Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 19, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 19, 1844 Page 1
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THJ Vol. X., Ho. BO?Whole No. 3090 To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily aew?peper?pabliihed every day of the year except New Years day and Fourth of July. Price -J cent* per copy?or $7 9# par annum? portage* paid?rash in advance. _ . THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price m cent* per copy, or 0113 per annumpostages paid, ca*h in a trance. .... ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing last. It has the large it circulation of any paper in thu city, or the world, and it, tkrroftrt, the belt channel for buttneie mtn in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance biiiarmmn -f -11 Irin/ta MRTIltfld At thl DIQlt A)Of!ATAtA price'and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PaoraiEToa or the Hcuald Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY hew abbanoemknt, oommencino oct. mth .1w, MMj MM PARE REDUCED TO TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. From the foot of Coartlandt street. New York. (Every day?Sundays excepted.) Leaves Nsw York. Leaves Newark. At A.M. At > P.M. At7R A.M. At 1R P. M. 9 do. I do. I do. t do. 11 do. 4 do. 9 do. S do. 5 do. 1?R do. 9R do. 7 do. ON SUNDAYS. Leaves New York. Leave* Newark. 4t 9 A. M. and 4R P. M. At 1R P. M. and 9R P. M. The care of the Morris and Essex Railroad for Orange, Mil 1ville Submit, Chatham, Madison, aud Morristown, ran through from Jersey City without change, and connect with 9 A. M. and 3 P. M trains from New York. NEW YORK AND ELIZABETH TOWN. Leaves New York. Leaves Elizabeth Town .. At I A. M. At 3 P. M, At 7 A. M. 3R P. M. 9 do. 1 do. 7R do. 5 do. 11 do. J do. SR do. 9R do. 7 do. 19 do. 1 TM. The trains for Wsatfisld, Plainfiold, Koundbrook, Some* ills, he., connect with the 9 A. M., and 4R P. M. ; trains from Now York daily. Bandars excepted, r era between New York ana Elizabeth Town 33 cents. Fare bat ween do. and Semerville. 73 cents. NEW YORK AND RAHWAI Leaves New York. Leaves llahway. At A. M, At 3 P.M. At SR A.M. At 3 P.M. 9 do. 3 do. 7 da 4R do. 11 dd. 3 do. 9 do. 9 do. 7 do. 9R do. 12* T M. NEW YORK AND NEW BRUNSWICK. From foot of Conrtlandt street, New York, daily Leaves New York. Leaves New Brunswick. At A. M. At 3 P. M. At S A. M. At 13 M. ? do. 7R do. IR P. M. ON SUNDAYS? Leaves Now York LetNew Brunswick. At 9 A. M. and i\J. M. At 13 A M., and SR P. M. Fare, except in the Philadelphia trains, betweeu Nuw York and New Brunswick. 3S cents. Between New York and Rah way, 23 cents Newark, Elixabethtown, Rah way, and New Brunswick passenger* who procure their tickets at the ticket office, re Mire x fern- ticket gratis. Tickets are reesived by the con | doctor or It ou the dir whan purchased The C"mm>iCation tare between New York sod Rahway and in.ermedut* places, has beeu reduced (including Terry) to $J0 per year ; between New Brunswick and New York $75 per year. n!9 3m fAT.Kn.SON KAiKttUAD MMl Froin Peterson to Jersey City. On and after Monday, Oct. Id. 1M3, the cart will Ieare PaTcason Direr. - Uavk New Yob*. A. M. ? A. M. UVm I? P,M. The Sunday Trains will be iliscontinned nutii fuitker noice transportation cars Ieare daily (Bandars excepted.) Passengers ate adriaed to be at the Perry, Toot of CourUandl street, n few minntea before the stated hour of departure jyHBtn* WINTER ARRANGEMENT?FOR ALBANY. Via BRIDOEI'OKT aud eaWft sWn Ml Hoouioaiok WtsrtHft ffZJEae3?RsiLDBoaDi. tally, buu(lays.^H|^B W3L Excepted. 3HEL Passengers for Albany by this Wonte will take the new and elegant s>eamboat EUREKA, Capt J L. Kits h. which leavea New York from foot Liberty at, Satnrdar morning at half past 6 o'clock, for Bridgeport, thence by th* Honsatonic and Western Railmn Is, wfhoot ehanse ut ears or baggage crates, U Albany, wiring earns eraning at i o'clock. Fare through For passage or Freight, apply on board, or at the office, foot f Liberty street. O. M. PERRY, Agent. JUec Ns-W YORK AND PHILADELPHIA HA -ROAD LINE DIRECT. <!Foe Niwabb, NiwnauMSwica, rRtncBTO!*, Tniirron, Bobwbntowm Artr? Buuisstos. flBBSteiS 'TO' WW . THROUGH IN SLY HOURS. Laaring New York daily from the foot of Conrtlandt st. Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at tR P. M. The Morning Line proceeds to Bordantowa, Boa thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. Th? k'sMim l.lm iinuad, illreet to t'amdaa foDDOsiteto Philadelphia) without change of can. _ Passengers will procare their ticket! at the omce footof Courtlaudt street, where a commodious steamboat, will be ta readiness, with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage era tea are conveyed from city to citywihout being opened by the way Each train ia provided with a ear in which amapertmenta and dressing rooms ei.ieasly for thi iidia' uc. Item ro inc. the lines tare Philadelphia from the foot of WaJ- : nt street, bv team boat to Borden town at 7 o clock, A. M. and by railroad from Camden, at 6 o'olock, P. M. The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7W A. M., and 4 P. M. being a continuation of the lines from New York OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. ?1 SOUTH STREET, NEW YORE. m m dfe Ml k Ps,?A.ecan be engaged rromLiverpool by the follow ing splendid packet ships comprising the Old Black Ball Line ol Packets selling at nuder. from Liverpool. The ahip COLUMBUS, Captain Cole, on the ltth February. Thesh-p YORKSHIRE. (new) Bailev, on the 1st March. The ship CAM BUI l)UE, Capt Har.tow, 16th March. The ahip ENOLAN 0, Captain Bartlett. 1st April. Thesh-p OXFORD. (ai-tam Ralhbnne, 18th Apiil. ' The thii- MONTEZUMA,Captain Lowber, 1st May. t The ship e.UKOPe, Captain barber, 16th May. I Theah-p (SEW YORK, CaptaiuCropper, 1st Jnna. ' la addition to theabovesnpenor ahipa, the snbacriher'sagents will have a succession of flr.t class Aiu rican ships despnt. bed, SB customary, from Liver -ool, e-ery four or five days thronghonttha year, lo the diff rent porta in the United Htatea, by which passage can be a- cared at reduced istes. Those sending for their fr-euda rv-idi g in Oeeat Britain and Ireland, may rely ih.t every care will be taken to make pd*<>iig?is as cum'ortabieaa ihey can reasonably eipeat and should lie t aa-eng rs not eiiqae out. the passage money will be promptly refunded. Drafts cau as usual be fnrniahed p?yab e at ne INat-onal and Provincial Banks of Irrlaud and branch a; Eastern Bulk of Pcot'au- and bench's; and on M-aara. J. Bait, Bon Ik Co., Bankers. London: M-aara J. Barned fit Co., Baakera, Liverpool. * hich are payable throughout England and Wales. For Further par uc alar. appT, JSto"&R0M AW. 61 South i'.reet, near Wa I a'reet. N. B Passage to Liverpool and London can stall times be engaged by the malar packet shim, sailing for Liverpool every Ave flays and lo Loudon en the 1st, lOth and M,h of each month on aHHi' atiou as snore. j 12 ee INKW LINK or LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To mm irom New York oo the 2Jth and Liverpool OB the 11th ui ?cn Booth ? ? ? ? tmum Nrw York. Ship SIDD0N8, Captain E. B. Cobb, 26th December. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. Depeyslrr, 2Mb Jauaary. Ship OARHICK, Capt. Wm. Skiildy, 26th February. Ship ROSCIU8, Captain John Collina, 26th March. FROM LlVKRroOL. Ship 8IDDON8. Captain A. B. Cobb, llth February. Ship SHKlllDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyster, llth March. Ship OAKKICK. Captain Wm. Skiddy, llth April Ship KUSCICB, ( aptain John Colliui, llth May. Time ahips are all ol~ the brat elaaa, upwarla or 1000 tona, built ui the city New York, with auch improrrmeata aa combine (real aperd with ouuanal amnion Tor paaaentera. Every care I mi been taken iu the arrautement of their aecommodationa The price of passMre hence ia $100, lor which ami le atoree will be provided Jneaa ship* are commanded by ei|ieriaooed maalera, who will make every exertion to give general aatiafaction. Neither the enptaina or ownen of the ehipe will be reaponaible for any letters, parcela or peckagea cent by them, nuleaa regular billa of lading are signed therefor. For freight or pvaaee apply to E. K. COLLINS it CO.. SO South at. New York, or to BROWN. shlPLKY It CO.. Liverpool. Lotteraby the packeu will be charged 12H eenta per aiugle beet ; S? centa l*r onnce, and newa|wpeea I cent each. <12 PASSAGE FROM OREATBR1TA1N AND IRELAND ft ft ft ft ^^^TTIIF. BCA^K BALL OT^?CD LIN^)!^ LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing feom Liverpool on the 7th antl IDtli of every month.] Ramans wishing to aeud to the Old Country for their friends Ca make the necessary airsuip'tni-uts w itii the mibacribeix, and ve tlirm come out in tin a auivrior Line of Packets, Sailing Irom Liverpool punctually on theTthand IIMh ol every month Tney will also fiave a lirat rale class of American trading ships, sailing every ail daya, thereby affording weekly communication Irom that i>ort. One of the lirm ( Mr. Jauiea D. Roche) ia thara, to see thai they shall be forwarded with care and or* ... u omiuiu in? iwifi i(rm lor not come ont, the money w in be returned to those who paid it here, without any reduction. The Black Ball, or Old Line or Liverpool Packets, comprise the following magnificent bhtps.vii ri>otWW. th- a?, EUROPE SOUTH AMERICA. ENOLANP NORTH AMERICA. (With inch superior and nnennslled arrangements, the. subset ibert eonfideiiily look forward lor a coiitinuauce of thai tupport which has beru attended to them to many years, for Which they are gratefal. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can St all limes obtain Drafts ai tight for any amount, drawn direct OS the |!?yal liank of Ireland, Dublin, alto on Messrs. PREBOOTT, OROTE, AMES k CO. Hankers, London, which will be paid on demand at any of tbe Banks, or their Branches, ill all the princiiml towns throughout England, Irstad, Scotland sad W"1?feo BROTHERS It CO. 31 Fulton street New York, nest door to the Kulton Bank. N. B.-Ths Old Line of Liverpool Packets Mi l fam this port fo> Liverpool on the 1st and19th of each month. Parties returning to the old country will And it to their comfort and adrantags to select this favorits tins for their eonvsyanca, in preference to any other 479 ' E NE NEW OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETd! flfo M M nh ^H^OLD LI kau fnr^^Sol "ill h^n^! K A despatched in the following order. eicepting that when the tilling uay filla on Sunday, the ship* will Mil oil the tuccard ^ iMiUy, eia;- FromNewVoih From Liverpool , Ibtl/AMUHIDUh, (June 1 July 16 ? Mtoat, Oct. 1 Not. 16 _ W.C. Barttow,l|Keb. 1 Mar. 16 ] The KNOLAND, .June It Auf- 1 toi 7J0 tout, Oct. 16 Dec. 1 Bi _ B. Bartlett, keb. 16 April 1 The OXFORD, '.Jnly 1 Aug. 16 i 600 loot, '.Nor. 1 Dec. 16 ? J. Ruth bone, March 1 April 16 The MONTEZUMA, July 16 Sept. 1 1000 tons, 'Not. 16 Jan. 1 A. B. Lowber, March 16 May 1 ^ The EUROPE, Aug. 1 Sept. 16 J 611 tout, '.Dec. I Jan. 16 ? K I J- Furh#r_f Atiril I Mm v lfi ... Th? NEW YORK; (u?w) ' I Xi?V 16 Ocl 1 w 960 loua, < Dec. 16 " Feb. I T. B. Cropper, ( April 1? J sue 1 H The COLUMBUS, \ Sept. I Oct. 16 700 tone. <Jau. 1 Feb. 16 G. A. Cola,(May 1 June 16 The YORKSH iRE, (new) I Sept. 16 Not. 1 1060 toue, < Jan. 16 Mu. 1 / D. tl. Bailer, f May 16 July 1 m These ships are not surpassed in point of elegance or comfort in their cabin accommodations, or in their faat sailing qualities by any Teasels ill tlie trade. V1 The commanders are well known as men of character and * aaperience, and the strictest attention will always be paid to " promote the comlort and cnurenieuce ol p.isseugers. u Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, will be observed as ,1? heretofore. ? The price of passage outward is now fued at Seventy-Five J) Dollars, for which ample stores of every description will be C provided, with the exception of wines and liquors, which will be furnished by the stewards, if required. Neither th captain or owners of these ships will be responsible for any letters, parcels, or pacltaurs sent by them nuless ~ regular bills of lading are aigued therefor. For freight or passage, apply to GOODHUE It CO, 61 South at. < C, H. MARSHALL. 38 Burling slip. N. Y. ? l?9tf and of BARING. BROTHfcRS A CO.. DpoolTAPttOOTTB GENERAL EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. ^ f^y ~ ARRASmCMENTS FUR 1844. II The sabecribera beg to call the attention of their fri'nda and m the public generally to their superior arrai gemauts for bringing out passengers from, aud ret. itting money to ail parts of P* Engfvd. Ireland, Scotland and Waiea. L THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKET!, COMPRISING TlfE Ot'F.EN OF THE WEST, 1856 torn. in THE SHERIDAN, 1000 ions. hi THE ROCHESTER, 1000 tons. THE OAKHIOK, 1000 tons THE HOTTINOUER, 1000 tens. 1 THE KOSC1US, 100U tons I THE LIVERPOOL, U60 tons. u THE HIDPONH, moo t ni et Sa-liug from Liverpool twice ever* month, aud w THE UNITED I.1NE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS, cermvoted ol supe-ior, fust class American paeketa, sailing from Liverpool fjur times in each month, an the shins in which those whose passage may beeuga?ed w .tb the subscribers * wiil come cut in, aud it is a well known f'Ct the above named d packets are the most m (nificent ships afloat end the frequency ol thuir sailing, (beingevery five dais) pr-veuts the p-ssibility r of passengers being unnecessarily de'aiued at Liverpool. He- gtrdlass cf expense, in order to meet the want?of the public and the wi-hes ofthe.r friends, Mr. Wm. Tapiweolt. one of the [ firm, has gone to Liverpool to sujieriaUnd the departure for this * country oi such persons wnoir passage may lie engaged wi'n the subscribers, a fact, which to thoae acuu -inled with Mr, W, ri' T., is a sufficient guarantee th? they wilf r>-ceire every attention from him. ana be auiekly aud rouilnriably drapatched. bl bnotud tnose aeut tor deeliie coming the passage money ' will be promptly refunded, without any deduction?n? uaual. " lUuiuwcM-Thoae remitting money can be tupplied with _ drain ?t tiitnt. tor any amount payable fr e of dUcoont or any outer citable, in erery principal town in England, Ireland, , bcouana and Walea j App>y til ?y tatter, poat paid,) to ?... J w- X s t. TaPsJOOTT, 42 Peck alip, new t org?or to p yes WIW TAP8COTT, Liyerpool. , ~ aHHANG"'..VIICNTH hOll 18? f? OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAOE OFFICE, ?" 104 Piue street, corner of South. c m i dTffiaubacribe^5^?T? to call th^ueution of hi^rieuda uid the public in general, to the following arrangements for 1144, for the pnrpoae of bringing out cabin, 2d cabin, and ataer- _ age passenger*, by the Regular Line of Liverpool Packets, sail " ing the Ist.bth, 11th, 16th gist and 26th of every month. By " the Lundon Packets, to tail r:m New York, the 1st, 10th and 01 30th?aud from Lcndou on the 7th, 17th and 27lh "Teach month lu conoecliou with the ahove and for the pnrrot* of afford- ' ing nil! greater facilities to paaaeugers, the subscriber has es- * ubliaheda regular lineoi first class Mew Y rk built, copp- red . tnd ennper laatened ship*, to sail punctually every week ' throughout the year. For the accommodation of persons wishing to remit money to . their I unities or friends, drafts are givsn, payable at sight, on I the following Banks, viz. Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at Cork, Limerick, Clnnmel, Londonderry, . sligo, Wezford, Belfast, Waterford, U.ilway, Armagh, Alhlone, Colcrain, Ballina, Tralee, Youghal, Rnniskillen, f Moiiaghau, Banbridge, Ballymena, Parsonttown. , Dowupatnek, Cavan, Lnrgan, Omagh, , Ditngaunwn. Bandon, Euuis, Ballyshanno t Strabaue. Skibereen, Mallow, Moneymore, Cootchill, Kilrnsh, Dublin. Scotland?'The Citv Bank of tilaacow. England?Meairi. Spoonrr, Atwood St Co. Ban ken, London; 1 R. Murphy Waterloo Koad, Liverpool; payable iu every town ji in Ureal Britain. t For farther information (if by letter, poit paid,) apply to r JOSEl'H McMURRA Y, IU0 Pine etreet, cr rner of South, N. Y. a Or Mrnri. P. W. BYRNES It CO, 36 Waterloo Road. c jl *m*rc Liverpool. o THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. I iff: fjf, i AMLr gfflv jQOh pmw ^Tt^aT from Ne^Yorniat, and Iron^iverpool 4th of each month. From AYic York. l.'pool. ? New BhipLIVERPOOL, 1150ton.,f J*'-. ?! 5*?: S a J. Eldridge i Aprd 1} Jane 6 t N. .hip QUEEN OF THE WEST./if"/ !} 6 * 1150 ton. P. Woodhoa.o. \\ J New .hip ROCHESTER,150 ton., ?! aES'r JohnBritton fe H D "A I 1 Ship HOTTINUUER, 1050 M,^ ? * Ira Bnnely, jNov'r 11 Jan y 0 b Theae anbatantial, fait .ailing, Ant clau ahipe, all bnilt in ? the city of New York, are commanded by men ol experience ' ind ability, and will be dupatcbed pnnctaally on the 2Ut ot aeh mouth. ./Their cabin, are elegant and commodiou., and are fnrni.hed with whatever can conduce to the eau and comfort of pauan ten. Price of pauage, (too. Neither the captain, or owner, of the.e .hip. will be rcpon ible lor any parcel, or packages .ent by them, nnleu legnlrr till, of lading are aigued therefor. I For freight or pauige apply to j WOODHULLJi M1NTURN8, 07 South atieet, New York, or to KIEL DEN, BROTHERS fc CO.. jl4ec Liverpool M ^ M ^^^IEW YOkITaND HAVRtffifcKETS. Second Line?The Ship, of thi. line will hereafter leave New , York on the lit, and Havre on the 16th of each mouth, a. fol- h low., via:? ? From Nr.w York. From Havre. New Shijp ONEIDA, ( let March. ISth April. Captain flat Jul). 16th Auguat. . J a me. Fnnek. f lit November. I 16th December. Ship BALTI MORE, I l.t April t 16th May. Captain < lit Auguat. 16th September Edward Funck. f l.t December. 16th January. Ship UTICA/ t l.t May. i. 16th June. , Captain < l.t September 16th October. Frederick Hewitt. ( l.t January. 16th February. ,, New ?hin St. NICHOLAS ( l.t June. i! 16th July. Captain < l.t October. ? 16tii November. J- B. Pell.f l.t February. 16th March. The accommodation, of theu .hip. are not turpaued, combining all that may be required for comfort. The price of c. I. bin pauage i. $100. Paaaengrr. will be aupplied with every re lui.itr with the eaception of winea and liuuon. Uood. intended for the?c vewli will be forwarded by the aub icriben, free from any other than the eipenu. actually in 4 currnd on them. For freight or pauage, apply to ov i u ?* je25 ??c No. 9 Tontine Untitling. for Wall anil W*r.?r at MARSEILLES LLNfcfW PACKETS. , ^ ^ ^ ^TTr^mTdrrmentl^Sl^fipi will be^S?SuIy dianatched Irom ! uencr on tli' lit, and from Mined lei on the 1th oreach mon'h t daring the rear as follawi:? Krom New Vork. Maneillei, .1 vilNKKVA.Capi brown, Dec. 1 Keb. 1 a rilKSCOTT,I .apt. Myrick, Jan. 1 March 1 , H'llV THOMPSON,Capt.Sylyestar, Keh. 1. April i HELLESPONT, Capt. Adams, March I. May! CORIOLANU8, Capt. Haile, April 1. June} Thry are all coppered and copper faiteurd, and hate eiceileat iccommodatiom Tor passengers. The price of cabin passage will be SIM, exclusive of winee 4 uid laqnora. n (Jooui addressed to the agents, BOYD fc HINCKEN. will c be forwarded free of other charges than thoie actually paid Kor freight or passage apply to LAVVRENCK It PIlELI'S. IM Front itreet or to BOYD k HINCKEN, Aaron, m2(r No ? Tontine Beddings ?oTl NEW ORLEANS. ~ d LOUIBIANNA AND NEW YORK LINE OK PACKKTH s Korthe bettrr accommodation of ship|>er?, it It irttnnl'l to h-sinUrh a thip from tint port on the let, 5th. 10th, 15th, 20th, unf 21th of ?arh month, commencing th- 10th October and continuing until May, when regular dayt will he appointed for the 'mainder of the year, whereby great delayi and disappoint .nen'i will be prevented during the lumuier moutlia The fnl 'owing thip* will coiniiirncr tfiii arrangeineut: . Ship V A/OO. Captain Cornell. Ship OCONEE. Captain Jackion. Ship MISSISSIPPI, < aptain ililliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Ship SH A K SPKAKE, Capt on Miner. I Ship (i,\S I'ON, Captain Latham Ship HlIN rSVioLK. Captain Mumford ,, tihip Ol:viQL(*KFv Captain Lmvitt. 2 Siiip NAHIIVILLF, (/HPUin Dickinson, Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, C.iptaiu Mulford. These slops were all built hi the city of New York, expretv ly for packets, are ol light drall of water, hare recently heen lewly cop|iered and put in iplendid order, with accommoda. mm for |?us?ngen nnei|ualled for comfort. They ire comnanded by eynerienced inaaieri, who will make every exertion u give general satisfaction. They will at all timea be towed ip aio1 down tbe .Mitsimppi by itcimboau. Neither the owner* or captains of theae ihipi will be rnapon- '] illde for jewelry, bullion, precinni itoneisilver or plated ware I r for an? lettei*, iwrrel or package, aeut by or pat on board ol ( hem, unless tegular billa of ladiug are taken for the lame and o< the value thereou cipniaed. D for freight or iwuage, apply to w E. K. COLLINS Jl CO.. M Sonth it., or ?< itULLJN k WOODRUFF. Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to their addttss ci i he ihipi of thii line are warranted to eail punctually ai ad tu rertiaed, and great cart will bo taken to bate the good# correct ly meaetired. ad W YC r YORK, MONDAY MO] BOSTON BUSINESS EXPRESS AND FOREIGN LETTER OFFICE. THE aubacriber* have mads arrangement* to run an Kxpifaa via Huiuinatou, to Bo,lou, lo. the transaction of buiuieiia, and tin* t an>|>ortati u of 9ExZ_*'<iall Paek'gea, Bank Notes, (Jrdeis, sc., it one .i t iii> a ormi"a Mart* Due ul tlw li m will receive aach ordara aa may be eu'rasted ni*?, (l*li ar <ham in Boalnn in uaraon. and raturn ilia an'era at aoon ? the boats a rira in N,? Yo k. Fcr> igu Lattara 'orwatdad by lha I'nnaid Steamers from Boa ii Lattara en b-* pie-paid at tkia office, for auy part of Great -itain or tha Continent FARHOTT fc ?"0. 28 Wall atraat. New York. IS lra*rrc Moaton. IP Coug a?a atnaat DAILY EXPRESS. THE anbacribera run their V'xnraas rafnlarly, aaary day via Hnnaatnnic Mailroad. (Sunday* aaULjJr cainad ) to and from Naw York, Albany and Bui9q^BS ?'" ana tne intermediate place*, for lha transpnc" W ?tation of apecie, bank uotea, bundles and packaa of guods, for collecting bills, note*, draft* and acconula, pli despatch. From (hi* city at <? o'clock, A. M. arriving iu Albany the ma evening, in advance of the United Stve* Mail. fa linrrc FOMEHOY &. CO 2 Wall street. a^^_ DRAFTS ON FNOL.AND, IRELAND, y^wpBVkc.?I'eraoua about -emitting mouey tothrir friend* in the Old Country can be lupplied with drafts In sum* o' Xl, ?2, X'J. ?'.i, XIB, ^^^HHBmbXVO.XM.XIM. jL 1000 or auy amouut, payable I damaud, without discount, or any oilier charge, at the NaonalB ink of Iralaud Provincial Bk do, Maaara Ja'a Bait, Sou Co., lin kers. Leudou: J. Banied He Co , Exchange and Dislunt Bank, Liverpool; Eastern Bank of Scotland; (rrwnora silking Company; Sir Win. Forbea. lluntar k Co., Sco'land; id the or-lichen iu every poal town throughout En*land, 'tend, Scotland and IV .lea, which dralta will lie forwarded by thrr of tha packers of the I6ih, ^ 1st, a id 20th. or tha steamer aledoni* aailing from Boatun ou the 1st or March Appiy to J.T. TAP-CO'lT, At their general passige otfi e, <3 Peck a ip, felirc comer of South HALIFAX ANTTTI V JCKPOOl.. jyStSBHn The Koyal Mail Strain Ship IHBEU MA. c. II. E Judkini. Esq., Commander, will leave Benton for the above porta on Fri ^^^^ ^ day, Match lat, nut. Pajimeto Halifav St. Fnnsn to Liverpool $US. Applvto D. BRIGHAM, Jr., fS to alee No. 3 Wall itrret. aifit-' FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Liu- Regular H(VPacket Site Fvbruiry.?Th?prior New Y?rk SIK bailt packet ship ROCHKSTKll, Jatin 8n too, miter: 80ft toot Wiheu, *"ill tail at above, her regular day. For freigV of two httudrtd and fifty ba'ea of cott m. lc.,or usage, having very superior accnui rnodati 'na, apply to the aptain on board, at went aide Burling .lip. o* ?r WOODHULL k MINTURNB, V/, 07 South at The auperior packet ahip Hnttinguer, ira Buralry, maatrr; 6? ton* hart.ieo, will aucc?"d the Uoeheiter, and .ail on r regular dav.tlat March f 13 toll FOR~UfVEtUUUL^N K W LIN E.?Ilegulnt 9SW Packet of2tlh Kebroary.?The splendid packet shir PMfcOAKRICK.Capt B 3.11 TralU, of 1000 toua, will til aa above,her reylar ilay. For freight or passage, having acunmodatimi. unequalled for animator or comfort, apply oo lard, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to 10. K. COLLINS at CO. Price of passage, $100. 36 South street. The packet .hip Roacins. Cant. J. Coll ns of liOO tons, ill succeed the Uarrick, and sail the >th March, her regulai Paasengeri may rely upon the ahip* of this line sailina punttally as advertised. f 17 g*3g- NEW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS? fffVWPacket of 21st February?The splendid well ktr?wn BSU|las*ast sailing packet ahip KOCHaSTER, 1000 tons iarrl>-ii, Capt. John Urittou, will tail positively as above, her gularday. She haa accommodations unsurpassed for the comfort r f ea n, i cona cabin and tteerige paaongera 'ihoae wiahing tn run* bertha ahould mike early app.ication on boird, foul ul nrltng altp, or to W\(kJ. r. TkfdW) I'T, fi7r-c 43 Feck alip cor Mouth ?t. tCT- NfcW LlNK PALK&ltl HJIt LIVioKPiIUL JaPy.??'?rk't 21 i Kerhruari ?'The aplenriid and favorite HPPKii'ncke' ?hii> ItOCHKSTih , IOt'0 coua birtheti, Capl . Unit -u, wll aail on Friday, Slat February her eguLrdny Thr ilupa of thia line are all LuOO toua burth'u and upward!, eraonaabiut to embark 'or the old conutiy, will not fan io the advantage* to be Oerived froin aelecting t ia line iu prereo e to an* other a> their grrt capacity render* ihein ev? ry 'ay moie oml' itable and con-e., ten t tliau ahiya ol aa<naller laaa and their accomino la'ioua, it ia well known, aieanta-rio' ) any othera. 'I'hoae wiabiuK to aec .re bertha, ahould not ul to make early application on board O' to W Ik J T. TAP8G0TT At tlieir (Jeneral Paaaag' Office, 43 Peck slip, earner South atreet. The Aocheater will aail from Liverpool on theSihot April, eraoaa wiahiug to eeud for their Irieuda.can ham them brought at in thie nmguific-nt packet, or any o* the regular line aailiug n the lat, 6th, 11th, 16th, 2tat and 26th of evei y month. Dnfta lor any a'nnnnt payable mi damand without dia onnt, i alt the p.incinal tuwna ol Kuglaud, Ireland, Scotland or Ka'ea eonauntly for ail? aa above. The Oarrick will au meed the Kocheatar, and aail on 26th 'enruarv flJto2lre g?-" OLD uLAi.K BALL LINK UK I'ALKKISttWPyThe packet a< ip K.NGLAND Capupn Bartle't. will IBKaV deapatch'd lor Liverpool on the ttilh of February ner tegular day. Thoae wiahiug to engage paaaage will require to make early uplication to JOHN HEHPMAN. 61 South at. N. B ?Paaaage from Great Britain and Ireland can be aecurd hv the liiat trpriug ahipa of thr liue, at the l.iweat rate; and IrafUcan, aa ueuai, be furniaVd for an* amount, payable in II the principal tuwna without any charge, throughout Great Iritain au d Ireland, on application aa almve III to IGrrc 40- HLAGK UALL.OK (loU LI.NK OK LIV5.K flSPVWPOOL PACKETS?FOR LIVKHI'OOL-Regniai MMHHaal'arliet of the .6th Kehrua'y The plendid, wellinownvery fait iiiling packet in t.NOLANl),' apiam S Jarrlrtt, will poiitively tail on h iiday, 16th February, Itci agular day. It ii well known to the irayklling public. that the aeeoininolationi of tin* Black Ball Linn of Packets, lor cabin, second ahia and tteerage pataeugera, am unsnrpaaten by any other lint r yrattl in port Thote now or hereafter returning to the old onntry, will at all liiuca hud it to their intrrraianil comfort to elect this conveyance. For i?ume, apply on board, foot of leekman it, or to the enhieribexs. ROCHE. BROTHERS ?t CO., ? Fnltonrtreet, neat door to the Fulton Bank. P. 8.?Tim England eaila frona Liverpool on the lit April 'eraoni sending lor their fii nda can have them brought oui n her, or in any of the packera toinpnsiug llua magnificeut and ueqnalled liue, aailing from that port punctually on the la nd 6th of each month t or pa>tage, apply aa abore. The packet ship Oxfordd will tucceed the above packet nd tail for Liverpool on the lal March, and will return to his port on toe Ibili of April ISrrc ?*jg- FOR LONDON?Regula^ Packet ol the VO I, aKMfV February ? I he lir?t ctaaa fait tailing packet aliip lHb9VVI I'/KIILaND, Captain Knight, will aail a> bore, her regular day. Having very iuprriur accommodationa for cabin, aeeond e* in and tteer.ige paMeogem, |ieraona intendiug to embark should lake immediate application on board, foot of M -idea Lane, oi o jOaEI'ri McVllfKRAV, f 3 t "b-rc 100 I'me atreet, corner ol "oath PACK R. 1' Full HA V KE?(Second Liue). Tl? JPW Ship ONEIDA, Jnine.i Fu ick, muter, will tail oi. mmmJtmm 'he lit of v1arch. K >r f eight urp<maag* apply to UOYP St HlMCKcN, Mo 9 Pontine Unildtng, fl rc Coiner Wall a 'd Wite. ale.'ta lAJ kO MAKSMLLCS'?Packet of lit o March ? nSfVI'heihip I1CNKY THOMPSON, Capt. Sylvciler Ka For freight or putage, app'y to LA WJat.NCt!, St P-.F.LP3, 101 Kiont atmet, or to BOVD St IIINCKBN. Aaenta, As toM lee 9 Tontine lluildnit, cur Wall and M ater ita. J BOOTS AND SHOES. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.^^^? LLI. WHO WEAR ihe abov? articles anil with to aire money, ml bet'er loae no lime in-al ing at toe fnhiouahle Boot and Inoe Sloret of .S P SKCOH, M'oe I60l,anu'6l Ormiwicli tre< t. where all miy mil >h in e'veawitban article that, foi tvle or inake^ fax ion and fimah. CSun.t Dc in pa>a*d or peiitpae'ina'la I in thia city 8. P B. bega to appn<e in jnrt'cnUr thoae ladiai *<l*entl? ren who ro1 aider a well fitting ho v or gader an indi<i>entah|e rticle to the tout tnttmble of all witmn the heau manHt, th-t or '"i iMtnmcn ureri, tic uic uniy piac lu i>rw i ork hey ceo d pend on b nig mi cd N. B ? l.tdift?i,d M *,es Oaiters, Shoes, lie., always on land i' endl# variety IC7*"Keniambir, lMX end 181 Greenwich atr-et.?/H f 15 1m* or LOUKI'I' THI*. ~~ dENTLEMEN'S CORK HOLE BOOTH, the bet e< J_ quality $5 00 Do Water Proof Boot* do 4 00 Do Licht Kreach Calfskin Boom do--S3 to 4 (in Do India Hob erOyenhees, with leaier suits 1 50 'o Plain Robbers 50 Do DancinK Pump* 100 Bo Dancing Gaiters I J5 o Wiiik'-o HU"i.e-i 1 04 Lndlill other ki da of Boor* and Shoes in fi'hion; La in falter Booia. Bnakint, Slippers, Ties tjuilred Hh"ea. Pruuel! limes, white aud black Hiti.i HI ppers Button Hhocs, India lubha Htrap I lined pi,in. and ill o her kinds of lee Hhu-a: lo??, Moeca?i"?, aad the uirau tt eat r menl oT B<>.'a U or. . d nbnes; Misses' and Childre. '1, of all kind* to he found 11 he world all of onr owu ma nf cture, and the bet of Kranch ood* and warranted to be the beat, and aa chetp u tlie cheap ?t at 367 Broad n y, eorrer of h ranklin at eet jar. 1 in * re IIIIMIQKV it ? AHII.L. *P H-oadwav JQti CAillEhlNK 8 f Itr.IlT?I hat's the place you ean aaee money La lira wh 1 wuh to be ecooomical, can duo at theahoee place trailer Boots, Hh ea, Busk ins and Slippers, of v-rings col irs, of eleg ,nt shapes a a mat lieantilnl kin-ia, at tlie lowest pric-a aver nfferea in .hit Ity. aa lollowa :? Ladies' Gaiter Bon's, I fly to lit to No do 7?to it Do " Bntkina, ir to i> Do " Hliptera, 3s to 'r Strom Leather Boota and Hhoea. it to 7a M-aiea',nd Children's in proportion. Also, all aorta of la in', m Uses' ai d children a India U.uhher Shoos and Ore 1 n<>ea 1 ou can think of cheaper thin the cheapest; men's hoys' ud y unth's Bi ota and Hhoea, eatriordinary cheap. Now,then, say, come and look?vou will atircly try, and be satisfied that One are better and none so cheap at at 0> I in * in E DOWNS', 2? Catherine afreet. ^ ECONOMY IN B')OTS AND ffHOE*. (W Keonomy bom* the order . f t'e day, the anh laieriher ine>te? the attent on of ihe public to h i i .r*e ? dv lortm- 11 f Boo'a fro.ii $7 upward*. I'ewill ?e|l ?r the I\? price ol %I JO a foou pair of ? *? Boon, rnule in the iteit ityh'. nid of iio?il culftkiu. warranted to wear weil, ol 14 0*11 mike. No I ankee about theut, aa a aiuf> nul will !)o?iu?? 'h* I nrchaaer. lie'Ian o.aWea Boota of all rfeacriptiona fo order. on the initial iiotin?? food I bein* uuaro.P-ed in ail rnaea, or no ile which lie i> i n ihl. d to <lo hy 11 - n.|t a iliawiui of tli fe* , ml fill in* W and keepi in a pair of iaata lor M h utoiurr. Conttantlv on (land-t ork a le Doom, from fd cfl to 7 IMI Double nolo BoOta, 4 lid 10 fi 00 17rra< Boota, 2 Ml to fi Hd Hall Boota. 2 ill to 7 Ki Irn-aa -"hoea, I 70 to J 10 O'erahoea 7) to 2 10 Mlippore *tc ke ategnilh low rrkra JOHN L. w A1 KINS IU Kulton tt.oet, f7 1m*ec between Naatauaml Hutch alcaeta. PHk'-M (AHRIK.K I'KIKON?Koratle a loi <>' freah ii^ L ported l'i*eona m'tiatiuf of hlick bine, dun and whirarriera; whi can I pied Poutera; a are it farieiy of T'imble.a, a> I colna; blue B I.I lie da ; b ark do, ailrer do r|.rk enid* blue iloand Mirer do; Almond Tninblera; blarit, blue, "llnw and white do; M ifpira and Torba.U, of all tlie known >iora A1 ao, a quantity of the far famed Antwerp rifcona, ao jnitly I brated lor thair et r .ordinary power of Hying loaf, and reuuinf hone from almott incredible d ataucea. ' all and aaa them, at 90 Head*atreet. ft lm*e? H. UKOOM, |~ 8/lr~ . ) "7 )RK ] RNING, FEBRUARY 19, 1 AMERICAN HOTEL. PHILADELPHIA. 'T'HIH new home ij situated ou < healuut ill ml, opposite the A Stale Hon-e. (Iude|ie-]denee Square,) and id the immediate rvcioity of all the fashionable placet of amusement and retort. It has been built iu th- most thorough manuer, hyj.hnj. ltidgwuy, Esq , ?ud contains upwards of oae hundred rooms, many of which are n>rlor? wi'h bedrooms adjoiuiug, suitable lor faniliee, and nsrtiet ?f ladle* and (Mitlemrn It will be fiiridihcd throughout, (without regard to ci|eaie) with new aud rWgaut luruiture of ine moit approved atyle, and opened for the reception of the travelling public,ou the tuii day of March nei*.. The proprietors flatter theineelvea, that tlieir long eiperieuee in the huiiueaa, will mabe theoi to conduct the American Hotel. in nil ita department*, iu a?ch a manner aa will pie tie (he moat hiM'lwur aud guarantee to their irueara every comfort aud luxury, that can be found in any Hotel in th* United 8tatea. N B ?Bathing Rooma are attached to tlie Hotel, where warm and old water hatha will at all 'imea be in rendiueaa. HtiNRY A CHAK1&K, ) p. . C. JAMES MAC LELLAN, {Proprietor,. January 15th. lit l jif, Vmre EXCHANGE HOTEL?BALTIMORE. PRVhTUS COLEMAN ha. thi. day taken Hf.MRT F. J-i JACKSON into partnership, ard io future the hou.e will be > oiid*ct-d in the name of COL EM AN St J ACKSuN. The patronage orthe travelling public, and intiiieuce ! oat ftrieuda, i* rttpertluhy solieited, Baltimore, Vebruary 1. 18<4. fl Ira ee HAVANA MANSION HOUSE HOTEL. ' j1 i I S. undersigned tnket occasion to inform hi? friends sad < the public, that the Mention Honte it now located iu Inqaitidor itreet, No. 67. in the vicinity ?f the steamboat landing and vegetable market, having commodinot fe.milv apartments arranged in the anient order. A person it employed to procure permit! to land pnsaengert baggage, lu. who will hoard vessels itnmediatelr after the visit of the revenue officers. N. P.?Vititort to thu Inland thould prjcnre a paniport from the Spanish Contnl, at tne port of embarkation, to obviate difficulties and inconvenience. nil ?mec* WILLIAM KULTON. I2NGLI8H Al)V EKT1SEMKNT. T ONDON-8T KATHARINE'S HOTEL, oppotitn the J-J gt. Katharine'* Dork (iatet, and neir the Koyal Miut. THOMAS t.ENNEY, lat" Ontal Steward of the Britiih Quern Smtnship, reapectfullf lulorrna hiafrirndt iu the United Stales, that lie hat the management of the abevn new and elegaut ettablith eat, which is bnilt >?od luruithed regardlett of expense, and is in e*?ry reaped auajiuul for tlie recept on of families snd gentlemen visitinc England, as the hotel fronu that pa-t of the no< k in which the linett auu most of 'he n'her Ame tie-in vesselt lay, and is within live minutes v.alk of the Bank and Koyal Exchange. The house will he conducted on liberal and economical principles The Cogee lloom is supplie I with the London, American. East Indian and Colonial pains. The Viands, Wines, he are ol thenrat ryttoli y A good Billiard K iom and Warm Batht will be tonnd in the home Uentlem n may contract by the week or month for board, fcc. on the auto terms at iu A mm it. T LENNEY beat to assnre thotewho may honor him with their patronage that aolhing sha'l be wautiug to reuder them comiortaine, una ny attention i" tnr wihimo! nit unmu, hopes to merit that confidence ao<l good will to liheraliy nestowrd on him when steward of the Brntah Queen dUr MhRCANTiLE LiBKARV, CLINTON HALL 20,000 VOLUMES: seventy BBI " hh ?n-l am km h ' vn periodicals. PERSONS not enftigni in mercantile pnreuite miv become ubtcrilwrt, on ia>ment f fire dollars a ytwt ? being the tame terms on whirh Merchant i are artmiu-d. Hy order. chad. m. whkatley. ft loi*m Recnrdi"* He-retarv. FOR LITER.1RY INSTITUTIONS A Mi PUBLIC . iNI) PRIVATE LIBRARIES. Homer's iliad, in Seven Language*, a highly finished edition, puilis ed at Klotenee, (Ital ,) greek Tr.xv, .'outaiiine a 'iter i lt'in trantlation hy Hayue, a m-tricI Version in the Latin lang'age, hy Cuuich, in t'-e i tali -n hy Vloutl, in iii.- o-rinnn byVon in the English by Pope, in the French hy Aigurn, and in the Spanish by Uarcia Malo Thia work compris t twentvf >ur numbers, lorming two handsome <]narto volumes. kailt nninber conrai ta tup rh Log avmg deeianed by Professor Nenriui, from Florence. '1 he price of each number it St 50?two nam here to be published monthlv. rjt subscription! receired at Mr. richards' OHee, 74 Liepeuard etreet, corner of Brondway, oytr the New yore Lyceum f4 lin'rc THE CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN BURNS AND CLARINDA. 'T'he whole of the mysterious and tec re Correspondence A which took place between tire Poet iu'hns and th*eelebrated Clarinda, Mrs. McLkhosl, in 1717 to '93, a"d which has been eought for in vain by Cunningham and othera, for the purpose of publication, has at length, by the deceda- of c ariuda. fallen into the hauda of her grandson, W C. McLehose, Esq and it now fi-ai given to the world. To th? carious in Born* and Platonic* this work will be Particularly r?lishtd, and cannot itil to stronglv Io'ernt rvadert in general. It i* published hi thia citv and Edinburgh simnltsneoasiy Th* American edition ia fcn?at limn, volume of about :-Mi pages, cloth, gilt?is issued and for sale hy tl P U'XBYStCo. No 3 Pirk Row. eppo-ite the A?tov Home. Notice* of the Correspondence between Barn* aud Clarinda, from the British Journals :? "The tetters toCI-uinue have lony been telt bv the admirer* of Boms to ue an important chapter in the Poet's Biography."? Allot. "Seldom have we welcomed a work with wanner feeliiiga plan the one before u?. The puh'icaiion ?s? da* to th" ladv of Burn*' devot-d attachmanr, and the letter* throw much light ou many traits in the wildly devious cliaraetnr of th* Bard1'?Krlea Chronicle "Wherevsr the naine of Robert Bnra* is known, this book w l ?* received both with avidity and antiety, as beiug probably ' >? last of hit writing* which will b? given to the w -rid and as winging folly to light a passage in th - Poet'* Life hitherto *rapp-d in a mystery, fruitful of painful suspicions."? Fife Herald. A mv*Urmas chapter, perhaps the last that remains to be anfelded iu the present histo-y of onr great National Bard has just b^-eu npeued by a descendant ol on- wh- has been made immortal by her connexion with geuitu.?Kilmarnock Journal "This volnme is invested with au aecnmulation of attractions, we hive not been disappoint? J, high as onr anticipations were. Tbecharacter of burns is here m ire fully developed to us than forme ly. and the strange mystery which hung around I the intercourse of < la-inda and Burns, is, we think.-atisfactori'jf cleared up."? Scoleman Some ol onr most delightful epistolary I iter-tare has been produced by poets?and to Poo s'and Cowper'i letters may uow be ad 'ed that of Burns "?Hrfahhin Herald. "This is indeed on* of the cariosities of literatars, sad may well be said lo supply a new chapter in tbe Cife of Scotland ! immortal Poet It behove- evei v admirer of th" author of The Cotter's Saturday Night, to piovide himself with a copy"? Cheltenham Journal. yo lm*m FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, tec. rPHK subscribers hare ju?< received. (erLte arrivals f oin I Havre. and k>?i> cimt uitly on li.uiu, a complete assortment rench Anlicial k'luwers Materials or all kin's for Flowers Feathers, Hair Ornaments, and Millinery attielea? for ale by HKNKV 4 K \HN, importers, ft Vm*nrc T:i l,ik*r?v ?t-eet. nostalvs. MONTHLV KKKOj?? ok ?'nr. NFW YOUK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No. IS Chambers street. CASKfl HUCCKMjriH LY TKKATKD 2 Secondary syphilis 2 Inflamuiaiion of th* Ryes I Scroiula > Whites M Gleet 4 Constitution 6 Chancre I Croup 10 Onuorrhea 2 l)i>eaed kidosys * Broichits, acuta 1 Onanism 3 Hoppr-aiion of the Manses I Ue >ility 1 Flooding 2 Kh-nuiatism 2 Diarrhoea I Uisaaie of the Heart I Dysentery 2 Midwifery ? H-adtchs 1 DiHi-nliy in making WiI Typhus Fever tsr 1 I' rtirisy 1 Seminal Weakness 2 Piles 4 ?xaimii*ti"u of the Chrsi i aioagniDg in aeTfit aunt*. S1TROICAL OPERATIONS 4 Bad Strt tnre? mreii wills- 1 Di?euse of the Spine out cii ting or b'trning 1 Caucer on the Breasi re2 Inflamed Irstilss moved 3 Bubor* cured by an improv- 2 Hemorrhoidal Trnnori r? ed me hod moved I Hydrocele 1 Dislocation of Shoulder 1 Kistu i in Ano Joint 3 Pol |>ui ta to* Note remov- I Op rations fur Squinting el 1 I * i ?e tied Testicle remover* I yleerited Breast 3 fltnall Tumors removed lhracture trnm the f??s 3 Oes-s of Htahb|->g attended I Krysipe as to I Ble diug from the Lunss. The poor at'ended to without charge every d y. be.ween three and four o'clock. DR. H B09TWICK, fl 2w*rc __ Attending '.irge- n ard ("hvwcisn. GENUINE TEAS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. THE CANTON TEA COMPANY, Hliiuipal Afore, 131 Chatham street, New York. Branch Start, 319 Blrtckrr it, iv Y. Jltrtuy at IIS Pidton street, Urookyv. J] lio, corner of Main and Ian llnulon st, t'alerion, JV. 1 f.NVITE TIIK. ATTENTION OK CITY AND COIJ^I TRY families and purchtseis to their severn' establish ments, wher? thev think will be fonnd by fa the beat ,i ction of t'U'e and unadulterated Teas in the United State,. The uu tvernal popularity and neuown ol tlieir house, wi'h fef~ ence to high i|U lilies low prices and npnwht deal loir. is It" well understood to reader further comment oecessary. Original and only wirvhnurfnr 'he sale of Ho aqua's Blast Ten Obverve-StrHiigerawill We particular to remember the nnm erof the principal store in Chatham*: "121," hetweei Pearl and Roosevelt ntreeta. The public wi lnlsobe pleased tA taka notice, that th* ('an ton Tea ' ompnnv have nothing to do with any i ther store whatever, eicept those described at the top of this adeems, neat. jla Im're UMBRELLAS. SLEEPER, BROTHERS, no 121 market street, philapk' i'hia, An riclPATINU ih* r?viv I of bn.?i una hi\e iu'onu^H thr ir utorlc ?r <1 manufacturing op?^ ion* *1 a% to rirgt t? c grcAtAiit e? a i.ifhm??(n i n tb? glol>#. PurchMflf* n?*y *lf o? iU|?p'iof uith auy of I., an. I 'liar\nrij.-l /V.HLI BU,H iail/\ ur.s, IBClll '111 : folate ltrni*? atyle H-iut det-rin ned not to anccnmh to th* preaeit aerere mmpetition,?h*ir ttomla aie offered a the Inweal endurable ?1< n"? on the real roa ; while twilwilf <m t' e alert to ifitru^ipt jm* prominent* in ?iy e, material and wn'krn*' ?hi|>. the atock win alw.ya cool, ri?? 'lie nut fashionable and bi ?t ma mOi. t ire.l gooda in the nark t. I' '< irr' REOULATH VOUR HAKLK'S HILLS. THK SlJB'M/HIO' II hu onened a atom at N . 81 Na* an atrr (, for th'ail<' f'ii 11 W'hent. Ky'andt'o n 1 eul Alan, Pi-a and < ak'a of all kind* Katniliea amrJ at thei dwrlln ys with l.n ad, iea and l>< < 'k'a. Citizens t*en-*rilly will no I thia a desirable place f ir luuc'i? linf ii ivoi'd lint nil.a* ?t tore* cents, I' ' ol all kindi al litre cent a a tda'"; ti.kea, Sat dw e.bea Sir., kr All arnctih are made lip nn-ler hia |>?ra >nal aup ryiaioti, and li? 11.. U>a hiina'tl ilia: the (cat mdermis?h ill l?e ua d the mar keroff r.. JNO. I. HALttY fit Im'et* f~kL'll.L.S A.NO al/. tuL PK.NB ? *? Onn Hoills telling off V t very Iniv pries; d> a>r til J consumers ?oold <'o well t call before purchasing elaewliere. A'r-., a large aaxiitment o' Steel Pens inaunf I'inreil liy Perry, tiiilolt and Mitf. ell all nl which will b sold verv low.ei ber who eanle or ret*,,at the subscriber wishes t leiye i.l>e business iht? serine A MrKKH'lllalr,, Qaill Manufacturer, fel tm*'w VA Pearl at reef. NOTII ?An ai I'lira'i .11 Will lie ma t- tt loo lifwial Art aion n| the Legislature of t?e 8t ite of New Vork.'or the in corporation of a Be erobnt "nricty in theritv aoil e. nnty ol .New ? ork, to ba eailed "Tha Noah Aaaociatioa of the Bona ol Beorvolenc*. J <? ila'twe WKUUINOANO VfiiriMU CARD! ?k?.anra?ait aid Printed in ilia lira' atyle of the An, at educed pri en, at VALtfNTINK'H.fJo I Bee a man at. Cornar of Paik Row, Lorajot't Hotel, trr Plane call and eaaaina ayecnmn, JN loo'trc I V pj, HERA 844. ?"H'? Letter* from WMhlngton-No. 4. I Iforumanihip?Fdihion?Isiw, fye. Washington, February 15, 1*44. Thin morning was bright and pleasant, and the man with the long nose and long-tailed horse took advantage of it to exhibit his paces on the Avenue ?and ludicrous beyond description was lusap|>earance; for, by checking the rein one side und applying the spur on the opposrc aide, he imparts to his horse a crab-like motion, which enables him to turn what the players call his three-quarter face to j (the pedestrians on the side-WHlk, who he seems tocousider) his audience. He progresses like a ship striving against a strong tide-way, as, with a light wind a very little abaft the beam, she forges slowly ahead. The second Assembly came oil' on the 6th; and, although not as crowded as the first, yet the dancers were as numerous as could be conveniently accom 1- A _ J fTL. I J ; - I C uioimiru. me viauus unu wines were, hs usual, 01 j the best quality, and were nerved up in the most admirable manner. The adies were in Hue fsalher ! Anions them were several Baltimore beauties, establishing beyond controversy that the daughters ol the Monumental City still retain the comeliness that has made her fair Pattersons, Catons, and others, celebrated in both hemispheres. On the 7th, Commodore Auliek gave a Ball at his quarters in the Navy Yard?represented as one of the most agreeable of the season. On the 8ih, the lady of the French Minister, M Pageot, entertained lier friends in that delightful unu etheriul manner utmost peculiar to the chivalrous and polite people of whom herhusb nd is the honored representative. A somewhat umusing incident occurred, which proves that although our would-be fashionables adorn their persons in finety imported Irom France,* and, in their manners, endeavor (with questionable success) to ape the natives of that sunny land, yet, in their appetites for "strong provend, they equal their ancestors who followed Herigist and llorsa. During the evening, lemonade and spunge cake were handed about, and but sparingly tasted; there was a whispered rumor of u Parisian supper, "Pates Perigord," imported in hermetically soldering tin cases, "Truffles," "Mushroons," washed down with Burgundy ; and with this piospective, and the thermometer below freezing point, who could drink cold lemonude 7 About twelve o'clock, one of the elder ladies . I, V/f .J i>? r_-. -L_ - -e _. iuuiv mauauic ragrii n itiin, IUI llic |HirpU9C OI r?tiring to the dressing-room tor a moment. In an instant it was understood through the crowd that 9iipi>er was ready, and, two hy two, with stately step, the company followed their hostess, leading, as they supposed, to the supper-room. Alas! she led to the dressing-room. Supper there was none? to return to the saloon would have been ungraceful?they went home. it seems the mistake arose from the use, by one of the foreign attachis, of the future for the present tense He whs describing u supper ho intruded to order at Verv's on his return to t'arus. The supper was "in f'tUuro." Ilia listener mistook the terise?she thought it was "in JlfettHti," On the 13th the third levee wastoeld. The executive mansion was crowded with ladies and gentlemen, of all shade* ol complexion, and all the varieties of political opinion, from the fairest daughters of the Anglo-Saxon race, to the Mexican brunette, with her soft gazelle-like eyes?Iroin the locufoco, who believes in his soul that the tree of liberty only bears fruit when its roots are moistened with the blood ol aristocrats, to the old federalist, who is day hy (jay more and more confirmed in the opinion that in a strong central government only is there any safety?that beauty, virtue, and knowledge, are possessed hy his party alone, and that the mob, as he calls the people, must be kept under. The President had finished the reception of the company, and was surrounded hy a group of friend* in the fiast Room, where the dancing had com menccd, when Captain Stockton entered, accompanied by several of his ollicers. To say that the President received Captain Stockton with great courtesy, will but poorly express the noble feelings that illumined the countenance of honest John Tyler when lie grasped the hand of the man, v. ho lu good report and evil report, hud justified Ins course, and defended Lis fair fame. And, while 1 atn upon the subject of Captain Stockton, I will relate an anecdote elucidating his judgment and sound common sense. Mi. Potter, the father-in-luw of Captain Stockton was the largest stockholder in the United Statei Bank during Mr. Biddle's palmy days At his re <|uest, Captain Stockton called at the banking House, and stated his desire to be informed of tin then state of the a flairs of the Bank. The Presi dent and Cashiers, (of the latter there were som? half dozen,) with the greatest apparent frankness opened their books to the inspection, and answerer all the question* of the Captain. When he left they felt assured that they had completely blindct him as to the true situation of their afluirs. Mark the sequel. The next week Mr. Putter sold oui -dock to near the amount of a million of dollats ui forty per cent above par, reserving only a little net-i egg of 92$,000. It is unnecessary to say his.9*25,<MH was, but is not. On the 14th instant, Mra. WOkliffe gave her second party for the season, and, as usual with the entertainments of the members of the cubinet, tin crowd was tremendous. The graphic account in the Herald of the meet ing held by the New York Bar, to save ilir Presi lent the trouble ot selecting a Judge of the Su prcine Court, in place of the laie Judge Thompson has excited much attention here. If Feasenden h>n entered the room a little sooner, he (being sorel] fflicted wilh the rnctrthcs laqnrndi,) would Iihvi urged the wonderful claims of that fourth, or (if 1 f class lawyer, his partner, Hiram Ketchum, who, 1 seems, was not at the ineeitngj or being present exhibited, for the first time in Ins life, 1 lie self-de uial, to forego an opportunity of talking ahoii himself. Oh, lemporn?oh, tnorrt' tint any Sam man lives who could prefer Hiram Ketchum t< Hiram Walworih. There are those here,who see the fingerof the god like Daniel in this movement of your bar, as weil a> in the rejection of Mr. S|>ericer by the .Senate, ii which, in his anxiety to pay Ins debts, (an uneasi ues?, by the wnv, to whirl* he in not |mrticularl\ abject,) Mr. WebateT baa, probably,overpaid .Mr -pencer, who will, without unnecessary delay, re turn the balance. To use the motto of the gre* \1 irble Company financier?" hi* bides his time ' When he strike*, he will probably establtsl "h Maw for it is not in his heels alone that oui legal Achilles is vulnerable. The small comt room ol the Supreme Court wafor Home days filled with ladies, anxious to heai the arguments in the (>irard will case. The few gentlemen who were able to obtain places, tell th? nany who were excluded, that the reporter of tin Herald has given the only correct sketches of tin irgilrtten:. Mr. Ilinney is certainly one of the most finisher lawyers and scholars of the ait- The Liuidm rtrdo of his reasoning delighted the bench and tin >ar. His argument will be revised by lnm?elf, am published by I he law booksellers, under his owi uperintendence, and will form n valuable book o| -eference, as to the bgal construction in tin United States of charitable devises Mr Webstei reminded me of what some Cnglish writer said who heard him speak m Kngl and?-"That he wai i titan ol wonderful wordy capability." Inqnlrjr of Swrrtsry Rptnrsr, Will you have tin goodness :o inquire of tin Hon. Secretary of the 'IV tsu-y, who t.?, or shoulr be, acquainted w'th th ; laws of Ins own nutivi *tu'c, by what authority he permits two htindret and fil'tv thousand dollars of the funds ofthe peoph lo remain in the custody of one of the hanks o this city, formed under the general hanking law * ifhuut interest, during the whole period of hm ad 'ninistrntion, while the opinions of the able conn il recently obtained by the ostensible President <> one ol the banks, goes to show that the very bun I uas violated us privileges bv.ihe purchase ol a I ir .'i unount of State bonds, and ha* been roust intly it ihe practice of purchasing State and I'nited Ststi aecuritim, made payable on time with interest, am liuving and selling Ihlla ol Exchange on time' la it sale or nrililent to allow the tnn.l. lo In thus jeopardized* Is it ri.?rht to allow an institution '< !io|.| this amount of the |<enpleV money from m nth to moiuli, nnd yrar to y-tr, w ititont intere*', on which tit" pirues hliving (?>-..-?? ; ?? 1 an iiih lorn :iftp?n to twi ty thousand dollars per annum, and We, til' |H-opU , pay interest on our public ilclji t Won, i i; ,iot he well for you to suggest that some member of Congress should move a committee of inquiry on tin* suh|? el, and let u-. the people, know hy what magical influence tho?c favor* are giatuvi to some of the favored few. and let us have hoiik judgment in the matter, to know if our lunils an nale in these institutions, which, hy the opinioru recently published, are subject at any moment l< be enjoined! Your faithful inquiry into this matter will conlei a favor on one of the people. LD. W* Two Con?a. Mtbtkrjes of Frew*?Th* C?rawn Tecst Co. ?We have had the " Mysteries of Paris,"mid they have been read and understood?and we have had the " Mysteries of New York," and most of them have seen the light of day; but of all the mysteries at this present writing, the North American Trust and Banking Company is the inost unreadable. When this institution went into the hands of the receiver, the stock was supposed; by those who knew something of its affairs, to be nearly or quite valueless, the character of ita assetj at that lime not having been fully develo|i#d, and the accuracy of opinion on the subject open to some doubt; but alter an incubation ot neurly two years and a half by the receiver, we are apprised by homebody through four several articles that have appeared, th? first of which was published in the " Herald," (shadowing forth the intrinsic value of the stock us being doubtless worth 3."? per cent,) the two next in Hie "Journal of Commerce" having reference more particularly to the trusts, and the fourth in the "Courier and Enquirer," and they all bear interna! evidence ol one paternity, that the poor stockholders have really something to hope fori Now the aim and end oi these ingenuous and honest articles have hecn to inflate the price of the stock, and thus invite the unwary and innocent to invest their meuna in n worthless speculation ; and the only inference that can be drawn by those who have a right to interpret the doings of others is, that somebody became a purchaser of the stock when it whs nearly down to 0, and (hat that same somebody has made and is making u stalking horse of these high-priced articles to sell out and pocket Itia thousands at the expense of the gullibility cf the credulous public! Truly may New York lay claim to being (lie pattern card ol human nature in all its phases! Hut the recent brixhuret from our friend, David Leavitt, Esq , receiver, are delightjul specimens of light literature?perfectly unique?indeed they are historical novels of a class unexampled in their structure and design?wonderfully picturesque in description?remarkable for their dove-tailed ingenuity, and replete with the most varied and marvellous incident; and his accompanying essays on the modem science of repudiation are so clear and truthful, abounding as ihry do in the brightest, scintillations of taleir. genius and the puiest essence of this moral philosophy, that they seem to be not only the honest reflection of a virtuous mind, but the strength of their argument is so convincing, that one is almost inclined to waive his own views of equity towards others, nnd adopt in full this new faith, all its honors, and reft fits reward upon the genetous opinion of an enlightened public ! We had no idea before, that the receiver made any pretensions to scholastic attainments beyond those popular and useful brandies of education usnnllv (tvnnminnted " readin. rittn. snellin and rithmetic." Nor had we any idea that the doctrine of repudiation bore any relation to liitn beyond merely discountenancing the extraordinary pretence of th?- general government, to collect a duty on lead ! We know that gentlemen very honestly entertain various and conflicting views in inspect to what is due to our general parent, or any " outride barbarians," and n may he that the successful repudiator is the most virtuous Chiistian, pious man and estimable citizen, und worthy of especial praise and commendation. Now, hb we live in an age of wonders, u is not extravagant to etseit ihnt the atmosphere of Wall street possesses a vitality extremely taking, and that it is strongly tinctured with greatness, leading some men to an elevation beyond their desires; but then we know that " some men are born great?some acquire greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them." We have been accused of being a vain-glorious people and fond of descanti. g in ambitious terms of what we are und what we shall be. We must acknowledge, however, thai we have arrived at a slate of perfection in political economy unprecedented?that New York is a inngical city, ytr u, the state is an empire of the noblest elements, (financiering particularly,) the whole United States is the country, and we are the most wonderful cisatlantic people on the continent, i Ghost ok the Gust Truot Go. This is u specimen of a variety of articles which we have recently received, endeavoring to blow up David Deavitt, the receiver of the lute exploded North American Trust Co., and by that stale trick to change the issue in the controversy before the public. It is utterly futile. In that awftl exposi lion Mr. Leavitt has bnt done lus duty?the public will esteem him for it?nor can the late managets of ' that company turn aside the public feeling from their astounding and startling conduct. Indeed % the report of the receiver is only the beginning of these Wall street developments. More terrible 5 disclosures nre yet to come. Only wait a little - while. In the meantime we repeat that President * Tyler should look into that matter in connection ' with the postmaster of this city. Something must be done. 1 Mr. B.t? Have you seen the"Mysteries of the Tombs'!" The 1 developments are uwtul?astounding. I pray you read. I do not know the author. I fear there is 1 much ground for his statements. Some things 1 ire stated I long since knew. The monstrous sums raised on the keepers of bad houses in this city, and unfortunates caught at the*e hou?rs, is too true. As to the rest, judge. 1 thall look lor your opinion in my Herald. The Mysteries of the Tombs, by Wii.kes ? The astounding statement* contained in this publication, i! true, nre alsrming. If this statement he , true, snd the nuthor gives us to understand he can ^ive names, then the police and police officers in t misrity is the most nefariousesfublieliinci i on this habitable globe. The author attributes corruption i itnJ bribery of all kinds to the functionaries of ihe i law?and not only bribery, hut participation in the , results of robbery and swindling I confess I am istonished If these facts (ao called) are untrue, he Mysteries ol the Tombs is the grossest libel I lave ever read. If true, tin immediate inveMtgnton should be mnde, anil the whole reformed withait a day's delay. M. Canada.?Our advices from Montreal are to th* 13th inst. The Quebec Canadian nay* that the River Is ts<cii from 8t Thorns* to Crane Inland, snd that eopls hsvv crossed in carriages It is many year* since lie River has hevn known to lake in that place. ! The Kingston State-men -ay* that the Govern m? nt will move down to .Montreal on the opening at lbs niv gallon 1 The Hherbrooke Gazette rea<rerta its statement hat the thermometer wa? down to minus on he 40th ultimo, and further, that on the 98th, the Mernry froze up About the latter f?ct theie cotild be no nutuke. and if so it might well he remarked that Jiuusir vim the coldest ever known 'litre Fhom Triniimd ?Hv the Crewvnt, front Port of 'prtin (ffie* of Trmiilno,) hi New Orlenti", we pave he Oalelte to theQth tilt I he only i'em of new ? ? ? find >? the following, an m|it illustration ol the manor r in u hich lie Hrltmli government, fundi r pre'enre of iU| |>iri'ir| he slave Hade ) supplied nt roluhies with laborers al il r xpen-u only of rirapturing theni Irom thoai w ho knluap Jo m on the roast of Africa. The Lord they arrived here on Satnnlav eienirg last, "ringing 918 immigrants (raptincd Africans) Ironi lflo annro?of these, fl.t are females Ther are prinri|Hliy v ourig people, and were All landed in good health?ihi y 'bund immediate employ rrn id We nniler?tand Ibat thr? e iiindred more may he immediately i tpei ted Irom thesnme pia-tnr. It is n matter of congratulation that the agent for this < olony at Rio. was enabled to rhar'er this vessel at a low rale, and that theae jieople w ill aland the felony considerililv le?a than the rate fixed by I he ( otrnril for the passage I if lUo immigrants ' TAMfico.?The Bentera, nt New Orleans left ' Tampiro on the lat Inst She brought no news, fntthrr " 'hnri that a gineral trani|uillity prevailed throughout 1 Urxieo. t t'liltrt Calendar. Sr riama ' or?t ?Nna I. 17. A. rt 79. 99. ?S. 3, 4, 91, 86 80, 81. fi.7 64. 74, 78, 19 64, II, I.I 14, l.\ 19. 03 I ( lainr lioi st -Not. S3, H?. Itll, |UJ, |n3, |04, 10S, I .mmo* Pi i Ai ? Non 1,9, 3, A. B, 9. II. H. 13, 14 , - ? - 1 tt*.(A CARD.) ! COMPLIMENTARY BALL M It ROBE It T A NI) E It s <) y, Imr. rnoruirTo* nr tm* Sit ***ri \ i.r floret. | II' Kfi'tkI. nf M? ROB'.KT A.VI?.HiON imtvi" * ? fiili'lm k CompliniFntFrr B*|l, in ih* ii'c'ndi ?iH r!oWt "ill r n! Si? lorm?' ntnMMi'nrnt 'R* Ah i) aprar* Wntrl, r rmr ol Willi ?m *n<! Dot..- ?,.n. t?, on '1'URiDA V f VEN I s II Hi, In |Mh in?M : I A H|'t. i .li.l B?p |i?iriir .! (I. * ,| n?ry frcilil)* wi'l t>? *! 'on'nl i . ?fcn * .bo con.f ri nrol mj m. m ( f 'I f ?I"* ni?r f .1 ll| ni.l'f of il.? i .mmr'no /^Tn-kiU "n? Dollv?Whi'h will ?1mit * ?in I'mnn *illi l^ili*i*miy I* HmH it th ol ifti-i Mhili.|i'?ri llotll^UM .t Mr l> rr > ill ?\ llnrmouv Hill. IT C -i.t r nir?*t, | 'IH It'm ALMO'SILAI E)! IIM r.'iT A I) ? KKTK ROOMS fill m \ I.K. ronsER of cimmrkr sr. I'HK KIX I I'HBK. ? I ??? R A1VU OOOIAVILI of thit > l im*ir ant Nmini, ?h? ?' ' Pnun n*nt ? <toMnd in Now York, owr of I homier ?t oot nil' Br* \ntf, to br tllnnnt'il of Aoi'ly on tho pfini?**t of'er IB itVlnOk, A. M. 'I ho* C in*1* of <!i?i'o*?l u ih> ,-ropiH'iof brin? nbti(rd t> mum to tuliiuil. If IT l?r*rc

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