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March 11, 1844 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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\ TH Vol. X., No. 71-Whole No. 3011. M WANTED TO PURCHASE?In Brooklyn, new fjjjw the Pulton Ferry, ?r Williamsburg. neaj 'he Peck Blip .XJUL Ferry. a good two atory aiid attic, or three atory home. Any one having such to diapoae of, may hear of a cash purchaser by addressing a uote, stating location, he., to bo* 139 upper poit office, ST Y. "*5 STEAM POWER TO LET. ~ ~ ML ROOMS TO LET with 8TEAM POWER-PoaF1 teuton to be (iron lat May. Apply tothe Ho* r. T. JhULM. and Saw Manufactory, __ I 2l Imrc ? aud 31 Gold atreet. M TO LET?A home situated at Bio uiiugdale, about p-W ai* milra Iron the city. It tt drlighllully auuated on JwaLthe b uik ol th* Hudson,and la remarkably healthy. The liigue contains aerau rooms, with pleasure garden, he attached. Kent $3'0 per annum. Apply at the Abby Hotel Blosmiugdale. nu3 lm'rc MTO I.ET- and immediate possession gtveu?The S'ore in the Herald Buitdiugs, No 97, fronting on Nassau atre t wi ll futures, counter, store, he . newly put lip ami handsouialy painted. aud papered ; furnished aim with a meter ard two **s eonduetors. Applica ion to be made at the Counter of the lle-ald Office. tn7 tf rc ' iMi TO LE T, CHEAP?A Country Beat consisting ol ffvTB about thirteeu acres of la id, with a large aud convecient JfatiLlwo atory House, Stable, Carriage Houae, lee House, li'led, a large OaT'en, with abundauce of fruit, situated on the Iia-Ks ol tne Hudson mver, opposite the Dutcn Kelormed Church?distance from the City Hall fonr and a half milee For fntthtr particulars, enquire on the premises. N. COBB. N. B ?The Bloomiutfdale and Knickerbocker Stages pass the ttate e?e-y half hour. f*'m rre 'jmsi TO LtT?The HAMILTON HOU St. situated at ff?jW the Narrows, uear Fort Hamilton. This well kuown JmULHotel aud grounds will be very much improved since laai seasou, and a large Stable and shea added to the out build* inns The property in front, on the shore, has also been purchased?the buddings and grounds will be repaired and improved, aud a dock erected directly in front?the whole of which will be let with the Hotel. For particulars inquire of the subscriber, on the premises, GEORGE 8. GELSTON. Fort Hamilton. February 12th, 1844. 127 2w*rc TO lK ? I'he THAU AN HALL, No. 460 Grand street, at 'lie intersection of k'aet Broadway, is to let or lease It was originilly fitted up for a ball room, and lias every convenience forsach a pnrp >se, but has been occupied for the last t"ree years as a church, snd <a now tit'ed up with seats for that purpose. The Temperance Societies have also met there once a week It is located io the ' hirUenth ward; and there is no olh-r so convenient place for puliti al meet njrt, or any room so large, in the eastern sec'ionolthe city. The third ato'y would make most excellent accommodations fira Lodge "f any kind. It will be rented low to a g< od teuau', who could make, it is bel.eved, a living out of it by relenting it Euquire in the store b"ow the Hall, of f 16 lm*rc T U J. W. COLLIN8. J/A TO LET?The four story granite lroni Brick|store 5 New street, urar Wall street. JwmL The three story brick House 38 Hndson street, Jersey City, tronting the river,and near the ferry. Three story brick House 34 Walker street, between Broadway and Church street, in escellent order. The two story brick front House 213 Church street, one door , above Walker street. Three story brick Store 207 Cherry street, comer el Pike St., , occupied ts a feed store, by Messrs. Geo. Valentine It Co. Two story brick House No ? Rivington street Two story brick House 301 Bowery, occupied by Dr. Win Bailey. Rents moderate. Apply to JOHN F. DELAFLAINE, 3 New street, near Wall street. LOTS ON BROADWAY FOR SALE?Five lots on the weslside of Broadway, three between 17th aud 18'h streets,and two between 18th aud 19th streets, including both corners of 18th street. This property is pear Ur ion square, on elevated ground, and opposite the proposed site of the Washington Monument. TI.e frout on Broadway is about 123 feet. The whole purchase money may remain on mortgage for a number of years, if the property it immediately improved. Apply as above. f7 1 oi * rrc MTO LET OR LEASE?A desirable resid-nce in the counfy.suitable for a gentleman doing business in the city of New York. The house it in the Eugligh cottage styie, modern brilt and in good repair; together with tea acres ofland, including a garden, and a good liable and coach house. It is situated at Morrisania rear tne Harlem lliver, in Westchester County, within ten minutes walk of the Harlem Railroad. For terms and farther particulars, inqu re of H M. M JRRIS, ESQ. f29 2w?rc No. II Pine street, second story. JA CtsoNThY BEAT *ND FARM TO LEASE.? A rare opportui iiy is now offered to any gentleman !"! in retire from the rifir Tin- fTs-m ini.nim niton- 150 acres ol iiuid, situated on I'liroggs' Neck, Westrhester, and lira dinentl, <'ii iIip Hound having a mile in a half of sho e and the whole uud r? good sine of cultivation A large di.ub'e homo and barn are on the iremiki. For listi ng and spotting the pace cannot b-surpassed. Fourteeu miles from Naw York, and foui from th? Rniload Dejiot, at Wiiliama' Bridge, the communication is so easy that a man lay <!o business in tne city and reside with his family at the Neck, as arveral geutlemeu in the Ticinity do. Apply to THOS. T. FERRIS, 2D La Fayette Place, or THOH. HAHRI8QN, 91 Madison ?u m3 vw?cc dmk FOtt HALF. I'll T'.> LET?Two rew Three-storr pTjW Brick .-tnuses, with marble mantels, sliding boors, and X^UILronveuient closets in a1! the rooms The houses s>e 2.' It-1 font and lenr, by 36 feet duep Each house has an nadei c*llar well ada'ted for ihe purposes requited The Lots are each 25 by 100'ret. In the yard is a spacious cistern. 1'iicefot each Mouse snd Lot S.'i.lOft, of wh cli two-thirds cau remain, il desired, ou bond ?ud mort-tage at 6 pei cent per annum. The rent lo- e-ch house is $350 The Iious s are situated in Bridge street, between Tillary and Johnson streets, Biook'yn Apply to JOHN A. WILLI NK. At his residence at Fiatbnah, or his office No. 73 Nassau sti?ei. New York, or fo . STEPtiEN MAONES. Into lin^ni In Lawrence street. Prioklvn. MkOtt SALE OR LEASE - A I <rge Doub'e House situa<ed upon the Th.rd Avenne. opposi'e Ike fisre tnil? 4 one, containing ten rooms, a good kitchen and pant ies witu stable, carriage and ether houses Attached are an acres of land on lesse, part in a high state of cultivation. Also, i good well of suit water. The situation is dasirable for either i private family or for a public home, being situated iniJway between the city and Harlem One half ths building has been erected within three years. Possession can be gireu immediately if rrqnisite. h'or furiher parti'uiars inquire of F. BLANCARD, 64 Broadway, orMr. NOWLAN, Prospect Hall, Yorkville. mH Iw'cc au| FOR HALE, OR WILL BE EXCHANGED FOB Jkd3|ciTY PrtOPERTV?Two very fine banns, in tin ^sikkcounty of Columbia, containing about 150 acres each These farms were lately owned and highly improved by W B Ludlow, Jlsi.. of Claverack; and are within one and a half oi two miles of the city of Hudson. The Hudsoa railroad and turnpike both pass along the borders and through portionso! each They are in superb order, and beautifully wooded anr watered, k iclusive of the usual (arming crops, tha mradowi yielded last year bet "cea two sod three hundred ton* of hav They would be well adapted for stock or g-nzing, as tke o.ilk or butter made in the afternoon.may be in the Ne v York mar ket at daylight the next morning A more particular description of t"c property is scarcely ne canary, as the purchaser will, no doubt, by a personal inspec lion, ascertain for himself its value. 'I he karma are in th- postessi a of William H. Ludlow, Jr., from whom any information concerning them may be acquired For teems, apply at 11 Barclay street, to I H3ttw lsure JOHN C. STEVENS. Jjriti FOR cALK?A neat and very convenient Collage w pTjW the Mill Road, North Shore, Staten Island, within fif fieri minutea walk of either the CistlMpn orPortKich moud steamboat landing. Attached to the Cottage is half \r acre of excellent laud, with a variety of young and thrifty tiusi trees Enquire on the pren, lies of fl? ln. m JEREMIAH SMITH >"A. FOR BALE?THE LEASE, K"RM UKE A >0 pW FIX UREH OF A FIRST CLASS HO PEL,which es li e.i est.b'ished four yeirt nsa Lodging House and r Bar room. The bed room furniiur* ? of me beat quality Th- B r r < M ai d alo n are fi teal up in a atyle unsurp'sic by aiiy HntelYn the Union. All the fait fixities muat go with the l*4<i- bu< a lary portion of ihe other fixtures and I'urnit in will be removed if req 'ired. Th* alw-ve house is doing a greal business? but it it not exp*ctrd ihat anyone will believe thu ha e statement, but it will be proved to the satisfarti -u of thi ( in tit iCeptieal, wh" miy wish to purchase. Possession to h< given On ihe first of Ma r next ; or a partner with a < ash capita! of $2 000. and go >d qualifi ationa to conduct the uafablisn in rot would eiak'n if prefe-red. The lat er conditio is m cettary. as the present proprietor will be engaged in other busi rem which w II require the major part of his time. Addresi F.J K si hi - office re'i lm*r yi* FOR MALE.?A piece of land containing fro-u 20 to 2K^|j0 acres, beautifully located ou the Paterson Turnpike ,?di?.Rna.), commandingao ext-nsive view in all directions. I, . il.. L Hl.? .u.l I..II ...u ?r N.u,.r> overlooking ill the surrounding c- untry. It is au admirable it"1 for a gertleroau'a r-aulence, being fir* miles from Holioken, at Secaucus. N. J., in 'h? i eighborhnotl of good cli ol? and tminent preachm. Inquire cf WM. L HAD. DOCK, No 93 Perry ?treet, or of the owner J. Q. UNDERHILL, at Hecaiicn?, or Dr ULOVCH, 2 A in ?t. in) Im rt KUR SALE A FARM in the Towmh p ofOrmge.N. J., aix miln jpyg|rroin New ira ami two from No-til Omnee?100arret, twc iBu -hr-i- I J * arable, balance thrifty wood- hoiui ail ru-iint. garret and cellar, Intel* repaired?ha-a and outbuild iriga goods? apoleaud |ieach orchard?plenty a ana! I f uit well watered by springs?good w?ll at door? r*r> heilthy situation ?pure water. To be told a bargain, with atock i' draired?pot araaion when required Apply at 10 b erry at, 131 Diriaion at, 'i Dry at, or OK.O. BLACKBURNE, Perry Lane, on tbr place. milm rc wig? FOR a \LK?On Stnten lalaud. within one tnile of the KMQunrrn'ine t small Farm oi fifteen acres; ab ui one hall JLwis covered with voung wood the b.lance it auitable Im garden purposes I hen- it a modern two atory house with t kifhrn adjoining, ?od a nnrer failing well by the door. Also n barn and a (area rarir'.y of fruit trees, For farther particular! enquire of TIl6M AS 8 OAKY, I'll Im m Quarantine, Htnten Island. A~VALUABLE FAHM FOH HALE?The b"rlri *H|fiirmerlv owned aud occnpi-d by Jonathan Ward, K,aq. ^Jl?,-itui teul in tbo nppee j-art of the town of Kaat Cheater ? M aatcheiter ounty. 'in miles from th city of New Voth. i r the Tost Road, tad a quarter of a mile fioin the Harlem itai;I road 'J he shore Farm contains about two hundred acres of Land w'.nch is nmler a high state of cnltiration, well watered ant fenced, with a double two-story due ling and a number of out Duildiugt att<ch'd The above dwelling and ten acres of land is now occupied at the Brnni Tavern ana I'ort Office (known aa Marble "all ) If the above farm and dwelling is not sold before thr '1th o March, the part now occupied a- a farern will be let for the name pmp- ae. Inquire of K AIN tk MOROAN, near the pie rai-ea, or I L. MUKtiAN, 47 u I ton at. N B.? I his (arm ii well adapted for a milk dairy. fe24 i mend * m SEEDS OF EVERY KIND JUST RECE1VEI BV THE PACKETS QUEBEC AND HENDRICK HUDSON. DUNLAP & CARMAN jmg| TAKE this opportunity of returning their lhanka t ra<ft their fnenda and the public, for the liberal patronage bstowed upon Diem since opening then new 8e?d 8lo. hihI ConiFTVfttory. I n^y nav? jaat rfcpivpij an additional stii ply of all th- beat known faneti . of Annual, Breams* am Pereintal blow n Meeds, Veg-table Sends of all kiutn It rata eeeda of the best kinds. Soring Wheat, Potali Oats, Aah leaved and other early Potatoes, all in prim order, Eiolics-of levery description, suitable for pirlc or green house culture; Bouquets, aomimaed of the moa choice and delicate dowers. for bridal or other lealive partiet III da and Bird ( ages, Cold b rah and Olobea, fa, cy Kiowa V area and Stands, of various Patterns, with other faney article! all of which will be sold on the I. veil, terms Tiiey beg I ear to inform their frie >ds and the public, that they hare not an ol .ci d of any kind in the atore, and hare spared neither twins n< eapenae to procure the beat seeds of the last seas it's growtl from the rn-st lespeetable houses in th a country and Kiiropi ell of which will he warranted. atalcguea will he ready fc di'tribn innearly the euaning week. All thoae in want will pleaj egl and famine for themselves before pnrchasing elsewhere. Knuliah Split Peaa, Oatmeal and b mbden (floats for grue fruit and ornam-nta' Trees of all kinds. (Jrape riuea ard (low eriug rhruba. harbaeenua plants, tic. kr , always on hand at th ii?w I ouserratory and Seed Store. 831 Broadway, New Yorl Sever il practical (lardeners e anting situations, apply a above 127 lm*m E NE N] "" NIBLO'8 CONSERVATORY AND SEED ESTABLISHMENT ARRIVALS OF FRESH SEEDS. JM THE SUBjfCKI 8K It, in acknowledging the liben' 9MQh"atrouage rpceiv-d by him thie aea*on, for which he ii j^Afc-t-vr grab lul, now b g to iuforui hit patron# nud thepnblte that the rxtenuve arrnngrm nt* for the apiinp buaiueta (which were made by himaelf when in Europe lul winter, with great ca r, uuremi'trd attenfnn, and without any regard loeapener, have juat been completed by the receut arnvala 01 the aevaral packet ahijn (ram Loudon and Havre. The atock will be f iuud to contain aa|ierb varirtiei of new annual, bieunial and nerenuial Klower Serda, many of which are very rare, and n ill be lunud well woilhy the atienlioa of all lover* of Flora. Vegetable end k'ield Seeda have alao been imported, of thoae kinda only which ate d-airable I be obtained at a foreign marbut iktti.ganrta fi.r uthirK tK# AinPf.CHU PrOlllH tUHl.1 Mf# infill* celebrated, h* 'been crown by men of e*r>crience nnd integrity for this establishment on/*?all which <*aa be strictly relied upon a* b'ioc genuine, and. in fact, are warranted Tin- Proprietor would alao l>ea to cal' publ c ut'rntion to the fact thit io orrer all the Sued. (Youi this establishment slwtiid hear a genuine character h- caused ell the old seeds (procured by his >a e partner, Mr. Dunlaii) to be sold at public auc'ion, without any reserve, by Mr W. H. Franklin, at his rooms in Broad strret. ou the 27th Dec last, and ha can witli confidence assert here is not a worthless seed in the whole stock now on hand (double Dahlias?An extensive collection of t' ese teantifnl flowering Koois hive aleo been imported Irom the most eminent growers, and .re bulb. of the must choice Prze ' 'lowers exhibited in Kuglaud daring the l.wi two years. They are now liner propagation, and govu established plants warranted true to name will be ready f r sale in due season. C uhigues. containing a full description of taen variet , teeether with iustru ti ms for their Culture, will be published at au early period. A large collection of fine healthy plants in Flower,ut 111 the Conservatories, which will be found desirable ornaments for lite Parlor, tic. Bou inets, Baskets, and Vatas of Flower*, can be procared on the shortest no ice. put un i? a Went bat clegint style. Fruit and Oruameulal Treus, Shrubs, hardy Hoses he. in grea' varietv. Bulbous Flowering Roots vir. : Gladiolus, Mexican Tiger Flower, Tiger Lily,. Jacobean Lily, Tuberose, tic. Sic., lor planting cany in Sluing Flower Stands, Fancy Tarra Cotta Flower Vases and Tots, of new auu handsome designs. Go il Fi h, Fish Globes, Sic A large a-sorrmrutof Gardening Tools, Horticultural and Agricultural Books, fee on hau I. The abova ire no - i ff-red for sale at L'lW PRICKS, having urea purchased f ir c <sh, ou adv -ntageous terms t be Third AnnnalCatalngueis now in coureof publication, and will be ready Cot de'iiery (gratis) early in the ensuing we k. Ord-rs attended to with promptness, and thankfully received. WILLIAM N1BLO, Sole Proprietor 576 Broadway. No conne tion with auy other establishment. f20 imrc THREtfi DOLLAR HATS J. II. MOMAltt^TfK oalls the attention of the public to h<s assortment id tine Fur Hau, at the very low price of Three Dollars,at 328 Bowery fU4 lm'rc SPRING FASHION, ft BROWN St < O.'S One Priced Hat Store, 178 Chafhim Jpmw Square corner of Mott street, where f<shien, beauty, uu-ability and economy are combined to adorn the head. The proprietors have ihe pleasure to offer a nrio style of Hat. the imitation of beaver, wh'Ch closely resemble those, formrly sold for f5 and 16, at tne low fixed pric? of $3 Those, who frotn? inclination or nece sity, are induced to study economy in that indis|iens ible article ofdreia, have now an < ppurtunitv of doing so and still It. ep up t e appearanre of the most fashion ible. BHOV'N K CO , in presenting this Hat to the public think mey iihvc iicany r wiim uiq uniua uni wi uwiuiy, viioa|'nv#?i neatnn?. durability and comfort if the wearer. All a*lea are for oh, therefore no good cuitomer pays for losses incurred by the bad BROWN Jt (JO , f 24 1 hi * in (78 Chatham Spare, gorner of Molt street. SOMETHING NEW. r? TUB SUB 4CRIBKK reipecttuliv announces. that hia JBwaSpri-g Stvle of Hals, (now ready) are eonatrncted on a plan different from any heretofore uaed in tliii cnuutry, and which lie ii cor(ident. needi only an eiamination, to convince gentlemen of its iperinritv. It hai been a ju?t came of com1 plaint, that th* fur on the edge of ihe conn anon we?r? off and th '? gives to a Hat an appearance of having been much worn, whil-the other patu are comparatively perfect This serious d- lect the aubaciber ha? been enabled to obviate in aueh a manner an not to interfere, but oa the contra ry, to improve the air and contour of the Hat. All gentlemen are requested to call and satisfy thtnuelvea of the treat luperiority oi the prraenr method over all others. JOHN N. OENiN, Hat and Cap Establishment, No 'It Broadway mrllm'rc Opi?o?it? St Paul's Church LOOK. AT THIS! J JUST RECEIVED, by the packet ahiP dainutl Hicki, from i aria, the best article ofMI^PHQjf (J i tlem-u's kreuch Brots ever aeeu. nil now ottceo, wholesale and retail at the low price of $5. best article of Krench Calf Boots, made to n-ensu-f -$5 0(1 " " t oik Sole Boots 00 " *' " Wat-r Proof Boots i " " " Light '"alfSew-d Bools $1 to 3 50 " " " liueCalf Shoes, made to measure 2 00 " " " Worked Stippe s - Bitot 25 And the greatest assortment ot i.ll kinds of Boots and Shoes in I fashion. Ladies in this store yon will fiml the greatest assortment of (loiter Boots that can be found in this city, and all k udg nfbnshin Slippers, T>ea, Button SPoes, Pruuella Slip[ pers, white, black .satin, aud all other kinds and colors. AIlo, the greatest assortment of Roys' Bjots and Shoes. Mi?ses and r Chifdrens'of all kiuds t<> be found iu this city; and all of cur , own manufacture, nml of the best Kieoch goods, aid warrantedto be ihe best, and as cheap as the cheapest, at 367 Broadway, itie corner of Frank I ia street. GREGORY St CAIIILL. m9 Im'ec 367 Broadway. N. V J BOOTS AND SHOES. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.*^^^ ALL WHO WEAR the abova article*, and wish to gave rammy, I had better lose do time iu ealring at the fishionahlr ae,I Shoe Stores of 8. P. SECOR, Noa. I6H>^ and 161 Use- m irn [ stmt, where all may suit th mselvea with an artisle t tat .'or style or make, fashion and finish, cannot be surpassed or perhaps equalled in this city. . S. P S. begs to apprise iu particular those! > 1" i nnd gentlemen who rousider a well fitting boor or gaiter \u indispeusable article to the tout tnsemhle of all within the r c/tti mnndt. that IhOK or 16) Greenwich street, are the only plaeea n New York I they can depend ou bring suited. N. B.?Ladies and Misses Gaiters, shoes, be., always on hand in endless variety. fTT"Remember, U9H and 161 Greenwichatreet.-ZTI t f 15 3m*ec ' ONLY LOOK AT THIS ! and see the as- ~JEjSk Im t niishinglow price, of BOOTS and MIIOESnM^V ' IS that are selling off at the New aud Fashionable Boot and I eff Shoe Store, cor -er of Greenwich aud Murray streets, , NewYo'k gentletn'n's fine French and uativr calfB->ota double I and single soles, from $3 to $3 50. $1 to $1 50 and ti per pair. Alan a large assortment of g-nth men's, Doys' and youths' fii e ctlf and kip Shoe*, of the latest s.yle and best materials; there J is also a laig- a??o. t nent of low priced Boots and Shoes, p gped and sewed, for gen'emeu, boys aud youths, and at prices that will Clime within the reach nl al classes. The Ladies of New York ai d its vicinity will find it to their . sdvantcge to call at this rstsb'ish'nent and see th most sp'endid assortvisntif gaiter Boots, Buskins, rilippers aud Tic, ef ail the diff-reut colors and moat fashion ?ble styles Tlieie is 1 auy quentity of Oveishoes and wate-prwf Buskins, gentlemen's strs' ped, with leather bottoms ; ladies'do; Moccasins MM Inilii Uui.bem, furred (MM and figured; u.its'i and Unl. ilren's, of all kinds, in abur dance and chean. , Don't mistake theuunib*. 253 Green ?ich street, corner of . Mu-nyst WKlUrl T, CAL HOU N St CO. f.28 Im'ec ! ^ ECuNOMY IN B'JOTS AND HHOEs! V Economy being the order of the day, the sub JSscriber invites the attention of the public to his large *>^ of Boots from $2 upwards. lie will sell at the I low price ol $1 50 a gnoo pair of sewe Boots, made in the i I ttest style, and of good calfskin, warranted to wear well, of j Ilis own umke. No Vankea about them, as a single trial will convince the rnrehaser i He <lso makes Boots of all descriptions to order, ou the i shortest notice?a gond -it being guaranteed in all cases, or no i sale, which he is enabled to do by taking a drawing of th- ft*1, t aud filling up and keeping expressly a pair of lasts for each i customer. Constantly ou hand? > Cork s. le Boots, from (6 00 to 7 00 . Double sole Boots, ill) iu 6 Ol | Press Boots, 2 no to 8 on Half Boots, 2 25 to 3 5(1 Dress Shoes, 1 50 to 2 50 Overshoes, 75 to 2 50 i Slippers. Itc tic. at eqnally low prices JOHN L. WATKINS 114 Fulton sticet, f7 lm*ee between Nassau end Dutch streets. BOOTS AND 811'rES "mZ AT REDUCED PRICES. The subscribers intend iig to makes change in business will oil flieir nauiil ifnrlf >r I,, ? f... - . I tune. TUTXlfc k HAYW~i'k'd" I 189 Broadway. P. 8 ?The fixture* anu furniture of the store for xale. IN Im'm : ^ OC CA1 HE KINK STREET?That's the plaee you can *"?e money Ladies wh.> with to beeconnmiI Si'tl, can tuirl at the above place (Jaiter Boots, Shoes, Busk, iui and Slippers, of various colors, of eli-gtot shai>es a d > most beautiful kinds, at the lowest prices ever offered in this city, as follows :? I Laditt'(Jailer Boors, 10.* to Us ]io No do----? 7s to h Do " Buskins, 5s to Us Do " Slipiers, 3 s to 's I Strong Leather Boots end Shoes. 5s to 7s Misses'and Children's in proportion. Also, all sorts of ladies', missrs' and children's India Rubber Shoes and Over ? Shoes vou can thiuk of. clienjwr than the cheatiest; men'a. boys' ' and youth's Boots and Hnoes, extraordinary cheap. Now,then, ' I say, come and took?vou will surely try, and be satuCeu that i none are better and none to eheap as at ft lm*m E. DO V7N1', M Catherine street ' SAVE YOUR SHILLINGS. All <hut are in want ofgood Outers. Shoes, g^Hiit Butkius.are requested to c.?li at WA I. - KK'S # corner ol Broadway and Canal arreer Ladi s'Uaitars, iff Misses and Children's (Jailers, of all colors torts and sizes. : < f the latest Krench fashion?ihe ch-epest yet offered Also, the area test assortment of I Jen La fiue Krench Calf Dress Boots, etitched, at >3. Thote who purch-te *t tnia old establishment are tare to call aaam, the best evidence of the genei ral sat alactiun his Boou and Shoes have given to the pnblie. h'7^ Remember?WALK h K'S Cheap Boot and Shoe Store, 119 Bread way. corner Canal street fi5 lm*ec TO COUNTRY MERC HANS. , BOOTS AND SHOES. ^ ! WILSON Si JOHNSON, "ff l.aucce ?or to Ji hn Lurching) have rein vrd frotn 12l)to iff 112 ( h- Inm strcvt, and h,ve i implrli'd their assortment i f k'print (Joodt, cnmi rising the gr-aleit saririvaud liri! ?l iHiorim ol of Boots and Shoes th t can he found in ilivcuv.? Every thing in 'lie r line, consisting in part ol 3000 ladies' VIo . rocco Bus in? JOt'O ladies' leather do, 31100 ladies'cmim m do. ' ',0(10 ladies' c? mnuni > lipp rs. 25u0 gentlemen's do, 1000 ladies' tine French do, liiOif We.i Backs, 1(1,000 IJhililieii't Shoes of all kinds and co ort, 01.0 adies' (Jailers, lilac k and colore. , .',0 c etof gentlemen's fmecalf sowed Scots 40 cases pegged do, 25 ,, cases Is 11 a do. 2> esse hoys' and youths' do, anil all other srti.. 'icl'x that cwx poaaibly be called for in the boot and shoe I ne, ? for tale. MS hatham si reel, opposite the Chatham I heatre.? " N.B. the store opened till 10 o'clock in the evening, giving i rointrv g^rcliautsau opportunity to purchase when not other, wiseengageil. mH lm*'C ? ?/- M. -00 ' at* EASY, KOROET THEY ARE ON.-DAY'S Kirst '' O Premium Sheet R. Over Shoes with his new Elastic Sisl-s, , betides be ng the neataet and inost durable overshoe io nse, are ' so petfectly adapted to the Boot end I'anta, that the wearer is 'r apt to forget that he haa en an overshoe st all. Ho unlike err ' ry other overshoe are they, that whoever examinea them will I cer tisly give them preference. They will completely do away " wilh the double or" water preef Boot," which never keap out T the water. . _ _ !' Warehouse. 25 Maiden lane, near Broadway. Toots who ' want Day's Over, alio* should remember No. 25. ! LIKE PRESERVE!' 8 AND JACKETS.?The best article manufactured in tit* United State*. Orders for the Menfh , and West, and North, eiecnted in tha neatest iiosaible style, by the manufacturer, HORACE II. DAY, ii Maiden lane. |f ft lm*ec ' T AHD?15 bbla No I Lard, landing a ol for . I- ( " XJ. E. K. COLLINS It CO. 5? South stteet. W YC 2W YORK, MONDAY MC PHEN1X HORSE BAZAAR, NO. 180 AND lOl MERCER STREET, NEXT TO _ BI.EECKER STREET ?n The ufit regular PUBLIC AUCTION 8ALK I"ri|^* will lake place *i pint e?tal>:ishment, on Tu'sf ) liny reit, March I2tli, commencing at eleven o'clock, wi ll Carnages Harness. Saddlery, he., new and second linud. (ieutlrinen in the country having P'opevty to di?p se of, \ either at public or private a tie, will hare their orders faithfully attended lo.l !S At Private Sale?25 tine young country horaea, kind and A aouud, jus' in froui the wealeru part of the Stale; two superior matched pairs of Bay Honea, a fine pair of Brown Uoraea, a ,\ splendid pai' of Bay Carnage Ilori'a, one very line Bright Sorrel Horse, young, kind and sound, aud a very fast trotter. 8 Also,several ve y tine cadd'e Horaea Also, at private tale, a very naiidsnrno Hockaway Wegon. nsed only one week, aud a uuinber of new and second hand Barouches aud Light Wagotis. Hortrs taken at Livery, aud kept in st)|e-riar style. Accommodations fur dealers' horses, in alablrs unsurpassed gi by any establishment of the kind in the United Stiles. L STOK \OK?Vehicles of all desc-ipnon token on storage in ths large nu i eonveuieul Repository ot the <?t~ibliahineut ir W. CO -VAN will attend personally to all oriters for bnving ? aud -elliog hortra. All persous snlling property at this establishment may relv |j upon having a true accouur of sale rendered, aud the lull amount of proceeds w ill, in all cases, be paid promptly iu cut- ?i rent rnont;y. i ha AKK1NA ol ihis establishment ii bailt oa au entirely p new nuil moat convenient olsn, bnug detalch d from the inuiu q building and stabl-, thereby not m-erfem g in tlir lent with .ivery or sale horses going oat or com ng m oa the d?y of auction talc Als'l other 'imee toe Arena is k. pt entirely clear, aul reserved for the accommodation of rrivate horses outl those ou ale, ?lf irding ivtty facility for pi roup, training ami showing hoist* COWAN AND UILK8. m9 Im'ec Proprietors pinsa i?3 ) r|,HK SUBSCRIBER harebv informs hi* friends noil (be i| i public, tint he boa comut uceo to bake P<sso>er Bread for the enauiiu holidays, and aie now ready for delivery. Notwiiharaiidina ih it he ha* contracted with the contrregatk>i:s .Inshi Chend Shan Shomaiin, and Heth Israel, he atill ahull leel happy lo supply persons In longing even to oilier congregations. The majority of ihe members of the Elm street congregation having already scut iu their orders the tuoscribcr If is louliileut that this uohle and independent example will lie followed by others, who should be similarly situated in regard to their tarn congregation, who can act as they jdease without being uudcvsny restraint. M. 8. COHEN. TERMS- rnxtt of a superior quality, six to the pound I at xis cents: meal sight cents per pound. P. 9 - < irders taken lor all kinds of Cakes for the approaching holidays, at his Bakery, 43 Dey street, or 09 Daane stieet. a f SO !m?re rPIlK 81 1B8CKIBER intends keeping tiroceries for the euA sairg Pats-mr, llDa) at 96 Cullieriue st-ret, where I those of his friends, that will honor him with a call, can be furnished with the hest quality, at rite lowest inaiket pi ices. Tha Coffee and Spice* gmuud, if r<quired, and sent to any pa't of the city tree of expeuse The sbuv i Oroceriea will lie ready for sale on Tuesday, March 12, 1844. Orders received at 72 -I'd 96 atherine street. in7 2w*rra L. M. tilTTERBANo AQNIR'R LUCINA CORDIAL, OR, ELIXIR OF LOVE. POR the speedy and certain cure of female irregularities, im " potency, barrenness, iluor alhas, incipient cnusnm: tion, cnnxtutional deb.lity, whether the result of imprudence, ill uess or accident The sematioa produced by this wonderful medical discoverry in Paris, has be?n nearlv equalled by Ha introduction into America, Numerous test monials have been received from those whose constitution was a mere wreck, but who have been invigorated l y this incomparable Cordial Others who had in-tied their health by their own folly orextravaganee.have found iu this cordial th- means of restoration, cite all other medical aid had been used in vatu. The hitherto childless fireside has often been rendered happy, and the iutirin, ike impotent aud the debilitated have again exulted in the elastioity and vigor of bygone dayi. Tl e agent of one of the interior villages rf New York xtatae a eve. iu which by ti e me of two bottles of Luciua Cordial, a couple after four years of bitter disappoi ment, were rudiled j to rejoice over the realization of the foudeat hopes of a married life. The iRent for the city of A., New York, xotd a bottle to a gentleman wliohulheen nfllicteJ with a disease of th- urethra ?.,r ..l...... I.. r... .1..,. >._ rdlnriiuil ....I ..1.1 1.. I..J rived f>r mo<e bentlit from the one bottle than from mrdicil trd&tmrnt for eleven years. lie ioimedi *tedy bought six bo. ties m >re. Ourtpace f >rl?i?l? as to name the man- eases to whieh wears et liberty to lelrr. The universal s'tisfiction which ' this inestimable Elixir has given, not a siugle complaint having b,eu made, is not one of the least proofs of its unrivalled 1 ,-xeel le..ce. Price 93 per bottle. * Sold at 93 Nassau st. New York;9(l North Sixth street, Phila- 1 delphia ; Smith It Fowls, 130 Washington street, Boston. f-27 Im'eo INSTRUCTION. 1 A FRENCH LADY that can teach the French and German Laiu uaites, Mu?ic, P.nnn Forte, aud any kind of liamlwork, devres to lind a situat'on as a gova ness of children She can pres-nt the best recommendations. She has been for two yeirs at the Spanish Ambassadors, ai d eaves hit house on the account of this iteutlemau going to Europe. For fu'th'r , iuformilion, apply to Mr. HI,\IMJ I'HON, Spanish Cohiul, I.-oil-nil street, No. 11S, aud of Mr. PINTEUa, No. 307 1 Headway. ml 3tnw 2vr*rc ENGLISH HON NETS, MILLINERY, Art;. 1 TU8T REG LIVED AT J. L VON 8, 37 'ohn street, and " 36 Mdlden Line, a splendid a*s*ttmeiif of ENOLlMli HON 1 NETS, consisting if snper Patents, fine llutlantlsi A'h rt Braid, lie Ike. Also, an elega-it aisortment of 'i'uiuSfes, Ribbons, hi Ui, Flowers, and evrry other article in ihe smllinary inc. Milliners and o'liers are reswctfn'ly invited to call a*a examine the above. The English flats ar* the clearest and best in the mar*et. All the above will bj sold at wholesale or retail, at 3ti Maiden Lane and 37 John street. J. LTON. N. B.?The Basement ef 36 Maiden Lane Co let?possession given immediately. m3 ImVc UMBRELLAS. SLEEPER, BROTHERS,' NO. 126 MARKET STREET. PHILADELPHIA, A NTICirATlNO the revival of business, have increased f*. th ir stock and maiiufacturiug o|teraiions so as to rival the greatest establishments on the globe. Purchasers may rely on being supplied with any quantity and quality of UMBRELLAS. PARASOLS AND SUN SHADES, includint the late Parisian style. Beiug determ urd not to snccumb to the present severe cornpctitiou,their goods are offered at the lowest endurable adv<nc? on the real co* ; while constantly on the alert to introduce improvements in styte, material and workmanship, the stock will dways comprise the most fashionable and best manufactured goods in the mark. t. In2 Iw re UNION HOTEL, CORNER OF GREENWICH AND RECTOR STS. PDKLL AMOTTB bgs to inform the Poblie that he h?s - newly fittel op nil 11 >tel, and hat taken the house No. 94 Greenwich itrret, adjoiniug thst now ocrunisd throwing the wuole one, embracing an rlrgant ladies], arlor. saloons for p iva'e parties also a fi .a read i.g ioo"i, besides cnff,e and hil li'rd rooms. The location is u sti.p ?s?d for salubiity a..d c- ipenoui e i" tnebusicers resorts of ihe city being in the vi e iiitv nf the Battery, till within live minutes walk of the Cutt in House and ('achat)!*. P D. wi 1 spare i.o endeavors to deserve a good sha'e of public patronage Persons desirous of semiring the French La'gnage will have h're superior advantage* in the prosecution of feir studies. P, rmanent boardeis cm be accommonat d with fine rooics on reasonable t rmi. in8 Imrc IJF.NTINO AND COLLECTING OFFICE.?PF?f EH It AYMAIl laving again coinmrnced his old lintii.eia ol Keuti g. Col'ect ng of Keuts, Bills, fcc, respectfully solicits lie patronage of th- public, at hit ollice, No. 134 Nassau st eel, second door below Detkman st. P. A V.MA It. in8 tm* c BROADWAY AO A INST THE WORLD. 'IMI r? no'ed thorcuglifareis n'w admitted to be tbe are.test 1 mart for the s If of lenlltineti's wesring apparel in the I :n rd States, aud tbe iinpressinu ihat lias heretofore existed in :he minds of tinny that 'purchasers in Broadway are obliged o pav an exorbitant price for an artie'eef dress," is fully rehutted, from the known reputation at to the charg ? established uy EDWARD FOX.p oprietor of the City t.aah Tailoriug Establishment, No. 202 Broadway Here i* an advaulage to merchnuta and others visiting this city to avail iheinselvvs ol 1*1 on in irom a verv emteuMVB "i icau y mtur v.?w riling, m'nnf.ctureo from the best materials and in the most fashionable style The attention of the public is particularly called to visit rhia estanliihmenl and exsiniii* th'late style ol twilled and (nicy Casaunere Office Frocks, designed for the approaching seasou. Also, an aasortinent of rich Cliene Velv.t and Brocade Vesting*, Fancy French Cloth* and Cassiiner**, liy the late arrival* from the celehrtled manufactory of F Bio'ley Fila, and >eleced expressly lor tne sp-ing fsshmni Garments superbly made up u? order, and if reouireil at a few hour* notice. KDWARD FOX. City Cash Tailoring F.stablishment, 202 Broadway, ne'ow 'niton st. inlSm*ac rPflKM CARRIER PIGEONS?For sale, a lot ol Crash im 1 I- ported I'igeons. consisting of black, bine, dun and white ( arriers: white and pied Pouters; a great variety of Tumblers, of ail colors; blue odd Head* ; black do, silver do. black Heard* bine no and silver do; Almond Tnmblsra; black, bine, vdiow and white do; Magpies and Turbuila, of all the know n aolors Alio, a rjnan'itvof the far-famed Antwerp Pigeons, so jnatly cel-brtted lor their extraordinary nower of flying long, and re turning home from almost incredible diatences. '"all and lee them, at 98 Headestreet, lb Im're H. GROOM SHELF AND HEAVY HARDWARE. fOflN Itlll H V'KN, #1 John street, is daily receiving freah ' imported Goods, at verv low prices, bought previous to the advance in K gland for run, and solicits a call from r'onntry Merchants previous to making their porches-* Anion: the In ge assortment may lie loan! the following leading erfiel'i, always on hand, viz:?

Annis, Mnnaehnleand Wilkinson's. Lollies k Co.'s genuine Am. S side sou, Brother* k Co genuine Cast Steel. I haina?bright Trace Halter. Fifth and Log. lbhotson Co n Scythes and Filet. w ceding lloea. Japaned Half Brit and C. 8. B'sde i Pat nt Hoes Butcher's Kdte Tonla I'--wland'a Mill -??i and Cress Cut. Cut aud Wrongiit Nails. Shovels and -iwdes. A me*. Rowland* and C. 8. Hemp? Mmills and ' r.tton Hope, all sizes. L- cks, Plate, Knob, Pad Ainer can. IIing.-a. Hook, Plate, Hurt, Pitrnt, ke.' Wood Screws, genuine. Wilson s Shoe and B itcher Knives, genuine. Sana?Hard, P nel, Uack.kc. Virei ?Brit and Cn-per Key, superior. Shi.eThre d and Twuie. t otton, Wool and Horse Cards. Guns Sirinl.-and Doulj e barrel Pistols, Rifles, Caps, Hints, kc. Also, a Isrgs assortment of American Hardware, at manufactuier's prices. Table and Pocket Cutlery, to* Rodgera k Sons'and other celebrated makers?afl ol which will he sold f. r cash or approved iwper to Southern and Wistern Merchants bu rirg th-ir spring slocks. JOHN RUI'HVEN, m8 Staw VI WkFtw ?ec til John street. HAVAN\ SK.GAHS? Lately imported per ship Nonna, from Havana? A.tinn Regalia, La Primavcra Brand; 3?,COO Havana, La Pnmavera Hrand; 2'i.tinn d i Lord Byron Brand; lb ceo d < Small Size. For sale on the n.oat favorthe terms, in lot* 'o snit pnrthwers, ny CF.SAHAUGS. ROBF.HT, in9 Jteod'ec 21 Liberty it, and Ml Maiden Lane. DORKIflN LETTER OFFICE, at the CommercialCircn 1 'ar Office, 63>* Wall street letters will be forwsrded to London, Liverpool, Havre South Am'rici, West Indie.i, and all tWier foreign posts, by the earliest conveyancs. Abo, Lett na will be forwardedifn Boston daily, at tld cents each K L. SNOW, ml Iw *ee IRK 1 >RNING, MARCH 11, 1844 AMUSEMENTS. AJUKIUC.Y* ML'tiliUm, ANI) PERPETUAL FAIR In EVERY DAY A.UI V E \ IN < 1 THIS WEEK. *1 I.*si week, iv?ifv?ly, if SIUNOU FRANCISCO, ih* f?n Isijiciaa anil Equ lnirut i>, Our w?k m?ri of tin* OHKilN'AL KENTUCKY ,,, 11N8THELS, Hi- h*rt baud of Ethiipian Mrloilnu iu i rnarici. in add.ti >n i > whom tin- M mgrr hat rtiuaaril? rj MR. WH1TLUCK, il:? renowned Baujo Player and Nfjiro of Modirt . ba MH. B WILLIAM *. the Delineator of Iriali Character, Vc io?*r of I'oinio Ir-ali Sougi, .tuil fivor t* Mrrnpipe Dancer. v,r Mr. T. <1- BOOTH. c"?uc ? injur. MH HOWARD.the Violiniat. rf MK 11 U SHEKM A.N, tha popular Ball id Binder. *'> I. A I'Ei ITK Ck'.N ITO, the niiiniicd Dauaeaae. 81 (JEN. TOM THUMB m \Va?. faithfully reprearoted, mether wifi the ceteLn eN POLLY BOlflNE *ud DANlEI. ? \MHKK r. ^ Tli* Ol' 8Y KAMILY, lit in nnmhrr, receutlv from <Jer liny, aim tai-h'ul r-i'ie*ei.talive? of the ancient yeo.le of w K"|u utiy be sern in'h*ir nalivt costuma. ft fh?Gll'w|CY QUEEN, the Fortune Teller, may be prirat*- K< ' com lied at all luuri of llir iiay aim *v*uinK- th Performance.-very eeeuing at 7)4 o'clock, and Wednesday jn id ?aiurd*y nfcrmoen* at J o'clock. .l Tickers S7 cent*?children uniler ten yeara 11^ cent*. Twen .- five cents eatra for private consultation* with lheGip*ey 1" luern. in ID r>-. tl TIIK HUTCHINSON FAMILY " >le*pertfullv announce their Third, (and Last but One.) VOCAL ENTERTAINMENT, ? ON MONDAY EVENING, MARCH 11, 1844. NIBLO'S CONCERT SALOON, * HBOADWAY. ' ITHEN their new prodiictiun*, with their moit favorite rid j 'V lurcea. wi'l b* introduced, which have been approved by ir ntutiral public cJ i*krts JO ceut* each, to be had at the muni place*. all rr?"To commence at a uuarter before 8 o'clock. it PROGRAMME. 81 BLOW ON, BLOW ON. ? A Pirate'* Glea Baker. , ? to Quartette ? TIIK COT WHERE WE WKRE BORN. " THE IRISH EMIGRANT'S LAMENT. C1 I'm titling on the iti'e, M?iy, Where we ?at lide by ?ide, On a bright May moruiag long ago, K When fir.t you were my brine, g tla rt' t'e. S THE SISTER'S CALL. a? Vrit'.ej by S. B. Kro?n, at Macao. China, on hearing of the hi Uealh of a Suterat a Diitauce. g, A voice f om the laud, Kl A voice frnm the til >ut t"mb, Eutreata with a tweet command, 1 Brother come home. ?' WE ARE HAPPY AND FREE. J> Subject from Ruinrr Hatcluuion. '' Solo. J1 RECOLLECTIONS OK HOME. hl All ! why I'mm oiroei native home did we parr, vi With it* nionr lam* and valle/t to dear 11eacli heart! T Ah! why did we l-aie the enjoyment* of home, (J, O'. r the watte of water* similiter* to roam. P( LAND OF WASHINGTON. Word* by G. P. Morn* E?ii- A rraugrd at a Quartette by t Hntciiinron. e) New National Hnng. THE DEATH OK WARREN. ? Written by* Hariceot, Etq. ' IdY MOTHER'S BIBLE. Wtuls by George P. Morn*, Ell. Trio. ROCK A WAY. 'I Word* by Henry John Sharp*- -Melody by Iluiirll. Quirtette. 11 THE GRAVE OK B ?NAPARTE. " Ariauged by llntchintou. ri ONCE ON A TIME, sl Or the 011 it in of Yaukte Doodle. h THE OLD GRANITE STATE, ko fcc . P Jouteining a Family Hutnry of the Son* and Laughter* of the h " i ribe of Jetta." d in8 H'ec t) TIIK PILOT BOAT BOYS' BALL. a I'O be given by Charles Seely. at Montgomery llali, 7G Prince tie* , near Broadway, Weduetd-y, March I'Jta, 1814. The Kloor will be uuder the direction of Mr. Coruelint She* isn. It i* par iculailv repealed not to form ou tl e tlcor until noice ta given by the*' uud of the Kit. In. Committee of Arrangement*.?J oho Thotnii, Henry Bitd, luliu Hatcorrb, Samuel Cook, Joint itoirdeu, Cornelius Shee- tl ton, lleury Allen. I CI1A8. R SEELY. Hec'y. ,, James Nitoe, Treaa. ~ The celebrated New York Cotillion Band it engaged (or the BCCagtM. Ticket* for s-de at James Avery309 Water ?t; at Moctgo- v merv Hall, in I'riure tl; John Thomas, 10 Centre tl; and at f' Bartlett't. 3a Bowery. in* f Ii '] TTT-Xiftfvi ITIIV IV A I. I CUAMII L'AM.-V nov** t '? BALL.?.vlK. PARKER withes to notice ti hit friends rid ihe public ilnc hii Fniicv and Civic Ball will take placn n Monday utsr, the I th of March. Dancing to commrncest u'f nest 8, and be continued until a lete hour Ticket $1, to idinit a gentleman and his ladies Mr. Urjoiucc at the corner if Weat Broadway and Warren itrecf, h>* a large usortmrnt if dresses. wh cli can be liir-d at rtuunaMo price*. Alio, Mr. " Tat lor, in I'ri. re iireel, who wiil attend with a (rent variety t f dresses at the hall on the waning of the Bal'. I Persons r?vrien.inv clowuv. lutulieij.ed cliaractrn, ov any r i<npvo|ar dn-.ara. will not be admitted. inT 4t?ac < aMIF. ANNIVKR8AY DINNER or the UKIIMAnIkv. A CIk.T Y of New Yors, will be celebrated on Tuesday, I2ih March, at the Alter Home. Ticket* to be had of the following Steward*:? ' A. Belmont, M Wa'l ?lre?t i (/. Von Banr, li Month William atreet i J. W. Sthiilten, 21 NiUmii vtreet. , A. Rodewald, 16 Broad street. , (i H Kivael, 46 F.s ihange Place. ' O W. Pollitx, 30 Broad street. ' C. A. Liming, 9 Broad street. I Julius<>leim.'< I Broadway. t Dr. Trllkamiif, 41 Warren street ' C. R. Degen. 78 Wall streit. I Or. A, (Jeicneidt, 327 Broome street , fe28 lollMr MWkk>in [ IUANTKD-A SITUATION AS A CJARDF.NKR-A ' vv neady, active man, who ia "well couversant with every ''ep.artmeutof the business, particularly the constiucti -u a d ' management ofgreea nouses, hot h'uuei, ami fruit houses, land- I s-npeor ornameotal gardening?having lived for several years ii ?uiue ol the most ratensive and best situations in this country. The advertiser can gir- the most respectable reference. He also understands farmu g. anil can undertake the management of I liith farm and gar ten. Having iio children, his wife would take charge ol the mauavmeur of milk a d butter, pnu.try and > farm houie biiiiuess. A line directed to J. W., (post paid) Astoria pott office, Long Island, will be rat|iectfu|[y attended to , 127 2iaw2w MAW* re j \\T ANTED? By a respectable girl, to engage with a res) ret- , vv ab's I'imilv to live with or would give her own time so ihe would have a home She is ftfteeu years of age. I'leastcall it no Wevt Washington Place, which will be atlmdril to. n.9 31 *rc pOACHMAN WAN'1'hl).?A slont and healthy Colored Man, unin tirit-d, of good address, and who is perfect in h s rufcasioip. efuuesteptiouahle cliar.actir, is wanted as Ucaoh- ( ran, to r-side in a private f inily 18 tniles from New Yoik. Ap plv. btr a note left at this olh'e, to W. A. St Co., stating r?ferei.ce? frnm lsst place, and terms m7 t(rrc iN FOAM AT ION WANTKD, ! Ok' ROBERT TYTHEHLKIOH BUWN, of Cheltenham, England, who caine to this ronntry in I8:ffi or 7. He won e I for his unci* DavM Mown in Pi'tsburgh, Pa., at the baking business, some time. He afterwards wen' to Mobile. Ala., snd 1 worked at the aaire trade with Mr. Uavoi Ynitle He was last I li-ard fiom in August, 1839; soon alter which, it is supposed, he went es steward on bomd some boat rum i K on ti e vlobilr, Vlistissipni, or Ohio snd Wabash river*. Ind.n rt i .formation lias bien received that tbe steamboat met wiih an sc inlrnt, anil | tntl he was drowned in attempting toi-scajat If living Image , would now be about 23. Twenty dollars, and ? brollier'a am cere th.uiks, will he given to anv one who can give certain in- ' lormalion nfhitn, living or dead, by addressing a letter to Frederick A. Uawn, No. 274 Bowery, i>ew bork. m7 lw*in ; TNKORMA1 ION WAITED of J AM KM E. MILLER. a ' * native of New York, and a Meamtn by profession , wh?n last 1 h'ard from lie waa in BrsU.l. Eusland. in 1810 Hnould he be I s'lve, and relnru to New York, he. will hear of something to hi* advantage on applying lo William Steel, Baker, No. Ill Cherry street New Vnrk. m7 3mdkw*rrc [^IT/HERBERT TUHNKR isearuestly re<|uested to com ' municste his address and present situation to the Kev. John Turner Hortou Itectory. new Cross Hands, (lloucvwtershire ? 1 The above named F. Turner it son of the late Doctor William Turner, who was practising as a medical man, and died at But' f loin February, 1836. Any information resiecting F. T.l'r .m parties who lisve known or beard of him sinse that |ieriod, will e most gratelully acknowledged by his friends in (Hotiresierf | ih re. ?2i itaw 3w re , A I.ADY nceiiily arrived from Ciermauy, who, for ih-* last I - - Irw )rs-s, M m ueeii rnmru III uir riiucauoil Ul ynung l|- j i< dsirnus ?.fgiving private instruction in the French , 1'rimtl Languages, both nt which she is ?mja%Uy competent to ien"h. She wuuTil not otijcci to liking charge of the education ' orcMMiaa in t Rinn Milf. Tin ni(nnl MiMifali in r?v irti to capihi'ity and cliaruj-ler can be pmduc-J. Address A. M.t hoi No. .'16j upper poet "Ifrc tn6 3l*e dm PO M AC'HINIhTS?For tale, a Doable (feared Slide i.nthc, 1 1 hradi 18 inrbci from shears, doable s'iderest?w II turn , ibout ait feet long. Apply to H. HOE 8c To., ml Iwee Corner Broome and Sheriff ata. \JOTICB. Mr DUNCAN DF.WAH Consignee |i?r t haniue tdam Carr, w ill pleue call on WOODHULL ft , MINTUKN8. ?7 South at tnS 3trc | BATHS AT THE (tl,< )BK HOTEL. I PHF, proprietor of the above establishment would inform tin ' I public and the fieijuentera ol tins house that the llatln . have been rlo'.ed some time for the pnr|ioae of refitting and put , nig thr-in in pro|ier order, and tbey are now abundantly sop plied with the ( roton water, good attendance and every otbe> re'iuiii e to promote health tnd comfort, and will open a pre ; 'lie int of March nett. Entrance in Broadway through tip hotel, and in New street. V. BLANCAUD. Hi lm*rc | IJAf KKT Sill I' LIVKItfOOl,, fom Liverpool. Con* , f sianees per this vessel will please send their perm'ta on li mr.l f ot of Dover street, or to tne office of the siihacnbera, wiih 'ut dalay All go ds not permitted in live days are liable to he arnt to public .tore, WOODHULL k MINTURNH, in 1(1 fitec 87 Sou' h street. SI'KINli (iiMiDrt. WILLIAM T. JENNINGS & CO., I>1' AI'EHS AND TAILORS, No. 431 Broatlivay?American Hotel, OPrOBITK TflE FOUNTAIN. A HE in the receipt of a la'ge assortment of New (foods lor Spriug wear, inclnding h leneh and English ( astuneret n new sty lei, stripes, plaids, kr rich bilk, Sa'in and ChallT Vesting!, direct from their London aud Tarts Agency, through which they will be enabled to lurnifh at an early dale all the novrltus of the aeasnu, and by a saving of th? importer's profit to afford garments at still lower p ice* than those wli ch hay liaraioefir.ed the concern, whilit every attention will bediivcted as her. tofore to thee def (mints in the economy of a garment, i. e. Iird rate workmanship, with sty la and character in cut. ml# Im'ec MEOif Al. TRUTH AND~NO QUACKEltY-DR. J. EVANH has been In p acticr fir the list 28 yesra in this city,and 20 yrara were apeat in diff rent Kmop'tti Hospitals. Tha' he enjoys a Urge sliare ef practice is well known to the public. Of l?'e a brace of beardless cttarlaiana (blocklie uls and hrainlessscuila,claiming fony years rgreriraee.) hare assume I his nameto dec-ire the public. Recollect the old doc O' with Ins wh.te bead and g>uaine medical diplomas, will lie found at Mo 288 Tenl atrect, coiner of Beekmsn s'.f-et, where he praepc-s with his usual succisa confidentially. N. II ?All cases undertaken at No 288 Fearl street, are gaarjanteed. mlllt'rc IERA . aafmt ... . Superior Court. Before f'hiel Justice Jones. I March 9.?Frederick /{. Orijjfin v*. Thr Mutual Safrtij | ituranct Company.?ThU was an action to recover 0.000 on a marine policy of insurauce ellected at the tic- i iiclant's otlice in October, IS42, for one year on the brig idolph (ironing. She sailrd from thii port in the fall ol 42, with a cargo of dry good*, valued at f-.'0,000 or !7,000. On her voyage, she met with one of those perils the sea, and was stranded on a reef of rocks in Tortuga* ,y , (ho cargo was saved, and the mastet abandoned the tssel u a total wrack ; she was afterwards got olf, and ought to Key West, and sold. The purchaser had her paired, and sent her to New York with a cargo, where e had arrived, and was discharged and took in another id proceeded hack again to Key West. The deteudant's contest the plaintitTs claim on the ouud that the master unnecessarily abandoned the vessel that she might have heen got off,and repaired at less than hat is called a technical total loss. To this the plaintitf iplies, that after the wreck of the vessel, he proceeded to ey West and consulted with the defendant's agents ere, who advised a survey ot the vessel; that lie acted . accordance with that advice?had the survey made ? .at the surveyor reiiortnd the vessel could not he m tired, and ought to lie sold. These are the mam tacts of le case, although it occupied the court for lour days is Honor charged the jury on Saturday morning, and e regret we are uunhlo at present to give hut an outline fhi.i aide and eloquent charge. He commenced hy stutiug tat this was an action on a policy of murine insurance, i'ected by the plaintiff in 1S4i2, to expire in October, Itfia, hich wan to protect the vessel during tliat lime U|>on any iyagn Nhe might take under the protection of that pollr. She sailed some time in the tali of 1HI-J with a cargo ' dry goods, the who.e value of which wai ?#id t# he !<>,00'l or J7.000. On her voyage, on the 7th of TW?, >e made a disaster, or met with one of those peril* of the a, and stranded on a reef of coral rocka near Key West, le continued on those rock* for three days, when shu a* got oil'- The master was advised to call in wrecker* i extricate her. Those are person* who it appear* uso nail vessel*, 'and were in great number* about the reck, and proffered their service*, but tho master delined in the hope* of getting her off without their assistice, ami with a view to *ave the salvage ; but failing to at her off, he was obliged to call on them to assist. They at her ott, and carried her into port in this condition ? he had suffered considerably, and amongst other losses te had lost her rudder, and tier hull was much damaged; it 011 the other side it is said she suffered for want of suf:ient care. In her disahluJ condition, without rudder, le could with dilliculty he navigated into thu Bay of ortuga*. Aftcrjjshc was got into this hay her cargo wns icured, and jsent off to Kcy|\Vest. The vessel was short' after sent, and the captain accompanied her. The lirst ling ha done, according to the evidence, was to wait on [r. Brown, the defendant's agent ; consulted witli him ; 11 was advised hy'Urown ta nave a survey made of the ssel, whioh wns muile, as lias been read in evidence ? ho surveyors reported that site was in such a condition int she was not worth repairing Three gentlemen were dected for this purpose ; one a merchant, one a ship oarniter, and the thirl an ollicer in the revenue deportment, hese gentlemen were presented to the judge as appoint1 by the parties. They repaired to the bay, surveyed the [ ssel, nnd made their report, which is in the evidence ifore you. Oentleuien, in consequence of their report in was condemned ami sold. His Honor then recapituited the evidence to the jury, commenting on it as he ent along, and concluded by telling thein that the oulv nestion they had to decide was, whether the vessel could 9repaired at Key West for fT.aOO, taking into consideiaon the expenses of bringing materials from some of the eighboring ports. If they were satisfied she could not he [ paired for that sum, then it was a total loss, and they iouldffnd for the plaintiff's ; but if they could, from the vidence, come to the conclusion that she could be reaired for that sum, or any sum within it, they were ound to find for the defendants. The jury were out all ay, could not agree, and were discharged by consent, at o'clock on Saturday. Kor plaintiff's?Messrs. Moore and Cutting: for defendnts, Messrs. Sedgwick and Duer. U, S. Circuit Court. Before Judge Belts. March 1).?Joseph Miller, a Herman, was indicted fur ittempting to pass a counterfeit -lb cent piece on Kllen lumen. The prosecutrix kept an apple stand, and the risoner offered it to her in payment lor a penny woith of pples. Officer ( '. M. Smith was passing by at the time, nil the woman handed the 'J.ri cent piece to the ollicer. vho arrested the prisoner. The prisoner made no licence, liut called two or three witnesses to his character. Phe prisoner was acquitted uud discharged, after which ho f'ourt adjourned. U. S. CoitunlaisJoiier'a OlHce. Before Commissioner llapcljo. Msr.eii 9.?Charge of Ilrvoli and Nutitiy - - lohi> Wood aan, Abntr Brooks, William William*, Oliver Hall, John )cer, Abraliam Peteraon, Thomas K. Peters, Matthew ioily and August Hepner were brought before the Comr\iit?ioattr on AaturJjjr nflMritoon, by olticer James V Imith, charged with an endeavor to make a revolt on >oird the ship Oiozimbo, lyinjj in the *tream, on the Blh nst. It appeared from the evidence of the captain and mate [hat John Deer,one ol the prisoners, was ordered by the nate to put a patch on one of the stern sails Deer was n the act of doing so, but the mate told him he was not loing it in a sailor-like manner, and ordered him to mend lis hand. Doer refused, said he was as good a sailor as he mate himself, and he'd be damned if ne'd be dictated :o. A scufflo ensued between the mate anil Deer, and the mptain had to interpose with a drawn cutlass in his hand. Hie crow then ran into tho forecastle and positively revised to work the ship, in consequence of which she has ieen detained in |>ort since Friday. The complaint was odged on Saturday morning, and the parties arrested. 1'hey have been iully committed to take their trial. The indictments will be sent to the grand jury this morning, nid if true bills are found, it is probable the prisoners will tie tried to-merrow. Naval.?The Cape Town, C. ft. II. Shipping List ol the Hth of last December, has the followng:? The U. S. corvette St. Louis, of 34 guns, ( apt. Kocke, rom Hlo, had put into Saldanha Hay, and was remaining litra when the last accounts left. The U. 8. brigChipoln, villi stores recovered from the 1 J. 8. corvette Concord, vrecked in the Mozambique channel, hail also put into iuldtnha Bay, and again sailed for Ilio. Navai,.?hist of officers of the I *. S. schooner Flirt, sailed from Galveston, Feb. 211, on a cruise? ill well: John A. Davis, Lieut.Commanding. H. F. I'orter, I. II. Parker, Acting Lieutenants. 8. B. Klliott, Acting Master. Jlobt. Woodworth, Assistant .Surgeon. James It Harrison, Acting Purser. 8. L. Itarie, Master's Mate. W. II. Burk, Purser s Steward. Tin: Tr.**? Nsvy.?We are requested to say, that per ions having claims against the Texan Navy, can obtain nformation at the office of the Texan Consul, No ft Old Leveo.?Nile Chlrant Hullttin. J. Il,..?,. ...... I/N k nvn.l.HII ?? t ur ... K fll.l hat another of the Savannah IJivcr pirate* is in n 'air way or having justicedone him. At n special term ot lie City Court, held yesterday, Judge D? Lyon presiding, lames Monohon, mentioned In our paper of Saturday last, ii having been arrested for stealing -.earned from (ho Swelisli brig Oscar, was examined before tbe grand jury and itrue bill lound. The court then adjourned till Friday next, when ho will be tried for the olfance.?Savannah Hep. March 5. Right op Petition.?'The House have panned to a third reading the resolutions offered Home days since by the representative for this city, Mr. Steven*.? Tne negative! are all locos?.Uhamj ,'IJi crtiter, Mm /ip?. Thaw iv Canaha.?During the last two days we iiave had n rapid thaw, produced hy mild weather <nd rain, and our street* are now in the state we uiually ind them in a month later in the season We have not, il yet, heard of any accidents from the falling ol the snow ind ice from the overcharged roofs. QiwAn Mtrcuru, March II. Amusements. Chatham Ciiuts.?At this house this evening here is a grand gala hill on the occasion ol Manager Stone's benefit. This s?mn stone is the same " lutllc Stun of Humar" no famed in the history of equestrianism, lohn Whittaker, one of tlm oldest and 1" st in the proleslion, has volunteered his service*; and, in conjunction .villi N. 15. Turner, Stone rides the f imois act of T he Two loosiers Stone, besides, ridea his great Indian act. Mc. arland turns more than Idly somei<e'i, mid I m pciforms in the tight rope. Mrs Otlflen rides n new fancy act? ind altogether the hill presents an unprecedented amount if novelty. AMPHITHKATRn, Bowery ? Tllif! "|lrttdld c?liihlrnhment will oj>en litis evening, with a Inutile company, comprising the most distinguished Iramatic as well a* equestrian talent in the country. Hitting the recess the whole premises have undergone a complete metamorphose, and the Bowery Amphitheatre now ranks amongst the finest theatres in America. Among the performer* engaged by Thome for the stage, lire Mrs. Herring and Mr. Addis, both of the Bowery Theatre. Negotiations are going on for all the available talent in the Cnited Stales. Mrs. Thome, Mr. Anderson, and others of distinguished reputation nro amongst the present company at the Amphitheatre. Tryon's troune consists of John (lossin for Clown, John whlttnker, II i lardner, J. Nixon, 8. Spencer, B. W. Carroll, as leaders, and some fifteen ortwesity others of the llnesf looking lellowa that ever entered the arena. Mr*. Uossin, Mis* Divine and Mrs. Spencer, are ltkewi*e attached to the company. The grand fairy spectacle of the forty Thieves, with rent horse*, is to lie played to night, in uldition to the numerous Hing performances The scenery and decorations of the house are all entirely new, and painted hy the best artists of the day. I hi* will be the lirat time in twenty years that the Forty Thtevt s has lieen represented with horses. American Museum. -Never were the filtrmctmnH of this favorite establishment equal to the present, as any one may see by reading tlm lulls and advertisements. These Kentucky Minstrels, alone, ought to (111 any house in the city, for they are the ?weeia*t melodists in America, as well s* the best Kthiopisn e*trovag?u*. Hut, In addition to them, there is Hignor Francisco the best magician of the age, Mr VVIiitiock, with his Banjo, and a host of others ofronal repute. Hee the hil and advertisements, and you will be sure logo. A mos' splendid performance will be given this evening a " I . ' '3 LD. Prlea Two Unti, New VorTi Vocal Sicinv.?Thin superb society, which consists of a conglomeration ot .ill the musical talent of the city, gave its second concert at the A|mj11o Saloon on Kriilay evening last, and was fully attended l>y the lovers of the divine urt The selections being entirely of a sacred character, many ol the learned divines honored the concert with ilieir presence, as well us a number of heads o! our mom orthodox families. We have only time to instance portions of the performance, such as the Hymn bv S-pohr, sung unaccompanied, in very fine style. The great and glorious composition of Mendelsohn, set to the I2d I'salm. The solo parts sunn most chuimingly by Mrs. E. Loder and Mrs. Ilardwiek, ihe whole being a most elaborate production, with .t lull Imnd arconmuiii nient. \VV shall pause belore speaking of its exI'trdinj beauty until a second performance shull render us more confident. The only selection from the good old masters wus that (.'anon of Bird's, "Noli Nobis Domiiie," and w a glorious one it ip. ! liird lived in the lime of the sixth Edward, and musical compositions must have retrograded ever since, li?r we lind nothing equal to the old lellows now-uduyw. It was immediately after the singing ol tins canon (at the Astor I louse) which "< itves to God all (lie Glory," that Doctor Wainwtight covertly forbid the bands, and ascribed a considerable portion ol "Da (<loriam" to the Bishops. The band, which was a good one, was well led by Marks, and the lirst and second parts being alternately conducted with strict pri ciaionby II. (.'. TiinmandG. Eoder. Date fuom Mexico.?Mr. llogan, bearer ol despatches from Mr. Tliont|ison,our minister at Mexico, passed through this city yesterday, on his way to Washington, lie left the city ol Mexico on the 13th rebruary. lie informs us that there is still considerable douht about the final settlement of the decree of expelling foreigners from the California*. A good deul oi excitement also existed among the American residents at Mexico in relation to the movements of limit Britain in regard to Texas. A British fleet w as stationed at Vrrn Cruz. The general Impreasion was thatthn Knglish weie secretly assisting the Mexicans In their efforts to regain possession of iVxas. The Mexican A rmy numbers about J.1,0011 men in til, cavalry, artillery and nitautjy, ot whom about Iti.OtKI are effective. They are much better paid than formerly, and more efficient. The castle of U'llou, at Vera Cruz, is being put in a thorough state of repair. It mouuts a battery of 100 guns, though many of them are out of order. There a?i. still about l70Texan prisoners con fined in thu castle of I'erote, about too miles from the city Of Mexico They are all in chains, with the exception ol some five or six, and are employed u|>on the public works. They are in a most deplorable condition, with no prospect of a sj>ecxly|relewe.? Saruuunh Hrpvblican, March fl. Items from Mexico.?We translate the fellowing paragraphs Irom lute Mexican papers:? It is expected that the emigration to < ulilornia will he vary huge the ensuing spring. The most flattering ac counts are received of the extrnoidinary lertility and aalubrityot the soil and climate. On the lfith January u vessel arrived at Tenic, bringing about thirty ouncisoi the purest gold ore taken from u vein lately discovered, and said to extend upwards of thirty leagues. Home weeks ago ever 3<io men left for Upper ( uhfoiiua. The last accounts Irom the llio Grande were not very favorable No progress was made inthenegoriations. It rests entirely with the Texans whethei hostilities are to he renewed, lly accepting or rejecting the conditions laid down by the supreme government, they will declate lor peace or war. On the 34th January the lady of Santa Anna arrived at Vera Cm/, on her w ay to Alvarado, whither she was going lor the recovery of her health. She was cordially received by the citizens of Vera Cwuz, mid tendered the honors due to her station. (Sreat quantities of spurious coin were in circulation in Vera Cru/.. The dollars lire made oi cop|>er and coated over with silver. According to the statistical tables published by the government, it appears the total number of deuths in Vera Cruz for IMS was 1,674, a fearful mortality lor a city containing only Irom 6,000 to 8,Otto iahahitau's. Thu lady of (Inn. Cavalizo, president ad interim of the Mexican llepnblic, died in the city of Mexico on the 21st January. j Texan Prisoners in Mexico.?From an Atnerii in gentleman, who cuine passenger in the Tippecanoe, from Vera Cruz, weleum that there are still seve nteen Texans routined in the old Convent of Santiago, near I the city of Mexico. Among thorn Major Murry and Cam talus Pearson and Baker, all three of whom are unwell. Of the. prisoners ut the Castle <Ie I'erote, sixty-two are still in the hospital?all that are able are employed in carry ing sand and making repairs upon the cuttb- Our informant .ltd not visit the main ho<!y, but saw Captain Jtyan Mini Messis. I.orkliart and (leoige Van Ness at the hotel at I'erote, when the stage drove tip K guard accompanied them, although they appeared to be allowed more privileges than their contraries Within the last few months more than twenty deaths have occurred at die castle, and not one ol the prisoners has escu|H:d the severe epidemic. Their clothing, both at Santiago and I'erote, is of the worst description, while their lood is scanty, vile?hardly tit for dogs. Such are the gloomy accounts of the situation ol these unfortunate men, and at present there appears to lie little nrosuect ol a change. Since writing tin- above, we have received a latter from I'erote, announcing the ilenth of lfrcnch Strotlicr Gray. The diseased was a lawyer, a native of Kentucky, but at the time of hi* capture wan attending the court at Man Antonio, Texas, prolessionally. Our correspondent speaks of him u* a generous, high-minded man, whose loss is much regretted by all who knew him. His remains were decently buried, ah though in the ditch that surrounds the Castle of Ferote.? Thus prematurely has fallen another, the victim ol a vigorous, cruel and unjust confinement.?Arte OrUaM paprr h\l. is. From Matamoras.?The Kmhlem, from MntauiornH, which left the mouth of the river on the 'fist, brings some late verbal inlormation The E. brings $1*1,300 in specie. General Woll ha* his head quarter* st the Fasso* itio Grande, having 1.500 men at that place. In the neighboring station*! he has, about 3,500 (men, mail ing about 5,1X10 troops under his immediate command. There were 1,000 men at Matamorat, and reinforcements were daily coming in there, as well as at llio Grande. It was the general belief at Matamoras that nothing definite had been arranged between Mexico and Texas . and the fact of Woll's moving his head quarters to the Fuss of the Itio Grande, seems to give -coloring to the impression Business generally was very dull at Matamoras, there having been very few arrivals from the I 'nited States lor ujme time past - ,V. O lirp. Mm< h '2. From Havana.?liy the Virginian, Capt. Finch, at Savannah, we have received it file of the I Mario do Avisos to the 24th ult. inclusive. We see no mention made of the lecent disturbances said to have taken place at Havana on account ol an ordinance concerning the Tacon Theatre. The ffivrrhaotx of llaiana have bad placed on the Moro an enormous telescope, with which vessels can be seen at a distance of 24 miles. Late prom Texas.?l'y the Neptune we have received iull files of Houston and 'lalveston dates to the 24th inst. The papers are quite barren ol news. All the papers bare more or less lo soy on the subject of anaexation, trod they all agree that " that extra'' w as a great hoax. The Galveston Civilian of the '24tb, copies the article from our neighlior the Republican, giving " the particulars in relation lo the negotiation ol the treaty for the an nexation of Texas to the I nited Rtates," which were derived from a source "entitled to the utmost confidence, ' 011 which the Civillian remuiks that it knows " Ike inforrnntion it conveys tola* very inaccurate in the most impoifaiit particulars'." and " that it is to be observed also thai there is every reason to believe that the Government ot Texas w ill not consent to the measure so long as there is n flattering prospect ol a complete recognition ot our in4 'pendenco tiy Mexico." The Houston Democrat of the same date, announces tlia arrival of Capt. J. G. Tod, on the 17th, at Washington, with despatches from the United Slates for Gen. Murphy snd the Texian Government, which, as usual, are ?tip|?o?< *1 to be im|>ortnnt, ami ol course at once set down as connected with the subpart ol annexation The same paper states that "private letters from Washington city lo not speak encouragingly of Its snrrrss, and its sgita lion, it is thought, will give rise to political convulsions of an exciting, If not an alarming character. The Houston Telegraph, the paper which published " that extra,' iinnim-finK " trie crowning imj an Tyler'* administration," an I whose editor hnastirhreli unco on (jcrirnil Murphy's smile, ?nJ inch ^lorioua > i'ion* of " the burnished aim* of Arncrirsn troop*, parkling in the water* of the Nuece*," now admit* tint ' nil it Involved in mystery," and that " no uetion ha* yrt horn had in the fnited Statu* Senate on the subject ol annexation." The Houston Democrat of the 4th nit , publishes a lonj rorre*pondence between < apt Klliott, the liriti*h < hargr d'Afliiires, anil Or. Aaron lone*, the Texian Secretary of State,fin relation to the claim* of certain flritiah subjects to 11111<1 * in Texan, known ?? the Kmpicstario claim*, which the Democrat characteri7P* m being " highly honorable to both parties." OfThe^ revenue rntter Vigilant in Sal.ine Pm* ; also the Trxian eutter Santa Anna the former watching the Tex inn vrxirl, to prevent her interference with vettela boon.I there Veie OrUant Tropic, Frb. 29. Ohio Kivin ? At Wheeling, on WeclnenWny, there wen* II feet of water in the chancel?ruing. A' Pittsburgh, the same ilay, the river had nine and a half feet ol water in the channel?rising HH. f OHBITT may h* consulted confidentially at hi* oflice, lb Uaaiie arrest, two door* from Chatham. Strainer* are r?sps tfuHy in'nrmsd that Or. Corbitt i* a n r nb r of the 1 fniverxitv of the eitr of Mew Vork, and that h liiMfln ivelv coil lined In* orertice from buna re erd to the t eatreeiit sf certu'B claaxe* of ditenaea (now over eleven v'*r? " theeitt of Nrw YorS ) which et.gurea his attention. T, O''*'* of madiein* do noi record Kie-ter merest ihan i* to b-1 n il in Ilia inert,ee. The Doctor r >utiens ihe nnfortnoate ag* r it tl e o* of irercnf*, a? it h >* ir* th' U*aod? of rioliei llecent i i r' in ? few iUv* reoiored eutirelv from lh? sygtem w e I thstyotiaM uidiriunaly tretied by* penoti bg Hv pliant ?d, mil not by and i|aack?. a* the re ere lerefl r.| t' em in the city. Permit* afflicted with l> olr*?ted at..1 i .* erne ! cgaei need not de*|?ir ot Iwing etterei'ro health, lu a plyo r lo Dr. Corbitt. A practice ol mailt* '? ba* e*t*blithe I the 1 Drclor'* re| iia on < rikill aril rmpec'ab I, v Sirirtin- t jgge the Doc oi'< | r"loii id allrnliOB A in ,, ire r I,- I, I to prevent a eernin di**?*e in any ef it* lorma mk Im* ee

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