Newspaper of The New York Herald, 2 Şubat 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 2 Şubat 1844 Page 3
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TWKftTY-EIUHTII COROftESB. riHHY SERMON. Mnttii Wednesday, Jan. 31, 1844. Reduction or Postaok?Mr. Wright presented resolutions l'rom the legislature of New Vork atrongly in favor of ihe proposed Post Office lieform Flying, Standing, and Fighting ?Mr. Crittenden presented another memorial from Mr. Pennington for nid to Hy. MV. Crittenden moved its reference to the Committee on Military Aliairs. It was true tins was not a Hying Committee, he la id, hut rather a standing and lighting Committee; still lie anew of no other committee more appropriate. Fox and Wisconsin Rivers.?Consideration of this bill was postponed till next Monday. Insane Asyi.itm in this District.?The bill for appropriation to this object wus taken up und de hated. SplU.UUM are asked to tit up the building, and $>3,000 per annum afterwards. The hill was postponed till Monday next. The Senate then went into executive session. House of Representatives. Wkpnesday, January 31. 'Jhc 21*/ tttdi?Mr*. Redding'* Funfml. The journal being read, the Sneaker decided that the first business in order was tne consideration of the report relative to the 21st Etn.n. Mr. resumed.?It was stated Mr. Speaker, by the member from Maine, and reiterated by the member from New York, as well ua by other northern democrats, seiwrate this question of the right of petition from that of abolition, and see how we will come up to the mark. You shall then see how we will sustain our obligations to tWttouth and to the Union. Sir, these two questions ought never to have been blended ; they have been connected only by a miserable trick.? It is an artful scheme to excite the sympathies and delude the judgment of this legislative body. Who are the authors of the trick, who the projector* of thi? scheme I Who was it that first connected the two questions together ! Are we of the south?the slave holding community, responsible for this ! It cannot he pretended for a moment that we are subject to this ch?rge. No one can presume that we would create any interference with the maintenance of our just and constitutional rights. Are our friends at the north?those opposed to the abolitionists chargeable with this I Decidedly not. Hir, they deprecate this difficulty?they pray to be delivered from this embarrassment, and we doubt not their sincerity. Who, then, are the authors of this scheme ? There is hut one other party amenable to the charge, and they are the abolitionists themselves. Will our intelligent friend I of the north suller themselves to be entrapped in this way, in the snare net (or them by a miserableset of fanatics. It fins been argued that the abolitionists have so fully succeeded in poisoning the minds of our constituunts, so thoroughly hare they persuaded them that the lion-reception of their petitions is a violation of their rights, that unless wo curry out their views,the relations between us, of representative and constituent,must bo dissolved. Sir, such a suggestion is almost beneath contempt. Any man who legislates here with a view solely to get buck into this liall, will of course,not bo guided by any thing like reason or justice. Such a man is unworthy of his station, because he legislates for 'himself anil not for his country. Mr Awdks.w Johnson, of Tennessee, next rnado a most excellent and sound common sense speech, taking the same views of the subject. lie conteudeil that there must be a point where decency in petitions must stop, and indecency begiu.orclsc this House would lie daily flooded with the trash of every fool unit maniac in the country ,und the members would not have time to do the real business of the nation, but liavu their whole time consumed in listening to, and reporting upon, the ravings of fanatics, who would stop at nothing snort ot the dissolution of the Union. He was as warn an advocate of the right of petition as uny man, hut his constituents sent him there to exercise some discretion, as to whut should cousumu the time of the House, nnd whut should not. Ho hoped the rule would not he abolished, and he whlied u proper distinction preserved between a white man mid a negro Mr. Burkk. of New Hampshire, moved that the House adjourn at *2 1\ M. This was agreed to. The rest of the day was spent in receiving reports from various committees, which did not give rise to debate, None were seccived of any public Importaucc. The House then adjourned, in order to enable the members to attend the funeral service, held in consequence of the death of Mrs. Kudding, wife of the member irom New Hampshire. Accident.?Captain Israel Kiulner, of the steamboat Fanner, plying between tlu: lower side, of Market street and Camden, was suddenly killed yesterday afternoon, while tho boat was ut Camden. Mil went below to examine the machinery, and the engimior not knowing he was there, started thecuginc, which severed the head of the unfortunate man from his body, lie was aged a!>olit 3?, and has left a family.- -Phil, tinzrtu, yrrnkme CoruT of hie United States, .Tun. 31.?No. 3?Wm. M. Gwin vs. James W. ITrccdlove?In error to tho Circuit Court of the United States for the Southern District of Mbsis'ippi. Mr. Justice Catron delivered the opinion of this Court, reversing the judgment ?f the said Circuit Court in the cause, so far us t adjudaes < ?win to pay 25 per cent, damages and in ull other respects atlirmiug the said judgment. NO'. 10? Kdmund P. Gaines and wife complainants, vs. Beverley ('hew et al. The argument of this cause was concluded by Mr. Barton lor dclendants. Adjourned till to-morrow. Bales of Stocks at Philadelphia. First Board, Feb. 1?100 shares Glrard Bank, s., 81; 3*0 1 do do 8j|; 60 do do 6df, 8jj; 200 do do b6f, 8}; 20 do U. S. Hank. 2df. Al: 410 do Wilminirton HR. Ili - -JO ila I 'ninn Bnnk Tennessee, 83JI; 30 do do 63jf; $3000 State 5'h cash, C>5; 10 (hares Schuylkill Navigation, 36. Second Board, Jan 31? f>5000 State 5'* (in $1000) sftf, 05]; $1000 do ft's, 6<>j; 3 shares Commercial llnnk, 51}; 10 do Wilmington Railroad, Hi); $3308 State 5's, 05; 10 (hares Girard Bank, 8}. LATEST BOCTHKRN SHIP NEWS S Baltimore, Jan 31?No arrivals. Old Somerset. [Br] Williams. Demerara; Com Hear. ey. Paine, Br West Indies. Richmond, Jan 30?Below, J A Lancaster, Lovelaml, New Orlrms. Or;- THK BROTHER JONATHAN KOlt THIS week will he a superb number, and should be purchased by every person in the city. See the contents: ? 1. Labor and lanohrks?A very able and interesting article, by the Editor, which should be read by every working man in the country. 3. Holthan's Wanderings?A review ol this interesting work of a journeyman Tailor, with copiousextracts. 3 Ruv Lo ??:*, the Chess Bishop?a Legend of Spain?a capital story. 4. 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PROFESSOR VELPEAU'8 SPECIFIC PILLS, for the permanent cure of Gonorohma, Gleet, and nil ti.ocupurnlaut discharges from the urethra Nu medicine ever offered to the public, exorcises such a powerful effect on the Madder and miliary organs, ni those valuable vegn' table pills Tbay are the fruits of twenty-five years experience of Professor Velpeau at the Hospital of Le ; Charlie, in Pari*, and are confidently recommended hy him as the only preparation that has proved successful in evory case '1 hey were introduced into this country two year* ago, hy the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, during which time more than ten thousand lioxeg have beet, sold : and the College defies a single instance Df failure to lie shown. Sold in boxes, $1 each, at the Office gl the College, 95 Nassau street. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. KXTRAOUOINAHY SCENES IN WASHINGTON. NEXT WEEKLY HERALD. UNRIVALLED ATTRACTION. 1 _ 6 The WEEKLY HERALD, winch win be published < next Saturday. w ill contain u lull, authentic, graphic, , I and daguerreotype report of the recent scenes in Wash , t ington, lei'tA rlrgjiit mgraring* ij' pomiltlt, in which Mr. | ? Stewart, Mr. Weller, Mr. Ad ami, Mr. Ingersoll, .Mr.1s Shriver, all hear a conspicuous part. > This Weekly Herald will lie the only paper in thecoma- j ' try which will contain a fuithiul picture of these scenes. | 1 The Washington papers generally, out of theirmodesty 4 or poverty, have suppressed the richest portions of these f doings of great men. So also have all the other papers ' in the large cities which are too betrgorly to pay for 1 reporters. In fact the HERALD is the only journal that maintains at Washington a full cniyt of reporters, < and absolutely pays them with money?not bankruptcy 1 These reports, in the Weekly Herald, will be accompanied as we have said, with elegant engravings, illustrating the picturesque movements of the speakers, pugilists, and other distinguished charac ers?Price $4 per hundred-papers?not pugilists. Orders to We sent in ] without delay. Newsboy s, attend. j Qp/-ANOTHER SPLENDID WORK?This day will ' lie published at the New World Ottice, :t0 Ann st. price 514 1 rents, Wssussisus or * Joi ssrnns Tailou, through Europe and the East, during the years 1W4 to 1840.? Translated from the third Herman edition by William 1 Howitt. ] This is a book for the people, it gives a graphic ac- j count of the author's travels on foot, through aU the countries of the East, working his way with his tools of trade? 1 and journeying from country to country for nearly'JO years Tailors all the woild over are celebrated for a pretty nimble stretching ol'their legs alter dismounting from the shop board?hut here we have one who litteriliy sews his wuv from continent to continent?through Europe, Asia, Africa: through Turkey, (irecce, Syria, Egypt, Italy and France. These travels are not only well written, and display a great deal of shrewd observation and excellent feeling,hut hare the peculiar advantage of observing life in various regions from a new point oi view. Instead of gliding along in the luxurious stylo of modern traveller* in nn easy cushioned carriage lie trudges on through desert ways, 1 works amiil the swarming mass of strange cities, meets all the rub* and rebuffs attendant on his humble station, and looks on things as they nppear to the eyes of the multitude. Trice 1<i3 ceuts?$ Hi a hundred. J., SO Ann st. 1 09* PREMIUM RAZOR STROPS.?1Tho first pre- 1 mium at the Fairs of the American Institute has been , awarded, year alter year, to O. Saunders, for the invention , of the Metallic Tablet, with four sides?No, 1 side having the effect of a hone, without using oil or water. Tne ' other sides are lor keeping tho razor with a line, smooth edge, so that razors can be kept in perfect order without ( having recourse to a cutler or barber It is usud and recommended by the first cutlers iu Kngland, and certified by the most scientific gentlemen in this country. Its i great celebrity has caused counterfeits and imitations innumerable, which can easily bo detected by the coarse and imperfect surface of what is called the tablet side, the original lajing smooth and polished. Manufactory, No. lt>3 Broadway, New York. 0nr- PRIVATE .VlEUtoAL All).?Tho members of theNew York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, in rereturning the public thanks for the liberal support they have received in thuir efforts to " suppress quackery," I eg leave to slate that their particular attention continues l< lie dir ected to all diseases of a private nature, and from the great improvements lately made in the principal hospitals of Europe iu the treatment of those diseases, they can confidently otter to persons requiring medical aid advantages not to be met with in auv institution in this country, either public or private. The treatment of ttic College is such us to insure success in every cuse, and is totally different from that ocm r rus practice of ruining the constitution with mercury, an I in most coses leaving a disease much worse than the original. One of the members of the College ,for many years connected with the principal hospitals of H crepe, attends daily for a consultation from 9 A.M. to S P.M. Terms?Advico nnd medicine, fa A cure guaranteed Impohtaxt to Courrrnv Invalid*.?Persons living in tho country and not finding it convenient to attend personally, can have forwarded to them a chest containing all medicines requisite to perforin a perfect cure by stating their case explicitly, together with all symptoms, time ol contraction and treatment received elsewhere, if any and enclosing $5, post paid, addressed to W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Office and Consulting rooms ol the College, t>f> Nassau street Or?-THE REST REMEDY IN THE WOULD FOR u urouLr ttn*?lr iu Uknrn.aii'o Psxaa.. 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Thcsq Lozenges are the result of long continued and patient investigation and experiment, conducted in concert by some of the most distinguished physicians in the Union, who, lielieving that some of the best known remedies might he prepared in a palatable form, have directed their lal>n,-? t? < ttiat end till they have produced preparations in the popular form of Lozenges for nearly every disease incident to the human system. For sale at MA Fulton street. OCT- CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CURED.?The Tonic Mixture, prepared by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New York, is now confidently recommended and prescribed by the first medical practitioners of the city, for all cases of debility produced cither by secret indulgence or excess ol any kind detrimental to the constitution. It is an invaluable remedy lor impo tence, sterility, or barrenness (unless depending on mal formation) and will be found highly beneficial in all com plaints arising from a debilitated state of the constitution Sold in single 1 Kittles $1 each; in cases of half a dozen $5 carefully packed and sent to all parts of the Union. Office and Consulting Rooms of the College, 95 Nassau street W. s. RICHARDSON, Agent. CH7- RICORD'8 PAR18IAN~ALTERAT1VK MIX TUltE, for the radical cure of primary or secondary Syphilis. This powerful alterative has entirely taken the place of mercury among the regular medical practitioners. It is composed of the most strengthening and purifying vegetahle medicines, and always give additional strength to the constitution while curing the disease. Persons snllering from a venereal taint in ihcir system, or mercurial disease, should use this powerful alteiative without delay. Sold in single bottles, $1 each?ill cases of hall a ilozcn, $5, carefully {tacked, and sent to all parts of the Union. Ollice of the College of Medicine and rhamiacy, 96 Nassau street. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent JIONKY MAKKET. Thursday, Feb. 1?0 P. M. Stocks arc very fluctuating. Ohio Life and Trust appears to ho at present the firmest stock on the list. It went up J per cent; Harlem, J ; Indiana, J ; Farmers' Trust, J ; Pennsylvania iVs, down J ; Illinois, j ; Vicksburg, J ; North American Trust, 3 ; Long Island, ) ; Tennessee A's, J ; Kentucky ti's, sold at 101 j ; Norwich and Paterson closed firm at yesterday's prices. The sales arc to a very moderate extent. i jiu vvurvuiior :viuiu?ii iiiMinuier ? unijiuii) iuni and the J'.tma of Hartford $A,000 at the firo in Dexter, Maine. The state of the money market, created by the movements in rotton, has a very unfortunate influence on stocks, and keeps prices in many case* below par for good seven per cent securities. It is estimated that there are more than 100,000 bales of cotton held in this city on speculation. This large stock is valued, estimating titty dollars the cost of a bale on tho average, nt, most of which is held through facililities received from the Wall street hanks. These live millions have been principally drawn from stock operations and invested in this staple. Tho daily demand on the bunks from cotton speculations, is very heavy, and the stock in this niuikct, is constantly increasing, and acceptances fiom the south lor advances continual ly presented for discount. The banks arc dis|*istd to take all paper of tins description otic red ; in fuel, ore anxious to get bold of all in the market. Tho movements of cotton at the South ore very important nt this moment Ol one hundred and sixty-three ships in the port of New Oilcans on the 17th lust., only ten were up for Liverpool Of Sfty in the port of Mobile, only two were up for that port. At the sume dutc last year there were thirty.six ships up lor Liverpool! at New Orleans, and twenty-five nn for the same nort at Mobile. CoMPARjkTlvi-.JNrMnr* ni Ventres it tiik Tout ok Nr.w Onii ati koh (Or.vrx Yr.aim. Jan. 16. 1114. 1813. 1112. Mil. 184:1. 1?T?. 11131. H h i | 161 r.l 110 l.'il % 136 III Bar.|iief 55 .57 47 17 32 30 22 IIrim. > 63 62 48 !H 02 61 77 BchoonV H 19 !6 0 78 II 73 Total, 313 222 271 3 0 248 311 231 Thi* shows a larger number of vessels in port on thr IGth ult. tliin year, than on the same day for any ol'the |irevioui aix yearn. The increase in Confined to ships excluaively. Thin, alno shown that arrangement* have heen made hv shippers, to provide facilities, to take the supplies away an noon an the movements are perfected, or the advices received of the right complexion. The receipt ol the new i; hy the llritanni.i nt New Orleani and Mobile will Mart the sales in motion, and tho shipment* must for a pcrlod'be very heavy. \n an evidence of the disposition to hold for fnvoi dile accounta lrcni abroad, vve give the following table of the Moikmi..sts;ok'i'.ottox at >6vv oluav! a.xd Moril.r. Mobile Nr i' Orlrann. Jan Rr.c n. Kiv Slo'k .Inn 17. Hr n Ftp. Sto'k 1248. 14 3US1 I9u4? 52,404 1838, 28<',i38 178 H9 101,151 1139,15 |H2,.?6 21,776 - 1839, 2?3 910 >35,776 77,728 1810, 17 42,670 15 648 19.579 14441, , 391,551 290,218 113 36.) 1811, 16 66.112 15,768 32,605 1811, 381,703 252,555 139 813 1*42 14 112,568 36 081 56,518 1812, 3*38,771" 264 214 149,017 1843, 18 173.922 68 III ,0.428 1813, . 533,117 374,355 163.191 U44, IT 111,552 27,197 12,763 II 4,' 213,563 312,710 174,411 We Cod the receipt* and stock in Motile llu* year larger baa at tUe tame date* tor many pieriou* year*. At New ^ Irleaus, with a 'ranch larger Mock than usual i? conte- t [uence of not shipping, the receipts hare been much less, h rhe future movements are w raptjin mystery. The sjiecu- ti stive fever will increase as the season advances and the \tcnt of the new crop tetter known. The principal part 'f the speculation will be In this market. Speculator* at he .South will forward their cotton tn this poit. for the ^ wo-told purpose of obtaining discounts on it and having a si i A I- TI.O rannrla thai <loilv rpafll 113 TP i 111 mr I??-M moiftci. ???' "r"'" " "* H"*v fording the yit'lil of the Ufw crop ure so coutradiclory ^ hut no confidence can be placed in them. There ha* not j teen so unfavorable a season, for gathering, since ISJi a* he present. In many parts of the cotton growing secions the rains have been so continual, that two-thirds,the 1 growth of certain districts, ha\ e been lost. The crop will k rot exceed 1,hO0,0O0 bales; that was our first estimate, and ~ vehuvc seen no good cause to change that opinion. I Specie continues to pour into New Orleans. The re- J eipts on the 16th nit. amounted to '(>106,000 ; on the 17th I ,o $117,000, making the t Total to the 17th, this season <<?-J,P47J Kor same period last year 1,60M,<W1 j , Decrease this season $1,760,1711 This, on the lace, shows a falling oil'of nearly two mil- ^ lions in the receipts for the season, hut the artual amount received will greatly exceed the receipts ol last; that is, die amount in circulation is larger than has ever before J ticrn known. I The Legislature of Ohio are at work trying to make ( more Bank capital. The House of ltepresentatives have ' passed a bill incorporating the Bank oi Chilicothe. The bill will get a quietus in the Senate, as all others of a similar nature have before. The Legislature of Ohio will, doubtless, adjourn without perfecting any new | system of banking. The people of the State will here- < after reap the benefit of the schism in the Assembly. The j want of banks is felt by a few rrckless speculators who * cannot find food for their profession without them. They will soon find it is impossible to obtain them, and will transfer their movements and operations to some other ] State where the system of hanking grants them the neces- ' ary facilities. The honest, hard working, producing ! class may at first experience a little inconvenience by the r absence of banks, but the vacuum will soon be supplied J with a sound currency that will admit of no depreciation, ' The disorders in the circulating medium being once more " regulated, and the banks suffered to go out of existence by timitution, the future will be divested ol' the many and , sudden fluctuations all classes have passed through, ma- s king the really valuable classes the greutcst sufferers, it would be a happy state of things if every legislative body was as thoroughly divided on the subject of banking as j that of Ohio. It would be a great safeguard of individual ? property, and iu coin|>ellii)g evils to woik out their own salvation, create butter times than the wisest beads could | produce with all the legislation in tho world. < AVe stated a few days since that the Legislature of Ten- 1 nessec had created an additional tax for the purpose of I raising a larger revenue. This additional tax is on money or capital loaned ordeposited at interest,or used in shaving I notes, or other evidences of debt. All stock of inAivi- , dual resident stockholder, in all tho cori?ruted companies, is to be added to the list of property enumerated in the sevoutic act of 183-">- :}ii. AH property enumerated in that act, with the addition above given, w ill hereafter be taxed the sum of seven and a half cents err the "f.100 value. The Statu tux on merchants ami all other privileges and occupations, to be Increased in like proportion, This bill w as opposed by the Democrats m the Legislature, on tlm ground that retrenchment should supercede the necessity of taxation. Tlrey proposed reductions in the expenditures of the Legislative, Kxccutive and Judicial Departments. This is tho first stop to be taken in economy.? After a good pruning of the expenditures?after tho outgoes have been cut down to the lowest dollar, the people would more willingly submit to a tax. Many legislators keep their eye on the receipts, without dreaming of the extravagant expenditures that yearly absorb more than the resources. The Secretary of thefTreuury lias issued the following official report, for the information of those interested in the Mexican indemnity : ? Tar.hup.v Dkimbtmkxt. Jan. 30, lti-14. The holders of certificates issued bv this Department, under the Contention with tho Republic of Mexico, will, on the presentation of their respective certificates at the liank of the Metropolis, on or after the "tli day of Kebruary next, receive their proportions of the second instalment and interest paid by Mexico, after deducting expenses of transmission and insurance on the transmission of the funds to the I. nitrd States. The amount to be distributed is $137,7-13 ?'5, and is equivalent to six KMSUOWKtO per cent of the respective awards Claimants who aie desirous of receiving the amount -.1,In .... It..til/... V..... V,.-l IM..I.. delphia, or Baltimore, tiro rei|U'.Ktod to notify the Register of the T re usury of their wishes, on or before the 10th day of February next, dtnting thedntea, mur.Lar., ml miiiiimI of their respective certilicates, upon w hich due notice will he given of the time of payment at those several cities. J. C. HPKNCKR, Secretary of the Treasury, oia stock Kxchange. $5000 Ohio 6's, *00 90 I in N Am Tnnt Co IU* MOO do MO Of! 23 do ,30 16 inneo do bl5 911 15 Amh Bank S4 4000 to 97J4 21NV Life (t Trait lie 1009 Kentucky 6"* 101,6 725 Vicksburg firnlr Ilk HM O Obion's, '50 96 loo <lo b30 fi>5 nono IVuusylvania 5'? 64?; I lift do ?30 B 10 0J do Ift'lO (>t 2j Karire s' Trust 32 10000 do >00 CI lift <*o 3<Ji 5000 do 64 V 160 do b3Q 321* 3000 Illiooii spl bonds 41 25 Canton Co 29!j 0000 do 40?6 7ft I'atersmi K II sfift 72 21100 do 1046 50 do 72)6 riooo do 13th I"''-i lftft llarlton R II 43K ftftOO Indiana bonds 371 , ,'ift do slO 4 46 6000 do iG? 37 lONJersevRR 954, ftootl Te-ne *e?ft's 84)6 73 Not lis Woie It R Otig Ills than Del K uudaOil HO 17ft do I> 10 31't 115 Ohio L St Tilist 96 50 do *10 31'J Second Board. ?3000 Kentucky bds 101?; 95 Farmers' Lean 31 J. 1000 Penn'-* 5'a b60 Oft .'.0 do b30 32 50?ha?H?il m R IS 41.'6 50 do 3lfa 50 Nor St Wore R R 3 >6 50 do bfiO 32', 100 do li30 31 >2 25 do s3 31?, 1 0 VicSshuru Bank 8(4 5ft t'o 130 32 25 Long Island II It 73 New Stock Kxrhangr. $2000 IT 8 fi'?. II31; 75 Forme S* Loan 31V 5100 do 1 3H 60 do 31?, 3IH10 Pcnn.yl'a 3'a 61}; 75 ""icksburg Bank O's 51100 do s3 6ft 100 do 8 4000 do 613a 2ft Canton Co 1)3 2946 1000 Cllio fi's, 'CO 97?, 25 do 111 29>4 6U00 do 97V *5 do 29.U 1000 do 97J6 75 do WO 70 I'OO do 97V 50 Lone Island R R 7246 IliftO do 97.'J 100 sins Harlt m 11K 43'; 1000 Kentucky 6's b3 10 2 50 do 43?, 1000 do b!5 102 100 do l>20 41 loon do hi J 102 73 do >1 CIS nuo 'llinoi* c'?, '7(i hia n ae dj l>2o 43V 10041 lud 23 >r bond* st.3 37 23 do D>w 43'ii IOCO do 37 W ino_ do 43?{ 2000 do >3 373, 3'^ do (10 43'? 2.3 alias N Am Tiuit 13 V.t^H do r60 43), 30 do b20 13 73 it VVor R K 343, State of Trade. A,nr.,.?Nothing doing in Pots or Pearls. W'r. quote the former at $4 62} and the latter at $">6j a 12.3. Bkkiviai.?Prime yellow is slightly enquired. for at 2!U cents. Cottox.?The market to-day appears to have felt the advance at New Orleans and Mobile ; about 23'IK) bales having changed hands at full prices, the day closi ng firm. Floi n sin Grain.?This market continues unchanged. Flour is lirm at last prices. Oenesee $4,811 a 441?]: Hat.?(iootl bale sells at 38 a 841 cents. V ery little doing at these quotations. Ldose country sells as wanted on the stand. YViiiskf.v.? Drudge remains dull at 23c ; barrel* are in a little mure demand, at 21 Jc. Itrvi. Kitatb.?Sales of Heal Kstutc, 1st February, 1844, hy Anthony J. Blcecker it to. The a story brick house and lot on the south, side of 0th street, l?ctwccn avenues B and V $.3,800 Leasehold premises, 3 yean to run, grou ml rent $70, No. 166 F.ssex street 820 Lot of ground S. W. corner 7th avenue and '2.3th st. 000 3 lots on east side of 7th avenue, between 24th unit '20th streets, each $848) J,40O 2 lots on north side of 23th street, 100 leet west Ol 7th avenue, eaeh 2.3 feet hy 08 feet 0 inches, with the buildings thereon, each $*23 1,0.30 18 lots in the re-ur of Ihu 2.3th street lots, without frontage, subject to the payment of $2.1#0, at $200 each 3.COO Married. At the I hurcli of St. Matthew, on Weil need ay evening the 31st ult , hy the Hev. Jesse Pound, Mr. Dfu. A.Custis tn Miss flsTHAitiM dmiebter of Jntin Mrllao k'.ii all of thia city. At Bedford, Westchester County. on the 37th nit., hy the Rev. Nathan Reed. Col Hum D. Toon, of Sing Sing, lo Mi?* Kmii.t K., eldest daughter of Jibe/ Robertson, Ksijr. DM, On Wedneeday evening taat Hkviami* RtMuhr, nn " old citizen " and a revolutionary soldier, in the eighty second year of hi* age. Ilia relative* and friend* and those of hi* Hon Han inel It Hotnaine, and of hi* ions in-law Gregory billon, C harle* Nichols, Timothy CHmiteud, Henry M. Western no d < orneliu* M tianl, are requested (without further invi tation) to attend his funeral, from hi* late residence No 31 Hud*on street, on Saturday afternoon next at ,1j I*. M , pro. cifely. 3 tin Thursday morning, lat instant, ... ?nv, wife a f -ohn Uaker,-nged 7? year* and M month*. Her friend*, and those of her sen*. Daniel and Ml tthew 17. linker, and of her .-on*.in-law , Henry Moore, ( ieorge It. Ilehdricktou and Meihid Piatt; am Terminated tr> attend her funeral, tin* (Friday) afternoon, at :t o'clock. l'rf >m her lata residence, No. U Dover itrcet, without further' invitation (>n Thursday, lit in i'nnt, J**,:, wife of William John*on, in the AM > enr of her age. fler friend* and acquaintance*. and also those of heir son Thomas Johnson, are invited to attend the ftine ral. this day, (Friday) from her late residence l.lfl Tin itaeath street, at :tj o'clock, P. M. "C arriage*, w ill bo in rt adaie-4* at No V) Bowery. On Thursday, l?t instant, of rongestlon of the Frain, Sarah EutiitTH, daughter ol Matthew and tilt gheth Flanagan, aged 3 year* and 6 month*. MP??? Puttngtri Arrived. Lottu?j> ? Packet th-p Victoria?U*o tlaywrod, t hi Vinton, < trt"ii Uov'Nin. Nm York; CaptJ.ihn t Jnion-t Portland, 1?: HicliarH Senior la?*y ... J teivar i Jnm, Belurn. Henry liplinj. > bt B I'hielieater, W M Moo * \V Haven >0. Lot.o-i; A D Wolf, Holland; W in lie iteeraice Port AV putt-Sfhr Alifit-O Kent, i f St Domingo. PMMngera Nailed. Nrw Oai.naxt?Ship V? ion?Mr? Hubb-ll .'.nil twoeh|ti*r?o, >lra Montgomery. Matter Mootgi in?ry, J Sheldon. all of New fork. k'oralgn Importation*. Lokuosi?Sluo Victoria?4? rkgt Burritt st JoUnai.u?73 do kit It l*i !k <' ir . 11 .-r \ ? I i- .V. co? l> 1. iriiln-tb- Meyer L ? * 1 ncifm*oo" ac r ? 12 W II Br id?'4 vins co -? I Hjy oioitd?2 J1 ft Ballard i co?? fl v\ einvr Ac ro?60 J \r.n?row Ac co- 130 Humming HUoh?2 (3 0 ThortnroHJ J ilul7. Oppenlrim?10 ft Ki??*iler Ac Co?3j H Hawkins?2 Wil*y l Putnam?3 Parsons. Canning Ac co?I Graham & co?2 Boleu t,0UIT1? Harris?13 M Havwood?C L I Cohen?7 haborl?aw Ac Join's?6 Koop, Towi s?iul Ac ro?0 Barstow Ac Broihe r?. 1** ??u?5 Gardner. Colby A* c??30 Poirier Ac ro?3 %Tr11j* 1 . ^ McLean?1$ 8 F Dorr?2 J ('onuah?5 Harriett L mi .' B-irb*r Brothers?I Phelps, Dodge Ac co?3 Binus i llalstead?6 Thompson Ac Adams?2 Utirlev Ac Hill?2 D Mor wi-l Barclay Ac Biothers?2 Phelps Ac co?2 R ( lark Ac co? ' G Guuth-r? 9 ii Link?10 Slast rs. M.i-lioe Ac co? 1 L Mier ~l ^ G 'J'af I labor?I A Pluukett?I W Williams?I J Batten ii??? I Chastrlaio Ac Ponvert?3 Lew is Ac Mier?I J Morrison Ac ?~l G D wight?1 P A Metier?I I) Alden Ac ro?I Ncwstadt c, Barrett?1 Morlou Ac Lawrence?1 Coffin, Brtdley Ac ro?2 'helps, Dodge Ac co?30 tons coal J Grift* old? 150 bis tin pi lies 26 i kgs t oider Port at Pi.att?Frhr Alicia?50 bags coiTee 22U cer ous to iicco 21 0 hides A Amilli Domestic Importations. St Marks?Brig Statir*? 85 bale# eot'cn liolhrook Nelson It ro? 111 enter Ac ro?33 P* rkiii* Ac llo| kins?25 Smith, Mills lc co? 30 < ieo Col ins?15 Mel, t oe Ac Auderion?a Ma tl&ud, mrie Ac co?21 to order < hahi.mion?Ship CI iuf oil?j 100 hales cotton J llenard?100 Msec riceG B More'* ood ~ MA ItlTlME HERALlh _ RiUUlig D?)ri of th? etc am Khlju. rnoM iiTiRrooi, from amkrics. Britsunia, Hewitt Keb. 1 ialedonia, Keb. 5 M.irch I \cndia, Hhannon Mar. 4 April 1 [}. Y?'e?tern, Matthew. Apr 27 Mav 211 J. Britain, Hnskeu Mav 2.'? June 2U .hiji clusters and Agent. We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will five :o Commodore Koiikut Sh.vky, of our News Fleet, iKe sort of the .Shipping left at the Port whence tliey sailed, the If esse! i Spoken on their Pais are, a List of their Cargo, aed iny Foreign Newspapers or News they may have. He will ward them immediately on their arrival. Agents and Corespondents, at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by ending to this 0*Tire all the Marine Intelligence they can ibtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thanifnlly eemved POUT OP NICW YORK, FHBUUAKY X. on u | snui SKIS fi un sets 16 i iiii1ii water 7 37 <T?ar?a Ships Sholfi-ld, Sherry, Liverpool, K S limes 3c Co; Grotius, 4i?ars, New Orleans, J Atkins Sc Co ? Banpie Alt,of. Snail, Havana. H W Dewey ?Bchr Hoselle, (BiJ Wilkinson, Bt lull,n, NF. (J tc J Laurie

Arrived. Packet ship Victoria. Morgan. from London aud Portsmouth, Dec. 23. witli indre. to John Gnswold Kinerie ced arvere sestlwr for the last 8 days; his lieen as far souih as Caie Haleras, with snow storms and couti'iuil uaha of wind. Blup Louisa. i t. 13 days from New Orleans, with cot:on.lo Wm Nilsin The L is reported by Teleutaph. Ship Clinton, IVAlison, (of Bath) In days from I h.trleston, with cotton, It -. to J. Itenaid lias been on the coast lor the last j dtt s, with heivy N W ita'r . Hiik Statin, B.tbbidge, 21 day a fioni St Ma>ks, with cotton, lo Center It Co. hipericuccd Ui avy weather throiinlibiii the passage. Belli Alicia, Walter. 13 dtys I'roin Port nu I'lalt, with c fee, be. to master. Kipcrieured very heavy weather, and lias ti.e principal part of her ct, w severely Irosl bitten Bchr K. W. Bradley, Pounce, 'J , la > s iiotn Wiluiiugtou, NC. with uavsl stores, to S J, MitchiT. Bchr Wellington, Know lion, 7 days liottt Baltimore, w itli titdtc. to master. , Bch' Mary J.nio, Lawrence, a days from Virginia, with oats, to J. Ilei tou. Ksiier.ciued very heavy weather, and has becu b'owu off Bchr Harriet Louisa, Toter, 3 Jays from Virginia. with corn, to SI..op Margaret Siiull/., Siutouaon, froiu York Ilivr, with wood, to mailer. If low. Bnri|0f Alabama, Mrrritt, it out ApaUchicsIa, with cotton, to order. Brift Sterlinit, Hamilton, from Bavannnh. Sailed. Ship Yazoo, Wybray, New Otleans, iu tow of steamer Samsou [?/ " There is but very littl - drill ice in the I'rper and Lower Bays. Mlnrellnisfous. rat riits Detained ?'1 he Mediitor, for London.and St Nico'as, for Havre, are detained until ? morrow. The Cambridge, for Liverpool, tails this morning, having been detained by the ice. SHirriM. at this Port.?Artived in fanuary, 116 vessels; cleared. 142: thre -'ourtha of these a ere American. Svs.avii'H, Kounliiu, which was considerah'y dam i|{i'd by the ice in the lower bay. last week. while endeavor iug t1 low a vessel op, has ben thoroiuhlv r paired, anf joined the ri-et of towboata with which our h rbur it so phulilully suppl ed at pies.nt. n. Whm k ?Was psssed off Smith's Island 26th nit. a schr I..I M,., l? ?,.,UI?.ln? HllD.mi.llu I.II 111 ..... A.i 1,1.... oi alienor, cliaius, jib and boat?blowing hard at the time, could not tiudersUud where from or w>?ere bound. St int Fair Amkrh an?Cutter Taucy, gt Norfolk, from a cruitt, Iri I in w i li in I lie Bay, off Hampton. aclir Kair American, capsized and drifting oui I lie Capri; righted her and lowed lier up lu town. The crew had hern taken oft by some re-iel, tVIia Icinr n At T.irpiulin Cove 23. !i ult a whale ship supposed the Mary, Nickorsoii, f<*r New Bedford dpntcn, Ann Smith, 13 day* from Demerara for Baltimore, Jan lii, lat 2.3 S3. Ion "I SO?bv the Alicia, at tin* port CharleinaKiie, of and from I'homasiou. for NOrleaa* or a,obil?, 14 day* out, no da e, off I) H nhol Kevs. t?ii.I, n hour* liom ousiuu for Mobile, Jan 31, S Shoal N Si iniles. foreign Porto. Matanzas, Jan 10?In port, Sharon. Lucas, d;sg; Octario, Hamilton, for I'ortland, do; Blag, I'earaou, wig Irt: B-ruard, Dounell, do; Satnos, Ke, d, lor Boston, 0 day*; Splendid,Snack I'oid, mic?and oilier*. I'LMriiAHA. Jan 1?Sid Ann Smith, Mauler*, Btltimo-e? (aince rpoken.) Homo Porto Wiscasiikt, Jan 2S? Below, Zaida, Cunningham, Boiton ? Cld 27th, churl.a, Tisdile, Havana; Kliza Warien, i' ummer, Ma anzaa. Bo ton, J"n 31?No arrivals. Below, at anchor in Naiiiasket Roads, Kicli ,nge, I.'avnt, Matan/.a* lor Ponlanil?put tin for a li irb, r. The ve?a I* helore r- i?>rted below, rem un Cld Tim Pickrrins:. Story, Afrie*. Cld 311 h. Forrester,W heatlatd, Havana; Ckai Joseph, 'I illinithaii Savannah Oi.oui Ton, Jan 27?Arr Seafan. Ander.on, Camilen for N York. Cld 30th, Mcsican. llog'r*, Surinam Chatham, Jan 23?At Old Stage ll-rhor, frozen in, ice abl .'i iliehet thick, IVaiI, Harding ['Inladelphia for Bo ton; Depoait, Kendri U Boston for NYork; Pilgrim Dodge, do via Provincetown, for do At night the wiud rain* NK, with anuw, ml it wa* thought tl ey would put to ??a Momomov Point, Jan It?lu port, 'saac Franklin, Brown from Tenerifle for Button; alto, Phileua, destination , Sic. unknown IIvannis. Jau 23?Without the Breakwater, frozen io.Osc-r, 0 arte, N York for Boston; Splendid, Howe*, Boston for New Ymk; Lnuiia, Crow ell, Salem f, rdo; and a foie ami alt schi unknown. Tab far Con., Jan 2k?Off port, (boarded by cu iter Jackton. at Neejiort) Roland [ Br- in] Sleengrafl'e, Bos-oil l- r New York; Siam, Grant, Machin* for dn?was supplied v* ith provi sioua; Cn-icent. Nelsod, Cutler for do; F.sact, Fofger, Nan tncltet for Norfolk and Baltimore. PHH.ADM.rHiA. Feb 1?Below, Washington, Ben ion, frnti L'verpool; Home, Hall. Boston. Richmond. Jan lit?Arr Nassau, Chester, NYork. Sid Kli zaheili, Beaston, and Leontiue, liar', do. Nohfoi.k, Jan 28?Arr Co ner, Doane. Plymouth; Naliant Pierce. B -ston; Victory. Brush, and Star, Hallock. llsppatian nock for New Haven Sid Abigail Richmond, Cole; Kmpieas Billing!, and Shamrock, Currell, Weal Indie* A.r27th. Al hiou, Mitchell. and L Luke. Lamkin, N Vork; Kev ml. Jail rrin. New huryporl; 29th. Bachelor. llorton.New Orle.m* fo Richmond; Geo Thoina*. Cook, BoToh. OcRacokk, NC Jan 2 ?Arr Sol llo*evelt. New York; 19th Ann Maria. June*; Car-Jin*, Pralt. ami .* <> th Slate, lloherl* NVorlt; Billow, Providence; llth, He ry, Burt, do; rK -Ins Boston; Cleopatra. NYork: I2ih, Star, William*, do; M m L*:..l.l. It . I.. U- I, - VI...I, I I. VI' put iii lor a harbor; 111It cilirt Fiihrr Blauey. nml 'I' Wynna Dniiahty, New York; H it. Klizilieta Brad'ey, Perny, ?nd M E HnMnaon, Push, do. Sid 10;li liiMiiukit. Palmar. W L.dies III It. Hrct. lohinqu. and Mary, Hilton, do; lllli. Ann. Ca|i Fear, Fair, Virginia. Huron. Avon, and C Shiver, NYork. W*tHiit<!toN, NC. Jan 18? Arr Myert. Kova l?r. alid Nortl State, Roberta. NYork; Knlut, and Dillow.l urt.ia. Boaion 22d, Sol Rjievelt, a'd Two llrotliera liichardaon, NYork Hidow Anaconda, Fill ford. NYork. f.ld 20tli. Tho i Wynne Dnuyhty, do; (Jenl Scott, Doughty, YVeat Indira; 2Ut, Henry Burl. do. Knr.NToK, NC. Jan 27?Sid Corn't, Chaae, Barlndc Hop it Huaau. Winalow, NYoik CHvai.r.aTn'v, Jan 2U?C'd Kranria Sunton, L-favpur, Boa ton: Sarah Louita, Tillet, We.t liulira bid '"liatlea. Lor . P Yotk: Ida. [Danl Jorgengnii, ("op- ulnuren; Wacetrr "W. Vie cent. Boidr.nii; Tiberiaa, Tihbeta, and Fore*t King, Kelly, VI Indira. S.vv?*vr*II, Jan 2:1?Arr Wilaon Fuller. Cnbh, NY firl. Sh Hy Jrukina, Liglit*iurn. Havana. Cld 2itli. St Ma f in, [ Br Vaughn, Liverpool; Mara tret, [Br] llart'rlt, NaaaiW, NP; Spy Somera, and Hue' Franklin, Vew York. Hid Androdua II tchie. Uoidtaui; M.idiion, Dulklry, NV'ork; Ka'.her, Emery Baltimore ani.ti Htcoi a, Jan li-Arr Oram, Willard, ami Troy llill. NYork; Lyona, Hyan.Charleiton, Cynoture. .1 l.iclnoo Boalou; t H lloop*r, Hamlin, I!maim. I Id Mnaey. Tucker NVo k; Tibenua, Ilowea, and Commerce, Ma'itnu, Button: t K P att. Mice. NYork; J Si Waterbur., Thotnpaon, llavan*.Arr l*th, ?ltvo Bmoch, Saml'-ra. St >1 irka; Marc. Hie ardanti N York, t'ld t:hrr'rmayiie, I'.ic1 aid. N Y i"k; John I rouwer Sutlon. Providence; Lawrenc> t op-land. Baker. New Orlea, a Nile, Kennr, Boaton. In port, Aoiliew Smtr, Kmorv. tor P York, I'lir: kjoridian, Piatt, do do; ('onrtenay, [Brl T >rne>r ( I,iv rponl, wig; tjen Skollield, Skoltirld. do, I g; L: v-rp,.ot t'otTni; Lyona, llyan; Mary h. "uaan VVeeka; Ocean. Wjf|?rd Talla aavee, lladl V, end Troy, Hilla, wail'iig; V'1 demaeli .'.li ve and ftobt IVker, Dwifht, fi r NOrl.aua Ma; b -que I 'old YVa I, [Br] Joliuann. Ibr Liverjiool, wig; tjondor. Wine (J? ntlrliinn. Morria, and Uleaner, Sievena. for New York, |dg OillV't (Jiven, New Orleana, do; Nohle, Brown, Bin.ton d" bjiyv < yic ame, Macloon, wig; H londa, Crocker, from Net Mo'hii l . Jan HI?Arr Manten, Drew, P'yin-nth; Java, [Br I lettering. Perniavhnro; Mart-ret, [Br] < lent lea, Liverpool Dnmfrieaaltii* [Br] Kelly, Belfait; Kalro, Carter, New York Angiitla. Poat. Havana Naw Om.aasa. Jan 17?Arr Calednnu, Maaairott. Amatei dam; W llinvton, Jeffaret, Liverpool; Mar ", Llot'rio. and At Irea. [8w] Oleaon, Mio Jaeeirv. t:td Ten Brothera Crawford Nantz; Joaenhine, Mitchell, New York; l.lewell n. Buraeaa Mataaorda; Warrior. IIrilfitha, Havana. Arr Itth, Lcchinvat Weacctt, Boaton: Aiktntai, Uiir.e-a. NVnrk; Solid', Mwed | We>ter "arh, Ilio Janeiro. I Id Hi miltvnre Silvbv, N Y'otk Tnavo. Almy, NYor?; Aaenorla. Hanf rd. Fall lliver. lir AN'TKI), A 8 I'OUfc, or a pan of a Mmrv h*twmiBni V li If kill and Old ti p. or ill* lnw?r aril n( Wall ?tr*rf.To ?n li it prrion ha rim.? uiUBIr pine*, v ho will ino * In ll 4| fmt|| Hurl, will m IwiliwUH ?W?li*l I2?i?r ROV W A.>TKI) abant M or !l eva of aa . Add ?? M J. to b* leu at iho Hrrild offi.* aUiiiu rrf- rnic a dr?? il-nie. ft U 'C \/I A II n K " * T A I* r. V I I'M h I u I ..|f. I li i *1 I -ir ed v it'i <' i| r \| T livid \n. 97 I Irrr/at'** N i \ r , Nnvijp.t" a In II it* \ a ni'ti branch ilmi' on *ly. in r'uiliinf Hpherira N.i ,.iotl Ar'-niminy, wi'h *ir ? poi'V liven u?f of all kinds of Vaotiotl i<i?lr?m?i t? I. it ' nS?rr Valium .l id a nil trim I I Lilt K tit r bv < lirrnomrt* t I abort ml ra-y n rtb d< of'in nw .rinrli ?iir> ro ti. ,,tv otlirri Mh'imt* ' re informed lh it ** e In'I V hv I in e liiii to be the (inl mm to America who ran trarh tbn invala bl* ^ri into ?im I rr'trfio , ai il in an aln r i iiiw. Ill' imtovuiona r-rnin la ivr'y V'lu tble.and whinn h i* fu'l v rtpth'* nl making fioi h attentive knowledge of ihr ariMiera Oat or two milr I walk it no obi* t to Irani to |arf'etly and m to ahort a tiirr. giKiied, Mtdthipmeu K. < Unvall, H Hifrlnf, M lit) C. Hiram and a uumbrr ifCaptainianil Mate*. fi 3t*rrc l'din rci ksk KISMAM-: imiXsT rIKSK far fam*d and celebrated Pill*, Ir, rt Ponngal, ai wr prrreivr. to lie obUiurd m thi* count!?. 8e* advcitm mrnt on the la?t column, fourth jafr. I AUCTION SALES. ' 1JU.ixiAo liLLL, Aucuiw*!. So 36 jfnn itrnt.) kltlilAk At K Jn ?'clock. ai tlio (tlx room, R t ul?r Sal '' f rh' iw a-moiiablr t.ucy aud itapla Dry U ' ill or all da crij'tiona ih lota to ruit i*irchaaira, * : . anmpria n? rim In of all kinda, Pana 'ord Caa in ra Vcatmaa, r I ULfU, Hoiwiq. Mm lira,Calico Sli iliuga. Hltactiug, Tali a Linan.d? Lamm, Yfiriuora, Acirol a. Wool Ian t'apa Ji'uuka ' lothing, a quantity 11* I'laJgad Jrwrlry nni (lioa, 1 aplandid Wati:liP?,'a qu .iility of Gfocanaa, Tui, VViuea, LiqUorr.2 i.OOU S g ira, ii.,-. ar. Al.o? :oq iiii? Shut*, fiuiahed and antuished, irry fine sati-'WIJAV, Al lulj o'clock, in the sales room, An effusive its t'tment of new aud s'coud Kind r'u'uiiuu". routining of auiiug null tilled cat sofas; k'renth. )a k'reuch, aud lull French eta r>. rockiog do, I Inn *nd drrt.ii g tureiu*. mihi ginv and nimbi* top i eutre labl-a. inahogsuy French be 11-* du in .pir, mi ij' i dt, i.M. in ns, i'i<ans, p liar aud claw labl a. double < mil tablet, aairal end other lamps, gu and i.rn, inU pillows, Inn lutl eia ?. led* and he I ditig, i andle stands, gla* ? are, oiuaun uls, ra-1 r?, tni'et set*. 8*e. Alan, at 11 o'clock, 1 ni .hoc in\ piano to. te. TUESDAY. r At 103a o'clock in I lie Sab* VI no 111. Hale of V alnable ran li. a** nue 1'iauu Forte, ore spltudid Orgiu, aoiue 1'irat rale k uuiituie, and a la'ge lol of i.>a* mable Dry Uooda, fancy and pledged articles, lie. N. B.?Kerry facility will be afforded for the diapoaal of merrhaudiae of all deaeriptiona. Boaiueaa will be carried no in a buainesa like manner. Silra will be regular, and returns prompt, in this establishment, now under the charge solely of TliOM'S Bl LL. U Ann street, l.'SK; AT A. Cl ION BA-US lilt HAKllTZ KLATT, 196 Broader', will sell to-1 or row (-rulayj eve ing, a lar.eand choice cotle li.nol foreivu and Amrucui Musit, consisting of So ni f r the Piano Fore, Pu-.n sol and Uue * Piano aud Vio'iu, Piano and Flntt and (iuitar pirces, luliau and or erS.iig* fmm the best ni era-. Is t auLgue* are now ready, and t! e Yiu?ic arranged lor eiamiirate ll fl l *t' IlARNlJEN CO'S EXPRESS LINE. I aCTXa -?I (Oll'ice No. 3 Wall sirr-t) ria Br.Jteporl gPO'KL Tfti fjk ai d New Haven Uuiiug ihe smpecsion of "-"rp **10* naviget on on the Hound, a line ol -uperior lid*..'* ?*,ii e > e ther lii ol' Harndru St ijo. every t r suing at C o cinch, to acemom. date prsaengrrs f r Bridgeport. New H ten. Alba y aoil Boston. Pasaeugers called I'o a' the priuripil Hotels ou iroadway. Seats to be secured st Ilsrudeiilt Cos Harnden Ik Co. will deipafh a Messenger with Small Packsfea trom their Office ei ?ry eiening ai t, o clock, to- 11 .aton and 'rovid -nee. HAHNOKn tk I'O., 3 Wall *tre t. February 2d 1811. fJ ee ~^T PTBLIC HOUaK K IK SAUK. ? * KU MMUKS I-mW 8H 1 I.U, situ it *d No. 110 Br .ad way, an ol I established n ' well known House. 'Ihe prop trtor hiving aooiTie, pi ite. c mi it ev te h a at'entiou to this o. e Any person wishing to purchase, a good inducements row offers. Inquire I Oil lilt* ill. U tTIIM.HF.Li. ft 2t?FC Qtif KuK PAIih?1 hi l>i?Ci of land mill islllis ?l about [ Jfyflk 2 acres. situate in tin- t illume of Knit Lrr, >.u the ? lit lb bank of the HiiiI* u hivrr, and known ?i "The(?i h irn." On the pir mises art* tl.ree f ott.igrs. nil in goon o der. '1 lie land is an Orclmrd of ripple and Cherry 'IVn, of excellent n'l.ility ; in in Rood fence, and escellcut condition. A Dotk nd water (rout an- c inn er il nili it. Also?a pieceol'Uud in he same i ills*-, and West of and opposite to ill." Orcliar i, consisting of about 7 acres. know n as the ' Moor# prope ty. ' Ou t*is pl ice are into dwelling houses, aim a '.ari.e portion of ii it in good cahivatiun. A>to?the proiwrtv in the same ullage fun tint mi the river, known at Lour Uorll, cousistu K of Howards of 61 acres. On the prcnvsei i? a substantial Do, k. and a small ilwelliuK hou e nnl liaru. 'I hit prnle ty hat uudeignue ivpetisive improveineult, hi fences, mailt, stone vtal t, fco., nul ii eludes a veinsLle water front. K. h. 'IIlLiiU, ft linrc 611 WeD st. IltlHH POTATOES.?A ie%? hundred hampers of ? ry snierior'run ''ot Lt?'t d rent from Cuudondeiry, p r ship Teniicue>, carefu ly selecte lor fmiily use, and will h to d m loo to tint purchasers. Aiplv n boa" t e ship, f ot of Dover street, ort> ABl(.AH.tM B L1 Ik SON, II 2i*m 117 Ku'tnii street ^COTl'8 BAZA \K, s7 De'V n'liD K.T, h.twe.u Bio dk" way aud Oiee iwich HAN ID 8'IOTT returns hit ou t tinceie thanks to his I iecdeai d the public at lute I'-rtlie liberal support reee ted si c? he opened the alio e house, and hopes by the sain stiict atle oi ju 11 a en tiiiu inc t >ereof. 'J lie .114 i'lrs of Ms Me., Wines, Liquors a..d tl.ars, are too vvei k own to nicd c> mirei t. A lrr-e am rlinent >1 hi Irethtr.t ntt to te had at all hours until 12 at night. tuch as? Href Ho ak>, Poache" Kggs, Saidines Mullo (hops (ohl Hon. Buckwiiest Caki s Kri?d Kidue) s, Held Coro'd B*ef, ulfe.- and Tr?, U jIii and Errs, I'ickleI 'I'ninue., Welch Ha rhits h.: A Rood Diuii-r ot lloasl oi Boiled .vlet't lor on ' tliil.i Rev ry my Irani one to ihue o cloca. supplied w i h the best 8-otch aud Irish Whi ske *. Noli us? belter supplied wit i English, Irish, scotch, Wei h an 1 city Papers. Always t e .a.est possibW news ny the Si eaino s (i oil Uuoms for rr.vate Parties Clubs, Meetings a id Refeiemes l2'Jm*ee QUIlLH ANU OlEK.I, PENH.?800 000 Quills selling oil el very low prir?s; dialersau I eonsiiinert would do well to es,I before purchasing elsewhere. A'su, a largs assortment o( Steel Pens ifiauiifsriured by Perry, liillotr and Mite e||, all ol which will b- sold ?en low.erher who esale the subscribe,' withes to letve the luisiness this spring A. McKEACHNIE, Quill Maunfvcturer. fel lin' m 2'.A I'e.irl aireet. NOTICE. PALMOS OPe. Ka HOUSE. rPlIK PUBLIC ure retpccuully tnlormco that in oiilv to ten. J der the product ou ol the Opera worthy the patronage ol the public ol New fork and to jive full and coniplet* t ffeci to the whole, the first lepiesentatiou will not take plice until Saturday K?. nioit, s ebiuiry 3, when will ie positively per Bel'ini's Inst gia d Opeia I PURITAN*. Kali p.?r'ieul irs m ih- bit ( of the nay. fl "irrc I;xc.IIAM:K Ii.>TI i ?J;\r/riM< ERWll'H COLEM \ps has Uii oay lakeu HENRY V JACKHON into lar.nenbip, a- il iu future th boo,e will lie oud oct-d in the name of COLEM YN St JDCKbO < The intmnnge ol the traveling pub.ic, a .<1 iciluelice of on1 fr ends is leii.eetlul y so'i itcl. Ililtini re, V- bruatv I, mil II lmei CIKCULAK. THE UN 'IKRSIliNb D. who has bemi In* rn.suy yeirscop I netted with he -she id 's Oifi e i. the city ol New koik has ojiene I all OHice at No 77 N?t?au atreet. New York, fo MWmWMNV, /lw,?WW* pi.'fc'Att'M'ur? gages. Collesiiug Penis, be.ring Distress V\ nrihuis, and fu the transactio , nfall sun lar husi less. p'or 1 is fidelity, pun unity, aud devoted attention to husi iisss. ne refeis to ihe under m ntimied i ll-men and members u the Bar of v,w York JOHN J V WKoTKttV' LT, Late Under Bnenff of the City and County of New toik New York, Jan 1, 1844. UK* fintnut;!! The Hon. Wr hert H. Morris, Ma\or of the City of IS'W Yorl " Win Krnt, Judge of the Kirat Circuit. " K a. Talliiiadv life rder of the City of New Yoi 11 The Jnaiicea nt the Superior Couit " 1 li Judges, ft- f Court Common Pleai " " Kdwari emidf rd ' l.ewia H gaolbird, Asiiatant Vice-Chancellor Will am I' II illrtt, K?'| , C l-lk of the Supr- me Court of Nf Yetk Oakley, Ka<j , I If rk of the Hure-inr Court of Ne ar V orl James Concer, Ew|., Clerk of the City and County of N? k oik. Andre * Warne*. Esq.. Clerk of the I oo'toi Ccnimon rieat. JainisK Wl.mog, Mq., Diatrict Attorney. John Anthon, Ei't Cbwlct O". onor, En. David Uraham Eo| Sal in Duti her, Un|. Aletander IVn sou, Eat], t in ham Hotfinao and lioiwurth, Ei j'?. II 't. IllatcMoid. K?i| Joseph C Hart, t'.iq And ??nrr..lly to the Prnfnaion throughout tha State ol Net \ I rk. ft lwi~' in Ll'KR'S GARDEN. FOIl HALE?The stick a. il Kuturea of the (''nfe-t'onaS.ore, fl How ery, fit.ed up in ll.e teal i.f a'jf e, with evei | i hiiiit co idrte for rairiiug ou the bdaioica?a mat rate Oiei tloe-ynMtii Pana. MMln, Ike cowpiaw. Alan, a i up Saloon, to llie store, and fu nt* er| cornp ele. Alto, a inoal le uli'ul Harden, fitteil in tie heal atyle, an' einatty larga to ? eoaimodata two or wti huo mm teoel 'I h? whole una 1 e. n ti led up at a great e*|, and oi the In of style? will he ao n at a great sacriure, a* tiie oaiie h other buain a and enin t at end to it?togttner Willi ' Lease f the I', emites. Enquire at above. II Iw'in II. LUKH, PMpr'et 'r. - M'rtK ATI KM ION Ok IIOUSK* Ki TeHS and otlw * la re-iieetfullv a .lic'l d lo th lot nwina r L. N killS IAD t. hail g'ately arrived fr-m I le many, ai keing dej roua lo rem n ah rlly, off. rs'lie'till wi gamin , hia imornta i< n. at loit ea mncn lower than tl.ey have ever b , line teen ottered in ihit count'y O. rman Line a, Bielele.d, allq al'tiei , Table Cloth, liruwo. half hrotvn and white I o Napkin, d i do do , Po Towels, do I'd do I Do tea ud detert Na kins, liiotvn, half brown and w hi ; liiel feld iit.e,i cambric lldkfa. a Al o. n lira aaaortmeut of Needlei. of every detci iption, th* heel inLiiuiacrme. i Dealers, ea well aa retail en?t inerr, wiM lind it gre-tly ; their atlViiiitiiie to call and etain lie ihrae Lineus, its it it a it opportunity for obt iuiug tery superior go na at etcteding lo , prire? , I all (for a few weeks only) at No. 6 Sixth avenue, between and J o'clock. il 3(eod*ec 5 NOTICE. TO SOUTHERN AND WESTERN MERCHANTS.! J A VOUMii UKNTLk.MAV who i? now engage4 in, ai aV has a correct knowledge of, ih# Boot, Sli r. Letlherai } < buccal Coinimtaton Bu.iin as, is deair .ua of going south i we?c aa a an (earn in. or fir any reatectable ocbiipition. tint I reici?uctfc giaeu. A rota addteaaej "A." bo* MA Boston Pu j Office, will meet with i romp' .mention. j?G I w it '.'w ... r< ' I "i I I'll I I A l> KA.M I.I cS ? Boa'd w mud I'J a geutl ' man, h a wife and child-iu a tjup t. naieciab e liini'r, I aidieg in t c Ntnlh Waid. Tcims must br morlerate. Addie V. H U . at lliia i dice. j 't) ire UA' KK.T SJlTP ONEIDA, kK(?M IIAV HE -Cmiaig A e? a bv thia ship a.e request il Co aend their |a rriiiU on boa at Pier No. j k.aai lliver. foot of B>o id atreet, w i lion del ay. All goods uot pMiiiillra by tlw jlh proaimo, will lie sen' t th" | nli ic .tor, . j 0 ,'iir.C E.laLlnll POT A 1 OfcS ?The pack t li tial'ord, ju arr.vcd, hia ou hoard aqu.i.litv of Eug'iafi Pot to. ul au|i?rior quality, I avmg hten pro, itird txpre??ly lor this n a kei u Itirn Will a. a,,1.1 it, anv i.neilier ol l/U lie'a for InlTII ut?' A|? "ly to r}(AHLK^ H. MAIlHilALL, i j 9 |w h '?fl Bur i g tliP. i ttOMIl LaMI'H. CAM)AlAttKAf?, Gilt AN oLL ; ^ ' br ket?, H ill Lam* u<1 Lanterns, (.tii .a inu (?l ss ; every deaciiptto* , Attral Lamps alieie to S? am A b?a ; asfrfmnit ol' thf ab>^ in i?ol Unifd at S ou?n??| Jk on v Vlinuf.cturi. g Htor?* No. 3 John ?t.?*ri nr*r Br<?id?ay, and their factory No 29 Gold HrrtU All article* mad'* a | mrtchfd io m pittwot wholtu i d ifttll. ; The above *?t Irinhmoit if moat torrl/ the only one wh? ; people r?n always ?*' sippliad at very low price. The mi *cnb?*m op side to tumuli ehfiPe than any others,in manun turirff the *l?nve tl?em?elves. Glass m?<!e and ent to or"cr, J the aU?ve ar* warrant d. HTOllvKNKI( It CO N B. t ?ood% hi.ined for parties. JM Im*'': ; ~<1 ThKNIjTllORHK I)A/AAR-Not. 89 and f Jual^tMorfr street ? * I LI.I \ VI tOWAN r**ipvciful ' ^ ' .ni.?Tri> hit fue^d* and ihf |?nvI <* f?nr ally, th it ' h* H?!?fril info copar n?r?hin witi THOVlAM II. hlLK t undei th* firm of ??w?n It Dtlks, II v iig taken t?e lar.e and e nmndirm ti a-proof ?t h' N ? I9?nud 91 M/rrrr (one door Nnith ot B'e. ckei nd mnd* ev'en?i%e audit i nv al nation* m ?l nr p nventents a the aaniv*. they ha* e n|? ned the rtutbl ihm nr. the *bi. fitie fo tie h.'lc of Hov e?, Cirri age*. Hleifh*, Harnett, Ha <! *ry, It . :% l\ihtic Auction and riirat* Hal* ; a'ao for f *>e a c.ommoditi'?n f d il r a h"r*rast private sale and liver bursVV. ( o**n'tWet thi* nppn n ?vv *o return thinks for ll ver\ liberal p fronix#- \\ tr * I ? ii l?*?n wli I i r prntor f ?l " M > % ' R *r nr " t r< sir/ tfr ? , and hi : nhntiq i the l < ? I o' l?ia ? |i| IriMi.da and the | tib.ic in ten for ? new r?r I'll ?htneut he a??U ' i th'm th* t no a?#Tin?? ?IJ lr w.iifii on hit part, or f hf hi? paitur., Tina II UiJkfi to merit co in utnrv? of p i t i?? ftv r. > C.fc.1) Rati r th- m .i Ite* tint the 'tt .nsp rv^i'i i! cy hai WCdewill me l the I k ?; probation tin- tool r, hav.r i cc onuiodai oni fo- i v r Cii?? linndr* d ort a. in a style u tr tmpaa e by any oublldimrnl of i|h k|in< r? i h?- I nit* h'Hie* ; alio la k?* v?d hi' loft?f- r the tale of earn, g n of-M dMUfip'-ion*. ...... Th* rrpuUr i>uMk ? ?? ?t i hu f?l?bl i.lnii'nl will b? lirld i ?T.rv 1 UKSDa V ihfoiuhi.H'lh-<??r. r, Th* fir?t ??l? will uk? |il?f* oo 1 I fc*DAY, Kfbrwury lit eomm'Mtm. ti II o'eloch, with CiirriiifM, Mirnrn. lie All llora*? ini*nH*<l for ?h f i?i? nmu h* r*cid*t*il |>f,?io to Mondar. hVbm.irjr li, u< o'elorji, r, Ml. Th? i oblic ?n> in* it*d to call ?d Miyi??^tho pr*^iw?i. fl U*?c *> Proptifiori, J . | AMUSEMENTS. I PAbJlOU iv. T. OPERA HOM*3* < HA MB-HS -TKKET. Ad?n-?i. r Or? Dollif, iu . II i? r? oi ih? Vcuir D-orsolcn it J. Priformauw tn c'.twir. c. . halt put 7 Tbr Publir * ? i?if n' >ly lutuim.'ri f *' tHia W ?uSliah?M?t will oi.m for ihr on HA I 1'HDAV EViNlNO, * -'? -.? t , HATV KUAV ftYi,NiNG rb, 3, tke performance w&ii . . mm .1 r With tJ. p\ ERTl'RK-.. 1' PURITAN I. Autr which, uist i?n?e m Nn % V ork, the bnud Opera ia i ??', Betliai. o( r PiTan anL sl< i NottA HOllwHLS*. r V > Yaiirlhn? Sir ilirli Til Hii'i M>jKchi Lord A illm r IMbot r,? n Lord Waltna . . VUv? H*i.rieit?of r lacct bituor* A<b.rtuzi Sir Drmio Nob?rtou Sir Alb t > iaril', Lad M Ice. The whole under the d n-cti n of N-xuor V ALTKLL'NA. The Orche 'm will con^riw 'I hirty-'wo i'rnfeuor*. Leader aLiI Director Higoor IIAPKTTI, Maestro sad Direct-r of the t borui, D <1 fe.TIF.NNK. The Drip i'urt*io by S goon UuIDIlINI end MONACJIK.SSI. The Arrhuec iiiml See lery peiared by Sig. M. BKAliALDI. uiutid by Sir MOLIM and other'. The Landscape Scenery by Mr. P. UnAIN Hot Dili'-- bow open fiom It to 1 o'clock for obtaiaing tickeu Arru yemeaU hire been made with the Railroad Company lor a weil I ghti-d and wertn rar to leara Cham'.era etreet immediately on the cli??e of perfoimu era. raauioK aa far aa 42d ?tieet CHATHAM TMBATItK AND CIKClld. j CONDU ;TKU BV H. UULKVVKLL a O. R 8TONE. THIS KVKN1NO. Fehrnarr * erlonnaiicea to commence wnhtlie tiiniemen of Birmah ! After which various ictt rf Horsemanship, Uyneait ce.Corde Vo late, Vm tint, .VLlndioas Africans, Ac. Ac. 'lo couclude with _ THE PRIDK OK CHIVALRY. _ Hl'l'tllKLL'S OLVIIPIU 'rmtATAA. THIS KVKNINU, Ketiruary 2 -The performances Will commence with 1-UALlAVOLO. After which. MY WIKK'SOUV. To ronclade witn Dl ANA'S KF.Vfe.NOK, or the Kate of Actmon. Diaca, Mim I aylar THIUN'I INUKPKNDBHT AAKtUOAl ' CIBCCI, BOWERY AMPHITHEATRE. Boies 26 cents; Pit 12K cants. BK.Nfet 1I OK MKs. LOWN IK. TH1SKVKNINU Ktbruny 2?The performaoeaa will comin uce with A (fraud Mili ary Cavalcade of Ten Hones. A'ter which, A treat variety of Kijnestrian Aeu, Keats of Btrancth, Boaga, Ddiicei, U.C.To be billowed by tin SPRITE OK THfc SILVER SHOWKR. - inn v inuirtiA .riiiininr.LB. To con"<nd* with JA> K. THK UIANT KILLER. AnioiivAN nviGiia, AND PERPETUAL FAIR. Every Day ami Evening this cammfuci g Thu'sday, K-binary I 1>IT vi it n * mt?d seine evninr fre?. . The ini st uu'i ..tiliM attr?c,inn* ???i . If red hrre. Last three days ol Aloi s n 'J M Maine I HtCkhM. the celebral d D,n- * cera mid I'>i lomimi It 'J li 'V wi.l u Kiud div.rnsem lit entitled ,lir Vr.NE'l i 4 N BAl.L. Also, laat week of tli? A hiiion nr Snow White Nerr e? ? 1 her boys are lie g-eate t cutios ties of the oge, being |*r frcily whtr, tut with even o.her feature and |ieculiariiy of the Negro. Likeei e DU. VALENTINE. H. G. 9HEKM ? V T <i BOOTH, Lt I'ute CEHITU. Lot Petit r.LIKE nd fiiiEAT vVEo I' tllN, who will mtr dure hit >u?ic V nk?e L ruin- on Animil Magj? turn, which has leeu .eceived with r?i> trd'ur-tsul n p'aute the las' few in hu lh?l>IP?y QoEt.N. the mo t auri rising Foil tine 'teller i n the world, uniy be i r.v itely nous. Led at it 111in -a icgardiug Past, l*ii*4 in .tun Ku ore Events. Performance overy i-veniug at T o'clock, and Saturday afternoons at 3 o'clock IC7" Adiiiissnm *5 cents?children nuder tea yean, half price. tnj- ij ceu enra tor private consullauoue with uie iipef Wiiern. fl rc TA1IERNACLE. *TTR ACT1V NUVr.LTY ?TH* HUGHVB FA ViLY. ClDNCEKI AND ALDUEK8 m the Pro dwav Tabvrua ' cle ? Friday Km.nig, Feb 3. 1311. n Addrest on Vsic? lis rerimi g Innlucies, aid it- eral influence o eociety?Will 0? drlivenil by J. AlJOcSTUt* Nile A, Eq a, d snbse 1 u-i>11. illus'.r.iie 1 by em nrul ertis a voc tl end u strumemel. several nmao nr and pin easinual ladiea aud g?i liemen w.ll appear itin n a whom are t e trait sut| rising Music* prodigies. Mm ai d the Vl etrra IIui|h s. 1 h- who'e en arvinDMut w II e of t* e most no"?| rharacivr that has ever be n introdoead ia the city ol New V'rk T rkers .5 cents tarh?to lie had at the principal Mane Stores, end tl tliedoorou the above evening ; whtre, also, will tie del v. red the p ograinme o to pvifoimanee*. Performance to c ?o me ne . 17,'j o'clock. j3l 3t* rrc *~ MILITARY HALL, r HF. THIRD COMPANY NATIONAL OUARD BALL will tth'pi,ce it lammauy Hall, on Wednesday Ereo ing, Feb, 7, 1814. J ickete S3, mav he obtained of John Citrnea, 61 John street; U. H. Daly, 94 Broad it., W. 11 Douiinick, 40 O eeuwich st ; I A. M. IMiiers, lib Kulton s,.; E. Wmuriuht, 385 Spring it.; I', nles, 105 4 and St.; H. K. fVwlcr, 90)4 Bowerv,and J. H. Li.nusbury, 433 l'eail si d30 lF7*ee I PARKERS DANCING ACADEMY?WA8I1INU J* 'i'UN HALL - \lr. r. wish-1 i<> 110 i. 10 his frie d i nud tl r public It .it bit a#eond .| darter cnumriict this week, and c nitiuuet uutil May i likc\v,v* I it School iu Kightti it , two doors fiom it runaway. l)*ys rf tuitiuu, Monday* and r 'I hunidays in Kiglitn rtrret.. at Waahiugtot *?*ll Wednesdays and Saturdays. Neat Monday evening ti Puli'ic Aiacmbly will toUc plate, an i I"* c< illumed evety "ther Monday eieulug during tile teuton. Mf. lloft na ,'a much aduiiii'd Bind villi atli'iid, and lulroduce a*T* al nrvr and ph'isiiig sell* of colli* lluu*. fi Ifric * ~~ THEATRICAL NOTICE. -T-ii" i-HATHa >1 i llaA I HK will op o on or about the A 20th Via ell. All ap, licatioua 'or engagr-itr- t* <|Otl paid) will receive imiredi ite air Imu, if directed to W S Devern*, Pioprntur or .1 M. Scot'., Acting Monger,Boa JJ1 Poatofliee, i New Voitr. '1'he prop, u lor or In* taint will be I uud at hi* office iu the 11n aire between the hour, of 10 and 2 tod 1 to 0, to aire id to all l?u in??t relative to th? opening. L'uiiuf h* icrri*, ilie Theatr* will he romp et-l y re-decorated and icnova ed by th?t *01111*01 art a , ti. lIl.ll.liK, aud many til ration* trading to the comfort of the patron* ol' thi* faeoirr ea'ablithttiou W. ?. LiKVr UNA, jJltfrrc Prop ictor. k TO AMATEURS ON TIIE FLUTE. MR. BARTON, (pupil of the isteC Nicholaon,) re*peel nilly beg* in announce that it i* hit intention to sir* initntctn n nn He-Hale. Mr. Barton protease* to tench accor n di y to ih* inrthod punned by the celebrated muter, Dialled Nicholaon. , Pur term* and particular*, application mar be made at s if nor ? Go.lone. ivioiic Store, Broadway, and Mr. Stodart'a Piatoroit* maii'i'actory. J17 lu*re MUSIC FOR PARTIES. MK.HSRS. O. WKIS8 St KIL OKAMUbn, Professors ol Mutic, ie>|ie:tlally announce to their patrons, lb* Iodic* and fi?ut!ein*n ul New V o.It and Its vicinity, lha' their Cotillon Banu i* prepared to play the moat adtntied and f?*hion?k * Mline for Private Partie*, Soneet, fcc. Ord?r* rrceived and attended to at 2# De'aacy iu j 4 I ni * in ? T<' OLKK SINftlr'.KS ?Jntt pnhlial-ed, the 4lh No. of the A ({uatiritr, containing (ileea ly Hpohr, Weber. Iu lor aale by C. K. Hoyer, No. 301 B.oadwa,, and if. Kiley, No. 29 balh.ttn a rret, N B Au Katra number, containing a favorite English * (Alee. will ha ahoit.y issued fir gratuitous deliviry to regular aubacrioera. jMlm'rrr MR-7V ARROLL'S Old K.tabh.hed Medicated Vapor da.In, 23 ( ourtiaud' street, has he*n lor upwards oflS y<ar* ured with much uccra* m suddru colds, coughs, a ben in lin n, chronic d aeasenol 'h liver, dyapnpaia, ague aud brie. Ver, inlluen/1, rruup, bronchitis, swelling of Ih# glands, ery' I niiwla-. ecaibt lever ice. Snlphur Vapor Batht can be hid at a* all liine< by giving an hunt's no,ice. In addition to the above, * Mrs. <:. is I repareiilo idaoni.ter Iodine, or any olh-r aub' im iiik bath tk cue mav r?|ti.i* It is an idea falsely enlerlaintd bv ii any, that then- ia dinner i f Uklug cold after the uae of a T V.i.ior Uiih tlieelfict, h.weor, i* contrary if propaily adm.uiiterrd aa liuudr lis of our ci' isena can testify. U|ieu irnm .1.1 ... ,1,1 milfoil,, r.ll I oVInrb at Port <h a Va !.r por Baili* ?cni lo anv |>?rt of the city or Brooklyn. Bath ug l'uba frr hire jjl lo.rrc WM II. THO.VIIM N hat leoioved'ti No,,21 Johajtturt, up t'tirt, wheir h? wil1 iccri r. by ihe lateat arriralt, a full .wort men t of I'AliM .SlII.Ll.xKUY (iOtlDi. f I >t m tr \*7>.L>UlNlf AND VIM I IN" TaH!)?.- ifratud and '? Prilled ,u the first atyle oft ie Art, at diieed tf VALKNTIXK'S. No 1 Bream.a at. Cor rr 01 I'aik How, Utqov'i Hotel, t) 1T7- Plw call and maiar ?|iccimcna j30 l?u?rrc '' MONEY TO LEND. A BIIAIMM J. JA KAON, Pawnbroker. No. 58 ReadII ttiert, near Bonilwav.loini money in larg? or amall tenia, at may b>-rernrrd on Watch, a, Jewi liy. Silver Ware, Dry - Ono'la. Wearing Apparil, and |>ertoual property of rver description. jlO lu.*rrr S LiAVA.XA AOlNUV.-'llu tabacribvra, aetata for Mrt. ,n 41 Weat'a B ardiug Hiuae, will bt happy to (tro information rr to travel,era Imuud to llie Havana Otdera for aeaiara, Mreat ludia ,,| I'ruita, he., attended to*, accounts collected, drafts bought and ,t told, at their Ueueral Agency Otbca, 128 Naaaau atreet New York. ? N B ?Letters and parcels fo>warded by every packet, jlllm'ee MASON k TUTTLE !. THE invisible 7 wig rd QO closely resembles the real head of hnir that acepflcs and c connoiaaenra have pronounced it the most rerfert and el0 inordinary invention of the day. The event advantage of this novel sad anujue wig it iu being mode without tewing or ~ weaving, which caaaea ita apfwannces ao closely to rsaemble , the natural hair, both ia Itghtueaa and uataral appearance, aa to " defy detection, ita tratnre beius ao beautiful, ao poroueand ao , free, that iu all caaea of perspiration eva|M>rslion ia unimpeded, ' nnd great evils of other Miga entirely avoided, The aesptie and connoliaenr are alike invitrd to luapect this novel and beam lilnlWig, and Uie peculiar method of lilting tha bead, at the ?, mannfacturer'a A L Barry. IM Broadway, corner of Liberty 01 llveet. ar ?t?.r?, 12 liII*"' . AC * HP. PHENJX EXCHANGE, nd SNEUKCOK AN J) THOMPSON, INFORM their numeroeafrirodi, that they Kere taken and re 1 re'itti <1 the |?0| n'ar Hrfeetnry nu tne 8. W. corner of fine b* and Nuiiii atraele. known u the "PHKNIX tXtlUNOK," ,r" and ai> detei mined to k-'|> thechoireat liinora and a^gara ? be 01 found in inn pii .. Thoae whn appreciate a superior fines of Brandy air Win, are i?ii?eatea to rail and try a r,ry Aae article JH't r*c i*r#l ~ rHK DININO DF.PARTMFNT i? completely re-organ ireal, mill ihote who WHO a food dinner, well aerred, can now y lie arponirnodated ?i moderate rhantea. Aa the proprietora are S* reaoivpd to kepi firat rate home. they rrai^eifhllr reijeen the n' patronage nl their friendi and the puolic, aa long aa they ihall (lefoanal to denrtre it. ' ISA AO 8 8NF.DECOR. > achtin d. Thompson. N. D.?The LUNCH. at the Bar, will beaeried nperery ,1. diy hetwee-i II and .I o'clock, A. M. Oyaten in eyrrv at)le? , it .ill ho ra of the day |I4 IHV la le* rr i,", SLl.AKS! S EG A ItS! SKGARS! i 'PIlF. f llowiuf clkoiee Herfia are coneianlly on hand for tele, t I * holeaaleabdretail, at D. M. HfcN KIQcl L8.No.41 Wil i- liara at tret K Krgaltaa of the (Inert and beat inn'itf. a I'.inet'laa, " " " " a l.a Viinna. " l.a Cabana * l.? V lorn.?, a new brand, ' l.a Pnlrat, " " d Nnuegaa. ' De Moya. Vnaenoidad, a new brand. >u Onrartiandr. _ , . . . . _ Ptiiipitwa, of thel'rna, Heodoo and Sanx hinJa.l h, In addition to the above, there are a rariety of other brenda, all ol which ronnoiaaenra and the trade ewe rally wonld do aa wrll to look at preriona to porchaainf elaewhere, an all ftegara imrchaaed from thia eauhliahmeat will be taken back at any ime ifther do not gieeaatiafaction. N. B ? Ordrra ftom the country euefelly and promptly attended to. Jr< Mnw lauc