Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 29, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 29, 1844 Page 1
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TH Vol. X., No. 87?Whole Vo. SB97. To the PuUle. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newipeper?publisbed every day of the year except New Year*! day and Fourth of July. Price 1 ceuta per copy?or 97 M per annum? postage* paid?cash in ad ranee THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 6f cents per copy, or 9* 13 per annum? postages paid, cask in a trance. ADVERTISERS are mlormed that the circulation of the Herald ia over TH1RCY THOUSAND, and increasing faat It hat the largest circulation of any paper in this city, or the world, and it, therefore, the best channel for butmett aeon in the city or country. Prioea moderate?cash in advanca PRINTING of all hinds executed at the moat moderate price, and in the moat elegant atyla. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PaorntXTon or thk Hebald Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Naasau streets. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM CHIPS, Of 1SOO tons and 440 hone power each. Under contract with ib* Lords of the Admiralty. uaHHHUi alBKRNlA, Uommanaod oy C. 11. E. Jadkiiu. RlTANNlA, J. Hewitt. CALEDONIA, E. O. Lott. ACADIA, Aloxauder Ryrie, VTUl tail from Liverpool uid Boston, via Halifax, u 'ollowt From Livxareoi.. From Boston. Caledonia, iDee. 1. Actdia, Nov. 19. Dec. 16. Jliberiiia, Dec. 5. Jau 1. Britannia, Jan. 4. Feb. 1. Caledonia, Feb. 6. March t. Acadia, March 4, April 1 These reaaela carry ex|>rrienced surgeons, and ate supplied with France*' Patent Life Boat*. For freight or passage apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr.. Agent, o!7r No. 3 Wall at.. New York. NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To tail from New York on the 36th and Liverpool on the 11th of each month jr ift m TEST New Yoa!^ ^^?e Ship 8IDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 36th December. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. Depeyster, 2*lh January. Ship OARRIOK, Capt. Wb. Skiddy, 26th Kebru?ry. Ship ROSCIUS, Captain John Collins, 26th March. From Liverpool. hkm SIDDONS, Captain A. B. Cobb, 11th Fabruary. ItTnp SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyster, 11th March. Ship OARRICK, Captain Win. Skiddy, lltti April. Ship ROSCHJS, Captain John Collins, llth May. These ships are all of the first class, upwards of 1006 tons, built iu the city of New York, with such improvements as combine great speed with auusual comfort for passeugera. Every care has beeu takou in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of passage hence is SIM, tor which ample stores will be provided 'Hirst ships ire coinmauded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to give general satisfaction. Neither the captains or owners of the ships will be responsible for any letters, parcels or packages sent by them, uulsss regular bills of ladiug are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to L1 boUB'tSiF?>M?rWS'blS'riSSia." Letters by the packets will be charged 12% cents per single beet ; 60 cents per ounce, and iiewsiiapera 1 cent each. da ROCHE BROTHERS & CO.'S PASSAGE OFFICE, 36 FULTON STREET, NF.W YORK. iK JfcR JR PA8saJPH?80M LTVEKTOOL. Iu the following Packet Ship*, vii:? The NEW YORK, tailing from Liverpool on the lit K"b TheCOLUVBlJS, do no lSih do The YORKSHIRE, new, do do lit March. Ti.e CA viB lillMir,, do do lfith do Or in any of toe Packet* c 'meriting lite Old Line sailinic from that port on the lit intl IMh of every month, Thine lending for their frieudt will find it to their intemu and comfort to Ctroniee our Line, a* no poaaible retention on embarking onu given. Pe? -ge Certificate* irnt by the iteamihip Hibernia, tailing from Boilon on the lit of January, w ill have plenty of time to prepare to come by the firit named packet, or in any o I the a bore maenific nt and unmjuillrd packet!. Prnonirrmi'tiug money ro the old country can at all timet obmiu from th > lubicriben draft* at tivht tor anv amount, drawn direct on the Koyal Bank of Ireland, and on Meisn Preecott, Orote, Amei It f o., Banker,. London, which are paid free of ducount in every town throughout Eu gland, Ireland, Bcntl <nd and Wale*. For puiiagc, apply to or addreea (if by letter poat paid.) ROlHE BROTHERS It CO.. d3?re 35 Fulton it, neat door to the Fulton Bank. THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. ffift fff JQD ^Tt^au from Ne^^jJl^Ut, and lrou^iverpool GtlHI^aca moutli. from fitte York. 1/9004 N?w Ship LIVERPOOL. 1150 ton., ? J*; \ J. fc, Id ridge, $Aug. 31 Oct. 6 N. ihip QUEEN OF Tift WEST. Hi" J J.1 ^ar. | 1350 ton, P. Woowoit. {} New .hip ROCHESTER,050 ton., ]\ %? * John Bnttou Soct'r 31 l)ec"r f Bh<p HOTT1NOUEK, 1050 ton.,(5i?'ch?} ? Ira Bunely, }&}*,, I Thete lubatantial, fait tailing, firat clan ihipe, all bmlt in w C17 01 nrw oik, are comiiiiinueu , oy men ui m|jhi(iic( and ability, and will be dispatched punctually on the list ol each mouth. Their cabins are elegant and aommodioua, and are fnmiahed with whatmrer can conduce to the eaae and comfort of pasaeu"^Friee of paaaage, $100. Nattier the captaiua or ownera of theae ahipa will be respon(ible for any parcels or packagea aent by them, unleaa regular billa of lading are aigned therefor. For freight or paaaage apply to WOOXJllULL St MINTURNS, 17 South street, New York, or to FIELDEN. BROTHERS It CO., jl4Vc Liverpool ARRANGEMENTS FOR 1144 OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, 1M Pine atreet, corner of South. m. && m. m> Mb. ,, MMfa . ,,aMb i He, aubacriber nega leave to call tlie attention of hia irieuOa and tlie public in genrral, to the following arrangements for 1844, for lite purpoee of bringing out cabin, 2d cabin, and steerage passengers, by the Regular Line of Liverpool Packeta, aail ing the 1st,6th, lllh, 16th Zlatand 26th of every month. By the Loudou Packers, to aail rom New York, the lat, 10th anil 20th?and from Hondon on lite 7th, 17th and 27th ?,feach month in connection with the above, and for the porpoa" of affording'Ult gieuer facilities to paaaengera, the subscriber h&s es tablitheua regular line of fkrat clasa New York built, coppered and copper raateued aliipi, to aail punctually f.ery iveik throughout the year. For the aceommoilatiou of petaoua wiahing to remit money to their families or friends, drafU are given, peysbleat eight, op the following Banks, via Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at Cork, Limerick, Cloumal, Londonderry, Sligo, Weaford, Belfast, Waterford, Oil way, Armagh, Athlone, Colenun, Balliua, Tralee, Youghal, Enuiakilleu, Mouaghan, Ban bridge, Ballyoaaua, Paraonatowu, Dowupatrick, Cavan, Lurgan, Omagh, Dnngannen, Bandon, Ennia, Ballyahanno Slrabane, 'Skibereen, Mallow, Monaymore, Comic hill, Kilruah. Scotland?The City Bank of Glasgow. England? Mussra. Spvoner, Atwoou k Co. Bankers, London; ft. Murphy Waterloo Road, Liverpool; payable in every town la Great Britain. For further information (if by letter, poet paid,) apply to JOSEPH McMURRAV, IN Pine atreet, corner of South, N. Y. RICHARD MURPHY, 106 Waterloo hoad J?6oi*rc Liverpool. TAPSCOTT'S GENERAL EMIORANT PASSAGE OFFICE. JtiL JUL JUL ARRANGEMENTS FOR 1844. The aubecribera beg to c ill the attention of their frieuda and the public generally to their tupenor arrai gemeutx fo- bringing out passengers from, and reu.itling money to ail parta 01 Enafi a. lrelsnd, Scotland eud Waies. THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS, COMPRISING THE QUEEN Op THE WEST, 1210 tone THE SHERIDAN, 1000 tona. TIIE HOCHesTEII, lOOO tons. the gauitlck, 1000 lona. THE HO rTlisOUER, 1000 tona. THE KOSCIUS, 10N ton. THE LlVEMPOCL, illo tona. THE HID ONS, WOO t. ni Hailiug fioia Liverpool twice everv inon'h, and Til IT. Ilnl-Tt II I.I.VK I )l?* i.lVk'.ltnim. 1'Al KsTH n?mi>o>*U ol aupeior, fuat data Am?r can p<ek?ta, aailiua Imio Lirrpool foW timet >n each mouth, ar* the ?hip? in which thoa* whoir pa?-af < in\y baauica?ed wth the tuoteribera v*111 come in in,end it la wnll kn ionf ct the aboae uamed pncketa aie Ihr moat m?uiftori,t?h,p? afloat *ud the frequency u1 U-tf .ail111*, (neiiix every (We data) pr-veuta the p-aiibility of paocjigeri nem* uune ej?*rily detained at Liverpool. heit if. I<"?a ..fnpeuar, in ordrr tj meet the waott ol the public aud the withra ofttie.r trieoda, Mi. Wm, Tappecott, m.e of the ftrn. hai gone to Liverpool to anpariuimd the departure lor Una country of aach ptVaoua whose i aanage mey he engigen wi'h the aaoacrihefi, K l?ct, wheh to thoae uoqu tinted with Mr. W . T , iea aui&cient 0nnr.uHee thnt t'lCy will r.-ceiie ererv atteutwin from liiui. aao be quickly and rouifcrubly deapaiclmd. hhenld tiioae aem for decline cninn g the paaiage money will be pTOnn tly reiunded. without any deduction?aa nau.P. Maraiitaucrt?1 ),oae rrimttinft money can be aupfll d with dlMto at tight. for any amount payable Ir e ol diacoou; or any in erery principal towrn 10 England, Iielnnd, by Jeter, poat paid,) to W k J. T. XaMCOTT, flPeckalip, New Vork?or to J? Wal. TArsm>TT, Liverpool. lffi> ^ dfe Ntw YOitK and iiavkk packets. SMoiid Lina?The bliipi of thia line will hereafter leave New York on the lit, and lUvra on tha ISth of each month, aa follow!, vi* I? nr ul ivMi lt KttM Hint. New Ship ONE! ., t [at March. I 16th April. r<# Capuia \latJuly. \ I6tli Augnat. eu'i air vfSn fiv ( }'f 5??*.?n,ber. f liith Decianher. Ship BALTIMORE, ( lat April t 16th May. ii , j, $1$ fw cowferl. TliI^ES?> j?? ' N?- , T?u? i,,id,^' JJ, mmmmBmrnmrnKsmssmmssmmmmmmssm E NE OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFIuE. 61 SOUTH STREET, NEW .YORK. cut be engaged fromLlrerpgol by thefollowing epieatships comprising the Old Black Ball Line of Packet* ailing as under. Prom Liverpool. The ship COLUMBUS,Captain Cole, on the lkth February. Theahip YORK SHIRK (yew) Bailey, ou the lat Marcb. IV ship CAM BKI DOE, Capt Baratow. 16th March. Theahip KNOLAND. Captain Bartlett, let April. Thaship OXFORD, Captain Rathboue, 16th April. Theahip MONTEZUMA, Captain May. Theahip EUROPE. Captain Kuiber, 16th May. Theahip NEW YORK, Captain Cropper, lat Jnne. In addition to thaaboyeauperior atlipa, the subscriber'* agent* will hava a auccraaiou of flrat claaa Am rican ahipa deapali lied, aa cuatomary, from Liverpool, e> ery four or fire >t*yt throughout the year, to the diffreut porta in the United State*, by which paaaage can be cured at reduced rate*. Tnoae eroding foriheir friends rrridiug in Great Britain and Ireland, may rely that eyery caie will be taken to mak? psaaengei* aa cumlortable ea they can reaaonably egpert. and ahould 'lie i aa<eug. ra not come out, the paaaage money wil1 be promptly refunded. Drain can aa ?auat be furnished jmyab'e at 'he National and rroytuciul Banks of Ireland and branch's; Kaaltrn Biuk of Scotland and branch'*; and ou Messrs. J. Bait, Sou It Co., Banker*, Londou; M'ssr*. J, Barned It Co., Baokera, Liverpool, which are payable ih'oitghnut Etiglaiid and Wale*. For further patrticulara apply (if by letter post pud) to JOHN HEKDMAN, 61 South street, near Wa'l street N. B Paaaage to Liverpool and London can at all timee be engaged by the regular packet ships, Bailing for Liverpool every lire days. and to Loudon en the lat, 10th and 20th of each mouth ou application as anove. J12 ec OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. ^f^LD Lll^^n^^fckets for will -I- deapatched ill the following order, eaceptiug that when the uilinif (lav falls ou Mnndtv. tha *kina twill uil on th? *u(*cMil mg day, rim:? " " From New York. From Liverpool The CAMBRIDOE, (June 1 July 10 KM tone, < Oct. 1 Nov. I? W. C. Burrow, ( Feb. I Mar. 16 The ENGLAND, (June 16 Aug. I 740 tone, c Oct. 16 Dec. 1 8. Bartlett, ( Feb. 16 April I The OXFORD, (July 1 Aug. 16 800 tone, \ Nov. I Dec. 16 J. Rath bone, (March I April 16 The MONTEZUMA, (July 16 Sept. 1 1000 toue, < Nov. 16 Jan. 1 A. B. Lowber, (March 16 May 1 The EUROPE, (Aug. 1 Sept. 16 618 tone, < Dec. 1 Jan. * 16 E. O. Furber, ( April I May 16 The NEW YORK, (new) (Aug. 16 Oct. I 940 tone, t Dec. 16 Feb. I T. B. Cropper, (April 16 June 1 The COLUMBUS, (Sept. I Oct. 16 700 tone. <Jan. 1 Feb. 16 O. A. Cole, (May 1 June 16 New thip YORKSHiKE, 1 Sept 10 Nov. I 1040 tone, < Jan. 16 Max. 1 E. O. Bailey, (May 16 July 1 Three ships are not surpassed hi point of elegance or comfort in their cabin accommodations, or in their fast aailiug qualities by any vessels in the trade. The commanders are well known its men of character and experience, and the strictest attention will always be paid to promote the comlort and convenience ol passengers. Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, will be ubserved as heretofore. The price of iwssage outward is now fixed st Seventy-Five Dollars, for which ample stores of evary dssoription will b? provided, with the exception of wines aud liquors, which will be furnished by the stewards, if required. , Neither th captain or owners or these ships will be responsible for any letters, parcels, or i?ekages sent by thsm unless regular bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage, apply to GOODHUE fc CO, 64 South st. C, H. MARSHALL. 38 Burling slip. N. Y. J??tf and of BARING. BROTHERS fc CO.. Dpool. FOR NEW ORLEANS. ~ _ LOU1SIANNA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS hoi the better accommodation ol shippen, it is iqtesidrd to despatch a ship from this i>ort on the 1st, 4th. 10th, 14th. JUih, aiid26lh of each mouth, commencing the Kith October nud continuing until May, when regular days will be ^ipoiuted for the remainder of the year, whereby great delay s end disappoint menu will be prevented during the summer mouths The fol lowing ships will commence this arrangement: Ship YAZOQ. Captain Cornell. Ship OCONEE, C aptain Jackaou. Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain Milliard Ship LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Ijhip SI LA K S fE ARE, Captain Miner. E7nii) urtoi v/i*. s|>uiin umin. Whip HUNTSViLLE. Captaiu Mumford. Ship OC'MULOEE, Captain Leavitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson, Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford. These ships were all built in th* city of New York, expressly for packets, are of light draft of water, have recently been newly coppered and put in aplendid order, with accommodation* for I>a*tenger* unequalled for comfort. Tliey are commanded hy exneneuced mailers, who will make every rxertiou to give general satisfaction. They will at all time* be lowed ap and down the Missiaaippi by steamboat*. Neither the owner* or captains of tliese ship* will be responsible for jewelry, bulliou, precious stones, silver or plated ware, or for any letters, parcel *r package, sent by or put ou board of them, unless regular bills of lading are taken Tor the same and the value thereon expressed. For freight or passage, apply to L. K.^OLLiNS It CO., 56 South st., or HULLIN it WOODRUFF. Ageut in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to their address The ships of this line are warranted to sail punctually as ad Vertised, and great care will be taken to have the good* corn et ly measured. ml MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS. The undermentioned snips will be regularly dispatched from hence en the 1st, and from Marseilles ou the 5th of each mouth during the year as follows From New York. Marseilles. MINERVA. Cape. Brown, Dec. 1 Feb. 5 TRE9COTT, Cant. Myrick, Jan. 1 March 5 H'RY THOMPSON,Capt. Sylvester, Feb. I. April 5 HELLESPONT, Capt. Adams, March I. May J CORIOLANU9, Capt. Hails, April 1. June5 They are all coppered and copper fastened, and hav* excellent accommodations for passengers. The price of cabin passage will be $100, exclusive of wines and lajuort. Goous addressed to the agents, BOYD It HINCKEN. will be forwarued free of other charges than those actually paiu. For freignt or passage apply to LAWRENe*'. It PHt'.LPS 10.1 Front street or to BOYD It HINCKEN. Agents, mXr No 9 Tontine Buildings. vf.W irURtv AND PHILADELPHIA HA .KUAU L.i.'N u i r? r.o x | KOK Nifftui, NtwuiuNbHici, PaincKTon, Trewiob. UnuoKxrowis A!?n HoaLiNuTon. faawaBs jOZL j'B' II THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Ifivlug New York daily faun the foot of Conrllandt st Morning Line at 9 A. M.? M.iil Pilot. Line n *% P. M. The Morning Line proc?*l? to Borden town, from theuee h? steamboat to Philadelphia. The Keening Line proceeds direct to Camden (opponte t< Philadelphia) w|thont change'of car*. Passengers will procnra their ticket! at the office foot of Coartlandt itreet, where a commodious itsamboat, will be is readiness, with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are couveyed from city to city, eihout being oiiened by the way Each train is prorided wit! i car in which are apartments and dressing roams a;TMsly ft the ladies' nse. Returning, the lines lease Philadelphia from the foot of Walsut street, bv steamboat to Bordeotown at 7 o clock, A. V.. and by railroad from Camden, at S o'olock, P. M. The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7W A. M., at-' t P. M. being a combination of the linea from New Vorli. J9 3m* in FATERSON RAILROAD. AnMflQ fltlflfa ^YTl E A uE *'^IRF. r. "H7L LI vRl" K: From I'ateraou to Jersey City. On and after Monday, Oct. 2d, 1843, the cars will lease PsTcnsnn OrrsT. L?:i?c Nkw Ynnn. 8 A. M. 9 A. M. 'IVm. f The Sunday Trains Will be discuntinned until farther no ice 1'ransportation cats leave dnily ( Sundays excepted.) Passe fen are advised to lie at the Kerry, fool of Conrtlauut street. > few imnuti-s before the stated honr- of departure jylt 6m* WINTER ARRANGEMENT?KOR ALBANY. Via BRIDGEPORT and .Mn agl Hoisai oaic It Wurtaa KaiLtmoKDS. ail,, aandsys *. Jul !'.< tengera Tor Albany by tlna f onte will lake the new at il legant a'vainboat KUItc K A, Cart J L. Kit?h, which It a to. Mew York fr< m foot Liberty at. Saturday morning at hall otal 6 o'clock, for Bridgeport, tneura by the Honaatnnic uo' Weatrrn Railro* l?, without chimf I vara or tiagg igc era . to Albany, arriving aam? ?v-iiing at a o'clock. Kara tProngl 16. for paaaage or b itiifht, apply on board, or at the office, foot ?f L'lwrty alreet. (i. M. Pe.RRY, Aaaut. jl*g r rai - DRAKTB ON KNOLAND, IRBLANP. y^uaBI Ktc.?I'cra.ina about money to th ir intneOld Coumry can be aup, litd jSHmK wilh ilraflt in turn* o< ?1. ?7, XI, L'i, AID, A?0, All), Jo 100. or any amount payable rn demand, withont diiconnt. or any o'her charge. at the Nation tl Bank of Ireland, Provincial Ba U do, M-aara J?m? Bait, Hen A Co., Halteri, London: J. Baruetl at < n , K.tehange and I>l?roonr Bank, Liverpool; Kaatrrn Bank ol' Scotland; limoiKl. Banking Company; Sir Win. Korbea, Hunter It Co.. Sco'land. and tile brinenea iu every peat town throughout Kriuland. ' land. Scotland and Walea, which dralta will lie forwardad k; the atcamer Britannia, leaving Hoa'on on the I at "ehrnar , Aj * Ply to \v kJ. T. TAPM'OTT, At thair general paaaage office, 43 Peck a'tp, )24 corner of Soutli atP-et. ~tm awfa-l fl)H HALIFAX AM) UVKRPOOI. /^jnXW The Hoval Mail Steain Ship BRITANS| A, John Hewitt,Ka<|., Commander wil leav Hoaton for the above porta on Thnr. Kebruary lit, Hit. P?aa|{>. to Liverpool S?0 PaaangetO Halifax 20. Apply to D. BHIUHAM, Jr., Agent, j23 lo 3'ec No. 3 Wall atreet wAJi#>. 7 H* STATEN I8LANl)~iffcKUY, Voob 2Zp._VyeOK WHITEHALL BT.-The auainbont V-tof r4 tTiTtvi will leave New Ynrf and Stateu I aland, on and after Oetober 2d. aa followa, nntil further notice s? Leave Staten I.lard at 8\, 10, a. m., I, 4, r. M. Leave New York at f>. I2H, III mm. par' 3. 4j< N B ?On Snndaya the boat will leave at II matead of I2U. All irviyhi alnpie-d la required to be pcrticnlarly mar*e.fSot<i at ll.c rtah of Hie ownera thereof. vlOtfr t)i?' PACKV. r h OR MARSMLLKH Kor lat Kebrna t\ ?The barque M V III 1.1,1, A Capt Hagar, will aULnkr the place of the ahip Henry Tt.ompaon. not atnv d, ai.d ?ail on lat ' ronmo. Kor freight or peerage apply to LAWRKNCF. (a PHELPS. No. 103 V root atrret.or to I BOYD A HINL'KEN, A ten la, jih Stec 9 Tontine Building, cor Wall gud Water ita. W YC JEW YORK. MONDAY ]V KOK LIVKRPOOL-NKW LINKRegular Packer of Jdth kabruary.?The splendid packet shir BbBBb"aKRIi K, Capt Win. Bkiddy, of 1000 tons, will ail u above,bar regular day. Kar freight or inuiue, having u eommodatmos unequalled for aplendor or comfort, apply on board, at OrUaua wharf, foot of Wall atraet, or to E. K. COLLI NH it CO. Price of paaaaga, $100. ' to Sooth atiort. Tha packet aliip' Roaciua, Caot. J. Colliui, of litO to pa, will succeed the Uarrick, and sail tlir 2>th March, her regular day. I aaaanitera may rely upon tha ahipa of (Uia lice tailing nunct rally at advertised. jT7rc D?^ PACKET FOR LIVERPOuL-will aail on the lC>Vfc30th inat?Tha w?l I known, faat sailing, favorite JHHMwPack't aliip SHEFFIELD, Captain Sliairy, will b? despatched aa above, her -egular day. ( be haa superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and atearage |Hiaaasigara. who will be taken .it low rates, it early application be in.da ou board foot of Heae suae!, or to W. Ik J. T. TAP8CO I T, 41 Pack slip N. B.?Persona wishing to send for their lriends residing in ilia old country, Can have them brought out in 'he above named favor.ta packet, or spy of I lie istgular line sailing IVoiu Liverpool weekly, by applvnnr as above. j2Trc I AKOK LIV h Kl'OOL?Regular Packet of the (j.h (JMWKrb-'l'U fust rlaia pack, t ship GEO WASHINGJGHNsTON, Capt E. P Allan, will sail us. above, her reguj lar day. Having very superiorecconimodationa for nebin, second ea' bin and steerage pasaenges, th <se intending to em bark should , make immediate upplu aliou ou board, foot of M -ideu Line, or to JOSEPH McMURKAY, ino Pine atreet, corner of 4outh. The George Was! ington will lie succeJeil by ilia G-st class packet ship United Steps, eptaiu Liillon, to sa.l ou the llth February. For the acc.immodition of persona wishing to reuiit mousy to their families or Iricada. drafts will be gieeu i'l i uma ta suit theirronv'nienue, on th - Provincial Bank of Ireland and all its I branches throughout the kingdom; alio on Matin Spooner, Atwood & Co., Baulmra, London?payable in every tawu throughout Gieet Britain and ipplyiug ai above. j27re OLD BLACK BALLTLINE OK PACKETS? iJCJJVFnr Liverpool?Packet of lite i?t February-The flBBfanpleudid packet ihip I; AM BUI DOE, Capt Baritbw, will tan ai aboee. her tegular day. She hai elegant accuminodatioui for cabiu, reeond cabin and lUerage paiieugen. Ai ply to JOHN HERDMAN. 61 South it, near Wall it. N. B ?ranage from Liverpool ean be lecnred be the above ship or any of the line, at the lowest rate; anddrafti, at uinal, faruitVd for an v r mount, payable throughout Greet Britain and Ireland, ou application aa above. j*6 Mec PASSAGE FROM GREAT BIG TAIN AND fWyiRELAMi, via: Liverpool by the regular packet iUMalhipi, tailing every five daya, precluding any deiriitiou whatever, can alwaya be teciared at the lo?ait ratal, and drafts can ai until ?e lurniihed payable at the National and Provincial Bnnktof Ireland an I th-i Dranclifi in all the principal t. *wnn; alio ou Meiiri. J. Bait, Son it Co , Baukera, London; Messrs J. Barnrd it P.O., Bankers, Liverpool?payable throughout Kugl nil and Wales; alio ai the E item Bank of Scot aiul .<ud branchei, and the Oieeuock Banking Co. For further particular* apply to j2t Iwrc JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South street FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Lui" Regular Packet Zltt Febru ry,?The perior New York Abhm built packet ihip ROCHESTER, Jehu tfri tou, nnteter; MOO tone earthen, will tail at above. Iter regular day. For freight or passage, having v?ry superior accumuiodatioui, apply to the Captaiu on board, at weat tide Burling lip, or to WOODHULL it MINTURNH. U7 Son th it The tuiierior packet ahip Hottinguer, Ira Bunlay, inaatar, 1066 torn burtnen, will succeed the Roclieiter, and tail ou her regular day,Hit Vlatch. pi2i FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louinana and New JPfl^V York Line?Poeitively firtt regular Packet, to Mil the jiHBflL'lat Jan ?The fait sailing p ek t ihip MI8SISS1PPI. Captain C. HilUrd. will tail at above, her regular day. rui ui iiftTlug Iinuusvilic lurillSlieu accommodations. apply ou board at Oilwun wharf, foot ol' Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS (kCO. 56 South street. 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[From the Foreign Quarterly Review.] "Amkhicsn Poctmt"?Amukin iMrcocjice "American Poetry" always reminds us of the advertise menu in the newspapers, headed "The best Substitute for ' Silver:"?If it be not the genuine thing, it "looks Just as ' handsome, and is miles out oi sight cheeper." We are lar from regarding it as a just grouud of re- I p roach to the Amerioaus, that their poetry is little better than a far-olf echo of the father laud; but we think it is a | reproach to them that they should be eternally thrusting their pretensions to the poetical character in the face of educated nations. lu this particular, as in most others, i I what they want in the iulegrity of their assumption, they I ; make up in swagger and impudence. To believe them, selves, they are the tinest poets in the whole world: before I we clow this article we ho|>e to satisfy the reader that, : | with two or three exceptions, there is not a poet of mark ! | in the whole Union. i The circumstances of America, from the commence- ! : ment of her history to the present time, have been pecu- ' liariy unfavourable to the development ot poetry, and ii ! the people ware wise they would be content to take credit I for the things they have done, without challenging cri- I tir.ism upon the things they have failed in attempting. They have felled forests, drained marshes, cleared wildernesses, built cities, cut canals, laid down railroads (too mi'.ch of this too with other people's money), und worked out a great practical exemplification, in an amaiingly short space ot time, of the political immoralities and social vices of which a democracy may be rendered capable. This ought to be enough for their present ambition They ought to wait patiently, and with a betiding modesty, for the time to come when all this frighttulcrush and conflict of wild energies shall in some measure have subsided, to aftord repose tor thu Ane arts to take root in their soil and "ripen in the sun." It is not enough that there are individuals In the tossing multitude afflicted with babbling de sires for ease, and solitude, and hooks, and green places; such dreamers are only in the way, und more likety to ho trampled down in the blind commotion, than, like Orpheus, to still the crowd and get audience for their delicate music. Thero must be a national heart, and national sympathies, and an intellectual atmosphere for ;>oetry. There must be the material to work upon as well as to work with. The ground mml lir prepared before the need in ch*t into it, and tended and well-ordered, or it will become choked with weedi, an American literature, iuch aa it ia, ia now choked in every one of its multifarious manifestations. Ai yet the American is horn handed and pig-hcaded, hard, >>er?evering. unscrupulous, carnivorous, ready for all weathers, with an inaredible genius for lying, a vanity elastic beyond comprehension,the hide ol a buliulo, and tne shriek of a steam-engine; "a real nine-foot breast ofa fellow, steel twisted, and made of horseshoe nails, the rest of him Being cast iron with steel springs ." If anybody can imagine that literature could be nourished in a frame like this, we would refer him for final satisfaction to Dr. Chinning, whose testimony is indisputable where the honour of his country ia concerned. "Do we possess," he inquires, "what may be called a national literature I Have we produced eminent writers in the various departments of intellectual ert'ort I Are our chief sources of instruction and literary enjoyment furnished from ourselves? We regret that the reply to these questions is so obvious The few standard works which we have produced, and which promise to live, can hardly, by any courtesy, he denominated a national literature." The Reviewer Philosophises a utile oa America!! tasteThe whole state of American society, from first to last, present! insuperable obstacles to the cultivation of letters, the eapansion of intellect, the formation of great and original minds. There is en instinctive tendency in it to keep down the spiritual to the level of the material. The progress is not upwards but onwsrds. There must bejno "vulgar great" in America, lifted on wings of intellectual power above the level of the community. American greatness is only greater than all tne rest of the world ; at home, ull individual distinctions are absorbed in the m -si; and every thing that is likely to interfere with that concrete idea, by exercising a disturbing mental influence on the surface, is cut down at once by a tyianny as cer tain in its stroke as the guillotine The result is thut whenever ineu of more than ordinary capacity have aris en in America, they have adapted themselves, forewarned of their fate, to the overruling exigencies in which they louml themselves placed Instead of venturing upon the dangerous experiment oi endeavouring to elevate their countrymen to their own height, they havo sunk into the aruis of the mob Hence America lias never produced statesmen, but toems with politicians Hence tho judges on the bench constantly give way to popular clamour, and law itself is abrogated by the law-maker*, and openly violated by its functionaries Hence the total abnegation ui mi uiKuny, euriieainess, iruin, consistency, and courage, in the administration of public affairs lieuce the ?sCIIMMItt of Lynch-law over state-luw ; hence assassina- | tion in the daylight in the thronged atreeta ; hence Impunity to criniej backed tiy popular fnry; hence the wild justice of revenge hoarding the juitice of the judicature in it* own rnurta, hence the savage bowie-knife glittering in the hand of the murderer on the floor of Congress, where if decency, or lelf-reapect, the subjugation ol peanut), of a deliberate sense of any soil of responsibility, existed anywhere in the country, we might hope to discover iU and it once that intimidation from without which makes legislation itself n farce, and whicli, trampling upon all known principles of human rights, has prohibited the discussion of slavery in the chambers, where discussion, to bd of any value at all, ought to be free and above suapi cinn, exhibiting in the most comprehensive spirit a fearless representation uf all clutsas, all intorests, and all opitt ions. The ablust|men in America have bowed down before these demoralizing necessities. They have preserved their own equivocal and insecure position by a servile obedience to the masses. No man in America stands clear of this rotten despotism. No man dare assert his own independence, apart from the aggregate indepeu dence of the people. He has no liberty but tneirs, anil the instaut lie asserts the right of private Judgment he is disfranchised of every other. So thoroughly and universally is this acknowledged, so implicitly is it snhmitted to, that it has long ceased to excite observation. It is one of the fundamental conditions of society; a matter of tacit usage, universal and unavoidable. It ranges with equal force throughout all orders, from the highest to the lowest. It ven governs questions of taste, as it coerces questions of policy. Tho orator is compelled to address himself to the low standard of the jwpulaco : he must strew his speech with flowers of billingsgate, with hyperbolical expletives, and a garnish o* falsehoods, to make it effective, and rescue, it from the chance of being serious or refined. The preacher must preach down to the fashion of his rotigirgatinn, or look elsewhere for bread and devotion. The newspaper editor must make his journal infamous and obscene if he would have it popular, for let it never tie supposed that the degradation of the American press is the work of the writers in it, but of the frightful eagerness o' the public appetite for grossness and indecency?as one ot these very poets, of whom we are about to speuk, says, Not theirs the blame w ho furnish forth the treat, lint ours, who throng the board and grossly eat. int. ALimi.ini Kin. i.?a ihi ti-ti.v ror.i *t ri:B ail: That there am educated anil highly intelligent men in America, who look with sorrow unon the condition ol their country, we arc glad to acknowledge; but they form no class, and are not even numerous enough to produce any sensible effect upon the tone of the community. They are scattered over the face ol the land, are powerless for good by segregation and dispersion, and, giving them full credit, for a grave desira to resist the malignant circumstances of their destiny,?are finally sucked into the whirlpool that surges and roars around them. A national literature craves the fosterage ami protection of thoughtful minds, of cultivated leisure, of scholarship resident somewhere amongst the people, and constantly moulding and refining their uaages, and raising gradually out of the mass au intellectual order of man to give a dignified and diatinctiva ' amp to the nationel character That auch n result may yet be educed from the tangled and hideout de mocracy of America, we will not attempt to deny; al though its accomplishment seeins tog remote for any use I'ul speculation. Rut it Is obvious that no such means exist in the I'nited States for the production and (listen tation of literature at present, and least of all for those forms of literature which make a direct ap^al to the imn gination The one thing that goes down moat success, fully in America it money. This is the Heal which haso effectually strangled the Ideal in ita iron gripe. A bag ol dollars is a surer introduction to tlic "best society" in America than the highest literary reputation. Afamouauthor will be stared at, and jostled about, and asked que*tlous, and have hit privacy scared and broken in upon by impertinent curiosity; hut a rich man moves in an atmo sphere of awe and servility, and commands every thing that is to be had in the way of precedence, and pomp, and circle-worship. As there muat be an aristocracy everywhere of some sort, of tdood, or talent, or title*, so Ameri ca has made her election, and sat up her aristocracy ol dollar*?the baaast of all It would tie the greatest of en lamities were it not also the greatest of hurlesquea; and there is hope that its essential absurdity may at length bring it into general contempt People are sometime" laughed out of their vice*, who cannot by any means he Induced to reason upon them; and so it will happen doiititless, in the fulness of time, with the aristocracy of America. It cannot tie endured for ever. A sense of tin ridiculous must one day set in, and the whole fabric must lie smelted, and such propoition ol ore a* it may really contain will tie separated Iromthe dross with which it is now mixed up. General* and colonels keeping whiskei stoies and t>oardmg houses?titles of honor borrowed from the old werld, and labelled upon the meanest of call ingaiiithc now, auggevt such an irirmtibly l'ldir.ioim w. koi'imion ol idea*, that the American* IhcmNltei, onr> they begin to kre thing* in that aspect, mint he glad to be mlieved from a motley fool'* coatume which only ev Cites the derfaienof othercountries, making itself fi-lt in about* of laughter that may he raid to coine pealing upon them over the broad water* of the Atlantic. But in tinmeanwhile it interfere* fatally with the culture of letter* The atoreaaid hug ot dollar*, no matter how acquired utter indiirerence to the hnneatv of the mean* of acqtliai. tlon giving additional Impetua to the naked paaaioii fot gain -i* worth a dor en |*iet* in America The |n?ets are keenly alive to their condition and aometimea. in ahee self-defence, embrace the idol they despise. and through whose h raven aacetidaner they are themaelvea drspiieil They adopt the creed anil practice of the money-changer in the temple and are ready at tnoment'l notice to tnki part in the ?*c.i lege, to fall foul of the prieit* thennelvcand ?lay them on their ow n altar. A L*>d withoi r a Namk One grand element la wanted for ttie nurture of the pn efical character in America : ?he ha* no tradition* Shi *tarted at once into life, rude, rugged, savage, lelf-conflent She haa nothing to fall hack upin h-r in hiatorv- no age of gold no labulmii antiquity no fairy-land If ahe liail carved a National Poetry out of her noculiar elrciim stance*, ?he would have aolvel a philosophical donht which can never again be tested by an experiment *o ??t and perfect in it* kind. Hy a National Poetry we mean a poetry moulded and modified by the national mind, reflecting the character and life of thn people, and reposing upon a univ*r?allaith. Thl* doe* not aeem to tie ? thing to tie grown in a aeanou, like maire or carrot*, or to iv knocked up on a audden, like a log house Vet it i* in HERA 1844. IUUI fcW SVU*. IU ?U^iy Ultt waiit. lia*' lug no national poetry of their own, tney import the national poetry ol Lugland, Hid try to adept it lo their own uae , liut it i? an indigenous product, ami cauuul be transplanted without degeneracy. X he lack ol a poetic at uia chiuery ia lelt ao lorcibly that the poets ate obliged to borrow foreign agencies. and work at a cond liana but how the poor lairtea and haniadryada lose themselves m the American woods !?ilow the elves and sprites mope about in the dismal solitudes! Their enlotced pieseuce only thmiiids us the more painfully of the piosaic desolation of the land, which is ao miserably destitute of all poetical appliances. America has not even a poetical name to ring the changes upon, and, in the last extremity of distress, the poets sometimes call her the Western Star ! Oneoi them, in a sort of despair, expresses serious doubts whether she has properly any distinctive designation whatever j and, considering that America is the name of the whole continent, that -.uluiubia, never actually adopted, is now " repudiated that North America includes ( auadu, Greenland, Mexico, Texas , that the term Lnited Slates applies equally to tho Southern Lonicderulioii , and that there is aotoing lett, native to the soil, except the iuuicruus.New imigiaud Utiu ol i' duet seem as it the founders ul the ItepubUC lorgoc to give it a name The jaielry ol all other countries is distinguished by particular characteristics?by its tortus, colonug, tempolament. There is nothing ol this kind in American poetry. it takes all lorma and colors, it is national only in one sense?it never tails, opportunity serving, lo hy mn the praises of The smartest nation la ull creation. Upon this point all the ]K>els arc unanimous. The want ot historical elements is supplied by the intensity of the glorification. The two great subjects are Liberty and tiie Indians. Upon Uiese two subjects, the poetical genius ol tiio couulry runs riot, Irum Nova Hcolia to Now Orleans, from tho Allegunius to the sea,with sundry significant exceptions in the souih and west. T'wouiore unfortunate topics could not have been hit upon. Ail men arc boiu equal, say s the declaration of independence ; we aie the freest ot the tree, says the poet ; uud so the slave-owner illustrates the proposition by traihicking m his uwu sous and daughters, and enlargiug his seraglio to increase his live stock, lie is his uwu lusty breeder of equai-horu men. A curious instance ol American liberty is cued by a trav lit i-, who inlorms us that he kuows a lady residing near Washington who is in the habit ol letting out her own uaturat brother'. As to the ludiuus, nothing cau exceed the interest these writers lake in their picturesque heads, and tiowing limbs?except the interest (hey take lit their lands. Nobody could ever suspect, while leaning these hue eli'usious upon the dignity and beauty ol the Indians,that they were written by the people through whose cupidity, falsehood and cruelty tiie iiidiuns have been stripped of their possession*, and ielt to aurve and rot; thai w hile they were thus evincing the tenderust regard for the Indian nations in ucto-sy liable verse, Loagress was engaged, thruughiu servants, iu suborning Indian duels; and making tlium drunk, to entrap theui into deeds ol sale of their hunting grounda ; and, as it these and similar alrocttiea w ere not euough&lo mark the Uilferehce between the poetry and the policy ol the States, impel ling blood-bounds trom Cuba to hunt the Indiana et h iorida : It is quite impossible to accouut lor the uicredihie lolly which tempts tliem lo indulge In such themes, unlets we reter it to the same inlaiuauou winch makes them boast of their morality iu the face ut their liithy uewspapei press, ami of their honesty in the teeth ol pocket-picking Penu ylvutna. Uoce-x-i>ooi>ue-doo The declaration ol independence threw all the small wits into a statu ol' effervescence. The crudest talent lor lagging verses and scribbling songs ok cupfundum was hailed as a miracle; end some estimate may be formed ol the taste of the people by a glance ut one or two of the ballads which stirred their blood to battle, and ? like a trumpet made their spints dance." The two emphatically national songs of America are those entitled "lie i,Columbia," and "! he Star-spungled Banner." These songs are still as popular as ever. Mr. (iriswold assures us that they ure "as well known throughout the United Status as the Khine Soug iu Unrmauy, or thu Marseilles ['j Hymn in KranCe." The former was written by no less a person than the "late excellent Judge llupkinson, "and opens like a cannonade. Hail, Columbia! happy land 1 Hail, ye Heroes heaven-horn band ! Who fought and bled in Kreedom's cause, And when the storai ol wer was gone, ianjoyed thu peace your valour won. The poet has no sooner given them credit lor their good suuse in enjoying the blessings ol peace wheu the vs ar was over, than he recommends them to raise an altar to the skies, and rally round their liberty, and in the opening of the next stanza he calls upon them, rather unexpectedly, to go to war again : Immortal patriots I rise once more ; Defend your rights, defend your shore. Ttus standing invitation to go to war, although there 1*no foe to fignt withal, hits otfwith felicity the empty bluster of the national character. The call upon the "immortal patriots" to "rise once more' is suug ut ail houis iu every corner of the I. nion by men, women, and children; and it is very likely that every day the "heaventioru band" get up out of their beds they believe they are actually rising ouce more to defend their rights und their shuru. This is the key to the popularity of "lloil, Columbia." It flatters the heroic qualities of the people, without making any further requisition upon their valour thi.i il,at they shall implicitly believe in it themselves. "The Star spangled Banner" is constructed on the same principle, and blows thu "huaven-born" bubble with equal enthusiasm; closing with the vivacity of acock tiuii know s when to crow on the summit of its udorilerous hill. Oh I thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand Between thuir loved home and thu war's desolation ; Blessed with victory and peace, may the heaven-rescued land I'raise the Tower that hath made and preserved us a nation. These ate genuine samples of the cock-a-doodle-doo style of warlike ballads. Asiericxn Society. I -ertmnly there is nothing no vulgar and beat a* American refinement?nothing no count a* American delicacy?nothing so tyrunnicala* American freedom. The worthy woman in the comedy who cnei out at every turn, "What will Mr*. (irumly say?" is the exact type ol lite la*hionablo society of America, it liven in constant terror of its dignity, and is as much airoil ol catching any contagion in ita |x>Utc manners as honest people would ho of inenrriug public shHme. A mar nay with an actress is punished by u sentence of ostracism, ?s if the actress might not bo, and out of the very jo) on ncss and spirituality of her life had not a lair chance oi being, a hundred times more intellectual and loveable 1,1 inind and heart than the wholu mob of her persecutorn In Kngland, where we lmve a legitimate frame-work ol society, and something at stake in the intannixtuie of older*, marriages of this kind, in spite of a little begging of the question between aristocracy and art, are frequent enough for the vindication of poor humanity. American exclusiveness would be abominably shocked at an untitle ration of the people who have married from the stage into high life, and done honor to it in the end. Lady Herbert married Beard, the singer; Lady Bertie married Hallim, the dancer; l.ady Susan Strange-ways conferred her lustre on O'Brien, the comedian; Mr*. Robinson became Lady Peters bo rough; Lavina Kenton became Duchess ot Bolton, Miss Bolton was married to Lord Tburlow, Miss Brunton to the Karl < raven; Miss Kan en to the Kail of Derby: Harriett Melion to the Duke, of St. Albans; Miss O'Neal to Sir tVrixon Beeclier; a r.atalogne which might be advantageously enlarged b) the introduction of the name* of Miss Tiee, Miss SeArle, and twenty othcis. II is not worth while to ask why the actress,who may thus ascend to rank and prosperity in hngland, is not permitted by theAmericans to pass "between the wind and their gentility." Amekicais Pos.ts awd Thirtes. All poetry is imitative. True poetry imitates nature that which imitates poetry ought to have some othi i name. Oi this latter sort?the spurious? there are several kinds; inasmuch as there are several kinds of models, good models and bad, old models and new The old model* are better than the new, because they are nearer to the source, and fresher, und are less artificial, and less conventional. The tendency of America is strennousl) towards the new. She is new hersvll. and being adlicti-d with perpetual restlessness and curiosity, shell always looking round her, and forward; but she never looks buck The past is, to her, oblivion There ure no modes in it to be revived -no grand-mother's hoops, no voluminous wigs, ne buckles, no rufls. She is always on the wnteh lor the last fashion, with the eagerness of a citizen's wile, who thinks the world at an end if sbs does not dress In the taste of the day. K.ven in thia, America it unfortunate for by the time the lashioris reach her, they are pretty well 1 ast ofl in the old countries Her newest shapes are on) of date. Stepping out of the literature of Kngland into that of America, is like going back twenty ) ears into a sort of high life-helow-stairs resuscitation of the style of that period. We And constantly rerurriug examples of this fa<U spirit scattered through their noelry, which is eveiy where patched up with phrases long since worn threadI nit f ktirh um* rfulma vnt unf?orti' "a muffle ami a innrvol in the name,"the eagle's "quenchless eve," "the beautiful ami hrnve," "the lurnl ol th" storm," ate. All tbla look* trifling enough aeoaralel from the context, hut pettluea* and tlaahiness are the rry trig "ilia of thla dracrlptlon of verae. It them were nothing to complain ol but that drowsy familiarity of nmiuorr, which aenda vagiii fragments of reminiacencea flitting through on<'a memory, it would he hardly worth noting; hut unfortunately thia petty larceny forma a prominent and oatentatioua leature in thaaeproductlona. ft iaalinoat the flrat peculiarity you detect in an American poem It ia common to nearfy all the |*>eta The ma |0ntv hf them are dlatinr tly modelled upon aome (.articular author, whole mannei and auhjecl they alrivo to copy with the exactitude of afac-aimile These models are all selected from our modeln writer* The old One* are nevor imitated The M|H'iiaerian atanra ia occasionally attempted lint the original kaut in \ lew . ia not the "k airyQueen," hut the "< hsi"? of Indolence." itBelf an avowed imitation. Tat"Tm? llosn Titr Ilovn " The result ui.on the whole examinat on may ho tlma briefly summed upthat American poetry is deftcieut in originality ; that It la not even bused upon thO beat exam, plea ; that It ia wanting In strength ol thought, in g a e and i. finement , and erra largely on the aide ol lalae ta?'e and frothy exuberance The classical acquirements of 'he American port* are loudly instated upon bv their cri tic* ; but no atich influence is riait.le in then work* l.ongfellow and threw or four more excepted It might rather l>e predicated that they arc utterly ignorant of tin principle" of art, or that the'y hold all principles in contempt. The qualification* of the poet are lowered in themtothn meanuat and acantieat ulamouta They aieon a let el with the versifiers who fill up the comers of 0111 provincial journals, into which all sorts of platitudes are admitted by the indiscriminate coutteiy of the printer. Their (.oetry is eiaphatically provincial, even to Ita diction, which often stands in a* much need of agl. mh irjr m T/Ti; Prt?? Two Coots. | one of our dialect*. Thay not only employ word* obae lete long ago in Kngland, but o?a eui rent word* in aew en*e?. fraqueally converting substantives into verb*, %U! jective. into adverb*, and ahuffling and cutting all the ; part* of ipeech to *uit their purposes. Ion ever and anon | meet suck phrase* a* "unskudow," "Ureiess," "environ ment," "flushful," "fadele**," "unwary," "uubrokenly "mrdlted," "iucessancy," "deligktle**. Rapidityof exeeti1 tiou i* mother peculiarity by which these writer* are distinguished. Numerous anecdote* are related.even bytbeui 1 ?*l?*?, of tlieir velocity in composition Wo can readily believe them. But they will find out in the lung run. that the go-ahead system i* as fallacious iu literature as i they have already, to their cost, found it to be in mom { substantial affairs. ' It is matter ot regret, and not of censure, that America should ha destitute of a national literature Thecucumstance* through which sbe bus hitherto struggled, and to which she coutinues to be exposed, are fatal to it* cultivation. With the literature ot Kngland pouring in upon her, relieved of the charges of copyrignt and taxation, it is iiii|>ossible thure can be any effectual encouragement tor native talent. Literature is, consequently, the least tempting of all conceivable pursuits and men must float with the stream, and live a* thsy can with the society in which they have been educated. Lven were the moral meterial* by which this vast deposit of human dregs la supplied, other than they are?purer, wiser, aiu! more r?liued,?still America could not originate or support a literature ot her own, so long us Knglish productions can let imported tree of cost, and circulated through the Union at a cheaper rate than tha best production* of tbe country The remedy fer this is obvious, snd its necessity lii?s lone hern felt on both iIHhi ot the water ?* bm i-, lh?* protection of international copyright. Such a law would b?valuable to us. simply in a commcrciul point of view but to America ita advuntagva would be of incalculably grcuti-i impoitiuice. It would lay the foundation of a comprehensive intellectual movement which never can be accomplished without its help ; and by which alone, she can ever hope to consolidate and dignify her institutions. Wo trust the day is not fardistMUt when the unanimous demand of the enlightened of both countries will achieve a consummation 10 devoutly to be wished for Northampton, (Haia.) (Correspondence of (ha Herald ) NottTHAMrroN, (Mass.,) 11th Jan., 1844. Country Amutrnientt in Mauachuottt*?7Va Partic*?Sltighwg Partu* FRIKND BJCNNETT I came into this town Inst week after having been absent many months, and the holidays were going on with much eclat. The ladies of the Old Church, the pretenders to aiistocracy, were holding tea-parties, for lean hardly tell what : it may be for hire, gain or reward ; possibly some have hoped that it might be their way to matrimony ; if ?o, they were evidently working lor the luiure rewards and punishments. Upon the fuees of these dear creaturea the stream of time must have run a great while, or carried a direful muddy bottom, judging from the deep truces furrowed there ; but age is nonoruoie. These parties were called venr pleasant by tha good people here ; but to one who did not participate in the active part, and wan a looker-on, it aeemed like a strange perversion of terms. The actions were well suited to the youth of Bedlam; but there were withered brows and gray haira here, and some dozen clericals?white-cravat gentry?were pointed out to me, who led on the chaaa suited to the music of the occasion ; u Inch to ma was much like a sport I used to have with my brothers and sisters at my old home up country, when, some three or four times a year we mustered all the old tin-cltip-pans, sleigh-belU.and dinner horna, went into the cellar and struck up our music which we metamorphosed into a popular march by running around llta apple barrels and potatoe-bins?all to frighten the rats away ! Honor to whom honor is due : some well behaved ones were there,though driven into the corners ol tha spacious saloon. There was beautiful beuutv there in tiie form of Miss M. L? . She is a perfect freak of nature in this way, and she has not remained unnoticed by your correepondenta heretofore ; a beautiful Miss G , was strolling about, gazing at all, and she looked more exquisite and at the tame tune showed good sense. A quarrel grew out of these evenings, and for the third evening a dance was moved and had by some ol the three-legged dissenters. And one thing more in connexion with these holidays.? Monday eve a ride was given by the loveis ol fine sleighing, arid fine rides, and other fine things; at which a very handsome Mr. Joe?from shop-row, is said to have made himself quite familiar. In a few days 1 shall write you from the little, village up north, twenty miles, to which Kendall wished to be booked, in so much haste, when he. found no brandy here. My host, Brewster, of the Mansion Hous", deserves notice for his great diligence in ascertaining, and zeal in satisfying, the wants of his cu?to mers He will touch your purse hut lightly. Do take this place in your tour next summer. This old village wants no praises for her lovely scenery ; it lias home testimony to tens of thousands for it hundred years. New Voiut UarmifM.?On Friday, in tht Senate, a petition was presented from Oen. Newbold, Jon Thompson and others, for u lnw in relation to taxi)* on incorporated companina. The bill to amend the act incorporating the Apollo Association of New York, tvaft read and panned In Assembly, petition* were preminted from mechanicn ol Watervliet, on tb? subject of State prmon labor; from mechanics of New York, on the. name (object; 1,000 inbahitantn of New York city, to suppress hawking and peddling in that city. Later from Havana.?We have our regular tiles of the Noticioao y Lticro, urid the Diano da la liabana, to the 16th inst The Liiarro notice.* the death if I on Jose Augnntin ftov antes, an honorary magistrate nf ihn Audience, and a lover ami patron of the kciencee. I he Aurora ol Malanzas, meutionii the ceiemony of thu ' ene lirtion of the tower of a new rhurch in which a tow it clock in to he placed The happient consequences have ins oiled Horn the order which we lately published tempting vessels loading with the products of the Inland of < uha from tonnage and other duties. In particular, an immense increase of molassi-a for rxport haa been registered .it the I ustorn House '1 he Havana papers, we otmerve, are republishing Dr. Anthon'n lectures on Greek LiteiatJie home unfortunate writer in the Noticloao, gives a hirewellto the old j ear, nod after culling it all sorts of tiad names, ends by saying that he would rather die than ?ee another such Accounts from Puerto Prin cipe, trom Ml Thomas, lie., represent the dtought to be excessive. Lapayetik Course, Georgia?Second Day?2Sd Januiwy, 1844?2 mile heats.?J. LamkinVch ni Mary Mizabeth, bj Andrew, Jam by Gallatin. I I J B. Berkley and M. S. Terry ch. m Julia Davie, 6 >eara old, by Howton, dam by Kosiuska, 7 2 L. Hhslton'a ch h Morgan, 4 years old. by John Basromh.dam Emma Hampton, 4 3 A 8 Jones' b h. Diehard Hew ten & years old, by Row ten, dam by Falntalt g dam by Gallatin, dr? wm R Smith's b f Jovcv Allen, withdrawn on occouet of laraeneaa. Time -1st' heat, S 57- 'Jd heat, 3 S4f. '1 ha track on Monday wa* heavy, but yesterday, owing to the quantity of rain which had fatlan, it was extremely bad The running u as much better than could hftTe been expected under the circumstances. The time of the 3d heat on Monday, should have been I ,'><5, instead of 1 50 Affray ai Nashvillk.?We learn thnt nn altray <d ?n extraordinary chnrnct*r occurred at Nashville on llie JJ instant 11 t-..m. t !.?? I...I? one of thejudgrs of our Supreme Court, had offered a w an ton intuit to a highly respectable and amiable lady of Nashville, *hoic name we forbear mentioning The uctv were communicated to Maior Turner, Cleta of the circuit court, who, being a relative of the lady, made her cituie hla own and meeting the Judge as he was leaving ihe court houac. inflicted upon him a caning ao sound and hearty that ho will hnvr renion to remrmNr It foraomu time to coma Knontllt Rtfiilrr. Naval.?We leurn tliat a Naval (reni-rnl Court Martial baa been ordered to convene on lioard the U M -hip I'rnna} lvntiin, at Noriolk, on the &th of February neat. (MJOHft l HAM MIMaIL'H, NURSf ft, SKAMT * STItKSSK.M, ai 4 l.itla for homewnrC Alao, coaentnen, aroeara, wduri. ponerv. mechanics, ?nd men for ?av etanlovment, with sarsceptioiMble recommendation* lor hnnsnty, industry. sobriety, Ac . a' Hl.N DtlteON'S Original Tvraeenuiee ' ffiee, V Naavi-u atrvet. nenr f< Hit s'reet IL-ferencev? Hon M. Van Iloien, Hon A. K. Untirv, Itcv. 1 M.John*on Rector. N. B?Terms?Animal sab-rrilu n oi-r dollar, <|aarfrrlr ttrv ? j'l r,w .'i*,,; A'iiVh H TIHiNt* \ il) rUBUSIIINi, - I tie 1-iharribM. h?* J' e e t lh?ir interval ii the rVMiihiirc nod Periodical baaiiewv. mil are |rfepnmd lo e topile net in .ei i iiimue iiMou i theaity ,ind eointry ja|*ra i i wrjr favorable?,-ma. All (lie Cheap public u tour for ?al" i d lorw'filril in all parta of the country in advv :?<>f 'lie mail Sulwcrtberv reorired for !i? i root coj i?aol H alpaca' IlluininiPil and Pictorial llihle Ili Im'ri \ AS' I s a I ". I I I.a m LEECHES I LEECHES!! LEECHES! ! ! < \ 01 to 1 \Mjf H# jI'hT Mw. Iduti l.xelM, jnit r> > 1 yV/ilvf cufd i*r ihi sp-phim | ..m ILuilee. tTur ? .1* it roodwiir prip?? ; A Til VVI1TK '1 > i" I hu,* York IJRINTlvo PAPKR -Moo Ilium. Now. IWin? P.r-r 1 Hi? llxlJ J?x?2. ?\V. 21.IS JmIi ItxJi. 21x11, fir *l?b? PMHtK k BROOK 1, l" St"' No (I l.ihortx t'rool PRfv VTK MEDIC rt Ail' IMPORTANT TO < Ol.'NTRV INVALIDS. I'M. \1rnb-rx i t t' r V w V rk ' oil ?' of 3'iduCiu* xi'd ' 'h: ittv -iMblnl, ' f.>r llv-i i pcmm of i|n?rktry, i? r dnr<""l th i i" lit'ilir n*nti u t" ill Ji?? o?? oi ? I" IV ' ti ?l nr. 0.1 lioi.'H I'VXOUl ill I|||| ro'PT r-MIIW of twxj. I x ii xi. 111 v in. p'? 1 I lir oirir ori'-'ifi !>? hi KPij*r?l. i ? Into to .o(?r*x. i I |. ?.iih?'IT?imi' ih"*n "ini.AxinU, ir fjom lie.ff.To of tti ''"I'y in |h.-if rikiil' uliot t, tVit Lr fnfxiilii.f nih'T I..'I . <? 'If llcm M :1 i? citIII.I /Ml r* I f'l .i.MnoHl I ihrif t. mi.i??l, with ?i| |itoim, oi * co lM'ti ii. mil trrx'inv.t IW ri X l?l? I'llirtf (if miv.) I <1 oiichW'B f A poll i .ill, Willi'* mix . 'h ti'lle d*lx? ? ponpil'.m li-?l p.,. Hi i, * nil n>? tficirNioiiiiiHtn ixrform i f - nun ti'iil .:urr, by ! " IV i l!|i'M iHUHi.N Atr-". OrfUo *iclcoin-liiii? ro-.m* ofth* ' II ? N ?*?i il. j 13 JmWrt

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