Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 23, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 23, 1844 Page 1
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Tit Jul . Vol. X., No. 83?Wbole No. 3053. To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspeper?published every day of the year except New Year'a day and Fourth of July. Price 9 centa per copy?or $7 3# per annum? postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 6} centa per copy, or $8 19 per annum? postages paid, caah in a trance. . . . ADVERTISERS are inlormed that the circulation of the Herald ia over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing fast. It km the largeet circulation of any paper in thit city, or the world, and it, therefore, the beet channel for bueinesi men in the city or country. Prioea moderate?caah in advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the moat moderate prioe, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PnoraixToa or tiik Hkrai.ii Establishment, Northwest corner of Knlton and Nassau streets. TO THL TRAVELLING PUBLIC. Tiger mrjixgiment for The Subscriber. hiving comi'lrtel their arrantemenn, are now pripaied ? briog out. I*s??ngeta I'roai Great Britain and 1'riand by the follow itic lint cl*ss packet altipa. ona of which will leave Liverpool ou tns 1st, 6th, Uih, 10th, 21st and 28th of vaeh month:? Patrick Henry, New York, Sheridan, Virginia, Liverpool, Camnndge, Montezuma, Bidders, Geo. WaahingtOB, Uottingaer, Column!', United Stauw, R.stiui, A(hbnrt"ii, Enulaud, Kurt [te, Bteph'nWhitney, Roc hearer, Independence, Yorkshire, Garrn.k, Hamual Hick, Queen of the West, Oxford. Certificates of pan age can be obtained, and every information will be given to thoae eroding for their friendi, on application at either of our offices. They will alao be prerarrd. on the opening of naviration, to forward pass-'igere Rod heir Inggage to Albany and Troy, and via Erie Canal to Buffalo, and all intermediate placea. To all porta of ill* Upper Likae. V ia Oawego to Toronto, Port Hope, Cobnrg, K ingaton, and all parte of Canada Went. F rom Trov via Whitehall to Montreal and Quebec, Canada t a?t via Ohio Canal from Cleaveland to Poriamonlh, Cincinnati, and intermediate placva South VVeat via Philadelphia to Pittabnrg.Cineinnati, Louiaville. and all parte on the Ohio River to St. Louie, M ? ; and to all parte ol Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wiacoaain Territory. REMITTANCES. For the aceommodr.tinn of peraonv wishing to Mnd money to th ir fiend* in the Old 'ouutiy, HARNDKN It CO. will give Drafta on any part of England, Scot'aud or Ireland, payable at aiwht, foranmt of XI, ?3, ?20, to XiOO?or in any amonut to anit the purchaaer. OFFICES AND AGENTS. Charles Craft, 120 Sta e street, Boston B. tv. Whrelar, Union Bmlding, Providenre, R I. J. W. Mills, 3 Wall street, anil 16 Front itreet. New York. N. O. How rd, 43 Snnih Third strret, Philadelphia. (Baudlord It Shoemaker, T Light street, Baltimore, Md. Pittsburgh, Pa. L. 8, Llttlejohn, U Ez'haege, Albany N. Y. S Clark, 139 River inert, Troy, N. Y. Uticn.N. Y. W. A. Cook, Syracnae, N. V. Rochester, N. Y. W. H. Cook, Buffalo, N. Y. H. FitthughlitCo., Oswego. N. Y. mlOec _ . k-OR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL.' The Hovel Mail Steam Ship CALEEffoDOMA, E. G Lott, Esq., Commander, leave Boston for the above portion Monday. April lit, nut. Passage Tor Liverpool $120. Passage for Halifai 20. Apply to D. BKIGHAM, Jr., Agent, mi3to Ire No. 3 Wall streetOu and alter Tuesday, February 27th, the Boats will leave as follows, until furtl er notice Leave Statcn Island. Leave JVcia York. At 8)4 A. M. At 9 A. M. 10 " 12 2 P. M. 3? P. M. N. U. On Snnday the boat will leave at 11 mitaad of 12. f*29rc NEW YORK, ALBANY, AND TROY STEAMBOAT LINE. aMM JO ARRANGEMENTS TOR 1841?MORNfl2a3Q?3plNG LINE?From thefoet of Barclay ?:eet, 2C_J^^Z_at 7 o'clock A. M.. iSundaya eicepted.) The Stmmboat TKO Y. Capt. A. Gorham, and The Steamboat EMPIRE, Capt. S. K. Koe. EveniagLine? Direct from the foot of Coartlandt itreet, at 7 o'cl ,ckT. M. [Sundays eicepted 1 The Steamboat SWALLOW, Capt. A. McLeon, and The Steamboat ALBANY, Cart. R. B. Maey. Th* proprietors of the New York. Albany and Troy Lite would rupeetfnlly i, form tha public that their boata have durii B the recaaa ol naviga'ion tha peat winter, been refitted and replenished throughout, and many improvumeula added to the co? lort of the 'reveller The Troy aud Empire, aa heretofore, will 'orai lh" Mor-ting Line, from the Steamboat Pier foot 01 B relay street, runni-g daily [Suudaya eicepted] inaktun the principal intTinediate landiuga on the lliver. The Swall w and Albany will lorm the 7 o'clock Evening Line {through direct) d'i'y (Snudaya (excepted.) The above boata are ol the orit civs ol Ste-mboiu. and for iperfand aeromineda'iona nre taoaurpnaaed, and what ia of greater intereat to t*e traveller, are under the command of officer. wrU known t to the public?their tainea alone it a anfficienl guarantee of kind attention, civil deportment and aafe management. New York, March 12 1841 mliec l?iW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA RA -ROAD LINE DIRECT. iKo*, Nkwbbuniwick, Phiivcbtow, Tbbivtob, BORBgNTOWIf Ante Burlington. THIIOUOH IN SIX HOURS. Leaving New York daily from the foot of Conrtlandt it. Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at 4Jt P. M. The Morning Line proceed* to Bordentowa, from thence by Itoimboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line rroceeda direct to Camden (oppoiiteto Philadelphia) without change of ear*. Paairnger* will proenre their tickets at the office foot of Conrtlandt itreet, where a commodiona steamboat, will be in readiuesa, with baggRR%crate* en board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to city. winoni oenig openeu Dy me way i.acn train is proviaen wiin a car in which are apartments and dressing rooms expressly for the ladies' nse. Returning. the lines leave Philadelphia fromthe foot of^Vf slant street, by steamboat to Bordentown at T o elock, A. M. and by railroad Croro Camden, at !> o'olock, P. M. The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7K A. M., and I P. M. being a contitnation of tbeliaes from New Vork. j9 1in*m a HRANO EM ENTS FOR 1H4 OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, 109 Pine street, corner of South. mLJBk.JL.jKk and the public ill general, to the following arrangements for 1M1, for tlw purpose of bringing oat cabiu, 2d cabin, and steerage passengers, by the Regular Line of Liverpool Packets, sail ing the 1st,6th, lllh, 16lh, 2lsland 26th of every month. By the London Paaken, to sail rem New York, the 1st, 10th and 20th?and from London on the 7th, 17th and 27th of each month. In connection with the above, aud for the pnrpose of affording still greater facilities to passengers, the subscriber has established a regular linn oi lirs' class .New York built, coppered ai.d cooper listened ships, to tail punctually every week throughout the year. 1 or the accommodation of persons wishing to remit money to their I unities or friends, drafts are given, payable at sight, on the following Banks, v.* , Provincial Bank of Ireland, parable at Cprk, Limerick, Clonmel, Londonderry, nTigo, Wexford, Bt Ifast, Water-ford, I Ml way, Armagh, Atlilune, Colerain. Ballina, Tralee, Yonghal, Enniskillen, Monaghan, Ban bridge, Ballymena, Parsonstuwn, Dowupatrick, Cavan, Lnrgan, Omsgh, Dunganuen, Bandon, Ennis, Ballyshanno Stmbaue. Sktbereea, Mallow. Moneymore, Cootchill, Kilrush, Dublin. Scotland?The City Bank of Glasgow. England?.Messrs. Spooner, Atwood It Co. Bankers, London; R. Murphy. Waterloo Road, Liverpool; payable in every town in Great Britain. For further information (if by letter, post paid,) apply to JOSEPH MeMUllKAY. 109 Pine street, ccrner of South, N. Y. Or Messrs. P. W. BYRNES A CO, 39 Waterloo feoad. j9 6m*re Liverpool. NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Tn sail Irom New Fork on the 29th and Liverpool on the 11th in <wn month. Fmom New Yoan. Ship ROSCTUS, Captain John Collins, 29th March. Ship HIWUONB. Captain E. B. Cobb, 26th April. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain F. A. Depeyster, 26th May. skin IlikUII'V I'.nl R I H Trank uath Jun. r If ROM LlVERrooL. hip SHERIDAN, Captain A Depejtter, 11th March. Whip OAllRIOK, Captain B. I. H. Traak, llth April, flhip ROSCIUS, Carina John Collim, llth May. Ship 8IDDON8, Captain E. B. Cobb, llth June. Thane ahipa am all of the Ant elaaa, upward. of 100* torn, bnilt in the city (fNm York, with anch iinprovamaata u combine great tperd with onnanal tomfort for paaamgere. Every earn haa been taken in the arrangement of their accommodation*. The price of pateage heuM n $100, lor which ample atorei will be provide* These ehipe are commanded by experienced maiteve, who will make every exertion to give general eatiafnction. .... Neith-r the captains or ownerx of the (hips will be reapooti. ble for any letters. parcel or packagee aent by them, nnlea* regular vi" -?f lading are eigned therefor '"e^CoHi^kT'Jo0. s? South *t., rtew Tork, or to Bl' yWN. SHIPLEY fc CO., Liverpool. Letten by thepacl .-towill be charged 12X eente per tingle heet ; 50 eeota per otnee, and newspapers 1 cent each. ml rrc MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS. jjjk & jflfc iT^indermention^nhipe will be^^^arly diapalchctOrom hence en the let, and from Maneillea on the ilh ol each month from Mew York. Marseilles, SEi MMtll CORIOLANUS, Capt. Haile, April 1. Junei They are all coppered and copper rattened, and have excellent accommodation! for paatengen. The price of cabin paaaage will be $im, eieltuive of winto '"('ioooa addressed to the scents, BOYD h HINCKKN will be forwarded free of other chare* than tliose actnally paiJ rallr No kTontine Buildings. AdE>- KOR SALE.?Ti e tloop THOMAS COLYER taFfN^af'-ire Sing, now laying at the foot of Spring ttieet' AfKNi. York. She wat bnilt by Thomas I olycr, at Sing Mi g, and it Aee yeart old, and nun of the fatten and hett built tloopt on ilie Hudson river. Sin it centre-board, and of I -lit t'r ?igh?. 4 wnkrr, and cerriet about 120 torn, and it well ailant'd for the freighting or Ininber bntinett. For further particulart apply to JOSEPH AOATE, 137 Broadway, New York, A dm in tetrator of the ettate of Franklin Agate, decetted. I ml Im'eu E NE NEW THE SECOND GRAND EXHIBITION OTuSfiK 'SmuSmsa'aAa, = will be given in the BROADWAY TABERNACLE, MONDAY EVENING. MARCH ?5. 100 Gallons P of Oi? will be prepared, (sud a much leu quantity waited than P at the lait exhibition) ?o that ample Of p ctunity will beallord- ei ed toy all who with to take it. No (tenon will be allowed to ttaud ou the stage 'except those li who take 'he gas a 3.000 T'CKKTS ONLY will be itiued. so that all can be crmlottably sealed. The public may rely on this Twelve 0If cert ate enraged te preserve order. S Those penonswho purchased ticketsfor the lest exhibition.and who could not net in, in consequence of the crowd, will be ad milled free by exchanging their lickeca at the Ticket Office. To avoid inconvenience frem lh* great crowd at the Ticket Office, it is recommended that all those who can vrill supply themselves with tickets ?t the stores whole they are for sale, before the even ng nfentertaiument lr k.tiu.,1 thsr Ike i rsuoit evlnh,lion lilre flie fir.r will k. B graeed Ijv a large proportion of ladies. > 0*Wh?u the 3 000 I ickets are received, the doors will be closed and no moie omoiu admitted J Tha Doorkeepera mustfnot be required to receive money. at 1 they cannot receive money and Ticket! too?it is hoped that . this will be obvrrved I The entertainment will close by eiploding Oaigeu and Hydrogen Una in a cannon prepared for the purpose?proving that wata", (which is composed of Ozigen and Hydrogen,) although regarded as the opposite of fire, is composed of the most com- j bustible materials. * MR. G. Q. COLTON, Who again haa the boaor to present this en'sr'aiument, assures the Ladies and (ientlemen who attended Ilia fir.t, that he will use his ntmuat endeavors to preserve perfect o-derand I'eonium, that not the most fastidious may have occasion to complain. The unavaidabie delay, and the alight errors of tha first evening will be care ully corrected. t [^/"Tickets 2A ceuti?to be had at Atwill'a, Hewett's, Wm. Dutiois'v. J. Kiley's, Milleti's. Stoddard It Co.'a h ir?h St J Hall's Music Stores. and at the Bookstores of Saiton St Miles, 1 M. W. Undd. and C. S. Kiaocts. Also at the door on the evening of entertainment. IT?" Doors oren at S o'clock?Prsformance to commerce at 7)| o'clock precisely. in22 3t*e? 1 T~ I1K SUBSCRIBER is now prepared to sell WATCHES and JKWEIKY of all kinds at the lowest possible prices, viz:?Gold and Silver Levrrs sod f.epiues. Anchors, See., Ike , r and alao a very flue assortment of Jewelry, consisting of Gold Chains, Pencils, Bracelets, Pins, See, Sic, which he is determined to sell lower than any nther house in the city. a JOHN MYERS, 80 C'hatnam street. N. B.?Don't forget the number?80 Chatham stieet. mr21 Im* m J NUT.CE IS HEREBY GIVEN thai ihe partnership here tofure eiisting betw en the unders-goed and Joi,u Craw- r Ivy, in the Arg imprinting and jobbing ratablishmeut. and be- t twsen the uudcriigued and Jo'-n Crawley and Henry John Con- t way, in the printing and publishing of the Argus newrpiper, \ carried on at No. 7 Catharine street, hare been dissolved by inn] tutl aonsent. r Dated New York, January 3, 1844, r tn213t? | NORMAN COOK. [ TERRAPIN LUNCH, 5 Corner of Ann street and Broadway, ^ I T AS recently been completely refitted and refurnished aecor1 1 ding to modern improvements, and iv now under the successful muisgemect of Men rs. STEELE Si KOKMAN ? The proprirtois ask the old petrons of this well known esttb liatasnit,- who. have not recently visited it, to drop in, and ih?y will find all that the marke' affords, and every luvu-yof the j season. The liquors in the bar are select-d from the best hrands imported into this city, end they clulleuge any establishment in New York to eicrl them in this part cf their arrangements. The prices are alao suited to the times and season. Pnrate parlors fur dinner or supper parties always Sin readiness, ami entertainmeiit for any number will he prepared at ahort nutice. Afresh lot of the fiuestwnd fittest terrapins ever teen in this market, have b.-en ri ceived, and can be served up at all hours to i those fond of t^ii deliciona diet at this season of the year, they < being now in their prime. m21 I we TtTcOUNTRY MERCHANTS ? DM. PE Y8ER fc CO. (lately removed from the eorner of Williun and John, to No. 60 John street,) offer for sale on liberal terms, wholesale and retail, the following articles, received by recent arrivals ? Berlin best Zephyr Worsted?the most complete assortment in this country. , Canvass, for Embroidery, of cotton, silk and worsted, in all widLhs. Berlin Embroidery Patterns?of the choicest and newest description; Embroideries, hnisnea and commenced, on velvet, silk, worsted and cotcon, worked in the most tasteful Parisian style. Tussels for Hair Dresses, of cold, silver,and silk and tinselled; Bracelets, Combs, Hair Pins, and a large variety of other beaut.fnl Paris Kancy Articles. Purse Ornaments?Steel, silt and silver Beads; Bogie's Purse Twist, plain and shaded, in sticks and spools; Embroidery 1 and flower Chenille, of silk and metal and silk. Also. Fringes, Oimps and Cord and Tassals, imported and of ' their own manufattnre, of gold, silver, silk, Itc. all colors and widths ITT- Branch Store at 369 Broadway, (formerly 4JT Broadway.) fTlmee* % AffcKKNNY'S BLEACHING SALTS?100 Cesks fresh, J-vk lately landed; andarrgnlar supply of quality equal to ! any! in the market, lalways on hand and for sale on favorable terms, by OKORUE McBKlDK. Jr., fM lrn?ee. U2 OiUratreet PEACH ORCHARD COAL??i per ton lor broken, egg j and large stove. Consumers may rely on getting the best , Red Ash Coal at the above price, well screened, weighed by a , city weigher, and delivered from the yard corner o! King and (Jreenwich sis rETF.R CLINTON e I PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY. ; j/m DAILY, Suudiys excepted?Through Direef. at 7 P M., from the Steamboat Pier bt3KBaw3HC3E.tween Conrtlandt and Liberty str-ets. The steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Captain A. P. St. , John. Friday, T P.M. I The Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain Wo. H. 1 Truesdell, Saturday everting, at 7. j At Five o'clock P. M.. Lnndi'm ?r Inteimediate Places:? 1 The Steamboat CIJKTI8 PECK, Captiin Wm. 11. Peck, 1 Saturday evening, at 5 P. M. i Passengers taking this line of boats will always arrive in Albany in ami le time to take the Morning Train of Cars for tlie < east or wet [NT"The above Boats are new and substantial, are famished with new and elegant State Rooms, ami for spaed and accommodatiora are unrivalled on the Hndson. For passage or freight, apply on board, sr to P. C. Schultx at nffip* nn tk? wharf ' ?on NOTICE?To- Bteambatt PORTSkjMpSpMOUTH is now being thoroughly repaired ^CaKK>?u4 will be ready at the areniog of navigation to t,w both, intermediate to Troy, Albany and New York Thin boat will hire capacities for towing equal to any on tbe river; and it ia hoped that it will obtain a fair inpport. mr21 Iro're P. COMSTOCK KOK LIVERPOOL-NEW LINE.-Rcgular lOBk. Packet of 26th Mareh.?The aplendid packet ah in aJHHwaROSf'lUS, Cant. John Collina, of 1000 tone, will tail 5 above.her regular day. Fur freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on aoard, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall atreet, or to ?. K. COLLINS It CO. Price of passage, $100. 50 South atreet. The pocket ahip Hiddone Capt. K. B. Cobb, of 1000 tone, will ancceed the Koacius, and aail the*?lh Apiil, ber regnla< 1 day. Paaaengera nay rely npoa the ahipa of thia line aailing pnnc 1 nally aa advertiaed. inlt rc roa LIVERPOOL?The New Line Regular ' nHWPacket 31 at April.?The aoperior New York built 11 JnKMHwPtcket ahip LIVERPOOL, Cant John Eldridg-,1150 tona burthen, will aail aa above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having very aopenor accommodationa, apply to the Captain on hoard, at wrat aide Burling alip. or to WOODHULL It M1NTURN8, 17 South at. Trice of outage $100. The auperior pncliet ahip Queen of the Weat, Capt Philip ' Woodlinute, 250 tout burthen, will succeed the Liverpool. uro Mil on her regular day,21at May in72mA21e , Kg- KOR LI VIlKPOOL?Regular Packet of the 20th iMjV March?The iplendid packet chip KUSCIU8, Capt. JHUKaCollioa, will pr.ntively tail aa above,her regular day. Having auperior accommodationa for cabin. 2d cabin, and ateeiage nuaengers, periona wishing to emb jk ahould make early application en board, toot of Wall street. or to J08KPH McMURKAY, m20to28 rc 100 Pine at. corner South XJTCP- BLACK BALL. OR OLD LINK OK LI VEIL h#*$yPOOL PACKETS?KOH LI VKRPOOL -ReguJMMMH&elar Packet of the lit of April.?The new maguificeut and celebrated last aailing packet ahip EUROPE, burthen 1050 tout. Captain E. O. Kurtwr, will poaitiyely tail on Monday, lat April, hrr regular day. It is well known th it the accommodations of the EUROPE, for paaaengera, are fitted out ia a moit auperb manner, with every modern improvement and convenience, that can add to ike eomfort of those embarking, who ahonld call and aev th<ssplendid apecuaen of naval architecture before eugagr g in any other veaael. For passage in cabin, second cabin and steerage, apply cn board, font ol Beekman atreet, er to ilie subaclibers, ROCHE, BROTIIERS It CO . m211 At re 35 Fulton street, neat door to the Falton Bank. MJ- OLD BLACK BALL LINE OF PACKETS.? tHffh-The packet ship EUROPE. Captain Furber, to aail JUMKnon the lit April, her legular d>y, lor Liverpool. l hn.e wiitung to engage piaeue will require to make early application to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 Mouth strrvt. N. B? Piseate from Great Britain and Ireland can lie ?e cared hy the lint spring shiia of the line, ?t the lowe-t rsiei; and drnfta can u uanal, be fu niahed fo - any amount. payable in all the principal towna, without any charge, throughout Wreat Britain Mid Ireland, nn appnca'ion ea above mil toalrc Ofit NEW LINK OK PACKKIS KOK I.IVEK" mSfto *' M >L.?Packet of lath March?The splendid and (a" Mllb'nriti packet ahip ROSCIUS, |?oo tona burthen Capt. J tin Collins, will aail on Tuesday, March 20th, her regular day The ah I pa of lliia line being all 1000 tona and upwards, peraona about to embark for the old country will not fail to see the advantage* to lie derived from selecting thia line in preference in any other, as their gaaat capacity iwidera them every war more comfartable and convenient than ship! ol a smaller class, and their uccoimnadatioas it is well knowu are superior to any others I hose wishing to aecnre bortha ah >nld not fail to inaka early application n board, or to W It J. T. TAPSCOT+, Ileneral Passage Office, ( m2l t 20rc 43 Peek slip, corner South street. , PA88AOK KKOM KNOLANT)" IRELAND, SCOTLAND AND WALKS, VIA LIVKRPOOL. THK subscriber hta made umquailed errtig?m?nts I wJWWfor bringi.g ont emigrants thia yaar, 1144. Those i iHpKavendiug Tor their friends would do well to apply at 1 the old ratablished packet office of 1 JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South at N. B.?The shirt ol thia line now leave Liverpool every five < dart, and drafts can at usual be famished for any amount, rayable at all ihe principal banking institutions throughout the ' united kingdom, apply as above. mil rc 1 KOK MARSEILLES?Packet of 1st April-The i kMfW.hip CORIOL ANIJ8, Jas Utile, Muter. For JSMfafreight or passage apply to LAWRENCE It PHELPS, i No. 103 Front street, or to BOVD It HINCKKN, miltoalrc No. 9 Tontine Bedding PACKET FOR HAVRE.-The ship BALTIWmM^.MOHE, Edward fnuk, Muter, will tail on the 1st fififiLif April. ho?D it HINCKKN, , mll'uairc 9 Tontine Building, cor. Wall and Wsler t's. esrm. FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New 1 alWk. Vnrli I,in?? P 'titively firtt legnlar Psck-t to sail 31st 1 SttMa'ch-The fist .ailing packetship HUNTSVILLE I Captain U Cornell, will rail as above her regular day. k or freight or pussge, having handsome fnrnished acconanioda tions, apply on board, foot of Wall ft, at Orleansi b> E. K. COLLINS It CO., 30 South at. Shippers by this line may rely upon having iheir gauds cor mctly measnred. . . _ ,,, Agents in New Orleans, Hnllin h Woodruff, who will < promptly forward all goods to their address. , 1 ..The paeket ahip Oconse, Capt. D. Jackson, will succeed the Huntsville, tad sail 10th April, her regular day. oil tc W YC YORK, SATURDAY MOI AMUSEMENTS. c AAlMllVAIi au?k.ln, AND PERPETUAL FAIR EVERY DAY AND EVEN INC* THIS WEEK. The Manager ha* engaged. for one week more the ORIOI , JAL KENTUCKY MINSTRELS, the beet band or Ethio- b iau Melodieu in America, who give their Uraud Couccrt at j. ach performance. Mita E. RICHARDS, a cha'ming and accompliahed Voca- e >at. late from Boaton, hrr drat appearance before a New York ndieuce. n Mite BL ANCHARD, the celebrated female Juggler MK. W111TLOCK, the renowned Banjo Player and Negro lelodiat o MK. B. WILLIAMS, the Delineator of Irieh Charteter, linger of Comic (r>ah Songe. and favorite H irnpipe Dancer. tl Mr. T. (i. LilOTH, comic unger. Mir till 1.1/ A 1,1, .,? *r:_i:. .. in MR It G SHERMAN, th? popular Ballad Singer. t] la PETITE CF. MITO, theadmiied Dar.aeuae. GEN TOM THUMB in Wm, faithfully represented, to- s ether witn the celebrated POLLY BOcllNE and DANIEL ? AMBERT. ?1 't In-til HY KAMILY, ail in number, recently from Ger , n uiy, and lai'h'ul irpreaenutivee of the ancieut people of ?gvpt, in iv b" aeeu in their native coatume. H The U1PHEV QUEEN, the Fortune Teller, may be privatey couaulted at all lioura of the day anil evening. a Perfurmancea every eveuing at 7)4 o'clock, and Wednesday nd Saturday afternoona at 3 o'clock. Tickuta 23 centa?children under ten yeara 12)^ eenta. Tvrea i y-fivecenta eitra for private conaultationa with the (iipacy loeea. mil re i PKALK d NEW VOHK MUSKl'fll. AND PICTURE UALLERY. i (Braa/hcay, ovvontr Ou <Htv Hall.) EVERY DAY AND EVENING THIS WEEK. HE-OPENING OK THE MUSEUM, with aplaodid atracioua. The manager ia liappy to announce an engagement with HGNOK KTlANf iSCO, the Magician and Equilibria!, late rom the American Maaenm. The PHILADELPHIA MIN1STREL8, in Songa. (ke. hignor MONTIVEDO, with nine tigurea. The Mighty (IIANTEHS, of enormoua proporlioua, and a nnat l.r lutitul vocalist. Mr. 11. W. WRIGHT, an unenualled aentimental singer. Miaa JESSKLYN, an aecnmpliatied danaeuae. GYPSY OlIlL.aiater of the Queen at the American Mnaenm nav beconaulteil privately at all hours of the day. Fudges Mermaid, (fraud Ctamarama, and 300,SMCnrioaitira Admiaaion one ahtlliug?12)4 cents extra to ihoae who c?nnIt the OiglfQ^, ml7ce ipklfDERFUL EXHIBITION. \ CHIOS HATCHED BY ARTIFICIAL MEANS. Now * ii open to the pnblic from 10 A. M. to 7 P. M. daily, at ICO daiaau a'reet, over ihe Tribune Office. No exhibition can b* " nore lutereatiug to the Agricultural tat, or to tne enquiring and ' levoat mind. It leada mau'a thoughta "from Nature up to Na- r ore's Uod." Ladies in particular will be highly (( lifted. To t * continued a few weeks only. lE^" Admittance 15 Centa: Children half-price. Eggs broken . in applic iliou 1IH centa. Medical gentlemen aud ntliera, on ' layinenl ot $3, will receive cards of admisiiou for 21 days, and ' peak an egg rich day. Pamphlets aiulauatory, and tretiiug r i|M)n poultry, 12X cei.u. 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UrIDF'.llHILL,

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B.?The ,mblie may rett atinred thit the tnhtcriher will iffer for tale on that day, none but Ileiffer Beef slaughter rloute 3th itreet near Itt Avtcne. THOMAS M. JENKINS, m33 lt*r? Stall 31 Fallon M-rket. | IRK 1 INING, MARCH 23, 1844 reat Democratic Meeting at Tammany Hall?Moat important Proposition to Reform like City Government. The boldest movement that has as yet hcen made y any of the three parties, who are now contendig for political power in this city, was that involvd in the proceedings at the meeting held at Tarnlany Hall last evening. Thts was a countermove on the part of the demoratic party, whose object is to test the sincerity of he new or " Native American" party, who are llW Humorous for reform nn#l nltira trk hrinnr Iieir banner such of the wings as profess a desire to eek for a general reform of the municipul govern- < [lent of this city. The movement lias been in con- J emplation for the last three months, and is the reult of the labors of the Mayor, Hon. lili Moore, ind several of the leading democrats. At 7i o'clock, on motion.of Mr. Glkason, the Ion. Rorert H. Morris, the Mayor, was unaninously moved to the chair. The following gentbinan were appointed Vice Presidents:? John M. Brad hurst, John M. llloodgood, Daniel C. Pentz, Stephen Putnam, John 8. Congor, Cornulious B. Archer, John J V. Wcftervelt, Joseph Bishop, Abraham B. Purdy, Paul (irout, William Martin, Adam C. Klnnnagan, I Thomas J. Aguew, William Denman, Andrew II. Nuckle, Klisha Morrell. The following were nominated Secretaries E. I.. B. Brooks, Edgar J I.oete, Isaac V. Fowler, Theophilus Civil, Henry Taylor. The Mara* then said it was necessary (or him to state he object of the meeting, which was to nscertnin the ense of the public on the subject of municipal reform in his city ; and to ascertain whether the people themselves hould not now come forward, and ask the legislature of he State to eaact a law to compel the municipal governnent to pass an ordinance, so that those) pl.u-ed in the nanagement of the city government may bo compelled to administer the all'airs of the city government with the east possible expense to persons and property. The charer of the city under which the government was now adninistered, was parsed very many years ago. This charer was amended, however, at various times, but still it lid not answer the objects of the persons who so amendsi it. The object of the meeting was then to debate some dan, by which tho municipal government would he -J ? p " " tv-ii uuvuuiDiiia iu if presented to tho legislature, ax would answer the obectx proposed. The persons who had convened the meetng had hoped that thoir city fathers would long ago have iropoxed some plan embracing this object, and they found inch a variety of opinion on the subject among their own fiends, that they deemed it admissahle to calfthem togeher and take their sense on the subject. He proposed hen that a committee of live be appointed to draft a preimble and resolutions on the subject. The following were nominated and retired Daniel Gleaxon, Saul Alley, D. F. Carroll, K. L. B. Brooks, and Daniel C. Pent*. The Hon. Ei.v Mooar. then came forward, and after gong considerably into detail on the proposition iuvolved in he contemplated ma?nw of reform, and any quantity of leclamation in relation thereto, went on to say?That he architypal or pattern government, after which wa propose to fashion?as far as practicable?our municipal jovarnment, is no experiment?no new and untried theory, mt a living fact?a substantial truth. It has braved the dorms of more than fifty years ; and, thanks be to God, t still stands a promt ami peerless monument of political wisdom and virtuo?its battlements unscathed, its foundaions unshaken. Most of the State governments, as all snow, are modelled after the government of the United dates?and, let it be observed, wherever thero is a markid departure from that model, the ]>eople become dissatisied and desire a change of the organic law, astherocent novement in Rhode Island and the present proceedings in Sew Jersey plainly show. In any plan of municipal reorm, It is believed that the following principles should tie embodied :? 1st. The executive and legislative powers should be completely separated from each other. 2d. The executive liower should lie vested in a single jfHcer, to whom all other executive officers should be subordinate. 3d. The chief executive officer should possess the veto tower as possessed by the President of the United States, ?d by the Governor of this State. 4th. He should nominate, and with the advice and conffcnt of tho more permanent branch of the legislative dtv iiurtment, should appoint all executive and Judicial officers?such as are now appointed by the Common Council. nth. II* should bo removed from' othca for crimes and misdemeanors, iirioii imtieachment bv the noimlnr hrnnch of the legislature anil conviction by the other branch. 6th. The mayor should he elected as at present. 7th. There should be one hoard or chamber of the city legislature elected annually, as at present, by the several wards, the members ther eof to be also magistrates and supervisors of the county. Hth. A more permanent branch is also recommended, hut whose members shall not he either magistrates or supervisors ; a part, say one third only of this branch to be elected each year by divisions of the city, analogous to the division of the state into senate districts. nth. The members of both legislative bodies should be paid an equitable compensation lor their services. I hare refrained from offering any suggestions relative to a reform in the PollM Department, and for the reason, that the present Common Council are now actively engaged on that subject. The propositions just submitted embrace, as you are aware, tho leading principles upon which are based the federal, as well as most of the State constitutions. That those principles are essential to a free government, whether embracing within its limits a population ol three hundred thousand, or of three hundred millions, will not, I apprehend, l e disputed by any American citizen. I do not mean to say that the alterations which it is proposed to make in our city government, are all that are necessary, nor the best, or most wise, that could have bean named. Ily no means. They are thrown out as >uggntioni, rather than as a maturely devised plan. It is the province of the Common Council to mature and perfect the system, of which the foregoing propositions are but the typr. The great object is to call public atteation to the subject; anil when that ahall be properly done, there is not much danger as to the result. I nave, been recently told, that tho people do not desire a change in the structure and organization of our city government. Thif declaration I regard as an insult to their understandings, and a libel on their daily asseverations. It has also been said that, there were some who would eppot.e ony attempt at reform. This may be so ; for, there are, in every community, more or less individuals whose minds are so unfortunately constituted that they nre incapable of discriminating between right and wrong. While there ire others who understand the tight, but prefer the wrong. The latter class will, as a matter of course, oppose any attempt at reform, whether moral or municipal. Their opposition, however, will be harmless ; and when they shall inake the attempt, they will find the saying, that " fk?1 has given short horns to the mischievous ox," verified When the honest and intelligent many lend their energies to thr work, the ignorant and vicious few will oppose it in vain. Is it risked when the work of reform shall be com mrntni i i answer, nuw . Ltri mere iw no mora ?? lay?no further postponement*. The people are wearied u ith mere promises and professions. 1'hey now demand prompt iiaWWUe Mlin. They require that the c.audidates, both lor the Mayoralty anil the City Legislature signify?in a satisfactory manner?their dete'miration, if elected, to push the woikof reform to a speedy consummation. And I call upon those who are preparing to leave the city?on account of the- enormous taxes to which they are subjected?to remain at their posts, and lend a helping hand in the cause of reform. It is always more manly, and generally more safe, to face an enemy, than to (lee from him. The evils from which many are (lying, and all feel, can?if the people but so will it?be easily and speedily removed. If the present Common Council have not the time, or the inclination, to mature a plan of reform, so that the State Legislature, now in session, can act upon it, let their successors, as soon as installed, commence the work, and prosecute it until completed ; so thnt the next State Legislature, as soon as convened, may pass upon it. The Committee appointed to draft a report and resolutlons,proceeded to read the same. It aet out with a recommendation that a petition he presented to the Legislature of the State to enact a bill for the reform of the government of this city. It deplored that the people ol the ditler ent wards hail no power in appointing them to perform important duties, though they paid them. The present tateofthe municipal law tended to a centralization ol power, and render facilities for designing men to scheme, and abuses to creep in. The public money has been expended without regard to economy. The charter of the city providing no check on the Common Council, they have usurped powers not belonging to them?only helonging to the supreme power ot the State. It joint the functions of legislative government with an executive power. It resolves on Iwhat works shall he performed, ap]>oints the peraoni, and assign* the compensation.? Members of the Common Council supply tae city government with articles, and tax the citi/ena to pay themselves, and alfix their own com|iensation. The natural and inevitable consequence ol this disorder is in increase ol the public burthens, until 1st length excessive taxation is driving freeholders to sell their property and remove to other places where thev are better governed, and less severely taxed. Thus tlie p"operty of onr city, as well as considerations of a higher nature, imperiously demand'a reform at lon'of these crying abuses. Resolved, That in the opinion ol this meeting the fJovemment of the t'nited States is the most perfect of all known systems of Government, and that in any reform to be undertaken by the democratic party in the government of this city, the principle of the Federal Constitution should he the guide. Resolved, That it is the duty of the democratic party, if it would maintain its claim to he the party of reform, the true movement party of the age, the party of progress in the discovery and application of truth in the science of Government, the active representation of the great principles ol philanthropy and justice, to effect such a reform in the organization of our city government, as the light of experience seem to indicate as the best calculated to secure the enjoyment of our mnny valuable corporate right* and ptivilagcs, so that they may continue to be a blessing instead of a |ourae. That the Democratic Republican party will do this, we hare the utmoat confidence, It cannot (all hut by a falsification of it* moat cherished principles, and an uttor disregard of lta own high charac HERA ! er, suppositions which are forbidden by the consistency if its lormer history. Resolved, That a Committee of live be appointed to Iralt a law to present to the legislature embracing the 'iews of this meeting, making the government ot this :ity as closely resembling that of the government ot the Jnitcd States, as the exigencies of .the community will lermit. Resolved, That a Committee, consisting of one from tach ward, tie appointed to obtain signatures to a petition o the legislature, ask>ng for an amendment ot the city :harter. Resolved, That such Committee be requested, as soon is they shall obtain the signatures ot the inhabitants ot a s ard, to send the same to ttie President of this meeting to le forwarded to the honorable the legislature. The Report and Resolutions were then put and carried with great applause. It was then proposed that a Committee of Kive Irom ?acli Ward be appointed for the purpose of interrogating :he several candidates for Mayor, Alderman, lac , on these juestions of city reform. Carued amidst loud cheers. The Prksiukst then addressed the meeting, and said: Gentlemen?There are no other speakers to address you to-night, and, honestly, 1 am glad there are not; lor I should be sorry to see any prudent man addressing this [ meeting after the truly-luminous exposure of the lion. Mr. Moore. He has shown us tliat he has fully examined, , reflected on, ana mastered the subject, lie has made plain the advantages that a reform of our city government will bring us, and the best tiling we can do is to go away and reflect on that speech, and give it the undivided attention v. iiicli it merits. (Loud and prolonged cheers.) Meeting of the Mechanics. A general meeting of the Mechanics opposed to the fcttate Monopoly, waa held last evening at Montgomery Hall, 7(i Prince street, to conaider the new State Prison Bill now before the Legislature, and to take such measures us would insure the passage of the bill. The meeting was called to order by Mr. C. M. C. Monaghan ; after which, Mr. P. Moffit was appointed Chairman, and Mr. Henry Laukin Secretary. The Chairman read the cnll of the meeting, and proceeded to say thut the notice of it was premature?the publicity given to it not sutliciently extensive?and, also, in consequence of the meeting being holden at Tammany Hull? and from other causes, a number of persons who would have attended were unable to be present. As the subject to be discussed was one ol vital importance and of deep interest to every mechanic, not only in this city, but in the entire state, he thought it would be more convenient to udjourn the ineeting to a luture day that u more extended notice of it might be given through the public press, and before he concluded would take this op|>ortunity to impress on the minds of every mechunic present to use his best endeavors to induce his brother mechanic to attend at the next meeting. Mr. Baluwin, ex-Member ot the Legislature, next addressed the meeting. He said lie only saw the call uf the meeting, in the Sun Newspaper about an hour belore he came into the room. li? regretted much that more adequate means were not taken to give publicity to the meeting. He thought it wui the duty of some of the persons, who took an interest in those proceedings, to have the public made acquainted with it, and with the all-important subject that was to be discussed through the editorial columns of the public press. He ulso thought the notice ot the meeting should he published in the Herald, as that was the only paper in the city that went to the ex. pense and trouble of giving correct and lalthlul reports of the pioceedings ot the mechanics and other societies of this city. Mr. Bsldwin concluded his remarks by moving for the appointment ol committee to mako arrangements lor a meeting to be held on Wednesday next. A committee consisting of Mr. Baldwin, Mr. Mottit, the chairman, Mr. Young, Mr. I'eck, and Mr. Larkin, the secretary, were appointed to moke the. necessary arrangements. Mr. Fees next rose and said, that before the meeting separated, he wished to make a few observations. He thought there was no time to be lost in calling the meeting. The Legislature would shortly adjourn, and it was the duty of the mechanics of the city of New York to put their shouldeis to the wheel, and call such a meeting, and pass such resolutions us would tell the ttenute iu thunder tones that the mechanics of this city were not to be trifled with. The bill lie huh! line! now iriumpnaniiy passed one branch of the Legislature, and it the mechanic were true to themselves, it would pass the other brunch ol the Legislature with equal triumph. The Speaker next went iuto a Rtatiitical account ol the state l'riaon monopoly, and of the mineral reaoutcea of the Stale ol NewYork, and showed conclusively, that it would becquully the intereit of the government and Oie meohanica, that the bill now belore the Legislature should become the law of the land. Mr, Leech next proposed a resolution, (which was adopted) that tile Coasmiitee tie instructed to droit a me. morialto the Senate, and invite speakers to attend and address the meeting to be held on Wednesday next. A letter from Mr. l'entz, enclosing a nqioit ol Mr. llansom Cook, on State l'rtson lalior, and directing it to be distributed amongst their frieuda all over the city, was next read. A resolution was then proposed by Mr. Baldwin, and adopted, to appoint a committee to take charge of the memortal and obtain signatures to it. llobert J. Watt, Lsq., then proposed a vote of thanks to James Cordon Bennett, Ksq., Editor of the Herald, foi sending a reporter ts report their proceedings, which wai seconded by James C. Monaghan, and carried with accla After which the meeting adjourned. Allegheny Election.?We Imd, last evening, the ofticiul report ot the election in the Congressional Diatrict ot Allegheny county The reiult were as follows:? liarragh. nnti-niaaou and whig, 4,314; Uazzam, loco, 3,611 Craig, aliolition, CM. New Hampshire Election.?'We have received the return* iroin all the Iowiih in the State hut 1H ; an<l Steele'* majority over all ia 3423. The town* to he heard l'rom will iucreaae thia majority to aliout 3000 ? Fight democratic Senator* have been choaen, anil one conaervative federalist. The Patriot alio give* the election of 133 democratic Representatives, HI lederaliata, asd 2 unknown. Chicago Election.?The Cleveland Herald ? informed by a gentleman from Chicago, that at the Chartei Flection in that city on the 4th, the whig* elected (i ol tin 13 member* of the Common Council, and both part in claimed the Mayor, owing to some difference in the count in one of the ward*. Increase or our Population.?Nothing perhaps more strikingly illustrates the rapidity with which the population of thia city ia increaaing than the large additional number of votes polled at the recent charter election. We take the vote for Mayor. I.aat apring I I'Ni votes were polled in all for thia office; thia spring the truly aatonianing number 17t?:i.?Chicago Erprtat. Metairik Hacks.?As ill fortune so ordained it, the weather provided lor the opening day ot the Spring race* on thia courae, yesterday, was of the mo*< diamal character imaginable. The rain came down ua ii alwaya doe* when; it ia not wanted?in torrents?tin track wna neavy ,and aloppy and the attendancu whi amal). There was a sweepstake for colta and fillies, twt years old. Subscription $300?Forfeit $100? Mile heata Seventeen subscriber*. Of the leventaen only three started, aa lollowa W. J. Minor's b. c. by Doncaater, out of t Diana, by Mercury, I I D. F. Kenncr'i gr. L by Birmingham, out of Orey Fanny, 3 5 A.lL, Bingaman'a Corporal. Ca?ey, own brother to Captain McHeath, dia? Time, I 40?I 64.?JV. O. Rep. March li Last Day ok the Races.?The races over the Ech|>se Course terminated yesterday. We must congratulate the Association on the manner in which the spoil* have been conducted during the Spring season. II irood order, regularity and propriety an racing courses hi criteriona, we mint admit that the Association deserve infinite credit lor their management of the Old Lcliptu Con no. The reaultot yeaterday'i raco was ns followa i? Association I'urae >3Mi, heat 3 in 6. Duncan F. Kennerch. m. Aduella, own alater to I'eytona, S yeara, I I I J. O. Hhecffog's b. f. Ann Hays, hy imp I evialhan, d.ini hy hcWi 3 yeara old. 3 9 3 Lin Cock's b. c. Vagrant, hy imp. Trnatee, out of imp. Vagar, 4 years old, 4 4 3 U. Davis's hr. c. Little Trick, hy imp Tranhy.out of Diamond, 4 yeara old, 3 3, die [AT. O. I(<y. March 13. Navigation Open.?Three venaele at Grnnd Ha ven on the nth inat., from Chicago, laden with provisions grucenea and gooda of all kinda lor the (irand lliaer mar kat. Western Navigation?The ateamer Otter nr rived hern on Saturday laat from tialena, with a cargo o lead. Thia la the firat arrival (rorn that place thia aeaaon and the river aliove la reiiorted to be now free of ice wltl n good atage of water.?St. lout's llrpnh., Match II. Tiie Weather at Toronto.?The heal of the sun i? laat drawing the frost out of the ground, and tkoae who have any taate or internet in gardena, Hie getting on the alert. By means of forcing, aome tables are said to have been already supplied with vegetables unknown to the market at thia lime of the year We aia happy to hear this. It Is a sure sign of emerging from a state of mere animal existence when a taste ol gardening begins to exhibit itaell. The time whs whan it was almost an expense lor a man to get rid of the manure on his premises. Now, the value ul it is beginning to tie felt. Should the weather continue ns mild as it has been of Iste, there Is every reason to look lor a very early opening ol the nnvigntion. Some of the (mats lying at our wharves, could be got afloat and ready for starting almost imme iliately.? Toronto Colonist, March II. Adams A, Co.'s Hxpress.?We [are constantly indebted to the proprietors ol Ibis enterprising and extensive forwarding house, lor intelligence in advance of the mails. Adams fc < o. have surpassed all their contrmpo raries, both in enterprise and success Sntton Itrmocra! March 31 LD. Prt?? Two Coota. Circuit Court. Before Judge Kent. March 23.?Mead \ Scofield if. I'm \ Hotki>u?Thii wai an action of assumpsit to recover fcoti, the balance of a bill of good* fold by plaintiffs to deleudautf. 1 be delence was that William lloakins, one of the defendant!, wu not a partner in the firm of Kiea St lioskins. The Judge told the jury that if they believed, from the testimony, that Win Huskies allowed himself to be held out to Uie world aa a paituer in the firm, the plaintiffs were entitled to their verdict. The jury lound lor planitillf the full amount. K. C. tlray, for plaintiffs ; Mr. I'rHtt, for defendanla. John Juliut Martin vm. Jimvy Fl. Lhbblte, et nl - This W'ua an action lor work and labor, and lor money lent Mild advanced. The plaintiff wua employed aa u clerk to defendanta, at a aalary of ^loixi a year, and acted occasionally as agent and collector lor the house. In IS-l'J, it appeared, by the books ot Dibblee at. Co , that u settlement was made betweeu the parties, and upon this sctlletneiit the plaintiff claimed a balance of jiUO to be <lue to him lor salary. Kor this sum the action was brought. The deieuce set up by the defendants was thai plaintiff purcnuseu iwo nuns, iniiui- ny runri a. tmocii, oi aoutn Carolina, payable six mouths alter date lor that sum, und vlul the sale anil purchase ul those notes closed the ti ansae turn between tue parties. lu reply to tliii, it was contended by plaintill's counsel that the uoles wore given to plaiutill in hu ammeter oi agent lor the defendants' house, to be collected, but no evideucu of that tact appeared. The houk-keeper ut defendants was produced by the plaintit! to prove that the balance claimed was due to htm on the lit It September. This witness proved on his cross-examination that thciu was an absolute sale of the notea to .Martin, and without any J guarnnti e Upon this testimony, His Honor Judge Kent non-suited the plaintiff. . K. K. llundlord und Mr. Sergeant, for plaiutill, Kinney, Townsend and Sherwood, lor defendants. I'it I ted State* Circuit Court. March ti - This Court adjourned without day. The next term will he held on tho lirst of April next. Notes of issue must be filed oil or la-lorn Thursday the jttth inst. Highway Roiibkry ami attempt to Mi rdkr.? At Cobnurg, on Wednesday lust, Patrick Purcell ami Bartholomew Welsh, two tailoring mm residing im the township of Hamilton, were brought before Thomas Kyre, Kaq., aud William Weller, i-.sip, county magistrates, on a warrant issued against thum, charged with having robbed Michael Donohoe, on the evening of the Tuesday preceding, of twenty dollars in money, and all his clothes except Ids shirt, and also with violently assaulting hiin. They were committed to jail to take lliei:trialat the next assizes for the Newcastle district. The coat, trowsera and socks l>elongiiig to Donohoe have been sines found w ithin u short distance of the prisoneis' residence, concealed iu a brush heap; the waistcoat ? at picked up in the ploughed held across w hich the prisoners were tracked. On .Monday evening lust, seven ol the prisoners confined In the jail of this district contrived to make their escape. They had managed to work a large hole in the wall immediately under the window*; this was easily accomplished, the mason work being very detective: through this hole they made their cacajie to the yard; the wall waa scaled by the aid of blankets knotted together; that they had received aid trom without is evident by one of the ropes having been attached from tho outside. That some of them were experienced hands in the art of jail breaking is plain liom the airangements made. Two of the lellows were those committed tor the offence detailed above, and urcof notorious bud character. ?Crlniutg (Canada) Slur, March 13. Naval.?The United States brig Soniers, Lieut. Com. Brent, sailed from I'ensacola on the tith instant for Vera Crux, with 1\ A. Houthull, beaicrof despatches to our Minister ut Mexico. Mork Lead.?The lead mine# of Franklin Co., (Mo.) known as the Virginia mines, operations at which, have been luspended for some time, will be worked again durlnirthe nrosent season South Sear.?A letter received in town from on honrd ship Canada, dated I lay of Newita, lat. 51 -11, August 'J.'ith, 1H43, says that the natives on the coast seemed very kind ; that there had never been a' whale ship thei e before j so that considerable trdfawas carried on with the inhabitants. The writer also stank that they had the chief on lioard, and intended to keep him lor fear of danger ; for so long as he was on board the natives would not dare to harm them.?Aria lit dfold llullctin. A Natural Curiosity.?We saw a day or two since, ajpiekerel taken in the West'.Sutton Pond, by John Granger of this town, w hose head and back, the whole length, were a bright gold color, tho sides were brown, clouded with gold, and the fins and tail were red. It wm in fact, coloreu almost precisely as we often see the gold fish. It weighed 34 pounds. It was, certainly, a great curiosity.? Uamat huttllt Spy. Oil from Corn.?Mr. Wm. H. Watson, who resides in this county, at a place culled Cold Water, has undertaken the manufacture of oil from corn. This new oil is said to burn with a clear and steady light, and without the sinoke common to most vegetable oils. It can he manulactured at 76 cents per gallon, aud will probably become, ere long, an important branch ol business in the west.? Miiinui t Hrparttr. Damage for Breach of Promise.?Ania Maria Hand, of Cambridge, Mas*., has recovered f>676 of Kdwin Davenport, for a In each of promise of marriage. The de, iendant forsook his first love for a rich widow i Six Months' Sleighing.?In Vermont they have had sleighing for five months past, ami have now a pros. ]>ect of its continuance for a month to come.?jllhantj JUUu. WANTED BY A YOUNO MAW FROM THE OOUNTHY-A situation in a wholesale or retail Urncery ur Provision ? -waPj Store. Beit of city rilereucrs Ei**n. Alplyal No. Ill Mil- " beiryst n2l Jt*m A CHANCE SELDOM MET WITH?Forta'e, afirocsry and Li<|U<>r Stor-. now doing a first raoh business,in a vrrv central purl of ii e i itf. The reason ol veiling out >a i>~. account of an kneaa. Noue nved apply who cannot command o.r thousand dollara. Address A. 11. at t ollice cf thia paper. in2U 4i*ec SEEDS UF EVKltY KIND jr.-T LK< F.lVEi) BY THK PACKKT8 QUEBEC AND HKNDHICK HUDSON. DUNLAP At GAKMAN I ai-Jf TAKK tin a op|Hirtui>i(y of returning their thanks to WWtk their fnends and the public, for the librrnl patronage Ik* liln ii I -| n ' - ojieniug then n*w 8??i Stoie and Conservatory. They hare Juat recened an additional sup' ply of all the heat known rarieti a of Annual, llienniai. and ' Prreunlfcl tFlow rr Sreda, Vegetable Heeds of all kincs, Orsaa i ccda of the beat kinds. Serine Wheat, Potato (>nta, A?H Leaved and other early Potatoes, all in grim* I order. Kaolica of erery description, suitable for parlor or green house culture, Boui|ueia, composed of the most choice and delicate (lowi ra, for bridal or other festive Parties; Hi da and Bird Cages, (fold Fish and Olobes, fancy r lower V nes and Stands. of curious patterns, with other fancy articles, i all of winch will lie sold on tire lowest terms. Titeyhegle .ee to inform their friends and the pnblic, that they hare not an old seed uf any kind in the store, and hare spared neither paina nor e*|ense to procure the best seeds of the last aeaa< n'a growth, from the most respectable houses in th.s country' and Euroie. , all of which will Le warranted. Catalogues will b-ready lor distnbu'ionearly the enauiug week. All those in want w ill pleaae call aud einmine for themselves before purchasing clsewi ere English Split Peas, Oatmeal and Kmbden Oroais for grnel, 1 frn it and ornamental Trees of all kinds. Orape riaea aed flow' rriug shrubs, herbaceous plants, lie. Itc , always on hand n the I new Conservatory and Heed Store, 655 Broadway, New Yurk. , Several practical Hardeners wanting situations, apply at above. (V lm*m SIX LAHOK AWNINO POSTS, with Railings, almost new, for sale at t reasonable price, at No. 10 John timet. m22 2t*ec K K KNCII KIA?WI. K S? F It ENt'l I FI ,u W K UN. I IUBT RECEIVED by the Subscriber and foraale on reasons' able terms, two cases ol French Artificial Flowers, m w patterns. 'JOSEPH DUPRK, m22 Iw'ec No. T Old Slip, np staira. PACKET SHIP LIVERPOOL, ftom Liverpool. ConI signees per tint ship will please take notice that rbe is now discharging under genersl|oriler at weitaide Hurling slip. WOODHULL k MINTURNS, mOOss IT South street. ' a TATE OF "MISSISSIPPI?OKTIBBEHA COUNTY". ^ Samuel H Uotterwoilh J Thu day ctme tl.e plaintiff. . HI i?. /by hit Attorney, and on hn r Warrvn Kimball. ) motion, iti* crd? ed by lb* Coort, ilnt pub'irition bo made in ihc Now York Herald lor tit *" 11 I'iccetaively, notiiying ihe defendant! of thu anil, and intent ho, on or befora the nut term of thit Conrt, plead or am war demurrer lheie(0, judgment will Ira rn'rrad Inni by default. A true copy from Mientea of aaid Court.* A. mAXWKLL, ClarkMarch Ihe4th, 1141. m? ftw cry ily rc TEA ! T K A 1 T K A ! YOUR OWN FAULT IF YOU DRINK RAD TEA. IV YOU CAN ATPRECIATK and want to obtiin good 1 Tea, yon can do ao by forwarding yonr ordera to M Catha Tint itretl A three dollar hi,i will entitle roa to receitc fire pounda ol Hyaon, Yollng Hyaon, Imperial, Gunpowder ur 1 Souchong Ten. ... .. . .. a Mark, Oiear Tcaa arc of til" firat quality?ahonld theyproye otherwire than wr rrpreacoi lliam, aend the Taa back and get yeur money, which will be cheerfully paid. Tkia iaourayt tem of doing bnaioeaa. I NKW YORK ?-tb'n VHINA TEA COMPANY, 1 No. U ( ATHAHINK ST.. N Y i K. T. CHRIS riANSObt, Manager, 1 To whorn all ardert are to be addrraaed, poat paid, with remi'ianrr or ordera for payment in thia city. nil In* rc I'A HIS Mll.fA.WHHY. MRS. N KUHI.ONli, Sncceiaor to A J. Kngel, l?1 Broadway and 124^ Binary, will open Parit Spring Milliacri, at 1*1 Broadway, on 1'hnraday, March Hat. ni20 Ipe MMJBACt 'O?FINK CUT ANU SMOKINU?heeling in A clinrd to cloae op an ioler?at in m Tobacco Mannfictory, 1 now offer lor aale a quantity of prime fine cnt and molting Tobacco, papered np in the uannl way, at yery rcaaocable i>ricea. I beg to call the attention o( Wetiern Merchantaand other barer* to thu, the quality of the tobacco being of the yery beat, and imcra by far lower than nton'. mf 1m?rre JOHN H., No I New at. FIRST PREMIUM DAGUERREOTYPES. " pliUMBK I)A(JUa.KUIAN (JALLKRY *>K PA 1' NT 1 PHKMIUM COCOUKD PIIO'I (><?R APIH. ?i Brotnway, above Murray atrcet. New York?Awarded the Ural or?mium and logheat nonot by American and Kraiiklin Inttitulei, lor the moat bnmtifni colnrrd Oayner eotypea ?yer aahiblird. The proprietor having aeenred, by lei era patent, the eielntiva privilege 01 taking Colored |)agiieereotytei by hit new proc?ta bn reduced fin frmt 15 per cent badiea and Oeulleineu are rripeerfnlly invileo to call and eaamiae Ihc large collection in the (hillvry, whether they contemplate titling or not. Premium Appuratua. PUlea, ( aan Ac., tnpplied at lower relet than at any other pliee in the 1. nited wtatea, ml lm*ecl