Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 21, 1844, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 21, 1844 Page 7
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BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. WMklngtM. [Corrripondenes of Mm Harold.) Wasiiimotom, Feb. 19, WM. Young Cochran, who woo killed in a duel with Julian May, was buried this morning at 11 o'clock. I have beengicatly disappointed in procuring a detailed statement of all the particulars of this duel. A grant many reports are in circulation, which it would be imprudent to publish. I hope to procure the facts to-night There was quite an explosion in the Senate this morning, upon the Otegon question. It originated upon a bill introduced by Mr. Archer, authorizing the purchase of fifteen hundred copies of Mr. tlreenhow'a work upon the Oregon question, which is understood not to sustain the views of the particular friendN of that soil. Whenever this question comes up for debate, it is certain that the Western Senators and others, to the number of eighteen or twenty, will most warmly contest every inch of the ground. The feeling is very deep and very intense. You may be sure that Mr. I'akenham's negoeiation cannot be cpnducted without great excitement here at Washington. What is destined to grow out of this case cannot now be foreseen. You will daily look for Washington news with deep interest; and you may assure your readers that I snail be enabled to give them the earliest and most correct information in relation to the whole progress of this negotiation. That the agitation of this subject will produce a powerful political effect cannot be doubted. The Globe, under Mr. llenton's auspices, will take strong ground against relinquishing any portion of this territory,and agdinstjMr. Pakenham's negotiation. There are not a few who think a stornt is Slithering. Mr. Pakenham's expected arrival tooy willbe like putting tire to a slow match. S. B. Washington, Feb. 19, 1844. ?he Late Bloody and Fatal Dntl. I have with some difficulty obtained the following statement of facts from a responsible source, relative to this fatal affair. I believe them to be correct?but should there be any error, it will be cheerfully corrected. In regard to the origin of the due) it is believed that on Thursday morning last, (not on Thursday night) Mr. Cochran said, in the presence of two or three of Mr. May's iriends, that he believed Mr. May a coward?that he had acted cow ardly in a late affuir?supposed to be in a difficulty between young Mr. Ash ar.d a young gentleman by the name of Pooler, from Savannah, Georgia. This expression of Cochran was immediately reported to Mr. May, at whose request two or three of his friends immediately waited upon Mr. Cochran, at his room, to demand of him a retraction of the words, and nn apology. Mr. Cochran immediately declined, saying that he would consult his friends, which he did. This was about noon of Thursday. By the advice of his fiiends, Mr. Cochran decided to make no apology, but, on the contrury, accepted an invitation to meet Mr. May and his friends at eight o'clock the next morning, (Friday) at Mr. Nelson's tavern, abuiit a mile, or a mile and a hall the other side of the chain bridge, in Fairfax couuty, Virginia. During the remainder of the day, (Thursday) preparations for the duel were made, although no challenge had as yet been made or aocepted. Mr. Cochran and his friends left the city of Washington about hall-past five o'clock- on Friday morning, in a coach with lour white horses They arrived upon the ground at Nelson's tavern about half an hour before the other party. As soon as Mr. May and his friends arrived?as they did in a single coach, Dr. Miller attending upon horseback ?he sent a challenge in the usual style to Mr. Cochran, which was accepted. Mr. Pooler acted as Mr. May's second, and Mr. Ash as Mr. Cochran's secoM. In Mr. May's party were also Means Cuylor and Nicholson, in what capacity I do not know. Mr. Cochran was also attended by his surgeon. Articles were drawn up and signed by the seconds, designating the weapons, which were to be rides, and the distance fitly paces. The mode of proceeding to be witlj the breech of the rifle to the shoulder?the muzzle down?and to be raised at the word. The words, "Are you ready, gentlemen 1" were then to be tasked. Each were to reply "ready." and at the [ word " fire!" the muzzles of the rifles were to be raised. They were then to fire between the words ' " one," " two," " three," " stop"?neither before " one," nor alter "stop." Whilst these arrangements were going on at the tavern, the principals and surgeons proceeded to the field, about a mile distant. Their efforts were made to bring about a reconciliation, but to no purpose. The seconds arrived about rune o'clock npwti the field?when the efforts to eflect a reconciliation were again renewed, but without effect. The distance was then measured off by the seconds. The ground was very.nearly level?the position of Mr. Cochran was very slightly elevated above that of Mr. May?not over a few inches. I should have stated that the choice of the ground fell to Mr. May. Ail the parties were perfectly cool and composed. Both ihe principals were members of the temperance society; Cochran was urged, however, to take a glass of liquor, but refused. Both were perfectly composed?each expecting to wound his man and escape himself.unliurt?and each hoped to draw the other's fire: that is, by firing at the word "one," to anticipate the other s fire_ Mr. Cochran, as was his cu.-tom, continued to Ring utt'e snatches of songs. h.ach took his place ?Mr. Ash gave the word, it being his privilege as the second of the challenged party. Mr. Cochran threw otl hia hat. Botn replied " ready," in a fine, clear voice. At the word "one" both tired?Mr Cochran a second after Mr. May. Mr. May remained unhurt. Mr. Cochran stood a moment?his rifle dropped trom his hands, and he fell heavily and slowly back, partly on his left side, the right leg being thrown over the left. Mr. Cochran's surgeon was first on the spot. Blood was seen flowing from his forehead, and, upon pushing up the hair with the fingers, a wound was discovered through which a portion of the brain protruded about the size of two fingers. He appeared and was at first believed to be dead.? Scarcely any pulsation or breathing was perceptible. Mr. May still continued in his place lor some time, but subsequently went to the place where his second had stood. Almost immediately after, Mr. Cochran's surgeon came to the spot. I)r. Miller ran to his assistance) and concurred in the opinion that Mr. Cochran must die in a lew minutes. He called to Mr. May to take his horse and make his escape. Mr. May did so. His seconds came up to Mr. Cochran, and finding that lie was dying, ran to their carriage, which was a quarter of a mile off, and returned to the city, with Dr. Miller. Mr. Cochran was then left dying upon the field, ! with no |>ersons in attendance upon him but his surgeon and second, who was deeply affected by the fall of his Iriend. The driver of the coach and r .u- n u. lour Willie iiwm' r, iiifjiiirucu ni iiic inn in mi. Cochran, hid suddenly driven off to the distance of half a mile, but was brought back, and in the course ol half an hour biankets were procured, and Cochran was removed to his coach. In taking him to Nelson'8 tavern, Cochran vomited several times, and revived a little, his pulse becoming more |>erceptible. He was perfectly senseless? bled profusely?drenching the seats ol the coach with his blood. Efforts were made upon the ground, before Dr. Miller left, to replace the protruding Brain. The hair was shaved oil' in the vicinity of the wound, hut it wus found imjMissihle to restore the brain, and it was removed and a bandage applied. At Mr. Nelson's every thing possible was done fpr Mr. Cochran Doctors Ilolmead, Elliott and flail, of Washington, and Kiehie, of Ceorgetown, were immediately in attendance. Newa ol the cHtastronhe wmm itmiunilv communicated to Cocli ran'* brothers, John T. anu Richard O.Cochran, who, overpowered by the intelligence, repaired at once to the spot. Ii may here be mid that Joseph Cochran, who was killed, was not h medical student, as has been repotted and published. He was about eighteen years ol ag , and the youngest of tlie three brothers. The shots were exchanged about a quarter past 9 o'clock on Friday the ltftli met. From that time till half past I o clock on the following Sunday morning, he remained perfectly insensible, and at , that hour died. A post mortem examination was held, and the ball which entered at the union of the frontal and left parietal bone, was found on the right w<ie at he union of the right parietal with the accipital bone, between the menibianes which envelope the brain and bone. The injuiy to the hones of the head was of a |>cculiur and striking character, and it aeems remarkable that he rhould have lived so long as he did. The direction taken l?y the ball proves that he was Inking aim when he received the wound. The corpse wa? removed to the city last evening, *nd was buried this morning, as I have before stated. It is said that Mr. May returned hastily to the city, look the horse ol Ins brother, l'r. Fred. May, and fled Iroin Washington. Tnc seconds on both rules also fled, and none of them have been since heard <>f publicly. There has been gTeutexeitentent here originating from the youth of the parties engaged in the duel? J and a supposition that it might nave been prevent- J sd, and ought to have been prevented. Unjuat rumora have probably l?een the cauae of the statement which Dr. Milleris expected to inake in the Intelli- , gencer. He ia a physician of high standing at Wash- x ington, a gentleman of some years, and with a < highly respectable family. He is the son-in-law of ? the distinguished Walter Jones, Esq , lately etn- t ployed as counsel in the Girard case. It is reported that the seconds in this duel, Mr. * Ash and Mr. Pooler, had been involved in a uuarrel, and a challenge had been sent by Mr. Pooler a c week ago to-day, in conseouence of the difficulty ^ between them. In that affair Mr. May, who has a been the intimate friend of Mr. Ash (and with both j of whom I had a very pleasant acquaintance since 1 I have been in Washington) succeeded in making 8 up the quarrel. But it is feared that the coolness * between Messrs. Ash and Pooler have increased " the difficulty of amicably settling the affair between t Messrs. Cochran and May. . t There are those who unhesitatingly say the civil 4 authorities ought to have been called upon to arrest the parties, aud thus prevented the deed. t It is, altogether, a most unhappy nnd melancholy < affair. S. B. ' Washington, Feb. 19, 1844. 1 Mr. Phelps finished his "sermon" as some of the J Senators called it to-day, and the Senate iinme- t diutely adjourned. I would correct n previous statement by saying that Mr. Greenhow'sbook fully sustains our title to , DroivAn juolmniMii Ku tha frirwla nf that Tpr_ | I ritory. i It is a thankless task to "run down" a Washing- < ton rumor. I have made the attempt to-day, and , failed. I have some reason however, to believe, that Senator Wright has been asked if he would 1 accept the Judgeship if it was offered to him?and that he has declined. I am told that the frienda of Walworth have left him and gone for Marcy, and \ the Ex-Governor now stands the best chance for the < Judgeship. But the President, has, as yet, decided , npon nothing; still his decision may Be daily ex- j peeled. _ _ j The great Oregon debate is positively expected . to come off to morrow in the Senate. Great guns , will be fired, and no mistake. , On the other haifd, the President is determined to preserve the peace of the country if possible, by an umicable negociation of the Oregon boundary. ( The great difficulty will of course be to negociate such a boundary as two-thirds of the Senate will ! confirm. Captain Stockton gives another grand entertain- ! ment to-morrow on board the rinceton. The , House adjourned over for the sake of complying j with the Captain's invitation. The Senate did , not. It is expected they will take another day. i S. B. ' TWENTY-BIUHTH CONORBII, KIUST SKSSION. 1 ? < Senate, Washington, Feb. 19,1844. rank of tub united states. Mr. Buchanan again presented another memori- ( al from the Custom House in Philadelphia, strongly i urging the immediate purchase of thin banking , house, for the reason that the present building is totally unfit for the business. < greknhow'.s book upon oregon. 1 Mr. Archer introduced a resolution to purchase fifteen hundred copies ef this work, which it is un- 1 uerstoou ivir. oreennow cannot oring out wunoui help. Mr. Bknton strenuously opposed the principle of ' nurchasii g works in this way. He said he should ; fight it?fight it?fight it?inch by inch. And he ' hoped he should have good support right and left. ! (turning to Messrs. Bagby and Woodbury, and j Tappan and Allen.) There had been infinite abuse , in the mutter of appropriating money for the pur- i chase of books. i Mr. Arciikk said it would be understood that i Mr. Beuton had prejudged the case and the merits of the book, lie might not need the information contaiued in the book, but others were not so well I acquainted with the Oregon question as Mr. Benton ' is. A negociation is about to be commenced upon \ the subject, and information is desired. 1 Mr. Bknton said this mode of distributing books ( is an enormous and scandalous abuse. He would | never take u book at the public expense. i Mr. Buchanan always Had, and would still stand < up against buying books at the public expense. i\Ir. Benton?That's right, sir. Mr. Buchanan said the book, very greatly ' strengthened our title to the Oregon Territory. It confirmed the old Spanish title to 54 deg 40 min.. and under this title wc must hold the Territory, if we can hold it at all?for the treaties recognised our title only to 41) degrees. He said lie should go for maintaining every inch of the Oregon Territory. Mr. Benton?The right hand of fellowship upon that, sir [Holding out his right hand ] Mr. Archer?This book is invaluable?full of information?and the poor man will be ruined if we don't help him. Mr. Benton?Are we to become insurers of all persons who choose to enter into doubtful speculations! This is but a compilation by a clerk, at a large salary, in our own employment. lie could and would speak for himself upon the Oregon question?he wanted no one to speak for him. As to the Oregon Territory it was a very clear question. He could tell Senators that the United Slates discovered thin Territory and took posses8:on of it long before Lngland ever saw it. Then they came and took passes; ion of one half of it, and wnen we rcmonstruted they said to us, "You must either give it up or tight." Well, his rule in national policy is the same that it is in personal matters. If a man came and planted himself upon half of his properly and told him he would notgive it up without a fight : then, sir, I'll tell him, " fVt'll fight for it." 1 shall adopt the same rule in relation to the Oregon Territory?special minister or no special minister?I have my rights, and 1 know them, and shall maintain them at all hazards. We want no books to sustain our rights, and 1 can tell the Senator that we will have no Northeastern Boundary question. The like of that shall never be acted over again. This question was never iO be settled by the balance sheet of a counting house. The question was finally laid upon the table to give opportunity to Mr. Phelpa to proceed with his tariff speech. Mr. Pn? then resumed his speech. Ilona* of Representatives. Washington, February 19, 184-1. petition day. Nothing dene in the House to-day, except the presentation of petitions for four hours. Mr. Bijrkr presented a memorial from the locofoco portion of the Rhode Island Legislature, complaining of the great grievances they are now suffering under, and have suffered. Almost demanding an impeachment of the President, ?fec., for sending U. rt. soldiers to prevent the great Dorrite War, occ. And calling on Congress to enquire whether the silting members of Rhode Island, in the House, are legally entitled to sit there. Although no debate wa* allowed, this gave rite to much feeling. Mr. Cmmiiton moved to lay it on the tale. Thit wat lost to 111. Mr. Bckkk moved it* reference to a Select Committee of five. Thin wan carried?A yea 10.1 ; Noes flu. Mr Fiiii presented petitions lor reform in the Consular Systems, and to abolish reciprocity treaties, and ltom 10,OoO people ol New York to prevent emigration hereof foreign paupera, and to make the term ol naturalizing pro bation il > ears. Mr II isn its reported a Bill to provide for holding the elections allovei the Union on onrday for eloctorsof President and Vice President. Referred to the Committee of the Whole. Numerous petitions were presented for reduction of postsge, and lor taking instant possession of Oregon. Mr. tnssu presented a petition pray inir Congresi so to amend tlie Constitution as to change all laws that were contrary to scripture ; to acknowledge that (iod is head over all the I'niseise ; the divinity and supremacy of Christ Jesus, to read and reverenCx the Bible and to lead a sotier, chaste, and godly lite. It was moved l>y Mr Bklslr to lay this question of reception on the table. The House refused to order either the ayes and noes or tellers, but laid it on the table Several petitions aliout slavery were rejected. , And the House, on motion of Mr. Holmes, adjourned i till Wednesday. Mr. Wilkina's letter of resignation was received to-day. | ___ 0C>- The R tglit Hon. Sir R . I'akenliatn, Minister j from (/rent Hritaiu to the United States, arrived in thin city yesterday, and han taken apartments at (JilLcrtV, on F street.?National InU'li/ftnar of 2<lf/i. Coltsn market. Cit.vni.RBTOv, Fob 17?On Tuesday morning again still later advices reached us from Liverpool via Mew York to the l.ltli inclusive, according to those the market at that placo hn.l advanced Jd and large operations had taken place. The New York market also had in resequence recovered a prev ions decline and was reported as very active i hesc combined favorable accounts had the effect to bring out purchasers and an active demand during the 1 day resulted in the ale of 31.17 bales, generally at prices 1 which lioldi rs bad been valnl) a>king in some instances for | Ixitter than u week or two previous and thus bringing the mu hit bark as we conceive lor rernc, if not for nil qualities to its former highest point. On Wednesday the opera i tiors ignin w i re small,reaching only 3i'> bales On Thursday morning the northern moll having tdied, a repoit becan.e generally currrent about the middle of the forenoon, Knid to biivi'l een brought by a passenger, of Liverpool ad ( vicei. to the I4t,'i having been received at N. Yoik quoting j an advance ot M with very extensive sales In the lor met ( market 1s no oi.her parliculnrv could he oli'sined, the operations In consi qot nee vvi re not an large during the day r as th- y otherwise might have been, tliey reached but 'Jl'iO t >ale* at full piire* Yesterday the mail which ought to i lave brought ui New York advice* a* to the effect* which , he above accounts had pi oduced in that market, agaiu , ailed, and conicqurutly, neither holder* nor purchaser* nanifcMed uny detire to o,*rate and the *ale* reached but 1 he trifling amount of 10H bale*. The total ?ale* of the j vcek amount to 7KJ7 bale* at the following particnlir*? . I li a lOj; H, lot; .Hid. 10; lib. 9>; I0M. PJ; 472. 91; '1671, ' >!: 842. t'j; 800,9!: JIM, Hi; 100, 9; 40'8J; 1W, B?; 28j; 37, < i\ m. ?i i New Ohliiiu, Feb. 10.?Only a moderate extent of bu- . inen lm been transacted since our ;review of Wixlnc*lay last, und the market, for *ome article* exhibit* in- i reased heaviness, owing to the advanced coat of trun*- > Kir'.ation, the tendency of which ia (till tpward. I'he operation* in Cotton* have lieen tolerably large, ind for the first time, within aeveral week*, Furo- < >ean buyur* have entered the market, which 1 ndicate* a healthier turn of affair*, although price* are } | i !* below the highest |a)int of the season. But it mu-t ' ><) remembered that the advance in freight* i* equal to jc , 1 o that, after ull, the relative coat to the purchaser i* about i he same. The great bulk of the itock is still held (enaci>u*ly, in the expectation that the next account* from Kit -ope'w ill give a further itni>ctu* to prices, which is not ut ill unlikely. i Avuviti, Feb, 14 ??Onr mnrket at the close of the last, ind on Monday and Tuesday of thi* week, was in a veiy lepresscJ state, show ing a positive decline on the few ' ;alc? made of | to Jc. On yesterday evening, however, I we received the accounts "per the Itosciu*, which have iroduccd much liett.-r feeling to-day, and sales were made within jc of the highest point of the season and the mar- 1 tet close* firm and bum ant. We quote 8} to 9} a* ex- i remes?principal sale* t; ;o 9tlc. Rale* of Mock* at Pltlladclplila. Boaan, Feb. 20 ?$1000 Wilmington IIR 6'?, 1RV?, I9J; $1200 County j'*. 97: $7000 Tennessee 5'*, 1st Jan. 87; I f.310 Slateti's. Ht.l. 71; $321 do 0'*. 1810. old annual. 71; (.12 do o's, 1810, new annual, 71; $4,100 do 5'*, 00}; $A0OO Kentucky llonda. 104; $'2900 do do *0f 104; $3000 State Fa, ; $/iOO do .'m, do i ui i 6?j; a snares Pennsylvania Bk, 341}; 33do Farmera and Mechanic* 111 flOOO Lehigh Mortgage loan,. 8d; I shun; Camden and Amboy, KHij; :M) tlo * do *6f, 106j; $300 Wilmington 6'*, IBM, 80; $.i00 U 8 Bank Notea, 76. LATEST SOUTHKKN HHXF RBWI Biltimork. Feb I9?Arr Gnitf .rd Smith, ^Orleara; Lady Ail-in*. M< L? nii. Uuva;u I; Ncrthum eriand, Najoo, Rio lr Jmeii'o; Ocean, F.lrir d*r, Buit'u; (>m Warr'oaton, i Jitc^vll, I'or'oCaWlo. S1J k mily Elba tt LaGuiyrs. I IIIRIIITOM, Fib 17?Cld Olvuii'ii, Holberlon, New Vork; Merchant. Matsntm. Arr ilrh Kosthporr, He bed, NYork; | Soill>un<ber.and, Very. Livvrpno'; Ganges. Corkan, Briitol ? Arr lJth, Dimoe, Kobinann. NVnrk Havaxr* tiiJKth i|?Cld Jame*C*IHer,Webb, Boston; Othel- < o, Tucker, NYork. Sid Savannah, G B L-inar. Oewnriaua, . mil Macon NYork ("Id IJlh S ,nh. Fletcher, I-iv rpool? ' Arr I4tli, Motambique, Bett*. Loudon; Exact, Johuaou. New j fork , . . D iaiurr, Feb 13?Cld Cahawba, Coffin. NYork. 1 Moair.c, Feb 12?Arr Harmony. Jamison, Deal; Brituh iuee , Dunden, Londnu; Affahnn, Black, Deal Nr.w OittiKi, Feb 10?Arr John Mliilnrn, Stark. NYork. (K7- THE GREAT OBJECT GAINED ! ?Pelera* Medicated Lozenge* are tbo most valuable discovery of :he 19th century. They are entirely pleasant to the taite ind more efficacious than any other medicine. These Lozenge* are the result ol long continued and patient inrelitigation and experiment, conducted in concert by lomt of the most distinguished physician* in the Union, who believing that some of the best known remedies might be prepared in a palatable form, hnve directed their labors to tnat end, till tliey have produced preparations in the popular form of Lozenges for nearly every disease in:identto the human system. I'rincipal ofIice,136 Fulton street. * ! #} to- HOW A LADY LOOKS WITH HAIR ON THE LIP OR FACE!?How repulsive! Would one lufler it, did they know that at 31 Conrtlandt street, there s an article that removes the deformity, and leaves the skin soft and smooth ; and red haired gentlemen need the East India Hair Dye, found at the same place, which colors the hair, hut will not the skin. Improvement is a virtue ! Dksfncss.?Dr. NcNaii's Acoustic Oil will relieve at once, at 31 Courtlandt street. Also, Cologne Water, iiuart bottles. Trice 60 cents. ft?" BRANDRETH-i'lLLB AND THE BODY'S WASTE.?The bodies of all created beings are per pctuully undergoing a species of revolutionary change : it is therefore evident that in order to lacilitalc this periodical change the natural outlets of the body must be kept in a healthy condition?for if the noxious humors are ul lowed to sojourn too long in the body they become ex cessively sharp and corrosive, occasioning the most terri ble and fatal disorders, which frequently entail years of liifl'ering and angui-h. This could be prevented by timely recourse to this medicine?but when this is the case, all we have to do is to make immediate use ol the BranJrrlh Vegetable Universal Tills?a medicine which ha* attained in presents (tandaril of usefulness solely from it* exceeding military properties; these Pill* being in truth uothin; more than au assistant of nature, causing her to do that a hichia required to produce a healthy condition of the uody. Such being the cane, it i* evident that they can be idminlstercd with safety to advanced age, a* well a* to lelpless infancy, and invariably with the fame beneficial -emits. Sold at *211 Broadway, 274 Bowery, 1801 Hudson itreet, Mrs. Booth ft Market atreet, Brooklyn, and H North Eight Street Philadelphia, at 'ifi cent* per box. Or?- FROM FOUR TO TEN TIMES THE QlfANril Yofthe genuine Pain Extractor to be hail at '11 1 ourtl.indt itreet, for the same price charged for counterfeit* an' i 'rotations No money token for it, unless the user is delighted with it, for any of the following complaints, viz iihafe, Chap, Tetter, Pimple, Blotche. Tooth Ache, Fever Pains, Head Ache, flails, Tender Keet, Hot Skin, White Swelling, Cold in Wounds, Mumps, Run Hounds, Whitlows, Scrofula, Eruptions, Rough Hands, Indolent Swellings, Ague in Face, Burns. Scalds, Easing of Corns, Chilblains, Erysipelas, Scrofula, Pile*. Buy only at 21 Conrtlandlstrcet.or-J North Fifth street, Philadelphia, or you will he cheated with a counterfeit. Beware of imposition and coun'urfeits 21 Courtlandt itreet is the only place it has been sold for years. MO SKY tllRKKT. Tuesday, Febrnary '-SO?fl p m, A slight reaction has taken place in stocks Tht very favorable accounts in relation to cotton hare had a tendency to depress stocks. State Stocks in London were improving, and the quotations ruled higher than lu the previous returns. The cotton brokers to-day are in fair spirits, while the stock brokers do not feel so comfortable. The local effect of the news on this market has not male itself visible at this early hour. Ohio 6's declined J percent, Kentucky J, Harlem 1', Paterkon J, Mohawk J, Long Island 2, Farmers'Trust J ; Illinois improved 2 per cent. The sales were quite large, notwithstanding the decline. By a very extraordinary aad unprecedented land ex- I press from Boston we received at an early hour this morning nineteen days later commercial intelligence from F.uronn irivine accounts of the greatest excitement in the cotton market that ever was ex|<erienced. The abundance of money in 1-ondon, and the statu of all the mar keta regarding our pivductiona, settle* tlin prosperity ot the two countries on a firmer footing than ever. The movements in cotton in the Liverpool market will give the greatest impetus to trade here, and create great activity in ail pursuits. The excitement it tremendous, and absorbs every other subject. There never was anything like it in the whole history of the production of this staple. The circulation of this news through the south will produce a wonderful effect and cause very ex. tensive operations in cotton. The whele south w ill la- in a perfect lever of excitement. The advance up to the la test date, altogether, reaches full Ijd. per !h. ?the last im provement being jd.?equal to '2} certs per lb.,creating an additional value to this article of $'M,<kPO,OOi) The principal portion of the stock of the raw material in market is in thi t country, and, to a great extent, in the hands of the growers. The Rank of Kngland reports show an incrctua of but lion, of deposits, circulation and fertilities. B*?* or Kikicaxd Dtr. i. lire. 30 Jan V. C'reniilion ?lo,'ji.00fl lilo.oM.noo ti9,<>jl,ii0fl L) 10914,mm n,7H mm ii.iizumi tjecurilie* 20,w,,will 2 ,0417,000 21,9>7 000 Bui ion 12,271,000 *12,141,000 13,023 HI* To'al mi.vmet t--?(3.l 9,'?0 (4,77t.oeo (9 047.M0 The bullion in the hank increased in le?* than thirty lay a ?1.078,000, and from December 2nd to January '.nth, the increase reached ?I,6>\II00. The drponit* *inco the iaat return* have increased ?1,4*21,000 The aecuritie* ?f*0,000, and the circulation ?.741,000. The increase of the total amount of the bank sinoo the previous report, w.u ?3,08*2,000, equal to nearly nineteen million* of dollar* The weekly avemge circulation of the United King. Jom, a* compared with previous return*, stand* a* follow* B**? o* (??r?T BaiTsn*. Oct 14. IVoe. II Dec. 9 .Ian Kitflmnit B.uit of Kiialaod, I 19.0*4,800 19 154 000 11,791 000 11.901,W0 Pr tat- I) ink*, 4,721,100 4 9*4.574 4 533 049 4.922.(75 J'Mii* S>?rk t>aok? 3 130,102 3,313,119 3,191,033 3,234,099 Scotland I ii v. tr lid J let (4 oe* Bjakt,* 2.7(1,311 2,911,030 3 100,920 2.901,740 h-eland lliukol Irrlaed,- 1,132,174 3,111,471 3,102 474 3,499,(50 l*i at- and Joint fltock I)ink*,- 2.049 944 9.404.045 2,37( 070 2 Kil *99 T. id ?71.929,09 1 30.034,142 34 131,142 34,774,259 Bullion in It.vili of I- icl.irl 3.12,080 000 12.024.000 12 ?30 (t)0 14,013 0421 Thi* table shows an inereate *ince the la?t return* in :he rirculution of the private bank* of Kngland and IVole*, of ?73 004), and a <Wcro?*e in tho bank* of Scotind, of i'H-5,000, and of the hank* of Ireland, ?17,000 l'lte circulation ol the hank* of Oreat Britain ha* fallen ill' since the November return*, ?860,183 The position of commercial affair* in (Jr-at Britain at hi* moment i* very curiotis and extraordinary The treat nhtindanco of money, and th? alhience ofspeculaion*, except in cotton, and the effort* makhuf to put oven hat dawn, am very strange feature* in comuii reial movencnti. The Bank of Fnglnnd ha* f>ir some time past, e-n accumulating bullion uiul ?ecuvitle*, until *.he ) low in a bettor condition than ever bclore. The iarreate >f deposits it an evi leuce of idle capital, and the amount laying in the Buik of F.nglaad, it much larger than it iia* been since February, HS7. The increate of bullion it accounted for by the quantity of light gold paid in for the purpose of recoinage. This may be true to a certain extent, but thu increase cannot be entirely produced by that cause. The Director* of the llank hove for tametime past, been prepuring to place checks on whatever ipecututivc feeling may arise, and are at this time leagued with the Manchester manufsctuiers, to put down the spesulationa in cotton. The immense capital at the command of individuals engaged in the manufactures of Great Britain, enables them to take a very decided stand against speculation, and to maintain their positions. Backed by the Bank of F.ngland, nothing can oppose them, successfully. In adopting this principle, the Bank of F.ngland differs materially from the banks of this country. Our hanks make every e(lbrt to indue* -peculation, and increase ii. Most of them have been once ruined by the retull, hut they learn nothing by experience. The Bank of F.ngland on thu other hand, has a vivid recollection of the former period of speculation, and leaves no effort untried to prevent n repetition of those days. The position of tho bank just now, is another reason why it con* ducts Its alfairs so cautiously. Parliament intend taking up the subject of re-chartering the bank, and as tho system under w hich thu institution exists, will undergo a rigid examination, tho Directors, no doubt, consider it l good policy to keep tho bank in good condition, to abide j any investigation that may bo demanded. Investigations into banks, by Parliament committees, are not such j farces as they are in this country. They undergo a scru- ^ tiny that ferrets out and exposes every abuse. Tho bank, will, without doubt, be rechurttred, but there may be ' alterations and modifications in the system, such as i experience suggests, that will improve the institution and benefit the mercantile classes. The hank has evidently set its face against giving the ( slightest encouregmcnt to speculation in any shape, and 1 we think the effect of that determination, is visible in the , movements of cotton in the Liverpool market. The ope- 1 rations in that staple were, for three weeks before the departure of the Britannia, very heavy, tho sales reaching rul! two hundred and fifty thousand bales, notwithstaod- , ing which, the advance only reached jd per pound. This 1 exhibits a very important fact, from w bich we draw the , conclusion, that even that small advance was with ditfi- j culty produced, in connection with this state of the j market, we have accounts from the spinning districts, that the manufacturers intend running short time. This I looks had for speculators. It looks as though cotton had 1 reached its highest point. Holders in this market do not consider the advices from Kurope so favorable as antici ! [rated. I Annexed we give a comparative table of quotations for American stocks in the I.onuon market, at the same period for two years Ftb 9, 1*13 Ftb 8, 1814. Alabama, 5 P'r et., 11161. si 78 Do X slrr'ir bonds, 5 pr ct, -60 80 K'oriiU sterling, 0 pe- cr, I0al2 80 Illinois6 per < ts. 1870. 11 40 a 42 I-'diauai P-rcrs, 1801. ..21 39 a 41 l>o X tcrdiia, 4 perctt, 10 39 s 41 Keutuckv X ?ter Opr els, 1868, 64 91 s 94 l."U liirs Xs'g l<Oaili,ipret, 1811 & 1858, SO 57}? rx dir. Cniunlidninl an , 54 Misssrhnsrfs Xstg 4 per et, I860...... 90 100 Vu l.-nd. X s'g, 5 |>?r ct, 48 48 Mitsi sippi, 4 p<-r et 1858 ? 5A a 55 I'n 6 do 1861 ft 187 , ? 25 a 39 N Y. Mtite 5 do 18)5 s 1800 81 Bl a 92 N Y. C tv.i do I all a lfloo. 79 91 a 98 Ohio S'ste. 0 d > 145' ? I860. 67 88 a 90 Pennsylvania, 4 cer ct , 1851 a 1065 47 60 a 02 es. dir. S Curnli' a. 5 do 87 93 s 95 Tennessee X s a, 6. 73 98 VirxiriaS St >c , 6 1814 a'57.. ? 91 s 92 U. 3. Bank alia 10 s 19 s 80 s This shows a great increase in prices, within the year, particularly ol Illinois and Indinna State stocks. Old Stock Kxi hing*. $I04MHJBG'?. coupois 4M% 50 N Ji"ht RR 96 I WW do Hi in Canton Co StV l?N Y?'?, *54 JOT 50 do blO 3?S 1 l?00 Ohio S'a, '50 9T 50 do 31)2 1 1150 Ho 37% 75 do 32% 21,00 *vf. ah rtIn 1"2 5Hin*rKaRk 81% 2404*0 Chio? a. CO 99% 50 Ml Canal St Bkg Co 44 5000 do >10 99% 75 Mohawk RR S3 5000 in bCO mi, 24 do 5*% MM 0 do 99% 100 do b63 55 10000 do k44 99% 50 do 54% lonoo Ho bCU 994J 2(10 Pa'.exsim RR 80% 7000 Illinois 6'a, *70 4 4 50 dj bOO 01 3010 d > 4*% 250 do 80V 50CU do aCO 4342 25 do blO II jnno di> 43% so Lung Maud RR 71% 5 00 do I^O 1:% 50 do b30 75 50"0 Ky G'a, 30 yra b40 104 .40 do alO 74 1404*0 do 1(13% 100 il ? at,0 73 54*00 do 1034. 50 do 74 1004*0 d > btO 104 25 Harlem RR 49 39000 Indiana dollars 40 50 do 48% 50utl do ::9% 50 dj seO 48% 50 bw N Hilar Bk 103 300 do 41 1KN A Tnnt 14 250 do 47 V *0 do 11% 50 do 47% 14*7j I1 Arm ri Loan 31*, 50 VickaMrg Fk 8% 50 do 015 3*% 50 lle.idii g 11R 40% 200 dn 31% 175 Nor St Wor RR 35% 50 d 1 b30 34,% 450 do 35% 100 U S 'nio-anca 105 P'O do 35% 70 Kir m ii'i Ins 108% 50 do 3C 20 Aatmrn k KochHR 100 100 do btw 36 ftocoiid Hoard. $00 0 Ohio 6'*, 'CO 99*4 50 do 47% 5000 do al3 99% 25 Cautou aCO 32 104* ahas H'll m >60 4 7 75 do 30 175 do 111 17% .40 Vor k Wor RR 34% 50 do alB 47% 25 K .rmrr. Loan 31% New Sloca Kxchanii* $6000 Ohio C'a, "CO 99% 1400 Key tacky 92 2000 do .3 99% 2?a? do 92% 1000 do b20 |4*0% 3000 do 91% 2*08 d I a 10 95% I HI do bfiO 93 tm do k3 99% 2'00 do >00 9 % 1000 d> auw *">% 159 alias K.,rmtr?' Loan 34% 3000 do 99% 50 do 34% 10,0 ilu .99% 45 N A T nit 15 2000 Illinois 4 3 50 Vitksbarg 8% 2000 Indiana 40% 25 ill b35 9 1000 do 49 25 do bJO 9 1004) do a4m 37% 51 Wm'sbjr Kiro Ins bun 72 2.4 aaralo|l RR 40 25Noi?irh 35% 10 do 40% 25 do l'H> 40 Harlem RR 48% 2t do bin 35% .50 do 10% 75 Mi h wk b'lU 57 75 do 48 125 L Isl irid Hl'da 78 100 do 190 54 25 do 73% 140 do a I 48% 25 Paltr II I RR 8?% >00 do >10 47% 25 do b10 81 Mialr of Trade. AiHr.t.?l'otta continue dull at $4 75, and Pearls at $4 iRij a f.5 12}; ?4iry littln doing in either doacription. Bi i.?ax Piime Yellow, wu continue to quote in fair demand at WJ a 30c. Cottois?The advance per the atenmer Ilihcrnia, of Jd , pur lb., hat not itimulaied our rnnrkct ; prices continued the aiime with an inclination on the part of holder*! to meet theviowaof pnrchttdra more decidedly than last week. Some inquiry was made for lists for shipment, and if price* would recede J, doubtless an active husineii would U# OHiesouv nines, nrarij- ruurrir iu xpnjuciB. Khkiuiits have fallen oil a little, anil contract* have linen made fur the shipment of several thousand bale*. The new* received yesterday may induce shipment* to a very gicat extent The In uvy business in I.ivcrpool i* not considered good evidence of a larther advance. Krt m our circulars we extract the following :? Haiti block in I.ivcrpool Keb. 3, 1 ^43 324,000 Do do do 1844 431,400 Hale* for the week ending Keb 2, 18t3 108,730 Do do do do 1841 240,H|o The tranasction* lor the week < tiding the 2d in*t. were larger than ever before by scveial thousand bale*. Haln. Import* into I.ivcrpool up to the 2d inst., 1812 163,3IH llo do da do do 1844 87,348 The imports forthn week ending 2d inlt , 1844 29,433 The receipt* up to the 2d inst this year are only about one half w hat they were for the same period lust year. Thia ia tho result of the excitement. The last week's receipt* show an increase, anil the supplies may become heavier a* the *ea?on adiances, il*v?There is very little doing in either hale or conn try The former wcquo'e at 46 a Ollc, with trilling sales. Whiskv.v ?Drudge casks are inactive at J3c.; Bum's sell more Irei ly at 2IJ a 24c. Hu.r.s ok Its sr. Kststv, Fii JO The two story brirk Iront house ami lot No 249 Uiviiigtnn it, IC ft 4 inches in width, by 71 ft 0 inn. in depth (1,6 )0 The lot of ({round on the N \V corner of lluaver and New .(?., .10 ft in front, hy 101 ft 2 Inches in depth on New st H.000 The three lot* of ground situated on NK corner of Stanton ami (Jannon street*, each 2ft ftet front i)y 70 feet deep, with a liamc dwelling house nnd shop 4, a 00 The six lots of ({round, each 25 fret Iront, l?y 100 ft. deep or. th- t VV corner of Rivington nnd f'annon its .with tlie frame but Mings, formerly used as an Iron Konndery 1.1,200 The two lots Nos 101 and 10.1 l.ewia street, each 30 feet front l?y 120 feet deep?each 1,150 married, On Saturday evening, the 17th inat., hy the Rev. Mr Nohle, Mr 1. B. Ni ttms to Miss Krntoca Htsnrsin, daughter of Nathan SaitdfMtl, nil of this city". Died, On Tuesday morning, 20th inst., after a short but severe illness, Ssbsh O , infant daugliter of < harles O. and Mary A. Delano. aged 7 months and 25 days. The friends and acquaintances of the lamily, and those ol Mrs Wm Tate, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral this afternoon at 1 o'clock, from No. 17 Moore xt , corner of Front. The members of Now Vork F.odge, No. 10 I. O. O. K , and the order in general, are respectfully invited __ i.ntest Advices nreeivvD sr ths. isrw voam hkkai.d omen. Africa On. 21 Malaga*"' Dee. 3 Antigua Dec. 21 Madeira Ore 1 A reritio Dec, tci Mauritius Oct. 5 tot' wes las It Montevideo Nov ? flitivii Oct. 21 Msraemtio Dec. 20 Hay of Islands N /-An*. 1 Mansanula** Jan. ?0 Bermuda Jn ! ? Mstanta* K*h. 8 It.leu is Ayrcs P<"5. I \Jayagn"? Ket?. a Belise. Hon. Keh. I Mxumons Dec. 2f> B trl tiloi Ore 10 Monterey tier to It i i; Pir J \ ,.ei.N. I' I,n n Jt.'C 1 N-nvitas Per, n f arm Tosrn.C.d. II fh?t 27 Oihn.H I. Ofl. 70 ! icut'a Nov 21 ram J,m. 20 t.'adiv Nov. 19 Tarn..... Feh. 2 ' lii. .e, ... ...... f hi e h Port an IMnce . Jan 2" i fieg,-., tan. 7.1 f i. i Uiro Pec, /J ;M?* Hayiirn Ju. V Porto CaMlo Hoe. ** 1 rrttwgrn Oct. 21 Poiut IVtr*, Om?d. J?"- '? ui>l??rh> J,?. 3 P?-rii?oibaco * ;0.iuimbo 18* Oct. *3 l11"*0 Aug. 29 Rio Janeiro Jf. 1 )t-mrr*r? , st. Hrleua N*? ? r.UuioK Dec. 3 fit. Thomaa J * ST 1 s,0, ^ lit. Jiuodt C*b?,,,,5't Jlbraltar . Dft. 21 St Jul, US, P. H. Vrc 10 Jttiiynina, PH.... Jan. 22 8t Sept. 22 Julveslon Feb. 3 8t. Domingo Dec. It Jouaivr a J*n. H St. Bept. ** I' pH. I Hun tiara Jan. 8 lanna ... reb. H Singapore .. Oct. 12 falifa* Feb. <i Sydney, N. H. W. July t\ lereinie*** .Jan. 3 Trinidad dr ('aba Jan. 22 (ing?ton, Ja?* lai. 13 Tilcahuaua Aug. 21 M*ontloa Fe . 4 Tampir.o Dec. 23 -irerpool Fel?. 4 TobtiCO Jan. 19 LaOuayrt Dec. to Turks Island Jan. 24 Itgtina Oct. 31 Trieste ..Nov. 29 Liin.r Aug. 20 Valparaiso >? * Nov. 11 Sept. 19 Vera C rat J** 27 Vlfurilla Oct. 9 Zanzibar Oct 12 Pauengeri Arrived. LivF.nrooL?Steam ship Hiter ia, at Bcston?Mr and Mrs Uates, Mr and Mm A'Din, Miss Spence, Mrs Rrgera and child, Vlr and Mrs Dickinson j)r Hat well. Dr Weir, l)r A|?i Unwind, Capt Jamie on Rev II Lewi*. M? and Miss Shaw. Messrs IJitkrll, Weytn.r. Moses Cook, Tomes, Hel'ers. Jno Hunt, S 9 Henry. Toines jr. Ily Tomes. K 1) *min doun. F K SiflUen, Bell. Lot cos. M Mitchell, Condrv, Thatcher, llaker, Blake, \lbers, B met Cnnwock. Zigmol-, Richards, W K Lewis. J [yochran. C Rottell.C W Ru tell llnMurd, Dorr. Chaucer, 1. Homin. Jtunge. J S Jaflfray, Vyae W M (Jhb*on, Jas l)f aue, llv Wik- If. Ilyan, Harvey, I) Km be I, ('has Thiea, O Sullivan, Fuler, Kenwra h, Butterfteld, Kwicg. Odor, Arrowunith, R F Bab^ock, Lind nh-im, Ale* Kndg?n and servant. P Arkley John Falcouner. Ciingan Ibbcttnti, K iel den?70. Liverpool to II?aliOam? Lieut Col Whanti+H. Li?ut Harp r, K I'tinnrd jr, and servant, Mist R lyc?V Halifax to Boston? Dapt Laoghan. Cftjst Jnck>on. M si Rilev, Mr a* d Mrs '"roll uid boy, Ha in I C If and, F VV Pickinao, D L Hyde, Mr Whitdnaham 10 Total 91. llio Janeiro?Barque Catharine? \inos O Wells, of New York} John Vau Dyke, Philadelphia; Jacques Daratsier, Louis Monsieur. France 4 it. the steerage Omaorkf?Brig America?Lieut R W Mande, U 8 Navy, bearer of ilisp tches from th* H n J C Picket, at Lin *; ( 'apt J Thatcher, late of ship John: ('ant K A Mason, and S B Hieadly. mate of ship Nautilus; J M Lawrence New Orleans? Ship Gaston?D Arrott, W B Bodge?1 in iteerase. STortlyn Importatlom Rio J trrt iko?Baiqti" 4Jafhariiir?288 pes rosewood 1118 bnrs Joff'e 34*97 hide I b* I bdl M%*on St Thompson?82 hags coffee [I Gaid er?50 hi* 25 hf J K (Gardner-?I T H Whitaker. M ATS-V7.4??Hchr llann-h?19! hhd? sugar 481 bM* do 137 by* offee K O Thurston?l'O botes 62 bags 8pofford 4k Tilesion?4 ibis s?*gar 42,060 oraoff** ( ? master Domestic Importations. Nkw Ori.ran?~Shin Gaston?059 hhls 19 hhds 73 fierce* 652 tegs Small, Williams St ro-111 bSU II Leea It co? 1*4 do A <' Ro s er* Itco?18 do 3| hhds N McChain It eo?5 do 25 bb's I'ooper Gerard- 57 hhd? Goodhue It c.o?'J P J Krancia?21 ble* leer skins 1.1' Wh te It co?5 do cotton Buckley, Graham St Co?2*0 d ? 2 hhls K K Pollln It co?5 case* J Gihou It co?203 t)b's 8 St S Taylor- 208 hbl* 187 keg* 36 hhds Buydarn It Sage? J00 kegs Roberts It Willi- ms?2 ct Geo Grove Nkw Om Kerfs?Shin Q*ozivn*w*?24<H bbls pork and lard ?2 lohim* Suyd?m. Sig* It co?618 do pork 2 be* I H P I Neving k son ?16 tcs flsK?een H L' e? It co?47 hhls 2 hf do lard 615 bit cotfon Booth It Edgar?164 R Irvin?40 bbls linseed Dwigbt St Johnson Monti r?St-ip Edwins?206 bales eoffon A Awil1?125 Bar* itow It Pone- 3'"* * Judi' It son?6 J M Prrsco*t?21 4 4 llowlind -125 Ppnffcrd 8* Tileston?285 K D Hurlbut St CO?28. bdls 23 )bla Center 8t co?3 bis 2 3 I tales to order MARITIME HERALD. ~ Sailing Days of tits Stsam Ships. rtOM LIVERPOOL. FROM iMRKir, Hihcvnia. Jn.lkina March 1 "a|pdoni*. |,ntt. Mar. 6 April 1 II Wmlcrn, Mntthrwa Apr 27 May 23 J Britain. tlukM May 21 ........ June 20 Packets to Arrlvs Packsts to Sail. from i.ivkrpool foe i nnnrooi . [nd'ppadcncc Nye, RocliPttcr. Briron, Feb.21 Himl Mirks, Bunker, FcV I llarrick, Haidily, Feb 26 New Yurk, i'rnpp*r, Feb 1 Oxford. Haihb'oiP. Mar. 1 Liverpool. Kldrii'tp'. Feb. 6 Patrick Il?nry Delano, Mar. 6 FROM FOP.TaMOITTH. FOR POMTiMOUTH Prince Alb it. Sobor, Jan 26 Victoria, vorirau. Mar- 1 Toronto, Opawnlil, Feb. 2 Hurbec, Morgan, Mar. ID Baltimore. Kunc!r, Jan 22 I Burgundy, Wot ton, Feb.21 At go, Anthony, Jan. 29 1 Oneida, Funck, Mar. 1 Foreign Letter Ban. Hereafter, Letter and Newspajer Bass lor all parts of the World, will he made up at the flFiut.D Office. PORT OF NBW YORK, FEBRUARY HI. icw risks 6 49 I moon silts 9 20 bun sets 5 10 I hhjh water 11 7 Clear aa. Ships Rochester, Rrit*on, Livemod. Woodhull k Minturn; Ocmukf*. reef. Ne*? Or*eans( h K Collin* k Co - Baique Louisiana. Kiner . do, Nei^ ith k Walsh.?Brig Corsair (Bi) Akens, Loudon, T 8 Window. ArrlTed. Shin (3as*on, Rl'lridte, from New Otleans, Jan. JO, and the 8W Pass *st ?n?t with tads**, to E K Collins k Co. Left at a* chor outa-de the Bar, Wabash, aid Cincinnati, for NYork; tbsrlaMs, f >r Bos on Sh'P Orozimbo, Ko?te, 15 days from New Orleins with cotton, &n to master. Sailed in Co. with Ileleu McLeod, for Phi la del pi in Hh p Henry, Noyes, from New Orl ans. and the 8W Pass 29?h ult. with cotton, t Ncs i ith k Walsh. Ship Rdw.ns. W? at. 13 dlys fmm Mobile, with cotton, to K. I) Hurlhufk' o ?ailcd iu eo from'lie Bar with Waverlv, Smith, and Issnc Mead. for NVork; R ckinghsm, Liverpool; Co a. Providence; Talma, Boston; Lu/ mi, a> d Ovando, (il.t ftwr. Barque Cathari e, Wingate (of Baltimore) from Rio Janeiro Jsn 1. with code?, to M ism k Thompson Barque Barringi u Barf n 20 days from Cardenas, w ith 500 hhds molas?e* to De Teyster k Whiliitar li Vessels left before report-d. Brig America, Wade, from Chagres. via Ca*thagena 29 days, with hides and s{k*:i?, to Zachrusou k Co. Left no American re*?e|??. Sclir Patuient. Clark. 9 d*ys fr tn M?fa? *as. with 8 hhds 8 tc.s 136 hhla molasses to llr?"l k lloppork ; 70,1 00 oranges Bucklions* k C' lien S hr Hannah, Woodman 16 days from Mntanz-.s.with sugar, to ma iter. Sclir Kreline. Cooper. 23 d ys from II ivana, with 209 hhds mo! tssrt to S T. Young Split sails and lost I art of d*ck lot d of mo'a sei II * li ' IS li; . Schr Fail field, Burr, U days from Sa'em, with mdse, to the master. Srbr Cambridge, Hall, f? days from Poston, with mdse, to J. Stevens U?.|.r AIU/ \1 II.t.. r:rn??..|l ? Amrm Rnilnn will, mdse, to J Ail>! ?. Sclu lotc liners, Ilahey, 3 d.tys from Virginia, w i1 h onleri. t'i ma-" r. Sohr II. Walker, Kigera. J ila] from Virginia, with ovst-rs, to mast- r. Schr Lovely Harrison, Dakar, from Fully Handing, with oats. 10 master. Below Hlsiii Arkansas, Burg-en, from New Orients, witli rotton, to Wm Nelsop. Ship Wabash, Stanton, from New Orleans, with cotton, to Stanton It Fn st. nitcfllnneotie. Bant AsHnnr ?Capt Dar irkson, of P e Oov Banratf, at Boston, reports?17th ia?t s-w ashore on a|ta (' ?!. about < n< mile from th? It iglil n.d Light, a large full riggid hig with a white streak?she appear d I t be cotton loaded, anil was heading off shore. Bain Vot.Taitu\?Wrecke s ate engaged in securing the property ifl'r Vn t ire, and other is els st ship Fat nit n MaTtirav. of St Stephens, NB, lost on Fiords ' eef. was insured in 3 offices in Bost-m (or SiWOiaih Ba Ban; Vauli.a, ( f Aher-'een) Sntli rlar.d, was loai in Nevis Hav. is Dec laat. Two of her new arr here leserday in the < 'ordoar i, Irom Jarm*l. ffrna Ksc Hisnr, whieh left Cherry-tone on III" Iflh nit. for Ba limit e, hat not been heaiil from t!ne-? the issup. tinted to have Ci nn lost. Besides the crew a Mr Fliuti was on boi r 1. Notice to Marlnen On the of the 1st Sehrnary. whi e within f-nr mil's of Boon It's d. there was no light to he seen from 10o'clock in the evening until 5 in the mooing. The Isleo' Fhoals Light in pntin sight a'l ill- time. .Jntrrti Poi.iitip. M ister of hr<g Tallmadge, of IV rll.u: d Whalemen. Arr at New Bedford I7th, Logan, Stott NW Coast. Maui, Sept 11 with 1500 hhls wh oil anil 22 000 Ihs hone; 18th, Amethyst llrvi aril, ilo do 28ih via Pernanibuco, 2d ult. with 28,(NM tikis wh 5.7 doap, anil II 000 Ihs hone The I, gan r.i? rts left st S ndw icli Is'ands, Wm I'enn. Lincoln, Falm <i th. fiOi so on wh fir NZ; Mout|>elirr. T*h r, N B. 2000 hh's for NZ; Wm I homt t-n. tllia do. '200 wh: *"liz heh haitham do 0 0 so (t -n whfor VZ; Aver ek llriie kin. Brmn-n ItnOwnf rd j lluntr-s*, Tate' N B, 300# hhls (558 snl for h ms: Knvnv* hither. Providenre. ]200 *h 700 sp dr; 8 iloflo". If |. KH, I'OO w h 160 ?p ln? j>?/; Junior, Hithawav. NR. 12'0 % Hi 0 v li l?ri n < a cruize; 8 C?ro i"?, S" w rf, Hn. ?10f? ? h for home; Win Lee. N wpotf, 600 fp IIOA wlidi; Nil .Co k, N"?? ford; iJfi? ip WOwh. M *n r? with a rmaf Mu'l, oI end for NL. 2700 wh 300 t|> ; *poke mi NW rtnuf. J'lly 10, ' armo ?th, W|m|i*i?ny, NB, 'ft ft ?p tftft wh: 15th, I anion. ip ev, do, 0l)?p ?fl(l nh near J from Inly 70. Wm inill?n,rnk, do, I'00 #h; Aug: 2ft, n-, h Hnv'n, 400. At O up, [i cirry III] Am 16. M?o, Brorn#'!. NB 700 ?p; 8* t. iVp*. pntfdon. Nnni,l.1fl0i|i;l 'hr MitcHrll, do, K00 r; ' P ciRft, Le-tiir > R, 270 tp '.HO wh; 'ftth, HarbinI7>f, We? in t, 200 ?p Iftft wl?, [before '*p 151 * It 250 up ] C ipt Tfftp v " .l fi||| Mil v> 11 h. \V <r. It vn. 100 ?p; NO! 4 <M Hire Horn airo ( zed K ir KH. Pro* net! from l*ec I IP42 Thm Ak n%cffft tohi?, and Henry Oieenough, of Bos ton; March I 1 hnmMcOtll, Trie 0 methvat rej?or %t Maui, Sept 24* Pioneer, Talmin N R, Rn to <550 w b, 'or ^ '/.. 2ftS ( < n r r, No ion, do, 2i00 blili, nnd 60 othr r?, before r i? d Ht ok*, in o* 11 Cap Horn K??r ii4 N W, I5 mile* <Ii%t bra flenr?et*. Oft rr ^ B for Pic 5c, clean Lert nt Pern rnhu'o fan 2, **nrv C.nle P'ior, Dmbur/, dijj P li i. Ifrmlil n o^ndlor Nanicrket 2i'0*prrm. Pa?? d down Vineyard Sound 17th IVnii, Hitmbliii, from Pacific Ocean, n! nnd lor NAMtu<-ke' full. P?VI* 2"ih November Ma inchm'tf, Bern* d. of N R; f Nanf, with 1151 bblt oil; Courier, of N li. wi li V?0 hbl* ?>il At I'nmbp/. Mary. ?f r. towvi; /t?p r, Hmi'h 'f N R, with '?0M>li; Tohis*. Chu^ of Nant, wi'h *10* tdd-*; Franklin H v ol iln; Mvinrr of b tifliufn. Nov. 20. in Pan ?iim H-?y, ll*ri d, Mirphuril, of N B w < ok'-n. A?r at My*lie Hh iu?t, iSinu*ioi, KMn U*. .from Pacific Orwn, (*in "tn ttof Vlssfl an J Hmdwicn I* lands, Oct. 1st, w th 2 .VI u h I7'? spin M n rt? ?t M mr. in H*|t. *np*rior, Ilarc, NL 1 oo hhU, I n N/; MTnifv. /'ny, 8t nntoi.180'1 liliU; NfW?i|i Pmii *roo, d ?, 1100 l?t>l? I'm li 'mo; Eugcn*, P*u dirt n,n 220* hb.s, fn homr; Indian Chief NL, fVH) HVs; Anna's. ?' !! d ?, arJ e i lf>.It w?h 2000 hb s for bona. Hp a# on N 'V Con t, JhIv 2Mb. Amnio*, Hitbbird Htoni if. t n, I7T0 bbl*. No 'rt , l?t 20 8 Ion 107 W. ship Air* !> INyue. 8.? h*?bor, 25'0 bbls; I 'OS I >n XI W Wm L**, <Lf f>rd. *e*i?o*t. At Bio Janeiro Intuit Janus Turner, NB, sold 1200 bbl*, fn soil i mr d y rop N W Coast; iJesdeniona, Bak?r, of do, t?* sail s m* day f??r Pacific. Ifnited S*?rr? sir* Fv*r bam, two Ammnn whaliui huh-, aarhnred *t Pigs N'and, ((,> t is) Oc. V). *i*d 21. Nov 21, 1 ! Mb H Inn 1 lV, Dorr, Ntw London, 17 s^ln ont, '00 bbU *|? 7f0bS|s wb; flrtnd . H?.rrpaon, 6 w*eks on', 100 wb and 100 sp. bv lb* Geo Washington, a rii.-d at tli* Cafe. Spokon. Hrlla ibl M ?r, t'bsrleatnn for 6ord*aui, 14th inst, Ut.11 7, I n 7t 13?by th* 1 ntv trior, r ibis port. Forward (Her rutr,? ) on a cruise, lft, h iust. Cap* ll*i?lo|*n N w bv N Vl m?b n ?b\* th* nsmr. Rsmtoira he. ce ?n? NOrUsns, 6fh innt, lit 27 *?, Ion fli ?0 lb* (1 tf.on. sr thin port Loni?, NOrbnun f r Phi1id*lphii, I7lh innt, l*t 1(J 20, I n 7.'??by tb* same. Unicorn, 10 lays from NOibsns, lllli inst?by tb* PaWt-iif. ?t ib'n port J Wain right, AtUU. i* for Richmond, 1Mb mat?by fb* am* Win If?ry fr m Below, Ifon. for Porfsmontb. En* n' dit*. I it 1? M. Ion 77 JO bv lb* -irn Falcn, lOdiy* from Mobil* f??r Boston, If.tb n^r?ty t' sim* ... Mrabo.Hbonf, M*M*.in for B ston. 1Mb inst.l.t T! . 1?Lv the On x,nsbo at ibis p r? A br <t bn ii g * *ln? sin with l*t *r I) in c*||frc, 17* i sr. In* V fll Ion *7 1- bv ?b* II "th, it. tb r??it Oueita 'I r-p ,r f N|bdr?>rl BO <1 .) from N York for Va'j , raian, Nov 22. 1st 37 41. lou 7a *1 ======!===? Hoai U, Piociur, B, 9toil lor Caul. n. Dvc 3, Ut 4 N, l? a H. S Hrinur, Llbrru lux llio Jajjiio, li-c 28, 1*1 Ik 18 8, MS II XI W. Ki'Inut, of Pf..*i?crtown, 3 ,in NYork for ft Crail, 13 ?i in?t, U* II 6l>. I.hi 70 in. OrMwo. Si diy. from ttottoa for I tlculu, Nov I, no Ut. lU fi?'U z.iili. i'unniuihrie, WitrtMrt for Trinidad. K?b 16 Ut 43, |o i Ii9 h'lV.ii Burxo.t, I', <Uyr from I irulof|i? lor Bo.tou, F*S II, Ut 1i U, loo ?' . VUriJitn, 3 di>'? 'r un Nrw Vorli for Oporto, ltth intl. lit 36, [ml 7 I VI Mod lord, Livripnol for NOrlo'u., no lu 47, Ion 1J II Ubrook. II .11 for NU'Usi, Ul III. lo i 7 Belief. 0 (lay . from Ocracoke, ro dale, Ut XI N. lonol Kordjfn Ports. Av [? nr. J?u X0? Arr Dum.u t. frown, (h.rr.tnn; 2",ik, Sun, Mr or, Noiv Yoik; 3Ut, Marii, Lmdrr., do; KlmUtk, J*n XI?Elira Aoo, Vory, from Biimra, i. landintf tier caiKO, |v tlv .0 ? d*mo?rd ?l if VrntaoKiN J... 30-Sld NUrru., I.runl. I hxrU-'on. Ilm u> n, Jdu XI?Arr Diana. Wie;iug. *ud J H Adami.tfo**VI 1,1-., . 1llno\t>4TAiR?. J*1 Off. An ship John Taylor. Bordlai x. Jan 2t>~ Shi A*jmim*t. Wo- her, Havana. In port, Bordeaux Picket, f r N Orlrtus, JUl; 8j?n g do, Ff J; Alpine, do. 2VK; Wrtlu c&lfv. NYork, tomi; Orcim. Pnihaelphia, Jan 13. Arc 28: h, S|>riu<. Hsmi'ton. Nniitz; 26 h, L ww, Bather, CnAile lot; !2*h, Gf>ct*a, Be ediei, ni4 Wfl'?n|P'*y, ( oyinKtoii. tin SI,I 2tiih, Oucauieii. La'oiif IVi'jidrlphi*; 1'jlll, Vttillant, Giiaril N?w 0.l?\iu?, 14th, C'UiDonie, do; .t.cLcllaa, Marslon, do. Cork. Jau 21?Sid Cynthia Ann, Rfid Boston; 14th. Hrrcn If*. Ma u*n do ( o\VK9, K*b2 ? Sid Meannticcok. Mayn.llnll f r NOrletna; Jan 22, MaJelin*', ShaiikUud B nrio fi r Tri'idid. Arr 3)it, Warsaw, I'araoi *, ChaHratou for Havre; 28th. CronaUA, Hatch, Antwerp lor Havana C'i.vdk. Keb l-Arr Athol K*rr. Mob le; ?ht Jvn 28, if. McKellar, Hav.itiiMh; 2tHh.Salem, Ho rn. NVo k bid Feh 1, Jm Redden. B??'k. 11 ton. Cadiz. Jan 20-Arr Sate, Ki by, NYork; tth, M W Brstl Avery. d?>. ? Aitnii v. Jau 20?Off, Loui t, St?vnkfu,< ose* for N? wpoit W aiol Boston Care ok Good Ilorr, Oct 3C ?Sid Coocordia. Dorr, Boa Cos lor ManiMa Pi: u., Feb I or Jin 23? Arr Corinth Smith. Lnndo .an?l is fo Havana; 3Lat, I.ftudi"i. Andie" a, d->, ,nd >ld for NO leaaat 29tl>, Victor ?, taurine, Hull I'm lliimi; 28ih, M.d ira, Turner, London. din! .Id lor II., t I Di ikim , Ian IS?Arr Trio, Oaaue, NYork, with put of cargo thrown overboard Dahi moi tii. Keb 3? Arr Klixaheth B?ntley. Mctrffnr. London lor Ha van; a1-; Jan 14. Arciuru., H II. Antwe-p for N York, willi ln? of > i . old ma-lrr sick Hoi i n, Jan 111?The liny.I, d Hill. M rton. of I'.rtK, FVoa St Doinnot" for Liverpool, w u abandn ?d 17th in.t ,n a'inking amle. KMI inilea to t'e northward of the Weite-a l.lamta. iiarieg I i ro iii contact with a large American .hip, name oakum. u, the day |>revi"U?; cn*w raved Another aoon C aura .he wad run dowu by tire Ainriic.u aliip. and lirr eigne laudaa at Oofrf Kai.wot'TH. Kill I?Off Am., Thoinp.on. f or Star . Kn ?t. J.n T?'I lie (Jlnhe, thioie. from ^oaron lor 'aaadwick Inland. ut in here Dec 24, leaky .nd w-'h lor. ol bo I war ha, .tanrhaona. fate Tin' Hprrm nea. Slule. f om Inottenbiarg far N 3 ork, and th? Hnixil. Andrew, from Lir-rimel for Bintea, out in here Jan i, the former with lo?. f hulara'kt boati, aaila, kc and the latter I- iky and pnni|ir choked ( hi k. J.n 23?Sid Alliance, Tucker, Charleston; Kill, ltrculti., I In IJ NOrlenill. (Ik*,, ir..D, Keh 2?Arr Rii limon Oihh. Bo.ton. ( imtai.t an. Iiu 17?811 /, tiling. New Yoik for Palermo; 13th, du.toii. Ha1111in. ( ntiliari; ich. Klliot, Wait*. Now Orle.ina: I'.nli. (bommeree. IJ-ti.nn. Cad x; I2<li. Oaua.a, POar nn, H .lou'or Caclia'i m,d I'al.rmo: llih, a, M'Keoxie, A gier* for Mi bile: Ka:?e. Madi.on aud M rguet Ann, Croahv, Mal.|a:9tli. Urc !, Wilton. Malt ; Sih, rradriit. Ra? r. Tnr.te. Arr I2ih, Arola O.ria, NOrleana; dth. 8i i<| of Oil -aii.. Wi.weil, New Vork, and .Id for Malaga; 3 h. Un aa, Wi'ann, Bo,ton 2llth?The Axelia Kraori., [run Triea'afor NYork, before re|mrted ha. been condemned lh:,oi Jan 20 ?Arr K.lrira, <> eve., N'Y ik. Ha, Rr.. J." M-Arr 17 tic.,, Hewitt. NY. rk; 3'ar. AlhVT, Wat?"ii. i.'oiK'lm Brook*, and Kliztbeib Diucr, New Orltir.u 27th, Eliza Thornt"ll. Stone Mobile; 2D h, I rr?. Blauchard, NO.I-ain; liili, Villede Lyon,-t dilar NYork; Aahbind, William*. NOileanr; 2l*t lonvoa Lrnuh.irt, Mobi e i DM, Ninth I'l o!ina, D'Uinmoud New Orleans Ar? Khh. KinndW Pepau. do; 2l*t t' no i, U'uuh rt. Moliilr; IJlh. .vt?r*iij|?t (Jra , do; Ijtb, Win A Jainr* Bralr do?leaky, In** of uiN, bulwark*. Ac. Sbl 22.1 II Itimor*. Ku ek, N ? ork; O In-album. Barker, Leopard, Snow; Hv? L'Oii,uowr, and Pel-a Walher. locrjw. NOrleam: 18t", VV iloddaid. Pot rr, do; 12 h. Elizabeth Frith, l>-r< r, do; 2tth, Marmito. <Jr*y. Mobilr; nth, Wm It lamia. 15 air, do. V.-? rl? up Jan SI. Arto, ? ihooy, NYork,?oon; Vi'le dr Lv n, S'oddard do Frb9. E Perk n*. higeraol , and A-hleud William*, * rvr Orlrana. toon; I'liu Thornton, do, Feb'J; Tam-mrud, Ixjvett, Mobilr, toon; Lett Da, L!r luh .rt. d >, Krb ') Hui.l. Jau 28? Arr Tuccaay, rrinee. NYork; 27th, tlarrasl, ll*ikiil do. Sid Ifl'h. pckSriHik. Law* n. NDrl ?o? Hi mhuho. Jan 3<l?Thr ice hirbtokru upline awl near llarburz. ami drifted laat rvru'iif and tbii morning in largr m?*ae* down til" river; it i? however, ao we,k tbnt vr**rH ha*? litlla to tear fioin it. and if thr line weathrr continue, thr navigation may be coniidrred > reopened Ui.k or Witiitr, Jan 16?Off. Duenovrnlo,Mat'iaon, Lanaig for N V rlc not., Jan 16?Arr Siddnna, t u>hb. NYerk; 19th, Born* holm. ThoBipann, NO.Iran*; Sar?h It ? railia, Purnam. S*v*?nahi'Jttb. Taeitna, Cheev?r, NOrte-i ; IJlh Amazon. Bat b#V der, do; 27th, Liberty, Nurtoit. do; 28>h, t < lumt-iia, f'nV, and Eutaar, Thotn|>aon. N York; Aaia, NO le*-*: 29ih O'a?gow, Lambert, do; Obi". Putnam and A*libnrton, Huttleaina, >#w York; Fort tuil?. Ltbbey. Eluirle-lnn; 30th, Sha' ipeare Header* ii. dn; Be'iiderr do; (?-n Paikl ill. James Hiter; Ad-inn, l).ivi? New Orleans: Konohatiet, Howe*. N Vnrk; Roll Raf, Arnold. Mobile; J IT rami, Maaon. .lame. River; Feb I, Adam, Ilav. NOrlian*; Furmn?i, Laidley. Mobil-; Thoma* Bennett, Halaey. I barb a on; Mouth r ?k. Boatnn; Birp1 en Whitney, Tlr>mp*nn. NYork; Jan 16 rerdonnef.Upabu , NOrlrara; iTth, Vin-iun, White, do; Scotland, kill*. Savai nah; Hwantnn, Davenport, t hartesion; 21th Marvlaml. Haye?, lame* River; ITjtli st Lav reuce.I'h v Sav.n nah;2tth,Hotvland. B ankhard, do. 2'Ub John Huulap, Lnrrier dn. Sailed Jan lb. Medfod Wilber, NOr'eanc SwaMon. P?e<*?port, I Inrleatmi; 2(1 h. Chatham. Naaon Boston; I'M Indepen il-nce, Nyo. N Y mi . A tire in* < Jodfrrv, N Orleans; tsd. Fanny, I' lie ion. do; 2(J ill, A ,bl unon, White, Boston; Manilla:!. Br twn,Charleston; Feb 3. Slew York. Cropp r N Y ork; ('ab doiiia Brtnder, IJ. can, Nllrleana; Feb I. < nlchia. Kniiht, *i.d t 'oni'autilie. SalDpaoil. do; Kiaei.Wrleh. Mobile; *a I Hick*, Bunl;e . NYork; Jin I'l, Franre, Mara'all. New O Iran*; I) h, al.1,,.1.1,.,,1 I vemr.l do llol. Ibnn. Rilron I h.dotm.; 17th. American, Burgeta. Sav wish; 22d, Vohr Bupn*. Mm eager, ApYachi-ola; Oeorg'ana. Behm, Pi il*d< lf>hi-?; 2'<1 flirt zi, NOrleans: Kovil Albert. Oillifi.Mnhi'f; D??k? of Cornwall, (', Apa'ichicola; Marianne, Wi?tii g. Baltimore; Feb I, Howard. Hill, Ha voin Gosivpiuiri,, N?? "rlfi 3', Fairfield, WPson and John Lyon. N York; Marathon B own, Charleftton; M ??i?tameer, Bogvrt. M bite; re <1 ?? net, Upahnr; Georgians, M'^'iith. and Fr nUlin, Thomas, NOrlems. Id*, J ?? in h, Jnn CampMl. Mp'gle,. f r Bot'n;22J, i better Wiboii for NY'-rk: Ai ol|of S?*,"hl?? , for NOrle^rja; l?r v to 3 but. prlwl-i CnckeiiP, I.hiirteston Adv Ca'edonia ( ) for B.utor, Much i; Semnrrh (*?m in ii? 1 lark. f r il < Frb 3;Tingi Hdrwae for do. 8'S , T?tj* tua, Chrpvr for do, w ;h dftp itch; Vi'g. ?*. Whit .d? do; Am?/.o ' Bi'c'v I Jer. for b ? unc; I ive-injul KldrHg? for n York, Gh: Fran'otia, Gannett, do dr; |k>n To? mpaonf ke re. do, 7rh; t oloin n* Co**, and Lih?ttv. Nor?o do Ifth; A?hbu toi, Hutths u. d.?2'?t; Vmh'fm Dyer, do 19 h: Sc fland, vij|l?, do, win <!*?> atch; K% tiw ai d Ohio, do d ; Moudiigahcfa. for rhilade i-liii htli; Athena Jo en. fo d f v? oaya; Swatnra for do. wi?h <j ok de*nr t }i; A a**, frr Ba tinore, do do; Jeffer-on M iron, 'cr City Point, lie one: Innc %rerfot?, kr NO Im * Alh; "wanton, Davuport, * d H? li *ski Gay. I* r do. with ?>hhi < li Low now, heb 3?I* nt i ward*, Miaaachu*'tts. P i'chwrl, Richmond, tin'ward 2d. ^t Jains, Meyer, NVork: Westminster. Hove y. do; Vrjiri. Tumef, H?riuw f Id flat. ^Uich#s? Lr.daey. Boston: 30th. London, Anderson.NOrleao ; Tor?n in, Gri?wnhl, N York. Knt inwn'd Ian 21 Hersitie. Baxter, 1*1 V ron;?0ih Weatmina'er, Hove/. New Vork Adv Feb 3, */? D, 1J use t. d ilv e*|M r'ed, to rerurh imrredia'ely. Ltsuorv, Jji 2J?Art Frmikliu. *now.NY? rk; I7ih. Dnrhvi. B iter, do Otli?The A Ibion. MohJr from kr cklto'm for fl York. ut iu here 3d, with cargo tlrftcd.jnd ho of bulwarks. atnnrhc.)iia covering hoard, h att. lie and five men waih'4 ovirhoird. having be#? auuck by a heavy sea; mutt disrhi'ge i> rt of i argo Miimili i t. Jan 21?Arr Brews*er, |)oa.n?? rh<rte*?nn; 2Rh, t i lobe ||| len. d ?; Minerva, Brown. N Vork; Fionont t*.Silver, Sumatra K|J 19th, Zulette, Kell>, Boat/n; 25th, Ccerter, DuirKaii. NYork In i?ort 72d, Cum e'land for New Orleans, 'ion; Adii.i. for Uoa'oii. do; An alia Guiae|> na, for Galveaioa, Feb I. ? . . Mctiirra. J%q t?Arr Pertia, I handler, Genoa; 5tl?. Vistula, Schneid u. 1 'ag'in?i Mat an il i t >rt 21?S'd H?bf Fulton, Drioker. Lhina. M ii?? ??<*. 7? An Backnt, Stote?bury. I'li.ladelphia. SI4 Dec 21, K D Wolfe. Leghorn. \Umrm, Feh fl??o po t, Attica, McLellan* f'ami'U Watlington; Dnnlai*. Gord?n; Florence, l*e ch; He| eaponl FJlia; James BiiUy, Bishop; M? n Brouchtou. Cliaae; king. Pesrao*; Sarah. Fosre ; Shi on, Lnrat; * linne, French ''g'aia. K*eno; ('yrtii^ Woodaide: t ar'eion. Jameson; f'om Mali. Kay;* Iks M*rwick; KliiaSeth, Bro kt; Kmeline. Gilford; hrrmaa, KiMuiiiii; Ci II Wright. I ei.ton; Gaaelle, Glover: Go don, #'vttta; Grand Turk, Po tcr; Gal n. Switiaer; Helleaponf, Woodbury; llarri Androa: Hiber ia Hawser* Jane. Uiinb w^t r; Lincoln, McL lUn; Mot o. Williams; Orb, lUley; Ottswa. McNear; Pentscola. Ki'go e; RivaLLIark; 8wim Boy, Blaisdell; Triumph, Sh pherd; Two Bro Iter*, B.owii; Tuacari, Cog*?na; Ta* giee King. Nasrva, Jtn|2G ? Arr Arabian, ?F tier, Chirleiton. Spriag Hamilton, Bordeanv Nkw ii at era, jan 19?Off. wm k'awrerr, Havre for MrMk Nlvvport, Jan 21? 81d Kliza. Warn irk, Charleaton I Oporto. iau 16? ^ rr (Mawa e, Guthrie, AN York; 3d, Eftiaa* li 11 MluNII, Wi' u . do PoftTiMot'TH. Feb 2 - Arr Toronto, G'iawold. and Harbin* a r. Thom|iann for NYo k.aiul a hi Pff lUt, Navaden, Pe|er?, LhaileAtou f t IL.mbuig. Sid 26th, Prince Albert, Bebor, N York Pa mo, Dec 23?Arr Kr.v cetea Vella. Button. Hoi ii> i l l . Jan 24?Arr Wavef Wale*. Boaton. Rot.'Kw, Jail 15?Arr Fox. Berviette. Cbirle.ton. Rio Jan^ mo. J.v.i f?In port. Ario*to, Fabeus. for NO*b ana, unc; Danl debater. Ray. for Ba'timore, a?me day; T"tlon, IDch. 'mm Bsbii for NYork. t# on: II II Douglaaa. ^ orval for B iltimore. do; Win* on. I nrii? Boston, d : L- uiaiva Dowburtr froii Richmond for NOrlema diag; Maaepiig, s?ni h, for New Y??rfc, iiur. Lnrj enti*man. K el I?r. do wtg f?; 4'henango, Know ( from Cadiz., dug wait; Montevideo, Roldell, |oi NYork, soon; i'renton. Pitman Boa on, do; ( rarj..? d >. unc; Sterling. Lovelt, unc; Gut el fft. ' lapp, wtg ft; Wankinco, P?te-?on, from B vPimore, diar; H P Huirn er, H *w land dodo. Sid Pi> Ir.e r r|>rk for Moatrvidcj. Going in, a h ojue toppoaed ffw* < reole. of Baitunor**. Si IIm >:wa, Dec J3?Arr Fri Whitney, Lord, Sumar-v ,v d ill c i ; 21 AM-VII1, i'riun. n . lor r.uroif. nil rvov 24 It ro.o, Huntington. fn in Sumatra lor Knrope Statu Ail a, Jail 2H?(Jft, Lrhii(li. 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