Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 26, 1844, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 26, 1844 Page 4
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Item* and New*. 9u;.n* ani> Squall*.?The Bane Gazette lenJs ? the following fact to its Millerite friends, for any augury they can make of it :?" We noticed, with many other*, on Wednesday, a lingular attendant upon tlyi tun. Jt waa iurrouiiile.1 at midday by aciicle, aimilar to that commonly called " a halo," when seen around the moon, ex apt that it was resplendent with all the color* ol the rainbow. A perfect rainbow circle On the upper edge of this retted the Iragment of a larger bow. Such circles round the sun may las common, but we never before saw j one, nor do we know anybody that has." Osage Kiveu.?The Osage Yeoman, of the Sth Inst., says: "There been con-iderable rise in the Osage, at this place, and it is now in tine boating order ? j There is some little ice running, but not sufficient to interfere with navigation " Treat* with the 1'nitei> State*.?We learn front the Telegraph that the Senate of the United . States about a month since, ratified a treaty similar to tliut concluded by our former .Minister, Col Heily, and Mr. 1 Webster, in 1841. The articles allowing to Texai the free . navigation of Red Kiver and the .Mississippi below the h mouth of Red River, and ulso thearticle allowing Texian cotton to lie admitted into the ports of the Uni ed States free of duty wire stiicken out .?Houston (Trxai) Triegraph. Ft!/. 7. Triple Treaty.?Information haa been received 1 by a tery respectable house in New Orleans, that Oenrral Thompson has concluded a triple treaty with Santa Anna, which provides that Mexico will relinquish her claim to " Texas j>ro|>er," upon Certain conditions, and assent to the annexation of Texas to the Union by a treaty ta be made between Texas and the United States. We are not authorized to mention the authority upon which this luiormntiuii ii ummij out me gentlemen who inrnuiie.l Tlie information^ gave it full credit ?Huiutuii (Texas) Tcltgraph, Fth* 7. Vekv Good.?The following touat watt given at a temperance dinner.? "Revolutionary Army and Cold Water Army?The one drove the red coati fiorn the land?the other the red noses." The Mormons.?The i^uincy Herald of the 9th inst., contain* the following item of a bellicose .character From the recent difficulties w ith the Mormons, we should not he surprised at a serious outbreak in Northern Illinois before many months have elapsed : " We understand that lour wagon* passed through this city on Tuesday morning last, on their uny to the State Arsenal at Alton, for the purpose of procuring arms and munitions o( war, to iio used against the Mormons. We fear much trouble will grow out of this difficulty sooner or later.? We are also informed that the knowledge of what is going , on in this quarter has been brought to the notice ol (iov. Ford, and we would suggest whether it is not the duty of 1 his Excellency to protect the innocent in their lives and property." KALDXh'-SS AND LOSS OF HAIR 13 CAUSED by want of a healthy action of the vessels which throw off itt'ipiraliou from the head when tie vessels are i weal ordi-ea ed thr per-pirtlinu is thick and clammy, and adIi res to the mouths of the pores, and clogs them up. ami di ies and forms sc 'rfor nandrutf. Lest tilood :t then carri-d to the roots <>f ihe h nr. and for want of which the hair has not sufticent nourishment, and consequently becomes hush aud dry, and begins insensibly to fail, who h, continuing to increase, centually pr-due- baldness Restore th" capi"ary vess-'s ol the head to the rformer healthy oir ulition an a tine, silky new hair will make i's appearance, which w i I incrva?e in quail titv and volume mil I Ihe hair liecuin- s thick ami healthy. JAYNK'S HA IK TONIC is the only preparation that has ever been known o produce near hair on nahl heids- which it has done iu inuonu ralde in ranees, and will seldom Oail il properly a d |?r* veringly used. Sold bv A. H. it I). SVND3. druggists, 79 and 100 Fulton 1 strw t, 277 Broadway, corner of Chamber street, granite build i ing. ami 77 l-'.a-i llroadwtv. Price SI. I'll Im'ec i D R~-i7iL KM A rVS COUGH CORDIAL. I FOR the cnirof Coughs, Colds, < onsuoipti'Mis. and Dneas sol lie Cuius?is the giea'est cough remedy lliat h s ever been ficreil to the public. It never fails to accomplish the ohj"C tor w: ich it i? taken. Il is very quick in its opera tion. c.i mug, sometimes.the most violent cough in ? few hours it is rO agr cable in I t?te the adult finds p'easnre iu its U'e ' whi' to children it is doubly t iluahle, slway- lake wit iavidit> there ia uo medicine hitherto Rscovered "nd | off r -d to tlie public, which c*n bv relied on will *? in ich c. r c rs.nty, as the Crush Cordial. All ,(factious f the lungs and Car oat ate tnlee.lily enr d I For sde by Ktisliton ft Co, 110 Broadway 10 t llonse l ib Imfee oric'i. VST-hiijn'U TRUTH ~ t)k -rnr.imtit.v in dentistry TAR. A. C. CASTLE, 131 BROADWAY, corar , u of WHITE STREET, bas a I'asf far fillin. r decayed hollow t?--ih. It can be put into the most Undei i laetli Without auy pain ar incouvemeuce, with which it be- t oomcs impacted into ONE hnrd solid body, thus rcstoriup ?uio preserving (hitherto painful aud useleas teeth) artificially sound and perfeot in all theu-respective nses for life?preventing IN ALL CASES, the ,-ce?sil? of extraction. Ladies the most I ) distinguished iu society, oiler their testimonials in the most , v'vid terms, a* to its e'fiocy The Editor of the Eveuiug Fost says' ?" It is admirehly adapted for lender teeth and oervnn JV'rsoris, and Dr.C.istle opcrtitei on the teeth with great care an- i. uhi'iry. The New York Anrora says " It makes the teet ii in all respects perfect for life." The sun says Dr. Castle 1m obtained much celebrity liir hit oxerllent mode of filling rh- r teeth." 1 ne rao it eminent gentlemen of ths Medical Faculty 1 have cersunallv tried and recoinincud Dr Castle's Paste fo . filling the testh. Tooth-aehe pi!Is. oue of which nut in I * i aching tooth will effect g permanent cure I, La. CHKV'R DON ANGKL OALDERON DK LA BAROA, Ambassador mid Ple-iip ttutiiry Extraordinary, troin Duma Isabel H Queen of 8 nun, to th* United State,, a' Was "igtnu, do certify that as well as luany of my friends, hive known Dr A C. CA-l I.E. for many years. as a jiircnv fill and skilfu' D'ntist, at Hiding pie-eminent in tin professio knowing his worth nid his b-ing a gentleman of strict int ority, I with p'easues r-commend him to those who may r.quir thceid of nk pg fesii ii .! MrriOM. I Would slso recommend ins excellent Composition for tilling teeth, having in many cases seen its superior efficacy. (Signed.) A. CALDKIION DK LA BAttCA. Dr. A. C. Onatle refers to the Spanish Krench anc English Ambassadors, Ml Sioughti.n, the Spanish Consul Dear Admiral Walton. Lord Mcrpeth, Gen MeOsrty Gov Mason. Dr. K. I1 Johnsou, PresiJent of the Medical Kc ciety. 8. N. Y.: Mrs <f?ueril 'Juinet J. B. Beck, M. D ; Dr. J. A. Stnich, Dr. K Delalielil, Dr. Beadle, Dr Boyd. Dr. Enaer, Dr. J. C. L'heeainaa, Dr. A H. Stephens, Dr. J. Terry, Baylies. Dr. Win ?Jre?soe D Herring, he %e Office J?1 llrmutWBT f2Jl|**ec SELPHO'S FIRST PREMIUM ANGLESEY LEG. "D EMOVED from Second street to HO Spring St ?Patronised -aV by the meat eminent surgeons throughout Europe, anil bv many of their professional brethren in the Uuited Slates: and allowed by all to be the nearest approach to nature hiihe to produced Introduced into this country and made solely by WILLiAM 8KLPHO, No. 80 Spying street, near Broadway, New York. ri~7~Terns mo 'emte. and uidisputab'er ferencet given. "I hare teen the artificial leg of ir. Selpho. Iu construe tion appeals excellent, and wvjl calculated to autwer all toe j objects desired Bur the best of all is the proof < f those who wear tin in: this is positire and undeniable. Some of in\ I lends whom I ' are mutilated inform me that theyare aupe ii ' or to all other*. VALENTINE MOTT, Professor of Surgerr, University of New York.'" )24 luidvli wr*ee ; AKK YOUH BOOKS I'APKKS and evidences OK DEBT SKI.'I 11 D AOMNaT FIRE I Every prod nit jsores his goo.'s from fire; a* d whocui'leu' Ii that it iso' quite at important t > bare a saf' d-jiosit ry for i hit book nd valuable papers 1 All business inen should give this iir r ant subject doe reflect;on. and in'orin thein elver ., wha* ife is the best protection sgilu.t fire and burglars, and a ifl stied'as it uiuveisally ack nwledgvl) th't the Stlaintn Ii ' s the best, then decide whether a on will purchase of tb> i ii who pays tlw peten'ee f r the right to lurnuh the publu k nth an artic'e warr.inted genuine, and has never betrayed lb" tl eoufid'uce of those who lave trusted their property tu th irsale u keeping, ?r purcliase of th 'se who inu'ate the real article in m Ti e genuine \Vilder's Parent Kim I roof fitlimuilri Safe cm I'nfy be Iwd at tt e Ir >? Aafe Warehouse anil K nttery of SILAS C. HERoIN", 1J9 Wnfrstieet. N B.?Several go id second li uid double nafes, ma V by C ^ J. dtjrlo , for salt* at less than one half o* firat cnit, having ? been received in part payment lor the real Salamander tx 16 I "iilfcwrrc *" f ihst pre .TTirvTFauukrkeotvpks. *' PLUM BE L)agu-rrien (Jallery of Piteni Premium Colored J.J jWMIIlkh W Broadway, ibore Murray strei t, New "l York?Aw irded tlie Ural premium and hub at honor, by Am' . lican r.nd hrankliu luslitucs, for the mast beautiful colored Dagurreoiyprs ever exhibited. 'Tro'eaaot Pliiiube, tire 'Anieri-aa Daguerre ' whoae fame u the lirat Photographer in the world, islainiliir not only here . hut in Europe; aud whose lanrels have recently been increased c by the pub ic testimony of the American and Hranklin Inati- 7' tntea. declaring hi? col ired Phomgra ihs the most beautiful ever ethibited has, from a liberal Oesire to place lii? superb portraits Within the reach of all just reduced his terms to the loweal e. ra*es of ths most indifferent artis'u in the City. We adviee all y to esamive his fine gallery of specimens. which the world cannot equal, 2Jt Broadway ?New York Eii>re*s. , Plumt-e'a P<ein.nm aud Uerman Apparatus und InstrnctioB ya I'iaUs. ascs. Ac , at the lowest rate* jto !mdv(kwy*ee t(l for thk hlh.v ,n READ the following interesting esse and remarkable cure of _ Piles Mr J Bowman a distinguished architect, rear ^ ding in Br lad way, li s beeu affiicied wuh Piles for II yean He Iu con ultsd me about thre - months since. His tongue was foul, ty, appe ite bid I,r r torpid occasional palpitaiiiin. countenance pale and languid, complamts of pain over the k dn yt, great irritatioa. tension and weight in tne lower section of tlw uowels ( attendeil with mle luinnrs. so much iutlame.l at times at to r produce mteu.e suffering : at other times reliev ng themselvat I by a profuse discharge of blood, inducing great debiliit ; the , uiuscIm of the back from the Ion t-c 'utuiu-d irritation li d n *' som? degree lost their power, producing Inrnbag ', and It wis tr with much dificulty that be could walk ; his sien ssas leeble IJ and inlrui ; r.p-niivd more ilian five hurdred dollars in 14 " years for this comp Hint, and had obtained only temporary re- ' lief lie is Dow en iiely cured, having ,ak--n only ihrsw buses of my Pile Ebi i tuaht; has travelled more than two th uauid y miles siuce. ami lees 11 < return of the complaint : is as well aud active n iw u he was tmrty years ago, and attribute' it all "j to that inestimable remedy. Dr. Vr H a ws Ptt.e E.t.KCTUaav, an I, te nal remedy It is sold by the proprietor, at hit "nice, ^ |96 Bowery, (nor doors abuee .-spring at eet. Ad ice g atis. Heme in her 1% It .wry m Una* - J ~THE OOKRR.SFONUe.NCK HKTWISKN ? nnii vim t Afit nf A UlVhl ? nuiv?in A n 17 v^iiaivu'un. THE whole <?f t ?e iny?fri"H* and tec mi Corre* pontine* f * which took uKee bAt?m*ii the P )?i Bi'Hftn and ih?'?*fl bratrd < lunu la, Mrs. McLkhos*, in 1787 to ^3, a'ld which bar r urea for ui v-uu ky ( .niuiiiilhtm and others, tut the s purpiae of "ublieation, lias it leug K. by the decedye of i a rinart falleu IT t.i the bauds ??C hergnindi'in, VV ' McLeh use. , F.fl so' imow fits hiV'.i tu tin Wo'ld I h cnriuni in burni and 11 amines this work wi l be particularly r?lnti. d, I and can n t l.itl to strongly ui'eieft realeri in g iieral. It n. , published in this city sod Kdinburgh ii?'i|t.uirciusiy l'li? . Amerii; Ml edition is s ii'st lltno, mluine ol lib IU no pitites, cloth, Kilt?is iss i'U sud f?' >sl? by H I' 'I XI1V St'-o. N i 3 I'.'tk How, opnoeitc ihe A?tor House. Notices of the Currespood' ac* between Bur,is sod nrinda from the British Journal* "The Loiters toCluiiuut bare long been fe|t by the idmirers of B irns to we so imporiibt Chapter in the Poet's Biogmphy."? , Atlat. "Aeldiim haye we welcomed i work with warmer feelings the one before us. The publication was dot to ! the inky of Burns' devnt"d attachment, mil the letters throw much light ou many traiu in the wildly devious character of j thg BarnKelso Chronicle ' Wlierevsr the name of Robert Burns is known, this boak ' w ,1 ok received both with avidity and antiaty, as beinir pmbahly toe last of his writings winch will tie given to the w rid, . and as uringing fully t > light a \ issagr in th Poet's Life hith* erto wrapp d iu a mystery, fruitful of painful suspicions."? i Plfe Herald. 1 " A mysterious chapter, perhspi the last that, remains to lie on folded iu the present histoy of our great National Bard has just been opened by a descendant ol on" who nas been made * immortal by her connenon with genins.?Kilmmrnack Jour- j. "Thic volume is inveatcd with an ae nmulation of attruc- ' tions, we have not been disappointed, high as our anticipations " were. The character of Burns is here more fully developed to 11 as than formerly, and the strange mystery which hung around ?' the intercourse of Llarinda and Bnrai, is, we think, satisficto- J rily cleared np."? Mcutiman ' Borne ol onr ni'ist delightfnl epistolary literature has been ' produced by (>oet??and to Pop s'and Lowper's letter* may now V he added that of Barns Brighton Herald ' "This is indeed one of the curiosities of literature, anil may ? well be said to supply a new chapter in the Life of Scotland s [ immortal >ss.r.. It behoveseverv admirer of the author of The n 'bitter's Bat or day Night, to provide himself with a ropy"? 1 Uheltenhnm Journal. jt5tm*m TO I'lllNTKUtT eg 'km offlee. TO LET-THE HOUSE *t? Broome street. bejWjtw^. Mercer mJOremm. Applj '|0WMAN I fcDorr't Boil J lug, corner of i f 75 twee Exchange Place and Hanover. , -STATKN ISLAND PKOPEK.TV. art.K^ONH wishing to j?urcho?ot hire Coiuwre with gard?i.t, i>lra?autly ?ituaUMi, ?ud close to the steamboat landings, will i'leaee apply to w OLFh, Proprietor of the riant era' Hotel, Tompkins villa. |?y-T*0K?'>d* Karma lor eale? oue 1U acraa, and the other !8 arrea Apply to P. WOLKE. f:>2 iw?rc f JtCL . ''' m"dem built two etory an 1 attic brick HTTJ? houje N i :46 Birrow atieet, The home it in good re; Jflfci?'r. having b?eu r-ctuuy |<ainted and supplied witli the -ro'on w ter Apply to T It A. S. rOP'., < f 2d it 1 wee p)o. |3, Cham ben atrcet. j a,,TlJ LET? be store No. 99 N'aiaau alnet. m the Herald Buildings, from the firit of lilay. Apply atthia office. f i5,c a TO MECHANIC8?TO LET, the large and spacious Shop No, 20 Hudson street, ju?t b?lnw Dunne atreet, now occupied by John rtewtt, Bed,tend Maker. For ttmt, .'i to SAMUEL K. TKOWB IPOE, f at :tt*rc 78 John atreet. STEAM POWER TO LET" I M ROOMS TO LEI' wit STEAM POWER?Pos- 1 ?r?ti. II to b?give lit May, Apply te ths "Hoe" P. T. and Saw .t:ai!ufacoiry, ' I ii Imrc 29 and SI Hold atreet. jji I'M i E ? I hr THAI.IAN HALL. No 48u~(;iand ffT-W meet, at he intersection of l'n?t Broadway, ia to let or ftwasOlntU) !ly ft'ted > fur a hall tl iu, and li t eve'y convenience h r mliapurp ?e, bu' ha* Ineu ocrui ied lor the Ito t ree years aa a church, and >a now tit'ed up ' with seats for that purpoae. The 'IVmi erance Hncietl a have I <lao met there once a week It ia local, d in the hiiternth ward; end there ia no oth r to convenient place for poliii al meei nut, or any room s:i large, in in** easieiu sec ion u* in** city. The third story would make most escellei t accommod.i* | ti"n? f If a l.odi.1* ' f any kind. It will be rented low to * B' od i 1 teunu', who could make, it it 1*1 e* ed.h liviuu out of it by re- ' renting it Enquire iu the store b*'ow the Hall, of I 16 im?rc T tit J. W COLLINS. ! I jtfti TO LET, CHEAP?A Country "eat cuus stiug ol | pjO about thirti*eu acre* of la id with a laree and convenient i' It* nert .i"iv House, Stable, Carnage House, lee Home, I.'led, a large Oar* en, wi h abuud ince of fiuir, situated ou the bn- k> of ill.* lludaou Iliver, oiiposi** the Dutci Heforn.ed Chuich?distance from tin* ' 11V Hall four ami a half nil n Kor fu ther parti* ulari, enquire ou the premises N. COBB. N. B.?The nionmingdale and Knickerbocker .-tages pom the |?ateevery hail" hour. fil 'm'rre T(> LET?The HAMILTON HOC K, s,fated at the Narrow*, near Kort Hmniltou. Thie well known Hotel mil grounds will be very much improved siiire las: season, and a In rye Stnble and n ed atldtd to tlieout buildings The prooerry 111 front, on the shore, hat al?o been pur* i shaeed?th*| buddings and itr**uudt will be repaired and im* , r. ved, a i I a dock er> cted directly iu front?the whole of . ahich will I e let with ihe Hotel. ^ Kor particular* inquire of the subseriber, on the premises (iK.iM OE 9. GEL9T'iN. J Kort Haini'ton, February 12th, 18)1. I w?rc J a Til LET?The four atoiy itrantte Irout Brick Store J New sire t, n?ar Wall uriet The three story b i< U Home 38 lindiou itreet, Jertey Lbty, fronting the river, and n?ar the ferry. Three etory htick H us* 31 Walker street. between Btoad* way and ' hu'ch *treet. in e*cellent < rder. '1 he two story brick front Home 213 Chuich street, one door ibove Walkerstreet. I Three Story brick Store 207 Cherry street, corner *1 Pike St., i cent led an a feed store, by Messrs. (leu. Valei tine & Co. Two story b irk House No ? Kivington street Two sto-y hritk House 101 Bowery, occupied by Dr. Wm. Bailey. Hours mouera'e. A]i|*lyti> JOHN K Dr-LAPCAIVE, S New street, near VVall street. LOTS ON BROADWAY FOR SALE?Five lots on the i west side ol' It oai wav, three between 17th and 18 h streets.niid wo bi-tweeu 18th nod 18th street* including both corners of > I8ih street. Tins pioperty is rear Union square, on eh vsted I (round, and opposite the proposed site of the Wastiingtoj Mo- i lUuieit. Tie front n llro*dw?y is about I2i feet. The whole lureliste money may remaiuou mortgage for a number of years, f the property is immediately improved. Apply as above, f7 Im*rrc a FOR SALE OH LEASE?"n reasonable terms, several Houses and Lots m Voikville Apply to OEOUOE NOWLAN. I I'rospfct Hal' I Also, To Let or Lease?A valuable Public linn e on this c sl.'int, within a slu r! ide of the citi, \v tb Bar sud FiltOlM mmplete. To a prison capa'ne of conducting a large and r Inn ah| p are of puti ic res .rt.ihi preieuts < ndvntuges, ? h** house being r*p*ble of acrominoditing tweuty-tive or i 1 irty boarders, without iuteifeiiug with tile transient visitors c I . -.1 f I'.l I IS M'l' > o? " aKl''! *ALH?A nea* and * n convenient Cottage or the Mill ''on!. North Shore Stalen Island, w.ilito fll- I lieu minutes walk of eith r the C stlef n orPort'.inhnoud steamboat landing A trailed lo the Cottage is half vi ere of etc Unit land, with a variety of young aud thrifty fuii ree? Enquire ou the pr-nriises of r 12 lm m H'KKMIAH SMITH aNIBLO'S CONSERVATORY OREEN-HOU*E8 and aEKO -TOR ESTAULI8UMh.NT.17ti Broadway, adjoining the (h.rdens. The old patron* and the i ublicare reaper fnl'y informed that he nt-nsive jrra ge rent* for the Spring trade (ma e by Wilun Nibi.o. who it now in Europe lor thia purpocc.) lure e-u c inpl ted A choice and beautiful collection of annual, biennial ard '-eenni l K.ow r Seed h ve been received, (|i?. Vitfi fr in . in'on,) many v r ?ti-s f which are eni rely ..c.v a d luv ' nt h-retofore graced or oruanien ed the Anitrrieau llow r g o n Vraeubl , Herb .ml Avnru turil s. e a i v b n mi,- I orte of ill ne kind, only which are d-sir<bie t t >m from n lie be-t ma Uei? ahr ad O her varirti-s. for which ilie Artier- H can aetd iilai pteferable, have been grown hv mru ol exja-ri- v nee auo integrity, for thii ettablishmtnt only e I e proprit tor ran re ommend all the above seed* vt ith crniderce a, bt in/ genuine, and it willing to (take bit re, ntatimi c here ni. A collection of' bout 20,000 Green and II t House i ? ante, iii a line, ntroug and healthy condition, are in the * 'onervat rie:, (which are free, /dinia.ible at all timet,)c nsitti. c if 1 lame!ia , llhod. deudrons, limes, (ieraoiu in, Ericas, : \7, ile.ii., Sir (tc.. inmy be-utiful specimens ol which are unw 1 ii llowtr. It is hardly nere.siry here to aav, tnany of these t ill b- wry desirable as ornaments to tbe Flower Oarlen, Tonservato'y or Parlor, Fruit Trees, i t ill" mo?l esteemed kinds, can be supplied on h-short ?t notice, fro . Nursn y-inen ol ihe h'glicm reputa* f ion, at iheir caulo^ue | ricva, anil dclivorcd hi New York free if expense Ornamental Trees, Slirabs, Vines, hardy Roses, !tc. Sic, in ' ;re-ii variety. Uulbous Flowering Roots via : Gladiolus, Mexican Tine t Flower, TiK-r Lily, Jacobean Lily Uoub'.e D.hliv, 'I uheron kc be., I r plaini nearly iu Hpiing. Flower Si indi, K.iney Tarra Cotta Flower Vases and Pots. >f n"W an" handsome designs. Go d Fi h. Fish Globes. Sic All the shove articles ere nooi reatlv for sale ct moderate prices. Ord rs tlluiklully received and executed wiih promptness. WILLIAM NIBLO, Proprietor N B. AH kinds of Bird Seeds kept on hand, at l*>s cents perrjoart fe20 Irnie 1 SFOJt S \LE?lis "iraten Is and. within one mile of tbe Qnsrentiue. a imdl Farm 01 fifteen at res; ab-ui on? half i? i nverxi with ouiig wood the b lauce is suitabh lor rsrden pnrnoses. There is a modern Iwo story house with a cit he.i 'djoininc. snd s ne< er failing well by the door Also, barn and a largo variety of fruit trees For farther particulars . ol THOMAS H CA11Y, ' I 2 I m* m Quar ntine, Si.ten Island t njf FOR SALE?The piere of land iionsisting of about ' PvH 5 a< res. siluale in the village of Fort Lee, on the v\ est JL> ban' ofth' Muds ri Hirer, aurl known as "The Or her l " Ou the r>rerni?es are t ree < otlages. all in gonno der. The land is an Orchard of .Apple and Lh-rry Trees, of excellent qn lily : is in pond fence and excellent condition. A Dock nd water front ?re c< nriecti d eitli it. Also?a piece of land in he sune village, and West of and pposite to the Orchar i, consisting of abont 7 acres, known s tbe ' .vioore property.*' (in I is place are iwo dwelling " ouses.aiiO a large portion of ii is iu good caliiratioa. A iso--th? pro|iertv in the same village fronting on the river, pi * n as Long Dock, consisting of upwards of il acres. On ic |ireriiises i- a substantial Dock, ami a small dwelling honse r id ham. This pmreily has uudeigone expensive improve- 1 lenu, in fauces, roads, stone walls, be., and laclndes a valua- ,i |e water front. F. K. TILLuU, a n Im" re 58 Wall it W- -rtO d EASY. FOHGkT THEY ARE ON.-DAY'H First o ' Premium 8h?*?t II. Over S oea wiih hi* new Kl&atic "*ol a, n aidra b?* H| CtM MMm u4 inoat ionhllOV Vlhoi IB line are i peifeefly it apted to the Boot nod Panu, that the warer ;a a t lo lor?r-t in it l.? li.u <?n au over utioc at all no rnliv e rrr- B other nvenhoe ara they, that whoever eiaminev ih?m will U T ai ly Riven em p.efe ence. 1 hey will completely do away ith the double or " water proof Boot," which never keep oui a water. . YVarehime 25 Maiden Ian*, near Broadway. Tnoie who J ant Uay'a (jeer shnoahould remember No. 25. . IKK. rRK-KKVKe 8 AND J AC K KT* ? Tho heitarti- ? e in uiulV.-'O'ed in the United State*. Orders for thr Houih d Wear, .ii.d North, necnte'1 in the reaceat possible style, by r " manufactu er. IIOICACsi H. L>AY, 25 Maiden lar.e. ft lin*?c [OLAR LAMPS. CANIMLABRAH, OS HAN PULLS, ' Bmket.v, Hnll Lames and Lanterni, I'hiuaand <?l-s? o' [ wry description. Aatral Lamp*altered to So ari. A lieantilol I ?'-rim?nt of tiie above to be obtained at Siouveurl Si i^n.'t inuficturii K Store No. 1 lohn aneet near Broadway, aud at eir HMtOT) No. 29 CI Id rtreet All aiticlea made and ri atehed to any |iatteru, wholeaale and etail The above e?t bliahment ia moat surely the only one where anile can "Iwaya get aipplied at very low nrice. The-ubritierv ere able to tnmiah cbeape th in any otn?ra,in tnanulacri u the above themselves. Olaaa made and < ut to or rr, All ie above ar. warrant-d 8TOUVKNKL h CO . \ II t foods loaned for parties i* Im'tr ] >AYLER'S UNION SALAMANDER SAFES. 1 J <?\VLfc'R Itimt r aud Pa'rn >w, i8^5.?vc*al , y l inlands of (!* Icr's Pa^nt l?ire Proof Hook Hafe*, o4 * I sizes from 400 to 10,000 In*. ra? h hare beeu in use du in? e last fourteen years and not ope has ?t any time, faivd to e?erre its content! when eiposed to fire. N?*j;r y??r hun ? ed Inve been very seveiclv tested. In the gre-u fire of IH'ii ^out I rty erv iu use in the district, and we<e, as tfi?eertni- , ite. allien. sis much eipo*e?* to the i tensity of thai fire aw ley would I ave he -n iu ?r?y at^re at th it tune <lo rr ye?i; but 'uT ONE INiT\>th of f ilare ha* at any time orur ed ^'roin long e*peri? ucr and ! tent ion 'o th efT ct? pro? need b/ fire upon Ssf *, the patentee ha* been enabled to make 1 iieli iinpro erne- ta that he ran wirh full confidence re oinneud hi* I'ni n S.iUmolder Book Safes, as beyond all doubl r>ol against the action of fire, free from dampness, a id ronp enouuh t ? sustain any fall or i iemnr?to which fhe> an i) etpnteu ih trie nnrjina ni a re. ney are so ???n true rd '? to combine wo perfpi t Irm Safct united one with i t ipolhp , ill tn< h a manner thu the inner Cafe cannol he al c -I by inv l?-*t to which the outer ne may he e*|aised? arhSafe i? made of l?ar and |ilate iron and the must per're. lion induct ; || snbitancet and ha ill inner and outer door, each cured h\ a an -able lock An asao.- mem ot (Hyler't tfin le ml I) mill *>ala aniler Safe* Alto hit Cat ni Unuhl-Safes ml Safe* of ill d? ctiplinns of 111* mmn'acture, for ?il- at all >n i, fr on t(i, h li airenti in tltia city, vir.:?A Kly, I 'nl on street, n ar (Jol t street; A 11. Moeti, 12! Pearl, opcode PI tt ntr>-?t; Brett fc Barkiia, D2 Maiden lioe, aud by the 'atentee C J. OA'. I. (OK, 71 Kullon ttree', near (laid. Iron Sifes, Specie Chest*, Iron Doora, lie. made to order. IS Int^rre ' l/ATCUKS ANU JK WK.LKV.?The larymt and moat ' 1 iplrudid uant'ment of Watehea in the city, ia to Ik onnd ni the anhacriher'a.? Aa lie it constantly receiving all . learriptii nt nl Hold and Silver VVatchei, of the ntWMl itviea, fro in the maun fattnrera, in Kin<land, Kroner, and Hwitierland, he it enihled to offer a larger aaaortnient. aod it much leas prieea, at retail, than any oihar home in the eily. fold watrhet at low at ?Jtl to %V> each. Vfatihet and ewelry etchanyed or hnua'tt All walchea w?rr?cted to keep [ood time, or liia money returned. Watrhet and jewelry repaired in the beat manner, by the wat workmen, and innch lower than at any other p'aee t fluid and At I per l eunls, t.old Chains, Keys. ud S'erlint ' lity vr Hpoont, for tala rery low. r 'l. I'. ALlik> uni orter of watrhet and i-Welles v. i f 2d Itn* rc Wnoleaalenud retail, 3'l Wall at., u tairt. I tilt- (' A Rftf ILL'S old K.tUblithed Medicated V p r f ?! lla'ht, 24 Cenrtland at'eet, hat > een for n, eerdt of ll I e.irt n-ed with inneh tncceta in tudden rnldt, e. nu a, then- v latum, chronic difa-et of the liter, dyteepaii nan-.ui'l (evrf, t iftuenaa croon, bron. Intia, awelliuitof the g'andi, en ai, rlas, narlet lever, fcc. Sulphur Va|ior Batha can be hid at ai imei, by giving an hour't notice In addition to the above, Art i . it prepared io a dm nutter Iodine, or any other tuhlimik Baih the cat# mayrequ re 't it an idea fa'tely rutertaim d y muty that there it denser of taking euld af e Ine nt" of i j '?|mr Bath The effect, however, ia contrary, if properly ad- 1 ainitteied, at liuiidredt of our cirixer.a can t stify Open Irom ' o'clock in the morning till !) e'e'nek at night. I'ortabl ' fa nor U ulit tent 11 any pattof the city or Brooklyn Bathing ' I'oht for hire. fiitnrrc I D V. \ ( H ORCHARD CO A L? per ton for hrok n. nt i f and Urae ttove. Conanmara may rely on gettina li e h-.t i tod A?h i .,al at tha above price, well screened, weighed by I I tet'e'h ;i,,u,d |: ltttm*er. I | _ SPRING FASHION. 1 BROWN k1 O.'D (>n? Priced Hat Store, ITI Chatham i B S>iu*rj ciiinrr hi Mote street w'n*r-fishirn, beauty, i u ability d tMiea) HtMNNN to adorn MlMM The 1 roprietors bare ' tie |> easur to offer a mw ttyl* of Hat t'e m tat ion ol nearer, wh cii tkarlyniim'iie ihos* loim I lOtl i ' r ami So. at i|t* low fix J Trie: . f Jj Ti or, who from ; urlmaiioii or n'.r ally, nr.- iu ucvJJio study roo ouiy in tnal i ud a|wnsable article of die's, have now an opportunity of dmng 0. and still krep up t ? apt<rar*n' e of cap tnoei las inn tM?. IkOW N * CO , iu pfenning bit II.*- t? ihe uub'ic thiuk hoy have ueaHy reached tlie ul'.iinni ol beauty, cl.eaputsa, 1. aui. . durability arid comlort I tlie wearer All are for c?sh, therefore no son.'customer pays for . asses ineuir d by the bad BROWN k l O , I tl tai'm 178 Chatham Hqute, corner of Mott street. i"? ~~ TH-tec DOLLAKTH AT?7JTHTMoNAMQyE Jfsm> calls ih a teution of the public to hisessQilment ol tine r u Hats, at th- eery low price of Three Dollars ,at 228 Bowery r2l !in te SAVE YOUR SHILLINGS. All ill., are in wanli i fyood Gaiters. Shoes, ^ ilSBKIl or Busltins,.ire re?|ne*te I to call at WAL-1 KR'a m :ornrr of Broadway and final ? tret Liii s'Gaiters, LB Mi'S^s end ( hildieu's Gaiters, of all colors.soils and liars. At n f the latest Kreuch fash inn?lie ch-vpest yet off'red Al?>, it .he Iirrrtrst assortinem uf t rents fine Free ch Calf Dress , it .titched, at 23. Tho.e who rmrli s? "l l .|? ol I rsta- ii lishinent ure snre to cnl araiu, thr bent n of the itii.e- h. il s it suction his B' ots aud Shoes have i;l v u In til" public |< i('/ Kemember? WALKf K'B Cheap bout an.' Sh e b'ore, h, II!) Urnadway . corner Cai al striet. f-i lm?ec w f BOOTS AND SHOES. ' v Jf LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.^?^? ? %LiL< wni< w c,.in me auovc aniens nnumtn to save muu^, iid bet'er lose no tunc iu-al-ing hi tne fashionable Bo it a- il , ihoe Stores of S F SKCOIl, No?. IG0>? and 1GI Om* iwiru n tre t, when- all miy suit ih with an artiale t at . it-r r, itv If nr maif, Mtlloa and ft MOW, camlet b* orPtf1 |', ispa equal led in i his city jj 8. P s. begs to appri-e in particular thosel1 m sndgentle- v nen who co-aider n well tittniK boo* or gaitef an icdia|wusahle |, irtH'le to the tout vnsrmbte of all within thi r east niumlc, that p UK or 'hi G.emwichalreet. ore the only pla*rs n fitw York :hev c?u (1 peud on b-ing soi ed. N. B ?Ladies and Mines Gaiters, ?.ioes, 8tc? always on 'iand ?>>ewlle- s variety. . (t/> Remember, 160Xj end ltil Greenwich street. * f 14 3m?ec LOOK AT THIS. GENTLEMF.N'S CORK SOLE BOOTS, the best of J quality $6 00 Do Water Proof Boots do <00 . Do Liirht French Calfskin Boots do- -S3 to < 00 Do India Rub erOvenhnes, with leater soles 150 ' o Plain Rubbers 50 Do Daucinit Pumps- 100 I Do Dancing Gaiters 1 5r5 Do Worked Sis "I em 100 | \ndSill other ki-ds of Boots and Shoes in fa-hiun; Lai ics' Iniier Boots Buhkius. 81itipers, Ties. Quilted Shoes, Prunella 1 hoes, white and black Satin Slippers. Button Shoes, In Ho itubber Strap-fnr.ed, and all o ner kinds of liver Shoes; Jloas Mocenijos, end the areawst tssorimrnt of Bo?'s B Ota shoes; Misses' and Childre 's. of all liinds ro be fouud in he wi rid all of oar own ma of .cture, and the best of Krsuch [oods and warranted to lie the best, and as cheap as the cheap st. at 367 Broader y, cor. er of k ranklin sfset j26 lioTe (iltMlOUV lit (.AllILL. 361 Broadway. JOC CATHERINE STREET?1That's the place you I"! iwLl can save money Ladies who wish to beeconoini- ectl, can find at theahove place t raiter Boots, Shoes, Bu.k- ti ins and Slippers, of v iriou? colors, of elegmt shapes a a nmost beautiful kiu?s, at the lowest prices ever olfere* iu thin ' city, as io|*ows LadPs'Gaiter Boots, 10s to l3sr 1-0 No do 7? to 111 b Do " Buskins, 5s to 8* i Do " Hlipiers, 3s to 1i ? Strong Leather'loots and Shoes. 5.? to 7? y M-sses' and Children's in , iop>rtion. Also, all sorts of la- i lies', misses' and children's India Rubber Hhovs and Over - v Siloes i ou csu think of cheaper th -n the cheai<esl; men's boys' ' , | md youth s Boots and Shoes, extraordinary cheap. Now,then, | , I say, coine and look?vuu will rurely try, and besatisliea thai v lone are better and none so cheap as st : n lb lm*m E DO tVNS', 26 Catherine street. i, ECONOMY IN BOOTS AND SHOES. t lw Economy beiug the order of the day, the sub n Bacriber invite* tlm attention of 'lie public to Ins i .r*e a.-.- p JH - II -if Boots Ina 82 upwards, if# will sell at tbe t ow price of S< 50 a goou pair of s-we . Boots, inade in the n atest style, and of sood talfskiii, warranted to wear well, of (l , ia own make. No \ an ken about them, as a single trial will | , Minvi'-C- he urchaser. tl If.. Iso makes Hoots of all descriptions to order, on the |iort"l ip-tite?a K"'id - t briug guaranteed in alt can's, ur inale "llich he in enabled to do by la a drawing of th-- fee , h id filling up and keeping e?pre?ily a pair of lasts for each lustoiner Cous-amli ou handCork s le Boole, from t< 00 to 7 06 Double sole Boots, < 00 lo 6 AO Dresi Boots, 2 60 to 6 UO > Half Boon. 2 25 to 3 50 a Dress nhoes, 1 50 to 2 50 e Overshoes. 75 to 3 50 Slippero. *tc kc. at equally low price*. JOHN L. WATKINS IK Fulton stieet. f7 lui*ec between Nassau und Dutch streets. _ BOOTS AND SH'-ES ri If AT II EDUCED PRICES. mjiWff Tbesnbscr bers i tend use to make* chamreiu nusinesa, u Jt will sell iheir preseut stock at very lowpiices for a ihoit [me. TUTTLE k HAVWAKD, 289 Broadway. 1'. s ? i ne natures ana lurniture ui me store mr sale. f 21 lin*m pH-M (,'AKKIEJl PIUKONi"?Korsale a lot o' fresh im- J* A I Oit'll Pigeons lOisistmg of black, blue dun ano whio s arri'rj white unl pied Pouiers; a great variety of Tuinblen, n i a I cnlo.s; blue it Id Heads ; b .irk do, surer do. black leard* I lue do aud silrer do; Almond Tumblers; black, blue, Mow and whit* do; Magpies and Turbails, of all tne koowu oluri /.'so, a ij'.tan'ity of the far-famed Antwerp Pigeons, so jostly el braird ,'irtbeir ex'r.sordiuary power of tlyiug long, aud re- 2 inning home from almost incredible distances. I ill sin! see hem, at 9a Keade street. 1 tH|...?ee H OROOM. n Mn ANU VirUTINU OAKLIS ? * unrated and ' ' ' f'riutud in Jn lea' styie of fie Art, at 'educed prices, at u V \ Lr..M l.s K'i, So 1 Bet-em. n st. " t.or. er ui Paik llov , Loruniv's Hotel. (TV -all ?"' esa i' ? siieeinieiis lta lni?rrr a)R TliE hi\CUUH.AGK.VlEi\T C'F~TuE " At 1-LI l'LJ. ri rIK KOLLOWINU H- Kei.-E.NCE8 are dedira.ed to their no* c as th y a s w. tl ue ntaiutrd with the virtues of bnCARVlNAM I V Mr. Brash, C|eru ia the llec -r.'ei'j OJT.cs. , Mr 'ar in and Hon, Spuria m is I'r B-1 lainin K. imtmier, ?jifi<-r 281 Broadway. Mr. J tin llnwn, U2 Chaili.m stie.l. >ir. Genre* Vrrrit, i4l 3( Hi ulre- t. Oliv i Hull, I'll Maitl.n La c. h u'.r65 Union dace. Iii-v J \V lie llield, 196 I8tb street, 1 Also, 'lir L Ural,an of llie Odd bellows I.ibr\rv, National ' Hill. , fl ,1,1. J. C ffin, ermsr of Anthony struct and Broadway. , Air. A Hull, Buke pe: of the fifth Ward Hotel. n Mr. ruliu . i.. ri < hli, 1,9 t h .riton stre-t, 1 f Mr. A VI, r?. St-,v? Mannftctrry, 13 Bowrry. j Mr. i*. Lour Idson, Anihor ol nr Odd Fellows Offering. ' Kor the sake ufsu.ieittif hnmt i.y w would advise all (hire " illlicted *i li rougut c n?um,,.iO'i li <-r cornpl iii.1 or dysp I la, o call i n the a ,0?e named upon wli nr sia'e* 1 neutv tllo strictest renaoav oiay be plated. Numerous Certiicates oiay be seen at toe CARvilNANTIA DKHOT. fl7 1m*ec Corner of lire*,i*t. I,* and 13tn st. MONEY TO LEND. ' A BKAHAM J. JACKSON, Pawnbroker, No. 58 Reade ? fa street, nmr Broadwsv.loins monr> in large or small sums, * mav be required on Watches, Jswelry, Silirr Ware, Dry ^ loo,Is. Wearing Apparel, and per?onal prop rty of rrery de nriori'.n. 130 lm*?re ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS!!! T 3000 COPIES FOR S*1I.E. VK. BKOuiiH. No 3tll Broadway, has received this morning |ier Hiberui i. a large assortment of this spleuid iierinrlical, consisting of all ine numbers up to 92, vol 4, eh. 3d. r W. K. Brongh, being sole agent for the proprietors in the J. .Jui ed States, tegs to stale it would be ..n advantage to retail v ei e.s to order them direct fr?m him. He can alio supply all tj, rdrrs lor back nuinie s; alio, p.rtfolios and covers, gilt let u: rred and orud'iicuted, lor boliliug tne News singly ot in pirta. , To be hid, also, retail ofMisonfc Puttie, No 1'8 a?sa> lt feet; George Dexur No 321 Broadway, and Wsdleiuh IroaJway, comer of Grand. Wholesale of W. K. B , 3 4 ^ llOMWiy, up st ,ir?, 121 lw*m B1 FRENCH CHESTNUTS. ' [UST Received per br UNION, ill a short pasvege from t 1 Bord??U( ? lot of t'?e (inert * li'stnuts li en in the city for S ea s. for sa,s at B 3 TFSON'S Fruit and fee.r Store, Iw I 21 lw'ec. No 1 Park How e0rner ot Ann street. PHY P1 Th I sn^ii g from shin Hotting ur. mr sileou I favorable lerms, if taken from the vessel Apply to J GEORGE MeBKIJJe. Jr., I i 23 lw*?c 82 Ctdar street. t> fA.M.Y BALL DRIcBSKB, of every description, to let sm! made ui order. ) Mau users of Baits and Parties will find a larqestor.k of fancy , ruameats, if they should require fatuous handsomely decn pled, tiy J UEJONuE, 66 Warren atreet. comer of *Vqu Broadway, . ft lm*rc iDecoratnr and </0? omer w the Park Theatre. , DlSBROW'.-i itIL):NO ..CHOOL, h 408 BOWERY. { [?OR LADIES from 9 A. M, to 1 P. M. daily. I " Kor tienilemen ] to 5and 7 to 9% P. M. daily. a Lki ti hi: Lpssoies | Liaacisc Rioiho. tl iKveiling Class.) i i Lessens St) 00 . 20 Hides $10 W < dinirle do?s? 1 Ml | Uinsls 00 7f i '1 lie Dressing and Drawing Houms ?* well warmed, and ' b veiy fit 11 r.tion devoted to the .omlort ol those Wi.o may lionor i p is with their ottrauga t. Gentlemen keeping their horses on livery at this esublish u .lent, will have the privilege of riding thein in tha School. 4 nil 3in*r i | DAGUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS, " ' " OK the mostesquisite tone and Hnisb, possessing all the colon 11 of life, by A. K. I'HOslfeuN fc CO., I t No. 11 Pnrk How, opposite tlie Astor House. Daguerreotype Apparatus, Plates, Cases. (Chemicals, kc., ' for sale a Insiructions given in the art jlit lm*m FRENCH CHINA 1 'j No. 4 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, Up Stairo j \DALEHME, Importer and A??ut for Manufacturers, hot p always on hand a (urge assortment lor dinner and tea s"'s v ,i plain whlto and silt Kreuch Porcelain, as well as dinner aid I lessenI'latcs.Ill all sizes, assorted dishts, soup tureens, covered v lishes.sjlid bowls, Iruit baskets, cuiurds and Hands. o tlso, Tea and Chocolate Wr re, Greek, krencnaad Amen- s .an shape i 0 All ths articles are warranted of the best quality, and to be t dd os liheral terms asd .a let, to stut vmrehasera. %t) Rro#ec u LEECHES! ! j, LEECHES!? LEECHES!! ! s GK fkfH 1 9WEEDI8H and (.ermsn Leeches, just received t "wjwuv par ship Howard, fr m Hamburgh. Also jn?t received from Marseilles * small lot kmy ma Leeclie. j h -for tie at the lowest market prices, by > < <> A fc H. WITTE, | h f 20 lm*m Importers of Lwc?ia, 446 Pearl at. [ tl r, FROM LONDON ? TO THE LADII?8. I , VfKS. MITCHELL, late of London, befs reapeetfnlly t. 1 i" announce totliose (aili.-s reqinriug tiie aid ef a Midwife hatahehaa completed her arrangements for a permanent reai in New k orlt. Mrs. M. has received a thorough medical tl 'iluditi' n, and bears a diploma frei.. tha City of London Lying . il .......i .1.. .... ...,.u..i ?. \l..l?,,<r, or aeve-ul year?, and waa aurceaafully engaged m aaaiatant anil irioci|>ol iu ee?eral thutixaiiri cm1! of childbirth. Aire. M. ia iiTiifnl with liifh testimonials and certificate of qualification , ..hi tli it.nir eminent of the London medical faculty, end ' vhich are at all timee open for inapection. Heaidenre 1 Mr.dien i" ?lone iloor from Peerl d I *> tin r i THE ? INVISIBLE , WIG JO eloariy maemblea the real Jimd of hair thataeepdea and 1 p J connoiaarart i.are pronounced it the moat le-rfcrct and ex a.military inventing of ihedny. The (jree'ndmnutge of thii J g lotel au I amour wig 11 lie bring mad* without aewing or , (1 a ravin a which caeeea iu a|i,>eintucea ao clonely to reaemble Ji ha rem ml hair, both in lighmr.e tnd uataral appearance, aa m | > Jefy detection, ita u-xtnre buna ao bwtutifnl, auporonaand im | t "rea, that iu all caaea of imnpirvtion evaporation ia unimpeded, \ m l .oe (Treat evila of Oilier wigi entirely avoided, 'l be aeeptic ? in I coniiolaaenr arc alike mvnej to inspect thi( novel and Nmn I 1 nlul Wig, and the peculiar method of fitting llie heed, at lh? Irondway, mim^T Litatr | 1 MEDICAL. _ THE MOST COMMON SAVING Is or th*t I would not 8t gier ou# hott I* of ! Du. Hwaeiag'a Com- u benur or Wilp mi Ciii kut, fcrlnilm dmru of any 1 Oth.r pieparston. I haee tred oil wl the popt-l?i ohm, bat ih's ?t*u<Js an- I

ri* llfil I ? thr cure "f the follow lug dis- it mm, tic* Lithium Ccuihi. Coldi, *-?P". ?? sumption spam g <>f Blood. Palpitationi of th* liner, \ ' hooping Cough, Ttckliug or Riling ?n ill. no.- in ihc thro.t,Bronchitis.Asthma, be or weakness of th* Nnvuni Sy.teui, be or imps r*(J coaatitutioa from auy ctaie, and to previ nt |i*reoua "J! Imio tailing into e l>o- 1)1 elm* tliii medicine fe hot not it* "* equal. ? And when too mach cel?ui*l or quiuine hat been used, this oo ivrticine will prevent its rvil effect! on the system, end repair lh< ir bil iary functions. Aa a | roof of the above medicine m?- 10 ig g . at strength mid clearness to the voice, n gentl. man Iroin oe of onr large mictioneer Mtabliahineula in Philadelphia, w ho u been naiog thia "ivnip. aaya that it ia the grenteal ine-ticiiie on i ery on be ever inw. Ofenurve th? Minister or Lawyer who as ive to "a* their roicaa,would be equa'ly bem fitieil Ueleiauce '* ill he given to the auctioneer, by calling at my ' dice <lt CAUTION?All n epilation* from th a valuable trea.eTeep' "I ie urigii al Doc'or 8WAYNE'S COMPOUND 8V11UP OK YILD I'HEKUY, an- fictitious and counterfeit. Prepared ?e nly by l)r Sway nr. whose etlice is now removed to N. W. re 0 tier of K.ight and Race aireeta, Philadelphia. Agent- ?Dr. Wm. H. Miluor, corner of Broadway and John ?? tr-et, New York; R. A Bands, Chnrcti'a Di?pensary, IBS ?c Inwery, comer of spring street; E. B. Warner, 20i U eecker at to orner of Mir.etta at, James Hiue?nn, Grand at near tin, Wil- w ami-burn h: Pieraoo kt Hairiaou, 72" Broad ?t, Newark, N J : lenjamin Olds, 778 Broad atr-et. Newark, N J.; William G. w Vr, <1, M. D , Har'ein, corner of I2'h street and Jd avenue; C. oi i-glis ir., Main at, Patersou; Mrs. M. Haya, 134 Kulton street, ironklyn; W K Cleik, Montgomery at, Jrraey City. < .' I It Jm^rc 11 SANDS'S SARSAPAItlLLA OR THE REMOVAL AND PERMANENT CURE *' OF AI.L DISEASES ARISING FROM AN J: IMPURE 8TATK OF THK ULOOU, Oil HABIT OF THE SYSTEM j u NAMELY: CROFULi, ob klliu'i evil rheumatism, orstiiv ate cut a ty niour erupt ions, pimplei. ob rvitvui on the facb, it: lotchet, biees, chbomio ?OItE ever, rino worm or tetter, SCald heau. eruroemebt 01' T the boner.ami joint!, stubborn ulcer!, j, itphilitic iv mptomi,sciatica ok lum- c, It Alio, Bud liaeases Arising 'roman injuiliciO'iN use of Mercury, A-eiiiri, {J or Dropsy,expoaure or imprudence, In in lift-. A'ao.l'hroniei'uoitita- I" tioLRl Disorder* will Ir-r<moved by ilm preparation. Th? attention of til" reader is re?pectiu''y ea'led to the fob J," swing certdi ate?. H ?e?'i great achievements have hereto- tg vie been made by t' r. uir of ihi< iuvalu.,1 l? medicine, yet d ily c, xrerieoce shows tenths still more remaraai le. Ti e p oprie- w nri h re nvil theunelves of the opportunity of saving it ii a f nrre of c ostein ratiafnctio* (hat they are made the meaui ol tf(] -lieving a lib an amount of auff'riuR 0. F.lieabethtown, Pec 2. 1*43. t'i Mees's. Svndi?Oen'a:- It ia wi Ii hrart'e't gntilude for your t liunueas to Ibe tin! 1 male a pubic nckuowbdg met t ol the enefit I bev-r?c-ived from your barirpa'illa I ha * e hreii for (r 11anv years nfflicud wi Ii a cancer in the vreASt.,md f rfour a eira ir, w aa. aa I thought. incurable: it spread vi ry fart, ao thai '? hid ne.A'ly covereil the whole bieaat, and for inmv woe'a I >" ran a ' reduced >? ith toe lo? of blood and the paill of the wrund ol iia> 1 waa unable 11 turn mytell in bed, and my >->fT ring* < ur- e< nu'he vvtcde winter weie more tli'ii 1 can tell With the ad- al ice ' f hiy friend i I Call d rwo of ih? moat mini-nt |iliy?ic nua 'I I ibe pi ice who rrc <o mend d your prepira'iou of sarnparil- ci i. knowing if nothing that would be aa likely to h> lp me; re e It lull advice 1 readily rece vd and before I i ad taken one b"t i! le | found a rhiuge in mv f elinna which induced nve to rake m ore, mid ? hen 1 ha taken the t' iral bottle I m like am [her erio i both ill hea th and strength I hue lake i your prepira- o ion since laat ,Vl?rcli. and a'thou-h the wound ia not eutrely I enleil u ii in a very favorab'e a<ate, and I eli?v? it ?ill he llie V ueaoe. u tin etely of my entire cure; and that the afflicted rl ny a'l linil I lie c liel which it alone can aive it t' e wii h ol ci tinraud yi ur friend. KU-hlCE WOOj-RUjF. ii I am the niece of F.nnice Woodrnff, have been brought up ' y ai er, audk iowwh t the a'atii to b- irue, lor 1 hare had all the are oi her through har tickneaa. a: THERESA DENTON. e, I am well at'ipi mited with Mire Woodruff, and knew her hi ituation prenoua to th" uie of Saud-' Sanapa ilia, and hat e ii fitueeaud theaurpriviugeftect produced hy it, and can therefore tf odorte fully the above atatemrLt. Ic MOSES M. CRANE. -t BaLTIMobe, Feb. 4th, 1843. At A. B. Sanih&Co ?Oeullemen:?I have uaed your H struct " f l'?rj-p .riba nuee its utr .dnoiiou into thu city. Iteiee- di ie pleasure to atite ' have found it to amwe mymoit sanguine at eciationa 1 betieva it to be the beat pitparauou af that valable article uow in ua?. With much reapect, youra JOH-v WHITBRLDOE, M. D? } 40 Gay street. V Prepared and told, whnleaale and retail, and for exportation V ft. B. Sands k Oa., druggists and chemi ta, lirauite Build- J lira. No. 273 Broadway, corner of l-hambera at New York lavid Hands It Co., No 77 KaitiBrondway. cor. of Matketst: ail by druggist* yeuerally throughout ihc United States. ' Price fel par bottle?<i< hottlea i'nr fi Ol lm*?c T1IE SOUTHERN BALM, \ PLEASANT, sale aud efl'ectu il remc'y fur COUGHS, TL COLDS. HdtilSEXESS, C ON SUMPTION, a d ail ther affections of tlie thro it and lungs. When we rell-ct tint most of the ca-es of consumption terlimit g fatally. hive had their origin iu neglected colds, it ia toiliaimiK to wituna the apathy dis 1 layed by those laboiiug rider them. Although they ony lie reseatedly warn'd by then ledical fiiends to guard against the e flee (a of aud en cfiai fee ' f the weather, wl tcli, bv die king the in.enaible perspiruliui cessions coughs, colda lie., their admonitions are too ofter heeded ; the u .fortunate au'ject, la rceiviug co rery o-d tleta artaii.g ftoin the alt, hi cnlil, aa lie terms it, is lulled iute i!?e security by the Tain li'i|ic that a lelnrti of pie ,ianc wea hei ill n-uiov" ..II u i| I'.taa t aymptntni. But an far tiom beng nt'iT-d, lb-aymii'ottis ar> g. uerally aggravated, hie debility ' c ?a<ea narr.-a d by incessant coucht utslit sweats at le gih p-rieoe. aud he ia arouaed iierliapa too late to a aenae of tea u-rr. He looks ar.uud liiin for that relief which i? iglit ea-i h*?e been ob'ai i il at an eirlier period, hip alas. h? ia told y hia , livaicim there n?o hups for him To whom, the. iu it lie l olt for aid? The newapap ra team with aerertine lecta of i.f.llible remedies, with oftentimes fal?e certificates t ea ing 1'ieir u liveraal efficacy. In despair he flies to them, u too ulte.i w th ml re.eiriug the slightest beuelit., I idfd, no remedy? t'.eaaun and evpe.ience ' irai ? tl.i..uppo?K.oii. CONSUMPTION IS NOT I.NUU.4BLK! We affirm?cuntideully affirm?a remedy ha en found, one which, lonely ml properly applied, will cot lil to relieve. IT S 'I'llHI SOUTHERN BALM. Mi ol lie proprietors Ins long used it in hia practice with the liappieei .mils, and has at length been 'iiduc-d, from a sense ol u Hy, > place it lie i> e the i uhlic, fully satisfied that it only requires J lair trial to on abliah lor it a I isti'f rrput tion. To all phy i ici vs. heads of fti. ilies, and others, we would earnestly re- I ouiinenil a dial of it a m-oiciue at once safe, pleuaaut, aud ,f cicioua. A rvmedy alnnrahly aapiel to her.inoval u i'it lent conaiimi foil, wlr tlier her diLiry or acquired-as it ivariahly alforila immediate relief in the moat tmskleaon.r j OjUGlfS, HOAtkSICNKSS, whiezinxa, pain in the breust, c., and erea in the moat obstinate wtioopi g cough, and con j rmed consumption. It will effect ail that can be rationally a tprcied from any one medicine. ? SHECU r AND CO. , Exclusive office for sale ol Soutlie-o Balm. ,i 287}* Broadway, corner of Krade street. a Agents?Dr. Kirat 187 Cam I street; corner Armue D. and ,, 'hird street; E. B. Spoanrr, Brooklyn; A. Guthrie, Albany. 121) Im' ec j 1'1'XK"SLIP DISPENSARY. ~ a MEDICAL AND SURGICAL NOTICE. ")K. CAHPEN i Ell continues to administer to the afflicted e and unforiunate at No 4 I eekslip. Tatienta who have aul red from the ineaperieuce or ignorance ol preta idera, or fr .ro i ie more de.o ly and rulnons elfecta ol th* yarinua catchpenny C atiuina of irreapousible and reckleaa venders wit i which tnia |, ty abounds, are aerinai'y cautioned to bewareot a ruined ei n 'tntuui, and of complicated and irrrmeoiable disease. Dr. Carpenter, after nD aetice of oyer thirty yeara, ia enabled i offer as the re.ult of intense application and esparieuce it ? lain ui?';i*rs m# uiosi prompt, renown ana eneciuai rem*- ,, es for icO'e I,, Dr Carreuter begs leave to add that he i> regularly educated ,| i the profession, 11 a herni ate ol I\ew York Hum Medical |> oci-ty, and holds no cominua catiou with the quacks wit1 (l Inch this city is swarming. f 10 lui'er , HiGHL Y IM PORTANT7 New York, Jin. 30th, 1844. ? REWARD?Under this reward or caption, an alii j' iO\J\J davit of m ton, John R Miller was published to e wield, beuiug dite Jinn ry I6tli. sotting lorth thai he had ( en lestored to good health,i,Item protricted suffering of lt> ? ears, by Dr. Jon* Thomson 343 Broom" street. B tweei le rd and Itih ol ihe pieaent month. January, 1844 I onfirm- ,f I my s"n's staienv m by my own nffiduvil My son set for h ? ut oehad been..(flirted since 182c, lint, by over-hrajiug h m ? rlf, then by dyspepsia, i exl by ihe poisonous s>iug of a honey ee ill hit fac-, which rroduc-d rerti.o, deiaiigemcut and rema mental and bodily suffering Hi physicioi then bl< d iin iu Ins arms, which paralysed them both The doctor 1 .re him 8 calomel powders, in uch of which, he distinctly ) Id me hem was sufficient mercu y for ten ordinary me . A lie effects of the . alom-J <n my sou's siab-m were such as to lake li m as >en?.tire with respect to the weather, as a , ha mnmeter, for he could alway s tell, bv bis mercurial paint, day in . dvance wlie . a storm inighi I e expected I'nderthr , reaiment of D*. Thomson he has lost all this oistress and sen- , bility. the ineicu v have g hceu removeo. He had upon hi , one time, 18 blisters besides icreral mo>tird drall*. oulticesand plcsio s upon his 'eetsnd legs. When ho tried ? i do business be was deiauged, confored and distressed si ,, inch as lo render no' hi cs-l , but all those imtne littely ,, bout linn, unhappy and mentally distressed on his account ,, n addition to t ie macSery, ma'-practice sod pois'in, to which s :iy son had become subject, after the Doctor hud destroyer r paralysed J is arms by depletion, lie, t e Doctor, infoiuird y oe there was anoil er dead y po son in N?w Vera, ealloi Voi.r s Bank Ancouitma xeornontaum ; that a p.II of the Xirni t, the sice cf tile head of a large inn, would kill a will 'ur.n a iemedy a* won'd bill a wolf, was n iw advised and dministersd by the Doctor lo restore to he.lih, and io th u>< i mi 11mon, my jmfiir, jri'iue, bicri/ sun, wno iiiin dtpii mnnr cripple by I In* same Doctor. Eirst he was p<>ii<>iiid wit >1 mercury, pained by bleeding, ard tend led one of th mav ' itt res tied bnuas in l.fe, by blister*, and burnr k with mua x; nd ; and no#, to cap ihe climix. he must take a dose oi 111 s>i ou won'd neatra ize wliai lira DnCinr bad done, th" \ r?nld kill e bealt I vmlf. " Ob tciance, thou art a jewel!" t it not a mi ae e that t? ere w*? a particle ol ttie ah titer d " vreck le>t 10 build upon to be enabled to show the iguorai c a scientific quicse-y by llieattoui hn.g ellectanl the Them- , oui in practise in restoring to lue, ani itio.i, firm-jid or.'er, me of the noblest ben (s 01 earthly objects 1 This aou, once ' Kirteet apueipdo of Me aguutua, mm h n iMpwioeud. fttota i|i,an i moatly deriroye by iho e in whom we could rep ,.a. n |ierf ct saf ty as we thought, all confident#, and whe.e wi ai ht exi-ect assistance pro ection and safety in tima of uv ntul ** nil bodily suffering. By Dr Thomson my ton wa# r?storeil 41 i bi tier healtn, in i weeks, than all ihe benefit he had derired rnoi th? MMM meilical faculty id siite n years. I di 1,1 elieye th it inv ton John K. ,\l11!er, surrounded at he new it a heilth at home with hit little f<mily (roup, it the most yppy man iu taex c unljr. "kew Jerxey. Hare we n I !_ hen, all of nx, hit r Drives and friends, abundant reason ts> rjoice I Re ercu e et to charterer and credibilitv?Lawrence 01 l Keei, a- d Ailitou Pott, Druggists. Maiden lane ; and Noah 'unit, 2 b i Kighteen'h ttree. ; ai d all the luhabitauU of bit. x ounty, N. I., nv whoui I am kiiown. Sworn before ine hit 30th day of January, 1144, . 8 W vLLAO GONIi', Commissioner of Deedx. I1' N. B.?Wanted, at usual, at 343 Broome atreet sii'hpa '] ietiu ax can find no relief from others. fll lin.rc P CLOVE ANODYNE > TOOTH ACHE DROPS, AN IMMEDIATE AND PERFECT CURE. "PHONE who hare feltthepaiufnl throbbing and excruciating k puigt of thit diteaae mooting through their jawa, with I noat tinmentiug perseverance, and, at it often the case, hare i feiyrd but little sympathy from friends on tuch occasions, s rill no doubt be much plenaed to know of a remedy that will h< ever fill to ouiet forever the unmerciful offender. Th? Clove i Inodyne it the best of all tooth-ache remodiea. It it immediat. a nd certain in its effects, cuaiig the most riolent toothache or h in in the gnmt hi one annate. 'j Experience hat proyeu that th|t anodyne composition will r? ire immediate and permanent relief, after the failure of every si ther remedy. It it pleasant to tna mate and imeli, and will n t It ujute the teeth or gumt in any way, and a lew applications te till entirely irmnre ton pain and torenett from a decay*tl q\, to nun at may be tilled and rendered at useful as ever oi rVlien the isuut proceeds Imp tne laca or Iron the gums around i< tooth appircctiy sound, Una application will give speedy ru- p| isf by mbbiuf a tew dropt on tne part t gee ted. ?< Prite 81 cenu?h or sal* or Uavid bands ft Cd., Nd. T7 East ti Roadway; 7* t niton st; and ITS Mrondwsy, comar Cham ban ft treat, UnniM Banning*. JS4 lp**d ON STRICTURE AND ITS CUKE. 'HK Following Tew remarks npon Btricture, it U believed, | will be deeply interesting to many ]*-o|>le Lit?That Stricture u a very common malady, tad frequently j iita in those who art not ti.e least aware of it. c lud?That a very mroueooa nouou ptevails with regard to < li-That although a Stricture may long remain ao dormant I rot to besuapected, it ia always tending to other lorma or | inalilisoidnr , , . , UK?That there are three circumstances in particular by t liich a Hirictare may alway* be known. . . ith?That the cure of itricture, esi*'ci.illy m Ita early atage, i certain, free from pain or inconvenience, and generally ac- I mpliahed in a eery little time. _J . I?With regard to,the frequency of Stricture, thii will not1 I rprisa if it u couiidered that thii complaint proceeda Innn a | I my ueaud Uonorrhoea. If, lor iutance, a gouorrlioe* has . mi inffrred to eontiaue on from month to month it ilidea into | gleet. Now, there u no rain or inconvenience in gleet, nnd , this is often (offered to remain fur any length time. But it ahonld be known that gleet is generally d'Ucted Willi chronic inflammation, which uatarally terminates thickening, and this thickening in oni pert or other ol the irary paaaage ia stricture; and fnither, with regard to ita j acniiry thia thickening may exiat without a g eel. Mid >n at case there is nothing whatever to call the atteuliou to It, | that the (offerer rnuut remain in perfect darkness as to the >1 nature of Ilia milady. I?Another thing that leads the attention off from this diior r ii the erroneous notion tint Uric are cannot exiat ao long no im|e'diineut to the flow of urine is observed. But this quite wrung. A stricture may eiiit for years without pruning any vtnkii I ch ,nge in this respect. Indeed, this effect em the u iue it observed outy in advanced and older cam, hile the visible effect of early stricture is not on the part itIf, Put mi the mmd, causing lowuess of spirits and want of | R lutioil. _ I Id?But, although a mild or early stricture s seernirgjyin rive, aunoi iki accouur, ? 11 iu noui uvi?? n ?. - - . arcely possible for those not acquainted with minute ana I ray, to imagiue the delicnte and peculiar atructure of toe part , hicfi is the seat of thi? disease, and how little la lUlficieiit lo ; image it. Now, litis morbid condition of ll.e passage, hether councc ed with stricture, or induced by otiiemiid |wrcions causes, is ever truding to destroy these delicate organs, y nit tbs louudaliou of some of the most distressing maladies human nature. It is >u th-s way tliat certain uuuatuial ac- ' oiia, local debility, an irritable bladder.and other likudiusaaea, 1 mci ed from a mild and caauapccted atriclare. 4th?Nothiuu. therefore, can be more de?irable than to have line plaiu ami ready means of detecting stricture in its mild id ea ly state; and fnrtuuatclv, tin re are three particular j rcuiusUutwa which for in in / years the author has found to rve this purpose. They am the following. The hist relat.-s Thb MiNNgR or Urinating.?It has been said already ist the stream need not be tr uch diminished or impeded, and tat is true; but uhoove wli t hapyns after this is finished, and le clo'hea are re-adjnsted, and if it should be mum! that a drop two will afterward: tail way, ao as to wet a little, this, Uiluit aait may seem, willaifoiJ a ground of stroug suspicion, he next regards ,1'hfcl Tills a former gonorrhoea mat have remained ncurs.o.?It is not so much how lung ago it may have oc?ned, as how Imp the glrety stige may have continued.? 'it er is it possible in very case to state ih leng h of tune a leet may ru . without produr ng Stri'turc, fo one is naturalm re uiipnst'd to St icture tluiu another At a general rul-, jwever, il a (Jounrrhra i has been sulfered to continue for a rind ?.f from sis to eight weeks, this Would iticngihcu any her tuspii i us circurastaiu e The third is The Lffklt a stricture has i:pon the Mind.?This, the early stage, is lo depre i the ipiiiis ai d to lessen mental lergy. It is also oi.e of us ost i'lVui'ble effect*. Not that is is SI en in the same degree in every individual, but it is so j mmou that the w.iter s>arcely itvs a case ol St.ielure iu hich the p-tieut d >*? not complain that he is less active, and ss capable of busim-sa ill an formerly Much might be an vane I to allow the alural connection of tht mii.d and generative ners, but for this the ovider is referred to "The Private Trsa? >," wh le the tact itae'l is proved by ihe return of raeutal en gy as the cut proceeds. 6. Ou the cure of .trictnre it is repealed that thia is certain? ee from pain or inconvenience, and generally accompli, lied in very little time. So much as this, however cou'd not have n-n advanced some yeari ago, hut such hive been the bate ira 'ovemei.ts in this art, tint bv pioper una >a, ai d in the hands I' careful and ?sivrieucd p- rsoi.s, the cure is now accomplish1 iu as many days as f>rm?ily it demanded months Miuy lao, who cannot cousult the writer personally, on account oi istauce. lie. nndeitake the cure them.elves and happily sacked. To these are lorwarded the most suitable and preper leans, together wito the author's " Private Treatise," such luiarkt as any particular case may call for. The fee on these ucasions i> *1#. L?r Ralph also takes this opportunity of ssyinpthnt he maybe m-nlledon those.delicalti diseases referred to in his 'Private 'realise"?a; Ins dwelling house, US Ureenwi h street. New ork, at any hoar, and those who ai ply in the e..rl> stage of icae dnsaaiea. will In- surh'i-ed at the simplicity and little iu anveuiencc that atteuOeil tli?ir cure t.e lie.i-v -a, however it clneity .hose who naveauff-ied long from a certain lao of ivercisiiiu Isolde aud other causes, who can properly appreciating services. Dr. Ka'ph limber considers it a dury, especially lo those whe strangers in this city, and also lo obtain the confluence of >lf ll.-ri,|e. his rank as Graduate of Edinburgh, tic it: he! is engaged in the core of the*" disrate*. Ii tii in Hospital : id city practise, for more than thirty years, and hat publi .lied iree editions of a work eiprruly i n them Also tint he ha? Iters 11out the inostemiuent Physicians in Europe to the tnost niiiriit in Airerica?ns Mir Ast'ey Cooper of London, to Dr. loll, of New York ; Dr Physirk, of Philadelphia, and others, nl that he is permitted to irler to almost every Physician of niuruce in this city. The " Private Treatise" is SI. Adless Dr. llalph, sen. .88 Greenwich St. j26 I in re HEAD WHAT SHERMAN'S LOZENliES HAVE DONE AIL DAY, boot maker, No 2' Tillary street, Brooklyn '-* suffered sreat'v for eighteen months with emaciation, deility, sickness of the stomas h, loss of appetite, shooting, paint i ilie bowels, bis stomach Mttud almost every kiud of food, icspt sugar. He had been hi tended by vericas phisicians and ir two months by the professors of tha University, and nil tc o purpose. On reading Dr. Sherman's Book descriptive of the symptom* f worms he thought they met his case; so he purchased a bos rSherman's Worm Lozenges. A few doses brougli t away, as s judged, about two quarts of w.rms.aad entirely cured mm. multitude of similar esses might be RiSationed where chilien and adult* haJ eulfered all rut deiV* fr*B worms, and noling gave relief but Sherman's Lozcam. Conghs, Galas, Asihuia, VV'hoopinr Cough and even Conimptiou, are all sooner cared by SLvcm-vs Coach Lozenges ian ajy orher known reined,'. They ritzy th? tickling in a w seconils, and enable those amie.tesl with the most irrassi .g coughs to sleep whole mints. The I lev. Dr. iiubar, Ki v Mr. De Forest Kev. Dr.Kastmcnd luid huudrt ds ousauds can ntteit to their h ippy virtues as others can to the Piracy of Sherman's Coni.n jLnzrayen, for headache, ilpiution, lownees of spirits, sea si' kness a d lassitude, no bodily or mental oiertion,, and for ihc wonderful proiierrs of Si eriuaii's Poor Man's Plaster, which costs but J2j-i ?ts, and is a warranted cure for ih-maati.m and lumtiago, I mi or wealiuess in (he breast, side, bnek, or an v port ol the idy Ask for Sheiman's Poor Man's i'lanter. and see that his >m? and hi. fac simile with directions for eae are ou tjie bask, I h-renre a great many worthless initiation* hawked abpot and I 'id oy unprincipled drnggists. Hsnwaabcr to get Sherman's ozeogeugen and Plasters and Trass ?ne others, or you will ! s deceived. Dr. i^hcrtn&n'S VTarehome ii 106 Nawaa atreat. Agents?227 Indion >t cor Spi iue: 1W Bowery oc Swing; 77 Kast Broaday cor Market; M6 William it; 110, 773, i'JU nod Ml Broaday. la Brooklyn, Mr? Hays I/) Kalton, and iVloantain's ran store 333 Kulton. Simsou cor Prospect and Jackaon it; i Jersey City? K Kendall, Urocer. In Newark? J K Tnppe tea David firyiou. Philadelphia?Zieber It Co,S Ledger Bmld i. Boston?Redding Ik Co,i 8tate it. Albany?A Oothrie, Mtanwii Hall <123 re TO THE LAD1E&. JR. HULL'S UTEK.O ABDOMINAL 8UPFORTKR. runs new Instrument for the radical cure ol Prolapiui Uteri t or Palling of the Womb, by external application, superding the Die of the Pessary, ii confidently r-coinended to the afflicted ai the meant of perfect restoration u. filth, it never having failed of pot tunning a cure, eTM under ir tnmt aggravated circumstances The supporter haa attained a very high character in Enron i well u iu thii country. It ia adopted to the entire diiuae ol nsanes, and all othr.r painful surgical expedient!, in the Lyig in-Hoipitali ot London and Parii, and ia nuiyrnally reim mended in Europe by medical men of the higheit rank.? i kit in country it ii sustained by the leading tnembea of tlx cutties of Colleges and Hospitals, and by <11 the eminent nvate practitioners. Rooms have beca famished exclusively for ladies at No. I eteystrect. having a separata entrance from the business deirtoient, wiiare a lady ii ia constant -ttendaaee, to apply russ-a 111 Supporters to female pstienfs fit imrre THE ONLY CERTAIN CURE. TO BE QUICKLY CURED, 1 ND thereby escape the dr.udiul after couaequeucti, and a the long tmin of disasters that follow an attack of a certain s-ase, the sufl.-rer should mnkn use of a mediciue that will ke hold s-. ou ye of the lir>t cause, aud, by neutralizing th? nana, effectually prevent the irreparable injuries which mutinies accrue to poison ill the sources of domestic hapoess Many medicines am offered to tns public, but nothing is b-eu before m da kuowu tint possesses so much of (he aling virtues, oi the particular kmd required in such eorniaiuts.nsDr tHOilAS'SSPECIKIC PILLS U.,til these ills w r discov.-r-d, thepalieut was rrquir d to submit to all i.,d of deprivation in business, aud manner of living, and suhoted toa long and tedious cour-e of mixtures or drop-, more isgustiuv to the feelings, snd ruinous to the constitution, tan ti e disease itself?aud, after all, to be -eft a victim to me of its worst consequences as long us 'ife remains.? 'homaa'a Specific l'illsare purely vegetable, not unpleasant t . e, -nd they never fail to cure til- most agrravated cases, ii, t short a tune, too, ai to astonish the patient niinseii. in?) e-1 but little pra snnr The. bloom of health, aud look ol tpi'ine^s, restored to thousand , speaa for thein, .lii'l point the iid to health, Price, $l p-r Uoi. A?nu : 77 Kast Broaday, corui r of Market ; 79 Kultou 3lreet; WJ Broadway, cor?r of I.hainl er ?t. J*t lin* c .SfcimiflKr'S ri.fc.? LuttAllVb UUti-ldlAli S now universally admitted to be a certain specific lor D/apefMia, Nervous Affections. Weakness, L-oaa oi Appetite, ability. he. Phys'ciaus prescribe it to Uieir patients; ifeutle en who hare eip?nenc?d ita cor ante effects grateful!) commend it; Isdiea have derived the yreateet benefit from lb hihition in nervoue and r.ther complaints; epicures are reored to their appotite: and the weak and f eblenre mad'stroni id ru;o ona. Health, thepoor man's riches?the rich niau'i isa," has. thmnifh its inlfii-nee been ?*ten-'ed r?? oil classes id conditions?mechanics aud inauufsctnrvrs. nrrchau'S and inkers, lawyers aud divines, plnl- sophen, iniets a-<d planters ive all been cored by lh>s in-dicme, as their certificate: id rreonimendaiions satisfactorily prove. Yet thousand) i'on thousands remain who ar? daify suffering lortore, both oi md and hody, from the above complaints, when an iiifillahb inedy is offered to thein in the Kestomtive l.ordi.u which ii epared by C. C. 8KBRINO, aud soid a', his office, No.f Inrray atreeC Price our dollar per bottle, and ipue per doten. jtO lm*ec 1 CiniriAii r CiiriALir. .uuninhi i n.ija.? inis mrui | f cine is thcreaait ol the gr<\|f pr fession J skill and eijw I ence of the celebrated Dr. Vandenhutgh, a (rerman Physician, id they are guaranteed to cure in all ca es where tlw operations I nature are impeded, or languidly performed. Sold by Mm IKU, Kemiili- Phyairiin, 18 Ulnar atreel, ( hat mm lunre, where she can l>e consulted wob the stridest cnulidcnce i nil cases of female irregular it >, ssppre.n.ou >1 at ippage, etc. ilvioe gi.itis to all those who oar the pills. Price (I par box :>6 3ni*tc klKW BIUjNHWMJK, Keb 6 iBU-MK.1 11 SCII-NCK ' ?Desr Sir Ynn hmr my h nrtl It gr'tr one lor the mi nt!r? of vnur inraluahlr mr.iicinti, ?. ut lome bv your agent Ir. Simpson, and I hate the hapl men n w to inform yoa that had not inlteo two bottles of it before the pmfn-e n ght sweat id the mcenant Cnngh which i epriied in* ofileep left n:e,and lore I had taken three bottles, I discharged froin mv lungs, ni verel iliirerent limes a surprising quantitv ol n hard, wlute balance. I continued using your Syrup until I had tateu vrn bit'les. I am now in good health. Instead of being iligerl to abandon my studies, aa I wag advised to do by m> lysician. I am now in the Theological Seminary at New rur.awick I lake great pleasure in recommending Scmrkcr's iii.mowic Svhpp to my friends and the public, lor I do firmlv liete tlial, ijtaken tn time. IIf it a rrrtain curt lor Pulmoary diseases. I am yonr mnch indebted and hnmble servant. B. p. MUHDtN. Prepared by J. H BCH'-NCK. and lor rile at his principal Ifices, No. 31 South Sixth street, one cioor below the co ner ol hestnut, and at his laboratory, No 121 Itace street, PhiladelIna. Also for sale, wht#*sale ?nd r, tail, att'tR I ourtlandr at, ri? door below the corner of Ur?en with, New York?tlw only luce in this city where tliegeuitiiie c ol he had. Also, far sale : Ml Cornhill street, Bostou; and at No. 16 Broadway, Alonny. f. Y. The above orifices are exclusively for thn sale of Pulmonic yrup. where pamphlets may be had gratis. Uallsnd get one. fit im'rc J. H. BCHh.Nl K. "\OCTOR CORBITT?May be consulted confidentially st J his office, No It Dnane street, twodrwrs fromhatham, tran iters are re*|iectfnlly informed that Dr. Corbittite a memrr ol the V nivrrsity of the city of New York, m"* J1* y," tclnnvely confined his practice, Irom being ' ? estment oicrrtain classes of diseases (now 0 i the city o New York), which encages hit entire atlMtloo he annals of Medicine do not r-cord greater sncct ss th in is to foua' i his practice The Doctor cautions the unfortunate taiust the nse of Mercnrr, as it has its thousands of victims ecnt eases are in a few days removed eutiwly from Ithe sism. *n that you are judiciously treated br a person leg illy salified, and not by nreteudeis and nnscks, as there srsseveral r thein in the city. Persons afflicted with prpt'seied and inteirue cases need not despair of being restored to health by aplying to Dr. Corbitt. A practice of many yenrs has esublisn I the Doctor's reputation for skill sndrsspsetsbllity. Sine&K?55EfevKWii fcr ;"u ' HULL'S TRUSSES NOTICE TO RUPTURED PERSONS. PERSONS afflicted with raptures may rely upoa the bat 1 instrumental aid the world afford*, on applicsuon at the ifliee, No. 4 Veuey street, or to either of the umU in the pnaupel town* in the United States. Be careful to nuiun tha wok pad of Hall's Trasses, to see if they are endorsed by Or. doll, in writing. None are genuine, or to be rolled apoa as Many poraons Key'andintnkeu to rsnd imitations of Hnll'n telebrued trasses, and thoassnds ore imposed a poo in eonselaesee. These imitations cannot be relied upon s they ere node by on skilful mechaoios, and are no better una the ordf isry trassee. Mooiat hare bean flued np at No. 4 Veeey street, exclusively for ladies, having a separate entr. uee from the barises* department. where a female is ia coasts*! attendance to wait apoa hwasle retieota fll Iwrro _ DOCTOR JORDAN'S PRIVATE SPECIFIC PACKAGES, 0OR THE CURE of secret diseases, offer adranlaces not k possessed by any other remedy, to wit1st. They contain every thing requisite tor internal and external nee; jJ. for irery symptom; Id. They are accompanied y the Monitor, a trc.itiw on secret maladies, with foil directions and edrice ; 4th. They effect a safe and permanent cure, without exposure or consultation ; 5th. One package makes a cure, but it other medicines are required, they are supp1 ted wi.hoat charge ; bill. Their use occasions neither toss ol time er jneoitreuienoe ; and lastly, the Monitor points oat the only mode of pre' rutiou. No. 1, is (ir the cure of Uononhma, (sleet, Seminal Weeklies*. Itc.; No. 1, for Venereal diseases in all Its stages ; No I, for K'nor Albus, or Whites. The Monitor is 50 cents, the complete packages are each $3, securely iwck.-d to post paid lemittances. Sold only at Drug Store, 04 Prince street,norner Marina street, a few doors East ofNiblo's. Pri rat* entrance 09>4 Morion, con] ttnuetiua of Centre. jJ5 lm*m MEDICAL NOTICE. JU8T PUBLISHED, (this day) by DH. EAWCETT.l . * niton street, a new aud original work on Matrimony, Ira * poteuce, and Sterility, anatomically nad medically explainerwith a comprthmistve exposition of the origia, naiure and motieru treatmeut ol syphilis, secondary symptoms of gouoriho?at gleet, strictures, whites, seminal weakness,nottaruai emissions, and nil tlw consequences arising fro ia a secret desiruciiVv habit of inconsiderate youth, kc. lie nsi.: u ian ,L. o^snmp aiy. portuuity which the Authorial luul for the lut twenty vears both in thif country and Euroi?, m invra'igatiug all diseases of the B' uitai organs, v? ill render tluibook iuvaluable both to nonmedical reader! and llioie physicians who suppwse the durasea mentioned incurable without irercurj. They will he? |iBd practical statement# deuionsiratirg the absurdity of the old mercurial treatment, and the eulir. aocceaa of the autlior's plain uid rational method of cure,avoiding those dangerous and da letenous compounds called mercury, arsenic, sulplutto of copper. &c., be Tlii'author still confines his practice tt> thoae affections of the generative organs which are so 'ully disclosed and described in his work, aud he can he consulted confidentially at 196 Kulton s'reet, New York,where his treatise can be ubtaiued for SI. Person, residing at a distance can liave the work seut by m til, by enclosiug SI tree of postage. J99 Im'is DR. 19. JAYNE'S INDIAN EXPECTORANT PI recommended as decidedly su|>e;ijr to any other known coinbiintion of medicine for Cou lis Colds, lullaenza, D rticulty of lire ihinu. Whooping Cough, Pains a:d Weavnest of the Breast, a"d a.l ilue.oe-.of the I uTmouary < Irgsns. Th a medicine it hirlily; and jus' ly recoinme dad b nn'oerous auu respectahle, who MfegMM MM fruui it use ? Msiiy who have b n laboring under pr traded cou. lit aud l*i in 'he breast, and have b?m suppo ed by ilieins. Ir s and iheir fuendi ft-adranc-d m cout'im,.t ou, have be-u luppily r stored io perfect i evil h by 'he u-e of th t valuable expectorant. The following is d?euied rul&cieut for iuse.ttou tie [ c rom the Rev. C. C. P Crosby, late Ageut of tlie " Ameri can Baptist."] New York, June 19, 1135. To D* Javne Dear Sir1 have ma-'e nte of the Indian Expectorant, per sooailr a id in my famil' , for the last sis yearn with gr at beuofit Indeed I may cous'der my life pii.lo .ged by'he seof this invaluable uieJicine, under the blessing of Chid, for se er?l yea s. I m.iy sat ahoost >h much of mv wife?and also of the her. Mr. >. of tlie Islam! of Jamaica, For a II cases of ' Cougu, li (lamination of be (heat, Lungs aid throat I do mos> unhesitatingly recorume d it at the heat medicine I hara evertri d. My WMal wish is that oiIits SUOM as I hara been may evpeiici ce th" tam- r-li f, which 1 atn persuad-d tliey will by using the Iudian Ex, ectoriuit. O. C. P CROSBY. N B Many of my nei'.'hhors, on my recomine .Jdt'.'ii, have tried this meihciue witn uu.f un success. Dr. Hannltou, of St J im s. South Car hna, was g-ea'ly affected by a ?ngh. hoarsen' as ami sore.ies. o the lungs aud on using a bottle ul this medicine louii ' mime hit- anu permanent r>l ef. Sol' wholesale and ic ail, t'lie prop/ieto s prices, by A. B, Set*. Studs, general ogn.Ls, 79 Fulton street, 373 Broadway and 77 to.tst Br adwav I II l.n*ec DOCTOR BELL. p\R. BELI, continues io devote hh a'tention (daily 'till 9 P . Ct v.) to the removal id' Pf irate Di-eases in every tug-. A1 sntferi g under protracted canes, acgravatrd or uutucuatfully tr-aled by inesperieuced orpretended practitioners, theft labor iug umtei the destruct ve rffru ts of mercury or quack nostriiu a, and all v. he tu>i>ec'the rem-ins of disease linking in the sya tem may consult Dr. B. with honorable confidence ana a guarantee ol cure. f'ertoi.s contemplating marriaga>who have Veen the subject of disease, may also consult him with confidence and satisfaction. P -st-paid letters have his prompt attention. Dr. Ball's treatment never exposes to suspicion, and it well known to be safe "Private offices, 87 Cedar street, third door from Broadwr/J 11# lm*ec DO NOT DESPAIR. A I.L who hav* been so uafortuna'.e ns to eontrsct r certrio il priratr disnu-, and have become weary with uucsnsiug efforts M restore themselves to health and happiness.but h*? met with bitter disappointment in every medicine tiiat promised the desired effect,can now take courage and look forward with conlidence to a perfect and speedy restoration of all their energies. Or.Thomas' Specific Tills liave never yet failed to core the must aggravated and protracted cases ol'gonorrhoea,gi#et,<>r stricture, ana they will eeiloiuly cure a recent cose of a mild kind in :hirty-six hours. .These pills are equally beneficial for either ri, mild and certain in their effects, rumoring like a charm all rhe germ of disease from tlie system, and le .ring the coustitution in all the strength and rigor of nnblemished yonih. Trice 81 per box. Agents at 77 K.-st Broadway; 79 Fulton st, aud 371 Broadway cor Chambers st j24 lm*ec TO MARRIED LADIES. VfADAME RKSTr.LL'- I'HEVENTIVE POWDERS. 1" ?Tho>e jnvalnabla Powders hare bi^n universally adoptod .n Europe, but France iu particular, fur upwards of thi ty years, u well ns by thousands in this country ea being riw only J, safe and efficvci as remedy fur married ladits whose health for* bids a too rapid increase of family. The results of (heir adoptiou to the happiness, the health, nar, often the life, of many on affectionate wife ana foud inoiher, are too vast to taueh upon within (he limits of an advert.aemeat?resnlu which affect not only the present wsll Uhiug of parents, but ths future happiuesn of their offspring. Is it not bat too well ktown that the families of the married often increase beyond the happiness of those who fare them birth would dictate? In how many instances does the bard working father, and more (specially the mother, of a poor family, remain slaves throughout their lives, tugging at tne oar of incessant labor, toiling bttt to live and living hut to toil, when they might hara enjoyed comfort and comparative offluevce; auti il care and toil have weighed down the spirit, and at last broken the health of the father, how often is the widow left unable, with the most virtuous intentions, to save her fatherless offspring form becoming degraded objects of rharitvur proBigat*. votaries of vice'l Even though competence and plenty smile upon ui, how often, ilasl! are the days ol the kind hnsksml and father embittered in beholding tne emr.ciated form and decliniug health ol too companion ol hii bosom, ere she had scarce reached the age of thirty?fhstsiuking iuto a premature gravo? with the certain prospect ol himself being early bereft ol the n?in?rof bis joys ind sorrows, and bis young and brlplrss children of those endearing attentious and watchful solicitude, which a mother alone can bestow, not (infrequently at a wine wh?o least able to support the heart-rending affliction ! la il ovsiiab'e, then,?is it moral?for parents to increase their families, regardless of consequence* to themselves, or the well being of theiroffapriug, when a simple, easy, healthy, and certain remedy is within our control? 1 he advertiser, feeling tha importance of this subject, aud estimating the vast benefit* resulting to thousands by too adoption of menus proscribed by her, wouldweapectfully arouss the attention of the married to lU consideration. . la it not wits and virtuous to preventevils to which tve are subject, by aunplo and healthy means within our control I Every dispassionate, Tiriuuua uu cuiinuimcu iuuiu, t?iu uhiiwaumii; w?n?i u< the affirmative. Price fire dollar* package, accompanied with fall tad particular direction* All letter* nuat be port paid, and addressed to hoi #64, N V.,or MADAME RES 1 ELL, Female Physician. Principal office, 14# Greenwich atreot, New York. Office hears from 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. Boston office. No. 7 Kuex *t. dlO 2in*rc ,-.'i A U A .? tC K J? 3 'i EE L , t^RMALK f'HYBYOiAN, Office and residence, is# Grew. 1 wieh street, between Conrtlandt and Liberty streets, svhws she can be consalted witb the atnetert confidence on com .daints incident to the female (bams. Madame Westell's exiwrieiico end knowledge in the treatr:?*? of obstinate cose# qf female irrrpcliirity, steppage, snpjifitjio*, M.C., is snch M to require trot s rsw days to effect a perfect euro Ladies desiring proper r.v atrnnnance dnrinq ccnfinexe*: or other iadispoaition, will 4c accommodated daring scth .ime. with private and retpecraftle hoard. " Preventive Powders," foT married ladies, whose dchcate o? -recarions health forbids a too rapid 'nervate of faiuilT, will b. mat i)7 mail t? any part of lae United States, Price 8 >a All letters (post-paid) addressed to hoi, til. New V orij 'ioston Office. No. 7 Essex street." N. B.?Madame RfiSTE'LL vvonlJ infoim Udisti rvaiduu -nt of th? city, whose health rwi'ild u?t admit of IwreHia*. '.hat she woald dFVote-her pbrsonnl attendenne u|K?o thru, u sy part of tha United Shtstas withre reanoaahla disuse*. dl# ?rn?c FEMALE MONTHLY PILL* i kWINQ to the celebrity, efficacy, and invnriRble ineneus' ' Madame IUstell's F'emsle Monthly Pills in all cum of in -egularity, suppression, or ttupp.-igv of those functions ol astore upoa which the health af esary (sniale depends, nuts heir iatrounetion into the I.'sited Stile* now about l"oi>> ycxf, toast'Tioits and imitation* are enujtantly attempted to I* -alined ofl for the gennise. Chaw. e,.tuition pills are iiarc'-. >4 twelve cents a box, out ap in niOi-i'i boxes, and called-' Female Monthly Pills," with the obj*ct of selling thein, il eissible, at one or two dollars a box. Females are therefor* autioned against these atumprs to impose npon them. It u cuicicm here t? state ?i, hem.ite .\><<niuiy run are connerfvits, esccpt those told at Mr.datne Ka'ill'i Principal 0/lieo H Greenwich New York, anil 7 Kuet strret Borton* rice f 1. Madaree ?te?i-,!:'? i?im,ttpro it written on the cov?r if each bov. N. d.?They cu be esed by married or tingle. by following he direction! ?p?' >sed inside of ?seh bot. Bold alto by an stintmen it SM Grand atrnot, corner of Allan, New Port dtp ta?c CAUTION HI ( rinlAke..! wfADAMir. RESTELL. K KM ALE PHYSICIAN, w??'d A inform ladies who, wit!, o proper delicacy, hare a repue.once to tbe treatment of their eornplaint* eicept by out ol their wn an, that n all casra ahe atleuila to them persorally, her spericncn, practice knowledge eniblea her to do so Sh* feeina it necessary to sut<> thia, is ahe does not with to ha Irsaed with tne pretenders continually appearing anil disss . nriiv,. advertising us " Frm-tle Ph) siciana," who too mo? 1 att (ino incompetent themselves are ol?l iir>-?! to get sonic v leas igEorunt qnack to esperimegt instead. Couanjlhig i>?r or? tad residence, 141 Gme?wi?h street, betwwn Conrtiaae ad Liberty atrmts. flonrn of tttnidajisn from 4 A.M. toy P.M. 410 Snn*o rORTUUUESE FEMALE PILLS. inrvERTcn ard rneeiaao or M. DE BOUDKLOUUE, M.D.. LIMJON, PORTU'OAs. PHE Scientific enmbinstien of iriercdnmts ot which a Pills are eompnsed, hsrn made them the wonder and adim<*tion of tha world Twf #? known all over &aro|?* 10 he :h? only prnmntioB *rn dfoefyamd that haa proT*l invariably -riain in producing thr monthly tom? Their ftwuiuiy, in all 'sees, being anch that they mnst not be ai' J daring pregnane f, 'or though always mild, safe and healthy, they tre certain to irodnce miscarriage if used during that period. The directions are translated into English, ami arc 'dvrlOirl lined with the seal of the lnitmruir. st*m|ieu. Each boi con aina the signature of M. de humielooue. nnd the English di ectiona hare the signature of Or. K. VELVEAU, authorised geqt for thr continent of Amerien. They can he transmitted by mail to any part of the Halted slates Wold'by I)r Jt. MK..VEAUT, agent and imimrter lov die United States, ofnre Ijq Liberty street, near Greenwich at. f'riee 14? half boiea $|. No hall botea sent by mail. Hold in Boat ua at No. ft Salem street. Lettera directed to Dr. V. Vtetyeau, boi J(, New York, -rill meet with itemeai-'e nteul tion. All letter* must he not! Paid. dlOtmdkw*e -t - a..- - su ii.jl. .1 . .j .. ...! u PUBLISHED DAILY BY JADIBS UOIt HON BKNNKT'l', S. W. CORNER KULPON AND NASSAU 8 l" KELTS Tmi Nr.w Yoan Htaato-A daily peiwr, laaned erury norning of the wtwk?pnee two cmt? i?er copy Country subscribers furnished at the same rate, for any specific, on a remittance in 'advance. No paper sen runlets paid in ad ranee Tmi Wini.r Hegatn?mened every Salarday morning ? ten o'clock?price sis aivd agitsnrae certs per copy-lur nitked to country subscribers at SI IS per aunnm, in aileauce or tt the mem rata fnr any sprouted period. CoEEgsfoirpiRTt am iwjnentnd to addreta their letters JtuiiOHDwIimn, Proprietor snsEdi'-i'?.M < MHN|b?iBM ? seetMid

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