Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 17, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 17, 1844 Page 1
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T H Vol. X., Ho. 4 ft-.Whole Ho. 361ft. To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?published every day of the year except New Year* day and Fourth of July. Price 3 cent* per copy?or f7 30 por annum?portage* paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 6f cents per copy, or $S 13 per annum? postages paid, cash in a trance. ADVERTISERS are iniormed thai the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing fast. It hae the largeet circulation of any paper in Mis city, or the world, and is, therefore, the beet channel for bueinete ? -- -a- Prirwx moderatfl?rnah in ad. ranee. PRINTING of all kind* executed at the most moderate price, end in the moat elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraicTon or the Herald Establishment, Northweat corner of Eulton and Naaaau streets. BOSTON BUSINESS* EXPRESS AND FOREIGN LETTER OFFICE, eaTHE subscribers hare made srraagamenu to run au E*pie>s. via Siorinstoii, to Boilon, to. the transaction ol business, and the t ausportati-n of ,2K3E>*mall Packages, Bank Notre, Orders, *c., at one halk th> former rate? Oueol the fi m will receive anoh ordan aa may be entrusted tohi-r, UelLer them in Boston in person, and return tiie answers si soon at the boats a nre in New Yo'k. For. igu Letters 'orwatded by the Cuuard Steamers from Bos ton Letters can be pie-paid at this office, for any part of Greet Britain or the Continent. .. ? ? , PARROTT 8t '*0. 20 Wall street, NewYork. ID 1m*rrc Boston, 10 Con* ess street. DAILY EXPRESS. THE subscribers run their Florets regularly, every day via Housatouie Railroad, (Sniniays esrented.) to and front New York, Albany and Bnl-fBHHgi alo, and tne intermediate placet, for the transpor?tation of specie, bank noies, handles and packages of Kooda. lor collecting bills, notes, drafts and accounts, wiih despatch. From this city at t o'clock, A. M. arriving in Albany the same evening, in advance of the United Hta'es Mail, ftimrrc l'OMEROY Ik CO 2 Wall street. r r ^ DRAFTS ON ENGLAND. IRELAND, AR?|Pi lie.?Persons about remitting money to their friends in the Old Country can be mpplied with drafts iu sums of ?1, ?2. ?3, ?5, ?10, " ^^^ HMhmi;yo,?40,?lUO,? 10(10 or any amount, payable on demeud, without di?count, or any other charge, ut the National Bank of Ireland Provincial BU. do, Messrs Ja't Bait, So" It Co., Bankers, London; J. Baraed It Co , Exchange and Discount. Rank, Liverpool; Eastern Bank of Scotland; Greenock Banking Company; Sir Win. Forbes, Hnnter It (Jo., Scotland; and the kr*nckea in every post town throughout Kuglaud, Ireland, Scotland anil Wales, which draits will be forwarded by either of the packets of the 16th, 21st, aid 20th. or the steamer Caledonia salting from Boston on the 1st of March. Apply to W. It J.T. TAP-COTT, At their general passage olfKe, 43 Peck slip, felirc corner ot South street. ? ^ n'OH HALIFAX AND LIVEHruUL. The Royal Mail Hteam Ship HIBKK NIA, C. H. E Jutlkins. Esq., Commander, will leaveBoston Tor the above porta ou Fri " ^ ^^^fcwday, March let, neat. Passage to Halifax 20. rasa age to Liverpool $120. \pplv to D. BRIGHAM, Jr., re to 31ec No. 3 Wall street. NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY (VKW ARRARORMKNT, COMMINCING OCT. 16TH.1843. FARE REDUCED TO TWENTY-FIVE CENT?. From the foot of Coartlandt atreet, New York. (Every day?Snndaya excepted.) Leavaa New York. Leavea Newark. At A.M. At 3 P.M. At7* A.M. At IX F. M. 0 do. 2 do. 8 do. 4 do. 11 do. 4 do. 9 do. t do. 5 do. lOXdo. 9X do. 7 do. ON SUNDAYS. Leavea New York. Leavea Newark. At 9 A. M. and 4* P. M At 1? P. M. and 9* P. M. Tlie can of the Motru and Euex Railroad fur Orange, Millville. Sui mit, Chatham, Maditon, and Morriitown, ran through from Jrreey City without change, and counect with 9 A. M. and 1 P. M traina from New York. NEW YORK AND ELIZABETH TOWN. Leaves New York. Leavea Elisabeth Town At I A. M. At 2 P. M. At 7 A. M. 3* P. M. 9 do. ] do. 7X do. 5 do. 11 do. 6 do. IX do. 9X do. 7 do. 10 do. 1 PM. The traina for Westfleld, Plainfield, Koundhrook, Homer ville, (kc., connect with the 9 A. M., and 4X P. M. ; trains from New York daily, Sundays excepted. Fare between New York and Elisabeth Town 26 cents. Fare between do. and Semerville, 76 cents. NEW YORK AND KAH<VA\ Leaves New York. L-avei Railway. At I A.M. At 2 P.M. At 6X A.M. At 3 P.M. 9 do. 3 do. 7 di. 4Jt do. 11 da. 6 do. 9 do. 9 do. 7 do. 9X do. 12X P M. NEW YORK AND NEW BRUNSWICK, i From foot of Coartlandt street. New York, daily Leaves New York. Leaves New Bronswiek. At 9 A. M. At 3 P. M. At 6 A. M. At 12 M. 6 do. 7X do. I* P. M. ON SUNDAYS? Leaves New York Leavea New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. and 4M~P. M. At 12 A M., and 8X P. M. Fare, exee|>t in the Philadelphia trains, between New York anil New Rmmwirk. 60 cents. Between New York and Railway, 25 cents Newark, Elizabetntowii, Railway, mid New Bruiuwick passengers who procure their ticket* at the ticket office, re ceive a ferry ticket gratis. Ticket* are received by the cou ducror orly on the day when purchased The commutation fare between New York and Itahwiy and intermediate places, ha* been reduced (including ferry) to $60 per year ; betweea New Brunswick and New York $76 per year. ul9 3m FATfcKSUN KA IIiKUAD. flimaj Catflfll F Al!!!"HiKCULLIN~"AND sflfpJlvcfc: From Patcrson to Jersey City. On and after Monday, Oct. 2d, IMS, the cars will leave Patkison Dnrer. Ltava Nxw Yore A.M. 9 A.M. ?VM V i'-M The Sunday Trains will be discontinued until further noice. transportation ears leave daily (Sundays excepted.) Passengers are advised to be at the Kerry, foot of Courtlandt street, r faw minutes before the stated hour- of deoartnre jyl9 bin* _ WINTER ARRANOEMKNT-KOR ALBANY. Via BRIDGEPORT aud dVQ A Houssioric It Westerw ^^^^^L?dbllsiLnaoaDS, i aily, kundays.^^^^^K XrjQL Excepted. j9E9BE_ Passengers for Albany by this I'lonte will takr the u?w and elegant t'samboat EUREKA, Capt J L. Kit?h. which leaves New York from foot Liberty at, Saturday morning at half past o'clock, for Bridgeport, thence by th* Housatonic and Western Railroa Is, without chanse ?l cars or baggage crates, to Albany, arriving same evening at o'clock, hare through For passage or Freight, apply on board, or at the office, foot of Liberty street. O. M. PERRY, Agent. jlOec NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA RA -ROAD LINE DIRECT. "Foe Newark, Nkworunswicr, Pri/cckto.u, Tekrtov, Boebkntowr Ann Buklinuton. THKOUOH IN SIX HOURS. Leaving New York daily from the foot of Courtlandt at. Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line atljjfP. M. The Morning Line proceeds to Borden town, from thence by gtwmboatto Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden (opposite to Philadelphia) without change of ears. Passengers will procure their tickets at the office foot of Courtlandt street, where a commodious steamboat, will be ia laadineas. with baggage crates ou board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed ftom city to city, wihout being opened by the way Each train is provided with near in which are apartments and dressing rooms exiTesaly for the ladies1 use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foo^of WaJ bTSi^d-^'^d-rriwoiock.p. *:?; - The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia atT3< A. M., aad 4 P. M. being a continuation of the Unas from New York jfl lm?m PASSAGE FROM GREATBRITA1N AND IRELAND m. M. M ^^7 THE BLAPITBALL OfTOu" LINJHJF' liverpool packets. [Sailing from Liverpool on the 7th and 19th of every month. J ftanoM wiehmg to aend to the Old Country for their rriende Co mako the noeeeaary arrangement# with the anbecribera, and ve thym come out in tin superior Line of rackets, Sailing from Liverpool punctually on the 7th and 19th of every month. They will also have a first rate class of American trading ships, aniline every sis days, thereby affording weekly eommuniea tion from that i>ort. One of the firm ( Mr. James D. Roche I is there, to eea that they shall be forwarded with care and dee"fcw the partiea agreed for not come out, the money will be retained to those who paid it here, without any rednc' tion. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, eompriee the following magnificent Hhipe, vi* theoxfoilur 'rhe new york, CAMBRlbOE, columbus. EUROPE south america. england north america. Withiuch mpFTior And nnfiaaU'd arrangements, the *nb enberi confidently look forward for a continuance of that tupport which ha* heen en tended to them to many year*, for which they art grate fa I. ihow proceed in*, or remitting money to their relative^ can at all timet obtain Draft* at sight lor any amount, drawn direct XV.. * CO. .. - . Banker*, London, which will be paid on demand at any of the Bank*, or their KSCsellMdae? vfaf ^ town* throughout England, Ira1 "roche, brothers It co. 34 h ulioii street New York, ? , nest door to the Kultou Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packet* eail from thie port for Liverpool on the let end 19th of each month. Parties returning to the old country will find it to their comfort and advantage to select tins favorite Lina fur their conveyance, in preference to anv other. <129 r AAON FOR LONDON?Regular Packet iol the *>ih lM|V Fehrutry ?T he first clams fast sailing racket ahin JHKsWU ZEKLaND. < aptain Knight, Will Mil m a hove. Mi regular day. Hiving very superior accommodations for eebin. second cabin aad steerage pas.ei.gers, persons intending to embark should make immeoiate application on hoard, foat of Maiden Lane, or to JOeEPH McMURRAY, f 3 t f9-rc 109 Pine street, corner of "outh. "fiaTr HOo M AHHKIl.LES?Pscket of 1st of Merch? |HgW.Ths ship HENRY THOMPSON, ( apt. Sylvaetar. jassk For freight nr p tseage, app'y to LAWRENCE It ptielps, I'll Front street, or to fll toMlec 9 T ontine Building* coCMsSl ^fKSKb.. / * 0 ' ' t' E NE NE"W INKW 1.1NF. Off LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To Mil iiuih New Vork on the 25th and Liverpool oo the 11 th hi "ecu month & m m & >?? Nrw V onu. Ship B1DDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, tflh December. Shjp SHERIDAN. Captain F. Deueyeter, 2?Ui January. Ship GARRICK, Capt. Wm. Skiddy, Mtii Febru?ry. Ship R08CIUS, Captain John Collins, Mth March. Kiom LivaarooL. Ship 81DDON8, Captain A. B. Cobb, 11th February. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain F. A. Depeyster, 11th March. Ship GARRICK, tapuin Wm. Skiddy, llth April Ship ROHCI US, Captaiu John Collina, Uth May. Theee ahipa are all of the lint clan, upwar-Ja of ltd* tone, built in the city of New Vork, with auch improremeuta aa combine a rent apeed with unuaual aomfort for paaaenitrn. Kvery can luu neeu uucon id tne arrangeineui 01 ineir accommodation!. The price of passage hence is $100, lor which ample stores will lie provided These ships are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every eurtion to give general satisfaction. Neith?r the captains or owners of the ships will be responsible for any letters, parcels or packages sent bv lliein. unless regular bills of lading are signed therefer. For freight or passsge apply to K. K. COLLINS ? CO.. 56 South st., New York, or to BROWN, SHIPLEY Ik CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be charged 12X cants per single heet ; JO cents per ounce, and newspapers 1 cent each d2 OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS m M- && ^^W^8lD Ll^^^ffackets forT^^^iol will he^Ste^* A despatched in the following order, excepting that when the sailing day talis on Sunday, the ships will sail on the succeed ing day, viz:? .. From New York. k roin L i rerpool The CAMBRIDGE, I June 1 July 16 850 tons, ( Oct. 1 Nov. 16 W. C. Barstow.^Feb. 1 Mar. 16 The ENGLAND, June 16 Aug. 1 760 tons, ( Oct. 16 Dec. 1 S. Bartlett.f Feb. 16 April 1 The OXFORD, ( July 1 Aug. 16 800 tons, ( Nov. I Dec. 16 J. Rath bone, f March 1 April 16 The MONTEZUMA, (July 16 Sept. 1 1000 tons, ( Nov. 16 Jan. 1 A. B. Lowber, r March 16 May 1 The EUROPE, (Aug. 1 Sept. 16 618 tons, (Dec. I Jail. 16 K. G. Furber, r April 1 May 16 The NEW YORK, (new) (Aug. 16 Oct. 1 950 tons, (Dec. 16 Feb. 1 T. B. Cropper, f April 16 June 1 The COLUMBUS. (Sept. 1 Oct. 16 700 tons. (Jan. 1 Feb. 16 G. A. Cole, (May 1 June 16 The YORKSHIRE,(uew) (Sept. 16 Nov. 1 1050 tons, (Jan. 16 Mar. 1 D. G. Bailey, (May 16 July 1 These ships are not surpassed in point of elegance or comfort in their cabin accommodations, or in their fast sailing qualities by any vessels in the trade. The commanders are well known as meu of character and experience, and the strictest attention will always be paid to promote the comlort and convenience ol passengers. Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, will be observed ax heretofore. The price of passage outward is now fixed at Seventy-Five Dollars, for which ample stores of every desnriplion will be Erovided, with the exception of wines ana liquors, which will t furnished by the stewards, if required. Neither th captain or owners ol thsse ships will be responsible for any letters, parcels, or packages sent by them unless regular bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage, apply to GOODHUE fc CO, 64 Sonth st. C, H. MARSHALL. 38 Burling slip. N. Y. iSStf and of BAKING. BROTHERS & CO.. L'nonl. TAPSCOTT'S GENERAL EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. 1 ft 1 1 ARRANGEMENTS KOK 1844. The subscribers beg to call the attention of their friendi and the public generally to their superior arrangement! fo' bringing ont inuseugers from, and reu itting money to ail part* ol Engla?d, Ireland, Scotland and Waiea. THE NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS, COMPRISING THE QUEEN OK THE WEST, 1250 toni, TICE SHERIDAN, 1000 torn. THE ROCHESTER, iooo tona. THE GARKICK, 1000 tona. THE HOTTINGUER, 1000 tona. THE KOSCIWS, WQU tona THE LIVERPOCL, H50 torn. THE SIDDON8, 1000 fui Sailing from Liverpool twice ever* mon'h, and THE UNITED LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS, composed ol .ape'ior, Dial elaaa American packets, tailing frnin Liverpool four timet iu each month, art the thine in which those whose passage may b?eiiga?ed With the subscribers will come ont in, and it it a well kipmu f*ct the above named packeta ate the mott magnificent ships atloat and the frequency ol thair tailing, (beingevery five da\a> prevent! the p-aaibility of passenger* being uunetniarily detained at Liverpool. Regardleaa ofexpente, m ordsr to meet tlie wants of the public and the wi?hen ofthe r Iriendt, Mr. Win. Tapiucott, one of the firin.luu gone to Liverpool to superiiitrud lliedrpar'nre for tint country of ?ach pevjout whose raatage may be engaged wi'h the anbacribera, a fact, which to thoae acqu linted with Mr, W. T., it a sufficient guarantee that they will r.ceire evcrv attention from him. and be Quickly anil comfortably despatched. Miomd mote teut tor deeli ic comii g the pattogr money will be promptly rtfnudrd, without any deduction?na usual. ReuitUaucet?Thote remitting money can be supplied w itk drat is at tignt. lor any amount payable fr e of discount or ani outer maiyr., in every principal town in England, Ireland ncotlinu ?ml Wales tipviy lit ay letter, post paid,) to ** at J. T. TaPSOOTT. 43 Peck Hid, ivsw *01*?or to IW WIVT TAPSnuTT, Hvrpool. MHKANUKMKNTH FOR IS44. OLD ESTABLISHED PA83AOE OFFICE. 104 Piu# street, comer of South. m. m m. m THE subscriber begs I wire to call the attention of hi* Irieutl* and the public in general, to the following arrangement* for 1144, for the purpose of bringing put cabin, 2d cabin, and steerage passengers, by the Regular Line of Liverpool Packet*, sail ing the 1st,6th, 11th, 16th. 2l*taud 26th of every month. U\ the London Packets, to sail rem New York, the 1st, 10th and 20th?and from Loudon on the 7th, 17th and 27th ofeach m"nth In Connection with the above aud for the pnrpose of affo'ding etill greater facilities to passengers, the snb>criber has established a regular line ot first class New Y'rk built, coppered and c inper lasteued ships, to sail punctually every week throughout the year. For the accommodation of persons wishing to remit money to their I unities or friends, drafts are given, payable at sight, on ths following Banks, viz :? Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at Cork, Limerick, Clonmrl, Londonderry, tfligo, Weiford, Belfast, Waterford, Oalway, Armagh, Athlone, Colerain. Ballina, Tralee, Yonghal, Enniskillen, Monaghan, Baubridge, Ballymeua, Parsoustown, Downpatrick, Cavan, Lurgan, Om.vgh, Dungauiien, Bandon, Ennis, Ballyshanno Strabisue. Skibereen, Mallow, Moneymore, Cootchill, Kilrush, Dublin. Scotland?The City Bank of Glasgow. England?Messrs. 8|>ooner, Atwood -V Co. Bankers, London. R. Murphy Waterloo Road, Liverpool; payable iu every town in Great Britain. For further information (if by letter, post paid,) apply to JOSEPH McMUKKAY, 100 Pine street, c< rner of South, V Y. Or Messrs. P. W. BYRNES St CO, 36 Waterloo Road. j9 6m* rc Liverpool. ~ROCHE~BROTHEKS CO.'S PASSAGE OFFICE, 35 FULTON STREET. NEW YORK. M. Mi M M PA88AO". FROM LIVERPOOL. In thelollowing Packet Shi|i*. viz:? The NEW YORK, sailing from Liverpool on the 1st Feb. TbeCOLUMBUS, do do 16lh do g,The YORKSHIRE, new, do do 1st March. Trie CAMBKIDOE, do do 16th do Or in any of the Packets comprising toe Old Line sailing from that port on the 1st and 16th of every month Those sending for their friends will tiud it to their interests and coinfortto patronise our Line, as no possible retention on embarking can be given. Fu'ip Certificate! s*nt by the steamship Hibernia, sailing from Boston on the lit of January, will have plenty of time (o prepare to come by the first named packet, or in any o I the above mainific>nt and unequ ill*d packets Persons reini tint; money to the old country can at all limn ob'ain from th< subscribers drafts at snrht lor tnv ain -uiit, drawn direct on the Koyal Hank of Ireland, and on Messrs Prrscott, (frote, Amrslt(,o., Bankers, Loudon, which are paid free of discount in every town tliroucuout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, for passage, apply to or address (if by lettrr post paid.) RO..HK BROTHERS bt CO., d30rc 35 Kultnu it, neat door to the Kulton Bank. MM NEW YOKn! AND HAVKETACKETS. Second Line?The Ships of this line will hereafter leave New York on the 1st, and Havre on the 16th of each month, as follows, via:? fa nit New Yoa?. Easts Havna. New Shiji ONEIDA, ( 1st March. ( 16th April. Caikain < 1st July. < 16th August. ... ? James Kunck. ( 1st November, f 16th December. Ship BALTIMORE, l 1st April l I6lh May. Captain < 1st August. < 16th Septembers ,. . . .Edward Kunck. ( 1st December, f 16th January. Ship UTICA, t 1st May. l 16th June. Captain < 1st September < I6tb October, hreoerick Hewitt, f 1st January. ( 16th Kebruary. NewshipHt. NICHOLASt 1st June. I 16th July. Captain < 1st October, < 16th November. J-B. Pell, f 1st February. ( 16th March. "* The accommodations of these ships are not surpassed, com* billing all that may be required for comfort. The price of ca bin passage is $100. Passengers will be supplied with every re quislte with the eaception ol wines anil liquors. ifoods intended for these vessels will he forwarded by the snb seribers, free from any other than the expenses actually in curred on them. Kor freight or passage, apply to BOYD Ik lUNCKEN, Agents, je25 ec No 6 Tontine Hnihline en* Will Slid Witersi THE NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. #m m from New York 21st, and from Liverpool 6th el each month. From New York. J.'pool. New Ship LIVERPOOL, 1156 ton., J J. r.ldridge } Aug. 21 Oct. ( N. ship QUEEN OK TBE WEST, (fP * 2} * 1250 tons P. Woodnouso. ?{ ? New ship ROCHESTER,656 tons, \\ 4?g' J John Br.(ton O.Cr It I Ship HOTTINOUKR. 1650 to?..M;ch*{ Jjj I Ira Bnrsely, ) NovV II Jan y { Three substantial, fast sailing, first class ships, all bum in (he city of New \ ork, are commanded by men ol eaperieuo uid ability, and will be dispatched punctually on the Itst ol ueli month. Their cabins are elegant and commodious, snd art furnished with whatever can conduce to the esse and comfort of puasesiPrke of passage, $166. Neither the captains or owners of these ship* will be respon" '(ir.*ny parcels or packages sent by litem, unless regular If* ?f lading are signed therefor. or freight or passage apply to wOODHULL St M1NTURNS, 6* to riELDENllB^!?RaTkN;ai w s Liverpool > ( < 6 , I W YC 7 YORK, SATURDAY MC MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS. m m m. The undermentioned ahi|* will be regularly dispatched from hence wu the let, aud fruin Marieillet ou the 3th of each mouth during the year ae follows From New York. Marseilles. MINERVA, Capt. Brown, Dec. 1 Feb. 5 TRE8COTT, Cart. Myrick, Jan. 1 March i H'llV THOMPSON,Capt.Sylvester, F?b. 1. April 6 HELLESPONT, Capt. Adams. March 1. May 3 CORIOLANU8, Capt. Haile, April 1. Juue3 They are all coppersil aud copper fasteued, aud hare excellent accommodulioiie fur passengers. The price of cabiu passage will be $100, excluaive of winaa and liquors. (.loons addressed to the agents, BOYD It HINCKEN, will be forwarued free of other charges than those actually paia. F'or freirnt or passage apply to LAWRENCE St PHELPS. 103 Front street or to BOYD It H INC KEN, Agents, m28r No 9 Tontine Buildings. OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. II SOUTH HI RKET. NEW YORK. H a 1 I1 sTassaTecan be engageafromLirerpooll^tna following sp.eudid packet ships comprising the Old Black Ball Liue ol Packets sailing as uuoer. From Liverpool. The ship COLUM BU *, Captain Cole,on tlm ISth Frbruary. The ship YORKHIll H.E. (new) Bailev, on the 1st March. The ship CAM Bill DOE, Capt Barstow, Ititn March. The ship ENOLAN D, Captim Buitleit, set April. The shMi OXFORD. Cantain Ifathbone. lAthADnl. Theihip MONTEZUMA, Captain Lowber.l.t May. The thi|> e-UKOPr, Captain huiber, luih May. The slop .NEW YORK, Captain Cropner, 1? . June. lu aildilion to the above superior ships, the ubicriber's agents will have a succession of Aral cu..a Aui rican ahi|>? despat. tied, aa customary, from Liver hmiI, very lour or live ''aya throughout the year, 10 the dill' rent porta iu the United States, by which pi-sage call lie a cured at reduced utea. Tnoae s-udiug lor ilieir lr.euda rcidi it in Great Britain a d In land, may rely ihit every care will be takru to m?k? p.iaseuge.s at cmn'oitalile ..a iliey can leaaouably expeu and should he las-Mig ra uoc come out, the passage money wil' be promptly refunded. Dralla cau aa uaual lie furnished |i"Vab e at he National and Provincial Bank* of Ireland and brauch a; EasUrn B ink of fcot'au ' and b.oiclcs; aud ou M. aara. J. Bait, Son Ik Co., Bankers, Loudon; M-aara. J. Barned St Co., Banker*, Liverpool, v hich are payable throughout England and Walea. For farther pariiculnraapply (if by letter poet pud) to JOHN HUIDMAN, 61 Southatreet, near Wa 1 street. N. B Pa"si*e to Liverpool and London cau at all timea be eugaged by tha regular packet ships, sailing for Liverpool every live daya, and to Loudon en the let, lUth and JOihof each mouth ou application as anove. j 12 ec FOR NEW ORLEANS. LOU1BIANNA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS m. m. m m. Korthe better accommodation of snTppersTit ia ugendrl to deapatch a ahip from thia port on the let, 5th, 10th, Olh, truth, and 26th of each month, commencing the 10th October and coucinuiiitc until May, when days will lie appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delaya and disappoint menta will be prevented during the auminer moutha The fol lowing shins will commence this arrangement: Ship V AZOO, Captain Coruell. Ship OCONEE, Captain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain Hilliard. Ship LOLISVILLK, Captain Hunt. Ship SHAKSPEAKE, Captain Miner. Ship GASTON, Captain Latham. Ship HLNTSViLLE, Captain Mumford. Ship OCMULOEE, Captaiu Leavitt. Ship NASIIVILLE, Ca|>tniii Dickinson, Ship MEMP1II8, Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford. These ships were all built iu ths city of New York, expressly for packets, are of light draft of water, have recently been newly coppered and put iu splendid order, with accommodations for iwsseugers unequalled for comfort. They are commanded by experienced matters, who will make every exertion to give geueral satisfaction. They will at all times be towed up and oowu tbe Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the owners or captaiua of these ships will lie rnsponaible lot jewelry, bullion, prenious stones, silver or plated ware, or for auv letters, parcel or package, sent by or nut ou board of them, unless regular bills of lading are taken for the same and the value thereon expressed. For freight or passage, apply to E. K. COLLINS it CO., 56 South at., or HULLIN Ik WOODRUFF. Ageut in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to their address The snips of this line are warranted to aail punctually aa rd I v mnui'i r?rt m4 FOR LIVtHPOOL-The New Line Regular Packet tlit February.?The s-iierior New York SMb built packet ship K0CHE8TKH, John Briton, matter: 80n torn onrthni, will tail aa a bore, her regular day. For freight of two hundred and fifty bales of cotUu, he., or passage, haying very superior accommodations, apply to the Captain ou board, at west side Burling ?lip. <>' i? WOODHULL It MINTUHNS. 17 Honth st The superior packet ship Hnttinguer, Ira Bursley, master; Ifi'jB tons liart.ien, will slices d the Roclrester, and *uJ on her regular dav,2lst March. f13 to?l lilt- NF,W LlNB PAKKfcl S FOR LIVe-KPOuU iqHffW.?f'ack?t 2lu Ferhioarv?The sp's.idid and favorite JHBfapacka' ship ROCHESTE", lOOO tons btrthea, Capt J. Hrnt in, W'll sail On Friday, 2lst February her tgularday. The ships of this line are all IntiU tons burihm and upwards. Persons about to embark 'or the old countiy, witl not fan >o s e the advantages to be uerived from selecting t'-is line in pre iWreu e toauv tlnr as their gre*t capacity renders ihem evtry way more'omf i table and convenient than ships of a smaller class and theiraccornmnda'ions, it is well known, are superior ro any olheis. I boar n isWrs to iev.-?v bestirs, should rat fail to make early application ou board or to W kJ T. TAP8COTT At their General Passage Olfrre, 43 Peck Slip, corner South street. The Rochester will sail from Liverimol on the Oth ol April. Persons wishing to send for their friends,tan have them brought out iu this magnificent packet, or any ot the regular line sailing on the 1st. 6th, lllh, lUth, 21st aud26lh of eveiy month. Drafts for any amount payable i n demand without dis'ount, in all the p. incipal towns of Eugland, Ireland, Scotland or Wales constantly for M* as above. 1 he Uarrick will sneered the Rochester, and sail on 26th February. flito2lrc OLD uLACK OA Li I. LINK UK I'ACKEISiJF*3Py.Thr packet ship ENGLAND, Captain Barllett, will JMMMwsOe despatch -d lor Livrrpool on the 16th of February Tenegularday. Those wishing to engage passage w ill require to make early dlflictuoil lO JUU.X ULllllJlAn. 61 South it. N. B ?Pauage from (treat Britain and Ireland can be eecnreil hv the fust spring ships of the line, at the lowest rate; and drafts can, aa uaual, be furnished for any amount, payable in all iheprincipal town* without any charge, throughout (treat Britain and Ireland, on application aa shove. Ill rn IBrrc "id? BLACK BALK, OH OLl) LINK OK LIVER 43WVPOOL PACKETS?FOR LI VF.HI'UOL?Regular HtNMMal'acket ot the i6rh February. The snlrudid, well kuownveiy laat sailing packet sip KA'OLANI),' aptain H Bartlett, will positively sail on Kriday, I6(h February, he I regular dav. it ia well known to tl e tMVclliug pubi c. that tha accomtno lariona t.f the Black B ill Liu* of Packets. lor cabin, second car in and steerage passengers, areunan missed by any < ther line iir ves-el in Port i'hoienow or hereafter returnlUg to the old country, will at all ;ioies Pod it to their interrst and comfort to select this convey ?nce. For passage, apply on board, loot of Berkman St., or to llie subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS a CO., SJ Fultonrtwet, neat door to the Fa'ton Bank F. B.?The England sails from Licerpool on ihe 1st April 'ersons sending tor their fii mis can hare them brought out iu her, or in any of the packets comprising this n aguifie-ut and inei|ualled li..e, tailing fiosn that port punctually on the isi tad .6th of each mouth e or passage, apply as abors. The i aeket ship Oifordd will succeed the above packei ind sail for Liverpool on the 1st March, and wilt return to Ins port on ti.e Ibih of April (Krrc JMMh PACKET KUH IIAVKK?(Second Line). The Ship uNKlDA, J sines Kuck, master, will sai' on ^ OmMss 'lie 1st of ^arch. h'nr f right or pusag - to BOVI) A HInCKkN, No 9 Tontine Building, ft rc 1 "Mier W <11 a d Watei sleets. IftlU WOULD Be, .viliwui I'lAlll, tvlien u> * following uiiprecouer.t-d reduction in dentistry is tnadrb) he celebrated Dentist, W. Thorns, li.D.rt.,62 East Broadwa* Cleaning Teeth-" tl 90 Kstractlng * ti 3iopmoK vim ma many ceietincau .vjinarai, if dut*!* Tooth on iirot 74 ' " Silver l ofl * Gold ?oc A eompUce set of Yrer.h, on th* mint approved principle* it wine price ?* tueabcra. N. UVA?r" *?,t!?* t*uaf*eti rinks ??? vim*. ?c chart. wd e?**H* J IT .m'er a/- as. vjo KA8Y, KOFOhT THKY AUK ON.-DAY'S Kirst .J Prvrnium She. t K. Ot.'r S ues wnh hi* mW Klastic *ol . 'icsidea b* u( the neatest and moit durable overihoe is lit* art to peifectly adapted to the Bout and Pant*, that th* warcr > art to forget that he hit on an over shoe at all Ho mill.* every other orerahoe aie they, that who*?*r eiamiuet rh-m will err ai ly give tii*n? |i.*frrrnc*. They will completely do *w?y with the double or " water proof Boot," which never keep out th* water. Warrlion**, 24 Maiden l*n?, near Broadway. Toot* who want Day's Over she* should remember No 24. l IKK PRKUKKVKHS AND JACKK I'S.-The be.tarticlemaiinfacin*ed in the United Statei. Ord'ra for the ttomh nd Wear, and North, eaecme-1 in the r.eairat p.ntihl' style, h> th* manufacta er. UOltACK 11. DAY, 24 Maideu lane, ft lm**c GAY LER'SU N10N~ S A LA M ANDL K SAFES. CJ UAVT.KK. I.irenf<r and I'airntre, ,2,4. Several thousands "f Otyler'a Patrnt hire Pioof Book Safer, o' til aizea from 100 to IH.llOti Iba. eavh have (pen in use duin* the last fourteen yeira, and not one has ?t any time failed to P eserre its contents when eiposed to lire. N*?.rlyoiie liun. ared hare beeu very severely l*si*d. In lire of IIM4 about forty e ere in ua* in the dietri*t, and wer-, aa tne eertuirata.affirm, a* inurh expoied to the i tensity ol'that lire aa they would hare be-n in ?i>y stor* at that timv but NOT (JNK INBTAjSLL of f.ilnre has at any tune or citried b rum long mid-Mention'? tli elf-eta p-o. dqred by fire upon Hal' a, the |>a>ntee hna been enabled to make ?uch impro"nre it* that he ran with full confidence recoinncud hi* (Inrn S J nnmil*' Booh Hil'e?, a* lieyoud nil doubt proof ngaiuat the action of nre, lr?e fr on da npii***, and ii'mig anonsh t> uiilon anv fall or ptermrt to which thai can bervpoaed in the burning nf a at ore. Thnjr are an eon ttruc ed aa tocombine wo perfect Iron Rtfee, united one with in tne olhe , in audi a manner that the inner Hale cannot he affected by any h"?t to which the outer one may be et|>oae.I ? acliHafa i- made of Mr and plale iron,and the moat per'rci nnu"oudurt uk *u balance* and lia> an inner and outer door, each aecured hy a an table lock An aaaortment of Oni ler'a Hui le and Double Mala "amler Hafea. Alaolna Patent Double Ha'ea,

and Hafea of all da criptiou* of lua manufacture, for ail-at all pricta, from f li, be li a ageuta in tma city, via H. Ely, . I Kul'on atreet, Ooldatreet; A ll. Moea, t3? Pentl. oppo?-t* Piatt atreet; Brett (t Backna, 83 Maiden lane, and by tlM Patentee C J. GAY L ICR, 71 b allon atrve', near < Mil. Iron Safe*, Hneeie Cheat*, Iron Doora, 8ce. made to order. lm*rre DisBiiowvs kid:ng school. 4(w bowery. J7()R LADIEH from 9 A M, to I P. M duly. " Kor < jentlemen " J to i and T to P. M. daily LacTttnic Lcaaona. I (.irnctii Hioiaa t Evening Claee.) It Letaoca $9 IH) 10 Hide* tl( Or Himrledo-a I 08 | * ingle do*" 79 Tne On-ating and Drawing Kooini ar* w-ll warmed, and 'very attention devoted to the -omlortol thorn wi.o may honor it widh their patronage. Gentlemen neeping their horaea on livery at thia establishment, will have the privilege ol ruling them in the 8ehool. nIS Jm*r to tkinters. i wtft'wr but# I ' I EBS9BnHEC99S959ESK9BSESHMEnHB )RK ] )RNING, FEBRUARY 17, AMERICA N~HOT E L , T PHILADELPHIA. THl# new houae ii aitu ued ou Chaatnnt aCMK. oppoaiie the 1 8w Hoiit.(Uda|wdd?iee Dqaur,) anil id UHiunwIitla viciaity of all the faaWouable pl?cr* of amoaement and re?ort. It haa barn built id the meat thoronah manner, J. Kid*way, Kaq .and coutaina upward* of our hundred rooina, maay of which areinrlor, with bedrooma adjoining, anitable lor Tamilian, and nartias of ladira and geutleiien It will br lurnialird Uironuhout, (without regard to expeuae) with new and elegant luruiture of ihe iuo.l approved a li fe, aud opened for tne reception of the travelling public,ou the brat diy of March next. The proprietor* flatter themaelvea, that their long experience I in the buiineaa, will mob e thrin to conduct the American Hotel, in all its department*, in *i>ch a manner a* will pleaaa the nioat l a'i llou?, aud're to their gueaia every comfort | and luxury, that can be fuuud tu any Hotel in ilia Uuitrd , Bute*. N U?Bathing Kooaia ate attached to the Hotel, where t warm and cold water bntha will at all time* be in rudineaa. HUNRY A CHAti' >_ C. JAMKH MAC LELLAN, i ?P"?ors. January lith. IXt j!5 ^mre EXCHANGE HOTE E?BA LTI M( >K E. ERVlTUS COLEMAN has ihi. day taken HENRY V. JACKSON into partnership, aril in future the houie will be 'oudnct'd iu the name of COL EM AN St J ACK SUN. The patronage nl the travelling public, and intlueuce of oar friends, ) lespertlul'y solicited, Baltimore, Vrbruary I, mil f| Im ec HAVANA MANSION llOUSE HOTEl7 I^HE undersigned take* nccaainn to iuforin ilia friends and lite public, that the Mauaiou Mouse ta now located in luguisidor street, No. 67. in the vicinity of the steamboat landing and vegetable market, having commodious family apartment* arranged in the neateet order. A |>ercon ia employed to procure p-rmits to land patieugera, baggage, in:. who will board rrat.dt irato*dist?lv after the visit of the revenue officers. N. B.?Visitors to litis ialaad should pijcare a passport from the Spanish Consul, at the port of einbvrkatiou, to obviate difficulties end iucop vet-fence all 6mw? WILLIAM EULTON. ENGL18H ADVERTISEMENT. T ON DON?ST KATHARINE'S HOTEL, oppoa-te the Li Ht. Katharine's Dork Gates, nut near the Royal Mint. THOMAS LENNEY, late Ctml Steward of (he British Quern Steamship, rea|iectl"ully itiioims hiafrieuds in tne United Stales, that tie hits the management of the above uew and ele ant establish ' ent, which ia built uiid furnished regardless of esjwnse, and is >11 every respect nupi.-d for the recept<on of families and Ki-nllcmeu visiting England.** the hotel fronts that part of the dork In which the liners and most of 'lie other Aine ric 01 vessrls lay, and is witiiut live minutes v. ilk of the Bank and Royal Escnnuge. The house will be conducted on liberal and economical principles 't he Cnnee lloom is supplie t with the Loudon, Americin. East Indian and Colonial papers. The Viands, Wines, fcc. are ot the nrst quail y A good Billiard Room aud Warm Baths will be lound in the house Gentlemen inay contract by the week or mouth for board, &c. on the same terms as iu America. T LENNEY lies* to assare tihnse who may honcr hitn with their patronage that nothiug shall be wanting to render them nuiiiMiruiui", nuo ny u.u-nuon i" urn wianrsoi nil iumu, nopes to merit that ci)ufia"nce and good will so liberally bestow d on him when steward of rlieBrmsh (Jneen dHr THE CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN BURNS AND CLARINDA. rPHE .whole of the mysterious and seera Correspondence A which took place between the Poet Bunas and ih? celebrated Cliriuda, Mo. MrLrHost, in 1787 to '98, a"d which has been sought for in rain by Cunninaham and others, for the purpose of publication, has at Irng'h by the decedae of litrinda, fallen into the hands of her itraudsnn, W. ('. McLehosr, Esq and is now first given to the world. To th* enrions in Burns and Platonics tliis work will he Particularly r'lishrd, and cannot fill to strongly iu'erest rcadcrt iu gsueral. It it published in this city and Edinburgh simultaneously The American edition is a neat 12mo. volume of about :-un pages, cloth, gilt?is issu?d and for sale bv K P B'XBYJtCo. No 3 Park K ivt, rpnorite the Artor House. Notices of the Correspondency between Burns and Clariuda, from the British Journals "The Letters o Olaimus Pave long been felt by the admirers of Borus to we an important chspte.r in the I'oet'a Biography."? Atlas. "Seldom hare we welcomed a work with warmer feelivgs t'lan the one before us. The publication was due to tli> isdy of Burns' devot'd attachment, and the letters throw much light on many traits in the wildly devious character of the Bard''?Kelso Chronicle "Wherevsr the name of Kobert Burns is known, this bosk w I we received both with avidity and aimnty, as being probably ?"? last of his writings which will be given to the w"rid and as otingiug fully to light a passage in th- Poet's Life hirh erto wrapp d in a mystery, fruitful of painful suspicions."? f\fe Herald. A mysterious chapter, perhaps the last that remains to be unfalded in the present histo v of our great National Bard has juet b-eu opened bys descendant ot one wh" has been made immortal by her connexion with genius.?Kilmarnock Jour nal . "Thi? volume it invested with an accumulation of attractions, ?< have not been disappointed, high as our anticipations were. The character of Burns is hem morn fullv ileveloix I to us than forme ly, and the strange mystery which hungarouud the intercourse of ' larinda and Burns, is, we think, salisfaetori'y cleared up."?Scotsman Some of our most delightful epistolary liter 'turn has Iteeu produced by poets?and to Pop s'nud Cow tier's letters may now be adried that of Burns Brighton Herald "This is indeed one of the curiosities of literature, and may well be said to supply a new chapt-r in the Life of Scotland s immnrtal Poet, ft behoves everv admirer of th - author of The Cotter's Saturday Night, to provide himself with a Copy"? Chtlltnham Journal jil !m*m ~~~FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, ice. rT,Htt subscribers hive jus received, |erl?te arrivals f om a- Havre, and keep constantly on baud, a complete assortment French Ar-ificiil Klonrri Materials of sit kin*a for Flowers Keailwrs, Hair Uruaineats, anil Millinery articles?for seteby HKNMV Jv K' , h N lap,e ? , fbsoi"-rre 73 Liberty st-ret. no stairs. MUM Til LT Kfcl'Oll t UK ITU'. N?'W VOMK MEDICAL ANI) SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No. 7J Chambers stieer. CASES BtJCCFBSrULLY TREATED 2 Secondary Syphilis 2 'nflvmmauou of the Eyes 1 Heroiula 3 Whites J3 Gleet 4 Constipation 6 Chancre 1 Croup 10 Gonorrhea 2 Di-eard kidneys 2 BronchiPs. acute 3 Onanism 3 Sappressiou of the Menses 1 Great Debility 1 Flooding 2 Rhsuniatism 2 Diarrhoea 1 Disease of the Heart i n, .o vt:a... 4 Headache 1 biffi'ulty in making W?I Typhua Fever trr 1 P;ruruy 1 Seminal Wenkueas 2 Pilea 4 Eiaiainati"u of hire Cheat 1 Coughing to di r .1 ise ise. SURGICAL OPERATIONS 4 Bad Stri'tares rami with- I Disease of the Spine outcu ting or burning 1 Cancer on trie Breast re2 In tinned I'eatirles moved 3 Buboes cured by an imprue- 2 Hemorrhoidal Tumors re ed msthod moved I Hydrocele 1 Dislocation of Ehonlder 1 Kistn i in Ano Joint 2 Pult pus in trie Nose rsrnov- 2 Op rations for Squinting el 1 Diseased Testicle remored 1 Ulcerated Breast 3 Sin.til Tumors removed 1 fracture from the face 2 Cases of Stabhi-g attended 1 Erystpeas to 1 Bleeding from the Luuirs. The poor attended to without charge every d ty, between three and four o'clock. DR. H BOSTWICK, ft tw'tc Attending Surge- u ard Physician. GENUINE TEAS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. THE CANTON TEA COMPANY, Principal Store, 121 Chatham itreet, Nrte York. Branch Stm t, 818 Bletckrr tt, AT. Y. JlHtncy at 116 F\Uton etr'it, Brookyn., corner of Main and fan Houton it. Voter am, .V. J.( INVITE THE ATTENTION OF CITY AND COU> i ix i iiinuin ami purcnaava m tneir severs' rnuoiisn nents, wher? thov think will b? found by fa the host >? rtion of paw tail unadulterated Teas in the United State?. Phe an iversal popularity and reuown ol their house, with refeeucc to high qu <fities. low prion and upright dealing, is too ?l. understood to render farther comment necessary. Origins) anil only warehouse for the sale of Howqua's Black I'm Observe? Strtngerawill t-c particulars remember the nnrn rr of the principal store in Chatham stmet.viz: "121." betwoen t'enrl and Roosevelt streets. The public will alio be ple.aacd to take notice, ths' the Can' on Tea Company hare nothing to do with any ether itoret whatever, eicept tlioa' described at the 'op of thia advertiae viert. Jls lm*re (iliASS STAININ' i. IANINOTON'8 OIIIOI >AL VOKK GLASS bTAININO AND f.N A vIKLi.INO WO.iKS, \o '293 Hroailwny. neur Rradr *trerl. THIS KtUblishinnnt ia now completely organicd to eivcute or-'eraon the uioit ettensive in#, with many adva tigea nih ito "nVnown in Ihia brunch of lh? fine aria adapted inr Church Wi daws, private and public huil iiiga,Cnnaervatori"?, eme vies. Packet Ships, 9'eam Boa's, Light Houses, l)imrd ^kvlighu, 9a>ie Windowa, Hall Lanterm and for any ruroae eipiring a brilliant nrrsu. eme t of ich design and oeauli* ftp colors, blending splendor with economy. Spe linens can he seen, adapted 10 an. of tl,e shove purrov ?. Toe colors ate all we'runten hurnt into the gl las.aud wi I uerer changs color. L'esignt furnished on the shor e.t notice, f il It's; UMBKSLLAft. S L E E P E R, U RO r H E R N , NO. I2h MAKKKT ?TRKfc T. PIIILADKcPHI A, ANTICIPATING the reviv I of husmrsa hue mrreas'd th- ir Mock SI d mtiiafaciuring oporu*line so aa to rival I1 e greateat e? al.ishivienta I n the glnhe Pnrehasera n.ay ' I v on iieuig supplied with any qua tiry and quality of U tIBllhL L\M. i'aKASOLS A.vU SUN SHADKS, nicliilmi the Heiua det^rin ned not to auccnmb to th? preeeit severe competition,their go idv are offered a the limnl endurable adv an on lb* real cos , while u the alert to introduce improvements in sty e, material and wo'kina- alii,), the stock will ilat .ys mm,.rue tha moat f..alii'>uablr and Peat inaenfaimred rood* 10 the n atk t f'I 2wre OmTp iUh'/TA, <;API\ Hr.PHURiN, KIUJ.VI UV-ltO P(J|>L ? Consignees of merchandise will phase avud tueir l>ermila on b '*>d the ahip, a- Toot of Tine atr?et, or to th? offi r ofthe aibaenber, without delay. Alt a o la not permitted in five data most he a en t to the public atore JOHN II" HUMAN, fl3 5 eo a I S nth a reet. IfliiiULATK YOU 11. HAKlilt'.-i HILLS. rilh SIJBSt: Kl Be.It hi* opened a atore at .No HI " aire 0. for the aale ,f in An Wheat, Kye and < 'orn tt eid. Alao, l'i*a and Cakea of all kind* h amities le vel at thvii 1 w e 11 i r, k a with Bread, "iea and Tea Cakea. Cttiaeat ?en?r?lly will nno this a deairable pi ie? f >r Iuiic'i? fine ll .vored Hot ntTrv ?t tnrre cents. P ea of all kmda at thre cruta a pla e; C.kra A11 dw chea he., he All article* are inade np tin ier hit personal snp-rvmnn. and he p|e leea himielf that the beat in tteriala ih ill k? ns d the inar kvt offers. JNO. I. HaLKY. fit int 'ec QUIUl.S AND ti l EKL Ph.N* ??*UkW Qmlla . lima off it vrry low pries: dialer* ail I conauinera would d . well 10 ill before purchasing Haewhere. A'an, a largr of Sieei I'aua inaiinfaciured by IVrry, Oillott and Mitchell. all of which will h-?old eerv low,ei-her who esalf or retail, aa the iihaeritier wiahea t-> leive tl.e hnaineva thin spring A MeKE ACH.NIK gmll Nlanufactnrer, let lm*?a tM heart afreet rrHKM CARRIER PtOEO.V?For ails a lot o'free', ,m' ported Piteous rn< titling of black hloe, d in anil white < arriers. whi e an I toed fontefs; a vrett variety of Tamblers, of a I col > a; blue R II lie ,da; hack do, silver do t.|ick Heatda hloe do and rileer do; Almond Tnmblera; hlarli, blue, vrllnw and white do; M vgpwt and TnrbeiU, of all the known Colors Alto, a qnantltrof the far-famed Antwerp Pigeons, an jnatly eel brated 1 or their es'rtordinary power of flying long, and returning home from almoat Incredible distances. ('all and see iham, at N Heads street. Aim** H. OROOM. HERA 1844. Puerto Cabetln. tb ff orra?pon<lence of the Herald.] !j;| Pi krto Cabei.lo, 29th Dec., 1843. ai, jirratifctiuntt J or the French Atlantic Steamships? V' Patriotism and Ease?The President's Message? m. Small Pot and Small Potatoes. nl 1 think you have been informed of the arrival at this port of the French steam frigate "Gomez," on be the first of the present month, with several Commit*. * ' siottera on board, appointed by the French Govern- in nient for the purpose of selecting suitable places re worthy of the attention of the great line of French to steamers which are to commence running in 1844. We anticipate they will call at this port, La Guayrn, Ate., and sincerely hope that the French may have belter success than the poor English company that ci lost several hundred thousand pounds Merlins in w their experiment, which was a dose too powerful 0 for digestion. '> The French Commissioner* uccompanied by Ha- iron tiros, late Minister of Fiance at Hognta, left 'j this for Caracas by land, having undoubtedly a de- ' sire to meet with the Washington of Venezuela, now retiied from the cares oi slate, and, attending to duties more congenial lo true patriotism, on his splendid estate?we allude to his Excellency Gene- r ral in Chief, Jose Antonio Paez The French Com- " missioners will find in .he old gentleman solid and I1 substantial qualities, worthy ol example to his conn- u trvitien. A man in this age who renounces ell pub- n lie honors without a murmur is it phenomenon as- n suredly, especially in Siuth America, where hut c very few such cases occur. The frigate left for La c (iu'tyra, there to await the Commissioners. The Puerto Cabello people were honored last week with the presence of Monsieur David, his p Christian Majesty's Charge d'Affaires to this Republic, and was received with that " true cordiality" for which Puerto Cabello is so distinguished. We not had the pleasure of seeing out Minis- C ter Allen A. Ilall, Esq., for months in this quarter. p We suspect that negociations of a more serious na- * ture than formerly are curried on, and in fact the ^ President of the United States, in his message, J, hints to that effect. God grant that they may he brought to u favorable issue, alike honorable to m both parties. The " Morris" case to winch Mr / Tyler particularly ulludes, is one of the most dis- ?' graceful acta ever committed under the eye and *' cognizance of a civilized government, and we can- " not but assure ourselves confidently that Venezuela ' 111 onUmxirUiln... ,1,.. if >1... ..I....1 ..n.l . .... J..O..VV V. VMM..., ....V <j eventually make reparation p The Government and people are quite alarmed concerning the small pox at present raging in the t Island of Saint Thomas, and in consequence thereof, put all vessels in quarantine from that place. We have an American schooner, the William Har- 0 risen in quarantine, arrived oft here on the 2!)th c inst. from Saint Thomas. We learn that this ter- c rible desease has broken oyt in Cutnana. Haute- , lona, and Maracayho, seaports of Venezuela; hap- ( pily, however, it makes but slight progress. Cer- i tain persons to us unknown personally seem, to have taken umbrage at our very just observations in regard to the lighthouse unn road uffuir, ex- f pressed in our letter to you per Mohawk. Business is dull with us, but we anticipate more activity in January and February. , r Superior Court. fi Before the thief Justice. t Kriday, Keh. 10?The Format ?' Loan and Trust Compa- d ay v*. Thomas K Afiri/urn ?Action on a note for $9,000, p reported in yesterday's paper. The testimony of Mr tl Hamilton Murry. was that the stork pledged by Mr. t Minturn, for the loan, belonged to him, and that he had n hypothecated the -J17 shares in consideration lor the re ti Iraso ot certain property held under mortgage, and, also, n as collateral security lor his note, taken by Minturn as a v release for other property, covered by other mortgages c held by him. Minturn and lie had l)iid a settlement <>l their accounts, in which the note at present in litigation * was settled by him, and a balance of about $13,000 re 1 niained due to Minturn. He hod never given the plain- 1 tilt's a noto, or any written obligation for the $9,.too t loan. He offered to do so, but they declined, on the t ground that they held Minturn'* note and preferred retaining his indebtedness, a* the transaction was witii hiin h This was in July, 1939, and previous, he believed, to the h date of the note in litigation. The plaintiffs ne?er ap y plied t? him fur sn obligation on account of said loan He had told Minturn, previous to the latter leaving lor y, that he would arrange with the company to re a new the note, by giving his own otdigation for the pay e ucui, una tnvulve iu? company'f ccrlili.'fttui or fleponite payable imix months, and thus raise the money required i to pay oil'the loan at muturity. On railing at tin* office of the company, lie saw Mr. Curtii, tin; President, am) I talked with him on this subject, hut, at the second inter l view, Mr. C. refuted, asth| company preferred to rwain i the existing obligation oT.VIiuturn. Mr. Curtis offered I to issue the new certificate* as aoon as the deposits of the < $3,300 and intereit was made, lie (Mr. Murray) did not know until then that the original note of January. 1M9, had been renewed in July following He never after that ottered to give the company any obligation for Mlutum'i loan. I In reply to the defence, Mr. Murray stated that he re newed the certificates of July, 1339. in January, 1H40 He i called at the ottice about that |**riod, the stock of the com | puny being then very much depressed, and proposed to < take fresh certificates wherewi'h to raise monev to pay the ( certificates maturing at that period. This wa; assented to i He then paid in deposite the chwckt of his firm amounting t to the required sum, and received the certificates which he. I sold, and with the proem ds returned the amount drawn ? fiom the funds of his firm. The certificates were to run four months at five percent interest. On the maturing ol s these certificates, the slock baing considerably lower in | the market than on the two preceding occasions, he called to renew them, and the understanding with Curtis at I the time was, thot when the certificates became due. the i note of Minturn should be paid At that time he told Cur tin, that such was the state ol the money mnrket that he did not know when he could raise money on the rer ill rates ; Curtis replied that lie knew a broker who would do it, ami introduced a person named Ketchum, who was ut the time in the adjoining or outer ottice ol the company ? The business was opened to Ketchum, who said he would attend to the matter and he (Murray) could pay him the difference?that is the loss on the certiflca os? such loss amounted to about F3AO, the certideates having 3 monthi to run Br 4 Juaoa?Was that more than legal interest I A?It was more than seven per cent The ub|ect of the the loan advanced upon the hypothecation"! the stock : that is, the certificates advanced upon Mr. Minurn,! obligallon. several tenewals was to pay the company, the amount on Cim.v Just ice ?It appears to me that the entire affair ihut the renewal of tha original note, and that the loan hai not been paid 11? Suppose Miuturn is compelled to pay the company he amount of the note, an you not answerable to Min urn lor the amount recovered against him T A?No: unless the mortgages which were given to the North American Trnat Company are set aside; should this bo compromised, I become liable to Mlnturn, in case the plaintiff* iu this suit recover against him. Such was the nature of Mr Murray's testimony as to his interest in the result of the present suit, and also the history of the entile transaction. But the transactions, in solving a considerable amount of perplexing points o) law. the case was submitted to the jury without argument i of counael, or charge trom the Court Thev were direct i ed to find a verdict for the plaintiff, for |M0.) 31, subject < o the opinion of the Court, with liberty to either party to turn the same into a hill of exceptiona Tha following ara the points of Uw raised by the defence. ' First?That tinder the evidence the defendant was rn't ' tied to a credit on the JUtli January, 1840. of fAMOfor 117 shares, instead of BO, at $A0 the share Second?That Murray paid the Company for this loan of $8,000 in January 1840, and the plaintills are not enle i tied to recover. t Third?That if the loan in July, 1839, was made hy ? Murray, or on his account, he, in January, I's 10. renewed said loan without the defendant's consent, (.nd the defend ant it thereby discharged. Fourth?That the loan and deposit were connected transactions, and the plaintiff's are not entl'le I to reeover f Fifth?That if |bn nUintlffs delivered the defendant '8,300 and their certificate* of deposit, anil the defendant ' simultaneous delivered thn plaintiff F9..VK) and the note, t Kaavx ?K*? nunh ntrn ft f mnnpv tlmilM hf? r*iiTt??rl ua ing real parts of the trim (action ; end the real transaction was the delivery nl the note on the one hand and the cer. tiflcatea of deposit on the other, ami that >nch a tremorlion wa.i illegal and void. fliath?That if the market value of the certificate* of the Company waa below par at the time of making the loan, and if thr depoait was a part of the tranaurtion a? a condi tlon of the loan, then the transaction was morions and the plaintiffs fcr .Seventh?That if the lonn and deposit were connected I transactions, the former being dependant on the latter the transaction was illegal, and the plaintiffs fee Kiglitli That if the loan was on the certificates of the deposit, then the transaction was a violation hoth of the I charter of the company and of the statutes of usury- and li the plaintiff s, fcc. v Ninth -That if the loan was of money, hut made on con- , d it ion that the loaned should deposit the money and re- N reive certificates at ft per cent, then the transaction was also a violation of the charter and of the a'atufes of usury, and so the p'-u.v.ifs ate not entitled to recover. Before fudge Oskley. 'Indrtw Istler and othnt vs Samurl S V*-ktr and othtrt -In this case a verdict was given in favor of 'he plaintiffi for $1311 10 damages and ft cents costs The Court in charging the j rv observed, that the seizures by the defendant of $ JO oOft ? n th ot property, and closing up their establishment fnr several days tn secure a debt which,with costs snd all, did not amount tn over *ftn0 u a> a very harsh proceeding Indeed Such a proceeding was un justiff I hie, as the drlrndaut rntihl have placed the mat tec tn the hands of the Sheriff, and by indemnity ing him to the required amount, the deM could have been collected I with every show ol legal correctness and justice on the part of the defendant. II the jury from the evidence believed that the plaintiff's were the owners of the goods In the store, then the defendants were altogether in error.and the Jury would so return their verdict, Even suppose ( LD. Price Two CeM*? t Browning had $10,000 worth of good* there, the do. jdant *u in error in seising the Mock of the plaintiff*, lough no * penile damage- in dollar* and cents were own iu evidence in consequence of the rioting of the ire, yet it wit in the piovinceoi the jury to lake thia 10 their consideration aud make an estimate lor the da> age. They could alto take into contideration the iph ; in which such a seizure had been made, and the entire air conducted on the part of the delendant. The jury eta to take into couaideration also the fdOUO which bail en dejiosited iu Chancery by the plaiuiiffs to enable em to recover their property and proceed with their buries*. Should they find lor the plaintiff then they would cludcthi* amount in their \erdict, and allow than auch asonable damage as they thought thi m entitled to. No other case being ready the Court adjourned until i morrow at ten o'clock. City Intelligence. Police?Kama*.?Nothing of public Interest before i? Police. A few petit larceniea closed the day*a prou.rllriri Coroner's OOlc*? Fainsr ? Bi. bm d to Dsath.?A romun named Ann Stewart, wife of Charles Stewart, of 'Jt Water street, waa ao severely burned on Thttrsdsy by er rlotliea accidentally taking lire, that she died at the ity Hospital yesterday afternoon. The Coroaet held an nqueat and the Juiy rendered a verdict of accidental eath by burning. 17. 8. Coinmlaaloiier'a Office. Before Commissioner Rauelje. Kta. 16 ?Kdgar Wakeinaii, the chief mate of the Ainelean ship " Viola," waa arretted and held to bad for elimination on a charge of cruel and unusual punishment, uelcrred by John Dineman. a teaman on board aaid ship, hi her voyage from New Orleana to Liverpool in tha aonth of July last. Falsing Counter frit Monty.?Joseph Miller, an unfortuate looking Dutchman, wai committed to answer on a barge of paining or attempting to pan a counterfeit 36 cut piece. General Beailona. lefore Recorder] Tallmadge, and Aldermen Wateman ami Briggi. Jamis II. Whiting, Esq , District Attorney. Friday, Feb 16 ? Sentincr boy?Joseph Kaskal, a ierman clothes dealer, of Orange itieet, convicted of ecetving stolen goods, knowing them to be such, waa rntenced to the Fenltentiaiy for six nioDths Hmry Hogtrl, convicted of an assault and battery on 1r. McCoy, carpenter, and breaking his jaw, was sen. if need to a fine of $M>. Thnmat Htady and John Iiidahock, convicted of anteitult and battery on 'I homes t.ilchrist, at the Bowery tmphitheatre, were called Brady appeared, and was rntenced to a Ana of cent*. Ridabock was not promt, hut came in alterw ards, and was sentenced to pay a tie of $ftu, in default of which he waa committed to irison. Edward Spragg. convicted of an assault and battery on lamuel Kinney, at the county meeting ol the demociatio tarty, last fall, was next called. SritiGO?1 am here, but I object to being sentenced by liii Court. ltrcosDrR ? But this Court must sentence you. Season.?I object because I have bad a quarrel with one if the members of the court and one other was as much concerned in the riot an I was. The Rr torush then proceeded, remarking that the clr? itimitances tinder which tins assault was committed were inch as to cause some palliation for the offence, and the ;onrt therefore imposed u fine of $80, and commitment mtil the line waa paid. Spraoo.?And 1 will stand committed until it ia paid. Krcnitnr r ?Ye , you will. tipragg then left the Court in company with an officer or the cay prison, whern he saya he will remain till the lottrt releases him. Jamrt Murphy, aonricted of n misdemeanor, in replicating himself as an officer with a warrant, by which neans he arrested Thomas Ooulding, waa sentenced to a ine of $20 The Recorder, in passing this sentence, laid hat the court believed that Murphy bad acted tinder tha irection of his employer, and also that he had bean rompted by an Honest motive in endeavoring to recover lie gloves Unit they hail supposed Ooulding had stolen,hut he error he had committee was in representing himself a an officer, when he had no such authority. The ten L-nre waa therefore imposed more at an example to o'hera lot thus to violate one of the Statutes of tlie State, than vlth a disposition to punish him for the offence ha had mm rait ted. Jiimei and Thnmnt //adrf?n, grocers, of 10H Roosevelt itieet. convicted ot receiving two half cheiti of tea, mowing them to he stolen, were next arraiguad. The lucorder w as proceeding to pats the sentence and alluded o the fiict that they were convicted mainly by their own eztimony as offered hy their father, wlun Thomas said?" Father had bren drinking, and when ie came ii|K>ri the stand he did not know w hat he said?I iope vour honor, as it ia the first time we're been here ou'ilbi- hard in success with us " The Recorder then proceeded to comment upon their outh, and early acquaintance and continuance cf crime, jid than sentenced them to the penitentiary lor six n i.tha *rh. Thomas?Tliank your honor They then left fbr the six nonths jurisdiction of John Orter, Ksq. Srntenre of Joitpli Gulick ? In the conviction againat his uotoiious militia fine collector, for an assault and battry on Mrs. Kltenezer Peck, the Court stated that an implication luri been made to argue the point of law taken by nroaectttlon, that Giilu-k um not legally authorized to collect militia tinea, he being a rraident of another State, rite atntence would, therefore, be deferred until Tuesday next Caar nf Henri/ 8 Schaffer?On motion of Salcm Dctcss** Ksq , the trial of thin man for obtaining money by falan pretences war postponed until the April term ol the court. Pnttini; Cmmlerfril .Honey?The trial ol Charles Hadslifle, aliaa John Heed, for lorgery in the second degree,in paining u $lti counterfeit note on the North Kingston Bank if Kluide lahnri, tin K. M. I.ord. I fill Spring atreet, that w ra tommeneed yeatentay, wna continued. The testimony for irosecutron allowed that the note wat paeaed about tha lour ol I o'clock in the afternoon on the 16th of January nit, hut Mr I.ord could not poaitlvrly identify the arena (I. Jon* V\n Br art (ratified that priaoner attempted topees i similar note upon him on the iame day in payment lor aj'ket hook, which waa refuted ucnjawin J. IIavi atateil that he had known tha accused for aeveml yeara pnat by the name of John IW'1, and not a Kndclifle The defence conducted by Jamcs M. Smith, jr , . called Jamea Brown, the keeper of a porter home, at M llnane aireet, between City Hall Tlace and < hatham .treat, who teatifi <1 that the accused tended bt-r for him m the sixteenth (lay "1 January in hi? absence, and alio that he was absent from 13 o'clock until 4 of the day in question Wm < . Waldron. confectioner, of the comer ill hutham and Duane, testified that he was in the porter home of Brown about every fifteen minutea, between H ml 3 o'clock, of the tilth of Januarv, and saw the ac used behind the bar. Mrs. Jane A Brown, wife of James Brown, the proprietor of the house, a vrry pretty, pert lark eyed woman, testified that she raw the arcu'ed tend. npr bar on thai day from 13 until 4 o'clock in the alter, noon, nnd asked him every fifteen or twenty minutes if lie did not wish her to take his place, as she supposed he night want to go out Moss Hart, of 81 Vrsnkfoit stteet, 'estifled that he saw the accused In the bar from 13 till af. er 3 o'clock. Ralph S Brown, of 63 t hathara street, made a similar statement The Tacitci-tiov then called BivismivJ. Hats, who 'eftified that the porter house kept hv Brown, at 73 Duane -treat, waa a well known resort for tngliah thieves, pickpockets, burglars and counterfeiters The case for defence w as then ably summed tip hy Mr. with Mr Whitish, for the prosecution, commented with (treat fnrre upon the flimsy c.harec.ter of the testimony produced by defence to ?hnw an ilihi, and exposed with much enerpy the well known reputation of many of the frequenters iif the house of Brown The case was then submitted under the rliaige of the Court, and the jury relirrd After an hour's absence they were called into -oiirt, and bring unable to agree were discharged. They mod eleven lor acquittal and two for conviction, the li ven resting for their opinion solely upon the wsnt f certain identity of the accused hy Mr I-ord >n whom he passed the note and not upon the defence of he n/i'M The prisoner waa then remanded for trial on her indictments found against him for passing atmilar ountcrfeit notes, and the Couit adjourned until Monday lext. In the Special Hessiona, Thomas Hall, William flaws er nd David Weir, charged with an aggravated assault and i.itterv on Archibald Morrison, of 143 KJdridge atraet, vem found guilty and fined $60. Conrt 4'nlender. Strtaioa Court.-- Noa. 17, 9, 0, 16. 26, 9#, 46, 79, 99, 14. 43. 75. CtneciT '"O' st.? Noa. 99, w, Itil, 103, 103, 104, 106, I (VJ. To the Editor or the Herrld!?Dear Sir: ? 1 a iul yon a copy of a morccau, which, attached to n boquel, wss sent by ?r M C. rrom Washington, it being n response to an invito ion given by 'he beautiful .Mr*, r , to attend icr party, which caine off a few evening* atnee at icr liou'*e in Market utt'-el. Po exquieite are the ine* ami in Mich Rood taate, I am aure you will >erpetuate them A)>ropot? Did the gentleman mow how acceptable (a boquet the nweet token of ;ulluntry or friendrhipl in to the liuliea, the pale '.un?'|i i would no longer break her heart in pininc or a cloxer rivalry with the brow of beauty?and ier mute aixtera, repoeing in the bwnm of the fair, rould breathe away their trnRraiii breath without ne thouJit of their l.-afy home. Here are the ittca Thou Queen of hear'*, thou Qneen of heart*, I pray thee on fhU eve of blUt Accept of thin? It cnmi'i from one who wi?he? thee A niRht of mtrth and pleasant hour*, And that thy future year* may ha Kicher in perfume than the flower* And tho' the Poet'* lar *<?a> O'er hill and dale and mountain rill Hiaiptrit walttax with ih'e ?till T. U. Kracttotv. lilt. IMS. NiMrl. tUm Whig 0>m. W%>. 3 I 310 .. I.SfM . . . 1,901 .. l.ftJH 4 ?.?t? .. A.8S4 . . . ft,40* .. (I.PtW It i* exerted thai (he whig* have elected five o| he aix member* to Congrcaa