Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 22, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 22, 1844 Page 3
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till advantage : any other course at that time would, ill * my opinijn, hav. been bad surgery, and worse than useless. Vuii then left the case in the hands of the gentlein in to whom it properly belonged, who, with other me, dicsl irieuds, hat been riost luithful and unremitting iu hi attendance. At H o'clock tno woun 1 win received ; alter some hours reliction, to the surprise of all, came on At 6} o'clock I saw Mr. Cochrane. The wound was then minutely examine 1. and a simple operation performed,w hich, wfietht r essential or otherwise, could not have been properly executed at a much earlier period. A recovery I consider* ed as scarcely possible. You had also hurtled to rendvt any service in your power, and did aid it with your udvice. Thus, iu my judgment, you did till that was necessary and lelt undone all that was improper. Your friend and obedient servant, J. C. HALL, M OSentence ok Lieut. Tansill.?This officer, who It is been found guilty of "causing to be published in a newnpaper in Florida, a scandalous letter, containing reproachful and provoking language concerning Lieutenant McLaughlin," has been sentenced as follows:? "That the accused is and shall lie suspended from the service, for and during the term of three years from this day, upon half pay: that Is upon half his pay proper being withheld and no more; and that lie is reprimanded in general orders, by the Secretary of the Navy." The sentence has been approved, and executed by the Secretary of the Navy. Sot ume Court of tub United States, Saturday, Feb. 17.?On motion of Mr. Webster, John II. Sheppurd, Kk<i., of Massachusetts, was admitted au AttorII, , Ml ! r>iuuall??/isn c . vr- aaMMJ ?? - i ... uiu uuiiii, nu. 01. VTiiiinin .rmtheson'i administrators, plaintiff* in error, vs. Alexander Giant's administrator?Tliis cause wax submitted on printed arguments by Mr. Ogden for plaintiffs in error, and by Mr. Nelson for the defendant in error. No 30. llobort Thomson, plaintiff, vs. Thomas Griffin?This cause wai submitted on printed arguments by Messrs. Morrison and Ilolt for tlio plaintiff, and by Mr. Henderson for the defendant No 37. Buchanan, I lagan tk Co., plaintiffs, vs. William Tinnin et al.?This cause was submitted on a printed argument by Mr. Crittenden for the plaintiffs. No.81. Olendy Burke, plaintiff in error, vs. llobeit 'McKay -This cau e was submitted on a printed argument by Mr Henderson for the plaintiff in error No. 1. The State of fthode Island, complainant vs. the Commonwealth of Ma isachusetts?The cause was continued to the next term. ?No. 13. Robert Porterfield's executors, appellants vs. Wm. Clark's heirs et. al ?The argument of this cause was continued by Mr. Johnson for the appellants.?Ad journed till Monday, 11 o'clock A M Monday, February 19, 1814 -On motion of Mr. Hole, Edmund Burke, Esq , of New Hampshire, was admitted mi attorney and counsellor of this court?No. I'M. John L. Chapman, plaintiff, vs Forsyth and I.imeriek.?This cause was submitted on printed arguments liy Mr. Morehead for the plaintiff, and by Mr. f.oughbotough for the defendants?No. 13. Robert Portersfield's executors, appellants, vs. Wm Clark's heirs et. al.?The nrgnment of this cause was concluded by Mr Johnson for the appellants ?Adjourned till to-morrow, 11 o'clock A. M. Tuesday, February 90 181-1?No.'JO. The United States appellant, vs. claimants of the brig Mnlek Adhel.?The nr. guinent of this cause was commenced by Mr. Z Collins . Lee for the appellant, and continued by Mr. Meredith for tho appellees.?Adjourned till to-morrow, 11 o'clock. TIbpartmknt of Ptate, ) Washington, February 20, 1S-I-I. $ Mr. Stanhope Provost, TJ. S. Consul nt Limn, Peru, having informed this Department that tho whaleships of the United States are constantly exposing themselves to seizure by entering |>orts in that Republic which nrc forbidden to foreign vessels, tho following is published for the information of those whom It may concern. The port of Plico, in Peru, which was opened to wha- | lers by a decree of the Peruvian Government, dated October 30, 1812, has been since closed by decree of 29th September. 1813 The only Ports of Entry now open in Peru fur foreign vessels, arc Jlricti, Inlay, Calluo, Ilnanchar.n, Lambayeque, and Payla. Vessels enteiing other ports, without special license, are subject to seizure and confiscation. DrsTHWTTVE Fire at New Oiukivs ?(In Sun day, the lith instant, a fire broke out in the " Orleans Cotton Press," which, befor e it was cxtinguiRhed, consumed cotton to the estimated amount ol eight thousand five hundred bales, which is valued at *40 per bale, and was therefore worth $340,000, The building (as we learn from the flee) is considered the largest in the world. It fronts on the Mississippi, and is 6S'2 feet long by 308 in breadth; was built by an incorporated company at a cost of $753,000 ; and is capable of storing thirty thousand bales ol cotton, which amount was under the roof at the time of the fire. The damage done to tho building, it is said, can he repaired lor $15,000. and the engine and two screws for $10,000 more, making the total loss about $375,000, and all of it lully covered by insurance. This disastrous calamity will not stop the operations ot the Cotton Press, as one screw remains uninjured, and can be made to nerve until the others are replaced. Appointments by the President.?Land Officers? Registers.?Wm. T. Walmsley, at Nachitocho't, I.a., vice P. O. Lee resigned. George R. Girault, ol Granada, Miss , reappointed IIfcciters ?Richard B Servant, at ICaskaskia, Illinois, tIco Samuel Crawford. Thomas Barrett, at New Orleans, Louisiana, vice Greonbury Dorsey, declined the appointment. Kr.bert H. Booth, at Tallahassee, Florida, vice ' Ttohert B Sample, resiirnad. Robert XV. Lansing, at Mineral Print Wu-nnrln r.ino o. , ... signed. Samuel J. Bayard, ot Fairfield. Iowa, vice Josenli C. I lav/Uiim. Suicide r>k Governor Reynolds.?Gov. Thomas Reynolds. of Missouri, committed suicide at Jefferson city on'the t?th in?t., by shooting himself through the head wi h n pistol, lie lingered several hours in great agony. The Ht. Louis Republican of the 12th instant says the Governor had been in bad health for soihc time past. The Hon. Noah Noble. Ex-Governor of the State of Indiana, died at his residence near Indianapolis. on the Sth instant. He was aliout fifty years of age. and had been distinguished whilst Governor of the State for six veors, and in the performance of various other otlic.ial duties, by ability, integrity, and patriotism. Shocking Murder in Philadelphia.?A. hoy, nhout fifteen years of nge, named Gotlcib Williams, Jr , wus yesterday taken into custody, and brought to the Ma) or's ottice, about three o'clock in the afternoon, on a rhnrge of killing r. boy somewhat older than himself, named Peter Pmicher, by stabbing him in the back or side with a butcher's knife, in the High street market, near .Second street. It appears that Williams was left by his father, Gotloib Williams, who is a pork butcher, to take charge of his stall. During his father's absence, lie had a fight with the other hoy. Several persons who were eye witnesses ofthe whole transaction, testified that after they had ceased fighting, some words passed between them; Dmscher then struck the prisoner in the face, when the in1 ter ran to a stall, about eight feet distant from where tiiov bad been standing, ami taking tip the knife, rushed upon his assailant, and inflicted the deadly wound. The deceased was taken into a drug store, on the south side of Market street, where he shortly afterwards died. Thu prisoner was then brought to the Mayor's oflice, where a lengthy investigation of the farts of the case took place; after which he was committed lor u further hearing this morning at 11 o'clock. The body of llcescher wbs conveyed to his place of residence in Third street, near Brown.?Phil? U. S. Oiuette, Pit. 21. The Naval General Court Martial, on hoard the United States ship Pennsylvania, at Norfolk, having ? disposed of all the hue inns before it, adjourned sine die on Thursday last. Cotton llarkets. . Mobile, February 12.?Tho inquiry has been more p^tennivi! to-day. und sales rather heavier tlian for several days past?principally for account of domestic order*. In prices we have no change to report, holders generally de. droits to soil, hut refusing the slightest concession on Saturday's rates. In the mean time, the stock Is steadily or< mutilating?receipts since Friday night nearly !>,00o halat. Sara v.-vsu, Feb. 17.?7'he market opened on Friday with the sumo dullness noticed in our last review, and continued so until the receipt from Liverpool to the tilth ult. received on Tuesday last by the packet ship lloscius, at New York. During the four dnys the sales; were very limited, and at a decline of ] to ;] ol a cent on our prevljtts quotations, the sales made being generally in small parcels, nnd forced on the market. Hince the rpceipt of the above advices, there lias been some little more inquiry, hot large holders generally, kave withdrawn their offering stocks from the mar. ket. nnd show but little disposition to sell.until the receipt of the steamer's advices of the 4th inst. are received. We received last evening, vi.i Charleston, Liverpool advices af til" ldth tilt three day* later, said to be brought to New t ork bv the packet ship Europo. A slip from the New York Herald Office, which wasrecolved in Charleston by >i passenger from Philadelphia, who came on by the Bay lloute, states that " Cotton had advanced fully one penny of our currency since the receipt of our last news." What effect there advice* will have on our market, wc are unable to say; it will bo visible to moirow. Males or aios'ks In Pltllntlelphla First Bosun. Feb. 21.?$2100 Wilmington ? s 1845, 70Jj 1 sluts Philadelphia Bank, IQI; 2 .0 Wilmington It. 15}; i i lOOli Cincinnati bond*, 10(1}; :M)0 slum Guard Bk,7); HK)dob4f7J; $1600 Slate 6's 6df <!!?; $1600 County .'?'*, I860. (old) !)*; $400 City 0'*, 1840, 102); 80 sba* Wilmington 11,1>.>, 1M; f.tfHH> Heading It 6'? fid Sr.covn Boson, Ftdi 20.?$1000 Kentucky Bonds, b 4 f lit; F-voo Cincinnati Bonds 100}; 48 shas Wilmington II, 144; 2fl Camden 1* Ambov. s4f. IH?}: $10,208 State 6's 00}; 1 shas Mer A Mnn Bk. Pittrh'gb, 4>J; 14 Exchange Bank, Pittsb'gb, 47; *400 Wilmington It, l"'it, 77. bM'KIT 8'Hi'rilKltN BIlIH IIKWS Bai Tinner, K*b 20-Arr Giiln.ire, HVsh. L?verrnol; Ksth%?*ir<* JrHn'>n Hrall'oni, Mo'tenlam; Kmma, NYorV ? ( Id Fro r , ,ne. Johns, PR; ??eely SltMI. I Br J Wstlingtmi. I'rioiilsH. 111 cIIsi?*d, |-pli in?Below, losphin*, NOfteans. Bid I# h, John A l.? easier, do; Weynwurh, Cnu v. NVork. keh ia-Arr E Per.,son, Hoffman, J'r.ey City; |olrtl ha*r I oilY Ho. report* thv.Nnpier, Sseford. for Lnrden, and Garonn- Mven. for Rotterdam. from R It more. * hiring ron- to sea on the 18th inst 811 J7rh. Lisbon. Moore, We t Indies. !lsv*w*sH, Feb I7-Arr Lady Falkland. [Br] Smith. Grerk; Leonora Collins, New V,,rs Cld hlvmpe [Er] Bellee, Ilavre; /ennbis. Remington; L Baldwin, Thompson. nml Pandora. \iidro.s .Providence; i-ruik ... Green. Wiley. Hava a SM Jan est abler W ebb and El, Whitney, Harding, Boston; Triton. I Br] Smith, and ft.rab, [Brl Fleicher. Liverpool Montui . re1'12?Arr Miannmi. P.Ve, London CI I Conflfence, Bsi ey, Providence; Margaret Alio, llsmmond, llic'.mnrtd. Nr.? Gri.vsws Feb ll-Arr Miltisdes, [Br] Uownn, ; Mirni0sin, [Br] H'-mmil Gloucester; Mlddl-.ft, Elliot! Ilo-t n; Milton, do; Ed nborg. lloodlette, London; Msrrliioiiess. fllil II igrr'y, Londonderry : H rue. Osborn Tii .idtd; Oiler, Townsentl, ffavannah; Jefferson. ??. ' Hpn'irn, f.'u'i?ehu-e!r?, from New t.rleaus for New York, lib nut lit 'a 17, Ion nr. 3(1 Yei ,ii- it *ostou f"f Havana 2d inst. off Berry Islands. Golirnbisn bon d 8 oh, no dale An QfJ- ORIENTAL WATER OF GOLD?A new and de lit* tit Mil perfume for icinoving tnn, freckles, pimple*. Ac. v i,' fashionable article for the toilet is pre-eminently a 1 -. ii-ltig lotion Also, at 21 Courtlandt street, a *(,' nl ii tide i,f Cologne Wiler price id cent*, quuit bottles, THE LITERARV REMAINS Or IHI LATE WILLIS a A V L O B D CLARK. &?- BURGESS, STRINGER k CO.. corner of Broadway arwl Ann street,'New Vol k .have in press tlie Literary Remain* of the lute Willis (ia^ord < laik, including the Oilapodiana Papers, with several other of hit IVose Writings, not lessesteemed by tlie public;including, al.o, his "Spirit of Lite," a choice but comprehensive selection from his poetical contributions to the literature oi his country, together with a memoir. To be edited by his twin brother, Lewis Uaylord Clark,(editor of the Knickerbocker Magazine. The publishers do not consider it necessary for thnm to enlarge upon the character of the writings w hich will compote the above volume. The series ot pa|>ers under the title of Oilapodiana, will bo remembered with admiration and pleasure by readers in every section oi the United States Their rich variety of subject; their niternate humor and pathos?the ono natural, quiet, and irresistibly laughable; the ether warm from the heart, and touching in its tenderness ami beauty?won for tliein the cordial and uuuuimous praise of the press throughout the Union, ami frequently laudatory notices from the English journals. Reminiscences of early days; expositions of the " ludicrous and the burlesque, in amusing anecdote; limning* from nature; and "Records from the Heart," were among their prominent characteristics. It is not too much to say of the other prose writings which the volume will contain, that although of a somewhat different character, they nre in no respect inferior to the Oilapodiana, in their power to n waken and sustain interest. The poetical writings of Mr. Clark are two well known to require comment. They have long been thoroughly established in the national heart, and linve secured for the writer an enviable reputation abroad "The poem* ol Willis Gay lord Clai k " says the last Nortli American Review, "are distinguished/or ? gruceful and elegant dietion.thought* morally nud poetically beautiful, and chaste, and appropriate Imagery. They exhibit great purity and strength of feeling, are replete with fancy anil sentiment, and have often a searching pathos and a mournful beuuty which find their woy quietly to the heart." Tr.a>i? or SuESciiieriofr.?The work will bo embraced m lour numbers el !?<; pages, each printed upon Que, white paper, and stereotyped on new type in the best manner. Price twenty-five cents each number. (UJ- ONLY TWENTY FIVE CF.NT3 !?BLACKWOOD'S MAGAZINE for February?Just received per llibernia, the English edition of this popular Monthly, containing sterling nrtlrles of merit " The Secession from the Church of Scotland" is nn able paper, attributed to Dr. Chalmers. " Mnrston, 01 the Memoirs of a States man," is continued. "FrecTrado and Protection," "Thrush Hunting," by Alexander Dumas. Sec. Sin., are among the literary gems which illuminate its pages. The reduced price ol ?3 per annum places this leading Magazine withiu the reach of every person desirous of possessing it. M ASON & TUTTLE, Publishers, li8 Nassau street. THE DUBLIN UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE is also ready. Contents Beranger and his Songs, by Mr Dowe; L'lrelande Apochryphe ; Life of Gerald Gritlln ; Stray Leatlets from the German Oak ; An Ecclesiastical Legislature ; The piesent State, Influence, and Prospect of Art j A Bevy of little Books ; Etiquette for Ladies ; Etiquette for Gentlemen ; The Art of Conversation ; Episodes of Eastern Travel. Stc &c.. $4 per annum. MASON & TUTTLE. Publishers, lit) Nassau street, opposite Clinton Ilall OOf- SAVE YOUR MONEY!?Ready this morning, at the New World Otlice, No. 30 Ann street, New York, " Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine," No. CCCXL for F ebruary. t:oNTr.r?Ts: I. The Heretic ?11. Thrush Hunting, by Alexander Dumas?III. High Life in the Last Century?IV. News from an Exiled Contributor?V. The Prophecy of the Twelve Tribes?VI. A Bewailment from Bath, or, Poor Old Maid?VII. Marston; or Memoirs of a Statesman? VIII. Secession from the Church of Scotland?IX Sitting for a Portrait?X. Mv Friend?XI. Prudence?XII. The Land of Slaves?XIII. The Priest's Burial-XIV. Free Trade and Protection. Single numbers 18} cents, of this beautiful fac simile edition; $-2 n year; six copies for $10. Send your orders to 30 Ann street, New York. Also, this morning, at the oflice of the New World, 30 Ann street, price 6} cents, with an engraving. Fifty Days in a Slave Ship, in the MozambiqueChannel. in April and May, 1843. by Rev. Pnscoe Grcnfell Hill, Chaplain of II M. Ship Cleopatra. This is the narrative of the capture of n Brazilian slaver by the British frigate Cleopatra. Mr Hill went on board the captured vessel, where he remained nearly two months, while bringing her to the English station at the Capo of Good Hope. The a? ful horrors of the slave trade are set forth in vivid colours, and enough to freeze tho blood in our veins. This narrative is one of , frightful interest, and, as a chapter of horrors, cannot fail I to attract the attention of ail civilised nations by whom the slave trado has been declared piracy. Price fli cents, $4 a hundred. OGb-BRANDRKTlI PILLS are gaining advocates daily. They are used by all classes ; by women in the most delicate time of health; by the child at the breast; by strong men, as well ns'iiy thousands of weak frames ; and in ail these cases with all the advantage that can be derived from tho use of any medicine, and in no case can they do injury Brundreth's Pill* arc universally used in every section of this wide extended country, whera they arc made known. Upwards of fourteen thousands rases have been certified as cured sfiluly from their use since the introduction of them into the United States, thus establishing the fact beyond all doubt that the Brandreth Pills cute the (apparently)(host diseases by the one simple fact of continually evacuating the bowels with them, until the disffVoto-ttfjM 'JM doubt. Sold at 211 Broadway, 274 Bowery, and 189$ Hudson Street. Price 25 cents. Otf- THE HIGHLY CONCENTRATED EXTRACT of Sarsaparilla. Gentian and 8nr*arras, prepared hy the College of Medicine am! Pharmacy in the city of New York for the suppression of quackery. This valuable extract may he relied upon as the most powerful purifier of the blood at present known. Any person acquainted with the medicinal properties of this preparation will at once sec its superiority over the mlxtuies r.old as simple Sarsaparilla decoction. It will he found highly beneficial in all impurities of the blood, such as scrofula,amlt rheum, cutaneous eruptions, nodes venereal ulcers, biles, rheumatism, ringworms, and diseases arising from an injudicious use of mercury. Bold in single bottles, 75 cents each, cnscR of half dozen, $3 50; do one dozen, ^6, carefully packed and sent to nil parts ofthe Union. Office and Consulting Rooms of the College, 95 Nassau street. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Or?- THE FIRST 8YMPTON OF SCARLET EEVER, that has committed such ravages during the past and other seasons amongst all sexes, ana brought mourning to many n happy circles, unsparing the numbers it has carried oil'. The first symptoms, is clearly developed hy sore throat, which so suddenly and speedily as.mis the organ ol the highest danger, that most susceptible of inllamniation and immediate mortification. In cases where Tease's Hoar hound Candy has been administered in the first alarming symptoms of sore throat, hoarseness, trouble in coughing, difficulty in breathing, and antipathy to swallowing, has not failed by its healing qualities to give the patient immediate relief and comlort, cleansing the ulcers, strength ening the glands, and allowing a free passage for nntri tons diet ; this even in the most alarming cases, inspired comfort that no other application can insure or even promise. Bold at 45 Division street, 10 dstor House; 110, 243, 529, 691, HI9 and 755 Broadw ay ; 42, 166, 371 and 753 Uroenwich street; 77, IPS and 221 East Broadway ; 3, 50, and 108 Sixth Avenue; 134, 37,440 and 5(16 Grand street; ....'uii >urci ; iiu, r.i.i mi(i an spring stiret; 188, 444 Hml '.'80 Bowery; 79 unci 101 Fulton street ; 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia ; 8 Statu street, Huston; 110 Baltimore street, Baltimore; .V7 State street, Alliuny ; 434 Broad street, Newark ; 171, 139 and 183 l-"n It on street, Brooklyn. Gtj- SOUTHERN BALM, FOR THE CUBE OF Consumption, Cough, Influenza, Etc. Brooklyn, Jan. 20th, 1844 Dit. Shkci/t 8c Co.? Dear Sirs i?For two years I have had a disagreeable, hacking cough, which troubled me very much at night, with fever, &c., which strongly indicated a diseased stntuol my lungs. About the 1st 'instant, I was presented with a bottle of your Southern Balm, and alter using it oi.e week wn? entirely cured. Hoping that every one having diseased lungs will rusort to your remedy, both for their own sake and yours. I remain yours. .Signed, JOHN MOON, Front street, next to Adams st We refer to advertisement in another column of this paper. 8HECUT ?t CO. 187 Broadway, cor of Reado. Agenta?Dr. Kirst, 187 Canal st ; Dr. Li ggett, corner of I avenue I) and 3d st ; E. II. Spooner, Brooklyn; A. Outh- I rie, Albany GT7- WHO WILL GO BALD f? Is it not foolish for any one to have a bold head,when, if they will use the genuine Balm of Columbia, it will certainly restore the hnir. It has done this in numberless cases where every thing else had been tried with no effect, and proofs of its etlicucy to any extent enn be given. It will keep the head entirely free from dandruff and scurf, stop the tolling of the hair, and strengthen and invigorate the roots These are facts, and if any prefer going bald to having a rich, luxuriant suit of hair, they must not use this Balm from 41 Courtlandt street; '2 North 6lh st., Philadelphia. PRIVATE MEDICAL AID.--The members of the New V'ork College of Medicine and Pharmacy, in rereturning the public thanks for the liberal support they have received in their efforts to " suppress ijuac.kery," 11 g leave to state that their particular attention continues l? lie directed to all diseases of a private nature, and from wir gri'Bi improvements iuroiy m?nr in me principal hospital* of Europe in the treatment of those diseases, they cun confidently offer to peruana requiring medical aid advantage* not to he met with in any institution hi tiim country, either public or private. The treatrsnsii of the College is such as to insure success in ovr rv case, an.l ia totally different from that '.urn practice of ruining the constitution with mercury, an I in most cases leaving a disease much worse thaa the original. One of the members of the College ,for many years connected with the principal hospitals of V urt'pe, attends daily for a consulta ion from 0 A.M. to S P.M. Terms? Advice and medicine, fb a cure guaranteed Neons *xr to Cousstrv Invalids.?Persons living in the country and not finding it convenient to atten<rpersonally, can have forwarded to them a chest containing all medicines rei|uisite to perform a perfect cure by stating their case explicitly, together with all symptoms, time ol contraction and treatment received elsewhere, if any and enclosing f>5, post paid, addressed to W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Office and Consulting rooms of the College, ?/> Nassau stract. (tq-nv.v. darius*a nthonv, ~6f the onedia Conference, was reduced to the brink of the grave by consumption, and was placed upon the siipuranuated list, being unable to rise from his tied. He states in his letter to Dr. (Sherman, that he hus now entirely recovered, and is able to preach again m well as ever, and returns thanks to the Doctor for his invaluable Cough Lozenges, which under Providence have been the mean* of his cure One box relieved his cough entirely, and the use of a few boxes enabled him to commence his woik again and go forward with renewed strength. How many there are in the like situation with the Rev. Mr Anthony who are t rifting away the time In the use of remedies net worth a straw, when for the small sum of 37} cents, they ceuld nod permanent relief. Warehouse lOfl Nassau Street ? Agents tin Ilroadway, 19 Aster House,'.'27 Hudson street, DM Bowery, *7 past Broadway and :t Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia, 0(7- HAVE VOL* A COLD, AND DO YOU WISH c IT i UltED I?Every body who has a cold wishes it to ? be cured beyond doubt, hut the <|ucstion urises how it U lie done 1 The answ er is ::peedy, Pfters'Cough Lozenges * will effectually take away and destroy every vestige ol a f< cough or culd.'iltukeu iu time. These Lozenges are form- j ed !)) a corabiuation ol the inost valuable ingredients known as benelicul to those uttlicted with |>ulmoiiary com- 8 plaints, such as asthma, bleeding at thu lungs pain in the d breasts, spitting of blood, constant coughing, Ike , all of which herald the approach of consumption. These Lozenges are famous fui the thousand benefits they have 1 conferred thougliout the Union in saving the lives of c many afflicted, who would otherwise have perished by j consumption. Sold wholesale and retail at 1-15 Fulton street. J IJCh PItOFESSOIl VKLWiAU'8 SPECIFIC PILLS, for the radical cure of Gonorrhoea, Gleet, and all uiocupurulent discharges from the urethra. These I'd la are confidently recommended by the medical faculty in this country and Europe, as an infallible remedy (or those distressing complaints, and guarantees to cure the most obstinate cases in half the time usually occupied oy the j old treatment. Sold in boxes, $1 each. Ollice and Consulting Rooms of the College of Medi j cine and i'harmaey, 9ft Nassau street. ] W S. RICHARDSON. Agent. ft?- COMSTOCK A CO.'S COMPOUND EXTRACT ] of Sarsaparilla, for the cure of Scrofula, Biles, Chronic Rheumatism, 1 Oeneral Debility, Cutaneous Diseases, Scaly eruptions of the skin, Pimples and Pustules, Swelling of the Bones, Tetter, Liver affections, And all discuses arising from an impure state of the ] blood, exposures and imprudences in life, excessive use of mercury, Ike. Ac This pure extract is put up in as large bottles as any sold for one dollur, at tbe unprecedented low price ol fifty cents per bottle, or $4 per dozen, at 51 Courtlandt street, and 5 North Fifth street, Philadelphia. ft?- CAUTION.?Beware of any impostor or adventurer who steals our notices for Conner's Magical Pain Kxtractor word for word, and applies them to another article. Assertions are useless unless founded on facts, proved so to ho by actual trial, or by the condition that all pay is refused lor an article unless it fully answers it? representations. < onnel'a Magical Puin Kxtractor has been repeatedly tested for the cure of the following named complaints, and in no instance has it failed ; and all pay is refused tor it unless it effects a certain and rapid cure in every case, no matter how severe or obstinate, viz: burns, scalds, frosted parts, chilblains, chafes, chaps, tetter, salt rheum, scrofula, sorea ol all kinds, sore eyes, erysipelas, pimples, piles of any kinds, und all inflammations." If necessary, we can refer to hundreds who have used this wonderful sulvc, und we think all persons must be convinced that ull we say of it is true, (rom the fact o! the pay being refused unless it so proves on a trial. The genuine salve can be found only nt Comstoek's, No. 51 Courtlandt street, N. V., and 2 North Fifth street, Phila delphia. CCONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CURED.?The Tonic Mixture, prepared by the Collage of Medicine and ' Pharmacy of the city of New York, is confidently recommended for nil cases of debility produced by secret indulgence or excess of any kind. It is an invaluable remedy for impotence, sterility, or barrenness (unless dependj ing on mal-furmation.) Mingle bottles $1 each ; cases of half a dozen $5; carefully packed and sent to all parts of the Union. Otficn of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy. 95 Nassau street W.i RICHARDSON, Agent. ClT- RICORD'S PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIX TUR.E, lor the radical cure of primary or secondary Syphilis, and all diseases arising from an injudicious use ol mercury. This powerful alterative is warranted to re. move all impurities from the blood, and effectually eradicate all former disease from the system. Sold in single botb-s. $1 each?in cases ofhnlf a doxen, $5, carefully packed, and sent to all parts ofthe Union. Oflicu snd Consulting Rooms of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy. 95 Nassau street. W. 8. KICHARDSON, Agent. IIONEY MARKET. I Wednesday, Veb. XI?0 P. ill. The stock market is not very firm?prices fluctuate from day to day. Long Island improved } per cent ; Mohawk J do ; Harlem i do; Farmer's Trust J do ; Pennsyl vania.VsJ. Illinois declined j ; North Americau Trust ] ; Norwich J ; Ohio ti'g closed firm at yesterday's prices. The sales were quite large. The state of Domestic Kxchanges continues favorable for purchasers. Hates still rule at the lowest points Domestic Exchanok Feii 21st. lioston, 3i,' a V dis Aiwlachicola, 2 a 2'i dit Philadelphia a " .Mobile, (i s 6*4 " llaltimore, a 4 " Montgomery 6 a 6V " Virginia, I a 1,4 " Tusc>l?osa, e a 6.4 " N Carolina, IV a IM " N. Orleans, V a Viiretn. Charleston >? a V " Nashville, 2 a 2V dis Savannah, 4 * V " Louisville, IV a IV " Augusta, V ? 4 " 8t Louis, 1.4 a IV " Columbus, I a IV " Cincinnati, IV a yia *" Macon, ^ IV a 2 " Michigan, 2'? a J " Union, Klor. 70 a 75 " Mobile, (?pe;ie,) >4 a V pm. h. L Si Tst, 75 a 77 " Treasury Notes. new emission, par. The Cotton Market was quite flat to-day. Holders are anxious to meet purchaser* on the most favorable terms current, and (peculator* arc anxious for *|>eedy ship mcnts. The condition of the market on the other sidu i? ouiumaiy mat operntors jn tins market do not know what to make of it. It has put a stop to nearly all speculation for the preseat. Purchasers in this market demand a little concession in prices from holders, which, if submitted! to, will doubtless cause very extensive ship inents. Several ships have lately been engaged fur cotton to Liverpool. Freight* rule very tirm at J. Shipper are negociating for several transient ships in part, with fair prospects of securing them. From present appear ances we should judge that in the course of another week full twenty thousand bales cotton will go on board ship for Liverpool and other European markets. Annexed we give tho receipts of the Harlem Railroad Company for twenty-one days in February, 1844, com. pared with tho xame month in 1843 llecaipts for the month of February, 1843 $3647 " 21 day* in " 1H44 &003 The receipts for this month thus far this year, have been $238 per day. Allowing the remaining eight days to net that amount und the total receipts will reach $0907, with in a few dollars of being an increase of one hundred per cent. The remaining few days in this month will proha. lily net more than the average for the first twenty-one, as the days are getting longer and the weather better adapted for excursions o! pleasure. The receipts of specie at New Orleans continue largo ? The amount received on the Oth inst. was ns follows Per ship Lclin from Havre $119,000 " steamer Nashville from Nashville,... 8.768 " " General Pike from Cincinnati, 5,600 " " James L. Day from Mobile,.. 6,000 Total $138,258 Receipt* from September tut to date. . .$3,986,462 The movements in specie in all parti, of the world are exciting a great deal of attention. The precious metals are accumulating in all the principal money markets ? The imports into this country last year were larger than ever before. Specie appear* to be plentier than usual, truth in general circulation and in the vault* of the bank*. We have accounts of a great incrense in the product* of geld and silver mines in Russia and in our own country. The mines of Mexico have al*o proved very prolific, lately. The Courier Francnit of Mexico gives an official report of the operations in the gold and silver mines of that country, and the exports of the precious metals, from which we extract the following items ; ? Axwal (.'otiSAnr. From 1731 to 1740 (ptr annnm ) $9 583 915 l)o 1740 to 47.40 i'o 11191,313 Do 17.50 to 1760 d i 12 795.*57 Do 1760 to 1770 lb 12 n>,2P I) . 1770 to 1780 do 17,789,941 Do 17*0 to 1790 do 19,365,298 | D) 17'0 to 1700 do 21,17H.226 Do 1700 to 171(1 do 22 604,672 If to the above sums be added the amount run into ingots. Ktc., which is believed to exceed, one million per year, ttie total receipt* from the Mexican mines for the twenty year* preceding the national independence, will not be under twenty-lour millions per annum. Extort ov.Gold and Sii.vkr from Vr.a* Csi s, from 179.5 to 184f), ox Pairs rc Accocist. To Spain $91,340,000 To Spanish possessions in Ameriea 22 231 H42 To foreign port*, 27,802 (WIS Making in fifteen year*, a total of $141,444,7'!') During the same period, the annual export* from Acaptilrn to China and the Thillipine Islands, arc estimated at $0,433,333. TTlie unnual export on account of the Royal Treasury, from different port*, during the *ame period i* reckoned at $9,000,000 The following is an estimate of the total yeaily export* during twenty y ear* precediag the inde|>endence : ? From Vera t rur., on individual account, $9,433 33,'t " on Government account, 0,000,000 " Acapulcn, on both account*, 31100000 Clandestine shipment*, 3,300,000 $33,333,333 Whole umourit of production per annum during the ?*me time, $34,000,000, leaving in round number* $1,000,000 for the circulation of the country. -niNaoc (ix noi.i,AR?) t'ROM 1818 to 1102. 181!) I8'*9 1110 1841 1842 Mexico 1,134 flnO 1,822 239 2,838 P2I 2 210 124 2,111 088 Durango 1.139 018 891.712 4.008,110 4.308 118 3,0 8 633 Guar jil'to 3 828,328 3,380.238 3.8% 468 3,710 210 3 470,828 Ouadala'a 331.892 391,120 900 09 1 978,4118 870,2 7 S.I, Pntoii 1,028,306 910 880 1,137,807 1,118.219 1,076 846 hihuah'.i 191018 191,18. RHI 316 083.013 908,032 Ziat-rm 3,113,910 4,090 913 172,416 421.030 368,0.6 Total lor 1818 412,170,713 " 1839 12,304,920 " 1840 19 201,011 " 1841 13,347,807 " 11,979,417 I The grent pioduction and abundance of the prcciou* i metal* will create a depreciation in the vttluu of coin, Which, in return|.will donhtle*s|hnve u corre*|ionding influence on price*. The high price of gold and ?ilvor, keep* price* of merchandise down to a low level, and any variation in the value of specie, ha* n reverie operation in trade. Tike a pair of *cal??, (lie descent of one cause* an ascent of the other. The more a silver dollar is worth 1 the more it will bring. The greater the scarcity the the greater the value. The working of thi* ayitem i* visible in the daily transactions of trade at thejpresent time Five (Over dollar* will now ptirehm > barrelof food M Uanotoo flour. In 1*37 it required eleven dollar* to pur-1 hase the same article. In 1837 the principal circulating I tedium waa paper, and ipede very icarce and valuable, it the prevent time apecie ij plenty and the currency ia irmed on the baaia of gold and ailver. Thia ia a practical emonatration of the principle laid down above, that at old and ailver depreciates in value, prices of mere baniae advance. Annexed we give the full otticlal returna of all the tanks in thia State, aa made on the lat inatant, to the comptroller :? Iota or thk Statc of Nkw Voiik. on the 1st oar or kvnauaav, 1814. Vamri Bkt. Count if Sptcit. Circ'n. HfrCd Dejioi'tri. ib'ar'a. Circ'n 'Agricul. Ilk., t'H 767 I SSI ? 29.5'i7 6 175 Mb Cil\ Bk. 1,067,072 38 169 17,969 150.778 153.061 'Alb. Kac. BU 317 451 9 242 ? 69.237 102 371 'Am i a ilk. 1 915,595 192.839 ? 171.980 830.619 Mimic BU.. 738.662 28,007 16,012 130,9 5 254.299 'Ballatou S|u Bank, 57 611 4/68 ? 43,265 48,261 B^nk.ifAlb'y 297,556 40.645 43,000 51.321 169,311 Bkof Albion, 12 303 5.253 ? 32.595 28,181 Bk. Am?r iM, 3,232,271 954,290 122,477 124,085 1,725 002 BU nf Allica, 47,113 5.012 ? 16,914 21.204 Bk of Au.iuru, 292.490 19 974 40,337 138,079 74 108 Bk.Brnckport. 24,331 1,570 ? 23,022 12,058 Bk. nf Central New Vo'U, 97,472 3,791 ? 69,325 37,635 Bat k of Cliunango. 132,102 11,989 26,115 103 961 24.914 Bk of Commerce, 3,175 006 789.154 ? 259,160 1,505 072 Bk of Corn'u, 65,830 1,899 ? 59,915 6,615 Bk of llanav i lie 39 976 4.9IW ? 52.900 32,498 BU ol fimeree, 151,452 8,695 17.020 99,059 41,416 Ilk of (ietiava, 505 015 24,503 71,959 2IG.737 83,611 Bk of llbeea, 186 230 5,101 16,578 125,065 24 947 Bk of KiuIf 44 4AO i t fine 41404 M 1QO 218:171 ".oot m'.m 5l:iu "T?fterbv'. S };'l' ^ U:?5 J!$ Hh'of Orl'aant Sj'?J? 1J ??7 ?? X? 80,233 S3.134 Bk rf Otyrgn, 181322 ii'mJ X'i!? "5.819 28.28B Bk of Pougl.. 14,008 42,906 23,84? ,ss? l:"9 s M fts? Bkoftha State 4'792 1,860 ~ 7'.?i 14.646 iil'^VVyri.3'636,461 634 473 28,368 2J3.995 2,010,888 sftfte Si ?? 'fts* m Bra?ch of do 26,2/6 12'%l "MM 70,627 Ht Chiiaiiiiai $k"of Ver'u, 'jn <m 27,433 88,621 25 836 BkofWVur- 5,48 ~ 41.430 13,869 oTpf YV?- M,7U 9463 ~ ?.?K 1,16# RU oVWhiten, 145*3*7 ij'??] . "WW 10.86? Bk of Whit*. 15,164 20,369 '01.215 36,080 Brookivn Bir.k 105276 2 507 tlni vi'tm 31.8I2 Mroontr Coon- 3,463 27>771 <1.294 Butc?rn'' and "1,2G5 8,637 42,446 44.?78 " 879 C.^r^^of1,010 752 101,408 74,491 "3.881 596.90, Can.U'k of 4'6,m 40,188 7 753 80,187 CaUkm e'k', 2M 006 6 0U iglai 154 440 73,932 CyumCoun- 6 011 19,941 . 62,503 59,437 Cental Bank, 203 ?i M M I39,397 89 2,3 ChautiU(|u- ' 10,400 ?.077 126,045 13,313 c?~T<5 "h 171,242 9,062 87.596 108.,2, ,6.764 Ch"o no*'ci- 830,21,6 89,619 53,140 '"."98 693,739 C1"*'Rink*' 1 4.32 m 27?rae 1Jj'W 91,236 31,137 C'in'nn Bk. ' 33',369 Vofa ,?3S ,iB m 823.47(1 Com 11 er'l B|, 1,048 ? 3,210 7,330 cl^rk 499,061 28 802 ,9W4 88,172 247,434 rn^n'L I5',SM 11,091 ~ ' 0O.7I3 94,249 Delaware Bk tf'lflM aiG7 ~ 39 376 ?.?85 Dutches, Co'y ' ~ 7J."? 29 505 E"ex''county 261,414 10,468 13,426 56,897 33,211 Fxch'e Back 187,983 4,498 29 042 76.748 31,761 Kxcfek 21,583 2,702 ~ 36.870 7,361 At Lock <ort, 7,702 into ..... karnfiTi' Bk ' 10,017 ? ofAmiter'm, 42 910 I ir,i ... . v*rm?r?' Bk ,l61 ~ 28.121 20,391 of (Jeiiera. 1,396 ir. ..... kVmeri' Bk 39,943 1,311 of H nil son. 91,892 5 501 a K-rmcr,'Bk 1 70,002 60,811 OV^'-Zik 10,180 1,860 - 41 ,"700 9.37, *"rT'0V> . 361,279 211,213 25.835 ?9,3?8 ,07.36 ? r aMiieri ami Droaer' Bk, .42,471 6,594 ? 46,231 16,14 Farmrta' & \laimf/ct'a Bk, 310,329 27,189 34,074 173,713 110,54 Farmers' and Mrc*laV Bk of (tooasee, 9 999 1,160 ? 20,513 11,80 Farmers' and Media's Bk of 4 igdrns'li, 122,000 15,000 ? 139,547 52 ?F rm rs'anil Merha's Bk of liochai'r, 11,717 7,174 ? lin.ijj * Forti Daiii k'tHton Bank. 884,681 253,220 242,671 719 jg: (JeneaeeCo'y ?""lk,uo^ <-7M ~ ?.<*? 24,09 GrrenwidiBk, 215,721 23,676 10,552 51,631 164,5* r er injur t,o y o^r^'in. 2??Z* 9-fi* 14-"6n I7" Hi* hi and Bk. 311.816 13,613 23 358 142,391 17,90 Howard Tr t Ik Bku lliv 111 298 2 2?2 ? 19.701 121,96 Hudson II Bk, 2'4.679 8,894 20,890 128,820 50,66 James Bank, 11,778 ? ? 48.134 L Jtffarann Co'y Bank, 211,8:6 18 359 IB 101 126,157 65,11 Filiation Bk, 230,127 10.201 8,910 71 581 15.59 Leather Mannftc; a B nk, 1,318,109 163,671 55,311 197,363 717,32 Lewis Coun'y . BV'k.. ? . ?V971 7,029 19.720 19,421 13,13 Lirinii'n Co'y Bank, 198,112 10,078 60,240 83,121 51.27 Lorkrort Bk . ^ T 91.V '60.2*1 8.533 ? 98,840 21.74 l.lalmdBk. 638,186 31,037 45,473 115,805 311,77 M d'ion to y 6?IU.,,k\ .a *.996 27,922 llf.,104 26.r.6 Md fnf'u ( n, 1,355 092 531 649 68,9<?6 ? 870,45 Manufo r'k, 34,*00 4,>60 ? 24.692 57,32 Mrch*!)'* Bk, 2,626,199 52l,G7i 97,685 319,646 1,485,56 VecV? Bkc Aa oci ti< ii. 472,365 73,217 ? 202,147 425,6*4 Mxrhauica Si Frine-s' Bk. 403,719 21.893 34.473 74.781 323 51 Media. ic?' Sc Tnj'er.'Bk, 420,751 50 001 78.300 28,500 313,85 Mi- cjia'a Bk, 3,100,493 1,508,907 125,139 174,473 2 373,15 Vlereliante' kxrhno*e Bk. 1,613,847 100,632 20,303 132,334 107,64i Marc'.aul ' It Kttinno Bk 2J.?18 J.?3 ? 29,400 13,19 mercninta'ai k''imen' Bk ?f I'trnain County, 26,149 337 ? 28,235 ? Merck nil* (k Mic'.V Bk 400,353 9,639 7,126 60,450 62,82 Mli'dlr'o Bk, 47,380 |.7'3 ? 59.353 14 H I M.h.wk B?,k, 222,038 9,356 5,605 41,771 9',06 I ' Mohawk Valley Bank, 35,589 2,739 ? 44,601 16,5J in tv ( nu t 15k, 94,913 7,680 11,588 80,761 20,11 I National Bk. 1,236,686 3(2.709 32,917 114,149 805,01 N. York Ury D"ek Co, 408.403 11,643 21,3,56 821,053 24.98 J' ''36 20,470 85,726 72,213 215 58 lor X Stork Bk 2,370 1.504 ? 4111.50 77 ,<ITe' "k, 1,073,516 100,089 ? 265 709 683 115 Iurg , 4i m o m >91 5115 23,12 Onoiilt 8aak, 374,14.5 14,495 20,163 168,788 122,32 Ui onn g.i Co y Bank, 2'5.727 10,-81 17.180 130.182 9,40 Ouiuio Btnk, 113,302 7,575 8,415 33 692 47 42 Ontirio B.'arrh Bank 313,658 6,493 4,163 51,634 26.91 Ot?> go County hank '97 966 10,525 16.908 1.3,606 25,48 Porn ? bank, 1,616,24 2 392.730 40 087 327,3:16 1.24J 36 "n.e Plains .i?"nk.'in. J5'1!! 1020 - 78,160 16.501 ..well k, 60,608 4,331 - 67.657 44,33. rntuvillf* Bank. 99,718 4,000 - 73 903 7,84 Koch'ater cily Biok. 374,912 13,871 33,3* 132,119 67,83 9 cliaraJi?!,JI'712 15,857 21,304 69,016 5,91 Bulk",* ' 127.6 0 15,' 47 11,806 70.003 31,38 H enic a'y Bi, 230.696 7.a.,4 ? (4.698 38,03; Se-iec i (;on iiy 11.4 ik, 106.373 6,303 13,161 109,836 38.10; Srvrnit, Ward 11 .ok' 802 211 106,393 11.964 183 823 407 731 Stn-Ln Co'y Bank. 223 Ml 7.041 20.938 114.913 37.931 l*nnr?'Bk 10 4711 4.038 20,113 100,490 41,18; T'm kin*'Co'y li?k, 279 001 10,664 17,133 136.386 44,473 Tr.dctmr't Bk,962,041 111 397 76 .368 131 *24 319 215 T'oy riry Bk, 496 329 17,698 80,702 99,374 76,931 UUt'r l oun tyrBink 100 601 6,296 12,079 61.011 73, t I nion H ink, 1,063,184 471,161 11.7,794 867,823 I.IHI Warren to'l y 60 B nk, 22,187 2,410 ? 81,387 ? vVaeliint'nn oimty Bk, 40 610 1,177 ? 36 Oil 16 181 Wi'fcti* '"f C?.||,t Bk, 831.113 9 026 16,347 130,836 12, "87 *herman't B.I1*, 6,486 ? ? 7,000 8,940 Y?t?i Connty B ink, 134,101 7,363 11 3.76 99,100 14 126 $18,444,291 10 086,712 3 PC ISO 13,189 221 89.026,413 Novembrr I, 33.267.130 11,308.789 3 227,910 11.9*5.171 17,387,160 Inert me, 3,277,163 1,204,030 1,619,233 Dee.reus, 1,416.247 2,061,730 Free hanks. Annexed wp give 8 separate statement of the Banka in this City, showing the different mode* ol making loan*, the amount of specie and deposit* Nr.w Yoa* Citv Ba*xs. f .1117 n r ?f? Tn Di- To H i odiico 1$. rrrlort. km Sprrtf. Din. Am. El Bulk, 1,913.39.7 31 014 366.378 1*2.8.9 810.619 Ilk America, 1,231,174 79,738 ? 031,296 1,72.7,001 Bk ..fl iimm'e, 3,177,000 371,100 2(8.330 789,131 1.303.072 Bk New York. 1.607,830 161,200 ? 1,011,611 2,I0I.7'4 BkStVofN Y. 3.616,461 131,209 ? 634.473 2.010 888 BtU'her* anil Drovers. 1,010.731 146,370 33 439 I #5.408 396.101 Chemical Bk 630,296 12 600 23,530 89.619 193 739 City Bank, I 412,III 93.911 ? 276 726 821.470 l eather VI n't, 1,3(8 409 78,144 ? 161,671 717,324 Manhattan Bk, 1.377.091 119.068 17,823 381,640 874.173 Mechan-C* Ilk, 2,647.1-99 o?,H34 68,150 381,626 I,423.'i60 Me:<h*ll's Ilk* Association, 117,363 12 6 86 22.000 73 247 42.3.664 Merrhiiitt Dk, 3,486.493 29 700 327,310 1,501 997 2,373,177 Merchant* r.srI rtnif B-, 1.013 047 210.177 ? 100 612 107 646 ValiMilll Bk. 1,216 686 60 771 56,015 342 709 103 91', Dry Dock Bk, 408,701 6 625 ? 11,611 25,9*3 Phem. Bank, 1,646,242 132 333 135.300 392,730 1,245,36'It.-v. ith Ward Bank, 862,244 70.79 ' 78,fOO 106 397 407 718 Yrailemen'i Bk, 1)62 014 42.013 5.000 118,3(1$ 349,212 I'll on llv-k, 1,861.181 165,905 392,420 771,163 J 181 166 [V V Stock Bk, 2,370 - ? 1,301 771 lire# nwicli Bk, 213,721 26,206 ? 83,676 164,190 Total, 111,644,274 8,044,011 2,002.007 0,305,191 20,090,630 I Old Stock Kichange. K'' ? Jl,i ,fl4 10ti Viakeburg Baak all ?V MMC.UV.l#, 1(I0U 100 do ? ' !? ul?? 'I'd 94 V 75 < anion Co ?3 32 ?!!5 5? ?3 09V 50 do 3-1 ' 22 bM w>? Mohawk RK b3 55 ?S 1? ?I3 ?>V it do 55 WMJ ?J> K3 ?a? 'n al0 ViJU *n?n lni,iaUtt $?'.5 m 640 3'J>? 50 do .30 55 222 lull!'**?* w :o Uric fc "cbeooo 12"'.' 2 hk. 1 a?.84 59 Auburn k Koth "3 JO' 500U Uliaoi. .iwciaU .60.1 *> ijj K..d?,? Hk 40 i??,0p , d? 25 Nor k Woreaalar 35* 5000 Prima 5. .30 t.9 w d? 31^ 5000 do f'i fi'j j5(j uu) 10000 do b60 6B54 ! 0 do .60 38 3.ha. - kofN y 110 300 Lo?? l.laod .Mil X 31 Union Bank IIIX 50 do .3 74 5 Ilk <TCommerce 97 50 do ajii 50 N A'I ruu U% 150 Harlrm RR ?64 48 100 do 1?)S 11)0 do 4H '"0 do .3 14 150 da , .1 47 V 143 City Bink NO .3 75 1110 d > IH 100 Fanner.' Tru.t 31W 100 di bin 4TV 25 . do b30 31V 50 do 1,45 4? 100 Viekr burg Bk 8V 56 do boo 48 Second Board. 100 Hailrm 48 3 KM Ohio 6'e 1060 DOW 50 do .60 47V 25 Canton 31 50 do 48V 25 do blO 32V I 350 do 48 *4 50 do b30 33V 50 do 48?; 100 IlarUm b30 48), 50 Farmer.'Loan :il *, 25 Am-riean Tiu.t Co It New Stock Kichange tlOOO IT 8 ?'?, '02 b4m II6V 50 .tie. Fanner. Lo7u|b36 31'? 2000 Ohio 6'., 'GO 130 93V ?5 do 3l\* 0W0 do 99V 50 i'o iw 31 2000 do bKfl 09V 50Vick?burg 3)4 5000 do .3 93'a 50 do blO 8J4 1000 do 301 90V 50 <* b30 9 torn do too 9< V IS do ?'i M)('0 Kentucky G's30 yts 103'. too Wnu'bg Fira Iu? itm7*'i 70110 do *3 lasV 10 Stoiii'iKlou 'J 357. 11000 do ?3 '01'J .30 Norwich bn J3V 1000 do b7 103?: 30 du bl i>M 2000 do titiO 103K 23 do ) 35 M 41100 do btw '03S 23 NlohewU >30 5ll< 4000 do 3'r, |?b!? in N V? I3M.V 73 do 33 4U'0 Illinois b3 42V 23 1,-uk Ultnd >3 74 2000 do ?3 42% 2.3 do SOU 74 3000 do >3 42K 23 Pstenoq ?3 fl"V "00 do b 10 42)4 100 Harbin ?.l 47j? 2(00 do 12 V 30 to ?3 47* 3000 do bOO 43V 100 do i30 47*4 10 0 tudiana 130 3*S '0 di 41 1000 do 40 30 do *3 41 2000 do J9V 30 da >4ai 471.1 1000 do i3 30V 25 do l3 47V *K'0 do S9? 25 do 47V 2000 do inw 70 V 50 da 47 7, 2000 do *3 3'lV 50 do ilia 47 2100 do turn 30'? Stale of Trail*. A*Hr.??We continue to quote Pot* dull at $4 75 ; Pearl* about the name at $5 00} a $6 Id}. Bekswax?Primo yellow we quote at 29} a 30c , without any sales coming under our notice Cotto?i-Some enquiry has existed to-day from exporter*. Sali * about 200" bale*, of which one half baa been taken for shipment. Price* ou such a* wa? disposed of, } cent lower than the rate demanded on Monday. Market unsettled Flou??No change whatever in the markat. Waatern continue* at $1 93J a (.3. On.*?Sales of whale have been made at 40c. Last week in New Bedford sale* of whale were at 39e. Imported into the country in the week 253.3 bbla. sperm and 7430 bids, whale oil ; also 77 500 ill' hone. PaovisioNi?There in not aiitticient doing in article* under thi* head to alter the quotation* that have been currant for some time past Oood butter is held at 10 17c ; cheese we quote at 4} a 5}c. Tea?The cargo of the " Mary Chilton'' wa? ?olil to-doy at auction, at the following price* :? Young Hvnon ?10(1 half chests 3" cent* per lb. Gunpowder?43 half cheat 7 31 9-3 bx* each 19 'lib can* 46}, 200 mil bx* 41. 150 61b do 4.1. 150 do 41}. Imperial?30 half chests 3S, 25 bx* each 13 21b can* 44, , 200 1311. tixs 111. 200 01b do 44. Souchong?10 half cheats 24, 140 do 23}, 633 do 33. Chulon?135 hf chests 32, 100 do 31} 1 Ningyong?390 hf chests 40, 126 do 39, 210 do 34, 22 do 1 37 J, 232 do 37. 20 do and I0U ) chest* 36',, BO hf chest* 36, 10 do 3*1. 50 do 33. 10 do 34}. 190 do 34, 4(1 do 33, 40 J chest* 32}. 147 do 32. 204 hf chests 31}, 50 do 31, H3do30}, 76 131b bxx :W. 525 do 391. Oolong?HO hfrhrst* 72}, 16 do 71, 19che?t?63, 32 half ' chests 01, 40 do 44. Kokeu?100 ] chests 49, 50 chest* 45, SB do 41}. Mohea?63 chests 35. Pecco?5 chests 90 (5 do withdrawn,) 20 half chest* 56, I 10 do 42}. 20 do 40, 109 do 3b}. Whiskev?Drudge very inactive at 23 a 23jc.; batrel* 1 we quote at 24} a 25c. Sales of Re?l F.slate at the Merchants' Exchange, February 21st. 1 Thoframc shop and lot of ground No. 9 Ferry street, . on the north side, near Jacob street, containing 24 feet I inch front, 23 feet rear, 116 feet 10 inchei > deen on one side, and 112 feet 10 inches on tho other, *10,0?0 ) The brick store and lot No. 11 Kerry street, adjoining, containing .11 feet 8 inches In width, to the depth of 02 feet, and from thence 11 feet 7 inches ( wide to the rear: whole depth 91 feet 10 isiches, IS,000 The old building and lot No. ft Jacob street,contain. 1 ing 17 feet 10 inches in front, 14 feet 1 inch in rear, by about R8 feet deep t.lftO ? A piece of rear ground about 24 by Sft fact 1,000 Lot No. 1ft Frankfort street, 2S feet 7 ins. by 78 feet 4 inches, with the building thereon, 0,408 Foreign Markets. a Rio nr. Jamkiro, Dec 71?There is nothing doinff , ..i, mid except Brandy mere i* , nrcely any ' articleon which their would not be a loss. We are over' stocked with every thing. Plain domestics are coming 5 into dr mand, and there is an inquiry for Suffolk drills in u particular. We have a stock of near 70.000 barrels of Flour, and 7 none is rolling. Some Raltimore brands might be disposed 5 of at 12||000, to net $4, and some Richmond at 1ft1] to net ffi ^ 89, on 4 months. A cargo of Wheat and Flour, equal a to 3,000 to 4 000 barrels flour has been received from Buenos Ayres. Coffee is dull The nominal asking prices are 2||800 tc n 3||000 lor good firsts and 2l|nfl0 to 2||700 for regular ; sales o 2 selected parcels liave been current at .1 200 u 3 300 I Unfavorable advices are now coming in from all parts and it is fairto suppose that prices will be lower. Then J is much less demand now for the United States December 27th.?We have just bad four arrivals witl r' 9 730 barrels Flour. There is no demand?a small cargr .J of Richmond was sold a few days ago at 18 300, on foui .. months. ?tr<t. J At Port an Prinrc, St. Domingo, on the 20th Jan , aflei i) a few ilay? illneaa, of yellow fever, Fnicnrnnn S Risen mt.h, age'il 2.1 year*, soil of the late c'ajit. Wm. Blackmci I of New Bedford, Mass. ' Weekly Report of Interments 1 In the City and County nt New Vork. from !)> 10th day o< J F"b. to the I7'h Jay of Fe 1*14. SI Mm ; 20 Womm ; 'it Boy? ; II Girls. Total 1(9. 1 diskasks. Apoplnv, I; Burned or scalded, 1; Cancer I; Cholara In f?ntum, I; Consumption, 29; Convulsions, 12; Cronp 4 ; i r ? hility. 2; D arrhcui, 3; Dropsy, 2; Dropsy in the heed, * Drojey in the Chest. J; Brrsliielei, t; Fever, pneriiers', I; do remittent, I; de scarlet, 9; un typhus, 2; Heart, disease of, 3 lloopin* cough, 4 ; Iiill.trnnnrioii, 1 ; do of brain. 7; do o lungs. It; do of bnwD, 6; do of chest, 2; do of stomach. I; di of throat, I; do of liver. I; liy.anitv. I; IntMnpcrsni e, |- hue 7 Venrr-a, 1; Malformaiion. 3; Marasmus, 5; Mortification I " O'd Age, J; Pa'sv, 1; Poison, 1 Premature b,nh. 1; Scr. fu'n 3 2; .Spinal dts-ase, I; Hu.citfe, I; Trrtiiiuc, I; Ulceration of in testin's, I. 0 a nr. Under I year, 46; t to 2, 9; 2 to 5, II; 5 to 10, #; 10 to 20, 5 19 20 to 30,17; 30 to 40. 16; 40 to ',0, 10; ,'>0 to 60, 9; CO to 70, 3; 70 ti 3 R0, 4; 80 to 90, 3; 90 to 100, I. r.a or nsTivrrv. 3 United States. 132; Ireland, 21; Bugland, 10; Sc. tland 8 2, llermany, 3; France, 1 1 Of the above, were from the Alma House. Bellevnr, 3 UnaS pital, Bellerne, 7; Penitentiary Hospital, Blaekwelt's Island, I; Lnnatic Asylum, l;City Hospital, 3: l.onf Island Farms 1 9 Colored |>ersoiis 0 3 WM, A. WALTBRH. City Innwctor. ^ CitV Inslieetor's Olfiee, Feb- 19. 11.44. ' Passengers Arrived. 4 Apalac Mir oi.a?Ship Floridian?M Taylor, V B Starr ^ Isaac Scofield. 0 PMienger* Sailed. ? LrrsProor ?Pnckft ship Rochp?t*r??O T Fft* jr, NfitVorlc B Autonia L?rrm and ?rv*nr. rfafnn"; Mf Ssmiorn, Hhndi Island; Thoa Johnston, McotlAud; hiaot Jenningt, ('apt I.yum, 1 Royal N??y; l)r DartnH. r? Foreign lm|k?rlA(lnn?. 5 A*TWf.RP? Shin Sarah Shen'V? I pkg Moor? k fUVcr-IW J MTall & co?24 T Grsnenthal? IS < II S nda?I J Be'tego? I 1 Srhucbardt, Favre St c>?11 J n Opfienheim?212 <!< 30 tout t roil < Mrding St Kmikelmann? 17 l>kg? Stone It co?2 do Spies. <h?ist It co? II Kettler It co?I W S Warwick?I Boirean It r Hutch < Ittiftf k CO?I Rirrlay St l.iv n.K.fou??0 Flbtf k Bier*erth? II * W Varw ck?1 lleurick* St #o?2 K K^rck-3 I\chiiik k VVj end mi' k ? I F Thor*t>erke It ro? II II W It '1' M MJi?'1 Q B Blake R ?tnn ? i Op;>enltetrn ? 13 K Stem* h**il?I K F H*-yc ?I C fr He?srtcM It son, Hi d ad?I plow Lt, gland?4 ct to order. Domestic Importations. \ Ngw Osi.fana?Hhip (lincinnati?222 libit pork Tw.edrk Mr< i It ? 0 lihdt h 'int B ned rt It Toini U un ? I 1.6 ics 98 bid* d ; I) It It II Yl<.*e*?m hhd* 76 ti> rce? (i W Fdward* - ft h* U W Bnrfer?f>8 ba'et cotton B H Field M li H MaitUnd k ro ?2 hhl*97 kegs J I,osee?12 ra?k\ 23 bbls G Dntglagn?91 do / It S Taylor?'T\ rka 17 bbU A \ mir k co?200 ilo Rour II #d It *c ermerbo'n?20do I> r?t nil l.ord It eo?7 rk< 4 trs 41 I Ms M Ln?ee I ?10 tea Smill It Williafni-21 bale* deer akin? Buck a l'? trrt? IIA9hbU pork 4 do 117 kef* lard Lee, Dat*r Millet f t bbli ffoti Savl^ai, Sage St ro?80 bbt* I Johnson's aon It ro- 'i J R Marsh?fo lif tea 71 Itrc* 10 bblt 3 lihda 18 bales hemp Kvrrett It BalfeBe?j bag I bui J Sj I adin?'J00 bales cotton I bo* md.e to order, Ni.w OiLtAii?Ihlp rhiladelphi*?1.6.60 bbla pork 1927 do llour Savdam, 8ige It co?III bil? * 1011011 II lrvin~~237 Banj II Field?70 Il?ven. St co?28 G tk K Schumacher Momilf. ?Ship Wsverly?203 bile* cotton 4 enter Si co?47 d< Collotnb k l.elin? 3"0 M a it land, Cemri * It co?401 Tliomi*?oi St Adams ? 200 to a 'Vr. Arai.acincoi.a?Ship Kloiid an?3f,4 hale* cotton l.eiitillvn St CO?371 K I) 11 url in St ro?17 J II Mowlaml?.62 4t ? n'bns? 109 ^pofTo d, Til si on St co?4 bit tobacco W K Mut and It co ? 2 bale* to ofd -r St M ah as ? Brig Samson?149 bales cotton IlolbrnoU, Ne! *on It co?106 Barclay It Livingston?7ft i enter St co -30 II Waring It son?37 Bryant It Maitlind?I (I hi* ferkoit St lip kins? S|?ear St Vanderhoff? 1 J li I alin?27j bides (I W Benson?60 bib * to order. Ur.oRriSTOWW, 8C?Schr Kagle?4 cks llaiseed 91 bales rrt1. .. W./L.wr ? Iftft !.? U-.II-...I 'O. ? - .1 I ^ Hum?12 do II aarkt p'anntt bprtaae) (lohintoii k ro maritime' hkka 1,7)7 >MUn| Uayi of tha 8ts?m Whips pmoN i.iT*nfoot. raow ?? ?te? I libera it, Jodkint March I Caledonia, Lou 5 April 1 I Wwrra, MlUhrwi Apr. 27 M?v 2? O.Britain, Hotkra May 24 June 2# Koicl?n I.rtlrr !*??H"* llomftrT, Letter and Nyotp. IT liana (of all part* of Ihe World, will be rn,oly up at the Hr.Sai.n Orrit l: Bit I [i HMaters *#tsnt?. We .hall rap- in it a l'j??r. if ' 11 Mint ol V iteli w;i*i?i to Co nmodore Mi.riT.-l our Nr?i hlser. a II# port of the Sliippinu l#ft at the Port whence iliey tailed, th? VtMelt flnnki'U on tin ir ('tataae, a Cut of t'nlt Cillu, ard any korriri Newapdpert or Newt they hurt. lie will hoard th?m immediately on th?ir anital. Agent* and ''or nwpnnoentf, at home er abroad, will alao eoolrr a lavor h> cniliuft to thll Olbee all the Marina Intelligence th-y ear obtain. Nt'ilieal Itforintiioa ol aay kind will bn th?*k(*Uy rseeieed POHTOPHKW YORK, HKBIIVARY II. ti" m I Hoom tin it it tvn tin 5I||hihh with St ClllfH. Ship Sabaiiia. v?w Orleans. J Atkins It Co ? Barque Joaeihine, Mitchell, limyum. B De Korest It (> ?Brigs VoI-tui Kr>e tils n >w . T l tv iuil,,w; vomnia. Talbot, Mobile, Dunham 4 Million; Emily, Hltrmwul, < harle.t>n. by tha >.i-ne ? schrs lm|*n?l, Keen. Snumili, Mooehau It Been; tl e?, Chap ion. I'lrrnoefh. N' .. John Keruey; Ami Smth. i ?le. Wilmington. NO N I, McC ready A Co; Auu Hyinaa, To (ten, New be, n, SC. M Piatt. Arrived, Sli p Serah She*/', tiny, 72 (leya irons Antwerp, with mdw, to Herd log k Ku.ick.-luiai.ll ?19 stealage Paaasoaers IkepaeienreJ coioual Kalci fr mi the waatwafl. Juhu Logan, aook, di'd on hoard 12ih alt. ? .. Ship ( innuiiaii lloee, 20 daya Irom New Orlaar a. with cottoo. I I Stinimi It h'mat. Sailed in co with Jamea Edward, Vrkanaaa, and Trlegaah. fo. New York; I haileaeoo. Eldridge. Button. S|ioke 20 h. rff the Delaware. cutter Porward Ship Philadelphia. Wellington 20 data from New Drlaaea, wiili cotton, Ac. to Noltemaa Jt Par'ualedi. Ship Wavcily, Smith, 15 da; a from Mobile, with cotton, to I ( iM.t? i 8l CO. . I Ship Klu idiao. Pratt. 20 daya from Apalaclucola, with cotI ton. to K 1) llurlbut A Co. S.iil.d in eo. with Liverpool, Andrew Scott, and Noble, for N York. Brig Salmon. Sawyer, 20 daya f on 8t Marka, with cottoa, to K. D ll-rlbst A Co. Left at Key Wat ?th mat Meridiaa. Wing, for Mataima.'Jth; Joa tloxham, Writ, lor Naw York, 15 h. Brig North llrnd Eldridge, Irnto Baltimore, and 2 daya from the Capet, with indi'. to uias'iir. Schr .Michigan, Tarty, t dava ftom Baltimora, with mdaa.O in a?ter. Sch' Kagl-. Dier, 7 days fmui Ornrgelown, BC. with aottoa, to order S hr Lena. Honeywell. Bdnmore. Schr Friendship, Abra'iaina, Virgiuia. Schr J B. Uriuh'rl, Wainble, I Irrryatnns. Schr Wm <i. 'udie, llouatnnn, York Kiis.*. S hr Independence, Meeker Virginia. S'oop Patriot, Abraham". Virginia. Sloop Engineer, Lyona. Virginia. tie low, Swadiih tbip Polloi, 56 daya from Rid Janeiro, with aoffae, ?o order Alao, biig St. Siniou.and achr Balavia. Sailed. Bliipe U cl.ea'er, Brittnn, Liverpo !; Ocmulf?e Prat, Ntw Oilni't; btnju- Mleu. Trinidad; hriga Coraair, (Br) London; T H Banton, Weat Indira and oihci . Herald Marine Correspondence. Or file or thf Rhode lai.evifnn, 1 Newport. Feb. 19. 1944. _ | Arr I7lh, Anrelij, Puubir, Little lltver, NO. for Providence; Lewia or, Mutt, in a Southern port via NVork. fordo; liar iet, swift. Providence for Savannah. Sid Kverlma. Bath. Seen fr< m Brown'j Obaerrofory 8 a in, S tnilaa 8W irom Oay llmd, a 1111 > el Hiding for 'be Viueyard Hound. lBth?Arr John Jav. Providence for Philadelphia; H A Weat. Darker, New V'i rk for Newport aod Providence;and a fore and af tclir from the HapiMlianiiock for Providmcej North Ainerica. Paul, mid Kienzi, ( liild. New York for do; Charlaa, Brown: Rhode Itl md, Hull, aud Jaa Lampbrrr, Kruof, l\oridenee for N York. Sid 19th. Convert, Boaton. Mint-villaneous Bmn Ct'MHKRLaiao, Keyaer, from Mobile for Portland, want aa ho re on Fnday, at 3 a in. ill a thick anow atorm about a mile from the Highland light. Cape Cod. Ca'go all aavad the vaiel will nrobably be a total loaa. Tha inata aud craw I are arrired at B aton. IfHi<- Unit), Hoilfree, of Hamrden, 91 daya from Mavnuii|ue for Button, eargo 130 etaka moUnei ?u I'al'en in with Itl mat. lat 3J, In <7, aud the errw taken off by the Kleta. at Hulifai The B was knocked down 29th ult. lat 44, Ion 87, and filed with water; her ma?ta were cut away, aud after pumping 12 hnura the w n fried. Nothing waaaared from tie Balkan B ikiiii: Alliotu, I'haae, of Newbury port, fiom Newport, W. for Boaton, waa >eru going into Bermuda, 7th iaat. in diatreaa. with Inaa if inaiuniait Slhii Wai.DNoN. (Br) from Boaton for Halifax, waa aeon bearing up lor Bermud i 8th mat. undur part of a uiainaail and jib, having Inet aaila. he SHir Lcii.a, at New Orlenna from Havre, nperiancad very levrre we.tin r iu the tint purr of the ptaaaga Near the Weeteru Itl uidt w it nut d with a arvrre hurricane, which carried away an me of the aaila, tic. 8ih? K lltRENgea, hence at Oporto, td ult. with part of her deck load thrnwu overbuild, and dam ged in aaila, he Si tin Joittv which cleared at Niw (Jrleat.e for Philadelphia, ?d inat, in gnii g il iwn the river under c uraaa, waa drawn luto Wildei'a Bayou by the current, nud cuneiderably damaged.? Iletur e,i for repair?. iHlfltii, (; 'lit, hum Ito.l.m t',,r Koiilurirh lalanlfa tennrtnl yesterday | ill into 1' ym ill ilial'ess, lin ing <t gale I >rr 7 and #, timke tlia clock from ihe heel of t! e jibboom, and wiung off ll.e end iif ill- h w prit, laking furii and alt, carrying away U,a s I'm davits and boat. lore ami main plat's and howsi rit, broke all the main rail and bule ar''? from Ilia fi recasile Jack to the in ii> in .at, brik* ? ft 14 slaunclieora, spotting open and tearing up III' lor and afl. wliicli In Ilia Mil r dowa i" inch '111 o iity ilial alio mold not In freed nnlil the gala abated, at C r M on tlm nli lli-r lop.tirt were nearly rompV'ad, and aha wi ii d la I Jan II None of h r cargo bad bieu discharged, oiid it wan thought it wis not dam tged Suir SaniTooa. atNaav Ur ean . from N'W York, rcpnrta than on the ltd iiiar. saw a barque a-bore on the Dog Keys, Salt hey li'bk. wi'h liei mi Ten in.nt itiuding, taila nying, and a w rrkerat .inch r near; her l ull ben g in beliiuii the rocks, ci uld not ascertain Iter particnl ir description? the was esidentlynota modern built teste), and hid ml been long in tbataituati in Ashore.?Cant Baker, ol tlie llunrrrss, at Phi'adelphia. reports?On the 3d irist. saw a large barque (appaiently British) aihnre on I ape St Antonio, on a reel' about a mile from lha beach?the ha t (Minted ports, a poop neck, and femalr bu-l head ?her topsails, conises ..nil jibs w ere loose, and ohe ap|iaaied to lure been bill a short lime in Ilia" situation. We passed close to her and hoiited our ensign, but sba showed no colon kor nude any signal wliateyer. Whalemen. 1 Arr at Kdgarlown 17ih, Pheuii, Hamblin, fm Pacific Ocean, 1 ol and for Nautuckrt, full cargo of sp. I token. 0'ames Teikina. 17 days from NOrleana for NYork, na date, off llaileiat?by the Kloridian. at this pult. Ir ul Krrrv, NOr'eans I'nr Philadelphia, 10th inat. HO inilaa H ol Handy Honk?by pilot host Charlolle Ann v ii una. u illimnre lor tioitun. 70th itisr, 60 mi las uk ol lha linos I,, aauie. (Ireiiius, Crocker, N Orleans far Boston, 7th intt, lat 36 31, : Ion S6 14. Magnolia, NOr'rain for Baibadoes, 13.h inat, off Martioelle lleef Pallas, New Orleans fur Philadelphia, 12th inat, off Cape Florida. wowier, m 1 jiomaaioti. > ? org lor .Mobile, #tli tut, let 1* i 50, Ion 71 35. I Wibuh 10th init, off Cape Cainavrral. Foreign Porta. Hinarm. Ftb 2 ?In port, Hnffolk, Rncpri, fra Newport. W. , having repaired, lor Button, tth. Mid Jan 23, Ccronrt, Bute, ' NOrleato. Hi il int, Jan 13?Put hark, John k Robert, M'Kechuie, for ( MOrlmnt. ( Hottnt Airr, Jan 11?Arr ranuebot Hieannais, Prudhomme, Charleaton I n?, Jan 22?Sid Rnbt liruee, Voting NOrlaena. 1 Cauix, Jan 6?Arr Jalia. ttuo lo Virginia > I :u*i a. Jan If,?Arr M adeline, HhankUnd, Bremen, and lid r 23d for Trinidad. CormaHtiiKS, J an '3?The Boruaaia. Tierne, from Blettis , to N iJeilfu d and the Honili Sea., .truck on Falalerbo reef, but vv * a atai.ied off. and In. bern brought mto line |>ort leaky, and mnar diacnarge. r I ?ri II arrit.M.'Jan 2'i?In port, Sarah Catharine. Fraiier, for Baltimore wig caigo; ll altiraore, Vigurra, for Philadelphia. do 1 litMi'iirn Kelt I?In port. Kmpire. of Baih, Dunning, flat" b.weii, dereaaed) for Button, Idg; Falcon, Moote do do; Portland, < I'ugh f oin Portland, ate: .Mary, V oik, of do. far New b?rk. Idg. Klnr. lire, Mo* land from XOrleaiia for Balti, more, do: (Robe (ia.kill, uuc Margaieita, Krereit, and Eiiaa Purge.a for Rial III. aid 2"'ili Kugrne, Hkiuurr, NVoik.Kib; Si Hi tie St Biolhi-ra. I' uladel hi., aht 18th Da* i moi i M, Jan 17?Hid An turua, Cook, from Antwerp lor N York. Jan 24?Arr Huron. Moir, l-oodon, and aid for Cha'iton; 2".ih, M.nv Caroline, d i. and aid for Savannah; Mih, Bremen NVi rk. of and tor Br*m n Hid 14th, Wallace, Hammerao", NOrleana, tfilli aid, Savannah. ; Drm.ia, Jan 2u?Sid /vlieima, Uriceti, Savannah f Favai. J in 12?lu p >rt, Globe. Doane, Buaton for Sandwich I ala d., 14 It KaLmoi'i ii, Jan >J?The Am ahip Madiion kaa bean takes ; Oil the patent allp. (lHiai;raiouTH. Jan 20?Sid Harbinger, Thompfon, New York. (far runi K. Feb I?Sid Marv Piyng. Todd, Boaton (In it? ant'net, Jen 15?Arr T Homer, liuhurat, NOrleeav.? Sid >'i i Leonidi Hoderberg N America, i linimi i Ait Jan J?Arr 4>uadalete. NOrleans; Locilla, Perkin. Sumatra, and aid for Trieale; Slli, II lleapont, Adama, N York for Palermo. Hull J?n 24?Sid Megnntirook Mayo, Near Orleana; J7th. Virtoria. Spring, do; llarleijuin, Knowlea, Chaileaton, and e at HaOUgate 30th lai.r o. Whiht, Jan 12? Off, Binary Thnmat. fm Antwr onpoaed for llaeana Loscns, Feb 3?In port. Forum, Murdoch, of Boatoa, condinned maie'iala ahipperlon hoard the Natchet; Herailia, Crowell, for a Southern port, unc; U rhtnoud, (Jibba, uuc, MraaeI I'huaetta, Pritcli rd, for Boaton. Idg. an aa it I t a I in D?Sltl 4' |i arlulte. Stand will, N York; Itth, denre. I. I, tt Palermo; 27i|i, Themia, Schnlta, New , York. In | ri 27lh, Adna. Sherman, from Ualati, to aail lor Boatoa abl Feb 10. Idg Maanaa, Jan 15? In port, Prrata, l handler, for Philadelphia. Jld. Mai ta, J an 15?In port, Cambridge, Ellit, Boatoa for Men tin. 17th _ _ ' Mai.aoa, Ian 19 ? In port, Vet eruela, Itendell, Boaton, ar 9th a 10th unc ; K me, Mailt...n lor New Vork, few dava; Margaret A u. < rugby do do H'd 7th, Nautilna. Keaaenden, Boaton; Iftrh Ma'd of ''rPebi, WiBWell, Palermo. Pc.ti.n, Jan 12 OH, Victory. Kruae, from Chaileaton for Ontieribtirg Pat i:awo. J * II?In pert. Hellespont, Adamt, fo' NYorh, 231; D 'orla., Toetiaend, do Idg; Kmily Wilder. Snow, for Boaton unc. f raneeaca, do 19th. Hid 16th e 17th, Bengerveren, [Nor] Mew York; 14th, t oriolanua. Ilaile, do; IBtlt, Cecilia, Snow. Boat' n, Dec 31, M Hugg, llngg. Baltimore PoaT'i < \ n? i i.o. Jan 24? In port, AtnU, Baker, fm Boaton, unc, John. I ' flirt, lur B Itimore. do. I . n ft a Met i o, Jan 3?In porl.tilohe, Kaliog; Itio, Yonng; III i M?fk ..A i u.L? r... ai i -i Prior, frmn Boatoa. di?*. Sid id, Bran ywinr, toil Kranrrn, III < Janriro, thr latlvr * ith Wflch'l rirrua rompniiy. Mr Hct,i.*a. Die II?Bid Aral.rlln, Jordan. Ornna Svn-titY, NSW. Srpt 4?Sid P?trrl, Woodbury, Manilla. Horn* Porta. " Til. Krb III?Arr Hrlrn Krairr. Lorrit, Ballimorr. K* INKI n?T. Kvb 18?MM Tamrrlanr, Sprnal llavina. Parke'.Stnne, IC10 Orande; I6tb. M illiiu>k?t. 'I hompaon, Matajicaa. Pna r i.avn, Kr b 17 ? v rr Mary I'- aar, Shir Ida. Triaidad; Wm W W\er,, llu-hmmil; Mary. Smith, Krd-nckabart; William, Parvon., NYork. PnaiiMoi in, Krb 10?Sid Armida, Trrfrthn, Baltimore. Ncmi ainitr, K*b ib?Sid Arrafoo, (nrv*. 740 ton*) Kn tin. NOrlrana. S.i.nM, Krb II Arr Arii". Ayrre.Wraf ( oaat Africa. Old I9lh. Cardinal, Barrn.nn, NYork. U'l tna, K> b J |?An K.ltrd. [ Brrmrn j Haaehro, I irarponl; Naaulaa. Kra.rndrn, Milam. Artirr, (Jnidnrr. Biianna Ayrva; llrnrv, otia.du; I yrlnp?, Uiujrr., llamOurf: llaarllr, CI.archill. Havana. I in.ra i ma. ' in: II?J kraaklin, Minn; Arnra , l|..?ra a. d Hnllimnra k l.lrulgr I hiladrlphia; Houli rruar, Oibl). do, J aim i Br"*n, . ? Comma; Onirair, J.i.kioa, < an- llaylif-n Hrr.drii, Sl-a na, Havana; Mien. Smilb, VI aabnik'Hii. 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