Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 16, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 16, 1844 Page 3
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stepped forward, and related at iom length the particular* of a very recent visit to the Hermitage He entered quite into detail on the matter of old Hiekory'a aged black servant George, Mia* Jackaon, with whom the Captain aaid he went to church?Mrs. Jackson's three children ? K ing all the subject of a number of reminiacencea. The Captain ran ou?George aaid, " Maasa not see ma"?heard name?"Miuaa will ?e? you"?old arm chair?embraced ?hot in tear*?asked about old frienda in New York? male and female with whom he associated?tnaay friends in grave?"daughter, make Captain as comfortable as possible"?*o went to church?would go himself but was not able?Mr*. Jackson lost a child last spring?church? acred book?conversation?rights of |>eopl*?respected right* of people?good old Uenerul?democracy?evilsVan Btiren?Judg? Hall?not fair?all right?Battle of New Orleana?females in the place of the men?would have blowed up the magazine-the sodgers had no shirt* ?" ah," said the General, "I'll show how they'll light you"?alter the battle?General?went to Catholio church ?lather Antonio?wouldn't gojto Spain?would first put Ilia own poll ill de box?(roan of laughter)?rose?catchiu! the old (Jeneral by kand?farewell--long lif"?hand on eyes?bowed?left room?conclude?holding a little green twig in hii hand, he said? "Here'* the mistletoe bough that I plucked from a tree ot the Hermitage ((Jreat cheers) And there's the flag? (pointingto the old flag which hung about th" general'* |>ortrait, and which had been on the glorious Held of New Orleana)?there'* the flag that I took with me when J paid thi? ln*t visit to my old tJeneral. (Ureat applau?e.) And never will it be unfurled again till 1 hear that he'* laid in the nilent tomb, covered with the honor* he ha* won in the cause of hi* country ." , Here the old Captain cat down amid deafening applause. Alter Mr. Tyack sat down, the following " Ode to Jackson" wu sung by the excellent choir :? Otic to Jackaon. Air?"Star-Spangled Banner." [whittex r;r the occaiio* IT mr. ITtWilr.] We gHther together, brought hero bv the fame Oftho loldier who periled hi* lite for our glory, Who learles went (ortli 'mid the slaughter and slain When the field and the banner were btood-red and gory; Wlio*e country was first in lii* heart, on his tongue, Whore shout o'er the blast nnd the cunuon-peai rung, Huzza ! to the conflict lor freedom, press on ! Till the last foe is conquered, the last field is won ! We gather to honor the free and the brave And our gratitude's gifts on the altar to render, The hero, who vowing his country to save Arose in the strife and was freedom's defender ; Attest it ye fields ! where at Orleans he bled, When the Lion'* wild roar, and the tyrant's fierce tread Itemed the Kagle, who horn the proud trophies away, '.Mid tne shouts ol the free who were victors that day ! Bring the greenest of wreaths and hind on his brow That is scarred by the lightning and storm of the battle, And shout for the Hero, wno scorning to bow, Braved the cannon'* grim mouth, and the muskets dread rattle : And ioy that his country at last has returned The laurel she plucked from the wreath he had earned, Defending the henrths of our patriot sires, And tanning the embers of liberty's fires There were several calls for, " Eli Moore," "Barber,'* and various other friends of the demo :ratic sausc, upon which Mr. Sucpurnn f?? luinx F * t ward and spoke to the following effect. Brother Democrats, tpon no occasion?however prepared?however ready to express? ai I have often done before?my opi, nions upon the great principle upon which we all depend, and which constitute the basis of our political faith?and demands an address to an audience so great and so respectable?1 never rose with more sincere pride than on the present occasion. (Cheers) There are instances that give an incentive, a stimulus to action, and cheer us on in our struggles for political amelioration, and when I look uroun.l meir, this vast congregation, and behold the "fair stars" in the gallery around us, 1 cannot but feel a bold confidence in the success of the cause which now involves the great principles of democracy. (Loud aud vociferous applause ) The ladies on all orcasious cheer us on in our struggles, as well as in our distresses ; nnd it is proper, then, that we should nut meet in our jubilee upon this occasion without being cheered by their presence. (Loud cheering.) It is most proper that, on what we may consider the last anniversary of Gen Jackson, that we should look for the cordial unanimity, that unity, that harmony in our action, that should bind the spirit of true democracy firmly in one indissoluble link together. (Loud cheering) Yes, my friends, this great principle should he brought together, and all minor considerations should be sunk and as this great truth has been fully exemplified since our constitution was formed, nnd during the early days of its infancy, namely, that unanimity was the great secret of success, I would earnestly exhort my democratic brethren to bear this great truth in mind. (Continued cheering) Look to the elder Adams, my friends; liBd not unanimity prevailed among the Democratic party in hisd.iy, what would have been the condition of the those principles for which we have been so ardently contending to preserve our country and our free Constitution ? (Cheers ) It was this unanimity that bound the parts together und formed and reconciled the whole, so as to adapt it, for those glorious purposes by which we have guarded and preserved our Constitution. (Cheers.) At that time were linked together against the Democratic Government, a powerful array of the enemies of constitutional right. They wero linked together against the government, which,"in that day, would extend equal rights and privilcgs to nil?a government which looked with jealous vigilance upon your rights and the rights of millions of your descendants, yet unborn. (Cheers.) These things should be now taken into account by our friends, amongst whom the bennr is quiveriag. The will ot the whole <Tp inocrnuc parry men, necame centred in one man, and that man was Thomas Jr.rrs. p.son. Long anil arduous was the * tho struggle to obtain this triumph, and nobly was it sustained when it was achieved?(cheering.) This success was an advantage and a consolation on that occasion.? Let us look at the consummation of our success after thirty years, and we shall lind it invaded by the enemies of popular rights and democratic freedom. An interference was made with it which was dangerous to the liberties of the people, nud some of the leading actors in this outrage upon our free principles play now a prominent part upon the stage. A plausible pretext was set on foot tor reguluting our commerce?a sort of scheme for guarding our finances ; but it was generated with evil designs that wero known to the people. Its power was great in your hails of legislation ; the press of the country, too, was out against us, and had the command of money. But there was another power which we had to contend ajwinst ?? power second only in its influence to the first ; a lever that rose elevated over the heads of the people? that was dangerous to our liberties, and threatened to de- j strov thejentire confederacy. That was tho scheme for the expansion of the currency. That was not the selection of General Jackson. (Loud cheering.) That man protected the country and the people. (Loud cheering ) The judgment of the people was passed upon this scheme, andjttliough a government institution, it was destroyed Again it was brought up in the Legislatures of snine of the States, but without success, and it failod. We had as much consolation,fellow citizens,upon that occasion as we have now, and I ask whether the present occasion does not demand an equal sacrifice at our hands. 1 ask you, my friends, do you believe that ii Henry Clay, an avowed hank man, an avowed distribution man, and high tarilf. that he would not at once pass these obnoxious measures I At last the National Bank Bill was passed, and by the honesty, or I may say, the obstinacy of John Ty ler, the Bill did not become the law o( the land. Then tlif Sub-Treasury was suspended and the policy of , distribution was broken down. I would say then, my friends, let the great principles of Democracy stand as 1 they did before the Whig reign (Loud cheering ) I ask yen, my liiends, should we hesitate aboil' the man when 1 we can secare the principle 1 (Loud cries of " no, no.") j I care not whether you lix your choice upon Van Buren or j Calhoun, or Johnson or Cass ; hut to this truth I would I earnestly invite your attention that the present elections will exercise a powerful influence over the Presidential anil tttuilomnrpQllA raiiess /Il^orX If tLnt ?!?? ;??. I , fails, it will throw the great principles of our party into i ruin mi l disorder, from which we cannot recover ; and I : would earnestly exhort our friends, whether radical de- 1 mocrats or others, if they have a true rezard for the great principles of our creed,they will (irmly unite, and all, and 1 tay to you all let us unite, unite and conquer. Mere there were several calls repeated fur Barber, Moore, Strang, and several other prominent friends of democracy, when The Mayor came forward and said that the order in the ; programme should first he proceeded with. The hand hereupon struck up with ' Vankee Doodle i" | Bknjamin k. Bctlrr being loudly called for, next came forward and said he had not come to speak, hut to listen, j lie wsuld prefer leaving the speaking to the young do- \ niocracy, hut the splendid scene he nail witnessed that night gave him much satisfaction, as ample justice had been done to the great theme upon which they had met. 1 (Cheering.) He remembered the days upon which he heard of the great exploits of General Jackson in his glorious efforts against the Creek nation of Indians. (Cheers) 1 lie was then young, and it delighted him to hear of his 1 valor and his courage, which amounted to ltoman hero- I Ism. That distinguished General was the citizen soldier j that gained all the great victories that hare elevated his country. (I,oud cheering.) Ho (Mr. Butler) remembered the night when the cry rang through the city that ! New Orleans was safe. (Cheers) He had thon been at ' New Orleans, and had witnessed the veneration in which ! the General was held. He also well remembered, as having been connected with the government of General Jack- j son, how he had been surrounded br crowds who sought and importuned him to restore the deposits of the United > States Bank, while he was partly deserted by his own friends, and still the giillant General was inexorable. (Cheers) Tho orator of the night had already so enlarged upon the charcrter of this great man that it was superfluous in him (Mr.B ) to say anything bene said at fiio meeting Mr. Butler hare read a letter, which he had received from Oeneral Jackson, dated 22d February, and which mentioned the declining state of the General's health. It contained aomc touching riassage* in relation to the passing from time to eternity, which were road by theipeaker with much emotion, and concluded by expressing the veteran hero'a satisfaction us to the Hetermination of the Baltimore Convention in relation to the Presidency. The following song was then sung with effect by the ladies in the choir: ? Oar Flag la There. Onr Flag is there! Our Flag is there! We'll bail it with three loud huzzas! Nor foeman dare, nor foemnn dare To touch it* hallowed stripes and stars. Ten thousand blades would flash on high, Ten thousand swords from scabbard leap, And Freedom's sons but ask to die, That glorious Flag from stain to keep. Our Flag is 'here' Our Flag is there! We'll hail it with three loud huzzas! Nor foeman dare, nor foeman dare To touch its hallowed stripes aad stars, That Flag hath waved o'er Glory's grave, 'Mid shot and shell and rending steel, And oft on Ocean's gory wave Hath taught the foe our arm to feel. Lot Democrat! in might urine lt< hnnner'd fold! of stars to guard, And benr aloft through Freedom*! ikies The stripes 'neath which our father! warred. Our Flag is there, Ac. That banner wave* o'er Freedom's land, And while remembrance hold! its story, Democracy'! victorious band Shall conquer 'ueath its fold! of glory. Long, Long must guard that hnnner brave The Government our lire! bequeathed, Or we must sleep in Freedom'! grave? A nation's laurels round it wreathed. Our Flag is there, he. [ The band again played aeveral lively aln, and cloned the proceeding!, which peaaed oft with the utmoat harmony , a decided proof of the power and influence of the fair iex upon the unbridled predilection! of the politician. Mutineers.?The U. S. Revenue Schooner Ewing, Capt. Hunter, returned to port yesterday, hav ing taken from the ship Siiakspcare several mutineers and delivered them over to the U. S. Marshall. The Ewing sails again on a cruize to-day. The Opera.?A very good house last night? considering the bad weather. On Monday we have Beatrice di 7V?da,with Majocchi for prima donna, and Antognini, for tenor. A great experiment, indeed ! Tax on Ships.?Every new ship pays on her materials a tax of #3000 to #5000 to government. Here's protection for you! First Shad.?This was caught in the Narrows last Wednesday. Southern shad, however, filled the markets more than a week ago. Aojoiirnkd.?The New Jersey legislature, on Thursday afternoon? tine die. Q&- EYMDENCE NO. 3, OF THE EFFICACY OF J. W. Keller's Deutile Extract of Sarsaparilla Candy :? CURE OF DYSPEPSIA AND DROPSY. Mr. Kkli.v?Dear Sir?i have been afflicted for 8 or 9 years with u distressing pain in my stomach, costiveness in my bowels, and tny limbs very much swollen. After euting my ineals 1 was in great distress for a short time, and then threw up what I hud eaten In short, sir, 1 have scarcely found rest or comfort during that length ol time. I have tried all kinds of medicine that 1 could think of, to little or no advantage, and had almost given up ull hopes of ever getting any relief, being now 68 years of age. I saw the advertisement of your Double Extract of Sarsaparilla Candy, and 1 thought I'd try once more. 1 have taker it now about 6 weeks, and it has completely regulated my system. I now eat anything that comes before me, and have not been sick since 1 commenced taking it. I sincerely and heartily thank Ood, ami render my good will and thanks to you, for 1 believe your Candy ha* I Ih* n.aan* h.? UI. ?.1* ... .... ........ ..... tuimu.i ill my old age. You arc welcome to make any a?u of this you may think proper. JOHN JACKSON. Williamsburg, L. I. May 5, 1S44 Stute of New York, Kings County, ss. John Jackion, with whom I am personally acquainted, appeared befare me, this 5th day of May, 1H43, and being by me duly sworn, says that all tnat he has stated above ii substantially true and correct, in every particular Subscribed and sworn before lae, this oth day of May. 1B43 Nathaniki. Parish, Justice of the Peace Similar evidences to the above are continually coming to our know ledge from persons who have been benefited by the use of the Sarsaparilla Candy, afflicted with various diseases. Any one wishing to be further satisfied, can call at our store, 'J7 Fulton street, aad examine our certificates. For sale, wholesale and retail, at the store of J. W Kelly A Co , 97 Fulton street, near William street, and all the principal druggists in the city. N. B.-?J. W. Kelly was awarded a diploma at the last Fair of the American Institute for the most pure Kxtract of Sarsaparilla. (ftT-THE^PRESENT SEASON.?There is not a man, wuuiau ur tiiiiti, nui snouiu lane medicine at tins toason, but more especially at this present time; for there we re probably never so many cases existing at one period as there are now, so likely to produce a state of sickness.? The repeated changes in the atmosphere, by acting as they do upon the consistence and quulity of the blood itsell, give occasion for the most fatal and malignant disorders. The bile becomes (and often without any warning) in a most acrimonious condition from these repeated changes,and if the Stomach aud Bowels have been neglected previously, the tirst symptoms requires immediate attention. To remove the infirmities to which the human frame is liable, no medicine has been found so effectual as Brandreth's Vegetable Universal Pills, which are known bv the experience of thousands, to perfectly cleanse the blood of all foulness, remove every morbid affection, and renovate weak and enfeebled constitutions to perlect health and vigor. Dr. Brandreth's Ottices, 241 Broadway, 274 Bowery, and 18!) Hudson St., D. D Wright, corner Houston and Lewis st, N. V., and Mrs. Booth, 6 Market st., Brooklyn. QQ- CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CURED.?The Tonic Mixture, prepared by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New York, is confidently re commended for all cuses of debility produced by secret in dulgenoe or excess of any kind. It is an invaluable semedy lor impotence, sterility, or barrenness (unless depending on mal-formation.) Single bottles $1 each ; cases of half a dozen $6; care- i fully packed and sent to all parts of the Union. Office of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy. 96 Nassau street W 8 RICHARDSON, Agent. N. B.?A liberal discount to country practitioners and i medicine venders. {&?- ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD.-People will not expect us to nnswertho blackguardism of any miserable vaganond that happens to assail us with a viewto make money, hut all honest men ol common sense will he satisfied of the truth of what we say, as tho above reward shall be paid if we do not show unv one. who will ask for it, plenty ofthe I'ain Extractor direct from D alley, and with his own name written by himself on every box. We will sell it always at half price, and give it to the poor ; but we recommend Connel's as far the best article, and from four to six times cheaper, and will take no pay for it unless it is so, and will cure the following complaints, viz : Burns, Scalds, Krysipclas, Salt Rheum, Sore Nipples it Eyes, I'iles, all Sores, Chilblains, Chaps, Sprains, Bruises, Ringworm Rheumatism, ir. 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MONKV IIIAHKEf. 1 Friday, Marcli 15?0 P. !Q. i iic morn idhikh io-uny wait very fluctuating. Ilurlem advanced 2) per cent} Indiana $; Pennsylvania 6's declined IJj Mohawk 1; Btonington J; Norwlcli J; Island, Kentucky, and Farmer*' Loan, closed firm at yesterday's prices. The salei were only to a moderate extrnt The late advance in Harlem Railroad is perfectly unaccountable. The improvement has reached twenty per cent within four weeks. Where the corner will stop is impossible to tell, as the stock is in the hands of some very largo and able houses, who arc raising money at any price, to "nahle them to hold. The Citizens' Bank of Baltimore, now w inding up, has declared a dividend of five dollars on each share ol the capital stock. The hill to amend the exemption law passed the Assem bly of this fitnte by a strong vote. The hill extern)* the act of 1842 so far as to exempt the. articles of tha kind specified in that act, in all cases, to the amount of instead of flxlng that sum as thu maximum. It also provides that the effects of the debtor shall be appraised,and that he ] "my aeieci ?ucu article* a* he may deem the moit necn?. *ary for hii comfort or occupation up to the full amount 1 named. Thi? amendment ii of grent importance to the , laboring classes, as ft enables tUam to restive their I * ' i implement* of trade and household furniture sufficient to continue their calling. It enables fanners to retain po*. session of their teams and tools for tilling the ground, and prevents their creditors from stripping their dwellings of the little furniture they may have accumulated. The Michigan House of Representatives passed on the 1st, by a vote of 30 to Jl, a bill making appropriation*for completing the Central Railroad to Kalamazoo It appro priates $74,000 in land* for grading anil superstructure, $74,000 out of the net proceeds, for ironing the road to that place. On the 'id inst. the Senate concurred, and the bill Ix-came a law. Receipts of the Central Railroad, Michigan, lor the month of Feb., 1844:? For passengers $'4,011 " Freight 7,804 " Old iron 160 10,366 Amount in the corresponding month 1813, wae 3,778 Increase $7,598 The receipts of specie at New Orleans,up to the 7th inst. for the season, amounted to $4,180,305 Same time last year ; 5,807,737 Decrease this year 1,637,433 Receipts of the Hartford and New Haven Railroad during the month of February, for two years: ? Fassengers, freight, and mail, Feb., 1643 $5,633 1844 0843 Increase for 1844, $4,330 From the returns made up at the Custom House of this city and Boston, the annexed comparative table of imports and rates of duties shows the result at each place:? Imposts into Ntw Yoaa and Boston. Netv York, Ftb 1844. Fviton, Ftb. 1841 Dutiable imports, $6.083 768 Putiable imports, $2,103 400 Kim (Jo 448.326 Free do 364,731 8, ecif. 44,317 Specie, 4.111 Total impo'tatinn, $6,627,411 Total importation, $2,473,942 Duties mi ihe same, 2,169,1.0 Dutiea on the aatne, 667,664 Average slsny on Average duty on whole value, 31 pr cent whole value, 27 pr cent Av-rage dmv on Avenge duty on dutiable imports, 34 do dutiable impor s, 31 do A statement has just been published of the liabilities and assets of tho Quebec Bank, to the 39th of Feb., 1844, by which we And that the promissory notes in circulation at that date, amounted to ?33,307: the coin and bullion on hand, to i)49,369 13?. 4d.;the total liabilities were i.9d,701; the total duet!, .(.'-401,663. Since the adjournment or the Legislature ol Maryland, the (tock ol? that State lias fallen from 82 to 64 per cent The causo given for thi? great decline, is the defeat ot the bill introduced for the completion of the Ohio and Chesapeake Canal. It is surprising to nee men of judgment de. ceivcd in thia way. The decline in the quotations for the tock has been produced by political speculators lor political elfect Can it be possible that the refusal o( the Legislature to create an additional debt of two millions of dollars can actually reduce the value ol the stock already in the market ? The defeat.of the bill has in fact made the stock of the State more valuable. The estimates made by the Committee of Ways and Means in their tax bill that has become a law, were independent of the anticipated receipts from this canal. The receipts from that work could not bo immediate. The amount necessary to pay the interest on the loan asked for to finish the canal, must have been raised by direct taxation. The tax law, as it now exists, will barely pay the interest on tho present debt, should every dollar required be collected ; and notwithstanding this, speculators come into tho market and run down the price of the stock, stating that its real value has decreased nearly twenty-five per cent, because the Legislature refused to involve the State deeper in debt. Within a few days there has been four arrivals ol packet ships from London, Liverpool and Havre, all of which had very heavy and valuable cargoes. The largest proportion of the cargoes coming in at this season, is comnosed of drv iroods. of foreien manufacture good* come into the market before the trade of the country has exhibited any evidence of Us extent, llefore the jobbing houses know whether the trade will be double or treble what it was last year, or that it only will be to the same| extent, they lay in large stocks of goods at the first prices of the season. We notice a great number of new names in the business section of the city, most of which, are young houses,composed principally of those who have had but little expeiience in the dangers arising from overtrading. There are a very few of the old houses in existence that woathered the gale of 1S37 and'38; inlact very few caine through those times unscathed. All were'crippled and cramped in their resources. Tho present race of dry good* jobbers do not perfectly understand the ramifications of trade, that gradually lead that class particularly, into the troubles and difficulties that assuredly lead to ruin and bankruptcy. Competition is the life and soul of trade; without it, monopolies would eat up the substance of the consuming classes ; but rivalry in business often leads to extremes, and all parties are made bankrupt together. The fever is daily increasing. Our jobbing houses have adopted the same extravagant system of securing customers, that was practised to so great an extent in I AW. Our hotels are run down with drummers, who pounce upon a country merchant with all the avidity of a bird of prey. These drummers are supported at an immense expense ; they have the run of the city, and liberally supply their customers with all kinds of recreation and amusement, without any other charge than can be found in the foot of their bills. These utlorts to secure customers leads to large sales and extended credits. The aim is to do as large a business as pussiuiu hiiu ouiuo incir nciguuors. 1 lie quaintly soiu appears to lis more of an object than the quality of the bills receivable. The solvency of their customers is a secondary consideration, compared with the amount of their bills. They have goods urged on them at tho lowest prices, and credits offered to any extent, and every expedient resorted to, as an inducement to swell the total amount. This course is sure to result in hank ruptcy to all parties. The country merchant has forced upon him more merchandise than his home trade requires; his obligations are made so large that tie cannot meet them ns they fall due. The city jobber is disappointed in his receipts ; his hills receivable are not paid on becoming due; his own capital has long before lieen used up in laying in his first itock.and there is no alternative but suspension. The laws it trade are so linked together, that from the most isolated '.auses, half the merchants of u large city like this may be compelled to stop payment. All inducements held out to ;ountry merchants to overtrade, invariably becomes injurious to the seducer. Heavy importations, abundant sup dies, long and easy credits, and the com|>etition that inva.iably exists between new houses,will lead to speculation, ivertrading, insolvency and failure. It is impossible to irevent this termination. It is the same in all other tranches of trade, besidts the dry goods department. It is inly by an increasing excitement that speculation in anything is overdone, and the necessary excitement to proluce such a result can be created as well by the regular novements of trade, as by any fictitious demand that nay spring up by the operations of fpeculatuia. Old Stock Bxchange. HflflCO U 8 5's. '43 tniJi MM ?nt< n Co bin 3'i 3800 dot's.'32 tin 100 do L30 Mi 1JOTII Ohio O'l, -C? '10 230 do 3'.? 3(100 do 130 ?? 23 do blO 33% 2HKI do his 9H* so 3i*ii 11000 do b30 OO.lJ OUtiraSt S. h-'y R R 1?2 3000 do 90 <? .30 Stoning).01 It K 363* 2000 Kemucky 0'i 103V 1(0 Aub St Itoeh HH 1*0 105 50(0 IVun a 5'* 67>* 32S Look lalaud li H 7034 31000 do 07 SO do >30 76'a 3000 do 6634 12S do 1)30 76V 10(010 Ind Slit Bd? 37)1 ISO do bnw 7fiV SIIOO Ind $ flood* 1)30 38sZ 123 Harlem R R 1 59 1000 do b30 38V SO do t?0 5834 isoro do 38 V SO do S9'? 10000 do 16O 38', ion do S9V S000 do 16O 38'4 ISO do 60 20 ah<* l.m'r Manu't Ilk loo 100 do i)0 00 20 Merchant*' Uk lOCK 100 do *30 60 73 N Ain TrudCo 13)4 100 da 60 SO llliuoi* Bank b30 21 100 N .Jeney It R .r,0 9414 7S N t) ISity Bank 73j," SO Mobavrk It R >66 5834 2S N O Canal Bank 42 20 do 58V 00 N ? <iaa Co 100 390 Nor St Wore R R 38, ? SO Vickihnrg Bank 834 100 do blS 38'* JJ0 do,^ "> ' SO do buvr 38)J Soo karmera'Tiuat 38t, 101 do >30 :>8 SO do b30 38V 100 do bCO 38'4 100 do blO 38m SO do b30 38'4 " do 38V 2S0 do b30 38,'4 ISO do 110 3834 2S do 38 SO Canton Co 36 Macond Ilonrd. ISflOO Ohio t'<'60 63 9814 2S0 k'armera Loan *10 39 5010 do *30 91 400 do b3 19'.' 10 *h*a in State fik 31 100 Conn lal>nd R R 763* SO Nor St Wore KR 38 ino Har etn K K anw 83 100 do a30 38 100 Canton Co 3SV SO do *80 37 K 125 da 3J>, New stook Klchanft, S2"00 Ohio 6'a. 60 98>4 60 Nor St Wo:c R R 38 2000 Ken 6'a, 30 ya b3 I0J 25 do J8'4 soon Illinois b30 42V SO Harlem R R b3 58M 1000 do 1)45 4234 so do *] 58v 2060 Indiana 38 50 do 5834 1100(1 do 38V 50 do bnw 583* 50 k'armera' Loan b7 38V 100 do ante 58 V 50 do 3834 50 do 51V 25 do blO 39 100 do lnw 59^ 25 do 3834 SO do 5934 25 do 39 180 do *3 5934 15 VickaboiK 83$ 100 do *3 3934 ion ao <n no f>? 25 Cat ton b30 36 M 200 do 61 25 Jo bli MM 1)1 do IWV :.0 <lo J.1X M <J" dw Ci'la 10 Mohawk RII Mm ?2 50 <lo 0 25 Loek Itlud IIIIM0 7?M 50 do Ml', 25 do b30 7 7 State of Trade. Amti ? Pots continue very Hull at f t ftfl] ; I'uarla wo till cpiotn at <>0 ?| a ft I'll lbnm - Ha|i'? to n fair extent of yellow fine for exl?ort at SOJ a 30|c. Cotton.?The aalen to-day roach ahovit 5000 tonic* ; nhovit five hundred taken lor home conaumption, remainler for export. Pricoa remain the ?ame. There wan a light rally early thie morning but the market cloned feeble. Whiseev.?Drudge casks dull at 33Jc. Prison barrels | the same at 34|a 36c. Rtsi. Estate.?1The tallowing sales weie made at auction Lot of ground No. s per map on l?th street, between 4th and eth avenues, 36 by 93 feet $1,760 Lot of ground No 9 per mnp on 17th street, between 6th and 6th avenues, 36 by 93 feet 1,776 Do No. 10 do on do do 1,760 Do No. 39 do on 19th street 1,060 | Do betweea 7th and 8th avenue* and 30th and 3lst treat* two Four story atore corner feck slip and South it.. 16,700 Frame building No. 007 Wooster street, and lot 24) by IOO feet 3,826 Two story uttic brick house No. 209 \Vouster ?t, lot JO by 100leet 4,100 (Sore of land adjoining, 6 feet trout '10 feet rear, by 100?f?et;deep 1,400 Lot N E comer of Prince and Sullivan street, 26 by OA ) feet 3,600 Lot adjoining on Prince street same size 2,440 Do do do 2,425 Do do do 2,260 Do do do 2.350 Lot northwest corner of Thompson and Prince st same sue 3,675 Lot adjoining on Thompson street, 24) by 100 It. 2,100 Do do do do . . 2,200 Do do do do 2,450 Lot N. E. side Sullivun street do do .. 1.H50 Do do do do .. 1,776 Do do do do . 2,025 Two story brick boose corner of CSeorck and Stanton street, lot 16 feet 10 by|6(> 3,000 Lot north side 9th street 200 feet \V. of First avenue, 25 leet by hall the block 1,725 Two story brick front house No. 21 First Avenue. House 25 by 41. Lot 26 by loo leet ; bought in for 4,050 Two lots oncanal basin, Havre de Grace 100 Trss?At auction?Imported in the ships Paul Jones and Pauline Notes sit months nay able in the city, and to hu made satisfactory to the sellers. Hyson?7 hf chests 83 ct* per lb; 42 do 67; 34 do 54; 84 do 631; II chests 43; 55 do 42; 50 do 41 ; 13 do 40; 126 do 39) 1356 lb bxs 45260 do 111, (42 chests wnhdrawn ) Vouno lit son?22 hall chests 71 j; 31 do 71; 12 d o 70); 27 do 61; 10 do 64; 25 do 52 j; 35 do 62; IS do 46; 21 do -l.>; 80 do 42); 68 do 42; 43 do 3.4; II do 38); 130 48; 36 do 36); 89 do and 0 chests 36; 66 hf do 35); 143 do ami 10 chests 35; 20 hull' do 34); 29 do und 83 chests 34; V do 33); 137 half cliest9 33; 286 do and 22 chests 32); 68 half do 32; 93 do 31); 18 chests 31; 20 do 29; 67 hull do 28; It) do 18; 52 131b. hxs 39; 898 do 35; 100 61b do 39; 400 do 38, (325 chests and 859 hull chests withdrawn ) Hyson Skin?31) chests 31, 06 Jo 29,'34 Jo 28, 81 Jo 90, 49 Jo 13, (842 Jo withJruwn.) Gunpowder?60 lif chts 09; 27 Jo 28; 10 Jo flft}; 21 Jo A3; 21 Jo 04; 10 Jo 31; 30 cases, each 12 21b cuunisturs,, 03} , 30 Jo 40; 17 Jo 14; (03 hf clits withJruwn ) Imperial 10 hf chests 64; lOdo 00; 10 Jo 07; 77 Jo 00; 10 Jo OS; 23 Jo 03} ; 0 Jo .'>01; 0 Jo 00; 21 do 48}; 0 chests IS; 4 Jo and 30 half Jo 40; 10 Jo 33}; 220 121b. boxes 40; 72 01b Jo 00}; 30cases each 12 21b. cans 62}; 39 Jo 42}; (00 half chests withdrawn) Souchong?00 half chests 32} ; 97 Jo 30; 49 chests 20; 10 half do 24; 100 do 23}; 120 do 23; 81 do 20}; 39 do 13}: 207 do 18: 00 131b boxes 21}; (228 do 202 chests and 431 hulf do withdrawn ) Mohee?8 261b boxes 40. Soupuy?19 211b boxes 40. Cassia?1400 mats 18 cents per 11). Provision Market. Soma el our fust butchers still exhibit very superior Beef in our different markets. We notice some very tine to-day, and also Veal and Mutton, at prices to suit the times. We saw but a small quantity of Veal in the country markets, none from Philadelphia or Jersey, owing to a breakdown on the Amboy Railroad. Wc have a larger supply of Fish, mostly in Halibut and Perch, Smells plenty and at 0c the pound. Poultry of all kinds very scarce and dear. Kggs plenty, 11 for Is. Vegetables of all kinds and of the usual variety in greater abundance this week. Thicks of Pitnvisioisi Apples, hbl-?> *$1 50 aS 00 Geese* .. . 50 al 25 Beef, per lb? 8 a 10 Honey, n w. Ib.- 1825 Beef, percwt $4 50 a6 00 Halibut, lb 7 a 0 Bacon, 12>?u ? I..ird, |*-r lb 8 s ? Blacknsli 0 ? 9 Mutton . 4 s 8 Beets, well Is? Ouioui, per buueh. 6 a 8 Brans, bush JO s 87}? Parsnips, i*er bun* 1 I2)?*l 25 Butter, fresh [a*' lb- 14 a 18 Pigeons,doz,- 1 25 si 50 Butter, lirkin, per lb. 6 n 10 Porter House 8tesksl0 s 12 Bass, lb 3 a 10 Pork, per lb 6 a 8 Celery, a bunch, 6 a 12}{ Pigs, roasters ? a$l 0# ('auliflow-rs, uoi.,50 al 25 Potatoes, bushel 31 a 75 Cranbe-ries.a qrt.--15 a ? Potatoes,iwl.busb-$l),50al,00 Crabs, dozeu 12>?a 25 _ Perch, lb S a ? Chickens--*! 50 a 87)s Poultry, pair 75 al 123-? Clams, 100 *.***25 a 37>r Salmon,smoked10 a 12 Calves Head,itc 25 a ? Striped Bass, lb 8 a 12 Cabbage, each J a 10 Snipe, dozen 75 a ? Cheese, new 6 a ? Sausages ? a 0 Carrots, each. 1 a ? Smelts lb 8 a ? Uiirlis, per pair ***50 a 75 Turnips, tier bush* 25 a 3lX Kris 8 a 12 Triiie, li> - a 4 Kggs, 8 for ? a 12X Turkies 56 al 50 Fresh Cod 4 a 5 Veal 6 a 12 Flounders 4 a 6 Venison, lb., 11 a 13 Ctitton ill ark eta. Mobile, March 7.?The market continue* to present a good degree of unimution? buyurs for Kuropn participating freely in the transactions. We do not feel authorised to iptote any change in prices?the market is, however, very lirm Receipts were nearly .5000 bales yesterday? since Friday night last they amount to nearly 15,000 hales. Ntw Oni.ziws, March 7.?The sales of cotton yesterday were lurge, amounting to nearly 6000 bales,and prices are a little easier than before. There is still a large quantity ottering, and holders are very anxious to realize. l.ivtRi-oui CussincATion?Cotiisiuua and Mississippi ? Inferior, iUe7; ordinary, 71 a 7 J; middling, 8 a 8] ; middling fair* 8j u 0; lair, '.'J a tij; good fair, a 10) good and tine, 10J. Brighton Cattle Market. March 11.?At market 510 Beef Cattle, 360 Sheep, and 225 Swine. 60 Beef Cattle unsold. Prices?Beef Cattle?The prices obtained last week (or a like quality were not generally sustained. Wu quote a few extra at f>4 75 a $5 ; first quality, $4 25 a 4 50; second quality, $3 76 a $4 25; thiid quality, $3 26 a $3 60. Sheep?We quote sales from $1 75 to $3 75. Swine?A lot to peddle 4'c for Sows, and 6]c for Bar rows. At retail from 5 to 7c. Philadelphia Cattle Market. March 14.?Beeves -800 offered?96 of which were Virginia cattle?110 of the above were'driven ou to the New York market. Sales dull for ordinal y to lair at >1 a A par 100 pounds. A few very superior brought $5 35 a 6 60. 60 left over. Cows and Calvea?300 offered?Sales brisk at fl8a30. Springers, tf>14 a 'JO. Dry Cows, $3 a 1 Ilogs?603 in market?Hales at $4 75 a 4 87} per 100 pound*. Sheep? l:ioo otfered?Prices ranged for inferior qualities at * 1 50 a 'J 50?extra *3 to 3 50. Foreign market*. IIavaxa, Feb.29?Thumarket had undergone no particular alteration,and prices are quoted the same us in our advices by the last arrival. From some of tho minor poits of tho island, the exports are large. Kor the week ending the 10th February,the following arc the exports from Santiago de Cuba:?Sugar 93,750 lti3.j Cotfue, 653,605 lbs; I.uaf Tobacco, 143,390 lbs ; Hegars, 66,000; Fustic, 33,000 lbs ; Brandy, 'J9 pipes; Hides, 854: Molasses, hhds. JO; Honep, 8 do; obi Iron, I t 3tH) lbs ;ol(l I'oppej, 31,400 lbs; Cocor, 45ti His. Sweetmeats, JOI <lo; yellow wax, 7.J37 lbs.; fsr tha five days prectxling the 10th Feb. the exports from Trinidad, aie noted thus Sugar, 14,854 nrrobcs ; Molasses 187.611 gallons ; t 'oftee, 364 arrobes ; < oco, 303 lbs and sundry otlusr articles. In some districts, the planters are complaining that the crops arc suffering from a long ytll of dry xvea'I.ei Died, On the 15tli instant, Kmzauktm, wife of Jacob D. L. Armour, Printer, in the 36th year of her age. The friends of the family as well as those of her mother, Mrs. Wood, and John and William Armour, are respectfully requested to attend her funeral on -unday afternoon, at half past 4o'clock, from her late residence. No. 384 Hivington street .between c olumbia and Cannon street. Passengers Arrived. Mobil*?Bug HsratoKa? Mr. J Scliriver, And lliree in the s'eersae Havaixxah?Brig Hierlini? L W Thompson, O Collins, A i A 1,-ull-r and two in the .li-i rsx-r Krtrwlern Importation* Porter.. PH?Brig Ht Patrick?57 hlids sugr R1 dn molim'i ! 29 tierces il ) 155 linirs tlou<limayU It Sou?55 do inolaittt T Lord IVIaTArtras? Brig (Jardiner?2 5 hhds molasses 14 tea 51 blda ' do J (iiam?10,000 oranges Miller It co. Domcatlc Import at tana. Nr.w Ont-gAN?? Ship Hhakrtpeir*?275 his poik Richmond It Willi inis?5i do H Blydeubi.rgli It co?929 do 110 tcs 507 krgs 288 hlida J MeOhain It co?10 hlids C W Smith?9 tea W Lt~ land It < ??2o bales cotton T.ift It co?09 d > B It Kield? 21 do | ('rocker It Warren?35 do Crsigh <i Heydecker?I hhl sugar Herni k It Blunt?2 bis do J Wu.ehesfr?I ch' I boi V Sl ue ?2 r? md?e J Consuls?9 North It llroihers?II ImI?? skin* L L While It co?I do J Hmnh It co?65 bales cotton Hess It Powers? 37 llersn. I.ees It co?25 Berk Si Kimhardt?203 dn .1 l)essrti?(I do 11 Irwin?74 do 2 hf his mdte Si rmi. Dubois It co ?5 lutes cotton to order. Nr w Ohli smi ? II mjue Warwick?280 bbls pork 180 do lard (ireenwav, Henry St Smith?11 hhds bacon Booth St Kdgar ?30 Sees litharge Pi.lion Ik Collate?25 hlids shoulders Hurllett VVinrell St hl.bott?2 bbls do I blid I tc 3 cs beeswax J It J ' Pal tun-29 bids 90 kegs lard 3 bbls oil I box candles 3 hlids tallow C Smi'h St co?54 cks copper Misters, Markoe It co?#0 ! bales carton f. bla wax B Richards?7 bbls lard B do hatns Hoyd im, Sage It co?70 his wine Neyiiis It Son?22 tcs was J Hmilli ? lO'l bales cottou llivciistk co?51 h'.lt |iork 12 hlids (3 bids hams 41 do shoulders 4 hhds pork 17 bbls do 141nth It co?100 bbls pork 102 do lard J P Fisher?III bales eottan to order. Nr.w Olli r.aisa?B?ti|ne Osprav, (reported yesterday)? 38,12k gallons molasses J It S Taylor, ol Middletnwn. Cl. rsew Oni rasa? Brig Wakulla?9 halea saaafrat % dn elm 75 b'o's r.a'tnr nil B H Field?520 his cl*?crae?d I) Johnson?I bos t .rsbam, Bell It (Irabain ?18 bags leathers O It A VVetmore?3< nhda barns P I Nerins St S >u?llOb'dt lard lOOksgsdo Brrtlett, Wend II St Abbotl? 03 bbls lard Newbold It I rnfts?418 si s pork do Urrl 92 do hums 2.5 bbds shoulders W K k A T Craft?73 ck/barna 37 bis lard .8 kegs Read. Srhermeilinrn It co?id bbls ml 9do la.d 94 kegs do 8 hhlt tallow 28 bales 4Jpkgi skins Suydam, Hag* St co?12 pkgs to order. Momi.t -Brig Ha'atogn?497 biles cotton Holbrook, Nelson 01 CO? I /1 111 (ir? II iMiriiuuuil i rnwi a CO ?I UJtIC Iiariwrc* UrothiTd. Suim?h~Una StrrlinK?16 ck? ricr, II S William?M <ln Oowd v It vt rlt? '0 do Orav It ( rodby?2] half* cotton Smith Mill* St co?110 K it 1:19 fVrkuic Si Hopkini?76 ? llrotn'.n?2MI ilo Karl, Porter St Collini. " maritime herald. Itlllng Uajri of thu H(?m Mtilpo. raoM i.ircnrooi,. raoM iMO'ci. Caledonia, Mnr. 5 April 1 Acadia, Phnn on Apr. 4 May I (?. Wmlem. Matthewa Apr 77 Mny 21 li Britain, May M June 20 Foreign letter Uagi. Hereafter, letter and ,New?pan?r Huki lor all part* Of the World, will b# mada up at the flmi.n Omen. Hhlp nut era and Agenda. We (hall eatenm it n faror, if Captain of Veaaali will lira to Commodore Itonaai Siltky, of otu Nrwa float, a ilw fort of the Shipping left at the Tort whence they nailed. tW? Vessels Spoken ou their Passage,a List of their Cargo, ami ? 7 roraigu Newspapers or News thejr may hara. lie will Board them immediately on tlieir arrival. Agents and Cor'aspondrata, at home ar abroad, will aUo confer a favor by ??din? to tins Uflire .11 the Marine Intelligence they cav j obtain. Nautical Information of uf kind will bethaaVmllT received POKT OF !?KW VOKK, MAHCH 10. IUW nilBf 1' I mqoh . * *< 4 4t ItJWtKTt 6 7 | HIOH Cleared. Packet ships Montezuma,.Lowlier, Li*eapool.C H Marshall; Zurich, Johnson, Havre r oi k Livingston?Harqee I.oui.a, Gault. Hamburg, E Balcli k Kunhardt? Briga Republic,Gates, > Apalachicola, E D Hu'lbut kt'o; Mi'v, York, PoriLud, Me Nesmilh k Walsh; Susan. < oggirs. Liibon Buck k Peters; Mows. Lnvelaud, Charleston k Dunon?Hchrt Romp, Hall. UuatatnaL, fielding k Keuklemau; Mttamora. Lather, Warren, HI, master. _ Arrived, Ship Shaks[ieare, Trask. It days from New Orleans, with ' cotton, kc. to K K Collins k Co. Barque Warwick, Leightou, 20 day* from New Orleans,with 1 cotton, to mss rr I tw barque Leonids. Loderberg, 31 days from liottenburg, with 616 t us iron J Diioii. Brig ("astleton..Jameson, 16 davs from Mala07.ii, with mo lasses, to master?331 lihds 10 tea 66 bis molasses Depevster k Whitoiarsh fid in co ?ith Star, of Gloucester, for Philad; Lincoln, for llath. Left Hvles. Hums. of K rank fori, for New York, ready; Tangier, lor Philad. do: Averon, Judson. hence, ju?t ar, in t ils passage. Brig Solon, Berry, from Havana, via Matanzas, 16 dais, Willi 1017 hoses sugar to [) K. Morgsu. Brig Wasulla Mulford, from New Orleans.with cotton, kc. to Johnson k Lowden. Brig Saratoga, Bed ll, 17 days from Mobile, with cottnu, ke. to Dunham k plma B'igtl W Gilford, Cautery, tl days from < ienfuegos, wits 763 lihds. mohtssei 33 t's do 16 ^bls and ID tcs limi'V. Sooflord, Tiles ton k<*o On ill 8th tost lar 33, Ion 71, 30 evperie' Ced a severe gal- from NW?w>s boarded by a sea and lost 27 casks molasses from the deck?lost the mainsail, furetopsail and lore, ail. an^ received oih F damage. Brig St. I'airick, Dyer 21 daya from Ponce, PR, with molasses to Souihrnsyeo k Sou Brig Sterling. Hamilton, 6 days from Savannah, with cotton kc to |)u him k Dimon Brig Oatdiner H tVaight, Renton, 10 days from Matanzas, with milse to llrett fc Vose. Sailed 3,1 nil. u CO with Hibernia. Sawyer, Boston; Clio, Cerdanas; Priuce Albert, Hint, for H-lifax. Brig China, , 18 daya from Trinidad. Brig ''uPauuiek, 31 daya front Km Grande. Schr Ilellei nonf, Woodbury, (of N^wburvport) 10 davi from Cardenas, wiin 2I.'? nhda 20 ti-?rce? 16 bbl* to J 0 Hooper. of Uuttou. Ve?sel? Irft uot recollected ncnr Dranuywiiie, r.inrriuge. a nays irom rvewoern, on. ,wiui corn, to Bryant St Mlitlnud. Sid in co with Paragon, for N : ' York; J I' Dennis fordo Schr John I! Demurn, Hillshee, 7 (Uyt from Onrmcoke, NC, | with com. to Williams & Northam. Schr Metslic, Simonton, fin I Ivnnston, with limn ! Sclir Rochester, Fountain, I'm Baltimore, with mdte. j miscellaneous. Whvcks?W.* passed tba lOtlt nut, t ape Henry bearing N W. distant 40 mil's, a vessel bottom tip, it wu blowlug very hard from th? N. and did not approach near enough to distinguish her particulerly Brio TtuMun, Collin. 22 da fm (ruayama. I'll, with & cargo of sugar. waa totally loat on ludiau 1'oiut, near I'roapect, No., ou the 3d ioat. Bit Brio Sir Jamki, Cole from Halifax, which waa spoken at sea, Willi loss of inaata, See had reached Jamaica previooa to 24th Jan. where she waa condemned. Brio Danum. (before reported wrecked oil Doic Iloclta) waa insured f-r $6000 in Boston and $6000 in Thomaitou.? There waa 2U0 doubloons on board, which were saved. Spoken B igle, of Eostou, from St Jago for Havana, 29ih Feb. off Cape Antonio?by (J W Clifford, at this port. Splendid, lin Manillas, for Providence. Ill ?by same, S. lendid. of Warren, 28th ult, lat 26, 42, Ion 69, 3?by the St Patrick. at this port. Rapid. \Wd, h-nee for Havana, out 3 da, 7lk iust lat 32 37, loo* 73 JO?by aainn Vandal's, of Warren, hence for Neuvitaa, lltli mat. lat 37 40 lou 73 30?hy same Stag, from Matanz's lor Philadelphia, 9th inst, lat 34 60, Ion 76, 40?by Solon, at this port. Velasco, fin Havana, off < ape Florida?by same. 1 Sardi Hand. 48 hours fm Philadelphia for New Orleans, 12th iust. 30 miles N of llatteras?bv Sterling, at thrs port. Paraxon, Apalachicoli, 12 daya out, lor Providence, lat 30, 60, lou 76. Foreign l'orts Autivmp. 6th ?In port. Utile, Hansou, Charleston, U.imhi y. Dec '0?III port, Columbus, Slum, Macao; 171b. Columbia, I roinar, 1111 .hire, 2Jtli. Helen, Macao; Dec bill, (Id Agnes, Jones, Cal'titta. Hki.mrn, Jan 3??In port, Br'man, Ropar, Virginia. Brav aahmiis, 2il -rut back. America, Barry, Boston. Ci.ruk. eeb7?Hid, Laglr, Lau(, NewVurk; 3d, Lochilbo, Taylor, Mobile. ( .ADI7. Jan 31?Arr dlobb. Lowry, NOrleant. Calcutta, Dec 19?The typliou iu the Cuiua Seas took place Oct 9 Dual. Keli 8?In port, 8t Andrew, Mobile. (ioTTKNBimo, Jan 2li?lu port, Victory, Cross, Charleston Oihhaltaii, Jan 20?Sid, Oeo Canuinii, Kydd, Charleston; 26th, Avola, Davis, NOrlcans. Hklvokt. 3d?In port, (Jotha, l.nundberg, Chirleston. Hull, Keb 6?Sid, Ca'o Hare, Ualvtaton. i Uavak, Keb 5?111 port, Sylvie d? Orasttt. NVork; 1th, Ta- | gliona, NOrleans: Klisha Peuniton, Mobile; Warsaw,Cuarles- j ton; 3d, Victor, do; Condor, Haviiuitah. London, Keb 0?Knt'd outward, Medora, Turner, Havaua; St James, Meyer, NVork; Montreal, Teuker, do. LlTBirOOL, Keb II?Sid, Kraurama, Ibefore mentioned) i Prabtre*. NVork, but not ashore on the Burb'> Shoals, entrance of the Mersey, a very heavy sea running at the time, and it is sunprsrd the would be t blued to return and repair Lishon, Jan 26?In port, Ueorge Washington, Olsen, Stock] , liolin; Virginia, Boytou, Hamburg; 2ltb, Kliiabetb, Cuming, NVork. Lome, 4th?In port, Marie Caroline, Dugau, N York. Malta, Jan 22?In port, Uncaa Wilaou, Boston , 23d, sld, | Cambridge, Kllia, Messina; St Lawrence, Heard, Cork. Macao, Nov 30?The Ana Maria got athore in leaving the harbor of llnug Kong, and must disoharge to repair. 25tb, sld, Latns, Miller. New York. 2l)th, ar Delhi, Heard, NOrleans; mill, Akbar, llalleet, Liverpool; 21th, sld Maryland, Norton, Maratlan. Malaoa, Jan 9?la port, Vene/.uela, I'reudell, L'nstou; 17lh, Id Maul of Orleans, Wiswall, < aghari. Naivti.s. Keb 2?la port. Arabian, Foster, Charleston. Onatv, Jau 26?Sld, Patriot, Orey, Malta. Hyunlv, Kept 22?Arr Sarah Hcntt, Black, Manilla; 29lh, New York Paek?t. Otegory. South America. SHir.t.ut, 5th?Sld Pnaraalii, Bradford, Boston. Smvrna, Jan 15?Sld, Science, Bulklev, Liverpool, Sanuoh. Nov 30?Sld Dorchester, (Caldwell Boston. SitKiArnai;, Nov 10?Arr 1st, AldebaTon, Webb, Boston. Oai.vr.STON, Keb 22?In imrt, faml Roberts, Kav. NVoik. Sr Iohn, NK, Keb22?lu p ot, Oowrie, Smith. NYotk HaraNA, Keb 21 ? A r Biiiuey, Antwerp?Cld. Marian Jaue, NVorlr- Planet N'e u. I Irl,.,... Viral.,;.., H. a..... I, _.'M|I, ... Henrietta, Portland: Prince de Joinville, Savannah; May, Boston?Cld, Lincoln, Boston. Thinidai), Feb 14?Arr Beuey, Jane. Kingston; Judtnn, do; Mary, Juinaica?17th, cld. Kspeleia, Philadelphia; Cordelia. Boston; Homer, N York; Good Hop*, do,* Cit.nrrcrjos. Feb 14?Cld Floreuce, Baltimore? lG'h, arr Charlot'e. Kingston. ^Matanzas, March 3?In port, Ag?wau, Truudy, fm N York; Khz* Ann, Fitzgerald, Norfolk; Qtnnneboug. I'atton. disir; Lion, Parton. for Boston, 5th out; Franklin. Patton. ldg for Boston. 10th inst; I earl. IVaroe, N York. Idir: Hylas. kn stare, lor do few <ls; Cyras Woodhde, do do; Triumph, wtg It; Fieeman, do do; Gjr.el|e, Glover. do: Florence, Beich, do; Ark, J ?hnson, do; Traiil, Stoddard. Charleston, <1 is. The Guelaa, Mayo, sld 2d for Cardenas to load for N York. Horn* Port*. Portland, March 13?Below. Commodore Hu'L from Matanzas,?Cld, William. Baton, Porto Hico: Pilot, Pol nd, Mv lauzas. 12tl?, sir Good Intent, Co*, Camden f r Florida; Alfred -lover; Alnorriac, Hall, and Leo, Jameson Th**mastou for NYork: Hileyon, do lor Flushing?Cld. William. Bacon. Poro Rico; Pil' t, Poland. Matuzas?Nothing sailed?Wind SSK to SSW?lloscius hat not sailed as reported?Baltic still helnw. wtg wind Li hm', M icIi 7?Ar Rrain*rd, Nponen. St John NB; Macdonough. Tucker, NYork; Ith, Relief. Alexander, 4 herryfisld Shi aih. President Leiyhton, NYork; Rrmuavd, Hichinond Bath, March 7?Arr Boideaui, fm Boston. Halxm. March 13?Arr Henry, Call. Boston. Cld. Sophia. S'?epar<i, Merauh?m and a market. Hid 1 Ith.K'iial eln,Wney, lhi adelphis. Frankkokt, March 10? S'd, Gazelle. Pierce. Martinique Boston. March \4?No arr vals?Telegraphed, Yelasco, Choate, Havana?Sunal for a brig CM, Sarah. f?o?*er, Ma fan/as: Lubec Triloliuin, Kuhl, Hamburg. via New Bedford; Ktisjell. Conway, South America; Cord* lia, Clapp,, Fa'con, Moor-, Jacinel; Cyclops Moan fort, Portland for W Indies, Clinton, Chase. Philadelphia; A Lawrence, Meeker, uid S A Taylor, New York; America, C rowel I, do; Vermont, Ames do Hoi.mij Hole, March 13? Arr Hasan, Pit'ee, Turks Island for Boston; Josephine, Kohjnson, Richmond fordo, and n sclir ...i.... ....I lit,. Alt,..... k'r-.irti fin M.r ?>>#... Inr ii??I'iiumI l.v II li, .VLndian, White IIutimnre lor Portsmouth. (, March '0?Arr Delta, Snniea, NYork. KsiiiHTowa, March 12?In port, ( zarios, Wilton, fin IIin Jane rn lo' Dot tun; Halm, wtti a at-a in boat to take hei to Porllanil; Voltaire lor Boston, necly ready Pnovmrncv, March II?Arr Mope, (leorge York Hirer 1'Hii.Atib.i.rHia, March 1.1?A'r krg Ac .rn, Howea, Boato ; ( lira John. Smith, Nilrlevs; Walter liliUnn, Le?ea, L)e|; loop l,'1 ion, I'nt'i'chain. Baltimore; ate ,m?r BnUcon, Robe ! on, WilinioirtoA, Del Old KK Loper, Nor li, IVrcaini tiro; i Jane Hecide aon, lliuaon, PrOvidenc ; Or con. (,'orain. Boeloo, i ilierty. t ownaend, I ambridce, Mn?>; New jfrrey, II II, New llaree; K A Seward. Ross, Provide c ; Mciico, Tomlin, New I V ik;( lumhia, Hanover, i n Nohi oi.k, March 9?A deen loaded liarc|ue anchored under , Old Point leat'idnv 8ld, Al"iandre, 11u icert Onadah upe? In Hampton Wo <i , Flora, [ llr | is ?eeiu fm Wales, ?iti, rail road iron and emigrants, bound to New York?pat in for iu,> plica Rutimowii, March IJ?Arr Lynchburg. Mathiaa NYo-k: ' Kldndge, iloaton?Sid Margaret Ann, Hammond, N 11* rn. WprMiiriiTOir, March 8?Arr Baltic, Mnnlion, Oandalnnpc; Brilaiiliia. ''or rr, Aotigui; II W atcoti, Vance. T'a aland ? ( Id llowlaud, Adaina, (luadalunpe; P.irket, Cla'k P Rico; i Caroline ratten, do; k aperimrnt. White, Port Spain, Trin; I) B. Keelar, Wade, Barb*doea; Sterling, Taylor, New Orleans. SavarrriAH, March II?Arr Abeona, Bryaon, Dublin; raid, Leichion, L adon; Madison. Hoop, NVork?I' d,0'lmton, l.\ou.lN V ork?Sid l.ady Oordou, Liverp ol; MaucheaIT, Jarinan, Antwerp: Wallace, Wooater, W Indie': Henry Jenktna, Havana Mohii.v March 7?( Id, Superior, Allen. N York?Ar Tliore i Pclre, Medin, Barcelona; Hardi Bruwu, Norton. NYork; nth eld. blonde, I rnwford, Liverpool; arr Alabamian, l.ane, and Virginia, Talb ?, NYork. i N? w Om.r.Aai, March 6?Arr, Robert Brnce, (Br) Young. Liverpool; Ockbrook, ( Br) Hull; An,la, Davit, (Gibraltar; Sfcbale, Havana; Ventura, (Me? ) DoranP a. ('ampeachy; below, Fanny. Fetcnon, Liverpool lib, eld L'onore, Mcltoo, Beaton; Zotoflr, Merrill, NVork; Belmont, lliown, and Lord Welling, ion. Hill, Liverpool; Kmpreaario, ( ollins, Havana; ar MnTfcird, Wilbar; Lotui, Walton' Areliua, Fitter; Hie?t. ,Smith; Wondville, Dirica.aud Intrepid,Wilaou, Liverpool; Trenluu, ' ( utiins. Boaton Mr Manna, March 2?Arr Statin, BaShidg*, NYork; eld, F.meline, kith, do, Idg T It Bettou, Travert, do. _____________1 WANTED?-A 011'l VliON AS OAPDI.NMI- A eleady. acme m in, who n well c nveraant with every department rf the business, | artirnlarly the , ona'ruction and management of greenhonaea. ho'houva or fruithooaea, landscape or ornamental g irdemng Having lived for aeveial yenra in aome of the movi evtenaive aid beat titna'ions in thia eriiotry, the advertiaer c?n give the moat respectable leferenee. He 1 alau mil-rstaud, farming?can undertake h f>r merand irarte er. Having im chiUwi,. III! wile would taka charae ? f milk il biil'rr and mumcmnil of farm honae huaineta A Inn*, i oat paid, to J. C., Harlem I'oat Office, will be i rvapea t'n'ly attended t i. into it'ee dfffi WANTED?In llronklyn, will in fifteen minntea , I;;;W walk from the ferriea, a ueit Cottage (or a rmall family r'fnfi *K , Box '?ttl Lower I'oxt Office, ataiing location t anil 'ent. inl# 11* rn , ( TO CONTRACTU Rff?Pealed Propoaala will be received on the 2(at and 22d of this mnnfh, hv the Hobogen Land and Improvement Company, at their Office at Hobokeu, for Excavating and Kmtxnkiny their Landi at that place Tro(ilea Will be prepaied, allowing ihe cattiiga ?nd li linafa. an I can be teen at their nllire on the above inentmi ed daya. Ataletwill | be driven, ahowini tlie cat ingt and tilling' at different romta of the work. ml? lw?ee BOARDING. AERW GENTLEMEN. and a Oentleman and hia Wife ; can tie . ccoMmodated ? i'h board and pleaaant rooijia on | reaaonnble terim, at No 11 CI iff at red mlfi Itend* m PICKET H1111' SHAKffPKARK. from New Urinaria it 1 ' diachargirg at the feot of Pike atreet. Conaigneea by t?i? aha|> will plene at'.and to the r?ceim 0| their a rod? immediately. m!6 .'it*re IJACKKT H'iIP HIDDONH from l.i??ri>ool?Con?ianee< | , I hy iIna allip will pleaae rend their permtta on boarl at Jon-V wharf, foot of Joret' Lane wiatiout delay. i 1 A II gooda not permitted m five day i will be aent to tbe i ublic atom. I mi itic AMUSEMENTS. PAT.HO'* W. v. OPKKA HOUIK. u n 'HAMBEKB BTREKT Wmum Om Dollar. to ai. parta of th* kinase. Dnort ope* at 7 rarfnruiauce t ) common re at Kali put 7 Day nf P.r/wmrHut - M?nday. W, dm,day, and Friday. FIK8T NI?.H i "f . HK I KHA OF BEATRICE Dl TF.NDJL MONDAY KVFN.W Marcli ll'~w,ll U I rejected BEATRICE Dl TKNDA. I"**1" Beatrice di Tend-........ Bi,uora A. Majoeeh Fillippo Man* V i.couti a. V.l <11,a, Orombelln f liia lint appear.oca] ?i?. C.Antg??iui Aituese drl .Vluuo Siguura R. Albertaixi Am hiuo Bir. 9. Alt*rt*xxi Nizxardo del Ma?no A. Benetti The whole under the direction of Higuor VALTkLL'NA\jy~ Kor lull j particulars, see hills of the day. Box Otfiea |ieu from 9 to 4 o'clock N. B ?The Theatre on the off nights will be let for Concerts r Lectures. __ _____ The Orestett invention of tit? Ago. ifu L'tHh I* ?r VIYMMi r?r-ea?f?ll. ?. VI American public, that he haa succeeded, after betemr.p.N itiii <?f ripenmentation tod iM'omeu itlJJJi i? eriecinu8PKAKINO ANu MNGINO AUTOMATON. Put wouderfal fiumrh of Ikduitik awd Mechanisms aiiculate* distinctly eve-* lettvr of tun alphabot, coutarsa# ?ilh hit auditor*, anil will lino and becite in THIH Laniuaijei, Enmlish, (it.aMAR, ud Latin. Mr., Kaber proMises, ia accordance with the solicitations of acieat fie gaa:lrtn?ii, to nliilot hit iDrciition for a thort time, to thai tha public may ha?c an opportunity of witnessing a diacoTa-y whii.h liat "cited snrprue and admiration throughout the aci ntilic worhl Tha EXHIBITION ROOM, corner of Broadway and Li?|wnard street, wilt b? o|>eii every day (racept Hat lay) from 12 A.M. until J P.M., and every ereainf (escape iundvy) Iroin 7 till fl o'clock. I?/* TI-KEtS, 10 CE.nTB; children under tan yaan of Igr 21 C'DtV Tlia entrance it in Liapenard atraet, third door an tha laft ude from Broadway fh Im're PAHK TH MATH ?. " Boica M euta?Pit 1 Cents?Gallery I1W Cant*. B fc N k KiT OK MR. BOOTH THIS KVkNINO. March '6, iltt Tl.a performance will commence with the celebntad T agey of Bertram. Brrtram Vr Poolh lino sine Mra Sloinsj After which MAYOR OK OARKATT. Jerry Bnralt Mr Booth To cou"lade with BAMBOO/LINO. Sir Martrad ika Meadows Mr Chiopendala CHATHAfl TIIKATHB AMD CIKCU?. CONDUCTED BYTTTftJl'EWULL h O. R. 8TON*. THIS EVENING, March ld.terlorinancea to comineaea with BEDOUIN WAR CRY After which rariou* acta ol Horsemanship, Oymnastics.Cordg Volume. Vautiuit, Alricau Drolleriaa. fce. lie. After which Otto Motty w II af|iear. To cnuclnde wun OPERATIC CONCERT, BY THE VIROINIA SEKENADER8. MlTCilKLL i) OLYMPIC T'iliCA'l'MJhi THIS EVENING. March 16-Th# performaaaas wiB T11 K ATPIN V7 MA 11). Swig Mr Holland ( o'liw*<t by THE SPOILED CHILD. Tag, Mr Mitchell I John, Mr Holland After which, AMY LEn. Juieph Speclileback Mr Walcot To conclude with GIOVANNI INGOlllAM. Dm Giovanni Mian Taylor BOWICftY AAPHlTHBftATtL JOHN TRYON Manager and Lroea THIS EVENING, March 16, 1114, The performance t > ermmenc# with a grand WALTZ AND STAR ENTREE followed by Splendid Ktjneiiriaii* Acta or Agility and blieugth, by a Company uuaurpiuaeil. To conclude >?iih BLUE UK bit Li. Katima Mn Thome Irene Mr? Herring MUS FOIL TJIK MILLION. C.KAM) CnM'KKT, HPO BEOIvKN by the M amber* of PAL vlO'S (late) COMA PANY, at CONCERT HALL, No. 40a Uioadway, on Monday Evening, March 18th, 1841. K6R THE BENEFIT OK MUS. Villi.I.IPS. The company con*i*t* of the following ladie* and gantlrinen M US PHILLIPS, MUS. MlAKPE, MISS BRUCE. MK.kKARALI, MR. cvN H, MR. KNEA8S, MB. HOLMAN, MR. KAVANAH. PROGRAMME. PiBT^ I. Uniutette?Willi wonder, from Era Dlarolo B? the'Company Song?Soou ihull 1 behold thee Mr Holtnan Bong?Th" McGregor'* Gathering Mr? Sharp* Song?My Suter Dear Mr Lynch Song?The Miller'* Maid Mia* Brnca Bong?Di pinner mi halztil cor Mra Phillip* I.home-Stay, prithee, By the Company Bong?1 he Gambler'* wite, Mr KBfaia Soi g?Take tea in the arlior Mr Kevanah Song-The old arm chair Mr* Phillip* Churui?Now with Uriel, Irmn Cinderella- > By the Company PaiiT II Cliorua?A Soldier'* life i* alwaya eav Bv the Cr,miw?v Ballad?My pretty lane Mr Song?Tne Charming Wornri Mn Sharpe Song?The girl that I lor* Mr Lynch hong?Black eyed Caroline Mrs Piiillipi Chorus?Dandy Inn, wilh original ve-ses, By Ilia Company Duett, comic, Mra Sharpe ar d Misy Bruce Hong?Molly Bralagan Mr Kavaaah Dual, Coinic Mrs Shan* and Mr KueasS Finale?(good night, and may each momma tic. By Company TICKETS ONE SHILLING?To be had at the door. Doors oi"n at quarter to 7?commence at before I o'clock mlfi Jt8ltM*rc Till; SUCIKTY (>K THE FRIENDLY SONS OF ST. PATRICK. AT A llMiULAK qUAHTERLY MEETING of the Society held ?ni Thursday evening,the itn icaiaul the following gentlemen were ehctril efliorr for the ensuing year:? JAMES ttYBURN. President. ROBERT J DIM O.n, lat Vice Prsiidnnt. CHARLES O'CONNOR, 2d Vice President Oil MlL EH M N AN 11 y , Treasurer. CHAIO.Eh H. BIhNEY, Secretary. Th. Very Rev. Dr. JOHN POWER, ... Her. R.TOWNHEND H CD DART. T l,M Dr. WILLIAM POWER, Physician. (Iy~ 1 he Memliera of tVie Society of the Kriendl y Sons of St. Patrick will .elebrate their National Anniversary by a Dinner at tie City lli tel, ou Mnndat, the 18th inataut. Tickets may be had on application to any of the undersigned gentlemen:? Items d Oraham, Charles M Connelly, Oe'i ge McBrids, Jr. John Manning. Dudley Perare, _ Tereace Donnelly, William Fitzgerald Stewards. Dinner on the table at''Jo'clock, P M. Members will please meet at 4 P M. for the tiauaactiou of business milSine C. II. BIliN E.Y, Secretary. " Magna nt Vtritat tt Frtavalibit." MASONIC NOTICE. INDEPENDENT LODGE No. 7. will hold a regular MeetI lag on Moi.dav Evening, the iSth lus'ant, at 7 o'clock, at their Lodge Ro, in, in Oo'htc (late Masonic] llall, Breadway, at which time their room will oe dedictted tuMaaO ic pnrpoaea, according 1/the anc.ent ustgra, underthe auspices of St. John's ' irami Lodge of Eire and Accel ted Masons ul the Slate of are fork, and he Charier of Wirranl p evented to Indep ndent Lodge N?. 7 III form The Btrttirru of St. Jolin't < Jrmd Lodge are rrapectlully invited to attend. New Vork, Mvrh Itith mil. WM. K. 11 ATT, Secretary, Independent Lodge No. 7, P. S.?The ()(Bcer? and Member* <vf Hi John'* Grand I.edge are requnvted to meet at 6 n'clork I'. .VI. precisely, to make the oeteavary ariang'uit'ijl* to perform the above mentioned dedication. IIKNKY C. ATM ODD, Or puty Grand Matter of St. Johu'a Otaud Lodge. all lt*ec SPLENDID LITERARY ATTRACTION. JAMES MO WATT CO., 174 BROADWAY. ILL PUBLISH ON SATURDAY, 16th March, No. I of THE DRAWING ROOM LIBRARY, Edited by Ere* H-rgenl containing TIIK LIGHT OK 1 lift LIGHTHOUSE, AND OTHER I'OK ?IH (Now forth- firit time nol'ecled) hv K|Sargent, with an 11.II*tTk11Te l-.ngiaving on iteel, deaigued by J. li. Chapman? Trice I2Ja ceuta. Alao?NOW RvaDV-IN BEAUTIFUL LARGE TYPE. THE MO HERS STANDARD DR.! MA. No. I ? dlN, in J aria, trv Thuiau Vonii I'allon.d. 2?FAZIO in 4 ecu, by Rev. H H. Milman 1?THE LADY OK LYONS, in 4 acta, by Sir Ed ward Lytton llnlwer. a? Will be realy on 20th March, RICHELIEU, in 4 acta, by Sir Edward Lyttuu llolwer. JAMES MOWATT k CO.. 174 Broadway (ope, olthe New Novel afihe KORTUNK HUNTER, by Mr* He ell Berkli ,. nit now Ira obtained. in 16 lt?m TO THhi TRAVELLING PUBLIC. H.iHSKSOER Tbe Nuhicribrri having completed their arrange* rare, ?r? now prepared to bring nat paai"ngei? fiom liml Britain and Irriaad by the followiog ftrat rl ua pnr ket ilnpa. on# of which will leave Liverpool on the lit, 6th. I Itli, I6U1. 2lit and Mth of rarh i^ionth:? Pa'rien ILnry, New York. 9heridaa, Virginia, Liv?rpool, Camo'idge, Monti zama, Siddont, Om Waaluagton, Hottingoer, C'olnmhoa, United 9tatea, Hrirint, Aahbuiton, Kiiirland, fcurnpe, Hirph'n Whitney, Kochearer, Indri *,, Yorkshire. Uarm.g, Hnmu*l Hirk, Queen of the Writ. Oiford. ' nrttficntts of p*n b* obliicM, iiidftify information will bo givrn to thoee irndira for their frirnda, on apphintion at either of our offirri. They will alio he prepared, on the opening of cavitation, to forward pnaaeogeia ?"d ilirtr luggage to Albany and Troy,and Via Krie I anal to HnlTalo. and all intermediate placea. To all porta of lh? Upper Lakea VnOiw^oto Toronto, Port llop?, Cohurg, Kiogttoa, tad nil nnro of Caom<1i VVfit. Kriim Troy via Whitehall to Montreal *o<l QuBb?e, font* tin M?t ?i* Ohio t'ncil from ? to Portsmouth, Tin rinnati.andi l?rmed?trp|ir?a South Wftt via rhil?di?l|>lna to Pitubnrt.t junnnntt, Lomt >111? vo'l nil i?%rti on thf Ohio Kiver to 8|. Louib. Mo : end to *11 parts of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wiseoo ID REMITTANCES. Knrtlis scrommndntion of (arsons wishing to scad money o ill' ir friends in the Old tnuntiy, IIARNLIEN It CO. will 11 v Dr. In on mi v put nl'ard, Scotland or Ireland. payaI|e nl (I'M, fur sums III ?1, ?1, ?20. to ?lM?or in anyaMouut o soil the purchaser. OI> Kit EH AND AOENTS. Charles Craft, 120 Htne sir ft, Boston |l W Wh?e!?r, I 'mon Building, Prnridaare, 11 I. J. W. Mills, I Wall s treat. and 1? Krcnt strwt. Nrw York. N. (i llow rd. 4) Hiimh Third atrrft, Philadelphia (landlord A 8ht.' maker, 7 Light street, Balnmorf. Md. Pittsburgh, Pa. L. S, l.ittlejohn, 11 K i'h*"af, Albany N. Y. H. Clark, 1S9 Rircr atrort, Troy, N. Y. Utica, N. Y. W. A. Cook. Syracuse, N. Y. Rochester, N Y. W. H Conk. Buffalo, N. Y. H Ki'tkaili la Co . Oawfgo. N Y ?! ?? THK PUBLISHING A VN IMPORTING OF ?()OKS. DARK BENJAMIN ANI> WILLIAM YOUNG have * (hit day formad i t,'< p<rta?r?hip tor tha Pahlia' inr ud Imjwirtinf "f Bonkr? tha lnrma Ihtio|| withdrawn from lha \rvr World' atenMuhmanl Tha bajinai* will by r.rrirdoa ?ndar tha ?ltla rf BI.NIAMIN ll YOUNG. March lJ. IMS. al SI John ttiart, New York, all lw*r?

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