Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 31, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 31, 1844 Page 1
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TH] Vol. X., Mo. #0?Whole No. 3590. To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newaptper?publlthed every day of the year except New Year'a day and Fourth of July. Price 2 centa per copy?or $7 36 per annua? poatagea paid ?naah in adranee. THF. WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price flf cent* per copy, or S3 13 per annum? poatagea paid, caah in a ivance. ADVERTISERS are iuiormed that the oirculatien of the Herald ia over THIIU'Y THOUSAND, and increaaing faat. ft hat the largeit circulation of any paper in thie city, or the world, and ii, therefore, the beet channel for kueinett mm in the city or country. Pricaa moderate?caah in advance. PRINTING of all kinda executed at the moat moderate price, and in the moat elegant atyle. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Proprietor or thk Herald K*tabli*hmert, Northweat corner of Fulton and Naaaau atreeta. a?gg??bmbm ii?an??wr? NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To aail from New York ou the 25th and Liverpool on the 11th of each month & mm & From New Yorr. Ship SIDDON8, Captain E. B. Cobb. 36th December. Ship SHERIDAN,Captain F. Depeystrr, 26th Jannary. Ship UARJtlCK, Capt. Wm. Skiddy, 26th February. Ship ROSC1U8, Captain John Collin*, 26th March. From Liverpool. Ship 81DDON8, Captain A. B. Cobb, lltli February, ship SHERIDaS, Captain F. A. Deueyeter, 11th March. Ship GARIllCK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 11th April. Ml.,,. kdUI IIIH 1'..^.... Inl.n Colli... Illk M.v These .hips .ue ill of the first class, upwarit of 1004 tons, built in the city of New York, with such improvements as combine great spaeil with unusual comfort for passengers. Every care lias been taken in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of passage hence is $100, tor which ample stores will be provided These ships are commanded by nperienoed masters, who will make every esertion to give genera! satisfaction. Neith'r the captains or owners of the ships will be responsible for any letters, parcels or packagrs sent by them, unless regular bills of lading are signed therefcr. For freight or passage apply to fc. K. COLLINS at CO.. 44 South at.. New York, or to BROWN. SHIPLEY <k fco? Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be charged I2>a cunts per single heat ; M cents per ounce, end newspapers 1 cent each. di AK.R\NO<MKNTR FOR IML OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, 104 Piue street, corner of South. m m. m M. T HE subscriber begs leave to call the attention of his Iriends and the public in general, to the fallowing arrangements for 1844, for the purpose of bringing out cabin, 2d cabin, and steerSpasteugers, by (he Regular Line of Liverpool Packets, sail _ the 1st,6th, llth, 16th glstand 26th of every month. Bv the London Packets, to sail rom New York, the 1st, 10th and 24th?and from London on the 7th, 17th and 27th of each month. In connection with the above and for the purpose of affording >till greater facilities to passengers, the subscriber has established a regular line of Ihst class New York built, coppered and cioper lastaued ships, to sail punctually every week throughout the year. For the accommodation of persons wishing to remit money to their I imiliaa or friends, drafts are given, payable at eight, on the following Banks, viz Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at Cork, Limerick, Clonmel, Londonderry, Sligo, Wezford, Belfast, Watarford, (ialway, Armagh, Athlone, Colerain, Ballina, Tr&lee, Youghal, Enniskilltn, Monanban. Banbridee. Ballvmena. Parsonatowii. Downpatnck, Cavui, Lurgan, Omagh, Duug&nuen, Bail don, Enms, Bellyshanno Strahsue. Skibereeu, Mallow, Moneymorn, Cootchill, Kilrosh, Dublin. Scotland?Tha City liank of Glasgow. England?Messrs. Sixioner, Atwood Ik Co. Banker*, London; K. Murphy Waterloo lload, Liverpool; payable in every town in Great Britain. For further information (if by letter, poet paid,) apply to JOSEPH MeMURRAY, 10U Pine?treat, corner of South, N. V. Or Meeer*. P. W. BYRNES It CO, 34 Waterloo ltoad. j9 6m*rc Liverpool. OLD~UNE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. M M M m 'I 'ilr. uLD LINE of Packet* for Liver|>ool will hereaiirr be A despatched in the following order, evcepcing that when the sailing day fall* on Sunday, the ships will sail on the succeed ing day, vi*:? _ From New York. From Liverpool The CAMBRIDGE, (June 1 July 16 860 tons, (Oct. 1 Nov. 16 W. C. Bant tow, (Feb. 1 Mar. 16 The ENGLAND, v June 16 Aug. 1 750 ton*. < Oct. 16 Dec. 1 8. Bartlect, r Feb. 16 April 1 The OXFORD, (July 1 An*. 16 806 tons, < Nov. 1 Dec. 16 J. Rathbone, (March 1 April 16 The MONTEZUMA, (July 16 Bept. 1 1000 tons, < Nov. 16 Jan. 1 A. B. Lowber, f March 16 May 1 The EUROPE, (Aug. 1 Sept. 16 618 tons, {Dec. 1 Jan. 16 E. G. Furber, f April 1 May 16 The NEW YORK, (new) (Aug. 16 Oct. 1 960 tons, I Dec. 16 Feb. 1 T. B. Cropper, (April 16 June 1 The COLUMBUS, (Sept. I Oct. 16 700 tone, (Jan. 1 Feb. 16 O. A Cole,(May 1 Jane 16 The YORKSHlUE,(new) (Sept. 16 Nov. 1 1050 toui, < Jan. 16 Mar. 1 D. G. Bailey, f May 16 July 1 These ships are not surpassed in point of elegance or comfort in their cabin accommodations, or in their fast sailing qnalitirs by any veasals in the trade. The commanders are well known as men of character and experience, and the strictest attention will always be paid to promote the comfort and convenience of passengers. Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, will be observed as heretofore. The price of passage outward is now fixed at SeveutyFive Dollars, for which ample stores of every desoription will be provided, with the exception of wines and liquors, which will be furnished by the stewards, if required. Neither th captain or owners of these ships will be responsible for any letters, parcels, or packages sent by them unless regular bills of ladiug are signed therefor. For freight or passage, apply to GOODHUE k CO, 64 South st. C, H. MARSHALL, 38 Burling slip. N. Y. H9tf and of BARING. BROTllfcRS fc CO.. Dpool. Marseilles line of packets. fib gk .flfe The undermentioned ship* will be regularly dispatched Irom hence en the let, and from Marseilles on the 6th of each month daring the year at follewt From New York. Maneillea MINERVA, Capt. Brown, Dec. 1 Feb. 5 TREBCOTT, Cant. Myrick, Jan. 1 March 4 H'RY THOMPSON,Capt.Sylvester, Feb. 1. April 4 HELLESPONT, Capt. Adame, March 1. May 4 CORIOLANU8, Capt. Haile, April 1. Juue6 They are all coppered and copper fastened, and hare excellent accommodations for possengen. The price of cabin passage will be flOO, exclasire of wines and liquors. Goous addressed to the agents, BOYD It HINCKEN. will be forwarued free of other charges than those actually paid. F or freign t or passage apply to LAWRENCE It PHELPS. 103 Front street or to BOYD k HINCKEN, Agents, mJ6r No 9 Tontine Buildings. j'r.n r O'tK AND PHILADELPHIA RA .flUAP CINE DIRECT. Fo? Nkwabk, NawBBDisswica,PamccTOit, Tenis-row, BonnxNTOwis Arm Burlinotois. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leasing New York daily from the foot of Courtlaudt *L Morning Line at t A. M ?Mail Pilot Liaa at 4j< P. M. The Morning Line proceeds to Borden town, Rom thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Erctiing Line proceeda direct to Camden (opposite to Philadelphia) without change of cars. Passengers will procnre their tickets at the office foot of . Coartlandt street, where a commodious steamboat, will be in readiness, with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are coneeyed from city to city, wihout being opened by the way Each train it presided with < a ciur in which are apnitmenta and dressing rooms expressly for | th* ladies' uss. < Returning, the lines leese Philadelphia from the foot of Wai- j nut street, br steamboat to Bordentown at 7 o clock, A. M. i and by nulroad from Camden, at 4 o'clock, P. M. I The Hues for Baltimore lease Philadelphia at 7K A. M., and , 4 P. M. being a continuation of the line* from New York. I J9 3m*m , FATERgoN KAXLKOAD. i From Paterson to Jersey City. On and after Monday, Oct. Id, 1843, the cart will lease Patxuioh Dcr*T. Lease New Yoni. 8 A.M. A.M. HX " UK P. M. I P. M. C " The Sunday Trains will be discontinued until farther noke. transportation oars leusedaily (Bandars excepted.) Passes- > f crs are ailrised to be at the Ferry, foot of Coartlandt street, r J ew inmutes before the stated hour* of denarture jy19 8m* lVTSTERARKANOEMENT-FuR ALBANY". ( Via BRIDGEPORT and sa?^ ? M%I0Biw;, 0fk Horsatonic k Wrstehk i Ki '.nsiisni. . ally, Isaudays^^^^^H .KL -JKEmL Ceceptnd. J9IBES. Pasiwuers for Albany by this home will take the new and elrgant s'samboat EUREKA, Capt J L. Kitih, which learea New Ynrkfrrm foot Liberty at. Saturday morning at lialf p jf. 8 o'clock, for Bridgeport, thence by th? Honsatnnic and Wratern Radroa Is, without change el cars or baggage crates. tt Albany, arriving aame evening at I o'clock. far* through For imaaage or Freight, arply on board, or at the office, foot of Liberty atrret. li. M. PERRV, Agent. jlacc r r-fc? DRAFTS ON FNOLAND, IRELAND, y^yaBi fcc.?-Pcraona about remitting money tothir /V^KK^EZiMI'rienili in toe Old Country can be aupi>lied -^^aijbBffl[_withclr.fia iniamanrxi.AI. A3, ?s, ?10, i-SO, ?100, or any ameunl pavante on demand, without di?rnnir. or any other charge, at the National Bank of Ireland Provincial Ba k do, Meaara Jamea Bait, Son A Co.. Bii keja. L inlon: J. tinned it Co , Eachange and Diatuuui Hank, Liverpool; Eaatern bank of Scotland! Crewinc* Banking Company; Sir Win. Korbna, Hunter It Co., Scotland; and th> nrtnehea mi every poat town throughout Euglaud, Ireland, Scotland and Wain*, which dralta will be forwarded by the at-amer Britannia, leaving Boa ton ou the lat eehruar?. Apply to .. W ltd. T.TAPSCOTT. At their goneral pnaaaga offire 43 Peek ilip, jM corner of South atrtet ~-TIIL FOR HALIKAA AND LIVMmiOL. J&Igemm The Royal Mail Steam Ship BkITANJohn Hewitt Km., Commanded will *^t2|5sltiafi2tt l**** Boafon for thr adov* port* on Thara dHMbiaay, February lat, 1*44. ?* > (? Co Li verpool %IU. i'asaage Co Halifal IV,* V "1 P. BR.UHAM. Jr ^jm,,^ L^u7iywu m T iTctiLtit i 5^ 8#nlh atrtet. E NE NEW ..MQ / *_,, J'T.AX&N '8pAND KERRY, EOOT ?nd Suteu IiI.Kid, on and wu?r October 3d, (is follows, until hirther notice Leave Staten Island at iK. 10, a. m., I, 4, f. M. Leave New Yorlt at 9. 11S, 10 in id |mil MXN. B.?On Suudayi the boat will leave at ll instead of l|V. All freight shipped ii required to be particularly luaruniffM ia at the nib of the owueri thereof aMtfr ~AfljK: FOR NEW O R L V. AN8? Louisiana and New MjPvV York Line?Positively first regular Packet, to tail the PHhl't Feb.?The fait tailiug skip YAZOO, Capt. daniei Wyhray, will positively tail ai above, her regular day lor freight or passage, having handsome furnished accemmodatiouv, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E K. COLLINS kCO. 56 Soudi street Positively no freight received after Wednesday eveuing, 31st inst Shippers will please send iu their bills of lading ear! y this day Passengers will please be on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, on Thursday morning, Feb. 1st, at 10 o'clock, at which time the ship will sail. Shippers by this line may rely upon having thei r goods correctly measured. Agents in New Orleans, Hullin it Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The packet ship MISSISSIPPI. Captain C. Hillard. wiU succeed the Yazoo, and sail the 10th Feb., her regular day jil rrc ~A*g- PACKET FOK LI VKRI'OuL-Wili sail ou the m^V30th iust?The w?U known, fast sailing, favorite JHKBfisPuck't ihip SHEFFIELD, Captain Sherry, will be de-imiclied aa above, bur tegular day She baa superior accuuiinodacinus for cabin, second cabin and stealage paiteugerm, who will be taken at low ralee, ii early ap "" """"W"w. CJ'tvfAescorr',42 Peckslip N. B.?Persons wishing to send lor their friends maiding in the old coantrv, chii lure them brought out io 'he above named favor-te pa'ket, or any ot llie regular lint-sailing from I.i?erpool weekly, by applying aa abore. j2Trc PASSAGE FROM GREAT BHI I'Alls ANi) iHB^IHELANt), via: Liverpool by the regular packet JUMM^Iups, aalliug every five daya, precluding auy deiention whatever, caa always be aecmred at the lowest rates, aud drafts cau as usual he furnished Payable at the National and Provincial Banks of Ireland and thear branches in all the principal towus; also on Messrs. J. Bait, Bon It Co., Bankers, London; Messrs. J. Barned It Co., Bankers, Liverpool?payable throughout England and Wales; also, at the Eastern Bank of Scotland and branches, and the Greenock Banking Co. For further particulars apply to jX Iwec JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South attest. AJttif KOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line RegMaT ||M> Packet 21st February.?The s-iperior New York JHBCi built picket ship ROCHESTER, Jshn Bri, ton, master: 900 tons burthen, will sail as above, her regular day. Kor freight or passage, having very superior accommodations, apply to the Captain on board, nt wnst side Burling lip. or to WOODHULL It MINTURN8, 87 South at. The superior packef ship Hnttinguer, Ira Bursley, master; 10JO tons burtuen, will succeed the Rochester, aud iail on her regular day,21st March. in25 !? KOR LIVERPOUL?Kt-guiaT"Jacket of (lie till uSffVKeb?The first class nscketsTiip GEO WA"HINUJUMhTON, Capt K. P. Allen, will sail as above, he, regular day Having very superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, those intending toembark should make immeuiate application ou board, foot of M?idrn Lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street, comer of 'outh. The George Wellington will be succeded by the first class racket ahip United Siatrs, Captain Button, to aa.l on the 11th February. For the accommodation of perions wishing to remit mow v to their families or friends, drafts will bs seen in > urns to suit their convenience, on th - Provincial Bauk of Ireland and all its branches throughout the kingdom; also on Messrs Spooner, Atwood ft Co., Banters, Londou?payable in every tewn throughout Uieat Britain aud Wales,by epplying as above. j?7rc AdHP- OLD BLACK BALL LINE~OK PACKETS? For Liverpool?Packet of the 1st February - The JEKKaspleudid packet ship CAMBRIDGE, l)apt Bsrstow, will sai- as above, her leguUr day. She has elegant accommodations for cabin, seqpnd cabin aud steerage i?sseiigers. Aoply to JOHN HF.RihMAN, (I South st. uear Wall st. N. B ?Passage from Liverpool can be secured bv the above ship or any of iTif line, at the lowest rate; and drafts, as usual, faruisVd for auv -mount, payable throughout Great Britain aud Ireland, on application as abore j2fi 5tec aafciS FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE.-ftegular Packet of 26th February.?The splendid packet slur A KRIi' K, Capt Wm. Skiddy, of 1IW9 toua, will sail as above,her regular day. For freight or passage, having nc commodatious urn-quailed for splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, footof Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS ft. CO. Price of passage, $100, 56 South street. The packet ship' Kosciua, Capt. J. Coll,as, of llOO tons, will succeed the Garrick, and sail the ft th March, her regular Passengers may rely upon the ships of this line sailing punrtually as advertised. j27rc BLACK BALL, OR OLD LINE OK LiVEK sflJJ^POOL PACKET^?FOR LIVK.HPOOL?Regular jSUMflksPacket of tlie .it February. The splendid, w ell-k -own very last sailiog packets -ip CAMBRIDGE, < sprain W. C Bsrstow, will pesitively tail ou Thursday, Itt February, ker regular day. It ia well known to ths tvsvailing public, that the accommodations if the Black Ball Line of Packets, lor cabin, seeoud cabin and steerage passengers, are unsurpassed by any other line or vessel in port- Tho.a now or hereafter returning to tho old country, will stall liinss tind it to their interest anil comfort to select this couveynnce. Kor passige, apply on board, toot oi Beehmsn st.. or to the snbscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS ft CO.. 25 Kultonstreet, nest door to the Fulton Bank. P. 'The Cambridge sailsfromLiverpoolonthe 16th March Perseus sending lor their fiimds can have them brought out in her, or in any of the packets comprising this magnificat and unequalled line, sailing from that port puuctaally on the 1st and i6lh el each month, r or passage, apply as shove. Ths packet ship England will succeed the above packet and sail for Liverpool ou the 16th February, and will return to this port on tne 2d of April j2?rc ??- PACKET FOR HAVRE-Heeond Line-The sMfy.hip ST. NICOLAS, John U Pell, master, will sail JMMllb-iu the 1st of February. For freight or for "Hssagr apply to BOxL) ft HiNCKEN,# lorn me Building, jll rc corner Wall an* Water su fdf- PACKET FOftliiARSEILLES?For 1st Ksbruu rfjMfWry?The barque MARCELLA. Capt Hsgar, will JMMBBtake the place of the ship Henry Thompson, not arrivrd, aud sail on 1st ronmo. Far freight or passage apply to LAWRENCE ft PHELPS, No. 103 Front slrret.or to BOYD ft HINCKEN. Agents, j26 6tec 9 Tontine Building, nor Wall and Water ats. FOR GUADELOUPE OR MAIM I^IQUE ? The superior Fieuch berque ALEXANDRE, Capt. JHBft Huber Fur freight or pa s'ge, only to BOYD ft HINCKEN, j2G lw ec 9Tonrine BnihliDg, e-.r Wall and Water sta. ftsA KOR SALE?The l?rge and spacious Dwelling SI House and lot of ground, uccnp.rd by the snbscriber, JmUL Broadway, corner ol Asfor Place. i h- house is 4il frer 10 inches front on Broadway . 62 feet 6 inches wide in the tear, and 55 fe t 6 inches deep, exclusive ol a covered gallery in the rsir, B feat deep aud extending the whole breadth of the liousn. Th-r? are four ro?m? on the first tloer, with su extensile hall, large peslrira. cloietx, ftc. The second store contan s five large rooms, ?ilh a large hall store rooms, dressing roomi, pantries, ftc. The third ur attic story ia oivided into five larg rooms, with fite places, store r otnt, ftc The basement floor e- ntsins six rooms, with s hath room and other conveniences The under crllar is 8 feet high, and is divided into apartments 1-1- coal, vegetables, wines, ftc. It is believed that the house ia one of the best planned and most comfortable in the city. It may be seen between the hours of 11 end 2 o'clock. For farther particulate apply to F. B. Cutting, No. 58 Wall tr-et, or to O. CUTTING, j30 2w*rre 748 Broadway. MTO LET?From the first of February next, thai valuable stami. the hail Road Denot Hotel, at York JaAJLvillr, corner of N street and 4th avenue, with bar ami bat -firturrs complete. Apply on the premises, or to jtt tf rc OhQ. NOW LAN. Prospect Hall. TO LET?A Store, ntuated la lh? central burioett part of thia city, and eligible for any business, will be im,Iet 'till May 1st, at a very low rent Apply at A. QODKRF.Y'8 ? heap Jewelry Stem, No 7IK Chatham ?treet. Alao, for aale cheap a large (RON HAfc F., in the beat c >nuiLion^on application aa above. j29 3t*rc 1 % BROWN k CO.'8 One Prioe Hat Store. 171 Chatham J0m Square, corner of Mott atreet, where ftshion. beauty, lurability anil economy are combined to adorn the head 1 he proprietors have the pleaaure to offer a uew style of hat,the imiAtion of beaver, which cloaely resemble thoae formerly sold for 15 and $C, at the low lived price of t3. Those, who from meli ration or necessity are induced to study economy in that indis ensahle article ot dress, have now an opportnuity of doiug so, ind still keep up the appearance of the most fashionable. Brown k Ce., in presenting thia hat to the public, think they haslearly reached the ultimatum of beauty, cheapness, noutness lurability and comfort of the waawr. All aalea are for cash, jhereforo no good customer pays for losses incurred y the had BROWN it CO.. 171 Chatham Square, j4 lm*m Comer of Met street. Cook at"ruTi. ~ GENTLEMEN'S CORK SOLE BOOTS, the best of J quality $1 #0 Do Water Proof Boots do 4 #0 Do Littht French Calfskin Boots do- -$1 to 4 OO Do India KubterOvershoea, with leater solss 150 r>o Plain Rubtiera 5(1 Do Dancing Pumps 1 00 Do Hearing Oaitera I 75 i Do Worked Sfcrisrt--- 100 I tnd all other kinds of Boots and Shoes in fashion; Ladies' < Gaiter Boots, Buskins, Slipprrs, 'I ies, Quilted Slmes, Prunella Jhoes, white and black Satin Slippers. Bntton Shoes, India Rubber Strap-furred plain, and all O'ner kinds of Over Shoes; J lose*. Moccasins, and the greatest assortment of Boa's B oi? i ind eh"es; Misses' and Chudren's, of all kinds to be found in he world all of oor own ma uf ictnre, and the beat of French [nods ar.d warranted to be the best, and ai cheap as the cheu| at, at *17 Broadw y. corner of Frankliu atrsst jW IrnVc ORKOORV It CAIDI.L, 307 Broadway. ' BOOTS?WATER PROOF Double and Cork Soles- , [w French and native calf and patent screw taps; warranted | IM good fine c\lf boots for men;hov'a and children's do, i cearse water boors and shoes of a|l sorts and sires N. B.?Lidles, Misiesaud Children's gaiter boots, sho-s and nukim, double and sintrle soles, and ol every color and shad.adies, (ients, Miases and CUild/eu't water proof India Kit libra- , ivershoes of the latest atvIs, all of which will be sold chsaper | han at any other store in thia city Napoleon tap ho-m $7 a i Hiir. J. 8. WALKER, 419 Broadway, ji lm*?c Corner of Canal at. MOOT ANI) SHOE STORK."" agdPW'OHM READY roapi-ctfully in'orma hia frirtn.'t indihr wUir. thai he haa commenced bnatneaa in th< above iue, nt No 09 N??mu a treat, where ho will thankfully receive >n<l faithfully erectile. all ordera he mav ha favored with, on the moat reasonable larm* for ra?h. fvbr COTTON DUCK ?ItiO balai American Pilot Dock i my i mi'i'rwr article, enmpriaing e complete aaaortoiont Irnm I So. 1 to J for ul' in lata to adit puiehaaera hr |? (tee K 8 MIIAIsk k (Ml, "* Snnth atr??t f EITH CANVASH?100 bolta of thia aupeaior article u comprising an aai rtment from No. 1 to S, fur isle by I jM 6tec E. K. COLLINS It CO. 3? Sooth at. . BHEvFHINO PAPER?Jleaaea pateat Sheating Paper,well . tntl'd for roofa of houiea, ihipa bottoms, Ire, tor sale by fitec K. K COLLIN" > Co. & Booth at. 1 WHKAT-.8? buahela j?S8tae 'A Month atrrat. PEACH ORCHARD COAL-IS,22 per ton for brokan, ?gg and large atove. t'onanmaia may rely oni getting the baa' Had Aah Coal at the above price, wall eereened, writhed by a tuy weigher, and delivered from theyard aorner ojl King aud I iraanwichiu. PETER CLINTON, j 18 2m'at rmtmm&mmmmmmmmmmaemmmm W Y( r YORK. WEDNESDAY PACIFIC HOTEL, Its OREENWICH. NEAR ?;OURTLANDT STREET, NEW YORK. 'THK ebore wall known Hotal having recently undnroue atA tensive repairs and refitting, is opened for the rrce|>tioa ol permanent sod traasment boarders. The subscribers harms leased the sane for a term of years, will eodaaror to merit the pae-vuge of ju fopner guests and Uir L>UOIIC. fc,. f IP.LU d*B lm?ec U. FAKNHAM. AMERICAN HOTEL, PHILADELPHIA. rPH18 new house is situated on Chestnut strict, opposite the A State Home ( Square.) anil in the immediate vicinity of all the faeWonable plscrs of ainuieineut and resort. It haa been built iu th- meat thorough I'unr.rr, liyJuliuJ. Ridxwsy, Esq , and contain! upwards of one hundied rooms, many of which are p-rlor, with bedrooms adjoining, tuitable tor families, and rsrriee nf ladiea and aeutletnau It a ill be furuiahed throughout, (without rcitard to expense) with new aud elegant lurniture of ihe most approved a tyle, and opened for tne reception of the travelling public,on the tirat day of March next. The proprietor! flatter themselves, that their loug experience in the business, will tnab'e them to couducl the American Howl, in alt ita d?|artiiiMiU, in auch a insuurr aa will please the moat I'stidious, aud nuaiaotee to their curais every comfort and luiury, tliat can be found in auy Hotal in the United Slates. N. B ?Bathiug Koonu are attached to lite Hotel, where warm and cold water baths will at all times lie in readiness. C. JAMEH MAC^LSLLAN, I January 11th. I?<4. j 15 imrc HAVANA MANSION HOUSE HOTEL rpHK undersigned tubes occaaion to inform lua I'riuada and t the pnblic, that the Mansion it now located in lnquisidor street, No. 07. in the viciuit] ef the steamboat landing and vegetable market, having commodious family apartments arranged iu the neatest order. A person it. employed to procure permits to land passengers, bnggage, tic. who will butird vessels immediately alter the visit of the revenue officers. N. B.?V iailors to this Island should procure a passport from the Spanish Consul, nttnc port of embarkation, to obviate difficulties and inconvenience. stl 6mcc? WILLIAM KULTON. ENGL18H ADVERTISEMENT. LONDON-ST. KATHARINE'S HOTEL, opposite the St. Katharine's Dock dates, and near the Royal Mint. THOMAS LENNEY, late Chief Steward of the British Queen Steamship, respectfully inlorins lusfriends inlheUnitrd States, that he has the management of Die abeve new and elegant establish-eeut, which is built and furnished regardless of expense, aud is in every respect adapted for the reception of families and gentlemen visiting England, as the hotel fronts that part of the dock In which the liuers ana most of ihe other American vessels lav, and is within five minutes r.nlk of the Bank aud lloyal Exchange. The house will ba conducted on liberal and economical principles. The Coffee Room issupplie l with the London, American, Eaet Indian aud Colonial papers. The Viands, Wines, lie. are of the lint quali y. A good Billiard Room and Warm Baths will b- found iu the booss Geutlemeu may contract by ihe week or mouth for board, fcc on the saiae terms as in America. T LENNEY beis to assure those who may honor him with their patronage that nothing thu'l be wauling to reuder thein comfortable, and by attention to the wishes of his guests, ho|ars to merit that confiaeuce and good will so liberally bestowed on him when steward of the British Queeu. dl4r FIRE-PROOF BOOK SAFES. rpH E Subscriber hai on hand an assortment of C. J. Gay let's A Warranted Fire Proof Double 8afea During the past ten yean several thousands of these Safes nave been in use; ueaily nne hundred have, at different times, been thoroughly tested by fire, and NUT ONE, has at any time, failed to pieserve its con tants Gaylsr's Double Rife is a combination of two entire Safes, united oue within the other. Each Safe is made exclusively of iron, and the best uou-conducting materials, no wr od being used in their construction. Th. composition with which Safe is lined is perfectly fire-proof and the Patentee with full confidence offers them, as superior to any others vet in vented. The iuner and outer doors of each Safe are seemed by Die improved retent detector locks, which cannot be picked or opened with false keys. Also, an assortment of Single Safes and Specie Cheats, for sale at prices from *24 to *74 each. All kinds oi Book Safes and Specie Chests made to order. 8. ELY, j6 lm*>c 71 Fulton street nenr Gold street. kj*/f XH AND *4*4.?A superior article of Broken, Egg* *P Stove and Nut SiteCoal, doubly screened, at *4 *5, and small Nut at *4 40 |>er ton, delivered tree of cer age, from the yards, JI4 West street, comer Franklin. North river, and com-r Filth ami Lewis 11reels, East river. Orders received at the Sag-j Refinery, 20 Leon, rd street, through Die Despatch Post, Mid at both tne yards, N. B ? An allowance made to dealers J *7 .twin TV LEE k MAPKS mill nil h'_l villllnl 1 lil'i'in nuniwrniiv " ?It is situated on a corner, in r. good business neighborhood. The tii'urea ere new and Try handsome, end trie stock of mediciues, perfumery, die , arc full aud complete. The above tore will be told cheap for c..?h or good approved security, and poaaeaaiou given i mined lately. 1 o a young man thin it a very deairabie oppoilunity for establishing himself in the drag bu-.i neat Further iulormatiou will be gi ru at the ollice ol Air. UOIT, Ne. 60 Wall street between t^e hours of ID and Is, or by addressing X. L., at this office, stating whero ?u interview may be Iwd jt6 2w*rc OFFICE AUBUUN AND ROCHESTER HAIL HO AH Canapidaiuua, January ltth, iw? A SEMIANNUAL DIViDE.nI) of three and oue half per cent on the Capital Stock ol this Couipan>,will be imid on the first day of February uext Shareholders, whose stock is registered is the city transfer books of this company.will be paid their dividends at the Bank of the State or New York in the city of New York, and those whose stock is uot registered in the city, will receive pay meat at this office. The transfer books will be closed from tlie morning of the 33d instant 'till 1st February. By order, jlCtoKI*ve CHARLES SEYMOUR. Treasurer. OFFICE OF JEF PERSON INSURANCE CO, New York, January I8fh, 1614. rPHE Annual Elactiou Er Hirrctore ol this Company, will be held at their office, No. 36 Wall street, on Monday, 4th P'ebruary next. Toll opens at 13 o'clock, and will coutinue open one hour. OEO. T. HOPE, j ISto F4 ec Sec 'etory. OFFICE OF JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY No. N Wall Street. New York, Dec. 16th. 1M3. "PHIS Company insure at rates as low as any responsible office, 3- and will return ten per cent of the premium m cash to insurers at the time of effecting the insurance, from and after this date T. W. THORNE, Preainent. OEO. T. HOPE, Secretary. d!7r OFFICE OK JEFFERSON"INSURANCE COMPANY ?Office 36 Wall street. This company continue .their bu sineaa of insurance against lass or damage by fire, en goods wares and merchandise, and also on vessels and their cargoes gainst loss by inland Thomas vf. Thome, K.lisha Riggs, Thomas T. Woodruff, Benjamin H. Kobsoa lohn R. Davison, Francis P. Sage, Thomson Price Joseph Allen, John H. Lee, John P. Moore, Moses Tucker, James F. Holmes, Caleb C. Tunis James R. Whiting, Anson Dakar, Wm. K. Thorn, Joseph Drake, lrad Haw ley, John C. Merntt, Thomas Morretl. THOMAHIW. TUOKNK, Prrsideut. F.O T. HOPE. Seerereev mil let DAGUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS f"kF the mostexqnisite tone and finish, possessing all ine color* LJ of life, by A. F. THO.vlPrtoN It C'?? No. II Park How, opposite the As lor House Daguerreotype Apparalua, 1'latea, Casea, Chemicals, lie., for sale. Instructions given in the art. jll lm?m FIRST PREMIUM DAGUERREOTYPES PLUMBE Daguerrian Gallery ol Patent Premium Colored Photographi, 241 Broadway, above Murray alrset. Ne?. York?Awarded the first premium and highrst honor, by Am* rican and Frauklin Instituea, for the moat beautiful colored Darn rreoty pes ever exhibited. 'MWeesor Pluinbe, the 'American Daguerre ' whose fame as the first^ Photographer in the world, is familiar, not only heie but in Europe; and whose laurels have recently been incrented by the public leaiimony of the American aud Frank I iu Instilutea declaring His colored Photogiauhs the most beautiful ever exhibited, has, from a liberal ileal re to place his superb portraits within the reach of all, just reduced his terms to ths lowest rates of the most indifferent artists in the r ty We advise all to rxamius his fine gallery ol specimeni, which the world cannot equal,341 Broadway ?New YorkExpreti. Plumbe'a Premium and German Apparatus and Instruction Plates. < aa*t, lie ,?t the lowest rates. j 19 lmdykwy'ec [TNITED STATES DAGUERRIAN GALLERY, 174 CJ Broadway,upstairs ?E. WHITE would respectfully ea'l the attention of citivena and strangers, visiting the city to his splendid collection of DaguerreotypePortraits.singlr or in gronps from two to fourteen pe sous on the same plate, which for beauty and accuracy of delineation cannot be surpassed Por emits taken in all kinds of weather, either with orwitbont colors. 1'hi-American Institute at its l.ite exhibition awarded M,. tVlute the first premium for the best Daguerreotype likeness for groupiugand general effect, which is but another proof ol tin superiority of nia portraits Mr. White is so'v agent in New York for the very superior reported German Carnaras , and at no other establishment lb this city or State can they be obtained. N. B.?Imported German Cnmarav; also French and Amen na Instruments of the very la-si quality, with Plate C srs, Chemicals, Polishing Matenals, 6tc.. kc., alwavs on hand, for ale at Ilie very lowest prices. n7 Jtn m KRENOH Gil IN A No. 4 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, Up Staire. ADALE8MK, Importer and Agent for Manufacturers, has alwa>sou hand a large assortment (or diuurr and ten sets in plain white and gilt F'rench Porcelain, as well as dinner and lessen plates, of ill sizea, assorted dishes, soup to irons, covered fishes, salad bowls, frnit baskets, costards and stands. AI?o, Tba and Lhocolata Wur, (iTeefc, Kreccli noil Amen :nn aliapc All in* articlea are wamuled of the born nusJitT, and to b? ild on tiheml onni. mil tn ir\t? in anil rinrSaam a/l Om'nr do not despajlf A LL mho have beeu to uafortuame u to contract a oertrin aa- private duaaa*, and have become wenry with u leaning elWta to reatnre themealeee to he.illh and t hau met with hittri diaappoiutinent In everV medioine that prnmiaed the leaned effect,con now uka courage ?nd I >ok forward with ronAdmce to a perfect and apeed/ rratoralinn of all their euergiea. Dr.Thotnia' wpecifi? fills h*ve tiere yet failed to enr# tii- moat if grarated and protracted Caata of gonorrhoea fleet,or atrinure, tnd they will ceitainly nam a tecenlCaacof a mild kind in lllirty-ait hoora 1'lieae i ilia are equall" heudAcial for either ir?, mild iid rarta a in their rttrcta, rei ,..g like a charm all he yerm ot dneaar Irom the ayaietn, r ring the conaiiiut a ran in all the alrrngth end rigor of r Uirmv ad yonth. I'tice tl i?-t hni Agenla 'I 77 It. . era , il Kulton it. aud JTJ Broadway cor Cham ben j/i im'ec SKLPlltt?S FIRST I'ltD.V, ' M ANGLESEY LEG. RKMO VKD from Beeoed alieet t ? Spring a. ?r troniaeil by the moat eminent aurgaona ihrwtigtiout r.urn|*\ and by many of their nrolyaaional brethren in the United StaiakJ and illnwed hy ill be the neareat appro.ieh to nature ei'jie V> produced. Introduced into thie country <nd mad* aolely by WiLLiAM HKLPHtJ, No. 30 Spring att-wt, near Broadway, New York. [T^Tarma moderate. and indiapatab'r?. feeocwi given I haraaeeu leg if vir. Salpho. It* Conttruc tion ai p-ari eicellnut, and well calculated to anawer all th? I'igeCta daairerl But the beat of all ta the proof 11 thoae who | weir them; hia it poaitire and uuda ,table. Home of my nieuda whom I nave mutilated, inform me that Ib ya.e mpem tar to all other*. VALKNTINB MOTTV Profeaior of Surgery, Unireraity of New York." J24 Imdyfcwy'ee leechesf LEECHES!! LEECHES!!! flOCl LARUE Healthy Sweediah Lcecle-a, joat ie OI.jV.llJV/ cetved per (hip Stephen i from Ham bat g. For le at moderate pricaa br' Ol A. h H. WITTK, 411 'u 'k ill I'tirl iirrri. New York )RK ] m "W% -m t-w -w a mr?T a "w% -w -r <>a MUKJNWNU, JAJNUAKI 61 THE CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN^ BURNS AND CLAKINDA. rPHK whole of the mysterious end secret Correspondence A- whieh took piece between the Poet Bu arsa end the celebrated 1717 10*93, end which has been ought for iu Tain by Cutiniugliamiad o'harx, for the paipoac of publicutiou, h*aat length, bv the decease of Clarinda.fallau into the hands of hergraudaou. W C. McLehose, Ksg., and u now first glees to ths world To the curious in Burnt and in rlatouica, this work will be particularly reliahed, and cannot fail to strongly intarest rrad?'a in g-ueral It ia nublishrd in this city and in fcdinbu<g'i aimaltauenualy. The American edition is a neat itmo volume of about 100 page*. cl?th. gilt? ia iasued and for sale by It I' BIXB V It CO, No. 3 Park Row, opposite the Aator House Noticaa of the Correspondents between Burnt aud Clannda, from British JouruaJa "Tha Letter* to Ctarimla hive long lieen felt by the admirer* of Burua to be an import tut chapter in the Poet's Biography."? Jttlai. Seldom have we welcomed a work with warmer feeing* than the one before us. The ) ub'icaMon was dae to the ladV of Buma' devoi d attacliinenr, ,uid the letter* throw much light on many traits in the wildly devious character of the Bard."? Keleo Chronicle. "Whoever tha name of Robert Burns is known, this boek will be received botli with avidity sod anxisty, as being probably the last of hit writings which will be given to the world, and iu briuging fully to light a passage in th? Poet's Life hilh'/to w_rtpp-d in a mystery, fruitful of painful suspicions"? ti/e Herald. " A mvaterioua chapter, perhaps the last that remains to be { unfolded iu the present histo y of our great National Bard has jjust opened by a descendant ot one who has beeu made i immortal by her connexion with genius.?Kilmarnock Jour{ mil I "This volume ia invested with an acrumulntiou of attractions, we hive not bun disappointed, high as our anticipations were. The character of Burua ia here more fully developed to us than forme ly and the stnauge myaiery which hung around the intercourse of < It'iuda aud Burua, ia, we think, istislacion'y cleared up."? Scotmun. "Some of our moat delightful epistolary litersture has been Kroduced by poets?end to Pop s'and Cowper'a letters may now esd'ed that of Burn* "?Brighton Herald. "This it iudeed one of the curiosities of literature, and may l well lie Slid to supply a new chapter in the Life of Scotland s immortal t oel It l eh?ve>everv admirer of th- author of The Cntlm-'s Saturday N.ghr, to provide himself with a copy"? Cheltenham Jounuit. jjj lm*m DlSBftUWa KiDiNCt :;GtHJ< >L, ~ ll? BOWEUY. I?OH LADIKU from ? A. M, to 3 P M. daily. S- h or lieutleineu " 3 to i and 7 to SH I*. M. dail v . Lsctitrk Laaaona. Lxkrcisk Rioirio. (Kveiung Class ) 13 Lessons $9 Ob I 30 Hide* $10 8" Single do 1 00 | Mingle do 75 The Dressing and Dntwlug Rooma ar- w-ll wanned, and every attention devoted to the -omfortol UtOee wi.u may honor til with their patronage. Gentlemen keening their horses on livery at this establishinrnt, will have the privilege of riding them in the School. nIS 3m*r C~ OOKH CHAMllEKM AlDt^ " NUR9B8, 8LAMP. S I'RKRSKS, aud (iitls for houaewqrr. Also, coachmen gtoeins, waiters, porters, mtchanica, and invn lor any employment, with unexceptionable reconuneudalions for honesty,iudustrv. aobrietv. 4tc . at HfcfJlliuKSION'B Original Temperance I'lBce, 77 Nassau ?ire?t, o?u John street. References?Hon M. Vau Buren, Hon. 11. t>. Batter, Rev. K. M.Johnaon. Hector. N. B ?Term*? subscribers one dollar, |uartetly fifi j cents. j3 gweod'ec IlVE'lVi'lsiM?ANU PylTLTsillNU-1 hv subscribers hirejoirei their interest in the Publishing and Periodioal business, and arc prepared to compile and >n?eit advert hi* m auu in the city and country papera on very favorable serins. All live cheap publicuioni for aale, and lorw ided to all parte of the country iu advtn :e of the mail. Subscribers reccieed for th? proof copic.ot Harpers' Illuminated nud Ihctorial Uible. j 10 lan'ec .V A80N fc TUT'i'LK. 13d iNaaaao at OTUAU.T, LAUILtV 11 AiKellKLSMKK, Mo. 3 Murray t*' alieet, respectfully announces that he. ia prepared to vrait on 1 idiea at their residences, and to drtaa beads sccordiim t? the lac at Parisian faahiona. Terms eery moderate, eta I? PANtl' HALL D8E88KII, of every description, to lit 1 aud made to order. Massacre of Balla and Parties will find a Urge stock of faucy ornaments, if they should require baloous haudaomely decorated, by J UfcJONuk. ?6 Warren street, corner of West Broadway, jl lm* rc Decorator and Cottumer to the Park Thea're. BALL UKKM8EM. KMBIUllDKHtD HUBEB, AND HEAD DRESSES. P ROBERTS, 373 Broadway, beat to call the atlrotion of tlte adiee. iu general, to a splendid asiurtmeut of the above deeirablo ar iclea. iflO La 'iee'Coronation Kobes, with five rows oi embroidery, quite a new article, veiling at 83. a ell worth 812. Ladies' rtevieire Orgauili drosses from 87 upwards. Ladies' Dc Embroidered Rob's, a rare article, at 80 Also, Illusions, i'arl ilaua. Laces. Milk Maiituas, Halgerine* and French < tap* Liases, ot every shade manufactured ww uoiea i.auies mo uioves, in black mil color*!. 290 " " Whi'e Kid, in louit and .hurt, W'artnm Embroiders I Car** anal :<>|l>tr>. j 17 lmrc flENTLe MEN'S FURNISHING STOKE, 69 MAIDEN VT LANE. Oyer (. out*, from #1 to II Back do to I Krock do 10 to 14 Ursa. do 9 to 14 I'uili J to 0 Vests Ilo 4 All made ol tlmbe.t materia!* aud cut in the modern ?tyle. I'eiaous rurmahiuK tht-ir own materials ciu depend ?|<ou having theiu iu?oe in the beat manner, at the followinx prides Over Coat*, made and trimmed 18 to 10 oo Dre** do do do ......... 7 to 10 00 Kroek do do do to .1 00 Vsat* and Pantaloons,- $1 Ml to 1 7J Shirt* tnvte op to order, aftei the luteal and moit approved Cranch patterns. Under garments #f alt description* cou?tant ty on hand, (llorea, Hosiery, Cravat*, Scaif*. Hnep*uder*,kc. j I Im'ec W. COLLINS. GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICES. 1AKK.HS coats MaDE i'O ORDER KOll >10 -No. * U Kolton strert ?The .ubicriber, havini opeued ? General Clothing Store, at No. 90 Kulton atreet. New kork, i* now pre 8red lo furnish all who may favor him with a call, with every cription of gentlemen'* Wearing Apt).re!, on the mom reasonable term*. He offer* for their consideration the followinx list of reduted prices:? Snperfine Ureas Coat*, He to 10 Casaimere Pants, " ) to 0 JO Kauev Ve?ta, ' I to J JO Overcoat*, " lu to II 9?''k*, " 4 Pi J N. B.?Clothing mada for the Southern market with neat ne*a and despatch Perann* will find it to theii advantage to call and examine ineetocb ?nd price*, at No. 90 Ealwn street, before purchanux ei*ew time. A ahare ol the pubic iwtronaar i* solicited. WM. PKTTKT. jti lorn U7ILLIAM T. JCNN1NOSfc CO.. Draper, and Tailor., v* r?lo. Ill Bros'way, Anier can Hotel, (o|>po>ite the Fountain,) solicit attention to an invoice of new good. received |>er la*l steamer, direct from our agent in London, con.i.ting ol Cloths, Ca'.imeree, in v rieus new styles, .pie. did Silk* and S.tin* fordrw* Ve?l , Meriup, Velvets, kc , with a targe* . ' rtment of rirb Silk aud Sati i Sc -rf.,Cravats, Han >iki rchiela. Glove., Hn?i end. rs, breiting-robes. kc. We would suggest to onr patron, th't from this additional facility, we shall he able to anpply them at an .arlv d.te willi all the nox'in.b of the London and Pari* market*, and sustain the teputitinn of the .attblishwent for the moderate price* wine i hate elicited to liberal a p lUntiax* unae thn adoption ot the ready money system. bywhic iwr aie en bled to grment* at Irorri 2,'. to 31 percent lei* thin formerly-a mw leatnre in Ilia eatab i.hineul, which inutl cuimtud it to those requ artice. for immediate u e. i* the addition to our rock of an assortment of fir-t quality ready made garments, incl'tcing Snrtonis, Cloakt, Drrs* and Kieuch Coat*, Pantaloon* and Vval*, ke. >.2ll lm*ee C HEAP CASH TAILORING ESTABLI8H NENT, S01 PEARL STREET. LATE IM BEEKMAN. rPIIK Subscriber, well known for the cheapness and durabili1 ty of hi* work, desires lo inform his patrons and the public, 'hat be >s now, to suit the economical isndenev of the time., making garments of lie very be*, quality at e. rvduction of III l?r ceut from former pncri, and less it is believed, by 10 per cent, th.iu gtriueoLs of the aam* quality are made by the cheap home, in this city, lu order that geullemrn may nudsrstand nhai is meant by eheapua.*, the followinx bill of prices is submitted to their con.ideiaiiou, with a guarantee that the goods shall he of the drat rate quality, and ilie At unescrpueuable:? Superior West of England Cleth Coats-....... $11 to 10 Pant*, of black or douhl* milled cav.iiners 0 to i Veata, ofailk, xatiu, lie JH lo 4 Mnkim and morning, m the ueatatyle, nt the folio*lui pncea Coeta law to t I'anta and Veata to lU Superior Bearer Overcoat*, from 112 to (20 ji? l?"rc IOHN MOKKAT. Sfc.U AUS?HAS AN EROS HOUSE, 12 iiorknuui tree! near Naaaan,?Don r. de llivaa, oil.? above eaukliihment now in Havana, haa jnat ??ut per ?chr k leoior, tech a ehmn I it ?l aegara, a?(jU(itnn, hi* own wor (. 1 very arid on *?i n in lie heat market*, ' anil i-alcula'ed to e*tabli*h hi* reputation an an accomplished judge of the " frieii'l of the friendleea phnan thiopic weed." And in fine, no potentate ever In-held or |>u"ed n be let Kegilta ihau those ae?i by Don K llivaa, the Jupiter of aeaara He alio *tate?, that " tobacco i* trry a arce, anil that the ,rirf of argar- ha* advanced." .Nereithele** we will miiuuin ur former moderate oricea, and rejuvit nur parron* a d the public gene-ally 11 call and examine thu moat eii-ella it invoice IVraona within* to receive the aenari from the Custom Hook- will pleaae apply aa above, without delay. V*KN A It KJVAS. Another lot ta eiperted |ier ahip Adelaide, due in a few ilaya. j''l Iw'Jc OOI.A R I, AMPS '"(AND A LAHRAH, OIK ANT'III.I-.S, t br-keli, Hall Lamp* and Lanterns, ( hi.a and <ila?i of every ilejcriptio.i, Astral Lamp*altere I to 8 > ?ra A heaiitiln! I assortment of the ab->s? to r? obtained at Sioovenel It Cn.\ Vlanufictariog Store. No. ] John atieet n?.ir Hruadaay, and at their factory No. 79 CJold rtreet. All articlee made and match' I to any patreru, wholeaa'e a d retail. The above e,t .bliahment la mo*t aurely the only one whrre peopleciu alwtya get aopplied at very low price. Therubseribera are able to tnrniili clretl-e tlini any nth- ra.m mannlacturiog the nhove then?-,elvsi. Olaas m-de and 'nt loor 'er. All the above ars warrant d HTOl'VKNKL It CO. I N.B. Honda loaned for parties. J*l Irn'e; GENUINE TEAS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. THE CANTON TEA COMPANY, Principal Stare, 131 Chatham itreet, New York, branch .Store, 318 Hlrecker at, N. K. ??genry at 11(1 b'uUon ttr'ft, Hro*>kyn. ,'Jl ro. earner a f Main anil for* llnulnn *t. I'alrrtnn V .1 TNVITE THE ATTENTION OF CITY \ND COUiN. ' TK V fiinilim mid pure Karen to rhmr aeveral catAbliibmenta, where thev thtr.k will ha found bv fa the hea' ?lection of pure mid unadulterated T'.?? in the United At ?. The nn ireraal popularity and renown o( their liouar, with rede, renceto liifh qu litea low prieea nnd npinht dealing, ia ron wel. nnderatnod to render further comment iireoaaan. Original mid only warehouse for theaaleof Ifoivqua'a Black Tea Ob?er?e-Htranf?f?will Weparticniartorenieinber the iinna e?r of th? iiri-.mpel ?t?r? in Chatham atreet.ait: " III," Iwtw -n Pearl and Roouerult airueta The public tail) alto be pleaanl to taka notr a, tha' tit* Canton Te* Company h??? nothing to do with nov other atorei whaferer, i ?r?pl thn?? dracrihrd at th*tO|>nf thia adeertiar j ment. jit lm*rc APPLEd ! APPLES !! !-For rale by HAW lb Y i umith el Fulton Vlarhat?The be?t qnality of Waateri. I New V ik fruit in atnall or larae quantities,v a: dpitaanbnrt'a I Oieenrga, Oilllhiwura, and other kinda Oroe rman would do will to call, tot thera will be un straw in batrela jOT Im'fr pOPPHt~IO# caaia Aheathing ("pier, front I! to 32 n/ manufactured from tlie beat ore ai d in the moat e itefnl man met, for tale Dy it. K. COLLINS 4 CO., I* tie" Honth arrant. SA NO AN E?E?I (ind U N ?Y-WOn~iibuTBlark oTide of Mungaume, fjt tale by iPERnSK fc BKOOKS J27 Itrc No. II Liberty ttieer. HERA , 1844. Washington. (CoirMpODiWnc* of tint Horald.) Wamhinoton, Jan. 28th, 1844. I Report in#? Ca rr John?on?Liberty of the Prrtt j I beg to call the special attention of the public to ' a somewhat alarming proposition, which owes its paternity to the Hon. Cave Johnson, of Tennessee He has partly stated his proposition to the House, and from a private interview with him 1 have received the full particulars, with liberty to publish the same. This resolution, of which he has Riven notice, requires the House of Representatives, in the first instance, to employ its own reporters, officially sworn to report what the House shall require, and to be paid out of the public purse. Over these reporters the House will have full and exclusive control?decontrol adequate, of course, to compel them to exclude from, or to include in their reports, whatever might b? said or done within the walls of the House. In the second place, the resolution will expel from the floor of the House all those reporters who happen to write fcr newspapers published in any one of the twenty-six Stutes of this tree republic. The sworn reporters, who write for Washington papers, will alone enjoy the privileges of the floor. All oilier reporters will be driven either out of the House, or into the gallery, into the midst of the crowd always there congregated, withoui desks or accommodations, aiui at such a distance as would entirely preclude the possibility of hearing and reporting.? Even in the gallerv of the Senate chamber, which is about one fourth the size of the Hall of Representatives, it is often impossible, with the closest attention, to hear what is said upon the floor. 1 take it, therefore, that a proposition to expel reporters from the floor of the House, is equivalent to expelling them from the House itself, and dr facto, altogether from Washington. To report in the gallery of the. House must be totally impracticable, and is of course so regarded by the Hon. Cave Johnson, whose object, in suppressing all reports over which the House has not control, could not otherwise be accomplished. It reporters can report equally as well in the gallery as upon the floor, then whv expel them from the floor 1 Mr Johnson's resolution, therefore, amounts to an expulsion from Washington of the entire newspaper press of the whole twenty-six United States, not a solitury one of which would be allow ed the |>rivilege ol sending a man to Congress to report vanla might say or do. It this be not u violation of the letter, (ywt haerit inlitera, hatrit in rortice,) it must be ot the spirit of the constitution, which ?ay9, fin the first article of the amendments) "Congress shall make no law abridging the Jreedom of speech or ov thr J'kess." I admit this resolution of Mr. Johnson does not " abridge the freedom of speech," for under such a rule, members might freely say what they please? give the lie as many times as they please, whether it be one time or nine?and tight upon the floor as they please, whether it be with fist or with rime ; the people could at all times be kept innocent ot the whole through a simple resolution of these same representatives that their own paid reporters might suppress their reports as a useless waste ot paper. This measure originates with the Hon. Cave Johnson ; he assumes its responsibility ; nor, it I understand him, has he any fear of that press, nor of the people whos" pleasure it is to support it, whose rights in my humble opinion this resolution seriously violates. He replies, that this is the only plan which will effectually put a stop to quarrelling and duelling ; that there is one duel already on the lupis, (alluding, as 1 suppose, to W. Cost Johnson and Mr. Weller,) growing out of the report ot a reporter (I presume Mr. Shriver's, ot the Baltimore Jratnot), and how many more he knows not, (perhaps referring to the case of Nathan .Sargent, Charles J. lngersoll, Mr. Stewart, iic.) So that for the errors (asserted but not proved), of one or two letter-writers, expulsive vengeance is to be taken against the entire innocent press of the I'nited Stutes?the ninety nine innocent punished the same as the one guilty, if he tie guilty. I entertain the highest possible respect tor the Hon. Cave Johnson's courage, which I can readily believe wonld neither wince at the frown, nor flinch at the threat, of the entire 17,(KKI,OUO of free and enlightened people, whose rights he. proposes to invade ; but 1 cannot entertain the same respect for his sense of justice and discretion. 8. B. Vkky Late from Texas.?We have received, by the way of the Mississippi, advices from Calves .L- i/t.L a rpL. ~ J..: - L 1 ion in mc mm iiiMtiiii. i iirnr auvicrs icrtuucti New Orleann on the 13th mutant, in the Neptune, and then went to Natchez, whence they have come to u?. Oar last accounts Irom New Orleans direct were to the 12th, and ten mail* are therefore due from that city. , The newsfroin Texas is of some importance. The bill which wu pasted by the House of Hepresenta Uvea, ordering the removal of the heads of Departments to Austin, waa defeated in the Senateon its first reading. Col. Ward, Coinmisaiouer ot the Uenerui Land Office, has been ordered by the President to Austin, to open the the laud office, and take charge of the government archives. Titos. Bryson died near Washington, while on (his way to the latter place with despatches from flalveston In answer to a call made upon President Houston by the House ot Representatives for information relative to Lug land, he he sent a message on the 1st instant, declining to comply with the requisition. The paper is well reasoned, and would be as well suited to our own country as to Texas. It will be recollected that Uenural Houston had previously been called upon lor correspondence by lajth houses. He then ottered to submit every thing to tin Senate with closed doors?he now oilers to allow the Speaker of tho House and the members of the Committee on foreign Affairs to examine all the correspondence ol the Executive with foreign powers. He justifies his re fusal to give to the House all the inlormation it asks by the following supplementary hint, with which his message "The Executive 11 alio admonished, by a recent publi. cation in newspapers, that communication* made to the honorable congress under the leal ol secresy ure liable to receive publicity without the ?eal of secresy having bran tint removed. Hence lie te more anxious to preserve the interest of the nation from being subject to the greut prejudice which perfidy and faithlessness to official injunctions might entail upon them." The Senate having adopted resolution* requesting the President to recall Charles H. Kaytnond, bearer of despatches to the United States government, he prompt!) refused, and in hi* reply took ocraaion to defend his policy and motives against the thousand prejudicial rumors in circulation as to his official action The following extract we make from the Galveston Star, of a late date :? Mr. Lindsey, who lately arrived at Washington from Bexar, reported that several traders from the Rio Grande inlormed him that it was currently reported in Mexico that the negotiations between our commissioners am) those of Mexico had lieen broken off, and that the object of the mission had entirely failed. The reports, received by way of the Rio Grande, are so generally unworthy of credit that we seldom place much reliance upon them i'here ia probability, howevet, that this is coi rect, lor it is confirmed in part by another report received by ? ij of Corpus f'hristi from Matamorss According to the 1st ter report, the commissioners had been informed by Gen Woll that he had no authority to treat with tliern, unless they were authorized to acknowledge the supremacy ol Mexico We understand that a special messenger, with despatches for thorn, left Galveston a faw days since for Corpus < hristi Tliey will probably remain in Mexico until these despatches are received. I'he editor of the Houston Telegraph has received the following intelligence from Bexar: "A fetv traders have arrived from the Kin Grande within the last six or right weeks, hut they brought only few a hundred dollars to purchase, goods They confirmed the report circulated a lew weeks since, that Agaron, the bandit w ho has long been a terror tothe border settlors, was killed about three months since, while ia pursuit of s party of traders. The latter having received intelligence that ho was following tliair trail to attack them, suddenly turned back and lay in nmbusb in a thicket. Agaron and nfew followers soon alter appeared, and w hile passing, intenton raptuilng his supposed victims, was shot down and killed instantly There are only two small companies of troops now stationed between Laredo and I'reaidio. Col. Hegnln and Antonio Perez ware near Man hernando Both of them are anxious to return to Texas. They sie snfiering great privations, ami are almost in a state of starvation a bitter retribution lor their treachery. The Texan Democrat announces the arrival in that country of General Mercor, a distinguished citizen ol Virginia. Gen M Is concerned in some of the recent contracts for colonization in Texas, active measures foi an immediate and full compliance with which are in pro gress. He proposes to visit Ger many so soon as he conrlll'lhi this hliainnaa ta/hi/*K a# nn,sai.t aaoii hU* WIm ....I will devote himaalf exciuaieely to the internet* of the com pun v Col. Lewie P. Cook eicaped from the cttatodvof the vhenffat Raitrop a lew day* nine-. \?v> the lalegniph. od haa not ?inc<: been heard (r.nn Hotlmeiite.r, tinder lenience of >le*th at fialveeton hw been pardoned by the Prnident. In relation to the cropa of Texa*. the < Ivihan end <)alveiton Oazette of the 6th init ha* ? lonf article, fiom which we take the following extract* : " We hare been farniibed with lemplei ol anger, manufactured on the plantation ol Mgjor aldwell, on the Hre?"*, which equal* in quality the beat Louiiiana. We are told hy merchant! that in article which ia no better, command! in New Orlearn tlx and a hall renta, and uaually bring* tibout eight here. Mgjor C. ha? been enabled to olfer a considerable quantity in thia market at 7 cent*. " A number of gentlemen in thia ?eetlon ol'.Texaa have Iteen engaged fer thelait year or two in prejwring to pro LD. PtIm Two C?nU. duca sugar. and have so far perfected their arrangaun cut* a* to expect, the approaching aeaaon, u> turn out cone Idaruble quantities lor market. "It baa been aac. tained that nearly all the lend* on an In the vicinity of Ualveaton Bay, which have been re ganlcd aa uuauiled lor cotton, will produce sugai oana in greater purlaction than the beat lands ol Louisiana. City Intelligence. Pollca???TLa?n*v, Jan. 10.? Atnn roa Lieac.?John Knowles appealed at the Cantie atreet l'oucc Othce and entered a charge against >iiku Walsh, lor pub liahlug a libel against him in " 'l'he buUeiianeau " A wanaut wu? iaeUcdlor .Vltke'a arrest to auswer the charge. UatckTiaa raoat ihk Krioats IUi.iun uie aaily atrcstud by out police otticera. W hat la the mutter Willi hor discipline l 1 eaterday, three tvere arruatau and returned to her command. Coroiier'a Olllce.?Tccanar, Jan. 30.?A woman named Ann Dougherty wai lound uead in her be<l at 30 Orange atieet. hn? lied formerly been a emperate woman, but recently had become en Inveterate gin drinker, and had betn living with a colored man aa nia mmliesk The investigation oi the Coroner'* Jury result e<l in a verdict ol deem Hum intemperance. Common flea*. Itrloiv Judge Ingmhem. January 30.?Altap 4' C/auumy, vs. Cunningham.?This w an an action on a prumutoiy note tui ?too aa, given by the delt-ndaut lor goods putcbased. '1 he note not being paid at maturity, una protealed, and Cunningham having entered tutu pm tun amp Willi Devoe, u noi? ma given lor $10/. all, at UO Uuy a, to retrieve the note past cue, and the expense ol proicki,itc. '1 hie lakt note nut uavmg beeii paid, ul thai expiration ol the bb day t, the kun w utc, hud been commenced on the old note, ami which nua been suspended, wue renewed, 'l b'- dnlence maintained that the plaintiffs lied ho power to recover ou the original note, inukuiuch ak they had accepted the joint note in lull kuiiktactiou, and to maintain the point, >t wua shown that Aleop, two day* alter the joint note had been ?eut to lu? brm, hud Cklleii ai the store cl Devoe and Cunningham, to make enquiries touching the purtnerahip, and having aacei tamed lrom Devoe personally his intereat in the business with Cunningham, had proieseed himself sutlkhed vsilh Uie note, but did not according to agreement send back or return the original note. J'he deience iurther aot up that Urn reason why the joint note waa not purd at maturity wua, tliut it bad been entered on their bill book aa diawu at Ml days, not as it ought to have been, 60 days , that as soon as the error was dtaooverod, the ,brm ottered to letirc the uute ih lull uud pay bait the costs incurred, in bringing the present suit- but tins was relUsed, the pieintiUs mtililuiunig that the note w as not given in goou laiih but to gam time. The Court in charging .he jury observed that ttin only question lor them to decide on, Was whether the joint uute had been taken in lull dischaige ol the ong nai It the jury did nut believe thai tbis was the case, but that it was held us security, lor tho ofigtual note, then the joint note not having been retired ut maturity the plainlitis could austaiu thai fiction on the ongiuai. 1 he only exception to the right ot recovery ou the ougtnul debt, ta when a note has been received in lull disciieige. i he luct that Aikop told Cuuuiughum at the lime ol his taking the joint note, that the suit on the ougiual note had beau suspended, showed conclusively that Cuuuiughum u. mk nnl rliui-Imrinaii in full Tho* ilirv u!f#?r u dIkiii Ah. sauce, returned u verdict (or the pluintiB iu "M73 lb damage* with cost*. John Cloiiry vi. Joiejih Jtnkuut nnd John I'amilt.?This w iii un uctioii ot trespass. A third part) named Stone wu aued with the delmdunts, but the ahenll huu ntuin ed in iinawer nun ml invcntu*. The cauae of action wss till* -the plaintiff is a dr) goods merchant in C anal alraet, to which place he had removed in Ma) laat lrom hatha line ttreet, bringing wilh him a laige dog which h? had purchaaed the October ptevlou* for f>l'V. 1 iu* dog vv aa claimed by Stone a* hi*, and in July l*?t Mono cam* to the atore ol the plaiiitid in company with Jenkins, who la a constable ol the filth tVaru, and the other deleudant Daniel*, who wa* to recognize the dog?and Stone thereupon seized the dog per lorce and carried him away, lor tin* trespass the parties delendllig are aued. 'i he dtlence set up was, that btone was the actual trespasser, that the other deliudauts were uot aiding or abetting in the lorci ble removal of the dog, bui tveie actually present by the permission ol the plamtid lor the purpose ol recognising the dog claimed liy Mono U they could, 'i he t out, however, charged on the facts as preseulud by the piainutf, and tin: Jury gave him a veidict lor $lbu damages and costs, for ptaiuUd, Mr. Price; for defence, Mr. Warner. Circuit Court* lletore Judge Kent. Ja*ua*v, 30.?John ft', 'ihuvnt vi -Sumutl li. Matesr ? This was an action lor slander. The plaintiff i* a residing at a place called Oreat Neck, on Long isiaud , and the defendant Ma merchant in partnership with aMr. Davidson, in the ship store business. Tlie slander charged is that Moiier has, lo the great detriment and loss ol thu pi si null, circulated the report that he, the said plaiuut) Had, under the feigned name ol Captain Wane, passed upon the clerk ol the defendant, a loigtd check lor >100, and puipoiung to tie drawn by ,tl. ( biy, in payment ter ship stoies purchased to the umouiu ol >7. 1 he plaintiff proved his case by (be testimony ol several witnesses, among whom were a Mr. Leoneroand a Mr. 'ihouson, relatives of the plaintifll from this testimony, it appears that on the l'Jth January, or thereatiuuts, '1 hompson met the defendant standing at the corner ol a street, and in reply to a question, he toid the witness that he was watt ing ior * man who, he belit-vrd, hqt passed a lorgeu check on him?at the tame time asking 1 liom|*on it he kucw Thorne ot Long lalaml, at he behaved that ha was tha par ton. '1 hit con variation wat communicated to Mr. Leonard, audio Mr. Davidson, the lawyer ol Thorne, who, to gather, called at the (lore ol Mosier about it, and there, it ({alleged, the slander wui repeated. 7 hat Hit-plaintiff, in order to remove the (iiopiciona w hich had by tome meant been flaed upon him, demanded that a cuminal auit thould be commenced against him in the police othca, but this wat refused, and the slander repealed in ionvarta tiont with Leonard, Thompson, Judge Miller, L)y keman, and liavidson. The defence moved lor a non suit, inasmuch n* the slander alleged had been spoken in what is termed a privileged conversation, and in the lawtul effort of Mosier to trace the forgery to the peraon from whom he believed, or was led to suspect it had come , also, that the plaintiff' had failed lo establish malice against the defendant. His Honor Judga Kent, in mlusing the motion fur a nonsuit, temaiked that ha had come to the conclusion that the slsud< r alleged, oama very near a privileged conversation, but there was another step to which his Honor wished to compel the defendant, and that was his publicly disavowing lha charge ol forgery against the plaintiff A person undoubtedly bad a right to redress, when a crime bad tisencommitted against him, and in the present instance if the deteuuant liadr eason to believe that Thorni. was the guilty persoD, it was the privilege and the duty ot the delendant to have lodged a complaint at tho Police Office, and to have had turn indicted Privileged i onveiyatious are such as may la' held, when inquiry is made into the chaiaclei ot a servant, when charges may be brought against a public servant There win another class ol privileged conieisations, which was, where an oftir ol com pi onus* had been made, and this was for the put pose ol piotecting fie* discussion. If, therefore, it was shown tbst Leonaid sod Davidson had called upon Mosier, as the authorised sgeuts of 1 borne, then the conversations detailed would be con sidered as coming uuder the last class ol privileged conversations. but His Hunor did not undei stand Leonatd as stating that he called there as the sgeut of Thome.? If e person utters a slander, he must take care that it ts to a person actually privileged not that he believesto ht privileged. He should be cautious to make the necessary 1 inquiries previous to uttering such a slander l'he deience then opened, taking the position that the slander alleged was s|iokan w ithout malice, end in the course of en investigation allowed by the law ol the land. The counsel then went over the circumstances of the passing ol the check, by the feigned < eptain W aite, who, et the time of so passing this check, represented that ha was related to the Messrs. Thorne ol Hiooklyn. When the cheek was declared a forgery, Mosier made inquiries and was led to suppose that '1 borne was the man, although be did not know, nor was be at all acquainted with the person of Thorne All lie depended on was the recognition of Thorne by tlm clerk and the two meu v ho w ere employed in the store, Mr. I>evidnun, the partner of Mosier, w as despatched lo Long Island to see 7 homo, and the report brought bark by Davidson confirmed the suspicion entertained against Thorue Mosier neat learned that Thorne would be at the office of his attorney a, Messrs. Dill Ik Davidson, of this city, so he repaired to the office, and was told that 7'liorne was then there He returned .... ? >it wuiu mitt- mm amnv, nnd w hile tliiin w aiting be met Tbompaon, to whom he told tin: atory of the forged check, end t ho wed it to him, when Tbompaon aald tnet the signature re a em bled ih?> handw rpt inf of Thome, to whom be informed Moaier that he wna related Moaierthen aajil that ha would have nothing lurther to do about the matter. However, before Moeiet could reach hi? atore he found that Leonard uiid fiavidaon hail called to make inquiry into the matter, and then th! auapiciona warn retailed And Ihla ia claimad to have been a privileged eonveraation. and waa not circulated by Moaier among the public for the purpnar of injuring Thome The defence doaa not, *ay that Thome la the man who uttered the check but they ray that he looka ao veiy much Ilka the men, that Moaiei waa fully Juatifled In approaching 1'horno to invaatlgate the affair. Moaier had diecovured that 1'horna auatained the anme rwlatlonahlp to the Mcaara Thorna of Brooklyn, an Walte had at the time of pnaaing the check alleged that h>- did ?ln> the clerk ami the' two men employed in the atore. after confronting Thorn*, ware imprraaed with the corn ictloii that he w aa the paraon who paiaad the cheek L'tider all theae circumnancea thr aefencerlalm that the alander alleged, waa uaed while lawfully employed in iiiveatigating into a crime the anaplclon ol which waa atrongly lived iijioii Thorn* The culmination of wifneaaea will be continued at the opening of the t ourt to day. V. S. Marahal'a Offlea. Defora Mr. < omniiaaioner Itapeiyw. .lav JO ? fn the r<i?? nj thi I'atnrk //eery The aeaman Uauodera, who?e arreat on the complaint of ( aptain Delano. w e puhliahed aom? few day a since, wai to day brought up for examination on the charge of aaaaultlng the captain with a dnngerona weapon, i he crow of the Patrick Henry, were much reduced by airkic ?a ?'urlng the atormy weather, the aaila mi tie red very much, ro that It became neceaaary to employ the invalid" ?t minding founder* bad been aick btit not h?ing ao bad, the captain ifiii*r*-(i nmi ou aim, u mm ne r*rute<l to 'to , a rop? wm paired down to iling him tip, and while it waa being made (tat around him, hi' draw hi? sheath knife and made a atah at thft captain, hut did not aueerrd The defence of the priaenei *?< that he merely intended to cut the rope, and not to u?r the knife against the captain. He waa fully committed for trial. Hail to the amount of ftJ.*) *?? taken by the < ommia?ion?'i (or hi? anjwannce 'Jttrmpt t? Ctrofe n It noil Daniel bunion and Michael Davi*. were arreatrd to-day for attempting to create a re rolt on board the Ametioaii hark \nahnar. while lying at Vera Cruz. The examination ill held to day.

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