Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 8, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 8, 1844 Page 1
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TH Vol. X., No. 08-Wholo No. 303S, PATERSON RAILROAD 'to Oi and after Monday, Oct. 2d, 1MI, the can will v*T* riTUIOR OlMT. Ltltl NUW JOB*. * A. M. A. M. 11)^ U.X KM. The Sunday Train* will be diacontinued until further noiee. . , _ i'runportation cart learedaily (Sunday* eieepted.) Paaeca ger* are advUed to he at the Kerry, foot of Courtlandt itreet, a few minute, before the atated hour- ol'departure jjrlS 6ro^_ WlruTKW. AKitAMIKMtNT?KoR. ALBANY. Via BHIDUBPOHT and ?aWt ,Mn fm HoL'tATomu U WuitKs f^^2jh*^3e!t.iLi,Boaiu, ally, bunday*_9B^B fctcepted j!99ESL Paaaengen for Albanybytliie O-oute will take the uew and elegant 'eamboat NIMKOD, Liipl J. Bronki, which leave. New York from foot Liberty atreet.Thur.dav'moniing at halfpaat C o'clock, for Bridgeport, thence by th" Housatonic and Wneteni Kailreau, without cliante ol can or baggage crate*, to Albany, arriving aame arming at ( o'clock. Kara through korpaaaageor Freight, apply ou board, or at the office, foot of Liberty atreet. O. ."A. PKRRY, Agent. litre. tfaaa- STATS,S'-AND flg&aOn and alter Tneedty, February *7lh, the boatawillleave u follow ?. until furt> er notice l.tait Stolen Island. Leave New York. At SX A. Al. At 9 A. M. in it ' 2 P. M. 3X P. M. S " J* N. It. On Sunday the boat will leave at II inetead of 12. fe29re ME IV YORK tir HARLEM RAIL ROAD CO. SPRING ARRANGEMENTS In order to accommodate the aud the ?esi. dents of York villi-, H> rUni and Westchester County particelaily. the Comi any will run their Cars, on aud after March 1st, 1814, in the following order :? Leave Citv Hsl) for Leave Harlem for Leave Williamsbridge HarlemkW'bridge. t ity Hall. for City H-ll. ? 10 A.M. 7 40 A. M. 7 20 A.M. 7 80 2 40 8 20 9 00 10 .40 10 20 11 30 1 20 P.M. 100 P.M. 3 00 P. M. 3 40 3 20 3 00 4 40 4 30 4 00 5 40 5 30 5 30 7 30 7 00 On Bnnday, if the weather is fine, the train care will run every hour. The City Hall and 27th street line will run as follows:?Prom 7 A. M e?ery ten minutes t'roughout the day until 7 30 P. M. Tne fitrs Nig4it Lire will run as lollow* :? Leave City Hall for 37th street, 0. 8 30, 9,9 30, 10, 10 31, 11,11 30 , and 2. Leave 27ih street for City Hall, 7 30, 8, 3 30 , 9 , 9 30, 10, 10 30, 11 and 11 30. Pernors wishing to commute, will find it their interest to do so, as i he fare in such caaes will be reduced Please apply at their office, No. 4 Tryou How, co'ner of Ceu're street opposi e the Park. WM. 8. CARMAN, f 27 aw^rc Secretary. ARRANGEMENTS FOR 1844. OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, 108 Pi lie street, corner of South. m. M: m. m THE subscriber begs leave to call the aiteution of ins friends and the public in general, to the following arrangements for 1841, fur the purpose of bringing oat cabin, 2d cabin, and steerage passengers, by the Regular Line of Liverpool Packets, sail ing the 1st, 6th, 1 Ixh, 16th. 21stand SGth of every month. By the Loudon Packets, to sail rem New Vork, the 1st, 10th and 20th?and from London on the 7th, 17th and 27lh of each month, . In couuactiou with the above, and for the purpoae of affording till greater facilities to passengers, the subscriber has established a regular line of test class New York built, coppered and copper raatened ships, to sail punctually every week throughout the year. For the accommodation of persona wishing to remit money to their funilies or friends, drafts are given, payable at sight, on Uiefollowing Banks, via:? Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at Cork, Limerick, Clonmel, Londonderry, Bllgo, Watford, Belfast, Wnterford, Oalway, Armagh, Athlone, Colrrain, Bollina, Tralee, Youghal, Enuiskillen, Monaghan, Eon'm idge, Bally men a, Parsouslewn, Downpalrick, <'avail, Lurgan, Omagh, Dunganuen, Bandon, Enms, Ballysliauno Btrabane, Ski hereon, Mallow, Moneymore, Cootchill, Kilrush, Dublin. Scotland?The Ciry Bank of Glasgow. England?Messrs. Spooner, Atwood St Co. Bankers, London; R. Murphy Waterloo Kuad, Liverpool; payable iu every town in Britain. For further information (if by letter, post paid.) apply to JOSEPH AlcMUKKA ?, I'll) Pine atreet, ei mer of South. 1V Y. , Or Measra. P. W. BYRNES A CO. 3G Waterloo koad. J9 6m*rc Liverpool PASSAGE FROM ENGLAND, I RE'.AND, SCOTLAND AND WALK*, VIA LIVERPOOL. fcftg- THE tubic .her his mad* un-quailed arr* g-rn-nu ?ffrS9Vfor bring, g out ?m.grant* this year, U44. Thoie MfMasw'ecding lor their friei.dt would do will to aptly at the old established packet office of JOHN HVRDMAN.d South at N. B ?The shi'i cf this lineno.v leave Ltverp ?' I every five data, and ur f'a cau aa uaiial be furnished for ai. yam unt jayableatall the principal ba king institutions thro.-ghout tne united k'Ugdom, apply aa abort. ?-3 ec ggf PA-8AQE FROM DUBLIN, CORK. WATERllSWyFOrtD, DERRY, COLER11N-, BELFAST, JMhK* "*wr . D ogh da, Ac ?Persona wishing to seud lor their Ir.Buil can have them brought out Irotn .-ny of the above porta lu first clan Ame ictn Packet Ships, ou the most reasonableteruu and without theirriperiejcing auv unneceasay detru.ion. Mr W. Ta acott, one of the firm, will be on the spot to give hi* persoaal mention to the passengers engaged by lh* aubacribera or their a?e. ts here, arid peraona may rely that the wishes and comforts of these wh ae passage in ay be enga.ed by them will hive all due an J proper attention. For particulars apply, if by letter, oosl-l aid, t > IV. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, at their General Passage Office, 43 Peck Slip, cor. 8mtli street, wheie, also, Dra ts may be cbtaiue l, for large or small sums, payable on dem md, without discount or-ny other <-haige, at tin) National or Provincia Bai.ka of Ireland, or any o' tbeir branches thronvliout the Kingdom fe22 rc NEW LINE OF PACKETS Kill LIVEKfcSJIJWPi 'OL?Pac-rtof 21st March?The splendid and la?UlMBVu>ite i>ack**t ship HO 1' I lNGl/'E'.l, IfltlJ ton* burthen, Lid. Ira Burslay, will aail on Thurs ay, Marcb 21st,her regular day The ships of this line being all 1000 t lus and upward* persons a' out t > embark lor the old country will uot fail to see the adr nugei to b- derived from ulect ug h:? ,li e iu piefereuce to any tber, as their gatut capacity tender* them every way mare comfortable a. d conyeiuen lhao ship* ol a smaller class, aud the.r accommodations it It well Sun a h are superior to au> others h.-aa wining to sernia bortha sliuid not fail to mane mrly application n board, or to W & S. T. TAP8CO I T, General Paatave Oflire, m8 to21 43 Pe k ti p, comer South street.? &?E?- BLACK BALL, Oil OLD LINE OF LIVERk^^VPOOL PACKE'I 8?FOK LI VKRPOOL ?RegiijNHMKal'r Packet of the IGth March.?The new magniliceut an 1 c-iebrated last sailing packet ship MONTr./.IlM A, burt eu I in tons, Capt.iu A. B. Lowbrr, will positive! r sail on Sulurday, 16th Maicli, her iegul-rd<.y. It i? we,I *n >wu that the accoinmodati -na of the MONTHZU.VlAfor paaaengers, ar- fitten out iu a mo t an, e.b mincer, with every nuid-ru improve ent am cunveuieuce, 'talc u add to ike ornfort of tlHise enili r.iue. who ahoulil rail aud see this apleud d -poci-jien ol cava* arch t-< ture before eugagr g iu any other ?es-ei. For nassage >n c-bin, second cabin an I ale-rage, apply i n ooa.d, loot ol Bee-min srree*, or to'lieavb1 acribert, lloCrlE, BROTH EH* A t. O , 35 Fn inn * iet", neat door to ilie Fulton Bank. , P 8?The MONTiZLMt, rails from Live pool on He Itt May. Persona tending f, r their friends i an have them brought out in her, or in auy of the packets of tin* iragnitire, I line, a tling liom that port punctually on the 1st and IGth of eaeh mouth Drafu at all times >or tale ou the hoyal Rank of Ireland, aud (n Meaara Pre,cotr, Grote, Ame* A to , Banke ?, ,ondon. r or passage, Ac apply at a-.ove Tha sarke' snip EUROPE, will sucroed the above packet and aail for Livarpool on the lat of April, her regular day nmiorc fhgjfr- ?JK L1VLKPOOL?The New Lin- Regular Taekel flat March.?The a?perior New York bnilt JBHNLmcket afaip HOrriNGUHi. Capt In Bnrsley.lOM toga btnkw, will Mil a* above, her regular da;. For might or passage, having very euperior accommodations, uvlreiucwu,,. ? 7 South it. The superior packet ihip Liverpool, Capt Juhu Lldridge, 1999 coat burtnee. will auceaed the Hottwgner, ao<l tail on he? regular day, list April m7to?rrc rOK H V LKFOOL?N h W LIML.-K^al7r Packet of Xth Mar-h.?The splendid packet ship xHHbRDSCIlis, Capt. John Collins, of 1000 tons, win sail as above,bet rtgvlar day. For freight or leusage, having accommodations itnennalled for splendor or coinlort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to K. K. COLLIN8 Ik CO. Prieaof paswe, flM. M South street. The packet ship Riililocs Cant. B. B. Cobb of 1080 tons, Will succr?d 1*19 Mo*c't", and lliejnth April, lier regular Passenger* may r-'y upon the ship* of this line s&ilinc pone tially as advertised fJ7 " *+Jr-~ run. LI VBRl'OOL-Regnlar Packet of the lllli kjHIJW March?The tuperior packet ship VIRGINIAN, Jntiafal Apt. Allen, wil' ssll as above, her regular day. ? Her accommodations sic e.mal 10 any veesel in |mrt: persons h* wishing to emhtrk by this conveyanae, in llie cabin, 2u cabin, or steerage, should meke early application to JOSKHII McMURRAY, ? uit re; 109 Pine St c irier Sooth dBfejlr- FOR LO>I7UN?Kegoln* packet of the 10'h of bBrmV Marsh -1 he spleadid packet snip (QUEBEC, Capt JBjNMksllebard, will suit aa above, her regnlar day. The accommodations for cabin, tec "id cabia and steerage pnteenier* ore untari soend by any vessel in port I'ersons wishing to rrahark ahoald make early application on board, foot of Maiden line, ar to JOSF.FH McMURRAY, ml re m" "i ?r corner of South. ,IOK NI'.IV ORLEANS Louisiana and New kJMmVVo.tb Line?Positively First He.ular Tick t?To tail JBBjbl lh Ma?ch-The fast sailing packet ih p GASTON, I .apt. O. r.ldndge, will tail is above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having handsom- accommodations, ap, I y on b; srd, at Orleans wharf; fool ol Wall it ur to L. K COLLINS St i O . V) South it. rositively no freight receivtd after Saturday evening, ihe 9th Shippers l>y this line may rely upon ha? ing their geods corfe tiy neuorra AgenU m New Orleans. llnllin St Woodruff, who will pr niplly forwaid all g.)"d?to tlieir addreis. ki l l e paek?t shir C?P', Mnut, will sneered the G n on, and sail 7l"h Maieh her 'egu'ar d ,y. mi ec ' (Ht FOR eALfc.?Tie sloop THOMAS COL i KR s*J? hin* H|.,g. now Iiyi.ig at the foot of apring street,' JlSjMmNew Y'k. She was built by Thoims Colyer, at Sing Hi.f *-d <? n?e ?ea.s old, and one ..f th* lasteat and heat Pnilt aloopaon ihe Hiidtoit river Sin in CHutrr-tioard, and o? If hi draaglr of water, and Ca-ries ahuiit I JO tons, and is well adapted fo'tha freighting Of lumber huticeas b ur further partitulars a, ply tu JOSEPH AjlAfK, 117 Broadway, New York, Ailministrator oflhe estate of Franklin Agate, dece-sed. ml tm"ec PEACH ORCHARD COAL?Vl per ton for hrohen, egg and large store. Consnmets may rely on getting tha best lie I Ash i oal at th? above price, well screened, weighed by a c ty weigher, and delivered froro'theyard eoruer ol King and Greenwich Its. . I'ETKK CLINTON ,1?aia'ee E NE N mia -ma rT,HE SUBSCRIBER hvrebv toformi his friends and the A public, that he h*s comm .'ueed to bake Pas*o*er Brand for the ensuing holidays, aud aie now ready for delivery. Notwithstanding that he has coutraoted with the congregatiocs JinMht d Shmri SKomaim, and HclU /fro#/, be still hall leal happy 10 supply persons b? longing even to ether congregations. The Miajority of the members of the Elm street congregation having already aeut in their order* the subscriber feels (onndeut that this noble aud ind^t^u'lent ?i.?mpls will oe followed by others, who should be similarly situated m regard to the*r "wn couprrgatiou, who can act as ihey niease without being uuder&uy resuaiut. M. S. COHEN. TERMS- msa of. mperior qnaJity, MX to the pound at iix cent*: meal eiglt cut. per pound. PS' Order, rat en lor all kind, of Cake* for the approaching holiday*, at hi* Baluiy, 43 Day inert, or Ii9 Duaiut itieet. t XO I in " rc Awl WANT* I) To RENT?k rem rhn lit or May ueit, flea put or half of a two atory h????e, iu th* Ko-rth or HeJwmL veu'h Ward*. Address W. W , at thu ullke, staling print****, location, teem*, he. md 3tac IjiA-OOWANU8 llElOlirsT BROOKLYN A i,**t ffif Cottane to let, nauly new. containing ux room*, with jJir,., place* in each?cellar, wood home and large garden A piaxza tuna the wh la I ngth of the front of th* coil we, and a -mmand, an uaiiitarrupud rirw of the Pav, Bceteu I,land, Itc he To a good tenant it will b* ler low. Inquire of R MAkTIN k tO, M John at, >*w York. n #3t*rc M OOWA^U.1 HtlOriTS. BROOKLYN-f ottage Home to Let - Containing twelve room,, two (antries, a Jjai|Lvaalt, wood ' ou??, stable. Ike , and large (farJen. all in goou order. i nenous- it in u (wauii'in ana n aitnv location, and commands all uoiutermi t-d view of the Ray, Kta'eii Liana. New York,*r. A aim* past's 'lie m l of toe street several times ds ly Inquire of K. MARTIN & ' O., 25 John it ret. New York; oil ot i .'ge, loot of Court at, Bro< Itlyn, or ou the premises. P. h ? Ifd ai'ed, thr use of an enclosed piece of eronudi behiud thrst-ule can be had. n.6 3t*rc FORSALK-TtiE LEASE, K"RNI ' URE AND FIX ' URL* OF A FIRST CLASS HOTEL,which haa b*en established I ur yrtra u a Lodging Houae sud a liar 1 he Will roem furniture ia of tie brat quality. T>.< B-r and Salo- n are li trd up in a atylr unsurpassa I by any Hotel iii the Union. All the faat fixtures innat go with the lease. but a large portion of ihe other fixtures end fernituie will be removrd if required. T h? above hoote ia doing a grant huaiuraa?but it is not up-clod'hat anv one will believe thia baie statemeut, but it will lie proved to the satisfneti -n of the moat acrptical, who may wiah to purchave. Possession to he given on the firat of Mav next; or a partner with a cash onoiral of $2,000, and go id qnalifi ationa to conduct the rstibflshmeiit. would ie taken, if preferred. Thalat er condition ia necessary, as the present proprietor will be engaged in other business which w.II require the major part of r.ia time. Addrraa F. J. R at hii office. fl ml lm*r for sale. JKjJR A FARM in theTowaali p of Orange, N. J., six milea (KMtrrom Newark and two from North Orauaa? 100 acres, two w?a.'hirda meadow and arable, balance thrifty wood? house aix rouma, garret and cellar, lately repaired?bam and outbuild iuga goods?appleand peach orchard?plenty amall f uit well watered by springs?goed well at door?vary healthy muation ?pure water. To he told a bargrin, with atocll ii desired ? posaeaaion when required. Apply at 10 Kerry at, 131 Diviaiou at, 72 Dey at, or UEO. BLACKBURNE, Ferry Lane, on the place. m3 lm?rc rng FOR SALE?On Stated laland, within one mile of the nMQuareutine, a amall Farm ot fifteen acres; about one hall raA^is covered with young wood the balance 1* suitable lor yard'Mi purpoaea. There ia a modern two story houae with a kitchen adjoining, and a never failing well by the door. Also, a bam aud a large variety of fruit trees, For further particulars enquire of THOMAS 8 OAKY, li a Iro'm I Quarantine, Staten Island. NIBLO'S CONSERVATORY AND SEED ESTABLISHMENT. arrivals of fresh seeds. yjts THE SUBSCRIBER, in acknowledging the libera' jpn^l 'atrouage received by liim this seaeou, for which he is 4?di^.*vergratcful, cow big to inform his patrons aud the publit: ihtt the (kt'asive airaugrm ills for the spring business (which were made by himself when in Europe last winter, with great cae, unremitted attention, and without any regard to expense, have just been completed by the receut arrivals 01 the several packet ships from London and Havre. The stock will be fouud to contain an;>erb varieties of new annual, biennial and pereuuial Flower Seeds, many of whieh are very rare, aud will be found well worthy thr attention of all I oven of Flora, Vegetable and Field Seeds have also been imported, of those kinds only which are drairahle to be obtained at a foreign market; orhcrsorti, for which the American productions are moie celebrated.have been grown by men of experience and integrity fur this establishment only?all of which can ht strictly relied upon as bring geuuine. aud, in fact, are warranted The Proprietor would also beg tocal< public attention to the fact that iu orserall the Sends from this establishment should bear a genuine character h* censed all the old seeds (procured hy his'aie partner, Mr. Duul'P) to be sold at public anction, without any reserve, by Mr \V. H. Franklin, at his rooms in Broad strret. on the 27th Dec last, and he can with confidence assert there is not a worthless sceu in the whole stock now on hand Double Dahlias?An extensive collection of t'-eie teautiful .(towering Itoo s hive also been iinperte I Iroin tlie most eminent growers, and are hul'is of the must choice Pr r.e flow rs exhibited in England during the two yiais. They are now unovr propagation, and goud established plants warranted true to name will be readv f rsile in dun season. C lalngues. conuining a full description ot tucn , Heather with instiu ti ins for Llieir Culture, will be published at an early lie'iod. A large collection of fine healthy plants in / '/cover,are in the Conservatories, which wilt be fouud desirable oraanteuls for lh? Parlor, fcc. I Boil luets. Baskets. R1)H Viim of Flnw??, *> rrd??r?4 on llie shoit'st oo-iee, pat no ia a nrat hut elegant style. Fruit anJ Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, hardy Roses, k". iu ((rear variety. Bulbous Flowering Iloot* via : Oladiolui, Mexican Tiger Flower, Tiger Lily, Jacobean Lily, 'JLuberote. kc. fcc., for planting early iu Spring Flower Stands, Fancy Tarn Colt* Flower Vases and Tots, of new arm handsome designs. Go d Fi h, Fi?h Globes, fcc. a large a-surunenlof Gardening Tools, Horticultural and Agricultural Books, fcc ou hau l. i lie above are no - off-red for sale at LOW TRICKS, having been unrthued^f ire ?h, onadvntageous t*rms . 1 he Third AunuolCatalogue is now iu couneof puulication, and will be ready for delivery (gratis) early in the ensuing we k. Ord r? attended to with promptness, an l thankfully received. WILLIAM NJBLO, Sole Proprietor 576 Broadway. Noeunue tiou with auy olhsr establishment.. f20 Imrc FHKNIX HOK-SITBAZAAR, NO. 189 J1ND 191 MERGER STREET, NEXT TO BLEECKER STREET. ft . The regular PUBLIC AUCTION SALE .rfj^ '?m take plae.e a* |this establishment, on Tu*sday usxt, March l2th, commencing at e'eveu o'clock, wnh ' milages Harness. Saddlery, fcc., new and second hand Gcullemeu in the country naving p operty to disp se ..f, either at public or private sale, w ill have their orders faithfully attended to. At l'rivate Sal??25 fine young country horses, kind and sound, just in from the western pert of the Sta.r; two superior map-had pain of Bay Hur>es, a hue pair of Browu Horses, a splrndi'i pai of Bay <"*rn ige. Hors-s, one very fine Bright Serial H?rse, young. kind aim a >und. and a very fast I roper. Also, several ?e y fine-add e Horses Alto, st private 'ale, a very nandsome Kor.kaway W?gon, used only one weak, and a nnmaer of new and second hud Barouches and Light Wagous. Hors.s taken at Livery, and kept in superior style. Accommodations for dealers' hurt's, in stables unsurpassed by any establishment of the kind in the United States. STOK AGE?Vehicles of all description taken on storage in the large an-i convenient Repository ol the establishment W. CO iVAN will attend personally to all orders for baying and telling horses. All Larsons telling property at this establishment may rely upou having a true account of sale tendered, and the full amount of proceeds will, in a'l case*, be paid promptly iu cuir-ut gUier. 'I he ARENA of this establishment is built onaneu'irely new and most convenient plan, being deiatch d from the main building and stable, 'h'reby not -u e.-f.ii-g hi the least With .ivt-ry or sale hemes going out or in on the d?y of auction sale Atari other rjrpes the Arena is k-pt entirely clear, snl reserved for ihe accommodation of private hors?s and those on sale, i Hording every facility for ei rciae, training aa.l showing horses COWAN ANU DILKA, m5 lm*ee Proprietors J BOOTS AND SHOES. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN."?1^ ALL WHU WF.AR the above articles, and wish to save munsv, had better lose no time in ealring at the fashionable Bo it m il Shoe Stores of S. R SECOR, Nos. 16fi,'a ana ICI Greeiwsch street, where all may suit th mielves with an artists t Mt or style or make, fashion and finish, cannot be sitrpusudc r perlups equalled in this city. S. 1' 8. begs to apprise in particular (hose) i - *i indgentlemen who consider a well fitting boot or gaiter to indispensable article to the tout entrmSU of all withiu tlu t ran mondt, that or l?tl Greenwich street, are the only plaoes n INew York they can d' |iend on being suited. N. B.?Ladies and Mines Gaiters, -'noei, fcc., always on band in endless variety. fT7*Remember, lgQld and 161 Greenwich street.?/"J f 15 3m*ec A O 1LY LOOK AT THIS ! and see the asif tonishinglow prieea of BOOTBand BHOKH^^^W | IM that are selling off at. the New and Kaahionabh-o nt?..d ^r Shoe fItore, cor >fr of Greenwich and Murray strews, NewYoik gentlemen's fin* French and native calf B 'OU doable and all gle mica, from 83 to $3 SO, 81 to $4 Ml aoil 85 per pair. Vlan a large amo of g-utlenvni'*, boys' and youth* li. r I'tlf and kip, rf the litest aiylcard l)*?t miteri tl?, there : also a large asso.t nent of low priced Boot* and Hhoes, p'gged and sewed, for pent'euieu, boya and youths, and at price* ilixt will come withia the leach ot al rUaae*. I lis l.adie* of New York ai d ita vicinity will find it to their xdvaotagr to call at rhli establishment and see tli most ap'eu lid aaortsisntcf gaiter Hoots, Baakina, Slippers and Ties i f all the different colors and most fsshioushle e'ylei There is any i|u unity of Ore/shoes and waterproof Buskins, grntlemeii'a strai ped, wi'h leather hnttoms ; ladies'do; Moccaaius iid India Itnhters, furred plain and l)?ured; uiaaea and children's, of all kinds, in abundance and cheap. Don't mistake the numbe-, 253 (Jrren a ich ?treet, corner of Mnrrav at WKlOm', CAL HOUN k CO. ft-20 lm**c ~ KCoNUMY IN BOOTS AND SHU KM. Kcooomy bring the order of the d.iy, the auh Jlacriber invites the attention of the public tn hia Urge ?aaortment of Boots from 12 npwarJs. lie will sell at the low price ol $1 3D a gooo pair of sewe i Boot*, made in the latest style, and of good calfskin, warranted to wear wall, of his own make. No Yankee about them, as a single trial will convince the purchaser He slao makes Ho-ts of all description* to order, on the shortest notice?a good lit being guaranteed in all rases, or no sale, which he is enabled to do by Using a drawing of th* feei, and filling up and keeping espresaly a pair of lasts for each cualoiner. Constantly on handCork srle Boots, from 8* 00 to 7 00 Doable sole B.Vits, 4 00 to 00 Dress Boots, 2 00 to 6 00 Half Boots. 2 25 to 3 50 Dress Shoes, 1 50 to 2 50 Overshoes ... 75 to 2 50 btippers, kr ke. at eanally low prices JOHN L. W ATKINS lit Pulton street. f7 lm*ec between Nsuanand Dutch street*. NAVK YOUR NHIIjIilNfrS. A-i All'hat are in wsnt nfaood (4triers, Sli >es ^ ^9W*NfO' Buskins,are ref|tieat.e I to c ill at W Al,s KR'S M orner of Sroidway and Canal s'reet l.iin s' 14 liters, 0 Misses and Children's Outers, of all colors.sort* and aizes.^V of the latest b reach fishion? lie i:h"epe*t yet offered Also, J the greatest assortment of ttenla line French Calf Dress Boots, Hitched, at ?3. Those who purch ae "t t lis old est*I hlishrneiit are snre to call again, the beat evidence of the fcjeral satslartion hi* B ota aud Shoes hare giv.n to the pubri . ii 4*"Remember?WALKh.It'S Cheap Boot and Sli .# Store, 419 Broadway, cornerCanal atreet f43 lin'ec BOOTH AND HH'?ES AT REDUCED PRICKS. Theaibacr beta iotenil ng to make a change in punnets, will sell their present afoc* at rery low prices for a short TUTi I.K ? IIAtwARI), 2HO Broadway. P. H ?Thefiitureg and furniture of the store fi r sale 124 IB*bi W YC EW YORK, FRIDAY MO Rio de Janeiro. [Corrrtpoadence of the Herald.) Rio de Janeiro, Jan. 16, 1844. litautifi 0/the Slave Trade?New York Theatrical* I in Brazil?Naval Movement*?Ikupatch Brig to China. L The captain and first lieutenant of a British brig of war, were stabbed a few days ago by some i slave dealers, for no other cause save their activity I in capturing slavers on the coast of Africa. The s authorities or police officers were in pursuit of the t assassins, but up to this date no capture has been , inade. Welsh's circus company arrived here front Per- I nurubuco last week, but nave not yet commenced ; operations. Mons. Paul and Herr Cline have been 1 nere some time, ana are in the " lull tide of sue- ( cessful experiments," rapidly making money, play- < ing to crowded houses three nights a week. c Tlie frigate Columbia, Shubrick, is in port. The \ line ship Columbus has not yet arrived, although | hy advices received, we learn she sailed from ? Montevideo on the 28th ot December. She will < remain here a few days, "probably till the Haritan | reaches here," and then returns to fthe United i Stales. The Congress is also exacted from the | Mediterranean. The U. tf. brig IVrry in rived | here on the 14th, forty-two days from Norfolk, and i encountered a gale of fourteen days, and lost three | boats during its continuance. t?he is on her route i to the East Indies, where she attends on Mr. Calling's movements. _ i The weather is intolerably warm ; people in New i York have no conception of the intensity of the heat in these parts. We long to share a little of the cool and brucing atmosphere of a northern climate. Mast Hkah. , New Orleans. [Cinwpouileiice of the Hertld.] Naw Orleans, Feb. 27,1844. Important Political Movements?Democratic lYiumph?Doings of Henry Clay?Prospects?Trade ?Decline in Cotton, tpc. Dear IIenmett:? The whig Convention met in our city last Thursday, under the auspices of his Excellency Henry Clay, who, you must know, has been here lor the last two mouths, on a little business of his own, which is no body's business, occasionally making visits to the most distant parts of the State. The Convention met in one ot our churches (not an unusual thing in this country to make religion subservient to politics,) which they erected into a vast stage. Audience, speakers, Presidents, Secretaries, were all assembled on it, and while one of the orators (Mr. Prentiss, a lion, brought to the city for this occasion) was holding forth?the staging gave way with an awful crash, and precipitated the whole, some 6 ot8 feet into a confused tuuss, bru sing and injuring a large number of persons, among whom was S. J. Peters, and others, whose names could not be learned. The Convention then adjourned to the Arcade, in Magazine street, where the meeting was marked with the violent death of a leading whip, D. 11. Twogood, Esq. On the next day, Henry Cluy addressed the multitude with a speech, from the portico of the St. Charles Hotel, alter which the Convention dismissed, and Henry Clay left the city for Alabama, Ueorgia, North and South Carolina, and Virginia, in each of which States, it is said, he has a little business to transact in the way of President making. White this farce was acting, the democrats got up a play in their own peculiar way. The whigs hud selected C. Koseltas to till the vacancy in the Senate created by A. Iloa. Mr. Roselias was President of the Clay Club, and brought out under the auspices of Henry Clay. No one, it was supposed, could beat this strong man of the whigs?bets ran high?he democrats kept quiet, selected their man, J. yiidell, Esq..although scarcely known, and went their whole strength upon linn. The result was a triumphant election, beating the great whig lion by over300 majority. Considering mat all this lias taken place in the strong hold of the whigs, where they have carried every thing for the last twentv-hve. vears. it is a great vie tory. It is now clear to my mind, anil lias been since the last election for members of Congress, that Henry Clay can never get the vote of this State. In April next,the democrats will, no doubt, carry the city elections by a large majority. We have had most lovely, weather for ten days past, as warm and nuld as the mouth of May. The 22d was celebrated by a glorious turn out of the different societies and the military. At an early hour the military turned out in great numbers, and by 10 o'clock the great square was tilled with troops. Shortly after, they took up their line ot march for the battle ground, where they had a sham battle. This was one of the most brilliant affairs I ever beheld, and from the order and discipline observed, it approached very near to u real battle. After the sham fight, then came the grand review by the (Jovernor and Staff, and several Ceneruls and military guests of the regular army, who acknowledged they never saw troops behave and look better. Since I last wrote you cotton lias declined a half cent, and will probably go much lower. Our banks are doing but little business; they have got back into the hands ol bankrupt directors and presidents, who will probably, witfi their friends finish them A few speculators nave been trying to push up their stocks, but they have all been caught, and you can find no one who wants bank stock, since they have got back into such hands, at any price. Poor, broken down Union lias at last got her quietus. She has gone into liquidation, and her lite President, C. Adams, into obscurity, from which he ought never to Itave risen. II. C. Philadelphia. [CorrcJpondcnce of the Herald.] PHir.adbi.niiA, March 4th, 1814. Furttfor the People?Vic Philadelphia and Ircnton Railroad?Vie Camden and Amhoy Railroad Company?The Danger* of Travelling. Injustice to the travelling portion of our community, I think it high time that they should be made acquainted with the facts, viz? The dangerous state of the Philadelphia and Trenton Hailroad.? Not that I wish any disparagement to this road, but that the Company may he induced to pay some regard, in time, to the safety of the travelling public. If n paper independent ensugli can be found in New York or Philadelphia to publish the same, and I have no doubt that the Herald (which I have always found to be of that independent spirit) will do ho. It is a well known fact, in 1832-83, the. Legislature of Pennsylvania ineorporated the Philadelphia and Trenton Railroad Company, for the ex ureas purpose of establishing a competition on the Pennsylvania side of the river Delu gers, against the Camden anil Atnboy Knilroad Company. Wlmt followed! AssoonastnePhiladelphia and Trenton Railroad was completed, the Camden and Amhoy Railroad Company bought up enough of (lie stork of that company to control its operations, anil from that period the Trenton and Philadelphia Hailroad became a mere adjunct to the Camden and Amhoy Company, and it has been suffered to go outof repair. Now, injustice to those whose lives are put in jeopardy by travelling upon thin road, I think it right to state (hat it is in a moat deplorable condition, the bridges and trunnel work are prooia-d (so much decayed are the timbers) that should any of these slight and temporary fixtures give way, which now totter under the weight oftnc locomotive, and evidently must (if nothing is done soon) hurry muny now living, into eternity without a moment's warning. The sleepers upon which the rails are laid have lieconic imbedded in the ground, and so much decayed, that the spikes work loose, continually liable to what is termed snake heads. The little travel carrying the United States Mail, only to keep good the charter, is governed and controlled exclusively by the Camden and Amhoy Railroad Company, perverting the great end for which it was originally constructed by the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, to facilitate the sordid schemes of a league of corporations, who, when once in possession of every inland communication between our large cities,

care little for the interest of their citizens, or the safety of their lives or property, so they reap the reward. Now, before concluding, let me urge that the Philadelphia and Trenton Railroad he immediately repaired, or at once abandoned ; one of the two things must be done, aad that very shortly; or I am afraid von will soon have to record one <>i the most awful accidents that ever occurred upon any railroad. Wkat.tii ok C\xam.?The township of Whitby, in Canada Wait, exported last year agrieiiltural products to the value of ?14,7Ut I0?. currency, or >179,#%. The township is about ten miles square, 'anil bar a population of ii> or aeven thouaand. IRE I RNING, MARCH 8, 1844. Philadelphia. [Corre4|Kin<Uuice of the Herald.] l>iiti..M)KT.rt<ia, March 4, 1844. sha )kar Sir Vai 1 drop you a line en past/nil on my way to Wash- Vl" ngton. Jok In the first place, should you feel disposed, as it a hoped you will, to visit Washington this spring, bet take the liberty of recommending you in spite of ill inducements to the contrary, to stop in Philalelphia, and spend your first ui^htat ilea's splendid 1 ,'nited Slates Hotel. 11 i; were not immortalized >y President Tyler and Cabinet when on their pil- *?) [runage to Hunker llill, it has since been by the risits of the son of Count llertrand, and His Ex- (w :ellency Mr. Pakenham. You are right in the ?bi irthograpliy of Mr. Pakenham'a name, there is no of : in it. His name is plainly written with his own of land upon Mr. l>eu a book ot arrivals, lie ih very ";l lighly spoken of here at this house. Mr. Ufforil lays ne came in himself, unannounced, having (as was afterwards ascertained) his Secretary and all tll, iiis retinae at the door, and inquired if the Hritiwh y, Consul had engaged rooms for him. Mr. I 'H'ord ,iii replied that something had been said about it, hut (], bethought vir. Pakenham would not come. "1 ?| ntn the man," said lie, and wrote his name in the d? hook. He is represented as a very plain, unas- "? sinning, business-like farmer. I suppose Queen Victoria thinks we can best ajipreciate plain substantial people, and that they tire best adapted to ,.u negociate with a plain republican government. it is said here, by those who claim to know, that W Robert Tyler is elected President of the " old line" pa Repeal Association of this city, and that he will ?n come here on the 18th instant, and take the chair thereof. The 18th, 1 believe is St. Patrick's day. '"i It appears to have given some dissatislation to many of the Repealers, who wanted a Mr. Hood P(] to be elected. _ They have also invited Mr Pakenham to attend 0i sundry ot their festivities, which come oft' on the 81 20th inst. The Irish nativity of Mr. Pakenham, of will doubtless teel quite us much complimented by p this invitation of the Repealers, as the English nutivity of the mistress who appointed him. ' Mr. lliddle's funeral is spoken of as a meagre "J affair. lie is said to have died poor, and little la- w mcnted. (r New York, March (>, 18-14. |)j To Myndert Van Sciiakk, Esit? oc Sill :? si It appears by the public prints that your name is bi mingled up among the adroit actors who have so w successfully, and yet with such entire innocence, j" evaporate a the capital and destroyed the North ~J American Life antf Trust Company. Your friends "j, know what the public do not understand, thut t|, causes of domestic anxiety have probably prevent- ar ed your uttention to the alfairs and management st of tliat concern, while you have incautiously lent 81 the use ot your good name to the busy actors in jjfl that most impure and ruinous agency. { " The public expect, and have a right to hear from p you under your signature. Your situatipn, if you in remain in silence, cannot be without discredit.? w Your case is not unlike that of one of the two tii damsels. ft " Sail said to her friend Sue jc " I'll no longer kevp company with yon, JJ " Kor yon have not one ventage of character left ^ ' And 1 have not enough for two." Respectfully, Youn Friend. Very Important from Havana.?Intelligence of g a very important character from Havana has been ? received at New Orleans. It is to the 21st ult. 'n [Correspondence of the New Orleans Tropic.] it II ?\ in?, Keh. 91.?In political attain we are sorry to say si there is food for deep thought. The firat iuatauce almost, I in which the people have <lare<l to (exist the authorities xi has now |>aasej, and we may say that we have come to s the beginning of the beginning. When the ending will ti he, wu dare not imagine The circumstances are brielly V these: the authorities "for and in consideration," Ike., (' ordered that on such nights as there wore hails in the Ta- u con Theatre, all cah-x ami places of public refreshment in n the auburhs should be closed, at 11 P. M , excepting only g those attached to the theatre, giving, thereby, to the n owner of the theatre, Mr. Marti, a must extraordinary mu- tl uupuly. tin the first night the cales Were closed, but the people who were turned out of them were highly excited, h On the second night the " Cafe de Kscaurisa, ' was crowd V ed, and at 11 o'clock the police with a posse of soldier* pro- s needed to clear and close the house?they had cleared the li whole upperportion.aud closed all the doors but one,which w was left partially open, but guarded, in order to allow the egress of those that yet remained within when the im- < mense crowd that had collected outside made a ruth at I the doors, forced the one that was partially open, breaking r the hinges nnd rushing over the soldiers, opened the house, t relighted the lamps, and a small masked band of music ( stationed themseh es in the upper saloon, and the people began dancing, and continued until 3 o'clock in the mom- \ ing; the theatre was meanwhile deserted; at the first rush t of the crowd, the soldiers endeavored to stop them with f loaded muskets and fixed bayonets, but even after I they were reinforced, they were resisted and threatened g with sticks am) chairs?the officer finding his force insul- 1 ficient, retired. No shots were fired, and hut one person, we believe, was wounded, and that was with a bayonet, 1 in the shoulder. The Cafe wax closed in the morning by < the authorities, and hns not since been opened, although it is said that the owner, Mr. Kscaurisa, lias been indirect- r ly inlormcd that lie might open, anil the tiovermnent \ would not notice it, tint he answered that he had taken legal steps against the officers who thus closed his house in ? the face of his "license," and that if the Govemmunt t wished the house opened, they must do it in a public man- v nur Meanwhile, the excitement among the people increases. They are very much elated that the soldiers did ii not dare to lire upon them, and that they gained their oh a ject. Last nigut the paxeo and streets uround the cafe I were so crowded that the government,fearing a not,drew out a detachment of troops to disperse the people, who t tetired sullenly, but without otrering opposition That * this atfair will run through the Island with lightning ? speed, no one doubts,aiul rumor and exaggeration will add to it until it will lie iniuoKsibiu to distinguish the true from the false. Unfortunately we have no free press,and no ver- i sion, whatever will be d sseminated by the public papers I Thus w ill rumor inllame the minds of the people sgaue.t the Government, already hut too little liked and the morale of this affair will be felt for years to come. And w hat is i the cause of all this.' That a young and impetuous Governor gave an unjust monopoly that has heretofore been 1 refused by every successive Governor since the Theatre was built. Not a few other acts have indicated that young and hot blood should not wield the tremendous |H)wt-r possessed by the Governor of t uba, where iu the < present state of feeling a single false step will plunge the island into a worse than civil wur. Throe instead of tw o would lie the combatants Allegro race, bred lint 1 the r prime of life in savage wilds, then transported and forci- t Idy held in a bondage which they are ever willing to I throw off by an indiscriminate massacre nud devastation, i would form a third host. The recent developments near I Matun/.si, cause every well wisher to tremble when he 1 thinks upon the terrible Are that burns,though smothered, ever too fiercely, without contemplating the terrific evils < that would lie poiirad out upon us in the case of the white 1 race being divided against each other That we are on ,i volcano is too true. Not a day- passes but indicates that coming events are casting their dark shadows before.? The grinding exactions of the government are fast de- i stroyiag the agricultural interests, and turning a larger Imd v of w-ealtuy and Influential men, whose whole lute- | rests hang upon the preservation of peace and order, into I a body of ruined, reckless debtors, whose only hope and i longing will be for change,change,and whose only change i is disorder. If Spain will govern this Island with an iron < hand. It should he cased in a velvet glove, and even then ( should be p-ielded by out! w ho has hist the passions ami ' impulses of youth. But a few disastrous years like the t three last will suifice to raise the cry " Mueran los Ks- < panoles"?" Death to the Spaniards " This is hut n beginning of the rncl in the opinion J of runny. The Cuban* have long been getting tired t of being linked to gpttin af an expense of $1*2,000, j KM) a year with the intrigues ol Knglaml for the , inonuon 01 slavery mrown in, unci wo wmhiiu moi lie surprised to licar tliat a mere tlieatricul imtult , should end in an entire separation between the I mother country and the inland. Naval.?-The u. S. ship of the line Delaware, i Com. Morris, arrived at Norfolk on Tuesday eve- i ning from the Mediterranean station. Hhe attempted to get into Boston, but win blown off. Hhe bring* home all the lie It in the *<|uadron, fifteen in numtmr The t.'. H. brig Balnbridge, Commander Mattiinn, railed from f'en*n eola for Vers ' pi/ on the'JJd lilt The U. H. iliip Preble, Ironi Uoiton, for the Spanish Main, w>* to nail from Ht. I'hornu? about the I Ith ult The I S sloop of war Vandalia,Commander t-'hauneey, from Havana, arrived at Norfolk on the 4th in*t. The U. S. brig Perry wa* at Ilio Ja. neiro oa the 19th Jan. The U. H. ship Beaton wa* hourly expected Irom the t'nited State*. The If. S. iron steamer Michigan, bnilding at Krle, (Pa.) ia now alinoit coiopleteil and will lie ready lor a cruiie at the opening of the navigation, early in the apring. .Senatorial Uliniinkax.?The Senate of Virginia la?t week rejected a bill for iho completion of the ' Deaf and Blind Institution of that State. Orku- SrK*n.?One of our mercantile houses received, on the JOth inat, per tlie Jolin Bull a lot of good*, shipped in New f ork, per the Oawego, which vailed on the J4th of January, making the trip to this place in the unprecedented ahort space of twenty.aix days. ? Jtf faiai't Itip. Frb. 34. kisnvfss or tub frkstrikst.?President Tyler I ha* presented f-JOO to the mother of hi* black lervant, | who wa* willed at the time of the recent explosion on ' hoard the Princeton. ^ First Arrival?The schooner Lord Nelson, ( apt. Ito*?, arrived at our harbor on Saturday, from Toronto. Hho wa* freighted with sheep's pelt* for A Kri' ksoii -Rnch. Dtm. mmmmm????? 1ERA Circuit Court- h Before Judge Kent. v orrtii Dsr?March 7?Crim. Con?l'un Cull ? ?. u ir/?.?'The Court wu crowded at an eaily hour. Mr?. a Cott took her place by her counsel, us ou the pre- h us days. 1r?. Hi iri r*'? cross examination was resumed liy Mr. ilian ?1 saw Sharp uud Mrs. Van Cott ou a pile ot straw a he stable, sitting down together; I don't recollect at tl iat time of the yeurthiA occurred, nor whether it was ore or alter February; it was cold weather; 1 went out j the occasion 1 allude to for the purpose of getting a puil; I went out for no other purpose; there is u hack t ement door attached to tins house: in the following 11 Van < ott asked me if I knew anything, uud I told him ) ould tell him at the proper time and place; this was in I i hall of 184J; this wus helore Mrs.Van Cott lelt, I can't i r if it was before the suit was commenced against sharp; >ld about this business in Mr. Alkei's oltice, for the it time; I told it for the first time at the ottire, aud I can't ear how he became aware of my knowing any tiling ant tliia business in tho atable. (Sensation.) I heard the ditticulties about Dr. liaily; Sharp was in the habit visiting at Orchard alreet up to the time that Dr. liaiiy d the uilhculty at Orchard atreet; I never ssw this let- i [here produced) written by Sharp to Van Cott; I know rarp'a atep-father; he ia about thirty yeara of nge; 1 10w of no relatives or friends of Mr. Sharp save lii? 1110er and step father; Share was introduced to board at Mr. in Cott'* by a friend of his, u Mr. Strong; Mr Sharp wus itant and respectful towards us nil tor the first month, uughter.) lie wus modest during this time, and cut no capers. (l,oud laughter) He seemed a modest, cent young man during this time; the lirst time that I ticeil any liberty taken by him waa on an occasion when left the house for u short time in the morning and returnul'ter Van Cott hud left about his business; 1 w m in the hit of associating with tho company tiiat used to freent the house ; I recollect a party of Indies and gentleui being present on an evening ? Miss l.ockwood. Miss aldron, .Miss Messeto, and Miss Srhenck. were of the i rty ; Mrs Van < ott was there, Mr. Harris, .Mr. Sharp d Mr. Albert Van < ott were there ; a kissing match mmrnced?(loud laughter)?Sharp commenced tnc kiss- i g business?(loud laughter)?he kissed live ladies?(im- I ense laughter)?1 cannot say that he kissed Mrs Van < jtt this night ; I also got a kiss?(laughter) - Sharp kissI Mrs. Bailey also ; I have seen Van Cott kiss Mts. Itaiy and kiss Mary Waldron ; I never saw him kiss his vnwife: I heard nothing of the charge made against isrp by (lis step-father, in relation to the ember / lenient money ; 1 often saw liim take liberties with Mis. Van ott; I heard him say he waa of royal blood ?(loud lighter) ? I never beard him say this more than once ; I il not hear him say he was a cousin to (|ueen Victoria mmense laughter)?I never saw him look at his limbs, >r heard him ssy he was of royal extraction ; nor to hich of the crowned heads of Europe he was allied? oars of laughter)?ho said this to make apoit ; I saw m chase Mary Waldron about the house : Sharp was uyl'ul in his manners ; 1 recollect some familiarities that icurred between Sharp and Mrs. Van Cott, on an occaon when 1 went down to let liim in alter he rung tho ill; he complained 1 had kept him out too long ; when hen we came up stairs Mrs. Van Cott was lying on the id, but nut undressed; Sharp tiien lay down by ir side ; it was Mrs. Van Cott that usked me to ) down and let Sharp in ; I went down stairs alter lis, but neither of them . asked me to retire Irotn e room ; when 1 got down stairs, Mary Waldron id the black boy were there (laughter); I did not go up inagain that afteroou; lotion got money from Mr. lurp to buy pies aud fruit with; 1 used to give them to rs. Van Cott when I {returned; Sharp generally ate .cm; sometimes he used to divide them with Mrs. Van ott; 1 generally liought them from Mrs. Ketchum, and so from a French lady; the windows of the buck room i Orchard street were generally kept open; the front indow* were generally Kept closed; I saw Sharp at one me with Mrs. Vun Cott's hood and shawl on; he was in male apparel: he had Miss Waldron'* dress on; I never Id Mrs. Smith that Van Cott tried to get Sharp to kiss is wift*; 1 never said |l saw Mrs. Van Colt cry because ar husband wanted to m.iku Hliurj> kisi her; I never told In. Smith that Van Colt and his wile lived unhappily to ether, until after the difheulty with Dr. Daily; I know atliing aliout this letter (No. o produced); I never saw lis letter directed to Mrs. Ann Smith; I never told Mrs mith I hud seen Van Cott expose his |ierson to Sharp: 1 . cognise the pencil murks on the hack of this letter (No. produced); I know nothing about them; Van Cott got ieto write a letter for him, which he dictated (sensation), was aftur Sharp wrotaabout his coat; Mrs Van Cott vited mc since I was married; it wus before the last trial; saw the ribbon pulled in after Sharp entered the room; I aw the ribbon out also on another occasion; I have also ecu a piece of rag and a |s>ckct handkerchief exhibited om the window; I got a present after in) marriage from an Cott; it w as Mrs. Van Cott's guitar; I recollect Van ott nud Mary Wold run going to the theatre together I na never ordered to leavo the house by Mrs. Van Cott; I icver saw this receipt (produced); I have seen Sharp ive Van Cott money; Sharp paid Mrs. Van Cott $4; *he lade shirts lor him; I assisted Mrs. Van Cott in making lem. Ultimor W N'oanu, sworn.?This witnosc testified to avuig seen some Ininiliarltles lietween Sharp and Mm an < ott, and that he heard her at one time remark, " If lie hud a string she w ould tie him last to her." (Hoars of mghter ) He was briefly cross-examined, but nothing rus elicited to shake his direct testimony. Miss Martha Ui shows, sworn.?I visited Mrs. Van 'ott nt Williamshurgh ; I saw Sharp frequently kiss her ; saw Sharp on one occasion act indecently ; 1 was in the oom at the time, and Sharp left the room nud tucked up he skirts of his coat, and part of his pantaloons were out. Roars of laughter ) Mrs. Van Cott was present. Cfst-traminrd hy Mr. Jordan. - i am cousin to Mary iVahlron ; I saw Sharp art us I have described aliout the uiddle of the winter ; I tirst told Mary Waldron about the amiliarities I had seen between Sharp and Mrs. Van < ott; saw Mory Waldron some three weeks ago ; I snw Sharp [ot his hand inside of Mrs. Von Cott's bosom ; I can't tell tow he did it. Tiiimas Km xwr.i t, sworn. -Inm engaged on a ferry oat from New York to Williamshurgh , I saw Mrs. Van ott and Sharp cross together in the day time. To a cross-question from Mr. Jonlan, this witness n 1nitted he saw no familiarities between Sharp and Mrs. If an Colt. Win tot J. Hodiivs, (colored man) sworn?I kept a [tocery store in Williamshurgh in 1H4-J ; I am now in no uisinass ; I saw Sharp rome to my store. This witness van not cross-examined. Mr. Dr Witt.- Before we rest, I must apply to vnnr uinor lor leave to bring up a material witness who lives t Saratoga, and whose letter I ca.i produce, which ex dains his inability to attend from ill health, form.?l'nm determined to confine the case to rigid tile, as I know the vast length to which this trial would pread hy giving such latitude as you require. Have you iny more w itnesses 1 Mr Its. Witt ?No, your honor; we must.therefore,rest. Mr. Howards snake to evidence ?I regret that we haie lot on this trial the jury that had been summoned on the ast, eleven of whom, alter seventeen days were for iiouuiiting the plaintiff. Mr I)i W it r here interrupted counsel, objecting to his unking any allusion to the former trial. The Cm ht overruled the objection, and stated, that elusion to the former trial in certain eases was admissible. Mr Kdwsrds again proceeded, and was interrupted by Mr. Do Witt. Mr. Kuwards,?I suppose I will not he allowed to pro eed at all. Cot rt.?I shall allow no further light interruptions. Ml. Kowahus proceeded.- tlentlemen of the juty, in 'ones like the present, it is known to us lawyers that nohing is so easy ol proof ns the charge which the plaintitl is< endeavored to establish ; and nothing is moie Jiflirult n law, than the detencc for such a charge. The evidence hat has come before you has gone far to show to tint Court a foul combination on the part ol this man, and the testimony he has got up, to destroy the cliaiacter ol his iwn wife by false witnesses against the defendant. In arder to fully ellrrt his object, this same Albert Van Cott liled a bill in Chancery during the time the last trial w as going on ; he has since nllow ed the hill to be stiirken oil the files, and this poor woman has been, therefore, left un able to answer. lie has sinee liled no new bill. We intend to produce this hill in evidence for the defence This poor wmn in culled upon the t ourt of Chancery for money :o enable her to meet her defence, and the hill was with Irawn sue i? iiiaceu lien', ininnuri', wnnom wie common privilege of the dock. Rut ahe li not witliout a <l?ender though the i? iioor ; for to the honor ami the credit >f the young man, who 1* here on hi* defence, lie ha* *ui,| he (hull not ho without a defender, from the j>er*eoti ion* of thi* runn, who take* tho*e ha*e *tep? In orler to procure a divorce *nd throw oil hia helple** vile upon the world. We ahall tie able to prove the Muck hnrarter ofthe evidence which the plaintiff ha* produced 0 sustain thia charge, and the foul mean* he ha* re*orted o, aince the laat trial, in order to hlnut the character ol hi* helple** woman. W? ?hall lie ntde to *how that he ia? got a publication in Willlam*h'lrgh. in w hich ha ha* naligned tho character of hi* wife, end hat had it panted in hi* hat, exhibiting It every where he han gone lince the laat trial? (actuation ) We (hall be aide to show that lie ih? called her a damned w , and that he often exjmavd Iter ner*on to men ? (senaatioi. i and It ented her in n moil cruel and icandalotia manner. ftounnel here recapitulated the testimony, and comment, ad upon it at con*hleiable length. Alter which, he marl* a mo*t aflecting appeal to the jury not to brand the char icterofu helple** and innocent woman by rendering I verdict for *nch 11 man n* Van < ott. r ill D*r*ai:r. Mr*. J. Svrnii e*amlned by Mr.''Kow?an*?I live ii WillianKhurgh; I heanl Mr* Huntley declare to me, 01 one ocraaion that Van < oft egpouid hi l wile'* hoaom t( Sharp, and made him feel it; the alto told me*he *avv Vai 1 ott puah Sharp toward* Mra. Van t ott, in order hi maki him ki?? her, and that he knocked hi* wife'* face again* Sharp, when *he bled from the noae (aenaotion ) I oiler heard Van < ott attack hi* wife, and *aw him ex|io*e h? i lirmut* to men?frenaation ) I have often heard him i all her a damned l?7y h? h. I often ?aw him expo?e hri leg* to gentlemen, and remark *he had a pair of nice leg* I have often *een Van < ott take lihertie* with other woman. I'm *?> i. ?Wa* Van ott'* conduct, at any time, md< . cent toward* yonraelf' Mr Dr. Witt.?I ohjcct to your Introducing any thing affecting Mr VanCott. I 01 h r?If it can he *hown that the plaiutifl wa* guilty of any lascivious conduct, it w ill go for to lighten damu< ge*. Mr. I)c Wirr-I anhmit that they aie not entitled to in traduce audi te*timony at all, your Honor. ( 01 i:t ? Where a laaclriou* an I ill coi ducted come* Into Court and a?U? for damage* lor criminal con vernation with hi* wile, he i* not entitled to the *ami amount of damage* from .1 inry which they might awar. to a moral and well-conducted huahand. I ?liul! adml the teatimonv. Wire***, in continuation to Mr. lidward*?Van f ott on an ocraiion during which I had been in a dvllcat ituation, ure.1 improjier language to me, which I roiil not with propriety repeat I have leeu Mra. Van Cot LD. Two Cents. ?ve tiUon aome occasions, and Van < ott.treated her eiy coldly, and remarked be thought they were damned (ly air*. t ouisasi ? l)o you recollect Mary lUder going to tour ouse at any particular time Mr Di; WiTr objected to the question. Mr. Joans* ?I think, .Mr. Lie Witt, your interruptions re really out ol all rule, and I uiu?t protect aganut lieu. Mr. Da Win - I am entitled, and shall press the oh ectiona Mr. Joar>?* .Well, now jirocee.l, if you want to g?t i|> a low, you must have one. (Koursol laughter),to Mr KdwanU?Mary Rider had been at my ouse about j \t evka and 3 or 4 day a before Christmas, Ml. She came again about New Vear's Lluy, and stayed tbout teli dayi. she did not coma ?#,* . unti1 Mra. Vuu ott I roke up house; she asked uio "where Mis. _Va.. ott had gone to live." Cross examined hy Mr. L)? Witt?1 frequently heard Van ( ott call lua wife a la/y h?b, and a hateful little levil. (Laughter.) 1 heard him nay ao in the presence jf Mr, Polheraus. i?y (J. N. Circuit Court. Before Judge Belts. M tacit 7 ? In the cate of William Johnson, Joseph Wallace, William ( oilier, Joseph l.iudherg, und Kred U, Peguin, iridic ted fur a revolt on board the barque Lagrange, on the high seas, (lie testimony on both sides w us closed, and the ease will he summed up te day . tlcueral Reulons. Before Recorder Tallmadge and Aldermen Haoles ami lm. Jos i? 11. Tiiii Lies, Em., Acting District Attorney. Msecii 7.? Ttial/or Bint nnd.htaull and Battery? Edward Bank*, impleaded with Janice liuckctt and Alexander lie toe was tried lor a riot, Ike. in Nov. lust, on Klisku Riialnnari, un oyster dealer, ut Washington Market slip I ho diflictilty lii the matter arose out of the price paid lor opening the shell fish, and the party raised u mob and it [iised to allow any other persons except themselves to 3pen oysters. Verdict not guilty. Grand Larrtny? Daniel Ryan, Impleaded with 1'eter O'Brien, w as tried lor a grand larceny, in stealing on the Jith of January from a lot belonging to George IV. Allertnn. in ..-Ith street and the 6tli Avenue, a pair of oxen valued at f9u, w hich were sold in Brooklyn for $A.>, and be was arretted. A colors d man named Brow n testified that the prisoner employed liim to drive the cattle over to Brooklyn. Hi. evidence, however, was very evasive. The catile weie bought by a Mr. Rambler, and as lie was suspicious tl at they were stolen, detained thein. They were not purchased of the accused directly, but he win present ut the time, Kvidenee not conclusive of guilt and Ryan was acquitted. *1 fault iin a IVift.?Patrick Bradley was tried lor o vio lent assault and buttery on his wile Mary Ann, on the night ol the .'JOtli of January last,?not only attacking her with his fists, hut inflicting a deep und ghastly wound on her chin.vvith a knife, T'tej resided at No. 4 Hamilton street, and the wife w as confined to her room lor u length of time from the injuries. The prosecution proved by the wife the assault committed, and a sour on her chin was apparent, w hicli she stated was the result ofthc wound inflicted with the knife.; The defence called several witnesses to prove that the wife was, in common, the assailant ; one ol whom stated that the scar on tho chin was visible several months since, long before the assault complained of. A vast quantity ol evidence was introduced?all of which wua of a couilicto ry character. Tho jury found the accused guilty?bat recommended him to the mercy of the court. SentenceCity Prison 1 werk. S til It JVosti/ut?In the case of Matthew llanagan, indicted for an assault and battery on Jamei Shaw, a not. pros, wnsdirpctod to he entered, and the case dismissed. Bail h'orftiltd ?The bail of Patrick Kearnier, Michael Mulvane, Win K.llison, alius Knglish, John Holy, Ww. Coon, and Godfrey Frit/, severally indicted tor assaults und batteries, were ordered to he estreated, as none of the parties unpeared when called to ttial. Trial Jar .1 fault and Balmy.?John O'Shaughnrssy and Kllen Willis, were tried for violently assaulting' hi istiun Komal, ol No. ISO Washington street, on the 7th ol lust February. The man struck him with his fist, and the woman with a poker. Verdict not guilty. The (Bund Jury.?The Giand inquest having lound a number ol bills ol indictment to be adjudicated upon by the Court, and alter having delivered them, retiied. Adjourned to h inlay at il o'cloi U, A. M. City Intelligence. Police.?March 7.?A h?ilk* i.n> I.amj Siusk \ I Jack tnr, named Joseph II. Lucklaus, who was discharged iroin the I'nited States ship North Carolina, on the'J7th lilt. TOOK luilgiiiL". Ule same e\ erring at Ulf lioarujug riuuni of William Keed, in Water street, near Hoosevelt street, ami tint next morning was accompanied to ouooftlm North lliver ateainboiits by KhiI, who contrived w bile on the route to abstract f.110 iium tha pockets of Lucklaua, whirh he ha<l teceJved for hia ?ei vices from the gown.ment. Retxl was arrested yesterday hy ottirer Joseph. unit fully committed to answer. Kuiihiu by mi I.ahh.oku.?William Murray hail the curiosity ami temerity to lodge at the hoitae of I'eter MeOauley, alias Williama, at iii! Mulberry street,on Wednesday night, and was seized by the throat by Mcliaulry, who abstracted 'fib trom hia pockets. He was arrested, and fully committed to prison. IIohbld ostmi I'ointr.?John < onion made a descent into a den of corruption at H4 . roaa street, and w hile there, Mary Ann I'onlon explored lila (sockets, and reliet ed them of in cash. She was arrested and lully committed. Coroners Office.?March 7 ?Sen ior.?The t'oronet was called to hold an inquest on the body of Thomas J. llailey, who had committed suicide hy shooting himself with a pistol under the right ear, at his r?siecrire,10t Warren street. The deceased hud been afflicted for some time past with an eruption of the skin arid dyspepsia, which had caused great depression ol spirits, und tuiully produced this result. He had lodged at 101 Warren stilet, sml took his meals at the Oraham house in Barclay street lie retired to his lodging room onlWednesduy morning, nt about 10 o'clock, and a report of a pistol having been heard in his room, his brother obtained entrance and loiiud his lifeless body on the flnnr and the instrument of death in his right hand. The Coroner's Jury returned a verdirt that deceased " rirme to his death hy shooting bin. selt whils tailoring uudei a temporary depression of spi its.'' lie was a native of this city, unmarried, and og? d about .'4 yeara. DilATii or Vsxsv Bsowx.?An inqueit was also belli on the body of a colored woman named f anny Drown, aged j'j years, who had died fiom delirium tremens, complicated with epilepsy. Shehad resided at ?7 Orange street, aud had been lalioriug with dcliiiuin tremens for several weeks past. A colored insu named William Johnson who reside* at 144 Anthony street, was railed as a witness lielore the l oronrr ami testified that he '>u w the decettsid three or lour tunes this week, and always found her deranged. "I gave her u ay iup ol sarsnparilla and sarsatrai. with castor oil mixed in It. I urn the seventh son ol the seventh soli, uml peilortn cures hy luhhiug, and 1 depend e l on it lor cunug the deceased The jury returned a verdict of death Ironi "delirium tremena and epilepsy Afhivai- op the 1>ki.awa&8.?Kxtract from .i letter front on lionrd the line ot Imtile -ship Delaware, dated Hampton liouds, March 4 -We made this port on the 4th inst alter a passage of :)7 days from ttihr altar, and ul days Ironi 1'ort Mnbon, h oving there on tlie tilth of January A |iortiou ol the passage, say horn the straits to longitude l>i dog. wist, whs unexampled iilmort, in rapidity aad pleasantness running oh our course trom I,VI to J .vi miles daily. Our greatest ruii m J4 consecutive hours was Jfi3 miles (wring f rom the 11th of February w e ha.l every variety of weather calms, squills, and khort-livad gales trom every point of the colnrass, till the night ol the JTtli, when w. encounture.t a N. H. gale, in comparison to which, all I have ever read of storms s*. sea, were spiritless and time. In una short half hour, spite ol the most spirited exertions, five of our sails were shivered into nbhon". Huch was the resiktless fury ol the stnnn thut thetaltered remnant of our maintopsail could not bo fur lad or uulient.and we lav to?and beautifully did our noble fillip behate?under the close-rot fed spanker only. The gala continued unabated for eighteen hoorr. To describe the scene from the dock w. re a vain attempt it is not extravagant to say the tea run loountaios high. In the intervals of snow and sleet, ll.c whole expanse of the ocean around appeared in one icrnlic loam, our ship now mounting a grant wave, did anon plunging as w ith n death-stroke to the top of her bulwark* into an approaching sea, then shivering as if stunned lor an instant, she seemed to gather rem w cd life, rising with her main deck guns undei, forotber and repeated plunges ! It was grand, awful, terrific ' JThr next itiorning, the Ittitli, found us in la' Xh h? N. i?n. 71 'JO W., some 'JtH) miles from Cnpi lit nry , the w ind "till fr? sit Ironi the N. K., and we soilless almost, "tir rod b r wasstriously Impaired, and otherwise storm worn ft was imiH'iative to innk.. the nenrest i?'rt. ati l here wa ara in afety, awaiting further order* from the Department. 1 tlurrniiaa of three yeara haa been eminently aticccaalul Ou the two rnoat important naval ntationa, the Brartla ami tlii! Mndiiarriinriifi; ?e hn?e in all been 4h7 deya at aca; l have anchored twenty throe tirnea, In twelve different . porta, and have actually run, a* oar log, M,M>t milea I r ew of U" hut will M in' in'?i with | li asurr. (thank* to ourauperior officer*, and moat to a grarioua Providence,) the cruiae of the nohle Delaware, i We have on hoard the atatuary deatinrd to add to tin* , idornment of the apitol, nnd which will no doobt, in the > judgment of men ot ta?te, reflect credit to the already din. i tingiiialied aculptor lie arronipaniea hi* atatnea, arnl will . nee to their proper position in their deatJned place. i |,i?i or Tiir Or en vai ( onnnmloie, t hnrle* Vorria , l aptain Charlea Stewart Met auley. I.ivntenanta Hnm'i Barron, ( harlea c Turner, Spencer C. <liat, Stephen i I Rowan, Cicero Trice, (it way II . Berry man, and William Itoai i.ardner. Fleet Surgeon- Utialavna K. B. Hornet Aaaiatant Surgeon* Stephen A. Met roetv, Jns It (ionhl ami Daniel I. Ilryan. Turner? Hntnnel P. Todd chaplain ?( harlea llonry Allien. Acting Ma?t*r* (ho U llotv and William M. ( all well. Troleasor of Matlirmntir* William B Benedict. Commodore'a Secretary John K I loll. i ommodn: r? Clerk? \moa T. Jeerke* ' aptain'* ! Jerk David st Loon Porter. Tnraer'a I lorh lam Todd. Marine Ofllcera C aptain, Alvin <1*011 , id Men tennuta, W \ T. Maldock nnd William B. S'ark .Mid ahiptnen- Aimer Read. Jamr* M Ladrl, John K llynaon, Lime. I) Bullock, Kohert Clay Kogcia, Vlaurice Simon", lohn (Juincy Adam* t ravrliird. Jonnthnn II ' arter, W ilI li.i/n II Au?tln, Tefer Kemtde, Fdward ' C?*toui, dw .ud Hiinley, John II. Baikcr, Thnma* W Brodhead, William ll K.mutleroy, Jeaac M. Smith, Richard,fl.ymnn Law, I William Oifiaon. John Wllke*. Ji , Thomaa i Urmia, t Willinm Mitc hell, Alhcrt Allmand. 1'eeilleton << W .it mouglr, an I Hobert Btorer Boataerain (teo, William. , (fanner Thomaa Itoliinaon. < arpenter Francia Sngi n Mail Maker Nich.ilaa Bock Pa??eng#ra?Mr*. David D. I Toiler, two children and invent, Kignote l.nige PiMico; t and John f ahlll, (carpenter) ami aon