Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 16, 1844, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 16, 1844 Page 4
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BY THE SOITTHERN MAIL. WwlllngtOlli ! [Correspondence oi the Herald.] Washington, March 14,1944, There is a report in town that Calhoun's answer baa been received. Il not so?and Culhoun's friends say it i* not ?? An answer cannot be received here until t^.j* .>?.? ..._k.~1.1 will not be received jiere be fore .Sunday afternoon. Great anxiety e\tCj curioe-ity are felt about it. Mr. John y Mason Iiuh been con firmed us Secretary ofibe Navy. ?^'r. James S. Green confirmed as District Attorney for New Jersey. Robert Rantoul of Boston rrjtctcd as Collector of that port. TWBNTV-KIOHTH CONUHE98. FIRST SESSION. Senate. Washington, March 14, 1844. reciprocal treaties. Mr Wright presented a memorial from shipowners in New York, against the termination of reciprocal treaties with foreign countries. (>rdered to be printed. SWEEPING REDUCTION OF SALARIES. Mr. HaYward gave notice that he should, early next week, ask leave lo introduce certuin bills for the reduction of salaries on and ufter the 4th of March next, as follows:? rills. I. Salary of the President of the United States. 'J. " Judges of the Supreme Court U. S. J. " of all District Judges oI L . S. Courts. 4. " Secretary ol State and all the clerks. 5. " " War " " 8. " " Navy " " 7. " " Treasury " " 8. To reduce the salary of the Postmaster General. P. " " all Territorial officers 10. " " Attorney General of the I S. II. To limit the time of oltico of Postmaster General lo two yours. Also twenty-six other bills, intended to reach nil other officers under the 1.'. S Government. [Note.?Here's retrenchment for you !J A message from the President was read, communicating information asked lor relative'to the use made of the flag of the United ^States on the Coast of Ainca. oregon notice. Mr. Archer said he was quite ill yesterday, and was in feeble health to-duy. He should therefore he brief. message from the president of t/. s. Robert Tyler, Esq., presented a message in writing froin the President. Mr. Morehead proposed the subject should go over till to-morrow, on account of Mr- Archer's illhealth This was agreed to. The Senate then went into Executive Session. House of ll<'proHentn11ves. The day was occupied in the discussion ol the Rhode Island question, duties on recent imports, and the hth appropriating money for the supjiort of the West Point Military Academy. A full report will be found in the second edition ol the Weekly Herald. New Orleans. [Correspondence of the Herald.J New Orleans, March7, 1S44. Yesterday afternoon, Soinner Lincoln Fairfield expired in this city. He has been long known to the citizens of this country as a poet, and a contributor to the periodicals of the day. He died in the utmost state of destitution, broken-hearted, among strangers, and must be butied by the cold hand of charity ; and, to add to the melancholy incident, has left three destitute children, completely dependent upon the unfeeling world, without even the consolation, in mature life, of being able to discover the grave of their poor father. May < lod look kindly upon their helpless condiiion. J. }I. Department of State, Washington, March 11, 1H44. The following copy of n new Revenue law of Texas, arid the information annexed to it, have been received from the United States Consuls at Galveston and Sabine, Texas:? An Act for the protection anil encouragement of the commerce of the Republic of Texas. Sec. 1 Be it enacted by the Senate unit House of Representatives of tile Republic ot Texas in Congress assent tiled, 'J'init from and alter the passage of this act the collectors ot the various jiorts of this Republic shall be required to lay (levy) upou, and collect Irum, all foreign vessels belonging 10 powers between which, and this Republic, no treaty exists, making other provision", a tonnage duty of one dollar per ton. Sec. a Be it further enacted, That vessels bearing the flag of this Republic have the exclusive privilege of the coasting trade, and that they be free from the charge ot tonnage duties on arriving in any ports of this Republic, and that all laws contravening the provisions ot this act he, and the same a>e hereby, repealed Approved, Feb. 5, 1st I. SAM HOUSTON. The former duty w-us sixiy cents per ton on sailing vessels, and thirty cents on steamboats, according to register tonnage. The present law imposes the same duty on both; but the President of the Republic, using a discretionary power, has tlecjared that the tonnage duty of one dollar shall he imposed on steamboats, according to their carrying capacity only. Mormons in Troirnt.K.?The Mormons are upon our borders. We learn f rom a late letterfrom Sumter county, that they are making a somewhat formidable demonstration in the adjoining county of Mississippi They commenced operations at Pleasant Springs late in the tall, and now niimper iilaiut 7-i proselytes?sums. jO being scceders from the methoilist connexion, and about 29 from the Baptist?the balance from non-professors. They has,recently commenced propugnung their taith at Brooklyn, only a few nnles from our State line, where they will probably meet with alike success.?Mobile Registry. March 6. Siitea of Stocks In Philadelphia. First Board, March 16?100 shares Girard Bank 71; $160 County 6'a, I860, new, 07); 60 shares Louisville Itk 88; 30 do Kentucky flank 7dl, $400 Lehigh (Ps, 1846, 33; $1000 Lehigh 6 a. IS6H, .Id; 47 shares Chamden and Amfcoy, 3df, 110; $100 Wilmington Railroad fl's. 1868,76 Sccaxu II(mki)?March 14 $1000 Semi-Annuul 6>, lam Til. o ah, I. r ,.,-i liATRHT SUlITIIKICn SHIP lUCWij Philadelphia, March 15? Arr Avon, Berry. r?r? Wilming ton. NC (hi ^ achat. Hkaitc, NOrle.ius; Woodkiuds, John son, St John, NB; Mot o, Providence. Baltimore, March 15?Arr Cambridge, Parker, Turks Island Cld Declaration, Adams, Boston?Sid, Kath&iine. jack, ji'in* Stafforn. Havre*, Uihers. Kxeusr, Bremen; Prompt, Bears* . Boston. AAfMUV'S Ll/CINA CORDIAL, OR, ELIXIR OF J.OVE. 17011 the speedy u?d certain cure of female irregularities im C potency. barrenness, fltiir alhus, incipient constant 11-. constutional debility, whether the re.ult of imprudence, ill uegs or accident The sensation produced by this wonderful medical discover ry in Paris, ha? be?n nearly equalled by it, introduction into America, Numerous teal mouial, have been receired from those whose constitution was a mer- wreck, but who h ive ie'cu invigorated by this incomparable Cordial Others who had ruiiied their I ealth by theirowu folly or extravagance,hare found in this cordial th" mean, of restoiatioii. ilte all other inedietl aitl had lie-n used ,n run. The hitherto childless (inside lias often been re red happy, and ihe infirm, the iinnot -nt and the debilitated hare again etulted in the elasticity mid viyoi of bygone data. Ti e agent of nn? of the interior villages rf New York state, ' a case, in which by tl e use of two botllei of Lucuiti Cordial, a COnple. after four years of bitter dttappni nient, vse eenibleil to rejoice over the renlir .11011 of the fondest hopeaof a marrietl life The agent for the city of A., .New York, so'd a bottle to a gentleman who had been afflicted with a disro,e of th- urethra lor eleven years. In a few day. he returned and said he bad derived far mote benefit from ihe on? bottle tha i from medic11 treatment for eleven vein, lie iwmeiti tely b,tight six bottle ? more. Ourspnce firbnla ua to lam- the man' cases to whirl we are r,t liberty to icier. Tic universal * tisfiction which rbta inestimable Klixir ha. given, not a single complaint hav . ing It en made, is not one of the least prools of its unrivalled excellence. Price SI per bottle. Hold at 94 Nassau st. New York;911 North Hislli street, Philadelphia ; Smith * h'owle, 134 Washington street, Boston. fe!!7 Im*ec rPllKM CAKRIKR PIOKONS-Kor sale, a lot o< fre.h im 1 ported P,p ons consisting of black, blue dun aun whit, Carriers; white nid tiled Pouters; a great variety of Tumble,. 1 of a I colors; blue 111,1 Heads ; hlnek do, silver do. ol , k ' Beards blued, d silver do; Almond Tumblers; htaca, blue, ' sredlow aud white litis .VI mutes and Turhntts of all il?L........ t *?AI?o, a quau'it <?f the far famed Antwerp Picons, so j?Ml\ \ celebrated lor their eitnordmary power of flyiuk lonu, auu re , to i ii intc hoTi' from alinoit inen-.Jible disMBCH. < ill Hutw .h^'M K?*aU?iir?t. |<1 I,n??r H frftniJW TIIK IM'JACOCfi, I N E w IJ I X I X <; R OOM8, NOS. 15 SOUTH H'lU.MM .1ND 56 STOSF. UTS WliiU H routs, near jJelijioiiiro't, Ha.iiovfr c<| iar?s I .j, Coeot'M'^llp. THEHK N?"* and elegant Koouu will b* opened THIS DAY, with*. Table u'Hote, from \2 VI. rill I P. M. Phci1 / Aaed 3>ce<itj. Ih- tinuer will,*nt, dti'v, of Soepi, Kish, Boiled and Roa<a Joints, Poultry, f?;irie, Pastry, Puddings, Ffiki, Sic , &u. I Merchant! tod others er<i invited to rnsLe trial of ihio econo- , tnicol md hi 11 ?v. i TARKAVT8 COMPOUND EXTRACT OH < Al'AI VA AMI ' ' Br,H.S 1 hit in** lime ha* b?e;i r steusive- i |y uh' I on ?h i,>b?? ?:d md in ti?* Hun "tern ni.-ifiv.. ;uid n ! ? i??, - ] lole to any other, flw patent poss**te? iu this a sure r'*ine?y, ha* no occasion to m-Ac Iiih r i?e public, tint without any application t-> \ medical tutu. wif?ou' rratr.ction i in diet Or conniiciocnt, ttnd? himself cured tt-ctnal y in <? lew days it i tnfliug ei,?-n?e and a tannic .1 lee,me to a ten itive , ;?er*on. having tout in his reach a cheap, por a?ile ind pleasant jreniejy. t or ale who e ale and r?-t il ny JAMfcH I'AIUANT, DniB.'M', lie 1 mlSDien: c >f Ofnwich ??d Warm. ?u. rpWIME.?M Brnl|K)rt inuin11> lury, c.imi'runu n 1 comjilrW ,morunriil from 5R to Mi ItM * ver. unnmr u. I " ucie t> ?f Mi? by K. COLLI NS Hi < m" ^ rc M *<iu th #irret. U KOWN SHEfcTINOS.-JO Bale..,I Brink*' Bro^ s^T 1 * ?"l'<*rior article jum r ceireil mil lor aale b / mil 3tie Pr.lttHe. h bit'hiks. #j i i?, , F'SSifi' 5 r.i<j0?? ^ora" 'As h i tto? mit 1? "<1 ,r,,l'bv FBRBSK k BROOKS, r 61 Liberty tuwt. 1 AUCTION SALES. 'Iim' mA-1 Lr'.Li*. AcctiiMiw. St*rr So-3S Jinn t'rtU.) AUCTION NOTICE-Kruular . ?.!? of Dry Ooode, Cloth iuf and Farcy Artie lee every Tuesday and h tiday. sale of Furniture of all deecrip.iou* evtry Wednesday ant Saturday. On ,-uitor Sain of all I'eachptroi.i attended to u usual, in 10 lw*ec A. TVTTLE, Auctioneer. TITATCHRS, JEWELRY, CUTLERY. OKRMAH VV ?? be - I A< OH ?*. PLATT will a el 1 l lua Day at 10 o'clock, at the Auclmu Room No. 21 I'latt ?tr er an at o< Gold ,<ud Silver Watrhet, Jewelry, tier tat lino 'a, be. Alto, I 'ntle'y. v ir: Talile an J l)e?*ert Knivet and Fo' k?, Pei and rocket 1. 2. 'J a .d 4 blade Kmvtt, Harora, Mentors, be. Alto, 3 catet Statin Toilet and Pocket Olatnet AI?o, avout 100 E die Pattern Clock* tunable for offices. Alan, a neutral aitoi'mru' of Fancy Hardware. Alto, Watches?At 12 i 'clock, iO *ild wairlm of ft hiona ble tty leat d late importation, banl aud itold d alt, cipe, be. ivauioiruHs now ready. m!6 lt*re A C A R D ~ I HAVE taken the Store No 91 Wall street, for the purpoai of tranxaeuea a GENEitAL AL'CTION AND COM MISSION BUSINESS. I'auinncali solicited. Sales guarantied and cashed, or advances uiadf when mjairfd. JOHN 8. BETTS. I beg leave to rf ft-r a.1 follows Mmn L. 1/1. Hoffman St Co. Mum, Thompson St A-l imi. VIr. Moie? Tarlor ' |Jer iuiau, Nash 4t Co Mruri. Spoifud, Tilnston Si " Wanen Si Uriutuail. < a Mr 8 T. Nieoll " P. Harmony's NV Mcsrcrs. Dnter, Miller Si ''n.^ phewa N Co " Kiurues, Brunei St Co " 1'ilbot, Olvphant St " C. & L. Deuisuu ill Co Co. " Theo. V ietorRDuck- " Edward O Fails Si wit*. Co " Df Peyster St Whit- " Babcock St Co. MM, | mlU2wis*m BY DAVID PARKS, 1M PEARL STREET, THIS DAY, AT 9J O'CLOCK. A CAR 'K Invoiceof Faney Goods, consisting of fifty pt Spitilh M H?ndkerchiefs,Pniigee do laocysilk l-'resi Handkerchiefs, Drocbf Sin wis, Spool rtton, Corast I acet, Boor Suap?ndsr Buttons, Tin do. Ln;en <ioilars, Suiifders. Sewin it Hilk all colors. Dressing Combs, Side Combs. Bead Purses Nrtt do, Bags, I'atfr Ilaiiitiuus, Cloths.Cassiiuerea, Diaper,Uc fl7 lm*ec _ aiil STEAMBOAT FOR S ALU-Will i;V ' ^^Mpf^ifaSranld at tlo- Merchants' Exchange ill this city, I iBCHL3!?3k.. on the Willi day of M ir' li inst int. it >2 .,'clock I at noun, by ANT .?>.N Y I. Ill KECKKI- At ' O., Auctioneers, III STE A VI lO AT VIROI MA, Willi II tin- tnrkie am. furniture now in or If lo giulf to it. The said sifimboat in nl the Ino ib,'a of about 3ili tons; in le .ittli about IS# f.ct, with a cyleuder of to inches ami a seven font stroke. It is well calculated for i low boat. , Terms of Sale and any other information that may be dej iivd, w ill ?e coiniuumciUd on application io JOH ' COLO AN, 11 James street. The steamboat is now lying at the foot of Chambeis street, N. R. nil0ln26*ec ~ NEW BRIGHTON I'ROPlvltTV FOR SALE A T A U C T ION. JM THE M VN8ION HOUSE AND GROUNDS OK fflTHOVIAM K. DAVIS, Es.| and the BELMONT and J^ULBHIOH'ION HOUSES, at New Brighton, Staten Lined, will be peremptorily soi l, a' public auction, at the Merchants' Exchange, bv HALL I DAY At JENKINS, on Tuesday, the 2(itb day of March nest, at 12 o'clock, if not previously disposed of at. pri vale sale The Mansion Home is our of th* most splendid establishments in the United States. The main building stands in the centre of four or live aces as uow enclosed. It is very extensive nud commodious; the main walls n e built of ma ble, the ? hole surrounded by,piazza.- ,aial all liuisbed in the heat liianm r The site cannot he suipawed. It cuuiinaiids a new ol the ivlnile oftbe Biy of New York, extending up the North and End Hivera. New York, Bronkhu, ihe Long 1st ou d 8h .If through the Nar.owa to the Derail, and .il arjje ixmiouof Ive* Tlif Belmont ?i"! Brighton Houses are both extensive buildings, v ry p'easantly situated, nearly opposite the Steamhoa Landing, aud well calculated lor lurge ooarding housei or hotels. Kor a diagram and further particulars, apply to H. CURTIS9, fl3toMrf6*ec 19 Wall street. WANTED. Fi AN EXTENSIVE AUCTION ESTABLISHMENT a YOUNG MAN familiar with Dry Goods, and accustomed to arrmge ami deliver the sums None other nee.i apply -\ddr--a Bus No. lit Lower Post Office. m 15 3'?r? | \| OK.MA ' io.N U'ANTKt) of JAMK?V.. Mil.LI It.7. I native of New York, and a Seam in by profession ; wli u last he,I'd from he was in Br slol. Ens land, iu IlliO S- mild lie he a ive, and return to New York he wi I hear of something tu his advantage, on arriving to William Steel, Baker, No III Cherry street New ?i ill m7 3nul8tw?rfc WKODING PARTIES, B A L L S R OUTS, fee. QUPPLlkD with ah llie diffeieut varietiea of P-slry, leed to (."ru t. Pound and S mue Case, Ornament d Pyramids Rout Ca-eof ill the different v 'ie ies and t^e greatest asso'tmen I of Tea Cake that c iu be obtained at any establishment ill he < i v. Also, all kinds of Biscuit, from Pil i Bread in the m i but Pje-uic f r llie", Kie-li Pies of seasonable viriety, Piiff I'aite forint for Dinner Parties Orders t auklully received and s"iir to snv part rf the city or country JAMES TOMPSON, Af, 'lie Premium Bakery, 40 Lupenard, near Church, in II lrn * m STRANGERS BEWARE. TN THIS AGE Oh QUA' Kt-rt A.vD HUMBUG. it is * tno-r import nt o cn i-' an exie-rteucud phvsician?DH J EV VN 4 has removed his Old Galen's Head l)is|ieiisary to No. 231) Pear', com** of Beekiniu street, wli re n? continn s his nost rxtrior linary euret of all il lie .te disease., no matte) iiovr c. uiphcat d He apprises the citizens ami spanners th t ihe e is no Dr. Ev in 'ii Ins old stall", and hit he has no tonoeciimi whatever wiih an. other office. !lis charges aie m derate, bis coasu'utious tricily private. N B ?Obseife I ha numb -i?ini uakes are often daugeroas? !HX Pearl st ' ^"Medieines and directions sent to any part of the Union, by'> a.ticu'ars slating the case, and ruclosiug live dollars, mid It're POST O F KICK. Ntiv Yokk, March 14. IB 11. VTOKTHEKN M AIL?On ano after ihis day until farther Is notice, the No'thern Vlail ('uc'ud og the way Mails on eirh so e of he Hulls' 11 it'V r) will be cloiednt this office da y, (except Sunday's on wlrcfi d*ys all ihe Vnils am closnl at l.all'i'ssl one o'clock, P. M.,)ath lip st 3 o'clock.!' M. Joli^ LOUI.hER Oil \"AM, in 15 3frc _ _ I' st Vaster. tia-VERMAN UNENS.fSl rp?K SUBSi'Rllli tv b-*gs leave to inform Ins friend* an T tin* publ c iu gei er*l, thu. he li <4 received I ? n Germ nv. Urge ??M?fimeDf 01 t)??- celebrated iiudeleld, iu ulJ quale ii-i, toosistiogof** Damask j'able Cloths, brown, halfbrown and white, do Na()kini, do do do do Towels. do do da do Tfi aod Dessert Napkin*. do I'acidlrerchi Tj *f ih? finest qualit*, Ate., which l?e offers for sale at Hi- lowe?t price. L. NJhU APT, in i') ; ' ft '.c>' Im In ir. 0 H A > c (7~ Pm^TOKS. KOH SKK1> ? \~~1*w hnnd.ed hi?f iidi of the finest qu ility Shaker Potatoes in prime order, now five years from the a*ed They aie thought hy those who have U1* <1 ttiem f r two veurs or more, t be the finest potatoes h-nutf* t to this mirket from any qtl tr er. They a e r-insrka1 I v i ? ?v ?of good growth, and e*tu the large*; are quite fiee from hollow centred. F. rs ih* by BOGUS & SOUTH MAY !>, m!5 20t*ltl 88 YWst s*re*?t II Li! A</HINO POVCDKH?100 casks of floyd's B etching Cowae. now laodiuK from ship Stinuel Hfk-. For sal by PKK8SK it BROOKS, m14 3t rc 01 Liberty street. TO THE AMKlllCAN LA>;!?S AND GENTLEMEN. Ah J t i-. N ( H GCN'TLi MAN, twaoty-five years old, having been w er d \e r* T'acher ? a I'oUeire of Pans, would be happv o h s'ow every day some bourn in riving private |e>. sons in th" French Language. during hiss( j ?u n in this city, it you wish to lea n tapidlv tins btAutiful and necessary l.ii:gu ?i?w and to lnve tne b.'st Parisian accent^ >ou must write to th*-t'dlowiug diiecrion mid you will *bt un ?xntl, what you d-ire MR X G. DL CALMONTKKU, in IJ lm*re hi Read- s'reef. PTiknuh GHTN7\ No. 4 SOUTH WILLIAM STKEET, Up. Stairr A DALKBMK, Importer and Airem for Mnualhcturer,, l.? Mway, on .1 law <u.'irton-nl fordir.ner anil tra : a plain white anil Kilt Kn uch I'orcrltin, aa v?<?ll an dinner nn' lv?crt plate, ol all aaiorted di,l:ti. roup turern,, cor-rr Ji,Vi. ijiliil uo?rl., lr;iit butr?U, cutudi ' j.i ?lan.l?. Alto. Tat *r.d Cb.ncoUt* War*. French ,j<J Arr." .'.a .Initio. All ill. aMic.lrt srn of lh? biut lualirf. *ad u o I J o. tihor.1 Nrmi .ad i? l-,r, *n .nit pnrrh.f?. *TT (r*i INSTRUCTION. A FKENCH I.AIiV that c in loach tli* Kipucli nnJ (Jrrmai l-iui?ua?r?,, I' iiuo hortc, auil any kind of hand>vorU, tl. ?,r^i to find a aitn tt on ;is a BOM' in*?a of children Shtt can prrs-at the brat rrooiniiii'ii'latiOiK. hlic ha? bin tor i iwo >f iri in tin- Spini<li Anibdaaadori, and ravea hi, hnnar on ihp annount ol tli , B'utlriii^n k >init to Kurot*. Kor fii'lh-t I inforiH ttion, ?|'|>l> to .Mr. SI. Al'U I'HON, Spani.h ?trre:, No. Hi, aid of .\lr. IMNI'KUX, No 107 Dr*>anway. nil 3taw 2w*rc i INK! INK! INK! rU'H' NKWLV INVKNTKI) SUPKRIOK BLACK! INK for a-'le fit No. 3 C urMaudt ttrrct? wholesale and re til Ml rcli infK B<)jluell"r? dud SLiti-'iivri, arc requested to ?x irvne the (i 1( L (IK WOOD K'u*t mliteod'r: Manu .'ac ory at 80 Six h A venae. A~RAKE ' 5j LANCE. FOR S.1I.F roll CASH. TIIE REFECTORY, NO. M BOWKKY, \I) J()1 NINO t*e* Their re, well titled ui and in v. mplefe or dcr, with evrry thing ?erjnis1for conducing the business, rtie Aivrt'iT wishing to cfuuiff his business. offers the >timl it * bargain To ? good tenant tin# place can b? had at ** reasonable rent. Apply, l etweru the hoar# of 10 and 12 o'clock, A. M., on the itemise*. New York, \Tafch 10th, 1811. mil lw*rn Pisa "i?3 PIK SUBSrfUBKIl h?rehv inform. hi. friend, and the public, til it h? h>u need to Itabe r.ia.orer for l>e enatiinl holidays, and ?;< now ready for delivery. NotwiihiMiidiuu rh it lie hat coutneted with (lie eongrrei ioi.? Anshi Chest H Shtiri Shnmaim, and llrth Israel, lie.nli hill Pel unpin in suppl v pen on. I? Inn Hi. k van p, ni rier coi f / pioii, Tne n goritv of the member, of the f.lni uteri onareitjtion hevma already nent m their orders them icriber l? <01111 . ni ihiit ihi. noble and independent e, itnple will lie 'Howe I hv Iith. ra who shonl'l be .iinilulv d in 'eirird oilier, wn c.iu. renal ion, who can act aa they ileiae without emu under any restraint. M. H. COHKN. TKItMS ? mx? of a superior quality, six to the pound I it '* . jy lit cents per pound. P s Orders m??-u for ill kinds of ''ilus lor the approaching iniidiys. it hi* Hiker v. 4J Dry street, ? r (?0 Prune (feet, f S? I in Ore ^pHJu BUI inundi i rptnl tiistcfiii far (hian suing I usonr, no3 #t % Catherine strict, where those of h*f cud#, that wiUh u r V-m with a mil. cm he untuned with the I it quality, it .I t tnwrst mi-kef prices. I ha < eOliee and 8pices gr uud, it r< <piir *d, an I smt tu aii> ^a't of the city f ree of expense. The nhovr (trttMpi^a U.-.II 1 ? f-- ? ?? * . 7 y - n~??- hitii' Oil 1 nnaaay, HaritH 12. i?M. Ordora ,i 72 <| % itwl. in7 2Wrr,- L. M iU I TKllUANuTO COUNTRY MKHCHANT8. !*\ M PK\ HKH At I O (lately rfWovH itom tcorner ol L'? William ??'I John. to No. 6# John street j nfh-r lor sale n lilwral trrma. wholeaalr and mtail, lh? lullowiu*hitides, rceir-'d hy recent Arrival* ? lerlin oral Zephyr Worated?the moat complete uioruni ut in ttna country. intana. for h.inbroidcty, of cotton, siik and ? .rued, in all width*. lerlin Kmbroideiy IVterna?of the choicest md urwratdr*C'iinioii; Anilnoideriae, timcneo and coininrimro on ??l?"l, all*, worsted and cotton, wark-'d in the moat taal< lul Part i n i tyV I'.f ela for Hair Uinvi, of Kold, ailver.nnd aila and lins'll'il; llruirleta, < oinlia, I lair I'liia, and a lar?* variety ol other beaut till Paris Kmcv Article*. uric Oruain-uU?Steel, gilt and Hirer B<mls; Bugle's runI wi-t, pUn. .out shaded. in stick* and spools, fcrouroidnrr and Mower Chenille, ot ailkand metal and silt. Alio. H rniK-a, (rimps old Cord arid Tij i*l?. ir.i|iortcd and ol their own mauulaiturr, ol g dd, silter, tiik, tar.all colora and widrha C7: "ranch Btorc at MS llroad war. (formrrl r *U Broadway.) I 7 linec* JM H>K 8ALK. I B WILL UK KXCI1ANOKU FOR SMriTY I'fcOPKKTV Two *ery fine Farms. it) the aJhaxouuiy of f'olutuhn about 150 i"r?s each. These tariiu *?w lately ? I u l highly improve J by VV B. Ludlow, S?e., ofCbtrr'k; ire within one ud a half or two wiles of the e.ty I l.-u'.. The Hudaio railroad and " turnpike boiU pa.ii . In - ? b " '* and thmu h porticos of each Thee ne in ..ii- ... . > In- .ulilu'ly wooded and ' watered, k xrlaeiv* of the u< t: In intuit crops. !*w meadow* yielded last year bet cm iw.i u 1 Hire hundred tous ofhav. They wuuld be Well a.l <|.ted for aiixb or grazing, as the it.ilIt or batter insd* in the alt. menu may be in the Ney York market at daylight the nest uierniUK A i.a.ftw .1 .rriiunpinrsm, ,.l t u r e uaastir *a WarPdllf DO eras try, as they rch ?er will, no ' r, by a personal tuipecI tiou, ascertain lor himself its Value. , I lie h arm* are ir. ill - jrossessj n of William II. Ludlow, Jr., from whom a iy inloiuiatiou co-cerniiig them may be acquired. . For terms, apply or M Barclay s'rret. to I M3tiw imrc JOHN C. STEVENS. wd? A VALUABLE FAKM FOR SALE.-The Krai, *l3|fornierly owned and occupied by Jonathan Ward. Esq., MJkm.-1c 11.1 t?*J IU ll e up| w I art of the town of Esst < 'better, weawheilrr County SO ini'et from (h city of New Vork, on the Pott Koad, aud a i|uoitcr of a mile fiom the Harlem Hadroad The above Farm contains abont tvro hundred seres of Land, which is under a high lade of cultivation, well watered and ' fenced, with tt double two-story dwe ling aud a number of outbuilding* attich d The above dwelling and ten aC'es of laud i? now occupied &a thr Bron* 'Eave'u and Poat Office (known as Mamie Hall ) if the above farm and dw< llnig la not aold befue the ?itJI of March, the part now occupied a- a taveiu will he let for the aine pmpcxe. luqtiiie of K A IN Si MORGAN, uearthepremi?e#,nrJ L. .\IUKIJAN, 47 Fulton at. N B ?'I hit turn ia well adapted for a milk dairy, feit I meod in r? THREE DOLLAR HATS-J. H. MONAHOUt cull* the attention of the puhlic to h'S assortment of fine Fur Hati, at the very low price of Three Dollars ,at 228 Boweryfit I m rc ~ "spring fashion. n BROWN Sl I O.'S One Priced Hat Store, 17# Chatham Square, corner of Mott atreet. wh?r- fwhion, beauty. Ju'ahility and economy are combined to adorn llie head The proorietois have ihe pleasure to offer a new style of //at, the imitation ol beaver, wh'ch ol acly reivinhln thoae formerly sold fir 8.'? and l(i, at the low lixcd price cf S3 Thote, who from inclination or neceviity, are in iuced to atudy economy in that iudisjrenaablf article oldress, have now an opportunity ol doiug str and still k-ep up t e appearance of the mojt fashionable BROW N A CO., in presenting this Hat to tlie public think they have nearly reached the ultimatum of beauty, cheapness, neatness, diirabdity aud comfort of the wearer. All aeles are for csh, therefore no wood customer paya for looses incurred by the bid BROWN U t. t) . I'24 I in* in 17# < hatham Srjure, corner of Mott street. SOME THING ~NEW. ~ I i THE SUBSCRIBER resi ectfully announces, that his J^?Spr?i:g Style of Huts (now ready) are constructed on rj elan different from any heretofore used in this country, ano which he is cor liilent needs only an examination, to convince gentlemen of it* superiority. It hat been a jus'cause ol n mplaint. thst the lur on the edge of ihc crown soon we?r. oil'and th-is gives to a Hat au appearance of haviuir bien much worn, wliil- the oilier parts are comparatively p rfect This serious d-feoi the subscriber has been enabled to obviate in such a mmner as not to interfere, but on the contr, rv, to improve the air aud contour ol uie Hat. .... All Keutlemcn are requested to call and satisfy themselves of the great superiority ol the present method over all others. JOHN. N. GEMN, Hat and Cap Establishment, No 'It "roadway mrllm'rc Opposite St Paul's Church LOOK AT THIS! J JUST RECEIVED, by tire packet ship Samuel Hicks, from oris, tire best article ol O-utlemeu's krenc.h Boots ever sewn, ant now ollereii, wholesale and retail, at Ore low price of $1. best article of Errnch Calf Boots, made to measure- $! An " " " t ork Sole Roots 1 Afl Wat r Proof Roots 4 ?? " " " Light''alf Sewed Boots SI to 3 SO " " " fine Calf Shoes, made to measure 2 M " " " Worked Slipiie a $1 to I 21 And the greatest assnr meot ol all knit's of hoots ami Shoes in fashion. Ladies iu this store you will find the greatest assortment of (J,liter Bo >ts that call lie found in this city.aud all kinds of Buskin Slippers, Tree. lloiton S iocs, Prunella Slippers. white, black, sarin, and ..II other kinds and colors. Also, the greatest assortment of Boys' Boots aud Shins. Mi'ses and Children*' of ail kinds to he found id this city; and all ol t ur own manufacture, md of the rest g tods, and warranted to be the best, nud as cheap as the cheapest, at 367 Broadway, the corner of Krnnkliii street. GREGORY & CAIIJLL. tn9 Im*ec 367 Broadway, N. Y J BOOTS AND SHOES. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.*^^? ALL Wlln W EaH the above articles Mill wish msave money-, bad better loseno time in eal'itiK at the fashionable Bona n Shoe (Stores of S. P SECOH, Nos 16'rK and 161 Una* twren stre-1, where all may suit th mselvet with an article t int 'or style or inake^ fitshion and Guirh. cannot ne snrpiiseu or perhaps equalled in this city 8. P 8. begs to apprise its particular those!' - 'i red gentlemen who consider a well fitting boot or gaiter su indispensable srticle to the tout eniemble of all within tire t nm mondt, that lt.OVi or HI (Lernwich street, are the only plao-s n New Vorli they can d peud on b iug sui ed. N. B.? Ladies and Misses Gaiters, ^iioes, &c., always on baud in eudleis variety fCT** Reincmbt r, 160X and 161 Greenwich street. f 15 3m "ec J. O >LV LOOK AT THIS ! and see the asF tonishiiig low priees of BOO'l'daud 'H< IES^g?BEf I that are selliuu off at the New and h anhionablr o ota, d i Shoe Store, cor er of Greenwich and Murray srre-ts. wY-fk gentlemen's fine Kn-nrh and untiv- c-.lf B nls double a d tii gl - soles from S3 to S3 10 S' o $1 111 and SI per pair Also a large issortrrmlit of gentlemen's, l oys' and youths' li e calf aud k-o S pies, i f the latest s-yleand best materials; there is -ilso a large vso. t -rent t)f low priced Boots anil Short, p- gged and se-rd, for ge it'enreu, boys and youths, aud at prices ihat will come ?a ithi i lire -etch ol .si cI esses. Tire Ladies of New York a-d its vicinity will find it to their dvautage to call at this establishment and -re tii most sp cndiil -ssortwient of gaiter Moots, Buskins, Slippers aud Ties of all the different colors and most fashionable styies. The,e is uiy quantity of Ove,shoes aud Wate-prooT Buskins, geutie.iieu's stra p-d, wi li leatlrer bottoms ; ladlms'du; Moccasins ml lodi., furred nlain and figured; misses and children's, of ill ki. d<, in sbu. d,i:\C? ind rheau. Don't mistake lire iiumhe-. 213 G.-eon icli street, corner of Murray st WHUGrif, CALHOUN &CO. f-28 lm*uc ______ BUOTd AND 8HOiCH~* A T R K I) U C K U PHI C E 8 . .gtfV The3-ibscr hers intend ng to make a change in nutiueas will sell iheir pt--?eul srock at very lowpriees for a shor nine. TUT'lLh fc HAVWARI), 1K9 Broadway. P 8 ?The futures and furniture of the store for sale. f 44 Un m SAVE YOUR SHILLINGS. All'h it are iu want o/^ood Gliters. Sh^rs. .-qppBwo'* rejjuegte I to cniia.'vVAL * KK's m coroer of liroidway and Canal s'reet L1J1 s'Giifcrs, jM \h?^? au<l ( {yildreu's Gaiter*, of -til colors sons and sir.rj A ->f the latest kftouh f ashion?he che-'pesi \ ft offered Al? >, the grritcst assortment ol <*enu fine Krench Calf Dress Boots, stitched, *t 43 Tho*e who parchse rt t is old establishment are u?ire to Ciil air?ni, the best evidence of the ge?emI satisfaction his B ots and 8hoe* have eivn 10 thrpulilr, U 7 ' Remember? vVAL K * Il'S Cheap Boot and 8h e Sho-c. 119 Broad way. corner i anal strret f 36 lrn*ec TO COUNTRY MISHIJHANS. A I BOOTS AND WILSON fc JOHNSOV, If p.iici' orto.Trhn Hutching) have rem ved from 120to Jm 142 Chatham stPM, and h*f* completed their nssortme \J*i I' "'print Goods, c. MPpsmK the Rr.'ate?t variety and I ifr st i&sorun in of Boots and Slioes th.t can lie found in ih* city.? Kvt ry thing iu lie i line, consistii'K in part of 3000 Udiis1 v1o# rnrco Bus'|ns. 30( 0 indies' letfher do, 3000 I ?die*'ccirpoou do 6000 ! idies' common Hipp ?r.s. 2500 seutlerne i's do, H'OO 1 uli-h' line Kre. ch do. KOf) Welt Hack*, 10,000 f hildreu's bhocs of all kind* and co ors, ill'di adits' (tiiters, black and coloren, 50 c es of gentlemen .* fiuecalf snytud Bopts. 50cases pegg-d do, 26 ca?.e^ kins do, 2> case hoys ai d voutha* do, ai.d at) other arte icles thai can possibly be called for 111 the bm t and di ?e line, i idle, 12 natbam Afreet oppoiiie the Chatham Thaatrt,? N. B. '1 re o| rnwt till !0 oYipch in the evening, rivicr aopniry wrcitanU *w opportunity to purchase when i or other wetn? ircx). ntb i>n?t c BOOTS A No feUOES AT WHOLESALE. A LAROG ASSOBTMKNT oi ti,e above named articles N ew 7?ril Among those oil hand may be found iu i>arc the following, vt?:? vie s'lfcBoy*' Kj|i i/egg'bEooti Mess'& Beys'Thick Broguii Do do GaudS al do fro do Jfip rt-yi; da i)n do Pump S?le do Do do do 8e'?/ed do Dodo Jl i.fvveit do Do do Calf do do | Dodo do Calf d? Dodo do Pegged do DoUalfSewid do Dodv Pnmp .Sole do Do Stout Pegged do Do do Goaf and Seal do And a area! variety if AVorruu'g, iv.i?s-s, and Childre.'s Uuski'is, Bootees hijppirs, Ike. Ike., ji-*Kft* k"d tewed; tone'tier wit" a lie eril assortment of Palm Leif hi d L'nho(ii llslr. (.'ounu', merchants and o heri are iuvited to call and txainiur All aold low f >< cun or citv acceptances UAJeK ta CO , No. 26" Paarl street. ml lm*ec fj. $ Motel Building, N V. l'HENIX HORSE HAKAAtt, NO. 1H9 Ji\rD 191 STREET, NEXT TO HLEECKER STREET. eft The mat regular PUBLIC AUCTION SALK JjatV will take plvce ?< th * Mb'.itliment. on Tuesday ' ' ? ? March I9tli, coinineucinit ai. ?'evrn o'clock, el h ar.lages Iljrueaa. Saddlery, Ike., lie* and teeouj hand Atl te'cloek a c t lorn' of very anp oior Hotaea, will hoffered, comprising ticgir Horse* and mateh-d pairs, suitable to tie- road, and, le and all business puntus,?. Gentlemen in the coun.ry tmving p'operjy to disp se of, eiile rat public or )irivate sale, will have their orders faithfully attended to.R Al Private Sal'?21 fine young country home*, kind and sound, lust in fro'n the western pert ol the Sia'r; two superior matched pairs rf Bay Hnr-es, a line pair of Brown Hoiaei, a aplendp' pni of Bay I armge Mora 3, one very tine Bright Ser tel H"rae, young, kind auu sound. ?i,d a very fast trotter. Also,several ve y line -add e Morses Also, at private >alr, a very 1 andsnme Hockmvay W-gon, used only one week, slid a number of new and second hand Barouches and Light Wagons. Miosis taken at Livery, and kept in superior style Accommodations for dealers' horses, in statins unsurpassed by any establishment of the kind In I ha United St ties. ST<>H VOL?Vehicles ol all delc-iptuiu taken on storage in the large an I convenient liepusitorvol the establishment W. IN) -VAN will attend i? rinuatly 1.0 all orders for buyiu,and telling horn e. All persons selling property nt this eit.ihljshment may rely upon having a true account of sal" rendered, and the full amount of prec ?edt w ill, 111 all ce.sei, be paid ptompily iu current mon-r. 'I he AllKNA of this establishment ir. hnilt on an entirely r.evv and m ist convenient nl,u. being deiatch d from the main building auil stable, -hr-h) not imerfrrii g 111 the least with livery or sale going out or coming iu ou the day of auction sale. At ah other times tee Arena it k-pt entirely clear, an I leserved for the accommodation of private horses and those ou sale,>-Hording every facility fores reive, tiaiuiug and showing>. rnuiAM 1 sin ml v> m i lw*w t'r prtwna VALUABLE llk.M - Dl8?For iIk hare ?nu nUui? ' tmrrh'# Vrjteiabl* Lotion, for rrtiinrinit pi rplea, bl'tch< ?, fc> k *a. un. sunburn 'I 'M ?<>nr>, kc. i h* *>* of tniaLni I | abort lime ?U| r' J'< > >iin IM MM mil .w MBtlrl ' urn into nidi ,* .1 whiten, as i*u'era Ii .rah end rou-h akin li*auiil*i 11v aoft and tinmilh. Sold mi bur.Ira, 74 cent- each Hhm m?ti?m uout, sic ?Dr. I huri.hei K?im/i* of Mmbird, lor ill* cure nt rheumitiain. chilbl <in , trout, ?.r '1 tune ia iwrliara no niaUdv to w irh th- limn m I ami mi ?nly ret lint hul mor? appliotUrna uf variona kind* mlmiiitliml u if- 1 mrdiea than ill* li'Miin if ism ; i,or it there acaice ' dimrd rlliat Inn rtuiii il ? illi lib" f iff* lli attoinpu 0> "j' to r*mov? it ? J Tip rirtiii'ioi lhpp??"iu* ill maa'md will *e inuiiil I.) fpr.el 1 Chun* of ,?ny other r*in?dy winterer in the cur* if the above | I' lini'.niu I'rice 4n ri'iila Knraileat LlUIllll'S Diapeniarv, 1 tfi Bowery, 1 m'i lm**c rornor?.'Sprinif ?t. J WSKASES OF TH12 KYM , hit. II. Nk LSU.N, lute nfCnna"a, Tio'ettor of Phyaiology slid Sum ry. and f .r miny yun Principal Sirgenn tn tn* , liulrl Ui-ii H nji't"! in Moor real, ami unc-a ikat in com l m ii e ill lli iiiitpri* in Ii < I lidnhn'in < practice, and in run- | pi iic wiib ilm In i|uriir auiiciinli mil I u lam* irnmbe Aitiy- | | ciana who coiiiult h.m on ?uri{i. il raaea, lir liaa m n * arr nigt- ( un nt? to devoir a portp Il of 'lie forenoon to 'be attend 'I1C'* nnri "larai'int ufl (i ii-;un 'iflha Kya. lis ma perform d'heoier in n of b inaction of Enfant t more tlun two ' u idnd iirm-i, liu long Mppin-uo* ,n -urjer'.an Ii s repu'n'ion tit ui ii|*r to, milt.* lion lo hrpeltuit no hiiti'f (plnlittc 'tioli will fe found in t Ii is i i > t'm Ilia to lake cbarae of Diar'nea of the b i?, in i ih,11,,, proli'aiional ch.vurtrr will Ii* a k laraniy to atulv tlio'p who may put tlirmaelvea under hn **r* Omen Mo 77 White atreet two doora from Broadway, enat * mS lwi?aJ?im*rr ___ TO I'HINTKKS. ~ 1 POR SALE.?'Twa fount* ol Trru, Minion kad Nnijanal, T wh"h haw h*ao uaad or thu Nr? iork Bart Id. X?lr * Do. ! MtSDlCAL. __ MORfc. PROOF XHAT CONSUMPTION IS CURABLE. ARF.MARKABLK CASK NOW KIRST MADK rUBLIC.-Ths is to certify that my wife Kliztbeth 1 acker, had been complaining for brreml years, which resalted ia a dissaae of her luugs, producing a violent and liarraaaimr coukIi, which w<a tight and dry, causing iaach p*iu ia her breeat, gradual debility, which reaulted io such eatreme weakness as to fee cootiued entirely to her bed. Her flesh had Marly all disappeared, and lier appetite was iuij>air?d, food usl digesting, j ana oowni very cosine. ? . ? her cough was troublesome as W preyeut her sleeinug; had every clay burning in tue p lmt of her hinds and soles ol her ' feet Kvery afternoon her cbreas would become red. und her eyre brilliant, which would be followed iu the evening by cnills and exhausting sweats, which increased her debility. I ] employe I the tint medical alien dance, bnt they could not do anything for her VVe tried every remedy we could hearrf, but the kept lining The physician gave her up a* an incurable caar of consumption. and I believed mat her c iae waa beyond the reach of auy remedy. Many timer have I thought ahe waa dying, and ueyer did expect to tee her enjoy the heilth ahe ia notv bleraed with. Laat rummer we heard of aever J caaea that had been giving up ai iurunble, but which had been cured by SCHENCK'A fULMONIO 8YKUP. among which waa the rate of Pete?jitri iter Heekman. We went to ?ee him, and he gave her great encouragement. I well knew that my wile whuld unless we could ubiain a remedy of greater virtue than any we had tried 0' heard tell of. We, therefore, determined to try the PULMONIC SYllUP, and after ahe had tiken several bottles *he appeared to be worre, a it produced ? ) much pain throughout her a stem We aent again for Mr. B ekman, who urged her to persevere in ira n?e, and it waa with freat reluctance the contented to da ao, when auddenly a diarroe i commenced., which conaiated Principally of corruption. Thu continued for a few diyaand Uien ceiaed, and we now thought her end near at h <nd. Tile Syrup now produce! au imVseriiaMe sensation ia her cheit, wnich I thought would aulfoca'e and kill her. I hate sine* found tint that .thia waa only the effects of the 8>-up ripem-g her disease, and bnnviug it to a head After aeveral days had ela|)*ed, upon making mi effort to Cough, ahe lelt something give way in her breaat, and ah: brought up nearly a ' onart of yrllow mat'er. As soon as this aubtided, li r cougii waa ro longer tight, but (lie expectoration waa copious, looae, I >nd consisted of life yellow matter, in a few daya a app< rent change fir th* belter waa manifest; aud witn feelings of hop: mingled with jov. I felt there waa proapecta of her recovery. The cough gradually improved, and continued to do ao lor months; and in the same time her system aba improved. he- strength returned, so lout uow she could help hei elf. f irprenuusly she was ao feeble at to ho entirely helpless, hiving to be c iriied to one bed f otn another, llerappelile returned and she lelt as ifahe had bees translated into a i.ew existence. It ia now about three mouths since alio b, (fail to go about the house. and at this time remains entirely fie Inns auy disease of the lugt.iiudl cannot liud wordc adequate to etpirss the feelings of grat:tude I ft el for having beeu directed to jUHLNcK'SPULMOi'lIC 8i 11UP, which has lirea tne ineins ol curing one who waa ao near the grave and w hose loss would have been irreparable to me. Aftc vnc was ab ut the bona i, our clergyman c lied t < s-e her, and was aaloniahed to lind an improvement in her far b?*<u.d h's expectations Mauv e.f the neighbors cae also t -stiff. I to in what ihev saw, that her cure waa almost iniraenlons Mrs. Tuekei ia particularly desirous that anyp-rson slflicte-l with cousumpiion, or litvirg any Irieud nut. alllieted siiould call and se.- her, uud hear aer alai> in-nt vnballv, and ah* believes ahe can convince tliem that echeucd's Pulmonic Syrup is the best au I only rem-dy ever discovered to cure consumption, asd lias thus conferred blessings upou her and others which no other remedy could. EFHRAI -1 TUuKfcK, Jersey City, Jan. 29,1814. iNo. 43 York at., Jersey City. JViui Jsrsty. Hudson County, si. PersniHilly ap|>eareil h.fjre me lite subscriber, Mayor of Jersey Citv, Epriam Tucker.who nviug bv me duly sworn according to law, on his oath, did depose and say tlrat the facts above stat d and by him subscribed, in relation to the cure effected by Schvnck's 1'u'moutc Syrup are true, an" lurtnersaitn not. PETER BiiNTLEY, Mayor of Jersey City. Jersey City, January 29, 1844. Jersey City, January 38, 1844. Mr. J. H. Schknck? It-ar Sir?Mrs. Ephriam Tucker is rersonslly known to me, i!i<l 1 b-lieve liersta'enieiit worthy of all err Jit as presenter) over tli- signature oi lier hu'baini. 1 know sli" was very ill and now thesreius in 1 lie mil' yinent of comfortable he v 11 h. V ours, M CUSk, Pastor of the H. O Church. Jerse. City Prepared bv J. H Schenck, ami for sale at his principal otfi ces, No 32 South Siilli street, one door below the corner of Ch-stuut, and at his Caboraroiy 121 Race st. Philadelphia. Also, lorsale at No 49Js < ou'tlandt street, one door below the comer of Greenwich sireet, New York, the only place in the city where thegeiiuin- can be had. Also for sale at C8 Corubill street, Boston, and 16 Broadway Albany. t he above offices are exclusively for the sale of Pulmonic Syrup J. li. SCHENCK. Ill r 1 lm*cc MEDICAL AIO.-OOCTl'K COOPER. 14 UuMntreei b. iwren Chatham and William streets, takes this methoi u( 1 nf ruling citizens and strangers that he has for the last t ?i rears confined his practice solely to the treatment of Venereal Mercurial, and other diseases of a delicate nature. Although i is C' nsidcred by a portion of the medical profession as a specie.of inackery for one of iu legitimate members to advertise, stil the (treat advantage the unfortunate ?ictims of venereal diseasi derive from a regularly educated physician devoting his alien tion to a particular branch of the profession, mast be apparent 1)0 yon not employ a surgeon to amputate a limb I?to an oculist on diseasr of the eye 7?to a dentist for an operation on thteeth I?and to a snrgeon noted for the core of Syphilis whei. yon are troubled witn Venereal I And you do so from the facthat those men are perfect in this branch, because they onlv oractiee at it. Or. Cooper spent years in a celebratedLock Hospital, and lias for ten years enjoyed the most extensive practic* in this way o4" any medical man in New York. Ha can cure ti. raest aggravated eases of Syphilis, and mild case s<vk sred ir two to livedays. The Or lerrgu'iilj edaci.ted physician one surgeon, and utv* iruflers his patients to leave until a perfeci 11 rei (performed. It is deplorable to witness some of the casethat are presented to the Or., whe-t the disease has been driver ,cto the system by ijutcks, to break out again m the lorm o' po's and ulcere on the hod" pains in the joints, sore throat, igbt sweats arid emaciation. i he Or. will m every cue war aria cnr*,or make no charge. STRICTURE.?Or. Cooper has discovered a sew methon or which he can enre the wont form of Stricture in from on? 10 two weeks, with scarcely any pain to ihe patient. Irritation nf the urethra, or prostrate glsjJ. or of the neck of the bladder vrc sometimes for Stricture by general practitioner and charlatans. CONSTITUriONAi. DKBIUTV, soroetunM culled 8e jinal Weakness, brought on by ?, tro.ret hebit indulged in by f<>U9E m?n. Thin in, where too freely indulged in, the greates evil that cin befall mi a; for it begets disease of the heart, cod sumption. dyspepsia emaciation of the frame, and finally euil. incomplete idiocy. Dr. trooper trill effect a radical cure ir inch cjin, and restore the constitution to it* original vizor,and ha" by a mild and simple course of medicine. A core wirrmti il in every rave, or no charge. font paid letters, drscribint complaint anil anointing ti, attended to. Patients attended ir lot-Is er bearding houses. OtBce open till Id at night. lis ember, H !)?? ? street betv/ee? Wifnar* aad Chatham tta. Pi3 lan'ec mEdIual and surgical office. tOCTOM JOHNSON, 17 Uuane street, so well known P U the victim* of Syphilitic disease, aa the moat successful practitioner that New Vork can beast of. in the treatment ct this destructive and Rlnioat unmanageable malady, ia still to bi found at the olJ office, which lie haa occupied for the last tei years. The public, and a large portion of medical men in general practiee.navv an id-a that all advertising Doctor* arc quacki. We admit that a large portion ol th?*e that iufeat tint city arc ignoriut. uneducated charlatans; hut that all are quack* we de ny. Medical quackery eontiat* in a man holding himself forth ia (killed in the healiuK art, without having a diploma, or au thority to practice, or without general medical information VVe can satisfy any out that we are legally qualified to practici Physic and Surgery?that we possess a kuowledge of genera1 disease superior I" three-fourths of your general "Physicians' ?and thatour skill in the treatment and proper management of every variety of Venereal Disease, including the surgical treatment of that hurraising complaint. Stricture of the U re thra, is pre-eminent. We have confined our practice to tin treatment of all priva-e sad delicate complaints for teu yean We cure 011 all average 600 patients a year; our patients are no' inly from every part of the Li wired Slate., but they come to ui from the West Indies and Canada We have three physician under our care ai the present time and no week passes withori physicians 111 the city and from the country coming to cousu' ta respecting their patients, or sending us tlieir indents for our idvier. We discount'uane.e qu.ckery in any form, and therefore take this mrthod of iuf rniiug ?t angers, ami persons in the country where they c 01 find a physician skilled in the treatment of their disease, fc.vrry case wy undertake we cure, or make do charge. No matter how long you may have Oleet, Stricture, Ulcers upon the body, or in the throat, or mice, pains in the hes.i -Old hones ol the leas, we will and can curs vou. if voui cajr it curable at all Constitutional Wenkneu. or Iinpotrucy, it a disease so complicated iu it* character, Kat the Irealuieiiladoptetl by C.U- inajo'ity of physi'ian* i* highly injurious instead of salutary. We have rjid much attention to the treatment of this in -.lady, it coasliluUiig i'a?i<b* <>('.' pwctice. Many an unfortunate victim of this viae I,a* egpurp ijcril the benefit of our tain tary treatment. I yipepsia w-akuess ol the limbs y.jd small ol the hark, confusion of intellect. forgetfuluets, Palpitation of the heart, aversion to society, aad an ioibility to look a mag in the fibe, a^e v jy symptoms of this complaint. ll onr direction* are lot.owed, wv ujfisraatie e cum. Post paid lette *, with statement ol cue, conUinkt fc'i for ^iiv>r, attended to. We hold no communion with the advertising ddcuu* m t,.w yo.k We apeak of ourselves a* a physician, and ?av uolb tig ?f the joalincat on* of other*. Ofice IT Duane street, one door from Chatham street. m3 lip*ec THB INVISIBLE WKt SO eloaeij resembles the reaJ^head of hair that sceptics and connoisseur* have pronounced it the moat perfect and e* traordiuuy Invention of the day. The ereat arivantagr of tin, novel and unique wu tj us biting made without sewing oi weaving which cause* it* appdarst'ee* *o closely to resemhh the natural hair, both in lightness and natural appearance, n* o defy detection, it* texture being so beautiful, so porous and si free, that in all case* of perspiration evaporation i* unimpeded and jiu gtrat evil* of other wigs entirely avoided, The sceptic and connoisseur are a'ike invited to iu:.|>ect this novel and beau tiliil Wig, and the iiecaiiar n:?t,hod of fitting the head, at ttjt manufacturer'* A C Pe. ill Broadway. earner of l.ibsrfh creet op srslrol Imflge 4 JPKflf) ItEWAKD-CRO**' SPECIMC MIXTURE? fpO\J\Jy.-r th-* eur? of U9 lorrhoea, Gleets, Strictures end analig us of th. 01 gap q! generation. Ufa" I remedies jet discovered for tfast above complaints, this is the ill 1st -srt .ill. It make* a s, eed* and rermauent cure, without the le??t mstric'ion to diet, drink, exposure, or ch >nge 111 application to husiu -is, We gire no long r,u trcish rccuminendat-nnn to deceive thi pn lie If the medicine does not CP" k f-'r itself no one sli ill speak lor it. Our ohj ct is t > notify where it can b- hud. ami ( the 1 roiitietor challenges a siuele 'ase of lecent UoeorrhiB* p be brought iu which ihe Vtixturewill not elfect a rapid cu r II dor a forfeilu -e of SSOII 5 Thi* is e due se th t unfortuuatety pervailea all ranks of so I aietv?Inch, low. rich aod poor, imtiimomal and single Thi j 1 ar? here prevenh-d with a remedy by which they can 1 ore theui- i selves without the least exposiir'in the shoilest time possible 1 Further, the disease cannot he co- tract d if a 'oir of the ' * "viix lire I* t lUen at night on going rn bed when e*| oied. It i* pu' un in be ties wj h Ml direetionv accompanying it, t at 11 a bottle. One bottle last* a week, which generally cure* 1 ?many are cured in two days . Kor sale only at Win. rl. Milnor's, l">2 Broadway, corner of it Jo).11 sr. oih> .sue Krtukllii house. Veiv V.ir1-. 1 Inns. ... Qpr of Cheinat and ctovvath ttrFttf. Phi! id<*lj>hi'a; ;<iid (i J. M. n Smith'i, 128 Washington *trn?r. Boson. ml m*rc u parr's life pills. 9 AS THE WINTER IS ENDING, and SPRING COM ? (NO.'hii popular medicine ahonld be taken by every one ( valuing their lira t'l. No mat er how well you miy leef, lb- ? i hinga uf imaon imperatively deinand? adeeming nftheiii- c Lam?and ban y without ma c i V, are peculiarly ca ciliated fi?r a !ii-u take* with Mfrtr at hit cm B i'aiio.1. The propria- u [on beg to state to Snmini. I'ortu li'oa tie,mat? end branch t llr uees, that thi* papula' Meihcni* ia , tit up w ith wrappers l< ind Jir ctioni ?n each of thine I mriagei?accompanied with a I i a' honk (w iih angr-v uys) of t>, Life and T'inM ?f OI.I) h P 3 RK, whose pi ilongfdlilr <>r l'<2 years hn* long hi an a sub i jfdt of euro us spec"1 ition to tims, who lutva w iahed ' for la <u11 a il days " M my medical men and tiionea qiiainted with Fin t oology, liava deduced from the history of I innii ? I'arr thu ? the Oki'o| * llaihil *1adicine and roga'arity ol life, ar- I It * pre- |i lispoting causes ?l|iah led 10 the "number of hi? daye " At C"i t npinicn It corroborated by gu Attract from Parr'a "Cast VVi l i unl I eitam't t,"inch deduction i? rrdiimd to ? certimty. Tlia Mtnicme t h'ving bv purchase become p'opriators of ;hi< Vltdiriiie i o<y offer it aa a valuable remedy to the poblir. t Flip hundred* i f an*ol,elt?J le^timonialt ol in ffi cy in thai mssessio , ? arraui ilieir solid mgauv ane who may suppoir Parr's Lil'-I'il i in be o earn a.g t lha m <ny quack nostrums ol- ' Te ad to the i ublie, to con mire th? nn Ivy h, a call at ihair ol- " line or upon any ol their Agents iu New Yoilt?amongst whom they number all the pnurip d Druggist*. 1IIOH. ROBERTS It CO . *j ui'JIm'm 3 1 Broadway upstairs. 1 LEECHES! LEECHES! LEECHES! i CMK8T m' A LIT V SMYRNA ,\M> SWEDISH ' ' L>EKCHeS. cui sUully on baud and forsale whultsitleaiid retail, at eery low piices, by ? i C. i. KF.KDINAND It COPrA, o Impor er* of Le?chee, H# Na??au it N. B.-l J. Eerdiaand It Coppa will alwtyi warrant I lie I laali'iei of the L rcbem aold by rhem. ml3 lm#m YXPRAPPINO PAPKH8?L?'|f unit aruall liia.ol' r?rion? I ' *? nnalitira jnat recriw* a d roraalr h* mllltrc I'tKSSt k BKUOK9, 01 Liberty at. I monthl^ KKPOR^OK TUK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No. IS Chambers itrm CASKS SUCCESSFULLY TREATED. S Primary Couuapdua eared 2 Disease of Heart, 1 Couahiac. S Examinations to detect dit3 Midwilery, ease of the lanfa, ?e 1 Case of IS leife ulcers, 6 Inflammation of theeyea. 1 Rneu'oatism, 2 Onanism, 1 Ulcer oe the womb, 3 Seminal Weakness, I Much* discharges, 3 P'rurisy, 3 Suppression of th* ineusee 1 Fever, I Piles, 6 Ureal Debility, I Secondary syphilis, 6 Costivaness, 3 Gonorrhoea, 2 Difficalty in makinf water. _ SURGICAL OPERATIONS, I Fracture ol tne lydius, 1 Very interesting case 01 an I Bad rases of tttrictnre cured chylous of ibr shoulder without cutting or the ate joint, ol caustic, ... 4 Hemorrhoidal tunion reI Operation for fistula in ano, moved, 1 For Hydrocele, 2 Bleeding from the lunga, 1 I lutlamed fancies, t llare-lip, I Abscess in the ear, 15 Primary chancre* cured 1 O|>eraiiooa to relieve the pre- wi'hout mercury, putium, which w> a attach- 12 Large veneris! wait* ie- 1 ed to ill- glands, caused by moved by a curioui operachancre, tion, 2 Operations for ariuiuliugi 2 Adi|>ose tumin removed. DK. H BOUT WICK, mr2 2w*rc Attending Burgeon and Ph >tician, CW BRUNSWICK, Feb. 6. 1844-MK J H BCHe.NCK ?Dear Sir You have my hiarllrli gratuude for theaia bottle* of your invaluable medicines, srnt tome be your agent Mr. Simpson, and i have the happiness now to inform you that I had not lakentwo botite* of it Wore the profute n ght sweat* and the incessant cough which deprived me of sleep left tne.and beiore 1 had taken three bottles, I discharged from mv lungs, at net ere I different time* a surprising quantity ol a hard, white substance. 1 continued using your syrun until lhadtaseu seven botflrs. I am now in good health. Instead of being obliged to abandon my studies, as I was advised to do by my physician. I sua now in the Theological Seminary at New Brunswick I take great pleasure in recommending Sphenck s Pulmonic Syki'f to my friends and the public, for I do firm I v believe that, if taken in time, it is a certain cure for Fulmouary diseases. I am your much indebted and humble servant. B. K. MUKDfcN. . Prepared by J. H BCHF-NCK, sud lor sale at h<s principal oinces, No 32 South Suth street, one door below the Miner of Chestnut, aud at his Laboratory, No. <21 Usee striet, Philadelphia. Also for sale, wholesale and rrtail, at4t>4 Couitlaudi at, one door below the corner of Greenwich, New York?the only place iu this city where theg-nniua can be had. Also, lor sale at 68 Cornhill street, Boston; and at No. 16 Broadway, Atoany, N. Y. , The above o.iicei are exclusively for th? sale of Pulin'nic Syrup, where pamphlets may be had gratis. Call aud get oue f II Hu'rc J. H. SCHKNCK HIGHLY IMPORTANT. New York, Jan. 30th, 1144. fl'KflA HEW AKD ?Under this reward or <aptiou, an alfiiJpcJv/VJ davit of iu- son, John K Miller, was published to KM wo'ld, heating dare Jauurv 16th. setting forth that he hail been legtor-d to good health, niter a protracted suffering of 16 years, by Dr. John Thomson 343 Brooin- street. B 'tween (he 2d aud 16th of ihe present month. January, 1844. I onlirm rd my s"n's staiem m by my own affidavit My son set for h thtthe lud been afflicted since 1626, first, by cver-heattug li in >elf, then by dyspepsia, next by the poisonous sting of a honey I bee. in his fac-, which produced vertigo, derangsgneut and es- I treme mental and bndil; suffering His physician then hied I him iu his arms, which paralysed them both The doctor I gave him 8 calomel powders, in each of which, he distinctly t"ld roe ihete was sufficient tuercuty for ten ordinary men. 1 rheefTects of the calomrl on my sou's svst-m were such us to I make b in as sensitive, with res|iect to the wrather, as a the urometer, for he could always tell, by his mercurial nahis. a dav in dvince when a storm might re expected Under the 1 treatment of D'. Thomson he haa loat all llna distress and sensibility, the mercu>v having been removed. He had npon hit body at one time. 18 blisters. beaidea aeveral muatird dralta. poultices and plasms upon hia teet and legs. When he tried to do buaineaa I e waa deranged, confuaed and distressed an ' much as to reoder no! only hiu.sel , but all thoae immediately > about hiin, unhappy and mentally diolresae.i ou hia account j lu additiou to theuuacke'v, mat-practice and yoison, to which iny ion had become aubject, alter the Doctor had destroyed j or panicked ' is arma hj depletion he, fie Doctor, lufoiuied me there waa another deadly po aon in N-w York, calied ' Woi.k a riami: Aiiconitum " eoniontaum ; that a p>U of the 1 extract, the site cf the head of a large pin. would kill a woll Such a lemedy a? would kill a wolf, was now advised and administered by the Doctor to restore to hedth, aud to the use < of hi* limbs, my poor, feeble, sickly soil, who had been made a cripple by tins same Doctor u'irst he waa poisoned with mercury, pulaird by bleeding, and tend led one of the most distressed beings in life, by blisters, aud burning with uiustai d i and now. to cap the climax. he must take a dose of poison that would oeutializa what .re Doctor hail done, that would kill a liealt woll *' Oh cieuce, thou art a jewel!" Is it uot a miran;e that there waa a particle of the shattered wreck lelt to build npon to be enaqlen to show the iguoraucr ol scientific quackery bjr the astuili-hiug effects ol the Thom ouiau practi* ein rest >ring to lile, animation, form and order, one of the noblest beings oi earthly objects I This son, once a p rlect specimen of hia species, had b en shipwrecked, hioken up, an i mostly dertroye i by iho e in whom we could repose iu perf ct iaf ty as we thought, all confidence, and wheie we uiiuht expect atsistauce. pro ection aud safety in time ol up-iiuI and bodily sulfenug. Uy Dr. Thnms-w my son was restored to better health, iu 8 weeks, than all the benefit he had derived from the combined medical faculty in sixteen years. I do . believe that my son John K. Miller, surrounded as he now is in health at home with hia little family group, is the moat ' happy mau in b ssex c. uuty. New J*rsey. Have we in t then, all of us, hia relatives and friends, abundant reaaou to j rejoice I lle'ercu e, as to character and credibility?Dawreuee St Keea, and Allison Post, Druggists, Maiden lane ; and Noah Morris, 36! Eighteenth street : and all the inhabitants of Essex county, N. J., by whom I am known. Sworn before rne, his 3Uth day of January, 1844, S W VCLACE CONK, Commissioner of Deeds. N. B.?Wanted, as asusl, at 348 Broome street surhps- I ieuts as can find no relief from others fll lm?ec I DOCTOR JORDAN'S PRIVATE SPECIFIC 5 PACKAGES, ' F IR THE CURE of secret diseases. offer advantages not . posressed by any other advertised rem-dy, to wit: 1st. They contain every thing requisite for internal and external use 2d. Appropriate reiuedi s for every symptom 3d. They are accnuioanied by the Monitor, a ireatis" upon secret . maladies, with full directions and advice 4t*i. The patient ef- ' f'Ctiasafe, permanent aud se rer cure, withoutco'snhation or , ?pusurc. Sch. Oue package eff-cts a cure; but if in any caie drier m-diciuns are required, they are supplied wilhont charge 6th 1 he patient is not subjected to loss ol time, or other iueunvenience. And lastly, the Monitor points ont the only mode jf prevention ; No 1, is for the cure of Gonorrheal, Gleet, Seminal weak- i seas.kc. No 2, for Vcneresl diseases in all its stages. No. 3 8 The Monitor aioue is 40 cents. The packages complete, $3 ' each. Securely forwarded to postpaid remittance*. Sold out/ at Drug Store, CO Princs St., corner of Marion, a ' few doors esst of Nib o'l N. B Pi ivate eutr nee 69>i Manoo street, continuati n of 1 Centre, where l)r. Jordan may be confidentially consulted. I I' 28 im'ec I Nr.W ARTICLE KOtt SUAVI-NO.?KEKRE'S ! CREAM Of SAPONINK surpasses any shaving soup uow i"U'(', and >s pronounced hy iho.-e who nave tried it to t * fed all otheia in malting a rich and permanent lather (Jen t leni'ii hiring hard boards and tender laces are requested to call tod give it a fair trial, and if not perfectly sstixIWd. the mouev I -aill be re u rued. I he folloiviag is one of the number of let i ter* received by the manufacturer:? i New York, Dec 18th, 1811. i Dkar Sin,?Am., ug the "ill* mat llesti is heir ( -air) too." ] not the least especially wheu travelling, i?au "uutliaveu" chin. He urni if recently frain on incursion, when arriving at Col- i Chester, Conn., I stopned ii 11 a store, and the pr prietor, m> i v-rv escellent friend J B Wheeler, Est] . obie ving my nut- I ni'ss, presented me a poi of your Shavimt Cream Withalife | leveled tosc.e.'illc pursuits, I am aci|u*ii.led with innsto toe tapouacrous compounds produced during the prevent ceu- i lu for tha purpose intern ed, 1 kuowr uoue which I Mute o highly mfonr' teem m Saponins. I tins otter yon invopi- i niou of its tiierits, and inv frieu is would like to kuow where it i may be obtain-'d l this city. Vonrs It'. i E C K rkke, - ?n JOVATH AN DODGE, M D. For sale in auv ciunulitv by the mauufacturer's ag nt. No. 74 i Maideu lane: alo bv all tue principal (Jrugguts and Fancy Good de tiers in the City. J. W. HvLBER'iON. i mi lm* m I ALLEBASI'S MEDICINES. IMIKSE MEDICINES hare bean in general ti*c in some 1 portions ol tb* country for nearly two years, an have he- 1 come exceedingly popular. No other med'Cines have ever |icrfurmeil -ucli nne\iiecteil eures as some of these have during the 1 last eighteen months These medicine* consist of four kinds? , THE BLACK (OH ALLF.BASi'S) SALVE. ALLEBASI'S HEALTH PILLS, , ALLEBASI'S POOR MAN'S PLASTER, ALLEBASI'S TOOTH ACHE DROPS. THK SAhVK it warreuted to cur- if u?ed faithfully according to the direction!, the following cnwplaints (tlie Pi:Is some tnn-a h?ing use in connection a? indicated by the directions) vix:? he?ers, sorrs r( the moat ma'imiaiit kind, f. lot s, ulcers, uinora whitlows, bun ana i'.,uct?r.'i burin and scalds, rheumatism, inflammatory or ciiruuic snre tlir at, ijuintey, droptj dij.epsu, chilkMua, Hgue >u the face, ague in the br ail, bit--, .ores of si I kinds. sweTiiugsol erery deaciiptiou, paiu in the nuts and inuicl, s, tic I THt I'i -i-C "-re warranted to enre the following comrlui"! fused faithfully'Becoming ?n ojrecjion, Ilu mine cases the talv, and in some cases the boor Man1) bl ister, is ?s-d in con iiection with the Pills all of which is indicted by the direc- i Hons.) viz:?Disnrd-reU stomach ant* bowels, impure blood . cholic. w >r s, dysp psia, sick head ache, fever and ague, sent i stomach billions auil.other fevers, costivei ess, lung aud laser oomnlaii ts jnndice aguden col ls, c aeral debility, lite., See. THK PLAbTe l{S a,|j admitted to be supefior to any othe s in use, and are taking precedence over all o hers for | ai < or t we,R, e-? iu the hack, hide chest, bowels, loins muscles, feet, lieiiniatn.111, eoigii. L""IJ ' a?tl.ina, lever and ague, ?tc. TOOTH AtiHr, DROPS?Ate warra::'^1 10 cure au ordi- . \ary I oothache in from three to ten minutes, by potting, two drops iuio the to-ili or ear. Any case of tooth ache arising . from any otiwr cause than an evposure of t'.ie nerve may be el- | fectua ly cned by an application of t|ie Bl-ca Mai ye to the li ? of ihe face afflicted. The medicines are v arranted to cure the above complaints or lie money will he retiirned The Poor w II be tarnished at .alfpii. e, by L.W. (filbert, Proprietor, 2H Kul onsi.N. York. " March nits and others from the country supplied on literal . emit k'or sale, wh lesale and flail, by Is. W ('t, 3:4 K'ul'ou street?at retail bv O. B Maig e, 98 lialherine si eet ; r 4. Wooilw r.h, coincrof Houston and Mulb riy streets, anil ly others throughout tne ci y fell lrjie..d#ec j, UK. HOUSEMAN'S !1 GERMAN COUGH DROPS. PIlhl'AKKD and sold wholesale by JOHN J. DAVIS, eitt ' of Hudson, Columoia Conntv, N. Y., and for sale in this ;ity, wholesale aud retail by t< Jamks 8. Asrixwaix. 86 William street, (Jeneral Agent for this city : mil bv most oftlienrincii .il ilrueimi i in New Vnrli an.l Brooklyn IVrli.ip* a mure imporuut aud valuable medicine linn this wm never provided lor tlie afflicted. No reaort ha* 1 iitherto be.n made to the preai to mike it* ziraordiu'try 'irtues known, but it ruts been long tried and it* great efficacy 1 nokt thoroughly proved by the infallible test of actual ei- ' lerience. By it* own merits aud intrinsic eicelleuce it ha* benine highly celrbnueu ti every secti ,.i ol the country w'u e t ha* been in me. It mly, withoutesaggeratinn,beprunoniie. 4 d nn infallible remedy tor colds, rouufia, asthma, influenza, " i hooping cough, croup worm*, heamorrhageor rawing blood, ' lid all the complain!* ttt'ectuil the boast auu lung*, aud tend- 1 nit to consumption and general debility Numerou* teslunoinl* may be seen in the hand* of the agent* for the sa'e of tin* _ ealiug balsam, showing that such ha* been its effect* >n an in- * inner,able multitude of cases. The proofs of its wonde.fol Ificscy are incontrovertible; if uavd in the first stages of any of he complaints above named, it acr* aa a complete preventative, nd their fmrlier progressn arreted In this donate ? here and. OMphuntS am ? > eitinin'iu ?viM t,") SniJ<t W Ch inge* of we.itfi man who placet a right value upon health ahould he wiih ut this medicine. A timely us. of it will aave immense hill* ' or nodical attendance, aud, what is more, will prevent Ik* 'I anguishing sufferings of protracted illness, aud often preserve ' ife itself. Kfficacio'.s as it is. it is mild pleasant, and always -1 Itrmless; it is pijreli' n vegetable compound, and may be tak -n '< villi entire safety in nil of weather and uuder ail circumlances. It acU as a mild egpectoraut, and at the same line! a very gentle tonic. Its use lias not only icitored thou- rt nnds who were laboring under temporary illness, Vit it has " >rodnced great improvement in the health of persons constitu- " Ion.illy treble, as it* effect is to impart a rone aud vigor to the *. ystem, whife it Oliver causes weakness . a Price fifty cent* a bottle o? li.ur ounces fT Jos eod ec^ o I P.<: \ *H? M ,V."V of DKHT ABLISliKD MKDH A l K.I) ' ' VAPOH if/t'J'JH ?r* well kn-wn to be esseim II v ne- ui essary at this sea* jii of '.lie year, whan the system P ijttires an <V .. :t .... . sr.I . i. Im tmA slur.rile wviuli'f li ii? rmry v? t'iruw on ine ci|' .ni" ' - -- ?? eh ch by remaining on th* altrf ice of the fkin.l rodnift euta< * m u? di i1 ?r?, i:uld?, iheunntiam, acartet feirer, fcc The/ w ii oper-ition at i,') i.uuiiUuilt it tet from ' o 01 en in tnf Horning till 'J n'a'nck at night. Sulphur Bath* r ijiiire one our'a nonce f'irinble V iporB.ilha ana Balli ax Tube aeut ) any pert ol tiie city "r B oohlyn rarHlwrr ^ JMII ISII SPKt.'lf IC.?Patronized though Ki?*l>o<l ant) J H' anc? A certain cure lor Oonorihia i, Uleat, lie. fcc? "l rithont any tl luger of takiug silil o' anapenaoii iroin bn?i- M ; pleaaant to the taate and free from injury, combining 01 either mercury or aatmouy. Kor cale bv J H.Hart comer 1 (roadway and Chamber* ; fc. Chaatenvv, corner Broome and Jowery : and 114 bulron atieet, lirooniyn, and wholesale at Jlcttfc McKeaaon. IIT Maiden lane, N. y. igo lm?re ?1 T?ONOUJC8-2a do* Su|eiinr Smoked Tougnea, cuied to ^ J- keep in any climate?for tale hy j, ml) 3irc JC. K. COLLIN 8 k CO., M South at | WON'> ilFIJL UEMC.UY VIRUtV's T1NLTVTEK AND t.OTION Oh l*?VliiO. KAIION. A SUPPLY of these invaluable and eitraordinary remedies has bam received direct/rom Doctor Adrian Virrty, of brans. by hia eielaaire American iiau, De Luuney Ik Urey, ?f New York Nothing equal to tiiam liaa yat bono discovered lor removing imiotrocy, Uuor albas, nervous alfectiona, and invigorating the ayatem and reviving the decayed energies of certain parte, a fact that can be proved by any person in ten inmates; for while all other medicines recommended for the una diseases art admitted by their inventors to be slow of "Pvrstion.theTinrtnre andLotion of Invigorsuon set at once and "Mke their effect Celt ia a few momenta after they are made oaa nr. Indeed their quick and wonderful action la auch, that cold u?t? or Imbecility cannot remain in ?ne cooinwuon yiu i? under their dominion for half an hoar; nor is it possible lor any married female to ate them and remain without offsprint, for Lhey immediately correct the inactivity of certain organs which iu ninety-nine cases oat of a hundred is the cause of anlruitfuluess. They are also unrivalled remedies in incipient consumption, dyspepsia, palpitation of the heiurt.nervous headachei airet und affections of the kidneys, and in ah diseases produced by * nameless solitary habit, for which they are a speedy and potf* lire cure The Tincture is taken internally and is pleasant to Lhe Laste; the Lotion is used eitornally. I hey may be used lerarately witli great beuefit.ibnt are most effective when used togei her. .Price 12 a bottle, or both bo tries for t3. B ?Personi living at a distance can have these medicines sent in the foim of two powders, at only double the postage, with fail priced directions for converting them into the Tine ture and Lotion. Price $3 for one powder, or $3 for both. (When both %r?? used their effect is wonderful in removing impotence.) All reirittaacrs mait be roit paid, cad directed te De Lanaey k Grey, New York. Information of a delicate and interesting nature, which can) not be inserted in a public advertisement, accompanies each bo'.', tie and powder. Tim* medicines should never be used by pre#! aant women, for theirexciling nature would be liable to orru dace abortion. 8 .Id by DIC LAUNKY It (IB AY. at their office. 100 N?a i lau and H Puane streets. New Vork 15 Jmilkw-ec FUR THIS PILES. READ the following interesting esse and remarkable cum of Piles;?Mr J. Bowman a distinguished architect, residing in Broadway. b's been affiicted with Piles for 11 yearn He comult.d me about three mouths since. Hit tongue wai foal, appetite bid. liver torpid occasional palpitation, counu-nauce pale and languid, co'i phi utu ol pain over the kidn-ys great irritation. reunion and weight in the lower sect.on of the bowels, attended with pile tumors, so much inflamed at times as to produce intense suffering : at other times relieving themselves by a profuse discharge ol blood, inducing great debility ; the muscles of the luck. Iroin the lont-coutiuu-d irritat iuo h id n some degree lost their iiovver. producing lumbago, and it wai with much difficulty that lie could walk ; his step was feeble and infirm ; bad expended more 'han five liui dred dollars in 14 years for this comp auit, and had ootained ouly letnimrary re. lief He is now entirely cured, havng .akeu only throe uoaea of my Pii-k &1.1cctuakv; lias travelled more than two tli us md miles since, aud lees un return of the complaint : is as well and uctive now as he was thirty years ago, and atlribatei it all to that inestimable remedy, Dr. Lima vis Pile Klkutiuuv, ao i-te.nal reute ly It is sold by the proprietor, at his Office, I'JB onwry, lour uoora auove npriug ii.wi. ( gratis. Iiememt>er 196 Bowery ft Imdlkw?er WONDERFUL DIS', OVER* QTRIKJCR'S SOLUTION KOK THE HAIR, which will 0 change grey hair to iu origiual color iu a few minutes. Tina lolation is diB,rent from.any yet offered, and cannot lail of superceding all others. It ia highly efficacious., and possesses the rrSi advantage ol beautifying the hair without injuring ita growth. Those xrfco doubt iUTirtues are requested to have their hail changed before paying their mouey. If humbugs would take this >1 -1 i. ; < there would be no reason to complain Onrl I rn> will prove the fact. Sold m liolesale and retail, and applied, at No. 5 Chatham at, rpposilti it)t> Hall of ller.ordi. New York, up stairs in3 In *sc ARTIFICIAL TEETH. " DR. LEVETT, DENl'lST 26't Bnwilw^y( cornel of War reu street, in ca ling the atteut'Ch of tit- public to the treat lucce a that hat atteuded his introduction in 1K3 > ol inleitiug teeth on the principle qf atmospheric prssure, takes . heae meant of intSiug m?t> known the great tu oriority and lie latisfactory resu lt which aitemle,I this scientific apol'ca" ion when prnprly understood a. d mechanic,Ily c-i ri-,1 out. It ia im|io?aih ? to expatiate in uii ad ,erti? in-nt oil all its meats, there.ore Dr. L invi es all lliowe who are inter-ated in : barging a bad ami painiul fora gout and useful etoft'elli, i witness the succeui that attend* hia method Certificates, eatiuuiuiala, end recoinineudalioiia from the very (irat of our sitizeua, as well as the opiuiou of the New York j>rea< em tie leeu at Dr. Leven's olfi e, 2G0 Broadway, corner ' f We reu itreet f28 lm*rc BALDNESS AND LOSS OF HAIIt [S CAUSED by want of a healthy action of the vessels which 1 throw off |iwriipiration from the head when te vessels are steak or diseased, the perspiration is thick and clammy, an I adn res to the mouths of the pores, and clogs them up, and dris uid forms scarf or uaudruff. Less blood is then carried to the ;ooia of the hsir, and for want of which the hair has nor suficeut nourishment, and oonseq oently becomes h-rah and dry, ind begins iuaeu.ioly to fail, whuli, coutin ing to increase, 'ventually pr duees baldness Restore the capiary vessels of lie head to their former healthy oir a line, silky tew hair will make ita appearance, which will increase iu quan;ity and volume until the hairbecom s thick and healthy. JAY'Nh'B HAIII TONIC is the only preparation that has >ver been.kaown io produce new hair ou bald lie-ids. which it las done in iuii'iinrralde instances, and will seldom fail it prowrly ? d iters veil ugly used. Bold by A. If. StD. BANDS, druggists, 79 and IPO Kultin itreet, 373 Broadway, corner of Chamue, street, granite build ng, and 77 East Broadway. Price SI. fit lm*ec PECK SLIP DISPENSARY. MEDICAL AND SURGICAL NOTICE. p)R. CARPEN . ER continues to administer to the afflicted C and unfortunate at No 4 leckslip. t'ai>?n:s who haicsuf'ered from the in?*iieri?uce or ignorance of pretenders, or from .he more deauly and ruinous effects of th- various catchpenny lostiums of irresiKiusible and reckless veuderi wit i which this :ity abounds, are seriously cautioned to beware ol a ruined cnuititut'ou, and of cmnplicati-d and irremediable disease. Dr_Car|ienter, after np geticeof oyer thirty years, is enabled :o offer is the re.ult oT infuse application and exivriroce ia :e Uin diseases, the most prompt, rational and effectual fur a CUre. l)r. Carpenter bees lease to add that he is regularly educated :othe protes?ion. is a licent'ate ol .Sew Vnrk State .Medical Joci-tv and holds no commun cation with the quacks with which this city is swarming. f 10 lin'ec TO MARRIED LADIES. l\/f\DAMB RKSTKLL'S PRK.VENT?\K POWDEK9. "X ?Those invaluable Powders have been universally adopted a Europe, but France ia particular,forupwardsofthi-tyyears, is well as by thousands in this country, as bring tne only mild, laft and efficacious remedy for married ladies whose health for>ids a too rapid increase of family. The results of their adopt ion to the happiness, the health, say, often the life, of many an affectionate wife and fond rqptrit, are too rast to touch npon within the limits of an adverfiseuenl?results which affect not only the preseLt well being of parrots, but the future happiness of their offspring. Is it not >ut t'>o well krowu 'hat the families of the married often iniroase beyond the hanpinest of those who gav* them birth would lictatef In how mans instances does the hard working lather, ind more especially the mother, of a poor family, remain slavrs hroughoul their lives, tugging at the ?ar of incessant labor, oiling but to lire and living bat to toil, when they might have njoyed comfort and comparative tffliierca; and il cireauiltoil i&ve weighed dowu the spirit, and at last arolten the health of he father, how often is the widow left unable with the most rirtnoos intentions, to save her fatherless offspring from hemming degrade! objects of charityor prolligata votaries of vic?t Even though competence and plenty smile upon us, how often. las-! are the dsys ot the kind husband auu father emliilter-d n beholding tne em-eiated form and declining health of the sompanion of his bosom, ere she had scarce reached the age of hirty?fast sinking into a premature grave?with the certam ;ir<>apect of hinio-'lrbeiug early betoftol the paila-rnf hitjoy-t nd sorrows, aud his youug sad helpless cuildfp-i of thoae entearing attentions aud watchful solicitude, which a mother ilouecan bestow, not unfreonently at a lime when least able to mpport the heart-rending anlictiou ! is it uesirab'e, theu,?is it moral?for parents to iucrease their families, regardless of MOtequencet to themselves, or the well beingol ihrii offspring, when a simple, easy, healthy, and certaiu remedy is within our ton trnl I 1 he advertiser, feeling the importance of this subject, ind estimating thr vest benefits resulting to thousands by ihe idopeinn of means prescribed by her, would respectfully aronss tne attention of the married in it* consideration. Is it not wise ind virtuous to preveutevils to which ive are subject, bv simple ind healthy means within our coutrA' Every dispassionate, virtuous aud eulightcneJ mind, w ill uuhrsitatingly answer in he affirmative. Price five dollars a pack*?-, accompanied with full and par:icu!ar directions. All let bus most be post paid, and addressed to ?os "HUB," N. If , or MAD tMK WESTELL, Kernels Physician. Principal office, 148 Greenwich street, New Vork. Office lours from 9 A. M. to 4 P. M Hasten office. No. T Essex ?u flO 2m* m J1ABAMK tt E 9 X E Ju L , FEMALE PHYSYCIA "i, Office and residence, Ml OroeuW'Ch street, lictweea Courtlandt and Ltberty streets, whert he cas be consulted with the strictest confidence on cons watnta incident to tr.r female frame. Madame Roateli'i e'perian&e and knowledge in the traatin at I ubatinate caaea <n ft-iuule irregularity, itaHpuge, auppretiion, kc ,u inch M to reyuire but * few daya to effect a porfect cm Ladim deiirioR proper mediaal attendance dnrinii conllueineai r other inJiapoaicion. will he accommodated during ltd ime, with private and reapccuhle board. Preventive Powdera." fp' ma,He J ludiea, whotr delicate ol 'recatiooa health I orb Ida a too rapid -ncreaie of family, will b< ant by mail to any part of l?e United 8t?tea Prion 16a rack*' All lettera (peat-paid) addresaed to boa. I?S. New York! 'utton Office. No. T kisoi ?tree(." N. B.?Madeinn lid. 1 Jr. LI, wui**d turnrm Lam reerdia* at of the city, wuoae health would nut aduiit of travelling! hat the would devote.her pbm.aal attendance upon then a / part or the ' aik?< *"tate? w'thin reeaoeablediiuace fit In- m rty.AL/C, MONTHLY PiLLn kWINti to the celebrity, efficacy, and invariable aucreit ^ MndhTne tiestelt'a Ferrule Monthly PiU? in all eaaea ol ill egnlarity, ii.),f>re?*ics, or ttopp^ge ol tho-e fnpolioua ol inure upon wiiIkIi ti,e health ui ovary hui*ii d,.>. ,;d*. *,*.,* heu intt<.unciicn into tli* United nuAea.n'o'w about tonr yiart, luo.'rtriu and imiiniodt are eouiMntly attempted to ka aimed oB for the genuine. Cheap common pill* are purchucd t twelve ceuti a boa, put up in different hove*. and called? k'emale Monthly Pilla," with the object of lellini th?m, if otaible, at one or two dollar* a boa k'euialea are therefore antioned againit the*,, attempt* to iiupoae upon them It rt efficient here to itste that all Female Monthly Pill* are coaaTfeiti, eicept thoie eold at Madame Keaull* Principal Office, II Greenwich ?trect. New York, and T Eiaea etTeet. Boitoal Yicell. Madame Haeintl'* etgrarure ?? writtee oa the aovH f e*cn boi. . . ,, N. if.?They can ha aaad by married or omnia, by follow,** ie direction* i-1 -ted imideof each bo*. Hold alao by \*. ";atme- i- '14 Grand atrent. comer of Allan. New Voik f 10 fn*a' 1 IIITIIIM Til k *1 VlAl.l.b i/IAliAMft rcstelc, FK-MALK HI181LIAN. Woa * *1 iaforut ladies who, with * pro[>er d.lieary, haye a ur.f to the treat meat oftheir noroplaidta&f "?e o| Tk teg, thst in all enact the tUeud. to them '*7f> J'i ' ipc.ri'noe, pmetice sad knowledge enables her to Jo ?a Bha rem. it necessary to ?'?tn " St" 001 Wl?hwl# ^ isnscd with toe preloader! eantiiinnuj appearing kod ditap mring, adrertismg ?. " Female 1 hyaieiajjs, who too igaO irt ?A incompetent thnmttlrne are'obliged to on *orae .cue. r leas .gnonuit lunch in sgpwnment inatend. Cumuli,ng rtf art and residence, It) Grjenwieh ?U??, bntwrwaCoortUrd ' "berTy tUk Ho*r* of attsadaaes frora * A-^. t. u lit toitxuuuk?ftittia]ifc. fill* fw.r(fTP.r> IKD rRKr.kKU BT i up, boupelohuk. m.d.. lisbon, fortuoafc [<HK 8riealrfle emnliin?tio? of inxrrdientt or which the|B Filly art ?iiup?a?d. ha?e watte thea the woudfr mid adiriition of the world 't h*r ?rr known all oyer tinrope to tt is only preparation olacorered that hits proved invariably rutin in prodoBtMl the monthly turnt Their certainty, in ail net, biing raeh Chat they mnat not be uted daring pregnancy. >r thongh alwayt mild, safe and healthy, they are oertaia to reduce miscarriage if ated during that period. The direction! are translated into Kugliah. and are enrelo-rd Mind with the teal of the importer, .tamped Kach hey coy tint the awtnaidit or M. Ho Boiidefocu- aud the Knglitli tfi etion. hare the yignatnre of Dr. r. M KLVRA U, authorised t-ut for the continent of America. They can be transmitted br mail to any part of the Oaiisd tatea. Sold by Dr F. MICLVKAU, agent and importrr lot .e United 8tate?, office 13} Liberty .treet, near Ureeawicn at. rice half boiet fl No hall botes tent by mail Hold i Ro.toa at No. Salem .treet Lrtters directed to Or V. Ielr?an, hoc <4, New York, will meat with mmai" ? on. All letters inoat be poet Mid, PUBLISH*!) DAILY BY jamktf uokdon bkrhbtt, 1, W cornrr kulton and NASSAU 91RKKTD Tint new Yona llgn^LO?a dail>' paper, issued e?,.ry lo'ning ol the wee)?price two casts per copy Cnnnliy ibaeri -er* furnished ui the tame rate, for any apecilk period, a a remittance is ad?naea. No paper tent onlett paid in ad ^ki whih hcmld?laaned eyery Hatnrday morning a w^ox lock-pries ti?^ awd a guaaTr.H cant. iwr opy- rnr ??~V~ ~ ?? ?? ?j i"' unmi n, in anvinrj t at th? Min* raw for any apscilied period. CoM??rowD*jjTi ara nipnatrd u> *ddr*a? thru tanm 1 ?* /<*o? DOW tin 'TY, FWr.?t?r V I1' wn**amm?m n ir-?s If

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