Newspaper of The New York Herald, 10 Şubat 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 10 Şubat 1844 Page 1
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TH Vol. X., No. ?1?Whole No. 3611 To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newapaper-pubiiihed every day of the year except New Vear'a day and Fourth of July. Price 2 centa per copy?or 07 20 per annum? poatagea paid?caah in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?publiahedevery Saturday morning?price 01 centa per copy, or fS 13 per annum? poatagea paid, caah in a trance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald ia over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increaaing feat. It hoe the largeet circulation of any paper in (kit city, or the world, and is, therefore, the beet channel far busmeet men in the city or country. Pricea moderate?caah in advance. DUIUH1V1TA -f -11 Irtnela o?oo.l?o<l of Iko moewaf rnioJoamte urine, and in tha moit elegant stylo. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PaoraiBToa or thi Reulo Kitiiluhhut, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. WIN TEH ARRANOEMENT-FOlt. ALBANY. Via BRIDGEPORT aid jMQ jB Housatomc It Westes* C^JgM*llait-Daoaos. i ady, Bundaya^^J^jp tCeeufer^or Albany by this |tiot>te will take thouew and letant staamboat EUREKA, Capt J L. Kitth, which leave* New York from foot Liberty at. Batardar morn ins at half post C o'clock, for Bridgeport, dunce by fh* Honaatouic nail Western Railroa la, without chuixe !. care or baggage creies, P> Albany, arming tome evening at I o'clock, earo through For passage or Freight, apply on board, or at the office, foot of Li bertyatreet. ? M- PERRY. Agent. jlsec PATEKSON RAILROAD. From Patenou to Jeraey City. On and after Monday, Oct. 3d. 1?43, tha ears will leave patketon Dtr-T. Leave New Yonn. A M A. M. - ',Vm. * P?M Tha Sunday Traina will ba ducoutinned until farther noiee. __ transportation caia leave daily (Bundars esccnted.) Paaasan .?C.? ~^1 to be at the Kerry, foot or Conrtlandt etreet, it P'.WIi? JS&S bVfore the stated hour' of departure Jy 19 6m* ADAMS dc CO'S OVERLAND PACKAGE EXPRESS, TO BOSTON. VIA BRIDGEPORT. WEST STOCKB RIDGE, SPRINGFIELD AND WORCESTER. ?t ADAMS k CO. will forward daily, bv CBBSSfesJ^thair own Einreaa Team* Light Packages of w u? t*"8* vlerchandiae for any of the alrora places, runli ? uir ugn w ih the utmoat rapidity and regularity. ^ Their Firat Exprcsa will Lare their olTice, 7 Wall at rear. To-morrow Morning at 9 o'clock precisely. Peri-*-a desirous ol availing theinaelres of thi a conveyance, are.rtqnesttd to send their packages to die office the eveuiug ur'vioua. This arrangement will b' continued until the opening of the Sound Navigation ? February 2, 1841. ft ADAMS It CO .7 Wall street. NEW YORK AND HARLEM RDROAAIL COMPANY. WINTER AMUNOEOn and after Decemlrer1st, ftft/thi^ara will run in the following order:? . msm City Hall Leave the Bridge far the midge. for City Hall. 7 00 A. M. ? W 9 0# " 19 10 11 30 " 1 00 lOOr.M. 3 30 ? ? " ??. The City Hall and 17th street line will ran as follows 5?From 7 A. M. every 10 minutes through the day till 7 30 P. M. Thr Extra Night Line will ran as fallows:? Leave City Hall for 17th street at I, 3 30. 9, 9 30, 10, 10 30, till. Leave 27th street ibr City Hall at 7 30,1.1 30, 9, 9 30, 10, k 10 30. By order of the Biard. n2? lmr W. A. CARMAN. Hec'y. r . DRAFTS ON FNOLAND. IRELAND. /VUraBV ke.?Persons about remitting money to thru friends in the Old Country can he supplied with drafts in sums of ?1, ?2, ?3, ?9, ?10, ?10, ?100, or any amouut payable on demand, without discount, or any other charge, at the National Bank of Ireland, Provincial Bank do, Messrs James Bait, Son kCo., Banker*, London; J. Barned k Co , Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool; Eastern Bank of Scotland; (freeoocfc Banking Company; Sir Win. Forbes, Hunter k Co., Scotland; and the or inches iu every post town tlironghout England, 'relaud, Scotland anil Wales, which drafts will be forwarded by the steamer Britannia, leaving Boston on the 1st i-ehraarv. Apply to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, At their general passage offire, 43 Peck slip, iU comer of 8onth strvet DAILY EXPRESS. THE subscribers run their V xprevs regularly, . ."S VI every day,via Housatonic Railroad. (dunosys eicepted.) to and fro an New York, Albany and Buf SHHB alo, and tne intermediate places, for the transporw 1 ?tation of specie, bank notes, bundles aud packages of goods, lor collecting bills, notes, drafts and accounts, wnh despatch. From this city at o'clock, A. M. arriving ia Albany the same evening, ia advance of the United Bta'e* Mail. ft linrrc POMEKOY k CO 2 Wall street. IVkW VIIKK AND PHILADELPHIA RA .ftUAU L.LMS. DIRECT. tan, NnvtiU, Niwnauniwicn,Prikcrto*, Trknvon. Borbrrtown An* Burlinotun. . THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leaving Saw York daily from the foot of Courtlandt *V Morning Lin* at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at 4X P. M. The Morning Line proceed* to Borden town, from thence by steamboat to Pnilidflpnit. The Evening Line proceed* direct to Camden (oppoiiu to Philadelphia) without change of car*. Paaaeugera will procure their ticket* at the office foot of Courtlandt ttraet, where a eominodiou* * team boat, will be in reediuaai, with baggage crate* on board. Philadelphia baggage crate* are conveyed from city tc eify, wihout being opened by the way Each train i* provided with a ear in which am apartment* aad dreaaing roeUM vx;-rv??) y for the ladi**' oae. Returning, the line* leave Philadelphia from Uk* foot of Walaut (treat, by ataamboat to Bordeutown at 7 odock, A. M. and by railroad from Camden, at 5 o'olock, P. M. . tot Baltimore leave Philadelphia at TH A. M., and 4 r. M. bfiof n Mntmastifrn of thp limw from Vow Vot-lr NEW JERSEY KA1LKOAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY wrw tnuMtunrr, commcncino oct. 16th .U43.FARE REDUCED TO TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. From the foot of Courtlandt treat, New York. (Every day?Sunday* excepted.) Laavea New York. Leave* Newark. At A.M. At S P.M. AtTXA.M. At 1KP.M 9 do. I do. I do. 4 do. 11 do. 4 do. 9 do. do. 5 do. MX do. >V do. ON SUNDAYS. Leave* New York. Leave* Newark. \t 9 A. M. and 4RP. M. At IX P. M. and 9% P. M. .The cam of the Mania and Eaari Railroad for Orange, Millvilla. SaeuiL Chatham, Madi*on, aud Morriitown, ran through from Jvraey City without change, and connect with 9 A. M. nod 3 P. M train* from New York. ' NEW YORK AND ELIZABETH TOWN. *,. WiTWy. krr w4 T?r.?. 9 do. I do. 7X do. 3 do. " C 1 t if | * d?" The train* for WaalSald, PlainAaU. Koandbrook, Somer ft fe " 1 Fare between New York and Efiaatah Town 16 cant*. *,. iririThy *, ?yw*h;?'> r.M ,? sr. s it ; it :* & 13&PM NEW YORK AND NEW BRUNSWICK. From root of Courtlandt atreK, New York, daily Leave* New York. Leave* New Bran*wick. At A. M. At 1 P. M. At A. M. At 13 M. S0???UNDAvi"?- W,Sl Leave* New York Leave* New Branawick. At 9 A. M. and 4k P. M. At 13 A M., and ?X P. M. Kara, except in the Philadelphia train*. between New York aud New Branawick. 60 cent*, o.. u v k ..a r>.n...... OA Newark, Kli/.iJ>rtht?wii, Rshway, and New B run. wick passenger* who procure their ticket* at the ticket office, re eeive a mty ticket gratis. Ticket* are received by the coa doctor orly on the day wlien purchaaed T|M commutation (are between New York and Rahway and iu.remediate places, ha* been reduced (including lerry) to $i0 per year ; between New Brunswick and New York $7^ per year.' ma 3m <NEW LINE Ok LIVERPOOL PACKETS, & jI (i from Nre^Yo^^lit, and dtho^rech Oltk* from jVno York. L'vool. New Ship LIJ|RPOOL. UN to.., 2j j N-euaocHEWja,..^. ftg .. ^j.| Bhip HOTT1NOUER, iom too., fe'eh !! ?*1 S Ira Buraely, SN^'r J1 Jiiyi Thoes snbslsiitial.fsst sailing, first clans ships. ail built m the city of New York, are commanded by men ol espericuce and ability, and will be dispatched punctually on the 21st ol each month. alThair cabins are elegant and commodious, and are famished with whatever can conduce to the esia and comfort of passon* Rice of passage, $110. Neither the captains or owners of these ships will bo respon aililcforsny parcels or packages sent by them, unlets regnl-r bills of lading are signed therefor. '""T'-tfSSBiffliIf* MINTUKNS, i: II HECDSNlVlioT'BLiirV.iEfc J|4 oe ' ' Liverpool HARNDKN fe GO'S EXPRESS LINE. a ^ . (Office No. I Wall street} via Bridgeport flfiP*-# ard New Hsven Wanug lint sutnusion of WMUdl naviaet on on the Sound, a line of superior i o.c7.?. wr.i ,t ~ re the office of llaruden k Go. every trenirg at 6 o'clock, to accommodate passengers Lr Bridgeport. New H.ven, Albany mid Boston Passengers on!led fir at the principal Hotels on A roadway. Besti to ue secured at Haindeu k ' ll'amden k Co. will despat'h a Messenger with Small Packsgee from their Office every evening at # e clock, for Boston and Prnvidsoce. HARNUEN k CO.( J Wall stre t. Fcbnury 2d, \Hi. fl * * E NE NE) }?f& new yokt^rd havkctackkts ^ i Second Line?The Ship* of thii line will kereaftrr leave New ! York on the lit, ud Havre on the 18th of each month, as follow!, vix From Nkw Yobb. From Hrtrb. i New Shrn ONEIDA. f lit March. f 18th April. Captain ?lit July. fwth Auguit. James Funck. f 1st November. I l?n uecmnoer. Ship BALTIMORE, [1st April , }6th May. Csptaiu UlAaput. ; 16th September, Edward Funek. I Ut December. I 16th January. ShipUTICA, flat May. fth Captain I Ut September 16th October. Frederick Hewitt, t lat January, i 16th February. NewshipSt. NICHOLAS (at June 6th July. Captain \ Ut October. 1 16th Noreinber. J- B. Pell, I Ut Febroary. 16th March. The accommodationa of these ships are not surpassed, combining ell that may be required for comfort. The price of ca' biu passage is $106. raaaenzera will be supplied with every re quisite with the exceptiou or wines and liquors. Goods intended for tliese vessels will be forwarded by the sub scribers, free from any other thau the expenses actually incurred on them For freight or passaga.-auply to boyd It hINCKEN, Ageuta, )e6J ee No. # Tontine Building, cor. Wall aud Water c PASSAGE FROM UKEATBKITA1N AND IRELAND m. M M. ^iYTHE llLAClf^ALL OTHJCD LINCTF* LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool on tlie 7th and 19th of every month.] Persona wishing to send to the Old Country for their friends can make the necessary arrangements with the subscribers, and have them come out in this superior Line of Packets, Sailing Irom Liverpool punctually on the 7th and 19tlt of every mouth. They will also have a lint rate class of American triding ships, sailing every six days, thereby affording weekly communication from that inirt. Oue of tne firm (Mr. James D. Roche) is there, to see that they shall be forwarded with care and despatch. Should the parties agreed for not come out, the. mouey will be returned to those who paid it here, without auy reduction. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, comprise the following magnificent Ships, vix :? The OXFORD, The NEW YORK. CAMBRIDGE. COLUMBUS, EUROPE SOUTH AMERICA. ENGLAND NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and unequalled arrangements, the subscribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that support which has been extended to them so many years, for which they are grateful. Ihose proceeding, or remitting inouey to their relative*, can at all times obtain Drafts at sightfor auy amount, drawu direct .k.. Ua...i li-..i. .r i?i..j 11..1.1:.. -i Mauri. PRESCOl'tf, UWO'TE, AMES He CO. I Bankers. London, which will be laid on demand at auy of the Banlm, or their Branches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. ROCHE, BROTHERS It CTO. 35 Fulton street New York, nest door to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail froin this port for Liverpool ou the 1st and 19th of each month. Parties returning to the old country will find it to their comfort and advantage to select this favorite Line fur their conveyance, in preference to auv other. <120 r xer.w PINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To sail iiom jaew york on the 25th and Liverpool on the 11th in cacti month Mt> nS? New YongT' Ship 81DDON8, Captain E. B. Cobb, 26th December. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. Depeyster, 2*th Jauuary. Ship OAKUICK, Capt. Win. Skiddy, 26th February. Ship ROSCIU8, Captain John Collins, 26th March. Fnoai Livvneoot,. Ship SIDDONS, Captain A. B. Cobb, Uth February. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain F. A. Depeyster, 11th March. Ship OAKKICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, Uth April Ship KOSCIUS, Captain John Collins, Uth May. These ships are all of the first class, upwards of 1006 tons, bnilt in the city of New York, with such improvements as eombiue great speed with unusual comfort for passengers. Every care has been taken in the arraugemeut of their accommodations. The price of passage hence is $100, lor whicli ample stores will be provided These ships are commanded by esperienced masters, who will make every exertion to give general satisfaction. Neither the captains or owners of the shipe will be responsible for any letters, parcels or packages sent by them, on leu regular bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to fc. K. COLLINS k CO, 56 South st., New York, or to BROWN. SklPLEY It to.. Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be charged 12>f cuts per single heet ; 50 cents per ounce, and newspaicrs 1 cent each. <12 KNTH FOR 11)14 OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, 100 Pine street, corner of South. eft Jfc ift. m. ^THr^ubscriber to call the attention of his lrieuUs and the public in general, to the fallowing arrangements for IM4, for the purpose of bringing out cabin, 2d cabin, and steer fr iiUHiinrfi, if) uic IW|Ulni lilllf "I U|fTf)JUiil I SKKrU, |HII ing the lst.bth, lltli, 16th. 31st and 36th of every month, liy the Loudim Packets, to sail rem New York, the 1st, 10th anu Mth?and from Lomiou on the 7th, 17th and 37 th of each mouth. In connection with the above, and for the pari*)** of affording *ti II greater facilities to passengers, the subscriber has established a regular iinrot first class New York bnilt, coppred and cipper uateued ships, to sail punctually every week throughout the year. Kor the accommodation of |>ersous wishing to remit money to their I unities or frieuds, drafts are given, payable at sight, on ttm following Banks, vix I Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at (Jsrfc, Limerick, Cloumel, Londonderry, sTigo, Weiford, Belfast, Waterford, Oafwiy, Armagh, Athloue, Colerain. Ballina, Tralee, Vouglud, Kmiiskilleu, Mouaghan, Banbridge, Ballymena, Pa rsoustown, Down|wtrick, Cavan, Lurgau, Omagh, Dungannou, Bandon, Knms, Bal iVehanno Strabaor. Nkiberr.u, Mnllow, Moueymore, Cootchill, Kilrush, Dublin. (Scotland?The City Bauk of Ulasgow. England? Messrs. bpoouer, Atwood lit Co. Bankers, London; R. Murphy Waterloo itoad, Liverpool; payable in every town iu Ureat Britain. Kor further information (if by letter, post paid,) apply to JOSEPH McMUKKAY, 1U0 Pine street, corner of South, N. Y. Or Messrs. P. W. BYRNES St CO, 36 Waterloo Iload. j9 6m*rc Liverpool. ROCHE BROTHERS & CO.'S PASSAGE" OFFICE, JJ KULTON STREET, NEW YORK. m m ML &L PA8SAO?^ROM LIVEKP&OL. In the following Packet Ships, viz:? The NEW YORK, sailing from Liverpool on the 1st Feb. The COL U.V1 BUS. do so ltih do a.The YORKSHIRE., new, do d > 1st March. The CAMBRIDGE. do do 16th do Or in any of the Packets c->murising tne Old Line sailing from that port on the 1st and Itth of every month. Those sending foi their frieuds will find it to their interests and comfort to Ctronise our Line, as no possible retention ou embarking can given. res-age Certificates s*nt by the steamship Hibernia, sailing from Boston ou the 1st of January, will have plenty of time to prepare to come by the first named packet, oriuanyolllie above uiaunific-nt and unequalled packet*. Persons tempting money to the old country can at all timrs obtain from th* subscribers drafts at sicht lor anv amount, drawn direct ou the Koyal Bonk of Ireland, and ou Messis Prescott, Orote, Ames h.Co., Bankers, Londou, which are paid free of discouut iu every town throughout England, Ireland, Scotland ami Wales. Kor passage, apply to or addrrsa (if by letter post paid ) ROoHE BROTHERS k. CO.. dlOrc 35 Knlton at. urxt door to the Knltnn Bank. TAPSCOTT'S GENERAL EMIGRANT PASSAGE OKKICE. A A ^ AU1UNGEMF.NT8 KOlHW The snbaciiberi beg to call the ittdution of their friends and the public g-nerally to their snperior arrangeineaU for bringut Et passengers from, and reu itling moury to all parts ol igfa-'d. Irelsnd, ScetUnd and Wales. .THE NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS, COMPRISING THE UIJEENOK THE WEST, U? tons. THE SHERIDAN. 1000 tons. THE ROCHESTER. i?oo ton*. THE OARK1CK, 1000 too*. THE HOTTINOUER. 1000 tona. THE KOSCIUH, UKH? tona THE LIVERPOOL. 1110 tona. THE SIDDON8, 1000 tnnt billing frout Liverpool twice arerv month, and 1'HE UNITED LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS, c unnoted ol tupe'ior, flrat data American packeu, uilim from Liwrponl fmr timea in each mouth, are the thine in which thoae whole paiinge may be engaged the auhteriben wi'l come out m.nud it la a well known fact the above named packete me the most m*gnifice. t ah.)* afloat end the frequency ol th;ir tail inn, (being every live data) prevent! the p<atibiliiy of patienger. being uuu--??*arily de'aiued at Liverpool. HeCtrdleit of eipenae, in ordir to meet the wantt of the public and the withei oftlie.r trienda, Mr. Win. Topnacott, one of the Hrin.hoi gone to Liverpool to tupcriuund thedepartttre for tint country of ancli peeioua i aaange may he engaged wi ill tlw aubtcrihert, a fact, which to thoae ae.ou,ioted with Mr, W. T , ia a anfficieut guaranty* tl|tt they will r ceire ceerv atteu(ion from him. and be qn'ckly and rouilortably despatched. ntienin tnoae aei.t lor drcli ie comii g the pannage money wall be promptly refnnded, without any deduction?an aaual. Reutiuaecea?rtpiae i*in>tting money can beanpplieS with drnna a, lor auv amount payable ft e of diaconut or anv one i taav, ia every principal town in England, Ireland, hcot'suu ?nu Walee ctpv>T lit *T letter, poat peid.lto w X J. T. TnPSCOTT, 41 Pack alio, .saw korn?or to yjt WM TAPSCOTT. Liverpool. FOR NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANNA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS & M M M For the better accommodation of (hipjiere, It la iieeudeTto det|iatrh a ehip from thin port on the let, ith. 10th, 16th, Mtli, and 2,'nli of each mouth, commencing the 10th October and continuing until May, when regular daya will he appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great detaya and diaappoint menu will be prevented during the inmrner month* The fol lowing ahi|i* will commence thia arrangement: Ship 1 A/.OD Captain Cornell. Ship OCONEE, ( apuiu Jackaon. [ 81.m> .MISSISSIPPI Captain II.11,aid. Sis gffi'asa."&. 8hi|? OAHlttN, (?i|iUio LstUm. Ship HUNTSViiiLK. Captain Mum ford. Ship OCMULUKK, (-apcara L?*rkt Ship NAHHyiliLh, Oajpuin Dickiuaon* 1 Ship M EM PHIS, Captain Kuight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford. Theae thipa were all built in the city of New York, eapreaely for packet*, are of light draft of water, have recently been newly coppered and pot in aplendid order, with accommodation! for i*MMigrra unequalled for comfort. 'I hey are commanded by experienced matter*, who vrill nak* every evartion togivegeiii-taj aatuliction. They will at all timea be towed up and down the IMitaiaaippt ky alramboata. Neither the owuera or eaptaina of three ahipa will be reeponeible loi jewelry, bullion, pretioni atone*, ailver or plated ware, ' or for auv letter*, parcel ?r |iack.?ge, arnt by ur put ou board ol 1 them, unlets regular bill* of lading are taken fur the tame and i the value thereon etpreoaed. For freight or paeaagr, apply to E. kTcOLLiNS It CO., M Sonth it., nr HULLIN It WOObRUk F. Agent in New I Orlean*. who will promptly forward all good* to their aildrme | The *hi|>a of thia line are warranted to tail punctually ae ad . vertiaed, and grant care will b* taken to have tit* rood* correct 1 IT meneurwl. m4 I W YO N YORK. SATURDAY M( STATEMENT ] In Relation to the Condition and Affair* of ? 44 The North American Trust and ? Banking Company." Thomas G. Tulmage and William R. Cooke, the President and Cashier of the Company, were examined on oath, before Master Sidell, in rela- F tion to the property of the said Company; and on or about the 20th day of October, 1841, Thomas G. Talmage and William R. Cooke as auch President and Cashier, on oath, assigned and transferred \ to me as such Receiver, the securities and eflects following, (viz.) "1 large mahogany desk andcase 1' of drawers, 1 mahogany office clock, 1 green/?ov- 11 ered table, 1 latge curled maple chair, 6 ordinary " do, 5 fancy chairs, 1 fire acreen, ? yards Brussels j carpet, ? yards oil cloth, 1 mapot Auburn, 2covered desk stools, ? tons coal in vault, 1 gilt office g clock, 2 green covered tables, 5 maps, 6 desks, 5 office chairs. 5 stools, 1 gold balance case and 9 stand, ? yards ingrain carpeting, 1 looking glaijs, 1 circular desk, 1 black trunk, 3 tin trunks, blanks, blank paper, inkstands, candlesticks, Arc, 1 red 1 covered settee, 2 sjx'cie trays, 1 water barrel. P. Stuyvesant's check $10,000; check on Heal Estate Bank, Miss. $1,130 06; 1 Arkansas Coupon, $27 16; J. w. Webb's note, 3,090; C. .T. Ruckle's i note, $25,337 68; H. A- L. Thompson's note, $515 87, no $515 61; II. A' L. Thompson's note, $515 87; do. $315 61; J. 1). Beers' note, $26,836 95, do 3 $27,090 21; T. I.. Servos*' note, $3500; 1). Clark- . son's note, $791 90; M. Stapp's do $1161 19; A. ? Homer's do. pro'd, $60-1 97; 5. 1). I labia's Bond, j J'32,000; F. Campbell's do. $2,950; $. D. Dakin's o. $'80,000; J. A. Oilman's do. $800; J. W. Webb's i do. $10,000; Oeorge Bowcn's note, $386 53: H. G. Eastman's do. $817 25; .1. Ketchum s do. $958 49; W. Carter's do. $266 95; Alexander dc Sales' do. ? $319 79; Southern Life 1 nsurance and Trust Co. 0 $31,137 50; do. $30,962 50; W. Stebbins, $315; * Cash, $107; Blank Books; Hickman A' Martin's note, $530; Thomas Ormun, $460; do. $464; H. P. Desilver, $176 66; J. H. Ray, $889 20; C. F. Bunting, $720; J. Billings, $180; White & Rich- l 1 ards, $900; Veader & Little, $800; Brown & Mc- > Catehon, $826 43; John Sandford, $1,500; do. $1,500; W. Cunningham, $1,941 34; Root Ac Leo- 1 nard, $1,301 15; do. $1,300 In addition to the above assets and effects, I j found in a trunk one imperfect silver dollar?this dollur is the only specie funds of the Company which 1 have been able as yet to discover. t Upon an examination of the books, memoranda, letters and other papers in my jiossession, the fol- 1 lowing facts were ascertained : This banking com puny was orgumseu on ine inurieentn day ot July, 1838, under the general banking law of this State; its board of directors consisted of forty persons ; the board were authorised by the articles of association to nppoint one of their number President, and to appoint a Vice President, Cashiers, and other officers, and in behalf of the company, to carry on the business of banking in the city of New York. The capital stock of the company was declared to be, by the articles of association, #2,000,000, with power to increase the same to #50,000,000.? The capital of #2,000,000 consisted principally of the bonds of individuals, secured bv mortgages upon real estate within the State of New York. The amount of cash subscriptions for capital stock (if any) was very inconsiderable. The olficers of the company in August or September, 1838. commenced the business of the company by purchasing on credit .<$1,000,000 of Arkansas State bonds. This purchase was followed by other similar purchases in 1838, 1838, annd in the early part of 1840, of Arkansas, Ohio,Indiana, Alabama, South Carolina, New York, and other State stocks. The whole amount of State stocks purchased by the officers as aforesaid, exceeded #5,000,000. The capital stock of the company, us a(>pears by the sworn official statements inuJe to the Comptroller, at no time exceeded #3,285,900. A very inconsiderable amount of these State stocks was purchased for the purpose ot with the design of depositing the same with the Comptroller as securities for "circulating notes," us contemplated by the general banking law, and not exceeding $200,000 were ever used lor the purpose. The ^ whole iimount of circulating notes ever obtained front the Comptroller by this company, did not exceed $323,001), and a large part of these notes were obtained not upon State stocks, but upon a pledge with the Comptroller of bonds and mortgage*. Nor were these purchases made for tne purpose of iuvesting surplus cash funds or unemployed moneys or means of the company. These Mate stocks were purchased on credit; the officers issuing in payment or exchange therefor, printed or engraved negotiable certificates of deposite, or post notes payable at long ptriodl after date ; and in most cases these purchases, of State stocks were made as a speculation, or for the pur)>ose of raising, by the pledge or sule of the same, cash funds for the use of the company. In addition to the issue of negotiable certificates or post notes in payment of or in exchange (or State stocks, the otlicers ot the company in the years 1838, and 1839 and 1840, also issued engraved negotiable domestic and foreign certificates of deposit to an immense amount, pnyuble on time, with interest, all purporting upon their face to he made or issued hv the Company?a part of these negotiable certificates were made payable in sterling money at the bunking house of Palmers, Markillop, Dent A." Co. in London, and were styled Foreign Certificates,?and were generally drawn for round sums of ?1000, ?500, ?300, ?250 and ?100 sterling anil a large proportion of the same were drawn payable to the individual order of John L. Crahnm or William P. Mallet, Thotnns <? Tul- ! mage, or other Directors or officers o( the Company. A larRe amount of these Domestic and Foreign Certificates or post notes were sold or negotiated in New York and in Kurope, to raise money. In the latter part of 1839 or in the months of January or February 1840, this Company became and was seriously embarrassed. This embarrassment was mainly produced by its dealings and speculations in State stocks, and by the issue of negotia ble paper in payment or exchange for the samearid by the issue or sale of its foreign and domestic certificates or post notes. To raise cash funds, with which to meet liabilities, nininly created in the manner and lor the pur|>oses aforesaid, and to relieve the Company from its pecuniary embarrassments, thus produced, nnd to continue its existence, the following financial schemes or expedients were adopted or resorted to by the officers:? On or about the twentieth day ot April, 1840, 900 printed or engraved bonds or post notes, dated Feb. I, 1840, each for ?250 sterling, and severally payable to Walter Maud or his assigns in five years, (with ten coupons annexed for the semi-annual interest,) were signed by Joseph D. Beers, President, anrl WolfAf Moafl f ,tiahi?r unoli Uinw ?a signed in blank by Walter Mead. To secure tticse n 900 bonds, then in the possession of the Company or tl its agents, bonds and mortgages of the Company * were assigned by its officers to l( ichurd M. Blatch- Cl ford, John L Graham, and Lewis Curtis, as Trus- . tees?and a Trust Deed styled the Million Trust Deed, was executed, dated February 1, 1940?the North American Trust and Hanking Company pur- 9 norting to be nnrties thereto of the first part, and Richard M. Hlntchford, John L. Graham and Lewis Curtis, parties of the second part, and John Howley Palmer, James Mackillop, ana Thomas Dent, J< parties of the third |>uri. On or about April 27 th, 1810, liJO similar bonds p or post notes, dated Feb. 1, 1910, and payable to W Mead or assigns, in seven years (and assigned 111 blank form,) were signed by Beers and Mead, a> President and Cashier, and a similar Trust Deed, dated Feb. 1, 1940, to tweure the same, executed s between the same parties. This Deed is styled the First Half Million Trust Deed. On or about July 1, 1940, similar bonds or post notes, dated Feb. 1, 1840, and payable to Mead or his assigns in five years, and by him assigned in l} blank, were executed by Beers and Mead as Presi- ? dent and Cashier, and a similar Trust Deed to secure the same, and dated Feb. I, 1810, was cxe- ? citted between the same parties. Thisdeed is styled c< thfe Second Half Million Trust Deed. y< On or about the thirtieth day of November, 18K), the olticerH of this Company issued 18 printed post hi notes, 'hII dated Nov. DOtli, 1940, and payable in * London to the order ol William II. Cooke, (then h clerk or jeller 111 this Bank,) in twelve months after date, with interest, and amounting to about ai #220,000. To secure these 18 post notes, a Trust pa Dseu dated Nov. 30th, 1910, wns executed by and a* between the Company and Richard M. Hlntchford and James B Murray ss Trustees, Snd by Palmers, w Maekillop, Dent ana Co., (by Ft. M. Illatchford W their attorney.) This Trust is styled the Hlntchford fc Murray xrust. f"1 On or about the fifteenth day of December, in the ' fear 1810, the officers of this Company issued 900 l>rinted post notes, all dated December 15th, 1810, i?> and all payable in thirteen months after date to the no srder of Llam II. Gibbs, (then a clerk in the em- Fr rloy of this hank,) with interest, and amounting to 1 (>< 00,000; and to secure these H0<) post notes, Tho- 1 lias (i. Tahnasje, us President, assigns nnd trans- ' era to himself and William Curiix Noycs and ^ Henry Yates as Trustees, a large amount of the isaets of this Bank under a Trust deed styled the i/j IRK I )RNING, FEBRUARY 10, 'ales, Noyes A' Tftlmage Tiust, and hearing even | ate with the 800 post notes. These 800 post notes, ? s appears by the sworn answer of the Trustees, j *

yerc used and disposed of as follows:? ,1 1 <4.11 Inn', 11 Ti. !? u,iilu..I to tlie loan lor cash and pujd cash or its equiva- I lout jT $63,000 : ? id do. To United State* and Uirard Bank*, Phi- l : ladelpkia, in payments of cash due them 1st '' Feb and Aug 1811 40,600; 'eb. 8. To Wm. Vy?e, Director, cash 0,000' 10. do for cash advanced 04,600 f ill To Thos. Wilson Ik Co. for cash collected for them, and for which they received obligations in payment 00,600 larch llth. To Thos. E. Davis as collateral for his note lent to the Association 79,000 &tk do. To Henry Yates, cash $6,000 8th do. To Geo. 1). Strung, cash ?>,(>00 8th do. To Oao. D. Strung, in pay inent of claim dne Mm 35,000 ulr 30th. To E. Clark, in payment of debt due in lieu of cash 6,000 1st do. To H. Burr in payment of debt due in lieu of cash liiooo 6th do. To Holford, Brancker St Co., ditto. . . 3,000 $337,600 >1 the ahovn amount there was returned to the Company from various patties, who held them as collateral securities 70,600 $301,000 641, Jan. 33. Delivered as collateral security to Palmers, Mickillop, Dent 8c Co., for cash loaned at a previous time 63,000 9th do. Jume* 11. Murrey, a* special agent of the Company, to dispose of in Europe 30,000 larch is, do. Henry Yates as collateral security for his liabilities lor the bank 13,600 Lpril 17, do. 11. H. Dextor, do for loan of $7000 In rash 30,000 7th do. De Launay 8c Co. as collateral or additional security for loau then existing, security having depreciated 30,000 lay llth, do. 8. D. Dakin do, for loan of $10,600 hi cash 30,000 9th do. II. II. Dexter, do for do, $10,000 in cash, 30,000 9th do Geo. D Strong do a* collateral for debt due him 33,000 uly 13th do. Swift 8c Co., as security for prior loan 5,000 3th do. R. W. Red fie Id, cashier 8cc. do for loan, 34,000 Lugust 38th do. Holford, Branker 8c Co. aa collateral on loan 38,600 )o. Daniel E. Tylec, trustee, to secure himself and others for liabilities for Association to State , Bank of Arkansas 4,000 . day 37th. Rectipt of Tracy, Gould 8c Co. of this ( date, in the possession of the Receiver, for $00,- , uuu oi mesa ootids, $30,000 of which were nego- . iated by them through 11. H. Dexter, and the balance, $30,000, still remains in their hundi 30,000 , n the hands of the Receiver, 1,000 ( $000,000 J From the foregoing statement It will be perceived that his Company commenced its business with a capital ol S3,000,000, which was afterwards increased to $3,383,900 -that this capital was principally secured by bonds of ndividuals, which bonds were secured by mortgages ' ipon real estate. < The Company commenced in July, 1838, and was en- < oined by the Chancellor in August, 1841 Three years . unbraced the entire period of its existence?and, yet, at I he expiration of this short term of years, upon entering I ipon the dlschnrge ol my duties as Receiver, 1 found that I >at only had the immense capital of this institution, 1 imounting to nearly three and a half millions of dollars, < >?en assigned or parted with, hut that the whole assets ' vhich came into my hands, consisting of office furniture, to. were of very inconsiderable value, as must be evident I 0 any one who will examine the character ol the pro>erty and securities first herein hetore sot forth. 1 (How or in what manner could such rosults be produced n so short a period of time ? I I think the books and papers in my possession, as well i is the sworn ollicial returns made by the Company to the '.omptroller. clearly show that this'state of its atfairs was lot caused bv, ar in the business of banking, as atltho ised by the General Banking haw, or by the business of >anking as ordinarily or usually conducted. There were Ave semiannual sworn returns made to .ho Comptroller by this institution?on thu first Monlays oi January una July. 1839?and on the first Mondays >f January and July, 1840?and on the first Monday of lanuarv, ts-u. The first four returns were made under he oath of Walter Mead, the Cashier ; the last return was made under tha oath of Thomas G. Talmage, the Resident This last olHcinl statement was made after five >fthe aforesaid Trusts had been created; in Uiree of which i mm jonn l>. uranam, me counsel 01 the Company, ant) me of it* directora, ia one of the trustees; and in one of vhich James U. Murray, alto a director, is one of the rustees; and in another of which, Thomaa O. Talmagc, he president, and llenry Yntes, one of the directors, are wo oi the tmateui. 4t)r this miaara? 1. That the " circulating notes ot the company imotmted Jan. 4, MM, to $1,1)90. * 2. The amount due " to Depositors," on the same day, sas $132,235 10. As the last entry in the " Discount Book" Is made unInr the date Of July 3d, 1840, it is safe to infer that the unount of cash deposits did not increase alter Jan. 4, 1841. On the contrary, so far as I have been able to ascerkin the condition of tne Company from its books, there is lot now due or owing to cusli depositors a sum exceeding (.35,000 ; and the whole amount of claims and demands lor lalariea of olticers and clerks, stationary, he. aid all itlicr ordinary incidental expenses, of the Company, pre lented to me us Receiver, does not exceed $1300 , and he Company is not indebted one*dollar for "circulating lotes" obtained from or issued by the Comptroller, as I lave realized in cash funds from the securities pledged vith the Comptroller, a sum equal to the whole amount ot ' circulating notes" issued by the Company aud registered vitli the Comptroller. It thus appeals that this Company is not indebted for any ' circulating notes" issued under tne Ispecial provisions of he act to authorise the business of banking ; that it owes lot exceeding $35,000 to its cash depositors?and not exceding $1300 to its officers aud clerks and for other ordi- I iary incidental expenses It is also certain that not one of the Tight Trusts creaed by the officers of this Company was designed or in ended for the benefit of the holders of "circulating otes" issued by or registered with the Comptroller, "hese holders were already protected by the s.curities ledged with the Comptroller for the redemption of the ame, and which have proved to be amply sufficient for hat nurnose. Nor were these Trusts made to leenn- in ash'depositors the amount due them respectively?nor to ecure thepavment of salaries of officers, olerka, kc., or e-it of Banking House, or any other incidental expense* >f the Company. ????? The losses incurred by the Company in the ordinary ursine** of Banking were very inconsiderable in amount, vhen compared with the losses consequent upon or contacted with the dealings and speculation* of the Company n State stocks. But considerable as were tho losses anil expense* of his Company, yet it should he stated that by tne sworn , ifficial statement made to the Comptroller, January 4th. 341, (nine months prior to the granting of said injunuion,) the losses of the Company (so far as then ascertain<1 and inclusive of all expenses, kc.) and charged on espial, amounted only to (4*3,714 00?nntequslto one sixth >art of the capital stock, as stated in the same sworn offi- , ial Return. The banking transactions of the Company after January th. IH4I, must have been vcrv inconsiderable, as mny he nferrcd from the fact that the last discount by the bank, s appears by the " Discount Bo k." was made in July, H40. | By ln?|>ection of the hooks, minute* ,kc. in my posses- j ion, it ls|evidrnt that,with the exception of a few months, his Company was a liorrower of money during nearly the ; rhole period of its existence; and it obtained its loans at ( stes of interest (if the expenses attending the ejecting of le loans are included as a part of the Interest,) which ( ottld require but a short time effectually to use up the , luh means of any Banking Institution whatever. To illustrate the mode in which this Company raised or arrowed money, the following examples will suffice:? J, 4 Bond" (Million Trust) st ?310 ?t*. t each, ?124.7141 stK st par eqnal to- 11.4,ill 44 , M at a discount of 10 |et rent i.e. ?U,471, at |?r rq ial $1.1,44110 hsrites. ' ninmi sionsuion sale, u br F account of ralm-rs, Mt oKd'op.Dsst k Co. ?i 111 'Sai-t st par equal to-- 11,929 20 p una B. Mirny's commission for j making nalc of same, of 1 p r cent ,i on (114.444 41 1,771 23 , ea paid hy die Comnaiy to (4r?h?m Tend k Powers, 'o' heir pref aaionsl h ?.?r> in-a in the m liter of th? cr-stioa il of he oriitinal and canri-'le I and what t ia *l'i,2Jd to be the an'stitute I Mil- h lion I ru l. to recur* ihc e 409 S "il ia- 4,79141 dariea of 'i'nnm in the Mi'liot 1 Trua-rer asreem-nt, and *>cnrH by collateral atjeka 11,000 00 03,911 37 tl $400,1419 |4 * The Company paid to Mr. James B. Murray (one of Its tl Irectora) for his services and commissions as special at- o rney in F'.urope during a period of 13 months (i e from r rll, 1MB, to Ootolmr, |H4f>.) the sum of (44,000 anil tl r. Murray now claims from the Company about (10,0430, n i the balance due him (|ier agreement) for his services, w immissious, kc., a* special attorney in F-uropo in the si car lull. V The amount rinid to firaham, Noyesk Martin, and lira- sl im. Wood anil rowers, us their faes.kc. (or preparing the ei rticlea of the Association ami Bylaws, and for services S organizing the Company, was (10.000. The amounts t? lid to Uraham, Wood k Powers for their services, kc. in si rawing Trust Deeds, kc., or about tho creation ol trusts (J ler January, l'HO, exceed (3000. The whale amount st lid to Jolm L. tirahapi- for his salary of (4000 per annum m counsel of the hank, and to hint individually for his pro- O sional sorvices, kc. and to the law tirms with which lie la as connected for their professional services, kc. exceed* d< MOM 'a The sum of (41,000 dnea not include the large amount* it| id to Mr. frraham a* Counsel ol the Company, hy sub- li rihnrs lor Capital Stock, for hi* othcial rartiticatn ol ap- h oval ol the title, kc of the lands mortgaged to the Com h< ny hy suoh suhacriliers. The amounts thus paid cannot r>< ascertained from the hooks, psueri, op memoranda in hi t |K>sie*<ion. ' fi om the mouth of January, it4o, to the HI month of May, 1340, tha officers of this i| Company, as apjx-ars hy their hooks, pur- th based eighteen thousand and nioe hun- In In-d tiales of cotton, which coat (642,0-36 .13 th id sold the same in Kurupo for ,'>48.B?.'i ia w ? to ?i on this transaction (lo/M 33 se IERA 1844. The value* of Southern and foreign exchange are not 1 c ncluded in the above (tatement- aa I canuot, Irom the j ti molts, discover what the rate* of exchange were at the | o ime the transaction* ia cotton were made. I o It ia not necaaaary for me to show at what rate* money > t irei obtained n <on the ?00 post notea purporting to he ?n- t ured by the Noyea. Vatat v Talmago Trust, l'he atate- a lent of theJTruateea clearly diacloaea the ruinoua term* ? ipon which some of the loan* were made upon these post . i ,ote* j | And it should also be stated that these certificates or t oat note* of the Company were not always negotiated or rush funds. I Home of the holder* of the?o post note*, which were ne- < ;otiated in Boston, in the spring or summer of IH41, have presented to me. that the same were delivered to them n payment of naval store*, whale oil, Ike. ; and it cannot ] >e denied that many of these post notes were negotiated or a mere nominal sum when compared with the amount mrporting to he due upon the lace of the same. Tne amounts paid or allowed for commissions, interest, | egal services, und other services, were certainly vary li lorsl, considering the embarrassments of the Company at lie limp iranc part oiine same were pain. Without intending in any degree to impeach or anvil he motive* or intention* ol any of the ofticcs or alviser* if tlila inxtitution, 1 have deemrdfit my duty to atate the fact* a* 1 believe them to exist, in relation to tho u flairs oi this Company. To my knowledge, or belief, no (act is mis-stated. If 1 have inadvertently made any statement which is incorrect, or drawn any wrong inference from the lact* an tilted, I shall most readily and cheerfully make the correction a* soon a* convinced of the error. Tho counsel whose written opinions t have obtained, ire lion. Jacob Sutherland of (ieneva. Samuel Stevens, ?*q., of Albany, Charles I\ K irk land, Esq , of L'tica. and don lliruni Denio, lato Circuit Judge of the Fifth Jndi iat Circuit. 1 need only add, that these eminent lawyers fully cou>ur in the opinion previously given to me by able counsel n the city of New York, that ail these Trust convcyan:es are illegal and void. Annexed hereto is a copy of the ' Case" submitted to Messrs. Sutherland, Stevens, Kirkland, and Denio, for heir opinions. The additional facts above stated, will enable all who ire interested in this Company to perceive the bearing ind application of the principles discussed in the accompanying opinion* : All which is respectfully submitted by D. LEAVITT, Receiver. New York, Feb. 7, 1S44. Superior < ourt. Before Chief Justice Jones. Fxa. H ?Francis Capwitt vs. lienjamin and John New\ouse.?In this case the jury returned a verdict in favor of the jlaintiS for $90 damages and 0 cents costs, subject to he opinion of the Court, on a case to be made out, with liberty to either party to turn it into a bill of exceptions, >r a special verdict. John Rauner vs. the fftw York Insurance Comuanu ?Ac Jon on a policy of insurance. The case is not yet consluded. The defence, having been refined a nonsuit, have >peued their ense. It will probably bo concluded on Ba;urday. Circuit Court. Balora Judge Kent. Kridat, Feb. 8.?John AT. Secur vs. jjndrew Bncdrn.? rhij was an action ngainRt a surety. The defendant be '?me security to the plaintitr for the due performance of a certain piece of mason work, to be done by James Lyon, lohn Smith and Thomas Piukett; and in case these men railed In their part of the contrart, the defendant was to refund to the plaintiff the several umounts advanced by him for the carrying on of the work The plaintiff did advance MM, the amount of the contract being $328. The plaintitr claims that the work was net performed according to contract. The defenoe pleads nun etl factum; that the contract was fulfilled, and that the money paid was not an advance hut was for services performed ; that the masons, Lyon and Paskett, had sued the plaintiff in the notion In the Marine Court, and then he objected to the offset of $103 as money paid on the claim. The case had been tried and reported fully before, hut the jury could not agree. This time they gave a verdict for the defendant Eugene Gmut telle vs. Richard Isageraft.?This was an action of replevin. The defendant rented to one B. F (Jautier, certain promises on the corner of Grand aud Motl streets, at a yearly rent of $330,to be paid quarterly Gautier sub-let to two commission merchants, Messrs. Weller and Mayer, on the 33d August, leaving rent due up to that time of $61 90. The defendant issued his warrant as landlord and levied upon a quantity of wines and cordials,which are claimed hytbe plaintiff as having been sent thereto be sold on commission, ami accordingly replevied, seeks to sustain himself by this action. The plaintiff established the ownership, und the defence sought te show by admissions that Weller had promised to assume the responsibility of the rent, und that he had stated that the goods in store were imported by himself The Court observed that hut slight credit could bo given to admissions, unless well borne out by facts. It was simply a matter of fact to decide on?if Oroussette bad established his right of ownership, then the defendant had no right to seize the property, but if Weller was the owner, then the landlord had the iiower to distrain. The jury, ai'ler ii short absence, returned a verdict In Ikvur of the plaintiff, Jlarrit Wilton vt. George W. Ranckrr ?This is au action on a promissory note endorsed by the defendant, and which came into the possession of tho plaintiff by his office as trustee of the estate of William Woods. The case will he continued to-day. Thnmat J. Harrit vt Athatl Raymond 11. alt.? This was hii action for trespass. The plaintiff rented from Raymond the store at No. ftS Chatham street, and he complains that Raymond with the other defendants, who are carpenters, had entered upon said premises, and made certain alterations and improvements therein, without tho consent of the plaintiff and to his great loss Witnesses were addu ced to support the case, who proved that Raymond bad repeatedly snid that he was making such alterations for the benefit of Harris; that Harris remonstr ted against the tnsnass, and threatened to complain to the Police. The defence set up was, that Ilari is was n weekly tenant, ana sunjeci to nc removea *i two days notice; that on lieing so noticed ha refused to leave? and further, that the goods in tho store were seized liy the defendant Rut mom) under a landlord's warrant. Tho jury found for tha defendant. This Court has adjourned for the term. There will b? so trials next week, it being vacation week. Common Pie sun Before Judge Ingii*. Flu it.?William and Jakn U'lhimvi. Huxilir Goulard This was an action to recover an Illinois bond, which was detained by the defendant, under the following circumstances j The plaintiffs are commission stock brokers, doing business at No 10 Wall street, and the defendant is a commission merchant, doing business at Old Slip Ooulanl, in company with a man named Bay ley, went into certain stock transactions, and employed Edward Van Bice, also a commission stock broker, to make the necessary arrangement* for the buying and sailing Illinois stock. Ooulard was the only person to be known in the transaction. On the '23th September last, the O'Briens, being members oi the Board, were authorized by Van Sice, the agent ol (Jonlard, to purchase for him $10,000. an time. This was done, at fifteen days, at the option of the buyer. A deposlteof $600 waa placed in the hunda ol the O'Briens, as a guarantee against loss in case of a de cline in the stock. The stock did decline, and Ooulard directed the sale of the $10,000, previous to the expiration of the fifteen days; also, $6000 short; that is, $6000 more itock than he actually had puichased at the time. The ale was made at a loss. On the 7th August, Van Sice had purchased a $1000 bond of the same stock for $360 from the O'Briens, for Ooulanl. Thu bill w as mad* out in the name of the O'Briens, awl on present station it was paid by Ooulard.Van Bice kseing'the agent 1 his bond was re-sold to the O'Briens for the same amount, und tho pro eeeds, together with the $600 deposite. was placed to the credit of Ooulard on the loss transactions ol <lo.uon. and this left 0 balance in favor oft foulard oi $76 73 This ha lancn was plnced to thcrredit of Ooulard on the loss trans, ictions of $6000. and a balance of $74 77 wv struck in faror of the O'Briens. Tho stock shortly after began to go tp in the market, and Ooulard gaie instructions to his igent, Van Sice, to purchase for himself a bond for $luon if tame stock for cash Van Sice gave tha order to the J'Briens, and the bond was purchased for $37.6 Van Sice resented the bond to Ooulard, and demanded the price in ash But Ooulard ofitred his cheek of $26. that bAing be difference between the proceeds of the $.1.60 sold and he present purchase Van Hire refused the check , and Joulard refused te give up the bend. To recover this the resent suit it brought. The defence set up was that Ooulard did not know thi laintiff in this an It in the tran?e< (ton. That he was ealing directly with Van hire, and that tho order given lie latter was. to apply the proceed* of the bond of the t August ($i*>( in the purchase of the I0'h of October ond ite17.'il -said proceeds being, as the defence alleged i the hands of Van Sice, and that on the presentation ol he ?S7h, Oonlnrd offered hi* check for fiO.'thxt being thi alnnce Van Mice wa* the principal i ?ctenrc for th? lalniiff, and lie ?wore that hedid not own the bond*, but a I nnthorir.od the O'Prlcr.* to purrha?o them for Ooulard i it tha hiila Wore ma te out in the name of the O'Brien*, ml that he (Van Hire) ?iniply received hi* comuiiation n them. Th#defence objected to the want of proof o te identity of the hill, hnt thi* waa removed hy pi .clnit n the stand the ]MT?on Irom u horn the O'Biien* ha.I pin hiycdthehond on tho very day. The Court In churning e jury, ohtei ved that the race involved much extraeon* matter. The only qaettion for them to pe>* upon a* the tramnelion ol the lllth October, for which thi it wa* brought. Had Ooulard Riven Initnictiou* te an Sice to purchase jnr ruth a load of a certain Htnf? oek, and if *o. whether (foulard had complied with the , uidltlon* of that pnrcha?e. By the totimony of Vim ( ire, it u a* evident that he only acted n? the agent l>e vceu the partic* in thi* mil, receiving only hi* rummia on That at thn time of the delivery of the hond, wher onlard ottered hla cherk for the $-MI. thi* arm- reaion ( ratod with Oonlard at hi* non compliance with Iniorigi il agreement, and inatantly gave information to tin \ 'lirien*. Thia wa* not a ?ale and delivery ?nrli *< thi , w would protect. When a creditor negotlatae with a jhtor for a particular tianractlon, tha creditor canno' , ka po?*e**ion without the content of the .lelitor, and *e ( |i in offaet a prevlon* debt in the ere of tha law, a|dc , very muat he iru.lo hy and with thn con?ent of tha part* ? dlvcrlnjf ; and the party pnrchatlng cannot he protected , Y the ln"terj>o?itlon o( tha law, whe-i he iletaina the pro | rty agaiiut the remonstrance of the pertnn telling o? Il arent, a* In thlacaae. If Van Sice had the hond takn , om him by Oo ilorl, niiderlb#crrciiro?tancea detailed hj In, then the retention of the hond hy (ioulard w? e^al. The jury then would lind a venlict fo' in (plaintiff*, unlet thn fact of identity ot 11 bond, wa* proved to their tatltfactlo'n. a* e 'a v In cava* of ttovrr. required tuch proof-if thi' ' aa n >t *ati*factory then the defendant would lie entitled '' a verdict. It might he taiil that Van Hire lieing in p*>?- J ion of (aw of Ooulard'a money, the bond might be i t t i t f ,ir n a / tii'fVf f / / LD. PrtM Tw? Unto. onsidered ii purchased with Qoulard'a money, yet this U<1 not make legal possession. if, at the time ot the tender if the $96 Ven Sice remonatratod. Upon tho suggestion f the counsel lor Goulard the Court charged in addition tint at the time of the lender of $J6, if the jury believed hat the $360 hail not lieen placed to the credit of Goulard n tte hooka oftbe O'Briens,then the legai possession waa rated in Goulard The Jury were a considerable time a making up their verdict, which waa in lavor of the a ilainiitfk lor $303 76-being tho amount of the bond with he tmereat. John J Jrnkint rr Dmtil Simm ?In thia caaa the ilaintiff not being able to make out a proper action, tho ourt noniuited liim. General sessions. ft store Recorder Tallmadge, and Aldermen iirigfi and Waterman. Jona? B. PniLt ira, Caq , Acting District Attorney. Faa 6 ? Ditdtarttd ?thorns* Cochrane, Patrick He gers, Uobett Roach, John Berry and Jamoa Riley, OOBvtcted yesterday of riotoiu conduct la Canal a treat, were dturhargud, with a reprimand Irom tha Court. Trial Jot Perjury.?Oarretson Lyon waa tried on a rhargo ol perjury, committed on the 36th of September laat tr-iore Juatice lloaie, in a cane of seizure lor rent. Tho testimony bring inromplntu, thu Diatrict Attornajr and Court asked an acquittal, which waa granted. Ilecfirri of Sloltn Coodt.?A German named Joaeph Kmkel, of Orange struct, waa tried for receiving a stolen cloak, the pronerty of T. VanGruningnr, which hail been atolen from No. 3 Beaver slroet. The jury returned a verdict of guilty. Ji A'ollr Pratt qui wu* entered in thocaaeof William Kurd, William i'arka, and Dominick Craaaoua, aliaa Don Dozoo, charged with UH*a;.lt and battery, in beating Harinun C. Swilt. Indict,tl for jibortion.?The Orand Jury havo returned an indictment against John Jones, button maker, of 96 Piatt street, up stairs, lor procuring abortion, by the administration of drugs and powders, on the person of a young and protty girl named Catherine Costeilo, whe had formerly bi-en iu Ids employ. The case will be tried ucxt week, and will create mucn interest. Foiftittd Bail ?Peter Van Houten, charged with entering the house ot George W. Preacott. 8 Vork street, with an intent to steal, not answering, his recognisances in the ium ol f>aoo, entered by Horatio K. Oowan, wu forfeited. AUo liaac B. Suedecor lor aiiault and battery oa Thomas Butler and William Heheptch for beating James McCullough. Anuult and Balltiy.?Henry Bogert was tried on a charge of assault and battery on Thomas H McCoy, of 131 Orchard street, and breaking one ol kis Jaws. He wae convicted and ordered to appear on Tuesday for sentence. The Court then adjourned until this morning at 11 o'clock. Court Cal'iidar. Huraaion Co vst ? Nos. 30, 33, *8, 30, 41, 43, 93, 44, 46, 47, 4d, 49, 60, 61, 63, 63, 64, 66, 66, 67. Circuit Coubt.-Nob. 1, 37, 71,73, 73, 74, 7ft, 76, 70, dOJ, 81,83. City Intelligence. Police?Km. 9.?The complaint against Hiram Hus ted for obtaining money by fraud, in |ntssingolf spurious passenger tickets to Albany by railroad, waa dismissed on examination before the magistrate. Jcvsnilb Oamblcri.?Tha house ol Mlohael Curry, at 3H Cross street, was entered yesterday by officers Drinker, Kreame, Joseph, Huckle and M'Grath and thirteen boya, engaged in gumbling, wore arrested and taken to the Police Office. The house hss long been a nuisance to the whole neighborhood, as it as been the resort of petty thieves end rogues. Coroner's Office.?Duth or Join Michael WilLKiisDoarr.?The Coroner was called yesterday to hold en inmiokt nn tha hnHv of iKo otinva nomail tuipsnn fnsn(llael?* known an ' Dutch Mike," one of the Deputy Keepeisat Dlackwell's Island. From the testimony, it appeared that at about six o'clock on Thursday evening he cane into the office of tho prison and appeared to tie as well as usual, and conversed with Mr Deputy Keeper Spies, until about half past 8 o'clock. He then arose from his seat and walked towards the mantel-piece liom wnich he took a tumbler oi water, and was in the act of drinking it when he gisdually settled downward until his body rested on the floor. He was immediately laid on hia back, and the door of tha room opened to give nim air He appeared to beentiiely insensible utid gasped but a lew moments after he tell when he appeared to be dead Tho physician ol the prison was sent tor but he was dead when he arrived. Attempts weto made to restore him, hut they were unsuccessful. A post mortem examination of his tx>dy wes made by Dr. Peter A. Mullru, of the prison, w hich resulted in the opinion that he had died of apoplexy. The Coroner's Jury rwturned a verdict in accordance with these lacts. AiotHi i Bl'ddcx Death ?Luke Masterson, an gad Irishman, died suddenly at the house of Ldward Riley, in Stanton street, yesterday. He came in, took a seat, and complained of being ill, and immediately expired. Amusements Horsemanship Extraordinary.?L?vi North, one of the most extraordinary and graceful riders ever ueen in the ring, appears at the Chatham Theatre Circus this evening, for the second .ime, it being hia last appearance in this city for the present. The management of this establishment in catenug Tor public taste, is nightly evinced by the crowded audiences that assemble withiu its walls. Tins is a Grand Family Holiday at the AmkriCan Museum ?Splendid performances taking place at thrt-e o'clock in the afternoon and at baif past seven in the evening, by the best company ever engaged there. The Eccentricities of Dr. Valentine, the Comic Lecture on Animal Magnetism, Yankee Courtship Comic Melange, C hinese Diiertisements and other interesting performances will be given. The Uyjwey Queen is at home at all hours. Tit for Tat: OH IKIUI SYMPATHY t'OK AMKHICAN SYMPAT8JSSRB [From the Dub in Nation.] TO JOHH TTLfK OM BS.ADI.VO Mt> MASSAQCWell done, old boy Hurra, Jack Ty)?r! That Message rrownsynur name with glaryt It inakea in li viand, many a under; It fright*, in England, many a Tory. You ??v you'll take a loan of Taxaa; By all mean* do?we with you luca' Such inking. Jack, will never vex uav And *o get on a head, my buck. You have r. liking, we believe, For the Oregon territory ; The OTlegana, here-, all give yon loavo To lake it ?On, your sowl to glory ' And all our other O'a and Mac's Approve of your intention* highly, And hope you never will rela* In doing what you aay 10 drily. Mend out yonr aquation, far end near. And tell tlinm not to ?;.op at triflea, But when they go th ?tt way to clear, Be sure they d?n't forget their rifles. You got the state of Maine before. Which watt a main point, to amuaayou? Then only ask. and you'll get more, Some people don't like to refute you. You have tome Irith hoy s there yonder. Dwelling beside the Atlantic sea? They'll help you Jack, and that's no wonder, For they have homes among th* Free Oo, symphatbising. fraternising? And if some fool says you shall not, Just prove to him your chiller's rising, A ad knock hLs hrainsout on the spot? Oo it. and no mUtskc, good John ! We have no douht y onY# true as steel. Don't care a curie for Wellington? No?nor a single damn for Peel. yrmFMic C'itrt, Feb. 1,2 end 3.?Present?Mr. Chief Justice Nelson, Mr. justice Bronson. and Mr lustice Cowen Dorr vi Warren Cauie argued. New trial denied Dower and a), v* Leas*, Sherifl, fcr. ( auto argued. Judgment for defendant on the special verdict, mii.I that the opinion In rtolorc given stand as the opinion id tho court upon this motion, f nino vs. Howe, (.ansa irgned. Judgement reversed ; and that a vi nlre de novo lie issued hy tho Court of ( ommon Pleas of Way re county. ~o*ts to nhldb the event. Moss vs. Walling. I aure argued. New trial denied V?i> ? i ... --? argued. Judgment for plaintiff'on demurrer, with leave o the defendant to ami nd on u?ual trrroa. fleigl. r ada. The people. Venue in thia cauae changed. Piatt and al. va. Uuyrnx. Default taken In thia cauir opened. (ieraltr ada The People. New trul denied and that aame be re. milted to the Court ot Oyer and Terminer of the county of Uutfolk ; and that laid court proceed to Ju-lgmr nt ? I'he Ontario and Ht. Lawrence Steamboat < am pony va. The Trustee* of the estate of O. I- SI. John. I aiue argtn d. f itxhiigli and al. va The rstatr of O L. Bt John ? I aum rgued. Sngc ada. Strong?Cauae argued?New thai denied. Ilart and al. ada. Hooker and ol. Do Reynold! ida. Edwards. Do.?( real an.I al. ada. Carpenter and al i'auaa argued, (.'real and al ada Dana and al Do. Stafford va Bacon?Do. Fordham and al. ed? ftlade. r?ua* icgurd ?New trial granted , coata to atiide the event? Schuyler, sheriff, ada Kellogg, admr., kr. Cauae argued ?Judgment for plaintiff on demurrer, with leave toamand on payment of coata Brotlieraon and al va Jonas.? - ause argued. Norton aila. Sage-Do. Mart \a Avery and wife?* auae argued Proceedings reversed. Woooford and a I ud? Keep -Cinac arguod- Judgment for plainlid on demurrer, trains* PetHes- ( anae argued Bell > ?. Potter?Do. Ilarria aita. Strong?I?o. Harris ad* Sheldon and al. -Cause argued?New trial denied. Albaiy and West Stockhrtdge Itnilrond Company va Smithauae argued. Adnata ada. Walah?Cauae argued?New rial granted j coata to abide the event. Bulger impd ada. pVebb?t au?e argued Leonard and al. va. Clark-Caum rginal?Judgment reteraed, venire da novo, to Albnny ommon I'leaa ; coata to ahirle event. Braglea ada. Joy nd al ?Cauae argued?Motion to aet asida report ef roareea - denied, Albany Exchange Bank sa Willieme nd al New trial granted ; coata to abide event. Olda a Dn?h?Motion to ?et aside inquisition - denied Hslaht nd al ada. White?Cauae nrn'ie.1 ?New trial d?nled ? The Court adjotirnnd Saturday rrning. February !H, int Ht. alter a vary latio-ioua a'oalon?having heaid US rgumenta at length?,1lhnnv .hint. Katcntocagr t\ Canati* ?A aniarf shock of rn urth |U ka waa f It hera shout two o'clock thta morn ng flie buildings In the vicinity of the Court Houae Square rere mo?t nffected hi It, where a fioutre in the earth waa rodticed, atmut an inch In svldth. and extenJingcon* let el j acroaa tho aguare Long Point (C. If) .14* , Jan,