreover, that he had watched us us well as lie could, but had lost trock of me in the forenoon of Tue? day; that he had inquired at the Eagle Tavern and had been fold that I had left the uime day in the cars for Sj ra cuse, but that on inquiring at the Hailioud Depot, he was informed and believed that 1 had not luft in the cars fm Syracuse, and that [ was then concealed in the city, unti Banks should arrive in the evening when, after ileiswi ting the money, we would rioss over to Pittsford, or somi other stopping place, on the railroad, and then go on tc Syracuse He swore, also, that he was the mora confident in this belief from the fact that lie hail been informed believed, that I been seen to look into the theatre, ot Tuesday evening, to which plane the woman had gone and that 1 immediately came out and went off in a had towards Cornhill. Ha further swore, that On the day o his making thii oath, which was on Wednesday the Sd o lanuary, ho had been informed hy Moore and believed that I had seen the woman the day before nt her room fo a few minutes, and had told her it would not do for me t be seen speaking to her ; that I said n Rochester bull-do was watching me. and that I would have to he off. an that I wantedher as soon as I could get oft' without susp cion, to come to my house at Bv racuse, and I would prr cure a room lor her there where she could sign the note without detection He swore, in addition, that Moor told him that she, the woman, now knew where the pit ney was, hilt he was utraid to question her too closely lest her suspicion of his fidelity might he raised, lint h would find out In the course of the day. He stated, hi sides, that he wished to start for Syracuse to he there hi fore her, and if she came and stopped at iny house, h wished to bo armed with tome authority by which h could act on an emergency, and therefore' prayed a wai rant for my arrest?w hich warrant w as accordingly ii sued by the Justice. From the examination of this most extraordinary nai ration, with its detailed and minute specifications ol prr tended farts and rircumstsnces, I began to comprrhem 'he true character and extent of the means which hai been devised to destroy me, and of the utter recklessne* and depravity of the agents engaged in the conspiracy The woman Leggett, who it was represented had giver the information. I had never seen to my knowledge or re collection, nor had I ever heard of her until after the ar rest. The man, Moore, was alike unknown to me, eithe personally or hy reputation. On enquiring nt Rochester the place of his residence, we leatneo that tin was a mise ruble street loafer, of respectable parentage, but who hy I long course ol vice and degrading associations, had be come an outcast from his lumily and the community irotind hiui. and was in every respect unworthy of th* least credit upon any subject In rending the affidavit, however, we discovered the Stratton, who had obtained thn w arrant, had sworn, a* o his own knowledge, to one material and important f ict and that was that Moore had exhibited to him (Stratton one oi the unsigned sheets oi the Unien Bank an.t he g i* is a reason why he had not produced it to the Justice i I confirmation of the truth of his story, that he could not rs tain the sheet because Moore hMd to return the same t the woman to avoid suspicion On enquiry we aseertnir ed that Btratton, after my arrest, had repeated this stati ment to others in justification of himself in making th complaint, hut on our arrival nt Rochester, on Saturday he 13th inst , when he discovered that the matter w as t be thoroughly investigated, he stated for the firs'tirm rs far as we could learn, that he had never teen the shee' in question, and that|the Justice was mistaken in his r collection that he, (Stratton) had sworn to any inch far Decerning satisfied that he had so compromised himsel when he obtained the warrant, and had on several ore <ions stnted the snmc thing to others, I entered s cor daint against him furthe perjury, and brought him lief'oi 'he police magistrate of Rochester An examinational cordingly took plnee, when Justice Bttchan swore pos 'ively that Stratton had so testified, and that it was mail !y iqion this particular fact he granted the w arrant for m irrest and that he would not have grunted it bad lie Dl sworn that he had actually sum the sheet Buchan tu flier testified, that Stratton had stated 'he same fart tw ic . it least, the day before the warrant w us issued, and tht he stated to the Justice that he thought he could again gr 'he sheet into his possession. forthe purjiose of exhihi'ini it to him ; hut that he called afterwards and said thn Moore had returned the sheet to the womsn, and I was afraid to ask her for it, as it might axcite her itiipi cjons I It wns also proved on the examination that Stra'toi had told Gen Stevens of Rochester that he had aetn illy seen this sheet ; that it was a sheet of the t'nien Bank o New York,duly countersign*d at the ft,mptroller'soffice ind that on < ien. Stevens'* suggesting to him that he mns , lie mistaken, and that it w as probably a sheet of counter felt hills of this hank he replied that he could not he mi'nk**n, as he was a fudge of counterfeit money, being mud ' in the way of detecting oo'interfeiteis. I That he stated the same thing to >evrral other persons | and on different occasions, I have abundant evidence \ The man Moor* was also celled aa a witness, and hestn I ted that the cnminiirwration* made hy the w uman 'o birr e> they are substantia'!)' put forth In Btratton'* alfldavi' w ere correct, except thnt Moore swore that although hi had told Stratton he hid seen tain of theso sheet*. yet In did not see any such thing that he had told a lie to Btrst ton, and that his only object in doing so. was to make th story a little stronger. Monro swore also, thnt the woman stated to him. thn Deputy Sheriff Stewart had come down from Buffslo h Rochester, and was then w atching her, and that in orde to avoid him, she wished to gel a private room ; and fur titer that at her request, he (Moore) had gone ovei to tin Eagle tavern to see Robinson ; that some person had rn her once a note hut that she was out w hen it came- th i It must have come from Robinson an that he (Moore) accordingly went over and loin Robin son He (Rohm-on) said it first tbat he did not know si was in tows; that he was will acquainted s* ) in would go nnd se> her , that he wen' over with the wn nss.and Mr* !. gg'-tt introduced linn to Robinson Moore went out of the room and left Robinson an th woman together. Moore swore that he again saw Robin fiFii III inu r?M?T 1 uurr IU u t-iur * on Mir *?imr iTiiniF ^ 1!. that he (nobimuri) remained w(ih her about two hour* that heliaerd Mil L. n'k fUdiinwm to hm foiw m? nejr ; that Robineon mti l he had t ut few dollnrv but I thought he coiiln procure ?om? fur li?r. Moor* ?f?ted further, that on Thuraday morntne, th ttli lull , Mr? Lenrtt tola him alir ha 1 aoncliideifto e hack to Itutralo. and that when h? cam* into tier room h wm juit finishing a letter, which aha handed to him. nit a requeit that hu would read It, fold und direct It, uad in It la the poat offlca? that ha took the letter alter reedln i it and ahowed it to Col. Payne, who mailed It JLD. Prtw Two Com to. Having ascartalned the day before from Pott muter Ax* drewa, that such a latter bad been mailed to ma at tlyra cum, and it not having been teceived in conirquenae of my absence from homo, I immediately tent an express to Syracuse lor the letter. It was found in the hand* of ay clerk unopened, and forwarded to me in that atate, whan it was opened by my counsel and produced on the examination. The letter was in these words, u Utnatim, kev? rocmcstkb jan ?, 1844. Mr Rust Mir You will perhaps be dteapinted that 1 hare not colm my self instead of sending this, but you must no that I hareben frotn holm now on exponas longer than I entended when 1 lelt I think tharefore that it w ill be proper to return holm asthat will of course alay all auspftloa and w hen 1 receive a line from you I will here my baggage lead) and come fourth with and as the can laara fit the morning t riore tight I shall steel a nica march Ml them, right as soon is you receive this. Vours with Due esteem llill fT On prosenting this letter to Moore, he recognised It aa the one to which hu had relerred, hut ha then awon that be did not know who wrote the letter, and denied that ha had said that Mrs. Leggett wrote it? although he admitted that the direction was in hit hand w riting. Befoie the examination ot tilraUou had taken plica, having been inlormed that the woman, Leggett, had received moiiev Irons Hobinson and odim >k fence of making disclosures, I earned a warient to be Ulued for bci appichentiou lor obtaining money under false pretences, and sbe was accordingly brought down from Buffalo to Rochester on Wednesday laat. 1 also caused a ?iiL>|tcenH lobe aerved on Sheriff Brown and Deputy Sheriff Stuwart ol Buffalo, to appear and tea tify on her examination. Mr itobinaon had left town and gone to Albany, arid tor that icaaou It waa sup|<osad w* should not be able to com|?l bin attendance, aa ha waa engaged in the U S District Court in that city. Mr. Stewart attended in consequence of the aubtMcne but Brown did not appear. Aa the woman waa in the court when Rtratton's examination waa going on, I caused her to be called to the stand us a witneas. She declined, to answer in the first instance, on the ground that aha had been brought there on n warrant, ana that she did not see what right they had to question her until her own examination took place ; and added that sbe would not b? examined until (. lark Bobiuaoh art ived. She then stated, that she could not under any circumstances consent to swear, until she had consulted counsel. Counsel wu accordingly sent for, and after a short interview, she consented to tnstify, and was sw orn. She stated in substance thet she lived in Buffalo; that she came lo Rochester from Buffalo about IS o'clock on Monday, tho 1st day ol January; that she [stopped at tha U. S. Hotel; that during the day, a man by the name of Gilbert H. Moore was introduced to her ; that sbe never exhibited to said Moore any shoe's of the Union Bank Ol New York, and never saw any such sbpcte ; that she had not told Moore that she ever bad any such in her poseeeaion; that she 1 ad seen Banks more than fa years age, but bad no recollection of having spoken with him within that time; that she thought she saw him in the street el Buffalo, walking past the American, but did not speak be him ; that she was not acquainted with me, but bed seen me at my house occasionally as she passed through tjrrecuse; that she thought she once spoke to me, ebout pey leg her hill at my house?that she had paid for her breakfast, and one of the waiters u anted her to pay it over again, nnd I had been called in to maku it right; this waa the only time she had ever spoke to me; that she did net re reive any communication irom either me or Bank* whliat we were at Buffalo; and that the did not write any latter to me whilat the waa in Rochester. Tba letter, a copy of which is given ahova, was then ahown to her; aba answered?" thia letter ia not in my handwriting, nor do 1 know wboaa it ia?I never saw it before.* At this period of the examination, the counsel ol 8tr*tton objected to pursuing it any further, as It bad no relevancy >othe particular charge against him for the periury, and my counsel did not finish these enquiries of the witness at this time After some unimportant matters had been given in evidence on the jiart ol Stratloa, for the purpose of showing that ho did not testify as stated, the magistrate ordered him to give bonds to appaar ana answer to a charge of perjury. The next day f made complaint before the same magistrate that u conspiracy existed, as I believed, to implicate me falsely in a criminal offence, and preyed an examiner tion for the purpose of ascertaining its authors Such examination took place on Thursday last. The matters there developed, as well as in the case of BtrtttOn, have already been published in the Rochester papers, and it is necessary to refer to them only in brief terms Mrs Leggrtt was again called to the stand, and atetad, in substance that on Sunday morning, ehe last day of I>w camber, she went to the jail in Buffalo to see a sick womini ; that she then- overheard Mherifls Brown and Mat,art talking about having searched Banks that mornlM ; he enquiied of them about It, as she had not heaid of it before, or of the robbery Brown told her al?ut it, and said that I was theie. and brought forward my baggage to he searched, hut he did not search it because he bad na ' suspicion of me Brow n asked her if she had ever seen me?she told liirn she bad seen me at my tBvern as abe had passed through Syracuse. but had no acquaintance with me. That was nl'l she had heard on the annjret until 1 she went to Hocbester did not speak on the subject In 1 the car* going down. She said she bad been calculating ' on going to Rochester for s week before. Stewart, the deputy Sheriff, came on to the car* at Batsvin, a: 1 came < on to Bochester ; had no conversation with Htewar*. en 1 the subject, either in the cars or at Rochester ; sbo 1 waa getting out of the cars, Stewart Hiked herifsheww 1 going further east?told him she was not She did not r want any conversation with him, as sha supposed he was ? watching her. She never told Moore that she had spokan V with Banks or myself at Buffalo, nor did sheerer give '' him any information writh tegaid to Banks or myself ax ' to the|robbery ; she never told !Moore that she had seen ' tne at the theatre on Tuesday evening, the second of ' * lanuary ; never told him that she haa spoken to either ' of us at Hocbester. She had read a detailed account ' of what Moore had sworn to on the examination ol Stratton?the w hole story related hv him waa false Robinson e railed to see her on Wednesday evening at the Morton House; she sent Mqorc Bfter Itobinson to rome and see ' her; Robinson had sent two lines to the Morton House e hut she did not get them; my name or Banks'was net ' mentioned by her or Robinson, nor was anything said r about the robhi ry. or the person supposed to be engaged ' in it. She ssw Robinson again on Thuiaday morniur fit his room in the Fagle Tavern; went over to say to him. that she was going home in the cars that day, and she did go, and Ifobin-on went on in the seme tiain She did not ' leceive anv money from Robinion at Rochester or Bulfa ' lo. or of any other" jici son to hear her expense* to Rochester. Robinson told tier hit business at Rochester wm ahotit n steamboat. fits wart went up in the asm* train 1 with her; did not apeak to Rtewait about thia matter; rover told any person that the knew anything about the robbery or the money, or the Iranian inn. she never pretend ed to have any know ledge upon the subject; never gave \loor> any information upon this subject,because she had none to give. 1 Moore w aa m orn on this eaaminntion, but did not state my new fart of any importance, and termed to he much more unw illing totestify thun on the preceding day. >' John W. Stewart, the deputy shriift, was sworn, and stati d in substance, that he w at present at the search of ' Ranks' hsggage on the 3Ut Deer roher; that thewarrant ' was issued on the complaint of Brown, the theriff ; supposed he knew the source of the information on which ) Brown made the complaint, home three drv a N fort tba 1 earch, Brown told him that Mrs. l.eggett nad been ap" plied to, to sign tome of the sheets in Pomeioy's trunk , :hat he supposed to be the source of Brown's information, " a not confident that Brown mentioned Mrs I.ogaett% 1 name, but the conversation was such that ha could not bu * mistaken in regard to the person he meant " He said further, that he came to Rochester on the 1st of lannary. at the request of Brown, took the cart at Data ? via, having left Buffalo the day before in a private cape. 'iage Brow n told him that he supposed Mr* L was go' ng Fast In the morning, and 'hat ti e would jet jone# ' ion of the blank sheets, saw Mrs. Lrpgett about noon the ' hi; thesiarrhwns made a! the jtmerican; ahc w a? at the nil with Brown, Brace, the under sheriff, the Jailer end Robinson, thinks Cltrk, the notice justice, was present, 1 hey w ere talking about this business; caiirot state any r' par'iculare as to ? bat Mrs. I.cggett said, at he was not r present at the b< ginning of the conversation and was a ' mere litlencr. lunrd her any In the jail, that she had no 1 money to go w ith; she received monev from the persons } here "present some six or seven dollars- was present >' when the money w as paid to her; he w as to po to Betai via and if slie veccive'l on the toad or at Rochester, any ' ..-icknge, tio* or bundle, he w as to sei7e It a* part of tho " fumnroy money, home where on tho road )>etw eeu da avln and Rochester, in the cars, Mrs. I eggrtt told hitc v hit her baggage would bejfiven to her at foci.ester The next day she told him he was wa'ched- supj-osed 1 Moore to be watching him He told her he should go Hime that day, and did go on Tuesday at two o'elocjc When he got home, found Robinson and Brown, and told, hem all that had happened, and they agreed on ?no 'her trial Robinson and himself left next n orning (We ' lesday) for Rochester on this business' It was though: list Robinson w otild not tie suspected, as he had brums? ' ill over the country When he left Rochester on Tues 'ay, he told Mrs I.eggett that himself or tome other person wonld eomt; back and wished her to leave a line ...... i^iviiK win ..- -iib vimm on loann; mi* line w.i* to bo adriretaed to ? Itn' **, when they rt'urniH to Rocheater BoMiimui went to the | o*t oftce and found i letter diiectad to .1 II Htewartt 'bty opened It, and roiin<l that it * w? from Mr* I,, Mating that iht' tra tl itxim No. 10 Morton Mouae, ant wiahed hlni or any other iiorion wlio might t orn* down to rail, think* Ito*hin?on 1 kept tliJ? letter; aaw Mr*. I, tit ltobin?oti'? mom, at the 1 l'ngl* Tirrmi found her there w h*n he ram* in; it waa 'ten agreed that all ihouhl go home no mum given 1 Mr*. ! *?n1 *h* h?.l not money enough to pay har hill and ret horn. Hotiin?on told her he hail but eight dollar* 1 ivitnesw handed her five dollar* when at Rohinaon'* room, the riinveriation w ? ahont the probahllltiea of the rum, 1 haahwd no pnitlenlai ron*er?a lon with the woman alnr* Nirhnla* ( Pairi* wa* then awuro, and atrted in rub'wnee that he wa* an a'to'ney and rotin>*llor at law In tor heater; that lie wa* informed by Strattoo, a* hia friend ?ti the 'id lay o! 'unary of tht f?et? ootamuoi ite i by Vra Legrett to Mere; that Wrattor and Moore oth onnnilted witn hltti <?n the u' lert but he ilea not m . ' it himaelf a* undar the obligation* of roanael, for re**nn that he i? ronvirce l of the perfldy of both Moot e and Mr* t.eggett in tl e wliole tranaa. tion aiid that he matter ha* ainro t amine t otoriou* ' Mi." wot en In *?y . that Moore had told htm be had 1 rone to Buffalo on Turfdar the Mh in*t and returned n ' ridav , that he wen' rip to ate .Mm I egg#It ; that on Saturday morning after hi* retnrn, l,e (Moore) told him ' 'hat he wa* tinder injnnetinn* of irrrecy in regard to ' -vhat had oecurrrd at ttuffaio from flatk Rohinaon. nut e v oillil tell witne**. hut witne** wn?t not any anything to titration that he eallej on Mia I., and took atlppar < mil her and that "he adhered to the aatne atatementa ?he hod made at Hoe heater . tliat he remained at her boot* 1' luring the night; that during the next day ahe *?w d hinton and ronveraed with liim about two hoar* tha C utlther knew the poaitioa occupied h* the oth. i , the* tha on# wa? endaoeorlng to draw the otWout that ug^.

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