Newspaper of The New York Herald, 7 Mart 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 7 Mart 1844 Page 3
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It-**? Opmm COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT signort?palmo ftfp- The undersigned, anxiou* to upport en Italian Opera, u the true Mhool of mutic, and Wring a lively and pleaiing remembrance of the day* of Garcia, Malibran, Pedrottl, ceradori, Fanti, and ether eminent vocalist* Who have at various time* vUited our city, are desirous ol giving to Mr Palmo a complimentary benefit, a* a am of re*pect for hi* real and liberality, and an earnest desire in tlii* way to enable him to auttaia the enterpriae he na* ao successfully commenced. . The benefit will take place on Thursday, March 7tn Ticket* at Three Dollar*, may be had of either of tne subscribers, or at the Box Office, where *eat* for the occarion may be secured, Philip Houe, Edward Prime, Peter Schermerhorn, Samuel Ward, Charle* De I.aioreat, Charle* Davia, Samuel B. Ruggle*, iEugene Orousset, H. C. De Rham, John Howland. Robert Emmet, Daniel Stanton, Henry W Hill*. Jamm J. Jones, Leonardo 8. 8uarex, Abraham Schermerhorn, Edward Custis, Victor De Launev, Manville T. Patte*on, J?me* W. Gerard, Felix La Coste, J? e*W??ti*'. H. W. Field. E- Fall* Poresti. Eilgar Howland,,, ?*ter'Jr' Alex. F. Vache, J- Lollin*, Augt. Belmont, James F Pennlman, Samuel Jaudon, Joaeph Hudson, Henry Aug Coit, John McKeon, N. P. Hosack, W. 8. Wetmore, Jamoa Drake, Ernest Fiedler, Henry C. Marx, JohnT. Brighara | John J. Kingsford, James J. Mapes, ffm. Bams, Jama* Ring, Alex. Caselli, Charle* A. Griffin, HT_ U 11/? / IlkUnlmlir ' Henry H. Ward, Stephen William*, Francis I,. Waddell, Mortimer Livingston, J. L Graham, J. M Oppenheim, Edward Mirandoli, Aug't Seignette, Wm. MaxweH, T. Van Zandt, Duacan C Pell, D Barney, Felix Argenti, David C. Golden, Adolph Le B.ubier, A. Binda, Matliew Morgan, Franci* Xfottenet, Edward Jones, Loui* K. Bridge, John C. While, Alex. M. Lawrence, John T. Van Alen, ,Ralph Bchoyer, Angt. Cleveland, Oeorge C. De Kay, D. Trenor, W. Coster, J. Sherwood, H. M. Bnftwick, C. W. Meletta, W. S Miller. tSg- ENLARGEMENT OF THE FULTON SALOON.?The first fresh Shad of the*ea*on?Gould triumIihant. The recent buccpi* showered upon the Fulton 8a oen ha* compelled the worthy and enterpriiing Proprietor to enlarge it to a capacity that will compare with the largest saloon in the city Mr. U"s. table* are furnished withRhe best luxuries of the season, and, O man, " tell it not in Gath, nor proclaim it in the street* of Israel," that for eighteen pence you can dine at the Fultoa Saloon like a Prince, and for a sixpence you can slave off hunger for day. Epicures, strangers and citizens, call at 10 Fulton, and partake of the first fresh shad in the market. Qff- LECTURE.- -Wm. H. Channing will deliver on Friday Evening the 8th instant, at the Society Library, a Lecture in which the popular objections to Association will he considered and auswered, and in which the necessity of a Social Reform upon Associative Principles, and ff Its influence upon Religion, the Family and Property,will be stated and discussed. Commence at half past seven ' o'clock. Tickets one shilling. 'it ft?-A SCIENTIFIC HAIR TONIC RESTORER AND BE AUTIFIEH?Trial Bottles, three shillings ? Those who have used Junes' Coral Hair Restorative know its excellent qualities To those who have not, we say that the fact of our selling three shilling bottles must prove the truth of our statement?and that we are not airaid of persons trying a small quantity first, we warrant it to possess the following qualities It will force the hair to grow on any part where nature intended hair to Brow, stop it falling off, cure scurf or dandruff, and make ght, red or grey hair grow dark. For dressing the hair , soft and sil..y, nothing can exceed this?it makes it truly beautiful, and keeps it so. It is, indeed, the most economical > tt superior article, made for the hair. Sold, prion a, 5 or 8 shillings a bottle, at the sign of the American Eagle. 82 Chatham street, New York; 130 Fulton street, Brooklyn; 8 State street, Boston; 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia: 207 King st Charleston, S. C. METALLIC TABLET.?This is the most'perfect article for the purpose designed ever invented, having the wonderful power of pioducing the keenest and smoothest possible edge of the lazor in tenth part of the time that Is required on a hone, at the same time doing away with the unpleasant use of oil and water. It is the same size as an ordinary strop, and as simple in its use. With one of them the means is ever at hand of keeping razors in Krfect older The first cutlers of England and France ve them in constant use, and [recommend them. The celebrated M. Milliken, cutler to the Royal Navy, 301 Strand, after using oue five years, sent a certificate of its supeiiority to the inventor, where it can be seen with many others from the most scientific gentlemen of this country. , O. SAUNDERS, Inventor snd manufacturer of the Metallic Tablet, _ 163 Broadway. [From the Fhiladolphia Forum ] ?00!- FURIOUS?A gentleman called at Comstock'a,2 North Filth street, yesterday, and made the following statement, which he gave us liberty to palish The gentleman stated that he hail been afflicted with Rheumatism, gout of the feet, ancles and knees, for three months, so as C to confine him tothe house, and a great part of hia time to his room, until about a week since, seeing an advertise* ment of Comstock for the Indian Vegetable Elixir and Liniment, was a sure cure for such complaints, seat for a battle, and that by the time he had used one fourth of the bo tie, found there was a decided improvement, and in about four days after, having continued its use, he ssys he is entirely well, and now, gentlemen, he says, I lay it to this article lone, and says, am I right? We told him he was, decidedly Were we light? Let thosa who suffer use it and answer. The same may be had at 21 Courtlandl street, N. V. (KjP- COMSTOCK'8 EXTRACT OF 8AR8APARILLA, from 21 Courtlandt street, for the cure of? Scrofula l etter, General Debility, Chronic Rheumatism, Ulcerations of the Throat, Eruptions of the Skin, Pimples or Pnstules. and all diseases arising from an impure state of the blood, exposures and imprudence in life, excessive use of mercury, Sic. Price 60 cent! per bottle, or $4 per dozen. Qg- PICTURE OF HEALTH.?Health is characterised in an individual liy the absence of all pain, suffering, or affection in any part of his body; by the free and regular exercise of all hi* function* without any exception.? They consist in having a good appetite at meal times, an nay dig?*iion, free evacuations, without looseness or costiveness at least once in every twenty four hours, and without heat, dry lies* or burning at the passage ; the free iasue of the water without acrimony or burning, and without k reddish sediment which is always a aign of a present or an approaching pain; quiet sleep without agitation or troublesome dreams: no taate of bile or other bad taste in the mouth upon rising in the morning; no sourness or disagreeable rising of the stomach ; a clean tongue; a sweet breath; no itching, pimples or spots on the skin ; no piles ; no burning heat upon any part of the body ; no excessive thirst win n unexposed to labor or other known cause; no interruption to any natural evacuation, nor pain at their periodical return. Where the state, ol-he system doea not harmonise with the above picture of health, it is of the greatest importance that no time be lost in sending for a doctor, or in the uae of foolish remedies too often the result of speculation; instead of this course let a dose of Brandreth's Pills be taken, which will not deceive, but will at once'restore health to the organ or part that renuires it. E All who wish to preserve their health, all who are determined t? defend their life against the encroachments of ? disease which might aend them prematurely to the grave, will, without hesitation, have recourse to the Brandmih I'll!ft whnn thff of the ivatAin ttoAa nn( harmn nine with the above picture qj health. Those who live in a country where contagious or other diseases prevail, should often think of this true pictures! health, and observe himself with particular attention, in order to act accordingly. The wise and rightly directed, will follow this advice?the unwise are left to their own destruction. In all cases of Indigestion, Worms, Asthma, Diseases o< the Heart, and in all affections of the Stomach, and Bowels, the Drandreth Pills will be found a never failing remedy. To insure the lull benefit of these celebrated Pills, they should be kept iu the house, so that upon the first commencement of sickness they may be at once resorted to. One dose then is better than a dozen after the disease has become established in the system The Brandreth Pills are purely vegetable, and so innocent that the inUnt of a mouth old may use them if mediCine is required, not only with safety but with a certainty f receiving all the benefit medicine is capable of imparting. Females may use them during all tha critical periods of their lives. The Brandreth Pills will insure their kealth, and produce regularity in all the functions of life. Be careful of Counterfeit Pills, JIow to avoid them : No 1 SaccaiTY ? Kach agent who sells the Genuine Brandreth Pills has a Cv.btivicatk or Aoekcy, which has been engraved at a vast expenso. It represents tha Manufactory at sing Sing, on the banks of the Hudson river, and is signed by l>r. Brandreth, and his seal Stamped upon the paper. ^ No. u Seci'iui v. ? Above all observe the labels upon " the boxes EaC/i box of the Genuine Pills has now THREE LABELS upon It The top and the bottom la? bal containing upward* of FIVE THOUSAND LETTERS in RKI) INK. The words BENJAMIN BHANDRETH'S PILES hi irig printed over two hundred times upon the two labels. No. 3 Skci-si i y ?There are also upon each label two signatures of Dr. Brindreth : one B. Brandreth, and ulso one Benjamin Br.iu livth. Each box, therefore, to he genuine. most have six signatures of Dr. Brandreth upon it. II the box do not answer this description, the Pill* are not the Drundreth Pilli. hot soma vile counterfeit of them, as all the old labelled boxas have been collected. No 1 Skccsitv.?Besides the above signs of genuineness, facsimiles of the Brandreth labels are upon the Cc.rtilica'e of Agency, therefore compare your la>x with the Labels on tne Certificate; if it agrees, the Pills are true?if it does not, they are false. J have expended much time, and at least $500(1 in perfecting these Phec:.? M the sale of counterfeit Pills, and in the hope they wid secure the genuine BRANDRETH PILL3 to all who want them I remain the public servant, B BRANDRETH, M. D. Sold at '1ft cent* per box, at Dr. Brandreth'* Principal Officii, 141 Broadway, H North Eighth street, Philadelphia, in Hanover st Boston, and at the corner of Light said .Mercer st Baltimore. fly- HAY'S LINIMENT, warranted to cure any casa of riles: and Dr McNair's Acoustic Oil, a certain cure for Deafness: also, t ologne Water, Qtygrt bottles, price 60 cents; Ea?t Indian Hair Dye, will color the hair, hut not tha skin: Dr Spohu's Sick Headache Remedy, warranted to cure, the Chinese Hair Eradicator, warranted to eradioata the hair from the fstce, neck or arms; all at 31 Courtlandt street. {ft- the power and influence ok conNZVU MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR is hitherto unknown in the form *f medic in a. It ha* the moat sstonishing effect In curing rapidly sad permanently any burn, scald, cut*, sore* of every descriiklon, *ore eye*, chapped hand* and lip*, frosted part*, chilblain*, pimpled face, and all inflammations, and no person ia a?kod or wished to pay for this salve, unless it proves to be all we say, and no person using it once will ever ha without it. At 11 Courtlandt street, and 3 North Fifth street, Philadelphia. PRIVATE MEDICAL AID.?The members of the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, in toreturning the public thanks for the liberal support they have received in their efforts to "suppress quackery," i <* leave to state that their particular attention continue* It be directed to all disease* of a private nature, and from the great improvements lately made in the principal hospitals of Europe in the treatment of those diseases, they can confidently offer to persons requiring medical aid vantages not to be met with in any institution hi tins country, either public or private. "Hie treatment ol the College is such as to insure success in every case, and 1s totally different from that 'torn com practice Of ruining the constitution with mercury, and in most case* leaving a disease much worse than the original. One of the members of the College ,for niatiy years connectod with the principal hospitals of Europe, attends daily for a consultation from 9 A.M. *0 8 P.M. Terms? Advice and medicino, $6 A euro guaranteed. iMroiwivT to Couwtbv Invalids.?Persons living in the country and not finding it convenient to attend personally, can have forwarded te them a chest containing all medicines requisite to perform a perfect cure by stating their caso explicitly, together with all symptoms, time oi contraction and treatment received elsewhere, if any and enclosing $6, post paid, addressed to W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Office and Consulting rooms of the College, 96 Nassau street tog- RICORD'S "pArTsIAN^ALTKRATIVE MIXTITRE?Vnr the nnrmnnniit rlire nf nrimarv or secondary Syphilis, and all affection* produced by an improper use of mercnry. Tlii* powerful alterative should be used by all person* impeding a venereal taint In their system from lormer disease. It is warranted to remove all impurities from the blood. 8oId, in single bottles, $1 each ; in case* of half dozen, (A, carefully packed, and sent to all parts of the Union. Office of tne College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 95 Nassau strict. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. N. B.?A liberal discount to country practitioners and medicine venders. 0&- CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CURED.?The Tonic Mixture, prepared by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New York, is confidently re commended for all cases of debility produced by secret In dulgenoe or excess of any kind. It is an invaluable acme dy for impotence, sterility, or barrenness (unless depend ing on mal-formation.) Single bottles $1 each ; case* of half a dozen $5; carefully packed and sent to all part* of the Union. Office ot the College of Medicine and Pharmacy. M Nassau street W.8 RICHARDSON. Agent N. B.?A liberal discount to country practitioners and medicine venders. ftp-THE CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OF 8ARSAPAR1LLA, Oentian and Sasafras, prepared by the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established lor the suppression of quackery. This powerful extract, Srepareu by scientific and medical men, will be found innitely superior to the mixture sold by druggists as sarsaparilla, who are totally ignorant of the medicinal properties of the root* from which they make the extract. In all diseases arising from an impure state of the blood, such as scrofula, salt rneum, ulcers, chronic rheumatism, pimples orpustules on the fnccor body .nodes,pains in the hones or joints, and all complaints arising from an improper use of mercury, this extract will be highly beneficial. Sold in single tattles at 75 cents each, cases of halt dozen, $3 60; do I dozen, $6. careiully packed and sent to all parts of the Union. Office of the college, 95 Nassau at. W. 8 RICHARDSON, Agent N. B. A liberal discount to country practitioners and medicine vender*. (HP- PROFESSOR VELPEAU'S CELEBRATED f ILL8, (or the radical cure of Gonorrhoea, Gleet, and all mocapurulent discbarges from the urethra. These pills are guaranteed to eft'oet a permanent cure in all diseases of the urethra, in a shorter time than any other remody ever brought before the public, without tainting the breath, disagreeing with the stomach, or confinement from business. Price $1 per box. Office of the ;College of Pharmacy and Medicine, 95 Nassau street. W. S RICHARDSON, Agent. N B.?A liberal discount to country practitioners and medicine vender*. J HONEY HARKET. Wednesday, March 8?0 P. M. Fancy stocks are on the advance; State stock* are rather heavy. The sale* at both boards were very largo. Harlem improved 4 per cent; Mohawk 1 j; Pennsylvania 5's j; farmers'Loan 1; Norwich j; Long island j; sionuigiou J; North American Trust j; New Jersey j; Canton 2; Paterson }. Western declined 1; Indiana J. Illinois and Kentucky closed firm at yesterday's prices. The fancy stocks have lately advanced very rapidly. Harlem is higher than it has been for a long time, farmers' Loan and Canton Companies are very much inflated. The moment those who have got lip the corner in these stocks sue satisfied, the whole will tumble down together. The Boston money market has been quite active lately. The mania for railroads is so strong in that vicinity, that many of the companies have got into serious quarrels in oonsequence of encroachments on their rights and privileges. Several very interesting law suits will no doubt grow out of the existing difficulties. The stock market was very brisk, and prices show a great improvement. Worcester Railroail^was Arm at IS per cent advance; Lowell 25 do; Providence 8J do.; Taunton 22 J do.; Eastern 8 do.; New Hampshire 6j do.; Maine 4} do ; and N. Bedford do. Norwich and Worcester is held at 36J per cent; Reading 24j. The Assembly of this State have under consideration a bill to allow the Utica Railroad to carry freight by paying to the Stale the same rates of toll as paid by the Canal. Several petitions have also been presented in favor of and against compelling the country banks to make their bills par in the city of New York. They were referred to appropriate committees without debate. United States Tbeasi-rv Notts. HI J. Des'r. Jon'y. Ftb'y March. Issue prior to August 31, 1843, 4,591,528 3,917,725 2.069.423 1,?14,?41 Isiued and raid ootundrr the act ot March 3, 1843, 43.380 247 500 1.598.300 1,718.950 4,637.828 4,165.225 3,667 723 3,533 891 On hand, 317.857 98,300 10,250 141,042 $1,319 971 $1,066,925 $3,657,473 $3,392,810 By this we see a gradual decrease in the amount outstanding, it having been reduced since December about a million of dollars. The new issue has increased very rapidly, having since December risen from $43,800 to $1,718,950. These notes pass into general circulation, and are received tor all sums due the government. The decrease in the total has been on the old issues. The Legislature of Maryland will adjourn sine die on the 9th inst. The most.important bill before the House, is that proposing a loan to the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Com. pany. The company ask for a loan of $1,600,000 to complete their work. They ask for an issue of State Bonds, to the amount of $2,000,000, so as to allow a margin suffi" cient to sell and net the required amount. The bill has so tar met with a great deal of opposition, and the prospect of its passing is very dubious. Its becoming a law would increase the public debt, and burden the people with an addi" tional annual interest or auoutfl 50,000, making the total annual tax necessary to he raised for the payment of the inte" reat on tho whole loan from theStuteto tbia company nearly three hundred thousand dollars. The work in Its present state is unproductive; to allow it to remain as it is, would sink the immense sums already expended in its construction The outlay of a million and a half more, it is estima ted, will make the whole sufficiently productive to pay the interest on the amount loaned. The Legislature has passed a bill creating a tax to pay the annual interest on the State debt as it now stands. The resources of the State, after.the provisions of this new law are enforced, will be sufficieat to meet all the expenses of the commonwealth. The tax was placod at the lowest per cent, the committee estimating that the State debt would not be made larger than the present amount, and that the receipts from public works would steadily increase. The income of the State will not admit of much margin for increased expenses. The advocates of the loan te the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company, argue that the income of the canal will, in a very short time, relieve the State of the burden of taxation for interest on the amount. Such estimates are very dangerous ones. The same calculations were made by every State in the Union, at the time of contracting their immense debts The friends of internal improvements in Pennsylvania anticipated immediate and immense receipts from their canals and railroads. They never for a moment believed it could be otherwise. The resalt varies a great deal from their estimates The Legislature of Maryland have lie fore it the experience of other States; it has within its own jurisdiction evidence of the uncertainty of making calculations far ahead. Sales of Maryland 6's have been made in Baltimore, since the passage of the tax bill, at 80 per cent. This doos not show much improvement, as the rates ruled higher than that previous to the hill becoming a law. The movements in sdl the legislative bodies in the country will not amount to as much as anticipated. The passage of acts providing for taxes to meet the interest on the public debt, does not reach the point proposed. The people ol Maryland have publicly refused to submit to the conditions of the previous tax law. Several counties have proved recreant, and the tax collectors have scarcely escaped with their lives. With this fact staring them in the face, tha Legislature of that State cannot expect the new tax bill to be enforced at first, if it is ever submitted to. Tha representatives of the people of that State have performed their duty towards the State creditor!. The Legislature of Pennsylvania have not as yet taken one decided itep toward* providing for the peit or futurs interest on the debt of the State. Several resolutions have been introduced, and referred to committees, relating to the sale of the State's interest in the public works- Proposals have been made to make stock companies of the canals and railroads, and appropriate the proceeds to the reduction of tho debt. Many other movements have been suggested, but nothing has yet been accomplished, and the present prospect is very discouraging for those hold ing the stock of the 8tate. When the Legislature first took hold of the subject, many had great confidence in the spirit manifested, and felt assured, that before adjournment some plan would be adopted permanently providing for the prompt payment of the interest due and accruing. From the preaent indications, we cannot resist the conviction that the Legislature of Pennsylvania will adjourn without pasting the first act increasing taxation, or appropriating funds for the relief of their creditors. Amidst all the uncertainty that hangs about the movements of political parties, and the schemes of political quacks?amidst all the disputes between the ultras of both parties, as to the effect of the tariff?amidst all the legislation that is going on in every section of the country,for the better regulation of commercial affairs, the people are working out their own prosperity gradually but steadily. Commerce is reviving without the aid of legislation. Activity exists in every avenue of trade, without any exclusive privileges from Congress. The tariff as yet remains without alteration, and our foreign trade increases. There exists) no disposition to charter bulks with immense capitals, and our currency remains en a solid, safe foundation. The present state of things is very encouraging. There is not a single link in the chain weak or unsafe. To keep business up to the existing mark,we only require regularity of bank movements. The paper issues are founded on a good basis. The slightest dsrangement in the circulating medium, and the whole fabric will explode and specul.ti^n .....! r.,11..... it. ti. .... ./ WUVM UiU IUIU iVUVTf ill Id M UC UIBl U4UBC VI the present prosperous period, is the great contraction of bank loans [and issues, and the second is the improved condition of all the countries connected with this in commercial matters. As far fetched as it may be considered, we are convinced that the termination of the war between Great Britain and China, created the first germ of the increased trade that has existed from that time. The opening of the markets of that region, was like the creation oi a new world. It gave other natious a people to supply, that outnumbered them tenfold. It gave an impetus to the industry of manufacturing nations, stronger than the most sanguine ever anticipated. It has created an activity of commercial movements, that will increase as the wants of that people become developed, to an astonishing extent, and it will do more to build up the manufacturing interest of this country, than all the protection forty tariff acts could give. The opening of the China markets is one of the most important events that has ever taken place. It has opened sources of wealth that were little dreamt of. even in the philosophy of the enterprising people of this country. To enable us to take every advantage of the opening Chiuatrado, we must keep our currency at home sound and pure. We havo a nation to compete with, whose currency far exoeeds ours in real value. We must place ourselves on a par with Great Britain in all things that regulate trade, and the result is plainly to be seen. An inflated currency would for a short period give us the vantage ground, but the revulsion would throw us far behind our competitors, and which we never could recover. Old Stock Exchange. MM N Y r?, '41 108* 50 Canton Co 36 30000 do 5's, '58 10:t>2 235 Mohawk H H .3 C8 5000 Ohio 6's, "70 s3 98 57 do s3 59V 5000 do '00 tw 99V 3') P-t-non R R s3 115* 7000 do tw 99* 15 N Y fc Erie R II 21 5000 do h60 99 48 Aab Ik Koch R it 105* 5000 do blO 99* 150 do b60 106 5000 de s3 99* 50 do s3 106 50 0 do 1)15 99* 5 do 186 1000 Keutucky 6's s3 101* 125 N Jrrssy R R >3 95 2000 Illinois tpeeial s3 43* 50 Western R K slO 64 7000 do 160 <3* 550 Stoniugton R R 36 1 sha Bk N York 119* 100 do blO 38 I do 120 25 do s3 38 22 Dry Dock Bauk 70 106 do nw 38 10 Stue Bank 90 100 L LUnd R II 75* 100 Farmers' Loan 39 260 do s3 75* 56 do 39* 50 Harlem R R s3 56* 109 do 39 V 150 do >60 56* 35# do b30 40 00 do s3 5?V 130 N OCiiy Birk 74 440 do 57 |30 ltliuoii btate Ilk 22 kO do U0 57\ 100 Cantou Co 35V Second Board. $14000 Ohio l>00 90* 150 Harlem R H 57V 100 shas Stouiattcn b30 II 100 do 47 V 25 do 37% 100 do 57V 50 Farmo'i' Loaa b'3 40 50 do 5" V 40 Canton Co 34iV 50 do 57)4 24 do 3<>>^ 50 do 57 40 do >30 341)4 100 Patarion R II 04 24 do 3(1)4 50 Nor & Wore 31)4 24 do b?0 3'?V 100 do blO 30)4 Now Stock Rxohufo $1000 Ohio S'a, 1809 99),' 100 Karroo' Ln aCO 39'4 1000 do b6 994. 25 do s'J 39)4 1000 do 12'h 99 V 50 do a60 39 V 1000 do 1)20 9934 25 Vi* ka' u'gh I 4000 do blO 99)4 125 do b30 8S4 2000 Ken'y 8'a,30 ya b:0 104 50 d > b-'O 8)4 1000 do b4J 104V 10 Merchan'a' El Co 10 1000 do 103 v SONorkWors 38 V 3000 do h20 104 25 da 38". 3(00 do 22 J 104 541 do 38),' 3000 Illinoia 43)4 50 do 38 1000 do 43 22iCautenCo 36 mo do 13 43V 21 do b20 3?V 7000 do b30 4<V 25 do bl!8 36 10U0 do I860 41 25 do blO 36V 4000 Keutuckv S'a. pay in 25 do b:w 36M NYoik, .3 91V 75 Mohawk II R 60 2000 Indiana 39V 25 do h3 to 1000 do b30 39V 25 do btO ?#V 34)1)0 do 39)4 150 Long UUud K R b30 75V 1000 do bl5 39V 100 do 75 2000 do >3 39V 101) Harlem R R bcw 56V 9 ahaa Manhattan Bk 90 50 do 46V 49 Union Bank 114 100 do 47 70 (Jrtenwich Pack b30 74 140 do at) 56V 550 Farmers' Loan 40 State of Trade. Ashes.?There ia very little doing in either description. Pot a are (till held at $4 621 a 4 75, and Peat la at $6 6! a $5 121 BaKAOiTt-rra ?Still no change, market inactive. Wastern Klour $4 937 ; Southern $5 Wheat 95 a $1 6 Beeswax.?Prime yellow ia atill held at 30 a 30}. The exciting demand ia principally for export. Cotto*.?Salea amount to about KMO balea in amall lota, chiefly on apeculation? prices about j cent lower generally than the week previoua. Coal.?There ia nothing doing in NewcRatle; in fact we do not know of a single lot in market in flrat handa. A amall aale ot Liverpool, inferior, we notice at $7. Orrel continuea very inactive. Hat.?Good North river hale ia aold in lota aa wanted at 00} a 58c. Country ia not in very extenaive demand. Oil, kc.? Whale oil 36 a 38c ; Crude sperm ia up a littie. There have been aales of whale for home use Imported laat month into the country 8889 bids, sperm oil, 20,628 I bis whale oil, and 256.950 lbs. of bone. During last week 1883 hhla sperm oil were sold in New Bedford at 85 to 87c, and 4656 bhla. whale oil at 31} a 36|c. Salt?This article is very dull A small sale of Liverpool line at prices not made public. Whisk cr?Drudge casks are very dull at 23} a 24c. We quote prison barrels at 24} a 25c, but there is so little doing that these quotations cannot be considered otherwise than nominal. Real Estate.?The following salea were made at auction :? The 2 story brick building No 438 Water street and the lot running through to Cherry street,25 feet wide on each street by 120 ia length from street to street $6,650 Two story house No. 61 Thompson street and lot in lee, 17 by 94 feet 2,9o0 Two story house No 573 Fourth at , between avenue C end I), and lot 18 ft 9 ins by 104) fert 2,775 Two story house No. 61 Crosby street, anil lot 26 by lift feet 6,746 Cotton Market*. Ai-ai.achicoi.a, Feb. 26.?With nothing doing in our cotton market since our lost, we retain the same Quotations as the nominal asking rates of holders. Inferior, 7 to 7} ; Ordinary, 7] to 9} ; Middling, 8} to 8]; Middling Fair, 9 to 9} ; Fair, 9} a 9j. Mohilk, Felt m ?Cottom?There has been a much morn general enquiry in the market to-< lay. I ut owing to the difficulty of negotiating exchanges - hiiyeis having nr. ' cessarily reduced the limits of orders, buyers huvt; been unable to effect operations to any greut extent at the terms offered. Holders at the same time, with few excep. Hons, continue firm in their previous terms.and preferring ka await the arrival of the steamer of the 4th inst , before making any concessions. The sales to-day amount to only OOu bales, and have been taken entirely in small par. eels, at about previous prices. Sihisah, March 2.?Holders have offered their stocks freely this week, but several of them have withdrawnpurchasers demanding a further concession, which they are not willing to submit to. The sales of the week, us far as they have been reported to us, reach 2777 bales, of which 2607 were Uplands, vir. : 4 at 8, 8 at H}, III! at 8j, 43, at 8], 862 at 6). 71 at 8 7-16, 86 at 8|, I.V> at 3]; 198 at 82, 812 at 9, 71 at ft). 206 at 9}. 690 at 9], and 246 at 9} cents 170 Sea Islands, 6 saw-ginned at 121. 4 at-18. 11 at 20, 4 at 21, 4 at 22, 6 at 23, 3 at '24, 21 at 241, 08 at 26, 12 at 27 1 ?t 34, I at 37}, and 9 at 40 cents?'2 stained at 7}, 7 at 8}, and 2 at 9 cents The news by the Hihernia was received and created a decline in the market of from | to } a cent. Foreign Markets. Havana Montr, Feb.'21.?Flour?The last cargo from Hantander was sold at $131 the bbl a ml several small lots from your port at $16 the bbl The flour by the Alabama, say twelve or fifteen hundred bbls has not yet, we believe, been disposed of?et all events it has been stored ? bard?Several lets of the lard in barrels,brought by the T Street, Hero end F.mpresario, were sold at 11} the quintal The 800 kegs by the Alabama are yet in first hands T e supply of lord is not Urge: but we would remark Ihst there is but little indication for improvement on the rates at which the last sales were made. Hams?The supply of United|8tates Hums is abundant. American canvassed hams are selling at 9}, Hamburg and Westphalia at I4a$l6 Butler?Some lots have found purchasers at $10, $12 end $14 Sugar?Current hall and half, new crop, nominal; florets. 4j|and 9}afl and 10; crushed, regular, to inferior, 4a4};do good to superior, ft}; do inferior florete ft}afl, white, all k.tins nominal; cucurucbo, inferior to good, 3m 3} Coffee?1st quality, 6afl} the quintal: 2 do 2a4|; 3 do 4}a4};triache, 2|a3}. Wax -White, $8}a$9 F.xchange London,Has} pram; New York, 3 proa. Now Orloana, 2 prom, nominal Died, 1 On Wednesday, at 3 o'clock, A. M., *'* C. Colli*, (ionof the late Wm C. Colli*, of tbii city, agad 1* year* and 4 oionthi. Frlandi and acquaintance! are renpeettully invited to attend the luueral, at 43 Put itreet, thu afternoon at three o'clock On Wodnndav morning tlie 8th instaut, William D., only ion of Jobu L. an 1 Mary H Turnure, aged 17 months. The friendi of the family. the New York Pilota, also Memheri of Jefferson Lodge No 48, I O of O. K., are re. ipectfnlly invited to attend the 'uncral thil (Thuriday) afternoou, at 3o'clock, from I t4 Cl.uton street. Oli Tueaday night, of -rurlet fever. Kuwiw Li, ion of Matthew D. and Sarah Ann < Jicene, in the Uth year of hii The friendi of the family are iuvitrd to atter.d hii funeral on Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock, from the houie of hii grandfather, Matthew L. Davii, No, 131 Henry itreet Yesterday afternoon, Jacob N Fmik srikdlova, son 01 William and Margaret hpendlove, in the fifth yoar of hii ago Hii remain! will lie taken to Flatland, Long Iiland, for interment, from No. 83 Columbia street, this afternoon at 2 o'clock. Pailengen Arrived. rAt.FBMo?Shir CorinliBui? Henry <lar ni Havana?Ship Wm Knga?F fJnril. ti Lacoate. Moaii.r.?Ship Taskin*?W H Keebr Havanilla? Brig Molt >? Minue. O M o, and Jam Brooklea it. foreign Importatlnni PalkHMo?Ship Corintnim?18 in, 174 bag, II caak, 88 b?le? ! 154 hhl, mdie 1 box xamiih-x V'Star Si Uuckwiix ?. Irnx t ugne liaiilh?5 caxre A S 9tnut?I Madame 9 lluaiier?3 pxgi Valter ft Bierwith?l<75 rants,a brtmstrce 159 hags til?w-its 87 cs liquorice paate 50 bag* walnu's M M) boirs V <u in "0 0 il . i.i itii'Ci '>? ckm ir-accnroiii 8 Br m m ft co?j rue A M I.rwtwic-6 cask* cream Ut'lar 2 pkgi lew nig silk 17 cs 220 bags 20 bis indsa 1 do umpmlo older. Manila?Brig Margaret Ami?8011 boi s 256 hfdu 3!3qrdo raisins 174 ball mala P J Francis? I bus le-a lp*g to master. Rottmdam?Oalltot V?nilia? 20 pipes Kin Meriau ft co?5 bales co ton yarn Misters, Mark or ft co?6 c? cologne ( ummiiK It Risch?HXX1 bags ctiff e 2 parcels samples 60 n> its suinsc 10 Iiptgin Dietor ft Duckwitx?2 cs in d er ' boi samples K Fieder?3 bass lentils 2 cs plant* K ft T Poppe?2 esses O Meyer ft ton? 4 cka maaiard W< lis ft Mr \ IT?20 nibs Caoipbur 3 |>pa a in to order. Rio Janriaa?Barnu? M reppt? l76fon? rosewood l.'?'J3 li drw 3i.0t bags coffee Siffkjn, I "iistdr* ft cu?543 do W R ft < Hitchcock?18t0 do Allru ft Paxsuu?31 do coff-e Lawrence ft Hick*. Havana?hliin ll'u Ergs? 2'6 bbl? Kijar SO nags cuff c E D Morsan?210 tide* sug.ii R Hogan ?158 < rocker ft Warren? 113 Oe It ham ft Moors*? esse irdac <1 Schneider?11,*00 srxar* J Wallace?8 lif boms do (? .Vl?rlt*?71 qr do IJ Laco*re?lou (cs honey 95 bts invar to O'der. SayaisiLi.a?Brig Motto?3068 hidea It bills 3 pks eoat *kioi 65 lona fustic SOl* no Hach* ttruod De Pevater ft Whitmarsh. Psh.s?Sclir Harp? 693 h*g* cocoa 28 bis balsam 40 hkn annattn 19 ?o tapioca 41 h xcs India inhbrr slices 129 arrobea do bottles 7 bis do ahnee K < 'liming ft s, n t'/isisn!Kiioi?llrig Mary?226 blots 25 bis suuar 20 tea hoo'*y 38 khds mnl uses I haatel .in ft Pnnevri. 8t Johms. PR?Sclir Rambler?(Kepurted yrs c'day)?]22 hhda lugar 2 cks molasses J B lasslt. Domestic Importations. Nm Ont.r ajss?Brig Sosau Hp, vasterdsv) 554 bbls 28 lilids tnolssaes 200 bbl* sngar B H Field?41 blili 2 hf do 30 kegs l.srd s hhds tallow M Smith it en Montt.r.?Ship Tuskina?It# balei cm ion Spoff.ird, Tilnton ft co?18 Hnllirnok, N.lson ft en?6:1 (i Rowland?10 Whitney ft Wlntlnck?149 Ceboone. Kiuney it co? 36 1'ersir ft BiotiUs? 240 Collnmb ft !?elm?87 Burritt ft Johnson ? 119 E D Hur'but ft co?101 11 order. Monti.n?Ship Paleatine?(Reported yeiierdav)?1161 bale* cotton I foodbur ft co Mobii.k?Brig Motets?101 bales cotton (? Miln ft co- 31 F. 1) Hurlhnt ft co?36 I < oil ft en?30 Hoi brook, N'el-on ft co?iro Brown Brotrera ft co?162 do 2 bit Goodhut* ft co?2 caaki W Bloodgood Mobii.k?Brig Camilla?158 halea eotton S Wood?30 Hicks ft co?20 W Barnwell?52 Maitland. Comric ft co. Mow Li.?Brig Peter l)emiH-( He, orted yesterday )?5l2l>alea co'ton Sprague, Kobiuaon?p,0 N IPrati Arat-aCHitOLa?Barque (hixelle?284 sticks cedar 117 bales OlUin J ll Talman?P5 do Pint ft Ph ilips?8 Pnnnelee. K ilbnrn ft Rogers?95 H W ft T Mali-9 Arm r ft c??19 Boorman, Johns'on ft co?1 b i tallow Jewell ft Harrison St Manin?Brig Magnolia?H hales cotton Centre ft co?14 Smith, Mills ft CO?24 H Waiii B ft ?on?24 Holbrook, Nelson ft co?30 Mel, 4'oe & Aodetaoii?24 do 49 botes tobacco II do mdse Perkins, Hopkins ft co?4 i bs'ea cotton 2 holes mdtc R L Maitland ft co?20 hoies T ft II Mc-aingcr (JgoRciKTtiwrs, SC?8chr Stranger?190 biles cotton H ("oil ft co?2133 buihls rice Smith, Mills ft Co?25 i belts cotton to order II MA KITIME HKRA LI > VaUUng Oajri of ilio HU?m Shlpi. rnotd Livr".'ool trom am& v/ntcuuoia, unit . j - /ipju k Aeailia, Shannon Apr 4 Mi) 1 (>. Western, Matthews Apr. 27 Mi) 23 O. Britain. Hosken May ? > June ?i Foreign Letter llase HereaRer, Letter ami Newtpap r Hag* lor all parti of the World, will be m>d? up the Hiltm Owen. PORT OK NK\V~Vttltk. HIAllt,U 7 aim RUE* 3S I MOOK RISKS ? it SUW SETS .5 67 I HUJH WATER It 32 tntwed Ships Patrick llenrv, Dela-i -, Liverpool, (Iriunell, Minturn It Co: Cnhota, Hepburn, do, N I. \ * tniawi d; Arkansas, Burgess. Orleans, Win Nel.i u; Remit!* ce, Sils'.y, do, Nuamith fc Walsh.?Brig* Catha im* bVmer. (Hi) Curry, Liverpool. J Klwell It Co; Roland, ( (lr"iu) S'-n gruff*' Br torn J C Sluller 8t t ; Oei Henry. BlaUehy Turks Island, Medatl Piatt; laaac Mead, T orp, Mobile Uuohuui It Dnnju; Menu, Hayea. Charleston. b\ ib? uinr - Sclsr Lynch bunt, Mathi.w, Richmond, Allen It Paxson. Arrived, Ship Coriolinut, Hiile, in days from Palermo, with mils*, to Lawrence It Phelpa. 8h'i> Win K.nith,Coe, 19 daya from Havana, with ugar, lir P. W Knga It Co Vnarla left before reiorted. Ksperi*uctd very heavy weather?h.-u been 13 dava North of lli'i ran Ship 1 S|*iicr. 17 day. Mob Ir, wnh cotton, to K 1). Hnrlbut k Co Swedish bir<|ne Alb-rtnii, Saunnrk. from i'rpjni and 70 di from Gibraltar, wi'li O otid buOieK < ill to Boortnai, I d int .i It I o 22d ult lat SSut'l. Ion 71 it I'll in with Re British hut Sherl r"ok Crowell, from 11it.ii.tii for Halifax, which thai been dismasted the day previous ill n severe NW gale; look Oi board the ca' tain and crew. Bar.pi Mazeppa, Smith. 46 daya from Kio Janeiro, with col fee to Siff km Iron* dea It Co Banjne I3az lie, A lien, 16 days from Apalachicsla, with cot ton. to Taylor It Merrill Dutch galliot Vauilia. Vapprld'r. 30 daya from Rotterdam wi h mdse, to Boonen Graves It Co Brig Margaret Ann,, 45 da.a from Malaga, and llih raita 10 diayt. with fmit, to II C atliu Left nl Malaga, Veuezuelt. Wendell, fur Buenos Avres, lilg; kerne. Mad.ton wtg frt At Gibraltar, ahip Azeln. Francis. coml'innad, to In old 28th J m; bar<|uea Klfiot, Watte Idg Caign of tha Azelia to tail for Nkork in Hdiya; A vole, Dav is. for New nrioun*, tc tail 27lh. Brig Motto, Forbes, 33 d.tys frntn Savanilla, with liidas, U master. Brig Mary, York. 2i days from Cjeu'urgoa, with sugar, tc Chaslelaiu k PooVTt. 2Kb ult. off llaifris, encountered i evere gal* Irom N K, stove bulwarks. S.r. Brig More-, Kn'g ir, 16 daye lioio Mobile, cotton, to K D Hnrlbut k Co. Brig Camilla, Manihuil, 16 days from Mobile, with cottoa to Sturgrs fc C.learman. Brig Magnolia. Smith It days from St Marks, with eolton to R L itiailiund k Co. Sclir Harp, Calur, 23 diys from Para, with mdae, to E. Corn ing k Sou. Hrhr Stranger, Stevens.(of B.imstal le) II days from Oeorge town, SC. with cotton, to master Let 33. Ion "4, uperi neei a severe gale from N N10?lust from the deck ii bit. s cotton? leal boat, bulwark*, fere topmast and hnd I er sole blown t pi'-cea; lias been twice blown across '.lie t lulf Srr#-m. Sclir Virginia, Weacott, f.nui Clcrecobe, Willi uaval (totes to R L. Maitlaud k Co. Schr Northampton, Cullen, Rom Virginia, with oysters, t< master. Hchr Martha k Elizabeth, Braistrd, from Milford, Del. will corn, to m ister. Sclir Wm Hart, (Jaudy, from Philadelphia, with roal.ti Diaatar. Srhr Ann Elizabeth, Homers, Rom f'luladelph a, W illi coal to matter. Schr Chief, from Philadelphia, with coal, to master. Below Swedish brig Charlotta, foin Palermo Sailed. Ships Patrick Henry. Delano, Liverpool; Vesier, Silvat'er Genoa; HAvmnr, Carver, Havana: Harriet k Jeasie. Conner C harleston: krig Isaac Mead, Thorp, Mobile, nud others.Wind 8 VV. MlnrrllaiK'niii. Aaiioar.?Capt. Forbes, of the Motto. at thio i>ort from Ha v A ii 11 In. report* luvi | ?een a V ncipir Willi pni' leJ poll* aalior on Cape Aitonio, Iftiti n't A nun vtn <n board of her and bout hanging in her alern Ha* r.nlort flying on the beach Bute V asbalia, Wall, which cleared at lb a |> it 2d ilia for New Orlraui, w.u ?ubae<|u.'utly chartered to load for e? vitaa, Cubn. Hch* K-cHMOivn, Seavey, from New Orleam for Philade phia, with a emtio of angar. roit-.n itr pur into avnna Pn vioua to I7lh oil. in dialreai, leaky. Ike with loa* of Jn bin auuar, II balea cotton and 135 rinpi y ca*k a? be c> miel t to d'acharge cargo to repair. Maiurcr itaii.war IT Si . Thomai.?The Marine Kailwa recenlly completed at the >aland of St Thorn u, la capa le . taking up era*. la of one tbouaoid tona burthen, and eeery far I it V will Ire afforded to leaaela putting into that vary acceeaul port ill dial raa. ft lot noat lairov formerly of Boaton, and recently t Salem, aold at Hto Janeiro for JuiOO. Whali inrn At Bi" Jaaairo ahoat Jan 21. Columbua, Fiali. fin Fa rlisve for Pacific Oc"an, put in to r?: air. Spoken Lady Catharine ( Br) Ba'am, Jamaica fir Loudon, Feb It Cap' Antonio N W |(i mile*- by the Mo'to, at thia port Medora, of Halifax, bound f ait. Keb 21, lai 23, Ion 84 15?b the tame. (ieoryiaea, of Philadelphia, ataeriiix North, M ir 2, lat 35 i( Ion 74 9?by the aame Ceylon, Havana for Boaton, her 21,.*127 id Iun 79 3l ?b the Suaan S|o (find, at tint purl. 'Santem,' for Havana, Feb 20, lit 2<i, lou 70?by the Rambler at thia port. foreign Purra. Havana Fibll-Arr Hope Howea. V'rleaua; 2<l'h Clinton NVotk; I7lh, llutlco, Car 'en i?. Brrri b h i* of vw.r Alhiti.,?? from Tampieo, having on I iril $i7li0in in ape. ie. t Id 21 I Can'da I arilenna; Marian (iiyv. Mobile; ' (Ith, Hn v ne,r le. ton; 13th J W Huotniaroii, Veia ' run: Uavnl P all Catu. ? 17th. Helleapont New York Art Ibth, Swna Boy . Blaiad II Mataaxaa Sr J I) MM#, PR. Keh Id?In pott, Wal*r Witch, fm Norfolk jutt arr; Oae.eola. Paik. for NV. rk.un''; Vinlet, Notvlan. I Philadelphia, do; F.tnpn'aa, of Pnr'SUIo?i(i d.ig; A'ph.ini . f?i NVork, I g in nnar; Moug. mery, ol New liar u une hi. BmiUrr Hill. Maratnn, New York; Later, Ablmrt, Philade: plot. Ctrnrt/XOOi, Feh ? la poll, r.otl n,d I looxli, for Port! ml lily- (Jen 5V triftnrd Moutf. u.ery of .P., fr in ,N i k. ill.** Hirign. Tucker, for Boaton Idy Sid Kmpire. II,w on St DoMinrio. Feb 5?1* port, Topic, Smith, for .New Ynr* next d-y?the only American Saranil l-a. Feb II?In port, Prore-tor,, and Mary Mar,ton, Halfcv, for Lonilo. ; John B'ake, Whitew-tv; (ie"rge Cunning Horaey and Hi'aon J-hnanii, for I,lT?rp (?ill Bri ti.b No American veaaela in port Palta, Feb 10 In port, bri( . fro n N \ nrk jutl art. Rio JaKXlRO, abi.0 Jan 21-In port, friiir'a mv from Pertiambuco, for ti e ai>e of <Laid I *np* a I k.*at lido . Snip J ily wine, Sm ii k, ftorn Pcrtiam uii n, lor I'hil .d?liihn Juat arr; Kleanor, lluinbcy, from ' ova'of Af n:?. 'or Nthlreii* line? ntbera a* be ore In the nv-r b< und up. Mariner, f Pa h I mouth. 6H d.iya from lino .'?i. *vr I, opt a n wing a red I *nd white aiRunl with the I ttt n H P m it llain*a. f'nrta | Fihtkiort, Mar I? A r II w .till F.mery, St Tl.omia | Bal ooq, Harriinan, New Yorkt keh 29, Rupert, Itankin. Ma taaxaa PnnrivtrittTH. Mar 3?Sid k lor dal Mar, Kmuear, aud F.agli | Cowry. Baltimore; Ily < lav, Lowrv, NYork. Sat.KM, Mar 2?Bid OMna, Small, and Angeretia, Crnwi-ll NYork. Boitow. Mar 5? No arrival Si* al for I brig. ( Id Schil |er.(BreaJ Johaanaa. Bremen via N- w (Meant; Riga, Naa n Havana, Flora, MeNear, Maunxaa; Rii'liiigton, Thing, Ne* Orlenna; Beuey Barnham, do; Columbia. Barber, Savannah Chickaaaw, Keadrick. and /one, C rowel I, Baltimore; Peon aylvaai*. OrdWftt. N'Vfirfr. 8ld 4th. Thoi ' utti. Mary fc.!ix\ beth. 1 aJianuij, which sailed oa fondly. P'*I hack f? NanUi. ket IU?Vi, tifd remained xt amaff; with I huaan. random,, fcllj, Han, Win Prnu. Mirgaat Korbaa naiicai in rreaidejr K' ?j? I suiibPt .*fd icb, Mijm-Mmi Nile; from "irfideut Ivoaos, M Forbes. and fr. rn Ncnuskd Roads, Tiluiniu, Cb'iaaii, hill, Pador*. Hun, VV ni IVun . . . . ? tli.ori Kii 1a Mai 1?Arr Parah Ana. Heme*, and Oramp??, Havw&xd. Surinam _ , ? M Ppoviuback, Ma- ?Arr rreaideut Harrison, Liar, el I, Norfolk HIU L Uadwin, N York , , Nkw Hav?n, Mar 4?Arr hvrliu#, Cooivt, NVork, to low for the Wr?t Indies, Si*c r, and War en, Smith, NVork. Cltf 1*Mi.kIn* Tlittle, Virg uia PHii.aiiFi.PNiA. Mar 6? Arr Ariel. Htnrdevant, Havana. Cld Indiana, 1 orao-. Br.da?-p<>rt. < t, Middlesex, Allen, NYork; t I Jane. [Juitv* Baltimore Richmond, Mar 4?Arr Strah Aujju ta. Ba ker, NVork Savan am Mar 2?Arr lai|m*rial, Heed, N York; Torn Wood, BroW'i.D In at ore. Hid Newark. M?rwin, and fc xacl, JohASOA, N York. Apalac hicoi.a. Feb 26? Arr M \ri\nna, Norton; Orotiaa, linn; Ligouu. Hamilton, aud TnnoUon. Bliv-n, New York; Duurxn, i/aa^Ht Savannah; Atlantic, Weare, Havana Clu Ceylon, Cook; Htb'nu, Woodbury: Manatttan, Dlonr; Acton, Lan liert and Alaham*. 1) dle\, NYork; tilo*?e, Ur ti**r, Boa to?; Pm| , Brayfno. Providence; Cape Cod, Nickers u.Oeu Win WashiuKtnn. /? kins, aud Maasasott, Draper, Havana ? lu i-ort Ui**naovper, Par* n?; Outran. Dasaett; Martha Washington, Tyler, and Ocean, WilUrd lor New York, Idv; Courteray, [Bi] Turner, lor Liverpool, wig; Ofotiua, Sears. and Marian m. Notion, froin NVork; Sylv -nua Jenkins. F.veleigh, fordo. Idg; England, [Br] Bo< thny from YVeraeJUa, wta; Tn y, Htlja U4 ty?8 . Kyis wtg; Rothacbild [ Br j Fell, fcr frt or c.htr; ba<que<t I. gouia Hamilton, fiotn N York, wtg; St t I'tuJ Davit, and Mary Kimball, Freeto, for New Y'*rk, Idg; R"b Watt fBi ] Johnson, for Liver|?ool, wig: bugs Ttniu eon, Bl e.11, for S Vo'k, Mr; K?lio> rr, l!j. ton, Bottou, do; achra I Atlantic. W??ar??. from liar* -a, dial; Teitof, Saudi. New Orleans, do; nwM'ow, Shame 11, do, wtg; Klori ian, Brown, do, 1 itAR4..?u i ....J Mobilm, Feb J7?Arr Margsrer, [ Br] Jove*, and Wallace, [ i'r] Sn :?-r?iin, London; Prnfideuce. [ Prl < ornfo-th, aud Matmlitr. [B.1 Rai,bridge, Liverp ol; Ale- Pari", [B] Donald, , Virginia, Kn-ref New Orleans; Volunteer, Eldridgr,> Biv, Ja Old Othello, Run. NVoik. \rw Oai.iatt, Feb 23?Arr Kdouard. [Br] Luimar, Bordesut; Uupi abuum rk, Drummm d. and Charlotte Harrison, [Br] Mi lutyre, Liverpool; Bmuv Dee [Br] Brown, do; Claremo"f, i rusted, N Yorf; Alabama, (?) Wiudle. Cld Llewellyn, Itohiuiun. Laracct, Trias. CLAY CONCERT?TKNTH WARD. F1KST t'l'Bi.l PER FORM aNi E OK THK CLAY MINHTHKI.S, under the Patronage, and for the Beue'ii of the Diiuoca'tc whig Commrteeof the Tenth Ward, at Crnten llall, corner Bowery ?ud Division it eet, ou Tharaday Evening March 7. ilhslfp.ts 7 o'clock. I'ro'eseor OLDh I K,l.O will preside at the Piano Forte. PROGRAMME. Part I. National Air By the Bard f'?lri"ti Mr C. Mis*ma Sta. St angled .'<sni>er- Thrte Youug Ladies of tip 10th Ward <?r*od Chorus?'"I lear the t ?ck for Old Keutucky," ' lav Minstrels S ilo V Infant Paganiai Song?"If e'er 1 should wish to get in irried," B, a \ oung Lady ^ fthe 10th Ward S..UB?' Banners of Biue," Mia* It sernond I'strii tin Hong Mr Marshall Hoc*?"Tea and tor r our,'* .. ,.. Misses Kosella anil Augusta Choras?"Honest b urner Harry," Clay Miustr '.a Addresresby serer l di'tinrowhed Whig Hpeakcra wilt be led during li e evening. Pa a l ii Overturn Mr. Oldfield Patriotic Song Mr. ? Song?"I'll l*r no snbmis'ire ?.f>."... Miss Augusta New City 8 ?f one, "Handy Jiutof Caroline,' - By an Amatear Sony?"I'm nut i iirrieI ye*,"' Miss Roeella Snug Mr. Marsha'l Song?"Wlmn umh comes o'er the plain " Three Young Ladies Song Mr C Missing Sung Mr. Flavin Song?"Lore's a t.ll- ale," Miss H oieraor d lined Cho ui- 'Harrv of he VVeit'" Clay .Ylinsirrls The Hall eill he nut fully Decoratel for the occasion, b ?ery <|t. . tnn v. il be paid to th* Ladies by the Committee Tick-Is 25 reo.? each, o lie R.J f the member* of the Tenth W rd Whin Oin . me of Me?sra Kirth It Hall, Fra.ibtin Sim ile, y iii Tril n olfice an 1 at the ou the erening of the Coi isr1 n 7 lfec _________ TO BK. HI VK . hv it.r Me.nb-rsof PaL nO'8 (late) COMPANY, at CONCERT HALL, No 106 Broad way. on Friday Ev ling. Mutch 8th, 1844, lor the Benefit of Mr. K N K ASS 'J'tn-r .inuuiy consists of the following ladies and gentlemen :?M.K8 PHILLIPS. MkS sHAHPK, MI88 BRUCE. MR I.YNVH, MR. KAVANAH, MR. KNEABB, MR. holman. _ rUtiORAMME. Past 1. Opening Chorus?'Mn! doubts ronfusiujt, from Cinderella By the Company Hong-Lilly of the V tie. Mr. Lyuch Sj i* -The Heme thai I love, Mm Bruce So g?T e Maui Mf K '!?>? B ils*i?,*.i r Ir toe pride o Kiulare, Mr*. I r.i tin Duett?When- the r iolntr b'ow,- -Mrt Phillipr sinl M Hnlinsn i l.oira? .S iw !' .|ii r fmm h i ot I'aily-B) the Coriitiaiiy Son*?ih, in) hopes forevrr Id ighted.lirrt time, Mr. Holrnau So. g?S'i . tso, Mr Sharps Soi g - tabs ie? in the A'bnur Mr. K- Uriah lira d Itsiran Duni in unit tion of Signer# Porgira s.o a .. i.e Mr* Sh*n>r and Mr. Kneaaa Chorn-?Now w i h if ei', Irojn I'iud -rella- By the Company r*aT ii tirnud (fiyify Chorus. from tuiilie By tlie Company So it-Alt Cott ?<i uear Kochelle. Mr. Lyuefi Uitott, conic, M.aa Bruce ni d Mr Kneagi Soug?Tb Light Ouitgr, Mr*. PhiMipa Bedlam Medley, bt rie.i e, By tie* oinpany Lh rm?Diu.iy Inn. withoriyinal Hy the Company Sin g?"itt goci my heart, Mm. Sharp# Snug?iro*-? of B'eri.ey,- Mr Kaanah Dual, Comi' Mi* Sharieaiul Mr Kueis* Final*? tway to th*.Mountain, B', the Company 'I !' K ETA ONr. BHILLlSl'.J?1 obe had at the door. Do >r> at quarter to 7- coinuunce .it >4 before I o'clock. iu7 ;t*.rr. TI1K H' TCHiNSON FAMILY rr?irctfully give notice 1 that '.hey w?U gi e th ir'in d a .1 la>l (; u' .n.-) Vrcal Entrrl niir.r l <t N|lh 'a t S.I on, i n Muuiiiy Eve-lug, Match IIth lilt.* 111 fmuir a<iyrrti(PiiiiuU. m7 it*in . , WASHINGTON HALL?4JKA.ND FANCY DRESS ?? 'ALL.? It I' Hit Kit Willi.* 10 notice to hi* fnrrdi 1 ud th<- public inn In. K 111 im < icic Ball will take plac* 1 on M. u<l*y 1 ?v,'lie I th ol March. Danciug to comm uc??t ha f nn*i U, at h 10 mined u:iti> a late lour Ticket $1, to i adm ' a ueiiilenniu aod hi* lid.ei Mr. Dej uge at tor corner , ol I'-il Bio 'iv?a I'Dil Wi reitatr-*', ! .? a I rn- a lortmrct of drt taci, wh tli cj be h.r-d at re laonaale puces. Alan, Mr. : Taylor, in Pri cr ? 1?l. v h > willateud with a Kraal variety of ilren.-i at the hall ou theeve iii u of the d ill. Pe-aui a representing clowaa, uitoiieatrd character*, or any I?prat per diama, will not k* aijmitt* . m7 tt'ec ' WBhINUTON- 1KM PLll A.N i 1; UU AM US.?We take *' plnsure m r fernng ur re d ra to the grtud affair of this fie fair pan) 10 no'I h.rinrle I h a kv. ulug. Th*' >in1 pany will | aiad-iliia alte noon, and will be present a the Ta terete!#, with to? tr.usl cts taken fnBi ihe lleitidut at the battle of TtROtO'.. Kr?. Prof. MAFFITT will, by particular request, repeat ' that K.liqnent Oialiou in a in protect in>nner. t-d licinl fr m On rem '? hind will tptMA ao |<rv toe m* ' d enec am.ther ipe.inirn f their still ThemU'ica d the ?o g* h\ .ir Brown, f Yor ker., will be wo 'h one doll c to all en ' ca hearihrni w. a y. *r-c e your tukn'a, anil go e?il/ As 1 his i? hy pert ulai an*'C- m'iit w.thPiof. Malfi't. it wi'l be the I .at epturrtanit', our fiiends will haie ofh ariiig hi in for -o in oci I'. at lean m7lt*m 1 Po?t llrrirr, ( New York. March 6th. Utt J . VTORTHi RN' M AIL?Ut til letiher inHice ih*crrat Ni rth'N M 11 will be clo**i'd ily, 4! ih a nflic-, at C o'ciiick, A M. m7 il rrc IQIIN L' >KI VlKlt (JK All AM, P. M j rPIIE BUBS' It IBKR intend" keeping Groceries for the enmull latiovtr, HD3 l 96 Catherine at et, where thos? of hi* fi eo.'i. iliat will honor him etilh a call, can ke , furni?h*r! w th the b at qoali'.y, at he I rwest m \rhi t prices. The Coffee, and Spur ur und, if rtquir-d, and sent to any , pat of the city tree of rip -use The .buv (irocerua mi i he revdy ror tale 011 Tuesday, , March It, ISJt. Orders received at 72 ed 96 arherine atreet. in7tw*rrj L. M it ITT KM IIA N ' ' I \ H IRMA I'M >N WANTED: f)FIIOB-R 'I YTHM'LEIG'I BOWN.rfChelrenhain. " F.ngl tu', wh r c nne to U11 louutrt in 1(96 or 7 lie nor! e . for lila 11 e'e David llown 10 Piiiaburgh, Pi., at the lakirg b'ainr.a, rome time. He aft r . .rdi wen'to Mobile Ala .and worked *f th aline trade W th Mr <>. * 11 Yuille lie was laat h ard from n Angus', I*.19: 11 -Iter which, it ia aupp: aed, he went a -teieer on bo d ar.r?e boat rnnri gun tie e'obile, si asiiaipui r 10 lei VV-baah n era In l r- et i-forinal.on has b-eti rrceisrd ti at the -oamb at met wilh ail ic ident and I tkbt be wmdrowned In ct'cntpdn to wip? IMivin* hoage won it now boutft. Tern y delta s and a brother's am cire th?i k?, ?il 'eiierut in one who ran give certain inforrnatio'. ' f h in Itr -j . r deul, be ad Ireasing a letter to Frri!er.t:? A B wu. No. 274 'tow ry, Nrw York. m7 lw*m e T~K(Tt;M AI ION \V \NTr.ll of I \MK.S t.. MlLLk.M, a * i 1 itirro' New V rk -1 d n Seno 111 by |T fesaioo ; wh-n laat Itra'd tinro h was 11. Br sti I k.nsUnd in it.c H ould he be ' a'iee,-tei retur t New York, hr wi I hear of aome'hine to In* ' adr 11111|(*, on epj-l. hi g t) Willi? 11 Steel, Biker. No ill Cher ry 't.?el >fW ? rK. ' ini .mumw-rc pOA(>ll "lAV IV A s i -.0 ? s stout mid h?af*hy Col' i^l J. VJ Vu-,, unm.rril, of goo ? ilr*ss, and wbo is prr *ct in Irs ,j iuaf?*sMoti f e^non ?bl?? oiiarti! *r, is wiiitrd \s Conr.hirso. (* reside i (? f *rr f m 1\ tfl ?nifei f?oin 'Vew Vo k. A|? Y ply li. a imfp loft it th.???(!?. e to VV. A St < 'o , sum I *f?r,f -nrr- fr m lot pUr?* rnd f?n. s m7 tlrrc 1 A\7 A >T II? A .fuati M. by two rw>??uug woman, 8 ?? o f o mrnstr si .ml 'r vrrifiko; tl?a r th*r ns chmntor* maid ?r rat l? -fa wo k, with % s si! privet* Utmly. wh ? ' haTr *ood . i?y ifff.r Pl'i oar pl jflOD w-ry m'it*jr ~ MIKROK MMil AKY. A ' OlIH ,? . , X I'K OK I UK. NK ' MIR O'l (I'riaa 'V jy ?nti) will ba publ -In d THia M irni-K ri):,Uir in( tli IKI n 11 vikLO :lh* * Nl? SAOllKI) HON OH nf Tiiomu Monm I, MORRIS. k CO ., Ili7 It rtr \-;i M.iror iiffica I Aon il ft. r|V) XA LOR*. Tim l|*r*np K*?hi<" fin 1144 la jo* ruin ; I I lab-it ?i. l raid- fo a t 'a l-v I Ol IV H, No. 4,-ourtl .iidt ? ,-a I Tlx* T.?)''. I N-w York wi'l ? w.ipail no at j tfcrit mfttll 4 ?hoi ? |K> rat tar part nf thu wr?k rn7 |t.*?re A LARTTK ' A NI y.iIu.bV l.rrnr f r ia;- >t mrtion. Tina V.yaniue, ?' March 7.1., .. .I nyarv -yann K uoti all la a .Id, ?l 406 Br??d * - n?7 7i*f-c OH7BACCH i N i i \ND 'MOKINO-raUiuta* . I c I Iliad tn el. ? op a . i -r-.l in a I n'-cco Mannfirtnry, I now nffar f .1 r?l? ? it of puma tin* ml ai d ainokine To urtii, | .par d dp in It"' Hi- r w* , at yary r. aao ahla pri1 01 I 1 a* p. i-al th- l anlo. ol Wan arn \lari lit-taand ollo r buy*'* I I'ii. ihyq all \ nf l. .. tobai c hainK of lh? rary lia I, > nt>u m re? ny far'o rr In tuna . .n7 3 1. rc .1 UN II K ABK.R, No. 1 New at I rjKI.L rAVK.nN.20 \ n atraat?Voanl Kn'artainm-'it?1y " p r .ho ripia.rth n't. n mx, will r-auma th K?aqin? Vin .i K.n.c 41 m 11 ? 4 l ie war a mi 10 | y u.h nr ml , liliaf.i 4''w a.< i r.? I'll. fira'. futaaari'-w II com ; I .n-a nil Haiar l \y K' ve pia t a 2 h mat. Hayaril Am Mo a am 1 nil ad ml ?uim n-11 Pia?n- (01 thoaa who anh (iihiri , lliair lona a r. inpa-iad hy th-t - t'Uiaant JOH N II W 010 VTE N. ' \ Daily Loiphai-rrrd p i.t iliit'atal. > Inn nt frnm '11 III I f M 117 " li'lt " KKiMf)" ATa^-FlTANf 'IM If cm MP. VIK. a.H W ' 'I't r I O' K v.AKKR AND .1 '.Wl.ljl.ii. 14..iiTi riv ** I I'-Hn. foT anirl. a * yaara and -ac n''r ?i h VI C|ia 4'a 6 < Itrn-dw-f. npw ir a nl I rhma air 1,| brjt 1 t ac.u 1 ni I 1. f I I ? d tb-l-tl'd n tha'fr lu hi'.SIOfMl fr. 'I <4gCr..\\|) nl to *J BI.Ka.l K K.'l, t o donM t f alw-y a It* a Pa inra -la t pfaa I tira -Iw h-? I. ? a a a d .111 f lm Ifl '?,*n'iiw arid known'i . .|i. r> ni*. w *1 '' " nr. of I I'nin'fa *n W in . 1 1 ,il:ti-n t 1 , . ... |. r 1 i.i' 11 rb n*? for all fwat fay r. I, 4 .. in I . ' In ba fa,? r? ayrry da' am 1 I. 1 f > t li- .11 ii niatial and dun'rl tha mo. t a.on iaara<f I1.1 . - 1 r . "r d At-, ja airy and diarmmd yy irt .at IVtil- mt u 2 ?'< 0 * Rr?? tonateutlf on N n. -c,,h li" n'.' I ni l an ' tilyar ml lm*m I 1 Ai,, Kin I. I.. -l'k f I na.lrV AO Rilaa -ICI y A'i flilai No I I.a-born, i 24 llalaa fiua Willi* Rum-aPe ;*ky PKRHHK h BROOKS, m7 Itrc NuOl Libariy itraet. AUCTION SALES. Nofinr-r.m^hM no?i, kc .at M?rin <tit lY * 8P<'0>tK will m-II oq 1 u?.dar aoltw. U iilafsiL ? r * <?' e-.ll cnoa oTcSuSL. Roiwof due ?ort v Clnu<?- or in ft. Sweat Uwai, 5 "ITitl' "} ?5r "* mL1<': ' wiutM ordar. mi It"e ' ry f bur. uay du-im( tha r?VTA CAKli. T HAVE ttkaa thaBuu* No Si W? | atrrar. for tfca laMM A of tmutrtini a ()?NiAaI ii /'tiaL * *j n ?iAff MISSION BuSlWs. guarantied tad cathed, or advance ui..|* whtu renaired JOHN ?. BLTTS. I krf lair* to afrr u follow i :? Mru'i. L. il Hoffman k Co Main, Thompson k Aima. Mr. Muni Taylor ''n iaM, Nidiact. Mrasrs. Upofml. Tlie*to* k Warm* k BnataalL Co Mr N T. Niroll " P. Harmony'* N? Mn n. D?tn, MUhrkC*. te'o&^n - j^rrta?* " Tho.VietorfcDaek- Kdward Ot Fall* k wits. D* '.Water k Whit- " Babc*ck fc Cw. _ marah. f? l?a*a BY DAY ID PARKS, * ~ 154 PEARL STREET, THIS DAY, AT 9i O'CLOCK. ALAK'IK Invoice of Faney Oouli, enwituf of MfHk HpiiUWId liandkerr hiefa.Pougr* ilo Inner Mlk pHM WM karchirl't, Broetw Shawl*. Spwol ' a CUM. Corset Lac**. Boas Suimider Button*. Tin do, Lf.?n Co l*r?, supcr.analning Silk *11 color*. Dresaing Combe. Si <e Comb*, MM n*ja. I Nett do, Bag*, P*l>er Hanging*, Cloth*.CaaaiaMWw, Vaffffft. flT Im'ec NEW BRIGHTON PROPERTY FOR SALE AT AUCTION. 14 THK MANSION HOl.'SK AND GROUNDS OT fl!S THOMAS K. DAVIS, Km au I the B?LM0!lTu4 J*i|l BRIGHTON HOUSK9, at Nrw Brightoo, fcutwe LLnd, will be ncrrmi-torily aolo, *r public auction. at dS Merch.nta' t ichauga, br HALLIUA* k JkNiUNI, DM Tuesday the 'Nth day *f March Mil, at IS o'clock, if UOt V*Wrioualy disposed of at private aale The Mauaiou Hoaa* la one of the m' at apl?ndid establish meau in the United State*. The uiaiu omlding atanda at taw centre orTOutor fire ac.ea, aa now enclosed. It ia rary agtna aire and eominodinua; the main w,li? a built or ma'Mk tBW whole aurronuded bvlhiazan .and all liuiahed ia the beat aMM. The ail* cannot be surpassed. It c n in iuda a raw of law whol* oftne Bly of New York, mending up the North nam Kaat Hirer*. New York, Bmoklvu, .he Long (aland Share, through the Nanowa to the Ocean, and a 1 ante portion of New Jeraey. The Belmont and Brighton Houae* .ft both eaunaire bwilwinga, rery peasant! y aitnaled. nearly opposite th* BlaaMMt Landing, and well calculated lor lar;;c onardirg hoaa** a* aotela. For a diagram and farther particular*. fHtnMHfee ?> will WWt MTO I.KT * d immediate possession giran?Tta S'ure in the llenld Bui dug., Nj ST fruatiagon Na*i\n aire, t with fixtures, eouuter, atore ke uawlyaw* Up ..... handsomely paint -d. and pai erxl ; furaiahrd alao with a meter and two g*a cuaduetora. Applica ioa to b? maw* at the Counter of iha He_ald Offi e. aT tf rc [From '\i* Baa Adv r laeteat I PUBLIC OPINION, GENERAL CERTIFICATION. WL, the un eraigt.ed. Iiare u.eo "Sir \ailey Cooper'*Balm," and we be'.i-re it a specific f >r I nr. a : H. II.Sherwood, M. M . Mr J. S. Piatt. L D klemming, M. D.. " C.Hobina, k Nolton. M. D., "AD Osl*, A Meed. M D., " H. Johnson, 1 K. Ford, id D., " 8 Porter, Hon. Chat Weill, " It. Marida, > " A Wiae, " i . Kick, " K. Baru't, " J. Cta>k, " T. Wright, " 'no Han, " W. Spencer, " II C. Merrill, Rev. Kwd. J SMarni, " K > Wnit*, " U humming, " A Km.g, " J. P. Jon"*. " J Ilickoi, " (J.L.Smith, fuo. O'Brwn, Mr. W. Brauhury, " J P. Callaud r, " T. Martin*, Mra H. Turk, " W. C. l emon, " W. L Whiting, " A. Smith, " A. Fiak, " R. liawkina, " h J Jonea, " J. K Vail, *' K. fay**, r u.-.ii..... ' i> " J. Ewing, " H, u.Or?, " C Cute, " L T. Farley. More than 24,001) imom hare h en cuml tlM pest Tear. It uproots com alums' immedi tel- ; no pain. Ho id at WilUaaae. M bee and ( lapp, 83 Maiden Ian-; J. u lieu'*, IN Broadway, uil at drug stoma Hoc Courier It En mirac. ni7 Stia'm Enlargement of the f ltcn saloon.? The subscriber haviugeiilarvcd hi> 3 loon ii now randy to accommodate hie customers with pleu'V or?o- m, and also with ail t ir delicaciaa which onr market affords. ilia dining roana will accommodate nt least I2d persous a. a t;me. The Baton* hat been newly painted aud r dec :r*t. d. and for convenience it la now unsurpassed. The mbacriber take* thia oppnr unity of rturuing hia tincere thank* to Ilia custome* lor the tery liberal patronage lately beatowed upon him, and ia lo be that assured that Ms endeavor* to pleiae haee been duly ap> rar iat- d. and ha pltdgaa hratie'l to spare neither pans nor nrpuan to merit a coat rename of put ftvora Hit assistant, "the Judg\" will beaver ready to a tend to the withet of ti e most faandiona. DAVID A. WO'. LI), Proprietor, m7 lm?m No I* Fulton (treat. To~THH LADIKS OF NEW YORK AND VICINITY. f"PH AT mott d-Lg' tful and fragraut of all lotiona, called the 1 "Balm of Eden," to celebrated for it* positive atmi f ha rtmoving freckle*, tan, and other defe u of the akin, U now t? he had at the fine Jewelry Rtoe ol Mr LOCK WOOD, I2S KultO" atreet It it a msguiticent artic e in ever* retract. aadit wnl mret your ei(vctat<on, or our word for nothing wUL It cmts neU lo nothing lo try it. m72tis*m DDK HALE?An unespird lra#?\ together with the Bar Fl** turet, DillitrJ Tablet and Teu Pin A<le? Furniture of one of the oldest and moit respectable nwdi in the city. The tabic rj bcr being detiront ol n'tirrng from beam-tc, off-re the*bore on very leatonab'e terms A note ad'ie.aed 10 A. H. at thia office, stating name and where an interview may be had, will mi t wilh attention. aa7 2t*a> BLUE SMALTS?3 and * F K English Smalt,far aala by PF.RSSE It BHODKB, m7 ?tre No. al Libarty street. I'RAW WRAPPING PATE It?hire raamt aaitabla for shipping, for sale by PEkSHE A uROOKS, m7 Ji.rc Na <i Liberty aunat. WHO WOULD BK W1THOUT TEETH, wbre tha following nupracedeuted r*?u turn in dentistry ia made by the celebrated Dentiit, W. Til >11NE, D. D. 8., 11 East Broadwa ? Cleaning Treth, $1 M F striding 24 Stopping with bisjuitly c*lebratd Mineral 74 Sing!* Tooth on Pivot, 74 ,r " " Silver. 2 H Gold, IN A complete set of Teeth, oa the mott approved prrnciplea, at ill' nmi price at the above nN B - Where rntire satisfaction i* not given, no charge will Denude; G1 Eatr Broadway. n?7 3m* m. 1 H mill SUPERIOR 8WEKDISH LEECHES, on hand 1U. UUU and for aalt by Dr. LEWIS FEUCHTWANGER, Ne 60 Maidra lane tan tl Libarty atreet. 1ft nnn LBS RXI RAI I' LOGWOOD, Aaaticu ? lu.vUV nnfaetura, for aele by Dr. LEWIS FEUCHTWANGER, m7 Its'trc No. 60 Maiden letir and 21 Liberty street. ORATION, BV THE REV. PROF. J. N. MAFFITT, Before the washinuion temperance GUARDS. re|eited by ptrtifular request, at the Blend Nay Tali rnscle, Thursday V vening, Match 7th. at 7 o'clock. I . S 1)EBOW, Kit) Grand Marshal JAMES HARPER, E.n Will PraaUU As.isled kv the following Gentlemen, aa VICE PHESID" NlS Maj.CJea.C W. Ssndfotd A ?> staph-eve, Raa. Con., ' " Llovd, Col. Wm. W. tompkiaa, " " J*mri | Ion's, L'rut Col. Ilawra, Brig. Gen. II Stnrms, Hon Robert II Vorria, ' " Geo. P Morris, * T Fralmyhuyeen, " " D-niel Lee, Mai G. A Bolt, Col. Bankhead U S. A., ( ol F. L Snow, " Bog'tt, Rev Dr Piaa, C. De La h'i rest, French (Ion. Rev. *Vm Pattnn, F. S tough lot, Spanish Con , H >n F. Tnllmtdge, Hev Dr Powers, Dr *. R Kirhy, Plulip llone, Eti|., Hev. H'man Bangs. Pev Cha*. Hophins, J II Whit ng, Esq., Wm. J. Haskett, Esq., Elij'h F lurdy, Esq , Kav. Edwa'd Lathrop ORDER OF F.XERfTsKS. " Wash nct"ii's Grand March," by the Unite I btetea Bead Iroan Uaveraor's Island, prepared espraasly fo> thia occaalna, directed by James Hnrne, (anrrnudy tendered by f "ol. Bankhead ) Grand March from Gaiss Ladrs?Ho>sini By tbaBaaB Entry of Capt Lev's >st company of Waehing'on Tewwaraaca Guards, with their Hplei.did Sran aid, pr see a tad by Col. W J. flasket After displaying Iron', in the Orchevra, they will present arean to the Audieoce and < 'dicers of the evening itki PRAVEk. By lirv. Kdwa d Lathrop. Simfonia Cell Oimra Tebal.lo?by Koaaini By the Band Hone?Star -psngled Banner By Mr J as Brown Grand Walt* Bieihoven By the Band Two Splendid rair of C.p inlets wil be praseutad by the Cooapanv to Li?ut Wm P Luff, Hiram Moore Premutation ou behalf of tha Compinv, by Dr I. K. Kifby. Introdvcrion, in the Upera of th- Last Days if Pompeii?Pacini?Bv tlie Band. I Receiitinn in beliall of the Office-a. by Col. Horatio Bogart. "Oh, haste and leave the Sirred Is!-"? Moore - By Che Baad Song?'The Grave of Napolron By Mr J as Brown ' rlsil fioli-inhia''.- By the Busd HHA I ION BY RF.V PROF JOHN N MAFFITT. Si bjm T.?The Bight Ann of Freed' m-Soldiersof K'redom ? mbiiiti i rim, oumry roiiii, paiunuir. prw vr ban-, Trenton, k<!_?Ch'faciei <>( ' sahmgtno ?Address la the Wsshirulnn Temperance iiusrdi?'n Inrideni > tho Late W*i? Mountains of Alcohol end Temperance?the Bigi*l Uan of Fr*ed?m ! Favorite Overtare to <i*y Msnnrring -Buhop Br tho Bui 'I rump't S' nK Mr Ju Brow* 0<* lire?Barbier di Hiri'hr -Kiu iii "Br tho Bud Hoi>i-"TIi? 1 rinpi natr F'sa" By Mr J a* Brow* Hondo? Frtm the ciwrj F-'iw-- !( ' ? ' Bjr the Bui BRNKOH' rii?N. M In< Hymn, (tho Atol rnee rctiii i* ) * Bythrlul Tichsis Tweaty-fir* cou??, to he hod at the SoaoAee. cot n*'of niton mid frs'imw/t'; II. k ? Kaynor, 7* Bowrry; Barber k Towle, 71 ( t rrme ?t; J. feis-fc ?n, Ci Division at; C. S 117 'Irind ?r; I liregorr, 171 llh iinar; R. ti. Duron ick Ti<i < 'rend ?l: P B Kn p tlnda n at. Marker I k iin ion, 127 Kait Broadway ; < rtley'a, 4 J* Oread at ? Hi rue them in time, 41 n limited uuinber ha?? been laaued. n<?t??e FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, fee. Till', iiibacnberi have jue received per Die arrival* from Havre, and keep constant'y oa baud. * complete asaartmaat h renrh Artificial Flowers Materials of all kinds lor Flower* Fes' hers. Hair Orusin, uts, and Millinery article*?for aa'ehy HF..NRV k K UN, Importer*. f> tm'i'r n l.ib?r?v street, up stair*. "Tin, Hush vindicated! WK. ROBINSON, ol' Oonnecticat wi'l deliver a Lec t rre on Thursday F.voning, Fa eh 7th, t 7K o'clock, la I II ill's ? scheme Bidding, c rner of Fu'to* and Cranberry its, llr.K klvn "7he I ret ire will contain a Vmdieition of Irish Repeal and Ir ah Ta rotism. in this owntry, f nn the nnf. unded and *ani"i"rout c-arpes made ag -inn them by Anti-Heps*! Lectarers, N ore a m-ricans, lU:. Tickrt IJ cent* F.ieh ti - ket trill admit a lady and gsatle" sii. m? 2tlt*ec THE PEACOCK NEW DINIMS ROOMS, Not 15 South Iff Ulan itrtit and M Stont ilreet, Near Dei.mowico's ?vt> Hawovr.a -ot*aaa ATABI.I'. D'HO I K wH I- opened at this e.ta l<*hmaat on Tharsdav U.e 7tn Ms-, h, somweneint at II A. M., and coatinaet until t T. \l , eo vittieg ?f "onpa-rish. Boiled and Roar' J iat<. Mads I'iahes (? " faster, rrnita, ke kc Price hied ?i reals- Merchants and other* *10tn. sited to make tnal of this economies' md eo veatoat mod* of dining. A large outlay hss been n ed?. aad vrery effort will be nrod to mako it worthy of re-mnage. ir* It ias"r BLF\CHINt? POWDKR-41 Task* " Boyd's" s* pen or Blopebif rowdor, on board ship Samael Hicks, from Lirerprtol, forttl*by fEHBSE fc BROOKS m7 Jtrc No. ( Liberty street. \

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