Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1844, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1844 Page 4
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"N _ it, or a copy of it in his noeket, ?uU he waa bound to conceal (hat tact trom Mr Webaler, and to make the best terms in the treaty that he could for hit own country. Mr. Buchanan then went on to sav, it ia there, fore clear that the Bridah government. Ht the time of the lute treaty, were in possession of this map?a map of such high authority, thut if known, it would have settled t<he claim of the Americans beyond all contention. Kichard Oswald was the negotiator of the provisional articles ol peace, signed at Paris, Nov. 30, 1782; and these provisional articles are, word lor word, the same as the definitive treaty signed the next year So that the boundaries on the northeast were actually fixed in 1782; the article in the treaty being but a cony. It is well known that George the 3d, adhered to"the North American Colonies with the graan of fate; contrary to the advice of Lord North, lie still persisted in carrying on the wur, hoping against hope to subdue this people. He took the deepest interest in this question. And when Mr Oswald returned from Paris, the first question that would na.. JI../1 .... .1... 9,1 HI,III,I I,., I,....,, turuity oe uHncu ay "rw,. ..... ?. ? ? ? ?" Where is the boundury lute of my dominions in America V George the Jd was u man of sound ludgrneiit, and, as a sovereign, he was considered by those who knew hiin best, one of incorruptible integrity. 1 remember reading the inleview between VVrsley and film ; and one between him und Dr. Johnson. And when Mr. Adatns was presented to him, after the treaty of peace, as our ambassador, his reply was characteristic and noble: "I wu the last "<an in my Kingdom to acknowledge this Treaty of Peace?and 1 will oh the firat to resist any attempt to infringe it" Well, we Hud in the Library of that monarch a map, so marked as to give to the Americaus all they claim ; end in four different places written, the Boundary?not of Oswald's Treaty ?not of the treaty of peace between the two countries?but the Boundary as de-cribed by Oswald This then must he considered conclusive. The boundary was described by Oswald, or by his direction. Mere is the highest and most conclusive evideuce?the Sovereign acknowledging this to be the rightful claim of the United States. A document of this kind is absolutely conclusive. Sir Hohart Peel himself declares that after this, he did not believe the claim of the British government to he well founded ; or that it was u claim which 'he negotiators ever intended to rntify ; and he could do no more than this with such evidence before him. Well, how, we ask was this map removed from the library af George the 3d. It was given by George the 4th to the British Museum ; and it is traced thence to the foreign Office at the time Lord Paimerston was Secretary for Foreign Affairs. Now is it possible then, as has been alleged, thet the present government did not even know of the existence of this map, transferred in this way 1 and yet|the successor of Lord Paimerston not to know of its existence. It wax the most important document on the earth in relation to this subject. Sir Kobert Peel speaks of it as perfectly well known?and this he says was in the possession of the noble Lord : meaning Palmerston anil not Ashburtoa, as 1 said on a former day ; and I make this correction with a great deal of pleasure. Now wo find in the face of all this which passed in the House of Commons and the House of Lords, that an anonymous writer, in a note to a pamphlet lent me by the Senator from Virginia, says ?"We have authority for stating that Lord Aberdeen has said that he knew nothing personally of this map himself, neither did Lord Asburton before thu Treaty was made." Yes, but have they ever said sof and to w lioni? Is it possible that a document so important should remain unknown unless it was purloined by Lord Palmerston. In one report Peel is made te say that the British had no right to the claim set up; and in another he is made say that "the claim of Great Britain was well founded, as 1 thought at first.'' But is this to he taken in preference to the speeches in Hansard's Parliamentary Debates. I do not know If they are corrected by the speakers themselves; perhaps the Senator from Virginia does. The honorable Senator aid that it w e had a map showing the right of England to all this, and yet endeavored to get it by treaty. that no epithot was too strong to characterise those who conducted their high diplomatic negotiations in such a manner. Lord Aberdeen was sitting hy in the House of Lords and was frequently appealed to hy Lord Brougham and others, and yet he did not deny that ho knew all about this map beforehand. And does not the Senator know that these harsh epithets which he employs will apply to them. T agree with the Senator that modern diplomacy is much fairer than that of old. It's highly immoral in any government knowing its claim to he wrong, that they should urge it to the very point of applying the match to the cannon. Why, sir, in the time of Lord ralmerston, nothing hut the slightest accidental circumstance prevented a collision between the ticops of the two countries. Lord Brougham ridiculed the idea of a negotiator under any circumstances ever showing his hands. According to him a negotiator stands in the same relation as an advocate to his client. According to him, if Lord Ashburtoa had this map in his pocket, he was hound to conceal it, ns much as a lawyer was bound to conceal h piece of testimony that made against his client. Lord Brougham says distinctly that the production of this map would have settled the whole of thu American clnim. The question now is, was Lord Ashburton acquainted with the existence of this man ' We must now believe that be ha<l not the map with liim, But would it not require a mantle of charity larger than ever wan thrown over the shoulder* of any one, to suppose that the British Government would have sent him here without a knowledge oven o( its existence, or even a copy of it 1 This thing is harely possible. His character stands so high that they might have considered it unsafe to trust a man of his high honor with the knowledge orsight of a map showing that his Government had no title to the territory. If Lord Ashburton shall at any time say that he did not then know of the existence of this map, I for one will rise in my place and do him Hmple justice; for on his bare wont, ! shall l>e bound to believe him But had this been the case After the disclosures by Sir Robert Peel, would he not at once have declared his ignorance of the fact t Would he not here considered it as a point so touching his honor us tocom|iel him to do so ) Ho did not And I am afraid that he entertains somewhat the same views of a negotiator's duty that Lord Brougham does?that under any circumstances, it is not bis duty to pre sent sny evidence weighing against the title of his own Government. eir, thus I leave the matter? I willoJd no epithets. It may seem strange thgt this discussion should arise in the Senate of the United States, but the explanation from me seemed necessary. And if the honorable Senator from Vnginia can convince me that at the time he was here and made the Treaty, Lord Ashburton had no copy ofthat map in his possession, and knew not ef its existence, I will be the very first, and be most happy to rise and do that noble Lord the most full and ample justice. ( Mr. Rives said that he must confess that he was painfully disappointed by the explanation of the honorable Senator Thai Senator having made a distinct charge against the noble Lord, stated that if he found he was wrong he would at once come forward cheerfully and make the most ample acknowledgment. But what appears by his proof 1 After showing, by tho debates in the Honse o( Lords, which he has quoted, that there was nothi-g whatever to sustain his charge, he turns round and thro as upon Lord Ashburton the burthen of the Sroof?calls on him to prove a negative, and show that he id not have or knowoflhe map. And for this lie goes on in a concatenation of argumentation to show that his mere suspicions must be right, and that Lotd Ashburton must have had a copy of this map. And his proof utterly fails him in this charge; he calls loudly on Lord Ashburton to come lisre ana prove that lie never did have a copy of it. He distinctly avows that a copy of it was made out for Lord Ashburton hut as he utterly fails to prove this, he calls on Lord Ashburton to come here and prove to him that there was no copy of it made out for him. After Mr. Rites concluded, the Senate adjourned. Houe of Representatives. Washington, March 20, 1844. The Ohio District Courts Bill?Rhode Island IVar? Fortification Rill. After some little time consumed in unimportant matter#, the motion camp up to reconsider the vote by which the House passed the hill to change the place of holding the U. S. District Court in Ohio from Cincinnati to Columbus. And the vote was reconsidered. A great deal of squabbling and bickering took place about this bill, and the time of the House was occupied by it again to-day for about three hours. Dr. Duncan fought hard for retaining the courts at Cincinnati. An amendment was made to the hill, and then it was passed again for the third time. Dr.? Dtjncan wished again to reconsider this vote by which it was passed. The Hpkakkr said, although thpre had been an amendment to it, it was in reality the seme bill; and as it had been reconsidered once, such a motion was not now in order. This produced quite an outcry and a graat deal of discussion, even among the locofocos, and many declared the Speaker was wrong. Mr. Cs-SraiscK Whits said the Chair was decidedly in the wrong, and took an appeal. Ha was explaining, when The 8rnasxs rose, and said that if a second motion to reconsider the same hill could be entertaiaed, there would be no end to such motions, and legislation never could he perfected. Where was all this te atop? Mr. Whits, atill standing?Mr Speaker? Cats JoHeaorr?I move to lay the appeal on the table. Whits?Mr. Speaker? Spbaskr?The gentleman from]Tennessee has the door. Whits?I have still the floor, air?I merely gave way for the Chair to explain. Srr.Aisa?The geatlemanjis out of order. Whits?I am in order. Srr.tsse?The gestlomsn is out of order?(Rap) Whits?(warm)?I am in order. Brasses?(warmer)?The gentleman is out of order? (Rap! Rap!) whits?(warmest) ? I am In order?(Rap' Rap! Rap! and great interest) Hrikim-Gentlemen!will eometoorder?(Rap! Rap' Rap!) white?i dm in order?(Rap! Rap! Rap!) HrsAiRR?Gentleman will take hi* aeat !?(Screamf of order, great none and excitement.) After lome time order * a? route red. Mr. White said, that although he gave way for a moment to let the Speaker explain hia views, yet he did not resign hia right to the floor, and considered that he wii perfectly in order Ho did not wiah to giee the Speaker pain. Tha Srxtaxa Raid, at Mr. White would not atate hi? grounds before he. conaldered him out of order, and ao decided. Tha motion to lay the appeal on the table waa loat, ayea 30, noea ??. The question waa then taken on the appeal, and resulted, ayea 73 ! noea 73! (Great aenaation ) Secaaaa?The Chair votes aye*. Ayea 74, noea 73 1 So the opinion of the Chair atanda aa the deciaion of the House ? (Roara of laughter all oxer the House ) rhode 1 island war. Mr. 8tet?ot then made a apecch about the Hhode island War. fortifications. The House then went into committee of the whole and took up the Fortification Sill, and passed it , and then the House adjourned. L.ATBBT UVTHKHS VHIP UK WW. Baltimore, March II?Arr Moscow. Carter. New Orleans; H W ryler. Tyler, Mobile; Oeu Marion, Nj Ivcsler. Charlaatou, 4th mat; Pocnoaa, Sherman. Maw Bedford Mary, Bray, f / ?ew I I I jJgggggBHgg I I'royidence, *i? Newport; harah,h imhall.N \ ork?lba II wta I . aahor. tha Middla tirouad o? rur..b... but got off without , 1 ^ jniuri-l Id Oucr (Brl Bell. W?tlqd.a?; Ceylon, Pi- I l ifL Halifax. N P*lu?. Hitch, B?ili, 4U, via Kapyahan t Pormlgn Parts. March A-In Abby B-kar, Pratt, Boatou. J ' day.; t. Wuodaide,; hutcru Star, Denl ut><in' Newport. do. few d?y?. I i a- i? i mil INKOHMAl ION WANTKD of JA.MKS K., a 1 native ol New work. and a Seuumi by profaaainn ; wlnn laat heard lioui he wj? in Ur.atol. bug land. in lilt Should he be alive, .nid return to New V ork, he wi I hear of toiiie'hni* to hi* idviuiu*#. no a|ij.lviu( to William Steal, Baker, No 111 I'herry ttteet New Yotfc ml Jmdfcw*m ' " HiUb& FA AN I CALF SKlNb. I rPHI* HIGHL8T I' S given lur KhIp*, Fat and Calf i ! MiM. cash oownt 'ou*y, ou delivery, at the Hide and Mf House oiilln* subscriber, where contract* will be in ad# for 1 allskius by the te<uiou,or the highest price given hv the pound r..- . JOHN HUNN. 1 f ^ 2rn ?rr 29* ?t. between Prince and Houston J KKENCH CHINA. 1 No. 4 SOUTH WILLIAM STKEET, * (UP s r\ii\S ) t A D XLE'MK, Imior eraud Agent for Manufacture.;*, has t ** al aaya ou hduil a l?'g ainonuieul of dinner ami t#a s< t? * iu pi i w> it* and gilt Freuch Pon elaiu, us ?all ai uinner at;d d !)#? it Plates, of * 1 siz-s altered Dis'ies, Soup Turrnu*. " Co?. r?d Duhej, b?ldd So wis, Fruit Baskets, (us Cards ana * Stands. AI?o. Ten and Chncolttfl Wire. Greek. French and Ameri- ) il MM shape All the articles are warranted of the best quality, and to te sold ou It-era] terms, cud iu lot* co tuic purchaser*, in 9 Gin rc A RAKE CHANCE. FOR SALE FOR CASH, THE REFECTORY, NO. 50 BOWERY, ^ ADJOINING the Thestre, well littud up aud iu complete or * <lfr. with evsry thing requisite for ce.duciug the business. Trie adv ri ser w ukiug to chauis hit busiuess. otters the stand st ? bargain . To a g od truant the place ran be had at a reasonable rent. At ply, beiwetu the hours of 10 and 12 o'clock, A. M., ou the premises. A New Vork, March 10th, 1IML inl8 1w?sc ft NIBLO'S " CONSERVATORY AND SEED ESTABLISHMENT, p ARRIVALS OF FRESH SEEDS. I?' Jfytf THE SUHhCRIUJ" K, iu ucknowh dgiug the libera' JfW^iatrouage received by lit in Chit neuron, for which he is J wAw.ewr gr.iti ful, vow big to inform his patrons auil the pub- ' ; lie tint the rxteusive airargnn tits lor the spiing busier s j (which were m ide by hiuisrif whej in Kurope last winter, with great ca e, uuietnrted attention, aud wihout any reitard tors- ( _ prune, have juat been completed by Che recent arrivals oi the sr- I veral packet ships Irani Loudon and Havre. The Stock w ill be f and to contain superb varieties of new auuual, bivnuial and cereuuial Klower Meeds, many of which I ^ are veiy tare, and will be found well wonky the attention of | a all Invert of Flora. | h, Vegetable and Held Seeds have also been imported, of those i SI kinds only w hich are dmirable to be obtained it a foreign mar- ,p ket; othrrsoits, for which the American productions aie mi,re ,t celebrated,have lieeo crown by men ol experience and integrity for this establishment only?all of whuh can bestristly relied | upon as being geuuinr, and, in ract, are warranted m The Proprietor would also beg to cab public attention to the j aI fact that in or er .ill thr Means from this establishment shontd | p, hear u g. nuine character h-* canted all the old teed* (procured u by his la,e partner, .Mr. Duulap) to be sold at public auction, j without any reserve, by Mr W. H. Franklin, at his rooms in hi Broad strret, ou the 27tii Dec last, aud he can with coulidencs assert chere is not a worthless seed in the whole stock now on hand. Double Dahlias?An extensive collection of tkese beautiful (lowering Hams hsve also been imported Irom the most eminent growers, and ate bulbs of the must choice f'r/.e M'lowers exhibited in England during the Inst twoyrars. They are now -d unsvr propagation aud good eatahlishfd plants warranted (rue to nam will be re?dy f?r sale in due season. Catalogues. cou- 41 taiuiug a full description of men vanetv, terether with in- A strution* for their Culture, will be published at auearly c< pehod. - is A large collection of (Ire healthy plants in Flower,in in the K< Conservatories, which will be found desirable ornament* fur 1' the Parlor, U, Bou.jueta, Baskets, and Vases of Flowers, can be procured 1 on the stioi test, put up in a neat but elegant style. "J Frnitand Oruauicutal Trees, Shrubs, liardy Kuses. lie, iu a' great variety. 1,1 ilulbons Flowering Roots, viz : Gladiolus, Mexican Tiger 01 Flower, Tiger Lily. Jacobean Lily, 'Tuberose. Ac. See., lor planting early in Sluing. dl Flower Stands, Fancy Tarra Cotta Flower Vases and Tuts, v of new and handsome designs. Gold Fi li, Fish Globes, tkc. A A large assortment of Gardening Tools, Horticultural and _ Agricultural Books, he on had. The above are ui>? offered for sale at LOW TRICES, having been purchased for cish, oil advantageous terms '1 lie Third AuuualCalalogue is now in conr-eof publication, , ..,,1^ .11 I... IV.r .1-,." / ?,1.1 .-.l? ... .I.. A we-k. Ord ri attended to with promptness, anil thankfully received. WILLIAM NIBLO, Sola Proprietor bit Broadway. No Coune lion with auy oilntr eitahlnhinent. fJUHnrc PHEN1X HORSE BAZAAR, NO. 180 JlND 101 MERCER STREET, NEXT TO . ULEF.CKER STREET. ? _ The nut regular PUBLIC AUCTION 8ALK jy iSn will take place a' th s establishment, ?u'i'u iday 0 ' ' FA nmi March 26lh. commencing at eleven o'clock. t| ? I li 'carriages Hannfn. baddn-ry, Ike., new and second hand. , At tt 'clock, act Ion*) of very fapmrior Hones, will he b offeie.d, comyming single Horses and matched pairs, suitable r, lot the road, indole and all business purpos,s. Iveutlemeu in the cnun.ry having p operty to dispose of. 41 eith'rat public or priyate sale, will have their orders faithfully attended to. At Private 8al??25 fine young country horses, kind and sound, just in from the western part of the rtlate; two superior 4 matched pairs of (lay Hones, a line pair of Brown Horses, a p splendid pai of Bay Carnage liors-s, one very fine Bright Sor |< nl IP lie, young kind aun sound, end a very fast trotter. 0 Also,several ve.y fine ."addle Horses a, Also, at private ?al?, a very nandsnme Itockaway Wagon, k used only one week, and a number of new and second hand n Barouches aud Light Wagons. 51 Horses taken at Livery, ami kept in superior style. ti Accommodations for dealers' horsrs, iu stables unsurpassed g by any establishmrnt of the kind in the United States. STOKAU*;?Vehicles ol all description taken on storage in c the laree au 1 convenient IteiKisitory ol the eslatilishmeui n W. CO VAN will attend personally to all orders for buying 1, aud selling horses. p All persons re.loig property at this establishment may rely upon having a true account of sale tendered, and the full ? tin oint of proceeds n ill, in all esse,, be paid promptly iu current umn* y. 1 he Alle'.N A of this establishment is built on an entirely "?? and mat convenient nl in, bring drtatch d fiom the main ' building and stable, 'hereby not miarism g in the least with a livery ur sale hoises going outur coining iu on the day of auction sale. At all other times the Arena is kept entirely clear, and le- * s,rved for the accommodation of private hursra aud those ou , sale, >-(fording every facility for ei rcise, training au'l showing f hors-s COWAN AND OILKH. P uii Im'fc Proprietors. E NEW YORK HORSE BAZAAR, J 1VO. 31, 33 -INI) 35 CH.OSHV STREET. THK PKOPKIKTOR would inform Inn friends H f rt 1 '* * public lint li>* li<u ou isle at his large and ei ( 3 ^A.Minrinm est tilliihmri.t, upwards ?f seventy Hone a juaiaii ?fd I run tin country. young, sound and kind, coin- \ I'-imui; veiv tine pai i of Match < arnagr Horses, Irotn " Ontaiio Countv, suttab e for family uve, a targ' mimbrol fine single and :dlr Horses, of good style and action, I'ait tr tt-r? and or grrat endurance Al?<>, a very Uige numlier o* g o 1 Koran, suitable for heavy draught, kijd t.e and well broke in ha.ue,s. The above stocu art-*11 wed worthy ilie atteiti n ot I urehaseri Urovcis auu Hortemeu v ,-iti g this market, with Horsei for p sa'e, will find the aci.ominodrt;on? of this rahlishim-ut nnsiiw a??jd by anv oilier nl the in the United >tat ?. The c< St libs are very i'iry and couveunut, and capable of stabling 100 u? Horse, coml i.t bly. Cm nllenieii luvn a Hi rtei to Imp on livery, by sendirg them tj to thisrslabliahmeut may rest assured that they will receive A the u'm.nt care and att-ntion, with liberal charges. to Ti r propnetnr.Wnuld also luform bis mentis the public, that [>e the AucIku Sales Business is discontinued -t this establish- "fl in-nt WILLIAM W1LMAKTH, "> inrlR lin*rc I'roi'rietor. WEDDING PARTIES, ? BALLS ROUTS, dec. 01 SUPPLll'.D v lib all the different varieties of Psstry, Iced a Fruit, Pound and Spsnge Cake, Ornamented Pyiamids, c< Koul < 'ake of all the different v irietiri, and the greatest assort- to mi nt of Tea Cake that can lie obtained at any establishment id it thecity. Also, all kinds of Biscait, from Pilot Bread to the ma'b it I'ic-nic f r the table, F'reih Pies of seaaoaable variety, gi I'utf Paste forms for Dinner Partm. ft Orders thankfully received and sent to any part af the city or ' ri couutry JAMK8 TOMPHON, tr At the Premium Bakery, 40 Lispenaid, uear Church. m mIt tm*m w U'DK BALK 20,(KM) dollars worth of China,Olass and Karth- l' " enware, from ih*shelves and in packages, atthe stores No. 170 8lh Avenue and No. 223 8th Avenue cornsr 23d slteer, clieapier than ever, part now landing of the newest patterns, all cheap for cash. Couutry merchau's and grocers and retailers will do well to call and ssvr 20 per cent; also, cutlery, koives and folks, pen knives, dirk knivev, t hie and teaspoons, 2i0 brass clocks, open and in cases, best of luprirs. in per cent | 3 I ch-AJier tiian any house in the cit,. To let the upper part of i I the Ith story house corner 23d street and 8th Avenue, cheap to a b good tenant, possession immediately, ami no chaige to 1st May. U Knqniteof THOMAS McsOKLKY, I 123 I in* in No. 170 8th Avenue corner 20thstreet. E~~NLAR'*KMKNT OK THE FULTON 8ALOON.The snbscrtlier having enlarged his Saloon is now ready to accommodate his customers with plenty of room, and also with all ihe delicacies which oor market affords. H is dining room Iwill accommodate at least 121) |>ersnns at a time. The Saloon j , has lieen newly I-ainteu aurl redecorated, nud lor convenience it i> now HITPMIW, , The subscriber takes thia opportunity of returning Ins tin- > . cere thanks to hit fur the very liberal patronage late- 1 ly bestowed unou hi in. and it ideated to be Unit astured i hat hit endeavors to pleise have been duly appreciated, aud he pledges turns-It to spare neither pains uor et[>eitte to merit a contiun- I anueofpitt favon, Hit assistant, the Judg will be ever i rrady to aiteud to the wiihet of the mini fattiOiont. ' b DAVID A. GOULD, Proprietor, i " m7 iin'm in Fulton itreet. |l FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, fee. Ill THE subscribers have just received, per l?te arrival! from y Havre, and keep constantly on hand, a complete assortment i French Artificial Flewers I ' Materials of all kinaa loi klowen keathen, Hair Ornaments, and Millinery arlielea?for i valfby HENRY Ik K ShN, Importrri, r fHlm*rre 73 Liberty ttreet, upstairs. PEACH ORCHARD COAL?SI per ton for broken, rgg 1 and large ttove. Conaumrrt inny rely on getting the best t Ked Ath Coal at the above price, well acreened. weighed by a s city weigher, and delivered from the yard rorn?r o( King and 1 ? Greenwich via PET ICR CLINTON I rP() CONTRACTORS?Healed Proposalv will be received ' ' on the 21st niiil 22d of (hit month. I>v the iloboken Laud ; [ ind Improvement Company, at their Office at Hoboken, for j " Excavating and Embanking their Landa at that place. Pro- ' lilei will b- prepaied, showing ih* cntiiiigt and fillings and ran i lie ireo at their office on theabuve mentioned daya. Hlnkct will | * ne driven, showing the catlings and fillings at different points of I . the work, m!6 lw*ec ' ENGLISH BONNETS, MILLINERY, iSrc. TU8T RECe IVe.D AT J. LlrON H, 37 'ohn street. and : 36 Maiden Laue, a ai lendid assaituient of ENOLInH II ON | NETH, cit.iviiqk of anirer Paten.a, line Rutland!, Alh-rt | Bra|0,4tc itc. Alao, an tlegsa I assortment of i uacaiia, Rih- ,, bona, Hiika, Klowera, and every other article in the imlliuary line. Milliners and others are r-apectftiily invited to call tea ' examine the above. The mulish llata ar-tbe clearest and b?vt | ' in the maraet. All tha above will be told at wholesale or rt- , 36 Maideu Lane anil 37 John struct. J. LYON. N, B.?The Basement nf 36 Maiden Lane to let?p 'asesaion , given immediately. m3 lm*ec J 'POBACCO-FINK CUT AND iVVIOKINO-Feeiing in" A cln ed to close up an iin*r>at in a Tobacco \Unnfietiiry, I now offer for tale a,gu*u it. of prune hue cot and smoking Tobacco, puperrd np in the uauai est, at very reasonable prices I beg to call the attention ol \v et.ern Merchants aud other buyera to this, theqnality of the tobaCcu being of the very beat, ' ana prices by far lower than nana', I..73,n-r re JuHN H. FAIIER, No I New st._ FIRST PREMIUM DACrUKRREOTYI'ES. 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Square corner ot Mott street. whar> fashinu, beauty, lu ability and economy are combined to adorn the head 1 he iropnetois hsee ihe pleasure to offer a nite vty/e cJ Hal. the ? nutation el baarer, eh cb cl aely resemble tho? formerly sold' low tiled price i f fj Ti use, who from urlinstioo or vrce sitv, are induced to study economy in that udis|>ensablr article of dreis, have now an #|>|>oitunitT ol doiuc ) o and still k-ep u|i t e appearance of the most faihionahle i 1KO WN a t O , iu presenting ihis Hat to the public thiuk hey have nearly cached the nlnmatain of beauty, cheapueaa, : leatuesi, durability and comtort f the wearer All sales are for Cish, therefore no good customer pays for osses incurred by tb? bad UKUwN It CO , . f 24 lm*m 121 Chatham Sijure, cotuer of Mott street. . SOMETHING NEW. * THE SL'Bat KIltKK rest eetful.v announces, that his K Style of /flits (now r.-ady) are constructedon a Q rhieii tie i? co fid-ut needs only an eiamiuation, to convince i j( itlemen of iu superiority It has Imu uuii ciunol c in- I n lami. tk?i the lur ou the edge of the ciowit soon wmr> oil.end 0 li >> givw to a Hat an appuuauce of having hreu much worn, ,t rhtl the Other |ieiu are omjiuralively pirfaet This aerioua ?( feci the autiir iiu-r has bt-i u enabl.d to obviate ill inch e tn<n- r( er aa not to inter/ re, but ou tho eoutriry, to improve the air a I contour ol the Hat. J, All gent e.t*u are rsqaested to call and antialy themmlveg of al he treat aupertority ol the pr< aaut method aver all other*. JOHN. N. UKNIN, i" Hat and Cap ?aulili*ltmei t, No #H Broadway. u mrllm*rc t?pi?>iite St Paul'* Church ? Lot >K AT THIS ! ? ^ JCST RECtlVEO, by thu packet ship Vs.untel Hick*, from aria, tli* beat article J*(?ri.tleuieii'? hieuch hi ol* ever *een, >iu-J uow otleicd, a< BwholoailaandWtil at iu* low puce of $4. " tie best article of Kr-nch Calf Bout*, made to treasure- -$5 Of) tc " " " < oik Sol* Boot* 5 00 * " * " Water Proof Boot* o# d< " " " Light' alf Sew. d Boot* $3 to 3 SO w " " " tine (.alf Shoe*, tnade to ineujre 2 00 u Woiked Slippe * $1 to 1 24 1? tud the greatest asaortment ol all Itiuds of Boot* anil Show ill "J uhion. Ladies iu this store you w ill find the greatest arson- ti >t-ui of Gaiter Bo t? that can be found iu this city, and nil I'1 nt'aofbnskiu Slippers, Tie*. Untluu Shoe*, Piuuella Sliperi, white, black stun, and all other kinds end color*. ALo. < sa greatest assuttuieiit of Boy*' Bool* and Shoe* Mine* aud m Ihildreus'of all kinds to be lound in this city; and allofcur Cl wu mauulacture, and of the beat Kieech gsoda, und watran'ed < > be the best, and aa cheap a* the cheapest, at 307 Broadway, " s* corner of r rank! in street. ... . ORKUOKY It CAHILL. tf ni9 lm*tc 367 Broadway, N. Y. ?| til f BOOTS AND SHOES. ?' LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.T LL WHuWKAR the above articles,andwish to save tnwi.v, U id better lose no lime in calling at the fashionable Bo it m ) ct toe Stores of S. J*. SECOH, No*. I60>i anil 161 Uwe-wva-n N rert, where all may suit th nuelvea with an article t int ior (J yle or make, fashion and finish, cannot be or per- ty iimequalled in this city. iic 8. P. S. beg* to apprise in particular those!* i1 m andgetitle- pe eu who consider a well liitiug boot or gaiter tu mdui>ensakle ot ttcle to the lout ememhlt ol all within tnr f monde, that i0>4 or ibl Gieenwicli street, are tlie only pi aoes n New kork in ley can d- peud ou htiug suited. en N. B.? Laities and Gaiters, 3.toe?, lie., always on th laid in endless variety. cr (Cr*Remember. 1G0X and 161 Greenwich *tre#t.??J] w f 15 3m*ec le ??. 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There is : ly qu oitity of and wate proof Buskins, gentleen's stni t>ed, with leather bottoms ; ladies'do; Moccasins id India Rubbers, furred tdain and figured; misses and chil Don't mistake the uurnbe-. 253 Uritn-ich street, corner of v lu.rayst WK1UHT, CALHOUN k CO. A, fe28 lin*?c fBOOTa AMU 8U0KH " AT lUDUCflU PRICKS. *?l The subscribers iutenil ok to make a change iu nuainess, at will bell their present atock at very low prices lor a short me. TUXsLfc. fc 11A* WAKU, ai 289 ifcroadivay. ev P. 8 ? The future* and furniture of the atore for sale. ?c 124 lin*in he ?? at SAVE YOUR SHILLINGS. ft All (hat are iu want of good Oaitera, Slinea, . ,r MPHVor Buskins,are requested to callatW ALh KK'S jm y arner ol Broadway ami Caual atreet Lidi. a' Oaitera, V ju liaara ami Child iru'a (iaitera, of all color* .aorta aud sites. rl f the latest hreuch fashion?he chfpeat yet offered. Al.o, j, re pre itest assortment of tsenta l'lue Kreuch Calf Ureat lioola, ? titched, at >3. 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BOOTS AND SHOES. ae tSSKS WILSON k JOHNSON, if at aucee, or to Jthu Mulching) have rem V''d from 120to Iff' ae 12 Chu'.h.tiii street, arid liove ?.< mplete 1 their^W ol f pruiK (.foods, Comprising the griateit variety aud Lug at ol ssorim.-ut of Boots and Shoe* tint cau be fouud in itw city.? 1) .vary thing iu he.r hue. consisting iu part ol 3001) ladies' .Ho H icco Bus lus. 31)1)11 ladies'le.iiher do, JUUU ladies' com ? n do, b< 1)0(1 ladies' c .minoii ? lipp rs. 2500 gentlemen's do, 11 00 1 idles ui lie K reach do ItOll Wr.t Backs, In,080 Children's Shoes of all 1 lids uiid co urs, .(Mi adiea' (Jailers, black uud colore., 50 C" ea Of gentlemen a line calf sowed B Ott, 50 cases |?*gg d do, 25 ol ase? kipa do, 2> case bova'a..d > outlia' do, ami all oiher am (' iC( s that can possibly be called for in the boot a dsh .el.ue, pi ir ss.'e, .42 hati.a n street opi o ite ilieCiia him 1 heatre.? <> 1. 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U.iLK k CO , No. 260 Pearl street, t ml lm*ec t). S Hotel Building, S V. T IQAGNIKR [h LUCiNA CORDIAL, ? OR, ELIXIR OF LOVE. % i'OH the speedy and certain cure of female irregularities, im hi potency, harrniuets, lluor at'ius, incipient cuniuinptpin, pi debility, whether the result of imprudence, ill m iaa or accident. m The sensation produced by this wonderful medical discover- .1 iij Palis, has loon nearly equalled !>y its introduction into In miTica, Numeious rest menials hare beeu received from m ose whose constitution was a inert wreck, hut win luvr ,>i eu invigorated liy litis iucu i titrable Cordial. Others who ru id turned iheir health by their own folly or eitravtbianee,have and in this cordial th- means of rrstotaiiou, alte all other es rdictl aid had been used ,u vain. The hitherto cluldlrts lire- Si ile lias often been rendered h.i,i|iy, and the intnm, li e impotent ail nl the debilitated have again esulted in the elasticity and vigot ol bygone da>s a Ti e agem of one of the interior villages r f New York itates m rate, in which by It ? u?e of two bottlei of Lucina Cordial, a <ii tuple, after four years of bitter disappoi orient, weie en ibled ta i rejoice over the realization of tlie fondest ho|<es of a married ix fe- w The agent for the city of A., New York, sold a bottle to a Is iitlemao who had been afflicted with a disease of the urethra w ir eleven years. In a few days he returned uud said be had die ol ved far mote benelit from the one bottle thai from medicil gc eatmeut for eleven years, lie immodittely bought sis bottles 01 It)re. Our space forbids us to name the nnu> cases to which p earn at liberty to ieler. The universal sxtisftction which u| us iueatiinable Elixir list given, uot t single complaint bav- ui ig hi eu made, is not one of the least proofs of its uunvalled m icelleuce. at Price $3 per bottle. to Sold at 92 N.usnit st, New Ycrk;9# North Sizth street, Phila- fr Iphia ', Smith K Kowle, 138 Washington street, Huston. b< fe37 lm?ec is ITHO WOULD BE WITHOUT TEETH, when tie JV '* following unprecedented red u nion in dentistry is inatle y the celebrated Uentist, W. THOttNE, L>. i>. ?., b2 blast j, roadwai 1 > Cleaning Tseth, $100 ' Kitracting, 25 Slopping with hisjurlly celebrated Mineral 71 Single i'coth on I'ivot, 71 ,r " " Silver, 2 00 " " " OoU, 3 00 ? "A complete set o( Teeth, on the most approved principles, at lie same price as the above J N B?Where entire satisfaction is not given, no charge will "I made; 61 blast Broadway. m7 ltn*m. ai TO THE AMERICAN LADIES AND it GENTLEMEN. A FRENCH GENTLEMAN, twenty-five years old, Uav ^ ing hueii several ye,rs Teacher 'u a < olle-eOf Paris, would e liappv to b slow every day some hours in jiiviuk private |e?:>us lu the b ieuch Language, during his sojourn in this city. p I you wish to laaru rapidly this be. iiufnl and necesnary *J niguage and to hsve me best Parisiaa accent, you must write V > the lollowlug dirsotion and you will abtnu tsaclly what ? oudr.ire. MR X. U. HE CALMONTIER, * mli lm?rc hi Read* strwt. ^ rnsa 5 riK SUBSCRIBER hereby informs his friends and the . public, he has commenced t.o bake Passover Bread for be ensuing holidays, and aie now ready for delivery. Notwithstanding that he lias contracted with the congregv 2, iocs Jfnthi Ciesed SKari Shnmmim, and Btlh hrnel, be still hall teel happy to supply persons belonging even to other con- , regations. 'Pile majority of the members of the Elm street ongregation having already sent in their orders the suoseribrr ^ eels cenfldent that this unble anil independent example will De . nllov-cd by others, who should be similarly situated in regard o their own congregation, who can set as they please without . leing tinder an v restraint.. M. 8. COHEN. | TERMS? mitt' of n superior quality, sis to the pound * ,t sis cents: ureal sight cents |ier pound. P. 8.? Orders taken for all kiuds of Cakea for the approaching ii Inlays, at Ins Unkery, 43 Dry street, or CT Duaue stieet. fgo Im'rc II "pHK SUBSCRIBEH intends keeping Otocenea for thaenstung Passover, nD3 at 96 Catheriue street, where t hose of Ills friends, that will honor >um with a call, can be r nruisheil with the best quality, at the lowest inaiket pi ices. h The Coffee end Spires gr uud, if required, and sent to any ?rt of the city Iree of expense. The above Oroceries will be ready for sale on Tuesday, llareh |J, iS44. Orders received at 71 ?nd 96 ..athernre stre<-t. in7 2w * rrc 1. Nl rtlTTK.HBAN 1> r feXTURM! ON PH RENO LOO V -Or, the Law* ol I -* Man'* Brine, Presented anil Applied to the Dutfinamt of Jharacter ; to nelMmprovemeut ; to tbe Moral Triinlng and i veromeut ol Cliildien, meaning their Intellectual Eauceion ; to Improving ihe Memory ; to Matrimony, llrreoitary lament, Religion. Moral*, Politic*, 'JVinperaure, Kii?iiug r,?il* and their Remedy. Ktc hy O. 8. l*owler, it Clinton Ivll, every Monday aad Wnlnmla' evening, in March and Ipnl ; at Thalian Hall, every Thnr*day evening, and at l il|'< Building*, Brooklyn,every Knday evening, commencing t half past 7 oxlock anil cloning oith public exam.nation*, nd often wit j norm.k*. Heat* to the fust live lec.ure* ree, and a contribution Ukrn. See bill*. Professional elimination* and book* at 131 N***au (treat, lew York, i.v :nirrri* fW lm*ec 01 PMtlOR Hf.tiARM? We hive jint in: ived a lew ?necl^ ed invoicei ol th- lollowic g choice bia d< Itegili.?. (vaiiou* kind* ) Kapartero . Prima ver?*. . . , Yngeuuidade. \ndalin .a lot of our celebrated Rt Poktai. a small segar of letIghlfnl fragrance. I" or sale by . CLARK. BININUER It C0ZZEN8, m!7 Iw'rc * Vee*y street. MEDICAL. ON STRICTURE AND ITS CURE. PHR following few rwn*rk? *pon 8 instate, it ia bdlnd, I will b* deeply iniereeing to muy people UI?Thai Stricture i* * eery e amnion malady, and freqaeolly nau in those who are uot the leaat aware of it. Jud?That a very erreaeou* notion prevail* with retard to trictnre. 3d?That although a Stricture mar long remain *o dormant i not to be suspected, it i* alwaya lauding to other lora* of ileal disorder . 4 th?Thu there are three circnm*tancM in parocolar by 'hicb a Stricture may alwuys be known. _ 5th?That the cure of ?trieture, especially in it* early stage, > certain, free from pain or inconveuieuce, and generally acimpli*hed in a very little time. 1?With regard to^rhe freuueucy of Stricture, thia will not irpriae if it ia conaulered that thia complaint proceed* Irom a idly treated lioaorrhoea. If, lor inatance, a gonorrhoea has jea J a Ife red to eontiane on from month to month it alidea into gleet. Now, there u no pern or inconvenience ia gleet, and n thia account it ia often anffered to remain fbr any length f tune. But it ahould be known that gleet is generally cmiected with chronic iutlagniaittion, which naturally terminate* i thickening, and thia thickening in on* part or other ot the risary paaaage ia atrictnre; and further, with regard to its basuiity thia thickening may etiat without a gleet, and ju tat ease there i* nothing whatever to call tlie attention to it, i iliat the aulferrr uiaat remain in perfect darkneaa us to the al nature nfhif milady. 3?Another thing tliat laada the attention off from thia diaor ar ia the erroneous notion that stricrure cannot eaiat ao long I no impediineaR to the How of urine ia obaerved. lint thia i tjui'-e wrong. A stricture may exist for years without proucing any strikingchiuge in thia respect. Indeed, tliiseffect pon the U'iue is observed only iu advanced and older cases, bile the visible effect of early stricture is not on the part it If, hut an the mind, causing luwitesa of spirit* anil want of a 3d?Uut. although a mild or early stricture ia seemingly in:tive, and of no account, it is far from beiug really so. It is larcefy possible lor those not acquainted wiui ininute ana >iny, to imagine the delicate anil peculiar atructure of the part hicli is the seat of this disease, and how little is sufficient to inrnge it. Now, this morbid couditiou of the passage, hether connsc'sd wi'h stricture, or iuduced by otneraud pericious causes, is ever teiidiui; to destroy these delicate oigana, y ng the foundation of some of the most distressing maladies r human nature. It is <n this way that certain unnatuial aeons, local debility, an irritable bladder.and other likediseases, rocoed from a mild and nuauspectad atricture. stli?Nothing, therefore, can be snore desirable than to have >uie plain and ready means of detecting stricture in its mild id ea'ly stage; and. fnrtuustelv, there are three particular iTcuinstances which formauy years the author has fouud tw tree this purpoae. They are the followiug. The first relates The Maisrsr.a or trginaTii*o.?It has bran said already let the stream need not be much diminished or impeded, and mt is true; but observe what lianprus after this is finished, and in clothes are re-ndjuated, and if it should be lonnd that a drop 'two will afterward steal >way, so as to writ a little, this, triing as it may seam, will afford a ground of strong suspicion, he urxt regards The Time a pormk* Ooworbhiea mat hate eemaireu ficueeo.?It ii not so much how long ago it may have ocirred, as how lorg the glrety stage may have continued.? either is it possible in every case to atate th length of time a leetmay run without producing Stricture, for one is natnralm re disposed to Stricture than another. As a general rule, iwrver, it a Uouorrhma has been suffered to continue for a rind of from sit to eight weeks, this would stiengthen any her suspicious circumscauce. The third is The lrrntt a Stricture has ueonthe Miisd.?This, the early stage, is to depress the spirits aud to lessen ineutal ergy. It is also one of its most invariible effects. Not that is is feu in the same degree in every individual, but it is so Dimon that the writer scarcely sees a case of Stricture in Inch the patient does not complain that hs is less actiee, and ss capable of buiiness than loriiterly. Much might lie advauc I to show the natural connection of the mind and generative dors, but for this the reader is referred to "The Private Twale," while the tact itself is proved by ihe return of mental en gy as the cure proceeds. 5. On the cure of stricture it is repeated that this is certain? ee. from pain or inconvenience, and generally accomptwhod in very little lime. Ho much as this, however cou'd not hava ii advanced some years ago, but such hare been the late im ovements iu thia art, that by proper meant, and ill the hands "careful and rsperieneed persons, the cure is now accomplishI iu as many d tya as formerly it demanded mouths. Many so, who cannot consult the writer personally, on account of stance, lie. uudertake the cure themselves and happily suewd. To these an forwarded the most suitable and proper eaaa, together witfi the author's "Private Treatise," and such marks as any particular case may call fur. The fee on these .'casiona is ?10. Dr. Ralph also takes this opportunity of saying that he maybe intuited on those,ih'lieats diseases referred to in hia 'Private realise"?at his uwelltug house, 88 (ireenwii.h street, New ork, at any hour, and those who apply iu the earlv stage of eae diseases. Will Ite surprited at the simplicity cud little in iiivenirnce that attended their cure. He believes, however, it chiefly (hose who have suif'ied long from a cartaiu class of Ivertisiug iieople and outer causes, wTio cau properly apprecishis services. Dr. Ralph further coaiidera it a duty, especially to those wh? o stringers in this city, and also to obtain the confidence of ery one, that heshould make tlia followiug statemeur. of himIf. Besides his rank as Graduate of Kdiuburgh, he. he he is lieen engaged in the cure of these diseases, both iu Hospital id city practise, for mote than thirty years, and has published ree editions of a work expressly uu them. Also that he hatters Irom the most eminent Physicians iu Europe to theinnsi ninent in America?as Hir Astley Cooper of London, to Dr. iott. of New York Dr. Physick, of Philadelphia, aud otneis. id that he is perilitted to lefer 10 almostevery Physician ol ninence in this city. The " Private Treatise" is $1. Alices Dr Italph. sen,. <8 Greenwich st. fl2 Im* re JEIV BRUNSWICK, Keb.6. 1844?Mil J. H SCHKNCK ' ?Dear Hir Yon have my hmrtfelt gratitude for the sis Htles of your invaluable medicines, vut tome bv your agent [r. Simpson, aud 1 have the happiness now to inform you that lad not lakeu two bottles of it before 1 He profuse night sweat id the incessant cough which deprived me of sleep left me,and lore 1 had taken three bottles, 1 discharged from mv lungs, ai iverel different times, a surprising quantity of a hard, white distance. I continued using your Syiun until 1 had taeeu veu botrles. I am now in good health. Instead of being rliged to iibandon my studies, as I was .advised to do by my lysician. I am now in the Theological Seminary at New rnnswick 1 take great pleasurr in recoinmendinjg Schkeck's lieve that, if taken in "time, it is n certain cure (orl*uuno iry diseusi s. 1 a in your much indebted and humble servant. B. e. MLHDcN. Preiiarrd by J. H SCHtNCK. and for sale it liia priucipa1 Bees, No 32 South Hiith street, one door below the corner ol hestuut, and at his L .bora'ory, No. 121 Kncn street, rhiladel lia. Also for sale, wholesale and n tail, at 4?)d C lourtluudl st, ic door below 'he coraur of Greenwich, New York?the oul\ ace in this city wher* tnsg*nuine cm ba had. Also, lursale sh I'oruliill street, Boston; and at No 16 Broadway, Aluany. The aboea Offices are exclusively for the sale of Pulmonis yrup, where pamphlets may be had gratis. Call and yet one flllm'ic J. H. HCHKNt K. HIGHLY IMPORTANT. Nicw York, Jan 30th, 1844. JKO0 RKWARD.?Under this reward or -.-aption, an arti3(J\J\J davit c.f m son, John K Miller, was published to ic wo.Id, hearing date January 16th, aettiug lortn that he had reu ie?:or d to good health, alter a pr'.racied suffering of 16 pars, by Dr. John Thomson. 343 Broome street. Between ie 3d and 16th of the present mouth, January, 1844. I onfirm I my son's siatenv m by my owu ntridsrit My sou set forth istitehad been afflict'd since 18211, lirst, by over-heating him If, then by dyspepsia, nest by the poisonous sting of a homy at, in his face, which produced vertigo, derangement and ?ieine mental and bodily suffering Mis physician then bled in in his arms, which paralysed them both The doctor ive Inm 8 calomel powders, in each of which, he distiuctty Id me ihere was sufficient mercuiy fur ten ordinary mei. he effects of the calomel ?n my sou's system ware such as to ake h m at sensitive, with respe-t to the weather, as a iiraometer, for be could always tell, by his inercurud rains, day in . dwue,e wlit i a storm might be expected Under tiie eatment of Dr. Thomson he has lost all this distress aud senbilily, the raereu i having been removed. He had upon Ins idy.atone time, 18 bliuers, besides reveral mnstird drafts, lulticea and plaatets opou his leet and legs. When he tried do businass he wa* deranged, confused and distreaied so uch as to render no' only hi.mcl', but all those immeoiatrly pint him, nuti.ippy and mentally distressed on hia account I addition to the<iaacltery, mal-prsclica and poison, to which y sou had hecotne subject, nfter the Doctor had destroyed paralysed Pis arms by dep'etiou. lie, tie Doctor, iuformed it there was another deadly poison in New York, celled Mlk ? Bane Ancouitnm ^'eomouiaum ; that a pill of the tract, thesue cf the head of a large pin, would kill a wol' ich a remedy as would kill a wolf, was now advised nnd miaisMred by the Doctor to restore to he-.lth, and to lh* use his limbs, toy poor, feenle, sickly son, who had been made cripple by thin same Uoctor irat he wa? poiioned wit' rrcury, palsied by bleeding and rendeied one ofth* most messed In-mat in life, by hlistera, and bumini( with mmiid ; and now, to cap the climax, he mint lake a dote ol lisou that would neutral izt what the Doctor had done, that ould kill a healt tv wolf *' Oh ?cience, thou art a jewel'.'' it not a miracle that there waa a particle of the ahitterid reck lett to build upon to be ruaDlnd to show the ignorance scientific quackery by the astonishing elfectsof the Thorninian practice in restoring to lile, auioialion, form and order, le of the nobleat heinfa of earthly objecta I This son, ouce a rlect specimen of his species, had ben ahipwrecltedj biokau p,an l mostly dertrovol by thoia in whom we eonld repute perfect aafrty .at we thought, all confidence, and where we liaht expect aiaistauce. pro'ection and aafety in tima of mtnlul id b^dny suffering. By Dr. Thornton my ton wax restored i better bealtn, ill 2 weekt, than all the benefit he had derived n-n the combined medical faculty m sixteen ytirs. 1 do lieve that my ton John K. Miller, tnrronnded aa he new it i he.ilth at home with hit little family (roup, is the most ippy man in k'ssex county. New Joisey. Have we n- t ten, all of ui, hia relatives and friends, abundant reason to joice ? He'ercn-e, na to charac'er and credibility?Lawrance ..Keex, and Atliaon Foal, Druggists, Mnidtn lane ; and Noah lorria, 264 Eighteenth at reel and all the iuhabitaula of Esses ounty, IS. I., by whom I am known. Hwora before me, thit 30lh day of January, 1244, 8 \V ALLACK CONE, Commiaaiouer of Deeda. N. B.?Wanted, aa uau"l, at 3di Brouuie atreet tuth paints aa can find no relief from others. fit lm*ec tKOn REWARD?CROS8' 8FECIKIC MIXTURE? psJVJVJfr'iT the cute of tsonorrhoea, Olreta, Strictures and nalagnnt complaints of the organ of iteneration. Of nil remedies )rt diacorered for (ha above complaints, this 11he most csrtiin. 11 mabft a apeedr and rcrmanrnt cure, without the least re iriciion to diet, drink, einosure. or chamrc 111 application to usm -as. We give no long qnackish reeommendnlions to deceive the n lie. If the medicine does not a, e J^or itself, no one shall M-ak for it. Our object is to notify where it e?n b- had. anil ip proprietor challenges ? sinsle rase of lecent Oonorrlima to a brought in whicn the Mixture will uot effect a rapid cure rder aTorfennie of %V)t. This is * dneieg that unfortunately pervadea all .ranks of so ietv?high, low. rich and poor, mit'imonial and single Tliey r? here, prmenua with a remedy by v.Inch they can cure themxlvea, wiihoot the least exposure in the shortest time possible. Knrther, ihe disease osnnol be contract d if a "toae of the litmre la taken at night on going to bed when sxposed. It is pot IP in Imitlss wi'h fnll directions accompanj ing it, tils bottle. Onfl I otlla lasts a wsek, which genarally curei -many are cuteil in two days H ot ula only at VVm. it. Milnor's. 192 Broadway, corner ol ohn at. opp liito Franklin Hoase, New Y ork; J. Jones, cor er o| ('heaunt and eexeuth atresia^ Philadelphia; sndat J. M. mitr.'s, 130 Washington street. Bbston. ml im*rc DOCTOR BELL. Pvlt. BELL continnes to devote his attention (daily 'till 9 P L-e M.) to the removal of Private Dsieaaea in everystage. Al utfeitng under protracted cases, avgravateil or unsuccessfully o.ited by inexperienced orpretpuiled practitioners, those labor, at; nndei the destmct re effects ol mercury or quack nostrums, nil alt vlie anspeotthe remsins of disease lurking in the sys em may consult Or. B. with honorable confidence and a uarantee ol enre. Persons contemplating marriage who have been the snhjeel f disease, may also consult him with confidence and satisfae ion. Post-paid letters have his prompt attention. Dr. Bell's treatnert never exposes to suspicion, and is well known to be safe ml permanent Private offices, tT Cedar street, third door from Broadway, f 19 Im'oc THE INVISIBLE WIG 30 close] j resembles the real.head of hair that sceptics ant J connoisseurs have pronounced it the most perfect and ex raordtnary invention of the day. The erect advantage of thii io?el and unique wig is its being made without sowing oi veavmg, which canal's its nppenrauces so closely to resembli he natural hair, both ia lightness and natural appearance, as u lefy detection, its texture being so beautiful, so porous and s< roe, that iu all cases of perspiration evaporation is unimpeded md JW great evils of other wigs entirely avoided, The sceptu mil connoisseur are alike invited to luspect thie novel and beau i In I Wig, and the pecnliar method of fitting the head, at thi ngnnlacturer's, A Be ill .141 Broadway, earner of LiWai trf+i ftp mD (iKIIMAV Cnl.d. INF-:WATLK AGENCY. 1MIK UN Dr. H>1 ON EI) having received the Agency for thi L niteil nt uesof iIns celebrated Perfume, manofacnirrd h] lean Marie Karma at Colonic, (the oldest diatiller ol thi tennine kind) h,? now a lot of the different qualities on I anil vhich lie oilers for sale; end is prepared to es-cnte ord rs fol he importation of th - article al very low prices. Dealers an espectfully requested te call. C. F. OROSHKIM, mrjo 3tawlm*rc to Piatt street diseases of the eye. na. R. NKLiON, Uw of Canada, Profseaor of Phyaiploary yj tad Sara cry. tad for many r?an Principal Surgeon to the Hotal Uicu Hospital in Montreal, aanunoei that in eoaee. (UNM of the increase ol kit Ophthal m>e praetioe, tad w com. plitncc with the I refluent solicitations of a large unmberofphytieitat whe conaalt nim on turfictl um. he has mtoc arrange* mrnu ta dcvoic a portion of the forenoon to the attendance and operations on Diseases of tha Kye. Having parformrd iheoper atiou of Kttiaction of Cataract mora than two buudred timet, hit lout riperieuce in Surgery, an hit reputation at an ouarator, toduce him to hope that no higher qualification will be found la thia city than hit to tak? chary* of Diseasee ol tlie Kye, and thathia professional character will be a a larauty to satisfy thoae who may put ihemarlvra under hit care. Olfics No. 77 Wh%? street, two doors from Broadway, eaat aide. ui6 lwia*3woa*rc mor e proof that CONSUMPTION IS CURABLE. A RKMAKKABLK CASK NOW FIRST MADK PUBt j ^IC.?1 h aia to certify that my wife Klizibeth Tucker, had b>eu complaining for several years, which recalled in a disease of her lungs, prod jcing s violent and harrassing cough, which w-ia tight onddrv, causing much paiu iu her breaat, gradual deoility, which resulted in such eatrnne weakness as to ka confined rntirely to her bed. tier flesh had nearly all diai| pea red, and her appetite was impaired, food not digestion, and bowela tary costive She could not expectorate auy, and her cough wus trouble,umr as to prevent her aleeniug; had every day burning iu trie p-lms of her h uids and solas of her feet Kvery afternoon lor cheeas would become red. and lier eyes brilliant, which would be followed in ilia rveuing by Cnills ana eilianstinf sw'sts, wh'Cb increased her debility. 1 employed tha best medical attendance, but lhay could not do anything for her We tried every remedy we could hearer, but she kept losing The rhysiciau gave her up as an incurable case of consumption. and I believed mat her esse was tieiond the reach of auy remedy. Many times hare I thought she was dyiug, end never did aspect to ?ae her en) .y list health the is now blessed with. Last summer weheard of several cases that li d been giviug up as inrurible, hut which had been cuted by SCHKNcK'S PULMONIC SYKUP, amoug which was the case of 1'vtesKtrvksr lleekmnn. We west to see him, aud he gave her great eucourigrment. 1 well knew thai iny wile wliuld t ie unless we could cbtain a remedy of greater virtue than auy we had tried or beard tell of. We, therefore, determined to try the PULMONIC SYRUP, and after she hid taken several bottles she appeared to be wort*, a it produced ?> mach piin throughout tier s.stern. We sent again for Mr. B ekmao. who urged her to persevere in its use, and it was with great reluctance ill)* couieutvtl to d? so, when suddenly a diarrhea i com rnaaeed, which consisted i riucipally of corruption Tim continued for a few dt>? aud c?u?td. and wa now thought bar aud near at hind The Syrup now produce I an indeseribaMe seusition in her cheit, wnirh I iJi"Ught would t.uffnca'e and kill tier. I have siucs found out that (hit was .only the effect* of the Sytup rinrui-g her uiscua, aud briuaiug it tu a htwd Aft*r several da<ra had tbipged, at on making an effort to Cough, ?he lelt omethiug give way in her brrait, and * He brought up nearly a i| 11 art of yellow mutiar. Ai soon ? thi* subsided, her cough ?a? no longer tight, but the einrctoratiou was Copious, looee, uid mmiited of lipe yellow matter, la a few day? an appi reut change for the belter w in mauifeat; and with feeiiugi of hope mingled with jov. I felt there wu prospects of her recovery. The coogh gradually improved, and coutiuned to de ao tor aeveial mouth*; and in the same time her system alio improved. I e- atrrugth returned, ao t .at now ahe could help herself. f >r previously ahe wea ao leeble a* t > be entirely helpless, hiving to be earned to ore bed another. Herapptttte returned and ahe felt aa if ahe had bee i translated into a na existence. It ii now about tl r-e mouths since ahe bepau to go ibour the home, and at this time remains entirely Ire from any disease of the lungs, and 1 cannot And wordr adenutte to express the feelings of gratitude I frel for hating b.-e-i directed to SC11 hiNt,KM PUL vlO Nl'l H a HUP, which has breu tne means ot curing one who wu so Dear the grave and whose loss wouHi have baen irreparable to me. Afu*- an* was ab .ut the honaa, our clergyman c .lied to see her, and was uioniahed to find aa improvement in ber far be* oud h:aexpectations Many of the nelghbois caa also t-alify. Iron* what they saw, that her cure wu almost miraculous. Mrs. Tucker ia particularly dsairnua that any p-rson afflicted with consumption, or haying any Iriend thus afflicted should call aud sat her, aud hear ker statement vciImIIt, and she helitvcs she can convince them that >chcnca's Pulmonic Syrup u t^e heat an 1 only rem i'v ever discovered to eure contain .lion, aid has thus conferred blessings npon heraud others which no other rem-dy could. JSPHRAIH TUCKER, Jersey City, Jan. 29, H'4. No. 43 York st., Jersey City. Ifew Jorsty, Hudson County, st. Personally appeared b?fore me the subscriber, Mayor of Jersey Citv, Epriam Tucke-.who n< ing bv me duly sworn according to law, en Ins oath, did depose and say tint the facts above stat> d and by hire subscribed, in relation to the cure effected by Schenck'g Pulmonic Syrup are true, and further saith not. PcTEll BKNTLEY. Mayor of Jersey City. Jersey City, January 29, 1844. Jersey City, January 30, 1844. Mr. J. H. Schcivce? iltar Sir?Mrs. Kphriam Tucker is rersouslly known to me, and 1 b-liete herstateinent worthy of all credit as presented over theiiguature of her husband. I know she wu very ill aud uow she seems in the anJcyment of comfortable health. Yours, M. HUSK, Pastor of the K. I). Church, Jersey City. Prepared by J. H. Selieuck, and for sale at his principal offi res, No. 32 South Sixth street, one door below lb- eoroer of Ch-stnut, and at bis Laboratory 121 Race st, Philadelphia. Also, for s ib* at No 49K Counlandt street, one door below the corcerof (Jreeuwich street, New York, the only place in the city where tnegennin* can be had. Also for sale at 68 Coruhill street, Boston, and 16 Broadway Albany. l'he above offices arc exeluiively for the sale of Pulmonic Syrup. J. H. SCHENCK. inrl lm*ec MEU1CAL AID.?DOCTOR. COOPER. 14 Dunne street Ik tween Chatham aud VVilliajn streets, takes this method if inf iruiing citizens and strangers that he has for the last ten years confined hie practice eol-fy to the treatment of Venereal, Mercurial, and oilier diseases of a delicate nature. Although n ,s c nsidered by a portion of the medical profession as a apecies of quackery for one of its legitimate numbers to advertise, still -be great advantage the unfortunate victims of venereal disease leriva from n regularly educated physician devoting his attention to a particular branch of the profusion, mast be apparent. Do yon not eftplov ? surgeon to amputate a limb I?to au oculist on disease of tne eye 7?to a dentist for en intention on the teeth I?and to a surgeon noted for the cure of Syphilis when yea are troubled with Venereal 7 And you do so from the fact that those men are perfect in tliia branch, because they only ... rt. . .,'.hnr?>k H?. >ital, and h?j for un yev> enjoyed the movt eitrnvive practice in thia way of an7 medic.:) man in New Ycr.U. I Lean curetk neat aggravated cut of Syphilis. and mi'it ctjc ?.- *. sred in wo to livs days. The Dr 'tirtga'uly ednct.ted physician and tnrgeon, end saw trotters nil patienta to leare until a perfect v re 11 performed. It ia deplorable to wttneii aome of the c?n lint areprea-nted to the Or., wheie the diae.ue has been drives ntn the system f,7 qnatbs, to break out again in the lorm of pots r.rd clears o? tha body. Pains in the joints, sore throat, light sweats and Mr.aeiation. A" Dr. will in every eas-i war rant a cart, or make no rbarge. STRICTURE.?Dr. Cooper has discovered a nsw method. Of which he can enre the worst form of Stricture in from one to two weehs, with scarcely any pain to the patient. Imitation if the urrthra, or prostrate gland, er of the neck of the Bladder, reauinetimea mistaken for Stricture by general rraeiitionrri jid charlatans. CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY, sometimes called Seninal Weakness, brought on by n secret habit indulged in by yonnn men. This is, where too freely indulged in, the greatest evil that con befall toan; for it begets disease of the heart, conmi.iption, dyspepsia, emaciation of the frame, and Imally ends n complete idiocy. Dr. Cooper will effect a radical care in nch cases, and restore the constitution to iu original rigor,and list by a mild and simple course of medicine. A cure warrant! d in every case, or no charge. Post paid letters, describing -omrlaint and enclosing S3, attended to. Patients attended ia no tils or boarding houses. Office open till M at night. Heaember, 14 Mnans street, hsrvraea William utd Chatham sta. n.3 'et'w MEDICAL AND SURGICAL OFFICE. "DOCTOR JOHN SON*. 17 Duane street, so well known to L/ the victims of Syphilitic disease, as the most successful pracucioner tnai isew torn can ntui01. irnnf iratraraici this destructive and almost unmanageable malady, is still to bs lound at the old office, which he haa occupied for the last ten years. The public, and a large portion of medical men in general practice,have au id-a that all advertising Doctors are quacks. We admit that a large nortion ol those that infest this city are ignorant, uneducated charlataus; but that all are quacks we deny. .Medical quackery consists in a nun holding himself forth is skilled iu the healing art. without having a diploma, or authority to practice, or without general medical information. >Ve can satisfy any one that we are legally qualified to practice I'hytic and Surgery?that we possess a knowledge of geueral disease superior to three-fourths of your general Physicians" -and that our skill iu the treatment and proper management of very variety of Venereal Disease, including the surgical treatmeut of that harrassiug complaint, Strictnre of the U relira, is prn-emineut. We have confined our pri"tioe to the .reatment of all private and delicate complaiuia for ten years We care on au average 600 patients a year; our patients are not only from every part of the United States, but they come to us. from the West Indies and Canada. We have three physicians iinler our care at the present time and no week passes without physicians in the city and from the country coming to consult is respecting their patients, er sending us their patients for our advice. We discountenance quick-ry in auv form, and therefore take this method of informing st.augers, and persons iu the couutry where tliey can ford a physician skilled iu of their disease. Every case we uudertoke we enre, or make no charge. No matter how long van may have Oleet, Stricture, Ulcers upon the hody, or iu the throat, or nose, pains in the head and bones of the legs, we will and can curs yon, if your case is curable at all. Constitutional Weakness, or tmpoteney, is a disease so complicated iu its character, hot the treatment adopted by th- greii majority of physicians is highly injurious instead ofsalulsr/. We have paid much attentiou to the treatment of this m iledy, it constituting partof our practice. Mauy au unfortunate v.c'im ol tiiis unnatural vioe lias espe.-imced the be clitofour salutary treatment. I'y.ipepna. weakness of the limbs aud small >1 the back, ooufusion of intellect, lorqetfulness, ja! mutton of the heart, aversion to society, and an inability to look a man in he face, are o ily symptoms of this complaint. It our directions are followed, we guarantee a cure. Postpaid let ten, with sU'ementofcase, containing S3 lor advice, attended to. We hold no commiiiioa with the advertising doctor* in New V'o.k. We speak of ourselves a* a physician, end say not* ng ef the l'latificat ous of others. Office 17 Duane street, one <toor from Chatketr timet. m3 Im'ec DOCTOR JORDAN'S PRIVATE SPECIFIC PACKAGES, C,OR THK CUKE of secret diseases, offer advantages not " possessed by any other advertised rem?dy, te wit: 1st. They contain every thing requisite for lulernal andextei* itsI nse 2d. Appropriate remedi s for every symptom 3d. Tliey ate accomiwined by the Monitor, a treatise upon secret maladies, witn full directions and advice 1th. The patient ef> Ortiaufc. permanent aud set ref cam. without en suhatiou or aposnre. .lib. One pack ige effects cure; but if in any cur ithar nv-diciuet a r- rrqmrad, thav an supplied without charge, ilh Tnepatfent is nolsubjerted to lass 01 time. or other iorunvenence. And laatly, the Monitor points out the only mode jl prevention. No. 1, is for the enre of Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Remind we*ksees. he. Mo. 2, for Ven?r?sl diseases in all its stare*. Mo. J, for Floor Albrs. or Whites, Tha Monitor alone is .11 cents. "1 he packages complete, $1 each. Securely forwarded to postpaid remittances. fold only at "rug Store, 61 Prince at., corner of Marion, a few doors east of Mililo's. N. B. Private entnnce 11H Mnnoa rtreet continuation of Centre, where Dr. Jordan may be confidentially conrolteJ. f2l im'ec ANEW AJtTICIF. FOR SHAVING.?FF.KRE'B CREAM OF BAPOM1NK surpasses any sharing soap now in nw, and is pronounced by those who have triotTit. to eieeed all others iu making a rich and permanent lather Urn 'Inn mi hiving hard herds and render fate, are requested to call and gir* it a l?r trial, an I if not perfectly satisfied, the money will be re nrned. ihe following is one of the number of letters received by the manufacturer:? New Yen*, Dec 11th, ISO. Dran Sin,?Among the "ills that flesh is heir (-air) too," not the least especially when travellin, is an "nnsluven'' chin, lleiurni'i recently fram an eieursion, when arriving at Colchester, Conu., I stvpued into a storev and the pnpn-tor. my very eseellent friend, J. R Wheeler, Esq., ohse ving my hair inrti, presented me a poi of your HUavin* Cream With a lift devoted to scientific pursuits, I am acquainted with most o the saponaceous compounds produced during the present eerv tury. and for tha purpose intended, I know none which I nrin o highly as your Cream of Saponin'. I has otter you tnvopi1 nion of its merits, and mv ftico.s wonld like to know where il may be obtained in this city. Ynnrs he. E C. FrnngK, Ksg. JONATHAN DODGE, M-D. I For sale in any quantity by the manufacturer's agmt. Ne. 7! Maiden lane; also by all the princioal Druggists and f ancj , Good dealers in the City. J. W. HuLBERTON. r ml lm?in SELPHO'N FIRST PREMIUM I I ANGLESEY LEG. _ , , D KMOVKD from Hrc?ud itrrft to 80 Spring ft?Patron i** 4 j by th* mr?it f*min<*ut snrgvoni throughout fcuropc, ana M f.h#? roott disttbtftmhf d of tliiir proff*?iOft*l brrtnrrn in thi t Ulitrd Stti**; and allowed by all to be the ntareit approach r to nature hitherto produced. Introduced into this country tnc made solely by WILLIAM SELPHO, vk No. Ml Hpvin* street, near Broadway. New York. > IT/"Terms moderate, and indisputable referencesgiven r ,V1 have seen the artificial leg of vlr Selnho. Iu construe tion appears eseellent, and well calculated to answer ill ih< , ohiect, desired. But the best of all is the proof of those wh? r wear them; this is positive and undeniable. Hiwne of in; r 1/lends whom I have mutilated, inform methaitheyare superti or to all other*. VALENTINE MOTT, Professor of Surgery, University of New York.' m9 lnsdrltwy*M TO DRUGGISTS AND PATENT MEDICINE VENDERS. CIRCULAR. M NEW YORK, March, 1144. THOMAS ROBERTS fcCU. of 104 Broadway. Druggi.te * and proprietor* of lh* popular mrdiciua kno n aa Parr1* I- r- Pill*, take leave to inform the Drugaiat and dealer* lu Patent Medicine* of New h iigtand that they hate thUdnrappointed Mmsra. SMITH ItFOWLE, Druggiat*. ol lit Wnblugton (tract, Boaton their aole and ftclusite ageute lor the rale ol Parr'r Life Pill*, in the in New England Slate*, for a definite trrtn of yrara. Thomas Rnbe/tt Ik Co. hate to regret that daring the courie or a chancery soil, militated to protect Ineinaeltei the fraudulent intention* of a former agent, many aub-egeuta and otheri ?ta duianoe, wen disappointed by their order* not Itcrivingproper attention?tliu* *ituat>-d. Thoina* Roberta It Co. were indebted to Mr. F. Brown, Druggut o' Boiton, for acting for the,n Lending the decition of the *a>d ?oit which being trilled in their f i?or by the Acting Clianc'llor, the/aie now able to place llie Ageucy of their eitentive busmen in New Knglaud >u iieiinanent hand*. The ,e.?r?ct\bility Hod butine** character of Mntt* Smith St Fowle are guarantees that tub agent* and I lie trade generally. Win navr mm kiuoh x, ni|>ity AU accounts fjnrerly due to G?nrr?- llobcru, of J00 Tiemont itrt't, but transferred tout by the ui<? of lh? chancery u?t, will be rrceieed by Mt?tr? Smith St Koale, on our arcount, at alto those made bv Mr. Johnstone, ear .Traeelliuic Airent Uuribu November aud December la t, in21 lmrc THuB ROBERTS U CO. 304 Broadway TO THOSE WITHOUT CHILDREN?A PROCREATIVE ELIXIR CORDIAL. rPHK [mi-it discovery in m*<lical science i, tint of M. M. A Duom*aui, of Pari,. He ha, entirely exploded the genaralty received opini m of the existence of incurable etevrinty of hart lines,, (exe-pt indeed iu cue, of malformation, which are extremely rar*.) The invariable ati'l universal success of hie Klixir Cordial, ill every instance, ol producing that sta'e of li??lth which routs iu the wife becoming bleed aa a mother, v ho for y -ar, pined iu childlet, loiieliur,?, hat fully estab ished th< fact, that what ix usually termed harreaiiei, is curable by the uie of the Procreative f lixir Cordial It i, iuf Uab'e in senurial weakiets, ffunr albui, debility, incontinence, and iha various tram of coinplaiuta ansiug from exceix, illness, or impiudeuca 1 ta great and invariable success ix its rtcomme"datiou Th? fame of thia wonderful K'txir Cardial is wall establithrd. A ?a'e "f more than fiftv thousand botll's and packye, it uifficient eviilence of ila excellence a id the e.iiuiauou iu which it i< held. It if pleasant and agreeable to the lute Thr uude signed ia the only autboriaed agent for thia country. Price $2 a bottl". For the convenience rf ihiee raiding out at the eity, the ingredients composing the Elixir CnrdiMara put up in packages for transmission by mail, with full direction for preparing. Price of package Si, making three bottle*. All Lite's must b" postpaid, mid directed to Ur K. MfcLVEAlJ, Box 21, N York city, mil !m DAW *ra Office 129 Liberty it. FEMALE PHYSICIAN. YffADAM LA CHOIX educated in the Medical Faculty, ia Berlin,aud graduate Midwife?anptiset thelidiei of New York at.d ti males geue ally, that she can he cousulied with the strictest coulid-uce at hrr residence ou all caiee incident to lor sex. Medim L. haviuK had long experience in the moat celebrated hospitals iu F.urope? tier" any in particular?would respe< ll'ully solicit the patronag' of females labnriug under obstruction, irregu arity, sup. reisi m of st 'J'l'ate, ate. Madam hi Croix would inform ladies that the officiates personally in x'l ca-es. H *r mo leof treatment is founde ou the most acientifi priecip I, so as to require but a fe a days to effect a perfect cure. Siugle and married ladies may rely with cnnfideuce on hnr professional abiliti-s as fern le physician ; however distressnig may be their cornp a>nts. her tnedi al acquirements will lis found adequa e to the exigency of the cam. In short she grounds this notice to the lauiea on the result of a ill r ugh medical education, and a just reliauce on the appoiuied means of itnta ting health, vigor, cheerluluess and (cu-irquently happiness to all thoia who may hon~r her with their 'ce. B Keaidenre of Madam La Croix, 79 V'^nck street, near I'rml wher-sha is nrenarrd 'o accommodate ladies on the Doint of cm fiii merit, ami Co admioiit r medicines jor ?ll (lisaiss to winch her net arc liable. All communications ami letters inu>t be I'Oit paid. m21 lrn-m MADAME LA CROIX FEMALE MONTHLY FILLS. rPHF8E PILLS, which hare acquired ruch well deterred J- celebrity throughout Europe, for their cerla<r tr in oroJu- , cing the monthly turns, are now rea ectfully submitted to the f mi let of America a* en effectual remedy iu all cates where ihe operations of nature are impeded from nuy cause wl atevrr. Ladies in ieicate end precarit us health, who require the aid of salutary and elfectire remedies, wotud do well to proride themselves with these luraluable Pi It, ns the combination of ingredients of wbi h tney are comiiosed render them the most harmless, yet effir icious specific ever discovered for the removal of obstinate cater of female irregularity, suppression, etc. Price $2 per boi, with full aud particular directions for their use. N. D?These Pills must net betaken during pregnancy, ai they are sure to produce miscarriage if used during that |>ertod. To be obtained of Madame La Croix, K< male Physician, 79 Varirk stu et, near Canal. m21 lm'm PARR'S LIFE PILLS. AS THE WINTER 18 EN DIN If, and 8PBINO COMINli, this?01 ular medicine should betaken by every one valuing their hea to. No mat cr how well you msy feel, ibe chauge of season imiieratively demands a cleansing of the syslem?and being without mercury, are peculiarly calculated for b*ing taken with safety at this changeful period. The proprietors beg to state to Spanish. Portuguese, (Jerman end French Houses, that this popular Medicine is i ut up with wrappers and diVrctioci in each of those languages?accompanied with a neat Book (with engravings) of the Life and T'measf OLD PARK, whose pr ilouged Lie of 1V2 yestra has loug bveu a subject of cum iisspeci'lattnn to those who hate wished 'for length oldats." M su y medical men and those a-quainted w>ih Physiology, have deduced from the history of Thomas Parr, that the use <fa Hei bal Medicine, and regularity of life, are ths predisposing causes which led to the "number of his days." As this opiuiou is corroborated by an extract from Parr's "Last Will and 1 estameut,"such deduction is reduced to a certainty. Th* Subscribers, having by purchase become proprietors of this Medicine, now offer it as a valuable remedy >o the public. The hundreds of unsolicited testimonials of its efficacy iu their nossession, warrant their soliciting any one who may suppose Parr's LifePills to be onearaongit the m toy quack nostrums <>lfered to the public, to couviuce thrms Ives by a call at their of lice or upon any of their Agents iu New York?amongst whom they number all the principal Druggists. THOS. ROBERTS St CO . in Htm* in 3M_i3 roadway, upstaprs. TO MARRIED LADIES. Vf ADAMK RESTKLL'S PREVENTIVE POWDERS, iva ?Those invaluable Powders have been universally adopted in Europe, but France in particular, for upwards of thirty years, u well as by thousands in this country, as being the only mild, safe and efficacious remedy lor ruarrie" ladsas wrvrse health fore bids a too rapid increase ol lanuly. The resnlta of their adoption to th* happiness, the healths nay, often the life, of many an affectionate wife ana fond mother, are too vast te touch upon within the limits of an ad/ertisement?results which affect not only the present well being of parents, but the future happioesa of their offspring. Is it not but too well ksowu that the families of the married often increase beyond the hanpinrse of those who gave them birth would dictate? In how many instances does the hard working father, and more especially the mother, of a pout family, remain slaves rhrnn.kriiir their livaa. tnirrinff at ihe rtsr of incessant labor. toiling bat to live and livingT>ul to toil, when they might have enjoyed comfort and comparative aMue'ee, and il care and toil hareweighed down the spirit, and at last erosen the health of the lather, how often ii the widow left annul*. with the most virtuous intention*, to save her fatherless offspring from be* coming degraded object* of charityor p.odigate volariee of vicel Kven though competence and plenty *n>'le uimn u?, how often. lire the day* ol the kind husWI ana lather embittered in beholding the eme.ciated form and declining health of the companion el hi* bosom, ere ibe had scarce reached the age of thirty?fktt sinking into a premature grave?with the certain prospect ol himself being early bereft 01 the paitnerof his joys and sorrows, sad his young sad heirless children of those endearing attentions and watchful solicitude, which aSnother alone can bestow, not nnfreouently at a Wine when least aide to support the heart-rending affliction ! Is it desirable, then,?is it moral?for parents to increase their families, reg-irdless of consequence* to themselves, or the well being of theirofl'spring, when a simple, easy, healthy, and certain remedy is within oar control! 1 he advertiser, feeling the importance of this subject, and estimating the vast benefit* resulting to thousand* by the adoption of in nans prescribed by liar, would reepeclfullv arouse the attention of the married to it* consideration. Is it not wise and virtno,.* to preveutevils to which we are subject, by simple and healthy means within our contrul I Kvery dispassionate, virtuous and eulightetied raind, will unhesitatingly answer M the affirmative. Trice five dollars t package, accompanied with full cad particular directions. All letters must be post paid, and addressed to nog "161," N. v ?uimvr uvvih I I l'i,v,ii.i,n Principal office, 11* Orcrnwich street. l^few Pork. Office lioara Irorn 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. Botten office, No. 7 t??i et. flO 2m m KADAHIBKSTULL, 0*KMAL? THY8YC1AN, Office and miJence, 14* Oresa " wich street, between Coarilandt and Lrberly streets, whe?* he can be consulted with the strictest confidence on eoinwleints incident to the female frame. Madame HealeU's atperience end knowledge in the treatment of obetinate caws oj female irronlarily, steiUMge, suppression, he., ia aach aa to require bat a few daT* to ?fleet a perfect cure. Ladies desiring prosier medienl attendance daring coulineraent or other indisposition, will he accommodated daring xus* time, with private and reapectable board. " Preventive Powders," fo> married ladien, whose delicate ot nrecMioua health lorbiila a too rapid -ncteaae of family, will be out bjr mail to any part of tae United ttutes. Price Sin pick- . ice All letlen (post-paid; addressed to hex, Ml, New lorfei Boston Office. No. 7 I met street." S. H - Madame Hwt'l ELL wonld inform ladies lestding cat of the city, whose health wonld net admit of trar'-lhaf, '.'oat she would devote-hrr personal attoudunce upon theta m i*f part of the United ftstan within reasonable f'4 1m- m fKMAH MONTHLY PU.LM YW'INO to the celebrity, efficacy, and invariaole acceevnf *-? Madame Hmtell'a Female Monthly Tills in all cases of it| -egularity, suppression, or stoppage of those functions of aarare npon which the health ef every feiimln depends, sine# tueir introduction into the United about four ran, roou-vieits and imitations are constantly attempted to be palmed oS for the genuine. Cheap common pilla axe purchased M twelve cenu a box, pot up ia different boxes, and called? " Female Monthly Pills," with the object of selling thsm. if possible, at one or two dollars a box. Females aie thereloiu lautioned agaiaat theme attixnpie to impose upon theia It i* (Efficient here te state that all Female Monthly Tills are couaterluiis, except those told at Madame Result's Principal Office, 14* Ureenwich street. New York, and 7 hitsex street. Bomtosl Price $1. Madams iUctciJ's sigsstva is written on the votii if eucn box. N rl.- Thay can he cued by married or single, by follows* the directiena^enr1 raed inside of each box^ Bold also It ip ITMnuaut HI ?i VIBNU mmi MII?? VI A VIA f!9 1?*m1 CAUTION TO tKMALKB \4 ADAMR RE8TE1.1,, FEMALE I'H V8I0IAN, wo*14 r-'J- iaform ladiea wh?, with n proper delicacy, hare a repneiu^ to the treatment of their complaiata rxcept by oar of thuf awn sen, that all caret rha attends to them persoaally, her . expsrisnre, practice sec knowledge raables tier to do to. nha jeeirs it aacemtry to trate thir, m the doet aot with to be flawed wi'h titn prrtredrra continually appearing end diaap peering. advertising at " lirmale Physicians," who too igsa r??l wn in-wiipefnl themselves ere obliged to net tome scares, I ly less .gn<i"nt qnecb to experiment mtteed. Consulting wf i low tad residence, ltd '.lf?ewi?h ttreet, betwtea CoJUl-od ??d Liberty streets. Uoaxs of sttendnnea from A. M.i, 9 ? FJL >l? >mi?ai FOK.TIKJUESE FEMALE FILLS iwvKffTKK aitd enarangij ay M. DE BOU9BLOQ.UK, M.D., L1HBON. PpilTUOAju > PUE Beientrfle eambination of increments ol which three J. l'ills are hare madn theui the wondkr and admiretioe of the world. They are known all oyer Knrope tote ne only prepnrattpn eyer diaeorered that hei prored inrariablT certain in prodncsng thr monthly tnros. 1 heir eartainty, in nil caaet, being each (hat they mnat not be used daring pregnancy, < for though always mild, safe and healthy, they ere certain U? produce miaeamage if nted daring tnal period. The direction! are tranalated into English. and ere enrelored 1 roaad with the teal of the importer, lumped. Kach K<ye coa; Mint the signature of M. de Bondelouoe, and the English d>' reetiona hare the tignatnre of Dr. Y. MELVRAU, aatitorltod agent for the continent of America. J'hey can be traoamitted br mail to aay part of the United ? Blatea. Sold by l)r Jf. MKLVF.AU, agent and importer (or ' din United States, olfice 119 Liberty street, near Greenwich H. Price W?half be tea (I. No half boxes sent by mail Sold in Boston at No. 9 Salem street. Letters directed to Dr. k. Melreau. box It, New York, will meet With immeainre aural tion. All letters mot I be poet r*:d. fl02m*m | PUBLISHED DAILY ItY i JAMES (lORDON BENNETT, | N. W. CORNER PULTON AND NASSAU STREETS. Tat Nrw York Hkmii.k?A daily paper, issued erery mnripcg of rlie we k?pro a two cents per copy, Country SII111 ritiers furnished at the same rate, lor any specific period, on a ren.iiUuce iu adtince. No paper s *nt unlrss paid in adV '?II o ? . I Ihk Wks.blt Hntai.n?Issue I erery Sitnrday morning at > ten o'clock?s rice si* ami a'.qi'ARTra < i.nts per copy?tiur nished to country tnbtcnbn* si $1 2.i per annum, in .ldranre, or at the sam" rale lor any ?|iecilii: period ( oniir.trortnr.aTS are r.'ituesteil to address their letters to * Ja mm Gobdon Bennett, Proprietor aud Editor?and all let ters ou btuinrtf muat be post-paid.

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