Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 15, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 15, 1844 Page 1
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T H Vol. x., no, 4 a?whole if?, aeie. FOR LONDON?Regular; Packet lot the ??th above. un regular day. . Haviugvery superior aeeoaamodationa for eabm.aecoeia cabin and asserege juvaeugr^, persona intending: tosmbera make nanasuiate application on board, foot of Mmojo r-aue,?? *"f 3 t *0-rc JttfiL built*plktt lip HlicHf Sl'bH muter , nun tor a burthen, will sail as above, her retrular day. For freight of two hundred and fifty bales of eottun. be. or paisage, having very aupenor accommodations, apply to the Captain ou board, at ^^^^AnTURNB. IT South at The aunerior packet ship Hnttioguer, Ira Buraley, oiaatar; ifyjo tons will succeed the Rochester, and tail on her regular day. 21st March. f 13 toll "VSi OLD BLACK BALL LINK OF PACKET If? ?^ ? o ? .u:.. i-vol . a. IV ta..,i.,., R..,!?. > w.ll JH3K'* despatched lor Livarpool ou the 16th ol February - he I .egular day. Those wishing to engage passage will require to raiks early application to JOHN HEUDMAN, (I South at. N. B ? Passage from (treat Britain and Ireland can be sacused bv the but r-priug ships of Ju line, at the loweat rate; and draft# can, ae usual, be fnrniaVd for any amount, payable in all thepriaoipal towni without any charge, throughout Great Britain and Ireland, eu application ae above- fll to Hire BLACK BALL. OH OLD LINK OK LIVER hllfyI'OOL PACKKTi-KOK LI VEltPOOL?Regular piMhl'nckrt ot the 16th February. The splendid, wellhnowute/y lost sailing pocket s iip H.NQL AND, Captain ?. Baifiett. will positively sail on Friday. 16th February, her regular day. it is well known to the trarelling public, that the accommodations if the Black Ball Line of Packets, tor cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, are unsurpassed by any other line or veeiel in port Those now or hereafter retnroiug to the old country, will stall i lines liud it to their interest and comfort to select this conveyance. For pass ige, apply on board, loot of Beekman st, or to the tnbsrriliers, ROCHE, BROTHERS A CO., Si Fnltonrtreet, neit door to the Fulton Bank. P. S.?The England sails from Liverpool on ihe 1st April. Persons sending lor their f/i. nds can bare them brought out in her, or iu auy of the packets comprising this magnificent and unequalled line, tailing from that port punctually on the 1st and .4th el each mouth r or passage, apply as above. The packet ship Ozfordd will succeed the above packet, and tail for Liverpool on the 1st March, and will return to this port on tlie Uiih of April. IHrrc newWe~of Liverpool packktsloffWPacket of Slst February?The splendid well known jfluwmi'asi sailiug packet ship ROCHESTER, 1000 tons burton, Capt. John Brittou, will tail positively as above, her regular day. she has accommodations unsurpassed for the comfort of cabin. a coud cabiu and steerage passengers. Those wishing to se u f berths should mike early application on board, foot ol Barung slip, or to Vy. A J. T. TAPBCO I'T. ft toil >c S3 Peck slip, cor. South it. I PACKET FOR HAVRE?(Second Line). The 3V Ship t>NK.IDA, James Fuuck, mister, will sail on 'he 1st of March. For f. eight or passage, apply to BOVD A HInCKc.N, No 9 Tontine Building, , B re Corner Wall and Water streeti. hOR NEW ORLEANS?Lmuisiaua and New rnHMFWYork Line?Positiielv First Regular Packet, to sail JgMdKeftth February?The fiat sniliug packet ship OCMULuKE, Capt. C. Pee* will sail as above, her regular day. For fieight or passage h ving heudsome lurni<hed accommodations, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall st, or to E. K COLLINS II CO., 66 Sooth stieet Shippers by this litis may rely npon having their goods correctly measured. Ag uta in New Orleans, Hnliu A Woodruff, who will primp ly forward all goods to their address The packet bark Geueies, Capt, Miuott, will succead the Oc ma see. and sail tn- 1st March, har regul ir day fll ec BOSTON BUSINESS EXPRESS AND FOREIGN LETTER OFFICE. THE subscribers hare made arrangements to ran an Expiess. via Stonintton. to Bottou, to. ihe JMjjEHE transaction ot bnaincu, and the tanspoitation of J3B3CL?nall Pscktges, Batik Not**, Ordeis.atc. Oj.- 01 Hi" fi ia va ill recervw auch orders as may baeatnuted to Li ", deli er them in Boston in person, and return the gnawers at soon na tha boats arnrr in New Yo'k. For- igu Lattaia 'orwardtd by tha Canard Steamers from Boston Lai term can be prepaid at this offiea, lor auy part of Uraet Britain or the Coi tinant. PAKROA'T b CO. 20 WaU street, New York. n lm?rrc Bnatou, IB Cong.ess ttreet. DAILY EXPRESS, . THE subscribers ran their Express regularly, . ayery day eia Housatnuic Hail road, (aauaeys exmeUIi rented.) to and from New York, Albany and Buf SfluHSfQ) alo, und tne iu'artnediate places, for like transpor'IF 1Tr3?-tatinn of specie, liank noies, handles and parkagtw nl K'lods, lor collecting bills, notes, drafts and accounts, wi'h deaimtch. From this city at 0 o'clock. A. M. arriving in Albany the same eveuiug, in advance of the United Htres Mail. fa I nine POMKROV b CO 2 Wall street. r ,~m DRAFTS ON F NULAND. IRELAND. HV be.?Personsabout remitting money tothiir v-vaCBrJlfeifriends iu the Old Country can be supplied with drafts in sums o'?1, ?2, ?3, ?3. ?10, ***^^Bfcni?"(ll?3#,?100, ?1000 or any amount, payable na demand, without di?conn\ or any other charge, at the NationalB-uk of Ire'and rroviucial Bk. do, Messrs Ja's Bait,Son kCn? Bankers, London; J. Baraad b Co , Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool; Eastern Bank of Scotland; Greenock Banking Company; Sir win. Forbes, Hauler b Co., Scotland; aad th?Dr < uches in every post town throughout England, irelaud, Srottand and tVslet, which drnlta will be forwarded by eith r of tie j,achats of the Mth, Slat, a id 26th. or the stumer ' Caladonia sailing from Boston on the 1st of Msrch. Apply to W.b J.T.TAPeCOlT, At their gtDciai passage office, 43 Peck slip, feldrc comer of South street. r- r-a! HUH HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. sWEmM> The Royal Mail Steum bhip HIBER "VIA, C. H. E Judkins, Esq., Commander, will-leave Boston for the above porta on Fri" "^ ^ fcuiday, March 1st, next. Paaaageto Halifax 2d. Passage to Liverpool $U0. Applv to D. BRIGHAM, Jr., ft lo Ilea No. 3 Wall street. NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANS PORTATION COMPANY KCW ARK&NQKMEIVT, COMMENCING OCT. 1?TH -1643. -^ihvV VCT an'ITWTW FAKE REDUCED TO TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. From (.ho foot of Conrtlandtitreet, New York. (Every day?Sunday* excepted.) Leave* New York. Leave* Newark. At A.M. At * P.M. AtTXA.M. At IX P. M 9 do- I do. I do. 4 do. U do. 4 do. 9 do. 0 do. 5 do. 10X do. 9X do. 7 dp. ON SUNDAYS. Leave* New York. Leave* Newark. At 9 A.M. and 4X P. M. At IX P. M. and 9X P. M. The ear* of the Morn* aad Essex Railroad for Orange, Millville Su '-mit, Chatham, Madi*on, and MorrUtown, run through from Jersey City without change, and connect with 9 A. M. and 3 P. M train* from New York. NEW YORK AND ELIZABETH TOWN. Leave* New York. Leavr* Elixabeth Town At 9 A. M. At 9 P. M, At 7 A. M. 3X P. M. 9 do. ( do. 7X do. 5 do. 11 do. 5 do. IX do. 9X do. 7 do. 10 do. 1 PM. T>.? train* for Westfield, Plainfield, Roondbrook, Somer ville, Ac., connect with the 9 A. M., and 4X P- M. ; train* from New York daily, Sunday* excepted. Fare between New York and Elixabeth Town 26 ceuta. Fare between do. and Snmervillc, 75 cent*. NEW YORK AND 11AHWA1 Leavr* New Fork. L?mvcs Railway At 9 AM At 2 P.M. At fiX A.M. At 3 P. M 9 dr. 3 do. 7 dl. 4% do. U da. 6 da. 9 do. 9 do. 7 do. 9X do. I2X P M. NEW YORK AND NEW BRUNSWICK. From foot of Courtlandt ?treet, New York, daily Leave* New York. Leave* New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. At I P. M. At 6 A. M. At 12 M. 6 do. 7X do. ?X P- M. ON SUNDAYS? Leave* New York Leave* New Brunawick. At 9 A. M. and 4 VP. M. At 12 A M., and IX P. M. Fare, except in thcThiladelphia trains, between New York and New Brunawick. 60 cent*. Between New York and Rahway, 26 cent* Newark, Elizabetntown, Rahway, and New Brunawick pa** tigers who procure their ticket* at the ticket office, re erive a ferry ticket gratia. Ticket* are received by the con doctor orlv on the day when purchaaed The commutation (are between New York and Rahway and intermediate place*, ha* been reduced (including ferry) to $60 per >ear ; between New Brunawick and New York $75 per year. n!9 3m fATJSK&ON RAILROAD. From Pfiterson to Jer?ey City. On tni sfier Monday. Oct. 2d, 124], the cart will leave PaTr.moiv Dgrer. Lksve New Yoai I A. M. ? A. M MX " UK P. M. 1 P M 4 The Sunday Train* will be discontinued until farther noin 1'mnsportation eara leave daily (Bundap eieepted.) Pas sen *ar* are advised to he at the Kerry, foot of Courtlandl Wreet, i few mninte* before ,he stated honr of deoartnre Jyltf* WINTER AKRANOKMENT-FUR ALBANY, Via BRIDGEPORT a-.d Housatonil It Wctrr.nrr i ni73r" tally, Unndays.^^^^H jr. Jh?3R. Eaeepwd. 3SHKL 1'aaseuKers for Albany by this ""onto will take the uaw and leyant steamboat F.UKEKA, Capt J L. Kitth, which learea New York fr"m foot Liberty it. Satnrday morning at half put fi o'clock, fur Bridgeport, thence by the Hoasatonie and Western TUtlroa Is, without chanse ul cars or bugagr crates, t? Albany, arriving sun* ve-aing at I o'clock. Fare through WFor passage or Freight, apply on board, or at the office, foot of L'beity street. O. lv\. PEKRY. Agoot. j ',-wc NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA RA uROAD LINh u. ? DIRECT, ?FoK IN*WAa*, NkWHIUTN1W(CR. FlUNCKTOff, XailtTOP, bOHWtMTOW.f ANN Buelinoton. CftSfi fiBfe tfSGl rSKXcSE w THRPy<iH IN SIX HOUR*. Leaving New York daily from the foot of ConrsUndt st. Morning Line nt? A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at 4X P M. The M.;rning Line proceeds to Bordeotown, from thenee by 8l*?niboat to PniUdrlpniR. The,line Line proceeds direct to Camdr* (opposite to PhiU<lelptiui) without clung* of curs. Passengers will proenre their ticket* at the office foot of Courtlandt street, where a commodious steamboat will he i> rooli'iess, with luggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to city wibi,m being opened by the way Each train is provided with a car in which areapartmeata and drasaing rooms u tusIv for tfie ladies' use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Walaut street. r,v steamboat to Bordentowa *(17 0 clock, A, M. and by railroad Lorn Camden, at} o'olock, P. M. The lines lor Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7K A. M., aad 4 P. M. beinggconchauatienof th* lines from Now York jt Jm*m E NE NEW ARRANGEMENTS FOR 1M4 OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, 1M Pine street, comer of Sooth. m m M. m THE subscriber begs leave to call the atteution of hi* Irieoda and the public in feurrml, to the fallowing arrangements for IMt, for the porpoee of bringing oot cabtu, Id cabin, and (terrace passengers, by the Regular Line of Liverpool Packets, aail log the lit,6th, llth, 16th X 1st and 26th of every mouth. By the London Packets, to ttil rem New York, the lit, 10th and Kith?and from Loudon on the 7th, 17th and 27th <>f each mouth, In connection with the above and for the pnrpoi* of affo'dink "till greater facilities to paterngra, the subscriber hat established a regular liueoi hrvt clatt New York built, copp-red and c inper laateued ahipe, to tail punctually every week throughout the year. For the accommodation of persons wishing to remit money to their I unities or friends, draiu are givau, payable at sight, on the following Banks, viz :? Provincial Bank of Ireland, parable at Cprk, Limerick, Clenmel, Londonderry, Sligo, Weaford, Belfast, Wnterford, Galway, Armagh, Athlon#. Colemin. Ballina, Tnilee, \oughal, EuniskilWn, Mouaghau, Banbndga, Ballymeua, Panouatown, Downpatnck, Cavan, Lurgau, Omagh Duiigauuen, 11 an don, Eums, Hallyshanno Straoane. Skibereeu, Mallow, Moueymore, Cootehill, Kilrush, Dublin. Scotland?The City Bank of Glasgow. England?Meaara. Spoonar, Axwood It Co. Bankers, London; K. Mmrphy. Waterloo Road, Liverpool; payable in every town in Great Britain. For further information (if by letter, post paid,) apply to JOSEPH MoMuHKAY, 100 Pineatreel, cc rner of South,N. Y. Or Meaara. P. W. BYRNES b CO, 36 Waterloo koad. j9 6m*rc Liverpool. A YOUNG FRENCHMAN, having taken hie degrees in the University of Paris, desires to find a respec'able family to take care of the children's edacat'oa He can tnach French. Latin, Greek, Mathematics, elements of Music, aid generally everv thing required for a complete education. Apply at 96 street. 13 lmTic AGE.NTi.EMAN and his wile or a single gent'rman, can I e accommodated with excellent Kooins and genteel Board, in a small family, and a very desirable location. Apply at 366 Broadway, between the hours of 3 and 6 P. M. f 7 lwisrrc NOTICE. HO SOUTHERN AND WESTERN MERCHANTS. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, who is now engager in, and has a correct knowledge of, the Boot, Shi e. Leather and General Commission Business, is desirous of going south or west as a salesman, or for any respectable ocuupation. Good references given. A note addiesseu "A." box 666 Boston Post Office, wilt meet with prompt attention. jJ6 Iwis 2wos* rc DIRK BRICK.?10,000 German Fire Brick, on board the * Adam Curr, from Glasgow for sale by fUec I'ERoSE St BROOKS, No. 61 L:beity at. PACKET SHIP HoTTlNOUEH, from Liverpool.-Consignees per this ship wi.l please send ihei permits *n hoard, foot of Roosevelt stnet, or to the officii of the undersigned. AH goods net permitted in fired.ys, a-e liable to he sent to public store. WOODHULL fc M1N i UhNS. f 10 itrrc 67 South street, KlTiHH BAhHUE J1UAM CJ1RR F.-U.W ULA8GOVV?Consignees per this vessel will please seud their permits on board, at :oot of James street, or to the office of the subscribers, without delay. All goods uot permitted in fire days are liable to be sent to public store. WO 'DHULL ?t MINTURNS, 87 South street. February 12, 1814 f 12 Stec SHIP COH''TA, CAPT. HEPBURN, FROM LIVhRPOOL.?Consignees of merchandize will phase seud their permits on board the ship, at foot of Piue street, or to the office of the subscriber, without delay. All goods not permitted iu fire days must he sent to the public store. JOHN HEKDMAN, fl3 5teo 61 Souths reet. REGULATE YOUR BAKER'S BILLS^ rPHE SUBSCRIBER has opened a store at No. 81 Nasiau J- stre.'t, for the sale ofhis hue Wheat. Kyi- and Corn ' rid. Also. Pies and Cakes of all kinda. Families seived st their dwellings with Bread, piea and Tea Cskes. Citizens generally will lind this a desirable place for lunch? fine flavored llot Coffee at three cents, Pies ol all kinds at three cents a pla'e; C,kes, Sandwiches. Ike., fcc. All arciclei are made up under his personal supervision, and he pledges himself that the best materials rhall be us. d tbe mar kei offers. JNO. I. HALEY, fid lm*ec GLASS STAINING. HANINGTON'8 ORIGINAL NE?V YORK GLASS STAINING AND ENAMELLING WOnKS, No. 393 Broadway, near Iltade itreet. THIS Establishment ii now completely organized to execute orJersou the most estensive scale, with many adva t.iges hitheito "tOnuwn iu this bruich of the fine arts, adapted lor Church Windows, private and public boil' iugs,Conservatories, cemeteries, Packet Shuu. Strain Beats, Light Houses. Denied Skylights, S.ore Wiudows, Hall Lanterns, aud for anv impose niniriBK a brilliant srran.ement of ielt design and beautiful colors, blsudmit splendor with economy. Specimens can be seen, adapted to any of the above t uri os"s. Tne colors are all warranted burnt into the glass,and wi I never Chang* color. Desigus furnished on the shone,t notice. I'if 31* ec UMBRELLAS. SLEEPER, BROTHERS, NO. 1215 MARKET STREET, PHILADELPHIA, ANTICIPATING the reviv.l of business. ha?e increased their stock ai d manufacturing opera ioos so as to rival tne greatest es abiishiner.ts n the globe. Purchasers may r?Iy on being supplied with any nuauirv and crudity of UMBRELLAS. PaRASOLS AND SUN shades, incIuJiat the lata Parisian style Beiug deterin ned not to succumb to the present severe competition,their goods aie offered at the lowest endurable advnre on the real cos ; while constandv on the alert to introduce improvements iu sty e, material and workmai ship, the stock will always comprise the must fashionable and best manufactured goods in the mark'l. ft 2wrc GENUINE TEAS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. THE CANTON TEA COMPANY, Principal Stare, 131 Chatham itreet, New York. Branch Store, 918 Bletcker it, N. Y. SS Agency at 118 Pulton tlr-et, Brookyn.1 Alto, corner of Main and Van I lout on st, Patrrion, N. J. ? i i b inn /ii i r<ii i iun u r v> i ax aiiu TRY families and purchasers to their several establish menu, where they think will be tonud by fa- (ha bait ittaction of pure and unadulterated Trai in the United Hutes. The universal popularity and renown ol their home, with refeirnce to high qu ilities, low prices and upright dealiuiy, i> too writ understood to render farther comment necessary. Original and ouly warehouse for the sale of Howqua's Black Tea Obiersr?Stranaeriv. ill he. particular to remember the number of the principal stare in Chatham utrset.vix: "121," between Pearl and Roosevelt streets. The public will also be pleased to taka notice, that tha Can] ton Tea Company have nothing to do with any ether stores whatever, except thos* described at the top of this advertise ?ent. jl? lm"re EXECUTOR'S SALE. tyHE subscriber, r.xecutor of the last will and testament of I John Mann, decease I, will sell at public action, at the nublie sales room in the Merchants' Exchange, in the city of New WILLIAM H FRINKLIX, Auctioneer, on the Ijth day of February, at 12 o'clock a'. noon, the following desirable Real Estate, known upon a " map of a plot of ground situated in the Fifteenth Ward of the city of New York, belonging to the estate of John Mann, deceased," surveyed ana laid out in lots January 8, 1H4, by Joseph k. Bridges, City Burrevor. 1. A lot of ground situate on the southeasterly side of the 3th avenue, and k .own upon the above ineutit Led map by theuuiner One, commeucin* at a point distant 81 feet and 2 iuchrs, t mthwesterly Irom the southeasterly comer of the Fifth avene and Eleventh street; thence ruuni g northeasterly aloug the soiStlieasterlv side of the Fifth avenue, twenty-seven fe?t a d one mchiithence miming s mthwesterly and on a line par 1lel to Eleveulh street h 8 feet; thence ru-nmg southwesterly and on a line parallel to the Fif h avenue 27 leet and one inch; and thence itinning northwesterly aim ou a line parallel to K.lemith street oce hundred feet, to tng point the place ol beginning 2. Also, 'hit e-rtain ether lot adjo-mug the above, known upon the above mentioned map by ihe number 2, commencing it a point distint f'flv four lent and two ruches southwesterly from the sonll easterly comer of the F ftli svennv -ud Eleven in st eet; the-ce running northeaiterl i along thesuittheisterly side of the k iftli avenue twen'y-seveu feet and one inch; tlience running tiiutheaste-ly and on a hue pa-aWel to Eleventh street, one hundred feet; th"n.e running sonthweste ly and on a line parallel to ilie Fifth arc tie twenty-seven feet and one inch; and thence running! northwesterly and on a line parallel to Eleventh s.rtat one hnudred feet, to the point the place ol beginning. 3 Also, that certain other lot adjoining the above, known up on the above mentioned map by the number 1, commencing at a (>oint distant twenty seven feet and one inchseuthweste'ly irom tne southeasterly corner of the F'fth avenue and Eleventh street; thence innnmg northeasterly along the southeasterly side of the k fth astnue twenty seven feet and one iuch tu the said southeasterly corner of the Fifth svrnue and E e.enlh street; thence running sontheaa'erlv alo< g the southwesterly side or Kleveuth street one hundied far'; thence miming suuthwest-rty and oa a paralhl to the ?ifth avenue tweutrseveu teat and one inch; nod ttuner running nor hwes rrly and on a liur parallel to Kl Truth atrrtt one hundred fret, to ll>r point the plarr i f beginning. 4. Also, that certain other lot adjoi inc. in the rear of 'he hree aborr described lota, anil if known upon the above men tianed m ip by the number 4. situste o.i the south e?steily tide of Kleventh itreet, commencing at a point on-hundred feet ouihaaairrly Irom the outhemtrrly co of Fiftn arenneaud Kh'renth strse , thence running southwesterly mid on a line parallel to thu Fifth avenue ninety-lour f-et and ten im hea. thence running southeasterly and on a line parallel to Kleventh street twenty-one f*ff: thence rnnnin- northeasterly and on a I ne pa-ellei to the Fifth avenue uiuety-f' urfrrl aud ten luch a and theme 'mining uorthee.trrlv -long Kleventh ateret twenty one fe t, to t e point the place of beginning. 5 Alto, that certain other lot adjoining the last above dea. cribed, and known npou the above mentl irad map by thennmbe J, commencing at a point iu the southwest-ily aideofllih street, dicant one hundred and fret s-nilieatteilv r m the southeast" I y Corner of Fif.h avnite and t-.ievea'* at ; thence running nuthvresterly aud -n ,, line p<rallrl to ihe F-fth venue ninety-f >nr leet an i ten inehea; thenre muring sootheasterly and on a line parallel to Kleventh street twraly teet uid t-n inches; thence running northeasterly ami on a line [>arallel to the Fifth avenue ninny-four feet ana ten niches, and thence tunning northwesterly along Kleventh street twenty f 11 and ten mehet to the point the place of beginmug. 4 Also, that certain other lot idjoiuing th? laat above described. and known upon the above mentioned map by the nam hnr 4, commencing at a point in the southwestern- side of nth itreet one hn.idred and forty-one feet and ten incites southeasterly from the soutcfastarly corner of Fifth avenue and Kleve. th t eel; thence moiling southwesterly aud on a Itee parallel to the Fifth avenue ninety-lour leet ?n? teu indies; tlience runaing southeasterly and on a line parallel to Kiev, nth street twenty leet and ten inche*; thence running noithea t*rty and on a line paral'el lo the b iltli avrnn.' "mety Tonr fver and ten inches; and thence min ing no-th westerly along Kleventh street twenty fe t and ten inches^ to the point the place of beginning 7. Aud, also, that certain other lot adjoining ih'last above ilescibeu, and known upon the above mentioned map by the number 7, cemmenetug at a point in the sonthwesteily sine of b.lereuth stree', one handr?d and sigty -tw feet and e.ght in h es soriheaUerly f nm the southeaste lv jorner of Flhh avenue a"d Eleven h street; ihence rnunii g southwesterly and on a line paralhl to Die Fifth avenue oiuety-four feet and ten inches; thence running s ut iea?terlv and on a line rara'lel to Eleventh street twenty feet snd ten inches; thence Tunning northeas'eil.and on a lin- pa/a II to the Fifth avnne ninety fow f-et aid ten inches; and theuee ru ining al-mg Klerenth street twenty feet and teu inches, to the yoiut the place ol be ginning. '1 here are two houses standing in part npon lots 5,4 sua 7 The puiehasers will he entitle.! t> sue parts thereof as stand upon the lots respectively purchased by them. Terms liberal. Title indisputable. HeKBr KT LAWRENCE, Kieenfor. New York. Itauary 15. 1444. fmm*rrc MONEYJTO LEND. ABRAHAM J. JACKSON, Pawnbroker, No. 5t Reads street, near Broadwav.lotas money ir. large or small snms, as may be required on W arches, Jewelry, Silver Wase, Dry OoodyraariM Apparel, and personal property of ev#r? de W YC J YORK, THURSDAY M( AMERICAN HOTEL, PHILADELPHIA. rpHll new hoQM ie aitnaied on Cheatnut afreet, oppoeite the I State Hon t. (Independence Squat',) and id the immediate vicinity of all the faahonabla pUcn of imuMwnt and rv.urt. It liu been built in the moit thorou?h manner, J. Kidgway, Esq.,end conuinv uuwarda of one huudieu looms, many of which are i?rIo'? wi'h bedrooma adjoining, tuilabla tor families. and Parties ?f ladiea and cautlemro It will be furuiahrd throughout, (without regard to eipense) with new and elegant turnitme of ine man approved atyle, and opened for tne reception of tiie travelling pablic.ou the tint day of March neit. The pruprietoia tiatter themselves, that their long experience in the busmen, will > ii 'b'e theui to conduct the American Howl, in all it* department*, in inch a meuner aa will pleaae the moat lia'idiou*. and una.autre to their gueais every eninfurt and luxnry, that can be found in any Hotel in this United State*. N D ?Bathing Kooma are attaclied to tlwi Hotel, where warm and cold water butha will at all 'imea be in readineaa. HENRY A CHART ER. O. JAMES MAC LELLAN, J ""P"*0 January lith, 1144. jli 3mrc A C ARD. PHENIX EXCHANGE. SNEDECOR AND THOMPSON, JNFORM their numerous frieuda, that Uiey^ have takra jind ami Nassau streets, known as the "PHF.NIX ICXCHANOE," and ?r? determined to k?ep the choicest liquors and setfarg to be found in the city. Those who appreciate a superior glass of Brandy or Gin, are requsstea to call and try a r?ry tine article just received. THE DININQ DEPARTMENT ia completely re o ized, and thoae who wish a good dinner, well served, cau n be accommodated at moderate charges. Aa the proprietor? resolved to Iterp a first rate house, they respectfully reque Ktrouage of their friends and the public, as long as they at . found to deserve it. ISAAC S 8 N ED EC Oil, AUSTIN D. THOMPSON. N B.?The LUNCH, at the Bar, will b?aer?ed up every day between '0 and II o'clock, A. M. Oysters in every style? at all hours of the day. jl4 4taw is 4w# re EXCHANGE HOTEL?BALTIMOKE. ERAVPUS COLEM-IN has this day lakeu HENRY F JACKSON into partnership, ai d iu lurure the hou-e will be onducfd in the name of COLEMAN St JACKSON. The patronage ol' the travelling public, and influence of our friends, is respectfully solicited, Baltimore, FVbruaty 1, 1844 II lin ee HAVANA MANSION HOUSE HOTEL. nPHE undersigned takes occasion to inform his friends and f the pnblic, that the Mansion Honae ia now located in Inquisidor street, No. 67. iu the vicinity ef the steamboat lauding and vegetable market, having commodious family apartments arranged in the nentcat order. A person is employed to procure permits to land passenger) baggage, fcc. who will board vessels immadialely after the visit of the revenue officers. N. B.?Visitors to this lslaad should procure a passport frou, the Spanish Consul, at me poit of embarkation, to obviate difficulties and inconvenience. s?l 6mac* WILLIAM FULTON ENGLISH ADVERTISEMENT. T ONDON?ST. KATHARINE'S HOTEL, opposite the i-t St. Katharine's Dock Gates, ana neor the lloyai Mint. THOMAS LENNEY, late Ctnel Steward of the British Uuern Steamship, respectfully uiiotms hiafrieuda in the United States, that he has the management of the above new and elegant establish <eut, which is built -nil tarnished regard leas of expense, and is in every respect adapted for tha receppou of families and gentlemen visiting England, as the hotel fronts that part of the dock In which the liners and most of 'he other Ame ric-vii vessels lay, and is wuhia hve tniuntea v.alk of the Bank and Royal Exchange. The house will be conducted on liber.,1 and economical principles 'i he Coffee Room is supplied with the Loudon, American, East Indian and Colonial patera. The Viands, Wines, die. are ol the Prst quail V A good Billiard Room and Warm Baths will be louud in the houae Ga lie men may coutract by the week or month for bo,rd, fcc. on the same terms as in America. T LENNEY bess to assure those who may honor him will their patronage that uothing shall b> wanting to render h*iu comfortable, and by attention to the wishes of nis guests, hopes to merit that coufiuvnce and good will so liberally bestowtd oi Him wh?n ulduraril nf fhe Hriimh Gnnon ilUr f~)LD SAINT PAUL'S 1 hit noble romance, which eon" uiiu a correct and vivid account of lit* terrible ida ur which nearly depopulated London in the reign of Charlea li haa just been printed in a neat book Corn hy the tubicnber. It istheoul- book edition ever published. For tale ataliptriodical depota. Price UW cenia E. P. vVILLI AM9, Publisher, fb lw*rrc ^ ^ 142 < onitre*! itreet, Boston. THE CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN BURNS AND CLARINDA. T^HE whole of the mysterious and tetre Correspmiden e A which took place between tli? Poet Bihns and there,brated Clariuda, Mrs. McLchoie, iu 1787 to *93, and which tins been aought for in Tain by Cunuiucham and < th-rs, for the purpose of publication, has at Irugih by tt e decs Is* of Citrinda, fallen into iht hands of her grandson, W C. McLeho.e, K.sij ami h now first given to the wo'ld. 1 othe curious it Burns and Platonics this work will be Particularly r- lislicd, and cannot fill to strongly iu'erest readers in gtn ral. It in published in this city and Edinburgh simnltui eoaily Tin Ain-ric-n eittlinu is an>at IJino. volume oT nb ut oiO rages cloth, gilt?is issued ami for >alc by K P B X U V Ik Co. No J Ptrk Row, opposite the Astor House. Notices of the Correspond* uce between Burns and Clariuda. from tbe British Journals :? ''The Letters to Cldiinus nave long been felt by the admirers of Burns to ? an important chapter in the Poet's Biography."? Allot. "Heldom hare we welcomed a work with warmer feelinga mar. the one before us. The pub'ication v as due to the laWv of Barna' devnt-d attachmeut, and the letters thro a much light on many traits in the wildly derioua character o< the Batw'? Ktlto Chronicle " Wlwrersr the name of Robert Burus ia known, this boeb w I nr. receieed both with aridity aud aniiaty, as being prom* b'7 t"e last of his writings which will be giTeu to the world and as onnging fully to fight a passage in th- Poet's Life hirli erto wrapp-d in a mystery, fruitful of painful suspicious."Pi/e Herald. A mysterious chapter, perhaps the last that remains to be unfolded in the present histo y of nor great National Bard hajuat b.-eu opened by a descendant el one who has been made immortal by her connexion with genius.?Kilmarnock Journal "This Tolume is invested with an accumulation of attractions, we have not bees disappointed, higli as our anticipations wen. The character of Burns is here more fully developed to us than formeily and the strange mystery which hang around the intercourse of ' la-imla end Burus, ia, we think, satisfacto try cleared up."?scoieman. Some ol our most delightful episto'ary liter-tare ha-i beei. Koduced by |>oets?and to Pop 'and (iowper's letters may uoe ad-led that of Burns "?Hrlghton Herald. "This i> indeed uo? of the curiosities of literature, and m\\ well be said to suiiply a new chapter in the Life of Scotland'* immortal I'oet. It behoyei every admirer of ill* author of The Cotter's Saturlay Night, to provide himself witha copy Cheltenham Journal. jti Im"m elAlM UAtiUKKHIAN UALLbo . ./ Rroadway, up staira.?E. 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about f rty ? ere in oae in the diatrj, t, and wer , at tne eerli.,eatenaffirm, at inoeh evpoaed to ihe i tensity of that fir* at hey would have he- n in <ny ator* at thit tuna yed; but Not ONE INfJTAi\CE of failure hat at any time oecuned f rom long etperie-ice and Itention nth elf (Uprik dured by fire opou Haf a, the patentee haa been enabled to make inch improeetre .li that he can wi'h full confidence re ommend hit IJni m Salamiude Book Safea, at beyond all douht praol' ajtamat tha action uf fire, free from da nim-aa, a d a'rriiia enonah to anata n any fall or pressure to which the) caabeeaposed in the burning of a atw?. 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U Leaanna SI 9* JO Rtdea $11 08 -tingle do I 00 | tinule do 75 The Dressing and Untwing Rooma ar- well wartnrd, and vary attention ri voted to tha -omlortof th.we w,.o miy honor it will) 'heir natronagr ffentlrmen kr-ping their horaee on livevy at this ei-.hlithnent. will have the privilege of riding them in tha School. nl5 lm*r FIIE NCH ARTIFICIAL FLOW EH. 8 &c. THK anhaerihera have )im received, (trlate arrivalt Pom A Havre, and keep constuitly oa liana, a complete aaanrtmeait Kranch Artificial Klowara Materials or all kinds for Flower* ne, 8?SK?t 5f{ M,.' ymejo-r.. niM*rr? 71 Liberty itreet, upiulrt, , * )RK J )RNING, FEBRUARY 15, Death of Justice Coxven?Meeting of the Bar. Yesterday morning, the death of Mr. Justice Coweuoftiie Supreme Court, was appropriately announced in the several Courts, and the usual tribute, by adjournment, was paid the memoty of the deceased. At eleven o'clock, a very large meeting i of the members of the Bar was held in the Supreme | Court Room, to express their feelings on the mclan-1 choly event. On motion of Okosui. OairrKX E114 , his Honor the Chiei Justice was appointed president, and William P. Haliett, . Esq., Secretary On motion of Marikaix Sriuisc Bidwell, E*q., Vic* Chancellor McCowen, Judges Kent and Ulahoelfcr, were : appointed Vice Presidents. 1 Oasict. Loan, Eiq., roie and said that he had prepared | the following resolutions Tor the purpose of expressing the feelings of the Bar in a manner suitable to the loss sustained by the death of such a distinguished member of the profession:? Resolved, That we have received the melancholy announcement of the death of the late Hon. Ksek Co wen, one of the Justice* of the Supreme Court of this State, with feelings of sincere regret. The mental and moral qualities of the deceased, his extensive and varied acquire. I ments, his habits of severe application and research, as displayed in his public career, produced for him while living the respect and admiration of the profession, and now excite a deep uiiit of tho greatness ol the loss which the public have sustained in this dispensation of Providence. C'lior in hit perception*, logical in hi* reasoning, learned to a proverb, untiring in hi* in luatrv, unyielding in hi* senaeof right, amiable in hi* social and domestic relation*, kind and affable in hi* intercourse with all, w e cannot hut feel that, as a judge, an author and u man, it will be dillicult to supply hi* place. Unsolved, 'I'liat we sympathize cordially with the *urviving colleague* of the deceased, ami with hi* atliicted family nud relative* In tbi? mournful lajreuveinent Resolved, That a* a testimony of respect for the memory of the deceased, wo will wear the usual badge of mourning for thirty days. Itesolved, That these resolution* be signed by tho President, Vice President*, and Secretary. and published in the daily papers, and that a copy of the same be transmitted to the family of the deceased Unsolved. That a copy of these resolutions bo sent also to the Justices ofthe Supreme Court. Signed, SAMUEL JONES, President. WM. T. McCOW EN,) WM KENT. } Vice President*. M. ULHHOEFFER, ) W*. P. Hallctt, Secretary. The reading of the resolutions were followed up by Mr, Loan in a few appropriate remarks. He observed that the occasion was not one for a lengthened eulogy on the deceased. The resolut on* contained In them all that was necessary or proper as a tribute to one so well known to the profession. would he superfluous to recapitulate or declare his merits. JusticeCoweu had been engaged first as a Reporter, and then as a Judge. In the first he was as faithful as he was eminent in the latter capacity. Mr. Lord then dwelt unon the learning, the talent, and industry, exhibiteel in the works w hich had been published by Justico cowen ;worK?|whiclilwoulu lie undying monumen'i of the mind which had produced ttiem. To a very uselul class of magistrates lie had furnished a most valuable legal record. (lis work on Evidence was one which any liters teur might well he proud of. It was an honor to the State of which Justice Cow en was a citizen Yet such works were the productions of a man who had not had the benefits of an early education, such as hud been enjoyed by many present. He was a self made man?he became learned because he studied?he studied because he loved to studjr. Ho was abundant in thought, labor, perseverance and industry. I regard these as circumstances of honor to him. But it was not merely as a man of learning that he excelled. He had a vivacity of mind?perhaps an exuberance of vivacity?which led him to indulge in speculative views, which but for the euergv of his mind might perhaps have amounted to a fault While we regard with admiration the energy of his professional character, we remember howmuch he excelled in private life. Hewas uniformly kind, and no man was more indulgent to the young members of the profession than Judge. Cowen. To all he was kind and forbearing?a universal friend. His moral and social qualities rose to a towering eminence above his other qualities. He, (Mr. Lord.) w hen he first came to the bar. knew Judge Cowen personally, though not so in timately, perhaps, as some members, yet he knew him sufficiently well to vouch for all 'he resolutions contained tie therefore moved that they be adopted. Judge V*"tor.nron, simply seconded the resolutions without preface. They were adopted unanimously. Aftera short pause, Psxscott Hall. Esq , moved that the meeting adjourn, which was accordingly carried. New York Gas Light Compamt.?We understand that the following memorial to the Legists tnre ot thim .state, in relation to the mtKmiuiagetnent of the Gaa Company, is now in circulation for signature*. We tru?t tlint something will be done. To the Honorable the Senate and Home of *1uembli/ of the State of Neu) Yot k :? Petition of the undersigned inhabitants of the city of New York, for the repeal of the Charter, granted to 2the New York Gas Light Company, on the Ufitli ol March, 1823Showictii, That when the aforesaid Company applied to the Legislature for an act of incorporation, it was stated that the supplying ol gas to the inhabitants of the city of New York, would benefit the public, and promote its convenience and welfare. That, in couformity with this assurance, your Honor able Body granted a Charter to the said Company, as prayed lor; and the Corporation of the city extended to them the privilege of opening the streets, for the laying down of their pipes; which exclusive protection anil pri vllegc they have now enjoyed, within their appointed district, for the last twenty-one years. That as soon uj the aforesaid Company had secured its monopoly, instead of consulting the public convenience hyejharging the consumer a reasonable price for gas they began by demanding live times as much for the article us is usually paid to other companies, in other parts that is to say, they insisted on the enormous price of KM rents, instead of 20 cents per 100 cubic feet, or 100 pei cent above what ia ordinarily paid. That the Company's present price is 70 cents per IOC cubic feet, orU.M) per cent more than it ought to be, which is a serious injury to that portion of the public, who, from the nature of their avocations, are constrained to consumo the said Company's gas. how unjustifiable so ever b? their demand, and who have hitherto been left without the ordinary remedy of fair competition, in con sequence of the monopoly thus granted. That gas can be made as cheap in the city of New York as it is in those parts of Europe, where the cost to tht consumer is about 20 cents per 100 cubic feet. That the average weight of a barrel of resin is 190 lbs. 'he cost of which is about six shillings. Now, as on< pound of renin will make ten cubic feet of gas, ths barrel will make 1900 cubic feet. The material, therefore, costi 'he aforesaid Company less than 4 cents per 100 cuhfr feet, for which they charge the consumer 70 cents, independently of the large henclit accruing from the sale ol 'heir waste liquor, redistilled for other valuable purposes and which more than covers thenbove first rost i urn in miiiiiinn 10 me aioicsam unreasonable charge occasioned by the monopoly, the said company make and supply their own meter*, the correctness of which thr consumer* hare no means of ascertaining, ?nd a very pre vnlent impression exists that charge is frequently madi lot a much greater quantity than is actually consumed yet the cbartar leaves your petitioners and numerous o'h or consumers, without remedy. although the government Is, in nil other cases, rigid as to weights and measures ge nerally. That your petitioners also believe, from tha innumera hie escapes of gas, caused by the main pipes and leader* being much decayed from oxidation, that the general health of the inhabitants of the city of New York sullen materially. That whenever the streets are opened through whirh the gas pipes run, the soil is found so saturated with gas as to be highly offensive, whilst the volumes that pour in cassantly, by day and by night. Irom the gas works in Centre street, render a great portion of the city, and the whole of that neighborhood in particular, a permanent nuisance , although the company have another location almost out'of town, to which they should ha\ c long since removed, but will not. That the carhurretted hydrogen generated in marshes and swamps, which sweeps olT thousands yearlv. bv pre lisposing to ngua'S, intermittent fevers, inflammation ol the thorax, lungs, consumption, and a frightful list of other mala lies, is trifling in quantity computed with wlant saturates the iitmospliere ol the city of New York, ores sioned by the exhalations from the corroded pipes and the escape from the works of the aforesaid company, and il the bills of mortality be examined, it will be found that the mnjoi ity of deaths locally are caused by the above and similar diseases. That carlmrrcttnd hydrogen has a great affinity forwa in, mm ?* uir xiii 111 inc cuy ix luglily Impi egiinte.l with it, the rushes to tlio well* of tliepiililic pumps, the w* ter of which in thin rendered nnflt fir use That when the main or large pi pin of the Croton wa'er become oxidated, which increases the porosity of ca?t iron, the gas from the aoil will rapidly pa** into them, and contaminate the water, which ix at preaent puro and wholcsorfle, Thia frequently hnppnna in light soils That a? the New Vork Oaa l.ight Company hare not ftilfl lleil any of their contract* with the public, a a la eel dent fiom the foregoing statements, which are all matter* ul fact, susceptible of proof, your petitioner* entreat that your Honorable body will he pleased to take aaubjectof inch gi.nural importance into early and mature conaideration, and trust that the remit of your deliberation* will be the immediate repeal of the charter granted to the saul company as aforesaid, which has been for *0 many years greatly detrimental, initead of beneficial, to the public welfaie. And your petitioners will erer pray, fcc. Latkht from Hai.ipax.?News from Halifa*, N. 1.. to Keh. 5, hus been received. A good ileal of apprehen?ion wis felt thereon amount of the non at rival of the Britannia The steamer Margaret was to leave there in search of her They hive ha I some very col l weather there, hut not so cold, hv all account*, a* has he n enjoyed In No-v Brunswick The thermometer has indicated r.ero several tunes, but the harbor was open nod clear The mow ? as very deep?absolutely piled up in front of the houses like breait work The Kastern'and tVaatein mail roads were in an impassable state. There waa a good deal of privata icandal In town re. lative to a lady of one of the public functionaries and a British red-cost of tho garrison, but the interesting particulars hare not yot been doreloped in a form proper for publication. HERA 1844. City Intelligence. i Police (Ifflce, Feb. 17.?Great Ijibease or Be a- ' j OLtmri ?There offences have been rapidly on the in- . cri'Sin for the pest several weeks, owing mainly to the ' ' withdrawal of the night police from duty. While in lire ! performance oftbeir nightly avocations, the whole watch department were aroused to activity and observation, and the result was that midnight marauders liecame alarmed, l and the city* was comparatively released fioui their Oepre- , datious Owing to a narrow minded policy that o|ierates upon our public authorities, the night patrol was reliu- . < qnlaheA. aa was alleged, irom larn compl uni at iksss> ^ pense incui red?and the consequence is that the commu uity isriibtird and plundered, when protection should ho ' guaranteed by those holding the reint of the city govern- J uicnt. Thepreseut Common Council bare but little over aight 1 weeks louger to remain in power and not a mensuie of , retormatiou connected with the police, has been adopted I Alderman Tillou'a famous police hill is still in the hands ! , of the printer, where it will probably remain ! . until too late for action, and tlie bill receutl. ' Introduced into the Board of Assistants, which coutaius | mucn to recominemi tt. mill lion on the tarlo waiting lor noon-body to call it up for adoption. The reasonable preemption therefore u, that the two IiIIIk will meet he- , twuen the two boardi, and thua the whole affair wi'ifall to the ground, Untie next common council to revive and keep in dalliance before the people for another year. Tn thus that the community are humbugged by their representatives in the Common Council. Receivers ?wn Thieves?Notwithstanding that the 11 census given to junk >hop keepers and dealers in second hand clothing, &c , compels them under a penalty of S>o to keep a hook in which the names and resiliences of all persons from whom they purchase shall be entered, not one iu one hundred in this city conform to the ordinance Many ol our by-streets are filling up with these establishments, that lorm a receptacle lor stolen goods, that gne rise to three fourths of the burglaries and larcenies ihut are committed in this city. Orange and Chatham streets are noted, although those who are dishonest dealeri in the latter street geuei ally have branch establishments wlieie stolen goods are purchased, in other parts of the city. A class of rogues that in l-ondoa and oilier Kuropetni cities are called " water thieves," are becoming quite numerous,and they are more to tie dreaded than laud thieves, as their depredations are traced with much more difficulty. Recently they have extended their movements so lar os to commit various burglaries and remove the property to the vessels to which they belonged, which in a recent case was recovered by trace of their tracks on the snew, that led to their exposure. All the various systems of Irnud arid robbery so prevalent in Kuropean cities are thus being daily introduced among us, and therefore the necessity of n system of police that will prevent crime, and compel rogues to resort to some honest labor for their support. A Wirt Starred av a Husband ?John Peters, a French Canadian, living in Delancey near Ridge street, committed an assault upon nis wife on Tuesday evening, and afterwards stabbed htr twice with a knife in the shoulder and hack. Officer Ruckel arrested him on Wednesday evening and lodged him in the Citv Prison, whern he awaits an examination. Hi* wife ii seriously Injured, but not so much ao as to endanger her life. OTnyor'a Office, Fi.e. 14.?Charge of J'Myury.?The Mayor has been engaged these two days ya.t in investigating a singulai charge of perjury, preferred by Abruhain Crist, a lawyer, against Josepn Ashley, of the firm ol Day k Ashley, No 236 Washington street. The charge consists of four counts. Firit-Petjury in the answer in chancery to the suit of Abraham Crist. Second?P? rjury in tlie suit of John Haggerty and otliers Third ? Perjury in the examl nation lielsre the Master in Chancery in the suit of Crist, and laitly, uttering a lalsc power of Attorney purporting to be that of Robert Duplex, and knowing it to be >1 foigery The examination being in part private, wc gather that Ashley was the owner ol the premises No. 18 Grand street, and to prevent his creditors from laying their hands on it, be caused certain conveyances to be made fixing the ownership in the person of a C aptain Robert Duplex, who had been dead about four years. To carry out the fraud, he has caused other papers to be executed,and has proc ured certain people to personate the character of Duplex, and powers of Attorney were given by said Duplex to other paities, appointing them as the agents to receive the rents and pay them over to Asliley, to pay ofr a mortgage on the property. These latter parties Hre the witnesses in the case, and even the personal friends of Ashley up ta the date of this development. One of the witnesses, William N. Andros, states that he h id been on very intimate terms wltn Ashley and hav. ing been employed as agent for the estate of Duplex, he was called upon liy Ashley to sign a statement of the .iff bra of the ogi-ncy, in or.lerthat they might be forward ed to Duplex Without examining into the contents of me paper, tie signed it, ano men swore to it neiorc a i om missinner. In thin paper Andros is made to any, that fur nearly twenty yean he waa acquainted personally with this Captain Duplex, and bad been employ e<l tiy him, and had witnessed his signature to rertain papers. lie. h hen this paper was rend over to Androi, the surprise of tie man was perfectly stunning?and in an accent of earnest ejaculation he excluimed, " It is a falsehood from beginning to end." He never was acquainted with Duplex, and had never been employed in any way by him, unless as the agent by a forged power of attorney, and then he paid the rent to Ashley. This man had been arrested on the charge of perjury in the same transaction. He tieclared solemnly that he would never sign a paper, not even for his own father, without fir*t reading it over. Jr.arMisH Smith, Jr., was also examined He, it appears hail resided in Albany, but in 1842 removed to this city, and kept a feed atore on the corner of Washington and Warren streets. He was connected with Ashley by marrlage. and had great confidence in him, having known him for tweuty yean Ashley had been to Europe, and on his return he Introduced a sort of tea cap'ain to the 1 witness, calling him Duplex, and from this man he recei1 vedapowerol attor.iey to collect the rent of the bouse in Grand street, nnd to deliver the same to Ashley. This power of attorney Ashley had recorded?a man named William Foster, testifying to the signature of Duplex Crist, who it apjiears had a suit orjudj, ment on the pirmi' ses In Grand street, distrained, and by the direction nl > \shley a suit was commenced f gainst ? 'rist by witness by and with the advice ol Ashley, who gave witness s letter and some money to fee a law) er In the early part of 1843, Ashley came 4o witness, and requested him to ' write to Duplex, who he said had arrived at Philadelphia and to explain the whole history of the suit by Crist and the situation of the property Witness did so. and gave the 1 letter to Ashley to put in the Post Offlce. Some days nf terwards, n aealariiig man called on witness and handed him a letter which he said was from Philadelphia from Duplex, who M there mailti to abuse Ashley, ano call him a schemer, lie. [The letter, which is a legrd to he a forgery, is written in nautical style, and altogether the affair was managed with the greatest tact, but unfortunately foi Ashley .Captain Duplex died in the year 1840, and this pur ports to have been written in 1843 !] The witness was also directed to prosecute the suits, and actually did spend some $60 On the reeeipt of the letter he begged a man named John A. Curtis to put his signature to it, ns|t)ieie might be some difficulty. Ashley told the witness that ii ' his conversations with t.'rist and others, about him, (Ash 1 ley.) he was to represent him as a very bad character?and so he did. When witness was alioiit to show Crist tin powerof attorney, under which lie acted in the matter I ...iJ Urn ??a .nl,l l,? r. Ul In ,'n., , Mich thing On hi* cro*? examination he Mated that hi had been ?i retted a* a party to the perjttn but on deliveiing up hit paper* and telling hi* ?tnry to the Mayor, he tp1 leased him and made him a witnesn in the mutter The ease la not yet terminated, and during the coming examination* we may he able to get a more full and par ' 'irtilar history of the several transaction*, which owing 'n the secrecy observed in the early part of the e* imina Ion wo have not been able to do Ashley, on the other hand, declare* it is a plot got up ag?in?t him bj Atulros and Smith, and that when the other side of thi story I* told,he will he ahleto exonerate himielffully from the charges, grave as they appear. Mr. Triit appeared in person, and Mr. Derry for the accused. Uenrral Vesilons. Before Recorder Tallmadge, and Aldermen Waterman and Drigg* Jonas B. Phillips, P.sq , Acting District Attorney. Pea. 14?Dcsih or Jtooa Cssis-At the opening ol the Court, 8*lc?i DurrHra, Ksq , rose and said ? " May it please the Court, I ruu to perlorm a duty at unexpected as it D painful It is to uunounce to this Cotir the sudden death of the Honorable Ktra Cow ** one ol the Assistant .lustices of the Supreme i ourt of this Stale Wherever this mournful intelligence Is receivea in tl i? State, grief w ill follow, and all will leel the public los*. It has been truly said that death loves a shining mark, and lie has now tshen from us a legal luminary unsurpassed in honor, fidelity and re enrrh. But ? " Pallida More iri/ito puliat ptde pauperum tahrmae liegiimi/iir liwrci ' Or-" rule Death striken alike at tho cottage and the palace." It would he a tank for which I am incompetent to pronounce U|>on the decease I an eulogy worthy of hi* name. Hi? recorded derisions will carry hi? memory dow n to pen. terity bs a learned and honorable man?a* a w i?e and im. partial judge, pure and ntaivii reproach. Of htm it may well he sail, "Juilum. r< lenacem prnpotiti rtrum sion rtvfiim order pram j .hmtimn, non vultui inetantie tyranni Menle i/ualil tolida " Or, an han been happily trannlated?" Neither the heat of public excitement wrongly directed, or the Older of a tyrant could nwerra such a man from hia honent purpone.'' Mr. then moved that the Court should then adjourn Jo?r*? B Phii.i.ih, Fnq., Acting District Attorney, ne conded the motion mado by Mr. IrrTCiir.a. and added an eloquent tribute of respect to the dt-pai led. Whereupon the Coutt responded, expressing their nym pathy with the family of the duceannd and their high aen?e of hia abilities and virtues, arid adjourned in respect for his memory until 11 o'clock thin morning, and ordered the proceedings to tie entered on tbe minute* ol the Court. VUiyinr the Offinr.?In the report of the trial of James Murphy for a misdemeanor in representing hum-ell as a police officer, and alleging that he I.ail a \> -iruint to nrri-ai Thomas Colliding that wan trie ! in the <sions on Tuesday, the testimony ol Colliding and Mason should have el that the former was rele ise.l by Murphv. on Mason's becoming seeui ity in the turn of <3 -VO lor his appearancat the store o( Hooker St Morr s the next morning and not that he promised to ,.av %3 hi Ing the price ol the do/.en gloves alleged to have tw? n tolen. Mad Dnoaus Win run ? M.ul dog* have appeared lately at Quebec, and an older haa been limed by the Mayor forth* destruction of all dogs found at large. Extreme cold seems to act on the canine race in the same way aa extreme heat. LD. Wm Two Ccntii Latest from Africa.?The Wasp, Leavitt, arrived yesterday, in fifty days passage (torn Sierra Leone. Three weeks before she sailed, II. B. M. brig-oftvar Rapid captured and carried into Sierre Leon# 1 Brazilian slaver, having on board two hundred ind fifty slaves. The slaves were Ireed, the vesial told, and her crew cast adrift, until such lime as :ney could get a vessel to take them away, tha British government allowing each man one sht^ ing per day to subsist on till he obtained a vessel. Very Late fho.m Yucatan.? VVe have received jy the Spy, Copt. Lnuden, from Sisal, EL Siglo Eiiz Y Nutva, published in M6rido, to the 13ih ult., inclusive. It is tilled with official publication* relative to the reunion of Yucatan with Mexico, which is very much like ? marriage of virtue to crime. Further from South America?The brig Long Island, Captain Howell, arrived yestetday morning from Rio Grande, with advices to the 7th ul.imo. When the Long Lland left Rio Grande, ihere was newafrom the River of l'lute up to Nov 25ih, which is not quite ss late as we have hud, but the accounts are interesting, nevertheless. At ihut naie, Montevideo still held out, though the probability of its doing so with success wh.i rapidly diminishing. Thirteen hundred men of Rivera's party had been driven acrosa the Brazilian Irne by bervaudo Gomez, one ol Cube's officers. The partial blockade of the port of Montevideo by the Buenos Ayrean squadron tinder Brown, piohituting the entry of live cattle, poultry, fresh and salted mean, tec., had gone into operation, but other articles of provisions were abundant in Montevideo. That government had taken very arbitary mrasures to raise money?imprisoning those who refused to supply cash, or sign promissory notes m favor ol the government. Some 100 frenchmen, who were desirous to quit Montevideo, und had not tha means of paying tor their passports, had requested the government to furnish thein grans wnh passport* for Buenos Auk, and on its refusing so to do, the French Consul uoiitied the government that unless the pssspotts were granted, tile French lorces would take csre that those Frenchmen should leave, even though with out pauperis. The Portuguese Consul, Pignor Leite, was charged with having aided the enemy, his exequatur revoked, and he ordered to quit the city in six days, winch he did. D. Lewi* Baena, a rich and highly rerpectable auctioneer, had been shot for having sent ci trununicationa to the enemy. The ship Heruld, belonging to Mr. Silas E Burrow.-, which had been sent to Buenos Ayrea by Brown, lor wont of Register, ciew list, &c , bod been taken chnige ol by Commodore Turner, ai d brought from Buenos A)res down to Montevideo. The low n ol Muldonado wan occupied by Oube'a party. ? It hud surretideted to the^buciiob Ay leans just before the L 1 sailed. Brown's blockading squadron was anchored cff the Bucco, seven miles east ol Montevideo. Assistant Vice ? limit el tor's Court. Feb 14 ? At the opining ol the Couit, Mr 1 Scourf, tn behalf ot the Bar in attendance, announced the death of Judge Cowen, and moved, aa a mark ol ret |.cct lor hit rr mnry, that the Couit do now adjourn. 1 he Atii-timl Vies Chancellor made tome ohtervationt upon the gust liaising and high judicial charactei of the deccbted, and li e irreparable lout sustained by the bench, the far, and li e public, in hli death, and thereupon adjourned the couit till to-morrotv morning. V. K. Commissioner's Office. n.i n.....i... Fill 14?Rub'itiglltr full Ofliec at Suit Harbor ?John Reeve, u native of Alathlehtad, *11(1 about 16 j i at a ' I f g> uu yciterdly hioiight in iluicity in < haig< ol nUt|iiir \1ar-l al, charged with havit i; bioktn into lie Foil (. Itco at Sag Haibor, on the night ot tlie 94th ult , by lemiV.lig m |mhiu ol glaia, which enabled Inm to unrlu the iaitiiiiiu( ol th? wind iw. 'Itiu principal evidence agon it Inm la ilnlol a moi named Vetera, u ho itajpeeti, he <nd*avoiad to brunt into the icbeme, I ut dm not tucceed On tb?- other band a man n n rri Hrdgea awraia tliat ha (.! lowed the piiioner to ileep I"" ba 11 nl( <) : right Hi (juration, and that it w an impoa?ihie that he tboulu bate been able to gut out to commit the robbery. ?? on tiling on the following morning, he lound ti e | >J< t pit g on the hay loft. The pi taoner tuppoaed that there * u in the olhce about iMIO ; but it tinned ottl tliat ail lie obtained waa nhuut 96ceuta. Several of the letteri were 'orn open and acaltered altout the bouie. He ban been on a whaling voyage. The examination la deferred until the witneas ahaUhnve had time to get on here. Conn t aleiiiiai-'l hit Fay. Stroma C'otJBT.? Noa. 16 43 48 40 61 69.68, 64, (a, 66, 67, 6b, 69, CO 61. 69, 64, 69 36 1. 49. 71 79 74. 76, 6, 6. 14,16,40,34,26,77 10,91,63 29.33.79,# 47 LtacDlT Cot at.?Noa 3d, 89 , 84 , 68 , 09, 100 to 1C6, locluaive. The New York Uivukck l asn ? We lrnm Irnm Cnltimhux thet the aequel of Mrs M< ElwuinV epplicution for a divorce w n? rich and tharactrriitic enough ui cover her chnmjuona in the Legiiiatme with ' cviil't* ion ol IhCei," with the txciption. pethupa, of the ei natnrfiom Preble" The memorial in ren oniltanee liom lierliunbuiid, J. O McElwain, waa laid t>elore the Houao on Saturday and tend by the rink, and ittcb dioppn g of heada and ejaculaliona ol ' Oh ! Oh ! : Ob ! ! . ' atjtn m occur among grate, upright and dignified fcoloni lie memorial mid testimony u* Irain u tut to >huw tit t the <Hir applicant, at ho had won tavnr w ith a majority ol the Senate and a minority. 21 members, of ihtt hnuir. had lx t n 'or y ears the mistress of a broker in New \ 01 k cry, and that moat ol the witnesses whose testimony she biougl t forward to establish her claims to the init 11 oxuoti ot <Lu Legislature of Ohio, in divorcing htr her husband, were parfirrps triminii in her deirradatinn and infamy What a commenlaty on the legislation of Ohio In legaid 'o divorce* ' Let liittue Lei isiaiures in no instance n.ttitain an application and good mat yet grow out ol a rare which ha* stamped disgrace on the chai acter ol one biai.c h >1 the General Assr mhlv at home and alnoad A element of the divorcer granted I y the Legislature of Ohio onto the preaent time show* the extreme caution t xer ited in the early hlatory ol ihe S ate en the subject. tViien the McRlwain erne was before the Hour. Vt OalUglier opposed the hill, and tuhmltted the lullow n c ( term nt One divorce u a* granted In I Witt, one in HO), and tie in 1802. under the territorial Legislature, one in 1904, nein 1807, one in 1900, one in 1811 one in 1814, one ia I fill, one in 1814, thtre in 1820, one in 1827. foot' In IS'.'S, hrce in l8J9. nine in 1830, two in 1831. filteen in 1832 ten in 1838, three in 1934 one in 1830. two in 1837. !?> in IMS n* in 1838 lour in l8a#-4o lottr in 19*1- , and ninetien n 1942-48?in all 07 Thiiteen ar.or g the eatly larva "f livorce were prefaced hy preamble*, sr'tirg forth the nana of granting them, and in all the?e ca?er the ruurta hud no pou er, and It ia presumed thai similar reasons ?xated in many of the othrr cases Hut rec? rrtlv the pow er of the cntirii has hern greatly increased, and them ia no longer any excuse forthe in erpn.jtion of doubtful legislative po wet? Cltvrlnml //srir/rf, Frb 8. f^MnOQt-INcr 13 CaMAPA.? A large ouantity of smuggled good* were recenilv recovered in Hatnil 'on. on the premiaea of a Oorernment contractor in Canmla. namnl Rnaaall. The arhooner W Junea w aa alto ?ei/ed at the aame time for a viola ion o! the cxclae law. Died, at Snult !*t M?tie,i,t the outlet til Lake Superior, on ihr 27ih <i! November last, Mra Surnn lohnaon ? Idow of the late John Johnaon, bar; , of the -ounty of Antrim. Irelaml. aged 67 Mre John?on. it i* <t tied, wae the daughter of 'he celebrated at ?r chief Ma txdeeg, the ruling chief of the Chippewa nation during he period of their greateat military effort*. the latter part f the la?t century She wiia inatrnmental in saving the party 0f flov Caat from an attack during hi* em ampmcnt it thoae Falla. in the month of June. IU0 Her ptandlathi r, MopHtida.wna pn aunt on the plains <1 Abiehani, m I7.?8, among thit nnxillarie* o* (tov. Montcalm Cleric at. ANEcnort: ?A collector of church rmea in Knglund, called upon it Quaker who krt t u dry good* atnre, for the n<nnI mm The latter aaid? ! riend ia it right that I ahotiM pay. when I never alter d 'he eatahlijhed rhurrh/" " The church la open to nil * tnawerrd the collector "and I ou might have attended, if yon had a mind to " The Quaker paid thrmorey, and on the neat day ?ent the collector a bill lor broadcloth. 1 he man came immediately, and in a great paaeion a?ked the meaning ot It; declaring that he never had a alngle article irom hi< "tore 'Oh'" aaid the Quaker, rubbing hia handa, 'the alore waa open for thee, and thou mighteit have had the cloth If thou hadat a mind 1" X<2> KM MAKBMLUfP-r Ok?t Of lit 0 viTci,?. JWyTh.-htp Ilk NBV TMOMP*?'N, C?pt. SjUfeb > or Cr?i?hM'f | ?? ?-, ?pr'y 10 LA whk.Ni f fc P F.LP?, |0? Kior.t ?trrot, nf to rovn h IIIM' KK m. A??nt., 11 . 1"" a T">t'0? Pl'H'llt. r -r H'.|. ?t.<! ' .r. r ill I A Hi ? X> ( Klkl No. I L? .fl.* (I in IB potior rriVi I r ?*'? IJ by K. (Jiii.LiNS M fl. r U r M n n-h .iy?.t. I \ t\ U? n B r ? ? No. 1 l.? il I-nl, i" ii ,> * p' or.]*! i?rt?U L' by K. K. cuLUN* fc r. I IS I |? I i h nwt Woi Ii K?oil i?n 11 nr- o?i.-oy cau ioii" ! i vi-1 iru.t in* tti? rrrm nf D"t ?h B if ri? o D A ll A R R *? n *kl? f 'b? r A ntm<i in( will "? pud by iho cuptim or cin.ip'ii. fl* Af-r A."* I UAl.l. IIKk.KALH, of ?T<iy 'Iweriptinn, lo l? ' Iftrl mud* t" O'llOT M?n?*?rt n'lilliinil P*rti?i will find* l*i???fO',k of fknr7 if th*v (honld prjniro 'nloom b*ud?ntwlT doew mod, l.v I Di"'.JHN"R. I'l Wmum fftw fniio of A'- ii y, n Im'o nw,.f .ir,f .11.1 l .1. o>? fl ifw Orb 1 ko'if tjl.l. Hi Mi PliWuk. - ? ' '? M,?f 'I* Poodnf, D on h mid tho ?l IV-f?b? Ii I i"rpi " . fa e tv ru-r PF.HH?f. k nH"OKH. 'oil L tor v t. poktuuuksI7~f km ALL PILUS. TMIF.db'. to' f*n>?d mid rHrhtiWd Pill*. fyii? Portu?\l, ?r? 1 wo poriwiTo, to N- obiti"*** In thi? iimuti idtmiM* * 1 on ik? U>l cofoniih pm??

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