Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 14, 1844, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 14, 1844 Page 5
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b Latest from Aruic*.?We have received, by the way of Philadelphia, the following intelligence from the coast of Africa: ? [Correspondence of the Herald.] Island or Madeira, Feb. 7,1844. Sir?The U. 8. ship Saratoga arrived here on the lOth January, and sailed again on the 6th inatant tor the coast f Africa. Officers and crew all well. The following is a list of officers, viz Joiiah Tattnall, Ksq., commander. Lieutenants, C. M. Armstrong,('has Ileywood, C 8 Boggs, II S. Stillwagen, and K O Parrott Surgeon, H. N. (ilentworth. Purser, ! Hor. Bridge. Acting Master, J. C. Wait. Assistant Surgeon, C. 8. Bates. Passed Midshipman, J M. Duncan.? i Captain's Clerk, A. W. Russell Purser's Clerk, B Frank- 1 Iln Ferris. Midshipmen, S. Wilcox, O C. Badger, Lyman ' R. Law, E. W. Henry, D. A. Che?er, E. D Wall, A. A. Sennier. Boatswain, W. C. Burns. Sail Maker, B. B. Burchrted. Carpenter. L Manson. Gunner, Jno Barr. Master s Mate, Henry !'. Lunt. It appears that the news we published several weeks ago is fully confirmed by these advices.? Our squadron on the coast, consisting of the Macedonian, Saratoga, and Decatur, destroyed, early in December last, six towns, a great many canoes, and several liveB, including the African King. Alter this the Americans had it all their own way, , and made a treaty of peace with a large tribe of Africans. In one of the towns destroyed was found the register and other pay is of the schr. Mary Carver, the destruction of which vessel led to this attack on the part of our squadron Late from Hayti.?We learn from Capt. .Smith, of the Republic, from Port au Prince, that there had been a serious disturbance at a town called Petit Haverer, a few miles from St. Mark's, between the j civil authorities and militury, which ended in the death of one General and six Government officers. !l The north part of the Island being dissatisfied with the Constitution formed at Portuu Prince, the gov- j eminent parly attempted to force it.upou the people, and hence the disturbance. The blacks were so exasperated at the mulattos of St. Mark's, that the latter were advised by the General in command, to go away. In consequence, several hundred had arrived at Port au Princeleaving every thing behind. . This was to he expected. Black and mulatto inidtary officers will never work after once getting an epaulette on their shoulder. Italian Otkra.?As usual, u brilliant house, last night. Jlcliwrio was the opera, and it elicited, if possible, still more enthusiastic applause than 011 its former representation. The performers all ac quitted themselves in the most creditable manner. It certainly is very gratifying to Mr. Talmo to 'find,that notwithstanding all the rivalry in the way of public amusements now arrayed against him, his elegant opera house commands houses such as have been hitherto seen only in the most prosperous times and the reign of some favorite star. Musical taste has at length finally taken up its abode here, and the opera is now secure against failure. Rapetti's benefit takes place to-nigbt, and a very brilliant and crowded house may be confidently anticipated Navigation on the Hudson.?Forthe last twcntyl'our hours we have had rain. This with the freshet which set in at Albany last Saturday, will open the river by Sunday or Monday next. We cannot see any tiling to prevent this tuking place. Common Council, Board of Aldkrmkn.?Wedresuav, March 13 ?The ; Board met this evening in accordance with adjournment, ' to discuss the police bill from the Board of Assistants. The hill been discussed in the committee of the whole, which was discharged by a resolution ottered by Alderman Lee. Thu Sound Roots.?A petition to remove the location oi the landing ol tin: Sound steamboat*, to the tipper part ot the city, was then presented and referred to a select committee, con-isting of Aldermen Briggs, Brady and Lee. Polict Jtitt.?Alderman Lrc then called for the previous question on the adoption of the first article of the bill as amended, and as noticed by us yesterday. He said, there had been talk enough and he was lor action, action, action. Alderman Scolf.i opposed the call for the previous ! question, which was lost by a vote of 8 to 8. He then of- | lered a lesolution, calling upon the counsel of the board to draft a memorial and bill to be presented to thu Legislature, authorising the Common Council to ado; t such 1 an ordinance as tin y may deem necessary. Alderman Lee and Ivuhim strongly urged immediate positive action, as time enough had been spent in talk. The resolution of Alderman Scoli;s was then lai' on the table by a vote of 11 to 6. Article first of the bill was then taken up and edopted, section by section. ' The first suction'aholishes the w atch denarlme'nt. the dav nolice ollicers. Sundnv otlicers. and inspectorsol junk shop*. Section second authorizes the appointment of 600 men, whs are to form a day and night patrol, one half of whom are to he an duty at one time. I The other sections relate to the duties of the patrol, except section tenth, which was so amended as to compel the attendance of two clerks at the lower police during the day and one at night, and one magistrate and one clerk at the upper police office day and night Sections eleventh and twelfth authorizes the appointment of forty police officers to attend the upper and lower police offices, who are to receive a stipulated salary, in lieu of all allowances now i made, and uutauy extra compensation or reward for their | services. Article second was then taken up, which relates to the power of appointment. After considerable discussion, the article wa> inferred to a select committee, consisting of Aldermen Nash, Dunning and Waterman; aud the Hoard then adjouned to Monday afternoon a! ft o'clock. Circuit Court. 1 Before Judge Kent. Maklh 13.? fan Cott is. Sharp ?The Jury in this case , were called over this morning, when the plaintifl'did nut appear in Court. Coi sr.?Mr. De Witt, does not the plaintiff, Van Cott, appear? Mr. lit: Witt.?I don't know ,your Honor. 7 Court.?What! does the plaintiff'mean not to appeal ?? Crior call Van Cott. The plaintiff not answering, a no* suit was entered for the defendant. After the rase of Van Cott vs Sharp had been disposed of, the Court intimated to the Bar, that none hut short cases would he tried dining the remainder of the week. Kiuslut h'healon vs. Clims II. Mains impleaded with Gtorgs Bard i t. als --This was an action of assumpsit, to | recover $152, the amount of two promissory notes. In January, 1822, defendant Bard, endorsed two notes in the names of "Maine A Co " A copartnership existed between i the defendants at the time of the passage of the notes, which were endorsed in the name of this firm, by George j Bar 1, u brother to endorser,'who was also one of tha firm i It was contunded for tha defence that a dissolution of copartnership look place at the time of the signing of the motes, evidence was put in for the plaintiff', which went ! to show that James Bard, brother to the defendant had conducted the business of the firm in December, 1H12, in the ordinary manner, and that George the signer of the note.! was in ont-door emplmy, doing the business of Maine k Co. The question for the jmy was simply to try if the act of the defendant, George Bard, bound the Arm, it not having been shown that a dissolution took place. The Jury found for the plaintiff' $152 damages, including Interest, with costs In the case of Iferd vs. Burrell, et alt ? An action of assumpsit; a verdict was rendered for tho plaintiff, $156 10 aamagai against uurreu ; ana sjoa against rowen ana Wen. impleaded with him, with costs. Ti e Court adjourned until thi* morning at 10] o'clock. nO.MKY M \ KKK ". Wedaeiday, march 13?0 P. fll. The Stock Market becomos more depressed daily- The operations at both Boards are very limited, and made Without the least spirit or favorable feeling. Faterson declined i, percent ; Ohio 6's J : Kentucky ] ; Illinois | ; Farmers'Loan j ; Pennsylvania 5's j ; Harlem improved J j Norwich and Worcester] ; Canton J ; sales of Western Itnilrond atfllj j 1.1 offered for Te.xns Bonds, 19 asked. The movements in Wall street denote very dull times, and the brokers have very little encouragement to fet up any corner. The present condition of the stock market and the inactivity of most of the largest operators, is one of thnsu calms that usually follow a severe gale. All speculative movement. are very qi.iat just now. The blast exhausted itself, and is gathering strength for another blustering time of speculation. The operators in all the three great items of (peculation, cotton, real estate and stocks, will be again in the field with renewed energy. The first moment something favorable springs up that can be made available, it will be used to gut up another excitement, and the heat will soon reach a fever point A bill to incorporate the Bank o( f'hllicntlie passed the Ho use of Representatives of Ohio by a vote of 10 to Hi. The loss hy the late liie in Newark falls on the follow ing offices : North Uiver Insurance Company, $6,700; Howard Company, $4,600; Manhattan Com|any, $2000; >Ktna Company, $2,000, all of this city; anil the Mechanics' Insurance Company of Newarkl$?00. A hiil has been introduced Into the Senate of thia State, and referred to the Committee on Finance, to cqiiuli/.e the Stat." tux among the several counties of the Stnto. Several petitions have heenlprescnted during the preaent session on this -object,and there is no bill before the Assembly requi ring legislative action more than this An equal valuation ol property in different sections of the State, according to its locution, would place the burden ol taxation in proportjon to the ability to bear it. According to the Comptrol ler's Ilepoit, land in Cayuga county ia valued at $10 per acre; in Livingston $26; in Monroe $30; in Orange $13; In Montgomery $12; in Schoharie $4; in Herkimer 8; in Columbia $1B: and in Delaware only $3. This it the average The soil of Cayuga county is as fertile as that af any other county in the State; it is situutrd In the middle of the State, and the value is placed at $10 per acre. The land of Livrngslou Co., not so favorably situated as to markets, is valued at nearly three.times that of Cayuga.? Landed projierty iu Orange county, the second in the (Mate on the Hudson river, with the most extensive market in the country in its immediate neighborhood, is only valued at $18 per acre. These lacts show the great inequality that exists in the valuation of land throughout the State. The same thing |exists in Pennsylvania and Maryland, and that alone has been the principal cause ol tne nonpayment of the tax levied in those States. It is no more than strict justice that all should >>e taxed as equally as possible for the purposes of State government. County taxes are oi a more local nature, and are governed by the expenses created for improvements withia the limits of rack. Until some law? me pasted regulating the v aluation of property on correct principlei, the people will refute to submit to the demands made through the collectors Taxes amounting to more than a million of dollars remain unpaid in Pennsylvania from this cause, and several counties in Maryland, will not suffer the collector to show his head,?in an official capacitywithin their limits. The report lately made by the Trustees of the North American Trust Company, presents one of those exposes of mismanagement that the financiers of the present day are so often guilty of. The re. sources of the institution, it is plainly to be seen, have been wasted in extravagance and speculation. The se" curitics of the bank consisted principally of mortgages marked up to a point far above the actual value of the property on which they rested. Loans were made of large amounts on these morgages, and the depreciation, since the explosion of the bubble that gave .'hem a ficti. tious value, has so reduced the assets of the company that the stockholder* will receive back but a small per cent on their investments. The individuals that directed and controlled theso operations, were the prime movers in all the speculative transactions thnt led to the bankruptcy of 1837 and 1838. They were the advocates of the Free Banking Law ; their influence was used in the lobbies of the Legislature at Albany; they pushed the system from conception to completion, with all the energy and perseverance of men whose existence was wrapped up in its perfection. They belonged to that school of financiers that depend upon 'great expansions of public and private credit to carry out their schemes. The Free Banking Law was got up to supply the vacuum created by the dissolution of the United States Bank. The circulation of paper was sustained, by creating a host ol new banks under this Haw. and the same value of nioDertr was sustained us before. Credits were as expanded as at any time during the existence of the bunk, and the bubble was kept thoroughly inflated. In the midst of these things, the North American Trust and Banking Company was created under the general banking law. With a very large nominal capital, it came into the market and discounted paper to an immense amount,taking as collateral bonds and mortgages not worth a quarter of the money they represented. The debtors of the bank, in five cases out ol six, preferred sacrificing their mortgages to paying their notes; and this species of property accumulated in the hands of the bank to an immense amount. So long as the fever for speculation lasted, these securities retained their nominal value, and tho assets of the bank made a very lormidable appearance.? 80 the value of property was so inflated, the actual insolvency of the institution was disguised; hut the moment the bubble burst and everything found a just and proper level, the utter worthlessness of the securities held by the bank, became visible, and thejbankruptcy of the whole concern too plain to be any longer doubted.? What little substance the bank ever had was long before this crisis wasted in extravagance and folly. The officers were completely incapable to fulfill the duties entrusted to them. Their utter ignorance ol the very first legitimate principle of bnnking, and the speculations in which they were individually Involved, utterly disqualified them for the positions they occupied. They have to a man be come as insolvent as the bankrupts their acts created.? Tlicy have built their palaces, but they have passed from under the hammer into other hands The ill gotten wealth remained but a short time with those who extracted it from the widows' mite and the orphans' all. The history of the North American Trust and Banking Company will lire in the memories of many who have been beggared by the acts of those in whom the most unbound cd <?>niidence was placed. Many of the individuals whose names stand the most conspicuously in the late exposition of this company, at this moment hold high places of trust in the service of the government ; others occupy humbler positions, but all are very sensitive of their reputations, and make elaborate attempts to maintain a safe position in the public mind. The experience of one age in finanI cial matters hardly seems to teach sufficient wisdom in another, to avoid the dangers that follow the adoption of any new system of banking. The abuses practised in this city and State under the general banking law, do not serve as n warning to the Legislatures of other States, in preventing the adoption of the same system. A bill has lately passed the House of Representatives in Ohio, creating a free banking law, and authorizing the issue of bills by depositing Ohio State stock with the Auditor. The same seeds of bankruptcy hare been sown, that produced so abundant a harvest in this State, and the same results will be realized in Ohio. Old Stock Exchange. Stoons U H S's, '02, cou'n 116 100 Vickiburs Ok II 1 1COOO do li6 56 do ?V 10060 Ohio 6's,'60 98V 15 N Am Trust Co 13), 5H0U do sio 91 150 farmers' Tru?t 160 36 20000 do 98 125 d-i 38 20COS do 160 98 V 50 dj b30 31V 15060 do h00 98 25 Canton Co 31)4 10'no do 9714 50 do b60 35 500 Ohio Domas'c bds f9 75 do 35 2006 Arkansas S's 52 50 do b3fl 35 9006 lltino s Spl bds 42ha 75 do blO 35'., 106 do 42)J 105 Pateraen R R 81 1000 Prnu'a 5's 69V 150 do bJO 8114 50'0 do 130 69V 50 do b'.O 82 6000 Ken'y a's 101V 50 Harlem K R 55V 5000 do b90 103500 do bit 5jV 4000 do 103 110 do soO 55>? 50 0 do too 103V 167 Nor St Wore UR 38 5060 Indiana % bds 38 50 de 38V 1000 Indiana >l< bda 37 300 do blO 38\| 8000 A lab> ma 5's 84 V 10*1 do 38V 50 slits Mechanics' Bk 107 25 do s'JO 38 35 Ilk Commerce, lull 9/V 25 do 130 38V III Am I x Bank 88'., 25 Western II K 6'V 50 N O Uts Co 100 5 Aub & Koch R R 105 Second llosu-d. etiuia 111;....;. ittt ma r 1-1?1 11 u ?>/ 2H(iWl Ohio 6's,'60 98 in Nor U Wore II R 38* ?000 do b3 98 '4 15 do 38* 125 .has L Island H K 76 50 do ?60 38.* New Stock KxclunKt $1000 u S(at?5'., '53 103* 25 Farmer.' Loaa sOO 37',' 2001) Ohio 5'.,'60, .3 98 1"5 do 37* IiiOO do 98 loo Canton Co 94* 1000 do .30 97 * 25 do t-3 35 11100 do 97 * 25 do b30 35* 1 iiOO do inn 97', 25 do b30 35* KX/ll do .3(1 97* 50 do inw 3.5* IIIOO do M0 97* 25 do b6i 36 I'OOO Ken 6'*, 30 )-? .3 103* 50 Yick.berg 8* llloll Illinois 42* 25 Mohawk It R bnn 59 5000 do bio 42* 100 Nor tk Wor K K bl5 38* 1000 Indiana 38* 25 do 38 3000 do .10 38* 50 do b3 31* 2000 do .3 38* 78 do buw 3 * IIIOO do bl< 38 * 50 Harlem U U 55* 10 0 do .10 38 100 do <3 55* 2000 do stw 38* 100 do 55* IIIOO do !>* 200 do 55* HliiO Pent'a 5'. slm 68 250 do b] 55* IdCO d> .4in 68* 100 da 13 56 41 ihu Dry Dock Ok 69 State of Trade, Ashks.?Pots continues in very limited demand. We still quote f>! &BJ a 1 62). Pearls are very dull, and are I held at 5-5 6}. Beeswax.?Thi? nrticle improves daily in demand. The sales are principally for export, and rule at 30] a 30]c for prime yellowCottox.?The downward tendency of the market as noticed yesterday has continued to-day, and holders have conceded ]c ; the sales have been on a more extended scale, summing up about 3000 bales at the de< line noticed. Holders are still anxious sellers, and the market is lar from firm. The continued (ailing oft' in price at the South and the disinclination of shippers to operate, causes purchasers to make low offers and buy only such lots as are offered cheap. Freights continue J a { Floi n em Oraix.?Illinois Wheat commands SI SI 6 (Jenesee Flour is firmer and holders now ask S ' I'3.Sales at S> W]Pnomioxs.?We have no alteration to report in the quotations far Beef and Pork. The demand for the latter is improving slightly, hard is rather active than We entire sales ol (r.lri.l rinulitt, at R a fil. It..,...- . . I-. fair demand, and extremes range from 7 a 17c. There Is very little doing In Cheese. Tin* soles rejiorted rule at fi a (IJo, for export. Ilioi. ?This article is in fair demand. We quote sales of good qualities at $ 2 90 a $2 H7J. Whiskkt ?Thero is very little enquiry for either description Drudge casks cun lie still quoted at 2.1.1c. Prison barrels at 24 J a 29c. Rkal Kstatk.? The following sales were made at auction : ? hot of ground on south side of 11th street, 230 feet west oi ftth Avenue, 29 feet by half of block * $2,400 Cotton Markets. Moeitr. March tl ?Cotton?Tlio market has been rather more active to day, sales estimated at 290(1 to 3000 balesprices reported | a jc easier then yesterday. The sales yes| terday fium 1*00 a 2000 hales, ami on Saturday about ISOO j ?total tor three business days nearly 0900 hales. I have receded nearly Jc per lb. since the receipt of the Hi| hernia's account Middlings aie quoted 7Ja7]c; mid , riling fair H a Hjs and fair 8J rents. Current prices are now fully 1c below the highest point of the season. He ceipts since Friday evening a trifle over *000 hales Total of season nearly 310,000 bales. Died, At Hen, the '2nd Nov., 18-13, on boaid the brig Montevideo, of New Yoik, I'aoi Toa, formerly of Marhie Head, Mass. (If I Irnn.d nn Timullr llm 1>th instant ( >T?in? wil? of John ( oilina, in the juth year ot hi rage. Her friends nml relative* and those of tin- fnmily are requeited to attend the funeral, on Thursday the 14th instant,at t o'clock. P. M., from her MlIllUnOI:il Spring treet, Korest House. Latut Advices received at the rtw tore herald owice. Anjier Oct. IS Macro Not. 1* Alrieae Jan. 10 Manilla Oct. 27 Antigua Keb. 19 Malaga Jan 19 Arecibo Dec. hi Madeira Keb. 7 AuiCayc* |?#b. 20 Mauritius Oct. 5 Augu.tu-e Bay May IS Montevideo Jan. > Batavia Oct. 21 Marac&iho dm. 20 Bay of Islands, N. Z-8e|>t. 21 Manaanilla Jan. 26 Bermuda Keb. 27 Matanaaa Keb. 2E Buenos Ayret Dec. 28 Mayafne* Keb. 21 Beliie. Hon. Keb. 1 Matamoras Dec. 26 Baibadoes Jan. 31 Monterey Oct. 16 Bouaire Dec. 5 Nassau, N. P. Keb. IS Bombay Dec. 1 Neuvitas Dec. 10 Cai? Town.C. O. H-Dee. 8 Oahu.S. I. Dec. M Calcutta Nor. 21 Para Jan. 20 Cardenas Feb. 22 Paris Feb. 3 Chagres June 20 Port au Prince Feb. t Cieufuegos Feb M Porto Cabello Feb. 3 Cape Hay lien Feb. 11 Point Petre, Goad. Jau. II Carthagrna Oct. 28 Pernarabuuo Feb. 6 Campeachy Jau. 3 Payta Nov. 20 Coquimbo July 18 Rio Janeiro Jan. 2l Callao Not. 29 St. Helena J-n. j Demerara Feb. 14 St. Thomas Feb 1| Klsiunrv Dec. 3 St. Jaao de Cuba- Jau. 3? Fayal Jau. 12 St. Johns, P. R. F.b. 16 Gibraltar Jau. 25 St. Croix Fsb ^ Gtiayama, P. R. Feb. 19 St. Domingo Feb. J Galveston Feb. 24 St. Ubes Sept. 2g Oonaive*>>> Jan. 28 Surinam Fen. f Guayaquil Dec. 5 Singapore Oct. le Gallipagos Islands May 4 Sydney, N. 8. W. Sept. 4 Havre. Feb. 1 Trinidad de Cuba Feb. 17 Haarana Feb. 24 Talcahuana Oct. Halifax Feb. 16 Tahiti Oct. 2g Isle of France Sept. 27 Tombrz Nov. g Jeremie .J.ui 3 Tampico Feb. | Kingston, Ja. Feb. 1 Tobaaco Jau. la London Feb. 5 Turks Island Feb. 20 Liverpool Feb. 6 Trieste Nov. 2q La Guayra Dec. 26 Valpnraiso Nov. lj Laguna Oct. 31 Vera Crux Feb. 2i Lima Sept. 26 Zanzibar-" Oct. Ig Foreign Importations. Matanzas?Schr Richmond?650 boxes sugar 50 bags coffee J J Taylor?15000 oranses Ackerly It Acker. Pout At' Pbikcu?Brig Kei ublic?12 loin logwood 693 bars coffee Skeldiug It Prns?118 do F. Hoppoch?135 C Cheney a ro?15 8 W Lewis?66 W Agnsw It Son?30 C H Smith- 16 J W Smith?376 Allen It Pax-uii?56 M Drew?47 Cainerun It Brand?5'J Tnphain It co?to W Whitcomb?41 Mason It Son ?160 W W Sheffield?747 H It W DeL6eld-365 do 149 do coro A C Ross re It co?150 do S Mullen?1 bag specie oid?r. St Taomas?Brig Joseph?2't lids sugar 35 cks molasses 126 htgs coffee Mason It Thomson?20 hhda sugar W P Furuiss? (6470 G Auger Havawa?Schr Mary It F.lizabeth?9 hales beeswax 8 Judil's Sons?100,100 segars L ftl Wi'ey?37 bxs A II Kessick?51,000 segars J Wallace?18 r? Atwell It Whitmore?34 bkta wine A Lobui?165 bxs A C Ross-re It co?190 do Ssyre It Souilieu? 100 do Bechett It co?52 do Thompson It Adams?4 to: s 19 ceroons nridse i) Curtis?60 bis molasses M Depuga. Domestic Importations. Ar alichicola?dhip Ceylon-564 halo cottnn Goodhue It co?78 Bogrrt Ik Kneaeland?85 Dunham Ik Dimon?9 llolbrook IkNrl on?12 B Kichards?198 W H Howland ?4003 reeda to the maater Naiw Oiilka is?Ship Edwin?1296 bbli pork/78 do shoulders 91 casks rumps !36 bbls hama 1126 kegs lirl Dawn k Cary? 665 bbla |>nrk 225 > egs lard Bead It Hupgock?211 kale* cottoi. K Irviu?71 Pillott, Le Burbier k cm?22 Bogait Ik Knerland?72 do to ord r. Ntw Oat-raws?Barque Calisto?358 bbla lard 1135 k"*a do J McChaiu Ik co- 989 bull pork 22 tea do 55 bhl* lard 160 kega do II bhda ahou'dert 42 do hama 10 do 17 cka Small it Williams? 195 bbU lard 46 do rork I* I Nerins St Son, 108 bbla uiola a-a Lewis St Ward. ........ Nr.w oai.r.ans?Brig Laurel?234 bbla pork 160 do lard <> \v Edward*?159 do Prnab St c??50 kegs do (4 bbla molasses 17 ba cotton Birllett, Weld. u Ik Abbott. Nkw OnLKaaa?Brig Caplaiu Jotr?296 hhda augar 311 bbla molasses Brown, Brothers?26 bales cott >u M.icy and Hold ridge. AraLAcmcoLA?Brig Acton?79 bales cotton Spoflord. Tileaton St co?78 A I* Peniatar?73 14 Milne?10 Baralow St , Pope?23 Thompson It Adams?125 JN Hayes?92 llolbrook : Nelson St co?33 Dunham It Dimcn . Otoaui Toiva?Brig Juno?90 balea cotton 8 Brothers St co f ?21 do Taylor St Kich?20 Spofford, Tilestou Ik co?85 Post 8t 5 Philips?184 H toil Stco?55 A Averill St co?168 8 llobinaon J ?20 do to order. "MARITIME HERALD. | Walling Days of th? Steam Ships. rani Lrennroot.. raosa amlmca. Caledonia, Lott Mar. 5 April 1 Acadia, than on Apr. 4 May 1 44. Western, Matthews Apr. 27 May 23 (4 Britain. Hosken .... .... Mav 25 June 50 Packets to Arrlwe. | Packets to Sail. from mi tnrooi. i rot i.ivvni'noi.. Siddons, Cobb, Feb II Montezuma, Lowber, Mar. 16 Columbus, Cole. Feb. IS Hottingeur, Bursley, Mar. 21 Ashburtou, Hirtlestoo, Fob 21 Hociui, C ollin*, March 2(T from rortimouth. for fortimol'th. Wentininster, Hovey, Feb 10 H Hudson, Moore, Mar. 20 St. Jame*. Meyer, Feb. 20 I', Albert, Seb r, April 1 rom havre. for havrr Utiea, Hewitt, Feb 1 Francoi* I, Aiiuworth, Mar. 16 Foreign Letter Ilaffo. Hereafter, Letter and Newsiwner Baits lor all parti of the World, will be made up at the Hf.rald Office. Ship Mastsri and Agent*. We ?hall esteem it a favor, if Captain* of Vessels will give to Commodore Robert Silvkt. of onr News Fleet, a lieport of the Shipping left at the l'ort whence they sailed, the Vessel, Spoken on their Passage, a List of their Carpi, and any Foreign Newspajers or News they may have. He will board them immediately on their arrival. Agent* and Correspondents, at home or abroad, will alsu cooler a livor by fading to this Olfice all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Information of \sy kind will bi thankful.y received POllT OF NEW YORK, MA11CI1 14 sun risks < 16 I mooic 52 sun sets 3 | hihh water Olsarsa. hhips Telum-h, Borland, New Orleans, Ne.tnillilt Walsh; Onion, Otis, do, do; Jacob IVnnell, Waitea, New Orleans, J Klwell?Bi-one H-cla, Babliiogr, Rt K?tt?, A Hubbml k Co?Brigs Diploma, Five, (luayain*, Nesinith St Walsh; H-a Flower, Noyet, Norfolk: Keaile h lloppock; Dluia, Robinson, Charlrs'on, L'uu'am k ibimr n; Ha not, Urrimier, Antwerp, (Ji-rdiugk Kuukleman?Schrs Intrepid, Lent, Darien, K 8 Inness, Si Co; -as'au, Chester, Richmond, Allen k Paisou; Cot'on Plant, Bolles, Norfolk; Tralic, Gardner, Baltimore, J It N Briggs It Co. Arrived, Ship Edwin, Pence, 19 days from New Orleans, with cotton to the master Rw ship Charlotte, Anderson,65 days from Hamburg, in bal! ait. to Johnsion k Co. Ship Ceylon, Cook, 14 days from Apalathicola, with Cutlou to W H How land k Co Ship Flavins, Jones, 6 diys from 'Charleston, with 'cotton, to mas er. Ship Ed ward Pollock, (before repotted) 20 days fr ,m New Or ems, with prorisicns, to n aster. B irijue I slisto, rpkius. 14 days from New Orleans, with inolasses. kc. to Nesmith k Walsh. H? brig Caroline, Jackson, (66 days from Stockholm, with ISO tons iron, to Boorman, Johnston It Co Brig Joseph, Loring, of Portland, [reported yesterday] 21 davs from Si Thomas, with sugar, to Mason h Thompson Brig Laurel Seabnry, 20 days from New Orleans, wilh pork, to Barllelt. Wrldeu k Abbott. Br g Moselle, Eustis, 13 days from Card, lias, w ith 390 I.lids molasses, to F O Thurston. Brig Republic, Smith, 15 days fioin Port au Prince, with coffee. kc. to flkeldmg k herr;s. I Brig Captiia John, Eastman, 13 oays fin New Orleans, wilh cotton, to maat-r Brig Actou. Lambert, 17 da^s from A| alachicnla, with cotton, to Dunhaink Dimen. , Brig Juno. Norris, 8 days from Georgetown, SC, to A Averill k Co Sid in co with Siguet, for Barmdoes ami Lucinda, lor N Bedford. I Br.g Kuger.e, Drinkwater, 10 days from Mavagues, with ISO lilidi au'/itr 210 do mol isa* a to Mason It Thompson, Br.g Hudson, Brngdon, 12 daya from Card-mils, with 350 hds molasses, to T I.arued. Brig Amanda, Atnes, II daya ftom Cardenas, with molasses, to Brett St. Vose?350 hhda molasses (J b Tnuratoii. -? SchrJohn W Taylor, Stokeley, 4 days from Norfolk, with cotton and staves to A B Cooley. Schr Ann. Latonrelte, 4 daya from Petersburg, with cotton and tobacco, to J Hunter. Scltr Richmond, Cushman, 14 daya from Matanras. to J J Taylor. 6th iuat, ci|*erienced a heavy gale ftom NW?loal part of deck loa l. atovr bulwarka dtt Schr Mary It Kl stbeih, Ba ton, II daya from Havana, with molasses. to K Dr Zalilo. Schr Coruelia, Kick* tarn, 20 daya from M'.lanzda, and 7 d i' a from Char lea toe, with 42 baa sugar, and 33,70<H) oranges, to J J Taylor Schr Nicholas Diddle, Walker. 3 d? f out t'hil idelpliia, with coal. Schr lo'e. Norwood, 3 daya from Kiatport, with plaster, to 1* I Nevina It Son Schr Alfred K Tliorce, March, froin Wilmington, NO, with cotton, to J (Igden Schr M rtrtta Burr. Kuapp, from Richmond, willt Dour and tobacco, to Allen 3t I axson. Schr Louisa, Arwood, 5 days froin Marblehead, with fish. Schr Cohauuet, Baitlett, I' days fr"m Mattel, Cuba, with molasses, to b'oster It Nick*raou?121 hhda molasses R f)e /aldo. Left no Am veaaala. Scltr Auev, heed. 3 da from Philadelphia, wiihcoel. Schr Carib, ?. from New-Orleans, with provisions. Schr Keeside, Lantley from Bnstou, with mdse Schr Jasper, Howes from Beaton, with mdse. Schr Kicel, Lovell fr ni Boston, with mdse. Schr Vntor, (hmhi. Boston, with mdse. Schr Anacenda, t holism, from Boston, with mdre. Schr Slepheu C Phillips, Childs.from Olnnceater, with lish. bchr Harinoniona Welk*e. Kngera, from Virginia Schr Phe^e 13. Smith, from Virginia. I Schr Cham.cey, St John, from Virginia. Below. ! One ship and two trigs?Weather foggy?Nothing sailed this day. Mlncellftneoua. Bait. Dakche, < f NewYtrl for Matanzas, was lost on Hog Kev, on the 26'h ultimo, t rew aad passengers saved and arr.veil at IltviDKin ihe Ann A Parker?caigo a total lew?part ol the rigging 200 ounces of gold were saw*J and carried to Ham* n?? Vessel intwrod i? Boiton. Lai'*< h?A superior ship called the Hamlet, was launched hy Waterman fit Klwejl, Mrdiord, f?ili lust She b?-:o gs to W 1 Appletou fit I o, i' of 30') tuns burthen, and is to be commanded by I Apt Lynia Hunt Thtfln#?ntp Oxnard, of M9 tott( bcI oiiring to Applet >n fit Co, w ill be I ?unch d by the ??tne builders on Thuisday or Friday next. Mi; i i* v ? Mntiuy occurred oil Thursday In t among the han s employed on the Br ship Corsair, now lyi >g in the Bay, a Inch the ( aptain finding n difficult to quell, sent up to tow > for the Mt sU iCe i f the police?tw o or three of whom went down. Before boarding the ship and attempting to arrest the ringleader*, a taccessfiu resistance wu? made by th in. and a ai ufHeen ued, in which the marshal Was badly wounded in th* | arm and hand by a knife. Finding itliinpotsible to cope w ith them, In rem.ted to town, and on nunaay went down a^uin with ihe It* renue Cutter and the British < octal to ar rest the whole crew.?Mobile Tribune, Ma ch 9 Brio Union.?'The ?chr Sabine spoke on the Ifith a't 'ar 31 0? Ion 71 44,the Union, of Nor h Yarmouth, Michael, master, from Boston, hound to vTiu nza-t, under j ry inasf, win knock- i j ?il on her b'-in u Is on th" 20lh Jan., and obliged to cut aw*y her rnisia to r g .t her, and was steering for the nearest |wrt in ; tl?e U 8 ates. fiiiie Amiorf.?Ti e Franc*, Marsha l, at'red nt New Ori |e m. repor s tnat on the 23d ult saw a large snip ashore on wali Key,he-ween Wat* r Key, and The Ligh', but tl e weather I being so thick, coula not make nut her nam* Wltalcmrn. At Oahu . Nov I. Susan, Kussell, Nant, 600 bblti 5th, ( has fit Henry, Cob-inan, do. 650; Ifirli. Damon. Pottc, Newp Jt, 13 inos, 3f,0 spj 25th, Audley, Clark, do, I960 ap; Dec 1, Oregon. Sherman, H H, 20 mot, 1100 sp: (aim Pre' |e, Lynn, not stated; 0 h, Peruvian. Nant 2 I. Henry l*ee, Bennetr, SM. 'BOO wh; ! < rtliromia, .SB II 0 Shi fin d- Nov 16, Marri on, N'C 1150? j I Ship Ocean, ' f Nant. at do, Oct IB. hid MOO Hp; Klizaberh ......K .f , ft*, JVI, l?:/l ... HKii ?I. * U - ! the tiy, rep irteil upon itir authority uf the U'wrnnr if Sitka, that an Am whale alip In I bren wecknl off Halibut Inland. Fart of the craw anved, name of tl e all11> not learned NiwBhiiofii, March II?Arr Junior, iltthawny, ,\ W j Const, via Coant of Chili, full Canto, I lid bills ?|i 1600 wli oil, I 12.000 *ba a hair bone. H oke on Coast of Chili, Wat of Nov. { John Weill, Kin ell, Newark. 21".i |)lt; aid f.n -t C rhia, llec : 111, K.igle, Ferry, KH, for Sandwich la, and NW, 1 rt wh; at do IJ'.c li. Oeoi*e, S oniiilton, 600] wh for NW. Bpokoa. America, fm St John for Bath Keb 21, lat 20, Ion 72? lif Jo (Cell, at thia port. Ilero, Iroin New Dries- ? for M rtiniqua, 27lh nit, 1st 24 41, Ion 79, 30?by Cau-el at this port. r... v n.i..,. . r... hi,... n.i., r.. i Iith in?t, lat M, ?, Ion 71 5.7? bjr th* Kdwin, at lint port Washington, for Cortland from Ordrnu, 2<1 mat, Ut 35 H, long 71, 15. foreign Ports. Cunriti. March I?Id port Oca Marion, ldg. Abby 6a- | krr, Pratt, fur Boaton, 4 da; Pomanaid. for Providmer ] da; a; Mentor, for Newport, 4 da; Eaatern Hur, Deuniaon, Ida fordo; Tremuul, Woodaide, Ida for OiarleaMn; Caroline, do. for ' Portland ,|Orb. Haley, do; Napolet ti, do; Brighton. wtg ft , Hrlleapout, Woodbury, Boaton, t; Patriot, <'barlraton 4; Vau- i da<ia, NYoikfi; Malatta, in S; Cagi.da, OoodaU. N York It. Port At' ramct. Kelt 28? In port, Nonpareil, fin Wiluiiugton. dlag; Good Kzchangr, do do; Luciudt Snow, do; Kawu. fin N York do; Gen T?c?u, from Wilmington, jurt ar. TliArchelaue. for N York aid day li fore. Ar at VaLraRaiao, no da'e, < In e Know Ira, fin Boaton. Ptimnivca, Krti ||?1,( port. (umber) <ud, Plntlipi, f-um Philadalphia, for Rio Janeiro, aoon. Poiacc, P. K , Kab il ?In port, Heury Kelaey, (Jray. fui Trinidad; Goe Hophina. fur NYora. wtg ergo; Magnolia, Brazier, idg; Koreat, Yariua, for Newnuryport, do; To j ui, Burr man, dug; Overman, Daeia, fin Kea> e uiik for N York, wtg ca go; Norria litouley Hue, tin N'evia for I'liil id, do; Diicarnin Latour, fm Bordeant for I'liilad, do; New Kr gland, MeCsrdy, fnt Barbtdnea, jutt art; Caroline, Norgrave, for Philad, in about 10 da^i erei, Tarboi, for Mayagu /.. aiinr day; Koaroe, Cutler, lor Wiliniagton, NC soon; St Patrick, aud Tangier, for N York, aid 21st; Couatuu 'iiia, lm Laguayri, or 22d, to have for I liil id immediatiily?called Cora puseoger. Horn* Part*. PoRTLaRD, March 10?Arr Jas Caller, Wrbb.Bostou; American, Adie, Trinidad CM 9th. Baltic, Waitc, Surrinam. Mid, Splendid and Koscius. Ar steamboat hrauk, Im .NYork Boitos, March 12?Arr Unnlap. Gordon, Matxuzas; Moutilla, Powers, St Jaito; ttatlimore. Brown. Brown. Bnl unore; j Velocity. .Montgomery, Lnbec.lor Aleaaudria; Vine, Howird, Baltimore. Ou 5lh irsl. eve parsed a lore and aft ach aaliore on Machai uuga Shoal, 29 milea K.NKof Cape Charles?aaw no penon on board?Below, Zuleue, Kelley from Maraei lea, Jan 19 CId. Manaoc, t'olman. t'uracoa; Clin Carroll, Cook, N Orleans; Pnctolua, Harding, MoSle; Henry, (late ol thiauort) Call. Salem; Wyoming, Niche aon, Sataunah; Fountain. York Philadelphia. Win T hiiig, < iowell, New York; J Cooley Ik Co, Young, do; Kiua-Cier, Velaei da. New BhiiKoni), March II?Arr Ann F.lica, Ph ladelphia; Corinthian, Shepherd. Ntork WiacaaaeT, Ma-ch 8?SIJ, Mary, Bryant, Matanxaa Pno? itn.Ncre, .March 11?Arr Balance, Reed, N W ('out; Grand Turk, Porter, Maranzas; Juno, Sturgea, New York? Sid, NCV, Ferris, Norfolk; Aoams, N'ickeraon Philadelphia lu the Bay, Kmeliue, Gilford, I'm Matanzaa, 13'h ult, lor Bria- | lol?An inward hound brig waa olf Beaver Tail Light, at 10 I o'clock, ihia morning. Phii.adh.phia, Mar 13 ? Arr Rio, Young, Peruembuco. Left Globe, rating, for Plulad, to cnnimenc< lug iu a dty or two, and olliera aa before re 'Orted. The 0 d!e?, Tliompaou, lm Philad, arrived at I'rmaBibuco Jlli ult. and proereded same day for Kio de Ja ieiro. Backus, Stot-abury, Madeira. 8'h inat, lal 33, Ion 73, pissed aahipwitha I lack ball paiuted in her spenker, ateering W. Laich, Abbo't, St Johna, PR. Will, Lockhart, Ponce. PR Wm renn, Atkina, Boalon; Sea Mew, Holbroak. Mavnguez, l'K; Luraua, Wil??"n, Portamonth, Nil; A Cord, Pitt, N York; Sarah L>veuia Meekina, Norfolk, Klizabeth It Heb*cra, Greeu, NYork. CId, Sulla, Bacgi, Boston; Joseph Potta, Covert,do; Niagara. Young, NYork., SC. March 8?CId. Eagle, Dyer, NewY'ork; Kauny Coit, Bal'rr, do; Hume, Conkliu, do. Savannah, Match 9,?Ar- 0 B l.amar, Sauuertnau, NY# k; Zanoui. ( Br I Simm. Liverpool. Fipe ienced a succeaaion t.f heavy galei during the p>s>age. and loit her for-tnp maat, fore uud .naia yard, inaiutojsail yird and maintop ga'lant I masts ( 1J, Olive B.anrh, Hagadnra, Boston; Hums, Will iril, Boston. Mobile. Mar 5?Arr Mary Ann Heory, Hoy, Charleston. CM, Diitifrrtshim.Kelly, L pool; Suie-rU, Thompson, Ores- j nock; (rloaceater, Proctor, NYork: Charleston, White, Hava- . us; lticr?ai?, Verrill. I'hit<d; Vnlunter, KldrhMe, do. Ni*0?i.m?. March 4.?(.'Id. Idasuo, Wvman, N York 1 ArrCorou't, (Br) Bute, Bristol, Kay; M'Lellan t, Harta- ! home, B- rdeaux; Euro- e, Barker, 20 da I'm Portsmouth, N. II; ' ' ns"n (hiodrj-h. N Yo'k; ''opl IT. Worilinp. Chn'le.tnn. CALHOUN CKNTK.AL COMM1TTKK. ASPEI HI, MKKTlvO OK THK DEMOCRATIC hepublirtn Central Couun tree, iu favor of J -hii C Calhoun for the Pr'sidency of the United States, will be h.od Thia Even inn, 14th Marcn, ar Washington Ha.l. at ha'f-past teveu o'cl ck EDMUND 8. DERBY, Preaident. JOHN H. BRADY, Secretary. mil K'rc FOURTH WARD. THE AMERICAN REPUBLICANS of the Kon th Ward, will h"M a l ublic Meeting at the SH AKSPEARK HOTEL, ou Kr d.i>* evening, March It, at half-past seven o'clock, for the purpose of hearing the report or toe Nominating Committee. and to trauaact such otner business at amy coin.' belore the Mr -ting All those friendly t > our principles erehivited to att'Dil. It iaixpccted that scleral r.b'n s/ealfrs will aildrest the meetiuK, By order ol the Astncia'iou, JOSEPH HUK'fY, President. Wsi.H. Wilson. ALi nrn o oawvr.R, > 111M Zt'm R. VALE'S LECTURE -Thi? KVBMNO, the 14th lust.. at tin* Hall of the Lyceum. corner of Brnadwsv and LispenardipMtL it tin- lionr 01 7J f o'clock?will embrace the sub) ct of the Farth and Moon, tlie (opposed origin, six- and dis'ance of the Moon, its mountains, how measured?th- Tides, especially th second, explained. Th whole illustrali d princi pally by Mr. Val 's large Globe and Transparent Celestial Sphere, which will b? fully explained. Admission, 25 cents. N. B. The next Lecture on the I'lau*ts, Sun Dial, Time, lie. on Friday, the 15th mi l lt*ec ~ GOD 1-Ty ' S MAOAZINli LADY'S0 BOOK. F JR APRIL inn?VOUJMf XXVIII. EMHEI.LISIIMKNTS. THK PROMENADE?Fainted by Miss F. Corbiux, Engraved hy A. L Dick THE PASTOR'S VISIT?Painted by Duval Le Camus, Engraved bvl.A . I,. Di-k SKETCHES OF I'AHIH?Two Engravings. FASHIONS?Three lieu es elegantly colore I Figs 1 and 2 ?Promeiade Ureces Fig 5?Morning Costume. Figures Illustrating Anejeni Fashions CONTENTS-ORIGINAL Th-; Pastor's Visit, by H. W. Herbert, Es<|. Pen plate. The Ane none, To Sketches of Pa-is. Ey a Parisian. The I'rom-nade, by Alice Hervey See plate The Ooverness?a Sketi h ?by F. E F. The Loved, the Lost, by Rev John I'ie'pnnt 'I he Night B'noiniug Crras, by Mrs. A M. E' Annan. The Dear (sir! of the Fre-, a nationa' melody, by William Walla ? "Go.E'orget Me," by George Wateriran, Jr. A Taleoflhe Rtggid Mou..t.i-;s by Edgar A. Poe. Wa-td, a Wife. Self Reunnci.tion, a Sonnet, by Mrs. E. Oakes Smith. II S'Amuxe; or, the G-. tlein.m Flirt, hy Mary Davenaiit. The Manderfields, by Miss Leslie. Helps, by Mrs E. F. Flirt. Lift, by William II Burleigh, MUSIC?The Princeton Grand March, by J. Wieland. e.d'tor.' 'I'able, Editors' Book Table (T7"Snbscriptio:i 83 per auiiin-S.nxle numbers 73 cents. WM. M CHRISTY, Ag-nt, n il lt*rc No. 2 Yator House. OFFICE TRIBUNE BUILDING, 1 bO NASSAU ST. TI1K LA 1)1 KS' NATIONAL MAGAZINE. run nt:*T ladiv.s' siaoi/ixv. io ni.isiiad. KOITIIHS : MRS. ANN .S. STEVKNS. AM)rHAS.J. P1CTKR8ON APRIL, 1814. KMRrxLiaiiMEitT* or thk Ni mbhi. THK ROSY MORN?Th? muat inatnill. em m?zzntint over published in a MMUMt eng'avi <1 by J S trUiu, alter the ce'ebrated pictur- by Lnm'fy FASHIONS FOR APRIL? F.ngatel Irom the latest Pari>iau dengus, by J. J. I'eise, and colored by Madame Qnarre. Orkiimai. Artici.ks, The Ri>?y Mum, bv Jeremy Short, Kn|. A Hour, by Mn. France* 8 Osgood. U.irnltur'd Flowrm by Mn l.vdn II Sigoniuey. 'i he O d Mansion, bv K. B Andrew. Tlin Chit |<rwa'? Gatlierii-g, by K.dw.rd J. Porter. The Awkward Gentleman, by Mil. C. K. Ornt, Lines, by K K. (Jr-ely. Woman a Love by Mrs L.J. Tierscn. Jn'ien and Co'e't*, by Helen Morton. Trie Mohawk Fail* by f* Wallace Lone. The Rich Merchant, by Mrs. late Weaver. Th> Mother's Lament on the Death of Her Chil l, by T. II. Olivers, M. D. The Wi low's Revenge, by Mrs. Ann 8. Ftureus. May is < inning, by Mrs. Catharine Allan. The Christian Maiden, by Mm Mary V. Spencer. Ho|ieand Faith, bv Mrs. L. O. llarber Claea Rogers, by b.snily II May. Fitbions lor April. Review of New Hooks. Book Table Filitois' Table. (Jiir Mezzotint. 0."r"Terms $2 tier ainnm?"iiig'e nurnbrrt l*Jk Agents, Csrti'rs end others suppiiau it ill- Publisher's pr e, t. W. II. ORAIIAM, Tribune Office, 1?0 Nassau street. NOTICK?The f'ffi-.e of the Ladies' Natioral Magazine lias been removed from the Astor House to the Tribune Buildi (. lb* Nustu street, whe'e may [>- lennd a l.rge and general aasoitsnent of nil the New Public itoins of the tlty mil Itrc OFFICK TRIBUNK BUILDINGS, lik) NASSAU ST. (SR AHA M W MA GA ZIXE, FOR APRIL. Ahead of AU in Beauty and. Circulation. a splendid portrait ok S. p. willis, esq. kmbellTshmentb. THE ORPHAN OlHLjor, (Wlmn a Place-A splendid >(> 1 engraving, eiecu ted expressly fur as by II iwden, Wright and Hatch THE HECTOR'S DAUGHTER?Ear arel for Urslum's Magai'ne, by Dick, PORTRAIT OK N. P. WILLIS?Krom so or'ginal drawing tinde cxpreis'y for th- proprietor of Urahxin's M igazme. MUHC?Au Unii ntl Hons, by I li-.s fcnuo Huffman, set to inasic fur us by uiurgio ll rm on. CONTENTS-ORIGIN A L. Our Contributn s?No. 11?N. P. Willis, with i Portrait. Lore s ol Piatcuisin. Phi* Wstrrmsn, from ibe German nfl r the Old Danish. Honnrt, Rom * Kell by the Wsvside, by Kizibrth Okes Smith The Keeto 's Daughter, by Mrs. Ann S. S rphens. Childhood, by lleiny W. Lomrf ll iw lls'etud Kate a Hr.v Story, by M s K. K E'let E?rl Albeit's Bird, n Acol>h Sung, by Mrs. S. F. Osgood. 1 he Homeless, by Mi*s Alice lle.vev. Reminiscences ol Germany?No. 3 Ktmily Pride, B. K. J Growl. Translation of I. 'ji|o's Honn?t on the Portrait of lliltacrlle. byh'ins"!', h? G. W. Berthuor. The Return; by Mrs I*. II Evim Th- Betrothal of Mr. tjuiot, by Mist W. Barrit gtou. Korat .lustngs, by Hmty W. Rockwell. I lieln. the Virgin Hostage,by Henry W. lierbe t. Ti e Dying Oil!, (rxtrwt f.oni an unpuli ishrd Poetn,) by Mrs Lyilu J n? Piersoo. Molly lirar, by Jas. AlJrich. The Orphin Girl, or He king a PI <c,by T E. T. Talk wi h i nne, t the close of the Year, by Mrs. L. 11. K, ( Higouruey I he Maiden nl the Skies, by Isaac k. Hh'pherd. lisis $l|ur nnnm; single nnmh rs. 2'i cenls. Addres, W GRAHAM. Tribune Omte, Hi# Nassau it. NOTICE The fllfi e o' G* sham's Mjc.i/isi: h >t li en ri moved fr<<m the Astoh 11 i ?r. to the Tlisrsi w r.ere Ag- ills Csrrirra ami Others can be supi.lieil with tile Magarn* aud Cheap Publi afi< ns a* ih * Pu-disner's Pi ic s W. II GRAHAM, Tribune Office, ml Itr 160 Nassau street BEE i*'! B E E P f B E E F t ON ll\M> AND KOR HALE, in lots to tun pmcha era, si VALENTINE'*, is Ku ton Market, I'ltiliirrels e ura Mess Be f a choice a.tide, aR selected piece*; 24.1 1 arrets t i y tns|rer tad Mets kerf, warranted; anil I8u half barrels of I* amily Beef, ser; line i t ndeil for th- t' uthee market The ?b ir B ef is packed in a caieful and judicioas manner, ard will k 'i p good in anv clim lie without gem *g to salt. Hern in I e; VALENTINE'S OLD ESTABLISHMENT, m.l 3m*rc No 46 Fulton Market. H'A'l II-EC I AT BEEF.?Ou datarday, lilth March, will I,.. Her d f r sale ut 14 Centre marker, a pair of beau'l'nl fat ll*ifer .onl" J v*ars old, and a Pa rol Hre*r?, 1 je*r? old? rused hy Mr. Mcrritt, of I on ectirn , nron* unreil by judges to be th* be t and handsomest t'.a hair* lieen iiffrred th t season Alt i eery sup nor fat Veal s d Milt on ad ol which will he sold at prices to suit the times. The friends of the nubtcrih r, au? the public, a a leap** t'"ally inei'ed *o call anil ?ee, 111 the nu irritier, dene, com rtitin.i in eiMbitn.K (or lit k in mo (1 m .it, i? *bnve nv ntmii-d 11. LAWIIKVCK, No. 14 (.nr.. it N. B Mmn bought at rhii ?t 111 ?eut loony jur'oMhi city fr.* of. ?pe i?e. in I * 3ti?* ih PK.iisSc. At II ROOK 9, No. Ill iobeity, reel, oHcr I', r ?,le the IoIIowhik. ?'*:? :.00 Re mi, N'Wipiicr, 12 ,16 200 do HS'i42 441 do PI HO 100 do 20 142 000 "do 26 ?37U 700 do 24 I Mi 1000 do 21 132 250 do ?2 ,J2 Toqothor with oil kind, of Writinf Paper, nude by the inott celekrAled m ninficiorrii, whl< h they idler f.rr lale At the lowat mirket prior*. aM 3tre AUCTION SALES. fiKTTVi An BELl. Auction**. (Stare N0 1ft .Inn itreet.) AUCTION NOTK K?K?*ul?r Wile of Dry Good*, Clothing dud K*r cy Ariiciu fftry I u*id?y and Friday. ?*! of Kuruiturn of all de*cii|ij?u> carry Wedricadaf and Saturday. WII uonr M.eleaor j'l deter,| lions attende-l to U uaaal. mill lw*?*C Ha ?_,11"tNJAMIN .MOO.NKV, Au< liainer AllDW AM pr,, i UfLKrtV KANt V OOODS, kc kc. I ?B MOONKY It CO. will This Day at l? o'cloee, 1 at the Ami an It mm No. 91 > ml 'u l.aue, ?u.?SO') Caaka t .no ? a. d Cuts of frrtti iniMirtc I Birmingham, SlielTi-ld, CJjI* J mhi iv.d Auioric in Orniti k . kc Vi/.:?M eisks Trace i'h.iin?, Corksuf ?>ri-i?s descriptions A****, IJfaCf ?ud huti. r'i r*. Compasana, 0,lwtane -tncia and 8ha?iuj OUt ai.Coituier Scal.e, Mtrb'ee, Woodaaw 111 id-s Biatt St-irK>la P.iuuel uol "ami S,... kc. kc ? tngeli r with ail eitenaire assortment of Heavy and Shelf (mods, haicy Goods, kc. Alt'!, an rxtensi?e aesortrrent of P-u and Packet Cutlery. Alto, a large assorm*ut of duo Table Cutlery In dj/entand iu aetla A'ao, 10 caam (iunt and I'istola. Alto, 101)0 dozen lino Ki g'lah Sc. a. or a. Alto, 10C0 ili./.on trotman Scissors, on rwda. . Alan, 2 caaka Br tauaia Tabli and Ton flpooua. Alan, 1 caak MNMO M do do Catar gnet aieuow rrady, aud the goods can tenun utd to th? honr of aale. N. B.?Tneahore talc it well worthy the attention oftheoty ' jobbing ;.a well at the c nu'rv tra* ml? U*m UCTION NO I K K^BAHt LAVHI I'm Ir.KTYJ. K VAN ANTW KKP k HYUK w.ll tell Thia Da?, (Thuriday, Mvch ttli) at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Kx* change, tl e 2 story House, II Barclev etreel, a d U years unexpired Le ae of the l,<at, I om the lat of May next The In it** ia Iron tin Veatry of Tnuity t 'hnr li and it anhyct t > the uaual coreu-cu lor uiewa'a Ternia at tale mM It*.,. A UCTION NOTICK.-h I'K.MTl'RK. Bill!S~V.AUf~, kc ?By 8NIKKKN lil'll.-Thia l>ay, at IU o'clock at 32 Ann street, a variety of new and aecond hand Kurntur*. comprising Sidehoa'd", 8 fa 11-lat aJ.t, dieting aid lam Uur*au?, Bedt. Bedding, Mattraaaes, wash Stainft. Toi'ett, mahug my ( ha rt, Korliera Carpi-ta, gliat Chi.a Wars, Hinua, tea Tablet maple and faucy Chair . kc. IURDS?At II o'clock, a choice .collection of supeuor song Canatie*; alao Cages, k : mit lt?m JOHN BNIKKKN, Aucuoraer. A. C. TUTT1.K, Auctioneer. ? ?? HAUDWAUK. CUTI.K .k , OKKMAN 0001)8, kc JACOBS PLATT'S K.leve th Spriug Trade H*rdw*rr aale thiaaeaai n, will take place Thia It o'clock, at the axles rnnn, 21 rising 250 pack get a "I lota of Birmingham and Sheffield llrdwt e, Genial ' ooda, k Also, 10<l lots of Cutlery, cora sting of talilj and dessert Knirea and Korlta^ ren and pocket 1, 2, 3 aid 4 blade K ires; scisaora nax.iri. ?c Alao, Kentucky and Alabama Bowie and Iluntii c Kiitvra; sp-?r point Dirks, Daggers, Itf. suitable lor the Southern aud I Western markets | Alao Carded Cutlery. Also, 5 1aJ'- (rTii au Slates, 2 eiaka Slf.e Pencils, just lauded. Alao, Pistols, percmvion capi; Powder Flasks, Sc. Terms 6 moi (iatilngii'a now ready, and the good a cm lie axiniard till the hoar of sale. mil ii*rc T HURT *A I. h. . XJALL' D A Y A J If NKINn will soil?t auction, r.i the MerAA chan's'h. xrhinge, ou Friday the 15th mi', et lJo'elork. about seventy-tour of ih? most valuable l ots in ibr vicinity of the Bavin of the i ide Water Canal, at Havre dv Grace. ni12 4t*ec A CARD. IHAVK taken the Store No 91 Wall etreet, for the purpose of transacting a MKNNKAL AUC'I ION A.NU COMMISSION Bl'sINESS. CotiaiKuinen'a solicited. Sa1 a guaranteed aud cashed, or a Jv.iiices made when requir-d. JOHN S. BKTTs, I beg leire t? refer as follows :? Meaara. L. *1. Hoifinati St Co. Messrs, Thompson St Ad <mv Mr. Moaea Taylor ' Heriman, Naali h Co. Meaara. Spotfard, Tileaton It " Wiren St Urintnall. Co Mr S T. Nicoll " 1*. Harmony's N> Meaara. Dater, Miller It Co. phews k Co. " Sturges, Beimel It Co " Talbot, Olvphaut It " C. St L. Ceniaou St " Th-o.VietorliDuck- " Edward O Fail* St wilz. Co " Pe '.'erater It Whit- " Babcock St Co. marah. into 2wia*m GEOH-EB UOLLINS, AuctY q'O CAPITALISTS?T|,e valuable prop?rty No 371 A Br-uidwav, between Frankltu ? d Whue atreeta, will be sold en Thursday, 14iti 12 o'clock, nt the Mrichauta' '1 lie three atnry a id ?ltic brick dvelln g and atore, now occupied t v vlr Kdwaril R. Myers, (humeri' by Diuinmtuid It Smitli.)-nd lot of grou; d iu fee,'5 by liO tnet, t i a carriage way 251'eet wide with a two at try Ini k stable in the r ar ol the lot, 23 by 40 feci The ste:e ou Br.tadiwy la Sti Vet de it. elegantly litt-'d up for th- dry go. da buainsaa. with a highly polished white raarb'e front, lart? plate glass win 'owl, niat'tia 'IIV llo'ira c.iunte-a. deika. ahelvei in rrnr< Sir Sir ami m one of ilie be?t est ,bl shod and locst <1 ttnrei iu this city lor tint business The dwelling cart i? subl mtidly and ? egant'y f.tted up iu modern style, hiving a |>riv ?te entrance on Broadway. 'I hu ar" now ren ed for $33011 per annum JwlfU vlll Im Mnlita Titl-ixrfect and teimc I l.ei kl. flit further pnrtietila's. innui e of the auctiine'rs. WILhl.SS St ROLL'NS.orof ANUHifiW HMlTH, (firm of A H horrc.t St Co ) No. 7 Cedar it. i?96tis*in BY DAVID FAltxl, 134 PEARL STREET, THIS DAY, AT 9\ O'CLOCK. ALAIt -K Invoiced Kaney (iooili, rmiaiatiiii; of fiOypa. Spilth Id Hundkrri liu'fs.l'oiigre do laucy silk Uren Handkerchiefs, Broche Shawls. Spool I'ltton, Corset Lacei, Hour Suspender llulLoua, Tin do, Li ,?n Co'lara, Satpendera, SewiiiM Silk all colon, Dressing Coiaba, Si'lr t'omlu, U**ad Purses. Nrtt do, Bags, l'a|x*r Hangings, Cloths,Cassiineres, Diaper.fcc. f17 lm*ee NFJW TiKKlflTON I'll!)PEHTY F O Ii SALE AT A U C T I O iV . M TIIK M \NSION HOUSE. aNU QROUNDB t?K fl!|TIIOMA?K. DAVIS, Esq and tlie BtLMONT aud J'ji. Bill Oil TON HOUSES at New Bright Bt.ti-ti I-liud, will be pereini tnnly sold, a' public auction, at the Merch'uts' k sctmngu, h* IIALLIDAY St JENKINS, ou *1 huraday ilm IBth dty nf March neat, at 12 o'clock, if uot previously disposed of at private sale T1' r Mansion House ii our of the ni"st splendid establish meats in the United States. The main building stands in the crulre of lliuror live acres, as now i nclosed. It is very ri'ensire and com uoilious; the mam walls a e built of ins ble, the whole surround'-d by.piaxr. n ,and all finished iu the best manner The site cannot he surpassed. It e. irr.npmds a riew ol the whole of the Bay of IVew York, extending up the North and East liners New York, croolrltn, thr Lour Isl.uul Shore, through the Narows to the (Icean, and a I arge portion of Aew j Jersey. The Belmont and Brighton Houses are both extensive buildings, v.-ry p'easantly situated, nearly opposite the Hleain'ioal L.niditig, and well calculated lor large boarding houses or hotels. kor a diagram aud further particulars, apply to H. CURTI8S, flStoMrWec 19 Wall street s<fgt wflT STEAMBOAT KOR SALE-Will he &emcaaHaiarsold ?l the Verdun ts' Kxchai ge in this city, jK_3KdK-on the With day of Man h insttnt, at '2 o'clock atnoon.hyANT i>iNY I. Bl.EECKEB St CO., Auctioneers, th- STEAM BOAT VIROI \|A, with -II th- tack e ami furniture now in or lielo. gins, to it. The s<id s'nimhoat is ' f the hiirlliea of shout 310 tons; in le gth about 138 f et, with a cylender of 10 inches and a aeren foot stroke. It is well calculated lor a tow boat. Terms of Sale and any other inforinat;on that may be dr. i el, will _r communicated oil application io JOH ? COLO AN, II J?mes ?tr?e'. Tliestesmlniat is now lying at the foot of Clisinhr-s street, W, R. m 10. 128 * ee JMA BASEMENT TO LET. at 3t, M mien lane su table ]Tt!B for a pwMef or any other business. WHlilfcM I it: I t and jLJ^dry basement i'osseision giveu iiuu eui itely Inquire of J. i. YON, as above. tall 3t*m WKDDlN'lr PARTIES, n A l> I. 8 H O U T 8 , tV c . OUPPLIED v lib all llu1 different varieties of Putry, Ired ' ' Km t, I'ouud and S.euge Case, Ornament d Pyianiids, nuni i nse in an Mr ininr-i,i ? i in Irs nil I I- e Kre ll.'Sl ass onmrut uf Tm Cake that i:iu be obtained St any establishing ut in theeiy. Also, all kiudt of Biscuit, from l'llo. Bread to lb* sma'lest Pic-nic f r the lib!*, Kicdi Piea of seasonable variety, Puff Paste fvrmi for Dinnar Parties Orders tu.uikl'ully rer ived and ?-ntto ane i art *f the city cr countiy JAMKH TOMPSON, At 'hi1 Premium Bakery, 10 Li?|>euard, near Church, lull I in * in R.\< ;s?io? lull, s P k F Bui. ino bales Sic ly du. 10 balra wet Leghorn do , jus'. reciyed and for tale by 1'KK.SSfc: & BROOKS, mil I'rc 01 Liberty timet HRO W.N~HH K ETIN WS.-MJ Bab ? .,1 Bro its' Brown Sheet" ini;s, a tuiiermr article juti r reived and (or aa'e by mil Jt c I'KHSSr. & BROOKS. ?l I iberty .'reel, COPI'fcR ?200 c set EsglUh She.ithin* < n|M rr, (mm 11 to 12 oz m inulactured from the best ore in tbe m nc.refill manner. Koraalaliy K K. COLLINS it CO all It rc M Boatth streetLEACH INO POWOKR ?100 casks of Boyd'a Bindi ng Towder, now UudtiiK from tbi|i Samuel llirkt Bursal by PEK3SE & BltOOKS, mil 3t re hi l.ib?rty slieet. IJNIVKKSITY OK TIIK CITY uF N. YOliK. MEDIC AI* DKPA R TMENT. i TUB COMMENCEMENT. lor Conferring ih? Dr-gTre of A Doctor of Medicine on the Candidate*. for the Metnon ; 1843-4. will take place ou TI1UKSDAV, 14th itiataut, at 12 I o'clock A. M., in the <>hape| of the Uiaivernty. j TheCI'-rif- , Memb'ra of the Profeitioa, *mi\ publ.c generally are reaiiectfiillv invited to attend. i An Address will be delivered to the (Irar'tutes by Profe?for lUvere. I I he Procewton will move from the College Budding, in I Br<nlway, at I\Y% o'clock | N. B ? *e*t? will b* reserved for the Cfl'lim By ord r ol the Kacnity. O. 8 BEDFORD, M. D. | ml2 Jtis^rc *eer?tary. ROBERT MOPE HART, IMPOHTKK, , iVO. II N.1SSJIU STREET, CORNER OF I'lNE, /"AKeMM for a?l?, in lota to ami pmchaaera, Sc ,tch Ale. I A/ London a id Dublin Urnwu Hi ut, Scotch *ud Iri?li A In ; ketr, Dark ami Pale Brandies, Madeira, Slurry, Port, Chata ! ptigie, Sparkling Hock, Claret, ?ac. All uftha brat quality, f 23 Imis'M* THE PEACOCK, NEW D I N I N (i If n O M S , NOS. IJ SOUTH WU.UJi Vf . V. STONE STS. White kronta, iic.<r lyelmoiiieo'a. Haunter Hqgin an I Ci.e..t n' H|i|i rP3KHK New nml elegant Itoimawill he opene-i THIS I DAY, with* Table il'Hnfe, from 12 M till I P. M. Price ln-d 2> cci '? The Dinner wi I mnaiai. daily, ol Sou |>a, Kuh, Hni ed and lli.aat Jinnti. Poultry, Oaine, I'lalry, I'uudiuga, kruita, Vc , fcc. Mer? lianta and cthefi ere invit. d to male tr al of thia rc momioal and mnyeniroi mode ol dining. in I Iwinn TO THE Pi I HalC, , MHs <1 B MILL KK CO., roll Al I <) A SD HNUKK MANUKA! rUHMIS, NO 110 WATKU STRKKT NKAR WALL STRKKT Vary reapc tfully inform their friendt a id customer! that f ere |? a lafr circulation ol counterfeit and tpnrioua To hareai and Hnaff selling through the city and canntry by 1*4 lam. representing it aa ha vug br*en inanul actiiied hi rra. The stamp* are made for deception, the quality being inferiur to tl ? gang inn article That no one may he misled hv inch imp sir i >n oranppoae that we I'clr nr fall in oui ciert,nrs to manufacture nr usuil good article!, we have been induced to gia -this n la uu? Irreuda and customers, aa a caution against in s**pres- ntslion VVe pledge nurse I Tea ,n spare no c*|irn*e or eirrnon timanu factnre, aa heretofore, the ??rv Ix-st arln |e?, ai d no other. N B.? I he only peraona authorised by m !,. snppli our f"a t'Hiiera at tlieir ato ea, are Samuel ||. Hog. r. and Smith Sloane. All good* manufactured and aolii by n . are wirr.n cd, and it liol flllltrrtv??l a if rail kg rnlor,...! aa.,1 lha . I ti.leil Nolo no an inunimblc trrina a* nnv artirira 11 tin* n.ovc line, of tin* urn' iinalit v, mnnnUrtur'il m the IJni"d Mr*. (J. U Ml LI. Kith CO. Ill *to*t, fS Itni* * in ?M Wall itmt Qjfref KOH LIVKHI'OOI NMV I.INK K"?n|nr nf Mill V'?r h?'I'll' ?l l-ndid packet ahir HWHleliOHI IUS, l ant I. hn < dlina, of 1100 ton*, will nil u ahorr.h'r rmtilnr ilny. Kof frriahtor iiumir, harinl nr.Cnmrnodntion* nniinnll'd for apl'iidor or rmnfort, apply on board, at Orli-nn* wbnrf, foot of W"jI (V.VH* in CO Prim of pn*in?r. $100. Si Booth atrneC I'll- packet ship Siddona I apt. r.. B. Cobb of 1000 ton*, will tli' lloaciua, aiiJ anil the?.lh April, her rr?olar jfj, ruanirr* mnT rely upon thr ahip* of iLii tin* lailino pone nally a* adyrtiacd. Wll re AMUSEMENTS^ tPALNO'Ji N. V. OPKKA H4>r*tc. ? HAMBr:l8 STREET. Aitwi??,or One Dollar, to <1. part* of th? Muua?. L)??ri OPN t 7 F-rt-wmtucr ( > cominrucr at half pane 7 Ua\t of I'irfoi mumt?Monday, Wfdnridtiy. ami Friday, BENEFIT op W| UN OH W %P? TTI THLKSDAA KVcRlNO. Marrh It th'' prrfonnanM will ?<nnm?iiee with th* i*>"u:ar OVKKTl Hi... t a LI f KT (T.AUDIO. A'i'*..!? ??%'? ? t *?iic? ui Jrt ir of t J \n,?i-nr?, ? (IRANI) AltI A frosnELlSK K r ( l.tUulO ?i I l>? one by Sl? PERO//I. i'h *o OBLiiA I'O ou th* VIOLA, ti cat.a hv H K RAI'K.TTI Altar which tliHANU aOL'losilw Vulit *>'h m Adagiovrt Brilliant Variuioni by feu ? \PK'l 'P. To rrnelud- w >It lh?J pL'jtlTAN l " J A ' ' b> U'*"u''' of r.mra SHI"?U?A BOIUillV.HK H.r tieorge S< Val'et'in* Sir Rirli rii SikS Majocehi Lord Arttmr Talbot it Pen in I.ord Walter Walton Sm M aver Henrietta of K mice Hignora A Ikiutij Sir Bruuo Nob'rtnu Sin Alb r ??*i Tin" wlule uuiirr tli# direction of S'guor VALTF I.L'NA. ij"^ For full particular*, aer b?ll? ul tbr aiy Boa Office open frota !) to I o'clock. N. B?The Theatre on the off r.ighta will be let lor < oocerta or Li-eturra. l'be (ircateit Invention of the Age. MK, of VIKNN A, re?p?cflu"i nooi no to ike i"1 American Public, ihat be ha? auccen'ed, ell^r ?;*??rure i i in of riiierimeuMti >11 "II' *r,v i "w' ?ia ,i*S, i? grinding , BPEAKlNO ANuFINOIN'l a F'l O ..ATON. 1nil wonderful 1'iumi h ul Ui.i .ikik *.*l> vii Hi>lil(IIS tirtilatea !?liurtly eiev le'nr uf I > ! lit eo-iveraeg with hit audi tort, ami ajl| aixn end lunik in THHKE La.t*ivai.i.i, hitiitiiii, lirmita ii.d I.atix m- k.ther prol"'''*, iu accordance with ih-* tolieiutli -a? ?l ?eieul fi: gemr tlein'll, to rthihit bit lur'ution for ,t ahort time, 10 tha'the public miv lure tu upiH.itiiu.iv of wituefiut t incOTuey whiah haaeicitrjl turpn.e ,,,rt ad m ration oaf the (Cieutihc woilil. riw KAIIIUI'I IO.N IIOOM. cmer of Broad*?V?' Litpenntd tlieet. Will he ij|ien ??. ry day (-icent 8a? dtv) front 12 A M. until 2 I' M., ?ud *vr-v evening (egccpt Sunday ) from 7 til! ? o clock, l.'T" TIohiK'19, JO t ENT8; chtlUr-n under ten year? of tier. 25 canta. Tlie eutraace i? iu Liapeugru ttruet, third door en the left aide from Broadway f # lm*?? t'AHK TUKAI'tT "" Dua to ' enta? Pit 1 Cenu? "tilery 12'i (>i tt. THIS EVENINO, Marcli it, IMi. T?>? performance will com?uc with thr crlebr.ted 1*1 iV of TOWN AND COVNTRY. ltenbeu Ole uoy \1r Pooth li il Mr? tile rov .. Mra Sli.ina i To courludj with tl BOHEMIANS 'F' P \HIS; Or. tbe My?tori*? of < ri i.e ,Nloa.iMen orguil Mr. Barry Mou. Bug noli M I liipin ndtle tllATIlAn TIIICAT'KK AM) CItiCUffie CONDUCTED BYTTlC(>t1fWi-.U, * O R STONE. BENEFIT OF OTTO MOTTY. THIS XV i.VI.NU, M-rch II erloriri* cet to commeae? with BKUOUN WAR CRY After earioui acta of Horarui inahip, t iymnaat ca.Corda VJ sj'.r, Vau liiik. African Diolli-riea. kj he. Afar i, K.I. Ot'o Motty w II a p-a-. Tu ruitcliuli' wirr. OPERATIC COM (CUT, SV THE VIRGINIA SEW EN AUKt-B. ai ITCli KLL'S ill. V w i r * ' A i I vac. THIS EVENING Mar h if Tv~.. , rtn* uc ? will A comm. n ' THE A".PIN M VIH S? Mr Holland Koil . Kit A DltVMI.O. To C'-'-ol- k fh JOHN PRETrVJ.iMN ti CO. J ha Prettyjohn, Mr Holland BOWKUY A911M111T1EKATK. JOHN TRYON Van gir tud Lrura. TH18 EVENING, Much U. I8H, Tii? ("rfn'manci* 11 com mi'c wrh ln*rnlrre uf KNIGWTa II' ST GEORGE. Followed !i> Splendid Kq> eitrimia Aria of Agility and Strength, by a C in any unaurptiaeJ. To conclude i li THE FORTY THIM'ES Iluaarac C Thniue Morgitna Mra Thorna Co3? Mr? Her r ug AMUUGCAHi .tlToit fn * AND P E K P ET U A I. V A I K EVERY PAY AND EVENING THIS WEEK. Last wi-t-U, noailivrly, of SIGNOR FRANCISCO, the Mitinati and Equilibria. One welt more of the ORIGINAL KENTUCKY MINSTRELS. the bert b\ud of Ethiopian Meltnlult iu America. in plditi iu t > whom lha M nager haa engaged? SlR. WHITLuCK, the renowned Biujo I'ini Negro Melodi* M It. ?5 WILLI A MS, thi* Delineator of Irnh Character, Singer (if Comic Irnli .Song., and faror.le H rnpipe Lancer. Air. T. it. ?J,.'OTH, comir .anger. MR HOWARD, tic Vilmiat MR H G SHERMAN, tha popalar fC'lad Sii gar. t.A PK? ITK.;;,?;4.',1.!0, tb^c ail ill r I'd. [y srllir wr..-.. iw 'i am. no mi isnn-n iy repr-scoted, together wit > tha celebrated I'OLI.Y B O u I >E mid DANIEL L AMBERT. Th* Ol r'SV FA VILY, sit in nanhir, r- crutlv fr"m Oecin my, and ln'hul rnnvi tutivea of t'<* auric..I people of Eg'pi maybe seeu in >heir native costine I'lie 4ilPSEY tdlJEEN thr Kortunr I ?lli-i. may be privately coin ltrd st all houri of the day an- 'vivong PrtrnrnuiMM nn> rnnini at 1% n'c'nck, and Wednesday and Saturday aftrruoous at 3 o'clock T ckoi?2i tfati-children 'luo-r ten jean I2>^crnu. Tunt'-fire cents fiua for private eonsultatin > with theOipaey ml#rc GREAT AT Til ACTION. GRAND CONCERT, T<> BK GIVEN by the Mm.iIhs.dI I'AL 0'S( late) COMl PAnY, at CONCERT IIALI. (No 4?t> bion.iway, on Thursday Evening, March lnh. Mill. The company con?'?l? of the following Indiaa anil erotic mm \1 KS I'll II,1.1 I'M M . S wHAKI'K. M'Ss BRUCE MH LYNCH, .MR. KNKAS*, MR llOLMAN, MR. KAVANAH PROGRAMME PiOT I. Gyprv ? I- horui ? from A milie Bv ihr Company Mime? As I view now thvae sirnei so chinning' Mr Kavaaan Song?Theraptarr dwelling Mrs I'hiLipn Mocg?Ah my holes foi?v r blighted, first time. v.r Holmaa Snog?!'? nclhiui rlsr to do Mis Sharps Ty rolienne? l.rt ui heste to ih? mountain By thr Company Ball id?Thy purine look of Morrow Mr Lynch Hong?I have froi! I hare tinners Miss Ira CO S ug ramie? Mv l.rngur and my h'ar ry Mr Kavanah lirinil Dalian Duett, in imitation or MirO'.ra Porgi"s and Siginir Lairbiwasgorn. Mn Sha.i* and Mr tluaitettr?She's lost we know ?from Si ironmtula By thr Company PaiTT II (J ?i.d liuintrttr?With Wonder, Irom Cindr'lt--Bv Company Si ng? Atillism Tel: Mr Hotmail Motg?YVh-i* ii th? Mn Phillipt -oiig comic?The Mt-am Arin Mr Kaaanah Hong?Y'onug Jemmy's gangirg after Mra Sharp* Ch rns?Dandy Jun, with original re s*s, Hy ths Company Chortia?I'aner, he boatman ilance By the Company Ball id?( ouie ait tiee down Mr Lynch Song?Take your time Mus Lncy Miss Bruce Snug?'I l.e (.ainblrr's wife, lirat I mi Vr Kneats Kiuala?I hare riehea thou lint beamy Bv the ( -myaiiy TICKETS ONE 8HILL1 NO? To be h>d at the d.?or. Doors owu at '|uar(rr to 7?comin'uce at ,'a before I o'clock, in 14 It*war PALMO'S OPERA HOUSK. A CARD. OIONOK RATKTTI b -f% tn n,f >rtn the p?tr?n? of the Opek ' rn.thtt Ins Hinelit h tiiik Ipti po tp<ine<l iu (aror of Mr. 1'alin-i, il i> fm?d to ttke placa on Thur day, March 14, an wlm-h occuiou In- rrapectlully aulic ta ilint paliona ' and aupnort. Tre performance will c .mrooiiee Willi the brantiful and popular Ove-ture to KI.I.HK. KT LAHU'O. Afrer which, by particular ilea ire of icroral Aiiiiteura,a OH AND \ It IA Ironi l ine ,-t ( liuilio wi I bo aung by BI(iR. I'KRO/ZI, wi'b aii OBbltMTO on tin* Viol , rircnted by SHI*. R Afh.TTI. which, a (in AM) SOLO on the Violin, with an Adi(i? in<J U.iili nt Variation*, by SIOIl. IIAPKTTI. To bo followril by tho Oi*ra II, PI! Ill I AlNl. N. I) ? Signer It i|*tti wonltl i'apectiully intimate to the holilor* of the ?oHi?n ticketa that tbrir arata will bo kept opou until To'dlar morning mttnl4 rr (TiMPLIMKNTARY HALL. rrH K 8'IHOLARS OK Mil. UK. OK A.N VAI,. wishing to A giro him a mark ' f (ho high eatimati n they hare for him n? a teacher and gentlein tn. haro r t to tenner bun a comi'limoa ary ltal1 to take place nu Thursday hremug, 2 ?t mat, at tlin Aiiillo Saloon, Hmadway. Thov hep# 'lio furmrr pupila (tin! fr?#ndt) of Mr IV (iranral will embrace thia occaamu of mini,* tlirirold iea< lirr Tike'te n be had of miliar of tho following lloinmiiw? J Von Noalnnd. J Cli'impaop, M. Miller. W I'nral, D Latum. w Mildob-tfor. K. i>. LAWHKNCfc, P eaidfat. J. T M. KLI.VB. Sacretarr. wit Itia'rc THS HH I II 1NM Al, II AI.I. in * id n( the Konda of 1 the llr.ttllKW BI'.MK.VOI.K NTSfM l? TY of this city, will tike p| *ro mi Wodiio day, '.'0th '-Inich at h * Apollo Saloon, Broadway. 'i icket# can '* procured of M. >1. >U \H. K?q . rmi,lent. M MK'lf M.Ij, H *<| . Vir# Petid nt. 20| Broadway. I?. (Mlllil IS. K?<| .Tfwinr r. Il l (/hat!mm *t. Or :h* ugd^'tigntd l < mn,nifc? Jmeph A. Jfckt'in, 04) How. ry. Pril?p Pike, 57 Broad KTfrt Mark \ etry, 40 Mai I n ban# J. I. Himmonrlt IMOirl ititit. .V A. Kiu? 15 WhtiIwi. Lionel A. Mvh i, 50 lifadi* tr?*\ ' n? 11 <* ?% in CHATHAM TllKATHi:. Tni MiMr Mirch HlS, 1114. THK LALIKS AM) O NTI.KMc.N gH at this * ett\bli*hrv e it f. r Ih e-t?wMt; ? ? ? an* re .o*?;ed to l?K itth* Olfii r, on Weuu -?d%v oeit, tl :e 2<H . Arnuig#m-n'ah t ",t? b*en in r'** for the 'llnatrr f> f en on .Monday v thrfth. j >1 H:I>TT, rr?14?c Arting Manager OTRANHKKS BEWARE. IN THIH A4# K ok MI V M l<V A -n HUMBUO. ft i? rr.ort i-r. jn.rt n! o ih ?,e an i ri-ni ..J |di\sit 101?DR. J. K. V A N 4 has r-.M( ! hi. Old 0?l. u's II.-. I Dispensary to No. lit P-ar'. < .r of Ill-kin i " "r oh f >e eontiuuvs hit most estr.i.rfiii.ry ni " ?!' J.'"- .liaeaae-, no matter now ri mpto ?t ) He ippnses lis criteria And -t vnrri that the-e is .hi l)i K. nt in Ins uM Man and hat h-has no whater-r will hi. other office III* chaises aic tnaderate III! r -it n'tili- as -t'lflv private. \ |J _ll .i. ii ilie i iiinh i - ini '?U. | r-often d inderoaa? 28lt Pes-I si Medina's i <1 ' r? tin s ie t to any put of the Union, by a tie ii 'ars stating Hi* < i?e, slid . ni losi k five ilollara. 14 ll'W n'a\VIN V. ? fiO hales Bnil|>nrt mann'setory, eom|.risinf( *? I rnint'leta i.sotttneiil Iroin tn 3d lbs aver, sniieriof article I-or ?ila h> K K t iOI.LI > S V ( O. 14 It tc M th ?4|t It. \\r It AI'PINO I'AI'KKB? La ire and s -.alt ait I, of virions > v .|nslities JUvt leceive ' .1 ilfo s tlelirnM ille Pf.RHBK It B'lQOKH.fil f.iheriy.t. CHliK BRU K ?II,MC Ooran l ire Bit k, jost received fion 1 Olaago * . and for sa'e by PKRSMh It BROOKS, Mi if 61 Lib iv reel. PPAHHANT'B COMPOUND P XTRAI i OP "< M'AI V'A AND t:i Bf.HM ?I his me '.in e has bee, r* flu I re ly use I oa sliipboA't' and in the Jtou' .ein .. ; mol i, |eiferaiile to any oth.-r The niif .rtunale paiie it p. ? . in this a sure remeoy, has no orc.aion to make h i roe public, and without an\ apt lieai.on to a medic,I mm. wit' i ir r.atr.ttioa in dint or cnnhnnmniit, nnda l ntw ll c?wructml v i" * f*w d?ya at a triflina ni|inti<* and a tatmi nf Imito* to ? ?*n itira |?rann. having thin in Inn inarh a dx-in. (>or aid*and i Inuant tnirndy. Kor tain aaho'n-aln and mt il ny JAN1KH TAHKANT, P uibuI, fcc ml Jwn'n- cnr lliwn*ich ?nl \V armn ata. fortuuuksk fkma Le fills. Til KM I firf mndaod enl-brnod Pills, fn.? Portncal. am wa |>nri:ni*n, to bn obtijmnd in thia c matTT Una ad* an ma rat na th? 'ait enlatnn ( nrtS r?#a

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