Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 14, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 14, 1844 Page 1
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TH Vol. JU, Mo. 74?Whole Mo. 3tt44. To the Pnhllc. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily new?paper? published every day of the year except New Year'* day und Fourth of Jtilv. Price ! cent* t*r copy?or >7 Hi per an num? postages paid -cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 6] cents per copy, or f<3 1'J per annum? POH tagin paid, cash in a Ivanca. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation ol Se Herald ia over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing it. It hat tkt largest circulation oj any payer in this city, or the world, and it, therefore, the hut channel for biuinrst Mm in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the most moderate price, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaorKiaToa or the Herald Establishment, Northwest corner of Kulton and Nassau streets. HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The Kovnl Mail Steam Ship CALK/aURUA DO IA, E O Lott, Esq., Commander. will leave Boston for tiie above ports on Monday. April 1st, nest. Passage for Liverpool $1 JO. Passage for Halifaa M Apply to D. BKIGHAM, Jr., Ageut, ml3to Ire No. 3 Wall street g^Sk^L S'l'ATEN ISLAND /*L FERRY. W-W Ou and after Toesd ly, Kebniary 27th, the Boats will leave as follows, until liirtl er notice Leave Staten Ittand. Leave New York. At ?* A. M. At 9 A. M. 1? * 12 " 2 P. M. 3? P. M. 5 " b\ " , N. B. On Sunday the boat will leave at 11 instead of 12 fcMrc fc WINTER ARRANGEMENT?FOR ALBANY. ~ Via BR1DOKPOKT and ?m 9my jM Housatonic Si Western Raildkohus. Laily, suikI.avs-^^^^^B 9T3DL Excepted. SEE. Passengers for Albany by this Itoute will take the new and elegant etvarohoat EUREKA. Capt. J. Brocks, which leaves New York from foot Liberty street, Tuesday morning at halfPast 6 o'clock, for Bridgeport, thruce by the Honsatonic and Western Kailroa Is, without change ol ears or baggage ciat'i, to Albany, arriving tamo evening at 8 o'clock. Fare tlirough For passage or Freight, apply on board, or at the office, foot of Liberty street. U. M. PERKY, Agent. ft8ec ' PATERSON RAILROAD From Paterson to Jersey City. Ob aud after Monday, Oct. 2d, 1143, the cars will leave Paterson Dkvat. Leave Nhv York. 2 A. M. 9 A. M. JIM " 12* P. M. 2 P. M 4 " The Sunday Trains will be discontinued until further noice. Traasportathm cart leave daily (Sundays excepted.) Passes gers are advised to be at the Ferry, foot of Courtlandt street, u few minutes before the stated hour of departure Jyl9 6ui* NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRAiNSPOKTATION COMPANY NEW EMEANOEMENT, CO JfMENCINO OCT. UTH .1M3. FARE REDUCED TO TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. From the foot of ConrtUndt street, New York. (Every day?Suiid&v* excepted.) Leave* New York. Leaves Newark. ArJI A.M. At 2 P.M. At7)k A.M. At ?P.M. do. 1 do. 8 do. 4 do. XX do. 4 do. 9 do. 6 do. 5 do. MX do. 9X do. 7 do IN SUNDAYS. Leaves New' wk. Leaves Newark. At 9 A. M. and 4U P. M. At P. M. and 9* P. M. The cars of the Morris and Essex Railroad for Granite, Millville, Summit, Chatham, Madi'on, and Morristown, run through from Jersey City without change, and connect with 9 A. M. and 3 P. M trains from New York. NEW YORK AND ELIZABETH TOWN. Leaves New York. Leaves Elizabeth Town At ( A. M. At 3 P. M, At 7 A. M. 3X P. M. do. I do. 7X do. 5 do. 11 do. 5 do. OX do. 9X do. 7 do. 10 do. 1 P.M. The trains for Westfield, Plaiufield, Koundbrook, Homer ville. See., connect with the 9 A. M., and 4X P- M. ; trains from New York daily, Sundays excepted. Fare between New York and F.licabeth Town 15 cents. Fare between do. and Homerville. 75 cents. NEW YORK AND RAHWA1 Leaves New York. Leaves Rahway. ' At I AM At 1 P. M At 6S? A.M. At 3 P.M. do 3 do 7 dl. 414 do. 11 d* 5 do. 9 do. 9 do. a 7 do. 9X do. I2K P. M. NEW YORK AND NEW BRUNSWICK. From foot of Courtlaudt street, New York, daily Leaves New York. Leaves New Brunswick At 9 A. M. At 1 P. M. At 6 A. M. At 12 M. 5 do. 7X do. IX P. M. ON SUNDAYS. Leaves New York Leaves New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. and <\ P. M. At 12 A M., and 8X P. M. Fare, escept in thePhiladelphia trains, between New York and New Brunswick. 50 cents. Between New York and Railway, 25 cents Newark, Elizabethtown, Rahway, and New Brunswick passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket office, re eeive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the con doctor orly on the day wheu purchased The commutation lare between New York and Rahway and intermediate places,.has been reduced (including ferry) to $50 per year ; between New Brunswick and New York $75 per year. ul9 3m NEW YUKK AND PHILADELPHIA KA -ROAD LINK DIRECT. 'Foe Newsee, Nkwbei7i*swtce,P*i!?cbtoh, Teertoii, Boeeewtoww Ann BuELtixoTorv. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leaving Mew Vork daily from the foot of Courtlandt (. Morning Line at? A M.?Mail Pilot Line at P. M The Morning Line orocetvls to Borden town, from thence by teamboat to Philadelphia. The Keening Line proceeds direct to Camden (opposite to Philadelphia) withont chang* of cam. Paaaengerj will procnne their ticketi at the office foot of Courtlandt itreet, whore a commodious steamboat, will be in readiues.i, with bngv 'tje crates on board. Philadelphia baggax- crites are conveyed from city to city, wihout being o|iened by the way Kacli train is provided with a car iu which are apartm-rita and dressing roomi n.r???ly for the ladies' use. Returning, the tinea leore Philadelphia from the foot of Wr.I ut street, ov steamboat ro Sordrntowu at 7 o clock, A. M. and by railroad from Camden, at S o'olock, P. M. Theliueafor Baltimore leave I'liiladelphia at 1}i A. M., end 4 P. M. being v ennrinnnrren >f rhe lines from New York j9 3m* m ~ vih.n'IS KOR~HMS OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, 100 Pine street, Corner of South. m. m.m THE subscriber beg? leave to call the atteution of hi< friends and the public iu general, to the following arrangement* for 1141, for the pnrpoae of bringing out cabin, 2d cabin, and steerage peaaengers, by (be Regular Line of Liverpool Packets, tail ing the lit.bth, lltli, 16th 21st and 26th of every month. By the London Pauk.'is, to tail I'm New York, tlie 1st, 10th and 30th?and from London on the 7th, I7lh and 27ill oft-ach month. In connectiou w >th the above and for the purpose of aff.mdieg still greater facilities to passengers, the subscriber has established a regular tin, ni tirtt class New V- rk built, coppt-red and cooper ia*l?ue.| ship*, to sail pnue.tnally every week 1 throughout the year For the accommodation of [icrioni wishing to remit money to their I unities or friauds, drafts are given, payable at sight, on the following Banks, viz Provincial Hank of Ireland, payable at Cork, Limerick, Clonmel, Londonderry, oligo, VVetford, Belfast, Waterford, Gal way, Armagh, Athlone, Colerain, Balliua. Tralee, Voughal, Knuiskillen, Monaghan, Bmbridge, Ballymrna, Parsoostnwn, Downpatrick, Cavan, l.nrgao, Oinagh, Duuru inon, Bandou, Emus, BallVshanno | Straoane. Skibeiwu, Mallow, Moneytnore, Cootchill, Kilrush. Dublin. Scotland?The City Bank of Glasgow. England ?M ;ir?. Sp,toner, Atwood St Co. Bankers, London; R. Murphy Waterloo Koad Liverpo<d; payable in every town in Great Britniu. For further information (if by letter, iKiit paid.) apply to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 1011 Tine street. errner of South, 1V. Y. Or Messrs. P. VV. BYRNES k CO. 36 Waterloo Road. ]?tm*rc Liflfriol. PASS A UK FROM OHKAI BRITAIN AND IKKLANU im M M TUB jfRrtTBALI. (H^TLOLIN^)^^ LIVK.KPOOL PACKETS. > [Sailing frotn Litrrrpool on th* 7th and I'Kh of r*rry month.] Pmoui wishing to wud to thr Did Country for thnr frirndj Cn m*kH tlx- iwotxm.rv arrangement* with trtr aubarrihrr* Hnd ?* tin-in coin*-mil in thi < fH|?rior Lwr of Packet*, Sailing from Liver|>oul punctually on thr 7lh mmI l#lh of every month. They will aUo have ? rirai rated*** of American trading ?hip?, niliiui every *ii day*, thereby affording weekly eommunira. tiou from that imrl. One of the firm (Mr. Jame* I). Roche) i* there, to an that they iball be forwarded with car* and despatch. Should thr mnii-a igrivd tor not com* oat, thr monry will br returned to tlnne who paid it here, without any induction. Thr Black B?ll, or Did I,me of Liverpool Packet*, compriae thr following mauniArmt rthlna, eil Thr OaKoTU), thr NEW YORK, DAM BP. I DDK. COLUMBUS, Rift?**.. SOUTH AMk.lllCA. KNOLAND [NORTH AM K.RICA. With inch suprnor and mmiuailfd arrangements, the ?nbicribcrs conn?Jcut! y look forward for a continuance ol thatfiupport which ha* been "tfcnnwl to them *o mauy pears, for which they are grateful Those procerdinM, or omitting inouoy to their relative*, can at all times obUiiu Drafts hi iikIU for any mnmiut, drawn direct on the Royal Rank of In Und Dublin, also on Mi.r. rKk.Si .(ITT (iKdTF iiu'uiiOA ....> . . j , liankera, London, 5hieh Will bnpltd ou demand at any o( th? Dnikft Of thoir raiirhi-.v, in *11 thi* principal 'nun throughout Khgliuid r.Und, Scotland mill Wal.i KfK HF BPOTHF.ilJ* * <;o 15 Fait on iti r**l Now York neat door to the Fulton Bank. N. B ?The Old Line of Liver|>ool Packet* ?nil from thii port for Liverpool on the lat and l#th of each month. Partim ratuiniiiK tn thr old country will find it to thnir comfort and advantage to arlrrt thit favorite Lino Fit their eonv*ynoce, |0 preferi-mr to miv ofhe) flSiAtiK^FK7 VI FN' LAN1). IIIK^M) ~8COTLANO ANl W ALKS, VIA LIVERPOOL. AXjg- T K %ub?criber It i und' uq. <|oa lrJ itti t a nti mVK Co I ring K ?M cm grant) tint y-ar BO Thn?* JSKmmtm"' d'u* tfiMr fnai.di would if> r.i II to apply at the old titaUidird i*Rkrt efBee of Jiillv Hk HRMAN, 61 Booth it N. B ?Tl a ill I a I thit liorno.v |ra)c L vrrpirl every five dayt. and 4r f ran aa naaal be fnraiahi d for any am uut payable at ail th? punnf-al ha ki >g iajtiUti uia thro-ghotit the united kingdom, appl > at above. o3 ec E NE NE1 INKW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To mi itoiu i?ew Vurk oq the Stith and Liverpool on the lllh 01 racfi mouth. at m m fr nOM Ntw Vohk. Ship ROSCIIJ8, Captain John Collin*, IStli Mtrtli. Ship 8IUUONS, Captaiu E. B. Cohb, 2fith April. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain V A. Depey.ter, 16th May. Ship GARRICK. Cant. B 1. 11., 26th Jane. Kaon Livjkupooi.. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain A Depey.trr, 11th March. Ship WARRICK, Captain B. I. H. I raak, 11th April. Ship R08CI1I8, Captain John Collina, 11th May. Ship SJDDUNS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 11th June. These ships are all of the fint class, upward* of WOO ton*, built in tne city <$' New Vork, with ?ui:h improvement* a* combine great speed with uuutual comfort for passengers. Every care ha* been taken in the arrangement of their accommodations The price of uassag* heuce is $100, lor which ample (tore* will be provided These shim ire commanded by eiperienced masts**, who will ateke esery siertion to give general satisfaction. Neither the captains or owner* of the ship* will b? reaponsible for any letters, parcels or package* sent by them, utiles* regula v "?->f lading are signed therefor Eor treighl or passage apply to .. . K. K. COLLINS at CO.. 56 South St., New Vork, or to Bl* jWN, SHIPLEY Ik CO.,Livwpool. Letters by the pact .-t* will be charged I2>{ cents per single ?h?et ; 50 cents l*r oance, and uewspamrs 1 ceut each. inl ire THE NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETJv m. m. m m. To sail from New Vork 21st, and from Liverpool Cth of each mouth. Frvn Sew York. I.'paot. New Ship LIVERPOOL, 1150 ton*. ? ftV t J. Eldridge f A'u^ 21 ()c, 6 N. .hip QUEEN OK TJ?'. WEST. \{?"/ ?! jlfr * 1250 tons P. Wooumiuse. (Se'I. aj Nov. 6 New .hip ROCHESTER,850 ton*, fee" 2} Aug.' 6 John Bntton \Oct?r 21 Due\ 6 Ship HOTTINGUKK, 1050 ton*. 2} M?? f Ira Bursely, ^ ?} ? These substantial, fast sailing, first class shi|>s, nil built in tile city of New York, are commanded by men ol eaperieuce and ability, and will be dispatched punctually ou the 21st ot each month. SYi'hrir cabin* are elegant and eommodions, and are furniihed with whatever can conduce to the ease aud comfort of paaaenger*. Price or passage, $100. Neither the captains or owners of these ships will be responsible lor any parcels or packages sent by thru, unless regular bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to WOODHULL k MINTURNS, ?7 Mouth atriwt. New York, or to F1ELDEN, BROTHERS fc CO., jl4 ec Liverpool MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS. mm mm The iiutlermenlioned ships will be regularly dispatched from hence vu the 1st, and from Marseilles on the 5th of each mouth during the vear as follows From New York. Marseilles^ MINERVA, Capt. Brown, Dec. 1 Feb. 5 TKESCOT T, Capt. Myrick, Jan. 1 March 5 H'RV THOMPSON,Capt.Bylrester, Feb. I. April 5 HELLESPONT, Capt. Adams, March 1. May 5 COKIOLANUS, Capt. H&ile, April 1. Juue5 They are all coppered and copper fastened, and have excellent accommodations for passengers. The price of cabin passage will be $100, exclusive of wines and liqnors. Ooousaddressed to the agents, BOYD ft HINOKEN. will be forwarued free of oilier cltargea than those actually paid. For freight or passage apply to LAWRENCE Ik PHELPS. 103 Front street or to BOYD k HINOKEN, Agents, r.iJSr No 9 Tontine Buildings. m m m NEW YAIU AND HAVREPACKET8. Second Line?The Ships of this line will hereafter leave New York on the 1st, and Havre on the ICth of each month, aa follows, vix From Nkw Yors. From Havr*. New Ship ONEIDA, 1st March. 16th April. Captain <j 1st July. 1 16th August. James Fuuck. 1st November. 16th Decwnber. Ship BALTIMORE, I 1st April ? 16th May. Captain '.1st August. 16 th BeptembeiJ Edward Funck. I hit December. 16th Jauuary. Ship UTICAj l 1st May. ? 16th Junv. Captain t 1st September 16th October. Frederick Hewitt, f 1st January. l' 16th February. NewshipSt. NICHOLAS! 1st June. 1.16th July. Captain ? 1st October. ICtli November. J-. B. Pell, ( 1st February. 16th March. The accommodations of these ships are not surpassed, combining all that may be required for comfort. The price of c.vj bin passage is $IU0. Passengers will be supplied with every re qnisite with the exception of wines and liquors. Goods intended for these vessels will be forwartb-d by the snb scribers, free from any other than the mpanses actually incurred on them. For freight or, apply to out u * nuiunnn, AKH)[St _je25 eo No. 0 Tontine Bnildimr. cor. Walt ami Water ?t old established emigrant passage office. ?1 SOUTH STREET, NEW YORK. m m M m r Passagecan be engaged fromLiverpool b> thefollowlug splendid pacliot ships comprising the Old Black Ball Line of Packet* sailing a* under from Liverpool. The lhip (COLUMBUS, Captain Cole,on the )6th Febrnary. Tb* .loo YORKSHIRE. (new) Bailey, on the l.t March. ThealiJ. CAM BRIDGE, Capt. Barslow, 16th March. The skip E N'GLAN D. Captain Bartletl, 1st April. The ship OXFORD, Captain Ratbbonr, 16th April. Theihip MONTEZUMA,Captain Lowber, 1st May The ship EUROPE. Captain Kurber, 16th May. The ship NEW YORK, Captain Cropper, 1st June. In addition to theaboresuprrior ships, the subscriber's agvnl* will hare a succession of first class A in. rican ships ik-sp.itt bed, as cnstomary, from Liverpool, every four or five days through, oat the year, to the dilfrtent ports in the United States, by which Parnate can be s en red at reduced rates. Tnose j-tiding for their friends residing in Great Britain and Ireland, may rvly th it every care will b* taken to make MgMagm as Comfortable aa they can reasonably expect and should ihe lmsseug. ra not come out, thr passage money will be promptly refunded. Drafts can as usual he furnished payable at Mie National auil Provincial Banks of Ireland anJ hranch"s; Eastern Built of Sconau.aad bandies; and ou Messrs J. Bait, Son Ik Co., Bankers, Londou-. M-ssrs J. Barned 1*. Co., Bankers, LiverPool, is hirh are payable throughout England and Wales. For further particulars appl y (if by letter rost riid) to JOHN IIERDMAN, 61 South s'reet, near Wi'l s'reet. N. B Pa?*tge to Liverpool and Loudon can at .ill times he engaged by the regular packer ships, soling for Liverpool evcrv five davs, and to Loudon an the 1st, 10th and JOihof each inouth on appli' ation as ^ ovn. j 13M ? taPHgott'S GENERAL EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE M. m M. M. AURANGEMENTS FOR IS41. The iubsrjribers beg to c ill th" Ofeotiou of their friends and the public generally to their superior arrangements fo' bringing out passengers from, and rcu itting money to all parts of England, IreLnd, Scotland an I VVa'-s THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS, ( OMPRISING THE ttUEEN OF THE WEST, 1246 ton* THE SHERIDAN, lOWi tons. THE ROCHESTER. Mufltun. TIIE UAKHIDK, 1000 ton* THE HOTTIMGUER, 1000 ton* T1IK RQSCIUH, UiOO ton* THK LIVERPOOL, MOO ton* THK SIDHONS, 1000 tens Sailing from Llveriiool mice srverT month, and fHE UNITED LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS, eamposed o| superior, fi.'sf rla** American packets, silling from Liverpool Ml tirm-i m each month, ar? the ships in which those wliuir passage inay be ejigaeeil w,th Die subscribers will come out in, and It u a st eti kd*>s?n fact the abuse nauied packets are the most magnificent sh pt afloat, and the frequency of thair sailing, (being every live davs) prevents the possibility of passengers being uunr.essarily detained at Liver|wol. Hegtr-'less i feipense, to order to m?i the wantiof the public and the wi-hes nfthe,r Irietds, Mr. Win. Tappscott, our of rhe firm, has gone to Literpool to stiiierintend the departure fur this country of sui h leisons whose passage may be engaged with the subscr.liern, a 1 ct, which to those ac.|u tinted witn Mr, W. T., is s sufficient guarantee that they will receive every attention fro n him and bequickly and comfortably despatched. Slmum unite sent tor drcli te coming Die passage money will In promptly refund' d, wiihout any deduction?as usual. KeiitiUamvs?i'hoie remitting money can be tuppli >d w ilk drain si ugiii, tor any amount pa-, able fr. e of disco'in. or any ouu-i rimer in every principal town in Engl and, Irelnna, Scotland ami Wales Appiy (it kr inner, post paid,) to w * J. T. TaPBoOTT, 43 Peck slip, iNew * org?or to tw _ WM TAfSCOTT. Liverpool. OJLiD LrliNIi LIVERPOOL PACKETS 0k hi' LI^rTon^ckets for Live^ool will lie^TinrHte tched ill the followingnriler, escepting that when the sailing day falls on Suuday, the ships will sail on the succeed mgday, vtg:? h mm New l'ork. From Liverpool The CAMBRIDGE, I lime I July 16 (DO tons, (Oct. I Nov. 16 W. C. Barstow.f Feb. 1 Mar. 16 The ENGLAND, ( June 16 Ang. I 71# tons, < Oct. 16 Dec. 1 8. Harriett, f Feb. 16 April 1 The OXFORD, (July 1 An*. !? 800 tons, < Nov. 1 Dec. 16 J, Hathbone, (March 1 April 16 The MON'l EZUMA, (July 16 Sept. 1 1060 tons, Nov. 16 Jan. I A. fl. Lowber.l March 16 May 1 The EUROPE, I Aug. 1 Sapt '0 611 tons, '.Dec. 1 Jan. 16 E, fI Furbiar, April 1 May 16 The NEW VORK, (new) ! Aug 16 Oct. I 910 tons, ! Dec. 16 Feb. I T. B. Cropper, I April 16 June I Phe COLUMBUS, ! Sept. I Oct. 16 700 tons. (Jan. J Feb. 16 t?. A.' ole.rMny 1 June 16 The YORKSHIRE, (n?w) 1Sept. 16 No*. 1 IO'jO tuna, < l*o. 16 Mar. 1 D. (J. Bailey, f May It July 1 Thru* ships are not surpassed in (mint of rlegaitre or comfort in their r.?bin accommodations, or in their fast aa.ilnix quali'i. > by any vessels ill tlie trade. The commanders are well known at men of character and experience, and the strictest attention will always be (mid to promote the coinlort mid convenience of passengers. Punctuality, aa regard* the day of tailing, will be obterved aa heretofore. The price of passage outward itnowfiiedat Heventy-Kive Dollars, for which ample stores of e?ery description will be provided, with the escepnoii of wines and liquors, which will tie furnished by the stewards, if nmuired. Neither til captain or owners of thane ships will ba responsible for my letters, |>arr*ls, or packages tent by them unless ?lar bill* of lading are signed therefor. For freight or pat, apply to GOODHUE k ('.<), 64 South st. C, H. MARSHAU>. 38 Burling slip. N. Y. l?tf and of BARINfJ. BltO I'llkRH k CO.. LWlJGt KMR LIVk'.RI'OOL?Regular Packet of the Pith March?The splendid packet ship VIONTRZUM A. apt Lowber, burthen 1000 tons, will positirely sail aa shore, her regular day Her accommodations lor cabin, Jil cabin, and steerage passengers are very superior Persons wishing to embark should make narly application to ... JOSEPH McMURRAY, mlStoll re jQg Pine st. corner South. I ? W Y i IV YORK, THURSDAY M | RIK LONl>'>V-?,i,?|? PacLet-'h, :; V-.. a! Mly racket shir HBNDRK K HUDSON, <\.nt M ore, 1 VtNhwwill |>osit vi?!y lull ou the X0ih of March. lie. r**u- ' lar day. Her accommodation* for cabin, sec J cabin and steeriae , passengers air numr. as.sed. Persons wihnv to cmb irk should ; rntko early application to JUSKPll SlcMUK'tAY. rnl1to20rc too Pine street corner of Houth kg** : OK LI V Kit POOL? The Act* Liu- Kk-ul ir i *#*5VFac ket 21at March.?Tin- a iperior New York built ] icltct ship JIOiTlNUUEK ?\n Ira Burnley,lOiu tons butlhru, will sail a* above, hrr regular day Kor freight or passage, haviug rrry superior accommodations, apply to the Captain ou board, at west side Burling ?l<p. or to WOODHULL h MINTt.'KNS, S7 South sr. The superior packet ship Liverpool, Capt John Kldndge, 1050 lout burtiien, will succeed the Ilotttugtler, anil sail ou { her day,21st April nCtoJIrrc ; Aifcfc OLD BLACK BALL LINK OK PACKHS~ I aWWy rbis packet ship MON I'lhZL'.MA, Capt Nsthbone, JMNMaWtll be despatched Car Liverpool ?u the IGtli March, ' her iviiular day. Those wishing to utigag- p.stage Will r.qui.e : to make eerly applicntiou to I JOHN HKROM AN.6I Sou h-t N. U ?Fnstage frtm Ureal Bti'.nin aud Ireland ran ie secured by the hist Ci in i ships of the line at the lowest tare, and , drafts '.a usual be Furnished lor any amount, pavalle m all ! the princip 1 tow-ut, without au" clnrge, h ooghuut tiivat Briiaiu and Irel and, on applic ituui as above. m'l r NKW LI.Ne, (IK I'Ai KKTH Kt)H I.IV'MII' " >1.?Packet of 21st March?The splendid and faflHHBbvorit.' nacket ship HOT i lNfHJKR, 1009 tons buitlieu Capt. Ira Bursley, wiil saif oh Thura 'ay, March regular day The ships of this line tiring all 1(100 t mi and upwards persons about to embark for the old country will > <>t fall to tee the ?ni,ri iu U' w in II iiviiii vui i nil mis ill i- in preiereuce lo any ther. as their g?ei? rapacity leuders them e?cry war marc comfortable aud convenient than ahipl ol aim iller clais, ami llieir accominod itioni it is well I. no v u are talienor to nut oth'ra. Tli ae wiilimg to secure borllii sliuld not (all to make eirlvr.pplica'ion o 'mar l, or to W Ik. J. T. TAI'SCO I T. Oceral Paatru'e Office, m!2 to21 43 Peck al'p, corner South street. BUCK HALL. UK OLD LINK OK LIVKltMWf?VroOL l*A' KtTS-FOH LI V KRPOOL.?ILguMaKe' r Packet, I tfie* IGth March.?Tli? ne? magnificent anil celebrated fast amino; packet ahii> MONTK/UM 4, burt'ien I 50 tons, Captiiu A. B. Lowher, will positive! v sail on Saturday, lOlli Match, her regal r dny. It is wed kri twu that tbe accuniniodati <na of the MONTHZUMAfor passengers, ar. fitte.1 out i.. a mo?t an, e. h nsttt er. Willi every mod rn improvement and conveuicnce, that c n add to ike *omfort of those embirl i.u. who ahnuld call and tee tli't spleud.d specilimn of naval arch I tare before engagr it in any other teste!. For passage in cabin, second raliin ami Steerage, apply on bon d, foot ol Ueekinni street, or lu'lwsvbactihets, UOCtiK, BROTIIKdsk CO , mil rc 35 Fulton street, next door to the Fnll.ui Bank PA 'SAviF, KHO M DUO LI SI 7 M )IIK~W ATrlMJKnV FORI), DKHRY, COL Lit a IN , BHLF VST. jftftftCa^ewr.. D ogh da, Sic ?-Persona withiog to tend lor their lriend can have tli'in brought > lit Irom any of the above por.a in first class Amc icm Packet Ships., m the most reasonable terms. aud without their experiencing any miner, ssa > detention. Mr VV. Ta.'scult, nnc of the firm, will be on chspot Co give his personal attention to the passengers engaged by the suliscr hers or their a*ei.ts here, and persons may rrly that the w.'liei aud Cuinforts of those passage us .y he engaged by lliem will h ive all due and propir itteatioa. For particulars apply, if by letter, post-raid, to W. St J. T. TAP8COTT, at their (ieneral Pasrage Office, 43 Peek Slip, cor. South street, where aljo. Draffs mcy be oblaine I, for large or small sums, payable on dein aid, ?ilhout discount or uy other chaige, at the National or Proviccia Banks of Ireland, cr any o' their branches throng boat the Kiugdow Ie22 rc PACKLT FOR HAVite'.? Second Cine?'J he bfm.h l BALTIMORE. F,'!w .rd Knock, master, will on the 1st of April For freight or passage apply to BOYD St HINLKfcN. No. 0 Tontine building, ml to coruer Wall and Wa!er street*. irddc FOR M'.W ORLKAN4?Louts'nita and Neve iHIVViirk Line?Regular Pack t of the 2 th March?T he JHflftldst railing racket ah p L HJ IS V 11.I.K., Captain M. Hunt. Will sail us above, her ngula.-day. For freight or passage, having handsome accommodations,apply on b^anl, at Orleans wh irf, foot ol Wall it, ?r t.> F.. K C6LI1N8 8t CO, 5C South at. Positively uo I.-eight re^eivnl after Tuesday evening, the 19lh inst. 8'iiopers by this line may rely upon having their geods correctly measured. Agents in New Orleans, II a It in Sc Woodruff, who will promptly forward ell goods to theiraddress. The packet ship llu ilavitle, Cap'. Cornelll, will succeed the Louisville, and sail 50th March, her regular ij ly. mil ec FOR SALIC?f'osi ively to close > Concern?The Jkvery f.iat sailingpack. t ship LOUISVILLE 517 ions taadtfttabuill in this city in the surn ri-r of 1811, ol live oak, white pinu ?ud It oust; thor ughly salted on the slicks; lias bandsoirefu I acejmraoditioni for thirty cabin passe,.yera, aud is well found. If not told on or before. Thursday, the 14th inst. will on that day, at 1 P. M be told at auction hy Missis tii'ffinati St Co , at the Merchants' Lschange. For further parlicula s epi ly lo mlin E. K. COLLIN'S St CO., 56 South it. AH?- KOK HALK.-T. etloop THOMAS COLyEK. mHSwVnf miliar Sinn, now laying at the foot of apriug itinrt, JBttMlfaiNew York. Shf whs built by I'liouiaa Colyer, at Sing Sing, and is five yeas old, and oue cf the fastest and iieal built sloops ou the Hudson river. Shi is cautre-board, and of light draught of watT, and carries about 130 lous, aud it well adapted for the freighting or lumber but inns! For further particulars apply to JOSEPH AUAI'K, 8J7 Bro-dway, New York, Administrator of the estate of Kraukliu Agate, deceased. ml lin*ec MAGNIN'S LUC1NA OOHDIAL, OR, ELIXIR OF LOVE. FOlt the speedy and ceitaiu cure of female irregularities, im potrucv, barnuuess, rtunr albut, incipient consumption, conttiitionsl deinlity, whether the result of imprudence, ill nets or accident The sensation produced by this wonderful medical discoverry iu Paris, has hem uearly equalled by its introduction into America, Nuine.ous testmouials hate been received from those whose constitution was a iner- wieck, but who have been invigorated bv this iucou parab:e Cordial Others who had iu:ne(Ttheir health by their own fi.lly or extravagance,have found in tins cordial the means of restoiation, afte all other medical aid had been used in vaiu. The hitherto childlitt fireside has often been rendered happy, and the infirm, the iinp.Heut and the debilitated have again exulted in the elasticity ..nd rigor of bygone days. T) e agent of one of the interior villages i f New York states a c.s-e, in which by the u<e of two bottle i of Lucina Cordial, a COnple. after four years of bitter disappoi meut, weieenibled to rejoice oyer the rralix .tion of the fondest hopes of a married life The agent fur the city of A., New York, so'd a hot^e to a gentleman who had teen afflicted w ith a disease of III" urethra for eleven veare. In a few days he returned Mid said he hid derived far more benrlit from the one bottle than from medic >1 treatment for eleven years, lie immediately bought six bo lies more. Ourspace f irbidi lit to name the man Caves tu which we see at,liberty to ieler. Th- auivemal aitisfartinn which this inestimable Elixir given, not a single complaint having In en made, Uuctonecf the least proofs of ita unrivalled excellence. Price $:l per bottl-. hold at H2 Vassal! vt, New York;IM North Sixth street, Philadi'lpl.i, ; Smitli St. Kowle, 133 Washington strei-t, Boston fe27 Im ?ee NIB L O ' 8 CONS EH TA TOR YANP SEEP ESTABLISHMENT AKRIVALS OF F11KSI1 SKKLLS. jh* THE SUBjh'lllBKR, in acknowledging the libera' JpCwft' alrou ige 'eeeiv'd by bim this sea-on, for which he is *Mm-~rrrgrub-ful, r.nw leg to inform hin patrons and the public tint the ixteusiv* arrarwi in-uts I or the spiing business (which were ni ide by himself when in Kuioiw last winter, with great ca e, imienii'ted atfent.on, and wi houl any regard to expense, have just been completed by t'.e recent arrivals ol the several pa -ket ships Irom London and Havre. The stock will be faund to co ilai.i superb varieties of ??w annual, biennial and oerenniil h'iower Seeds, tinny of w'uieh art? very rare, and will b? luium well wonky the atientioa of all lovffi of r Io'm. Vegetable and ^'ield 9redii have al?o been imported* of thoat kinds only which are d air b!e t be obtained it a foieigu market; oth r?oiti, for which the American r rodu tiona ire more celebrated,hive heen grown by men of e*r?f?ric?ce tod integrity for thi$ i stahliuhwrnt only?all of which ca.i b* strictly relied upon si b? i;.g genuine, >*d, hi fact, are warrant? i The Proprietor would alio b?'? tocal paid c it ention to thfact thi? in or *erill the Seeds from this fniaMuhtneiit *h -mid hear a genuine character h - cauaed all the old ierds (procured by hi? "Ve partner, Mr Dm Dp) ti be sold at public section, I without any leserpe, by Mr W, H. franklin, at his rooms in Broad ctrn t. on the 27th lb c last. nnd hi rail with confidence assert here is not 1 worthless seed iuth* whole stock now on hand Double D dlli ti?An extensive n 11-ction of t1 benu'ifnl flowe'wg Hoe s hive bIji b'-en iini'-rtrd Irnm the most eminent throwers, am' ire htilrs of the most choice Pr'7.? ""'lowers exhibit <1 to Knpliiid ihimit the lest two Tears. 1 hey are now nnaer ,<roi>'troti<>si. and gos d es'.abliihrd plants icorrautrJ Irut to namt will lie ready fpr sale in due se>s'>n. Catalogues. containing a lull description ul each varnt>, teretner with 111stru-ti nis for their Culture, will be publLli-d at an early K'iod. A laige ci lleerion of fine healthy phot* in dower,are in the Conservatories, winch will Ire found desirable ornaments for the Parlor, Stc Boajip ti, Baskets, and Va'ea of Movers. can be procured on the shortest no' ce, pot no iu a nrat hut elrgant style. Krmtaiid OruvneuUI t rees. Shrubs. i.ardy Hos? i fce. in g'eai variet". Bulbous flowering Hoots rix : Gladiolus. Mexican Tiger flower, Tiger l,i|y, Jacobean Lily, 1 uberose. 4r. he., let planting early 10 Hpur.g Flower Stands, Ksney Terra''otta flower Vases ?ad Pots, of new and handsome design,. (Jo d Fi h, Fish Globes, Sic. A largra ?irttnentof ( Jardenirg Tools, Horti' nltnral and Agricultural Books, (kc on hand. 'I'll above are no" offered for sale at LOW PdlCKS, having been pur aliased f >r c rsh, on ailv <ntageous Prmi The Tririi A nnn.ilCstal"*ne is now iu conne of par licet cm, anil will be ready for de ivery (gratis) early in the iinntug we-k. Ord rs atteuded to with pro-aptness, sn I thankfully received. WILLIAM NIBLO, Sole Proprietor i7# Broadway. No Conne ti?n with any nthsr establishment. f20 I wire SKKlKSOF EVERY K I\I> .11 'ST l< K<'IIV EI) nv TI1K

PAUKF.TS OI7KBKC AND HENDRICK HUDSON. IiUNLAP Ac CARMAN jU| TA K F. thia omionuqity of retnriiui* their lhanka to AKN* their lim'ls mi) rh* | uliltc, f jr the liberal p.itroiia*r beatow. i| upon them mice opening theii new Seed Hto.e ami Conservatory. Tltey have jo?t received an additional mpply of ill the lautl known vuirti of Amiiiil, Biennial, and Pe-e-.nial Flow >f Seeds, Vi'K fable Secda of all ki.iat, Wrasa i eeda of the beat kinda. S, rm* Wheat, Potato Oale, Aah leaved and other early Potatnee. all iu prime order. K.aotica of'.evry deecription, auitahle for parlor or green house roltnre; Itoumie'a, eoinpneed of the moat choice and 'Vliratejl >wrr?, for bridal or other feature parties; Hi ill am! Bird Uaftn, Gold Fiah aud Olnhen, fairy Flower Vases jiii! Stands. of varioua Patterns, wilkaither fancy article*, all of whirh will If aold on the li we.t ternla Tiiey be* Imve to inform th< ir frie ita ind the public, that they have not an old need of any kind in the atote, and have sjiared neither ptliia nor etrpenai-to procure the beat aeeda of the last seas n'a growth, from the 10 i?t tea|ie. table hnuaea in thia country and e'.urope, ill of which will b* warranle?l. < a tab uuva wi I b" ready for diuribu inu-arly the emain* week. All thoa- in want will pleaan call and eiainine for theintelvea lielora purchaain* elaewfere Kntliah Split Peaa, Oatmeal and Krnbden Ornate for cnel, fruit and ornam nta1 Treea of nil kinds. Onpe vmn and flowering shrub* harha eons id inta, Ac. lie , alwava on hand at the new ( onaerratnrr and Heed Store. hJj Broadway. New Vortr RtMll practical Oatdrueia waiting aituatioua, a|>pl/ m above Im m pkinck'H TJNN^:\N BOTA NIC~UAKI>BN AND NURSERIES, km;0hin?. nkar nf.w york. <YJt WM. R. PHI NO". (K I 0. offer to tl e public their Jptmt i?w Dearriptire Cat dofiir of Tre-a and I'Unti. with renJL dncd Pricaa. which are much lower than are uaually fluffed Their Treeaar-re'y auperior hi evtry reipcct. Cataloguen will he rent t > eve y noil paid applicant, and may alan be obtained at SI Pine at; and ordera left iheie, or nert per mail, will lie aiecnti'd willi drapitch, and in a ?r?'i it manner. j mUweodltUW'ic WM. H PRINt t ?t ?;0. I )RK ] rr\n UTTTkT/^ i r a <* A -a r\ UttlMiMi, MAKUil 14, STEAM POWER TO LET. M ROOMS TO LET wit . KThiAM I'OWKR?l*o?j*s?! ti t? b? givu.. Ut M ?y, Apply uthe "Hue'1 P. T? V,. aijJ Saw Manufactory, I 2i I aire 39 and 31 Oold street. TO LKT?A WOOD AND COAL YARD? Situated iu a !i ?t rate u?ighborhcod, fit eJ up with Stable, < >flicy, YVetghn a Mar h.ue, and other convenience*. Kor riai i nl ui ppfy to OKOUOK W. FAMLKV, ml3 3?*rc 166 < t erry itfttt* t TO LKT?A houe situated st Bio utitigdale, about sin mites froui the citv. It it delightfully situated on the b uk ol the Hudson, and is re-nark*!)! y healthy. The routnius ?? reu rooms, With pleasure garden, &c attached> Kent $3' 0 per annum. Apply at the Abby Hotel Blnemingdale. mrU lm*rc a TO LKT a- d immediate possession given?The S'cre m ihu lleMld Buiidii g<. No #?, frouting oo Nasttti s'.nvt with fixtures, counter. at ?v?* Ike , uowly put up nud handsomely paint *d. and |?%| ered , furnished alsi with a nie.ier and two m* cm thifors. Appliea iou to be made at the < lounter of the Hlt>ld Office. m7 tf rc ikp4 TO LKT?The beautiful 5 ottim and Oointrf Resif tie 're, situst'd on the bank* ot thellu'sou, on the farm o?d summer r? sideiioe of Dr. Mott, ail rnilea from the City 11 ill Terms modrriie. Also the two story brick Dwelling IIoui", No. 169 He\de street, which has la'ely been put in perfect r*rair. Terms moderate Abo, the brick Dwelling House, No 18! Second street; this house is situated between two gr at thoroughfares, and is in good order. Kor Irdut an ' fuitiier dfcffmiou, *pply either at > r. Motl's, No '58 Bleecker street, or of H. A m0T1\ No. 5 .Yuvau, third story, front room, between 1U A M. and 3 P. M. in 11 It * ec M TO LK * ?The THALIA N HALL. No. tfoTtatud street, at "he intersection of v<ist Broadway, is to let or lease It was originally lined u>> for a ball room, and h*s eve ry convenience for ?u< n a purp >se, but been occupied tor the last t .ree ye>irs as a church, end ?s now fitted up with seats for that purpose. The I etni>eraiice Societies have also met there one.* a week It is located in the rhirteeuth ward; and there is no otlvr so cuuvenieui place for politi a) meet* nirs, or any room so large, in the eastern section of the city. The third story would make most cxcelh i t accoinin jd.v ti*?isf tf n Lodge of any kind. It will he re..ted low to a good tenant, who could make, it is bel e\ed, a living out of it by roreatiug it Kuauire in the stole b'low th- Hall, of f 16 lm + rc T He ) W COLLINS. a ROOMS TO LKT?I.i the h rd and fourih story of building No <M7 Broidw i. comer of Mumy street.? -n^ of Kdwards, Anthony fct Chilton, oti the piem s- s, or Ma'co'm & tiaul, P5 Pearl st. m!2 lm*rc an' i.r. i wis li r. /\rsr.?j\ uemraOle resin nee in the count y.sniiable for a gentlemin doing business iri th?* city <>i New Verk. The house it ill the Lupligh cottage at) e, modrru bui't null in good repair; together with ten acres land, including a garden, and n good itible and cnu.h house. It is rituatrd at Mnrritama rear the little u Kiver, in Westchester County, with hi ten minutes walls of UM Harlrnt Railroad. For terms and further particulars, iui)u re of H. M. MJRRIS, KHQ. C?9 2w*rc No. H Pins street, second story. "jjajT COUNTttY 8KAT AND FARM TO LKAHK^ fiw? A rare oppOTtWtilT is now nlf-tej tO any itrntioman to retire from the city Tlie Fan co itaiua ' nboo' ISO teres of land, situited on I'liruggs' Neck, Wast- Chester, and lies dimeil; on the Hound having a m 'e Mi" a half of shore anil i eaily the whole Und r a nood st ile of cultivation A hri;e ilnao'c buns" and l.nite oarn are on the | remisei. For tithing and spoiling the pace cannot b surp'sted. 1 Fuuileeu miles front Nsvv York, and 10VP fioin th" ttail nad l)e|iot, at Will ams' Bridge, th* communication is so easy thai a man my do butitieit in tne city aud reiide with his family at the Neck, as stv-rul ge,itl?in?i in th victiulv do. Apoly to 1 THOS. T. Ft 11!'.IS, 2rl l.a Fiyette Place, otTriOS. H A-tRltJON, 91 Madison tt. m3 'W'ec sML F'Ort HALF, uR Tl> LET? Two new Three-alois Brick .fi uses, vs ith msrb'e mantels, sliding Ooor.i, and X2U^roiivrnnmt c!nset< in a'l the roomi The houses aie 2S !?' I fiont and .ear, by 30 feet deep Kach houie liu an under c liar-wll add to fur ilie pur. oies reijuhed The Lots are each 2S by 100 lot. In the yard i* a spacious cistern. P ice lor each House and l. 't S'l.ifl'l. of wh ch two-thirds can remain, if desired, on hood nd newt.age atO 1?T cent per annum. The rent for e ch house is tX'P). The, Hous-s are ntusted in Bridge str>?t, between Tillary >ud Johnson streets, Bionk yn Apply to JOHN A. WILLI\K. At his residence at Flatb sh, or his office No 73 Nassau street N-w Y,>ik or m STKPMF.N HAS NEB, nil lin*m In Lawrence street. ttr .oklvu. FOR HALE OR LEAH*. ? A Irite Double House. tJvjW sitoaoul upon the Th i I Avenue opposcr the fivenule ' "!"i containing ten roc ins, a good kitchen and pant ies, wttn stable, earmge anil- th ur h uses Attached are si< acres ol land on lost", part in a '"gh state of cultivation. Also, a good well of soil water. The situ tt inn it crsimble for either a {invite family or lor a Willi, h use, bvi ig situated milway letwnen the ritv and Hailem One hall th* building has been erected within thrre years. Posstssiou can be given immediately if reijuisit-. For furiher parti-u'ara ino-iim of F. HLANCAKl), 6< It r,,n itv-if n,\l, N.1UVI S V ? ' H.ll Vn.L.MI. m8 2w*ec VALUABLE MILL PROPER! Y, FdK SALE. MTHf I.VRUK KXrFNSIFf.FLOURINlV MILL and Waltrr rmlrges aituat d <1 Fort Montgom-ry, Orange Coant -, Btarr of *w York, adjoining ihe Hud son Kiver The Ml') in iu comidete ord"r null ready to com menc* Operations i mnediately. It in n x at- tin in height, *?<! C) by 41; h's two luie user tin t w..t-r wli ' Is n -arty iiiw ?four ran of exca'lent burr itnnri and all i lh*r i ecesaary machineiv, with a i itemve and lu t'de stream ,( HiUri, cipt ble of driymu r'thrr large woiks ,f rwiu'red I Ou llie prr nieri are th re g ml welli g H-.mes, on* l-ooper Shoo, one ban, end o:h*r<-ut buildings A 'so, ?l> u.t forty acres of Laud. [ '1 here are rlso ?bou*. two nnndred acrei of Meadow Laud, iiuich-f d s me years since f >r ihr yu |) if I i ran rroir,w,,a'a n ti barn newly irrct'd a durabl >nd substantialdam. iou to contain we er enough to <u(>l>!) titer mill twelve weeks, in cvo ol a long droug t. Tnir situation in vr cuvanirnt fur the in.inufac nriug of irou-wirr orany beavt miles, an ihere it no laud carriage,and vessels carrying on* bun lied to n or inure can coin* to the mill at any tide. ' Pofeeisiou given on the lntof May next. For further part'CUlain lpply to llie yiopiietor ou the yr mine*, or lo JttALN R 8UV 'AM. It Hi-aver slr*?f uy tttin, and UNOKRHILL k HAWXHURST, ml J 2w *#e No. fin Front strs*t. MFOH, tsALK?A ir*at aud v*rv convenient <'ortng* on tha Mill Hotd, North Shore. Hiatrn Island, within lit ran minute* walk of either the Csstlet'-u or Port hi'hmoud ntramboat lauding. Attached to the Cottage it half hi acre of exclleiit land, with a Tariety of yonug and thrifty liait trees F.ii'iuire ou tbe i r -n,i?et of fl2 Im'rn JFKF.MIAH SMITH M* FOR SALK. OR WILL Btt KXCHANUMI FOR KM' I 1 i rnOrKRI I?] no T?ry line rariut. m tlx* xdhmonunty of t.oluintii, coatainiiig about HO norm each. Thrse firms wer? I tely owned nnd highly improved by W U Ludlow, of Clnverack; and are within one ami a half or two mile* of the City of Hudson. The Hudsoj railroad and turnpike both pas* along tlx borders and thrnujh portions of each They are in sn|ierb order, aud beautifully wooded and watered k iclnvive of the usual firming crops, the m'ailows yielded last year bet o?ri iwo and three hundred tons of hay. Thev would be well adapted for stock or g'nxing.a* the milk orhirt'er made in the afternoon may be in the Ne v York market at daylight the nest morning A more particular description of t"e property is scarcely ne Cesstry, as the purchaser will, no doubt, by a personal insfection. ascertain tor himself its value. I lie harms are in the possess! n of William H. Ludlow, Jr., from whom a iy inlortnation cooceruing them may be acquired. For te ins, apply at 14 Barclay s'reet. to 114 3taw Imrc JOHN C. STEVE*'H. wryd| A VALUABLE FAKM KOH SALE.?The h nn, JfoSSformerly owned aud occupied by Jonsthan Ward, Esq., xwfus? ituatKd in the upper pnrl of the town of East I heater, W estchester 1 ouuty ?0 mi'es from th city of New York. n the Cost Kosd, and a quarter of a inile from the llarleui Ks h road. The above Earin contains about two hundred seres of Laud, which ia under a loth state of cultivation, well watered and feueed. with a double two-story dwe'liug and a number of outbuilding! att ele d The above dwelling and ten acres of land is now occur.led as the Bronx "fcve-n and Pott Office (known as Marble Hall ) If the above form and dw lling is not sold before the ?5th of March, the part nnw occupied a- a tavern will tie let for tlie nine purpi se. Inquire of K A IN It MORGAN, near the preuii.e* or J. L. MORGAN, 47 Fulton at. M It '1*1... ...... II .I ..I I'.. _ mIIL OH lmeoil m FOR ifALK?TrtK LKA8K, FIIRNI' URIC AND KIX I UltEH OK A FIRST CLASS HOTEL,which 11* h e.i established four year* asn Lodging House and a uar room. Hi- bed room furniture is of me best quality. Tb.. B tr r. n and rain u *rr fi I'd op in a style unsurpassed by any HoteWb the (,'iiion. All the fast fi*lur*s must go with thp Inane hul a large portion of thr other (inures and furniture will be removed if rwpiired. 1 It shore house is doing a great bn liiipss?but it is not > *p -tied ihdt anv one will behove this b.v? statpni?iir, but it will lie prov- d to the sitisfncti -a of tl.e m >st sceptoal, wb- mtywish to purchase. Possession to be given o.i the lirst of M ?v nnt ; or a partner with a cat It capital of %l 000. and go'd qaaliti ntions to eond <ct the rstabllsti meut wont.I et.ik.-u if | rcf-'rrd. Th-1st er conditio is nec-ssary as the preirut proprietor will be enysgeg in other husiress which w,II require the majo< part of I is time. Address K.J R atltiiollce tm*r jpbUO KOK SALE.? V piece of land containing Iron 0) to flWflnn seres, b aulifuMy Ucated on the Pateraou Turnpike i din Road, commanding a eat usirs view in all directions. It n near the Ha kenssck Itiver, and in lull view of Newark, overlooking all the snrraonding Country. It it an admirable site for a gentleman's r~t deuce, beng five miles from Hohoken, st Hecaucus, N. I , in 'lie neighborhood of good tch 'olsand eminent preurAers. Inquire of WVI. .L IfAUDOCK, No k'l I'erry sire q. or of th-owner J. Q ImUKRHILL, at Hecaucus, or Dr <?!,()Vr.K, 2 Ann st ml Irn re fokTsalk ~ spum A K ARM in jic Townth p of Onnge, N. 7 , an miles JPBKfrom Newark ana two from North Orange?100acres, two ^alhs-ihirdt meadow and arable, balance th ifty wood? hourc six roams, garret and cellar, lately repaired?ba-n and outbuildings goods?apple and peach orchard?| leniy small f nit well wa'eredhy springs? good we|i at door?vary healthy situation ?pure water To be sold a bargain, with stock i desired ?possession when rrqui red. Apply at It Kerry at 111 l> vision st, 72 Dey at, or OKO. BLACK BURN E, Perry Lane, on the place. mAlm're JM| KOK SALE?On Staten Island, within one mile of the lp'i'1 ir?n(ine, a im ill Karm ol fifteen aire*; ab ui one hall ^ ^is covered with vonng wood the bslauce it suitable tor garden purposes. There is s modern two story house with a Kitchen .adjoining, and a never failing well bv the door Also, a barn and a Drgs variety of Iran trees. For further particulars enquire of THOMAS 8 CARY, II2 Im'm Qnanntina. Suteo Uland (SOU) LEAF REMOVAL rPIIE SUBSCRIBER has, (in runs qnence ol being underk mined in "r. nt" by some "gentleman" (fold Beater,) removed his Oold Leaf Factory to A.I IJ'A I! A". 1 ft F <i-rn * *'T Only three doors Irnm his old atand, whe-ebe u confident his old friends will follow. Beat qn*|uv Dent si's Oold Foil. I L WAUtdH, tnlZw'er Practical Onld Beater V'.. i > ll.i.l' ?'k?i pale imow Soap foi family u?k. ALMONDB. ROSK, CINNAMON sod all kinds of Fancy Boapa Pise ices, Patchoo), Hose, Moak, Verbena, fcc..*". Kan dc Cologne. and Laren l?r Water Peach. Hose a id Florida Water. Perfume Bnga md Toilet Powder. With every ?rtn lr comprising an entire Perfumery, at lower prices than at any other house V fl'JAP WORKS. 7? Trinity Plaee, mil lm"re lite Lamh?r steet. UOHK.ION U-/I TKH Ok K11 K, at t hei. omtnercial Cireu r lar Olfice, hi% Wall street letters will befcrw<rd*d U London. Liverpool, llarre, Sonrh Am rica, West Indies. and all emier foreign l>or? by the anrliest Conveyance Also, Leit*n will be forwarded to Boston daily, at ?V cents each E. U S.VOW. ml Iw*rv HE R 44. To the Public. The recent statement of the receiver of the North American Trust and Bunking Company, relative t,, the attaint and condition of that company, has im posed upon mc the task of making some explanations in regard to my connection with die institution us its late president. Upon the passage of the general hanking law in April, 1K3S. there was considerable latitude cf opinion as to the chsractr r of organizations to be formed under it, and as to the nature and extent of their powers and privileges. This was to he expected, in the absence of judicial constructions of the law and its several provisions. The most prevalent opinion was, that hanking associations formed under the law would he a sort of special co-partnerships, having the power to issue bank notes to circulate as money, upon making the necessary deposit of security with the comptroller, and to transact the business of hanking, in the way it was carried on hy private hankers and the incorporated banks then existing. No doubt was entertained that such associations would have the power to purchase and sell the stocks and securities of the several States and U nited States, to establish credits abroad, to purchase and send bills of exchange, to receive deposites on time, or at a future day, and to issue certificates therefor, to give promissory notes and other obligations on time as securities for money borrowed by them, or for debts contracted, and to do every thing incident to the exercises of these (towers. Upon these viewsot the powers which th?'V might claim and exercise, I lie articles of association of tlie North American Trust and Hanking Company were framed, as will appear hv a perusal of them; anil il they were mistaken in their right to exercise these privileges, they, in common with other institutions formed under the same law, have transcended the powers which they deemed they possessed, and which 1 learn all such institutions in our city exercise to this day. I became a stockholder, and one of its first directors, and acted as member of the committee of investments and finance for the first six months from its organization to ahout the 1st of January, J83!). From this period to the months of August, 1K40, I had very little knowledge of the affairs of the company, as I was wholly engaged in pursuits of a public and private nature, which so fully occupied my time that I only attended a few meetings of the board during a period of ahout eighteen months. It will he unnecessary for me to attempt to give any additional light upon the affairs of the company lor the six months I remained an active director, after tin1 full vindication made in the statement of John L. Graham, Ksg , its counsel, of the good faith of its organization, und the care manifested in taking its securities. 1 am more particularly called upon to notice those statements ol the receiver which relate to tny official acts as president of the institution, and shall not discuss other topics, except so far as it is necessary to give a history of the causes and loss anil final overthrow of the institution. From the month ui .ifiuimry, wnrn i resigned an a iii?f inner <>i tin- finance committee, to the month of August, 1K40, tit which time I watt appointed vice president of the company, a large amount of the state stocks were purchased. Tnese purchases were principally on time, and were generally made, us I learn, for the purpose of raising money on their hypothecation, to prevent the sucrifice of the old state bonds before held by the company. In this movement the hoard of directors pnrsaed the policy then generally adopted by individualsund institutions, in the beliel that thedownward tendency of prices would soon he arrested The first three trusts, amounting to Si2,0tK),(KM), were created for the same object, namely, to prevent the forced sale of the company's securities. The history of these three trusts, and the circumstances attending their creation, have been already given to the public by Mr. (iraham, and need not he repeated. When the purchase ol the Indiana bonds, amounting to $1,200,000, was made in the month of .January, 1K59, and arrangements made to draw for the proceeds on the agent of the company in London, the then president suggested the propriety of investing #500,000 of the sum drawn, for the purchase of ceitifi* catesof deposite and hills of the southern und southwestern banks, and discounting commercial paper, payable at the south and west. These funds were drawing interest, and were believed perfectly good, and as the season for the export of cotton hadarriv ' U, ruuiuriu luuur' niic llrliuiruiy VA|iriieU ItJ ttUvance in value. Unfortunately, soon after tins period, the general distrust had shaken public COlfi dence in these banks, and (lie funds held by the company, which were considered as cash, were rendered unavailable, except at a great discount. To the difficulties thus created, may he added the failure of individual debtors of the company punctually to meet their engagements, and the necessity of taking securities believed at the time to be ample to cover their indebtedness. I5y these and other means the cash funds of the company were absorbed, and extraordinary means were required to provide for the payment of maturing obligations. On my being selected as vice president of the company in August, 1*10, I caused an inquiry to be instituted into the affairs and condition of the institution, and the causes which had operated to create its losses and embarrassments. A committee of the directors were appointed, and made a detailed report, which I Min precluded from inserting in this communication from its great length ; but it may be inspected by any one desirous of a more detailed explanation, than the limits of this communication will permit. The following statement, however, in connection with the facts I have detailed will give a general view of the condition of the company at that time. Hiu] the prominent causes of its losses tij> to that period. The situation of the company on making up its account on the 1st day of October, I^IO, was found to be as follows :? Casl 44 Cash vouchers, 53,640 62 9119,351 96 Hills discounted, ?8,106 93 Loans secured by stocks and other collaterals, 819, 195 48 Ledger accounts, and due from banks, 419,955 39 State bonds, 1,964,040 00 Bank unJ other stocks, 161,'477 75 Bond and mortgages on real estate,.. 3,918,069 79 Bonds secured by lands and other stocks, 176,500 00 97,7(*?,Ki9 2d Dkiits. Circulation, #3,590 no Bills payable 297.991 21 Ledger accounts 393,299 34 Certificates due at various dates payable in IHI2, and subsequently, 1,891,005 29 Balances in Kit rope, being advances on State bonds and other securities, 2,425,959 01 94,982,632 9m Resulting in abalanre of 92.799,195 35 From tins, however, is to be deducted for estimated losses on hills, discounted loans on stocks, iVc 9156,800 00 And for estimated denre ciated in the value of state bonds belonging to the company, principally in Europe, 300,000 00 t<Vf,800 00 Leaving a balance of 92,321,396 35 From I lie above statement it will be seen that over $500,000 w-as considered absolutely Inst in bad debts, and by the -al ??f Mute bonds and other secunties up to that pt riod, and was deducted from the capital as appears by the *tatem-nt made to the Comptroller in January, 1H41. It will be recollected that the petiod now alluded to was one of great commercial depression The banks of Pennsylvania and those south and west, were suspended, the difficulty arising from the boundary question and other causes had put an end to the sale of state stocks abroad, and prices were much reduce I at home ; real estate was depressed in value, individual insolvencies were frequent, and the interest upon bonds and mortgages held by the company ceased to be punctually paid, collections of every kind were nearly suspended, and the utmost difficulty existed in meeting the company's engagements. I'pun my accepting the presidency in Oct ?bvr, 1*?, the ili rectors, at my suggestion, adopted measures to reduce the expenses of conducting the bu sincss of the company, by wltit li a saving was effected to the amount of $15,000 tier annum Attempts were made to extend the lime of payment for the Urge debts of the company, so as to avoid the necessity of forced sales of property at a lam- sacrifice: IuimI** wereprovided to pay the smaller qeinsnds which could not be postponed. It Wiiii hoped that by this policy the property o| the company might be preserved and eventually reall i ll without severe loss, its debtM paid, and sufli cient assets left to enable the comimny to reeoinrnence fiusinra* with advantage to the stockholders. The course pursued was approved by the stock holders and creditors, and would, I am convinced. LD PrU? Two Cents. | have saved the institution, liut for the unprecedented deoliue in state stocks, and other probity, which I took place in the year 1841. I shall proceed to notice the "trusts" createddurI ing my presidency. The lir-t of these called " the IMulchford and Murray trust," dated SOth November. iH-to, was made to secure a deht ot iMfl,876 sterling due to Messrs. Palmer, McKillop, I tent Ac Co , <>t London, lor moneys advanced by them to the company, and payable on demand Ce rtificates ot deposite to the amount ol that deht were delivered to the agent* ol that house, payable one year from date, renewable lor si* months longer, and ts secure their payment, property to the nominal amount ot fiXftjino w.i* placea in the hands of Messrs. 1L. M. Blatrhtord and James B. Murray to hold as trustees tor that purpose, under u trust deed, which provided that the property should be held in trust lor the company until default in the puvment of the certificates, and upon and alter such default in trust for the payment ot the certificates, the trueIces to account for the surplus. By means of this arrangement, a demand then due, the satisfaction of which would have required a larger amount of property than was embraced in tilt- trust, was converted into u debt, payable at the end of eighteen month*. It can hardly he a matter of question that this arrangement was beneficial to the company. I need only add, that it w as entered into by the sanction of the committee of investments and finance, by whose direction, I, as president, executed the trust deed und other papers. The " Yates trust" is next in order. The trust deed bears date on the 15th day of December, 1*40. but was not executed nor the trust created until January 4, 1841. 'II. ia t ri tut vu?? ..r.aj , ? ,.f : "I borrow funds for the company to meet its smaller debts from time to time maturing. T caused to be prepared a statement showing the amount of debts to which would become payable itt such month of the year 1H41, and the amounts of funds the company would probably need to carry it through that year, after making all practicable arrangements for postponing the pay incut of the larger debts. The subject was presented to the directors and stockholders ; it was found that many would he willing to advance moneys and pledge their personal responsibility finrthe company s benefit ifthey could be secured for so doing. The amount contemplated to he borrowed and raised was about four hundred thousand dollars, but it wus thought that in some cases creditors of the company would ha induced to take the securities which might be made under the proposed uirungeJtienf, either in payment or as collateral, and thus obtain the same object as wus sought to be reached hy the proposed loans of money. The plan adopted to afford the proper security was, that the company should give to those who lent them funds or moneys,or to creditors in payment of, or as collateral tor their debts, common promissory notes, securing their payment by special pledge of properly in the hands of the trustees ; of the right to share I ill which the notes were to he the evidence. The trust wasauthorized l?y the directors on January 4, liHl, and none of tlm notes under it w?-re parted with until the 6th of the same month; both which appear hy the receiver's statement. It will he seen hy the receiver's statement that the amount of the loans obtained on the crtdit of this trust, in cush and notes, was about #227,1500, and that the residue ol the obligations under the trust were delivered to parties who took them as collateral security, and payment of debts. It muy be proj>er to add that these loans were obtained at legal interest, and that no pretence of a violation of the statutes of usury can lie made in con[ nection with any transaction under this trust. The creation of this trust isHiipposed by the receiver and his counsel to have been a violation or evasion of the act passed May Uth, 1K-10, forbidding the issue and putting in circulation of post notes by banking associations. However the legal question thus made in respect to these particular notes may he eventually decided hy tfie Court ol Channrry, where it is still pending; it ta certain that no intention existed at the | time of violating or evading the provisions of the act in question. As the transaction was large and important, the directors, before authorising it, availed themselves of the legal advice ol Messrs. l>avid 11 < >gden, Samuel A. Foote, and William Curtis Noyes, Esquires, in addition to that of John L. Graham, Esquire, the official counsel of the company These opinions have been tecentlv published by Colonel tirnhnm in connection with his statement, and I refer to them an containing the legal advice under which the directors acted in the creation oi this trust. The opinion of the counsel was, that while the act of May 14, forbade the issue of poet notes, for circulation ns money, yet its provisions did not embrace common promissory notes, not intended to circulate as money, and rivcii to secure cash loans, or the payment of debts. This construction of the act has been sustained on one of those very notes, hv the learned Judges of the Superior Court, and by the Court for the Correction of Krrors, in a like note in another case, which is certainly high proof of its being a reasonable one. I ntay properly add, that these opinions of our counsel were at the time communicated to the bank commissioners and the Attorney Cent ral of the State, by way of explanation ol UM.MtUTO of the trust, and the object of giving the obligations in question. It remains to s(>eiik of the "Bank of Kngland trust," "The I lolford ArOompany trust," "TheTylee trust," all of which were executed in the latter part of August, IHfl. Between the months of January arm July, 1K41, so rapid had been the depreciation of (lie company'sIWbperty in tin- state stocks, bonds and mortgages, Arc., that the h"|ie of saving enough alter the payment of the debts to pisiify the continuance o| business had he< n abandoned, but it was still thought desirable to retain the organization of the company, in order to udjust its aliairs, and make arrangements with its creditors. It was supposed that in this way the affairs of the company could l/<* settled w uli less loss to creditors and stockholders, than would attend a forced liquidation by a receiver. At a meeting of the boutd ofdirectors, on tlte7ih day of June, IH4I. a committee was appointed, who. together w ith the president,were empowered to adjust and secure all the debts of the company. The most ample powers tyere conferred upon the special committee thus raised, to enable ll 111 to make settlements and adjustments with creditors. It will also appear, ill what follows, that the last tlir.... lrn-1. were sanctioned bv tile (i nunc* committee, who, under the articles ami bylaw.-, hud very extended powers, as well as by the special committer above spoken of. The trust called "the 13ank oi England tiuet," being the one next in order, grew out of the following transaction. In February, IK#!, Gabriel Shaw nml Melvile Wilson, copartners in the firm ol Thomas Wilson A' Co., London, executed their hood to the company, payable in tw o y ears, for securing the payment to the company ol the sum of Etef.sfvf sterling. To farther indemnify the company, i special deposite ol various mtumiim was made belonging to the firm of Wilson A" (o. The company i-svn-d to the firm of Wilson,V Co. their sterling certificates of deposite, payable in London, two years after date, to the aim nut of 4S64,Hf>l Merlins, and it nan specially agreed that the proceed a of the securities left ?nti the company 111 pledge, should lie appropriated to mcet the payment oi the certificates when they should fall due The certificates hud been transferred by Wilson At Co. to the Hank of l.ngland, in whose possession they were at the time the trust was created, and half matured, and been protested for non-pm ment. Under these circumstances, Wilson A Co. or those repre?entnw them here, insisted that tha original agreement under which the company received and held these securities should he complied with, and the securities placed in a situation that the avails of them could be applied to the payment of the certificates. This lead to the creation of the trust, which is dated 2.rith August, IK41. ft etn scarcely lie necessary lor me to defend the directors or myself for tin performance of u duty so sacred as that which impelled the transfer of these securities to trustees, to insure their faithful delivery to the parties to whom they belonged Any perversion or misdirection ol property thus placed in trust, would have subjected tin* parties to merited censure, and would have been regarded liv every honorable and right-minded individual as a violation of good faith. The trust called "The IlolfordA: Co. trust," uitd dated 1st September, 1H41, grew nut of this transaction In the fall of 1H-40, and before I became I rT'*nji-iu, v/uiuim^; nm?-i i ??i n^1 mn i??. ?... . of Arkansas, or the Real Estate llank of that Mali*, Cdim' to thin my to arrange lor tin: payment of the semi-annual interest on the public debt of that mate, fulling due in January 1*41 They had been unsuccessful in negotiating for that purpose in Eooton and Philadelphia, and made application to the Company tor aid to enable them to meet the pay. ment of the interest in question. As a failure of the state to pay its interest would it was wen, produce a depression in the fgice of state stocks generally, and more especially in those of that state, (a latge amount of which the Cora