Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 13, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 13, 1844 Page 1
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mmrnrn . Ill I imymmmmmm 11 i T H Vol. X., Ho. 73-WhoU Ho. 3943 HH FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE.-Ra?lar )MPW racket of ttth Mar-h.?The splendid packet ship JIBjLltOBClUS.CiM. Jol.o Ollius, of MM loos, will all u abore.har regular dajr. Forfreisht or pauaca, ha?m? aeeommodatiou. ua?iuallr<l for irlwibr or comfort. apply oa board, at Orleans wbarf, foot or (Vail streeyorto I'rica of puixrc S100* 9t South itwt The packet ship Hiddona Capt. E. B.Cobb.or 10M tone, will sncceetl the Roacius, aad sail the ?4ll April, her regular l^asaenger* may rely upon the ahipe of this liae sailiac puna In ally ai advertised. 1*7 "wrfjfc rOK LIVERPOOL?The New Line Rwular Wi98^ racket Slat March.?The aepenor New York built JflBBLpaebet ship HOPTlNOUElt. Cupt I.a Bursley,l#S? tons burthen, will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having very superior accommodations, apply to the Captain on 5U^?'W 87 South at. * The superior packet ship Liverpool. Capt John Eldridge, tons bnrtoeu, will succeed the Hotunguer, and sail on her regular dar.klst Aoril ra7to2lrrc OLD bLdCK ball Link ok packets? This packet ship MONTEZUMA, Capt. Rathbone, JMUKawiU he use a'ched fir Liverpool on the 16th Mircli. her ivgular day. Those wishing to engage passtge will requite to inane early applitntio i . > ? IOHN HERDMAN, tl SouDi at. N. B?Tauage from licit Brrain aul Inland ran le secur ed by the tret diet si. ;>s of the line at the lowest late, and drafts ran a* uaunl be I rui?hed lor any amount, )<ayable in all the priucipil towns, without nuv cnirge, throughout <treat Britain and Ireltnd, < n snpl csttou at above. mb-c tiK- OLACK HALL, UB "OLD UN E OF LIVERWMWyPOOL I'A' K T 8?FOR LI VERPOOL-ReguJHHKslar Packet f the 16th March.?The uew magnificent and celebrated last siliig packet ship MONTEZUMA, burthrn ! JO t ins, ( apt in A. B. Lowber, will |toaitivrlyaaiI on Saturday, 16th he legnlsrday. It ie well known that t i* iccoinniodatiins of the MONTEZUMA for passengers, at. litteu out iu a moit suierb manoer, with every modern improve nent and convenience, that can add to Ike rnuifort of those tenh rl ior. who shonld call and see this si'leiid d apeciinen of , arch t-t tare before engngr g in any other teeaei. For passage in cabin, second cabin and etc. rage, apply in booid, loot ol Bees man street, or to 'ha aubaeiibers, . ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO , SJ Ku'ton sliest, neat door to ihe Folton Bank. T. 8?The MOVl'tZUM.-i, mils from Liverpool on the 1st May. Persons sending f >r their friends ran have them brought out in her. or in auv of the packets of this magnifirejt linn, sailing fiom thit port punctually on the 1st anil 16th of each mon'h Drafts at all tunes tor sale on the Royal Rank of Ireland, aud oi Messrs Pretcof, Orote, Ames It Co , Bankers, London. ? or pais age, be apply as above The parke'. ship EUROPE, will succeed the above packet and sail for Liverpool on the 1st of Apr.l, her tegular day m7tl6rc PAS8AOE FROM ENULAND I RE I, AND, SCOTLAND AND WALES, VlA LIVERPOOL. ?f{^ THE subscriber hu made unequalled irrsi g-m-nts KPyjVfor bringi.g out emigrants this year. 'ML Those JMNKuwcding lor their friends would do well to apply at the old tatabliahed packet office of JOHN HERDMAN. 61 South st. N. B ?The shirs ct this hoe no* leave Liverpool every five davi. and or lis can as usual be furnished for any amuuot. payable at all the principal basking institutions throughout tne united kingdom, apply as ubova. m3 ec lAg PASSAGE FROM DUBLIN, CORK. WATERS bJMWFOHD, DERRY, COLERAINR, BELFAST, JHlbi^'vr,. Dioghrda, lie ? Pcraous wiahtng to send for their Irieud- can have them brought nut lrom any of tha above porta iu lirat claaa American Packet Ship*, on the most reasonable terms. and without theirniperieucing any unnecesaa-y detention. Mr. W. Taoacott, on* of the firm, will be on the pot to give hti personal attention to tha passengers engaged be the subscribers or their a?ents hare, and ueraons nuv mlu that the withes and comfort* of thosa whose passage miy be eugiwed by them will h*ve all due and proper attention. For particnlari apply, if by letter, poet-paid, ti W. it J. 1*. TAP8COTT, at their General Passage Office, 43 Peck Slip, cor. South street, where, alio, Drafts may be obtained, for large or email auma, payable on demand, without diicouut or uy other cha'ge, at the National or Provincia Banks of IrelauJ, or any o? their branches throughout the Kingaom fe22 rc PACKET FOR HAVRE?Second Cine-Tlie Wj^ythip BALTIMORE. Edward Funck, matter, will MHfitfaii on the lit of April For freight or passage apply to BOYD It HINCKEN, No. 9 Tontine Building, m9 < c corner Wall and Water atreet*. FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louiaiana and New WSKrWYork Linn?liegnlar Pack t of the 2 th March?The JpfiKfaataailiogracket ah.p LoUISVILLl. Capuiu M. Hunt, will aail aa above, her regular day. For freight or pannage, having handsome accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot ol Wall at. er to ?. K CdLLINS It CO., 50 South at. Poaitively no lreight received after Tneaday evening, the 19th inat. Shi open by this line may rely upon having their geids correctly measured. Agents in New Orleana, Hull in It Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their addreiv The packet ariip Huutaville, Capt. Cornell), will succeed the Louisville, and aaii loth March, her regular day. mil ec l\SJh FOR SALE? Fosi ively to close a Concern?The * ^Wveiv tsstaailingpackitship LOUISVILLE SIT tons BsadMpabuLt in this citv in the summer of 1831, ol live oak, White pine and h cost; thoroughly salted on the stocks; has handsaira fu-oithe i accommodations for thirty cabio passeupn. and is well found. If not sold on or before Thnisday, the 14th inat. the will on that day, at 1 P. M.. be sold at auction by Miasrs. Hoffman 8t Co , at the Marchault' Ikachange. For . further particnla a aptly to m9m E. K. COLLINS It CO., 50 South at. TOR SALE.?The aloop THOMAS COLVKR, MflWaf Siog Bins, now Kyiag at the foot of Spring stmt, JBHSnNew Tortr. She W?s fiuir. by Thomas C(flyer, at Sins Slag, and ia Ave yea s old, and one if the fastest and heat built sloops on the Hudson river. Sh< i* rentre-board, and or light draught ad" water, and carries about 130 toua, and ia well adapted for the freighting or lumber business. For further particulars apply to JOSEPH AGATE, 237 Broadway, New York, Administrator of the estate of Franklin Agate, deceased, ml lm*ec HAGMTUTB LUC1NA CORDIAL, OR, ELIXIR OF LOVE. ]?OK the speedy and certain cure of female irregularities, im I potency, barrenness, finer ulbus, incipient eoninmrtiou, cnustutional debility, whether the result of imprudeuce, til nems or accident. The aeniation produced by thia wonderfnl medical diacovrrry in Paris, hat been nearly equalleB by its introduction iuto those whose constitntion itu a mere Wreck, bat who hare been invigorated by thin incomparable Cordial. Olhera who ha 4 ruined rheir health by their own Telly or extravagance,have found in this cordial the meaoa of restoration. after all other medical aid had been need in vain. The hitherto childleea fireaide haa often been rendered happy, and the infirm, the impotent and the debilitated have again exulted in the claalicity ana vigor of bygone day a. The agent of one of the interior villages ef New York itatee a rare, in which by the ure of two bottler of Lneina Cordial, a conple. after four ytare of bitter dieappoirment, wereenibled try rejoice over the realization of the fondest hopei of a married The agent for the city ef A., New York, sold a bottle to a peot'enian who had been afflicted with a disease of the urethra tor eleven veare. In e few davehe returned and said he had derived fir more benefit from the one bottle the ) from medical treatment for eleven jeers. lie immediately bought six bottles more. Our space f irbid, uj to name the men'cases to which weara at liberty to isirr. 'i lie nuiversal satisfaction which this inestimable Elixir hai giveu, not a single complaint having b en made, is net i re of the least proofs of its unrivalled 4 ce. Price $3 per bottle. Sold at 93 Nassau st. New York;!* North Sixth street, Philadelphia ; Smith KFu? IM Washing too street, Boston fe?T lm??c Pn2)3 TOD rPHE SUBSCRfBEK hereby informs his friends and the [ A public, that he has commenced to bake Paeeover Breed for the ensuing holidays and a e now ready for delivery. Notwithstanding ?h?t he has contracted with the congregations Jinthi Chend Shori S/ nmaim, and Bet A lirael. he still shall leel happy to snpplv ran >ns he longing eveu to other congregations. The majority of t ie members of the Elm street congregation having already sent in Iheirordera. the subscriber reels confident that this noble and independent example will be followed by others, who slion! I be similarly situated in regard ro tbe.r nwu cougregatiou, woo can act as they please without being undrrauy restraint. M. S. COHEN. TERMS? of a ?n(?rior qaality, six to the ponod at six cents: meal eight eeiitipej pound. P. S.? Orders taken for all kinds of Cakes for the approaching holideye, at his Bakery, 43 Dey street, ot 09 Duaue street. fM lin?re 'P11E SUBSCRIBER intendi keeping Orocer as for the ensuing Faaeoycr, noa at W Cathcriue strret, where I those of his friends, that will honor him with a call, can bn fnr,i?h*d With the beet qaality, at the lowest maiket puces. The Coffee and Spices ground, if rcguired, and sent to aay Itri Ol ine civjr irm ui ripeuar. The ?bo?i Oroceriae will be ready for tale on Taasdty, MrfirH ]2, 1(11. Orders received at 72 nd 96 I. atherine str?et. m7 2w>rre L. M. KITTEHBANUOrrn r or Jtrrhnno:* lir?un*n?.r Cimr tri, { No. 36 Wall it, opposite the Kichauge. 4 T'HIS Company continue* to lusure against and Ds1 mace by Tire, on goods, ware* aad merchandize, and alio against loan by inland naTij^ti^ry o^TeaaeU and their cargoes. Thome* W. Tbnru*. Elisha Kicga. Tnoma* T. Woodruff. Anson Baker, K?nj R Unbson.M-P., Joseph Drake, Thompson Trier, Joseph Allen Mom Tocher, fames E Hol me*, .'oha R. Revidroe, John P. Moore, John H. I-re, Jamea R Whiting, Caleb C. Tufa, Win. K. Thorn, Francis P, Page, Thomae .Worrell, John (J. Merrill, Rug we Uogart. THOMAS W. THORNE, President. PRO. T. HOPE. Secretary ml m iKNUINE TEAS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. THE CANTON TEA COMPANY, Principal A ere, 131 Chatham street, 1V?o Pork. Branch Store, >18 BUtckcr it, S. V. Jlfncy at 11S Pulton str'ft, Broakyn. PJtbm, comer of Main and Van Haitian *t, Potman, N. J. INVITE THL ATTENTION OK CITY AND COUN? TIIY families anil parch .sera to their sevwal establish menu, where they think will ba fonnd by fa' the heat sc lertioa of pure and nuadnlterated Tens in the United State*. The nn ijrersal popularity and reaown ol their house, with reference to high qnslitiet. low price* and upright dealing, is to* well understood to reader further comment ncceesary. Original and only warehouse for the sale of Howqua's Black Tea. Obserre^ Strangers will be particular to remember the Dumber of the principal st*re ,n Chatham stmet.vit: "121," between Tearl and Roaeeyelt streets. The pahlie will also be pleased to take notice, that tha CanJ ton Tea Compacy hay* nothing to do with any other stores whateyer, agcept those described at th* top of this advertise.; ment. fit lea*re f pTcAHHOI.I.^J OLD ESTABLISHED MEDICATED I. V\l'OR BATHS ai?-veil known to b* sstMiliallv nnrm**ry at this season of the year, when tha system requires an ee-thary to tnrow en me cmicie eccomuiaiea during winter, which hy remaining o? the surface of the akin.produce* entnneouk diieiaet, eolds, iheimUiam, scarlet fever. kc. They inin operation at 15 oourllaudt ifwl. from ? o'clock in tho morniril till 9 o'clock at nigh'. Sulphur Baths require on* hoar'a notice Portable V*por Hatha and Hathog Th* sent t > any part of the city or Brooklyn. nsrl2 Iwre CQlJ) LKAF Rf?M()VAL rpHK SUBSCRIBER hu. (in eoot i<|n?uee #f beinir under1 mined in "rent" hy tome "gintlemnn" Uold Beater,) remoyad hit Oold (,eef (factory to No. M RE.1DE STREET, (inly three doors prom hia old aland, where he ia confidant hie old frimda will follow. Beat quality Den tis^sUoU roil. ml !* ? Praauoal Gold Beater, No. M Read* attoat. E NE NEV AUCTION SALES. THmiA tTffTuLT Auctioneer. (Store So. U jinn tlrett.) AUCTION NOTICE?Hfjcular Sale of Dry (foods, Cloth,nS ln<l Articles evr ry J Ufidi)' and Friday. Sale of r uruilure of all descriptions rvtry Wednesday and Saturday. Out-door Saleiof a'l (.'ascriptions attended to ss usual. rnlO Iw'ec T K U ft T HAL K TJALUDAY A JENKINS will sull etauctiou, si the Mer11 chants' Etchtngr, on Friday the 15tn ins', st 12 o'clock, about sCTaoty-four of lh? most valuable l-ota in the viciuily of the Basin of the Tide Water Canal, atllivre da Uraee. mlt U*ec A CARD. I HAVE taken the Store \i> 91 Wall street, for the purpose of transartini a OEN W.AL AUCTION AND COMMISSION BUSINESS. Consignment solicited. Salts guaranteed and cashed, or adraucee made when reuuired. JOHN S. BETTS. I beg leave t? refer as follows :? Mi"ss'?. L. M. Hoffman A Co. Mnssrs, Thompson A Adams. Mr. Moses Taylor ' Herriinan. Nash A Co. Mesara. 8pollard, Tileston A " Warren A Brintuall. Co Mr. 8 T. Nieoll. " I'. Harmony's No- Messrs. Dater, Millar A Co, phewa A Co. " Bturgee. Beonet A Co. " Talbot, Olvphant A " C. A L. Deniaon A Co Co. " Theo.VietorADueh- " F.deard O. Kails A wits. Co " Da I'eyster A Whit- " Babcock A Co. marsh. I mIO >wis*m <*EOR'*E B ROLLINS, A.ct'r. 'T'O CAPITALISTS?The valuable property No. 371 A Broadway, batween Kranklin and White streets, will le sold on Thursday, Mih March, at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Eschaogs. The three story and *ltic brick dwelling and store, now oecnpiaj by Mr. Edward R. Myers. (formerly by Diuirinond A Smith.) ?iid lot of ground in fee, '5 by 150 'eer, to a carnage way 25feet wide with a two story brie* stable in ihu rar ot the lot, 26 by tS feet The stain on Broadway is 8t> feet de-p. rlrtnntlv fitted up for the dry goods business, with s highly pol'shn.l while marb'.e front, lar?e plstsglass windows, manog uy do ?rs. counters. du\ks. shelves. mirrors, Ac. Ac., and is one of ihe best established and loest il stoiei in this c-ty forthat business. The dwelling rart is snlnttntially and elegantly ftted up in modern style, having a private eulraace on Broadway. The premises ar- now ren ed foi $300# per annum The tale will lie positive. Title perfect and terms liberal. Kor further particulars, inquire of the anctioneirs, WILKINH A ROLL'NS.orof ANDREW SMITH, (firm of A. P. borresl A Co ) No. 7 Cedar it. i?9Stis*in BY DAVID PARKS, 154 PEJlRT. STREET, Tina ni v ST oi run oov AIjAH 'E luvoieaof Faoey Goods, consisting of fifty pi. Spitt/ifld Handkerchiefs,Pongee do, fancy silk Dm Handkerchiefs, Broehe Shawls, Spool Cotton, Corset Laces, Bono Suspender Buttons, Tin do. Collars, Suspenders, Sewing Bilk all colors, Dressing Combs. Bide Comba, Bead Purses. Nate do, Bags, Paper Hangings, Cloths,Cassime res, Diaper,Ike. flT lm'ee NEW BRIGHTON PROPERTY FOR SALE AT AUCTION. MTHE M ANHION HOUSE AND OllOUNDS OF THOMAS E. DAVIS. Esq. and the BkLMONT and BRIOHTON HOUSES, at Naw Brighton, Slaten , will ba peremptorily sola, or public unction, at the Merchants' Exchange, ba HALLIDAV & JENKINS, on Thursday the 28th day ef March next, at 12 o'clock, if not previously disposed of at pri rate sale The Mansion House is one of tha most splendid establishments inAhe United States. The main building stands in the centre ol lour or fire acres, as now enclosed. It is very extensive and commodious; the main walls me built of marble, the tvhole surrounded by;piazzu,audall finished iu the best manner. The site cannot be surpassed. It commands a view of the whole oftne Bty of New York, extending up the North and East Rivers. New York, Brooklyn, the Long Island Shore, through the Narrows to the Ocean, and a 1 urge portion of l>ew Jersey. The Belmont and Brighton Houses are both extensive buildings, very pleasantly situated, nearly opposite the Steamboat Landing, and well calculated for large boarding houses or hotel*. For diagram and further particular*, apply to H. CURTI89. flStoMrffee 49 Wall street. JH STEAMBOAT KOll SALE-Will be ^gejWp^dkeold at the Merchant*' Exchange in this city, 9Kw9i^3K>nii the Ifith day of March instant, at 12 o'clock at noon, by ANTHONY I. BLEECKEri & CO., Auctioneers, the STEAMBOAT VIRGINIA, with ?ll the tack e and furniture now in or belonging toil. The said steiinboat is of the burthen ef about 31# tons; in length about 138 f,et, with a cylender of 40 inches and a seven foot stroke. It is well calculated for a tow boat. Terms of Sale aud any other information that may be dashed, will ?e communicated 011 application to JOH.x COLOAN, 11 Jame*street. , The steamboat is now lying at the foot of Chambers street, v. R. ml0to26*ec XXTANTED IMMEDIATELY?Several young men lose. lic.tsnbsciihers and collect rooner for a p- pular p-riodic?l They must come well recommended for their honesty anil enterprise. To such, good employ meut will he xiven. Applyto ISRAEL POST, ml2 3tis*rc 3 Aator House. WANTED-A SITUATION AS A GARDENER.?A " steady, active man, who is well conversant with evarv deiwrtment of the business, particularly the construct! >u a-d management of gieeu houses, hot housre, and frnit houses, laud scape or ornamental gardening?naving liven lor several years 'U soma ot the most extensive and best situations in this country. The (ivPftkanrcan (iTr the moat re>|>eat*Ma aeferonc-. lie alary iitdnnuau fcrsntsg, and can nuaertake th' management on both firm and careen. Hariug on children, hia wife would take charge oftfc* management of milk a.-d butter, pou.trvard farm home bniiaeu. A line eirected to J. W., (post paid) Astoria poat office. Lone liland, will be respectfully attended to f27 2tawlw MkW'rc A LADY recently arrived from Germany, who, fit the laat few yra'i, liu been engaged in the education of young ladies, ia d-sirous of giving private instruction in the French and German Languages, both of which abe ia squally competent to teach. She would not object to taking charge of the education ofchildien in a rrirate family. The highest testimonials in regard to capability and character cau be produced. Address A. M., boa No. S63 upper poat uflire. mfi 3t*edrc fNOACHMAN WANTED.?A atont and healthy Colored C Mao, unmatried, of good addresi, and who ia perfect in h'i profession, of unetreptionable character, is wanted as Coachman, to rrsida in a private family 18 miles from New York. Apply, be a note left at this office, to W. A. St Co., staling refer ncea from last place, and terms. m7 tf rrc INFORMATION WANTED, OF ROBERT TYTHEHLEIOII BOWN, orchelfetiham, England, who came to this country in 1838 or 7. He worlei for liu nncla David Bown in Pittsburgh, Pa., at the baking business, tome time. He afterwards went to Mobile. Ala., ami worked at tha same trade with Mr. Gavin Yuille II* was last h aid from in August, 1838; soon after which, it it supposed, lie went ns steward on board some boat runt>i?g on ti e Mobile, Mississippi, or Ohio and Wabash rivers. Indntrl information has bten received that the steamboat met with an ic:ident, and that he was drowned in attempting to escape. If living hisage would now ba about 23. Twenty dollars, and s brother's sin cere thanks, will be given to anv one who can give certain information of him, living or dead, by addressing a letter to Frederick A. Bjwii, No. 274 Bowery, New York. in7 1 w *m T NFORMAl ION WANl'EO of JAMES E. MILLER, a A native of New York, and a from in by profession ; wh?n last heard from he wan in Bristol, England, in 1819 Shonld he he alive, and return to New York, he wi'l heat of something to his advantage on applying to William Steel, Baker, No. Ill Cherry street. New V ork. m7 3md8tw*rrc _____ VP.STRRDAY AFTERNOON, between J and 1 o'clock, 1 in ilrmeg Urougn Hudson, Vanck, Wnt urotdway and ('anal streets, toward* I lie Third Avenu*. a short black Ebony Cane,with a gold hetd. beiringthe initial* of H. R. I'.rngrairi thereon. Th? finder will ha auitably rewarded by calling with the (Jane at the IDrald Office. mil .lire INSTRUCTION. A FRENCH LADY that can teach the Frcneh and (Jermnn Laiuuages, Mosic, 1'iauo Forte, auil any kind of handwork. desires to find a situation a* a govemms of children She can present the best recommendations. Mi' lia* hern lor twe yrirt at th" Spanish Ambassadors. and leave# hi* hone* oa the account of lh'? gentleman going to Europe. For further information, apply to Mr. SLAUOVHCTN, Spuiieh Cohaul, [.round *trret. No. lli, and of Mr. rlNTEUX, No. 307 Broadway. Wl3taw2w*ro TO THE imJBUC, MR8. (J. B. MILLER Ik CO.. TOBACCO AND 8NUFF manufacturers, no. no water street wear wall street \Tcry reapectfnlly inform their friend* and cuatomer* thai * them i* a U'ge circulation of counterfeit and pari*lu To h iceo and Snuff gelling through th* city and country by red lar*. repreaenting it a* baying been manufactured by u*. The umpa are made for deception, the quality being inlsriur to the genuine article. " That no one may b* mi?led by such imposition, or snppnae th it we leek or fail in our exerting* to manufacture our uaual good articlv*. we hay* been induced to gitecbi* notice to our friends ?nd customers, a* a cauMon against misrepresentation. We pledge ourselves io spare no VP"1** or exertion to manufacture, as heretofore, the rsry beat article*, and no !kh*r. N. B.? I he ooly person* authori*rd by n* to snpplt onr enstomers at their stores, are Samuel H. Rogers and Smith Sloane. All goods manufactured and sold by u* are warrured. aud if not approved of, can be returned sad the money refunded. Sold on is reasonable term* as any articles in the *i?ve line, of liie tame quality, maunlsctur'd in the United State*. Mr*. U. B. MILLERk CO. 110 Water street, IB I mis * m ne?r Wall street OUOAR?10 llhds Prime New Oileans, landing ex ?hip k> Oronan?for trie by K. K. COLLINS ft Co., mllec 30 South street. TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS. DM. PEYSER ft CO. (lately removed from the corner ol ? William and John, to No. 00 John street,) offer for sal* on liberal terms, wholesale and retail, th* following articles, received by recent arrivals Berlin best Zephyr Worsted?the most complete assortment in this country. _ .... .... Canvass, for Embroidery, of cotton, silk and worsted, in nil widths. .... n?u. nf the choicest and newest de*. oipt ion; Kmbroidtriiw, finished and commenced on velvet, tili, worsted and cotton, narked tn the moat taste faI Pari ian style. Tassels for Hair Drnues, of fold, silver,and ailk and tinselled; Brnreleta, Combs, Hair Pins, and a large variety of other heantiful Paris Kaney Articles. Purse Oruainruta?Hreel, tilt and silver Beads; Bngle'a Purer Twiat, plain and shaded, in sticks and snools; Em jroidrry and flower Chenille, ol silk and metal and s Ik. Also, Knngen, Oimps and Cord and Taasnls. imported and oI their own mannfattnre, of (old, silver, silk, Ike.all colors and widths trr Branch Store at *9 Broad war, (formerly 417 Broadway.) 1 *'nfc* _____________________ PACKET SHIP OCONEE from New Orleans, is due'..arc ins at the font of 1'ika street Consignees by thie shipn will please attend to the receipt of llieir go .da immedietaly. ml> lire PACKR^TrSHTp HUNTSVILCE from Nrw Orlaans ia f discharging at Oriaina wharf, foot of Wall street. Consignees liy tus ship will please attend to the receipt of their goods immediately. ml tec? PACKET SHIP OCONEE from New Orleans, is discharge C ,ng at Jones' wharl. foot of Jn?es' lane. Consigners by this ship will pletae attend to the receipt ol theirlgoods immediately mllec rPHEM CARRIER PIOEONS? Eor sale, a lot ot freeh im a- ported Pigeons, consisting of black, blue, dan ana whits Came/a; white and pied Pouters; a great janety of Tamblrra, of all colors; blue Bald Heads-, blacky do, silver do black Meardt bin* do nod UlTfT do; A>?onu i nmo.^r., ?.?, vllow mid white ilo; Magpie* ud TnrbnUa. ol all the known colore , .. Alao, a ooantitrof the far-famed Antw^pPif <* > . "J??? celebrated lor their extraordinary power of flying long, Ud rt i lorning home from almo?t incredible dietaneea. ' H. OROOM W Y( V YORK, WEDNESDAY ] City Intelligence. Police?Tuiibiv-Kacino Himself.? A man named John Dray, a native of Ireland, who was formerly in the i'ni|>loy ot Sila* C. Smith, of 10 Fulton street, oa clerk, was urreated yesterday on charge of misdemeanor, in representing himaelf aa another person, contrary to the statute. From the testimony before the Police Magistrate aa presented In the appears that John H.Williams, Treasurer of the Delaware ami Hudson Canal Company held a note drawn by Silas C. Smith, for $471, which was duo, and on which he ordered suit to be commenced. The suit was commenced by (1. A. Bicknell, jr, Ksq. by drclaratlon, which was duly served, as was supposed, upon Mr. Smith, at his store. The suit was tried in tiro Superior Court and judgment obtained in favor of plaintiff, on the 9th of Deccmlier, lor $496 .16, damages ami costs. On the 96th of January application was mude to set aside the judgment, on the ground that the decimation, instead of being served U|>oii Smith, was served ii|>on Cray, his clork, who made an attidavit of that fact. I'pon this representation of apparent facts, judgment was given in favor oi Smith with $10 costs This led to an investigation, which resulted in un affidavit being made, by the clerk of Mr Bicknell that Dray represented himself as Smith, and teceived the declaration with a perfect knowledge that it was intended for Smith, and not lor him. tiray was therefore arrested and held to bail to answer the charge. Ci.Evca officer Bowyer was passing through one of the streets of the Sixth ward yesterday morning, he spied a colored man with a basket under his arm, wnose suspicious conduct excited his attention, and observing that the basket contuined something which was nicely covered up, he stopped him and asked its contents. The black fellow replied, "O, nothin much, massa, 'ccpt a few clothes a gumman wants me to pawn." "Let's see 'em." suys Bowyer, and, grabbing the basket, he threw otl the cover, and luund an elegant gentleman's cloak and umbrella deposited therein. "Come to the police," soys Bowyer, "we'll see about this matter," but the darkee held hack until he was forced to comply. In the space of half an hour after the arrest was made Lieut, (iray, of the ship Lexington, appeared in the office, and claimed the property, which he said had been stolen from his boarding house lu Broudway on Wednesday evening. The colored man gave the name of Charles Rickey. Aaakt r ok Asotnss Receive* ?Morris Delany, junk shop keeper *1966 Front street, was arrested and held to hail on two charges of receiving stolen goods knowing them to be such. The first, for receiving a large quantity of blacksmiths and carpenters' tools, valued at *160, and I a ship bell, that had been tnken from the shop of I'aul 1). I nnd Matthew Macey, 39 Dover street, part of which were luuuu in n?? poMwnron. i nn soconu cnarge is lor rfi* ceiving a boat cover and rope, valued at ft'JO, which had been stolen from barque iieckla, on the 6th of January last. Or i-tal Oi'TRtoK.?On Monday night about hnlf past I ten o'clock, b respectable, elderly gentleman was knocked down at the corner of Chambers and Chatham streets, with a blow of a club, given by an unknown rutflnn. At tho time the blow was given there were at least from a dozen to twenty persons raising up aud down both streets The man who gave the blow was seen to run across Chatham street, up Duanu, and in the direction ol the Shakspeare Hotel, but strange to say, although a large crowd had collected round tiro wounded man, not one of them would follow the rutflan. It is miedless to remark that there was no watchmen at hand, and although live or six persons ran in different directions to look lor one, none could be found. The gentleman was taken into Mr. BalIngh's, the grocer, where his wounds were washed, and some person present offered to go with him to his residence, which he said was in Kssux street. lie seemed to he se[ riously injured, and bled profusely from thv wound in his head The flags on the sidewalk, in front of Mr. liallagh's shop, were yesterday morning covered with his blood. Coroner's Office ?Tuesday?Drowned.?A hoy, named Thos. M'Kinley, aged aboat I'd years, was drowned from the foot of Houston street, by accidentally falling from the string piece of the whart. The Coroner will hold an inquest to-day. Inquests.?We have been requested to ask why the inquests held by the Coroner arc not deposited monthly on the 1st of each month, in the ollice of the Clerk of Messions, according to the laws oftke State 1 Resurrection Men -?Yesterday afternoon a gentleman came into the Coroner's Office in hot haste, aad asked "Where i* the Coroner 1" A waggish lellow, who happened to he present, and whose curiosity was not axcellod by his first mother, intimated that the Coroner was not in, but any business could be communicated to him, and he would inform the otlicial head as soon as he arrived. "Well, then," says he, "you must know that last night a couple of young medical students went out of town with a horse and wagon to get a dead body tor dissection They got the body, put it in a trunk, and started to come into the city While on the route, the horses became frightened and the students also?the horse started off on a run?the students, to save their lives, leaped Irom the wagon, while the horse kept on with the vehicle and the dead boJy, and has not since been seen or heard from. 1 have just called to see the Coroner, to tell him that the students aad their friends urn very much alarmed, and ttiat If he duds the 1 body he will not h? alarmed, but kaep it quiet for bis respect lor the faculty, as you know we must have dead bodies for dissection." A partial assent was given by our informer to this very modest request, and the gentleman I left the office quite satisfied. Since the above, we loam to the police, nnd warrant* juried for their arrest a* well a* the keeper of the grave-yard from whence the body wa? obtained. Common Comncll, Board of Aldermen. March 12?Thii Board met in pecial meeting to act upon the police hill from the hoard of Assistant Aldermen. After *ome preliminary business ot little importance, the bill waa taken up in committee of the wholo, Alderman Waterman in the chair. The first and second section*, abolishing the watch department, and supplying its place with (UOday and night patrol men, was laid on the table. The third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth sections, establishing the police and patrol districts, and defining their duties, were adopted. The eleventh section was altered so at to prevent any extra compensation to |>olice officer* for rewards, snd strikes out all that part making an equal distribution of rewards voluntarily offered by citizens for the ai rest of rogues and recovery of property. Sections twelfth and thirteenth were so amended as to place the petty police officers to he attached to the police offices under the special direction of the special justices, mayor, and aldermen. This completed tholfust title, when the committee rose, reported, ami had leave to sit again. The Board then adjourned till this afternoon, st five o'clock. In Chaneery< Before the Vice Chancellor. March IX?Decisions.?1st and 2nd, exceptions to Master's report were taken; and the 3d, 4th, Ath, (ith, 7th and Sth overruled, and report in relation to those exceptions confirmed, with costs to be paid to the complainant. Cortflyou, adminitiralm, ? *. ('optland.?Order granted f?r re-sale of mortgaged premises upon payment of Master's costs of former advertisement and sale nnd the costs of this application, with interest to the purchaser on hi* purchase money from the time he paid it into tho Master'* Mate freut; and athrrt, rin uiart, i>*. lie ft"?y and wife rt al.? Order of reference to Master Kmmet to state and settle account of principal and interest due on hond and mortgage ami to inako defendants all just and necessary allowance* for rents received hy them out of the mortgaged premise*, or which they might have received, hy way of setoff against the sum due on hond and mortgage. United States Circuit Court. Before Judge Betts. March 13?Char ft of Revolts?John Deer, and his associates, against whom the Grand Jury found hills ot indictment, on Monday, for an esdaavor to make a revolt on hoard the ship Oror.imbo, were brought into Court this morning to he arraigned, Mr. Benedict, on the part ftf the prisoners, stated his intention to make a motion to haVfc the indictment quashed; hut as he only got a copy of it about an hour before, he wished the t-ourt to give him a few days to prepare himself for the argument. Mr. Barrst, Associate District Attorney, objected. Fte said the trial was fixed for Thursday; that the vessel was detained in port; and that the captain, mate, and 3 or 4 of the seamen, were bound oter to appear as-w it noises; and lnsisteilthat Mr. Bavrnu r should proceed with his motion instanter. , " The prisoners were then umigned, and pleaded not guilty, without prejudice to Mr. Blrkdict making his motion to quash tho indictment, this morning, at the witting ot the court. * ' Common Plena. Before Judge Ingraham. March 12.? ll'iltiam Par lay rt. Joihua Tntlrn, et al.? This was an nction on two promissory notes mndohy Dr. Vermnle, both bearing datethc 1st July, 1*4#, payable In threo months aftar date, for $100 each, and endorsed by the defendant Totten. Although bottf the maker and endorser were made parties la the suit, the action in reality wns brought against Totten, lie being the solvent party. Dr. Br.i.Dr.a proved the signature of Vermule as the ma kerof the note*. Vumu.i waa ne*t called, and proved that he wen the family phyaician of Tottnn, that they were accommodation paper, and that he procured Totten to enderae them, and aaw him do it; he admitted, however, that Totten did not write ail the aignaturo, hut that lie, himaelf, flrat drew it in pencil. lie further proved that defendant'* children, who were all grown lip, were preaent when their father endoraed the notea. Dr. BaLnrtf waa recalled,and proved'that he told Totten Vermuln waa about to take the benefit of the Bankrupt Act, and that Totten replied he waa on hia paper to the amount of $300. Tho defence ?et up waa, forgery. Several witneaaea were called who proved that Totten could neither road or write, and that hia uatial manner ef aigning paper waa by n mark or croee. Ilia aon and daughter were alao produced and proved that their father never endoraed the note in queation in thoir praaence, and that if they wore preaent, aa aworn to by Vermnle, he could not have aigned them without their knowing It. Thia ia the auhat-ince of tho defence on both aidea. Tho fudge charged ahottly that it waa a queatlon of fact for the Jury. II they believed that Totten had andoraed the notoa, they ahould find for plaintiff; if they believed the notea were forged, they ahould find for the defendant. Leverige for plaintiff?' 'lark and Newhonae for defendant, Totten. Court Calendar. Ciacuit Covut.?30M, 117, 1H0.171.174, 176,170, 370, 200, 103, 186, 080, 180, '280,191, 102, '204, 19.), 107,108, 399, 100. CoMMott Putat-03 ,"?$,?,??, 70, 6,01, 40, 48, 40,63,60 W, 70, 00. )RK 1 YLUKmmr, MARCH 13, 15 County Court. March 11.?The County Court met this afternoon at four o'clock. 'I'liecharge* alleged ftgainst James B. Greenman, Clerk of the Ninth Ward Court, were diimUted. The Committee to whom wu n fi rred the charge* | against Justice Uilhert, of the upper Police, were not pre- i pared to report, und aaked lor lurther time, which wu* i granted. Juttice Gilbert was preient, ably prepared to | refute all that could lie presented against him i Charge* were preferred against Justice Stevens, of the Lower Police, which were referred to a committee. I Circuit Court. j Before J udge Kent. I Mancit II ?Ken Cod v*. Sharp.?Tho Court was crowd- I ed to excess at an early hour. Mr. Dt Witt replied to the address of counsel for tho dclencr, and travelled over the entire ground taken by Mr. Jordan. In the course ol his remarks he made a very pointed attack upon the press for publishing the proceedings in courts of justice, und went on to say that he sincerely trusted the legislature would interpose ita authority.! so as not alone to exclude reporters for the press trom courts, but also the public at large, and that trials should be conducted within closed doors The learned gentleman, at this |Hirtion of his address, became quite pathetic in his sublime commentaries on the numerous evils resulting to society and the morals of tho community by the publication of trials in the newspapers. He had. however, scarcely concluded his attack u|>on the liberty of the press when no took occasion to refer to the tiublutteed report of the former trial, which he held in his baud and relied upon for facts in support of his position. Mr. Joans*, (interrupting )?The farts referred to by ] the learned counsel will be found reported in quite a different w ny, and directly contrary to whnt Ibe gentleman has represented. Mr. D* Witt hercti|k)d took up the publication referred to, which was hound up in folio, and after reading that portion of the evidence to which he referred, which was taken on the former trial.aduiittod he had been wrong in bis views on the subject, upon which he proceeded with his t address. The facts ot the learned gentleman's mistake, and the correctness of the newspaper report, thus brought before the Court (though not introduced in evidence) furnishes the best commentary upon the gentleman's good taste, legal skill, anil strong sense ol morality, by this out of tlia way onslattgh upon the press. Mr. lie Witt made further allusion to the publication of Mrs. Vnnn (Jott's letter and address, trom ten of the Jury on the last trial, which appeared in the "Herald" of yesterday, which he described as an ifort made to forestall Justice, and influence the present trial. The reports retcrred to nppeared to have been taken from the "Herald," and furnish a proof of the correctness and accuracy of the reporter. Mr. Johoan took exceptions to some points in tho statement of Mr. lie Witt, when the latter had concluded, which he begged the Court to hear in mind in the charge to the Jury. i His Honor. Jnonr Kkist, then commenced his charge,in the presence of a full ?ud densely thronged Court:?Gentlumen of the Jury, I rise now to close this long and arduous trial; and I can assure you, my official duly will not i oblige me to go into those* facts which the whole of this trial have nrought before the public. The case in itscll is so extremely disgraceful, that I consider it a public calamity to be deplored in this commttni ] ty, and for the sake of the public mornLt, I regret a* has been remarked by tlie learned counsel who hus just addreSMfci you, that I have not been empowered to conduct 1 it with closed doors; and when it is considered the weight which attaches to cliaractur?to your own characters?I think you would have acceded to this demand for the soke 1 ,.t ?v,;u I .v~? ..." .. . - ' - ...... , aim wioil j ull wUllIII |>Ut Ull t'IKl IO SUCI1 lamentable and deploi utile state of things, as that of feeding thelpublic appetite witli the revolting developementswhich this trial lias produced. Gentlemen of the jury, this case involves no question of law, and there are but two farts for your consideration, which require a sound discrimination on the part of the Jury. The liist is, as to the fact of the adultery being committed?being the material branch of the case?the Inst is Involved in the first, so that you must believe the fact of the adultery being committed to make out the case ; and it is the duty ot the plaintiff ?the burden lies on him?to make out the fncts charged against the defendant. This is just in morals?it is just in law?just as regards all crimes?and ot all offences against morals, where none needs s eclusion more, of all others, than the crime here charged?vou must place implicit reliance upon the character of the evidence to sustain it. This case, gentlemen, must lie determined by circumstances, and this being the fact, the circumstances must he of a strong and conclusive nature, such as afford instances which would lend to the opinion in the minds of discreet men, that adultery lias l>cen committed. It is not sufficient for you to believe in familiarities, and that course of conduct which goes a great way to establish a presumption ot guilt?as a learned authority has laid down in law?but vou must behave in every circumstance of the case. Tlie vast mass of testimony that has lieen laid before us divides this case into two branches: the plaintiff must establish his case fully, and in order to do this, we have to go back into the history of Van Colt's family, to meet these two questions. In the first place, if you arrive > I at the annClusion that the injury has been committed, you I are stiU, gentlemen, to consider if it bus been an injury to I Van Cott. In the next place, it has been told to you about I Van Os<t'? licentiousness of conduct. I must first comment, us to this latter point, upon what counsel lor the defendant has called my attention to, namely?that "if it was shown that the husband was himself a seducer, aud strong evidence of the fast being introduced on the trial, he would not lie entitled to damages and, in the next place, " if the husband had coumved at the guilt of the wife, did it not disentitle him to a verdict from a Jury V I differ with the learned counsel on these points; for, though it be established fully that the husband hail connived at the guilt of iiis wife, he would still he entitled te some damages. The rext question is, "if the husband was guilty of atlultery, is he entitled todamagesi" Gentlemen, this case has been decided in the Knglish courts, and it remains to lie considered has there been any testimony introduced on this trial that has ai,nruac.hed to I.mvo oriminol conduct on (he part of Van Cott, if we except (ho testimony of Kliza Tompkins, anil that testimony relates to what has been imputed after the separation. Now, considering the history of the Van Cott family, with all the circumstances connected with them, we find he is married in lh32 to his wife Kliza, who, it appears, was not then 15 years ol age, and is now only in her 26th year. This history just amounts to this:?Kach one young?martied at the tender ago of youth?and it is to he lamented that the customs 01 our country should encourage those early marriages, alike dangerous to the young of both sexes. We find them in l&Jd living in Division street, where they remain until ISW, when Nlary Kiddle, comes to their house; they then went to Williumshurgh in 183!), where they continued until the spring of 1SI0, when Sharp goes to hoard at their house, and then in 1H41 Van Cott goes to the South. They subsequently remove to Orchard street, where they finally separate. Now, gentlemen, what is the history of Van Cott during this time, and what is his character; far, as I said before, it is very necessary to ascertain wbHt poisoned hia wile's mind, and what testimony led him to believe that these familiarities were such as to ndmit of tho construction put upon them. Mis llonor iiere recapitulated the testimony, and commented npon it at considerable length. In ttio course of his remarks he dwelt upon the extreme youth of all the parties, and impressed on the minds of the Jury the unfairness of Judging of the arts of persona so young, by theordinary standard in such cases. His llonor. then, went through the testimony of the witnesses in detail, and on taking up that of Kliza Tompkins, went on to say that it ilerngHtrd * good deal from the high moral stand, or scheme of the defence, to introduce such a person, who avowed herself h vile character. In his general comment.ktir lirwiti tliu nf thu sigrtina ilinuntlsr numbly Mr*. Van Cott, sliarp and Van Cott, hi* Honor'* char^)' in relation to the evidance of the tliH witnesses introduced at either aide to nuitain the charge of guilt and criminality, win exceedingly f*vo ruble, on the ground of the youth of the parties. Hi* lloif or reviewed the variou* point* introduce)' in the evidence of John Van Cott (anew witness who had not been examined on the former trial) with much minutene**, and instructed the Jury to <1 well upon the character of thi* te? timony, the probability of a brother standing coolly by to witnc** the foul dishonor of hi* brother'* bed, without hiking step* to punish the parties implicated, lie also dwelt with much force and clearness on the alleged fact of the concealment on the part of thi* witness, in relation to what he bad seen on the night he alleged to hare been present ami witnessed the offence charged. Ilia Honor wound up this part of the charge by impreaaing on the minds of the jury the fact of the row between this witness and Sharp, which occurred at Williamsburg; and then directed the jury to weigh the motives and the probabilities of truth in the general statement of thi* witness; and that they should consider whether or no he hail com. mittcda perjury. The evidenre of Height, n person in the employ of Van Cott, and who swore to having gone on the top of a house where he anw Sharp put hi* hand on Mrs V?n < ott's bosom, was also dwelt upon with much weight by llis Honor, who, after directing the jury to weigh well the entire evidence, ami circumstances connetted with tho cose, concluded by remarking that they should be fully convinced of the guilt of the man before thny could render a verdict. The Inry then retired, anil remnined In for ahont an hour, when Hi* Honor adjourned the Court A verdict ...ill I,., p..itilnriiil Xlnpninrr .1 I..IC..0.1 )?- ?'.l-/-l/ .Strike i* the Coat, J'its.?Yesterday morning, the coal heaver* of Richmond struck for an advance of wages, find being the strongest body, they proceeded rucce*?d ally in forcing all the different laborers in the vicinity to join them. Home that were engaged under a contractor, in removing earth from the line of the railroad alnive to fill up some low portions ol the road below, were likewise compelled to unite In the strike. We are informed that one party of them, that had been working for eighty cents per day, demanded one dollar, arid others working for one dollar demanded one dollar and twenty-five cents. We are glad toleam that no outrages of a serious character were perpetrated?one man only being assaulted and " forced to he a volunteer." Some of them subsequently, under arrangements made, resumed their labors. The Sheriff was sent for, and with his posse proceeded to the spot, hut, we apprehend, from w hat we learned from a gentleman who was prpsent at the scene, that the difficulties were not in their prosecution and restilts of inch a character as to impose npon Hint officer the necessity of making any arrests.?Philn. Timet, March la. Shocii:?o Steam no at Kx plosion.-?Yesterdny afternoon, aliont five o'clock,the steam tow boat I*llot, i apt wow, white tyink nt tne woou yarn ?i t.retna, Mirat two of her boiler*. By lhi? accident aeven ol the crew were dreadfully acaldod, and two more jumped over board mid were drowned. The uteamer Helen panning down at the time rounded to,and brought the aralited men to town. Among them are Mr. Nickeraon, the flrat engineer, and a ion of < apt Oow, We deeply regret to learn that moat of the unfortunate aufferert are not expected to live - X OrUatt H'p Afaec* 4. SERA 344. General Seaalona Before Recorder Tallmadge and Aldermen Hcole* and Lee. Jami.s 11. Whitinu, Kiq , Out rid Attorney. March VI.? Sentence Ai^.-fhU being the day (elected | for the sentence of John Jones, the button maker, lor an attempt to procure abortion liom the person of Catharine Uostello, and uUo of Fdwtrd T. burke, for obtaining >e;ars hy laUe pretence*, aa well a* other person* convict ed, the Court w?< etowded *0011 alter the hour ol eleven. Cum oJ John Jonei ? Alderman Wuterman and Brigg*, iiefoie w liom this man wu* convicted of attempt to procure slwrtion, being upon the bench, Jam*.* M. Smith, Jr., Ksjuire, oue of ttie counsel ol accused, roso and asked the Luurt to jiostpone sentence, in order to allow time to scud to Albany to obtain a bill ol exceptions lroni one of the Judges of the Supreme Couit, to obtain a stay ol proceedings and obtain a new trial. Application hud been madu to the Recorder for a stay of judgment, which had been leluse.d, hut ho considered it a duty he owed his clicut to make this request of the Court prior to their rendering judgment in tne case. The gentleman closed the ap|dicatiun by remarking that the t ouit was well aware that the complainant, Catherine Costello, was takeu sick helore the defence had any oppoitunity to cross examine her as to lier statement which fomved the basis of this conviction. That under this slatw ol the case, he was op]iosed to continuing the trial until her recovery ; but his client insisted upon such a course, and, contrary to his ow n Judgment, he assented to it. Under these circumstances, he asked till Friday of next week to send to Albauy. Rri osnt*.?The opinion of the court is, tlmt there is not su/ticieut cause in the application lor a stay of judgment. Clkiix.?John Jones. Lawylr Si kvf.xsoN.?Here sir. (Great laugh er.) District Atiohxky.?The call w a* not lor your client, John Joints; but lor John Jones, the button maker. S1 kvitnson.?O11, 1 thought it was my John Jones. (Laughter) Clerk.? John Junes?(no answer) John Jonte? (no answer ) Recorder.?Mr. Clerk please arraign John Luw. Chens.?John Law, stand forth ami answer why sentence should not he pronounced upon you. Rkcordlii.?John Law, you were convicted of a riot in Grand street on New Year's eve. during which time a gun was fired from the top of your house that came near killing a person residing opposite. The Court, therefore, sentence you to u couliuement in the city priNon lor oue mouth, uml a line ol fMA, Law.?1 suppose I must stand committed until the tine is paid. Recorder?Yes. Law.?Then I shall stay a long while myself, I shall. Mraham Hytrson and William S/iiwood, wero then arraigned tor sentence on a conviction lor grand larceny, in stealing a clonk and $137 "? money from Hugh Luckey, whom they met in Anthouy street, where the robbery was perpetrated. Wm. biiALKn, Ksq. asked for a postponement of sentence of Spiwood, on the ground that his luthei had had no knowltdge of his oflcuce until he saw his conviction published in the newspapers ol the day. C. W. Teriivne, fc.sq. rose anil said, that it became pro per for him to suggest to the court, thut Spiwood, whom lie hail defended, win innocent of the oltunce for wkieh he had liven convicted, and if the court would not pass sentence, the prisoner would muke a full confession, uud bring all the real parties to justice. Recorder.?The Court really ho|ie thut the latter part Df your remarks will soon be made manifest?there is 110 occasion for further delay of Judgment, llyerson who nan served onu lurni in uie ?iaie i'uwu, n? men cm hack lor Tour year* and nine month# and Hpiwood lor lour year* and si* month*. ItvcaaoN.?1 tell you one thing?we are both innocent ?I wasn't tried for the crime, hut for my character. John Muort, a boy, wui then arraigned on a conviction of burglary m the third degree, in entering the itore of J. 1*. Haven* tk Co., corner of Market and VVatvr street*. Mooke.?As this is my first olt'ence I hope the Court will not be down on me?a* 1 will never lie lound heie again. Hkcoiider.?In consideration of this, we sentence you to thu state prison for two years, and trust that we snail not see you here again for sentence. Ci.rhk.?John Jones?(no answer)?John Jonrs--(no reply?John Joiitt J?(no lespouse.) ilKcoRiicR.?Let a bench warrant be immediately issued for the apprehension of John Jones, that he may be brought before the court lorthwith. Caif of Edward F. Hurler.?The Recorder stated, that it hswl ln-en the intention of the < ourt to iin|>ose sentence upon Kdward F. Hutku, couvicted of ohtaimug cigars by false pretences, hut representations had been made since the trial by J. J.. White, Ksq., counsel for the creditois, which would tend to change the decision ol the court as to the jieualty to he imposed. I'ndur these circumstances the court had concluded to postpone the sentence until Friday neat in order, to give time to .Mr.White to present such statement in tavor ol accused as the creditors should consider just and proper. Street Door Thief.?Joseph Thompson, a black tliief, was tried on achaigeof grand larceny, for stealing a cloth cloak, valued at upwards of (ia, the ptopcrty of Thomas H. llraisted, which was taken ironi hb White street, on the ltd of Fubrusry last. Thu accused was arrested by officer Htephens, who found the cloak on his person with the ilnps tucked undur his pantaloons, and an over coat over i buttoned tight to prevent it from being seen. The iury couvicted him forthwith, and the Court sentenced him to the State prison for three years and twe months. Trial of William Herd.?Tbi* man, well known in the Fourth ward, as a sailor's hoarding house keeper, at 34.) Water street, was put upon his trial on a cha'gc of grand larceny, for stealing on t\e a7th ult. $110 Irom Joxejiii II. Lackland, late carpenter's mate ol tbe Cnited Status ship North Carolina. Lackland stated that he wa* discharged from the ship the day previous to the offence. That having previously known Heed, he went there and remained that night. The next day he started for Cecil county, Mar) laud, where hi* parent* reside, and alter placing tint money in a canvas* hag in hi* cheat, he proceeded in a cah in company with Heed to the Philadelphia bolt from the foot oft ouitluudt street. They arrived there too late and entered an oyster cellar near by, kept by two persons by the name of Harris. While there. Luckland pioposud I him ami Heed should go to the circus, and then ojiened hi* trunk to nut en a Irock coat and change his round-about. Heed stepped up and took the hag ol money from the trunk and put it in hi* over coat pocket. They then went to the circus, and entering, lteed told him to go up stair* and he would follow. Instead of following him up stairs, Heed left the circus, and was found by Lackland the next morning when he denied that he had ever seen the money. Heed then escaped, and was arrested several days alter by officer Parker. After the complaint was made at the police office, a man named Shaw gave him |M to go awgJUffhieh he accepted, and went to Hobuken. Krom thence Tie walked to .Jersey City, where he was arrested and brought to this city as a witness, and lockeil up in the Tombs Edwtlll Foley was at the house ot Heed when he saw the bag ot money nut in the truuk of Lackland, before him and Heed left in the cab The wife of Heed then told Lackland not to let Heed go with him in the cab, or he would rob liirn ol his money. This was the substance of the prosecution; and the reason that complainant gave lor not tho money of Reed, when he took it from the trunk, was, that he was drunk, and being n stout, athletic and quarrelsome man, he was afraid to charge him with stealing the money. The defence, conducted by Win M. Price and Jonn A. Cooper, F.snrs., proved that Lack laud was par tially intoxicated at trie time, and also called a number of witnesses upon the stand, who gave Heed a good character for honesty, tint qualified it by stating that hewasol a quarrelsome disposition. The charge of the Court w as in lavorof the accused. The Jury retired at 3 o'clock, and remained out until A, ?.... II- ?? .1 >a,. I. n f-tf.i.t u.,,1 II..,.,I uiii ircing """l" "? B"""i - remanded fur another trial. Shocking MtrnnitK.?The Natchez Courier gives' tlie following particulars of it dreadful murder recently perpetrated in this State : -A Miss Demoas was killed, about the IMh Inat. near Minden, Claiborne pariah, I.a. She left the house of a neighbor, in the evaaing to return to the house of her lather, n reapectahla planter, hut not arriving, a search waa commenced, anil a young man, by name Lombwright, waa met in the woods. Upon the searching party proposing to go up a certain branch, lie atated that it waa no tut., he Had been there hunting, kc. They did go, however, and found her dead. She hud been violated, aevarely beaten, and than her head waa held under the water to finish the work ol death Some other circumstance* have excited atuplcion of l.amhwright, but there fa no poaitive evidence .igninal him. lie ia a young man, mnrried, with one child, arid before hia marriage, hud addressed Ml?s Drrnnss, nrid been by her rejected. IjAUhk Fiiik at Newahk.?A fire broke out yesterday morning between four nnd live o'clock in (lie kitchen of the United States Motel, situated In llroad St., ' a little south of Market street. Tlifl hotel nnd ftvo or three Irame buildings on each aide of it war* entirely destroyed. The United States Hotel waa kept hy K. Stewart l< Bon It was the most extensive establishment of the kind in Newark, 'i he building, we understand, was insured.? Whether the furniture, which was nearly nil destroyed, waa, we did not lenrn. Among the losers are mentioned the proprietors ol the Newark Morning Post, whose estshlishment was destroyed, and Stnuteiitiurgh and Hay The chief engineer of the fire department was aeveinly hurt hy a lull from a ladder. One of his legs waa fractured. The following person* among others were burned out?II. Adams, merchant tailor; O. S. Ward, umbrella maker; Messrs. McDonald, I). J. Hayes and John chet wood, attorneys The house of the hook and ladder com psny waa alao burned. The building occupied as the United States Hotel was owned by John H. Stephens. MtruiMtTfvwE (Ct.) Murder.?Oil f'rulay lust the <irand Jurv found h true hill agHiiiM 7,ik;iii Hall, Hethiiel Roberts and Wm. H. Hell, for tlie murder of Mrs. Bacon. On Saturday the Court proceeded to impanuel the jury, and succaadud iu getting six when the < ourt ordered jurymen to tie draw u from the laixca Irom Hadilam, Killingworth and Saybrook, to far in attendance on Monday, at two o'clock, from whom to procure the remaining six. The trial will be conducted in the Methodist Church, the Courtroom not being auUirieiitly large to nccommodatp tlio?' who arr it pec oil 10 no in imami- | ance. Anotiikr. Drath urn* I'ki/.k PmiiTirio.?Hill i Ford, who fought in h prize match with Tom ODonnell, at Now Orleant, on tlio J'id ult., Inn died ol the inliiriea then reoeired. O'Ponnell ha? lieen arretted. It will foe remembered that Kord wa> on* of the aeconda at the killing of McCoy, in Weetcheater county, N.V., and fled in coatrjuenca?to meet a ilmiler death nlmtelr. I m , -et-sr-. * L.D. Pries Two Cent*. fht Exploded Ouel?!Vo LIvm Loit?H?yor Alorrlit vs. Mahogany stocks ami CalfII hooting. We give this morning a full and correct report i f that duel which wan announced in wine of yesterday's paper*, not one of which statements have any proximity to the truth. The true facta ol the case are these. A .? 1,1.? ..l.itui/iian r\f PurL nlu/*P it ffl > 11 ?riM - nied l?y hit triend,Mr. Cowan, a North Carolinian and medical student in the University here, escorted a Mies M to a huge |mrty in 4th street some three or four weeks since. At the party Miss VI met with an intimate friend, a Mr. Wheeler, ? young lawyer of this city. During the evening the young lady, it is said, treated her old friend with some coolness, who niunif-sted his indignation ny bestowing no lurther notice upon the laity throughout the evening The following day, the young southerner, having heard of the uffair. sent a note to Mr. Wheeler, demanding apology or satisfaction for insulting his company on the previous evening. The New Yorker sent n spirited reply to the officious gentleman, which immediately brought Mr. Cowan's Iriend, Mr. Creen, to investigate the difficulty, and make arrangements for its settlement. Mr. Wheeler, having learned that the lady had sanctioned the proceedings ot Mr. Cowan lor resentment of the alleged insult, wrote her a severe reprimand lor her behavior at, and subsequent to, the purty, and nt the Piitne time explaining the cause of his conduct on the evening in question. Before the young lady, however, had nn opportunity to express her satisfaction with this epistle, a lengthy correspondence hud been carried on between the chivalrous gentlemen, through Mr. Green, who was the bearer of each communication. The lady, (a-reeiving the belligerant attitude which matters liud assumed, wrote an epistle to her gallant defender, Mr. Cowun, expressing her satisfaction at Mr. Wheeler's conduct, and requesting that the mutter should he dropia-d. It seems, however, that the gentlemen did not consider the matter susceptible of quite so easv a settlement; as, owing to the correspondence, mucil had passed between them, which only tended to magnily the misunderstanding, and increase the improbability of an amicable settlement. Accordingly, the affair being brought to a locus, and an explanation demanded and refused, a challenge was conveyed by Mr. Green, and arrangements made lor a settlement according to the laws of "honor." The mutter had been kept as secret as possible, but the father of one of the parties, who resides in a neighboring village, on the Hudson, lutvuig hud information of the affair communicated to him by the young lady's family, hastened to the city, and gave information to the Mayor, who hud the prinpal? both arrested and hound over to keep the peace in the sum of $10,000 each. Mr. Green was arrested on the following day, (Monday last) by officer A. M. l'. Smith, und brought before the Mayor, who had the parties all again arrested, and made a thorough investigation of the whole affair. Mr. Green, who seemed to have been disposed to carry on the duel, notwithstanding the bonds of the principals, was also bound over to keep the peace in the sum of $10,000, and likewise compelled to give bail in the sum of $1000, to appear before the Sessions. The latter, however, owing to the intercession of the r>ri noi ixa lu u rwl (hoir CrintiHd U'nu r?? 11 nn li i th ft I nil l1 the parties were all discharged, though the pistolwere not; and thus ended the "affair of honor," with n? other unpleasant result than that of "lionizing" those concerned. A. 15. Tiie Secret Murder in Walnut street?Discovery of the Murderous Knife.?The announcement in the Herald yesterday morning, relative to the discovery of the hody of a young and unfortunate girl thut was lound in the cellar of an old house corner of Water and Walnut streets, the day previous, created great excitement in that vicinity, and hundreds visited the spot duiing the day The (^gjioner has taken charge of the remains, nmi will pruhuhly hold an inquest this day. We repaired to the spot yesterday, nnd learned that the remains were those of a young girl of the i ante of Koche, whose father and step-mother ' were Irish, and who, some two years ago, kept a liquor store in the house, in the cellar ot which the remains of the female were found buried in her clothes, and discovered yesterday by Meerrs. Thompson and Jeroloinati. It anpearsfrom the testimony of many neighbors, both male and leinale, that the house bore hut an indiHerent character, and that Roche and his wife wete in the constant habit of ill-using their daughter, who frequently appeared with marks of violence upon her netson. Maria Strachan. who it anpears was somewhat neqUainted with Roche's daughter, stated that she has seen the girl ill-used frequently by her father and stepmother, and between two or thtre years ago, in the summer-time, about six or eight weeks before Miss Roche was missing, she came into the house one day, saying, she 1ih(1 been severely beaten by her lather and sten-mother, and showed one of her eyes which was black and bloodshot, where tier lather had struck her with a piece of rope. She also says, she saw him, from a buc k w'ndow, heat the poor girl on the landing ol the stairs wiih . lnvftA rtiu/iA nl FAiiii l/iir/r/T /ii/f rt n / /i/im/Z/s amine ... ...... ......... which was knotted at the end. Miss Struchun suyi1, Mihh Roche was u good looking girl, and had dark hrown hair, as well an she can remember. Hot he and wife lived in Front street about live yearn ago, in a brick houae, which can he seen from the uctim's grave. Their uniform ill-treatment o( the not* girl wan the subject of conversation amongst bin neighbors even at that time. A short time before Roche and his wife left for Ireland, Miss Strncliun asked Mrs. Roche where her daughter was, and she said she had run away. In placing the remains in a box I'or removal, yesterday, a large carving knde very much corroded, with the point broken oil, was lotind immediately under them. Tiik llfdsov?Thk Weather ? Steamboats left New York, on Saturday, and ennte up as far as Newburgh. The weather is mild and springlike, with an indication that the river will soon tie open. Vestal day the water, in some places, was over the dock; hut the Ice remains solid and firm. We hear that the enterprising Directors ol the Western Itailroa 1 aie to plough open a passage for their lerry hunt, to cross the riverusing the machine with which l!oston iiarlior was Inn ken open. A rejsirt was prevalent, lust evening, that th" ice in the Mohawk was broken up?.ilhany . hint, March I DA. I.are 1?rie.?The navigation may tie said to have opened. The steamer Knifed Stater, was taking on a good loud, and preparing to leave Buffalo on Saturday. Maryland l.ri.isi.atnik AntorR.NET>?The Marylaud Legislature continued its session until a very late hour on Saturday night, .mJ then adjxumed tinr dir. The number of laws enacted t.y tins body during the session just ended, is three hundred and sixty. IIorr Trial.?The trial ol Thomas W. Jhior has leen flsed for the With of April, the earliest w hich the engigements ot the ("ourt would allow the trini lo come on. Notice was given to the Attorney (Jeueial, on the jotli of January that Mr. Dorr would he ready tot u trial " by an impartial jury.'1 Ol* Bull in Bostor.?A fellow culling him wit (lie Bull, has been nourishing about here for a day 01 two. One gentleman was so far Imposed noon as lo in vite a large company to meet the " mngirnl Norwegiannt his house on Hatwrdny evening last. The scamp hni | probably j.icVed somebody's pocket and "cut" t<efore this. i?mm , ,unrrn 11. AmUKrmrnln. Chatham Cittern.?Wr, in common with the whole theatre-Boing public, have a woril to nay of the jairformancea .it thin ho'im- tr> rilijhf Tlieie la proba bly no individual living vim lm* h'-nrd of John Smith. Well, then, thi* aamr indortnnatr in<livMiial take* benelit thin evening, and present* -i varied and moit attractive I 111. He will nimtrll ml# *n net of honu 'tnanaliip, will appear a* the I lack clown, and moat remark able of nil. will aing * double wing, rompoaed of half Mark and half white melody. Woiie. Turner, and Mri. Oullea, will all rid" favorite acta, dtln Mott) nnil Mr. f o|? will go through then ec? entne. exercite*, Mi I nland hia fifty >o mrrxett* and the tight rope, and Smith'a Hand will perlorru a new variety of negro tonga and dancei. Tub A mfiit nir-atrk, Bowkry.?'The midden and ulnioaf magical tiniisform;ition of the old Bowerv i ireu? into one of the mott elegant and apariou* Amphitheatre* to lie totind in any part of the world, completely took the public by ?urpn?" at the owning of the eatablmi' merit on Monday. The nhliaihioned fairy legend of Hit f orty Thieve*. with an excellent caat of character* a" I the mo*t gorgeon* scenery to tie found in aiivtheutie n. New York, wan given, in addition to a lull diaplay of the Olympian Oamea and other exercises ami f, t.-s of tin arena. The bouse wa* tlenaely crowded throughout, as it will tie, no doubt, during the run of the horee niect? < tostin, the laughter-loving phklntopher, i* back to ni* oh' 'inarter*, and hi* merry face w*? welcomed With thrutime* three from the pit. This ta a (?ranii famir.y IIoi.ihay at the Atnettenn iMilseuiil, and those who would enpty the richest fnn and amusement mint go thi* afternoon or ev< ning ami hear the Kantncky Mimtrel*. the beat bund i f kthiopian melodist* In America, and ?ee Nignor branch, co, and other* of eminence in tkelr re?pective spheres, i he new and beautiful wax figure* of Oen. Tom Thumb, folly Hodine, and IlBniel Lambert. together with the Ui(. ay f amily, and IklfcltUt telling Oipiy U'leen, are to le IM*n ?t ?n hourt ofth? <I?)T ?n-i ?? ??!?. Jlif mil. ?ra dv?rtlie(n?l)U

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