Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 21, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 21, 1844 Page 1
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T H Vol. X., Mo. 51?Whole Mo. 3011 To the Public. THE NEW YORK H ERA L D-d ail y newspaper?published every day of the year except New Veer's day aad Fourth ol July. Price 'J ceuU |msl copy?or >7 Jfl per annum?portage* paid -cash in advance. THE WEEKLV HERA l.D~publiahed every Saturday soruof?price Gj cent* p?r copy, or $3 14 per annum? Mftatw paid, caiiii iu a irancu. AdW-.RT1?KK? oi e 11dormed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing hat. It A a* Ott lar^ett circulation oj any paper in this tit y, or the world, and it, therefore, Ike hut channel J or buoineti man in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PR1NTINO of oil kinds executed at the must moderate priee, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PaoroixToo or thi Utsiui Eiiiblishmbst, Northwest corner of Kultou and Nassau (treats. SEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY MW A*EAJ*Oh;MkPir, CUMMK.UINU OCT. IGTHJMS. m "miiri11 Mil iffl FARE RED; i f'.D TO TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. From tit* foot of Courtlsndt -treet, Now York. (Evetv diy?San-lays excepted I Leaves New York. Leaves Newark, il I A.M. At I P.M. At7K Y.M, At IK P. M I do. I do. 9 do. 4 do. U do. 4 do. S do. 6 do. 5 do. 10K do. ?X do. T do. >N SUNDAYS. Lejvts New1 irk Learee Newark. At A. M. and 4<w P. M. At IK P- M. and 9* P. M. The eon of the Moms ami Esses Railroad for Orange, Millville, Sn-omit, Chath tin Madi?oi>. and Morristown, ran throngh from Jersey < ity with >ur change, and connect with A. M. and J P. M trains from New York. NEW YON* AND ELIZABETH TOWN. Leaves New Yorlr Leaves Elisabeth Town At A.M. At ? P M, At 7 A.M. 3K P. M. 9 do. I do. 7K do. 9 do. U do. 4 do. 8K do. 9K do. 7 do 10 do. 1 PM. The trains for W*?trt?ld, Pltinfleld, Roundbrook, Anmer ville, Ac., connect with in. 9 Y. M., uid IK P. M. ; trains Iron Nsw York daily, Sao days rveeptad. rare between New York .mil Elisabeth Town 25 cents, rare between do. and Somerville. 75 cents. NEW YORK AND RATIFY A Y Leaves New York. Loaves Rahway. iAt I ATM At a P.M. At 6XA.M At 3 P.M. ? do. 3 do. 7 de <K do. II d*. 4 da. 9 do. 0 do. 7 do. 9K do. 12 ? P M. NEW YORK AND NEW BRUNsWICK. From foot of ConrtUndt street, New York, daily ? Leave* New Vork. Leave# New Brunswick. -At ? A. M. At 3 P.M. At ? A.M. At 13 M. 4 do 7K do. IK P. M. ON SUNDAYS. Leave* New York Leaves New Brunswick. At f A. M. and 4M P. M. At 12 A M., and ?K P. M. Faro, except in the Philadelphia trains, between New York ?nd New Brunswick. 99 rents. Between New York tad Rahw.iy, 29 cents Newark, FJiubetntnwa, Railway, and New Ilrun>wick passengers who procure their tickets u the ticket office, re eeive a ferry ticket gratis Tickets are received by the son doctor only on the day when purchased The commatatiou fare between Netv York and Rahway and iniormediate plaeee, ha* liera reduced (inelnding ferry) to $90 per year ; between New Brunswick and New York $74 per year. nl9 3m tfA'ffc. n aONRAlLRUAD Fr.irr Patersnn to Jersey City. Oa tad after Monday, Oct. 2d, 1343," the cars will leave fitiimh Depot. Leave New You A. M. A.M. JVM "P The Sunday Trains will be discontinued until further noice. Transportation cars leuve-ia.'.y ( Sunders ovcepted.) Passeneers are advised to he at the Kerry, foot of Courtlandt street, r few aMautes before the ?rsre>l iwmr srdMMN JyHdiu* WINTER ARRANGEMENT?FOR ALBANY. Vit BRIDGEPORT a.d ?a jMQsSI HcrsatoMC rt western 'A 1 |J i.n.'BL.r . silr, uudaysJaHpWj* SC^BCKL Kscep'ed "WTsfT.. PassoBgers for AlHnri? M lint Oote will t?kt* the new ind elegant steamboat NIWROl), Capt. J Brooks, which leaves New York from loot lotieriy *t, Tlm-sdsv morning at I all past C o'clock, for Bridgeport, theuoe by U>? Housatomc and Western Hail roe la, with ml chouse ul cars or bagrg vitf crate*, js Albany, arriving s*di<i evouing at ( o'clock. Fare through Forpasssge or Freight, apply on bcarJ.or at the office, foot of Libenyetreet. O. M. PERKY, Agent. JHec NEW YORK AND PVIL ADELI'HIA KA auau RI^ia DIRECT. SFoe Newaii,'Nswica, Princeton, Trent**, * BoisisTi'.vts Arte Bithlinotoh. MMfefiii. THhOOUii IN ?IX HOC Km. Leaving New \ ork daily from thr foot of Courtlandt it. Moraine Line at ? .V. M. -.'.l .il Pilot Liue at 4JK P. M. The Moraine Line proceed* to Bo.drntown, from there* by vteembont to Philad*lphi?. The Evening Lin.* direct to Cimiien (opposite to Philadelphia) without. ciuuijc of cor*. rauengexa will procure then ticket* at the office foot of Cottrtlaaat strerl, w hi re a coimnodi.inj. ? Unto bOA'., will be in reaiineee, with begtraf? > ntc* ou botrd. Philadelphia burw' rratet are conveyed from city to city, wihoat bring openedhy the way K-ch train i* provided with near in which areapartment* and droning room* ex;T?*ib' for W* ladies* nee. Returning, the line* leave rhilariclphi t from the foot of W.ilant street, by steaminn to Eordeatown at T o clock, A. M. and by railroad from Camden, at 5 n'olock. P M. The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 1% A. M., and 4 P. M. being a eoetraaatinn of the (roe* from New York jlln'm OLD ESTABLISH KU KM IOKANT PASSAGE OFFICE. (1 BOUT*! ft i REM', NSW YORK. ift iHR EnaeaZeean be ea?a??u from Liverpool b> the follow nig sp.eueid packet ship* rompri^ui* llie Old tllack Ball Liaeol Packets sailing as smder 17"om Liverpool. The ship COLUMfftU 4. ''aptnin Cole, on the lgth F broary. The ship YORvwillHh. ( i-w) Biilrv, on the let March. The ship CA VlBKllLf* , C.,pt Itaruow, ISth March. The ship ENOLAN1) < ipuio Bartlett, i?t April. Theeh'p OXFOKIl, Cuduo Kvlibow, 14th The ihip MON TK/L M A.Cept.iu l.ube 1-t May. The ship *,UKOp... <;>pi*iu Ha>her. it>h May. The ship NSW YORK,' .apt*in Crnpoer, Is Jnue. In addition to ihe-lKiv-tnprnpr ahip*. the -.ub?ciih?r'< agent* will have a saccemon cl'iir.f H at Am riean ship* desist hod. a customary,from Liter mil. r e>y lour or fire '?*? tlnouaLont the year, to ih' a fl ie. t ports in the United htiti-*, by which passage can lie s cured ?t r-n'u ed .ale*. Tho*v ? tiding for their friends r?idi ir in fJre>t Bn'ain ad Inland, mty rely thit every ca r will h taken lo man*- pu<- age,* a> cum'ortable aa they c m rcas'unbiv es, e t and should he i<aa eng r* not come out, the pai?igr money w tl lie promptly refunded. Draft* can a* nauui be runmhei p yab r a. If .hato <al and Provinrial Bank* ,.f T|t.,#j *u I branch ; f asUrn Beak of Bcot'in-: and b aach ?: -.uil i n M-ssrn J. Bill, Son fc Co., Bankers, London. M im J. H-rned k Co., Bankers. Livrrfool, which are pay iblr th-otmh ml Knglind tad VValee. For farther particular*apply (if b? letter oust, pud) to JOHN IIUIDMAN, 61 Soctha r,et near VVs I street. N. B Pa-*Tge to f iver,wil aii.l [.<> dun can at ill times be angaged by lbs rscubr peke* .hips, a siting for Liverpool every fire days, and to Lo- doi en the 1st, 10th and M.h of each month on applp atiou a* v ove. jljec_ ?NKW LINK t}|> LI V U It POOL PACKF.TB. To ami Irani prow York on the 'tilth and uirerpool on the 11th in rv-"ll l' >n'h Jfegv MT JHfc m&. MSL JSSt r.m N'rw York. Ship 9IDOON8, Caiusin V.. H. Cobb, Kith December. Ship SHERIDAN, i iaftnn V I.Vpeysti , * Ui January. Ship GAR1UUK, Uapt W-i. SkH'iy, lii'i Fab'ifrShip ROSC1US, John Collins, Mth M.ircn. K'MO.H LiVF.UFOCI.. Ship HIDDON8, Captain A 15 Cobb. llth February, rtjiip SHERIDAN. (apish K. A. Drneystrr, ilch March. Ship (JARRICK, Cnptsiu IV;n Skiddy, Itth April Shin ROWCIUS, Captain John Collin*, !IUi May. Those ships are nil of the lirat class, upwards of 1Mb torn, bailt in Uiecity of NV-* York, with aach improveineats ai combiue ureal ?i?vd nub huush J eoioforl fur passengrri. Every care ha* beru taL-n in 'he irrutnneut uf their accommodations Tlie price cl lursig? hem* is tloO. lor which ample stores wilt tie |>rovnM I bw vhi|>s ife commanded by mperiraiced maslers. whs will make every amrtion to gits gesail mtisfsctics. Neither the captains or owe-rs nl the snips will be responsible for any letters, parcels or packages vol by litem, on less relator bills of lading ei" sop ,fd iliereier. For (Wight or noes**' irp'v to fc. K. COLLIN" Hi O.. it South ?t.. "few York, or to BP \VN, Shll'LEY k CO., Liverpool. Letters by the pact -is will be cr..arped U'li eunts per single hset ; 50 oenls per, ..nd :> -.-[^pe,? I ecu I each da ( fABBAUF. FROM GKKATBRITAIN AN1) IRELAND jf& Ml Ml ^TVTHE BLamTU.VLL .M^TirLlN^JF^ LIVERPOOL PACKEJB. ( oiling from Livrrinxd on tin- Till and Nth of every month.] nnou wishing to ?-i J pi i!ie ('id < "one try for thrir friends CS mshii the neorawu g - ivith the subscribers, sod ? them comr nut in'hi i ,u,. -ior Line of Packets, Hailing ]rom LireriH>ol i.iiiii m ill. mi rt.e liK uiil lOtlt of every rnneth. They will also nave ? drat rite i lii, of Vmrricau trading slupe, MkllinX every tit days, th. reby aifordiog weekly communication from that port. Our tr.e lirin ( Mr. Jainu* D. Roche) is them, to see that they shall be forwarded with care and tiesShould the parties igr-. d for not come nut, tlie money will be rstarned to tluise who paid it here, without any rednctisa. .The Black Ball, or Old Line ol Liveipool Packets, comprise ^ ravinw.iwrs C'ie NEW YORK, ?ftuMPy"Ur" COLUMBUrf. fffcrii sariv SOUTH AMERICA. _1_iN?i'AND , NORTH AMERICA. rWlth such superior , ii.e .uMlfd ..rsugemrnu, the sabtcnbMi confidently l<mli (irwxnl l?>r * coiitiiiui.iict or ihHtiip* port which hss been eia-aded lo thetn so nssny years, for which tlwy ere grateful. IThoye proceeding. or remitting money to their relative*. enn st ill times obtain Drsfti si sight for any amount, drawn direct oa the Royal Bank ol In i mil, Duhliu. -Isn uu Manors. PR??tO 1 t OitO l K. AM KB k CO. ,, , .,,, ., , Bankers, London. be paid on I. ni-in.1 st . uy of the Usuka, or their V^sui ' ' ">?*houl England, IreROC1IE, BROTHERS A CO. 05 b ii lion stress New York. Hi-Mi door to the Feltoa Bank. W. The ON Line of Liverpool Packets tail from this pert for Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each month. Parties attorning to the old country will find it to fheir comfort sad advantage to select this favorite Lite for their eoaveysnne, m prtfttSBCe to uy other, ?dM t 7 EN E NEW OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. ALU LI Wet* will hen-alter be iched ill the follow1.1; order, ncepliug tlut when the aailiug ilay fall* ou Hundiy. the *hi[? will sail on tlw succeed in. dev. ?i*:? rroiu iNew kork. I'roui Lirniwul ThaCAMBKIDOE, (Inn. 1 July 16 SO ton*. <)ct. 1 Not. 16 W. (.. Bin tow, Keb. 1 Mai. 16 The ENGLAND, (Jiim 16 . Abe- 1 756 ton*. Oct. 16 D?e. 1 8. B.trtlett, l-'eb. 16 April 1 TheOXKOUl), (July 1 Aug. 16 860 ton*. No*. 1 Uw. 16 J. Ilathbone, March 1 April 16 TU MONTEZUMA. IJuly 16 Sept. 1 100C ton.. ' No*. 16 Jul. 1 A. 11. Lowber,I March 16 May 1 The El'ROPK, i, Aug. 1 HeiK. 16 6 IS tor.a, 'Dec. 1 J?u. 16 E O. Kurb-r, April 1 May 16 The NEW k'Oltlv, (mm > (Aug. 16 Oct. 1 9>i ton i, 'Dec. 16 reb. 1 T. U. <'ropper,l April 16 June I Tha COLL MUL'S, I, Sept I Oct. 16 700 tons, <Jui. I Feb. 16 G. A. Cole, f May 1 June 16 The YORKSIIiKK.(uew) C Sept. 16 Nor. 1 16S0 tuna, {Jau. 16 Mar. I i). G. Bailev.f Man 16 July I. Thee* ships are not surpassed in point of elegance or comfort in their cabin accommodation*, or m their fast tailing qualities by any vessels in the trade. The commander* are well known aa men of charartar and experience, and the airic'.est attention will alwnya be paid to promote tile comfort and convenience ol passenger*. rnnctuality, aa regard* the day of tailing, will be oliaerved na heretofore. The price of passage outward ianow fixed at Seventy-Five Dollar*, for which ample aton-e of every description will laprovided. with tlie wceplion of wines and liquors, which will bo furnished by the steward*, if required. _ Neither th captain or owners ol these ship* will be reapon ible for any letters, parcels or packages sent by them unless regular bills of lading are sigjeJ therefor. For freight or passage, apply to GOODHUF. 6t CO, 64 Sonth at. C, H. MARSHALL. 36 Burling .lip. N. V. iTttf and of BAIUNO. BllOTHfcKH 8t CO.. LShwiI. TAPSGOTTS GENERAL EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. jfiSt ARRANGEMENTS FOR 1(U4. The enbaeriberm hrg to c til the mention of their fri'ud* and the public generally to their superior ariat g ments fo- briiigiig out passenger* fri.m, and renitlirg mouey to s-1 parta of Engl*' d Ir.-lnd, Scotland aud W.tes. |THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS, COMPRISING THE Q'TREN Op THE WEST. UM too* THE SHERIDAN. I000 tons. THE UOCH-.HTEH. !06o tons. THE GAKRICK, 11-00 ions THE HOTTINGITER, 1000 tone. THE KOSCIUK l-'OO tons THE LIVEKPOCL, iliO tons. THE HID DONS, 1000 t 01 Sa.linC from L r- rponl twice evrrr month, and 1'HF. UNITED LINE <iK LIVERPOOL PACKETS, eampin-ed ol itupe-ior, (i at class Amer.csn packets, tailing from Livrpoal f>nr times in etch mouth, r.m the ships in which those whose parage may bvtuigaved w tli the subscribers will come ut in, and it is a well fcffnw n f-ct the above uamed packets are the most in gmfice-.t sh pa afloat aud the frequency of thiir railing, (beingevery live d.i< si pr-veuta the p-ssibilily Ol 1CIDK in-aiwru si uivcrpnoi. I?rgtrless f eipeiiae, in nrdir to meet the want- o' the public aud the wi-hrs of the.r friends, M?. Wm. Tap|i?cott. one of the firm, lite gone to Liveriiool to superint-nd the tie|>ar'are for this country of such persout whose iu?t? m ) lie rngitjeil wiih the suDsrrihrrs, a f. ct. to those acq a in ted with Mr, W. T., is a sufficient guarantee thvl they will r ceive ererv attention from him and be oii>ckly and couitoiubly despatched. Mioaia inov scut lor d-c'i ir ccini- e the passage money will be promptly refund- d, without any dedurti >u?an usual. UamjsUkuces?Those remitting money ran be supplied with drain at ugiu. tor nuv ainouut pavable fr e of Oitconn; or any oUMacuatye, in every principal town in England, Ireland, bsoutnu win Wale* Appty til kJ latter, poat paid,) to w st J. T. TaPBCOTT, 43 Peck alip, iscvr * or*?or to W? WM 'f d PSC.OTT, Liverpool. ?HKAN(J -; via;iM'i S FOR 1814 OLD ESTABLISHED PA8SAOK OFFICE, 1M Pine street, corner of Kuuth. m tik tit TTn^tthaeribej begs leave to call the attention of his Irientls and the public iu general, to the following arrangements for 1144, for the purpose of bringing ont cabin, 2d cabin, and steerage passengers, by the I leg alar Line of Liverpool Packets, sail ing the 1st,bill, II4I1, ICtli tlstaud 20th of every mouth, liy the London I'ack.-fs, to anil 1: m New Vork. the 1st, lath ana ttth?and from L< ndon ou the 7tn. 17th autl 27th ofrach muia In connection with the above and for the pirpo#' rf affoiding ?till greater facilities to passengers, the sob-criber has eatahlisheo a regular lin ol first class New V rk built, COpp- red and cinper lasteued ships, to sail punctually eery week throughout the year For the accommodation of |iersons wishing to remit money to their 1 unities or frieuds, drafts are given, payable at sight, on the following Banks, viz Provincial Bank of Ireland, livable at Cork, Limerick, Cloumel, Londonderry, mils, VV-vford, Belfast, Waterford, Oalway, Armagh, Athlono, Coin-am. Ballina, Tralee, Youghal, K.nuiskillen, Mnnaghan. Banbridg", Bally men a, Parsons town, Dowupatriek, Cavan, Lurgan, OinngV., Dnngannnn, Banrlon, Eoms, Ball yshanno Straoani-. SkiUr.wm, Mallow, Moueymore, Cootchill, Kilrush. Dublin. Scotland?The City Bank of lihugow. England?Messrs. Spouner, Atwood It Co. Bankers, Loudon; K. Murphy Waterloo lload. Liverpool; payable in every town in Ureal Britain. For farther information (if by letter, post paid,) apply to JOSEPH MoMl'Klt A Y, IlKi Pine street, ci rue* ol South, N. Y. Or Messrs. P. W. BYRNES It CO, 36 Waterloo Road, j# 6m?rc Liverpool. TBI' Nk'.W I.INK OS- I.IVk'UPIKII. PACKk'TS 4& jllfe. ToaaT from Ne^yorOUt, uii uo^T^^rpool 6th uf each mouth. From New Verk. L'pool. Ship LI VKRPOOL. llM tons. j \\ 6 J. Eldndne NAu^. 21 Oct. 6 N. .hip QUEEN OK THE WEST, fa?" y 2.1 J tajOtonsF. Wnotftosue \\ I New .hip KOr HEHTEK.ISO tons, \\ ft}.1 ? John Britton SOct'r 21 De?t ( Ship HOTTINUUKR. 1050 ton., J^h'} \ Ira OUiwI/, ) Nov'r II Jau y C These substantial, fast tailing, first class .hip., all bailt in the city of New Vork, are commanded by ineu ol ?perieuee ui ability, and will be dispatched punctually on the 2l.t ot each month. 11-Their cabin* are elrxant aad commodious, and am furnished With whatever Can conduce to the cue and comfort of passengers. Price of (ruucr, $104. . Neither (he ftp turns or owners of these ship, will bo responsible for any parcels or packages ieut by that*, unlets regular hills of lading are signed therefor. Kor freight or pass.igc apply to WOOlWULLk MINTITHNH, 87 Month street. New York, or to FIELD EN, BROTHERS tx. CO.. jl4 ec Lieprponl &$?> M$*> i^v ^^^lEW YOrTTvTiD HAVR^ACKETB. Second Line?The Ships of this line will hereafter lease New York on the 1st, and llarre on the 16th of each month, as follows, vix > From Ntir Yoeu. Knew Havui. New Ship ONEIDA, I Ut March. ( ICth April. Captain t 1st July. < 16lh August. J sines Kctick. 11st Nov-mler. r 10th Decesnbe-. Ship BALTI MORE, I 1st April i 16th May. Cajlaia < 1st August. t loth September Edward Funck. ( 1st December. ( ICth January. Ship VTICA^ v let May. I 16th June. CaMuiu < 1st September < 16th October. * rrnurrick Hewitt. ( 1st January. ( I6lh Felirunry. . NewshipSt. NICHOLAS s 1st Jnue. t 16th July. Captain y 1st October. < 16th November. J- B Pell, f 1st February. ( 16th March. ''The accommodations of tliese thipe are not surpassed, combining all that may tie required for comfort. The price of ca bin is $104. Passengers will be supplied with every re qnisite with the escrptiou ui wiurs and liquors. Moods intended lot these vessels will be lorwarded bv the tub scribers, fr.-e from any other liiau the espouse* nriuilly inciter ad on l)n ra Kur lrc:irh' or passagu, <p|ly to BOVD k HINCKEN, Agents, jrii PC No. 9 Tontiuo building, cor. Wall and Water it MARSEILLES LLNE~OF PA'JKEm~ m M 1 he undermentioned jiupt, will be regularly di .iiiclveU Iroin hence wn til" 1st, and from Marseille* on tl>e V, h of eweb mouth during tlie year a* follows : - from !Ne* York. Marseilles* MINERVA. U|it browu, Dee. 1 keb. i JTKEUCOTT, < apt. Myrirk, Jan. I March S H'KV THOM I'HON.Capt. Sylvester, Feb. I. April i HELLK8TON'T, ( apt. Adams, March 1 Mayi COUIOLANUS, Cnpt. Ilaile, Apr.I 1. Jour i They are. all eoii|*-rvd ,u,d i:op|>rr fastened, and have excellent accommodation* I'm |yixseugrrs. Tim price of cabiu iMsauiP' will be flAt, exclu.iv* of wiuta and Isiuors. (toons addressed to tlie agents, BOYD k HINCKEN, will be forwarued free of otlier charges than those actually paid For I reiant or iMsaade aoplv to LAW Rr.NC K U I'lU.LI'M 1*3 Front street or to BOVD k HINCKEN, Agouti, mJSr N? 9 Tontine Buildings. rOK~NfcW OtiLEAN ?. LOUI8IANNA AND NEW VOttX LINE OK PACKETS m M M m. For tlie better accommodation of sliipiier*. it ii intaitH to despatch a tlup from this port on ths 1st, nh, ISIh, lith, 30th, ana 25th of each month, roiniu nriug the lotli Octolr-r and continuing until May, when regular days wall be appuiutod for tlie remainder of the year, whereby great delays and disappoint merit* will be prevented during the lunnrr months The fol lowing ships will eomtnence tin* arrangement: Hhip YAZOO. Captain Cornell. Ship OCONEE, Captain Jarkonn. Ship MISSISSIPPI. C ii tnin llilliard. Ship LQIT8VILLE, Captain limit Ship 9HAKSPEAH.E, Captain Miner. Ship OABtON. Captain Latham. Ship HlJNTBViLLE, Captain Mnmford. Ship Ot.MULUEf,, Captain Learnt. Ship NASM VILLI., Captain Dickinson. Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford. These ships were all built, in the city of New York, exyrt**Jy for packets, are of light draft of water, have recently been newly coppered and pot in .iplendid order, with accommodations for paireiigwi uneinallial for comfort. They ire runasanded by etoericaced mino rs, who will make every exertion to give general satisfaction. They will at all times be towed np and down the Mississippi by shrmboats. Neither the ow ners or captain* of tlieje ships will lie responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plated ware, or for any letter*, parcel or package, sent by or pot on honrd of thasn, unless regular bills of lading are taken for the same and the value thereon expressed. Far freight or jwsaage. apply to E. K.TlbLLINS k CO , M 8owth at., or Hl/LLIN k WOODRUFF. Agent la N?w who w11I promptly forward all koocL to their addreaa Til ihipa of thu liu? arc warranted to tail pvactually at ad Wtiaed. aad groat care will be takes to bare the gooda correct It <M?1 *4 11 ??? W YC YORK, WEDNESDAY M BOSTON BUSINESS EX PR ESS AND KO 11 LI UN LtTTtlt Ok-Hit. * TH.V antocriber, have mad<i art?t?Muu 10 mil Ki|>ia,a via Hro inaton. to Bo too, lo. lha Iran union o' and the t aae|KntAti u of !^9K3E!>.<'<u!l Park gee, Bana Notre, Urdeia, v.c , at otva HALT THA K.iaMfl HAT K! Qua ol the 6 n? will rnw? each orders aa may be eatmated tohi'n, drli el ihrm in bnatiu in peraou. anil rrtura the auewers aa aoou aa the boats i nn iu New Yoik. Krr ign Letters oiwaided by the Cuumd 4teainere from Boa (on Lettera eon b wr-puid at thia office, for auy part of Urrat Britain or the Comment. PAHKOTT k ? O 28 Wall street, New York, fb lm*rr? tfoston, 10 Oougea itrret DAILY EXPRESS! THt ubacriberi ruu their Fiorass regularly, ] ", erary dry via liouaatnuic Kailroau, (Sunuavs exJ nabyt rained 1 to ai.d from New York, Albany and BulnJBBy alo. and tire iutariurdiate places, for tlie tranapor: - ? M tati'.n of ?|iecie, bauk uotaa, hundlea and pack of gooda, lor collactiug billa, notea, drafte and account!, : With drapatch J from tbia city at 6 o'clock. A. M. arriving in Albany tke aamr eaennig, iu adrauce of the United duu-a Mail. I ft POVIL'I lit' H. I-,1 n 1V.II . r r-^ DRAFTS ON KNOLAND. IRELAND. ^vaUMHI Six.?Prikuui ab'Ut remitting mouey to their , friends ;u the Old Couuirj (u ta supplied ^uyUogM wuli drain in mmi o< ?1, XI, ?3. ?J, ill, ?>0,i.S0,?10U ? 1000 or auy amount, payable od Jcnaud, without dmuun, or any other charge, at the NatiouaiBwili of Ireland Provincial Bk do, Messrs Ja's Bait, Sou It Co., Barkers, L. ndou;J I! tuird It Co , Exchange and Dtacnuni Bank, Liverpool; Eastern bank ol Scotland; <?r-euuc* Bankinx Coin. :n , Sir Win. Korbe., Iluutrr It Co., Scotland; and th-br nchrs in every post town throughout England, Ireland. Scntland anil ?V ties, which drnlts will he forwarded ky villi' r ol the packets of the 21st, a id 26th. or the steamer Caledonia tai inn fiom Boslnu on ti e 1st ol March Apply to W. fc J. T. TAP.-COTT, At their general passage olfi -e, 43 Peck slip, felirc corner ol South street V?,f-fcs?. KO.H HALIFAX ANL) LIVERPOOL. The Royal Mail Steam Ship HIBKR VIA. C. H. E Judkins, Eh|., Coinmandrr, will leare Boston for the above porta on FriI "i^^fcatlay, Much 1st, usxt. Passage to Halifax 20. Passage to Liverpool $120. Apply to D. BR1GHAM, Jr.. H toJSlec _ _ _ ^?- ' Wall street. ttJhA: "Tor" LIVERPOOL?The New Yiue Keiulu Packet 21st Kekia>ry ?The s-perior New York lUms built p icket ship ROCHESTER, Jehu Urn ton, master; 80* tons burthen, will sail as above, her regular day. For rre'ght or passage., having very in.xnui accommodations, apply to uie Captain on Hmrd. at w est side Burling slip, or to WOODHULL It M1NTORN8, 17 Sonth st The snperior packet ship H 'ttiogner, Ira Bnrsley, m.tstrr; IOIiO tons bnrt iee, will succeed the Rochester, and tail ou her regular day, flat March. fn toll "ijjt- Vbh LI V KKI OOL?NfcW LINE.?itegubir AfywPicket of 26lh Febrsary.?The splendid packet ship I JUdHfa'>A K1MCK , C ,pt B i. 11 Trask, oflOM tout, will i tail as above,her tegrlnr day. Fur freight or lussage, having ae' comuiodatioiu uudiuailed for splendor or comfort, apply on hoard, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS Ik CO. Price of passage, $100. Sb Sonth street The packet ship Koscius Cabt. J. Coll ns. of UO" tons, will succeed the Oarriek, and sail the 26th A",arch, her regular day'. Passengers may rely npon the ships of this liur sailing pnntreally as advertised. fl7 NKW LINK OF LIVF.KPOOL PACKKTS? MfVPacket of 21st February?The splendid well known jlKCklh^'vil sailiuc uackvt shin HOCIla Hl'h'.It innn ion. hurth-u, Gapt- John Button, will mil positively as above, tier regular day. she liu accommodation! unsurpassed for the comfort of cabin, t cond Cabin aud tteerige passengers Those wishing to se or' berth* should make early app.icatinn on board, foot ol Uurliug slip, or to \V . It J. I'. fAl'SCO t'T, I'I7 r c S3 Penh slip cor Son in St. Mg- Nc-W LtNn. I'Ainr, IS r'OK Li V r.ut' rUL. sJf#^V?Pack-1 31 t Kerhruar?The splaudid and favorite ^HBNa.'aeka' thin ROCHfciSTK ', 1000 tons buthen, Capt J. Brut >u, will sail O'j Friday, 21st February her vgularday. The ship* of this line are all l?00 tous biirh-n and upwards. Persons abiut to embark 'or the old coontiy, will not fan 'O s e the advantages to be derived from selecting t is line in prefereu e toa.iv other as their grs.t capacity renders ihem every ivay mme oinf liable nud conreuieut than ships of a smaller class a d their accommoia'ions. it is well known, are superior to any others. Those wishing to secure bertha, should uot fail to make early application on board o' to W fc J T. TAPSCGTT At their General Passage Office, S3 Peck blip, corner South street. The Rochester will sail from Liverpool ou tlieS'liot April. Persons wishing m send for their Iriends.enn have them brought out iu this magnificut packet, or any ol i he regalar I in- sailing on 'he 1st, 6th, 11th. 16th, 3l?l and 2(ilh of evei y mouth. Dr lls lor any amount pay?b'r..u damand without dis ottnt, in all ilia p towns ol (i.,gland, livland, Scotland or Wains consUully for sal as above 1 lie Garrick will su ceed the Rochester, aad sail on 36ih Ke'rnsry I lj'.nilrc PACKeJl KuR HAVtih-(Second Line). The Pk S' ip UN K.IDA. James Kujck, in ater, will sal' ou jmoaflb 'If >?t of "arch. For f eight or p.its ig apply to UOVD It illMCKc-N, Mo 9 routine Building, ft re ' nine' W,|i * d Wste sl eets. afg rO >1 AKSc.1 lLc-o?PeCart ol 1st o' .vlarcn? iJjftvTiii illip Hr.Mty THOMPSON, Capt. Sylvester. iHlh For freight or ptiiag-. app'y to LA VimMK, k P iELPS, 1(1 Kiout street, or to ROVD k UINCKKN, Agenu, flJtoMler 9 Tontine Bo.ld ng. cur Wsl nod a ,or ill. m BOOTS AND SHOES. . J| LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.**^"* ALL. WH'lWKAK ill* abov * articles and with to Mr* money. Iisu bet er loieno tun- in il ins a, ti.e f.shiouahi* Boot aud Snne bio'es ?f -S 1' SKCOH, Nos IGi'Srauu CI Clneiwich *trm t, where ali m .y suit ,ti in a ve* witn an article that, lor style < r mace, las.'ioo aud liuiih. cawn.t m ill puaeo or |ieilisps equa l#! lu thutity a. I', 8. begs to a,.pil e in particular those lidiet a>-d gentlemen who CO II ier a well fitting I o or ga-ter au induce liable article 10 the tout tntrmble of all wiliuii the Aran mundt, i li-t i'0>* or CI (i.renwichitrret, are tu? plac iu .ae<r hork tliry can d pend ou b lug >ui ral ih. II ? Ladieear.d M.s.ei Oaiteri, Shoe*. Ice . alwayi oa hand i> endle s variety. Heuieizib.r, IGOX end 111 Greenwich etfet.-AH r IS 3n*? LOOK AT THIS. OKNTLEWKN'S CORK BOLE 0OOT8. the heat of J quality tiMI Do V? arer Proof Boot* do 4 00 Do Littlit Kreurh < -alftkin Boon do- -S3 to i 00 Do India llnb erOversh- en, with leateraolci 1 it ' o Plain Rubber* it Do Dauciug Pumpa 1*0 Do Darning Gaiter* I ?i JJj Do Work-d Slai-iora 1M Andlill other ki..da of B..ota aud Shoe* iu fashion; La.iirs' Gaiter Boon, Buskina, Slippers, Tier, Limited 8h .ee, Prnaelln Sltot-a, whit* and black Bitiu Sl.ppcra. Button 8lio*a, lu lia Rubber Strip luried plain, aud all o her kiuila of Or* Shoes; Clous, Mot cash's, and the greatest at??r ineiil of Boi 'a B' ou a. d shoes; Mum' und Childre..'*, rl' all kind* to be found in the world all of oar own ma uf cttire, a- d the baat of Kraucli good*. aud warranted to be the beet, and it* ch? ?p a* the cltea eat at 367 Brooder y. corter of ranklin at.eet. jM lin'rr f/Rk.GORY It CAtilLL. iC B'oadwar. ^ Of! CATIIEKINE 8 I'K'r.ET?1 het'. the place you B can aare money La tie* wh with to be reonomi cil, fir,.i at the above placr Gninr Boot*, 8b ea, Buakms end Slipp rt.ofv riou? eol >r*, of el.'g nt .hip-* * 4 moat beautiful kuiua, at lb* lowest price* arer off. rea m his city, ?* lol'.iwa Liidi'i' (hit< I Boots, to IU Lo No d to g< Do " Biskiui, ialo ? Do " Supyer*, 3# to *f Strong Leather 'loot* end Sh'ie* i* to 7? Miu>a)Hud i. Inli1 run's in piop'rti'U Also, all a .its of ladiea1, UiUse*' and cliildr-u a India Shoe* and lly.r ih' ea you cm tliiok of che pn> ih n ill* heape.t; ai.-n'i boys' and y uutii a Bouts and Shoe*, etiruirdiuar, cheap. Now.then. I say, come look? von will surely t<y, nud be aatialieu that none ar? better aud uoucso clieup a . nt ft; I:n*m fc DOyVNI", 26 Catherine street. JKCuNOM Y IN B >OTS AND ?HOE?. Economy being the order i f t''e day, the tub nsW rril-er invites the attention of :he public to hi i .r?e .ortiiie ,t i f lioota f u* %l upward*. I'e will sell at the iow |uice ol il M a gooo (aur of ? we > Boors, made in the latest style, md of good calfskin, w ,minted to wear w* 1 of his on 'i iiiaJt**. No ?tinker about thi-m. u a aingie uiai will convince ilie . nrcho*er. He -Iso II on boots of all ?te*cri|>tinn* to order, on the .1.?rl.. .f il- f 11 is- -u I luMiiir truia rwaiiawaii i*. u . cu.u. nr air* ?a!r, whirh he it rn*t>|. d to do by La u.g idnwiai! of th foe , unit tilliiiK up aud Iih-i'Ijii ri. a p.yir ol laata lor each cuxtoiaer. Uims.inJv ou fiau !? ork s I* Wools, fron J* 0# to 7 0? Douole aole Uoote, < IK) 10 # 00 DffU B'loll, 2 0? 11 6 INI Half Boom. 2 2i to I >0 bmi Kh'??, I M in l Ml O > ralwei 70 to 2 'A Siippeia fcr kr atr imlly low irtcre JOHN L. VVAi'KINs ill Fn'.on atie?t. fT Iji'm bet vrru vnoau and Mulf h atnwta. rIMlKM CARRIER PIOF.ONr-Korailr a lot o' frwh iml i oited i'uiMiiit hi imIlull ol lit irk. bill*, don aim white Canirit. w hi r an i |>irii t'ouxra; a uu* it an My of T inab e a, of a I col >1 ai blur U I I Hr d. ; b ark d.i. aiivr.r d" ' Iick Braid* bine Sound .il?rr do; Alinoi.d faultier*; black. blip", o. How aud wbiledo; M ?p auii 'I'uihu U, of all tor kuown Mm Alao, ? qanu'ity of the fur famed Antwerp k'?a O.ia, 10 jnttly en' bratrd or tlieir < ? r,ordinary taiwer of 'tytun long, .uid rrU UHIK In) in ftoui aim.lit llicr- ib'r d >tn in. XL* all and at* diriii, at 9* hr*tlrrei. ftlm**r 11 OhOO.M NO I'll*.?Ail anlicuiin will be made at tl.r pm-rut Sr? louof tb* to (i*1 iinrr ol t . Stair ol "w ? York, or the no corporation ol a t>* rvnl'i t *o i-ly in tlm i|. and a un y of Now y ork, to be ca'l-d "The Noa'i.Varoculinn of ih* r.iu? of Bme?ol*no?. j a if* t*r WKUUINti ANU "VWU I NO .VKU j ?tm.a? a?d rrioted m ihr linn arylr of t i* Art, at .?liic?<i pri ?*, al V.VLk.NTI vy/d, Mo j Bream II .1 * or *r ol Pt k How. Lnvrjo '? II tel. T r" Plraa-'rail an^ r**n?tn* >n?rimra- ire I -rr" for tiik i;n( < >i::; a? jkmi-; r ? v TnK AKFUtrTKD. IIV. KOLLOWINO K Kr.ilfcX vH am dedica.ed to a thririiotc- aa th y air WiII ac lUaiut d with I he ei/tio a of the CAHMINAr* I lA Mr. Brnah, Clr iu the lire ri'ai'a Oliira. Mr mar ia a d Son. H,?rn, U ra Dr Benjamin hatuce/. t.fficM ?#J Rioi'iwAy. Mr. John Krown, l?2 C.ijih in atir. t. Mr ll?or<r Mrrrir, Ml J. t'i .trr t (Jliv-r Hull, l?i olanl-ii L i.e h ? r?S Union flare I'M. I W tleifleid. PJt> i8lh Alao, ihr l. hmrian of nv* Odd Kell.wa Li'irvy, Nat.otil Hall. Mr J Coffin, Comer of Auiliuny at ir' and Hrovlway. Mr. A Hall. Bull' per of the ?ilih W rd llotrl. Mr. Jnlint C S < iih, II Charlton ?tm t. Mr A My m Si.?? M tnufact iry 1.1 Bo wary. Mr P Donnlrtaon, Antnor ol ft c tMrt h\- mat Off ring. For ihr mlo of an iriinit hum* uy w? wonld a inar all ih irr alflirt'd wi.h i imgna. r..uaum|itiOu li'rrooin|i,*i, t or dya|> I* na. o call d the ? ,o?e nain.d wit.oiaea, u.un ak v I a'r inenta the itiM rat ra ia.i'? may be planed Numt'oua e?rtificalei may be nwo al tne CAHMINANTI A DEPOT. f 17 !m*'C I omrr 'rr-nn l? a"? ea.l lea H M? t.Nik. V 1 < > l.i..s u. ABRAHAM J. JA EBON. Pawnbroker, Ne. M R-adr itn*-t. bear Broedwayjomia money ir. largs or amail ma. aa aaav be raq iimd on Wtrrhee, JewrDy. Silaer Waaa, Dry (load*. WaariM ApparH. and paraawd property af rear da (Oipiwd Hi lm?tm . IRE ] ORNING, FEBRUARY 2 AMERICAN HOTEL, PHILADELPHIA. rPHII new house in situated on (h.-stuut strsst, cpposiP' tf<e A Hum llou*e. (Independence Stjuan-,) suJ m die immediate vicinity of nil the fashionable plies of ainnsrmeut and re.urt. It haa been built in the moat thorn u*h manner, t yJ hsJ. Hidgwsy, Esq , >nd conuuis upwards of one hnudrnd rooms, rnny of which arapirlon wi'b bedrooms adjoiuing, sniLabis lor fnmilias, and parties of Indies and seutlemeu It will be furnished throughout, I without reg-jd to expense) with new and sirs ant turuiture of the most approved (vie, and opened for lite reception of the travelling public,on the nisi day of March next. The proprietor* flatter themselves, that their long experience in the busmees. will inab'e them to eoudnct the A men can Hotel, in all its departments, in aneh a manner as will please the most Its'idious, and I oa: an tee to their reest* evory comfort and luxury, that mm found in any Hotel in the United SCtttM. N. B ?Bathing Rooms are attached to the Hotel, where warm and cold water batlia w ill at all times be in readiness. ft?M?EH5?W Jnnnary 15th. U44. jl5 Imrc EXCHANGE HOTEL?BALTIMORE. T7REATUS COLEMAN has this day inksu HENRY K. J-1 JACKSON into purunvahip, and iu future the hrnia will be conducted in the name of COLEMAN h JACKSON. The patronage nf the travv4liug public, and influence of our frieuds, is respectfully solicited, Baitimon. V?hruiirv I. lIUl fi im an HAVANA MANSION HOUSE HOTEL. T'HE undersigned tukrs oeeiuiou to inform hi* friends and th* public, that the Mansion House is now located in Inqu isidor street, No. FT. in the vicinity sf the steamboat landing and vegetable market, having commodious lomily apartments arranged in the neatest older. A person is employed to procure permits to land passenger* baggage, fee. who will board vessels immediately after the visit of the revenue officers. N. B.?Visitors to this Island shoo Id procure * passport fWn the Spanish Consul, at too port of embarkation, to obviate diffieulties and inconvenience. *31 ?m?? WILLIAM FULTON ENGLISH ADVERTISEMENT. T ONDON?ST. KATHARINE'S HOTKL, opposite the f-J gt. Kathanne's Dock Oates, and near the Royal Mint. THOMAS I.ENNEY, late Cowl Stetmird of the British Quaeo Steamship, respectfully informs his friends in the United Stales, that ha has the managemetii of the .-here new sud elegant establish "eot, which isbnilt mid luruished regardless of sanwui, end is in every respect adapted for the nscrpt<ou of families and gentlemen visiting England, iu the hotel frnurs that put of the dock in which the linets and most of the other Ame ricaa vessels lav, sad is with is live mioatee v.alk of the Bank and Royal Flemings. The house will be eoudoct-d on liberal and economical principles The Codec Room is tapplie 1 with the London, American, blast Indian and Colonial papers. The Viands, Wines, fee. are ol the ar*t quad y A good Billiard Room and Warm Baths will be found in the house Gentlemen may eoutroct by the week or mouth for board, fee. on the s to sssnrs those who may honor him with their pattouoge that nothing sha'l be waotiug to render them comfortable, and by atlsution to the wishes of run guests, hopes to merit that ooufiimnee and good will so liberally bestowrd on him when steward of the British Oneen. dUr MERCANTILE LIBRARY, C UNTO If HALL. 2<),OUO VOLUMES i SEVENTY BB11 IdH ?nd AMERICAN PERIODICALS PERSONS not engaged in mercantile jmnuilv in iv become subscribers, on psnneut i f five dollais a yen? bsiug the same terms on which AfsrcAanlvarendniitled. By order. CHAS. M. WHEATLEY, fttm'm Recording Secretary. FOR LITERARY INSTITUTIONS JiNlt PUBLIC AND PRIVATE LIMRAHIES. LIOMER'S ILIAD, in Seven Lauanages. a highly finished IT edition, pnblis'ied at Florence, (Itul.,) GREEK TEX I*. couta-ning a 'itenl Latin translation hy Hayue, aMetrictl Version iu the Latiu language, by Cunich. iu t'-e Itali n by Monti, in the German bvvoss in the English by Pope, in lli* French *<y Aign-n.and in tlie Spanish by Garcia Main. This work cooipris s tweutv-f ur n'int ers, forming two handsome quarto vo'uine*. Each lumber cnn'ai si superb Eng avicg designed by Professor Neneini, from Floirve* '1 he price of each number is $i 50?two numbers to be puV llsheiUnonthlv. _ _ Subscriptions received at Mr. KIUI1 AKI>?' Office. 74 Lispeusrd street, corner of Broadway, orer the New Yore Lycewm ft lm*ec THE CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN BURNS AND CLARINDA. rl,HE whole of the mysterious nod eecre. CorTevpoudeuce i- which took place betw?<it the Piter Humus and th- celebrated L'lariuda, Mi. MrLrnosr., in WIT u> Y>1, a"d which has b"eo sought for m rain by Luunim bain a: d others, fir the purpose of publication, has at Irng h by tl-e deceds- of I' urinda, fallen into the hands of Iter grandson, \V ('. McLeliose, Ksn andisuow firs' given to the wo'ld To til -carious in Burns and Platonics this work wi>l be 'wrticularly r-luhrd, and cannut ftil to stronglr ia'ete*i readeri in g neral.- It >s published in this city and Edinburgh simn't.-n-ously The Amexic?u edition is a neat I2iuo. volume or about . on pages, cloth, gilt?is issued and for tale bv K P H XBV St t.'o. No 1 Ptrk How, eprwvite 'lie A?tor House. Notice* of the Cnrras|nti.d.-oce between Burns aud CianutU, from the British Journals :? "The Letieis to Ulaaiuo* nare long been lelt by the admirers of Bums to ue an important chanter in tkr Poet's Biography."? AtUt. "Se'doia hare ire welcomed e work with warmer feelings .nun the one before as. The |uab ieatum e as due to th* ladv of Burns' deeol-d attachroeut, and the letters throw mocb light on many trails in the wildly devious character of thg Bard"?Kelto Chronicle 'Wherersr the name of Robert Bams is kuown, this book w I > * receired b?th with aridity and ani aty, as being probably c*?e Inst of hi* writings which wi I be given n th. w rid and aa uringing fully tn light s passage iu lit' Poet's Life huh ertn wrapp-4 in amystei/, frnitful of i?inlul suspicions."? Fife Herald. A mvmmiuas chapter, perhaps the last that remains to be nnfulded in the present hisut V of nur gteal Nation il Bard bus just b-en op*ned by a descendant ot one wh.. has been made immortal by tier counniou with genius -Kilusrnscl Journal "This rolumr is iurmted with an ae umulation of attractions, we hare not lee disappointed, high as our anticipations wcte. The character of Bums is hen- more fully der-lu e I to us than forire ly, and the strange mystery which hung aniand die intercourse of ' la'in da and Bums, is, we tiiiiih. leuafaccori'y cleared up "?Scotiman ' Some ol our most delightful episto'ary I iter-tare has been Ereduced by poets?and to Pop s'suti (biwper's letters may now r ad <ed that of Bums Brighton Herald. "This is indeed one of the eurioeiii-t of literature, sod may well be said to sanply a new cb?|H-r in the Life of Scotland's iinmnruj t'oet ft liehnve-every tdrairrr of th- sulhnr i.f The trotter's Saturday Night, to provide himself with a ropy Cheltenham Journal jtt lta*m PALMCStLATEjeONCKHT fivD CCKKICfc ROOMS K'?It R4LR CORNER OF BRO.IMVJiY JiNO CIUUUER ST. nniK K1X TURKS. S I Ot.K /?M) OOODWlLL of this k iinm.r a t business, <h* rn s' Dium u-sti dbvatetvori a New York, corner of''namher it eet nu Br n way, to bedsposed of Aoply ou the premiss*, af-er i* o'i lock A. M. Ike causs of disposal is the pcopurio' bei g obliged t > rWars to Kugisud f IT l?'re MONTHLY KBPOH.1 OK Tilt. N"W YORK MEDICAL AND SUKGICAL INSTITUTE, No ?S Chambers street CABKB SWCCr.UHIfi t.Lv I'RKATk D. 2 Secoodiry Syphilis I i-tt irnmsti >u of the Eyes I Scrotals S Whiles ?l 4?'eei 4 Convtipatiou 6 t'hancra 1 Croup 10 Oonorrhea I Itin a cd kidaesrs ? R?,?eK.t , i u.......... 3 ^4|ipiHiiOBi>r tba Meow 1 !? >iltCT I Kin dial 3 Rh amstiset 1 Diarrhoea 1 liimia of ikr llait I Dyaetiiery 2 Mrdw.lery I H>adtch? tl hit nliy in iiuiici Wa 1 Typhas Perer tee I f earisy 1 ft-miaal Wi>Rimm t Pilm 4 Esarainait n uf the Chcal kCoafhiaf l? dete. t < 9IIROIC A I, OPK.KAI IO\9 4 B\d Stn turn cnren with I Diteurof lli*9;<inr ont cu tij| or b irniof 1 i surer on u* Brrest r? 3 I .tlsmed Inti'laa ia .red 3 (tabors cured by ui imprnr- 1 Hemorrhoidal Tumors re ed me hod i need 1 Hydrocele 1 D.s'ncatinn of Sh-iaidm 1 Kia'n t in Ana J tint 3 Pol pus ia tn* Nose renaoT- Jllr rahoui fir Srjuiurinn ad I 1 i eated Testicle remoeeil t Ulcer itcd Breast 3 Sural' Tnmuri minor ad I Predate fftit the f?ee 1 Crnm of SlabhiNt attended It'i-i'ie at to I RK ding from 'he I.nuns The poor at'ended to arithost charge eeery d y, be.ween threw eud four o'clock. nu. II BOSTWIC*. f4 Jw *? Attradi k "ire- ? ? <1 WrvKtow. okniiink tkas, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. THK CANTON T K A COMPANY, I'liru ipnl Slarr, I '21 Cha> hum t trrtl. Nrw York Branch Birr p. lit Hlrirkpr it Af P. Afrnry at lift h'nltnn t/crf, Hrnokyn At to, comer oj htain and fen /fwunrn it, I'ateriim, N. J.\ INVITE THE ATT E.N I ION OK t-ITY AND COON. 1 TllV f .mil.en and |?irrhw< t<> (heir see era1 niaMiih moots, wher- thev think will he found bv fa 'he he?f ?e. lectioo of pom sad auadn tented I". in the U.nt-d State*. Th? an ivereal pntt'ilnrily an<l renown ctl ilieir honae, wuh reference u> high .pi lilies *0 > prtees u.H up nrht ties I iu?, it too reel anJeratno.l to render fnriher comment nee?*?*ry. Origm.-.l MM Oaly w .mhoas' f Ii???lenf Hn ?<|na'a Blarl Tea Ohreree?Stranarrawill '" parties art" remember the num t>nf of the principal atom in I 'halhe 11 stnwt.r is: " R I," b'tteneu Penrl end Kooteenlt < I reels The pa hi ic wilaHobr pleaded to take n.tfiee, the' the Can ton Tea ( rontpsnv norhiftK to il<> with r.ov ? ih?* ?mr?? whaUfW, nc?fH thou** W.rihfn( ?r 'hf'opnf rhn Aj.rrtii^ mmt '' '"'*** UMBRELLA* S L E E PER, 0 It O T IIE It S , NO (*< M \ M Kk.T SfTRKKI III I\ UK P I! A. AN II' IP\TINli ihe r? > i? I nf ha?iwa h.e in r.waed tl> if .luck il n-iiUritc >iriM? t i m. * < ,t? to rn il f,.e treitr.l ea a > i.lim 'a n ih- aloha i?n ' I* "n pin* 4ui>|> w it' nay <|"? li'v nil ?| ill* v ?-f '.VIBltKL L \ S P tII\S U.a \ ,o 311 N 111 ilrfcrt. loclol.u (Im let# Pimm., atyle Bmil ilnfrm ned no*. In .iieeamh nlh-pr?n 1 un mm. petitio I.lh'ir * > J? * e nfeivd .1 t ie tow ?i r .rliir .hi nlv i|e? oil the r??l coa i while r. inill'i I ? i n al'rt? intf iduee imprny lamia in ?iy e, in.triul ind wo-li ? ?hi he ifrk will , I \ y% emit rta* he f thi nalle ml lit nwiniife in .-ml |Andi in 'h' " nk t f 11 ?" FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWER*. Arc 'J'HK .'ib.cribo he.e ia. no i?? i. ml te urirola I om A Ileum end k.wi e >ust.. f' v on Imi.d co uplet* uo.otlmrot hr-iith Ar ifici il kkwi-r. M .Uriels ii' ill kin tin K'lowara Feeders, II lit Qh.tiMi|<, sol Miili?arv ?ilirl.-a?for e'ehy IIKNilV 4 I, N |m| rte.t fHam'rre I :h r*v if - u it.ire. QUIt LB AND > i y. KL ii. ii hi II mi ifu.i , t llin* ul at irri low I.rie ?. dtalnaeu i rniiiiimeri n etild do well to cnil bef ire tmrrluuiuK eieew iH-n* A'an, a lam ismrtiaeut of Html IVut m???rieiein) by IVrry, li lloft >iJ Vine ell. ell of which will h mid ??r low. ?i ' nr wlin i-nle or r?teil, *. the snbacnher wi.kea ! < tear I lie hiKinean I In, sjirinc A MeXKli IINIK tjmll viHnufa.taref, f?l loi*oi VA Peerl street. REGULATE YOUR BAKER'S BILLS. T'.lh. SI'H-il Klo K hi* o em il i .1 re t n.. St Ntnen liv for the ?>le f i? n Wheat Ij * i I ( on end Alan, Piea oi l I'.ake. of el' hi da K>m ,i?. srved el liieir dwelli*a with I)rend in* an I IV Cike. Ciliieut ?au?r lly w II nn I ihu a if irab'e pi ?e? for lanc'i? An* fl Itored llot offee ( t .r e cut.. I'a, ul all k.edi el liirei cents a pla e; C.kaa dn-dweiies %e ka All articles ere made ap u idsr h a i?rie ml enp rTi-ioa end he i>lel*aa himself that the twist a Jeriala -n P he ua-d the aar hatafea. el NO. I II ALKY. Atilmkea HERA 1, 1844. EXTRAORblNARY AS I) SPECIAL EX- . PRESS OYER LAND [J VERY LATE AND IMPORTANT I" FROM EUROPE. ' o Another Rise in the Price of Cotton. GREAT EXCITEHENT \\ THE MARKET. a Two Hundred and Fifty Thou- t sand Bales of Cotton sold h in Liverpool in three weeks. ? fitata 'EViolo in T nol/in A M/wwvv A A AUIO HI AA VlUllUa 1 Pun and Fears of the Repealers. . p ARRIVAL Ot THE STEAM SHIP o HIBERNIA AT BOSTON. J Tlie steam ship Iiihernia arrived at Boston early [! Monday morning, with papers from Liverpool and M o London to the 4th inst. n Our Special llxpress immediately started, and u reached our office between four and live o'clock S yesterday morning. J. Tiffs extraordinary express came all the way t*y M land, by horses, ridi-.g day and night. Its enormousexpense can therefore be easily imagined. ' ] * ? , hi In .a commercial point of view, the news is tf ci the highest importance. Cotton had gone up full ^ 4d since our last accounts, w ith tremendous sales, ci Two hundred and fifty thousand bales had been sold in three weeks. e: The State Trials had gone through seventeen |J( days, and euch day was a perfect farce. in Parliament had met. We give the Queeu a hi Speech. Nothing done. in The London papers in the Last India interest j." have all uttacked the cotton speculators, most violently too. pr The Hibernia brought eighty-six passengers.? She brings both Liverpool and London papers to m the 4lh inst.?her day of sailing. Packet ship Siddons arrived out Ifith ult. ; Co- tli luinbus, 28th; Ashburton, 29ili; and Stephen | ......V, , ... ,y The Queen lias been pleased to approve (if Al bert Davy, us consul at Leeds, and Thomas Ma- w guire, as Consul at Glasgow, for the United States of America. ci Openino ok Parliament?Qlkkn's Spkech? ti llousit op Lokds, Feb. 1.?The doors of the House h of Lords were opened at twelve o'clock for tlie ad- it mission of those who had tickets from the Loid it Chamberlain. The body of the House was soon w afterwards filled by the peeresses and other ladies o having the privilege of ine nitric, who occupied all ei the back benches on both sides of the House. At t> two o'clock ilie firing of the Park guns, and the tl flourish of trumpets, announced the arrival ot her It Majesty, and five minutes afterwards the royal pro- < cession entered the House in the usual order, pre- tl ceded by the heralds in their tabards; the Duke of ? lluccleuch bore the Crown, and the lluke of Wei- It lington the Sword of State. Her Majesty, who 1 leant upon the arm of Prince Albert, looked ex- |> tremely well. Her Majesty's train was borne by a the Duchess of lluccleuch, the Mistress of the d Robes, assisted by other Ladies of the Household, g Her Majesty took Iter seat on the Throne. The o Duiui of Wellington, bearing the Sword of State, IV stood immediately on her Majesty's lelt hand, ii Hi9 Royal Highneas's chair was placed on the first tl step of the Throne. t? II... A/t . ....... I. .. #1 VA.I .11 . .,? I.a ... .. . ?d, directed tho Usher of the Muck Hod to suin- u mon the House of Commons to the bur. The ?| Soenker, attended by several Member* of the t< House of Commons, shortly afterwards made liLs p appearance, when her Majesty, in a dear and tli?- a tinct tone of voice, read the speech, which was t handed to her by the Lord Chancellor wttli the t usual ceremonies, as follows:? a The Queen'a Speech Mv Loans **n Gentians*, h It a/Tarda me (Treat aotinluction again to moot j nu in Par- " Lament, and to nave the opportunity of protiUng by your tl assistance and advice. v I entertain a confident hope that the general peace 10 ii liecna?ary for the happinem h4 proapt nty ol nil nations j', will continue uninterrupted ,] My friendly relation) with the King ol the French, and . the good understanding happily evtahlishcd between my Government and that ol hia .?!aje ty, with the continued ' aainrancea of the p*B8*fc) und IWHkll di-positiou) ol all Princes und Statca, wlf me in this expectation I I have directed that the treaty which I have concluded It with the Kmpt ror of China shall lie laid tmfuru yuu. and I tl rejoice to think that it will, in ita reenlu, prove highly j, advantageous to the trade ol this country. N Throughout the whole course ol my negociationa with ,i the Oovernment of China, I have uniformly disclaimed the wiah tor any exclusive advantages. It tiaa la-en my deaire that equal lavor ihnuld t.e stiown ' to the industry and commercial ent'-rprixc of all nation). J The hostilities which took place during the pant year t in ttinde, have led to tho annexation oi a ronaidet atdr i Enrtian of that country to the Bntiah possessions in the , ut j In all the military operation) and especially in the batilex of Meenee and llydorahad, the constancy and valor of the troop), native and Kuropcan, and the xkiil and gal- ' an try of their distinguished? oinmantler have been mo^t i OBI picuoua 1 I have directed that additional informntiou explanatory ( ol the transaction) in Sinde, shall he forthwith communl . eated to you. ! OcNTI.ratxt) ??" THr lloiif ov Coxiaos) : The catimetea for the ensuing year will he' lr laid before yon. They have been prepared vi itli a sti i t ' j regard to economy, aud at the same time with due con- ' Liberation ol those exigence) of tho public service w hich ' are counectod with the maintenance of our BMTttlBM ' strength, and the multiplied demands on the Naval ant l Military K.<tahlii,hmieita t orn the vanoie pBttl of B widely . extended Kmpire | Mr l.ores *nd (hitmmm . I congratulate yon on the improved condition rf m , prat important bronchos of tin: trade unit in in'.'lncturi of tin country. I tnut that thp increased demand for labor lint relieved, in a corresponding degree, many clasnes of my Nithfui subjects (man su^rings and privations, which, at forrnrr period*. I have had occasion to deplore. . For several successive ) ear* the annual pro luce of the ' lleveuue tell abort of the I'utdir Kupchdltiire I confidently truvt that in the pet cut > t-iir the public income will be amply aufficient to defray the charge* upon it. I foal awured that in Considering nil motlrrs conncctivl with the financial >.oncemi of the country, you will l oar in mind the consequences of accumulating debt during the time of imace, Jo I th rt yo<l|wi!l firmly resolve to ujmold that public creilrt, the maintenance ol ? Inch conCerua equally the perinannut interests and lb.: honor md reputation or a great Countiy. In the course of the present year tin'opportunity will occur ol' giving notice to the Bunk of f'.ngland on the subject of tlie ceviaiun ef it* Charter. It may be advisable that during thin sen-ion of Parliament, arid prev lously to the amval ol Ibe period assigned for the giving ol such notice, the atate of the law with regard to the privileges of the Hank of K.ngiand aud toother banking establishments, should he brought under your consideration. At the clone of the last teas ion of Parliament ! declared to you my firm determination lo maintain inviolate the legislative union between (In at llriialu and Ireland. I expressed at the same time iny earnest desire to cooperate with Parliament in the adoption of all such measure* a* might tend to improve the social < nnditiun ol In land, and to (levalope the natural ryeo.irccs of that part < f the United Kingdom I ant resolved to act in strict conformity with tliii di clairatioii. I forbear from observations on evntits in Ireland n respeot to which proceed!tigs are pending before the proper legal tribunal. My attention has born directed to the state of the law and practice with regard to the occupation ol land lu Ire land I hi?ve deemed it advisable to institute extensive local inquiries into n subject of so much importance, .in I have appointed a Commission with ample authority 'o con luct the requisite investigation I recommend to your early consideration the enact meats at present in torce in Ireland concerning the reg ?tibiior.ul voters tor .Memtmrs of Parliament Yon w'illprobably find that u revision of the of Registration, taken in conjunction u itb other causes it prr sent in operation, would produce a material diminution t>f the number of county voters it may be advisable on that account to consider the sla'c of Ibe law , with a view to an extension of the county fi ancliitr in Ireland. I commit to your deliberate consideration the various Important questions of public policy which will necessarily come under your review, with lull confidence In your 1 loyalty and wis-lorn and with an enraaat prayer to Al- I mighty Ood to direot and favor your effort* to promote | the welfara ( all claa*oa o( my fray In, LD. ***!? two ctnua Tiik Ani'RESs?The I lot! ? of Lords resumed at v<- o'clock, when Her Majesty's Speech win read 1 the usual manner. Lord ki.dou, in moving the Addre>e, ahly rtcaitulated and commented on the different topics ia ie Speeeh. Tin- motion was briefly seconded by Lord hill. The Murquis of Normamo. made so?ie remark* n the present state of Ireland, The ft'oble Mar* nis]alluded to the Hcval Commission, and said rat he would inueh rutner Uotfeiunient had ifornied themselves on the points in which alterauinu were necessary in the relations of landlord nd tenant, and brought in a Hill on t-?*ir own reponsibihty, tlian that thry had referred the matter u a L'ommi",ion. On th? nth-r topics in the Speech ie was nut then inclined loi ni. r; hut he ((included y stating that he would probably g've notice of a (lotion on the state of lielund for Hie 13th of this lonth. Lord Boi'oham cxpr*e: ed his satisfaction at an iHdraas winch consist< (' entio'v of congratulations, le never before reineniheu d time in which every uarter of the world was clear?no one purt of the olitienl horizon was obscured. lurigardto the rials in Ireland lie would i.< i hy]?otb<".ic ally anticiate their everit, or any question which might arise ut of that event. There no doubt that if (_iovrntnent was not sufficiently armed to presetve the eace of the realm, Parliament would discharge it a uty and give the ruanioite powers. The only quesion would be as lo the fact ot the necessity. lie onceived, however, that a policy rf conciliation tas the most lo he dc.-ired. 1 lis Loidship a| proved f the Jloyal Conimiseion, which, however, was a latter of great delicacy, u?d required lo he execuid with great regard to th- rights of private pro?rty. Jn allusion to the passage in the Jloyal I eech respecting the relations with France, the oble Lord pronounced a glowing eulogy on M. uizot, "the ahle, honest, and virtuous French [mister of Foreign Affair-;" and bitterly denonnel the enemies ot that Minister, w ho were seeking i excite the people of France, or rather of Paris, y keeping alive the llame of hoeiility towards ngland The Noble Lotd then turned to Atncrii,and addressed a remonsirance to those whom he died his clients of the United States, on ilie duty F supporting the character and credit of their inntry. The Marquis of Clankicarm said that he did ut offer uny opposition to any loj ic in the Speech rcept that of Ireland. On other |>oint6 the Speech as so discreetly worded that no objection could ? made to it. In regard !< Ireland, he was disnatfied willi the language employed as to prospective leaaures. He learned from ilie speeches lie had .'ard that Oovernment had in contemplation no leasurc for the good of Ireland this session. The ily measure they pointed at related to the elective uiichisc?an important subject certainly?but wee lis a measure for increasing the resources and imoving the condition of the countryl Lord Campkki.i. complained that the Speech held it no prospect of any measure for the iinpioveenl of the law. After a few words from the Lord Cuamcelixib, ie Addreaa was agreed to The Hnu.-c ol Commons began its proceedings at ,ilf past six, with the usual reading ol ller MujesS|K.-ech. Lord Cwve moved the Address, and Mr. Caudeli. seconded lhe motion Mr. Hume said that, though iie had never heard less objectionable Address, lie could not entirely oncur with the last speaker in hi* glowing descripon of the state of the country. He admitted, owever, that there was a gratifying prospect of nprovement. He objected to the practice of votig the Address 111 answer to the lloyal .S|>ecch ithout sufficient time to consider of it?s day uglit to be allowed for that purpose. He rx pre nail this satisfaction at the prospect ol peace beveren Kngland and France, and was pleased to link that the course taken by Her Majesty, in 'arlcsslv visiting that country, must have iendd to bring about a better understanding between ieni. lie spoke with satisfaction ol the treaty . ilh China, and |?ointcd out the Chinese tariff as a :sson to this country in sound political economy, n regard to Scinde, lie disapprove so much ol the roceedings of Government, that he had prepared n amendment cn thut topic : but it bad Deen renered unnecessary by thtfcnotice which had been iven of a motion on tin- subject. On the subject I the Corn Laws, Mr. Hume hlnuied the Prime linisler for having allowed the country to remain i 'toul>t reflecting hIB views, lie then defended te Anti-Corn Law League, ami proceeded to con;nd for financial economy, decrease of taxation, ltd free trade ; and stated that he had an umendlcnt to prop<?se to the eleventh paragraph ol the peeeh. It was to the eflcct thut Her Majesty's atrnlion ought to be called 10 the necessity of re,1... I...... . r\ .iid provision*, and all those restrictive and prohtbiorv laws which give monopolies to certain classes o the detriment ot the rest. This amendment he ccordingly moved. I.ord John Kt'ssru. began by saying, tliat il the ineridment of the member tor Kochdule wus meant s a mere declaration of the right of the majority of he House to stop the supplies, such a declination as totally unnecessary : and ti it was meant as an itimation that the aupjilies. necessary not merely >r the purposes of the crown, hut lor maintaining lie honor and safety of the country, were to be lopped by un obstructive minority, lie must oppose direct resistance to such u pritieijde. (Cheers.) Vitli regard to the speech anil address, the noble ord said he was glad to find that the topica it melted upon, and the manner, in which they were eated, met his concurrence, so us to enable htm > vote for the address as originally moved On the uhject of In land, the noble land said, that though lie manner in which that topic was treated in the pcech, i>recluded him front entering into it ; yet ic felt it necessary to say a few words on the subeel. 1 quite a?rec, (said the noble Lord.) that vhi!-- the tii ils are ja tuhir; ! .. n- ed ...! 'r;huial in that country, it would he impossible, with a roper regard to the proceedings in that Court of IuMice, to discuss certain topics one way or the ither, w ithout involving (lie conduct i f persons who low appear to defend their iniidmt In fore the lodge*. (Hear, henr.) Hut 1 wi.-h <>w,mo-t de'idrdly and pointedly, while Ht>i.m-.'i r In in any liscutvion upon the affairs ni Ireland, iu preclude iny supposition that I eilher r<vr my approbation i> (lie conduct whic hhas beet, pursued by tin* RotH 'ruiin nt? (cheer* Ironi the opposition bench':*)? r to the unfortunate proceeding* which have 0+;urted in Ireland?any eup[>o ilion that 1 am at all alistied with the ir.cuM,ro* which the Crown b??i low under* -ken. or m propo?o"? i>mii "m-.h.iIi . ferenre to tllC Calamiton* and im .1 rt^te >1 that country, (t'heera > Unit 'h :! v wo,', I will at once <|iiit that subject (fl< \) I with, tcwcvi r, to *iy, a* nty KirM II. i>. li ml reminds ne, that hiving Riven notice , I a ,11 upon the f. hole -i tf ot Ireland, 111 w hi* It 1 intend to ask the 1 Ioiim: to R'> into Committer upon that subject. I 1 tean to bring on that motion, subject only <0 the [opposition, which I think will lie allowed to he a orrrrt one, that the trials now proceeding in Ire. and v, ill be < 'included by I li; 1 time. (Ileal, bear ) I not, 1 ahull u*k the House to Rive me, on some it111 & day, that precedence w Inch I have now chained for the day for which the notice M.i:.d< ? Villi r< Raid to China, the noble Lord said that he vas rIuiI to find It now made a subject < f court*! il ition thai Ihislund had 110,. ti 11111,the tuni of !i?- late government, submitted to the nflronf.* mid njurien which tlie Empcmr of ( tuna would have "it upon this country and hi t iw reliant.*. I am find, Raid thr noble lord, wo did m t submit to lit- ignominy of having IWiii.h Mih.ei I ronfittpd iti <ri*on on trie nuthoritv < t a foreign State, and hreutened witli death if they did not i gro<- to rerun peremptory terms; I ill ilml we did vindicate !!riu*!i honor; and I am ghid that the result,so lar ri'tti bring ao calamitous a- it wus then thought it would tarn out, that from the Chinese government having reason to he > ncouragcd, a# it was si) they were encourr. d, in their resistance 0 our iu>t demands, llio?e d mauds liuve hoen en'urced, end hy the naval and iiutil.ity ekill of our itv.dand militai) eonirtinnileiH in that country, itid (lie diplomatic "kill id >ir II I'nttiuger, acting jpon the iiistruetions of in) noble Inend.the memier from Tiverton, we ltav< nl.t lined terms wliteh, o l.<r from being dialionor.d le, have given ua iojm-s < I advantage# greater tli in we have ever yet uioyi d in our intercourse wuli that country.?, hear.( After defending the foreign (ailicy 1 tin late government, the nohle Lord proceeded o done -iticafl'iira.andexpre-ied much gratification d the revival of employ mint, and the improvement n the condition of the people. II, said the noble aoid,we come to the caw es of those improvements, 10 doubt one of. the greatest W iis t|)f. harvest of last ear and of the year before. (Hear, hear ) I iave made particular enquiry w itli trspei t to the ef? eel of the harvest among*! the po< r With re?>eet to the price of fowl and the effect to some H)or families of w hom 1 made inauiry, I was told >y*one that the price of bread this year was to hem n saving of a shilling every week in the ronmmption of the family; and il we tnulnpjy th? number of families who must be in that condition, we see that there miui be a saving in the article of Food to the amount of jK7,UU0.000or CM,000,OIK)sterling, to be devoted to the porehaso of articles of cio'hing or othsrgoodsof which the poor uien stands in 0

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