Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 1, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 1, 1844 Page 3
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* IimuU thst j ou will be required to appropriate for thil branch of tne aervice next year. This Bill it merely foi a transfer of the unexpended balances of appropriations to the amount of (3C0.00A, " ilurin* the term ef the present fiscal year" And yet my colleague would mnke this rcry limitation, an objection to the Hill. Astotherhnrgn ol'abusox in the Navy , sir, that gentlemen brings forward here so (reelv and so often, I really wish that tliey would make some spectre ch^-ge. Mr. ? ? of Tennessee, said-He u on Id name one great abuse ; Lieut. M'Laughlin had charged >17,?wv.? for some ti.> cypnwa canoes, worth t 'eaeh only. Mr. Wisr. -Sir, I have seen and heard as much of these and all kinds of abuses us any member of this House, though not the oldest raeinher in it by n long shot ; and charges of corruption ; and took a pretty active part in ferreting u good many of them out (l aughter.) And I would give ge ntlemen this piece of ads ice ; not to go oil l.iilf-cochcd (laughter, particularly by t! o Indies in tlie gallery) ;is others havn too otten done, ubont these mime abuse- (Continued laughter) It may ho that Lieutenant Vi'Ijnnvbltn i>?? .. .-wnt deal of the public money in Kloridu. I know nothing bout it ; hut I can tell gentleman that this la odd of the very lightest charges I have heard made against him? (laughter) And I wish every other gentleman when he makes these gcncrul charges of corruption, would specify us he has done?the cypress canoe ! (Laughter.) Why. sir, I can tell the gentleman of four times the amount of abuse* over that of which he complains. 1 cun put him on a track where he can detect ten times the amount of corruption he has already discovered. And then we'll join teams ; but neither yoti.nT he, nor I, nor'-all combined can prevent, tinder any human administration, theso abuses existing to some extent. Sir, the N'nvy is as pure w <ur?as pure as the ingredients of which it is composed ?compared to some other branches of the government! l ook at the gross frauds anil corruptions existing in tho con'raets in your Indian bureau?look at them in your CoUectorthips under the Treasury Department! Look at them in your Land Oliices! Sir. give me tieneral Jackson with all his power? give ma Mr. Van liuren, with all the compliments you choose to bestow on blm for diligence, activity, and fidelity?give me John Tyler, for whoso honesty and purity of purpose, 1 at least will vouch?give mo George Washington risen, and purified, i'rom the grave, to reform abusea, and 1 will ahow him an Herculean task in mo Indian Department alone ahove any human strength? above the combined strength of any administration to reform. Go, then, to your rope walks and your uavy yards, and you will find that they are as pure as the rosin which is used there in comparison with votir Indian Department and yourCollectorships. Von talk of abuses in the navy. Whoso fault is it, it there are any I Von left your navy without organization for over forty years, and even to this hour you have left it without a code. Von have given it no rules or regulations by which to govern itself or to corrpct abuses. Congress meets here, from time to ti:no?its members draw their eight dollars a day and mileage?they eat and drink of the fat of the land?they met licrc?tbey go to sleep here?and now atnl then Congress waltes up, and turns have round in its sleep, and growls and grumbles about abuses nnd corruptions ? (Laughter ) Hut it takes cute to do nothing itself hut perplex and hnrrass the Department bv its eternal, idle and useless culls on it. for information which lias been laid before Congress years and years ago. Why, sir, look at the almost countless number of culls that has been made on the Department already this session, for whut bus been termed "information," Why, sir, nearly nil the informa uun him has neen usxeu tor may already be I'ouuil on the shelves of your document room; und a note to one of these little pages. carried there, would give vou all you want (Laughter) And thus the time of the bepartment is uselessly occupied in answering these ridiculous calls. And what do you do with the answers when you get them? Thev come in?tliey nro printed?they make a good fat Job for your printer?who gets his pay. But they are not even read. They aretukeu to your document room, there to sleep for ever. Next year comes in a new hatch of members, and with them a new hatch of resolutions, which go the same round. Why. sir. you have not even one fourth sutiicieut amount of civil and clerical lorce in all your Departments to answer in full ono fourth of Iho ridiculous and useless calls that are made upon those Departments during a long rossion And yet gentlemen talk about the expenses of these clerks and the extravagance of the Depaitments. Now, sir, if gentlemen would hut be a little more industrious themselves Qiid search for this information where it is to he found, the expensos of these departments would he much less than they now are. Why, what did we see done in this house the other day, air I A resolution was ottered (I was not in the house, sir) and it was passed?hy the gentleman from Tennessee (Lax f. Johnson) who has been a member longer thin 1 have, sir, calling on the Secretory for information about master's mutes, and ordering the frigate Raritan not to go to sea, hy Virtu te or tiik powkii of this Hoi-si: aloof ! Yes, sir. such n resolution was actually passed hy this house within the last few days. Will it be believed abroad, sir, that a gentleman who hns la-en many years a member of Congress could offer Rueh a resolution?to order tho frigate liaritan not to sail on her cruise, till lie got his information or answer ! Now. sir. I should like to ask that member irom Tennessee where he got hi* authority or power from 7? (Laughter.) Either the beginning or the end of it 7- (Lauglitur) Now, sir. how is it that such blunders as these can be committed by old members of this house 7 Is it front want of carc?is it from want of order t is it from want of attention in ourselves?or want of sense Unit these things O '.r.ur ? Sir, wo arc continually calling on others, and blaming others ; 1 think it is high time that we made u call on ourselves?on our judgment?on our common sense?on our industry. Do let us take u little more care about ourselves, and not commit such blunders as otdering a Irigutc not to sail liv a revolution of this house?and let us no more exhibit such a lamentable spenimen of ignorance in such simple matters?as we thus exhibit to our constituents and to the world at urge The gentleman talks about prospective contracts. Sir. nil contract* when they aie lirst made lire prospective? (Laughter) And some of these verv contract* were made live x ears ago. Now, sir. if the rule contended for in this Cat by fcomegentlemcu la* sustained, we slisll never make an appropriation for the Navy iu God's world. And they talk cbout this Bill being un additional appropriation. Why. sir, with such ica-on i rigs as this, 1 despair of the Nary. Sir. I Contend that on tho principle of economy you ought to pass this Bill. Sir,no man cherishes more than I do th"lhme of the Dull* and the l)oea'tir*.the Porter* and the Pi-rrvs of the last war ; hut with all the liulo of their I'nmc still frc?h in o'*.r memories. I contend that there w as not tlo-n. there is not now. in the wide world, a more noble, more brave more gallant.more generous more high-minded more intelligent, or ii more moral set of young men than the ronng atiicers of our navy. Sir, there is no hoy of a midshipman, even, in our navy that would laugh at the idea of taking n chronometer to sea with him. There is twice the science?twice the naval, txvico tho mathematical science among the passed midshipmen of our navv now, that there was among tho superior otlicers, twenty rears ago. ave. ten year* ago. Although you have ilnno nothing for their education, whilst you have frpeIx lavished hundreds of thousands in erecting schrols and educating the young officers of your Army.? Kir. yon can no where show me young men who are litter to lie "monnrchs cf the jtro'pled deck." than these young men in our navv. although we are eternally pushing at them, and cramping them in every tsrssible way.? Sir. in point of social worth, mental excellence, and mo rat character, they are evnn so high as to be compared to ? mewhert of Cnngrist ! (I aughtcr.) Tlioy are not very good accountants, sir?(much laughter). Their purse is open at every call, and too often before there is a call ? Hut In all (hose qualities that combine to nmke the thorough sailor and the gallant olticer, thev nre lit to eomptnc with the best to he found on earth ; the few can compare with tlieui. Look at our ships afloat, sir. Take England's Warspito* when thry enter our liarhnt'd fVio f ronAlt vn-?one . eon *!-?? 1 . -.? ........ ......... , ... nun lusy iiovo and <lo compare with ours And is it not a comparison to be prowl of. sir. From the keclsom to the main truck, look at tho precision, the exactness, the order, the superiority of all that meets the eye or ear. And our young Hirers, sir ; who does not feel proud of them when brought in contact with those of a foreign power f who would not. with the renollection of the deeds, and in the presence even ot a ltarron. a Ohanncey, aWadswortli. a Morris, who had brought them up, present them not nnlr as chins of the old block, hut as better trees ? Sir, I think that I hate answered these attacks and charges ot abuses and corruption in the Navy. And fhopetotind. sir, that the midshipmen and young lieutonants of the Navy don't apeak of us in their ward rooms and mess rooms, as we speak of them. Mr Barnard again asked where the Secretary ofthe Nary got his authority from to build these six sloops of war? Mr. Wise answered that he would turn him to tho va. nous appropriation bills that gavo the Secretary the power to intrnue as well as repair tho Navy. Mr Barnard denied that tho Secretary had any mcli pow er ; and said that Mr Upshur had been guilty of the grossest extravagance. Whilst there were $'2,600,000 of the appropriations made ln.*t year lor other branches of the public service to go to the Surplus Fund, there were in all hut f'i.'JM) -it left over from tho Navy Appropriations to go to the Surplus Fund. Hut us these sloops of war had been commenced, ho would rote for money enough to complete them ; but it should lie as a separate and specific appropriation ; and not in the form of a transit:'. where there whs actually nothing left to transfer. Mr. Owr.s, Mr. II. P. L>a?is, and others, debated this question. Mr. Barnard proposed a substitute for the whole bill. This was negatived Mr Horkiiss proposed to strike out t :c words " till tho end ofthe present llscal year." This was carried. The Committee then rose and reported the bill, as amended, to the llou*e. The bill, as amended by Mr Hopkins, was then passed, and at nearly 5 o'clock tho House adjourned. Rape and Attempted Murder.?An Irishman named John Anglim, was committed on Tuenday, in Philadelphia, charged with a most brutal outrage. It appears the prisoner, about four weeks ago, lost his wife. Since her death a young Irish woman, nnmed Catharine Gorman, who was the nurse of his wife during her illness, has been his hou*ekeo|?er and nurse to his children. At a lvfe hour at night he entered tho woman's chain her, and after committing the most brutal violence upon her tierson, attempted to murder her?inflicting tw<L frightful gashes with a kuifo upon her throat. I sited States Supreme Court, Jan. Ik).?On motion of Mr. Webster, John P. Hale. Ksq., of New M.impshne, was admitted an Attorney and Counsellor of this t ;onrt. No 4?Alexander (i. McN'utt, Governor kr., w ho sues for the use ol l.eggitt, Smith tk Lawrence, v? diehard J. Bland ot al In error to the Circuit Court ofthe t nitrd State* for the Southern District of Mississippi, ,\ir. jtuuce nniouin dellvmed tlie opinion of thin Court, revcr*ing the Juugment of *aid Circuit Court In tlii? nunc witli rokti, uiul remanding the caitif, w itii direction* to enter judgment lor the ( ourt. No. 11?K.dtnund P. Guinea and wife, complainant*, v*. Itorfirly Chow et til. Thn hi gument of till* c.iiiku wan continued by Mr. Barton for tlu> <! fendnnt*. Adjourned till lo-iriorioW, II o clock A.M. Nil. The time within which cotriael may anhniit mici on printed arguno id* (under the 40th rule of Court) will expire on t'ho itili Kobiuary next. Snlea of ' tocUi* At. Piillnrlelphtn. I'nuT Hoarp, Jan SI. 100 sharuj Guard Hank, hi ; . .t dta'o fj'a, (ill $1000 each) h1)} ; *1000 Statute*, lilii, (lew annual) i II aharo* Philadelphia Hank, ion).; in d? Carmen'and Mechanic*'Bank, 11J ; 100 do Heading CO, >M ; *0000 Heading Bond*. 1) ft f 71 . 07 chate* VVil"'ii/Tftou Hit, Iti] ; 47 do Vickahurg Bank, Hj ; 'J71 do do Ju. av-, *50011 Heading HK Bond*, 71 ; S000 Old County, 07 : io share* Schuylkill dank, c i. n.O ; '71 do Commercial Bank, Cincinnati, so ; .inn do V'ick*l?tiia l>ank,H) ; | *.'><>00 Cbuiapcaki- and Delaware '?, !*?), tljT I*ATKIT SOtTTUKHS M1IP WKiWB Bai rmone, Jan 30?CM John Murray. Datrrroi. Miliaria. Uichmumu, Jau K?8M Tuaeamra. Smirk. NV or'. _ i r*H4Mi KaT?N tWA.i H Alien. Witaon, NYoik: M'a <1-1 ,\la . iltuiUil, Nuil-ai.a I'lOChuIn, Low, NYo'k; Id*. [Dm] Jorxiiison,Copmh i-u; Lady Warringt'-n, Wonory, Mv Uiix*.; 1 ihrrina, Tit>brr?, Wear Indi-a; K"rru Kin*. K'lly Carina. Sid Kmrr Strwart [Br] Bog*. and Ncptnat. [B>1 Knchrnbarg, Livrrpod; A eiliuia, Bailor, London; Oliva k Kill .Partom;, Parkrr; Jul it r, <'arl?r, and Tvnrr. McC'ormiek, Nrw York; Hob Roy. [Br] W'lliama. and h A llm*r, * ratbro'k, Wr?r Indira; Piul T Joara, D? Korrrtt, I I liiladrlpliia. Sid 2Uli, Carolina, Slirrirnod, N Yoik OroBuKtnvri, 23? ('Id C L Voar, Bavin, (hiadv t lonpr Dimi i, < *. Jan 13?Arr Cuba* In, Collin, N York. 'l Mmn r, Jan lb?An Kdw Krrrrtt, Ben on; fJnr Uavii. do; , Corn*, do; Ann i, I iiri<lalnu|'<". Wimw. Phil ikdph a; M? y Krancra, and r.i'rariur. Nr .* \nrk; I'.-trr livrrirk, Chjrlraton; | IWidrnrr. Pnividrnc. : Umid Bri?t?i fa II i.:n~ I !?*ar AFad, NVork; Kid in a, Philadelphia; Magnet, Lacuna? I CM Newc*stl<>, Ba! in?or<?; h?lrra, NYorfc: ( omnurre. PrOfi- I drace Arr I7ili, SttKiutrh umali Bancroft, N Yo b; Charleston, ' whitt\ Boston; Adventurer, smith, Haco. Cld Flora, M'Nair, ' Boston Nkw Orlkans, Jdu II?Arr Ar'bclU, U'ct, Portsmouth, Nns (Juiaiia. Audersoii, Demernra; S eplien Bell. Fal- < mouth, Jji; Ti'i Mahal**; Kinpivauio. * olliut, and Lawrence. ( Foster. Havana; Casco, VVyinau. a"d Hodwiag, Bleerer. Cna * out lath. Kirk wood, Martin, B-l iinore; L"rd Wellington, J Hill,and FUi?.burgh, Houdlrtte Loudon; Belmont, Brown. Li vr pool; Wabi h. K Linton, and Ohio, Davis, NVork; ,lc?eiihiie Johnaoii, Ph lAdelpli a; Vulture. Walker, Bel tie, Hon; reuauiii. Dill, Dcmerara; Ariaere, McCI-otock, Bonane; David Collin, Smith, rhHri'Stviu; John. Hmith Havanoah; 16m, My Flower, Weeks. New Vork; Mil**. Chick, Purtsmovtli. NH; Chieftain. Laugh'nt:. Beaum ris. Wale*; Magnolia OraniM, :iud Condor, va ?rd. Triiudv1; liji (ireiid't Coa?iii,, St i lio- . mt*; Kuvoy, lltyn.j, K!U?or h, M>*. B. low Itthd. tNoiiis, 1 WWlinvton, and .*?.ral others, mm uukBown. Cld l.ih, t oi.r.) d. Lord. Boston; Lnuisisns. Kirery; Coluinbis. Wiit..nil, anil Sterling, Pier <>, NYirk; IStlr. Phil.-ui, ht.k, Button; Charlotte, Best, lh.irlc?tou. Korclgn Ports. M*r*?iL f.r., no dale?lu foil, Seboois, Hopkius, from Biu:gnr. <ti?ic. Amiu?nienti. Italian Opera.?The friends of this enterpri/.e will be pleased to luarn, that the opera will open on Saturday evening?another postponement under the most favorable circumstance*. The niece selected ha, never been performed in this city, and i? one of the most beautiful of all Bellini's operas. Wo attended a partial rehearsal on Saturday, anil the public may he osmrrd, that the representation will equal the expectations of its most sanguine friends. The orchestra, under Rapetti, is the best that has ever been combined in a theatre in this city; (he chorus is very full and ell active, mid the principal parts will be sustained by performers who are entitled to rank among the iirst class of Italian singers that have visited this country. The merit* of Antognini anil Valtci lini as tenor and bass, are well known, and predictions are uiado for Kignorina Borghes,'. (from the specimen she gave on Saturday) the most brilliant success. She is also a very beautiful woman and an admirable actress, indis- 1 punsahle prerequisites in the estimation of an American 1 audience, for the operatic Prima Donna. Let the public, therefore, give their liberal support to this new attempt to establish the Italian opera permanently in tiiis city, and {JO- Events in times past have proven that un intermixed performance? a hash of Dramatic and | Ki|uestrian business would not suit the taste of the New , York public. The taste of the public in this particular | seems to run in this same vein. At the Chatham Theatre , Heun. Rockwell 4a Stone have established themselves | with a company and stud ol unsur]>assed excellence, nnd | by confining themselves strictly to one species of performance,they arc greeted nightly by overflowinghouses. A word or two of particulars. Ilirum Franklin, as a general performer, is equal to any man we ever saw. In his grand font of the double somerset, no living man can approach him, and as a voltigeur we have never seen his superior John Gossin, the Clow n, w ill make nil visiters laugh, anil his lady, by riding will excite their admiration forhor grace and correct action. .Stone in his far famed Indian act?Coluiuhis gymnastic feats?SorgCBiit in hit nondescript characters on horseback, and Lee, lliu rival ot Otte Motty.with his cannon balls?all render entire satisfaction, and elicit thu loudest applautc. Last Day jm r two of the Albino Boys, and ol Monsieur and Miuiumu Checkeni, ut ilic American Museum. Splendid performances urc given every evening ut 7 o'clock. Lir. Valentino, II. G. Sherman, Great Western, and others, ure engaged, (treat Western, b) particular desire, will repeat his Comic Yunkeo Lecture on Animul Magnetism, to-night, for thu fourth time. This is too good a thing to he lost-so every body will hear it The experiments, as well us the method of producing the sleep, are novel and exceedingly amusing Thu lij psev (411 con may he privately consulted, at all hours, regarding past, present and future events. "Virginia Sekknaders" are to sing ut the Bowery Amphitheatre, this evening, for the Benefit ol John Diamond. The hand consists of Messrs. It. Meyers. James Sanfont, Cool White, farter and Edwards. They are to sing, among other popular songs, the favorite song of ,-I)andy Jim," and the ijuartetteof "Wonder vrhar he como from."' Cff- WK ARK REQUESTED TO SAV THAT IN the euse of John W. Thome rs. Samuel II. Moser, is not John W. Tliorueof lit) Brood street and 10 Hudson st. pg- "WK REFER OUR READERS TO Til K PROgramme of the concert to take place this evening at ('oneert Hull, 40ii Broadway, to he given by the members ol rail no's late Company. The selection consists of the most popular music ol the day. As this is the first opportunity offered the ladies of hearing those talented vocalists, we i anticipate u full attendance. ftq- THE MANIKIN. IN THE CONSISTORY ROOM, Williumsburgh, will he dissected this evening by Professor 1 Uronson and a lecture given on Roily und Mind, with I Recitations and Singing by Mr. Nash. All w ho pay at cents admissian will get one copy of "Elements of Pliysiology," illustiated by about one bundled engravings, representing nearly every part of the lardy, ami all who pay VJ cents admission lor two ladies ami a gentleman w ill get two copies. Gf> THIS MORNING WILE BK PUBLISHED AT the New World Ofllce, JO Ann street Luiikiis on Di.iits?Ry Rev. Sidney Smith? Trice Of cents. Very spicy and very severe NOW READY?I?Blackwood's M^ih/ini:, for Janu- ' ary?Cheapest edition, nearly a fac simile of the original. Only }>.! a y ear. " Rki-ository or Modern Em.limi Romanck, Janua- ' ry numlier. (Jnly *>! a year?single, 14,] cents. Thii numNt commences n new novel, by Ainsworth. ; 3?Treasure Trove, or L. 8. D?new edition?Price 141 ( cents. 4? Loitkrinus ok Art in n O'Lcary?Price 14.} cents. TO-MORROW?The Mvstkriss ok Paris?I- ranch edi i tion? N umber 4 - Price 46 cents. Rut a few copies of No. , 1 remain on hand. Call early. J. V\ IN CHESTER, 30 Ann street 1 ?. I ft?- GREAT LITERARY ENTERPRIZE.?The announceineut in last week's Herald that the Dollar News paper was publishing a series of prize stories, at great ex c pense, has caused an increased demand for this capital i paper. This week's number contains? , I. The Prize Story?Camp Charlotte?a tale of 1774. 4. The Death Bed?a Sketch by K. N. 3. l)r I.ardner's Lectures. 4. A Naval Hero?Sketch of the Life of Commodore Tor "> The Nestorian Massacre. H. Another Kemalc Soldier, ' I'ligiiin i ucuy- nix /inicieg. | Together with all the new*, compiled from the l.ivoriti Daily Ledger, which has transpired during the past week. Those wishing copies to mail to the country will pleasi 1 call early. J. A. TUTTLE, Agent, t No. 6 Ann street. The Daily Ledger is for sale the same day as published 1 at Mason U Tuttle's, l is Nassau street. (HJ- CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CUltKD.?Thi Tonic. Mixture, prepared by the College of Medicine am' ' Pharmacy of the city of New York, is now rontidenth recommended and prescribed bv the first medical practi- 1 tioners of the city, for all cases of debility produced eithci by secret indulgence or excess ot any kind detrimental i to the constitution. It is an invaluable remedy lor impotence, sterility, or barrenness (unless depending on mal formation) and will be founif highly beneficial in oil com plaints arising from a debilitated state of the constitution Sold in single I Kittles $1 each; in cases of half a dozen f>i carefully packed and sent to all parts oftlie Union. Office and Consulting Rooms of the College, !)."> Nassau I sheet W. S. Hit HAItUSON, Agent. (Hj- ' 11A1) I1HKATH"? Grinding the teeth during sleep, and restlessness, are indicative of worms, and nit j symptoms that should be immediately attended to. Sherman's Worm Lozenges will give immediate relief. The numbur of cases which have occurred within u short time, where the worms have been brought uuuy in immense quantities and perfect heulth restored to the sufferer. ) places the Doctor's Lozenges far above every other worm medicine which has ever been discovered. They are I pleasant to the taste, easily administered to the most petti- 1 lent child, and can always Ik: depended upon when given according to directions. Dr. Sherman's warehouse is lOti v Nassau street. Agents?337 Hudson street, l*S llowery, 77 Last Broadway; 139 Kuitoii street, Brooklyn, and 3 1 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia. ( Of,'- " THE WORMS THEY CRAWLED IN AND J. the w orms they cinwlcd out"?says the old ballad?but 1 once touched by Peters' Worm Lozenges these destine- c tivc pests never crawl again. Children whose pale, cu- ? daverou* checks, blue lips, and unhealthy appetites hetoken the existence of w orms, will soon regain all the rosy c churms of childhood under the influence of this infallible specific. Many of the vermifuges in use arc no less des- u triictive to the'ehiid than the disease, and not (infrequently ruin the general health of the sufferer while remov ing '' the local disorder. This can never be the case as regards f Peters' Worm Lozenges, which routain no mineral sub- -j stance, nnd may he fearlessly given to an infant. Perfectly harmless to the patient, they yet etl'ect a complete and permanent eradication of the disorder in a much shorter space 11 of time than any other Vermifuge betorc the public.? tl Principal office, 13'> Kulton street. I OCr PROFESSOR VELPEAU'R SPECIFIC PILLS for the permanent cure of l lonorohfva, (ileet. anil nil P iiiocnpui iilent discharges from the urethra. No mediclm r ever offered to the public, exercises such a powerful effect c on the bladder nnd urinary organ* as those valuable vege table pills. They arc tlteit 11 its of twenty-tin- t rain ex " perience of Professor Vclpeati at the Ilorpitul of Lr v Charlie, in Pari*, ami are confidently recommended l.j him as the only preparct on that hm prov td successful in every case 1 hey \vi:ie introduced into this country two ' year* ago, by tho College of Medicine and Pharmacy u during w hich tune more than ten-thousand boxes have c hoe.i. sold : and the College defies a single instil; re of failure to on shown Sold in boxes, * i each, at the Ulfici a of the College, Pa NustO'l street. I> W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. v iTrj- Ri ORD'S PARISIAN Al.TF.nATIVK MIA v Tf< ItK, for 'he radical ni-c of primary or secondary Sy - p piiili::. This powerful alterative h;is entirely taken tie place of mercury ninong tho regular medical practitioners. It is compound of the most strengthening am! purify- 11 ing vegetable medicines, aud always give additional strength to the constitution while curing the disease. c Persons snflering from a venereal taint In their system,01 mercurial disease, should use this powerful ailoiative " without delay. Hold in single bottles, $1 each?in cases o of hall a dozen, carefully parked, and sent to all parts (j of the Pnion. Office of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, !?,x Nassau street. '' W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent tl EXTRAORDINARY SCENES IN WASHINGTON. NEXT WEEKLY HERALD. UNRIVALLED ATTRACTION. _ The WfcKKLV HfcJlALD, which will b? piiblialieJ ue*t RaturJay. will contain a full, authentic, graphic, nil daguerreotype report of the recent so unci in Wash ington, with eIt^ant mgrannj(M tj pontile, in wbicn >ir. Stewart, Mr. Waller, Mr. Adams, Mr. lugcrsoll, Mr. Shriver, all Iwar n conspicuotlf part. This Weekly Herald will 1?? the only paper In the country which will contain a faithful picture ol" theie scenes. The Washington j>apors generally, out of their modesty ar poverty, have suppressed the richest portions ol' these doings of great men. So also havo all the other papers in the large cities which are too beggarly to pay lor reporter*. In fact the 11K11.YI.U is the only journal that maintains at Washington a full corps of reporters, , ami absolutely pays them with money? not bankruptcy, i These report*, in the Weekly UeraM, w ill be aocom- j pnnicil n? we havo sail, with elegant engravings, illus- i tratiug the picturesque movements of the speakers, pugi- ' lists, and other distinguished charac:ers?Trice v-t per hundred-papers?not pugilists. Orders to be sent in without delay. Newsboys, attend. RKAD THK FOMAJWINO LKTTF.RH From F.x President Jackson, and President Tyler. Hermitac! , April 17, lb 13. Messrs. Pease 4. So* I hive the pleasure to ncknowledgo \ our kind favor of the Is1, ult, by the hand of my friend'.Mr. J. Armstrong, and with it your most esteemed present, a package of your Hoarhound ( andy, for which receive my sincere thanks, i can only ariil, that may thousands receive from its use as much benetit as 1 have done; then w ill its inventor go down to posterity as one ol its hctiplnftoru I sim irttTitlomxn v?rr rswiturtlitll v vmir friend and obedient servant. ANDREW JACKSON. Waiiiikhtok, April 0, 1843. The President desires mo to return Messrs. Pease & Son his acknowledgments, and very sincere thanks, for the box of candy received lit their hands. He has used it with much benefit to himself as a remedy for colds and coughs. I am with much respect, JOHN TYLER, Jr., See'y. Sold at 4.i Division street; It) Astur House, and 79 Fulton street; 3 Leger Buildings, Philadelphia; 120 ilaltimorn street, Baltimore; ft" State street Albany; 9 State stieet Boston; 333 Broad street, Newark; 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn; corner Hth and Wood street Pittsburg, Pa. Agents?Fonda, Louisville, Ivy.; Wm. I.yman & Co., Montreal; Peck&Spcare, Burlington, Vt. {((?- PRIVATE MEDICAL AID?The members of the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, in rereturning the public thanks for the liberal support they have received in their efforts to " suppress quackery," . eg leave to state that their particular attention continues Li be directed to all diseases of a private nature, and from the great improvements lately mudc in the principal hospitals of Europe in the treatment of those diseases, they can confidently otter to persons requiring medical aid advantages jiot to be met with in any institution hi this country, either public or private. The treatment of the College is sucli as to insure succuss in every case, and is totally different from that ?i:rn r ens practice of ruining the constitution with mercury, on I in most cases leaving a disease much worse than the original. One of the memtiers of the College ,1'or many years connected with the principal hospitals of h urope, attends daily for a consultation from 9 A.M. toS P.M. Terms?Advice and medicine, $4 A cure guaranteed Imcoiiiant to CotNrnv Invalids.?Persons living in the country and not tinding it convenient to attend personally, can have forwarded to them a chest containing ill medicines requisite to perform a perfect cure by stating their case explicitly, together with all symptoms, timeol contraction and treatment received elsewhere, if any ind enclosing $o, post paid, addressed to W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Otlice and Consulting rooms of the College, Oft Nassau et eet MONEY J1A11KI T. Wednesday, Jan. 31?U P. 01. Stocks continue in a very unsettled stale. From day to day they advance and decline lrom a half to three per cent Indiana fell back J per cent ; Farmers' Trust I; Mohawk J ; North American Trust .[ ; Canton 1 ; Long Island improved 3J; Harlem J ; Vicksburg 1 ; Pennsylvania ft's were very firm, also Ohio IPs, Paterson and Norwich. There has been no sales of Kentucky for two days, 101.' is ollore.l, in-.' asked; 9.i ottered for Ohio Life uud Trust 90 asked. The sales at both Boards arc to a i cry moderate extent. Wall street is very dull, both us re. gards movements iu stocks end trade. A bill has lately passed the House of Representatives of Tennessee, uuUioriiiug the Bank of Tennessee to draw u]ion the Treasurer of the State, in cuse of a deficiency ol meaus in the Bunk to meet its current liabilities. The statement of the Exchange Bank of Virginia,as it ex. istcd on the 31st of December, 1913, presents the following features Esi.iia.noi. Bank oi Viiiuima. .'Jssrfv. Liabililiet. Lunrs Si Dis ouu *, $1,99J,518 Capital, $1,726.30 Ntr-rlva .11,0 In crest, 2711,";;I Due i tlier 11 wl(s, 77,16(1 Dills of Exciiuiiv, IK,I|70 Iii- n.ii. 36ft,361 -peeie, 30i 2j Circulation, im.oh Due ir.un olver huiks, 3:17,021 Surjlue, 173,019 L) inking House, Sir., til,';Hi $3,001,970 $.1,003,976 Out of the aliovc surplus a dividend of >3 00 per tharc ivus declared, amounting to 1,7!>0 ; Bonds paid $4,310 ; Pax $038?leaving a surplus oi $110,324?equal to $073, >er cent on the capital. This is a very favorable report ?the specie on hand, amounting to nearly two thirds the imount of paper in circulation, and the loans and dislounts reaching but a trifle over the capital The Trustees of the Atlantic Mutual Insurance Compa ly have ascertained a protit of 40 per cent on the nett Mined premiums ot the six months ending December 31st, lul l . nil. nrnril ll... Im.m..,, Il,n .-nnr i.mlimr , ............... ..... ..........-0? ?. December 31, 1813, which have been divided a* follow* : I'o the cash capital a dividend of 13} per cent, 10} per ont payable in cash on the lith proximo, and 33 per cent n scrip certificates, beurinjf interest, and to the not narked oil' premium a div idend of 33 per cent in scrip certificates, bearing interest. A few of the manufacturing companies of the east have leclared dividends. The profits atising fiom their indus. ry have in many instances been exaggerated, and in ithert rated at too low a point. The following table?so ar us dividends have been declared?gives a view that .v ill correct the conflicting accounts that have been relorted for the purpose of influencing legislation on the arill" act:? Vvu, Makui i i'nii i. ami Divinrvns or the k' v?ttax vlxisnrsuTOHiKs. i'?r Prr.ttnt Sr.mi-,1nnvttl table ran.*. Dividtndt. Hvrk M.vunfae'u ( o, flu.II llilu ulOfifl ? d c r o do 70? ? a 100 ? htcopee no 1lM:0 ? a bis ? :;.u. t d i nmo ? atfno ? Norwich do luoo ? do tt do 1IMI0 ? at O.'i ? Lowell tlo I'tOO ? atom 6,ret, Vltd.leafv to 10!,0 1130 at 150 31 do bes'drst'* [ an I d.v IVrkins do 10f0 1030 atom 9 do S ry do I'Wu ? a OtiO ? A|i|dttoa do 1II00 1030 all >0 6|rct., > Hon do 710 a 03.1 ? ?t*uii ton do lOdll 1010 alCUO U.otett do llXiii ? a 10.10 ? Juckion do 9*?o ? a 9(1 6 pr ct.. .1 Jer cent [surplus. Suit" lk do JOOO ? a 1061 6 do Vlnrimac do 10.11 1373 aijill ? Lawreace do 1000 1130 ali.10 ? Na.iiita do MM) too a sol $30 pr ,h. liiiutkeag ro 1000 17 .1 a 1710 ? fork do 1?00 1710 a 1730 ? ireal Falls do toil *71 a 300 ? it To 'on Mills, 1000 1010 al07.'i 6 pr ct., I'rcmoot Mi l?, lt.oo ? nlOt.H ? s. K Wo.sud Co. IIMI Olfii 91 ? lOWfll ll<-iicl>ii (J Co, ? ? 11 3111 ? .ocks Ik Canuli, Ml) ? a !>i0 $ >0 pith. Those that have not declared div idcnds can l>c pretty veil estimated by the current i|itotntions given above ol heir stocks, as taken from the latest actual sales. The 'ochcco, Chicopce, Salisbury, Boston, Nashua, (ireat 'all, anil N. K. Worsted companies range below pur.? i'iie Menitnac is the highest on the list. The Mi 'dlr sex omcs next, which shows an extra dividend of thirty-live icr cent, besides the usual dividend. This Company is onlined entirely to the manufacture of woollen goods, uch as cloths and cassimeres. They turn out weekly ;KX) yards of casiimerc and 1*00 yards of broad cloths, retiring 1,000,000 pounds of wool per annum. This comiany has never omitted a dividend nor stopped running.? 1'hrough all the modilication" of the tarill'and the lluctuaions of the currency?through all the different grades of he compromise act?and the protective and non-protec" ive features of the tariff act, tho stockholders of the Mid" lesex Woollen Manufactory of l.owcl, Mass., have re oived fair dividends on the capital invested In the above inductions. Is not this an evidence that our manufactning interests no longer require protection 1 The great ausn of the necessity for protection at any period has ecn the extravagant and reckless system on which indiiduals hove undertaken this species of industry. Ox the into principle any man must have government prnteeion. By an economical administration of the financial (fairs ol a csrporato manufacturing company, by produ* ing no faster than a demand is created, by ke? ping vv ithin limit that will cuuhlc immediate contraction to take cr ret, nny Wly of men can make the business profitable lithout the aid of protection or any other government i.i or. At all events if this interest ever actually requited ! xclusivo privileges, the < auso ho longer exists, and the mportant wants of the government demand some movevent for revenue. This statement of the principal manufactures of this ountry, is very Interesting at this period, as it gives the ctual state of their value. The bite debates in the Henate n the tariff act, have magnified the whole question won" erfully. The efforts ol the south on this vexed suhject o not take that liberal course that the various interests of lie country demand and arc entitled to. Mr. McDuffic has certainly taken new f round, and propotee the estab. I liihsaeut of three dietinct confederations; in the event of which he prophecies the gradual decay of the eitiee of tinnorth nnd the odt ancement of those at the south. Ther<> is uo question, the* at present agitates and interests the whole nation r.ore than this. And the narrow view token of it by the Senator irom South Carolina, is in accordance with the spirit always manifested by those who consider themselves entitled to exclusive privileges. In advocating the establishment of a revenue taritf, and proposing a reduction of duties to meet that standard, we discover under the protestations against protection, a decided intention to secure the same advantages for the youth that are -o strongly objected to when enjoyed bjr the north ? The manufacturer* ol the north hut e been under the pro. tection of got ernnient, so far as a standard of duties guve it. It is u matter ofro isiderablu doubt, whether Congress had the power constitutionally to extend this aid ; never thelcss, it was granted, and under that grant the manuloc. tilting interest has grown great, and obtained a Dim loun. daliou. The protection alluded to, is no longer demanded or required. The w hole country is interested in the revision of a code of duties, that w ill merely create revenue to carry ou the ramifications ot government. This is all the south ami west a<k it is all they want- it is nil they require. The most radical free-trade tnun in the country i cannot injustice demand more. The talk and threats : about three distinct confederations, is nil nonsense, snd j comes trom a source that, although powerful, is nothing but the outpourings of a mind tilled with mistaken jealousy and unfounded sectional prejudice. This question has now become a very exciting topic and the whole system of warfare.on the larill' will be carried on with new weapons, and will hiing into the field matters that before have been considered irrelevant and out of order. The internal improvements of Michigan for the past year have paid a very fair per cent income on their cost The receipts and expenditures of the railroad companies show a very favorable balance on the right side of the books. CrNTini. TUii.ho.ip. Receipt* for passengers, mail, anil suits of old iron, for Hip year ending Nov. 30, IM-tJ, 140 tWd Expenditure* for road, machinery, can. stations, it?. 1 tfitO Nett reveuue for 1813, $7.4,0-26 The. annual nctt revenue of the road since first ojiened liu been as follows :? 1838 1830 1 Silt 1841 1841 $37 ,'lsl * IB,703 $>10,637 $34,63.3 $63,075 The road now extends HO miles from Detroit, and cost $1,100,000, and has the past year paid seven per cent on the capital invested. The Southern Michigan Railroad receipts for 1843, were $24,8til), and the expenses for the same period $16,364, leaving a balance of $7,000, which was expended in providing new cars and paying oil old claims. Old stork Kxchangc. ?5"00 11 8 5'?, '33 co'n stk 10tJ? 3? Looa Isl tnd In i 91'f 3000 N Y City 5's, ion 15 Fumer,'Trust 31)4 lOnun Ohiobs.'bU 110 <>8 123 do 31), 5000 do It I i 98 7 3 I (anion Co 29 3 00 do . 97173 do 29>< 25009 d> 97 J. 30 Ilea(tiil7 U H 47 It'oou do 97*2 15 SvrsrVk Utics It H 115 IIIIOO do Itli 93 5 lin'ii It 1'iov KK I'&c l> 4 50GU do iiw 98 10(1 tlari.'in It 18 43 5000 Obio 6 a,'50 91 150 da 42j? COOII Ind S bonds 37 454 do |l,'4 1211110 1Viiii*\Kunia i'n (>5 29 Utic* k "clienrc Hit 119 10000 d> 1)15 b5 23 Nor k Wor lilt 31 3 shss II1' Sta'i NY 117 111) il? 31 'a UK! Mo. It lllK.tu bro 94 5) do uw 31 SDN Am'l'iuit 15"2 50 .It tvv 31 50 Yicksblirg Batik H 50 do 130 31* 500 do 8?2 50 1.1112 I ,land It It 7 2 ) , 200 do 9 30 Motiauk H It btw 52 30 do b20 9 b do 51)4 50 do 20d 9 8.5 Tatrrs. n It It 71 1110 do ItOd 8 50 do sGlil 70 20 Firt lir a's Ins 107 173 do 72)4 Second Hoard. $10000 Ohio C's,'CO ?30 98 112 sli a VickiburK Ilk 9 do 98 204 do >3 0', 318'0 Illinois 41 CO do 8)4 518111 do b1 4(iJ4 10 Sts r Bjr.k IWjj 5000Keutucky b3 102 New Stork Kxclianc*. SUMO V 8 C's, '62 ?00 UB74 4000 111.I 25 yr bonds MU |I'I8) do 1170 108), 2.4slim Harlem it It 4ij4 1111.0 do sCO IbB 'J 50 do 43 1HII0 do tCO 108 50 1 0 n30 43 1000 Ohio b's 04t; 50 do Feb 1 13)4 50l'ii do tti ?, 50 Ston.nKlon R11 34 I0HI do F 15 97 1)0 .1 . 31 ltd 0 do >15 91.u 50 Mr-ll Ilk* An b30 97 51118) do r,l 97 50 F.krsou It It 71 2000 do 1.15 9Gj? 25 10 b3 71)4 1(100 do 97 50 l.ontc blind 11 U 72 5II0U do blO 97),' 125 do "i2>4 WC0 do 1.20 97), 100 ill 7J 1001) Kentucky C's it tO 102 50 do SCO 72 2000 Illinois o"?, 00 41 50 do 72).j 13000 do '79 rh 40' \ ill Farm-r." Loan H5 52 2(90 dj sl.i 10), 190 do bll) 31W 11(81 do b20 41 25 do 3\)i 5001) do bl.t II 2> do a 30 31 10(111 do s i 4II74 100 d i 31*4 IbUO ||J i'50 40), 25 vkksbtire 7 30n0 Ind 8 > yr bauds 37 50 da 7 7, State of Trade. Amils.? Tots are dull at $1 02} ; I'tails the same at $6 Oj h $6 12.'.. VVe have no sales to notice. Bkkswax.?Prime yellow sells at 2!Mc. Cottox.?The matket has been very quiet to-day and but u very limited business done. There is some looking a!<out among shippers, who are \v illing to purchase at a reduction of Jo tiom the present prior* ITngMs me dull again to Liverpool; there is not a single hale ottering and we understand some too hales have been sliipperl at 6-ltil. Notwithstanding we have a stock of Cotton in this city of over 100,(100 balm there is not a single hale ol it 0:1 board any ship hound to Liverpool, or in course ol shipment, it we except the Cambridge and ShethelJ. both of which vessels are lull aud will sail to-morrow. Thit it tm/ttei frfen/irf. At Nt.vv Oiii.i.axs, 17th instant -Some northern buyers yesterday made their appearance in the market, influenced by the good accounts trum New York, ami the transactions amounted to .'KKM) hales, at full prices, and in some instances at a slight improvement on Saturday's rates, making the tocsl business, for the last throe days, 10,000 bales We have advanced our quotations to conform with the actual state of the market Liverpool classifications? laiuisiana and Mississippi. ?Interior, 7J a 7J ; ordinary. 8 a - ; Middling, 8 a 8'; middling iair, W a ; i'jir, o a 1)I ; good fair, 10; a 10] ; good mid fine, 10], Ki.ofit ash tJa.tiw.?No change in this market. All the same as yesterday. We have advices from New Orleans to the 17th instant. On that day that market was dull Small lots of Hour are going to the West holies Ohio V>4 'J.i a <1 30 ; Missouri aud Illinois $4 SO a -I SO. Shelled Corn was selling .14 a3d and Outs at 34c Hat.?North river bale is sold at />8a tSOc. There is very little doing, however, either in hale or loose country. Naval Stomis ?North Country Turpentine sells at $3 37 a *4 ;>0 ; Spirits 34 a 33 emits. There is very little doing. At; 1A-...1 ....I. ..1 -A- 1? 1 -1..11 21l cents. Rial Reran: ?Salt's of Ural f.state 31st January, 1411, hv Anthony J Dlceekerlt Co. 'X he two story house No. 135 Amity street near Sixth avenue, an<l lot 25 li;pt by 100 feet f5,700 A vacant lot on 13th street near Kifth avenue. . . 2,.00 1)0 do do do ... 2,250 Married, tin Wednesday morning January 31, by the Rev. Thomas J. Sawyer, Mr Issas.i. 1$ I't itnv to Miss Kaiii.v A. DImok, daughter of John Dimon, K?q., ail of this city. Domestic Importation*. Attasapas?Sclir John Kend ii?jnfl hltds sugar 50 d innI ones C I' l.ett ric ? 3!) tc? Hi hhils inol?fse* Ko.ter .X Nickerson, MARITIME HERALD. Mailing Days of th? IHeam Mhlpi. re.oa nivgarooL. rnoas amkhua. Britannia, Hewitt Feb. 1 Caledonia, Lolt Keb. 5 March I deed's. Shannon Mar. 4 Aptil I (J. W stern, Matthews Apr 27 May 23 U. Britain, Hnaken May 23 June 20 trip Mooter* and Agent*. We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will rive io Commodore Rohkbt Sii.vkt, of onr News f leet, a he port of the Shipping left at the Port whence they nailed, the Vessels Spoken on their I'assure. a List of their Cargo, and any Foreign Newspapers or News they may have. He will board them immediately on their arrital. Agents and Corrnapondeuts, at home or abroad, will also confer a laror by ending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they caa obtain. Nautical Informatioa of aay kiad will be than (fall' ereieed PORT OF NEW YORK, FKBRVARY 1. 7 111 Minn 5 3 IVN 5 III IIIOII WAT ZR CltarM. Ships Mediator. Chaowick, London, John Ontwold; C*mhridge, Baratow, Lir'rponl, C H Marahall: Y'nzno, Wybray, New Orl'?' ?, K K Collina l( Co.? Bai'iuea Ann Lomaa. Martehalk. Vera Cruz, Haranua Brother* k Co; Strafford, Kobaon, Nrw Orlrana.J Klwi-lllk Co? Briga HyUa. Knaiia, Ma'anzaa. llm.k V Patera; L Baldwin, Thompaou, Sarannah. Dunham k Diinon; .t.oara, Loraland. Chrr'ealon, Ireorgr Bulklry.?Schr Mary hruicis, Tarr, Harana. roatar k Nickrraon. Arrived, John Krndall, Hobinaon, 20 day* from Atukapaa La. wilh augar and m? aaara to maatrr Lrft brig Anriroaenggin, Daria, for , Idg; achr Mogul, for N Vor*. do. Schr Oarar aailrd for N York 4 oava prrrom. I?th inat (a- 37. Ion in a heavy gale from thu SK. the J K waa kn. rkrd down n I rr rant coda, and lay in 'hat > ilnation ha f an hour carr rd awav for - mid main lopinaata, and waa compel rd toa'avr in th- hrada of 20 htiln tnaiaaara, brink part ot deck load. Waa towed np by ilr m r Anir ic.oi le. Schr Valhalla Havn -a, 12 ilaya froin Wilmington, NC a* I'll raral alore, and umh'-r. to B idgrr k I'rrlr. Th-V arrirrd in III Lower U' y Inat Hun nay aiitht. nut during 'hr -now aiorm aatne night, dragged her anchor* and went to ?ra, h-iug faat in th- ice. M hr Splendid, Neil, 8 d?ya from Vl'ginia. with ovafrra? hound to Philadelphia, put in inr a harbor In-ing unable *o I roce-d on account uf the tc Thili in?r in Delaware Break enter, apnkr the brandy wine Light Uoet, bound to I apee of Virginia, Corni t i'rd to put 10 ana oil account I' the ice ? rrj netted to lie tvportrd HchrM. ll ILihinimi, Pugh, 8 da)a fmm Nrwtirrn, NC.willi nai ll atorra, to S I, Mitchell. Senr Kinma, Cole, I" days from Baltimore, with indae, to JnV i'in Hi Lowden Hnln A rzandrii, Lewia, 1C day* from Uillimore, witii m.l?r, 10 Allen k Pnraon .Net1 r Mai y, I r Irthrn, In fay a fr-m Norfo'k, with mdir, ti 11 liiiltiroob. S hr Ma'v Jane, Poartll, 8 da,a froin Noifulk, w.ih ind?e, to Sf<>r.v.a fc I leariiint. Schr Hiilliint, IV.-ranII, 2 day a from Uappaliannock, with c rn to H. I' "n>ein. S hr Ariel, Barnra, t dayafmin Virginia, wilh oyiteri, to llir maatrr Schr Protector, Wright, 2 Java from Y ork Hirer, with oyat ra, to inwf-e. Schr, 1 ilaya from Jamra Hirer, with wood, to the I ma^tur. Uelow, Two ihipa, uukuowa. ' Mlt4. Jrizi D B. (Br) flou-'rrt. Londaa; AuioU. Bull. MumbiI'm; O owln. L'lmur. Mobil ; Kieai. >* irh B??ann?li; Mo.ii. : "a ??. ?ih? luuloti; tchr? Morning Hrar, CVr.ii h, Mt J?g.> d? ? uhs; M.n hril, .VUiMKilli; Id*, ( B.) Howurd, Biuiru K A Mirteu*. Bi.a't;*, Baltimore. Most of the nl)w?e *rrr lowed out by ileum UlMtliiuieoni. fokkicn l.rttt r Orricr.?Packet ?bipt Mediator, Chadwirb, for Loudon. And Cambridge, UiotoH. b?r Lirrrpool, wil to dev. Their letter .agi are at Uilfiii'i Negri Room, in the Kiebir[?. . Bnio Bt ooL/ii G*oms . tail' l Irom Key VV'eet *?I*t uH. . o c*rK? of thy wrecked brig Pilgrim. Mil mibfl 'i uc.w out 01 iimi*. i in ar* entertained Tor her lUh. Ai PayU in On, An ner Kick' tson, N B, oil not itat?d, iiud 1050 >r M i)' 10 ) At in Sept, Ho ('a, Rolnaon, NB(g.n Hit \ of Pr-ivilli n o.) Touchej at I.alums. M ui, Ort 16, Martha. 7; ir<'.*, out (supposed ,,| \rM ,,on ) i,'?(i i ?p, mih. Vlary Mil'IkII, N??t, :i:i i ap; Miffird YVayoe. h II Mix) ip; lirh. Hector. W?r?u. ijo so; Wui k. r.lici, Ml 'm mIi ii loa d; L-iu.gtoii, IV * nl n i III) J p; lUlli Triion, Warren. 130 ?p 170? vvh; Susan, N B, ROO p; Mill, Vmeyard. Kdgartowu,00? ?p; Mayflower, NB. i? ?p tion wh; Fortunr, Plymouth, <76 ?p; *2d Al l Uaiclay, llr-in-ii, 27l0 wh. foreign Ports. <'*rr Hayrn s. J<n II?In port, Bucket disg; Outes'u. Jenkin?, from Now York, do; Baltimore, v iau r?-?, lYom I'liuaJid- j plila, d i i.rTV. Drc 21?Ij port, Antwerp. Smitli, fur New Orleans, i SAinediy, , twin rr . Dp" <?In port, Mvgorft Huiig, Hug:, I r Pai r- , mo, l j Inail lor IJ lliiunre, ready. ilonu Ports. I'l l fan r, Jan 2*7?The hay is frozen over; n-a-al* lioiind inlo ' the Pi uohscct will | rutiably it open through tin- F.'.sleru passage poiitiuisd, Jan 76?The barb r is c'nsed by ice as far down as tin* IlieiU water 25ilt? A I erni biig waa oft die poit Kith, but ?m nut in kiMlit ih > inori.iiis. Pohtsmoi'vh, Jau 2<?raid .Nancy \v Rtevens. Arr 8nn, Curiia. Nurfo k. ULOtTtiTiR. Jan 20?Art Maive, Pillsbury*. and Mary Matin. L'liner. Thumaatoii lor NV'mk Pi.v.uot'1 h, j.ui 26?Dim harbor baa been ice-bound the pan* week. Sai rM, Jan 27?Cld F-irlieV., Burr, NVork. ?ld l.oniu, ("rowell. do. Boaron, Jau 27?Dd Annn Reynolds. 'r?ylor, Philadelphia; i Ware Hi,ward, Baltimore Rid Ida, Baltimore?the I a r-il on Ki id jy a terno in n oui i o'clock, sot among drift ice, which rarried her ashore at Ororge'a lilnnd. hut got off <>u Mat rday, tnppo-ed wiihoin iljinate The Hi,mm started on Saturday, Kut anchored off Spectacle Island naccount of the drift u-e, whe e ahe lemaiua to day. A lirrm hr g is bach of tin e* peudeiice, apparently ashore imposed lie- Amcimta. for Maun7a?. ISlli?I i" telegraph M una 2 banquet OKiaide, unknown? the same r ported on Mam div, '1 he harnnr la rimed hy ice to p ort In epenneiice. and ilieuce to [he Narrow* the navigation it completely obstructed by large tielda ol ie?. 29ih?No arrival i Id Meson, k ndinott. Havana; So| hr nn, ( f Boston, I ite of Alevondri.t DC) llaatrtr, 8t Jago Ifelow, at anchor in Naillasket KimiI., 8. hitler, [Hrem] from Liierpool; T-onraaee. and lUiclielle, New Orleans; t haiham. Baltini re; ai 8 nnd Point, n lumber laden harm brig; at Spectacle I.Ian ', lite fore and vt si-lira, all In mid up. 'I lie Unman ia in a goon po.ition to gn to aea, neai Long Island Head, when the wind cornea from the Weal. Thr> e fore Hint aft achra were earn d bv the ice on i lie end of Sound Point Bar, apnarent'y much damaged Piimvinc ktown, Jan 25?Arr Turk, Kldridge Philadelphia for Unatou; Souther, Bitstow. St Mark* for do; 1 att)nin. Paine, Si lago for d<>< Volant. Hopkins Norfolk for do 26th?Arr Pilgrim, Dodge, Bos on for N Voik, aud remains in port w ith iheabme. also air, Yankee. Po nton for Philadelphia; a herm Ii ig, aaid to be from Bost-m for .N Y ork and vera! fore and aft achra unku Wli 'J'he Turk put her ?eci ml officer on beard t e Alarv Kimball, (bel'jre rep ned) off N.anser, end a brig wu previously aeeit to put two men on board off South Shoal. Sid j Spartan. Bellelsle, and Fiqttaiuiu, whaling. wood's Honk, Jau 22?.\rr Arotunis, I'luinmer, liataiia for B? on. rnoviDKivcr, Jau 27?Sid Reaner, Sears, Bah imore. |l Bristol, Jan 27?Arr Hoi e, < ioorge, \ ork Hiver. 8ld 7.e- < nobis, Keinii gtou. Savanna >. ' HARNDEN it O. will d ?p. ii h a me ngi'f wi h ill- r | F.xi loia toveilaud) lor till ill package. ii . y evening at 6 i i ' lock iiutil In r c, uot ce. 3 A a I el eel. Frhiii in I 1311 II Itr c j TXT A.ST 8 A oi'i'l vtlOs?A vouug wo man, with < 1 ?v cel|-?u city, t > do the gen ril h uiew rk of ainall family iii ilia city. .Apply at No. 3 Koac aire t, hack in t e re r Ii l'*r c dp 1 (YI YiY YV.vNTF.U?tin g >od iecur ty. eilho i i oue | iip J. O jVJvJVJ ot aepaiale snma. A| ply to the office of Mil JOHN H PiiVVMH, , fl lt*ec No. 73 Na aau atrtct New Voik. WM H. THUMPS N haa e.ooied ti No. 21 Johuit iet up a'air., when- lis wih lecei e, liy iheialei' arrival*, a fu'l aa*ortuieut t.l' I'AbIS MILLIaKUV OOODS. , f I it- m 1 fYt'Il.LS ANU elF.EL. I'KNS.?800,000 lluilla telling off ; --V. at very low pric.'a; dialer?aui consumer* would dn well to ca.I before purchasing elsewhere. Alio, a lirg- aa.mtme it ol Si eel Pen* manufactured liy Perry, Kiliott auil Mitcell. all ol , which will h-?old vir- low.ei'ber who esale or retail,as the: subscriber wishes t > le-vo the husiueis this spring A. McKKACHNIK, Uuill .Vlaiiuueinr r, fellm-m 265 Pea'l s-reet. NOTfOE. PAI.MO'S Ot'eHA HOI SIC. . rpHE Pl'BLIh are retpeC'.iully inlorme.i that, in Old*.* to -en * Jcr the product on in the Opera worthy Ihe pat'Onege ol tlie public of New York and to give foil and complet* inec' io toe who e, the Hot lepie entatniu will lint tase jd cc until Saturday Kv niog, e e'oiu ,ry 3, when ?v*ll *e i.eaiiively p.-tfo*mrd Bel'ini'i last gia d 0,o?ia 1 I'I'RITANi, Full (Mtlimikll 111 I lie bll * of Ihe , ay II dtr.C EXCH \ \OE U< ?TEL?BALTIMI >ltE. PR Ys'lTS tftiLEMVN haa thii nay lafceii H.iN'ltV F JACKSON into |'il in, w il io furnr,- lb hen e will be oud'ct d iu th-: name of COliEM VN St Jv(;K"3t> >i. Tlie potronsge ol the traveliing pub.itf, hjU ullu. nceuf on fr end*, s iestee.tlul y so'i net, b .mm p\ l?. tun iry I, l! 11 nulll irfi; C i L AH . PIE UN JFHHtiftb D, wli has titi'n In many vein coniie?ftil nilli'hn Me ill's Olfi e i til* city ol ftrw k ork openeil an Cllfur at. No 77 ft ? au strrer. New lurk I'oi tii* pavpoM "I amiaa ill Lsa fvntitiii Daikmitioas, 8uh|'ii mi in I itw, or in I h rrer , Fora. lo i 'it pruunal .Vlort i iiiia Collerli it ' I'll'9, he ring Duties* VVar.auis, aiiii fv lb* Iraanrt'O ol'tll aim U< Dusi i*?? For I u fidelity pun luii'y, and devoted a tenti n to lintin a , i>e rrle., to tlie under mti ne.l t' i tl men md m*ir hers o tli* B.ii of *ewY<ik .1- (UN l V vVKsTK.hV LT, I ate Unerr Hneriffof the City aud County of New ink Neiv \oik, Jau I, 1811. REFERENCES Tlie Hon.Vrbfrt H Fiorris, A aior of the '"ity of ft>w York " Wiu K?nt. Judgeif he Fi'st< iftuit. " F is Tallinudi,!' I ec "Uroltnei ny i f New Yo.k " 'i'he J isiicii >! tin1 Superior C'ouit *' " 'I li JiiJk*s f t e Couil Cuuniiou Tleis " k ii war 'andf r I " is*wis H Ha illoid. A , iii .ot Vic* ''I nun I'or Will *m I' 11 .Hi tt. U?'| . I Ink J the isupr in y ourt t f New Y. ik 'e se Oil'er. En( , Clerk o' tli* H|i|e irr Court *f N* ? York James Cnuoer, 1.1 Cleru ol llm C it, auu t nun y of fttw oik. Audi* ? Warn* '. Fr.q. < lerlt nfth* ( oirt ol Ct rnmon P1*js. lan.n II VV>iti I, bi|, Dbtiitt Attirae/. .1 -hn Autlii'ii, r-nl Claries U' onoi, Kiq. pRVidtiraliaT) i <| 1 Sal in Uuii her. Ki?j. /ii?*t.iisdtr U t i ii, r?rj. unlnm ll< ttmni ?uil doswoitli, Eia'a. H . Ulatc lo il Esq Jo.? |ih O ? art, r ?| A? (I r..lly lo the I'm fajon thruiuli >ut (hi State ot V** V crli. ' I 1 I wi * rn Ll'KR'S GAKlJbX. ' POH S >1 K 1 he %t rU a il K **uret of the (' t ona y * ? oie, l.? 11.). fry, fit ?*d vp hi ?i * ? vt? Ci \ e, with ever I h iin co p l?* f r curving on t'te b >?i e ?a tl at r*te 0?eu. ihie- h ulnar s, Pain, \la't>lrs, 5X. r- rnplfie. Alio a i ftily till d up h uoiiu a Uciud to the it ore, and fur ni> eil comp ep*. AUil, ? motft I " u i 'ul (virdeil, fitted in the b^at stylo, nr ci'Mtly U ii" to a coutiiio 'ale two or the huu rod i?*ople i ti"* wK?e|e i.a? r. n Ii ted up hi a fcre-t *: ?.,?f, auil .11 tnr lw?i of ?tyle?will hi* ao 0 at ? nr^ai aacriuce, a* the o?m lit* 1 ther l??iaii ? ? and c ?nn t ?*t end P? u ? io??t er with a Ltn?e f the P. fiinrea. Ktlliir naNivi'. t| iw*m H. LITER, Piopr'et r. f PrtK AT 1 ENTIOsN OF HOUSE1* K Te RS aud oiht.a A it ie I ??*#* t f it 11 v * slice d ti th l.?l owioa h. Nf.USi .hD I . Iiavi h 'auly ?reived fr 111 tie nirioy, an?l f eiiigr *!<* rout to re u*ii ?h rtl>, olf* r* ?li- 'oil wi k ar i> I- ? ol ri a nn ?o ra i- ii. hi i ri. "? inuc.i i ?w? r inin i ?y e*rr uefo ? i ?rta o fi?l in ihit l ouury ( i rm?u L?* r n, Bit-lt-h* <1, v i <| alficv buna k 'IVbk t ctb, bi'cWDiliiiir hrovvu and whit* I o Na, k> a, tl i do do I'o 1 uweli. do # i'o do Do t.a uaae-erfN* U'nt, b owr, In'f brown and it hie** Hid f Id n f . cambric lldkf*. Al o. a larg iiivrimnit oi' NniIIm, of every description, tf (h beat inn on acrnie. Dnil* a, t ? well aa i * a i 1 nut in?rr, wiM find it gre*tly t?* tl ?if ant jifto cull arid exam i.?* rhc*?' Lincm. i? it i? a .it" opportunity lor obt very anpeiior go aiAt pic(c1idk In* pnoca c.?|| (for a wrvkt only )at No 6 S ith ayenue, between II and | 'clock. ?i lnotf9(N NOTICK. TO SOUTHKWM AND VV fi^TKRN MKKCHANT*. A YOUlNti OKN i'Lt- MAN who it now engage* in. and aV. Im? a correct knowleuKc of, tin* Boot, Sli e.. Leillier ami Urnenl Coirmiumu it dniMii of guiine ?juiI? or * *??. at a aefeannii. or f ir any rcapectahle occiiptfinu. (?ood refer nee* given. A ? of * *ddi?'??**.< "A." b? t WJ6 Boston I'o t Office, vw 11 mref with | rompt atteotinn. j*ft l*i? 2* or re rfiO PRIVATE FAMILIi.8?Boa?d wonted byt g*utle A man, li s wife and child, in a n*n?t. reaiectabe f mite, re. nidi* a in t e N;?lh Wmd. Tetflsa mutt t>r moderate. Add ? * v ii .it ihi* dot* j if? UACKKT S111r ONKID \, KHOM~HAVlife?Cona.icn era by thit ship a e mm at d to send t^eir p rmifa on hoard at Pier .No. 'j f.nsi Hi*er. font of B?o d Rtrret. *i hou d-1 w . All good* not prrniitica by the 6tii proximo, will ?e sent to the pub ieatovf. j o kffi K^ULImM POTATOES ?The pack-i ?Vi11* Milord, ju?t arrived, hat ou hoard aijua-ilitv of L^g'tali Tot to?aol h auperior duality. having been prom red txpreaaly for thia irarket, which will be telJ in any umber ol on he's for family uae Ap ly to CHAULKb II. MAKSii ALL, ) 'J I w h ifi Bur ' k abr. COLA II LAMPS, CANI)Tl7ABKAs7^HKAN'loLh8, b* fttr'ketf, H ?ll Lame* aud Lantcna, f hl-a and Ol'ta ol every description. Aatral Latnpaalteref to 8 ? art A l?-intitul asarrtment of the above to ?r obtained at H ouvenel A OH L ManiiOcturu g Store No. :i John at.eel near Broadway, and at thfir ketory No 81 Gold atvovt All iitklM made and matched io any pattern, whole**'* a^d etail. The above e*t .b'iahmeut it no?t an rely the only one where people cm nlwava g?-t anpplied at very low Price. The nbacnheri arc able tn tiirninli cDetpe thvn any oilier*,in manu'ac* furi* g the ehovr them?rlvva. (?!as* in ?deand ? nt t?> or *r, All the above ar< warrant d. STOU VLNKL It CO. N li. Uo ds IqiiiI fey pRftks, ||||gt|i "aft""""" BHKNIxTlTTltSK B\Z iAR-Noa. 89 and If, Taa^xu."- f"?' ?u ILL! LM ' OWAN re.p^cfnllv }C, 1 f p , Mb frieiida and the puf lie gene wily, fl at he h. i.tfr?-d into copar mr?*.i> witi THOVIAH II 1)1 ukH, nnde thenrmof ?-w hi It Dilka, H v'nf tiken ft e lar. c and c rnncilirtiv fit-proof if !#><? Net If. and >91 M er?r t ?et, (o i-d .or Noith o' B> rker ) > and m"de evpeu*ite ?<.dtfi nt. a! erat ona at d m p ovrtrer r; ti> the sain.*, ihey ha' eop n d ti e ? aubl thin m ttucei tli.? h1?* titie fo tfemltof Hov?e?, C'arrivgca H'-iya, '<arii*ta S%ddl*rv, fit . >*? Pfhlle AflCliofl an 1 Piivat* f >1 ; >v'n/? foe tea. COn*vn*Ml?ti' ' f 'b 41 r'? h?-r*ea M priv<fesale -, >?l br?r !?.?? * W. Client iaUi tbl* oppo u it*. *o r. turo tba L? for e?TV It' e -.1 p itfofiag# I> ri w ed ?.ii h'tn wh*l- | ff pri* tor f In* *'fioia (Jty.wr Mt wtby air c . end hi aolicit'i j th? i i r n*?* '? ii * iu invi.ns n in 'n<- | nn:ic m km m? i?r ' n- "? ' ? j !?!i 11 m flit |,r #m thnl nnitu m-i *!) I * waifiru 1 Ok li'.t i tt, or tint <>( lii? intnrr, The * II link*, to ini-rit ? 1> ' i ii mr hi | i i.- f iv r I C. Ik D llili*i thmoim rtat tli* arriAtaman'* ' ? 1m?> ' rn.iif??il| ii* 11|, , i n * jn 'hmuiii u' rln- | iihl r, h <?,f cc ">un. J*' in *'o iv r''n i ll'iiiilr il n?i a in * ?n mni'in* p. by any rlnbli'liinai.t nl n? kirn I ' lb" I nitml S '" ; *1 i < . yr . i .| n.iir !! 'ffl I'lb ' f I hp **l * III "*i 11 ? ? of '! dn.p i|i!innv, ?l" Kb* I i ?*. ?? Tli r'. iim' |iul>li i i.?at hii i?wMi?lirn nt w II b" brM o?i i ?' ; 'I I KH\j vi b'niiiili' n l i * Tkrll'Vt aV * It 'k" I- in T! . il) A V, kVhm ry 11th, I' rn in - fill *t II ! '? I I k *1 hi i *. II u i 4r ?I \l III ?. .? nd"U foi >h m ? mn t u-ii-^uin |ir t on* at to ' i inlay Fi-bin* v U a i nH r*. I'. M Thu . ?rr HiTili-d to e.vll em I im ihr f.rprri i| I COWAN ft DIL.KS, 1 fl IJ??r Propria'or*. '' MfO I.KT?tlil <bi? fi-a? ofMar. th? InWPr flrni' find *! mlhr rl'iliipihil crarniimi bi) <i m a 8to.?, locj- V l" I hi llanowr aqii>ra. *?ll tinmj f r UN jobbing I u- I ' aim n Addrvat Bol ll? tytior Poat <iftici>. II li'rn j mBmaaamssmeemmmmmmmBmmrn AMUSEMENTS. .? N. \. OPKU V HOV*k.. t'H'Mn KH Tltr.k.x. Ail?u*i"ti On- Poll.i, tu il|.I. III. I) or* <>I?n at 1 l'?.f.iiaia r l . c inn.. t??? halt |>*M 7 Tb' P?Hic ? ! r'fu1 v luU i"P'l i a' ihit *u l>*lim?nt will o(>-*i lor Iw . n *A I UKl)A V EV tNlNCi, k ?Hw?*.y ? :ntl BLTI.'RDAV RVaNiMi >-tb, 3, th* perfcrmuiea will commejrt .ritli th? overture i' punn'ANi. * r.~m - i. -I. <-? *i- .--J I"".. l'?. H.H4 Opera 10 i Ar t by b'ltini. of f PL" HIT AN I. Elvira llli vU.vA BOIUjHEKC Hit Gc IK' S - V?"?. ?j? Sir ilirh Si*'* ta^;?cet, J.oH Artlij r I ?lbot *14 re 1 rii I.oiil Wiiino Kg. M?T?I 11-. rirtfn I' F ai ?t Pigi.ora A t>. uoii Sir Bruno -Nob rr Hig. A'h r avti fi nude, L il re. A The whol* uidrr the d i-cu u ?l H irnir \ \l.TtLL'VA Hi Orel i vtill C. UI.III- lliiity- wo ('.ule-eor*. Le..Wr and Diirrtor Mignnr It IH'.TTI, to retro end Direct ril'thr* bo in I' i? rTIENNE. I'lir l)r |i < uri"'n bv B; mn. O.IDi INI and MONAI IthHSl. The A"ch Ire 'iral Si ory pained by S.g M. URAOALDI. -eii.trd by Bit MuLIM .tod "(hire. Th? l.?iide> nor brenrry by Mr. P. OieAIN lot Oili- now o|-n fi Jin II* *0 I o'rlnck lor obtaining t rkrte Arto g?iurnte liiee Irru nude Mil" the Kni'road 1 nmptny 'ir 1 Mr I I gto o aid warm 1 ?r to I aie Che in rre elraei imnrdietrl y on the cl'>ee ol la-rlo.ui .i ci, ranting ae fare* 424 iiirit Cu VTil Vu T11K ATUK AND CIMCVl<* l;ondui"Tei) uvh" ko< kwell r. o. ft btonk. THIS KVa.NINO. Iil.reuiv I. erl.irmanree to comanre with the rti i-. m n i f Hiruiah! Ait. f which ?eri"u< .rie ' ' llo muiehip, teymntet ce.Cordo V'o aute, Veil ting, M lodnxu A m-ane, lie. fee. I u euurtude wi h THE PHID-. UK I'H VALRY. iitAUKLb a uiiV nea iukairr^ THIS KVKNINO, Krtruiry 1 - I'm tirrformnwe aill ro'ou.- * erinx THE PET Or THi PETTICOATS. ?fu- which, NATIONAL OlfARD. At'.r wl.i. h Ol.E KINO COLE. '1 n ciiur'nde with HOW TO PAY THa. RENT. I'll V OAS nUKPKNDKNT AAlKUlCAS C1RCVI. BOWERY AMPHITHEATRE Boire 26 crutli Pit 12rente. BENrH ? 1 I- JOHN DIAMOND. THIS KVKNINO ctbrue y I?The pel lormanee* will cotnIII -bi? with A Splendid 12 lioree Crralradr, entitled the War Bnameiu. A Ur winch a great Ttrirty of Eanrelriau Acts, Fcate of Strength, Boagi, Uuca, he. After which A lirecd * orrjcel M.iiical ai d Tliralrical Olio. To be ..lliiwril bylhSl'RITE Ob THe- SILVER SHOWER. b o'l iwril bv THE VIRUIN 1A MINSTRELS. To ememde with BILLY BUTTON. AMKMICAN MUSK DM, AND PERPETUAL FAIR; Every Day and Evening tij, ?,ea. commruci g Thnreday, brbtui/y I. f> 1 y ti i" re a'111 1 rd eamt ei ?niuc free. The mrst uui ailed atiru-.ione e??l , If red hero. Laatlhrre ...... u -u uv iiiir i nc.<-nr.t*i, iue - xirorat a Lien?r? Mil rt 'II.m ?i .1 u a gr&i J diveriixn i.t entitled the VfcNEj i * N OaI.L. Alio. It*: wi i k of ihr \ hmoa or A?ow White Necr.ra ? rio1 f boy aa'e li,' g-ri'i- t <:u in ties of lite .lie, Dviug per ecily wh te, tut With n-r o.her f-.lure kud peiuliauty of li-? iridti. Likew, e nu-M .1. D!?. VAI.KNTINB. M. O. 8HKFil?N. T <i BOOTH, I.t I' tile CF.RITu. L* IVtile .LISK ml IIkKAT svh fiTKltN,whn will iulr ilmr hit . mie \ uk11* I.T U'i on Atiioi .1 Maituetirm, which hui teen veil ? i'Ii n I ! tiil I of ii p'auae tl - lu< lew uwlila (JilfctN, the mo t anri riaiug Foituue '1 filer i the world, umy lie I riv itely coos, lied at t'l tiui a u-gaiiLuK 'ait, I'ii-i lit aud Ku ore hi rati. ri-rlorauuicr every evening at 7 o'clock, and'.iturday afterwon* ul 3 o'clock O"" Aduuasion 'ii ceoti?children nnder tc? yeera, half price, (jy- 'ii cunt em* l'ui private consultation* with the'tipay dti.-er. ft ro p K U OOMiMl i AT d NtHl l' HALL. An ?ttt 11 11 o dvvay, ou 'I holiday e.v uuig, Fe'iuuy I, lIMi. on ivi-ich oci-ui ii tho IoIIoa ii it L die-mi i I i-t tli iiieu ? ill ap iK?rMn. I'hil'ipa, M-?, Rnaip. Mi?i lirnce, Mr. Holmaa, vlr. Lynch, ivir. Knvai a h, Mr. Knei ?. Prvi OrtAM.vir.?I'mr Kimr-Opening Chora*, "The American Flag. b' th cam, *uy. W1 i-u Freedom, Hum hrr mountain, I" jfuil' 11>r arniila'd to the air, She lore llie hlcre hi eufciihl Aid ?il l e a'nr ol'glory th rc Book- the Mant.c Mr. K ea n. i-Oi g?rhe home tlu> More, Mi n Uruc . ro c?Lovely lady mine, M . iinlmau Cn tea -UnCh hi" iniuniiiir iliaie, Com t mil lella, a; the com limy !-0"t,? I'it pat Ji'i my he.rt, Mra. Mmrpe. "iili|? llirre agea nl lor*, Mr, I. tic. h ho a-uig, .Mr* Phillip*.-Soi g? * ?k? tea in il e aibor Mr. K m ji, Duett?'l ea vd torn out Mm. Mi rp aud Mr k .?i*a, l^iiiute'te?v* ith wnnlei.fioin hri Diavoio, b>* t' conip i.j Souk?Monona'* odd. brum. Mm Bruco. Quart* tte - h <our I due, lo wbirh Mra. Henri to H'ty A u be . onii- .little, w,ll kiug a leaavn o 'he ijd ca?" I) watv ofiovr. Pmr M.comi ?Cliaritr?Ladv cfbeauiy. by the couipniiy. S ii*i? Old aim ctnir. Mrs. I'hill.r* Hong? a il ham Tell, M . II ilintr foug?I'm aevemeuu unr Sundty. Mr. Kue?s*. inn-i ,.mi tit ili-e down, Mr Lynch Diieit?Orimau? \ i n t ' li?n iuct Mm ururi nut Mr. K, rut. "uui-uiviii ul blari ey, Mr Knanai. Oiiorn-?Safari .g detih to irailor v av . by the CO., piuy Diuh? under in re bewitihhii, Mn. eliari' r. Sou*?B.iud boir. Mr Knee**. SouTake yo-tr t ine .vi aa I ucy, Mi*. crue C.iorua? . nine fre-i.d* a (I liale-i lo th" alory il' a boatman |t*v .ud y. unit. Chorua?b-i'lani u edlcy.l y I c r imp my. Fiualt? ii*-..i in tl c unit lioiniu.- Love S.ei by i he voiu, auy. 'J ivk. ta One nl il mi I' i be ImJ ?l the dour I in r, ojhi at lull | -it 6, cnntiiieme n halt pi t 7 o'clock. II It'ec LiKAMi CONCKHT OF VOCAL AM) INSTKL'.MKNTAL MUSIC. A I'Onl U rvAtO IN b..iiaiti'i) h.ieuiuK ia*t, heo 3, for -V ihe h?..e6l of il-e f ill.In ami Worthy AD < Vi Fe.CUi R, the fit 'otu ' I 'he Coueeri Itimiua?alao, ol ibe late l.oni at* d ol llie I hllhir.nui ic Cociet . For tli occaaiou. die In at la nical talent of tbia city have V'liilii ? re II nr ten icea Fin loriher par. cul* * *?.- future rdvrrti.em-uii. '1'ickrta ?l each. I ii ir Li r Rial icrt lalmmpr of ik. in **ii Sam Wc <1, Jai L Hewitt, ? . Hugger,v, ll. C. I.ill. (). Vuu U ur, Win Suhdrfriibtug, (J V..11 U aukeiu'eyn, II. It , iiubt L si> inn, .*, Rcit, A. Stoddard, F. Hater, A. R-ifT. Sic k>. k\Sir. j2l 2t*trc "TATIL'IVNACLK ?? MTUU'TIYK NuVr.LTY-1 H? III GHYR KAVlLY. ( < 'NlKUi ANbAi.liltl.MI s I he hu i'*?y TaLiua "-r il??Kri^iy K < tin. Fib J. IS11 n Add .ea* ou Vu? c? ,(? ie'l?ii g t.i.d uci.a, e, <1 s irr?| ii Hirure ti acciety?w ll i- d.livrr.d by J. AUGi Sl'IlK HI. A. K ). ai <1 ubM|U nil el by em urnl ariia * voe.l and n ?ln.mpuial Ktrlil atrub i|p?nd I' ll Indie* . i.d w il apear - nut " g w bum ai> t e UmIv iui| rising Mo*ica prodigies, d iIip >1 it r* llugli ?. 'Ill ? hu p m an w II roll muitunppl i' tr llint luu ever be u iniroductd lu he t My ul New Y lit T rlieia i can* inch?to he htd at t^e principal Ma-ic Siorea, and ,.t hipdtior uii thailaK rimiaa ' *h?r-, al?o. will n? del * red the |i n|iimm.< o t"r p. if.ii man -ei jllJ rrr JUN'lOK liALHLLOR'd ASSEMBLY, AT MbLO'S, THURSDAY, FY.o. I. M'OTICH.?The t.tvi.rri f l.nache* anu l-nba i re rrqnrvtfd t-r vaInn Uaviu. (lieu cuni|>auy.i<i lieud their h'-raea ui> Broadway, auu ii|n>u t ur- (u uue t..e,n u in nr er.?d iranntr. By order of Pr.Tk H B OWN, j20 <t*et Superintendent of Oiwthw and Cmba. MILITARY BALL, a 1IF. THIRD COMPANY NATIONAL GUARD BALL will tike pi cr at iunimaiiy Hall, on Wedutaday, l*pb, 7, ltd I. i u-ltitt iii.iv he obtained ofjnbu Carnea, CI John atreet; K. B. Dalv, 94 Broad it. W.ll Doiniuick, 40 ti eeuwich at ; A. M. Mueia, l?t> huhon a..| C. Wamrijihl ilttt at.; 4'. oles, 10.7 loial at.; M. H Fowler, 90 >i Bowery, and J. H. Lowuabury, 4Ji i end at d30 tl>7see I f'ABK Kit S DANCING ACADKMY?* A8IIINU" i i'ON II ALL?Mr. P. w ?h a to uo It' io bia Irie da md tl e public t' at hia - ecnud n tarter Cf mint in -a ibia week, u,dc mtiuuei until May . likew.v* i it School lu F.ightn at , wo door* f.oni PruaJway. l'aya rl tuition, Monday* and I hii'adaya in Kightri ?irr-t, it Vv 1*1.1,1*10 i all Wrdui adaya mil Matnrdiv*. Neat Mm tat 'umtin ti Pubic A>aembiv anil take |>la< e, an > b<- c iiimneil evi-ry other Monday ei-nlad laiiug the ten-on. Mr. II..11 iMi,'r much ulmi.ed Baud will itb-ud, and introduce ?era tl urw and pic wing aetta of enf.illom. ft It*rra T11EATUICAL NOTICE. rlK CIIATh a M I He.A I 11K will op n on or about the 711th Via ch. All ap,'ic.itioi.i 'or engage,**. ta (|oat paid) a ill reppire iinu edi lie ai lion, ifdirreted to W 8. Devern* , 'ropriittir, nr I .VI. Srotl. Acting Manager,Box 1:11 Po*toflire, Me./ to k. 'the [in.p. i lor or lua ageut w ill be f and at hi? tftice ill the 1 heair" briwieu the hour, of 10 aud I and 3 to t. o.ittP.d to all I'll 111-aa relatite to ill opening. eeeaa, (he "1 heam will ha romp et?lv rt-decorated and reuoea rd by Ih*t emiiieu' art a . 11. Ilk ILtlK, end man) alt ratinua to the roj.l'ort ol ihc ptr.roua ol' tin. fa.'iipe eaiabliahi?it W.h. DKVeKNA, j3l tfrrc Prop tetrir. TO AMATEURS ON THE FLUTE. TfR. BARTON, (pupil of the ate C Nichnlaou.) ie*rect *3 tully beat loaunounce thai it i> bia luteutmu to give intructi. n ou the klutei Mr barton prufe?ea to tetih areor ii g to the nit mod puraued by the cel. braird raaater, C liar lea dicholaon. k or teruia end partieslara application may !<e miJe nt Biranr ndone vinvic Store, Broadway, aud Mr. Stodart'a Pia- ofmtr aun'actory. J47 Jm'rc MUSIC FOR PARTIES. V/fKSHRH. <?. WKlSH It KR ORAMUMn, Prnfeatora of Nluaic. irape^tl'dll tr anuounee to their pitroue, tlie ladle* nd geuilemen ? I New Yo k and ita vicinity, tha' iheir t. onion Band ib prrpvrcd to play the moat aJv.iied and fathion*k * VluviC f. r Private Partiea, Co'ieea, kc. Ord-rt n ceiled and puncteaJy attended to at 78 Delancy at. j l tin* in T~ O (iLcVrilNUhRH - Jnal pnhlivled, the 4th No. of the Qntrtette, roiitaiuiiii; (ilee. hy S|?ihr, Weber, be For rile by ( F. Hoyer, No. J"l Bioailwey, aud p. Itiley, No. 39 uhathiia a reef. N H \n K*?m nnml-r, routining a favorite Krglith IJIe-. wi I haahnit.y iiaurd Ivr gntuiti in delivirv to leualar luhvcriticra. jJOlmMrr VI It*. 1 AHItUI.I.'M Mid Katlbliahpd M? iratPd Nape* *? da In, f> I "in and atlPPt hi? Iwd tor dpta. rJ* nt I* n .?-< a |b mm li atin eaa inandd-n poula r..o?ha, a'en n t? fhrw ie u area a < t l< lit r.^ii?|aii, ( ? iiifc<w. i. llui-ii/i i'ri dp brourh.ln, ??r|li g or th? aland., aft i,*'. - ir 11-1 f> t? r .V. .*ul, liarV |>.n Ita'ht ran be h d ~t I iiin<-- li? gitiuicaii i out a n in. In addition fn in* itnnv *, Ira i . a n | ar" to id ' 111 t r In in?, or my th r aub up it b-'i III 'an mat i in f ll n tn Idra fahrl) nitnialii d v ? tnv, ibai '(xm' it < I '?? ma p.>ld afi?r ibe n-? of i i "11 IJ I' i Ibp nil c , b IVP i r, <a i oiitmiy 11 | n|Pi|y i r i.ra<l a* bdudr eof nar n iiruacti. ipaii v l . 'nlniii ?\ I i'L in iIn inn nun l li w i.'cluck at lit; t fort li * \*anr " li ?ni' tb IIV I' rlrf'V Cltt r tiooklji M th '? 'nba f- r hir? jJI MnM VDlrlN'U AM) VM ' INO " All' H -" aid I'm Ictl n be lira1 a VIP T I i* Ait. at due d |iri ra, a' V Vl> V| | ?K't, .No I IJ r. in n at I .uf pr ui |', |r Rnaa, Luiyrjot 'a H' t'l fUaa' ral' e*i 1 pat i i iP a,?i i nap|? J TO I rr* MONEY fu LEND yllMM'M J ? I.ttiiiiruppr. N? J* H-ndr a aiiptt i|pir l? o d a - Ionia ni'io* u. li l I in.-la ma. i in | if al ii i Wa i li a, Jr * I i. I* ' r w Dry loo a W*?riua A|ip.?r I, ami | r oiul prnp ri> of ??rr ?!? rill"!.. ill I r c J A V iVb A AlilM, tr.? I lie autmribpre, ayrnu lor Mn. Wnt'a I) anting l'i nap. aaill be happy to giva information ?trvrrl.pra bound lo lie Hat n? Or dm f.u araara Weal ltdia uita. kc., af'Piidrd In; arrminta Pul|pci?d. diafta bought add .liV at their Op??p al AamPf Mffirp ul Naaeaa (tfPPt New Sirjr"wd rtrc,u ro,w" mIH^N YfcVTLt.

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