Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 6, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 6, 1844 Page 3
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Common Council. bosun of Alderher, Feb. a.?Aldermen Puipi, Pre* dent, in the chair. , floating Chapel.?A resolution granting the Yoen Mens* Church .' lissiouary Society the use of the pier be tWven Pike and Market streets as a floating chapel, wi adopted. vljjpointmmt of Weigher ?The Committee on Applici tious lor Ortite reported in favor of appointing the follow ing named persons to the ofllce of Weighers of Merchai dire ?D. D. Crane, Charles Swan, James Willing, 8ti phea A Rich, Richard Stirling, John M. Ilyer, Robert s Watson, 8. D. Southmayd, John C. Swan, Reuben Bui ker, Alexander P. Crane, aud Alexander Patterson. Alderman Lee said that in accordance with the ord nance, the appointments must pass both Boards, and r? reive the sanction of the Mayor. Alderman Baioos said that the ordinance compellei the members of each Board to vote for these appoint ments. Alderman Purdt said, yes, he supposed that, as h wished the whole subject thrown open to all. Alderman Tillou said he supported the ordinance a tKu tints nf Itm <,aasa?? !???? ?-?- - . a .-? i ?- ??? -- inHUMo, uoi/Husr, ima iue DUicuen, can men. and other*, he believed the licenseihoitld be give: to all who were competent. Alderman Baioos laid ho held that the ipoil* belonge to the victor*, and he should not vote far theae men unle* he knew they wero democrat*. Alderman Tillol laid if there wa* any curse in thi city, it wa* that of extending political influences in al these minor situation*; he aaia there would be just a much reason to make all appointment* oi curt men fron one political party as to confine the appointment* o weighers to the same source. The resolution was finally adopted by a vote of 7 to 9. . lie$ulating 13rA street.?Tne street committee reportei in favor of regulating 13th street between 1st avenue am avenue 1)., and setting the curb and gutter stone, whicl report.was adopted. Ibain ?n Vesey strut?The Committee on Road* ami Canals reported in taror of a drain in tireenwich stree lrum Barclay to Vesey, and in Vesey from Greenwich t< the East river, which was adopted. Croton Water?The quarterly return* of the Crotoi Aqueduct Board were received. The increase from re ceipt* for water is $3,477 63?the expenses for the sam time were $16,500. Hospital on BlackweWs Island?A communication fron the Alms House Commissioners, relative to the erection o a Hospital on Blackwell's Island, was received. The] state that the attempt to construct the building by prisor labor has been found to be unNuccessiul, and they there fore ask that the work lie done by contract. Referred ti Committee on Buildings on Blackwell's island. Pirrfool of Barclay street?The report and resolution o the Committee on Wharvea in favor of granting privilege to J. C. and R. L. Stevens, to the exclusive use of th< southerly side of pier foot of Barclay street with liberty ti place a gate across?was adopted. Paying thr Watchmen?Alderman Briogs called up th< veto of the Mayor against the ordinance paying the watch men $ I ,'.'o per night from the 10th May last, they havin) received but $1 up to November last. Alderman Bkiugssaid that the obiection of the Mavoi might have been considered good last year, but wag no this, as the taxeg of tho year hud not yet been laid by th< Legislature. Alderman Tii.lou said that be had found a precedent ir previous acts of this Common Council,but still he though that the Legislature could not levy a retrospective tax t< pay this demand. Aid. Nash said that the Common Council had nevei agreed to pay hut $1 per night for the time in questionbnd lis he could not conceive there was any claim, hi (should not vote for this extra pay, for work done,as a mat ter of spoils to oltice holders. Aid Woooiii'i.l said that if the present watchmen wen ,not satisfied, let them step out, and the whigs who wen turned out lust spring would willingly take their place at $1 per night; he was not in favor of giving $1,14 whei good men could be got for $1. Aid. Tii-lou said that the question was, what was thi service worth, and not what would men do it for; hi hought that the Legislature could not legally pass a re trospective act to pay this money by tax. Aid. Nash said that labor must be regulated by the de uand and supply, and that the supply was such that plen y ol men could be got for $1. lie could not vote forit ii usfxo to the tax-payer ; he could not vote thus to givi r'il.wli) of the people's money away at one fell swoop. Alderman waterman said that the watchmen had giver heir receipts in full for their services, and the granting o his money could not be viewed in any other light thai i mere gratuity. He said that the taxes of this city ha< >een increased $100,000 during the past year, and it wai lieref ire necessary for members to.act cautiously befon hey thus voted tne money of the people away. Alderman Pvrdt said, that at the same time that tin .In voi' was vetoing this hill he had forgotten that he him ell had ordered/the employment of extra watchmen foi he past year to the amount of $8000, and he wondered i lie Mayor had looked to see whether the tax hill had included this extra service. Alderman Scoles tn)d that the legal difficulty must bt ihviated before this ] propriation was made?and if thi Mayor had authorized the employment of extra watchmer |. did not show that this payment was correct. 1 Alderman Piirdv said, no?but it showed that the portion of the Mayor was incorrect. The resolution was then negatived by a vote of 11 to 4. 'eas?Aldermen Martin, Purdy, Briggs and Rawson.? , fay3?Aldermen Clayton, Woodhull, Dunning, Tillou k'ash, Emmans, Vandervoort, Waterman, Hatfield, Dree |voort, Scoles ard Lee. , Market, Foot of Duane itrrrt.?A resolution to allow Thadeus ScllecK a portion of Duane Street Square for I egetable and meat market, was concurred in. I'ayinz the Watchmen Jlgain.?Alderman Briogs offeree resolution asking for the Legislature to order the raising >t $11.(100 in the annual tax bill of this year, to pay thi vatchmen the extra twenty-five cents per night, whic.1 \i? mgutived this evening ; Watch House in the 4th District.?A resolution from (lit Ither Hoard to erect a watch-house in 16th street, lie ween the 7th and 6th Avenues, was offered and referred I o Committee on Police. ' The Board then adjourned to Wednesday evening, vhen both Boards will assemble in joint meeting. Board of Assist ant Aldermen, Monday Afternoon >b 6th.?Asst. Aid. C. J. Dodge, President pro. tern The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. Surrendering l'roperty.?The Minister, Elders, and Dea ons, of the Reformed Dutch Church, petition the Com ion Council to relinquish the possessing of the lot o round in the south-west corner of the church yard, front ng on Kulton street, on which an engine bouse is built s taiJ lot ii required Tor church purposes. Referred Filling up Cotnlitt Slip.?The cartmen employed in th< rarer part of the city preiented a very strong petition it .vor d rilling up Counties Slip. Referred. Mnyor't Veto.?A communication was received front tie Mayor vetoing the resolution abolishing the ollire o ie Superintendent of the Croton Aqueduct Committee ud to devolve the duties on the Water Purveyor. Or ered to be published once in all the corporation papers. Building Sneers.?A report was adopted in favor of con rue lug a sewer in Seventh street, between Avenues ( ml D. Also iu 13th street, between the Bowery and th< 1 Avenue. Also in 19th street, from the 6th to the 7tl venues, and from the 7th Avenue to the drain in 40tl reet. Also in Uivington, from Sheriff street to the h'.as nr. Regulating Streets.?A report was adopted in favor of re dating 11th street, from Avenue C to Dry Dock street Iso 30ih street, between the 7th and 8th Avenues. Extra Service!.?A report in favor of paying Kdwar. v'illiams, late Clerk of the Beard of Asslstanta, $400 fei vtra services rendered by him. The sum asked for wat ii"?n. Paying Marshal's fees.?In favor of paving the estate ol >!in'fellows, formerly oneol the Marshals in attendanct i the Superior Court, the sum of $40, for services render 1 previous to the decease of said Marshal. Private Meat Market ?On motion of Assistant Alderman kTTKiaaw, the report was taken up in favor of allowini lieodore Sillcck to sell meat and vegetables on the loi used to liim from the corporation, at the foot of Duant . reet, and was amended by inserting the words "during r pleasure of the Common Council." As amended n ) is adopted. . I Appointed to Office.?The reports in favor of appointing ' |. Hunt and Ira Muson city weighers, was adopted. Recompensing a Disabled Fireman ?A report was adopt' I in favor ot paying $100 to George W. Wheeler, a lire an, attached to Engine Company No. 41, who received compound fracture while nctually engaged at a lire, on e corner of Attorney and Kivington streets, by tailing ,er some mahogany logs, which were allowed to en imber the side walks in direct violation of the city ardi liners. , Croton Water in our Common Schools.?A resolution in vorofputting down free hydrants in the yardoftht mimon School on the corner of Sheriff and Kivington rects, in the 11th ward, and introducing the water fres expense for the use of the School, was concurred in. Building a School House in the 141A Ward.?A resolution I>pp>pi iuting $4000 to build a school house in the 14th iard, u na concurred in. I Hook and Ijuider Co. A'o. 3 ?This Company petition foi Inew carriage, or an appropriation to build one?Re i rred. Arte Engine House.?A report In favor of leasing th? st floor of house No. 88 Nassau street for an ICngini oust: for Company No. 44, for a term of ten years, at s srly rent of $400. Floating Chapel.?A resolution from the other Board in vor of granting the Young Men's Church Missionary >ciety the use of the pier between l'ike and Market reets, for the purpose of a floating Chapel was concurred Temperance Tnritation ?An invitation was accepted om the Marshal Total Abstinence Society, to attend s lebraiion at the Orcene street Church, in honor of the th day of Washington, on the 43d proximo, idioimiment ?The Board stands adjourned to tVednes I.y eiening next, at five o'clock Superior Court. decisions neiore a mil Dcncn. Fi:i> ? Wallace vt. Lawrtnet.?Thi? was a motion to t aside a judgment obtained against the defendant or 0 promissory note* given by him to hi* father, who id them away to the plaintiff. He subsequently con ised judgment, and the creditor filed a bill in Chancery ainst the defertTlant and other*. The present motion n sde to set aaide the entire proceedings, as not haing ir eordaece with law and equity. The Court denied th< ation, but relnsad to allow costs. John Sinter n. Wm C Carpenter.?This was an ap al from a decision in the Marine Court. Motion deniec i ith cosu. I Con inn Lake vi. Walter Sutherland.?This was an ap a I on a writ of certiorari from the Marine Court. Tht ' aintitf sued the defendant for goods sold and delivered which was opposed a plea of non-assumsit and a set off he Judge of the Marine Court refased to allow the in aduction of evidence on the part of the plaintiff1 after th? lendnnt had rested his case The Court sustained thr ition and ordered the verdict of the lower Court to in t aside. Janiri H Kinfrt. The Sun Mutual fniuranre Company Tho plaintiff", as mortgagsc in possession, sued tho de Indents for the rent of certain otfices in the Merchants .Ischangc Buildings, in Wail street The claim was re | ited on the ground that a chartered Company had no' e power to mortgage the buildings they were charter* . rect. The Court however, was of a different oplnioi !]i| ruled against tho applicant. 1 I'lirritl. arlminintralor e?. Stephen Itilh.? This was itioti for a now trial 'i'he original suit was on a bom Id mortgage, to which the defence set up an eitopnal it i .l The Court decided that the motion be denied?hw e plaintiff"could only recover tho amount actually due J not being shown that he had advanced the full amoun the bomb ) ,V. 11. Tnllmodce r? Wm. C. flryutiC?The defendan as sued for a libel published in the Kvening Tost, anr ,. case now came up on a demurrer The Court deel d for tht plaintiff with the usual liberty. George Rothery rt. The North River Fire Inrurmnrr Co.? ? The original action was to recover the amount of a polic j of insurance effected upon certain premises in Naw Jer g sey, and which were consumed by fire subsequent and within the time of the policy. The defence set up wai ? that the plaintiff had himself set fire to the premises (or the purpose of defrauding the company. Tney produced a 1- witness who swore that the plaintiff had declared hia in ' tention of committing the arson, and had offered him a bonus to assist him. The case went to the jury on thu !- credibility ofthis witaesynwd a verdict was given for the >- plaintiff. A new trial v/Kmoved for on the ground thai i- the judge had given the jury wrong directions, and also that further evidence had bean discovered since the trial l- to fasten the arson on the plaintiff. The Court denied the ! motion, with costs. Simon Schnidler vs. Sheriff Hart.?This was a motion lot d a new trial, to teat the question whether the judgment debtor was possessed of the property alledged by the plaintiff; the original action was against the Sheriff for s e false return. Motion denied. Edward J. Swonlt vs. Jinn Stryker.?'This was a motion I to set aside the report of referees. Granted. n Common Plena Before Judge Inglis. d Krs. ft.?Ferguson, vs. David Bignall.?This was an ac s tion to recover the amount due lor labor in building a road, at the joint expense of the defendant and Lispenard a Stewart, through their property adjoining Yonkers. Ker II guson contracted .to build the road for $3o0, and this was s accepted bv Stewart, who was authorized by Bignall tc n it ? 1 U ..I.I o?t ?? M t.oll f the expense. The road was built, and Stewart paid bit one half, but Bignall rrfuscil. The defence attempted to be set up was tbat the contract was tbat the road should 1 be built to a certain height, width, and to be composed ol i certain materials; also that the bridges anil culveiti li should be built of stone, and to be finished within a ceitain time. But as the defence could not produce a single 1 witness to sustain itself, tbe Court ordered a verdict Tot t the plaintiff in full, with costs. ? Hay nor 4* Pond, vs. Warmt C. Gray.?The plaintitrs are f racers, doing business at the corner of Burling slip and 'ront street, and this action was brought to recover foi < the defendant, as security, the amount of a bill of gracee ries sold a person named Walmsley. lie was introduced by Gray to the plaintiffs, and as a guarantee of his credit it he bee.line security for the first instalment. Accordingly, f a bill of goods was sold, and a payment of $200 was made t thereon. This action was to recover the balance. The i Court decided that the plaintiffs must be non-suited, inasmuch as a promise to pav the debt of another, if not redu> red to writing, was .under the provisions or the statute, void in law. V non-suit was accordingly entered, f William O'Brien, et. al., vs. Emilir Goulard ?This is s an action on an Illinois llond, in which some of the b beauties cfthe Brokerage System will be exhibited The } case will be continued to-morrow, (Tuesday.) Before Judge lngraham. r Driggi vs. Reynaldt.?This was on action to recover the ' value of a boat, a horse and cart, and a cargo of vege' tables, Ike. The plaintiff owed the sum ot $27 3to the defendant, who entered into an arrangement with the plaintiff that his <on-in law should become his partner in the ' business. He represented that the son-in-law was possessed of capital to the amount of $700, which added to the stock of Driggs, would enable them both to extend their . enterprise on u larger scale. A bill of sale had been exc' cuted by Driggs to Reynolds on the boat, Sic.?Driggs ac cepted the terms offered,and proceeded to purchase alarge quantity of )>otatoes, cabbages, onions, and such like county produce, which he brought down to New York in " the boat. Here be met Reynolds, who remained in charge ' of the.boat while Driggs went to execute some commis" sions, and meantime Reynolds seized the boat, cargo and a all, under the bill of sale, and removed them from Driggs possession. It appeared that the money of the son-in-law was not forthcoming, and this caused the difference. Tin * defence attempted to show the existence of a partnership. A sealed verdict will be rendered in the morning. Decisions In Chancery. Before the Honorable Lewis II. landlord, Assistant Vic? Chancellor. Lewis Curtis and others vs. John R. Pitkin and others.? D Marvin and VV. C. Noyes for complainants, J. Cleave land, Jr. D. Leavitt, receiver, kc. Decree for sale, kc.? Complainants costs out of the fund. Residue of funds to be de|>oxited by special receiver, and the amount of D Leavitt's costs made a specific deposit out of the fund, to abide the decision of the complainant's rights, kc. Baker's Executors vs. Stephen Kingsland.?8. K. Clark son for complainants. K. Brown and Murray Hoffman foi defendant. Decided that complainant's witnesses weri incompetent, on the ground of interest, and their deposi tions suppressed. Akroydpnd Schwa iter vs. Christian King.?Dan. Marvin and W. C. Noyes lor complainants, J. M. Van Cott and J Anthon for defendant. Exceptions to masters report dis allowed, except in reference to sundry small Items. Referred back to master to correct the same. Charles Dirkinson, jr. and wife vs. Mary Codwise and others.?8. F. Clarkson and M. 8. Bidwell for complain ants, K. H. Owen and D. Lord, jr. lor defendants. Decided that O. Cedwise, jr. died seized of the premises purchased of O. and K H. Bowne, and W. Cooper. Decree for paitition and account of rents and profits, and of th< estaie of O. Codwise, jr. kc. Mrs. Codwise declared seized of residue of premises, and that she was not a surety for her husband in respect of the debt made by improving that portion of the premises, kc. Jacob Cram vs. Abraham Mitchell and others ?J. 8. Bosworth for complainant, 8. B. H. Judah for defendants. As signment to Allen and others set aside as fraudulent,*as against the complainant. The purchaser of Nones also declared invalid. Complainants debt and costs out of the fund. Isaac T. Storms and others vs. Abraham Mitchell and others.? The same counsel and the same decisional to Mitchell's assignment and complainants debt and costs. Jeotiis D. I'tnguel vs. Albert B Dad, Executors, <J*c.?JBlunt for complainant, J. N. Taylor for defendant. De cree that hond is valid, and complainant entitled to make the set-off claimed. Defendant to pay costs of suit. Defendant at liberty to have Penguct's costs of suit at law taxed, and to charge costs of suit to the estate Quiney C- Dei Grove and al. rs John I.. Norton.?D. P Burnard for complainants, (t. clatk for defendant. Decree that defendant execute the release and pay costs Jlaron B Hays and George C. Thorburn, Executors dr. of S. Mayers ?Jeremiah Kershaw, C. K. Ciuin foi complainants, 11. B. Cowle for defeudant. Decided that complainants cannot make a good title. Defendant to receive back his deposit in the costs of suit. Edward C. Badeau vs. Daniel E Tylee and others Asa Hall vs. thef same ? B. 8. Brooks and B. VV. Bonney for defendant, C. Kdwards for complainants. Demurrei overruled. Defendant to answer and pay costs in twentydays. James O'Meara vs. Daniel E. Tylee and others; J. Rockford and others vs. the same; Charles Hall rs. the same; Andrew Hallj-s. the same ; John J. Legraw rs. the same; nenjamin H. Taylor vs thesami; Christian Stewart vs. the same; Harrison It Hasted vs. the same; Rau-land Hill and others vs. the same?the same counsel and the snue deci iion at in Badeau va. Ty lee and othera. Maru Waldron, Execurtix, <f-c. vs. Courtlandt Palmer, and others.?W. H Bogardus and F. Wilson, for complain ant, R. C. Wheeler, for defendant. Palmer; S.Sherwood, for Mrs. Lewi*. Decree?that Palmer it entitled to be credited on hii bond the value of the deficiency in the quantity of land conveyed to him, with interest, and to hii coata of the auit. Foreclosure, lie., for reaidue of debt, with the lame coata aa if no defence. Isaac Rene stein and Wife CI Abraham J. Jackson and others, Executors of Daniel Jackson ?John Cook for complainants; T.J. Brady, and J. L. Hiker, for defendanta Bill dismissed with coats. Eliza A. Cairn, Administratrix, 4'C. vs. James Arthur, 4*r.?H. Wilsen for complainant; II. 8. Mack ay, lor deiendaut. Assignment declared fraudulent as against com plainant; assignee to account, and complainant's debi and coats to he paid out of the fund. Cases IIkard at Aiburi?, Oct. Term.?Joseph Fellows el. al. vs. The Amesican Life Insurance J- Trust Co.?A Worden ior complainants; W. 11. Seward for defendant Bond declared not to be usurious ; bill dismissed with costs. Samuel Miller, Receiver of Wayne County llank. rt Ahner F. Ixikey.?A. Worden for complainant; T. R. Strong for defendant. Bill dismissed withiut costs; complainant's costs out of the fund. O. H. F.. LYNCH, Assist. Vice Chancellor's Clerk. Amusements Theatre anh Circus?Chatham.?His llonot the Mayor, the Recorder and the Members of the Common Council, have had their attention attracted by the bills ol the day, and this evening they pay a visit in a body to this establishment. Cousin, the Clown, has promised a new budget of fun for the occasion. Mrs. (iosiin presents a new act of horsemanship called the Female Bluebeard, in which she exhibits all the rarest beauties ol the art. Stone Iwill give his Indian acts? Lee with his monstrous feats of strungth?the Minstrels and other items form a bill of varieties never before seen. American Museum.?The new entertainment? went ofl' lant night with great eclat, and the house was well filled, despite the inclemency of the weather Mrs. Western, a highly accomplished actress, made hei first appearance, and a decided nit. She will, doubtless, be a great favorite there Signer Francisco's feats were of the most surprising kino ; Dr. Valentine beat even himself, and the lecture and experiments on Animal Magnetism was applauded most enthusiastically, aa indeed il I should be, for it is the beat thing, decidedly, that wo ever saw. Mr Booth, Mr Sherman, and La Petite Cerito, were i received with their usual marks of aimrobaiion The n?r ' formanoe to night will be the beat of the kuaaon. Don't forget the Oip?ey Queen, the fortune teller. Ct7- JUST PUBLISHED, BV BURGESS, STRINGER St Co., 322 Broadway, corner of Ann atreet, The Pupil ol Raphael, 2 volume! 76 cent! ?A work of extraordinary merit, by a new American author who now for the first time appear! before the public, The work treata extern ' lively upon the art* of Painting, Sculpture and Mimic 1 We l>cg leave to refer to the following notice from the 1 New York American, being one of the aeverat commend' able notice! the work haa received. Til* Pern, or RtrHAix, by , New York, 3 vola ? 1 There ia a blank in the title page for the name of the 1 author; and we are not yet far enough advanced in the 1 work to gather iti atory or general aim, but quite far enough to lie convinced that both talent and varied know; ledge have combined to produce it, and to make what we ' are perauaded by the attraction of what we have mad,will be a very readable book?in ipite of ita deviation! from ordinary forma. ' Taate in art, inaight into the human heart, fine acholir [ like criticiam, metaphyseal aubtlety.and a winning atyle will not leave the author'! name a blank very long.though * we have not the moat diatant conjecture who he ia. 1 VALENTINES! BUROEol, STRINGER fx CO 1 have received from recent importation! and the beat home ' manufacturer!, a large and splendid assortment of Valentine! for the approaching 14th of February?all varieties and price! from aixpenoe to five dollars each. Will commence on the 17th of February, the pnblira ' tlon of a new weekly paeer, entitled Maga/.inc For Thi Million, and W'eexfy Keview of ( urrent Literature ? | Price aix cent*. > (&- COLD, f'OI 'fill. CONSUMPTION -POSITIVE comparative auperlative ; theae arc the atepa in thv lad i der which, for man. renchea down from the liright and I gladaome earth to the dull and noiaome grave In all sen ? eona we are expoaed to the ravage! of thia destroyer. B< t careful of yourfeet, then, frlenda I Keep them warm an" i dry, though your whole body be cold and wet. t you have taken a cold, cure it at once, by all nieani. Dr r?er*' C?ukh Lorengea may he obtained at principal t office, 126 Fulton atreet. Read hit recommendation and 1 judge for youraelvea. His Worm and Cordial Lorenget, Vegatable Tooth Taate, and other preparation!, may t>? had at the ?ame place, r ' III E SOUTHERN MAIL. JS | ? aujr* WuhlB|ton. >* in [Correspondence ol the Herald.J JJJJU Washinoton, 4th Feb., 1844. u?in The third and last throw of the die has been cast, Mr. Calhoun lias written bis letter, and defined his J0U own position ; and his " voininent and influential l*ke frieads and supporters,'*have defined also theirs. ^n*' The consequences already begin to appear. I will cejvi now give you a Washington daguerreotype view of thg, them all as accurately as I can now take it. canu Calhoun's Position.?He is i? toto opposed to the Baltimore Van Buren Convention. Assigns his from reasons at length. He does not withdraw his name 1 as a candidate in the broad field for the Presidency, pju | But he does withdraw his name as a candidate lor* < ^ .. . .. airen trom me uaiumore convention. ne aisunciiv 0jf_ n . leaves it to his "friends and political supporters, Cabl< l either to press hint, or to withdraw him altogether all tt I as a candidate for the Presidency in the broad field, theli As an isolated individual, Mr. Calhoun declares ly 1 that he will never support any presidential candi1 date, who either himself, or whose "prominent ?r" ' | and influential friends and supporters," are in favor wjj0 > of a protective policy, or who even " give their Uie l countenance to the agitation of abolition in Con- VaUi r gress or elsewhere. In the matter of protection, city > this may hit Silas Wright, and .lames Bu- Pills ; clianan, both of whom voted in favor of the store ; present tariff. And in Mr. Calhoun's estimation df0'" the present tariff is protective, if Mr M'Duftie's in- |!loo< , terpretation of it be an expression of Mr. Calhoun's I views. And in the matter of abolition it will hit a p, class of men indicated by Samuel Beardsley, Kirh- 0fot ard II. Davis, and other "prominent friends and intl 1 supporters of Mr. Van Buren," who both counte- com] ; nance the agitation of abolition in Congress, and couli ; elsewhere, so far as the reception of abolition pe- unPj 1 titions is concerned, and the obolition of the 21st | rule. Such is Mr. Calhoun's present position: ' in taking which lie stands alone?committing thou none of his friends. They are at liberty to KjV# choose and define whatever position tliey please. a*ho i And in the event either of Clay's or Van Burpn's l ti 1 election, he will be the prominent geographical tube candidate of the Democracy in 1848. "V"* Position of Calhoun's FttiSNns.?They have ?' "" withdrawn him as a Presidential candidate alto- fj?*' gather from the broad field. They will conditionally support Mr. Van Buren. t\ ... i. i ;n ?... . j ucy win ouji|?uii mill, [uiniuru lie ill ,nu|i|'ui i Wiai the principles of the Baltimore Convention of 1H40, earni itnd the leading principles just now laid down in ing t Calhoun's letter. Th They distinctly and emphatically adopt and en- d?JM" dorse us their own the principles of Calhoun, e' especially upon the tariff, and the agitation of abo- fore lition, (meaning I suppose the rejection ol abolition c|in? petitions under the 21st rule.) IF Mr. Van Buren, my f, , Silas Wright, Samuel Beardsley, ano other of his onta "prominent and influential friends and supporters," khi will not endorse, adopt, mid unequivocally practice ***" ' ?and give substantia! evidence that they will so anJ? do?the principles of Mr. Calhoun, particularly pj?.u upon the two topics above named?then they post- ^ tively and distinctly declare that Mr. Van Buren wj shall never have tneir support. In their table ol principles, and future political course, they have , left no margin. Unqualifiedly Van Buren, and his Tr friends also, must come to them and stand upon their platform, and pull at their end of the rope. T1 Such is the position of Calhoun's dyed-in-ihe wool " friends and supporters." But from their po- *ig]? ' -lition, to the different positions of the various 1 t " friends and supporters" of other Presidential can- Qc didates there is a complete and easy sliding scale? ED a very wide margin?wide enough for Van Buren No to stand upon, together with all his friends. Ac- '""J1 cordingly, you may now see them in every dirce- I10,, tion sliding to Mr. Calhoun's platform. The whole 0 Van Buren purty have spontaneously either at one 1 jump planted their feet firmly upon Calhoun's platform, swallowing his principles as they would a dish of raw oysters?or they have got upon the margin of Calhoun's principles?which, for example, in the matter of the tariff, you will find all the way from South Carolina to Louisiana on the one side, and to Pennsylvania and Massachusetts on the other. In every direction there is a sliding scale, gentle enough and long enough to unite the whole party pu The Consequences?Van Buren and his friends aadt are tickled to pieces. They thank Calhoun as I* kindly and as .graciously, as the man does who ^ picks ?p a pocket-book lying in the street, which jy|ea? another had generously passed by?he thanks him sevei very kindly for leaving it untouched. They pledge hoan themselves incontinently to sustain Calhoun's whin principles. They have ufready held a caucus here with (on briday night), and derided to swallow the inK? oysters as Calhoun lias cooked thetn, in infinite ?'our gratitude that they are not compelled to swullow the shells with them. , They will be expected forthwith to re-enact the ^ecr 21st rule, and reject abolition petitions, and eschew sale abolition discussions. amoi They will also be expected to alter the present tariff until it can be called a tariff for revenue only. Ee*t( This they may very safely do, as there can be no 80 prospectof any essential alteration beinggot through the present whig Senatp. mor^ President Tyler is also rejoiced at the withdraw- New al of Mr. Calhoun, whom lie regarded as his most Brav powerful rival and antagonist. He believes the Lyoi democratic party will be convinced that Van Bu- ro , ren must be beaten by Mr. Clay, and that they * So will soon discover that, in the end, John Tyler is " " not only the most available democratic candidate, . but the only one who can beat Henry Clay, because . he is tl e only man who can draw off a part, and an essential part, of Henry Clay's forces from the Whig ranks?without which forces neither Clay num nor \ an Buren can win the victory. In President whei Tyler's opinion, therefore, the withdrawal of Cal- qnnn houn adds strength to his own position. P1*?; Van Buren's case is now strengthened nearly to "j*4" its ultimatum. Cass and Johnson must take their P stand with Buchanan and Calhoun,, except in the ac"0 event that Johnson is ran as Vice President. Na?? The Philadelphia 4th of July Convention is re- 77 k garded by the Clay and Vun Buren supporters as all I.edg knocked into a cocked hat. The "prominent and influential friends and sup- QQ porters" of the resi?ective "withdrawn" candidutes will doubtless expect to share largely in the ,r spoils, should Van Buren be elected. The position of Thomas H. Benton is strength- by** ened; and he daily adds increased vigor to his to th lending articles in the Washington Globe. tenci Hilas Wright's prospects nre playing ut sce-saw form with Martin Van Buren's?us the one cops up, the pish other goes down. For New York and the North 80 will not furnish two Presidents in succession. e,re. Henry Clay will have a harder battle to light _ now than he hnd before Calhoun's withdrawal. Such is a Washington picture of politics, as viewed by a disinterested observer. S. B. forti P. S.? There is an idle report in circulation that moci Judge Upshur is to receive the appointment to ever France. There is no truth in it. ?n J table Sri'keme Co cut of tuk UftTED states? Feb If. J'?r" On motion of Hon. S. Beardsley, Mortimer F. Helano, Ksq., of New York, was admitted as an nt- ,.V(,r torney and counsellor of this Court. On motion year of Hon. J. M. Berrien, Howell Cobb, Ksq. of Geor- lurii mi*. Yl'iiK nil nitffprl nn nftnrnrv nnH rniins<?llnr nl h?#K tliis Court. No. 141?Benjamin .!. Knapp vs. Ed- fa''" rnund Hanks. In error to the Circuit Court of the of.1 United States for the Southern District of N. Yorit. On motion of Mr. Ogden this writ of error wasdis- ^ missed for the want of jurisdiction. No. 12.? th~ji Krancoise F. Vidal, et. al , appellants, vs. the city retur of Philadelphia and the executors of Stephen Oi- i,ave rard. The argument of this cause was continued ieg 1 by Oen. Jones for the appellants. Adjourned till it na Monday, 11 o'clock, A. M. ___________ pitali Affairs of Texas.?In our last news from Tex- c?" c is, it was stated that the President of that Kcpublie had retailed to recall Charles II. Raymond,K?o., hearer q |j# of despatches to the Government of the United Sta os ; the resolutions of the Senate to that eflect to the contrary ^ c notwithstanding. In explanation of this refusal, it seems ^ that, on the day Mr. Raymond left Washington (in Texas) ()er4 for this city, the Senate passed a resolution requesting the ^ President to recall him and delay hi* departure until the }jon leapatcht-s which lie was supposed to he heoring to Mr. Vnn /andt, t.harge d'Aflaires of Texas near this Go- |M] vernment, and which were beileved to be of a very im- (|ie ( porlant and exciting character, should be laid before and JOna acted upon by that body. To this request tlic President m promptly refused to| accede, at the same time denying (|,ajr the Senate's right thus to interterc with his special pre- (,ont] rogative.?National Intelligentrr. anj , Seles of Stocks at Philadelphia. Of Fissr Dnano, February ft. 36 shares Philadelphia and "toe Trenton RR, 100; .1 do Pennsylvania Bank, 343; $1490 * i State ft's. convertible, 00; $400 State 6 s. 1346. semi-annual, 69; $3000Tennessee A's, 1st Jiui. 96; $300 State h's, 1943, 69}; $55 do, 1946, new annual, 69j; 4 shares Schuylkill Navigation. 361; 64 share* Farmer*' and Mechanics' St< Bank, s6f. 41 }; 79 do Wilmington R R, 161; $1006 State 6's cent; 65; $3100 New County 6'?, I860, 97: 19 shares U H Bank, 4; 9 do Mechanic*' Bank, 35J; 40 do Penn Township Bank. 37); 10 do Oirard Bank. 9; 10 do Kentucky Bank. Peter 73; 60do Vlckshurg Bank, sftf, 9; loo do Wilmington RR, Lifei id* f, 161; 36 do Reading R R, 33; $3090 Reading R B Konds. 671 * Src oxn llovsn, Febrnnry 3 ?1ft share* Oirard Bank, 81; * 163 do Mechnnica'Bank. 36j; 60 do Oirard Bank. *ftf. sj. By $1000 County ft's, old, I960, 97; fly share* 'Wilmington RR h 161; 10 do Reading R R. 33; $3000 Wilmington 6's, 1955, 793; $3000 do 1856, *6f, 70J. *>??< lavoi LATRST BOUrilKHfl MH1P ARWI |>#ro, Nosroi *, Jan II?Art Virginian. Bedell NYork; Brilliaa', abnn Gibson, Newport* News; eld M nerva. (Br) Buigsy W?gr l?dl-s; John W flmirh, Jervn, Trinidad Feb I, srr 8 net, Fol. favoi \er. Nanturket; eld llann h AIukoI, Moore, Gitad < loupe; ..hie IV lor, Edmnnd* Liverpool; *14 I W Kemi'ton, N Vork 3d. irr F.livs Ann, Kitnerald; eld Virginia, Jordan, VV advir lndte*;*ld Nai'er, F. mond Livvpool altho QtJ- CHAPMAN'S METALLIC HONE RAZOR ",e" STROP?The heat article known for keeping razor* in Th order, warranted to pleaie or the monoy returned. 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J not take the least particle of food without the most lj casa^t and uncomfortable sensations in ,my chest, L and trowels. My chest was so sore that I could not the slightest pressure without giving me pain. My J.' rl1 h was most miserable ; many physicians told me they jht'I was in the consumption, and that if I did not Th up my business, and change climate, 1 could live but conn rt ,im0 ed de ried every thing in the shape of medicine, and cond the most skillful physicians, but lound no perma- The i relief 1 became dlscourgefl, gloomy, sad, and sick Fulte ); and probably, ere this, should have been in my i>,m|? ?, had I not fell in with your precious medicine. A 1 of mine, who had been sick of the same complaint, Ah ed me to try your pills ; but, having tried most other banki eines without ohtamiug any relief, had but little faith , your Pills would be of benefit to mo ; but, at his 1 st solicitation, I procured a box and commenced tak- . . hem. 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The treatment of the 'ge is such u to insure success in cwrv cue. and is r,1m b Attica and Buflalo Railroad Company bare dacli livideadot livopor cent tor the la?t ?ix month*, pa >n the 10th in?t. New Vork city atockholdera wi ve their dividenda at the American Exchange Ban e New York Kire Inaurance Company have declar< )i-annual dividend of five percent, e General Mutual Inaurance Company declare thirt; er cent on the earned premium* of the year, for whic icates will be isaued on the 16th of March, and (i ent on the certificates of 1*43, payable in caah on th in it. e receipt* ol tpecie at New Orleans on the IMh ( try amounted to $19,000, making the total receipt ie season $3,00.1,717. e Mobile money market ia rather tight. Speculator tton with difficulty make money to enable them t Alabama fund* were quoted at 41 a a per cm er*' Ic Merchant!' Bank certificates, (J a 7 discour tury note* } di*., and dull at that, e quarterly report* of the city Banks gradually mall appearance. Usui* Ban*. 1SI3. 1511. Xov |. Feb 1. Inc. liter I and disc-uuts. $1,691.10 1.861 'S3 173 075 ? o do to Directors, 231,858 165 965 ? 67.61 0 do to Brokers. .'.61.107 393 120 ? 171,6 ?, H'9,133 371,161 161,733 ? UtioD, 151,623 391,12! ? Cl.l litis, 1,391 365 1,361,969 93.731 ? Phknix Batib. 1813. tail. Nov. t Feb I. Inc. liter 1 sod d scounts, $1.299 555 1,629.113 330,288 ? o do to Directois, 159,626 131,315 ? 27,6 0 do to Brokers, 333 537 153 300 ? 180,0 e. 118.271 392,711 ? 15.3 ilstion, 389,780 337,336 ? 62 1 sit I, 603,610 1,351,151 417,813 Kilton Bank. 1813. 1811. Nov. I. Feb. I. Inc. lit. i 1 and Disciud's, ?7l CI2 881.681 210,039 >n do to Director!, 202,391 123,903 ? 781 >o do to Brekers, 10' 00 87 915 77.915 e, 567 699 253,2(0 ? 111,1 ilstion, 25T.087 212,671 ? 11.3 sits, 755,S10 720,, 91 ? 31.1 ese three banks show an increase in the regular d t line, and, with the exception of the Kulton, increa posit* and decreased loans to directors and brokei i mount of specie on hand has declined both in tl in and I'henix, while it has increased in the Unit stract from returns made by the several incnr|k>rati s in Maine, as they existed the first day of Januar compared with previous reports Banks or Mains. bilitie.*. June IB42. Jan'v l*4'i 7"... iaj i 9 I. $J,H>4,nno 3.311 000 2,*25.000 3,1100.0 11'ion. 1214.2 5 1,106.261 1,147.625 1,606.6 I, 160.767 101.160 109,014 100 a i < nki, 75 062 65.361 138 166 65,5 lite, 561.223 542.017 6 3 090 927 4 litr on iu't 91,196 91.731 90,715 81,1 amounr due lh? ba'ki $5,487.435 5,221,136 5,641.618 5,760.5 tMMtrCM. R, 181 041 175,301 158.592 521.7 Ks'a'e. 211,MB 256.148 258 617 762 6 of B'k?in8t*te, 91,798 75,371 87.610 101,6 f ba-ks rlieere. 24 494 78 148 31,191 31 I Mil hrokl, 775 618 283.501 500.957 8P5.0 0 bu lit, 4.700 363 4,405,660 3,916,613 4.279,3 1 amount of rc i fb iii. 65,487.435 5,221,136 5.043.618 5.790 5 s see, by tbio, an increase in specie and circulatic ! the last semi-annual report?an increase ol' capit if debts due the banks. The totals show an iucrea e general movement* of ^748,000. The highest dii declared by any batik in the State is thrcu and a h: ent, und the lowest one and a half. Tho Mercanti :, Bangor, lias not declared a dividend since 183 tank of VVesthrook none sinco into, and the Bank ;ornone sinco'S41. All therestmade and paid db sin is 13. There are thirty-five banks in tho Sta capitals ranging from fifty to four hundred tbousai rs each. 813. 184 June. ,/an nat of sfiai-uiuuat Dividend, 86 7 30 86 i )o. re erve profi'i 61,227 6.1 1 due and esnsidered doubtful 22.582 19,3 unt d' e from Preti. rot rod Directors as r.pals 242,407 201.: )o. do do aa-urvtiev 212 812 214.6 )o from stockholders aa pri. cip.ili- 259,720 233,1 >e movements of the Bank of England for a aeriea s, as given below, are very interesting at thia ir 1, in consequence of the state of the money mark the policy adopted by the Bank at thia juncture normal all airs. Bank or EenLAKD. Circulation. Vcjiuiittr. Bullion. SccurU 183) 19,80 ,1100 13.100.0( 0 10 900.100 24 2?0 I . 1834 * 19.147.000 15.181,000 8 272 00U 28 679,1 1 1835 1.1,591,100 112.19.000 6 149,(010 26 220.1 163. 17.262,000 19.169,000 7,076 000 31.954 1 " 18.0*1,000 13.2*3 000 t .66 J. 009 26,531,1 1877 -- 17 868,000 14 210.000 4.032 Ik 0 31085.1 1 1838 .. 18 987.000 11,262.000 10,1 6,000 22.8JB.1 " 19.2 9.000 9 327,000 9.437.0410 22.015.1 " 18.469.000 9.031,1010 9'161.000 20.707 1 1839 - I".612,000 6.731.000 2 525.000 21.939 1 1BI0 -- 17.231.000 6 762 100 4.<45.000 22.782.1 18i2 ... 16 633 600 7 9i8 0(10 4,779.000 22.6'O.C ... 20 0M ,000 9, <69.000 9.611000 22,57 <t 1842 - 193I4 0?0 10.980 0 0 12,098, COO 21,92.1 2 19,121100 10,911 000 13,475.000 20,926,1 30 19 098.060 11.751.000 12.855.COO 21,667.1 ie Uarette soyo?" The above return* do e bit the results usually expected et this sees .he year; hut this is, certainly, no matter rise, seeing that the money market altogeth i a far different position. The circulation b reduced by ?23,000, but the deposits have increas '807,000, a proof of the abundance of unemployed ci notwithstanding the investments in Railway Shan 'very other available description oi property, even itful character. The securities have increased I ,000, and the bullion shows the important advance i.OOO, amounting now to within ?145.000, or thirte ons sterling. This condition oi the Bank must ha y powerful influence on the movements ofthe cotti let It will prevent that immense speculation antii 1 by holders on this side. It will compel operators ne their business to the regular legitimate rhanni ide.and prevent the sudden fluctuations that are inv y the result of desperate speculations. The Londi t market was rapidly advancing, but so long as t its in the Bank of England remain large, or are ncrease, there is no immediate danger of any sudd or fall in prices. Very little evil arises from specu i in stocks, compared with those created by an ai I stimulus given to operations in any important sta; :le. 4 hstr act or tub Nitt PRonrrr. or tiii Rrvrsrrr -fat Dhitai* is th>. Viars and Qiaiuius r.*n r. iui or Jani'akt 18i3 ano 1314, iHonnii tiii i.ask on Dm si aic THr.aror:? Veari endt d Jan 5. mi . 1841. r. I )t om ?'9 O'S,119 19 073.219 ? 2, II 4"7,3"4 I .791807 387,583 IPs 6 P.I i 100 6 1 6.155 ? 64 4 273 5M 4, 96 186 ? 83 rrlcTai 571 1156 5,149 *60 4,678,201 Office too Di ll 594 000 ? 1J. II I. -nds 133 000 IIT.'iOO ? 15, ellaneous 579 III 1634.741 1.055,3 0 1 nrd. Revenue- ?43,13.1,77] 49,078,168 6,121,037 178, rsie-l and* other 1 cVs. 511,411 168,528 ? 342, t f Advsn 682,681 821 '47 142 V* I income ?44 329 86.1 50,07 ,913 6,263 603 511, leduct 581, "35 nrrtasr on the yesr 5,742,078 Quarter! ended Jan. 5. 1847 1814. fnrr. I)l Ml ?4,214 089 4.766 968 .592.S79 7.022 008 3(120.771 8,761 us i.'61 754 1.523 6'3 ? 38, 1 1,886 61 1 868 857 ? 17, rti T 257 211 451 41 > 197 M3 Office II- IMMI 143 010 2 006 'n Lands 40.060 30 one ? 10,1 MM 21 537 11 917 ? 9 1 ord.Rcvnof. ?11,143.763 11,829 181 760 815 75, '.t sud oili*r Mo 107.097 50,136 - 156, Vinents of Ad 211217 WAN 06,813 I income ?1>,486,107 12 211,777 875.586 131,1 >o luct decrease 131,'>88 ncri-sse on lh? qurter 745.670 do immense increase arise* principally from the pi r tax The remarks on this great improvement fr< otidon papers will be found in our columns. T nue trom customs show a large increase from the 1 ter, although for the year the receipts are smal last. The result of the new taa laws, will have great political effect throughout tho kingdom, s igthen the position of the present minority in powe Old Stock Kuhang*. NYl's 107>6 25 Hatleai R R 4 Te"B*t?ee 5's 84>4 200 do b*Q 4 OhioT's 101 25 Psterton R R bOO 7 17 Htstes is llljd 85 do 7 Peoo'oS's 65H 50 Vieksboig bsnk do b30 66 60 da bid . , do t*y 40 Bk CnmmT'e, full 9 Ind i Bds. 25 ys 37v 26 do scrip * do 37jZ 60 D?1 k Hanson R R II '>hio4's 97* 50 N Am l'in-.t Co I d) *40 97% 150 do ?C0 I do 160 68 310 d > I do s O 97y 10 Farms a Lean 3 ? do 9i;J 50 do boo 1 Kentucky o's boo 103 50 do bio i' ... do Uliy 115 do spl bds 41 100 dido b30 41 * UK) do bio r iwiNorfcWor n;n li1, 50 Ohio L 81 Trust l#n ' do rh 34?* 20 do do 34j. 43 ViiiiisI Iss Co ' do b60 34** 10 An.-k Hoch K R ,,J antoa Co I8?0 30 61 N Je.scy H R . . " do blO 3914 V" do , blO 91 do b.O 19* 50 Jirkson IsS Co 9u larIsm R R 43* l? r.ric H K do 4312 in dj II const Boaid. Farmers' Loan 32y 5600 (Hi J 01s 41 do 31 '0 rs A Tru-t 11 Illinois 41 150 "icksburc I Ifew Stock Kiehaags. I KcnV S's. large kde 88 'lOllirlimRR slO 4 Ind 23 yrbonos e 10 77 50 do 4 Illinois *'a, 70 lOd 40*6 50 do tw 4 do tl 4Sy 179 do 4: Ksn'y O's, 30 71 ?h 101* tl do s3 4 ij miKirm irum uiui -iuiui i-iia procure 01 ruining y4B onititution with mercury, ?n 1 inmoatcaaci leaving PH?<? much woraethaa the original. One of the mem- Tuu ui inn > uiiege ,ior many yeari connecieu Willi me J, ipal hoapitala of K urope, attnnda daily for a conaultafrom 9 A.M. to H P.M- '' rma ? Advice and medicine, fJV A cum guaranteed. Th roni*it to CowiTav IvvAi.ina.?Persona living in pert. country and not finding it convenient to attend per- ' : lly, can have forwarded to them a cheat containing " ? >edicinei renuiaite to perform a perfect cure by itating revei caae explicitly, together with all avmptoma, time ol nUar raction and treatment received elaewhere, if any tncloiing fl. Boat paid, addreaaed to W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. very Ilea and Consulting room* of the College, 94 Nassau ,trrI] it MOIUCY MARKET. ?<2oO Monday, Feb. 0-0 P. M. ^ )ck? generally are up. Long Ialand advanced \ per M>oo Harlean, j; Ohio 6'a, Pennsylvania ft'a, J; Far- 55H 'Tniat, J; North American Tniat, j; Vickaburg, }? on down J; Norwich, J; Kentucky fi'a and Ohio innnn ind Truat cloaed firm at Saturday'a pricea. The aalea not very cxtenaive, hut a better feeling prevail! in IJnoo rc-t the arrival of one ofoir regular F.iverpool packet!, VMM are advirea from F.nrope four daya later. The move (laM . in the money and other market! were of the moat 2111,0 . .... , t->0.1 jrde niture, and preient indication! of a very pro!i! !tate of the commercial circle!. The greet ^ dance of money in London mint have a very Tj C able effect on price! lor ..'"an stocks j' h will have a correiponding influvnco here. The ;n H 'c! regaiding cotton are not considered very favorable 4W ugh the advance wm sustained. The falling oft in I ii looked upon a! being rather unfavorable. 10 n cotton market shows another advance of an Jd, y 00 h, added to the previoua improvement, makei a riae hicli iva! Irmly sustained, hut with diminiahed aalaa ^ e Butchera" and Drovera1 Bank haa declared a aemj- innee al dividend of three and a half par cent, payable on !?JJ? ?th iaat. jaoo * S20h'??;- i?o do m mm y 1^ 1- w. M do tw In *2 do *{Z ?S *? g ?* . lfjilui N AmTrwt 17 \w j0 hJ*J !?* IS Loan M* m Loo, ft H 71 *S Vitkaburf Bask bli (2 oo do Tzft ,. :s it s: | | s ts i ISh^be ? iil " "SB >f State of Trad*. ' I A?he?.?Wo quote pota at M i M 01 j, andPaaria u 1 M 13J. Whiikbt.?Drudge continue! very dull it j3e, bemle g about the hum at U^c. Paovinom.?Prime Pork, new, aella at $7t. leaf ia very 0 dull We quoteprime, *4 a $4 Mi Maaa, Ma SO 3d. Lard < ia in (light demand. We notice (ilea at 0 a ?lo. it Cotton.?The market ia very quiet to-day?eae liat of SAO balee waa taken lor ahipmeut, and about the aame quantity in (mail lota to apeculatora. The arrival ef the >e ahip Montezuma, had the effect ol making aome holders preaa their aamplea ; the packet of to-morrow, for Liverpool, the ahip (ieorge Waahington, receivM the liat abeve alluded to, andia now lull BariDiTurri ?Thia market lain the aame condition to I day a* on Saturday. yj | ll New York cattle Market. ? Fi b o ?At market. 790 Beef eattle, i*> Cowe tad Calve*, and 1000 Sheep. Price*.?Beef cattle, owing to the imal] quantity at aarket, an advance ha? been obtained of i6 cnnt* per cwt., and we quote good crttle at $4 50 a $5, and $? M a $t; Vl with extra, at $0 25 a $4j 50. 27 Cowi and Calves ail told at $15 a $'10. U Sheep ?The market cleared at former prieea, $1 30 aft it for ordinary quality. Hoy.?A good eupply at 03} a 75c per cwt. r. I Foreign Marketa. " I Kixr.ii ox, (law ) Jan. W.--The importation* laat year amounted to 00,344 bbl* and 1,000 hall barrel# Flour; V.74S 79 1 ' arrets Meal; l,836tierce*, 401 half tiercee, and9,130bags 130 Rice ; 13,581 barrel* Bread, and 54,159 bagl Corn. >16 | MiTAittn, Jan. 33 ?The last tales Rice, 9 ra? and dealjg. er< well supplied. I.ard plenty and dull Exchange declining. Freight* dull Our market lor Muscovado 8u*' gar* lias opened with animation, and at high ratea, and * tlieie will, in all probability, rule for aome time. Though 1(> none of the brand* known' in your city hare made their appearance yet, otheri, of no celebrity with you, ham m been taken at 0, 0}, am) 61 r*. 7 r? it asked for other*, and I have not the least doubt 7} will be obtained lor fay) vorite brands, f'lajed Mola-se* is very scarce and firm, , at 11 rs. for parcela contracted, and these em hi ace almost ^ I all to arrive during February. Such chance lota aa can | be procured are greedily bought up at 1] a 3 rs. Clayed I Sugars 1J a ft}, browns and yellows; white*, 7 a 7| rs., 14. j highest price and dull. Kittle stocks of new yet. Coffbe, on 4} a 5}, as to quality; little doing. Soap, Ha'J, Candles, oi I 13} a }. Sperm and w hale oil, 7} rs. a 41 rs. gal. Codfish, j{ about $3J; Haddock, $3. Hoops, 45 a 60. ,91 ... . . . jRwssna 11 Married, On the 21st ult., by the Rev. B. Fvans, Johh Ltor to 11 Jane Hi.miii.rt, all ol this city. On the 4th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Buck, Ebcxexbb R. ?jj Would, to Sarah Ann Uxsivortil ?5 In Syracuse, on Sunday evening, at the Syracuse House, by Rev. Mr. Storer, Allan Shcldbx, of Clay, to Oft Miss Kydia Brown, of Cazenovia. 10 . f Died. On Sunday afternoon, February 4, JosarH Piooot, Jnn., aged 39 years and 9 mouths. >n lljs lriends and acquaintances and the "Son* of Temp* u[ ranee," are invited to attend his funeral this afternoon ut 4 o'clock, from the Methodist Church in Forayth ,e street near Division street. ri- At Woodstock, Vt . January 18, 1844, Mrs. Clabissa 8., ,jf wife of Hon. Titus Hi tchinson, aged 05 year*. On tliu 4th instant, alter a lonr. severe illness. John C. Davenport, agod .'9 years, late engineer ol the steamboat 19, Samson. uf The friends, relations, alio the Brooklyn Lodge No. 34, of Odd Fellows, are requested to uttwnd the funeral, from n" hi* late residence, corner of Whitehall and Water street, te, The order in general are invited to attend. ud Weekly Report of Interments ?. la the City and Connty ot New York, from the IT.h day of 'v. Jan. to the Sid day of he ., 1(44. I 6 41 Men ; 3d Women ; 52 Boy* ; 35 Uirb. Total 115. ['* diseases. Abscess, t; A|?plexy, 2 ; Burned "or scalded, >; Cancer, 1; '"aiuahi** I; ' holers lufuitum. I; Colic, I; Consumption, M; Convulsions, 12; Croup 4; i rbility. 1; Drleriam I iroteaa, 3; [:? L)roi>ay, 2; Dropsy in tha head, II; Drcpay ia tha Cbaat, l; "? drowned, I; D.a nt ry, 2; Fever, I; do putrprra , 1; de sear of lot. 4; do Tyi hud, 1; Tyilnia 2; Heart, disease of. 5; Hooping Cough,3; Inflammation, I; dj of bladdri.l; de of brain, 7; ,0* Jo of bow I , 6; do of client, 6; do of luucs, 14; do of stomach, t.t. I; do of liver. I; luf mi* ranee, 2; Mai form itiou, I; Melasma* 6, Mes lei, I; Mortificati n. I: Od Cue, J; rata", J; in Hheumatinn, 1} fccroful- 1; Sprue, i; buffncation,3; Taming. 3; deviation of throat, !; Unknown, 2. tut. Under 1 year, 41:1 to 2, 12; t to 5, 19; 5 to It, ; II to M, 7; !'? IS to 30.24; 30 to 4ft. 12; 40 to 50. IS; 5? to 60,7; M to 71,1; 7t to 100 to, 5; 00 to 90, I; 90 to iOO, I; unknown, I. loo rnacits op nativity. IO.i Unitrd States. 129; Ireland, 24; England. 5; WaW, 1; loo tiarmaiiy. 3; Italy. I; Bri.iih Ion osti na in Noilli America, 2. 0' Of the above, were from the Alma House, Bellerur, I. Hos'0(1 niral. Bellerue, It; femteutiary Hospital, Blackwell'i bland, H> 2; City Hospital, I. ion Colored persons U WM. A. WALTERS, City Inspector. 'On City Inspector*! Office. Feb- 5. lost, no .. ? ill!' Latest Advlcts 119 ICCIITSD AT THE NEW TOEE HERALD OFVICC. '00 Africa Oct. 24 Malaga- Dec. S H)< Antigua Dec. 22 Madeira Doc. 1 . /iieeibo--- Dec. 26 Mauritiua Oct. 4 i?t Aust'ayea Dec 19 Montevideo Not. 7 on Batavia Oct. 21 Maracaibo Dae. M Hay of Islands. N. Z-Aug. 3 Manaanilla pae. 14 ol Bermuda Jan 5 Matantas Ma. 23 Buenos Ayrea Nov. 20 Mayaguei Dan. M Belise. Hon. Jan. S Matamorma Dec. H iti Barbauoea Dec. IS Monterey Oct. M . Boueiie Dec. 5 Nassau, N. P. Jaa. 1 Bombay Dec. I Nenvitaa Dee. 1 in. Cape Town, C.O. H-Oct. 27 Oahn, 8.1. Oct M K Calcutta Nov. 19 Faia Dec. I v iv rim 9 of Chagrao Juno 36 Port an Priuce Ju. 7 Cieufiiegoo J*o. 10 Porto Rieo Doe. It by Cope lloytira Jon. II Porto Cabello Doe. M f '"arthagenx Ort. it Poiut Petre, Uuad. Doe. tl Compsarhy Jon. 3 Pornomboco Doe. I en Coqnimbo July It Pivto Oet. U Callao Aug. 39 Rio Janeiro Doe. 6 ,p Demerara Ion. 3 St Helena Not. IS jn Kloiiiort dw, 3 St. Thomas Job. 1 Kayal No*. 25 Hi. Jago do Cobo< Doe. SO ci- Uihrnlttr Doc. 21 St. Johns, P. R.- Doc It fo (Juayuna, P. R. Not. in 8t. Croii Kept, tt iJolveston Jon. 20 St. Domingo Doc. 14 )le (fonoiroo Dee. 14 St. Uboo Hopt t? Hovre. Jul. 3 Hnriuem Doe. It HoTaua-" Jon. 21 Hiugaporo Qet. It on Halifaa Jon. It Sydney, N. 8. W.?? July tl , leremie Dec 31 Triuidoado Cuba Jon. S "** Kingston, Jo. Jon. 15 Tolcohuoao Aug. SI on London -Jon. I Tampico Dec. S3 Liverpool Jon. 9 Tobooco Not. IS en La (hiayra Doc. 26 Turks Island Don. tt i. Loguuo Oct. 31 Trieste Not. tt Limo Aug. 29 Volporoito Hot*. 36 rti- Vlocoo Sept. 19 Vers Crui??? Jan. II pjj. Manilla*** >Aug. 20 Zanzibar--' Oct. It Panacngcrn ArrlTod. op L'vr.arooi.?whip Montezums?J E Hroztno, J T Ada roe. R [ " L lloddoril.i f New York; H C (Jill loa. Belfast; J JaBiay! Is- C^ueh c; K I K*n> edy, Pittsburg?30 in lh* aleeraao. llovtMt?Sh pCrintoval Colon?S (J Siarger, Newark, N.J. Pj Korolgn Importations. ~ Htroi-Ship ( riatnval ( "Ion-417 b zes s-g?r lit ccks 9 5 Sons 430 ags roc >? S ? ITonl Tiloslou k eo?lltb-asroB o 106 PH rmony's Nephew s 1l rn?Cl buk<ls ? me Kl K Mor > f? 7'? bnxet ? ?*rs w II Thomas?976 bozo aeg.ra B M Picabii? fM"' 11 coo> s . nd 100 b .lei segsrs Lillie It Hoaiues?'01 box** segira J Mon/n. ejo-30 i?rc * and 6 i borr. I< ho jes Meyer A Siaelua ~ ?Ill lioxoo uza J J Tailor?100 b< te* segors J H Faber?I ? case ssgars Winlerh"ff. Pip r A. R<.irk?2r>0 bis ?*g?es D ( nr is G42 Jf_ barrel or tiges (S linld? I bnz II Bowden?1JI.000 oraagos Ackerley It Acker?10 boi s si gars torird.r. 093 Domestic Importations. N'i it locars, Ls.?Hchr Enorkee?1'5 hhds 2 bbls molssss* .... Marsli Compron k cu-29 hols sugar N Fenn, of Now.Hseon? t hole* moss Hnadley a Carrinitou?2 bbls molaaaeo R Trowbridge, of New Haeen. _ Moan.r?Ship BUnchord?176 boles cotton Ipragns, Robinson It ro?137 do Holbrook, Net on A co?573 Smith, Mills a rr co-263 Thompson It Adams ' Mobil* ?Bug Virginia? 341 holes cotton A Aeerill It eo?ti _ do l)ep in r A Whntnarsh?30 O How land?13 Holbrook, No(,n, son A eo?31 N E Prslt?301 to order. 1??J I ?l Mil II I III !! Jfc ^ MARITIME HERALD. ? Mailing Uajra of tlM Hwa Bfelpc. n/7 . .. saois LimrooL. rmeM tnimt. Ilihernia. Juilkius- Fab. 3 ? March I 61 Caledonia. Lntt. Mm. 4 April 1 <? W'atrrt, Miltktwi Apr 17 May B ?J. Briuin, Hoaben May 16 Jan* ip ?a Pockets to Arrive. Pockets to Soil, ran* i.ivrsrooi.. rat LivraraoL. Ilotlinguer, Bursley, Jan 9 "*<> Washington. Kab. Koaciua, Collins. Jan. 11 Luited Stilus. Bit!ton. Fab. II _ pbom roaTSMOUTH roa roarssiotiTN ro" Qubrr, Fehard, Jan. I Wellinaion, Cbadwish. >m II- Hud on. Mi or*, Jan. 10 Swiiterland, Knight, F?b 19 . ? POom NtvRR rns Havaa ne Francois i, Ainsworth, Jan. I Duehsss* d'Orlrana, Fab. 1st Iowa. Linn. Jan I Unity. Burrows, Fab. It l,r Ship Masters and Agents. ' * We shall esteem it a faror. if Captains of Vessels will errs nd ,o Commodore Robust Siltst. of our News Fleat.s tsr port of th* Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, ths Vassals Spoken on their Passage. a List of their Cares, sad tar Foreign Newspapers or News they may hare. He will board them immediately on their amral. Amu and Cor Vi reapondenu, at home er abroad, will alaoconbr a Uvor by 7*a seading to this Offlcc ail the Marine latellienssa tboy ass Ik obtain. Nsotieal Information of any kind will bs thnafcfally J Vy received 1\ , - " 7 PORT OF NEW YORK. FEBRUARY 6. 7H ! attivnisr 91 moots stags I IT 7 III hioh warns MM LH IS Cleared. Shirs r*rifie, lisle, New Or'eans, Stanton h Frost; Calhoun. ' VIynrs, Charleston, tJ Ca I n ? Hsnpie A toif. Snail. H *a?a, H S W Dewey ? Brim F.gict Johnson. Savannah. Sturgea h i lesre-an; Uiuiie.. (Br)-mill St Johns, NF Wm Dawson. -Schra Ranner, Stover, Philadelphia; Am Klin, Towaaeud, J a do,? Bsrge Porpoise, Drake, Monrh Amboy. Arrived. ), Packet ship Moetevotno, Low her, from Liverpool, Ian Itii, i?4 with m ae, to C || Marahall and (loodlin# k Co. eld in eo. lis with ihip. ('.dints. Hepburn,fur New York; Hotlinipier, Bura i ay, do; VI, iionrahela for rliiladrlpt la On 29th Jan. lat 41, ion 66 eipenenied a verere hurricane, lying to under amain I .pei eer. lo.t the t ree topgallant maara on the head of tha main opmasts; the sails ?ere hi >n fiom ill* ysrds 1st Inst, snw a hip supposed to be the lows, 1. u*s from Harra. tth Jan. fur j. New > orb . [A Pack.iatnp Virginian Allen, fnim Liverpool, Jan. I, with ' > mds >, to R Hermit The V was Jl honrs (Sat in the lea. Oa 'a the Bsnbs, in a hotneane. lost forae-il and auintopmul; esw largei|nantities of ice. ship John Bar ii*. Michael. 46 days from Liverpool, with D, indie, to Martin Brown Tha J B lias e*parie?red severe wast Vy -rly gal-s all the prtaage, considerable damage don* to mils, rigIV ging Ac; head knees sxrted. and leaking badly; while lying to if* iu s violent gal* from 8SF. to NNw7from tha 19th to tha 93th I Pec am bet, la lat?) JO, Ion R, UN isa coaauatly bisabiaf o*

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