Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1844, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1844 Page 4
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profit directly from the reauexstioa oi Texan, ih. Sooth ud So athwart, from the augmentation ol thewealihjnad bucinem ol the North?produced, not by restrictions on the South and Southweat, but in reciprocal free trade with Texas and all the Stateswill then also hod in New England, and in the mid die a ud north western State*, a larger and more able purchaser, and more extensive and better market* fur all their expert*. Indeed, so great will be the mutual benefits from this measure, that I do not berttete to record the opinion that, in ten yean suceeeil the rcaaaexation, with just and fair k<tela tioo. mere will be more American cottoa thi n manufactured in ibia Union than now in, or then wi'l be, in England ; and we shall begin to look to the prices current of our own eiiirs to regulate the mar ket, and not to England, to mine or depress, at her pleasure, the value of the great American staple ? The North wants more markets at home lor the products of her industry, and attempts to secure those ol the Souib and Southwest by the rani; while they complain that this most certainly depresses the price of their great staple, and as surely deprives them ol the means of purchasing the products *nd manufactures of the North. But upon grounds umJisputed by the trieodsor oopouentsol a tariff, Tex is must furnish, as a part of the Union, in any event, a vast market for many of its products, upon the principle ol reciprocal free trade among the States? that great principle which led to the adoption ol the constitution, and which has done more than all other causes combint d to advance sur interest. |i Upon the rejection ol rrannexalion, it will be utterly impossible to prevent the smuggling of British and foreign goods,to aa almost incalculable extent, through Texas into the Uaion, thus not only depriving our mnnulsctnrera of the markets of Texts, but also of the markets oi the whole valley of the west, xnis aimcuity ib aireaay experienced 10 a small extent in Canada, although we have moetly a dense population upon our side, and located in a region of the north, genera'Iy highly favorable to the tariff1, and deeply interested, as they suppose, in deiecttagand preventing smuggling. But the difficulty!!! Texas will be far greater. There, the line of division is,first the Sabine?a very narrow stream, far different from the lakes of the North, and the great St Lawrence?as a boundary; and from the Sabine, for a long distance, a mere geographies! line to the Red river, along that stream tor many hundred miles, and then another long geographical line to the Arkansas, and thence many hundred miles along that stream to itssource, ana thence to latitude 42 Here is a boundary of fifteen hundr-d miles, aud a very large portion of it meregeographical lines, running through the very centre of the great vallev of the Mississippi. Could an army of revenue officers, even i! all were honest and above temptation, guard such a distance, and eucha frm tier, against the smuggler, and that, too, in the midst of a population ou both s?des deeply hostile to the tariff; many of them regarding it as unconstitutional, and therefore that it is right, in their judgment, to evade its operation! These difficulties were foreseen by Mr Van Bur< n, and cons iute a strong argument, urged by him in his despatch of 1829. in favor of the re annexation oi Texas. He there urges the difficulty of establishing a proper custom-house at the mouth of the Sabine, without which, he says, even in that direction, "it is in possible to prevent that frontier from becoming the seat of an ex'ensive system of smuggling." It is true, that a cus'om-house on our side of the Sabine, and with numerous and faithful officers, might diminish smuggling in that direction; but as by the treaty now in force with Texas, ail vessels entering Texas through the Sabins, must pass unmolested, and land their cargoes at any point on the Sabine, could smuggliug be prevented in that direction! But if smuggling could be prevented through the Sabine, there is ihe harbor of Galveston, entirely in Texas, and with a depth equal to that at the mouth of the Mississippi; and there is the river Triniiy (emptying into that haTbor) also entirely in Texas, and navigable to a point net tar from Red river within the hmindariea of Texas: and mi and through these streams in o Aikansae and Louisiana, and the valley of the West, it would be utterly impossible to prevent smuggling. The duties upon many articles under our present tariff, range t from 60 to 230 per cent. Upon India cotton bagging they amount to 250 per cent 6n the foreign price current; on many articles ot iron to 100 per cent, and upon S'aes and nearly all low Priced goods aflected by e minimum principle, there are very high duties With these articles introduce d into Texas tree ol duty, can they b- kept out ot the adjacent States, when the facilities and temptation to smuggling will be so very great! This smuggling will be rucouraged by the manufacturers of England, and their agents and merchants in Texas, whose cities would be built upas the eHfrepots of such a traffic. What English mtnufidur* rs will tto, by on organised system of fraudulent invoices end perjury, to evade our duties, was proved in the late investigation in New York. British courts, also, have refused to notice offences against our revenue laws; and the high authority ot Sir William Blackstone has been invoked, where he says, in reference to this subject, "These prohibitory laws do not make the transgression a moral off-nee or sin: the only obligation in conscience is to submit to the penally il levied " And such is the opinion of thousands ot our countrymen; and many thousands more believe that the present tariff is unconstitutional, nod hence that it is of no ioree or validity, and that it is not criminal to disregard its provisions. However strong, tfcen, might be my opposition to smuggling, there are hundreds of thousands, both in England and America, who beli. ve it is not criminal; and their number will be greatly augmented, when goods, free of duty, may be introduced into Texas,and premiums, under aur tariff, from 50 to 250per cent, are ofirred, to induce the illicit traffic. Most certainly, then, the refusal of reanaexatton will repeal the tariff, by the substitution of smuggled goods in place of American manufactures; the fair trader will be undersold and driven out of the market by the illicit traffic and smuggling become almost universal, and the commerce of the country transferred from New York and the ports of the Nonh, to th?* free ports of Texas. This disregard of the laws would bring the goverameut into contempt, and finally endanger the (Union, if, indeed, it did not induce a degeneracy and d-moralizttion always fatal to the permanence of free institutions. Nor is it necessary, to effect these results, that Texas should become a colony, or even a commercial dependency of England; nor yet that there should be between these powers a treaty of reciprocal free trade. Texas (there being no separate S.-atrs, and but one govern ment to support, and having no expence of any revenue system) may maintain her single government at an annual expense of $300,000. which sum she I can, as is now cieany ascertained, arrive irom me sales of her magnificent public domain, embracing, as we have seen. 136,000,000 of acres. Let it he known, then, ami proclaimed as a certain ttuih, and as a result which can never hereafter bechangra or recalled, that, upon the refusal ef reannexauon now and in all time to come, the tarfl, as a practical measure, falls wholly and forever; and we shall thereafter be compelled to resort to dinct taxes to support the government. Desirable as such a result ('he overthrow not only of a protective, but evtnol a revenue tariff, and the substitution of direct taxation) might be to miny in the south and south west, yet the dreadful consequences which would flow front this illicit traffic to the cause of morals, of the Union, and of free government, cannot be con It inflated without horror and dismay Having now, gentleman, fully replied to your comint ticatton, le: me assure you that I shall perst v^-re in the use of all honorable means to accomplish this great measure, so well calculated to advance the interests and secure the perpetuity of tit - Americau Unio . That Union, and all its par's, (tor they are all a p trtion ol our common country,) I love with the intensi'y of filial a flection, and never eould my heart conceive, or my hand be raised to execute any protect which could eflect its overthrow. 1 have ever regarded a dissolution sf this Union as a cilaniity equal to a second fall of mankind?not, it is true, tutroducint, like the fi'st, sin and death into the world, but greatly augmenting all their direful iadi noei. Such an event it would not be my wish to survive, to beholJ or participate in the scenes which would follow; and, among the reasons which induce me to advocate so warmly the reannexation ot Texas, is the deep conviction, long ascertained, that this great measure b essential to the security of the South, the defence of the West, and highly conducive to the wellare and perpetuity of the whole Un.on. As regards the division of Texas into States, to which you refer, it seems to nit meat wise first 10 get the territory; and when we have rescued it from E lgland, and secured it to o '.rse vep its future disposition inust then he determined by the joint action of both Ilmsesof Congress, wh'u h from th-ir organiz ition, will decide all these qtistioni In (Int ?,.irii ot justice and equity in which the constitution was framed, and all its powers should be administered 1 perceive th it your meeting and your committee was composed of both the great parties which divide the country, and that you propose that the reann?x*don of Tex is should not be made a sectional o* a party qiestion. Most fortunate would be such a result; for this is, indeed, a great question of national interests, too large and comprehensive to embrace any party or section It ss than the whale American people. Accept, gentlem ;n ol the committee, for yourselves, and that portion of the pcnnle of the great and patriotic Co Tunonwealih of Kentucky whom you represent on this occasion, and in reply to whose call upon me this answer has been given, the assurances of the respect and cons deration of Vour fe.low cituen, It J. WALKER. To Messrs. Geo. S Sandebs, Hknry Ramkv jr., F. Ur,?oso?, W. B Li.vosay, James P. Cox, tec , Committu. ___ *"W>-sr*hs Navtuattov.?The DetroitJrivcr oppo >d:e that city isclva.- ol Ice. Table* Appended to 11 Tabi.b No 1? ComriiMa raow <>r |*ie, 01 3 I I [ J J j Stain 04ui Territory* | * f f I Maine H00 4> l.*WV 1 N??w il*m|whire 2M <(*? M* I Massachusetts, 731 ono * 1 Khode Island MKV..W i.tlt Connecticut aol.NM t\l? 1 Vermont M.Ih 710 I Now York t I.I Newjetaey X">I,.Vb 21.71* I Pennsylvania I tCh 11.~> ?7 ?! ? > Ohio I ,*>2.1*2 17.145 Indiana 4.7 ?.? ? 7.l?? 1 Illinois, 472.251 3,?o> | Michigan 211.Ml Tin Wisconsin, ;n;a i?? Jowa, AMI !* 9,557.055 171 *4?2 II Delaware |*,M I IfJBI Maryland 317.717 151,51.% I Virginia 710 96s 4*8.?? 4 North Carolina, 1H4.S70 #*?,5!9 J South Carolina 3.15,311 I < leorgia 407.0*5 2*t 0*7 I AI aba ii i h 336,186 |?5.%71 I Mississippi 179,074 l?*.,.%77 Louisiana I58.4A7 103.964 Tennessee 040,027 I??SKI 2 Kentucky 300 253 189.575 I Missouri, 323.*?* 40,*14 I Arkansas 77,174 20.4U0 Florida 17,943 W..VW District of Columbia 30,(07 13.155 4.032,053 2,701.500 2.4 14,189,10*2,873,46* ?,( Tari.k No. 2?Snowttio Tint Assuai. Prodi ? r? oi Stat" a"!* Tcn il?' Africul- Manufac- ' "c!?nturt. turn metre. Dollara. Dollar*. Dollart Maine, 15,*58,270 5,015,303 1,505,38 New Hampshire,. 11,377,752 0,515.811 1,1101,53 Vermont, 17,*79,155 5,6x6,426 7fis.*l Massachusetts,. .. 10,066,827 I3,5|H,057 7,004,00 Rhode Island 2.190,900 *,(410,(08 1,204,9* Connecticut^ 11,371,776 12.77S.003 I.083J6 N. England P., 74,749,8*9 *2,784,1*5 13,52*,74 New York, 108.275,2*1 47,154,511 24,311,71 New Jersey, 16,209,853 10,090,257 1,200.92 Pennsylvania,... 08,180,924 33,354,279 10,5*3,36 Delaware, 3,198,110 1,538,879 208,251 Maryland 17,580,720 0,212,bT7 3,190.0*1 District Colu nibia, 170,912 901,528 8<r2,72. Middle States, .213,628,160 100,161,132 K?,090,0*1 Virginia, 59,085,821 8,349.218 5,299,15 North Carolina,.. 28,975,831 2,053,097 1,822,28South Carolina,.. 21,553.091 2,248,915 2,632,421 freorgia, 31,408,271 1,953,950 2,248,4* Florida, 1,934,237 134,514 404,83 SouthernStates, 140,917,951 15,010,321 11,907,28 Alabama, 24,096,513 1,732,770 2,273,20 Miwiwinni *20.4*1005 1 585 790 I..153.68 Louisiana 22,851,375 4,087,(>55 7,868,89 Arkansas 5,086,757 1,145,809 120,63 Tennessee, 31,660,180 2,477,193 2,239,47 S'western S.,.. 110,789,390 11,028,717 14,255,96 Missouri, 10,484,263 2,360,708 2,349,21 Kentucky, 29,226,545 5,092,353 2,58(1,57 Ohio 37,802,001 14,588,091 8,050,31) Indiana 17,247,743 3,676,705 1,866,15; Illinois, 13,701,466 3,243,981 1,493,42 Michigan 4,502,889 1,376,219 622,82 Wisconsin,568,195 304,692 189,95" Iowa, 769,295 179,0S7 136,52.' N'western S... .114,302,307 30,821,866 17,289,02 Total...... .654,387,507 239,836,221 79,721,081 Tarlk No. 3?SnowTNt; thr rump-re of Persons MA.M FACTT-krs, Navjoatino TUB 0c St'itct and Territories. Mining. Agi icu Maine, 36 101,6 New Hampshire, 13 77,9 Vermont, 77 73,1 Massachusetts, 499 K7,8 Rhode Island, 35 16,6 Connecticut, 151 56,9 New En gland States. 811 114,1 New Yo^ f 1,898 456,9 New Jersev 2f>6 56,7 Pennsylvania, 4,603 '207,5 Delaware 5 16.0 Maryland, 320 72,0 District o( Columnia, ? J Middle States 7,092 808,6 Virginia 1.995 318,7 Norih Carolina, 589 217,0! South Carotins, 51 198.3) Oeorgia, 57 1 209.3 Florida, 1 12,1 Southern States, 3,210 955,7! A'abamn, 96 177,4 Mississippi, 14 139,7 Iiffllilillll, I 79,2 Arkansas, II 26,3 Tennessee, 103 227,7 Southwestern States 255 650,5Missouri, 742 92.4; Kentucky, 331 197,7 Ohio, 70-4 27*2,5 Indiana, 213 148,8 Illinois, 782 105,3 Michigan, 40 56,5' Wisconsin, 791 7,0 Iowa 217 10,4 Northwestern States, 3,8-13 f<90,9 Total 15,211 3,719,9 r,g>03p!^-lt3^;5?5J> i ^ XT"tr _T.^Zr.t ft 3"0 ~* <t O o rr -o n 1 a a 2 3 S"S ri S.3-2 2 5'2.# S-o ?a<3.!3 ~g s. H c ? 2.fc o 5. = .^ c 2.S-PJ J5 a-sr3'S..2.s ? ? H3 s S <= ? 3 I n.: ? J.g? ros05 sirs a. 5 s?: ; : : PS'?: S?.P: gp-? 2 ^ - ,.; .; t : 5 ? 5': = : -3a: I; : F: : : : 2'- ; " * . * . I ' p5 . 1 M ^ - fe-xS 5s'l ?4. gin i i SlSsliSi MS?f?&=8, "rig JVO S 1111113&i i &3i SsSasBifi $? jk ? I | | l I 1 ?31 I Ksl 5*233:531 /!rx i i i i I I S31 I i i It u ?j I 1 I I I looifl li^^ltSiS^ilS ? 5 I r21~ ?? I I I 1 I I - 1 I -js-y3*? 125--ii-i M 5 Wiisss 'umuin'm - I I I I 1 B?;?gjgi5S5S5l SSiiSfeS8?54 il 111 i ii'iii igliliSilsiiiH >? i 11111lisiislriglisslil^ 8 o > p ? u. ? la ?s| 8'l??aS3x5-j *1 11 111 1181 ailiS63!S?iiS? r-, J* t p 5 J* 23 ? I I I | I I 2| | ! l'Sl M 2jSi333l It - ?i S91S a e tn I iH uSS 81Sl95?3?jil; \ I inn 18818881'5888881811 It. Walker's Letter. ' l'*.? a?ar> ulisp, Idiot*. am ix**ak llltfi Color til. I i i : s : s S : I I i * M 1=1=- it f i if It I ? I* K7 U 10 M 117 . -| ?1 1M 0* # 1 19 31 bxs ?f I.U7I n a mi m 71 MS Jul 3 1 13 17 *<M in rt* M 13 41 Ml 1 3BH 3 3 U 17 m *75 1,10 CH M 194 3.VI M m BM? IS * 73 114 *1 MS I .IMS II ? M au 50 n I Itt 33 as MS ?l 1.5 t*7 IS 19 79 MB M ? III 11 l? 7* 113 .11 25 39 S 4 26 32 * 9 N .. .. 3 3 trt 3 7 4 3 4 II is> 9jm m m i.ivi i.7>? u,.w 43 13 53 ? I" 29 54 7- 166 3*7 * HI! I* 31* .m 4*K i?A3 iv> m shi m r<? TtX *>0 74 1*7 221 *2 *? l? 37* 7" IM 1*7 371 MCI 136 2M| M IM 131 3?M 73 113 M 13 M 134 374 61 CI IM f M Kt 17V 43 37 U 17 M 43 M mi ma MM ?r m IM M) mt 216 7??5 77 III 1MB 5*^ 3V -3 J"t XI 12 M 137 40 33 43 3 * 31 31 14 V 10 3 10 It 24 3 6 14 4 ? 7 30 W i.fta 4.M luM? 1.734 4.030 18,507 w 3,031 11.** mum 2.9? mm ' ikCl Stat*. a? <->?t?im> to Cimit or WW . Imnu<i' Pradntit from Wining. /Wnli #WUrwe T"oi?/. JkJIatt Italian. ItJItr?. ItnUart. 0 327,3474) 1,877,663 1,*?,7I3 36,462,7(6 3 N\373 419.961 V2.MII 19.5*i,14l H W9.4H8 130.321 ? 30,143,191 1 3,030,373 377,334 6.4-8.M6 75,170,297 li HI2.II0 4 4,4*10 656,312 l3.ool.223 1 830,419 I >1,57.') 307,733 2*,OZ?,737 | 3,**,6:18 3,301,297 9,421,V>5 1*7.057,281 5 7,409.070 5.0W.7MI 1,316,072 193.9^,433 8 1,0734*21 261,328 121,110 29,073,110 < I7,til4),I Mi 1,Ml,579 35.360 131,(83,05.5 ' 54.55.5 13,119 1*1,2*5 5,252,535 r 1,050,210 211,191 233.773 2S.9f|.06l i ? *7, |oo 1,971,59:1 I 27,25*,902 MM* 1,970,000 3f4),55s,303 I 3,321,689 017,790 95,173 76.7HH.OM 1 372,4*6 1,416,109 2.51,792 :?,42B2,IM* I 197,609 548.626 1,275 27,173,Ml * 191,631 117,139 5*4 33.HH0.SM 7 2,700 27,350 218,219 2,976,4*7 1 1,076,034 2,759,2*3 562,043 175,321,93b 7 91,310 177,6)5 ? 2* .961,325 6 ? 205,297 -> 29,736,809 9 165.2*0 71,751 ? 35,044,959 3 IS,229 217,469 ? 6,868,365 8 1,371,XII 225,179 ? 87,973,360 1 1,6(6,146 897,161 ? 138,607,378 15 197,669 449,559 ? 15,830,444 5 1,589,919 181.799 ? 38,634,191 6 2,412,682 1,013,063 10,525 63,906.67* 5 660,836 80,000 1,192 23,532,631 5 -293,212 219,811 ? 18,981,9*5 2 56,790 467, WO ? 7,02b,**) 7 384,603 130,580 27,663 1,900,000 > 13,250 83,919 - 1,132,106 [) 5,579,011 2,958,331 30,380 ]70,999.925 H 12,368,761 16,835,060 11,996,0061,003,134,736 ENGAGED I.N MlltlXO, AoitllX'LTI KE, COMMERCE, KAN, AND INTERNAL NAVIGATION. Com- Mannfac- Navigating Interna! merer. tnrrt. the or ran. navig'H. :t() 2,021 21,879 10,091 539 49 1,379 17,826 452 198 50 1,303 13,174 41 146 37 8,0*3 83,176 27,153 372 17 1,348 21,271 1,717 22-I 05 2,743 27,932 2,700 431 38 17,757 187,258 42,131 1,911 154 28, WK 173,193 5,511 10.167 01 2,283 27,004 1,143 1,025 33 * 15,338 106,863 1,815 3,951 15 6)7 4,060 401 235 46 3,281 21,529 717 1,528 184 240 2,278 126 80 33 60,077 333,947 9,713 17,586 71 6,361 54,147 582 2,952 05 1,734 14.322 *27 379 ?1 1,956 10,325 381 318 83 2,428 7,984 262 352 17 481 1,177 435 118 29 12,962 87,956 1,987 4,149 3D 2,212 7,195 256 758 21 1,303 4,151 33 100 89 8,549 7,565 1,322 062 55 215 1,173 3 39 30 2,217 17,815 55 31 Kl 16 14,496 37,899 1,669 1,861 08 2 522 11,100 :? 1,985 38 3,448 23,217 41 968 79 9,201 66,265 212 3,323 06 3,076 20,590 89 627 37 2,508 13,185 310 21 728 6,890 24 1?W 47 479 1,814 14 209 89 355 1,629 13 78 ft") 22,315 114,690 408 7,566 51 117,C07 791,740 56,021 33,076 :ssp g ^ s 8-g a < g' ^ I - /) s ^ ? . rssfjfi ? : : P-g S-: 3. : : i : i ?: I. $ 3 oj , uc4-2'w.u.,y Import* ,ato each Stnlt. C. CT? |v if* S3 J"- J** m '&5?jSiL,Si3 ? American vent/ft tntrrtd in- a' - co toearh State. SSsSHgRSS * ? w v ? Foreign rettele entered into O r. I 3i * I S 5k S/M/r. ? iJ Jf American vettet* cleared 3 ? 5(j ? 2 jj| x ? /*'w" <u'* n H "t _ Foreign vcurli cleared from 2 a??Bi sS ?**.? 5 | 5. r. ? S I -j & Vault built in taih State. ^ 5 S ^ -u 'i tl S Ton mi re owned in taeh *3 ?'-?hhWi'fs,SluUO *- 10 *- i -i ? 3. st H ssfsis'sasr o ?i ^.- -> w American acict cleared from 8?i5s!S? ??? ? .s vC n'mVo It American crew* entered each pi lSSSlg2 Stat,. _j g ? $ 2 Domcitic pro I net exported ~ * ?S ?,i-, /"com r?r/i Sf n<f CO W (? u ij r/) . '2 .?? .,tj Foreign product exported 'Z x, ob from each State. ;2 i ??l ?3 ^ ix Total of domett ic and f'y'i3-33xdS foreign product exported Table No. 5, foe teae 1839, fec Domutic Amtr. Amor, i If Am exported to. urporti. vtutl* vt?$tU cUwrtd tnttrtd 1 Rnr?ta $434,687 29 40 2 Prussia 29,313 4 2 3 Sweden und Norway 337,000 3 31 4 SwedifhWest Indies 103,282 22 6 6 l>*niiiark 60,634 3 1 6 lMnwIi West Indies. 1,014,381 216 155 7 Hanse Towns and ports of Germany.. 2,067,606 17 39 8 Holland 1.677,362 40 64 9 lJutcli East Indies... 86,619 31 12 10 Ihitch West Indies.. 282,042 26 67 11 I>utch Guiana 68,863 36 35 12 Belgium 641,641 8 17 13 England 54,615,327 539 578 14 Scotland 1,025,832 8 15 15 Ireland 380,719 4 4 16 Gibraltar 902,247 66 9 17 Malta 65,870 9 6 18 Mauritius 30,466 3 ! 19 CaiM; oi Good Hope. 88,379 7 4 2? Uritinh East Indies.. 246,845 29 25 21 Bnlish West Indies. 2,472,833 601 286 22 British Guiana 34,906 31 7 23 British Honduras... 181,861 41 22 21 Br. N. Am. Colonies 3,418,770 3,313 8,361 '26 Australia 6,790 3 2 '26 Other 15r. Colonies. ? ? ~ "27 France on the At'lc. 14,919,818 207 186 '?* do do Medil'au 21 trench West Indies 685,310 ipso ioo 90 French Guiana 1,643 17 21 S| Spain on 'hi Atlan'c 316,144 58 23 32 Spain on the Med'an 209,721 31 85 53 1 eueriffe and other ('.marie* 15,572 8 19 U ManillaiV l'hilip' la 99,553 4 22 35 Cuba 5,025,626 1,240 1,217 36 Porto Kico 779,049 133 411 .77 Port Ufa1 59,711 17 48 Madeira 61,082 24 11 39 Fay.ihV oth'r A/ores 9,130 5 2 KM'.uw deVerd Inland* 77,138 16 2 41 Italy 315.399 9 17 42 Sicily. 192,462 9 62 43 Hardmi***" ? ? ? 44 Trieste 429,578 11 18 45 Turkey,Levant,Ate. 83,320 12 17 46 Morocco<V Harlotry State* ? ? 2 47 llayti 991,265. 159 174 48 Texas 1,379,065 339 269 49 Mexico 816,660 112 143 50 t ' Hep of Am. 111,752 4 6 51 New Grenada 35,219 8 14 ".J VtMtMll 413,215 66 110 .VI llra/.il . 2,133,9<r7 179 158 54 t'iaplatine li public 50,998 37 30 .55 Arfentinc Kciaihlic 233,593 3 3 56 Chili 1,307,14:1 22 13 57 Peru ? 4 ? 5H South Am generally 23,618 ? 7 09 China 430,464 15 18 60 Kuropc gencr.dly.. 128,105 2 ? 61 A?in generally.... 158,321 13 7 62 AIrici generally... 443,218 31 32 (CI Wmf Indie* gcn'lv 457,968 I3t 2 64 South Sea* 85,938 127 179 6*> Atlantic Ocean.... ? 1 8 Wi Uucertain place*.. ? 1 ? 103,533,891 8,312 8,330 t From the J\ea*ury No. EXPORTS OF OUR DOM EST 1. Prodwit of the Fitheriti. Dried or smoked mid pickled llsh $>3,137 Spermaceti oil and candle*, whale and other link oil 7,057 Non-enumerated 33,232 Total export*, product* of the fisheries.. 43,426 2. Produrtt of the Foreet. Staves, heading, shingle*, board*, plank, and ( niitlini? 48,504 Other lumber 22,267 Oak bark, and other dye 599 All manufacture* of wood 51,112 Tar. pitch, rn*in and turpentine 1,471 A slice, | nit and peart 64 Sinn* and ("tint 225 Non enumerated 33,232 Total export*, products of the fore*t... 157,174 3. Prod art i of Asriindture. l*ef 3.587 Pork, ham, bacon and lard 62,132 Putter and cheese 13,028 llorse* 700 Flour 55,091 Indian corn 15.981 Indian meal 1,151 Ky*. oat*, and other *mall grain, and pulse 6.902 Biscuit, or ship bread 12.701 Potatoes 5,115 Apple* 1,040 Bice 5,743 Tobacco 1,509 Brown sugar 27,900 MoluKI . 3,250 Non-enumerated 33,234 | Total export*, products ol agriculture.. 239,092 4. 7'rpo tenf dvmrtjic mnnufurlwt*. Household furniture 58,571 Couches and other carriage* 11.410 list* 19.055 T k.CTU?*.8 ON riiUK.NOL.uOt?Or. the Lawa nl 4* Man'a D'iiii I'rraratrd u4 A|>i?lie4 to (he Discernment if I t'lwirar .r i ti n<-9'lmnMrpaie?t; to the Moral Triining and (I rro mr..l of Child rn, wending thrir lutr'lectnal Mucv lion , to Improtii g the Memory \ to Matrim my, litre* itnry , Pnient, It-'igmu. Kirtli, Potitin, 'IVoiperaoce, fciiating . RrjH andth-ir H-mrdy, fce by O. 8. fowler, at Clinton J Hill, etrry M md ty red Wedn*i4l* rrfniog, in March and , April ; nl I hillI I Htll, erery Thuradny evening, ami at , II i<l'a Buildinta, ttro bits,every Kinia) errsiug, cinnnieucing , at half |i*at 7 u'c nek and cloaiug with fiiib'ie nam nation, j Md MM ?it? Mt'llt Tlltl. sem to the fi-at five Irc urvn . free, and a eontrihnti in t-kfwi. *e-hi'lr. Pro|eMion\! rt <minationa and boolu at 131 Naarm itrret, > New Tctfc. r.ti * is tit. H lw*ec , TO AMATEURS ON THE FLUTE. , MR. HAKTON, (colli of the > ate C NKiiomin ) more I lully Inner Iiaui- tl.a. it la hia lut.atian to Rivr ml atractii-n on Uir Ktjtc. Mr cxrt'iu |*>-fei.av? to teach %cd"J dcir to the lortood punned b> ti. e-4 lo.Cr I maitr.-, Ch.,.. ? Nira.,lio:l 1 f or trrroa and parties' ir? nnftv o:?> may be and* at Hi,n< r | ( Oodonr. viunr *,ore,'v. ?y, _:nl btr Hio>Iut'r I'larofo.te i nwi Mtatr _____ jir iir-vr n ALl KS IS.'N , |M \V) | CTU A NLi it ^ von. MR ULI <?tc \r t .1 , , ? f . . m hi f J* utl 0T?M>k | l\i?. i r? * mi t r Ini-r? Rivets l?? Mtafijr ? ? . v* , , 1?| be IfftiMtd on . II *>?. ' th i ' ? . . ,*Vi* 'it- 'b# Ar^-iil. V" tf.Wt II ' 8' *hye Or r?1K l'?H IIUAf, il^? ? V T}<| i eJiit.'o ?.r *I ? i i ui?? |r M?' . ion, ? ?bct^. !ik"w ' bif.ifl .? 1 I a f. * * i * .? -si fiofl Ills M?H r ,t||# ,1 A I ?|. ' *b A li Utile*** AlUMt^tta * IV'C III < ril KA'' 1 K k.|. I ?' Vtu ' rTttlrlll I J IT ?11 I r f I I f IO . naOfM. |S t III Km ' irr* i. I t.i < . .. I ii? ? i?'i, ? hffr all orii n I i it < <- ii i i 1 i' 1 * ii * ('aft ' K'c ih or oat ol lovn, V, ill I t> I ruff, i f tiia J to. Old. t i ?r ? " t filMl. W Pfl nii'f Vatit ' f I Rla*M \I? i V ' i'AK I ffcS! MI'.."<P IS O. \V k - I * I ijliHIf*, Pmfciigfl ol Ya if |? > ' i.iiv it'll if lit- Ia4i?a ml L*.:l ift 11 *'i l I ' It rir intt , iw hrif ? ofll* 1.IU U'i. ' . J III r4 r ..J (a i. at ai , Motic k* i'rii ,. P?ii n tom*, fee. Url .r? i< - aJt4 uiimlli toe* at | I )' t I ia * m I 1HI I4LKP * i Mil l ' pvtliaitt. it ' at tha j Unnwo. (uuivmit ' I l?. I., h|?.|.| \%rhff Vt K .1 1 Miabv < ?. In ?, N?. m B.oadwa*. ?* 9 it.i'v. No n |r i iuthnti ? r?n I > B An l.firt anaitfT, ?nati> ia* f?? .lU? Krgliab lilft. will b? tKortli iaa-jf4 fir final...?. dr itttt mitftltf 1 mlnirila'l itOllo*. . i tfAM * RM.L imOBIlS, 4 n?| fttrrulnit, MM " itfiT.I '..ILW I Muiitri ol BaHt aa4 Pafioa will Rod a tarxr afar* of Nor? : omaiu'uli li tha? ahoa.4 na?'i? Nan-i tModaviwalr 4t ? , .aim'. St J DP-IONoH. ' M Wtrm tlitwl. roiw-r > ! W-*? Broad**?. A lia*ro D^.ii l atafl ttnotitaila Put TVi'it , il/KJIUlsTi AND VI'IIIMf ? AKOl-i.tli.i4 aa~l ' " l'i i Jlrd .0 lh? h-?f ? 11' if in- Aft, at iwr-J Rl no. at ' VAI.h.HTIVV. ?. V? I IWkattii it ? Of or ol r>ft lit*. Lafif !*? II. lrI ITT" Plrnaa nail ?ad ??a?iii>f it-oitoaoa l>*lta*r.f ? A UOOD HIT..HI I'M I I IOH A IAII. AND ' it OD P. WAT/. Is "iff iVfevr ; ? ONP. of lli? |ini?iiit at 4 lla Ailfi'n lltf. f?, fla t and II ; Broadway, mifiag ft. ta u.a kat-aftt. a ? .-4 i|oa * lag (or oi.y I?ft Ifdw.noa of ** ( a It I?4 Pantr I Vol ' irfiaa. apl'i y at ah *?. ha* <r*o* o aao if >? rlfft f IT lw?a MhttO A N T I L K I.J It 15 A KY, CUSTOM lUI.I. ??,UfW vOU^MMi *> VKN'TT OltlTIMH tad AMKRK AM PERIODI* ALB PKItSO.N ;l oaf nifafii to mrrirnnftU fornali oaty Ifnot A iihacribr.-i, no latotawi >( Ant 4-tliari a tam - hotag thr anata u rmt >u ?Si.? Alorrtanff aio a4iait<i-4. By or 1?r Sill M WIlfcATLkr. II' "0 m Knr .rOiaf *wi??.rT A fl.MKR ANU J?. WKIKT?Tha lawol aM~?oa' I t,' -.'.4 rta rt. ifM ?.! VI aifl^o ia lit* ?.f?. la l.. Kr , P.iotJ tt Ovt tu'.t. r loo t.?At ha It cnoatamll r^attiaa all 4n(inuna of UolJ aa4 Ritaav Waltehao, of iha aoatral < fyl?*. I n>m lU nam a fat tort**, ta ta?taa4. fraaaa. aa4 ariiwrl.u4, ha ia anahh 4 la agar a largar otwuanl. ao4 at laach ! ?? pricaa, at fat til, Una tar atiaai haaaa ia thr ?i?T Iivl4 watch. at law m |H ' ?T4 each Waulw* to 4 Jawalry richangaj or boaghi. All wairhaa war raw la 4 la haay av4 ti'Bf, or tha isoaty r.taroaA watrh. a aa4 J to firy rf?oii?4 ta tha Nl ataaafa hr tha Wat wo.haao. tail ummK lowi tttaa u aay othat ptaaa. (IvU and Ailtf* I'mriU. ito)4 Cliataa. Kan aa4 Bvffliaf Bi.yff Al->.ict, foi t lr tffy low li . ALLKN. tatiwrtaa of watchaa aa4 Wwallara. |J P (I lo' m Winltttlf tad rrfail. B Wall af . at ti ia I K?>1IMTt llOl'K HAltT, I IVPOKTK.K, I NO. 11 .V,fS.A?4fT STREET, CORNF.R OF I'lVF, f fAKKKR* for talt, in Into to aait |nti. haa?*a, Banttb AU, t ^ Lniidun and Dublin Biuwa W?^t. Rcntjh au4 Iriah Wkir I kar. Dirk and Pala Brandiaa, Madairt. % flJ, Port, I haat- t la in.r. iptrkliof lictk, Ciarat, K? All of tka boa' aatliir i Bf ii iBia'ac >m Tbbasuby Kbi-obt or 1W0. foreign ex- Total for'gn Import i. Kx- ttt of rxyorti. and dommtie port* over erporti. importt. 8*04,659 *1,239,246 82,293,*94 ? 13.500 72,813 70,412 2,401 26,502 363,502 1,553,681 ? 4,130 107,412 12,458 91,960 *8,177 8* ,811 80,997 7,*14 303,154 1,317,635 1,466,761 ? 733,459 2,801,087 4,489,150 ? 295,651 1,973,003 2,149,732 ? 396,93 1 483,553 692,196 ? 70,975 353,017 582,284 ? 2,803 61,666 49,008 12,658 66,269 607,910 466.701 142,209 3,908,108 68,568,435 64,863,716 ? 1 266 1,027,088 950,183 76,906 ? 330,719 150,680 180,030 148,887 1,060,634 99,178 951,456 3-1,126 99,996 24,943 75,053 1,500 31.966 ? 31,966 5,020 93,399 43,069 60,340 337,397 684,442 2,136,152 ? 90,642 2,563,475 941,699 1,621,776 218 36,124 14,215 20,909 29,339 211,200 164,027 47,173 144,681 8,56:1,454 2,155,146 1,408,808 ? 6.790 58,34-1 ? 2,360 2,360 ? 2,360 2,088,655 17,008,503 30,919,450 176,186 1,222,446 1,612.871 1<? <01 * >! TM 7?8 ? ? 1,6-13 ? 1,643 82,014 34*, 15* 263,193 HI, 965 19,000 228,724 1,597,978 ? 11,939 27,511 196,755 ? 38,255 i:i?,H08 876,477 ? 1,091,205 6,116,831 12,599,843 ? 87,348 866,397 3,742,519 ? 6,09-1 65,604 587,778 ? 15,045 79,128 539,800 ? 8,415 13,869 15.222 ? 4,739 .85,553 39,523 46.030 122,753 438,152 1,182,297 ? 84,607 277,069 592,951 ? ? ? 1,348 ? 162,671 592,249 477,539 114,710 266,054 849,374 629,190 ? ? ? 96,493 ? 131,294 1,122,599 1,377,989 ? 308,017 1,687,082 318,116 1,368,966 1,970,702 2,787,362 3,127.153 ? 104,490 216,242 192,845 23,307 29,585 61,801 90,614 ? 272,736 685,981 1,982,702 ? 503,188 2,637,485 5,292,955 ? 38,302 89,300 625,432 ? 142,470 376,063 521,114 ? 487,410 1,794,553 1,186,641 607,012 ? ? 242,813 27,237 50,875 ? 50,875 1,103,137 1,533,601 3,678,509 ? ? 128,105 ? 128,105 100,431 558,752 63,525 495,227 47,061 490,279 419,05-1 71,223 33,060 -491,028 ? 491,028 39,750 125,688 318,143 ? 17,494,525 121,028,416 162,092,132 Report of 1810 1 C PRODUCTS TO TEXAS IN 1839. Saddlery, 14,063 leer, porter,.rider and spirits from grain, 50,508 jeutlier hoots and ,shoet>, 64,308 fallow candies and soan, 6,676 ;auif and manufactured tobacco, 17.895 .unseed oil and spirits of turpentine, 1,530 -ables and cordage 4,262 ,ead 1,104' Jar iron and nails, 14,441 Hastings 11,540 111 manufactures of iron and steel, 89,261 Spirits from molasses 9,848 iefined sugar, 8,844 Jhocolate, 15 4,659 Jopiier, brass, and copper manufactured,. 395 rledical drugs, 7,990 'rinted and colored piece goods of cotton 96*856 Vhite piece goods of cotton, 138,603 'am and other threads, 28 til other manufactures of cotton, 11,106 lags, and other manufactures of flax, ? 20 Vearing apparel, 119,303 Jombs and buttons, 1,470 hushes, 1,025 iilliard tables and apparatus, 413 'mbrellus and parasols, 495 'anting presses and type, 1,756 Musical instruments, 950 looks and maps, , 3,061 'aper and ather stationery, 25,032 'aints and varnish, 9,663 1,051 -Jarthcn and stone ware 6,541 ilttss 6,975 Hn 4,775 Pewter and lead, 407 Ifaible and stone, 966 4ohh silver, and gold leaf, 150 Artificial flowers and jewelry 1,577 hicks and lime, 2,796 domestic salt, 664 Manufactured urticlcs not enumerated,... 100,056 Total exports of domestirjinanufacturee, 929,071 DISEASES ()F TIIK EVE. l"Vl. H. Nh I. SON, late of Canada, I'.o'eaaor of Phytiologv end Surg ry. and fir many yrnra Principal Hurgeon to the Hotel Ui.u II sp'tel in Mineral, ai n nnei that in conclitence of tli* increase 01 li a Ophthalmc practice, and in comI mm with tin* ImiM MlinMiMI of a large unmbe of phyuciana who consult Inm on surgi-al rosea, he baa mtce arr?uget>. nii in devote i portion of thr forenoon to ihe attendance and >p?rviuna on D ara-aa of ihe Eye. ilaviug performed ikeoieritu-n of r m actios ofCatMMt morr limn two hundred timia, im lutg r?(enrnre in forgery,an his reputation as an operat r, 'Udnrr Inn t? hrpethat no hither qualification will he Vim I in ill a eJlJT than hia to lake iharye of Oiaoaaes of the ye, ant ih it his prof'ttioeal character will be a g laranty to Mtisfy thosa who may put theinaelvea under hia eore. Ulhce No. 77 VVinW atreet two dorra from Broadway, east liJe mfi lwiiailwoa'rc MONEY TO LEiN 137 A BKAllAM J. JAOKtJON, Pawnbroker, No. 58 Rrade fa ,tmt. near D.oid ??i .Ionia money in large or amallaom*, ls msjr If required ou W airhra. Jewelry, Silver Wure, Dry joe,la. Wearing Apparel, and personal property of erer, de I i 11 n 1 in l n, r.r FRENCH CHINA. 'Io. 4 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, Up Sttiin. A DALKSM K, Importer and Airent for Mamufactnrrra, hai ' 1 always on h-nd a Urge assortment for dinner and tea aeta a flu rhite and tilt P tench, aa well ai dinner and mien piales.ol ?JI tiiea, aasortesl dialiea. audp tareena, entered li h.a. a.ih.1 bowls, Iruti b warts, costards and atanda. Alar., Tea aid Chocolate Ware, Wreck, S rencn and Anterior iliape Ail tha artielaa am warmalnd of tha beat quality, and to be .M ? ? UWi' t?r?fi ??il i? i?t? tn rait nnrnntfun. ill *?*? FRENCH CAKCEL LAMPS. WK lisse inst sr. i?ed by the packets Francis lataad Iowa, a I, net me i!, rmlir,icing luany uew al> lea, nt ?, ie>, .11 mid* to ordir for us and warnuted perfect in ?er, rears Ct. \ DIACON is E. D. SAX TON, Ageuta, ftl twenO n*re yn John at met. OKNUINE TEAS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. TIIK (I ANTON TEA COMPANY, J* its. ir ui .store, 111 Chatham afreet, ATeic York. At '.mh IHinr, 318 HUirkir at, JV. Y. tttr u til lift Hrooktm. ' II ?, c,*t-wr of it.tin a'ut Van Haul on it. Potman, If. J. I .*?> I Ik. TJlf. ATVKNTION OK CITY AND COUNI THY>>* au?l purchiaer* to their ioml eatabliah n?nt?, where they ttiiak will be found by fa' the beat aw riKia "f peer and aoadulterated Yni in the United State*. Hie ?a iyrital popularity and rri.owo ol their home, with reft*. qtt 11tie* low price* -Mid u| ikht denliug, ii too > l ni.tlei.t. . to n nder further comment u'CNMry. Original *cd imly warehoasc for 'lie Mir of Howqua'a Black r Ohwere-Mrangmwill I? p*rtie*l<ir to remember the nuuiier af the principal state ,n < loaliara afreet,*ia: "HI," between 'earl and R,?#e?elt t'reru. 1 he pa (die w ill aleo be pleaaed to take notice, that th* Canl on Tea Companr Ware notions to do with any ether atom haieeer, eteept liioae described at the top of thia adrertiae neo*. fit lm*re Or/- -/Y) C* y*?v. kohioYthk* AKK 0N.-DAY'B rirat ' Pri/Men, up,, t |{ Oiv ? .? ( wuhhianew Klnafic Sole*, he mg u.' or Ileal a?d moat durable oyeraho* in na*. are .? I'.Mil, lliat the wearer la hi* au an fier tlioe et all. So unlike evei "'her < re*ahoe are they, that whereof nsamine* them will ' >> ; a>> II tea pnefe'sao*. 'I I? y will completely do away It't I w doable or waterproof Boot," w hich never keep out he water. Waroh'ianr t> Vaidea lane, near Broadway. Thoae who Mdntt'i O'er tho* ahoald rentoinber No. IS. tike. rK>.'hKVk>H AND JAC KK TS.-Tho bett artiI it the I'micd Stale*. Ordrra for the Month ad t?W and North, nee?te?? in the neatest poaaihle atyle, by he Menafaa ia it. llOKUh 11. DAY, zS Maidan fane. ^ ALT AND FINII STONE. flUh BBL* IULI?A*Na l SALMON: ISM No# 1. S *"?' *"d 1 M ckeieii nan half do, do do do. It* hbl* No 1 Maaa Shad. 0 hallbUa No I "ayh'O k Shad; M hMa. < ol tad He,la Kiahl Idli No I Oib'd Iterruii ; na* k**i>*? Sealed do Mat ('* am- bed Saliwoa ; M k'la S. ua'd Ha'mnti; 100 do So and i tud i'nueae*. IW* laiatalat . dliah an.t.bta foe all - o*a?; M0? aaebt A^hlm.'. Sett; ??0 hhla tweweao 4-lt, he., die All liu a*D in lota M aait parch in by NYLSUN, WK.LI.S A CO., Id taa'ta ai Day .treet. e HOW LONDON. TO THE LAMES Lf BS. MIT? MIC I. L* lata of Leaden. ban wnraetfWly to " aaaeance tothoae I..tie* requiring the ard of a Midwife, hat the haa cOta Hated her arraademewta for a pennaneat rash Imiea ,a New > orb Ml* M ha* rreeifed n thorough medical dneaiioa. Md bean a diploaa* frrta th* City of London Lying i. Iloapiul to wl.ieh laatitatioa ahe waa attached aaMidwile or aear'al year*, and waa aaet-aafully ragwgad a* aaatatant and >naei|ta| la aeier al thousand caaaa of childbirth. Mr*. M, ia kaoi.-d With Uigh taati mow tela and cert ideate* of laalilcalion torn the awl 'Wirrat of 'he London m'dieal faculty, and rhieb a*e a? all uman eye* foe enpeeuon. Mndidaoe* ? Modira ftaat, own door horn Taad dlSta*r TO THE PUBLIC. MM. o MlLi. AM 4 C O. TOBACro A<D BNUTt MA*(t KAI T< B? *?. NO. 1l? WATT.* ITRKKT NK.AM WALL BTTUUKB V'. r? tnpvililli tmlurm 4 MM? iA*i " fat* ma U ar r.n giant* *i ?|?1? tm? ?4 nataag T4i ka-eo *1)4 Moa# m<Iim ll??(i tw fit) ?4 NMtfT By m km mmnuai it m bf<t( Waa MihcttiM h ? n Mural M* ta4t C?t 4 mytna. U? ?wlit| bin afentt ? mm gtaaBm al licit TW Ml * * Ml ha tmi*4 * ?l?fc Itg tta*. at m?M (kit til rtM hit MM nntiMR H *r MM |m4 uinIm. ?? btt h*a* I.lati't m git ikw iMiti M mm fri**4a *u4 c.i.tuMtM, m MMtia. mmi atyi n alalia ? ? i ta.lg. h imIim t* m?* ** n|m at tmiM oaaMAfartart. m karttufmr. tSa ntr Wat uikW ard a* athaf N ? I Mf **ly |ataM.i Mdaia<i by Ma M MNlf Mf *Mloaacr. at limit gia ra at* Mama*! H Miigit. aad ?tilb UtuL All Itofi M*aaf*MMta4 as4 aa'4 bt aa .<? aarraaa*. im! got m-foift <4 f?? ba mtat**4 m4 ik* Mlit) rWaa 4*4 tVfta aa aa raaanaahl* Mat aa aat anight M IAt MM Mmo. of lut nali utalifr, m*a*ftci*f*4 ia tut I'. .tc4 la It Mm. tl B MlLLlilBt OTlM Wmm tyaag. Wttlo?t M Wdi MM MOKE LVn-KNt l 1 '! Illi. NU I'KKIukff? OK Tilt: HOI > BAI.N. IN ALLttigrf I rt|la < all*. I Baa aa, 'g?iayi|M .. I Ac . |*noi.i at! I J a.Ik tk* ak ?*? at* ugaa a rd to Call ay a lla fa.luamg aat-4 1*4.11 aali .? "lath, ti'iti cf ill' I moo M.rmd with i *? *?agh*u4 |. n Ik* r*ro?*mao4 ttioa of i if I p acarad a katUo<4 Uf Vitctt'i ttoaik-ia B Im. *a4 ?*(?ti-?# 4 .i*at ralirf bat I'O aa*. hukwq ? ily I r e. max 4td lAr B* t I* romUt t< m > ft-rdi wtv. a** | rat. Mad it ilk la. g iBartioui aa) ad wkom rt-i If 4 tcry g**a< truiki 'i m i , a.4 tr ra*4i4 apt uiou ,1, that of ail lb* mriitiaBi u>*4 ay fiat i.jrb lay M thn a it piper* inr Pa'ui nt'i il r i . a Aatkam tu Ml m a act a in . t ilaakl* awdiriB* | ia a. 1*4 to tka gab tic tAaa lit SoBlhrra Bait. ' v. a.?*t?a wNW'LM HOWK, u*.t at m Ihal at Mr (JACOB ndHKlC atuck.4 I., lla Mr a alttp Otal W ratani. Ml r lflicu-4 t* itk coagh aa4 >?ia la ik* i?4* f m aiaa p.oc" ? IW? hmtlm "f A.. A -a B.ltfNa* Nik. IM, On the latara of iba taaa I ia n.c ifriag lit at parbat lyj*- u.r. j lojoaljh i - ? - _ ? n. sw??, wmiww I ?l< fa-ed if ? ?j. urnpt o.? wt an ihiughl h?,o.,d cure . y tW ?? of two buttles 0l !> Qth^rii D Im Mr. EDWARD A VANDKRIl' Or. lis w.te, , war..* rur d < I a llnlrut rold. with ho,ier,.??. ,A . ,, dies hid f? Ied by a few d.tea af -ooih-ra rtslm Hundreds of other Cieea ought be <r< umersio-1 hot mi atli nor peimit " To ml altl clad with falinoa. ry f ctioas wo ar fry w<l only one bottle and ll>o? yoa eea da n- i?r ym ?h? thrr in.'djclLr waa e??f ft ti a bottle miki urCto. . _ . B nadw-y o-raat Haadaat. Agv te -Dr. A Uphain. IM Buwery J M,fc Kmc. k aJioo aw l!f ,,s.CW1" Afrwaa D end Thisd sue-u W. It Norihall, Brooklyn; A tiuibrie. A'tuny; Rrdjieg A Co, Bos'on. wt n is*ee AN -W ABTRLE K??rt "HATIAU?rKk^K<i CREAM uV BAPONlNE laiMixs any shoving aaap now 1- u-e, and is pronounced by ih<> a who i.ara mad Ilu eveaed all ntheis in making a neb and |?ra >aoii lathar Uta'lr m II hanng hard bands and taadat i?- as a fa requ'iled nuD and tlie it a fair trial, an I if niu prifactly asUslwd, lbs aasaoy ? ill he re uruad. 'i ha ful'owing is on* Of ika sum bar or MB tars received by tha nidnufaeiniai s ? _ ? Mr* Yonn, Dae I Mi, IMS. Dres His,? Am myths "ills Bran u hair ( -airl loo," not the Irani aafecially when trarrlli i<, is on "nnshosan ebia. Krtarni g reen.tly from an eiiursion, whan arming at Colchester, Coon.. I stepied into a ?lor?, and the proprietor, my ri-rv ricallaut friaud, J H Wheel* , Esq , observing my bun in'ss, piasanted ma a pot of yoor BU..nug ( ra. m With a lifo devoted to aciee'ific pursuits, I am arqouit ted with moat of tie laponaerou* compounds pr.iducd unrsug the pieseitcoalury, and 'or the purpose intern od. I know none which I prian so highly as y. urcieam nfBapouine I hus oBar y on my opinion of its mania, and mv would like to know wheat It may ba < htaiu?d in this cny. Youia k i. K 0. F- RHtK, > sit JO VATIi A N DODGE, II D. For sale in any qnantitv by the ra.ti.uf.icturei's ad at, No. 7} Maiden lane; al o b>r all the priu-'i el Dtuggi*fa and Fancy tiood da. l rs in the City. J. W. HuLllERl ON. m5 lm*m ( WALUABLE REM* Dl >?-For the Fare and Bkin ? * t "Imrail's Vegetable Lotion, 'or ri moving pi a plea, blntcleas, fretk'es, tin. jmnburu ti lg worm, Ike. 1 be ??e of this Lctiou for a sno t tune will tiamloim the most asllow complex ion into radiant whiteness iaoJer? li rili -nd ton hakinbtonlifully soft and smooth. Sold io bottles, Ti cent- aacb RmkvmitiiM. Gout, fc? ? Or. hurchei Ersaree of Musti.rd, fur the cure ol thrum uisin lillbDiu ', goat. fce. There is psrhara no malady to w< icli the human feme is sobjeet that has hud more applications of vaiio s k.i.di administered oa roroadies than the h?umaiism : nor is thro scree a disorder thud has rasisiid with like f tree the attempts mid to removs it.? Tl e vntoos ot the rssence of mus'ard will he foond to excel those of {any other remedy whatever in the core if the shore cumpiuinu. 1'rice in cents For sale at CHL'HCh'd IJispanssrr, ill Bowory, irfi Im *cc corner of Spring nc ~~' WONDERFUL discover*. OTHIKER'B SOLUTION FOR THE HAIR,whichjyfl? o change gray hair to its original color in a few minuten. Thin solution is different from any ynt oflered, and cannot ioil of SBperceding all others. It is highly efficacious, and possesses the great advantage of beaatifying the hair without injuring in growth. Those who doubt its virtues an requested to hove their hair changed hiforo paying their money. If humbuga would tabu this ?i 'I <i . i there would be no reason to complain On* > ir.lwill prove the Cacc Sold w noletjle and retail, and applied, at No. S Chatham rt, opposite ttte Hall of Records, Naw York, op stairs m3 In *ee HIGHLY IMPORTANT" " Nkw Yoas, Jon. Mth, IW. ti' p. i 11 I nair/inu -uiwti uu rewaru or raption, u ur <JJ>UV/VJ diru of in? ton, Jobs H Miller, wit rakliiM to the world, bearing date Janu nr 16th setting forth tbnt ba had been ies;ored to good health, after a protracted suffering of K years, by Dr. John Thomson 343 Broome street. B -tweea the 2d and IGlh of the present month. Jsuuary. 1844. I osnrm fd my ton's ?fa:em-ni by my own affidavit My ton let forth that be had been afflicted tinee 188s, first, by over-heating h-m elf, then by dyspepsia, next by the poisonous si tits of a honey bee. in his face, which rrodnced vertigo, derangement and aitreme meigal and bodily su If trim Hii physician then hied him iu hie arms, which paralyiel tliera both The doctot Kite him 8 calomel powders, in each of which, he dittinetly t Id roe .here was sufficient mtrca.y for Tan ordinary men. TheeffeetAflheialomrlna my sou's svtb-m were inch site make h m as sensitive, with respect to ths weather, as a the momrtsr, for heeould always tell, bv his marterial rains, a dav in . dvance ? he i a storm might been peeled Under the trvaimeut of D'. Thornton be has lost all this distreaa and sensibility, the mercuiv hwirg been removed. He had npon bin body, at one time, 18 blisters., besides -everal masttrd drafts, poultices snd piaste r npon his 'ret snd legs. When 1m tried to do business he was deranged, confused and diatreased so innchasffo render no: only hiutasl , bnl all those immediately about him, unhappy and mentally I on his account In addition tu t'.ieonacbery, and , oieon, to which my son had become suhjeet, after the Doctor had destroyed or parnlysed 1 is arms by depletion he, t ie Doctor, informed me there was another deadly poison in New York, called Wolk s Bisk Auconiluin - e .moutinm ; ihtt n p. 11 of the extract, tl.esize cf the head of a Urge pin. would bill.a wolL Hitch a remedy a? woa'd hill a wolf, was now advised snd administered by the Doctor to restore to he.lth, and to the nan of his limbs, my poor, feeble, sickly son, who had been made a cripple by this same Doctor, hint he was poisoned witb mercury, palsied by blrediug. ard iend-red one of ths most distressed beings in life, by blisters, aud burning with mostaul ; and now. to cap the eiimn, he mast take a dose of poi<on that wou'd neutralize what t' e Doctor bad done, that would hill a healt'iv noli " On science, thou art a jewel!* Is it uotamirae'e lint the e was a particle of the shattered wreck leit to build upon to be rnah'ed to show the . goo ranee ol scientific qiiacfcivy by thr astoui hing effect' of the Thornsoniin practi, e in restoring to lile, animation, form snd order, one of the cohleet beingi oi earthly objects ? This son.onee a prritct speciinrn of his species, I tail b en thipwiecked. biohan np,mi l mostly dertroyea by iho e in whom we could repose iu perfi-ct ?sf: ty as we thought, sll confid nee, and sstiers ws mii'ht expect assistance, pro action aud safety in lima of mental and b dily suffering. By Dr. Thomson my son wan restored to better l.enltu, in 2 weeks, than all the benefit he had derived from the combio'd medical faculty m sixte-n years. I do believe that my son. John K. Miller, surrounded as he aow in he.lth at home with his little family group, is the most happy man in N'sscx c unty, New Jvisey, Have we avt then, all i f us, his r.lstives and frieuds, abundant reason to rejoice I He rrcu-e, ?s to character end credibility?Lawroooo h Kees, a. d Allison Post, Diuggists. Maideo lane ; snd Noah Nonis, 2iiJ irigbteau'h street : ai d all the inhabitants of Ease* connty, N. I., by whom I am known. Hworu before mc, this 30lh day of Jauuary, 1844, H \V tLLACk CONf, Commissioner of Deeds. N. B.?Wsnted, as asu*l, at 348 Biooma stieet such patiawCkas cm find SO reli-f from othirs. fll lin?ec THE SOUTHERN HALM, APLK. AS ANT. safe and rffecturi remedy for COUOHfl, COI.UH, HOARSkNKSS. CONSUMPTION.a d d other alfi-ctions of the throst and lungs. Wlieu we rrllect lint most of the ca as of consumption tar minati g fatally, hate had thrir origin in n.g'ai ted colds, it is astonishing to witness the apathy dml.yed by ihuee laborinjc under them. Altliongli they imp lie rei tatedly wsrn'd by thakt medical friends to gnard agaiusr the effects of sad- en char ger of the weather, which, bv che. king the insensible perspiration, orrarinns coughs. colds 8cc., their admonitions are too often unheeded , t'e unfortunate subject, werceiriug no very bad el- ' fects arising from tha slight cold, as lie terms it, is lulled into false St entity by the i aiit hope that a return of pie mant wee her will remote all tiiipleasa-t symptom". But so far Irom being remored, tli symiuoms are ip-uera)ly aggrarated, his debility increases, harra-s d by incess.nt coughs sweats St lei gth sup rvene and he is aroused perhate too bite to a tense of hie dancer. fie looks around him for that relief which might can ly hare been obiaiut d at an earlier |ierio.|, but alas, he is told by his phvsiciau there it no hope for him To whom, then, must he |,<ok for aid f The newspap rs term with advertise meets of ioftlibl- remedies, with ofti-utimes fal-e certificates sties ing their universal eflicacv. Iu d-spair he flies to them, bat too oil en Without rtcaving the tlightest hem-tit. But is Uie e, indeed, uo remedy? treason and erpeieooe forbids this supposition. CONSUMP 11?)N Ii NOT INCUIUOLK ! We affirm?confidently affirm?a remedy he brrn fminrl, one which, timely ud properly applied, will not fail t? relieve. IT IS THK SOU I'HKHN BALM. ftae oi the proprietors has long used it iu his practice w ith the ha|wiast results, and has at ler xth been induced, from a sense ot duty, to [dace it be o.e the public, fully siliifieJ that it only r-qnirsn a fair trial to establish for it a 1 isti- g reput torn. To all physicians, heads of fan. ilies, and others, we would earnestly rw commend a trial of it, a medicine at once aafit, pleasant, and efficacious. A remedy admirably a-'apted to he removal of incipient consampt-on, whether her-ditirv or acquired?as ft invariably affords immediate relief in the most troublesome C.OUOII8, HOAhSENESH, wheexingre iwin in the breast, Ike., nod even iu the most obstinate wl,o.,pt g cough, and eonlirnted consumption. It will effect all that can be raltonaBg expected from any one medicine. ^ Exclusive office for sale of Soot hern Balm. an/*, uroa-way, cumu ? >< ? Agents?Dr Kirat. 18? C/unl atreet; comer Avenue U. mm) Third street; E. B. Spouuer, Brooklyn; A. Outhrie, Albany. 120 I m ee mawsins LUCINA CORDIAL, OR, ELIXIR OF LOVE. TTOR the speedy arid certain cum of female iiregnlentm. in " potency. hnrmiiinnt, floor elfus, iuc-pwut eonauminiog, eo natation-1 deb.lily, whether the ntuli uf uAprudeuce, illness or accident . , , ..... The aentatioo produced by l.hia woi derful medioal diaeorev7 in Palis, has be?n nearly e/jiial'ed by ify introduction into merica, Nnmcrrua teat mouiala have lieen received from thoae whoa* constitution ,?? a mer- wreck, bat who hatre l/ecu invigorated ly thia iurou psmb'e Cordial. Othera who hal in nrJth/ir health by thvirown fully or ex tra vagauee.havu foand in thia cordial th- m/ana nf reatoiation, the all other medical aid had been need in vain. Ti e hitherto childleae Areaide has often been reud< rod happy, and ti e infirm, the impotent and the debilitated hare again exulted in the elasticity and ricot of bygone da?s. Tf e agent of one of the interior vil'ares if New Yorh atataa a c*?e, in which by>e of two bottle. of Lot-ins Cordial,* couple after fonr yean of bitter dieappoi merit, we eembled to rejoice oyer the realix .lion of the fondest hopes of a married life The ?cent f?r the city of A., New York, ao'd a bottle to a eeni'emau who h id been afflicted with a disease of the urethra fur elerru t ears. In a few days he relnrned and said he had dwneed far m/ve benefit from the one bottle thai from medical treatment for eleven yearn, lie itrmeoi tely bought ail bottlaa mure. Onr apace f.rhids iu to name the man- cases to which we are at liberty to letrr. The nuiTrrsal a tiafictioa which Una ui'-atunable Elixir baa riven, not a single complaint baring hi en made, is net one cf the least proofs of it* unrivalled excellence. Price $3 per bottle. Hold at 91 Nasaan at, New York;90 North Sixth etrvet, rVNm delphia ; Smith h Eowle, IJ8 Washington street, Boston f?r Im'rr ilJDEPT FAT AND CALF SKLVB. TRIE HIOIIEH r TRICES firm for Hides, Fat aad Caff 1 thins, cash corronr money, on drlirery, at the Hid* aad Fat lloure of the subscriber, where contract* will be Made fox Calfskins by the th* his heat price riven by the poaaa JOHN HUNN, f 13 bm * re T2? EUrabetbi-t, betwaen Trine? and Boarkia

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