Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 24, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 24, 1844 Page 1
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1 r - t h : Vol. X., No. 83-Wbole No. 3638. To the Public. THB NEW TORE HERALD?daily newapeper?publiahud Terr dajr of the year except New Year', day and Fourth at Joly. Price 3 ceat* per copy?or f7 90 per annum? pontage. paid?naah in adyanoe. THE WEEKLY HERALD-publi?hed eyery Saturday morning?price cent, par copy, or $3 13 per annum? po.tagn., ctuk in a tvance. ADVERTISERS are miormed that tha circulation oI the Herald i* oyer THIRTY THOUSAND, and incrauaing fact. Jl hoe the largest circulation of any paper in this oily, or the world, and it, therefore, the bent channel for biuinett men in the oity or country. Price, moderate?cash in adyanoa PRINTING of all kind* executed at the moat moderate price, and in tha inoat elegant atyle. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PRoraicToa or thc H.k.ld E.t.bli?iimbi?t, Nerthweet corner of Fulton and Naaaau atreaita. MEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. *tW ABB.fVOIItKIVT, COMMBNCIWO COT. 1?TH .1X1. mpai FARE REDUCED TO TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. From die foot of Courtlaudt street, Now York. (Every <l*y?Sunday* axceptad.) Lam New York. Leave* Newark. _ .. At 9 A. M. At a P.M. AtTHA.M. At 1XF.M. 9 do. | do. k do. 4 do. il do. 4 do. 9 do. 6 do. i do. 19X do. OX do. T do. ON SUNDAYS. LntTN N?w> jrk. Leave* Newark. At 9 A. M.and4'*P. M. At IX P. M. *nd 9X P. M. , The ear* of the Morris aud E*?e* Railroad for Orange, Millrine, Hu nmit. Chatham, M*di?on, aud Morristowu,. ran through from J*r*ey City without change, and connect with 9 A. M. and I P. M train* from New York. NEW YORK AND ELIZABETH TOWN. Leave*New York. Lravea Elizabeth Town At I A. M. At a P. M, At 7 A. M. 3X P. M. 9 do. f do. 7X- do. 5 do. U do. i do. ?X do. 9X do. 7 do. IS do. 1 PM. The train* for Weatfield, Plalnfiald, Romtdhrook, Somer villa, Stc., connect with the 9 A. M., and 4X P. M. ; train* from New York daily, Sunday* excepted. Far* between New York and Elizabeth Town 25 cent*. Far* between do. and Semerville, 75 cent*. NEW YORK AND EAHWA1 Leave* New York. Leave* llahway. At A.M. At a P.M. At 6X A.M. At 3 P.M. 9 do. 3 do. 7 d?. 4X do. 11 do. 5 do. 9 do. 9 do. 7 do. 9X do. 12* P. M. NEW YORK AND NEW BRUNSWICK. I ' Exp in foot of Coartlandt street, New York, daily Leave* New York. Leave* New Branawiuk. At 9 A. M. At 3 P. M. At t A. M. At II M. & do. 7X do. ?X P- M. ON 8UNDAY87 Leave* New York Leavee New Branswiek. ft 9 A. M. and 4XP. M. At 13 A M., and $X P- M. , aoeept in the Philadelphia train*, between New York and New Brunswick. 50 cent*. Between New York and Rahway, 25 cent* Newark, Elizabethtown, llahway, and New Brunswick passenger* who procure their tickete at the ticket office, re eeive a ferry tfcket gratis. Tickets are received by the con doctor only on the day when purchased The commutation (are between New York and Rahvi ay and intermediate plaoee, bu* been reduced (including ferry) to $50 tier year ; between New Brunswick and New York $75 per year. ul9 3m laat'WNUMN U1II.RI1AT1 From PaUrsou to J.-rsry City. On and ilW Monday, Oct. 2d, IMS, the can will leave FxTitnioN DirsT. Liars N*w Yoxx. I A.M. 9 A. M. HVm. r-a The San day Train* will be discontinued until further noio*. Transportation ears leave daily (Snndnyi eveented.) Faaeea|m are advised to be at the Kerry, foot of Courtlandt etreet, a few mointee before the etated hours of departure jy!9 Cm* WINTER ARRANGEMENT?FOR ALBANY. Via BRIDGEPORT and ?*% aUM Heusaromc fc Wx?txxiv C^jr%*AJe Rsn-paeaps. I.aily, bucdsys.^HmEfn 3B73K3E. Eiccpted. J3H5SE2L Passengers for Albany by tbit Ronte will take the new and eVgsnt steamboat EUREKA, Capt. J. L. Fitch, which leaves New Yerlt from foot Liberty strjet, hiiday morning at halfpast t sfelock, fer B(idg*|>Ofl, theses by the Honsatemc and Western Railroads, without change el oars or baggage crates, te Albany, arriving a-uev cvomug at o'clock. Fare through SO. For passage or Freight, apply on board, or at thn office, foot ?f Liberty street. <3. M. PERRY, Agent. ftisc J?*W YORK AND PHI LA>)KLPHIA RA ?KOAD LINE DIRECT. CFex Natvang, Ncwkuoeswica, Paiircavosr, Tairrex, BonsiKTewis Ann BoaLiKOTon. z95k^X9Z3HBL TUKOVUH IN SIX IIOURb. Leaving New York daily fro** the foot of Courtlandt st. Moiling Lias at t A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at 4P* M. The Morning Line proceeds to Bordentown, from thane* by Matnhoat to Philadelphia. ^ The Evening Line proceed* direct to Camden (oppoiiieto Philadelphia) without cbaiigapf cart. _ . . Passengers will procure tneir tickets at the office foot of Courtlandt street, where a commodious steamboat, will be m redninuss, with baggage cratee on board. Philadelphia bo?*atte cratee are conveyed from city to City, wihbht being opened t>y the way Eech train is provided with a car in which are apartments and dressing rosins expressly for lb* ladies' nse. , , : _i._ i i__ VL.'I.J.I.L:. Aflffsl. nnaniiai, un now rare i ninuri|inia iiom uw , 7 . ?, at street, bv steamboat to Bordeatown at 7 o clock, A. M. and bv railroad frosa Camdto, at} o'olock.P. M. The lines (cr Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 1% A. M., end IF. M. being ? eoatftoAtioa of the line* from New York. j9 J.n*m OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. SI SOUTH STREET, MOW YORJL m. mM. KTaMuie ean bo en* aged from Liverpool by the follow ins splendid packet >hi|ia comprising the Old BUck Bell Line of Packets ailing as as tier From Liverpool. . _ Tlie ?h:p COLUMBUd, Captain Colo,on the 16th February. Theahip YORKSHIRE. (new) Bailey, on the jet March. The slim CAM BKI DOE, C.ipt B iritow, 16th March. Thr saip ENGLAND, Captain Bartl-tt, lea April. The atrip OXFOICD, Captain Rathboue, Ilth April. Th? rhip MONTEZUMA, Captain Lowber, l?t May. Tbeahip S.UROP-,. Cap'ron Foibet, 16lh May. Th- ship NEW YORK, Coptiia Cropper, let Jnnn. In addition to therbov??Hfaria? atrip*, theaubucriber's agnate will hern n ruecotion of Br?t aliue Am rican ehipe deepati Ned, ae customary, from Lirerpool, owry four or five Jaye throughout the rear, lo the dilf'rorit pertfs iu the United Ftatrs, hf wh-eh pa-sags can be e-cureb at redu'ed rate*. Thome i-nding for'heir fr codi iu Great Britain and Ireland, may rely ihmt every care will be taken lo raek? pasieug"s am com!ortabte an they can reasonably eipect and ghould .he laaieuf. i? not come out, the pas'uge money will be promptly refunded. Drafte can es asual be furniah-d p-yabe at the .National and Troviucin! Banks ef Ireland and bianch'e; Kaatem Bank of Scotland and botachnc; and on Moure J. Bait, Ron fc Co., Bankers, Loudon, J. Berried k Co., Bankers, Liverpool, which are payable throughout England and Wales. For Krther Parucalar,apply (if by '^'ftUi^RDMAN, ' 61 South street, near Wa'I street. N. B Passage to Liverpool and London can at all timee be encaged by the regular packet ships, sailing far Liverpool every live nays, and to Loudon on the 1st, 10th and 20lb of each month on application as anora. jl7 ec MAW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To mil i?o? new York on the JJth and Liverpool os the 11th ^^^weaen ""jeya JBwMb JHpK JSSmL vbu* n?w \oaa. Ship SIDD0N8, Captain E. B. Cobb, 26tb December. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain F. Depcyater, Vlh January. Ship OAK-HICK, Capt. Wm. Bkidriy, 16th February. Ship R08G1U8, Captain John Collins, 26th March. Know Liverpool. Ship S1PDON8, Captain A. B. Cobb, lltk February. Khtp SHERIDAN. Captain K. A. Depcyater, Uth March. Ship OARR1CK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, Uth April Ship KOSCIIJS, Captain Joliu Collina, Uth May. IVir tiri|ia are all of the first etaaa, npwarila of 1601 ton*, hnilt iu the city tjf New Yoik, with inch improvements as Combine great speed with on usual comfort for passengers. Every care has been taken in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of passage hence is $100, tor which ample stores will be presided These shipa are commanded bf eipenenced matters, whe will make every eaertiou to live general satisfaction. .... .... Neither the oaptaina or owners of the ships will be responsible for any letters, parcels or packages sent by them, unless regular halls of lading are signed therefor. M Booth St.. New York, or to BF jWN. BHIPLEY A CO., Liverpool. Letters by the peel ata will be charged 12X cents per single hwt ; 50 cuatA p?r Oince, n*wu|>ap*r? 1 rent <**ch. <U PA8SAOE FROM'TJIIYTIP HIT AIN"AND IRELAND m, m/- fit* M ^ttthe ?fxfiri'all drarunrjrLIVERr?50L PACKEjp, [Sailing from Liverpool on the 7th itM Wn of every month.] fVewnis Wishing to send to !he Old (MdfftrY for their friends pan make the noesaanry arrangements vAth the mbscribers, and have them come ont in this superior Lme of Packets, Bailing Irom Liverpool nnnctaally an the 7th and 19th of avery month. 1 bey will aid! have a first rate class of American trading ships, sailing every sis days, thereby affording weekly communication from that port. One of the firm (Mr. James D. Roche) is there, to tea that they shall be forwarded with care andaeapetch. Should the parties agreed for not come out. the money will be returned to those who paid it hers, without any redaction. ?*"> or Old Line of Liverpool Packeta, oompriae - EN.IL'ND NORTHAMCKirA ^^ronhdV,,'rivrooknrd ^"fen^Uie w'b" ? iSR^W.Jm08!iWfc SVaaTca which will bs paid on demand at any offkVfeJ^0^^ ROCHE, BROTHERS fc CO. 35 f a lion street New York. .. - ~ - Ml door to the F niton Bank N. B.?The Old Line Of Liverpool Packets sail from this port for Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each month. Partwn returning to lbs old soon try, will Ami it to their comfort and ttosttx L,~*r u 8"TTr?t a - E NE NEW ASf KOR LONDON?Regular Packet ot the lit aflflP^of March?The Tut tailing packet ship VICTORIA, . JHHba' apuiu E. Morgan, will sail aa above, her regular 1 Slaving very superior accommodations for cabin, leeood cabin and steerage patseuge-e, persona wishing to embark should , moke immediate application to JOSEPH McMURRAY, f f2' tlst \1 re ino 1'ine street, corner of Sooth. ?? i 7011 LIVERPOOL?The Now Line Regular i ?Bq(V Packet 21st March?The anperior New Vork built .MMbPacket ship HOTTINOCER. Capt Ira Baraley.lOil) tnnsburinen, u ill aail as above, her regular day. , Kor freight or pi-atage, having very superior accommodations, J apply to Ui. Captain on bo^aj _ 87 Sontli ?L i ne superior paeaet imp Liverpool, < .apt jonn iMUridge, it'j* toot Wurmen, will succeed iha Hottiug mi-r, and Mil on her regular day. 21st April. f?2rc UNlTKu'LJNK'bK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. X4T- PAl'Kr-T SHIPS fllHEKMA AND AOUTH?ltVF.ItNKll|?Th? ?|'l?ii^id fast >11111111, well hiown JBGb? usrket ?'"ip|HIB'KNIA, Cant-iin K. I. Bunting, will Mil ou Tuwdty 47lh Heaiuxry, and be succeeded bv the f sC sailing anil favorite packet ship SOUTHS.HNKR, Cept. T. D. Palmer, 011 the 4th Much. Tlio above favorite packets have nnauipaaaed acr.omuiodariont f"r c ibin second cabin and steerage passengers Thou about to embark For the old country, or who with to tend for their f iends, should avail themselves of the oj'poituuity here offered the n. The Ilibemia will leave Liverpool about the 10th and the Southerner ab-ut the-lithiApril. in either of which passages mar be ircnredat very reasonable rataa For pa ssfe to or from Liverpool, apply on board, at Peck Slip, East River, or to VV. Jt J T. TAPACOTT, At thiiir I general Passage OlKre, 41 Peca S!in, corner of South atreet. Agent in Liverpool, MR. VV T APSCOTT, one of the firm. f2l toS rc MGt FOR LI VKRPOOL-KegnUr Packet or the kith HWV of KebruaryThe fait tailing packet shipOARRICK, MMbCapt B. i. H. Tr.itk, will tuil at above, her regular dav. .Having very tuperioraccommodation! for cabin, teennd cabin and s'eemge pis.-eagers. perrons wishtnz to einhark should make early application ou beard. foot of Wall atreet or to JOSEPH aicMURRAV, f2lt?2Crc 100 Pine atreet, comer of Sonth. dffg- FOR I1VKRP fOI?'eth or March-TI-e rf3ffV>liii. SOUTHERNER, T. D. Palmer, maatrr, will AaMfawail ou the above day. P or paaa^ge only, apply on hoard, pier 23 IVk Slis or 10 woodhuLl aminturSis, f 23ee 07 Snu'h rtreet. PASSAGE FROM DUBLIN. CORK. WATERjllfy.FOHD, DERRV, COLERAIN*^ BELFAST, MMMKm vewr>. D'ogh. da, fce ?Persona wishing to send for their friend csn have them brought cut from auy of toe above porta ill first class Ame in m Packat Ships, ou the most reasonable terms aud without theireipurienciug any uuincessay deuntiou. Mr VV. Tancntt, on* of the firm, will he on the pot to give his personal attention to the passengers engaged , by th? subscribers or their agents here, and persons may rely . that the wishee and comforts of those whose passage 1 cngared by them will h ive all due and proper attention. For particulars apply, if by letter, non-raid, to W. It J. T. TAP8C0TT, , at their General Passage Office, 41 Peck Slip, cor. South street, , where, also, Drarts may be obtained, for Urge rr small souls, , payable ou demand, wiihoul discount or-ny other ehaige, at the National or Provi"cia Banks of Ireland, or any o' their 1 branch's throughout the Kingdom Ie22 rc FOR GLASGOW?REG iLAR THAUK.ll- ' t^JJJjJ^The tine .fast sailing British Barque ADAM CAHK, jnOUBmiattaiu ltoKert Ncitt, navug two third* ol her cargt I engaged, wi'l have immediate despatch. . For balance of f. eight or passage, havtrg good accoi.imoda- i tionj, apply to Ihe Captain on hoard pt.'arne* Slip, or to WOODHULL fc MINTURNS, 12ire 87 South stmct FOR UK LIZ to HONDURAS?Brig JOHN K jaMWOARDNKR. J. Peder.eii, master. JHmKi For freight or passage ^oo f >1 4t*ec 28 South etmct. , triig- FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New York Line?Positively First Regular Packet to anil MMK?on the let of March ?The fast Bailing packet ship OTlNESKE, Cape, T.B.Miuott, will eail at above, her regular day. For freight or paeBage having haudaome furnished accommodation!, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall it., or to K. K COLLINS It CO., 56 South etreet Shipper! by this line may rely upon having their goodi correctly measured. Agent* in New Orleane, Hnliin fc Woodruff, who will promptly forward all good* to their addreea The paclet ehip Gaston. Capt O. Kldridge. will encceed the Qeneeee, and eail the Oth March, her tegular day. f?2lec OLD BLACK BALL LINK OF PACKETS? HMHyThe packet ehip OXFORD. Captain Rathbone. will JflMKebe deapatehed for Liverpool on the let of March, ? her regular day. Thoee wiehing to engage paieage will reenire to make early application to JOHN HEADMAN. 61 South it. N. B.?railage from Great Britain and Ireland can be eeenrcd bv the fuet Spring shitis of the line, at the lowest rate; and draft* can, a* uanal, be furniahed for ant amount, payable in all the principal towns without any charge, throughout Oreat r>rit.'iio and Iteiand, ell application aauheve tJ2 to 1 rrc EdfrhN BLACK BALL. OH. OLD LINE OK LlVER ??tVk.min. Pti k i.'Ts?knit i.ivt'.itf>nrit it-ani-,. of the 1st March The rennikib'y fist s-ul-I iuR Uvoriteipack?t > up OXFORD,liuitl.en 900 tons, < aptam lUtlibone, will positively nail on trinity, lit of March, her reeu'ar dav. It i? well known to the t*?railing public, that the accommodations of the Black Ball Line of Packets, lor cabin, second Ca.-io it'itl .steerage oai-eageri, ar?unsuri%?ed by an y other Hat or T???rl lu port Those now or hrrealter returning to the old country, will at all time* find it to their iutxreet and comfort to elect this conrey tnce. For laasuga, apply on board, foot o/ Bookman sc. or to the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO., 16 Fulton street. neat door to the Fallou Back F. B.?The Oaford saila from Liverpool on the ISth April. Persons lending lor tfieir ft it nils can hare tliem brought ont in her, or in any of tho packets comprising this magnificent and unequalled line, tailing from that port punctually on tho 1st and '6th of each month, for passage, apply as aboro. The racket ship Monteiuma wilf succeed the above packet, and sail for Liverpool on tho 16(h March, and will retnrn to his port on the 1st of May. f22 t ml rc WILLIAM T. JENNINGS & CO., DRAPERS AND TAILORS, NO. 331 BROAD WAV. AMERICAN HOTEL, (OPPOSITE THF. FOUNTAIN,) SOLICIT actuation to an invoice of NBW GOODS re1 ceivtd per last steamer, diroct from oar agent in Loudon, consisting ol Cloths, Catainteies in virions nsw rtyles, splendid Silks and Sstins for dress Vests, Merino, Velvets, Ae., with a large vsortmsut of rich Silk and Satin Scarfs, Cravats, Handkerchiefs, Glovos, Suspenders, DrossiuK-robea, Ac. Wo would suggest to oar petrous that irona this additional facility, we shall be able to supply them at an early date with all the novelties of the Loudon and Paris markets, and sustain the reputation of the establishment for the moderate prices whicn bsvs elicited so liberal a patronage since the adoption ol the ready insney system, by which we are e* .bled to furnish 7garments at from 25 to 3J per cent lets thin formerly?a eatare in the establishment, which mast commend it to those requiring articles for immediate me, is the addition to oar stock of an assortment of fir t quality READY M\DE GARMENTS, including Sonants, Cloalu, Dress and Frock Coats, Pantaloons and Vests. Ac. ja2? lm?ee CLOTHING MANUFACTURERS. fPHF. snbtcriheri would inform merchants visiting the city, -k who wish their own goods manufactured, that they a e prepared to mnnufae'nre every description o> Clothing. From 'la ir being accustomed to manufacture for the Sontnern nnd We?t?ru markets for the last twelve years, th-y feel confident, withlthe large uumber of hands in their employ, to get up a stock at short notice and with entire sit isfc'ieo. MANN A McKlMM, 25 Carmine street. ITT" Knickerbocker Stages pass close W the store. fid 3m*rTC TO TAILORS. QTINF.METS' NKW AND C'IMPLF.TE SYSTEM O u nit r-.lTTTiMti ,..n Lmj ?tVj.ii;?,.i.i.n.,m.,,t i...u m rogue, ja re.idy for delirery. A* the reputation of the ant"?r m i fashionable ratter U too well known in require uewc paper comment, ttlii lyetem i? witli confidence ollrred to the liade?not u a mere theoretical ineentinn (or (peculation,) bat aa the m?at practical and complete work ever pabliahad ou thta subject. It ia the remit of many yeira eitenaira and faihiouabta practice in New York and Pari*, and will be found to contain aitch amide, [lain and preciae inat notiona, aa to enable evary atndeut ta cat with and certainty, all the yarioua tylea of carmanta now worn, betk in bin rope and America Thiaavatem cannot be affai ted by tha futureenanaaa oi faahion, and ia reeommended to tbe prafeaaion aa a atandard work, tnd may be onta>ned of tbe author, 93 Cedar * tract, and ean be forwarded to any part ol the United stale* Alao, complete tat* of Pattern* of the e rioa* atvles of gar mant* cot to *neh tixea aa may be required, and warrant*! to with rate and elegance. P>lm#ee QENTLEMEN'8 FURNISHINU STORK, 69 MAIDEN Orer Coma, from $6 to U Sack ....... 4 to 9 K rock do 10 to II Una* do*.* 9 to Id Pant* to I Veets.. ................. 9 to 4 AH made of the but material* and cat in the modern *tyle. Penoo* farniahiog their own material! can depend 0|>on hiring them made in the beet manner, at tbe followinn price* Orer Coato, made and trimmed ft to 10 09 Dram do do do to 10 N Kroek do do do to il 00 Veel* and Pantaloone, $1 SO to 1 75 Shirts made op to order, after the latest and moat approred 9'tench pattern*. Under garment* ef all description* constantly on hand, fcrlora*, Uoaiery, Crarets, Scarf*. Htuieii'lera.lic. ill lm*ec W. cOl.l.lNh, SCOTT'S BAZAAR. Dr. ? niur.r. i, ivnmner m, oeiween Broadway and Greenwich. HANDS SCOTT returns hi? moat sincere thanks to tiia friends and the public at large lor the liberal support received rinca he opened the above house, and hope* by the eame strict attention to an em a coutmaanaa invreei. Thr qualities of his Ales, Wines, Lienors and Cigars, are too well ksowu to need comment. A larva assortment of Refreshment* to bo had at all boon until It at night, such as? Beef Sfakt, Toadied Krga, Sardinea Muttoc Chops Cold Ham. Suck wheat Cake* Fried Kidneya, Cold Com d Beaf, ('-offsc and Tea, Ham and Eggs, Pickled Tongues. Welch lUmbiU.lic. Dublin Brown-stout always on draught. A good Dinner ol Koait or Boilfld Meats for one ahillisg every day from one to three o'otoca. Families (applied with the beat Scotch and Irish Whisksv. No house better supplied with Knglith. Irish, Scotch, Welsh nod city Papart. Always the latest poatibla naws by'the Steamera. Oood Hooms for Private Partlaa, Clubs, Meeting! and Re, Terences (3 3m*ee TO COUNTRV MERCHANTS. DM. PEYSER k CO. (lately removed irom theeornerol William and John, to No. (<l John street.) offer for aale on liberal terms, wholesale and retail, the following at ticlea, re.eeiv.-d by recant artivala ? Deri in beat Zephyr Wonted?the moat complete assortment in this eountry. Canvass, for Embroidery, of eotton, silk and wonted, in all widths. Berlin Embroidery Pattern?of the choicest and neweit d*? ciption; Embroideries, finis ed aud commenced on velvet, ilk, worsted and eotton, worked in the meat taatefnl Pariinn style Tassels for Hair Dresses, of told, silver,and (ilk and tinselled) Bracelets Combs, Hair Pins, and a large variety of other benoc ful Paris Fancy Articles. Purse Ornaments?Steel, gilt and silver Beads; Bngle's Purse Twist, plain and shaded, in ticl'i and spools. Km'jroidery and (lower Chenille, ol silk and meal and adk. Also. Fringes, Uimpa and Cord and Tassels, imported and ol thair own man Manure, of gold, silver, ailk, fcc. all colors irj^jjnjsJf ftvtn H W* Brcadwpr {romarlyir frokdwgr.) I w r< YORK, SATURDAY MC Ueneral Session*. 3rfore Kacorder Talhnadge, and Aldermen Briggs and Waterman. Feb. 2$.?Sentenced.?Abraham Hart and B. O'Connor, onvicted of an assault and battery on otlicer Bird, were lnod $10 each. John Jack, convicted of keeping a disorderly home at >3 Mulberry street, was sent to the Penitentiary for six nonths. Cummingi. alias Duffy, P. Kearnan and Myers, conricted with others of a riot in the 8th Ward, at an engine louse in the bth Ward, were sentenced to the Penitentiary or two months. Wm. H. Hill, convicted with them, was leutenced to the City Prison for fifteen days. Trial of John Janet, Die Button maker, for Martian.? rhis trial was resumed from yesterday. The District tttorouy stated that Catharine Costello was very sick, tnd, therefore, unable to come into Court. Drs. Hall and Sickles were sent to visit her, and report sd that ihe was quite unwell, and threatened with a ever. She was, therefore, not called lor a continuance of he cross-examination by defence. Dn Fnancn Di Lcc waa called, and sworn.?1 am a druggist and apothecary. [The powder* were here ahown to witness.] witness?This powder la jalap?the second paper iontaina *a!<in ; the latter would produce abortion. The bird powder ia alum ; the aecoud paper contain* sulfi:iant to produce abortion. UcoHoic Helves called.?I know John Jones; I have nad some conversation with him ; tome two or three months aince 1 met Catharine Costello at the Tolice oltice, tnd she told mo her story; [ told her it ahe wished to make a complaint, she must go before the magistrate ; J idviged her togoandsce Mr. Jones;ahe refused to go, and faked me to go and aee him; I went, and found he had jone to Boston, and atterward* told her that he was jut of town ; the object of my going to ice him waa to endeavor to get him to see her, to settle the matter. I saw Mr. Jones ufturwards ; he said he knew the girl, mil asked what she wanted ; I told him I presumed she wanted some help ; Jones said he would not see her, but wished me to see her and see what ahe wanted ; he said the had boen there two days previous,and he did not want o have any thing to do with her ; he then said he would nlvise with his counsel and see what to do : I saw her he next duy and told her what he had said ; Jones called it the police office to see me ; he said he had intended to all before, and asked me where she was ; I told him I did not then know ; he said if she was actually in want, he would have no objections to give her a few dollar* ; he w ished me to see her again ; 1 afterward* found her in lie private room of the police office ; Jones stated tome :hat he was not a going to give her much, as ho had a similar case that he had bluffed ofl' for $15 (Urest laughter 1 Cron-examined.?lie never denied that he had not had iny thing to do with her ; he said that the other girls iu lis shop were jealous of her. (Laughter) The testimony for prosecution here rested. Mr. Lloyd, one of the counsel for defence,then proceeded to open the case, and commonced with a general attack upon the reporters of the city press,and alleged that they tiad exhibited much prejudice in this case. Ho was proceeding in the same strain, when K. E. Camp rose and asked the Court if the reporters wure thus to be assailed without cause or reason 7 The Court replied that they had not heard what the gentleman was saying. One of the jurors said that they did not wish to hear any thing from the gentleman on the subject. He then changed tba tone of his remarks and proceeded to state what the defence would endeavor to prove, and called Mrs. Miry Whitlock, who was sworn. I live in ClifTstreet, and have for three years ; the girl Catherine lived with me, and waa known as Catherine Casella ; three years ago I knew nothing against her character ; she came direct to my house from the veaael that she came mm ireianu in. Q.?De you know her character /or truth or veracity ? A? 1 know nothing against her character for truth or veracity ; her. general character ia not reported to he good. Barnabas W. OinoRKv. called and aworn. Catherine Coatello came to the Police to make a complaint againat Jones ; ahe brought a powder with her which I gave to Juatice Parker ; ahe then went nway and in two or three weeka came again with Mr. Price ; ahe then brought theae three powdert; the flrat time ahe came I aaked nor if ahe had been there before, and ahe aaid no ; the powder in the paper that ahe brought the first time waa white,Rnd tasted something like arrow root; it did not taste like the powder in these papers ; she gave the name of Casella in a complaint against Stacy White for assault and battery about two years since. Cross-examined by Prosecution?I may have misunderstood the pronunciation of her name, when sho made the complaint. lluoii McCarron called?I am the brother-in-law of Catherine Coslello and married to her lister Margaret; I knew her for twelve years before I came to this country; she was then seven vears old ; I have been here about stx years ; I think she is about 19 yea s old. (The time us sworn to;hy witness of his know ledge ef her would make her 34 years of age, yet he said he thought ahe was only 19 vears old.) Witness?I came here in 1339 ; when I came here I left her In Ireland with her father , she wa.i then 13 years old;' my wife is older than her ; the first thing I remember woe this girl; I am twenty-seven years old Cross-examined by Prosecution?I live at 109 Kim at the corner of Kim and Canal street ; I am a laborar, and have been in the army three years ; I was twelve years old when I first knew Catherine ; I knew her nine years before I left the country ; ] brought my wife with me ; ahe separated from me soon after 1 came here. George Kellinoer called and aworn?I took a powder tn fir Oirlrloa at tlio rnrnernf Centre and Leonard streets: I got it from the Police office on the afternoon that I bailed her ; I took it back and gave it to Mr. Price. The Court here took a recess until halt-poet 4 o'clock. Evinino Siniov. Dsidokt Wick ham, called by defence.?I resido in Spring street, between Iludoon and Varick; I know the witnesH as Catherine Cassela; I saw her in the spring of last year at my house, she came to see her sister, and told her she lived in Thompson street; I found her in a house in Harrow street the next day; I asked her what she was doing there: she said she was kept there by a man named Stacy White-, she said she was in the family way by him, and was six months gone; 1 have iived here eleven years since May; I live at 349 Spring street, and am a widow; 1 rent from Mr. Douglass, lie lives in the same house; in Sullivan street I rented of Mr. Pierce. Croit Examined by Prosecution.?I did not know Catherine in Ireland; I cannot say whether the conversation that I had with Catherine was in 1943 or 1H43. it'was a year ago next April; I left Sullivan street three weeks before the first of May; 1 cannot say how long it was before that, that I had the conversation with her; Mrs. Mc Canren, the sister of Catharine, and her husband, lived with me several weeks; Catherine called to sec her several times while she was there; the first time she came to my house was not the first time I followed her; the second time I ever saw her I followed her to see where she went; the reason that I followed her was because her sister was there, and a young man had followed her home, when ?he hid from him in Thompson street; I did not notice that she was in the family way until she told mo so; the person I sent after her told me the name of the street; 1 do not know what street it was we had this conversation in; I did not take particular notice of her conversation; I found an old woman at the house, who let me in; I do not know who she was; I do not know on which side of the street the house was; Catherine looked had when she told me about herbeing in the family way; I said before that site laughed, but she nearly cried afterwards. Aaiiah McDonald called by defence?I live in Broadway, with Mr. Dell; his place of residence is on fitaten her by the name of Casella in Ireland, when I was a little girl; ihe waa at Mri. Wickham's when she was there; 1 know nothing bad of her; I have not aeen her for two years until yesterday; I never heard anybody talk against her character for truth. Rachel Powell aworn?I reside at 13.1 Mercer street; Catherine lived with me three montha of lust year; she then said she came from Leonard struct; she said she had been six months in the country, and had lived with a French family, that had gone to the South. Wm. P. Lewis called and aworn?1 know Catherine CasnB|| I was formerly in the employ of Mr. Jones as bookkeeper, at the time this girl was engaged; I do not know anything about the character of the girl; Mr. Jones occupies three stories at his place of business; sho was discharged from there; she was employed in October, 18W, ind remained until the spring of 1H4.V, Jones slept at the tore, on the lower floor; he was a single man; Jones wus always there in the morning when the girls came to work; 1 generally came there about H o'clock; he cat there himself and cooked hi* own meals; I was present when she was discharged by Jones; be said that the girls objected to her, and she must go away; she and the girls had quarreled; ahe came to the warehouse once or twice it'ter she was discharged; she went to get a place, and it lid not suit her, and she came to him and told him about it; he did not any anything to her in particular. Dr. William called?My place of business is at H Centre street. The white powder brought to me looked and tasted like arrow root. Several witnesses were called, who stated that they knew Jones in husineis, and that hia character was good. William Buck, a boy, called and sworn?I know Catherine, who was here yesterday: she came back twice after she had went away from tne shop; Mr. Jones hss ?ir|ii uui imrijr, Jill nil IIITBI Mull II) llOWard *1 TflCIj I UO not know when he wa* married. Dr.* Raiciiaa called -Mr. Jonei waa under my attention from May the 7th to the 11th. M?ar O'Baiaw, n little girl, celled.?I have worked with Mr. Jonea for Ik month*: Catherine'* character for truth ia not good ; I ahould not think that girl like her should be believed on her oath. Ahh MtTi.HAin, who alao worked for Jonea, told the same atory. Officer Jonn Path wa* called by defence, but not answering, the court Mated that he could be called to give hi* testimony at any stage of the trial, before the summing op had been concluded. Jamm M Hsutm, Jr., F.eq.. commenced eumming up for the defence about seven o'cb-ok in the evening. Johai B Phi i.i.ira, Km], folio*ed for the prosecution, ind the cii?e was submitted to the Jury tinder the charge of the Recorder. The Jury retired, and after an absence of about 2.7 minutes, rame in and announced that they had agreed. flf.KRi How say you gentlemen, do you find the defendant guilty or not guilty, a* aet forth in the indictment 7 Mr. Homah, ths Forkhah.?We unanimously find him gutty. A poll was then damandad, and each juror a* hi* Jname was called, anawered goftty. Tha Jury war* than discharged tor tha ton*. Bantance waa deferred till tha naxt tern. Tha 0??rt than adjournal far U?e torm )RK ] IRNING, FEBRUARY 24, P RCSEVTMEVT. Tlie Grand Inquest iu and for the City and County of New York, lake occasion to represent That after having disposed of ail the subjects submitted to their direct consideration by the proper officers of the Court of which they formed a pat t, they proceeded in the further discharge f their duty to visit the City Prison connected with and forming pert of the building in Centre street, called the Halls of Justice?that from their own supervision, as well as Irom persoual inquiry, of those who are confined there, they have not Ixien able to discover that there is at this time any bad treatment of the prisoners, or any want of food or other suitable provision for their sustenance; and that so far forth us such n term can be applicable to such a place, the inmates inny he considered in a comparatively comfortable condition. They proceeded from thence to viaita place in Kldridge street, culled the Jail or Debtor's Prison, of which a Deputy Sheriff is the Keeper, where persous are coaflued who are alleged to tie in contempt of Cenrt, or who cau not or will not pay militia fines imposed by Courts Martial?persons who are prosecuted upen Civil Suits for Libel, Trover, tcc.?witnesses detained upon trials pending in the United Stated Courti for the Southern District of New York?persons who are unable to procure Bail upon such miti, and are obliged to remain in prison until their case* are finully diapoaed of in the ordluary courae of the administration of Juatice, either through the Court of Law or K.quity. The Grand Inquest represent that many persona have been detained in this place for a long time, and are of opinion, thai if the necessity of the case requires that persons should be imprisoned under these circumstances, they should he provided with accommodation and sustennnce somewhat better during the period of their confinement than convicted murderors nnd the worst of felons. The place called the jail or prison is in no respect superior to the tombs, or to the penitentiary upon filackwell's Island. There are but three very small apartments, about nine feet square, which are exclusively occupied by those who are able to pay for the luxury ol this accommodation; while those who are unable to pay are confined in cells with littiefliglit and less ait?the dimensions of which are about six feet by nine. The building is upon a lot 25 by 100 feat, and being in the centre of a block, is incapable of ventilation except from the front and rear ; and within this place is a privy or water closet, which in the last winter was frozen up. These cells occupy both sides of the house, and there is n passage about six or seven feet wide, in which the prisoners are permitted to walk until the time of night when the Deputy Sheriff choose* to lock them up, and in some of these small cells two, and sometimes three, are compelled to sleep. The locality of the jail or debtors' prison, is in a part of the city not particularly well ventilated?is inconvenient by reason of its distance from the courts, and to those who are so unfortunate as to be confined there, is especially injurious, in removing them to an obscure and distant region where it is almost impossible to obtain professional advice, and from which it is not easy for a poor man to send Blotter except by an appeal to the humanity of the keeper.? The Grand Jury believe that cases of ilagrant outrage have occurred through the agency of mea who call themselves lawyers, but who are a disgrace to humanity, as well as an honorablo profession, witli a view of extorting money from those who have been entangled in their toils. They have no reason to complain of the keeper; but they think the Commissioners of tlie Alms-House, who are the almoners of public charity, should see that persons of the description above alluded to, should have better food than was tasted hv some of the Grand .lllrv witin innniml lnl.i their condition. They beg leave to present the place called the jail or debtors' prison, its an intolerable nuisance? a disgrace to a chi istiau community?and a dark spot upon republican civilization of the 19th century in this part of the United States. The Grand Jury, in the further discharge of their duty, proceeded to examine the Alms-House establishment at ihdlevue, the Lunatic Asylum and Prison at Blackwell's Island, and the schoel and establishment for the education of orphan and destltuto children at the Long Island farms. They aecompauy with this their presentment, a statement of the statistics of these establishments, under the immediate charge of the Commissioners of the Alms-House. It appears from this report thnt there are almost 1,700 persons, called paupers, within the precincts of Bellevue ; some 1,900 convicts and vagrants at Blackwell's Island, and lunatics and poor children at the Karma and on Blackwell's Island, amounting in the aggregate to 4,-1JA parsons, exclusive of those who are paid for taking care ol them ? The expenses of the Altns-liouso and the various departments under the charge of the Commissioners for the last year, as ascertained from the Comptroller's accounts, terminating upon the 1st of January, lRt4, including $1,000 expended upon a building, is $ii 1,000. The expenses for the year 1842 were $238,000. In the examination by the Grand Jury of the practical operation and the executive administration of a system which they think their Icllow citizens will condemn as radically defective?so fur forth as those who have charge ol them are concerned, they saw little to find fault with except an insuf'icirnt ventilation and want of cleanliness in the Hospital of the male department in the establishment at Bellevue, which is entirely inexcusable, at there is an abundant supply ol the Crotou water flowing through the grounds of the establishment. They cannot forbear, however, to accord to the Matron of the Long Island Karma? Mrs. Lee?the just tribute of respect unit rnntidenc* wbi?U she h?? ? ??? ?? J by ' years of assiduous service in that noble charity. Nor yit would they do justice, if they were to fail to place upon public, record, so far as in them lies, the high satislaction they derived from a carolul examination of the Lunatic Aiylum upon Blackwcll'i Island, under the charge of Dr. K.Immill J. Stewart. This gentleman ha* adopted, and successfully pursued the modern improvements, and the more humane treat ment, of theae moat unfortunate of our race And tha In atituto itself?although requiring great enlaigementwaa found to he moat remarkable for clcnnlineaa, neat nuaa, and order,and it ia moat fortunate in being entrusted to auch intelligent superintendence. The Grand Jury would fain hope, that no future event* may remove Dr Stewart from this field of useful, and philanthropic labor Tliey present among other things that the Corporation ordinance* are daily violated by encumbering the public streets with projecting signs, temporary structures upon sidewulka ; vagrant children, male and female, who Commit petty larceny upon the dorks and wharves, who are in the process of living educated for the State Prison and the Penitentiary. They present the Ilarpiea around the Tombs, and the Vampires that exhaust the last drop of blood from theii victims, through the Law's delay, and hope that the Le. gislators of the land may iuterpo?e some remedy for ovila which all feel and none as yet have had the courage to redress. The Grand Jury regret that the enormous frauds and wholesale rob!ones that have lately been perpetrated by those who have been entrusted with the property of widows and orphans, in the form of stock in Trust Compn. niesand other monied corporations, have not yet been brought under their notice?and that while they havs been occupied in hringing the smaller offenders to justice men who have grown rich upon the spoils of the plunder ed, should escape the judgment of the law. By order of the tirund Jury, OF'.O. W. BRUEN, Foreman. nonvsT Caaimtcsn, Secretary. New York, 23d Feb. 1914. Common Council. Bosan or Ahistaxt, Fr.a. 23.?rresideti' Brown in the chair. The reading of the minutes of tin last meeting was dispensed with. Petitions.?Of F.dwin Bishop for relief of tax.?Referred Of J. P. Oatrander, for a lease of Greenwich market.? Referred to Finance Committee. Manuring Long Inland Farm*.?The Commissioner! ol the Alms House pray the Corporation to direct that 3,AO( loads of street manure may he deposited on Blackwell'i Island and the Long Island Farms,which was represented as being in a very impoverished stata. Oraated. It rIi mm ithin tt a I _TI,? rlu.nrl r.f H,n lnint mittee on Kins and Water, in favor of relinquishing thi lease of the house occupied by engine compnny No. 5, t< the Consistory of the Reformed Dutch Church, on condi tion that they execute a new tease of the house occupiei hy engine company No. 4, for a further term ol four year* was adopted. The Committee recommend that companies No. 4 and S be united. l*a*i>i? (i Cellar -A report of the other Board in favoi of leasing Cellar No. 'J ot Franklin Market for five years at a yearly rent of $160, to John W. Ki*k, the present lessee, was, on motion of Assistant Alderman Ch?si.ici not acted on for the present. City Weigher.?Anthony J. Snyder having petitioned to he appointed a City Weigher, the Committee reported in favor, and he was accordingly appointed Police Hilt?On motion of Assistant Alderman Chshuck, the Board went into Committee of tho Whole on the new Police Bill. The Kjwcinl Committee, to whom was referred certain portions of the ordinance, presented a report providing far the appointing of chance-men, and the term of office ? w hicli is during good behavior ; the duties of officers and patrol men ; the compensation of officers, via :? SMCitl lustier* ft,400 per annum. Clerks of Tolice 1,000 " Scrivener* (too " Captains of Patrol 000 " Assistant Captains MO " Patrolman 000 " Polire Officers 600 " Police Officers, when sent out of the County on ntihlic business, to 1>o allowed all reasonable charges, upon their hills being approved by the Board of .Supervisors, and sworn to. All feaa paid by prisoners to tie paid into the City Treasury once a month. The some fees as are now allowed hy law for persons arrested by Constables ami Marshals, to he received hy the Magistrates. A chanceman acting for a patrol man absent without leave, shall receive pi 11} for every twelve hour* duty, to lie paid out of the salary of the patrol-man. The roll of the. patrol to lie railed over morning and evening. The salaries of all officers to he paid semi-monthly, by the f omptroiler, hy warrant. The watch department, as at present organised, together with the offices of day-police officers, Hunday officer*, and inspectors of pawn-timbers' and junkshops, are abolished. The strength of the day and night patnd to ha two men, from whom are to he appointed Captains, Assistant Captains, and Patrol-Men. At any alarm of fire, it shall tie the duty of the ( aptain of I'atml noarest the scene of conflagration, to forthwith proceed to the same with one half the number of Patrol men off duty, to he diligent in preserving order, proteeting property, and performing sneh other duties as may ha required of them hy the Magistrates that mav he present, whose duty it shall he to atlead. In case ot riot or any other sudden emergenry requiring the services of the patrol, on notice being given, the Captains of the Patrol shall forthwith proeenRto the scene of riot with the whole patrol off duty, or any part thereof, and he vigilant in suppressing the same The l 'aptains of I'atrol shall at all fires and riots ha under and obey the instructions they may receive from the Mayor and Magistrate*. It shall be the duly of the Patrol-men to obey such or ders, as they may from time to time receive from the Cap tains and Assistant Captains af the ratrol, respecting their duty, and to report to the Corporation Attorney, ell vie HERA 1844. lationsof the Corporation Ordinances, to preserve the public peace, and arreit all offenders for offences eommitte<l in their pretence, or otherwise, and render every aisistancu And fUciiity to< thei minittert and officer* of justice, and report to the Captain all suspicious persons, all bawdy houses, receiving shops, pawnbrokers'shops, junk shops, second-hand dealers, gaming houses, and all places where idlers, tipplers, gsniblers, and other disorderly and suspicious persons may congregate , to caution strangers and others against going into such places, and agsiust pickpockets, watch stuflers, droppers, mock auctions, burners, and all other vicious persons ; to direct strangers and others the nuurest and salest way to their places of destination, by directing them to the station posts, and when necessary , to cause them to be accompanied to their destination by one of tlio squad patrol ; but in no case shall a patrol man pass the boundary of his post, except in pursuit of persons charged with offences ; to see that the lamps are properly and sufhcieutly lighted, and ruport the name ofeveiy lamplighter who may neglect his duty, to the superintendent. All information respecting offences committed, or of suspicious persons or places, to be communicated to the presiding justice, and made a matter of public reeoid iu the police offices, that the services of the wholo department may he secured in tin* detection of offenders and the recover! of property, and for the more effectual prevention of crime. Tho Board of Appointment i>Hall semi-annually, or oftener, if rrquired,?n*i>ort to the Common Council tho state of the Police, its practical operation, together with such information in their possession as may promote the welfare and efficiency oi the department; ami shall also recommend what, if any, change should b? made in its uiganization, or otherwise. They shall also recommend such alteration* in the compensation of any or either branch of the department as ahull tend to graduate such cempenaation according to the increase or diminution ol Jcrime.? They shall also recommend the distribution of suitable rewards to otticers who mar have distinguished themselves by extraordinary services. The Committee then rose and reported progress, and tho report was accepted. The ordinance was then taken up and adopted. The Board then adjourned to meet on Monday evening next at the usual hour. P| Superior Court. Before Chief Justice Jones. Friday, Feb. 43.?Archer Guion rt The Alluire U'orkt Company ?This was nn action to recover moneys deposited, and wugea for services rendered. The plaintiff was the engineer of the defendants, at their Steam P.ngine factory, and had deposited with the treasurer of thecompany two sums ol money, amounting to $1560, also a balance of $112 for services rendered. The defence set up is, that the plaintiff, who had the sole charge of thepattema, models, and such property ofthe company, hud destroyed the marks and injured ami defaced the drawings, Stc. to the amount of $16,000. They, therefore, set up this as an offset, The Chief Justice not being fully aware how tar the .Supreme Court had carried the question of rtcoopmenl, thought it was a question which would very properly come hp before the court for decision; and with the sonsent ofthe parties to the suit, a verdict was taken for the plaintiff subject to the opinion of the court, as to ihe legality of the admission of such a defence as that offered. For plaintiff, Mr. .McKeon. For defendants, Mr. Cutting. Circuit Court. Before Judge Kent. F?;b. 23.?Moot Drty ft. (t'hrittophtr F was an action of trespass. The plaintiff is what is generally termed a "Jew pedlar," and tha defendant is ajdapper^dry goods clerk in Ores 11 wich street. About n year ego, Moses, in his rounds, called at the store of Mr. Clements, No. 267 Greenwich street, to dispose of some l'aacy cravats, and such other wares as he could get a customer for. While sitting beside the stove, conversing with Clements, Lee came iu from an adjourning store, and, in rather a taunting manner, told Moses that he could buy at auction the same goods at a less price than he was asking for them. This Nloses dissented to, and here arose the difficulty. Clements thinks that Moses said, "1 don't believe you?you are always telling me so;" to which Lee replied "What! do you mean to tell me 1 lie? 1 will wring your nose for you;" and was suiting the action to the word, when Moses lifted his hand, us if to ward off the blow, in doing which, it is alleged on the part of the defendant that he struck him with the scissors, which he had iu his hand j and that, to repel the blow thus given, Lee punished him bv giving him a pair of black eyes, a bloody nose, and a swelled moutli, for which Moses asks damages at the hands ot ajury. Mr. Graham, on behalf of the defendant, contended, that although no words s|ioken could justify a blow, yet in the present case the assault with the scissors, added to the usual bad language of the plaintiff, rendered the assault a mere technical one, and but subject to nominal damages. On the other hand, Ills Honor the i Mayor, (who is about to retire from the whirligig of political life to resume his practice as a member at tne bur,) i contended that the ussault w as ail aggravated one. Lee was u stout, athletic young man, who had practised the "manly science" at a <'anal streut gymnasium, anal knew how to i nlunt Ills blows with better effect. The rcinutks of llii Honor were in a vein ?f mingled ridicule Rtid satire, which told upon the jury, and they gave Moses tf>76 damages. Jiisrpli Ihtuthind K rtr.. r?. .toieph Ijtptz Tbot.?This was un action tor money paid as co-surety on t? o bonds given the United States for the payment of certain duties. In the October of 1923. Henry Castro, imported a cargo of goods in the ship lm[?rial tiom llochelle, fiance, and executed to the Collector of the l'ort two bonds, one for *2,!?18, the other for $i,9G9, for the payment of the duI ties at the expiration of one year. The sureties to these bonds were Lewis A. Brunei and the defendant Brunei died, leaving the plaintiff as his executor, who faithfully administered the estate, and paid the creditors. Altera while when ho had nearly paid over the entire estate, be found that the United States hail recovered judgment against the estate, on the forfeited bonds of Castro. Diai became insolvent, and by the act of Congress, with thi consent of the plaintiff, lie received a release, from tin .Secretary of the Treasury on the judgments. Dias ther made arrangements with the Secretary ol the Treasury t( sue the executor of the other surety, and the nlaintifTactu ally paid out of bis own purse the sum of fl2,012 i the then l'nited States District Attorney, Mr. thii suit. This mcney, it is allowed, has never beer paid over to the Government, and consequently Dias hai M>t received his MM half, as the law allows. ih? plain tiff now sue* so recover one half of the money paid, antl expenses. The 'defence set up the release ol the Sec its i tin y of the'Treasury, and says that in tha Superior Court an action w as brought on a liond of the same tenor between the same parties, and there it was hold that the release win a relinquishment. The plnintifl'contends that the relaasr was not binding in reference to himieli and his claim, but against the estate of Brunei. The question being purely one of law, the C'oiut directed a verdict for the defendant i The matter will go up to the Supreme Court. ? ts. W'm. Ji. Ualttrd, Jr.?This is an ftctioi brought by the plaintiff against the defendant furtboren ?r W.r.r,,. hnjr.l;,,,, I r. 1 ll.ul tl... .t-f.. had engaged certain rooms in the dwelling home of tt plaintifltor himself and wife, for one year, to commenton the first day of May, 1941, ending ou the first day o May. 1843, for the lum of <>900, pay a Die quarterly. flu ilefendant did not occupy the rooms owing to the illnesi of his wife the first quarter, and then made a new agree mi iit at the fend of the first quarter, that if the plain . tiff wouM releaie trim, the defendant, fiom one half ofthi ' amount due, he would pay the other half, and would en ' gage to pay for the balance of the year,commencing th? first August, ending the first May, thin next, without any deduction for absence, whether he occupied tin rooms or not. It was proven that the defendant occupied , the roomsfrom the first of Sejitembrr to the first of Feb i nary then next, anil paid the whole time, including tin month of August, which lie did not occupy. That on tin ! first of February he quit the rooms without giving anj other notice than on the evening before, when he inform ed the plaintifl"that his wife wished to go into the country ' on a visit, and that he should not ocrupy the rooms thi ' remaining three months. The plaiutilf informed him thn ' he would be held responsible for the remaining time if In [ then left. The plaintiff then rested, claiming the sum o <>111 34, as the amount due for the rooms the rrmaminp ' quarter of the year. The defendants' Counsel here moved for a non-suit or . the ground that the plaintifT could not recover under thi statute of frauds, because when the first agreement wai ' made it wns not to be performed in one vear. The (Counsel for the plaiutilf resisted the motion tipor ' the ground stated by the Judge rs hereafter stated The Judge denied the motion for a nonsuit upon tin ground that thn defendant had changed the terms of thi agreement by promising to occupy tun rooms at the end o first quarter, and to pay for the same whether occupied oi not, at the rate of $900 a year. The defendant then Ht tempted to show that the board furnished was not such ns was nromiaed to be eivmi. This was entirely over thrown by the witnesses which the defendant hunaell pndnetdi The Jury without leaving their oeatit found tht amount claimed by the |>Uintiti, vii, $211 34. For the plaintiff, U. M. Hpeir, Knty For the defendant, Roll and Coe, ksqnirs* Court Ctlrndar. Srmaio* f'ot'BT. Noa. 83, 70,46, 74, 86. A n&tTTAi, Mt'KUBR.?The Cedar BlufT (Ala.) Gladiator of the 21st tilt., stives an account of e murder committed hy one John Smith. Smith, it seams attempted to kill an old man to whom ho wai indebted lie tieat in hi? head with a hoe, and left him for dead ? Smith'* son, however, aoon after seeing that he was likel) to recover, beat him again, leaving him a aecond lime fin dead. He, however, rocovered, and procured a procesi against Smith, hut the officer, knowing the reckleaa char ncterof the rotHan, aummoned a Mr. Berry to aaaiat him Berry, aa aoon aa he arrived at the houi?. entered it, an< Smith (napped hi* gun at him. Rerrv immediately took hold of him, and while engaged, Smith drew a pistol anil ahot Retry through the head ; he fell dead. While the reat were fastening Smith to carry him off, Smith * wife knocked down one of the company with an andiron, and mapped a gun at the whole crowd. Smith is in jail at Warrenton. I'alm Leaf Hats and Straw Bojin*ts.?It ihchtimated that upward of 22.000 palm leaf lints were manufactured in the town of Amherst l*?t year Tiie number of straw tmnnet* manufactured at the extensive manufactory of Muck, amounted to upward of ffH),(KK> 1This eatahlfahment keens ao females sawing utraw lirsid. The braiding is mostly none in the vicinity.which keeps a largo tnimlier of | er?ons cor-tan'ly employed.?.Vor/V amptnn (4fa??) Com itr. Fig* at llttrwo.v, i into.?We regret |o learn that the office of the Hudeont observer wan destroyed hy Are on the night ol the lath inst. A letter says " Last night the office of the Ohio Observer and a dwell ing housa contiguous were burned down. Mr. Aikin lost his press and types. Prof. Barrows saved his valuable pa . pers The loss to the college will be slight as the build . logs war# mere apologia* ID. F*le? Two Con to. The Tbreihi-e Fjki at Bethany.?The following particulars connected with llie allocking death of l)r. Lucien 8j>encer, of Bethany, anil two of his children, we copy from the N'ew Haven Cornier of the ifcM inst.?A few minutes after midnight last night, some of tha family discovered the house to be on hre. At this time the kitchen was nearly consumed, and Dr Spencer and his wife had barely time to escape, not bring aide to save n particle of clothing except such a* was on them.? I Mr*. S seizad the two youngest children and brought them from the buining home. The Doctor, however, appeared to lose all pretence of mind from the very moment when he discovered the flra, and even rushed so near the dames and stood there, that the litiie clothing which be had on artually took tire. His wife drew him aw ay ami endeavored to lecall hiiu to a sense of their sitnation, when he commenced throwing snow upon the lire. About this time, a girl, who lived in the lannly (and expected that all the members of the family were out of the house) heard the children screaming "Odear!"? She exclaimed "the chihlicit will lie burnt to death," whereupon Mrs. 8. (who had been so much concerned at the frantic and excited condition of ln-r husband that she appeared to have forgotten every thing else,) rushed into the house to save her oil . r two children Bt;t th? attempt was unavailing, us the house w as then wrapt in flame* She returned and told list husband that they were doubtless dead hefoieihat time, (which war um|tie?tion9bly the fact,) but tie fore she wa* aware of it hi had es. fmiii tier .if?1,1 At II. I, I,,, u... I... L.1 started ott down the street in his fter.i) ,?ud even lor some minute* she wax not inlotmed to the contrary. but he had been teen to rush into the houtu Iiy <t young man who wux near. In fifteen minutea alter he tittered, tlio root fell ia, and wax entirely consumed. Nothing was saved, as some time occurred before the neighhots rallied, and water was obtained with difficulty.? A portion of the remains of Dr. S- and one of the children have been dug out of the burning ruins. The author cf this article saw these tenuous this ufternoon There js nothing' of each except the trunk, the head and limbs being wholly consumed. No vestige of the other child had been discovered. The children which perished in the flames wore of the age of 10 and 8 yeat* respectively. The two that were savod were younger. The children burnt were sleeping in a loom in the second story, with a yoting man named Stevens, who saved himself by leaping Irom the window. The (Ire is supposed to have originated from hot ashes. Mrs Spencer is in a state ttordering on distraction. Dr. Spencer was a native cf Naugaturk, at which place he ha* resided, since he graduated at Vale College, until within two years. ho was in comfortable circumstances, Dged about 40 years, at d lor some years has bueu crlebruted us one ot the most skilful physician* of New Haven county. Fire in Worcester, Mass.?The meeting hoiire of the Methodist Episcopal Society, in this town, took fire on Monday evening altout ten o'clock, find in spite of the ell'orts of our fire com|>anies, was burned to the ground. There had been a meeting in the house that evening, and the fire js supposed to have been communicated in some way from trie stove. We are informed that the meeting house cost $(>(>00 about seven years since; and was insured for $3S0(i at the ('har)estowu Mutual Office. The clock inside and some of the furniture were saved.? lVorcttter />A. !W. Mprper in ltinrnrurq?We learn that a widow woman who lived hy herself, on the roud from Leominster to Slut ley village, in the town of Lunenburg, was found dead in her house on Monday morning, with marks of violence upon her person, clearly iridica 11.., i... 1...I I |T?> ?f tv? iury of inquest was, that she came to her death by violence from the hand of some person unknown. It is rumored that on arrest hod beeu made under strong circumstances of suspieion. The woman was poor, and about sixty-five years old ; her house is in the vicinity of tba railroad, and suspicion, whether just or not will appear hereafter, has fallen upon one or more of the laborers.? IVorcetltr Mast. JEgil, Ftb. 22. Exectttion of a Mubkkreii.?James Dolan wen hanged on Friday, in Bradford, Fenn., for the murder of Kuiiis G. Gere. Itolan and his wife ware eonvicted of tbo murder last September, but the governor has raspited Mrs. Dolan for the term of six months, in consequence of htr peculiar and melancholy situation. II. C. Taylor.?'The Grand Jury of Lorain Co., Ohio, at the present term of the Court of Common Fleas, found some sixteen hills of indictment against II C. Taylor, late editor of the Oberlin hvangelist, and we un demand Hint he will probably plead guilty to most or all of them. " The way of the truuxgressor it hard;" and in thia case justly so. Earthquakes.?'Two severe shocks of an earthquake were felt in Grenatia, at about half-past one o'clock on the morning of the IWth of January. The fiist lasted about 10 seconds, the second nbout 30. But little damage appears to have been done. The (rent wall of the guard room adjoining the commissariat buildings sustained some injuries. Homo of the hells were set a-ringin;' h f the motion of the earth. Letters from Trinidad state tl at the shorks were also l?lt there, but no particular dame, e was done. TIIE NEW YORK LEGAL OBSERVER ON THE 1st of March will be published No 1, Vol. J, of this work. In rddilion to the Reports that have hitherto appeared in this pnhlieat'On. will b* giv-n a series ol Cases det id'd in the Supreme Conit and tlie Court of Errors, (which will be supplied by Mr. Hid;) also, a series of Cases decided in the Chancellor's 4 our? ANALYTICAL DIGEST. Additional leares wul be ad Md for the iurpoie o'nivin* an Aualytiral Digest of the whole of the Cues decided in roe English Common Law and Equity Courts, the House of Lords, the Privy Council, and the * cclesiistical and Admiralty ( ourts also, in the font of the C hsncellov ot Ireland, (Sir E. Hugden ) The Digstl will be so a freed, tiiat it may re hound separitelv. Kv-ay quarter there will be. coutplete i art. The terms will lie (including the Digest) $1 a year. iu advance. Publiahrd ssmi-mouthly at 42 Ann street, New V< rk SAML. OWEN, Ed tor RT"" Wnctsd?Two i,r three -ouu wen to travel at Ag-uts. if. Iw*ee EDWARD LJPPOLD, NO. 104 n iLLUM STREET, JI?j9R JOHN, (UP HTAlEN.) Hah RECEIVED, 111' late arrivals, and offer, lor m'c? ZEPHYR WORSTED?Beat Berlin noit'iiy, in th> most vst.nsive assort inert, by the hale, or m small qmuiiies TAPESTRY WORSTED?Real Berlin, for K cey Knitting. ( lllNy; WORSTED?A new style, vari'-us ous'i'ies CANVASS?In Silk, Cotton, Linen, of lH widths and "embroidery PATTERN"?Olsllmaleaai'! numbers, it entire new de.igei end ilie richc t n lection. En broideries coirtro i,i nl .nil fhushrd uirreat ra'i-tv. I URHE TV* ISTB? IV n J Engl ih a/id Bwlio r haded Md , I s... < II' N1LLK?For En ! r< iJ?n? end ' hrnille Cords. El ORB SiLiiH? Krenchand Oermeti PURSE ORNAMENTS?Gold Ri'y r and ?tee| Beads, d eel Ciold Mid S Her liuslea, ( ? rda, Braid* and '1 lirea l Pltl.VCf.H AN L) GIMP? Of ail slitra and colors, itn ;>?rlrd from the best E rr; een roauofictu:ej and receiving ,rw supplie-i hy evert sieamrr. CORD'S. TaSSK LH ol bilk, Worsted to d Cotton: Lamp 1'itiela. Perforated Pioer, Ac., kr. fljlie'.c mx>a 'PHK SUBSIJRIDK.K baiaby informs his friemla aid the 1 public, that he ritendi to comm-nce linking Paano'er Br^f-d forth* matting holidayt, < u Monday, the 2-itfi null't He would feel eitremely obliged by peraoua trod tog in th?ir ordrrt <> to),B it possible Notwithstanding that h? has contracted with the cmaregn. tinea Jim hi Che ltd Shan Shumaim, aud He Ih /trail, ha at ill lintI I'd hippy to aopply peraoua b?longing even to other congregations. The majority of the members of the Kim Urert congregation having alraady aanl in thpirordara tha subscriber tar la confidant 'hat thia noble aud iuda|>andrnt aaamplr will ha followed l>y othara, who should ba aimiUrlv situated in tagud to thmr own conyregalioo, who can act aa thry pleare without being undarauy taatiaiuL M 8. COHEN. f TERMS? ofa nperior quality, ?i* to tlw pound ; at aii canta; mral tight crnta par pound. P. S?Orders taken for all kinds of Cakes for the approaching i holidays, at hia rlikary, 43 Uey stmt, or 09 Maine at;eel. i IN lm*rn ? TO THE LOVERS OP FAT BEEF, VEAL ANL) MUTTON. 1 A NDF.R90N Ik VAKIAN wtll offar at their Stalls, Nos 1 " aud y I'ailianne Market. on Haturday, February !4th. twe very Hat blears, fatted by Mr Bordon Jianua, of Hhri wabnry, New Jersey; alio, acme lint V??l and Mutton Prices to auit f the tunes JOHN F. ANOERHO.N, r _TM 3t?rc ALFH.KU VAItlAN FAT BEEF, MUTTON, AND VEAL. 'PHK IJNDK.UMKJNKD will etpote for auk, at hia Old 1 Htand, No. I Clinton Maikrt.on Hatnrdav, kith of k'bioary, the Beef of thiee fine Heirs, of (Mipetior quality, which the public ara invited to call and aamiu' for themselves. fM Jl?rc THO* r. BKHADVVAY__ FRENCH CHINA. No. 4 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, Up Htairt. A DAL.KSMK, Importer and Agent for Manofaefaran, haa fa-' always on hand a large assortment for dinner and taa seta n plain white and gilt French Porcelain, aa w#ll as dinner and 'assert platen,ol all aizea, assorted diahen. aoop tureena, covered inhti, BaUd bowlt, Irtiit ewwrda aru una*. , AUo, T<* %md (JboroJiU Wif^ (ifrefc, Irene* u.i Ann? 1 JAl"l *rtie!?t ?r? warranted ol the but pajitr, ud m ho , ?l?l w >wd n < ?ntt m*9*fmwmn. 17 ?m LEECHES! LEECHES !! LEECHES !!! h OK A/VklBWh KDJHII ?nd Herman Leeehm. J art received ' ZOjUUvT r-rnhir Howard. from Hambank. 1 A ! > jn.t rereired from Marseilles. a small lot Votf rnn L'mIhi - -for.U. ?t th? l?w?t market rnw.hrA WITTE, I frsim'm I inp'"t?n nf l.reeh??L44? Pearl it "HIDES, FAT ANrfCALF SluNR. 1 fflK IIIOHEH I' PKICEJI diver for flid*, Eat .nil Cntf 1 "kins, r.?h enrrent money, do delivery, at ih* Hide m.d 1 fc'nt Home of the subscriber, where contracts will l>? made f t Calfskins by tlieseasen.or thehighwt Pj{"^TIJ po",ul f I" Jm're t3t Elisabeth ?t, Mwn Prince nn>l rtonsfor. " WTTXKITOTETTet: I) R A P K 11 AS 7) TAILOR, 00 rtJLTON STREET, NEW YORK J 8 now (irrpatrd 10 furnish *11 wlio irny fsvor hia* with the; t orders, Kor the cheapness an-* durability of his work, and avinf thirty |?r rent, he offers for th-ir iOo the f..llownn: list nt prices;? Nu|-ettbr I tress 1'or.ts, from fit to Id i'onmrtr I'ntiU i t" h iwev I esta y to 1 74 Etwkf tr4.? Prttoni fun it) n ( lh?-i- o ?r materia'. m?kirc and ttimmini in tin- no te?t manmr at the following prices t Ionia from Pat.taand Veats 1 to 1.75 Naval and Military Uniforms made in tlm bei.t style. N. B.-Clothing matlef.r thr soalhsre and we? rrn market, with neatness and despatch A share of th? pnb'ir patrontic is fin lm*'f f~AHO-190 Bane). Prim? Lesf Lsrd, In line order, laadli'S L "C WSUSBRftS 3.-4.,

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