Newspaper of The New York Herald, 28 Ocak 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 28 Ocak 1844 Page 3
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Q(??OH, woman ! thou dearest and beat of (tod's enttom, Bright object of men's expectation and hope, Why sutler eruptions to blemish your features. While Uouraud An da a cure in hie "Chemical Soap?" ( Are ye troubled with tan 1 ia your visage afflicted With pimples 7 and do ye thus mourn without hope ? I can fancy the amile on your features depicted ' While I sing you the virtues of Chemical Soap. 'T ia curious to msrk how eruptions ail vanish, I If Oouraud's invention's allowed its full scope; Ten, pimples, or freckles, 't will speedily banish, If you use Italian Chemical Soap. What a wond'rous invention ! My muse cannot falter In deeming that man to be worthy a rope? With a beam at one end?at the other a halter? ] Who would counterfeit Uouraud's Chemical Soap. THE UNIVERSAL CELEBRITY AND NEVER J failing popularity of the Italian Chemical Soap, for the | eradication of tan, pimples, freckles, blotches, sallowness J find rOUffhneAI. irorn th? "hnmnn Jitini." hM caused ' it to be inlamously counterfeited, li you are cheated, make the fellow awallow a cake of hia own poisonous compound; we opine that the fatal doae will protect forever after, the public from iwindlediwith another counterfeit The price of each cake ia *0 eenta, and we warrant one cake will autttce iu the cure of all akin diseases, whether acrofula, morphew, scurvy, chapped or tender flesh, or we return the money. But buy no where el?e but at 67 Walker atreet, just one door from the corner of Broader <& PRIVATE MEDICAL AID.?The member! of theNew York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, in rereturning the public thank* for the liberal aupport they have received In their effort* to " suppress quackery," I rtr leave to state that their particular attention continue* tc lie Jirected to all diseases of a private nature, and from the great improvement) lately made in the principal hospital* of Europe in the treatment of thoie disease*, they can confidently offer to persona requiring medical aid advantage! not to be met with in any institution kt tin* oountry, either public or private. The treatment of the College it such as to insure success in evcrv case, and ia totally different from that ucrnrxus practice of ruining the constitution with mercury, and in most cases leaving a disease much worse than the original. One of the member* of the College ,for many years connected with the principal hospitals of h urope, attends daily for a consultation from 9 A.M. toS P.M. Terms?Advice and medicine, $4 A cure guaranteed. IsrosuiT to Couhtsv Invalids.?Persons living in the country and not finding it convenient to attemTpel* anally, can have forwarded to them a chest containing all medicines ruquisite to perform a perfect cure by staling their case explicitly, together with all symptoms, time ol contraction and treatment received elsewhere, if any and enclosing $3, post paid, addressed to w. r RirHARnttnv a??n? Office and Consulting room* of the College, 9A Nassau ti eet (&- HEADACHE MAY BE CURED IN A FEW minutes by the use of Sherman'* Camphor Lozenges.? Also, palpitation, sea sickness, nervous debility, and all 'issgraaal^aeffects arising from free living. Coughs j/mX* sdjWUcured in from twenty-four to forty-eight , by UV^iifsherman'i Cough Lozenge*, and even ca '( consumption, where the patient has been given up. cured by these invaluable lozenges in from iiaK four weeks; and Sherman's Worm Lozenge* equally as great wonders upon both the old nnd yeungkUn faot, ai) of the Doctor's articles are truly valuable, anTT cunnoc be too highly recommended. Be sure oud get the genuine, and not lie imposed upon with I worthless trash Dr. Sherman's warehouse is I Oti Nassau i street. Agents?110,373,4."i9 and 601 Broadway, 10 Astov 1 House. 227 Hudson street, 183 Bowery. 77 East Broadway, 80 William street, and 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn. (B7- CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CURED.?The , Tonic Mixture, prepared by the College of Medicine and | rharmacy of the city of New York, i? now confidentlv reeommended and prescribed by the first medical practitioners of the city, for all cases ot debility produced either ! by secret indulgence or excess of any kind detriments) to the constitution. It is an invaluable remedy lor impotence, sterility, or barrenness (unless depending on mat- i formation) and will be found highly beneficial in all com plaints arising from a debilitated state of the constitution Bold in single bottles $1 each; hi cases ofhaif a dozen $4; carefully packed and sent to all parts of the Union. , Ottice and Consulting Rooms o( the College, 95 Nassau street. W. 8 ItlCil AIIDSON, Agent. 0fit- REMARKABLE CASE?Reported by Mr. Blackwell, who says that his brother Samuel Blackwell, Esq., of the firm of Messrs Thomas & Blackwell, commission mcrchauts, No. 99 Water street, has been completely cured of the rheumatism, which he has been dreadfully nlfiicted with for the last twenty years, and at times unable to at tend to his business at all. This cure has been done by the use of the Indian Vegetablo Elixir and Liniment, from 91 Courtlandt street, which are warranted to cure any 1 case of rheumatism or gout. Suit yourselves?use this article and be cured, or continue to suffer?as you please. But consider your duty to inform others, if you neglect yourself. Cq- PROFESSOR VELPEAU'S SPECIFIC PILLS, for the permanent cure of Gonorohcca, Gleet, and all Tnocupurulent discharges from the urethra. No medicine ever oftered to the public, exercises such a powerful effect on the bladder and urinary organs, as those valuable vege- ( table pills. They are the fruits of twenty-five years ex , perience of Professor Velpeau at the Hospital of Le Charlte, in Paris, and arc confidently recommended by him as the only preparation that has proved successful in j every case They were introduced into this country two , years ago, by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, daring which time more than ten thousand boxes have lieei, sold ; and the College defies a single instance of failure to he shown Sold in boxes, (1 each, at the^Hfice of the College, 9A Nassau street. , W. 8. RICHAKDBON, Agent. cry- ricord's Parisian alterative mixture, for the radical cure of primary or secondary Sy | philis. This powerful alterative ha* entirely taken the place of mercury among the regular medical practitioners. It is composed of the most strengthening and purifying vegetable medicines, aud always give additional strength to the constitution while curing the disease. | Persons suffering from a venereal taint in their system, or mercurial disease, should use this powerful alterative ' without delay. Sold in singlo bottles, $1 each?in cases of hall a dozen, $-' carefully packed, and sent to all parts of the Union. Office of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 90 Nassau street. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent ? j,.. . I flOtBY MARKET. Saturday, Jan. H7~0 P. HI. Stocks are up again. About every other day they go up, and as often down. Long Island advanced 2 percent; Harlem } ; Taterson ; Stonington .{ ; Ohio 6's 2 ; Keu- ( tucky 1 ; Indiana j ; Illinois 1; Norwich 1 ; Vicksburg | Bank jj ; Canton J ; Farmers' Trust } ; N. Y. Erie Rail f road sold at 15 ; North American Trust was firm at both '' Boards at previous prices. The salep were to a fair extent The money market remains in about the same state us reported during the week. The demand from cotton spe- j1 culators continues very large, as the stock of the raw material 1s daily increasing, and holders are in want of m ire money to hold. The stock market musi * suffer so long as operations in cotton continue large, as csnitsl will more naturallv seek investment in mcrchan I dise in preference to any thing of a fictitious value. A revolution in the cotton market will soon come ronnd ' that will ruin all those engaged, when money will again iall back into stock operations, and prices will 'v once more advance. In the meantime, the stronger brokers are purchasing all the stocks they can get hold , of, at the present prices, anticipating an improvement before many weeks roll round. The Long Island Rank of Brooklyn, has declared 11 1 semi-annual dividend of three and a half per cent, payable on the 1st Inst. * The Utica and Syracuse Ilailroad Company, have de clared a dividend of $'2 50 per share for the last six months 1 payable on the 15th prox. Stockholders in this city wil' receive their dividend at the Bank of the State of New \ York. The North Western Insurance Company of Oswego, have declared a dividend of four per cent, payable at the Mechanics' Bank in this city on the 30th inst. i Banks or rue District or Columbia. . Jan. tali Jan. 1841. , Jjoam. Spteu. Loam. Sprrif B.l"k of fh? Metropolis, 500,311 US.till# SS7. So 780,31 I'ttri tic Bs k, 244, (!' ? 19 699 >96.991 Jr. .fill I fU k of WasH-ng on. 377.4*2 31 2H2 396,l'4 96.5m | F fiers' k Mrcli G o'n, 361 7 8 IS 082 427.310 34,7 7 | Bulk nf ih Pet miar, 279.101 2,314 249.274 fi. SV Fa.inert'BkAlesaadrim, I40.S78 2S 607 140.916 39.640 j $1,fiSt,202 2I9,'00 $1 978 US 1,063,359 ? Cir. Dtp. C'ir. I)rp B?l?k ef the Metropolis, 141 800 MS 621 217,435 410,413 < I*<' iot-C Baua, 27,784 39 633 40,310 63.073 I Bank of Wul ington, 33.211 200,347 79,V 8 208,323 F.tmer. fcMech'. Baok, 19.025 77,180 66,683 100*7 4 Baikof th-Potomse, 16,619 83,2.2 37 104 131,4.2 ? Fanner.'BkAJ.iA.dria, 14,6IS 38,038 60,177 41,23' <. $733,874 680 086 357 279 963 222 These aggregates,by comparison.give the following results Jan 1811. Jun. 1812. Jan 1813. Jan. 1814 I.O'n., $1,991,2)6 $1 8)9,705 $1.8St.2<>2 $1 978,1 1 J7I.I7I 208.014 249, 10 1,14.3,1'.?, ItrcaUtion, 121075 111.058 2.53.87 4 517 27 Dft.tsiu, 518.318 68 ,591 CM,#80 963,723 I This shows an extension in all the items. The amount t of specie on hand shows the greatest increase. The trade between the United States and the Island of Cuba, as compared with that of other countries, presents the following view: ? \ Exromi raosi Havana and Matanias roa 1863. littaei of Sugar. Havana Malanzai 1812 1013. 1842. >813 To the United States, 52,191 43 616 5',281 43,004 " (ireet Dritiin, 10,277 21,144 2 255 8 43 " I'rfii, 123,121 133,158 61,930 68.011 " B-l ir. 19,'37 41i,f'6'? 49,971 48 9i " Hamburg fc Bit's, 8i, 42 62 215 54.815 Sh.?i " H It II.d, 12 2 7 12.027 3,574 5,Hi " 1VI. in 111, *1,515 6,nl2 ? 3,84 ' " >v U'#, 17.339 21,359 9,899 9,365 " pin, 78,959 71.0.5 2?.9ti5 14,08 V fa I. 7 7 11 1 lit n i i1 " ditir, 7J84' IJ Jl'j'j J7 7S, To?J, 411.871 458,4SJ 258 805 iil.irj/ Annum n or Corn r. i Hntano Malavtai. 1142. I8l3. 1812. 1811 To Uni'nl Sti'e*. J'J'.IIJ 34* 8tj 8;,'-32 Cll.Jii; < " < Rri.llll, 7'^ 3.7*1 1.6 7HI " ( .,?.? 2.87I 1,3*8 1,591 4 92? ' " PolliC, '3. 31 07i 3.279 I,,, " Humbug k Bremen, 150 716 long 5 b,o 17.0*0 " Mo anil. 8.173 1,892 ? _ I " Brl.min, 1.3*3 2 371 - J2, 1 " K.nco, *17 002 15', 590 20,719 H,i% " Bmin, 68.111 38 062 28,130 1 3,4 " Iulr. 57,110 O.tWf, 31,2*3 1 . " Oibor p >rto, 12,606 78,172 11,491 7,103 1 Toul, 1,071,991 701,919 111,770 114,115 ' Thi*?h?wa a falling off in the export trade of the Island. K rbo coffee trade with Oraet Britain baa deeraaaed won- ? lerfully, th#^ export being in 1S43, 74,091 arroboa, and In A 1043 only 3407. Tha augar trade hat slightly increased t0 rbe export* of coffee to the United State* from Havana, sere a little larger la IMS than they were in 1M9. The w whole trade of the two places, Havana and Matanxas, '<> lowaver, show a decline. M Arrobtt. Tint! rocalexport of Coffa* 1141, l.tft 76t Sua*/1841, ?tw t'o 1041, Wl.Otl 1813. 713,495 Decrease for 1841, 1.5,701 lae'e for llil, 11.019 lmvohtv pbom iks Ukitxd Stvtki in llil. Bref. Jerked, ql* 4,ttl Led. qt* jj.llj do b*ivI, bbl* 1,410 Oil.i|>iiik wii*l* ulv . 15.943 I Betfe o..... I 7ifi I.., ?|. ...... \,T I 1 allow Cuidlei, qls 1,7111 Onion*, bum.lxu 368,945 ? Flour, bbl* 19 748 fork, bbU 827 H u.andlr?, iprriu, qls..* 547 do c'ear, qls 3,915 *? -he?M, do... 1,447 Poutoe , boU 19.883 Jl ->odfi?h, do... 11 136 Rice, (it* 111 786 ? Ham*, do... 7,474 Hosp do 1,199 *' do... 8,419 Lumber, M fact Kiffl _ Jlionks, lihdi, hM*... 38,934 Hoop*, M 397 T L)o Sugar box, bxc ... 333,027 Canvass, piecm 394 Sheetings, pc* 490 The total number of arrivals at the port of Havana was 1406, and the amountTof tonnage 309,036 tons, for the year ol 1843, of which 710 arrival* amounting to 140,760 torn w ere rom the United State*, making more than half of the ? whole number entered. pi Commk*ck or Havana row 1843. u Nation. No. Tounagt. Nation. No. Tonn'r. g. tm li au, 720 14C.76M li-tgium, 9 2.382 J Kiughth, 133 63 673 I'ut .b, 1* 3 019 in 4~ai.i?4>, 458 66 146 French, 27 6,163 i? Hamburg, 18 3 9(13 B<em'u, 26 5 28:. I* Daniih, 16 3.163 Othen, 28 7.501' |. The inaugural massage of the Governor of Minisiippi, in alluding to the Planter*' Bank bond*, pronounced them \ legal and binding. The iiueition will soon be brought ^ rorward in the LegUlature, and will create considerable V rxcitement among the repudlator*. A proposition has rl already been made to sell half a million acros of land [iven to the State by Congress, and apply the proceeds to :he payment of these bonds. The proposal met with se- <-ious opposition from those representing the district where these lands are located. Both parties are afraid ol * his subject, but the question will doubtless be disposed * >f the present session of the Legislature. Old Stock. Kgehange. 1501 Ohio 6'*, I860 96 50 Laf.yett* Bk, Cin 3"d 68 Ioooo d? 0C.% 30 Canmn Co *3 29 k 1 i.n ir._...nk.. llll l' Ml <4n h'lfl 29 ililKI do >r>0 1014 23 do buw 29', i MtiO do s3?d 10174 50 d> b.O 29* ? 30H0 do 10234 25 do 294 , 3000 do ISO 102,4 15 Mohawk Hit bow 52 ? 5000 Illioou jpt'l 4 50 do 52 \ 2000 do IBJi (ONVk Erie R R 15 ? 3i'00 do bnw 41 40 UticaSt Sclie'iec'y 1184 , 2000 do ?3 41 150 l\or *t Wor R H b3 34.', 5000 d) b3 40/? 25 do bnw 31 ' 17000 ludium 5 23 yr 364 25 do 314 . 11000 do k?? 37 25 do si 34,** ? 10000 d? 37 UO do bOO 35 " 0 00 do nw 37 100 do nw 3(4 5000 do s3U 37 25 Patrr?on Hit s3 70 2000 do 374 50 du ltd 72 ,> 200n Fcnnsyl'a 5'? opg tit,1, 25 do 724 ? 50 sliaj Am Ei Bank 03,4 lOtt Lone Is'and Hit 72 6 do 8t,'4 25 do al 724 ' oo Farm rs'Loan ?3 31 50 do 73 , 150 do 3134 200 <o 73 * "0 do 160 311, 50 do 73' , 50 d> 31!,' '50 do 73b i 50 do b30 31 25 Hailem R R b30 43 J 50 N Ain Trust sCO 164 150 do 42V ,, 33 do 16 30 do 43 25 Vicksburg Bank 754 225 do 134 , 00 do 7/4 H Second IJonrd. 112000 Ohio 6's,'60 87 W 75 Nor Si VVorRil h:!0 37 r 5000 do snw 07/, 50 no bl5 35 ,j 5000 do bJ3 91 10 4m Fx Bank Hi' 3(00 Trdian t < onds 3)4 10 F rmers lom Truit 31k !"0,has Vick.bur* bk 74 2) Pat rami R R 72'. r 30 do 7/s 50 Long Island R R 7j>( 45 do 8 c New Stock ExehnngC) 11000 N Y 6's,1i2 b60 1004 25 sh.u Rarletn R R 42jt 1 1000 do ?60 ItS/i 50 do 41 1000 . do s60 1-84 100 do s30 43 1000 Ohio G'a, '60 964 50 do Feb 1 43>, It 5000 do 75 Stoninston R11 a3 34 1000 do Feb 17 97 10 do 34 v 1000 do al5 96/4 10 Farmers'Loan bl5 34 a 5000 do b4 97 100 do blO 31W 2000 do ||5 9'4 25 do 314 b ll'OO do . 97 25 do s39 3I>, 5P00 do bl5 97 4 75 do 3l>, It 2000 do b20 974 2) Vickslmrg Bank 7 10(0 Kentucky 6's blO 102 10 <o 74 3000 Illinois0 a, ^0 40 4 150 L Island R R 72 , 2fl?0 do ill 404 1/5 do 724 ' ("00 do b20 41 HO do 73 r 6000 do bl5 41 25 d 1 (60 72 1001 do S3 40 4 50 do 725 ' 1000 do s30 40,4 50 Paterson R R 71 . 3000 lad 25 yr bds 37 25 uo i30 71.4 , 4000 do 364 30 Mecb Bkg Ass s30 97 p ,1 State of Trade, ? Cotton.?The market wna quite active to-day,arid about f our thousand bales changed hands, at full prices; a battel 41 eeling for the future is indicated in the recent operations. rt Flour and Grain.?Our market is firm. Genesee sells <j ?t $4 76 a 481J for England ; small sales, however. Ohio etches $4 75. We bear of sales of Long Island wheat at )2 a 95c. Rye, 62 a (13. ? Rkal Estat* ?Sales of Real Estate at auction Junu'y. , 27, by Anthony J. Blcecker St Co. Hie two story house and lot No. 201 Blcekcr street near " Minolta rniitaininer 'i/i fwt front o7 f??pf 11 in th< 11 rear, 7a feet 11 on one side and !*6 feet on theotiici . ido. $4,726 l'he brick front house and 17 years lease of lot I No. 96 Read* street, ground reut $100 I,.'i7.'> < 00 do do No. 98 lieade street, do $200 1,660 \ village lot and buildings in Ugdensburgh, St. 1 Laurence County 6,000 \ small farm of 35 acres in the town of Oswegatchie,St. Lawrence County 300 )o do of 25? acres in do do do 30o f A farm of 16 acres and buildings at Flatbush, Long Island 4,000 \ Passengers Arrived. j Hayae?Pac'?t ahip Oneidz?Maurice dr Markowitz, Hun- r :ary; Theodore Maanre. Krauee; Cliaa Gtgnebiu,Switzerland; ii bdw Lahat, Germany?17 in the steerage. ti ..Bti.rze, Hob?Brig Florida Blanco?Lieut H C Wanton, C vi Jhdifpr. MATaooana. Tetaa?Brig Rodney?Mr Wallock, lady and c hild, J D Craig, Mr Norria. (_ Passengers Sailed. h LnrgarooL?Packet ?hir> Sherid*n?Mr Gag*, of New York' f B Qunby, Phi! idrlphia; Owen Karanagn Boston; Wm Still p r. Thus Wa'nes. loseph 11 Mead, Liv-rpool; t'aluto Ago e 'aria; Chat Hchnlfer Belize, Hon: J 'homaa Thompson, Val" \ ariiao; H Charles Watson, 2d W I Royal llegt 11 A. c {foreign Importations ' Haver?Ship Oreida?1 pkg A Oallet?34 Malmazetfc Sniith fj -I L B B nssefceo?40 F Coltenei?ID I, BCurtia & Co?3 I A )upre?4 Muclieil k Brogoard?? A R Thom|>?on?7 A troleln C -6 t ( Varei?0 A H Ward kco? II C Gigu, us It co?25 LI1 Imllaame k o?29 1' Payen k co?34 Be ar, Garnn k rn?21 K .annoy Sourdeanz k Moran?16 Mom k la Itn?7 B G Wain- it rriglit? I M B tea k sous?6 V Caill?u? k sons? I J Oeou? ly Bebad?9Chaa Doucbet?10 Garmr k Co?1 A ' otterav? I aile k Melner?7 Be ti k Kaeie?2 Samuel Cochian?1 C W G rhomaa?3 Gardner, Colby fc co?2 I. tile, Alden k co?!M N t'ight, Stursea k Shaw?6 Neruia fc co?2# Remrd k co?I ( % vhrenfeld' 12 Charmud. Sch uropt fc Sieher?14 Ft.olliard- S 1 J K St Felix?II Tater. I k Adams, Homer k ?<>?1 <i Vh'et fc Battler?37 II t hevrolat fc ro?I kchleainger fc Hen- d ctien?44 J A Voisiu & co?41 Warburg fc Dauu??4 I. Strallei \ -II B d'lsernois? I P V Duflot?9 Spiea, Christ fcco?1 Henr t> Cali i?1 E Lepiadd?6 E Noltenina fc Parenatedt?2 Presta k daennel?l rteil'er It. Wiaamnin?ti A & F. Warburg?2J .) I)u- (i and fc eo?I Lutz Frerea?1 E Dubois?I Dubois. Jacot fc co- \ L Ne?en?3 ? JafTny fc rn?90 A Loubat?16 Malcneus rourd k en?19 L<chaite k Fauche?2 A C Rotaiere k en?I h _ Iruti er?6 Joly Frerea?I C Cottier?I V Biah >p jr? Brun a ] loaaiere k co? 22 Srhucha dt, Fatre k co?4 Payee k Fa\e?I W H Horatmami kco?4 Uai'ev k t itchen?2 B?car, B- j?- ' 0 ii fc Co? I Gay, Luraac k Noel?50 Beokard fc Hoilon?2 I' 'ow fc co?90 P A H Ren mid?3. A R Thomi aon-3 Richard- " n fc Barrage?4 R Carter? t P Flandin?10 3 F Dor ?7 Heuri w I'obi -25 Coffin, Bradley fc co?60 Lane, Lamtonfcco?2 C t luckn 6 am?I Ca'nman. Whitabaiise & co?7 K fc II Hmghl 1 1 < o?2 It E Ral eati?64 Morlot fc Scheifer?I A S Perrol?I ? tiibert Fre e?6 L Pilleruyt?I Gonbaulr?4 W I'ehl?I C Via 'e?I De Rhtin fc Moore?1 L O aaelin?I Wil-y fc Putnam 1 -Lambert fc Kroqne?I John Michel? I Lelerac?2 Buitcenii ' i Huach?9 F X Meyer?10 Marliu fc Lawaon ?18 timber k r* Kinhmanii?6 F Stemheil?'5 ' Dord?22 11 Hemiequin?6 F Inurdrtiuin?1 O C Thorburn?2 A L-mnyne?3 Collector o list ,rn ?1 F Tomes k a 11?2 ' has Muller?I J Napj.r?I 111" 1 dati in fc co?2 Cerf B er k May?2 Schmidt k Vug. I?4 H * >raves fc co?I L Delm >tte?I ' lart Brothe a ? 'I Fibreuueite', " ilt?6 Wm Brewer?I e Pikefc ?on?2 C H bam?2 Mrriauh ten ird?7 Hiri lay k Livingaton? 1 A Cs-e Ii?4 Bms lein in loop k co?4 A Binimer fc co?4 A L goua?4 Dcraiamea k l.iizt d?I Young. Smith k Co?20 Edwards fc Stmld ird?3 IK [ '!s? her?I Schm d k Andrea?1 Ii Bo iner-1 E fc J Urnz fc .,1 o?l Bejlard ir?I Collon'* k laelin?3 <1 Vom Baur?2 K b 4im>ge? 2 A ll'rh y?I S F Do r?3 Tiffany, Y ouug fc El.ia? S Ha kell?II F Bheldo>,?4 Hal fc Todd?6 A I Stew.-rt?' \ I c' arda Baaaelt It Abom?6 H ti Cnrhji?12 E M Dana?6 S ' (owner jr?16 T Maillard?6 J B k G B English?7 J C 11 we l ? ten?I E Boker?3 C Hunt?2 D Brigham?I J Lefl'erta?I A Ii aielli?3 Colvill k Fleming?9 Par?a k F ye?2 Clark fc Con- C ie ? I Poirirr Frer a?II Loearhiea fc Wiretntonck?I CVesin S -2 K Thor.peeken?I H Duking?I KkT Pom*?17 O Hea- ?e euberg (i co?2 W B Draper?1 C I! L?J W 11 Colea? 1 J J <J inrd-IU ro order. Belize, H. n?Brig Florid* Blaoee?IRrported yeaterday 1? fi ctaea cochineal 13792 B Blanco?3? huiea 8 balra aaraaparilla 0 *1 reona indigo $HiO K Aleiander?GO ceroona indigo 13 hidca K tr offi $5IO'i J J L-ibouiae? $1000 (1 Parage * , i _ |. it MAR1T1ME HERALD. J Balling Daaya of CM* NUaaa diilpa. cl PROM LIVgKPOOL. ZIOM iNtllCa *> irirannia, Hirwitt Feb I aladonia, Loft Feb. S March I ve."dia, Shannon "'Mar 4 April L i. W atsru, Manhawa Apr 27 May IS * ). Britain, Hoaaen May 21 June 2b y alhlp Haateia an<t Amenta Waahali ratrer,i it a Captaina of Vraaela veiltgii' o Commodore Kohklt Smear, of ooi Ncwa Fleet, a he ? ort of the Plopping If It at thr Port whence tbay eailed, lh? feeeele Spoken on their Faae-iae, a Liat of their Cargo, eon ay Foreign Newapa;wr? or Nrvfa they may hare. Ha Wil1 ? oarii them immediately on (heir arrival. Agents and Cor J eapoodmita, nt home ar abroad, will alao confer a favor by audmg to chia Olf.ce ell the Marina Intelligence liter (a. " Main. Nautical Information of any kind will 1>? thankful! n eeired " __________________________ " ? to PORT OK NEW VORK, JANUARY !4H __________ w OK mica 7iT|aoofr skts 1 Ji "I m ai;Tl' I 10 I win n wart it 15# " rianrad >? Shirt Unraa Latham, Mobile, K H Hnrlbnt It Co; Martha '* V .i,'l'ver ,1 etlir irola Peat A lliillllia: Ana n. mkrv m. < herl-aton, Urn Bniii-n ?Banjo* Walwu, Bhnl?-?r, *n larnua H Haeilaiid?Hngi ll*i ublic. hmi li, .hi I' III'.'* 'ke'dinv V ("V'tu; I'atary B Ilium,t, How*, Va.bel B HI ncn; I W Hui.tinltun, Hani'll, Vkm l.iur. Bunion da X.ililn; " ;<>'* li- il. Manaanilla, I) t urtii jr. Growler, U me', ;V1o it, J Iw* l St Co; Billow. t.*wrrui <*, St Marka, Sac J Noiton; I' riiu' a. Bedell, H.tvanriah I Oartrn.?Srhra Hii|i?, Mitrlie I _ lanaanila. .araaiCi A \V xlah: .In. I loan*. K. aiar fc ~~ dickerwmt f'etu I'arker, B???l'nrt, ,NC. Iliatt A Vote; Maria, .. /X ouMir jr, Baltimore, Jehnaou A Lowdau; Kenown. Loreli, Joatou. q AnrlTttl. J Packet ahip Onaida. Pnnek. from llaere, Dec. H, and tha Li- p> :*rd SJd, with mdae, to Boyd It Hiueken. tllb nit. harlea lalmaiorff, aaamnn, a uatiee of Koatock, Qttmaky, fell om- w MMrd and wai drowned. th Bri? Koxlory, Smith, from Matacorda, Trxu, J an. J, and T Waatll dart, with SU bah* cotton 1 boito Caaaill u bato in tha lowar bay atac* laat WrdawxUy. t aporiaooad wanihar on tha cout. 8ha waa toatad HP by tha ataamar aM'ican KapU Bchr Whit Van Nama. from Virginia, with oyitara. Waa ? ?d no by Coon. Hcrr Saail Coddiuctou, KittKuub. front Viraiuia, with oyar?, to m <ain I?!1' P*(awarr, Row*, from Now Ha ran. with mdta?booad i Viramia. 8chr ZioQ, Elli*. t days from N?w Haven,with mdae?boned i Virginia lllW. Oar?h!p. unknown fireman ship Niw York is Mill below teUtd. PtckM ship Shan dan, Da P??iar, Llvanool. Herald Marine Correspondence. Orricc or the Rhode Islandeb.) Newport. Jan. M, 1M4. { Arr 23d, Dinucn, Freeman, Boston for Rh' pnhannock; arriet, Tihbili, Lubrc for A'exandria; 2lth. Sarah, Eiiue, de*ce for Baltimore: Wm Tell.Stevenaon do for NCarolinn; ino. Stirrers. Providence lor do; 23th. Cinderella. Co'r""SB, id Ariou, Heath, do for dot Vigilant, Heath, N York for Proidwica. Sid '5th. Mentor. Cardeaas; Damascaa. Rappahannock; tt'n ell. Nl'aroliu*; Hariirt. Alexandria; Sarah, Baltimore. 26th?8 a m, thermometer afxrro. Mleeellaneone. Bricj Florida Blanco, Kldrhlge at ihia port front Brl'te, ion waa knocked down on her beam ends in a gale from 8W a the llth nut. lal 56 57. Ion 73. in which situation she laid for x hours, wle n the wind shifted and the vetsel righted. H?d ic wind from N to NW, bt iwing heary, during the passage; orire I a pilot on board 22d. Schb Okit Jackson, font Boston for Bucktnort, before rw"irtrd tilled from helow Portsmouth It'h inst, ait?r losiug two ich ri, and procuring soother, put hs-k same ere. and in the tie of 23J. drsgguj ashore Weat of Foil M'Lane; vetsel not io>axed, and -averted to b? got off Another account, receired i Portland, stvtei that the (> n J vveut ashore on Monday morng. on Kittery Po ol, and that the ctreo would probably tie s s?eed, aud the ruse I lost. Part of the crew arrived iu Portend 21th. Bniii Makv Kimball.? \ full rigged brig was sreu morn ol Id i at abaiidou-d, and nppArent'y aelnire. off South Shoals ol iaului k?t. by Capt Walker, of the I' Portland Capi V thinks she might b? sera bv the p-ot le on thore. Pel li a pi le Vlarv Kimball, of Thomaston, which was blowu off frutt Lye, NH while the crew were nu shore. Brio Locr. Lull, at Boston from St Domingo City, did uol ceive any damage. Whalemen. The following are reported touched at Lahai-a, dnring thi saton, datea no-given: ?Mi'ion. NB. 15 moa lf.0 tp 203" wh 'erc"le?. Ricketsou do I mos. 350 sp; LC Kiehnmnd. do 2 vos. 19 U?p; Hope, of Providence 21 mos. 300 sp I5<0 ?h; Ba nice, do23 moa. 180 tp 2070 wh; Wade. NB, 38 m"t, 9)0 sp 122 rIt: "Vloxart " 10 mot, 120 sp 1900 wh; John, NB. '5 mos, 70 P 2150 wh; M 'ria There a, Taber, do, 14 mot. 75 M> 200U wh Lmetvha .do 10 mui. 30110 (so reported); Ah-ioiie, SH, 12 mos I sp 2500 wh; Chat Drew.NB. 11 inns 210 sp 2650 wh; Factor Vmghkeenaie, 2t> moa. 6fl0sp IJllii wh; N' e, ?B 15 mos, 30 s| II00 wh; Roanoke, (irrupts t llnio., 100 tp I30n wh; Luc; inn, Wilmington 22 mos. 3 0 sp I20j w ; Uineham, Myef c 3 mos, 17jsp 2150 wh; Mercury. Ston, |i mos. 50 ?|i 1800 wh Mireue do. 22 mm. fiS all 22IHI wh; Mrwarli el,. 21 m... 74.1 300 wh; Oor Troup, NB. 23 mo? 130 i|> 3430 wh; Friendship 'H, 21 mm, 230 ap 2600 wli; Helvetia, NL, H inoa, 230 a|> 273i rh; F auklin. (suppos'd Nant) 26 rn<, 20'l ap 2800 wh; Martha laniinond KH, 37 moa, 1030 ap 1230 wh; Henry Aator, Naut. 4' ina. '300 ap 800 wh; Niuirud, NB. I" moa. 120 ?|i 1300 wh: Joi Iriija, Matt <po aeic, 11 moa, 130 ap 2300 wh; Pioceer, NB. 1 ins. 80 ap 1330 wh; Roman, NB. '3 m a. 2 0 ap 2330 wh; Mar ia, FH. 20 inoa. lOOap 2'00 wh; (leu k Susan, N B, 23 moa. Mill [>; Indian Chief, NL, II moa. 110 ap 2430 wh; Superior, do. i: loa. 80 ap 2130 wh; C.epia, NB, I1 inoa, 80 ap 1800 wh; Condor o, 23 moa. 100 ap 24'0 wh; Thus VVi liama, Mon. 13 moa, 130 ?| 130 wh; Cortea, NB, '3 mo?,700 ap; Ocean, Nant 31 tries, 1401 l>; < lolconda. Smith. N B, 27 *ft*,758ip 18 Qwh; NawB*dford I). 42 moa. 1430 ap; Elizabeth. Salem, 32 moa. 1300 ap; L Star uck. ^ant, 28 moa. 700 ap; Wiacaaaet, SH, 22 inoa 2400 wh nrtland, do, 14 moa 2300 wh; Min r*a. (>uppnsed Macomb r 1B) 9 mna, 193 aP 1930 wh; Cal'ao, NB, II moa. 200 ap '800 wh iiliap, do. 22 inns, 230 ap 28 0 wh: Hudson, SH. 12 moa. 2jfll 'h; AtU"tic. Nant. 13 moa. 00 ap IGtiO h; H Robertson. N U I inoa, 1000 a|>; Mechanic. New|H>rt. 12 moa, 2j0 ap; I'r'per IB, 17 moa. 33"ap 'OOO wh; Biainiti, do 21 moa, 2.70 ap000 wh luanata, do. 13 moa 730 ap; Bala-ua. do. 23 n oa, 1130 ap; Ann o, 23 ii,oa 1230 ap; Harveat. Nant. 37 moa. 141 Map; Bnj Rush barren. 26 moa. Will ap; Obed iMilchell, Nam, 23 moa, 1000 ap lip sell, ( uppoaed N B) 28 moa. UOn i p; Tr ton, do 17 inoa. 43( l>; \1id>a, do. 17 ni"s, 80 >p3300 wh; Acnshnet, Fit. 33 <io? m pani; Wm Hamilton,; Edward Cary. Nant, 21 moa .WO r. At Han Franciaco, California, Attr 27, Bramin, Whitehead i B. 800 bb a (part ap); Corio, Pendleton, StouiiiKton, 180" bbh t00 .pl What a were reported to be aery thy and scarce m ae N W Coa t Upwards of 200 sail had been on the coa.1 thii -ason. and many had lost boats. At Manaea Island. Ana 13. Mary Ann, Bonney, FH, 306 ap lent B had been badly hurt by a wkale, and waa on sliore sick On Abrolhos Banks, Oct 3, Dan I Webster, S.arbuc , Naur lean Jas Coper, Nant, with 230 rpin, spoken June 12, lnt 23 S, lot 13 W. Spoken. Calhoun.. Mvera, Charleston for New Vork, Jan 25, Kenwicl I'aud tearing W, in 12 fathoms water. Orb. Ill ey, of and fiom p. rtland for ??. had eaperiencet ery severe weather oa the coast, had decks swept, lost boa r d icceirrd olln-r-Jan 7. lat 28 .36. Ion >9 53. R o Grande St Thomas for NOrleans. Jan 3. Cape Antouii carina E 6 .ilea. Oen Scott. Cunningham, Bolton for Cape Town, 8tc. Jen 20 o an 2n ton r.n Foreign Porta. Matagorda, Texas, Jan 2?In port, Crusoe, Van Duzer, fo 4York. lith. St Thomas. Jan 1?In port, Mazeppa, Colaon, from NYoil ar St Domingo, Leu day; Gen Bolivar, Thn??i, from Bor eiux for IN York, nut in in distress, disg; ('?v Hopkins Mm dw, laat from St Bait', do; J Allvue,' nllins, from Martiniqui irC'r.b island, lies I div; Mary. Poie, I'rom Guadal?u|>e. c*p tin and crew tick; Abigail Ik Klita, Sutton. from Boatnu fo tio Grande. put in in d stress, disg; V iola, Lane, from Bo Ion n; Globe, Sn'li'V. from Barbadoes. juit arr; Bunker Hill. Ma nn, from New Orleans, just in sight. Sid l)rc 29, Marblehead itin in, 8t Domingo. I oiwT'Pr.TRs:. Guad Dec 31?In port, Gardiner, Warwick letiieve K C Fisher, Commerce, 1'iuta. Rival Apphia, Shaw mt, Bonuty, Josh Helen, Louis , Going in, C ygurt, fron le irg town. 8ld 31 t. New York, Bath. Trinidad. Cuba. Jan S? In port, Franklin, Gibbs, fron nd Tor B??lon, Mdt; Madrid, Lil'le, from Kingston. Jsm. fo liilade'phia, |dg; Mary Pr ?r, Shields.liir Port! nd.7: Alb" ti a, Joyce, from N Yora. disg; Milton, York, from Boslou, ju, rr: Tillut, Lor ng. for do, 8 Bongos, California, Aug?. In port. Gen h Henry Smith f Baltimore. CaptM was erecting rtour mills aid steam sav litis. Saw Frawc isco, California, Aug 27?'n port, Tauo, Has invs, for Boston, in Dec, and others reptd later. OsHii, Oct 4? ii port Behrinir, Snow, from NW Coast, fo loston, soon. Arr previous to Get 28, Dun Juan, BufBuglon lent II Svpwkv, NSW. July 28?In port, Petrel, Woodbury, lo 'hinu soon. St Johw, NB. Jan 16? Art Oread. Johuson, Philadelphia. Horn* Port*. Portland, Jan 24?Arr Plato, Wa'ker, Matanzas; Seafan led rson, Camden for NYork. Cld Chas Thomas,Osgood luba Nkivrphvpoiit, Jan 2i?Sid Amity, (new, 499 iocs) Pike (ob Ul Bo-toNj J?n 26?Cld Mau-an, Williams, Mohile; Atig'st lolines, Charleston Sid Hidden,'lid Frances Burr *rr2ilh 'drib, Nickerson, Omoa 21th, T'uzillo 3Nt ult?left no An esst'l. The C iia-1 four men on the sick list when th* cam ltn the Bav wa? sp ken bv the cutrer Hamilton. Cspt Si urges ud received from her tire seamen by whose aid the bar'jue wa rorkid up. Also arr. Neptuue. Trim J id Nkw Ukbpord, J*ii 26?Arr pilot boat Superior, frnrn i ruise?24th, ?tl block Island, put pilot on bo .rd Active, fn oa t of A Trie < for 8a Inn Naisti ikkt. Jin IS?Arc (Enterprise, Swain, NYork. Har o- closed with ice on the ZJd. PeoTiorx r, Jan 2i? Arr Union, Rowland and Tryall )ihhs. Bill more Sid Zenobia, Reminiton, Mobile; Wi de ' Walke". k dtfecomh Matanr.ta. Fali. Hivkr Jan 18?Arr I H Borden, Brown, NYork; larv. Baker, Bait morr; Emperor, Norfolk for Taunton; Ex I. Dunn nK NYork. New Haven, lan25?Arr New York, Jones. NYork. 8h ha'lotte, Liltlcjnhii, Barhailne* pHli.AUKI.rHiA. Jan 27?Helow, Charleston Packet, Crowell om Pr vidence Cld Groin . (new) De Wo fe, Jamaica; Got .ruold, BiCou, 8t Julius, PR; Molsoou, Carlton, 8t Ja*o d< aba. uliroi.K, J?n 2t?Arr Sarah, 8tanl??, New Ycrk. S d 2H oyal S?i|..r, Young. West Indies The Veroua, Howes, A'l .in. has dropped down to Hampton Koads. Nkwrkrw, NC. Jan 20?Sid Hohinson, NYoik Wieminoton, INC. Jan 22?Arr Osc ola. P erce.Martinique ien Tav.nn, llodcden; St. rling, Taylor, and Ruhr Treat,Treat I York: Pattnos, (.lark. Beaufort; 20th. Nonpareil. Pope, Kiiik on. Ja; John I rosb/, Hopkins Slartinicpi-: A'aric, Purnell lew York; Hth. Men or, Treftheu, Porto llico: Fox, Norton ruadaloni-e: Ann,Mile . Hempstead. LI. for Machias Me. ii istress; 17th, Kroices, Dillingham, Boston Cld 24tli. K ho les-er, Havana; Foilsr. Lancaster, 8t Jngo de Cub-s; ' oluin in, Jordan. NOrleins: Illinois, Dowd, Vlatsuttj; A F Thor andford New York; 2 ?f. ' no Smith, Cole, do; 20th, (i ir.-lle Hover, Cuba; David DuHVII,Williams, and lleiieater, Francis I York. )<> \lll) W \ NIT) I)?By a youm Lady in a pr.vatefimily J or where there ar bu' few boaiders, in t?e lower part o e city, till the 1st May nest. Terms must be modr rst?. Tin mm w ll lie furnished il' required, shim Id the location hiu rm suit the > pplicant. An te addressed to Mr. I*. wil I mee ilh attemion, if left at this office. j >2:1 4t*ec ATANTk D?A young anil resiertahlv recmnnriended airl, a> '* nors?,Wto is c|ev?r at her oeed'e?no objection to h'tench r G? mm. Apply at 114 Chambers at. j22 3tlrc JHANTtD-A Chambermaid who underari nds French r i f n*li h or Kuiili Ii ad panish. A'ply. with gonf 'CoTinrudat.oiis, to Mr Lecierc, at No. 41 Warun street. J2t 3.*rc J ACKET SHIP O ARlt ICK, fiom Livetpoo1, is ditcharg in* this day, under ,.ener I uid.r, at Orlems whirl, l j t ol Yh I >t ?, r ?'on?i_t?M wi'l p'eaae Ptt nd ti the receipt of ih?i'?o<-?lnmxiiiftlv J'" 21*, Ml j 2R i e)AC i X i|P IT A Zoo r?m Ne? II leana. i k nt ih>'foi't ol I i{i? itrrrt Co tianeea bi this lup ill leaap (II'lid (o ibr receipt of ?P>eir gooift immediately. j 24 V- Villiam t. jenninos it co.. Dmm a laiiort. 211 B.oa way.A'ie can H url (01 p aite the Kou : in, I > icil attentio to Uti invoice of new to?d oc ftd in t ?tea" ft, diiert fr in our ag nt i i London, en i?i?ti g n< I- lh?, ( in* limit i rw tylea ?p|p did Si kt nid tiui for dma V?l , Merino, VeWeta. he , *? th a Itutet irtuietit of nth Silk and S aid Srirf<.( ra ata llinik rchie a, lovea, Sua end r?, Dret - inn rutin, he. Wr would auuqeat to nor iMi>m ill t from tbia additional nliiy, we aluli h? ?b|p ti tupply them at an ra<ly d ip with I tl'p noeeltiea of l> p London an I Pari* market* a- d auataiu >p reputation of ihp taut liabnient for th? niodetnte pricri liien Lav* Pliciipd to liberal a p<tr?nairp aiu-.e llitt ..dop'ion ol ip rpady maiipy ?v? em. by wlicn *i areen-hladto fnrniah trmpn'a at <rom 2.'i to JJ per cent In* thin formerly-a new ature in the eaub i-hnieni winch mn?t coinmPnd it to th'iae qu r ug aitic ea fori immPdiat-* n p it the addition to out ock of in laaortmtnt of fir-t quality r* tdy madp (armeiita, inI ding Snrtnutt, Clotka. Orraa a ,d K.encli Cja'a, IVtaloon. id V ai? he. IMS I n * ec I'oar Orncx. Naw Voaa. ./a*. Jd, I41?. j" NCLISH M Al L?The I e ter beta ier Ibv, al Mali 8te?u a pr bill ANN l.v. will cliw 'at ihe Uopp'and Lo pi Po.t ffippa in liti cirjr, on Wpdnpaliv -Pit the Hat intrant, a iti-litp n inuti I'ant t o'pl rk, P M l'i e otarlaud poaltxe iS'a centa ?.u parh mil,- IPttPr mutt rnil JOHN LOIlIMtK (Jl? VIIA vi. j? If t'n i-Vaafp AMERICAN HOTEL, PHILADELPHIA. PlIlS i:i * hnu?p it aitni ed on t beaten'. alia*?, oppoa.t* the I- State II u e (Independence Sqtmr-,) and m the mm edct' ciuity of il1 the faahonab! -pi c-a of ainiiiPinrut and re.ort It hat Deei built in ih in at thor u^h annar, 'y J tin.I. id.'W"*. Kaq , nd contain! uiwarda of one hand en rnomi tor ol which ate n rlo'i wih bed.noirt adjoining, auitabl. r fimi'ira, and n rti?a f ladiPa and (Pntleme.ii It aill be fnrniah"d 'hrnuahout, (without rriard to etpeni*) ilh ne ? and el-yam lunula.e ol >h" mo.t aiinrovpil tty'p, a n wi.ed for to* i?.e|'ti in ol the toolling public,on lite liral d y ' M irch i tt'. 1 ha prrpriptora flatter themielrea, that their lor* experience li. l.n n.tta. will. ii-n p tl.ein to conduct the American Ho I, in all it* department*, in a'-cl, a manner ta will plane the oat I a'idiolii, and (in antee to t^eir KUet'i ererv emnfor id luattry, that can be lound in any tfoul in the United AUI f> B ? Buil'i-* n?om? ar? itfachrd to th? Howl, wliori um and tol'l .?,tWr b-ttht will it ill ?itn?* b? m rwilitioi. IIEMHY A CHAM'| EH < . J AM KM MAC LKI.LAN, } ?opnrtor?. Jannarv 15th llUt jli Imte FAOIKIC iluTht., * UHEENWICH. NEA? COUIITLANDT STREET NfcW VOHK. fHE iboto will known llowl Ki?n | raraorly nndoigotw ii ttoiivn rtpiirs tnd ratictinit, ii opoaad for th# rcetptioa ol rtnuaut tod traoaaiaot boardara. Tlw iobicrfban hannf Intwl thaiamefor a una of rwi, ill Mdwtfot to MrillM pow???fi of ;u format mi and iKB*. SfStAM. i | fc I DRAFTS ON ENOtAND. IRELAND. jgtgR ^Dlljwflnwith drain in noma o' ?1, ?t, ?1. ti ?10, tiO, ?J0, ?100. or any amount Mtmli on demand, w.tiiout di?toun or my o'hrr charge. at the Neiioual Bank of Ireland Pr >viiicirI Be k Ju, M.'itn J-mea B?h, S<.u It Co.. Be' krrs, L.iadou; J. Banted It '-o , Klchauge end Diacount Bank, Liverpool; KtsUjrn hank of Scutlandt Cr-aooca Banking Company; Sir Wui. horbaa, Hunter It t p.. Scu laud; tad th- or nckn in every pral to wo throughout bultud. reland. Scotland and 4V?lee, which droit* will be Ionrarded by dusiv*incr Britannia, lea ring Bueon ou the lat "ebruar-\ Ay lily to W IcJ.T.TAi^COTT. At their goo oral paaaegt ofloe, 41 Peck tip, Jtt corner of South atreec M. - KOH HAL IK AX AND LIVtKFOOL, Tho Kovai Mail Staaia Ship BRIT AN/ZaFli^rlySV Nil A IriKn Uotcirt Van . ( oiliinsDiisT Will "mumr >? >? Boston for the above ports ou "fh*rs ^^Bf^BHmmdsy, February lit, IM4. fMnitto Liverpool Punic to litlifiu , M.

Apply tn D. BRIOHAM. Jr.-Agsut, jrf to J!(c No. 3 Well itreat. bXATKN ISLAND FEKBY, FOOT fl23^QiOF WHITEHALL 8T.-The steamboat E3EC 8TATEN ISLANDER will leave New York tod Suteo Islaud, on and after October Id. at follow*, until further notice :? Leave Htaten Mand at I?. * * '> r- ** Leave New York at 9. I2H, 10 mio. past 3. N- B?Ou Sunday* the boat will leave at ll loatead of IU, All Ireifht shipiwd ic required to he particularly inaraeu^ad at the rich of rhe nenrn thereof sSlltfv NlAHaElLLKb Ll.vE OF PACKETS M. m m ML The uodermeutioued ships will he regularly dispatched I ruin hence ?a tht lit, anil from Marteillea on lite Jtli of each luoulh during the year at follewt t? From New York. Marseille*. MINERVA. Cant Brown, Dee 1 hci, j TRESCOTT.t apt. Myrick, Ian. I March 5 r H'RY THOMPSON,Capt.Sylvester, Feb. I. Apnl 1 r HELLESPONT, Capt. Adams, Man h I. Alay 1 [ COHIOLANL'S. Capt. Haile, April I. June i , They are all comiered and co|>per fastened, and have eaoellent , accommodations for passengers. The price of cabin passage will be $109, exclusive of wine* > *ml liquors. Ooous addressed to the scents, BOYD k HINCKEN. will be forwaruro free of other charges than those actually paid. For fremiir or passage apply to r LAWttENCg. fc I'HELPS. 10 Front atreet or to BOYD k HINCKEN, Agents, f m26r No 9 Tontine Buildings. I) eWrar POM LI V Elt I trOL?> r. W Ll NE.?llegniai i) CKXJTV Picket nf aiith Kebmary.?The stdrmlid packet shit flSHfcOAKHICK, C i| t Win. Skiildy, of 1WI0 tons, will ' sail as above,her regular day. For freight or passage, having ac ' commodat ons unwiuallrd lor splendor or comfort, apply on a board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to , E. K. COLLINn * CO. Price ol paasage, $100. 56 South street. | The packet ship' Motrins. Capt. J, Coll us, of 1,00 tons will succeed the Oarritk, and sail the 2<'th March, her reguiai day t Passengers may rely upon the ships of this line sailing pun. .uallv as advertised j2?rr ' ?4?; PAi KK I' h OH iTiv ERI'Oc. L?W >1 sail on the i Ma?V30h iust?The well known fast sailing, f??o.ite ^BBBtpiick t ship SHEF FIELD, Captain Hie ly, will be * despatched as above, liur dav Mir ha* iu|ierior accomiiioda>.ioiis for cahin, second cabin end steerage passengers, who w h he taken .it low ratrs, if esily ap ' plic.l.ou be m.ce on board, foot of Hase meet, or to J W. k J. r. TAP8CO I T, 43 Peck slip N. B.?Persons wishiug to send for their Irieods lesidiug in ' rise old country, c, n have ihfin b-ougli' out iu >he bore nan cd " laser te pa- kei, or rny of tile irguiar liuesailiug from l.i>ei' p'Ol wee' ly, hy spplvinr as ah're. |t*N ; XAJf- hOH 1.1 V r.HI'Ot)L?H gular Picket of th- ti'li 1 iWMPy Feb?Tie li-st class racki t sni|) OEU WA'-IlINtJmUmmmi I ON, ' apt F. P. .Alieu, will *iil as above, hei reg?, lar day. ; Having very superior rceommodationt for cabin, se?ond en, bin aud sterr.ige pa?reuge-s, lliose intending toembark should , make immeuiate application on hoard, loot of M idrn Lie, or ; to JObEPm McVIUKHAY, ) l"(l ?'i e s'reef, coruer of *uuth. i Tbe Oeorge Was ingtoo wih lie succeiled by ihn tiitilsss , rnrkei sh p United Mat t, < aptalu ll.itlor, to sa I on (lie 1 th Fehruaiy. K r thearcmmodPion of rersous w shiug to remit moip v i t > t'tir fa i irt or trienda'swill he li en i i uinsto'uit i th'ir ouv ni-uce, on th Provinc!.!1 Dank of Ire'aed and all us branehee Throughout 11 if kingdom; also on Messrs Spooner AI wood St Co.. B.iu on, Lotnioii?patahe in eiery t*wn throughout (J eat Britain sail Wales,by .pplyoig as above J'7rt diAdc- Ol U it LACK B ALL LINE OK PAi KKTKi IflsF?V Liverrtn I?PuCkut nl the l?t K-btusry- Tin MMbKaspleniiid picket a ip CAMBRIDGE, Cupt Barstiw. w II an a. ahove. her legal <r day She haatluaaut acc, minndttiocs for cabin. seannd cabin and t steerage raiu-iyiu. A. ply to JOtlv II Kill) VI AN . Ct youth at, near Wall at. 1 N. B? range from Liverpool can be termed ov theahovr t si ip or any of the liue, at the i .west r-.te; a'd draft*, aa usual, furniah-d for anv .mount, payable throughout Grunt Britain > ai d Ireland, on upplicni >n ua ahum jJS Jlt-c Aiftds PACKET hOis MAIlsl- ILLEs?For lat Eebroa*ntfl*Vri?1'he barque MAHCELLA. I'apt M sar, a ill JjHMUat ike the place of the ahip Heury Thompson, not airiv o. oijQ .ail ou lot rox too. r Kor freight oi pan,age imply to LAWRENCE It PHF.LP8. 1 No 101 V rout air. et.or to BOYD A HINCKK a, Agents jyr,6'?c pTontiue fuilduig, cor vVall ar.d Water >ta ag KOH I.IVEMI'UoL? rack-1 of ihe2it v M-JfSV J -unary?The firat cl.taa, aaiiiug packet alup hMbSi'H Kit I'tA N, Cupt K. A. Depeysler, Lu.thrn ll.Oi ton.. aa &buv. Iirr r gul ir day. , Having Very au,eriorucc' inmo'l. ti na for Cabin, aeromi cabin and alerrege p.a e.gers peraous intending to enib.rk should make imilieui tie application to JOSEPH OcMURRAY. a j2trc 100 Pine a'reet, Curiii r of Sonth. "ijjhjc PASSAGE KKOM ORKAT~BHl I'AIN ANI! r fHVblKKXANp, via: Liverimol by the regu'ar packer iwJHlMahiPa, aalling every five d.iya, precluding any d? ei l linn whatever, ci n always he secured at the low eat rates aid dralta can ?? uiuil re lurniihed payable at the Nation*) and I'lnvincial B ulks of Ireland an ' ih.i b'anrhea in all th? p-inc J pel t Willi als > mi Meatra J. B* t, Sou A Co , Hunker., Lou uou; Meaara J. Barn <1 St I'o., Bankers, Li'erpo I?pat'abb throughout Engl u.d and Wileatalao a. the K.stem Bunk ul Scot and und brauche*. ai d the U eenock Buukiug Co. , h'nr further particular, apply lo i j2l Iwec JOHN HERDMAN. 11 South .treat gMr hOR LIVERPOOL?The New Liu- Itegulai r Jjlfb Purl it 2lat Ktbiu ry ?'''he a peiior New Y<-rk JMmGu built packet ship, Jahn Bri ton. mauler: 000 tons burthen, will vail aa above, her regular day. Kor freight or passage, having vi ry superior accnmoioda tiooa, apply lo the Captain on b.ard, at west aide Burling slip, otto WOODHULL It MlNTl.'RNS, 17 South at The superior packet ship IP ttieguT. Ca Buraley, master, lO'iU tons hurt .en, will succeed the Rochester, and tail on her regular dev. 31st Maiciu mB XQ3K KOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and N-? JflyPW Y. rk Liue?Poaitivrly first regular Packet, to sail the SECaA-1 U, |,? ?Tk, lu.r ...In.. I, rk r shin VII H-.I.WSI I'. P^Capuin C. liillard, will sail aa above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having handsgmeturuiahed accnuimo datious, apply on board at Orleans wharf, fool of Wall street, I or to K. K. COLLINSIk. CO. i6 South ureal i Shippers by this line may rely upon having thn good* correctly measured. Agents iu New Orleans, Hulliu k Woodruff, who will promptly forward all gomla to their addreaa. , The packet ship YA/O.J, Cant. B. J. II. Frank, will toe ceed the Mississippi. aud sail the 10th Feb., her regular day. i'ij rrc : ~xJOP* NKW I,INK PACKETS FOR LIVEHPOOL. ' arlf l 2Gih Janoar??The splendid ai.d favorite J ? &.ncke' villi SHLMIDAN, lurui to a bartlien. Captain K. A. Uepeyster, will sail ou P riday, J.'lli January her tegular day. r 'i'he ships of this linear* all 1000 tins bnr h*n and upwards Oisons about to embark 'or the old u'lutry, will not fan' t.e the advantages to lie uerived from ae rotiog I is l>ne in pre fvrenie loans ethers as ibe r gre-t capscily renders iliem ev?r f way inoie omf liable mi l CouXiiieut than shiis ol a smalle. class a'd I heir accmrino la ions, it is well known, are snperioi 10 auy others. I hose wisbi-g to tec re berths, should uo fail to make early application ou hoar.) o ro W fc J T. TAt'ScOT", At their Oeneral Pasttg- Om-e, 43 I'eck Mip, corner So.<th atreet ' The Sheridan w i'l t'll from I iveipool on the It h M ucli ! Teraout wishing t" send for U.fir Iriends.cau have themtrough' out in this snleiidiit nai kvt, or any o'. he regular l<n- sailing on heist Kill. lull .Gih, 21st and ifith ol evei y month. Ur Its lor any aim Uut pay. h e u deiiiauii ?illio 't d's nunt in all the p incuwl towns ol E gland, Jielaud, Scotland ami Wa'ea enustniilly for sal as above. ' 1 he Rochester will su ceed the Sheridan, and sail on 21s , Fe ru-ry. j2* S ee a Aw.- BLACK BALL, tn? Hi IJ 1,1 N v, Ob LIV f PACKETS-FOR LI VKRPOoL-Regnla, iliifa 'scketol the .st Fehruay The splendid, well-k owi I very laat sailing packet s ip C AMBRI DOE, ' apiain W (; Baratow, will positively sail ou Thu.sday, 1st February, hei regular davit is well known to tie leavtlling pubi c, that the aeeocnnuda'iont if (he H|ack Rail Liu'ot I'm ki ts, f r in, arc nd 1 ea in amlf'eertpe oa-senpers, are unsnrpamen by any other li. or vva el m port 1 ho>e now or In realtor n turn.i.g lo the old r couutry, will at ill hud it t<> their niie-esc aud comfort t< sclent this couvey nee. For insi me, apply ou board, loot o Ueekman st, or to the subscribers, ROCHE. BROTHF.KS ?. CO., 3b Fulton street. nest d?nr to the b ul tor. Bank P S?Th* C imbridge sa-lsfrooi Liverpool on he IS'li V|?rch Persons sending w r> eir f i pdi ran liave ihrin 'r '<gl l o, ' in her or in an) of t'e | acke s o i pr sin this '"aguilicut nr.fl uo i|ua>b d li e, as.lit g fiuin that poit pu etna y on t: e isl >ud tiin ol e ch m mill . nrpv -Kg-, al'p'v as abov The arket ship e.nelai (I vv ill .need the \b. ve packer I .d sail for Li.errvool on the 16 h February .and wil, rntorn to til s |" rt o I e 3d f Aprn jK re IAI-AM PUU ![ VKt~?Koii'i Line IIImW*V*h>p a IV M M..A9, J hn B Ml, mntr, will ?<il Wwtm u the lit f F-bru r Fur freight or fur 'iumii <1 i) to BO r I) St HiNuKK ,9 on me D i1 iIiiim, ?ll rc o tier Will in Wiigt in ?*? Voa OU iIMLouI'K OR vi All i " iqUf.T ?mhwio K'?nch biique < UKXANDUt, C'apt 4BSMBi Jiiilicr F r freight or in a go pplv (o BOYD k If I sCKKN. }2i Iw re 9 Tontine Bui'd u e r Wilt and Water ata. HAVA V A AOKNCY.?The aubacriben, rgrnu lor Mr? W-ai'e B 'aiding I'cmr, will b? happy to give information to travail* bound to th- Ha* na Order* 'or ortri. W eat lr.di i fruite, lc.. i"*mdcd lot account! 'olleetaj. drtfu nought mid old. at heir Agency Offica, lit Nan an etroet New Vorfc. N B.?Letters and pireeli forwarded by erery packet, j 10 lm*.c MASON It TU I TLB. havana mansion house hotel rHf atuleraigi.ati uket ucciatou to inform hia frietid? end f the public, that the Mention llouw i.i cow located in In,unidoi *1, No. at. in the vicmiti af the ahnnnuoii 'andno nd ov'tibl- market. Hiving eoun/iodioce la.nilv ip^rtoo oir irrinaed in the u??.teat order. A pernio i? *ir.|dnj?<! to procure perrr.ita ts Ian J ravaengere, ngrigp tor who will hoard vr.vli immediatel v ao.rf toe viau 0' the revenne office/a. N. B ?Viaitora to ih i liland ahuuld pr ic ire pa?port liuir tt r Hpauian Conau', nine port?f embarkation, to oLrnte dif1 inltiev and incpereiieaco. 2lfioie?> W'l MAM FUI.TON. p: no l: 3h au v el ns j-: m k n t. r ONDON S'i'. K ATMAi'lN'k.'M HOTh L, onroiio. the lu St. Klthe.i Um k <lrPv,ajji| in r the Hnyaf Mint.? niOM VS LKM-.TV, l?t- CHi.riTu ea-d of the tfrtiih '.iae.u h.aa nahip, mpei.tfuli] ml'orin h airi?rd? in toeUnitrd me ta, t ii? i.e hn the in.i'iaguinent of the ab??e new audelegai".aanhTie'iment, which i? uoilt and fumi-h-d regari.|?? of ei|>eii?e. and la in ee-ry p*pect adapted lor thr reeepf nv of I miliei aw'" gentlemen riaitimi Kugfamt. a* the hole, front! that nan of the dork in wh eh the Iid-i* a d moat of'he ntlie lint riein vean-'i lay, *nd la wuhia five mirrnea valk of th- Biol mil Hoyal P.tthenge. The liouie taill be conducted ou libeia tiiu ?*rnnf*inirni prmcipm I n?* Vytuirr iiumn i* . r*.i hf Liind'in, Amrricrn Kiti Indian and Colonial pt|?rr?. Tbr Viaodt, Win**, ftc *rr of ill* fir t qii.tli v A Knod llillitrt I (loom 4iid Wnni Harlii w-ll b- found in thoboutr (In tb nrn may cooiricl b> ilir wwi, or month for board, fce on ih? itm* Wrnin a* n. Aiorric*. I' LENNKV bolt in umrr thofwho may honor lum Witt thrir fytnn.mrr that uoihinii tin I h? w<ot'i:f to rendt then conilnrtabl. , Mid by titration t th# vifbrtnf hit unu, ho|m to merit that cnnfidracf tnd 4<>od will to liberally bmtow d hi lim whra ttrwardof thr llpilih tfiiwi ft 14r NO TICK. TO SOUTHERN ANU W;ifcTERN MERCHANTS A VOUNti OENTff H.MAN who it now rnitttt in, uid ?? hut corroet knowlrut* of, tho Boot, Sh a. Lanhtr ami <4m?ml CoBmittton Hntineat, it d?tir..ut of (oiiut tooth or wni u t ulninu, or for any reepocublr octnnttion. Oood refrrrtifrt tirrti. A tot* addrtttM "A." ho* AM Boiton Pott J' 0flier, Wtfl BMtt With prompt attention. jtt Iwit Iw ot rc AUCTION SALES. I'rtOAlAfe UM.LL, Aucuvoor. (tlrrr JVW. U jtnn It'ltt.) 1U>>DAY. I _ At o'e'ocx i?'b- 8*''? Boom | * falu Solr f ch' ie* Mwubb f.ocy tod itapU Dry 1 ? '.at of a 1 da cni tiom m lota lo iuh rureliatara, * 3 . com| unaiaa cln-ha of all kinda, fu 10 'ord Cattim ra VaalBta 11 aswirry Mu ln s.CaJicu. an limit, nuHiui, sane ' Marmora. Aerial a. Woollrn Cnps M punka Clothing, a Quantity , f .,1# Iged Jewelry ""4 Gone, t splendid Watchm, a nullity of Uocer.aa, Tltr. WUaa. M.OM Sogara, mx. we Alio?100 fine Shirts, finished and unfinished. . .,1, ?Y>DNlLdUA*. r O..I Ftrai thaailaaioooo, . i r?7 iL ? The vnl re furniture contaiu'd in H a house No. U Meriou street, computing a very I perior aatoi tment of almost ere ry anlc a in ilia wayofhon *keepine?pallor, bed-room, kitchen utensils, fcc? all in (ha 1 heal Older ^ 1 SAME DAY. A' Uo'eLek the ?ntoe furniture of the establishment. wa'l known. No ? A?n stiwl, eim|,rising alaaaut U*r garniture and Fixtures. e|>l- ndid IPainiiatrv nomeroua marb'a lop and mo or u- IVbier, Chaira, Looking-glasses. kit hm ottuilglass ware, lirj orr, clock, ;ano virion, oil e snide, suitable for Hotela ai d Familiei. Thu >ala will be lonnd worthy particu ar al'eniiou. THUPSDAY. At I0W o'clock, Ilandaoin- Furniture. Tre enure fun ilun contained in the iiooae No. 117 Pr.nceitreet, mar VYoorter. N. B ? K.yery facility will be afforded (or the disposal o i merchandise of all deaeriptiona. Boaiuaaa will lie carried or u s busuies* Ii't manner Sales will Ur regular, -ud Mn I prompt, in this eaLabli?hme?r q -w u ,der the ch.rite lelv of THOMAS B-LL. 10 Ann street D OCT. JOHN THOMSON-SM0 Rnetrd will b- pni III prove tl C folio-, I g tlidavit UUtrill I? Jllh I h II On i>4J Boone itieei. Si r fu a?linpoitint me Co-firmed j New York J.u.tift1-, lust. Ou the 8th < f Jm <-rt, I its e in | ath ov,t that an ar toiiUhiug cu e < ad htm p rformeil upon n, tiy D, Juliii I hnoiMiu, 11' Ur. oinr afreet, o' a dreadfu a,e i Sen u|a S ilt Kheum, trviipclas, H ?1 Head ,r Lep-o y al of wliii h di.ei.ea .till 1 l> e , d- nnn ,al?l I and . Hi ati stated I hi! I bail hern alHi ted iWye-ra to t I hoi ein|>h>\e te differeiu physic.ana, tint I li t t en 40 boii'ea < f Si di laraa a ill *, aud hetwe*-t. 4'l a .d 00 bottl-a f Pr slot's S rai pa ilia. That my head ha b ?n shaved au ' drea ed wi.h pnul ticeaaud ointment,It ruatelv lo 4months I alt j useu 4 box a of I' r. Whiti n'a celeb ated eltia.:l of Dane 's. I al i nsed for ihre-mo tha constantly, a strong tea drink made n hnrilocr, yal w doc , prick lei h and sariaparilli One t hi sic an I pud $hl, alter s i j-ttr ;d nee ol five tnou hi ; uoihrat'ei ded me right months, hut nil of no u?e. Sly hed was ou solid scale all ove , w h ch I had 10 ren over Veil VI hours will s ep iU'lt. nr he itrhi, g irrit.ition or distress was lutoier hit I heli. v- I had a*l the compound mi 'ri-i incide. t in vrysipe la . arnld hep', silt ileum and scrofula I h-ve spaed 1, 1.111 il or ere se to c.tre 'tin compla.i.l In (a years I hav aid het? ee i SldO ai'd $it)0 without anvleirftr. It sfuck i uiy liunm ' me |?mmi 1" son, lllll 1111 J K up U>y III- V ure t ouble and in wry to the b um. .My d ?t cms mm m be mul in il icription Almost iu i lae f ilespiir I oil il upon llocn Ji>ii" hotrsoo, < ii the llltli Dree i be , 181], aud I"' <1 I lureitbyc mr.iCI, and o (lie 8ih of Ji>n ry Ull, le d y ifie-, n y h-aU wa? to II . pile lane.* well, end my runs h.-iltV better I ban f"r ilir t yean. I now renew mv slhilvil ma'thome tliui afflicted uia" know t' at I ain Wrll Aud won d may to all fflimled w tl\ icrnfula e ysipe sm, a'<d -! ei it|ition . ol? ihe >1(111, ti> try ih meant 1 have itf.led aud thei will never reg et ,i. I have m eu if veral other iiertout win li ve been cund hy Dr Thornton who were induced to uiaki .he trial i'rom seeing a stat ment of in eu'e JAMr.S HA8SON, 31 Moore street. Sworn b?f ire we, thia !iii h day ol .1 near , 18(1.1 PETE* IU CK nKV Coni'rol" Deeds j N B?Wanted at 313 H ooioe atnet, inch pa'ie-tm am cat find no ret.ef IV. in others. Dr. '1 hoinion'm Ami *co liutic By up, for Scroll's and all erupti in of the 'kill. Font's only liy himmell at SI per hot'le or $10 Per d"T?n, at No. 313 Broom, it'eet. New York, by JOHN THOMSON j 28 lw?rc ROVAh MAIL FO It LI VEKPOUL- Letter hmi In tli TV toyal mail mteaui -hip Brilamm will close at the office u HarnOeii km t No. 3 Wall ilreei, on Wednesday, 3tat iumUnt at i ne <|umiter before 1 o\ lock I' M. Iiarnden 4m I n. would cdl the att'iition of n erchanta ?ni others to the fact, that their mail* h ive never been left am the. a a iirwudej uaurn-r govemn ent h ck ny iheir nwu eipre?a. j34tu3lrc IIAll mDEN It CO.. No. 3 W. I at. yi- TM WARD VMERI AN REPUBLICAN AS^OCf/ " TION?A Me tuia f the ' noci iota will be helratth stir.on ll?aie, i u Tu id my eve in.', January 30 h, at fal'-pm. 7 u'mluck, on buun-i f i , ALF. Ell 8. LIVINGSTON, Pwidenf. JOHN I' VEENUEIM STEPHEN He. ED. pecrmanes. 3f KStMre AtfI tO LiT-kroiu tli- B mt et Keb o?r? u>it th< j."dj Viluable mt mud die i a I Road Depot Hot I, Yutl i^JtL ville. CO'uei m.f 86 it ?l and Ih ave u?, with bar an hmi-iim urrm ciinplete. Apply on the. pie-i. i em o to Jl7 CO IC nr.O. VOW LlN Pfomi ect H mil. MTO LET?A Mmrr, aitua ed iu llv central bu me put of thia c ty, and eligible f.r ?i,y Puillnn, will t let'ull Mey In. at a v ry low rent. App y at A. liODPKEY'S heap 'ewelry Siere, No 78U m luithain mtr-et. Alio, for sale cheap a large (RON SAFE, iu tht heir c. >ud liou, on applied ion ? above. jilii li'r "T| BROWN Ik CO.'3 One Price H*t Store. 178 Chuthal Si|u,ire, corner of Mutt mtieet, where f shion, beauty mrabilitya id rcuuumy are c .moi-.ed to adorn the head > ti propiietora have the pleasure to offer a new s.y le ul hut.the ii? i t lion ofheuver, which cl sely rem.inol those f .r only sold fu Sj ,i.d $b. at t* e low tiled pile of *3. 'I home, who from i?e|i nation oruecemsity are in uir-d to study Ciiumny in thai nulla l<ei.sable article of dre a. hive now .in ot'purtuuily of doiim mi and still keep op (he appearance of the inos- Inmi amiable. Brow; tm. Os , in presenting this h .1 to ne pub'i , think the ham nearly reached the ui'im '.im of be?utv. cheapness. ueetnesi durability uud comfort of the wemsir. All silea ara lu. camli iherefore no ?ood enmiouier yaym I >r Inmse in. urred y tne bam BROWN It CO. 178 Chatham S.|unrr, jl lm*m Corner of Mo t. street. LOOK AT THIS. GENTLEMEN'S COlmK SOLE oOOTS, the b?t c I.. quality $5 1-0 IW Do vm iter ''roof Booli do 1 01 If' Do Lithi Kieuch B ??. do--$3 to 1 oo Do India Kun mrOvc-h ea, with tester soli* 110 1 n I'laiu Rublie'S 40 Do DauciuK Pumps 100 Do Woik-d Slime a |0t And ml other ki ill of Boo i m il Shnet in fa hioir, Latin Gaiter lie" ?. Buakina, Slippen, ' lea. Quilted Shea, Pruned shoe?, vine* no.I black Siti.i SI ppera. Button Sho?n, Inn lluboer Strap (uried p|. in, and nil ? h. r kinds of Ore Sho-a iloga, Moccimmid the gieatrat Mai r metiiofBii .'a U o< i d ehofi; Mitten' and CI ildre.'a, < I' all kirda to he fonud i ,lie world all uf our own inn ut cure, ai d (tie boat of Kreoc aooda. ?' d warrauted to be the beat, and aa cheap at the chta| eat, at 3t;7 Broad w y. eon er of e ranklin at eel j30 I in ' re (il(M)HHV CAHlLL, 3c.7 B'oadwav. BOOTS?WATER PROOF Double and Cork Sule rw Fiendi aud uative call and iwlent screw tapa; w-irruit IM good fine ctif boota for men; bov'a and childreu'a d eaaM water boota and nlinea of a|l aertt and tizea N B.?Lidiee, Mines and Chi Idreu'a gaiter boots, allot ai ouakins, double and aiuule aoles, and ol eveiy e dor and anad l.adiea. Oeots, M.aaet and Cht'drnu'a water pio f India Hnhh iveiaboea of the latent atvle, all of which Will be tol l h nthan at any other atore in this city Nnpnlr m tap boota SI pair. J. 8. WALKER, 419 Broadway, j3 Itn'ec Corner of Canal it. ZjLm "OOP AND SHOe, STORfeL atp^rJOIIl READY respectfully inmrina hit Iriew ludthe pullir. that he baa commenced buamrai in til. a ho Poe, at No 99 Nassau atreet, wh-re he will tUankfuliy r cm lid faithfully execute, all ord*ra he may be lavored wt h c lie oioat re.aonaule lermt lor eatli f fir FWINllvti PAPbH-JtllO Reams Jberyt I'rintiiiK Pat* 21x46. 31l4J, 28a43, 26?37, 24?36. 24>3I. 23x32. 21(31, f. tale b . PfcllSaE ft BROOKS, j27 Strr No 61 Libei ty atreet VfANOANESr?iGHOi ND3-XK0 ' >bi Black Oxide < iVl VUniamae, f ,r rale by k BllllOkS. j27 .7 u bo 61 klwttyMMt MYSTERIES OF NEW YORK. BOSTON: PUBLISHED BY EDWARD P. WILLIAMS, 22 CO> ORESS STREET FOR SALE AT ALL PERIODICAL DEPOTS. 2? bm* re COLT M lilAN MAGAZINE, OKKIO NO 3 ASTOK HOUSE. THE I'OLU VlBIAN LADY'S AND i.EN PLEMAN' MAO AZiNE?Edited he J IHN I.VMAN Co.atr.iTa or nir I'ihkiiki Nlm a i. a, 1844. original. Lead ua not into Tem latum, by loho Neal, " Ban T~ti rang B auinanoir," by Mn. F. S. Osgood. My Uonbie ; or, the Man who u nut Col. nlauk, by C. f 'lolfman The eiatera br toe Editor. Mood a of the Vln.d, b? V|ra E. C. Embury. 'I he hemile Iceberg, a Fim y L.ric. Extracts from the Diaiy i fa Poor Man. We shall Meet Again by Stinuel p. Cat eraon. Light a d 0*rkue>t, by ' D n all M'L oiL The Laat Olaaa, by laalwl Jieivlin. 'I lie fountain o1' Vomit hy J K. Paulding. Toe Indian ,V|aid b) t ie E"itor hi.rnj PhJI' aopby ' y ihe f ditor. Iferollictiona of i hint by \lr? C H. Butler. To my Sii.ernn hi r Bridil, b ?lr? Anna Cora Mowatt. Tl e song of , iglit, by lean" K She. htrd. he Co Iran', by ? lat i'di P Hni.t Morria; or, th Indian I quefe, by eory P Schoolcraft. Though fo' Ao.plifie tiou by the Editor. Books "f the M iiith fce No.icra to Corraponds it* EM B E LL~H M R N TS. I'lie Siatera?V'ngr v i e?n ei-ly m is Columbian Maftxim ?' j ii nnu". m in u in r r? n n 4 lis Indivn M nda.i? Kiinrc ad ai|>rsia!> f r th- Co'uu.bH W?| h M A M"ff I' ii . < <J u) J. it. I h |< in a .. -" hi n.-H,o|i iN-f'O ii )i|;uiii vltia c? 1 h tint iiiiIu my h*<t to th** ' a balladP *tiy by Mr*. Auu ?. fuMn-ui Mute by Mn* Auu 8I< in 10. TEfa Ml?11 r*' annum, in '?vw-i? aopiaa for $1 c .n* cnpv two )Mn lortS. Pi 1I* oumhrn vl ranta aarh l>ali?*'*d i i 84 y part nf th* spy an o.voldvit *'><! arnl h to all |>sr a of ilia bum* and ih'l.anadaa, by th pntdivhn Addtvaa. poat |"?id, IMHAKL OHT, jJ6 Itia Hoy re* 3 Aator Hnnaa. A CAflD. PIIEN'IX EXCHANGE. SNEDECOH AND THOMPSON, INFORM thnr nam<rona fri* .da, ihst thay hav* uk?n an< * rain-a tha |io n il ll'frciory no tni" S. W. cornar of Pin nd nr-rti, tiuiwn aa th* "flii N'X Il.XI.II INIJh, id sr. d*i*.mi"*d t? k *p ihecho e*.t li<| mra and aafcara to b vund in f"? an . Thoaa tali* opprani(? a iU|i*rior *la-a II ajjdy ?.r t iin, art; oaiuiatap t.? tali i nd try a * ry An* artitl mat ra civ ad. . TMF. i ' V'.NI) DP.I IKT.VVNT ia aii,.,p|.i?|v r*-or*tn tail U.J ho-.' VI Ii 1 v-ia a yo"I din#*!, W?.| >a ?* !, Can <>? a mn ltlad Aa tl.a i roprirtor a %t, va i n *- p rrat rata hno/r tli y Inllv '?"|uaa t i vrrv.a a n' .liatr f/irjda an J ill r pniFc, vl lni| a* th- V lb. i tr foj.-id to dvaarva it. ik*\( H f viy.if.. o ', AUSTIN T> T 0> PHON. N, B ?Ilia L""NCH at tlalw, w l'l hi'a a . nl upstart Ity t?taraa i 0and I ciu.-v, A. M. OydHlinartf?a I it V.I of'ha day jM ttava > I ** FIRE-PiiOOF ROOK SAFES. IMIE ^ohavril ar hit h> .d an .aanrttn nt "f ('. J via In' Wv/raol"! P ira Proof Uontv* Daring tha pa-l t t *ar. aav. ra' thnnaandj ofth* a -*l*i na?a bsvn in ??*; ? It o" huqdtad ha*.. at. rt.tlaran tuna-. ba*o fhnron.hi< laatad h^ Am, and NOT ONE, haa a.any tuna, failad to puaarra its con ant i ??Dool.1* R*f* ia a eoiol.i tion o( two antita R ifa? ' til atif /ilia* Al'Viin I U? . I'Haar karll A Ca ia rra aHat a*alti. ivoltl an | ir.ii, > ) 11 if bc?r n in condnclinn m lamia, no w od b?ini uwd in ihaif rutintrurtio 1 h < oraptiaitinq *nh hich awl i -??r? linf.l it i ?rl cilv fn* i louf mill the I'l'miw with f?l ! ilifm at mi rrioi (a *nv other* v?t ntfttfii 1 Til* ianer and outer dnori o( each H f> are ttcu eil by rheiin -(.vr.l aler t del ctoMOck-i, winch c.miiot be inrkad or operin willi frltr krva. Alto, an taturimeut of Smg'e Hal?a and Bpnr.ia CUetU, fo rale at pncet from ro tT> ? h. All kiudt OI Bjok Half* and Specie Cbealt intde to Older. ?. KLV, Ji Im^ e T' Fulton tirewt near flold atmet. pOfPKK-IOH cat ? Hnea hint Coniwr, form M in ling mtm.factored fruin tl.a boat uia and in the mott e rnfnl man oner, for ?al? r>y LK COL LIN A A (?.. tM tun A* >tmt* atn*t> TO PRINTERS. F^Rhi^-?t3*itT8A,%feifl"5sa thin nlftnn. AMUSEMENTS. imHKWI OLYWIO THBATiUi. MONDAY CVENi^O, Juury il ThuflWITt WUl MKOMiK ? >! ERA DIAVOLO. A OOOlf NIOHT?? REST. ! C FAR PEA. 'THY ON'M lilDEPKllDBBT fjunifc"1 CIRCUS. BOWERY AMPHITHEATRE. low ? WB; fit lis o?If <;- WrlIlVrTHE PAINTEJL mv a v SiOftOW ^aai.49? i ns PttlOIBllMI Wfll (Mb ?;n? with A Splendid 13 lion* Cavalcade. entitled the Wu "-miTTV A'ui which A greet variety of Eqamtriaa Aeu. Feau of Strength, Inn Dane*. tu g vHicK The Claaeic Tebleca of Adam end Ere. To be 'Glowed by the SPRITE OF TH*. 81LV R SHOWER. Fo'l >?#0 by THE CAROLINA MINSTRELS. To eooelad# with I Vol in-Veet. or the VlUtahet of e Night. 1 A in Kmc AN HUSUO, , ANT) PERPETUAL FAIR J M ot iUy cui Tuesday. Jan 29 ami M Day viatura admitted the i -. . .. *"* raruiog free. .... The ALBINO BuVS, 11 a I U't enow white, bat of Meek 11" ten' if rue card aud may be aeeo dav and erroian I to* eitli-i with t'.ei.U'nV Ol:Kk.N tha mo.teurpriaiog Foiteno 1 rl'rr I" |iie won.I. Litre i?? OR. \ aLENTINE, I Moot, and MiHam.IHI.LK M, ?kn appear iu iho laaghai. ble nai t inline. ' rhe Hc tch Mi t," GREAT Wk.ST ERN - w ill iiitrniluie kii inierrHi i.k i,<i unique Comic Lor tare on >' 1'"i1.*1 t*V "ff1. ,-T ? BOOTH. H. G. SHERMAN. * L t P-.1 II L LKI no. LA ETIl t bLISK.Ne. if O.i ' di.reJ. v, the 3Lt. T O. Booth, the unrirailed Comic I fJinuer, takHA a I Perluruiancei even riming ?t7 o'e'oek. and Wodnaaday and a ua. un'ay aitrmooua at 3 uVL ck i' (r./" Adimaaion to Uir whole Ji era la children aadiW MS yeara, hall price 25 ceuia extra for private eonaaltatioaa with the Oipay II Wutwn. it* it ? PROGRAMME OK THE r GRAND VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT !' TH BE GIVEN BV WD'lLE SOPHIE OJERTZ, of * Norway, l'i<ui t in the Rival hamilr of Denmark, it . Wathiiiit'nu llall uu Monday evening, the 39th inat, amiated by the fjllowin* fmmrtr artit't : e MADAME OTTO. , 9IONOR RAPETTI, ' MR hAKTON. The telebiuteJ fluliat of London, who will meko hi* Aral apprafanCc iu Nrw \ ork. Mil. A. BER ?, whs will preanle at the Piano, and MR. LI C H l.L, I Loader of th? Quartette. 1 PART I. I?Overturn. , 2?C'eprlcraud Variatiooa for the Piano?Mdlle ' Oj vtx Kalkbrwnor J-Hceua and t avatina from the opera ' Nal Crotiato iu Efiito" (fur t-e Ara'time) "Ah, come, come rapttla," M.d Ouo Meyerbeer t?(jrlnd Halo luil Variation. nn tli. k't.if. in three tiatr 6/ Mr birtoo (Barbigajlar i?By requaat?Duo Brilliaute, fo' I'i iuo and ' Violin, on Thema front Bellioi'a 8 muaxbula?Mud'lle (ij?m end T-ignnr Mp?ui Benedict and DaBanot l PART U. 1-Omtun, 2?Grand Ka-iDsie for th? Pi tno. from MeyeeI be r'a Hugeuota?M "'lie tijn Thtlberg , J?Grand * rii?O Ditto Dto?M?d m?i itto Hoaaiat 4 ?Grant K otitic on Tli m 'a b H III. i and CnmfTi, arranged u.d nrcut il by Hi, nor . Kt|? Rapctti 5?The cel. b et-'d iHitriL d>. Viait,'' * ' by I'agv ini wi Ii V riamna by Vieuitempi Er ?t (tie Bull and d' le limr c ? fur Iht fin/ limr alhmplrd by hid lit ( pit: on Iht Hianu Paaanini Tic r.a O e I'uliar each, to be had at the oiincipat Moaic dto ea and at ti e do?r < u the veau g of the Concert, it T co . uiei.ce a' 8 n' loci precne y UUI'KKPbA1^ 8 ClKlY?The Luteriaran Society will 1j !> 'hi Annul Doicert aid Bail on Tl'kbD tY C.VEMNU mat. the :?ntl> tint. vtemun c,u prucuia then tickrta of the RarrettiT, at 17 ? Dearer ?t eet B. 8. ilAKT, ? j27 Itii'ic 8- cretary. military hall. THE THIRD COMPANY NATIONAL OUARD BALL I- ? will tike pi ce at I am many Hail, on Wednraday Ibna ng, Keh, 7, 1814. 'I icketi 12, mav lie obtained of John Carnra, (I John afreet; " K. B. Dali, 91 Brovi -t., W. II Doiuiuick, 40 Oeruwich at ; V. M. Muera 186 Kul ou E Wainrinht 2*6 at.; C. c ultra, In.6 at.; 8. It Kuwlrr, ?*0>4 Bowerv, and J. H. ' l.ownabery, CJ2 I'ea I at djft tF7*oc ' 1 i THr. I.NDKPc. * I)k.\T TOM K1N8 BLl.ES' DALLwiI I take p ere -t the Apoll > bdluon, on \io dav evening the <9 h iuat. Do cma io c on l en.e at 8 o'clock. Gentlemen are II ar,i nty, buf r aprctf. Ily r. qu-ttrd to aprear with ducing ' pumpt, aa tt.e II mi will be co.rird with aatin papar By order 1 f iheCummi t ?. N. B.?-Und. r no circuo atauces will a ticket be told at the 1 door j 26 It re A CARL). OFEHA HOUSE.?'The nurtetiigiird haa the honor to anuounee to the public the new Opera Hr.uae in Cham>1 uera n'rect. errctrrt t| reaalt to' r?pr.> maticna o Italian and Kreni h U|<e.a, .t.d Ceaigned ai.d drenrated by the m it dia'inauirleil aitola iu th louu'ry, will titft. to- the wn.ron on W edi cai'ay nc.t, th- Slat iiialaiil. with Belluii'a Opera, I Full" T AM Dnrtug the "eaton, which -ill c-mi?t of'tweuty-fonr rapra -ratatioiia, three in arch week,a aerial of favorita Oparaa will be given. be.uon Tiaketi, which will' aeenre to the holrerinch eeata* i" '.a may arlect ( If the >r >ra in the h..oie beng r umbered.) a ay * ba had at the Box (Ilea,(price $2tt,) wkire applieauoaa mar ? If made lor rrlc tio f ? ?! ; Il ia hoped that the dirti ig ntha I ta'ent engaged for tkt revaou and th . extiemc care which haa been bratowrd apoa the n eternal ar augrmeut of 'he houae, w ill meet the wiahaa of the h public, and aeenre a cn.uitl aupport to this audearor Ureal*) bli h an lull n Urera in thia metropo ia. Nra Vi ra. January 27, lilt. jaJBMll ire FERDINAND PALMO. *d to AMATEURS on the flute. o, V/fR. BARTON, (pupil of tlieiateC Nich. Don ) retractt'1 ully bey a mauuouuee thai it it kit intention to give inid .tructh n on the hint*. Mr. Barton prufeaaea to teach aeeor c. ti g to the out nod panned by the Crlrbrataa mailer, Charles el Nicnolaou. rr hor teruta and particulara application may be made at Signer a Godone nuaic store, Broadway, and Mr. Stoda/t'a Piai ofo'la inann'ae'ory. j'7 lia-rc - music for parties. VfESHRS O. WEISS It Kit. OIlAMUSn, ProfeMon of u. i'i Muaie teipe if-lly aunouuee tn their patrona, tha ladiaa d md |ent!emeu , | New Yoi k and tta vicinity, tha' .ineir Colli oil miiu in |>iT|?irru 10 piiv mr moil ajuiuau ua IbaiOBil vlnaic fur I'nrnf Partiaa, Soum, ke. Onl.ra riceiraj aud punctually attended to at M Delaney at. ~ j ? lm* m jr OlCOAKS?HAB ANKJlO!i" IIOU8E, It Beekman "treat, 1J ni-ar Naraau,?Don K. i'r Kiraa, uf ti.a aborc ea'.hluhtnent _ now 10 Jiavaua, haajuat ?ent par achr. Heo nr, Mich a choice ,( I ?t of aetata, aa quotui. his own a or ?. ' rrry acid >m aern ia ha I ait iiiarFrla, and ralrula rd to aarabliah n-a reratation aa an accompli-lird judyr of lha " fr an I ot tha fneudlaaa philaa ill op c wne.t " Aud in ft"t, uo po'autata ryer brhald or pn#rd a ha tar llri lia 'han ihoteae.iby Lion F. Riaaa, lha Japiirr of aegara lla alao Intra, that " i? lan a -area, and iliat ih? yriaa oi aeyar haa anvanead." Neya,thelraa wa will iniiurain ur forirar modrrata , ricaa. and raioaat mr patron a a d ilia public gene ally m call and aiamlna tin* moat cacti a-l luvo ca IVraom tvithina to nca.Ta tha iegar? from tba I Cu.toui Houaa wul plraae apidy aa aboie.wiihout delay. fcfcna It hiv as. A nothrr lot ia aipactad par ahip Adalaida. dua ia a faw day*. J7i I w? jc - col*k lamps i andalabka*. ?>;?> anioll*, k' Br ket?, fall<a ?nd Lauterua, ( hi. a ana OI>aa of \ery dn.ciiptin . Aatral Lain|>aallrrcd to Ho ara A baautiful . lie rt nit 11' i. f tha abme 10 a ooUined at Siouaenel it un.'a 9 Maiiuf cturi it Htnrr. No. 3 John at art ne.r Broadway, and at t'air factory No 29 Oold treat. All ailictaa aaadc and in>rrh?d >o any itattaru, wholnaa a ai d atail. Thaabofa t bliahmaut ia ii oat auraly lha only one where propl*can -Iwi'a y l anppliad at yery low price. The.ubicriiwra *ra alilr to Inruiah citctrc thin any nth. ra.m inauu acluring tlia boia tl.t m a|?,a. Glaa. m'da and cur to orfar. All thaab^raar- warrai.1 d STuL'VF NKL It CO. N. B. tioi.di I lanad for parti'*. jM lm*** GKHMAN H^lTmuNTHLV I'll.LS?Thie madicioa i thara.utul rhe go-a* pr ami* and egjw* r a ca of tha ca abratad Dr. Van''enbu'gk, a fieri'an Phya ciaa, lid th-y are guaranteed to cura in all ca n lahara tha nperatiuua of nature ate i" pa,la I, or laigmdlv performed Sold hy Mrs. BI It ii, * ainal* u. IS vliter .i aat, i aar C banana ijuira, wbar- aha can ha conau'tad wrh I a atrictaat coufidanca in air iaaa of !rm da ir >g laiiti . tuppra t.ou I it ippant.etc. Advc (.alia t j all ilioie who uae tea pilla. Piicn Si par hot. 2tt'jm*ac fiRKAT REDUCTION IN PRICES. Diikss coats viaDK ro ohdf k Fok ilk ? No. M F'ulon a'raat ?Tha ?ob crber, having Oiauad a Uen'ral i loihinir Htora, at .No m Fulton atraat Naw kork, ia now prerail to fur' l?h all who mn taaor liim wuh a call, with every I ?rr.|.|iii" ?.f gm lain-n'a Wearing A|n> rat, nu tha moa raw o.iabla tarma. lla (Ten for thair roaader*iion tha fotlowiug r, i,at | latiu.'ad price.:? iu|iariiia Urate Coata, lr>m? >$) u> M in iiiiinata I'ai !J, . ...... * to CM FanCi Va*t?, " (to I M irairoaia. in II - *t"?i. " 4 to J ? N ft ? < mining m'da lor ill* S' dth*rn market n th uealaai aud daapatrh Prrkona will hud it In It at. adatntaga in ra>l ind at iriiuaina all rg .lid I'ricaa. at ho. W Fl'ian atraat, i~.r........... i......_ - .-i r.i? ?. - -? solicited, v jII linrr ' SALT KISH STOKET /inn BBLS. HALIFAX No. I SALmONi UfO NM. I, I 4vU ,nd I Vackrrcl: jfkl Half do, do do do. 100 bbl? No I Mraa "*liid , M h*'f libia No I Havbrook Shod| MO bbla Cod a d Heal* Kith; . to* do No. I Uib'd llrnilft " IV* Intra S< al.d do !I 100(1 lb? Sinoknl Salmon; MO kits H?n>pil Salmon * 200 do Mt.antM ajv' 1 < o?fir*t 240 jniirals 'odft-h, suitable for ahipi>to(| ' 100>i M>?.ki Aihaa i hm , '-Hio lih'. A H'll.fce Ac. All f >' sale iu lota to ?an patrba?ora by "r 1,1 m-rr Ml. "ON W ?.I,L? ?a ?;Q ?l Uoy atlQ>t" Ok.At I1 OIK flAKO (' A I ?li.JJ i?r (o? for mlt, rfg I ' ail' on unnt mat f~l>' o (r'tlna th? baat Hi?d A 'i Coal at h? a nv, (> ic w*l| arrvnod w ilnad by a (irv lehc, ?B I delivered frojj ihrmrd fcrnrt <1 H|t.? and (ir ..viicl ,v. ir.TER (.LINTON. f ' j2(! 2m <'t L' 1 >"?ll i N Ij til/ ?A >u,? ioi artula of Hrt.krn. I> *4* 't..? ml * orHiart, >at, do ibty scrrrord, at I . id ?i,;*i. Nu' . ; ! Vi |? r o ? i?rred lire of cr.rialr, from n-yn, . . . ?, r, . Iin. rnmer r nuklin .north n ?rr, ltd e,'"Lr ' M?t rirrr. CM r? i?wh4 m li???g r Urn. ?iy, It I ?<>!( ureal through liir Dtapoich > 1. *iiu it b.i It thr \ aula M B ? Au otiow ncr m?il? tu (tralm jr 'i??tn TH.F.F, ? MATEO I O" ' ''' N l'1 l K ?UU tnlr Ami:i IM? t I'nrh a r? y i ?o"?nor attir.r. ' ? r.,miUtr at<nrimiai from I . P. I In A, Inr aula in l?t( (,> a-iit pllfhoini by j t 'rf K III l,|\H * I It ?b~.-k .rerM i T Villi < yN AAV. ion bulla ii| (hit aa|<rr r> rti I* J-i riy|ii|i* itiny ,10 Ml Itipriil from No I I i > fur B?'r by j jM?u-p K. K. COI.I.INH h CO. * S nihil. QHK. AT||lM(j fAf .H? ii cant inirel *hraim* I'ai?f.well I ??it il lot roof* f ii'intrs, at i|<? hoitnma. Ac, r> r atl? by I j S Sir. F.. K ?'?I| tK'Tfa MlWlllIt Wt^M-l^Tt,iTh.'Ts ll'tlllin". ' w". 41 for K. K COLLINS h CO. .'|A6t?c V* ?nmh alttt. L~AKU~7J iwinUanu ~OoY#?t r>i?L~< LaM. ? to*oijar, or Ml* by E. K COLLiN*Jk CO., j 6 i ne 3* booth mow. " portljciukhe "female PILl?8. i. these far-fom*rf and rrLbratcdPllU, from r.imnpcu* r 1 we nrroairr, to br "biainrO in thin country BtO ndlMpfcoi Ml oa tb* Im( colnow. foanh pnf* (