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February 27, 1844 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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(W- RICORD'S PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE, for the radical cure of primary or secondary Syphilid and all diseases arising from an injudicious u?e of mercury. This powerful alterative is warranted to re. more all impurities from the blood, and effectually eradicate all former disease from the system. Sold in single botles. $1 each?in cases of half a doxen, $6, carefully packed, and sent to all parts of the Union. Office and Consulting Rooms of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 93 Nassau street. W. 8 K1C1IARD8QN, Agent {fc7~DH. HUNTER'S RED DROP puts all competition at defiance. The qualities of this article are different from all other medicines used for delicate diseases. The proof of its having cured in thousands of cases in the city of New York, gives it such success that we stand now on an eminence from all others We caution the public to be careful of up every day forthe purpose of gulling them, and of mountebanks taking their money without doing them any service. If there are any who doubt of the efficacy of this modicina, let them call at the Hunterian Dispensary, at 3 Division street, where certificates of cures can be seen, some of 18 years standing, and the most astonishing on record. Price, One Dollar per vial, with full directions, and warranted to cure, or no charge. CO- CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CURED.?Tlie Tonic Mixture, prepared by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New York, is confidently re , commended for all cases of debility produced by secret in ' v. ??.v? ui ujj iviuu. 11 is mi uivuiiiami! reme <ly for impotence, sterility, or barrenness (unless depend ing on mal-formation.) Single bottles $1 each ; cnses of half a dozen $6; care- I fully packed and sent to all parts of the Union. of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy. 95 Nassau street. W.H. RICHAHDPON, Agent. MONEY MARKET. Monday, Feb. !46?6 P. M. Stocks were very heavy to-day. Ohio 6's declined J per cent; Kentucky J; Mohawk }; Fanners' Trust J.? Pennsylvania 5's advanced 1; Indiana J; Ilarlem}; Canton ]; North American Trust 1J; Norwich j. Long Island and Illinois closed firm at Saturday's prices. The sales were to a moderate extent. The New York State Bank of Albany has declared n dividend of five per cent. The following offices had policies of insurance on the property destroyed at the late fire in Home, N. Y.: The Albany Company about $5000 ; the Howard, New York, about $3500 ; the Hartford about $1000; and the Oneida ' County Mutual $600. The receipts of specie at New Orleans on the 14th and 15th inst, amount to $36,945, all of which came down the river. The immense receipts at our Custom House for duties on imports, and the great value of the merchandise that produces this revenue, is of the utmost importance to the government and the community. The quantities of foreign goods daily arriving in this country will soon create m a surplus stock, and fill the market with supplies greater than the heaviest trade anticipated can reduce. The receipts at this port from customs, for the past week, amounted to $493,587. This is only a little more than half|those of the week previous. The cause of this falling oft* was the non-arrival of packets, not one coming in during the week. Revenue from Customs at this Port. Total receiptR for January, 1844 $1,874,682 " " from 1st to 24th February 2,016.587 Estimated receipts from 24th Feb. to March 1st. 607,000 Total receipts for tho first two months in 18-14. ..$4,398,269 This averages more than two millions a month. It is estimated that the average duty paid on the imports of this year will not vary much from thirty-three per cent, which will make the value of the imports up to the 1st of March a little more than $13,000,000. This is only tho value of the dutiable imports. Merchandise entered free will swell this amount very much. Within the time this revenue has been accumulating, there has beenjtwo arrivals from Canton?the cargoes of which were very valuable, and composed principally of free goods. There has also been several arrivals from South America and the West India Island, from which places a largo amount of merchandise is imported, paying no duty. The value of all these cargoes, added to those paying duties, will increase the amount of importations within the past month to nearly $20,000,000. The annexed table will show the movements in the commerce of this city:? Arrivals at the Tort of New York from the 10th to the 26th inst. From Foreign Ports Liverpool, 10 i'?m nrg,-??-?-3 Antwerp, 2 London, J G1 sow. 2 Pale mo. 4 Hlv 3 Ham. Brem*n, 6 Newcastle, I Of ton, 2 Mal?"a and Mai- 8 erra Leone, 1 R"> Jnmiro, 3 seille 3 Am?te'<la'n. 1 Other South Ame- B ird mux aid Re- Stockholm.. 1 rican ports.. - - - 4 c i?lle,' 4 Dundee, 1 Wot In lies, 53 Odessa, 1 ? Total loreigu, 108 From Domestic Ports. New Orle?ut,-??-?7 SAvntinah, 13 Mobile, -27 ('.ha l'ston, G Aptl iciiicoU, - - -19 St Mirks, 1 Total,. 133 Most of the above are square-rigged vessels?those under thc head of domestic arrivals bringing principally cot ton and provisions. Those under thc foreign head, cargoes made up with every variety the market requires. The cargoes from London, Liverpool, and Havre, are principally dry goods, and arc taken from on board ship immediately on her arrival and brought into market. The manufacturers of Great Britain, through their agents in this country, are kept thoroughly acquainted with the state of trade in all our markets, and they avail themselves of the lirst symptoms of a scarcity to ship large lots, in anticipation of a demand. The invoices of these goods are placed in the hands of our auction houses, who advance on them two-thirds the net cost, and hold a certain time for orders to sell. They are usually forced into the market early in the season, the result of which is that, liefore the regular trade actually commences?before there are any indications as to the extent of the season's busi ncss?the jobbers get large stocks on hand. The great abundance of money here has induced our auction houses to ofl'cr advances on any quantity of merchandize consign ed to them. Private commission houses have done the same thing. Money being very cheap, funds could be raised to advance to any extent; and manufacturers avail ?<1 thpmK#?lv?>B nf fhic t\f moebof I v. ... ? ?<? IW H" "U U> their old stocks. The houses on this side, that have ere ated these heavy importations, get their commissions for advancing and selling, which is all they wish. Whatever efleet it inay have on the market will fall on the heads ol those standing between the consumer and importer. The fall in prices injures them more than the first owners, for ' the manufacturers get rid of their heavy stocks early in the season,before prices begin to fall off. The same method to Ail this market with foreign manufactures was practiced in 1935 and 1836, and the result will be the same if it is carried to the same extent. The regular local impor tar can only govern the market as it should be. Dy living on the spot, and understanding what the demand is, or likely to be, he can produce a corresponding supply, and keep prices steady. It is necessary, for his own safety, that there should be no fluctuations. By keeping the market regularly and abundantly supplied, every thing continues in a very healthy, sound state ; credits nre not overstrained, or inducements for speculation suffered to exist. We cannot expect the accomplishment of so dvsi rable a thing, when the manufacturers of F.tirope use this market for the purpose of getting rid of thair surplus stocks, when our auction houses are flooded with goods to sell for the most they will bring; but, at any price, to be sold. It is impossible for jobbers to resist the temptation that is in this way almost daily laid beloro them, floods are sold cheap, long credits given, ami every facility is held out to induce them to purchase. This leads to extensions on the part ol the jobber, lie tlnds a large stock on hand, which must be paid for within a certain time, and he is vary careful not to let a customer slip through his hands. Kvery country merchant is urged to make as large a hill as possible, additional credits given as an inducement, prices redm ced,and every expedient adopted to thin out the stock,with^ out the slightest regard to the safety of credits, or time ol payment. The whole object is to do as much business as possible, and outstrip their neighbors. In a short time this course leads to bankruptcy. It is the inevitable result of such a policy. We think we have traced this directly from over importations. Kvery element of trade reminds 11K of th* IneUloi r al? 1--* -? At - ?v.|>nui MnKn 01 kilt IMI reruwran, "no n mo presenl|movPincnt* keep on, things will be ripe for an < xploiitn in the course of two or three year*. The rernh sion that came to a crisis in 1937, commenced in 1931 and IMS. That of lHJh commenced in 18M and 1803. It takes two or three years to bring the whole 10 a head. Old Stock Exchange. Jlflf0118 6's. '61 1 15* JO thai Farmers' Tr ?30 35* JOOO Ohio 6's, *0 b30 100 JO do bio 39 10000 do boo 100 1J0 Vicksbnrg Bk ?Vf Willi do WJi JO dog 8'-. JOOO do .3 99k 300 Canton Co .3 14 loflOO do .3 99* JO do 31W Ijntio do htw 99k JO do .3 31k JM'O K'litiick, 6 s .00 103X 7J do .1 34 V. KiilO Illinois special. 14 100 do .60 >4 3JOOO do b60 11 ,10 f.qaiuM* In. Co 100 HOi.O di 43* 100 Mohawk RR ,3 J7 8 K0 Induui $, 21 vr? 3"X 10 do h30 J7 JOOO do .3 40 JO ntonington 37 100(0 do ?3 19* JO New Jir,?y Jnooo Peon a J'. ?S 71 Ml Nor i Worcester 30)4 gneo do ?10 71 105 do 36 3J .0,tk BW 10 JO do ft^0 3. 13 Dutch', a Dior's It* 100 do big jgw 2..0 N AinT'ii.t !4 J7J Harlein RR 45u 7 B'< Com. fu I #7* J0 Jo .3 ,9U 2J do tcfp .3 9?X 51 do 49 JO Farm ra'Trust bS 100 dj .1 49 J1 do 3J,'i 100 do liOO 49k W d? blO 30 Second Board. l.JO .ho. Nor k Wor 1.60 30k JOihn C.oton Co bio 34X . JO do blO 10k JO 110 34 JO do .tor 36 l.JO Peterson HR t)30 02 i,o Illinois State Bk ?n 100 do >60 nik A N Am 1'rn.i 16k '? Hatlem HR 40V 16 d > 16V. JO do .10 I'h J? do 10 JO Farmers'Trust 30 | New Stock Exchange. tioro U <* 6'?, '61 boo 116 '? tins Farmers' Lu btw 36V 3000 Ohio 6*.,'60 bio '00 50 do VM 1000 do 100 100 do 31% 1000 do bll 100 10 do 113 31% looo U S Loan, J's, '13 104 21 Nor k Wore 3?s 10 o Ky I's. 30 yr? b30 104% 50 so 3o% :tooo do lot 10 Csatou Co 31 2000 do b60 104 v 50 do >3 '4 I0>0 do h3 03% 21 do b30 31% 1000 do b60 104', 25 do b3 'I b 00 Illinois 42% 10 do btO 34 V 1000 Indiana 39* 50 Look lalaod 75% 1000 do tw 39% 100 do 71 100 aha* Farmers' Lorn 36 71 IUrlrm KR 49% 10 do b20 36 % 50 do tw 49% State of Trade. Asiiis?The market ia very dull for this article. I'ota are alill hold ut $4 621, and pearl* at $iOOJ a b 121. Beeswax?We notice small sales of prime yellow at 30 a 30J cent*. r BoKntiTcrrs?Klourand grain continuo unchanged in price. Flour is hv no mean* iirm. however. Western brand* may be safely quoted at $4 93and no mora Cotton?Quite a limited business wo* done to-day ? about 400 bale* taken for export?300 by ?pinners and 700 by speculators?being abeut the total transaction*. The principal holders decline ofl'ering. Freight*?An advance in freight* is looked for, as the vessels engaged ut Jtf for square cotton are nearly full, and the liners and two transient shins demand Id. Provisions?There is some enquiry for Ohio prime (Mirk, at $7 021, ami for mens at $9 62}. Beef continue* very dull. Wo quote country prime at ft; do mess $6; city prime $4 25; do moil $0 23. There i* very little delng in lard. Small tales of fair qualities at 5} a ti cents. Cheese is in moderate demand at 4} a 5J cents Whiskey?Drudge casks sell as wanted at 23c. We quote barrel very dull at 24} a 26c. Cattle Market, Keb. 90.?At market, 700 beet cattle, 163 cows and calves, and 600 sheep Prices?Beef Cattle ?The offerings were smaller than for some time. For extra we quote $4 60 a 6 00 to $3 30 a 6 00. Cows and Calves?The market was cleared at $14 u $26. Sheep? All taken, at $2 a 3 50. Hay?A large supply, at02} a lib cents per cwt. Foreign Marked. Montevideo, Dec. 11. - The stock of flour in market is quite light, and in but little demand. 200 bills, sold on the 10th, to net $6 62} per bbl. Kingston, (lam ) Jan. 20.?We last addressed you of our market on the 10th ult. and beg now to hand you a Trice Current of the 19th, by which you will notice that Hour has been sold at 20s and pork at 64s. Hince its publication the receipts of flour amount to 2,600bbls. principally from your port, for which we understand 28s. is asked,but we think without much prospect of its being received, except by selling in small lots. Corn meal is dull; 100 bbls. have been sold at 15s and 6d, since which a parcel has been refused at that price, llice?Sales of Carolinn have been made at 16s. Bread?Hales 200 bbls. navy, via New Orleans, and 200 do pilot, at 10s, round. Card- Sales of American liave been 900 kegs at 4}d, and 440do at 4d. Candles?100 lioxes American sold at 6 2-5d per lb. for tallow. Mackerel?Sales 600 bbls. No. 3, at 28s. Pork? Large sales liuve been made of this article, vii: 0(H) bbls. at 6H?, 600 bbls at 68s, 600 bbls. at 56s, and over 1000 bbls. at 54s, at which price sales to arrive havu sinca been made. Hams?160 American canvassed at 4}d. Cheese?Sales of American at 5d per lb. Corn?Sales of 1,400 bags New Orleans have been sold at 2s 6d per bushel. F.xchange? On London, 30 days sight, at 2 per cent premium, Columbian doubloons, 3 per cent prem. Married. On the 21st inst. at the Dutch llcformed Church, Market street, by the Hev. Mr. Kcriia, Mr. Stsemkn M. Crane, to Miss Janl O. Piogot, daughter of Joseph Piggot, K.sq. of this city. Birth, At the Carlton House, New York, on Friday last, the lady of Henry Russeli., K.sq., the celebrated vocalist, of a son. Died, On Monday, 26th inst., daughter of F.dward and Arabella Hagan, aged 21 years. The friends of ner father and uncles F.dward and Henry Crunny, are respectfully invited to attend herfnneral, tomorrow afternoon, at 3} o'clock, fiom the residence of her lather, 110 Lauren* street. On Sunday evening, 2.*>th inst. Salem Dutches, Counsellor at Law. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Thursday, 29th inst. at 4 o'clock P. M., from the late residence of the deceased, 176 Fulton street. On Sunday, 36th inst. James Croseield, aged 38 years. His friends are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, this afternoon at 3 o'clock, from his late residence, 133 Liberty street. Weekly Report of Interments In the City sn<l Connty ot New York, from the 17th day of Feb. to the 2tih day of Fe ., 1844. 37 Men ; 44 Women ; 44 Boys ; 44 Oirls. Total 109 diseases. Apoplesy, 3 ; Bleeding, I; Burned or scalded, 4?, Crsnalties, 2; Cholera lufuitum, I; Consumption, 20; Convulsions. 22; ' roup 12; I ebility. 2; Deli'ium Tremens, 1; D'arrhma, 1; Dropsy, I ; Dropsy in the head, 12; Dropsy in the Che?t, 2; Drowned, I; Krysipel-s, t; Fever, I; da scarlet, 12; do typhus, 3; do puerpera1, I; Heart, disease of, 1; Hip Diseaie,2; Hooping cough, 2; Inflammation, 4; do of brain, 0 ; do of lungs. 13; do of bowels, 6; do of chest, 4; do of stomach, I; do of throat, 1; Intemperance, I;*Lues Ventr-a, 1: Marasmus, 9; 0<d Age, 2; False, Itheuii atiim, 1 ; Teething, 1. * >. Under I year, 39; I to 2, 23; 2 to 5, 22; 5 to 10, 9; 10 to 20. 9; to to 30,20; 30 to 40, It; 40 to 60, 19; 50 to 60,7; 041 to 70, 7;70 to DO, 4; 80 to 90, 3. places or nativity. United States. 133: Ireland, 21; p.nglatid, 5; Sntland, 2, Germany, 3: France, 3; British Possessions in North America, I: Wcat Indira, 1 or the above, were from the Alms Home, Bellevnc, 9; Penitentiary Hospital, Blackwell'a I?lai.>1, 3; City Hospital, 3: Lone Island Farms. 3. Colored persons 11 WM. A. WALTKR8, City Inspector. City Instieetor's Office. Feb- 26. 1844. Parnngeri Arrived. London?Packer ship Prince Albert?Mrs Curtis and son, Messrs Manning, Wallace Young. Herman, Cooper, Marriner. of London; 8 P Smith, Messrs McKardy, Dodge and Oray, of New York; Mr Frickenhans, Piussia?17 in the steerage. Passengers Sailed. Havrk?Packet ship Burgundy?Chevalier Argaiz, la'e Spanish Minister at Washington, Madame Argaiz Mmis Ligues. Secretary, Masters F.milio and Jeseph Argaiz, Md'lle Cristina Argaiz, and their two seivanla. Manuel Lopez, of Spain; J Morrisson Harris, hearer of despatches to I'aria, Constat lin"p'e and Its r!in. Mr Hidilell, and Jes S Waters, of Ba'tiuiore; C 8 Randall, W (j Baker Bedford; Mr Richards, Italy. Foreign Importations. London?Ship Prince Albert?113 pkgs W 11 Jessop?91 Jos Klliaon ? J1 W llalsry & co?18 C A Ik (IF Krerson?4 '6 Phelps, Dodge & co?12 (lamer & co?14 S F Dorr?3 Young ft Smith?25 Lawrence, Murray it Ingate?5 Tlierou, Rockwell it Co?7 J it T Raton it Siewart-4 C C Haven?7 J Reese it sou?3 B 11 Lumm's it co?2 Nevins it co?2 J W Kaymond?6 las Owen?5 D Hadden It son?2 Bird, (lillilnu St cn ?2 J M Dines it Jones?II Barber Broilers?2 M Williams?1 asserly it so a?6 British Consul?I J VV Thornton ?I J Knight?23 (i M Haywood it co?99 llerrickit Blouul?2 Mark Lrry St Brothers?10 Wilev it Putuatn?16 J M Oppenheirn St Co?3 Gibson St co?21 Chas Vyse?2 R Clarke?22 Hutilli St (ionsenary?9 (J B Morewood St co?6 Bartleit St Welf rd?3 It N Tinaou?5 L I Cohen?10 K Fiedler ?103 Cutnming St Itiarh ?5'> Vtetor It Duckwitz?5 J Ciihou St co?2 L "ui< St Mter? I W W De Forest it co?1 J Morton Ik Co?1 II Hirshfteld?1 L it B Cnttts St co?I C Dord? I Firth It IIhII?I II W Lewis?2 Maatcs, Makne St co? Dulkley, tjraham St co?3 Wight, SturgesSt Shiw?!6i C'arh St co?102 logs mahogany K I oflin ?200 toi.a iron (irinnell. Minturn It Co?2 chronotnctets Arthur Stewart?11,467 sual sktna 15)9 i kga to order. London?Ban|ue B others?292 casks Cart's 8t Srcrenson?5 A A Low?24 bh s 3 hhrls O B Mor'wood?1 liimcer 15 hales F. K Collins St co?9 chests Center It co?1 ciak Schmidt St co?III bbls87 c.v ka Schetfeliu St Urotheta?17 caaes 3 casks 6 lihls 3t'0 boics 80 k gi 4 chejra Clark it co?190 toi'S chalk W Burger it co?26 packages 2 bbla 26 kegs 1 hamper 12 chesla 44 casks mdae to order St K itts?Barque H-ela?1 bo* rndf Rev Mr Bigelow?I J Henry?1 do s|.ecie O W Smith?1 do old silver and copiur to order. " maritime herald. ~ lelllfR Oeyi or tb? Steam Ship*. rRosi l.ivtnroOL ?hom aMKairs Hibernia, Judkine March I Caledonia, Lott Mar. 5 April I (i. Western, Matthews Apr. 27 May 23 (J. Britain, lloakea May 2) June 20 Foreign Letter Uixga. Hereafter, Letter and Newspaper Bays lor all parts of the World, will be made up at the Hkk*i.d Orrici. Ship a arid Agarite. We shall esteem it a faror, if Captains of Vessels will aire .o Commodore Kouf.rt Silvrv, of our News Fleet. a lie. port of the Stopping left at the Tort whence they sailed, the Vessels Spoken on their Passage,a List of their Cargo, and any Foreign Newspapers or News they may have, tie wilt hoard them immediately on their arriral. Agents and Correspondents, at home ar abroad, will also confer a faror by sending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they oan obtain. Nautical Information of aay kind will be thankfully reeeired l?OKT OF SEW YORK, KKBHVAHY 147. sun risk. IJ tO | Moots sr. { SUM Sf.TS 17 I HIOH WATP.R 2 1 Olsarsd. Ships Br.ihe, ( Russian) Wickander, (libraltar. W Weisser; Alliums, Hunker, New Orleans, Win Nelson; Mary Philips, Pratt, do, Post k Phil'ips; Catharine, Berri, Charles-.>n, Oco Ballon?Barques Lilius. Smalley, New Orleans; Alabama, Meruit, Apalachicola. Neimith Si Walsh ?Brills Franklin, Small, It io (Ira de, J Peonrk; Florida Crocker. Apalachicola, P st Ac Phillips; Linden, Williams, Mobile, rtlurges Si CI ?iman; Augusta, nhtfwood, Hnvan"ari, by the same ? aclns < 'clober. Kid idge, Cnracos, J Foatke k Hon, Kdiai. Woolston, Kde.>ton, N< ; llclle, MvMath, Norfolk, Hturg.s Si Clearman; Fairfield, Burr, Saletn. Arrived. Packet ship Prince Albert, Hebnr, from London and Portsm will. Jail 21. with mdse, to tiriunell, Min'U'n 8i Co Swedish ship Oscar, Lawrence, from Stockholm, and 62 day s from Cowes, Willi 22,971 bars R.R iron to Boormau, Johnston A Co British barque Brothers, Walters, (2 days from London, with mdse, to T. S Winslow. briush barque Yorkshire, Fosler, 112 divs from Stockton, Keg. with 52 tons coke 50 crates 13 keels coal I hhd earth-nwaie to Masters, Markor It Co. French barque Alexander, Belard, 36 days from Kochelle.wilh brandy, to A. Ueignelle. Barque Hecla, Babbidge, 1.3 days from St. Kills, with mdse. to A. Hubba.d Left hng Norris Stanley, Hue, for I'orto Rico; schr Richard. Haker, for La Onavra, so .n. Schr Oroco, Denman. from Virginia Below, Brig Harsh Jane, Small, 24 days from Torto Cahello, with coffee. Ac to order. Also, brig Casline. Sailed Ships Oarrick, Skiddv, Liverpool; Burgundy, Wotton, Havre, and otheis. Hilar eillAneotia British Ship Jams: Wai.akr.?Capl. Wallers, of the Brothers, at this port, reports?heo 12,1 p m, lat 32 2.3 Ion 64 40 jell in wiili and spoke the British ship Jane Walker, (lilies, Iroin St John, NB. for Liverpool, having 14 feet water in Iter hold and the leak raiod.y increasing? crew entirely exhausted, having been HI days at the pumps. We hove to and kept in company; at I0|. m. it cemi. gon to blow, we got the following persons on lioard:-Mrs K Tflillies and son R. i |)r McLean, a ' *n,'re?s; Lieut Collins, 31th llegt British Army, Darnel Aniley.of Si John.NB. passengers: Cer-s Jacob (Jillies, John Mule aula, Thos Howard 2d mate, Je . rlardtnan boauwaia, M I Stewart carpenter. James Howard ate ward, and IT teamen and 1 JKtya. compriiuii the erew? lota1, 22 aoni? The J W sailed from St John on the 27th ult. and apian* aleak ou Saturday, the < e Id inst The Bro'hera passed on tne 2Jlh irat a ship's main oa yard wuh sail atiached, not painted; also a topsail vara paintrd ar black supposed to belong to the barque Bogota, lor Liverpool, n which tailed in company with the J sue Walker. 1 Sine Aunt s. Welti-rill, tailed hence on Sunday afternoon u for Havana, When in the Narrows, and the crew were iu the bo act of getting the anchor on the bow, the iron strap of the block tal on the fore tard give way and struck one of the C'ew ou h t fat head and fractured it. Another of them waa also injare''. The to hip was bronshl to anchor, and the wounded man seut to the Seauiau's Katreat. Slatrn Island. He waa alive yesterday morn- ~ ing. hut the attending physicians do not think that he can rg; oover. J AcctDr.nt at Naw Haven ? A ateamboat was at ancho' -a! o|iposite Morris'Cove, hi our hath r, this mo iling, probably rel from the Vast, ar d forced to tak- shelter from the high wind at Isst night. The brig Atlantic, of this port, was dnveu on the bu beach by tlie ice?[New Havm pa|ier f'eb 21. Notice to Marlneri. , III almost all llie old charts of tlie ( llllf IhlvHlun hsrlinr ia A laid down too far to the westward. The true position of thr Cl bar is this:?Latitude 29 deg 18 mill N, longitude 91 deg 17 min u| W The prevailing win Js and currents are to the West, so tlial n; thit error ill the charlt cauaet much more inconvenience than il [h i port was placed by theui too far to the Kastward. In fact, mutt experienced navigators s?ilig for Galveston make it a A poiut loajinroach the land to the Kast, aod theu run down the ran.?[Oalrrttou Naws. PI Spoken. A Swedish thip hound to New Vork, Feb 14, lat 37, Ion 03? ^ by the Oscar, at ikli port- , ! Bezin K Heece, [Br] front BeruiuJa for Savauuah, Feb 17, , I Ut 30, Ion 7t Id Amaznn, Wedie, Buenoi Ayrei lor Baltimore, no dale, off '. the mouth tiff litter L? Malt Nonpareil. Horntr. l'hilade!| hia for Porto Ric r, Feb 17, no ) ' lat, ki: Ifiien. An 9 me ic*" brig with painted porta. thnwiiiK a red and _ w lute lliK, with letter M in the lly. Ian 13, lat 10 0 9, Ion 31. V foreign Porta. | TaiNin*n, Feb 3?Sid llei rv Kcliey, O'ny, St Thomae li, Mokti.viiiko, Dec II?In port, Klizabrih and R nalba. of N York, unc; Chancellor, of do. juit arr, and tailed for Buenos Ayrei Od ita. of do just a r from Norfo'k; Susan Smith,of r I N York, uuc; Oi leant, Lewis, o' and for Baltimore. Idg V Ui iMii Ashes. Dec 20? In port, ilnhart, Collier, wtg fit; ft, America, Stevenson, from Palagouia, juit arr, and ulliert u hefore. Sid riymoutii, Boaton. C Moma Porta r Ntw Haves, Feb 33?Arr Ann Smith. Mai'eri, Demerara V via NewYork; Atlantic, Montague. Trinidad; Industry, Baker, .1r VVeat lucliei: liaae Revel, Waahiiigtoii. and H Walker, Viruinia. Sid May Flower, Thompson, Weat Indies; Charity, ,, 1 Brooklyn; John G Miles and Warr.-n. Smith. N York. Phii.adii.phia, Feb 30?Arr La Plata. Michaels. Bnenoa ? A vrei; Swan, Snell, and Seaman. Scull, N Orleans; Kobt Wain, <JL Seara, and \Vin M lingers. II rding, Boaton; Independence, if ! Keys. r, Deep Creek, Va; John Gilpin, ( Br) ( rowell, l'riiiuhd, it I'S; Kinnia, Bancroft, Mobile; Richmond, Freeman NYoik; Lenity, Smith Saraniiali Below, I Cohen }r. McFarlan, N Orleans. Clil Philadelphia, (llrem) Oreve, Hamburg; Louisa. ; (ial agher, Havana; Hot e, Johns, Wilmington, Del; Win A | Caldwell, Horner. Porto Rico; Mary Ann Shaiiliiin. St Johns, Pit; Palm, Crewel'. Boston; Pangou, Cherry; Henry Brown, si: Lingo, and Mari Cansey, Stuhbs, N York. Baltimore, Feb 34?A.r Sus.n, Lauderman, Montevideo; ^ Ada F.liz* Ms'ih.m. St Domn go; Georges, Watt, NOrleans; J Octavia, Smith, do; Jane, (llr i Sites. Nassau. Cld Manchester, F.dmondson, I'oito R ic?; K A S'.i vein, Briggi, and Sarah, r' Kimba'l. N Ycrli. j) I Wilmingtin. NO. Feb 19 ? Arr Levant, Brown, Gusdv ' I loupe; Geo k Wil'ii-n, Park, Martinii|ue; Kvelii.e, Hone, Fair- , haveu, Mass; 18th. I) B Kee'er, Ward, Barhadoes; '7th, Me'a- I mora W ight, Charl-sjon; Sarah. Alt rick, do; 14th. Belle, B ! Mie-i; K.dw Adam-. Kempton: F.lizv Meserole. Lmian; Jonas at Smith, Mills, and David Rogers. Parker, New York C!d2lst, | Mariner, (Br) Hrm>an. Liverpool; Only 801. (Br) Hya't. Barludoet; Belle, Myers, N Y rk; SOin. Jouit Smith, Milli.and I "ami Ingham, Kodrick, do; David Rogers, Parker, Charleston; F.dw Adams, Kemp cin, St Domingo: '7th, Ann, Lovel', Liver- t1 I pool; Ligouia, Smith. Guidslnupe; Kliza Mriernle, Louan, N L York; 16th, Peru, Parker, NOilcans: lllli. Fox. Norton. Gua- 5! dabiupe; Four Broll eii, (Br) Couully barhadoei. " WalHiwiiTOS, Nli. Feb 3(1?Arr John Tilton, NYork. <-'ld a it it Ketrisve, Waagatt, West Indies; Kith, Pactolui, Ireland, C : d?- c? OrRACOKE, NC heb 13?Arr John Baitlett. Manning. St't \ Key; Garden, Boston; 18 h. Xuloda, West Indies fid 14th, jj Bounty, Wallace, do; 17th, Concord, Uutler, and Register, Harticlt, do. 4ist0RGET0ws, SC. Feb 22?Cld Stranger, Stevens, New York t 1 Charleston, Feb 28?Arr Frnat 3t Guatav, [Brem] Foster, jDrrmcn; Sarah Stewart. \ Br] Low Bel'ast CId Chiafuin, ol j Legate, Liverpool; Ouillaume Tell, [Kr] Clemence, Havre; in CllO, [Sw] Bontr- m. Antwerp* ?' Franklin, I a Feb 7?Arr Nile, Bell, Tampico: iiarratet* el j ket. Hopkina, Charleston; Tainpico, Mu'ch. ^ V'orfe. LECTURE ON ELOCUTION. !l DRO'EShOh HARVEV respectfully marun'M that lie U ' will deliver his tint lecture on Eloititiun in New York, | this evening 27th lost , at 'lie llall, corner of Lisp-nardaa | Br atlway. 'I In-le cture will onsist ill an espl nation ol An- C tithesit anil Interrogation. elucidated by ex-inples. tie v?i 1 ^ i a'ao del.vrr a acr es of Recitations both terioua and comic, e' I from the moat c> (aerated Poets. To enli'c . tliia intrllrctnal en- 11 tartaiscM t. Mr. McDoitftll will sing aotneihvoriuiScorch songs, and w ill alio repre e?t t* e charac'.r of Lochi-I in lha' famous dialogic of Lnchfl and ilie W sard. T ckett. 12^ r cent* etch, to he li id at t e office of the Organ, corner f \im f and Nassau sheet ;a' tin* ( hrystal Kotiut, 23 Chamber stive'; . at .Vr, Dickie's, l!IS Broadwav; ami at f>e d mr in theeveuiog, Doers otc.iied at 7,L "'clock P.M., ind the euteit.iinn'int c .minenceil precisely at 8. fg7 It* re ALWAYS LOOK I N~ BENN ETT'S HERALD KOR tl -fa. Christy's Bulletin of New I'ulilications, and if you Jou't see it, there is nothing new out Just out?Jaik of th* Mill price l'tj cents; Crock of Oold, I2>ai The Heretic, 12)4; The Unloved One, 12),; Thetfrumhler, lr)?;Love ai d Money, 12ja; Everard Norton, 12)a; Vrmasse. 25; Journeyman 1 nil->r, 25; A Ned Myers, 37)?. All the two shilling monthlies are nut, and f (ii dry's Lady s Book tikes the lead as usaal. A WM. M. CHRISTY, k. 127 11? re No. 2 Astor House. pi ~ 51IUOT1 X< i K XT K A( > R1 MX A R V. f( UNDER this h*i't w?? not t*d an ?-dit(?ru&l pur* graph io the 1 Sunday Galaxy, whicn mav le d p thois unacquainted l sslsasa. ? ?-. ? I wr.icrr .mm HIT- Iini.rr OI Iliat Dig KUI1, ]l A. J. H , ( 1' .-on h street, actually got the 23 duck* that was r ; said he brought down at one shot. Judging 'r hi the amount jN seeuiu his pot?essioil on his way horn \the thorough goi ggood (| I'e low (w th th* aid f His big gun and c nek shooting) could c, only hif? killed 5 out cf the 2J brought down, as stated by him, , from a flock which would probably cover an acre Aii ordi- H, nary Kuuiier mavi-ccidei tally hit the R?tb'e e id of a barn at It w I yards distance, and should he be s ? fortun tie as to hate a par* tKular editorial friend, his reputation it immediately established us a crack shot. dome are b >r.i to favor , some obtain fa* rors, a* d some li .ve ftvnrs tbrust upon thrm. Ir may he a little ] I moo* expensive, but wt u d add, if possible, to hi* al eadv sell 1 established lepntttiou, and also amine those whose modest * meritia uot sounded by their o wn trumpets should he herald ( hit lo-xr i mmtic exp ojt in circu Ur?. Such a course would, M unquestionably, be el'immense benefit to rhe rising generation l' of amateur DUCK SHOOl'fittH. f f*7 lt*rc 1 J. M. VAN BERGH to SON. n Importers of' Havana and Pripctve Segars, 1 BKG have to inform thepubli in general, tliat they have removed from No. 114 ^ ater street lo No. i22 W illiam street, lietweeo J<>hu and Fultou streets,where iIs y ii.t-ud earn ing on ihe aoore business in ell its brauch^s, both wholesale and retail. The ch< icest b and* always on h ud, such as La Norma, La Gabann, hspafUro, Habair, JuUo Sanz and every other sort of j Principal; in Act, All the choice brands imported to this nuy* J kei; also various sorts of Domestic 8c gars AlilleiV Apj>!eb's. and An- ersorfs Chewing and Sin >king i'obacco ; S.iutts of a!i J kinds. 1 JN B ?The trade supplied as usual J. The retail store will he opere on Wednesday i ext, the 28th r instant whtre titer hope to see their friends to inspect th-ir .. vrry superior stock of Seg-rs 127 3c*ee COGAN'S PECTORAL OR BRKAST SALVK. f rPHIS 8ALVK is rec idid:ended t'? th L idles ? s a sure \ re- a veutive (if api IimI in timer of thit drendful ml.dyto ni wh eh fern-l-** are subje t, viz ? a Oath* red bre.i t. It has been b, used in eu ext us ve circle oi the maker's acquaintance with 0( never fadui suecess It is cot pret-nded that this salve wi I pieve t th b'e-ist from gathering aft r in .tter is formed, but it it confidently atterttd that by a timely application it wilt preOf*' fhr formatinn ojf matter. When the mil wltluot BOW, and the lire* t b*coiit*4 h*rd a d painful, a platter of thissalvp j will at once r move thed fficnlty. Wh*u it is desired to ry up f the breaat, th s salve will be found th** e <sicst and s fe t way to ! effect it. It w II at once em ve ague in the brea t. sou it In sliou d bt* observed ill t when mil* appears to li iv- settled iu rhe > lire st of nn infant, a plaster i f salte will immrdiatdy d.i- cl p*rseil. This oi tine ,t is u< t off-red t ? the u tic of the public pi without its be og effectual y tried <nd approved of. it has been w useu in the c.ty of . ew rlc and its yicin ty iu b- tw*en < tie snu two hundred case; without oue fui ure. (Jerrirtcites from a number of h ghly icsjectai le la^i*** m.vbe se n at the store ef Hushto StCo., J10 treadway and JO AHor House, where th? ^ oni'megt. is forsctlc. rI he subscribe is permitted tore er t > iVrs. W. IJ. T. Lan-, 2G7 Greenwich and hi* ) to .Mr . 'I homas 81 Chur' h street, ga >xperi#nr#tfl mine wlio has tried it to her en lire satisfaction. None genuii.e hut those s>gn< d hv DAVID A.COOAN. P. 8.?La iies who may nref its application, are requei ed to J pay strict attention to the instructions on the b x^s Ciiitaining M the onument. n i No *8 Pimrestreet, Newark. N..I. f'47 lw#??c j,] A UOUU OI'P III U.NI I V KUM A SAVK AN IJ ) MODKllATK I.N"C.H r.MHANT. ft piNK. of ih. proiirift ir. of 111. Atlantic <inr *n, N.\ 9 and II ^ " Broadway, rrurniK frrm (Ik buainp-a, V?v?? a ynod 0|>?n- 0 ing for auy prrioiio.nrnna of rnaig'i g in (aid hu.iiiei.. Kor trrma, app1 y ai all t<\ br wm-ii 9 ami 2'iVIrc': If 27 Iw-n ^ TO THE BEAU MONDE. ' v T HE NEW'STY L E OF HATS, " AT HKEVVSTER'S, nr\ NO. 300 HROJiniVAY. fr f 27 lw?m al ? -ii ft F.BRC VRV Wril, 1(14 ,,j DOSKL C. Sf'OTTIiai left her b-u and board, with her w IV nw? (>?,. wj|| a|| icraoni are forbid locred.t heron my no < lint, tor I will hemfaf piy no etaurgae f, 12? If rc WM SCO IT. LETTERS FOR THE HIBERNM. y WILL. he reccned at ihia olltt until qtliltaf brf. re I P. M. on Fhuradav, lie 2flth ii.iUnt. I'oa age ran be i>ai<1 in a 'Tine* to any pert of Ore if Britain 'h* 'onlinrt, or to India. PARROT I Ik 70 20 Ha l at. Half tha mini rat*? only ara charged for amall par.aura to BoMBH b our Daily b xpr M. f 2V (tie*n LECTURE < >N MUSIC, L YC E U M ilR O OKI. Y H, THIS KVKN^II, (TUKHDAV.) FEBRUARY 27,1(41. '? MK H '7. WATSON will deli/er a po?ul?r I* tnreon Minn Synopai*?Muaie, itantea ami elTe-ta; the On- 18 at i of nuaie: Muuc of the Kaypfana, H-b-ewa, Oreeka, lei: : [ ' the Mime of the Middle Age*. Modern iimaat iu.eraperaed '? with Anecdote, and Mimical liluatraliona. Vacnl I'rr/nrmrrt. MISS WATSON, vt|t J s MASSKTT, MIL II. 47. WATJIOV. Ticket* Twenty-five C-nta?To admit a Lady and OentV in it oirrnenee a? li-If on 7. 27 ll*ei! NEW YORK VOCAL SOCIETY, , F. C. TUCKER, Esq. PRESIDENT. Til K ML BS' It IB KM a are ie |i rt a li infrmed that the Second Lnncert will tak*rl'C*'t the Washing! in Hotel, in '1 hartday 29ih K? nury, when (for the firat time in thi, i, country) will ha performed a Paaln ot Hiiolir. fir two (7l|oruara; th? 42d Pailrn and an A va Maria by Meudelsohni Ike, he. i. Full i a li'u'ara in small tnlli. I Termaof Subscription tor the remaining three flonrerta of the season $10, entitling the aiihacriber to Four Tu hern ro each. an 1 l.'ata for oamaa at the Vliiiic ator?a of M-sara. A will it Co.' t|, Dnhoia (t <7o., S odart fc Co.. Iloyer St Co md at the reaideuce h of F. W. RuSIF.R, Secretary, , f27Jt*ec 51 Franklin street. ? HAVANA SEOARS. J CO M1LLK HK( IA Rb, constating of La Norma and Pen- ? OD curell, of hint qn ility, now Ivndine from barque Rapid? .. for aale by C. VUKOSH ? IM, | f 27 3tia*re 30 Piatt atreei. tll DOCTOR MORRISOy. *h NORTH RIVF.K DS PiCNSaKY. 204* l-ulton street Duetoi Morrison coptiODfa to be cons Died confi lenhallv on all private di.eiae,, which he cu*? without ine curv or re- -H itraint on diet or |iuriuita ; and rtc ut case* particularly ' gnnorrhitrt" he curea in three tout day* The moat oheti- aPi net* Stricture* yield to Dr. M'a new and aacceaalul treatment witnoiit piin _ . _ J NKRVOUS AND i ONSTITUTIONAL DK3ILITY ? 1 Thia aff i t on and *he triin of evi'a leault ng from a a net d.- " t ective liibit in ynnth in 1u"ing nocturnal rrrs.i <ns and ulti- *' mite iinpntrnry; are radically cured by Dr M on pathological ptini iph a, t y reatorinq the ayati-in to a healthy tone and rein.fating >ta original vigor. A perfect cure guaranteed or no . charge ... ' N 8.?With o til option Dr. M i* the only qualified advertiait K mrgenn in the c ity Sec hi* diploma* in hie office. Letter* pint paid and containing ,i fe , will inaure reeilit in* U S and advice, to any jurt of the Union. ' Otfic* 2?Oa Fultonatraet near Urrenwich. fJ7Im*m ,IM IT ANTED?A SITUATION AS A GARDENER?A ? atetdy, iciiif man, who ialwell ronveraaut with every partmeot of the buaineea, particularly the eooatructin a d anagement oftrreeu r>nua*a. hot In uara, and fruit houaea. laud ape or orimmr tal gardening?having lived f ir aev-rnl yean acme 01 the moat extensive and beat ailuatioua <u this country be. dvertiaerran gir* the moat eripectable reference. He ala' deratuidi I'nrmii g and can undertake tli minag'meit ol th farm and marten Having bo children, hit vrife would lie ehartre o' th' manai'ineut of tnillt a- d bu ter, pou trv at <i rut hi uae hu .ineaa. A line directed to J. W , (pjat P?id) Aa -it poat office. I img lalaud, will lie reapectfully attended to 127 2faw2w MltW*rc wanted, l SITUATION aa dr'aainakerand araniatrraa, in a reapecta k ble faintly, by a young woman who ctn give the b at ol Tereucea, and wonld make beiaelf generally ua fal. Eliquirr 232 Greenwich itrrat, third floor up ttaira, aouth aide ni thi Hiding. f27 It'tn wanted! , RESPECTABLE FRENCH WOMAN, or a woroai I perfectly acquainted with the French lamcuaye. who ii tnpetent in a'l ieape:ta to take chart.e of a child two yean

d, and to travel witit a family in Eurojie. The beat lealimo tlaof rliiracier and rapid lira will be le juirrd. Apply at tin mrrican Hotel. No 08 between 12 and 2 o'clock. 27 2tia*rc l MASON whe underatauda the builidug of a li-e brick aili L ta wanted, to couarrucl oue in the country. Noueueedap' y unlet* fully competent. Apply to O. P. JcJ.ORATACAP, r27 lt*rc 31 Maideu I.ana. T'ACHMAN or (IKuOM and OOAtHMAN. who u ' lately cnine from the old country, can la- well recommend by aeveral gentlemen and c at'!im-u in thia citv, ami rar nuy nis rapauiiity in im u g. traluiutr. and toe irauagrnneii 'horsei, ii bleed ny, llnsic all necessary in tliat capacity, am ak?* himself getier ,lly useful to In employer in liau e attend g and oth rwise An" en niittiudi I It I >r K 8 ?l thii 'Hie: ill be punctually %'U'nd'd to. (27 Stee U AN l ' I'?l)uu i by a ? uglc gntlemau, in a private a i< ? respectable family. By addressing a uote X , ila im rmi, and left at tbeuilicn ol tliis paper, will alert with alteu in. l'23'Jfrc THK SWISS CLUB IT ANT TO RK.N'T, Irom the lit of May ueit, Irom a per * anu able to attend tn it two or three rooms on tlie innii sor-on the second lio. r preferred?< ne ol the ri.ouii harm: le.iit 21 f*et by li Situation between Libeity a reel aui ity Hall, kmiuneat61 I'll\thamstreet. f2UI0t*m 104CHMAN WANTKD ? A stout and healihv Colore, ' Man, uiiunrried, of good addreis, aud who ii perfect ill hi ofesiiou, ol unexrep ion-Ills charscter. ii wan'ed ft Coach an, to riidi in a purnte family 18 inilei foul New York. Ap v. by a note left at thii ofice, to W. A. k Co., itatimt lefer peg from last pi n e, aud ternn 123 Iwrrr ftik lie. WAItlt?Cost, in passiug b'tween Jacob Little 8 ii/Cf Co.'i olive 27 Wall street, on the north lido of tin reet, and ihe lower end of the Kx -binge? 3 Notei of the Union Bank of New York of $100 each. 1 " " " 11 ' 1 " " " 20 " I " " " 2 " The above reward willle paid by returning the above to th ihiciiher W. N. J A* KRON, l"26 2t*ec 2'8 Krontatreet. MJARUINO HOUSE KOIlriALk?A lady who has kei * for leveral yeai a Boarding Houi', iu t' e lower part of in ty. is desirous to liiul a person to whom she may sell eh-ai ircvU her establishment, household furniture, Sen Appiy ti I Broadwa-. fai iwrc v ObNTLBHAN and Im wife or a null iwImiRi m a. be accoiniii'-d.-.n-d with excellent Kooms and genlte oar I, in a'mill family, aud a very desirable locition. Appl: : 366 Broadway, brtweeu the hours of J auo 6 l\ M. f 23 Iw rc I YoUNO KRH A N, having lalieu his degrees ii a the University of Paris, desires to tind a respectable family I take cans of the children's educat-on He c in teach French n'in. (ireek, Mat* emalica, element! of Music, and generally rerv thing required for a cotnphte education. Apply at 9i e*de street f3 Im'rrc JOTICK?An application will Im* made at the present Sei N lion ol the Legislature of the Stale of New Yorlc.lor the in trporation of a benevolent Society iu thecitv and c unty o lew York, to be called "The Noah Association of the Soils o enevnlence. j/fi ita*6u- r POST OK^ICK. New Yohk, Kebruarv 21th, 1811. j'NOLISK MAIL ?Th- Leiiertt <gs per Roy I Mail S'eame d llib"ruia. which leaves Ho?ton o i Friday in It, th . 1st da rM rch, will he closed at the Upper aud Lower Post nflire i this city, on Thursday the 29th iDst . st 43 minut-s pas clock, P. M The ovei viand poitat* ol l!J? cents on each sin eletter must li? paid. Thn connei tini heretofore existing between the Post Olfic . tsrtment and Messrs. Harndeu aud ,o. has been annulled In le Postmaster Osueral, and an Ag-nt specially appointed b le U'partin'nt, will CCOmpamV e,.h mail from this city t oston. JOHN LORIMKR ORAHAM, P. M. f 26 4t.rc lO NSION K L of 64 bhl? Shoulder*. marked "K. W. Dana. > |>?r birnns Kamtnnliuu Hoy, from New Orleans. now <] 11 wkiiic at Murray a wharf, i* rrrjuerte I to take chare* of th imo immediately, or they will b- stored for lua account C27 2 tec SPRING FASHIONS. ^Oljt th? accommodation of Maoufrcturers abroad, th STYLe, of t lent lemon'a Hata for the ensuing Spring wil b forwarded to them by mail on applrc<ti <11 pus' paid, to LKAKY k CO.. Naa i and 5 Aator House. *. B.?"entlemen cau be supplied with Ilat$ qf the net V'e, at our counter. New York, Feb. 15. l&M. f2S Iwia'rc ROBERT HOPE HART, IMPORTER, rO. II NASSAU STREET, CORNER OF PTNF )Ke Kill for rale, in lota to suit purchasers, Scotch Ah Loudon and Dublin Drown St ut, Sco'rh and Irish IV hh ?c, Dvrk and Pale Brandies. Madeirr, Sherry, Port. Chan liitne, Sparkling Hock, Claret, kc. All of the heat quality. I M linis'er TALLAN SINGING. PIANO FORTE AN] FRENCH. o/T II- ULLMANN, Tupil of Charles Caerny, continue* t rA teach singing and the Piano Korle in this city and Brool rn, on modeni'e t-imi. Kirat rate referencei given to man isringtti-hed families, whose names may he learned on appl It ir.o ! I,-, re?nie,?-H 7S kl,n .1 r....i ,1... tr..? .1 Mr. U . who is the author of a French 'Irammar, the secon iitioti of which is in the course of publication, teaches Iik 'ise the French and Itnl.iu Languages, winch he us'sdurin ii Muiic l-'iiom, if wished. Schools anil Colleen attend*! Hi im'jgb "Ml OH I'GOHY may be consulted upon all those delica -? and difficult diseases and distresses niismg from habits < too frequent detotion at the shrine of the beautili iiddes* Aprodite. Those who wish to einnloy gular Physician, and a skilful practitioner, will find it t iei' inter-st. as wellas iheir pleasure, to call on Doctor Or ory, at his residence. No. II Barclay sfeet, near Broad we le is at home all hours of the day, or night, every day in ll reek, devoting hit entire time aud attention to this class i la'adon. His skill and management in the cure of itricturr re well known to be of ll e best description. Consultations by mail will receive a sha'e of the Doctor arelul attention Hischargrs are as iisnsl iu inch cases. f!l7 2t*rrc FOR SALE, tTHK good will and list ires of a Baking Busmen d ins a ca h trade, at a net profit of $10 |?r week?III rem i? new $I7J per a ear, andean be had fur a terra c ears. This is nu opportunity ihal seldom offers to an eet-i person tei engage in a s*f? and profit-lite business. 1 h resent proprietor is romp lied t dispose of his business on n? onnt r f his heaPh and the t stlth ol his family. For full it rrnntioii, inquire at 128 Maiden lane, llh stniy Ir27 ill^m flnrl ' '> LET?The three story Brick House wit attic,N felw 2 Park Itow. corner of Ann ilreet I'he ideas nt s u> ^AIL i"" "I 'his huililing, front nig the Astor House havn vi. w on the Park aid on the North River through Vesryat lakes It a desirable location fur a competent person to tee .a Vr?, and who wishasto avail Inmsell of its proximity to th Bslocts part OI the city. Also, the dwelling part of h"ose 581 Hrosdwav. Apply at HELLUC k UUPUY'S. f87 lw*m 2 I'ak Row air) '>ttI Brnsrlw.iva TO LET?The HAMILTON HOC > K. s.t iated . the Narrows, near Fort Hamilton. This well know Hotel and grounds will lie very much improved sun is( season, and a larg* Stable anil sl ed add. d to tlicout built igs. The property in front, on the shore, has also beeu pti ias"d?the buddings and grtoiuds will be repaired and in roved, and a dock erected directly in front?the wliols ( hich will be let with the II,.tel. For particulars inquire of the subs"ribvr, on the premiss's OKOKOK 8. OELSTON. Fehrnary I'-lth, IRli l'7:!w?re EEDS OF EVER\ KIND M ST RECEIVEl BV THE PACKETS QUEBEC AND HENDRICK HUDSON. DUNLAP Ar CARMAN putt TAKE this opportunity of returning their thanks t lyQl their friends and the | uhlie, for ihe lilieral patronage l>. wisw. stowrd upon Ihein since opening ihei. new Herd Sto, id Conservatory. They have just received an additional till ly of all the best known varieii s of Annual, Biennis' an e ennial Flower Seeds, Veg table Seeds of a'l ki.iu irsss 'T'li or the bn.t kinds, S ring Wheat, I'oUli 'ma, Ash Leaved and other "trlv Putat 'i, a'l in pmr rder. Exotics of'ev?ry description, suitable for psrli r green home cultnre; Bouquets, composed of the mm itotce and delicateA wera, for urinal or other festive partie i da and Bird Ciin, (inld Kish aud Globes, farcy Mow ases and Standi. of various Patterns, with other fancy article I of WI ich will I) anld on llie I wet terms Tliey beg le.s > inf. rill lh*ir frie da slid the public, that tin y hare not an nl ed of any kind in the atom, and lure apnred neither piina ni ti euae to procure the heat serda of the l ist aeaa n'a grnwtl on the ill at ieaiiectal.le houses in th a country and Kurort' I of which will i" warranted. ' . i , I m h wi I b* ready ii atribn ion early the ensuing week. All thus- in want wi ea?e ca I and amine fur themselves hefora purchasing el? i ere. Knrlish Split P.-as, Oatme>l and Kmbden Groats for g'li-l uil anil nrnain'n'a Treia of ?ll kinds Grape riuea ai d flow lug ahr..b?, herbaceous plant*, fcc. Sec , always on had a e n-w Conservatory suJ Sseil Store, 835 Broadway, Nei ork. Severs 1 pricticil Gardeners wanting situations, apply a line. i1 127 lio m JEW YORK Sr HARLEM IlAll. ROAD C(j SFKIMi ARRAN(iKMKNTS. eggaea yfr *? V w WtSHHL In order to ace. .mmodate ifie pubic general I.. and tne rrsi nits of ?orkrilie, Ihrlcin and WesMtnester I runty pa lift <ly. tl.e I'nmi any will run their Cars, on aud after March lal 11, in the (< lowing order rare ( jtv H >ll for Leave Harlem lor Leave Williainsbrnlg arleinfc. W'brilsr. I itv Hall. firCityH II fi i n A. M. 7 10 A. M. 7 20 A. M. 7 00 B 10 0 20 9 03 10 50 10 30 II 30 I 20 P. M. I 0(1 P. M. 2 00 r. M 3 10 3 20 3 CO 1 40 4 10 1 ( 0 5 10 5 20 5 30 7 20 7 00 On Sunday, if the weather is fine the train fa a will run ever lur. Tne City I'nil aid 27rh street lire wi'l rui aa follows;?Kr n A. M eryten minutest roushuur rh d iv until 7 30 P. .VI. Tne Kitra Night l.i e will run as inllnws live I' jty Hall ftr 27th sliest, B B 30, 0,9 30, 10, 10 30, II, II J and 2 nve 271 h street fur City Hall, 7 30, B B 30. 9, 9 30, IP, 10 30, I d II 30 Persons w.ahiog to cumtnute, will And it their intereat to di , as 'h" fare id such cases will b> reduced. I'lctae apply a eir office, No 1 Tryon How, co'ner of Cen're street njipnsi i e Perk. WM. H. CARMAN, f 27 2w'rc Secretary. tit- PARS AUK K(?K GLASGOW?Will have im fffW mediate dispateh. tne splendid, lest ?nlui| regula packet ship A HAM CAR It, I aptaiu Scott, will tai n'?ive She has eirellent accommodaiion* for eah n. second cahn d steerage pasarugnra. Those wishing to secure herthi nuh' make early application to W.kJ.T TAPHCOrT, 13 Peck dgi. cor South at. I'lie Adim Carr will anil from Glasgow about the Is. of Ms] h se desirous of lending for ih ir f iends, can have then night out III this tine ship on the most reasonable terms bi piying as above. f 27ec trfkf rOK LIVERPOOL?NIt W LINK.?Regnia nflWl'vckvi of 2itli ?The splendid packet shii plf1 "7'. 1 L'A, ' ipt f'h i ' llins, of 1000 tons, wil I a shove,her regular day Kor freight or passage, having ac ininiulalions unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply oi srd, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wail street, or to K. K COLLINS (t CO. rice of passage, $100. 58 South street. The packet ship Siddont Cant E 11 1'obb. of 1000 ton* II succeed the, Hosriua, and aail the 2Mb Apnl.her regnlsi y. 'assTi?cra may rely upon the ships of this lisesailing pure illy as advertistd (27 I ? AUCTION SALES. THOMAb UKLL. Auctioneer ' (Stsre No. 36 jftin itreet ) ' . TUKADAY. 1 . . At 10 i> clock, at the auction room. I 1 lt? larges', moitfiteniKt and vtlukblf uiortmcut 01 fresh, 1 I sessoosb|?. fancy aud staide dry goods, (if s'l descript.ous; clothing Uiir y, splendid and uuin?ri. us other article*. Also, clothing, oawnbrpiier's trticles, wstchey. jewelry, k'- I Alio, a large ,ud valuable luvoice of c'ollis and Casaimeres, deisms, farn.siansr table jiueo, alpaccu. Alio, a large invoice of Imeu and inuilin shirts, cutlass, bo luini. kc. i r Also, tin eut'rr invoice of superior fresh lessonaMe drygoods, London and Kiench cloths. css<inirrea, hoaiety glovri, shirts, I d'laiuei. cahcoei. and olherarticles Alio, a large lot of wearing a|i|iairl, a qusni ly of bedding, - table linen, jewelry .and varioua other ordrr of an ail- I miniitrator i WKDNK8DAV At 10S o'clock iu the talei room. 1 In cou'inuation,large sale of valuable furniture of all description, computing a desirable aaaortineat of everything iu the ' hnaiekeepi. g line. Alio, 100 gallons London Dock (Jin, in imall packages , oue . superior gold wa ch, Alio, a large additional lot of second hand furniture, carpeting, kitchen furniture, glassware, kc. Also, a large additionel lot of second hand furniture, carpeting, kitchen uteuuls, glassware, kc Also, the furniture ol a family giving up housekeeping, cwi pets, rugs, oil cloth, looking gLsaes, and all kinds of houseaieping ariic'ea. > At 11 o'clock |ire-i?ely, without reserve, onespl-ndid piano 1 lurir. wim mi uie iiiipruveniruis. anil a UlUli uraumui ni. ii 1 toi ed orgau suitable either for church or pvr'or?Mr Kock I will be in altrudauce to give a description of the power, lie. of c ihe instruments. Sale positive. '11IUK8DAY . At P?Wi o'clock, at the sales room, ~ Ki'ra Sale of Vafuib'e furniture of all descriptions. from i * fannli.s removing aud uuiler other circumstances, worthy alien j t OB. N. B.?Kvrrr facility will be afforded for tha disposal ot i merchandise of all descriptions B'laiuraa will be carried no in ' a business like minuer. Sales will be regular, and returna . prompt, id this establishment, now u idrr the charge solely of J t'HOVl * S BtbLL. 33 Anu street. tl' IIAHD VAX UVKK. Jr , Auctioneer j TJWGHT Valuable Building I. ti ou 28m aire*t, between 2nd ' J-e and 3rd Avenues?Antheuy J Bleacher Ik <'o. will sell at * auction on YVeduesc ty, 28ih of February, 1811, at 12 o'clock. * at th* Merchtnts' Kschange ? All the-e 8 ta'utbie lets of (round situate on the northerly " side of 28th a'reet, lelweci the 2nd and 3rd Avenues. 'J he street it r gulated, pared, curbed and guttered, and lamp posts t erected, and ell a* .residents |i>nl All the property lis the . ii* igliborhood is lestricted against nuisances ; the ground is eic lleut lor ce||eri, aid Iba improvements in the vicinity are good. They are an object to builders for the erection of a block of buildinir*. For further particulars, apply to the auctioneers, No. 7 Broad atieet, imr Wall alrret. I 2b 3t's rrc e A CARD. IHAVK. taken theStore No HI Wall street, for the purpose of transacting a (?KNKKAL AUCTION ANL> COM t MISSION lUllNbM Couaignmen's solicited. Sales e guar an tieI aud cashed, or advances made when rruuir'd ? JOHN 8. BKTTP. I lieg leave to refer as follows :? Mrss's L. Hoffman Ik Co. Messrs, Thompson Ik Adams. ? Mr. Moses T?ylor ' "er iinan, Nash It Ce. Messrs. SpofTird, Tileston St " Wares St Uauluall. f Is MrS.T. Nicoll " P. Harmony's Ne- Messrs. Dater, Miller It Co. rhewa (k Co " Siurces, isenuer Ii Ce i " Talbot, Olvphani Ik " C. Ik L. Leuisou Si ' " Tli-o.VielorfcDucU- " Kdward (J Fail* Si t witx. Co I ' " Ue t'eyster Si Whit- " Babcack Si '"o. marsh. I f23 2wis#m HICI1AIIU VAN UVKK. Jll . Auc loueer. PBREMP t'OK V SALB?To close a concern with an In* surauceCompauy.?AN 1 H()X Y J. CO. f will sell at public auction to the highest bid er, on Wednesday 28t<' k.iv ofVebruary, 1811, at 12 o'cl the Merchants' Ex? change? Tw KNTY-KOCR LOTS OK GROUND, embracing five OU ihe -eeond Avenue with the corner nf 23th street; anduiurr teen lots adjoimcg, on the sou'h side of 2ilh street, between ihe f 2d and 3d avenues and mending to with IB 14* feet of the 3d s avenue the lots are abou'98 leet deen. Sewers are extended un S the 'd and 3 avenues. The si reel is high, solid mound, with the Croton wuier laid through 'he same, and hmll up on the north side, opposite to Jus property. Seventy-live |ier cent m?y e r-maiu on mortg-ge or the purchasers may arrai ge with the y Company to build, and have 90 per cent remain of the pu cha-e V mo ey and thiec-fourths of coat of buildmg additional ou o mortgage. Maps of the Lots an * Plans of Building to he had s l lite Auctioneer's I Iffice, (alter Thursday next.) No. 7 Broad suaei T, near Wall street. f!2 to2src i- by 1javid parks, e 154 PEARL STREET, THIS DAY, AT 9} O'CLOCK. A LAR 'K luvoic-of Kaney Ooodi, cnnnatiiig of fifty p?. Spittfield H>-n<tkrrrhirfa, Pongee do lancv ailk Ureal Handr kerchiefa, B'ochr Shawla, Spool < otton, Cotaet 1 acai, Bono II Snapeuder Butiona, Tin do. Ln.'n Coil art, Smpender*. Hewing Silk all colora, Dreaaing Couiba, Side Comba, Bead Paraea. INett do, Ua(a, Pa|ier Hangings, Cloths,Casaiuierea, Diaper,Ike. f(7 lin*ee " NEW BRIGHTON PROPERTY FOR SALE AT AUCTION. - m thk mansion houskand grounds ok fffli THOMAS K. DAVIS, Kai and the Br,LMONT and BRIGHTON HOUSr.S. at New Brighton, Staien ', Maud, will be peremptorily aula, at public auctiou. at the , Merchanta' fcschanite, bv HALLIDAY *t IK.NKINS, on Tueaday the Mill day of March next, at 12 o'clock, if not pre, vioualy dia|K>ae'l of at prwate aale The Mansion Houae one of the m'<it aplendid establishments in the t'n> ted Slates. The Mil bvilluf a tau da in the - ceutre of tour or live .icn, aa now Mclinf. It is very eitenD aiveand comoiodioua; the main walla n e built of ma hie, the whole aurrouinled by piaii u ,and all finished in the beat manner. The aite cannot he sutpaised. It comininda a view ol the whole ofti.e B ly of New York, extending up the North and t L?. III. Ml... v?.n n?..Li I .. I I-1 ?i an I )[ through (he Nartows to the Ocean, and al ante portionofaaew Jersey . The Belmont and Brighton Houses are both extensive build? logs, very |i easautly siluaied, nearly o|i|>osite tbe Steamboat " Landing, and well calculated lor large boarding bouses er hui For a diagram and further particulars, apply to 11. CUHTISS, te fl3toMrS6'ec 49 Wall street. 1 CONCERT s? CLINT 0AiV HALL. V. l\/fR. P- DE I.E. REE to'lis Iriends ie i?l and the public li s intention of giving a Vocal and Instruif meital Concert, at the Lecture Room, (Clinton Hall,) comer s of Nassau nud Beekman streets, on WeUNESIMV EVENING, Feb. 28, 18H. 's Assisted by the f llowiug musical talent :? MISS M GLOIN, MK. cuoK. MR OLDFIKLI). Anda GENTLEMAN AMATEUR. Mr. Oldfield will preside at the Piano Fo'te. PROG R~A M M E. Pakt I Overture?Piano Fort*. Mr Oldfield Oieuing Chorus. By the Company Soi'g?Pilot OII the deep, Gentleman Song?Brother louathau, Mr Cook Hong?'I li- spell is br. kt n, Miss M Gloin Sons?A I ire n ibeorem wave, Mr lie Le Per Song?Why don't the Men f ropoae, Mamina I Gentleman Uue,?Com* br?ve the Sea with me I ve, Miss M Gloin and Mr l)e Le Ree ( Song?The Indian Hunter, Mr Cook Son*?My Father Land, Mirs M Gloin 9 iiik?A Home that I love, Mr l)e Le nee Part II _ Overture-Piano Forte Mr. Oldfirld ,i Opening Chorus By l.'.e Company ? Song?The Wolf Mr t ook Song? Echo Soug Mis M. Gloin |. Soug?' nine lake tea in the a bur .Sir De L? Ree r. Song?B-ne?thcool "hades leposing Gertlem. n ,. Duet?My l\e:ty Page M'ss M Gloiu if and M r Ue Le H ee S 'ng?Huzza for Co'umbh M' Cook Song?I >h uld like to marry, (by dee,re) M'stM Gloin Son,? Gor way across the Mountain, 1 OS UMtl mm Song?And wilt til, ii we-p I am low Mr Ue Le Re F'mile?etar Spangled Banner Bv the Company |T7='"'Pirkrts Twenty-five cents each?To be h d at the door boors open at half install. Concert to cotntn-nce at half past 7 o'clock, prrcisi ly. N. B.?No | os'p ueinent on account of the weather. 0 The proceeds to he given to tlie Second Ward American Republican Association tc28 3i*ec PARK THEATRE.?I he pnblic are respectfully informed that this The viae will re-open for the season on Monday, i, March 4th. Various novelties are in preparation, and will o speedily be announeed i? The Ladies and Gentlemen engvg*d at this establishment are >r requested to meet in the Green Room, on Thursday nest, Feb. it ITh. at II o'clock, A. M. THUS BARRY, ?; f 27 ln29 rc Stage Manager, r PAL.M< )'S (LATE) CQNCKRT AND COFFER BOOM* FOR SALE. Id CORNER OF BROADWAY AND CHAMBER ST. .r THE FIXTURES, STOCK ANU GOODWILL of this i, * important tuaiueia, Ihe un it prominent aril beat atand u b, New Vork, corner of I hamber atieet aud Bread way, to be ilim ir poaed of Apply ou tin* preinitea, niter 10 o'clock, A. M '1 hr II cautn of diapoaal it the proprietor 1h> . .1.!itted to Mnrn to England. f 17 lw*rc I, MUSIC. JOSEPH KAMMERKR, Profrator of Mutie, reanectfully I " announce! to hit patrona and the public in general, ih t he ? hat removed from 1# t/iotbv to 116 Laurent t'reet, where all orilert for hit Cotillon band to perfoim at I'arl'et Sue. in or ? out ol town, will be rrceivedand promptly attended to. Orilert for J. K will alto be received at Mr. W Duboit't J" Mntic Store, 28J Broadway. ft lm*rrc TO AMATEURS ON THE FLUTE. MK. BARTON, (pupil of the late C Nieholaon,) ret peel tully l*-gt mannounce tint it it hit intention to give in ttrnetion on tlie h Into. Mr. Barton profentet to t?ach neco', ding to the method pnrtued hy the celrhrtted matter, Cha... , Nieholaon. Kor termt and partieahrt. application m it be made at Signer Oodooe, vlutic Store, Broadway, nnd Mr. Htodart'a Pianoforte _ nuii'i'aetory j'T lm?ee MUSIC FOR PARTIES. VTESSflS. (J. WEISS* KR OKAMBSS, rrofeaaora ol '*S. Mutie, respectfully aunounee to th"ir patrona, the ladiet anil gentlemen ol New lo.k and ita vicinity, that their Cotillon Ba id it prepare,! to play the inoatadmirad and f.uhiou -1 ' Mono for Private Partiea, Sonnet, lie. Ordera received and pui.ctnaily attended toatX Delucy it. J14 lin* in ~ nAUIfllf'B LUOINA CORDIAL, " OR, ELIXIR OF LOVE. UOR thfl irwdy and frU'n corf of fermlr irrrgnUritifa un ^ * pouncv. Hwrr-niiftf, fluor iucipi-nt niiiniiiii (imi, I contriitioinl <! *I>,111v, whether the ivtult of impradence, ill iifai or Acri<l?nt I n* se nation J rodnrnl by thin wonderful medical discover i rrm e^uaPed l?t iM it trod action into t America, Numerou? tnt momili hive l?er,i i^cnrH front P those whom constitution waa a mere wreck, but wh> have been invigorated by this incomparable Cordial Others who hut fir nod their health by their own folly or eitrava* ance.have foind in this cordial the meant of re?tnia?ion. *lte Another medical Aid hud be-n nted .n vain. The hi'herfo childless fire. tide hAA often been re idere 1 hippy, tnd ihs infirm, the iny?ot*nt I and the debilrated hnti ng tin em I ted in the el uticity and rifor of bygone days. m M , . If r agent of one of the interior villagea r I New York it A tea . A case, in whteh by tl e uie of two bottlei of Lncina < ordiai # a couple, after four years of hitter diMppjnnment, wee en,hied to rejoice over the realiZtlMn of the fonrJe?t hopes of a mirried life , The agent for tht city of A., New York, sold a bottle to a \ gentleman who hid been afflicted with a disease of th- urethra for eleven ve^rt. In a few dlti he returned And tAid he hid derived far more hero fit from the one bottle thai from medic ?l treatment fur eleven von. He immedi tely b night ai? bo ties m ire. Onr apace f .rbid? ns to name the man r*??a to whieh we are at liberty to nor. The universal a tisfiction which 'l (hit ineatimable Kluir has given, act a single complaint hav ing been madi, is got one of the least proofs of its unrivalled i * el lOvd*. Pro e $1 per bottle. hold at *2 Nasaan street, New York ; SO North afreet, Philadelphia ; Hmitli *. howl#, US Wellington street, Boston. fe>6 I in *ec PORTU<MJK.SK FEMALE PII.I.S, " 'PHKHt1. f*r-Um??l and crl-hmtml Pills, from Portur.l. *r? "* u,1b* obUm?d is ilnAooaairr. AH** Ml "? UM ItK Balaam, (oorthjofe, BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Washington. [Correspondence of the Herald.1 Washington, Feb. 25, 1844. The deepest interest prevails here at Washington relative to the Oregon affairs. About one third of both the Senate and the House are perfectly alive to the whole subject. This is a fit occasion to publish the names ot those Senators who it is believed will never ratify a treaty relinquishing any portion of the Oregon territory south of fifty-one degrees forty minutes:? Benton, ) Allen, ) Ohio AtehMon. < Mo" Tsi.psn, 1 unl?Hemple, t in Kultun, ) a,l Breese, } IU" Sevier, $ * ' llaunegan, Ind. Kairfleld, Me. Buclianan, / ? Woodbury, ) v H Sturgeon, <, Pwm- Atherton, \ N~ H U?Rl'y. ') A1a Wright, N. Y. King, \Ala- Colquitt, Geo. Walker, Miss. Making nineteen Senators, and leaving thirtythree, some ot whom were at least doubtful. Twothirds are necessary to ratify a treaty, which would be thirty-five. Many of the above named would see the whole island of Great Britain sink into the bottom of the ocean before they would ever consent to surrender a solitary inch of the Oregon soil. But it is positively believed that not one of them would, in any event, save one, consent to run a line below fiftyone degrees, which would even at that time be a surrender of three degrees and a half in width, and some 500 miles in depth, equal in extent of territory to the united soil of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Khodc Island, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey. T said, save one event. That is the offering of an equivalent in value to the Territory surrendered. The British Government desire to come down to the mouth of the Columbia, which lies at 46 deg. 40. Should this be agreed to, it would surrender eight degrees twenty-two minutes. The southern boundary of Oregon is forty-two degrees. And it is quietly whispered about that the British Government ure in negociation with Mexico for the Territory of California south of 42 deg. Should they effect the purchase ol this Territory, and give iik eight degrees und twenty-two minutes south of 42 deg., then we might make a bargain to allow them to come down to the mouth of the Columbia. This would be deemed an equivalent, the more especially as this new acquisition would include I'ort San Francisco which is the best harbor in all the Pacific ocean. It is now said the Anti-Oregon party are going to raise a war alarm, by way ol frightening off public opinion from claiming the soil which really belongs to this country. This would be a shallow political scheme, and would ultimately recoil upon those who got up the alarm Cotton Market.' New Orleami, Feb. 17 ?The market remsini in a dull and drooping state. Sale* on Wedneaday 1300 bale*. Thursday WOO, und yesterday 3000 bales. We have no alteration to make in the quotations, but we remark that factors are sellers at the inside line of quotations for the small lots ordered by planters to l>e sold. Our receipts are now proper 600,000 bales in this port. Males of Stocks In Phllaslelpkla. Kinsi Boinn, Feb. 36.-$6000 State ft'*, 70f; $41(10 do, 70J; *11,000 do, 70j; *6000 do, 71J; $3000 do s 6 f, 71J; *13,000do !> ds f, 71J; *-?W)0 Wilmington 6'*, 1868, 704; 60 shares Wilmington llR, 161; 35 do Uirard Bank, 71; $300 State 5'k.70: ?W.ill do 1H61 701: *700 do lH&i 701, SAM An lS.r)3,7u|, $aotH) do, ft d f, 70}; 6a shares Philadelphia Bank, 104; $'4006 State ft'n,70j. Second Board, Feb. '44 ?$'40,000 State ft's,69i; $6000 do H 6 f, 61>i; $8000 do b ft f, 69}; $1000do, 60}; $1000 Tenn 6'S, lit Jen, '87; $1000 do, 864; 19 iharei Reading KR, 33; 33 do Farmers' U Mechanics' Bank, 41}; 173 do Wilmington Railroad, 16j. LATKST HHIP 1IKWB. Philadelphia, Feb 26?Arr Snow, 1'illibury, N Orleans; W Oarriion, Moore ( Charleston. Baltimoiie, heh 2'i?Arr Sally Ann. Stewart,Torki Island; Helen McLrod. Laudis N Orleans; Bradnia, Cody, do; Gallant Mary, Evans. Maynguez; Sarah Catharine, Frazier. Cap* Haylieu Sid Elite, Koch, Bremen; Rainbow, Simmon; Gibraltar, Yalea and ( lariats, Adams, N Orleans; Ida, Hallatt, Bostou; Win Davit, Cornish, (ieoritetown; New Castle, Adams, do, to load for Jamaica; Sophia, Jones, Maranham via Boston. Richmond. F?b 23?Arr Margaret Ann, Pain, NYork. Nunroi.K, Feb 24?Arr Pales ine. M-vaguez: J W Kiiaptoa, I'eter Hitter, and Sarah, NYork; Herald, NOrlrans; Howena, Boston. Charleston. Feb 23?Cld Dimon, Robinson, New York; Tower, L-tlie. Cuba; Valiant, Farrow, NOileant; Lady Warrinztou, Konney, West Indi t Sid Roman. Doan*, Boston ? Arr 22d. Woodstock, f Br] Taler, Liverpool; Standard. [Brl Me M u I leu, Belfasi; lleiiii-tta, [Br] Dahlnian. Alicant. S'd Rory O'Mnre, [Br] Liverpool; Hubert, [Sw] Jerfatrom, North of Europe; (Vloiea, Lovelmd. New York, r\lso arr, Concurs, Butler Elizabeth City for West li.diea, in distress, leaky. Savannsh, Feb 22?Arr Win Ward, [Br] Dsdy, London; Prmroie, [Br] Irvine. Limerick?whilst beating in, struck or the South B'enkers, where the rem lined t* ree hours and was got off in a leaky condition. C|d New Zealand, [Br] Mackl*, Liverpool; A Biown llazey, I'liilad-Iphi*. Ki v West, Feb 13-Sld Jos Uorham. NYork; Itth. Republie, Gates, do In port, Father Maltww. [Br] having been got off Carysfnrt Beef; F.mpire. and Euphrates, for Matanzaa; R Tomlin, of Philadelphia, unr. New Orleans. $eb '6 ?Arr Talleyrand, Healey. Boston: M I)soon, Paine, do; (Jremp:aii. [Br] Johnson. Liverpool. Cld Huutsville. Cornell, and Mandarin, Colley. NYork; Commerce, Towle, Philadelphia; Ada, Major, St Pierre, Mart; Hero,Boyd, Martinique. Bllacellaneotuu Bnio Union, of North Yinaouh, from Boston for Matanzas, was totvrd into Wilmington,Ny 22d inst by a steamer, having brsu tota'ly dismaauu in a gale on the 29lh ult. tafeH N L Met'ready, Somers, NYork for Savannah, Feb 31, off St mo Itepuhlic. from NYork, Feb 8, lat 22 20, Ion 71 12. Ticouic, Daley, 13 days from NOrleans for Boston, Ftb 38. lat 34 40, lou 7ft Deborah, Lunt, St Thomas for NYoik, same date, lie. John A Kobb. Walker, 38 days from 1110 for Baltimore, Feb 20, lat 3ft 40 Ion 7J 15 Armaudale, [ Br] 23 days from lam ica for London, Feb II, lat 31 22. 'on 67 08. was supplied with provisions? had buriad her master about a fortnight previous KorelK" Porta. Carr. IIavtien, Feb It?In port, Eagle, Drew, from Boston, AisK; Baltimore Visum, for Philadelphia. I days; Sagsdaheck, Simpson, for NYoik, Ift; Australia, [Sw ] Treblein. for Hamburg. AMrSEMENTS. PALMO S N. Y. OPERA HOUSE. CHAMBERS STREET. Admission Onp Dollar, to nil parts of th* Woas*. Doors opts At 7 IVrformaiic* to ccmm*i'W nt half pott 7 Da ift of Ptrfvrmanct?Monday, H'rdnemiay, and Friday. SECOND NMJHT OK LCCIA Dl LAMMKRMOOH. WKDNLSDAY EVENING, Feb ilth, the performance will commence with. (2d time.) LU IA DI LAMMERMOOR Lntii di Latrmermoor, Sutrr of Lord Aahtun, Hit's Borgheea Lord llenrv Athton Hit A Vnltr-llioa Mir b'.ag't ol KircMWOftd Sit L P- raxxi I oid Arthur Bncklaw Sir K Albertaixi Maimoii, I'utor of Lue s Sit A Meyer Norm. N N. 0**Kor full particular*, see bill* of the daay. Box Oftce oiwn from 9 to ? o'clock N. B?The Theatie on the off night* will b? let for Concerts or Lecture*. CHATHAM TIIRATKK AND CIKCUS. CONDUCTED BYIT RUCK WELL It O. A. HTONETHIS EVKNINCJ. Feb 2'. .rrlormancea 10 eomoaaeo with 8w*ir* *nd Swrelhexrt*. After which rarpina art* of Horsemanship, Uymnastiaa.Cof da Volant*, Vau ting, African Drollrrie*. he. ho. Af er which John Smith will Dtuce and Hint. To coucludr witn Royal Masquerade of Guslar* L* Grand. MI rcn m.L A OLYIIPIO THhATHA TILS EVENING, February 27?Tha peefortaaae** will eommenre with CINDERELLA. helix Mr*. Tiam 1 he Baron I'ompolino Mr Nickenson Pedro .Mr. Holland Cinderella Mi** Taylor To conrlnde with ,, _ PARSON'S NOSE Mr Bubb Mr Mitchell BOWKRV AMPH1THEATHK. BENEFIT OK MR. W. (J. J0NE8. THIS EVENING k'eb. 27?The performance^' will commence witn the CARPENTER OF ROUEN. , t _. llaripmwuHip, Vmi|:ir,i{i (jymmuti<*i and Sporti of toe Ring* "y In* Cjrietinan t.ompany. The who'e to conclude with BKN THE "OA i KWAIN. IJ. IT" Boim 2$ ( >nu I'll UK CaoW Doori open at half peat h? I erforni at T o deck. AHKKICA.1 nUIKUk, AND PERPETUAL FAIR EVERY DAY AND VENING THIS WEEK. L.7t,rely of THE VOllNO WIZARD OF TIIK NORTH. SiONOR FRANCISCO. Ml S A ill. vNMIAmD. the celebrated tod only female jacgler to America, engaged. Signor MONTIVk IX). with hig umrtrtally! admired ITALIAN MARIONETTES. Mr T O. IllXlTII, the celebrated comic linger II I) AIIEKMAN. the beautiful Balled Singer, ud LA PEl ITE IE" ll'O, theadmiied Danaetu*. ThetHPSEY <<0 K. r.N, the moat aurprieing Fortune Tiller in the world, may begprivately conai.lted et all time*. Performance, eeeiy evening at 1M o'clock, end Wedawday and Saturday afternoon* at 3 o'clock. T.cke'a 2i renU?children under ten Teen 1|W cent*. Twenty-AeecenU eitre for pnrete couanlutiona with the Oipeer tlneen. fj4re TENTH ANNUAL MILITARY AND CIVIC HALL N E W Y O R K'IVR ASS BAND. I'lie Member* ol the New York llraai Rand re pewtfnlly li* form t eir friend* and the public that thnr Teeth Aaaual oll'iUry and J'-iric Ball will b- gireu at the Apollo Halooa no l L ^Y hVKNINO. March lat. Dnnng lb# iniermiaaioe, iha Bin" will appear in full uniform .and perform the Hollowing piece* of mane, written etpretilv for ihn oecenoa by C. B. (anfulla, ?it:? Duetto for "wo Cornet* Ca?alry Oalop Labittki Huickatep. dedicated to Ihe Sereuih Compuiy of National (In irila. Captain Denike Urafull* Ti'keta. admitlii g a geiit'einan and ladie* on# dollar each? em be obtained fi#m *"y member of the Baud, at the Apollo So loon, or at N Lothian'*, corner of Walker and Cewtre atreeta O" Military genllemaw are | articularly reqaaeted to appear in uniform _ CM M*ec BA,L, BALL, I HE ne*t Ball (by invi atom) will be riren nnTiradav ' reinng. "'h ilia' . at Ttvot.i Saloon rain or anow.? Tickef* in.v he ha I of Mr A P Le'nrwe 191 ' anal a rr at; Collier''. Merchant* El change; RntiDr It Wemnak'r* 3 Natran .{reel, I Ultoni Home Eirhtage; I'heml Coffee Hnuae, and atlhetaloon. _ _ fJ6 3ti?*re KKEEEXHIBITION <?k ORIGINAL PAINTlNOtVit Salralor Roaa. Veron' Audree. iniartgBO. lie.?Apply li W*lk*r ilr?et,*T??d?f i 1 ' *a> I o'elooh. f*J * ?

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