Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 29, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 29, 1844 Page 1
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T H Vol. No. ttO?Whole No. 30 JO. To the Public. f THE NEW YORK HEUAI.D?daily newipaper?published every day of the year except New Year'* day and Fourth of July. Price J cent* per copy?or >7 M per annum? postages paid?cash iu advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?publiehed every Saturday morning?price tij cent* per copy, or %3 li par annumpostages paid, cwh iu a lvance. ADVERTISERS ate informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing last. ft hue the large ft circulation of any paper in this city, or the teorld, and it, therefore, the beet channel for husinen men in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kind* executed at the moat moderate priee, and in the moet elegant atyle. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. raoraiaToa or thk IUsald Establishmcnt, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau itreeti. NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND .TRANSPORTATION COMPANY HEW ARKANOKMLNT, COMMENCING OCT. HTH -1943. MM MgAi flygi ^rri FAKE REDUCED TO TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. From Ilia foot of Courtlaudt street, Now York. (Every day?Sundays excepted.) Leaves New York. !.??? Newark. At A.M. At 3 P.M. At 7)f A.M. At 1R r. M 9 do. I do. I do. 4 do. 11 do. 4 do. 9 do. do. 5 do. 10R do. 9R do. 7 do. IN SUNDAYS. Lmtn Now1 jrk. Leaves Newark. At 9 A. M. and 4^ P. M. At lR P. M. and 9R P. M. The cars of the Morru and Essex Railroad for Orange, MillMile. Submit, Chatham, Madi'on, aud Morristown, run through from Jersey City without change, and connect with 9 A. M. and 3 P. M train* from New York. NEW YORK AND ELIZABETH TOWN. Leavea New York. Learea Elizabeth Town At I A. M. At a P. M, At 7 A. M. JR P. M. 9 do. 3 do. 7R do. 5 do. 11 do. 3 do. IR do. 9R do. 7 do. 10 do. 1 P.M. The train* for Weetfield, Plainfield, Rouudbrook, Homer ville, kc., connect with the I A. M., and 4R P. M. ; train* from New York daily. Sundays excepted. _ Far* between New York and Elizabeth Town 25 cent*. Fare between do. and Somerrille. 75 cent*. NEW YORK AND RAHWA1 Leaves New York. Leavea Rahvray. At A. M At 3 P.M. At 6RA.M. At 3 P. M 9 do. 3 do. 7 dt. 4R do. 11 do. 5 do. 9 do. 9 do. ' " il? Pi.. NKW rORK AND NAW BRUNSWICK. From foot of Conrtlandt street, New Yerk, daily Leavea New York. Leaves New Brun*witk. At 9 A. M. At 9 P. M. At A. M. At 13 M. 3 do. 7R do. 8R P. M. ON SUNDAY? Leaves New York Leaves New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. and 4RP. M. At 13 A M., and 8R P. M. Fare, except in the Philadelphia trains, between New York and New Branswick. 50 cent*. Between New York end Kahway, 35 cents Newark, Eliza be tfttown, Rahway, and New Brunswick passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket office, re ceive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the con doctor orly on the day when purchased The commutation fare between New York and Rahway and intermediate places,has been reduced (including ferry) to $50 per year ; between New Brunswick and New York $75 per year. n!9 3m PATER5LW RAILROAD. MMAl MMAl b ARE THREST SHILLINGS AND SIXPENCE: On and after Monday, Oct. M, lSTs^Ui* cars will leave PaTERION Oep?t. Leave New Yore. SAM. A.M. llJd " WX P. M. > p. M. r * The Bandar Train* will be diacontinned until farther noice. 'i'renipoftation nan leare dailr (Sunday* eacepted.) rassea gets are advised to be at the Kerry, foot of Conrtlandt street. ? few minntre before the stared hours of departure Jyl9 #m* NEW YOKkAND PHILADELPHIA HA .IHJADLIM. DIRECT, BKok Newark, Newbrunswice,Princeton. Trentow, Borbentqwn An* Burlington. THROUGH IN 81X HOURS. Leaving New York daily from the foot of Courtlaadt St. Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at 4X P. M. The Morning Line proceed* to Bordentown, from thence by iteamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceed* direct to Camden (oppoiite to Philadelphia) without change'of cart. Paiiaager* will procure their ticket* at the office foot of Cotutlaudt atreet, where a commodious steamboat, will bo in reddiness. wifh baggage crate* on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to city, wihout being opened by the way Each train is provided with deary which are a per tin nit* and dressing rooms ei; trssly for Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from'the foot of Walnut street, by steamboat to Bordentown at T o clock, A. M. and by railroad bora Camden, at 4 o'otock, P. M. The lines for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 7X A. M., and 4 P. M. being a continuation of thsliuas from New York. j9 Jm*ra NEIV YORK fy HARLEM RAIL ROAD CO. SPRING ARRANGEMENTS. WwWlPP In order to accummoOaie tint public generally, tod the reideuta of forkvilie, fhrlmi mid Westchester Couuty pi ticoln ly, the <"omf any will nm their Cub, on and after March 1st, 18U, in the following order :? WeCitv Hdlfor Lease. Harlem for Leave WiUianubridgliai-leirfeVV'bridK CitF Hall. for City il 11. 6 10 a.M. 7 10 A.M. 7 20 A.M. 7 CO t 111 t 20 8 00 10 50 10 30 11 30 . 1 20 P. M. I 00 P. M. 2 00 r. M. 3 10 3 20 J CO 1 10 1 20 4 00 S 10 S 20 J 30 7 20 7 00 On Sunday, if the weather ia fine the train ca'a will run every hour. The City Hall and 27th street line will run aafollowa:?From 7 A. M e- cry ten minutes t 'rouuliout ihr day until 7 30 P M. The Vxtra Night Lire will ruu as lolluwt Leive City Hall for 27th street, 8. 8 30, 9,9 30, 10, 10 30, H, II 30 and '1. Leave 27th street for City Hall, 7 10, 1.1 30, 9, 9 30, 10, 10 30, II Mid 11 30 Persons wishing to commute, n ill find it their internt to do to, as >h* fare in such cases will b r-duced Please apply at their office, No. 1 Try on l(ow, co'iier of Ceu'iw street opposi'f the Park. Wll. S. CARMAN, f 27 2w?rc Secretary. BOSTON BUSINESS EXPRESS AND POREIUN 1/ETTER OFFICE, a THE subscribers have made arrangements to run an Express via Stouinston, to Bo.tou, lo. ihr transaction of buttueaa, and the tansportatv n of I flc-*2L.small Ptcksgea, Bank Notea, Urdeis.atc., at oat h4U mr, ror.Hti MTxi , Que thrfi.m will receive such orders as may he entriuted di er them iu Bosto^ in person. and return ihe an.w^rsaas on as the boats a'rive iu New York. * Ir orrisn ! *tters 'wwardrd ky the Cunard Steamers from Bos on Let it. can be pre-paid at this olfica, for any part of Great it S lain or Continent. K. IRROTT fc CO. 20 Wall street, New York. X i*.vt Boston, 10 Congirss street OAJLY EXPRESS. ' ^ subscribers run their Fs press regularly, . ~""1 i<y via Housatrmic Haitroail, (tiunanys rxA. *o and Crotn New York, Albany anil Bufm intarnaediate placet, for the transpor _ JIU? .,1 mcm, hank note*. ounoic* mm pacaSl , . ting bill*, aote*, draft* and account*, Y . t . *k, a, M. arriving hi Albany tit* ?.'i ira the United State* Mau. ,1 l r, 'MEROY it CO iWaUatreet. ON ENULAND. IRELAND about -emitting money to therr y^HPKBkti Old Country can be (applied &am* ot ?1. ?3, ?J, ?5, ?lf, mHHoi ijt,' <000 or any amoant, payable oft d*m at ' tlnrttdi'V V other charge it 1the Natiomtlfcu-V ir'. nd Pm> do, Bait, Sou fcCo., B* i. . ,. w.J., v Co , Eichange and Di?roont Bank,' ,,, i fcattai of Scotland; Gtewioeli Banking Cm, ,. Si,- Wm. k w anttr k Co., Scotland, and the b.-t, . i,, ?erv poe, ? ughout Koglaud, lreland, Scon,,,fl , wh 'h -tgA V><1 lie forwarded by either of lb* mcataif th* 1Mb, iltt* Wth, or the steamer Caledonia wiling '>oalo?o I March. ^A^ly to At U- etsnwl ,e e,? Peck *u'p. fclire con fSouth street - ,~JK T' jTi) x AM. IVEKPOOL. The h il all *t?am hip H1BER sZkM%I3* VI A. C. B Ij ' kin*. Es-j Commander, ' ivrft. ,u. rtKn aboy*port* on Fn-rhli S&'cV.::-.::::::::: :v v.:$iS: b D-^V,'w?^ WINTER AIl&AN. .1ENT-f?R ALBANY. _ VI* Bit 'iRPOft t id iMAdg Hotr.aTi.-tr fcW*.- in l^garfgggj^BRaii.uiioap, uatlv, I Pa**MMtera Ibr Albany b/th te ?il tak* th"n<"? * rlegant (taajmboat NIMROD, I 'Broke which if i-" Ntw Yotw from foot Liberty ttm , undtlmortiiiiirKW MM tPglonk. for Bridgeport, tk by tUli< Uuaic VYntern Railroal*, w?houtchaa?, , it a-' u H?er crap l? Albany, arming mine waning at ) <?V a \ **rr u* a KorpaiMge or Freight, apply on boar-' ,t th olll?e. 1 -ct efC^nr"n^ O. V. .** Agent Jft ? ? "jM low?,???t- mb0'*%#h " New Ship ONill)A?r,M,{ m M Jmh.*" f ?Xa - ; i ' I B AL&^Ttk- i November.1' ^ Be, Ship BALI IMOKE, vlet April ulfihNL Captain j 1st August. lith BejuamW, ui nrni'i Fnnck.r l?t December-. I1 t?th Januar Ship UT1CA, lit May, , 16th Juuc. Captain ' lit Septembar I6th October Frederick Hewitt. I l*t January. I 1sth Kebmar New (hipBt. NICHOLAS! let June. MfithJuly C*PU'" i .. n .. ;,!,lPc'obOT- '>??> November. _. J". B. Pell, | lat bebraary, jtth Mar?h, The accommodation* of theee ahipe are aot ?urpa*?ed, combining *11 that may be repaired for comfort. The price of c* bin l>*M*geill ?!?#. Passengers will be (applied with every re' qtilsite-with the eiception oT wine* and liquors. (booth intended for thwte re*,e|, will beforwarded by the *ah criben, free from any other than the eiuetmen actually incurred on them. Kor freight or pa?aga apply to ? m aw- BOYD fc hIncKKN, Agenta, icJJ ec No. Tontiae Building, cor. Wall and Water it E NE NEW FOR NKW ORLEANS. LOUISIANNA AND NEW YORK LINE OK PACKETS jffy Jfc Ml For the better accommodation of ilii|>|?-ri, it If nAended in " despatch a ship from tins pint on tin, ui. Sth, 10th,bill. 20lh, u and 2Mb ol each mouth, commencing the luth October and con- " tiuuiiiK until May, when regular d.m w ill lie appointed for the . , remainder of the year, whereby civ.u delay* and disappoint menu will be prevriited during the tununtr months The fnl lowing ships will eiMiiuieuca this arrangement: Ship YAZOO, Captain Cornell. o Ship MI8818Ml^pfcipufH"HTl iard. j Ship LOUISVILLE. Captain Hnnt. " HI.,., MHAKWPV.A IIP. Pannla Mlnar. Ship GABTQN. Csptara Latliam. | Ship HUNTSViLLE, Captain Mumford. ? Ship OCMULOEE. Captniu Leavitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson, w Ship MEMPHIS, Csptain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford. These ship* w?rr all built in the city of New York, expressly for packets, at* of light draft of water, have recently been ? newly coppered and put in apleudid order, with accommodation* for passenger* unequalled for comfott. They are com- T mauded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion X to give general satisfaction. They will at all timea be lowed up and down the Miasiaaippi by steamboats. Neither tlte owners or oaptaius of these ships will be respon- fr si bit' lot jewelry, bullion, precious stone*, silver or plated ware, or for anv letters, parcel sr package, sent by or put ou Board of them, unless regular bills of lading an taken for the same and the value thereon expressed. n for freight or passage, apply to I irK/COLLINS at CO.. M South St., or 4I HULLIN Ik WUODHUkK. Agent in New J, Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to their address 41 The ships of this line are warranted to sail punctually as ad vertised, and great care will he taken to have the goods correct bi Iv measured ml 0] PASSAGE FROM GREATBRITAIN AND IRELAND d m m. ^HSYTHE BIIACPBALL OTOLO LINOTT LIVERPOOL PACKETS. T (Bailing from Liverpool on the 7th and 10th of every month.] 1 Persona wishiug to seud to the Old Country for their friends Can make tlw uecosaary arrangsment* with the subscribers, and u have them come out in this auiierior Line of Packets, Bailing ft Irom Liverpool punctually an the 7th and 19th of every month- gl They will also have a first rale class of American trading ships, r1 sailing every six days, thereby affording weekly communica- ra tion from that port. One of the tiroi (Mr. James 0. Roche) is p, there, to see that they shall be forwarded with can and dee- rj patch. Should the partira agreed for not come out, the money will be returned to those who paid it here, without any reduc- tl tion. V The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, comprise h the following mugmficeut Ships, viz m The OXFORD, The NEW YORK, sa CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS. EUROPE SOUTH AMERICA. u ENGLAND NORTH AMERICA. c< With snch superior and unequalled arrangements, the sub- to scribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that sup- hi port which has been extended to tliem so many years, for which they are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting mousy to their relatives, can n xt all times obtain Drafts at sightfor auy amount, drawn direct J on the Royal Bank of Ireland. Dublin, also oil hi Messrs. PRESCOT'f, GROTE, AMES h CO. "i Baukers, London, p| which will be Paid on demand at any of the Banka, or their Branches, in all the principal towns throughout Ebgland, ire- rl _, ROCHE. BROTHERS A CO. 35 Fulton street New York, next door to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packet* cail from tkia port for Liverpool on the lit and 19th of each month. Partita returning to the old country will find it to their comfort aud T advantage to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, in r preference to anv other. 11 ?f?- FOR LONDON?Kefular Packet ol the lat Si klij^Vor March?The bat sailing packet ship V1CTOR14, aBflSn'-si>tam E. Morgan, will sail aa above, her regular n day. A Having very superior accommodations for csbin, second ea- th bin and steerage paascngess, persons wishing to embark should t? make immediate application to hi JOSEPH McMURRAY, fc f2ltlstMrc UMI fine street, corner of Booth. m FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE.?Regular !! asH^V'Packet of Mtk Maruh.?The splendid packet ship Qi BbROSClUS. Capt. Julia Collins, of 1M0 tons, will sail as above.her regular day. For freight or passage, having ac- a commodations unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to tn E. K. COLLINS A CO. |j Price of passage, $100. M South street. The packet ship Siddons Capt. E. B. Cobb, of 1090 tons, will succeed the Koscins, and sail the gnth April, her regalar f(] Passengers may rely upon th* ships of this line sailing pane [[ tually as advertised. f27 |n "gbHe-" J'Ott LIVERPOOL?The New Lin- twlhi ? ggJjfV Packet 21at March;?The superior New_York nuilt |j' nanipui'i imp ?u ui.iuiJi.ti, i-apt Ira Unrjley.lUiO torn burthen, will mil u above, her regular day. ' * For freight or passage, having very superior accommodation*, apply to the Captain on board, at west aide Burling alio, of to , WOODHULL It MINTURN8, d< 87 Booth at. _ The auperior packet ahip Liverpool, Capt John Kldridge, 1056 tona burttieu, will succeed the Hotlinguer, and anil on her regular day, 21st April. f22rc FOR LIVERPOOL?Keirular Packet of the Cth ai ?A*fVM?rch-The splendid packet shin PATRICK HEN- V JttsmKssttY, Captain Delano, burthen 1090 tone, will as [ above, her regular day. The accommodations for cabin, mcend cabin and ale-rage passenger* are unsurpassed by anv vessel in port. Peraoua wishing to embark should make early indication on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to J McMIJRRAt, ., 105 Pine street, cor of South street t Persona wishing to se?d for their Iriends can have them brought out by the above ship or any of the icgnlar packets sail F ing weekly, by applying a* above, it by letter post paid. P. H.?Drafts Hs'gbt, for la-ge or imill sums,are diawu by tS t?e subscriber on tne Provincial Bank of Irelaud, payable at *, their reipeclive Brae chea thronghout the Country. Also, ou Messrs Hpoounr, An wood Ik Co., Bankers, London, payable in '1 every town in Great Britain. 1*28 loMfirc , old black ball link ofTackets- k! sflHWWThe packet ship OXFORD. Captain Ra'hboue, will NMifabe despatched for Liverpool on the lit of March, lis ?her regular day. Those wishing to engage passage will reouira to make early Li application to JOHN HERDMAN. ce 61 Smith st. ~ N. B ?Passage from Great Britain and Ireland can be secnr- ^ ed hr the first spring ships of the liae, at the lowest rats: and drafts cap, aa usual, be furnished for any amount, payable in all the principal town* without any charge, ihroaghont Great Britain and Irelaud. en application aa above T22 to 1 rrc A BLACKBALL, OH OLD LINE OF LIVER ^ flfVPOOL PACKETS?FOR LIVF.RPOOL?Regolai co MMEgPecket of the 1st March The remarkably Cut saik du ing favoritegneket s tip OXFORD,hu-.theu 900 tons, ''aptain J?i Ralhbone, will positively sail on Friday, 1st of March, her iu regular d*V. . It is welt known to the travelling pnblic, that the accommo '?< dar.ions rf the Black Ball Lineof Packets, (<rr Cabin, second all cshiu and steerage passengers, are nnsnriiasted by any other line th< or vessel in port, Those now or hereafter rrturoiug to the old wt conatry, will at all lime* lind it to their iuterrslanil comfort to < '? select this conveyance. For passage, apply oa board, foot ol <* ISeekmen st. or to the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS at CO., 15 Fnltpnatreet, I 27 2ICC nest door to the en 1 ton Bnnlr tW J&L 'Ol-Ta tail Oth of March?The P, tCMVnhir SOU 1 HE UN EH. T. D. Palmer, nuilrr, will ? ^ fatail on the above lay. t or passage only, apply ou hoard, pirr 21 Perk S!j\ or to ?, WOODHULL It MINTURkS. T "ft" ?7 South .tieet A " i . in MS PA'SAOE FROM DUBLIN. CORK. WATER WffytOMI), UKHRV. COLk.llMNe, tiELFAsT, w ( pts^'ewr , D*, Ac ? Persons wishing to seod /or Wl their irirud c*h have th-in brought ont Ironi any of the above 1,0 pOrta in firat clue A me icrn Packet Ships, ou the m<>?r twuon- r able terms, and wirhont theirexprrieueiiig any unnecessa y da- L tenilou. Mr W. Ta scott, on* of the firm, will he on the _ spot to jrire hii personal attention to the passengers engaged by the subscribers or their a,e..w lie-a, and persona may rely ,, that the wtshts and comforts of those ak*' passage mry be ^ engaged by them will h<ve ell due and proper attention. Kor particulars apply, if by letter, noet-raid, W 1 W. It J. T. TAP8COTT at their (leneral Passage OBlee, 43 Peek Klip. cor. Bnuli street, j* alit'f. also. Drafts may be nbcained, for large rr ainatl iuma, " ' eyable on demand, wvhnut discount or >ny other ehuiga, al .* the National or ProvincLu Banks of Ireland, or any o! their j,? branches thrnuiihout th* Kingdom fe22 rc ..I'OK LI VBRPOOL?Kegnlar Packet of Che lat of ??' IgjUVMarch, the apl*ndid packet snio OX e Olll), Captain "t| JHBKaaKathbone a> ill aail as abova, her rrcular day. naviiK very anperior accommodations for cabin, second (? cabin ami auarage passengers, persona wishing to embark and ;u deairona of stealing good bertha, should make early application hoi to JOSEPH McMlTRHAY, J ftJ Jtrc 10? Pius street corner of Sooth. <n? gdBfr. FOR OLABOOW?KROULAR TRAPER- *3?W ta sail March 6 ?The fine, fast sailing British Biraue MMUmADAM CARK, Captain Robert Hcort, will sa l for th- above port on Uth March. For Height of 200 balm Cotton. or bulk M1MTURNB, 07 Sotth street. '* bV I'AaSAivK MJrt. OLAPOOW?Will have im mediate dispsteh, the splendid, feat stiling regular tor jHhftw'acket ship ADAM CARK, Captain Scott, will anil j at above. uu She has excellent arrommorlauont for cab n, second cabin and steerage pattrngnrs. Those wishing to sec ore berths ! should make early application to W.kJ.T. TAMCOTT. 41 Peck slip. cor. South st. I The Ad im Carr will sail from (llasgnw a boot the la. of Flay . ?thute desirous ol' iteming for ihrir f.ieudi, can have them ry brought oot in this fine ship on Die inost reaaouabls terms by I apply ing as abova. fl7ec N< ~PAC KKTKOK IIAVHK-H S^ond tin. /Tffc i'?, tW Ship ONKJDA. Jtnin hunck, matter, will nil on , MMiilv let of M?rch. For feight or paeaaga, apply to BOYD fc HINUKhN, No. 1 Tontine Building, _ n re OotnM Will ud WiM itmu. FOH. MARSKILLFH? Pocket ol lit of March? p JJJWThethip HKNHY THOMPSON, Copt. Sylraeter L ' JHHNw For freight or paeeage, apply to ,in LAWKfcMli k P11F.LP8, ? lnj Front at met, or to Br BOYD k HINCKtN, Agenli. , 'JtoMlee 9 Tontine Building, cor Wall and Water m. , FOR NEW ORLKTaNB-Limiamna and New j ffWYork Line?Poeitieely Firat Regular Packet. to eail it. .ewLon tlie Ut of March ?Tim I'nt ?nliug packet alnp SF.R, C?pt. V.H.Minott, will aail aa ubove. her regular J I ! r freight or paeeage haying haudaoine fn run hod ar- ?' , to tinea, apply on hoard at Orleana wharf, foot of Wall , . , hi K COLLINS k CO.. M South atreet > r,, uo freight recaierd after Thuraday evening, the pj i Mwj era . e Jianiculaily rujwated to aeiid m their Bi!Ia of ( r ?or \. Til ple??e be on hoard, at Orleana wkirf, foot of \ A u mo row (Friday) morning, at Ido'nlock, at -me hip will Mil. L J 111 tli a lina uuy rely upon hating their gooda eor- 111 , Orleana, Hnl'in ft Woodruff, who will ~~ ..." a ... goodr to their addrei* ranton, Capt O. Kldridge. wSI anrreed the f'4?ae * lth M*rch' r>?wl,r "ty- f?Mm rnq. u '"-It fIOEON8?Kor Mle, a lot of fraeh im A I 7, ,,a" .. nuaiating of black, blue, dun ana white el fa _L ' ' Lie*1 *o uteri ( a great Tirietv of Tamhler,, (r Ol a 7nlT.hl vur 'i Hoada t black do, ailtar do buck be , Sro.,,, ZZ \ aileer it ; Almuud Tnmblera; hlack, blae, L a and Tnrbatta, of all the known l.l ?" t'i, , r_.k :A u'tiie f' fa mod Antwerp rigeana, ao Juetly pe eel . !;Jvl - Ttraoril power of flying long, and re oa IT jftl 1 tlv"h H. OROOM go V 1 W YC YORK, THURSDAY MO AMERICAN iFoTEL, i PHILADELPHIA. rUIlS new houie is situated on Che*tuut street. opposite the < L SiHte IIoii>e, (Independence Square,) ruid in the immediate ciuicy of all the fiuhaonable placet of amusement and resort. I It has been built in the moat thorough manner, by John J. tdftwey, Esq , and contain* upward* of one hundred rooms, any of which are parlors with bedroom* adjoining, luitable r (amities, and parties of ladies and tent I emeu. It will be tarnished throughout, (without regard to expense) ith new and elegant furniture of the most approved * tyle, ana wiied for the reception of the travelling public,ou the first day r March neit. The proprietor* flatter themselves, that their long experience | i the business. will rnable them to conduct the American HoI, in all it* departments, in ?ueh a manner a* will please the ost fastidious, and guaiautee to their guests every comfort id luxury, that can oc found in any Hotel in the United lutes. N B ?Bathing Room* are attached to the Hotel, where arm and cold water baths will at all time* be in readiness. t I;. ja^VES MA'^^ELLAN, }p'oprietor?- ! January lith, 1X4. Imrc | exchange hotel?baltimore. ^HASTUS COLKMVN hu lhi? day taken HENRY K. J JACKSON into partnership. n"d la future the hum* will ? rond'ici-d iu the name of COLEMAN h JACKMUN. The patronage of the travelling public, and influence of oar ieuds, 11 tespee.tlully solicited, , Baltimore, pVbrunry I, 1814 fl Im ee i havana mansion House hotel [HIE undersigned take* occasion to inform hi* friend* and L tho public, that the Mansion Hour i* aow located in lalisidur street, No. ST. iu tho ricimt) of the st>-nuiboat landing id vegetable market, haying commodious family apartments Tanged in the neatest order. A person i* employed to procure permit* to load passengers, negate, 6tc. who will board vessels immediately after the visit f the revenue officers. N. b.?Visitors to this Island should procure t passport from le Spanish Consul, at tne port of embarkstios, to obviate difsulties and inconvenience. sTUinec* WILLIAM FULTON. engli8h advertisement. ONDON-S'T KATHARINE'H HOTEL, opposite the J 8.. Katharine's Dock (dates, ana nenr the Royal Mint. HOMA8 LENNEY, late Caret Steward of the British ;ueeu Steamship, resliectfully informs hu friend j in tire United tares, thnt he has the management of the above new and eleinl establish "eut, which is built uad tarnished regardless of tpense, and it in every respectaoapted for the reception of laities and gentlemen visiting England, as the hotel frouta that irt of the dock In which the liners and most of the other Amecan vessels lav, and is witiua Ave minutes walk of the Bauk id Royal Exchange. The house will be conducted on liberal id economical principle*. The Co gee Room is supplied with le London, American, East Indian and Colonial papers. The iands, Wines, fcc. are ol the Drat quality. A good Billiard oom and Warm Baths will be lonnd in the house. dentition may contract by the week or month for board, he. on the ime term* as in America. T LENNEY begs to assure those who may honor him with leir patronage that nothing shall be wanting to render them im for able, and by attention to the wishes of nia guests, hopes i merit that confidence and good will so liberally liestowed on im when steward of the British C|ueen dltr baths at the globe hotel. PHF. proprietor of the ah ive establishment would inform the I- public and the frequenters of this house that (lis Baths ive been cloied some time for the purpose of refitting and put UK tliem in proper order, and they are now abundantly sop led with the Crotou water, good attendance, and every other qni.i e to promote h sltli and comfort, aud will oumiupou le lit of March nest. Entrance in Bros'way tlwottQb the ntel.andiu New stiset. K. BLANCARD. fri lm?rc IQAUNIN'M lucina cordial, OR, ELIXIR OF LOVE. pOR the siieedy and certain cure of femah' irregularities, im potency, barrenness, llnor albus, incipient consumption, instutionnl debility, whether the result of imprudence, lilies or accident The sensation produced by this wonderful medical discoverr iu Paris, has bein nearly equalled by its introduction into merica. Numerous test monials have been teceivsd from iose whose constitution Was a mere wreck, bat who have en invigorated by this incomparable Cordial. Others who id niuej their health by their own folly or estravaganee.hava isnd iu this cordial th? means if restoration. rfte> all other ledical am had uaerl >n vain. The hitherto childless firede has often been rendered happy, and the infirm, the impotent id the debilitated lure ag tin exulted in the elasticity and vigor f bygone days. Tl e agent of one of the interior villages cf New York states case, in which by the us* Of two bottle* of Lneina Cordial, a tuple after four years of bitter disappoijmeut, we.e ejuhleti i rejoice over the reali sation of the fondest hopes of a married fe. The agent fur the city of A., New York, told a bottle to a tutlemau who had been afllictad with a disease of the urethra rale ven tears. Jii a few days be returned and said he had tiered far mote benefit from the one bottle tha i from medical eatincut for eleven years. He iminedi taly bought six bottles ore. Uur space f .rbids us to name the manv eases to which eare at liberty to inter. Tha universal satisfaction which iia inestimable Elixir lias riven, not a single complaint barK been made, Unci one of the least wool's of its unrivalled ceWe ict. Prire S3 per bottle. Mold at 98 Nassau street. New York ; 90 North street, Philadphia ; Smith St. Fotrle, 138 Washington itiest, Boston. Ie*7.ltp?nc MERCANTILE LIBRARY, CLINTON HALL. 20,(100 VOLUMES! EVENTY BRIT 1 Mil and AMEBIC AN PERIODICALS. 1ERSONS not engaged in. mercantile pursuits may become subscribers, on payment of live dollars a yew?being the me terms en which Merchants are admitted. By order. CHAtl. M. WHKATLET, IS lm*m Recording Secretary. OR LITERARY INSTITUTIONS AND PUBLIC AND PRIVATE LIBRARIES. IOMER'S ILIAD, in Seven Lauauages, a highly finished 1 edition, pnblistird at Florence, (lealy.) GREEK TEXT. >ntaining a 'iter-1 Latin translation by Hayne, a Metrical ertion in the Latin Inngnage, by Cnuich, in the Italian by ouU. in the German by Vnss, in the English by Peps, in tha tench by Aiguan, and in the Spanish by Garcia Mala. This work comprises twenty-four numbers, forming two ndsome quarto volumes. Each number contains a superb itg'aving, designed by Professor Neneini, from Florence. '1 he price of each number is $i JO?two numbers to be pnbbed monthly. I [C?" Subscriptions received at Mr. RICHARDS' Office, 74 ' apenard street, corner of Broadway, over the New York Lynin ft lm*ec j WILLIAM T. JENNINGS fe CO., \ DRAPERS AND 'JAILORS, NO. #31 BROADWAY, MERCIAN HOTEL,(OPPOSITETHE FOUNTAIN.) OLIC1T attention to an invoict of NEW OOODB received per last steamer, direct from onr agent id London, nsistiag ol Cloths, Caasimeres. in vsriuus new styles, spleu1 Silks and Satins for dress Vests, Merino, Velvet*, (sc., th a lame a.mnrtment of rich Si t k and Satin neurfi. Cravats. indkrrchicfs, Glove*. 8u*j*>uders, Dressing-robes, Sic. We would suggest to our patrons tint Irom tins additional llity, w* shall able to aupply them at an early date with | l tlie novelties of the London and I'arit market*, and anauin 1 " reputation of tha establishment lor the moderate prices u lien nave elicited an liberal a patronage atace the adoption pt J; ready money system, by which we are *u .bled to foroiaK I rmenta at from 2d to ii per cent leu than formerly?a ' tore in the establishment, which must coinnteud it to those ? luiring article* for immediate one, ia 'he addition to our >ck of an aaaoitaimt of first quality READY MADK OAK- 1 KNTS, including Hurtouta, Cloaks, Drras and b rock Coats, J ntalooua and Vest*. Itc. j*28 lm*ee * CLOTHING MANUFACTURERS. ' 'HE anhacrihrri would inform merchants visiting the city, who wish their nwu goods manufactured, that tlieji are 'pared to umiufacore every description oi Clothing, b roui ir being aecns'omu] to manufacture for thv Southern and , eafern marten for the Init twelve yesrv, th-v feel confident, tli.the large uumlwr of hand* in their employ, to get up a >c.'t at ahort notice and with enure satisfaction. MANN 8L MnKlMM, M Caiuunu street. C/ Knickerbocker flugr* paaa close to the a tor*. fid tin rrc * TOTAILOH^. TtNBMKT*' NEW AND COMPEKTK BYBIEM i KOR OUTTTraU every kind of fashionable Garment now p rognc. ia ready for delivery. Aa the reputation ol tlw aa- j jr a* e faahiouable cutter i* too well known to require new*- |< l>er r.onunent, thia ayatem ia with confidence oltered to the t i/le?not aa a mere tkeorrtionl ineention (or apnea latioo,) out 1 ihe moat practical and complete work ever published on this i hjeet. It is the result of many yetra ettensive and fashionsr practice lu New York and Pari*, tad will be found to conin auch ample, plain and precise lust uctthn*. a* to enable rry stndrut tn cat with ease and certainty, all the varlo., ( ties of garment* sow w?'n. both in Karope and America j rhi# arstem cannot be affected by fhe future manges ol f.?ah- , I, and is recommended to the profeeaiou aa standard work, d may he Obtained of tho author, 9J Cedar ?treat, and can be , warded to any part ol_ the UnitedBtates ._i? ?r \lso, complete set*01 racisms ui me v nmi nfwmm nti cut t > sitch sites as ir.ay be required, tad wsrrnnteu to j with e*eeend eievslice. I'" I m s?e j, SCOTT'S BAZAAR, lEY STREET. Number 37, between Brovdway and Ureeowich SANDS. Hi;()TT returns his moat sincere inks to his friends and the public at terse lor the libe- i support recetyad since heo|?ned the shore house, and hopes ] the same strict attention to merit a coniiuuauce thereof. t rhe qualities of his Ales, Wines, Liquors arid Cigars, are , > welt kiown to need comment. ft Inrre assortment of Kefreshnieuta to be bad at all honrs < til 12atni|(ht, such as? } Beef Steaks, Poached K|(t, Sardines I, Mutton Oops Cold Ham. Buckwheat Cakes Kri-d Kidneys, Cold 1 :<>rn d Beef, Coffee and Tea, r iiam and Eggs, Pickled Tongues. Welch ltarubits,8tc. Dublin lirowu-stont always on d'wgnt \ Rood Dinner ol Roast or Boiled Meats for one shilling eye, \ day from one to thiee o'oloca. , Pamilies supplied with the h-st Seoteh and Irish Whisker, j house better supplied with English Irish. Scotch, Welsh d city I .ipers. Always the latest possible news bp the , tamers, ' Hood Rooms for Private Parties Clubs, Meetings and RcJ , slices filtm'ne | TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS. ! | M PEYSER It CO. (lately removed Irons the corner ol i "s William aud John, to No. <0 John street,) offer for sale t liberal terms, wholesale and retail, tlie followingaiticlcs, t isived by recent arrivals ? I rlin best Zephyr Worsted?the most complete assortment in < hit country. I avast, for Embroidery, of cotton, silk and wanted, m all ? sidths. ( rlin Embroidery Patterns?of the choicest and neweut d-s- | union; Embroideries, finiohed and commenced. on velvet, t ills, worsted and cotton, worked in the mast tasteful Pari- < nan style | iseels for Hsir Ureases, of gold, silver,sod silk and tiaaslled; i Bracelets, Combs, Hair Puis, and a Urge variety of other j icautiful Paris Kencr Articles. _ . . < rse Omamenta?bteel, gilt and silver Beads; Bugle's Parse < twist, plain and shailed, in sticks and spools, Embroidery ind flower Chenille, ol silk and metal and silk. iso. Fringe*, Uitnps and Cord and Tsssait, imported end of i heir own maunfartnre, of gold, silver, oilb, Re. all colore i ind widths _ _ ? I T Branch Store at 360 Uroadwav, (formerly (ST Broadway.) i f7 linec e I UMBRELLA5. S LEEP E K, n no THE ns,} NO. I2fi MARKET STREET. PHILADELPHIA, ' NTICIPATINO the revival of bnaineu. have inrmtaed E their stock ?td manofaetnring operations so as to rival the safest es.'ablishmeuti en ths globei Parehasers may tely on \ ing suppltet with any quantity and quality of CMBKEL\s, PaRASOLS ami SUN SHADES, including the ( :e Parisian style . 1 Being deterin lied not to succumb to th? present keyere romtition, their goods are offered at the lowest endurable advi nee ' the real cos ; while constantly on the alert to mtmdnce ink- [ ovements in sty e, and workmanship, flw stock w ill ways comprise the most fsshionakle and best mannfactniM 1 ids in ths mark/1. f It Iwto >RK I RNING, FEBRUARY 29, : FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF THE AFFLICTED. TttF, FOLLOWING Hb KEKENCF.S are dedice.rd to A L their notce at lh?y are ?r<ll acquainted with thf virtu.a of JteCARMINAN'l IA. M Mr. Druih, Cler- in the Recorder'* Office 0f Mr. Martin end Sou, Spnrmak r?. .1 l)r B.-ujamiu K. Latimer, Office 101 Broadway. Mr. Jolui Browu, Itl'i Cti.uliun ntn L Mr. Oconee Merrit, 144 Ulth ?tre-1, "I (Jli?rr Hull, 176 Maiden Lane. home 65 Union Dace. I>? Rev. J W Krdfield, 106 lOtli street. ^Alto, the Librarian of the Odd Kellowe Library, Natioaal ca Mr, J- Coffin, comer of Anthony atreet and Broadway. Mr. A. Hull, Batkrvper of the Kifth Ward Hotel. Mr. Jnliue C. Smith, It* Charltou tract. ?U Mr. A Myvra. Stove Manufactory, 13 Bowery. Mr. I*. Uoualdaon, Author ot tl.a Odd Kellowe OITeriny. F or the eake of eulicriiut humanity we would adviaa all thoae ifnicted wih coukIii, conaumpttoq. liver complaint or dyapeplia, 10 call t n the above named wilueaaee. Upon whoee ftate- nt ggeuti the etncteatjreliauce uiay be placed. Numerous cerli- th CARMINANTIA DEPOT, in f 17 Jm*rc Corner of Greenwich Lane nod 13th it. MONEY TO LBSD. ~~ a A BKAUAM J. JACKSON. Pawnbroker, No. M Itudr street. near BrouqWiv.lo^u money in large or email sums, iQ umv b<? required on W irrties, Jewelry, Milver Ware, Dry f LiooiU, W?arui* Apparel, and par?ouai \>r*\puy of eeer? da cr?rti-?n iV ILLUSTRATED LONDON NKWSTT' " 3000 COPIES foil SJII.E. ! ! WK. UKOUOH. No 304 Broadway, hu received tlua w morning per Hibernit. large aaaortineut of this iplen- ... did periodical, coni'iUug of ill tht number* up to 93, vol 4, Ll Kab. id. at W. K. Brough, being tole agent for lite proprietor* in the Uuixl Statea, b<gi to itale it would be mi advantage to retail at dea'era to ordT them direct from hirn. He can alio inpply all w nrderi for back numhera; alto, portfolio! and covert. Kilt letlend and ornamrnted, for holding the New* imgly or in part*. To be bad, alan, rtU<l of Mt.onit Tattle, No 14* Name treat; (Jroigr Drjlrr. No. 321 Broadway, ard VVadleieli, ot Broadway, con er of Grand. tVhole*alr of VV. K. B , 3< l at Bro-tdwav, mi*t<irt, f2l Iw'm er p.RENCH CHESTNUTS. 1 U8T Ueceived per br UNION, in a abort pneuge from or " Bordeaua, a lot of the fine*t Cheatnuta been hi the eitlr for ci: year*, for tale at BATRSON'S Kruil and Heiar Store, dt ftl lw*ee No. 1 Turk How comer of Ann ?tmrt. w rPUY POTS?Landing from ahip Hottiogeur, for aale ou 1' A favorable terin*, if taken from the veuel. Apply to OEOROE McBKIDE Jr., ar l*3lv?*ee M Cedar ?treat. p8 17ANCY BALL DRESSES, of erery dnacnption, to let T * and made U> order. m .Mauageri of Ball, aud Partiea will And a laigaatoek of feacy th ornament*, if they ihould require Haloona tiondiomely dove- ai rated, by J DEJONGE, " H Warren ?treat, comer of Writ Broadway, IS lm*re . Decorator and Coatumer to the Park Theatre. ? ? in FRENCH CHINA. cr No. 4 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, Up Stain ADALESMK, Importer and Agent for Mauafactnrera, he a alway* on hand a large aasortmeut for dinner and tea aeti In in plain white aud gilt French Porcelain, aa well aa dinner and R denier: plate*.ol all *iz>w, auorted diihee, ionp cireeni, corered diahe*. salad bo-vt*. Irnit baaketa, cmtardi and stand*. c. Alio, Ten and Chocolate Ware, Gr?ek, French and American etial* All th? artielei ar* warranted of the beet qpalitT, and to be nt ,1.4 nm liher*! rrnai .? Int* to anil onrrb.,,.r,. ,17?ni*re la ___ A INVISIBLE Z Will ar CO cloirljr resemble* the real .head of hair On.taceptica and p, U cooooiMCnrahare pronounced it the mnat perfect aud et- L tmordinary invention of the day.- The rreat advantage of thia .. uosvl ami unique wis ii in being madu without sewing or ln weaving, which cause* iu apiwarance* so closely to resemble P( the natural hair, both in lightness and natural appearance, as u> tr defy detection, its texture being so baautUul, so porouaand so qI (Ve, that io all eases of perspiration evsptrmtron is unimpeded, and -ne great evils of other wigs entirety avoided. The sceptic M and couuolssetir an alike invited to iuspeet tills novel and beaul tilul Wig, and the peculiar method of Citing the head, at the manufacturer's. A, C-Baiil .HI BrWway. oarnsr of Liberty ra street, or stslra (S lot*ee CI THE CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN c? BURNS AND CLARINDA. to 'T'lIE whole of the mysterious and secret Correspondence J- which took place between the Poet Bl'Hivs and the cele- jjj tinted Clarinda, Mrs. McLrHosy., in 1787 to US, aud which has been sought lor in rain by Cunningham aud others, for the , [mrnoec of publication, has at Irngth. by the decedte of Cm- _ rinda, fallen into the lutnds of her grandson, W. C. Mcl-ehose, Esq. and is now first given to the world. To the curious iu Burns and Platonics this work will be particularly rrliehed, uid cannot isil to strongly intercut readers in general. It is published in this city aud Edinburgh siinujtaueuuoly. The HU American edition is a neat lltno. volume of abnn'. SO? pages, tluth, gilt?is istaed and lorsale by U. P. HI A Ii V It Co. Jjj No 3 Park Row, eppo?ite the Astor House. ?' Notices of (he Correspondence between Burns aud Clarinda, from the British Journal* y? pa "The Letters to Clarinda ha?e long been Mi by the admirer* so if Hums to tie an important chapter in the Poet's Biography."? ^ "tteidnm have we welcomed a work with warmer feel- u,: ngs tfirtii the one before us. The publication wa* dse to tic he lady of Barns' devoted attachment, and the letters throw th nnch light on many traits in the wildly deriuae character of hz Bard"? JCelro Chronicle ,i. "Wlirreeir tlie name of Robert Burns i* knew*, this book . r ilM received both with avidity and anxiety, as being probaMv the laat of his writings which will be given to th* world, "> led as oringing fully to light a passage in th* Feet's Lift hilh- ad no wrapped iu a mystery, fruitful of painful suspicious."? o'i W/e licrold. ?c A mysterious chapter, perhaps the last tlial remains to be 1 infolded in the present hisle'V of onr great National Bard has ust been opened by a descendant ol one who has been made mmortal by her connexion with genius.?Kilmarnock Jour soi "This volume it invested with an accnmnlalion of attrac- Vv lions, we have not been disappointed, high as our anticipations nrere. The character of Burns is here more fully developed to , u than formerly, and the strange mystery which hung around ' I, si- ft* s . J D J_ .... .LI^L W1 iw uiiHwvaiiT "i ' ift'iiiiw ?uiu vuru>i is, nr nuinvi Bausiicw ily ckaml up."? Scottuwn. O ' 8omeo< our moat delightful epistolary literature lias been mi rodaoed by pouta?uud u> I'ouVand Cowper'a teuera may now vv if vldrd tlmt of Burna."? Brighton Htrald. "Thia m indeed one of tlae curinaities of literature, and may ?eJI be Mid to a turpi y a new chapter in tha I.ifr of Scotlaud a m in mortal foot. H behoeea evrrv admirer of the author of The 'ottcr'a Saturday Night, to pro*Ido himaelf wilha copy."? of unelftwAam JBtmiC ji5iin*m u | GENUINE TEAS, lr" WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. Po THE CANTON TEA COMPANY, lh Ft incinal Storr, lit Chatham rtrret, Snt> York. rn Branch Store, 318 Bletckn it, N. Y. of Jltmry at 118 Fulton Ur'ft, Hvankyn. I |N: 'JBto, corner of Main and Van Hontan it, Fatrrian, AT. J. th [NVITE THE ATTENTION OF CITY AND COUN- Ui L TRY familie* and purchHtrra to their aeveral eatahliih Lh nenta, where they think will be found by fa' the beet ay.' cttmi of pure and unadulterated Teat in the United ^Vi-fel 8"1 Ph? an iveraal popularity Mat reuowa ot their houae^f '^ or mice to h?h qualitiea. low prices and aprigbt^,. ' lav yell uuderalood to render further comment 11/11', Black iru UriBioal and only warehouse Tor ?haa$' the num- ael fea 0baenre-8tnumeraw.ll be Pjrtj^j- j ? betweer lim frof w? oriBcipil itM? in 01 Vnrl mil KoMfvelt 'twui . , . tmkm nAt;P- /??? thu Can The public will alar!!;.*. any other ?U>re? r01 on Tea C:omp?n?- to d.?a lup of thia adeertiae ini rhatrrer, eacept Lhoee described a |m*rc nent. ? .1,1 FRENCH ARTirTClAE FLOWERS, ice. wi r'k^n^^W-'^ a'co m\'de w'aaao* l naent branch Artificial h lvwer?_. Material* of all kins* for 1" lower* Keatlwr*. Hair OraMOtgfV and Millinery articlee-fbr i,ri aleby HLNRY it K '?HN, Importer*, f8tm*r** 7<Liberty *tr?*t. un*fair?. (h| A~uk YOUR BOO KM, TierTu*^ i > KVIDKN<.ks ?n A oV DEBT 8K( UII" D AO.UNST KIRK I Every wl undent man -mure* hU good* from fire; au<i who cm deny tut 111* 111' unite * important to hare * **fe dapMitory for ill book; nd vulaaMr paper* * All butiuct* man *hould give ,0 hit iip roou *ohjrct dim rctlrctxiu, and inform themielve* vha* ife it the hrat protection agaluat fire and biirKlar*; and Al ft> tfwd la* i* anivermally aclu owledged) that the Halaman- ,|G * t the brat, (hail decide whether von will purcta** of the 4 .n who |>ty* th* patentee for the right to fumiah the public ,ith an article warranted emu inc. and ha* nrrer betrayed the ! ootidcnce oftho** who hare trut'ed the^ir property to their *ale "i taepinR, or perrha** of ihw who imitate the real article in a riol.itioo .. .h. muut law. tor which anlt* bn now iientias. i* The gennine Wilder'* Patent Kir# I'roof rvKamaiuiet Kate sau only ba had at the Inn Safe Warrhouae and factory af ' SILASTT Hr.RKlNO, IW Wateritrret. w N. B,?Several good aecond hand donhle Safe*, made by C. tlnyloe, for aale at lea* than on* half of first coat, having w >e*n received in part payment lor the real Salamander So It I milStwrrc t u, J. >1. VAN IlEKtil] Jc SON, c' Importer* of llnvarui and Priprtvr Sefurt, BE(> hare to infirm the public In general, Uiat they htve re- 1 moved from No. 114 *v atnr atreet to -No. 122 William (treet, " ctvuen John and Ktilton atreet*.where tli y intend curving on or he vt-ove huainr** in all it* branch**, both wholesale and retail rn The cli ice?t b-and* at way* ou h ml, *uuh a* La Norma, La p] iabana, K?pnrtero, Habaif, Jurto Sam and every other aott of ?|. 'riucipei; in fact, all thn choice hrand* imported totliitmar;et; aleo rariou* aurte of Doine*t<c Hrgar* Milkn'*, Applebv '*, J ,nd Anderaon'i Chewing and Smnking PobacCo ; Snuff* of a'l (Midi. lo N B?The trad* supplud aa mual. th The rata I *tore will he opened oa Wednesday next, the J8th ( ( natint, where they hop# 11 ?ee their fnendt to inspect their ery superior atoek of Segsr*. I'iT 3t*ec (!AYIiER*H UNION SALAMANDER SAFES. n* J OAVLKR. Inventor and Pmrntee, 1811. Severn! ,, IV. toouianda of (iiytvr'* Patent Kire Proof Book Safes, of t! dl ?irn, from 400 to 10,00* lb*, each have been in nae during " he ln*l t.miteen year*, and not one ha* at any time failed to I'Merve it* contenta when eiposed lo (lie. Nearly one hnn- -J.1 bed have been vry seveiely tested. In the great fire of I835 iboat I' rty were in u?e in the diitriet, and were, a* tne certitl:at*aaflirin, a* mach egpoved to the kcvmity of that fire a* hay would have been in any *|tre at that lime d.-etrnyed; bat jgn VOT ONE INSTABLE of failure ha* at any tiux- oc urred. Knun long eiperieoo* and attention to tlw elf-cta pro- V Inced by fir* upon Saf- s, the patentee ha* been enabled to make meh improvement* th?t he can with full confidence reeoin- a" mud in* Union Salamander Book Mafna, a* beyond all doubt ff irxif again*t the action of lire, fr*e from dampneia, and itrong enough Pi *u*Uin any fall or pietaur.' to which they tan beeipo*ed in the burning of a it'ire. They ar- ?o eon Itruc I'd a* te combine I wo perfect Iron Safe*, united on* with m n (tie othe*, in ?nch a manner that the inner Safe cannot be af ?? Ectwl by any heat to which the outer one may be eipo**d? chSaf# I* mad* of bar and plate iron,and the moat perfect nonloiidiietnig ?nb?Uncei. and liai ?ii luner and ontei door, e*eh lecured bv a in table lock An uaaortment ?| (Jaylet'* Sinvle tb' uid Double Salnmauder Safea. Alio hi* P*t?nl Doable Snfre. *u u.d Hali-* of all deicription* of hi* ratnufactuie, for *a|e at all irice*, from $11, by h-? agent* in thi* eity, ritS. Ely, 71 i'ul'iin (Ireet. near (hold atreeti A. R-Moen, 111 I'earl, oppoi>ta I'latt *treet; Brett k Backiu, 82 Ma.den lane, and by the It Patentee. C. J> OAYLER,7l Kultooatreet, ei neartinld, p, Iron Safe*, Specie < he?t*. Iron Door*, fcc. made to ordnr. (9 lm?rfe a aOLAR"LAMPS. CANDALABKAS, UIRANDOLK.B. pi ' Braket*. (Tail Limp* and Lantern*, f hi..a and (Mat* of .. irery deacription, Aitral L.i in in altered to Kotar*. A heantllnl of the above to be obtained at Stoovenel It Co.'* ilaiiiil'icturing Store. No. 1-lohn *lreet. near Broadway, and at heir lactorr No. W Oold *treet All aiticlea mad* and c aitohrd to any pattern, wboleeale and reuil. ,l The above *at?bii?hment i* mo?t ttirely the only one where , ?oplec?i alwav* get (applied at very low price. 1 he tab- 10 icriln-ri are able to lurni*h cn?ap*i than any other*,in mannfbe- <" Bring the above thenuelve*. (ilia* m?dv and cot to order, All .he above ai? warranted. STOU vKN|f,L k CO. N. B -ifooda loaned for pariiee. JM tl IERA 1844. Common Council. Board ok Aldkbmkx?Sriccui. mr.r.t ?'Wednesday. Iderman, President, pro um Mayor1! Vtta.?A communication \vw received from the ayor, vetoing) the resolution making vucant the urth? Superintendent of tin; Croton Water Work*?I.aid on e table and ordered to he printed Appropriation!Jar 1844,?The ordinance for the vai ions ipropnationa for the year 1844, waa then taken up, that mi); the special business of the evening. Alderman Tmnou of the " amorous" ward, u* it is now died, aince his famoua report on Police, moved to stnku it the rum of fiJOOU for city hospitalities and f I,ADO lor ecelebration of holidays, an well as fid,ADO for tea room ppliea, which waa negatived by a vote of Id to I. The ordinance waa then passed, and the Board adjournL Boikd ok Assistant Aldermen.?Wedneaday Aft*' ion, Feb. 28? Stated M k at i no ?President Biiown in e chair. Tho reading of t)m minutes of tho last meet g, were dispensed with. Invitation?To attead the Fifth Ward Democratic lieiblican Ball, at Tammrny Halt, on. the 1'Jth instant.? ccepted. Rcmaoalof Suit am ti- -The petition of divers personi have certain nuisances removed ftom James slij? lte rred. City uj HuJ/ali' -HU Honor tnu .Mayor transmitted u immunlcatiou from the Mayor of the city of buffalo, osentlng to the Corporation of thin city a copy of thr tarter anJ ordinance of that city. In return a resolution us concurred in ragtuaUll# Ilia Honor to transmit to tin arporation of the city of Buffalo, a copy of the charter id ordiuuntes of thiecity. Outside Stairs?The petition of Thomas Slater to erect i outside stairs to his premises 011 the corner of Broad ay and ( our'lamtt street?Referred to Street Com ittee. Suitv Discontinued - The report and resolution from the her Board iu favor of directing the Corporation A!tor y to discontinue all suits instituted against city wttighs, was concurred in. Reorganization oj the Craton Jlqurdiu t Department?The diuunce previously reported, recommended by a Spent Committee for the reorganization of the Croton Auuelet vvcrks was taken up in Committee of the Whole, out as not completed when the Committee rose and reported rogress,an<i obtained leave to sitagniu. 7ae ,'lppronriati on Hill ?The President of the Bonn! inounced, that as Uie Appropriation Bill had not yet issed the other Board, it would he necessary to rail s i?cial meeting of the Board at the earliest |>ossi!)lc mo. ent, as unlets the bill be passed before the first March a city treasury would he bankrupt. It was, therefore I opted, that theBonnl meet to-morrow evening at seven clock for that purpose. Stephen /InisM*-?The Committee on Finance reported favor of concurring with the Board of Aldermen in in easing the salary ol Stephen lleustls, the Keeper of thi rvtirt of Kessions, to $3,t per month. Liberty Street Drain.?.The ordinance in favor of build g a drain in Lilierty street from No. lit to the North iver, was adopted. Stanton Street Sewer.?Assistant Alderman Boons illcil up the report of the Stanton Street Sewer. Assistant Alderman Cmahlick, who was anxious to go line, moved an adjournment, but this wax rulused by u rge vote, as it War considered a want of courtesy to ssistant Alderman Hoggs, who hnd allowed the gviitlean from the First to get tho Sewer in Liberty street used through without opposition. Lulling in procuring l adjournment, he then moved that the entire of the pe r* be rend. This occupied a very great ileal of time, hich 1< now hocniuing valuable, but Uie gentleman ol o First was determined to gratify his whim at the ex:nse of the time and patience of the Board. Such ifling with the business of the Board has caused several ' the members to express their disapprobation. The Report in favor of building the Sewer from Pitt to angin street, was adopted. Assistant Aid. (iuoucs here jumped over the iron ilinir separating the lobby from the floor of the Council hamber, and bolted out of the door. President Dhows directed the Sergcaut-at-Arms to promi and bring the gentleman from the First Ward hack his seat forthwith. Assistant Aid. Bonn* announced that the Appropriation ill buit passed the other Board. The Hergoaut-at Arms here reported that Assistant Aid. isrlick. would return in a minute or two: meantime the >ard adjourned. County Court. Wi;nsnD?v iFTmvooH, Feb. 18.?This Court met pursuit to adjournment, Judge IJlslioelfer in the chair. A iw series of charges were preferred against J us,ice liart Gilbert of the Cpper Police, by Andrew McGownn. 1st. For anestiug him, the said Met to wan, withoutcomiteut authoiity , Id. For refusing bail; 3d. For linprining the complainant without authority or color of law; h. Kor maliciously and corruptly making out, signing id tiling in the County Clerk's oltire, a record of couvicin (or disorderly conduct under the vagrant act, against e complainant without any legal authority for so doing. Judge ittcMJi moved that the new charges, together witu e i a)>ortof the committee presented at ibe previous meet, g, be referred hack to tlie same committee to report ereon, which motion was adopted ; snd the Court then journed to meet on Tueiday the l'Jth of March, at four clock, 1'. M., when the committee will be ready to reirt. V. B. Circuit Court. Before Judge Betts. Ki.a. 8fi.?The Court was opened at eleven o'clock, hen the following Grand Jurors were empnuiiellt-d. John Delamuter, F.sq Foreman, Andrew Campton, Anew fniiigan, John C. Dupost, Moses H. (Jrinncll, John '.Howe, Uwiglit Lathrop, Stewart C. Marsh, James A. 'Reilley, Benjumin Petit, William Uycr, John T. Seaan, James Hhcrwood,' Jesse K. Weeks, Christopher olf, James Webb, Peter Fsqulrui, Leonard (iarrlt, Jopb Hopkins, James Piukcrton, Unniel West, snd llenjnin H. West, F.sqs.--JH. His Hoaoa, in charging the (R-andJury as to the nature their duties, observed tiiat the. calendar contained qu number of cases, some of which were of n lensjlj? re, committed on land as well as on the high siT ' ?'? st nltence on the calundar is that of tfyeovided for hy >st Office at Sag Harlior. Tho oil?title or violence com e act of Congress, where In'?Xty entrusted to the care itted on the mail or 0th ",)tfce. The .Grand Jury must the agents of the offence was committed, and n?*t satisfleil, finc'e act of Congress and the laws of the at it is a3.;, in such cuses, made ami provided, fhe nibj-joi'y ||,ave not the |>ower, as in State Courts, to e cognizance whether the charge be pen-ei sire of ad morals; they are limited to the simp e fact w heUier not the ott'enco was committed against the I luteal States rs. The next charge is that of smuggling in which six ividunls are concerned. Previous to the passage of the ; of IB W,the punishment provided was but ajine- that net > made it a criminal ollence, as it was found that peris of no means were often put lor ward hy others, who lid thus escape detection. The law was changed to let this emergency. ihouJil the Grand Jury become satisfied that the indi* lull or individuals had landed goods subject to duty, thout a lawful permit, then it becomes their duty to preit the person or persona so charged. The next case (importance was that of pacing alterTreasury notes, supposed to hare been stolen. The st question to be observed is the case, was Whether cli notes had been issued under and by the authority of s If. 8. Government; and next, that said note* had been ?r?d ; and thirdly, whether the individual charged is guilty of puHiiug said notes so altered , tf so, then it wimiw tno duty of the Grand Jury to present the person charged. The next was ?charge for attempting to pass miteifeit coin. It is not sail) w hether said coin was ol -net-lean or foreign issue, tior is it of consequence, provi<1 that said coin be a part of the established currency ol e country There are certain coins, not ol American mat, but of foreign count lies, which are ma to by law- n gal tender. In the cliargo it is nHedged that the coin stiver one, and the first object of enquiry is, whether it part of the legal currency : and secondly, whether the wson so charged had passed such a counterfeit. Then ere several charges committed on the high sens agsinsl atncti, captains, mates, lie., for assaults and hatteriei 1th dangerous weapons, cruel and unusual punishment a., all ol whirh would be fully explained as they caint p for the action of the Grand Jury. There was also ? large of obstructing an olHreifafthe Unites) Ktate* wldb rving n warrant. The Grand Jury were to enquire whe er the warrant was issued by a competent officer, am xt, whether any individual interfered, either tiy threat) intimidation, to prevent the due execution of such war nt; il so, then suoh person was aniunable to tin- law. Thi strict Attorney would attend in the room and expound o law, and render snch other assistance as the tirand try may require in the due discharge of their duties. The Grand Jury then retired. The Petit Jury were al J _ mnrtiiuir lit II o'clock, *S W S" J ? urn wan no bu*inea* realy lor tlu-ir rogni'ancc. I Ik ?urt (hen adjourned until to-morrow. Conrt Calender. ("mci'iT CadtiT?No*. 117, JOfl, IIM, 171, (oh, too, ))o 1, 313, 213, 316, 316, 317, jim, 310, 030. 331, jj3, 334, 336, *1, 337, 238, 239, '330, 331, 333, 333. 234, 23.'., 236. I QMMOV No*. 32. 31, 7, 8, 30, 37, 30, 31, 19 I, 20, DcaTII of JrotiE Ivvoi.k.?Judge IKngle lived Jo .me lime in lowa, .mil -(noii after he ouite to iiu: ate ha u a* promoted to the bench. Hie denortnn nt oi e hencli gave very general ?ati*laction, and hie un knot i<l contwpwnt reeignation were matter* of public. re ret. Peace to hit memory. St. Ijmii Afrw Era, Prh 11 FlRf IN JVIONTOOMK**.?Tht Village of Montgo cry, in Orange county, tmffered severe loss by fin i Saturday night. The dwelling hott?e, ham* and tobac factory ol Mr Waring, and two threw ?tory hnn?e* id a atoruhouau of tien. Holland, including the po*t of e, were dettroyed. The content* of the pout oflire won ived. I aim about $39,6(10. Roman Catholicism in the I nitfo States.? is stated that by the arrtVa? of the llibernin, ;idco from Home. haa been roceived, Ihat the Right H?v. iahop Kccleaon, of Baltimore, ha* Imn nominated Me opolitan lliahop of the I'nited Stale*; lti?hop Benedict nil wick, oflloatori, Bi?hop Hughe*. of New York, Ruhcji iircell, of Ohio, and Biahop t.c Blanc, of New Orleana, e to lw made Archhi*iiopr. PglVATK Maii. (!' mnk-s. ? Notice ins fieotl ivt?n, that no person or jhtmoii^ will ! ?* |? !inilt?* 1 to ua? is Philadelphia Wilmington, and Baltimore railroad ir the purpoae ol violating the Jaw, by cat i ) mg Utter, lit of the mail ol Ihe I'nited State* The Motameneinm Wkavkk*.?Tho weavers o iia townahip have struck lor an advance of wage*. ??????? - -J lLD. Prte* Two Cents. Skntkmcb of H. C. Taylor for Aboktiox.?In noticing the sentence of Taylor 1**1 week the Klyn.i Atlas nays : ?His a'pearimcc w us humiliating in theextremc. .Mound him Were those who had associated with him in former days, and had placed imjdicit confidence in him--who hud listened to hiu moral instructions--to his preaching,hut ?lio now w ere to listen to his sentence us u vile criminal. lie came into Court w ith his head down guilt depicted in hi* countenance?the wreck ?>l greatness ? a leartul warning for all to shun tiiu paths ol temptation and vice. L'pou being ask I'd hjr the Judge if he ha ! any thing to *ay w hy sentence should not tie pronounced, not a word w as uttered, not u palliating circumstance oilmen guilt was too plainly \ tsibie? too deeply felt?thu law had heen irrossli ih.lnt,! mi,I its niuialtv couhl not be withheld. Judge Bif'seli then i&iif Y on art! arraigned to receivu the senteuce of the court for uu attempt to procure uii aboitiun. To the indictment charging \0u with this high offence against the Uwi, ton have plead Uuilty. II thereiore becomes the duty ol the t ourt to pronouucu the senteuce ol the law ujioii you. The penalty it not equal to the moral turpitude ol the olleuce. It u one of u moat aggravated character. You lirat committed die moral crime ot induei tiou To rid youraell ol its cotisequi nces you committed . the crime against the luw with which >ou aland charged. There is nothing which iu the least palliates your olleuce ! Nature ihai.eudoW ed you w ith talenta of no common older. You have liad the advantage) ol an education ; jou have | associated with .the learned and virtuoua ; and ulioveuil, L your high professiens aa a Miniater ol tliui huich, leavi . . you no excuse for thia outrage against both the laws ol tlod aud man. You were a moral teacher, educating oil. era, enforcing your precept* with the greatert apparent > sincerity and fervor? and } et jour hypocrisy waauf the deepcst'and blackest hue. 1 on violated to uu Unmitiguti d manner, those vital principlea it was your duty to teach end obey. It is neceaaary that (he outraged law should he i sutislied. It doe* not puniali lor the mere rake ol punishing ; it ha* a double, a Jvltjer object. The C ourt murl make an example of you. Its sentence therefore in, that you lie imprisoned in the Jailot the County one year, pay u line, of fi-KJO and costs ol'prosecution. Taj lor pit ad guilty to three of the indictments for stealing, and . lined twenty-live dollars on each, with the coata of prosecution. The other tune, were nulled. ? Cttve'and llnulJ, Frb. 12. Ctj.taiui Mail Stkaunits.?These excellent vc5; sels have performed their trip with great rrguUri! ty, speed and safety. The transmission ol the letter linghas likewise been made with gieat punctuality, und aim merchants have alwaj been able to calculutu with adcgree ol'certalnty, on receiving answers to their letters, or ' small packages of goods, by the next return steamer. A correspondent inlorma Us that en exception to tins regu[ lar interchange has occurred, by piouie unaccountable neglect or mismanagement. lie states that ' several letters , sent by the llibemia her last trip, January 1st, have not reached their destination, and what renders the circumstance more my sterious is, that newspapers dullveird at the post-otticr with the lost or mislaid letters, have heeli received in Knglund. This facts proves that the letters were sent to the ottice in due season. The question then arises, were they nut into the mail bag here, and if so, did the ninil officer deliver at the office iu Liverpool, the same number.of hags that lie received litre 1 These questions being answ ered in the affirmative, would tlx the blame on the Liverpool Postmaster, unless, Indeed, which is not impossible, otic bug may have tieen left, liy mistake, in Ilaii fax. lie it aa it may, it is cf tajn that there has been pal pable und unpaidoualdu neglect somewhere, ami it most certainly behooves the pro|MT authorities to inquire into - it, und see that our merchant* ure not again subjected to loss ami inconvenience by similar neglect."?Iloulun Cvnrier, Feb. 37. American Consul Aiisconueh.?We find the i following not very flattering notice in lite fc'l. John's (N. K ) Journal of V'eh. L?" The American Vice Consul at this port lias absconded, it appears, having sue. 1 needed in making isis way into the A fleet ions of some ot our trusting tolks, whom this defection leaves somewhat minus. He has gone to Pennsylvania, where this set ol repudiation will untitle him to a brothei ly rt wept ion. This will, perhaps, he a caution to people here, with whom unauthorised pretension has, too often, had a persuasive influence. The editor ol the Morning I'ost had the seals of ollice handed over to him pro tern, previously to the elopement of the prior ' .Scene jn tukMissmsutj Lkuim.aturk.?A letter from Jackson to the Vickshurg Whig, dated Fell Hth, says * About 11 o'clock the cry ol /Ire was raised iu the street, and a member of the llouso rushed into thu aisle, and in u stammering voice said, "Mr. Speaker, i move the House take a recess of liltcon minutes, sir, for the Capitol is on firu." Here was a general rush lor the door, and every body went tumbling for the street. At about the name instant, a member ol the Senate announced to the President, " The Capitol is on fire," to which the President replied, " The ?? it is "?and kit his saat w itlt the speed of ti greyhound. I believe it was nothing moje than the soot burning in one of the chimneys." Accident in We regret to learn that the lion. lJnvid 11. F. Jones mot with u serious accident yesterday afternoon, w hich we tear may deprive his constituents aud friends o( his legislative sin vices tor the residue of the session. I'ustlug up Washington street, ne lea ana nroKtt urn mm ieg? mmv*?y ih'Iwh'ii ine Kmc ana aoklti. lieing near tU? mansion ol li. W. Staiilon* Kp<j , he mas conveyed thithor, and having n?ctir prompt medical treatment, is doing well.?Jfrgu.^t*y MOVEMENT* OP PoLITl.irANS.?l^-iJS^T1^ .B.u? ^rrtsjs.1 ?> town yesterday. Mr. V. w-'*1") **' ?on, Mr. S. T. Van B?- ' I Z7~ , ..FAi urenx?Aire. Graves, mother Action ?ulatiug Misiwissippi treasurer, has pruyvd of thi? w"'lm'10 1'V *on to return to the State and tl,- nil account of hit errors la office. It ia thought that I laiMjrtursltite1) efMmn, anil let >om vary mi|>oitant aacrataout of the hag. Oijd Aue.? I'ted February 1 liJt, at the rreidrncc nl hla ?on, in North Woodburv township, Bedford count) , (Pa.) Henry Kitar, 11 revolutionary ao]<ti?r ol 1770, who Ii.iJ attained the ago of one hundred and ten years and .si* months. ___________ Ki.k<"rion in New II,i vtasiiiitK.?The Stnte election in New Hampshire will tak< place on the -.'d Tuesday in March. The whig candidate for governor is Anthony Colli) , the democratic candidate, Juim 11. Steele. New AtiTK.t.KoK ExeouT.?TIre Hiberniti steamer, takes a considerable cyunntity of ice from the Kiesh I'ond mannlartory, as an article of luxury and comfort to John Bnli, who cannot chrystalyie in Yankee style, and only raises a poor imitation of the genuine Boston brand. Roman CaTiiot.ic Cm runt Cxst: in N'kw Ori.kans.? The last New (Itl?ans papers state that the i smi of tho Church Warden* va. the Bishop, tlie Judge ol th? I'arish < ourt rendered his opinion on the exception * ottainst the plaintiff's, and put the case out of court. It will lie carried to the Supremo Court. Accident To tiir Britannia.?The nritabnift nn her voyage to Halifax, appears to have met with exceedingly severe weather The billowing is an \ tract of* letter from a passenger : -On Board the Britannia, Halifax, Kali, H, IH44?>We lelt Boston on BottinlAv, the 3d, and on Sunday encounter) d a heavy gale, in wluch n great purt of the steamer's hulwmks u eie stove n:. Wo are lying In harbor here, and the gale still continues we . export to lenve for l,iv?rptxd in four hours. The Biitonnia is a noble sea lout, and performed admiraldy. FrtfAr.t: TtiAfEf.r.ERN.?Their is u lntJy in < harlestoa, who bus crossed the Atlaiitiattfty times. She has a daughter 13 >cirsoid, who has crossed that big pond forty times smart wimmin. The liuabau I was captain of the Victoria, if w? mistake not. . i i ' ? 1 . )?...! nn. . . i. i. KDWAltlJ I-U'POUh no 104 it street, nejtn jojin, iur utaiks.) LIAS HK< KlVfcB, by Isui arrivals, and offers lor nW? 1 /KPIlt It WOHStMl)?Best Berlin oUAlilT, in lb" inert . strnsirs " ' rtieenl, hv thy bale, or in small uusctuie.. . TAPK.Sfm VVOIISTV.O-Oral Berlin, t?r KmcyKeil tins I'lllNp WOKSTKO?A oow style, Titrcms a?*!|tie? CANVASS?In Silk, twittoo, Y.'nisn, n| oil rridtni ird errs. ninsnmrnv r AVTirnN*_fif ?it m.t? nnmlei. .a ptilim now lipiijiai and iti" rirh?l"iil?i? 'OminPOPad ud (innhprl in (tmt pnrwiy. I'lJ lUth T W 1518?Kraooh, tngliali and U-|ju. ilnJ-d and pfain. -'HKNILLli?Kor Ktibrmdrry and l.hanillc ( nil*. Ki.o.ih sijLKa?Fr "ficnrikJ <ifcrmtm. PUH8K OH.N AMkNTK?Uald, H.l?>r atxl !"" ! Bm?, S:rf (i.iM ,,nd rt.lvrr Bugl-i, ( "id!, ?1 } KUIN<?f.? AN!> (MMl'd?Or ?I| tod ioIoti im i ported from tin- b??l i'#wnui mtii?ti(loi??, and recalling naw lapldifa by rv'-ra .... . CORD*. TA5WM.8 ol Ail*. Wo'.t?l Aid C<>*ion; Lump Tuttli. P.-rforalnl I'.ipar, fc"., Sr. I li lm'-c WILEuM lWTIiT. D R A I' F R A V /) T All. OR % r UO M'f.rcv HTKKKT, NKW YOftK * 18 now piavoad to furauh *JI wln> ??', faror hia. with ilaur a 1 nrdpri. Knr th'"l'1 durability of hu work, And ? ?**ini llnrty p?r f it, In- 'Tan for ihrir Poinldafatioii lha M* low ia( I ill ofjiriea.Uniaiinr Omii < oiti, from $10 to It Cunmi-rr I'aoU ? to t Fanr* VphU J to 1 7i rtac* <. old _ *?* t? VWJ Puioniliiruiihmf thai'oan malma'a? mnlii-g and lru*m.n| in lha nwlr-t rnnmirr at tt..- following nrioi-t : * I 'onu (torn j...... . ....... ft to I ?nd Vpiti 1 l> 1.7J .N ival and .Military Uniform! nada m Dm boat atvla. N. B ?Clothing tnada fir tin i >nli.afu and in PEA itwikdji ' n oil ii artPia and naapatch A ilian-of thr |iiiI>iip. patronaga i* aolirit-d, fW ImV'p f'MTED STATIC DACiUk.JtH IAN ( Y 1*5 URQADII-'AY, UP STAIRS. Ij* WHITf. wnnld tpiiirtmfly rati ilia atantinn of aln/rn trom two to lonrtppii i fmm in th* nam a plnlp. whiph. in hponi ty and arcgracy af dabni*alioB, cnnior bamrii <?d IWmi. tahaa in all hindi ofwwatbar, .-ithpr wkh or wrfhon r-ilorn; i|.p prippa ol which lip liai rtdocpd to thorc rhpry <i lay tin- iuo'1 III*xi>?riatirwl in tha limim-u. Tha American Initial', at iu lata at hit! lion, vrrnW Mr. i Wmtp thp firat prrmiuin fir iIip lie.t Dini'trr"!) w ilci.pra i (for gioaping and gpii'- al pffnct), whtrli ' !??' urmtny p ool | of Hip tnperiority of hu |??rr.arta Mr tVhitr la the I' *g rit iu .Nrw VorH lor thp pi i / <upprior iinrortnd OarinMi < arnai ; arid at no other aatahlnhment in the I ty or State ran ttiry bobu'lplt ..... , > B ?Tmimr'rd tlpimui ? am?rai; alio hr-nchxirf Atre.i { I ran I'lttrniamla ol ih- ?rry Int aualitr, with I'lnlaa, L'aa-a < li.-inipa ?, roliihini Mat nala. kr , alwaya on I and. !* * i|p at r.h? vrry Iov?p?' prtc-a ffl Jm#m

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