Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 11, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 11, 1844 Page 1
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T H Vol. X., Ifo. 8 51?Whole No. 3MJ4. To the Pablte. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily sewapapar?published every day of tha year except New Yaar*e day and Fourth of July. Price a casta par copy?or pT 98 par annum?port area paid?caih is advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morajbg?price 61 cent* par copy, or p8 13 per annum? postagrr paid, caah in a franca. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald ii over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing tart. It hat the largeet circulation of any paper in thit city, or the world, and it, therefore, the belt channel for bueinete men in the city or country. Price* moderate?caah in advance. PRINTING of all kind* executed at the molt moderate price, and in the moat elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PaoraiCTOB or thk Hkrsld Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Naaaau atraeta. WINTER ARKANOEMENT-FOR ALBANY. Via BRIDGEPORT tad eeOO aMQOL HoraatoMic kWuriar ^LaJSg^^*HxiLDaoau?, IAIIv. SundavAs^^BH^ Pasteogera for Albany hy this f-o-ite will taketn^Ss^allJ elegant ateemboat EUREKA, Cept J L.Kiteh. which Isavea New York from foot Liberty at. Seturdav mortnne at halfpast e o'clock, for Bridgeport, thruee by the Housatonic and Western Railroals, without ciiease ?1 cars or baggage orates, to Albany,arriving same evening at 3 o'clock, bare throngh U. For passage or Freight, apply on board, or at the office, foot of Liberty street tt M. FiKBTi Al?l. jlt>ec FATERISON RAILROAD. From Pnterson to Jersey City. Oa and after Monday, Oct 3d. IMS. the can will lee re Peterson DicraT. Leavi New Yoaa A.M. fVV . . ^>M -The Sunday Train* will be discontinued until further noice. transportation cars leave daily ( (senders excepted.) Paaeeacers are advised to be at the Ferry, foot of CeurtUndt street, n few minutes before the stated hour* of deoerture jyU 6in* , f m DRAFTS ON ENOLAND. IRELAND, lie.?Persons about remitting money to their SLIll II Ll^fiiinili in the Old Country can be supplied with drafts in sunu of ?1, XI, ?3, ?5, ?10, ?50, ?100, or any amount pavable on deraaud, without discount, or any other charge, at the National Bauk of Ireland, Provincial Bauk do, Messrs James Bait, Sou kilo.. Backers, London; J. Barned k Co , Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool; Eastern Bank of Scotland; Cfreenoea Banking Company; Sir Wa. Forbes, Henter k Co., Scotland; Cd th? branches in every post town throughout England. Ireid, Scotlsud and Wales, which drafts will be forwarded by the steamer Britannia, leaving Boston ou the 1st February Apply to W. k J. T. TAPHCOTT, t their general pasasge office, 43 Peck slip, jJ4 corner of Soath street DAILY EXPRESS. THE subecribers run their Kipress regularly, . A every day .via Honsatonie Railroad, (Snnuays eteepted.) to and from New York, Albany and Buf-HM5HE alo, and the intermediate places, for the tranapor win m mti -i of specie, bank noiee, bundles and packages of goods, for collecting bills, notes, drafts and accounts, wnh despatch. From this city at ti o'clock, A. M. arriving in Albany the same evening, in advance of the United Sta'es Mail. ftlmrrc POMEROY k CO 2 Wall street. NEW YORX AND PHILADELPHIA RA -ROAD LINE Foa Newark, Nkwbrunswick.Vrincbton, Trenton, bornrntown Alt* burmnqton. mryri liter'?13 ? THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leaving New Yoik daily from the foot of Courtlandt stMoroing Line at S A. M.?Mail Pilot Lisa at tjff. M. The Morning Line proceed* to Borden town, from thence by ateamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Caradea (opposite to Philadelphia) without change of cars. Passengera will procure their tickets at tha office foot of Courtlandt street, where a commodious steamboat, will be in readiness, with baggage crates oa board. Philadelphia baggage crates ate conveyed from city to city, wihout being opened by the way Each train is provided with a car in which are apartments and dressing rooms expressly for the ladies use. Returning, the line* leave Philadelphia from'the foot of WaJnat street, br steamboat to Borden town at 7 o clock, A. M. and by railroad from Camden, at 3 o'olock, P. M. The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7K A' M., and < P. M. being a conrwmatien of the lines from New York NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY NEW ARBaNUCMKNT, COMMENClINO OCT. ItTH .1843. fflnfM) QiflLgjl fhitlKBl m^TI YiOT FARE REDUCED TO TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. From the foot of Conrtlandt street. New York. L.?-CT^,e miJL?>. At A.M. At S P.M. At IX A.M. At IK P. M 9 do. I do. I do. 4 do. 11 do. 4 do. 9 do. 4 do. 3 do. lOXdo. 9V do. 7 ON'SUNDAYS. Leaves New York. Leaves Newark. 4.19 A. M. and 4%P. M. At IK r. M. and 9% P. M. .The cars of the Morris and Essex Railroad for Orange, Millville. Summit, Chatham, Madison, aud Morristowu, run through from Jersey City without change, and connect with 9 A. M. and 9 P. M trains from New York. NEW YORK AND ELIZABETH TOWN. Leaves Naw York. Leaves Elizabeth Town At A. M. At S P. M, At 7 A. M. 3? P. M. 9 00. f do. 714 do. 6 do. 11 do. 5 do. 9)4 do. 9)4 do. 7 do. 19 do. 1 P.M. The train* for Westfield, Plainfield, Roundlirouk, Bonier ville, Jtc., connect With the 9 A. M., end 4)4 P. M. ; train* from New York daily. Sunday* excepted. Fare between New York ana Elizabeth Town 96 cent*. Fare between do. and Bemerville, 75 cent*. NEW YORK AND RAHfrA) Leaves New York. Leaves Rahway. At 9 A.M. At 3 P.M. At 6* A.M. At 3 P. M 9 do. 3 do. 7 dr. 4* do. 11 It. 6 do. 9 do. 9 do. 7 do. 9)4 do. 1?8 P. M. NEW FORK AND NEW BRUNSWICK. From foot of Coutlandt street, New York, daily Leaves New York. Leaves New Brans wink. At 9 A. M. At 3 P. M. At 8 A. M. At 13 M. 6 do. 7)4 do. 1)4 P. M. ON SUNDAYS: Leaves New York Leaves New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. and <k? P. M. At 13 A M., and 8)4 P. M. Fare, except in the Philadelphia trains, between New York aud New Brunswick. 69 cents. Between New York and Rahway, 36 cents Newark, F.liiabethtown, Rahway, and New Brunswick passengers who pros are their tickets at the ticket office, re oaiva a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the eon duetor oriy on the day when purchased The commutation fare between New York and Rahway and intermediate places, has been reduced (including ferry) to $50 per year ; between New Brunswick and New York $75 iter I year. n!9 3m THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. _ffjr jet jHD JjJjr itgy from Nev^orOlst. and fro^Liverpool Ctho^ech month. From Nine York. I.'pool. * ? Ship LIVERPOOL. 1169 tons, j *>?, % % J. Kldndge t. Jt Gct , N. ship QUEEN OK TUB WEST, i flg* ?! fjfr J *360 ton. P. Wooohouse. I * New ship ROCHESTER.399 tons. 11l\ Aux' 8 John Bntton ' Oct'r 31 D& 6 Ship HOTTINOUER. 1969 tons,! 51l?h? ? IraBursely, 1 llkr'r II Jan y 9 These snbetantjal, hat sailing, first class ships, ail bailt in the city of New York, aia commanded by men ol Mperieaee and ability, and will be dispatched punctually oa the 31st ol itch month. frThcir cabins ir* elegant and torn modioli*, and are tarnished with whatever can conduct to the ease and comfort of passengers. Price of passage* $1M. Neither ttie captains or owners of these ships will be responsible for any parcels or packagm sant by them, naless regal *r hiJU of lading are signed therefor. WBOWKTLCk MINTURN8, 7 tooth afreet, New York, or to YIELDEN, BROTHERS k CO., Jl4 ec Liverpool OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. (I SOUTH B'i'REET, NEW YORK. - m m. m Paaaiur can be encaged fromLiveri*>ol by the following spim* did packet ahipa comprising the Old BI ick Ball Line of Packet! ailing aa under. From Liverpool. The ahip COLUMBUd, Captain Cole, on the 16th February. The ship YORKSHIRE. (new) Bailee, on the lat March. TWe ship CAM BKlDGE.Capt. Batatow, lGtk March. Ip*ahip ENGLAND. Captain Bartleu, lat April. The ahip OXFORD, Captain Rathbone, ISlh April. The ahip MONTEZUMA, Captain Lowber.tit May. The hip EUROPE. Captain Furber, 16th May. The'hip NEW YORK, Captain Cropper, lat Jane. In addition to tha aboveanperior ahipa, the ?o liacriher'a areata will have a aucceaaioii of trat claaa American ahipa despatched, aa cnatomary, from Liverpool, every fonr or five dayi throughout the year, to the different potu in tha United Btaten, oy which pareage can he secured at reduced ratea. Tnoae (ending for their frruaa reritii ,g iu Great Britain and Ireland, may rely tn it every care will bs taken to make paaaengeia aa comfortable ? lliey can reaaonably egpect. and ahould the not come out. the Puaage money will he promptly refunded. Drafts can aa nana I be furnished payable at <he National and Provincial Bank, of Ireland and branch-a; Eaatern Btuk of Scotland and bunches; and on Mraar*. J. Bait. Son k Co., Banker.. London; M-a.r. |. Barond fc Co., Bankera, Liverpool which are payable thranghoat England and Walen. For farther particu are apply (if by letter Poat pud) to ... JOHN IURDMAN, ., _ ? 61 soBOiijift, mi Wi'l itnct. N. B. Pa?iu? tn Livfrpool and London can at nil timrs b* angiy-d by ih? ratruhr packet ihipfl, sailing for Liverpool cvtrv fitr days, and to London nu the lit, 10th and 20ih of*aeli month on application at anovr. __ _ _ jl2?*c "tiBK- NF.W LINK (IK I.iVEUrooi, PACKETS? iBVWP.icliet ol 21.t kebruary?The aulrudid well knowu iHUm'aat sailing packet ahip ROCHESTER, 1040 tona bnrilieu, John Button, will nail positively aa above, hat regular 0?y. slie has acrnmmoditiona nnaorpasaed for the comfort ef cabin, a coud cibiu and steerage passengers f'hosw wishing to secure h?rt should make early application on board foot ol Burling .lip, or to W. k J. T. TAPSCO FT. f 8 tut I ep 43 Peck .lip, cor. South at. PACKET SHIP OCMULHEE, from New Orlnant, it duk I charging at Jonea' wharf, pier 14 E. H. Continues hy tliia ship will plreae attend the^receiptfof their goods Immediately; dm E NE N] The Craud, Fashionable, Fouricrite, Metropolitan, Free-and-Easy, Joint-Stock Fancy Bail at Miss Sinugfini'. A FANCY IK1TOA The highly fashionable boarding house, ovar whose affairs tha accomplished Miaa Smugginspresides with unequalled tact and dignity, was the scene of tha greatest confusion and excitement (or a fortnight previous to yesterday. A grand freeand-easy Fancy Ball, under the management of some half dozen old bloods and young bankers' clerks, was on the tapi$, and ineflecting the neces aary arrangements, the whole house was necessarily thrown into considerable disorder. It was, however, submitted to with the greatest possible good nature by the "boarders," amongst whom are soma of the very sweetest, nicest, most fashionable, most good-natured, and affectionate ladies in the city ; and amongst the gentlemen, several who are probably unsurpassed any where (or the luxuriance of their mouitache, and the fertility of their resources for effecting that beautiful and very philosophical process, denominated "raising the wind." The "boarders," then, without a murmur, ate in the basement and kitchen, slept three in a bed in the garret rooms, and submitted to a thousand inconveniences rather than hinder in the slightest degree the progress of the magnificent, judicious, everysort-of-shift preparations for the grand "free and rasy"joint stock Fancy Ball. The whole of the second floor was thrown open, consisting of the dining room, Mrs. (Green's bedroom, Dr. Epsoni's apartment, and the two closets occupied by Mr. Seedy and Count Blowniynoseofl. Nothing could have been more brilliant than the tout tnumblt of this elegant suite of rooms just before the company began to arrive. Five Astral lamps with only two broken shades amongst them, had been borrowed for the occasion, and in addition to the three belonging to the house, half a dozen of Judd's best sperm candles on the mantel pieces, ana six very neoi 1111 "sconces nanea up between the folding doors, illuminated the apartments with a brilliancy far exceeding that of the noon-day sun. The decorations were remarkably unique and tasty. Tissue paper of all the colors of the. rainbow had been cut into fantastic shapes and hung suspended from the ceiling in graceful festoons. The carpets had been taken up, all the old tacks carefully nailed down, and after a tremendous expenditure of soap and water, the floors had, under the superintendence of Miss Molly O'Flanagan, assumed a really clean appearance, and did nut indeed look at all like boarding-house Hours.? A very liberal supply of lemonade and any quantity of delicious "doughnuts" and ginger bread,weie placed on one of the large kitchen tables which had been transferred to the lobby. In the hurry and bustle before the ball commenced, a number of children, ostensibly belonging to some of the boarders, made a sortie on the gingerbread, but were fortunately repulsed by Count Blowmynoseoff, who was then on his way from the kitchen with a shirt collar and wristbands, which Sally, one of the chambermaids, had kindly washed for him that afternoon. The third and fourth floors were also " thrown open;" and the attic suite of apartments, three in number, and usually tenanted by the goddesses of the spit and broom, were fitted up as dressing rooms. Altogether the "arrangements" were in admirable style, Miss Smuggins declared that every thing looked charming. Mrs. Creen said the same. and bo did Mrs. Blown, and so did Mrs. Howl, and so did Mrs. Splutter, and so did Mrs. Everybody, and all assured MissSmuggins that she would positively "astonish the Browns." Miss Smugging and all the lady bo&rdere were now dressed and waiting up stairs in the attic, in a dreadful state of nervous excitement. They were all in a perfect flutter. Mr. Twitcher, Count Blow my nose off, Mr. Greens, and Mr. Dtddler, the fashionable bank clerk, who had been particularly interested in getting up the ball, were also a little lidgelty. Like generals on the eve of a decisive battle, they were uneasy 'till they saw how the thing went off. At length the company began to arrive, and in a very short time, the rooms on the second floor were all a perfect jam. Such a motley crowd and such a various gathering has never been seen in this city since the celebrated O'Degherty fancy Ball, in 1840. All New York was there ; that if, all the distinguished fashionables of the present refined, elegant, moral resectable regime. Accomplished dry goods clerks and druggists?genteel barbers and bakers?elegant bar-keepers and button-makers?charming warehousemen and watchstuflers?refined tobacconists and tailors?polite shoemakers and shirt-venders were there : hut the greatest portion of the males consisted of elegant men about town, who follow the highly fashionable profession ot living by their wits. The ladies presented an equally agreeable and fashionable diversity of social condition. Division street, the Bowery, Waverly Place, and Broadway were all represented, livery eatle and every style of beauty, from the saucy soubrette of the east end, to the dignilied lady of a retired grcen-groccr up town, weie there. It wus a charming, republican, interesting, amusing, philosophical admixture of youth ana wrinkles, nature and art, vrrdniicy and cuteness, down-town and up-town?alt seasoned and spiced with a profusion of New York morality, decency, virtue and refinement. Such a .crowd! Turks, Spaniards. Greeks, Indians, Chinese, Irish, Swiss girls ana Jersey girls, queens. princesses, peasants, loafers, brigands, nuns, ballet-girls, gypsies, all sorta of characters which the wardrobes of the Chatham, Olympic and Park, and the warehouses of Chatham street could furnish. The rooms were so small that the most amusing scenes occurred in. consequence of the pressure. One fat, red-haired woman of forty, who appeared as Queen Victoria, Was crushed almost to death in a corner, where she was driven by an Indian chief, and a fellow who np|>eared in the very appropriate character of a jackass. Her majesty, after vainly struggling to escape, at last went into hysterics, and was cairied ol*T in the arms of the jackass, who emptied a tumbler of lemonade in her face, effectually washing oil" the chalk and red paint, and sending her majesty shrieking to one o! the rooms up stairs, when she again fell into the arms of Mr. Diddler, who personated apickpocket, and who was just then embracing a tall thin lady, dressed as Queen Esther. Mr. Diddler immediate Iv disappeared, leaving the rival queens to arrange their regal robes, and recover their majestic dignity as they could. There wus evidently no squeamish?no affected?no mock modesty amongst the ladies. Most of them made a most libe.ral display of their personal charms?snowy necks?swelling busts?white round arms?divinely chiselled ankles?and limbs of faultless symmetry, were seen in all their naked loveliness, or half-concealed by the fascinating drapery of the thinnest guaze. And tlvir conduct was equally liberal and bewitchingly lr?e Iroin prudery, ot each it might have been said? " Kavorito all?to sll she (miles extend*, Not once rejscU?so never onoe offend*." Tliey bore the crushing und the crowding with charming good nature, and altogether exhibited to the fullest perfection, that delightful ubuntlon which a Fancy Hall is so pre-eminently calculated, and indeed intended to encourage. They waltzed? and flirted?and huug upon tneir partners' arms? with delicious looseness, and the little episodes which occurred in the '* lounging rooms"?in the lobbios? and in the mora retired corners of the grand suite of rooms, woftld havo been worthy of the pencil of Eugene Sue. " That horrid man prewes against me so !" murmured a pretty peasant girl. " Pshaw, child, how grean you are!" exclaim*d a tall stout woman, dressed as an Amazon. " Really, sir, you annoy me." " Divine creature, allow mc"? " My husband is always at home at that hour" " Mary, won't you speak to me I Don't you know nie 1 I'm your T lisped a stout Utile man, dressed as u brigand, who was following i auspiciously tall |>easant girl, i ' The deuce you are!" exclaimed the. peasant girl, in a rough, hoarse voice, revealing at ogee *'. .HfifcaNO I wammmmmmmmmmmmmmmamEsmammsBcz W YC EW YORK, SUNDAY MO "THE FEAST her real sex, and convulsing the crowd around with laughter. " To-morrow, then, iny dearest"? " I)o keep your hands oil me, sir"? " What a bust!" " Will your Majesty accept iny hand t"? "Sweet nun sinile upon your slave"?_ "Come now, Jack, tell nie where she is 1 Come hither : Ah, you precious pander villain, "Where ia the lady 7'? " Good lady, hear me with patience, and"? "Tell me, who is that voluptuous creature dressed as Queen Mab 1" " Oh ! he, he, thut is old mother"? " Hush, 1 see that Turk coming"? " Why. my eyes, Jiin, that ere gal is one of'? "Oil! look there, what a woman?what a touaneure !" said an old, withered votary ut' pleasure, dressed as ILomeo " What, do you mean the GttanaT' "No, no?tnc delicious creature?the Miilinei"? The ISilliner. r " Oh! I know her?that's Caroline"? " What * from Mrs. S 's 1" "Yes." " Lovely creature !"? ' Other women Cloy th' ap]ietite* they feed, but (he makes hungry Where most (he satisfies !" " Let's follow her I" Such are specimens of the conversation. in the room ; but the hustle?tke buzz?tin- glances?the squeezing?the crushing?the whirl?the freedom of manner and gesture are indescribable. It is time that we should give some of the principal names and characters:? Mm. W as Queen Mab Mrs. K an Indian Mnidan Mrs. II as Joan of Arc Mrs. Q us aJeiseytiirl Mrs. L as Dliuia Mrs. J as a Nan Mrs, O as I'.smeraldi Mrs. N ss Juno Mrs. F at an Indian Princess Mrs. M as l.adj Macbeth MMee A P?sra. Mr*. T?? ? Koi.diud Mr*. R as a Sorceress Mitt D . . .as dude rails Mio O u * Gitao* Mill K . <i, ... .a* Catherine ol Ari.igun Mil* H ai her Fag* Mhl W?,. a* a Scotch Girl Ml** 7? an Spinlah Lady Vis* J?., , ax an K.astern Slave Ml** T?? ai Day BIN I ? ?. . Piiestess of the Hun I.N !! ? * , . ai Cupid I' * , , . . , ui Desdcmona B." g .. a* Ophelia J se ! -- ..a* :.ii Amazonian Maid V *e i ? u? a Bright Star VJe* J?* , aa Portia ; o* Queen Victoria B'-rS a* a Fort tine-Teller vu* aa Arue'ii Voroian Mlra T?, as vlndam I>? I < Tour Amongst lbs gentlemen tin most distingui.-hi?d were? Mr. B .(eremy ni.U.rr Mr. V? ii a Will street Broker Mr. C ua a Pickpocket Mr. T a dummy Mwe*,, Mr. C?? us tiic Devil Mr. L a jock is* Mr. N?? nan l-onl Mr. V? ? aa a Mad man Mr. A aa a hear Mr. C as a Frog Mr. L? ii a Clown Mr. 8 . . aa Jim do-.r. Mr. W aa a Loafer Mr. T as Pour Simp,* Mr. B as Ftlsurf Mr. B hi old t lo' M"ii Mr. P a? Othello Mr. Mc as i hurt Mr. F as a Robber Mr. M a Defaulter Mr. II aa a G. T. T. Mr. il i Professor Mail'.t Mi. M as a Fourier!le Mr. V is u Figi.tir.gronfres'.nmn Mr. oft a p*.II Doff . tr. 8 ui a I'iir.p .Mr. us a Glutton Mr . a* a Itnggerman Mr. If is a New Fork Gen rman Mr. R?- as a Balioon Mr. K aa Ballard. . "Oil! my dear, do yon know who that fine lookniK fellr.w i*y nak? J u Dudu-looking beauty in the characternf" a Sorceress. "What, th" loalerT' replied a pretty creature "rcseed as Ophcliu. )RK I RNING, FEBRUARY 11, If OF REASON AND THE FLOW ''Tut, tut, no ;ihe with such handsome limbs? the Turk " "Oh ! no? yet?that is?why do you ask I" "Why he has spoken to me several times, and in fart I have halt consented to meet him to-inorrow?but what's the matter?are you faintt" "Oh! no," said Ophelia, apparently choking with some strong emotion, "I only felt a little overcome with the heat." in a few minutes afterwards the Turk and Oplte- 1 lia were in earnest conversation in a corner of the room. 1 "You did, sir, vou perjured villain!" 1 "Calm yourself, my dear creature, remember wo are observed." "1 cannot,sir; oh! fool, fool, that I am! But remember you. sir, that I can hate as well us"? But here the Baboon.who had somehow or other go' tite plump and lovely Madam do la Tour in his embraces came whirling against the fair Ophelia, woo seemed in a fair way oftollowmg her celebrated namesake, and the remainder of the conversation between her and the gentler an who hud, it appeared, been carrying the maintenance ot his character a little too far, was lost. Before the evening was over, however, we perceived that Ophelia'tiad indeed drowned all her sorrowa?in whiskey. "Twu at the sign ot the fork, Young Patrick flint opened his throttle, And being a Native"? "Stop your detestable noise, sir; the only|N'atives we tolerate are trie tvaiivc Americans, interposed the individaal who represented the NewYork Gentleman." "And in troth, sir. but its only by passive toleration that you're allowed to show your uglv mug anywhere; and by the piper that played before Mows, sir, I'll tacne you the dootrtne of passive obedience; so be ofl'wid ye," and the Hibernian, who we must sav was " a little in liquor," here administered n blow to the native gentleman's skull-cup, which sent him sprawling on the floor, to the terrible discomfiture of Queen Mnb whoso gauze garments he had seized on to preserve him from falling, and which of course giving way, left her charming maiesiy in a condition very snuihir to thut of Queen Venus; ulthough in truth this accident to her m.tieaty's wardrobe revealed very few charms whicn were invisible one minute before. " Ha, ha, ha, oh! oh! oh! boys, did you ever see the like of that V' "Of what!" " Oh ! did you ever V' " Hold me, Tom, I shall expire !" " By all the K?ds, this beats the ' dignity ball' all io |?icuca. " Oh ! oh! oh! he, he, he, oh ! hold me. I shall burnt a blood-vessel!" Fortunately, however, tor her majesty, in the nculfle, an inilispensuble appendage to the dress it Heenird even ol Queen Mult, had given way, and a cloud of down and feathers wus the consequence, which in a moment or two completely veiled her from the eyes ol the crowd, and escotted by four or live of her attendant fairies, she hurried to one of the dressing-rooms, and with the aid of a needle and ihrpad, half a do/en pocket-handkerchiefs, a pillow from Mrs. Green's bed, and a stilf glass of brandy and water, her majesty was uble to make her appearance again, looking almost as good as new. " Oh! crikey do you sec our Bill Smith!" " Yaw, 'non tny honor, so it is; what is that he has got with him?eh 1 "-"Egad, that's the gitl he picked up at the Chatham last year?" " You don't say so. Well now?that's really vulgaw." " He was devilish hard put about to get dteeeea, but John Povey lent him some of Shylock's toggery, and she got a fancy dress from one of her old friends of the Chatham." " How did he get over that last little affair I" " What, that about the fill T** " Yes." "Oh! it's all right, my cove, but he has to be cautious just now, you know He'll make another raise soon." So there they go?a down town clerk and his friend. nraiin-innm CIA ?/VTTU"IWVW v*v ! /' >. ' '. ' V this time, when supper wrh announced, our reporter I tnoit n rkrtch of the scene in the supper room, and ' tic artist has very faithfully t amferred it on the cut, which we annex The lady to the right, who ih addressed by the clown, is the accomplished dnughter ?I the ex President of an exploded Wall street Lhink. She has been told that her ankles are exHcttyof the same measurement us those belonging to the "Statu* which enchanti the world." and it will he perceived that her dress has an appropriate brevity Near her in a lady whose iniuk had fallen off, enabling us to recognise the daughter ol one of our moat laahionahlc butchers. She has juat *epnrated tr? m her second husband, and now j appears to listen with much interest to the flattering compliments of a celebrated auctioneer, wno is JERA 344. OF SOUL !M jj " Why riot1? His employer?the merchant?the extensive dry goods merchant?is also in the room j within a few leet of his confidential clerk. There t he is with his arm around the Priestess of the Sun ] He has a wife and family up town in a handsome i i... i i-.. ..c 11 i uuusc?ur nun niau a. i?reu ? buiir ??i tuuiiieui diu.iu* I way?about which the Priestess of the Sun can tell c you. Why not I lie has failed twice for twenty ? thousand dollurs?and in now " going it as strong" * as ever. Why cannot he nialie 11 " raise" as well 1 as his clerk 1 Arcades ambo. Wc could'nt have j elegant, delightful, charming fancy balls and mat- r querades without such dear, elegant, delightful, charming men as Mr. Diddlcr and Hill Smith, his i confidential clerk?could wel" " Decidedly not." " Well, then, what do you state at V " Oh, 1 thought"? " You have no business to think?thinking is voted a bore in New York?it's decidedly not fashionable? so do what you like?say what you like?but don't think"?thinking is about as unfashionable as honesty in New York?rut bono, as the Roman philosopher suid?so don't, 1 beg of you, don't think." Tha Turk. The company was nt the highest pitch of enjoyment about midnight.. The brandy and water and gin sling*, and whiskey toddy for the. ladies, had circulated pretty freely; and the nois? grew so fast uiJ furious, that the watchman, who had been properly "arranged" and bound oversatisfactorily by one of the gentleman manager* to keep ihe peace and take no notice "if any thing should occur," sent up several messages requesting "the gentlemen" to keep a Until quiet, "as the people wot lived next door were n poppin' their heads out to know what was the matter." It was just about rk and "friend." / .V' I \ dressed ah a pirate, and whose taste in wine and women la indisputabl e Queen Vtctorin is ucr n at the other end of the table, looking unutterable majesty. A variety of other character!" figure in the haek.ground; and the bu d, it wi I I e seen, are discoursing moat eloquent music, accompanied bv the variations on the knile ?nd lork, at the table After supper, the table having been rather abruptly broken down, in consequence of several of the gentlemen, nnd the jackasr amongst th? number, having imitated the I example of the Harlequin, and attempted to dance a cotillion on it; the company returned to the "dancing room*." The minor, and btihtlr, and crowding, and prendre, and uproar w >* most exciting. The ladies had more abandon, and ihe gentlemen were more diligent and persevering in their attentions, than ever. Several little rows oc-JL LD. P*lM Two C?nU> urrad?some rather unpleasant recognitions took lace?numerous " appointments" were made?the and got auite fuddled?Mies SmuggmsgotaUnued -some of the gentlemen went nltetltloo fur?some f the ladies felt rather queer?a grand fight look lace amongst the cabmen at the door?a tremenoiu scramble took place m the dressing-rooms?a ood many pockets were picked?a good many louks and hats were missing?a good many hui-? ian<ls and lovers were desperately jealous?a gotd nany ladies were dizzy with whiskey and flattery -and finally the company cleared out, a number if ilia " niceyoung men" singing in full chorua:? " Lub is ticklish thing you know, It makes d? lsir ses tMtl utt oo?i so? Litre's squash-head Sirn'o, who lutis Olack lloso. Wants to romo pnssuin ob?r Dinah,! 'spots. Oh clar da kitotu-n, clar d? kuobeu, ho. And thus terminated the " graud, free-and-ei*y, [ 'ourierjoint-stook Fancv Rail" ?t Miss Sm tiffins SfruEMF. CocttT.?o.t.-.en iKouied, January terir, 1H44.?New trial granted, cost- to abide the event. ?Tcwti'V et. at., ads. Lclau-l; Pheui* Bank, he., ads Owns.; (Jorniug aits. Louinis; Dyai-rt ads Austin- Sill ails. Fitch; Cunfield vs. Bcrnardf Fnrdhsm et al'. ad*. Slade, Albany F.xchangu Bank, vs William*; Malcolm ads. Myers; riuvulaud mis. Clark; Tomliuton et. al. ads, Howe, sheriff, kc.; Coriis vs. Cosgrove; Grillin vs. Mc.Kcnzie; Reynolds u.N. kid wards; Adam* ad* Walsh. Now trial gi anted. ?The I'< opto vs. Flint. New trials denied ? Mad. Mutual Insurance Company ads dates et. al; Smlih v*. Knowerot. al.; llurko v*. Wolcot; Roger* v?. Thump, son et al.; Brewster et. al. ads. (lutes; iSniisun. slier ill Ike vs. Alvora; Coo et al uds 1'rntt; Sageods Strong; Halt at. al uds Hooker et. al.; Harris ads. Strung; Height et. si. ml*. White; Reed uds. I line; Stew art ads. '1 lusters Hamilton College; Thompson et al ad* Allen; Nicola is. Anslde et. al,; Rand vs. Buckley; Van Schaick v*. Q lman et. nl. Brewer, sheriff kr ads Wallace: Moras v* Walling; Wurrea ads. Dorr; Harris ads. Sheldon; Wye< f iJs. Sulliui laud. New trial denied, proceeotuga retina. d, Sec.?The People vs. llollis Pratt et. nl. Motion to * t aside leport ol referees denied?llubbeli et. al. va. Bov . ker; Rochester City Bank. vs. Bales et. al.: Bunk Of Ri eliet'er vs Bates et. al.; Smith et. al. ads haudlordct a ; Corrieat. al. ads. AL City Bunk; Merrifteld vs Walk-V et. al.; Corey uds. fiihbs; Creamer et. ul uds. Stock to | Downer et. ol ads Delmnnter; Iteaglcs ads. Joy et k. Report of referees let aside, cost to abide the event ? De lingham, ads. Thome et al Judgments affirmed?Lent) hoo et al , vs. Vorwick ; Kaodell vs. CraadaU ; Andrei vs. Whitmoro; McKinley vs. Beech et al.: Adams *i. Bench vt ul ; Thomas vs. T?dd ; Noiton e' al, v? Datei i Uollenhack vs. Fluining ; Newbury va Lee ; BlancbatJ it al., vs. Adams ; Caswell et al , vs W lieelai , strain* v?. icii;uu. JUdjliiriiip icitrnm. liuu ? i dwid| fl h | I'matees Peun Van v?. Tborue , Bui ley v?. The People j took ad*. The People ; Featherly adi. The People. Pro. ceding* reverted.?Hill v*. Stocking ; Hart vs. Avery ind wile. Judgment) reverted, ven. do novo, cotta to ihide tlio event.?Olt) vt. Thompson ; Hill v*. Stocking | iVatU vt |Warren et nl , Craw vt. Howe ; Ltonurd at al, Clark Judgement of Com. Pleat reverted and that of uatioe aiiirmed.?Bicknell et nl , vt. fodder. Judgment or plaintiti on dem , with leave to amend on utuai taitna. -Towtcv et al, adi. Leland ; Van Ktten v*. Hunt et al.j lir.hardaon adt. City of C'tica ; liuhhaid rt. Phenix etaLi lump et al., vt. I'henix et nl ; Tanner nda Wheeler and vlfe; Sharpo nd). Church, Hungunin va. Lawrence j Cuntou ad* Benedict et al ; Van Altty ne vt L'Amoreua j Ichuylar, sheriff, kr. vt. Kellogg Judgment) for De t. in dom., with leave to amend on utunl terms.? Blackmar ida Aberdeen ; ( lark and wifendn (Jere i Mucumber adn. S'ilei ; Hhorp ads. Hint dill Judgment for Daft on demurrer.?Woolford et al.. odt. Keep Motion to *et atide injuitition duuied ?Old) vt. Bu?h. ATMOsntiRic K aii-kuads.?In this age of wonJertul inventions, when the common atmosphere ,y to ?uperte.dc ttuaui, at steam tuperteded wheel) and iior?c?, why should wn not at last, come to the Invention >f railroad) in the Air f We have Wlfltt in the air by the houtand, and nurcly there mutt be roadt leading to tuen. We recollect a very long publication, by BishopWilkinv, mutuiuining me practiceuwiy inn ru n lucniiy oi travelling tu tbe Moon. This Bishop waa really a learned man, and the friend ol Sir Isaac Newton, who, when the Royal Society was established, made tbe prelate a member of It. Hia "reasoning on the aubject of going to tbe Moon U one of tbo uott laughable exposures of learned illusion- He firat proves thut there is u Moon, and then thare is a world in the Moon. This is strictly prudent, for when a man U suing to undertake a wty long journey, it is butright Air him to ascertain wheie he is suing to, or whether there is any place to go to The Bisnop's mode of going to the Moon is thus expressed?"If there be such a great ruck in .Madagascar as Marcus Polus, the Venetian, mentions, the leathers ol whoso wmgs are twelve leet long, which can soop up a horse and his rider; or uu elephant as our kites do a mouse, n hy then, it is by teaching one of these to carry a man. and he may ride up to the Moon as Ganymede does upon an eagle" We would much rather the ruck should carry the elephant up to thu Moon than ourselves The learned Billion adds, ' Yet I lo seriously. und upon good grounds, itlnrm It possible to make a tly ing chariot. in which a man may sit. and give such a mot.on unto it us will carry him to the Moon." Next, the Bishop talks of making a wooden dove and a wooden eagle Krom this he ttevels to the birds ol para disc, and says:- "They reside runttstitly in the air, mature not having bestowed upon them legs, and, therefore, they are never seen upon the ground : but, bring dead, if you ask how they multiply, it is answered, they lav their VKK1 wn ,HC VI iiii?miviiiri U|VU HIVII lUir III until their young on?a b<- derived " The Prelate in asked, what his travrlleis arc to do for food during their long journey 7 and he replies, "Thst as a bird ol paradise ran live upon oir, a man can do the iamv. ' Then be give* us 'he names of Hunts who lived forty a cars npon air, and mentions a Priest, and a maid of Gar many, and auo'her maid of Fiance, who did the same. The book J? a most amusing exposure of harmless ihaiirditius, and yet it was plaited hy that extraordinary bigot, Dr. Johnson, who thought it a sin not to praise inv thing that was written by a Protestant Bishop. It will hardly he believed that even ns late as 1803 the wotkl of this Prelatn were published in London in two thick ? 'umrs octavo. Perhaps it was Dr. Johnson's praises that induced the London trade to venture upon the speanla<ion. 7 he sketch we hare made is not only laughable, but may bo turned to great account; for numerotta schemes?money-gathering schemes?ara yearly afloat, fully as absurd n? Bishop Wilkins's modes of travelling to the Moon If we come to theology, we find hnndreds of Bishop Wilkinses now indicting society with mischief, and without afTording the relief of Isughtar. Militia or tiik United States.?The followirg tabic is compiled from a ie)>oit sent to the United States Henateon Monday, by the nccretary of War, transmitting in abstract of the leturns of the militia in the aeveral Hiatus and Territories Ji'fitnlry. Cnt'ry. .frt'ry. Hi/In At'rl* vlaioe, <9?Vt I,AM 1911 SI WW New Hampshire, - 20,811 81H till ? 29X92 dsxnchux Its, Hi (ill 207 1 119 834 98 811 V.rino .r, ?0 ill !?' Sir. 2,3ii 2l?ll Khode 1 ls< d, It,114 II V,\ _ U 910 t'onnectieui. SI.'22 1,103 2.301 2.0'? sS.W *o*w io'k un i mi ?",?< / v'ew j?r??y, I16M 1,734 l,?/5 l.ej* 3* 171 hi, avwenit, 2p> 131 i,m 3 6)7 13,621 247 430 u? kip 8.212 706 i fin 34) j m \1?r>l,??d (1)1 ?,38l ?; 46 601 - IP* HI i03.1hh 16*1 4 x'j ? 11*138 vnrt* f:?rr| 116 .... 63 mb ii ? t14 66 iii 4 ?h Carotin <7,141 J.o-I 243 I On 7 52.733 (h-om * 50.176 Mr, ? ? j7 hi \ la fen KM, |(0(i4 IB} ? J ?s 44.16* u' uiiic a, i3 0)i 134 774 *44 it ? i vliaaitilrpi. 8 0 13 ? ? 36 (.44 fpfilimpa, 71,13/ ? ? ? 71 it <" turky, 11,817 2.124 3if, 1,051 m.jtj Oh, - ? ? ? 1 Mi.234 "dm 40 7)2 1,764 m0 1,714 s3 * is iii noit.xi 656 1} ? n 6 ,234 tdwanon, '8 680 ? ? ? }9 ran in ana-a, 1803 143 ? ? 2 fit vi'cli'biii, 47,(3(1 ? -? ? 47 OjO F'O'iJi 027 ? ? 827 13 ii ri,una, 3,121 ? ? ? J,its Iowa, Mo return. Dutiict Columbia,- 1,1*8 ? ? ft t,Ji| 1.117,381 s3 hi 3|>0 |7 423 1 743,088 Nrw York LEoiai.nTt'**.? in Aaeembly, in Tluirwlay, Mr. J. Smith retorted in favor of the bill relntive to lb? irmpwtion of flour, dipmI, 1c in the ciijr of New York?* majority report Mr H->?? aaked (hat the bill might l,? 1*14 on the tahlii lor a f?w d?) Ha believed anch information would be received frotn tha city of Ntw York in a few di?v? * w ould Irnd to the intrnduo>ion of a new bill. Mr. ItnIfnir*l hoped not Tha hill had already bran in the hmda of the committee for three week*. The bill wai committed. Bt/KJiiy a\u Fa rat. Kkm oxtke.? Il become* out painful duty to record one ol the moot bloody tiagediea with which the ncw?p?per? of the dey are crowded, tin kriday laat a difticully ocenrrnd at a grocery (tore belonriiik to lamr if I.oii<, aitnate on tbn roa.1 aide, about half way between thla mace and annum, in which mr. l>onf, peter tranimell, jimci helton and laudawick dnhfa were rinr*>red. and which resulted in the atnbbink of the three latter by the former, arid the death of Dobbt, which enaued the following evening. Tha other two. Trammel! and Helton, ate mill alivr, ami It la auppntad will recover tinder proper treatment and attention.-- DiAfenrfi ((Ju ) -tfcioun/ AVA 1. ?miot* Fipf. i* iUt.riMORK. The Baltimore American nl yemerdav any*:?"About halt nnet 10 o'clock la?t night, a Are broke out In the block of buildingt on the aouth-weat corner olOav and Lombard utreeta, ippoitte the Kxehange and Public Store, occupied by ?? uom Notariea Public, Insurance nta, Jtc. The firemen w ete promptly on the a pot. but owing to the fire orl ginn'mg in the upper part of the building, and yetting un d?r the slate roof, their cflurt* were unavailing. except in HHVing the inrrounding property. 1 he booa*. p-ipera, nltlc.e turni'urr. Ji' . of u number of the occupant", "era stive I by the cxertinna of the firemen and cilsreni Th? i'tiildinga *er? owned by Mea-ra John Donnell k Son*, w ho?? counting room ant in a part ol them The lo?? it fully covi-rod ht taHnrfinre A p<nt?ccpt dated I o'clock, ?aya?" I lie ftfta hae extended I rum 'he original hlock ta tened 'o atmv e to the warehouse a 'Joining on Oay ?tre?t occupied hv Mr M'mg g <?cer and co "ion merchant, and ?moke j? also bluing from 'he roof ol tn? next building occupied t y Meatrr It St II R Tucker. Iheflremtll aeem a I molt exhatnted by lehnrand in'anie cold Manyi of them appear earn d in Ice, like knighta In armor, good and true " A pciaon r;n -aking to a very dent' man, and getting angry at loa not catching hia moaning, laid: "Why It aa pi iln it A H t' " That may be, air, replied tha J?of man, "but I am D I. I

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