Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 13, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 13, 1844 Page 1
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: THi Vol. X., No. 44?Whole Mo. 3014 'to the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper-published every day of the year except New Year's day and Fourth of July. Price -J cents per copy?or $7 'J8 per annum? nostagos paid?cash in a<lvance. THE WEttKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price fij- cents per copy, or $3 I J per annum? postage* paid, cash in a trance. , ADVERTISERS are miormed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing last. It hat the lareett circulation of any paper in IA it city, or the world, and it, therefore, the beat channel for iiiitneai mm in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the most moderate price, and in the moit elegant atyle. JAM HS OOKDON BENNETT. PaoraiKToa or the Herald Eitaelhhment, Northweat corner of Knlton and Naivau street*. WINTER ARRANOEMK.NT?FOR ALBANY. Via BRIDGEPORT a ,d rrM aM*I ML Houiatonic It Weitehn LbJmUIILilpioioi. l ally, bundays.^^^^^B XTrSUL Excepted. 3BCL Passengers for Alhnuy by thia l'.onte will taka the new aud elegant aiaamboat EUREKA, Capt J L. Kiteh, which leavet New York from foot Liberty at. Saturday morniuK at half rut 6 o'clock, for Bridgeport, thence by th? Houaatonic aud Western Rallroa la, without chime ?f cars or bexg irc crates, pe Albany, arriving same evening at I o'clock. Fare through For pasaage or Freight, apply on board, or at the office, foot of L'berty alri 'i. (J M. TERIIY, Agent. jltiec t'ATEUSON ilAILItOAD. " From Pateraon to Jeraey City. On and after Monday, Oct. 2d, 1113, the can will leare PtTERton Depot. I.have New York ? A. M. ( A.M. "VM. ? P"M" The Sun day Traina will be diaeontinued until farther noice transportation cats leave daily ( duudava excepted.) Paaaeaaera are adviaed to be at the Ferry, foot of Coortfandt afreet, n few imnutaa before the atated hour* of deoartnra jyl9 8m* r f ti """" HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The Royal Mail Steam Ship HIBER C. H. E Juitkina, Eaq., Commander, ~^jU0Uga^i will leave Boatou for the above porta on Fri " '^^- day, March laf, next. Pnaiage to Halifax 20. Passage to Liverpool $120. Apply to D. BR1GHAM, Jr., f.i ov 31ec _ No. 3 Wall street, Piflhiii DRAFTS ON ENGLAND. IRELAND^ kc.?l'enoua about remitting money to their friends in the Old Country cau be aupplieil with draft* in mine of ?1, ?2, ?3, ?J, ?10, f AlVO, ?M, ?100, or any amount puyntile ou demand withsut discount, or any other charge, at the National Bank of Ireland Provincial Ba ikdo. Messrs J?ines Bait, Son St Co.. Bankers, London; J. Barned k Co , Eicliange and Diacount B.uik, Liverpool; Eastern ltauk ol Scotlaud; (>r?enocn Banking Company; Sir Win. Forbes, Hunter k Co., Scotland; and tli- ormcUes tn every boot towu throughout F.nglaud, ireland, Scotland and Wales, which dralt* will be forwarded by the at. tuner Britaunia, leaving Boston on the lot Hehroarv. At Id y to W. fc J. T. TAPSC OTT, At their central passage office, 43 Peck slip, j24 corner of South strveL BOSTON BUSINESS EXPRESS AND FOREIGN LETTER OFFICE. a THE aubocribera have made arrangements to run an Egpteas. via Stoniniton, to Boaton, for the transaction ol' business, ana the trauai>ortalion of .SiBEZLaniall Packages, Bank Notes, Orders,ate. Oneol the fit en will receive inch orders u may be entrusted to him, deliver them in Boaton in peraon, and return the anawera at aoon til the boati a-rive in New Yo'k. For-ign Letters torwarded by tbe Cuuard Steamers from Boaton. Lettera cm be pie-paid at thia oflica, for any part of Oraat Britain or the Continent. PAHHOTT k CO. 20 Wall atreet, New York. ID lm'rrc Moitou, 10 Cong.ess street DAILY EXPRESS. _ THE subscribers run their Fxpress regularly, every dry .via Houaatonic ltailroaii. (Suiula ya excepter! 1 to and from New York, Albauy ana Buf-EVsRSr olo. md the intermediate places, for the trausporarw ~ ration of tprcie, bank notes, bundles and packages of goods, lor collecting bills, notea, draft! and accounti, with despatch. From this city at G o'clock, A. M. arriving in Albauy the sinie i veuiug, jn advance of the United Sta'es Mail. (> Iinjrie PQ.VIEROY k CO 2 Wall street. DIRECT. Kuk .i .r'Akk, NKWBkuniWicx.PuincicTon, 'I aKitvcn, Bohbkntowd Ann Uuhlinotoh. WWiP THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leaving Mew York daily from the foot of Counlandt at. Morning Line at 4 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at <X P. M. The Morning Line proceeds to Bordentown, from thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Lin* procaeda direct to Camden (opposite to Philadelphia) without change 'of ears. Passengers will ptOcurw their lickcta at the office foot of Courtlandt street, where a commodious steamboat, will be in readiness, with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed (Yom city to city, wihout being opened by the way Each trail! is provided with a car in which are apartments and dressing rooms ex;*tasly for the ladies' use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of WaJ nt street, bv steamboat to Borden town at 7 o clock, A. M. and by railroad from Camden, at ' o'oloclc, P. M. The line* for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7X A. M., and 4 P. M. being a conthinntion of the lines from New York j9 3m* m NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY IVKW ARKAIXUEMklVT, COMMKRCIMO OCT. )6T 11^.1843. jSS0.-SSEi.-@2SSLJl3i5ik IS? KARE REDUCED TO TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. From the foot of Courtlandt attest, New York. (Every day?Sundays excepted.) Leaves New York. Leaves Newark. At A.M. At S P.M. At 7* A.M. At IK P. M. do. S do. do. 4 do. 11 do. 4 do. 9 do. 6 do. i do. 10K do. 9X do. 7 do. ON SUNDAYS. Leaves New York. Leavea Newark. At 9 A. M. and 4^P- M. At IK P. M. and 9? P.M. The cars of the Morrie and Esses Railroad for Orange, Millville. Su-emit, Chatham, Madi'on, and Morristowu, ruu through from Jersey City without change, and connect with 9 A. M. anil 3 P. M trains from New York. NEW YORK AND ELIZABETH TOWN. Leavea Naw York. Leaves Elizabeth Town At I A. M. At J P. M. At 7 A. M. 3* P. M. 9 do. 1 do. 7K do. 5 do. 11 do. 5 do. 8X do. 9X do. 7 do. 10 do. 1 P M. /The trains for Westfield, Plainlield, Koundbrook, Homer ville, Stc., connect with the 9 A. M., and 4X P. M. ; trains from New York daily, Sundays excepted. Fare between New York and Elizabeth Town 2b cents Fare between do. and Semerville, 75 cents. NEW YORK AND KAHWA) Leaves New York. Leaves Rahway. At 8 A.M. At 8 P.M. dt eXA.M At 3 P. M 9 do. 3 do. 7 dl. <X do. 11 do. 5 do. 9 do. 9 do. V 1 do. do. 12X P. M. NEW YORK AND NEW BRUNSWICK. From foot of Conrtlandt street, New York, daily Leavea New York. Leaves Naw Brunswick. At 9 A. M. At 3 P. M. At A. M. At 18 M. i do. 7X do. * r. M. ON SUNDAYS. Leavea New York Leavea New Brunswick. , At % A. M. and 4\P. M. At 12 A M., and 8K P. M. Fare, except in the Philadelphia trains, between New York ...I M._ an Between New York and Rah way, 24 crati Newark, Elizabrttitown, Rahway, and New Brunswick passengers who piocnre their tickets at the ticket office, re crive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the con doctor orly on the day when purchased The commutation fare between New York and Rahway and in.erniediate places, has been reduced (iaclndinf ferry) to $40 per year ! between New Brunswick and New York $74 per year. nl9 3tn THE NEW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. M. M ^Tt^aXfrom Ney^^trniat, and Iroin Liverpool 6th of each mouth* From New York. VpooL New Ship LIVERPOOL. 1140 tona.fc, ft*; <> J.tldndEe fAu|^ S1 ()ct , N. ship KF.N OF TIO'. WEST.) JJ" f Jf J 1340 tons I'. Woodfouse. ( * j} Nov. t New .hip ROCHK8TER.840 ton., j ft** \\ * John Button SOct'r 21 Dec'r Ship HOTTINOUYR, 1040 tons.^ * Ira Bursely, $Nov'rll Jan y 0 These substantial, fast sailing, first class ships, all built in the city of New York, are commanded by men o( eaperience aud ability, and will be dispatched punctually on the 31st ol each mouth. . , t ivThejr cabins arc elegant and commodious, and are furnished with whatever can conduce to the nnse and comfort of paaaeo""Frieu of paaaat*, $100. , Neither the captains or owners of these ships will be responsible lor any parcels or packages sent by them, unless regular bills of lading are signed therefor, r or freight or passage spply to WOOPHULLk M1NTURN8, 07 South street, New York, o? to FIELDEN. BROTHERS ?l CO.. JII ec Liverpool liff* NEW' YoIT^RrD HAVRCTACKETR See,. ;d 1,1111'? 1 he Ships of this line will hereafter leave New \ orb on t 1st, ind Havre on the leth of each mouth, as follows, vir .? l'??h Nr.* Yost. Fusm Haras. . .-w . i. p ONEIDA, ( 1st March. ( 16th April. ' '".al" , i l?t July. ( 16th August. ?, ... ?e fvi/? nc*nC > !St November. ( 16th Dec ember. Ship BAL I 1 MORE, ( 1st April I 16th May. ' . ? . 1 Ut Au*u,t- 5 ls,h September, I t ward k uuck. ( 1st December. 16th January. Ship l.'TH A list May. [iSthJuu*. I ap in < 1st September 16th October. I'i i erick Hewitt. ( 1st January. i' 16th Febrnary. New ship St. NICHOLASi 1st June. i'16th July. Captaiu < 1st October. . 16lh November. J- B. Pell, ( 1st February. ( 16th March. The accommodations of these ships are not surpassed, com. billing all that inty be required for comfort. The price of car bin passage is f 100. Passengers will Ire supplied with every re quisttr with the reception of wines and liquors. (foods intended for these \easels will lie forwarded by the sub scribers, Irre from any other than the ei|iensea actually infurred on them. For freight or passage, apply to BOYD kH INC KEN, Agent*, je24 ?c No. 8 Tontine Building, cor. Wall and Water I L 9 E NE NE1 |NKW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To mii hum Now York on the 2,'itli and Liverpool on the 11th ' >11 eacu uiouth m & r nun Nrw 1 oh*. Ship SlUDONS, Captain K. B. Cobb, 2Cth December. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. De|wy?ier, 2*th January. Ship OARRICK, fcapt. Wtn. Skiddy.Mth Febru-ry. Ship ItOSClUS, Captain John Colliua, 26th March. Fboji Lir*arooL. _ . Ship 8IDDONS, Captain A. B. Cobb, 11th February. . Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Deney.wr, llth Mareh. Ship OARRICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, UthAprU Shiti KOSCll/H. Captain John Collina, llth May. Tneae abipa are all of the ftral ciaaa, upward* or 100? torn, built in the city of New York, with inch improvement* a* combine great f peed with unusual comfort for passengers Every care lias been taken in the arrangement of their accommodation*. The price of Paaaaae hence if $100, tor which ample atorea will be provided The*# thipi are commanded by e*i?rieuced master*. who will make every exertion to xive *eU,Neith-r captain* or ownera of the ihipa will be reaponxiwu fear w..x7 l??rr**ra narcela or Dnrkurn *eut bv them, onlmm re gular bill* or lading art signed tlwrefer. 56 South at., New York, o, to BROWN. SHIPLEY k CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be charged 13)4 cents par single haat ; 60 cenjp par ounce, and nawtpapera 1 cent each. <11 PASSAGE FROM ORE AT BRITAIN AND IRELAND M M M, ^TTTHE BLACirBALL OlHjLI? LINCTF^ LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool on the 7th and 19th of every mouth.] Persona wishing to aaud to the Old Country for their friends can make the neceasary arrangements with the lubicribera, and have them come out in tin a auperior Line of Packets, Sailing Irom Liverpool punctually oil the 7th and 19th of every month. They will also have a lirat rate class of American trading ships, sailing every fix days, thereby affording weekly communication from that port. One of the lirin (Mr. Jainea D. Roche) u there, to aee that they sliall be forwarded with care and despatch. Should the parties agreed for not come out, the money will be returned to those who paid it here, without any reduction. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, comprise the following magnificent Ships, viz The OXFORD?* The NEW YORK, CAMBRlbOE. COLUMBUS, EUROPE SOUTH AMERICA. ENGLAND NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and uneuualled arrangements, the subscribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that support which has been extended to them so many years, for which they are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can at all times obtain Draffs at sight for any amount, drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, also on Messrs. PRB8COT'l\ OROTE, AMES k CO. Bankers, Loudon, which will be paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their Branches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Irelaud, Scotland and Wales. ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO. 36 Fnltou street New York, next door to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from this port f<pr Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each mouth. Parties returning to the old country _ will liud it to their comfort and advantage to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, iu preference to any other. u?9 r ROCHE BROTHERS <>c CO.'ri PASS AG la OFFICE ' 35 FULTON STREET,'NEW YORK. jK iifc Ml i?fe PASSACTTHOM LTVEHTOOL In the following Packet Ship*. vix:? The NEW YORK, tailing I'rom Liverpool ou the Ut Feb. TheCOLUMBUS, do do 16th do A The YORKSHIRE, new, do do lit March. The CAMBRIDGE. do do Ifith do Or in any of the Packet* camnrising the Old Line tailing from tltat port on the lit and 16th of every month. Thote tending for their friend* will find it to their interett* and comfort to Klrouite our Line, a* no potaible retention on embarking can given. P&siege Certificate* cot by the iteamthip Hibernia, tailing from Boitou on the lit of January, will have plenty of time to prepare to come by the fnit named packet, or in any o J the above inanniticrnt and une^uill'd packets. I'rrtont remi'tiug money to the old country can at all timet obtain froin the aubtcribert draft* at aiunt lor auv am?uut, drawn direct oil the Royal Bank of Irrlaud, and on Meant Prmcott, Grote, AmetltCo., Bankvrt, Loudon, which are paid free of ditconnt in every town throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Walts. For passage, apply to or addrett (if by letter pott paid.) , ROolIE BROTHERS St CO.. d30rc 35 Fnltou it. next door to the Fulton Bank. ^KRANOEvle NTlThTlK nil OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, 100 cornwoOhmh. iHEi auvflcnurr orgs iw LU can u?e aiwuuun ui mi inriius and the public ill general, to the fallowing arrangements for 1M1, for the puriwrse of bringing out cabin, 2d cabin, and steerage passengers, by the Regular Line of Liverpool 1'ackeu, sail ing the lit,6th, lUh, 16th. 21itand 26th of every month. Hy the London Packsu, to aail rtm New York, the Ut, 10th and 10th?and from London on the 7th, 17th and 27th of each month In connection with the above, and for the pnrpoie of affording "till greater facilities to passengers, the subscriber has established a regular line of Arst class New York built, coppered and Copper fastened ships, to sail punctually every week throughout the year. Fot the accommodation of persons wishing to remit money to their-f unities or friends, drafts are given, payable at sight, on the following Banks, viz Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at Cork, Limerick, Cloumel, Londonderry, Sligo, Wexford, Belfast, Walerford, Galway, Armagh, Alhlone, Colerain. Balliua, Tralee, Youghal, K.uuiskillen, Mouaglian, Banbridge, Ballymeua, Parsoustowu, Dowu Patrick, Cavan, Lurgau, Omagh, Dungannon, Baudon, Knnis, Ballyshanno Strabane. Skibereen, Mallow, Moneymore, Cootchill, Kilrush, Dublin. Scotland?The City Bank of Glasgow. England?Messrs. Spooner, At wood it Co. Bankers, London; R. Murphy. Waterloo Road, Liverpool; payable in every town in Great Britain. For further iufvrtnation (if by letter, rost paid,) apply to JOSEPH McMUKlLAY, 100 Pine street, comer of South. N. Y. Or Mrurs. P. W. BYRNES fc CO, 36 Waterloo Road. J9 6m*re Liverpool. MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS. ^ ^ The uudermentionedships will be regularly disiwtcheulroin hence au the 1st, and from Marseilles on the 5 th of each month duriug the year as follows From New York. Marseilles. MINERVA, Cape. Brown, ' Dec. 1 Feb. 5 TRtSCOTT.Capt. Myrick, Jan. 1 March 5 H'RY THOMVsoN,Ca|>t.Sylvester, Feb. 1. April 5 HELLESPONT, ('apt. Adams, March 1. May 5 CORIOLANUS, Capt. llaile, April 1. Juue5 They are all coppered and copper fasteued, and have excellent accommodation! for passengers. The price of cabin passage will be 9100, exclusive of wines and Ikiuots. Goons addressed to the agents, BOYD It HINCKEN, will oe iurwaruru irr? 01 otner charges man mote actually pile. For frrigM or passage apply to LAMHIENGIC St PHELPS. 1M Front ilirrt or to BOYD It HINCKEN, Ak?iU. mtfir No 9 Tontine Buildings. OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. <1 SOUTH STREET, NEW YORK. ? Passage can be eugaged fromLiverpool by the following apiendid packet ahipa comprising the Old Black Ball Line of rackets sailing as under. From Liverpool. The skip COLUMBUS, Captain Cole, on the Kth February. The ship YORKSHIRE, (new) Bailey, ou the 1st March. The ship CAMBKI DUE, Capt. Barstow, 16tb March. The ship EWOLAND, Captain Bartlett, 1st April. The ship OXFORD, Captain Rathboue, 10th April. The ship MONTE/UM A. Captain Lowber, 1st May. The ship EUROPE-Captain Kuiber, 16th May. The ship MCW YORK, Captaiu Cropner, 1st June. In addition to the above superior ships, the subscriber's agentwill hare a succession of flrsr class Aui-rican shiim Jespati bed, as customary, from Livernool, every four or fire days throughout the year, fo the different porta in the United States, by which pa-sage can be e-cured at reduced rates. Those lending for their friends residing in Oreat Britaiu and Ireland, may rely th-t erery care will u- taken to mak- pas-engeis as comloitable gg they can reasonably t. and should >lie|iaateng r> not coree nut. the passage money will be promptly refuuded. Drain can at usual be furnished p-yab e at 'he National and Provincial Banks of Irrland and branch t; Eastern Bank rf "cot'ani) and b-auch's; aud on Messrs. J. Bait, Son Ik Co., Bankers, London; M-ssrs J. BamedJi Co., Bankers, Liverpool, which are payable throughout England and VValea. For further particulars apply (if by letter post pud) to JOHN IIERDMAN, Gl South street, near Wy I s'reet. N. B Pa-sage to Liverpool and London can at alt times b* engaged by the regular packet ships, sailing for Liverpool every live days, and to London en the 1st, 10th and 20t)i of each month ou application aa above. ilj*> KOIt NEW ORLEANS LOUIBIANNA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS For the better accommodation of shippers, it I* ufcende-t to despatch a ship from this i>ort on ths 1st, 5th. 10th, 15th, 20th, and 25th of each month, commencing the lOtb October and continuing nntil May, when regular days will be apiMiinted for the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and disappoint meats will be prevented during the summer months The fol lowing ships will commence ibis arrangement: Ship YAZOO. Captain Cornell. Ship OCONEE. Captain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI. Captain Milliard Ship LOUISVILLE. Captain Mont. Ship SHAKSPEAKE, Captain Miner. Ship OASTON, Captain Latham. Ship HUNTSViLLE. Captain Mum bird. Ship Oi .MULGEE, Captain Leavitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. * Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Kuight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford. These shi|M were all built in the city of New Vork, eipressly for packets, are of light draft of water, have recently hern newly coppered aud put in splendid order, with accnminodn- ' turns for passengers iine-puilled for comfort. They are commanded by esneriesiced masters, who will make every evertion to give general satisfaction. They will stall limes be towed I up and down the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the owners or captains of these ships will lie responsible lot jewelry, bullion, pregjons stones, silver or platgd ware, i or Ibr auv letters, parcel or package, sent by or put on board ol i them, unless regular bills of lading axe taken for the same aud I the value thereon espreesed. i HULLIN - WOODKlfFV, i? N*. i Orleans, who will promptly forward fill goods to thnr address \ The snipe of this Iiu?; are warrauu-d to sul punctually a* ad i rtrtiscd, and grmt care will be takeu to have the aroode correct 1 fy mnaurM' n>4 ? smm. REMITTANCES TO AND rABSAOE FROM IRELAND, lie. We beg to inform our friends in Norwich, Can., and its vici uity, that we hive appointed Mr. JOHN McCLeLLAND, ol that city, as our agent. Tenons tending tor th< ir relatives, or remitting money to thu old country, will find It th -if interest and iheit friends comfort, to give him a call. ROCHE BROTHERS k CO., ? j 19 J tee 25 Fallon st. ect, New Vork, 1 W YC W YORK. TUESDAY MO A M E K IC A N MoT PHILADKLriUA. rphlm new bonne is aitaa ed im i Intiiii km, .>tn-oeiie thr A ginle U'"i a. (Indetwodaaar Hqner-.) ib iWiihadinte . tMniir Qt *|l a? fukxMiHt flMrl of amnaruieet nod retort , l It has been bmlt iu lh- mml thomueh -"anaer, by J ho J : J Kidr?r. K?| ,'lidf'ir.Uiiu apeardi of nae lnndnM ?"!? , ? many of which at* i?ito?. wuh badionnia %4>t>inina. launhte lor faati'iea. and eartiea f ladi*? and tnayaoi It will b? fnrniabcd ihrnuthoat, I * ilh .at n-card M at ) ) j . with Daw and tlr?*jit Inruitura of'lie aau.l a|| rot ad at, U. and I opened for toe lacaptioa of tha traeallret fnbtrc.oa tie- '.ral day a of March r ea?. Thf pMliNNI ttlHr tlMHrlni, that that' laaf ttiwmw L in tlir buMnaaa. will . nab a ihaoi la condnct tha Aaaartnan IW I { tal, in all IU deiiartatenu. in auch a manna* aa ? ill idawaa tha | , inoat Ut'idiout, and ana aniaa to lhaat aaaaia ataty aomlon . and Inanry, that can ba found in any Motel in tha llaitad I 1 KtaUa | N B ? Btthmf Kooma are attached la tha lintel, when warm and cold water hatha will al all una ba to nadinrat. rah*.!Jannary lith. 1*44 >15 'tate ( PHENljf YAXHANV.K SNKDECOR AND THOMPSON, INFORM their nnairroaa frieada, that the* hare take* and | rt-titt'd the |>o; ular Refectory on lie H V r .met of fine ) and Naaaau atiratt, known aa the ' fllk' NIX Xt HANtlk." . and are determine! tn k-e|i it echo, e.t li-|<turn and aeaa'a u> ba fonrd in the city. Tboaa who appieeiatc a ant* <oc (Mat I , Hnudv or Oili. BfarMiudalra lu rjli amJ irv ? a. rv lm? aififl# jail reoeierd THlt DINING UKPARTM* NT rom. l-u-lj- r ited, and time* who wi?' a pond dmnfi. wall leaved. ran I be accommodated ?l utodeiate chargei. Aa tl>e i-ropnrtur* resolved to keep t MM rale house Uejr re?;ectlollr patrou&ue of tin it frieadi u.d the pattlie, u tnug as U. ' i be found to deserve it ISAAC H HNEDM OK AUSTIN D. Thompson. N H.?The LUNCH. Jt the Usr, will brsmed up eeee> do between 0 and II o'clock, A. M. Oyet-rs it. ever, >?!.? at all homa of Hi- jii Mate re EXCHANG EllOTEL?llALTlMf >K E. EHA-iTUS COLEMAN has it i< day i.kru Hr.NKV E JACKSON into partnership, ?> U la fuier ib? boa a will be ' oiiil'>?i-d ui the nnu.eof COLEMAN k JAf KSON. The lutronsije of tlie travelling pubtin. eoC latlneaoa at oat frieadi. u inpectlalty so'iritrI, Baltimore, Vi bm iry I, 111 I II Ian er HAVANA MANSION MoTJSE~HUTLL THK undersigned tabes occasion to utfona hia frieade aad A {hi ratlin, thai thr Minima Hp?t > me boetad iu le qaiiidor itreet. No. (7. iu the viciuit) ef the strsmboet Ist.dioi iad vegetable market, na? iujt ronitnodioai family ?tutti?ia arranged ia the urntrct i/rder A pariou ii employed to promt* permits '.o ImJ p.uiee??eri, b&jtffttff, Slc. who will board eeewlmnni'diatcly after the tint of the reveone olHe-n. N. B.?Viiitori to th'i ihottld pf >eor? passport from thr Spanish Couiul, el the port of eiitknrkilioa, to obente dif Realties md i?eoiiycnletir? illlmie* WILLIAM EULTUN. ENGLISH ADVERTISEMENT. T ONDON?ST. KATHARINE t HOTEL, oproiite the Ll St Kitlnriiir'i Poeli (iitn, nil nnr tli." Knyal Mint. THOMAS LENNKY, late Cuirl Ste.vard of the lintiah Queen Steamship, rctpectfully i tonus hnlriends in the United States, thrt he has the manage;nun oft he abeie urw and elegant establish 1 cut, which is built ;,nd luruislird regardless of eapense, ami ia u every trapect an ipt J lor the recrpt on of families and gentlemen riaitiuit Kunlaiid. as thr hotel front! that part of the dot k in which (he ll?If l&a MM ef 'hi' Other Ame ricin vessels lav, and ia wnlua hee iiuuntci tr.alk of the Dank and Koyal Eifhnnge The home will be conducted on liberal and economical pr nciplei. '1 het.'olfre Kootn iaauppliei with the London, American, East Indian and Colonial papera Thr Viandt, Winei. kc. are ot thr hnt nnah V A good Milliard I , Koom and Warm Baths will b* lonud in the house lieutlemen may contract by tiie week ot mouth lot board, lie. on the same terms a* i| Amrtici. T LENNEY be#s to mare those who may honor him with their put ton axe that nothing shall he wanting to reuder them comfortable, and Hy attention to the wialieeof hit guests, liopea to merit that coufiaeuee and good will ao liberally bettowtd on him when ateward of the Brtiiah Quern. dUr ALU 8AINT PAUL'S 1 hi noble romance, which ton" taiuaa correct and vivid account of the terrible plajue which nearly depopulated London in the reign of Churles 11 hat juit beau printed iu a neat book form by ill* subscriber It iatheonL book edition ever published. For aale atallptriodical depots. Trice llX cenia E. P. WILLIAMS, Puhliaher, H)lw*rrc ttt ongrcss street. Boston. THE CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN BURNS AND CLARINDA. THE whole of the myat*iioua and aecre . Correspondence which took place between the Poet and th*relrbrated Clariuda, Mra. McLehosk, in 1717 to Vi, a'<d which baa been sought for in vain hy (Junninghani and othera, for the i purpose of publication, has nt Irngh. by the decedte of Hitrinda, fallen into the hands Of hergraudtou, VV C. McLehoae, Esi]. and is now fi?st given to the wo*td. To the cuiiona in Bnrui and Platonics this work will be narticularly relished, and cannot fall to strongly iu'erest readers iu general. It is published in this city anil Edinburgh simultaneously The American edition is a neat )2mo. aolnme of about 100 pages, cloth, gilt?is issued and for rale by II. P BlXBYItCo. No 3 Park Row, epuoeite the Astor House. Notices of the Correapondeuce between Burns and Ctarinda, from the British Journals "The Letteca to Chuiutla have long been lelt by the admirers of Burns to ve an important chapter in the Poet's Biography,"? "Seldom hare we welcomed a work with warmer feeJioce Ulan the one before ue. The publication wee dee to the I arty of Burnt' dtrofd attachment, and the letters throw much litrht on many train in the wildly deviooe character of the Bard '? Kelso Chronicle. "Wherevsr the name of Robert Burns it known, this book w i he received both with aridity and anxiety, at being propsbly ot't laat of hit writing* which will be given to the w -rid. and net imaging fully to light a passage in the Puet't Life hitherto Wrapped in a mystery, fruitful of paiuAil suspicions Fife Herald. A mysterious chapter, perhaps the last that remain* to be unfolded iu the present histo-y of oar great National Bard has just bt-eu opened by a descendant o( one who has been made immortal by her connexion with genius.?Kilmarnock Journal "This rolume is inrestpd with an accumulation of attractions, wo hare not Iwen disappointed, high as our anticipations were. The character of Burns is here more fully developed to us than forme ly, and the strange mystery which hung around the. intercourse of < larinda and Bums, is, we think, tatisfactori'y elear*d up."? Scotiman. ' Some ol onr most delightful epitto'sry I iter dure has been Produced by poets?and to Pop s'and Cowper's letters may now e added that of Burns "?Brighton Herald. "This is indeed one of the curiosities of literature, and may well be said to supply s new chapter in the Life of Scotland s immortal Poet. It behoves every admirer of th? author of The Cotter's Saturday Night, to provide himself with a copy."? Cheltenham Journal. j!5 lm*m rTIt'TED STATES UAOUERKIAN (JALLEKV, 175 LV Broadway, upstairs.?E. HITE would respectfully call (he attention of citizens and strangers, visiting the city, to his splendid col lectian of Daguerreotype Portraits,single or in fronpt from two to fourteen pe sons on the same plate, which lor beauty and accuracy of delineation cannot be surpassed Portraits taken in ell kinds of weither, either with or without colors. The American Institute at its late exhibition awarded Mr. Vhile the first premium Ur the best Daguerreotype likeness for gToupingand general ettect, which is but another proof of the innerinrity of uis portrait*. Mr. White is sole agent in New Vnrk for the eery superior imported Oernsan ("sroaraj , and at no other establishment in this city or State can thry be obtained. N. B.?Imported (ierman Cainaraa; also, breach and Amen :an Instrument* of the very best quality, with Plate Cases, Chemicals, Polishing Materials, Ike., lie., always on hind, for lale at ihe very lowest prices. n7 3<n?in 17 A 111 T IP W U cvvrv Dr." 111 ID TU a 1T>SJ vnv vy [?ll II 1.1/ . I 1 JJ 1 Vliilim I J, thp most exquisite toue and finish. poitetiing all the colors u of life, by A. K. THOMPSON fc C>., No. 11 Park llow, opposite the Actor llouar Daguerreotype Apparatus, Plate*. Cases < liemical*. kc . for *<ile. Iiutruction* given in the art. jll lm?m Dl2>BK.OW'rt HIDING SCHOOL ' 4t)8 BOW EH Y. l?OU LADIEB from 9 A. M, to 3 P M. daily. " f or Uentlemon " 1 to 4 and 7 u> 9|f P. M. daily. LtcTVRc Ltssons. i Exihcisk Kiumo (Evening Class.) .1 Leaaon* $9 00 20 Kid.* $19 00 Single do 1 09 | Single do ...... 74 Trie Dressing and Drawing Booms ar> wll warmed, and iveiy atlentiou devoted to the .omlurtol ttun wu.j may lioaor i* wieh thrir patronage. Ueutlenien keeping their liorae* on livery at thia establishnent, will have tnt privilege of riding them in the School a IS 9ni?r (A/HO WOULD BE rV i TMUU 1 l'EETnT~wheo tii7 "" following unprecedented reductiuu in dentistry is made by lie eel -brated Dentist, W. Tlnrnr, D.D.S., 62 Eiut Brovlwav* (limning Teeth $1 60 extracting IS i Slopping withl iajnitly celebrated Mineral. 74 Single Tooth on Pivot- 74 ' " " Silver | o# " " Cioid I 00 \ complete set cf Teeih. o* thn mort epprovrd principles, ai he same price as the above. r N. B.?When, eu-jre uiiHaetiaaiis aot gives, ao eharga will e as V.ii ... j|7 ?n? ee or?- -CO 1 EASY, KOHOET THEY AllE ON.-DAY'S Kirst O Premium Sheet H. Over Snoes. wnh his new Elastic ""oh s, ' Ida iilara Was Iiir r lid nisataet ami iniref /I n*^ klu /> - ?? ><i peifectly adapted to thai Hoot auil Pants, that the wiarer .a irt to forget that l? has on au over shoe at ull. 80 nnllie err- . ry othfr overshoe aia they, that whoever examines th-m will " gtriii ly giveti em preference. They will completely do away with the double or " water prosf Boot," which never keep out J the water. Warehouse, 26 Maiden lain, near Broadway. Tnose who I want Day's Over shoe should remember No. 26. 1 i.IKK PRKHEKVKKH AND JACKET*.?The heit article manufactured in the United States. Orders for th? Sonth 1 <nd VVeaf, and North, esecuted in the neatest possible style, by f the inanufactu sr. HORACE 11. 1) aY, 26 Maiden lane. | Ci lm*rc OJlTleGR'S UNION SALAMANDER SAFES. ? CJ. OAYLK.R, Inrentar and Putfu'ee, iR,6 Several . t lODiands of Oayler's Patent Eire Pioof lloolt Safes, of 1 alt sizes, from 404 to 14,000 lbs. each, have been ia use during the last fourteen years, sod not one has at any time failed to 1 lire.erre its contents when caponed to lire. Nearly one htm- c dred have been very seveielv teste 1. In the great fire of HIJ6 shoal f rty were in use in the district, and were, as tneeertm- j ratesartino, as inurh espo<e<l to the i tensity of that lire as , they wonlit have hern in sny store at that time destroyed: hut . NOT ONK IW8TANCK of failure has at any time <>c- |, carted Krom long >'?i>erieiice and attention to th* elf-cls |iro. , I u ceil by lire upon Haf s, ttie patentee has been enabled to make surh improveinsnts that he can with full confidence rvcom- n ml Ins Union Sal.uuimler Book Ma/us, as heyoud all doubt ,j proof against the action of fire, fr*e ft m dampness, aid ? itrong enough to sustain any fall or pie.sur' to which they v can beesposed in the burning of a store. They ate so ??i|. c itruc ed as tocoinbiue two iie.rfect Iron Safes. united one with- g in the othc, surh a in inner that the inner tlafe cannot be sf- v fee ted by auv hast to wnich llie outer one may be ei posed? nchSafe it nude of bar and plate iron.and the most perfect mm- c conducting snbitances and ha< an inner and outer door, each lecurej hy a an table lock An assortment of Oaylsr's ind Doubts ttala?ander Safes. Also hit Patsat Double Safes, j

ind Safes of sll ds.cnptiou. of his msnufsetare, for tul" st all p .iriees, from tli, by h t agents in this city, si* 8. Ely, 1 Kul'on slrret, (lot I street; A. R. Moeu, 121 Peerl, npronts street; Brett It Bscku?, 42 Maiden lane, and hy the 1 Patentee 0 J. OA*LER,71 Kultou street, 1 near Oeld. II Iron Safes, 'tpecie C.heita, Iron Doors, lie. made to order. v fl) lm*rre I'RKNCH AltTIFl(flAI, FI.( iVVKKS~7v7. ~ J "PHI subscribers have just recived. |nrlsts arrivals from 1 Havre, and keep constantly on baud, a complete assortment " Krench Artillcitl Flowers Materials of all kins's Tor Klowers Keatliers, Hair Ornaments, and Millinsry article*?for r leby HKNRY i W S hN, Importers, ! afl Jna'rrc 71 Liberty street, up stairs. M >RK I KMN'G, FEBRUARY 13, 1 ME i; A N Mi. E LI BR A !: \ . ? CLIXTQ# lUU.l. VOLUME*: l?.V?sri BHI1 |nM AMY.f|i AN I'KHiODIt'ALB |JF l< A??"a * M in mrrrrnntill pui mill niv bccomo I a Iwmhara. ? Ii.mnl <1 hit dollar* a > ami?twin* llio ??a? lornia ? " tiirh Mri twill ?rt ? dlmltr-I. >?r.?nr. I HA*. M. WHKATLKY, lt#c< rci-ic S??rrury. E, VALEXfF.NE*: ar rlk. k'RIKNDS nk OlI/i'DMii l,T'?N .Bd tlw i ?t>- lri Id inn-. mi irrin|> fall* im.fij 1..111II ii|>id'a lial- I " ?? ? II Ili'niKi HWI, lh? n ly fon.i>l?io rolloct on of Va- ni miiom11.1 tha known world, a-not 10 <111 -tin, and at nil | . *"?n IV4 ?i>i w?ii it dm*Man rich. Dolaya art nan- it pr n-Wifkw in I low, .y? 'ho elm,raw' nrini am cntlwf. .n?Ma. ta Ion hull u itArml. \on nil know Comic h.1- ct m. tt In'ntB t| 1 : - "SALE a PH K nbariihrr, * locator of th? lot will and tnaUmrnl of 1 Moan t-roow 1, mil tall at fjbli action, *1 ll# i>nb- Pl e aaUa room la th? Morrba. u' V 11 hi n?. in liar cily of Now . . I or h by WILLIAM M IRlNKtlV. A nc donor, on the >" *hda. of kotirani, it I* >'clock at u?o*. tt,? fotluniug Jr- a tiki' It 'll kiMr, ki.'Wa <|on ? " war of plot of around ilnala-t 'n tbr kVtooath Wart of Iho city of \aw York, bo- P' an a( " Iho oalair ofjolm Maun. iWaaaod," anrrcya-t *rg , in oat m loin laaanrr I. Kit. by Iwyh K. Hiulga*. Cur Imlri or CI I A l?r of go-not aitnaro on the wrnilmiatrrlv aulc of tlw Jlh , !< ?, ant h- own agon ika aknno w.awtu not iaui by llw jam- tt *< ?, miamnriaa ai t |?ui fault II h?i u<l I irrkn. 11 oonihawaio'ly comor ,-l H fnkim " .111: 'I Olcaoitn airan ; I'mar* niiou K oorlhr xwrly aloue . ? Mwn of tho b ifth ao-ono, tw-niy antra hot I tor inch JL owa running a ntharrairily ant on a lino iwfl- tl d to hlromih arm I'? f-ot, thane* m nine aoaihwoairrfy an* m a lm- uaial'ol to tha k if h an nuo ft i*?t ami on* inch. ant 0 )<* a ittMihl ' utr htaialaify iu4 on a lift- l'iiall*l to b I"' alh tin* i o a haniliwl fiat, to t a pmut if * pUra .il In** inninii I Alix, h ti a ruiu Ihrr l?( adjo i.iua Ilia I'm a, I nowa ap*-a tba l.o*a matiuim J map by ika iiiun'tr f. rat in m-u stag .. IliP III d<a( at I..I ... J |?o 'achat aoolhvf' f ? ikr ?i ill #tal*rly c**i* ar i f lb* b' Mi afauna *ad b!lr*ai|fn 01 it ? !. lb* a* 1**1.lag aoitHrnilarl aliia|tlirn.a'.liri>lrlly Dili fit* btUbaiaaoa Ita-u l ain l?l auJ .ma 1 , li I'wi.ra $ aiming a?m*Haa?la It <u<l 04 a liaa pa*al*f t? ilail, \t u.a ban if?j l*?t. tb "# a nuiaim imiliwala I)' u4 wi a lw ( 10 il?* ?fih an ? iBiur-MtM bit iU 1? mb; ii 4 iltanc* rauaiag1 toot waatat y * 4 na a liaa I'tinlM to btaaaal'i 1 M una haadiwd Waf. to tba joint llaa plat a ol bo- cl e in 1 <' a J. I Alao, Ikaf aorta 11 "thai I of adi-nam* lh? aboar. buotar ap >a iH- alma* auaatn.iad map by lb* aambat I, riimmauctng *1 a c| aiiiii dotaat I wanly aauan l*ai and on* mrhwultiwaata-ly tram .na a i*a I baa* tally cormtr of lb- b fib aaania* anal b lauaaith 11raM. rbanca mno ag northaaatrrly along ihr anatkaaaatarly I" i.Jaul lb 'lh a-amia aaaaai fr. t ami oil* inch to Ih# i*.id aa otba?al*?by mroar of lb* b iflb ta**iua and K aaaotn Ol ilraat: thane# fanning natb-aa arl a la g tb* auwlhwrntaHy T Hill , f t.l* train alraai una baadiad fa>', litanra tunatag avulhamfrtyaid IM a pan* II* I in tb* irth aiaaaa ttaaala-aauaa V. f and i na 111* h, and fbaaca raaumg uar Uwra ally aaj ua a *' liar iwallal to hi aa.tli atraat ona handrrtl lwt. In lha point :h* pla'r a*f logiuuin*. 4. Alan, that fritaia ntVr lot adjoi icg, in tb* raar of f)ia f ;hiaa abnta drac.iWtJ Inta an.I la kanwa a|nm I Ha abut* mail f imifxf in u* by 1 ha i.a.abat t. iitiaal* on lb* > aili lata aula j >f Kl*v*ntf ttraat, routm*ut iug at a point >** bnndrad fact lomtmrifarlv linnt tb* annihaaiU fly co 1 or of bifit mam> and Klat aglli atrw' , fb-iita ruu.lg aoothwaat?ly an I oa alma fn nrallal to tba bilth atr .a* ulwil' at faat and la-i ln'bra; lhaurr ranuiug aoo' i* ularl) nil . u a lilt* puallal t > Klaaaulh || ifra: twaiilt-on* fw: fhrnra nianiH north'* itafly and < ? a 1 ua lia'ultrl fo lb# b ifth iimm uio#ty*l at lart ta" tan inch n ml tnauaa 'Baaing north aBtfafla -long b'.layauth atraat twaoiy a?a f* t, to t a point lit# ptnea ol U-giimi' g i Alio, tliat carta a oili r lot adji'iuiiig fha t - at a boar da a. rtib'd. aail hnowa upon tba abut* iaai.ll .rail map by tba aam- |< :>* J. comm*uf Hit at a poiaf in lh* toutliwa-l-ily aiJanfllih ifraal, if 11 naf on* linndrad tad t?#i |y-?p# f. at aco't-aaataily ^ Tr m t'raa >u baaal**!', fuWof b'lf h at aua aad Kiataai'h it ; thanra ruunirg n ufhwralarly aad n a Inia puallal la tlia b'*flh hpnilP ttllt?lVul'ylir Wt bit t * ?? turtiia' lUaitra rannttM mtulh It roaterly aud on a l>ne paralle. tu Kleventh ttreat wavy faot uxl Co inchea-, tbeare moan ? uorth-nte-lv anil on a line pa- J rnllel to the Fifth ataniie a maty-four hat and i/u iuth*i, and .1, thence mailing northwiH^lly along Kleeenth atreei twmii ( rt uid Km luahea to the point it e place nf beginning ' ' 6. Alan, that certain other lot adjoium* the lait nhaea J'a- v enbed, and known upon the ebo?? meuiiiued mar by lh? nam ber 6, commeuciug at a poiut in the (outhweaterfy tide of llih 1I1 itreel nia hundred aud foty-auo feet and tan ineliea aou'heuai- || arly Iroin lha tout .easterly corner of Fifih arwiue and Klaaa. tli K goM thence ruriuiog a Hitliwra'rily and on a llaa |>ar 11l?-l to the Kilth a*anoa uiueiy-f?ur laat nun tan itlcheai thanfa ranking ioutliautnl . ou a line parallel to Flra. nth atn-at tteaiity laataitd tan inch?a; thence running nor'haa t-r'y and on I a liua paral el to the K i'lh annua umaty lour fre' and tau inch- j; ra; and th"nce lUuiiiutf uu'lhweaterlv along F.leeeu'h ?tre?t u twenty fa-1 aud leu inches, tn lh? point the place of bagiiiiiing .. 7. Aud, a'ao, that ceil mi ul'w r lot adjoining ih? la?t ahove desttiihed. and known opoo tie abote u.e unwed map bv lha number 7,mmmenaing at * point in tha aouthwenaily aide of *1 Klevauth slree', one hundred aud nitty-tar feat aud eight in h aa anetheiaiterly f om the aouthe.iitc ly .Mirnsrof Kihti avenue n> and Kleveu h street; lhauca runun g southwesterly ami im a liua parall'1 tn tha Fifthaeeuuc ninety-four fret aud tan iurhra; thence running v nt euterlv aud on a liua parallel to Meyeuth atrret twenty feat and ten inches: thence innmng nnrthaaa'arl - * and on a liu- para hl to tlm Fifth avmue uiuaiy-fnur fea-l and tl tan inchea; aud thence lunuuig F.leee.lli | treet twenty fent and tea inches, to tlie | oiut tha place ol ha ginning. . There are two house* atanding in part upon lota J, 6 and 7 The puichaaera will be entitled it sue t puts litan-ol ai altml upon the lota rei|ie?tively purchtaad by llir.n. I Tettaa liberal. Title indi.potable. 1 H'ItB?.l(T L4WWKM K, Kaarntor. New York, Ignnnry I J. 1144. fi#gi*rre _ -.v.? - ?r : u/|.uumu visiiinu# auim ? *i?f r**rj and ?? Printed in the firgr ttylc of ih.* Art. at -educed pr at u VaLKNTINK'1. No. I B?tm? .r. t, C'orrtr ol l'ark How, Lovej.iv lintel, ir V Plow rail .iH n.oii.. .peeline!,., j ta 1m?rrr ^ 'HTOTICR. Au adjourned mWml of the tftnckholdeM of ji AN the Biidyewater <>i?i*-r Minmr Company will bo bold at tho Ranking Home of Iho Dunk of ilio Uaned Stall (mirth *> corner) ou lb* Itlh of March nrit, at ,1 o'alnek M. on *|>ooi.l " h i a i-u-aa. b Kttract from tho Clurt'r '" No transfer of ?aid atoek of said cninimny aiiall be valid or effort i?l, until ?ach transfer \ shall In* exiitor ! or enroled ou tho book* of tho I onip tuy " By ordor of ihe Meeting. jUD\H DOBHON, 8ecr tary ' Philadelphia. Kebrnary 7, l#l I. fl) ttrro > TMIKM CAR KIKE PIORONH-Kor a.le a 1 t o'fmah iro- , A roitod Pniroin CO" tilling of black, bluo, duu and wluh . Carriera: while oi l pied Pootora; a area! yarioty of Tambloia.' of a I colors; bluo H Id ; b ark do, ailrer da M.cfc Beard, blue do and ulrer do; Almond I'nmbler.; black, blu? v v. Mow and white d*>; M < and Turbntu, of all too known H color* > AUo, a quantity of the far-latin I Antwerp Pifroaa, ?o justly cel-brit'd lortlieir ea'riordinary imwerof llviuK long, and returning ho-oe from almo.t incredible distances. < all and too them, at 9* Keaoe street. Illl n.fC H UHDUM I 8COTTS BAZAAR, , DRY STREET. Nnmter *7 between Broadway ami J (Greenwich HANDS StlOTT ra<urria hia inoar sincere ' lhanki to hia ftienda and the public at taras for the libe- ' al support received *1000 heo|ieiied the abo-e house, ami hopes f by the sain? strict attasriou t? mam a continatnee tneraof. The rjua'itiei of hia Alei, Wtucs, Liquors and fi^srs, are ? too Willi k?own to need comment. . A laroe assortment <>l Itrfraahmeuti to ba had at all houri ami) 12 at night, auch aspect Steaks, Poacho*' Etft, Bndinea I Motto"Chops Cold Ham, Buckwheat Cake. pri ii MtM>a, i piauoniurn, > mvm t*. . Harn and Kgga, Pickled Tongue*, Welch It* nbita Mt Dab'in lirowi-atnut alway* on draught , A good Dinner ol Hout or B.nW Mali for one lulling HI ry day from our to ihiee o'clnra. Kamlliet anpjdied wiih the beat 8 otch and lriah Whiak# i No lu-uae belter au|>|>lird with Cnglnh, liiah, Scotch, Wet. h t an I city Patiera. Alwaya the La.rat youibla ntwa by tin St-.imrra. . <J?od ltooma for Private Taitifw, Clula, liming* and lie ' fgrt-uira. t>1m*ee JLM KfL ANII $i 2j ? A aulienor article .>( Iln b'ti, * p'i'Oyj ?u>ve aud Nut 8ize Coal, do 'lily 11 reete d. at tl 2 ind arnal' Nut ?t $1 W t>er toil, delivered Iree of c r ege, fr m the yard*, 2IJ lVeat afreet, corner Kranklin North n?er, and coruer Fifth and Lewie tivete, (Cut river. Order* receured at the Sag.r Refinery. 2* aireet, through the Despatch h I'oal, *ud at both the yarda, N. B?An allow mce made to dealen. a j2T tw?m fc MAfhN PEACH ORCHARD COAL? per ton for hrohea, eK( r and large atove. < ouiumera may rely og getting the tm lied Aah Coal at the above puce, well iro ned, vmghed by a . eitv weigher, and delivered from the y.nd corner ol King and lireeiiwie.h.u. PETER I LINTON ? ,i".'r'r tl TO COUNTRY MERCHANT* DM PEYSER 8t CO. (lately removed iron the rnmee of r William and John, to No. tin John a'reet ) olfer for iu liberal terma. whol-aale and retail, the following at lit h a ' receiv.-d by recent arrival* ? Berlin beat '/.*\ hyr Wo-?ted?the moat romplete UI utin nt n i, thii cnuntiy Canvaaa. for Embroidery, of cotton, ailk and werated, in all width*. P Berlin Embroidery I'a'terna?of the ehoireat and newrat 4 ? Cfiptioa; EMroifniMi iliwn Il4 MMMNI on htm ilk, worateil and cotton, waibad in the moat ful Pan- V yi.n atyle rnaiela for Hair Dreaiea, of gold, ailrer,and aile'and ti a ' ' , IJravelitv Comlia, Hair tint, and a luge vaiiety of oil r '' henui ful I'.iria K.ancv Artie'ea I hme Ornami'Lta?Mrael. gilt and ailver B'ada, B?ele'a 1'iitv Twi.t, plain anil >had<"l, in atic'a and spool* founder. . and flower Chenille, n' ailk a d me at at d a It , A lao. Fringe*. tmni a nnd Cord a> d Tai.ali ?.i ?i their o?ii mai.uf.t :lut* ol gold. aiN*r, iMc.l i? mill widths c/"- Bnocli Stiiie at Mi') Hum I war, (f rawly 417 Br -ad ?ty, I n it WW* 1 H yOlCUTElLlKY INSTITUTION* .iSt> I'Uhl.H .INI) I'HIVjiTE /./??.//</Ju -v [JOMKIt'S ILIAD, in Seym l.i?|ila|n i highly *ni?li-d B IT I'llitino, pnblia .id at H l?i*ur*. (Ital jliHKIK I X ontn-ninit a l|i*ri| Lalio iranalatinn h> Mtyn*. a M'trn i tr /-rtion in ih* Latin language, by I nil h, la l'-? I'ali i, m lloiiti, in ilu O'rmao by Vote, iii th* Kugli-h liy I'm-- i 'rench by Aign n.nnJ in tin* Apani.h by Oticie Malo " Tliit work eiimprie ? twentv-f iir nil ?n. lumnaf t? mndtninr quarto volume*. Kacli number eutitai a ?n>il. I< '.ug aring, il-aiaoed by Profeaaor Nnntini, from Ho rntt 1 h* price of each numb*! $i M?tw* aiml*ri tub* pa' * i?h*d monthly. itTjP" Snbecripiion* receiyedal Mr. IIILIIAUDA'Off.** 71 ..itpenard atrr*t, eoroer of Uroailvray, o??r th* Nrw Tor* l.t - ' "Uin. I in*** " A HK Y'lluR HOOKS. PAIVIts AND .VIDKM k.S ri OK DfcflT SM'L R<D ACi VIM 4T HRl '? r .**> " -ruili-al intn imiirre lm goo:* from Hi*; and who r in i"?*? H i it it not qnita * important |o hat* a **7* d>|>"*'< ipf-r La .i* hnnke anil valuable p.ip*r* ' All butin**? man ?h mi l gi?? |t, liia nn|H>r ant anbj-ct due retlrctioa. and in'orm Hw-in-elrra rhat 8<fe ia th* betl pruledliou lira and buralut ?u.l r a'tu'irJ l.uii unitneatly ai bi.owlndge*) tli -I lli- 8*' un , nr ia the brat, tlioi decide whether v?n will purchaa* -I ilia Jan who ptya th# piten'e* f-r tli* right to fnrnnh th* | nMi< In rith m artic'* warranted gmnin*. and haa nr? r b-im-l iH? -n onfideiic* nfirtoa* who have trtM-ad their pr<>|i*rty lolh-iraai* ^ **pmg, or purcliia* of thiaa who iini'ai* tit* r*al trutlr m iolalion of th- P'tent law. lor wltitli an it* >r? nnw prodm* . Th-genuine Wililn'a Pnl*nt f ira-Proof Siltmau'ei Mai* o onTy be hid at t> * lro*i Safe Warehouse tnd Kic'nry ?f *1 SILAS C. HKRslNW, UP Water.t.e-i V B.-S?W'I to id ircooil hinil duobln onfea, ma 'a by C f? . Oaylo-, for >al* at laaa than on* half of flrateoat, haring *ru r*r*iv? I in put payment lor the roal SalantanJar .. 16 Imdkwrrr. " ?MULISH POTATOES?An additional quantity ifiha na a rati Lancashire I'otito**, of rh* vary b??t quality, aad ia n* order, jo?r a'lirtl in tlw parkrtaliiji Monfreuina, from Liarpool, for aala by C. II. MARSIlAl.ll, I'dkwrre M Bulling slip. Ol NOTICE?All iframe jr- hereby cautioaed ltaast trnai ? ' ina th* rr?w of B'ltiah Bar in* A I).\ ?l D A RH. at no drhu f thru c- ntia*., nig will ba paid by lh* captain or conaianaai. ' flit ilri: A TO rUINTBRU. ? POIt HALK.?Two foonu of Tvr*. Minion and Noaparwl ' ' which bar* bm? ua*d on th* N*w Vorfc Haiali Apply Rt llbiaattn* I lERA 844. itraonUnury Hale of the Anala of the ?t Late Commercial Bank.?Going?Going? Gone* C. The assets ol the Commercial Bank were yea* c, rday gold by public auction, in tlte Merchantg' f.1 (change, by Messrs. Halliday anil Jenkins, under i order of the Court of Chancery. The gale at- n< acted u rather large company, but very little ani- B< ation was visible among them. In several cases M wus apparent that two or three parties had club1 together lor purchasing some ol the lots, with p" it> view of taking their chance of subsequent re- r? >very. What sort of a speculation these kind of c< irtnerships tnay turn out to be, we know not. The inciple upon which the parties operated was^bnt ? iniss"?very little can be lost while a handsome ?r rentage may be realized. The sale commen- m rd in the usual manner?the auctioneer being peuharly emphatic tipon the important point, that ic Imyer of each lot would have to pay him hit* "j p of $3; which, in the aggregate, amounts to te mn-ilnng considerably inspiring to any knight of ~ te hammer?the assets consisting of no less than pi ne hundred and fifty-eight lots. cl The following is a correct record of the sale :? j, Lot I Judgment* against (J. P. Scott and ts eoige P Morn*, for }4,'J?i.'> S3, with claim* n eiKloi iad note* no bid. .3- Do Against David llind*, $1347 on note of 1* I jou with claim* on L. Ward, Secretary of thu 'illiamttuirgU and Peck Slip Ferry Company, I endorser ; W. Ballard, purchaser $ J 00 i? Against Libert Ueiting, $4014 SM, with 111 aim* again it William G. June*, a* cndorivr ; B. II Lawrie. buyer 3 00 ^ ??,\gain*t John Barker, fso 00, note, with aim againat Downer and Houghton, endoraen, no bid. f 7- Again't Darld Hind*,for $441 6S, l?* $Htf " lid, W. Ballanllniyer 1 00 H?Againat KUaha Mill*, and U K. Bunt*,$008 with claim* againat C. De Forest endorser, home* M'Leen buyer V 00 , !i - Ageiu'l Jo*e|?h O'Conuer, $793 66, lea* >.1 jil paid : rleim againat M. O'Connor endor r ; Brady buyer a 00 10? Againit Lvan Grifleth, John Grifleth, " heophilu* S .Morgan, and t baric* ltolle, for ii- -i...? ?.i-.* > ii ri on Jl, ................. .. ... irwr; II Clay, tailor buyer 10 oo II?Against J aa I., Graham and Sam'l Jones ir$477IC2 Vernon, buyer 2 00 01 12 -Againat I'.vert A. Uancker and Klbert J'1 erring, lor $16.10 00-buyer'a namo not heard 22 00 13 -Again*! I lias J Cayler, $440 93, and oliert l.ainmn. $402 46?one note no hid r' 11 -Against Chat T. Catiiu, $377 24 no bid !r I. Against James < on nor aud YVm. A. < ook ir$W>4 32 ? Adrian, htiyer ll 00 10 Against Kdmon.l r ro.t, for $023 00, leas n 3 U (Maim against llenry Meiga na endorser no bid ? 17 Against John H. M'Kibbin, for $S,?30 67, * i?a paid $243 92-T. C. Moore, buyer 37 00 ?' 19 -Against George I). Strong, executor ol ha. It.illttgh, for $'20,OHM 30. with claima, a? anaraera, against John Bell for $1060, O. Wood- " ift $14,434 00, and II. D. tlmirkenboaa $3060? e I'akuman. buyer 23 00 . ( -.Againat John Kedfleld for $1033 'J3a* enoraer of H W. Hedlield'-. notes,claim also upon , LW.R.-B Uanforth, buyer 100 " 20 -Againat Kftingham II. Warner, for $131 . 2 no bid D 21?Againat George I). Strong, survivor of . aa, Ballogh, deceaitMl, for $31 046 36; leaa $0 I. paid with claima iigmrist II. J. 4|uackenl>oaa . nd I. Quackeulaiai hi Co., ?a endoraera?K. liMtmer, buyer I 00 . 22?Againat George U. Strong, for $0006 17 i endorser of not* of II. J. Quarkmhosa no bid ,, 23 ?Against George D. Strong, for $64,016 4, (no detaila given) no bid 24 Against Jared W. Bull, for $130 til, on obti t iarreaud'a note, with etaima on maker, nd Cdgar W. Daviea aa endorser?taught by lie re|K>rter to the New York Morning and 1 .veiling l.xpreaa $1 00 1 26 ?Againat Nebeiniah Itogera, for $IM26 91, .dwaril Martin, buyer 3 tNi 20? Against GaMirge Andrews and Juremiah l.auphier, for $211 m(? ; claim on t.eo, Butta 1 nd Clark, W. A ilndil. buyer 17 00 27?Againat Cewia O. Clark, for $l7tttJ0, laira against George L) Strong, a* endorser. . no bid ' 2M?Against I.ewia II. I lark, S I). Dak in and * nd Jaa. T Dean, for $912 til , II D. William-, neer i on n 99?Agftinit Charloa Chamberlain, for *410 00 s laim ag*in*t K. Miinunn, on the note ; J. K. " ilooaier. buyer I (Ml an - Aganut Nicliola* Tambington, for (114 7 ou not* The auctioneer *ai<l this lot had **n inierted in the catalogue by mlatakn. . .. wlthJ'wn 31 \c*in?t J. t . I'?r?cllt, tor *'31* 43, lata ,'at paid No hid " x; tninit Jum* B Taylor, for *1,001 60, t r it it rlann againtt H A. Simon* and D'.jali \ ; t<1 a* ciidomei* , Ml Moore, buyer 1 00 ' 33? Huntington k Campbell1* note, for * ion, (' paid *04 06, endnrtera di?-h*rged; T. Hell, aiyer I oo 34 a. 3.">?Theae lot* commanding no bid alone rera put up together , they are judgment* ag'*t I limeun Hyde on two note*, for *61 73, and < 314 No bid I :tfl ? Again*! Ah'm La Koe. on note endoraed t hnrlaa i bamtierlain, for *1.V>, lea* paid **J 17 No bid *7? Aguuiat Dam Oihhi, note tudoried Dam . 1 Oihha, for *030 No bid 36, 30 and 40? No hid* being ottered for theae t, ?ti *epar*tely, they were ottered together ? riie* are Wm C h*mt>ei lain * note*, rndor*ed . t (i*mt>*rlain. for *160. *084, and *433, la** r. i < ixr i< ..I i * > m, " IJ'-l, . ... I w 41 and 44 ? Araintt l.dward N. Hogira foi K 1709 07, and William Penman and Petar Me.aughlin lor ft To ail II Byrne buyer 14 <10 41?l.liaHa Mill*' note (or $3410 04, endoraed I homia parting Mr Barker, buy er 1 Oil 44 du for $400 0. koreat endora- ; ir. Waik* J. I re, buyer.. . 4 Ki 41 du note for $M>40 64. Thomaa lading. eivloraar. W B. Mteiling, liutrer I 00 46?A rain al Wa. K Arm at rung and Benja- i mu V Woudtnil" for $137 01. Jamea Dawaou, myrr I 00 47 \gainat John Tbomaa and John T Purree for $41* 10. K. Bloomer, buyer 1 00 4H I liar lea Peforea?"i note for $747 60, anloiaed f'lijah Milk. ?? Turnrnr, buyer. . 14 00 4ti Agmmt Abraham Mitrhill for $lir7tf 41 ??Beldon, buy er I 00 jO Againat Wm Arkerntan for $166 64. . . No bid 41 ?Krederirk Tylet'a draft on and arretted iy Ofdeu K Mwarda for $74. leaa $10 4. paid No bid 41 W H Jonea' nolo, endoroel liaerga D. lining, for $111 On No bid 66?1 harlna (iuryar'a uole for $.iP6 1 Bloom r, buyer .. I 00 44?Note of <Jeo f ield, freotdenl Uoulhom ,ife Inanranee and Trual < a for $400 After a pirtled compeli(M>? tin* aai aold to Mi Hi* re for 47 M M Noleof Wilhaniaburffk and I'erfc slip 4 i y < ompanr lor $: oo ? Beldon. buyer a pi 46 lonaikan P. merenann'* note for $114. na paid $147 40 hark* Mitrbell buyer I an 47?A Iniiatkan ( Wr* enaon't note for $1*0, "?? pool $tf? 46?4 MHrhrll. key 04 | ftft I ' 47 11 I lam II <MM? ne4e lor $1,660 lea* aid $46 64 and $1 044 64 no bid 4$ -hliaha Villa not# for $.1 146 ?ith Jaa A It R rfc**, lnty*r .40 - Mm B*ilt ?? ? for tl.'M (4ia*?aa<*J if ?ilk I H llrtAa a* " trilateral for Hit 14. Iraa 4 I'M R.lrfot, Imrrt I rw era -1 r ?r1 A Heitrk*ra nol? for Mm Imi H Ml Ki>i?nt 4 rmli. <.<?'( * |t'-k*t I'Idiui ... 1 I K.rM A Owkw*! mm* r*4tti<4 H*? 1. Ilarn kr I U 4M"> , lex |mi i f ' tt ilk ? o?i rollatr'al *? orMy alao Ma MA >(ri V at* for 44MO R.lfoa Amy> II aa H I ?*ur(* II Mlroaf Mr for |1 AM 4a. i?h rartuiM mMh m r?lla?*ral irrarf^ rliaa. hay*t I M bl Min A?U ?o*a ManM Iawi 4 l*a ?l" W-iaM MM, ka^rr III 44 4 4 Milla' mM* for 44 Mar l*np w?4a i. lix k kUai rultai- rat a*. urKt 44 M?7 4 a*akU I lain*-* A (Mr?a?4 **Ma for * iraaat J M Innaaa 4 ( Mm** fo?y *r I <* ' <14 ln<t(i**nl aftiaal t RukartMa for III!!, MM r lUliiliaa for M'l ? a*M * ?T r B |r<<xiAaM?l..f ?l.l |?l ?*> * il 'rcaal. J l. Ha.i'*aa*k tafowt laalaa, ? irar. ......... la* * Aa II. .1 q-ra krwfor** >* '< *ri kaiaaal t?**rf* fomnf for |I4M llt'fol fotrr I aa a A A lata at?M< Tw|, Uaala Ala, for It; . ul * otai tU'iaai ?|||. lairml. .(till*, lotyrr .... 1 aa , 74?A N I ?<i?a aa4* ?al iraail Uaa< M IWrt l<>(* M l ?j lt 71 A 7 J I I I Oflrrr Tarlrr*. Mm *a irawl II 44 Mhni for 41 147 aa aaJ 41147 aa ^ A U'ar4 Nramaa'a Ml*. aa-fora*4 llrar; ii4rr*nn. for 44.17.4 Rlmiaaai. for y *r I aa 71 A 74 M*ary tana laforn I *tir> l?n.r ti'.*ry for 4:r-i mid 4; ... n. , li* My at I aa m 74 M 44' kuiftan'* (*?.4oraar ArrktHili , r Ml'* M . laaa yoU 4MB f Aforliag for > ?r I aa v 74-4 hrta arluin Kira'a aal* aa laraa l i rN**|.i* for 4J4ia Vaa OiAa Hajra* 411 aa 77 < foo. >1on nl aal* M I ' rand li-k-?l Mount. for 4~- foaa yaad 4a ?4 11 Oanforlli 1my*r t aa 7? It tit.*11 V. (-lot- ? t m>i? # it lar t*r| a I OT*r for 4 m it. li litiilarik '-*)*r .. . . I aa * 40 4rntiror* Mr i*rr'? * !* an fort* I llrnrr Rntrorlaon. for V* A4rlta?. harrr ... I 00 *1 J M Kuratt v i <it aoir *ti lor?.-.| la* Or'rom for4l.*nR - Moor* l-ujrr. ; go 44 I I uk A I o't not* onJnraorl trillion 44 I in' anil Oliaar Taylor, lor 4?fo l**a 410 7A iltlnu liuyar I " <*< kt ()U**r Woodruff'* no!*, aodoraoff O I> ? LD. PrtM Two ComM. rong, E*'r. of Jamea Ballagh, deceaaed, (or 1660?Wakeman, buyer & ju 84?Thomaa Wadelton'a note, endorsed Jamea Paraona, for $600 no btd a6?Oliver WoodrufTa note, to order of H. jrtia, caahier, for $13,760, leaa paid on account OS 70?Wakeman. buyer * <W ae fc 87?A J) Totten'a note for $17,000, leaa ceiled on account $404 02, and $7037 80. Alao >te for $4,600, leaa paid $3,000 and $8"2 60? sidou, buyer ' oo HH-Churlea Do Korreat'a note for $3,741 76, la paid $110?Beldou, buyer SO 00 89?John M. Furmaa k Co.* note for $12,926, lid $278?Moore, buyer 6 00 90?Tracy Gould IkCo'a note for $2,600, leaa icelved $2,212 75? Beldon buyer 3 00 91?Geo. D. btroug'a note lor $4,000, leaa relived $66 62 and $1,162 7 no bid. 92?K. W. Keddeid's note for $1,OA, leaa paid 626, and varioua collateral aeeuritiaa?Danitli, buyer 4 00 93?John M. t'urman 9c Co.'a rhrck on Comerciul Bank, for $3,600. and collateral aecu ty, Elam H Oibbs, note lor $3,684 63? ioore, buyer 3 00 04?Walter Hunt, check on Commercial auk, for $1,660 66, and collateral security 100 tares of the capital stock ol the New York Pant Nail Co , $36 a share paid, $100 full share -Sterling, buyer 6 00 06?Lebbeus Chapman, note for $6,700, less lid $06 13 and$ 840, with various collateral seiicurity?C. A. Whitney, buyer 31 00 96?Elam H. Uihbs' note for $6,976, less paid 1,676, and collateral securities for $1,600? Sisirre, buyer 300 00 97?John Ball, note for $9,666 46 no bid Ml?Edgar W. Davies, note for $80? 96, leat Sid 7 303 60?Davis, buyer 1 00 99?Claim uu C. B. De Forest, for interest on 6,000, Ironi 7th Nov , 1841 to 4th Feb., 1843, lid ou account 7th Nov., 1841, $90 86?Tursur, buyer 1 00 100?R. Dawson, note, endorsed D. R. Downer id E. E. Houghton, ugent, lor $331 60 no bid. 101?K. P. Shattuck k Co., endorsed H. Daw>n, D. 11. Downer and F. E. Houghton, agent, ir $307 31 ?bloomer, buyer 1 00 103?Certificate of the North American Trust nd bunking Company, for $3,800?Beldon, uyer U 00 103?Samuel Swartwout, note endorsed Wm. 1. Price, for $1,400?Belden, buyer 33 00 104?Bartlev Vector, note lor $76 76 no bid 106?C. Do Forest, note for $8,470, collateral acurity lor $7,376?Stonor, buyer 36 00 106?C. De Forest, note for $7,838 68, collateol security for $6,733 38?Turneur, buyer ... 43 00 107?C. De Forest, note lor $13,360, and colla ral security, C. De Forest, note endorsed Tholas Darling (or $6,480, and C. De Forest, note ndorsed Thomas Dai ling for $4,300?Beldon, tlyer 3 0U 108?C. De Forest, unto for $4,774 83, and security, U. Unborn k Co., note to or??r of f De forest for 41 986 83?Charles Cor rtt, buyar WOO 109?M. Hubbard Duvii, note, O.W. fcH Jeniion, for $240 83 no hid 110-benjamin Ringgold, note for $6HO; Ben), inggold, note for $180; paid on account Sept. 1841, $9343; und collateral securities on notes >r $000. Yardney, buyer $1 90 111 ?James H. Patterson, note, endorsed Barabas Bates, for $1060. W. K. Armstrong, bnyr J 00 112?Peter H Wyckoff, note for $726. Haley, uyer 1 00 113?Peter R. Wyckolf, note for $1220. Hajy, buyer 3 00 114? Silas M. Stilwell, note for $936. Jones, uyer 9 00 116?K. M. Morgan 6 Co, note lor $947 23.? lelden, buyer 3 00 110?K. M. Morgan k Co, note for $1349 68. laley, buyer I 00 117?K. M. Morgan k Co, note for $908 76.? loore, buyer 3 00 118?C. Chamberlain, check on Seventh 1'ard Bnak for $6b0 no bid 119?Win. II. Simonton, note for $636 no bid 120? Samuel W. Keely, note lor $40 no bid lil?Samuel W. Heely. note lor $76 no l)i<l 133?Sherry fc. St. John, note endorsed, HenrB. Miles, lor $1000; paid on account, $83. H. Muiison, buyer Iti 00 W3 ? Henry U. Mile*, note for $70; paid 36 36 no hid I'M?Waiter Hunt, check on Commercial lank for $.100, $300, $143 76, and $600. L. Iloomer. buyer $1 00 MA?Judgment against John 8. McKibbiu for >40,n49 10, leu puiil $60, including certain loteaon which the judgment *?< obtained ( pinted competition.) Wai. Ballard, buyer. . . 376 00 137, 147, 163, 166, and 167, being claims of ninor amonnta againat pi-raona for over drafts, obi at $1 each, there being no biddings lor the :iteriredlate numbers 6 00 Making the gross proceeds of sale $1,113 00 Tltc property sold was of the nominal value of n-arly n million ; thus affording a lamentable initance of almost total wreck and ruin. The aale crminated at a quarter past two o'clock, having Hated little over two hours. Winter Amusements?Cleveland?Ohio. The great Sleighing 1'arty came off this alterroon at 3 o'clock. The following sleighs were ntered for the patty, under the directior of R. S. i'lesroft, Kk| who was mounted on a fine hay torae, and who acted hh Marshal of the day: f. Col. 1'endleton's 4 creams, driven by Hershal Ran ORB. II. Col. Pendleton's 4 bays, driven by Augustus Colon. III. i'.lihu Conner's 4 blacks, driven hv Henrv r.nttnar IV. KliliU Cooper'* 4 light gray*, driven by Jo*eph Mulard. V C. W. Curtis*'* 3 grayi, and George Burnet'* 3 ;r*y?, driven by Hamurl Langdon. VI. Ornrge Burnet'* 4 bay*, driven by Charle* Forbe*. VII. Philemon Hoadley'* 4 gray*, driven by Lyman 1*11. VIII. Ahlud Tutile'* 3 r.rcam* and 3 white*, driven by Vorman Rood. IX. Knoch VVnrd's 4 white*, driven by himieif. X. ( heater Dirkerman'* 4 bay*, driven by himieif. XI . Squire'* 3 bay* and 'J gray*, driven by him ell t XII The Blue'* Band, in an omnibu* on runnera, drawn y 4 bay*, and driven by Abjjah Davidton. The sleigh in which the band was gr ated, wag lrnsnientrd with four flags and the pieces which hey peilonned so well udded a pleasing charm to tie *oeiic. A* e,irlv us 2 o'clock the street* were crowded atih I..lilies, arid the stepa and windowa of the Pontine and other hotels, hh well as the houses round the Square, were thronged with "fair ladies nd brave men." The parlors ot the Tontine were iterallv packed full of ladies. Tl?e sleighs were equally splendid with the horses -with names painted on them, such as Fanny .Usl.-r, \t aiu] covered most proluscly with splenlid Hutl'ilo robes. At lir*t there wav some liashftilnem among the mites about 'aking seats in the sleighs; butx at on as the first was lull, there waa no hesitation terwards It was laughable to sec how the young liea j<>atled each oilier, contending for the first uia V to the poor gentleman, there was no banc, t. r them The ladies, dear ereaturea, ,et.t tneseats all occupied. Ml nghi th> horses piancc, the bells jingle a* o< ?*<J we glide in our rare, we keep time, And rl.?r a* th?- morning hell re hoe* our chime,' The leigh* ire all lull. " and we bend u? away, W ste w l * ling or ciirving in ratieiful plsy." Keen Mow* the cutting Nurtli, 4 gamat the wind they drive, . And a* they hurry lorth, The air i* all alive. tmut end rsrol. je*? anil boa*t, ma mr) loiirio itioiig. Mend iht arrow*, l'ro?t! Wr wilt gltr thee long, it termed a* if every thing in the shape of a igtirwa*put in rr uHition A negro attracted a ??d deal of attention hy driving nu old hone and ?? air 11'li U|> and down past th?* Tontine. IP . i?,r f ,.K lionw ?lnglia, many private rue**' t'ir?i'd out and fill a late hour occupied lie ic e > I< in taat trotting No accident happen<t ? taf ? no- have lo-ard, to any of the great 'I'onff who filled the -leigha, or were gathered frtinr ! >!?" taM>t? I he t recii wan in firnt rate oadiiien tor the im <*aaMon. una * ? r 'oarral ewlmi, Ifrooklyn. .1.. r ?i - , i*< iti.*n*ail and AiiMtaat Judge*. - /"> t' -fU ? L < nafchaa T*? Same V*. J. parata indictment* at common ? .? l. leadaata lor pot.lie nntaaacaa, charging >. kept and maintained a common gamle *' '( ? "li t W 'si I of the City of Brooklyn, I he *. .a . t' a?? t.*if . uf New I oik. ? a* employed for t <M* 1 it? and on the opening o( the t ourf before . J wry wan emponellod he mo red to quash the tndtrten* no tha gro.-.d of ua< retajnt> a* to where rnherthe wan a* gamine room ? located and inaxting I tho Mieoi, or kuniler, or place, where the hou>? m i ho eld ho more poet woler) r dated and quoted au mm and org wed ahiy M owmoln b>* morion The ?wn m Iregtl, ? > I I* ' ordered the ml? to pern a?d iwrrnrf the <pie?tlon raised Both ef ie deten taota ware then Irwd separately. Mr tlafcher ahing to ? rr ? (>i?.ii .?>. and declining taiam up tor * want of wd .?iii proof ?a the port of prtNorutlon. Way era ' oth ar.pu'ted at the charge* allaffed againat am Mti.MhV TO LtNp k UMIMM V ??>> f.wnWher, Na M *eode \ tool, ?? r ?-md- '??. we Wmw a> *mpll#-m*^ ..led ? V ? law. try *?U?r W*r*. Dry -mi* Vera-. i pw.owai WHiuy af evw- daifm J? t?*m