Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 21, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 21, 1844 Page 3
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The (Jrand, Fashionable. Fovrierite, Metropolitan, Free-and-Eur, Joint-Stock Fancy Bill st Miis gmoggini'. A FANCY IK1TCH. The highly fashionable boarding house, ov?r whose affairs the accomplished Mies Smugginspresides with unequalled tact and digaity, was the scene of the greatest confusion and excitement for a fortnight previous to yesterday. A grand freeand-easy Fancy Hall, under the management of some half dozen old bloods and young bankers' olerks, was on the tapii, and in effecting the necessary arrangements, the whole house was necessarily thrown into considerable disorder. It was, however, submitted to with the greatest possible good nature by the "hoarders," amongst whom are some of the very sweetest, nicest, most fashionable, most good-natured, and affectionate ladies in the city ; and amongst the gentlemen, several who are probably unsurpassed any where for the luxuriance of tln-ir nwtutnshr ?nd the fertility of their resources for effecting that beautiful and vary philosophical process, denominated "raising the wind." The "boarders," then, without a murmur, ate in the basement and kitchen, slept three in a bed in the garret rooms, and submitted to a thousand inconveniences rather than hinder in the slightest degree the progress of the magnificent, judicious, everysort-oi-shift preparations for the grand "free and easy"joint stock Fancy Ball. The whole of the second floor was thrown cpen, consisting of the dining room, Mrs. Green's bedroom, Dr. Epsom's apartment, and the two closets occupied by Mr. Seedy and Count Blowmynoseofl. Nothing could have been more brilliant than the root entttnble of this elegant suite of rooms just before the company began to arrive. Five Astral lamps with only two broken shades amongst them, had been borrowed for the occasion, and in addition to the three belonging to the house, half a dozen of Jodd's best sperm candles on the mantel preces, and six very neat tin "sconces" nailed up between the folding doors, illuminated the apartments with a brilliancy far exceeding that of the noon-day sun. The decorations were remnrkably unique and tasty. Tissue paper of all the colors of the rainbow had been cut into fantastic shapes and hung suspended from the ceiling in graceful festoons. The carpets hud been taken up, all the old tacks carefully nailed down, and after a tremendous expenditure of soap and water, the floors had, under the superintendence of Miss Molly O'Flanagan, assumed a really clean appearance, and did not indeed look at all like boarding-house floors.? A very liberal supply of lemonade and any quantity oi delicious "dough nuts" and giuger bread,were placed on one of the large kitchen tables which had been transferred to the lobby. - In the huiry and bustle before the bullcommencsd, a number of children, ostensibly belonging to some of the boarders, made a sortie on the gingerbread, but were fortunately repulsed by Count Blowmynoseoff, who was then on his way from the kitchen with a shirt collar and wristbands, which Sally, one oi the chambermaids, had kindly washed for him that afternoon. rr'L . 1 ? tlifAurn 1 lie Ifliru ttUU U/Ullil uuuio nuc ??ov uuvnii open;" and the attic suite of apartments, three in number, and usually tenanted by the goddesses of the spit and broom, were fitted up as dressing rooms. Altogether the "arrangements" were in admirable style, Miss Smuggins declared that every thing looked charming. Mrs. Green said the same, and so did Mrs. Blown, and so did Mrs. Howl, and so did Mrs. Splutter, und so did Mrs. Everybody, and all assured Miss Smuggins that she would positively "astonish the Browns." Miss Smuggins and all the lady boarders were now dressed and waiting up stairs in the attic, in a dreadful state of nervous excitement. Thev were all in a perfect flutter. Mr. Twitcher, Count Blowmynoseoff, Mr. Greens, and Mr. Diddler, the fashionable bank clerk, who had been particularly interested in getting up the ball, were also a little fidgetty. Like generals on the eve of a decisive battle, they were uneasy 'till / they saw how the tiling went off. At length the company began to arrive, and in~ very short time, the rooms on the second floor were all a perfect jam. Such a motley crowd and such a various gathering has never been seen in this city since the celebrated O'Dogherty Fancy Ball, in 1840. All New York was there ; that is, -n .L- J:?.:__.: .I i r..ku>?u.. ?r ,i.? Jill liic uiBiiufjuisucu laaiiiuuuuicD ui iuv juvociii refined, elegant, moral respectable rigime. Accomplished dry goods clerks and druggists?genteel barbers and bakers?elegant bar-keepers and button-inaker?7-charniing warehousemen and watchstufiers?refined tobacconists and tailors?polite shoemakers and shirt-venders were there ; but the ereatest portion of the males consisted of elegant men about town, who follow the highly fashionable profession ot living by their wits. The ladies presented an equally agreeable and fashionable diversity of sociul condition. Division street, the Ilowery, Waverly Place, and llroadway were all represented. Every caste and every style of beauty, from the saucy soubretle of the east end, to the dignified lady of a retired green-grocer up town, were there. It wus a charming, republican, interesting, amusing, philosophical admixture of youth ana wrinkles, nature and art, verdancy and cuteness, down-town and up-town?all seasoned and spiced with a profusion of New York morality, decency, virtue and refinement. Such a crowd! Turks. Spaniards. Greeks, Indians, Chinese, Irish, Swiss girls and Jersey girls, queens, princesses, peasants, loafers, brigands, nuns, ballet-girls, gypsies, all sorts of characters which the wardrobes of the Chatham, Olympic and I'ark, and ttwe warehouses of Chatham street could furnish. The rooms were so small that the most amusing scenes occurred in consequence of the pressure. One fat, red-haired woman of forty, who appeared as Queen Victoria, was crushed almost to death in a corner, where she was driven by an Indian chief, and a fellow who uppeared in the very appropriate character of a jackass. Her majesty, after vainly struggling to escape, at last went into hysterics, and was earned oft in the arms of the jackass, who emptied a tumbler of lemonade in her face, effectually washing off' the chalk and red paint, and sending her majesty shrieking to one oi the rooms up st.iirs, when she again fell into the arms of Mr. Diddler, who personated a pickpocket, and who was just then embracing a tall thin lady, dressed as Queen Esther Mr. Diddler immediately disappeared, leaving the rival queens to arrange their regal robes, and recover their majestic dignity as thev could. There was evidently no squeamish?no affected?no mock modesty amongst the ladies. Most of them made a most liberal display of their personal charms?snowy necks?swelling busts?white round arms?divinely chiselled ankles?and limbs of faultless symmetry, were seen in all their naked loveliness, or hitlf-concealed by the fascinating drapery of the thinnest guaze. And the ir conduct was '?._iii. 1:1 1 ?i i ..?i.:_?i., I,.,., l..?. rmwiiy uucrui anu ucniiuiin^iT nvm ???"?vi; , of each it might liave been satd? " Favor* to alt?to nil she iraile* extends, Not once reject*??o never once ofl'end*." They bore the crushing and the crowding with charming good nature, and altogether exhibited to the fullest perfection, that delightful nban/lon which a Fancy Hull is so pre-eminently calculated, and indeed intended to encourage. They wultzed? and flirted?and hung upon their partners' arms? j with delicious looseness, and the little episodes which occurred in the " lounging looms"?in the lobbies?and in the more' retireu corners of the grand suite of room?, would have been worthy of the pencil of Kngene Sue. "That horrid man presses against me so !" murmured a pretty |?easant girl. " Pshaw, child, how green you are !" exclaimed a tall stout woman, dressed as an Amuzon. "Really, sir, yon annoy me." " Divine creature, allow me"? " My husband is always at home at that hour" " Mary, won't you speak to me 7 Don't you know me 7 I'm your T lisped a stout iittle mail, dressed as a brigand, who was following a euspiciousty tall peasant girl. "The deuce you are!" exclaimed the peasant girl, in a rough, hoarse voice, revealing at once her real sex, and convulsing the crowd around with laughter. "To-morrow, then, my dearest" " Do keep your hands off me, air"? " What a bust!" " Will your Majesty accept my hand 7"? " Sweet nun smile upon your slave"? " Come now, Jack, tell me where ahe is ' Corns hither: Ah. you precious pander ! villain, Where i? the lady V? " Cond lady, hear me with patience, and"? "Tell me, who is that voluptuous creature dressed as Queen Mab r' "THE FEAST < "Oil! he, he, that is old mother"? " Hush, 1 see that Turk coming"? " Why. my eyes, Jim, that ere gal is one of"? i." Oh ! look there, what a woman?what a tons neurc !" said an old, withered votary of pleasure, dressed as Romeo. " What, do you mean the Gitana 1" "No, no?the delicious creature?the Milliner"? The Milliner. " Oil! I know her?that's Caroline"? " What 1 from Mrs. IS 'a 1" " Yes." " Lovely creature !"? ' Other women Cloy th" appetite* they feed, but she makes hungry Where most she satieties !" " Let's follow her!" Such are specimens of the conversation in the room ; but the bustle?tke buzz?the glances?the soucezing?the crushing?the whirl?the freedom of manner and gesture are indescribable. It is time that we should give some of the principal ntnies and characters:? Mr*. W a* Queen Mab Mr*. K a* an Indian Maiden Mr*. H a* Joan of Arc Mr*. O a* a Jersey Girt Mr*. L as Diana Mrs. J a* a Nun Mrs. O a* Esmeralda Mrs. N as Juno Mr*. E a* an Indian Princess Mrs. M as Lady Macbeth Mr*. E as Mrs. Anne Page Mrs. T as ifosanuu Mr*. R as a Horceress Miss D as Cinderella Miss O as a Oitana Miss K .as Catherine ol Arragon Miss K as her Cage Mvr?. as a Scotch UTrl Mtsp V as a Spinish Lady Vim J ., as an Eastern Slave Mfe, f as Day 1 *vj ftr?. .as Priestess of the Sen I flm as Cupid ) ?s as Desdemona B'ea I' ? as Ophelia J e? ? ?,, ??- . .as an Amazonian Maid it H Hi n , . , , as a Bright Star B ? ^ j, as Portia A'^PP < -?>,??..? as Queen Victoria A IP* I' as a Fortune-Teller M';i K?-, as Amelia Norman M.ii T?- as Madam De La Tour Amongnt the gentlemen the most distinguished were? Mr. B as Jeremy Diddler Mr. V as a Wall street Broker Mr. C as a Pickpocket Mr. T .as a Chimney 8weep Mr. 0 as the Devil Mr. L as a Jackass Mr. N as a Fool Mr. P as a Madman Mr. A as a Bear Mr. C as a Frog Mr. L us a Clown Mr. H us Jim Crow. Mr. W? as a Loafer Mr. T as 'eter Simple Mr. B as Falstalf Mr. B as an Old do' Man Mr. P as Othello Mr. Mc as Short Mr. F? as a llobbcr Mr. M as a Defaulter Mr. H as a (i. T. T. Mr. H as Professor Ma It It Mr. M as a Fourierite Mr. C as a Fighting Congressman Mr. as a Bull Dog Mr. 8 as a 1'imp Mr. as a Oluttou Mr. as a lloggerman Mr. H as a New York Oputleman Mr. fl as a Baboon Mr. E as Ballard. "Oil! my dear, do you know who that line looking fellow is?" asked a Dudu-looking beauty in the character of a Sorceress. "What, the loalerl" replied a pretty creature dressed as Ophelia. "Tut, tut, no ;^he with such handsome limbs? ik. Turk >' "Oh ! no?yes?that is?why do yon ark!" "Why he Khh spoken to nie several times, and in fact f have halt consented to meet him to-morrow? hut what's the matter?are yon faint?" "Oh! no," said Ophelia, apparently choking with some strong emotion, "I only felt a little overcome with the heat," In a few minutes afterwards the Turk and Ophelia were in earnest conversation in a corner of the room. "You did, sir, you perjured villain!" "Calm yourself, my dear creature, remember we are observed." "I cannot, sir; oh! fool, fool, that I am! Hut re member you. sir, that I can hate as well as"? But here the Baboon.who had somehow or other got the plump and lovely Madam de la Tour in his embraces came whirling against the fair Ophelia, who seemed in a fair way offollowing her celebrated namesake, and the remainder of the conversation between ner and the gentlet an who had, it amieared, been carrying the maintenance of his character & little too far, was lost. Before the evening way over, however, we perceived that >F REA8QN AND THE FLOW Ophelia had indeed drowned ail her sorrow*?in whiskey. "Tw?j at the sign of the fork, Young Patrick lirst opened his throttle, And being a Native"? "Stop your detestable noise, sir; the only|Natives we tolerate are the Native Americans," interposed the individual who represented the NewYork Gentleman." "And in troth, 6ir. but its only by passive toleration that you're allowed to show your ugly mug anywhere ; and by the piper that played before Moses, sir, I'll taclie you the doctrine of passive obedience; so be offwidye," and the Hibernian, who we must sav was a little in liquor," here administered a blow to the native gentleman's skull-cap, which sent him sprawling on the floor, to the terrible discomfiture of Queen Malr whhse gauze garments he had spized on to preserve him from falling, and which of course giving way, left her charming majesty in a condition very similar to that of Queen Venus; although in truth this accident to ner majesty's wardrobe revealed very few charms which were invisible one minute before. " Ha, ha, ha. oh! oh! oh! boys, did you ever see the like of that 1" " Of what 1" "Oh ! did you cverl" " Hold me, Tom, I shall expire !" " By all the gods, this beats the dignity ball' all to pieces." " Oh ! oh! oh! he, he, he, oh ! hold me. 1 shall burst a blood-vessel!" Fortunately, however, for her majesty, in the scuffle, an indispensable appendage to the dress it seemed even of Queen Mao, had given way, and a cloud of down and feathers was the consequence, which in a moment or two completely veiled her front the eyes of the crowd, and escorted by four or five of Iter attendant fairies, she hurried to one of the dressing-rooms, and witli the aid of a needle and thread, half a dozen pocket-handkerchiefs, a pillow froiu Mrs. Oreen's bed, and a stiff glass of brandy and water, her majesty was able to make her appearance again, looking almost as good as new. " Oh! crikey do yon see our Hill Smith!" " Yaw, 'pon my honor, so it is; what is that he has got, witn him?eh 1 " Egad, that's the girl he picked up at the Chathum lust year?" " You don't say so. Well now?that's really vulgaw." " He was devilish hard put ahout to get dresses, hut John I'ovey lent hint some of Shylook's toggery, and she got a fancy dress from one of her old friends of the Chatham." aon i tnuiK." The company was at the highest pitrh of e nioyment about midnight.. Tin brandy and water and gin slings, and whiskey toddy for the ladies, had circulated pretty freely; and the noise grew ho fast and furious, that the watchman, who IihiI been properly "arranged" and hound oversatisfactorily by one of the gentleman managers to keep the peace, and take no notice "if any tiling should occur," sent up several memnges requesting "the gentlemen" to keep a Iretlc quiet, "as the people wot lived next door were a poppin' their lu-ads out to know what was the matter." It wasjnst about this time, when supper wusannounced, our reporter took a sketch of the scene in the supper room, and th> artist has very faithfully transferred it on the cut, which we annex. The lady to the rieht, who is addressed by the down, is the accomplished daughter of the ex-President of an exploded Wall street Malik. She has been told that her ankles are exactly of the sainc measurement as those belonging to the "Statue a hu h enchant* tha world " and it will he perceived that her dress lias an appropriate brevity. Near her is a lady whose mask had (alien oil', enabling us to recognise the daughter of one of our nioat fashionable butchers. She hits just separated fn in her second husband, and now appears to listen with much interest to the Mattering " How did he get over that lust little atlair 7" " What, that about the till 7" " Yea." 41 Oh it 'a all right, my cove, but he has to be cautious just now, you know He'll make another raise soon." So there they go?a down town clerk and his friend. Down-town Clc j ft, . y,iM: b ht i \ ^ ; | ; i Sj v, - ... i < % .( i * Why not 1 His employer?the merchant?the extensive dry floods merchant?is also in the room within a few feet of his confidential clerk. There he is with his arm around the Priestess of the Sun. He has a wife and family up town m a handsome house?he has also a pretty suite of rooms in Mroadway?about which the Priestess of the Hun can tell you. Why not ? He hus failed twice for twenty thousand dollars?and is now " {joins h as strong" as ever. Why cannot he make a " raise" as well as his clerk 1 Arnultt umbo. We could'nt have elegant, delightful, charming fancy halls mid masquerades without such dear, elegant, delightful, charming men as Mr. Diddler and Hill Smith, his confidential clerk?could we!" " Decidedly not." " Well, then, what do you stare at 1" " ()h, I thought"? " You have no business to think?thinking is voted a bore in New York?it's decidedly not fashionable?so do what yon like?say what yon like?Imt don't think"?thinking is shout as unfashionable as honesty in New York?cut bono, uu the Human philosopher said?so don't, I beg of you, OF SOUL !" ^ J compliment* of a celebrated auctioneer, who is dressed as a pirate, and whose taste in wine and women is indisputable. Queen Victoria is seen at the other end of the table, looking unutterable majesty. A variety of other characters ligure in the back-ground; and the band, it will be seen, are discoursing most eloquent music, accompanied by the variations on the knife and fork, at the table. The Turk. JL \ | Ci>'V I After supper, the table having been rather ; abruptly broken down, in consequence of ! several ol the genilernen, and the jackass srk and "friend." f^ shsj1 / \ amongst the number, having imitated ihe example of the Harlequin, and attempted to dance n cotillion on it; the company returned to the "dancing rooms." The music, and bustle, and crowding, and pressure, and uproar was most exciting. The ladies had more abandon, and the gentlemen were more diligent and persevering in their attentions, than ever. Several little rows occurred?some rather unpleasant recognitions took place?numerous "appointments" were made?the hand got quite fuddled?Miss Smtiggins got alarmed J ?some ol the gentlemen went uleetietoo far?some ' of the ladies felt rather queer?a grand light took , ! place amongst the cabmen at the door?u trenicni dons scramble took puce in the dressing-rooms?a good many pockets were picked?a good many cloaks and hats were missing?a good many husbands and lovers were desperately jealous?a good many ladies were dizzy with whiskey and (lattery ?and finally the company cleared out, a number of the " niee young men" singing in lull chorus:? " Luh in ticklish thing } oil know, It makes de fair sex feel all oher so? lime's squash-head Sam'io, who lull* Black Kosc, Want* to ronie possum olier Dinah, I sjiose. oh clar ile kitchen, clur ilc kitchen, Sic. And thus terminated the "grand free-and-easy Fourier joint-stock Fancy Bail at Mi-s Sniuggins' I Fire in Montgomery, N. V.?We learn that the village of Montgomery, < 'range Co., N. Y., was vi*itcil by ade?tmotive file on Saturday evening. It liroke out alKMit H o'clock in the burn ol Mr. II. W. tVaring, whicli wa* consumed, w ith several lione*; also hi* dwelling house anil tobacco factory, with a lieav y stock of to hacco and cigar*. Also, two thrce-ltorjr house* and a storehouse belonging to (Jen. ( diaries Borland, including his dwelling and law ollicn, the post ottjee, and a hook 1 *toro. Most of the furniture, books, Sic , including the rontpnt* of the post office, were saved. Total lo**, atiout ffffff,Mff. _________ Or*- PROFK.SSOIt VKLPKAIF8 HPF.f IKIC PILLS. 1 for tlie permanent cure of (louoroiiuia. Gleet, and ail mocMpurulent discharge* from the uiethia. No modioiue ever offered to the public, exercise* such a powerful effect on the bladder nnd urinary organs, as those valuable vege) table pill*. They are the fruit* of tweutj fivu years experienco of Professor Velpeau at the Hospital of he < harite, in Paris, and arc confidently recommended by him as the only preparation thai has proved successful in every case They were introduced into this country two years ago, by the College of Medicine end Pharmacy, during which time more then ten thousand boxes haie beer, sold ; nnd the ( ollege defies :t single instance of failure t.) t>e shown. Hold in boxes, ft each, at tb< Office i oftbe' olldH M NaM U street W H. RICHARDSON, Agent. THE SWISS CLUB ITANT TO KENT, from tha lit of May neat, from a per- ( v too *ble to mtii.a to it ttva or three Monn on the ?. r.r nor ou the second tl . r pnfwred-cue of tU Munu having leaat t) feet by li Situation between Liberty r rent and ity H'.ll. E> <iuur at 8' Chatham ttrect- '? ft* in VANTKO?A Cabinetmaker er Carpe?t-r. To a ata dv. . iudjstnout io.'.h cou??*n*?it vs til in? ? * toollll?4 4 illini .odev tr h.s who'e aMmfii* for a moderttn eonapeova- > >u, thu will be a g>od ?i.nation, ?? roue ured ap. ly tut los- dispmtd to remain fcr a peritvd oftimr I Alio au ofuiu* f..r two tr three Appr-utiees at Decorative , Iraurhs Th.-ie arp'ying un?t be yonug men of (arte, and c ble to giv" lecuritv for beh ,vuur. f Apply at the Utcora'.lv* Establishment of WILLIAM GIBSON, i f iO Jl'rc SIS Pea-I rtoti, tear Broadway. ?| BOARD W I NTtli?A la-nily roomtr ( of font po*n * persons, is of procuring c mfortib'.e furniabed p?rtincrt. mil bond in a reapec table neighborhood, upper 1 ectioncf the cilv, w^th a prvate tamily, (Americau, French r Orrmtn.) wherett.eie are no ehild'eu ?lielercuces cvchaiu- ' d. Addreu "Towen," at'lu? cilice. fl9 3'rud*ni Jj RKWAUO- Stolen fr'in No. 17 Walker a tree*, a pA>\J Gold Wale 1 aud Chtin, ( Lipiur,) nulil holes jewrla, to. C0S7, d cp clr ?'J edy., Mount Vrrnon ou the back, A. ieuedirt maker; ehaiu very hrnvy, four square link*, we the t1 bou'. SO penny weiahli. Whoever will inturu aa d watch iln.ll e rive the above reward. I'l* ubrnferi and lewelcra are requ.atcd to Hop the above 0 vatch and chain if ott 'rrd. I a a COACHMAN WANTED. c A STOUT and healthy colored man?onmarri'd, of good adfl. t'reaa, and who ia perfect in hia profession, of eptiou- * ible charicfr, i? wiruteil as Cotcbaan, to r. aide in a private liruily ikhleea nulr* from New York. Apply, bv * nota left at this*, to W. A. It '*0 , setting efntenc-s fioin l-utr place, aiol terror f 11 Iw'rc A YOUNG FRENCH MAN. having takru hit degree* m the Uuivervity of I'ria, deiiret to find 1 reapectahle family o r.N of the children's edocat on lie cvri teach French. Lviu, Greek, Mat*rmatica, eleroeuta of Music, til d generally vert'thing required for a complete rJucatotr. Apply at 94 Raade street f3lm?rre HIDES, FAT AND CALF SKINS. THE HIGHEST PRICES given for Hide., Fat and Calf skins, cull o'irretit mcnry, on dt livery, at the Far llouitr of ihe subscriber, where contracts will be reade for Calfskins by th.' thehi.kea tjice^Hve^h^Rie pi uud. f IS 2in * re 223 Eli?ab*th it, betweeu ftisce and Houston. AT THE ROOM OF THE NEW YORK SOCIETY LIBRARY, Corner of f.(II nil id an J fhoathcay, ON THUKSI) * Y EVENING. February 22d, 1*44, will be delive id by THOMAS BARKY, Manager of tbe Park theatre, A LECTURE ON rue USES AND ABUSES OF THK STAGE, WITH A DEFENCE OK THE DRAMA; And a Reply to the A'tacki of the ller Dr Breeher.and otlveri ?together with ? Brief Review of the Cliini ?*, Grecian. Kom.u, Italian, Pr ii<h and other Tlratres: Binfupliical Tracts and Auecdotei. iuatru t've and amusing, concerning Act ra, Anilio'i and Patrons of Dramatic Productions in all countries. "Had the ttmt cde of Chiistinnity presented any thi"g in opposition to t';e Hnlii-nic Ait, I shnu'd not have had ilia temeritv to proceed wi>h uiy present uudritaking " T ? Lecture will cuninerce precisely at 8 o'clock. Tiri et* f ifty '"eote-to be oiit liurd at the principal Hole's, Music Ston t, and at the door of ll.e room on ttie evening of the Lecture. f 20 3t?rc TENTH WARD AMKIUCAN REPUBLICAN^ Aril BUG MEETING of the Tenth Wsrd Amerteau Republicans w ill take p'ace at Frill's Hotel, comer of Broome and Eidri-'g' ?tieet?, nn Wedi esday Evetii-s, kVbru iryJltt, at Iialf-|iait7 o'c.ork All in favor ars invited to attend Adtr si. a will h* de iver-d by Messrs Hnmb'rt.Whitney, Green, Hrqux and others. M-sars. De La Kre, Vsjinuskiik mid Capt Clark will attend; good siuaiug mi< tlierel'.ne be eipected. .. Bv ord r, 'OB HASKELL, Prssid. nt. WM. HENRY HUMBERT. Hee-etarv. f2# 2i?rc TWELFTH WARD. AMERICAN REPUBLICANS, UP FOR THE RESCUE. rPHV. Several Constitutional Asfciations of tha American a Republican Pirty of tlie I welf'h War ', are requested to me* t in their reip, ctive Districts, on Wednesday Evening next at 7 o'clock, 21st Kebrua'V, IStt, mid elect, by billot or othetwiae from theiroivn ho 'v, of Subscri dug Membesr, three prr tarn each, to represent, th in is ? Ward Nominating Committee to Nominate Charter Ottc-rt for ihe euiuitif Spring Election The Axxeiciationa will aiiemhje et thef. Rowing places, vix : In Di,trior No I at John K-sd's llo el, Ilarriionville; in district No. 3 at th* lions' "f Lock wood Louutbury, Maiihattauvlle; in Di t ict N > at the House of John G Karri. gl"n, Harlem; in Distiict No. 4 at George Hsxard's Hotel,Yotkville The Watd ' 'oioinitt -e ? ill meet on the none evening at seven o'clock, at their He-id Hua ters, Joan Mil.s*.to elect from ilu ir botlv one d'leiate *n the Nominating Committee 'the Del-goes rlrcted by the s-veral Co stitmional Asiocittioua. are p quested to meet. with their C'edei ti i't, a; th? house of John Mills Jr., Yoikvi'le, on Wodios lsy Evening, at 7 o'clock, 2Blh Kebruary. 1844 for Ih? purpose of o g mixitiop, (kc. By ordi r of ihe A II. Ward ee. S D. MOULTON, Chairman IIIRA.M < ABLE, Seer. t.i- y, pro tern I?" 2tn*trTHE NEW YORK BUSINESS DIRECTORY, FOR 1H14 AND '43, TS THIS DAY PUBLISHED hv i JOHN DOfHiETT, Jr., 7b Nassso street. Raid Di eetory is a I lassifmntion of the Professions and Trades | umned below T 'enty-Kour'h s'reet; contains 2u,2b3 names, winch ?re sr-rnged un' er 1,1417 different hi ads. |L/~PriceTe i Sliitln gs only. I 20 4tis*rc ON BOARD the Packet Ship EMMA, fnm Br-in"n, on a late voyng" to this place, one f nn cr-w fell from the mist, broke bis r gut h K a d huit bis left fnc? hone. Doctor L. Heppe, ? ho baopene 1 t" b- Oil hoa'd ai passeugsr. et tended th* ps lien I. and by h skillful treitmeut, he succeeded, notwilhstand die tli mov^mB-.t ol t'i? ifiiH to procurr dim a coinmriiDir it'itliou, ?< (hit in 6tC wi' kt the i?an rould fit no <*n k ?ilh a crutc' . and i o ? wifont it. I cau Mr. H '!>!> a* a iihyaici.ui in orrry rrapccl. New Voik, Feb 15, llltt. D. K.DZARD, (ill-tain on bmrd the Emma I !> (t leare to ?tate that my otfica 11 21J Blet cltrr i'.re"t, w here 1 hold myaeir tecununeiidrd to the public. mi 3t*rc L. HOPl'K. rPIIK BUBSCtUBKIl hereby i* forms his friendi and the l public, (It'll lie intends to co'nm nee baking PiiiO'fT Bre?d for tne eiatuioc ho'idLiys, on Monday, the 2Hn nu'a- t. lie would lw*l eitremely obliged by perilous send m* in their orders j a soon it pi uribli Notwithstanding 'hit he has contracted with the cnugregxtior.s .flnsAr Cheat d Shari Shomaini, end Jltth Israel, he still shall leel happy *t> supply persons Im longing even to other congregations. Tne majority of the mem ken of the fclm street congregation having already sent in their orders thetu "scriber for Is roiiAdent that this uonle and iodeiienfaut et'impif* will he followed t?y others, who shoul 1 he similarly situated in regard to the r own comlegation, who can act as ih? > please without bring uudersny restraint. M. 5 OOHKN. TEHMS-tn!2?2 of a I'JIf rior 'juality, aix to llm pontd at nii cents; niral tight ceutt per pound. !*. 8 - Orders taken for all kind* of Cakes for the aprroariiicg holidays, at his Bakery, 43 Dey street, or 09 Dusne sleet, f ?0 I m rc PLANT ANL) SEED STOKE. fplIK SUBSCRIBEK b'fs leave to inform hit fuenri" and A rhe public in soneril. in the vicinity of New V< rk and Brooklyn, that he lias taken I lie tore No ?i2 Dit nion 'treet, w Inch he w.ll open |>.r 'he ?lie of I'l .n't and Seedi, the (irat of March. Alto, O idenioy in all its brain liet Onjie Vines pruned and uiken cnr? ot for tbr sraaon. lln.O IJ rap- V met and jOO Koaes for ?a'e. Alto, a Uik* assortment of Oruad.i llal Tr?e? for sleets. N. B.?All orders thankfully received a"d mmet?ally a'.tetdsdle ISAAC WALTON, ( atd k h tint, f 20 $ * m No C2 I)if ton >treet, iNe it Voik. WILLIAM PETTET, n R A P E II AND TAILOR, IK) KULTON STREET, NEW YORK. 18 noff piepnird to fenuth all who n av favor hin, with the,r nrde-a. For the cheapness au ' durability of his work, and saviur thirty i>?r eer.t, lie often for their consideration the follow i,-R list ol prices: Huiieil'or Dress Coati, from $10 to 18 Cantimere I'.iutt 4 to 0 Kancf Vettt 2 to3 7) Hnck <olsts 2,ill to 'i.OO rertnnt furnishing thei- o en malerin't?making and trimming iu the ueate t in.inner at the fnllowinii price* : ? Conts from $5 to 8 Ptnti and Vetti I to 1.71 V...I ...a V1.IT, irnrtn, ,?..lo k?.l .tvl* N. B.?Cloth ilk' madefr the southern ami wri ecu markets wnhtttamaN dasPatch A ahare of the pub'ic ralronaije '? olieit'd. f2f> lm*>e music for parties. MESSRS. a. WEISS fc KK ORAMUSA, Prof???or? ol Music. ie?n*ctfjlly announce to th ir patrons, th* Indies and gentlemen ot New Voi k and ir* vicinity, thn' their Cotillon Band ia prepared to |>lay the moat admired and fuhioaat ? Mnaic for Private Parlies, Soriee*, Ike Orders received and punctually attended to at 26 Delancy at. jl( lm"m ITALIAN SINGING, PIANO FORTE AND FRENCH. Mil ULLMANN, Pupil of Cliarlea ("ferny, continnea to leach rinfinit and the Piano Forte in tliia city and Brook Ivn, on Mrtl'f tuna. Kirat (Mi llteMM |)(M It MM diannRui hed familiea, whose natnea may he learned on application ?t h's reaidence, 76 k lin aireet, opposite the Araenal. Sir. U . who ia the author of a French Wnmrnar, the aer.nnd edition of which lain the courae of puhliealio*, teachea like wiae I he French and Italian Lancu i?ea which lie u?ea during Ina Mnaic Lessons, if wnlied. Schools arid Colleges attended, fB lm*j|(h music. JOSEPH KAMMKIIEH, Profeaaor of Mnaic, reinectfully ' aunonncer to hia Pa'rona and the pihlic ill general, th t lie has removed from 'i# Croabv to IV I,aurena a'net, where all orilera for hia ("otilion Band to perfo m at Partiej ktc. in or out of town, will le1 receiredand promptly atte id'il to. Ordera for J. K. will alao be leceireil at Mr. W Duleua'a IVitiaic Store, 28i Broadway. 01 I in rrc ! lit>VI LllNIJ'-.f TO THE LADIES. MRS. MITCHELL. I?te of London, beaja rcapectfolly to announce tothoae ladi?a reiiniiing the aid af a Midwife, that she baa completed tier airaintemeuta for a permanent residence in New York, Mr*. M. faa received a thorough medical eilucat'on, nud heirs a diploma frwn. the City of London in lioapital, to whieli institution she was atterhul a* Midwife for several years, and was utrresafnlly e gaged ,, at'ishanl and in several thousand eases of childbirth. Airs. .VI. is favored with hiir'i testimonials and certificate* of inulifiration from th? i?'at eminent of the Loudon medical faculty, and which ate at all tiinci open for ina|<ection ll'aidvnre 2 Midi aon rtreef.. nae door fr.-o. t .ft d IV tin f to amateur8 on the flute. Mil. BARTON, (pupil of th# late C Nicholson,) respect lull y hegs to announce that it ia hia intention lo cue in atructinn on me c mm. ?r. onrioo proiettra 10 r/u? wci" Hi' ii to the method panned by the celebrated master, Chi,.. t Nicnolaon Kim (?rm? end nnrtienl ire. application may be made rt Sitnor Godone, Vu?ic Store, Broadway, end Mr. itlodert'a Pianoforte mari'nctnrv j 17 I'n'r.TO ULCR Kl NO fc.H S.?Jnat pnhliabed, the 4th No.offhe (jii irtette. eniiUimiiK Gleea bv H|?>hr. Webi r It- Koi eale by 0. K. Tloyey, No. 301 Bioadnay, and k". Hil"V, No. W Chatham I'reet.^ N B An Mtr? noinber, containing a fatnrife Koglith tile", will bei thorny m ind for Krituitoui delirrry to regular rrbreriltera. j30lm*rre IXTATCHKB AM> JKW M.ltY.-'l'he Ifivrst au<? ii???u j ?* ipt-adid rjaortment ol Wnt.ibca in the city, it to he fmind at the tobtntilier': ? At l.e u ronatnntlv rcecirirtr all dficriptiooa of Gold and Sileer Watchca, of the nrmai itv!*t, from the mtn.afaotnrcri, in Knrland, Krwoo, and Awitxerlend, he it enabled to nlf<-r a larger aaaortipecf, and at rauc.h |eaa pricea, at retail, than any ntbe, brm-in the cit?. fold watcher at lew et $10 to $10 en?h. Watch'*! ard jewelry etrhan ed or boti,'ht All w.rti.l.rt warranted to beef good timo, or the money refarn.-d Wateh.e? and Jewelrr repaired in the hri' irn?r.*r, by the heat workmen, and much lower fl an ?t any other place Gold and ISiOer IVri'ilr. i.old 'ihama. Keye and ^telling A|Wtt Spoon*. fnr?ile trjj low. G. V. At*'-? N. importer of we'ehet ?nd jww-llert j i|T jta*if )7iio|e?jle ??il r-taii. W ? all ttreet, at ittiri IMPERIAL HOTEL. ipjiorite fht Xew Auizt Courtt ana Railutay fetation, Corner of hT JOHN'S LANK AND ROC STREET. LIVERPOOL. [AMES MORGAN, Prorri'torof the akoee new and aoimI inodi'm ettabli hmeut, r-ipectfu ly ihfoi nu hit frieudt jid the public, ili.t ii u now opeu for ine reception of PrieaU ' amil'ct aud v**tit! tii.ii. Witli the il 1*11> conibieed at elegant tad extentire Coffee loom, Ne- t Room, tud*e! piiv.te Siring Htoat. Stud II' in t tty I* tuiuhlr lor >hn reception of h tmili-t tad VieiV in, or for the ten mo'.vd.tioa of parties requiring tally breakills, IuiicImoi.1. dinar's, lie The bleeping department Will bt under the perioual at per- . nteudanre of M*t M< rgau. and Vinton may rely with coo6lence, that iu I hit ettei tial particular, comfort, not to Cat, tad oneeui) lice have beeu carefully studied The Cnliuary tod Cellar de|*r;mrru wiU embrace the eKotett Viaiidt. Wiuet. fcc., W ich can be obt ined, aid J M. rutlt that hit oven rxertioot. aided by the attitUtoe ef expm irucrd wai'en, " ay tecuir the a| probation of t arrllera gac?*11 y, at the tauit tunc tlie tcale of cliar et will be strictly ate. 'hirtie Rooms for large or toiall Dinner Paitiea. Hot Cold, and Shower Bithi alwayt ready Erery information respecting the depiiiure and arrival of he ration* Kail*ay Tiaitt, bteam and Sei'mg facketa, ka. To Ktraniceri vltliinf Liver|>oOi, it ma- be neotaary to oberve that The Imperiul" it ceu'rally iitnat<d witkin rew I. eud one minute' walk from tb? L'verpoi I and lelai cheater, nd (iiand Junction Railway Htatioui, ai d immediately eppo iteihe New Attire CourU ; it it alto corli.uout to the pitntipal Tli'atret, and other placet ol public raaort N B. At Trvvellera are frequently mitled. pleete denim the Invar 10 prcceed dir>ct to t'e Imperial^ )S laMdi fcDWARD LIPPOWJa NO. 101 WU.UA M STREET, HE All JOHN, (UPSTAlhS.) UAH RECEIVED, by late airiealt, and offerx lor too? f ' ZEPHYR WORSTED ? Berlin qonlii y, in the moot Client' re aisorrmenl, by the hale or in small quantities. TAPESTRY WORSTED-Rani Berlin, for Kauey Kuit(^HINe WORSTED?A pew ityle r^/i'Ut qualities. 4 (/AN V ASH? I u t^iik. (jdttLnn Liu?u of nil widths inu! sizes. KM B ItOInEH V P ATTEIINH?Of all main wl numbers. in come new design* end tin richest telacnou. Embroideries commenced and finished in neat rri.ty. PURSE TWISTS?French,, and Be I in shaded and plain 4 H*'NILLF?For Kinhriidery *r.U ( tiemile Uorda. FLOSS SILKS?Krenchaud <trrtn?i!. PITH HE Oil * AM F NTH?Gold, Silv r and Staei bwulf, 8|ccl Gold and H'lver Bugle* ('nrds, Urai.l* and Thread. FRINUkS ANI) OlNIPS? Of all atvlea and colera, na pertrd from the beat Kororean inauuLclaruv anil receiving new supplies bv ever- itrainer. (JOKOS, TASSK I.Sol Silk, Wonted and Cotton; Lamp Tarejs Perfora'ud Paper, tic., Sic. I 11 !? < SALT ANI) FISH riTORK. A fill BRUM. HALIFAX No. 1 SALMON; 15441 Nos I t 1UU and J Mackerel; 6" 0 hairdo, do do do. Ida libit No. I Mec Shed; 50 ha' I lib's No I Seyb'o. k Shad; 300 bbla. Cod and Scale Krah;^ 400 da No I Ciib'd Herring ; 1500 boxes Scaled do 3000 Ike Smoked Salmon ; 300 kite Soused Salmou; 2011 do Hounds and Touvae*; . 2W0 quintal* I iidfiah. anitable for shipping; 1000 sacks Aahton'e Salt; ? 2f0 lib's Atnrrican STt, tic . lie. . AU for tale in lots to suit jmrrhn-rt by NELSON. WELLS It CO., IMlrn'm I (ley street. FIRST PREMIUM UAOUKHKKOTVPES PI.UMBE Dagu.-rriau GaUery of Patent Premium Colored Photographs, 251 Broadway, above Murray street. New York?Awarded the first premium and hiihett honor, by American and Franklin lustiturs, for the moatbeaalifal colored Dasrurreotyiej ever rihihited. Proretsoi Plumbs, the ' Ameri'se DaeaaT* ' whoae fame at llie fiser Photographer iu the world, is (aiUiliv uot only hare, but iu Europe; and whose laurels hare r< centlv incrwusa by the public testimony of the American and kraukliu Institutes. declaring his colored Photogiaid.a the inoit beautiful e-et rihihited has, from a liberal desire to place h>? aip?rb portrait* within the reach of all. just reduced hie terms to the low eat rates of the most indiffrreut artists iu the city. We advise all to examine hi? tiu? gallery o<T;ieciment which (lie world cannot er|nal 251 Broadway "?New York Espress. Pluinhe's and (senium Apparatus sod Instruction Plates, 4 asi's, Ite., at the lowest rates. JI9 lindyfcwv'ec DA< ?U ER R LOT Y I'lf FOR T HA ITS " /"IF the mostriquisite toue and finish, potsesiiu* all the colors U of life, by A. K. THOMPSON It CO., No. llPc.-U Row, opposite thr Astor House llairnerreotype Apparatus, Males, Cases, Chemical*, he , for sale. Instructions given in the art Jl* itn'm COLAK LAMPS, CAN11ALAURAS, GIRANDOLESt Br-kets; Hall Lamia and Lanterns, f'hi..a and Glass of -very description. Astral Lamps altered to 8 ? ara A be.iutilol ass rtmen' of the above to he obtained at S'ouveuel Si Co.'s Manufacturing Store. No. 3 John street near Broadway, and at their factoty No. 29 O dd street All a.tic'.ca made and matched to any pattern, wholesa'e and tetail. The above establishment is H'Pat surely the only one where peonlccsn alwavs t s .nulled at verv low nrioe Theiub tcriWit arc .ilile to iurnith ctiniwt any >>llv- manufacturing the above lhei*>t-l re*. Ul.ui m*de anil cut toorder, AU tkinirrart warrauf d BTUIJ V k N K L It CO. N B.- twoliIntuwlfltf ptttbi IMlmOer THK ~V OUI: B OOK S PACK KM AM) KVlDfcNCKB OK DKBI' SM'tlll U AOMI'dl F1RK.7 trwy prudent mill' ill up 1 Ini yon.: i from fin*; n who cm dear thatltuur' i|ttitr m important to have n *af* depository for In* booh ml vnloaMe pa i on 7 All buiiue*'tn-u ahould air* toll iit riaut mbjrct duo rrtbrt'ou, and inform them'rlre* ?')|*' ,fe l? t!i" boil protection main t fire and burglar*: and ifi ifn-d (a* ii uuivrrut'y ack. owlrdge.t) tb-t the Salamaa* t t!:e bo?t, th -ii drcidr whether v&n will purchaae ol th* ii * lot |>i;i ilit- patentee f..r tho right to furnwb the public rub an arlic'e wirranbd crtinn and bai never Wtrayd th* enntidi m r ofthose who havt> trus'fd thoir property to th-ir salt hooping, or purchase of th no ta bu iterate th* real article in violation of the petrnt law. lor which *uit? ar" now ponding. lite genuine Wilder'* Patent Kir* Proof Balauianoct Bat* con only bo had tit tbr Ir .n Safe Warehouse and Kaclnry of B1L.AH C. HK.llHlNW, 119 Wator?tro?? N B? Soooril good loruud h ind don bio -.alb*, made by C. I Uaylo', for sale at b'*a lha.u ate half o' first con, ha vine been rrreirot iu part payment lor the reul Sa auwuidrr Ir. Iwiwwihi (TAYLER'S UNION SALAMANDER f*AFEsT Ct J GAYLKR. Inventor and Patro'ee, ILJ?8rr?nl ' t'Ooiandi nf Gsiler's r*t>nt Kim Proof Book Psfeij of all size* from 400 to III,000 Itii. n h bsre been m use du-ml tl e last fourteen year* and uut uuo lias. t any time failed to Seierre Ps couteuls when eiposed to lire N'^jrly one huaed bare been very severely tested. In t' egroat firr of l(Jb nhoal c rty Weill use in tho diatri't, and wee,** ttircrrtihcstoiaffirm, a* much etpoied to the i leu-ity of that fir* aa th-y would hare be-n in any store at that litno deitr <y*d: but NtiT ONK |NSTA>Cl. of fulnre I aa at any_time oc coned Kruni long eaperience and sttrutiuu lo th- in-cu pridnrrd by fire nyon Snf a, the patentee haa barn enabled to make audi imprntrti.e-iU that ha ran with full confidence re-omrneud hia lluiin Salamander Book Safes, aa hryoad all doubt |ir "of againat tli? actum of fir*, trre li in dawpneaa, a id airoug eunuch to auatun any fill or pie sur-to which they can be eg poied in the horning of a alme ' h?y are ao goo aliuc ed aa to combine two perfrtt Iron Sales, uiuui one with in the olhr . in audi a manner tint the inner Safe cannot he a! fected lay anv U'at to which Ilia outer "lie may be etpoee-d? racliSifeia made of tmr and I date iron.and the inoat perleecnouroiidurtmg subltanrea and haa an inuer and outer door, eacb i ecu red by a an table lock An aeeortrneot of tjsiy lei'a Sin tie and Double Mala r ander Safea Atao hit fat-ut Double Si'ea, and Hafra of all deicri|>tiuna of lita mtt.u factor*, for aal-aiaii tihrra, from fr6, by li a ageiita in thia city, via 8 Klv, 71 r'aTna atreet, Bear (hiM atraet; A. IL Moeu. 231 Pearl. >pr?a>ta Plitt street; Brett It Uarkua, HI M.u<len laae, and by the 1'ateutre C J. OA I Lh. It, 71 halloo a tree', near field Iron Safer, Moecie (dhesta, Iron Doora, he. made to order. 19 lm* rrc " FOR THIS 1'ILErt. RK A I) the following interaatuig rear and remarkable rnr* ol Pile* Mr J. Bowman a diatiagoiahrd architect, reaiding in Broadway, h?a lieen alfncted with (Yea foril yeara fir c-111- n I tod me about three raouttia voice Hit tongue was foul, ap: e'ite b>d, I.v. r torpid occasional palpitation coun'enance pale atid languid, romp1* nta ol nam over the k du ya, gr-*l irritation, tenaiou and weight in tlie lower arct.on of th? huwela, attended with pile tnraora. ao much inflamed at tnnea. aa to produce inten eaofleiing ; at other tinea ie'i?? uv themaelseu tiy a profuse diacharge of blood, indu- im gre.t debtli v , the tausclea of lh? back fri?i t'te lon'-continu d irritation li d u aoroc degrer 'ost their lajwer, producing lumbagi, and It waa with innchdifficulty that he could walk ; his ate i war farMe and'in ; had e ;|ieud >d naora-ban five hut died d >11 tea in 14 veara for thia eomp ailit, and had o* rained Only t'lniioriry rail"! lie ig now eniirely cured, hivoig akn only ino<e tnnea i f my Pi lc h i.i r rranv; haa travrlleiTm .re than two th ma uid aud active n."?w a? he was thirty yean ago, and attribute i it all to that inestimable remedy, Dr. UrNAM'i Pilk CucTftARv, km i. te.ual remedy It is sold by the propvi"U>', at hit Office, 196 Buwnry, fo-ir doora above spring it eet. Ad ice g at is Remember 196 Dowry Hi lmdlt**y THE 8i HJTHERN BaLM, A PLEASANT, anIV- mid eflTeetml renie'y for COP ?MS COI.DH, HO MtHr.N KnS. CONSUMPTION, a d ail ot^raff-ctioDirf therhrot and lungsWh'a we reflect th t newt of the ra <v, of consumption t?*rminati g fatally, hue their origiu if neg'c ted colds, it it Inniihiai to w total tht tpath) all I fed aj iImm I aba i <k ander theai Although thai my ba raraoiedMv waru*d I Ihrtf medio I fiitnds to guard .-lg'insr the elfern or aud tea r h ge? of ti e Weather, who h, bv che. king the in ena bla per* pint ion, ocajiioiis couiint, colds &c.. their admonitions are ton oftea uuhceded ; t' e unfortunate a object, Perceiving no very had effects arising from the alight CoM, .11 he terms it. ia lulled into fi?l*'* security hy the vain ho|*e that n reiuni of plcijaiit wea her will remove all unpleasant symptom*. But so far from being r? moved, th* symptoms are generally fggrav.tted, his debility iuc riMV, harr.?*aed by inc"s*mf coughs. nwhl sweats st le-gih up rvei?e. and he is ironenl perhaps too la'e to a tense of hit d ot rr He looks ar< tind him for that >elirf w h'ch ought e* 1ly have Iteen obtai'n-d at an ? ?rlu r j?eriod, bn' alas, h" i? told by his | livsinan there is 1:0 hip# for him To whom, th* *, must he |?.ok lor aid/ The newspsp rs tesm with adverti ? mcuts of iuMlihl# remedies. with oftentimes ftl e crrtifv- <te* at' h ing their n liversal efficacy. In despair he flies to them, but too often w thoiil re rivn g the slightest benefit. Rut is the'e, indeed, no remedy ' tieaaon and e*p* >>Mc? forbi 'a this supposition. UONBUMP HON |S NOTl.V < UK%BLK! We affirm?confidently affirm?a reined; !. h'en found, one w hich, tone'y ?nd (ir iper|y applied, will 1 ol fail to rel ere. IT ,S Tllk SOUI HKRN HALM. J n*- ut the proprietors Ims long used it i?i Irspractic* with the hap. <r%t retails, end has at lergth been ;nduced from a aeuse ol d *v, to ijlare it he'o e the public, fully sati*fW I that it only require* afar trial to establish for it a lasting reput tion. To al> thy sc ii^a, heads of fan iliea, and otlrra, we would ? trn'itl r* coiatmnid a thai of it, a m*Oiciu? st once safe, pleasant, nd cfSgseiooa. A reined/ admirably s'apteI to ha removal T inttriahly iffi.rrtn immediate r-lirf in in- motttn bl *oi?e 'Ot'fliH, UOAhMKN KHS, whre/iiiirt. l?m in the her ? , Pe , m <1 ri?g in ih* moil nba'ana" wlinnpi K couth, tnd con firmed com umption. It will effect ill that cau be rational! r etpec'rd I'r iii any one nirdirii r ..... HIIF.CUr AND CO Ktclnii'o olTico for itb of Sou he n Halm M71, Broadway corn r < f Hrado ttr?i Atfi-nti?Dr Kirat IS7 Can-i atreet, corner Armue I?. am: Third street; K. B Sposter, Brooklyn; A. Outhne, Albany 12" I in ec BHITIHII BAHWl'E .1IKIM C.iun K CM (iLA^ <10 W~Oon?i*nee* I rr tinr reaael will please take mitifi" Ilia' she will !? lliic'n.i* K under Keiicral iirilir tint day at ' f'li.n! '* VVf/'iD H1' I.I. ft Ml VTI'BN A r Wnwth ilrm. TO COUNTRV MERCHANTS. n\! IT \ Hk l( fc I'll Ilately removed 'ram the crner ot . VV illiain md John. to No W John freet ) offer for rale on liberal t'rmt. w'nl-iele ai d ri tail, tht follow iob a tiel receive J h> recent arrival* ? Berlin h?*i Iiyr Worsted?the m-st complete atsorjr'ut u thu country. I invatt for t inbri i.lery, of ro'tmi, si ll and wnrsu-d m ell width* Ber'in Embroidery Patterns?of tlie choicest end iieweat d 1 C'ip'ion; Embroideries, finished and commenced on v!?i?, ilk. w n-?t?d and cotton, ws'kidin the mom tajt-lul Pan li'D rtyle T.i"?cl? tor llair I)r*??e*, of fold, tilrer.and til* t?>d tinselled; Brarelelt r ontht, Hair Pint, and a large variety of nlher bean' fill Pari* Knncv Article* Pu'te Ornaments? Steel, tilt and silver Beads; Bugle's Porte Tw ot, plain all it i hade (, in utie ? and iponlt e m iroid?rr nil lliioer ' henjlle, o* ailh a d it e-al ai d > U. Alto, Fringe*, trimrs and Cnid a-d Tatr.alt, imported "nd of their own man tifi tore, of g aid, filter, ?i I h, Sac all colon and w idths r*~ Branch Store at KW Beondwnr, (f rrorty <J7 Broad my 1 f7 litter* I'OKTIHJUKSfci FK.V1ALK PII.L3. THESE. far-fain-! and rl-hinted PiUc, (mm Portugal aiw I wf jpm " to b* obUin#d tu !ht? c?'uutry ni?*i t t?i u># la*I cviP'Mi 1' i

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