Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 3, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 3, 1844 Page 1
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THJ Vol. JL, Ho. 08?Whole Ho. 3093 OLD rt?Mfl1S?D"*FM^:^,C.. . I, m fine street, comer otjSouth. _ : i$h M M mk Till! .ubtcriber l*|. lave to cal Uhe attention of In. friends i end the public ia general, to the following arrangements for 1S44, for the purposeof bringing out cabin, 2d cabin, and steer- I ge passengers, by the Regular Line of Liverpool Packeu, Mil lug the l.toth, l nil, 16th _ ant and 26tli of every month. Bv I the London Paskefc. to Mil rrm New York, the let, 10th and Oth?and from London on the 7tft, 17th and 27lh of each in. nth. Ill connection with the above and Tor the pnrpoa* of afford- I ing .till greater facilities to paaaengere, the subscriber bases- J tnnliilieo a regular liueol furst class New Y"rk built, copp-red I and c >P|>er raateued .hips, to tail punctually every week throughout the year. For the accommodation of persona wishing to remit money to i their I unities or friends, drafts are given, payable at sight, on the following Bank., vix :? I Provincial Bank uf Ireland, payable at Cork, Limerick, Clonmel, Londonderry, Bligo, Wexford, Belfast, Waterford, Qalway, Armagh, Athlone, Colerain. Ballina, Tralee, Youghal, Knniskillen, Moueghan, Banbridge, Ballymena, Parsonstewn, . Downpatrick, Lavan, Lurgan, Omsgh, Dungaunsn, Bandou, Linus, Ballyshanno Strabane. Bkibereen, Mallow, Money more, 1 Cootchill, Kilru.h, Dublin. 1 Scotland?The City Bank of Glasgow. _ England? Messrs. Spooner, Atwood It Co. Bankers, London; 1 k Vhfi,I.? W??Iaa Unail l.iverrwkol tav.hl. in every raws Ui Great Britain. , , ! For further inform, cc roer of South.N. Y. 1 Or Mcun. P. W. BYRNES St CO, 3S Waterloo Road. > Jt6m*rr Liverpool. j NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANS- ! PORTATION COMPANY , NKW ARKANflEMKNT, COMMKNCINO OCT. lOTH .1843. , FARE REDUCED TO TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. From the foot of Courtlandt street, Now York. (Every day?Sunday* excepted.) i Leave* New York. Leave* Newark. A/a I A.M. At I P.M. At 7)4 A,M. At 1)4 P.M. * do. I do. 8 do. 4 do. 11 w do. 4 do. 9 do. do. 5 do. 10)4 do. 9X do. T do. *>N SUNDAYS. PT' Leave* New' jrk. Leave* Newark. tt9 A. M.and4^P. M. At 1)4 P. M. and 9J4 P. M. The car* of the Morru and Euex Railroad for Orance, Millville, Sun-mit, Chatham, Madi*on, aud Morriitown, run through from Jersey City without change, and connect with 9 A. M. aud J P. M trains from New York. NEW YORK AND ELIZABETH TOWN. Leave* New York. Leaves Elizabeth Town At A.M. At 3 P.M. At 7 A.M. IXf.M. 9 do. I do. 7)4 da. 5 do. 11 do. 5 do. 8)4 do. 9>? do. 7 do. 10 do. 1 P.M. The train* for WeatCeld, Plainfield, Rouudbrook, Somer Vxlle, ike., connect with the 9 A. M., and 4)4 P- M. , train* from New York daily, Sunday* excepted. Fare between New York ana Klmabeth Town IS cent*. Fare between do. and Somerville, 75 cent*. NEW YORK AND RAHWA1 Leave* New York. Leave* Railway. At t A. M At 3 P.M. At 6X A.M. At 3 P.M. v do. 3 do. 7 d?. 4X do. II da S do. 9 do. 9 do. 7 do. 9)4 do. NEW YORK AND NEW BRUI^WICK. Fvom foot of Courtlandt street, New York, daily Leave* New York. Leave* New Brunswick. At 9 ATM. At 3 P. M. At 6 A. M. At 18 M. S do. 7)4 do. 8)4 P- M. ON SUNDAYS? Leaves New York Leave* New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. and tYP. M. At 13 A M., and 8* P. M. Fare, except in the Philadelphia trains, between New York and New Brunswick. SO cents. Between New York and Railway, 36 centa Newark, Elizabeth town. Rah way, and New Brunswick passengers who procure their ticket* at the ticket office, re caive a ferry ticket giatis. Ticket* are received by the con ductor only on the day when purchased Tiie commutation fare between New York and Rahway and intermediate places, ha* been reduced (including ferry) to $60 per year ; between New Brunswick and New York $76 per year. nl9 3m PATEKSON RAILROAD. From Pateraon to Jeraey City. On aud after Monday, Oct. 2d, 1813, the cart will leave Patersoi* Drfot. Leave Naw York. 8 A. M. 9 A. M. 11M '" 13K P.M. IF. M. 4 ,r~ The Sunday Trains will be discontinued until further noice. , , ^ Transportation cars leave daily (Sundays 1 rkaaiQ vers are advUel uWn th* Ferry, fwo?<r Courtlandt street, a few minntes before the stated hour* of deoarture Jyl9 6m* NEW ?UUK AND PHILADELPHIA RA -ROAD 1.1NE DIRECT, SrUft 11 RWABKi 1 WDRUWIWItJk. IIIHL* TW?| A RID fU?, BORBBNTOWN AWH BURLINGTON. rrrMi fflffirr nTI THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leaving Now York daily from the foot of Cunrtlandt ?t Morning Line at 8 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at P. M. The Morning Line proceeds to Bordeotown, from thenee by Steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeda direct to Camden (oppoeiteto Philadelphia) without change of can. Passengers will procure their ticketa at the office foot of Courtlaudt auraet, where a commodioua steamboat, will be ia readiness, with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to city, wihout being opened by the way Each train is provided with a car in which are apartments and dressing rooms expressly fur the Indies' use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Wslant street, bv steamboat to Bordeotown at 7 o clock, A. M. and by railroad Jjrom Camden, at J o'olock, P. M. The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7H A. M., and 4 P. M. being a continuation of the lines from Now York j9 3m* m JViff YORK tf HARLEM RAIL ROAD CO. ( SPRING ARRANGEMENTS , 3WT.JUL1L. gg-W In order to nioiiifiiodate the public xen*rail,, and the *e?iI dents ofVorkviLe, H-rlein and Westchester County psrtic iInly, the Comi any will run their Cars, ou and after Marsh 1st, 1811, in ths r Lowing order Leave City Hall for Leave Harlem for Leave Williamsbridge Harlem Aw'tir.dge. City Hall. for City H?U. (0 A.M. 7 40 A.M. 7 JO A.M. 7 00 8 40 I 20 9 00 10 SO 10 30 11 30 I JO P. M. 1 00 P. M. 2 00 P. M. 3 40 3 JO 3 00 4 40 4 JO 4 00 5 40 5 20 J 30 7 30 7 00 On Sunday, If the weather ia fina.tbe train cars will ran every bour. The City Hall and J7th street line will ran as follows:?Fro as . 7 A. M etery ten minutet throughout the day until 7 30 P. M. " The Extra Night Line will run as lollowt:? Leave City Hall for 37th street, I, 8 30, 8,8 30, 10, 10 34, 11,11 30 and f. Lsave 97th street for City Hall, 7 30, 1.8 30, 8, 9 30, 10, 10 30, 11 and U 30 Persons Wishing to commute, will find it their interest to do so. as >h-fare iu such cases will b> reduced Please apply at than office, No. 4 Tryon Row, coraer of Cen're street ojjposi e the P..m. WM. 8. CARMAN, f 27 2w1 rc Secretary. flya/qL ?TATEN ISLAND /-L FERRY. On and alter Tnesdiv, February 27th, the Boats will leave as follows, until furti er notice Leave Slaten Jiland. Leave New York. At A. M. At A. M. Hi ? lt a r. M. p. m. i " ? tr29rc DOSTUM BUSINESS EXPRESS AND FOREIGN LETTER OFFICE. e?w ""I THE submribers have made arrangements to ruu ail Kipirss. via Htouinitou, to Boaton, to. the JHH transaction of business, and the transportation ol jSEEZ??'nall Packvgee, Bank Notes, Ordeis.wc., at one HALF Tin roUMKH mrtl Oneol tli<- ti ift will reenve anch orders a* may be antrum) to him, delurr ili-in iu Boaton in peraon, and return the auawe/a aa toon i.a tlie boats amee in New Voik. Furrigu Letlera iorward?d by the Cunard H learners from Boa ton. Letters can be pie-paid at thia olfica, for any part of Oreat Britain or tbe Continent. PARILOTT k CO. 2(1 Wall atreet, NewYork. (8 Im'rrc Boaton. 1(1 Cougies* atreet daily express. THE anbacribexa run their h'lpmaa regularly, _ , eyerv day.via ilonaatonic Railroad. (Sundays egm repted ) to and from New York, Aluauy and llufalo, and toe intermediate placet, for the transpoi-uniou of specie, bank nolea, bundlra and pack*l<c? n| guods, lor .collecting bills, notea, drafta and account*. With despatch. From tliia city ? 6 o'clock, A. M. arriving in Albany the tame eeeniug, iu advance of the United Btiiiet Mail. ft Imrrc I'OMEKOY fc CO 1 Wallitreet. MB* FOR LIVEKP 'OL?To aail 4th of March?The SOUTHERNER. T. D. Palmer, master, will kWbaail on the aboee day. p or paaaiga only, ap|>fyy")oily;L^'k^MINTUR niltodrre 87 BoOlh at'iect. il??? ..FOR LIVERPOOL?Henular Packet of the tith March?Tse splendid packet sbij PATRICK HENABmMSoHY, Captain Delane, burthen IC90 tons, will tail as above, her regular day. The acoommodallons for cabin, tecoad cabin and steerage passengers are unsurpassed by any eessal in port. Peraous wishtng to embark should make Mrly application on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to J McMURRA*. ., ' ? Pine atreet, cor of South atreet Persons wishing to send for their friends can hare them brought out by the above ship or any of the legnlar packets sail ins weekly, by apply my as above, if by letter post paid. P. I*.?Drafts it sight, for lacge or small sasa, are drawn by tke anhscrihrr on toe Piorineial Bank of Ireland, payable at Their resiwctive Bra-ches throughout the Country. Also, on Mssts. Hpooner, Atiwood 8c. Co., Bankers, London, payable in efr^r town in Grsit Britain. _ f?28 to,M(".re AA3C ,f tor GLA9UO W-RMHTLVR TR ADERmH> i Ail March#?The fiue. fast sailing British Barque JUMf" JX M f ARK. Bcotl. maa-sr, will anil aa shore ? For i rrogf of the hoik of 200 bales Cotton, or past age. apply on bos ncier H, F.. R. or to *>H'# tjeVOODHULL k MINTURN8. #7 Booth street AAv.'o^PAhBAirE bOR ULAhOOW-Will hare i.n MKgar. med ate dispatch, the splendid, fast sailing regular BaWtspscket ship ADAM CARR, Captain Scott, will sail as v- u Bl|e has eicellent accommodations for rsb n, second cabin n?V a tee rase paasengnra. 1 hose wishing to secure berths *h.n'd tnsk* early application to W.k J.T.TAPSCOTT. 43 Prck alio. cor. South at. i'lte Adam Carr will sail from Glasgow about tne In of May I?hive deatrooa of sending lor th ir fiisuda, can have them b'onghtoatinlhit Antahipop|thf moat reasonable terms be iylylng U kkovo. I r| ^ 3 _ E NE NI msa 1 riK 8UB8C RIBEK hereby informs liis friends and the public, that ha intends t> cn'nrii -nee baking Passo?er Bre-d , forthe eusuiui holidays, on Monday, lha 2-ill instant. Ha , would feci eatremely obliged by persons >rnd iug in llteir ordeia { II aoun ai possible Notwithstanding th->t ha hat contracted with lha conert-ga- i .iocs Jin t hi Cheatd Shtri ShnmaiiH, and Hrth Israel, ha still J iball leel happv to ?u|? Iv paraona h< longing eyrn to nitiar con[regations The majority of the members of the him ?treat ougregaiion h?mg already aant in ihairordrra the >u scribe' "pel a i on li,tent ihat ' hi? noble and independent ecinple will ur "ollowed by othera w ho should be aiinilailv aituat-d in rag ) o their own contrega'ioii. who can act aa they ple.ise without | reiug under any reatraiut. M. 8. COHEN. , TERMS-of a superior quality, ail to the ponnd ' it six ceuta: meal sight cents |*r pound. , P. 8.- Ordera taken for all kinila of Cakes for the approarhing , holidays, at his Bakery, 43 Day alraet, or 69 Dntna street. I 1X0 lm?re * MAUN IN'S LUCINA CORDIAL, OR, ELIXIR OF LOVE. IfUR the speedy and ceitaui cure of female irregularities, im 1 potency, barrenness, lluor alhai, incipient consumption, mnstutinml debility, whether the mult of imprudence, illness or accident. The sensation produced by this woriicrful medical discoverry iu Pans, hai besn nearly equalled by i'a introduction into America, Numerous testmomals hare been received from those whoie constitution wai a mere wreck, but who hare jcen invigorated I y this iucou pirab'e Cordial Others who Had juried their health by their own folly or gxtravaaance,have In and in this cordial the means of regulation, sfte all other medical aid had been used in vain. Tho hitherto childless firelide has often been rendered happy, and the intirm, the impot-nt nid the debiliiateJ have again exulted iu theelaaticity and vigor jf bytone days. Tl e agent of one of the interior villages cf New York states i case, in which by the u>e of two bottles of I.ucina Cordial, a couple after four years of bitter disappoi men I, weieeuibled to rejoice over the realization of the fondest hopes of a married life The agent for the city of A., New York, sold a bottle to a eeutlemau who hid heen nlllicteil with a disease of the uiethra for eleven \ears. In a few days tie returned and said he hid derived far more bent fit from the one bottle tba i from medical treatment for eleven years. He iirmedi tely bought six bottles more. Uurspsce f .rbidt u? to name the man* eases to whirh we are at libeity to ieier. The universal s?tisfietion which this iuestimable Elixir has given, not a single complaint having been made, is not one of the least proofs of its nnrivalled rxcelleuce. I'rice $3 per bottle. Sold at 92 Nassau st, New York;90 North Sixth street, Philadelphia ; Smith K Kowle, IU Washington street, Boston M7 lm*?c CAYLER'S UNION SALAMANDER SAFES. CJ. UAYLER. Inventor and Patentee, 11115. Several thousands of Oayler's Patent Eire Proof Book Safes, of all sixes, from 400 to 10,000 lbs. each, have been in use during the laat fourteen years, and not one has at any time failed to (reserve i'a contents when exposed to fire. Nejrly oue hundred have been very aeverelv tested. In the great fire of 1835 about forty w ere in nse in the district, and werr, as the certiticstra affirm. as much exposed to the intensity of that fire as tliey would have been in any (tore at that time destroyed; bat NOT ONE INSTANCE of failure has at any time occurred. Krom long experience and attention to th? effects produced bv fire upon Safes, the patentee has been enabled to meke such improvenieuti that he cau with full confidence re-ommend his Union Salamander Book Safes, as lieyond all doubt proof against the actiou of fire, free from dampness, and strong enough to sustain any fall or pressure to which they can be exposed in the buraiug of a store. They are so con strue'ed as to combine two perfect Iron Safes, united one with iu the other, in such a m.muer that the inner Safe cannot be ai to which the outer one may be exposed? eachSafe is made of liar and plate iron,and the moat perfect nonconducting substances, and ha? on inner and onter door, each secured by asU'table lock. An assortment of (Jayler'a Single and Double Salamander Safes. Also his Patent Double Safes, and Safes of all descriptions of his manufacture, for sale at all prices, from $35, by fps agents iu this city, viz :?S. Ely, 11 Kul'on street, near Gold street; A. R. Moeu, 223 Pearl, opposite Piatt street; Brett fit Backus, 83 Maiden lane, and by the Patentee C. J. OAYLER.71 Knltonstreet, near Gold. Iron Safrs, Specie Chests, Iron Doors, he. mode to order, fit Im'rrc MERCANTILE LIBRARY, CLINTON JIJILL. 20,000 VOLUMES: SEVENTY BRITISH end AMERICAN PERIODICALS. PERSONS not engaged in mercantile pursuits may become f subscribers, on payment of fire dollars a year?being the same terms on which Merchants arc admitted. By order. CHA8. M. WHEATLEY, ft lm*m Recording Secretary. FOR LITERARY INSTITUTIONS JIND PUBLIC JiND PRIVATE LIBRARIES. HUM tH S ILIAD, iu Seven Languages, a highly tmiahed edition, published at Florence, (Italy,) GREEK TEXT, containing a literel Latin tranilation by Hayne, a Metrical Veraion iu the Latin I an en age, by Cunich, in the Italian by Monti, in the German by Von, in the Kuglish by Pope, iu the French by Aiguan, and iu the Spanish by Garcia Main. This work comprit-i tweotv-fonr nnmhera, forming two handsome quarto volume*. Each number cnuui'.i a superb Engraving, designed by Professor Nenciui, from Florence. The price of each number is Si JO?two numbers to be published monthly. [T^ Subscription* r-eeiv Mr. RICHARDS' OAce. 74 Lispeuard street, corner of Broadway, over the New York Lyceum ft lm*cc WILLIAM T. JENNINGS & CO., DRAPERS AND TAILORS, NO. a31 BROADWAY. AMERICAN HOTEL, (OI'PuSlTK THE FOUNTAIN,) SOLICIT attention to an invoice of NEW GOODS rekD ceived per last steamer, direct from our agent in Loujon, consisting ot Cloths, Catsimeres. in various new styles, splendid Silks and Satins for drees Vests, Merino, Velvets, isc., with a large a-sort men t of rich Silk and Satin Scarfs, Cravats, Handkerchiefs, Gloves, Susiiendeis, Dressing-robes, Ac. We would suggest to our patrons that from this additional facility, we shall be able to supply them at an early date with all the uovelties of the London and Paris markets, aud sustain the reputation of the establishment for the moderate prices whicn nave elicited so liberal a patronage since the adoption ol the ready meney system, by which we are en-bled to furnish f[*rmauts at from 23 to 33 per cent leu than formerly?a eature in the establishment, which must commend it to those requiring articles for immediate use, is the addition to our slockolau assortment of fir?tquality READY MADE GARMENTS, including SoriouLs, Cloaks, Dress and Frock Coats, Pantaloons and Vasts, Isc. ja22 lm*ec CLOTHING MANUFACTURERS. cpHE subscribers would inform merchants visiting the city, 1 who wish their own goods iiianufactured, that they a-e nrepared to manufaenre every description o. Clrthing. From h-ir being accustomed to manufacture for the Southern and Western markets for the last twelve years, th-y feel confident, with the luge numbrr of bands in their employ, to get up a stock at short notice and with entire salisfa'-'iou. MANN Ik McKlMM, 35 Catmint street. QZ7" Knickerbocker Stages pass close to the store. I U 3m * rrc TO TAILORS. QTINF.MKT8' NEW AND COMPLETE SYSTEM l J FOR CUTTING evcy kind of Fashionable Garment now in vognn, is ready for delivery. At the reputation ot the author as a fashionable cutter it too well knowu to require newspaper comment, this system is with confidence oltered to the i.adr?not as a mere theoretical invention (or speculation,) hut as tlie moat practical and complete work ever published on this -abject It is the result of many veins extensive and lashinuable preetieein New York and Paris, and will be fouud to contain such ample, rlciu and precise inst uctions, as to enable every stndeur te cut with ease and certainty, all the various styles of garments now worn, both in Europe and America This ivstam cannot be alferted by 'he future changes ol fashion, and is recommended to the profession as a standard work, nd may be obtained of the author, 91 Cedar street, and can be foruarued to any part of the United States Also, complete sets of Patterns of the v rious styles of garments cut t > such sites as may be required, and warranted to with ease and elegance. P? lm*cc SCOTT'S BAZAAR, |"yEY STREET, Numher 37, between Broadway and 1-e Greenwich. SANDH SCOTT returns his most siDCert ibanks to his fnends and the public at large for the libeal support received >inc* he opened the abn-e house, and hopes by the same striet attention to merit a continuance thereof. The qualities of his Ales, Wines, Liquors and Cigars, are i <> well k own to need comment. A larva assortment ol' Refreshments to he had at all hours until ltat uight, such as? Beef Steaks, Poached Eggs, Sardines Mutto- Chops Cold Ham, Buckwheat Cakes Fried Kidneys, Cold Coru d Beef, Coffee and Tea, [lam and Eggs, Pickled Tongues. Welsh Rarebits,Ac. Dublin Brown-stout alwsys or draught. A good Diun-r ol Roast ot Boiled Meats for one shilling ere* ry day from one to three o'oloca. Families supplied with the best Scotch and Irish Whisker. No h?us? better supplied with Eugliih Iriih, Scotch, Webb tnl city Papers. Always the latest possible news by the Stfunin, Good Rooms for Private Partiss. Clubs, Meetings and Re| fcrences f3 3m*ee REGULATE YOUR BAKER'S BILLS. rPHE SUBSCRIBER has opened a store at No III Nairau I street, for the sale of his fin- Wheat Rye and Corn ''lead. Also, Pies and Cakes of all kiurls Families seired at their twelling* with Bread, r'ies and Tea Cske*. Citizen* generally will tind thi* a de*irable plars for lunch? fine flavored Hot Coffee at three cents, 1'ie* ol nil kind* at three cents s plate; C.kes, Stndwches. he., Ac All article* are made up under his personal tuprrrition, and he pledge* himself that the !> - m 'terials shall be us?-d the mar ket offers. J NO. 1. HALKV. I'll lin'ec r,,llv\l I' . u IM L' 1) fltlb-nVU L'~_ I. - l_. ./ f *- ported Pigeons. consisting of black, blue, duo and white Carrier*; whir* and pied Pouters; a great variety of Tumblers, (if R>| colon; blue U-Id Heidi ; black do, silver do. hlack IVarda blur do and silver do; Almond Tumblers; black, blue, frllow and white do; Magpies and Tarbutts, of all the known eolors. Also, a quantity of the far-famed Antwerp Pigeons, so justly eel brated lor their extraordinary power of flying long, and re mining home from almost incredible distances. I'all and see them, at 93 Keade street. n?lm*.e H. OROOM GENUINE TEAS, wholesale and retail. THE CANTON TEA COMPANY, Principal Start, 131 Chatham ttrrel, New York. Branch Start, 318 HUtrktr si, N. Y. Agtncy of lit Fulton street, Broakyn. Also, earner of Main and Van Haitian st, Pattrson, N. Jtnvite the attention ok city and coun1 TRY families and purchasers to their several establish menu, where they think will be found by fa' the beet self rtioo of pure and unadulterated Teas in the United States. The nn irersal popularity and renown ol their house, with refe. rence to high qualities, low prices and upright dealing, is too well understood to render further coin men necessary. Original aud only warehouse for the sale of Howqua's Black Tea Obr.rrve--Stranger?will Ueparticular to remember the nuns> er of the principal store ,n Chatham street,vis; "131," between Pearl and Roosevelt streeU. The public will also be pleased to take notice, that ths Can] ton Tea Company have nothing to do with any other stores whatever, eicept those described at the top of this advertise' s ent. lm?re MKlfTfARKOLL'S Old Established Medicated Vapor Bathe, Vt Ceurtiand st-eet, has been for upwards of I* tears used with much success in sudden colds, coughs, rheumatism, chronic disesaes of the liver, dyspepsia agnsaud_ fever, influenza. croup, bron hitie, swelling of the g lends, erysipelas, scarlet fever, fce. Sulphur Vapor Baths can be hid at a'l limes, by giving an hour's notice In additiou to the above, Ira. C. ia prepared to'administer Iodine, or any other subliming Bath the case may require it is au idee falsely entertained h/ m.uiy that there is daiigor of taking cold tf e' the us* of a \ apor Bath Tie effect vhowever, is contrary, if properly administtu '"* "undreds o'liour citire ia esq testify Open from ? f?9r Bsths mL*. Wnlng till 'Je'qlock at night. Portable 1 or him ">1' pu"tof ">? city or Brooklyn ^athiug 4 f / W YC SW YORK, SUNDAY MO TO AMATEURS ON THE FLUTE. IV/t H. BARTON, (pupil or the late C. Nicholson,) respect" 1,1 lolly begs to anuonnee that it it hi* intention to give ill itructieu on trie Flute. Mr. Barton prole**?* to teach icci | line to the method pursued by the cdebrated master, Cbn.. ? Nicholson. Kor term* and porticolar*. application may be made at Signer Uodone, Vlunc store. Broadway, and Mr. Btodort's Pianoforte Manufactory jn im?re ITALIAN SINGING, PIANO FORTE AND , FRENCH. J |\AR. ULLMANN, Pupil of Charles Czemy, continue* to I" teach ringing and the Piano Forte in thi* city and Biooh Ivn, on modern e t-iras Firat rate reference! (iveu to many iisiingui?hed families, whose name* may be learned on application at hi* residence, 76 * I in street, opposite the Arsenal. Mr. U , win is the author of a Freuch drainuiar, the second edition of which is in the coarse of publication, teaches likewise the French and Italian Languages which he use* during his Music Lessons, if wished. Schools and Colleges attended, f? lm*jgb TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS. UiTi. il I olix k vu. iiiiriv rvmuTea ?rom uir cornw 01 William and John, to No. 60 John street.) offsr for rale < on liberal terms. wholesale and retail, the following ai tides, ' reesiv.-d by recent arrivals ? ' Berlin beat Zephyr Worsted?tlte moat complete naaortraent in ' this country. | Canvass, for Embroidery, of cotton, ailk nud wonted, in all ' widlha. Berlin Embroidery Paiterna?of the choiceat and newest description; Embroideries, finished and commenced on velvet, ' ailk, wonted and cotton, worked in the moat taateful Pari aim style. Taaaela for Hair Dreaaea, of (told, ailver.and ailk and tinselled; 1 Bruceleta, Comba, Hair Pins, and a large variety of other I beam ful Paria Kancv Art idea. Pnrae Ornaments?Steel, gilt and ailver Beads; Bngle'a Puree Twiat, plain anil shaded^ in atid'a and spools, Embroidery 1 and tlowrr Chenille, ol ailk and me'al and silk. I Also. Fringes, Gimps and Cord and Tarsals, imported and of ' their own uianiifa:ture. of gold, ailver, aiU, Sic. all colon 1 and widths 1 QT7* Branch Store at 389 Broadwav, (formerly 437 Broadway.) n im re MUSIC. fOSEPH KAMMEREK, Professor of Music, respectfully " annouucea to his patrons and the public iu general, th t hi has removed from 49 Crosby to 136 Laurens si reel, where all ordera for his ' otilion Band to perform at Parties Site, in or out of town, will be receivedand promptly attended to. Ordeia for J. K. will also be lecetred at Mr. W. Dubois's Music Store, 286 Broadway. la lm'rrc MUSIC FOR PARTIES. MESSRS. G. WEISS k PR. ORAMBSS, Prefaason of i'i Music, raspectfully aunouuee to their petrous, the ladies and gentlemen ol New Yoik and its vicinity, that their Cotillon Band ia prepared to |>lay the moat admired and fasbionak' Music for Private Parties, Sonees, Ike. Orders received and pnnctuaily attended tost 28 Delancy at, j 14 Im'm rPO GLEE SINGERS.?Just published, the 4th No. of the a Quartette, containing Glees by, Welier. lie Eor sale by C. p. tioyer, No. 381 Broadway, and P. Riley, No. 29 Chatham street, N. B Au Extra number, containing a favorite English Glee, will be shortly issued for gratuitous delivery to regular inbarrtliera. i30 Im^rfC UMBRKLLiAS. SLEEPER, BROTHERS,? NO. 126 MARKET STREET, PHILADELPHIA. A NTIClPATlNG the revinl of eusiu?ss have increased O their stock and manufacturing opera'ions so aa to rival the greatest eaiabiiahmecta ou the globe Parcliaaera may tely on being supplied with any quantity aad quality of UMBRELLAS. PARASOLS AND BUN SHADES, including the late Parisian atyle Being deterin ned not to aueenmb to the present severe competition,their goods are offered at the lowest endurable advruc* on the real cos ; while constantly on thu alert to introduce improvements iu styie, material and workmanship, the stock will always comprise the most fushiouable and best manufactured goods in the market m2 ro ~~NEW PATENT SOLAR AND LARV lJiMPS~ TUUIIAVI St HAUGHWOUT, i?l Bruadw y, w< uld re * " sp ctfully invite their ftirnds and customers to an inspection of a new pateut article ief Lird Lamp, the first of which are now to be offered to the public. Me??r? W. St H will exhibit, each evening during the month of March, a variety of taote Lard Solar Lamps,soire burning Lard, some Speim and tome Whale Oil These Lamps are made DV celebrated manufacturers, Cornelius St Co , and before offering th-in to the public they have been aubmittrd, for thorough examination, to a committee, f scientific gentlemen attached to the Institute of Pennsylvania, who have repotted, that the ost of lard in huruiug these lamps ia about equal to the cost of sperin o l at 60 cents per gallon; and have given their rspnrt in favur of the Lamo, as being the most su|ierior Lard Lamp that ha< come under their nonce. This, together with tha tvgfa standing of the mauulacturera, is a sulficient guarantee that it ia the most superior Lamp, all th ngs considered, now iu use The manlier iu which those lamps are constructed is such that either lard or oil may be used, and can be k-pt iu order without the least trouble. A well made and perfect lamp. With good globe aud chimney, wicki Ike., that will last for nitnv y sri, can he sold for two dollars and fifty cents, and will give th* light of an ordinary astral lamo. W & H have coinpLled sucu arrangements with the manufacturers thst they are now receiving additions cf many new patt-rns to their present large assortment, and will sell at more leasonalile rates thac at any houss iu the city. A full assortment of all the following articles will also b? found st iheir show rooms : Gas, oil and csudl* Chandeliers, Pendants, Mantel Lights, Brackets, portable Burners, Lanteniv, See. Gpandnlt-s, Cu> delehras. Bracket Chandeliers, Wall Brackets, H ns| cnui, g Solar UmcWeu, Chandeliers and 1't.nduiti, a in w article of Solar Side Lamps. Also, PUt?o and Japanned Goods, Cutlery, and Fine Cut maas, comprising me w.i assortment m me uaiini ouia. m2 i in*?c NOTICE?The undersigned, in behalf of their resiwo i?e Lines of Liverpool Packers hereby sive uotic, that on nil 'I after the !6th March next no 1-ett-n will ha revived thtonith the Post Office or from any source whatever for transmis-ioo by said Packets, nnless the regular charge of 12 H cents aa< h ts pud therefore. Mo Letters will be received at the office of the Consigners, and Irora the date above mentioned, the Letter Bags will be kept at the following places Gilpin's Exchange Heading Room Harnden it Co , 3 Wall street. Hale's Foreign Letter Ofhce, Wall stteet. CHARLES H. MARSHALL, EDWARD K. COLLINS Kc O., GKINN..LL MINTURN k CO.. WOODHL'LL k MLxTURN*. Febrnary 29, lif t. nil a* SHIRT MANUFACTORY. AND GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING STORE, CQ MAIDEN LANE?Jnstreceived, the latent and most ov approved French pattern Shirts. A general assortment of nhiits. Under Garments. Hoisery. Ciavats.Handkerchiefs. Stc. Shins auil Under Garments made up to order and repaired at short no'ic*. Also on hand a geueral assortment or Heady Made Clothing, which will be sold at the following prices, vix Over f/Omts, from ........$8 to It Back do * to Frock do 10 to 14 Dress do 9 to If Pants .....J to Vests llo 4 All made of the best materials and cut in the modern stfle. Persons furnishing their own malarial* can depend apoo having them made in the best manner, at the following prices Over Costa, made and trimmed $0 to II W Dress do do do .. .. TtoUlf Frock do do do ......... tie ft Oft Vests ami Pantaloons, f 1 JO to 175 tnrl lm*ec BANCY BALL DRESSES, el' every desonpwoa, to let f and made to order. r Managers of Balls aad Parties will find a larva stock of fancy ornaments, if they should require Saloons handsomelydice ated. by J DEJONUK, 88 Warren street, comer of West Broadway, 15 lm*rc i Decorator and Costumer to the Park Theatre. lithography. BUSINESS CARDS and Circulars, Maps, Plans, Machine D ryt Landrc ipes. Architectural Elevations, 8te., lie,, Lithographed and Primed, on moderate terms, at E. JUNES' Lilh tg-aphie Establishment, f21 lm*rc 128 Fnltoulitreet.tNew York. ED DING AND VISITING uARDS -Engraved and Printed in the first style of the Art. at reduced price*, at VALENTINE'S, Ne. I Beekman it. Corner of Park How, Lovnfoy's Hotel. I'lease nail and mamine lifl lm* rre A_UOOD GPP -Rl UNI I V Eoil A~SAFE AND MODERATE IN"ES TMENT. ONE of the proprietors of the Atlantic Gar en, No. 9 and II Broadway, retiring fioui the business, leaves agood opening for any periou de., of engaging in said bunions. Fur terms, apply as above, be-ween <1 anil ,2 o'clock >f27 ltv*e money~T(TJENIL ' ABRAHAM J. JACKSON, Pawnbrokar, No. 58 Keade street, uear B'Oed mousy in large or small aums as may he requ 1 red on Wiren.i, Jewelry, Silver Ware, Dry t hauls Wearing Apparel and personal pro|ierty of ever, de iW \m*TT* salt an1) fish store. A nil BBLS HALIFAX No. 1 SALMON: 1509 Nue 1 2 ^xGYJ and J Mackerel; 6<>0 hslfdo, do do do. 10" bbls. No. I Mess Shad; 50 hnlfbbls. No I Sayhro-.k Shad; 200 bbls. Cod anil Scale Fish; fjo 1I1 No I Gib'd Herring ; If 00 boxes Scaled do 7000 lbs Smoked Salmon ; juu sits Boutru ueimoii; /OK do Moends and Tongues; 2100 quintals Cornish. suitable Tor shipping, 1100 sacka Aahlon's Salt; 2U0 Libia American Salt. kt? lie All for ulo in lots to suit parch isers by NELSON, VVELI.fl Ik CO., 20 I -n m 81 Day street. " {try- M. -fti) a"* EASV, FORGET THEY A UK ON.-DAY'B Kirat 1' Premium rtheet II. Orer Hhoes, with his new Elastic Hoi a, betides the neatest and most dnrahle ovrrshou in use. sre l? pcifegtly adapted to the Boot and I'ants, that the wearer is apt to forget that he has an an over-shoe at all. So nalikr ere. ry other oeerahon are they, that whoever examines them will eertai) ly give the n preference. They will completely do away witli the doable or water proof Boot," which never keep out the water. Warehouse, 25 Maiden lane, near Broadway. Tuoae who want Day's Over shoe should remember No 25 LIFE PREHERVEK8 AND JACKETS?The be.t artiele manufactured in tha United States. Orders for the Month and Woat, and North, executed in the neatest possible style, by tli", HORACE II. DAY, 25 Maiden lane, ft lm"ec HIDES, FAT AND CALF SKINS. 'PHK HIGHEST PRICES given for Hides, Kat and Calf A fckius, cash current money, on delivery, at the Hide and hat Hoove of the subscriber, where contracts will be made for CaIImus by thaaeaaon.orlhebiiheatpjjce^ven^ij^the pound flSim*rn 228 Elisabeth at. between Prince ami Houston. p UUdAN FEMALE MONTHLY~~PILLS?This med7vT eiue t* the result of the ureal, professional skill and ea|ier. coca of the celebrated Dr. Vandenhurgh, a German Physician, and tray are guaranteed to care in all cases where the operations of POtnre are impeded, or languidly performed. Sold by Mrs. BIRD, Female Physician, 18 Oliver street, near Chatham quart, Wher? the can be consnlted with the strictest confidence in all laeaa of female irregularity, suppression of stoppage, etc. Advira gratis to all thoae wko ate the pills. Prioe 21 pvr box jMlm'ec FROM LONDON. " TO THE LADIICB. MM. MITCHELL, late of London, hega respectfully to I "J- announce tothoss ladira requiring use aid at a Midwife, that the has ceiupleted her arrangements for a permanent rear dencein New York. Mrs. M. has reeeired a thorough medical education, and bears a diploma freu, the City of London Lying in Hospital, to which institution tha was attached as Midwife tm several years, and was succestfnlly engaged as assistant and principal in several thousand cases of childbirth. Mrs. M. is favored with high testimonials and certificates of cmaiificatioa foil tli? mist eminent of the Loudon medics! faculty, and whitb art at all Uinm open for inspection. Reiidence 2 Mndl 01 street, oae door from Pearl, dl5lm*r ?. **rrajr?1 * ***** * m+cj'-trJ -jsr:-^ ; .., , , , - * ,' _.._ )RR ] RNING, MARCH 3, 1844 MIRROR LIBRARY. Wr have Ion* wished to hare, for our own library, a uniform xlitiou of our favo ur au'hora. In this imafMilworld, tlN 'hausand may have together what om cannot have alone, and we wish our land ri to J.iu and give ut our coveted librarr iy luvinu on" like it themselves. Uy thia roiubinatiou we can nav* it cheap?(that i? to an a book of poems which c.>ata a lobar hrr* a> d tw dollari in Loudon. vt< can have fur a shilling)?and itisiead ot a higgletly-piitgledy shelf of books one bori and on* tall, one Int and our thill, we miy hive them i f eor ay in'erlrical al ap.', beautifully printed, aud bound to c ur and yourli'ing. Yon will truat our u tr to select tha books, ind we will throw yi u in, in a preface, what ?e k ow of die lUthor, anil what we think ol his works ; and fur our trouble in proof- enting, publishing packing and fuiwardiutf, we will |>a< ounelvre out of that l.itle un-miaaed and frcuod shillu.(. We i are inaruaibly arrived at thia idr i by very bliud stepa We iried iu vain lar yean, to tiud a publither who would uulerteke a new edition I f our n iimg thnkjn lliry weie c. |n[detel" out of priul, and though (it teemed to ui I there wa: a lemind ior them wit cli might j ratify til- ed tion. Against tut ico w thought w? ii<ikrit at le it lurnish our mends re in to by |?r IihIiiuh thrin iu an extra ol tha Mirror, toi a price that wo"Id juit ray the expeuar of p->ritiuy: aud circulating. To our no small aatoni?hu.en' t* e orders for ihrm came in to rapidly while ti ey wore in press, that we pntil'shid a very lerta editiou. which ia still selling freely, and it then occurred t > ca very lanr.tllv that one if two things must be true either lie pub ishers w-re porfect Cormorants ns to the profiif ihry rxpschd from b<Kiki, or else iliev were not alarava nifallibl jUi'aaa ?? to what works would sell. '1 he n??t thought wax an raey one. Could we not, out of our own bet terjudgment and tmuller expectations as to profit, pub'fh as haudeoine and cheip ed'tiona of other auth >rs. whose works ware nut, now, easily come at ? " Let us try !" said Kntrr prise. Before arriving at this idea of the Mirror Library, how ever, we had uiaile amugRineuts to rapubliah in the same cheap form, other works of our own that were ?a much called for as the Poems?in short all the Prose Works of N. P. W11.L11 ?yonr humble servant of Itiit leesunt writiiiK, dear reader!)? Our gear ally. Oveeral Morris, lied also cxitiu-duced his popu lar Sonus nud Ballaus, which have sold w ilh the saine electric rapidity as the others. Our " hn iihi PROM UIDIS s Bninua"* will be lestly in a day er two t and Pencilling* bv the Way are in rrrparaiiou and will be i?suad 111 a week or two. The advertisements trill duly announce till these. We wouldt'v f?potion/., of "Peoiiiiiu^s," that only one-third of them have ever been re-pualished. either here or in Kugland. The first hnglisli edition (t r tifih edition is now sailing well in London) was printed from a broken set "f the old Mirror, whiah had foon'l us way out there, ana I lie author being absent in France, even that impelled copy VII min-h reduced hi the proof-renders The American edition (long ego uU' of print) was .a littral copy of this incomplete Kuglisli one, and now, for the lint um>. Pencilling* by the Way" will be priuied iu a h nidsome and complete edition. Of coarse, dear reader, we did not intend tlia pr-sumption (the (seueral ai d I) of putting our own works at the beginning of a ''Library of bavottte Authors " '1 his is explained above. But w shall so errangs it, by giving you an i ntra titlepage, that you can hind up ir leave out, us or thers, at your pleasure. Kncli author will be separately paged, and we shall so arrange it that whatever you si-led from our re-publication* will biud into an integral and loiudsotne volume. Til re are now reads , therefore, tl e following f? 1?" The Sacred Poeiiie nf S. P. Wilms," 12)4 cents. 2?" Poems nf Paeeion," bv N P. Willis," 12)4 3?" The ImAi) Jane, and other Poems," by N. P. W 12)4 4?' The Songs unrf Ballade of I i. P. Morhis " 12)4 5?" The J.tltle Frenchman and hie IVater Lots and other Taleeof his Times,''by O P. M011-' Lis ; Illustrated by Johns on, the American Cniikshauks' 12)4 6?" The Songs and Ballads of Usury Corn- j wall," a rl rubl- iiimbi-r, 2i 7?" Letlere from Under a Bridge," by N. P. Willis. The inly complete 'di'iou ever pabli'hed. A double number. 26 I?'" 77i* Rococco. No l"?cmiUining thr.e ,1'the most d lici us Poems ever written, viz I he " Culprit Fay." bv JoiKrii 11. Drake ; "Lillian 1 bv W M Prako : aud " St %tlgnes' Eve " by John Keats With notei by N. P Willis, 12)4 9?" The. Rococco, No. 11"?eonlainiug ?he entire " Pcenii," of William Coatk Pinrnev with a Biographical Sketch bv the la e Willi a si Li.01.i l l, t?i| aud Original Notes by N. P. Willis 12)4 We have four or five gems to follow these, s- hicli we are sure will equally delight aud surprise our ruad ,rs iinil die public Re t.eriill,. We Will II'H II line tl em uow. One or two ol them are bonks we almost made a s-ret of possessing?they were so rare, net m valuable, an I so impissible te rrj>la"e. We ran venture to promise, that, (Ira ing our own works aside ) no series of uniform lite ature ti the Iniigaag will be hoicer, or belt r w rth potsrssing at any price?let alone a shilling j To onr subscribers *e wish 'o say that wc shall publish in nnr Library ser e? nothing which wilt again appear in the a Mi<u&t>le portion of the LeU'sry ? of the same size end sha:e, and containing, of c >urse, the lo st forgiti e 1 to nture (hat wcsn choose or procure. 'I he .Vow Mirror ia our pride. We ahull jxreuo labor ?|>oa it, and it ahull bo worths of the o.onstellattau to which it ia tho lander?if \v? know how to rnako it ao. And now. dear >endor, lot ua comni-nd to yonr purchase n I presenting the Mirror Library?for, by shillings lima expended without ane leeliug of aacrifice, you will guioua'ly civile a P'rndiao of deliciout reaunf, into which you can retro*! when you would be rid of rare or weariness. The above worka hare list boon iaauod aa Ex rat of the Nrw Mirror, an can bo bound either with or without it 1 hey aro beautifully printed of a uniform aire, and maybe had on i|e plication t > the publishers. Thev resent Ay moil to all quarter of tha countrr, at the us-ial n-wtpaper postage HinglecnPlea I2H ceuti?ten copiei for one dolla . C or aalo, wholesale or retail, by MORRIS, WILLIS Si CO. No. 4 Auu alreet, New k ork. * The " Lrttera from Under the Bridge'' were written in n se> eluded glen of th? valley of the 8uii|nehxuua*i. The nutlior, 'alb r ariotl veara leaideuce aud travel abroad, msdr th -re, ai be hoped, an altar of life-time tranquillity for h'l homehold nulla Moat of the lettera were written in the full belief that lie should paaa there the r-iiiaind?r of hta diva, lueviiable neeeaaify drove him again into active metropolitan life, mid the reioemhrance of th it enchanting inter*! of repose aud rural pleaaure, seetna to hiin now lik? Tittie hut a dream. Aa nictnr nig trmv tlie colour of hia own mind and the i atural flaw ol his thought! during a brief enjoyment of the kind of life alone beat suited to bn disposition aa well aa to his lietter nature, the book is interesting to hunsrf ami to those who love turn. Aa picturing faithfully the charm ef nature and tecltii'on after yeara of intoxicated life in the gayest circles of thagayeit cities of the world it inay be curious to the raider, 1 Hiiica published?see printed list above. I 26 2wacd Itw* rre 17 K. COLLINS It CO, iti South straet, have uu hand and Lt oiler for sale? lfO II xea "heating Copper, comprising a comple assortment 'rom 14 lo 32 .z, manufactured Iroin the brat ore, in ,ha most complete manner 2uu Ba'e.i Uridport Seine Twine.comprising a fall asiurtment fr in AM to 36 b received per recent am vets. I.Ml Ua'ea American Pilot Duck. from No. I to 3, mannlectured in is superior m inner, and equal to any in the marke,. 21 Bains 9lb toail Twine, a very superior article. 100 Bolts Extra Lei h < auvaaa, from No. I to 3. 3d Boxes Patent Hhei nig l'a|>er. 200 Barrels Pure Lral I. 2.10 Ho No. I Lard. Hoo Kegs Leaf L'rd. 10 Bairr-lt Tallow 3'i Ce-.ks Pickled Hams end Bhonlders, handsomely cat and sugar cured. 30 Uariels Mass Beef. 30 H'l" do 120J bush Illinois Wheat. 210 Bales New Orleans Cotton. m2 Strc WILLIAM FETTET, DRAPER AND TAILOR, BO FULTON STREET, NEW YORK. IS now prepared to finish all who may Lvor bin. with theii onlem rut the cheapness an t durability of his work, end aving tturt, per rent, In oilers for their coualdrratioii the f?l lowing Hat of Pi ices: ? Suicri.* Press Coats, from $10 to 16 Cassinwre I'ants 4 to 6 Kaut.v s eats 2 to 3.73 Hack Co sta 2,30 to 3,00 Personslu'uishiug theirnwn raa'vriala?makingand trimming in the nratet mauuer at the followiug prices :? Coats from $6 to S P-nts and Vesta 1 to 1,75 Navel ami Military Unifor -is usade in ths beat style. N. B.?'"lothing mad* 1 r the a oit'ieru and weuieru markets .Villi II ?,l." ? II 'I UII'IICII A liari-ill (h* pi.b ic iiurnniui! n solint'd. I'M lm*'c UNITED TA1 BS DAGUERRI ANGALLERY. 173 HRO.'UtHW y, UP ST.ilUS. H' WHITE would re cctiully call the ut rntiqn of ejtizens - and orauger? l u ll it the nty to it splendid ollectiun [ of DAGUKKlsKO 1'Y t"F. I'Oll'l'ilA ITS, single, o* in trou a ifnin two ta fourimti irramia in the tame plate, which, in b?"iy and accnraiiy of diliueatiou, cannot bcaurp aval. Portrait! Nk'-n in all kinds of we ith-r, either with or without colors; the puces of which hr li * reduced to those charg <1 l>y the meat ina u riencad in the bninni. The American InsntnC, et ita lata eihihition, swarded Mr. Wrute the In at prernintn lor th* he?t D?tu?rre(itvpa likeursa (for ami general effect), which ia bin another proof of the auperiority or his pomaits. Mr vVhite n the aole airent i i New York lor the scry auieTior imported i human IJaineris: trnl at no other establishment in the City or btuUi can they be obtaoied ,N 5?Imported German Cim-ras; alio Fr-nch aid Amen III Instill rents of the very beat quality. With 1'iate*, Cases Chstnica'a, Polishing Mat-rials, ate , always on hand, for I lie at the vrv lowest pritK a. f24 Jul* rn 1IJ ATCH K.8 AND Jfc WKLHY.?ThT larfast aad most >? splendid nssonmenl o( Watches in the city, is to he '.mud it tLn subscriber's.?As he ia constantly receiving all Inscriptions ol Gold and V/>;-liu, of the newesi itylsa, fror.i ths mainlactarera, in t nitInnd, France, and Switzerland, he is en ibleil to offer a larger assortment, and it rsuch less, st retail, any other honse to the city, iold watches rj low as t30 to >26 each. Watches sad jewelry ezchanfed or ooo*ht. All watchea warranted to keep good time, or i>ie money returned Watches and jewelry repaired ia the hest manner, by the heat workmen, and mach lower thau at any other place Gold and Silver IVncils, trold Chains, Keys aad Hterlmy dilvvr Spoi-ns, for sale very low. O. ALLv N, importer of watches and Jewellery, r34 lm* rr Wnolesaleand rsfsd. Jo Wall st , no stairs. FRENCH CHINA fo. 4 SOOTH WILLIAM STREET, Up Stairs. A DALK8ME, Importer and Agent for Manufacturers, has * always on hand a Urge assortment for dinner and ten aets s plain white and silt F.enrh Porcelain, as well as dinner aad 'rssertplnlcs.ol all aizra, assorted dishes, soap lumens, covered Juhes.sclad bowls, fruit biskets, cnslards and stands. Aleo, T?t and Ci.ocoIsm Ware, firmk, Frenok aad Aoiarian shape. All tne articles sre warrantee of ths best yusJitT, tad to b? A us like,,I .er.u, ,..l .S lelstnrnit Bn-tV?srca ,r/4m*?e "Trench artificial klowers, dec. 'T^HE subscriber* hare Jn?' received, fee Ins arrivals f om i Havre, and keep constantly on hauo, a complete assort maul French Artificial Fluwari Materials of all kuias for Flo warm Feathen, Hair Ornaments, and Millinsry article*?foi sals by HENRY lit K a UN, Imiiiyte-., IS 8m*rve H l.iberty strew, up stairs. ,v o ri< i: IF MRS. I.LIZ A L. l)U PONT, niece of John Bnuholm, ' II is. M Dorkia'd, b-rmuda, (will call on Tueker la Ligntb"?m, M Broad strist, the will hear of something to r.n advastac*. (Mlw'sc ?y ? ** -m siwt *r.t i f ( HER + Boston [CoiTMpondtnce of th? Herald.] Boston, March 1, 18+1. 1 have not seen recently uny thins 'n shape ot correspondence from our goodly city, Boston We are not exactly in ttatu </uo, but jogging along after the old fashion, and hope we are not entirely forgotten by you. It is true there is not, us Brother Jonathan of Bnglnnd says, such a "perpetual motion of ships, steamboats, carts, trucks, sledges, merchandise, merchants, brokers, sailors, niggers and horses?of rapidly devoured meals, and neverceasing traffic?of arrivals and departures?ot tor. tune-making and bankruptcies?of politics and banking?of honest and over-reaching?of preaching and play-acting," as in your city of " broad streets and long wharves?of huge warehouses and dock-yards?of gaudy signs and dashing shops?ol brick houses and woo len sheds?ot great tavrnu and small grog stores?of meeting houses and thea ur.i ?unci aucn * hiiuvv 01 lievrr-sirrpiii^ uiuvrment, calculation aud enterprize! But then, we have a considerable " smart chance" of activity, harmony and deviltry going on here. One tiling we have bed, which, according to accounts*, you arc enjoying now, viz: " Mild etherial Bering ? But a change has come upon us, and such a change ?snow a " leet" deep?then mush, and finally rain, and to-day it is decidedly "juicy" above and below. Last week we had a mo3t rich case in the municipal court?the trial of Monsieur Adolph, the husband of Madame Adolph, the fortune teller, for the alleged intention to abduct a beautiful young lady who livea in Charles street. The fuir coniplainam was brought to the stand, and, " There ihe stood erect, not tall; Her flowery che-k had caught the dyes Of the earliest dswn?and O ! her eyes, Not a star that shoots or flies, But those dnrk eyes outshine them all." Fearlessly she related the arts that had beer practiced to decoy her, but as you have probnbl] published a report of the case, I forbear giving the particulars. John A. Bowles, Esq. was counsel to Adolph, and made a most brilliant und classical but injudicious plea Madame Adolph was con stantly by the side of her husband, and manifestet signs of great endearment to her lord. It may beo interest as well as a matter ot record, to state she gave birth to a pair of twins on the morning the jury returned the verdict, at least so says inadanie rumor. Arrest of judgment lias been made in the case ol Adolph, which will be argued this term. Our Legislature has nearly agreed to adjourn tint die on the 14th inst. The tTreuline Convent ques tion haa gone by the hoard again, hut will be brought up next session. Willi a very fevv exceptions all the members voted yesterday an indefinite postponement with a hearty good will. Tht owners of this property will, however, some daj get a remuneration for their loss, but whether fron the town of Charlestown or from the Common wealth, is uncertain. The liibernia sails to-day at 2 o'clock, with nea 20,0D0 letters, and a good number of passengers Lieut. Parson's speech to the ladies you have pro bably seen. It was "verdant," as usual emanation: from his lips. Nothing new in literature here. The Legends o Long Derg, St. Patrick's Purgatory, Hell ant Paradise, have uppeared in Boston from your city It is snapped up by Emeruld Islers, and read will avidity. You must send somebody on here to pull the cat gut or thrum the piano, for we have nothing in thi shape of amusements. We want excitement, am must have it. I forgot, though, that Bro. Colve denounced the Odd Fellows and secret combinn tions on last Sunday evening, which made livel tunes in the vicinity of the little Tremont. H gives them another touch on next Sunday. Yo must tiy and he here?it will be a rich time. JI may try it under the old elm on tne Common, i the snow is not too deep, lor his house will mi contain one fourth who will be inclined to attend Major Coliurn, of the Exchange Cotlee House lias retired from that establishment. His boarder last evening presented him with apiece of silve plate in form of a pitcher, large in size, and bearin the following inscription:? To Major Hamuli. A. CosoB.x, ?1? a Token of EiUtin, Thii Vessel i? presented by curtain of hl.t Friends Residing at the Kxchanue Coffee House, Boston, Mass. March 1st, 1844. T>orl, ,.f .k? M-?? .11,1 .I,- linnnr. , the occasion. A supper was had, and some exce lent toasts drank. Air. his gentleman deportment, and ennobling traits o( character, lui endeared himself to alt who know him, pnblicl or privately. A special messenger has arrived here froi Washington, with the news of the late dreadli calamity, in time for the steamer that depar hence. Your ob't ser'vf, On Hand. llochestcr, [Correspondence of tho Herald ] Rochester, Feb. 22, 184-1. Matt era and Things in Rorhrater?Saintt?Sinnt ? Theatricals?Juitict?Tyltriam. "We ure a very moral people, Captain Marryat and who can doubt the saints ol Rochester wh? the church porridge pots, vulgarly called bells, h at it ding dung all day long. Imprimis, I shall d vide mv discourse into several branches, Hnd fin "concerning saints and sinners." The revivals are just commencing, and one at tl second Presbyterian Church has got the furnace anathema and brimstone in lull blast, and promisi to recast a goodly number of woeful sinners in doubtful saints. The hest, most correct estima ever made of the relative number of sinnerH ai saints in this pious community, was one made 1 that ace of trum|is, Mnjor Humphrey, of the A vertiser, who spent rather less than two months < the calculation, and thtn after allowing all t ministers,deacons,the youngjand handsome ladies pass without scrutiny, came to the conclusion th there might, possibly, be one saint to forty sinnei Secondly, concerning things theatrical : O r theatre has just closed, having Adams and Gfatt ' for stars. The season proved but a poor oris t the managers, but the company was so very n iliorrt that much could not lie expected. This r mark does not apply to the leading aetfYM, Ml Noah, (late Mrs McClure,) a woman of decidi talent. She married, ahoiit two yearssince, a ge tleinun from your city named Noah, nephew relation, it is supposed, of the great "grease spo of the democracy, "Mordecai." Touching our courts of justice. The notoiio Doctor Beigler, who has been niraluing on tl Island on a charge of arson and assault and battr on bis wife, has obtained an order from the Si preine Com I to change the venue in his case Genesee County.on the ground that prejudice exis among our "saints and sinners," nod that he ca not have a fair trial; and verily the doctor is rigli He succeeded last week in obtaining bail. Touching things political. About the period y< went to Europe, the whig collector oi tins pc was removed, and Joneph Strong, a hank ditectc financier, trader in stocks and city lots, ohiuim the appointment, chiefly through the inlluenco Colonel Watson, then editor ol the Tyler pap< Strong, however, used Watson iHihcr scurvily: ai some of the saints having forwarded certain doc nents to Washington, exhibiting the dealings Strong, it was thought best for Strong to go a palaver Mr. Spencer. Accordingly, the deputi shared the travelling charges, and now it is hp Iiis nomination will not be sent in to the Senate i the close of the session; and. then, as the Sent are sure to reject hin?, that the President will i appoint him. Will John Tyler act thus ? or is it scheme of Mr. Silencer's 1 The Clay clubs have beeun agitation. E. Smith, a candidate for the collectorship, attend one, and abused the President, and with the usu oatri whig rigmarole of "trailer, recreant;" iV iVc.; and was, in consequence appointed the prei dent ofthe ward Clay club. The next day he g a letter Irom our member, Patterson, giving hi hopes that Mr. Tvler will make him collectr (vice Strong ) We||, Smith bus worn out tv pair of boots, trotting about to ling hist'lay wh ... ?.. ..ii u.. _?..i .11Ht the Presidei iiirimo iu ninit ail nc ^iniii while he play* pomum for * year Oh, trmpura Oh, mortt f li Wr ore u very moral i>eop| 1 Captain Marryatt." Look out for another batch of gonaip in a fr flay*; when I will in.ike eome of our sanctified *i ; ner* tremble in th?-ir tight*. A Sinner. Ateoiw BouKai.ia ?There wm a benuiilul d play of the aurora laat evening. Rroeil white rlhtiona < tended from the north weet quite up to the ten It h. I quently chancing their number and poaition ? l'hila G March 2. Ohio River ?At wheeling on the 27th tilt t ; Ohio KItrrr had >eveu tgid a hatfh-et of water in the rln ! net, tad waa rising * i ? \i i * t * ' *'TITjK T.ti.ns - ,ff -? ' r* f., . mm PriN Two Owu> " [From the Ohio Statesman.] Washington Correspondence. House oj Representative* on board the Steamship I'ri met on?Kxcurtiem down the Potomac and back ?Captain Stockton and hit Ship?Coronation dinner on board?Official description of the vessel. Washi.vvton, Tueuduy, Feb. 20, 1S44. When ih?* <iueen oi' Sheba visited King Solomon, who, it is said, was somewhat partial to ladies, she declared upon her sacred honor, that not the hull had been told her of the uower, and glory, and gallantry of the illintrious philosopher king, the mighty successor of the inuibtrel monarch of the Goldau city of Zioni so it is impossible to tell you U.. L..1T ?>m uuui o nr< *? n i nVFil lfl the excursion given to the House of Representatives, by Cupiuin Stockton, of the steam frigate Princeton, this day. The morning was propitious, auspicious, and tolerably delicious The atmosphere, it is true, was rather misty and over-clouded; but the wind waa ' from the right ouarter?the golden ungel upon the steeple of the Rev. O. B. Brown's church field her ' trumpet ateadtasrlv to the south. At half past ten, in company with two of our Representatives, Messrs. Morris and M'Causlen, of the House,we set out on fool lor GreenleaPs Point, at the southern extremity of the city, distant about two miles. but the mud wus impassable, and so we accented the otlerot a passing huckman and rode it. Had the constituents of our friends seen them sitting with their hats off in an aristocratic looking coach, on the way to the landing, we doubt not ihey would have been chalked down 011, the black-board for future accountability. Arrived at the landing, we discovered the Princeton, with her graceful keel, her tall and tapering r spate, lying out a mile off in the stream. Several . boats and a "broadhorn" were kepi plying to and Iro between ship and shore, for nearly an hour, in the transportation of most of the honorable members of the House, and some of the Senate,and not a few of the honorable fraternity of reporters, among which, was your faithful ambassador at Washington, in propria pertona. The marines were discovered drawn up in line 1 on the upper deck, as we mounted through the J port-hole. When the whole company of visitors were aboard, (some three hundred persons,! ihe r ship was put in motion by her invisible, and almost noiseless machinery, in ihe hold. We found the j Princeton urnied with twelve 42 pounders, and two ! tremendous pieces fof ten tons weight each, (of wrought iron, carrying a ball of 230 pounds for two ; miles with the precision of a rifle) all 011 the upper ' deck. The two great guns are fixed at the bo w and stein of the ship; and are caller the "Peacemaker" and the "Oregon." These two "bursters" ( are as bright as Aunt Peggy's pewter-platen on Sa' turday evening, shining all in a row on the top shelf of the kitchen cupboard When the ship was fairly under way, Captain Stockton, mounting one ' of the guns, said, "Now, gentlemen of the House ; of Representatives, fellow-citizens, and shipmates, we are going to give a salute to the wisdom of this ' mighty Republic, (God bless her) in Congress as] scmbled?stand firm, and you will see how it leels !" In rapid succession the pieces were fired, the ship thrilling, and the distant hills revei berating with r the thunder peals. Thu instantaneous combustion of forty pounds of gunpowder in a dischnige from the "Peace maker," closed the round of twenty six gum.' The deck * of the ship was enveloped in sm?ku. \Ve came uear falling 01 er tne venerable F.x-President Adame in the mof menttry daiknosa ('upturn Stockton's voice roso high j amid the din of the battle, "lis nothing hut honest gunpowder, gentlemen?it has a stioug smell of the Declaration of Independence, hut it's none the worse lor that ' Tliat'athe kind ol music when negotiation! tail It halt little of the ring ol the earthq uake ; but it tell* handsome ly on iolt water' Some one asked Mr Speaker e Jones what was ike main question before the Houie The j Speaker promptly rejoined, that "the main question wan r the Navy, and that it had been carried by the canting vote ol tliu Pence-maker " J In due seasou|ihe deputation of visitation were called to y dinner in the cabin on the nuddlt deck, extruding the e whole length of the ship ( aptain Htoekton is B man of h wealth, and the scruples of lha Iricnda ol rettenchment t* will be nppeasTd when they learn that the magnificent I leaat prepared for the orraaian was drawn, to the extent I of the " extras," from the Captain 'a privata raaourcea. It was ii feast of substantial** and delicariea worthy the coronation day of a South American f'.mperor. Dorks and ' chickens, tuikej a and hams, heel a-In-mode, and paitridgi'a lie? icecria s, oranges, apples, raiama, almonds, r (xc ?champagne, sherry, cognac, and but wa forbear K to trespass upon the leeliugi ol the Washingtonian tee-totillers The ship passed below Alexandria, till tho hill ol Mount Vernon, and the sacred residence of Washington, loomed into view on the right, and the Downing battlements of Fort Washington on the lett, when she turned about and returned. Several experimental shots were made Irom the " Peace-maker," during the trip, and those solid balls of U30 pounds skimmed the surface ol the water for several miles, w ith the lightness of an arrow . Nearly the whole of tha Ohio delegation were on board, j Hiid we were gratified tn learn that (iru. Moore was autttI riently raatored to he prearnt. Captain Stockton goes 'V for Oregon. He says if the question is brought to the tug id war, lie will undertake to defend the month of the Coly litmhia with his single ship. A nobler and a hardier man ?a man whose appeal ance more favorably impresses you ti with his qualifications as a man and a sailor, is not to bo jj lound than ' aptain Stockton. The ahip returned by three o'clock, having steamed It part ol the way at 1'J knots an hour. The river was filled with floating ice, and an occasional canvass buck duck. It was a great trip, and if any thing would have mitigated Mr. l ave Johnson's determination would have been this excursion. But it ia better, |?rhaps, for the long purse of the pwuple, that he was not of this Con gretaioual deputation of viaitation The following is Capl. Stockton's account of his ship:? '* "The Princeton is a " full rigged ship," of great speed nnd power, able to perform any service that can be expect?? eil from a sliip of war. Constructed upon the most apurov' i d principles of naval architecture, the is believed to be at :n least equal to any ship of her clans, with her sails. She r(, has an auxiliary power oi steam, and can make greater peed than any sea going steamer 01 other vessel, hereto It- lore built Her engines lie snug in the bottom ol the ves,1 el. out of reach ol an enemy's shot, ami do not at all in' terfero with tha use of the sails, hut can, at any lima, ha male auxiliary thereto. She shows no chimney, and ie makes no smoke, nnd there is nothing in her external ap| aaimice to indicate that the is propelled by ateain. e8 "The advantages of the Princeton over boOi^aUing thins and steamers propelled in the usual way. ure great and ob viuiii She can go in and out of port at pleasure, without ''j ifgard to the force or direction of the wind or tide, or the thickness of the ice. She can ride safely with her anchors )V in the moat open road stead; and may he ta in tha severest a- gala of wind with safety She can not only save herself, jii hut will he able to tow n squadron from the dangers of a h,. Ice shore. Using ordinarily the power of the wind, and Jo teservitig her fuel fur emergencies, she can remain at sea the same length of time as other sailing ships Making no noise, smoke, orsgitation of the water, (and if aha r'" chooses, allow ing no tail.) she can surprise an enemy ? she can at pleasure take her own jiosition and her fin own distance horn the enemy Her engines and or water whin 1 being below the surface of the water, It- nite from on enemy's shot, she is in no danger . f being disabled, enn if her masts should be destroy ed. r(1 stie w ill not he at a dmly uxpenae lor lueJ. as other ateam, ships aro. 'I hi' engines being seldom used, will probably outlast two such hips These advantages make tha Prlncen~ ton, in my opinion, the cheapest, lastest. and moat renaia or -hip in tho w oild. The equipments of this ship art of tha t' plainest and most substantial kind : the furniture ol the cabins being made of while pine hoards, painted white, u- ' i'Ii mahogany chairs, table and sideboard, and an Amei ican manufactured oilcloth on the floor. Toeconrmise n room, and that the ship mav be better ventilated, curtains olAiuaricau manufacture d linen are aubatitufed for tha usual, and more cumbrous and expensive wooden bulk 1,1 beads, by which arrangement the apartments of the men and officers may in an instiint i? thrown Into one, and a ii dagrooof ipnclouanoM asd com tort ia attained unusual m jt .?fillip ul h?*r cliisn. The Princeton in Arm***! with two long Jii> pound wrought iron gun*, hihI twelve 42 pound c?rlll i ouftdei- fell ol which may tie ijm?I ut once on it her side ?rt ?i the ahip. She ran co?-r(|iii-ntlT throw greater weight (. ol metal at nun broadaiue than moat frigates Tba nig 1 guns of the Princeton ron be limd with an vftect terrific, l anil almost incredible, fin I n itli * certainty heretofore un known Thenatraordinary < Ihrti nl the aliot were proved, (f Iiv firing at a target.whi? li u m made to represent a aectian r><) of the two ?ide? mil di rk of a 74 gun ahip. and timbered, it- kneed, planked, and bolted m tba unir manner Thit df t irget was (.bo yards from tha gun. With tba iataller n(| charges of powder, tha abot paaaed through tbea# immense ma*"'* of timber, (being 57 Inrhea thick.) teaiing '1 it away, and aplinteiing it for aeveralleet on each aide, "! i ovi ring tba wliolar aurfare of the ground. for a hundred I'll t arda square with fragments at wood and Iran Tha ar > '' en racy with which theae guna throw their immense abet, re- (wkirfi are three feet in circumference,) may he judged n lijr thia : that aix aliot, fired in tticreaaion at thaaame elevation, (truck tha wma horirontal plank in a target )) more than hall n mile distant Ry tba ay plication ef the i variotia arta to the purpose* of war on board the Wiira ton, it Is believed that the art of gunnery for aea service, IB baa, lor the flrat time, been reduced to something like ffllr thematlcal certainty. The diatance to which these guns ' c in throw tbrir shot, at every nereaaary angle ol elevi Ot vation, has lieen ascertained by a series of cnrelol eapertin merit* The diatance from the ahip to any object is readily if nTcrtainnd with an instrument on hoard, contrived fur /0 thai purpose, by an obaervation which it reipiirea hut aa i 1 atari t to make, and hy inapeclion without calculation. , Hy aell acting locks, the giina can be (lred accurately J 'it the necessary elevation, no matter what the motion of the ahip mav he It it confidently believed that thl* small ship will he aide to battle with say veaaal, however large, if she is not invincible any foe ? w The improvement* in the art of war adopted on board the n- Princeton, may ' * productive of more important retail* than any thing that has oerurred ainra the invention of gunpowder The numerical force nl other navies, so loag l?. boasted, may be ?et * nought The ocan may again hecome neutral ground, and the rghta ol the smallest at well re a< the greate?t nationa may once more he respected. it. " All "I which, far the honor and defence of every inch .if our territory, la moat respectfully submitted to the honorable Secretary of the Navy, tor the imformatlon ol lie the President and ' ongreat of the United Btatee an- Ur your obedient and faithful servant. H F STOCKTON Caption U. 8 N?vy."

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