Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 13, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 13, 1844 Page 3
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F Or?- PREMIUM RAZOR RTROPS.-Tbe first premium at the Fairs of the American Imtltute hai been awarded, year after year, to < . Saunders, for the invention ^ol the Metallic Tablet, with tour sides?No. 1 tide having atho offert of a hone, without using oil or water. The other sides are for keeping the revor with a tine, smooth edge, so that razor* can be kept in perfect order without ? having recourse to a cutler or barber, it is used and re^commended by the first cutlers in England, and certified by the most scientific gentlemen in this country. Its great celebrity has caused counterfeits and imitations innumerable, which can easily be detected by the coarse and imperfect surface of what is called the tablet side, the original being smooth and polished. Manufactory, No. Itf3 Broadway, New York. ft?- PROFESSOR VELFEAU'S SPECIFIC PILLS, for the permanent cure of Oouorohcea, Uleet. and all mncupurulent discharges from the urethra. No medicine ever ottered to the public, exercises such a powerful effect on the bladder and urinary organs, as those valuable vege table pills. They aro the fruits of twenty-five years experience of Professor Velpeau at the Hospital of Le ? harite, in Paris, and are confidently recommended by him as the only preparation that has proved successful in every case. They were introduced into this country two t ears ago, by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, during which time more than ten thousand boxes have been sold ; and the College defies a single instance of failure to be shown. Sold in boxes, $1 each, at the Office of the College, OA Nassau street. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. 0(7- ORIENTAL WATER OF GOLD.?A new and delightful perfume for removing Tan, Freckles, l'imjdes, Eruptions, &c., and will render the skin soft and white. This fashionable article for the toilet is pre-eminently a iicnutiiying l.otion, ut '21 Courtlamit it. Also a splendid article of Cologne Water; large quart bottlei, price 50 t cents. ? [From the New Orleans Picayune 1 WHAT CAN BE MORE FAIR ??Ifthere Is a strong way of recommending an article, it is to refuse to take pay lor it, unless it fully equals in ita effects its recommendations. These are the terms on which Connell's Magical t'.iin Extractor Salve has been sold a long time, and out of thousands of boxes sold not one person has ever returned to ask liis money?an extraordinary fact never before known in tho history of any medicine. It will cure the following complaints or no pay will be taken for it, viz : Burns, Scalds, Chilblains, Frosted parts, Tiles, (either blind or bleeding,) Sore Nipples, Kryse|?elas, Scroiula, Salt Rheum, King's Evil, Sore Eyes and Lids, Scaly Eruptions, Cuts, Sores, and IiiAammation'of all kinds. It costs nothing unless it cures. It will tie given to the poor at 31 Courtlandt street. Also, Comstock's Extract of Sarsaparilla?price M) cents per liottle, or $4 per dozen ; also at 3 North nth street, Philadelphia. On- RICORD'8 PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE, for tho radical cure of primary or secondary Syphilis. This powerful alterative has entirely taken the jdace of mercury among the regular medical practitioners. It is composed of the most strengthening ami purifying vegetable medicines, and always gives additional , J/rongth to the constitution while curing the disease.? iJersons suffering from a venereal taint in theirsystem, or mercurial disease, should use this powerful alterative without delay, Sold in single bottles, $1 each?in cases of half a dozen, *5, carefully packed, and sunt to all parts of the Union. Office of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 96 Nassau street. vr. a RICHARDSON, Agent. (UJ-" LIFE'S BUT A WALKINO SHADOW," said SHAK8PEARE.?If, then, existence is so frail and uncertain, how necessary it is to guard and fortity it with the [ elements nf health. " In peace prepare for war," is the motto of the statesman. "In health prepare Ithu body to ? resist tho. attacks of disease," should be the motto of every wise and prudent man and woman Ilowis this preparation to be made 1 We answer, by the use of medicine which will give to the stomach a healthy tone. Call at 12.i Fulton street, and buy a box or two of Peters'Pills, ami if they do not moke vou feel as if you had been reltorn and a new spirit of life and activity introduced into every fibre of your frame, they will not act upon your sy stem as thoy did upon that ol the writer of this article. Principal office, 135 Fulton street.Agents?A. 8. Jordan, 3 Milk street, Boston ; J. 8. Murphy, 90 North Sixth street, Philadelphia; Dexter, Albany. Or?- CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CURED.?The Tonic Mixture, prepared by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New York, is now confidently recommended and prescribed by the first medical practi t ioners of the city, for all cases or debility produced either l>y secret indulgence or excess ot any kind detrimental to the constitution. It is an invaluable remedy iorimpo* tcnce, sterility, or barrenness (unless depending on mal) formation) and will be found highly beneficial in all com plaints arising from a debilitated state of the constitutioni Sold in single bottles $1 each; in cases of half a dozen $5 carefully packed and sent to all parts of the Union. Otticu and Consulting Rooms oi the College, 93 Nassau street. W. S R1CHAKDSON, Agent. " monky JUAUKKT, Monday, Feb. 114?0 P. V. Stocks have realized a reaction. Prices to-day exhibit an upward tendency. Ohio 8's improved 1 per cent; Kentucky li Illinois Pennsylvania 8's Norwich J; Harlem 1. The others In the list show more firmness, and closed at previous prices. The sales were rather larger than usual. Stocks at the new board closed at better prices than at the old. A better feeling prevails throughout the street, and money is more abundant than it has been for some little time post. We hear of large loans on demand ot Are per cent. Every day developec same new and important movement in the cotton market. The future is looked forward N to with a great deal of anxiety and hope. The result depends upon so many contingencies that the whole fabric, built up by speculators, may fall to the ground before the period anticipated. The peculiar state of prices is a subject of great importance. Pricks or Cotton in Livkrpool, January 12th, 1843 and .1844. 1*43. Jan. 12. 1844. Jan. 13. \i i t. n j Ord. to Good Good to Mat. fan. Good. mU fair S*i Wand, 9d lid 17d lOKallKd HWaHd 16 ?2Id H'ained do 4K C 7 4 Ha 6 7)Ja 8 9 alO Upland Levied, 4?? 6U iK 4l4a SV iSa 51?a 6 New Orleans, 6\i 4& '>< 4t?a 4% 6 a Mob IP, 4/i v, by, 4Xi IX JS'd S?4 5Xi 6 Alabama and Teonessas, 4)4 <X ? 4Xa iJi 5)4*? ? a? I'rices this year do not rary much from| those] ruling at (lie same period last. Fitreme Pmcrs, Dec. 31st, tor Four Years in Liverpool Description*. 1013 1842 1841. 1840. H a UUnds, 10 a3Ad 8>ja2i 9'4i20 13 a24 P,6o 5 ?lb>. 5 alO t%\ 9 5)4ilO)< Upland bowed, 4)4a 5tJ 4 a 034 47 5!4i 7 New Orleans. 4)<s 7)4 4 a 8)2 4** 8 5)4*8 Alabama ?n<l Mobile. 4*,'* IX 3}a'a 7 4X? 7)4 5)4* IX This shows that prices were higher at the close of 1S43 than at the same period since 1840, with a much larger stock on hand in the Liverpool market, and current estimates of a 2,000,000 bales crop. Trices are not so high in Liverpool as they are in this market. ComparativE-Quotations in three Markets, Liverpool Classification. N. O.If Mobile. N.York,Feb 12. N.Oil Jan 31. I.'pool Jan 12 Ordinary, ? a 9 8)2* 8)2 4)4* 414 Middling. 9)4* OX 9)ia 9 !>'?? Vi Fair. ld)4 vlb)* 9)4*9% 4Ha 5K (food fair, llMatfH 10)4.10)2 5)4a 5)? This exhibits the difference between the markets at the latest dates. We are but little above the ruling rates in New Orleans. Freight for about twelve thousand bales orcotton is taken for Liverpool. Thjs will take oft' but a trifle of the stock in this market, but it will, on its receipt in Liverpool, have a tendency to depress prices. Cottou nan not go forward to any extent, or contracts for freight for any very heavy amount made before the steamer of 4th arrives. Speculators will remain in a very undecidod state until then. In the meantime, specie may take a start. Foreign exchange remains very high; it almost reaches n point that will make the shipment of specie profitable ; but we do not imagine that point will be reached,. Hill drawers will keep rates as near the line as possible, without over-reaching. The uncertain movements of cotton will prevent exchange reaching too hig\ a rate. Should the banks, by a combined power, advance to an extent sufficient to enable (peculator* to hold, and let apecic go forward to any extent, it may, should the present indication* prove more unfavorable than anticipated, be the aevereat shock they ever received. It may do more to their Injury than any other policy they could adopt. The bank* of this city once escaped the ruin that (fell upon the banks of several other States in the Union. The wretched condition of the currency in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, was caused principally by the speculations in cotton, Sic., the banks of these States were led into. The Dank of Mobile has been the most desperate speculating bank in the whole southern country. The speculations of the United States Dank, the North American Trust and Banking Company, and the Oirard Dank, in things of this nature, produced the reports and statement* we have been surfeited with for a few years past. The rxpoth made by institution* similar to the above, were crented by a series of speculations, a groat ileal likejthosu our Wall street banks have been engaged in for sometime. They go on as usual, cop. trivingto sipieeze out regular dividends, until a sudden collapse presents a mass of assets not worth the r.aper they cover. The substance in found to be complet ely absorbed in the various losses attending tho cxten'.ivc speculations they have been engaged in. The shipment of a large amount of specie frr^m this city and an extension of discounts to speculators, would produce a movement in the financial circles of Great Dritain that would shake the foundations oi many banks in this country. The movements of the Dan?\ of England arc fraught with a great deal of Interest. ju?t a* the spring trade is opening, just as tho new cror, 0f cotton is coming into market, just at the moment wb en activity in all departments of commerce commences, the hank of England contracts her [circulation and constantly accumulates bullion in her vaults. She it preparing for any emergency, and the moment onrbar.'ks put themselves in her power, their fate will bo sea'ed. We hetteryend forward every bale of cotton we have In the country, than permit large shipments of specie. Speculator* advocate the export of specie, and the holding of rotton ; nnd it is |iosnible that the banks may as usual adopt their advice, but the worst enemy of banking institutions could not lie more gratified th in to see that i<olicy carried out. The new crop of cotton may eventually prove more abundant than our preient advice* will warrant ui in anticipating There are go many contingenciei connected with the opening of any new market, that it may be yean before the demand forconaumption of manufactured contona will exceed the preaeut ability to aupply. The ramifications of trade are ao fluctuating, that ipeculaton in cotton ahould not be governed by cause and effect, but by the condition of thing* aa he And* them. Many will make fortune* by the movement* in cotton, but those that come in at the eleventh hour will be the victim*. The monthly report from the Auditor of Ohio, of the bank* of that Statu, ha* not yet made it* ap|>earance. Be. low we give the statement* of two banks, in anticipation oftkut report : ? Clinton Bank of Coli'mbus. Jan. I. Feb. 1. Jait I. Feb 1 Lotus a:d dig- f'ircu'alion, 'jj'J.H t 662.!03 counts, 68 7.576 690.lit Deposits*, 74,901 00,027 Specie, 780 026 i02.3.'i Bank of vvoostkr. Jim. 1. Feb. i. J,in 1. rtb. t. Lous and dig- CircaUtiou, 466 430 461 379 count*, 444,916 434,742 Deposits, 109,401 96.788 Specie, 164 7 63 169.373 These movement* do not show much variation from the previous report. The Bank ol Woosterha* applied to the Legislature of Ohio for an extension of their charter, but the prospect is that the petition will not be granted. The Michigan Insurance Company of Detroit, in their report to the Legislature of the State, make the loltowing statement oftheir condition on the 1st of January, 1S-14 dixit. Cash item*, including Treasury Note*, N. V. and N. K. Bank Note*. State Treasury notes, fcc $l'J3,90i "0 Amount in deposite with hanks and honkers, principally in New York, Albany, and Buffalo. the whole ol which can ho drawn for at light 107,.".87 -18 Domestic bill* of exchange 10,888 71 Bills |<liscounted (of this sum $1,130 82 is duo from stockholders and director*,). , ....... 42,079 '20 Duo Irom disbursing o Hie era, Sec 2.917 34 Advance to army contractors 4,738 HO Stocks 490 00 lieal estate 2,370 58 Lean upon State scrip. 3,000 00 Total resources $373,845 20 Liabilitit*. Balance due for deposites $245,686 66 Circulation 78,150 00 $323,836 66 Excess of resources $50,008 00 The marine insurances on the Western Lakes are a great source of revenue to many olliccs in this city, and also to inany located in the cities ol the West. The condition of tha abovo company is the best evidence of the success of the business, notwithstanding the sudden and severe gales that so often visit these waters. The banks of Now Orleans are anxious to withdraw their branches from the country. The Union and Citizens' have petitioned the Legislature for the power'to do so. The stockholders of the Union Bank of New Orleans at a meeting held on the 31st ult.. recommended that the operations of the bank be confined to a rigid liquidation or its affairs. The State stands indebted to this bank $1,100,000 for bonds and interest. To obtain payment for this sum, so as to be available, the stockholders presented the following petition to the Legislature " Your memorialists are of opinion that the bonds of the State payable in fifteen years, bearing the same rate of interest as is now fixed by law, due provision being made for the punctual payment of the interest and principal by the Stato, would be available to the bank in payment of the bonds due in November next; and your memorialists therefore respectfully pray, that bonds bo given to them accordingly, in exchange lor those now held by this bank, and the interest due on them, and that a sinking fund he established,for the ultimate payment will be affected without any inconvenience to the Treasury of the state. " By the arrangement proposed, your honorable body will perceive that wliile it insures the payment of $1,760, 000 of the bond* of the State tailing due in November, it alr.o settle* in such a manner as to relieve the State from further provision for its payment, the amount of $1,100,000 due the Union Banlc, making together nearly three millions of dollars of liabilities of the 8tate, paid and provided for by the mearure proposed. Your memorialists beg leave, however, to add, that this is not the only advantage that will result to the State from this arrangement?it will also enable thai bank, by a Judicious administration of its affairs, and the gradual collection of the large amount due it, to pay at maturity the remaining $3,330,000 bonds of the State issued to this hank." Banks ok Pennsylvania. Oct. 1843 discounted, yj tj!m <lrT>'ursBank of Pain'a, $762,858 228,389 206 085 307.454 Bank of Philadelphia, 1.580,068 801,183 623 818 1.306 794 Com. Bk of Penn'a, 1,150,146 627,665 318,769 998,010 Snnthwark Bank, 267,913 338,551 187,050 383 380 Bk of N. America, 1,706,595 1,150,55 1 579,740 1,739 592 Bank of the Northern Liberties, 411,363 Jl 1,706 192,537 718,597 Bk of Penn Township, 298,474 93,739 98,455 177,159 Meth's Bk of the City ? and Couiuynf Phil. 721,161 338,023 263.002 515,501 Manufictirrer*' end Mech'a F.k, N. L., Philadelphia, 139.690 35,236 44,535 86,423 Weilarn 1 tk ol Phil 855,589 271,256 257.690 632,335 Moyamef .tins Bank, county of Phi lad. 163,930 19,344 14.099 21,851 KentiiKf an BY, do do 203,379 151,391 110,952 226,139 Kxc. Rb ol Pittsburg. 837.985 261.09 4 90,355 288.359 Bk of f ituburg, 940,737 512,827 186,110 573,570 Mercfo 'a and Mannfactu-Ira'Bk, PitUb'g, 878,276 117.030 06 530 179,539 Bk of Oermantown, 1I0,8!7 22,153 33.776 69,186 Patau r?' Bk, Bucks Co. 97.819 14 318 37,034 31,351 Bk of Montgomery Co. 251,013 50.910 91,554 73,499 Bk of De'awareCo. 78,146 50.23 ( 60,396 106,025 Bk of Chester Co. 232.097 87,828 151 338 130,621 Laoel ster Co. Bk, 147,163 45,560 120 685 24,636 Canci ister Bank, b'armi rs' Bank of Ltn- 261,510 80.18] 253.269 193 538 cuter, 293,311 15 953 82,747 27 241 'farmers'Bk, Reading, 273,607 43,897 101,291 55.238 Vork B?nk. Columbia Bank and 387,017 50.710 170.499 107,816 BrdgeLo. 80 320 5 921 33,800 17,331 Bk of Midtleton, 106,810 31,101 11,710 49.?32 Harrisbarg Bk, 305.608 62.198 831,531 67,878 Carlisle Bk. 117,605 37.378 51,117 33,130 Kaiton Bank, 388,195 73,168 808.785 06 505 Lebanon Bk, 98,381 31,088 59,100 12,072 Doyleatown Bank, of Bueki Co. 100,055 38,813 51 025 1 3,266 Bk of Gettysburg, 158 819 56,076 158 790 21,113 Vlinera'Bk, Pollaville, jG5,038 81,819 181 650 33.818 Bk of Chamtt'.ribarc, 155,871 11,319 69,701 38,136 kkne Bank. 130.508 8,111 37,515 9,985 Warmer*' and Drover*' Bank, 90,870 9,380 1 7.150 11,316 llonesdalc Bk, 101,216 6,189 86,770 9,839 Wyoming Bank at Wilkeabari.. 117,100 7,333 67,075 16,397 Jffonoii(aheJa Bank of Brownsville, 92 101 78,315 86,201 51,871 ?k of Snxiaehanna Co. 129,198 1,331 36,190 3,819 t ranklin Bk ol Wteh_ ington. 173,751 11,286 103,685 38.910 Ilk of Northumberland, 131,813 20,582 88 266 12,912 Bk of L'wiatown. 307,376 28,661 71,850 71,286 rlarnsburg Having* Institution, 77,630 1,839 ? 81.352 llanorer Saving Fund Society, 72,118 9,858 ? 11,861 Lancaster Savings Inst.. tution. 31.791 9,311 ? 17,SU ranncra Deposte Bk, 88,368 61,337 ? 71,512 16,038,016 6,389,580 6,082,868 9,791 171 COMPARATIVE StaTE.MEMTS OF THE Pll II. A 1)1 I. Til IA BaVKA ron the past thru: tear*. 1839. 1811. 1818. 1813. Loans and discount*, 19,499,871 15,661.319 ? 8,541,167 Soecie. 1,337,017 1,162,245 3.U8.632 4,361,037 Note* on hand, ? 2,782,917 2.782,917 3,052.982 f llrrlllarinn 1 lOi 1* 2 I ',1 ',9I 2 197 921 2.909.' 52 UepoVit.'-i."' i'&M ii.'ttthow ilowiiios i,m]m The bunks of Pennsylvania have for many years possessed a bad reputation. Their circulation out of the State iir very limited, as the notes are looked upon with suspicion. The last returns of the Philadelphia banks show a groat increase in the amount of private depositee, which 1 lave nea^y doubled. The specie on hand, and the circulation, have increased, while the loans and discounts lnave fallen oil'. The circulation amounts to but little mo,*e than one-half the value of the specie. The post notes of the United States Bank on hand are still valued at a very high point. Old Stock Jfixcltangc. $'>004 U S ?>., <62 113V 310 thai N Am Trust 16 V SOCIO u 8 5'?, 'S3, O'l'Stk 102 V 380 do 17 6000 do 103$ SO <l? t'3fl 17 V 1000 N Y StsteS's, 'St 102 50 do lilO 17 .' SOCIO Ohio C's. 'GO 08 420 Farmers' Trust 33 2soon do hiiw on us do 13$ SSOII do 1IIW 1,0 SO do bio 33V t SOCK J do b30 98 32S do 33)< 1000H Ohio 0's, *70 97 7S Illinois Cute Bk 17 SOQt do 97V SO Kirsman's lut 108 600.1 Ohio 7's 1*4 i*S0 Harlem HH 44V 5000 <) 1,30 101 loJ* do IS 3<000 Kentucky 6's 102 100 do 44V 2000 1 _ doii _ 102){ SO do s30 44V IU..U inmanao qui .?jv 4000 da l60 37* MO L liquid Rll 71* 1000 do 37 V. mo .da b60 71 5000 do ?60 37* 400 di1 ?I0 71* I404>0 Iltinoi* 6'*, *70 41* H4) d ) .... 160 71* ?M>0 Pfim'j 5'? 65* 10 NJ?r??y .RR S3 '.'JOOO da 63 100 do 160 93* ?00(i do 63* 100 Nor 8c Wore1 . _ 34* 2J ctiaa M?eh'? Ilk I0v* 40 d ) b30 34* 20 Bk Com. full 96* 23 do 31* 190 do icrip 97* 13 Pataraoa 71* 20 N O <'-.inti Bk 42* 10 do 74* 20 Mrrch'i Bk 104 173 do 73 130 VicktburaBk 8* loo do ?30 75 20 Mach'a 8c XVf, NO 63 23 do 73* 30 N Am Trait 16* Second Board. $104)00 OluoC'i (30 90 30 >hu Karmi-ri'aTrUHt c 33* 3000 do b3 96* 123 do 31* 3000 do bl 91* 30 do 33* 6009 do 96* 100 do 33* 3000 do OS* IM llulrmHR 43 10000 do 96 M do I'lO 43 3000 do 160 98* 50 do 45* 3000 do 98* 23 tttooingW n 34* 1000 lllinoil 4i* 130 Nor 8c Wore 31* 3000 Keotockjr bond* 163* Now Stock Rxrhangc. $1000 Ohio 6'a, '60 b90 99 $IK00 Indiana ?10 17* 3000 do 98 3009 Itlinoia, '70 b3 41 1000 do 3d 98* 10000 do 1*0 41* 0000 do \V>dc* 98 * 2000 do b20 41* 3000 do ?3 98 1600 do tw 41 3100 do 98* 73 ahaa Faiinfra Lu 33 2000 do ?3 98 30 do 91* 3000 do Ii60 98* 173 do 33* WOO do bew 98 * 23 do ?3 33* 7000 do 111 98* 200 Vickaburn 8* 9000 J? b7J 99 73 do 8* 3900 d? 90 75 N Am Trent 18'4 70410 Indium >3 37* 55 do 1 W06 do a 13 37* 10 N Y 8c Eri# RR a'.O 21 3000 do tw 37* 25 Lonic laland 71* SWO do a30 37* 34 falerion 74* State of Trade. Cotton.?The new* per Kuropu from Liverpool, ha* had a beneficial effect ou our market, and ha* increased somewhat the pretention ol hoMeri. The ??le? amounted yesterday to 3000 bale*, generally at the current price* of Saturday, and in *ome instance* at an advance of |c. We learn that fewer Cotton* huve*been ou the market for sale to-day, or the operations would have been larger. There is more cotton offering for shipment, but a* *hip owner* are asking }.l. to Liverpool, none has actually been engaged. Tlio New Orleans Cotton market of 31st ult. wa* very inactive. In consequence of the dullness of the market, prices had decidedly a downward tendency, and uo sales of any importance could be edited without submitting to a material decline. Hvsl ('.state.?The following sales were made at the Merchants' Kxchange, by Anthony J.Bleecker it Co.,14th Keb. 1844:? Leasehold No. # Howard street, two story brick house and long building in the rear lot, 45.J by 110 feet, ground rent $150 $1,700 Two story frame house '47 Roosevelt street, lot 45} by 7U feet 4,800 By K. 11. Ludlow St Co. One lot south side of 37th street, between the Oth and 10th avenues $433 Koui lot* do do do. 310 New York Cattle Market. Fkb. 14 ? At market," ?00 Beef cattle, 60 Cows and Calves, and 1300 Sheep. Price* Beef Cattle.?A good demand throughout the week, and although the cattle were ordinary, price* were fullv sustained. We quote $ I 50 a $5, and $5 30 a $0, witn extra, at $6 45 a $6 50. 400 were sold, and 44 taken for Bermuda. Cows and Calves?No change in prices. , Sheep?We quote a* before, $1 45 a $3 for ordinary, and $4 50 for a few extra. Hay.?A large supply at 63} a 75c per cwt. Died, On Monday. 14th inst. of consumption, in the 31st year of his age, Ocrmard C. Bnonrim v, from Klenslmrg, Dukedom of Slesvie, Kingdom ol Denmark. The members of the ticrinon Oak Lodge (No. 841 of I O. of O. K. and tho order in general. also hix friends and acquaintances, are respectfully invited to pay their last tribute of rei|>ect to their deceased brother, on Wednesday the 14th inst. at 3 o'clock P.M. from hi* late residence, >AH William Ktrcet. 'Jt On Sunday, Uthinst. Mrs. Mart Ann, wife of Joseph Weaver, in the 30th year of her ape. The friends anil acquaintances of the family, and those of her son, Morris D. Weaver, and the New Vork Pilots in general, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, this afternoon at 4 o'clock from her late residence, No. 00 Monroe street. On Sunday, at Brooklyn, Mr. Christian H. Kaivkman, aged 72 years. He was a native of and educated in Germany. Ho was for many years a merchant in London, und subsequently in the city of New Vork. The funeral of tho deceased will take place to-morrow, 14th in*t. from hi* late, residence in Court street, opposite Warren street, in South Brooklyn. The friends and acquaintances of the family are respectfully invited to attend. On Monday morning, 12th Inst, after a short illness, Roiicrt H. Tooo, in the 47th year of his age, for many year* in the employ of the New York Gas Light Company. His relatives and friends, the National Lodge No. .'!<> I.O. of O. V., and the second Company of National Guards,are respectfully invited' to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at 3J o'clock, from his late residence, 120 Orange street. On Monday, 12th inst. Mrs. Kehecca Hendricks, aged H4, widow of the late Uriah Hendricks, Esq. of this city, and daughter of the late Aaron Lope/., Esq. of Newport, Rhode Island. The relatives and friends of the deceased are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Tuesday afternoon at 4 o'clock precisely, from 97 Mercer street. Passengers Arrived. London?Packet (hip Ilei drick Hudson?8i as W Tnliey, I idy. :i children and ssrvant. Edmund Jones, Ileurv A Willis, Ids Phillips, John Taylor, Henrietta Taylor, and Wm Whit?. London; Geo Western 11 N. and Udv. Rutland; Jos Podbielski. Poland; L T Bill, Boston; Mrs 11 Tracey, Philadelphia?21 id the steeraae. C iia it lest on?Ship Catharine?J R Hopkins, C V Cable, T L Black. Charleston?Slop Sutton?J A Bosart, W E Chambers W 8 Hussy. Rev II Alter. Charleston?Briir Josephine?Mr Smith. Cedar Kkv?Brig N O Bourne?Mr Clark and lady Baracoa?Schr Pacific?J Laudsay. Vorelgn Importations. London?Ship H'udrick Muduon?10 ci*es Stone, 8wan Ik co?? W Vya*?4 Hastings Si co?5 Joni Si Waterbn'v? 2 8 M Davii St Som?7 baga w >oI Jaiage ill Uodd&rd?10 lids brandy E Blackbu u?4 bilts linen thiead Parsons. ('suing ik Co? 7 fa ei E Baldwin?2 T Lowndei?.4 A Arnold Hi co-9 ciaks Wirdwer?21 bdlt tl?e| .1 Klliiou?12 rases O M Haywood & CO?2 clira and 1 bale T Hunt Hi co?71 casks 4.1 and * a'bo) s mdze Camming & Hiach?5 bale# woil C ??? S M 'tpyeoheiuer & co?SO b?? tin p'ate 54 cam tlinnell, Minturn Si co?4 caici J H?e?e Si < o. Pi ilad?31 la Us icrda (i C Ttiorburn?13 cheiti G B Mor'ivood fc co?2 hhdi 9 cases Victor Si Dickwil/.?I* etui T ( ' Dow?3 tin Ik I b**t r'O't Gondii e & co?3 Cm?h Young, Smith Si co?I I. Si 11 Cortii?in cam copper naili Barclay It Liv ngston?II brts oe's T Bell?2 cud I fl'itop?1 bov furuimr- l box raiceiala Boncliaud Ik Throiud?10 caaca Gorton, Ilodgea Si co?XI Underwood ik Comjioclr?0 Peal ody, Hiig?Sico-n Merritt, El" Ik co?2 J M Raymond? 4 bifei Wight, Sturgea Ik Shaw?12 brla and I I ca Wil ton Si Brown?14 casei L i Cohen?11 asckt aevda 9 bales I .Vleyer k tont?12 caski atrel Phelis, Dcdce Ik co?13 c>tks -cue Dtin'on Si co?5do A Smith -3 do do I) Snndreath Si co Phileil-2 Wales carrels 2 cava floorcloth 1 hexes li dsliads, 2 cas?a brddirg H B M Coniul?3 Bartlett U Weifo>d?5 Wile* ik Putnam?I Imle 2 caaka sktna Barber Ik Broiliera?2 W Eaiton? 2 EW Qamar?2 casks Youug, Sinilli k co?1 Chester, Clark c?k? nntui'gs V.i'trrv, Ma.kne (k co?1 caw Hocdie*. Mi 'pa ik co?1 Hervey Ik at gg?I 8 Si L Holin-a? I D Hadden IkKont? I Brooka, Carey Si Hunt?1 Nevins Sici -1 AH Wa'd k co?I II 8 BilMrd ik co?t J Owci?1 Richard. Bassetr ik co?1 T VV K.vant?1 E C Pratt, Phil id?t box D?vid Kelt k co?1 bale J Wilson?I c se W B.-rjunin Si co. Pkilad?1 11 Kipling?1 caae plants (i C Thornnm?I Haher? aw Si Jones?4 cue books DaHhaiii k Moore? 1 cheat E C Vsrwood fc ei. Philai? t Coffin Bradley ik cn?I 'rnss "die It W Hebden- I A Barclay?1 .1 Lenox? I II Fiidy? 1 ltowlai'il 8c * Spin wall?1 Barclay ik Livingitoti?JH1 tons coal J Griswld?-25 cases to ordi r. Maasr.ii.Lt.s? Ship Henry Thompson?139 cuks madder 10 do mdss 100 do wine 9 do rerriigr a 4 do creatn tittsr 25 do sulpher250 do soap 350 do picklut 75 do uhsente 50 do iitlpher 10 do mdse Ceo corks 572 baskets olive oil 5 libit indae I do n cene and I bale cork ickstsnda C Marie?570 bkta olive oil Mason k Thompson?390 do Mason ik Thoinp on?10 bslei ind-e 40 cka do T Victor k Duckwitz?2 casks verdigr s 100 bxs aotp Motz ik Pollit7.??12 pkga orange flower water 12 do roae water AH Ward ik co-4 cka ind-e Uriistein, Koop Si co?8 do 7 ha lei It A 8reiihaiipt?14 do J MicVil?8 do J Wii'Welhaiiieu?15 do Sparkman ik Ttutlow?60 do blankets A Loubat? I do maddi-r Pillot Si Letmilin?1 box and I bell do?12 halt carrnin t'ed 1500 hxa soap J It Evans?40J do Uutilli Si Coutinery-in do liquorice piste 33 do ailk J H Vo:sin ik Co?1 do Bulsge ik Huale- ? 21 do Muscat w nc to mKaler?250d'.> p'ckh'f 8 Broom ik co?310 do so-p 10 inlpher G Wheelwright?15 do madder 1 boi ? ninl's B Fiedler k co?I do sponge 8 ck< verdigris I do cram tarfr A Mathe n?4C0 bkti olive oil U 8 Oldlisld?30 do 9 bale* cork* J r ugA Matamza*?Barriue Holhtchild?I bo* tegar* 391 lilitls 3 tet 3 bhl* molasses 3 bid* 100,000 orange* J J T >ylor. PonT aU Pmctcg?Schr Mat)' Bright?'735 bag* coffee 291 do cocoa I box beetaax 28 nkiiia 4400 Iba wood Heed St. Hay. Antigua?Brig Hanger? li tea palm oil 1.90J hide* H ton* camwood Faber St Bierwitb. Bakacoa?Sclir Pacific?350 hale* tobacco 21,000 cocoa mHt Aymar k co?16,000 oiangrs to matter. Domestic Importations. Nr.w Oni.KANA?Brig Bdinbiirgh?513 bbl* p rk llawe* & Catey?239 do 9 bbl* 14' fct'K* 17 hi'do lard 51 bbd* ham* H Lelind?544 bbl* tlour Waring. On gory k co?6 do molainr* C smith. Mobile?Ship Alahamian?81 hlids tucar 73 bale* cotton Unodhue & co? 40 K U Hur but k co?31 Lnllomb k laelin? 109 Burritt k Johnson?259 Hreetiway. Henry k Smith?101 W i?ttfr k Hale?95 Holhrook, Nrlaou k co. Mobile? Bartpie Eliza?431 bale* cotton 41 Cleveland?I19 47 llogan?10 J Uiliou?45 8 Hutter?25 J Meyer. ArAi.AcHtcoi.A-Brig Florida?20 bale* cotton Pott k Phillip*?278 Uenler k co?11,'iOianr k Barton?13 (7 41 Booth?83 T H MnU k *on?250 atick* cedar A W Spie* k co?33 bale* cotton 2 Lx* to order. 47ei>aR Kkv?Brig N O Bourne?33.3 bale* cotton Mel, Coe k Anders n?20 (1 Colliiix? Pi Brook k Swain Savannah? Ship Sterling?329 bale* cotton BngartkKneelaUd?500 J Ogden?2tl| Barifow k I'ope?4 S Wood?12 Spofford kTi!r?inn?10 L 11 Brighatn?10 J Wcod?I) J F Hutter? 10 K H 41ra*es. (7ha?le*ton?Ship Catharine? 318 baiav cotton Sprague k tlobinsoii?258 Smith k Mill*?250 lie l'ey?ter k Whitmar?h? 10 A I) fc J T Smith?77 tr* rice tlray k < 'realty?23 do VV 11 IVadsworlli?12 bale* yam Ilolbrook k Neltou?180 do cotton to otder. .IJiiarleston?Bliip Sutton?60 cks riee J S'k B Pott?1 hx md?* T R Lyon*?110 hair* cotton J N llaye*?170 lie Peytter k VVhitmamh?232 Smith k Mills?50 empty bbl* (i Robinson ? 35 W Mcknight?4 clt* wire J F O'Miel. 47haRI.esrot*? Ship Hharlet?127 bale* cotton Spragne, Robittiou k co?ICJ Smith k Mill*?182 J T Fari*h?112* biles to order. Charleston?Brig Jntephine?175 tr* rice Vi tor k Duckwitz?81 hale* cotton It L Maillnml?175 Smith k Mill*?150 Spiague. Robinton k co?43 K Irvin?155 Keuard k co?39 Bar tow k Pop*. MARITIME HERALD. lallln| Days of tils Steam Hhlps. rios liv?rfool. mow amkrica. liibemia, Jndkin* Feb. 5 March I Caledonia. Lott. Mar. 4 April 1 41. Western, Matthew* Apr. 27 May 23 U.Britain, Hotken May 25 June 20 Ship Huun and Agants. We nhall esteem it a favor, if Captain* of Vcmc'.i will give to Commodore Robert Sii.vev, of onr New? Kleet, a he* out of the Shipping left at th* Port whence they tailed, the V"*a<*li Spoken on their raauce, a List of their Cargo, and any Korcign New?p?p?rn or New* they may hare. He will board them immediately on their arrival. Agent* and Correapoudenta, at home nr abroad, will elao confer a lavor by ending to thi* Office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will bnthnnkfmlly recoirad POUT OP NEW YORK, FKBHUAEY 13. aurr 7 0 I moo* aisr.j J 11 u**et J 30 i Hioh water 3 S3 Clnarnd. Sli'P Hanoah Sprague, Pearee, Havana, .1 Atkina Ik Co? Daninea Texhlor, Clark, Onayama, B l)e Koren Ik Co; Alexander, (Kr) Hubert. Norfolk, Ilovd It Hjncken ?Brig Wa?hington, Steven*, NewOrleuia, J Klwell It (o ?Schra Council, P.>ke'. StJago de Cuba. S W Uwu; Ve?p-r, Smith, St Johna, Pit. John Klwell It Co; John Kendall, Wolnnaon, Trinidad de Cuba, by the tame; Aim, Latourrtte, I'eterabnrg, Va. Jimra Hunter. Arrived, Packet ahi|> Heidrik Hodaoo, Mo-gan, frr.m London, Jan. 7, and rortamouth 13th, with mdae, to John Onawcld. Ship St. I'eterabnrg. Howard, (of Boaton) from Liverpool, Dee. III. with mdae end 177 steerage passengers to maater. 8th bit, Robert Dodd, a native of New York, fell from thn main yard and waa drowned. Til* St P. has encountered very eevere weather; reefed to|>aaila g3 time* during the paaange. Hliip llenrv Thompaon, Svlveater. from Maraeilles, Dec. 3, paia'd Gibraltar 13th, with rnda*. to Saml Broom. Ship Natlil Hooper, Chnichill, CO daya from Newport, W. with mdae. to order. ...... Ship Alabamian, Lane, from Mobile, Jan. 13, with cotton, to E. D. Hnrlbut It I o. Einerieiiced severe weather on the peasage end has been 20 daye North of Cape 11 altera* Wee towed up try ateamer American Kagle. Ship Sterling, Saunders, It daya from Savannah, with cotton, to mist r. Haa been 12 daya North of lla'.trraa. Ship Solton, (laljoway, ID daya trom Charleston, with cotloo, to (ho. Sutton. Haa been II dava North of llatterM, and encountered a succession of hwvv gale* the whole pasaage. ggMhip Catharine, Berry, 12 day* from Charleston, with cotton, to Oro. Sutton. Ship Charlr*, Low, 17 day* from Charleston, with cotton, to inaiter. Baniue Rothachild, Lawrv, from Matanva*, Jan. 21, with molasaai, kc. to John .I.Taylor. L?ft, Casilda, Chapman, for N York. 10 da, Plato, Holmes Philadelphia, 2; Hibernia, lawyer; Stag, Pearaon; Sarah, boater; Ottawa, MeNrar; Mary Bronghton, ( hase; Declaration, Adam*, and Shannon, wailing cargo; Ann Elite. diag?and other* belort reported. Canton, Packard, for Gibraltar, ?ld 2U*. Ban pie Flta, Talbot, 23 days from Mobile, with cotton, to outer Norwegian brig Nordpoleo, Brecban, S3 dnya from Hamburg, ith mdae. to master. Brig Sen Flower, Nnrthup. 43 Java from Tobaaco, with log. aoolT to Oilehrist It Cot 123 tous do A I'atralln. F'.iper enced ?rv acrera weather, loat fore aud main aaila, and pert of decli ad. B ig May Flower, Thompson, (of New Haven) 36 days from | I'riuidad, in ballast, to Trowbridge, Son k Dwiglit. Ksperiuced severe weather ou the pasuge. split sti'a, kc.; has beeu II lays Nortii of flattens. On else tthh and 34th Jan. lat 37, Ion 2, was loaded down with ice, and was drive, off as far as Ion 17. Was haurd to Baltimore, put in here in distreu. British brig Hanger. Cairiugton, 30 days from Antigua, with >alm oil, to Faber It Bierwith. I.elt no American was*!. F.xlerieured severe weather on the coast Brig Fdiuhurgh, Crocker, (ol Thomiston) 23 days from N. , Jrlrans, with pork, Ike. to order. Ksperieo'rd severe weather 111 the pauage. 8th iust. came IU contact w illi a schr, and lost lb-boom. Brig Florida, t,rocker, 17 days from Apalachicola. ?illi cot:oii, to Post It Phillips. Brig N. (5. Bourne, Perry, 33 days from Cedar Key, aud Key want 23 dais, with cotton, t > Badger St Peck. Brig Josephine, llowes, 11 days from Charleston,with cotton, M m M Schr Mary Bright, Bright. 20days from Port au Prince, with rotlee, to A. B Cooley Sit Co., Seeley, 13 dava from Harbor Island, NP. Willi 1000 lbs old copper to Smi'li Tutile. Schr Pacific. Smith, (of Warren) 23 days Irnm Baracca.with tobacco, Stc. to Aytnvr St Co. Lift no Aniericau vessel. Kaperirnced severe weather. Schr Leontine, Hart, from Kichmond, with mdse, to N. L. Met'ready Ik Co Schr Lynchburg, Mathias, (roin Richmond, with Bunr, to Allen Ik Paasou. Schr Marion, (of Plymouth) 12 days from North Carolina, with shingles, to muter. Schr Team, Baker, 12 days from Kosnoke, with corn, to the master. Below. Ship Olive 8t Eliza, Parsons, 20 days from Charleston, with L'o' order B.vri|iie Josephine, Kobinton, 23 days f om New Orleans, with cotton, to nrde*. U triple Ami Welch, Magna, 18 days from Mobile, with cotton, to K. 1). llurlbutacC.ii. Brig Alhertira. Joyce, from Trinidsd de Cuba. Also. I ship, 3 biigs unknown. Ships Sarali Hi-ale, Irani Antwerp, and Warsaw, from New Orleans, are still oulsid* the Hook. Telegraphed. Ship H. A'lea, Wilson, from Charleston. Sailed. Brig Florida bianco, ICIdr-dge, Brli/.e, Hon in low of steamer Orus. (L/~ The Upper aud Lower B.iyasli'l remain full of floating ice Vessels are uiiab'e to get eitlnr up or down without the aid of steam. H7" B'ei.ien lir e Ilol .n.l Sreeinrraffe from Ro.lnn for Vew York, it fait in tin- ice oil did Kicld Point, Mritli three anchors ahead. Ity" Belirs Cornelia, Grecian, Renown, Victor. Mary Ann, Kmily Ku ulit, William. Dr Kmnkliii, unil tlnee or four which sailed on Sunday for K.utern porta, are all last in the ice oil' 'i'hrog's IViut. lUlaccllaneous. Par kkt Sftie Umtku Status, for Liverpool, will nil today. at 11 o'clock. Letter bass close at the Herald OiUce at half-past II. Sim- St. Pv.ts'.rshi'R<1.?CommutPcated by a passenger? estrnct from Ilia log-book of Jan. 2'J:?Began calm and cloudy, with run; at 3 pin, a liifht breese sprung up from southward, increasing to a gate?shortened sail; 12 midnight. under close rrel'ed fore and main topsails; 4 am, steady Kales, with heavy squalls?furled the fore topsail and squared the yards, inteudiiiK to ruti till dayllich:?w liile squaring it came on a perfect hurricane, the ship catne toon the laihosrd tack, th* main topsail (new) blew from the close re. f into I breads the foresail also b ew completely away with a new fore topmast staysail?several other sals not adrift, thrashing away tremendously?laid her to a hull. blowing a hurricane, with an awful sea up, lasting aNiul 48 hours. Too much praise cannot be awarded to (Japt. Howard, his officers also, for ilieir never ceasing esertious and perseverance during the late bard struggles they have had to contend agaiust; also his constant attention lor the safety of his ship, and to the comfort of ihose entrusted to his care. Bitiu Dai.TiMOKK.?Capt Keyuegom, of the Olii \ arrived at rhiladellhia. from New Castle, sut-s rhac the Baltimore. Klilridge. from Philadelphia for Boston, in proceeding down the river, went ashore on Ktedv Poiu', early Sunday morning, and unless prompt assirta ce he rend -red. sli" will be cut through by the ice The ve.sels before reported, still remained at New Castle. Reports the ice to be very heavy between Reedy Island aud the city. Ship Octorara, before reported lost, was insurel at Philadelphia for $30,000, aud an additional $1000 on cargo. Spoken Cervantes. 8 days from Charleston for Boston, Keb 7, lat 30 3T Ion 72?by the St Petersburg, at this port, who was supplied with provisions by the C. Caledonia, [BrJ Cuba for Liverpool, Jau 22, lat 34 30, lou 62? by the same. William, 35 days from MansaiiilU for Boston, Keb 3. lat L30, Ion 40?by the N (J Bourne, at this port Sea Gull, from Campeacliy for New York, uo date, lat 36, lou 74 30?bv the Alabamian, at this port f Iinuuirr i HUT, i iii wuri|>jun mr iiwurdus, Jau ?J, uu iiuir in the Wall?by the Pacific, at lliis nor. Itochambeau, from Cardruaa for Boston, Feb 1, lat 30 N, Ion 79 30. Foreign Porte. Jan 11?Slil drome, Hanley, Savannah. Air 12th, Antoinette, Amsterdam Tor Texaa. Kim;iTown. Jan 6?Arr Argns, dray, Liverpool f>r Ilio Janeiro?probably the Agues, Gray, from Liverpool for Bueuos Ay res UtMjoATK, Jan 12?The I'omoua. from Amatrrdam for New York, hat hei turveytil and mutt ditch \rg?. MaHikillki, Jau 1?Arr/nlette, Kelley, Algiers. Uihhaltar, Dec 31?Arr Prudent, Latter, Laguua. Sid 23d, Douglass, Tovftnsend, Palermo Sr Hklkna, Nov 11?Arr Eliza Ana, Very, Batavia, and ild 10th for Amaterditn. Cahds-kah, Feb 1?Iu port, Krnnebec, of Hallowed, Idg; Athalia, of Kdgartowu, do; Highlander, of Providence, dim; E-crtoii, of Robbies on. do; William, of Boalon, and Laurel, of Portland, to tail next day; Washington, of Philadelphia. Ids; Washington, and Momco, of Portland, do; Bernard, of Boston, do; Majestic, ol Harrington, do; Harrington, of Kreeport. do; Hud oil,of NYork, do; Pilot, of Bristol, do; Peru, of Waldo boro, disc; Challenge, of Portland, jn?t arr. Bid Jau 30, Chief Boston; Barringtou, Barton, New York; Feb 1, Batavia, do; Rocliambrau, Boston, raised going in 1st, Patriot, from Mobile. Tonsaco, Jan I?In port. Science, anil Suaan, Idg for NYork; Bayonuais.aud J II Cheney, forMarseillea. Horn* Fort*. PHiL.ttistt.phia, Feb 12?Below, Preaidcnt, Young, from Savauiiali. Cld Erie. Baxter, Boston. Niiitroi.u, Feb 9? Nailer [ Br] Edinond, and a number of outward hound vessels. went to tea from Hampton Roadt yes riduy. PHoteer I'ocabonUa, from a cruise. spoke 7ll? inat. Roanoke, Inca, and Montezuma, from Ki<-; Orb, from Turks laland, and Frances Jane, from Potto Rico, all bound to Baltimore. Hid Thaddeus. Walpnle, Charleston Arr 8th. U S rev cutler Taney, reports having boarded on th? 7th, in Hampton Koada. Reaper, urea ton, from Galveston, of and for Baltimore, supplied Iter with be-f; also, (lues Iy Hhietl. [Br] of and from Trinidad for Baltimore; Mary Bright, Bright, of Baltimore, from St Domingo for NYnrk, put into Hamilton Roada on account of head winds: spoke, Claiissa. of Warren, NOrleans fot Baltimore; and Ksther, of Boaton, Savannah for do. Wn.MivoriN, NC. Feb G? Arr Reguliia, Hawkins. NVork; Mary, Drink water, St Thomas; 5th, Packer, ('lark, Turks la'aml; Alderman, Kelly. Boston; Jim 31, C h 1'h tii. Smith, N York. Cld Feb 5, Cashier. Allen. Porto Rico; Victory, Klwell, Mstan/.aa; N K Krothinihain, Martin, and Roweua. Williaiuaslttiadaloune; 3d Benjamin. Tieat, Man inii|uc: Plum a [Br] Small, Grenada; North State, Roberta, and Alaric, Puroell, N York: 2d Ores, Mnreh, Guadeloupe; 1st. Cornel a, Given, do; Robert Treat, Treat, do; Citizen, Brown,'La Ou iyra. WsatitrrriToiv, NC. Feb7?Arr M M Kowlc, Heid Weal Indi a. Cld Galena, Abbott, do. Ocr*i oks:, NC. Jnn 26?Arr Bounty, Wallace, and Register, Hardick, Weat Indies; 25th. Washington. Dixon do. Sid 31 it Henrv, Burr, do; Billow, Wilson, Providence; Lapwing, Boston; Pi rfect. Rich, do; 23th, Thorn, Cole, do; |*t IVrre, Ferguson. Wrst indies; 27th. Comet (.'base, do; 26th, Wm I Watson, Whim,do; Wm K Bryant, Everton, do. bavanmah. Feb 7?Arr Prince tie Joinville, Gardner, CardsD ts, Cuba; Isaliell?, ('lark, Boston Below, coming nu, a British ship. Arr ?, I. Baldwin, Thompson, NYork, 3hJ days. Moait.K, Felt I? Arr Junius, [BrJ Wilson, Hali'ax; M.ny Ellen, Htmut, Portland; Ranger, Mill-ken, Huston. Old Ailakapas, Hayden, Tabasco anu n mkt; November, Ellis, finisdelpnia; Jane, Rogers, fVns.ieola. WANTED-A Female BULLFINCH?Any peison Imvini V one to diapo'e of. may find a cnstt m*r, lie addressing I note to "JACOB," and leaving it at the lletald Office. fl3 ll*m WANTED IMMEDIATELY?Several honrat intelligent vv and enterprising young in n, to solicit subscribers and collect money for a new .and popular Migazme in this city,am. in every psrt' f the United States. Those ii'rrldv engaged it similar busircss,and 'hose young men wishing to eugng'iur |iermaneiit and profitable business, in any Stale, city or town in the United Hiatcx. would find it for their interest to nutate in disposing of the COLUMBIAN MAGAZINE, as it ia dea| filled to become tli<* most popular periodical eyer published in this country. A liberal commission will be allowed. Those gemWrneo applying for an agency from abrohd, w ill r lease semi a certificate of recommendation at fo their d salifications from some city or town officer of llioir resiiective places, free ol posture Address ISRAEL POST, f.2 2td liwyrc 3 Astor House, New York. LOST?On PalO'day last, between hnlf-pt?t 2 o'clock aud i (|uirter-past J o'clock, P. M , either at the bookstore corner of Aon strert and Broadway, or in a Broadway omnibus, a small morocco Pocket lioou. withateel spring clasp, contain inir Twenty-two Dollars in bank bills, aud other papers of irn portanc* to the owner. The finder, by returning said pocket book with its con'enlt, to No. 1(12 Krauklin st eet, will be entitled to one half of the money and the thauka of the owner. fl2 2t*rc A YOUNO FRENCHMAN, baring taken his degrees in the University of Paris, desires to (in<1 a resectable family to take care of the children's education He cm teach French Latin, Greek, Mathematics, elements of Mnsic, aid generally every thin* I equity J for a complete education. Apply at 98 Krade street fJ im*rre A GENTLEMAN and his wife or a tingle gentleman, can I e ^ accommodated with ficellrnt Koonis and genteel Board, in a small family, and a very desirable location. Apply at 3tifi Broadway, betwcea the hours of S and P. M. fT Iwiarrc f O. OK O. K.?The Members of the GERMAN OAK 1 LODGE, No 12, ara hereby ordered to pay their last tribute of respect to oor deceased brother GKsHARD 0. BRUDEK8EN, on Wednesday, the 14th instant. The members will meet puuctuilly at 2 o'clock, P.M., at their Lodgt Knom, No. 187 Bowery .?y order of KRIKDERICH COOP. N. O, JOHN POPE. Secretary. fll 2t*je BLACK RALPH, TBB MEL Ms MA V OF mjRLQATB! A TALE OK THE SOUND. PROFESSOR J.BH. INORAHAM. 'I'liin \yimi is 11 ihiiv equai mi mia ii"|iu ar auction unions l norel?THK, DANCINO Kor tale stall Periodical Depots. I2!>$ cents?$8 per hundred. Tin* work ii beautifully printed, on fma white paper and lar^e new type. fll It*in f IT HOOK A l*H IC ILLI'STRATIONH or the .MV8TKRIKS OK PARIS, hy Mr. T. B LKCLKRC.-Puhlished to-day, thf first number of a Series of Characteristic Illustrations of Kncine Sue's Myateiiea of Paris, drawn upon atone by Mon-ieur 1 eclair, of a tiie end shape < orrespoudiiiKfm tl.e Krencli edltl !>? oftllla work There will lie ten numbers ol tlita Ulnatrationa, and each number will compr ae ten drawiim>. They will be aold it twenty-flea centa ainuly, and ei?hteen dollars by the liundre ' copies. Kor sale at the ollee of the "Cnurrier d a Ktata Ij'nie," No. 12 Park Pine; at Mr. (Jrindjean'a, No t Barclay street; at Mr. LKCLKKC, No 11 Warren street fll lt*m ji* TO LKT?The HAMILTON HOUSK, a.tuated at fnw the Narrows, near Kort Hamilton. This well known (Iwilallot' l il,"l grounds will lie eery much unproved since list season, and a large Stabl, and at ed id did to the out buildinns The property in front, on the shore, haa alio been purchased?the buildings 'and po unds will be repaired in I improved, nid a dock ereeied directly in front?the whole of which will be let wilh the Hotel. Kor particular! impure of the subs"rilier on the premises! OK.OItOK 8. OALRTON. Kort Hamilton, ir l;!ih, lltt. fl3lw*rc STRANGERS BEWARE^ IN this age of Qnaekery and llumhng it la moat important to 1 choose an eaperiencod Phyafeian. DR. J KVANH, haa removed hit Old <la'en's Head Diapenaary to No. 288 Pear! street, corner of llcrkinan street, wher-he continnea his most eatraordiuary cures of all delicate diseases, no matter how complicated; he apprises the ci izens and strangers that there ia no l)r. Kvaus in nis old stand, and that he haa no connection whatever wiih any other office. Ilia charges are moderate, his consultations strictly private. N B ? Ob erve the uumlier; mistakes are often dangrront? 281 Pearl street. (T7" Medicuwa and directions tent to any part of the I 'uion. by particularly tUtiug the cast, and enclosing lire dollars. fll lt*rc ? AUCTION SALES. THOMAb UK Li,, Auctioneer. (.Store No. 81 Ann etreet.) TUESDAY AP1#3? o'clock in (he sales room Mod attentive vxl valuable assortment of fresh seasonable fancy aud staple <Ly goods. Also, a iiaautity of super West of F.ntland broadcloth*, caa imeret, miir|s. Atari, clothing. pawnbroker's article*, wafrhe9. iewslry, lie. Also, a large and valuable invoice of cloths and cassimeres, not received by the Oxford, and numerous other goods, which will be described at sale WEDNESDAY. At l#>* o'cloca in the Hairs lloom. A* unusually eileosiveaod valuable assortment of excellent second liaud aud new furniture of all descriptions, worthy the attention ol housekeepers and others. Alio, at 11 o'clock,the splendid specimen.all alive, of a Newfoundland dog, of the purest breed 11O largest sue. Tlll'RSlMk . At 10 o'clock, at the auction room, Male ol I'aintu gs, works of oil, piano forte, organ, cm,on ties, furnituie, cut glass, plated si r, fancy and dry goods, Ike., Sir. Alio, by order ol a 'ecri<er,by catalogue, the following sriicles of valuable eabii et furniture, solaa. Ike , all of the lirat manufacture of the city, via : ? 5 plain aufas, 8 very superior splendid do; I do sofa li-d; 1 ptian do ; 4 locking chairs*. I pair ottomans; I superb book rase; 2 uiarhle lop dressing bureaus; 2 superb Kieach bedsteads: 4 doxeu mahogany chairs Jiair stuffed ? nil various other articles Hal* positive. The sofas, b.dsteudi, lie., will be told iu tbe upper sales room. Alto, one shlecdidpiano Lrte N. B.?Every facility will be afforded for th# disposal of merchandise of all deaertptiona. But,neat will be carried on in a business like manner. Halm will be regular, aud rettima prompt, in this establishment, now under the charge solely of THOMAS BuLL. tt Am street. m;w Brighton property r O li S A L K A T A U C T ION. A*A THE MANSION HOUSE ANl) GROUNDS OK THOMAS K. DAVIS, If tip and the BELMONT uud XZIlSL BRIGHTON HOUSES, at New Urithton, Suten riaud, anil be peremptorily sold, a- public auction, at the Merch?nt*' Exchange, b? HAI.LIDAY la JENKINS, ou Tuesday the ititli day ?f March next, ct 12 o'clock, if not previously disposed of at private sale The Mvnsimi House is one el'the m*s' splendid >Mabliahmania i? ,1... I t Sf,,., 'PI- ....... ?... I.I..... ., I. ... .I ? centre of four or five acies. An now enclosed il ii vrry tunsi veand com modious; tin* main w.ll* a e built of madi'e, thr whole surrounded by piaz/.i , uiJ .ill finished in tin- best manner. Tbe lile cannot be suipa?srd. It corr minds a view of the whole of ii.i' 11 iy of New Vorlt. extending up the N'rili and ? >1 Rivers. New YorV. IfOtlfi 'be Lwg Island Sh ne, tlitouith ilie Nur out to (lie UcetD, c.nd al urit" portion uf A in* ./e.-se y. Tin* Belmont and Bnghtou Hemes a e botli extensive buildings, v ry p easiutly situated. I early opposite tbe Steamboat Lauding, tuid well calculated for lariie uoardirg houses or Inlets. Koradi grim and further particulars, inply to 11. CUHTI89, fl3toMr!6*ec I'.I Wall street. HICI1AKU VAN DYKE, Jll, Auctioneer. PEREMPTORY SALE?To close a coaeem with an Insurance Company.? AN'IIIONY J. t< I.t,! '.('KK11 &t CO. will r.ell at public auction to the highest bidder,on Wednesday 28th stav ofVebtuar/, 1811, at 12 o'cl tbe Merchaala' K.x"'TVVKNTV-lfOl'H LOTS OK GROUND, embracing five on the Kecond Avenue with the corner of 24th street; tud uiuetcen lots adjoiuing, on the sou'It side of 2ilh street, bi tween I lie 2d and 3d avenues. And extending to wirlnu I I* feel of the 3d avenue, the lots are about 98 feet d'ep. Hewers are extended un the ?d and 3 i atennea. The street is high, solid gtouiid, with the Crctou waler laid through the seme, and built up on the uorth side, opposite to this property. Seventy-fire |ier cent nity r'taaiu on mortgage. or the purchasers may arrai ge with the Company to build, and have 90 per cent remain of the nucha e money, and thiee-fourths of cost of building additional on mortgoge. Maps of tin Lots and Plant of Building, to be had at the Auclienrei's Office, (alter Thursday next,) No. 7 Broad street, near Wall street. fl2 to2drc CHOICK MUSIC AT AUCTION. To-morrow HW day) Evening, BANGS, RICHARDS 4k. PUATT, 196 Broad ?ay, will sell upwards of 100 l"ts of Music assorted, w ithuiit duplicates, comprising the most choice andftshionab'e foieigu and American publications, including S ugs for he Piano. Solos and Duets fur I h * Piano, Pi ino and < suit >r and Piano and Klute Pieces, Gait r Piecs, Sacred Songs, Italian, Kreucli aud St auish Sougs, Irutiuction Books, Klute, Violin and Orchestra Music, lite The Music may Le etaxined with calalcgues the diy previous to tale. fl2 2t*ec WILLIAM T. JENNINGS As CO., DRAPERS AND TAILORS, NO. M31 BROADWAY, AMERICAN HOTEL, (OPPOSITE THK KOUNTAIN,] SOLICIT atleution to an invoio* of NEW GOODS received per last steamer, direct frcm our ageut in London consisting ol Cloths, Casaimeres, in various new styles, spier urn anus mm atiins lor ureis vests, merino, velvets, sac Willi a Inrge assortment of rich Silk anil Satin Scarfs, Cravats Handkerchiefs, Gloves, Suspenders, Dressing-robes, Ike. We would suggest to our patrons that train this additional facility) we shall be able to supply them at an early dvte with all'the uorelties'of the London and Paris markets, and sustain the reputation of the establishment for the moderate price; which have elicited so liberal a patronage since the adoption ol the ready maney system, by which we are enabled to furnish garments at from 23 to 3J per cent lass thru formerly?I feature in the establishment, which must commend it to those requiring articles for immediate ure. is ihe addition to out stork ofan assortment of first quality HEADY MADE GARMENTS, including Hurt outs, Cloaks, Dress and Krock Coats, Pantaloons and Vests, lie. ja28 tm*rc VALENTINES. ATTENTION! LOVERS ALL ! WE hereby appoint THOMAS W. STRONG 98 Ngssn s'reet, our sole agent for ihe sale of our geuuii e, neverfailing, heart rejoiciug love Irt eis, yclept Valentines. Hsvint exsmiued tnis splendid esioumeu', we proui-imce it perfect,am much superior to any hitherto offe.-ed to the notice of the love trickeu youth of Oothxm?IVom lire cents to $3 each, (i therefore, purchase and be happy. He has VaJeutiue Lette Writers, Ci micvl Valentines, envelopes, &c Don't forgei the number, 98 Nassiu street, or the loss w II b? voiira. By order of tlie Cou't of livmeii, flj St is'rc < H I'll), Seen-tar v. \'TLTENT" TIFFANY, YOUNQ A XI) ELLIS, *50 AND '400 BROADWAY, HAVh.a very beautiful collection cf LONDON VALEN TINES, received |wr WelliuRtou. Alio, Kane Valentine I'nlwr and Envelopes to match, mailt eipressly for the purpose, that are extremely oral andappropii me. fl I is tol.'i ec TO THE PUBLIC^ IV/TRS. O II. MILLER St CO , Tobacco end Snuff Maun i facturert, 110 Water meet, uear Wall itreat, very respect fully inform their frienili a id customer* that there is a laf circulation of counterfeit and ipuriooa Tobueco and Hnul selling through the city and country bv pedlars. lepreientinK < aa havitiK been manufactured by ui The atain|? are made I'j ; di c-pr ion, the quality being inferior to the genuine aiticle. That no one may be misled by sucli imposition, or snppos th it we belt or fail in our eiertines to manufacture Uur usua good articles, we have b?eu induced to Rive this notice tot ou trienda autl customers, as a caution axaiust misiepresf iilcliou. We pledRe ourselves n> spare no es|ienie or rxeriiou to manu Iscture, as heretofore, (be wry beat articles, and no other. N. B ?'1 lie only person authorised by us to supply onr cos tnmers at their ato'ei, are Samuel H. IfoRers and Smith All Rooda manufactured and sold by ua are warranted. and i not approved of, can be returned and the money refunded. Sola on as reasonable terms as any articles in the aoove line of tna same duality, mannfacturul in the United Scutes. Mrs. < I. B Ml I.L.Kit it CO 110 Water street, IH Imit'tn near Wall street. Bhitisii uakuuk .iikim C.IIIU knom OLAH (LOW?ConsiRoees |er thi< vessel will please send thei permits on board, nt toot ol James street, or to the clfice of tin subscrihsrs, without delay. All Roods not pcimitled in fire days are liable to he sent ti public store. WOi'DHULL St MINTURN8, 07 South street. February 12, 1844. M9M rPAX PAYERS.?All who wish to avoid the iKoiltr of on er rent, must pay their tales to the Collect ots of the srvi [ Ml Ward* on or brlore the 1Mb inst as the Uw r. ijuirei thei to charge the addititionsl pei ceulnge after that date. In ordi to prevent erron and mistakes, notice it hereby given, that tl book* prepared by the Assesrois of the several Wards, are i i the handi of the Ward Collectors, who are the only persor I now anthoiited to receive the tsi'a row due, and lheonly|>ei | sons rvlir ran give the proper credit for the sine when pa d. i 11 y order ol*Oie Board cf Collectors. , E. T. BACKHOUSE, Chairman , K. B FELLOWS. Secretary. IKMtii'rrc I 4JHIP COHoTA, CAPT. HEPBURN, FROM LIVbR C POOL.? ('onsisnees of merchandize will phase send th-i , permits on b 'aid the ship, at foot of Cine street, cr to the oHic ol lie' S'llumber, without delly 1 All noods not permitted in live dsvt inns' he sent to th public store. JOHN IIKKOMAN, fIJ Stec 81 South reet. PACKET HHII' ROSC1US. Irom Liverpool ?Cons *ne? by this ship will please send their |iennits onboard, at Or bans wharf, loot of Wall stnvt. Alt goods not |>eiin<tte.| it flva il.ivs will (e- sent in the public sto'e Pj ilec PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. CPHESK far fauied and celebrated Pi I Is, from Portugal, sri A we perceive, to be obtained iu this country. See advertise incut on lite last column, fourih page LI VKRPOUL?Regular Packet ol the 20t KRraVcehiiurv ?The frst class fast sailing parket shi JBHflbSWI 1 /ERLAND, Captain Knight, will sail a above, her regular day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin, sce.ond c* ba aud steerage passengers, |iersons intending to embark shoul make immeuiate application on board, foot of M*idrn Lane, o to JOSEPH MvMURRAY, f II t 711-rc KlO Pine street, corner ol V>u th. FOR LI VEHPOOL?Tho" New Liu- Keguls m99V Packet list February.?The 'p?tior New Yorl JHriK. built packet ship ROCHESTER, John Bmton matter; Win tons burthen, will tail at above, her regular day. H or freight of four hundred bales of cotton, be., or pastagi having very superior accommodations, apply to the C&ptai on board, at weat side Burling she. or to WOODHULL It MINTURNS, . 17 South at The superior packet ship Hnttingu-r, Ira Bursley, master 10'eO tons hurt net, will succaed the Kocheater, and sail oi her regular day,list March. f13 toll BLACK BALL, OH OLD LINK OF LIVER wHWWPOOL PACKETS?FOIl LIVED POOL? llegula aftMBbPacket of the lf.fl. F.l,e..srv The till..,,Inl well k-iowuvery faat ruling packet ahip K\(JLANl>, Captain 8 Bartlett. will poaitively Mil on Iwiday, ICth February, Iw regular dnv. It ii well kuoyn to the (ravelling pnblic. that the accntnnw datinus rf the Black Ball Linenl Packet*. lot cabin, leeoni cabin andateerage pavaeugera, ?reunanri>aaaed by any other tin or vcaiel in port, l'hoie now or hereafter returning to the oli country, will at all limea f<nd it to their intereat and comfort ti aelect thia conveyance. Kor pa??tgc, apply on board, loot o Beekmen at, or to the ih.erihera, ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO., ti FoltonrtreM. neat door to the Fnlton Hank. P. S.?Th? England aula from Liverpool on the lat April Peraona aenduiR tor tl eir fi i. nda ran hare them brought on in her, or in any of the packeta tOBpniiif thia magnificent am nnei|ualled line, aalling from that |>ori panrtnally on the la and i6lh of each month. For pa'.age, apply aa aliore. The packet ahip Oaf.irdd will succeed the above packet and aail for Liver|iool on the lat March, and will return ti thia port on trie llith of April. firrc XAT- NKW LINK OF L1VKHPOOL PACKETSCarket of Itt.t February?The aplemlid well knowi jHlfaCot aailing packet ahip It OtII r.HT Kit, 1100 torn burthen, Capt. John Uritton, will aail poaitively an above, he regular day. She haa acmmmodationa unaorpaaaed for the comfort of ra bin, s-contl cabin and alorr.tge pa.vuger* Those wiahingtr ,i'dire bertha ahonld make early application on hoard, foot ol Burling .lip, or to W. k J. T. TAPSCO FT, f R toll er tl Peck alip. cor. South at. "Jiijpa I'At K KT~ FOR HAVRK-(8eeondTin'?. Th< W. Ship ONF.IDA, Jamea Kunrk, muter, will aail 01 the lat of March For fright or paaaage. apply to BOYD ii lllM.Kh.N. No o Pontine Building, ft rr. I (liner Wall and Water .t'ectv XJtf- FOR NEW ORLK.ANS?Loniaiana and New klSI^VYork Line?I'oiititely Firat Regular Packet, to aai NpM?30th February ?The fiat aailing parkat ahip OC I Ml'LlIKK, Capt ti, Pee< will aail aa above, her regular day > Kor fieight or paaaage Irving haudkome furnished accommo I d.iliona, apply on board at Orieana wharf, foot of Wall at.orti K. K COLLINS k CO. M South atieet Shipper, bv thia lina may rely upon Imvuig their govda cor iwctly meat ii red. Ag'iita in New Orleina, Hul in k Woodruff, who wil promptly forward all good, to their addreva The | we ket bark (Jeneaee, Capt, Minott, will aurcawd the Oc uiu'gee, and .ail the lat March, hat regular day. fll ec AMUSEMENTS. CHATHAM TIIBATHK AMD CIRCUS. I CONDUCTED BV ll. HOCK WELL fc O. K. STONE. Ti..WP?PT??LEVl NORTH 1 HIS KvL^lrlG, l?sb 13, ieriorutaucrv lo fOBnuiiil ?"h Lr?' Noith III a Syl.udid Act. Altrr whicli Pony iiacra by III. Company. Aft<u which ?arioua icti oi Uon.muuhiii, Uymuiua Cord* Vo.snU', \ a.u iiiiu. Alricau Dfollrrxa. he. Ac. hollowtd by i!i. SPRITE O. THE MURNINO. I o concludr wiui Warriori of human. in rCIUCt.L. ? 61. ? fltFIC THKATM h THIS EVENINO. K.bruary n-Tba performaaaan WUl romnnn with AM LIE (Inriiir liiraiilol, Oraham I Auiiliv, Mn Tiaa Follow.d by COMFORTABLE LODOINOU. S.r Hippmctou Miff Mr, Holland To coadud. with the savaoe and the maiden Mr Ciuininl.? Mr Milahell Mr Folair Mr Holland TKVON'M INDKPKffDEJIT AMUUCAI CIRCUS. BOWERY AMPHITHEATRE. Boira Vi centa; Pit l>X canta. THIS EVENINO Feb. 1J h?The performance! will coiomouce with a Orand Eutraaof ten Horaen. Followed by A treat ?ariety of Kqueitriaa Aata, e enta of Btraactb, Soap Dances, Fratj <>u the black aud Tinht Hope, Ac. To lie r..llow..l by the SPRITE OF THE SILVER SHOWER. To conclude with U2BLN ANU ANNETTE. AAEH1CAN PHJSKUM, AND PEKPETUAI. FAIR EVERY DAY AND EVENINO THIS WEEK. Day Vi'itrr* admitted tame .rcuiii f frea. i li7~UNPRECEDENTE? ATTRACTIONS.-^}) I. ii! wok of tnarccenlric Dr. VALENTiNE, id addition to whom ill. in luayrr lia. .OB-a.d, lor oue wi.k loncrr, that aecomi'liilird and u'.eutul lady. MRS WESTERN. Alio, ill. r.nown-d cnmH,i?ii ORE A 1' WESTERN Together Willi HIGNCR KKANMSiO. Who ||I|I'U| III the celebriled ( hltln* Divertissaenta. Mr. T. (I. BOOTH, lli<* celebrated comic singer. 11 (1 SHERMAN, the beautiful Ballad burner, sad LA PEllTE ('KKITO, the udroiied Dnneeuse. Comic Ohio, .-milled the "LOAN OK A LOVER," be I Mr. ami Mm. WESTER? , T. <J. BOOTH, and Mr. MV| KRS Yjnk.v I our'abiji, by Mra. ami Mr. W EHTERN. The (ill'SE V yUEEN. tlia most surprising Korluna Teller in tlie world, til l V In- privately cousulled at nil times regarding i'&et, 1'res-ut audi Kuture Events. Performances every evening at 7)? o'clock, and Wednesday and Maiu-.lay afternoons at 3 o'clock. Tickets 27 cputs?children umierlen yean 12>? cent*. Twen tv-livecrut* eitra for private couaultatioas with tlie Oipaey lineeu. ill Si'EAivINO AUTOMATON. ' rPllE Hm the Honor of informing hie pa i A Irons and the public >n general. that lie will einibithia SPEAKING AUTOMATON,on TUESDAY EVENING. I the UiH instant, at the Siayveiant luatitute, Naw York. 7lii* wonderful at.J iugeuiooa woik, the encceatful reenlt of ! reveuteen yaara' unremitted etudv and labor, articnlalca ilia liortly. anil in a toucd resembling that ol the human voice, i every thinn that the human organs can prononuce ; and inasmuch as all preened ing rIT irts to produce this tuva failed, the advertiser may be periiutl-d ttofcall his Automaton unique ia this world. The eshibitinn is ue-essarily coufined to this evening only,as > the room is occupied for scientific purposes of the Faculty, sud h-s la-en generously tendered to him by the institution on aceonut of the aduiiraiiou and deep interest they take in this "Iinordinary production. Tickets, at 5i cei ts. inay be proenrrd at the office ot Iba ' Srbnellpost," No. S Spruce sheet, and at Mr. Wa. Kadde's 1 booltst ire, No. 322 Iltoadway, enda'_ the door. Performance begins precisely at B o'clock. U. f m ne nia'aainn mainine win iH riorin an me rrqmaiiea 01 s couct acholt , viz : aprlliug, reckoning, die , lie., cuuelud n( W illi tlx* ri'-iUl ami iiDeioir of "Hail Columbia." flJlt*m I THK KIHS l ANMVkKSAR* FKiTIVAL OF UNION DIVISION Nn. 4 OF THE "SONS O F T EM PFRANCE, " WI LI. UK HKLD AT THK TABERNACLE, BROADWAY, ON Tl&SDAY KVKNINO. FEBRUARY II. WHKN au appropriate aelection of Muaic from theatdeudid Compositions or Mr. O. H. Derwort, will be executed by the following eminent art'sta of the Philharmonic Society : 1 Messrs. Brawn. Chevalier, Dodworlh, A Dodworth. Deckworth, Krnrt, Juii., (Jronevelt, Ilelwig, Heizoe, Helfenrittrn, Johukton, Kutebel, Kyle, Lordrr, Maaon. Meyrer, Millon, Nidds, Knew r. Kauer, Slier, shark, Frojsi.Vou Vullee.Wiese, > Walker, Wood, Wrench. The Vocal Department will be anatained by an eAcient body ofLadiea and lientlemeu. 1 I'll O iTltl'I mme. 1 PART I. ! 1?Overture Full Orchealre 1 Prayer, by Kev. Hemau Boiiga. J?We hail with i herrful lay Foetal Chorua ' I?Be kiud to each other Orand Choraa ; t?Invocation Orcheitna, Choir and Brothera Oratieu?by Brother A. L. West, O. W.A. pa"bt II. I?Sinphouia Full Orchetlra I?Soft ib the murmur J?The miu hoi auik, (ondMuletecr'a Retnrn) Choraa Poatorale t?An Ode, written by Brother A. N. Sherman, . | O 8c , and the music coroiM?ed expressly for ; " thia occaaion by Brother ti. H. Dewort . | 5?Ilvinn and Chant (Our Father) Solo and Chorni. i 1 (With Violin and Clarionet Boloa, by Meura. Mark a and tironevelt ) Benediction. ' Leader of the Orchealra Mr. Mukt ' (Bv .nnr-,.! ii.rmii.inn of W Mitchell. I'.n I i Conductor Brother O. H. Derwort. |p- TICKETS T WENTV-KIVE CENTS EACH^JI [ May be obtained at the Muiic Stores of bio Sanders. 116 D* . ; l>ncy street; Bn. Slermsn, 90 Nassau street corner Falcon 1 ' i Burulon's Bookstore, 27i Bowi ry; and I89K Hudson street; Mr. ! Drrwor's, 127 Broadway, and at (he door on the evening o f l<erformtoee. Doors optn at*. and commence at 7. fl2 Jt*ec EXHIBITION OF PICTURES. ? rpHK FIRST COLLECTION of Water Color Drawing* f seer rmhibitid in thjs country, (and to which the following testimonials relate,) is that uow open at the Picture CMlery, 321 liioadway. They uombtr. tos ether with the Oil I'dinliuut, nearly one hundre I, and will rt main open but a short * time longer, from t A M. until dusk CsMBiiiuot Port, Itli July, 1210. ?. ; Ueorge llarvey, Esq : 1 Dear Sir 1 As it is uu less my pleasure than my duty to give praise ' where it is due, 1 am unwi liult that you should leave Boston without knowing how much I have been gratified by yonr Iwsutiful Drawings of American Scenery. To me it apt ears ' thst you have been not only snrcessful in giving the character r of our Hceuery, hut remarkably happy in clothing it with au Americau Atmosphere, which jou have repressed With equal tiulh and variety. tie rtily wishing you the success you deserve, I remain, Dear Sir, 'i With sincere regard, yours, f WA. AI.LSTON. * I New York, July 17th. KM. j My Dear Sir : Almr (lie highly commendatory lett'r of the best judge and . critic iu the comtir, (W Allston, Esq.) I f.el that any thiag I | can say of your erqui,ite collection of Landscape*, illustrative " I of gAineiican Hceuery, and , the Season*, and 'J line* of Day. ' would be supertluou*. But after the pleaanre I have received i in eaaminint vour pioductious, i cannot forbear pi press iag to yon my gratification at the siiccps with which you hsva acrinnplished toe union of excellencies is them seldom united. 1 mean a judicious and poetic selection of scene and cougruity of incident, combined with a truth and detail in the erpressiou ol every object yon have selected I sincerely hope, and believe,that yonr labort and genius will I i receive the reward they so richly deaeive. II I Believe me, deai sir, . ! With real n garu, yourfrieod and senior, ' SAMUEL V. B. MORSE ToORoaor IlsBvr.v, Esq. fll lw**c * I; ~W~ I NTEH'S ' * EXHIBITION OF CHEMICAL PAINTINGS, ! CITY MLOON, !?.'> FULTON ST., BROOKLYN. Kit . ihiviiiu renrouitreo mr psniiiilK repreieuuug MILAN CATHEDRAL. h<* now offers it lor eihibilion, with three other Chemical IV tilling*. ?ii r JERUSALEM ANI) crucifixion. - I CHURCH OK THE HOLY BEPU LCHllU, BKLSH AZZA It'8 KKA8T f ' Kahilntion each ?-vrninir alha'f |wat 7 o'clock. J Wednesday morning at II o'clock. Saturday afternoon at half-pant 2 o'clock. ^ lt~5^Admisaion 27 cents. fll Iwre . | MAHO.NICI BALl7 1 UORTITUDE LODGE, No 19. intend hating a Ball in aid "of their funds ou Thursday Evening, Kcbrtiary li, at Uia ' National Hall, Knlton street. Brooklyn. Tickets, SI each, can lie obtained of the Committee, via : ? f Brother Triijuet.'iO T'llary atrcct " Powell. City Buildings " l{uev?dn, 191 York street (National Hotel) ' ; " Reddicg, 74 Fulton street " Holden, Kranklm Hooae P " .Innra, 21 Coenties alip. New York * " l)er.?ndorf, Fulton Market, New York. At the National Hotel. Fulton atreet; Fourth Ward Hotel, i; and Nana it lit tel. lt'onklyu; and at tha Howard House, and Jr Warren Hall. New York. W 2tHTu>Thrrc pAUK THK. A THE.?The public are reapeclfally informed ih it this Theatre will re-open for the aeaaon on Mocday. r March 4th. Varinna noyelt.m are in preraration, and will k a|*edilv he announced flOtfrre THEATRICAL NOTICE. THK. CHATHAM THEATRE will open on or aboat the 20th March. All applications for entailments (pott paid) will receire immediate attention, if directed to W S. DeTenia, Proprietor, or J. M. Bcott, AcIiiib Manager,Boa 222 Postoffiee, New York. The proprietor or his ateutwill be found at bis office iu the Theatre between the hoars of 10 and 2 and 1 in , 9 to attend to all hnaineaa relaltre to the aliening. Daring ihe recess, the Theatre will be completely re-decorated and ranon . ted liy that eminent artia', U. HEILOE, and many alterations ' lending to the comfort of the patrons of this favorite astabliah ' merit W. 8. DKYKRNA. | j31 tfrre Prop ietor. ' MUSIC FOR PARTIES. A/fKBHRB- O. WEI88 It KR. ORAMB8B, Professorsi of : 1*1 Music, respectfully announce to their patrons. tha Indies J and gentlemen of New Yoik and iu eicinity, that their Cotil? Ion Band it prepared to play the moat admired and fankionnkl* " Music for Pnrate Parties, Horieea, he. ) Orders received and punctually atteudad toalM DuUncy ak i 14 tm*m ITALIAN SINGING, PIANO FORTE AND FRENCH. t VfR ULLMANN, rami of Charles Caerny. continues to a | -VI t car 11 Mingiug and the Piano Forte m this city and Broot I Ivu. ?n innilera'r trim* P it?t lUf rflrmufi |iim lo Mty du'in?ui'hrd femiliea, whoae uamn mny be learned on application et ll'a rraidrnce, h Im atreel, oppoaite the AlMll. \1r. U., who ii the author of a K tench Htimaii, the eecood edition of which la in ihr rourae of publication, trachea likewise the Kreneh and Italian L,.ii*u<*ra. which he nara dariBK - hia Vuair Leaaona, if wuhed. School* and Collate* attended. , fS Im'jgb MUSIC. 10MKPH KAMMKKKR, Prnfetebr of Muaie, Miwcthllf ' announce* to hia iwtnmi and the politic in leneral, that ha , haa remoTtd fiom 'i? Croabvto IW Lauren* afreet, where all I order* for lua f'otilion Band to perform at Partiae lite, ia or out of Iowa, will bo received and promptly attended to. Order* for J.^K. will alio be leceived at Mr. W. Daboi*'* Vnaic Store, 28J Broadway. II Im'rrc i to .amateurs on flik flute" Mr. barton, (popil of the late c. Nicholson,) reopeat tally ben to announce that it i) hi* intention to vie* in 'ruction on the Flute, Mr. Barton lirofeaae* to teach eeeor. di ? to thn method pnraned by the celebrated maatar, t.harlaa J N icholaon. For term* and particular* application may be mad*i at mnor Oodone. Mn*ic Store, Broadway, and Mr. Btodart a Pianoforte J mann'actory. j'T Itn ra " TO S'tUTHKBN ANPHVKVTKRN MKHCHANTS. A VOL'MI tO'.NTLKMAN who m noweafond tn. and eV haa a correri knowledge ef, the Boot. Sh< e. Lo?theiand I I imrnl Con?tniMio? OuontM, ? d?*ir**UA of gotftff tooth ?J w**c m a mimhmn, or for any octoptio?. Oood rrfcrpiicra firm- A notr ' A. Hoi IM datton Pott J Oftc*. will ami with prompt Attention j* 1 wit fwot? r*

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