Newspaper of The New York Herald, 1 Mart 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 1 Mart 1844 Page 1
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J .... T H Vol. M,, No. 01?Whale Ho. 3631. THt IfKW YORK HERALD?daily newipaper?pubj Uahed exeaT U*y oftha year except New Year*, day aad Vourth ofTrfy. Price 3 canta per copy-or >7 2? par an, ""iW^WtniC^H^ALD-p^Udied every Saturday mo nung?price flf ceata per copy, or M 13 par annum pontagiw paid, caah i? olxance. , ., J ADVERTISERS are hitormed that the circulation ol the Herald la over THHUTT THOUSAND, and increaaing fait. It ha* the lari-e*t circulation of any paper in thunty; or the world, and it, thcrefortjtke h..tckan,wl forhutxnc* mm in the city or country. Prioea moderate caah in adTaoce. .. PRINTING of all kinda executed at the moot moderate price, and in the moat elegant atyle JAMES GORDON BENNETT. raeraixToa or thi Hcxald K?tabliihmkht, Northweat corner of Kulton and Naaeau atreeta. NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND /TRANS-) PORTATION COMPANY. ? NIW aiANOmUT, COIUIKIICINO OCT. KITH -1S4J. 0SQ09 Qtf&BS aXUiL FARE REDUCED TO TWENTY-FIVE, CENT8. From th- foot of L ouriUinU (tract, New York. (Every day? kLtnday*excepted.) Leave* Now York Leave* Newark. At t A.M. At 2 P.M. At7>4A.M. At P. M 9 da. I do. I do. 4 do. it do. 4 do. 9 do. ft do. J 5 do. lOtf do. 9\ do. I 7 do. >N SUNDAYS. Leave* New' jtk. Leave* Newark. At? A. M. and 4i* P. M. At IK P. M. and 9* P M. The cart of the Moiria and Ease* Railroad for Orange, Millrille. 8u -mic, Chatham, Madi*on. and Mornstuwu, ran through from Jersey City without, change, aud connect with 9 A. M. aud J P. M trains from New York. NEW YORK AND ELIZABETH TOWN. Leave* rvew York. Leave* Elixaheth Town At ? A. M. At 2 P. M, At 7 A. M. 3X P. M. 9 do. S do. 7X do. J do. U do. J do. IX do. ?X do. 7 do. It do. I P.M. 3'he train* for Weatfield, Flainfield, Roundhrook, Somer e, Ac., connect witli the 9 A. M., and 4J< P- M. ; train* from New York daily, Sunday* excepted. Kara between New York and Elisabeth Town 29 cant*. Fare between do. and Bomervilie, 7S cents. I NEW YORK AND RAH^FA* . Leave* New York. Leave* Railway. At 2 A. M At 2 P.M. At S\ A.M. At 9 P.M.. 9 do. 3 do. 7 d*. <% do. U do. 5 do. 9 do. do. T do. 9K do. 12$ P. M. NEW YORK AND NEW BRUNSWICK. From foot of Coartlandt (treat, New York, daily Leave* New York. Leave* New BruuawiokAt 9 A. M. At 3 P. M. At 6 A. M. At 12 M, 5 dp. TK do. I* T. M, on bundayB: Leave* New York Leave* New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. and 4jfcP. M. At It A M., and S*( P- 'M, Fare, except in the Philadelphia trains, between New Y<orl and New Brunswick. SOcetit*. Bet wee* New York and Rahway, 29 ewits Newark, Elizabaihtown, Rahway, and Naw Brunswick passenger* who procure their tickets at the ticket offrco, re ceiv* a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the Icou doctor orly on the day when purchased t't? -fimi-nt.fiftn F*rm twrwMH Nov York end RlhwSV SU<] imenueUut* places, has heeu reduced (including ferry) tra S5< per year ; between New Brunswick and New Fork #75 .pei year. u!9 3tt' ' PATEKBON RAHaROAD f rom Peterson to Jersey City. On and after Monday, Oct. 2d, 1843, the cars will leave Patksso.v Dicre-r. La at* New Yoke. 8 A.M. A. M. 'IVm. -v ?..? The Sunday Trains will be discontinued until farther noice. Transportation earsleavadaily (Bandars eaoepted.) Passes gets are advised to be at the Kerry, foot of Conrtlandt street, i frw minntcs before the stated hour* of departure Jyl8 6m1 MCVV *ORK ANL~PHlLAL?Lf'inA RA. -AOAl> X.UVE. DIRECT. JKok NSWABK, NKWBRuaswicK.PaiacBTon, Tkertom, Bokkkntowr Awn Bcklinutj*. fsvuMUr^lSk ** TlillOUOH IN BIX HOURS. Leaving Mew York daily from the foot of Courtlandt st. Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at iX P. M. The Morning Linn proceeds to Bordtntown, from thenee b> Steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceedsi direct to Camden (opposite ti Philadelphia) without change of cars. Passengers will procure their tickets at the office foot of Courtlandt street, where a commodious steamboat, will be in leadings, with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed Lorn city to city, wihout being opened by the way Each train is provided witb a ear m which are apartmauta and dressing rooms es;yeasly for Uw ladies' use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia ftom'lhe foot of Wed , nut ttieet, bv steamboat to Borden town at 7 o ciock, A- M. and by railroad from Camden, at 5 o'olock, P. M. The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7>( A. M., and 4 7. M. being a continuation of the liars Ironi New York. j9 3m-in jvj?#r YORK 4- HARLEM RAIL ROAD CO * SPRING ARRANGEMENTS. Ma 'a older to ecci'mmouAts Ui? public tesrnlly, ami tnr ihuti ofYorkvilie, H?rl?m ana Westcheiter County pa tirulaily, the Comi any will ran their Caia, ou and after March 1st. 1814, in the following order ...I lieaveCitv Hall for Leave Harlem for Leave Williamsbndge HariemkW'bridar. City Hall. far City HmI. 6 CO A. M. 7 40 A. M. 7 20 A. M. 7 00 8 40 8 20 9 00 10 SO 10 30 11 JO 1 30 P. M. I DO P. M. 2 00 P. M. S 40 3 20 3 00 4 40 4 30 4 00 5 40 S 30 5 30 7 20 7 00 On Suuday, if the weather u fine the train en's will ran every hoar. Tne City Hell and 27th street lire wi'l rn i as follows:?Yrom 7 A. M every ten minutes t <ronuhout the day antil 7 30 P. M. Tne Eitra Night Lire will run as tollowi Leave City ilall fur 27th slievt, 8 . 8 30 , 9,9 30, 10, 10 39, 11, U 30 and 2. Leave 87th street forCity Hall, 7 30, 8. f 30 , 9 , 9 30. 10, 10 30. U and 11 30 Prisons w.shiny to commute, will find it their interest to dp so. as 'he I are in such cases will b- reduced Pleue apply at their office, I\o. 4 Tryon Kow, Co ner of Cen're street opposie the P.m. WM. 8. CARMAN, !' 27 2??'tre Sec letarv. BOSTON BUSINESS EXPRESa AND FOREIGN LETTER OFFICE. THE subscribers have made arrangement* to ran an F.rpieas. via Stooinrton, to Dos ton, la. ih? transaction si bnaiueaa, au? the tiansportalina ol j5ESHEw*'?*" I'eckafaa, Bank Notes, Orders, sac., AT #">. HALT THlffoKMI.Il RATES Oueol thai m evill isoeive inch orders as may be eatrnsteil toni-r, dali er ihein in Boston in |ierson, and return the an iwsn aa soon as the boats a rive in lew Yo k. Ft ign Lotto <irwaided by the unaid Steamers from Bos ton Letters can be pie-paid at this office, for any part of Ureal Britain or the Continent. PARKU'l'T k CO. 20 Wall street, NawYork ft Im'rre Boston. 10 Ciing.esa street V DAILY EXPRESS, _ ?THE eubscriberi ran their Express regularly . every day.via Housatnaic Itailroaii, (hniinays e?cepted.) to and from New York, Albany ana B atalo, and tne intermediate place*, for the tranapor -?latum of specie, bank nates, bandies and packages ol K*ods, for collecting bills, notes, drafts and accounta. w ith despatch. From this city at 6 o'clock, A. M. arriving in Albany the same evening, > advance of the United States Mail. ft I mere POME ROY fc CO 2 Wall street. r r nwnt-w.tia. knulaND. IRELAND /AttpPV fx ~y***on? timmi remitting money toth-ii X^klP^A^frienda in tin Old Country can 1* aupplied -4ZcAMUtjAtfP with drafta in numa o< XI, X2, X3, XI, XII, " ^^^^^ ma?fl),XJO,XlO? XIVOO or auy amount, payanlr no demdud, without di?conn\or any oilier charge, at the NaJionalB uik of Ireland Provincial Bk do, Meaara Ja'a Bait, Sou t Co., Bankera, London; J. Burned k Co , Escliangn and Discount Bank, Liverpool; Eautern bank of Scotland; Onwuoct Banking Company; Sir Win. k'orbea, Hunter k Co., Scotland, and the branches in every poat town throughout England, ire land, Scotland and Walci, which draita will be forwarded by either of the paclteu of the JSth, 2!at, a id 26th, or the ateamei Caledonia nail fit from Boiten on the lit ol March. Apply ts W. k J.T. TAPSCOTT, At their general put age office. 43 Peck alip, felirc corner of South street /g<L STATEN ISLAND **0%Q FERRY. ^ HgfTnJ* Oil and alt"r TnemWy, February 27th, the boau will leave at roll"*i, until fiirti er notice Leave Statan UUnd. I save New York. . At ?*4 A. M. At ? A. M. 1? " 12 " 2 P. M. 3V P. M. S " " feitPre . FOR NEW CHILEAN^ liV^VIBtAnnA. AINU :'l T*vr I V*wrv UI.^ r* wr i A^nr.i r ilfc. ^ i& 4 ^ToMne better accommodation of thip|wr?, it It to deanatch axhip from this port on the Ut. Mh.lOth, JJth, JOUi ana Uth of each month, commencing the lOtli Octolier anil eon tinning nutil May, when regular day* will he appointed for tin remainder of the year, whereby gn*at delay* and dlaappoint inenta will be prevented during the tummrr monlha 1 he lol lowing ahipa will eommence thi* arrangement: Whip YA/OO. Captain Cornell. gl'ip 'J;v.'r..?''"1" J*ck?ca. Ship MISSISSIPPI (nptain Milliard. Ship OAS TON, I,aptam Latham. gift 8*^ Ship LOUISA, ?apl*in Mulford. Theae. thipf were all built in tha city of Neve York, etpretaly f<l' packet*, we of light draft of water, have recently been newly coppered and pal to aplmdid order, with accommoda timi* for pa?aengera unequal lad for comfort. Thay are com rmui<l?d by experienced maiton, who will make every exertion to give general ?atljfcctlon. .They will at all timet be towe?' up and down the Mi**i**ippi by ateamhoata. Neither the ownera or captaina of theaa ahipa will ha reapon Bible for jewelry, bulltoa, precioaaatouea. ailver or platfd ware or for am letter*, parcel ar package, aent by or put on board o( them, nuleaa regular bill* of lading ar* taken for the *nma and the value thereon Wtpreeaed. ,m V CO.. a ?,.,k . HULLIN k WOODRUFF. Agent in New Orleana, who will promptly forward all good* to their addrera The ahip* of thia line are warranted to axil punctually aa ad vemtetl, and grant care will be taken to haye the good* correct |y nieaanred mt | NE N tmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaBBBsm H OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. fe? m ^ ?&f ffrrTT^i n Mv^nT,.L->. M * CAiMBRlDOK * ronV Ntw Vork Vtt, i K> J ?0t..n.,' $}??? i 0,n fc,1??Pcoll ENGLAND0 B'n*? tr% ! Not. "f ?! '50 tow, J A"* '? *r- 16 Jf ^.oxkord * *?*?.} ?2: J* p: if Ll m ion., )J?ly I 4P"' Ifl l jr\e MONTKZI/.\1aU><'>"j"' > March ' Pe* '? [ i 1000 cou, A- Only ? Apnl 16 h'r>* KUROPtA * Lo**?r.f.\uZh it &? ijf y ?'??|.., ) A?i". i ?*> jfl >j " NKW YORK^j^^. ( I J??.* icf H tfO & % ' )& ? '? Or7 Jfj ffr?* COLUMbT/8 Cro?~. J april !i 8& if fj '00 tons' >8?PC , J-oe I? riTk* *?a*SHiR?;<ww?U'I $r { f"b- i?l [j IMo ton.,( w) i?"I?l. is l?| wfn.2?i Pr'ce of Mm**. ? ** ol>??reJ aa? i V cm *hhJhS *[ ^ nty-KirJu f;?'^rauU k ',7ll?cVioii "fwiii- ,*?.1''" ""Ptior, will k?f^iU'?rth ^ 'f nuuTnd l""")"- *Wch'wHlj iviil lie for u,^"' Of owiiTn of i I'i (ular bilk of i j*' or imf Jt^.. 'bipi will Ik mmju-w 4" le. applVU,Sf U""l*" VuJftkmfc V '^m uX'.l J "OODHUE k rn ' * or a < ? - I I NK.VV LINK Oh LIVERPOOL PACKETS. 1 5* ? v mii iiota New Fork omi 25th and Liverpool on thallthul :1 ?i seen month. . 1 m m. iL ? Nrw f Ship 81DDON3, Certain E. B. Cobb, 3#lh December. f. IftShip MHEHIDAN, Captain F. Depeyatei, isth January. r j/siiip OAKRICK, Capt. Wm. Skiddy, J6th Fehmery. || y.Sbip ROSCIU8, Captain John Collina, Wth March. Ji - _ Thom Liverpool. \i ft ihip MipDONM, Captain A. B. Cobb, 11th Febrnary. I ( ship SHERIDAN. Captain F. A. Depeyster, ilth March. r fj Ship GARKICK, Captain Win. Mkiddy, llth April L H ihip ROSCIUM, Captain John Collini, llth May. f h These ahipt are all of the first elaaa, upwaria of 10M tonal n built in the city of New York, with aneh improvement! a?g fi combine great apeed with nnoanal comfort for pa?*euitere. f) t Every care hu been taken in the arrangement of their aecom-B I Jtnodationa. The price of paiaage bence if f 100, lor whiclif Sjamrly atorea will be provided Tneae chip* are commanded bySf ' experienced maltera, who Will make every eiertion to (ire Ee-El j neral satisfaction. 5j I Neither the captain! or ownerx of the ihipi will be reaponsi-M ! ela for any letter!, parcel! or packages sent by them, onleaa rr-fj g <nlar'""' sf lading are signed therefor gb i For freight or Passage app'y to El ? .K. K. COLLINS u CO., M Mouth at.. New York, or toil V BC /WN. SHIPLEY Si l;0? Liverpool. M Letter! by the paci/pi will be charged 12.If cent! per fiug.'ehj I nnet ; iO cent! |>er oanne, and newspaper! 1 cent each. d2 tj *S TAPsSCOTT'S ? S ? GENERAL EMIGRANT PAS8AOE OFFICE. S 8iE M. m Kl ADU A \ A! *MF MTil Pfffi UiAA jH r The lubacriben be* to nail the attention of their friend* andgj | the public generally to theiranperior arrangements fo? bringincjH ! oat passenger* from, and remitting money to ell paru o7/>j EaKjand, Ireland, Scotland and Walea. ify hTHE NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS, R I BOMPRISINO Kg THE QUEEN OK THE WEST, ltt# tona. \ > THE SHERIDAN, 1000 tona. W ' THE ROCHESTER, 1003 tons. W 4 THE OAHKIOK. 1000 ton*. fi j THE HOTTINOUER, 1000 tona. E * THE KOHCIU8, 1000 ton* K t THE LIVERPOOL. 1160 toaa. H ! THE SIDTONS, 1000 ten* L3 '* bailing from Liverpool twice tverv month, and > j ,4 THE UNITED LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS, (*i 'C?miw)?ed ol superior, It'it class American packet*, sailings*' '.from Liverpool four time* in each month, are ilie shirs lucy fewhioh those whoae pa*,age may beeuftaved the subscriber*'fl Mwiil come iut in, and it i* a well ktfuwn f'Ct the above named W JIiackHt* ate the most m gniticeot *h,p* afloat end the frequency*! irsl tiwir saitiug, (being every five dav?) prevent* the p. uibilifykl tof passengers being unnecessarily detained at Liverpool. Ite-J] Jfciuwlesi of expense, in ordir to meet the wants of the public? ; and the wishes of their irienda, Mr. Wm. Tappacott, one of theyj jtirni .has gone to Liverpool to superintend lkede|Mrt*re for thisil w.c??atiry of inch person* whose passage may be engaged w iih ji [the subscribers, a fact, which to those acquainted Willi Mr, W.C! jcT.rt's a sulHcieut guarantee that they will receire every aiten-2e-tion from liim. and be uuickly and eomlnrtably deapatcheil. S; ,2 flnHmu cnose sent lor decline corairg the passage money .(will be promptly refunded, without auy deduction?as usual.1? U Keasiltaaces?Those remitting money cau be supplied withfl adraug at signs, lor any amount, pavable fr*e of discount er au v H iociwr n,arre, in every principal town iu England, Ireland,M jlbcoi.arxi slid Wsles 12 .j rspvnf in ay lacter, post paid,) to i3 1 w. * j. T. TaPSCOTT, 43 Peck slip, w I new I ota?or to M 3 jw> WM TAPgrOTT. Liverposil. ft; Hold established emigrant passage-? e? office. ft <1 SOUTH STREET, NEW YORK. H fm. M M EL Jiraasaaecan be eugagrdfromLiverponlbythe following spien-Q |unl packot snips comprising cue Vid JJlack Ball Cine of rackets-* tailing as am ler. Krnm Liverpool. "t The ship OOLUMBUS, Captain Cole, on the ISth February. V Tlw ihip YORKSHIRE. (new) Bailey, on the l>t March. J The siiap ''-AM BRIDGE, Cant. Baralow, l$tii March. J The ship ENOLAN D, Captain Bartlett, let April. , The ahip OXFOKIX Captain Rathbone, 16th Apul. The ship MONTEZUMA, Captain Lowber, 1st May. . The ahip EUROPE. Captain Kurber, 16th May. ' The ship N KW YORK, Captain Cropper, lit Jane. In addition to the abovetuperior ahip*, the subscriber's ngsnts JJJ will have a succession <tf Ant eliu American thips desnati lied, ,j <s euatomary, from Liverpool, every foar or five Hays through-/: oat the yw, so the diff. reat peril in the United Htates, byQ; which passage cau be secured at reduced lates. Tlioae sending?.' for iheir friends reridi"g in Great Britain and Ireland, may re ly thit every care will ba taken to make riaa?fng?ia aa comlo.-S table a* they can reasonably evjiect, and should >lie fasten* ra J tot come out. the passage money will be promptly refunded. 1 Oralis cur as nsual be furnished, payable at <he National nud!;! Proyncial Banks of Ireland and branch's; Eastern Bank nffi> **co..aii'! aad b auch'a; and on Mtssrs. J. Bait, Sunk Co., h Banker', London; M'sars J. Barned St Co., Bankers, Liveipool, which are payable thronghoat England and Wales. Fori,further portia ulars apply (if by letter post pud) to fr: JOHN HERDMAN, f, U 61 South street, near Wa'l street, fa N. B Pat sage to Liveniool and Loudon can at all times b<-|4 engaged by tk a regular packet shi|>s, sailing for Liverpool every & live usys. and to London nn the lat, 10th and 20th of each month 1 ou applicatidki as anove. jl2ec ARRANGEMENT* FOR 1144 . OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, ? IM Pine street, corner of Sooth. >, m. m Mb >m l ^TTlT^ubscnber begs leave to call the attention of luslrieous^ luid the rablic in general, to the following arrangements fo'CJ ><iM4, for the iwrpose of bringing oat cabin, 2d cabin, and steel-P, ' Iige passengers, by the Regular Line of Liverpool Packets, sail VI the 1st,6th, llth, 16th 21st and 26 th of every month. B;L. J he London Packets, to sail rem New York, the 1st, Iflth and?] ilOth?and from Londou ou the 7tn, 17th and 27th each in'iiti, f J In eonnertiou with the above and for the purpos* < f afford-);' ting still greater facilities to passengers, the subscriber has esJtnblished a regular line oi lirat class New Y'rk built, coppered *md copper lasteoed ships, to sail punctually e.eiy woeli ^throughout the year. U J For the accommodation of persons wishing to remitmoney to*-1 S'.heir I unilies or friends, drafts are given, payable at sight, onfc '.he following Banks, viz Provincial Bank of Inland, payable at Cprk, Limerick, Clonnael, Londonderry, Sligo, Weiferd, Belfast, Waterford, (Jalway, Armagh, Athlone, Colerain. Ballins, Tralee, Yonghal, Euuiskillen, V Mouaghau, Banbndge, Ballymtua, Parsouslawn f Dowupatrick, Cavan, Lurfau, Omagh, a Duugaunen, Bandon, Emus, Ballyahanno ! Strabane, Skibereaa, Mallow, Moueymore, J Cootcbill, Kilrush, Dublin. Scotland?The City ^kuk of Glasgow. England?Messrs. Spooner, Atwood k Co. Bankers, London; K. Murphy Waterloo Road, Liverpool; payable in every town u Great Britain. ^ ??r.,u- S Icc rner of South. S. Y. E _ Or Meaar*. T. W. BYRNES k CO, 3d Waterloo hoad. ft J9 ftin'rc Liverpool. H THE NEW LINE OFTmCRTOOL PACKETS. & m sk m ml To aail from New York 2lat, and from Liverpool 6th of each 'i H month. y t\om New York. Vpool. y ! New Bhip LIVERPOOL. 1140 ton*.41**.. ?' *'? <; M ; J. Eldrnlge J| ^ ^ V. .hip QUE F.N OF THE WEST.f if" * " fjf. >$ 1250 tout P. Woodnoute. f^ay j, NoS. bM : New .hip ROCHESTER,250 too*. i'fcj'r ?{ April ! John Britton -fe J,1 4jjfc 1 Ship HOTTINOUKH. 1040 ton.,1^ j{ ^ $ Irn Hursely, 'iNofr 21 JaTytH These ^ubatanlial, fast tailing, first class (hips, alt bnilt itH the city of New York, are commanded by men ol eaperiencR] ind ability, and will be dispatched punctually on th. 3tet olSJ wch month. 6,1 i jTlttir cabins are elegant and tommodioni, and art faraiiheeEJ j with whnterer can conduce to the rare and comfort of pasaeu B <en ; Price of passage, $1M. Neither the caplaioa or owneri of the?e ihipt will ba respon | i tible for any parcela or package* aent by them, unleaa regular |< lilla of lading are tigneil therefor. , For freight or Parage apply to v I WOODIIULLk MINTURNB, j . 87 South atreet. New York. E or to FIELDEN, BROTHERS k CO., JM ee Lirerpooi MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS. rqence on the )>t, and form Marseilles on the 5th of each month 1 i during the year aa follawiFrom New York. Marseilles, J ; VI INF.RVA. Capt. Brown, Dec. I Feb. 4 (J 1 rRESOOTT, ( apt. Myrick, Jan. 1 Marth 4 fl J H'RY THOMPSON,Cart.Hylteatar, Feb. I. April 4 * ] HELLESPONT, ( apt. Adama, March I. May 4 SCOIIIOLANUS, Capt.Ilaile, Apeili. Junej , J They are all coppered and copper fkatened, and hate eirellent , ricco.'imodationa for passengers. I Tin price of cabin paatage will be $100, eiclnaire of wines'* tjoous addressed to the agents, BOYD k HINCKEN, will r <be for warned free of other charge* than thoae actually paid. I'ZftmffiMieitLm Era; BOYD k HINCKEN, Agent*, f mJbr No 9rTontine Building*. \ W Y ( EW YORK, FRIDAY M< STTr" ??^""5*! ^^TIEW YoTWSiD HAVREnUCKKTS. Second Line?The Ships of tliis liu? will hereafter leave New York on (lie 1st, anil Havre on the 16th of each mouth, as follows, via:? " Know Ntw York. KRem Htvtr. Sew Ship ONK1DA, ( 1st March. < icth April. Captain < 1st Jul). < Kith August. Jaines Kunck. ( 1st Nov.-inber. ( 16th Drcmiber. Ship BA LTI MOHK, t 1st April t 16th May. Captain < 1st August. < 16th Sepu-mbeiJ Kdward Kunck. f 1st December, f 16th Jauuary. Ship UT1CA, C 1st May. t 16th June. Captain < 1st September < 16th October. E inierick Hewitt, f 1st January. ( 16th Kehruary. NewshipSt. NICHOLAS t 1st June. I 16th July. Capuiu < 1st October. < 16th November. J- B. Pell, ( 1st Krbruary. f 16th March. The accommodations of these ship* are ant surpassed, coir.' bininit all that inay be required for comfort. The price of c?; biu passage is $1UU. I'.useuKers w ill be sunnlied with everv re luitile witli ili? exception of wims aud liquors. Good* intended for |Ihm vessel* will be forwarded by the tab scribers, free from any other than the riueiun actually incurred on them. Kor freight or passage, amily to BOtD fclllNCKEN, Agents, ja>5 ee No. 9 Tontine Buildioir. cor. Wall and Water il <*AS8 AtHTP IlOM GKEATBRITAIN AND 1RKLANtl ^l^P^BALL LIVERPOOL PACKETS, i.Hailing from Liverpool on the 7th and I9tfi of erery month.] Pervious wiaiuug to send to the Old Country for their frienib :an mike the necessary arrangements with the subscribers, ant lure them come out ill this superior Line of 1'nckvu, Hailing trom LiverjiooJ punctually on the 7lh and 19th of eveij month 1'uey will also hare a firatrale class 0f American trading slops, vailing every ail tUya. tiiereby attordiug weekly couununication from that port. One of the firm (Mr. Jamea 17. Roche) ii there, to aee tfiat they ahull be forwarded with care and ilea patch. Sho-il<l the parties agreed for not eoine out, the money will be returned to llioae who paid jt liere, without any reduc tion. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Park eta, comprise the following ni.njuificeul Ship*, vix The OXFortl), The NEW YORK, CAMBRIDGE, COLU.MBUrf, EUROPE BOUTII AMERICA. ENGLAND NORTH AMERICA. With such auperior and unequalled arrangements, the ?ubicribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that support which has beeu extended to tiiem so uiauy yean, for which '.hey are grateful. 1 lioae proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, cai it all timea obtain Drafts at sightTor any amount, drawn direct iq the Royal Bank of Ireland. Dublin, also on Meters. PKESCOTT, OAOTE, AME8 St CO. Bankers, London,. which will be Paid on demand at any of the Banks, or theii Branches, in all the principal towua throughout England, Ire land, Scotland and Wales. ROCHE. BROTHERS fc CO. 35 button street New York, next door to the b'ullou Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from thn port for Liverpool on the Island 19th of each mouth. Parties returning to the old country will find it to their comfort ami advantage u> select this favorite Line for their rem wince, ic Preference to auv other, KOR LONDON?Regular Packer ol the 1st sffjeVVof March?The fast sailing packet ship VICTORIA '{ BsCaptaiu E. Morgan, will sail as above, her regulai I tLiviug very superior accommodations for cabin. second ca 'bio and sceerage paisengr-'t, persons wishiug to euibark siiouhl make iinme-iiate application to I JOSEPH McMURRAY, | f2<tlstMrc ldti Pine street, cornet of "onth. KOR LIVERPOOL?NEW" LINE.?Begum . Packet of 26tU Mar h.?The splendid packet slut loHUaRuSClUS. Copt. Joh-r C 'llius, of 1009 tons, wir mil as above,her regrlar day, Kor freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply ot riocrd, at Orleani wharf, foot ol Wall street, i.r to E. K. COLLINS k CO. Price of passage, $100. 56 South street The packet ship Siddons Capt. E. B. Cobb, of 1000 tons IwiTl succeed the Roscius, and tail theSO-th April, bet regulai I day. Passengers mar relr upon the ships of (hit line sailing ptwc ffl I antiC?" I'JH LIVERPOOL?The New Lin" Reculv nWVWPacket 2lit March.?Thp superior New York buib [flaHabPncliet ship HOTTINOIIKU, Can Ira Bursley.lOV tons btmhen, will tail a* above, her regular Jay. | For freight or passage, having very superior accommodations .apply to toe Captain on board, at w.-st aide [inrhns >110, orb ; WOODHULL k MINTURN8, 87 Month at | The auperior packet ihip Liverpool, Capt John F.ldridge 105? tons burtiiei, will succeed the Hotticgaer, and sail on her regular dar.aiat April uiltoGirc ( FOR M VERP ~0To tail tth of March?Thr jH^Vahir SOUTHERNER. T.I). Palmer, master, wil JmEBaa-ail ou the above day. For passage only, apply on hoard pier 23 Pe'k Hlin, or to WOOOUULL k MINTUUivs. mltotirrc 87 South street. BLACK BALL, OR Oi.L) I.INK OK LIVEll WdS^^FOOL PACKETS?Sails This L)vy, l-'rolay, Mnrel gnjfOkels', at 12 o'clock?The remarkably fast sailing packei a Wo tons, Jno. Italhboue, command.r will uvil msitively as above. A few mom cabin and ste-rago paaterce" can be handsoinelv aecouimodated, it' application is mule tj the subscribers by II o'clock | ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO., 33 Fultoastrert, | m'Hire sen door to the Fulton Bank. I 55$ FOR LIVF.llPOOl,?hesnlai Packet of the crh ! M?rch ?The vpleudid packet ship PATRICK HEN ? . > attain Uf L LIU, Dlianeu 1UWJ toss, will Mil hi .whore, her regular day. j The accommodation! for cabin, tree,id cabin and ite-ragi ipaaiengers ?re nnaurpaiiied by m.y ?e?n I in port. Persons wiili ing to cmbsrk ahonbl make early appiicotioi on bo rd toot o Maiden Lane, or to J McMIJRRAT. i 105 Pine street, cor of South atreet I Peraons wishing to ae"d for their I ri nds can liave than brought out by the a bo ye iliri or any of the tegular parkets rail liner weekly, by applying as above, if by letter poit paid. I 1*. K.?Draft* it light,for Ian{ or mull lorn, are drawn by tie lubscriher on toe Provincial Dank of Ireland, payable a' their rriiteclive Brat chei throughout the Country. Also, or. Messrs Mpooner, Atiwood Ik. Co., Bankers, London, piy tkle ii erery town iu Ureal Britain. fe28 loMdrc Miif- OLD BLACK BALL LINK. OK PACKETS? |?JWTIie packet ahip OXFORD. Oapttin Rathbone, will aMMKube deipatch'd for Liverpool on the lit of March ?her rrgnlarday. ! Thine wi?lung to eniage passage will require to make early application to JOHN 11EIUIM AN. 61 Smith it. | N. B.?Passage from Oreat Britain and Ireland can be tecur ed bv the lust spring shins of the line, at the lowest wr; and dralti can, as usual, be furnished for aov amount, payable n ,11 the principal towns withvutt any charge, throughout Oreji Britain and Ireland. #n llmiilMltHI as above i'ii to I rrr. I *1*^- FA'HAOK KHOM DUBLIN. I.QHkT W Al't'.H!j?My.KORD, UEHHy, COLER^INK , BELFAST, JMMhaNewr/, D oghrda, Itc ?Peri oris wishing to send for thvir Iriend. can nave th?m brought out Irnm any of the above porta in fint clan Amu icui Packet Ships, ou the moat reasonable Certru. and without their eipenacciiig any utioecesaay tie teution. Mr W. Taacolt, one of the firm, will be ou thano! to give liii personal attention to th pasieniferi engaged bv the subscribers or their aiei.ti hare, and periuui may rety that !he wiihes nud comforts of thosa wb se passage be rngaved hy them will h?ve ell due and proper atteution. For particulars apply, if by lettr r. no?t-l aid, to W. U J. T. TAPBCOTT, at their General Passage Office, 4'J Peck Slip, cor. Smith street, wh* e. also, Drafts may be obtained, for large or smail sum*, ,1'iyuble on deintntl, without diicount or >ny olhrr vha-ge, a' th- National or Provincia Banks of IrelauJ, or any o' theii branch 's throughout the Kingdom fe22 rc | KOIt L/VtKPOOL?Regular Packet nl the lit ol 1March, ih-s splrudid | acbet ihio OX" OR I), Captaii JHlkalailkathbone will sail .< above, her reenter day. | Raring very anperior accommodatiuiis for cabin. reroni Mrairous ol aecuuug goon t>erth* tioulil make t-arly applicatiui to JOMbP.t Mc.MURRAY, [ ftS 3tre 100 Pine street corner of Sooth. I rtrg- kor\H,Ts<7ow-kkoTab TuXder/MOWto ?\>1 March 4?The flue, fait tailing Britiih Barqut ! 4cHMhi^1)AM ( AUK, Scott matter, will tail at abate [for ,r.'i'hlol the bulk of 200 bile* Cotton, or pnaiagr, tppl) 'on board, pi-r J4, K? H or to I WOODHULC A MINTURNS,87 Sooth atreet j pilp.fl tifjr PAiMAi.K hOlt ULA^IOW-Will hav. iro ?HbPWmediate diaprtrh, toe aplrndid, feat tailing regola jMaBU'acket ahip ADAM CARit, Captain Scott, will ?ai a* abote. She ha* excellent accommodation* for cab n, aeconit eabii ai d aterrage parte r.gura. Thoae withiug to aecure berth thou'.d make early application to W. ItJ. T. TAPSCOTT. 43 Peck allp, cor. South at. The Adrin Cut will aail from Olasgow about tne la. of Ma ?thoae deairona of rending lor ih ir f.iend , can have the brought oat in lhi? fine ahip oe (lie uioat reaaoiiibl term* b apply iue aa a bore. f 37rc Jaiqg; PACKET KOR HAVRE-fSecond Line). Th JW Ship wNKIDA, Jarnea Kunck, natter, will aail oi jMMMKn'he 1st of Vt?rch. Kpr freight or |iaaatg?. epplv to BOYD It MENCKEN, No 9 Tontine Bnilaing, fj rc Corner Wall and Wnter afeeta. 1*3^ KOitMA RSKILL ES? Packet of lat of Marcl" afyfk.The ahip HENRY THOMPSON. Capt. Sylveatet mmmt* Kor freiglit or paaaage, apply to LAWRENCE It PriELPS, 10.1 hioot atreet, or to BOYD It MENCKEN, Agenta, fIStoMlee 9 Tontine Dnilding, cor Wall and Water ate. hOK NKW OIU.KANS-Loni.iniia and Nh <jR*PVVnrk Line? Regular P*rkrt of Itllh March ?The Ls 9mBbCi!MiIiiik packnt *liip GASTON, C*I't. O. Kldridgwill nil n* above her regular day. For freight or imuic hiving handsome firnishrrf * oommodatio..*, apply ou bo?n it Orleans wharf, loot of Wall >t , or to JO. K. COLLINS ?t CO., 3d .South street Shipper! by thi* linn may rely upon having their good* oor rectly uiefsnred. Agent*'to New Orleans, HhIIiri St Wood)off, whn will proitifptly forward all good, in their address Th* piKa*. diip Loaisville, C'apt ('and. will succeed th '{ ton, nntPsail tfi?20th March, hoi regular day. mlec AOnill'B LUCINA CORDIAL, (Hi, ELIXIR OF LOVE. DOR tho .peedv and curtain euro of frmalc iriegnlarities, i>n " potency. birrrnnesi, flnar *lt>u, i tcipicul consumption couatutional debility, whether the malt of unptudence, ill ,o?* or accident Th-.en.afioo produced by thi* wocderfnl medical discover ry in I'aria, ha* hern nearly r>|ual'ed by it* introd-ciioa inti \m-rica, Numerous tout moaials have been received froir tho*e wiioae constitution wa* a mrr-' wreck, bat whs h*vi been inviuorapd by thi* incomparable Cordial Other. wh( had in n-d their health by their own folly oreiiravartinc-.hav. to.nd in thi* cordial th means of restoration, -.ft* alt othei medical aid had been utrerl ,o rata. The hitherto child!-** fire

aide ha* often been reudrred happy, and the infirm, rhe imp men and the debili-ated liavt again eiulted in the elasticity and rigoi .if bygone day*. Tl e ageut of oue of the interior villages . f New York atate. a case, in which by tie u.e of two bottle, of Lncina Cordial, t couple sfier fonr years of bitter disaproi-ment, we e en ibler t-i rejoice over the realmtion of th- fondest hope* of a married life. The agent fir the city of A., New York, ao'd * bnttl? to ? rentleman who had been nfllicted with a diseaaeof lb* nreilirj fir eleven veara. In a Inw day* he returned and .aid he b id do rived far more benefit from the one bottle tha i from medic 11 ir-etmrut for eleven year*. He immedi tely bought six bo.ttri mire. Our <P*ee I'irbid. as to name the man* cases to Whirl w-eare at liberty to aler. The nniversal * ti.fiction whirl thi* inestimable. Klixir has given, not a single complaint hav ing been made, it uot one of the laaat proof, of it* nnrlTalled Mrelle.ieo. Price J nor bottle. Hold at n Nassau afreet, New York ; <tt North street, Philadalpbia ; Smith (t Kowle, in Washington street, Boston. fel7 lm*ec )RK 1 \ mmmsmmmmmmmmmammmmmmmmmmmm MINING, MARCH 1, 1S44. ^MIRROR LIBRARY.| I"." so nave, lor our own library, a imrorn. linn of our lavorite authors. In litis gregarious world,'en uutumf miy hare together n-hat one cannot hare alone, and b wish our imd-rs lo jtnn and five u? our coveted librar* ' hiving one like ittbemtelvei. By mis combination we can v* it cheep?(thai is to aa> a book of poems which costs a il'ar li-re v d tw" dollars iu London, we t in have for a shilJg)?and iuaieari ol a higgledy-piggledy shelf of hooks, one otl and cue tall, one tat and onatnin, we mty hive ll.etn >( le a) in Keltictl si ape, beautifully printed, and bound to < ur id your li> nig. Von wilt trust our ta-te to select tlw links, id we Will throw y< u iu. '.n a ptelace, what ae k .on of .h ithor, and what we lhi,.k ol his works ; and fur our tioubb pro f- eiding, pobilimrg picking and forwarding, M will p oiirielvea oat of that lutla nu-tnitsetl and fecund shilling We ease inaeusibly arrived at t' is idei by very hli-d steps rg rii-J in vsi i lor years, to liud a publisher who would me a take a new ed'tioti of our p arras?though they weiu coinetelv oat i I print, and though (it seemed to us) there was I in ortliern wh eh might justify th.* editieu. Agasast vie- ? - thought we might at lr ?t furnish onr friends coirs reid. bppltk7ialtiiurtksot(a an eitra of tie Mirror, lo.? ice thet would just pap the rs[ienie of printing and circululg. To our no small astonishment the orders for tlieni ratue (0 tapidly whietley wtre in iinn, that we pa hi tabid .1 ry largo coition, which is still selling freely, and it then ocrrnl t > us very ra'iirally. that cue ,f two ihiugs WHl !> re either ihe pnh-ishers were perfect cormorants ?s to thi oft* limy expscu d frein huoki, or rise lliey were not al ways fallible judges as to what works would sell. The ne.i Liiiiht was au 1 aiy one. CugM we not, out of our own lietrjudgment and emuller erpectaliont us to pi<\jit, pub'irh 1,and aid cheip ed lions of other auth re, whose woiks ere not, now, easily come at I "Let us try said Euterise. Before arriving at this idraofthe Minnoa Library, hower, wo had made arrangements to tepublish in the satne cheap nn other works of our own were as inuch ctll-d for as a I'oeras?in short all the 1'hosk Works of N. I'. Willis your humble servant of this present writing, reader !)? ur near ally. Oetieral Morris, had also rxtiri-iluced hit popu r Bonus nmi Ballads, which have sold with the same elecic rapidity as the oihert. Our "LiTTtRs raoM Uwdkr * ainnk."* will he ready iua diy or iwo.t and I'mst-iLi-irict v thi; War are iu preparation and will ba itsncd in a w-ek - two. The advertiiements will duly announce nil thete. We onld say. en pouunt,, of "frotillings," that only one-third : them have ever been re-published, either he?e or in England, he first Eugliah edition (the fifth edition is now telling wellH< London) was printed from a broken set of the old Mirror,H: Inch had found lit way out there, and the author being ahseutH France, evuu that imi>erlect copy was much reduced bv tlieHi oof-rraders. The American edition (long rgo ou' of print)flb as a copv of this incomplete English one,end uow, forMt iu first lime, " I'encillings by the Way" will lie primed in B Of COiru, Jnr render, wf did not intend the prruumytionfc J:(t'>e (ieueial <t d I) ol' puttiuj our own worlu at the beyinnoiy? Jj. f a 'f.ibrery of h avorite Authors " Tim u rt|>lain>>l abotv E 1 jlliot we shall so arrange it, by Riving you .in ntra tillepag;,J! ( kuihut you can bind op ir lent- out. us or other*, at your pleasure.Q jKacli author will be separately paved, aul we shall ?o arrange u*| j *nthat whatever you select Iroui our re publication* will bind into I P an integral nod tmndsmn " volume. t I Thsre ate now teaMy, therefore, lie following I? i I?" Tfir Sarred Purlin of N. I* W'lLLIi," 12>1 c*Ut?. I 5 2?" f'ormt of Pattion," bt'N P. VVii.lm," 12)2 j <S 2?" 77ir Ladajanr. anil othrr Potme," by N. P. r IAV ILI.I* 12H ! ' 4?' Thr Songs and Ballade oft i. P. Mourns 13% 1?" The Little Frenchman and hie Water Lots and other Talreof hit Times," by O P. .Moa-1 j 0 i.i* ; Illustrated by John* ton, the American t Cru'Ush.uiks 12% C C?" The Songt and Ballad? of llannv Uohs-i ( w all," a double nuinhrr, 31 f, 7 Lettere from Under a Bridge," by N. I'. y I he i idy CMDllli fdilion ever L piibliihed, A double number, 21 2?" The liococco. No. t"?containing threa ef lha I | no st d-lici-iia I'.em* ever writteu, vi* :?Tin- ] " Culpiit Fay," hv Joai.rn R. Drake ; "Lit- 1 Iran..' bv W. M Faai u I and " St *lgnre' I Ere ' by Joins Kcais With note* by N. 1*. cWilli*, _ 12% A 9?" The fiorocro, l^o. II"?containing 'he nutiru K " 1'ceina," of William I our Pisisir | w'lhn biographical Sbett h b/ the lav Wil- % Kj i 11 >t Llui.i i r, K,ni . and Original Not** by V v N. I'. Willi* *12% t? ft VVe have fcur or live venis to foil ow ibeae, w liieli we are snroJS j will equally delight auu surprise our reader* aud the public ye K I nerally. We will not name them now. Our or two of theinS Hire book* we almost made a s?eret of pastes*.tig?they were loljj 'Hr.ire, so invaluable, and so impossible to rejdaee. We eau ven-ffi lK>ture to promise, that, (leav it v our own work* aside ) no series$l .glnf uniform lite .ilure in the laniiu lk will be ' haicer, or belt rX pryv rlh pot testing at any price?let aloue a shilling ; fj ha To our r.ubscribrrs ? e wish in say that we ahull publiah nij> 'SI or Libr lysere* nothing which wilt again ajrjirur in thr o. BA'ck Mirror. The New . inor itatlf, we are coulideut will l><?2 It valuable portion r.f the I.ib ary ?of iheaame aiz? and ih.-i>e,? Kami contaiaiuK, of ciurte^the best I'.irgiti e I te sture (bat w-y ,wcm cnoose cv procure "in1 i>ew mirror is our prior, Wear' spireno labor upon it. and it sli&ll be wonliv of the con-aJ kSc?t<-lU?iuu to which it is the luadrr?if wr know how to make iltai fin. And now, dear trader, Irt us comm-ud to your |.urchatrSt Kjciid presenting ih" Mirror Library?for, hy shillitg* thusflj En printed w itliout an* feeling of sacrifice, you will ganualyjln Jjcieitc a P?.r;idis? of delicious leaning, into which yoa c.ui te-,y tttrrat when you would be. rid of core or weariness. y< Jj The above works have iust been issued as F.x rat of Ihr JVrtrM j.lfirror, au>J can be bound either witn or without it '1 hey utewj 'beautifully printed, of a unifo-m site, and maybe had on ?I>-Sk 'plication to the publishers. They > ra sent hy until to all rjiinr-RV tor- of the comit/t, at the usual newspaper postage Mingle co-W )l>iei. I2S cents?ten copies for one dolls'. For sale, wholesalers I'or retail, hy tfii MORRIS, WILMS It CO. H, No. 4 Ann streec, New Vork. * The " Letter* from Under the Bridge" were written in n se-S' eluded glen of the valley of the Ntii(|iirliannaO. The author.fig' alt?r srve'al tears lejideuc* and traveL abroad, nndelh*re, si J] he hope ', an altar of life-time tranunnlity for k>s household#) i gnds Most of the letters were written in the full belief thnt9l| lie sin u'd i'?s? there tlir p maindrr of his days. Inevitable n< .>V eesaity drove hitn again into active mrtrnptilitan life, .ir.d theHJ remeiubraiice ol ill it enchanting interval cf repose and runilRI pleasure, seems to hnn now like fittie bus a dream. At picmryLi ipg truly th? colour of his own mind and the natural Haw offt!| Ids though'* during a brief enjoyment of the kind of life aloueCj best suiti d to I ii disposition as well as to his better nature, thejg book is interesting to himaelf and to tlinie who love hiin. Asyd picturing failhluiiv the chartn of nalnie and seclusion nfler/d?! yeuni of intosicatml life in the gavest circles of the gayest eilirsvi, of the world it may be curious to the miller. KJ, t Siucn published?see printed list above. |J. f W Jwecd ltw*rfc Rj PII R E N O -M N K M OT E CII N V . E* OPKNINO OK A .VE IV CLASS! Ei M VJ OW th?t til* oiianiuom and favmabl# reports of th? Pitr< H}., P>e-a and of lli>ne lerulily of lb* iwinbers who alt *nd rhe pir-5j. MJtrnt (.'our**, have lemore J the former ii.Credulity nf the publirfil 'Hupji the t.tie meiits atrl practical importance of the System ;*Ri 9 And.iUo iu answer to seeeral hundred *|>plic>tioui vvhirhKt Br juld not h? admitted, since the second t,e;tnrv to his preie it#e<i j> lasses, the number ol subscribers to which (13117) till* up slIJK. afilie irati in holn Lecture Ilomni both op auJ duwu town? E>j 'gj PROP. FAUVETr-OOURAUI) gr jHVill open n New I '* for the turning, and auolher Class u.tfr ift'lhe day I-ore, (fflrtWcome ii?nc i rf UMM and th" IWStllbeuHl K' .f the < i i nor }.is man is a reiaor-hle numb r of su?*crib'r,J*i K hall have u- iled t > form eiilie' of the two Class**, or b .th <U !) rr At least two Isrtuics a week w II be itireu to each Class- -Jjj Et "i Tuesday and /Virfny nthe Kveuinc CU"?, at 7 I' M , andw"~ En H'erfriesdrtv sod .Nnrtirrfor/ fir the Oav (.'Us*, nt 12 'clockswi Rrpreti-ely ; thus r'dut itig the i nu'se, in time, to three weeks utjif K uiu't, as there will lie (u-o dtmA'e Ledum in eich part of the*-' H N. B ?No other classes will he formed hereafter on any r-m.-JLj' hideration 1'tof (f havii c alrtady msde-prepiratipii* to lectu'rK'i [ ii Chi adelphia, Boston, Washington, and Baltimore, before ai Ilhe epeaj >g of the business season. Hi irT^Ticaets of admission to the Evening Course, including the t rioted I'rinciplet, gisru at lh* door ei "f?ry r yeniue lo esch rnatnb-r i'i ra h'emily Ticket* for two re-sons 8 a K*ch additional m-mber i f the same Karnile 3 Jf if'T'Tiekets ol admisii.m to the Pay Count, for y ach individual member, only J 5v To he had at Professor (J s office. No. 297 Broadway, a few B lo irs aliose helfranile Bi iMing. Otlice open liom 10 A. M. 1 B'oi P- Vl . fir delivery of Li'Urts to subscribers. % * ii d'T" Th-subscription lisiwi'l bcc.otadou SnuriUy, March 8 I & P. 8.-?For the satisfaction ??l that portion of th# poblf# who N , fought yetdeaire more conclusive evid'nce "n the practicabil- ? i vty,power, Md iinmenve advaiitagea of th. Byatetn. a Jh ( PHRENO-MNEMOTECllNY & rj And E* per. mental Mi . M PUBLIC INTRODUCTORY LECTURE, g - h F?f the baordlt of the lirr/fy A \ ORPHAN ASYLUMS OF THIS CITY. I aJWill be given at tbe Tabernacle, ra ibe erritng of tharith B IvMirch at precisely half-pact 7 o'clock. S ^ j :y^-The Phreno inriemoiechnic ecperimenta of the evening to I ">Jb< made by oyer onr humli ri (Ladiea aud Gentlemen) mem- 3 .there of'Profetvor UOlJH^UD'S preaeot claea? ]. % :1 Besidesseveral Pupils uftht N. 1". Jilitul Asylum, d , J'erho will antwer In every ijuealion put ili'.n by 'lie aiidirnrr n ! 'ffrom a vntuminona programme nf tae muit'ij' bia'orical, B , . Mathematical and orher icjent fic vac n which tlcy juri d|P"d t"i npi liiution of the Sylttm, at the end of the i 4fourth lecture ot the cnurve 'tj 'I'icarU of atimiavmn to the Introductory',ecture, SO ceou. P H f26 eoiHt'rcMWKM > I if KCTUOKS ON PllHKNOLOOV?Or, the Law. of ? Rj -* Man'a Being, Presented and Applied to the Diareinmeut oikb i harantf ; to nelf-lmnroreinent; to ihe Moral Trunin* anil ? K<? ten.met.I ol I duld "n. iMCtuUihg tlieir Inte'lectnal Kilnca- S htion ; to Improving the .Vletn'try ; to Matrimony, H>r?uitar> I jjilarnut, lleli||[ioii. Morati, Politics, Temperance, Kviaiitig B JJP.rili and their Remedy, Itr liv (J, H Knwier, at I linfuiH yllrll, every Monday ard \Vedn'td*? eyeninc, March amlH ivtpr l ; nt 'I liilii i llall, every Thuraday evening, anil at|H JH >M'- Bnildinea. Brooklyn,ryery Friday evening, eninmeiieingH .2it hnlf put 7 o'clock and cloving with public rvammatinns.U "and often witn not Hi t: Ttmt. Pesitt to the Aral live Ire lire m Tfiee, arid a comrihttti >n taken. Roe hi1 It. t? Irmfeaa'oaal r xnn'oatioiu and hooka at I II Nmo ilrMtA New York, Itimtoi I'.'fl Im'tr K THU ANNIVKHSAY DINNER of the GERMAN BO* ' ClluTY of New Yore, will Ire celebrated on Tuesday, I2ili9p Ala'rh, at the Avtir Home. RJ Ticketa to lie h*d of the following Rtewarda? je d. Belmont, 36 Wall atieef. r< U. Von Baur, IS South William atrret. ri J. W. Hehnlten, 21 Najaan atreel. p> A. Ilodewald, 16 Broad vtrert. '/, O. H Ki ad, 16 Ex tbange Place. p( <) \V. Politic, J# Broad atreel, Mi 11. A. Llining, 9 Br-ad atipet. B diili"i?ll?itn.*4 Broadway. Llr. Tellk.impf, II Warren (treat. PI C. R. Degrn. IS Wail atre t. (*, Dr. A. tre.icneidt. 327 Broome ttreet. B feM loltMr MWItF'm _ 2 THE BELL TAVERN. ' I'jTHIF. tiUBSMllhKK having tn.en the ce|?hratai Home in IV iA Ann vtn-et, f.irmerty occnpirJ by J. C. Htone.ll, karj..aitliT 'Sh.tvtiic ret,or ated the um", and put it in thorough repair, willK I iloneu una d.ijt, and vol cita a thare of public p- tro.iage. Bleak* ,M bT'liopa and Hartbiu, Wttli all the delicaeiea of tlie aeatOB.fl r'ae red up in the uwt?,t atyle and at the ahorteat uotice. A ,*J Private Patties ari-ommodited, M yj Kehtuary W, I#H. rJOHN H. WOODOATI. H' M I'elH 3t*ec HI IER A maamtmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Italian Opera?the plaice i r.?We have had! i number of communications in relation to our re-, narks yesterday resecting a little Hare up between r'altellina and tlie audience, during; the representa-J ion of Luciii 'it Ijimmcrmoor, on Wednesday vening. Several of these a:ticles represent the :usc in a different aspect to that in which sve pre-jj ented it. (hie of them in this way : It seems [ hat the applause which Perozzi receives has beerr >1 late very annoying to Valtellina, and when hej :omes before the audience, he sometimes, unwilingly, we would say, forgets hia good temjier, and' Jlows himself to be governed by unworthy feel-' ngs, showing disrespect to the audience. Whether* his be so or not, we are not so sure, but we merely? itnte the fnct us stated to us by n correspondent. (J We nre sorry to find also that according to uli4 iccounts there is a good deal of dissension in the*, :ompany, and that Vuliellina is very much is- J| ied because Majocchi is not no highly esteemed as.* Jorgbese; and we also understand that in thejji :astc of the next opera, the part of the prima donnaj[ s to be given to Majocchi. Now, we are permiad-s ;d, from what we have seen utid know of the taste? md discrimination of an American public, that if fi inch an attempt be made by any manager, he will's ?e hissed from the stage, and seal the fate of the# pern. We have a great respect for all the artists,5 ,nd so have the public. Majocchi is esteemed for her j# lighly respectable talent, good temper,'amiability,fl ndustry, and uniform desire to please by doing lhej| iest she cnn. l'erozzi also exerts himself to aM rery great degree, and always discovers good tem-B ier and proper respect to the audience. Of Bor-M {hese, it is unnecessary to say a word, as her posi-fl ion m kuown to every body. But there is a feelings growing np with respect to Vallellina and some otj lis doings, which should warn him, and which, ifH jot properly improved, may injure hint to a veryfl jreat extent. We trust that advice and warning will be heed-B ;d, and that the representation to-night will afford! .... fltanUva r>f ndiscretion?no unworthy feeling will in futurej eopardize an enterprise which lias thus far beenS ;rowned with triumphant success. W Common Council. ^ IJoahi) or AiiisrciTl-SrtxiiL Mcktixu.?Thursday.?m Chin Hoard held a special meeting at 7 o'clock, P. M ? H 'luiii LK P. Brown, Esq, the President, in the Chair. el The Minutes of tlir last Mretinri?On motion the read-JP ng of the same were dispensed with. fjjf Petition* for a lialeoi it/.?C)f Mark Stovenson, to be per-fi nitted to erect a balcony in front of his newly iiocUdH louse in Broome street. Referred with power. K .Application for Office.?Of N. 1). Ormsbury, to be np-Sj minted a lime inspector of the 13th ward. Referred. Ej The .In nun I Appropriation Hill.?The seven ordinanci sSI risking the required appropriations for the coming yrut ,H rid which had passed the other Board and transmitted 10B his lor concurrence, were then taken tip. They wrieM onciirred in, and the Board adjourned to Monday next, fij Circuit Court. E Before Judge Kent. M Fi.m. 39.?James C. Losee and Timothy It. Loser I'hi'ntjt IVIiilmoir.?Action to recover upon guaranty for a note! it !MK3 63, made by one Henry P. Fisher, signed and ssul II d by defendant. Defendant contends that the instru-jn nenthad been altered by inserting the word " piiymoiit"23 letweeu the words " the'" and " of," where it reads in thojfi guaranty " to guarantee the (payment interlined) of thcS 0110 wing notes," Ac. dusciibing them und other ititerliiic-K itions. Tho subscribing witness testified to execution of oj he instrument in tbu usual manner, hut did not recolloctjS whether the interlineations were therein not at the timers e witnessed it The counsel for tho pluintitl's ctuih-ndi-dM .hat the interlineations upon the evidence of the witness, ind from the w hole appearance of the instrument, werejjs (Oiiuine and made at the time of ils execution, and that a1?' 111 events they were immaterial, us the legal interpretiijO don of the instrument would he the same without thai words as with them. Vcrilict for the plaintiff, their debt! and costs. H For plaintiff, K. Terry ; for defendant, S. K. Eddy. F Smut vs. unite.?Another action upon ti e same guaran K v for another note of $'2M 00, made by the same partyjm fhe same defence was set up in this Case, and the sarn ie mints contended for by plaintiffs counsel. Verdict foijj .he plaintllli, their debt uud casts. 1 For plaintiffs, E. Terry ; for defendant, 8. S. F.ddy. R A.notiikk Kiection or 1 Maid Aoent.?i'osf-u master rtpooiie.r u likely to he foiled in his free! trade operations in letter carrying by Postmaster Wick-P Iilfe. We see by the Baltimore Clipper of yesterday, thutsl mother agent has been stopped in his progress. Mr.'l Brown, suiqmsed to be connected with Mr. Sjmoner's newt mail establishment, took his seat in the cars at Baltimore! in Tuesday evening, for Philadelphia, when he was in-* ormed by Mr. Crawford, the agent of the Company, thutK le could not go, as he believed he had .mailuhle matter inl inssage, unci refused to leave his seat unless he was com- [ relied so to do; Upon this, Mr. Craw lord took hold oft Mm, assisted hy several others, and commenced to ejects itim hy lorce, when a general pulling and hauling tookQ place, a number of those who were standing hy endeavor-1 ngto prevent his ejectment. Mr. Crawford, however.* inally succeeded, and the cars moved of) Another Great Fire in Norwich.?We learn E bat a fire broke out on Franklin Square, in Nor- 2 ivicb, at about li o'clock on Tuesday nitrhf, anil con- ? limed eight or ten buildings. This is really a sad thing f or Norwich. We are not in possession of the partieu- f urs, but learn that the hie lirst appeared in the tinner's B hop of K. Cotwell &t'o , which was destroyed, together c vith the grocery of Harrison Smith, and the grocery ml- I oining, with the cabinet maker's shop in the same block J i paint shop, a livery stable kupt hy (Japtain F. 1'eudleton, i small barn adjoining, occupied by a Mr Davis; a "build, ng occupied aa a ten pin alley, ami other buildings. Our nlormnnt cannot give the names of most ot the occupants tor a complete list of the buildings, but says pretty much ivery thing from Franklin Square, hack to tne Railroad, h vas swept off Kvery thing was consumed from the jj 'Tanklin House to Miner's store. Of course, we cannot brm any estimation of the loss. The late lire was a se ions one for Norwich, and we are pained to learn of a rcsh outbreak. A Great .Storm.?A tremendous north e,utterly iiniw storm commenced lute yesterday afternoon, ind has continued even up to this time. Thu atreets ale iretty well blocked up with frosty feathers, and it is oui 7 >pinion that the article i> more than a loot deep SHOD 5 lake* urc still coming down at this present writing. The deighs are again in our streets ami the liells ol' the home* ire ringing merrily. There has never been "within the memory ol the oldest inhabitant" here, ?o much snow in Boston during one season, as there has been the present winter.?Boston Timrt, Ftb 28. Canadian Tariff?Caution to Traveu.f.rh ? Travellers to Canada are informed, that hy recent instructions from the Provinrial Government, all Custom House olllcers on the line ure required hereafter to collect 'the duties on every horse, harness, uud sleigh, or other [vehicle, going into the province, whether the suniais intended for sale or return. If a team returns within fifteen [days, the duties will he rcfuuded at the Custom House This arrangement will seriously cripple our inti rconrr. with JanaJa. No one can go in even on a pleasure excursion, without advancing some (20 or $33, which ia for Eei'ed U he fails to return within the prearrilied numbt-i ifdayi. Teamsters carrying articles to M mtreal market. will he in the same predicament. 1 intend of taking with them, as has been usual, small sums for exjiensrs they must shell over a sum eijual in many cases to the value of their load. A more pernicious and ini|>olitlr jieijuirenicnt was never made. It is consoling, however to reflect, that the Canadians will suffer the consequence* themselves, and that our citi/.ens, if forewarned, will lose nothing. Burlington Srntinel. I X*\v York I,eh the Assembly on (Tuptstldy, Mr. L. Ice reported !>y lull relative ti the inspection of beef and pork in New York city. Mr. L said he waaopposcd to the hill already reported creating an inapec tor general of lieel and Jiork, and intended when in committee to move this as an amendment to that hill The committee of the whole, S Cole in the chair, took up the hill providing for a lien for mechanics of the city ol New York, orecting buildings, Ac. in that city; also, V similar lull in relulion to Rrooklyn und WiIIMiinrl>nr^h,| which was 10 unu nited at to tDelude Buffalo nnd Hudson L and passed both Itilln. t> NAVIGATION ON L,M<K Eio,?Th( correspondent! fit J'oinorov iSc Co., dated HvtUo. Fob. 'Zl, wiv's?I It ia ijuitH warm hern mid raining hard, little or no ice t..2 In' ? en in the Lake. 1'he Toronto steamboat commence-! milling to monow. The steamer United stales leaves! lhi? |>ort lor Detroit and intermediate pOah.Oilthf l.'tl.l inst., with evi ry |,roi|ieet, at this tune, ol mnkinir tli" Hip! pMMtljt free irom ice or other obstructions to tli* m11 nation. 12 tn < anai. Re-( ?isnei>.?The mil<i weathorl line ttius eurlv opened the trade ot tli>' <'Itesnpeakt I ,mi.1 Ohio t anal, aeveral boata having n11hed yestei .1nH " f.vemlle''ol town, and winch oi.iyH lieOpMted in ;ali to-day, aa tlia water in let into Hi. fl lieorgetown level, Itcl.ire tile end of the week it ia pfg-l liable that the navigation will ba resumed from end toendl ifjtho Canal'?Gtmgrtmn Jtihuiralt i)l Frkk I.AKH.?'j'lie ioe in the lake, which WUM taehad ?n.i Mtan ap tor awrnl<tuy? put, tia? . tn. i. JP liMppMfad. I tie strong etttuif K"le of wind win. i.H prevailed yesterday, lias duven it of! westw .ir.l, leai nig ,.Sjj clear blue unobstructed surface.- Huftain . Mr. EJ ANoritan PAitnot*.?The Village Record oil Tuesday last says. that Jackson, who waa convicted off nsnslaughter at our 1 ourt on the 17th instant, received ill ardon on tlie cnth from Oovemor Porter. .LB. Prteo Two Cents. Police?1Tiicasoitr?Ho??ck>, llot??. tm> I'm i cms.?There were thiiteen burglaries m furious |>aits of our cjty on Wednesday night, ?e?.n ol' winch wore in one block, and yet the M?j or, who is ut the head Bftlie Police, and the rtjieoial Justices, delay in re eota Dlithing the patrol police, the efficiency ot which w?? made so full) apparent u lew months since. The issigued by the Justice* is, that certain inernbeia ol tin i-oiiimon t'ouncil object to the payment ol the lull, cl the jtlicers who teceiveU the tf lall pittunce ot < ighli t n cud < per hour for night duty. This psper was the eaj h auvo itiuui u;iN FUUlHr; impnitrmciii iu wi* ? w?^v men! ofour city, and after much difficulty flu* magistrate* af the Lower Police adopted the nnasuio. Jn tnc short apace of one month thenty hid become so ii'1 of midnight prowlers, that (lays passed over.without a burglaiy bong intend npou the police hooks, and eventually then rogues would have liecn driven out of our city hud the patrol hccii continued. The reasons given lot discontinuance are loo ridiculous lor mention, but we suppose thoie in authority can do as they please, and that the public must sutler until others are selected to fill their places, u lio dare and w ill assume the authority of protecting Unlives and property ol our citizens from midnight mui sudors and ussassiru. Kohhkm or tiii <Jlt.ick fjicsaus?The house of Mr. Sutton, iu Htnry street, near like, was enteral] yesterday allcriioon iu the daytime, and a chest contaiuing shout $100 worth of property belonging to the volunteer military lire company of liulick Unurds, curried away. A man and a hoy were caught iu the uct of breaking upen the trunk la a vacant lot near the place from whence K was stolen. The boy was arrested and taken to the Upper Police, hut the man escaped. A ilciioi.AU buccal ii.?A day or two since we publish I'd, among other burglaries, that of the house of George I-'.. M atrons, H7 St. Murk's place, front which silver waie, Clothing, Ac , wore stolen, valued ?t $98. Ollicer ftte phens, one ol the most energetic of the pxilice deportment, in roinpany with oilicei- Gil Hays, yesteiduy ai rested u colored lellow named John Francis, a boss whitewashes who hu* resided at No. Id Jersey street, and searched liw premises on suspicion of hi* being concerned in the robbery, when they found a small portion ol the clothing thai had been stolen, on which complaint Francis was committed. Since then several articles that had been .stolen from the house of A.N. Wenntan, in 19th street, .were also found In possession of Francis, as well as ut'.ci .clothing that has been taken bom other premises. A ipiar. tity of false keys and buigtar* instruments w rie found 111 [the house of Francis, Iroin which fact there is every na [son to believe that he has been connected with many ol [the burglaries that have recently taken place. A Coi vrnYVU* 11 Tow*.?An oM codger. who look. ' an though ho should bo thinking of hi* prayers ol worldlypleftsure*,u as no charmed with the winning smile . ol' Mi** Mary McArray. that hit ttw deluded into a Iioiim of ill fame iti Orange street, and w hile there robbed ol $7. The old larraer arretted hi* charmer, and handed her over to the police, hut refused to make complaint against her, for fear hi*,iiami; would be published. and the magistrate therefore sent her to the Penitentiary a* a vagrant for four month*. Pocst.T Boos Diiorrcit.?A v ery honest man named ' . \. Hawley, recently from Ohio, perceived a young man pick up a pocket hook yesterday morning that uppi-Att d tilled with hauk notes, and i ithei Irom uu honest motive to return it to its lawful owner, or With an itching palm to possess himself of its contents, he was induced to give the very apparent honest hoy the sum of if.'JO for his tionhle. The hoy sloped with the money, and when Mr. Iluvv ley opened the pocket book, to hi* astonishment he found that it was tilled with Globe Bank note*, not one of which wis worth u I'lamtiel 1 rag. lie will learn wisdom by e\peiience. Ball Kvtkaltlo. The hall that entered the led Incest of John Uightliody, ink maker, that wus tired froin a pistol in the hands of nlficer Baker, on Thuisduy night, was es traded yeHteiduy. It had lodged immediately above hi* breast bono, und hail become quite flattened from friction in passing reiind his body, lie 1* recovering very fust from the Gleets ol the wound. | Notes ofthc denomination of f?l, purpoit ing to he of the Jthode Island Union Bank, are in circuits fion. They are dated Keb. Id, 1844?letter I)., anJ veiy well engraved. Book out. .SroiiE Thkim.-Two fellow*, who said they weio named Ferdinand Haskell und William Dry son, were inrested yesterday by officer A. Ml.'. Smith on u charge nf stealing some valuable good* from the store corner ol ( and Washington streets, ]>att of which was found in their possession. Coroner's Oillc*?Tmmn* . ?l)o\*i? Hum. The hones ill some human being, whether male or h-malc Is unknown,were found yesterday at the corner ol Broome street and the Bowery. They are supposed to he the re main* of a subject used for dissection and have been or will be interred to-day by the C oroner. Dsoivsr.t).?The liody of a Scotchman, named lohii Williams, was louiid.drow tied in the Hndsoli on Wedni sd i) II. had hei u 'ruis-ung since the 'J.Id el I leCci.V or Just, when he was seen on a spree, lie wit a cabin* t makar hy Lraite, and ha* a lainily residing somewhere in Canada. Verdict, "found dead?came unknown " Vicnv Si iiuft Di stm.? Yesterday morning, a young woman named Caroline Kckhart, a native ol fiance, diet very suddenly from disease of the heart. She hud retired to rest as usual, aud in the morning was lying with her iarms out of the bed, when her father remarked, "Caroline, you had lietter put the clothes over you." Mie answered. "Vea? you put them on," and turned over, and breathed her last. Verdict?"death from disease ol the heart." Splendid Attractions are offered at tiie American M use cm , ?n<J the moat interesting pcrformances are given every evening. The spirit and enterprise of the manager is distinctly visible, and hie and unnuutiou seem to pervade every department of it. The entertainment# are fully and fashionably attended, ami the most |w rfect delight is clearly depicted in every countenance. The preparations lor next week are grand In addition to the company now engaged, the original Kentucky Minstrels will give some of tlieir sweetest Ethiopian bteWies, which have alw ays been so popular in this cily. (to look for a grand rush. { Vichie in Xew Orleans.? Jolin Riley, tlir landlord of the Hunch of Gropes Tavern, No. 10 front l.evee. First Municipality, New Orleans, committed suicide on the 13th instant, by drowning himsell in the Mississippi. He had a wife and one child, and was long regarded in an upright and industrious man. It ap)-earthat he left a. letter, in w hich he stated that no person should know the.rau<n tlint prompted him to put a period to liis existence. He went down near the harrack*, paid a liojr lor taking him out near the centre of the river in a ikilf, an>l when there lie jumped into eternity. No UonwtRY.?The reported robbery ut SytactiM' turn* out to he no robbery at all. The trunk uaa fount it the hotel where tiie owner ol it put up, from which place it had not been moved. The trunk wu *aid to contain "M'l.tKM' Court Calenilar cia. i n i 01 mi.?Jen, two, .>34, 77?, 73\ jim, *.'37, tvo, 113 to -307, 754 to 7?4, 7117 to j70. Commoi Pi mi 77, 77, .11), 7.7, 7!', 37 to M, .7H. AMERICAN HOTEL, PHILADELPHIA. PHIH new home it aitnaied on t heitmit afreet, oppoaite the L Hlnte Home, (Independence Hi|n*re.) mid in the iieU'fdiaM icinity of nil the I leteoualde pleo a of nmnerineut re ...rt It im> breii hmlt in the moat thnrouah wanner, (> / John J. tiditwav, Etu ,and contain! npwnrda of one l-ond < * rn tea, nanr of which are p~rlo'? with bedronina adjoining, ntilaMi or feiniliea. and i artiea of ladie* ami (tcutlemen. It will b-' furniahed hrouahniit, (without retard to eiieoiaet with uew and ale-pant furniture of the rami approved aiylr, anil ipened for the reception of thu travelling pubue.-m the tirar day Q f March or a' The proprieiora flatter themeelve*, that their Ion* experience H n the buiireai, will enable them to conduct the A merican ilo 24 ul, iu all ite ilepnrtmeutt, in aoch a manner a? will pleaae the no*t laatidioua, mid guaieufee to thuir rueutt every rojr for md lumry, that can be found in any Hotal in tlie United liutn. I N. 13 ? (lathing Kooma are attached to the llorel. where H vartn and Cold water hatha will at nil rime* br in rradiM-aa. f HENRY A CHAKTKH, If;. J A MEM MAC LKLLAX, J""'" January lith, IXt. j]J 'in;r EXCI?AWE HOTtr>?UALTIMORh. PI! ASTUS fOLEMAN b.u thi. day takrn 1IKNH\ f' < JA< KSO.N iuto |'i>r?ne?hip, n"d iu futur* th* hum* o i miduet*d iu th* nam* of t'OLEM AN *c JACKkUN. The (at!uumt* of til* Irai-rlling public. and inf (i?iic- ut oat ri*nda, ii iraportlnlty iolicir*d, IVUtiBinr*, Kfhrunry I, 1811 fl Im*. HAVANA MANSION nf K ur. rirraiyrrri tnfcr* o*.*h?ioq t<> inform hi* friituU ?e I III* public, that tn- Mur'iun Hollar i? n? w local. <1 in Ininiiiilnr ?tr*?t, No. 61. iu tii* Tieiiiifj ?f t'i* rr- >nf>< u liclmi 3d i *K*r.thl* inari.*t, !itrirt'< coutciottiou* fnr 11> rpar.W'a.r n?RBrd in lb* c*if??t ' fdr r. A i"-nor. ii *mplor*d to p'ornr* ftmira to I'd-1 i -i'-ra. t?". tilut v*ill Lairrl ?*?a?l* immediat* r '.I rt tl>* ritit f thf r*?i'in:? cflWu. N. n."Viiit?r? to tbti Ittaad il-.r.ii 14 promt* * M?r?n fr. ri M Apuni*h f .'opinl, at tn* p< ri of vnb*rkntio?, to obTtit* d.i-cullies nod mcoor'ttirtp:* t?ii.if.if" WILLIAM yVLTO^i KN<} L1MH AI > V KK TLS EM KNT. | ONDON?bT. KATHAHI '?E N IIOTKI., nrpoalt* ' Ll Jtt. Katharuw'a Dn*k C*t*?, nid B**r th* KoynJ Mint. PHO.MAA LENMCV. Ii'* < I'iri St*?*rd ol th* Un;.>!i lu**u Jtteanubip, r*)>r*rtfoilT rnhxm* hufri*nd? in tii* I'u.i?-.l hi.\r*a, that h* ha* |H* man*c?m*nt of th* ab*y? now and *1. ini **ubliah ' *nt, whi*h n built uii'l lnrn:*li*d rrg.*rdl*a> it ftwuu , anil u in D*r"<*t adapted torch* n-cipton ol '< aili.-a in I IP-utl.-m'ti I Ititmu Inr In nil. u tii* h. t?l front* t'i. it nil ol tii* in' k iu ?ihi*h the I men ma mmi of the oiliei An* ic.tu l.i , >'111 ii withm h?? larnntet rulk of to* 0 i .id lloyal Kicking*. Th* Loaaa will b? evudacted on lib* ! nd *cnnomic*l |irio?ipl*?. Th* < ok** I'lmin u lupylief with h* London, Amrrifui, I ant Indian ?nd Colouial paler*. i r fund*, Winea, 4c. nn) ot th* nut qoaluy. A uood Billi on loom Wnrm Bath* will b? tonnd iu th* lunik* On.' nmi may emit Ml hy tt.* work or kiootb lor board, be. on li * nir.* t*nnt ? in Ai.i*?i**. T LKNNfcV b*?? to aunto thncowho may honor bin wp i h*ir pat ouac* that cothinc thali h* wautmf to r*nt<rr n tn omfurt.tbl*, ind by ntbmtion to Mi* wiihra of hu natl, hi-! *! II m*rit that e<nifnl?ne* and good will *o libotaliy britowd on mil wlirn (toward of th* Urittah Moooa. >114.KATMS AT TH K OL'"?BE hTTTTTT I'HK |inipri*t?f of ill* *l)0?* *?t?bliahm*iit would inform th* pulilic and ill* liwinmtora of thia home n.t tii- It ill. t i*t* l>*i-u clijtOQ ?'un? tun* for tii* pur|Hii* ?.f r?-f,tii k -i d i ut lint tl. in in prop. i nrdnr, and ihry r* mm .il-u-jo niti. 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