Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 21, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 21, 1844 Page 3
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interests in thi? country do not require protection, if they will make available every political move, touching our connexion with foreign countries The Texas market is at present supplied with large quantities of British manufactures. Annex that market to ours, and their w ants will be supplied with domestic articles. Exports of domestic goods from Boston for the week ending the 10th inst: ? To East Indies 100 bales " West Indies S " " Honduras 30 " " Smyrna 300 1 " Valparaiso 631 " " ltio Urande 100 " Total 106!) " Kxports from Now York from the 1st to the 20th in?t, a re only 149 bales. A lew days since a bill was introduced into the Legislature of this State, to alter the Free Banking Law, so as to make it legal for the Comptroller to issue notes and receive United States stock as security. The immediate passage of the law was urged, os the Comptroller had received fifty thousand dollars of this stork, with fitly thousand of New York State stock, and issued bills for the full amount. The amendment passed rends as follows ! Chap. 41.?An Act to amend the act passed April 18, 1838, untitled " An act to authorize the business of Banking." passed March 16, lb44 The people of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows ^ 1 The Comptroller is hereby authorised to receive and hold all stocks of the Unitwd States, already deposited in his office, as security for circulating notes issued, or that may be issued, to any banking association, or individual hanker, on the security of sunl stocks, iu the same manner and with like effect, as if they were stocks of this state. This act shall take cfTect immediately. Old Nfoek Bxehange, $16000 (7 9 5's. 1811 101 200 Ksr Trust Co. 37% SOIIO N Y Slate i's,'68 101% 185 do 38 10000 Ohise'r, '60 b lid 91 200 Canton Co 3:1)4 30000 do b30d 91 21 do blOd 31)4 11000 do 91V 10 do 32% 11000 do 94% 260 Moluwk Hit 55 SOI'O do 96% 100 do blOd 55 390(10 do 95 25 Aub lit Koch Hit 102% 10000 do 2d May 05 25 do 102% .'.000 do 3<id 96 U 0 Harlem HH 66b. 12011# Ohio 7's ton 200 do blOd 50% 18000 Kentucky 6's 100% 150 do 66% 450(10 do 100% 400 do 56 100 0 do l>60d 100% 250 do h201 56 % 5009 do fc6l)d 101 50 do bJO'l 56% 10110 Tmnessre 5's 81% 50 do s60d 55 70 0 111 9p>cUl fids 39% 50 do 55% 5000 do b30d 40 20 Sron r?'on RR 35% 6000 da 10 50 P-tersonRR 78 2oo . Iud Unl Bit 36 650 Norwich h Wor RR 31 4000 do 36% 50 do s30d 31 31100 III C.nal Bds blind 42 100 L Island RR 72% 10 sb. Bk of Com, full 97% 200 do 72% 161 N Am Trust 13% 125 do 72% 275 do 14 50 do i30d 72 100 KarTrust Co b30d 36% 50 do b60d *3 ion do 18% 25 do b30ds 71% 625 do 37% 100 do b60d 72% Second Board. $6000 OhinO's bl 95% 100 Harlem b30 58 500(1 do s3 91% 100 do 58 |70 Harlem b3 57% 50 *7or lit Wor RR l?30 36 25 Ca"ton s30 33 100 Farmer's Loan 38% 20 <10 33 5000 Ohio 6'a 95% 50 Farmer's 38% 1000 Illinois b30 40 < 50 do 38% flew Stock Kichango. $1000 U S 5's, 1853 101 5000 Penn. 5's, s60 65 5000 do bin 101 50 Farmer's Loan 37% soon Ohie 6's, '60 s!5 94% 50 do 37% 10009 do 91 75 Virkstmrg 8 5lirn do S3 95* 5 Mnn?wk i!)0 1,000 do 9.5)4 ' 1(1 M?ich Ex Co II* loan" do blO 95)2 10 do b90 12 1000 do ' 10da 95)4 .10 Norwich St Wor 31)4 10110 Km'y b'i, 30 yn >3 100 50 do >3 34)4 1000 do 160 50 do >3 35 1001 do b30 100)4 90 do 8di 35)4 5000 do b30 101 25 do 36 2000 Illinois s3 39 25 do >3 35)4 5000 do 39 25 do (10 35 1000 do 3914 125 L Island, 13 71* 2000 do 39)4 79 do b3 7I* 2000 do 3914 25 do s3 7I?? 1000 do s3 39)4 200 Harlem 56)? 1000 Indiana 3.5)4 50 do 56 3000 do 35)4 50 do 5t* 1000 do <2w 35)4 100 do nw 56)4 8lute of Trade. Ashes.?We notice sales oi about 60 bbls Tots at $4 60, and about 45 bbls 1'eurU at $5. Beeswax?Prime yellow is iu lair demand, at 30}a30}c, lor export. Cottoix ?The market to day has been quiet,sales under 1000 boles. Buyers and sellers are waiting the news from Europe. We hear of occasional lots being sold at a trifle lower than the quotation of Saturday last. Krkiohts are dull; J'l is asked, hut lower rates have been accepted for square to Liverpool. Flour axd Graix.?No change since yesterday. All kinds are firm. Hay?Consumers expect a full supply down the river in a few days, and refuse te purchase ut the going prices. We quote North river bale at 48aftoc. Oiu.?There has been a few sales in this market; the terms of these of whale oil have not transpired. Lately the receipts of oil into this country have been large. Last v eek 54MM bbls sper m oil. 6,bOO hbls whale oil, ami 66 000 lbs of bone was imported. In the same time 1.735 bbls crude sperm wen; sold at New Bedford at 90 cents; also, 1,100 bbls wliale at 35} cents. Whisk ev.?Drudge casks arc in very moderate demand at t3tc. Prison barrels are still held at 24}a25c, with small sales as wanted by the trade. Dial Estate.?The following sales were made at auc. tio?:? lloiine and 1H lots of land frmting on 120th and > 121st streets and Harlem river, with wharf, die. f,S,C00 7.5 acres oflaud in the town of Hyde Park. On the premises a double two story house, barn, stable, carriage house, Sec. the 5,000 Premises No 95 Lewis st. Lot 19 feet front and rear, by 100 feet deep 2,050 Lot No 96 Henry street, 96 by 100 feet 4,300 " 98 " ' 3650 " 147 East Broadway, 35 by 100 feet 3,400 " 206 Walker St., House 19} by 39 feet. Lot 18} by 60 leet 2,475 Died, On the 19th, E^lkx Murray, aged 16 years and 9 months. On Saturday morning, March 16, Hei.p.x Joibphixe, laughter of the late Eldred Polhamus, aged 10 years and 8 day s, alter an illness of two months. Alas ! too soon death's arrow sped, My Helen's numbered with the dead; Sad feelings at the thought arise, Thou lov'd inhabitant of the skies. Daughter ! I'll pray that I so live. That my past error, Ood may forgive; /inn nini iii ufttiii i juiu mutt mem, Angela are. PMwngeri Arrived. II avana?B?rque Hnalco?'Wm B >dine and Mr Gilmn'tin. Poretyn Importations. Havana?Barqne HuaIco?111 h*a angar 33 baga coffee 15,0 0 aegira Stnrre.t Ic la min-IB baa auitar M Taylor- 371 tin 80 ham coffee 8 T Nicoll ?iflfl Win i'v i r* J Mn'Wm 3c co?25,(100 Oil A Wetmore?20.100 LillieSt Itaiaina Ne.rvn aa?Biig Brothera?53 hhda mnlaasea 87 tc? honey 8S tuns fnalir 8 ca a> gar, 71 radar 18 do mahogany 400 lull* palm leaf Br?'f & v....?30 c? aagani J B Laaila?33 do J Malhewa 8t cr??"9 hlcS mnla<*.? Holt Ik Own. Matamia??H in llyl a?280 hhda 32 bla 7 ica molaaaea F O Thiintiiu?20 080 oranges Mi liar, I'eariall k co?2 boiei mda? to order Matamzaa?Brig Hylaa?280 hhila 32 hbla 7 tea molaaaf F G Th'iraton?20 000 orang's Millar, Pear'all St co. MArAOiir*?Sehr Norway?Ii8 hhda 28 tea augar 39 hhda a molaaies n laop It ('haancv 4H atama?8chr James Francia?103 hhda 9 bbla augar 30 hda E Diiuscomb _ Oomcitlc Importation* Mobilf?Ship Wm Badger?177 balea cotton Bnrritt, John aon St co?'04 do A Coit 8c co?414 Holbrook, Nrlaon St coIOH U cart St Kneeland?44 (J (lowland. New Oateaaa-Brig Francia P Beck?427 hhda auger I Olden?35 bilea cotton Howen. Leea St co. Cham ksto* Bri| George?21 halaa md?a G It 0 Lathrop? 2(0 do cotton K A Graves?95 cits rire O Bulkier?2 ca tnde I F. Keltey?4 K T Colard It co?1 bhd I bhl J Bacon?2 boxes Wilm-r nig, Huhkco?13 cka rice Wilaiiislt Hawlry?10 loea cedar C II Howton?3 hhla B 8 Hogeis?I do J Pack?25 lial-ac ttou 8 Bronaon ?15 bbla Millar, Pan >ns k |<*"?I ca J Na*"?na?i bo* Gala, Wood St Hnthea?I caaa Griffin St Pet nam?3ll bilea cotton to order. iv/i a nrrmiD uun a T I\ 1UA1V1 li;U?i n?iIVAJjL?. Mr.lllng IJ?x? of th? 8t??m Ship*. flflM UVEReoOL. FROM anchor. I aledonia, Lott. Mar. i . April I Ac una, Hhan on Apr. 4 May I Jliernia, Hyrie Aprl, 10 May 't> <? Western, Matthews Apr. 27 May 23 ?i llriMni tlv.ken May 2.1 I nil" 20 Foreign Letter Bua. Hereafter, Letter sud Newapatier Baca Tor all parta of the World, will he huiW up at tlir Ilk a si n Office. Notion to Pilot* anil Captain* of Veaael*. All Pilota and Captains of marls are r> <i orated to note the fart I hat Robert 8. Martin, formally our ship news collector, snot now in our emptor. He it not, therrfe e. to receive any nrwap per. or rernrts intended for the >ew York Herald. thlp Master* and Agent* ' >' ah aieem it a favor, if ' aptaina of Vessels will gi?e K t'omioodore Komvrt Sii.vey. of our News Heel, a ll?port of the Shipping l?n at the Port, whence they sailed, th Vassets Hpnheq on their Paasace, a List of their Cargo, am guy e'oreigu Newspapers or News tliey may have He will board them immediately on their arrival, Agents and Cor respondents, at home or abroad, will also confer a lavor hi sending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence the* cat obtain. Nsntieal Information of any kind will belhangfmlly feestved OF NEW VOHK.MAHCH *41 nuts 3 I moor rises 10 0.1 SUR SETS 12 | Minn WATER 10 37 'ilSRTSa Hhips I lotting ner, Bn nley, Liverpool, Woodhull It Mintnm; \.< umvillf. Hunt. New Orle*n*. K. K Cr?li.?. n. ? *._ it ? providence, V'n.nti, Mnbi'e, fie-ce Si Bullockf* WMhmi'!,"" Kriiger, Hamburg. Scluiii t St Balchei?Brig. Sunn, Lake Mv'entua Hatlona, 0??r*i?n? MeLallan. N,-w (Meant, Nrunith St Wal-h; AI<-?iph, Mc'lintock. Brao(tyviinf, iloj I'tfoliofi 8hff?ooo( tharlnton, Ihi'iham St Dinmii?Oehra Wm Merry, .{ f #'?. Portland, Badger St Peek; Ann Morrn, loiiev, Nr*.jtv..'*. 't Mi?rh?||; Hope, Merrick, (Philadelphia, (?,? ' MeLreatly St (jo? Hloop Lady Kniwiok, Ward, New H? .u /< ft? iTMl, Mlip Willi .in B ulger, I* tiny* from Mobile, with cotton to Winter B irqne Ilmlm, I I irlt. S2 daya from Havana, with tugar and mol osi'i to Stttrbi'H St ' T o H h.n ex- rirnred continued hpi'l wi dn .ifd galea on the pane e. 17th iu?t jr> unlet K. of Hatrerat. inV nerere ga e Irom HK. loit deck load ot orange* 100,000 "K 10 < ropiey St Oiltnarhn, and had Iter Meek ?wept of everV thing?move her bulwatltt, booby ha'ch, Sir. Hug liro'her, Mayhew 10 ihyt from Nenvitaa, with mil/." to Bret St Vo?r Left Mir eh 10th, Dnmaran, BUucbaril ditg; fUrtb, Nicholton, log fr-t London, Brig Hv'ai.t Kuatis, 10 day* from M stanzas, with molasses to T O Thurston Brig fc'rancis j? Brrk, Hrsekrole, of Thorn ston, 10 davs from N-w Orleans, ?ii>i sugar to Nesuiith It Walsh Vh iusi lat 21 30. Inn 87, saw Kdinburg. Cro ker. of Thomastou. hence for \Orleans 8th iest, lat 21, 21, Ion 81, saw Warsaw, Hatha way, heuce for NOrl-am. Hr g Oeorge, Hull, J d-ys from I harlrstou, with cotton to (? Hockley . . U H Revenue Cotter Ewing. f'nm a cruise?Saw a foil rig ged lirig ashore on tile Upper Mi 'die Beech. She had un |iil> t on boird ?t th* time Sent the pilot noal New York to h-r at i-tai'Ce. and supposes the will be got off at high water if uot bilged. The br g it cottonloided?supposed to be a Savannah Hchr Boundary, McMnnagle, 12 days from Turks 'alaud, with sait to master?100 bushe s salt to Suu'e, Whitney St to.? Left no Am vessels in port Left Peru, ( Br) for B it imore in I da vs. ncni -<?i>ii'niricii, ill <i?y? irom >i ran/if, Willi molass s ioT(m hurston Sailed In co witk |3uphroui.i. FeUiilain, for Beaton VVitrU laft before reporte i Schr James Francis, Paire, 10 days Irnm Gutnin.v with molasses to master?103 lilids 5 bl? sugar 30 hh>U inol is?es to K Dunscomb Slcl in ro wi'h Viuceunes, Smith, and Rebecca C hither, John ton, for NYork. Schr J 11 Uojuh<it, Wamble, fm Virginia, w:th ttavnt, to th* master. Vetterdsy niornmit passed Virginian, about (25 le t of her mast ttickiug out of the wstir, within half a milt from the beach Stlir Kichauge, Bcaiton, from, with shingles, to th? matter. Schr Mary Jaue, Blake, from Suffolk, with shinglesi Below Two brigs?Wind freth from S K A great many outward bouud testeli put back no accouut of the wrathtr. Herald Marine Correspondence Tai.caHUANISa. Dec in. 1813. Report of American tetsels that liarearrived at and departed from I'alcahuai lis since the 30th Juue this ye>r, and nf vessels heard fr in : ? Sept 4, arr O <1 Raymond, of Stnni-g'on, from China, with specie and eandal wood, left Sept 7; 18th, <> C Uavmoml do, fm Valparaiso. sat'al wood, Sept 22; 22d, ar Archer, N Bedford, itil{ mot, I IS" rp, sailed on a cruise I let 4; Oct 14, J lin Adam Mantueket, 21 mo?, 400 sr>, d >; Phenii. do, 40 num. 2'IOn sp, do; Dec 2, ir King ton, Nant 41^, 1110 tn 291 wli will tail iu a few ds for U. Messenger N Bedford. 4 mot, e'ein, to'tailona cruise in a day or rwo; 5'h, Nantucket NLoi don, 4 mot; .10 to 610 wh, tailed on her voyage Dec 9ih; Dec 13th arr Henry, of Nititucket, 1600 bills tp 10 wh; Mill, George Washington, of Wereham, 1700. Vessels report'd spoken by Kingston?Nov 3. Milo, of Vew Bedfnid, lisp, I whale alongside, in lat 42. 30, Ion 78; I9'l>, Rambler. Nanrucket, 120 sp lat 42 30, Ion 76; 21st. Cabinet. Stonington, 900 wh, lat 42. 30, 'on 76; 27lh, Fugle, Kairhareu, 1 r w. 1st 42, 30. Ion 76 Reported spoken by thin Nantaiker. June 20, Pladium, Ne s London, 60 ds, e'ean; lov 5,4jharle- Phelps, Stonioston 14 dt, 2200 Wli; Dee 6. J V9 e'ls, Newark. 27 ds, 1900 wh; I lth, Cerese, New London, II ds, 700 wh; l'th, Empire, Nantucket, 3 ds 100; 20th, C-hinet, Stonington, 7 ds, 7?fl; ''era'd, do 5 dt. cl'an: I eard from Caudace, do, II dr, 700 wh;all on the coegt of Chili. OrricK or the Rhode: Isi.aisdeh,) Newport, March 18, 1844. \ March 1.9? Arr, Highlander, Mavb'rry, from Cardenas, 29th ult. of and for Providence. Left, Brighton, Cnminingt. of and fm Boston, just arr. for Havana, soon; Gen. Green, big for N York; Mentor. Paner, and Pattern Star. Denniton, loading for Newport; Malaga Moison. for NYork, do; Patriot, Smith, for Charleston. do; David Coffin, of and for NBedford, to sail Mr Spoke. 13th off Long Island, han|ue , , last fm Sandwich Islands, of slid for Smharhor. with 2,100 bMs (100 sp) oil, and 40 000 lbs bone-had been 24 days N of Halteras, and was short of provisions?tu plied her. and was in company with her 2 da; 14th, off Block Island, llogan, fin Cardenas, of and for Portland. Vandal er, (of Pro?p>ct) Pendleton, from Cardenas, ith test, for Boston Sailed <n co with Brighton, fnmminga, for Havana; Caroline. Jw'don, for Boston; Gen Marion. Sylvester, for Baltimore; Hellespont, for N"w Vork Left Anhy Baker, Pratt, for Boston, soon; Ca?ilda, Ooodetl, for do. lew ds; Treinont.Wo dside, foe Charleston, do; Samuel, Talbot, of and for Portland, nex- day: Napoleon for Bot'on, do; Mentor Barter and Kast rn Star, Denuisou, for Newport, soon; and others before reported. Reavard. lanvrin. from Norfolk for Newburyport ; Mary, Crane. Kail River for NwYork; Susannah, Pnllen, Providence fordo; Delphi, Cook, (m Ranpahnnnock for Boston; Pilgrim. Dodge, aud Marietta, Nnrrit, NYork lor do; Senate, irom New Lo> don; Jnttice. Sleeper, fm Thomatten for NVork Olinthns. (of Ostine.) Hanson, 30 '? fin Bonaire f-r Boston, No vessels at Bonaire when the O left. This day, 9 A M, between Seconnet Point and Gay Head, saw llogan, fm Cardenas for Portland, standing for the Vinevard Sound Also arr, Mouifor, Cuinimngs from N York for Fall River; Charles Brown, Providence for NYork. March 17.?Arr, Lucinda (of Mvchias.) Whittimore, II d? finGeorgviown.SC, for Fairhaven, with loss of topsail and topgall nt sail; Wm Thompson Stewart, from Fall Kiver for Baltimore S tiled, Vandalier, Olinthns, Pilgrim, Drlphia, and Marietta all for Bnalnii miscellaneous. Packet Ship Hottinouer, Bur.ley, Tor Liverpool, will sail this day, and the Heudrick Hudson, Moore, for London, on Saturday. Bhh: Gleaner,'of Ml Desert) Katon, from Rottei'am via Ramsitate, (where she pat in wit1' loss rf two anchors. be ) Tor B don with a valuable cargo of Kin. spies madder, be moat of which willi the vess'l is insured in Boston, was hoarded on the 22d ult, 1st 28, Ion 68, abandoned and water logged, ha hrpn stripped of sai's. running rigging, aud cabin furniture. There was a report in Boston hat the c ew were taken off and carried to St Thomas There is insur nee in Boston to the amount of 15000 divided bet ?een two > flices on vess?t, and $2600 on the fiw'gh' mo-ey Tl ereia a'so insurance them on the cargo at different offices, to the amount of 12 o $lV0fl<i; probably considerable amourt at Proviu i c?. and about $6000 i" Holland ? A nottomrv bond for about $2000, for repairs at Ramsgate, is iusurrd iu Holland or Koglaud. Whultmen New BEtipoRD, March 18 ?Arr Martha Hammond, N Writ Oast, Sandwich Islands, Oct8, with 1050hbl"ipm, 1250do wh "il Sp-ke Jan 10, 1 t 33 10 S, Inn 3517 W. South arolina, St'wart N B, 17 months out, full, hound to B 'hii for watrr. Arr Liverpool. Wilcr.K, New \nrk via Tarpaulin Cove, 450 tons, purchased by Wilco* & Richmond, for $12,000 to fit for whaling. Also arr Iloscoe llourae, St Helena. At Johanna, in June, Marcella, Kllis, NB,550 s|>. Off St Paul, in Nov, St George, Thomas, do, 5 whales. Ipaktn. Madxon, of Warren, Me. 10 d< fm NOrleans for Phihd, Mar 13 lai 20 4ii. Ion 70. 35?by Brothers at thisport. Vonrpelier. Stackpole. 9 days hence fur NOrlepna, 5th inst, lat 21 56, Ion 87?by Francis P Beck, at tins port Nahant. fm NOrleans for Bostou, 9th inst, lat 21, 17, Ion 79 30?by same. Amity, of Duibury hound N< rth,|9th inst, lat 26, Ion 79 30? by * < me Soph onia, Fountain, from Mavaguez for Bcston Feb 28, ltt 21, 56, Inn 66. 32-by Norway at this port. William. Craw'ord. 7 da heii'e f r Jamaica, March 11, lat 26 31, Ion 70? by James Faaucis at this port. Foreign Porta At'* Oaves, about 1st inst.?Iu port, Topaz, Mabee,far New York, Id; Ilurd Goodwin, do do. Gt avama. March 4?In por', Don Juan Sandfnrd. Nllavm, nnc; I'antliea Nichols, do, Ida; Rival, Juett, N Vo.k. 7 dsy s; .Kolus. Ilslsey, nnc; Venus do; Harriet, I'ete, for NYork, 7 days, an I others l> lore reported Has ana, March 2?In port, Marv Smith, Lew.s fgt or chtr; Sartelle, Taylor, do; i.alileo, Lombard, do; Huntress, Griffin, do; Natchez, Snow, do; Veinon, Bithee, do; Baliic, Spe-r, disg; Louisa, Ul.inchard, wig fgt; Wolgi. 8 ap'e?. do; Cambrian, Howe, Boston, so.?n; Olga, Thasrrr, Ids; M'sson r.idicott, ilisg; Autoleon, Howes, one; Forester, Wteattand, lisg; 6.i,os 1'itten, Thompson, Igt or chtr; Bohemia "Nasao", Hi it;Tihcr, Snow do; Cherokee, Cash ng; Ik' or chtr; Wa nnn, Daniet, ao; joon rennmn. weiong, oo: i>enevs. hue, do: VVinir g-inre, Lowell, do; Climou, Vlanton. do; Ritiney, Thomas do: Atqueoet, Mother, *rr 2bh 35 ds, fm Bordeaux; Flore c?. Decker, f'gt or chtr; M mnalt Srrnaue, Pierc , I do; York. vorrill, co; Hudro, C.'trk, N Yoik, Idg. Baring, Br. fher?, Crocker, fee or chtr; Hntnhu if, Lxrebee, disg; Merlin, Goo hoe, arr I t. 13 day*, front Curacoa; Bayonnais, Hi fins, "no: Glocester, Head, disg; Vic?orv. F.lwel, fgt or chtr; 'Inrles Thomas. Osgood, disg; Havana. GiLatrick, do; Cons Thomas, Osrpou, do; Hel'en, Chas*. do: A'h* rt, Pedrick. fgt or chtr; rfeti'ietta, Richardson, di?g; Kc^o, Messer, VVilmii gton; Puerto Hieo, Cott i'l disg: Susan Jane, cfanwood, do; Poland. La ton, do ; Prince de Join vide, Gardner. Ma ri'l, cletred; Swiss Bov, discharging; Princeton, Hotgihtoa, nae i Harriet, Woodbury, disg; ucorcian, Davis, Marie); Esses. Ray net, freight or charter; Uacts, Roach, ttae; Cyrns, I Iniaiii one; Catt tliooclv e Whltteo, ttoc, C checo, McCr.Hi*. Boston, Ids; M ?ry. Hsncok, do. Schrg. Adeline, Linscott. Port of Rosario next week; Zephvr. Roby, Charleston Sunday; Cape Cod. Nicker on, Apahchicola, next week; Ruben Pom fin, Tomlin, diig; Ann A Parker Brufhfmnj, ?rr 2ls\ 9 days fm Ssrannah; leaner, Jones N Vley. Snnday; Franklin G cen, Wyilie. rlisg; Virginia Antoinette, Drlvatll*. Lamreachy. ?ooij; olnnnet. Bar'le, nnc; Kii hmond, S-avey, rr g; Rodelph, Pendleton, Charleston, eld; F A Brown, Wes'krook. dodo. In port. March R h, Adelaide, Adams. >f NYork, <li*c; Volga. Staples, for do, soon; Cambrian, for Boston, 10th: Gigs, baiter, for ('owe*, d ; Arab. Crosby, arr out in 15 d? fm Bost n; Lo'isa, G?l'aghe . from Phi lad. arr on the 7th : naiih ?w. Sampson, unc; Amos Pst?*n, Thompson, do; Ralpn, Cross.for NYork. |dg; Victor* fordo, soon; Patrid e, for Boston. Idg; Zebra, for do do; T Street from NOrleans. arr on the6lh; Hazard, Drink water fm Pr vidence, HI inst arr in 12 days: pilot boat J M Waterbury, Thompson, of New York, from Mobile, juit arr. Matahzas, March 9 ? In port, Burmah. Ford, unc: Florence. Leach. do; HmDon, Buckman d ?; Marv Franc's Thomas do; Dnxbury, Olidd ngs, for St Pet< rshurg. Idg; Averon lord n. fm and for NYork, Idg; Henry Newell, Drtimmond, for Trieste do; Aitica, McLellan. unc; Kliza Talbott do; Qqibndmi, Pet ten, do; Rothschild Ltwry. dot , B#s?* "hamp. do: Ark, Johnson, do; Cordelia Crockett, f?r Portland, do; Dante. Sto idard, disc; F.merald, Francsville, do; New England Granger dot Pinaneier, Sargent, d1; Franklin. Patten. f?r Bith reiriy; - Truman, for Boston, 'Orb; Gulielma, M <yn, unc; Gazelle. Glover, for Boston, sooni John H Stevens. Hal', for NYork. Idr: lUI y.diac from Curacoa; M llinnket, Thompson. unsold; Pia'o, Walker, lor Boston.Idg; Phriii*, Prince, for Phi'ad, >*m? day. I'en.acola, Kilbor, for Bo. ton. do;'Triumph. Sheppird, do; Ventro.a. Da*ie, do d ; Wilde. P Walker, rdf-coo h, iliac; Agawam Trnndy, f >r N York, nnc; Klizi, Warren, for Boston. Idg. Th- Pearl, t ha.e, forNVork; Agues, Hunt, do, and Cyrus, Woodsule, do, all ail'd tlir ml. II.i.IP.a, M<rch 12? Arr Lucy. Roger., Aletanilria; Matilda. Spat-. Philadelphia. St /oust, NK. Jsn!??Arr Mere try, Dean, NOrlean.; 8 h, Ja. Stewa-t. L-ird, N Vork. St John, Ml, Varrh 11?A'r I'a'las, Krederirk.burg. M.isili A. Not 8?Arr Pe tel Woodbury, Sydney, NSW. Xarzihar, Dec 15?In to t, Klizi, Walli., of Salem, unc; Stir, Brown,do d?; Hattler, Lambert, do do, flam* Port* Frankfort, March ii?Sid. Giztlle Stiihba, Baltimore; Hojie^Ar.y^ NYork ; Brilliant, French, Philadelphia; Patriot, aFroeillaw, .inriOIK PnotitccToir, March P ?Arr, Natnahong, Young; Cham pion Nicker.on. and Abetract Quinn Bnalon; J Cnrvay Sit'o, Young, Wm T Kii'8,1 rowrll ?nd James. do, for N-w V oik and 1 ninn, Paine, do for Norfolk anil all remar.ed in port pre ill I'th A Iso in port ( Prussian) Naiade, liavmg got off VV. oil Knil without damage, for NYork lirat u ind; schn Wander?', and North with all ihe c?rro of cotton. See aavril from w >ck ol brig Cumberland. of Pnr'land, (fin Mobile lor Portlaud. be fore reported) for I'oitlind fitat wind PiilTl.tan March I ?Art, Waahingfnn. Barge t, I'ardenaa 16th arr, President, Leightoo.' berry field for NYork; Te?a?, I'llahorv, Thon aalon f r do; Minerva, Kid idg-, Krai.kfi rt for Cheaipe ke. No e'earaner Nothing railed. WindKtoNE. Rainy. SaLRM, March II?Bid.Cpvlon, Romp; Kmera'd, llodgil n. Phi lad; kaiitirl.l, Burr, NYork. 16.h?Cld, Uomp, Lander, i ave me lloi.Mr.a lloi.r:, March 111 ?Arr. Bengal, Jackaon. fm Indian flcean, via Ht lle'ena, with 1850 hhla ap oil, of and for Sahm; B enda, Ward. Zai r.ihir via do for do; Auitin Perknia, Alia Cavea for Boston; (Minibus, Hanaon. Bonaire fordo; Marietta. NYork fordo March I3ih?Arr, Alpine Krench, I'm M. tin z.a for Boaton; l(th, Harriett Fuller. Bailey, Mari"l fordo; lioxtiia. llenileraon. Baltimore for do; and remain 15th, with ) Ca ket. Kmjore. Hnaan, and Joaeplnne Boston March 19?Arr Cr.trnia, Wilaon, llio Janeiro; Voltaire. Bradbury, Baranmh. via Kdgart* ?n, where the hia been ailnreanil repaired; Alpine Krenrh. Matanz a; Rotana. Hrnile'aon, Baltim re?telegraphed Turk, Phi'adrIphia; Napoleon, .lord ni. Cardenaa; Pilin. Rider,(Philadelphia?aignal for a ahip, a baripie and a brig?helow. Mobile,rv NOr eana; 11 uin a, (Savannah; K.mpire. [of Batli.J Dunning. Clenfuegoa, via Hol"e?' IL Ie. Nonantum Kit g, MOrleana. aalmre on the Lowir Mid,11,?aid, K.lard, [Bre] Ra chen, Bremen, via Providence Ri; Medora, Lunt, Vlalanzaa; Rua-ell, Lamphar, do; McLrllan, Orr, Hvana; K li/.a Leland, Pendleton ('ardenaa; .Minerva, t innings. Mid am; Marcia. Ilarwatd; do; Mom', Howes, Philadelphia; Oak, Ryder, do; Med lio n, to r, Beaufort, N C; Inn Bacon Alexandria; Albany. U con. Albany; A Mirih II. Johnaon. NYork?18th, Arr lauc Newtun, Mpanldiog, NOrleana; Olive branch, Haie.'orn. Baaaarah; Lawrence, Mayo, Baltimore; Ca-k't; Wilaan, Pott an Princ. ; Vatiialicr, Pendleton, ( ardenaa; Joaephine. Rohnia n, hiclmond; Hariet Kalhr, Bail-y, Mari-I?Oovernor' Vronard Baltimore, v>a "alem -antoal for I b npie n-d I l.rig?ebb Ringer. Milliarn, Mo ile; Aijoaelon. >*m th do; A'drrnian, Kill y, Wil'ington NC; \Vm Put. Baker, I'll ladelplua; ?'artlu Bacon, Norfolk, I tu p ...? II!... I?... L I tea /? . n Raltimon PoKTiMoitrii Muili II? 1' Hudii 'li SrATfy, PhiUd'lphi\ Mtti. am Km< mM, Wilfii. N< rfolk Oi.ot (urr.ii, March 14?MI>1 Shcrrr, udwrtral unra,bound ouih. i Uovk, \1 wcli Hi ?Arr, Plym .uth, Goodhue, fm Ullfnoi Ayn for Bnnrnn. I" AI M(II i n, March 17.?Arr, Hobmnok, .InnM, Pi' llicOcoiU, vi i I mr|i?n I in (air*' I'Koiiuinrc, Mirrli II?SI'J /ruubm, Hrmiogtoii, Htrm Mb, ITtn, iI'd Augutts, Niektnoa, Biitimo c. I8il\, High I I I wrier, May berry, Cardenas; JnlU Nennrtt, Mobil*; ComDLWiCf,,? o ? vannab; Almira, M'Lonri, Haii|Mli.?nuock, Pnebe 1) brriith, Hai>pahmin< ck, Lewis Hpietr. Moll, Rapp haunorji: T yrall (Lbbt, {Ultimo r, Queer). Ho*land. do; w L? di. Kndicuit, l'hiU<i fcmu oui, 8n.aH, NVork; ? ?i i?>-miry, ,x lorn; irooi uiui, jjiyueuours, i? hours fin N York Winn:*, March 18?Arr, Frances, lug'aham. Malm/as, 2d nut: Irft Hudiou, from Un-tou, nit U': Uuiuuebang, fmrn N York. do; spoke 14th, oIT Montaug. Arbella, I'm IS f! ciim' r r 8ur Harbor, iiill, cirw in a stale of mutiny, out of pruvi?>?n?, -( lifd tliein. and rut a maie on b<> rd in pilot her in; 17th, fe.u??i,e, friun NW Coul ror New Bedfo d?i asie. ger. 0iu el Pe?h"U. Lie supercargo <>f brig Augu<te, ol' Union, lie f i * repo ted Inst an Ciu/. -'el I'a lire, Phii.aiii i Mill. M-itcli 20?Art Prngy. tirire, NewUrleant Old. Win Penii. Taylor. Bo?ton; IihIhiii. Ariants NewYwk; Thomas II. Benton, Meeker, Bo; Republican, Sharp, Memark. NJ Kichmhhi, Mareh 18?Slil, Tus'arora. ^nnck VY ?k. cll shi.vston, Mar 16 ? (.'Id Ernest k I iuilav. [ Drni] For 'er, Norili ul Europe. Sid, Me'rliaul, keau, Wett Indies: I" A Brown. Wolbrnok, M.iiana liili?Sid, ' nh rue, [Br] Baird, Liverpool; Jupiter, Ca'ter, Boiton; :irr, Laura, [Sw] A^otaoin, NYork. Sav.awan. Mar 14?Arr Mary Caroline, [Br] Brewer, Loodun, lit'i?i^ld Leander, Phelaii, Live pool; Miry I arobue, Brewer, St Johns, ,\B; Maziinbiuuc, Bet's Ht Andrew*, MB; Alexander Kdmnuda, Sironir, St Johns, NB; Carlos, M uran, Provideuee; New J rsey, Browu, NYork, sld Juliu Muim, Watt, Liverpool. Jacksonville, K K, March 8?Virginia. Willy, is loading w th lumber Tor New Yo k, to sail in ten diss. Also, Halcyon, Satiersou, it loading at the Bar lor the Weal Indi's WANTED. DY A YOUNG MAN FltOM THE COUNTHY-A LJ situation in a wholesale or retail Grocery or Provision 4tor#. Best of city relereiicea given Apply at No. 228 Millberry at. g|l :u*m rI,O ? HENCH V1EN?Waut'd to purchase, a gooj PonblT Barrelled Fr-n- h "un.with carve f stock and srcln d f-rm-d cocks. Please addr'ss G U. N., at this office,ila'ing 'lie piicand describing the Gun. in Olt'ec TMIE BIT BSCRI BEll is n w pr pared to sell W ATt7H rT* and JKWRI KY of all kinds at the loweat possin'e pries, viz:?Gold and Silver Levers and i.epinai. Anchors, fitc , ke., a-d also a verv fine aasortinent of Jewelry, cunsi ting of Gold Chains, Pencils, Bracelets, Puis, dec., kc , which he is deierinii.rd to s ill lower than any other hone in th.- city JOHN MvERS 80 hat am street. N B.?Don't forget the number? 30 Chatham street, mr'l lm*m SPLENDID CASSIMERES, VESTING*, &e. Pit SHIP ARO >, aae hav? received two c??rs in w nnd rich Goods, for Spring and Summer Wear, comprising Cassimeres, Veatiiigs, H illings, Its. In style -ml c' aracier ih-v ?re superior to any goods we have had to offer WM. T. Je.NNIN(JS k Co., 231 Brna'way, m2l lwia*rc American Ho'el, opposite the Founta-n MUNICIPAL REFORM. rrilKDEMlM RATIC REPUBLICAN ELECTORS of ' ilie Ciry and Conn yof New York, are requested to m- etar Tammany Hall.nn Fridty Eve ling, 22J instant at 7>* o'clock for ihe purpose of Discnsaing the subject of a Reform in our Ciry Government Several dis'ingnished Speakers have been invited, who will add-eas (he Meeting By ord r of the Committee of Arr?n t'tnent*. m2l 2t?rc THIRD WARD AMERICAN REPUBLICAN ASSOCIATION. ALL PERSONS B,iendly to the American Republic-it V Cause are requested to meet at onr Head (Quarters, No. 214 Greenwich street, at 5K o'clock Thia Afterroon The object of the Aire ing it to form a Procession, and go in a body to waalliMtiw Hair, To Respond to the Nomination of J AM-SHARPER K.*q, us our Candidate for Mat/or. F7" Every American ia i ziiected t" be at h's poat By otder S SAM.MO.n8, President, A n. ATKINSON, ) Secretaries J AM ES WOOD, s 8ecr,Urle*M r h 21st, 1841. m21 lt*rc A CARD " NEW YORK OPERA HOUSE. IjMTFll ASIA BOROHESE'.a BENEFIT.-E. Borghese J would reanectfully inf >rm the patrons of the Opera, and the public ge'erellv. tk>? MONDAY the 24th usrant has been set aparr for he BENEFI T, when she will have ihe honor of appearing before a New York audience for the last lime, this season The hi'l will heunuiually at tractive,including A BALLET. Pav Rulers h'reaft?r, Seata may be secured at the. Opera House, on and after Thursday neat, 21 at instmt. 8-ason subscribers will please give notice on Wednesday Evening mxc 20th instant whether they v ill retain their seats. no20 OLYMPIC THEATRE. MISS TAYLOR mo't reipectfnilv iuf-rmi her friends md the public, tint her BENEFI T will take place nu KKIUAY EVENING, 22d mttai.t. Box Bo k now o|i-n. m20 3t**c NOTICE 18 HEREBY GIVEN that he p mer.hip eiistinit between the underaut eil and Jonn Crowley, in the Argus printing and johbuiK establishment, and b?twe?n the undi rsigned and lo' n Crawley and Heurv John Cot way, in tht pr ntins and pnblshinir of tne Argus new-pt|wr, cirri- d on at No. 7 Catharine street, have been dissolved by inu tu il content Paled New York /annarv 2, ISO ink I 3t* NORMAN nOOK MRS. N. SCHELTEMA fSmels) haa recceived |>er lat? arrivals from Paris, a new and choice amort cot rf Millinery. cmi'iatiuir of Straw H>.t?, some trimtned in Pa'it ; alto a new style oi Mantil'aa, Hca'fs and Shawla aome te y beautiful <|ualily, of Foulard and o b-r Silk, f-r Dresiei ; alto, a large aatortment of Paria Embroideries,! Th-etd Lace, 8tc. Ike. All of which will be opened moat positively on Thursday, 21st iust. m2l 3lis*rc TERRAPIN-L.UNCII, Comer of Ann street and Broadway, HAS recently been completely refitted and refurnished accor<11nk to modern irnprnvriii-nti. audit now under the tncI ce-sful muiagemfiiL of Mej.ri STKI.LK 8t KORM A.N ? I The proprietors ask the old pstrons of this well known lisbment, who ha?e not recently visited ;t, ti drop in, and hey wil' find all tint the marke* ntfords, and every luvu'yof the season The lnjuon in the bar are *e|*?ct-*d from the b'lt brand* importH into this ciiv. and they chill-nip* anv establish-m* 11 in New York to eic*-l them i?- ?In? part of th*ir erraraeme tt The price* are also suited to the times and nenon Private parlors fur dinner or supper parties always tin readiness, and enter tiinment for any number will he prepared at short notice Afresh lot of the fluent nnd fittest terrapins ever seen in th:s mirket. have bfen r ceived, and can he served up a* a'l h ?urn to those fond of t'-*i* d licious diet at this season of the year, ihey brief now in their print. rn*l I we GENTLEMEN'S LEFT" OFF WAIIDIiOlDv THE HIOHE8T Plt-CES cin he obtained by gentlemen or 1 fanai ie? who are desirous of converting ikeir left oft wearing apt-arel into cash. To families an i gent'einen quitting the city, or changing rosi<1 nee having auv sup. rft-ious effect, to dispose of. will find it much io their advantage t > trial fur the subscriber, who wil, attend thein at their residence by appoiii'tneni J LKVEN8TYN, 46fi Rroadway, ?n stairs. A line tlirouitli the Po t Office, or otherwise, will receive pr mptattention. m2i im*'c ft' KAK PORK.?2110 brlaC'ea' and Extra Clear Pork, for V^.aleby E K COLLINS Ik CO , in3l .*>tr Mi Hmifh afreet. TO DKFGGIHTS AND PATENT MEDICINE VENDERS. C 111 C U L A 11. NEW Y'>RK, March, 1144. THOMAS ROBERTS kf'tl of 301 Roadway. Dragy-at. I and proprietors of ih* popular rmdiciie kno n nvTvr's L f? Pill?, take hav?to inform the Druggist and dealers in Parent Medicines of New V ng'and tint tney have this d?v appointed Messrs. SMITH kP'dWLK, Druggists, of I ?8 YVasli n 't n jw t, Boston their toll and fxelmiri afenti or tha sale of Parr's Life Pills in thesix New Kngltud S ates for ? defin ie term of years. Thomas Huberts St f'o. h?ve to regret ?hat during the course of a chancery suit, instituted to protect tnemselve* f om the fraudulent intentions of a former agent, rnany sub-egents and oth-rs ta dis'ance were disappointed by ih* ir orders not ircrivmg proj er attention ?thin situated. Tho nas Roberts St t o. were indebted to Mr. F. Brown. f>nugist of Bo ton. for acting for then i e idi-g ill* deci?i u ? f the said suit which being settled in their f ivor hy the Acting ('hinc*Hor? rhe/aie now *bl* to place ?be Agency of thnr eitmisive business in New Rugl in I in per ma< ent bands. The >eir?ct ihiLty and burinees character of Messrs Smith Ik Kowleare guarantees that ?ut> agents .mil he trade generally. Ail' hare their orders and other bui.n-si p ornptly aft*"-de to All accounts formerly due to George Roberts, of 900 Turnout stre-r, but transferred to us by tk e its e cf 'h chancery suit, wll be r?ceiv d b M's r? Smith lie Kowle, on our a? cirfiat, as also those made bv Mr. Jolmstoue, our .Travelling i Agent during November and Dee^mber I t?f, j im21 Irnrc TlIOH ROBKKTSJcCO 104 Broadway TO THO>K WITHOUT CHILDREN?A PHOCRKATIVE ELIXIR CORDIAL. rPHK greatest discovery in medical scene? is tint of M. M. ! * DnonilttI,of Pub? 11 ?* has entirely exploded the g*nerahy received opinion of the e xis:snre of men raid- sterility o I barr uness, (except indeed in cases of malformation, which are ClttunH) mr ) The invamhle uH U? vernal success ol Ins ' Klixir Gordial, in every ii,stance, of producing that site of li?*?lth which roil U in the wife bfcoming hlrssed as a inothi", I * ho for y-ars pined in childless loneliness, has fully estab ishI ed th* fact, that wn&t is usually termed barre neis is curable by the use of lha Procrcatito Hmr Cordial It is liCdUblt | iii sen aritl weak' ess, flUOF albm. debility. IBCOUtin*ll00t ami the various train of complaints arising from excess, illness, or inii>tiid?iic* 'ts great and invariable success is its recomme ] dation 'J lie t ime of this wonderful K ixir Cardial is well estohli hod. A sal# of more than flftr Chouaaiia bottles and pick* ges is sufficient evidence of its excellence a d the euirna iou in winch it i< held. It is pleasant and agreeable to the taste Th* nude signed is the only authorised agent for this country Price $2 a bottle. Kor th * convenience cf ih ?ee r siding ou* of the city, the in* gr*dir?'its composing t^e Klixir C ?rdi I ar put up in packages lortr nsioiision by mail with full direction for pieparii g i Price of package $5, makmg three bott'e?. All I tiers must b" postp id, ..uddir cted to I>r K. .Vlr.LVKAU, I? ? 2<. N \>rk city. mil 'in DfcW *m Mfice 127 I.hmty *t MKDICAL AID. nH. 'JRKUOBY may l?- e?i aulted ny t'ay or hour, at hia private ictiiliaer, II barclat atreei 1 hoae ?e king the nil! of an rx|w ien(?I and skilful |h,iiriin, ahoulJ call as inti Dr. O. is the Author of the honk called 'In* " Rubicon"?it treat! of private dis'aiea md illitmri md varioua other au>>je la <?f a delirete a'ld peculiar nature, who li eanunt heenutne rated in t n public Printf. Th? fourth edition, con ai inn en K a logs i? rwwrridy?priie SOe mn Id b tli author; -Do th Druggists, it 71 and 30 niton ?trr<-i. Mi William street, 61 and IB# How?<y, 77 Kaat B out war, D6 l)rla,.cy street and both cnrnxri ( hsmb'r? ilrrt and Broadway, in2l Ii*ec FKMALi: PHYSICIAN. MADAM la CROIX educated i the Medical Faculty, in B-rli'.xnd gra'uita Midlife?e ptisee the ladiea of v? Vork and f. m?l?! ge e al'y, that ?h? cin he consulted W|tli the trietrat confidence at h?-r reaidenre on all c.a>ea incident to h?r I Mid mi l. hevinfr had long experience in the moat celebrated hoapitala in kurope?(fer ' an V i i pa tieular?would reape. tfully i"licit the pitronag- of females lib rriug underubatrucii ii irrecn arity, inp reaai n a?f steppage, ac. Madam Li Droit would inform ladiea that ?he officiates peraonilly in all ta ea. II r ino 'e?f treatment la found. on the in'iat acien till princip I, an aa to rri|Uire but a fe ? daya to effect a per'ect

cure. Single and married ladiea may rely with con fid mce on her ptofraiional ahilitiea aa fern |e phyaician ; however distr'saing may he their coinp aiuU, In r rnedi al ac (oiremeiita will he found adeipia to ihe imeucy of the caae. In ahort ahrgrounds ihla notice to the laoiea on the result of a III r ugh medical education, and a juat reliance no the appointed meana of iml<a ting health, vigor, cherrtiilneaa and 11 n>ei|uently happineaa to all tliote who may hou r her with their c iiihdence. N U Residente of Madam La Crois, 79 Verick alreet, near Canal, w her'aha n prepared 'o accommodate ladiea no the point of confla*merit, ami to admi ii?t-r medicines for ?ll ilia-ases to which her tea are liable. All communication! and let'era mual be poat paid. m21 tin*in MADAME LA CROIX FEM ILE MONTHLY IMLLS. rPHKSK PILLS, which h*v? wfqniml Mich Wfll ih*ir?rvfri 1 cphhritv throughout Kuro}?, l'o? th*ir ccrti?i t in nrmlu ring the monthly turn*, ?r* now rc?'ectfiilly submitted to the I m lea of Am*rir*M*n rfTeftml in All fMiei where ilv "I?r?tn> in ol ||?H| I" ire n?|in1rd Horn r u??* tvlatevir. Ijiidi** in Ilr iraif -nil pr?n<rn in In- ?l?, who mimr* ll ? ?) * of i iitirv mil rflrctiip ri*mMlir?, wnu.d do ?-!! to profit)' ih^irni'lvrt with thorn inritln**>!? I'i l?, ? lh? rumhin tiou of iiwdirntt of whi h t'l'y eompnvd r?>>-r thorn th- mmt nirml-u. yn offo notn ?i>?cific ry*t dn ovorod for hr r> mn ml of obitinnto ciiri of 'omtlfl irr'Kul<riiy, nipprfKion, #tr Pfire tl |?r Hot, with foil sad | vttctilw direction* for tln-ir u?e. N. H ?Th??? Pill* mii'f no' be i t'lirin* prvfniinev. ?? (In1 ir" mr? in pm'tic mi?iMirinr if uifd during tin'. |>rrind. T? in* o'ltiimd of Mudimi* Ui f'rou, ! > in ?l? Pin leisii. 79 V*rick itnet, tteirCuntil mill Iro'm THE BARD OK POOR JACK." THE MIRROR LIBRARY. No. XIII., WILL BF. PUBLISHED TO-MORROW, (PRICE lJl CENTS) THE SONGS AND BALLADS or CHARLES J) IB DEN, (TH HARD OK POOR JACK.") SONGS IN D U)l) IN' S STYLE, BY OlMEK authors. CONTENTS. Poor J ac h Lo?f M? Evermore, Tlir (Joed "hip,the K itty, 11 mn'y in Tatters, The Jolly Young Wtt-rtnau, Constancy, Eaiewell anil itctu.n, J ick C"un* Home, Poor Tom. *ancy, Tl e Rosy Crew, Natnicand Nancy, The S'anal to Engage, Ann a. Ami', Nan, Nance, or lack Ratlm, Naucy, Yo H ?vc, Ho! Brother Jack. Wheu tut Irom th? Hiram, Th? Maura of the Brave, L ftf'a Troubled Sea, S.i'or'a Journal, The Hra-t of aTar, The Nancy, Each Builtt has its Commit- Ben Block, ttnn, The Canary-Bird, Swertheirts and Witcs, Th? LaJv's Diary, The Soldiei's O'aee, Rational Vanity, Httnrda" Night, Karli his own Pilot, BounyKate.r MooringsBen Backktiy, Tie Las'Sh'llinR, Litt'e Ben, The Ktimliug Toast, The Si i'ot't Maaim, The ?>riHin of Naval Artillery The Anchor Apeak, A I's Well The oldier't ?i.i"U, The C.?bin Boy. Tlit* Soldier, Diet, N?v-I Promotion, The Tar for ill Weathers, Who'll'Se'v? ! Hatmy Jerry. The Bayo' Hiscay O Tack null 'lack Black-Eyed Susan, Pruv Hearted Sailor, Suctl to your Guns. Grieving'* a Foly, Our Country i> ?ur Ship, B'eik am the M"rn Loose every Sail In iheBieeze, Poor "hipwreckaJ Tar, W*ppiu< Old Stairs, Tom Tackle, Huriah for the Bet. velyMr'u, The Storm, Tom Howling, Oil Charles Dihd n't Monu' rue Courage, mental Oreeuwic.a. Farging the Attclior, All the numbers of thin beautiful "Library" insy be hid on <|>l>'icatlon to the publishers To pe's ins residing ?t a distance they w.II be le it by mail Single numbers 12 it >. nts doubh number*21 cents, or ten co|ne? lor $' Agent* supplied on liberal terms. For tale, Wholesale ami retail, of MORRIS U WILLIS, m2l 2t>c New .Mirror Qd ce, I Ann street ADVERTISING ON T H E C OVER O F godey's lady's hook. THE IM VI KM Shi 1 IKCULA'I'ION of Oodrv'. Lsrly's Book making it a most desirable vehicle lor advertising, sod having breu frvi|iiently (solicit, d to receive adverli-suirirt of a li eraiy ch irncter. they will in future be published on the cover of ill t work alS2jper p g<, and at th?t rati for a port on ol a page-the proprietor rese viug to hiatell the right to reject advertisements of su h works at may uot be suitable for llts publication ou the cover of the Lady's Book Address. L A. OODKY. m2l 2lis*ec Philadelphia. MTO LET?The whole or part of ill" neat and pleataut ly situated two story attic brick dwelling House, No. II Kidge street, rep-ete with every convenience. The t'roto . water. Iront and rear, gra|te vines ill the yaid with a large arbor There it elso a co-seivatory m the rear, and likewise au >ce h< u?e on the premises The liouie will be 1 -t 'ilher tn ne family, ora rartto a small family. Apply at IT Ridge n ..r No :ib Burling Slip tn2l3t*rc (tlant asparagus roots. apngg 20 000 two yea's old, of the Hue Giant As| argils Knots, MMrni'.rd ou Long Island be one of (he inoil esperimced as Asparagus growers that famishes Kulton Mark't. They are very st org roots, and will bear cutting neat year Price 3 cents i?er 100, or $6 s 1000 EARLY SOVEREIGN POTATOES?The earliest and beat quality of early potato known, very productive, end ready for the table in June. The original seed w s impo ted (mm Engl nd bae years since, at 1/ Is per busk I. Price $1 |k i bushel and should be planted cert week. They will be found a iery superior varieti . MYATT'S VICTORIA RHUBARB?The best flavor ed I'ard est, largest and I neit scarlet olored of >II esculent Rhubarbs. Wete im|iorteil at 3/ per dozen. Are now ottered at 10 ceuts ti'r root, or S'i per dozen, large, strong, desirable roots. This is tli'Rhubarb that unacted so much atteuliou when ezliibited at the uieetiuga cf the Farmers' Cluli last sum I U TUIIUUHIISI I. C,i iu2i lw'in o John meet. MILLINERY GOODS. A. H. COLLIS, NO. 84 JOHN STREET, T9 NOW OPENING a frp.h nssoitinrnt of Millinarv Goods 1 just received bv lure arrivals Irom Havrr, comprising? 1 wo rues sp.eudid Parn Artificial Flowers. New Stiles o. Bonnet Silk* New Sn lei of Ribbons, various stylet; feicludiiig four caaei lainl il lb i4ay from the Amu. Tbe atteuiioii of Milliners ia requested. New York, 2*tti March, iBtl. Di'-W lwi%*ec " A CMIMIC 11 WTTHOUT A BISHOP." REV. SAMUEL H. COX, I) D., of Brooklyn, wll deliver the < oucludiut' Lecture of the lingular Couite of the New Vork Lyceum, lu ths Broadway Tabernacle, ou Krrday Ere ui i; n- it, March 2 !d, at half-past 7 o'c tick J Subjects?" A (lunch wi bout a Hi lion." Tickeu 2Vrrutiracli.lo be ha-r at tbr door m20 3:ii*rc Kh.rMH.UN HASUUOL'CK, Cor. Sec. J'A MS MILLl.XKliY ^U8. N FUH LONG. Successor to A J. Engel, 467 Broad way and I26>k B iwery. will ojien I'arn Sirring Millinery at 167 Broadway, ou Thursday, March 2'?t. in2u li*ec THE PEACOCK, NEW DINING ROOMS. ATOS. 1ft SOUTH fVILLLMM AND oft STONE STS White Fronts, near Delmou c Hanover Square and Com tigs Slip. 'T'HESE New aiidrlrgint Rooms are now open, with a Tahl A d'Hote. from 12 V| till 4 P. M. Price lined. 2ft cenn. Th Dimrr will cenaiat daily, of Srop, Filh, Boiled and Rons Joiuta, Poultry, Game, I'aarry, Puddings. Frinta. Ike. Yierchanra and otiiera are invited lo make trial ol' this econo miral ami t o veuieni mo le ol iln in;. M I wis ec ROBERT HOPE HART, IMPORTER, NO II N.1SS.1U STREET, CORNER OF PINE OKK ERA for sale, lu lou to suit puichaaera, Scotch Air London and Dublin Blown S' at, Scotch and Irish Whiz key, DuU and Pale Brandies, Mad. in. Sherry, Port, Chan, paigne. Sparkling Hock, Claret, ktc. All of the best quality. I'm l,rli??ec TARRANT'S COMPOUND EXTRACT OF CAPA* * VA AND Cl'Be.BS.? I his medicir.e has heeu eilensivi ly used on shipboard aud in the Soutnern Slates; and is iieil'ei aole to any oilier. The uufortunate patient posse-ses in this sure reine.y, has no oecision to make his c ise public, an without any implication to a medical mm, wit'iou1 restr.ctiu in n, i iiiifiueineiit. linda biniself cured eUectllal V in a let <i?ya At A tntliuit cximiv. aud a .aviiiK <>f lceliu? to a Mn.itir IxTAon. liavniK uiu. in Iiii reach a cheap, por.ahle and | Imu.tii icinety. k or .ale whole-ale and ret. I ny JA.MK8 TAHUANT, D'ugriit, fcc inBSwi.eec Ccir lireenwicli and Warwu ill \\T M II III 'Ml'JtOV, ,Ni>. 2| Julia sirat, up aiaira, i '* row receiving Hicli Paria Millinery (Jooda. m l 3t il FOR ALliAN'V. ^gt Th* M'tainbwal k.UKK.KA Captain J. I. Kl'ch. will leive New 1 ork from loot Llbei X?JKaLiy oi'i't, at I all iia<t 6 o'clock, for Unrig, port, thence by lh? Hou.alomc and We.tern Kailroa l?, will out cluii/e ul caraor bagynge crntei, to Mhany, rrriviug antn evening ?i 8 o'clock, through %i. Furpaaaaye or Kieight, apply on boara, or at the office, foo <if Lilierty aireci. <i. M. J'KHKY, Agent. mZlrc J*M NCI'ICK The 8'eiliibaai I'lroy.H Til it low beimc thoroughly repair'- d THLmmJK<w|BL <m 1 wi'l be rei I v at I he u. euiug <>f uavitthtini ?o t,'W noata intern* to Troy, Alb niv nil \ Ne ar York Thi? boa will luff r tpiriti'? for towing M|utl t > any on ih river; tint it in lr?i ed that it will obltiii a lair uppnrt. m 21 im-rc I'. CUVlSTOCK PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY. JtQI DAILV, Su.,d?ys ?xcepted?Through D ?4r--^y|iuJ^ rrcr. at 7 P M., th* H ten ml) .it Pier b? *f ii Court! Midi anil Liberty str- rli. ^ '1 lie te*ntb ?at CURTIS PKCK, CapUin Win. II Peel Th i sdny * veniug, a? 7 i he Steamboat NO.tTH AMKRiCA, Captain Win. II Trae?dell, Friday ? vening, at 7 At KivroVltiii T .M Laiidii it ?t Intei med ate Placet:* Tlie 't atnboat UTIC A, Captiin K. Hyatt, Thurit'ay an< w' it srday, t P M. f&'Bt tigers taking this line of boat* will always arriv* in A! binyin?mt|p lime to take the Morning Train of Cars for th ea?f or we?t CJ^The ahove Boats are new and substantial, are furnish"! with new and ejegiut State Kuomi, anu fur spe d aud accon modatio: a are tin. i valU-1 on the Hudson. For passage or freight, apply on hoard, *r to P. C. Behalf* a theortieeou the whirl m2l Hl.M K HALL. (>l( OLD LINK OK LIVfcf rf*jyi'()()b PA? KkTS-FOH LIVKIIPOOL.?Hegi itHiilkil ir P.u ket i f the 1st of April.?The n?*w mtgmtlcei anil ceiebra'ed fast sailing picket ship KUIiOPfe, bart'w I960 tous, Captain K (i Furbrr, will positively sail on Moi dav, 1st April, h-r regulard-y. It is wf|| Itu twn that the accommodations of the KITROI'f for passengers, ar tiffe.1 out i a mo t sti.eib rmn"er, wil every ood-rri irnprovernent and convenience, it at cui ail to tke "omforc of those emhtr?iuv. who should rail and s< tli n s lend d specimen n| nava* arch t fure before eng.igr g i any other ?e?de?. For passage mi cabin, second cabin an sie rag*, apply u oo^id, foot of Bn-Wnui *free?, ur to 'lie sol crihers. IlOCrlK, BHOTHKH. > It CO , n 211 AI rc 35 Fu'ton s"eet. n^st d )?r to the Fulton Dauk. 1 H.I) ? L \l K B * LL LINK OF 1' \ KrT? fpJfgV ?Th-* pack t shin V \ JltOPK, Captain Fnrber. to sn JkMBa11!! th* I't April, her tegular d ?y, to' Liverpool. i h ?' wishing to fi gaga piss tse wi l fiiutre ro make ctrl application to JOHN HhROM\N, 61 South sire-1 N. 11? Pus^e from (Irrat Britain and Im'ar.d ca-i be si cored ? y the lint spiing alii s f the I ne at the |owe?t rntei and drifts cm as usual, be lu uished '<> wnv ami iitit, p?y tble I all ti e priucpat towns, without any charg-, through u (irea Britain Ire|,.nd, on appiica'ion hs above. in2l toalrc. add: NKW LI N t\ t )h PAC-KKTS mTk i I V r Ji fflxk P?fOL?Pacsetof l??th March?The splendid and fi MBBbvorite packet ship BOSCIL'S. int)? tons huithe CapLJnn Collius, will sail on Tuesday, March 26th, h? regular day i ll* imp* nl t'u* Inn* hring *11 Idnnnii* mi'1 npwarda, I r inn* about t ein> ark lor the old country *? 11 not ftil to w th adr nUgM to b* d'rirfd from adect ng I hi* li e in prefereac to any > tlier, ** their g*e*t rapacity lender* them erery w* man* cninlortable a*d tlitn ahipa ot * mailer elaai and I hi* r ar.cninirod itiona it i* well know u ar<* mperior to an othf-r* I li ?r wiming to aecure borlha *hiuld not fail t make e>rly epplica' inn ' n board, or to VV St J. T. TAPIM'OrT. tienrril Paaaaee Office, mil I 2f? c 41 Peek ?l p. corner South at rear. PAsSAOK KKt?M KN'iUN'i, IKK.aM), SLOT LAND AM) WALK*. VIA LIVERPOOL. TrlK "iihacnlier hi* mail* ua?qu*ll*d ?rr? g-m-nl xrtJV for hringi g out emigrant* tin* rnr. 841 Tboi MMhi'i d ug lor th-ir* would do wrll to apply a the "I J < *ubl lilird packet rtfire of JuHN HE RDM AN, 01 South at N I) ?Tb* ahi"*? f.l tin* Inn* now leaee Liverpool reery fir day*, and drf.a ran ?i mini he fnrniahed for any am nut pay abl- ill th* principal banking inatitutiona thronghont ti united kingdom, apply aa abort. mil rc 1JU- rOR MARSKILLKS-Paclet of I. Aptil-Th MWy.lnp < ORItiLANl's, Ja*. Haile, Maatrr. Ko jQlMMfrr'gl i or piaaege apply to LAW RENLF, St PHELPS, No. tort Front atrr*t, or to BUVI) Ik MINI KEN, mlltoalrc No. t Tontine Bailding LJA. PACK I I rOR HAVRE.?TM thin iiM.ll ***WM"I1E. Ed waul r uuk. Ma.t'r, will *" on the la JSUiaLdApril IK) ? I) St III Nt KEN, miima rr. t Tonlni* Building, cor. Wall and Water * *. FOR NEW ORLEANS?Lnniaiana and Ne. MjKV/irli Lin ? P aitireL. firil legnlar I'.vk't to aail :||, ANfiKuM*-. 'I hefot .ailing I irfcetah pill NTHV1LI.I Captain <1 ''ornrll. will *ait na abore her regular day. F freighter paai-ge. baring hod-nine furni?h*d ace .mm ad* tiona, apply on II nrd.f n l of Well at. at Orteau* to K. K ( IILI INS fc < <> , A*nth at. Shipper* by thia line may rely upon baring ibeir gaodi cor re tly meaau red Agnta hi New Orle*na, 11 . II in St Woodruff, who wi pr m, t v forw d 'I' goOit.itn their vldren. The p ? art anip Oconee, ( apt I), laclt.on, will aurreed ih lluaUville, and aail 10th April, her regular ilav. mil rc A M l' SE M E NTS. FALno* H. V. OPERA HOWE. CHAMBE Kg STREET. Adniation One Dollar, to al* (arts of th* IJoaae. Door? opea at 7 IVrlormdnrp t ? commence at half past 7 Days of Performance?Mirtvluy, Wednesday, oiul Friday Br COvD MiTu r "F i HE OVKBA OF BEATRICE HI TEX Ik I. The Subscriber* lo the Opera are ei|>ecff |ly informed that th* performance which should have lakeu place on Monday, will be given on Haturdav ev?*nm? FRIDAY EVENING March '22 la \ resected BEATRICE DI Th.NDA. Beatrice di 'lVid , ... Siunoi* A. Maioeeh fiUitro'Man* \ . cooti ?i * A, V*l ellin. Oromti-llo [tin brit appear-uice] Si*. C A'.tuftiiui Agorae d-l Mauio Siicuora E. Alteram Am- hino Bu. r. All ertatxi Niiurdodfl .. . H;IJ A linnet' I Tlie whole under the tlirrcti' n of ttiuuor V ALTf LUNA IX"7 Kor full particular*, are lull* of lite day. But Oltice open from 9 to 4 o'clock N B?The 'i'healif on lite off nighta will be let for Coneerta or Lee tare*. TRe Greatest Invention of the Aft MR KAHER, of VIENNA, raipeeifullv announce* to the Ametican rublic, that lie Itaa succeeded, after TKKW vi ahi of rxperimrntation and anatomical atudi-i in - A V II Kl VlilVII AI'TOtl ATI IN' iHTirciiiK 01 r 4 r\ n u" * a'w r. x.n... ?? - - l'his woiderful triumph <>l Imh iiiiii and Vkchanisnic siticnla'e* distinctly eve v letter of the alphabet, cnuverscs with hit auditor*, and will sini; and kkcitk in i hki t Lanouir.Ki, Enolish Gpksian. and Latin Mr. Fiber |>r??|Kites, in accordance with the solicitations ol aeieut ti- geu tiem"it to exhibit Ins invention lor a short tiine.sothv tlie public mtv hare an opportunity of witnessing a oiscovcy win. h h is excitrd surprise and admiration throughout the tci euiilic world The EXHIBITION ItlHIM. corner of Broadway ane Liisienard street, will be open everyday (except buu day) from lit AM. unul t P.M., and every errunig (except Sund * ) Irorn 7 till 9 o'clock. 0T7" TICKETS, Ij CENTS; clnldr-u under leu years of age IJX cuts. The entrance it in Lttpeuard street, third door on the leu side from Btovdwav. f79 lin*ee I'AUK THKtTllhi. I Boxes * # entt I'u ]i euu?ttailery 12>? Cents. THIS EVENING, March 21. Mil The performance will commence with a new drama in three 1 ?o t,eii'itletl the PKIDK OK BIRTH. Ernest Jamison Jolibois Birry To conclude with THE FLYING DUTCHMAN. Vanderdeckeu Mr Barry Lesielle Vanhrlm Mrs H Hunt CHATHAM THKATKK AND CIHCUS. CONDUCTED BYTT^ROCKWEEE k O. H. BTONK. THIS EVENING, March 21. erlormancet tocommeneo with Warlike Chevaliers iuu their Heroic l.adiet. After which various acts of Horsemanship, Uyiiiaasucs,('ordf Volatile, Vaulting, African Drolleries. Ac. Ac. Af er which OPERATIC CONCERT, BY THE VIRGINIA SKHENADER8. To conclude with Gymnasties by W Cole ! niTCHKLli'g OLYMPIC THKATRK ' THIS KVENINte March 21?The performances will i romnicnce with ABON HASSAN. Zahouc Mr Holland Folio" ed by CINDERELLA. Kelis Mrs. Timm Pedro Mr. Holland Cinderella Miss Taylor After wbich OI.K KING COLE. To conclude with ! NEW FOOTMAN. Bobby Breakwr dow Mr Holland BUWEHV A MPIIITI1KATKE. JOHN TUYON Manager and Lessee. THIS EVENING, March 21, 1211, The performance t cninnieiicu wi'li a grand War Entree. Followed hy Splendid Ei|?eatrians Acts of Agility, and Strength, by a Company unsurpassed. After which, THE PIRATE'S CAVE. Halyard Mr W G^Jouet To eonelude wiih THE MAID OF MUNSTER Kate O'Br en Mrs Thome ' AMEKIVANJIU?KUII1, AND PERPETUAL FAIR EVERY DAY AND EVENING TH18 WEEK. I The Maii"ger hasengaged fir one week more (he ORIG1 NAL KENTUCKY MI NS'l'H ELS, tlie best band of Ethiopian MelodiaU in America, who give their Grand Concert al each performance. Mm E. RICHARDS, a chaining and accomplished Vocalist late from Boston, h-r first apprnrance before a New York ' audience. ' Mix UL ANCIIARD, the celebratad female Juggler MR. WHITLOCK, the renowned Banjo Player and Negro Melodiat MR. B WILLIAMS, the Deliueator of Irish Character, Singer of Comic Irish Songs, and favorite Hornpipe Dancer. Mr. T. G. oJOTH, coouc singer. MR HOWARD, the Violiuist. MR H G SHERMAN, tha popnlar Ballad Binger. LA PE'l ITE OEM |TO, the admiied Danseuae. GEN. TOM THUMB an Wax. faithfully represented, together with the celebrated POLLY BOaHNE and DANIEL LAMBERT. TheOl'SY FAMILY, ail in number, recently from (Jer many, and fai'hiul representatives of the ancient people ol !. Egvpt. may be ?een iu 'heir native coatume. TheUlPHEY QUEEN, the Fortune Teller, may be private ly consulted at all honra of tlie day ami evening. r Performances every evening al 7>4 o'clock, and Wedneadal . and Saturday afternoeua at 3 o'clock lt Tickera 25 centa?clnldren under ten yrare 12X eenta. Twen tv-fivecenta extra for private couaultationa with the Gipaei Queen. in 10 re PKALK'M NKW *OKK fllYsi I'M. AND PICTURE GALLERY. (Brouilu>ui/,tt}>vointe ihr Cilv Hull.) EVERY DAY AND EVENING Tills WEEK. ; PE-OPENING OK THE MUSEUM, with splendid at ' tree ioaa. 'I lie in snag,-r ia happy to announce an engagement will SIGNtiK KltA.Ni i?s| O. the Magician and Ei|Uilibriat, lat from the American Museum. The PHILADELPHIA MINISTRELS, in Songe. Ike. : Signor MONTI V EDO, with nine mechatrcal figures. | The Mighty GIANTESS, of enormous proportions, and m^at leanriiul v. calist. '' Mr. D. W. WRIGHT, an unequalled reutimental ?irg-.-r. ? M iss J Es-S a. L YN, an accomplished danaeuae. " GYPSY GI IlL,staler of the Queen at the \inerican Muaeur II mav be consulted privately at all hours ol tlie day. * Fudges Mermaid. Grind (Ji sinarama, and 500,000Curiositin ' Adiuisaion one Mulling?12}% cents extra to those who c i; 1 suit the Gipsv Girl. mi7rr /1rONDEHFl E /:XUIBtTION. EUOS HATCHED BY ARTIFICIAL MEANS. Nov . o(au ti the public from 10 A 51. to 7 P. M dulv, at 16 * Vasvau a reer, over die Tribune Office. No exh hiliqo can b more i *i in reeling to tlie Axricultur-'ist, or lo the enquiring an _ devout mind. It leads man's thoughts "from N?ture up to Na lure's Oi d " Ladies in pirtp-ular will In-highly gialified. T< be continued a few we, k" MIT. ' [f/-Admittance :> I riirs if hililren half-price Eggs hrokei on applic .lion I2>a cents. M-i'ieal gentlemen and others, oi pay merit of $5, witl re, ei ve caul, of admission fo- 2! davs, sni '' bleak sir egg each day. Pamphlets ex'<laoa'ory, and Ireitmi upon poultry. re is. I nf euuonai corps nrr u viiru u t vimi tin attabliihmefit 11 ? " a17 lSt#rc musi(; for this mil.lion. [ grand concert. BENEFIT OF MR. KAVANAll who respectfully ir forms h>* friends and the public that he will take a Bench mFriday Evtniofi Minh Ili(l, .*t ( oncirt 11 II, *?? 4b e Broadway, when he trusts that iht entertainments he otFr s wil meet with rhnr approt>ation. Several New Bougf, Unetf, 8tc., will l>e sung n this acci ion. The following ladies and gvntlemen, comprising the men herg of Pulin /? Uts company, will appear:?MRS I'HIL LI PH. M US. HHAHPK, M?HS BRUCE, Mlt. hVNtH J. Mlt. kNCAHB, MR. HOLMAN, MIL KAVANAH. r programme. Pair I. I. Grand Opening Choitn?From Norma Py the Compan Hong?I he Newfoundland dog. - Mr Kneai Song?My own iweet native vale Mr? Pfllllrp J Hong?The Wolf Mr Havana Hong?Oh lamatneir* sailor lad Miss Bruc i Bee and Chorus?Dame Durden Bv t^e ( > inpan e Song? The Truinnof Fame Mr Ilolma Song?The charming Woman Mrs Shar I 8oug?The Tlirre Agea of Love Mr Lyui i- ?*oiig? Beaotifu' Biddy o| Sligo Mr Havana Chorus?Vive la Roi, from the Siege of Rochelle tt By the Compan IVsnr II t* Cilee Comic?Kate Kearney Messrs Lynch, Kneass at * " Kavans Song?The Flower of Ellerslie Mr Holms Song?I'll he no submissive wife Mrs Phllllf it* Sorg?'Th* Intriguing iridumu Mr Ka*ana H"n?? M 'fuieg's ruddy beam Miss Kru< < horns ? Dandy Jim. with original verses* By the Compan [? Favorite Hong Mrs Shari 'd Ballad?N* ran M'Shaue r Lvnc Grind (miration Italian duet Mrs Sharpe and Mr Knvat ft Song?Hroves of Bl r ey,***; * Mr Kavaua d Kin i e?If I've your app onstioii, In By the Compan >* TICKETS ONE SHIlTLlNU? To be had at the door. Doors onen at quarter to 7?commence at ;4 lie fore I o'clock mil ft*m : ttik truste515 ofthe new york II FIIt F. It K /' A II T M K .v T F II N It n KHPr CTKULLY b.|C Imv. to cull tb? nttriuioii of tl * " rublx- in ih. OIUM) MISC KI,UNMti;?C(IN< KHT, , To b. v r.n in * ill of th. W DOWK and OKI'll aNK of C " KIRK bKI'AHTMKNT, oo T?. d.y April M, , ' th? Hroitilx ay'I'alirri.arlr, on wh'rh rr.iioa lln* fullowin .min-nt Vnciliif,, in the kind.?r in inn .-, g.n.rou.l ?i>liinr.rr<>i! thfir a?r?irr*, ?ifc . 8IONORA K BOItUllK.SK. f SIONOHA A. MAJOCf III. , madamk otto, u M US. KDWA It I) I.ODKK. ?r MIss w ATaON. MISS TAYLOM, f Br I'rrmn.ioo of Mr. MJlclirll.] MADAMK UITnKllAKI'T, HIUNOM A f'TII.IO VALTKLLINA, HIONOH I, I KKOZ/I SMrNOH A MAyKit. y AM) Mlt. IIkIIKIH. o (Who, th Migh hiving quirted the profession ki dl *olunteers on this occasion ) Alio, ill like manner, ihe NEW VtlRK SACKED MCHK SOCI ETY have with great liberality, tendered their sevvici " to perf ?rm Two Grand t hum sea The whole to he under ill direction of Mr l) h. II LL, L'adcr. assistcl by a pow#rf?: and effecti%e Orchestra?.Mr. II. I! TIM.M, who has kindl 9 consented l* preside at th* f iano Forte * It will he seen fiorn the above, thit |t is seldom, f if ever,] a 11 opportunity is given of hearing, in one evening, such an array ( talent. The Trustees confidently hope that the nublic a d lli fne fU of the Department gererally, will, by tn*ir support ( r thimbjinatera'ly enable lliein In reliere rhe wanla rl miny Widiwa and Orphan* who rely on tin" Department 1/ ' lueenr en* anpport ? /"TH'KRTH ONK. l>01. LA II ?Admitting one Lady an - Oentleman. Kaua Ladiea'Ticket* Fifty Cent*. To 1* ha e at the principit NTnaic Btom, ol theOllirera ol'thc Department I or of either of the f Committee MARTIN W. KMMONH, II Si nice ?t.) I" ORSYTH MDAOH, M Urand at. >< ommittea JOHN PRYKH, 2ir. Front .t. S tnPtn?2'r VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAJ. CONCBK." ? ivAsutyaroy hau. Vf A DAMK IIMMIMtO, loin. Mwcdrn. reaiierifully m m forma the publico! \o? York, lb .t ?h* lir*i apriear.tore In Amnio. a' a ' oncert to eiem by h#rni r rtU'HHDJlY EVHSISU 2?lh i atinr it W ..bin* m t " ill,lor whi. hocra?l m ?l" hn a.rurel the val iible aa.ittan i. if MIPS MlW Mill LOIlk II. Mikh r I?F- HMtM", wli r i'I aptirar M tkia l oncert for h? firat time tint wain ; M' , WA 1,1. \< I ' tin will | li> l?r he fiiit lllnc. the crlenralei ' arm* li of Venice at perforo eil by l't??Ui.l, Ole "nil an Vien* empa : .\t? IIAIl I ON ill play two Molo a on th Mate Mr TIM.MB, the celebrated Conductor,and a Qtiartett Ba ml. I (Tl<' K ETB $1 K.\l II?To be bad at the Mune Bto ei ant at the i| rr. , I be I ini ert will rnminence at 8 o'clock |ireeiae|y, inly rod lb wk i|b to * Ml 4 ll,? BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Krom W(ihln(ion_A?Ucntlc IatormUM on the Texan and Oregon (Ineatlona, Ac. We are informed on the very beat authority at \V ushington, received privately last evening, that there it no doubt of the pendency of u negotiation between the United States Executive government and that of Texas, for the annexation of the latter to the former country. The negociation was begun by the late Mr. Upshur, und is only suspended, for the present, till the arrival of Mr. Calhoun, who has accepted the office of Secretary of State, without any conditions. Mr. Calhoun is expected in a few days at Washington, und will immediately proceed to negociate, 11... nilnlitt.r fnr the annexation. and with Mr Pakenhum tor the Oregon. Mr. Calhoun ii dtridtdly in favor of the annexation?and it is believed he trill not give up an inch of our claims in Oregon. Mr. Henderson is expected from Texas daily, w ith lull powers to join the resident rhurgf and to negotiate on the annexation. As soon as this treaty shall have been finished, it will be sent to the Senate, and the wings will be compelled to show their hands, but, of course, the debate will be secret. In the mean time, we learn that Mr. Walker, or some other Senator, will introduce the question of annexation indirectly by resolution in the Senate?und Mr. Holmes, ofS. C., or some other member, into the House, so that both the two parties?whigsand locofocos?will be brought up to the mark and be compelled to take sides, one way or the other. It is not believed that the treaty can pass the Senate by two-thirds, unless a prodigious excitement in the south, west, and middle States, should drive the Senators up to the mark. Mr. Webster and New England will oppose it. It is ex|>ected, therefore, that when Mr. Calhoun comes to Washington, he will infuse a vigor and eiergy into the Government on these questions, that will astonish and paralyze both parties?break them up like pipe stems?and drive both Clay and Van Buren like chaff before the wind. lie will be the master spirit of the administration, und will make all others appear like small men before his gigantic promotions. We may expect extraordinary doingB soon. Mr. John Y. Mason, the new Secretary of the Navy, will be in Washington on Monday next. John C. Spencer is quiet, and cowers before the approaching advent of Calhoun. Mr. Wickliffe is as obstinate as ever against Post office reform. The President looks forward with rrpat h>?u? tn his " 27th of-May Convention," which John Jones is busy setting on its legs. There will be terrible scenes in Congress before the session closes. We have received the masterly renort of the Committee of Ways und Means on the new Tariff, which we shall publish as soon as possible. Washington. [Correspondence el'the Herald.] Washington, March 19, 184-1. You have no doubt noticed that Congress by some of its committees purpose sweeping retrenchments. Amongst the several projects, the army does not tail to be the subject of some of the most ultra; . and several high army officers have complained to ; me that much of the serious injustice in contemplation is the work of one of their own number?of one who, holding the highest rank, und being under a moral and professional obligation to stand by his comrades, is nevertheless playing pander to the dirty course of the leading levellers. Full of ridiculous schemes?overflowing with a vanity and egotism which allows him to think and sneak only of matters of interest to himself?truckhngly furnishing food for these ravening committees out of i other's larders, to keen his own hone to himself? he has been engaged all winter in decrying and f disparaging all around him. The only man. so far as I can hear, who lias not plumply refused to furnish the committee with materials touching other t departments, he is said to have made it his iwrticular business to defame and undervalue, llisown office is ail anomaly. 1 understand, in the military system?useless, a burthen, and as now filled, a cancer in the vitals. His department,greatly overloaded with officers of high rank, for whom he is perplexed to find even ostensible employment, he has therefore seen, and is laboring fo arrest lor iheir own use, even llie legal functions of other , departments. To save himself and his, he is now r striving to turn the edge of the pruning knife into the bowels ef the poor brevet second lieutenants, and the still poorer cadets, ii A military friend lias promised me to show np these matio uvres in their minima; and since the person alluded to lias made himself so active, and n been so officious in meddling with other people's messes, will, besides, demonstrate the absurdity 1 of the organization of that department?that, for instance, there is no reason tinder heaven why - there may not be a General, a Colonel and a Lieut. Colonel striken of!'? More anon. In the meanii time, "give my respects to Mrs. Illair." * I Washington, March 19,1844. j In the Senate to-day Mr. Choate made a very , bewitching speech. It is impossible not to listen to j hint with deep interest, whatever you may think r of his arguments. He is well read, has a good ' memory, and is well able to make u highly finished, 1 classical, eloquent speech. He said to-day that the Oregon friends claimed that they were for \ peace, but the whole tendency of all their speeches , and measures was war. In illustration of this he II I introduced Hliakspeare's speech, which he puts i- into the mouth of Mark Antony over the body of j Ctnsar, with admirable effect. The whole ten)" (Jency of the speech was to ,siir up the population [, to revenge Ca'sar's assassination, although it was not so worded In like manner is the tendency of rli? srH cehes of the Oreffnri friends. Very much of Mr Ghoute's speech win but a rey i capitulation ol his former speech ; yet it was so Ix-muIitully and classically served up, that it arrested I* I every ear, and all attention. He again at length e reiterated hia former position, that England had y | not the slightest idea or intention of colonizing " t hegon In proof, he read extracts from English li ! papers, and English hooks, und English quarterlies. h lie said the game had altogether retired from the y south ol the Columbia Hivrr, Hnd the hunters with them, and that the whole of that section of the (| Territory is now waiting for an agricultural occu!(, ! pation. a He averred most emphatically, that the Hudson ' May Company did not oppose the slightest opposite (ion to this agricultural occupation front the United y States. Tins was enough to answer the averj* inent, that that company were killing off, ? liy live hundred ut a time, the emigrants from li the United States. As to the matter of fact, y the murders alluded to were committed fifteen , year* ago?during the whole of which time this government has heen in possession of these facts. ~ Aral why did not fien. Jackson take cognizance of rheuiT Ile explained how they came to he |ierpeir trated. He denied positively that that Conipany were exerting the least influence upon the saVHges , to murder our own people. it Mr. G. dented most emphatically that "ill blood" * rati in the veins of the American people us resjiects y England. Enmities had existed in tunes past, which had been expiated by the blood of the brave. Let them lie forever forgotten. On this topic Mr I G. was truly eloquent. Mr. Ghoate's speech was highly finished, elabo| rate, classical, llowery, ornamental, and listened to with the most profound and silent admiration. When he finished, Mr. BrriMNAN took the floor, and Hftiii if lie had ever iieroetrnieu - poetry," in* had been charged upon him,) lie now entirely i, yielded the palm to the honorable Senator from Massachusetts; for n more beautiful piece of poet, ry he never heard upon the floor of that S? uate m! chamber lie said lie yielded the floor to Mr. C. it to make an " explanation." and he had made a set v and elaborate speech; yet he did not complain. ? It in proper to nay that the Oregon friend* antici I pate imieh lean difhculty in replying to Mr. Cheats'* '* arguments than they do to hi* poetry. S. B. TM KNTV-KIUIITtl COIIflREItlt. ' ' KIR8T SESSION, d ? <i Washington, March 19, 1844. ' Note.?Mr. Benton han returned again to hi* seat in the Senate, to the great gratification of all Inn friend*. It in the first time he ha* been out, except to rail on ('nptain Stockton, which he did, , to express Inn kind leelmgn towards him, since the lutal liHtli February. He nay* he feels quite well, dthough the tympanum of his left ear seems to hare suffered injury. By undying a handkerchief to Ins nose, lie can express the air through that ear ' with a very perceptible -mind. The hearing of his right r?r i? 111n|iir<-?i?ann ti? ma in? ' ire brok'-n, rough, iind confused. M< hthu pale mil rather tliin, hut <iuite cheerful. He is warmly ii "iigratiilaled hy all hm friends upon resuming his * seat The galleries are filled thin'morning in the ex. peetation of hearing Menem Buchanan, Choatk i. irnl othemon the Oregon i|iie*tion. After the introduction and despatch of some ho. Hires ot junior importance, the Senate took uplivs