Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 11, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 11, 1844 Page 3
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Turin I ml mill ' L.UOH for a still farther advance The whole country, from cue end tojthe other, ia affected more or less by the present speculation. Tho advance within two weeks in the Liverpool market reached Jd per pound, equal to one cent, amounting to the sum of $10,000,000, as the additional value given to the crop and stock of this staple now in the market. This is so much added to the actual wealth of the country, making our total exports nearly that much more Upvalue. This sort of speculation benefits the coun. tryfat Urge, although it may sacrifice a few individuals Speculations in stocks have a very different effect. The result of high prices or low prices is confined to a verysmall circle ; a few individuals are influenced, hut it goes no farther. The actual worth or value doea not increase a single fraction, by the speculations in Wall street or aay where else. The advancement or decline of prices, are fictitious quotations that express nothing?meaning nothing. The caahier of the NewOrleaiis Canal and Banking Company, in a report made of the affairs of the institution, to a large stockholder, says " The ?tatement published last January made out the value ofthe itork at about $46 per ibei-e. | now consider It aa worth, by the preseut state of our aaaeta, at leaat $70. That ia, if the hank was placed in liquidation now, it haa good assets enough to return $70 to the atockholdera. We have petitioned the Legislature to reduca the nominal value of aharea to $60, und alao to allow ua to withdraw our branches from the country. If they allow tho last privilege it will be a great ebject gained." The monthly report of the Philadelphia Railroad Company for January 1843 and 1844, shows a great increase tbisjyear over last Jan. 1813. Jan. 1841. Receipts, $11937 69 21,468 16 "Tons coal, 3,440 00 11,739 00 The following table of official Teturna, made of the trade of Chicago, Illinois, shows the rapid growth of that city and the country surrounding it. The exports in 1830, only eight years since, were but $1000. In 1843 they were valued at more than a million. The import* do not show so great an increase, but they exhibit the tame improvement of trade and advancement of wealth. Commence or Cmcton. Exports. Importsmi, 1.000 61 1*36, $326 201 90 IH17. 11 066 00 1837, 37S.8?7 12 1838, 16,044 76 1838, 679,171 61 1879. 33 813 O'l 1839. 630.980 26 1810, 228 636 74 1840, .662.100 10 1841 , 348.362 34 1841, 664,947 88 1842 , 669 305 2# 1842, 664,347 88 1841, 1,008,207 00 1813, 1.433,886 00 The amount of tonnage employed in the trade the past season is 1,826,900. The expnrti in this short period show an increase of more than one housand percent! while the imports show an increase ot, nearly four hundred per cent No other port in the Western country can produce an official statement so favorable as the above. This great increase is comprised of the productions of the soil, and is an increase of so much wealth. ??w owvk $ IOO(POhio S'?, YO ?60 MV $1000 Indiana a 15 37 X 1000 do b30 97 V ion) do 37 V \ 4000 do 97). 2000 Alabama 5's 65 k J1000 do sl5 97V? >000 do s3 MX 300(1 do bit 97k 25 alias Farmers' Ln i3 32X ICOO do >10 97.0 25 do b3 32X 1000 do s3 975? 25 do l60 32 > 2000 do 130 97 25 do b3 32V '5000 do sl5 97X 25 Canton Co J9?i 11000 do ?15 97 25 do b30 19>i 2000 do a>5 97 X lit Vicksburg 11000 do $30 97 50 do '3 8 5000 do raw 97V 50 it b30 0? ' 2000 do Wedn 97 k 25 do S)i 20(0 do s20 97 >4 50 Lome Island s91 70 jooo Kjrt's, 30 ys b3 101k 25 do >30 70V 2000 do sow 10156 25 Saratoga RR ?30 31 > 1000 do 101X 25 do b20 35 ! 1000 111. '60 b3 41 25 Hirlein 43 k 1000 do 70 s30 4 0 50 da s60 43k 1000 do sGO 10 50 do nw 43V 3000 Indiana s3 37 50 do s3 43V 6000 do 37X Rsoond Board. $10000 Kentucky Bonds 101X 50 thas Norwich Rr 1)30 34X 5000 do b30 102 25 do b3 34k 8000 Ohioc'a, 1860 97X 75 N Am Trust 1RX 40 shat Harlem KR 44 50 do nw 16 50 Cautra Co 29V Old Stoclc Exchangs. $7009 U S 5's,'53 102k 225 .h?s Farmer's Tr Co 32V 5000 do conpon ttck 10'iJ. , 25 Canton Co 29V 4000 N Y Stite7V '48 107X 50 do slO 3000 do 5's, '58 100 40 do b30 29V 5000 Ohio 6's, '60 b30 97 k 25 Eagle Fire Ins 107 5000 do 60d 97k 12 Kouit.kle Ins 98 17000 do 97k 5 N Y Kir? Ins 95 3000 <lo cod 97)2 50 Stoniugton RK 33V 5000 do s30 97 k 100 do bCt 34 2000 do 97k- 125 N Jer-ey RR 93 5000 Keumcky 6's 101V 200 d-i b90 93k 7500 b.nnsvlrania 5's C5X 190 Ha'lem RR 43V 8000 Illinois spcl bonds 41 200 do bnw 43* 2000 Indiana $ bonds 37V 150 do 43V 5000 do SCO 37V 50 do ICO 44 9000 do 37X 50 do sl5 43V 2 ahas N Y Bk 117 50 do al5 43V 18 Merchants' Bk 105 51 d> slO 43V 20 Bk of America 50 d i 4 >k 30 do % 100 Lour Island RR 70V 197 National Bk 100 20 do 71 70 Bk Cora, scrip 97V 150 do s39 70V 5(1 N Am Trust Co 17k 50 Taterson It R 74 50 do 17X 150 Kradinc RK 47 12 Ohio Lite It Trnrt 95 37 Utica lie Schen RK 120 5 Illinois Bk 17 200 Nor It Woic 34 loo Vicksbnrg Bk 8 125 do 34V MS sin 01/ Kit .1- ln? ?al7 200 FAIisjii*' TlUlt Co nj^ bS do 1.30 jJ^J State or Trade. Cottom?The market di<l not exhibit a* much activity o* ycftenlay. Holders showed Rome disposition to advance their rate*, but were not followed up by purchasers. Sales amount to about 1300 bales, at prices of the preceding day. Freight has been engaged for 3,500 bales, per packets to Liverpool, but there is no general disposition shown to ship. Rral F.itatr?The following sales were made at the Merchants' Exchange, by Antnony J. Blescker & Co. The lot and building corner of Bridge and Whitehall streets, irregular piece of ground $10,300 Lot on 33d street, near 8th avenue, 070 Lot on 3d avenue, near 33d street, 33 feet 0 inches by 100 feet 1,360 Lot on 6th avenue, and gore lot on 33d street 1,000 Leasehold premises 81 Frankfort street, 17 years, at $170 ground rent, 850 Lot on 4th avenue, near 18th street, 35 feet by 110 feet 4,300 4 lots on the south side of 37th street, between 0th and 7th avenues, at $500 each 3,000 4 do do 38th street, do at $530 each, 3,080 1' lot on the north side do do 016 1) lot on the south side of 30th st. do 015 1 gore lot on 30th street, 35 feet hy 70 feet, about. . 410 1 do do do by 54 feet, do.... 310 1 do do do by 40 feet, do. . . 380 1 do do do by 40 feet, do. . . 330 3 do do do hy 30 feet, for 416 ' Foreign Market*. Kixostox, (Jam.) Jan. 13.?Since this day week, six vessels hava arrived from New Orleans, one from NewYork, and three from Alexandria; and the principal part of their cargoes being composed of flour and pork, their arrival has had a very injurious effect upon these articles. One of the cargoes from New Orleans was yesterday sold at the low rate of $14 per bbl. for pork, and $61 for flour? both duty paid. The duty on potk is $6, and on flour t $1 50 per bbl. ' I Ll _ I Died J On Saturday, loth inst. Mrs. Catiikrink McFarland, in the 70th year of her ago iter inenai ana acquaintance! are respectfully requested to attend her funeral, on Monday, the 13th inst. at half past 3 o'clock T. M. from the retidenoe of her son-in-law, John Gregory, 173 Kighth avenue. 3t 1 On Saturday, 10th Inst.' Mm. Sorim J., eldest daughter of (jharlcs and C. K. Bwezey, in the 33d year of her age. 1 Her Iriends and acquaintances aro respectfully invited ( to attend her funeral, this afternoon at two o'clock, at . the residence of her parents, 670 Grand street. ?- At Brooklyn, on Saturday morning, 10th inst., after a short but lingering illness. Hsant Kir/?, youngest daugh- 1 ter of John and 8?rah Merlin, ;aged nine years and eight \ month". VMM *-.* | The friends and relatives arc respectfully invited to attend the luneral, from her late residence, 170 York street, this afternoon at 31 o'clock. t ft?- Norfolk and Washington papers will please copy. ( ' ' ? ?? I Pamngere Arrived. Ot.Ainotv?Barque Adim Can?Mr Brown, and 4 in the ' steerage. t PaiKngtn Sailed. j Lohpon?PaeKet ship Wellington?Mrs Foster, Mrs Denton, 1 London; A S Bmrnmer, Augns'Ds Kn?pp, New York; Jsn es Mmuh. Chinles Brown, Connecticut; Mr Schlukerknap, Mr > Crossman. 1 foreign Importmtlone. ] olasiiow?Ship Henry Kneeland?160 tons coal 100 lumpers ' fO k?m Soaks G Miln?31 pkgs Camming St Hiaeh?2 punches , W Liwsou?160 bbls St liu Smith, Thargnr St en?300 casks J Lee It co-8 do A Bininaer k co?# A Low? bis J W Mitchell St co?16 cases 10 carboys s J lnnis St co?3 cks *V W Hose ? 1 bo* J It ft Coils?I J C Williams?1< bbls 18 boxes Inslis . St Scott?1 bs T Gniley?2 cases Vandevoort, Caldwell It War- ( noe.k?4 do to order i Gtasiiow? Barque Adam Cirr-92 tons coal Woodtmll St M",ta'o?'? bales 7 hoies Smith, Thnigar St co?10 baies 41 cks G B Moiswood A co?113 J Hoelmn?ISO tons pig iron H ; Irvin?4 lira A A Low?11 W ilsoa fc Bmwu?31 Cuuiiuislnim I *??n*-l2J J Lee fc co-47 bales A Mitchell-10,000 I bricks TenseSt Brocks. Domestic Importation*. j Mob ili?Brig Belmj-60 halm cot'on J 11 Talman-194 do ' Spolfrrd. Tile.ton St Co-207 Burritt fc J*hn.nn-46 Tlompssn I fc Adams 30 A D fc T J 8mith-10Q A O H.zard-M 11 D Msbe* sr Masks?-Brig Oe* Wilson?Si bales cotton Mel. Con * 1 Anderson?178 Hofbrook, Nelson St co?34 K L Mait\and-12 Gmenway fc Henry?li Centar fc cn. > Tnmerlsne?9(2 bales cotton II Sc S Hills 1 ?}? 1, H Brigham. Sa?annAH-Brig( |iuton-4M We. cotton G McBriile-21 1 '.,*" 1 Kilb irn St Kogersp78 J Work?AO AG Miller fc co ? ?27 Bir<tow Ik Pope?5J ? 13ronton?50 Howdy It WtlU?75 J 1 &. L Stop#. a "maritime herald. ailing Days of tfce tean HUpa < raoM LivnnrooL. rson amuioa i llibernia, Jadkins Feb. i March l ; Caledonia, Mar. 4 April I I. Western. Matthews Apr. 27 May 23 G. Britain, Hoaken May 26 Jane 20 i tilp Bloater* and Agsnts. We shall esteem it a favor, if Captainiof Vessels will gin to Commodore RoagaT SiLrar, of oor News Mart, all* b port of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, the | HWBBBBBBL _ X? i. M.X JJI'JLBJLUtfL '1L1. ifeaa?l? Spoken ?n ih?ir hiitfi,! List ol th'if Cargo, in<) J"? Forei*u Nrwapapers or News ihey mar Kara. H?wUl *ou4 them immediately oa tMt until. Amu adl C? respondents, at home er abroad, will alto coaler lator ?T ending to thia Office all the Marine latelligaaea they eaa obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfully eeeived PORT OF NEW YORK, FJfiBRUAHY 11. sun SI aaooit miscs 1 IS UN SETS J H I NIOH WATEB GlflfM. Chip Southport, Griffith, Charleston Geo Bulkier.?barque Wevboaset, Collina. Mobile, Dunham fc Dimon ? Brigs Mena, Draper, Opor'o. N O Letighi fc To; Helena 8t Marraretha, (Hw) Nernst, Trieste, A Catelli; Florida Blanco, F.ldriuge, Beliae, Hoed. B Blanco; Gulielma Mayo, Matauxaa, Brett It Voee; Eliaa It Sus n, Dyer, Mobile, Bndger fc Peck; Tower, Lealie, Charleston, Thompson It Adams.?Bchrs N L McCready. beeley, Sivanaah. N L McCready fc Co; Kochester, Fountain. Baltimore, J fc N Briggs; Emma, Cole, do, Johusou fc Low den. Arrived, 8hil> Agues, Wetherill, 30 day* from Amsterdam, with mdte, to Pftirer fc Witsmann. The A. was hore to on Thursday morning off Fire Island, iu the snow storm?has had flva days pissaga from the Baukr, and encountered thick weallier for the lest six days. , _, . . Ship Henry Kneel and, Andrews, 37 days from Glasgow, with mosr, to 1 login fc Milo. list rtpenauce 1 very severe weather on the passage; most of bar crew treat bitten. Died on hoard, William G.een. of Englaud, and Peter Ageinau. or Martinique, both teamen, and has two men sick. She was supplied wilh men bv the revenue cutter Ewiog. ( apt Huutrr Ship Tamerlane, Theobald. 17 daya from Savannah, with cotton, to L. H- Brigham. Eiperienced aevere weather 011 the p&atage, and has been 14 days ncrtu of IUt(eras. Bnr-Jtie Serene, Adams. 70 daya from Bueuos Avres, with cargo of ship Bmtus, wrecked at Bnenos Ayrra, to W. W. De Forest 8t Soil. Bremen barque Hudson, Schilling. 62 days from Bremen, with mdse, to K. fit T. Pcpre. The H. has beeu 1) days ou the coast. Hamburg baroue Washington, Krnger, 31 days from Hamburg, with mdse, to Schmidt & Bslchen. British barque Adam Csrr. Scott, from Glasgow, Jau. 10, with mdse to Woodhull It Miutura. Brig K.tutle, Stevens, (nt Boston > 58 days from Palermo, and 45 daya from Gibraltar. with 800 bis lemons 16001ns III hf uo oranges to Howes. Godfrey It Hobinsou. Enerianced severe weather on the passage?has be*n on the coast 25 days. Was bouud to Philadelphia put in here on account of head winds. Brig Selma, Smith, from Mobile, Jan. 16, with cottnu, to Pturges St Clearman. Hat been 16 days ou the coul, and has had a pilot on board 5 days. rig Gen. Wilson, Miuor, 71 days from 8t. Marks, with cotton. to ? D. Hur'but It Co. Sailed in ca. wi'U brigs Henry Leeds, and Mississippi, for Nwork. Brig Clinton, Lyou, 7 days from Savaunalt, with cotton, to l *lurges It Cleartnan Scnr Splendid, Shackford, from Matanzos, Jau. 20, with 200 ' khds molasses to J. Matthews It Co. Vessels left before re- ! ported. Scltr Ann Maris. Jones, 10 diys from Newberu, NC. with [ naval stores, to 8 L.Mitchell. Experienced set ere weather on thepistage. The A. M. was driveu ashote ou Friday night, | near Fort Diamond, by the drill ice. Schr Pliehe D, Smith, from Wilmington, Del. and 24 bouts from Port Peon, with Hour, &C to G Ualkley Sailed in co. with briga Sun, for Boston; Junius, for St. Johns. PR; schr Alexander, for NewYo. k. The Delaware was lull of ice when Cant Smith came out. Schr Tuscarora. Smack, from Richmond, and 21 hours from the Breakwater, with lluur and tobacco, to Allen It 1'aiaou ? Left at the Breakwater, ship Washiugtou, Pom Liverpool for Philadelphia; tchrs St. 'I homas, Richmond for Boston; Napoleon. Norfolk for do; sloop Superior, do for N York. Schr Margaret Aun, Paiae, from Viiginta, with wood, to the master. ncnr A. r. iviyrirk. Jones, Virginia. Schr Abin Brown, Bailey. Virginia. Sclir Arrival, Inman, Virginia 8cUr Senator, Johnson. Virginia. Schr Win O. Cooper, Kelly, Virginia. 8chr Joa. Hand, Virginia. Balow. Ship Sr. George, Ferris. from Liverpool, Jan. 13, with mdac, to Cook It mith. The St. Q. ia at anchor on the Bar. ShipSarth Sheafe, Gray, from Antwerp, Dec. 10, with mdte, to Uerdiug It Kunkelmann. Barque Oariaaa Perkins, Perkins, 22 day a from New Orleana, with cotton, Itc. to order. Barque Monlp?lier, Stackpele. (of Camden) 25 daya frcm N. OrleMie, with cottou, ficc. to order Haa been It) daya north if I Hatteraa. Brig Miaaiaaippi, Kariden, 24 daya from St. Marlu, with cotton, to matter. Alao, one br'g unknown. Wind WNW. Miscellaneous. Packet Ship United States, fur Liverpool, will tail on Tueaday morning next, 13th inat. at 12 o'clock. Ship Niaivtic, reported in rome of the papers as at Canton, is lying at one of the wharves in the port of New York. Ship IIenrv Thompson?We understand that letters fro'ii Marseilles, post-marked Wilmington, NC. were received in this city on Friday last, supposed brought by the Henry Thompson, Sylves er, now out 63 dava from Marseilles for this port. We have no accounts concerning the ship. Brio St. Thomas, Hancock, from New York for Matanzaa, went ashore on the night of 13th ult on the reef Cayo Blanco. Ctpt H. proceeded immediately to Cardenas in a pilot boat, prncmed a lighter and returned to his vessel. Bums Ashore.?A droger arrived at Cardenas on the 22d ult. and reported two brigs ashore about 20 miles to windward of that place Bhipwhece snd Prorabi.k Loss op Life.?News reached town this morning of pieces of wreck being found on Bolivar Point, which from their description leaves no doubt of tlieir being a part of the schr Galveston, of this place. The G. sailed lut Monday for New Orleans, to ballast, hiving on hoard 11 souls in all. On the night of her departure, a noithercanre up which it is supposed may hare struck her while unpiepHred and capsized her. The following are names of those on board:? Capt W. Kicketts; the mate, and three hands, names unknown. Passengers, Midshipman Bryant, formerly of the Texas Nary; Mr Dugenrs, wife and child; Mr Klein, and a German female, name unknown. The G. was owued by Frosh 8c Kvhu, of this city.?[Ga' veston News. Jan 25 Brio Peru.?There is insurance oo three quarters of the Peru, (before reported captiz-d and abandoned at sea) at two offices in Boston for $3750. Capt Prior owned one quarter, and had $1500 inaurance. Schh Uov Arnold, from Philadelphia for St. Johna, PR. i ran on a sunken pier at Port Prnn 8th inst filled with water and sunk?canto all damaged. The schr will be awed. MiaaiNd Vessel.?8cbr Vesptr, Cheever, of Mancheater, [ waa spoken by Capt. Woodbury, of that town. 18:h Sept, laat on Urcen Bank, and continued within half a mile of them till the morning of ike 33J, when tally that morning it came on to blow a gale; at 11, Caut W. aaw the V. driving North. Thr gale continued three daya, ainee which, nothing has been heard from her. Capt T. Cheever waa 26 yrara old, and left a wife and one child; crew, Rnfna Cheever. captain's brother, 23 yearn, ingle; Willard Meraa, 37. aix children: David Hall, 40, three children; Nathaniel Morgan, 30, iwo children ; Merrett hen nan, , about 36, one child?he came from the Btate of Main* several , yearn aince, and married bin wife in M The V. waa fire yeara old, 66 torn, and inaured in Olruceater for abent $1200. , Sena Lion, from Beaton, of and for t'aatine, before reported , mincing, waa at Bnothbay lat inat. Shi waa then 21 daya onr, ( had been blowu off three timea after getting E of Cape Eliza- . beth,at one time70 roilea NE of it. and had the wind N and , very cold 10 daya in aucceaaion. After getting in with the land | ran the coastalong, and found the harbors solid with ice, Town- , send harbor beiug the only one open. . Nkw London Hannoit.?The New London Advocate aaya , that that harbor, during the late apell of cold weather, hai not < only been entirely unobstructed by ice, but free access could be . at all ilia wharves. Spoken. Ann. Smith, from D.-memra for Baltimore, Jan 28, lat 33 24, ' Ion 73 25?by the Hudaon. at this port Edw Preble, 24 hours from Wilmington, NC for W Indies, ' Jan 27, lat 33, Ion 66 30?by the Splendid, at this port.' 1 Croton, Soullard, Mobile for NYork, Feb 2, 20 miles North 1 ol Cape Hatteraa. Rhode Island, from New Orleans for Liverpool, Jan 29, lat ' 41 30, loo 51 30. ' Walpole, Thomas, from New Orleans for Havre, Jau 29, abt ! lat 41 30, Ion 51 30. Foreign Porta. Cardenas, Jan 21?In part, Barrngton, Barton, for NYork, c Idg; Chief. Brown, and Lau-el, William, Boston, do; William Davia. uofor Bostou; Majestic, True, disg; Washington, Lyle, do; William, Johnson, do; Peru, Atwood, do. Sid Oeo W , Knight, Safford, Boston. _ Horn* Port*. Portland, Feb 7?Cld T O Brown, Ooodiog, Porto Kico; Plato. Walker, Cnfa. I Salem, Feb 8?Returned, Otlio, and Zaine, and anchored ' below. r Boston, Feb 9?Arr Isaac Franklin, Brown, O atara. Be- t low, Arab, [Br] Oordnu, Liverpool; Undine. Cnshman, Lou- <1 don. Telegraphed, Dia'tha, Shnrey, NOrleans C!d Rocket, s Hardy. Cape llaytien; Win M Rogers, (larding, Philadelphia; ' Mary Caroline. Lawson, and CambriJge, Half, NYork. Sid i Soplironia, Baltic, Teazer. Neptune, Koret; a-.d from the i Hoars early this morning. Mauran, Brighten, and Mohawk.? r Arr 8th, Tarquin. I'aine, St Jago: Delphi, Cook, and Volant, 1 Hopkins, Norfolk; Miaai sippi Wjiou. F rederirksburg. r Providence, Feb 9?Slu Triton, Lure, Mobile; Henry, Bu-ling, North Carolina: Preaident Harrison, Linnell, Norfolk; 8th, T'oos^ Feiiner^ Nicliersoii, Philadelphia; Cora,Uroves, i rw uitiiugiun, u. hi re lorg. NtwroRT, Keb 8?Arr Mariner, Adama, Baltimore for Nan- , tucket; Thoa Fruner, Nickenon, Providence for 1'liilade'phia; Preaidjwt Harrison, Linnell, do for Norfolk; Cora, Groves, do , lor NYork; Henry, Collint, do f r Oeracoke, NC. 8ld 9th, . Mariner, Adama Nantucket; Henry Chaee, and Vigilanr, Pro- I ridence. , Ni.w London, Feb 5? Art Splendid, Howea, Boaton for N ? i crk; Louiaa, Crowell, Salem for do. , Philadelphia, Feb 19? Arr Iteynear Williama, Clark, New >, York; Lodemia fc F.liza, Price,Charlealon. Cld Acorn, liowea, , Boaton; Coral, Shute, Jamaica. Richmond, Keb G?Arr llewarj, Newbnrvpnrt. NonroLK, Feb 3?Arr Thauiaa & Kdward, Moltou Tlio- tl fliuton. _ [ W i lm i no ton, NC. Keb I?Cld Citir.en, Brown, l.a Ouayra; j. '.ornelia Given, and Robert Treat, Trert, Guadeloupe. Arr ,i Ian 30, boor Brothera, [Brl Ctnmby, Yarmouth. NS. Kdknton, NC Ke|j 3?Arr K* t. Abbott, NYork. j, Charleston, Feb 5?In the ofiiug, a bar one, probably Hie t II >mulus,[ Br] Call-nd r, Gibraltar. Hid Blixton, [Sw] Soleratrom, North of 9 uroire; Abagun, I'hinney. Liverpool. Ar nh, Moon, Havre. NYork; 3d, Chieftain, [Br] Daggett, Bel- f rat; Anaon, Barkmxn, New York; Le? Ainia, [Kr] Le Ture, 1 Marirgalnitte, (foad. ? Savannah, Keh (?Arr Eglington, [Br] Aluir, Liverpool; li lames ('-Alder, Wehb Charleston; Pandora, Androaa, Boston; ai Macon, Lewis, and Oeorgiana, Bedell, N York; Arm A Parker, r> Brightinau. .M stanzas; Krsukliu Oreea, Wyllie, Cardenas Cld fi Sew Jersey, Brown, NYork. si Monica, Jan 30?Arr Mary Campbell, [Br] Bnrgear, Clon ei arf: Superb. [ Br] Thompson, Urenada; Couhdetice, Bailey. N ll fork; H T King, Dole, Philadelphia. Cld Rockingham , Pen- n isllow. Liverpool; Mary Frances. Hubbard, aud Ovando, ti Dyer, NYork: Corea, Gardner, Provid-nce; Kerav, Knapp and (atony, Baudder, Boston; Urit.alt Americas, [Br] Pritchard, " Jlasgow. li New Oaur.ant. Jao 29-Arr Chaa Humberuon, [Br] East- l? nan, Doinuuiue; Naliant, Wiusor, Boston; Nrptnne, (a) ILollina, Galveston. Below coming up, Cairo, Childs, frem si 3ostoo; alio, Mandarin Cld Vena, [Kr] Souhry, Havre; ir sen Harrison, Morrison, and Russell, Lam|iher, Boaton; ht Louis, Marks, Philadelphia; Arkansas. Burgess; Wabash, (tanIon; S.line, Kales; Elec're, Packard, and Olive Branch, iValta, NYork; Elizabeth, Waaga.t, Barbadoea; Kirkwood, t Martin, Baltimore. ., __?? 'J PACKET SHIP MISSISSIPPI for New Orleana-Paaaen- " gers by this ship will fleas* befon board, at Orleans wharf, (J 'oot of Wsll street, this (Sunday) morning, at 10 o'-loek, at vhich time the snip will gat*. fllltee * PACKETMJHIP ROHCIIJS. from Liverpool ?Cons gae s L by iIris i.hip will please send their permits on board, at Or- I -ana wharf, foot of Wall street. All goods not peimitrel in ive dat a will he sent to the public store. fi) iter V DACKKT SHIP HflTTINGUKR, from Liwqrool.-Con- y > signees per this ship will please arud thei'permfta en hoard, 'oot of Roosevelt street, or to Ike otfka of tljn nudgrsigited. hAII goods net permitted in fived>ya, a-e liable to he sent to R oblic store. WOODHULL k MIN t Ulf N8. flOitrre ?7 Sonih street, ||i f'AX PAYERS.?All who wish to avoid the penaltv of one l 1 i er cent, mutt pay their tatna to the Collectors of the aeve- r, tl Wards on or briore the litlt inst as the law requires then lo chaige the addititional pei cenlage afier that dale. In order to prevent errors and mistakes, uotice is hereby given, that the r jookv prepared by the Assessors of the several Wards, are in L he hands of the Ward Cnllectnra, who are th? only peramia th low authorised ro receive the tazea i ow due, and the only per- a ions whe ran give the proper credit for the atrie when pa d. tv By order of the Board of Collector*. E. T. BACKHOUSE, Chairman M K. B FELLOWS. Secretary. I10 4t'a?rrc GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OKK WARD ROBE.?Gentle- " L* men or families desirous of converting their left off Wearng Apparel into caah, can obtain for to* avme the highest ca, h >rice. ... .Tofimiliat and gentlemen iittitting the city, or changing rw lidence, having any anperftuona eflecfa to dispote of, will lind t ids h to the r advantage to send for the anhtcribs r, who will r\ ittend them at their residence by appointment 1L LEVETT. 6 John atre*t, ,N near Uioadway. ai Clothing cleansed and lepaired. 8 A lu.e through the Poat Office of olherwiie will receive rrompt attention. ft01t*m | fe jp.fLLiui|i11 riff. mtLuiSBsse^SBBsmfsm THE GRAND DELEGATION CHIEFS ANO ^A'KRIORR OF THE ^ POTTAIVOTAM1E AND FOX TRIBES OF W*LBRoJffwAy TTUER^ICLE? m'MONBAY EVENING, Keb. I2'h. ? . w . Thia U> legation of Indians are bow on thair route to Washington City, under the chirge of thuir Interpreter, their Pbysician, and Orator. Their business la Washing U>n la to arrange the payment of their annuities in eonformitv with a recent Unaty ana to trader to our goverumaot tho aaaiumnco of the peaceable dispoaition of their powerfut irtbae to-arda iha inhabitants of nor we#tern frontier*. Their homra a d hnotinn gtonnd* are upwaida of 3t* mile# weal of theMiuissippi River. Tb'ir principal object in viiittng the targe cities of the United SUtaa. i# to observe personally our institutions and the customs of civilised lif* Dnring their recent visit at Boston, thav were invited upon the floor of the Legislative Hall, and immediately npoa their entering the chamber, the members rose <rom their seats and paid to these patriots, heroes, and sages, the highest rmpect ever offered within their walls. Tney are all diatiBC?Uhed for some peculiar talent, and are of the very highest rank and influence in their respective tribes. In the course of the evening the Indians will give an illustration of their War Songs, Kuneril Rites. Marrisg* Ceremonies, Costumes, Implements of Warefare, Manners, Customs, tic., h A visit to these untutored Sons of Nature will be mura interesting from the lact that they are seeu in all their primitive parity?the perfectly wild sud isolated savages of the forest, clad la all their nu.pie and uative costume. And furiheiniure, an opportunity may never hapten to many of again wiiunaiiig so interesting a group, as the day is not very far distant wheu they will be numbered amongst the things that were. "Their yell of vengeance, was their trump of fame, "Theirmminineut. a grave without a name."' A< the only object of those tiaviug clung* of the ledum in receiving money for adminion, ie to drlray tlieespeneesof thvir journey, (the trilling sum of i4 cents ouly will be asked from those whose curiosity may prompt them to pay them a viait. The doors will be opened at 3 o'clock iu the nftemoou, and theludians mav be visited from thsf i.m- ,.?n ? i? -i 1 ft l 2tic ' '"",' V A L E N T I N rnr : TTFF.1W, YOUNG AND ELLIS, 350 AND 300 BROADWAY, fJAVtCa v?ry beautiful collection ot LONDON VALEN tl TINES, received per Wellington. Alto. Kane < Valruiine Pap'r and Envelopes to match, made expressly for the purpose, that are extremely neat and appropriate. flliatoiiec M A OOOD CHANCE-TO LET. 90c of the be t pjW Undertaker's Establishments in this City Stock lor faails sale?the Store, Willi a Kuod Work Shop, anil oneur two Rooms, if required, at a eery low rent. Stock it large a d hrat rate Thia ia the lirat bargain ever 1 tfered for the sum of $40 , aa the atork will I tch dor Ide that sum. A line left at thia office for T. JAM KS will be attended to. fit lt*ecak'OR SALE?A neat and very couveuieot Cottage on the Mill Boid, Norfh Shore. Statin Island, within filtten minutea walk of either the Csstlefii or Port Hichmoud ateamboat landing. Attached to the Cettsge iahalf an acre of excellent land, with a variety of young and thrifty frilt treea. Enquire on the premises of f 12 Im'rn JEREMIAH SMITH | ALDEBASi'S MEDICINES. j tTUIEBE MEDICINES ha*e been in general nse iu some -L portions ol the country for nearly two years, an ' hive become exceedingly popular. No other medicines have ever performed such uuex(>eeted ?ures ax some ef these hive during the last eighteen months There medicines consist of four kind*? THE SLACK (OR ALLEBASI'S) SALVE. allebasps health pills, ALLEBASI'S POOR MAN'S PLASTER, ALLEBASI'S TOOTH ACHE DROPS. THE SALVE ia warreuted to curs if used faithfully according to the directinna. the following eowplaiuta (the Pilla anmetim-s being uaed in connection aa indicated by the directions) v 1:?Fevers, sores of the moat malignant kind, fetors, ulcers, tumors, whitlows, burs aud punctures burns and scalds, rheumatism. inflammatory or chronic sore thr< at, quinsey, dropsy, ditpepsia, chilblains, ague in the face, ague in the breast, biles, s?res of all kinds, awaTlingsol every desciiptiou, pejn iu the punts and muscLs, Ike. ^ | inn r i "l <3 are eriuranteu lu cure me lollowiug Com! lap tl I if used faithfully according t? directions, (iu some cases the Salve, and in some curs Chr Poor Man's Pluter, is mrd in con- ! nrction with the Pills, all or whirh is iudi??ted by tha direction*.) viz:?Disordered sumach and bowels, impure blood, cholic, wtir-rs, dysp'Psia, tick head ache, fever and ague, acid stomach billioiu ana other fevers, costiveness. lung and livir comnlairts jnndice sudden colds, general debility, Sic., Sic. THE PLASTERS an* admitted to be superior to any others 1 in use, and are taking precedence over nil others fur pain or watknesa ill the back, tide, chest, bom 's, loins muscles, leet, rbeurratism, corahs, cold*, utbma, lei.-r and ague, tic. TOOTH ACliE DROP8?Are warrant *d to cure an ordinary Toothache in from tline to ten minutes, bv pntting two ilrups into the tooth or ear. Any cue of tooth achs arising ' from any other cause than au exposure of t'.ie nerve may be e(i'rctua lv cn-ed bv an application cf the Black Salvo to the side of the face atHicled. ' The medicines are warrnnted to cure the above complaints or ( the money will be returned The Poor will lie furnished at halfprie, by L.W. Gilbert, Proprietor, 311 Fulton sc.N. York. Merchants and others from the country supplied on literal terms, Korsale, wholesale anil letail, by I,, w. Gi.he t, 2 !4 Kul'on street?at retail by (J. B Malgne, 93 Catlieiine street : S. Woodwor.h, corner of Houston and Mulbmy streeu, and by others throughout the ci:y. fell lmeod*ec HIGHLY IMPORTANT. , New Yon*, Jan. 30th, KMC 1 lit; G Aft REWARD?Under this reward or taptiou, au affi'PcJV/VJ davit of bit son, Joha R Miller, was published to tne world, bearing dste Janusrv 16th. settiug forth that he had been lestored to good heallh.aftera protracted lauffering of 16 years, by Dr. John Thomsom. 343 Broome street. B'tween , the 2a and 16th of the present mouth, January, 1341, lioufirm- 1 ed my aon'a staterneul by uiy own affidavit. My son set forth [bit he had been alllictsd since 1321, first, by over-heating hm elf, then bv dyspepsia, next by the poisonous ating of a honey bee, in his ftc", which produced vertigo, derangement and ex- 1 'rente meu'al and bodily suffering His physiciiu then bled < liira in his arms, which paralyse 1 them both The doctor I isve him 8 calomel powdrrs, in kacii of whit li, he distinctly told me there was sufficient mercury for ten ordiasry uio-. rn.. ..r.l -i 1 ... - v ' .. = rucii. ... I lie Lit II Hill I I'll my lull 1111111 WtTe SUCH II (O 1 make li<m as sensitive, wi(h respect to the weather, iu a Jie-mometur, for he could always tell, by hi? mercurial ra;us, ' v day in eilvance wire 1 a storm might fa espoclod. Under the 1 treatment of Dr. Thomion be liu lost all this distress and tun- J ibility, the mercury havmg beau removed. He had upon hit ' l>ody. at one time. It blisters. beaidee reyeral mnittrd draft*. 1 poultices aud plastcs upon hit feet and legs. When he tried 1 to do business he was deranged. confused and distrusted so 1 much as to lender not only hi??t, bnt all those immediately . lbout him, unhappy and mentally distrestei on his account. In addition to the quackery, nial-practice and poison, to which c my ton had become subject, after tbe Doctor had destroyed or paralysed his arras by depiction, he, po Doctor, informed ' me there was another deadly poison in N?w Yoj*. called Wolv's Barer. Anconitnm Neomontaum ; that a pill of the IX tract, the sire cf the head of a large pin, would kill a wolf. Bueh a remedy as would bill a wolf, was now adyited and administered by the Doctdr to restore to health, and to ths use of his limbs, my poor, frble, sickly son, who had been made i cripple by this same Doctor, kirst he was |>oisonrd with r laercury, palsied by bleeding, ant tendered one of the most ' listressed beings in life, by blisters, and burning with mos- " ai d ; and now, to cap the elirnu. he mmt take a dose of ' toiron that would itcutta'ize wliat t'e Doctor had done, that would kill a health* wolf " Oh science, thou art a jewel!" Is it not a mirar'e that there was a particle of the shittcrrd wreck t to build upon to be enabled to show the ignorance >1'scientific quackery by the astoui'liing effect! 01 the Thornonian practice in restvrtcg to lite, animation, form and or.'er, ?ne ufthc Dobl'it leingi ot earthly objects ' This son, oucc a I serfect arecimen of his special, had bits shipwieckcd, biokon ip, ani mostly dertrnyeh by iho e in whom we could repose t n perfect isfty as we llioujlit. all confid-.uee, and where wa xiivht expect assistsucc. pro eciion and safety in time of mrutul i, mil liodily suffering. By Dr. Thorns'-u my son waa restored j, :o better health, iu 2 weeks, than all the be left he had derixed * rrom th? combined nvdical faculty in aiite u jeira. 1 do lelteva that my son .John H. Miller, surrounded as h;.utw is n health at home with his little liniily group, it the moat fi lappy man in h sstx c nnty, fivw .Jersey. Hare we ii t hen, all rfnj, his r.litivrs and frieudi, ahundiot reason to 1 ejoice / He'ercnie as to character and crrdibilitv?Lawrence fc It Kiwi, and Allison Post, Diuggists, Maide i lax- ; auJ Noah Morris, 26.' kighteenth s'reel : ai d all the inhabitants of Kss,x <j onntv, Pt 1., oy whom7am known. S Sworn before me. Ii is 30lli dsy of January, 184 4, * S \VAL||ACK I'ONk', Commission!" of Deeds. '' b.?Wanted, as nan>1. at 31j Brmimr stunt m?>I. pa- e: i. nts ss can fin.1 no relief from othiri. fillm?ec t] ? DR. D. JAYNE'8 " INDIAN KXPKCTOUANT S lu-oinnr.ended as decidedly superior to any other known r combination of medicine for Coil ihs. Colds, Inllaeuaa, D.ffiultv of Bif'thing. Whooping I ough, Pains and Weiknrsi of p he Breast, and a l disexies'of the I uTmonary Organs. Tli's uieliciise is highly and justly recomine ded by nnmeroits and re- |i?ctable individuals, who have found relief from Its use.? 1 nany who hare Iran laboring uuder protracted con. lis and r iai- s in the breast, and have lieen snppo ed by thermal vrs and heir friends I'kt adTanc-d in ronsempt on, have lieen hippily a "tored loreifectleal Ii bv 'lie ure of th s valuable expectorant, ii I'lie following it d ecncd iiiflicienl for inseitiou he.e n From the Key. C. C. P. Crosby, late Ageut of the " Amen- J1 caa Baptist "] ' Ntw York, June 15. 18J5. * [Vs Dr. Iavsf. " Dear Sir I have ma-m use of the Indian kxpectorant, I cr- * onally and in my family, for the last six yearx with great h*n?it Indeed I may consider my life prolonged hy the use of this _ nvalualile medicine, under the b'essing of Ood, for teteril f ears. I may sav almost ?s much of mv wife?and also of the ley. Mr 'l'inioi, of the Island of Jamaica, For sll esses of * ough, lolliminstion of .he Ceest, Lungs snd 'I hroat I do '' aosi nnhr nUtiugly recomine d it as the Lest medicine I have " ver triril. M v earnest wish is that others afflicted as I have pro may experience the tame relit I', which I am persuaded they rill by tiiiiair the Indian Expectorant. C. C. P CROSBY. N. B. Many of my neighbors, on my recommendation, have f ried (Ilia medicine with unil -im success. Dr. Hamilton, of ,, It J*m?s. South Car iltnit, waa greatly affected by it rough, \ oarseiost, and aornuon ? the lungi, and mi using a bottle of " lis medicine found immo liat* -inn i p'manenl relief. Sold wholesale and le-ail, at the proprietor s prices, by A. B. ' . I). Sands, gi-nernl agents, 7!) Fulton strict, 37:1 Brnadwny, and lr 1 East Br idw;iy I It ln,*?c BALDNESS AIsTlTTTORS OF IIAlft a S ('AU8KU by want of a healthy action of the vessels which a throw off |i ?' pirntion from the lend when toe vturla an' ft cat ordii aai'd. tl.etxr piration ja thick aud clammy, and ad- ei res to the months of the pores, and clogs them up. anil dries si ad forms scarf or dandruff. Leal blood is then carried to the as iois of the hair, and for want of which th" hair l|is not stiff di cent, and consequently becomes harsh and dry, nd liegins insensibly to fail, whit h, continuing to increase, tb rentually prodii'ci baldness. Restore the capillary vessels of g< ie h?ad to the r former healthy cir-illation. and a fine, silky I'r i'W hair will make i's apiieirance, which w i 1 increase in qnan V Iv and volume nnt I the hair becomes thick sad healthy. fa JAYNK'8 HAIK TONIC is the onl v.preparation that has lerheen known to produce new lialronhald lipids, wljich it l< as done in innumerable instances, and vvi'l seldom fail it proerly a-d pers veringly used ni Sold hv A. B. fc.1). SANDS, druggists, 79 and H>0 Fulfil rwt, 273 Broadway, corner of Chamber street, granite build- <>l if, and 77 Kasl Broadwty. Price $1. I'll I in* ec "NOTICE. TO SOUTHKRN ANU WESTERN MERCHANTS. 1 YOUNG GENTLEMAN, who is now engage 1 in, and r, 1 has a correct knowledge ?f, the Boot, 8h- e, Leitlierand j ieneral Commission Business, it desirous of going south or , est aa a salesman, or for any respectable ocati|iation. flood Termers giren. A note addretseJ "A." boa HU6 Boston Pot t 'dice, will meet with prompt attention. J26 1 wis Swoa* rc OR UTF.RARY^ IlfBTJTUTIOffS AND PUBLIC I A NO PRIVATE LIBRARIES. TOMER'S ILIAD, in Seven Languages, a highly finished ! _ * edition, published at Floience, (Italy,) GREEK TEXT, - H >r ta iling a 'iteril Lalin translation by Hayue, a Metrici| 1 riioit in the Latin language, by Cunich, in the Itali-n by m lonti, in the German by Vosi, in the English b> Pope, in the ~ rench by Aigusn, and in the Spanish by Garcia Malo This work comprises twenty-four numbers, forming two indsome quarto volumes. Each cumber contairsa superb 4 ng-aving, designed by Professor Nencini, from Florence M '1 he price of each number is Si JO?two numbers to be pub- j F' shed monthly. I da Subscriptions received at Mr. RICHARDS' Olfiee, 74 isiienard atrret, corner of Broadway, over the New York Ly um. f4 lm*ec ; B SCOTT'S BAZAAR, Pr "NEY STREET, Number ST. between Broadway and Greenwich SANDS SCOTT returns his most sincere j it) lanks to hit fiiends and the public at larae for the libe- | I support received >inc? he?|iened the above house, and hopea , y the same strict attention to merit a continuance thereof. The qualitii-s of hit Ales, Wines, Liquors and (cigars, are M to well ksown to need comment. gt A large assortment of Refreshments to be had at all honrs ntil 12at night, such aa? bi Beef Steaks, Poac.lied Egg*, Sardine* m Mutto--Chops Cold Hnrn, Buckwheat Cake* i to Fried Kidneys, Cold Corn d Beef, Coffee and Tea, Ham and Eggs, Piokted Tongues, Welch Hia*el>its,llc. Dublin Brown-stout alwaj s on draught. (l A good Dinner nl Roast or Boiled Meats for one slrilling eve- ss r day from ona to three o'eloci. Families supplied with the best 8-oteh and Irish Whiikav. to >o h'-nse better supplied with English. Irish. Scotch, Welih tn id city Papers. Always the latest potsiblt news by the hi teamen. \ Good Reoms for rrirate Parties, Llabs, Meetings and Re' th reocee. (2 3m* so

J ii' i , I-'. 1 i ju" IB ii uimam A I Ul^NO k hE NcHMAN, li**iaf taken Ma dqftaM l$ I ** Use Luitcnity pi laria, tissues to (ltd a lespeouLlt l*ibUy ' to tsha ears of the ch.lW. . Mneatiou He can tsach > ranch. ! Latin, Greek, Mathemabca, elements of Mnaic, and generally e?erv thiux required for a complete education. Apply at M Reade treat. (A lm?rr? A GENTLEMAN and his wife ar a single gentleman, can I I a accommodated with excellent Room* and (antral Board. in a small family, and a aery desirable location. Apply at SM Broadway, betwrcj the hourr of 3 and P. M. f7 Iwinrtt pUUKB, CHAMBERMAIDS, NUKBK0, SEAMP ^ STRESSES. and Uirla for housework. Alao, coachman (roams, waiwrr, portm, mrchaaica, and man for any employ ment, with unriceptionable recommendations for honaaty, in d<UUkr' "hEnBeSSON'S Oricinal Temperance Oflca, 77 Nuui itraet, near John rtraat. Relereaoas?Hon M. Van Baran, Hon. B. K. Butler, Ray. E. M.Johnson. Riilor. N. B ?T?a'"t-Autmal subscribers one dollar, quarterly fifty cents jj 6waod*ac MERCANTILE LIBRARY, CLINTON WILL. 20,000 VOLUMES t SEVENTY BRITISH and AMERICAN PERIODICALS. UERSON S not engaged in mercantil* pur milt inav become a tabscribers, on payment cf lire dollars a year? beiuK the id me terms on which Mar hunts are admitted. By order. CHAS. M. WHKATLEY, (l> lm*m Recordio( Secretary. VALENTINES. rPIIE KH1ENDS OK OLD COMIC ELTON, and tlieruh1 lie injrxueral. are rea|>ecllally iuTiled to vu:t Cupid's Gallery. at 11 Dmsion street, the only romplrle rollrct'ou of Vsleuliaes in the known World, snitrnl to all taates, and at all prirea from three crnta to three dollW each. Delays are dsueeroui?purchase iu time, ere the choicest gems are culled. Ladies, tt you s hint is sufficient. You all know Comic El. ton. ? lw,rrc Urri?/r> ui jr.rtr.iisuw 1 niSLi UA MUK I.'IIJI I'AN V. ?New York, Eeb. 5, l?l?.?At an election for Directorj of this Inititulinn, held this day. the following gstitlsinsn were elected eucli Diicctora for the ensuing yeir Thome* W. Thorse, Eliaha Higga, Thos. T. Woodruff, Anton Baker. Hot-Kin, M. U. Joseph Drake, Thomtnu Pric, Jos-pit Allen, Mo*es Tucker, Jeinas hi. Holmes, K. Davison, John P. M??i?, John H. Leu, .1 suiea R Whiting, Cnkh C. Tunis, Win K. Thorn, Francis P. Sage, Thus. Mor.<11, John C. Merrill, Eu;eue liogert. At e subsequent meeting of the H"*id. Thomas W. Thonie, Esq. net unanimously re-elected Piesidrnt of said Company. Ili Iwrrc GEO 1' HOPE, Secretary. A HK YOUR BOOKS. PAPERS AND EVIDENCES A OV DEBT SECURED AOAINdT EIRE 1 Every prudent in:sn inmr>s hit goods from fire; and who csu denv that it is not quit* as important to have a safe dejmsitory for his books and vnl?a>de papers ' All business men should give this impnnent tt hjecl due reflection, and inform them'elves what Stfe it the best protection against (lie and burglars: and if satisfied 'as is uuivertaily acknowledged) th<t ihe Salamander is the beat, tlp-u ducide whether vou will purchaae ol the man who pay* the piteu'ee fir the right to furnish the public with an artic'e warranted genuine, and has never betray-d the confidence of those who have trusted their property to th ir safe keeping, or purchase of thoae who tmi'ate the real article in violation of the patent law, tor which suits Jure now pending. The genuine WiUler's Patent Eire-Proof Salamander Safe can only be had at the Iron Safe Warehouse and Eacrery ?f SILAS C. HERRING, 139 Watrrstreet. N. B.?Several good second hand double Safes, made by C. J. Oaylo', for sale at leas than one half of first cost, having been received in part payment lor the real Salamander A Itndfkwrrc ENGLISH POTATOES?An additional f|aaiitity of the real Lancashire t'otsloes, of the very beat duality, and in fine order, just arrived in the perketshin Monteiuma, from Liverpool, lor sale by C. H. MARSHALL, Hi iwrrc 18 Burling slip. GREAT REDUCTION?Original editions of the British Reviews and Magazines, cheaper than ever. I.ondou Quarterly, S3 50 per ann. Edinburgh Review, 3 50 " Foreign Quarterly, 3 10 " Westminster Review, J 50 " The four Keviewo, , 13 00 " Black wood's Magtsioe, ................ 4 t)0 " Dublin University, 4 00 " Subscribers supplied free of postafe, in all the principal citiea jf the United Statu MASON St TUTTLE, Publisher!, kc. j 10 lm*ee 128 Nassau at. opposite Clinton HallTO COUNTRY MERCHANTS. DM. PEYSEH it CO. (lately removed from the corner of William and John, to No. 09 John street,) offer for s-.le jo liberal term*, wholesale and retail, the following aiticlee, received by recent arrival] ? Berlin beat Zephyr Worated?the most complete aaaortment in thia country. Canvaaa, for Embroidery, of cottou, silk and worated, in all widths. Berlin Embroidery Patterns?of the choicest and newest d*scripiion; Embroideries, (wished and commenced, on velvet, silk, worated and cotton, worked iu the moat tasteful Parisian style. Panaris for Hair Dresses, of gold, silver,and silk land tirsdled; Bracelets, Combs, Hair Pins, and a large variety of other 1 beaut.ful Paris k'ancy Articles. Curse Ornaments?Steel, gilt and silver Bead*; Bogle's Puree Twist, plaiu and I haded, in sticks sud son,. Is; Embroidery 1 and Bower Chenille, of silk and ine'al and silk. 1 Also, Fringes, Uimpa and Cord ard Tassals, imported and of their own manufacture, of gold, silver, silk, lie.all colors 1 and widths j C/~ Branch Stoie at 3G9 Broadwav, (formerly 437 Broadway.) ' 17 Imece i DEACH ORCHARD COAL?$5,25 per ton lor broken, egg ' L and large stove. Consumers may rely on getting the best | lied Ash Coal at the above price, well srreened, weighed by a , sity weigher, and deliverrd from theyard corner n( King and , Jreenwichits. PETER CLINTON 1 ?t?2m?ec fNHEAPKK Y ET-ONLY TEN CENTS FOR THE 1L^ LUBTRATED LONDON NEWS-Just received, five mndred copies, by the ateamvBrittnnia, of that splendid sheet, soataiuing over thirty beautiful ungravings eacli, Illustrating riews iu England, Landicapes, Buildiogs celebrated iu history, lc., kc.,aIlfor only ten ceuts a copy. This is a little cheaper han has been offered elsewhere, and the price can ouly he sua nuieu u, au unionise ?aie. liii rany, ma get tne prool ediion. AUo, a daguerreotype viaw of London, printed on sisty ?orki of wood, three feet by fonr, and sold at the low priae if fifty cent! e ich. The miiniSlv parti, aUo, aplendid gilt lettered covert, ready for binding, b or tale cheap, at . ? MASON It TUTTLE'B, jail) lm*vc General Agency Office, 128 Nota'U tt. CLOTHING MANUFACTUREKh" PHE subscribers would infonn merchants visiting the city, x who wish their own goods manufactured, that they are repared to macufeetnre every description ol Clothing. From heir being accnttomed to tngnulactore lor the Southern and Y'ltern market* for the last twelve years, th?v feel confident, nth the large number of hsnds in their employ, to get ap a tock at short notice and with entire satiifaei ion. MANN It McKlMM, 25 Carmine street 09" The Knickerbocker Suges pass close to the store. IB3m*rrc MATCHES WITHOUT SULPHUR. IANQEL'9 NEWLY PATENTED SUPERLATIVE I MATCIl. PHIB ne pins nltra of Krictinn Matches will stand the test of A any Climate. Lone immersion in water does not prevent its suiting, as was folly proven to thousands who saw them esubited in water at the late Fair of the American Institute, (here it obtained a _ FIRST PREMIUM. Also, a new snide called MATCH TAPERS, which burn ive minutes, neatly pat ap, for sealing lettera, fee. For sale at the Manufactory, No. 161 Bleecker street, at No. 28 Maideu Lare, ard HO Broadway. Also, in Philadelphia, iy H. Crosby, No. 141 Walnut street j 17 lm*rc M CA AND $5 25.?A superior article of Broken, Egg' ' p * Ju Store ami Nut Sue Coal, doubly screened, at $5 26, < nd small Nnt at $4 JO per tou, delivered tree of ear.agr, from I he yards, 215 West street, comer Franklin. North river, and < orner Fifth and Lewis itseats, East river. Orders received at i he Sugar Refinery, 28 Leonard street, through the Despatch i oat, "nd at both the yards, N. D.?An allowance nude to dealers. jgT tw?m TV LEE It MAPKW. POBACCO F OH BKGAHS.?A lot oi prims Wrapping j a Spanish Tobacco. It burus vry white, and of excellent lavor. Also, some fine Kentucky Segar Leaf, for aale by fjlw?rrc K OOODwIN, 151 South street. FuCARMEN, GROCERS, HORSEMEN, dec. PHE remedy called "Dr. Clias. S. Nelson's llorse Kmbroca A tion," having l?en before the public for a number of years, nd beiug nsed with entire snccess, the proprietor risks nothing unreservedly recouimendiug it to sll parson* having the rate f horses, as being a soie and certain remedy Cor the following i iseas- s or accidents: llrniaes. Cuts, Sprat!I, Wmdgalls, , lufed Backs, Swelled Feet, KC. The proprietor hopes to laim a share sf the public patronage To an obtained whole* | lie and retail only at the drag store, 156 Division street, corner IfgMM, N V Price CsCd. j9 lm"ee ' MUSIC FOR PARTIES. . i/f KSHRS. O. WEISS It KR. ORAMB8B, Professors of "A Music, respectfally announce to their patrons, the ladies nd gentlemen oi New Yoik and its vicinity, that their Cotiiin Band is prepared to play the most admired and faahionak; luaic for Private l'artiea, Honres, fcc. Orders received and punctually attended to at 91 De'.ancy st J14 lm*m CLASS TEACHING. IAR. BARTON (a- the request of tevaral Amateurs of the "A Flute) In, opened two cissies, of five pupils in each class, 'here will lie a junior class for beginne s. and another for note who have made tome progress on the instrument. The list for names will li* found alMestri. Firth A Hall's, I lesvra. Atwill'a, llewetl's, Milletl's, Chambers A lindane's < llllic stores. Terms mnilrrale. Ill *1,;-, ere to Tin: PUBLIC, i i/fJlK. O B. MILlElt k CO, Tnbitlo rad Snuff Mann- I '-I fccturera, 111) Water r.reet, neer WaM itttet, yrry reaped- I illy inform their frienda and cualomari 'hit t'ere ia a ft (< ( imitation of cviinteifrit and apurioua Tobacco and Snulf lling llir ugnthecityandaoantry bvpadlara. repreienling it ? i hivny been tiMonlaclurad by 111. T?? atampa art made Tor caption, the quality being inferior to the lenuinr at tide a That uo one inay be mialed by inch impoaition, or anppoie iat wej'ck or fail in out exertiiiti to manufacture onr uaual b iod article!, we hive been induced to (ire thia notice tn| our ienda and cuitomen, aa a caution againat miireprearntatioo. ft pledge onranlvea to apare no eipenae oj exertion to manucture, aa heretof -re, the very beat aytiilea. and no other. N. B.?1 he ouly peraooa aothonard by na to anpply oor cna- imera at their ato'Vi, are Samuel 11. Rogera and Smith Sloane. All gqoda manufactured and aold by ua are warran'ed, and if I r>t approved nf, ran b? returned and the money refunded. J Sol i on aa rrviannable terina aa any articlea in the aoove line, r tn* Mine quality, maiiufactur'd iu the United State*. Mra. (J. B. MILLER * CO 110 Water atreet, ftlmia'm^ ___ __ _ near Wall atreet. ~~FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, dec. 11 put aubacrilieri hive jnat received, per lata arnvala from 0 L Havre, and ke>p conatutly on hand, a complete aaaertnieot t, r French Artificial Flowera MaP-riala or all Uinta fot Flowera Keatl.era, Hair Ornamenta, and Millenary aitielea?for leby HENRY k k thN, Importara, > jf?1m*rrc 7:1 Liberty atreet, nnitaira. J Portuguese female pills" ? PHKSK far famed and celebrated IMla, frotn Portugal, are y L we |ierceive. to be obtained in thia country. See adrrrtiae eni on the laat e.nlnmn. fourth mure. IiMV FOR NEW ORLEANS? Louiaiana and Nrw Hf^Ynrk Linr-Poiiiircly Firat Regular Packet, to aail Mmmw2c,h February?Tliv faal aailiiig packat ahip <>< a TTlUEE, Capt. C. reel will aiil aa above, her regular day. u> freight or paatage hiving handaome fumnlied aecommoitioua, apply on board at Orleana wharf, foot of Wall it, or to a E. K COLLINS la Co., 56 South atreet 0 Shipperi by thia tin* may rely npon luring their good, corctly meaauted. % Ag'nta in New Orleana, Hul in k Woodruff, who will 'nmptiy forward all gooda to their addreaa. Tlve packrt hark Oenaaea,Capt, Minolt, will auecaed t^e Ocu'gre, anil aail the lit March, her malarsay. fll ec g FOR LIVERPOOl?Rrgelar Packet of the llth J? HIEFebruary ?The fi'it rlaaa packet alnp UNITED BbSTATES.Capt. Riitton, will aail aa above, her re. ? liar day. e Having very auperior aecoiamodationa for cabin, aeeond ean and awerige paaaeugeaa, twraona intending toeinbark ahould ahe iinueuiale application on board, fool of Maiden Lane, or JOSEPH Mi MURRAY, 100 Pine atreet, corner ot South. I Peraona deairout of aending for their Irienda can have them I onght out by the above veaael, or any of the regular packet# tlmg from Lirerpool weekly. hoi tMaccommodation of |?raona wiahing to remit money a their faunliea or Iriehdt. ilrafta will he gieau inauma to auit rir convenience, on th Provincial Bank of Ireland, and all ita anchae throughout the kingdom; alio on Maaara Spooner, e (wood at Co., Banker., London?payable in every town < ioughout (heat Britain and Walet,6y applying aa above, a TTtllfW |1 AUCTION SALES. THOMAS BULL. Auction#*. (Sltrt St. U jinn tlrttl.) TUESDAY At MK o'clock in Um uki foo?a I Most extensive nod valuable assortment of ftcsh seasonable fancy and staple diy coods. Alao, a quantity of taper Weal of England broadcloths, castimeies vesting*. Alao, clothing. Pawnbroker's article*. watch*#. Jgwslry, Ac. i Alao, a large and valuable invoice of clothe tad catsimeres, not recei ved or the Oaf >rd, and numerous othai goods, which will bo described at sale. WEDNESDAY. At 10)4 o'cloc* in tba Sates Room. Ao unuaually eiteo.iveand valuable assortment of excellent second hand and oaw lumitnre of all description*, worthy the < attention oI he uackaepers and others. Alao, at II o'clock,the ap'euditl speciuieu.all alive, or a New- I loundland dog, of the pu"?t breed md latitat size THURSDAY, At 10 o'clock, at the auction room, Sale ol I'aintiLgs, works of oil, piano forte, organ, curiosities, fnrnituie, cut glass, plated waie, foucy aud dry poods, I Ac., Ac. | N. B.?Ever/ facility will be affqrded for the disposal of merchandise of all deaeriptiona. Bo tineas will be narried na in * business like manner. Hale* will lw regular, and returns prompt, io this establishment, now under the charge solely of THOMAS BELL. 16 Ami street. EXECUTOR'S SALE. 'PHE subscriber, Executor of the last will aud testament of 1 Johu Muuii, decease 1, will sell at public actiou, at thepub- j lie sales room in the Merchants' Exchange, in the city of New WILLIA.M 11 FRkNKLIN, Auctioneer, on the 15th day of February, at 12 o'clock at uoon, the following d?- i airable Real Estate, kuowu upon a " map of a plot of ground i situated iu the Fifteenth Ward of the city of Ntw York, belonging to the estate of John Maun, deceased," surveyed aao laid out in lota lauuaty 8, 1(14, by losaph F. Bridges, City I Surveyor. 1. A lot of grouud situate ou the southeasterly side of the 5th avenue, and kuowu upon the above menucned map by themsmtar One, commencing at a point distant II feet and 3 inches, anulliwyt telly from the. southeasterly corner of the Fifth ave ue and^Eleventh street; llieuce ruiiuiig northeasterly along [lie soi^l. vaster IV tide ul the fifth aveuue, iwenty-tevtu feel anil oue mchdtheuce tunning souiiiwmtrily and on a line iiarillei to Eleventh street H 0 feet; thence mining southwesterly aud on a linn parallel to the Fifth avenue 27 feet and one inch; and thence i mining northwesterly and ou a line paiallel to Eleventh street one hundred feet, to the point the place ol beginning 2. Alto, 'hit errlniu other let adjoining the gbove, known upon the tbove mentioned met' bv the number 2, coinmenciiitt at a point distant f'fty four feet and two inches toutliwetterly Irom llie tout! eisterly corner if the fifth tveuue and Kleven'h street; thcct ruuui* >g northeaster!, along the southeasterly tide of the Fifth ircuue tvren'y-teven (ret and one iu< h: thence running toutheatte'ly tud ou a line pt'al'el to eleventh street, one hundred feet; tli n.e running >outhweste iy and oo a line perniM to the fifth ave- ue twcuty-tei en feet and cne inch; ; and thence running) nnrtuwesterly and ou a lice parallel to | Eleventh a out hundred feet, to the point the place of beginning. 3 Also, that certain other lot edjoiuing the above, known up- ; on th- above mentioned map by the number 1, commencing at a j point dotsut twenty seven I'-el and one Inch sou thweste-ly Irom } toe louthnuterly corner of the K'fth avenue and Eleventh i street; thence miming iionheasterly along the toutlieaiterly , tide of the t ifih aienue twenty teveu feet and one inch to the said aoulheaaterly corner of the Fifth avenue and K ei e.ilh street; thence running southeasterly slorg the southwesterly tide of Eleventh strret one huudred fee'; thence ruuuing southwesterly and ou a parallel to the fifth avenue twentraeveu feel and one incn; aod thence running nor hwei erly and ou a line parallel to Eleventh street one hundred feet, to the point I the place of begitiuing. I 4. Alao, that certain other lotadjoi inc. in lha rear of the three aboee described lots, and is known upon the above men { ttoned map by the number 4, situate ou the southwesterly side j of Eleveoth street, commencing at a point one hundred feet i southeaaiesly from the southeasterly corner of Fifth avenue and 1 Eleventh street, thence running southwesterly and on a line parallel to tha Fifth avenue ninety-four feet and tee inches; thence running southeasterly and ou a line parallel to Eleventh I street twenty-one I'eet; thence iunn;ut northeasterly and on a I ue parallel lo the Fifth svenur ninrty-frur feet aud ten inch's . and thence runuiiig northwesterly along Eleventh street twenty one feet, to tne point the place of bnuinuiag. J Alao, that certain other lot adjoiuing the laat above drs- | crih-il, and known upon the above lueutl meil map by the uumbe> commencing at a point in the louthwesietly tide of 11th street, distant one hundred anil twenty-ene fret southeasterly i fr to ihesoutheaaleily corner of Fifth aveiitie aud Eleventh St.; thence running southwesterly end one Hue parallel to the Fifth avenue ninety-four leet aud ten iurhes; th-uce runuiug southeasterly aud on a line parallel to Eleventh alreut twenty feet 1 and ten inches; thence ruupjog nottheetlerly ait I on a Hue parallel to the Fifth avenue ninety-four fret aud tru inches, and thence i puning nihil', westerly along Eleventh stieet twenty I'eet and ten mches. to the point the place of beginning. 6. Also, that certain other lot adjoining thn lait ahnvs dee- ' cribed, and knowu upon the above ipsntioued map by the nuin- , ber G, commencing at a point ii| thy southwesterly side of lllh | street one hnudreu and forty-one feet aud ten inches southeast- I erly f;om the sobthei'terly corner of Filih avenne aod Eleventh at eer; thence running southwesterly and on s Ilea iwr-illel to I the Kilth avenue ninety-four tu t ami ten inches; tliencc runuiug aoutheasterly and ou it liue parallel to Eleventh street twenty I ret and ten inchei; thence ruuning norlhea t?rly and on aline parallel to the hi'th avtuue ninety-lour fret and ten inchm; end thence running northwesterly nloug Eleveuth street twenty feet and ten inches, to the point the place of beginning 7. And, alto, that certain other lot adjoiuing the last above described, and known opon the above mentioned map bv the number 7,cnnimnnring at a point in the aouthwesteily aide of ' Eleventh itreet, one hundred and sixty -tw v feet and eight inchre, eoetheaeterly from the toulheaite>ly comer of Kilin avenue tnd Eleventh street; thence runuing eouthweaterly and on a [ line parallel to the Fifth avenue ninety-four feet and ten inchrv; : thence ritiiuiuK aoutheaaterly and on a line rarmlle) to Eleventh . itreet twenty feet end ten inchea: thouce running northeaalerlv [ tnd on a line parallel to the k'ifth avenue ninety-four feet and I ten inchea; and tlntnce running northwesterly along Eleventh itreet twi-uly feet and ten inches, to the | olnt the place ol befinning. There are two houiea atanding in part upon lota 5,6 and 7. The puichueta will be eulitled to auch porta thereof ai stand upou the Ipta respectively purchased by them. Term a liberal. Title indisputable. HERBERT LAWRENCE, Kiecutor. New York, January 15, 1S44. flO?t*rrc I NEW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To Mil iron New York on the 25th and Liverpool on the llth oi aacn month ft A A A ^tTo* New Ship 8IDDON8, Captain K. B. Cobb, 26lh December. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain K. Depeyater, 36th January. Ship OARKICK, Capt. Win. Hkiddy, 26tli Kebrnary. Ship HOBC1U8, Captain John Colliua, 26th March. rnoii LivKRrooL. Ship 8IDDON8, Captain A. B. Cobb, llth Kebrnary. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyater, llth March. Ship OARRICK, Captaiu Win. Skiddy, llth April. Ship ROSCIU8, Captain John Colliua, llth May. These alttpa are all of the first claaa, upwarda of 10M tona, built iu the city of New York, with anch improvement! as eotnbiue great a|ieed with unusual comfort for passengers. Every care lias been taken in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of passage hence ia SIM, lor which tinple stores will lie provided These ship* are commanded by ixjieriencrd masters, who will rusks every exertion to give general satisfaction. iiriuj-r -.up captains or owGBfs a] I op ihipa will M responsible for any letters, paresis or package* Mot by thorn, unless retular billo of lading arc sigurd therefor, for freight or passage apply to fc. K. COLLINSlt CO., M Sooth at., New York, or to BROWN, dhlPLEY It Lo? Liverpool. Letter* hy the packets will be charged I2X cent* per aiogle ! Hret ; SO cetita per ounce, end newspapers I cent each. dl ARRANGEMENTS KOR 1144. OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE Off ICE, 100 Pineatreet, corner of South. m m m. m. THE subscriber beg* l?ive to call the alteution of hit Irienda j jid the public IU general, to the following acraiigemrt ts fot . 141, for the pur|H>ae of bringing oot cabiu, Id cabin, and passengers, by the Regular Line of Lirorpool Packeta, aail I tig the lat.6th, lUh, 16th Ilatand Mih of every mouth. Uv i he London Packet*, toaail rtm New York, the lat, 10th and I Kith?and from London on the 7th, 17th and 27th of each month, In oouucctioo with the above and for the purpose of afford- ! leg Mill greater facilitiea to passengers, the subscriber haa established a regular line of Irat claaa New York built, coppered ind copper laatened ahipa, to aail punctually errry weak throughout the year. for the accommodation of peraona wishing to remit money to their I uniliea or IVienda, drafts are given, payable at eight, on the following Banka, viz :? Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at Cork, Limerick, f'lonmel, Londonderry, aligo, Weaford, Belfast, Waterford, Dal way, Armagh, Athlone, Colmiiii, I I ma, Traler, Yonglial, Enniakillen, | Vlomjjhaii, Banbridge, llallyrmna, Paraonalown, Iom np.itrick, Cavan,, Omagh, Dungannen, Bandon, Knnis, Ballyihanno ' lirabane. Hkibereen, Mallow, Moueymore, j Jootclnll, Kilruah, Dublin. Scotland?The City Bank of Glasgow. England?Meaara. Sixiouer, Atwood St Co. Baukera, London; H. Murphy. Wnterloo Road, Liverpool; payable iu every town ; n Great Britain, for further information (if by letter, poet paid,) apply to JOSEPH Me MURRAY, loo Piue atreet, corner of South, N. Y. Or Mrasis. P. W. BYRNES h CO, * Waterloo Road. j9(?m#rc LlflfpOOia MARSEILLES LINK OF PACKETS. & m m m The undermentioui-d ahipa will he regularly dispatched lroin lencr on the 1st, aud lroin M irseilha on the 3th of each month luring the year aa follows:? from New York. Maraeillea. MINERVA, Capt. Brown, Dec. 1 Keb. 3 rUKSCOTTJ apt. Myrick, Jan. 1 March 3 I'llV THOMPSON,Capt.Sylveetrr, feb. I. April 1 IELLKHPONT, Capt. A.lama, March I. May 1 lORIOLANI.'S, ? apt. llaile, April I. June 5 1 riey are .111 coppered and copper fastened, and hare excellent ccominodatious for I'Hif.iiirri The price of cabin passage will be 1100, exclusive of wines ad liquors. lioousaddressed to tlie agents, BOYD k HINCKEN. will it lor warned true of other charges than those actually paid. Kur fmint or ixussge apply to LAWRKNC+; k PHELPS. 101 b"rnnt street or to BOYD k IIINCKKN, Ansitf, _ml#r No 9.Tontine Buildings. 1 llR tlffv REMITTANCES TO AND PA88AOE KROM IRELAND, kc. We heg to inform ourfrienda in Nurwicli, Con., and its vici ity, that we have appointed Mr. JOHN McCLELLAND, ol Nat city, as onr agent. Persons sending for their rrfalivrs. or remittitur money to the i Id country, will find it their interest and their fi lends comfort, t I give him a call. ROCIIK BROTHERS k CO., I j 19 Ret 94 Knlton at eet. New York. m m m m ^NKW Ymf^^lD HAVRCTACKKTS^^^ eennd Line The Ships of this line will hereafter leave New 'ork on the lit, and Havre on tie1 19th of each month, as fol- I >ws, vi* . F?om NxwYong. Keens Havrk. few Ship ONEIDA, 1st March. 16th April. Captain '1st July. 16th August. James Eunck. I 1st November. M6th Deestnber. , hip BALTIMORE, April 16th Msy. Captain 1st August. ; 16th September, Edward Kunck. 1st December. ISth January hip UT1CA, 1.1st May. 1' 16th June. Captain _ 1st September < 16th October. ( r rederick Hewitt. I 1st January, r 16th Kebrnary. 1 lew ship St. NICHOLAS 1st June. 1' 16th July. Captain lit October. 16th November. , J- B. Pell, 1st Kebruary. 16th March. 1 The aceommodalions of these ships srr sot surpassed, com' I ining all that may be required for comfort. The price ol ca in puaaafC is $100. Passengers will be supplied with every re uisite with the eiceptiun of wines and liquors. (foods intended for these vessels will be lorwarded by the sub tribers, free Iroin any t.ther than the es|ienses artuslly iu orrsd on them For freight or passage, applylo I BOYD k HIncKEN, Agents. 1 |e?4ee No 9 Tontine Mnildin*. cor Wall and Water t OLD BI.At K BALL LINE Ob PAI KEISJSPk.The packet shtp.b.NHLAND. tjaptam Bartlett. will HNBfabe despatch-d lot Liver|>ool on the 16th ol bebrnary her regular day. ... Those wishing to engage passage will reouirelo make early tiplication to JOHN HEHDMAN. 1 61 South tt. 1 N. B ?Passage from Oreat Britain and Ireland ran lie secnid b? the lint Spring shipa of the line, at the lowest rats ; and Irsfts ran. as* nsiisl, be furnished for any amonut, payable in II ths principal towns withont any charge, throughout Oreat iritain and TV-laud, 011 appltcauon aa nbovu. fll to I6rvc 1 '"amusement's.' CHATHAM THEATRE AMD CIACUI. CONDUCTED BYTe ROCKWELL k 0. R. STONE . i?wt*yztit&&+&sxAS w eoM-~ Volants. Vaaiuac, 1 o COMlMb wim " Wtrnon of Biman. alTCiUfiLL'l ULVRP1U i-U^ATmk MONDAY EVENING Febraary 11-Th. pwforrn^? enmimaet with " um wui MY LITTLE ADOPTED After which GRANDFATHER WHITEHEAD, followed by COMFORTABLE LODGINGB. To conclude with DON JUAN. TKYON'M IRDEPKRDliRT AMKHIUAB CIRCVIi BOWERY AMPHITHEATRE. Boies ?5 oenta; Pit 1*K cenu. BENEFIT OF"MIS8 DIVINE. MONDAY EVENING Feb. 12 h-Tho performances will commence with a Grand Entree of ten Horace. Followed by A ireat eartety of Equeatrian Acta, Feats of (tmftli. loan Dances, beau ?u the Slack and Ttnhi It ope, kc. .raiTtoYWS'SILV'fi'lnowuL LUH1N 5TNLI*ANN(CTTK. AHICM1CAN nil?RUaL AND PERPETUAL FAIR EVERY DAY AND EVENING THIS WEEK. Uav visiter* altnitted tame evenine free lt-UNPHECKDENTEB .ATTRACTIONS ,-?ja l.ut week of iheeceeatnc Dr. VALENTINE, in addition to whom the manager lint eng i(ed, for on? week longer, that ac compliahsd and talented lady. 1 MRS WESTERN. Alio, the renown'd comedian GREAT WESTERN; 1 Together with MIUNCIt KKANCISCO. Who apt ewa in the calebntad Chinese Disarmaments. Mr. T. I*. BOOTH, the celebrated comic linger. 11 G 81IEKMAN, the beauufnl Belled Biogsr, end LA I PEllTE CKH1TO. the attained Dinieuw. Comic Olilo. entitled the "LOAN OK A LOVER," by Mr. end Mm. WESTER; , T. G. BOOTH, end Mr. MY F.R8 Yankee Courtship, by Mn. end Mr. W EHTERN. The OIPSEY QUEEN, the noit surprising Fortune Teller in the world, may be privately consulted at all times regarding Paat, Prreentandj En ure Events. Performance, every evening al 7)? o'clock, and Wednesday and Batnrday afternoons at 3 o'clock. Tickets 2i reiiti?childreu under ten years cents. Twcat'-five cents entry for private conanlutionn with the Gipeey Clueen. ft GRAND CONCERT. 'PO BE GIVEN AT CONCERT HALL, No. tM Broad 1 way, on Monday Evening. Keb. '7th, 1814. by the Members of PALVIO'S (late) COMPANY, ?Who respectfully inform their frieors and the public, that from the Mattering success they met with at their Brat Concert*, and at the solicitation of many fatnilie* of <he highest respectsbility, who were present, they will givanaotbrratth* above place ou MONDAY EVENING, wbea they will have the hoopr of presenting an entire new selection of the most popu'ar musical production* of the day. The company consist* of the following ladies and gentlemen MRS. PHILLIPS. M"S. PHARPE, MISS BRUCE. MR. HODMAN. MR. LYI^CH, MR KAVANAII. AND MR. ENCASH. ofjnno a Mut< p??t i. Chorus?Now Prepare, from the 0|>era of John of Paris by tlw Company Ball.,.I?l)nr Lied of my Birth Mr. Kutus Song?When Foud Hearts Mrs. Sharp** K UK?Still ?o gently, from So mu am bo I a Mr. Lynch Cho-tu? Yes, Brothers, yea! 'tin the Midniali: Drum -by tlieCompany Ballad?They ha?egiren thae tn another Mr?. Phillip* Song?Wind of the Winters Night---** Mr. Ksvanah bona?Oh I am a Merry Sailor Lad Miaa Brnca Duet?See. oh Norma Mrs. Phillips and Mrs. Bharpn Ballad?The Blincy Boy (by desire) Id Mr Kneaaa Solo and Chorus?Like the Lightning Swiftly Ending, from tlieoperaof Cinderella by Mrs. Phillips and Company PaTTlI. Solo and Choiui?Behold, how brightly breaks the morniug By the Company Comic Song Mr. Karanali Houg?Heigh ho, for a Ilaibaud, heigh ho Mrs. Sharps Ballad?Come set thee down Mr. Lynch Favorite Ballad Mrs. Phillips Duet?Quaker Mrs. Bhsrpe and Mr. Kneaia Choras? Bedlam Medley By the Company Song?Take your time Mils Lucy Miae Brace Comic Song?We're all cutting Mr. Karanah t horns?The Old Jaw Bone By the Company Finale?Away, away, the inoruing freshly breakT|"'kKTS ON F.'shVlLI NO?To be had'atthe door. Doora open at half-past fi ? commence at half-paat 7 preciseciaely. fit It*m FX Him T1 OS OF PICTURES. rPHE FIRST COLLECTION of Water Color Dtawinga J- ever exhibited in this country, (and to which the follow ieg testimonials relate,) is that now open at the Picture Oallery, 321 Bioadway. They number, together with the Oil I'aintisga, neatly one hnndrel, and will rtmain open bnt a ahoit time longer, from A M. until dnak. CeMiiuixii: Port, Ith July, UK. Oedrge Harvey, Esq.: Dear Sir :? As it is no less my pleasure thin my duty to give praiae where it is aue, I am unwilling that yon should leave Beaton without knowing how mncli I bare been gratified by year beautiful Drawings of American Scenery. To me it appears that you have been not only successful in giving: the chnraeter of our Scenery, but remarkably happy in clothing it with an American Atmosphere, which you have expressed with equal tiulh and veriety. He,nily wishing yon the success yon deserve, I remain. Dear 8irt With sincere regard, yonrs, WA. AI.L8TON. N?*v Your, July 17th, KM. M]i(Di?rL8u _ ....... sinr. int. uigniy l unuumuauiry icier ol me neat judge and critic in the counirt, (W. AtUlou, Eki ) 1 f?el that any thing I can say of your exquisite collectiou of Landscapes, illuatfative of |a mericau Scenery, and ithe Heaaoua, and 1 imea of Hay. would be superfluous. But after the pleasure I have ?i reived iu eianiaine your productions, I cannot forbear eipreaarug to you my unification at the auccea with which you h-ve accomplished trie union ofexeellencies ia them seldom united. I mean a judicious aud poetic selection of seeue and cougruity of iucideul, combined with a truth and detail in the expression ol every object vou have selected 1 sincerely hope, and believe,that your labors and genius Will receive the reward they so richly deserve. Believe me, dear sir. With real ngird, your friend and senior, SAMUEL K. B. MORSE. To Gt.oaot IIihvkv, Esq. fit Iw'ec I;. WINTER'S EXHIBITION OK CHEMICAL PAINTINGS, CITY SALOON, 11>> FULTON ST., BROOKLYN. RW. having reproduced the painting representing MILAN CATHEDRAL, he now offers it for exhibition, with three other Clieintcal Paiutiugs, vis :? JERUSALEM AN1) CRUCIFIXION. CHURCH OF THE HOLY SEPULCHRE, BKLSH A/ZAll'ff KKAS 1' Vihilntion each evening at ha*f past 7 o'clock. Wednesday morning at II o'clock. Saturday afternoon at half-past 3 o'clock. g~7"Admission Yi cents. fll lwrc THISTLE BALL. THV. MANAGERS or THE VIIISTLF. HKNF.l'OI I.F.NT .1SSOCI.1TION, respectfully announce that their SgCOND BtLl. for this season, will take place on FRIDAY EVENING, FEH. IS, ism, .IT TAMMANY HALL The Board of Managers atain and for the last time litis season. take the liberty olai>|iealirg to the ge?erosity of their pa Irons. The unprecedented kindness evinced towards th?ir h irst Ball will be ever remembered by them, ae well aa by t e rrcip enu of its bounty with h-artfelt gratitude Refined amasemrnts hai iug in view a charitable object are always pa Iron lied The Managers have much pleasure in stating that since their last, lha Bali Kooin hat undergone various improvements for the pnrpose of ventilation, as well ae other alterations for the convenience and coinforr of U e company, and their It ends may reataseured that no effort will be wanting on the part of the committee to make this THISTLE BALL at least rqnal to any of its predecessors. [f7"The order of Dsncing according to Programme. MR. J. PARKER has been engaged to manage the floor. Mr. WALLACE'S excellent Bend has been engaged fnr the occasion. Th? < ommnree have been unremitting iu their etvitions to see that the music shall be tail sad efficient. The Ball will be opened by the Highland Bag-Pipe, and National Airs will fcr played pn vton? to the commencement, aa W*ll aa duntit/ lltf uif#rini?*inn f?i Unneinm Doors oix-n sf 7 ; liancioe will ronmnrr precisely sf o'clock. The terminstiou or the Bell will be known by ihw Betid playing ' Mud night, and joy be wi' yon a." ^ TICKETS ONE DO I L AH-To admit a Gentleman aad two Ladies?to be lud of the B->ard of Managers, rii: ? ? It mm lorr, llo Hudson street, President. Jas Harruon. 79 I onittaodt street. Vice President. John Pattea, 129 Led<r street Treasurer. William Mcl.anrhlin, lli Elisabeth street. II"ah Kerr. SUi Broadway Win. Itichardson. corner Perry and Greenwich. James V i tne, corner IJth street and ith ar?i.ue. Himuel Maycock, 219 William street. Waller Leggatt. at llndson street. Checks not transferable. A CAMKKON, Serreury. 2)2 Hudson street N. B ? Members sau hare their tickeis oa aiirdieatioa to the Seetr'ary. fll It 8 W f rc IJ AUK THEATRE -The rublie are resneccfallv informed * that thia Th?atre will ra-opeu Cor lh? wa.oa oa Monday March 4th. V.riou. norell.rr in- in loefarniioB, nod will peedilv be announced CIO tfrrc THEATRICAL NOTICE. CPHK CHATHAM THICATHK will open an or aboat the 20th March. All application, for enraflaawata front paid) will receive immediate attention, if directedto W S. Derma, I'roprirtor, or J. M. Hrott, Artina Mana(er,Boi Itt ToatoAor, New Vork. The prnpnetor or hia a*ant will ba found at hia office in the Theatre between the hour. of Id and t and I to I, toattead to all bn.menr relati.e to the opening. Uariai iha IKHI, ilia Thantra will ba completely re-deeornted and maora tad hy that aminaot artiat, tl. IIKII/IK, and many altaratioaa tending to tba comfort of tha ratrona of thia fnrorite aalabliah W. M. DF.VK.RN A, jJI tfrrc Prop wtor. ITALIAN SINOINO PIANO FORTE ANT) FRENCH. Mil ULLMANN, Pnpil of Charlat t'lerny, coatinaaa to taacli ringing and tha Piano Porta in thia city and Brook lyn, on mndara'a talma Firnt rata rafarancea giren to many ifi.tingni'bed familh-a, whoaa nainaa mar ba laaraad oa application at hia raaidanca, 7* Kim atrrat, oppoeite tha Araaaal. Mr. V , who it tha author of a Franch (Irammar. tha aacond dilion of which ia in tha courae of publication, taarbaa like wiaa tha branch and Italian Langaagei. which ha naat daring lua Manic Laaaona, if wiahad. School. and College. attended f? lm*jgb MUSIC. 108RPII KAMMKRV.R, Prolaa.or r.f Muaic. rraieetfully ' announce, to hi. imtron. and tha palilie in geueml, that ba liaa rcmorad from A Croabv to IK Lauren. a'raat, whara all irdara for hia Cotilion Band to parfoim at I'artiaa Ittc. ia or rat of town, will be raceiredand promptly attended to. Ordera for J. K. will alao ba paaairad at Mr. W. Daboia a Mnaic Htord, 21} Broadway. __ I n??rrr TO 'AMATEURS ON THE FLUTE. MR. BARTON, (pupil of tha lata C Nirholeaa,) inapaat tally baa. toannoanca that it ia bia inteutMwgo aire in itrnction on the Flnta. Mr. Barton pn.faunae U ttawftadeo. dire to tha mathod puraaad by tha calabralad maatar. Chart)a Nicholaon. . ... For tarmi and narticalara. application mar ha auda at Bif aor Oodoaa, Maaie Store, Broadway, and Mr. fttodert'e Pianoforte maa'i'actodf. j'T lm*rg