Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 20, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 20, 1844 Page 1
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T H ] Vol. X., No. 31?Whole No. Wil To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?pub11 hod every day of the year except New Year*# day aad Fourth ef July. Price 3 cent* per copy?or ft 3d par annum? postage* paid?cash in advance. THE WKEKLy HERALD?publishedevery Saturday morning?price (if cent* per copy, or M 13 par annum? postage* paid, cajh in a Irance. | AD VERT 18 KlUi are mionned that tha circulation of 1 t ho. He raid ia over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing faat. It hoe the largetl circulation oj ay paper in thir oily, or the world, and it, therefore, the bott channel for butinrii men in the city or country. Price# moderate?caih in advance. PRINTING of all kind# executed at the moat moderate price, and in the moit elegant style. , JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PaoraiKvoa or ths Hkbald Establishment, Northwest comer of Fulton and Naaaau streets. ^? NEW JERSEY railroad and transportation Company 1 new aaaamcatiknt, comsjbsicikq uct^tr?^18i3. From (lie foot of Courtlandt street, New York. (Every day?Sundays excepted.) Leaves Now York. Lr&rn Newark. Af I A.M. At I P.M. AtTHA.M. At IX P. M. 3 do. S do. < do. 4 do. (1 do. r do. ? do. ? do. 5 do. 10X do. 9J? do. T do. ">N SUNDAYS. Leaves Now1 itk. Leaves Newark. *.t9A.M.aud4Ur.M. At IX P. M. and 9% P. M. The rar? of the Morris and F.iui Railroad for Orange, Mill- ! ville Hu ' mil, Chatham, Madi*on, and Morriatown, run j through froin Jersey City without chance, and connect with 9 ' A. ill. and 3 I*. M I rami from New Yorli. NEW YORK AND ELIZABETH TOWN. Leaves New York. Leaves Elizabeth Town At A. Al. At a P. M. At 7 A. M. 3X P. M. 9 do. I do. 7X de. 5 do. 11 do. 5 do. IX do. 9X de. 7 de. 10 do. 1 P.M. The traini for Weetfield, Plainfleld, Konndbrook, Somer ille, kc., connect with the A. M., and 4X P- M. ; trains , from New York daily, Sundavi excepted. I Fare between New York and Elizabeth Town 25 eeula. Fare between do. and Semerrille, 73 cents. I NEW YORK AND KAHWAl i Leaves New York. Leaves Rah way. I At I A.M. At a P.M. At 6XA.M At 3 P.M. 9 do. 3 do 7 d? 4% do. * II de. 3 de. 9 do. 9 do. 0 7 do. M do. 12&P M. NEW YORK AND NEW BRUNSWICK. " From foot of Conrtlandt street, New York, daily Leaves New York. Leaves New Brunswick. 1 At 9 A M. At 3 P.M. At A.M. At 12 M. 3 do. 7K de. IX P- M. ON SUNDAYS: Leaves New York Leavee New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. and 4jd P. M. At 12 A M., andI IX P. M. 1 Fare, ezcept iu the Philadelphia trams, between New York and New Brunswick. 30 cents. Between New York and Railway, 25 cents Newark, Elizabeth to wn. Rahway, and New Bruuiwick passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket office, re ceive a ferry ticket gratia. Tickets are received by the con ductor orly on the day when purchased The commutation Ure between New York and Rahway and in.ermedivte places, has been reduced (including ferry) to $30 per year ; between New Brunswick and New York $75 per year. n!9 3m J/ATEKSON KALLKOAD On and leav. Patkwcn Dkf#t. LiiTi Nun Yoax. AM. f A. M. i '1V? The Sunday Trains will be discontinued until further noice. transportation cars leave daily (Bandars eicepted.) Passengers are advised to be at the Ferry, foot of CouitUndt street, n few miuut"s before the stated hour* of departure jyll 0m* WINTER ARRANGEMENT?FUR ALBANY, Via BRIDGEPORT and ^9my 0Z\ tlou**Torric ? v* E> rr.nn Cat- - r?_e?or Ka ildrordi. ? aily, kuudaya^HIHR 3k n'ff Excepted. JSK9C. Pae/eusere for Albany by this rtonte will take the new and elegant reamboat EUREKA. Capt J L. f'itrh, which leave* New V ork from Toot Liberty*!. Saturday morning at half put 8 o'clock, for Bridgeport, thence by th? Hoiu&touic and Western Ilailroala, without chance ul car* or bufaxe crate*, to Albany, arriving *ame evening at 8 o'clock, f are through For paaiage or Freight, apply on board, or at the office, foot , of Liberty atree*. O. M. PERRY, Agent, k lldec * NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA RA jROAU LINE DIRECT. SVok Nv.waax, Nmatiiriwicx, ftiMnoi, Tarn-roe, Borbkhtowh Awe Buulinutoi*. -jgywTrTPP . THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Lenying New York daily from the foot of Coartlaadt a. Morning Line at # A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at IX r. M. The Morning Line proceed* to Bordeatown, from tbeuoe by Steamboat to Philadelphia. The Kr?ning Line proceed* direct to Camdea (opposite to Philadelphia) without change of ear*. Paeaenger* will procure their ticket* at the office foot of Coprtlaadt street, when a commodious steamboat, will be in readiuer*. with baggage crate* on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are eoureyed from city to eity, wihout being opened by the way Kach train ia provided with a ear in which are apartments and dressing rooma expressly for the ladiaa' nan. Returning, the iinee leave Philadelphia from the foot of Walnut Street, by steamboat to Borden town at 7 o clock, A. M. and by railroad from Camden, at S o'oloek, P. M. The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at TW A. M., sad 4 P. M. being a cootbraation of the lines from New York jD 3m*m OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. ?1 SOUTH HiftKLT, HPV YORK. jBt did packer shi|>a comprising the Old Black Ball Line of Packets sailing us miller From Liverpool. The ih:p COLCM^U H, Captain Cole, oo the ltth February. Thesh p VuH'v HIRE, (new) Bailey, on the 1st March. Tb-ship C\ V1 BHIUGh, Cspt Hsrstow, Idth March. The shin KNOLANO. Captain Bartlett, l?t April. 'J he ship IIXh'OKL), Captain Haihbone, |6th Apul. ' The ship MONTEZUM A, Captain Low her. l?t May. fThe ship --U k()P?. Captain kuiber, 16 in May. ! Thesh ri >KW YORK, CaptsiQ Cropper, Is'. June. "In addition to theabovesopenor ships, thesubscriber'sagents will have a succession of ttr.t el-iss Am rican ships despati tied, as customary, from Liver mol, e- cry fonr or Are Says throughout the year, 10 the d-ff reut porta iu the United States, by wh'ch pa-sage can be s cured at redu-ed rates. Tnoee sending for iheir fr ends re?idi g in Great Britain and Ireland, may rely th t every ca.e will d* taken to malt* rviaseng*-! as ecm'ortahie in ihey can reasonably expe.t and should he pas eng rs not come out. the pa-wage money wil- be promptly refunded. Dralu cau at usuel be famished p*yab-e ai he .Vat o--al and Proviuciil Banks of Ireland and branch s; h-asUru B ink of Kcjt'an- aud b anch-s; and oil M ssra J. Bait, Sou Ik Co., Bunker*. London: M'aura J. Bari.ed It Co., Bankers, Liverpool. * hi- h are payable throughout Kngltnd ?nd Wales. For further jus apply (if by letter Post pud) to JOHN Hr.llDMAN, 61 South street, near Wa I s reet. N. B Passage to Liverpool and l.oodou can at all times be engagtd by the regular packet ships, sailiug for Liverpool every Ave oavs and to London en the 1st, 10th aud 66 th of each mouth on ?p|di atlou as move. j 16 ec IMKW liinF. ur LIVtliruuL rAt/KMs. Tosnii irum rvew York on the 15th and Liverpool oa tho 11th ui men month Ml ML^SL ML I New Yore. Ship B1DD0NS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 26th December. i Ship SHERIDAN. Captain fc Depeyater, fth January. Ship GARltlCK, Capt. Wm. Bkiddy, 26th Kebio?ry. Ship ItOBClUS, Captain John Collins, 16th March. Krom LirnarooL,. Ship BID DON 8, Captain A. B. Cobb, llth February. Ship BHrUHDAN. Captain F. A. Depeyater, 11th March. Ship OA KMC K, Captain Wm. Hkiddy, llth April. Ship KOSCIUS, Captain John Collins, liib May. These tliipa are all of the firat claaa, upwarda of 1M0 tons, built in the city'of New York, with auch improreineata a* combine ureal apeed with anoaual aomfort for paienugers. Every care has been taken in the arrangement of their aecominodationi. The price of pannage hence ia $l?0, lor whicli nint'le aiorea will be provided These ahjpa are commanded bj experienced maltera, who will make every exertion to give general aatisfaction. Neith-r th-captains or owner* of the ahipa will be response hie for any letters, parcels or package) sent by them, unless regular bill* of tailing are signed therefor. , for freight or passage app'y to E. I?. COLLIN* ? CO., 56 South at.. New York, or to r Br rVVN. SHIPLEY It CO., Lirerpool. Letters by ths pack .-U will be charged lt)fi cents per single t beet .0 c-i:(? r u.iu..e, and newspaper* I cent each. _dl_ PASSAGE KROM GREATBRITAIN AND IRELAND THE AALL MLIN m LIVERPOOL PACKEjfc. [Sailing from Liverpool on the 7th and >h of erery month.) ICr-aona wi tiling to send to the Old Couprry for their friends Can Make the necessary arrangements with the subscribers, and hara them come out in this superior Line of Packets, Sailing Irom Liveipool punctually on theTlhsnd Uth of erery month. Tney will also nave a first rate class of American trading ships, sailing every six days, thereby affording weekly communication from that port. One of tne firm (Mr. James D. Roche 1 is there, to sec that they shall ba forwarded with care aad despatch. Should the partial agreed for not come out, the money will ba relumed to those who paid it liere, without any redaction. . 1'J?e (SI xck Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, comprise ) SWpVh5 'NEW YORK, ' " tAMBMbCE, COLUMBIA, l-UBOBE SOUTH AMERICA. "NtsLAND NOllTH AMERICA. OWithsuch sumripr ami anwiuslled arrangements, the snh crib'ft ctitifldfntiy look forward lor a cmitinaancc of that tut port which has been extended to them so many years, for whieb they are gratelnl. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, em. at all times obtainOijlb at Mghtlbr any amount, drawn direct .. a. k ... .... .. . . Bankers, I. on Ami, which will be raid on demand at any ol the Banks, or their Branches, in all the principal towns throaghoat England, Ireland, Scotland and W ales. ROCHE, BROTHERS fc CO. JJ rniton street New"Yark, next door to the Fnltoa Bank. N. B.?The Old Lixe of Lirerpool Ptekeca sail from tkit port for Liverpool on the 1st aad llth of each month. Parties rsturniug to the old country will find it to jheir comfort and advantage to selec t thu favorite Line for their eonveyanos, u. piafenocn to any other dM I t ( W. O "i E NE ? :?' ? NEV BOSTON BUSINESS EXPRESS AND FOREIGN LETTER OFFICE. THE subscriber* he** mad* arrangement* to tan an Eipia** tria rttouinrton. to Baton, to. ihe transaction oi business. ana the t'snspoitisti a of JSK9C?^*>ill Puck'ges, Bank Note*, Orders, aic., at our: halt' tlit. to * mr * rati*' Cue ol thr fi m will recare inch order* a* may be entrusted to hi., Oeli rr >hem in Boston in person and rrtnru ihe aniwers a* aoon ?* the boats arise in New Yo k. Kit iicii Letten orwarded by the Cnuaid Steamer* from Bo* loo Letters caii b< pie-paid at this office, for any part of Oreot Britain or the Cootiueut. BARKUTT k '"O. M Wall ?tra*t. New York. 11 Im'rrc Boston. IP Ooug ej? street DAILY EXPRESS. THE subscriber* run toeir V'iprass regularly, s every day Tia House too ie Railroad. (anuuay* eactytrd ) to and from New York, Albany a u BuffinHB alo. ana toe intermediate place*, for tlie transpori on of specie. Dank notas, hondb* aud parkigt? of gvoda, lor collecting bill*, notes, draft* and accounts, niih despatch. From thu city at i o-'oiock, A. IW. arriving m Aibuy cn? wmc evening, io adr&uce or the United Stales Mail. folmffc POMEhOY k CO 2 Wall street. r r m DRAKTSON fNULANU. IRELAND. yjSujifce.?Persous sbnut remitting money to ttwir XomJfnLjLa^friends in the Old Country can be lupplied with drafts in sums o'?l, ?2, ?3, ?J, ?11, ^ fcm?r0,?5#,?10? ?1000 or say amount, payable in demand, without discount, or any other charge, ac the Na:ionalBiuk of Ireland Provincial Ik do, Mean* Ja'a Bait, Sou kCr>., Backers, London; J. Burned k Co , Exchange and Discount Bank, Ltverpnol; Eastern Book of Scotland; Oieeooe* Banking Company; Sir Wm. korbei. Hauler k Co., Sco'laiid; uid th* Dr Miches in erery poat town throughout K.ualand, relaud, Scotland and Wales, which draft* will lie forwarded by richer of the packet* of the 16th, 2!*t, a d 26th. or the steamer Caledonia sailing from Botlon on tie 1st ol March Apply to W. St J. T. TAPvCOTT, At their general pasaige o(h- e, 43 Peck a ip, f-lirc comer o< South "I. h(IK HAI.IKAX ANI) LIVERPOOL! The Koy&l Mail Steam Ship HIBKK V1 A, C. II. ? JuJkiiis. Esq., Commander, will leafeBoston for the above ports on Kri ^^?^^^ n?day, March 1st, neat. 1'oaaaue to Halifax 20. Passage to Liverpool $U?. \pplvto D. BHIOILAM, Jr.. P> lo 31ec No. 3 Wall street. ?*?- "KUR LONDON ?Regular Packet ol tbe~~io7h (MtWV February?The drat class fast railing packet ship HfiibSWITZEKLaND, Captain Knight, will sail as tbove, he, regular day. Having very superior accommodations for esbin. second calm and steerage passengers, persons iutending to embark should Bake immeuiate application on board, foot of M'ideu Lane, or to JOoEFti MlMUHHAV, fiiM? ltm cms .irMf corner of *outh. FOR LIVKRPOOL-The New Line K?alu mutter: 80o toot barihea, will toil u above, bar regular day. For (Wight or p<usage, havtog very tupenor accouiioooaciont, lPP'T " ltlcC"'Uin 0,1 VodDHUUL'a''?U,R,T?Bff8?rM> IT South at The aupetior packet ebip Hnttiniuw, Ira Bnritey, matter; I0SI torn burtoen, will euceeed the Rocheater, and ?ail on her regular ilav.21tt March. f 13 toil jM*- FOR ~L1V KKPOOL?NKW LINK.?Regular Packet of 20th February.?The aplendid packet ahip |Hl?<MK>UCK.<;?pt B 5. H Traak, of 1000 tona. will mil aa above,her rrcv.lar day. For freight or pasaage, haviul accoromodarioiis un?jualled for apleudor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleaaa wharf, foot of Wall etreet, or to Id. K. COLLINS <k CO. Price of poaaage, <100. OS South etreet. The packet ahip Roacina, Capt. J. ColLna. of liOO tone, will succeed the Osrrick, and sail the 2- th March, her regular ^uaenoeri may rely upon tlie ahipa of this line sailing |mne- I mally aa adTertiaad. flT igg- NEW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKKTSiflVLrackrt of 2ist February?The apteudid well ko'iwu jBHmbw'11*1 aailinc packet abip KOOHr.STKR, 1000 tona burth-u, Capt. John Brittoa, will sail positively as abovs, her regular aay. she has accommodations unaurpaued for the comfort of cabin, s coud cahiu and sleertKe paau-nip'rii. Those wishing to aeenre bertha ahould make early app.icalion 00 board, loot ol Burling alip, or l* W. k J. l\ TAF8CO I'T, I't7r.c " 43 Peek elip. for South at. NEW LINK PACKKTS KOR LIVfcKF'JOL. 9U-Packet 21 t Ferbroar>?The apleudid and favorite JHBB6epacker ahiv ROCHK9TK , 1000 tout b if then, Capt J. brill 'it, will Mil on Friday, 21st Kubruary her tegular day. . The ships of this linear* all iuOtl tous burih-n and upward*. Persona about to embark 'or the old country, will not fail 10 ste tbe advantages 10 be derived from selecting t'-is line in prefsren e to auv other at their great capacity renders them ev< ry way moie-omf i table and convenient than ships of a smaller class and their eccommola'ions, it is well kuowu, ate superior to any others. Those wishing to secure berths, should not tail to make early appucntiuu on board. O' to W kJ T. TAP8COTT At their General Passage OIR'e, 13 Peck blip, corner South street. The Rochester will sail from Liverpool oa the 6th ot April. Persous wishing to send for their irieuds,cau hevr them brought out in this maguific-ut packet, or any ol the regular line sailing on the lat, 6th, lllh, l6lh, 2 lit andtfitb of eveiy month. Drafts lor any amonut pavuble on demand w ithout dis ount, in all the p.incipul towns ol tiuglaud, Ireland, Scotland oi Wales constantly for sal as above. T he Garrick will ad ceed the Rochester, and tail on 26ih Fe"ru?rv flbio2lrc il? OLD dLACK BALL. LINK UK I'ACKKTS? *fl?WThe packet ship KNGLANU. Wepta n Bartlett, will Ub >r despaicu -d lor Liverpool on the iblh of February ? hei irgularday. Thoee wishing to eagage passage will require to mike early auplication to JOHN riKfiOMAN. Ci Bouih at. N. B?Passage from Great Britain and Ireland can be seemed hv the liist epriug shiiw of the line, at the loweet rare: and drafts can, aa nsaal, be fare is Vd for any aaoant, payable m all iheprincipal towns wilhent any charge, throughout Ureal Britain and Ireland, en application as above III to I6rrc Sdlb SLACK BALL, Ore DlU LINK OF JjIV i.K tf?#WPOOL I'ACKK'l'S?FOR LI VKltl'OuL?Krgunu HHKel'ackrt ol the .6th February. The spleudid, wellkuownveiy last sailing packet e .ip K ^'ULANU,1 aptam 8. Bartlert, will positively sail on Friday, iCth Kebrnary, kei regular day. It it well known to the travelling public, that the accommodations cf the Sleek Hall Line otVacketa, tur cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, are uusurpiuseil by any other line or ves.el in port Those now or hereafter to the old eoautry, will stall times lind itt > their interest sua comfort to select tins conveyance. For i asi we, apply oa board, toot oi Beekman st, or to the aubveritn-.a, ROGHK, B'lOTllKKb a. CO., IS Fallonncreet, neat deor to tbe Knlton Bank. P. S.?The F.ogland aailt from Liverpool on the 1st April. Persons sending tor their lii nds can have them brought out in her, or in any of the paekeio comprising this inugniAccut and ouequallnd li..e, sailing fioui that port punctually on the Is! an.l iCth ol each mouth r or passage, appli aa above. The packet ship Oafordd will succeed the above packet, and sail for Liverpool on the let March, and wtL return to ihia port Oa tne I tilts of April. Ikrre Mk*. PACK KT FOR HAVRK-<8?eood Line). '?& TV Ship tiNKlUA, James Ftiack, mister, will sai1 on naMflWb 'he 1st of Vtarch. F it fright ur pmsug* applv to BOVI) k HINCKkN, No 9 Tontine Building, I ft rc Coiner Will a d wate, sheets. IdF- HO V MAKSKIlLkB?Pncaetof 1st ol Marcn? mffy.Tht.hip HmNKV THOMPSON, Capt. Sylvester. JBMflbs hor freight or passage, apply to LAWTlbNCk. & PuKLPS, 101 Fiont street, or to BOYD k HINCKKN, Ag.-uts, ftftoMlee 9 Tontine Baildiug, cor Wsli and ^ atrr sts. fBOOTri AND SHOES. t a iiipu a ?n rtpvti i.'as TXT Ail kJ VJLtil 1 UAiiHJUil . ALL WUU V-'EAR the abov articles.anil with In mk money, had bet'rr lote no lim- ill-nl iiig a. cue fashionable boot anil 9rtor bleu il' il P 8ECOH, Noi. 16u)n and 16I Ortcuttach Itneit, where ali may iuic ih in.evi wim an article that, foi style nr make, fashion and finish. cauu>.t ue au passed or perhaps equalled in thucity 8. t. 8. begs to apprtse in particular thoae ladiei and gentlemen who coi aider a well lilting boat or gaiter an indirpenaablr article to the taut ensemble of all within the beau monde, that '1.0)4 or *1 Ojeenwich street. are the only plac a in thew lorL they can d peud on b.iug sai ed. N. B ? Lailieaaud Gaiters, Shoes, lte? always on hand ir endla.s emiety. 1(7* Remember, 169)4 *od 161 Greenwich sfrret-^J] f 15 3m*ec LOOK AT THIK GENTLEMEN'S CORK BOLE BOOTS, the beat ol J quality $5 00 Do W alar Proof Boots do 4 00 Do Light French Calfskin Boots -do--S3 to 4 00 Do India Hub erOverahaes, with laater soles 1 50 ? Plain Rubbers 50 M Do Danciug Pumps 1 00 Do Dancing Uailers 155 a. Do Worked Stsnpers 100 And tail other kinds of Boots and Shoes in fashion; Ladies' Gaiter Boots. Bnskins, Slippers, 'l ies, Quilted Shoes, Prunella Shoes, white and black Satin Slippers. Button Shots, India Rubber Strap.farted plain, and all o her Simla of Orrr Shoes; Clues, Moeca?ins, and the greatest assort men t of Boy's B on tad etines; Misses' tud Children's, of all kinds to be fonnd in the world, all of onr own ma ufictnre, and the best of k ranch jooda, and warrauted to be the best, aud as cheap as the chmp. ait. at 307 Broader j. corner of kranklin st'eet. jM lin'rc GREGORY h CAHILL, 367 Broadway. /OA CAT1IEHINE BTREET-That's rhe place yon can aare money Ladies wh i wish lo be economicii, can tin,i at the above place Gaiter Boots, Sh ea. Bask ua and 8lipp,rs, of r -rious col art, of eleg nt shapes a o ii at beaulifal kinua, at the lowest prieaa ever offeree in .his sity. as loDows Ladies' Gaiter Boors, Its to Us I/O No do 7s to la Do " Bdskins, 5? to Is Do " 811 PI era,.. 3s to 's Strong Leather Boots and Shoes, 5s to 7s Muses'sud Children's id prop rtirn Alio, all suits of lalies', misses' and children's India Rubber Shoes and lleei wines you can think of. cheaper than the i hrapeat; men's, boya' tud youth s Boot* sod Shoe*, citraordiuary cheep. Now,thru, I any, come aud look?vou will sorely try, aud be satisfied that aooe are better aud none to cheap aa nt ffi lm*m K. DO WNS', 26 Catherine street. ? ECONOMY IN BOOTS AND SHOES. Economy being the order cf the day, the aob ,u. ?r .1.. k.. . . JHnortment of Uooti from S3 upwards. lis will writ At the uw price ol $? JO a gooo pair of aewe i boots, mad* in the latent ttyle, and of good calftkfh, warranted to wrar wail ol own make. No lankea about them, aa a aiogln trial will couTine* 'he purchaser. He ?lso makes boon of all descriptions to order, on the < hottest notice?a good i t beiug guaranteed in ail catej, or no tale, which he it rnabh-d to do by tantcg a drawing of the lee', Old filling U|1 and keeping a pair of laaU lor each euatoinrr. Constantly uu hanu? Cork f I* boota, from ft 00 to 7 00 Double tole Doota, 4 00 lo 0 00 Diest Uoota, 2 00 to 6 00 Hall Bo 2J to 3 JO brest r<hu*?, J JO to 2 JO O' erthoes. 7J to 2 JO Slipped ke Ike. at eunully low prices JOHN L. WA1KIN8 114 Pulton st> net, f7 lm*ec between Nassnn and Dutch streets. ' PHk.M TTaKkTEK PIOCONs? Koranic a lot o' rreali inI ortrd Pigeont < oi titling of black, blue, dun anu whili Camera win e an J pied I'ouurt; a gieit rariety of Timblert ufa I Col in; bine H II He.,d? ; b ack do, sheer do. Mack Benrdt bine do and tileer do; Almond I'nmblert; black, blue. eeTlow and whitn do; M and Tnrbnita, of all tile known eolora niw, a quantity of the far-famed Antwerp Pigrout, to justly eel brated ior their eiirnordiaary power of tlyiug long, and returning home from almott lucredible diatancea. Call and aen thein, at 9* Iteade street. B lm?*e H. OHOOM, W YC V YORK. TUESDAY MOI A M ERIC- A N H OTEL. PHILADELPHIA. 'T'HIS new house is situated on Chit tunc street, opposite the X Stats Hon e. (Independence 8,|usr?.) and in thciaamediate vicinity of all the fuWonabis places of amusement and ramrt It has been built iu th- most thorough manner, hyJ.hnJ Ridgwsy. Ksij , ?ud contains uowards of ooe hnadrea rooms, many of which are p?rlor? wi'h bedrooms ndjoining, suitable lor families, and rmrtise of ladies and peutlemeu It will be famished throughout, (withoat regard to eipenwl with onw and elegant Inriiitnie or the most approved style, and opened for toe reception of the Unveiling pnblic.on the brat day ol March nr vt. The proprietors flatter themvelres, that their lone experience in the business, will i onb'e theui to condact the American Ho- 1 (si, iu all iu departments, in such a manner as will please the most i >a'iiliou?. and sua. an tee to their gnosis every com fort aud luxury, tint can be found in any Hotel in lha United Slates. N B ?Bathing Kootus are attached to the Hotel, where warm and cold water baths will at all rimea bs in rtadiuraa. U.^JAMEB M.A*?ELLAN. I p?>P"?K>ta. January 14th. 1M4 jl4 Smrc EXCHANGE HOTEL?BALTIMORE. PRAdTUS COLEMAN has this day taken HENRY F. -Cr JACKSON into partnership, and in future the housa will be 'ondncted in the name of COLEMAN It JACK8UV. The patronage of tha travelling public, aud influenca of our friends, is respectfully solicited, Baltimore, February I. 1811. fl Im se. HAVANA MANSION HOUSE HOTEL. 'T'HK undersigned take* occasion to inform lii? friends and J- tha pablic, that the Mansion House i? now located in In goisidur street, No. 67. ia tJ.e vicinity or til* teamboat landing and vegetable market, having commodiona family apartment* arranged in the ueatest order. A penon ii employed to procure prrxlit* to land pasveagera baggage, tin. who wtll hoard vessels immediately after the viai of the revenue oiliest*. N. B.?Viaitora to thia I aland ahonld prjeute a passport tiou the Spanish Consul, at ttie port of embarkation, to obviate di' tieultieeand l.iconven all 6met* __ _ WILLIAM FULTON ENGLISH ADVERTISEMENT. r ONPON-ST KATHARINKS HOTKL, opposite th. a-i St. Katharine's Dock Gates, and n?ir the Koy.U Mint. THOMAS LKNnEV, late Ciucf Steward of the Britiah^n Hietmahip, reapectfully niloir.-n lire friends in the United tatea, that heluia the management of the above raw und elegant eatahliali cunt, which is Guilt mid tarnished regardless of expense, and is in every teejiect adapted for the receppon of I'amilies and gentlemen visiting England. at the hotel fronts tlial part of the dock in whieb the linen and moat of the other Ame rican vessels lav, and ia within bve inmates walk of the Bank and Royal Exchange. The house will be conducted on liberal and economical principles. The Co gee Room ie tnppliel with the London, American, Last Indian and Colonial papers. The Viands, Wines, kc. are ol tlx first tnaliy. A good Billiard Room and Warm Baths will be Innnd in the houee Gentlemen may contract by the week or month for board, kc. on th' to assure those who may honor hiin with I their patronage that nothing sha'l be wanting to render tliem comfortable, and by attention to tha withes of his guests, hopes to merit that confidence and good will so liberally bestowed on him when steward of the British tfneen. dlfr MERCANTILE LIBRARY, CLINTON HALL. 20,000 VOLUMES: SEVENTY BKI'I ISH end AMKKICAN PERIODICALS DERSUN8 not engaged in mercantile jmrtuits raiv become subscribers, on payment < f fire dollars a yea ?being the By order. Gil AS. M. WHKATLEY, It lm*m Recording Secretary. FOR LITERARY INSTITUTIONS AND PUBLIC AND PRIVATE LIBRARIES. LXOMER'B ILIAD, in Seven Languages. & highly finished iJ- edition, published at Florence, (,) GREEK TEXT, containing s litersi Latin translation by Hnyne, a Metrical Version in the Latin I tug 1 aye, by Gimich, in t^e Itali'n by Monti, in thj German by Vost in the English by Tone, in the French Hy Aignen.and in the Bpauith by Garcia Malo. This work comprit'S tweutv-f .ur nnrahera, forming two handsome quarto volumes. Each number coumUe a snp-ib Enganng, designed by Professor Neneini, from Florincs The price of each number is $l M?two numbers to be published moniklr. vy" Subscriptions received at Mr. RICHARDS' Office. 74 Lispenard street, comer of Broadway, over the New York Lyceum ft Im'ec THE CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN BURNS AND CLARINDA. THE whole of the mysterious and sec re-. Correspondence X which took place between the Poet Bit ana and th* celebrated Clarinda, Mrs McLemosk, iu I7V7 to '93, a"d which has been sought for in vain by < uumutjbam aud others, for the purpose of publication, has at Img h, hy the deeds- of C.ariuda, fallen into the hands of her grandson, W. C. McLehose, Esq. and is now first given to the world. To the cnrions in Bams and Platonics this work will be Particularly relished, and cannot fail to strongly interest reader* iu gsueral. It is published m this city and Edinburgh simultaneously Th# American edition is a uent l2mo. volume of ahont: 00 pages, cloth, gilt?is issued and for sale by R. P. IS'XBY St Co. No 3 Park Row, rppo-ite the Attor House. Notices of the Correspondence between Bnros and Ciarimla. from the British Journals "The Letters to Chuinua have long been lelt by the admirers of Born# to ue an important chapter in the Poet's Biography."? Allan. "Seldom have we welcomed a work with warmrr fret ofs soau the one before ns. The pnb'icttion was daeto the tailv of Barns' devot-d attachment, and the letters throw much light on many traits in the wildly devious character of the Bard "?Ktlno Chranicl* " Wherevsr the name of Robert Burnt is known, this boek w l ue received both with avidity aud anxiety, at being probably t?e last of his writiuca which wi'l be iriveu to the w rid. Mid u uriuging folly to light a jiasaage in th- Font's Life hitherto wrapt*d iu * mystery, fruitful of painful suspicious."? Fife Herald. A mysterious chapter, perhaps the lut that remain* to j? infolded in tlie present histo- y ol' our great National Bard hat just b-eii opened by a descendant ot ons wh< has bteu made immortal by her connexion with genina.?Kilmarnock Jour not "This volume is invested with an acnmulation of attractions, we have not been disappointed, high as our anticipations were. The character or Burns is here more fully developed to is than forme' ly, and ibe strange mystery which liniigarouud the intercourse of < larinda and Bums, is, we thiuk, istisfactori'y cleared up."?Scot email. Some ol our moat delightful episto'ary literature has been produced by |K>eta?and to Pop a'and Cowper's letters may now be ailded that of Burns "?BirnJtton Herald. "This is indeed one of the curioeilirs ol' literature, and may well be said to supply a new chapter in the Life of Scotland's immortal I'oet. It behoves every admirer of the author of The Otter's Saturday Night, to provide himself with a copy"? Ckaltonkam Journal. j25lm"m PALMOS (LATE) CO NC K KT \\ iTcoFFKEHOOMS FOR 8ALK. CORNER OF 11ROJII)IVAY JIN D CHAMBER ST. PIIK FIX TURKS, STOCK ANO OOOOWILL of this L lienor ant business, the mi st prominent artl liest stand in Vew York, corner of Chamber street an I Broadway, to be disposed of Apply ou the premises, after 14 o'clock, A. M. The cans* of disposal is the proptietor being obliged t> return to Kngisnd. f 17 IwTe MONTHLY IlRPOKi OP TrieNEW YORK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No. 75 Chambers street. CASKS RI/CCif.HBKI'LLY TREATED. 2 Second try Syphilis 2 'nfl intmalion of the Rye* 1 Hero i ola 3 Whirrs 23 (fleet 4 Constipation 6 Chancre 1 Croup 10 Gonorrhea 3 l)i??a-ed kidneys 1 Brorehit I acute 3 On&niain 3 Suppression of the Meusas 1 Ormt Debility I Flo-ding . 2 Kh-minatiim 1 Diarrhoea 1 Disease of the Heart 1 Dysentery I Midwifery t H'aihche 1 Difficulty in making Wn1 Typliua Fever trr I P enney I Seminal Weakness 3 Pile* 4 Kwminoli m nf ihe dies' 3 Coughing to defect disease. SURGICAL OPERATIONS. 4 Bad Stri 'tares cured with- 1 Disease. of the S.nne outcu ting or horning I Cancer on tie Breaal re3 Inrtamcd Tvstielas moved 1 Buhoei cured by an imprnv- 3 Hemorrhoidal Tumora f ed method moved I Hydrocele lDialocation of Bhouldei I Kia'n t in Ano Joint 3 Pol i pna in the Nom remnv- 3 Op ration* for Squinting el 1 I) nested Teatiele remover" I Ulcenred Breaat 3 Small To mora renaovet I F ractnre from the face 3 Caere of Stabbing attended 1 Erysipelas to 1 Bla ding from the Long*. The poor attended to without charge every day, between three and four o'clock. DR. H BOSTWICK, f4 3w*re Attending Snrgeonand Physician. ~ genuine teas^ WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. THE CANTON TEA COMPANY, Principal Store, 131 Chatham afreet, New Pari. Branch Store, 810 BUtcker at, AT. Y. Jlgency at 116 Fulton *fr**f, Brookyn. Alto, corner of Main and Von Houton at, Patera on, JV. J.f fNVITB THR ATTENTION OF CITT AND COUNI TRV familiea and parch**era to thair aeveral eatabliah menta, where they think will be found by fa' the beat ?e? ct.oo of pure and nuadnlterated Ten* in the United State*. The an iveraal popularity and renown ol their liouaa, with ref*euce to high qnilities low price* and upright dealiuit, i* tor well nnderatood to render further coinmrnt necessary. Original and only warehouse for ihraaleof Hosvqua's Black Tru Obaarve-Strangerawill he particular to remember the num vrof the principal ator* in Chatham street.vix: "131," between Pearl and Roosevelt street*. Thepablic wi'.lalaobe pleaaed to taka notice, that the Can' on Tea Company have nothing to do with *117 ether storva whatever, except those described at the lop of thi* ndrertiar ment. J14 lm?ie umbrellas: S L E E PER, B no TIIE II S NO. 13d MARKET STREET. PHILADELPHIA, ANTICIPATING the revivd of onaioeaa. hate increaaed their alock and manufacturing opara'iona ?o as to rival ti.e greatest es ablirhmcuta en the globe. Pnrchaser* ni'V rely' n being supplied with any quantity and quality of UMBK.KL las. parasols and sun shades. .nri,i,i,?, the lair (Mriaiae atyle Being d*t*rm n?d not to aqceomb to th* present aerere competition,their goode ate offered at the loweil endurable ad* nre on th* real cot ; whil* constantly on the alert to introduce impror-menta in tty *, material and wo'hm > alnp, th* ttnck will always comprise th* mast fashionable and b?tt manufactured goods in th* ii.nrk' t fit Jwrc PHENIX EXCHANGE. SNEDECOR AND THOMPSON, INFORM their Domerooa friends, that they har* taken and l refltt'd the popular Refectory on tn? 8 >V. coruer of Fine ?nd Naatau streets, known at the "PHENIX k'XCHANOE,' aud are determined to k*ep thechoiceet liquors and tewira to lie 'iiund in the city. Thote who appreciate .1 aniierior ir'aat "I f)randy or tfin, amr*<]uratea to call and try a r. ry hut artich mat merited. THE DININO DEPARTMENT it completely re o ized, and thote who wiao a Rood dinner, well terved, can n he accommodated at moderate charges. Aa the proprietory retoired to keep a first rate honae, they reatiecifofly reqat: Ctronage af their friejds and the iranlic, aa long aa they a foand to deaerra it. IBAAO 8 SNKDKCOH. AUSTIN D. THOMPSON. N B.-The LUNCH, at th* Bar. will bes'md ?p e? r? day b*twe*n IS and It o'clock, A- M. Oyster* in et err sty I ? at all honra of th* "lav. j!4 4t'W i? 4?* rc M'OTII-t?Ail a plication will b* mad* at toe pm ?nt Seal' aion o| the Legislature of tie Stat* af Ne * York.for th* incorporation of a benevolent Society in th?rity aad e miity ol New fork, to b* called "Th* Noah Aaaociation of th* Hone of Beoerolcnce. j '? iteetw c WKUjiMu AND Vlvl'l INt* OAHU8 -e.inrav.d and rncted < th* " rat etyl* of the Art. at enlaced price*, at VALENTINE'S. do l B names at. C iraer of Park Row, Loreuov'i Hotel. ITT* Pleat* cuil.aad mouse ipeuuMas. jSO la-*w IRK ] 1NING, FEBRUARY 20, 1 Para. [('orrHipondsnce of tho Herald.] Para, Brazil, Jan. 18, 184-1. J Movement* of American Clown* and Horu* Abroad. Please to announce that 1 am still in the land of the Irving, with Mr. Enos Cage's Circus Company which left your city on the 3rd of.luuuary, 1K13; the company are all well, and doing an extraordinary good business; houses full every night. Mr. L. P. Harrington, son, and Sol. Liptnan, the celebrated clown, belonging to the city of Philadelphia, members of Mr. Sage s company arc among the number, and in good health. From the extraordinary nu ture of their performance, they produce the great- j est exditement wherever they oerform. Your townsman, Mr. KuliiH Welch and Company, ! were |>erforniing at Pernainbuco on the 14th of i December?company all well. They are now rn I routs to K 10 Janeiro. Charleston. [Correspondence of tko Herald.] Charleston, Feb. 15, 1H44. Science ami Theatrical*?Dr. Ijirdnrr ami Forrest? Business. Sfc. Dr. Lardner is here, and lectures at Hibernian Hall this evening. The learned Doctor attracts good audiences. Mr. Forrest is ulao here, uiut is to pay n short engagement with Mr. Forbes. The " legitimate drama" is not in vogue, however, und it is thought he will not lill the treasury ot Mr. F. The ^eguina ure daily eapected from New Orleans. They have been nunc successful here torinerly, and it is thought that the mama tor music which prevails here, us well as everywhere else, where Ole Bull has been, will induce our manager to secure the Opera troupe tor a short |?eriod. Our wharves arc filled with cotton; still holders ure tirm. There is very little shipping comparatively, and the most ol it is foreign. Common Council. Board or Aldkhma.i?Monday.?Alderman Pl iiht, President, in the Chair. Rtwaiit by the Mayor.?A communication from the Mayor asking liie Common Council to oiler a reward of $1000 lor the apprehension of the person or persons who were concerned in tiring at Dr. McDonald on Kiiday evening last. Alderman thought that $600 was enough. Alderman Nash believed that $JA0 was suiticient. AUlermuu i'u.LOL' said that the murder of (orbs in Leonard street, that of Mary Rogers in Hoboken, and the hoy t'helps in Brooklyn, had never been discovered, and it was strange that members would here talk utmut making dollars uud cents a question on an important measure like this. The motion to authorize the Mayor to olfer a $1000 reward was adopted by a vote of 10 to 7. Cleaning Sheet* ?A communication from the Mayor relative to an improvement of 1'liny ltobiuson for cleanlug streets, was interred to committeeon street*. Temperance Invitation?A communication was received from tiio "Ashland Division" of the Temperance Cause, inviting the Common Council to attend the opening ut their new Hall, corner of Grove and Hudson streets. Accepted. Also, from the Democratic Clay Club to attend their Ball?Accepted. Also, to attend the Morris Association Bull?Accepted. County Clerk's OJfue.?A petition Iroin James Conner, County Clerk,for slight repairs in his office, was referred to the Committee on Kepau*. Union fountain?A petition from John tl. Tibbetts, offering to pay $4(10 per year for the use of the surplus water from the l.'uion Fountain, lor twelve years, at twelve hours perday. Referred. New York and Jllhany Haiti oad?A petition from Alexander Hamilton, asking the (iominon Council to pledge the city to the amount of $1,000,Dot) to finish this railroad. Referred to the Committee on kiuance. New tYatck House?The Committee on I'olice reported in lav or of non-concurring with the other ltoard in erecting a Watch House in the Sixteenth Ward, between Seventh and Kighth Avenues, at an expense of not over $4000?but recommended that the Superintendent of Re pairs.advertise lor proi>osuls to erect the building. The report and resolution was then adopted by a vote ol 11 to t>. Jlnvointmrnt of Measurers ?The Committee on Aimli cations lor ofllcu reported in favor of appointing IVter 1'ice Bad J. C, 1'elUaiu as measurers, wus adopted. Tuu same couinutteo reported in lavor ol appointing ome twenty other persons to the otticoa of measurers, weighers, kc. Alter an hour's talk about nothing, tho retolutlon wai laid on tire table. .V>?j Jlrtn. .4.?A communication vu presented lYom the Commissary General of the State for permission tor the .Statu to dispose of the North Aracnal Vard, and the pro1 cued* to be applied toward* erecting a new araeual on the p.eaent alto waa preaented a* billows'? "To the Homohebi.e tiic Cobporatiox of tiie City or New Yoke. " The undersigned Commiaaary General of the State of New York would respuctiully lepresent that the ground on which the State Aracnal it now located in tho Sixth Ward, bounded by Centre, f ranklin, White, and Kim directs, waa granted by your honorable body, oa or about the year 1H(H, lor military purposes. 'l'lie Stutc then erected the Mild Arsenal and other necessary Innldings, uid enclosed the whole with a board fence, since which time Centre street has been cut through it, for which the State paid heavy assessments; also White a-met, which made two jdota of ground. The one an entire block, tioundod as above, V'S) feet Fipiare, on which the main buildings now are. The other, on the northerly aide ol White street, immediately op|*>Mte, making a piece el ground S7 by 131 leet, on which there are sheds, tkc , loi the protection of cannon. The main building and sheds nave become so dilapidated and unaale, lor the pi oper pro lection ol the State property, as absolutely requires a new additional building, and as the ground revntn to the city , after the State ceases to occupy it lor military pur|w>ses, the undersigned a-ks permission lor the State to dispose of the smaller piece of ground, and apply the proceeds in erecting a new and suitable building ou the entire block ironting on Centre street, provided the State appropriate tho additional money required. 1 nerewitn luiiiuil a plan and estimate of a building, which in my opinion would be proper Mid sutlicieut, the same .is is now before the honoraide the Legislature, for their action. 1 am reapectfully, your*, he. tlLNIU 8 I'OKMS, Comnus. tiutiernl. The estimated cost in $30,000 Water in the Fifth District Watch.?The Committee on ','roton Aqueduct, reported in favor of introducing the < rotou water into the fifth District Watch llouseAdopted. /i"tnorintt the Hounds urn?The Committee on Police, reported in favor of allow ing the captains of the w atch tie power of removing the roundsmen at their pleasure aid place them where they please The rcuiou urged u, liat the .Vlayor has rn-uppoiine?l a rouiuDman alter the apinin of the 3d district watch hail removed him Alderman Nash said he thought there was politics in it Alderman Ksimonh said if there was he did not know it Alderman thought the suggestion of Alderman Nash deserved special notice. Alderman Wstekmiiv thought that the change was very desirable. Alderman Nasii believed no change was called for. Alderman Tilmu concurred with Alderman Waterman. Alderman Scoi.ia moved to refer back, to ascertain if there was any thing political in the report?Lost by a vote of 7 to 9. The resolution was then adopted by a vote of l'J to 4 Thomas Constantine waa appointed Inapector of Lumuar. P.U.', e..i. i c.-_.r sir i a i.-.i? a the sum of $9,917, to erect a public school house hi the tli ward, wa adopted. Snle of City Propirty.?The ordinance relative to the talc of city property not tiled tor public purpon-s, as amended in the other board, wait concurred In. Sale of Lot in I3ZA Hreet.?A resolution to aril lota lit 13th street, between llowery and 3d avenue, to Stoddart, Worcester k Dunham, lor $H,000, was concurred in. Public School Haute.? A resolution to so alter the pre ent achooi law, us to obtain n vote of the citizens ol each ward bolore school houses areerertod, was presente I jy Alderman VVoodhull, and laid on the table. The Board then adjourned to Monday uext. Board or Assistant Ai.iiahmi.n ?President Banwx in the Chair. The Minutes of the last meeting were rend ind apptoved. Incitaliont?From (ieneral Storms, to visit and inspect the State Arsenal at half past three o'clock on Tuesday, (to day)?From tbo Ashland Division of the Sons of Temperance to tat present at the dedication ol their Hall, in the building of St. Luke's, on the corner ol drove and Hudson streets?From the Democratic ClayDluh to attend their Ball at the Washington Hall -f rom the Morris Association to attend their Annual Ball at Washington IUJ1. Accepted. Liberty Pole. The inhabitants of the Kigth Ward petition to bo allowed to break ground in Wooster street, on the fltl Inst, for the erection of a Llaerty Pole, lie tarred to thn Ahlerinan and Assistant Aldernnin of the Ward, with power. ^Itplitaliont for Office.?Of Anthony H. buy dam, lor the otfice of City Weigher; referred. Ol Thomas Constantino, to lie Inspector ol Lumber ; granted Of M. II Davis i) in- II ;vrigln-r ami Inspector ol haled I lay, and 01 A Van Slyke for the same ollice : granted. Of John T. Dodge, to lio appointed f'ity Weigher ; granted. Prtilimu Of Patrick Moilalt and othei* to hare sunken Iota on Twenty-Fourth streid filltxl in; referred. Ol John Badger lot correction of taxes; referred Of Victor WalIron lor correction of tax; referred. Of II. I) Despard for relief of tax. C'ironing iSt filrtrt*.?The follow ing petition wm prelented ; ? " The undersigned being In po?session of mean* which will enable them to clean the street* won perfectly and foi u le** nun than they hare hitherto cost, they propose to your honorable body to contract lor the cleaning of one or more Ward*?*ay the K.ighth and Ninth Warn* tor the term ol one roar, by way ol trial; and are prepared to undertake the name at J.i per cent leaa than tha i or|Hjrat'on haa hitherto paid for the name, and will gunran/rc to hare tha work faithfully and well dona. " Presented by Kl)WARO K. fdJHIl MAN fc CO." The petition was relerred to tlWi Committee on Htraete. Nnr lmvrnrrd llydmnt.- In consequence ol the re port of the Muparintandant of tha ( roton Aqueduct Board SERA 844. igainst the free hydrants now in uie, which ha any* are to ally inelhricent and not calculated tor the purpose intend- j A, Messrs. Kenn k C.o. have petitioned the Common ' Council to inspect hydrant o! their own invention, which ! hoy have erected on the coiner of t'rout atreet and Peck 1 lip, uml which has been tested thioughout thu W int. i ,.in.t ias been tound entiiely successful?Itelaried to the C'loon Aqueduct Committee. i Selling Corporation Property*?A report in lavor of ael- ' ing Siixhlnrt, Worcester ?. Dunham, the ceiehinied t'iauo llaiiuf.u-turers, four lota on 13tU street below the Bowery an*I 3rd avenue, for the sum of fdOUU? Adopted. German Hunt Gum d*.?Henry Rankin, being assessed >n property on the Third evenuu, petition the Board to tave the same reduced, as he was a mem tier of the (ierttan Horse (.niards. The report on the |ietitioii recomuended a reduction or $1000- which was adopted I-aid im the Table A reiMut in litvor ol budding a Sew ar in Delancy street from Sheril! to the Kast ltiver , also, [he report of the Special Committee on thn petition of > Messrs Kllicott St Brothers, of Baltimore, who piayed to bo relieved from a certain Water Pine Contract Incrtairaf Salary ?A report in favor of increasing the salary ol William Sinclair, jun., in the Street Commitsioners ottice trom $ >00 to was adopted. The Ih'tw . Irimal ?The Petition of tho'Commissary Oent>rdl tn tirnviiip fnr tln< s>rnrttnn nf n Bnitnhlf Htiita Ar*#* rial, in the place of thu present dilapidated one ? was referred to a Special Committee, consisting of Assistant Aldermen 17. C. Dodge, C. J. Dodge and Henry. Relieffrom Tar ?In lavor of remitting the tax of John II. Scuddart, of fetnton Inland. City ll'eightr.? In favor of appointing D. K. Glover to the ofticeof City Weigher. Prosecuting the Surities of a Contractor.?The communication oftlm I'reaident of the Croton Aqueduct Board, iiilormiug this Board that the sureties of 1 homns A Davies, the contractor, by whoso negligence the horse of Thomas Dovle uas iuiured, by fulling into n hole whore u fiee hydrant was being put down, was referred to the Counsel ior thu corporation for prosecution The sureties were Thomas Colin r, of tiro Merchant's Exchange the whereabouts of S. II. Davies could not be ascertained. .dnvther Hydrant II,de ? \ resolution was offered to pay J. K Cadmus the sum of $20, lor injuries sustained by the upsetting of a cab, by reason of a pilu of stones thrown into Grove street, where a free hydrant was being placed ? Deferred. lie month a.tee?Against the report to build a sewer la Stanton street.?Referred. Th? Park Tire$ ?Assistant Alderman W. Dodge presented a very whimsical petition from the Big Kim Tree, in the I'urk, on liehalf of uis fellow trees, that the keeper shall hu directed not to use his pruning knife u|ion their brunches this coming spring, us it prevents tliem from spreading forth and uflbrding a grateful shade to "the people ?Referred. The Tea Table again.?Assistant Alderman Smith oli'ered a resolution directing the total abolishment of the tea tablu This was, alter a rather ludicrous debute, carried by a vote of 10 to 6. Engine Kail ? An invitation to attend the Annmil Bull of Engine company 2-2, on Wednesday, thu 23th inst., at Tammany Hall.?Accepted. Paying Damages.?A report in favor for paying Stephen Clark, of Canal street, the sum of $10. (or damages sustained by the bursting of a Croton water pi| e, on the corner of Canal and Greene street, was concurred in. pol.ll'k krf-orm. On motion or Assistant Alderman Hoggs, the Hoard wcr t into a committee of the whole, to discuss the report of the special committee on the re-organi/etion oi the Police and Watch Department?Assistant Alderman Pettigrew in the chair. The report ol the select committee on "the appointing power'' was received ; it was a majority report President Brown in the minority. Board nfjipjiointmrnt?To consist of the Mayor, the Itecorder, the District Attorney, and threo Aldermen and three Assistant Aldermen, to he chosen by ballot after the passage of this ordinance, and annually in June alter the charter election. Assistant AJderman Uhown, in a bold, energetic and manly speech, opposed the |ortion appointing three members from each Board. ]! ' appealed in strong terms to the members of the Board, net to allow party spirit to prevent them from entering in a fair and open discussion of this important measure. The press of every party, of no party, and of every descrijition, went loud in denouncing the political influence of the system of appointing to office The people did not wish to see the police ol thisci ty converted into a political engine. They wished what ever reform they could get in the department uuder consideration, should he as far removed from the old practice. They weie tired of such, and wanted something better and non-political. For himself, he was opposed altogether to the Common Council being mixed up in the matter, but as he was desiroua of meeting the majority of the memliers in a spirit of fairness he would amend the section hy inserting out Alderman and Assistant for thrrr.? Should the section lie passed as now offered, the Common Council would have the majority in the Board of Ap|aiint menu. He was not in (aver of giving them such a pre Itomlerunee. He himself was in favor ol giving the nppoiating power into the hands of the executive of the city, after the manner of the State and the country at large. The President und Governor could recommend persons for office, and the Senate could ratify or refuse, ?s they thought best. So he would have the power vested in the head of the city government, but he would not pre** nis own vicwi, dui oniy snugui to secure, ? iur as possible. the independence of the Department beyond political influence*. ? Assistant Alderman W Donna ww opposed to giving the authority to the Mayor. It wan a dangerous princi pie, and he could not on an argument vote for ?uch a meant! re. Assistant Alderman Bonos wti opposed to the section and the amendment altogether. He did not wish the Common Council to have a voice in th* oppointingof officer* He would oppose both. Assistant Alderman f'u*nt.i? a *?id he win oppoaed to the amendment, and thought that an the Common Council had the eatatdlahing of the qgficc*. they were entitled to have a share In the patronage. He was not prepared to do away with the |>olitical power! HI* constituent* did not *end him to the Board to do away with any of their right*, and he thought that with all e.Io?|uent speeches ol the gentlemen of the Kighth and Thirteenth, they w ere not prepured to throw away anch rights. It wa* all very line to talk no when they knew there wa* a majority against them. Ha therefore moved that the amendment he laid on the table, which wa* finally carried. Assistant Aldermen Bouiit moved ?o strike out the three Aldermen and three Assistants from the section. He again repeat ad his decided opposition to the section giving the Common Council n voice in the matter. This was lost al?o. He then moved that both Boards should be in*erted. Ifthe Common Council w as to have any thin" it all to do with it, he preferred that the power should he vested in the entire body ami not in a part This wa* lost. He then moved the addition of two Special Magistrate*. hut this also was lost The original section was then put and carried. Clerk of Hoard ? One of the Scriveners attached to th" Speeial Magistrate*' Office, to he clerk nf the Hoard?to lie appointed by the President of the Board Tumoral from Office ?To he in the Hoard of appointment on charge* in writing. The President to have (lower to suspend until the meeting ol the Board. President.?TheMayorto hetho President ofthe Board: 'he appointment*to!>e hy ballot, a majority to henecessar'-, a ptorum being present: .V'TOi'iintim of Can did aire for Offer ?Kac.h member ot he Boards of Aldermen and Assistant* to furnish a list ol eandidatcH. to be selected from their respective wards such candidates to he citizen* of the Slate and of the L'ntted States, and to he not under 'JI nor over HO years?to 're men of good character. These are thu principal leatureaof nrtirle id. The President offered an amendment for article 3d 4th. Mb, flth, 7th, which w?? referred to a select committee, to report at the next meeting of the Board The Committee then rose and reported nrof res* The Fooling Chnpel ?'The petition ofthe Rev John McVickar, in hehnlf of the \ oung Men's Church Vis. nonary Association, for the privilege of moving the floating Chapel at the foot of Peck Slip, V.ast River, was, hy a resolution of this Board, concurred in, and the praver is so granted. Jlijournmenl?The Board stands adjourned until Friday evening next Mnperlor Ponrt, Hi'fnrp n full Rrnrh. Fee 19 ? Dkhiom ?John Contlanlin* ads. John S. Fan Winkle.?Motion denied with fin costs, anil that the plaintiff j.uv the costs of the motion. John H Iroiilnnn ads Jmeph II Harrit?Motion to stand over 'sntil Saturday morning neat, w ith u itay of proceedings therein. (rmrgf Chriterman and F.iIward Carey v*. ffirhnlat Scheie t'rinn nml wife Ordered that the motion in the ruse stand over until Saturday neat. William Wit mart h rs. h'ranrii Sayre and John II. Hal (irhl.?Motion grunted, and ten days time allowed U|kiii payment of the casts of the motion, at $7 Ilfred Taylnr and C Roarman ads. Klini Wood nmi othrri.- Vew trial granted, costs to abide the esrent. '/Vic People rr. rrl. Samuel Net4 v?. Sheriff Hail. Or dered that the Sheriff answer the interrogatories on next Monday, or at the opening of the next term of the cour Frederick Head. impleaded 4'< adt. Hand H. and It'illinm Hotel.- lie-argument ordered, Piter So/her anil Martin Flnwrn. aril Jamri (hddlemnn ?Judgment onlered for the defendant. Philip Kearney, Jr., ui. (Irorgr II. Pntl.?Re-argument ordered. Jaieph F, Writri Waller Ispgrlt and allien Molior lor a new trial denied. John I. iMwrenn 'Idmuiiitratnri ndt. I In try liar laiifudgment for the defendant, witli liberty to the plan till to amend within ten days after notice of the rule, on payment of cu st a llrnry MrFnrlan ndt the Triton laturanrr Company Motion for a new trial denied Before Thief Justice Jones. h r.M. I!' - Jin nh S I' I alt it Cornelim It. ,'lrehrr. This was an action for assault and battery. The plaintiff i* doing business at 91 I'latt street, snd complains that on the nth November last, his store was entered in the day time by the defendant, who sai I he was s public officer ol thecity (he is the ex-coroner). and that lie had repleiined on certain goods in the plwintlfTs store, and which goods the plaintiff had removed from one side of the store to the other -that the defendant laid ban '? on him sever 11 times arid thr eatened to tiring him to the pultre urtio I he ca?> is still before the onrt. For plaintiff, David ffraham, F<w|?for delence, James F. Smith, Ksi| It, *. ItlftrahMl's Office. Krn l!>. Harris I nrpenter, a sailor on board the ship St. Petersburg, was arrested on the charge ot having sto len the watch of the f hlneae Wee as nlready reported. The key of the watch waa found on him. He was committed for examination ? e r. j* ?iii? +f -t LD Mm Two Casta. Business PnusriTR in New Yore.?The new York Business Directory for 1844 and *45, haa just heen published by John Doggett, jr. No. 79 Nassau stieet, at #1 25 a copy. It contains no less than 28,295 names, classed under 1187 heads. The following syno|*is allows the principal professions and trades included in the publication, together with the number of individuals engaged in each. It is a curious statement t? Agricultural Warelsou- Jeweler* (manf) fi .en 7 Laces snd Lm broideries ( 2 Architects S3 Lamp Makers vi Ann and Maker* 3 Lapidaries 6 Artificial How er Makers 23 Lawyeis 9S# As,aj era 3 1 aaitier Dressers 24 Auctioneers Ra Lithuarephfcis 13 Bakers ram Lockmakars 19 Balauce and Scale Ma Looking glass and pic kera II tur? liame makers 64 Band Box Bakers 10 Lumber 60 Banger* 17 Mahogany yards 20 Basket Makers 14 MarlOe W orkeis ' Id Bedstead Makers II Metal Deadus 12 bu'hs 11 Milliners 314 Blacking Makers 11 Music Stores ia Blacksmiths 174 Musical instrument Malslmd and Mash Makers 36 kers 70 Boat Builders Id (and different kinds 8) Bookbinders 43 Musicians m Booksellers 120 Newspapers 00 Boot and Shoe Findings 39 Seedsmen and Flotists 20 Bo.t and Shoe Maker, 1327 Nurses 140 Botanic Medicines 27 Oil Merchants 4m Brass and Bell Founders 2a Oyster Saloon* ISti Brewer* ' <3 Painters 207 Britannia Ware Mann- Pumts. Oils, Jtc. 67 lecturers a I'apei Box Makers 26 Brokers -13m Paper Dunging* 22 (and different kinds 31J Paper Warehuii.-es 34 Brush Makers 34 I 'a vui brokers 24 Builder* uinl Carpenter* 304 Peddlers 266 Butcher* 698 Pencil Case Makers 9 Butter Dcalors 9ti Perlumers 16 Button Makers, tec. 14 Periodicals, tec. 68 Cabinet Makers 101 Physiciuus 736 Camiihene, tec. 16 Plane Makers !? Cap Makers 37 Plumbers 46 Carpet Dealers 20 Porter Houses 992 Cartmeu 2409 Poulterer* 66 Carvers 27 Printeis (printers oi the Chair Makers 7t> newspaper* not liicluChemiats 11 (led 144 China and Karthenware 129 (and different kinds 7) Clergymen 243 Produce Merchants 123 Clock Makers 31 Provisions 60 Clothiers 163 Pump Makers 37 Coach and Carriage Ma- Heady Made l.inen 67 kera 39 Rectifiers 13 Coal Dealers 84 Relectories 142 Coflee Roasters 23 Bail Makers 41 Cottin Warehouses 40 Saw and File Makers 14 Comb Makers 13 Segars H7 Commission Merchants hio Begar Maker* 121 confectioners 142 Blup Builders 10 Consuls 40 Ship chandlers 41 Coopers 93 Silks and Fancy Dry Copperimiths 83 (foods ' no Cords, Fringes, tec. 27 Silver Plateis 12 Corset Warehouse* 36 Silversmith* 26 Curriers 16 Soap and Candle* 47 Cutler* 19 Stable*, Livery 100 Dentists 100 Spar Maker* 11 Diitillera 37 Soda Water Maker* 8 Diets Maker* .13 Stationer* 40 Druggists 349 Steam Saw Milla 18 Dry Good* 1460 Steel Manufacturer* 7 Dyers 37 Stereotype Founder* 7 Kngravers 109 Stone Yard* 30 (and difterent kind* 18) Stove Wurebouie* 33 Fancy Good* 183 Sugar Refiners 10 Feed and Grain 69 Tailor* and Clothiers 780 Fish and Provisions 13 Thread It Needle Stores 879 Kith Mongers 131 Tinsmiths 171 Flour Dealers 77 Tobacco Warehouse* 18 Fruit Dealers 97 Tobacconists 38 [ Furrier* 61 Tool Maker* 14 Furniture Dealers 43 Trunk Makers 39 Glass ('utters U Turiieiti 47 Glass steiner* and Turpentine Distillers 10 mailers 3 T> jie Founder* 9 Glovers 9 Umbrella Makers 63 Gold Beaters 10 Undertakers 60 Grates and Range* 36 Upholsteter* 66 Grocers 1984 Watch Cate Makers 16 Gun Makers 13 YVatches a:i 1 Jewelry 164 Hair Dressera 266 Wlute Leao ManufartuHardware and Cutlery 197 rent 10 Harness Milkers 61 Wig Makers 31 * llider nnd Leather 61 YVine* and Liquor* 161 Uotels and Taverns 130 Wiro Manuiiu turer* 4 Importers (pi iticiprtl) 1218 WW Woikns 8 (and ilifl'nt kinds classed 7A) Wooitti Witt Dnlfri 3d Intl..i Kublx-r < foods 3 Wool Dealer* 18 Iron Founder* 27 Wool Stapler* 3 lion Merchants 3ft Yarns, lJattt, Ac. 14 llcro in variety enough, and competition enough, to give us perfection in every thing. There apixmr* to be no leaa than thirty one diflerent kind* of brokers, numbering in all435 individuals, mow of whom are money btokern nnd chanpern. Urnrral RtMluM. Before Recorder Tallmadeire, and Aldermen Waterman * and Briggs. J.tsrrs R. Whitiio, F.*<) . District Attorney. Fu If ? Trial far Jitaault ami Haltrry ? Benjamin Dtirant nnd Horatio Alwood, were put on their tnal lor an Aasnult nnd Battery, rommittt d onthe2fith December last on the person of Itirhard Brown of No. 28 Fourth street, I)iirant cut the complainant's chin with a hntcliet and Atwood kicked his wife. A controvers) took place an to the light ol possession of some hatter's kettles, and the nllcg< d assault the result of nn attempt to remove them fiom the shop of the comphiii.aiit. Tlie jury lound tioth the accused guilty. The court lined Durant fid, end Atuo' d live dollars. JJllim/il In Commit a Grand lnim.y. ? Sarah Vinrrnt a colored female, was nest tried forthe alou olhnrs, attempting on the IHih ol last December bj stealing a w ntrh ilvcr h|K>on?, trinketa. kc , worth ^lOtl, liom the home of Mr* finnan King. No. 5 Sixth atreet. 1 he trcuted had lormerlv been in Mri. King t employ hh a tervant, and after bet aivt linipr vi> in tin- tin tat it vlidtltig hi r laic ml?tre??, and m the dsj in qtietlwn w r.s 'liKOirrtd huay at the drawer thntrontainedtl e)iro|.< rty and on being detect* d lilt. Ilvividmce ol intent tie very alender, and at theliiatrirt A Homey w 8* not diepoied to nreaa the ca*e, the wat acquitted burr'">y in the Thiid Drttrt ? William Merry, nlina Henry Fotler, ? ti next trii-d lor hmglary, in breaking into the atore of Mr. John L. Murray. No. 191 Pnnce tlreet. on the uight of the Vita Din-mber lant, and Healing herefrom, clothing, clothi, umbrellas kc. worth ftom to fMM On the prisoner being arreated by ctlinr 'o?eph. a part of the property waa found on hi* ptennsea No 371 Orange atreet, the U| per part ol whir' watorctipieil j dntly by the nmonet and a man namad Teti t Vct'atih y, which ronaisted of tw o nmhtellat. kr. . and all of tvhirh ?'i< identifleil by Mr. Murray a? hit ; roperty A man named Groover, had been tried and convicted at the ir complice of the acccn-cd. in the commisaion ol thia burglary. The evidence of guilt waa rxlrrmtlv vague in it* character, and the jury lound lum not guilty Ilo was remanded to he tried on nnotbcr indictment lor huiglaty Grand fort my.?Jane Burton was then tried for a grand larceny, in stealing in ti c early pait of January last, Mi9 from Mr. John S. Giles ol S'o W I.iepcnard street. Krom the testimony of Mr. Giles, it appeared that about lire o'clock in the morning ol the night in anestion while in hod with hi* wife, he war nrouaed hy her. and she stated that aome one wa? in their room On Searching iround, the prisoner waa found under the lied, hbe w ns i aervant in the Inmlly and had he on ?o for moio than a rear; and on hl? raarrhing hi* pantaloon* pocket, fie 'onnd that liia wallet waa gone. It waa lound under the 'ied alter the girl had crawled out In her stocking feet, and who hy way of excuse for her situation, statij) that she linil come into the room to get a light, anil exprrased regie! for the act committed The witness stated his nnvillingness to prosecute tha girl, and he the means ot h< r ' eirig sent to the state prison. 'I he jury found ti e pri oner fa v nnng girl) gnil'y . and the Court U|on the ie-nmmennation to mercy, sentenced her to the state j rison for two year* on';/. The Grand Ini/nrtl ?The Crard Jury came into Court with a number of Wlla lound hy them Hail forfeited ?The hail ol Gilbert M Sawyer, indicted ror obtaining a horse under false pretences from VV. K. tlaakins, and those of raniel Kennedy and Kdward Day, for an assault and battery, were ordered t ? he estreated. Adjourned to Tuesday a' II o'clock. A M. (A CASP.) C< >MI'L!MENTARY HALL MR ROBERT ANDERS OX, 1,4 t s* 1'aorsis.ros os- rur HM?s?r?.nr Hotsi? i 1 IIS. h'risnds ol -Mr IIOBf I4T ANI)IJt"0\ I repose ' * vint him s Comrdimrtt'sry Ball, in the sfwrinns ?udel?7?rt 8'IotoI hn former esishlnhment, >h' ifnispesre Motel, r< rner of William "nil Desoe streets, on TI'KSDA V It. V K.N ING nest, hs Pfh instsat I A splendid Bsod is I rotided. and erery frrilny will be *f orded to secsie the comfort and enrolment of those who msy i ,iter.H Be outer of the ('ammiitee r| ^Ticket* One Dollar? Wliirh will admit a sen'lemaii with Isdi's-msv he hsd ?t rite t*>r of the Shslispeare Hotel,and st Mr Peter JVIilna'. Majmnny ifsll, IT Centra aUvet. I mm; sen artificial flowers, .v.rIK mh??rihyr? h*re |nv wirm' r?rl*t* nrri?*l? f-om ilatr*. ami kwp comum'y on liud, a ciwi.j.|*i? a**ortni*ut Kr-tirh Ar*illei?l Klc,wcr? SliMtnli o' *11 kme* for Flower* K*nili*r*, Hair Ornament*. ?nd M tlin?ry urtie*!"**? for *'#hv HKNRV A K *??M. Import**. pt Im'rri* 71 Lih?rt\ nr*f*ir*. QUILL* ANl> HIKtL Qnilto rllinti fl it it ?*rv low pric*; H? ?lor? \n I rnn?uni?r* nonld do well to nil Info* pnrrtiaiiiia *l*?wh?r? AI?o. * l?r?? orrmeuf of lm*l P*m ni?iinr?riiir*<l hy P-rrv. Oillott ?i'l Mitr'?ll *11 ?l ?hich will h? wild rrrv low,?iih*r who*?alr nr mail, M tlw .ii'oeritwr Willi** >" lfi?? the Ktiain*** thi* unri.ia A MeKEACMMIK. Quill Mwilwliiq. f*i lm*m 7"A I'oirl itiwi. HTIOL LATL YOUR RAKER'S RILLS. rflK ST'B"' RIU' R h*? orwiird * tor* t Vo Hi N?mii ?tr? for thi *%l* of I ' n Wheat Hjri- a id Lorn H *?d. Van l'i-w i*u -1 ' akea of *11 hind* Famili** ?e*ed at th*ir twilling* wfli Bread, rie? and TV' ? ?fce? f'niren* **n*rilly will nn<l thi* de*irahl* plae* f >r lanch? Ate flirotto Mot off" rttnr?? emit*. Pro ol all kind* <1 threw mil pli r; Cain 1ml* rS? te kc All arnrlei *ro made np under hi* perianal Mtp*rvi?ion. and h* 11? '?*? him*elf that the hr*t in ilrrial**h>ll he u*> d thr mar k?coffer*. JNO. I. HALKY, 114 lm*?!

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