Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 19, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 19, 1844 Page 1
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TH Vol* *., Ho. Tt-WboU Ho. 3040 To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newipaper?published every day of the year except New Year's day aad iTourfi. ? .1 -r aft an nar an num? postages paid?caah in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?publiahad every Saturday BenuuK? price S| cunt* per copy, or fi3 19 per annum-? poitagpa paid, caah in a Kance. . ADVERTISERS are inlormed that tha clrcoildion oi ffee Herald i* ovorTHlRU'Y THOUSAND. a?d increaaing tha t. It has the lareeit circulation of any paper in IKu eity, or the world, and it, therefore, the belt channel for buttneee men in the city or country. 1'rioaa moderate?ca.h in ad nee , ... . . I'RINTINO of all klwla executed at tha moat moderate prioe, and in the moat elegant atyle. JAMES (JOIUJON BENNETT, PiioraiKToa or the Hkrai.d Eitabliimmint, Northwaat corner of Fulton and Naaaau atreeti. TO THE TRAVELLING- PUBLIC. ~ Kf SSfyOER .mmixaE The BubscribTi Inviuy completed their arranremeAU, are now prepared to bring oat pai*OD|ei* from Ureal Britain anu 1'elaad by the following llret cli.a packet ehipe. oueef which will leare Live.pool cu the lit, 6th. lltli, 16'.h, 2i?t aud 2?th or earh month? . . Pe'rick Hrury, New York, Shendui, Virginia. Liverpool, Cambridge, Montezuma. Siddoaa, Hottinaaer. Colombo*. United Btuiee, R ciu?, Aeuburtun. Enelaud, Europe. Sleph'a Whitney, Roche?ra?, ia4i-| eideuee, Yorkshire, Oarrlck, H.inuel Hick, Queen of the Weet, Uiford. , Certificate* of pauag" can be obtained, and every mfonnatioa will bo given to thoee tending for their friend*. on application at cither of our office*. , ,? They will alio be prepared, on the opening of navigation .to forward pa?*enge.* and their luggage to Albany and Troy, and v?a Eii<* Canal to Buffalo, and all intermediate places. Vi?R<)*Pwel(o0tolToVontor, Port"Hope, Coburg, Kin If* ton. and ^Vrom Trqj^u\^itehall to Montreal and Quebec, Canada b ast via Ohio Canal from Cle&rcland to Portsmouth, Cincinnati, and intermediate place# , ^ - . Sonih Weet eia Philadelphia to Pittabure.Oieemuatt. Louierille. and all parte on the Ohio River to St, Lonie.Mo ; aad to ali part# of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinoi* and Wiscon am Territory. REMITTANCES. For the accommodation of per.ou. wi.hine to rend monev to th'ir fiiendt in the Old onntrv, HARM) EN fc CO. will Eive Drafts on any pirtof England, Scotland or Ireland, payale at iieht, for.nm, of il, ?i, ?20, to ?lO#? or m anyamonnt to auit the l'?'cha?ticE9 ^ AOENTS Charlee Cra't, 120 State (treat, Boeton.^ D f J?. . un'EH'r, UII1UU DUIUIUH, I IUTIUHBVC, ?. I. J. W. Milla, 3 Wall it reft, and 16 Front (tract. New Yoik. N. (i. Hnwird, 43 Snath Third elrret. Philadelphia Sandfoid 6t Shoemaker, 7 Light street, Baltimore, Md. Pittsburgh, Pa. L. 8. Littlejohn, 11 Ex'ha-jre, Albany N. Y. S Clark, li? River street, Troy, N. Y. Utica.N. Y. W. A. Cook, Syrscase, N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. W. H. Cook. Buffalo, N. Y. H. Fitxhqgh It Co.. Oswego, N. Y. ml6ee_ wnft HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The Royal Mail Steam Ship CALEy^MmCZ^DONlA, E. G. Lott, Est]., Commander, will leave Boston Tor the above port son Monday. April 1st, next. Passage for Liverpool $130. Passage for Halifax 30. Apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr., Agent, mlSto Ira No. 3 vVall street STATEN lSL^ND^Q^I m "13 m ' FERRY. * On and alter Tuaafer. February 27th, the Boats will leave as follows, until fnrtl or notice Leave Staten Itland. Leave Net* York. At 8j{ A. M. At 9 A. M. 10 " 13 " \ r,U. 3MF.M. N. B. On Sunday the boat will leave at 11 instead of 13. felBre NEW YORK, ALBANY, AND TROY STEAMBOAT LINE. ARKANOEMENTS FOR 1144-MORNHaig7MB>INO LINE?From the foot of Barclay s eat, 9*>A3K3B?at7 o'clock A. M., (Sundays excepted.) Tl,e Steamboat TROY, Capt. A. Gorham, and ^ he Steamboat EMPIRE, CapL S. R. Koa Evening Line?Direct from the foot of Coirtlaodt street, at 7 o'clock!*. M. [Sundays excepted 1 .... The Steamboat SWALLOW, Capt. A. McLeon, and The Steamboat ALBANY, Cert. R. B. Macy. The proprietors of the New York. Albany end Troy Lite would respectfally inform the public that their boats have during the receue of naviga'ion the pest winter, been refitted and replenished throughout, and many improvements added to the comlint of the traveller. The Troy and Kmpiie. as heretofore, will lonu the Morning Line, from the Steamboit Pisr foot ol Btrclsy street, running daily [Sundays escepted] making the principal int',rm*diate landings en the River. The Mwall?w and Albany will lorm the 7 o'clock Evening Line (through direct) d i y (Sundays (excepted.) Theabove t'uau (Vi r ui UK ur *k civi ui awmiiutM. i?i? i>m omu ?vcoinm* in unsurpassed, and whs. t is ofgreater interest to the trave1ler,\r&.utider the ooininaud of officer* well known to the paklic?theiEbaraes alone iia sufficient guarantee of kind attention. civil d*port uent aud tale management. New York. March li 18-14 mliee WINTER ARRANGEMENT?KUlt ALBANY. Via BRIDGEPORT and was mM*| nfl IlouaaiOHic & WtcirERir &iytoB3^1UiLDKo*D?, Eaily, l?undays_^^^^W SB?3BBL Eicepled. 3IBEeB Passengers for Albany by thi* ftonte will take the new au . elegant steamboat EUREKA. (Japt. J. Brocks, which leaves New York from foot Liberty street, Tnesday'moroing at halfpast 6 o'clock. for Bridgeport, thence by the Honsatonie and Western fLnlrna Is, without change ot cars or baggage crates, to Albany, arriving tame ev-uing at o'clock. Fare throng* Si. For passage or Freight, apply on board, or at the office, foot ofLibertyetreet. G. hi. PERRY, Agent. ttioc NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA RA jhOAl) LINE D1KECT rFox Ncwtaa, Ngwnnuitiwitjg.yninccToir, TnanTon, B 0 hp en 10 wis Ann BuRLiwoTott. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leaving New York daily from the foot of Conrtlandt it. Morning Lice at I A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at4K P. M. The Moraine Line proceeds to Bordratown, from thence by Steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camdea (opposite to Philadelphia) without change of cars. Pa i?Lf?n intra will nmrnrp rhair tirlrata tf th? aAm fitat #?f Courtlandt itrnHt, where a commodious steamboat, will be in readiness, with bagKattferatee oa board. Philadelphia baanvgw orates are conveyed from city to cify. wihOut being opened by the way Each train is provided with a car in which are apartments and dressing rooms expressly Tor the ladies' nee. Hot liming, the lines leave Philadelphia froui'the foot of Walnot street, hv steamboat to Bordentown at 7 o clock, A. M. and by railroad Jjrom Camden, at 4 o'olock, P. M. The lines tor Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7W A. M., and 4 P. M. being a contmaation of tb* lines from New York. j9 3m*m ARRANGEMENTS FOR 1844 OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE. 104 1 'me street, corner of South. m m m. THE subscriber begs leave to call tlie atleution of his Irieudi and the public in general, to the fallowing arrangements for 1144, for the pnrpose of bringing out cabin, 2d cabin, and steerage passengers, by the Ragnlar Line of Liverpool Packets, sail ipg the 1st,6th, lUh, 16th. 2tstand 26th of every month. By the London PaekeA, tn sail r?m New York, the 1st, 10th and 20th?and from London on the 7th, 17th and CTthofmch month. In connection with the above, and for the pnrpose ef affording rtill greater facilities to passengers, the enbscriber lias established a regular linaof fkrtl class New York bnilt, copi? red and copper laataned ships, to sail punctually evsry week throughout the year. For the accommodation of peraons wishing to remitmoney to their 1 unities or fneuds, drafts are given, payabla at sight, on the following Banks, vit Provincial Bank of Ireland, puyable at Cprk, Limerick, Clenmel, Londonderry, 8Ugo, Weaford, Belfast, Waterford, OJway, Armagh, Athlone, Colerain, BaJhna, T ralee, Yonghal, Enniskillen, Mouaghan, Banbridga, Ballymena, Parsonitewn, Downpetrick, (a van, Lnrgan, Omagh, Dnngunnen, Bandnn, Ennis, BaH'yshanno Strabane, Bkibereen, Mallow, Moneymore, Cootchill. Kilrush, Dublin. Scotland?The City Bank of Glasgow. England? Messrs. Spoooer, Atwood k Co. Bankers, London; R Mmrphy. Waterloo Kond, Liverpool; payable in every town In Ormt Bnte'n. "/masiEfeterwiytt," corner of South, N. Y. Or Meeere. V. W. BYRNES ft CO, 36 Waterloo Road. j?Rtn*re Liverpool. NEW LINE Or LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To fit It"" h>?r J ork ?n the *Rth and Llr,rpool 00 the 11th of men m-nth. Faom New Your. Ship ROflCflJB, Cspfvin John Collins, 26th Marr.h, Hhip SIHDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 2*th April. Hhip SHERIDAN. Certain F. A. Depeyater, 26th May. Sbip OARRICK, Capt. B. I. II. Trmk, 26th June. From Liverpool. Ship SHERIDAN. C.villain A. Denevster. 11th March. Shin OARKICK, Ceptain B. I. H. f'mak, Uch April. 5 p SPWllf, Captain John Colliiu, llth May. Art "IDDONfl, Cap'Aia fc. B. Cobb, llth June. 11mm (hip* are nil of the lint cleee, opwarda of lMt loin, built in the city i^Nnr York, with inch improvement* u combine prett epeed with aouiual comfort for paaaannro. Mery care baa been taken in the imninint of their accommodation!. The price of pu?|i hence u $100, lor which ample *tore? will be provided Theee ihipo are commanded by riperieucad maateva, who will make every eiertion to give it*neral aat lafacliou Neither the eaptaim or ownem of the ihipo will bo reaponeibleilor aov Mm, parc.-la or packagea tent by thorn, nuleu r?(*Ur ladinp are ?aned therefor setter, by the p.? ^ wiU }f ^TOgle ihrot ;i?caiUpro..M,ud navS^^TSnt" eh1*' i,K iifr AS5a A.L?'?1|'"' loot' THOMAS COL V KR. ' '"f- 1>y"1> ?[ the foot of riprint ttroet, JBBKiNew ) ork. She wa# built by Thomaa Colyer, at H,n* Hu g, and it Bye ye*.? old, ud on* of the faateet and beet boilt alonpaon the Hudeon rivor. 8h* ? centre-hoard and or I.nht of water, and carrie. .boot 1M ton.andi. well ad-tit'd for the freighting or lumber bnsmeu. Per farther unrticaltre apply to JOSKPTTAiMTB . , , . , . $>? Broadway, New York. Adiainiotrator of the rotate of ? ranklin Ayate, defeated ml Ira'ee KOK LUNDOBI?Hetolar packet? I'he inlmdid JflHracfcrt th.| HKNDRICR HuW.N, Cap, 'Co,,. IHUbn.ll potitively aail on the 20ih of March, her reonHrr accommodation! for cabin, aecoed cabin and tecraee faaaenj.-ra, are untnrraaaed. Tenona within* to ambark ahoold mihr ?arlv application to JODEPil MeMURKAY, mlltoZO ra JM Tine atrvot corner of Booth. E NE NE1 I THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS I mm. m. m To Mil from New! fork 21it, and iroi^LiTe.rpool Cl^Tiich I mouth. i'Vom Stw York. Vvool. New Ship LIVERPOOL. 1150 tons, J 5"-, J! . ? J. Eldriilge ' te? t N. ship QUEEN OF THE WEST, it" 7 " ? 1260 tous P. Wooahousn. 21 No? 6 N?w ship ROCHESTER,ISO com. I 5 ly ?} ^'J"1 \ John Brittoa ; II D& I Ship HOTTINOUER, 10S0 too*. i^'eb ?} al*[ ! Ira Bursely, fell jTy 6 These substantial, fait sailing, first class ships, nil built in the city of New York, are commanded by mm ol eapeeieuce and ability, and will be dispatched punctually on the 21it of each tnuuth. STheir cabin* aro elegant and eommodioni, and areftirniahed with whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort of passengers. Price of pasaage, $100. Neither the captaina or owaera of theae ahipa will ha reapon ible for any parcels or package* aeut by thain, unleaa regular bill* of ladiug are aigned therefor. For freight or passage appl y to WOODHULLat MINTURNS, 17 South street, New York, or to FIELDEN, BROTHERS It CO., j$l ac Liverpool OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. *m>. M- M- dsfl? TOThSlD LIi^^^^Rcketa ftr;will he^^^^be J- despatched in the followiugorder, excepting that when the sailing day falls on Sunday, the ships will sail on the succeed ingday, viz:? From New York. From Liverpool The CAMBRIDGE, (Juue 1 July 16 ISO tons, 'Oct. 1 Nov. 16 W. C. Barstow.i Feb. 1 Mar. 16 The ENGLAND, (June 16 Aug. 1 750 tons, <Oct. 16 Dec. 1 8. Bartlett, Feb. 16 April 1 fie OXFORD, < July 1 Aug. 16 800 tons, 'Nov. 1 Dec. 16 J. Rathbone, i March 1 April 16 The MONTEZUMA, (July II Sept. 1 1000 tons, .Nov. 16 Jan. 1 A. B. Lowber, l March 16 May 1 The EUROPE, l. Aug. 1 Sept. 16 618 tous, '.Dec. 1 Jan. 16 E. G. Fnrber, < April 1 May 16 The NEW YORK, (new) (Aug. 16 Oct. 1 950 tons, '.Dec. 16 Feb. I T. B. Cropper,i April 16 Jnne 1 The COLUMBUS, (Sept. I Oct. 16 700 tons, < Jan. 1 Feb. 16 G. A. Cole,(May 1 June 16 The YORKSHIRE. I??l (Sent. IS Nov. 1 1050 torn, < Jan. IS Mar. I D. G. Bailey, ( May IS Jaly 1 These ihij>i are not surpassed iu point of elegance or comfort in their cabin accommodation*, or in their fast sailing qualities by any ysssels in the trade. The commanders are well known as men of character and eiperience, and the strictest attention will always be paid to promote the comfort and convenience of piuseugera. Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, w ill be observed as heretofore. The price of passage ontward is sow died at Seventy-Five Dollars, for which ample stores of every desoription will be provided, with the exception of wines ana liquors, which will be furnished by the stewards, if required. Neither th captain or owners of these ships will be responsible for any letters, parcels, or packages sent by them unless regular bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage, apply to GOODHUE It CO, 64 South st. C, H. MARSHALL. 38 Burling slip. N. Y. )??tf and of BAKING. BROTHERS fc CO.. LVool. PASSAGE FROM OREATBR1TA1N AND IRELAND 4 il iv A ^^BY THE BLACKBALL O^OLD LIN^5F" LIVERPOOL PACKETS. (Sailing from Liverpool on the 7tb mid 19th of every month.] Persona wishing to send to the Old Country for their friends Can make the necessary arrangements with the subscribers, and have them com* out in this superior Line of Packets, Sailing from Liverpool punctually on the 7th and 19th of every month. They will also nave a first rate class of American trading ships, ailing every six days, thereby affording weekly communication from that port. One of in* firm (Mr. Jamee D. Roche) is there, to see that they shall be forwarded with care and despatch. Should the partita agreed for not come out, the money will be returned to those who paid it here, without any reduction. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, comprise the following magnificent Ships, vix :? The OXFORD. The NEW YORK. CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS. EUROPE SOUTH AMERICA. ENGLAND. NORTH AMERICA. With snch superior and unequalled arrangements, ths subscribers confidently look forward for a coutinuaace of that support which has been extended to them so many years, for which they are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can at all times obtain Drafts at sight for any amount, drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, also on Messrs. PRESCOTT, GR.OTE, AMES It CO. ... ... Bankers, London, which will be riaid on demand at any of the Banks, or their Branches, in all the princiiwl towns throughout England, Ireland, Scotland aud Wales. ROCHE. BROTHERS It CO. 35 Fulton street New York, next door to the Fultou Bank. N. B.?The Old Lin* of Liverpool Packet* sail from this port for Liverpool on the 1st and 19lh of each month. Parties returning to the old country will find it to their comfort and advantage to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, in preference to snv other. W JUL iBL JBfiL wfifSL jXE&r J&ffr I NEW YORt^RlD Second Liue?The Shipi of tliii line will hercaftev leave New Ycrk oa the lit, and Havre on the 16th of each month, aa followi.vix Fa ox New Yoaa. Fham Havre. New Ship ONEIDA, ( lit March. 16th April. Captain < lit July. 16th Augnit. . JameeKanck. f lit November. 16th Drctaaber. Ship BALTIMORE, I lit April 16th May. Captain < lit Anguit. < 16th September! Edward Funck. f lit December. 16th January. ShipUTICA, l lit May. l! 16th June. Captain < lit September < 16th October. F rederick Hewitt, f lit January. I 16th February. NewihirSt. NICHOLAS (lit June. i! ISth July. Captain < lit October. < 16th Novtmber. J- B. Pell, ( lit February. 16th March. Theaceommodatiom of theae ihipi are aot iurpaiied, combining all that may be required for comfort. The price of ca: bin pannage ii tlOO. Paitengert will be iupplied with every re quiiite with the exception of winei and liuuori. (Joodi intended for theie veiieli will be forwarded by the iub criberi, free from any other than the eipnnira actually incurred on them. For freight or paiiagn. apply to BOYD ItHINCKEN, Agenti, _ je36 ee No. 9 Tontine Bnil<|jpa. cnr. Wall and tVeterit OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. 61 SOUTH STREET. NEW YORK. liiiy U Paiinite can be engaged fromLiverpool by the following ipiendid packet ihipt compriiing the Old Black Ball Liue of Packet* ailing ai nnder. Kram Liverpool. The ihip COLUMBUS, Captain Cole, on the 16th February. The lido YORKSHIRE, (new) Bailey, on the lit March. The iii|i CAMBRIDGE,Capt. Baritow, 16th March. i hp mi) r.AULA^u.vtpnu iJartlett, lit April. The ship OXFORD, Captain Rathbone, 18th April. The fhii> MONTEZUMA, Captain Lowbef, lat May. The hip EUROPE. Captain Futber, I6(h May. The ship NEW YORK, Captain Cropper, lat Jane. In addition to the aboveaupcrior ahipa, the anbacrihrr'a agents will hare a aocceaaion of Aral claaa American ahipa drapatt bed, u euatoraary, from Liverpool, every four or Ave daya throuehout the year, lo the diff-rent ports in the United Stales, by which peasag* can be secured at reduced ratea. Tnoae aendiul for their fr.ends residing in Ureal Britain and Ireland, tnay rely that errry on re will be taken to make passengers aa comfortable aa they can reaaonably expect, and should the passengers not come out, the passage money will be promptly refunded. Dm Its can aa naual be famished. payable at the National and Provincial Baaka of Ireland and branchea; Kiatrri Bank of Scotland and b'aachea; and on Meaara. J. Bait, Bon k Co., Bankers, London; Meaara. J. Barned It Co., Bankera, Liverpool, which am payable throughout England aud Walea. For furtlier particnlara apply (if by letter j^'jiDM AN SI Bonth atreet, near Wa'l atreat. N. B Passage to Liverpool and London can at all timea be engaged by the regular packet ahipa, Bailing far Liverpool every ttve daya, and to London en the lat, lllth and 20th of each mouth on application aa anove. j!2 ec TA ['SCOTT'S GENERAL EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE j?Efh ARRANGEMENTS FfU^Vu. The anbacribera beg to call the attentioa of their frienda and the public generally to their anperinr arrangemanta for bring'at ont paaacngera from, and remitting money to all parta ct Engtard, Ireland, Scotland and Walea. kTHE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETB, COMPRISING THE QUEEN OF THE WEST. 1*1* tona THE SHERIDAN, ion* ton., THE ROCHESTER, 100* tons. THE OARRICK. 1000 tona. THE HOTTINO'UER, 1000 tona. THE KOHCIUH, WOV tona THE LIVERPOOL, 1IM tona. THE 8IDDON8, lOOfl tona. Sailing from Liverpool twica avery month, and THE UNITED LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS, eempoaed ol anperior, firat claaa American packeta, aailinc from Livrrpool four lime* in each month, are the ahipa in which thone whoae iwaaage may baaogaeed with the anbacribera will come ont ia, and it la a well kiWiwn fact the above named packeu are the moat magnificent ahipa afloat, and the frequency ol thair tailing, (beingevery Ave davs) prevents the peaaibility of paaaangera being nnneeeaaarily de'aiited at Liverpool, llegardleaa of expense, in order to meet the wnntaof the public and the wiahea of their frienda, Mr. Wm. Tappacutt, one of the firm, haagone to Liverpool to anpeirintend thedepartnrc for this MainSTtMh Mnai whoae paaaaga may be engaged with the anbacribera, a fact, which to thoae acquainted with Mr. W. T , ia a anfAcient guarantee that they wilf receive ererv attention from him, and be unlckly end romlortably dea pate bed. hbeniti thoae aent for deeliqe coming. tli? paaange money will be prom|>aly refunded, without any deduction?na nanal. Remiltenoee?Tlioae remitting money cau be tnpplied with dratia at aigna, tor any amonnt. pavable free of discount or any ouier ciutrge. in every principal town in England, Ireland, Scotland ana Waive Apply tu ?T latter, poat paid,) to v*. * J. T. TaPBCOTT, 41 Peck alip, New torn?or to V* WM TATSCOTT. Liverpool. xdHN PASSAGE FHOM DUBLIN, CORK. WATKHifflkyOHD. DEKRY, COLKRAlN*, BELFAST, JBaKeNewrr, Droxhvda, fcc ? Peraona wiahing to vend for their Iriend* can bars them brought ont Irom any of the above porta in (lrat claaa American Packet Shi|>a, on the moat reasonable terma. and without their expariencmg auy unnaceaagy detention. Mr. W. Tasweott, one of the Arm, will he ?a the j aiiot to give hia jierional attention U the pameugera engaged by the anbacribera or their a*e?ta here, and p-traoua may rely that fh? wuhm and comfort* of thou# whoa* pnfN&ge may b# engaged by them will have all due ant) proper attention. For particular! apply, ir by TAPSCOTT, at their (Jeneml Paaaage Office, 43 Peek Blip, cor. South etreot, where alia, Drafta may be obtained, for large oramailauma, wyable on demand, without discount or eny Other charge, at the National or Proyineial flanka lof Ireland, or any of their branchea throughout the Kingdom f*3? ro W YC W YORK, TUESDAY MC Anniversary 1 Dinner of tlie Friendly Son* of Mt. Patrick, at the City Hotel, last Evening. Yesterday the Irish citizens celebrated the anniversary of their illustrious patron Saint, with all the accustomed spirit. The English do the honors to their Saint with great dignity?the Scotch with substantial cheer?the Germans with elegance? the Welch with poetry?tne New Knglanders with patriotism?the Knickerbockers with infinite propriety, but the Irish honor the memory of St. Patrick with dignity, substantial cheer, elegance,poetry, patriotism, infinite propriety all combined, and any quantity of wit, humor, sentiment and fun into the bargain. At the City Hotel the dinner [of the "Friendly Sons of St. Patrick" was given. The dining room was decoruted with great taste and effect. At the head of the room was a full length portrait of the Saint, which we were credibly informed by one of I the excellent Vice Presidents, was a most capital likeness, taken shortly after the miracle-working Saint had banished all the "varmint" from the fer vac huh oi me lauinu 01 nin especial lavor. un either side of this portrait were suspended the flaps of the St. George's and St. Andrew's Societies, and around the room the Star Spangled Banner, the Union Jack, and the flag of the State hung in graceful folds. About one hundred gentlemen sat down to dinner. Amongst the guests we noticed the Presidents of the sister benevolent societies, M. Stoughton, the Spanish Consul, Rev. Mr. Iluddart, Judge Inglis, W. V. Wallace, Jno. M'Keon, J.W. Girard, W. F. Brough, W. Lyon Mackenzie, and many other distinguished citizens. The chair was occupied by James Rkyburn, Esq., the President of the Society, who presided with characteristic dignity and tact, and by his genuine Irish humor and energetic manner, contributed greatly to the en joyment of the evening. The dinner was worthy of the reputation of the highly respectable hosts of the City Hotel, Jennings & Wtllard. For the benefit of the antiquarian society of times to come we annex the bill of fare:? First Course.?Soup. Potage * la Julienno, Potage aux Huitres. Fiim. Broiled Fresh Shad, a la maitre d'hotsL Broiled Fresh Trout, caper sauce. Cold Dishes. Boned Turkies, in Jelly. Ornamentod Ham. Boned Chickens, in Jelly. Ornamented Tongue. Oysters Aspic, in Jelly. Chicken Salad. Chicken Uieuade. Saladedo llomard. Dressed Salad. Broilsd Log ot Mutton, Caper Sauce. " Turkey, Oyster Sauce. " Chicken, Celery Sauce. Stewed Terrapiu. Scalloped Oysters. Fstrxes. Filet de Boeuf, pique, gla *< , aux champignons. Salmi de Canard, Canvas back. Tete de Veau, en tortue. Cotelettes de Mouton, panics, aux champignons. Fricandeuu, pique, glace, aux epinards. Vol au veniue fricassee de poulet, Pigeons, saute, aux petits puis. Jarninier de Oibler. Ilognona de Veau, saute, au via do champagne. Poulet au Turbot, a Posilea. Canard hpairtV ail* nnvt?f? Supreme ile Volaille. Timball de Macaroni. roitriue de Veaux, pique, glocr, u la jardiniere. Hors D'iiiiv?i Cuisine. < iitellottea d' Agneau, a la soubice. Hi/ de Veau, pique, glace, d la aauce tomate. Croquette de Volaille. Cervelles do Veau, frit eg. Uuitrea au gratin. IIOHS D'(EUVRE8 D'OFFICE. Ancmois. Haruinki. Corniciioni. Olivli. HOA8T. Sirloin Beef, Larded Turkey, Saddle of Mutton, Saddle ef Venigon, Currant Spring I.amb, Mint Sauca, Jelly Sauoe. Htcomi Govern?GAME. Roast Cuiiras Back Ducks, Roast Wild Turkies. Roust Wild Geese, Roast Red Head Ducks Roast Brandt Ducks, Roast Widgeon Ducks. Third Course?PASTRY. Cranberry Pies, Omelettee Souffli'e a la|Fleur I'eaoh Pies, d'Orange, Jelly Putfs, Charlotte llusse, J Apple Pies, Madeira Jelly, Custards in Cups, Blanc Mange a la Rose, Ornamented Cream Kisses, Almond Blanc Mange, Plumb Pudding, blazing, Rum Jelly, Maraschino Jelly. PARAMIDS. Temple Pyramids, Chinese Temple Ornamented Ornamented Pyramids, Spanish Macaroni, Cocoanut Candy, Jumble Macaroni, Chrystali/ed Candy, Pyramid of Kisses, Kgipteso Basket, Noga Temple. Fourth Course?FRUIT. Apples, Madeira Nuts, Prunes, Oranges, Hickory Nuts, *''8'' Grapes, Almonds, Filberts. Baskets filled with different kinds'ofiFruit. Pyramids of Vanilla Ice Cream. Grace was pronounced l?y the Rev. Mr. Hud dart. After the cloth was removed the PacsiDEXT rose?Be fore offering the first toast, he begged to thanx the Socio ty for the flattering manner in which they had called him IV I'icaiUDUTCi LIIO OUl.lC^ 1UI II11U1111T r y I* 1T. Ill' rVglCl tmi hi* inability ta discharge tho duties uf hi* office lis hi wished. But in Iriih feeling?in a desire to promote thi welfare of hi* fellow-countrymen, both at home am! abroad?he woultl yield to none ? (Cheer*.) It wn now hi* agreeable duty to offer the regular toaatx. All wcr? Iriah toast*. The Steward*, in preparing them, have beer actuated purely by patriotic feeling*.?(Cheer*.) Kverj thing of a political or lectariau nature ha* Wn avoided (Cheer*.) We knew they would be responded to a* Irish men only could respond.?(Cheer* ) He then gave? " The day we celebrate, and all who honor it." Drank with all the honors. Music?8*. Patrick's Day. The next toait was? 2. 8t. Patrick?We revere the memory of him who fir* planted the Banner of tha Cross on the Groen Isle of tin Ocean. (The Coolen.) Mr. Brouoh was here called on for a song, at ith liii usual politeausa, he at ence complied, and song, It \va. my awn native land," with gi cot feeling. It was enthuri astically applauded. Tha third toast was? 3 Ireland?Her history is full of sorrow : her bright i t j..i?e must yet !>e written. (Krin go bragh.) Mr. Ci.ihkmuuh sang "The Meeting of the Waters," i: excellent style. Drunk with all the honors. The next toast was? 4. Tha President of tho United State*. (President' March.) Drank with nine cheer*. An Am?tki;r sang "'My country, my home, the Kmi raid Die." in very beautiful style The President?The next toast call* for your particu lar attention. Irishmen are never backward when lad; i* in the case. (A laugh and cheer*.) But the nex ha* other claims en your attention. He begged to giveDaniel O'Connell- the crowning glory of Irish clo quence son peinoiiam. The next toast *113. Queen Victoria?May all the meaiurea of her reigi conduce to the happinasa of Ireland " Juitice to Ireland' will lie doubly repaid by the loyalty of Irishmen (Got save the Qu*en.) " (lo<l aaee the Queen" wa* then sung, amid chnor end liiaaoa, the former, however predominating. (5. The Repeal of tho t'nlon?The Queen, Lorda tint Common* of Irelnnd. (Oerryowcn) Then came the seventh toaat? 7 The City of New York?Her great public work* *n laatlngmonumenta of her mighty "iiterpriae, and a trie Suarantae of her enduring proaperity. (Star Spangle' anner.) Thn Par.iinr.riT here apologized for the abaence of thi Mayor, aa he done everything elae connected with th' diacharge of hi* dutiea, with great neatneaa an<l propriety He then gave the following toaat Rent by the Mayor? " Ireland?the geniua, enterpriae, and bravery of hei aona, have maintained and defended the right* of man without national diatinction. Juatica and gratitude re quire the world'* moral influence to be extended to rigli her wrong*." Drank with applause. Thn Mayor'* health waa drank with oil the honor*. The I'RaaiDBNT then, after after a .few complimentar) remark*, gave^H. Our Sister Societies?Emulation, without strife (The Angel's Whisper.) Richard Irwin, Esq. returned thank* on behalf of tin St. Andrew* Society. He acknowledged thn hospitality he had alway* experienced at the hand* of that Society It was hi* good fortune in early life to pay many visit* tc the Emerald Isle?to become acquainted with her beauti fulscenery and many of her illuatrious'men?(Cheer*.; He was no stranger then to the character of Ireland. Ht alluded to the beauty of the city of Dublin?her metro |ioli*. Uut he chiefly loved to rememlier her for the capti vating *ocial qualities and unbounded hospitality of hei citizen*?(Cheer*.) He concluded by expressing his ar dent hope, that Ireland would soon be free from aLl the cloud* which have long hung over her prosperity. " The city of Dublin? the ebode of lovely women and brave men?of genius, learning, and hospitality." Drank with graat applause, Conrad U. Kuan, Esq,, President ol the German Society, also responded. He spoke of the honor which belonged to Ireland of having given the light of Christianity to the continent of Europe. The abbey in Ilia own native town had been founded in the year7M by an Irishman ? (Cheers) Ha had been Iin hopes that he was himself da canded from that Irishman?(chaara) ?but ha had found )RK 1 )RNING, MARCH 19, 184' unfortunately that the founder of the abbey won a clergyman, and, therefore, had l*it no issue?(Laughter and cheer* ) Mr K. concluded by giving? ?fc" Ireland?ihe ha* within tuiseli all the element* of happiness, and *bu will tind them in the union ol industry and temperance." Drank with much applause. D. C. Coldkh, Esq. President of the St. David'* Society, replied in hi* usual happy manner. He laid that he hud beau no frequently called ou to reapond on *uch occasion*, that he found tome difficulty in making a reaponie. He thought it beat to take the advice given by a gentleman in the gallery of tho Dublin Theutre to au actor ? The play wa* " Venice 1'reaerred," aud it wu* the la*t oene. Pierre, it would be recollected, alter defying the Senate and Doge, und eveiy body else, seize* the dagger, plunge* it into hi* bosom and die* right otflike a man. ? The actor who personated Jaltier wu* a itout, plethoric man?what is called iu that country? ' a alow coach."? (Laughter.) He went on making a very deliberate deposition of all his " etteota"?his wile to his lather in-law,? hi* character to the Seuate? his debts to his creditors? (laughter)?and what remuined to his friend*. A gentleman in the gallery, quite tired out, shouted to Jatfter, " Uch ! have done with your nonsense?die and be d d to you.' (Koax* of laughter) Krom the opposite side another gentleman called out in reply?"take your time my man." (Resumed laughter.) liut he (Mr. C.) would take the advice of the nrst, and finish at once? (Laughter.) lie bogged to give? " Irish hospitality, alike thecharacteriftiotpfthe palace and the cottage." Drank with great applause. Dr. Manlkv, President of the St. Nicholas Society, also replied in a very eloquent manner. He gave? The charities ot the heart und the purse?One may be misapplied sometimes, the other never?May the happyunion of both, without entanglement with politics, acreed which always characterises the " Friendly Son* ol Ht Patrick." Drank with enthusiasm. Then came the next regular toast? !). The Volunteers of "&i?Protestant in their religion, yet Catholic in their patriotism ; loyal to the crown, yet true to themselves and the people?their lirmuess aud unanimity achieved their country's independence without shedding a drop of blood. Khali Irishmen evercease to revere ineir memory and imitate thuir example I The next toast was? 10. The Memory ol' Emmet, Fitzgerald, and their Associates?Like the immortal Washington, rebels to their king, but patriots to their country. (Oh, breathe not his uaaie) The next reaular toast was? * It. Kducation?The gun ran tee of a People's Virtue, the basis of their Civilisation?May it* blessings be extended to every corner ot our native lund. (F.ducution's March.) An amateur sung, "'/he Maid of Llangollen," in beautiful ityle, which elicited deserved applause. Then came? I'd. Father Matthew?The moral regenerator of Ireland?we will hail hi* ariival to thia country with the aoit heartfelt gratification. (Dear Harp of my couiitry.) Drank in bumper* of ice water, and with nine cheer*. The last regular toast was? 13. The Daughters of Lrin?Their virtue and their churms endear them to the hearts ol their countrymen. (To ladies' eyes u round, boy a) Mr. Dillox first Vice Fresident, after some eloquent remarks, gave? The young men of Ireland?The eyes of the world are upon them -with hope, but without fear. Dudliy Pahmi., Lsq ,second Vice President, was then called on lor u toast. He said that he was not aware, until entering the room, that he wu* to occupy that place.? But the geutleman elected (Charles O'Connor, Ksq.) had declined serving, and thus he (Mr. I*) appeared us one of the Vice Presidents. (Cheers) He would endeavor to discharge its duties with zeal and lidelity, but really if one of these duties was speech making, he hoped they would excuse its performance on that occasion ; for, as he had stated, he uid not know he would be called on, and came quite unprepared to speak. He would giveAmerica? the country to which old Lriii looks with tearful gratitude as the happy home of her exiled children. (Loud cheers.) Dr. J. A. Houston then, after some remarks, gave? The health of W. V. Wallace, Ksq.?they may say what they like of bulls, but he cannot be rowed by any one. (Laughter and enthusiastic applause.) Mr. Wallace returned thank*. He said?Fallow citizens and gentlemen, 1 really cannot find words to express I my feelings at this, to me, ultogether unexpected mark ol your attention and friendly regard*. (Cheers.) Some nine ?ears ago I left my native country with my "min I have wandered?whether roaming across the boundless Pacilic, wending my way to the forests of India, or across the pampas ot Peru?have I forgotten Kiin, the polestar of my affections, and of those of every Irishman.? (Cheers.) The home of love aiid bravery. I cannot at present say a word more. I beg to drink the health of your President and the friendly Hons of St. Patrick. Mr. Wallace then sat down amid loud and warm op plause. The health of Mr. Jne. M'Kenn was then given. He briefly returned thanks, and gave? " The bar of Ireland." The President then gave? " The bar of New York?not distanced ;by the bar of Ireland." (Laughter and cheers.) Mr. Giiiahd was loudly called for, and said?lie had come fully prepared.?(Laughter.) Amongst the Irish he made it a rule never to be taken by surprise.?(Laughter and cheers.) He had at least a dozen briefs, but unfortunately, in all the topics ha had selected he had been anticipated. Ho could, however, at all events, express how deeply he sympathized with them in that patriotic feeling which prompted them thus, three thousand miles oil, to remember with fetment love their own isle of the ocean.?(Cheers.) Ther might suppose that those who had no Irish blood could not participate in those feelings That was a great mistake.? (Cheers ) They sung of Ireland?talked of it?gloried in it?anil he (Mr. O) gloried with them?(Cheers. And he, for one, would put a black mark on that mau who forgot liis native land.?(Cheers) Mr. Girard then pleasantly alluded to the topics introduced by the representatives of the various Societies. He nau m*o nenn anucipaiiiu ity ni? irinnu ur. noumoii, wntn he pronounced u eulogium on one of the moit meritoriou* Irishmen ho (Mr. (J.) ever knew. (Loud cheer*.) lie - wa* delighted that Dr. Houston had brought Mr. Wallace forward, for certainly Mr. Wallace wa* one who never would bring himanll forward. If he had anv fault it wai hia extreme modeity. (Cheera.) They had heard of Old bull and old Time (laughter) but young Wallace would tieatthemall. (Loudcheer*.) Mr. (Jimrd then adminiatered a rebuke to the Irish for not giving Mr. Wallace more liberal and general aupnort. He hoped when next that name wa* before the public for natronagn, the Irishmen of New Vork would not again forget to do their duty. (Loud cheera ) Mr. O. then, after a briet eulogium on the labori of Father Matthew gave? "The repeal of wh.akey and water?Fathe t tbew." Drank with loud applauic. The Secretary of the Society, Mr. T. If. Burney, gavt the health ol Mil* Kdgeworth. (Cheera.) Mr. Dkvkrki * after inme remark*, gave "the health I Thoma* Moore." Drank with great enthu?ia*m. t "The Merchant* of New Vork" wa* then given ami drank, with much applauie. Mr. John D. Vax Bvras, after a mo?t ,cxtrftvaganl < eulogium. gave:? * "DnnielO'Connell and the Cauieof Repeal- -under *ucli a lender and *uch conduct *o good a cause cannot fail." Drank with tremendou* applause. Mr. Clirkhuom then *ang with great iplrit," Molly > Brallagan," which elicited roar* of laughter. Dr. A. C. CasTi.r. gave? a "TheShamroch?the Thiitle?and the Rose- this har moniou* wreath aupercede* the laurel'* lymbolic crowr ?witdom to rule, energy tolperform and valor to compie: and retain " a A Ot'MT gave? "The men of fenitu of Ireland."?(Cheer*.) The PRisinr.nT then appointed a deputation to wait 01 . the repreientative* of the Benevolent Burial Society, ti . convey to the congratulation* of the " Son* of Sain . Patrick." f Several admirable volunleerientiment* wereaflebwardi t given-good (ongi ?ung -witty itorie* told-and the fe* - tivitie* were kept up with the utmoat hilarity, to a lati a hour. Among tin? volunteer toaat*, wore the following:? Mr T. Don.nri.i.v gave? i " lUligion and Politic*?The practice of the formei > teache* man to look to another world for hi* hnppinea* | the itudy of the In'.ter how to make the beat of thi*. Prac tier the Arat, and ittuly thu other, but create nc' Juror, a and disunion by the violent advocacy of either. Mr. N. 8 Donncllv gave? I "Thn Iriah I'olon - The union of mind for the Intellec tul Advancement ol Iriahtaen?the union ol ?rmi for theii political regeneration? tho union of trr'di for tbeir mora I ?nd religion* improvement -and the union of 1 mrt$ (o\ i thoan who n'-ed It. Theae are thn only union* that Ire 1 land'* million* will nerer aeek to repeal." The whole affair went off in Ann aty le The atnwardi a deserve great credit for their arrangement*. Mr. Willarc g must coino in for a full share of eulogium, for the very ef . ficient part he took in contributing to the enjoyment o oil who participated in the feitive scene. The Young Friend* of Ireland* ! "The Young Friends of Ireland" celebrated the t anniversary ?f their Patron Saint, at the Apolli Rooms, 410 Broadway, on last evening; and long will it lie remembered by those numerous friendi ' who flocked together on the occasion Th# "young Mood of Ireland" that assembled at thn celebration (which wan graced by the presence <>i the ladies, who participated in the feativitieg,) displayed much characteristic taste and gallantry in the selection of their fair partners, which was highly creditable and had a moat enlivening etiecf. The " I)aufliters of Erin" were there in all then unadorned loveliness?spreading a softening influence by their preaence upon a scene, which was calculated to awaken the finest sensibilities. Among the group were to be found many a " Kate Keurney," the sparkling artillery of whose bright eyes gave a prophetic warning to the young and gallant son of the Emerald Isle to " Hhun -lunger,and fly." Scattered through the room, among the company, and waving their white kercluets on the announce mcnt of the toasu from the Chair, the ladia* SSSEBSSEBBSBSESBHHSBEHBSSnaS HERA i. contributed much to the hilarity of the evening. In fact, the presence of the fair sex at each of our festive gatherings, may be taken us an evidence of the upproved taste and spirit of the age. The baud played several airs during the dinner. The Society hits been formed but two months, and its members consist of the young and most intelligent clusses of the Irish in this city. The presentation of a magnificent silk banner by the ladies, gave increased interest to the celebration, and altogether a more enthusiastic or spirited demonstration umong Ireland's friends, has not taken place upon any similar occasion in tins city.? Another new feature marked this celebration, the exclusion of urdent beverages of wines aud spirits from the dinner. This too, gave additional character to the meeting, and kept alive tliul spirit of harmony and cordiality winch marked their proceedings throughout. The Apollo rooms were tastefully decorated with appropriate banners , on which were painted the Irish Harp, O'Uonneil and severul of the national emblems. At either side ranged along (lie full length ol the room, were placed a row ol tables which actually groaned beneath the festive cheer that bud been provided. A row ol tables, pluced horizontally, at the top of the room, were also provided witti the most substantial lare. A magnificent bund were placed in the orchestra. At y o'clock the company, consisting ol about three hundred ladies and gentlemen, sal down to dinner, and discussed the merits of the best roast beet uiid turkey, with numerous other appendages, in the shape of the choicest solids. An excellent dessert was subsequently served up, and coflce concluded tins part ol the ceremony. I'uiLii' A. Hoc-it if, Esq., called the meeting to order at ubout 9 o'clock. The guests of the evening were the Kev. John N. Smith, P. 1'. of St. James', Horace Greeley, Eugene . A. Uasst rly and John Augustus Shea. The lollowiug list ol toasts of the Young Friends ol Ireland were then put l'rom the Chair and diunk with applause:? 1. lit. Patrick's Day?Honored for ages. May every return of it And the people of Ireland increasing in virtue, happiness and prosperity. (Air?bt. Patrick's Day .) Ode by Mr. J. A. Siiea. J. The land we live in?May the country tor which we sympathise soon have laws and institutions as enlightened and us tree as those which protect our lights. (Air?Hail Columbia) 3. Ireland?Our father land.?(The green little island) May liberty'I burner triumphantly streaming, Soon ilout o'er thy turrets, green isle of the wave, And the lull moon of freedom resplcndently beaming, Illumine once mure the land ot the brave. 4. The memory of Washington und the 1'utriotn of the Revolution?Their valor and wisdom formed a govern ment which has been u happy home to the exiles ot overy clime. (Dirge) 6. The President of the United States. (Air?Yankee Duodle.) . 6. Daniel O'Connell.?(See the conquering hero.) lie needs no eulogies wreathed around his name; His acts, uluue, immortalize his lame. 7. Kutiier Matthew?Ireland's apostle of tho lUtli century?Ills success in improving the social conditiuu ot his country will stand an enduring monument ot his philanthropy. (Air?The meeting ol the waters ) ?. Oration and the men ot 'dd. (Irish Volunteer ) Oh, for the swords ot former times; Oh,lor the men who bore thein. l>. The Patriots of "JS. (Dirge ) 10. The llepeal of the Union?A nation's demand for justice cannot long be refused. (Air- Oarrj own ) 11. Hierarchy ol Ireland?Honor to them, for all the wealth of the richest nation of the earth could not induce them to sauction the union of church and state. (Air? Uooleen. Pi. ThePress?When well conducted the strongest arm of justice, and the terror of tyrants. (Air?'Tho Star spangled Runner) 13. Woman?Heaven's last and best gilt to man. (AirLadies'eyes around us.) TheCHAiitMAN, on the cloth being removed, said?Ladies und gentlemen, we are assembled here this evening to celebrate the anniversary of the Patron Saint of Ireland, and the first Annual Dinner of the young triends of Irelaud?(Loud cheering ) Some centuries ago, a stranger came to the land ot our fathers ; we are assembled here to-night my triends to do honor to the memory of thul illustrious Saint and Patron ot Ireland in this lund we live in. At this moment, millions of a bravo and putriotic |?.v|,ro o.o ? - , ? O" despotic power ; ami though we live in a strange land, we love Ireland as warmly ami enthusiastically, us il we were at this moment, centered in her bosom. (Loud cheers.) This is at it should be, because it is the home ol our fathers. (Che rs.) The savage leaves his home aud liis resting place, and this is at it should be. There is an instinct in our nature that attaches us to thu birth-cpot iruin which we first drew the breath of existence, and the claims ot Ireland to our sympathies need nothing among such on assembly as 1 see around me?(loud cheering) to urge them upon their consideration. This societ y, ladies ami gentlemen, has been organized tor the purpose ul awakening the sympathies ol every friend of jiopular liberty. (i hears.) We make no distinction as to climate or to creed now. Kvery man can join our society?every iriend of freedom is welcomed to our Htandurd ; and the ladies of New York have done us the honor this evening, by their presence, to testily their approbation of the formation of our society. (Loud cheers ) Their eyes sparkle with delight?their cheeks are tinged with the language ol their hearts?with the deep carnation ol that loveliness for which they are proverbial ; and when they smile upon us, why should we not feel encouraged) (Loud cheering.) When the Republics of Mouth America were struggling for their liberties, America stood out to aid them in the cause ol i freedom?when Greece was struggling lor her rights, we aided them?when i'oland was struggling lor hrr freedom, we extended to her our sympathies, and Ireland was foremost in the struggle loi the liberation ol these respective countries \ but when we look to the history of our own revolution, how numerous were the Irishmen that llocked forward to join us in oui struggles. (Cheers.) Many distiuguised Irishmen signed the Declaration of Independence, and the same spirit of justice that dictated such a course on the part of the Irish people who flocked to our national standard, should actuate us in our sympathies. (Loud cheers) Ireland has been oppressed for agea ? her children have been driven to ruin?their parents have been persecuted foi ages, and the tell spirit of the opptessor has pursued them even at the latest date, when they were dispersed ul the point of the bayonet in petitioning for their grievan ces. I mean at Clontarf. Tim subsequent career of theii oppressors needs no commentary from me ; hut eight mil lions of people cannot long remain in bondage. (Lou< cheers) 1 he cause of temperance too, is working i ' magic change in the minds of the people. Ireland must he u nation, and must have tha privilege of ruling herseli 1 Hoping that day ia not tar distant, 1 trust we shall sooi see her ledecined, regeueiated, aud disenthralled.?(Loud I nkasfs V A very splendid banner wan hero presented on the pari i of tha ladies of New York, which was duly acknowleilgoi] t?y the President. r On proposing the health of the Hierarchy of Ireland, th< Rev. Mr. Smith said he felt it a kind of duty to respond tc the toait. He was the firat priest in New York that ro?i for repeal; he was annulled hy a paper in Caaada; he wai asked what had the Catholic clergy to do With repeal and he told liim to take abliiter of Spanish flies, and tie i round hi* neck, to take the had humor from it? (Im ' menie laughter.) The Catholic clergy hare ever main r taineil their ,high character for love of country, and al way* were the shepherds of the people. The Irish clergj have alwaya Mood high, and K.ngland ha? heen ofiliged t< send over her clergy to get tnem educated in Ireland 1 We tell K.ngland not to touch a hair upon the venerahh 1 head of that excellent and worthy man. Bishop lliggin* t (l.oud cheering ) In theannaliof Iriih history it itfoum there ho* hoen no less than 11,000 people shot dead foi 1 tithes alone, and here is the cause of our agitation for re - peal. Let the government ol K.ngland then convici O'Connell if they dare, and we shall rouse up a spirit fron Klorlda to Maine, that will convince Sir Rotiert Pell tha he ha* made an egregious blunder. The Rev. gentleman after pronouncing a high eulogy on the Catholic clergy r concluded a very excellent speech, which was receive, i with marked enthusiasm. Hoaxer. Oaaai.BV returned thanks for the press. In the course of the evening tho meeting was addressed by Messrs. Lugene and Casserlcy, John A Shea, John Doyle and several other distinguished ft lends of Ireland. In Ions ' and eloquent speeches, which were received wltn the ut J most enthusiasm. Letters were received from (lovernoi ' Seward, lion. J. McKeoh, Thnrlow Weed, and other stir r tinguished friends of Ireland Deputations Irom the "Hibernian benevolent Society" and the "Hibernian burial foHely,'- waltrd on tho meet 1 ing during the evening and partook of the festivities ' after which thsy withdrew. The meeting was addressed with able effect by Mi ' John Augustus Shea, and the company did not scparat until three o'clock this morning, up to which hour tl) ladies continued to cheer the "youag friends of Ireland , by their presence. , VOI.irSTKKR TO AITS, r Ily J. A. Siir.*?" The Declaration of Independence?b 1 which the old system of thinking by Proxy was explodei ? and the People proved capable of thinking for their selves.'' H? P .... ill'J. I m .s >v.i. n Li... 1 in* nrl'jiure thtt (nrnni porter, the nri^fYrZ? ?m!" ?^P ,nir* frien<l "''',u'' jirowe?? ofthe(?*lla?^ n"-i. U'"r ,0 ,h- ,ki" bane ?,! in ? *"*nt Drine, the conrjuaror of the Holi u^^E5,t0Jh" * "? ?"d nndrln* .train* o need Boint ? v H' Tom Mo?"' her l. .romlanta w< Victor of Now Orleans '*1" "tr? ,U'' ,h" ,'rOU' "'jji '-Old of nohle heart*, tv 'Valor. Virtue, Hon* ' /Te'? not a *em adorn. the earth, _ /tut to thy Hon* he Ion*." ' nil. ? R,tI May the warm eatacio* of llil.ei t?en?i?? 1" kto/1l??l into patriotic phran7y while th ring. of Erin'* llarp, tremhlln* beneath th Emm ' 'k' v,r)r"',! :l mournful re.jueuni over the depart* . Uy flroi.,1 I). Dowi.iao, Kerry Ireland "The Dili*] , . (tlK.rin Theii devotion in attachment.their cheerin i Alienee in edveraity, can only ho equalled hy the ardi of their eatrlntiam ?over captivatin* by thair virtue* at , ( accomplishment*, whethar on the mothar, th* aittar, tl L?. Prtee Two Cinli. lover or the friend, their hcurt? follow u* in our pilgrimage, and cheer tie in our ditticultiri. May tha thadowa that cruae the pathway ul the exile never ra?t a transitory gloom upon the brow* ol our fair ami lovely countrywomen." 15y D. 0'Co!?!?oav?Our Aaaociation?"Aaaimilatcd to Ireland, by our Temperance, our Jeatival and our heart* ; may we foiget not in the land ofour adoption the country ol our tilth. And whilat duly appreciating her geuma and power, drive to emulate the effort* of thoie great men, who would make her, what the la 10 eminently entitled to ne?Kiee." h" m - uak'tua. ? u/kon i)ia Yniinir Friendi of Ireland will ho again assembled to celebrate the anniversary of St. Patiick, may the fe?tivitie? of the occasion he heightened by the knowlrdgu ol Ireland being in jiossession ol on Independent Parliament, which by ita wiidom and patriotism, will unite her people; piotect her interest!, and eradicate the evils which now oppress her."' "Here's a peal far our Ladies mid u lepcai for Ireland " By P. H. Lesson?"The Hetr. Dr. Higgiins, Bialiop of Ardagh. Wuut of apace, in consequence of the lateness of the hour at which the meeting broke up, has crowded out several of the volunteer toasts, which w ere received with much applause. wub KOK SALIC.?A niece ol laud communis Irum lie to acres, beautifully lacaled i.ii the Pjttitgii Turnpike 4^|?.Uoud, roininaudiiig an extrusive view iu all directions, il it uear the llackeusaca Itiver, aud in lull v.ew ol Nrwars, overlooking all ti e tuiruuinhm; c> uutry. It is au ndmiratila site lor a geulleuiau's r s.deuce, ben.* live unlet Irum Hulinkeu, al caucus, N. I , lu ihe i.ei?hboih?od of good schrolsand rmnirnt jneachm. Inquire ul WM. J. HADDOCK, No. IIJ Perry street, or of tjie uwuer J. If,. UNDKHHILL, at Sec an cue, or l)r. (iLOV, 2 Ann it. ins Im rc " A RARE CHANCE. ~~ ton sjilk for cjisji. rut: refectory, NO. 50 BuWERY, ADJOINING the The-aire, well lilted up and in cr replete or d<r, w ith every tliiiiK requisite for cssduciiug the business. The ailvit ser wishing to cliauae his busiurss, ol) -rs tlie stiud at - b irtcai u To a gcod tennut the place can be bad at a reasonable rent. A) ply, letwet u the boars of 10 ,,nd 12 o'clock, A. M., uu the prrmi'e*. New York, March 10th, 1811. in BIw*ec ms)3 "l?D rPHK HITB8CRIBKU hereby lulurms his friends and tire 1 public, Unit he lias commenced to bnfe Passover for the eosuiilK holidays, and aie now rrauy lor delivery, Nulvviih-.t.Hiding that he has contracted u ilh the rougregatious Jlnski Clieaid Shari Shimniiin, and lltth Itratl, hes'ill shall leel happy to supply persons btlougiug even to other cutan-gations. Trie majority of the members of the him street congregation having already rent iu their orders the tuisrnber lee Is roufuleul that ibis noble auil independent ex. uipie vv ill ue followed by others, who should be sunilarly situated in irgard lo their owu uougregatiou, who can act iu Oh y please w iihuut being under any restraint. M. 8. COHKN. TK11MB- 'of a superior quality, six to the pound at aix cents: meat sight cents per pound. P. S.? Orders taken lor all kiuds oi Cekea for the approaching holidays, at Ins Bakery, 13 Dcy street, or 69 Uuaue auert. f20 lra?re '1MIK 8UBSCHIBKK. intends keeping for the eusuing l'assover, noa st 96 Catherine strset, where llioae of hie friends, Dial will honor hiin with a caR cm be furnished with the beat quality, at ihe lowest inaiket puces. The Coffee aud Spices ground, if required, aud aeut to auy part of the city Iree of expense. The above Groceries will be ready for aale on Tuesday, March 12, 1811. Orders received at 72 -nd 96 uatherjre str;et. m7 2w*rrc L. M. rill'1 KUBAN DTO COUNTRY MERCHANTS. DM PKY8KK 8c CO. (lately removed Irom the corner of W illiam aud John, to No. 60 John street,) offer for sale ou liberal terms, wholesale and retail, the following ai ucirs, received by recent arrivals ? I Berlin best Zephyr Wonted?the most complete assortment iu this country. , .. Canvass, for Kmbroidery, of cotton, silk und worsted, in all widths. n.,l._ u ...I.P..,- . ,.f tl.. >n.,'.r?r end nrVMl lies. ciiiuion; Kmbroidariea, bniaheu and commencrd. on velvet, ilk, wonted and cotlou, worked m the moat lutein! Parinan style. Tassels lor Hair Dresses, of (old, direr,and ailk and tinselled; Bracelets, i.oinba, ilair 1'iua, and a lain* ranety of oilier beautiful Paria Kancy Articles. Puree Oroairieuta?Steel, gilt and silver Beada; Bugle's Turaa Twist, plain and ihaded" in (tiers and apoola, Kinuroider y and Bower Chenille, ol ailk and metal and silk. Alao, Kringes, Oirnpa and Cord and T.taenia, imported and of their own manufcture, of gold, ailver, ailk, kc. all colore and widths 0T7* Branch Store a 1369 Broadway. (formerly 417 Broadway ) f7 tmeo. m THE CORRESPONDENCE BETWLEN BURNS AND CLAR1NDA. I'lIB whole of tile inyaienona and aeciet urmpoodenre whirh Uiok place betwaen the Pi?l Bt aai and the celeina ted CUriuda, Mn McLchosk, in 17H7 to ''Ji, and which h.,a been (ought for in vain by Cuuningliam a id oUiria, lui the purpose of publication, haa at length, by til- deceaar of 1 larpud.i, falleu luto tne lianda of her graudton, IV. S. Mcl-elioae, h'.aq. aud ia now lirat gieeu l? the world. The America! editiou Uino, voiumfl of about 30U pages cloth, gill?la issued and for sale ny K. P. UlXBV k CO. in 15 |m*ec No. 3 Park Ilow, ftplHiaile the Aator Houae THE PEACOCK, NEW DINING ROOMS, IfOS. 15 SOUTH WILL LAM AND 55 STONE ST S While kroute, near uclinornco'a. lianurrr Square and Coentiea' Slip. THK8K New and elegant Rooms will be opened THIS I)AV, with a '1 able a'H ore, from 12 M. till 4 P. M. Price liied 25 re.'ta. The tinner will cunaiat, daily, of Soul*. Fish, Soiled and 1 to eel Joiula, Poultry, Ciame, Pastry, Pudding*., Kraita, kc , kc. Merahanu and othera are iuvit'd to male trial of thia rcouotnical and convenient m ida of dining. in 11 Iwiam KAeSuTi LUC1NA CORDIAL, OR, ELIXIR OF LOVE. DOR theapeedy and certain cure of female irregularitiea, im P potency, barrenness, fluor albua, iuctpn-nt < ousaiurtu.n, conatutional debility, whether the reaull of imprudence, ill ueaa or accident. The aenaalioo produced by thia wonderful medical diacovarry in Paria, haa be?u nearly equalled by ita introduction into America, Numeroiia teat'inouiala have been received from ihoae whoae couatllution wu a mere wreck, but whu hava been invigorated by this incoiupsrabie Cordial. Othera who had turned their health by iheir owu lolly or eitravagauce.bave toaud in thia cordial tha meaoa uf restoration. aire'all other medical aid had been used in vain. The hitherto childleaa lirende haa elten breu rendered happy, and the luiirin, il.e impotent and the detnliialej have again raulted in the elaalicity ana rigor of bygone days. Tl e ageut ol one of the interior villages of New York tie tea a case, in which by tl e me of two botllea of Lucina 4 ordial, a couple, after four yean nf bitter diaappoumeut, were ru ihlrd to rejoice oser the realization of the fondest he|>ea of a married life. The agent for tlie city of A., New York, aold a bottle to a gentleman who hid been afflicted with a disease of til- utrthra lor eleven \ eara. In n lew divide relutuio and laid lien.d derived fur mure benefit front tne one bottle than fri'in medical treatment for rlevra years. He iromrdi ?iely bought 111 Inntln i more. Ouripace forbids us lo name the many reset to which | wt arc at liberty to relrr. The oniveranl ftiitictiop winch ' Itia inestimable Klitir list given. not a aingle complaint baring been made, ia not one of the lenat pruofa of ila unrivalled r ricelleoce. Price (3 per bottle. I bold at 92 Naaaan at. New York; 90 North Sixth arreer, Philadelphia , .Smith 4. Kowle, 131 Waaliioglon atrret, Huston 1 feI7 1 m er WHO WOULD UK WITHOUT TEETH, when l?e '* following unprecrilenteJ redoctioii in dentiitry la made by the erleorateil Dentist, W THOKNK, D. 1). C2 East ' Uroadw.i 3 Cleaning Treth, $1 00 b itracting. 26 | Stopping with his justly olebratiri Mineral 70 Sir gin Troth on Pi rot, 76 " " " hilver, 2 10 1 " " " (void. 3 art > 'A comrle'e eet of Teeth, on the moat appriierd p-ini irles, at ? the sani* price as the above I N II ? Where entile 'Olfaction la not given, no charge will i l.emioe; MCantBrondway. Bf ! * , t I P.CARlHil.l.'" t)tl> ESTABLISHED ME111< A i ED " VAPOIl BATHSarewell known tea be e?? mull, necessary at this season of ihe ye.?r, wheu ihe system r?t|uires an an? ihary to tnrow off (fie cuticle aocninulated during w luter, which liy reinninirg on thesurfecnnf the skin,producer cuuie. f ont diseases, col da, ihenmitiam, scarlet fever, he. '1 hey am > in opeoition at 27 ConrUaudt itieet, froia a o'clock in tha [Portin g till 9 o'c'ock at night, Sulphur Batha r quire one v hour'i notice Portable Vapor Ilaiba and Hi,h ug T -ba annt ta ?T part of thn city nr lmnklyi mri2i?fe i TO THE AMKRK'AN I.AlllKS AND r GENTLEMEN. AKRENCII GENTLEMAN, twenty-lire yrara old, bar illir been leverat ye->rs Teacher ia a College of Paris, would I lw htppv to It slow every day aome hours in giving private lett ?oi,n iu the French Language during hia sojourn in this city. If you wiah to learn rapidly this beautiful and n?oea>aiy ' b.ngu-ge, and to hava the beat Pariaian accent, you mint write i? the following dirretiou and yon will ehtatn eractl/ what I yon.dcire. MR X. O. UK CALMONTIEB, mil Ins're 91 Reads WW 1 tRnnJUVAVMiMMf inu IPmJ Mli nilE? iJP'JV/V/lror tnn cure of (Joviorthoea, (lleeti, tfnctncee and . inalagont complaln'i of thn organ of generation. Of all rented lea >r t. difhovered for the above comi faints, thte is the no?t earUtn. P It makes a speedy ud fennanent eur?, wuhont it"* least restriction to Ctiti", etpo?tire, or chirps in aprhoaiion to bo*in*ss. We give no long inscVuh recommendation* to deceive the pn?|lc. If tli*pi'ii' in' <t'?r? nut !* k for no one shall - for ft. U'ir oMrct is > notify eher* ft ran ' ? hail, and ti e proprietor challenges .1 ?iu? I-ia?e of i-eeur Unaorrhaw to he brought in wmch the MM'nre will not effect i rapid cr:e under aforfeitnre of f i0# Thia it a diinMllMI unfo'funeCly p*rv-dea all ranks of ro ? ai*tr?High,' h auil poor, tri'rim?niil and *iofte Thar e am here pr-i*n'c<f wi'h a remedy bjr which they ran cnra them" calves, nithnnf die least evpocnrv in the shortcut time possible, h'nrther, ih* du*"W ranoot be eoarraepd if a "lose of the Mi*lure is Uken at night nn going to bed when sipoted. It is pat up in bo.'la* with full directions nceompanyiac it, at tl s twit le. On* I ottl* IsiUs wash, wbirh ganernlly cans y ?inioy are enreil in twodayi I Kor s*le only st Wm M. Milnor'a, 142 llriadway, corner of Johnf., offisit* Krankltu flocse. New Vurfc; J. Junes corner ol < haaunt am) rt'tsuih streets. Philadelphia, end at J. V. Psiilh'a, Ilk Washington street, nbston ml ,sn*rr I'ARR'S F.IPK PILL*. : A H THK WINTF.R 18 KNDINO, sad 8IRINO COM' rV INO, ihis popular medicine should be taken hy every one 1 raining 'heir lies tta. No mat'er how sssll yoa miy fesl, the * chnuge of season im|ieratiTely detncndc s demising of thesys1 Inn?and heiug without merrnry, are peculiarly ea'eultied for f li-mg taken with safety at this changeful period. The propriaf tors beg to state to Spanish Portuguese, Herman end Kreneh p, Mouses, that this popular Medicine is put up with wrspprri aod directions n each of those languages? accompanied with a 1 n*st llook (wilh engrsvingt) of th- Life and Times ml OLD 1 ?-I >S ISAaa/ ISC hmi hsa lass .en a anb ? ^ WVW? |1 I VB ? ?? ? ? ? ^ jtcl of curious speculation 10 those wKo hare wished "for Imith ^*># Many medical rwn and ihoie ? .juuiit^d wiih Pnvaiology, hnee deduced .from the history of Thorns Parr, that in* uar ol 4 lUibil Mrdirm**, and mgnUnty of life, ar* cht predisponnii causes which led to the "number of ht? davs " A* Cos r- 0P'n??" ? corroborated by an ninct Irom IW "Last W i | ? lament, such deduction I? reduced to a certains?. The e uoacnre i, having bv purchase become pwi>notn#sof *[ 5^},, Medicine. row offer it a* a r slush c remedy to to# puhhr. (I Tr.e tmndreda of unsolicited testimonials ol ita r/flcacy in ihei' l*>sftet?ion. warrant tlieir soliciting tny < ne who m?;y suppose (j. Parr's LifePilln to he one ?m<>iig?t 'he m ?ny <iuacli nostrums offered to the public to convince thema Ires by a call at their of * flee. or npon any of their At*ou in Mew York?amongst whom id lh*v n,,mb" ,h* P,'"j'/TuP^T/iTb KRT8 V CO . i? mllia'm "t < ProKiw.y, uriUin

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