Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1844 Page 3
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* ssssssai rates on the most important articles of import, from the present anil the proposed tariffs. The difference can be more easily distinguished by this form, than when part are specific and part ad valorem:? Advalokem Duties \ccordino to the Present and the Proposep Tariff. Du'ies projio- Reduction! Duties under ltd by the bill by the bill the jsrc't la- rrpordbythe of (he com e riff law re- eummitiee of fm the jrte'l duc'd to ad- H'aut and advolarem Article* valo m rates. Meant. ratei Wool. Coarse, cost tig T cts per lb and under. i per ct 14 per cent ? All other uumiinulact'd 30 " 30 " 3ctsprlb M niuluetn rs of escept c tp> tings 40 " 30 " 10 per cent Carprti and Carpeting Wilton, 18 " 30 " ? ? H?'ny; 31 " SO " < Treble ingrain, 87 " 30 " 47 Brut-ill. 43 " 30 " 18 Venetian, 45 " 30 " 14 Cotton?Minimum!. IT. ........ I~- ... I in k m* so ManafiCturei of,not ape- . ? cifled, 30 3? 5 Notd\eJ, not needing 20 f|i p<r ?q-?re yaro, .. li'tll lie va'und it 30 iu 49 Abolished, 21 If dyed net ex eedii V SU ct< per 'quire yd, shall he valued at 30 cts 43 13 " If dved, not exceeding 35 cts per aquar- yd, shall be valued at 35 eta . '39 " " U " Twist, ya'n, and thread 30 25 " 5 " m Uncolorrd, leaa than 60 eta per lb. ahall be valued at 60 ct? per Ih, 70 " Aboliabed 45 ' Cel red, leaa tli-n 75 eta per lb. ahall be valued at 75 eta per )b 50 " ' 34 " All others, 30 " jj per ceut 5 " Hemp. Unmanufactured, 31 " 30 " 1 " M mil*. 33 " 30 " 3 " Ua ' f r 'ork ge, 37 " 30 " 7 " f'-idil , or tow of hetnp, 27 " 25 " 2 ' Ttrred eah| lieordcge, 71 " 30 " 41 " Uutarred cordage, 183 " 30 " 151 " " Vam, 193 " 30 " 169 " Yarn, twne, and packthread 31 " 30 " 4 " Hf-iuev. 16 " ? " ? Cotton bagging. 53 ' 30 " 23 " Uunuv cloth, 49 " 30 " 19 " Iron. In bara or bolta. not taanulacur-d i 1 whole, or i'. imrt, by -olting 33 " ? " 4 " In ba a or bolca, wholly or in part tnannfact'ed Wy rollii g, 77 " ? " 18 " Rai'road iron, 77 " ? ' 40 " P g irou, 72 " ? " 16 " Vetaela of iron, ceat, net pec tic J, 45 " 30 " 15 " Casting* of iron not otherwise syce H?d, 49 " 30 " 19 " OlaTed and tin hollow wa/e cas'ings, 30 " 30 " ? " Sad irona, 55 " 30 " 25 " Hatter.' It tailora' irona, 55 " 30 " 25 " Caa' iron bu'ta, 41 " 30 " H ? Iron an 1 steel wire, not exeeediug No 14, 63 " 30 " 32 " Over 14 anil not exceeding No. 25, 27 " 30 " ? " Over 25, 34 " 30 " 4 " Roond or square iron, or hrasiert' rod*, of 3-16 to ni-16 ul an in. in di&m'r 85 " JO " 55 " Nnil or spike rods, 50 " 10 " Jr. r Nail plates, .lit. rolled or hammned, 50 " 30 " M " , Iron <D aha;t?, 07 " 31) 17 H inp 'Mn. 1J7 " 30 337 Slit rolled or hammered for ba^d iron, 51 " 30 " 31 Scoll iron or easement rod*. . 31 " 30 " 21 ' Iron cables or chain*, 80 " SO " 50 " ? J' >Vrti th*'?'f. " 30 " 30 " Other chainaof iron cot specified, 30 " " _ Anchors, or part* 1 horror, 44 " SO " 14 Anvil*, 43 " 30 " 13 " Blnek m th's hammrr* and ledges, 41 " 30 " 11 " Iron spikes, cut or wr'gt, 83 " SO " 32 ' Cat ir-n nails, 43 " 30 " 13 " YV mi ght iran nails, 44 " 30 " U " Aaletrees,or par s thereof71 " 30 43 Chiin*, other than chain ?t>|e.. . . 93 " SO " 63 " Male bU- inn n cutmgs 23 11 ? M ? Srearo.gia.or wattr tubes 72 " 31 " 42 Mill saws, 28 " ? " hiou cut saws, 26 ' < > Pittews, 26 " _ ? Tacks, not 'iceeding 16 oz. ro the thousand, 45 " 30 " 14 Exceeding 16 oz, to the thousand, 32 ? 30 " 2 ' Tagger's iron, 5 " ? J. ? J.eatlier, Tanned sola or brnd, 53 " 2* 11 ,, All upper h aih-r,not othrrwis<vapecili-d, 20 " 23 " ? ' Calf skins, tanned and d res*ed, 37 *' 25 u Sheep skins, tanned and dressed, S3 " 8kiv*rs, # 32 '* 25 M 7 * Oca' akui, tauu'd and desssd, 43 " 25 " )8 Morocco, " " 23 ? 25 _ .. Kid skins, " 29 " 25 " 4 Mor ceo, " " 29 ' 25 " 4 Oust or heep skins, tanned aU not drewed, 33 M 25 n On all kid and lamb skiua tauued, ar.d not drftaed.30 M 25 li Lnimtii thins. 60 a* ? ** *? Sugar. 3i 35 B'own, raw, 71 ? 2 ii Hn rui of ?ogw, 161 ? .. Brown clayed, _ _ 71 2 i* or curineu, 6/ * ? .V RelWd, 101 4 .. J7, .. Jingn cindy, 8!) " 4 " ?i Mnla.sei, 41 " 3 mill, per lb, 17 " tomtit., as " _ _ Spiritt. W'n-iw ?*." " - ? grain, 1st it 2d proof, 133 " l.t proof. 42; ? , i ? r 3 J proof 45. 40 & 36 " 3d proof. 132 43 et? per gall, 35 " Uhproef, 132 "52 "' 34 " , 132 " 60 " 27 At ovp 5th proof, 132 5' 75 " 32 Dutilrd Irr.m oth?r mil'mii, i?t St 2d pf 261 " 38 " 06 3(1 proof 261 " 43 ' 93 " 4th proof. 261 " 48 " 83 " 4?',,ro"rL , 261 ? 57 ' 63 " A bit Vr 5 h proof, 261 M 70 M 51 * At the Merchants' Exchange this morning, the following stocks were sold at auction Kentucky Fires, payable in N. Y. 88} per ct. ?<vl i r> .do do Kentucky 84} " 100 shares Dry Dock Bank 63} ? Old block Kzehsnge, io2^ ?!I22 Ind 8J",lu* 26 100 do .10 59V n"X 1? ** 300 d? b O GO Sfityf.,,3 'S do ?o gg g $ .as >s ss -?* ??I!q IU b4i96? ,7S do b'O 60 u- .d0 * 9i^ 100 60 b37 60 V 2#f n Kfiuucky 6'. 101* 50 do io? 59)( M S In b6? '2?w i7 A?b 11 R?ch RR 103* 2^.n4Dd?2iy? .38 31 %'"To"' gfc t.i 8,>,?cjai :vx 73 i: bs \i* iV ,8* ^ Muhswk RR & 00 h.rimr'. Loan 33 10 do ? 1? j! m.8* 8 SS SS 1 ? i" MOW? SlI.IW b"it ii Bk Kentucky 73 50 do b60 7314 " d? 7 2J{ Second Board. ""fibi, ?'*d n 22* 2? Nor b Wor RR b30 35W 2j Muhsivk KR 36 26 Csntun {i 5? <j? ?3d 56 51 Long Iilaad RR 73W vr i'tir on 2?^ 100 ?60 60 25 Nor & Wor KR 36 60 do 60 W ? do b!5 35X 190 Far Loan, bw 35* New stock Kxcfiange. $4000 Ohio 6'., '60 96V 50 Vick burgh 8?.' '?!! Kh 25 'anton 33? M00 do 1,3 25 Mohawk 56 1000 do blO 96V 25 L b30 75 1090 do ftt* 150 Hailrm 59V i"0 do W30 %S 50 do 59 V lftOO do bl5 96 650 do bnw 60 175 baraier. Loan, 39 50 do bl5 60 25 do .30 3!)k 25 do .30 59 25 do .30 39l2 50 do 59V W do 38V, 100 do ,3 ?ot> 50 do 38V 50 do bnw 60>! 100 do bnw 39 50 do 59^ State af Trade. A?hic. ?We hear ol .mall .ales of Tots at $4 90. Pearls continue vet y dull at $9. ri.uvr ? nrm. western, gOO<1 barrels, fetch, hut nut in any quantity, $4 abbi. Cotton.?The market to day is very inactive, al>out700 bales sold in small Iota: about .100 bale* taken by spinners residue for export ; prices unsettled. Several holders are withdrawing their supplies in hopes a more active damand w ill follow the arrival of the steamer. Freights are a,raii> dull at jd for square bales, and ]d for rouad hales. Real Kst.iti.?The following sales were made at auc tion: ? The dwelling house and lot No lll^Crosby at. I.ot 333 feet front by 84 deep $4,000 Frame cottage house and lot No 183 Ludlow *t. , Lot 33 leet tiy half the block, r 3,400 Lot No. M Beekman street, with the buildings thereon. Lot 341 feet Iront 35 leet rear, 88} ft dei p one side 70 feat the other 8,000 Lot West side of Avenue A, between Tenth and F.leventh streets. 33} feet by 94 1,000 Lot adjoining same dimensions 1000 Store and dwelling 335 Fulton St. near Greenwich street, house 33 hy 33, lot 33 by 83 feet, 8,900 Two story attic house and lot No. 147 Hammond street Lot 30 feet Iront, It rear hy 73 deep. . 9,440 Four yerrs lease of lot corner Bcammel and Madison sts 3.10 Lot in 79th street near 3d avenue, S3 faet front and rear by 98} feet 800 Lot adjoining same size . 770 " 830 Lr-AfHi.*.?At auction this morning, 9000 aides Hem lock sole leather were disposed of aa follows:? Light weights jg tlgr cen Middle " 14]al8l " Heavy ' ; I3]al4l " Good damaged 13 al3^ " Cotton market. Hatann is, Mar#l 18.?The sales of the week have been very limited, amounting in ad to only 1318 hales, 1048 of which weie Upland, ^\l. : 37 lit 7}, 34 at 7}, 13 at 8.' Hi at Hi 3flH at H , 119 at 81 397 at 9l, 71 at 8} 73 at hj, and 16 bale' at 8f cents. Irtu inles Hen Island, I lit 18 8 at Ji| la at 301 13 at 31, 14 at 311 31 at 33, I8at33, 31 at 34, 4 at 37 iu at lined at 8 4 at 7, 18 at N, 13 at 9, and I at l.lcnntj iwr lb. lino' Minns Inferior to ordinary 7} a 7}, middling *} a Hi, middling fan 8} a 8], fair 8} a 8jj. fully fair 8] a ?, goon fair 9 a?. Ni.wOsi eani, Match II.?The sales of cotton on Saturday amounted to upwatdi of 4,000 balea at former prices, lint generally speaking holders are less disposed to meet bnv era a? promptly as before. The principal portion ol the business is for Kngland. I Liverpool ClaMiflcasion?Louisiana and Miaabai ppl I Inferior 6 a 81 ; Ordinary 84 a 7| ; Middling 7} a 8J ; do fair a 8j ;Fair 9 a 9/ ; Good hair 9J r 10 ; Good and j ; Fine 10^. _____ Brighton Cattle Market. Mabch 18?At market 490 Beef Cattle, 13 pairs Working Oxen, 660 Sheep and 270 Swine. 60 Beef Cattle uuI sold. Prices?Beef Cattle?We quote a few extra at $5; first I quality $4 60a*4 76; second quality $4 00 a*l 50; third j quality $3 S0a?4 Working Oien.?We noticed a few sales, viz: ?78, ?8*, ! and *90 I Shr? r.?Small lots from*! 76 to *3 02. Swink.?Lot* to peddle, 6c for Sow. ami 6c for Barrows I At retail from 5 to 7c. Married, On Sunday, 17th in?t , ia Mat ket street church, by the i Rev Dr. Ferris, Mr Hissr A Allen to Miss Amanda Z. I Barker, both of this city. Connecticut papers please copy. foreign Iluportettona. Thinii>ai, Dk Ci ha?Brig Alvana?114 t lids 19 tcs molastes K I)? Zaldu-liT iilid. 17 tcs I h-sielsin Si Pon?ert. Matansas ?tliia Cyrus?495 lihds 2li tcs 2u lik. molasses 3 cesea srgtrt I has swatineits4 kegs coffee F t) Thurston Mavac.i n?h< hr (i. /elle?134 lid. sugar 18 do n>oU?s-s 10.) bags coffee Meyer k Stuclien. MARITIME HERALD. I Killing Dajra of the Mteam Hiilpi skom Livfitrooi.. tnom *??.* ?!. 1 Caledonia, Mar. 5 April I I | Acadia, Hhan Apr. 4 May 1 . I Hioeruia, Ryrje Aprl, 19 May 't ' O Western. Matthews Apr 27 May 23 . I (4 Britain Htaknt Vlav 25 Inne 20 | foreign Letter Baca. { Hereafter, Letter and New?paie-r Bar* Tor all parti of the ] World, will be made up nt the HrRatD Office. I Notice to Pilots and Captalna of Veaaela. All Pilnti auil Captains of vessels are requested to note the fact that Robert 8. Martin, formarly our ihip newi collector, not now in our employ. He is sot, therrfe a, to receive any newip peri orreporti mended for the >ew York Henld , hip (Haitara and Agents I We shall esteem it a Captains of Vessel! millgirr < to Commodore Rohki\t Silvev. of our News Fleet, a 1le- < port of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, the ' Vessels Spokeu on their Passage, a List of their Cargo, am 1 any Foreign Newspapers or News they may have. He will 1 board them immediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondents, at home or abroad, will also confer a laror br ending to this Office all tbe Marine Intelligence they eas I obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will lis thankful!* received I PORT OF NKW W>U, IAMB M. SUN RISES 6 0 I MOON 10 0.1 ' sun sets 6 13 i hioh wat 11 ob ] uitarca Ship Hector. Spencer. Liverpool, K. D Hnrlbut A Co? 1 Barquei Mary El leu, "tevena New Orleans; Wabash, Tab- 1 hilta,Ap-l iehic"la. E 0 Hurlhut A Co?Brigs Kugeue Di ink water, Poilo h ico, Nejmi h A Walsh: Mo ei, Eorar, Mobile. E D lluilbui A Cot Laurel, Miytiew, New Smyrna, Ka. muster; Annawaiida Hu'rhiusnn, St. Thomas S W. Lewi.? Sclirs l ady Clintsii Ri hmoud, N. L McCreidy A Co; Ku>eline, Nichols. Philadelphia; Brett A Vose; Nassau, Howes, Matauzas, Koatrr A Nickerson. Arrived. Barque Mary Kimb II, 15 days from ApaUchicola, with cotton. to master. Brir Alvana, Pice 29 days from Trinidad de Cuba, with mo. lasses toChastelaiu A Convert Brig Cyrus, Woodbuiy, 13 dsys Matarzas, with molasirs t > F O I liunt'in Vessels left before renorlei Th 1 C. tint being able to g-t a pilot vest rday. in following a sclir iu shore, ran ashore ou Rom r Shoals, where she I >y four houes, thumping very h-rJ, which stv.n-l the brig Iraking and stove soni ol' the molasses Schr Gazelle, Springer, 22 days from Mayagues, PR with sugar aud molasses, to Meyer A Stucken. Veis Is left before te ported , Sclir Enterprise, Swain, 5 days from Nantucket, with oil. to J Macy A Son. Below. One barque?Wind NNE. Sailed. SIlip Louisvilie, Hunt, New Orleans: barque Providence. Vi'ion. Mobile; barque Waahingt u, (Ham) Kruger, Hamburgh; brig Hasan, To asco, and othars. Miscellaneous. Packet Ship Hottinoueh, Buraley, for Liverpool, is detained in consequence of head wiuds. Brio Joseph <Jorhsm, huilc in IB"!), HO 49-9) tons burthen, ao'd bv auction in the Merchants' F.i~ha-g?. for (2 85V We learn that the whole number of vessels in the harbor of New York on the 17th inst, was one thousaud and eleven, exclusive of s'eam, tow and canal boats, Sciir Virginia sunk hv the Kmily has drifted ashore n?ar theioiutof he Honk The steamer Herculea went down to ( her vestrday. but returned on account of a htavy sea 8chr Gentile, of Gloucester, Hives, bound 'o Boston. , with a cargo of tlour. we it ashore oil Ma'ison Beach, Ct, at one o'clo, K on Tup day inoruing in a snow squall. Vessel and cargo wiil probably be saved. 8cHR Hit1.1,r.arors r, of Newbnryport, Woodbury, t'ardenas 5th iust. via NYoik for Boston, put into Newport 18th inst, for repairs, having canied away head of mainmast night before off Kir Island. ( St hr Maria, Ashler, of Piovidenc?. from Wilmington, N C. lor Nassau, with a load of lumber, was totally lost ou Aba co, 24th ult. Crew saved and carried to Nassau, N P, by wreck'rs. Ship Tiber, of New York, Baker, from Boston, wi'h a cargo of empty lihil. for Hulls, was lost on the Uerrv Islands 29th ult Crew saved, with a portion of the materials, and car ried iuto Nassau. Br. "Imp Ayrshire, B irker, from Mobile, with a cargo of cotton for Liverpool, which had | ut into Hanover Harbor with loss of rodder, was diiven asho e 28th Keb with 3 anchors down duriug a no'thsrn atom ?Ship bilged and would ties total lost?car so and materials sav-d A portion of the cargo in a dtma.ed state, (,'ai t Darker ai d a part of the crew of the cr ship Ayrshire, CaptHwasey and lady. Mist u at sen pasaeu gers and the crew of the Independence, the crew of the Maria, and a psrt -f the crew of the T en. have all arrived at I'harU.. toil in Ilie .Mary C ark. Bit ScHR MtietltT. from Sarnirah. with a cargo of rife, for Nassau, w ,-s totally lost on the Ki li Reef Key, about ll e 1 23d. crew and passengers eared. After liaviuK spent a |a-ril< us nutht they CMMM "ted a rait and we.e drifted ash re iu the vi- I einity of iha wiack? from which titutin they wan -escutd ' d liken o Nassau. NP. ' Ship Abhors;?Just as the M C w?s leering Nassau, NP ' intelligence w<a receired of a ship from Boston fo Mobile, having Koue ashore on Eleuthera name uuknnwii Vs ssai.s Anions.?The Garland. from Tn-ka Island at New Or eans, reports having seeu ou the 3d inst a barque ashore ?> i (ha reef off ('ape Antonio, totally >tiip,ed and abandon d.suppoaedtofceau English s.ssel. Had a hi^li poop deck The Palmyra, alao at. New Orleans made the N Pass Light on (he m' ruing i f lhe3. inst and Continued within 12 miles of the light until (h* 5-.h iu>t On the 2d inst. saw a brig on the aoulh end of Dog Ke< a, apparent!- iMtiOWIllWW Ou dnttl inai (lie N. K f'as> Light hearing WWW dis'ant 12 miles, was bearded by It e revenue cutler Nan ilus. Wh i lenieis Newport. Ma*e.h 18?Ar Pocaboiifa. Barker, from Atlantic Ocean, last from Hawa B.n , St I) inmgo. Feb 22, with 26 sp nil, i eluding 100 sent home. Spoke, F h 2Uih L'r Franklin. ' Fiaocis. of Westport, J inns ou . w ith 326 bids; ,The phi in Chase, Baker, do, '4 inos. 320; Lagrange, Lumburt ir.poia tt, 10 m a. 80; Cart r Braitoii, sparks, of Proridrnce, 7^ inos, 125, and saw her take a large wm e afterwar ; (rem.Nick | erson.ofi'o, II moe, *40; Fairy, (oik of no G mo?. oil no' ( slat-a; Bellnle, Smith, of do, I mo, no oil; Esquimaux, Cook do do. Spoken Red J-cket. 15 days l.ence fr r Cienlueg a, lit inat of the her- ' bor?by the A'eana. at 'his port Julia, from Trinidad lor I hi adelphia, 14th iuat. lat 24. 26. Ion 1 87?bv same Virsinian, from NVork fcr Lieerpnol, March I3 P M. 31 mi ea 8 of Moutaug: anon aftir, Qurb c I'm d > f.r Loudon , Lion, from Matanzss for Button, 8tli instant, olf Reef. F.milv Cummmga. Whitney, from New Orleans for Guadaloupe. 6th mat off Florida Delaware, Fisher, fro.n New Orleans, for Philadelphia, 12th 1 lai 33, Ion 76 10 -amurl, Telford, from Cardenas fur Portland, 9th inat, lat 31, 44, In 69, 10. Richmond, from Boaton, for New Orleuis, 15th inst. lat 31, < 30 lo.i 70 Hero, Curtis, from New Otle&na for Martinique, 9tli inat. lat W, 85, Ion 67, 50. i foreign Porte Falmouth, (Jam.) Feb. 19.?In port, Kcho, Dyer, New Orleans tlai.ep.sToa, Feb 29?In port, Gilreitrio, Burr, NYork Mstssisi, March 12?In port, Aeernn, Jordor, Burmali ForH; Attica Mcullan; Delia Walk r. Lncram; I)ro;nof DpTereaux lluxhury, (linden: Eliza, Talbot; Florence, Leacli; Henry Newe I. Druinmorid; Hiidion, Pnckman; Mary Frances. Thnmoa; Qniuuei.ray, Patton; Rothschild, Lowry: Tur lo, B sucinmp; Arch, John ion; ( ronatnd'; Cord lia, Crockett; Clial-a tli ma?. Utgo d; Lore Stoddart; Emerald. Fra'Ceville; Financier, 8a-gent; Kre man, Kichu.o d; Ouliel na, Msvo; Gaz-lle, Ul-irer; Ha"i tt, Ai dross; John H le- < phena, Hall; La Grange. Keyser; Lulia llsley; MTiuok I, ' lhum|it<n; N-w P.n.laud, Gra -ger; t'lalo, ai-at; Pa- saco,? Walker; Triumph, Sh phe>d; Wudi-s P Walter, E''grcomnS Cul-'iado Swa't Aiiawan. Trundy; K.lixa Wane" Plumme ; Emerald, 8, iow; John, Mm ny; .Mary Sin I't.Wor th ugtou; .Mary Uanimond. Norwood; and Presul ur, Clatk ' Port Korsi.. ( latn ) Feb. II ?In port. Jo-eph Howe, L-ury New York. Ilili, St Mary. Baker, do; Homer, Wetta. do ' 20th, Hoaalie Philadelphia; Comet, Vea-y, NOrleana. Saile. I8rh. Rio, G iftiu, At akapa-. Tamilian net t;e?. Feb 20?In port. Crusoe. ThilsrVlphia, Idg; Terumaeh, lilt; Canonic a Cop land, lor New h rk, in 6 da; Beiaey Jat e, T omas for Philadelphia, Idg; Juds- n. for N York, d : H.'.rnet, Brown, m Boston, nnc; Geu Brtoki Pike f r Salem, do; Porto R co Giay, fro Jirraica, in quar; Caspi- ' in, ol I hilad--l hia. do; Bea>er, McKinley, for Boston, Idg; I Orient, of Harrington, in quarantine. i limn* Porta Portla-JD, March 18-Arr Hrgan Caleb, Card-res; Abb* ' thulij, Kellev Portsmouth; Emily knight, fmm I amd-n. for 0' arl- vV idow. Wadman. Vfill/'?L -...a Baltimore; Brtsey I riv. uri.ver, rhnmaatnii for K Vork ? H|?l Klizabeth. .Monument ti W Knight. *,,<1 William. KnaNaronT, March li?Sid, IJnn ditch, Kmery, lor |Mnr''WVnuitvPOliT, March 19?Arr Ivanhoe, Hoyt, fom I'lnla 1 d'.phia. Sai.icm, "ar h 19?C'd, Herald, Ayrra, Africa; Cardinal, llawku.a. New Vork Boitom, March 70 ? Arr No-antuin, King, fin NewOrleana | I'll lint off Loo Ke . carh'd signs a wi h Kben I'ri-he, from i Providence for Mobile; and (' f n l.iv.rpiol for New ? Mrlea a. alio. I2'li lliimitag. Iin M Vork for V|..bie The N I (rounded hii the Lower Mobile an hour before b'gh w-ler \ea- j | rerday, where ahe anil Mnnin, nlan arr N |nj|e n. Jordan, I'ar'en ia Sih Inat VeP|>lal tlbrfnerp rled Paa ed (o i>( in Clin, .Mart* ck, Irn Nbtamu The N came to. anchor in i Houae Channel on Momliy nmkt in a eavy a.|ual |> m i I e westward?let g? both a. chnra-nd piid oat all the chains, I j heat bower chain paried ami toe other dragged ahont 2 inilea , when it fetched up; alao arr \1iddl an, Kiln tt, Ntw Orleans; Peru Wade, I urka la'and; So itherner, llallelt, Mobile; Tura, I White Philidel| hia; I'lymoulh Good rue Buenoa Avrea, . L'Onent, Knith',Trinidad; I incelu. Kllia, Havana; llihernia, ] S.-trr, .Mataoxrs; 8n?an, Pitiee, Turka laland; Talni. K|Iridge, Philadelphia; Maiy, Drink w ater, Wilmington. NC; Wo'no't, Hyder. and Marietta, Nor ia NVoik '1 eUgrrphrd ( Amity, Pike, lO' New Orleana. Signal fork bari|nea. one ?np- , lioaed tne Hnma fm Sivanuah, and a brig. Cld faml N Oo t ' Gray Point. Petra (iuad; Fla'o Ii h'nney, Naw Orleana, Ho j man, Diane, 11 ha leat'ii; Amelia, Kriabee, Norfolk, t by Point a itl Itichmrnd; ' ambridge, Hall; A M Hah , I htae, anil 14.* j nier Nbkeisnn. a Vork " t'oRTlMotjTH Mar< h 17?*14 Neater, Mo<ea, Mobile; AbIralhula Kel'ev P rlland Nrw Bhliriiai). M-rch 19?Arr Roger Parmlee, Burt New Vor' ; JOth arr Apphia, Hammond, Wilmington, AC; Vieto- 1 ri , Cnaileg on. , J KDcanrown, March 17?Sid ( r."ina, and Voltaire, noaton. i 9 li arr Helen vlnr, V eriII, N Vork for Nowlmr port; Herald, a Plnla I for do; Hern, M|ii,utdiiig and Potomac. Duncan, N Vork frr Uoaton?20ih, a (1 lh? above _ ,, I' Kal i., M .r 1#--Arr Reward, Jatnekon. Norfolk?Sid j Will Tia ,tno on Htmrl Diltimn e; I9'h, ir Jainra Barbour r ' her Phil nl; Mo itor I uinni'iiga. am' I H llorilv.., Lewis, J NYork t vanrtic*a;t, March l??Slrl Enterpr ?e. Swtin Ndork. ,i Wiinn, RI. March II? Air trances, from Marauds. 3d I inaraat BniaTOL, March 19?Arr Splendid. Pitmin Havana?haa ' (wienred very aeve e weather during iwaa'ge; Willinl Ml'- ' . N Vork Inr Providence ? 17th aid Neptune, (rla.dii.g, MaMtaaa Pbov.omci, March 1#-Anr Tecumaeh. Child, NYork-8ld lirand Turk. Porter; Paragon, brayton, Apalacliicola. I Hll.alil l rHU, March 21?Arr. Monoixahrla, fc Turley, ? Liverpool; Philura, Dome, Mobile; Brandywine, Smack. Hio If Janeiro; Mary Wilkri, Gait, Miuaiu; Arkamaa, Tylor, Kraukfort. Mf. CI'd. KliobetH, Keiniugtou. Havana. K.eonony. Steel man. New York, Philadelphia, Barnard. Nai tucket. . Arr. in lli. Hchaylkill, K.lixa VVjll ama, Boll-a, N Condon. In{ Nonroi k. March 17?Sid, Virmniau, Bedell NYork. Flo- q' ida Nichola, Philadelphia, and a'l the i utward bound veneli s' m below |? h. are Cotton Plant. Bollea.N York; r lis t Aun, 'ilxmrnM, .alaiai.zaa-. pilot bo t Henry clay, from a crui.e? _J tepniti a I ihe, utward bou, d v-aela aa ? aviug ?o, e to ?ea rn lUmploii Koada. includiuK Griffon for Hicilv and Hernial t_ Yiltahire. Itn la" ea Hirer f r Europe ar,d AndroacnggiU, for 1 rtland. Two binjue- lm >n went up the bay yeaterdav. ?? Hichmond, March 19?Hid. Hart Ntork I it ihli'itok, via-eli 12? Hid, hi Mark Hutm-ji, NewYork p? 7th. < a henue Perry, NYork; hind Palmealon K trav, Li- j|, rrpool; J me Dutt'iia McDoii-ld. A-,; Hector, Ar.deraou.u aa- -p. low; Sir Jamea Kempt, Archibald, Lirerp ml; Me|itta. Jaob- f, on, plena* ura; llaabei, Hi?e, (oMrnha.eii; barfine, Croaby sf 'mv'd-nce 16th, arr, Mart Clark, Sweet, Naiaau; Como, a, Cldridge. Boaiou; Heorge, Hull, NYork , , Saraaiaan March 16-Arr, .Mercniuit, Jordou. Boaton; Ca- a,i oline, Boaton; Harriet, Panning, Bolton. I Id ()>car, Keina, Xotierdam I it h In-low two Oiitiah ahipa and a aehr 8,.i ei't -? Br) A'eainder, Kilno ud? S roug, St Johua, NB; (Br) AbiOier Bryaou, Ht J hna, II n Monu.K, March 12?Cld. Viola, Je-niaon, Boaton; Portanouth, O'over, NewYo k. Fornioaa, Crawford, do; Balfour, T Ivrreiul. Liverpool Arr, Kbeu P able. Perki n, Providence; 1. Awedeu, Houi.ui, Boaton; Crolon Souillard, NY rk; Linden Williama. do 11th, Cld, Jtobt laaaea. Barrell, NYork; One- |), :o, Butler, Phiiadelnnia; Kliaa k Silvan. Dyer, do;1cllu?. f?t Lewia. Hoii"n Arr, M-rkaret Pollock, Pye, Liverpool; Sy- pi netry, Gilpin, do; Ktiervi r, Farwell. B xion Pi Sr. Ai'ui'aTiNa. March 12?Arr, Marion, NYork. Kuan HI.IN, (La.) Feb. 27?Meteor. Stevena, NYork 20th, Merchant. Stevena, do; 23d, Watchman, Hikn.a. do; Nile, V Sell, No f Ik; 2tlh. Tainpico, Neagle, do; 25th, Sarah k Ma- 1 V Balea, do. M Ni.wtiRi.vaNa, March 10?Cld, Thetnia, (Br) Brown,Li- gi rerio-'l Salami Ma-alieln, Boaton; Queen Victoria, Ita-tl'tt. NYork. iluaaia, Gardiner. do; Nancy \V Stereo, S eve v, do; PI .ml in.l I m|.V.I> Ilk Ir.r- It? I- - Mil Br) Utrbadnea; Opeuaugo, Vott, B- >1011; Si oc, Oabo'u.New M xnrk; Lorn 10, lie, deraon ?l ; ttomen, Young do. Arr Am- ?vi 0 Labew, H10 Jaoiro; Palmyra Bara'nw, Bo-t 11; H.Uh, \] II.1111 oud N York; Cheater, Via Dyke. Philadelphia Lnum in* K.ueoy. NY rk; Moatpelier, Htnckpob, d : Kdinhuiith, I'r ckrr do; Garland (Br) "out, Turk* Maud; * liaittippi, Rairdeu. N > oik; Gi'ralta , Galea, Ball.more; Train, Bring*. Lor mm; 1 e-u. I'?ik?r, Waanugtmi, YIC MARY HOWITT'8 NKW WORK. JAMES MO IVA TT <$- CO., 174 BROADWAY, N. Y., PURII-H l'H|S"AY fRlCK tS CRNTS, A THE CHILD'S PICTURE AND PERSE-ROOK, E TuANdUATfe" from the German vMAH) HOWIrT, (T I wiih Eiigrnv in**, dmgurd by the celebntel OTTO "" SPHCKTKK. Thia it tha m at I ifhly girix d andwidrycir- " Mileied wnik ever 1 u liihrd for thr young ii Germany. Ilia 1 lightfnlly irodrrro iuto K??liah by Mary Hewitt and cm :aii.a a great variety of xquisite piecea auiia'da to br co limited to memory by young people. The rngravinga alto are ve.y , ' ipirited. m22 It* 0 ' THE BOSTON YANKEE ?i fVK THIS WEEK contain* the Kirat Chapter of a New Tale written txprtaaly for thia paper, by Profaaaor Ingnhim, eu' ' ~~ EL PI HAT A OK THE RIGOLETS. J OR. LAST NIGHT OK CARNIVAL. 1 A Tale of Now Orlrana. I* Each number ia emhelluhad with a 1 u'endid Wood Cnt, an- V liared in the Brat at\I of the art, Plinte I on a large olio all rt; I' lie conteuta of which ar* varied ?uil interea Irg 'I h* cor- ei re.poi d-m e lr m thia city it worihy 1 ernaal?a daguerreotype new ben.g given < f the werkly oec';rr?ncea of <fo ham Eve.v in pe'aoii deairout of obviutug a noodKatnilyNew.inner.wi'l find ci hit dec idediy the cheapeat and beat paper 1 riuled.b iog full of ai luii. wit and apict a yiuxa w Si. gle copiea pri a 3 ceuta, $1,30 per ann"m. I J A. 1UTTLE, Agent, w ir22 2t i**rc .>0 C Aon rtreet. ' THE SECOND GRAND EXHIBITION t thefffert' pr^ "ceil by lulia'itiff xifr ua ?>nd*\ or EXHILARATING OR LAUGHING GAS, j? will b* gi '* ? m fht* BROADWAY TABERNACLE, u MONDAY EVENING. MA R C II $5. 100 Gallon* of Gaa will bepreoared. (,ud a inucn l-*a quantity w**'ed than ~ at the laatexhibition) an t at ample o p -rtunity will beuflold- A ed for all who with to take it. 1 No peraon will be allowed to ataad on the atag* except thoie , who take the traa . 3 0*0 T CKKTS ONLY will he iaaued to that all can be r c mfoittbly leeted. The public may rely on thia T welve Oikcera are engaged to jireaerye order. , . p?v.?i? nc^mi.1 II1C ics- rillini' nn.ltnu I ' win could not Rrt in, in consequence of til- crowd, will lip admitted <r?e bv nchsnging tlipir tickers at ihp Ticket Otlicp. T? avoid inconvenience fiatn th great crowd at the Ticket Office, it ia recommended thit all tlioae who can will supply themselves wilh tickets at the atorea whfp they a'e for sale, \ before (he ptpii iir iifeotertaiument It la hoped that ike present exhib tion, like the first, will be graced b a large pro|iortioii of ladiea. [Cr*Wteii the 3 uU# 1 icketa are received, the dooia will he f closed and no more oeraona admitted The Doorkeepers mu-t|iiot be reqaired to receive money, a* they cannot receive mouey and '1 icketa too? it ia hoi ed that A thia will be ob?erved |? The entert-inment will cloae by exploding Ox'geu and Hydro- p, xeo Gas in a cannon prepared f r the purpose?proving thai oi ware-, (which is coinpo*ed o| Osigan and Hydrogen,) although ai regarded aa 'he opposite of tire, is composed ot the must com in buatible materials tr MR. G. Q. COLTON, . Who again has the honor to prea> ntthis tu'er ainraent, assures I* the Ladies and Gentlemen who ntt-uded his first, that he will t! utu lua utmost endeavors to preserve peifect o de'and deemni, " that cot ihe most "astidii us may havt ore isiou ro complain 0 I he unavoidab'e delay, and the slight errors of the first eveu- u iu wll lie carefully cnrreced ({"/"Tickets 25 ceute-to be had at A twill's. Hew en's. Win DiioisV J. Itil-y's Milh-t.'s. Stoddard St (to.'a hirlhSt t Hall's Muric Stores and at the Bookstores of Ssxton Ik Miles, M. W. l)i dd. and (J. S. Kiancis. Also at the door ou the *' (Venial of entertainment. B IC7" Doors oren at 6 o'clock?T'lforiiiance to commence at f>? o'clock precisely. ui22 3t*ec ~ LAMBERT ON THIS PHILOSOPHY OF LIVING. TIIK BKOOND LECTURE of the! una will be on the Biain and Nervous System, illustrated bv taking in pieces a the Modelr d'Homme. the Manikin Sir where 'lie parrs ere re- ^ iire-entrd with the gresiest precision, and will be given on o Vridny k'.veniug, Match Sad. in tlie society Library, at i 7?ii'clock , Tickets to the Course $2?to a single Lecture SO cents, ad- | rri'ting a Gentleman mid Lady in22 It rc 2 FAT BEEF! FAT BEEF!! J 11 Thr Kan If snfftrM Little tiirdu In fiina "PHK SUl'Eli fbll ,\Ti(,K WHITE"TWIN1 HeIH'FKRS, ' * Polly <uo Susan Klizaheth, lUti wrre cxlnbittd through li* ritv on Moud x. Ia*. , die uuw si ?ir h re red aud c tu be it thr ^l?uitUer Hou?eoi the ruhtcriher un il t*rif&y. The >ubl;C <tre rtMiv-cifu ly iiiv.led to call an 1 view the same. Th? V 3 ire ronsii'err'd *>y comp tent jtidgvw In b* tuinrior to air thing f the kind flared t*?i **asr?u. rhevr will be mums *d for ?ale ju SATURDAY NEXT. 21' ina' ' Stall 38 Pulton Market, by THOB. M. I U.NKI MB. .' "V. B ? The ,.uhli* may rent aatur>a>l li t the anhacriher will \ iff-r fur aale ou that day. uo ie but H. ifT.-r Beef Slaughter llnuap j li alteet Mir Ut Are ue THOM XS M. JENKINS, ut22 2i*re Bull 31 Kutlon M.rket. j <2IX L AIM IE AWNINi; POSTS with Railing., almo.l * i ew, f r aale at a reaa mab.e price, at No. 10 John atieei m22 2t*ec l-'K K.NCM FL(IWFR.S?FK KNC11 FFUWFK^ ( JU* l' JIKC Kl V f.l) bv the S u line ri tier and for aale on reaaou- *. able iirni, two caaea ol French Ariiftci I Klow-' ? M'tarne. JOSEPH DUPHE, if' tn22 l?*ec No 7 Old Slip, up atalra. y NOTICE?Pe-aona are he-eliy c.itilri??d again t iru.tir.g fie ti crrw of the Swell all Ship bhUNll) I, anl mr Seulnli at Urig .(III X N, a. their cl-bli will not be pa> I bv the ' apt iua * 'i ' mi,11a i?a oi'2]tev. 3ddy*rc ' P.CRKT .HI HOPTENOKUH, FOR 1.1vKTTPOOI,. J< l abiii 'ai?nig-ra mill 11'ia-b on boa d tua.hli' w at aide n Jiu ing al p, tlua Thuraday Vorun g. /.t 12 n'rlocit piecwely. hi I h - Letter Paga will cloaa nl Ofp ua', ilalea' and llarnd ni'i at h If aat II m22'n PACKET dHIP LI Vl-.K OOL. I'um Liverpool. Couaigneea |ier tli < a iip wi'l pi-ae uk* notice t ia? ?be la tow diacliirgiur undtr general mdrrai we?tai e "urluig alip. VVOODHt LL k. MINTURnH, ?n in22ee 87 Sou h atrert. I Ql'ATK ()K MlTsisHim-WflBBMlA i tJ N'TY J Circuit Lou t. Wedueaitay, Note inb*i 22d. HI I t amncl F. liutkrwoith ) Thia djy cine l e plaintiff 111 ii ! by hia Attorney, and in Ina r Wa-'?n Kimball. ) noti >n, itiaordeed hy the Court nit |.iili ic 11on be made in the New York 11-ralu for an 1 wee a auccaaaively, uoii.yiug'he defenda l< of ihiaau.t, and iiitraa he, on or befo.t the neat ter.n of thia ('ourt, plead or uawer ib murrcr theielo, judgment will be eutered agaiual lum liy default i A true copy Irom Vlioutea of aaid ('ourt.* I A. MAXWELL, Cle-k y March the(th. IBM. "i22 k* e?? da re AUCTION SALES. . J Md.ViAU BELL. Auctioneer (Hiart No. BA Ann itreet.) AUCTION NOT1CK?Hegular Sale of Dry Ooods, Cloth- A t Hod Kat cy Artirla firry J ursday nud Friday. Sale of Furniture of all descriptions every VVsdnesday and turdsy. Ou'-door Sales of a'l deac rations artanded 10 at nsnal. nil lw*n> di A C. 'I U I' I I-l, " uc i' wot, I! fARDWARr, iJlL'RJ i-l.Vt fee 1A OR P 41 I PL ATTN Twe'ftl. Sp i ik Trad* Hard w a e Sj le 'h.? wa n, wil'take pla Tbn Day ai 10 o'c'eck, a' th? Menb<nt?' tchaige Aofii II lino-n, No 21 *tn*t, c mpriao a 2? .rk'ntrs a- d Lota of fresh imp-nted desir ble Heavy and Si all n trowel*. <?'.in n O. "da, he. AI?o a Inrge Assortment if ltd* a> d Pocket I Ul'arv Also, Do., ratio II<rdnrue eii: ? it Tack-. Brt la, s arrowhilU H v Forks C Ifee Mills. ('S ick?' II nun >s, 1-iuible ?. l, L m . ud l''d Cords, u c s, Saw Sr'ta Ihui in Mom ,ri nd(i od> In- A I so :tsks Aoid-cr'wt assented. Also. 4 c.alis Limine Hi n i riad Also.atllo' lock au iuvoi- e 'i do . bl* and tingle reel tiuns. Catsl. suet - is n< w r adi, nud 'hi goods can be ,mmed 'till the hour of sale. Teiais sis mint la. < m22 lt?r? 'CAMELIAS, iVC. AT AUCTION. ? F.VY It SPOON bill will sell nu Kiidav 'nioruiiig at II * o'clock, at. liI Br-adwn\?a splendid collection of fine ? suts, rousisliug of Cainelms, Oraug* 1 lees in fruit and iwers. Standard Ross, m full bloom, Mots Standard and hill* a audard ditto. Per|>elu I d tin, (.'I oice Rose Biithes sou si for | soling i' gardeus. with othvr fine p'auts iu beautiful order. T p A OAKIl. HAVE takso the Store No 91 Wall street, for the purpose u of transacting a GENERAL AUCTION AND COM ? IS8ION BUSINESS. Csntignments solicited. Bales ,, tarauleed and cashed, or advances made when required ! JOHN 8. BETTa. J, I beg leave te refer as fellows * esars L. ' Hoffman k Co Messrs, Thompson V. Adams. , r. Moses T'>lor f'er-inian, Nash It Co j essrs. ^iMiffard, Tiles lou St " War,en k Bnntnall. v l o Mr H T. Nicoll " P. Harmony's Nr- Messrs. Dater, Miller k Co. , phews h Co " Hturges, Brnnet k Cs " Talbot, Olvphant k " C. k L. Ueuisou k , Co Co. . " Theo.VictorkDuck- " Edward O Fails k sen*. Co " D# Cevster k Whit- " Bsbcsek k '"o. marsh. I in 10 2wis*m WAKKEN-STREET IKOPKKTY FOh BALE J AT AUCTION?Tha neat ai d cuurenieiit Two ftory Dwelling House and Lot, in I e, No 92 Warren a rest, itiii* a two story b ck building at'achsd. with vaults frnnt d re-r, wi'l We so'd by E. 'I I.I'LL iW k Co , Auctiouees, he k xhang- on t-a'urdav March 12th, ai 12 o'elock. The Lot is 101 leet deep with a well built House, having arble mantles and a superior range in the kitchen, and fur mveiiieuce ol siluatiou aa well as construction is not surs?ed Aa the money is not leqairsd, a la'ge proportion can remain I bond and m irlgaae m20 4" re. ^ NKW^BRICrliTON PROPERTY FOR SALE AT AUCTION. M THK M \Nt4ION HOUBE AND GROUNDS OK BiTHOMAAK. DAVIS. Esii and the Bc.LMONT and JJLbKIOHTON HOUSES, at New Brighton, 8taieu j Hud. will be peremptorily sold, a- public auction, at the lerch-nt*' hxchage, bv HALLIDAY k JENKINS, on uetday, the 26th day ef March tint, at 12 o'clock, if not preiimsly dispose' of at priesle sale The Mansion Honse is one of the most splendid establisheats in t)ie United Stales. The main building stands in the litre of I6ur or five aces as now enclosed It, is very exteore and commodious; the main wills a e built of ma ble, the liiile surrounded b>;i jim ,aud all liuished iu the best manner he site cannot he suipassed. It c<inm tnds a view of the hole of tne B iy of New Yo'k. extending up the North and ast Hivera New York, Brooklvn, the Long Island Sherv. rough the Nariows to tne Ocean, and a I arge portion of New rsey The Belmont end Brighton Housee are both extensive buildigs, very peaaantly aitnaied. nearly opposite the Sieamtioat anding, and well calculated lor large boarding house* or hols. For a diagram and further particulars, apply to H CURTI89, flJtoMrS6*ec 42 Wall street .itaTk ta" STEAMBOAT FOIl SALE-Will he tamJ^kasqaKsold nt the Vlerch-ints' Exchange in this city, Ci3CX-oii the '"1th day of Mar. li insttnt, nt 2 o'clock nooikhyANT !<>NY I. Bl.EECKEH k''O'., Auction rs, tS STEAMBOAT VIROI MA. with >11 tlm lack eann irnitnre now in or brloiigiug to it. The said s'e imboat is of le burthen of shout IK tous; iu h- gth abuut OS fet. with a , lender of 40 inches and a seven Co .1 stroke. It is wsll calcuted f ir a tOWboat. Terms of Sale and any other information that may be desited, I ill .,* communicated on application to JOll s COLUAN, II Jsmee street. The steamboat it now lying ul the foot of Chamhe's street, f K. m 101026" sc THE INVISIBLE PARTINGS, NR OENTLEMKN8' HE\L HEA 8 OK HAIR, bting . ' the latest and rresteit iinproyeoient in the manufscture of WIGS AND SCALPS, ,nd the Subscriber it tmipy in heing the first to introduce th*m ere. They display ihe forehead and t.emp'et to any height, a n-nt ill WIU inskine noser before ell.,..-.1 OH.-.. . 1 r ventilating or if >aaain*r work, the kaira in the parting teiug i egly inverted ami ao equall y dull ihuted aa to an| eir juat iaau- , if froin iheakiu. They tit on the head by a mechanical con ivance, entirely new They are |>ut on in a moment Toey i nmeuiatelv adapt tr emielvea to the countrn nice, and at one* come put ml petrel of the ii?i g in in They do noteneck le natural i ourae of perapiration?thi< fact alone i> worthy of rratco iaide.a<i in to aoulhern geut'eineii By beiug c mpoard > fthe tineat nttnral curled hiir they never reqnire uresaiug or ' raugemenl; and 'hey are tnede Of a new n'ti they never c irink Gentlemen can have i chnic* of aeveral hundred Wiita id Hralpv, aud a private room to fit llietn on in. Pricee from 6 to $ 6 E. I'lnlou leinectfully invitea all wetrere to etufine hii ock of Wiraand Scalpe beiore porchaaing ehevahere. Copy le addreaa JC.Al.kLON. , ai22 lm*ec 12 14 Broadway, oppoaite Si. Paul'* Church. j month Ly kkpohFok thkT NKW YORK ' MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, 1 No. 76 Chualwre at reef CASKS SUCCKSSKIII.CV THE A TKB Prim rv Conauinptmu cured 2 'Utenaert He rt. C'laiMef, 6 Kiaiumaiiona >ta det*< t uiaMidwifery. esse"! the lunge. Ice , Caae of 16 large nlc. ra, C lutlvminv.ion of the ey<a, , Rneuma'iara, 2 (loan.em Ulcei on the womb, i Seminal Wrakneaa, Mueia dacha fa, 2 PI nay, Supp.eiaion ol the tnenaea, 1 K-ver, I'llea, b Orra Debility, Secondary ayphilia, 9 Coal veneee, Gonorrhoea, 2 Difficulty in making water. SURGICAL Ol'k RATIONS Fmctnre of llie Radiua, 1 Very inte eating caae of an ] Bid c-<ea . f S ri tup > cured chvloaia of tr.e alio.ilder j with ml cuttiLf or the uae joint ofcaualic, 4 ileoiorrhoidal tumora re. Operati oi f rfiatnla in auo, movml. Kor tiydioeele, 2 Hleedn g from the lunga, I I H.imeii tfticiea, 1 Hare lip, Aliaceat in th ear, 16 frunary chancrea cured Ope atmna to elieve the rre- Without ire.curv, putiu r>,which ?aa attach' 12 Lame vei.erial wharte re- , e I t" tli giai.da, cauaed by moved by a cormui. opera* chancre, ttou. Ol era'ions for aouintiug, 2 Adipose tumors removed. DR II BOSTWHK, mr22 it'rc Attending Surgeon mid I'llvaieian. HLMOVAL.-FRANCIS R. CRUMP. ' NHROSuMKlKU WATlii'l, CLOCK NiAKKH AND ! f J p. WKLKtt, (form'-rly S I. Poliias. for neirly an yesri r id iec*utly with Marqnard's Ik Co Broalwsy, ntiwiriia of <1 naa oars )* toaciuniiil his fiii*ud and lh? public tha'he t .s I'.KMO V hi' fni n RS (IHA.NI) SI'. t.? 83 BI.KKCK h K, two dooni wnlof Broadway, where he inla id* tapracee the bi'suieaa. and inula, from hit long eiperienee n id known ability, tj in-el wi'h l'a' ahar- of patron-ga to i Inch hi* abilities at tit a aim. In leturuing thinks lor all past i, Tors h* woald rami id In- fri uda that hara|ara rvr.y ila r ri,.i i a of w tches, Reiuatrrs inuaiil and dmilaithe mo*t i iinniirated ihu an It* procured Alio, jewelry and diamond ork sat Pearls ri strung (il reset and nays conaUutly on tod N. B ?("ash naid fnr old fold and silrer. m7 lm*m ADVKRTISINO I O N T H E C O V E R O F < (tODKY'jS LADY'S BOOK. 1 PHK l.\1 VIK.NSh. . IItCULATION if Ooder's Lafly's 1 1 Bonk inahinv itam .il deurable rahicla lor ailvertisii g, iii havi g Ine., fraquen'ly solicit d to rece'Te adv Tli-emen s r* li era'y character they wit in fuiorn ba publi.hen on tha . treroflh t work at 126 |iar p g , and at tint r?tt lor a port on j I a iiaga i ba pri>i ro t .r rrra inn to hiirsi'll Ilia right to 'eject i Iverti.amenta nf an h wo k. a* ai not ba aui.abla for the ublic&licii on the corer o' the Lady's Bo ik Address. L A. UODEY, m2l 2tit*'C Philadelphia. '"A CHURCH WITHOUT A BISIIOI'." i 3 KV. SAMIJ *.L II. COX, D l>? of Bio. klyu, wll delirer | tha oin I iding l-ei tuia of the Regular Comae of tha New ork m tha Broadway I'aliar iaclj, on Friday Kre- J i y n at. >1 ,rih 2:3, atli If- 'aat 7 o'c ock Sntyecu? ' A Cliuich ?i liout a hi hon." I li ke a 2i cents racli. lo l? lia at the door mid J ia* .c B h. s I I. I.N It AS A K( 11'( K , I 'or Sec ! PARIS MILLINERY. ! ^ IIS. N FUN l.O.V I Sacca a.rto A J. Kngel, 4(11 Broad* *3 wav a id I2i>a U mar,, wil o,wu aria Spring Millinery, . I'i l Hi. i I I hursJay. M. rcli 2 .1. in20 It'ea THE PEACOCK. NEW DININIr R OOMS. 'OS 15 SOUTH WILL LI JIM .INI) 68 STONE ST.S | White Kroiiu, u-ar I) Inmn c..'a liauover , 1 and I.rienlie*' Slip. I I'll K.S K New and aieg int Hoi.nia ar- now open, with a Tahlr i ' d'Huta fn in 12 'I till I I' M Pro e ftieA. 25 Ceq.s Th ( I in" will c ns 1st daily, of S nip, Fish, Hoi 'd and Roan inla, Poultry, tiaine, I'aa'iy, Puddings, Fruits kc. i vtrrrnava > nd otnrraarr niviiwl to uiakr <>i thiareono y ml and eo *?ni?nt inn ir of diuinf m?ll I wit re ROBERT HOPE HART, I vpOitTEK, 0 II NASSAU STREET, CORNER OF PINE \Ke KIH for aale, in Iota to suit puichaarra, Scotch Air. ' London itiiil I) j hi in Biowu St nt. Scotch and Iritli Whir c, l)\rk mid Pair Hr.inJirv, Madriri. Slurry, I'orr, ( hmt J ^parklinK llock, Claret. lie All of thr liral i|uality. f*1 lini.'w 'I , fARHANT S ' (IMPOUND k XTIIACT OK CAPAI t 1 VA AND 01 Bi'.BS ? l hia OMdien r hit bren ritenairr. , use I on ahiphnarilaud in thr Soutnrrn S:at??; and n prrfrr- , dr to any oth -r. Thr uoforranat" patirnt pott' ?r? in thu t s r? r?rnr y, hat no otctiion to mnkr hit c itr public, tint iihobt tny application to a mrdicil mm, w it loir ratrrtion d.rl O' eonfiiirnirnt, tlnJt liimtrlf currd pO'CUmI y in Irw yt at a trilling ra,>rii?r and a taping of Iminir to a tru itivr (MM ladacnuilhiinMkl ihrop. por.ablr and fMMMMl itipjy. h or talr who r ale and rrt ilhy JAMEA TaRHA.NT, Drnciriat, lie mR2wii*ec cor Urrrnwirh and VVarrrn alt NEW YORK, ALBANY AM) TROY LIMB m0i ?~| FOR ALB\NV AND TMOY, 1)1 F.CT L?I lir tirainhoa' SWALLOW, i plain A. EvJSLwKr M c L on, will leave rhr loot of Ci.oril indt ?l, in. I ..I v i vrtn.ig. March 22d. IRK m22m /I PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMJUVATS ~ " FOB. ALBANY. d iMMfl DAILY, Hund-yt eicrpred?Thraufh Pi- a rrcl. at 7 P M., from thr Strimb at Pirr b?- e E.JU.Iwren ( onrtlandt anil Lihrrty atr rti Ti.r air<mboat K NIC K KHBOCK EH. Captain A. P. St. o ihn, Fndav. 7 P. M. ti 'I he RtmioW NOHTll AMERICA. Captain Wm. H. f< rar'drll, Saturday i Teoiuii, at 7 tl At Ki?roVI,.i k P M l.^ndi ? >t Intrimrd afr Plarrt: ? ir 'J he wtr?mb iat ( URTI8 PECK, Captain Wm. II. Prck, a itnrJay >ruim, a' i T. M Pa<t>uarra taking th a liur of boa'a will alwara arrirr in A I- C ny in nn le i ime U> takr the Morning Train of Cait for thr a t tirwot o The ahovr Boat" arr nr? and auhtUotial to urw and r.rf int Biate 'Itonia, ami for apord and acconiidat o a arr iiii iv (lie I on thr llinlaon hot puttnar or fp laht. apply on ootid, ar to P. C. Hchulty at r olrrr on thr whi ti. 'a.' ' -A t ~t)M LIVKRI'O' I -The N~"l..0r 'tegular fTdT> Packit tit' A r r11 ? hr ,r,?. M Vnrk t. il' Ltt&ivc i?r IV KP Of.. * l John Fodiidar,! IV' a '.ittrhrn, will tail a> abo.r. kri regular day. For trr.ght or p?. pgr ,*vii.? very U|wriur arc raiucdati ina I Hr ? >- WbDHutlTlflVTril'lfV'' r a... ?7 Sooth at. Trice of taaaagr fhlfl t hr (Upriio. pat an ahlp Ifnran of thr Wrat, Capl I h.lip li o idhoiur, 2't? tout burthen. will auccard thr Liver,tool and 11 on arr regular day.Rlat May. mttloAJIa AMl'SEMENTS. PALJ1U> H. Y. OPKKA HOUIK. KHAMBtCHH 8TREKT. Ldmitiion One Dollar, 10 tl. parte of In" Pouee. Door* op* at 7 r?* l'?'nnnc't ? commence at half put 7 fhjyi of Ptrfurm.i u,? Monday, H',d,utday, and Friday BRIDAV KV. N,Sff-5t?b a , J , Tin* public law e> Tu 11> 1,'h-i in-j ountofetud 1 ',1 .'U!'.".1 "u,..V5t! s" NORA M \1LM CHI. tha Upereof . ,Tb *\ ^ ' END \ rawi> t |K ducad till* av-uiun I will be repine.-1 oy c The en'oud Act of LL' 1)1 L.\ vl \lt.KMOOR TS we. -nil Art of i IKI/.8VPIO L 'o conclude with tin en u of the Third Act of Btliaarii. T?e prineipal' h.T'Ctern to fct ui \tw u by 8lO.N')|it HOHOHhbi I BIONOR \ , i. I * 1,1. ? aiuNOK p* nozzt. | h 8IO OR .VAYcl, h (ivoii i ALB-;>'TAZ/I ' *1 :.Non ALbK.i!'1 r/.ZI. t ir?-There wi'l be no performance ou "etur - "m* it. The whole ui d r the direction of V ALTh LL'^A. ' BL^" Kor lull particni.ue, ?ee telle ol the diy. Bui Other . peu froin blot o'clock N. B ?The T'l.eal.e on the off-iighta wil' beletlort oncerti 1 ' r Lec'aree. The (ireetrii in rent Ion of tier Age fTR KAtfhU. of V 'K.N N re,| cifollv noiicoccee to the "A American public, ihnt he hna inceeei'e I, ettci er.r?:a IKN TCAHI of eitwri merit ilion nr.. uiatOmical etu'i t "i erirc'inn* 8PKAKi>U ANLI MNOiNO AI TO aiATOK. hi? wonderful l-iu'ni h ot law iruu iiu Vu'HiMivr ? | icule'eg Hutiurily ere v Ic-ir ol tie n he ? conrereee i ?ill. I,.. ....I,..? Ill A ........ .. ....... I ... UAOKS, EniIUSH GKRMAM ?D?1 LaTIN Mr Fab* pfD- ' osea, in accordance, with lb* solicitations ot icieut ti - geu 1 leui'ti, to exhibit hit invention lor a short time, ?o tha' (hr uhlic mav have in opportunity of witnessing a jiscovaey rhii h hu excited surprise and admiration throughout the sri ntifie world The EaIIIU.TION R( l()M, corner of Broadtay .iu? Liapenard si" cc will o;ieii ev.ry day (*iceut Sun lay) from 12 A .<1 until ?. P.M., and every evening (except ' lundy) Irons 7 I'll 9 o'clock UtT" I'lt-KBTiS. 25 IJENTBi children under too years of ?*. l!>a emu. The entrance it in Lispeuard ttteet, third door on the left | idefro'n Bioadwav f29 1 in ec rAKK THfCATKtb. Bote* S9 I'nti-Pit 'i I rou-Gallery 12X Ceota. THIS EVENING, March 22, 1S44 ['lie performance will comment* with a new draina in three c a.entitled the PRIDE or BIKTH. Ernest Jamison Joiibois Barry To con< lude with BOHEMIANS F PARIS; ' Or, the Mysteries of Clime. I Moos. Mou'orgnil Mr. Barry M 'ns. BsgnnUt Mr. Chippendale CHATHAM THKATHK AMD ClltCUa. \ IONDUCTED BY H ""ROCKWELL It O. R. STONE. | TICK P.T NIOHTV 1 THIS EVENING, March 22. erlormancee to eommenee I with Warlike Chevaliers and their Heroic Ladies. Liter which varinui scU of Horsemanship, Gymnastics,fordo Volants, Van ting. African Drolleries, kc. kc. Af er which OPERATIC CONCERT, BY THE VIRGINIA 8EKENADERS. Gymnastics hy W Cole. To coucluile win. DUMB?HI'MB?DUMB ; Or. The Men thst L' at His Head. B1I rilHChhS HhVMPIl I'll KATKh BENE!IT ()E Ml >S TAYLOR. THIS EVboViNO Mareii 22?The pertoruuuiasa will coin.uen- with THE ALPINE MAID. Swig Mr Holland Followed hv NAT 1GNAL GUARD. Achille Bonbon Mr Holland After which A MUSIC a L OLIO. To conclude with NO hO ?G NO SUPPER. BOW Kit Y A in P IllTHKATAK. JOHN THVON Manager and Loin. BENEFIT OK THE MINATKELS. THIS EVENING, March 22, 1841, The performance t > commence with a grand War Kntree. 'oliowed by Splendid K(|"ra'riana Acta of Agility and Strength, by a Cuinpany uuaurpaaaed. After which. THE PIRATE'S CAVE. Halyard Mr W G.Jonea To conclude wiih THE MAID OK MUN8TEK Kate O'Br en Mra Thorne AHKHICAN AND PERPETUAL FAIR EVERY DAY AND EVENING THIS WEEK. The Manager ha? engaged f ir one week more the ORIOI ^AL KENTUCKY MIN8THELS, th? beat band of Ethio'iau Melodiata in America, w ho give their Grand Concert at ach performance Miaa E. RICHARDS, a cha mnig and accompliahed Voeaiit late from Boalon, h-r lirat api>earaoce before a New York udjrnce. Min BL ANCH ARD, the celebrated female Juggler MR. WHITLOCK, the renowned Banjo Player and Negro delodiat MR. B WILLIAMS. the Delineator of lriah Character, linger of Comic I riah Songt, and favorite Hrrnpipe Dancer. Mr. T. G. oJOTII, comic aiuger. MR HmVAHl). tne Violiuiat. MR H G SHERMAN, the popnlar Ballad Singer. La PE'l ITE CKRITO, theadmiird Dauaenae. GEN. TOM THUMB in Wai. faithloily represented. torether wit i the celebrated POLLY BOnrlNE and DANIEL Lambert. The Ol i'SY FAMILY, ail in number, recently from Ger nany, ana faithful renreieutativee of the ancient people of Egypt, inay be ?een in 'heir native coatume. TneGIPHEY Ql'KEN, the Fortune Teller, may be privateV COUB'lltid at all hmtr? of ihe itav ami evenine Pertm iuam?o? rxrrX *|r ?t 7>? u'cloek. And Wrdaaadax md daaurJay -ttrrmirua u 3 u cl ce Ticket* 25 crila?chllOJ.-u uuurr t?n y-nrl 12S cent*. Tw-n r-fixrceou extra fur't'nrt with lb* Oipary larrn. mlOre PKiLt .1 it K W VUUH Nl bKl JJ1. AND PICTURE GALI.KIU. < Prrti/'uja y, hrwinmf r 'hr '.'it >i Hull.) KVRBY DAY AND' KVKNINO THIS WEEK. RE-OPENING OK Til!. MUSEUM, with aplandid ?ttrac ions. 'Ill* nwr'j r is happy to anionic* in rngagciprut with JMNI/K h l< A W tin- Maitici u and Kijti I'briat, lair rr?irn rk American Wnsnim. Thr PHILADELPHIA Ml > IhTUELS, in Sonn kc. Niftier MONT Vt- DO, with III r irrchan-r I lignir* Th* Mighty GIANTESS, of cuormniu prtipomuns, and a n at hrniiti ill i Mr. IJ W YVIIIGH 1 , an niirou illrii -rniiin-ntal ait fi-r. M ai JKbSti Ll N. mi aeri .npiiahml dsnsriaa-. GYPSYGill .iiati r i.f r Utirrn ?i thr American \lnsrniri niv br consulted pnxatrl, stall n nia of ih- diy Kadg a Mermaid. Grand' 'laminniu, .uii iOii.OuO' oriniitiia Adih.aaion our *n 11 iupr? i?>a ecu a run. to thoar who r. uull thr ' lipiy tii-l. m 7n WONDERFUL EXHIBITION. EGOS HATGHl-D Ilk" \K,IML1\L ll. ,\>H. Now Oj" ij 11 lie | uhtic fr m It) A. M. ;o > I' M .1.1 , ?r 16 ) ^aiuu i ??, u?? .l.r Tribunr Offi r. No-all bil.o car b* noir I itrrratinc 'o thr Agr>rulmr -r -o t-.r * .quiring ai il Irxnnt tninil, ll lr.ida inn.'? ill light* "from S -turx up to Naurr'a Gcd." Ladies iu pirtirnlaj will be highly gialiftad. To ir conn-m d a frw wn k? only. dl/"" Admittance 15 Units: Children half-price. Kgga brokrn >n applic ition I2>s cent*. M-ilical gentlemen and uthrra, cn i.ii mrnt of$5. will rri vivr raid* ot adinii*ion for 21 dava, and ur*k in egg evh day. I* uniililrta gg laua'nrv, ano irr.tiug ipon ponlirv,'2J6 rrnta. I'r rditorial Corp* a-e u. vitrd to i.u M aibUllliMil ttritiM ml7 13t?ic MU3IC FOR~ THE MILLION. (JHANU CONCERT. BENEFIT OF MR. KAVA.NAII, who raaprrtlnlly in j f.trmi hia frirnda and thr pnMic that hr will takr a Benefit ?u Friday Keening, March 22nd, at Concert II II, ' n. K'6 Broadway, when lie tiuaia that tharntrrUinmrnu he offers will nrrt with thrir appro'ation Several New bougt, Duets, Sic., will be ?ung on thij accaIIOII. Thr follow ins ladirj and gautlemrn, coinnriaing the mrinirra of i'alin i a late company, will appear:? MKH PHILLIPS, M?S. SHARPE, M'rtS BRUCE, MK. LVNCH, UK. KNEAS8, A1K. HOLM AN, MK. KAVANAH. Pit n< 111 A MME. r*u i. '?rand Opening Choi in?From Norma By the Company Joug?i lie Newfoundland dog, - Mr Kneaaa Jong?My own aweet uatire rale Mra I'mlIr|? ong?The Wolf Mr Kaeauah Hong?Oh I am a raeir aai'orlad Mtaa Brucr flee and Chorna?Uaine Uurd'n B? tke C< mimuy Jong?The Trumpef Fnme Mr Ho'mau Jong?The eharmina Woman Mra Snaro Jong?The Thrre Agra of Love Mr Lynch aoog?Biautifu Botdy "I M'jgo Mr Karannh I'hurua?Vive la Koi, from the Hinge ofltochelle By the Company ParT II. tilee Comic?Kate Kearney Maaara Lynch, Kneaaa and Kavauah Jong?The Flower'f Kller?lie.?? Mr Holin?n Jong?I'll ie o auhmi aire wi e Mra Pnillipa I g?Th- InrMoi g trohmai Mr Ka anan J-m ?M rt i g'? rnddy brum MiaaRrutr horua ?irandy Jim ?illi oiiginal raraai By the company '"avonte Hong Mra Sha re Jallad?N r!h M'Shane l.vii'h raud Imitaiioi. Ila tan duet Mra Sliarpe aud Mr Kneaaa t.oig?Irroeefnf HI r ey, Vlr, Ka>anah '?in? e?If I've yonr arponntion, Ire By the Company TICKKTH ONK HHILLINtJ?To he h?d at the door Doom men at nuarter to 7?commence at X before I o'clock. nwi ji*ra the trchtk^h of thk nkw y'>rk FIRE I) E /?A R T M E N T F IJ .V I) D '.hPr.CTK ULL V beg leave 10 call the attention or the Cv pnOir in the _ i. RAM) MISCELLANEOUS CONCERT, r0 bag ven in A;d of lh. WiDOW* an-t ORI'HrtNHof the 'IRE DEPART VIEN I', on Tuevdav Evening, April M, ai h? Broadway 'I aberntele, on which i r< aamn the following miii-nt Vociliata haee, in the kiiidral; inannar, generously n|miii?r*d their eer?icr? ?i?. :? HONOR A E BOROHERK, PIUNOR A A. M AJOUUHI, MADAME OTTO, MRS. EDWARD I.ODER, MHS WATMIN, MIHR TAYLOR, [Uopeimii inn of Mr. Mitchell.] MADAME nUiiKIIARDT, rio nor Ai ril.lO VAI.TELLINA. 8IONOR J, t KHOZZI. .-HONOR a MAYER. AND MR. BitOUOH. (Who, though ha run limited the profession, III dl' volunteers .111 this occasion I tlio, inhlre manner, the NEW YORK HAIRED MUSIC (HTETY hive with great liberality, tendered their ?er?irc. > perf irin Two Orand C/li iroaea The whole 11 be nuder thi irectioo ol Mr U C. H'LL, Leader, naaiated by a imwerfn nd effective Orchestra?Mr. H. C TlM.VI.who has knoll) nnsented ts preside at the I lano Forta It will be aean fiom the above, thu it la aeldom, [if eeer,) an ppoitnn'ty la men of hearing, in one 1 veniog.anch an array o' Rent The Truateei confidently hore thai the public a d ehi ie. da of the Department generally, will, hy their inppoil o tie materially enable them to rehere the wanta of fh liny Widows anil Orphara who rely on the Department f ir actoraa * auoport *~7-TlCKETS ONE DOLLAR?Admitting oa? Lady an. feutUman. Elui Ladies'Tickets bilty < cute To he ha t the pr'nciptl Music Stores, of the O/Ticcr* of the Department r of either of the 1 lommit'ee martin W EMMONS, If Spruceat. i FORSYTH I. t B AOH It 1 fraud at. >< nmmtllee. John pra kr m Er..?t ?t i 11 I7t" 'Kt ________ MILLIiVKK '1 0 J) S . yf h nn.ris NO. '44 JOHN STREET, ft VOW OPENING a fee h aa ntttl at 1 I M Miliary O iodt, 1 jai received hv I " ?r iv*!a om av e, comprising? Two caeca ap endi > uria Artificial Elawera. New Hlvlenot Boiikel Silka N?W hi lea cfRihoone. y-rioui aty la*; me nding font raava inn d 1I1 a ''ay from t' . Argo. Tlie atteuMoii 01 Milliners ia rwjuea'ed. New York, Wth March, IM4. aaW lwaa*ar Mi WANTED BY A YOUNG MA.V FRO* THK COUNT*- Y?A iLHtdnn in a wh desale or *atail Grocery or Proviiion store B?>t of city rderencca givaa. Apply at No. 22" Mulberry at rn21 3t*m a r|M) - IIKNCH.WKN?Want d to pnrchi a, a good trouble A Barie led Kren h'''uo,with cawe I atoek and ercnrd f rnied *' socVa. I'leaar n Mr U U. N., at thiaoffice,ruling'*? p ice mil d'rcribtng the (ion inUlfec SPLENDID CAS51MERK3, VESTIN'dS, &c. a |)il S III' AltO l( we I nr. ere red I wo c a* a near and rich A Oonda for Sin i n and Slimmer, c iii,m i?n.g i.aaain?re?, Veatimra, D. illinga, It . r| In ?ryl? nd cliarac er li v are auperior to a y go ida we I rave had to offer WM. T. Je.NNIN08 It Co., D ill rtroviway, jc tr2l Iwia're Aree ictn H Pel, oppoaitethe Yotirta n MUNICIPAL REFORM. TIIK DKYIOi RATH KKfU'LICAN h.LKOTORA of ' ihe Ci'y and Co miy of New York are requeue I to meet at T tnrnanv tlall.oii Krid >y live tiug. 221 ina ant ai 7^ o'clock, lor tlie purpoae of Di.cuaain* the iubj- i of a It fotin in oor . lily < ruverninent ( Several die iii,mirhrd Speakera hare li-?n invited, who will . idd eia ilie Meeting bv ord r oi the Committee of Amntementa, mil 2l*rc " A ('A III). ~ NEW YOIt K OPKKA IIOUSK. CMTFRA8IA BORi.HKSK' 0 Br.NhKl r. K Forgheae ' Ur would reipectfiilly mf oin toe jialrom of llie Opera and the * uli'icge eral'y tkr' MONDAY the 25th nataul hat b'?n aet ' mart for her BKNKKII'. when >he will have-h-* lienor of ap ? *?<? J ,1, The hi'l will beunu<ually attractive,including A BALLET t? **r iculnrt h reaft-r, [, Sena may li aecure I at the Opera Home, on and after Plrirtdiy ue?i, 2i?t mint. rt naon anhai libera will p|ea?e give notice on Wednesday _ Evening n. ?t 20lh instant w h*ih*r th-f v ill retain their aeali. SO OI/VMIMC THKATKK. ^ VAIHS 1 AVLIlH mot re.iiecifn Iv infrini her friend* and -p "A the public, th it her B r.N EKI T will tan* place on* HI- JAY KV e Nl NO, 221 inatai.t. Ui.* uo It now up n. m21 3t' rr \g|{8. N. SCHKLTfcMA fHrwrta) haa recceived per late ar- J *A r val? from I'ana, a n-w anil cli >ice aaao-tn .cut of Miilino- | y con latinit of Straw II ti, some tiiininari in Pa i* ; also a lew ityle hi Vantil a*, Sca-fa and rthawla, tome ?e y Imauti- , il i u a 111 y-. of Koolard and o h*r Hilka f r Drwaaei ; alto, a Jc irge asvortmaat of Paria tmbmideriea, Th ead Lacea. lie. kr. Yll of which ?ill b? Ofiened moat positively oa Thursday. 2lat 4 nat. rati Stis'rc rV EAR PORK.?200 brla Clear and Kttra Clear Pork, for 9? i-J aale by K K. CuLLLNM It Co , mil Mr 3# Htmth atreer. bt MbDICAL All). M| DIl. ORKfiORY may lie i n sulted ny -'ay or hour, at hit I w private letnlence, II tiarcl.v afreet. Those te kinir ttie t in* nl of au eipenence I anil alt 111 ti I |liy?kian, ahouli call aa I .hove tie ia I he A Bihar of the bunk called he ' Rubicon"?it ' ~ reatt nl pr.vate dl?? net and dialleanet i nil vtri.iu, otli ! sun J " ta - I'a Utlic,tie and pet nliar nature, it I n li can n,t he euume tied in I e pubi c prima. The fourth -ditiou ci.n ai in* en *' taint:* i 11 retdy?pine JO enr a?a Idb th* an'hoiy nlao "" h. Ilin||iaia, >l 73 iud JU r ultnii anre . St; W iliiam at reel. Bi md IS* now* y. i7 Last B ntdway, I t Urla .cy air et and 'P n th c ,rui r, Chnmbera atre-t and Broadway, m22 li*ec PORTUOUbSK FEMALE PILLfe. ! I1 if KSK fai lamed and celebrated Cilia, from Portnial, are we perceive, to be obtained iu thin country. See adTrrtu* not oa ib* Uat oolatma fourth pac*. *' r - o =*- : ** ir ? BY THE SOUTHERN-MAIL. Washington. [Coireapoatence of the Herald ] Washington, March 20, 1844. Tell every body to make themselves perfectly :asy?the Texas Treaty cannot pau the Senate this tuion under any circumstances. At the most not >ver thirty votes in the Senate can be got for it. It Towle has been confirmed, it has been done ly Brooks Sc Co., and Erastus has lobbied for him. Some body from New York has written a dictaorial letter to the President, thieatening to blow lint up in the Herald in case he did not appoint a ertain man to office. The President endorsed on he note " rather impudent"?and then wrote asharp etter to the Booby, telling him h? did not believo he man had authorized him to interfere for him-? This is an rally spring. Washington, 20th March, 1844. Reporte t ia the Senate?Remember Senator Allen of Ohio for good?Adjournment of Congrtia. ]u wrnif of bin remarks to-day ia the Senate,upon ihe Fox and Wisconsin R iver Bill, Mr. Allan did himself great credit for some very just observatious upon the position of the reporters. He said lbs wonder is that they make no more mistakes than they do, thrust as they ure almost out of hearing of the speakers below, and located in the gallery in the midst of talking and noise. He said they ought to be located on the floor of the Senate, where they can hear, and where they could occasionally ask an explanation, or receive a hint. Never was there a more injudicious or unfortunate arrangement. For these remarks of Mr. Allen, let the press of of the United States, which is all more or less interested in having tfie best possible facilities granted to reporters, gratefully remember Senator Allen of Ohio. Mr. Buchanan broke off in his speech to-day in the Senate,very unexpectedly, abruptly, and somewhat mysteriously. He merely discussed the single tonic of " that map" with the red line marked on it by the royal hand of king George III. Hs had charged that Lord Ashburton was in possession of that map when he negotiated with Mr. Webster, which rendered the whole a fraudulent transaction. Mr. Rives followed hitn in a speech in which he proved to Mr Buchanan's satisfaction that the map was not in the possession of Lord Ashburton, but in the hands ol Lord l'almerston,at the time of the negotiation. The immorality, therrfore, of the transaction belonged to the British ministry, and Lord Ashburton stands acquitted. But mark?Neither Mr. Buchanan, nor Mr. Rives stated the fact that in Executive seamen Mr. Hives, with an air of the most profound sreraay, introduced into the Senate another map?Franklin's map?in which the British chim was fully sustained. No American statesman, however, felt that it was his duty to promulgate the existence af this map to Lord Ashburton. Tt might b? as well,therelore, to drop the matter of immorality, and say no more uhout it. Mr. Evans introduced a joint resolution to-day in the Senate, to adjourn Congress en the 20th of may nexi, ui 1? n CIOCK, XVI. mil ID a Wtllf measure that has been rather unexpectedly sprung upon the Democrats of the House, who had intend, ed to make a little cupital out of the first move foi un early adjournment of Congress. The whigs of the benate, however, have got the start. There is a report about town that Calhoun is expected here now daily. You may therefore daily look for the news of his arrival. Mr. Benton was not in the Senate to-day?nor did he stay yesterday but a very short time. He is evidently yet very feeble. S. B. TWENTY-EIOHTH COKtiRKSS, KIK8T 8 E 8 8 IO N. Senate. Washington, March 20,1844. maryland and new york iron and coal com. l'any. Col. Merrick presented a petition from this company, remonstrating against altering the present rate of duties upon iron. They want protection. Mr. Sturgeon advocated the views of the remonstrance. Mr Woodbury said the tariff proposed to remit the duties on iron altogether. And the reason for the fall in the price of iron wart not the duties, but the improvements in manufacturing iron, which have been made in Hngland. annexation of texas. Mr. Walker presented resolutions from the L?Eit.|utiir?a <>l both Alabama and Mississippi, urging the annexation ol Texas to the United States. Referred, and ordered to be printed. nava1. depot at vicksburg. Mr. Crittenden presented h memorial from citizens of Vicksburg recommending that place aa a suitable site for it naval depot. colt's sub-marine battery. Mr. Crittenden's resolution published yesterday was passed. [Note ?So we are to have more grand explosions of powder at Washington?pray heaven, no more damage may be done, save to the public in the way ol expense. J fox and wisconsin rivkk bill. Mr. Tallmaook said the people of Wisconsin had entrusted him with the care and charge of this bill He had travelled among them last summer, and the people were pleased with hun. He saut that evtry one uho knew him, kneto tkmt he i/.i* governed in hit u-hole rour*? here (note eleven vem*) by the mod high and honorable motiveo, whiihno mun could impugn. [Note.?In making this remark, Mr. Tallmadg# was very evidently deeply moved ; Ins voice trembled, his eyes tilled with tears, and he was obliged top-sort to his white handkerchief ] Mr. T. denied most emphatically, that speculators had any thing at all to do with the subject ao far as he knew or was concerned. For himself, he said he was in no way at all interested in the lends, \'c., either directly or nidirectly, nor had he any communication either directly or indirectly with any speculators in lands, lie said that the most lands on there rivers, entered by any one, were by the lion. Henry Hubbard, of New Hampshire, Kx-M. C., (a democrat.) In short, he is entirely disinterested in his advocacy of this bill. I Note.? Mr. Tallmadge is, therefore, hereby honorably discharged, on his own recognizance, from all criminality or suspicion.] Mr. Tali.maixje proceeded at length with his argument?going over the old ground?refuting errors, correcting mistakes, explaining, defending, and demonstrating. o [Note ?The galleries are rapidly filling up in anticipation of hearing a rejoinder tc Mr. Choste I...... M r Itlipli.inun 1 Mr T. said that since this bill was printed, it lia>i gone to tlini country (Wisconsin,) and the opinions of both parties as expressed in tlie public papers, had returned to Washington. The people and the press are unanimously in favor of the bill. [Notk ?Never was any poor devil so dreadfslfy annoyed liy an evil genius, as Mr. Tallmadge is by Mr. Allen, on this famous Fox und Wisconsin Rivers Hill Mr. Tallmadge turns his back upon Mr. Allen, fidget*, twists, and wriggles about in every way, to escape the sound ol Mr. Allen's voice ; bat it is all of no use. Mr. Allen occasionally gets a little lost amid the shoals, and rocks, and <]uiekxniids, of ihr multitude of provisions and amendments of the hilt; and Mr. Tallmadge somttimea <|uite loses patience in endeavoring to pilst him aright amid tlie labyrinths of the bill. Mr. A. says T claims that the bill has constantly preserved its identity, and yet here are three different editions sf the bill, (holding them up )] rim oreuon florin. INote.?The galleries are crowded with ladiss and gentlemen ] Mr. Ciioatk made an explanation in relation ts s misstatement by him of Mr Buchanan's opinions as to the feelings of the people of this country towards < treat Britain. Mr. Bcchana"* was not fully satisfied with Mr. Choate's explanation. He endorsed the report in the Intelligencer ot his speech. Mr. Bt (!*, after Ins few prefatory remarks in relation to tin- explanation w hich he proposed ts give,sent u volume ot Hansard's Parliamentary debates to the Clerk's desk, and directed hint to read eertain extracts trom the speeches of Sir Robert Peel and Lord Hrougham, relative to the various maps of the S. K Boundary Line, that were in existence; and particularly to the one referred to by Hr Buchanan on a former occusion.ealled George he 3d's map, which was marked in his hand-writing, " Boundary as described by our negotiator Go> i. l,._..i,v,. d.k.^ d..i k.j * ,4,u' *11 l'ini|?r?-v.ii 1.711 IVUUCII. I rt! nso UFIVOUfU VIr. Webster from the char;e of bad faith, or triekry, or concealment, in suppressing the knowledge ?t the existence of L)r Franklin's map with the line n it giving the boundary aa claimed by England, his uiap being found in the archives of the For ign Office at Paria. None of these mat* proved "V thing definite or certain?and above all they lid not prove ihat l^ord Asliburton did not conduct lie negotiation fairly and honorably, as well as ably. 1 -ord Brougham, in his speech ridiculed with the itmost sarcasm, the ides that a negotiator who wsa ' nt abroad to mske the best terms that he could or bin country, should ever dream of cxmiMiig any t the weak points of Ins case. This was new discovery in diplomacy?a discovery eserved for the f?;li Victoria, 1H43? to tell your dveisary where you are most assailable , nd to show him thst you had not a leg to stand ipon. And Lord Brougham further contended, hat even if Lord Ashburton had kuown of tha eiisrtncs ofjthe George tha 3d map, or if ha had had

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