Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 21, 1844, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 21, 1844 Page 4
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ttTANTEI ?A I'lAtUkl Wosoan 10 <>o iha gei?r 1 h.u ?? work (fa |r rata amdy. N" weitten r commendation mli auswtr Ali< ) KiX Broome iu?t. out door fmin B>h<* ww. f?t H'm FllZlltil BERT TUkNKH iseanegtly iwiueeted to comn uui 'xtr h > audip-t??d prewjut attention 'u tl. Per. J,,tin Tu.u llurtnu rt roan H.i. da, Gloaregtrishire ? The ?bo?n I an.en T. 'I ur rr ii?ou of th- late Doctor Willmn T?nc ? ' O *m pr-ctuii |UI m-dical mm, and died at Baf fjo IU Krbr. ar>. ISA Any Inform lion real ecticg h. T. fr-m jmi n * ?' ha>e kuowu or heard of hi in sine- that (erind. will fa Boat pralefally acknowledged by hi* I'rieada ,u Olnuceaterakam lllluwrjwre DOAHblNU Hill HE hOU.-ALt-A lady who hat krM |..r aeTtrnl )>a a a Bonroing House, iu I' r lower part of th* cty ia <h-atr->n? to Cmi a p. r*oa to * !i. in ahr tray aril eh ap fore tab her st.bligUmrui, I.ooaehoid famiturr, Vr Aw, y to M B?wa dwar-. fti Iwtc THE 1 Rk.A" l Hi' K of lha Kim I'rpaumenl Kurd |rtlaoily a kurwlr |n the receipt of One Hundred Del la ra at a Dm I k?" irom ill* HV^iucok' luturan'*# Comi aBv, by the kooda ol Nail \>ray E>q JOHN a. OloK*. Ti -aaurar Eire Depart meat Hand New Y- rk. F ?h H lgtl fill lire NEW VOilh FIRE DEPARTMENT. |"Ilk, K. raaiMi of th-ae Companies who intxad participating A in lha r-c-ptiaii of >hr Hamaur Kugiue Company of PhilnMpkia. tTl ia Da),) Wednesday *l?l. are t qaaitat to have their omp una on toa ground, in Hud* mi at eet opposite Ht. John'a IvjUa-a, the light og Beach atreet, at 1 o'clock P. M. pneaary 1 lie U< at-to le taken on iliia oeciaion, af'er the lint ia fmm d will K'aaf II wa Down Hadiou to Chamber*, wp date Ida ia Broadway, down Broadway >o I our'laudt to the Peary. After tl e rati ana Compel.y haa been receired, tne lu a efmnx h will be aken up aa follow*:?Up 'ourtlai.dt t i Broadway oi Broadway to ?,hatli-m to U e Howeiy.ap Bowery to Baud atr-at th ongh Bond alieet to Broadway, down Broadway iu t hnu b< ra, down I huilh r? to Wtat Broadway, op W?at Broa. way to Eugine IIoo*e of No. 11, where the egcoat will Median iaaoi. By order ol alie Ul?? M arahal and Aide. MATTHEW D. GREENE, ft! It*rc Giand .Marshal. ~ NOTICE. "PUK. DECEIVERS AND DEALERS in luwH Pro' A yisions, ue *<i irs'el to meet at tht Me c^iuli' EaelwnK* TO-llAY, Vcb ZUt at quarter rut 2 o'clock P.M. to take into c?.tkl>riiiou a bill recently iutroduc*d in our StmeLe iplamre, foe ihe snpoii.tnrt- t '?o Inspector General of B*rl and Pork fe?i the City I'New York. N. T llubb?>d Chtcery k Co. W. C. Tallmndice, t;eo Le-'d km. henry Warms k Son, Wilioi. Miih 8c Co. James P Wall***, Cnnierkibliail. Blow 8c Mrsch. W.1 iam () Dough ry, Dud!*/ P Arnold, Cow in, Itiohun id, Williams J*in-? L Varick, A Co. (Win Van Boakirck, Clsrir fc''olvman, James N Cobb, L Wilson. A Hubbard k Co. CtmsNoWe, Jus Plait, OW r itwaril*. Churcnmsn, Roberta k Cs., Ikau Vui Braat. Robert fc Williams, Basil. W illi ,nia Si Co, Dwiuht Johueoo, Banks k Powell, Geo Douglass, I or Barrel), Heir i I Hin, Edward J Maun, Work k, J fc R Millbsnk k Co. KT N I'ibton. K W Ouikau, C N ? Howl-od 8c Co. K K < olllua fc Co. K G Hop ock Ic Co, Wm Dowaon, Ha riafclu, D B k W Moses. Saida'x, A,r* k Co, llowes Godfrey 8c Robinson Brash k Co. J C Weller fc Co, Hkdinis b Ferris. K fc R Beckwrth, P J >?< > k Sous, Jas H Brai"*, Cslvirt ^teeei a, A Woodruff, Dates, ft..Per & r0. N H Wolfe. fc Ten Bronck, Wm J Wil ots, W t? k < Hitchcock, Booth k Edgar, Char W .4*iiih, V S Schleaiuga. Wm Buret, f 21 lt*ec rp?K WASHINGTON TEMPiRANCGUARDS' 8Ei CO.sL) ANNIVERSARY?Orand Celebulisn at the Broadway Tabernnle, thi* evening. Oraiiou by the Rev. Pril'. John N. MafbttSnbiact?The Right Arm of Freedom?the Soldiers of Freeiam the battles ofCuuk-r hill, htO"Y Point, Baltimore. New P>i<*ns Tr mm, he.?character of Washington?the Signal (Isa f Fre dom. Da mg tho-se irg a rplend d pair of Epaulets will be presented ioli t W i?. J, Lee, by the Hon. Mayor Morris, in the awe of C. 8. De Barr. K*i. Music "? tlie U'ited Mates Band front Governor's Island, prat'sird ei,.ie sly for this occa>ion. Slug na by M -tan. Brown, ol' Vouken, Misting, and E. Col ^rtimueh 'he kindness rf Brio. Gen. Storms, the romonnv will be | rvae-it with the identnal muakrti taktu liora U e Heas:atia it lb* butt'e of 1 r'nton. Ticke'a 23 ce-tr, to be Indat Nuna It Clik't. B'oadwny; P. B. KuapV 26B Fudion elieet; H. St 8. Katnnr'j 76 Bower ; linker It lowle, I Catharire atreut; 8 ephen Barlo-r. 281 Ora d ? rvet; J e -< St Son.IJ D vision stnet; C 8 De Ba r, 4JT Oruud atieet; tail-. . 4Jn Ur&nd, f2l lt?rc A FAMILY BIBLE, . WITH UPWAHD8 OF SEVENTY EXQUISITE STEEL ENGRAVINGS. 7"Ke coming Summer will ht Puhlithtd, in Parte, MARTIN'S SPLENDIDLY ILLDSTHJlTED EDITION OF THE HOLY BIBLE, nriTH NOTE* and Varriniil Reference!. by tli- Reverend vv A ll itder Fl. t hrr uthnr of ihe Guide to 'Family Devotion " ' Pcriidurv H'etcr It' , he. Tbia aopern Family B kle hai been in rrepara'ion f >r terrral yeara, ami i.o'abi-r o eipen-e hat teen rpir d to reuiVr it the OBOeCd-mo'ere appropriate ami keau'ihui of iwy Family Bible oaar pnlirhrd It MAKTI V St CO., fSi Jleod*re 33 John etrcet. ILLUSTRATE!) LONDON NEWS!!! 3000 COPIES FOR S.1LF.. WF. BROutiH tea 364 Broadway, him received thu UiOH iut |*i Hiberrit. a laice aaiorlineut of this aplendid periodical, conaisiiuB of all int. number! up to S3, vol 4, Feb. Id. W K. Brooch, beirg ?n|e agent for the proprietor! in the Ud> ed hiatea. b- c> to ataie it would be ..n advantage to retail dea e.a tooru-r ihein ilinrcl Ikdi him, He can ?l>o aupp'y ail order? lor beik iiuun e a: al'O. p.rtfoli'8 aud corrri, kilt let cevvd aud orua urbted.'or ho'aing the Newe singly in iu p rla To je bid, da", rt tad of Moon St Tattle, ivo 158 vt?in attcct: Uroipe Teat r No 321 Broadway and H'nllritih. Brut'way. toner if Grand. Wholeaale of VV. h. B. 3 1 Broedway, ap at-ira, I3ll?*ni tpME ?kW YORK LEGAL OBSEH-Vh R?N ~23, vol L 2 con amine?Article 1 Ite nr-r Distraining for lLnt ? article < l.i'alu a lice? rtice J, Infanta' Nrce airiea? Historical Out li'?-e He ry IV?The Chandler's Court?Iu e Receiver I i Bak-A<i Abolnh-nc Office of Bank Coanmiaaioner?* C. we dfor a ourt, Wool v*. Clime? Traouifu t o.. m u? Partition, N. Y. auiierre C' urt?l'ik* r. . Acker?v.ieuoiuer?V Y Common F'eaa?Wi'liams v. Wardr ?Pled. e aud a viog "aerial Notice?Eigltah ' "a?j? Daw eon r. Chsmimev ?I iabi ity of Inkeepra Bright r. Braid?Hradh>|, Mitrrl an nua, he. he. Publi heil lemimoathly, at t< .1 nu atxert. New York at 3 per annum, in advance . KAMUEI. OWKN, Editor. On the'at of NV.rch will te publ a'.-rd No. I, Vol 'J. wi'h additi ual ea'ta, containing an an lyrical digeat ol all lha English Hie nit OL/- Wanted 3 rr 3 reape:table Young Men to trarel aa Anew'a fat lt*ee FRENCH CHESTNUTS. JUST Received p?r hr ? UMUN, n a abort pi?we? f om Bord->u< akt of the fiuo ( ' Va'nti km m the city for yea a. U r.a at BaTK.tdN'S Fruit ana Sen r Store, fit l*"rt NolParkKow'orDfrolAniiaf'^t. DACKi.1 S.ill'O.HT N VRUM NEW OH LEANS. is I 4nc' a ring a' Or tut wharf, font of W.JI iliwt Coat ( -Vt br 'hit ahip wi i pleaseaitend to the ree-ipt of thaw c *?4t imuieih trip. fJl.c AC K b T SHIf~KtrCHESllkR FOR LIVERiftOLCat'iu 1-aav nger- bf t'ua ahip will ph>aar be on hovd, *at aid* Bnr|i?K S4?i|t this irornicg, at lloVlrek p-?eitaly 1*1 rr B.i 1 Vt .11 cloie ( tli uau.l pl-e at h ill I'aat eleven 'clock. WOOUti I I.L It MIN I L'HnS. I tire 87 South arret. TJAHQCF. RAMMOHUN iToY, Unite. M at. f'..n New O l i eai,a, ie aihukiun at IVr No II Kaat Hi tor. a ouaagie a are nqrnuii ti al.eud '<> <be rrceip < f th> irjjnnda I'ii.SSE tk. BROOKS, ft' ktee No (I Lib-rty an act. SANDS'3 SAUSAl'AKILLA FOR THE REMOVAL AND PERMANENT CURE OK ALE DISEASES ARISING FROM AN IMPURE STATE OK THE BLOOD, OK HABIT OK THE SYSTEM ; NAMELY: aoaorri.a ok kiwi;'a grit. nHcuxaTiitf ontnurt turn atom tairnuaa riairt.rc. oa ruiTui.vs on thi raca, blotch ? a, aiLr.a, cimosic tear i rit, Kiai. wotM oa ict ilk acam iikid rauaotMitir or TMI. noil lata JOIKl I, HTUIIROMN LLC EH a, arPHiLiric avMi-roMa.tciATice on lim aar.o, and tliariaea ar.attic froinaa in juJiiio-'a u.e of Mercury, Atcitica, or D-opay ,< a ioture or impnirirupp, in life. A!$n, Chronic Com Diaorden will henrr.cvea by this prrparation. . Theatt* tion oftli" r-a^cr it rrireciiu"y ca'lrd to the folic* ma C'rt-fi pen H vter. r yrea' nchievntreiite loirr hrrrtofoie l-een trade by rloar o^lhi i toy iluil Ip m?dici p, yet ! ilv aarern-i ee elmm in nil s?i' * mi r* fanr a: le. Tl e p npriecar. h re ? 1 I n.-ei?.e of ih" opportunity of eating i ia a aanr*eofe na'-m i' *f Ct'n.i rhut'bey tr-'mode i lie meaua ol relieving lull <mj m nti.l > fanlf ri ,g El auiriHTnwt, Pec 2, 11(3. M?aa"*. Hmda lie a: It ia ta i h heart e t gr uitu I* fir y our htnilt "f-to n. lb n I m i' * | ob ic ackuow I dg inei t oi the tsnefil 1 i in t; iv?! fr< m y lUr Par.ri a'illa. Ihi'e been for many', ear- <?' '"I " i li a tactrr in ihe ' leiat ,. rid f r fuur yeore i'. wev. o I ibo-aht. tucunh'e, it aprsad ? ry l?rt ao that Ith'duewi ly ci.iK.-jii ilif whole bieaat, aud for m nv we a I wan tuiuo il ilh i p luaa i f blood and'be pain . f hew unit Chat I tana unable t titu loyeell mi bed and ui> a IT rings * u' ujg ilie win t-r ir.r n.o e t_h II I tan tell With I >e ad tic* <'1 i? i..?uu i t.iu-u '"'i > i in< mo.11 m phyaie am of llwpltc* whor-c ni*nd dtr.or w*pnt S.r.'i'-ril U, knowing 'f " 111 is 'hat wi uld 1 * 1> li'-vly tii h I* uiv; which atli K ' I ' -di' > rr. *_v d sid h?f r I . -,d taken Oi ( b I tl? I foui d ? t?i * i" mi f aiicyi xliich indued m* to In1>~ mor*, *nd h'- i ink' n tli* t irJ h ttlr I a m 1 iU- an- iher parao-i Hi ?h in h*. t'i *sid ilf^i-jith I hit*1 ink* you ration nn** Ii?t Much a-d a'thon. h th* ? ouiid it not *uti *ly hralcd i? i? in ? '"V f vonb?? te.and I *!i*t? t * ill * the anna u li? ??*ljr < f y *n ir- car. ; and t'..t (h* afll.ctrd my al| tin I th? r-he! which it alone can aiv* ia i * ?i li of Sir and y ?r fir i n d. M'.M< K W'OU: l((I tf I profSe r.ico- f Hitnicn Woodmff, hi??* been broojit up y h*r, and k ow wh ( ah* a'at'a 'o b. trua, tor I bar* had all th* aove ol Kit luroaah h i aicku*aa. THERKiA DENTON. I am W*il ar'iu i it* ' with Mi<? WnodrnlT, yd ho -w hrr wtaation j>r*. <oua in ih'atr of Hand 'Mar apailla ami hit* rtiliiraa'' th*?or, ri.i k pr > >ir*d hy it. and ran ih-rr.oi* tidort* 'ul.y iK - al?o?* iluteinet t MOSES M. CRANE Uai.Tiu ni, F*b US, 1141. A B 8aii ? itfio ?<f?n li'WCu:-I I tv* uaed ;ourf*r?rt if *ara p ru - -inr* i a darnon iuto the rity. It iim ?* p'ea un to >i :, h veu d it to antwe a) moat ay.nun* areet-t.oi-.a I b*'i?ie it to t* lh? beet (in paratlaf tl it va.cable artic* <. i. ii<V? nil in tell rejuwr.t, yonri JOli.i vVnl fBRIDOE. M. !>., 6 Oiy ?tie*t. PrT>artrd u.! -.oiJ, wboi'uilc and retail, and for pap Mat inn. kf A B. ranJa 4a i-.. , d.ry.ial* .|. d clu u.l ta, Omiilte BuildMi N". "I llfoidaav. fiiu't of < hanbera at New Vorh. Hold alt i l?y A. li. St 1)., <lr?m,?u, No 71 f niton $f; David iMinla ia L-i, .No T7 b'.aei|3 roadway. Cn. of VlarliPl it; and by dri ggi.ta ? i.'ra'ly O1t .014lv.nt thr United Hut** Pe*e*fl|. ul?in b'lttln i'if ft| t?*ae r\K OKI ' "1 V ? W ! 1,1 r<ii Miliid ((til 1*1 Iilialty at nil J-* he 11'a i f lli- diy r evening, at Ki?* imnb nr*, No II Barclay ! ' . i.-ar Btondtaa-. U* hia hp?n vary aaccrtrtal in th* luatmuii of many "half con-d" r.y ???li?i i. m*tui-pv iMtnt fii in ' on< i?l?d or >ndil*a rani-i lim . ft?nir fr, m nia'ak n ?r n ?i( r:?> c d |>f*'-lioiip'?. Ai "'|.?r imiior > t CMaiOPTa'lon V'rirti hit no bt*o oa*t|i.nk*d, ia'h* adapt na of r*n.pdi?a to li* ' nivawnr* of patirnta, ?ho H"r*rili, caaip* t? -fciaiu caiPMiii' fly and aapr ?i ?-a |<n ill*. ft' l.*V! BOARDIN<I.-T" 0 handaom* b*?lrooiBa, Nvi'h fii* plaora, with bp*tlf.,a' --"t1*'. of foil boaid if tPMOired. Apply at Hotuton atrial. di m*r AUCTION SALES. THOMAR BKLL. Auctionno*. (Store So. 3b Jtnn itroot.) WEDNESDAY, At I'X o'clock in the Sal- s Room. Lug* s.Ue o'v-Itia't'le tud eltaaat furuitu e, of all deucnptiout fioui a family givi g up hoiutk.epiug wuh a variety of elegant, new city-made I ah met fnrnitair Pianofortes. Organ, a number of Hue paiutiugs. China, Cilaaa. ana dialed Ware, Ac. Also, tlie valuable paiutiegi, furniture, platad and glass wan by order ofa receiver. Piano forte, cutlery, beds, bedding, mat raises, lie. Alio, the entire haudeome far' i'ure of a family rrmored for convenience of aale from Brooklyn?cou-isting of llneeply. ingrain and other carpers, fun. oil iloha, t?blea, bureaus, ? fu, chairs looking glaaaca?all ktada of Iseusck epiug article* in flue order. A'eo, afcplendid piano forte, eofa bed Ac. Alan, a variety of elegant new fu inline in the upper sales room?10 10 at. roclling anil other rliairs, Ac.. An. Alan, another lar-,? lot of first rate aeiond hand fu-nitii*e, by order of rheMarahal.ThituU will compriae two valuable piano fortea, and all kinda of h iuae keeping goode. N. B.?Everj Ikeility will be afforded for th? dtspoaal of merchandiee of all deaeriptioua. Business will lie carried on m a businaaa like nunner. Bales will be regular, and rrtunu prompt, in thia eaubliahmeot. now a , dt-r the charge solely of THOM AS Rb-LL. 15 Anu street. A UCTION NOTICE?The valuable bile of superior Sefa eoad hand Furniture of s.l descriptions to be s Id This Day iu the Rooms 15 Anu st-eet, wi'l lie found deaer' ing partic'ilur attention, including two Piano Fortes. B ok Cas-a, Hnfaa, Carp u, 1 ookii g Irlusea, Table Cutlery, and almost every a-tiele in the line, in the best or 'or ft tec TBOB BKLL, Auctioneer. E~ LEOANT NEW AND bb'CONO HAM) FURNITURE ?CHA8. 8 SMITH will sell this its -mi..* at naif put 10 o'clock, iu the store D0I Broadw i', corner L)u die street, a beiutiful assortment of superior city made Furniture, in CIUUIUK I nr? OUIin?IUI'l Hill P IWItll n ou-'?nn? rgf-ta. t French 9o<tu, < *n??1 and Diitimr 1 -ibU*, uia bit* top <'?*< tre Tables, mid erclo-i cl WaOi.Und.; hair and plu.ih rov ml Mv h?gauv Rrckers and L dies Sewni< Cr.aits, nt.hognny and painted Freach B'dstetdt tire sing Mid fl.*'n Buieam, with anil without rouble tops; Bo..k ( win, Piano ^ too la. Itc Its. 1 Alan, a qu tut ty of second baud furniture, Tab ta, ' h-if", Carpets. Beds, Comforters, Ste. with which tt e aale ill c turn nee. f21 ll*re B1CH ARU VANl.y KE, J ir^Aurp.ic^eer.' PERKMP I'OHV SAUK?'To close a concern with au In nruiceCompany ? AS 1 HON Y J. VLr KCKtB k CO. will aeil a' public thehirh??;bid er.rn Wednesday 28t> dav of February, 1814, at 12 o'cl ck at the Merc!.a-Is' E?change? TWENTY-FOIR LOTS OF GROUND, embracing five on the Second ATenaa with the center of 2Jiti street; end nineteen Iota adjoining, on the aouih aide of 2ilh str?et, brtwna the 21 and 3.1 aveunea. and eiteudi. ir to within 14* fret of the 3d avenue the lots are abour lift feet drep. Sewers are est-ndrd up the Id and 3 > avenues. The street ia high, solid rtound, ". illi. the Croton water laid through the same, and Vnilt up on the north aide, opposite to this property. Seventy-fire |>er cent m-y r-naaiu on moitg ige or the purchasers may arrt ge with the Company to build, and have 90 per cent retro-in of the pu chve money and th ee-fourlha of cost of buiid ng additional ou mortgage. Maps of ths Lota an* Plana of BniMiug. to lie had atthe Aucti nrer's I '(Bee, (alter Thursday neat,) No. 7 Bread i.feei. near Wall street. fl2 tolorc bT da~v I D paII 154 PEARL STREET, THIS DAY, AT 9J O'CLOCK. ALAB1E Invoice ot Fan-y Good;, cm ati. g of tilypa. Hpittffld Handkeri hief-.Toagte do lancv ? Drrsi Handkerchiefs, B'oche Shafts. Spool < ttton, Corset ' ace-. Bone Sainender Buttons tl'in do. Li.i'u Cniars, Rn?pe-ders. Sewing silk all colors, Dressing Comhs, Side Combs, Bead Tunes. Nett do. Bags, Paper Hangings, Cloths,Csasimerea, Diaper.fec. ftJ lm*ec NEW BRIGHTON PROPERTY FOR SALE AT AUCTION. JkA THE MANSION HOUSE AND GROUNDS OF ffflt THOMAS K. DAVIS, K?.| and the lle.LMONT and J^ULBRIGHTON HOCHuS si New Brighton, Suten Fl ind, will be peremptorily soil, a' rubl:c auction. at the Merch-nts' Eacha .ge, b'. H A LI. I DA Y ?t JENKINS, on Tuesday the Mth day ?f March neat, rt 12 o clock, if not previously dispose I of at private snle The Mansion House it one cf the m sf splendid establishments in the Uuitrd States. The main outldii g stands in the centre of Ibnr or five ac es as now enc'med. It is very ei'ensiveaud com nodious; the main wills a e built of ti.a b!e, the whole sur round* d bv i-iazz i* .and all fin 1-l.t .l n, il,. ' net. The site cannot be surpassed. It e..r minds a view ot the whole of trie B iy of New York. extending up the N"ith and Kail Tlivers New York, Brookl>n, ihe Long I.,land KU i-e, through the Nar:owi to the Ocean, eutl el argo poiliouof i\ew Jersey The Belmoot end Brighton Hemes a-e both extensive huildinjEi, v-ry p rasintly situated, i early opposite toe Strom-oat Landing, aud well calculated tor large ooardiig or hotels. For a diagram and farther particulars, apply to II CUIITI8S, fl3toMrt<*ac 49 Wall street. MTO LET?From the first. f Mly > ' it, th" More aod Dwelling of he hi use ?3S l a: al c >>uer o' Was in.tun street anrxt rate stand lora eh-?p Or eery Apply ta EBP'.NKZ OR C IJf'OK, f ill 2t*m Corner of P ulton and Wr.ahicgton St. kigA TO LKT?The modern built two story an I attic b i< k (vTTV house No 146 Barrow sl-e -i. The hous* is in good reJ^BLi air, having been r.centiy paiite I ai d supp'i d with ti e Croon w t-r Apply to T & A. S. nOT-, fhiialw'e". No. ttt Chimbe.* street.* TO LKI' OR TO LK AhK? lul7t ?4(e,TKour Story Br ck More with double eel) ir, l\o 329 dowe-v, suitable for a wholej^'e, retail or in inuftcturii.g husineis. 1 iiui r f the atibstriber. No 17 Buriii.' Plip. f ID tt-m T> 'I P,It COOPER. M'I'II LPT?the store No 9J Na-aau a'r et. in fie Herald Buildings, from the fir.t of May. at this (Bee. f lire amNIBLO'S CONSERVATORY GRE'EN-HOU^ES. AXand SEED ?TOR ESTABLISHMENT,i7d Broadadtn war, enjoining 'h? Gardens. . The old patrons ana the ubl e ere rsspe? fully informed 'hot iha Mtewaiva atra taimtinr ha dpoag tiaae ( ? tkf wue liamNiiilo who is now in Europe lor tliis purpose,) hive been conii'l ted. A cho'rr and henntifal collection of annua', biennial and rerenui .1 F.ow. r Seedi h ?e teen r-crired, (p?- Vic .?r a IV m L ndon.) many v r -ties f which am rut rely sew. and have not h-retoforr graced or ornamened the America' flowergirdeu Veeelabl , Herb rd Aerieu'turi' S ods hive been tinjorte ', of th ne ki'd- only whicli are d tir lie t attsM from 'h- be,t ma kets shr ad 0 her raristi s far which ihe American seed is la. pieferible, have b?.i tniwn tv men ?1 ex erienre and integrity, for (fits istaliliihmeiU only I I n proprietor eat. re unamend nil the above seeds u itli crnfidfce as reins geuuiue. ai d i. Willing I > s'ai.t hit re, malum the" n A c .lle -tion of bou'20,'Ml O een and H t House P ant., in a fine, stroi u aud healthy c iidit.ou, are in the < oute vat rie?, (which a>e free, .dmis- ibet' nil tin e',)c usi-ting of C?m-hs'. lih d denilrms. Hoi s, Ce.a .iu i s, P ricaa, Atilea , ttc 8tc. muiy l? utifal-p-ci'eena ol whirha-cnow mtlowir It ii har ly necei* ,ry hem io >a .many of ibesa will b. found very deaiiableai ornaments to the Kluivrr Oarde. , ' onservato v or 1W1 >r. Fruit Tries, i f th most diemed kind", tin b; suppled on ih short >t no ice, fro.a Nura.lyme.i ol lie it ghesr re utafo>n. t heir catalogue prices, and dilive e.l in New Vn.L tree of ?I|ien?w Ui'nirn-nul Trw, 9hrnba, Vine*, hard)- Hosn, Sir. Sic, in great TH'it-tv. Uu'bou, Flowering Ro U. eix : Glkdio'tu. Mt-zicj a Tirer Flower, 'I ig r Lily. Jm brw L lr Uouli e l)lilu, 1 obrroae tic. he., I r (tu vij So ii g Flower Stand*. F.uey T?rra Cotu Fl "wer Vn*"? and Pote, of n w an bandaoine deaign* Go d Ki h, t* l> G!ob*t, lie Ali ill- above ar intra .re no rredv lor aale >t mod me pi lira. Ord t, thankfully iree ? -d mid n?->-tr?l ? i h p not tnaa*. WILLIAM MBI.O, P.oprietor N. B A'l kind* of Bi d Siedi ke,t on baud, u I ceuta r?r i)nrt. feja line "notice". ~ THE COFARTNh R8HIP heretofore exiating between the ut-acri'era, n di-eolted by niu u il run rnt Allrerjnne ind'btid to, or having any agamat ??i I firm, wi'l pbaae prrae t h aame for aettlemrnt too. M \>ON a' th old atai d, I No. 161 Pearl a tret J J TIMPd iN, C MASON, Fekr ary 14th. IM4. ft0 3t"e? TO MERCHANTS AND ADVERTISERS. GENERAL ADVERTISING AGENCY, 128 Nassau it rut, opjwitc Clinton thill. THE-uba rineoh.rima lane'm -tit* with the pnblial r.a of th* pii -upal newapape a in the United Statra, err pr ptiel to con pile end iuaart d??r i? m-uta ? * eery ftenra la tcina. A ft e of all the ptiiK ipil paper* ia kept, ai d a lit n' trrmi rfiate >d, ' heri (>> p raiii.a ran learu ?t oner a I [ thav in-y etunenith at de'a< on y?nec pt of th? ir a leern.erarn brt grequ ird for *11 h< j urnala they m-y w ah to ade-rtia-in Th a van ag a I a v-ru -i.e oi ih-i-uhtmring eitle* * w II at th Ci n try ik too obetou 11 r <j .ire ripltnat o i W't ndr . thi rrtoie, with . onmli" er tut I act iti&i to whole**! dralrra ?nd tl er?, w i b l' e aranro of p ou pt attrillion cha ging tha aame ralaa -nlv a? the i uliluh re B?oli . the j tin all in ?vny ronmrt t wo of lira 8t?te, they ar* ag-ipa lor thoa of Philadi Ipi.ia R lirroro, Waihoint n, Pr.iei.leo.e, h"?t n Tren on. ICilimo d. Norlnla, I'htrltton.Vataor Portland, S.v.innalt, Aneint-, Mobile.NeW II ? !. Ilaitf.ird. New O I ana. vac eg. i< c in a t. Br d/ po t Nr w Loudon, 'I b nie. v II*. Na-heille, Norwich, Hi c bi gr ludi u npAlton lira.' .I'letrlnd I) tr.nt, Coliimb'ia Pitlaburgti, G.ilena Qurb r, M uti al hi Sic. f 9 3t*re MAI fN It TUTTLE. TO THE PUBLIC. MRS G U MILCH II It < ()., TOBACCO A VI) SNUFF MAM IE .1 T Hi U*. NO. lift WATER STREET NEAR WALL STREET. \J ry fegpact folly inform their friend* a d rii* that * t arr |< a fa * '' ir nl tion of cmintP Ir i . u<l apnrioua To ba*ro * d 8'nft ipIIiiik flu nai the city ami cunntry bv i?4Iirt ipp.p,.1 ti * it ? ln? n* b mi ma i* iTtiuni in ua i ke (Mir ( ? >ri iriiitr farlrcrpiinu, tlie quality bri. * mfeiior to tha *puiunr at icIp That no oiip may h? m a'ed hr ?uch imp a lion, or siippoap th twf I ck i.r (nil in ou PiPtinra ti "a.afictun> ur iuuhI (ood rtieUi, Wf hiv bn-n indued 10 uiv thi? notice to oi*r i leuila >ad cnatum-m, nan culmi, a?ain?t in a llilIWi u p plc'c ourndifi o >parc iiO p*| pu?p oi -**ri ion to ui.iuj fac iir -, *? brrriof r-, tlr ? r In al arii I a 'ivluiiolhPT. N ft ? h* v.u'y i?raoi a ant' r imi by ua to an) pi > our e?at m?ia nt th ir ato pa ir Aairuil I! Iloa't, na?l ^miili Sloan* All *no a n nnraciu pd and au Jb. ua nrp warrui nl, aud if I not approapil <f i n i ha rviuriord and ,itp on nil1, t I mdrd did oi ta ip a nab'p ipr m aa in . articli I n tlw move line, of to* aam-ii ml ' , m m ifictur I in tup M it* I S'*'p? M'a. O. U ti I O 110 VV t*r atrr-t, Otlniii'in \V il! atfppt. tAf ||()lt L"NDON-R volar I'ackpi ot the lat dfTfJW of M 1 c h - \ 1 p Inat taili * i ack t amy V CTt/IW V, iftQhflEm apum i\ Morgan, will aa abo?p, Upi rvgiitar day, ilaaii | vprv anp*rior cnommodali'ina for eoliiu. ap'-ornl cabin and air m?p paa-p i?" a, | Ma nia wivlnu* to pmiiark ahonld inakp immi'oiatp appl rntu n '? JO KPH MtMURUAY, ft ilal lut Pipp amppt pornpr of Vmth. .ca- ?'IR i IVKHPOOL?Krg.'lir Pack-t iftlipMi t|uv I Kp " ? ryTh* f ami in* i ickot ? i|i (J.i Ili-iC "i, BMa' 'ft B. i II 'I r ak, w,|i a.iil aa abo* |, h r rignlar di-y. i lav n* ?-ry ail 'I rieraPc itiinnd> ti na for chin, .p'ond cabin auil a'i-r v> |> a p. in- a | praona w|rh -n b rk ulionld link.- *a ly application oibmnl fun nl Will i Inv t i to tAlUhllA Y. lilt Mrr 100 nin* a'r ? , cormr of South. Cfit "T?' hkLIZ^ HO >0U ft AH?Dritf JUHH ft iMn (I V RD> KH, I p, >|f an, in a t r 4Mb I* or Ire Rht ur la a *p amdv to (' plain "n ho-rd.or to k AI.KX\NDKR. r 21 4f*.c ____ w Ooa.hatwt. IHIJI W6W UHUttAP)*?t,n?ia?*M ni.d * flW ?MgW.Vork Li ? PoMli.p > *'ir l lU*u * I' ck ( to tail 8BE8fcr " 'It ! t of Marrh ~ 1 l.v f s; ? i'hi.j; t^cka* ship Or N HKF. C rr. . ^ Vinott, v i I % i) q? (ihcvi* h?*r r^g'ifir da;. For f et^hf or h vmk 1 ,im'i ? ? f,.i '.-Km! a coii?mnrfatioi a. api'K ou na-d at O nut arKarr, I < t .?! Wall at , or to K K ( OL' INS k ' U.. S<iuih rtifrt rthipi*r? Hy fhia may it Iy apou h-tftn* t? *\r k?jiU corrrr l\ mwurtd .. . . . , . Af tit* -n N>w otVkiu, Hu* i?i * Wood.un, %%ha will pr'%mi?*iv for * *r0 al*f'rf?d? U> 'K ir a'Mrrs* ritp?C e' *h;p On?tr?n K*| I O Kid ilaf. v ill mk r:r?*d fV? ?wk>i ndgall i!?* Olh Miith. H*i rtfi lir jay i*2ifc ANTI-MUMBUO"STORE!?LI VKANu LET I IV r !? A' llm ?>'<! t i) Stor*, Ni> Ml ''h.' -it^rr (w'rr>'th o<5i?ui prartio- of ral in* i|w>t: , crc na m. i>k tlip .tniv i> rot t' lir ceil) c?n to* obtained Watar ProofH' <>'? ir 'i.nCv-turvd in lliia c tv of ih brai nv-tr ial. <nd warriiitri *1 jifnni ringing from thrrr to fii? (1 Hurt, baint nn? 1*0 drlMr, I ?. / in prico t.'iu u gesefaJly htiirra (quality cana>4?ied)iu tliia city. u*Jw*r AMTSEMKNTS. a. v. op Kit a hodbk. CHAMBERS bTttttT. Adwiuma Oi e Dollar. to .'II paU "I th Uoaea. D om open at 7. Prrfuimauee to cnmmr w at hall pa?l 7 Days of Pirformmca?Monday, IV/dntsday, and Friday. FOURTHJOUHT OK BKLISAKlO. WEDNESDAY RVtNiiSu, ?fk 4 it [kr performance will commoner wuh, (fnarth time.) BKLISAKlO. Brli.ario, a Roman General Cli efof .heTroope. Big Valtellina Einpeior Jeatioian, 8icuor Via er Alamiro, a Bulgeriv-Uea'l. hrliurio'a prieonrr nig Pe O'li Euiropio, Chief al the Guard. B yuor A'beruni Eoarbio * aapi r o the I'riaoa N aldi Otario (Kiel t the Iltilaua Siguor OaileriiCa Antoniua fceliearin'* w ife Sn.nt.rti H.jfhi Ireue Bella lo'a Oaugnic < Signer.i Bi rgh*.e t adora Friend of Imia Snru.'re Albe.taxai Ooarda, Lddea, Ac., by tlw Ladire and Gentlemen of the Chorea. O"'or full particulars, ?*e kill* of the daay. Box Office open from 9 to 4 o'clock _ N. B.?The 'i In a tie on the off oiglite w ill be let for Concrete h or Lectnrea. M CHATHAM TtlKATHK AND CIKCl)?. ? CONDUCTED BY"ff^iuJCXWKLL It O R STONE it TENTH NIGHT OV LTVI NORTH ll THIS hVa.VlNU, b.b ill, perloruiencex to commence PERI OF 1HK CLOUDS \ After which rarioaa acta of Horerraan.hip, Gymnut'Ce.Cori'e 0 Volants. Van ling. African Drolleries. Ac. Ac. , Afcrahieb Levi North in a Splendid Act. a To coiirlud- aim f Lore'. Sh'tl. ?u<l Tricka. t ffiifcmtUt S. oiibMPR) fitti.A'1'tt.A. 't THiB KVENINu, beDrutu-y 21?1 lie performance! will t Com., ancr with I CINDERELLA. 1 Felix.;. V.-Mr? Timm i he Baron rompolino ?ir iNickeiaon Pedro Mr. loltw.d Cinderella Mi?a Taj lor To couclnde with <1 THKCMsTCUi. * 1 Pat Koouev Nieeiason 1 BOWEKY AHPHITHBATHB. J JOHN TRYON. MANAOER. ' J. I). P. CHAMTLIN. TREASURER. J THEATRE AND CIRCUS. [ BeinaOuU P>t 12K CmU. CHAKLES R THORN E, f haa the (a tire Direction and Mar.agemei t cf t'e Theatrioti 11 Cumpauv. * THIS EVENING ''.b. 21?:-ihe performance, will 'I rou meuce witu n QUEENS PAGE. tl Followed by a A great variety of Equestrian A ats, Kmli of Straarth.i >agi tl Oaaeea, Feats on the .SI lck and Tight nope, Dec. si To ennciade with b BLACK KYED SUSAN. p AflMUCAN .-ntHKt.n, ? AND PERPETUAL FAIR. a EVERY DAY AND EVENING Tills WEEK. Ii Di* ?i it-ra alm'tW't same evenine. Iree a fiTT-UNPUECVDENTED ATI KACT10NB...O o The Manager takes rtee.ace in aiinonociug an eu(>gem*nt J with the t (JUNG WIZARD OF THE NORTH ? ON OR ^ FRANCISCO, t'.e grrat M AOI f nu den timra, who will * appear in hia moit u unishina a'<d ex't ordinary *" EGYPTIAN INCANTATIONS! and a GRAND CHINESE EqU LIBRIUMS " Laat week, positively, account ist.ed and ah tiled Udy, * MRS. WESTERN. J Alao, the tenown-d cemrrim , GKKA I WFJITEllNi J who app*ar, forth* hat litre at this eetuhlis' maot in a new ' and most autUiiua COMl M1 ?N O O iUE. a s slid < y Mr MYERS, also, m th.-laughable and d>eply interesting \ ankee Coa tahip Mr. T. <1. BOOTH, the celebrated coric ainger. '' H (1 SHERMAN, the h?.iut '?l Ballad Suger, and LA ,, PK l ITE CEMTO. Dans-e-e. " The GIP8F.Y QUEEN, the tuuit surprising Foitunc Teller ' in the world, may be privately cous .Iced at ait times .cgardiag Past, I'tesrntaud Fu ure Events. Performances every evening at o'clock, and Wednesday and Saturday afternoons at 3 o'clock. Tclte a 2i cents?cnildren under ten yean 12)^ cents. Twentv-fire cents extra for private coosnltations with tlieO.paey Qeecn. lC7*-8aterday next, being the hat day of Mr. and Mrs W.stern, lhs> take their farewell benefit, withextraordioarv attraction!. I I9tc ortAMNU AUTOMATON. I> rPH'S Wonderlil and trgrnkoi work the product'or nl e 1 seventeen yevs m rem tied 'ab?r and anau m c?l (tads', which tm on th- fal e-l ion of tee moat mi enr Professors and Physiriasa. bo h in Europeand America. will h ixh'bi ad bt Mr. i ABKft, the ir.ventor, m peraou. on and ef- " rer Wei'neadav n it, ereiy day ( vtoinlar eveni. g ixcpt'd) froa II o'clock in lh -moini'g to 2 *'c ork P M. ai d fr m 7 to 9 o'clock iu the evening, hxh kili >n K >oin at 41.1 B>oanwav. on nr of L ipeuard street ent ance in > spemrd a'reit. Admittance 'A Cents?Chudian nncrr it ye la hall price. r f II iteod*m XHIBITION .On' 8PLK.NHII) ORI'ilNAj. OIL " PAINTINGS, TO BE SOLI) PKIV ATEI V - An on- " common coin rtion f rare, ti n , o itin'l Paint>g , t>> aucient " ma t*ra. ncautl' imputed irom Italy (b' 'ore their li-ins ?ei-t " to I. udon) is exhibited euly < u-ing tl i tnouth t- the iuapec- ' tinuof counoia e ira and ami iu a wn hing to ve<jui??iu if tho..e ap'endid P'Cluns Appl 2j . Watfcei st ret, -very d iy I' froa lit))c'cliick tttlteod c --~NU C(JNGEKt o 'PO BE GIVEN AT CONCERT HALL. No 4C6 Ernad- " A way.ou VValreadav Ev?mng. Kah 2 it, IRU, by the Mem- . lienor PALwO'S (laie) cOMPAi" Y, ^ | ?Who respectfully inform their frie>" a end ih? public, that from the flattering ?uci ea? th y tnet with at their lint ? Coorerta, aud at the aoliei aiion of many f.imiiis of he 11 highest respectability, who ware rrraent. ibev will eiv i nth- ? r at the above place n We.U * E - DA V EVENING, when , they will have the honor of prrr.enti g nn entirenew'lelecion _ of tlie moat poyu'ar inuaical [ produriinus of the day. The coin- T pany roniia'a of the following ladies ami g.ntlraeti 1 MRS. PHILLIPS. s MISS BRUCE. J m _ n it a it pf MR. HOLMAN, t. Mtt, l.v V'H. ; . MR KAVANAH. X AND MR KNI-.A8H. ? PROGRAMME fjj r?*T I. te 8->lo and ('horua? Sona of rt-eiloin B>* the Company nHour?Cnlumbu, t'on G?m of the Oreaq Mr L\net 0| ballad?The Da' wheu we went I ipteyi g Mr- Mi-rj-e t( Bong?The Death of I awreiice Mr. Hnlman b| Ch?>a.?The Amrr cat. Klag By the C- mpeny ? Ball nil? hriu ? "V h->*na .vim. Phillip* >r 8 >ng?The Lifeof a T r bfr. ha-anali b Ho g?Merry Air Mia* Bruce uiand Itul-m Duett?In imitation of higoora I' if- ? gua and Siguor L?uib>p-na?r. eui Mis. Phsrp- and M Kne.t?t ? Omir Hong Mr. Karanah ? Solo and Churua?The ht .r H|iangleil By the Company Panr II. ~ Grand Trr< laau?Siraoauhe w alt Bv ihe Company " Hong?It ?u ni-t ray ?< n N'atir a Land Mr Ltneh 2' Hong - Hiity Two hharpe 'c Hong?William Trll Mr Molirau 10 Bedltm Meitley?Bv Drgirn By ih--Cnmt-nny " Dae??The Qnaker Mrs. Shaipe iiil Mr. Kneaas 1,1 Hong?BU'kcyed Caroli: Mrs ihiBi s m ' oinic Bong -Mr. Km annh ?l Soi g?Tnkeyour litre. Mi>a Ljcy Mma Bruce Chortle?Bo Imm Dunce By the Company 01 hinslr?Hiil Colombia Bt the Cum puny ?' TICK KT8 ONK 8li ILLINO?1 n be h??l st toe door. dl Poora oirn at half-pail 6?commence at lidfpast '/o'clock. f L>0 Jt m t? __________________ WASHINGTON'S BIKTIIDAV, S FEliRUJiRV aa at PROGRAMME ?< GRAND TEMPERANCE CELEBRATION, t IN Tflk. ?Rl?\l> W v Y TAbK.llN AcLK JJ Tn cumaiMie it h >|l-nut T ' -orb I hur diy bvuning. T"e Hon. TBKODORK e'KKLIN fHUYsEN'. Presiding. M 1?Mu ir. f-om the No Ih Carolina Band. _ J?Pnygr.lby the Be* h W Andn-wi. n 3?Grind Natini el Anthem-Oiatilnite fur a Washington, by ?G. P. Morria, K*q , fr in th? Tiberuac r Choir. _ 4?Adil raa, by the ltrv. John Pirrinmt, of Boston. fobjeet? Our Oliiiisa Inlitu-ions, eat blitled by tbearmaof & Waar ir.gtnn? hrdangereal ov Luaaiy and Intern in ranee; 1 hut ' e?caed and Pe.petn.t d by the Ttmieiauce K?(or B1 mition. tl i?Muaic. Iron lie Band. ? #? Authew from the f'hoir. J, 7?Addieaa by Lewis C Levin. Kh . of Philadelphia. Hubjrct -1 he Connect on b- tween lateinpenu' e, Prodigality and Treason, as illdsuaied in the Life ol Benedict Arnold ? ?Music, I'r.m the Band.) It i* eapeeteii Pm' the Mayors of IVaw York and Broonlyn. I Common ( ouuril of that a lie r-*eutitiou front the N it*I (I Military Department!, * biitfurin, will appear on PJ the platform. ? lp*"rl it k?ti of Adaniation ti Cant* eaeh? I'o be h'datthe " offiee of Atneriean Uninn. ( Union Hall; M irk H Newmau'a, ' 1(M Broadway; J V7 La tiH. IM IVnrl; P.*itiairn a, cora.r of ?! Aun and N?ea u, and at Ihe dof. ft!) }in?rr EXCLUSIVE M I LIT A it Y HALL, BY INVITATION. g TN rOMVF.MOHA TION OK .III, BirtTH-DA V OF w 1 (}KN WaAHiNO ft i V ?At a weeing of Offie?r? held p; at the Huw trd Honno Mo day rening r < hrti try 12th for jj t e inirje v of making a'r i g-ine ti or an nclu .ire .Military _ Ball (by i viiatioo) at the 1 itnn Htl on on the Aimiveri?ry rof the Birth-Ua> ol Oentral Wa<hi< gton. %>.' inat., vlaj. J. V. ,r Vai?oi'TK??rr.?p, hecie'arv; ' "I J r. Hiuioh. (.'hi r.nut m In comet; i-oee nl lun.ip aili in, the Im-tilier rolicita a Ul m-etMg of the Contirit'e* on fandn rvimoi, Fearnary imh, y\ et 1 all-put aeeeu o'clock, at the !-aloo ro git wok thetn #1 on cirri me nt tke ar ang iBiruis amta le for th* in rriion. rt, f. IDJl'rc Vw. P. D' TSMAN. ? ????? pt PAIIK THEATRK ? i he |>m lie are wafeeilnKy mforinfd * h if tit" To"atie will re-niwu fo' iht -avtn on J? M-r?h 4th. Vi'ijna noreltn. are in pre aration, end wi'l pe-dity be am on ced fWtfrre Jj THEATRICAL NUUCK. et ""PHF. CHATHAM I H? A 1 Kk, will op n an or ahcnt the 1 VIHh Mafh. All ap. 'icuions 'or etiriigiMieite fjoat paid) will r-ceiee im^-adi te are -turn, fdireri d to VV S. Deverna, a Propri tor, or J M Menu Actio* Manager Hoi "ijl Poatnffire, New Vo.-h. The prop i tor or hit a,nut ill ae f nnd at hi* P' office in the Thea're hei'aeeu the liotr- of 1(1 end 2 and 3 to S, H to ilte- d to all on ineit relatite to th op' oinu I nring he ' reeea# ?he Theaira will he romp "-decorated and reuora J' led hv that 'inilieu an a U. Il? ILUt:. mm m me alt raiiana ?i tending to the comfort of the pairuua ol' thi. favnn'e es'ablisTi 'l ipeil W ?. DfcW HiNA. jJt tfr-e Prop letor. g STRANGERS KKWARE. ft rthi* *?p of Quvkery Humbug u i* ?no?t i?rnnrt?al Xm h< chonir an riptr*^ticpd Ihyr run T H. J K.VAN8. hint v removed hu Old On e..'t H<ad liiaprnsaiy to ,\o. 288 Pear! j| street, comer ??f Beekmin s'rect, ?hn" he cnuti'<ues his most ? mlnuinlinnry cores of'II d> I ca.e ei ea-e? no in "Iter how tornplienti-d; he sppriafa thaei tt*?i? and atMii**-oi ihat thrre it no L)r F.vans in ' i? old ?tan I and - hut Iw hi* no connection . whatever wiih any oth-r otire. Hit charges are moderate; hi* [ rnnsnlrarinna strirtlv private .. N It.?Ob ere* the nmnln-r; nm*iol.*v ,tro oftru dangrrons? ? 288 IVarl itreet. C^"Mediejiw.* *nil Jirretioi ? ?rnt lo .ny | irt of tlv t'nion, liv parti'olariv stating the esse ind enclosing live dollar*. . ftl lr*re Ir TIUNTJ6RIAN DI?PEN > 8 HY- No. 1 Division street- ft 21 This i* the only i lie* m New Vork wh*re the re?l ip nuine ^ Huulei's I'el Dinp cai. he obtained This is mc ijirovertibly u, th-only me hrioe o.i ea th fh?t rot be tlct-euderi on with the ntmnet Confidence, lo ,ui kly safely mil permanently eradic tr from lhe*y lem. the o t de.lrticnve iwnse that ?ve rfllced ' mtn. This medicine ha? n>ver b.en known to fail in a njnrlr insture to stv t e unf i tunltr suff-oe from no n >titnrl* ?nd, .. and w h n nil nth r r... r'liet hive tailed. ev?n in thi rrost de - G p rate and late er 'te eas.a C'.raa warrpite ' in rvori cnae.atd nroler ?|l e r umtr nces. ! ei'her ??. All m-ilirines sent to a _ HU ance will l? packed tecum ami .1' letter* (po I pud* (In T a. ribi g cave, ni l be p ompUv a tomtle l to. Price one oollsr X ner vial, whieh la ararra ted u.d r all circumstance*. Albany, H No i Vaidna Lane, the or Iv plays nor'h where the tiue a ticle ci cau l>e had. In Boston, Mass and Charleston, 8. IV it cannot (i be obtained. H27 lt*tt M til>11 A L THE MOST COMMOfTftA'fr^Ci " " U thitl would not give on# boulepf dm mwatnk's (tupound S-vnur or Wild CHwuar, for hula dnarn oruf Othir prepared m I k?< U.ed >11 the popular o?M, bat th'a (u<1i unriv IM for thu cut* of the fallowing dienn, tit' lutlu'uii C ugtu, Colda, Con oaitioi', Hp-tii g i.f Blood POpiution ol the Heart, whooping C- ugh. Tickling or Ilia ng iroutio" in the throU.B'onciiitte.Aithma. or vrt*kacea of the Nt.tom 3V t?in, or iapi r.d r.onatitut.on from Mf a?a-e, end to pr?r. nt peraoua f?)lu*g lu'oaDeelme (liie medicine has no iu equal. And when too mack calomel or quinine hu been a iaa, thu aedicioe will prevent It* evil rlf- c'i on the tyuein. end ret en be bil iary 'a>e'irna. A? e i roof -f the abnee medicine rtvig g-. at atreugth andrW.neit t<> the voice, a fr.-ra ne f onr large auctioneer raleb lahinenta in Pin a-ielphir, * ho a* been owing (kit -vrnp aaya that .1 i? the gieati-at me 'icine a qry ?o be ever a*w. Ofcootie the Mioia ei or i.nwvar who nve to "ae the.r voicaa.wi ul i be equa'ly benefitted Kele.euce nil be giien to the auctioneer. by colli. K at my flic CAUTI'lh-Ali p irom rh-t valuable ti?-\e*rept be orbital Docor iWl V N K'rb I OMPOUM) aVllUP OK VIL.D t.rlKRKY, en- lictiiiou* and counterfeit. Prepared ly by Dr. tvwayoe. whose office i? now removed to N. W. AMHi.fy.iwhr anil ILra airerta. Ph.lad i' nhia. Agent'?Dr. Win. H. Milnor, corner of Broadway and John Btet, New York: R. A Bands, ' hu'Ch'a Dispensary, 1M wary, corner of Spring str?'t. E. B. Warusr. JOj B ercLerat oruar of Mmetta st. James Hine.?"n, Grand at neerdth, Wilintiborsh; Plenum (k "atriaon. 711 Broad Jt Newark N J : ienjsmiu Olds. Broad street, Im wart. N J.; William O. Veod, M. D . liar em, c< rucrof 12 It a and 11 sveuue C. oglif, Jr., Main at. Palersou; Mra M. Haya, 139 Fulton street, I lovHvn; W F Clark, lioutaomary at, Jersey City. f l< tm'rc HIGHLY IMPORTANT. Nf.w Yoaa, Jan. 30th, 1144. BE WARD ?Under thia r- ward or rartion, au afHJlaJv/VJ davit 'f m" so", Jeh,: II Miller, wai published to tie world, bexiing dn- Jinuiry ICtlt. aettiag forth >hat he had tarn itstnred to good health, alter a pr > rafted suffering of 16 tears, by Dr. JuHt Thomson 141 Broome ?treet. B twrea he Ja and Igth of the preseu t mouth, January, 1144 1 onfixmd any a-m'a statement by my own affid.vit My aon aet lot h hatha had be n ifflicud aince 111*, first, by over-h-a'tnir It in elf. then by dyspepsia, real by the poisonous siing of a honey tee in his fac , which produced verti. o, deraiiuetin nt ami atnine n.e ital and b -dily suffering I'i" then bled hid in hia arma, wnich paralysed them both The doctor .ve him S calomel powilirs, in each of which, he diatiuetiy Id He here w?i sufficia:.t inercu.y for Tan ordusry me . fhe effects ofthe > alom^l on my aon'a ssttn were such <n lo a ike h>ai as aens'tive with respei t to the wiather, as a Its inomrier, for hecuutd always fell, by his mercurial r*:ni, da> in ilranee wha i a storm might la expected Under the reaiuie t of D . Ti omson I.' has lost all this oi-tress and senibility, the mercu.v hsyieg been removed. He had niton hit oiy atone time. IS bii tera. besides veteral in i-uJ dratla, onlticer and plaate s upon his 'eet end legs. When he tried t do business ha was deranged, cor fused and diitiea.ed to tuch as to render no* only hi nscl , but nil those tin me liately bout him, u Impl y and mentally di tr-s e.t on hit account, n addition to I a u eke-v, ina'-prat nee aud , oison, to which ry -on had become subject, sfter the Doctor had destroyed r parity sed I is fcrirs b> depletion, lie, t .e D ctor, informed a* there was another dead.y poison in New Y> ra, cal'ed Volf a Pais* Ancutiitaot ^ eomoniauro ; tint a p II of the xtrart, theiiin cf t' e head of a large inn. would Irtll a wolf, luch a lemouy ? won d fill a wolf, was m.w advised and dm uisletsd by the Doctor to rratore to he Ith, and to th use t*hia limbs, my poor, feeble, sickly son, who hid been made cripple b\ this same Doctor, h'lrsi he was poisoned witn isreury. palsied by bleeding, ard rend led one of th* meat iai eased beings in life, hy bli-te>s, aud burning with tana>i d ; tod now. to cap the climax he mnst take a dote of ioi-on th t would uaufa ize whin the Doctor had done, that ronld k<ll a hea'th* wolf " On see ce, thou art a jewel!" a it uot a a that the e was a particle ol the shillorrd rieck la't <o build u,-oa to be ru ihV'l to show the ignoiacce I scientific quae! ury by the aatoui lii> g elfecta ot the Thom0 itu praetor in restoring to life, animation, fvrrt -ud or'er, ue o**the i uMe.t hei g- oi sail lily obje 'ta 7 Thia ton, ones a 1 rl>ct sieriinen of his pectes, had b en shipw eckm. b olteu p,an i mostly derpove by 'ho e in wh im we could rep.ise u perf ci suf ly es we thought^ all coiilid-nte, and wlie.e we li latex ectarsixtauca pro ecti?n and *-fs ty in tune <>t im ntul > bitter lot<tu. in 2 weeks than tl1 llie be.irfl h- l ad derived inn ili? comhiu d medical faculty 111 title n year*. I do olieve tint my ton John *. Miller, surrounded at lie now- it u health it home with hit litile fimily group, it the inntt ti py man in tin c umy. h ew Jersey, mm we n t li-n. ell il oi, hit r litiv*s and friends, nnnndant iruson to r'joice 7 He ercn e '? to chsrac er and credibility?Uawienre L Keet, a d Allison Pott, Diugxi"ta Maiden Iii.e ; and Noah 'orris, Ki Eig' teenh n'ree :nd nil the iuhabitaiita of Est. x oaniy, N. I., by whom I am known. Bwurn I afore me. hit 30lh d ty of January, 1844, 9 VVALLACk' CONK, Commissioner of Doedi. N. B.?Wen ted, at atu'l, at It .1 Biuoine stieel Mih paenu aa can find no relief from other*. fll lin?ec CLOVE ANODYNE TOOTH ACHE DROPS, AN IMMEDIATE AND PERFECT CURE. PiiOSE who bare felt the painful throbbing and elementing * pang* of this disease snooting through their jawe, with oat to mennnx t er'avereece and, at it often the eaie, have s*eivrd but little sympathy from friends on auch occasions, rill no be much pleased to leuow of a remedy h.u will eyerfail to qniet forever the anmeri irut oOender. Tli* Clove madynr ia the best of all too'h-ae.he rrmoJet. It it immediate rid certain in its effect*, curing the inoat riolent toothache or in in the guma in our minute. Experience. hat tiro rod that thu anodyne composition will iee immediate and ccimaueiit reliei, after the fe.ilnre of every ilier remedy. It it pleasant to Uis tatte anil smell, and will n t Jure the teeth ot guuis iu any way, noil a lew applications rill entirely remote uie Paul ami soreness from a dectyed loth, to that it may be and an useful an eeer I hen the puins proceeds i mm trie lace or irom tiiegntnc aronud loo tli ?pi( .really sound. lint application will gire speedy re af by rubbing a lew drops ou Uie jiarr anected. Pride 2i ceuu?For in toy uavid Bands it Co., No T7 East roadway; /'i ml con it: and 211 Broadway, cornet Chambers :reet. 'tniuiir Kimdir.vt jJ-i 'm *rc NOCTPK CURB ITT?May be coesu'ted cnnftdrntially at J i. v? ,? n,.o..?i k.ii..., troopers sre resiectfollv informed tuat Dr. Cnrbitt is a mcm r ol the U uirroity ol th- cite of New York, and that he has iclusively confined h<a p aetice, from ben e general. to tlie ralinenl oicrrtii i classes of due ten (now uTrr eleven jevrs ithecitvo New Y?ra), which en -agei his eutire atieutioa. he annals "f Medicine do uit rec rd greater snccesi than is to 1 tons ' i his P'mctice The Doctor eaurioDS trie ti.fortunate tninst the use of M> rcor ?, as it Im its tlionsaudt of victims, ecmt cases ore in * lew days rumored entirely from the s\ stn *f? tliat yon are judioonih tr?ued by a p-rso" regally iniified, and not bv ureieuders and quarks, as there are sever il r them in thn eicy. venous utHreied with prot acted and invciraie cam s need not despair of Inns test red to health by applying to llr (loibitt A practice of many yeais h ji establish I tha Doctor's reiinfati'n for skill and respectd>i- ity Surici e? engage the Doctor's profoui.d attnit on. A medicine may i h d to prevent a Certain disease m any of its fo.rai. fl Isn'se WONDERFUL REMEDY. IRREY'8 TINCTURE ANI) LOTION OK IN VIGO HATION. I SUPPLY of these invalnablr and ertrootdii.aiy remedies s- baa been received direct from Doctor Adrian Virrrv, ol yosu. by his exclusive American agents, De Liuuey Ik Grey, [New York Nulhiug cqu:J to them his yet bean discoverrd ir removing impotency, ttnoi albua, nervous a'lectiots, and ivigorating the system and reviving the decayed nergiesot stain parti, s (act that ran be proved by any person in too iiaotes; for wbtle all other medicines recomtuended for thr line diseases are admitted by their inventors to be slow ol lieration.thrT metnre and Lotion of I n vigoration act at. ouce and take their effect felt u a few momenta after they are made ase [. Indeed theirqniek and wonderful action is such, that coldtss or imbecility cannot rcmaiu in the constitution that ia ontr their dominion for half an hour; nor is it possible lor auy Tried female to nse them and remain without offspring, for icy immediately correct the inactivity of certain organa which i ninety-nine rises oat of a hundred is the canse of unfruitfpltss They are also unrivalled remedies in incipient consumpon, dyspepsia, palpitation ol the heart.nervous headache gleet id affections ol the kidneys, and in all discuses produced by s unci ess solitary habi', for which they are a speedy and posivecure The Tincture ia taken internally and is pleasant to le taste; the Lotion ii nsed externally. They may be naed parately with great benefit, bnl are most effective when used Ke, tier. Pries SI s bottle, or both bottles fur ft). N. B ?Persons living at a distance can hare these medicines at in the loan of two powders, at only double ihr poW.age. th fall printed directions for converting them into live Tine ir? ud Lotion. Price $3 for one powder, or $3 for both When both me and their effect ie wonderful in removing iin} trace.) Ali remittances most be poit paid, ud directed to 1> Launey they. New York. Informal ion of adelieateand intemtine nature, which can }t be inaerted in a public advertisement, accnmi-auieararh boti e ud powder. Theee medicines shonld nevrr be turd b~ pre* int women, for theireiciting na'.are would be liable to pro. see abortion. Bold by special appoirtmrnt of DK, LAUNPY k OT5EY. 0 tmdfcw*ec At it Duiue sirret, New York MEDICAL AND SURGICAL OFFICE. VICTOR JOHNBON, IT Dtinnr atrtel, to well known to victims of Syphilitic disease, a* Uit- meat successful I metitioner that New York eau bc.uiGf, in the truntment ol lit destructive ud almost uottiu.'Uteeble malady, is still to be mnd at the old office, which he li.j occupied lor the last f-n r.-.ra. The pnblic, ud a Urge portion of medical uieu io (moil practice.tiavsau id a that all advertising Doctors are quacks. Vt admit that a large portion ol those thai infest this city are ;uorant uneducated cParisians\ bui all arr qnacks we def. Medical quackery consists in imj holding himself forth 1 skilled in the heatiug art. without hiving a diploma, oraulorily to practice, or without amend medical information. i'c eu satisfy any one that we are legal! v qualified to practice hysic ud Snrgeri ? thai we jtossuss a kuo.i ledge of general soase superior to laret-fajrths of your general nhyiicians" and lhatonr skill in the treatment ansl proper management of ' try variety of Venereal Disease, mclortiup, the surgical ' eatment of that harrassing complaint, Stricture of theUre- ' ra, ie preeminent. We have cnutiuod our pra-tice to the 1 tat men t of all priva'e and delicate complaints for ten years fe cure en as average sen patients a year; our patieuts are not ily from evsrv part of the United Slates, but limy come to us. nm th* West Indies aud Canada Wi have llirse physicians idei our care at the present time ud no week passes without tysicians in the city ud from the country corn nig to consult respecting tr.sit psuents, or sending us theit patients fur oar i Ivier. We discount qu ckery in anv foini, audthrterr lake this method of inf rating at angers, aud p-0.1ms iu Hie mniry where they c m fa d a physician skilled in the treauue t 'their disease Every case we undertake ... cur.', or make no large. No matter how long you ni.iy liave (ileet, Stricture, Iceisnpon the body, or in the or uoic, pom* in the wd and hones of the legs, we will and can car* you. if your up- is limbic at all. Uonslitntional Weakness, or Impotancy, is a disease so comicated in its character, hat the treai me a I adopted by th great ajo'ity of physit ians is highly injurious instead of salutary. it hate paid maeh attention to the tmwinaut of this uiil.tdy, ceuititntiog rartof onr rractirr. M:aiy an oufortnuata vie m of this viae h** rspe i. nrru rh' be Mil of oar lately treatment. Pyapeptia, w'akiiee* of the limbs and small tha back, coufaaioa of lutvlleet, lorf tl'ulin-ss, leluiution of ie h'trt, averatoc tn toeieiy. a- d an inability to look a man in ? face, are o ly ayint'tom* of tliii complaint. Il nnr oirceaa arr foilesred, weirtiartn'w a cure. rcet raid Intra t, with .t'emeutaf eoee, containing SI for adri a, attended to. VVe Id uo cnmnjiu !<??? wnli lha tdvnrtiaingdoelnr* iu Maw Vo.t. >'a iithIi of naraelvea aa a phyiician, and aav not*- ag el '.ha salification* of other*. Office IT Daane a'.iert, one -loor Irom halM? ill 1 in'oa 8BBRUfO*B RESTORATIVE CORDIAL H now uaivervallT admitted to be a certain specific lor Dyapepaia, Nervoea Affection*. Wenlinesa, Loss of Appetite, ability, Ike. Phys'eians prescribe it to ihrirj ntirnts; it'ntlcen wno liave experienced it* cnraiive rffrcu gratefully commend it, ladit* haer derived tlie yn-atcat benefit frnm ita jtibitiun in narvoua a. d other complain!*; epicures are re ored to their appetite; and the wreak and I ehie are made strong id vito on*. Ilealth, tha pnnr man'* richea?the rich niaa'i at," haa. thronfli it* uiHu uee beau exteui'ed to all clnaae* id conditions?mechanics mid manufacturers. treich&nfa and inker*, lawyer* and ditiues, ptiil anyhcra, poet* *"d planter*, i?e all been cured by thi* mcdicne, a* their ceHificate* id recommendation* satisfactorily prove. Yet tfli.aa.tnd* >on thousand* r rutin who arc daily tulferini; tenure, both ol ind and body, Irora the sbov-'cotnplaiuu, w nen an inf.liable medy i* offered to them in the Reiterative Lpruiai which it eparrd by C. C. ."tKBKI.NO. and tod at bi* office, No.l Inrray atreet. Price one dollar per bottle, and nine r? i down. jJO lm*ec _ _ TfcACH OKCHARD COAL?SJ.Si ptr ton Tor broken, eyp and large atove. Consumed may rely on get unit the b*?t d Aah Cool at the above price, well aervened Wt iahed by a ty weigher, end delivered from the vanl 'oroevof King end Iwanwick *(*. PffTtH CLINTON ) ttH'M OM AMU ITS CURE. THE Following few remarks apon Stricture, it U believed, A will be deeply intern ing to many peoid# -j 1st?That stricture it t mi common malady, and freqnsuUv miti in those who *r? not tl.n latst t?m of it. mlud?That inry erroneous uotiau prevails with regard to Btristurt. ' . 3d?That tlthooifii > Stricture may long ramam to dormant as rot to be suspected, it it always tending to oihac lormt of Nlii) disorder 4th?That there tr- three circa mi Can cot in particular by which a Stricture may always be known. . . Jth?That the earn of ttrietare, especially in its early stage, it certain, free from pain or inconvenience, and generally accomplished in a eerv little time. 1?With regard te.'he frequency of btrictare, this will not tmrprise if it re considered that this eompleiet proceeds from a uemy tiasud uonorrhoea. If, for instance, a gouoi rboea hat 1 bean suffered to oontiano on from month to month it slides into j note Now, than is no pais or iaeeoycnlfencr in gleet, and on this is often suffered to remain for any length . of hoe. Bat it should be known that gleet it ueuerally en- | L<<ctea with chrome inflammation, which natnrslly terminates , in, thickening, and Uus thickening in one part or other of tho , urinary paaeage ia stricture; and fmtlier, with regard toils obsewnty this thickemug may eaisi wuh'ut a g ret, audio : tnat case then is nothing whatever to call the atteutiou to It, ; o ?n?t the ??fwer mtit reouia iu perfect dtrkiieu u u> the ml miture of hi* m*Udy. 2-Another thing that lends the attention off from this dieor ! der is the errousom notion thst sine ure cannot exist so long 1 as no impediment to the flow of urine ie observed. Out this is quite wrong. A stricture may exist for years without p o- 1 dm ing any striking ch nge in this respect. Indeed, this effect ! upon the n ine is observed only iu advanced acd older ceeen, : while ibe vieible effect of early stricture is not ou the part it- ! self, hut en the mind, causing lowueaa of spirits and want of res lotion. . Id?Bat. although a mild er early stricture it seemingly m- , active, and of no acronnt, it is far from being really to. It is scarcely possible lor those oot acquainted with miuute ana j touay, to imagine the delieale aud peculiar structure of the part ) which ittlsaratof tine disease, and ho w little is sufficient to J derange it. Now. this morbid condition of the passage, wi*?th?r c >QQ#ct?d with itncture, of mil *ced by otntr and p*rEicions cmuc?, ia im trading (o destroy ibesr delicate organ*, Lying rha fanndation of some of the most distressing maladies of Raman natnr*. It ia n tliis wav that certain nniiatoial actions, iocal debit itv. an irritable bladder, tod other like diseases, pioceed from a Wi'd and unsuspected stricture. 4tk?, therefore, can be more desirable than to have some plain and riady rara' s of detect?ug stricture in its mild ar.d ea-ly stage; and. fortnsatel', there are three particular circun-fttaaom which form to; ye rs the author has found to seres this purpose. They are the following. The first reJat s to*? The Mikhh or Urihating.?It has be*n said already that the stream urn! not be much diminished or impeded, and tliat i< true; but obse ve wh t happens sfter this is lim.hed, and the eig ht* ate re-adjusted, and if it shoiffd be found that a droj> or two will afterwards tail - way, so as to wet a little, this, trifling at it may se-m, will ailord a around of stroua suspicion. The nextregito? 1'hr Tims a former Gonorrhoea mat hate remain*.* Unchued.?It notso much how long ago it may have occurted, as how lorg the glecty stage may liar* continued.? Neif er is it possible iu every case to stats th- length of time a (steel may ru i without producing Stricture, foi one is naturally in r* disposed to St' ictuie than another. As a genera, rule, however, it a Gonorrhoea has been suffered to cuutinne for a peiiod of from six to eight weeks, this would strengthen auy other suspicious circumstance. The third is The Effect a stricture has ufon th* Mind.?This, in the early stage, is to depress the spirits and to lessen mental eueigy. It is also one of its most invariable effects. Not that this i* * eu in the same degree in every individual, but it is )0 t'emmou that the wiiter scarcely sees s case of Stricture iu which the patient does not complain that ha is less active, and I less callable of business than formerly. Much might be advanc ed to snow the natural connection of the mind and generative orders, but for this the reader is referred to "The Private Treatise," wh le the fact itself is proved by the return of mental eu ergy as the cuie proceeds. ' 5. On the cure of stricture it is repeated that this is certain? I free from pain or incouveniencr, and generally accompli..had iu i a very little time. Ho much as this, however coa'd not have ] bem advanced some years ago, but such hars b>rn the late iin P'ovemeuta in this art, lhatbv proper meai, and in the hands < of careful and < xperienccd p. raons, the can is now accomplish ed in ss many days ts formerly it demande-t month. Miuy < also, who cannot consult the writer (ersonally, ou account of I distance, he. undertake the cure them.elvee aud happily sue- 1 ceed. To these an forwarded the most tuitablr and pr per means, together wit* the author's " Private Treatise." aud such remark ts any particular casa may call fer. The fee on these l occasions is gig. Or Kalph also.takes this opportunity of saying that he maybe I cou<ultfdou those,delicate dioeasea ieferred to iu Ins 'Private I Treatise"?a', his dwelling house, 8S (ireenwi h street, New York, st sr.y hour. a*d those who apply in the eoriirtug* of I these diseases, will he surpri-ed at the simplicity sud little in convenience that attended their euro, he beievri, it cniefly hose who have long from a certain class of advertising people and otker cause., who can properly appreciate his ?ervicei. l)r. ltalph turther considers it a duty, especially to those wh* are straueers in this city, and alio to obtain the confidence of every one, that he should make the following slatemeut of himself Besides his rank as Graduate of Edinburgh. Ike Sir he has been engaged in the cure of tliese diseases, b ull in Hospital and city practise, for mot* tlian thirty years, and has published three editions of a work egpressly ou th-m Also that he has letters lioui the most eminent Physicians in Europe to the most eminent in America?as Sir Aatiev Conner of London, to Dr. Mott of New York ; Dr Physitk, of Philadelphia, and others; anil that he ia permitted to refer 10 almost every Physician of eminence iu this city. The " Private Treatise" is $1. Ad- i diesa Dr. Ralph, ten. .84 Greenwich it jW 'm rc HTJUi'S TRUSSES NOTICE TO RUPTURED PERSONS. afflicted with ruptures may rely npon the be>i instrumental aid the world afford*, on application at the office, No. 4 Vctey street. or to either of the agents in the principal towaa ia the United Statee. Be careful to examine the back pad of Hall'e Trust-*, to aee if they are endoraed by Dr. Mall, m writing. None are gee nine, or to be relied npon ej goad, without bit aignature. Many ptreona haee undertaken to read imitations of Hall1! celebrated truaaes, and thousands are imposed npon in conso ?uencc. These imitations cannot be relied upon ; they are made by unskilful mechanics, and are no better than the ordinary trasses. Rooms have been fitted up at No. 4 Vesey street, ezelnsireli far lanirs, haying a separate entr. nee from the business depart meat, where a female is in constant attendance te weit apor bmUrHMa 111 Iwrro READ WHAT SHERMAN'S LOZENGES HAVE DONE. ]\ff R. DAY, boot maker, No 8' Tillary street, Brooklyn, ivl suffered great1}* f r eighteen month* with emaciation, debility, sickness of the stoma- h. loea of appetite, shooting pains iu ihe bowels, his stomach neglected almost every kind of food, rtcept sugar. He had been attended by various ph* si duns and tit two months by the professors of the University, and all to uo rnrpose. On reading Dr 8h?rman's Book deseriptiye of the symptoms of worms he thought they met his case; to he purchased a b-s of Hherraan's Worm Lozenges. A few donee brougli t away, as hajudged, about two quarts of worms, and entirely cured him. A multitude of similar eases in glit be msnticsed where children and adults had suffered all nnt tutk from warms, and uothing give relief but Sherman's Loztngee. Coushs Col is, Asthma, Whooping Cough and even Consiurption, are all t oner cared by ShermanV Couch Lozenges than auy other knowu remedy. They sllsy t!s tickling in a few seconds, sod enable "those aMicted with the most I ' harrassing cougtie ?o sleep whole nights. The Key. Dr., R.i v Mr. Dr Forest Rer. Dr.Eastmond and hundreds thousands can attest to their happy viruses ss others can to the efficacy of Sherman's Cough Loam get. for headache, Palpitation, lowliest of spirits, see sickness a- d lassitude, from boililt- or mental exertions. and for the wonderful prowr tin uf SWtrmiii'i Foot Man's Plaster. which coets bat l2>< cents, ard is a warranted cure for rheumsti.m aud lumbago, twain or wuikursi iu the breast, tide, back, or cay pert ol the body A sic Tor $he< mail's Poor Man's Flastar. and tee that hit name and his fac simile with directions for Me are on the baakt There ore a (real mauy worthless iin'Utinnt hawked aboat and said by unprincipled druggists. It-iremb.-r to art Sherman's Lozeug.-ages and Masters and Tnnt?sSMothers, or you will be deceived. Or. Warehouse is lOfi Nassau street. Agents?327 Iiedaon st cor Spring: 1U Bowery cer 8peine; 77 bast Broodway cor Market; so William at; lit, >71, Ob and Ml Broadway. In Brooklyn, Mrs Ilays fid k niton, and Moan'ain't Urns sto-e 333 uniton, tiiraaou ear Prosonet and Jackson st; I i Jersey City?K Randall, tirocer. In Newark? J E Trippe and David Bryson. Philadelphia?Zieber It Co,I Led.cer Build ids Bortou?Redding h Co, State at. Albasr?A Onthrie, t Stan wis Hell dt> re NO CUKE NO FAV. OK. COOFEK. 14 Duaaestrert, between Chatliam and William streets, takes this mctitod of informing eitixens and strangers that he lias for the last ti | rears confined his practice solely to the treatment of Venereal, Mercurial, and other diseases of a delicate nature. Although it is considered by a portion of the medical profession as a species of quackery for one of its legitimate members to advertise, sliU the great advantage the unfortunate victims of rent-real disease derive from a regularly educated physician devoting his attention to a particular branch of the profnasion, must be apparent Do tou not employ a surgeon to ampntate a limb i?to an oca list on disnae of the eye f?to a dentist for an operation on the awih and to a surgeon noted for the care of Byphilis wbes you are troubled with Vsnereal I And yoa do so from the fact tliat those men are perfect in this branch, because they only practice at it. Dr. Cooper spent years in u ceJebreladLoci Hospital, and has for tea years enjoyed the most ortensive practice m this way of any medical man in New Vork. Hecan cure tk mast aggravated cases ol Syphilis, and mild case s.-rtrefed in rwo to firs days. The Or .icregiluty educated physieiauand surgeon, ill tin raafiars nis putieuts to leare until a perfect ctrei >performed. It is deplorable to witu-.-ss seine of the ease* that are presented to the Dr., where the disease bis been Jrirea into the system by quacks, to break out again in the form of spots and clears on the body, pains in the joints, sore throat, night sweats and emaciation. 'Iris Or. will n every case warrant a cure, or make no charge. STRICTURE.?Dr. Cooper lots discovered a sew method, by which be can care t'-.e worst forat of Stricter* in from one to two wer-ks, with scarcely any pain to the patient. 1 W/taxioa of the n re thru, or prostrate gland. er of the neck of the r,ladder, art sometimes mistake* for Stricture by general prnctitioae-s and charlatans. 0N*T!TUTlON.\L DEBILITY, sonmira-s called 8.-. minal Wetkna*svb-ong! t on by as cm indulged in by r-anng men. This is, where too freriy indulged iu, the greatest evri ti nt can befall man; for it begets disease of the limit, consumption. dyspepsia, emaciation of the frame, aud finally ends in cuwplrtr iifr cy. Dr Cooper will effect a radical cure in snch rases, -r.d restore t!.e eouatitauon to its original vigor,aud tbat by a mild and airaplr coarse of medietas. A cure warrants ed in every case, or nn charge Post paid Inters, describing complaint and enclosing 13, attended to. Patients attsudod: in hotels or boarding bouses. Office opt till 10 at sight. Homember. 14 Damns street, between William sad ( hat ham >rs. jit lsi*n TO THE IiAUlES. DR. HULL'S UTERO ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER. HPHlfl new Instrument lor the radical onre el ProU|?us Dwi * or falling of the Womb, by internal applicaiK-n, wiperIOU11U1 the ase of the objectiocal r?akjy, is confidently t'comureodrd to the sffiictod as the aiiuis of |--rfeet rrsior.v.oti to health, it merer having failed of performing s care, even undei the most aggrarsisdeiraauutancea The e>upporti.r has attsiuni a r.-TT nigh ehaiactei m Earors M well as m this country It is adopted to the eutire disuse ol pessaries, ana oil other painful saiaicwi eiiwdreuis, in the Lying ig-lloipitals ol Loudon sad "mia. and is uniwi.aally re eommended in Enroll ay ni nlic^l m.n of the higltesi rank.In this country it is suit -ined bf the leading ninaW-i of ths (acuities of Colleges and Hospitals, and by gli the emiaeul privu. p.mi .mouses. Rooms hare been'urnwhed eiclunrelr for Isdrea at No. I Vsssy street, \ eepuiats entrance from the business no Mrtmeat, wiiese n ladr is in constant -tteadaace to avoir T-nsses l< -!|irvp-..??fr to f-male mti.yti j 11 'n?rC THE ONLY CERTAIN CURE. TO UJ? QUICKLY CUKED, AND thereby eaeai<e tli* dn-.idiul after cms-ianco. and tha lout tniic of diaaslera that follow as .tuck of i e r am dia-aae, the aaff-rer ahoul! tnnk tiw of a medicine that will take hold m ou : of the ftr-t raaae, and, liv u-u ral t m iha poiaon, effectually preterit toe uiei<niabl< tujuim which ?mt ttm'a arena to all th? a- uicn f tone-mo hat pinraa Mail) medirinea *r# (.tl.-r-d to I'm public, l>ul nothing haa b-en before m.da known tint p-nar.a-a no much ol the healing Tirtues.nt th>-mrlicil.yr k rd r o'linrd in >uch Dr. THOMAS'S SPri' IFK KILLS U til thee# Hi Ha wei* di'r<*v-rrd, th-patient waa o-^uir <1 toMib.nito all kind of depriratioe in bumneaa, and mannrr of tmmt. and aunjactadtoa loof and tedious cour * of miitnret or drop., mora diattnatinar to thr feriinga, aud ruiunni to tli? COo?t lutiou, than the diaeaar itie'f? and, afb-r all. to b< .'eft a r.ctim o aomc of itf wnmt roti??quanCr? at lnmr u 'ifr ran aina.? Thnmna'a Spocihc Pil'aara pnrrly regetnbla, not nap nun-it to ta! ?, ?ud they pent fail to cure tha mom a*<r??ate'l caae-, ia ao abort a time. too, aa to astoi.iah tlia pnUent fc.mae'.f Ti.ay nrrd but litlin pra amg The bloom of health, -ml look of hapi'inraa, restored i > thonaandt, a pra. for tlu'tn, and point the road to health. Trim, $1 p-r Boa. Avmu: '7 fjoit Broadway, corurr of Markrt ; 79 Knlluu 3tfwt , irs Broadway, Corner ofChamhnrar. J7I lm" c<M "LEECHES! LEECHES!! LEECHES!!! OR nniU^'IKUHHltid finrraan La<cve?,juf r-crlred AUjUvlVr par (l ip Howard, f' m llemntirgh. Alaojnal re<-? ied trona Maraeill-a aamali lot am, rma Loiehea for aala at the low am noikrt prieca^by^ ^ wiTTK, fMlm*a Impoitm of L?c<-hao. 14* Paarl at. DOCTOR MORRISON nOCTOlt MORRISON continues to be conaaltad eonfiL' dentiaily in all on rate diseases. which ha cures withoag nercury, or restraint in diet or pnr.uits. Lir. M'a improved jsethoa of en rue Rirtciares of tie Urethra by absorption, M I'gn 7 ?uccrj?M.r Thj train of evils resulting from a secret leatructive habit ia youth, inducing nocturnal emissions, lersoiu debi'ity and ultimate raiputoucy, are radically r. moras >y Dr. M. aa patholtreical principles, by reatoriug the eyatam .0a healthy tone,aac rriaiUtur it? original rigor. Apanage :ur* KBanutead or no charge With one eieepuoa. Dr. Mm he oal* qualified adraatiaiog surgeon ia the city, btw hia dipiona, in hia oBee, Mt* V niton street. near Oreauwieh. J 17 lm?re DOCTOR JORDAN'S PRIVATE SPECIFIC PACKAGES, POR THE CURE of aacret diseases, offer advantages not I possessed by any other Minedy, to wit1st. They contain very thing raqaiailc (or internal and c* ernal nae ; 2d. Approiriate for every symptom ; Id. They are accompanied ly the Monitor, a treatise on secret ma'sduw. with full directum and adriee ; 4th. They effect a safe-and permanent core, without esposare or conanltation ; 5th. One package luakee a :ure, bat if other medicines are required, they are anppl ied with>nt charge ; fch 1 heir nee occasions neither loaa ol time cr insnaeenieuoe; and lastly, the Monitor poinu oat the only mods >f prevention. No. 1. la f>r the cure of Gonorrhoea, iifret, Su> ninal Wee knesa, fce; No I, for Venereal diseases ia all Its tales ; No 3, for floor Albas, or Whites.* The Monitor in M cents, the complete packages are each $?, tecurely packed to postpaid remittances. l Sold only at Drag Store, M Frincr street,sornrr Marian street, i few doors Eaat ofNibioY. Pnrate entrance WK Marion, eeag innation of Ceataa. j2Slm?m MEDICAL NOTICE. TU8T PUBLISHED, (this day) by DR. PAWCETT.! ? P niton street, a new and original work on Mstrimouy, 1ml Mtanee, and Sterility, anatomically a ad medically esplainedaiui a eomfrahi mire exposition of the origin, na>ure and nodern treatment of syphilis, secondary symptoms of gooornoea, gleet strietnres, whites, seminal watkaass, noi tnrnal imissions. and all the consequences arising from a secret detractive habit of inconaidernta yonth, Itc., lui. This work contains IN pages oi new matter, and the great opxirtuoitywhich the Anchor has I tad for the last twenty rears roth in this country and Europe, in iures' igatinc all di eases of he geuitol organs,will render tins book invaluable.bath to now. nedieal readers and those ohvsieisiu who rha ,t,.~.i.5 luntioned incurable without innrcort. Tt.ay will here had practical statement* demonstrating ihe absurdity of the eld mercurial treatment, end the entir? success of the author's plain uid rational method of eure.svoitimg thoie dangerous ul de letmbous compound* called mercury, arsonic, sulphate of cop"f he author a till eoofinea hi* practice to thote affection* of the geusntive ontan* which areao tally disclosed acd described in hu work, and he can be consulted confidentially at 1M Fulton street. New Yoik.wbere his treatise can be obtained for |l. Persona residing at a distance can bare the work sent by mail, by enclosing $1 free of postage. j23 lm*ns l)tt. D. JAYNE'S 1 INDIAN EXPECTOBANT IS recommended as decidedly supeiior to any other known 1 combination of medicine for Courhs, Colds, luflueuxa, Difficulty of Bis thing. Whooping Cough, Pains and Weiknra* of ihe Breast, and all riiseaies of the I uTmonary Urgaus. Th.s medicine is lustily and justly recomme ded by numerous aud r?i pec table indiriduils. who have found rrliel from us use.? Many who has* b en laboring under pr tracied coughs and paos iu the breast, and hare been suppo ed by themselves and heir friends fir advanc-d in cons smut on, hive be.-u happily restored to perfect I eal h by <he u,r of th s valuable expectorant. The following is deemed mfficieat for iusertiou he.e [From the Rev. C. C. P. Crosby, late Agent of the " A merit can Baptist."] New York, Jane 13,1833. To Dr. Jatkk jDenr SirI have now's use of the Indian Expectorant, pec onaily and in my familv, for the last six years with gr at benefit Indeed 1 may eoni'der my life pmlougad by 'he >eeof this uvaluable medicine, under the blessing of (nd, for several rents. 1 may sav almost *s much or mv wife?and also of the Rev. Mr. Tiasoi. of the Island of Jamaica, For all cases of Deugh, Irflammatioa of .he C- est, Lungs and Throat I do nos' nnhrsitaiingly recomme d it as the pest medicine I hero ver tri<d. My earnest wish is that othrs ndlie'ed as I have jcen may evpeiisoce th? same rth f, which I am persuaded they wilt by using the Indian Expectorant C. C. P CROSBY. N B. Many of my neighbors, on my recommendation, have ried this medieiue with success. Dr. Hamilton, of st Jam-s. Booth Car >l:na, was greatly affected by a cough, [loarsenras, and aorenest ol the lungs, aud o i using a bottle of :his medicine found immediate ami pe inanent relief. Sold wholesale and icail, t ihe propr.rtor a prices, by A. B. k L). Bauds, general agents, 79 Fultou sUtet, 873 Broad way. and n Broadway f II lm*ec DOCTOR BELL. HR. BELL eontinuei to devote his att<ntion (dailv 'till 9 P. C W.) to the xmoral of Pr vate Diseaara *n ever> stag*. All affcri g under protrac ei raie*. aggravated or unsuccessfully tr-aled by irexperiraced ornretended pract.tiouers, those labor, ing under the oeatruct vs? Berts ol mercury or quick nostraira, sun all ?he sutpec' the rem ins of disease lurking in the ays tern may consult Dr. B. with honorable confidence and g guarantee ol cure. Person content lit ing muriate who have been tha subject of disease, may also consult him with confidence and satisfac* tiou. P st-puid letters have his prompt attent:on. Dr. Boll's treatment never exposes to suspicion, and is will known to besafe and permanent. _ Private office*. 87 Cedar street, th id door from Broadway] f 19 Im'sc DO NOT DESPAIR. ALL who have been so oafortunn'e as to contract a certrht private disea*-, and have become wer.ry with unceasing efforts to restore themselves to herJth and hapi iarss.but hau meg with bittrr disappointment in every medicne thai promised th# desired etfcct.can now take courage aud look forward With confidence to a perfect and speedy restoration of a'I their energies. Dr.Thomas'Specific Pills he*e ueve yet failed to cure the most aggravated ana protracted CU.I of gouoriboea,gleet,or strkiure. and they will ceitainly cure a recent cue of a mild kind in ihirty-six hours These pills are equally beneficial for either sex mild and certain in their effects renioviug like a charm all the germ ol disease from the system, a d le ring the constitution in all the strength and vigor "{ nnbleuiished youth. p-u m __ A ._ T. n v.., u J..? w C-l?? st, and 27J*Proa<'w?y*?or Chambers it jX lm*e< TO MAKK1KL) LAWLS. VfADAMK RKSTKLL'B PREVENTIVE POWDERS. ?Those invaluable Powders have been nnivonally adopted in Europe, but France in rorticnlar, f< r upwards of tlii ty years, u well a* by thousands in this country, u being the ouly mild, info and efficaei-us retnrdy for married Indira whose health for* >ids a too rapid inemtrr Ol famujr. The results of clirir adoption to the happiness, the health, MY, often the life, of many an affectinbutn a ife and fond mothr r, are too east to tnne'n "poo within *h" lirai'a of an adrrrtise- >, neul?retails which affe't not only the prt-sei t well being of at rents, bat the future happiness of their < ff.pnng. Is it not ml t -o well krswn that the families of the married often i?sreaae beyond the h-tnpinesa of those who g.vr tlinm birth would lictate I la how mane instances does the hard workiojt lather, ind more especially the mother, a poor family, remain slaves hrooghout their lives. trsemp at the --ar of incssaant labor, oiling bat to li?e and lining bat to toil, when they might haws mjoyed e~ndort and eomimritive rfflue-re; and il care and tow lave weighed down 'he spirit, and at list broken the health of he father, how oftra is the widow li ft nimhl- with the most rirtnoos intentions, to tare her fatlierless offspring from becoming degraded objects of charityor prnfliyat- votaries ofrieel liven though competenc and plen y smile uik<b as, how often. las ! are the dais ol the kiod bnshatd and father embittered la beholding trie emr-ciatrd form and declining health of the companion ol his bosom, en she had scarce reached the age of thirty?fkst sinking into a premature grans?with the certain prospect ol himself being eaily beieftol the Pa tuer ef his joys tad sorrows, and hit toung a d helptesi cfiildre ofll.oseeaisarisg attentions and watchful solicitude, whieb s mother slooeean bestow, not Bulrcaiiently st s sue when least able to rapport tlis hcan-rend>ng affliction ! Is it atsirab'e, thea,?I* it moral?for parents to increase their families, regardless of c naagaeaess to themselves, or the well be ug of their offspring, whm a simple, easy, healthy, and certain remedy is within on son troll 1 he advertiser, feeling thr importance of this suhi?dt? and estimating the vaat leuetiu resalting to thousands by Ota W? WWW 1'XM.llliru V] Hd, WUH1U RlfKCUBUT UIUV me attention of the married co its consideration. I? it not wioa usd virtuo-a to prerenterils to which true subject, by simple ud healthy mcui within oat eootr .1? htrry dispassioaste? rirta'-ai ud aoiighteaed mind, will unhesitatingly mower in the affirmative Price Are dolUn a peckage, accompanied with fall and parlicalar direetioaa All letter* mast be post paid. ud addressed co aoi "AM." If. Y.. or MAO \MK RK8 l e-Ll, Kemal# Ptiy.ieiu, Principal office, 141 (Greenwich street. New York. Ofie* hoots from 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. Boston office. No. 7 Eases at. dIO am?rc M A it A itt * AtSTttt. jJEMALi. PHYBYC1AN, Office ud residence. 149 OreeaL wick street, between Coottludt and Liberty streets, n hwa the can be consulted with the strictest coafideace an coasplaints incident co the female frame Madame Reetell's experience and knowledge to the I tax n ileal of obstinate eases <*.( female irregularity, steppage, snppr rsetoo, he., is sach as to require hot s few days to effect a perfect cars. Ladies desirioR oroji.T medisal atteaaaace daring confintnou or other iudrapoaitior., will be accommodated daring each time, with private ud respeeiule board. " Preventive Powders." fo married ladies, whoso delicate Ot precarious health forbid* a too rapid r.cre..rf of family, will ha tent by mail to uy part of la* United St. tea. Price fie peeks' see All letters (peet-rtid) addressed co bos, MM, New York! boston Office. No. T V.M'i trrrft." N. B.?Madame HASTKLL would inform Ladies residing oat of the city, whose health would not entail of travelling that she weald derotr hr? personal attendance npoa them S o" ef tha Unites' llama with"! rwuirrW# disluce. dU?m?c 0 b.MAl/1"- MONTHLY PILLS. OWINU to the celebrity, efficacy, and in tunable itoceeaad Madame Hostell i Veiu.le Monthly I'iils iu all cases of it) regularity, suppression, or stoppage :>f tliou functions of Mri (are npoa which the health ef ere.y f.inaie depends, sines ihcir ictn,auction into llie United Uca.?,iinw about four yasm. toantoneita ud iiaitatii'fw sir ci>..*iautiy attempted to hf mimed off lor thn ireunine. Chcnp common pills are purchased K Corel re eenU a box, put up is Jilbn ,u boiee. auc coiled? Kemale Monthly, r'fla," with . t object of selling them, if SossiMe, at one or two J.itlars alms ( ' males are therefore motioned against these attempt! to inipuss np?>n litem. It is islficieat here ts suite that all Vetnalr Ni -u'.MyTille art coantdrfeils. except those told al Madame ILsi.HV Principal Office. 149 Greenwich street. New York, "uilKsjei street, Bo?ton| Price SI. ;Vladeie? PeeseD's sigujiarr is writteo on the OOTSC if sun hot. N. It.?They ran ue rsea 01 nuuiec oi siuuk. by following tne directions e"' sed insid.- of each bor fold /1 so by SPi eointmen at tes Grand street, corser ?' A! as. m?w York die fa'c bAuihrn it' sr.,nai.r.<; VI A.UAi.1 k. tve.9lk.LI kt.M.iLK i'h V MICIAN, would rl inform ladies who, > i'. i proia-i delicacy, have t repugauoe to the tmstmest nf rheir complaints except by one of thair own set, that iu alt cases shr a'tends to them personally, her tpsrience. practice and know ledge en thles her to do so. Bag Je> nu it necessity rr> state this, as she iocs not wish to ha dossed with ti'.e pretenders eoatintiollj smanrins ud disaff eeoriag. tdvertiaing ns " bemalr I'l ysicions," who too laaff ,'ont and incompetent t'lemselree a?e obliged to get some scarce It leee Hieorut 4sack to experiment i'utead "oasalaag pat tors ud residence, lit Ure-swirh street, between Conrtland -a-i I7ih?t? cradi. tlowrs of ai?awi!*aer fun X A. M. toff P.M. dlA fna*a POItrUtfUEttfc PJiMAub PILLS. ifwutw up nifiut at ??* M. t?r. gou?KM>gi<:-.. i u . i,ihhhn, ^htuuaim 'PHK Stimt-'e eemkmiuio* of lutmiirau ol which theaa ' "ill* *re compered, !?*? taxde ibetn thr wond^ untl odinir*tio* of the world I he" <in- ko -wii ill ore* iOumpe mm lb* ouly preparatii* '?? <utun?nl that lw< proved invariably cectaia in prsilnnuM the monthly tiira? I'hrir rrrtajnty, in a| even, being aaeh thai tbev tr?u?i nrn >* naed .luring pmrntney, for though alwa>? nld, wife *nd he..'thf, they ?re eertaia M prodna* miar.itrrn..'e it m.-n linriny tl < ii*'n>d The direction* are tucalaied into Vo^lirh and ore en v!*pa4 roaad with the **al of the iaiw.rtat. / uipeil K .eh boo eon; tain* the aignoturr of M . de lluitilrlo.iii. , ?r,d tin Knifliah direction* have ?he aignetar* of Ur. k'. Mf.!>VV.AV, anthoriand *r?nt for the continent of America. 'I'hey eon be trufciiniuoil b? mmi to v.y part of (tie iJnitod Mure* Nnlddiy l)r If. IMKL I fcAU, ?nin oud impo/te* (M the Uaited State*. ific lib J.iberly ir*t, oeu < Irrvnw<cb *t. rrioe>J?holf bole* SI No hall I ?e- r _n b> moil Boltl in Boalou at No 9 Solent ?tr*er (.>!> ? directed to Dr. 9. Melvorn, bo* J*. Nt Vnrk, will "ie?< ,n altrtU tion. All letter* moat br nn??tw?d. d t> 1m <Nrw*e ? 1 I ! -I ? iU-tilriHo.i> Dai u V lit JAnKS UUiiUOIt (IbA N KTT," N W COHNr.K Mil. ION A V i) .N.\o8^U Si'llKKT? Tm* Now ton* I'mani?A r..iev, itoued erory mornine <?l the wrek-priri reu ir,;tT? pel Cf'PV" ilonntfjf nbrenber* lor ,*heil ol'hr (.tine rote fur my ?p??'fte. ueriod* 00 A tvnitteuee in m'r-nee Sn imiw win nolnilOM ll Ml *n?e* Th? Wbcoi * IIkiiai.ii?nviied rtrry Sato'dAy mnrntnga ten o clock?price *i? inn aitiloarrn <> * r* !* aon?? f*? nuhed tocouutry ounarribrr* *t * '1 pa* anuti.a. in advajio* or at the MOie rote for *nv niirei'ted period CoaaMrotttianTi are t?qo?al?d I" *d ' rt*? ?vtr Mtm Iimii Uoaone lino aery, Fmpnetor an* fcorttu ??<'Ai I aq| arraoo baaraaa* moat a* eo?U>nd.

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