Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 14, 1844, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 14, 1844 Page 7
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UTANTEB IMMEDIATELY?Br ?or?l young men totrw *" licit anhocithen end collet none foi i p paltr p-ncw iMl. They cut come well recommended r"t tbrir bounty end MMtwriee. To iiih, good rtn, 1c, mr?' wi I he i ieeo. Ap> ly 10 Israel POST, II }:ii*re ) A?c#r Hence. INFORMATION WANTED, 0y RQBERt 1 VTHEHLEKI'- UO? N, ofChrl'mhsm, EogLnd, who tin't" Mi- ouuln in I83G or 7. He wor. ed for hu ouc'? Uiviii Buwu in IVietinrgh. Pi., it the bikiug braloem, tome urn*. Hea'pre-rde wen to Mobile Ale., eon worked tt lh. hi; c tride Mr Oev u Ynilie He ?u bat Verd fioa in A?|?it. 1839; ?x.,i aitir wnich went dewirj on b?< d aon.e bull run- i g < n L e nohile, Miccicaippi. or Ohio >?il Wibnh r. ere. Ind nrt i rormatiuu bee been rrceierd that ti e .trin b it inet wi h ci ?c ideut lud that hi wia drowned ill at'euprln. to ejr*ie If tivine hinge won.d now he about M. Tweni. doii.i c and > bro-hor'e til Ee tiunka, will to aireu to an one who can u re certain inmetion nf him. I mm or den), by ad Ir'aa.ny i Irlier to K.eick A. Bjwu. No. 2f< Bowery, >?w t orb mT i w ?m TNKORMA1 ION WaT^TEo of t. MlbUU.a A aetire of Now Y> rk, and * Beam in by i r feacioi j wh.a lift heord from he wna in Br d< I Ku? lin-i. m l?*0 8' ould he be irve, lad return to New York liewi 1 hewr of aora?"hunt to hu advantage. on ipplvuigto VViiliiw sue), B*k?r, No 111 Chef kr? v u " m7 1milkw*rie INSTRUCTION. l A FRENCH LM'Y that cm t**ch the French aud German Lai.uan, Momc, P auo Forte, aid ai?y kind of handwork, dot !*? to 4, aituatlou *? n gota neat of ehildrm She cu pre#-at the b< #1rvcomoieudut oua. bo hat b**n lor two yoira at th* i*pumh Alabama do .a. ai d eave* hit hou?* ou Che account of th a gvutimnaq x m??k to Enr?pe For fu-th*r trenail ion. apply to Mr. SL vi'te I'flO N?, Spanish Cohsul, "!."d .tw#C n" 115. ad of Mr. PIN rtllX. No. J07 Bmlvtf. ml J;?w 2w*re POST OFFICE, New uhh. Much 11. 1(44 "PASTERN MAI'?Oo and i >e ilu< day, au'il furtheriiria lice the Ea*t?ro 8lr.mvi?-l Mail to Hoaton will De close1* M thi. o*ee dally, ?a-d>l Suuilavy, at t! rry miuurrwputJ o'clock.P. M. JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM, mil 3t*rc Po t Muw. OPENING OF THr. ' Rk "IME.VUAL CAMPAIGN or i?i4. ANNTVER8.IH V HIRTUIXBY QF AN DUE W JACKSON. D E MO C R A TI C CELEBRATION AT THE ItHOAOWA V T A Be.i.NACLE, FRIDAY, tike IMA Afar.-A, IS44, at 7J P. M. MUSIC ? OOJC. ORATION GJUiSKYOOllT MELVILLE, Esq. ODfc. The fallowing Gent'fin?u a e n.riuM to addie;a rhe Mittu>gi? Jam's Bucdmu tu ol Prank) luiiit?Thctnti H. B nt -n of Mo ?>Senator Hunr/u nf l-nliaun- lion M chiel II iffmau ?Hon. Robert H Mmra?Hint. J hn W. Ed n. otU?Hon Ely Mo. r.?H.-n Ji hn McKMw-Jjmri T. Er dy, Ktq -Joi 0 Hat, I. TildOil. ?.,<|?A lie.. M 3,.llf-u, Etq?L, #. Bbeihard, E><1 - Wm .VcMuirty, Eiq JOINT COMMITTEE OF AKRANGEMENT8. _ . GENERAL COMMIT 1 EE. / Thtw. J. Agi.ew, oartle't Smith, Chae. A. Secor, G A. Conoyer, Gco-ge B own. ?OUNO MEN'S OENEKAL COMMITTEE. Junes B Nnhdmon. Uan.'iri Me.rike, Richard B. Council v, L B. oh ppud, Albert Uarnsey. CENTRAL COMMITTEE. 1 hoc. 0. H ,rr-?eu, E B. Fellowf, A bra. B. Puidy, E. L. B. Brooke, Ja>. M. Hedges. COMMITTEE OE CITIZEN8. John H. B wie, H. P Baiber, Levi D. Blamm. Joy. Ilose, Jr., Joo. M. Bkodgood. mil 3t*re TWIN H E I VE R S. THE CELEBRATED toll It WHITE TWIN HEIJ KER8 ru.ed mid face! bv Mr I livon N-whold.oi Burlington Conn y, Ne ? Jrr rv, can row be een/nc of cxpel)**, at Vauth?ll t)x'f, ev ryi'ny un il Mn day unt.vih. they will be cibibited through tlse puncipal suetU of L-.e eity. Theee He!f ri (Po'ly an-l Kuan El aubMh] are, without donkt. the lug ?r and fs'le.t ever ra-i'd in h cou. ir;, b?i :g foil til ytara old lliir s;-r<i.g an weighing Sfl'O pou< da. 1 lot public iu genial an* i qu-tU'J to call end ice lor them aelres On Wdsftilnv ne.tfhev will b?ilaun-'iteied mid evnom.'d for nle on Saturday, lh? Jtiih in?txit b. THOM AS M JVNKIMB. *?i* I .>? 3H Fu I ion Market. N. B.?None ?th*r than Ilef.-r B i f a ill be vgpcsH for s?le on theakore named tttl! on said duy u.13 3l*re THE PUBLISHING AND 1 :M l: OR TING-OF BO< )KS. PARK BEVJAMIV aNU * I ..LIAVI YOUNG have thi? day t rme.t a Hip rm-r-hip f.r the Publia a d Importing of B .ok.?th* (urine h .vu g wi h Irawu fr >iu the New World" nUbl.vbinrni. I he bo?i? ? will b c.iriedou nde. the style f UKN'AMI St VOU.NO, M*rch 12. 1814. at 62 .oil., at.eel, New York. rnl3 lw?rs POUND?A ihart mice, a Go d Braee'e . which the A owner can have by describing it au I [uvine en eiee*. Apply to R. 8 Matt'l lN. m!3 3'rc 32 Tr ni'v Place. TO THE AMERICAN LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. AKUENCH OE^TLI'.VUN, i wi nt>-five year* old. having been se-ml ye r?T?a'fer n a Colle e of Pa is. would he happv rob t>ow every day soup li .ura in living private lei one in the French Language curing hi* ?nj u-u in th;a city. If you with to lean rapidly tin* b. ui.ful and necrua y lacgnrga and to h ve toe b.?t I'ariiiaii ac e t, you must write to the Follow tug directh n mid you wil' -lit iu . xaitly what yon deiire. .1,11 X G. DL C vL MONTIER, m 13 1 * re 93 Urdu rrwt nH)NGUk.8?2c dor H iperiur 8 ?oked Touguri, cuied to A keep in any climate?for a I- by mli 2 m K K. Ci LI.Ixa ACQ . 36 Sonrh at msft "loa <rpHE SUBSCRIBER hereby i> forms his friends sat] ths A puMie, that he hvsco?'in uceu to bate Pn*o er Bread for the eotmint holiday*, SDd nc now res 'y for del. very. Notwichstsndoic that he l>a? counseled ?ito the eonxrega Uota Jtmhi Cktmd Shari Shumaim, and ltrth ferae/, he stili dull (eel happy io supply ptr.out ht longn g evru to oiuer coogregations. Tne majority of the memb-i* of the klm rtrret eeegregation haying elrently sent iu theirorders the.-u scriber feels ceafident that ihu noble aud t-.d-i-ipVut et-mpte will ue followed by others, who *houl I be nmila I) aituat d in >egtrd to the.r own eon; legation, who can art as ih y please without being naderany restraint. M. S. COHEN. TKRM?-mx?a of a superior quality, six to the pound I at ail cents; uie*d eight cents per pound. F. 8 - Orders taken for all kind* of Cnhaa for the approaching holidays, at hia Bakeiy, 43 Day street, or t?9 Dome meet, f20 Im're wpHE SUBSCRIBE" in>end< krvpiug Winter e* for tlie #u- I suing Fastover, nD3 at 96 Cstlierine stuet, where I those of his trends, that willhunw him with a call, cm ha furnished with the heat quali y, at he lowist ma ki t p ice*. The Coffee and Spire gr uud, it r.quir d, an J sent to any pan nfthe city Irre ol ripenie The abovi Uroerri's wi'l be raid? for sale on Tn??day, March 12. lM4. Ordera received at 72 I'd 96 athrrn e tlr et. m7 2w*rrc L. M nlTTKKBANi'. urricc or j..rr?;iios inivntnci 1 No 36 Wi.l si, up;* site toe Kiehvxe. 4 "PHI9 Coaiiwiy eoutiuues en lusn e ocml l;im and D- a inner by Fire on gro-ls, wares nno irieichaodixs, and also OK loan by ink nil u.meaiion on vessels and ibrir cutaoui. DIIUXTuHS. Thomas W. Thoi> e. hlisaa riiuga, 1'noinaa T. Woodmlf, Anson Biher, "f?j K Kobi?n, M. D., Jar h u1. k", Thompson Price, Ji>ae,.h Al en Moan Ja . ea fc Holmes, John R. DaviJson, John P. Mooir. John H. I en, J m a R n hlllai, Caleb C. Tunis, Win. K Thorn. Krai.cis P. Bur, Thi m i Moirell, John C. Men ill, un r hoc rt THOMAS W. TIIOKNt, Tr-s dent. OKO. T. HOPV, Secret.i v. ml m tiENULNE TEAS, WHOLKSALK AND RKTAIL. THE CANTON TEA COMPANY, Pri$uipai Stmt, I'il Chatham afreet. New York. Branch Store, 8 IB blerckn at, N Y. JlR**cy ut 116 Fulton ?<r?et, Brookyn. MIn, oorncr of Main ami Yon I lout on rt, batman, N J. TNVITK THfc ATTKNTION OK CITY .sND COUNA TRY rami lira nod purchasers to cbeir several establish mrnts, where they think will be found by fa' (he heal ,e> lection of pure and ou ado Iterate'I T?.s in the United State*. The on irenal popularity and reu. ?u ol their honae, with relerrace to high qn ilitiea low prices and upright deal inn, is too welt understood to rentier further cutnmeut necessary. Original and only warehouse for 'ha aale of Howqtus'a Black Ten Obeaea e-8tranper?v> ill t<r particular to remember the num ber of the principal store in Chat'mm street.vis: "131," between mil and Roosevelt iimti. The public will also he pl-waed to take notice, that tha Can' toa Tea Company knee nothing to do with any other stores whatever, except those tlescrihed at tin* top of this advertise want fls tm?re TO COUNTRY MK.KCHANTS. DM. PKY8KR Ik CO. (lately removed irom the eorner ol William and John, to No. 6li John t'roei ) offer for sole oa liberal terms, wholesale and retail, the following articles, received by recent arrivals ? Berlin best Zephvr Worsted?the moat complete aeeortnsent in CanvYss'fbrTcmbroidery, of cotton, silk and wonted, in all widths. _ Berlin Embroidery Paitema?of the choicest and newest description; Kmbroideries, nuished nnu commenced on meet, silk, worsted and cottou, walked iu the moat taatefnl Parisian style. Tassels Mr Hair Dresses, of cold, silver,ami silk and tinaelleri; Bracelets, Combs, Hair I ius, and a lai|t? variety of other bnant ftil Paris Kaucv Articles. Purse OraamenU?hleel, cslt and silver Beads; Eagle', Purse Twist, plain and ?had?i. in stic t snd sikioIs Em'jroiderj and flower Chenille, ol silk Sill rne'al ai d sib. Al.rv L'. ...I.i.nrta anil I '.nrr! At (I l uiaq!* linlMirtAi) Add nl their own mauafa tiurs, of Bold, silver, silk. he. all colors ami widths iTT" Brut eh Store at MO Broa'lwnr,(form?rlT dJ7 Broadway.) fT Imeca rpilKM CARRIKK PIOKONh?Kor s..le a lot o'frrsh in A ported Pigeons, roraisling of black, blue dan aoo white Camera; while and Pied Pouters; a kteat rarietv of Tumblers of ail colors; blue B IJ lle.ids ; b nek do, sinter do buck Beards bine do and rilser do; Almond I umblera; nlack, bine, ellow and white do; III gtpies and Turbuits, of all the kaown aolors Also, aqaan'ityof the fsr fsmed Antwerp PiRrens, so jostlp eel brmlsd lor their estnordiusry power of dyiug long, aud re turning home from almost inereuible d.stances. Call and sea them, at M ilnulestreet f?lm?ee H (IHOOM PACKkT IHIPPPONKK Irom New Orleans, is ti c argink at the loot of P ke str et o, eigrtes by this ships will please att'nd to tli# teceipt of lh*ir no ds immediately. nil JilC pAi Kk.T SHIP IIUNiHVILLK frTm New OiliTns is A discharging a> Or e ns wh'rl" f-ot of Wall .nee . Consignees bv I i? hip wi I p.'aase a.tend to the receipt of their g ods immed ately mliecV pACKkl SHIP UUIM.K from hr? Orleans, is i is httgA mgsl Jone. wiisil f ot ol j i.. s'lane. Cons gue-s by this ship will pit',?? attend to thereeei'tol'is immediately mil c OA* KK1 sMIl LIVr RrOOL. I'om Liveipmol. Coa A inrneee j?r Ih ? T?as-I wi I pie. so semi their i* rm Is on b^rJ f?!OioiDofff ilitt'tp or to tii* otiic^ of Iht mlMCiibc/ip tt irlt ut <i'Uy , . All go d. not permitted in lire day. .re lishle to I* rent to peblic store. WOODHi I.I. k .VIINTOR \ H, mlO 5t*c ________^ Hou h itrfff. f P.CAKKtH.I.'iOLU btlTABlTsitkO MhUlC A I KD j VAPOR BATHS are aell kn ~ ui be e.? an || . eesaary st this seesjii of the year, wlitni ?e sysum r quires an aa<iliary to tmew off (lie cut cle a> cumulated our,t g winter which by remaining on ih of the .mo.i rodoee. eutaiieons, colds, ilieeaiitism. sen: ,t freer he They are in orertion at U c.iunliudi ?t <-t f oin o'el en in the morning till > o'cWk st nighr. S ilphur Ra'hs r qn rr one bo ,r's notice Portable V >pt>r II nhs ami B i li ug T lis se?t to am p*rt of the cuyrrRoklyu. mrltlwic BRITISH UPkU,Ik l(..?rat.oeirrd th-ugh engliad *ad h si,re Acer'a-n cue tor lionor Ine i, (ilirt, A fce,, without any d uiger of laairg c'Id o- susy * on r.on bn?.n?'S; pleasant to the tote and fr-- IiOri in arr, combining neithrr m-tcary rr antimony. l or ?it n J II II it co.nar Broadway and Chsuliers ; ' . liluitsu', cuer Brviaa and Bowery : aud ltd Km on s'reei. Itr - a y n, and w>ole??la at ^IcvUAMcKcsaoii, 1J7 Mmd-u late, N. \ . UU lm*r? i It- 'Krinf ?-m ??> ? v * fft TH k Kit Di)lLAK HATd J. H. MONABQUE oalU ihe a.lruuou of the public KuiH*u, M the iiry tow iwiet of Tbtm Dolian^llll Bowery fa4 ! ' re SPRING FASHION, ft BROWN fc' U.'HUm fric*d Hal Stow, 1T? Cha'bim J> Soutre. come* ol Mott etieet. wW- feahion. beuiiiT, duTbility and ecououiy ar. combined to adoiu the head I be proprietor* ba?# .he pl*a?iir-to offer a iu? ?fyl? of Hat th* imitation of bea?er, wh ch el tely rwmbtn thoan fuira-rly ?o!d f. r fj aud t?. *1 to* low Died price > I $3 Tl o*e, n ho fruui inrligation or .ece-eity. are in JUOrd 10 (tndy *io. omv in that inditpeneable article of dm*, have now an opportunity ol doing to, aud ?tul ktep up t * appeanmie of Ike mo?l faabiochle BKOttN * to , in preaeuting thia Hat to the public i toy nan ueari y r acneo tne ultimatum oi beamy, cneeputss,> ? , dumb I Cy and eomlort f the wearer. All sales arr for e all, th'retore ro rood customer pays for Ioim iiieurr-d by lb* bad BROVVN k CO f 24 lin*m PS Chatham S<iure, snrner of Mott street. ~~ S O ME THING NE W. fa THK SUB RiBKK rest ectiuliv annouuees. that his J^aSprirg Stvle of lluli (now fatly) are constructed on g plau tliUVirut from oiiv bent'ifore used iu this con-try, and which to is cot fideul need* only an elimination, to coneiuee g* i.tlrmen of iu s'tperinity. It ha* Lara a jual cause o' c niplaint, that the tar on the edge of th* c>own *000 went on end lh"< gives to a Hat an apt nuance of having been muelt worn, whil' thvoltor (Mtu an* c misumttvely perfect This serious d feci lite auhecihrr t a* been enabled to obvist* in such a in uner <t* not to interfere, but on tfce oontr-ry, to iiaprOfe the air au < contour ol U.e ti t. , , . , , All iteutlen en are 1*t( nested to call and satisfy'theuiielvee of lite treat superiority ol the present method over all other*. JOHN N. UENIN, Hat and Cap Enuhliah-w- t, No Ml f roadway mr!lm*rc Oppniit* **r Paw< % i '>'"** " LuOK /T THIS! JUST RECk-IVED, by the packet ship jmd-mn-1 ILeUs, from at i t the be it article ef40"Sf tgthptletrietr'? h tench B oU ever seen. ana now uUeim, wholesale a d m 1 at tkr low piice of $6. The beat attte'e of PTwclt Ca>< B00U, made to weaiu e- $' 00 " ' " o h Sole Boot* J 00 " *' " Wat r fr of Boot* " " " Lithe' alf Sew d B $1 to 3 10 fine t all Shi ?, m .det" uaeaa ie J 00 " " " Worked Slippe a $1 to 1 25 And the greatest a**or ineitt ol alt kinds of Boots and Sheer in fashien. adiea iu f i> stite yu will find the greatest assortment > f Gaiter Bo U that can be found iu this city, and nil k nds of buskiu Slipp-ra, T'M, Bntton 8 >ors, Piuurlln Slippers, wh tr. Mack sviu. nod ell other kudu and colors. Al o, the greatest assortment n' Boys' B >ois and Shoe# Misses and Childret s' i f a'l kind* to I e found in thi city; and all of 1 ur own mtuolaolur , >nd 1 f the 1 est Kir-ch g >ods, a d warranted to be the best, a .d as cl aip as the cheapest, at 3<7 Broadway, the corner of Franklin street. GREGORY k C AHILL. m9 Im'ec 3S7 Broadway. N. Y. J BOOTS AND SHOES. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.' ALL WHO WEAR the abov? articles and with to save money. had better lose 110 time in -al tug at lite fashionable Bo it a< d Shoe Stores of S. J* SECOH, N?* IW)a and ICI itm t, where all may suit'h mreives with an article t tat ior style or make, fasuiue and finish, cannot tie surptiseu or perhaps equalled in thiscity 8. I' S. begs to appnse in particular thoael m m and gentlemen who consider a well fitting bo 1' or natter iu ifidisiteusnhle article to the tout enarnblt of all within tn; r rust nuntrle, that la#X or '?! Gieenwtchstreet, are the only plane* u laew xork they can d peud on b ing sni ed. N. B.?Ladies and Missen Gaiters, ^Itoes, kc., always on imuii ir muivs Ti'iny (T7"'Keineuiber. INK rad Itl U'mwiehilmi.^Q f 13 3m*rc 4 O LV LOOK AT THIS ! udm the asIW tooishi.iftiow prioes ?,f BOOToaud JJJ rhat are sell.nit off it the N?w aid Fashionable i> otai.d Shoe Store, cr 't o'' (Joenwieh and Vlnriay streets. NearYo k K-nilem Cue k r?-rh aid nattv cvlfB ou double ai d aii ?l- ?ol?s l;< m SJ u S3 JO $'>0 $ I 50 and 15 per pair. Also a Uixe nw)it <. nt f g-. ib nw-'i, buys' and youths fire Cvlf sud k". S ,. es, f the mtrit s vleand best materials; tliere is also a laiR't e. t of oe priced Boots and Shoes. p- yued III d ae-sd, fur ge r emeu. buys and youths, and nt prices that will come witui, rhe etcnolul classei. The L-dtea f Nee V >rb a> d its vicinity wri'l find it to their advantage to c-M 'his est ill ishmenl aud ><e ih mo-t ?p eadid >aa<'ri?itnt< f |P-iler Moo's, tuabiiia, Slippira and Ties rf all the diff-reut col >ra and most I ash inn-hi - a'y e< The e is any qa ntity of Ove shoes and wste|r of Bu kins, itei.trineii'a atra p?-d, wi h leoher b-itioms ; Indies'il i; Moccasins uud ludii llu > bs ra, lurred I in ami lieu ?d; misses aud ol.ildun's of <11 k.j d\i.i ano di c- i d heap Do..'t mistake ilwLumbr , 253 CJ-.en ich ?treet. of Murray at WKIO 11', CALHOUA it CO. fi-28 1 rn * ?c A tXuAUMi IN U niTa a' U h Hiifca. 9 Economy beipy the order > f Pr day. the sub-4^M Vscriber invites the atleut on of he public to his i.r?e <u^Vaortmei.t <if Hoots fo il 12 ui wards. He will sell at the low price ol S< 50 a soon pair of a we Boots, made in the latest style, and of to'd calfskin warranted to wear wall, of his own make. No tanker about them, aa a single trial will convince 'he purchaser He lao makes Boots of all descriptions to order, on the shortest until e?a good t briny icuaruuteed <u all cases, or uo sale, which he is cuabh d to do by la u-g a drawing of th fee , and filliHK up ami keeping rxpriMsly a pair of lasts for each customer. on liaad? Corks Is Boots, from 14 00 to 7 00 Oouole sole Boots, ... 4 00 to 6 00 Dress Boats, 1 00 to 6 00 Half Boots. 2 25 to 3 50 Dress "?hoes. 50 to 2 50 Overshoes 75 to 2 50 8lippeis, Itr. lie. at equally low prises JOHN L. W ATKINS 114 Fulton stieet, f7 lm*sc between Nassau and Dutch streets SciOTs AND SH KV AT 11 k. DUCK 0 PRICKS. Tbss-'hscr bers i ts. d us to maks a chance in business will srll ihrir pisaeut stock at very low prices for a short tuns. TU i i Lk. ?. HAVWARD, 289 Broadway. P. S ?The fixtures and 'urmture of the store Air sale. 124 lm*m ~~!$AV1S YffUK SHILLINGS. All ihat are it- want of.ood (Jailers, Shoes, ^ 4PH ? Buskius are request* 11-) call at w AL? KR's 9 corner of tlrnidway an I Canal a rret Letd' s'(Jailers, IS Muses and Children's (Jailers, of all c lors sorts and sixes ^ of the latest French fashiou?he ch-'pesL yet offered Alt', the xreilist assortment of <senU fine Kre. ch Calf Drels Boots, n. tried It ?3 Tho e who | uich se *t t is old establishment ant sure to call attain. the best evidruce of the (e?eral sstislaction his B ou and Shoes have gte, u to the pubiie. I u. Jf- Remember? WALK K's Cheap Boot and Sh e 8'o?e, 419 Broadway curnert * al ilea f45 Itn'ec TO COUNTRY MERC HANK. BOOTS AND 811018. _ WILSON a johnmiv tt 0>cce ur to J> hu a cli ar) have cm t d from U<lto ! 112 Ch, h m atreat, and i. ? oiph el their aa.oiunr t^f f pr na Oooda. c miriaini thr gr aie t rar'eu auJ log at aaaortm ut of Bnn.a and Stioea th t can Ik found iu >h? city.? I".very iliiug IU he r line, comutiog iu part ol 3000 ladus' ?1orritu B idi.ii 3Ui 0'a He,'le.ihrr il i, 3000 Indira'ct m ""u do. 50UD holies'c mini lii p ra ?>. rentlrtnen'i do, 11(H) 1 .dies' fin Kre .ch do ItOll W e B ;ek?, lO.Ogu hhildiru', Mioea of all kinds nd co lira, 0 1) so es'Iraihrra, hlark au1 e.lors ,50 c ea of geut emeu a line calf we I K ots 50 caara |<egged do, 2} ca>r, knado 2j cave lnys'a d utlia' do, tool all Other erli ich a that call i oaaibly )? ca led fyr <n the b ? t a d >h 11 ue, lorai'e, 42 hit' a a n-e: oi> o lie ih Cut I h'atc.? N. B. i h*?t're hi rned .ill !0 o'clock in t'e ereuing g riug ecu rrv tnrrcha..ta a" opie m ity to purchase when io' ntrer wiseetgiged raSlm'c BOOTS AND SHOES AT WHOLESALE. 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I UBIrff, SUCTION SALE l alP* will take yla-e a ill - e?tib iahmrnt ouTuraday f 1 * "?? 'arch 9.b. i nii.iini.eiu. at r'errn o'cloca, v> I b omagra Harness -a'd . ry at' .. ue - and aecoud hand At It 'clock a c t lo or o1" ? ry p -in Ho aea, will be offere', c. mp i ing si g> H r.e a .d u ,tch-d pairs, auitable io' ihe road, aad. lt and ,11 l u in?a?pnrp-ia.a. (vriitlrmvii iu tne couu ry u<>ii.. |i npnrty lo diap ae of, either at public or private sate, ? ill have ilu-ir urdera faithfully attended to. At Private 8*1?26 fine vnung eonnt y ho-*-*, hind and inund, jnsi in frnn the wealeu of the Si* e; too auperiur mat' hed pair* of Hay Hurra, * fire pair of Bmwu Iforaei, a apleudi" |>ai of Bay Carnage Ho<* a, o e wry Hue B>>K>at S.n Ifl H-r?e, ycung kind anu a anil. -?nol a very feat trotter. Alao.aevrral ? y One add e Hnraea Alao, at private tale, a eery oanuaome Kockaway W nun. need only one week, and a numoer of new and aecoud hi^d Barouche* and Light Wagon*. Horn* taken at Livery. and kepi in aoperior atyle. Accommodation* for dealera' horwa, iu liable* naanrpaaaed by any establishment of the kind in the Lfnitad State*. STOK \OR?Vehicle* ol all de*eripl>oii taken on a'orase in tha taree an j convenient lleiawimry ol the r*tabli*hm?nt f - f'O -VAN will atieud oerauua'ly to all orilera fur buying and aeliing hum*. Ah peraon* ae'.linc property at thi* enabliahmeot may rely npon having a true acc.nnt of *ale reuderea. and the full am nnl of proceed* ?. ill. in a'l cater, be paid promptly in cmrent mon- *. 'I he AHKNA of thi* e*tablirhm*nt ia boilt on an entirely new and moat convenient pi >n. bring deiatch d from the main buildiug and MaW*( MMf not in erlni g III the jeaat with itvery or aale hoiaea going untur in on the day of ancliou aale At a'l other 'imra toe Arena n k-|it eulire'y clear, and ifaaived for the atcomn oda'ioo of irivat- hora-a ami thoae on aale,-ffurding awry facility for ei rci?* training and ahowiug horaea CUWAN ANU DILKn, mi lm*ee Proprietor* If ALU A BLR KkM"UI ?Fur the Rate and Pkiu? ? hureh'a Vegetable Lotion, 'or ri moving til pie*. bl"?ihe*. fre* k!e*. tau. aunburu 'i >g worm, fcc. t he ear of fiia Lotion for a a' o t lime will tianaloim the moat aallow Cp'i'Ph I ion into radieat whlrenala reo era hrrah nd rou^h akin beautifully aoft and ameaitk. Sold in boLlra, 76 cent each Hur.i'MaTiaM OotiT, It! ? Or. hurcltea Raaerc* of Mac tard, fur the cuie ol rhruniuiam i hi bl <in . gout Ike Thar* ia parha a no maladv to w ich th-hu nan f am'it aubject iluit haa h-d more application* of valio alt nda adi?iniat< red aa ie. mediea thi < the h-uin viiam : nor ia Uierr aca'ce a diaord r ihat haa reaiand wilh like f-rie the at<eu,pta mul to remove it? Tl e virtoei o iheiaaeuce of in a a ard will be I'oond lo eicel thoaa of ;any oth'i lemedy whatever in the core^f the abort compiain a. Price 60 eenia For aale at CHURCH'S Diapenaarv, '18 Bon ery, m4 Im'ee Corner of 8|<ring at. UlrtKANKS OF THE KYJi. DR. R. N* I.SU.N, law ol (iana 'a P.o'eaaor of Phyaiology and Surg ry and f r many year* Piincipul Surgeon to the Hotel uiru 1i ap'b.l in Mom real, ai.n ouc-a that. In con* o lein-e of ih f iucreatr o. h a I Inhtha'm c practice, nnd in coin I>l auc* with I lie T quru* >o ieiisti >u? of .> i?ri|r inunbs of physician* wlio consult hiin on .unci tl ' ??"?. he lias hi t< r nrrnugrin nts lo dcroir * P'irti n ol 'he fweuooo to he -<ttrinl me- m.4 -P-ra'iwns on D ??* es of tho Kyc II* inn ivilorm 4 ihemai-li n of * ttiac'iou ofC.'arot morn than two 'iii.idnil nmes, his loi * rt|*,irnee iu -0'l?r?.aii hi i>|mii*>i?u * u nMirt r, nonce lnin to no h gh r quell lie .tinn will l? luiind in ih ci y (V>a i hi* 10 >*k- eli*r*? of Diso*?es of the ' V. *'0 ilint hi imTr..! ' *| e *<"tr. will b? * K i*ruiiy lo **J w?' ' ,n*y I1"1 t'cmselvit, his 'are Offiea No 77 WhiU atnwt two do rt fr m Bru olwav. cast ,M" ml I *1* Jwm' It To 1 HI sThltn P Ji 1"* loom, oi 1'|?, vyit *? iNo?p*?iel, A n SlL *" m~* ? Wo* *n.k H *M A?H? I lo aou or ^ MSUiQAL. ON STK1GTUKE AND ITS CU11E. rPHE Following few rnmrki o|wa Huiecui, it ia haltered. 1 will br deeply tawrea uig to many Pt>l>U Ul?That kriciin ia a vary cwnoa malady, and frequently i iiu in thoce who iin not the laiut aware of u 2nd? a Tory wtooana notion prevail* with regard to Stricture. Jd?That although a Stricture may long remain to dormant aa ot to b? maiwaiad, it in aiwaya lauding to othar lorma of era*) d bolder. tin?Tbit than are thraa eircumataneaa in particular by which a Stricture may alwaya be known. ith?Thm tha cure of atrieture, ecpecully in ita curly ataga. i* errum. frre from pain or iucoureuirucr, and generally Maompl iwhrd in a very littir tima. surprue if it u considered that this complaint proceeds from a oauir uraad oonorrhoee If, for instance, a gonorrhoea has been suffered to continue on Cram month to month it slides into n gleet. Now, there m no pain or inconvenience in gleet, and on llita account it is often suffered to remain for any length of tunc But it ahould be known that gleet is generally o unacted with chronic inflammation, which natnrelly terminates in thickening, and this thickening in one part or other of tfsn urinary passage is stricture; and luither. with regard to its obsaniiry this thickening may eaist without a g eat, and ,u that case there it nothing whatever to call the attention to h, so'hat the tnfferer must remain in perfect darkness as u> the reel nature of hw malady. 3?Another thmig that leads the attention off from this disor der is the errouemis potion thet stric'ure cannot exist so long as oo impediinrA to the flow of urine is observed. But this is quite wrung. A stricture may exist for years without p"Oduriug any etrikiftg ch-uge in this respect. Indeed, this effect upon the o iue is observed only in advanced and older cases, while the visible effect of early stricture is not on the part itself. ^nt eu the mud, causing lownass of spirits and want of resolution. Id?nut. although a mild or early stricture is seemingly inactive, end of no account, itisfv from being really so. It is scarcely possible for those not acquainted with minute ana tomy, to imagine the delicate and peculiar structure of tt.e part which is the seat of this disease, and how liule is sufficient to derange it. Now, this morbid condilioo of the passage, whether connec ed wi'h stricture, or induced by ntneraud pernicious causea. is ever tending to destroy these delicate org i, lay ng the foundation of some of lite most distressing of human nature. It is -u til's way that certain uuuatuial actions, local debility, an irritable bladder.and other like diseases, proceed from a mild and unsuspected stricture. Ith?Nothing, therefore, can be more desirable than to hava some plain and ready men** of detecting stricture in its mild ai d ea-lv stage; and foriuuatele, there are three par'icular circuuistauoee which for many years the author hat found to serve this purpose. They are the following. The first relates to? Thk Msnkkr or tJniweTma.?It has been said already that the stream ueed not be much diminished or impeded, and that is true; bur oberrve what happens after tins is finished, and the clo'kes are re-adjueled, and if it should be louud that a drop or two will afterward steal 1 way, so as to wet s liule, this, tnrtiui. as it may seem, will afford a ground of atroug suspicion. The next regards Thk Time a roiMi a UorroartMoa mar Have mtmairtkd Uncuukd.?It is uotso much how long ago it may hare occuried, as how long the gleety stage mayhave continued.? N<-if er is it possible in every cane to stale th- lough of time a Gleet may run without producing Btricture, fo oue is uaturally m redisiwsed to Stlcture than another. As s general rule, however, il a Gonorrhoea haa been suffered to continue for a period of from su to eight weeks, ihia weald stieugtliea any oilier suspicious circumstance. The third is Thk krmcT a or rictusk Has uron the Miivd.?This, in the early stage, is to depress the spirits and to lessen mental rnrr||7* ? ui<l oc* ?i iu rao?i IUTWUUIC rurcw. nuv winv this is seen iu the same degree in every individual, but it is so common thai, the wiiter scarcely sees s case of Stricture in which the putieot d tes not complain that he is Irs* active, aud lets capable of business than formerly. Much might be aslvauc ed to show the natural connection of the miud and generative orders, but far this the reader is referred to "The Private Treatise," wh le the tact itssll is proved by the return of mental en ergy as the cure proceeds. 4. On the cure of stricture it is repeated that this is certainfree f oin pain or inconvenient*, and generally accompli,had in a very little time. So much asthie, however cou'd not have he u advanced some years ago, but such have bten the late im P'ovrinetiu in this art, that by proiwr means, and in the hands of careful aud experienced persons, the cure is new accomplished iu at many days as formerly it demanded inouths Many also, who cannot consult the writer personally, on account of distance. Itc. undertake the cu-r them .elves and happily succeed To these i\re forwarded the most suitsblr and pr per menus, together wup the author's " Private Treatise," .indsach remarks as any particular esse may call for. The fee on these occasions i. glO. Dr. Kalph also takes this opportunity of saying that he maybe eon alted on tnow,deJic*ts diseases referred to in his 'Private Treatise"?a> his dwelling house, 81 tireenwi h stieet. New York, at any hour, and those who apply in the earlv stage of these duwdsee. will be surpri-ed at tne simplicity aud little iu convenience that atteuaed their cum. tie beiievrx, however, it is cmeily 'hose wno have suff-ied long from a certain class of advertising people aud other causes, who can properly appreciate his seivicev. Dr. Kalph liotlier considers it a daty, especially to those wh? are struugers in tins city, and also to obtaiu tlie coulideuce of every ooe, that he should make the following statement of himself Brr.ide. bis rank as Gradual* o' Edinburgh, Sic lie he lias been engaged ui the cure of these diseases, b <th in Hospital and city practise, for moie than thirty years, aud lias published three editions of a work expressly on them Alto (hit he has letters I rum the most eminent Physicians in Europe to the most eminent in An erica?as Hir Astiey Cooper of London, to Dr. Moll, of New York ; Dr. Physick, of Philadelphia, aud otneis, aud thai be IS permitted to lefer 10 almost every Physician of eminence in this city. The " Private Treatise" is tl- Address Dr Kalph. sen.. 88 Greenwich si. IU IB* re I U Tllb LiAJJlbb ' * KULLU UTERO ABDOMINAL 8UPPOKTEK. rPHI8 new Instrument for the radical cure of Prolapsus Uteri A or Yelling of the Womb, by asternal application, superseding the use of the ohjectional Pessary, is confidently re commanded to the afflicted es the means of perfect restore*<on to health, it sever having failed of performing s curs, eves undsr Che most aggravated circumstances. The -supporter has attained a very high character in Europe is well as ui this country. It is adopted to the entire disuse of peasaiies, and all other painful surgical expedients, in tbc Lying is-Hoepitals ol London sad Paris, and is universally recommended is Enrol e by medical men of the highest rank.? lii this country it is sustained by the leading members of th? faculties of Colleges and Hospitals, and by All the eminent p-ivate practitioners (looms have been 'a rate hod exclusively for ladies at No. i , V-sey street, her ar t separata entraaae from the business dean tiaeut, wliere a lady is is constant -Ueadaer- to applv T esses es -ervesn lo female oarieets fll 'vnvrc REAL) WHAT SHERMAN'S LOZENGEa HAVE DONE. MR DAY, boot maker, No. 1" Tillary stieet, Brooklyn, suffered great'y for eighteen months with emaciation, debility. a.cbnfes of the stoma- h, loss of appetite shootiug pains i* ihr bowels, his stomach neglected almost every kind of food, except eager. Hs had beeu attended ky virions physicians ana for two mouths by the profassore of ton University, and all to no imrpoie. \Ju irnuiDg vi. oiiciihu a uuua itracii|>iiTr ui iuc yiinu'imof eorms hr thoajtht they met hu cue; id ho purchased ? b'-s of Sherman's Worm Loxengcs. A few dupes brougli awsv, as he judged, abont two quarts of worms.aMl entirely cured him. A muliilU'ie nl similar cases might be meoUonrd wlirre children and adult* had suffered sll tiutffoelh from worms, and nothing gave relief but Sherman's Loieugee Onus lis Colls, Asthma, Whooping t'pvgh aud even Consumption, sre all sooner cared by Shermnav Couvh Lozeuges than a.iy other knowu remedy. Tl.ey allay the tickling in a few seconds, end enable those alietea with the most ImTainii g coughs lo *leep whole nights. The Her Dr. Dunbar. Rev Mr. De Korest. Rev. Dr Kastssoml and huodrede thousands cau attest to their hippy virtnes as otheis can to the efficacy of Sherman's Cough Doaeufes. for headache, palpitation, lowneas of spirits, sea sickness a. d lassitude, from bodily or meutal exertions, and for the wonderful properties of Sherman's Poor Man's Plaster, which costs but UK cents, aud is a warranted cure for rheumatism and lumbago, iiuiu er wmkneas in the breast, side, bsck, or say part of the body Ask for Sherman's Poor Man's Plaster, and see that hit name and his fac simile with directions for see are on the back. There are a greet many worthless imitations hawked about aud s<-ld bv unprincipled ernggists. Ksmembcr to get Sherman's Lcxengiugts ana Plasters and Truu?M? others, or yoa will llHMNi Dr. Shermanl Warehouse it 10t Niwu etreet. Agents?227 Hudson at cor 8;niujt; lta Bowery raw Spring; 77 East Broadway cor Market; <6 William it; 110, *71, iM and W)1 Broadway. In Brooklyn, Mra Havt (J# Pulton, and Mounr&iu't brag itore 233 Pniton, 8iuison cor Prospect aud Jackion at; l.i Jersey City?E Randall, Urocer. In Newark?J E Thppe and David Bryaon. Philadelphia?Ziobar It Co,I Ledirer Binld Ufa Boiton?Redding It Co.I State at. Albany?A Guthrie, 4 Slenwiv Hall ? ALLEBASl'S MEDICIN P.O. THERE MEDICINES ha> been in general use in tome portions ol tlie country for ueariy two yean, an have become ctcealii icly popular. No other med.cinet have ever |*rfunnel uch uuei|ie^ted euret at tome gf theie have durwi| the I ail riitht en monlhj Thr.t* inedirine- cou-iat of Tour kinds? THE uLACK (OR ALLEBASI'Sl SALVE. ALLED AMI'S HEALTH PILLS, ALLEBASI'S POOR MAN'S PLASTER, ALLEBASI'S TOOTH ACHE DROPS. Till*' SAI.V P. it warreuted to careif used faithfully according tn the doectioni, the followinv cowplninti (the Pi I* tometim ? being nie in connection at iudicated by the uirecuont) v Fevers, toot of the moit m.i iguuit kind, f> (Oi t, ulcers, luinort w hi lows, bun ai d punctures burnt and tcildi. rbeumal tin, ii.tlimma'ory or cbronic aoit thr at, quinary, dropsy, dit,eptn a, chilblains, *aue in the face, atrue in the br art, bile*, :.o.-a oi >.II kiudt. swelling'ol erery desci iptiou, pain in the joiuta anil muteUi, Ite THE PI l.h tie warranted to cure the following comt.laintt if uted faithfully according to oireclioua, (in tome eaten the Sale-, and in tome catet the Poor Mau'a Platte', it uted in connection with'he Pilli all of which it indicted by the rlireetigna I e t: ? Duord-real stomach and bowel,, impure blood, cliolic w r t, dytp imia, tick Head ache, lever and avur acid ttoo ach bil'i. ur and other frvera, costive, est. lung and lever complaints jourtiee tuddi n coldt. general debil/Ty Ac., lie. TilE PL VSTE KS aie admitted to be superior to any otbe-t in "te, and a-eiiking precedcncn over all o lieri for laiior weikueia in the back, tide cheat, bowels loins mutclet, feet, ilieunmitain, co.'ih . cold , asthma, lever and ague. lie. TOOTH ACHl", DROPS?Ate wairanted to cure mi ordinary I oothache in from thne to ten minutes, by p itting two driqit into the to-'h or ear. Any case of tooth acht anoint from any other cause than anrtpoturnof t ie n?r?e n ay be ellectua Iv cu rd bv an application of the Black Halve to tlie ti e of he fire afflicted. The m. dicioct are warranted 'o care tlie above complaints or the moii'V will be (V'urneil The Poor nr II be lu.nisherlet i.alfpri e by L.W. O.lbert, Proprietor, 214 Kul on tt.N. Voik. Menh ntt end o'be.-> f om the country supplied on literal teru.t Kor >ale. wli lesale and etai', by L. W Ui be t, 2 4 Put on ttreet?at retail br U. B Maig e, !>8 Catherine it eel : S. VV iid w r li, eomrrol Houston and Mulli rry streets, and by otheit throogbont the ci y fell*ec HULL'S i'RUsoKo NOTICE To RUPTURED PERSONS. DERBOM) afflicted with ruptarrt may rely upon the beat 1 lattromesial tid the world afforue, on application at ths 0 lice, No. 4 Veser street, or to -oner of the agents in the priaOipal towns in the United Suites. Be careful to etaminc tht ba k pad of Hull's Trust's, to see if they are endorsed by Dr Hall, in writing. N ,ne are geaaiao, or to be relied upoa as good, without his signature Many persont hare undertaken to read imitations of Holl'i Celebrated trusses, and thouaanda are imposed upon in eonse qaeace These imitations cannot be relied upon ; they art made by untkilfel mechanics, and are an better than tne ordinary trasses Rooms hore been fitted an st No. 4 Veaey street, eiclasiveh for lutin, having a aapnrat* antr. acr from lha boaioasa depart Mat. ohm? laiul* ia anaataal lUmdaaei to wait apo* (amain nariaata fll tmara Dtt COKBITT m?y b- conaaltad e laMnutially at hia ofTier, 18 nuann ?tr?nt, two d.xoa Irom Chatham Hirau*nr? arr rv?pn t olly in ormad that Dr. orbitt ia a i- amtx-r uf lha l/i'irroilv of lha city ol Maw Vorh, and that li haa aaelulirnlv cm.fined hia imtlicr from brio* i a .aril to lha t aatmant of carta h ciaa ra of diaaaaaa (now orar alamo yaara >n t'a city of >rw Vori-) which a. gagaa hii noti atlnu'ioii. T a .inuala nl madia, na do not racoril fiatar aocrta 'hao ia to b-f u d in Ilia wtHiNi 1'ha D Ctorciutiona 'h-nufortaoate af .i Ml da ua ol'i. arearv. .<? it haa ita lliouaaud. of victima It. c.'nt i>ia a 111 r?w ilivi rem Vr il flntirtlv frmn th* ivil^m #% > thatto? or-judtci u ly tr?ited by a |?r-ou hg Ify qualified, an n t by pretend la ..n quarka. aa ihrre air acrcrl ui them iu the city. Pcr.ona lllirted with proirnrt d and inveterate CtKi ne-a III)', dripairril h?ii>g r stored 10 linlih, by anplyii g to w Corbie. .< p att e 01 many y.a'a haa e.-tabli .ha the U etnr a repuia mu o r ?ktll and-eapee abili y. ttnittare engage the Doc or'? profound atti-nnoo A m dttioe oiay he had t permit a certain in any ef i s forma maim'ec DOCTOR MORRISON. NORTH RIVfcK DS PaNpaK?,?04H bullon atree'OiHjtoi Muiriann eo linnra to be enna lied 'cutially on all prirttr di cuca, which ha euma without mc cury or taatraini in diet or purioita ; and r?c nt t an particularly ' KnrwrrAaa" h? eurei in three to ail Uaya 1 he inoat obatiu ilc Atrietmaa yield to Dr. M 'a low and aaeeaaalnl treatment without ptin Nr.KVOlJH AND CONPT1TIJTKJNA1 DEBILITY ? Tina aff tllou and he train of rn'a rrault ng fr .in a a cict dc at' hebit in youth, in lunng nocturnal m an >n?andulii mate impotunry; arc radiwally i-un-d by Dr. M ou palhologic.l liiiucipha, y maturing the ayal-Bi to a hea't iy tone mid reiu alatina ita original vigor A perfect cure guaia..teed or i o chirge. N it.?With o- e nt r| lion Dr M ia r|,e only q U'lified advrr in g lurgaok in the . ity In. dijdo - v> in hit offic. l.e nia in i t.a d and containing a ten, will lea urn luedo ina an i advier, u> an y |>arl of hn I. uion. | Olficc jnt)4 pulton .treet uaar Oreenwich. f 17 I in * FOR THE PILES. diaf in Broadway, tut beta aAictad wiiK Pilea for 14 yr*r? He cout oluU me about ihraa ntaatti* tiaoe Bis toMguc wu foal. ( !).? itJi kwd livor ?<iri?H iml DltAtlOn. CoonU*mtiC. pa..- anil languid, compls-nte ( rain oral the k.dn_y?. *r-*t irritation. teunou aiul weight in the lower aact.ou uf i)?e Dowels attended with pile tumors, so uuvh inflamed at timra. u to produce iuteane ssffe/tug ; at otlwi limes relieving themselves by a profuse discharge oT blood, inducing great debiliiv ; the muscles of tha hark, from tha loux-eoulinuw irritatiou h -a u mmr degree lo?t their power, producing In mbug >. and it was with maoh difficulty that he cuuld walk ; hu sisp wai feeble and iufiim ; had attended more ihan fire hardred dollar* in It yean for ihia eomp.aint, and had obtained only temporary relief He ia now entirely cured, haviug .akeu only three hoses of my Pick ElkcWahv-, has travelledmore than two thoosand milea >0100. and feet mi return of the complaint : is a* well and active now u he waa thirty rears ago, and attribute* it all to that inestimable remedy, Dr. UrMasrs Pile Eck.ctihht. an lite, nai remedy It it auld by the proprietor, at hi* Office, 196 Bowery, four doors abore opriug at. set. Ad ice gratis Itemeuiber ltd Bowry fBlindkw'ec MEDICAL AID?DOCTOK COOPKK. U Duane street, bt tween Chatham and William streets, takes this method of mf inning citizens and strangers that he has for the lest tra rears couliued his practice solely to tha treatment of Veuer-al, Mercurial, and other diseases of a delicate nature. Although it is1 considered by a portion of tha medical profeteioa as a species of iwckay for one of its legitimate members to advertise, still the great advantage the unfortunate viotims of venereal disease derive from a regularly educated physician devoting his attention to a particular branch of tha profession, must be apparent. l)o rou not employ a surgeon to amputate a limb 1?to an oculist on disease of the eye (?to a dentist for an operation on the teeth I?and to a surgeon noted for tha care or Syphilis when yen am troubled with Venereal 1 And you do so from the fact that those men an perfect ia this branch, because they only omctiee at it. Dr. Cooper spent years ia a celebmfdLock Hospital, and has for tea years enjoyed dsn most extensive practice in this way at any medical man ia New Yi/rk. Hecaa care tk meet aggravated ewes of Syphilis, and mild east srvnr ered in two to Overlays. The Dr iiaragnluly educated physician and auigaoa, sit seva isuflers nit parieau to leave uaril a perfect < 1 misperformed. It is deplorable to witnees some of the casee that are presented to the Dr., where thg disease has been driven into the system by quacks, to break out again in the form ol spate and ulcers oa the body .pains ia the Joints, sore throat, night sweats and emaciation. The Dr. will in every case warrant a curs, or make no charge. 8TUICTUR&-?Dr. Cooper has discovered a sew method, by which he can earn the worst form of Stricture in from one to two weeks, with scarcely any pain to the patient, lrritutioe of the urethra, or prostrate gland, or of tha neck of the bladder, are sometimes mistaken for Stricture by general practitioners and charlatans. CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY, sometimes called Seminal Weekness, brought oa by a secret hsbit indulged ia by young men. This is, where too freely indulged in, the greatest evil tnat eaa befall man; for it begets disease of the heart, consumption, dyspepsia emaciation of ths frame, ami finally ends in complete idiocy. Dr. Cooper will effect a radical cure in such cases, and restore ike constitution to its original vigor,and that by a mild and simple course of medicine. A cure warrant! ed in every case, or uo charge. Post paid Utters, describing complaint and enclosing $1, attended to. Patients attended ia hotels nr boarding houses. Office open till M at sight. He umber, 14 Umtae street, betwsea Will hubs mi d Chsthsm its. m3 MEDICAL AND SURGICAL OFFICE. "pYOCTOH JOHNSON, 17 Doane street, to well knows to the victims of Syphilitic disease, u the m?et suecesiful practitioner that New York ean beast of. iu the treatment ol thii destructive and alraoet unmanageable malady, is still to be found at the old office, which he has occupied for the last ten years. The public, and a large portion of medical men iu general practice,hare on id-a that III advertising Doctors are quacks. We admit that a large portion ol those that iufeat this city are ignorant, uneducated charlatans; but that all are qnacka we deny. Medical queckery consists in a uian holdiug himself forth as skilled in the heaiiug art. without having a diploma, or authority to practice, or without general medical inf- nna'iou. We can satisfy any our that we are legally qualified to practice Phytic and Surgery?that We possess a knowledge of general disease superior to three-fourths of your general Physicians" ?and thalour skill in the treatment and proper management of every variety of Venereal Disease, including the surgical treatment of that harrassiug complaint. Stricture of the Urethra, it pre-eminrut. We have confined our practice to the treatment ol all priva'r and delicate complaiuts for ten years Wa cure on an average S00 patients a year; our |>atienU are not only from every part of the United States, but they come to us. from the West Indies and Canada. We have three physicians under our rare at the present time and no week passes w ilhoul physicians in the city nnd from the couutry coming to consult as respecting their patients, er sending us tneii patients for our advice. We ditcouuteuauce qn ckrry iu auv fo.m, and therefore take this method ot informing st augers, and persons in the cuuntry where they eul find a physician skilled in the Creatine t of their disease. Every case we undertake we cure, or make no charge. No matter how long you may have filret. Stricture, Ulcen upon the body, or in the throat, or nose, |iaius m the head ?nd bones of the legs, we will and can cura you, if your case is rurable at all. Constitutional Weakness, or Impotency, is a disease so complicated in iu character, hat the treatment adopted by th - great majority of physi ians is highly injurious instead of salutary. We have paid much attention to the treauneul of this in ilady, it constituting part of our practice. Many an uufurtunate victim of this unnatural vioe has espe lienceu the be efu of our salutary treatment. "yspepsia. weakness of the limbs and small of the back, coufusion ofiutellect. forgrtfuluess, palpitation of the heart, aversion to society, and an inability to look amau iu the face, me o >ly symptoms of this complaint. It our directions are I'o lowed, we guarantee a cure. Post paid lette s, with sla'emeutoi cue, containing $1 for advi-e, attended to. Yve hold uu communion with the advertising doctors iu New Yo.k. We speak of ourselves as a physician, and sav aotk ug ef ! he q ialibent Ous of others. Office IT Duana street, one toor from Chatkanr street. m3 lin rc MOKE PROOF THAT CONSUMPTION IS CURABLE. A REMARKABLE CASK NOW KIHsT MAUK PUB had la-en complaiuiuu for *e<eral yeara, which retailed iu a ditf?t tflatlllin mi iDdf | violent tad harrattii cough, which w a tight anddrv, canting much paiu iuher, gradual ife ility, which retuited tuch extreme wrakneat at to M coutiu. d euliraly to Iter bed. tier Beth had urt'ly all dit i| iwnre I, ai.d her appetite wat impaired, f, od u' t riigeatiny, and boweit ?ery cortive She could not eipec'orate anV, and her cough wat troublesome at to proveot her sleeping; had etery day burning iu toe p Imi of her h uida and anlea of h r feel Kvrry afternoon h.r cheott would becom-red, and her eye*, which would he followed iu the eve,.tug by emlla and eitiausting awmU, wh-ch iucreated her deijiny. I employe the beat medical attendance, bot thev Could not do anything for h?r We tried every remedy wecuuld hear r f, but the kept toeing The ohyticitu gave her up at an iucurable cut of contumption audi Delievrd mat her Citewat beyond the leach of any remedy. Many t'mei hive I th ught the Wat dying, <ud never dtd expect to tee her enj y the heilth the it now bletted with. Latt mmmrr weheard ol teveral catet that h d been giving up at iuturablr, but which ha t been ru'ed by StlHKNiyK'a PULMONIC SYnUP, among ? hich wat the ca?e of l'eter Su, ki r tleekuian. We went to tee hiui, and he gave her great encouragement. ! well knew that my wi'e whuld unlet* we lould obtain a rem-<'v of grwfer virtue than any we had tried oe henid tell of. We, th -leinre, determined to try the PULMO.NlC SYrtl'P, and af er the hoi taken teveral bmthflm appeared to be woree, a i\ produced at tntch ptin througlioui Iter at item. again for Vr. B ekman, who urged her to peraerure in it u?r, and it wat with great rrlucnuce the coo sen ted to do to, when tudilenly a drarrhoi i commenced, which eonaitted principally of coirupnon. Tina continued for a few diyiaad Ueuceurd. ai.d we uow thought her end ne 11 at n <nd. The btrup now produced an indeteri taMe teniation in her c*-e<t, wnirh I th -night would ruffnea'e and kill ner. I have iuc? found out that.lhia wat only the effect! of the "y up in fin g ii. r uiwate, and bringing it to a head Aft-r irvernl davt had tlapted, upon makicg an effort to CoUg'i, the lelt something give war in her breast and ih- brought up uearty a ouart of yeiiow niat'er. At toOO ?t thii subsided, h r cough wat ro longer tight, but the eipeetoration wat c .piotia, loote, tnd ronautidof lipe vellow matter. In a few daya f anp? reut change for th - better wa* manifest; and with fueling! of hope mingled with Joy. I felt there wat nrotpectt of her recovery. The cough gradually improved, and cou'iuued to de to tor moi.tha; and pi the tame lime hei *, tifm alio improved. 1 e? strength returned, to titt now the couid he'p herttlf, f irpievn uily ihe wat to feeble ar to he enur-ly helpless, having 'o be ciriied to one bed another. Her app-tite retarded and the felt a.i if the hadbeei translated intoa new exitteuee. it it now about throe moctht tince the began to go about the liouae. and at thia time rein on* entirely fre fnim auv ditetve of the Iu gt. and I cannot find worm adeou ite to exptrta ihe feelings of grat tude I fiel for having bte.i directed to SCHKMoK'S PUL *11) NIC 8 HUP, whicn b en me meant ol curing one who wat to near the grave and whose loss would have been irreparable to me. Aflr the watabiutlhe home, our clergyman c illed to tee her, and wat attotiithed to Unit aa improvement iu her far beyond Ivt expectation! Many ef ,h? nel.liuo t cae alto t-ltify. trom what they taw, ih?t Iter cure wat almott miraeulom. Mil. Tucker it particolarlv any Irieud thu? afflieted Should eOl and ae her, aud hear Ser alatrm-n' veibillt, and all* helitvra nhe ran convince thfin rchiuct'a Pulmonic Syrup in the Wat an I ouly mnutyever dincovered to cure ron?uui, tiOu, aid haa thu> oouf. rrt-dblcaaioga upou her aud others which no other nin*<'y could Ki ll K a I A TlJoKKK, Jeraey City, Jan 39, '111. No 43 Yura sk, Jersey City. Sew Jrrtry, I hid ton Countv. ??. Personally ap|>eared b-fore m? the subscriber, Mayor of Jersey City, Kpriain Tucker,who citing bv inc duly aworn accordin* to law, ?u hia oath, did drpoir and ray that the facia above alat-d and hy him subscribed, in relation to the cure elected by Scheuck's I'uWwic Syrup are rrue, and further aaitn no . I'ilTKIi Be NTLKY. Mayor of Jeraey 4Jity. J. racy City, January 19,1141. Jeraey City, January 30, 18(4. Mr. J. H St Sir?Airs Kphriam Tucker ia reraoually known to me, and i belieee hi-ratu'emeut worthy of all crrdit as preaented over th -signature of her au band. I know ?h? waa very ill aud now aliearema in ihamtf. ymeutof eomforiuble h??Irli. \ oura, M. CCHK, Paator of the H. L> C'liUich. Jerae, City Prepared by J. II Hchenck, and for aale at hia principal ufTi cea, No 33 Souin Hiath atieet. one door b< low ike corner ol Ch a'.uur, and at hia Caboraiory 131 Race at. Philade'i hia. Alio, for aale at No <!-'?' ou llsmlt strvet, one door below the cornerof (ireenwich street, New York, the ouly place iu the c ity where the geuuin* cau be had. Alao for aale ?t U Coruhill alre.t, Boaton, and K Broadway Albmy. I'he above olBcea are exclusively for the aale of Pu'm inic Sy rap J. II. SCHKNCK. mri lm*ec THE INVISIBLE WIG CO cloaely rraemblea the real .head of hair thatacepuci and hJ eoonoiaaoura have pronounced it th* most perfect and extraordinary luveulior. of the day. The ereat advantage of ihu novel aud unique wig it ill being made without aewmg oi weaving which caaaea its appearances so closely in resemble the natural hair, both in lightness and natural appearance, u w defy detection, its texture being ao beautiful, ao porunaand ao free, that in all c.iaea ofperapiratioo evaimrvtion ia uiiimicded. and .ne great evila of other wigs entirely avoided. The aceptK and cononlaeeur are alike invited to inaiiect thia novel and beau tilul Wig, aud the peculiar method of fitting the bead, at thi manufacturer's A C. Bany .144 Broadwav. comer of Liberty Ireei ITdabll ml lm*ee JhCfU-J RK WARD?CROSS' SPKCIMC MlX TURK? <JpcJ\JVJ(,'.,r the cuia of (jo .orrhoea, (Herts, Strictures and anal ig hi roirn Linli of the organ ol generation Of h'I remedies >? t d.acowrad for the above compliiuta, thii ia the most tall sin. It in.i<-rs a ?,-eed? and fermanent cure, withou' the leaat re. trie ion to diet, drink, eipoaure, oi Changs in applicatiou in liunn aa. We give no long qaackiah reeommardationa to deceive ilia pn lie If the meJictiie does not ape fc for itae.f no one ah til apeak lot it. Our n*-j etia to notify where u can b bail, and I.. ..... - .... .h.ll.nuss s sinala rs,s of isesnl 11,,- tirihinu t~ be brought 111 winen the M isttire will a t effect a rapid con ii dc a I'orfetiaie of $10*. Tina It a ill e ae that unfortunately pervades all ranks of an nirt< ?hieh, low. rich and poor, mitrimonia! and single They nr? here pte.eti'rd eilh a remedy by which they can i ore them selves, w nh->ul the least etpoaura in the ah"i teat time possible turiher, the diaease caunot be CO'tract d if a ^oae of thf Mis un- is t ikrn at night on going to bed when ei| cued It is pui np in bo ties wrh fall directioni accoinpanyiag it. at ll a noitle line untie lasts a waek. which generally enna ?miny are cured in two days k ot sale only at Wm n. Milnnr's, 1*2 Broadvrav comer ol John si, 01 p cilia Franklin House New Vor*; J Jones, eor ner ol flieoiiiland oeyeaih streets. Phi I adelphis; end at J ?l. Smith's, 13d Washington stnet. ttosion mi m- nf y(XfAN'd INCOMPARABLE FECTOnAL. OH v-i BREAST SALVE, is gaining a nfnded iipnu lion Crrtific .ies na pnaring in upon the aimsciiher, sixle.rt ce-Iileale earnestly recommends ladies who mav need it tr make trial of it It is indwd joyous i ews to tha devoted hu baud to hi ow that tie h s wnhm his rescn a h aln g halm t? sliav at 0"e? t e agonisingluffermgs of a b-loa td ?. II -. Thii Silve will, without foil, by a timely at p ie turn, p. event tin hreist I'rom fe.he.i-g; it will immediately istn tve ague in thi brassi, and ?lll ?e f, u d the s feit an1 ra Pit way to dry til .he breast. The subscriber is |n-rmnted to r fer to Mrs w. II '1' L,ie ''.7 ineenwich at, a d 11 Mrs eiperiencei Nur e IVI ChntCh it. N. V. Th- vi s lor a,1a at llnahtoi k' os. I# Brnadway, and 10 Astor II nse, wherec r'.ftiale mayh- ami. DWiD A CtlflAN. I isewa k, New Jersey. rtte w rr 1 Vj I' ( , A It ? III It It a I'rni' 7 ess tin 1 . , I t-5 t couee?lb.' s leby K. K. COLL NS k 17. , ml loo M aonth sirMs MONTHLV l(' PU 11 OIP THfc NKW tOIIK (MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No '4 O-ambers street cases auccfcasruLLr tkf.ated. I Primary Consumption cuisd 2 ol Hotrt, 1 < ?u?!iii k 4 V sainiaatious to drtsrl d?3 Miowilrry. nsee ol th? lung*, he I i i' of lilirftultfn, i liifUanimon ul U>* ryes, ! * Ui.uom. 1 Ulcer on thewooib, S HrmiueJ VVsuhiiros. 1 Mucui'iiciuiri, t P miUir, 3 Suppression of ihr utasiaea 1 Kryer, * ... 6 limit Debility, 4 Bee'ndary s\|>hilis, t i^iiifwnt, 4 Ciouurriwae, I Difflcslly in m-^hiug waist. , BUHUICAL CrrHATIONS 1 Fractorr of the Kadi it. 1 Very uiirrrtting case of no ] Bid ' >?? ol Btriilnrsi uir 1 n.ylu.u of the rhirn'A-* wriioul culling si the um j*i,ut, ol canilic 4 )ltiin>irKoi4il minors re1 Opcrati n for A.tu'n in uo, mused. 2 F.,r Hydr. c. lo. 2 Bleeding |ro,u |?ugs. 3 lurisinrd bs'lclet, I li.Uv-lip, 1 Absent id the ear. 14 1'iiinaiy chancres cu'id 2 Operations lu retires th- P'O- wi'hout ire rniy , putium, which w t attach- 12 Largs y.neruil wirts ?- j rd to ih' glands, caused by inored by a curious oper,.- I cliaueie, tiun, I 2 Oprrntious fir squinting, 2 Adipose iam->rs renamed. DK II BOB I Wl< K, mrt 2w*ic Attending Burgeon ?ud ll? .Iicin | KW BRUNSWICK. M>.?. IHI-MK J H SCHe.NUK -l)?r Sir :?You ha?e my h. anfelt gntiiude lor the sis I bottle of your imaluakl* medicinti. sent tome be your ageut Mr. Simpson, and 1 have the happiness nnw to inform you that I had not taken two bottles of it Wore the profue u f hi sweats and the iucessaut Cough which r'eprived in? ofslrep left n.e.m.d betore I had taken three bottles, I discharged from mv lungs, at severel dilfcreut liiues. a surprisiug quantity of a hard, white substauca. 1 continued using your ttyiuo until lliadta-eu seveo bottles. I am now in good health Instead of liriug obliged to abandon my studies, as I was advised to do by-iny physician. I am now in the Theological Seminary at New Brunswick I take great pie iture iu recommending ScHan a s Pulmonic Svaitrto my friends end the public, lor I do trails believe that, if taktn in lime, it is a certain cur* for Pulmonary diseases. I am your muck indebted and humble servant. B. . MLKDfcN. Prepared by J. H 8CHk'NCK. and lor rale et hie rrin.iral offices. No 32 South Sivth street, one door below the corner of Chestnut and at his Labora'ory, No. '21 Hace s'reet, Philadelphis. Also for sale, wholesale and r tail, at4t*K Couitland-st, one door below the comer of Ureeuwich. New York?the only place iu this city where tneg?nuiue can he had. Also, lereale it ?8 Coruhill street, Bostou; and at No 16 Broadway, Aioany, N. Y. ? The above offices ere eiclusively for the aale of Pulmonic Syrup, where pamphlets may be had gratis. Call auJ get oue f!4 lm?rc J. H. kl'HKN W HiGlLLY IMPORTANT. New Voaa, Jan. JOth, 1144. dhKArt REWARD ?Under this reward or caption, an affi\J\J darit of m son, Jnh.i R Miller, was published to tne wo' Id, beating dste Jiuu rv ICth, setting forth ihal he had been testor-d to good health, niter a protracted suff-rin* of 16 years, by Dr. John Thomson 313 Broome street. B.-tweeu the 3d and 16th of the preseut mouth. January, 1844 1 onfirm *d iny sou's statein vm by my own affidavit My sou set that i,e had beenslllict-d since 182a, first, by over-hea'ing h m rell", then by dyspepsia, nest by the poisonous sting of a honeybee. iu his fac-, which rroduc -d vertigo, derangement and extreinc mergal and bedily suffering His physician then bled him in his srins, which paralysed them both The doctor gave him 8 calomel powders, iu lach of which, he distinctly t Id me > here was siifficie-.t mercu y for ten ordiuary me . The effects ofthe < sloinrl on my son's ststem were such as to make h m aa sens,pre with respect to the weather, as s ths mometer, for he could always tell, bv kis mercurial rams, a day ia . dvanee whs i a storm might le expected I'nder the treaunriit of D-. Thomson lie has lost all this distress and sensibility, the mereu ? havo'g beeu removed. He had upon his body at one time, 18 blisters besides several mu?urd (traits, poulticet and plaate s u|>ou his 'set and legs. When he tried to do busiueus ne wss deranged, confjsed and distressed so much as to reader no'o ily hi rsel , but all those inline liawly about him. u ih-pj y and ment illy di tresse l on hia account. Iu addition to neouse'ery, mal-practice and , oison, to which my sou had become subject, after ths Doctor h>.d do tmyed or pnrdysed i is arms by depletion he, t e Doctor, iufoiuied me there was another dead y po son ill N'w Yore. csl'ed Wolf s Rank Ancouiluia eumouiaum ; thit a p II of the extract, the size < f t e heud of a large pin, would kill a wolf Such a teinedy a- wuu d kill a wolf, was n #w advised and adniinisteied by the Doctor to restore to he-lib, ar.d 'o th - use of his limbs, iny poor, feelile, sickly son, who hid been tnade a cripple by this same Doctor e'lrat he was )>oisonrd wit i anrcury, palsied by bleeding, and rend ted oue of th most distressed beings iu life, by blisters, end burning with niustai d ; and now to cap the c'imix, hr must lake a dose ol poison tlut would neutia'ize what le Doctor had done. tint would kill a heait iv woll "On cieocc, thou art a jewel!" Is it not a mirar e thv the-e was a particle ol trie sli<tter>d wiitk iv i w? dhiill U|>un in rnsuiru ui ?nuw ui?- ol scie.itilic quaclery by the atloui hiug eltectsnl the Thornloiiiiu practhein rest Tiug to lite, animation, f ura .ud or.'er, one or the noblest bei |< 01 earthly object* 1 Thii son,once a p rlrct specimen of his specter, had bra shipwiecked. hiokeu up, an t mostly deriroye by iho e in whom we could tep use iu perf ct raf ty as we thought, all eon fid-nee, anil whe e we mi' ht rt| ret omittance, pro ectiuu and safety iu tune ol m' ntul and h diiy suffering. By L)r Thorns' a my aan waa r-'-toied to better lealm, iu 2 mvln, than all the bejefil lie had de.ived fro n th" coinbiu. d medical faculty >n siateeu yeira. I do believe th it my son John *. Miller, snrrounded aa he usw it i i he It'i at home with his little liinily group, ir llieuv st happy man iu ssex e uuiy, hew Jvrsey. Have wa u t th-n, all if uo, liia r. I r lives and friends, abundant rraaou to rejoice ? Kr'ercn e. hs to character aud credibilite?Law-erne (t Keea, and Allison Post, Druggists. Maiden lane ; and Noah Norris, 26! KighUren'h airee :aid all tlie inhabitanu of Ease l enitiity, N. I., by whom I am known. Sworn before me, his 30lh day of January, 1844, 8 W VLLACP. CONY, Commissioner of Deeds. N. B ?Wanted, a* utU'l, at 14B Broome street sU'bpaienta aa can find no relief from others Pi I lm?ec ~i)OCTOK. JORDAN'S 'PKIVATE SPECIFIC PACKAGES, FOR THK 41UUK or sec diseases. offer advantages not postessrd by any olhrr advertised reta-dy, to wit: 1st. They i oura'u every thinK req lisitefor internal nrdrvternal nse 21. Appropriate rrmedi a for every symptom Id. They are acc in >aDi?d by 'he Monitor atreatia" opoq secret milsdies, wiin full d.ieetions and advice 4tn. The patient sff cts a safe, pe.-inaurnt aud tc rei care, without eo sal stioucr esposn.-c. ills. Ouepscaige eff -eta a cur-; but if iu a*y cate other in diciues are r> quir ?r, tbsv are supplied wi'hout ch<r.e 6th '1 nepatieut it not tuhjecied to loss ol lime, or stlier ineouven.'ence. And lastly, the Monitor point* out tneouly in.d- jf pre'ration No 1, is for ?he enre of Osnorrhcsa, Oleet, H.-mieal weakBess. Itc. No 2. for Ve.i.eraii ditea*s. mall its stages. No. 1, lor Fluor Ail us. er Wniirt. The Monitor alone it SO cuts. Ihaparksg** complete, $3 each. Securely forwarded to postpaid remittances. old only at Drug Store, *0 Priuc ; St., corner of Man on, a few doors east of Mb o's N. B Private entr nee 60S Manna street, eoutinuati >B of Centre, where Dr. Jnrdau may be confidentially consulted, f 28 im^ec A" NeW ARTIcLK" KOh MtAVlNO.?KKH RF.'i i IlKAM Ufc" bAPuNINK surreasea a. y ahaviog ?oip now i" IIS, and <s pronounced by tho e who nave tried it. to exceed all ?theis lu making a rich aud permanent lather (Jen 'Inn u hiring lurJ bends and teuder laces are requested to cull Slid sue it a Ml trial, an I if not uerfectly satisfied. 'he money w ill be re unied. 1 he fnl'owisg it our of th Lumber of letters received by the w.iauUeurrr Ni.w Yoaa, Dee 18th, 1813. Ok** Hi*.?Am .ng tto "ill* mat firth n heir ( *ir) too." not the lean eapecial'y when traeelliit, i? an "un?h.?*e?i" chin. Iteurui 4 RU.tlv Pram an eiauraion, wheu arriving at <oleheatrr, ( oan , I etepiwd into * -tore, and the pr'pri'tor. my Terv excellent menu J B Wlierler, Kw| ob?e eing ruyntirmi**, pre**nled me a p of yonr SbHriux Cream With a l.fe devoted toac.e"ifi' pursuits, I am acquainted with nmtt o t ie ia;ion?coas coinpiinda producd during the iireswutcu itu y. and W ntMtryON interned. I know uoue which I me o highly a* y, ur''ie-in f Saponins. I ha* olfer yon inv opinion <il it* menu, and mv f.ien .* would like to know where it may be obtain d 11 th>a city. Yo?r* It K C k'? kiii., *0 JONATHAN DODGK, M D Korsale iu miv qi*,.utv by iha manufacturer's ax ut, IN? 71 Maiden line: *1 o b. alt the pnu i al Ornggnt* and Kancy flood dealer* in the City J W. lluLUhK'l ON. m.'i I in m PA RK-'a LIFK lMLLtiC AS THV Wl TKR IS K.N01 NO. a d M'HINO COMI NO, 'hi* "0| ular inediciue should be t?l**ii by every one valuing their hca to. No mat erhow well yon m,y feel, ihe ? hauge 111 season imiiermtiveiy demand a eleaiianu of the atatein? a id being without me co-y, aie peculiarly ea culate.l for li'ieg tiken withaaf ty at li irni g fu period. The proprietors MR to lUte to Spuiian, Poilu nor, Oerinan ndKrench H< u ea, that llii* popit'a Mrdic ne it . ut up with wrapper* and ilir ctioua iu each ol'lho e Iingaa?e??*cc imptnird w-ttia in a' ltook(wi lie. gr ? nv*)of Hi- Life and T'inea ?f OLD I* * IiH, whoa- pr dunged I lie of I 1 year* ha* long b. en a subject of cum u? ipec 1 it on to llioie who have wianed Ibr'ungtli nldaia" M my medical men and iho ea quainter! wlh Ph.aiolugy, have deduced from the hialury of 1 horn a I'arr tint the lite f i lie h*l drdicine and regularity ol life, ar 'In prrd apo iogcauaes ? Irch led 10 the "number of hi* il.iv* " At t' n opinion i* eorrobor iied hy i e?tract fiom I'ati'a "Last Wi I ainl I fatainei r,"auch deduction la iedu< eJ to a cerlimtv. Th Mimcrir? a hieing be pnnhaie lecome p'npr etor* of thi* Mrdiciue i o *r offer u aa a e?lu*b e remedy i) the puti'ie . Ti e bundled* if uiiaol.eit'd h *timni.i*l* of it* Hi: ey in iheir no**ei*ioe, <* arrau* their aii'iciriug tnv r ne who may tnppoae Parr'* t.if. Pil .* to be o erni ng t ihem ny quack nostrums oil.oed to 'lie I'Ublifl, to roiiriin e tb> m? l*-? In a Call at their office or upou any of their Agent* m New Yoiu ? amongst whom i l,e v num ter all Ll.a ni iurui ,1 I Irna if tat t. Til OH. KudfcRTS V CO.. in 12Ira*m 3 4 Broadway npataira. 1 LEECHES! LEECHES! LEECHES! , emkht quality fi.viyhna and swkdish ' LKM'llKS euiialintly ou hand anil fursale wholesaleaad very low pncea. by C. J. fEFDINAND k COPPA. lm(Hir rra "I Leachea, 149 N??ii (. N II - ( J. Fe-di?aud k ?<>|>{>w will alw .y* warraii'the ; ii 11 r lea ill the L erli a i III by rlirm. mllloi'ln vegetable hitter*. n'l. BOV K'H AH IMATIU IN VlUOKATIVfJ VK-, OETA IILE B.T rKItS, fir the core of D limp in Snnrne aol Stomach Log* of Appetite VVeaknea* and (lin r.| Lability it d >iiy inrr-a-ing iii laipular.ty, owing to na lutnn ic worth. They have b M tuea wnh Uulimitnl i?rt? . in Palpitation of the Heart, intermittent k'erer, a d nil All ctimi of the Nerve*. whore th* ?y.t m has become debilita'ed Tim immediate impiuvmcnl to hr.lih by all who birr hroi an fnrtunete a* hi m?l e no ol ilntn it t'uiy aaiounhiiig It ?ai"l af , rnrr in it to Kielir ciioua tout accompany e cli b title, iheirgoed effect* in the above tils atea will be quickly eaperieueed. Price in canta ! IMPORTANT TO TIIK PUBLIC. , Conckn I RATKD Caiti R I'll., in capaulea f 1 leiratine, are , the aaf at and m i p eaaant medicine now off *rwd to th- pubI lie. and air p irti' nl irl v r coin nended to 11 who w. uld on- a mild and rfKi?eib'e I tiilive The sibac i^er la the only p raoa ! who h it m niuficturril tlua article m thia cono.ry, liamig oh | Uiued tli- nriainal receipt liou Loudon Be ou your gturd . against impoaition. I Ti.e abo'e add oaly at C. II. PHILLIPS' Drag and Chemical Store. 38 Beekmau, comer of Williara atra. t, Pi. Y. a 4 Im*ee i WONDKKKUL IIKMKDT VlllllEY'B TINUTUHK AND LOTION Of INVIOOi KATION. A SUPPLY of tlieae mv.ilnable and extraordinary reniedira li.ia hero received direct/rom Doctor Adrian Virrey.ol Lyons, by hia exrlnsiva American areata. Da Launrv k Urey of New York Nothing equal to tliero baa fat been discovered for removing impolrncy, tlnor albua, oervoo* affections, and I invigorating the ayareia and reviving Die decayed energies of I certain parte, a fact that can be proved by any person in lea minutes, for whde all other medicine* recommended fir tlm > aame diaeaaea are admitted by Dioir inventor* to be alow ol operatiou.theTiocture andLoDoa of Inrigoration act at ouce ami make their effect felt Li a few momenta after they arr made oa> ol. ludeed their quick and wonderful action iaaach, that cold neaa or Imbecility cannot remain la the conetitution that is ou der their dominion for half an hoar; nor it it possible lor any marri'il female to nae them and romatu without offspring lin tuny iininnniairiy correct u* laar.imty oicnnaiii uriui; .... in ninety-mur turn out of n hundred in the uuu of unfruitful They air aJm unrivalled retimdiea iu mciiorat romump , Hon, dyapo|win, palpitation Of tfcr heart.nervona head.v he alr-i and alfrctiuM ?l tha kidnaya, awd in nil diaaaana produced by nami-lnaa miliary habit, for Which they nir a a;-?dy and pnaitiveeure Thn Tinctaraia taken internally and idmsant to the taate; thai Lotion in need mteraally They may be uaed aeonmtely with (rant beoeht. bat ni* moat effective whan uaed i loyrilmr. Prior %2 n botllr, or both bottlra for f) N. B.?rnt.ooalivini at ? diauneo no have theue m-dicm-a 1 ?mt in tlir (orm of two pnwdera, at only doabl* ilia |->atan* I with full priamd direction! foreonrartln* 'linn into the fur turn and Lotion I'rira $? for onr powder, or tl for both (When both are uaed their effect in wonderful in removiuf im potmen.) . ... ' All rmnittanera muat bn roat paid, tad directed M Da Laaaay ? It Orry, New York. Information of a drdicarraad intaraatmy aatarn, which nam not t>r inserted ia a public advertiaemeuL accomma tea each hot I tie aod jMiwdrr. Theae mrdinpna ahoald am* bn oard by pm? II r.aot wniueu. for thmrmaitiac aatara won Id br liable to rro dnrn abortion "t Id bv i>K". A UN V Y It OR AY, at their oflkcr, loo N<a aaa and '4 Dimmi'iwii *4?w Vora lb im <fcw -ec L'i'i' -al.r, -A out Biir bn.t I nlo/ne .Vi'la'i una, auiia r bin for city mi) la, will b? aold yrry cheap, a 21 *'? atu it m> it*re I SANLKS'S SAKMAPAKILLA KOR THE REMOVAL AND PERMANENT CVW. OK ALL DISEASES ARISINO FROM AN IMPURE HTATK OK THE BLOOD, OH HABIT OK THE SYSTEM ; NAMKLY: cnoiun. oi kino'i r*iL, ihihutiim. omtikiti ccti ML'JTCMki,, Clllaaic toll Ktlt, HIUU Willi! OK TBTTKK, IClU HUD. LtLtluiMtnT Or THI mill 1IO JClKli, iTI'lima DUIU, rmiLITIC OYaOrTOMi.aciiTita oh l?H iiio, ud dumaa uitiai 'roaa 11 ia. judieiotu nao of Mercury. Ateuicu. or D"?p?y,?tpo?ureO' imoiieare, in life Al*o,Lbrooie CouatilaIiuokI Diuorden will bo rente rod fcy Una propirauoa. Tlie afteBfioa of ihe readof io raa|?ci tally called u> th. fo*lowii.t certilHatru. Huw??er jroit achiereire.Hu k?Te lorrto for* laeun made 1?T thw oae of (hit luoalual |e medio,*, yot daily etl*rienee ahowi ruaulu a til I OH>/0 U-, ft* p-oprier tori n?lf 4111 (AMMIlTef Ol UW opimruiBUT Ol MVIUB II IB ? source of constant #at?if?ct*ori that ?h?y are made Cam meaoa ol relieving such an UMUl of ufaritf. Ki-ilag kthtowis, Dae. t. 1*4ST 'Marl Simla?Omits:?It ii wi k heartfelt gratitude for your kiuUuets 10 me lhal I m&kea |?ob'ic iekcowl>lc mart ol the Vr'lefn l h?ve nt-ivcd froin yuur Aararjanlla Ih?rt beeo foe in?uy ye.iri ifflx nd with a caucer in lha ' yetat.,.ud f..r four year. it wu.iu I thought, lucurable. it (Plead err tact, so that it had uea'ly eowreu the whole bird, and for man* weeks I warn > reduced with the lose of hlootl aodikapeia >f iKa w<und that I wa? usable to turu inyielfiu lied, aud ay i?t4 riaga Curing ilie whole winter weie wore thru I can tell With the advice ol my frieud. I eall-d two of the moat minest phytic ana of the pi tee who reeoi men d-d vour ptep-ra1 mn of Barenpa/ilU. knowing rf nothing that would he aa likely to help n?r; which advice I readily rece wd and bef >re I t ad taken one hot tie I found achtiige in mv f iliug, which induced me ta take more, and ? hen I ha taken the ti lr<) bottle I a aa like a a or ha* peraoo both iu hea th aud strength I hate taken year preparation aince last March, and although the wound ia not entirely healed it Il ia a very favurabv suite, md I elieye it will ba tha maaua. u'lin ately of my entire cure; and that the afflicted may all liud the reliel which it alone can sive it t*? wiak of their and yonr friend. KUMCE WOOLKUrF. I am the niece of Kunice Woodruff, have been brought up by her, anil know wh t the stairs ts be true, lor 1 have hail all the care of her through her aickueaa. TIIF.RF.SA DKNTON. I am well arquuntrd with Mia* Woodruff, and kaew her situation previous to ihe nee of Send-' Sartapa-illa. and have witnessed thesurpriamg effect produced by it, and can thereloce endoreefuliy the above autetoei.t MU9K8 M. CRANK. RaLTiN' ti. Feb 4th, lit 1 A. B Sating kCo.?OtBllemeu:?I have uaed <oarKiuaet offfarsiparilu aince us introduction into tins city. Itvivea me iilrpine to itite I hare lull .d it to autwe. my mast sanguine rgpecutious I believe it to be the beet preparation af thai ml uable article now iu uge. With much respect, yourv JOll.y vVhITBRIDUE, M.D.. 46 Cray sliest. Prepared and sold. wholesale and retail, end for asportation, by A. B. Bands k (.a , drugs ista and ehrmi ta, tfvuuite Buildinn. No. 17] Broadway, comer of l.hanberv at. New York, jtntd alio try A B. k D. Hands. druggists, No TV Fulton at; David Hmdg It Co.. No T7 KashBriudway. eor of Market at; and by drnggiata generally throughout ike United "tales Prire tl |>er bottle?an bottlm joy ta f?| lm*ae tt. AI Li- N'HBA L S AM oVTTt l RK.HOUND LI VEK| WORT, and PLKUKIsY ROOT ?4 ought. Colda, r*iii in the 8i e, I'alp'lntion oft * limit shmtueneo) Breath, and Consumption. wein io en 'er m nee. In fiotut cases it 'oay be said never lo f il r>cr (I M p-' b->ti'e llll VtN IIA viBEllT S K Ml,.r KKNOV A PlNCl PILL8 from ()-rmau y.?'1 h-y reuiov. and prv-ct those oh tructions Con mon o sinf'e o' nil lie f in ,ie? and will ia all case- reator- the nat-ial c lie if ion. Pr.ce $1 per bos WAItb'S VKtiKTABvE H\U O!!., <u> ilr re-toratioa aud growth of Hair, sivmg healh ai d -au y and preventing baldurss wi 1 turn the hair *r ilo. ly o rk aid m??? It grow Insuriantly i-i a very ew days ^lie. 7'ic-i.t- |?o U tile. UK ATKINSON'S VHJKTABcK OLUr.N OINTMK NT. a ceria n cure f r a I> nipt in s. teh chapped bauds salt heuin, laitrr, ring anno, sihlli ad. ton*ears in children, sore eyes, and cracked lips Price M crnta per DOt. HERUULANKUM HLLS-Th-y o hare but on* universal action, ?h't i?. 11 search out disease aid cir? it r.o u.alter whrre a atrd, or liow long it Ins whether it be an abcess i>rrrit>B upon lh?* luurs, hriri, liter, >p r* i, panares, or atom .en, or uli ar or cauce? ujhju tl? trunk n I'rtee $1 SO i- r bm. All the .itiora for sole at K. M. Onion's, W Buwar, ennw Oraudstret. liMI Sm'ac FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF THE AFFLIi TEL). rriIK KOLLOW1NO R k.Nf' - H are Mici.fd to 1 their not c- at th y are will ae inanitel with the rirtnra oi UieCARMINAM I IA Mr. Bruth, Or- iu the Itec.r.'tr't Office Mr. *1ar in and Son, Hparni.ik re l>r. Benjamin V. Latimer, Office 381 Bmadway. Mr. John Bruwu, 102 I hath.m iliot Mr >'renin* Merri'. i44 20th rlre t. Ol in Hull, 06 Maid^u La. e h u-e*i Union Dace. Pet J W lie,I field 196 llth Ureal A No, the Librarian of the Odd hallow* Library, National Hall. o.r. J Oflin, comer of Anthony atreer and Broadway. Mr A Hull. B tikis per ol the kilih Vt'.rd Hotel Mr. Juliut (y S uith, lit lutrltoti ici t. Mr. A Myert Sljv* M iuu factory 13 Bowery. Mr. H. Donaldsou, Autnor ol lie Odd Fe uiwa Offwing. For the a ike of auliering huma ity v?? wn'ild a rise all thoae afflicted with conitha, c.inanmnt.o.i li'er cninpi fi. I or dyt|?paia, o call on the a .ore named wit e.sea. ajou wh ite r aw meuti the strictest reiauce may be plved Numerous certidealt* may be seen at toe CARMINANT1 A DfcPOV I IT lm*ee rO'lier nf t Immai. h I aire and llth It THE MOST urbiMUN SAY1NG b tlii I would sot give one bottle of Da. Hwarrtn'e (anrattan Hrtur or B ten Cm a ear, for hall a dot u of any other prepaMii >a I hare tr ?d all .u-........i., ..?? km .k . ..... . rivalled the cuie ftli* folloaiug dieNM, lie 111 ft*1* 111 l C U?h? t'ol'a, < '.OU unii'litut Spun ( nf Blond Palyit'tinn ill the H?in , \? hooping C< ugh. Tickling or rtia u( filiation in the tlirn,i,B'oiiciiitis Aaihina, or weakneaa of the >ri?um ni <an, or impa r-<1 conai itat'ou finm up cnuee, and to (irr? at peraoiu Imra falling in'o a Deelmr this medicine has no' it* equal. And when too much calomel or quinm? h?a keen ueed, tkla medicine will prevent ita nil efecie on ilwavMrm. and repair the In I iary fu minni. Aa e i roof of ih ah >v. medicine giv iug g-> at strength and clen tieaa to th- yoice, * genii. man from one of our large auctioneer establishment P- i adelphia, akt haa been using this ayron lays thai it ia ihe gre.teti ineliciue ro cry no be ever a iw. Ofcourae the Miuia e. or ewverwku hare to "ee their voices,woul I be equs'ly be ..fitted hefairaee w ill be given to the aucti merr. by calli run. Aca CAUTION? All p e pa rat una Irom 'hir luit.le tme.eeeent the ungual Doe'or 8 WXY N K'H I OMPoUsD SVRUPOK WILL) i'-HKKKV, ere ticiilinus and couul-rfe.l. Prepared only by Dr. Mwayne whoae due ia now rumored to N. W. CO'aer ofKigh' and Race aireeU, Pktljd- phia Agent*?Dr. Wui. H .Vtiliior, >or. e- f Broadway and John ?tr.ei, New Vorh; II. A 8a da ho e .'a Di pens try IM lloneiy comer of spring atril fc. B Warier Ml B eecaer M rorner of Miuetta at Jfenet lliiieaeu, Irrainl el neurits. Williainabomh: Pieraon h. ''a riaou 72' B o..d ?t Newara N J ; Benjamin Olds, 171 Brnad atr at. .?w.ra, N J ; William (I Wrod, M. D . Hnr'r.n, ei rnerof Ij'h an-nt aud Id eyennn. C. I- gin jr.. Main at, Pateraou; Mra M. Maya, iH Pultun acrant, Brooklyn; W K Clerk, Moutgoaery it. J raey i uy. I It lui * re. TIIK SOUTHERN BaLM, A PLEASANT. aale aud eflVciu I feme y lor COUUHA COI.DS, HO t IIHKNC88. I O v BUMPTIoN, a d all other affections of the ihro t amlluuvs When we lell'Ct tli I moat of the re es of rnnenmptiOQ ten minali g fatally. h\?e lieil their origin I eeg'e led culda, it ia aatouiahiug to w ilueaa ihe apathy di< l.yed bv ihoee labo'iug uuder tliein AMinngh lliey m .y be re eatedly'd by their me.lir.l friends (n guard agues' the rlleci of and ew changes of the watlier, wl n h. bv rlir k.og the in-ma ble parepiralioa, occasions coughs. colds kr.. ilieir admonitio .a .re too often niiheeded ; the Unfortunate an'ject, Perceiving no eerv had elferta analog from the >li. ht eohl, aa he termi it, ia lulled intn fa lie aecurily by the taiu h ipe that % irtnni of pie .ant was her will remove all mi|.|*aaa t aympiom . But ao far irom being removed, ih ' a> inptom. ar generally aggravated, hit dehiltiv inc.euea. harra I'd b\ lui eaa n' coucha m ht aweita at le gin mo rveue and he ia arnuaei! iierhana too la'e to a aenae of hit <i-4ii er. 1U looks around him for that 'elief w hich e iic^t ea?r lv MVt bun obnio4 M *?? Mrtitr wiod i?u lias. to told by hi* t hvsiciau there is no hop* Tor him To whom then, munt he b ok for aid? The nfsi|?p ni mm with aayertiae inputs of infallible remedies. with nfteur ,ine? ftl e ct-rlifit-ilea at'es in( their ulirersa rfpcac In daspair ' " to them, but loo ofttu w tbout re em jc the sliphten beu*fK. Dot is Ho* ?*, indeed, uo remedy? nrwon a id e* pe ?one# forbi Is this?appo?ii on. CONS.I v|P i JO V H >?OT IS1 URa BLR I We .<ffirvn?eoulideuU . iflirm?n remedy h a been found, one which, t uie'y nd pr pe l> applied, will not fail fond ere IT -S Til- HOlflllKR^ a A >M. u# of the proprietors his louff used it i hspri-iio ? lib the hnppieat results, snd has at l"i nth been iidaiv d, fi'?rn a use of d ?iyt to place it be'o.e the oublic. fully stli bed that it nu r quires a fair trial to establish for it a I isti t n-jmi tiou To *li ohy icia"s, heads of fat? ilies, and others, *e w?? .Id earnestly cotntnend a trial of it a m-uir.ine at once tab*, i l-*asaut, and eficinous. A remedy alnnrahly a sptej to her iitoval of incipient consumption, whether her diterv or acq nred as it invariably affords immediate r. lief in the most tr >uhl'snm* COLUiHS, IIOAhSKN KSS, wheextttm. pa n n the breast, t'c , sud even in ih * most obstinate wlioopi n rinvh, and confirmed consumption. It na ill effect all tlul can be rationally e*peeled frc rn any ou? mediciLe. fillKCUr AND CO. Exclusive office for sale of Son^he n^talm. BII-% Of'WWHV , cormr HI lienor Iirrri. Affnli-Dr Kirst 187 Csn l street; corner Aveuus I) and Tin rd ilrwt; K. U Hpoouer, Brooklyn; A. Outline, A11>? n >. 1211 Irn rf. M E l) I 0 AL A ID. pill VATK, Mrdiral Assistance with mm) |*0| I'. is n very d imiMir'aii'ri>n?idei*.|ou. All who may thus 'lesne 'o consult a rulfi-i >iinl lilnid should Iv *11 mens oh'ai J iwd read the book CdlW the * llubirou." Til* fourth edition. whirh h'a br en recently pah'isbn-i is much nnprurrd. sud enlarged to nrmrly thtee tim s its 'orm r s re and e-vbrseas inauy subjects and iliim>'< not In-fore alluded to 'bit wil be tilly int> resting valids wn-. for insuy reas- us mi) possibly Ksjr pen to r eed plrice t-ri? t l<- .... The wotk is wril'rn by I>r O'lfnrv. who is St'II lbs pras tier of bit t.rof.?.ioo y No II B.n? ?> streetu>ar the Psik. Tin- luiom forms of bodily and menial weakness, incajsmity and suffering which mine under the bend of private maladies, are faithfully delineated, end the h?t practical method nl. oblainiiig sound hr.ilth j it is a work plainly and Practically adapted to the use of all ihose who may unfortunately need italnends ly asaistanee, III wl. item agr or a??. That portion of the wbrk tinting upon iin|Nilencc, iurrvo-eas, and a certain destructive habit of youllifol indestretifta, from whence reaalbs " coaalitutional dehil'ty," Will he fouud both useful and instruction to all classes?i. is t friendly yet silent monitor, wtiers sensual or debility baa made thr-uteulug inroads upna tha hsalth or constitution, and points out not only tha means of escape, but the eeriaintv of realoration. The work Is written by a iihcsirian of egfwrience, (who it at II m prsctiee is this city) It shows how intrants and others are deteived by the outward phvsieal appearance-how the atteuuatum of the frame, p.ill it ufinn of the heart, derangement of the nervous system, cough, indigestion, and a tram of symptoms indicative of consumption, are often ascribed ta wrong causes, whes la reali y they are the consequences of an allnrm* and pernicious practice, alike desirnetive to ihe mind and bode The price ol the book Is the same as, hsretofors H cents, ear saw by llicuithor, at his residence, II Barclay at, uaar Broadway, -nd at the following agencies, which are drag tires ? Saudi' No. 78 Knlton at, cor. of Oold ac ??'s, No. M William at, near Maiden Laae. 's. No ? Knlton St, aor. of Water at. Dr. 's SJ 'towery, ai rner of Walkrr si. I. _ J . ,, L-... n j .... .1 Market st. I'r Charchaa' Diaponaary, No IK Sowpry. tor. of Bpriac trppt "r. A. W. Wliitp'a, No. )H Dolaacy atrppt.eoniof of So (folk ttpppt. It will bp (put in mM mppIopp to tbooP who My dp?ira to order it. I'onaultationa by moil will poppit' i ahara of Dy. U'a careful mnl i r<uo, I ittpu'io hia rharawa aa ?ili in aaeS fww Ti p Hook will twap-' bp <" on rwp?iot "? oo? itollar nail the r. turn poa?ke will bo paid out ( whot r>miina o?or the I1'' of hp no h f it iwiPpp A I.I. |ir>aoii< 4iph?- p|>> I .rhol rpc. miiia in 111-400 atoiaa mxp I a . tp l > m j ih s 11 v nil fo 8V? d illiri piyahla on df, a. aaol nolo eta illrfilly ob'aii.Pd I'nm - a. with ?l any r >. aiderai ion. and th* pa) t f ihp aanip wi|i h* rpfnaod ? Ua'pd vtarcb 7, I?t4. H'lAHL'.d K*l I N ' R mhw'rc coram ufkJt At puup and ?ih alroru

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