Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1844, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1844 Page 7
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r itoMrtlmrf DtT?lopacn(( mt the Ad alalstraOon of Jaiile* la Hew 1 or* We present below the famous report of Aldernut 'J illoa to the Common Council, which has created eo much excitement for months paati ? KKI*OKT. That, upon an examination of the subject, and from such information as they have acquired relative thereto, they believe that the accompanying documents, included under the title ot Schedule* A, taken together, contain a fair statement ot the present condition of the Police of the City of New York, as 19 its organization and arrangement: und contain a list of the various crimes, as now defined, and of the respective punishments thereof, as now prescribed by law. It will be observed, that the subject of Municipal Police la solves the two principal departments ot Criminal Police aad Health Police; the object of tho former, being to prevent, detect, arrest and punish crime; that of the latter, to preserve the public health; and that to these two departments, all ?thrr* are subordinate or tributary ? That to accomplish these objects, as far as practicable, the system adopted should be simple, clear and method!eal. The oAcere, competent and independent el every hiduenoe, except a sense of duty; of undoubted integrity, discretion, intelligence and character. The laws, broad ooougn to ranch ami punisn an o?hiii???. .. remove and prevent vice us much a* |K>nsibl?: that the administration of the law a ahould be impartial, prompt, fearless and energetic, the punishment tor crime, adequate and oertain. The plan and improrementa, now suggested. have the objeots above mentioned in view. In the adjuatment and application ol any plan, on a aubject ao important and extensive in its various bearings, much uuforseen difficulty will necessarily arise, and perfection cannot be expected; but. it is hoped, that a careful consideration of tho subloci, and the united exertions and attentions of all the members of the Common Council, to attain tho object in view, will overcome all difficulties, and result in a system as wise and eflVctivo as can be established. It will be perceived that the plan suggested, recommends that all the Alms House establishment at Bellcvue and at the Long Island harms, be removed to Blackweli's Island. That the Island, which consists of about 100 acrea, and of which a map (exhibit No. 3?,) accompanies this report, be divided "nto two parts of about 60 acres aoh; the northern part, to be appropriated lor the several departments of the Alms Hou>e; and the southern part for the Penitentiary; and that the Penitentiary and Alma House departments, be quite separate; and, it loaves the property at Bellevue, which is estimated to be now worth four hundred thousand dollars, an J the property on Long Island, estimated as now worth upwards of fifty thousand dollars, at the disposition of tho Corporation, for sale or other purposes. The outline of Criminal police, as proposed, has for its principles, the fact of tieing independent anil free from party influences; of being methodical and simple, and of the various officers being in due subordination to each ather; of the whole department being, with only a few exceptions, disconnected from all othera. And it is believed, that it Is calculated to ensure energy, promptness and efficiency. It has, for its object, the diminution of tho very large number of officers and persons now employed in the various duties which the department, us proposed to be organised, (hall perform. And by uniting the present fire, watoh, and constabulary force, will render available, for other public duties, a largo body of citizens now employed in the services o( those several departments; the jury list will be increased, and jury duty more extensively divided* The annexed document, marked No 12, of Schedule C, Is an estimate of tho yearly expense of tho system now existing. The annexed document, No 13, of Schedule C, is an ostimate of the yearly expense of the system now pro, posed; tho former amounting to $474,771 67 ;t that of the latter to $480 106 60; besides the miscellaneous expenses, which, probubly, in each case will briDg the whole amount to about $600,000. The annexed document, No. 12, C, shows the number of persons employed under the present system; being a total of 8,160 persons. The annexed document, No. 13, C, -a? ??? mimivr nf net-sons who will he employed under the proposed system; being 1,091 persons* exclusive of I those firemen in th-* TwelUli Ward, who would be retained in service; besides, in both cases, those employed at the Prisons. Alms House and Loug Island Farms, except an additional Physician. By a reference to the annexed statement of the Comptroller, No. 31 oi Kxlubits, it will be perceived that the valne of the taxable props rty in the City limits, is $J17,997,090 68; and that the aggregate expense of the proposed system, will not equal j per cent And when it is consi dered that the Police has for its purpose, not only the protection of property, but of person, from aggression; that, besides the permanent population of the City, now estimated to be about 360,(100 persons, thus protected, there are always, aa is supjmsed, a floating population of about 60,000 strangers; and that at alt times must be included in Its limits, in a place of such vast inland and foreign commerce, end such a variety of people of all nations, the large number of persons, that out of so extensive and multifarious a mass of strangers, as well as inhabitants, who, at no time, possess home or house; and the usual proportion thereof of whom aie the wicked and debased; the foroe, strength and expense of the proposed system, will not he regarded as too great In submitting this report, the under-igned trust, that should it he ionnd objectionable and be discarded, it will lead, at least, from the facts and suggestions herein stated, tlo a plan that will be less objectionable, and that the attempt to produce on efficient Police, may, at all events, prove useful. A Poudrette e",ablUhment is suggested. Hitherto this department of Poll -e has been so neglected and disregarded, as now to have become offensive and disgusting in its ystem, if so it may he called, and severely injurious. The City, besides the ineonveuience and anno'yance of it, M it now is. yearly suffers severely in mouey, by the ne eefsity of cleaning out the slips, occasioned by this filthy nnisanoe?for proof hereof, and of the necessity of a law, like to the one proposed, the annexed document, marked Kxhibit No III, is submitted J The nndertigiied, as matters of additional interest to the subject of the Police, submits, also, the other acoompanyin* documents, marked as Exhibits. Tn relation to this important branch of our municipal affairs. It must be perceived that the evils and misfortunes under which the city suffers, are mainly owing to thu inefficiency of the present Police system ; of the want of independence and om potency of many of the most import ant officers, owing to the fact of political iufluence, and not 'real merit, being the great recommendation for the appointment* ; and, to the consequent paralysis of the department. There are many valuable and competent persons connected with the Police : but, utiles* well sustained by the higher magistrates ami liy each other, unless well supported by an efficient system, their efforts are without avail, and their exertions useless. The amendments suggested, in relation to the assessment system, for opening streets, Ice , and in relation to the markets, the Alms House, lie., are presented ail. as oonneoted in some degree with the sobjeot. The public markets, particularly the Kulton and Washington, deserve much attention . the manner of building these maikets seems to be erroneous?they are too low, narrow and oonfined. and quite insiiliicieut in accommodation : they are now in such a condition, particularly the Washington market, ee that the whole if not s part thereof, it would be best to remove and rebuild, as soon as convenient ? And by being woll arid efficiently arranged, constructed and ventilates), they mar, as they deserve, he ornaments as well as essentials to the city : and it may be well to remark that in each of these ma* ket houses, may conveniently and at small expense, be included the Halls of the Wards, in which they are situated. The suggestion ot a public Slaughter House eta suitable position in the upper part of the Island, at the side of one of the rivers, is also made If, by an arrangement of this kind, the slaughter houses now existing in the populated parts of the city, can lie dispensed with, without pecuniary injury, aiui the propo.ed establishment can he made -.mSi il.1. MK.I ennvanixnt mi essential imiuovciiu-nt will be effected, which will l>e n benefit to the comfort and health of the city. The.countenance of the authentic* to such a oatahliahment, will probably be all that will be requi ite to ensure it* success. Provisions are sugge*t"d more effectually to suppress licentiousne-, |smie.ularly the vice of gambling and lilier( tinism?the dieudfill consequences resulting from theae two elaaaea of olfencea, demonstrate the necessity ol providing by law, exemplary punishment for their commiaaioa. From them proceed crimes o( an awful description; to them may be traced the ruin and misery of many, who, Otherwise, would have been, or who indeed were, reapootable memheraof society ; to them, in some instances, may be traced the wretchedness and poverty of whole families. The wicked atrocity ol the wrong has caused eueh intense feeling* of injury, as to have led, in some instances, to insanity, suicide and murder, 'J ho proviainns made to punish theae olfencea, and to repress and punish other acts of licen'inusness referred to tu the annexed papers, it is hoped will he approved. The undersigned have also had under consideration, the ruhjectof licei.iiou*ne?a, ao far as it applies to the various house* and racepiaclea of ill lame. The establish ?d, though melancholy fact, tnat institutions of this kind will exist in every large and commercial city, and cannot by any system ol penal law*. Ite prevented And the fact that the natural and pro|x-r prejudices and principh* of this community are justly repugnant to auy system, by which such establishments shall be legally licensed, regulated, and nnder prudent restraints, countenanced, renders the subject one of embat ra??ro?nt and difficult < f any legislative action, beyond or did" tent from the pre*- nt provisions oflaw Yet so numerous am) various have these house* become?so numerous, and in general, so dreadfully debased their wretched inmates mid visitors, M rendar emphatically the elticient attention of the Police requisite to mitigate the evil us far as the present laws will permit Upon an examination, made l?y the Chairman of the Committee, it is a-certained, that in the Filth Ward aloiir. reside in the vat ions houses of ill-fame opwants of three hundred ami tidy lewd females . beside* the numbers who nightly visit the assignation houses? that thay exist In all the various ami shocking degrees of * debasement, from those whom-youth ano attractions are rach a* to enable them to live in ex|iensive luxury and -extrnvagance. to those of extreme destitution, penury end wretchedness : from those who reside in house* furnished with elegance an 1 taste, to such av are to he found in the lowest bruthel Houses of this description ere also established in consi-li rahlo nnmtier* in many other parte *f the city ; and our rut attractive *n t leading thoroughfares, in the evenirit-, alter nightfall, are thronged with these depraved ts-i-rnrn There are now residing in the eltT, of these pet s nu ?* |g beth-ve l.hnorr than 10 Out). ft ie the opinion or some jurists and legislators ol esteemed reputation, that humanity and good policy lavor the Me* of licensing ami regulating these establishments by law, and in some of the Yiiropesn cities, this is practfsad with sweeef-t ; hut, for the reasons at ore mentioned, it It das.mod best not to recommend such an arrangement at this time The annexed document* illustrate, in eome degree, the amount of crime committed, and No IB, shows the oonvietiona had since January | msj to May, IBU : and Tf*. IT. shows the} number of burglaries whloh were com a*Mad since the 1st of Msv to the J7th of October last haIng78: and demonstrates the e*i?>inR necessity of an onergetio Police The impunity w ith which this crime ha* bean ao frequently committed, may he attributed to tho actual fnatleqiiae) of 'he real force on duty ut any on* time, and to the erroneous sirnngement In the application af Mm force In the public emptov. as well a* to the other ****** enumerated in the annexed ftoeameat*. The eubject of taxes la referred to in the oooompax) log paper*. It may be well en thi* to soy, that at present there ia no wharfage tax on good* or mcrchandixe landed on the wharve* or pier* ; and by which they are used and worn. A my small tax thereon, would produce a large income toward* meeting the Police expenses ol the City ; and would donbtlei* be paid cheerfully. Alio, that there U now no tax imposed by taw on personal property, belonging to non-resident*, though such property be in the city, and actually protected by the Po-~ lice law* ; tha Justice of thi* class of property being required to contribute towards the tax lor maintaining a Police tor ita protection, cannot be doubted. Those several plana and document* include many useful I proposition* ; but thev do not furnish a complete system, nor comprehend all tne required remedies and provision* in the several material branches oft be department: , Because the plan now submitted includes provisions | which cannot be adapted without the action or the State Legislature ; and delay for this, as well as lor its due consideration, must intervene, the undersigned have prepared ior adoption, until a permanent system can be established, suoh temporary provisions as are proper to give due power to the Police in the mean time, tn accordance with the recommendations ol the Mayor, in his several messages, to wit: Document No. 1 ol Board ol Aldermen, of this year, page 24; and document No. 14. page 1M, same Board ?which provisions are set forth in the annexed document, marked No. Id. Doubtless there may be many points not I adverted to; and imperfections, errors, inaccuracies or defects. may alst exist in this report and accompanying schedules; ior all these, some indulgence, it is hoped, will be allowed, when it ia considered but a small share uf time, and that employed when other public business, as well as private concern*, required daily attention, could be applied to thia subject. It occurs to the undersigned that it has been mentioned, that it any arrangement could be made for the establishment of public baths in convenient parts of the city, where the poor could bathe at a low charge, it would be a decided improvement to the comfort and health of tho people, and he profitable to the public. In closing this report, the undersigned deem it right to peak in terms of commendation of the excellent condition ol the House of Refuge?neatness, comfort, order, and discipline may be said to exist there in a high degree ; and the establishment is, indeed, in most respects, justly worthy of imitation. F. R. TILLOU, C. 8. WOODHULL. By reference to Kxhiblt No. 1, it will bo perceived that nnn thousand neraons now perform all the jury duty of the city. t Since this report was presented, one hundred end twenty additional watchmen nave been added to the watch force; the additional expense is not iucludi d in the above. 1 The Comptroller states that the amounts paid for cleaning slips iu 18(1, waa $3,484 40, in 1841, $4,908 43; in 1843, $6,7M 18. Mr. Graham'i Statement. " Give us mork light." "After the passage ot the General Banking Law in this State, in the winter of 1838, the friends of that system made great exertions to rear associations under it. I felt an interest in thette efforts, nnd had various consultations with several prominent individuals in this city, with a view to the creation of a large institution under the law."? [Grahum's Statement] Now, who were these prominent individuals 1 Wete George D. Strong, James B. Murray, John R. Peter8, and Silas M. Stilwell, among the number 1 Were there not frequent meetings between Mr. Graham, and the individuals here named, or some of them, from the passage ot the Act, to " June 13, 1838," in relation to the formation of an association?and were not the primary objects of each the same?to create means of raising money upon real estate, ihut would not command a direct loan of any sum, through the medium of stock in such association, to sustain themselves in their pecuniary engagements J Did Mr. Graham " fee! an interest in these efforts" for a purpose like this?or were his "various consultations with a view principally to aid the business of my younger partners, Messrs. Wood Sc Powers J" The richness and facetiousness of this last joke, demands a separate chapter "The project, however, was abandoned by us, and for some time it was generally supposed that no bank could be organized under the law." Who were "us J" During what time was the project abandoned J The law wus passed April 18, 1838, and took effect twenty days after its passage; and the next paragraph of Graham's statement shows that on the 13th June, 1838, "other parties had decided upon an organization," into which he was innocently and unsuspectingly led. The law had been in operation one month and five days, when these " various consultations" had been held, this "great interest felt in the efforts," and the " project abandoned by us," and certain*other parties, "without my knowledge or participation, had " decided upon an organization," and "invitsd me to attend a meeting " It was certainly a short period for each great exertions to have been made, and failed, and ?uch ardent feelings o? interest to have cooled down and subsided, and lor a judicious person, having the object much at heart, to have deliberately concurred in any supposition "that no bank could be organized under the law." But such strange things do happen, in these latter days, that there seems to tie no such thing practicable as reasoning upon probabilities. There was an old adage about telling certain storiea " to the marines " It is probably not applicable in this day and generation. "Without my knowledge or partiripation, other parties had decided upon an organization, anil I received a writ ten communication, signed by a committee of highly respectable gentlemen, inviting me to attend a meeting on the 13th June, 183tt, at a banking room in Wall afreet, for the purpose of conaultation upon the subject."? [(irabam Statement. ] Who were "the highly respectable gentlemen of the committee?" The nete moat have been relerred to for the date, which la given, and from the maniieat anxiety to holaterup the statement with namea, it is singular that Mr. Graham should have given the public merely bis own certificate of the character of the writers, instead of informing them who they were. Can it be that an apprehension of the old maxim, "a man is known by the company he keeps," led to their suppression 7 The names of this committee were the more important In this case, because it would enable th public to judge safely respecting the veracity of the assertion that all this "was without his knowledge or participation." Certain namea are connected throughout ihia whole affair, ai inseparably as links in a chain, and if Mr. Graham has not eclipsed his former reputation, he is still generally believed to be distinguished for using "rnt>paws" to "haul the chesnuts out of the fire." and he may have caused a letter to be written to him, which he dictated himself Such being the public impression, Ins mrre "statement" is not satisfactory. Let us see if this "committee" was not composed of men, who, with Mr. Graham, for several years, "ground one another's axes!" But the more important enquiry to w hich this allegation tends, is yet to be answeied I allude to the $10,mat charge for organizing the company. I regret to find that Mr. Noyes' statement should be referred to as a "satisfactory explanation of that matter." when Mr. Noyes threw the burden of the explanation on Mr. Graham. He professed to have little knowledge on the subject, got onethird part of $3000 of the money, and stated the claim as arising principally from Mr Graham's constant employment, Tor months, in the effort to get up this association. Now, if Mr Graham is to hr credited in his atatament, "an organization had been decided upon" without the "knowledge or participation" of Mr Graham, and it is a matter ol iact, and of common notoriety, that Judge Tallmadge drew the articles of association, without compensation "for the interest he felt in the efforts" Taking the statements of Graham and Noyea. with thiifact, that the only difficult service was gratuitously petlormed by Judge Tallmadge, and it appears, so far ax the pnblic are yet informed, that the enormous turn of $1U,000 was charged, and paid in cash out ol the funds of the stockholders of the N A T It B Company,to Mr Orabam, for his approval of "an organization altendy decided upon," upon the "invita ion of a committee of highly respectable gentlemen " I have thus examined only the second paragraph of Mr. Graham'* "statement," and I fearlessly ask, lias it been prepared to disclose or to conceal the truth 7 Give us mote light. H. " For Life la bat an Hoar." They rise, and pass, and lull, like waves upon the sea. The mighty and the weak the good and hail alike ; Sinner and aaint, and all pinnae i > trrnity W hen twang* the dreadful gong for grim-faced Death to strike ! Of all the counties! millioni of the written past, Not ona remains?and yet how lew- prepare to die ! Were hour* minutes, ao many second* would be cast Upon the things of earth?so few beyond the sky ! Of late a gifted mortal, one of earthly might, Hpoke word* of hope and wisdom to a mourning friend: *" a n hour?hut an hour?ere thine, was her long flight, For Isle is but an hour?prepare tlum to i'Cend ' And ere thehour paaled, the speaker's tongue was cold? Death paled hi* parted lips, hut banished not their smile? Struck the bright minnta-handf into the fretted gold, And, life'* race being o'er, thus marked the fiotl wile. * Theee words were spoken by the lamented Upahur juat hefoie bit death, to e friend who had loat the partner of hie bosom t The b'ow which killed the late Secretary of State, broke the cryetal of hie w itch, ami (truck'he noiot of the minute-hand into the nee Thus it (till remain*, and perhaps will forever, marking the precise time of the explosion? fourteen minute* and three quarters past four o'clock. It wan singular alao that, nt the time of the great earthquake, a few month- ago, at Point Petre.Guadaloupe, the only wall left mantling wae that of the Cathedral, which held the town clock, and that the hands of the clock ceased moving on the very minute that the terrible revulsion in nature took place, which sent more than five thousand human beings into eternity. PoRTSMOtTTII AND RoaNOKK II All. RoAD.? Wt have received a leiter from the President of this Railroad Company, in which he state* that he has learned from passengers through Welrion that an impression prevail* at the north that the injury lately sustained by the Portsmouth snd Roanoke Railroad ha* not yet treen repaired; and he begs us to state that the superstructure which was torn nu by Mr F K Rives on the flth ultimo, was relaid on the 8th: ti e' the bridges which weiecut snd undermined on the 8'h were repaired on the 8th; that the cars ps?sed over ilia road nn the 10th, and have bean running daily since - Sat. Int March b. Cheap taavki.uxrt ?Fur a cabin passage from Cincinnati to New Orleans, a distance of some 1000 miles, only ten dollars is charged. This include* hoard?and at tables as well and profusely Ailed, as can he found at any hotel in the oountry, and in as splendid boat* as can be found afloat Common Council. Basso or Aldebm**.?March 6.?Tlii* being the regular night ol joint ballot, both Boaid* assembled fur that puipesr. Court Yards ?A Knport from tha Street Committee, in favor of allowing person* who ret their dwelling* back from the (treat, the privilege of enrJoaing the space now occupied by stoop* in front ol their premise*, was laid on the table, and ordered to be printed. Joint Meeting ?Both Board* assembled in joint meeting. Street fnrfirctor.? Jama* B. Martin was appointed Street Inspector ol the Kourth Ward, in place of William McDonald, resigned. The meeting was then adjourned. The Board of Aldermen then resumed business. Croton Jit/induct?A communication from the Water Commissioners, stating that the public interest* require that all the penona in tbeii employ (hall be continued. Removing Knginr J Joust?A resolution from the other Board, in tavor of removing the tlngiue House on Fulton street, near tha Dutch Church, and locating it on Ann street, was ooncurrad in Removing Sup* tint evident of Croton Wot tj ?A resolution removing Hiram A. Norris trom tha above-named otftce, was concuned in, notwithstanding the veto of the Mayor. Police Bill.?1The Police Bill that has been adopted in the Board of Assistant* was then called up. Aldermau Tili.oi.'asked it this culling up brought before the Board all matter connected with the subject 1 Alderman Lei. advocated immediate action on this subject, ma also did Aid. Kmmom. Alderman Tilco'j said he had no tenacity on the subject of his own plan, but he believed thut the bill from IUD DU4IU UI AHISIOIUB WMU vJIJJkN. I IUIlttl'11 , I'll UIHUY I trU" ions, which he would point out if the hill was to be called up for adoption. Many of the preaent evils of the Police were incorporated in this bill. After some debete the Board took a recess until Monday evening, when the Police Bills were made the special order of the day. Bosao ov Assistant Alokbmkis?March 6? Assistant Alderman Bbown, President, In the chair. The annates of last meeting were read. Papers front Ike Board of Mdtrvun?Report of Committee on l.amps and Gas to light City Hall?Accepted. Report from same committee to locate gas lamp posts a quarter farther apart?Adopted. Report of same committee in favor of lighting Avenue D with gas?Accepted. Report of Committee on Finance in relation to the public printing, stationery, Ac ?Accepted. Report and resolution in favor of lighting Broadway, from Tenth to Fourteenth street?Accepted Report of Committeo on Lamps and Gas in favor of lighting First District Watch House with gas?Acieiited Report of same committee to light Greenwich st. from Caaul to Bank it?Accepted. Report from same to light Eighth Avenue?Accepted. Report of same, to have Amity street lighted with gasAccepted. Rtiolutinn?That Broadway be numbered from Seventeenth street to Twenty first street by the Superiutendenof Repairs, under the direction of the Street Commissioner?Adopted Report of Committee on Lamps and Gas in favor of lighting -Washington Place with gas?Accepted Report of same commit ee lu favor of lighting Twentieth st with gas - Accepted. Report of Committee on Streets in favor of flaggiug First Avenue?Referred to Committee on Streets The Board then went into Committee of the Whole for re-organizit.g theCroton Aqueduct Department?which was adopted. The committee proceeded as far as sec ion 'Id of title seven, which were passed with same trifling amendments, and it was moved suid seconded that the commr.tec rise ami report again?Carried. Resolution, in relation to the survey of New York harbor and dry dock, declaring that tho committee who reported in favor of the survey did not intend to disparage auy Invention that the navy board may have adopted tor raising vessels. Ac. Resolution, That the foregoing lie sent to his Honor the Mayor, and by hira authenticated in the same manner as the accompanying memorial, and sent to Congrtis. Resolution, To reconsider the report of the Finance Committee on printing and stationary? Passed Resolution to iMy it on the table until Muuday evening, was next passed, and the Qoanl adjourned. General fleutons. Before Recorder Taltmadge and Aldermen ricoles and Lee Joins B. Phillim, Esq , Acting District Attorney. MAacn 6?Trial of Edward F. Burke for pre irncss, return-a j ion yrtic.ajy ? s ae inrncit caueo? William Dr.r-man editor of the "Truth Teller "?lie hit I known the accused W seven year.,; hit general character was good as far as lie knew. Mr. Bensun recalled fur the prosecution? The accused, at the present lime, owe* witness ?.'103 3d. debts contracted between 30th June and the 1st September last, Geouue Mils called?The accused owed hire $400, debts contracted between 30th June and the 7th Beptember. The lout credit given was ior rum sold him ou the 7th September, the credit being given in consequence of his representing himself to be worth $.6000 or >0000 A j credit was given at thirty days for three puncheons of rum ou the 7th, and the accused failed on the lath of same I month. Raphael Schoyek called?Witness was connected with a commission house, and sold accused, on the strength of references fiven, goods on the 7th of August on credit?accused owes him $300, the amount of the credit so given. Benjamin P. Field called?Accused burrowed $(">0 of Hicks !i Field in August last, and returned it, and a short time afterwards, in the latter end of August, ne borrowed $00, which he has never returned; the accused gave references which were quite satisfactory; never heard anything against him till after his failure John 8. Tookkr called ?The accused was formerly in his employ as cieik; left in I&T3; his character was good up to thai time; knows nothing oi his character since that time; when he leit he gave him $100 over and above Ins salary. The defence then called James Beruer- The accused carried on business in the Buwery and John street, und latterly in South street; he kept no clerk; had seen accused employ ed in selling segais, saw about $1000 worth I of segars in his store in June last; his character was good Ukoroe W. Dawson called?Had known the accu.ted a year; had been in bis store in August; snw goods there; his character wasgoed; he became Burke's bail when he was arresieJ under the Stilwell Act. The prosecution then called John K. IIacsstt?He had converted with the accused in October (alter bis failure); he then said he had very little capital employed in his late business. The case .than closed, the evidence on both sides being exhausted, and Mr. Price ably addressed the Jury on be half ol the accused. He was replied to by Mr. Joseph L White (who was retained by the creditors) on the part of the prosecution, in an elvquen* speech ol some length. The Recorder briefly but succinctly charged the Jury on the evidence adduced in the case, au<1 on the law which governs cases of false pretence, and the matter was submitted to thein to pass upon. The Jury, after a short consultation mtunipd a verdict of guilty, and the Court ordertd the prisoner to be commit teal. Tkt Grand Inqn $t ? The Grand Jury came into Court with a number of hills found by them and the indicted parties were arraigned, and their trials set down for some future day. f'ar/tiud Rait ?The hail of Sarah Brown, indicted for a petit larceny; of William O'Brien, for a misdemeanor in resisting au officer; and of John Get'y for an assault and battery, were all forfeited, as neither of the accused appeared when called lor trial. Adjourned to Thursday, at 11 o'clock, A M. City Intelligence. Police.?-March 8 ?A Dii'i Business?The house of Mr. Messerule, 310 Madisuu street, was entered by false keys on Wednesday night, and acloak and other clothing stolen A fellow, who said his name was Michael P. Clark, was arrested on a charge of nicking the pool et of John Smith, and committed lor 'further examination A young inan who called himself Bill Jones. Iiut who was known witn tha alia* of Duff, entered the home of Louise Sinclair, 63 Liipenard afreet, and after beating her in a ahamelul manner, left the premises, carrying oh'a dreaa and icart belonging to one of the occupant* of the house. 8tirponitD Poisoning of Fivk Infant* ry a Buck Woman ?Much leeliug has been excited within a few day* past. by the auppoteil poiaoning of a beautiful infant, the child o( one ol our citizen*. The child, a remarkably intelligent, healthy and intereatiiig babe, 1?<* than a year old. waa taken very suddenly ill. and a physician was immediately called in. He pronounced it a case of poiaoning, and from the symptoms presumed that laudanum had been administered tn it One or two other phyaiciana|were al?o called in,and all agreed that the child had piobahly been |<oisuned. Noelfoitsto save it proved availing, and the little sufferer soon after died The only (arson to whom suspicion could apply. was a black woman, about 30 years of age, who had nun-edit, hut a short time beloro the first symptoms of attack appeared She h -waver protested, with the greatest apparent distress, that she had given it nothing, and aecined uot only to Jlieve deeply at the charge hut for the infant that had led A day or two afierwarda, the infant of one of the servants was left in the same woman's charge for about halt r.n hour, and when the mother returned, she was alarmed tn And her child apparently dying It exhibited the same symptoms that the Arst babe had done, and son* after died also This led to a search of the woman, and after a longtime, a vial of oil ol tansy nnd some cornsivu sublimate in a p'per, were found, in a secret pocket of her dress See declared that she did not know what thedtops were but that they had lieen given her by a black woman, whote no e however she could n it recollect She was immed ?t< ly arrested and taken to Jail, where she now is When abo-itti he taken she waa attarked with a At, real orpreten ted, hot her removal to jail did not result in any serieus injury to her health Nothing hut the heart of a very devil could have moved her to such a shockin deed Her treatmeni had been uniformly kind and the family put great ennAdence in her wo'th ?and it seems to have been fi.-ndish love of taking life alone, that actuated the wretch in taking those innocent lives We understand that three of her own children have died under similar circumstances, and it is thought probable that they also fell the victims of her hand farther Inveatlgatioiia will aonn decide the facta of this most horrible case, one without a parallal, almost, in crime ? RtrkmanJ Star, Marrk 1 C/hkat Sai.r.?Tlte Philadelphia Sun states that tht iMonteur Iron Works at Danville, f'a., erected by Biddle. Chambers It Ca . were sold at Hherifl"* sale on Monday last The wo Anthracite furnace* are probably the most splendid boil-lings of the kind in the Union 1 he whole property, which consists of about 700 acres of land, with numerous buildings, iron ore and limestone, sold for >3k J00, subject to mortgagee and other liens, amounting to alanit $X4 nno. making the whole upward* of 70 000 ? The property was purchased hy Messrs Caswell It Murdock of New tork. who hold largo claim* against the same. Convicted.?The trial of Augustus P. Birgler which has boon going on at Batavia, lor the past w eek, waa brought to a close on Saturday. The jury brought In s verdict of guilty of Arson In tae third do free? which hy the statute, la Imprisonment In the (Mate Prison for seven y ears ?RscktMar d. jM*. Karat A EXCHANGE HOTEL?HALT1M< ?Kh. I?H\?TUH CULLMAN Km this .lay itln HENRY F C JACKSON into partnership. aril in Tatar* the host* will b* i luidnurd ia th* nameof CULLMAN k JACKSON. Tbo patronage of Lh? travelling public. and iotlu< ucr uf oar frimd?, mtweiially solicited, Baltimore, V'rbruary I. 1*?4 fl 1m *c HAVANA MANSION HOUSE HOTEL THK undersigned taken occasion to inform hi* friends and A the pablic, tlut the Masaion Houar ia now located in la f quisidor atraat, Na. ST. in the vicinity of th# steamboat land m* and vegetable market, (urine commodious family apartmenu irnugMi in the ncatcnt order. A peraon ia anaployad to p roc air permita to land passsngert bagnag*, lu. who will board vaaaela immediately altar the riait f the reread* officer*. N. B.?Viaitora to thia Inland thaald procure a paaaport from & Spanish Conaul, at toe port of embarkation, to obriate difiluea and ineoarenlenca. all Imec* WILLIAM KULTON AMERICAN HOTEL, PHILADKLPH1A. , T1!}!? new bona* ia aitoatad on Cheatnnt at rent, opposite the . A State Huu.e. (Independence Sqaar*,) and ia the immediate ( vicinity of all the laalhonabl* places of ainuaeoieut and nuort- ? It has been bailt in the moat thomuah manner, J ^ Ridgway, Esq , ?ud eontaiaa upward, of on* haudreo rooms. j many of which are parlor, rri'h bedrooms adjoining, aaitable j tor familioa, and turtles ?f ladies and gentlemen It will be furnished throughout, (wilhunt regard lo eipeuse) with new and elegant laruitare of the most approved etyfe, and opened for the reception of the travelling public,ou lb* first day of March nett. The proprietors flatter themaelvea, that their long experience in the buttneaa, will tnable them to conduct the American Hotel, ia all its departments, in such a mauner aa wilt please the moet fastidious, and guarantee to their guests every comfort and luxury, that can be found m any Hotel in the Uuited . Bute*. N. B ?Bathing Rooms are attached to the Hotel, where warm and cold water bath* will at all time* be in readiness. IlLNRY A CHARTER. i Pr??ri,lnM C. JAMES MAC LELLAn. \ F'?l>neto January 13th. 1M4. Jl3 Smre ENGLISH ADVERTISEMENT. T ONDON-ST. KATHARINE'S HOTEL, opposite the l-l 8t. Katharine'* Dock Gates, and nm the Royal Mint. THOMAS LENNEY, late Ctowl Steward uf the Britiah Queen Steamship, respectfully inlormt hiefrienda in the United States, that he lias the management or the abeve urw and elegant establish-neat, which is built and tuniished regardless of expense, and is in every respect adopted for the reeeppon of families and gentlemen visiting England. as the hotel fronts that part of the dock la which the liners sod most of the other Ame ricau vessels lay, and is within hve tmuutes walk of the Banl and Royal Kxcnange. The house will be eouducted on liberal and economical principles. The Co gee Room is auppliet with the Loudon. American, East Indian and Colonial papers. The Viands, Wines, fcc. are of the drat quail y. A good Billiard Boom and Warm Baths will be louud in the house (ientiemen may contract by the week or mouth for board, tic. on the same terms as in America. T LENNEY bees to assure ihorewho msy honor him with their patronage that nothing aha'I be wanting to render them comfortable, and by attention t" the wishes of his guests, hopes to merit that confidence and good will so liberally Bestowed on him when steward of the British Queen dlfr "FIRST PREMIUM DAGUSKKEUTYPKS. DLUMHE DAQUc-HRIAN GALLEKY OK PATENT * IMLM1UM COLORED PHil'lOG11APH8, *51 Broadway, abore Murray atrevt. New York?Awaided the tirsl orem um and h gh??r mouo' by American and Franklin luaiitu'es, orthe miislbe etifn colored Devi'tor eotypes tvrr exhilii ed. The I iSpr s'or having secured, bv let ers patent theetclurivs privilege 01 taking Col-rtd Daguer by hi" new proc >s lis reduced his P rm? 2.) per ceut Ladirs and Gentlemen KIS r. speeifuliy luviteo to call and raamii e lh- huga collection in the Oillcrv, wl ether ih*y contenpla'." ailliu? or out. Premm n Aptaratus Plates. Cases fcc., supplied at lower rates li n at any other place iu the Uuilrd States. m3 lm*ec UNITED STATES DAGUERR1AN GALLERY. 173 BHO.lDir.fiy, UP STAIRS, E WHITE would reelect uily call theat.enuoii of eitixena "ed stnu gers Tis'ti ? the city to l it .p'ro lid Collection of DAGUKHHKO T* BE PORTRAITS, single, o* iu grou-a tr-im two t fourteen renins in the same plate, which, in be&nly and accuracy ef delineation, cannot beiurp sted. Portraits laken in ell kiuds ofweath'r, either wi h oi wuhont colors; the p -ices uf which he his irdoced to those charg d by the mes. in x - rieuced in the business. The American Instituf, at its late eihihition, awarded Mr. Wmte the fiiat premium lor the be t DigueracetYpe likeness (fir gionpii'K and general effect), * hit h is but another pi oof of the superiority or his poitiaits. Mr. white is the sole agent in New York lor the vrry au|>erior imrorted German Camer is: end at no oilier establishment in the City or State can they be obta'ued. N B?Imported German Cameras; also French a"d Ameri ran Iuatru vents ef the very best uuility, 1'iates, Cases Chemica's, Polishing Mat'rials, fcc, always on land, for sale at tne vrry lowest pricrs. fit 3m*m GOLD LKAF REMOVAL. rPHK SUBSCRIBER has, (in eons q ieuce of being undark mined iu ' rent" by smne "gentleman" Gold Beuter.) removed his Gold Leaf Factory to No. 03 IIE.WE STREET, Onlv three door, from his old stand, when he is confident his old friends will follow. Besiquihtv l ent st'i Gold Foil. J. L. WAUOH, ml 2w*ec Practical Gold (esur, No 91 heade street. ENGLISH BONNETS, MILLINERY, Arc. JUST RECelVeD AT J L*ON H, 37 'oho sireet, and W Maideu Lane, a splendid a*s"itmriu ol K.NOLI-H HON: NETH c 'touting i f super Piiejii, line Hollands. Alb rt I Brvi?,Jic Sic A'so, an r lega it assortment of Tuscan-, Rib- ' bam, Si kt, Flowers, end evriy other article n ihe u illliiary in*. Millinen and odiers are respectfu ly 'uvit'd tocsll a-d iiamine he above. The e oglish Hau ar the cl'arrit end be?t in the ran-el. All the above will b.v eold et wholesale or retail, at 36 Maiden Laue and 37 Julio stunt. J LYON. N. B.?The Bailment of 36 Maiden Laue to 1st?p-uae sion given immediately tn'J lm'- c TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS. DM. FEYHKH It CO (lately removed rum the corner ol William and John, to No. 60 John e'reet.) offer for eale on liberal terma. wholeeale and retail, the follow ingai tides, received by recant arrivals ? Berlin beet Zephyr Wonted?the moat complete aieortmnot in thii country. Canvass. for Embroidery, of cotton, (ilk and woreted, in all widths. Berlin Embroidery Patterne?of the rhoiceat ?nd neweat dea Ciiptinu; Kmbroidenee, finished and commenced on velvet, ailli, woreted and cotton, worked in the muil tasteful Pariaim style Taaeela for Hair Dreaaea, of (old, ailver.and ailk and tine-lied; Braceleu Combs, Hair Pius, and a large variety of other (want ful Paris Kanev Articles. Purse Ornaments?Steel, gilt and silver Beads; Bogle's Purse Twist, plain and shaded, in stie1 a and spools Embroidery and (lower Ch'inille, oi silk d ine al and la. Alao, Fringes, (Jiraoa and Cord a-d Tassala. imported and o( their own roaonfa'.tnre, of gold, silver, silk, Ike. all colors and widths ITT" Branch Store at 369 Broad war, (formerly 437 Broadway.) 7 linne UMBRELLA rv SLEEPER, BROTHERS,? NO. 136 MARKET STREET. PHILADELPHIA, Anticipating the i*?iv l of busiurts iwt increased thiir stock ard maunfacluriog opera*inns so as to rival the greatest es ah ishmei ts < n the globe Purchasers uiay rely on being supplied with any qua tily ai d q nlity of I'MBKKLLAS, PaKAHoLH ArsD SUN shades, iueludm r the late Parisian style Beiug detenu ned not to succumb to the present severe competition,their go ds air offend at llie luw-it endurable advnra oa the real cos while coustan Iv tne al-rt tu introduce improvements in sty e, material and work na ship, the stock will always comprise 'he must fashionable aud liesl mauufauturrd goods in the tnarkit. m3 Iw re GAYLER'S UNION SALAMANDER SAFES. Cj G4YLKH luveot-r and Par<n?e, i?.J Sevrrgl t lousauda if Ostler's l'at?nt hire PiOuf Book Pafes, of all sixes from 400 to 10,600 lbs. <a* h Lave heeu in use during tl e last fourteen years and not one has t auy time failrd to pr.erveits aontents when exposed to lire \i_;r'y one bunded have been very seveirlv t-stcd In t"*egr. at lire of H3i abost f rty - ere iu use >u tlie distri t, and we e, as tne eertinente.affirm. as ninth exposed to tie i ten-i'y of that fire as ihey would have be- a in <ny st *r- at ihat time yed; bat MoT ONE |N8TAi?CEof f iln e l as at any lime oc cuned h'rom long ei[>erieiice and tteuti >n o th rff els produced bv (Ire ui>on 8af s, the pa'ent'e has been en ibled to make ssi-h improemeou that ha with full confidence re *ommend his (Tni"U Aalamaude- Book Miles, ss beyond all doubt pr-of against the action of fire, toe fr in da npnrss, and sr-oug enuuvh Pi saltan any fall or picsur-to which they can be exposed in the bnr.iiug of a at -te I h-y are so ?><n struc ed as to combine iwn per'eit Inu Safes united one with in the othe , in sn< h a manner thtr the inner Safe cannot be al fected by anv h-?t to which ttie out?v "ne may be exposed? achSsIs is made of nar and plate iron arid the must per'tct noneoudnrt ng s rbstao-es and ha an inn-r and outer door, each secured by a sn 'able luck Auassorimeot uf Oat ler's sin-le and Dnnhle Mala * and' r Safes Also his Pat -nt Double Males and Hales of all de criptiom of his m mu'icrure, for sal at all pricis, from $<3, b? h i agents in this eity, vix 8 Ely, I rul nn street, n *r Gold street; A K. Moon. 131 Pearl, opro- I s.t? Pl-tt street; Brett It Backns, 13 Maideu I me, and by the I ratcum t/ J. ?A> Lt.n.M e unon airee-, near < told Iron Htfep, Sneei# Ch?t>, Imp Doom, kr. mad* to order D lrn*rre NEW PATENT SOLAR AND LARD LUMPS. WiiKtv k IUUOHWOU r, Ml Br alw y. ?.< aid rr i> ctfully incite (b n f-c-.d-a d cat uinrri man loep-cnoi cf 11#w |i*teet article ? f L -id l.amp t ? fir r nf which ?r-now t > tni' IT i d to t'c pontic. Me-?r- W lill willeghibit. ? n rn i dun g tip inoalh nf Mticn, ? ca-ieiy if t <ote L*'d H ill' L mp-.a- a buri.ii g L nl, roinr o~?a Wfinle O.I 1 h ?e l.vmpa tv mid* ov celebrated mint fv in era, 'niurliua St Co , nud tnfore flr'ina 'h-m 10 the public th-y hare tuna ubin t rd, lor thori ugh nm u lion. In ncomii Ilia- f ?ci III fi g'utleui u attache 10 the I i?ti nte I P ni.avlranit wh hoc rrp ite top' the c it of urd in linroii g thrpe mpi ia.b u' ?q ml to ih- e<iat i f tierm ol it 10 eeoti |>-rgpllo . t"<l here tiren their np?rt in f.vnr of hLara.', u b'i g th- mnt aupenor lad t.amp that ha coma nude theii no lice. Thia, I' gether w th the gh aiand ng of t'em-ui"fac Iireir, i a .11IT1 i.-nt guarantee thai it ia'lie in nt nup-rmr L-mp, all lh nga c na>den-e, , on iu ?ae Til lit ;uer in which thee l*m..? are coiat'ucted ii anch that enh-r l-rd nr ml m ly b u eg aid cm ti-kp I- or h r without i h Ira.t t oufilA *e I made and |irrf ct I-m with g od el hand chum ?v, wick fcc , toat wi1' 1i-i fe1 m n y ar , can he old for IWo do lara and fifty c nt-. and will glr- iwc- thli. hi 1 fan ordinary eat- I cm W It II ha.a ro nt I fid uc arrtngrine t< w 'h t' e m nufietu eri Ii it they are now ' receiyp g <dd n< if m-ny nr r p tt rut ti their pieaeit ' Inr.e - rin.ect, a d will reil at more teie< 'the r.t"a thai at 1 ai y honaa II the r ty. A full eauttm -ol 1 f all t in foil'vrn.g arm I ? will ?lao be f- tn d at 'fie r ah .w r m iiu : (>a , 1 il md c? dl-l.'h nidel era, Pe "*a' t-. -rlantal Light*, Brack-ta, p rt-ble i ur era, L?utern . lie (I a do ra, t a-d. 1 b'aa Br u k't lit .drlcra, Wal' Br eketa, "iia.eiui g Solar II cheia, t haudel era and Produti, a n-w art'fle f 9 lar H de l.ainpa Ala.-, Pi t- and Jtpinned (Ii da. Cutle y, and k'iiin Cat 1 tiln-a. c. m ria u? tha be t aaai>rtm> nt iu the U. ited rtatea. 1 m? m ec 15ATMS AT TMK MI-OMK HOTKL. r'K. proprietor - f 'he ?b re ?ethb i?hm 0' woulu inf rnn th? public and the]"eiite'a nl tha Inure'at lh- II. Iihare bmu c'o ed anme time for the | urpoar ,.| rrfitti g -i d 1 at ting th m in p-oper ori'er. and they are now aim dantly a-i| p't- d wiih the Cruton water, g od atte a. d eery otOe ieq lift, prom te h alth and comfort, aa ' will o|-e" upc the lat nf March ueit. Lfilrauce iu Bro? way th'opgh tit hotel andio New alrnrt K BLANCAHD fM Im'rc I HOOTS AND SUM'S AT U HOLKSALK. A LARGE ASH 'HTMENT nf the abort named ariclea v m y be h-d t the Mu.uftcierrt'a Dap-a, No Md I-art at. New Y rh A - ong thoae on haad may be fourd iu par: tl a folio wag, ViV a'kRoya'fip pagg'dBoota Me ?' k R - a' Thn k Brogana 1) 1 do O and H-al do Do do Kip P-g.etl do I) do ruinn Hole do D > do do Sewed do n? do lie f Welt do Do dr t all do do 1 Dodo do Calf do D d> do 1 rgred d> Dol'alfH wed do l)>dirnnphule do D" Stoo' I egged do Do do Goat -n-' 9'tl do A-.d a great rarlety f fficia'i i-a a, and fit il-lre ' Beaki-a, Boo eea h ipit ra, kr fce?. prggtdaed tewed; toge h' er ?it 1 a te ertl aaaort i e t of Palm l eaf < d l.rgbor.i h?ta. f'ounry merehanta aad O'Her-are inriied to call a-i-r ntraina All aolrt low f r cam or citt aeeeptaucea OaLE k CO . No ?' Pearl a'cet Bit Im'er U S H' tel Buildn g. N V TO C0N8UMER8 OF LIVERPOOL COAL. I IVKHP'HiL I OAL VaBD-H PrR CrtALDK N. I< untilfitrthtr ntlitt. The tabarrib t in end* firing kit parlievlra attention to the rarehaae aiirt aa'e r.f 1 he above t 'ouanmera of Uvotytool Coal a a ii r ted to "all on the b atp .her nef-ire purchasing altewber- aa he i pr- ate I to aall at tmaU vro/Ui. t. wTORES DlCKEHsoh-, I la* rrc No. MT Aatboay at, wear Broad war. MIRROR LIBRARY. We h?vf loin * uhed lo have, for our o* u library, a uniform d.Moa of our furrt'itc eu'hnre. lu thta |rr|iiiuui wor'd, honaml may Unit together what one cannot hal t alone, anil .a wiah ur iead r. Ij Join live u. ur c.rl'U litirar* iy having on* 1 k? il t' eaaaeWaa. By Una i-ombi alionmaran iay ii chwp?'that p to ?ti a book of |>orini which e .? ? a lol ar h're a diw dtllari in London w can hi*. for a ahil ug)?aud iue'ead of a hifKlrdy-..ii(*ledy shelf of hooka one hurt and nu? tall, one I t and one thin *( m iy hira it em of uc 11 m nerricil a ape. beautifully piintcl. and bouinl lo . or odtourli in*. You wil'trail our la te to a-lrc . itia booka, nd we w II throw T' u iu, :u a p a'uer, what ?a k uw of huthor. and what we Pu. k ol hie wvrka ; and f r our trouble u pro f- epilog. puhiishp g nicl'iw inn forwarding ?? will U' our.elvea oat of that l.iU* un-missad <Jt?1 ficm.d sbill.ig We luwmibl, arrived at t'-is idetby wry till d steps pVr 'n?d in vain for t ears, to find publisher who would u.ilerteke a now edition i f onr puems?ilwsgli thry wor c'in I tel 'out i f pnni, audHoegh (it WBril to usl thrrr *? a Vinrnd or them wh ch might j ify thredtiou. Agi nit due- w - thought we might at 1* at furnish our frivnda on in n read by pu fishing thtm iu an extrt of tie Mirror, lor a rice that wo"ld just nay the expense of p inline and circulating To "?r no small aatoni?hu.eut t'e urdsra for lh<ra ta oc u so rapidly whi'a t ey wrrc in press, that we pu il'shid a cry lir?e rdiliou, which ia alill selling frrely, and it th-u ocurrrdti ua very ra urdly that one if two things luiul be ru? -.?either the p?b ishers were perfect cormorants aa to the irofi'a ih-y expsei- d from b ??k?, or else ihev were net al ways ufallibl- ju l*e? aa tJ wfat wrks would t'll. 1 ha o?.t hi light waa an may one. O-u'd we uot, out of our own het er judgment and smaller expectations ut le proJU. pub'i-h ia liaudaouie at d c eip ed t out f othrr aulli ra. whose works a ere uot, now.eaaiiy Come at I " Let ua try !" aaid Kutrr rite. Before arriving at thia idea of the Miauou Linnaav, how >ver. we had inade arrangements to republiah iu the aaine cheap Win, other work* of nur own that were aa much cill-d for is he Poems?iu ahort all lha Paosi. VVoMKaof N. P. Willis -your humble avrvaut of tliia present writing, dear reader!)? !)ur dear ally, Ueneral Morria. had alao rxtio-duced hit popu ar Sonus anil Ballads, which have sold with the same elecric rapidity a? the others Clur " Letters raost Uinta a 9ridor"* will be ready in a day or two,t aud Pencilling* iv the War are io rrepam'ion and will be issue ) in a week ir two The advertisements will duly announce all these. We ennld s?y. en passant,, of "Peniiinuge," that only one-third f them have rter been re-pu'dialled, either heie or in t'.ngland. Che first Knglish edition (the fifth edition is now selling well u London) waa printed from a broken act of the eld Mirror, iliieli had foun1* its way out there, and the author being absent n France, even that impellent copy was much reduced bv the iroof-readers. The Ainericau edition {long -go on' of print) vaa a liural copy of this incomplete hngliah one,and now, for he first lime, " Peucillmgs by the Way" will be printed in n i indaome aud comp eia edition. Of course, dear ieader|we did not intend tka fur sumption the Oeueial a. d I) of putting nur own works at the beginning f a 'Library of kivoiite Authors " T his is explained above. But w? ill ill so arrange it, by giving you au extra titlepage, hat you can bind up ir letve nut, ua or i them, at your pleasure. Kach author will be separately paged, aud we shall an arrange it .hat whatever you select >rom .urrepublications will bind into hi integral and handaom' volume. Til re are now lea Iv, theefore, I e following 1?" The Sacred Poems nfS. P Willis," UK cvats. 2?" Poems of Passionbv N p. Willis," 2K 1?" The Lady Jane, and other Poems," by N. P. W !2K 4?' The Soilg? and Ballads of O P. Monms " t2>4 i?' 'J'he Little Frenchman and his ll'ater /?f? and other Tales,\f his Times," by O P. Mon-1 lis : lllus rate i by Johns on, the American c >i ksh enIch 12K 6?" The Songs and Ballad' of Bakht Cornwall," ad ubl- numb r, 21 7 letters from Under a Bridge " by N. P. Willis, 'fhe nly comn'e? 'diiion ever pnhli hed. A doubl* number. 23 I?'' The Kococco. No i"?contaiun g thre i f the must d lie us P ems ever written, in :?I lie " Culprit Fay," bv Josi.rn R. Drark ;"Lillian ' bv W. M I'Raed : and ' St Jlgnes' Kvt " by louts Keats With notes by N P Willis, UK 9?" The Ilocorco, *o. II"?lontainiug fhe entire "P ems," of William < oatk I'inrnet w'th a Riog'aphtcal Sketeh b' the late William Luigeti, Kin . aud Original Notes by N. P II it.lis I2K 10?"' /-ocs t of the .luge's, an Eastern llnmance," bv Tiiomas vIoohe UK II?" The Irish Melod rs and Sacred Song," of Thomas Monas:. Uoablenun bur. 2} The follow ua worki tre ne-rlv rtndv for pitbiicat on, vix: 12?** The Rocom, No III containing the Angel of llio W-irlu bv the R t ffr.oanr. <-roly, and tli* ' Story of tha Run ui ' by ttnoi Hunt. With Votes prepared lort i?eiit on, 12X IS?" The Song* and Halladt"1 of biuiLci Dibdin, (th? nurd bf Poor Jack,) wth a Suipleuient, confining ( mil giving to the right nuthonla law Nan ictl Pones. which, from their I input re character, and tleir inevitable trull and b-iHnen.-h re Iwn a'tbuiei 'o dubdin. With a Memoir and Nctus to thii first American editn I2X H?" The National Jlirt, Legend' -ry Hallaili and Mitctllaneoua Poems" uf ihoun Moore. W ilh N- tea and riticiren I).mole number.' ?J In addition to'he abive ' I he P rmi' cflhe Hon. Mra. Nonton, ncil a veral otner r.h rnning wroika are in p.eaa, will foim naitof the vimnoR Lihuahv. We hare rouror five gem? to follow theae, * hich we are aure will equally ileliqh'. and aurpriae onr re id ra and the public ite ner.'lly. We will noi iiainetlirm now. Oneoitwoot ihem are books * e alinoat made a s"i ret of p assess ng? hey were so rare, so iuraluible, and so imputable ta replace. We can vetitme 10 promise. that, (leasing nurowu works aside ) no ser es of uuifortn lite ature n ihe Lngu.ig will be hoiier, or bett-r w rth possessing at any price? let alone a ahilting j To our subscribrrs ?ewiah m say that we shall | ublash in our L'hrry seres nothing which wilt again appear in Ihe New Mirror. The New irior its. If, ?e are confident wil' be a aa'uable portion of the Lid ary? of ihe tame s AC no4 -ha e, and coiiiainiud, of course, the best furgili e I te 'lure that w can choose cr pror ure. Ihe Aew Mirror is our pride. We shall ip re no 'ahor npuu it. and it shal1 be woitli of the cona'ell itiou to which it is the leader?if we know how to make it so And now. dear eailer, let us commend to yoar yurcha e and presenting the Mir'or Library?for, by abilities ihus eipruded without aue reeling of sacriAce, yon wll gauua'ly creste a P-radis? i f delicious rea mi g into whii h ) on can retreat when you would be rid of car" or weariness. The above woks rave oat bien issurd at Ex rat of the New Mirror an" eg" be bound ei'her with or without it I hey are beau ifu ly rri'led. of a umfo-m aire, and may he had on applie tiou t the publishers. They r tent by wail to all quarter if'he eounlr., at the uaaal ii-W'|mper | oalsge Single copira 1214 centa?ten copies for one dolla . for sale, wholesale or retail, by MORRIS, WILLIS k CO No. 4 Ann street, New York. The "Lrttera from Under the Bridge" were wiitten in n secluded g eu of the vaRey of the Sw queliauuah. j he author, alter a-teal tears residence and travel abroad, nude th re, as he hope*, an altar of lifr-tiine tranquillity for h a h u ehold f;ods Most o' th- letters were written in the full belief ie ahru'd ,'??a there ill-remsind- r i.f his davs. Ineviiab'" n. cessi'y diove him again lulo active metrop. lila > life, .-nd the reHirnihrance nf ih t enchanting iute-v-l if re.ioae and lural pleasure teems to him now likeT ti.e bj. a dream. As niciur ing tru y th" toniur of his own niiud and the i atural fl.w of his though'a during s brief enj >yinentuf the kind of life shore Inst suited to I i- dirpn ition as ? ell as to his better nature, the book it interesting to hiu se f and to tlione who I v? htm As pictu iug faithfii'e the charin ?f nature and sec'us i n after years of ton treated life in the gayest circ'ei of thega est lines of lit" world it inay beeu'i' Us t the reider. ] Since published?.?e printed list a ove. f 26 Iwecu Itw- r C I \MKS vTo rV AT F m Br adwsy, publish Thii J l)ay, Animal Magm t am, or M'nu-rism?;ts Historv, Phenomena, and present Condition?cootsinicg Practical luitructious aid the Larett Discoveries m the Science : By g Wi ll a 8'iliplerrent, containing new and impor U"t fact", now A ret published in the United Stales : By l e?. chtuncev Hare Tow s ?ud Alio ne? Mr thr M.dni Standad Drama, No. 1 ; loo l'"i[ dy b T N. Tt'f urd Piter 11* r< nu. Nrw an'ply ofih'Oionibua of MoU-ru II .imnc? couUising ai> n pnl >rn or a c m Irte in wnr vol. for *3 ceata On Tuurulav will br publiahrd, Fazio, a tng-d, by Milmati, bring * o 2 T r M d? a Drama. No. 3, by Bnlwar, will apprar on Saturday. n 3 3 're FOR LITERAR Y INSTITUTIONS AND PUBLIC AND PRIVATE LIBRARIES HOMER'S ILIAD in Srvcu Langnagm, a highly hnnhrd rditiou, pun I it ord at Flotrucr, (Jul.,) GREEK Ta.X I', ooi.ta mug a iterl Latin trmualatinii by Hayur, e M-mc il Vrraioo in the Latin lmga?ga, hy Cuni.'h. in tK? Itali u by Moult, i-i th. Grraan by Vote in the Ki.glith by Poor, in thr Fnruch by Aigu-a.aud in tht Spaniah by Garcia Malo Thia work romprir tweutv-f nr unrn rrs, loriaing two handaumr quirto voluinrs. Each uumbar conrai a a aupvrb Kd| ariL'g d-aiauad by Prufraaor Ncnriui, from Floiwer 1 hr price of e?eh oninber it $1 3fr?two nnmbara to br pahliahed tnouthlv. r~^ Subacriptions received at Mr. RICHARDS' OfBcr. 74 Liaproard atrret, eoroer of Broadway, orrr the Nrw Yora Lyinun ft lm*re TO THE BEAU MONDE. TIIE NEW STYLE OF HATS, AT Hill;WATER'S, SO. 3 09 BROADWAY. f *T lw?m BOARu WAX TED? Krom lai Ma ?In a prirat* I mily. ware thrrr will be no olh r b"ardrra by a amal I foully, Cnn*iat"ig of a g ntlr iiau an ' hit w ife, audit ngh'rr, about trn trara f if ; uaoiy umtc tlemaa. a id hi* brother about 13 vea a of uu? hr gent'e" an b? ng a commander of a European P'lkf HI I n reaarilv hr bae it about rigtit lO'Ui'ha of lha year, ai.d he young eeutl m,n will it'nr on Amd ya on'\ ? will for,.iah ih-ir own ipaitma it I.'ir ttion in'h- hbutioidof K ik Place or ?Vgrrrn ittrr and not above Walkvrat. and nr. r Broadway Addrraa U ,t 733 Park Puat Ofli e P 3 3 'hi INSTRUCTION. A FRENCH I,* HY l' a ciu th* Fien h and G man Liu nance. V4" je, P aim borte, a d any kind ol h ndwork. den rra o fi d a tuat on < a goia nr?? of rhi dr n Sh. c<u prra ol the brat rrcontnu-nd l una ' br baa b n or twn yeira at th* "pun h Ambi*?ado'a. ai d ravea hia h "?ron t'>r krMiiI ol' th a g-utl-m-iii g i g to Eur 'ir For ^u tb r inform lioi, "pplv to Mr. SL al'GlllOX, Spain h Coh.ul, l.rou.d It r, N. . 113, ad of Mr I'INIr.i X, No. tiin Bra'way. mlfaw Iw're A3 , b ' U Mtr Ni HnA> baring lakru hia daurar> iu thr (Joivrml, of Paua, dcarra to tl . d ? rraprc'able lauiily to take fin of tbe children'a aducat ou I Ir c tu trarh French La'in, Orwk, Mat' rinaiica, rlnnrnl* of Matte, a. d gru-rnllt rrrrv thine 'cqiirrd for a Complrtr afueatiwn Apply at M Br*dralrari u Im*rrr F\ i KIT SHIP LOCI-VI L" from Nrw (),lr,.a 7. d arba'tin at "r rana whaif. fiut ol Wil'at lii eailiiaw by thia >hip a ill plraa at r, d t tharctiptof the r gnoda im mauiatrly t?3? ryail t LOT IF.?8?A < nnng oiau ?h > ha ha? c U i4v ,. I A >t -nr. re in roiling f ,h onabl taaiora Work, la d nmua iif> lit lining . aitu-ti-n n a nape tah'e rat blirhmnit whrr urn. tn - ork > manaf.ctarcd A lioa addr-avd to N y p lite Ha.aid lilt, ?|l| weal r tfnti.n md ll'rr 'I'O M M'HI v IrTS?Foi aa.e, a D m Ma Geared H i r rth . 1 liricli II n ehra 'luai aoeira. doubla a 1'r-r, t w ll tarn tbnut ait fe-tlin f Apilyt' R HOE k ' n , ml liar: C<mer Broonr and th. iff hardware 1 O C ABK 8 "El all'a" and rade'?" pal-nt (an bit Hort lixtju do btiakt ' r'M, Ho< ka and binaa Ik di aenuine Sbr??r d Auvi'a ( t ih' redarrd prior.) A'eo. Hooka 'tid Pin a, Saur pant and T?a ' III", im Ta, and T k'a Sp na V,c*a a.a., Eilra Id.-rTo'lt, Vm. Po'krfand labia Kniraa, Parcaaaion Ca|t. k' ?.' * cat al - hy OHN A. NkWBOl ID. a3 iCa'm no I h ' BRITI8H MPCCIk ll.~Patro itrd ih I egh r rig... d and * ' ?ue>? A c^ru ^ O'i?of>n<nt, * . with ut any dinger ol lakirg e-,d o' aaetw a on mm b?tt ne a ; plaaa-n* to thr t< tr ud frre (tarn 'Bjnry ?n aaiat nrjih rm itery > r iatimrmr For aale ?" J H H !? eomer B'.adw.y anlCb mbrr. I h.atrorr eornrr Brtv mr and B-.wrry : a d III Fa on "ran Bt -i yn and w'ralea-la at Jit It It MtKewen, 1*7 Madru lane. N T. I* im*m TWBW EDWARD LIPPOLD, MO 104 WILLIAM MTRMMT, M&JIR JOHN, H(UP BTAIKS.) AH HECKJVED. V? lata arrival*, ud offer. lor H>?ZEPhVR WOKhTEU?B?#t Brr^io uuvlitr. ia UmmmC una- onnaat. by iha bal?. or is ?ra-L quuiiiDa*. TAILS THY w6ltSTEU-Baal Bartia. for Kimt * * U>( !<H1Nh WOH?TKD-A bow ttjrla. ra/i-HU aoaliriaB. iiii? Silk, Cotloa, Limb, of all aullki *m4 EMBROIDERY PATTERN*?Ol.U make* um) unnbai, 10 vBiirv mrm <U*\f .ud tha nchm .aieciiau. EcibroidanaB commenced Aud nnuhtd. ui treat Yi*wty. PURSE T W ISI'h? iimcb, Eagluh oil Ba-lia, ?di?dad aid I'Uiu tmSH *"d 'brviata Cord*. FLUSH illLK8~F reuchaud (irrmAD PUK8K ORMAMfcNTS?Gold Bilvr ard SihpI BtAii, 8. eel Gold and Hlver Bujrlen, C'ordt. brudtaad Thread. FkINOlS AND GIMPi?Of ail nfi?? colon im ported from the beat Kuropetui maaufActurea md rrcctTtcg u?i? AOiipliiA by ever* iteanrr. (OKI)'*. TA8SK L8 of Hilb. Wart tad and Celt**; Lmm Ttg??l?, Perforated Pwper, he., Itc. I 13 \m9m ARK. JOl/n BUUKS, rArEMS ANlf EVIDENCE! OK DEBT SECuRvD A0AIN8T FIRE 1??Kv?y prudent man stares his goods from fire: ud who cui dray that it i* at' quite u important to has* safe d-p"tit<>ry lor his book' od volnahle pniwra T All bailors" uses should sits this iip riant subject due nllrct-ou. sad inform them-el ran whs- ,fe it the best protection again, t (uu and bars Ian; and iff jfisd las is nnivaraqlly achi ewlrdged) th?t Use Snlimnw? j the beat, thru decide whether ran will purchue ol the a abo nays the patentee for the right to furnish the public iilh an artic'e warrauled gannine.aud has aerer betray-d the coutidruce of those who hare trusted their property to th-ir son krrping, or porchaas of those who imitate the real article, rioUlKiu of the paleul law, lor which salts |are now peudtaf. Th? genuine Wilder'a Pataut Kiro- Proof Bala>000uer ttsw can uuly be hud at the Iron Safe Warehouse sad Fvotary af ^ hILAS C. HERhlNtf, I3? Wateraweat. N B ? Several pood second hand double dales, mane by C. J. Onylor, for sale at leas than ooe half o' first coal, having beea received in |*n paymeut lor the real Saiatnandse lt? Imdltwrve t^OK BALE 20.00b dolW'i worth of China.Olaas and EarthA cuwnre, fiotn the shelves and in yackaget, atttie storm Ne. PU lltt Avenue aud No. ft] S.h comer 23d tines, chaapcr tliau ever part now landing of the newest Pa terns, all 1 heap for cash. Country' tu-rchan t and groc-rs aud retaliate will do well to evil aud tavr 20 per cent; also, cutlery, kairas aud loike. peu knives, d rk kaivei, t-.ble and teaspoout, 34d brass clock", opaa and in eases, brat nf liqn <ra. JO par cant chaper tnui auy house in the cit,. Toll the opper part of tlio Hh "torv house corn-r 23tl street and Ith Avenue, cheap to a food leuaot, possession imineditte'y, and no cha'gr to 1st May. iiiqui e of THOMAS McSORLEY, I2'r I in in No. 170 Ith Arruue Comer tilth street. CLOTHING MANUFACTURERS. r|'HK suhscrihrrt would laforia merchauts visiting the eity, A who wieh their own goods manufactured, that they art prepared to mai afactare every description a. ' lnlung. From their being accustomed to manulaetnrr for the Sout!>eru and Western markets for the last twelve years, th y feel confident, with the large number of bands in their employ, to get up a stock at short notice and with entire satisfaction. MANN It McKlMM, 23Caimiaastreet. ?/" Knickerboeker Stages past close to the stora ^18 3in * rrc "WTLTL 1 A M T. "JENNINGS Sc CO., DRAPERS AND TAILORS, NO. 331 BROADWAY, AMERICAN HOTEL. (OPPOSITE THE FOUNTAIN.) COLICIT sttentiOD to an invoice of NEW GOODS roO eeivrd per last steamer, direct from our agent iu Loudon, consisting ol Clotha, Catsimeres in v.rioos new styles, splendid Silks and Satins for drvma Vests, Merino, Velvets, he., with a large a* sort meal of rich Silk aud Satin Scarfs, Cravala, llaudkrrchiels, Oloves, Suspenders, Dratsing-robns, kc. We would suggest to oar patrons that from this additional facility, we shall be able to supply them at an early date with all the oovel:,ea of the London and Paris markets, aud sustain tlie reputation of the establishment for the moderate prices whicn have elicited so liberal a patronage since the adoption ad the ready money system, by which we ara nu bird to furnish J[armenia at from Id to It per cent less dim formerly?* estate in the establishment, which must commend it to utoaa requiring articles for immediate a>c it die addition to onr stock of an assortment of first quality READY MADE GARMENTS, iuct iding Snrtonta, Cloaks, Dress and Frock Couta, Pantaloons and Vests, he. JaAl lm*ac TO TAILORS. STINKMET8' NEW AND COMPLETE HY81EM FOR CUTTING every kind of Fashionable Umrmeatnow in vogn*. it ready for delivery. As tbe rrputa.ioa ol the suthc as a fitshiouable cutter is too well keoau to require newspaper comment, this system ii with confidence ollered to the trade?not as a mere theoretical invention (or sp-eulativu,) but as the moat practical and complete work eve 1 published on this sulject It it the retail of msnv yarn eiteotive and taihirxusble practice in New York and Paris, and will be found to contain such ample, r'ain and precise inst uc iooa, as to enable every stndenl to cut with ease and certainu, all the various styles of garments now worn, both in Europe and America Thiasvatem cannot be affet ted by 'he fntum etiaiigea ol fashion, aud is recommended to the profession as a standard work, end may be oota'ued of the author, 03 Cedar 1 trust, and can ha fore arded 10 any part ol the United Mtates Alto, complete sett of Patterns ?f the v rions sty lea of garments cut t sack sues aa may be required, and warran'ed to with evseand elegance. P? tm*ee ' WILLIAM PETTET, DRAPER AND TAILOR, 00 FULTON STREET, NEW YORK. IS now prrpared to furnish all who may favor him, with their orde a. For the cheapuess an ' darabil'ty of hit work, and saving thirty per teot, he offers for their consideration the following list ol p ices: ? Sniwtiiw Dress Coats, from $10 to Id Casaimere Pants (10 I eancr rata Bank Coats l,M li i,N Fersous furnishing thai' o?n milrrit'i?makngand trimming in the nantr t manner at the folio wiug price* Coats from M to I P nfs and Vests I to l.M Naval idiI Military Urifornu made in the bast style. N. B.?Clothing inadef-r the sonUiern and wes era nsrteti with n atnr- ard despatch A share oi the pub ic patronage is solicited. fH Jm*re_ ~CHt:Al'"CASH~TAfLOKING ESTABLISHMENT. 304 PEARL hTREET, ' ATE 0? BEEKMAN '"PHE snbtcrioer. well known for the ch apmssa'id durability *- f his noik, ae iiei to mloim his nations, end the pallia, i hut h* is now, to soil the eronoinica' tend-ney of the Pmee. maki g sarnie .ts ol'he very best q slit" at a redact on of M pa. cen' from foimrr priies. and less, it is brli red, bv 20 pee cei.t, tliau varments of the sa > e qaa'ity are m d.* by ihe chrae hoasf. iu this city lo order that geollrmru ma" aiidarsUad ? h-t is e ra- I b- chetp esa, the f >' owi..g bill O' price* is snbm tied fi their cons de elioti. with * g l'-ai the goods shall b? of th" 0 st rale quality, a'ad the Hi ui.pii; piiouebV:? Su|ierior Wist of Engl md ' loth Coats M to 1C Pun s of hlaea or d >u de-milled Cassnaere 3 to T Vests of Bilk. ?alin, Ac ....... is, to 4 Making and Trimming in the beat atjle, at ibc following prices: ? Coats tlK to I l'snt? and Vests IH to IK Superior Bearer Orercoata, fun U u> 2b ai Im'm SHIRT MANUFACTORY, AND GENTLEMEN'* EIJRNIHHINW BTOHE, 4ICJ MAIuRN LANK- Just r-eeirrd. the Isle l acd most "v approved I'trsih pattern Shirts. A gsnenl assortment of ehpts, Under liarmaoU. Hoiseri, Carat. IItodkerchi-fs. lit. Shins and Under Oarmeuts made ap to order and repaired at short none Aiso on hand a general arsoriineut of Ready Made Clothing, which will be sold at the following pricea, ?ix : ? Over Coeds, from $* to It Sack do 4 to Kniek do MM 14 press do I to 14 Pants | to I Vests I to 4 All made of the best materials and eat in the modern style. Per sous famishing their own materials can depend agon having them made ib the beet manner, at the following prices :? Over Coats, made and trimmed 9* to MM Dress do do do T to 10 H fTuck do do do I to i* M Veats and Pantaloons, II S Is 1 71 mrl I m* ec SCOTT'S BAZAAR, nW HTHl'KT Namher VI tmfwaen Rmaieir sad Lf Oreenwieti SANOH SCOTT rr'nrus hii am' siseer* I thanks to hu f'leud* and the public at larae for the lib* ill rupp?rt reraieed .roe* hcopaosd llw abo-a house, and hopaa by ih* same itrict attention to merit a continuance tnereof The qaa'iu*a of hit Ale*. Wia*a, Liqaon and tiaui, in ton wrt k own to need eoaimaut. A larva assortment or RafraahnMBta to ba bad at all boon until 12 at night, anch anil rel lit-oka, Poached Km, Sardinia Mutto Chops Cold Ham. Buckwheat Cakaa Krcd Kidneys. Cold Corn d Biaf, '.oflur and T*% il m mil Kgga, Picklad Tuagues. Wrloh Rasbits.M. Duh'in Bruwu-atout always on draught A good Dinner ol Roast or Builad Meat* Tor oaa ahilliag arm ry day Iroin onr to 'hie* o'oloca. anpplird wiih tha beat Seoteh and Iriah Whiikar. No h< use better supplied with Knglish Iruh, oaotch, Walsh and city Paper* Always tha latest possible naara by tha tkcam"a 1) ,od Kaoma for Prirale Parti** Claba, Maau una and ila farm- ea IIJ no # or REGULATE YOUR BAKER'S BILLS' THk. SlJBHClllltr R baa oiened a store at W Naarau ' alre-t, for the atlr ofl i* bo Wheat ityeandCorn ' i?ad. Alao. I'iea and I abet of all kind* Kamiirra a-iraJ at tb*if dwellings with Bread. tea and IV Cake* Cititeiu gen*r>lly will Had thi* a desirable plac* for laneh? Ana H ,ruied Hot offea at tnree eeuta. P<*a ol ail kinda at thran c-ula a pla e; C..ket. Har.dw ches lie. It*. All articlei are initde ap under hi* per* >ual auperTitinn. and he l ie l||M* lumanf that the * in rrrutla shall be u* d tha mar kri offers JNO. I. HALfcY. r 14 Im'ee BEKK-BKER?BOTTLES? BOTTLES. AN a> j u oied M en g ol tba Ron Bear aa<l Me d b restart At so I I KM, will b h-ld a' Millemon'a Ifl'b Ward Hotel, Br adw y b-tweei llto and iBth striata, on Friday, March Dili ,ii 7 P VI. |,ieri?. ly, and all pviaons rig gnl m t'rbau nro are ii,rued to a tend All prisons re eau.ioned against dealing la ar* property ba I >ii( ue lo md.v datla of tlwi Aasocit ion aa<l i lioeral reward will Irpaol or t"ch luf irm ttiou as ah-ll lea ' to ibedetecuaa an I conric'ion of my oua who eontiunaa * > to d t. dry urdar ol til - AasOci.tioa. J. .vHITT MO it*-.) D.I. II MSB *, > Burma** ( .immiore. I j. stonr, S O. TINKH \M. I Imirinna 8. White, Secretary. H f P. n.?Any information may be left at Dr. Biowa'a Br wery N o. J7' Bon rry. m 11 * * rr 'Pllr.M oanHll.k I'ltlbtlV'?Foi*.h a I- I ? frean im * i orted Pig-ona io'*iatiug oI black Mi"* dua ana whits Carrinrt a hi e an I pted ''ontrra. a are it r ir ety of I imlilrrs, Ol a I eo| ws; blue 11 I I He da , b .ck do, ail erf do. blank Bentd* hlne do and-llrer do; Almoi d 1'uniblers; lilark bin*. * ilnw and whit* do; .VI igp-ea and I'aiboita, of all tb* kuowa oiori? .*.*?. aqoan ityof rhe'ar famed A at warp Pigeon*. to justly ca' brated orlheir ea r .ordinary pn<**"d Hying long, and r* tu nii-g ho "r from almort mrre lihle d.ata.icea. cy.Und me -hem. a, ? Ke.-e.tme, r DOCTOR BELL. OK RKI.L crinliouia Ml lien te hi. a-uolina (dail-v *till P. ' ) ro the .rmo-al > f Pr Tate Donaae* * at*ry aug*. 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